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Cranbrook Herald Jan 20, 1910

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Array '"'.;.
NO.   Ill
► ********************** ******
Common Chairs
Limit nf six   only to any ono ctts-
J    toiner.
All Woml
All Wood
A Komi sorvlcoalilo chair
Cobhlor snil; (ink or Mahogany
Shaped  seat;   Quartered   Oak,   and
WVntIn-red Oak (inish
18.00 to J11.Ml
(ioliit'ii   Quartered   Oak finish; handsome designs
lll.no to S27.SO
No. H
Golden Oak finish
Regular price  $10.50
NOW     7.50
Regular price  J15.00
NOW  11.00
Mission Deisgn; Quartered Oak
Regular price  S30.00
NOW   16.10
Mission Design; Oak E.E. finish
Regular price  07.50
NOW     1-1.60
We have a hig range of these, in
solid and finished Mahogany; designs
up-to-date. Look in now while the
lot is selling, at 1-1 off regular price.
Specials from now until Feb. 1st
Stock must be reduced, and we wish you to read carefully the very special prices given below.
It is certain you will be interested.
We never had ns big a stock ot
(.'enter Tables as at the present time.
They are bulky and occupy a great
ileal of space, needed for other
Come in and see the- splendid table
we can sell you at $2,511
1-1 of!   regular   prices on all   this
2 inch post; how foot; can lie seen
in window
Your attention is directed this week
to our special values in men's shoes.
Odds and ends of many different
makes, running in price from $3.50 to
$1.50. Over one hundred pairs. AH
to be sold at the LOW PRICE OF
$2.00 A PAIR.
$3.75 a section.
This is a splendid opportunity    to
secure at bargain prices accommoda-
sion for your new books.
As  promised, we  give  below full  particulars of  how  you
can  win   this  splendid  machine.
Every ten cent purchase, or multiple of ten will count up one vote. If you make a pure hare
of len cents it cuuiiih you one; if one dollar it vomits yon ten votes I if teiidollars it counts you
one hundred votes. The greater the amount of your purchase ihe more votes you rereive. Any
party, man woman or child holding the greatest number of votes on the morning of
March ItHhwill take the machine.
We Keep No Record of the votes; with every purchase you nil) receive a Cash Register Ticket
with the amount of your purchase stiitujieti thereon. lloM the tickets, as by this means alone
will you lu alile to ascertain your standing on March Kith.
Votes will he based on the value of the tickets you hold, not exclusively ou your own
piuch ises; you're at liberty to engage one or a dozen or as many persons as you please to work
in your intorost. We care not how many tickets you hold or from whom you net them; the only
condition being they must be from our cash register, all of which will be stumped O.C.S. with
the amount of purchase as stated above.
All tickets must be dated between December 8t)i 1900 and March wth, lino.
Remember—The Sewing-machine offere.l for the prize is the Famous Standard Make,
unquestionably the best on theCaiiHdian Market. Automatic drop head, rotary rhuttte, ball
hearing througho tt. Alt attachment* free wilh the machine. Guaranteed (or ten years by the
manufacture™.  Can be seen, examined, and used at our tttore any day by parties interested.
Many people took advantage ol our
special offer last week. We repeat
the same offer this week.
Bod with mattress, spring! dresser
and stand   $24 50
In leather and velour covering; one
third off the regular.
Five   pair $1-00
While   they   last, any and all felts
in our store.     Half price.
Job   lot—all    sizes—all makes ami
all prices, from $3.50 to $1.50.
126 pairs at present.
Reduced to $3.00
This   pant is well known as being
the best pant for a workman, in all
Guaranteed   to    wear one year   at
bush work.
NOW $3.00
50c, 65c  and 75c. neckties.
Size 5 ft. S in. by 7 ft. 2 in
Pair, $1.60.
Saturday  afternoon, from    2 to 7
only, we   will again sell FLANNEL-
ETTE at 6 3-1
Regular price   (8.00
You ran buy now at 1-1 off regular price. At the same time secure
the value el a suit in votes on the
waving machine for your best girl.
Large three drawer bureaus, $9
Same in five drawers, $11.75.
Six ft. Extension Tables. S. Oak
Best value ever offered in Cranbrook         $7 86
We have four Quartered Oak, velour
finish. Extension Tables, slightly
damaged, by the roof of our building leaking during tbe summer.
These tables range m price from
135 00 to $45.00.
All will be sold at just half price.
A feature ol the recent campaign
was the distribution ol dodgers, at
the eleventh hour, containing all
manner of attacks upon the late
council In the following letter,
addressed to this paper, it will Ik'
seen that Mayor Kink lakes the earliest opportunity ol replying thereto;
K.Iilot Herald
Dear Sir: Will you klndl) allow me
space in your valuable colutnns to
correct some vcr) misleading statements, published In the form ol hand
lulls, prloi to the recent civic elections,
11 is not my desire to enter into
any newspaper discussion, but 1 feel
that the statements referred i" were
totally uncalled for, and neither the
council nor mysell were entitled to
such unwarranted attacks.
One of the first statements my attention  was drawn tu was headed:
"Voters, attention! If elected we
intend to divide the city into wards
and moneys wilt bo equally divided
on different wards, and not on one or
two streets as heretofore."
Two street improvement bylaws
have been placed before, and approved by the property owners, and in
each case the names ol tbe Streets,
and the amount tu tie spent on each
street, whirl) was io be improved,
were stated and made part of the
bylaw See your issues ol May 3,
1006, and April 88, l|09. I do not
know of a ease where the money
was not used as slated hi the bylaw.
The next statement was that headed
'The Road Tax Bylaw."
1 wish to stale that this bylaw was'
not passed to take the place of the
"Famous" dog tax bylaw. The
provincial law provides that any person paying into the city an annual
tax of $2.0(1 is entitled to vote. It
also provides thai the road tax be
$2 ou. Both laws are in force in
every city in B. C. I will admit
that I believe the law lo he had insofar us allowing a vote Is concerned, hut I believe every man who
lives and earns his living hi the city
should pay n road lax, us lie enjoys
the same privileges as Ihe property
owner who pays a heavy lax. I will
also admit that Hip road lax and dog
tax bylaws were not enforced and
those who secured votes by paying
the tax, did so of their own accord.
The third circular brought tu my
attention  was that  headed:
"Purchase  of  Water System.'"
lu which it us stated the council
tl id not give Ihe voters any information. The person who wrote this
statement evidently does not read
the Cranbrook papers, as every item
of information the council were able
to obtain was published. See your
issue of July 22, 1800. The law of
the land governs public utilities, such
as water systems. The council
adopted the only safe course, that of
securing the services of the very best
available engineer, Mr. John Gait, id
Toronto, one of the best in Canada,
to estimate the value of the plant
Had the council and company been
unable lo agree on a price based on
the engineer's figures, we would have
bad to resort to arbitration or the
courts. This Ihe council wished to
avoid, as the expense would have
been very heavy.
The last statement was that addressed to the mayor and council of
Cranbeook for the year 1M9, in
which complaint Is made on account
of the annual financial statement not
being published before tlie election. I
will admit, most heartily, that this
should have been done, hut was not
on account of being unable to procure
an auditor to verify the accounts.
Mr. E. Home did the auditing lot
1008, and we expected him to do il
last year, which he was unable to do
As soon as he notified us of his inability to do the work we endeavored
to secure other local men and at tin
last minute secured Mr. Cholditch
The council had nothing to conceal or
to tie ashamed of. Anyone doubting
Mr. Cholditch's honesty or ability
will do well to write to any business
man of Nelson. I do not think any
member of the council has by word
or action intimated that the people
of Cranbrook had not. sulhcicnt intelligence to understand a linaiicial
statement. Personally, 1 would infer thut the person who wrote those
lines is the one who thinks every
other person very dense.
Re cost of fire team:
(Continued on page eight.)
R C. Legislature in Session
Full Text of the Speech from the Throne—Chief Item in Program
is to be Railway Legislation—Finances in Healthy Condition
Victoria,    Jan.   20 —The  provincial |
legislature  was formally  opened  this
afternoon by Lleut.-Governor Patterson, with the customary formalities. ]
The    speecli from the throne read as
"Mr. Speaker and Gentlemen of tho
Legislative Assembly: lu assuming
your duties at this, the first session
of the twelfth parliament, you lind ;
the trade and industries of the province in an exceptionally satisfactory
condition, a state of afiirs upon
which 1 am pleased to congratulate
you and the country at large.
"Healthy and substantial progress
has been most marked, and it is gratifying to note the great and increasing developments in the western portion of the country. This prospei
ity will be materially aided by your
efforts in the enactment of progressive legislation
"During the past year the province
was honored by an Informal visit
from His Excellency Karl Grey, Governor General of Canada, and I take
this occasion to advert lo the very
favorable impression which he created through his urbane and cordial
demeanor towards all and his marked interest in the industrial affairs
ami social life of the community.
"The visit to this province lust
year of Lord Sirathcoua, High Commissioner for Canada, evidenced the
great Interest which he has always
taken in this part of the Dominion
"Before proceeding to outline the
various matters of business with
which you will tie asked to deal, I
count it a privilege to testify to the
sterling qualities of my esteemed pre
decessor, the lion. James Duusmuii,
and to assure him of ihe respect m
I which he is held liy the people ol
. British Columbia us a rtsull nf Hie
j worthiness and dignity with which
'he discharged the duties id his high
"It is eminently fitting to refer toj
the celebration at New Westminster,
during Die month of October last, of |
the fiftieth anniversary of the landing
in British Columbia of the Royal Engineers, a body of men whose remarkable pioneer work in opening up tl,
province is most worthy ol commemoration.
"It is gratifying thai I am enabled
to inform you that the financial coi
dition of the pro. nice is the most
satisfying in its history, showing
such u substantial surplus as to permit of a considerable reduction in
taxation, while nol Interfering wit!
the expenditures necessary to the efficient administratis of provincial
"It is also a pleasure to row ih.it
the re-organi/atinn ol the depot i-
ment of agriculture, undertaken a
year ago, is already producing gratifying results. I am pleased to observe the honors won by Belttah Columbia fruit at the exhibitions it
Canada, Great Britain and Ihe 1 nit-
ed states, and t>i congratulate our
fruit growers on the succoss which
has crowned their efforts. Tbe fruii
exhibit from the province again won
the     highest     honoi I    and  the gold
• The delay in the Issue of the •
• Herald this   week   was due to •
• failure of the wall i power     it •
• was impossible to run both the •
• typesetting   machine    and   ihe •
• press    at   the    san <-  time,   wilh •
o the verj limited    power avail- •
• able      Consequently   the press •
• woik bad tu he postponed until •
• after i;  p.m. •
medal at London in competition with
the whole world.
"Several important measures will
he submitted for your consideration,
chief of which will be those relating
to the construction of railways and
the extension of existing lines. Vou
will be asked to pass upon a contract providing for the building uf
some six hundred miles of trunk
lines with provisions for branches
and connections by the Canadian
Northern railway by means ol which
it is contemplated to furnish transportation facilities to a very exten-
tive and valuable section of the
province and materially reduce the
cost of freight and passenger traffic.
A bill will also be submitted to you
to enable an extension of the Kettle
River Valley railway Irom lis present terminus to Nicola This railway, as well as the Canadian Northern, will run through districts richly
endowed with timber and minerals
and with agricultural, fruit and pastoral lands, the development ol which
has heretofore been retarded fur lack
of  railway communication.
"Acting upon authority granted by
the legislature at the last session,
commissioners have been appointed
to revise and consolidate the stat
utes of tlie province and this important work will be proceeded with Immediately
"In order to secure the most suit
aide site for th*' university of British Columbia vou will be asked U<
conhrm     the   appuintment of a com
mlttee composed ol disinterested pro
fessiomii men. to    which will be designated ihe task oi selecting a sii.
lor that Instltul	
"The forestry commissioners nave
oollecled   a   great mass ol valuable
information ami rvtdenee  bearing  up
on      tlie subject   of      their   InveallgM
(Continued oil page eight )
The lumbermen's convention, which
took place in this city last week,
terminated most successfully and en-
joyably in the grand ball at the Auditorium on Friday night, at which
upwards of four hundred people were
present. It is not saying too much
to say that the lumbermen provided
one of the most enjoyable balls ever
held in this city. The Auditorium
was handsomely decorated, the work
of a committee of ladies, assisted by
she staff of the Cranbrook Electric
Light company. Excellent music
was provided by Nolan's Spokane orchestra, which kept the dancers going
merrily until the early hours of Saturday morning. The attendance
was very large, there being present,
in addition to residents of Cranbrook, a large number of visitors
from Nelson. Moyie. Creston, Elko,
Wardner, Fernle and other nearby
points. In every respect the utmost
pains were taken to provide for the
Comfort and entertainment of all
visitors, the arrangements generally
reflecting great credit upon those in
charge. Supper was served at the
Cranbrook hotel and, needless to say,
it was excellent in every respect
Sleighs conveyed the guests to and
from the Auditorium The lumbermen's hall will long remain a pleasant memory to those who had the
privilege to be among the invited
The annual meeting ol the Mountain Lumbermen's association opened
on Friday, January 11th. at 10. a.m.
in the Cranbrook hotel committee
rooms The morning session was
devoted to the secretary's report ol
the work, covering the year 1909,
and the presentation ol comparative
statements of production and consumption for the past four years
Tlie association    unanimous! v     et-
pressed its confidence In us present
officers     bv    re electing      then,     fi
another year, vi/
President-Otto Lachmund
\ i< .-President— Otis Staples
Sec-Treas.—W,  A.  Anstie
II- alternoon session was MVOtcd
tu i consideration ol the present
system Ol grading the mountain product No changes were made fnr
tie time being, but a committee, re
presenting the whole interior, was ap
pointed, which will meet at an early
date to go into the question thoroughly and after due deliberation
prepare a set of standard rules for
grading lumber.
The secretary reported fully regarding the present status of provincial
timber legislation which, in view of
r,e premier's announcement on the
public platform, during tbe recent
election campaign, that be would Introduce legislation at the coming session whereby special timber licenses
would be made renewable In perpet-
iity, places the lumbermen in a position of greater security as to their
timber supply.
Strong resolutions were adopted
regarding tbe necessity for larifl protection against the dumping of American lumber Into Canada, arid against
the proposed insurance hill, which
th*' Canadian fir'- insurance combine
trying to have passed, whereby
premiums on foreign insurance will
be taxed 16 per cent.
After the meeting Secretary Anstie
aid "The convention was successful
from every standpoint, and it had
been his pleasant duty to be able to
report to the members that their aggregate business for tbe year just
'•mled was the largest in th'' history
ol the Mountain lumber industry, and
that the outlook for 1910 promised
much better things in store."
President Otto Lachmund voiced
the views of all the visiting lumbermen, when, in rnurse of conversation
with a Herald representative, he remarked that tlie entertainment of the
visitors had surpassed all expectations The hall had proved quite ;i
revelation to him. He had never
dreamed thai Cranbrook could entertain in such a style He wished to
express his personal gratification, as
well as that of all the visiting lumbermen, at the manifest teal o\ every
one to make their visit to Cranbrook
pleasant in ewry par:.cl.tr The
president particularly emphasized Ms
appreciation of the untiring efforts of
the chairman of the reception commit tro, Mr A Lettch, as well as of
everj member ol the committee, to
care for the oomfort of the visitors
Mr Lachmund greatly enjoyed hli
fust visit tn Cia'throok nnd ir.iv SI
suranre that it would not lie the
B. E. WALKER, President I Paill-lip Capital, $10,000,000
ALEXAHDKE LAIHD, General Manajer I Reserve Fund,   -     6,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and In the United States and England
COUNTRY RIKINF^'s l"'ery facility afforded to farmeri tad
luunini DuaiNtaa   otljers for the tmnsllction of tt,lr
bunking" business.     Sales notes will be cashed or taken 1'or collection.
way with equal facility, ui
K. T. Brymner, Hanager Cranbrook Branch
# We arc going to sacrifice the balance of our stock of
J Cutters and Sleighs to make room for our Spiing e-ock
of Buggies.     We have on hand
ONE   PAIR   OF   2 1-2 in.   FARM   BOBS
We will dell the above at cost.       Cull ami see them.
{ J. M. Agnew & Co., Elko, B. C.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ **********************
Beale & Elwell
Real Estate and Insurance Agents
J   5 roomed Cottage on Garden Avenue with water
and electric light, can be purchased for $925.00
Only $200.00 Cash wanted
Modern 12 roomed house in splendid location, every
modern convenience with fine lawn.
Only   $2750.00
A dkdkdk A AAA dkdbdk at
A. L. McDERMOT.Cranbrook
If you stop here once
you  will  look  lo, H. L. STEPHENS.
the 'bus  when   you
visit Calgary again. Proprietor
1 Canadian Hotel!
si i
0 One of the pioneer hotels of Cran- g
S5 brook.   Warm rooms, good meals g|
& and a bar stocked with the best G
m st
fit fit
|Joseph Bravlt,  Proprietor!
a st
Now ManaRomonl Improved in Every Way
Cranbrook,   IV C.
i,\('K MclioSALli ASH OUST. AN'ntxs. PBOPBIROM
i lnr Motto i " Tha Boil is Nona Too Good."
Tho great national awakening ol
Asiatic peoples under the impact ol
the Christian lorcea is resulting in
not only political upheaval, bloodless
revolution and reform, hut in vastly
increased opportunity lor aggregate
philanthropic effort on the part ol
tho missionary. Reports ot great
spiritual, moral and intellectual revival during the past year have come
from all the great countries of Asia.
With the new king Alhert, of Belgium, what Sir I'ouau Doyle calls
"the greatest crime in the history ol
the world," the Congo slave outrage,
is apparently soon to come to an
Many learned Pundits are openly
revolting against that prominent exponent ot theosophy, Mrs. Ucsant,
and her philosophy as an entirely
inadequate solution of the sad problems ol the people ot India.
There are now 400 mission hospitals and over 500 orphanages and
asylums in foreign lands under missionary direction. Three million
patients a year are treated by the
medical missionaries. There arc
nearly 30,000 Protestant colleges and
schools of learning and 400 Christian
periodicals are published on mission
fields. The Bible bas been translated into about 500 languages ami dialects.
One ol a number ot recent large
gifts is significant ol a growing tendency among the rich. The will ol
ihe late John S. Kennedy, Esq.,
tianker, New York, gives to philanthropic institutions the halt ot his
sixty million dollar fortune. Colleges, missions, charities, Bible society work, etc., are among the chief
objects remembered.
The Pomlnion Lord's Day Alliance
is entering upon a campaign in the
west lo secure a better observance
ol thi' rest-day laws. In the last
three years over 100,000 Canadian
workers have been given their lawful and regular one-day-in-scven
Dr. S. D. Chown, ol Toronto, Ont.,
a recent Winnipeg address, congratulated Manitoba on its advanced
position concerning juvenile criminal
law, also lor its torward movements
against the gambling evil and bawdy-
house segregation. He called the
white slave traffic the deepest hell
that could be dug on earth.
The Winnipeg authorities have come
out with a strong pronouncement in
lavor ol a hospital lor the treatment
of tuberculosis.
Read How it   Gives the   Little Ones
A most Important thing tor mothers to watch is the treatment ol
rashes, dialed or chapped places,
etc. When you put an ointment on
to a child's skin it gets into the
blood through the pores just as
surely as il you put it Into the
child's stomach. Did you ever think
ol that? How important, therefore,
that the salve or balm should he
pure! Zam-Buk is absolutely pure;
contains no animal lat; no mineral
coloring matter; no acid astringents;
nn burning antiseptics—yet it is antiseptic! It is purely herbal, and thus
meets all the needs ol the skin in
that superior way in which nature always provides.
Mrs. (I. Gentleman, ot 1090 St.
.lames St., Montreal, says: ''My
two-year-old daughter had eczema lor
over six months, on lace and body.
Doctor didn't cure. We tried various
remedies in vain, but could give the
little one no ease. When Zam-Buk
was tried it was vety dlBerent. It
soothed the pain and the irritation,
and the child ceased to scratch. Perseverance with Zam-Buk brought a
complete cure."
Mrs. 0. W. Bowerbank, ol 120
Dcnison Ave., Toronto, says her
baby's lace was covered with a burning eruption. Little one was terribly paincd-scartched, and made the
places very bad.    Zam-Buk cured.
Scores ol simitar eases could he
cited. Zam-Buk should be in every
home, because it heals sores, stops
pain, and ends skin diseases. Eczema, itch, ulcere, had legs, poisoned wounds, abscesses, cold sores,
cracked hands, scalp sores, whether
in children or adults, are cured by
Zam-Buk. It is also a cure tor
piles. All druggists and stores at
50c. box, or post Iree Irom Zam-Buk
Co., Toronto, Ont., tor price.    Send
one cent stamp (to pay return
postage) and we will mall you a Iree
trial box.
The death ol Mrs. (iordoa, wile ol
Principal (lordon, ot (Jueeirt University, took place at Kingston last
II you   want   utiifactfon    with
your washing  tend
ll lo
Hpeclal prices lor faintly work.
According to Mr. Bums, ol P.
Burns & Co., Calgary, approximately 75,0Ul) head ol cattle were shipped
out of Alhcrta during the past season. Of tills number about 25,000
went east and about 40,000 to the
Pacific coast. The average price
ranged (or steers, $15 to $55 a head;
eows, J30 to 110.
Barrister. Solicitor. Etc.
Money to loan on favorable terms.
•;■ ER AND CHF.MIST.-Charges; .;.
•J* Gold, silver, copper or lead, $1 »>
.;* each; gold-silver, $1.50; silver- •>
»;• lead, $1.50; gold-silver, with »>
»!> copper or lead, 12.50; zinc, $2; »;•
<• sllver-lead-r.inc, $3. Prices lor •>
»;. other metals ou application. .>
{.Long distance 'ilione 07. P.O. •>
* Box, CI MIS, Nelson, B.C. 48-ly.fr
TAKE NOTICE that John W.
Blake, ot Wasa, B. O., occupation
Rancher, intends to apply tor permission to purchase the lollowing
described lands:
Commencing at this post, thence
south 80 chains, thence east 40
chains, thence north 40 chains,
thence east 40 chains, thence north
to the Kootenay river, thence upstream to the south-east corner ol
Lot 84511, thence to the point ol
John W. Blake,
II.W.S. Higglns, Cranbrook, Agent,
November 25th, 1909. 45-it*
TAKE NOTICE that I, Richard
Benbow, ol Cranbrook, B. C, occupation Rancher, intend to apply tor
permission to purchase the lollowing
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
N. W. corner ol P. R. 1137, thence
west 25 chains, more or less, to E.
boundary ol Lot 2310, thence south
12 chains, more or less, to Kennedy
war grant, thence east 25 chains,
more or less, to P. R. 1137, thence
north 12 chains, more or less, to
point ot commencement.
Richard Benbow.
Dated December 30th, 1909.  47-9t*
(Form F.)
TAKE NOTICE that I, John G.
Cummlngs, F.M.C. No. B24350, acting as agent tor. J. C. Hooker, F.M.
0. No. Bti-115', sod Joseph H. Wright.
Free Miner's Certificate No. B6414,
intend, sixty days Irom date hereof,
to annly to the Mining Recorder tot
Certificates ot Improvements, lor the
purpose ol obtaining Crown Grants
ol the above claims.
And further take notice that action, uader section 37, must be commenced before tbe issuance ot such
Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 15th day ol September.
A.D. 1909.
40-9t* J. G. Cummlngs.
Within 00 days I shall apply to the
Assistant Commissioner ol Lands
and Works for a license to prospect
lor coal and petroleum over the lollowing land, situate in Block 4593,
South East Kootenay, British Columbia:
Beginning at a post planted 14.2
chains east of the S. E. corner ot
Lot 7847, and marked Wm. Randolph's N. E. corner, thence 80
chains south, thence 80 chains west,
thence 80 chains north, thence 80
chains east to point of commencement and containing G10 acres.
Located    8th    day   ot   December,
47-lt' Wm. Randolph, Locator.
Trench's Remedy
„ -roa-
Epilepsy and Fits
A BRANCH OM-UK ha. ivrtuMKibliitied
sU lOi St. JwmtV l/liuiubet!., TorutilO.
Thn  tiii|H>rt.Hit   • ll.it;t*  (Jffinlt* i't   tirlcM
beittK rtdnevoto \h<>** prr-vaiiim* In Huron*),
n-imtrly;- Full pitcklW. 113.09) half till . «M0]
quarter da t3.idf posUiworMpttweh»tt«i
n c i.i *
or it, t
*<•• CManatast.
ilVrt ill
•it*-! free
,.«■ ol  -
"irio'ii- i
i .   Alpick-
«vl in m
" dittn
r»fl MOII •fid.
Koiiiiirinn n Specialty
Aikens Block, Cranbrook
opposite O.P.H, Btallon
THE    PLACE     TO      (HOT    A
Mrs. E. Bent
P.O. Ilux 784. I'I  a'
Teni'lier nf string nml
sttoiiliLn] IiiHtninii-niH
PHONE 268     ClUNIiltotiK, 11.0.
LesaoiiB in Musical Theory
Miss Mabel Wellman
Plaalit sad Teacher
IVrliHim,'il pupil i.l
(liilm-illi. Mulls! nt Winnipeg
Miss Gertrude Jones
Spsclul attention (tiv.n to ueginoerti
lloi 4
Physicians and Surgeons.
Office at Kesldeaos, AraistroDg Ave
office: hours :
Forenoons 1.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - - - 2.00 to   4.00
Evenings - . - - 7.30 to   8.30
ciundars - - - - 1.30 to   4.30
CRANBROOK :•    :i    u    a    V. O.
• to 12 a.m.
1 to  I p.m.
7 to   I a.m.
Office la new Reld Block
CRANBROOK -       -       - B.
Cruttbrook und Fort Steele
I; SAW Cranbrook, B.C.
B.  C.  and  Surveyor
CRANBROOK    -     B. C.
F. C. Swannell, 1). L. S., B C. L. 8.
A. 1. Robertson, 11. C. L. S.
Dominion ami British Columbia
Graduate ol Ontario Veterinary
College, Toronto, in I wis.
(trailnate ami Medallist ol
MrKillip's Veterinary College,
Chicago, in 1WKI.
Nine years' experiem-e in
Veterinary practice in Menitolia.
IHIIctal Cranhrooli Hotel.
Meets in   Fraternity Hall First anil
Third Fridays.
llawl Ilowmss, M. E. E.
Annie Boycs,    K. ol II. & S.
Vial ling uanbtra cordially in vitas'
Imperial Bank oi Canada j
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED   -      $10,000,000.00
CAPITAL PAID UP     -      - 5,000,000.00
RESERVE     .... 5,00000000
1>. It. WlI.Klli, President.
♦ Aoooimts   of   Corporations,   Municipalities,    Moroltuiits,
T Furmure itntl Private Individuals invited,
j       llrafls and Lottora of Credit issued availablo in any purl of
i tlie world.
♦ SAVINGS DEPARTMENT-Special   attention'
♦ given to Savings Bank AooountB.    Deposits of $1,00   und
«, upwards received and interest allowed from datoot doposit.
| Cranbrook Branch: J. F. M. PINKHAM, Mgr.
I Try Our  Fresh  Smoked  Imperator :;
Ham   and   Bacon
l».  O.  BOX 3
P. BURNS ® CO., Ltd. |j
f Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
********************** a..................*
Fire  comes   like  a  thief  in   ♦
the   night
then where are you if you have ro
Insurance. But if you have—there
you are.
********************** **********************
*** **************
'How use doth breed a habit in a man'
(Two Gentlemen of Verona. 1
UN every hit aa true today nsfwhen Shakespeare penned
T the above lines.   For example: people are getting pu USKI>
• to going where they can get the best value for their money
J that thoy'vegot the HA BIT ot going to
x for all their requirements in
Tho great secret o( one of tho greal secret Societies if that it has
tNO secret. There ts no secret ami no niytteiy in ihe ncknow*
ledgeil superiority of Corby's "8pec.a1 Beiectod" Old Rye
Whisky except that nothing short of tlie best ol everything is
good enottgli to en or into itc production.
Not pimply the best grain—not imply the best manofactming
plant,—not simply tlie best brains ami skill procurable—not
pimply the best ageing—not one, but all of those, together with
superlative care ami cleanliness in every detail, nre combined
to produce
ii A. C. BOWNESS,   -    CRANBROOK i
i *******************************************
Pancakes and Maple Syrup ii
Nothing more appetizinic    i
Nothing more nourishing   I
For llrcnkfnst
They are Perfection
If tlie Flour and the Syrup nre perfection—which tbey
can easily be.
We can tit you up right in the Pancake nnd Maple Byrup
lints.    We know where our Syrup comes fioiii and nil
alxiut It.
J. MANNING - Cash Grocer ;
Loose Leaf Minders
Mall Order.. Promptly Attended To
II. C. CONNOLLY, B.bI.,bb;M...|H
Ttltss.sc N. II    j | THE cBA>'H,TtOoK   ELBRALD
I    News of the District
(Special correspondence )
Mrs. J, McKeo was visiting lier
husband, who is in Cranbrook liospl-
tal, for ii few days last week, Mr.
McKeo is Improving nicely.
.1. A. Thompson was a Pernio visitor last Monday.
.1. Brown ami .1. Kcllock were in
Pernio mi business last Tuesday.
A. McKeo was in Cranbrook between Irains im Sumlay.
Miss Irene llirt/. was taken to the
hospital Inst. Thursday with lover. It
is hoped by her many trionds that she
will he among them again shortly.
H. Sinclair, of Cranbrook, was in
town ou business last Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. KUngcnsmlthi F.
(iledhill and C, E. Ayre took in the
lumbermen's hall in Cranbrook last
R. Weaver, nf Victoria, was in
town on business otic day last week.
A ami was born to Mr. and Mrs. .1.
Austin Friday, January lltli.
W. C Leacy left last week on a
short trip to the coast.
W. R. Ross, M. P. I'., of Fernic,
was in town last Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Livingston were In
town a few days this week. Mr.
Livingston is a member of the firm ol
Pugh and Livingston.
George Hardsley, of Loon Lake
ranch, was in town last Friday.
Miss F. Kennedy returned to Ilos-
mer after a week's visit with her I
cousin, Miss McKee.
J. M. Agnow was in Waldo on business last Tuesday.
Ed. and E. Prcttic and W. Mc-
Neisb, of Wardner, were shaking
hands with (riends last Tuesday and
left Saturday morning for Lethbridge, Alta.
;            :
tlons and these will be visited and
refreshments served by the lady uf
each house, who will appear in a
COStumo represent ing her own particular nationality.
Mr. ami Mrs. Thos. Caven, ot
Cranbrook, were in town over Sunday, the guests of Mr. and Mrs. T.
('has. Sinister, general superintendent at the C. N. I', Coal company
ami E. Ilealhcote, superintendent at
Coal Creek, have severed their connection with tbe above concern.
A number of local people attended
tbe Fine Cats hall In Cranbrook last
♦ ♦
(Special correspondence.)
Nomination day has come and gone
nnd the citirens of the "IMtlshurg ot
Canada" failed to place candidates in
the (lord for civil honors. Is it that
the men ot Fernle arc so taken up
with business affairs that no time
can be spared for public benefit, or
is it that not enough interest is taken ia tin- welfare of our city as a
The first carnival of the season
took place in tho link ou Tuesday
evening, January llth, and was a decided success There wcro over one
hundred skaters in COStumo and it
was Indeed difficult lor the Uniges to
decide who should be the prize winners. Tlie following were linallj decided upon. Beat dressed lady. Mis
s. llcichini'i. as North Pole; best
dressed gentleman, 13. A Howe, as
Queen of Shobn; lust comic, .las.
Lawey, Suffragette; best dressed
school gitl, Wtltna llilks, as Scotch
Lassie, best dressed school boy,
Fiankie Itoiuiell, as Indian. The
managers of the rink Intend bringing
ou nnothei carnival near the end ol
the month ami we hope it will he
woll patronised.
The electric organ has been in
operation dining tbe last week, It
does its work very Well ami we are
looking for good ice and a jolly
Miss Hogan, principal of tbe Pernio
schools, has been confined to the
bouse for several days. She has
had a veiy severe attack of la
grippe. Her many friends are glad
to learn that she is improving and
hope she will be able to resume her
duties in a few days.
The Five Hundred club met at the
home of Miss Whimsler on Thursday
evening. ThoiV was a good turnout
ot the members nud all s|»cnt a very
enjoyable evening.
Tbe baseball club dance has been
postponed until January 25th. Tickets have been issued and the affair
will he one of the best of the season.
The Ladies' lleiievolent society are
going to assist, but it Is not being
held under their auspices.
The Ladies' Aid of tbe Methodist
church are busy     preparing quite
new scheme. It is to take the form
of n sleighing nud visiting trip com
blnod, nml is entitled "A Tour   ol
tbe    World." Different   members'
tames    will represent different im
(From the Moyie Leader.)
It is believed that Joseph Cosavel-
lo has one of the best mining propositions ever struck in the Moyie
camp. lie has bad some excellent
gold assays. His property is within
a mile of town.
.1. C. Keflip, surveyor and draughtsman at the St. Eugene, left last
Sunday for London, England, on a
three months' visit.
Geo. Hcdley, who took an overdose of poison, believed to \te cocaine, yesterday (Friday) died this
morning abbut two o'clock. Hcdley
had been washing dishes at the Central hotel for about two months. He
was about 32 years of age, and had
been out from England about six
The benefit supper and concert at
the Presbyterian church last evening
was very liberally attended, and we
understand a substantial amount was
raised for Mr. White, who was recently operated on for appendicitis.
Mr. White is now out of the hospital
and is making rapid progress towards recovery.
About sixty couples attended the
dance of the Odd Fellows Wednesday
night and everyone enjoyed themselves to the fullest. The hall was
artistically decorated and the music
was the hest that could be procured.
The committee on arrangements presented all members of the order with
a neatly printed badge. Messrs.
McTavish and Cameron, of the Kootenay hotel, served a splendid supper.
The musicians, Profs. Chapman and
Salmon and Mr. Kanim pave excellent seryice.
One of the best known business men
in the Kootennys is A. E Watts, of
Wattsburg, president of the Watts
Manufacturing company, with mills
and plant at Wattsburg in East Kootenay. While primarily engaged in
the lumber business, the Watts company makes a specialty of wire-
wound wniMien pipe. The manufacture of this lias been carried on for
some years at Wattsburg ami the
produot of the factory has met with
such a ready sale that the company
has been unable to keep up with the
demand The increased demand for
piping, has led the company to undertake the installation of a pipe
plant in connection with its .mill at
Proctor, taken over n few months
ago from tbe Proctor Lumber company. This pipe-making plant is almost ready for operation and will be
in every respect as complete ns it
can he made, so that the company
hopes from now on to be able
to more fully cope with all orders
which may he sent to it.
Uro. LaPointe—Sr. Beadle.
Bro, Moore—Jr. Beadle.
Mi IV Lund and wife, Mr. C. M
'ennock, Mr, A. Lund, Mr. Gomel
lones, Mr. David Hrockenridgc ami
wife, attended the lumbermen's ball
n Cranbrook Friday, and all report
having had a good time
Mr Samuel Boilings, manager ol
the Naiiton (Alta) Lumber company,
was   a     visitor    in town Thursday
Patrick Kelly, foreman at the Gal-
loway camp, was in town Saturday
Mr. David Brcckonrldgo and wife
drove to Marysville Saturday last
Mr. Thomas Anderson, of PInchor
Creek, Alta., was a visitor at L".
Anderson's Valley ranch.
Mr. IL 11. Northcott arrived Saturday night, accompanied by his bride
Mr. Manielly, foreman on tbe government bridge here, arrived (mm
Spokane, Wash,, Sunday, much improved in health.
Messrs. Adney, Markle and (laRney
drove to   Galloway Sunday last,   to
the   new     mill the company are
building at that place.
Mr. George Powell, from the Galloway camp, is in Cranbrook hospital
sulTering with a sore foot.
The Kootenay Telephone Lines company have a gang of men putting ou
cross-arms and stringing new wire in
town. They will be here for a week
or more.
Mr.    John Heed, government
inspector, was in town Monday
Mr. E. Anderson, accompanied
Thos. Anderson hack to Pincher
Creek, Monday.
Mr. Peter Lund left for Hlairmore
Tuesday on business.
G. W. Donahoe and Bert Donahoe
arrived in town from lethbridge
Mr. II. Darling, of Calgary, was in
town Tuesday.
Mr. Rert Donahoe left for his
home in Seattle Tuesday last.
Mr. Arthur Sampson, chief constable of the provincial police force
at Fernie, was in Wardner Tuesday
last on official business.
WANTED.—Good live business of
any description, must he a paying
proposition.—Vancouver Locators,
Vancouver, B. C. 48-3t
A quantity of first-class prairie hay
for sale at a reasonable price. Apply to .1. H. McConkey, Cayley, Alberta. 48-41
{Special correspondence)
The C. P. It. are building a switch
at their Wardner mill, and intend to
haul their logs from the Fort Steele
■amp by rail.
Mr, Richard Bowden, representing
Mackay, Hlair, .Smith A Co., of
Vancouver, was in town Wednesday
Rev. C. O. Main, of Cranbrook,
was a visitor in town last Thursday
on business.
Mr. Butehard, traveler for the Canadian Rubber company, Vancouver,
was in town Thursday last.
At the regular meeting of Court
Wardner, No. 1057, held Wednesday
evening Inst, the following brethren
were Installed for the ensuing til
Bro. Markle-J P.CR.
Bro. Sheppard—CR-
Bro. Rlatehford-V.C R,
Pro, Haywnrd—RS.
Bro. Godwin—F.S,
Bro. Burgess—Chaplain.
Bro.  I.ttC|iai.ce—Sr. Woodward.
Urn. Water*-Jr. Woodward.
The time for receiving tenders for
the freighting of supplies for the Yukon Telegraph Line in the course of
the seasons of 1010, PHI and 1912, is
hereby extended to Tuesday, February
1010,     Tenders are to lie sealed,
lorsed 'Tender for Packing Supplies," and addressed to tbe undersigned.
Forms of tender and specification
may be ohtainiil and form of contract seen on application to Mr. .1.
T. Phelan, Superintendent of Government Telegraphs, Vancouver, B. C
Mr. Win. Henderson, District Superintendent Government Telegraphs,
Victoria, B.C.. and from the Government Telegraph Agents at Ashcroft.
R. C, Qucsticlle, B. C, Hazclton, B
C. and Telegraph Creek, B. C.
Persons tendering arc notified that
tenders will not he considered unless
made on the printed forms supplied,
and signed with their actual signatures, with their occupations and
places of residences. In the case of
firms, the actual signature, the nature of the occupation and place of
residence of each member of lite firm
must be given.
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered bank, payable to the order of the
Honorable the Minis,ter nf Public
Works, equal to ten per cent (10 p.c.)
if tlie amount of the tender for one
year's packing, which will he forfeited if the person tendering decline to
enter into a contract when called upon to do so, or fail to complete the
work contracted for. If the tender
he not accepted the cheque will he
The Department does not hind itself to accept the lowest or any tender.
By Order,
Napooeon Tessicr,
iVpartmont of Public Works,
Ottawa, December 1(1, lf»fi!».
NOTE.—Provision is being made
by the Government to the extent nf
13,600,00, for general repairs, renew-
ills nf bridges,
Scptuago&ima, Jan. 33rd
Holy communion—8 a m
Morning prayer—11 a.m
Children's service—3 p.ui
Evening prayer—7.80 p.m
January 38rd.
Morning service at 11 a m.
Fellowship meeting at  l- noon.
Sunday    School   and    Bible classes
I .'( p.m.
League prayer service in tbe inner
vestry at 7 p.m.
Evening service at 7.80 The subject for the evening discourse will be
Peers or People," or "The Relation
f tbe Present Social Crisis In Eng
land to Progress,''
Well known hymns will be sung, all
who are not regular attendants al
other churches are inviied to represent. Tbe ushers will provide
seals and hymn books. Come early
and get a good scat. I«
Tuesday—League social at s. p.m.      *
Wednesday—Parsonage open from H
till 10 for young men to spend social
hour All invited. Visitors to
town welcomed. Introductions unnecessary.
Thursday—Church prayer service at
K p.m.
Friday—Choir practice at 8 p.m.
Jacob, the Prince; A Sell-Made
Man," wilt lie the subject of a series
of four special Sunday evening sermons in the Baptist church by the
pastor, Charles W. King. Living issues of interest to thinking men will
be discussed in the review of this
heroic character.
Following are the sermon subjects:
Jan. 10th.—"Wo Makes » Start,"
So do you.
Jan. 23rd.—"He Finds tbe Way into the New Kingdom."
Have you?
Tan,  30lh.—"Ho Mas  His  t'ps and
And you have yours.
Feb. fith.-"|le Wrestles and Wins a
And so may you.
Bring a friend.      Strangers always
welcome.      Seals free.     Good singing.
The unnuiil parish meeting of
Christ church parish was held in the
church ou Monday evening at H
o'clock, the rector in the chair. The
following officers were appointed or
.1. F   Armstrong—Rector's Warden.
C. A. Cock—People's Warden.
Messrs. Armstrong Hunt and Cock
—Lay Delegates to Synod.
Messrs. Hoskins, Nelson, Beatc,
Itrymner, Hunt, Thompson, Miles,
Edwards and Clarke—Sidesmen.
Reports were presented by the rector and the secretary.
These reports will be printed and
Treas.—The treasurer's report
shows a balance in hand on current
account, and all accounts paid to
end of year.
About $46.00 is still due on rectory
The cemetery fund shows a balance
in hand of S13S, and the Young
People's Guild balance in band of
The Ladies' Guild shows amount
paid in six months towards lighting
and care of church, and towards rectory debt, of about $275. This
Guild has also a balance, ihough
small, on tbe right side.
Tbe matter of improvement of
cemetery grounds was placed in the
bands of the rector and the church
wardens for consideration and with
power to carry out improvement if
thoughts advisable.
The matter of the Introduction of
the new hymn book was given into
tbe hands of the select vestry tor
consideration and with power to
By a standing vote, those present
made acknowledgment of their appreciation of the long and faithful
services of Miss Armstrong as organist.
Miss Armstrong retired from the
position at the end of the year.
Votes of thanks were passed to
officers and guilds nnd choir for
faithful service.
= i
But Oh! You Pye.
That's just it.   People can't help leaving their regular   t
place of business   and  hustling that foot to Pye's.
This great reduction Sale lasts only one week more.
We have a large number of Suits, sizes 40 and
42, ranging in price from $15.00 to $22.00, which
will be sold on Saturday Only,  for
All other clothing will be sold at the same big
reduction as quoted last week.
If   you   haven't   visited   our   Great   Clearing   Sale
Get down. Get busy.
A. cTpye
Phone   23
Phone   23
i    4AAAAaAA ^m%m%m%a%m%S*B%m%m%m%m\m%m%m%m%m%4%m%M%M%m%
The annual congregational meeting
of Knox Presbyterian church was
held in the Sunday school room on
Tuesday evening, January  18th
The meeting, well attended by both
men and women of tbe congregation,
was opened with singing and prayer.
Mr. J. F. Smith was then appointed
chairman and R. S Garrett congregational secretary
Reports were presented from the
Ladies' Aid, Knox Girls' dub, the
Session, W.F.M.S , Sunday School,
Guild, and the treasurer of the
church, and in each case were found
very encouraging, progress being
made over previous wars.
A very pleasing feature ot the
evening to all Interested in the welfare of the church wai a report from
etc., along the trail the Managers and Session, to the el-
betwevti Ha/el ton and Ninth Cabin, lect that they had unanimously
next season. 40.31 agreed tn make Ruv, Mr. Mam's sti
pend $1500, an increase of MOO. Mr
and Mrs. Main were also extended a
hearty vote of thanks for their arduous work throughout tbe year. Mr
Main feelingly replied on behalf of
Mrs. Main and himself, and thanked
all for their loyal support, cordiality
and friendship.
The following managers were appointed for the year 1910. E. Pater-
son, J. F. Spence, W. E. Worden, F.
Dezalt, A. A. MacKinnon, J. G. Mc-
Galium and W. D. I.atdlaw.
E. Patersnn was re-elected treasurer; David Wilson, secretary, with H.
Campbell as his assistant
Messrs Laurie, MeCallum, Me-
Cowan, Campbell, Ftnley, Kotte--
mere, Clark and Adair were appointed church ushers.
Refreshments were served at the
close of the business.
4 <•<•*<•<••>•>•>•> ♦ •> •>
Mrs   L.    V   Roberts,  Proprie- •>
tress. <fr
Cor. Stanley and Silica Sts.   •:•
Free carriage or bus from all •>
hosts and trains. •>
Rates, II and $1.50 per day.    <*
Remember our  25c      Turkey •>
dinner every Saturday.        4Mro$
4 4 + ♦ + + 4 + + 9 <. + *
Having disposed   ol   the good-will tl my Tobacco ♦
business and my large and assorted stock ol Pipes, ♦
Tobaccos, Cigars, Cig.rttles, and   Smokers'  Accel. Z
sories to *
♦ and as Mr. Clapp intends carrying on tlie business on ♦
♦ exactly the same lines as I have, I would ask all my ♦
♦ patrons to give to him the name gent reus treatment
♦ that they have extended to mc in the past.
********************** ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•
Uy the Herald   Publishing I'omnany,
K. J. Deanc, Managing Editor.
JANUARY 20, 1910
The outcome ol the recent municipal elections cannot be regarded otherwise than as generally satisfactory. A tried, experienced man has
been retained as mayor and the new
blood added to the council board
promises to prove thoroughly elli-
licnl. Whilst there is good reason
for gratification at the outcome, it
cannot he Bald that the campaign
preceding tho election was entirely
satisfactory or worthy of the important issues al stake. In the
first place, we think the city electorate mc entitled to greater eon
sideration than was shewn them. A
public meeting, at which the members
of il Id   council could have given
an aecounl of their stewardship and
the new candidates for office could
have outlined their views and explained their attitude towards tho
chief issues, should have boon held
some few days before the balloting.
Had this been done it would have
obviated what was a very unpleasant
feature of the late campaign, tho
distribution of dodgers, alleging all
manner of wrong doing against the
old council. This was a nullo Inexcusable course on the part of the
committee in charge of the Finlay
ticket's campaign. If those who
prepared and circulated these dodgers had any confidence in the soundness of their charges, they should al
least have submitted them lo the
press for publication in time to permit of reply thereto by those accused Doubtless this feature of the
campaign told heavily against those
responsible for ii, for the average
western elector abominates anything
in the nature of unfairness. However, the past is past and we can
promise that so far as the Herald is
concerned strong effort will be made
to guard against any repetition ol
these tactics in the future. The new
council has made a good start and
we may anticipate with confidence
good, honest work in the interests
of tlie city during the ensuing Iwel.i
It is very refreshing to read the accounts in eastern newspapers of tin
splendid non-partisan reception tendered Sir Wilfrid Laurier on the occasion of his recent visit to Tor on U
as the guest of the National club
Partisanship is carried to pretty extreme lengths in Canada, hut, happily
upon occasions our best citizens can
rise above this narrowing sentiment.
That this is so was amply evidenced
at the National club banquet tendered Sir Wilfrid, ovei which a strong
Conservative, Mr W K. McNaught
presided. In the course of bis ad
dress upon Ibis occasion, Sir Wilfrid
thus referred to his aims as a servant of the Dominion:
"In the position I occupy, in which
I have been placed by the kindness of
the Canadian people, it cannot be expected that the policy I follow will
be regarded in Hie same light by all.
Hut if I can hope—if 1 can entertain
the hope to retain the esteem of
those who think with me and Un
respect of those who dilTer with me.
1 shall have realized the only ambition I have in life. (Applause.) lu
the midst of tbe Indian mutiny, when
the fate of English rule in India was
trembling in destiny. Sir Henry
Lawrence died. He desired that
on his tomb there should only appear
the words: 'Here lies Henry Lawrence, wlm tried to do his duly.* No
gnater Incentive can actuate man
than to do his duty by bis country.
I desire no other mention of my name
than that I tried to do my best tor
Canada, its prosperity and its
glory "
(in the same occasion Sir Wilfrid
Laurier gavi splendid evidence ot his
breadth of character in the following
fine tribute paid to his gnat predecessor m the leadership of the Canadian parliament:
"It 1 lure been able, in the course
of in\ life, to give Justice to whom
justice were due, to meet my opponent and to shake his hand, nud to
say to friends and foes tbe good I
thought of tbnii. I owe it largely to
tbe example which was given me in
my own case by a man whose portrait is on the wall, and who at one
time was tbe treat loader of tho
Conservative party ••• I must say
for the credit of bis memory, that I
found him in all our relations not
only courteous, hut Hup Io his word
and never unfair, and In Ibis respect,
though not in his polir\ I have tried
to emulate his example "
Canada'', naval policy, as formulated by Ihe Liberal government at Ottawa, is now before the country, tin
tho whole, ii may be said, thai this
policy makes a good slarl along lines
that will meet with very general approval .       M can and will, of course, j
be said, (hat the government   should!
have gone further, hut in formulating
(his policy, Sir Wilfrid Laurier   had:
take cognizance of conditions and
sentiment      throughout     the   broad
ominion, and   bo has brought down.
policy thai   will he generally ac-l
ptable, give rise to very little ap-
cclable    opposltion   and pave   the
way     for broader and more generous
measures in the future.     Such oppo-
ou    as has developed appears, so
far, io    he confined lo a few irrecon-
cllnhlcs and to the leader of the Quebec Conservatives, .Mr. Monk, who is
pposed to any    expenditure by Can-
do in   this    direction.      The Tory
chieftain,    K. L. Hordcn, appears liable,     as yet,    lo take any decisive
stand in the matter.     His criticisms
f the policy outlined by Sir Wilfrid
Laurier,   were entirely    non-committal.    Ho did not like to unqualifiedly
endorse Sir   Wilfrid's proposals, und
yel be had no practical policy to mice in lieu thereof.     In any event,
under the     policy    outlined    by Sir
Wilfrid, Canada will at  once participate in the cost of maintaining British naval    supremacy, to the evtenl
that this policy will relievo Ihe British treasury of the oust of maintaining ships of war in Canadian waters
and   the   maintenance of the Halifax
and    Esquimau   dry docks.     A good
start has   been made,    oven if il  be
imt    on as    generous lines   as many
enthusiastic Imperialists would have
The Diindns, Ont., Banner, gives
the following account of the untimely death of John C. Slater, a former
resident of Cranbrook:
A great gloom was cast over our
lingo (Watertown) on Monday
irning last (Jan. 1(1) when it heme known thai Mr. John C. Slat-
ii had been almost Instantly killed
by being cut with a circular saw in
lbe basket factory here. It appears
thai Mr. Slater, in company with
a voting man by the name of Secord,
was busily engaged sawing out stufi
for ihe manufacture of baskets and
crates. A steel dog, which is used
for throwing the lumber from the
saw, became displaced and Mr. Slater on leaning over the saw to adjust
it, was caught by the rapidly moving saw and almost cut in two. So
(Irmly wedged was his clothing in Hie
table that the saw was stopped. He
was tenderly lifted off by Mr. Secord, who also gave the signal, and
bad the mathinery slopped. Dr. .1.
u. McGregor was Immediately summoned, but before he arrived life
was extinct.
The lirst meeting of the new city
council took place on Monday afternoon, at 4 o'clock, there being present Mayor Fink and Aldermen Hunt,
Johnson, Campbell, Patmore and
Mayor Fink in opening the meeting, congratulated the old members
upon their re-election and extended a
hearty welcome to the new members
..[ the board. He expressed the
hope that the work of the coming
year would be carried on in the same
spirit as prevailed hist year and that
everything would be done with an eye
single to the best interests of the
The appointment of the regular
standing committees was the first
order of business, the mayor remarking that the prospects were that
ihere would he a great deal of very
important work tor tho committees
to handle in tbe coming twelve
Commit tees wore appointed as follows:
Finance—Aid. Hunt, Jackson and
Works—Aid. Johnson, Green and
Health and relief—Aid. Oreen nnd
Fire and police—Aid. Jackson and
Legislation—Aid. Campbell and
Tbe question of the time of the regular meiting was next discussed
and upon motion of Aid. Hunt and
Campbell, il was decided to hold the
regular meetings on tho first Wednesday in each mouth at 8 p.m.
(In motion it wns decided that the
court of revision should he held at 10
a.m. March 7th, the court to consist
of Mayor Fink, Aid. Campbell, Johnson, Patmore ami Hunt.
Joe Belanger was present and asked leave io address the council re his
water rates Leave being granted
ihe matter was thoroughly gone into, no action being taken pending
ihe departure of .lack Frost.
fin motion of Aid. Jackson and
Hunt, a telephone will he temporarily installed in tbe water superintendent's '.(hYe
Council then adjourned to meet
again on Wednesday evening.
The council met ou Wednesday evening to deal with certain bylaws and,
iiicidentallv, to hear   the recommend-
Wi> iimiutniii tho liiyh
opinion of our customers
nml t'liattro the ultimate
patronage of those who arc
not, liy our careful attention
to nil your wiuitfl, the extreme, courtesy of our clerks
ami the promptness of our
delivery of any order ( lur^e
or small ) by having our
own  team  always at hand.
The Hardware Men
ations of a committee ot real estate
agents, representing the board of
There were present Mayor Fink and
Aldermen Hunt, Johnson and Patmorc. Messrs. Bealc, Ward and Arnold composed the committee of local
real estate agents, who had been deputed by the board of trade to lay
certain matters before the council.
I pon motion precedence was given
to the delegation and Mr. lieale addressed the council to the following
effect, lie referred to the visits to
Cranbrook of outside real estate
agents, who frequently misrepresented the property they were handling
and thereby inflicted heavy losses upon purchasers. It was unfair to
local agents, who paid rent and helped (o maintain the city that these
agents should ho allowed to peddle
their wares without contributing a
cent to the civic revenue. He asked
that the council introduce a bylaw,
imposing a tax or license of $100 per
annum upon all outside real estate
agents doing business within the city
limits, and that a similar tax he imposed upon kerb stone brokers.
Mr. Arnold seconded the remarks
of Mr. Bealc, claiming that it was
not fair that local—resident agents-
should be taxed and that outsiders
shauld go free.
Mr. Ward followed in the same
strain, claiming that the imposition
of such a tax would be not only
protection to local, resident agents,
hut to the public as well.
City Solicitor Thompson pointed
out that the Municipal Clauses Act
made no provision for the imposition
of a tax or license upon itinerant
real estate agents. He said he had
drafted an amendment to the act,
which would give municipalities tho
desired power and this amendment
would he forwarded to Mr. Thos.
Caven, with a request that he secure
the enactment of the same into law.
This plan of action had the approval of the council and was accepted by
the committee as evidence of good
faith in tho matter, Mr. Beale promising, on behalf of the local agents,
to communicate with the resident
agents of other cities, to secure
their support of such an amendment
On motion of Aldermen Hunt and
Patmore, Bylaw (!K, the Procedure
bylaw amendment bylaw, was put
through its several stages. This bylaw sots forth the duties of the
standing committee on water works,
providing one committee, tn place of
two (or the management thereof.
(in motion of    Aldermen Hunt and
Saturday Jan,  21st
All goods to be sold at
Sacrifice Prices
At and Below Cost
Johnson Bylaw 69, the Water Works
amendment bylaw, was also put
through its several stages. This
bylaw provides for the division of tbe
management of the water works into
two parts, (1) financial; (2) works
and property, under the one committee, provided for by the above
bAlaw No. Ii8, and also places in the
city clerk's hands the power to levy
rates, in place of the superintendent.
Tho question of a truant officer
came up, Mayor Fink stating that
this matter had been brought to his
attention by the board of school
It was decided, after discussion,
that the local city and provincial
police officers still held authority to
act as such and they will be Instructed to carry out this work in
conjunction with the principal of the
school and the board ot school trustees.
Council then adjourned until 4 p.m.
on Monday next.
A meeting of the board of trade
was held on Tuesday evening, when
several matters of local interest
were dealt with. The meeting was
held in the Cranbrook hotel committee rooms and there were present
M. A. Macdonald, president; 0. IL
Allison, secretary; W. II. Wilson, Dr.
J. H. King, I). .1. Johnson, R. II.
Benedict, P. J. Deanc, F. A. Russell,
DeVere Hunt, C. R. Ward and R. K.
Heat tie.
Tho lirst matter taken up was in
reference to the recent election ol of-
ffieers of the local fire brigade. The
point raised was in regan. to the
appointment of Mayor Fink to the
position of honorary chief and president, without power to act. Businessmen and property owners generally felt that It was a mistake to take
the control ot the brigade out of the
hands of Mr. Fink, who is the most
experienced fire fighter in Cranbrook
and the board of trade had been requested to take such action in the
matter in conjunction with the city-
council as would result in power being replaced in his hands.
The matter was very fully discussed, it being the universal opinion
that Mr. Fink should lie given power ,
to act in case of tire, whenever he
was in a position to be present.
Finally it was decided to appoint a
committee to confer with the fire
brigade, with a view to coming to an
arrangement whereby Mr. Fink
would be sustained in the powers he
has heretofore exercised so wisely and
well in connection with the Tire department. Messrs. W. If. Wilson
and DeVere Hunt wore appointed for
this purpose.
The next matter deal I with was in
connection with outside real estate
agents. It was felt that In order
to safeguard the interests of resident
agents and to protect the public from
the raids of fakirs, a good stiff license fee should be imposed upon all
outside real estate agents, who come
into Cranbrook for a few days at a
time to unload alleged cheap Van
eouver or other out side propert y.
This proposition was favorably received and upon motion It was resolved to send a deputation of local
real estate agents to wait upon the
city council in the matter.
The third and last matter fnkm up
was in   regard   to the city scaveng-'
ing, with    particular reference      to I
the   removal of   paper    Irom   back
yards.      As at     present  conducted I
this   work entails    an unduly heavy
expense upon   certain business firms!
and it was felt that some other nr '
rangement could Ih- arrived nt where |
by the work could be more efflcfenllj
done nnd   at a lower   cost to those
served.    A resolution urging the city
council to take notion in the matter
was   adopted    ami the    meeting adjourned.
1(1 sizes, 17 jewel adjusted Rockfonl movements,
jewels set in settings nnd n thoroughly reliable
timepiece. Wo have only six of these left unci
to clear thorn out will sell them at just hulf
price.-$9.00. Now is your chance to get a c<»«l
watch for little money.
Jeweler nnd
Gre.dlie.le   Opllcl&n
'"Tis not in mortals to command success: hut we'll d"
more- descrvo it."
The Palace Restaurant
Two doors from P. Woods & Co.
Pork Pies and Cakes made to order.
After-Theatre Suppers a specialty.   Private
room if desired.
Read the Herald
Incorporated I860
Head Office: Montreal, Quebec
$ 5,000,000
II. S. HOLT, President
N. L, lMOASI-', (ienonil Malinger
Accounts of Firms, Corporations and Individuals
Out-of-town  business reoeives every attention.
SWINGS DEPARTMENT. -Deposits of 11.00 and
upwards roouivod and intoreBt allowed at current rate.
No formality or delay in withdrawing,
A General   Banking business transacted.
Cranbrook Branch: W. A. SCHWARTZ, Mgr.
is close. On that date we
start taking stock, until then
Our    Big    Sale    is    on.
Get in and get your
share of the many bargains
we  offer.     Take  advantage  of
cash buying bought in
the     right     way.
See  Our  Book   Bargain
Table.   It   is   a   winner
5      "Where It pays to deal"
il For   Complete   Satisfaction
in   Repairs
■ >
• i
C.P.R. Watch Inspectors   -   Cranbrook.
********************** *********************
320  - - ACRES
One mile from Railroad Station
i 1> acres level and easily cleared
7,"> acres slightly rolling and covered with a scattered
growth ol poplar and willow brash.
Never failing creek runs through farm and 200 acres
can be iriigatcd.
New frame house and log stables.
10 acres of timothy, :in more can easily be made
into meadow.
Price $12.50 per acre
One-third cash, balance arranged.
Fred A. Russell <& Co.
Next door to P. Woods' Meat Market
" O. Box 144
p, Woods & Co. received three carloads of fat cattle on Wednesday.
Mrs, Dlmlck, of Movie, is a guest
of Mrs. I). Elmer,
Rev, N. I.undie, of Phoenix, is o
guest nf Rev   ('. 0. and Mrs. Main
"Peers or People," subject Method/?
ist cliureli Sunday night.
E. J. Clayton, of Marysville, was
in Hie city Tuesday on business.
Harry Bradford, of Wyrliffe, was in
the city Monday.
Climax egg noodles fresh Ibis week
at Kink's  Pure  Food Grocery.
T E. Oakley, C.P.R, agent at Pernio, spent the week end in the city.
A. E. Hurdiek, of the firm of Green
and Burdlek, Victoria, was in town
on Tuesday.
Quick lunches a specialty at the
Palace restaurant.
A. C, Bowness and wife left for
coast points on Sunday. They will
be away for two weeks.
Horn—At Wattsburg, on Monday,
January, 17th, 1!M), to Mr,
and Mrs. Louis Lomolgnc, a daughter.
. Smoked    meats a    specialty at P.
Woods A: t'o.
Mrs. Wilfred Cameron and Mrs.
.las. Gibbons came up from Moyie
on Monday to enter the St. Eugene
hospital for treatment.
McCIary's ENAMEUVARE being
made good, makes good, At Patmore Bros.
At the manse on Monday Inst John
A. Boyd and Mildred Sm'th, Mb
of .Moyie, were united in mat ring.'
by Rev. C. O. Main.
Hot drinks and home made biscuits
at The Palm.
Baptised.—At Marysville on Tuesday last, Ethel Elizabeth, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Mulr, at the
family residence by Rev. R. Hughes.
People or good taste appreciate
McCIary's "KOOTENAY" Range. At
A. E. Carter, of Kimbcrlcy, is a
delegate to the W. P, M. convention,
which is being held at Trail this
lap   oranges at Kink's
P. Ryckmau, C. P. R. brakeman,
who has been confined to the hospital
for the past few weeks suffering
with rheumatism, is making rapid
We have the best meats, the best
cutlers and guarantee the best satisfaction in the city.—P. Woods Si Co.
An organization desiring to raise
funds might get up a guessing.contest as to the naval policy of the
Conservative party, remarks tbe Toronto Globe.
"Peers nr People," subject Method-
ist church Sunday night.
F. W. Reeves, formerly manager of
the Cosmopolitan hotel, but now in
charge of E ||. Small's hotel at
Canal Flats, was in the city for the
lumbermen's ball.
Six course dinner Irom 12 o'clock
at 2 o'clock for 85c, at ihe Palace
II E Moorman, formerly of the
local staff of tbe Hank of Commerce.
lias been appointed treasurer of the
National Finance Co.. I.td , of Vancouver
Billy Wilson, formerly agent at
Ilosmer. has arrived in town to relieve I II. Wtllson. the local C P It
agent, who leaves tomorrow for his
old home in New Brunswick
Very choice crisp hot house lettuce
at Stewart's
J. A liillexpie, formerly manager
of I* Burns' meat emporium of this
City, hut latterly of Lethbridge, was
m the city last week. Mr. Gillespie
is on bis way to Vancouver to embark in  the real estate business
Don'l forget our 20r. special mixed
candies Saturday only at The Palm.
J K. Procter, l> P.A . of Calgary,
for the (' P.R., was in town on Sunday, accompanying a party of Medicine Hat citizens en route to California. Mr Proeter returned to Calgary the same day.
Butternuts at Fink's pure Pood
Messrs Campbell and Manning are
making extensive improvements In
their store. This firm believes in
being up-to-date in everything they
undertake, and have been making decided improvements in all their buildings in the past few months.
We employ white labor only at the
Palace restaurant.
A meeting of tin* Cranbrook Agti
cultural association is railed lor
tomorrow (Friday) evening at 8.80
o'clock, in the Cranbrook hotel committee rooms. Important business
will he up fur consideration and a
large attendance is requested.
"Peers or People,'* subject Method
ist church Sunday night.
H llyndman, the local C. p. It
commercial telegraph agent, has
gone east to Montreal on a month's
vacation. This is the first holiday
Mr flyndmaii has taken in three
years During his absence his place
will be filled by Miss Seton. nf Nelson.
cream delivered every morning Tu
sterilized bottles. 'Phone IMC—W
■I. Atchison. 19-lf
Headquarters lor Jap manges at
Choice celery at Stewart's
The new powet house for the Cranbrook Electric Light company is just
about completed. The contractors
are now putting the iron rout mi tIn*
building and when finished it will he
an ornament to the city, The building is of solid brick and cement. The
machinery for, the new plant will he
.ill shipped from the east between
now and February 1st, and the company expect to have Ihe plant in
operation about the latter end nl
Twenty-five per cent dlscounl mi
all fancy china and lamps at the
Fink Mercantile Co.
Miss Craudall. principal of the high
school, gave a skating party lo the
young ladies of her class on Tuesday
evening. The program nf skating
was arranged similar in a ball program and all present enjoyed themselves to tbe fullest extent, the only
drawback being tbe inclement weather. After tbe skating an adjournment was made to The Palm, where
a good bean supper was partaken of.
Miss Crandall was mindful of the
fact that tbe sterner sex are sometimes needful and each lady was supplied with an attendant.
Fresh halibut and salmon arriving
three times a week nt P. Bums tv
Mi. .1. W, Edmonds will give his
popular picture travel talk on Patc-
gonia and the Pategnnians, illustrated with a fine set of original stereo-
ptlcon lantern views of that strange
country, Monday evening, January
lit, at K p.m. in the Baptist church.
Mr. Edmonds spent thirteen years
in South America, speaks from first
hand knowledge, and makes it interesting. Everybody is invited. Collection.
Read Wilson's ad.
Try the Palace restaurant for pork
pies, mutton pies and all kinds of
At the second regular meeting of
the Cranbrook Women's Institute,
held at the government ofllces, there
was a large attendance, over twenty
ladies being present. Mrs. GUI, tbe
president, gave a most Instructive
and comprehensive talk upon housekeeping accounts. Following this
came the reading of a good paper on
salads and a discussion ol points
raided. The gathering proved both
enjoyable and instructive and the
prospects of a successful year's work
could not he more satisfactory for
the Cranbrook Women's Institute.
We're your neighbor and must treat
you right, and we will.—Patmore
In order that there may he as large
an attendance as possible at the
agricultural meetings, which are to
he lieM in Victoria from January
.'list to February 5th, the C P. R.
have extended a single first-class rate
to Victoria and return, this rate is
good going January ,18th to February
Ith and good returning from February 1st tu 8th inclusive. Buy a
single fare ticket to Victoria and be
sure and get a standard (convention)
certificate from the station agent
when you pay your fare 'fake this
certificate to Victoria, where it will
be signed and exchanged for a return
ticket without extra charge.
"Peers or People," subject McUhkI-
Ist church Sunday night.
On Monday, before Joseph Ryan
and M A. Beale, sitting as justices
of the peace for the county, a young
fellow was eharged on the information of F It. Morris, provincial constable, with stealing a watch and
chain from a man named Carl lledin
at the Standard Lumber company's
premises outside the city. Laughren
pleaded guilty tn the charge. He
stated that he was horn in Chicago
about nineteen       jears        ago
and had been in Canada
for about six years. He had
never taken out his papers of naturalization. He was sentenced to
seven days imprisonment and ordcreu
to he deported back to the States.
It is understood that the necessary
papers for this purpose have been sent
to John Dunlop, inspector of immigration at Kingsgate.
Anyone looking for a good watch
at a cheap price should read Wilson,
the jeweler's, ad.
Canned fruits in gold lined tins—
strictly sanitary—perfect In color and
flavor at Fink's Pure Fond (Jmcery.
The Kootenay Telephone Lines,
Limited, now have their new directory fur Cranbrook, Fernle and Moyie
and all other points on their sustem
in the hands of the printers and expect, unless the printing staff meet
with sadden death, to be able to deliver same tn subscribers in a few
days. The company report a first-
class business to Alberta points over
their new line and tbe public seem to
appreciate tbe value ol instant communication with the outside world,
as they now have the advantage of
knowing that their messages have
been received by the party they were
intend) d for, also receiving their
answer instantly This Is v. here the
telephone     has a    decided advantage
over telegraphing     Horal  I n   the
long distance telephone
Go     to   Stewart's   f..i     Sunkist"
lemons and "Sunkist" naval oranges
Tbey are verv choice and Juicy
WANTED—Partner (el the I active
or silent) with about 1800 to raise
chickens ami ducks on i large scale;
success assured and proved the last
was*m. Pol     particulars addirss
Mlox 1ST, CranbrtMik, IM 41*11
The production of "The Bonnie
Briar Bush" at the Auditorium mi
Monday evening was very pleasing,
although the principal characters
were unt equal to tbe occasion. Mr.
Alex. Milne, as Lachlan Campbell.
gave a well studied version of this
strong character, but he failed tn
hold his audience in one or two
scenes, through lack of force Miss
Eva Walley's Flora Campbell was also very unequal. Wm. M, Meiklc,
as Dr. William McClure, gave, perhaps, the most finished performance
nf any, although W. G. Colviu's
"Posty" was excellent. Miss Marie
Jaquish scored as Margaret Howe,
and little Gertrude Lindsay made a
distinct hit as Jeannic. On the
whole the production of this popular
dramatization of Ian Maclaren's famous novel was most enjoyable, despite
a very late commencement and unduly
long delays between acts. The
management of the Auditorium
should institute a rule, to be strictly
adhered to, that all performances
shall commence at 8.30 sharp. It
was nearer 9 on Monday evening
when the curtain went up. Between
acts Frank Miles, business manager
of the company, entertained the audience with freak pianoforte selections.
is scrubless floors, wasbless dishes,
endless incomes, poundless steaks,
bakeless loaves, darnless socks,
smokeless stoves, spaukless children,
stainless doors, spotless frocks, and
surely ere they cease to fret, they'll
buy a "SASK-ALTA" Range you
bet. For sale only by Patmore
"Peers nr People," subject Methodist church Sunday night.
TO KENT—Warm stable for lour
horses, with large bay loft and oat
bin above; centrally located. - $12 per
month.   Address P. O. Box 22H. 19-tf
Lieut.-Col. Howell, ol tbe Salvation Army, delivered a very interesting and instructive address at the
local barracks last Tuesday evening
on the immigration work of the
Army. He dealt with the subject on
broad lines, pointing nut that in the
past five years the Salvation Army
had been responsible for the migration nf upwards of 50,000 people from
Great Britain to Canada, and nf this
vast number the percentage of failures was practically insignificant, in
fact could be counted on the fingers
of his two hands. He explained lucidly the pains taken by the Army
nfticials to sec that none but capable
people were sent out to Canada. He
spoke hopefully of British Columbia
as a field for the better class of
Army emigrants, the younger and
more vigorous element of those desirous of making a fresh start in life
in a new country. Lieut-Colonel
Howell went to Nelson on Wednesday.
Housekeepers do appreciate fresh
appetizing foodstuffs. Tbe Fink
Mercantile Co. are being continually
cuniplimentcd on the sanitary conditions and inviting appearance of their
Pure Food Grocery Department.
FOR SALE—A four roomed house
and lot; easy terms. Apply IL
Grayson, Cranbrook, B.C. 19-21*
K. Bergland, with the Wright Investment company, of Nelson, B C,
representing Vancouver and Westminster reality, is registered at the
Royal hotel. Mr. Bergland will be
here (or a few days, and anyone interested or wishing to see blue print
of the best selling reality in that
locality may find him at the Royal.
Burnaby lots that he is selling lie
between the eities and between the
B. C. electric tram lines, right where
the surge and roar of traffic and the
clamor of hundreds of factories and
manufacturing plants will resound.
They must go there as this is the
>nly natural grade tor the railway.
He is selling lots at only Moo and
J2"ni, $20 down and $10 per month.
Nn interest and an extension ofv time
if you get sick or out of work.
Every lol guaranteed to be where
shown on map. Good soil, no low
or broken ground. With roads and
close to two ear lines. The main
thing is to buy now. This is going
to be the greatest year in the history of either cities and prices are
bound to advance rapidly.        4It-It*
We want you to call and sec our
meats, \ trial will prove to you
that we handle only the best—P.
Woods d Co.
TO RENT—A large, warm bas<-
ment storeroom. Apply at the Herald office. 49-tf
Rev. R. Hughes visited the Kim-
berley circuit this week, visiting
Kimberley on Monday, and holding a
lantern service there in the Method*
ist church. Considerable activity is
noticeable in this neighborhood, some
good logs are being cut out by Taylor Bros , and the outlook for the
mines seems very much brighter A
large turnout at Marysville was m*-
curctl for the lantern entertainment
on Tuesday, the school house being
filled. The Crows Nest ramp are
employing about seventy men near
this place, and the spirit of optimism
prevails Mr      Webb has been ap
pointed to the Marvsville school from
Cbilliwack, and is filling the position
well. Mr. E J Clayton returned
home yesterday The children oi
Mr, and Mrs   Sawyer are in tbe hos
pitai suffering fmm pneumonia; it is
hoped that  they will both be able lo
return home soon <m Wedneedaj
night the school house at WyclinY
wan well filled lor tlie entertain
iiirtit, and   thr band painted mrlurr*
Previous to stocktaking we an* clearing out our
Entire  Utock of Ladies' Suits
Ladies Suits
Sold in the usual way at J2.J.OI to $29.00 eack
Special Price $i9.5oeach
All of these Suits are guaranteed strictly
Tailor Made, and are good value al the regular
prices, but at $19.50 they are undoubtedly the
greatest snap we have ever offered the Ladies
of Cranbrook.
Burns Bros.
The Store of Fashion
of the Life of Christ were much ap-|rccltationists, thr audience Impcra-
preciated, Rev, (i I! Hamilton, lively recalled her The compliment
who is iloing gnnd work upon this Wi*s entirely well deserved Mis
circuit, accompanied Mr. Hughes 6n Macdonald responded with a short
tbe trip, and very considerably as- 'piece in a lighter vein. ' Mr, Brym-
sisted in making the itinerary a sue-' "cr was fine in his singing of At-
eess.       There seems to be a lot <•(  morer's song from Kobin Hood. The
work nt IVyclllte, ami here as tu the]
"titer parts of the district the out-j
look is very promising.
That the people «»( Cranbrook know
good values is Illustrated by the immense output of china tlie Kink Mercantile Co. have eujojod since their
discount sale was announced.
s.mg appealed to him and. a.- usual,
he pave the music with the createst
eipression He was recalled, and if
the people had their way tbey would
have kept him on the stage for an
c c
At the last regular meeting of
Rocky Mountain Chapter, It A.M..,
officers for the ensuing year were installed as follows:
-nd        Pnncip;
S  E.—Comp. B H. Short.
S. S.—Comp. F. B. Miles
p. s— Comp. R. Burns.
S. S.—Comp. E- W. Connolly.
I- S.—Comp. D. Burton.
Treas — Ex-Comp.    .1.     F.
Organist—Comp. C. Abbott.
Janitor—Comp. W.  A. Freeze
Principal—Ex-Comp.     M
A.   Mc-
A rm-
ts prepared to supply help, skilled or
unskilled, on shortest possible notice, to find employment and guarantee positions when sent out; to
rent houses and rooms and to sell
you fruit lands or other property for
a small commission.
Address:—W. Parker, 312 Baker St.
NELSON, B.C.        48-lSt
The concert given by Mr. H
Salmon and his  pupils on Wednesday I
evening was a   success in every way  i
What   was offered   by Mr. Salmon's ;
pupils   was all   good, and    all well .
worth listening to.     And there were
not too many    selections—only some i
half dozen all    told—and most intelligently   and    enjoyably rendered by
the   young    people.      The   opening
item,   the   Overture   from   HeroW'a
/.ampa,     went     with     an   immense
amount of dash and life-    Miss Hick- !
enbotham   was   entirely at her ease
in her reading of Chopin's Polanaise. j
Op. -10, overcoming the technical dif- j
Acuities ftuentlv.       The piano quar-J '
Lite -Over Hill and Dale,' Intro- THE WORKWOMEN'S EMPLOYMENT
duced four of the youngest of the
performers. Miss B. Eraser and Miss i
Lottie Leask, and two little lads. J. I
Haalam and W. Dallas. They were!
superior to all considerations of such ,
things as nerves and did splendidly. I
Lottie Leask. who was at the fust j
piano in this selection, cannot be
more than seven years old—another
case of hereditary musical ability
Haydn's "Toy Symphony" was a
great item. It was well done in all
parts. To be sure, there were some
of the grown-ups, Mr. Corrison with
the violin and Mr. R. B. Benedict
with the flute—(pity we did not hear
more of that beautiful instrument ac.
say, in an obligato for a song by
Mrs. Paterson or Mrs. Colpman] but
it is the young people who deserve
the praise. Miss O Watts gave a
very elegant interpretation of the
piano score. The piece was re-demanded and the third movement given in response. Miss M. Short is a
clever and promising young pianist
who reflects very great credit on the
teaching of Mr. Salmon. Miss
Short has the musical ability to read
every phase of meaning into Heller's
Tarantelle. It was a capital item
and well received. Mr. Salmon's
Fantasie by Mozart was a fine example of broad and expressive conceptions of the theme. In response
to an imperative encore he responded
with the Hungarian Scherzdaz. Appropriately enough the concert ended
with Mendelssohn's       "Wedding
March." for two pianos with little
Miss W. Fink at the first instrument. The number was well played
Mrs. E. J. Patersnn's lovely voice
was never heard to finer advantage
than in Blumenthal's "Sunshine ami
Rain." If possible, she was even
better in her encore song. The trio
by Mrs. Colpman, Mrs. R. B, Benedict and Miss Caldwell. "The
Chimes" was a beautiful number.
beautifully sung and phrased to perfection The audience very properly
encored this gem of part singing. Mr
It. T. Brymoei accompanied this item
like the genuine music lorrf that be
is^ "The Soul ol the VloHn" is the
touching story ol the love of a creat
musical irtist who In the day of bis
failen fortune*, starving anil desperate, is tempted to sell his rloHn—a
Stredarariua—(ot mere money     The
story srorkl up to the tragedy of the
death nf the artist and the wrecking
nl the violin, his old companion tor
ynara   and years In Mrs   A.  It
Macdonald the story found both an
artllUO and a tragic Interpreter She
fairly electrified lnr audience What
is a mMt tint .milium compliment  for
In the Prospector which
is issued on 5aturday,
the 22nd, will appear our
usual advertisement and
hidden In the advertisement will be the name
of a young lady living in
thecity. If she will call
on Monday 24th* we will
be very glad to hand her
a souvenir valued at $1.50
Hardware   •   Cranbrak, B.C.
The   highest   cash   prices  paid
Capper   llrnss   and
By   J.    P.
BOX   '
VOl N(l '
Nature has laid a foundation for a city at the junction of the Nechaco and Fraser Rivers, in the
centre and heart of an Agricultural Territory as great as Winnipeg has; besides being the natural distributing point for all Mineral, Coal, and Timber Industries in that vast region, laying between the
Alberta Boundry and the coast, a distance of seven hundred miles and for a distance of two hundred
miles south of Fort George to a distance of four hundred miles north through all the head waters of
the Peace River country, and by the aid of energetic men and railroads there will be built on nature's
foundation a city that will be second in enterprise and commerce in the Province of British Columbia at
Corner   Lots       -       -       -       -       $200.00
Inside   Lots        ■ ■       ■       $150.00
$10.00 down and $10.00 a month;   no interest;   no taxes.
The celebration on Wednesday, December 20th, of (lie. centenary nl Mr.
Gladstone's birth was not confined to
the English-speaking race. Two
circumstances, above all others, made
it imuitii—the cordiality with which
the anniversary was acclaimed, and
ttie European, un less than the Imperial, character it assumed.
"There is no need to say what he
did for Bulgaria, Scrvla ami Monte
negro," said Lord Lorcburn in hi
tribute to the great leader at th
commemorative banquet of Young
Liberals. These states, with Italy,
Urecce and Finland, saw to It that
no opportunity was missed to give
adequate expression to their own
sense of national indebtedness.
In London tlie main celebration
centred in the Gladstone stati
Westminster Abbey and Mr. Thorny-
croft's bronze efllgy and group in tbe
Strand. ltesides the banquet of the
National League of Young Liberals, a
Gladstone exhibition was opened al
Moreover, in London tbe International character of the anniversary
was emphasized by the special visit
ol a deputation ol Bulgarians, headed
by Dr. Danefl, formerly prune minister of Bulgaria, who brought in tribute a large silver wreath, beautiful
in workmanship, mined and made in
tlie territory nt King Ferdinand, anil
worth intrinsically £250.
Mr. Dryce, the British ambassador
in Washington, delivered a striking
address to his old chief in New York,
and President Tail, writing to convey his regrets that he could nol be
present, wrote, "Gladstone is one ol
my hemes."
The centenary of the birth nf William Ewart Gladstone, who. alter a
long life ol brilliant achievements,
chiefly In tho domain ol politics, died
early ou the morning of Ascension
Day. May 19, 1808, at the age ol
eighty-nine years, was honored all
over the empire and throughout
Marked oul Irom his boyhood to]
great distinction in public life, Mr
Gladstone far surpassed the expectations of his early admirers, alike In
the brilliance, length, and varied nature of his career When Bishop
Wordsworth, after hearing a speech
bj young Gladstone nt the Oxford
Pnlon, remarked that the then
i In I church under graduate would
dav rise to lie prime minister
ol i ngland," he little* thought thai
tb- bjeel ot bis prophecy would lie
nol i ice, hut four times, prime mln
Intel thai he would sil in the house1
of Commons' tot Sixty Mats, and thai
for at least half uf that period     he of  bis life, and    Gladstone followed|   .James Finlay has purchased a con-'the   public   in   live performance
the    leading figure in that j fast and far on the high road he then1 trolling interest
learned to tread. Lumber company.
It was in 1804 that Mr. Gladstone     J.   Mclnnes,    ol    Calgary, a well
attended a meeting of bis cabinet tor known former resident ot Cranbrook,
Lord Moriey, in bis j was in town yesterday.
Nt Is    Hanson,   ot   Wasa, returned
this week    from a visit to Spokane.
B0*|'He is now   the owner of a fine new
motor car.
Wesley   Austin,    ot the    Crothers
Pur more than half a century Mr.
Gladstone was a member of the:
privy council, one of the small chosen'
band nf rulers of the British empire.
1( his father's veto had not thwarted
his intention of entering the church,
Mr. Gladstone might have become a
great ccclesiust and theologian, and,
if circumstances hud ruled otherwise,
l;e might have followed in his lather's
footsteps and been one of the merchant princes of Liverpool.
lie has been culled "the Admirable
C rich ton Redivivus" of the nineteenth
century, and his keen interest in the
life of bis time extended even to
those social obligations fur which he
had little time to spare and, it
might he supposed, less inclination.
Yet he was n charming and fascinating figure in those circles that were
not debarred to him by political considerations.
Lovers of freedom and of the liberties ol the people celebrated the centenary all over the world. To politics (Hailstone brought two qualities, which the reactionary has never
been able to understand—faith and
Imagination. Ho trusted the people,
nnd he thrust from him us an evil
thought the suggestion that "politics is a game." Next to his religion, politics was the must serious
business of life, to him, and it was
in this faith that he amused Europe
lo a sense of responsibility for the
horrors of Neapolitan prisons and the
atrocities of tho Turks in Bulgaria.
Italy, free now and indivisible, rose
from its grave ut his call, and a
fn-e Bulgaria is a living monument
to the power of his word.
It would be idle tio present a catalogue of the many lugh offices which \
Mr. Gladstone held and adorned during his long life as a member ol par-1
I lament. 1-t is more interesting to
recall that the crisis which began in
hot, and still exusts for settlement
at the forthcoming election, takes
memory back to a crucial period in
Mr  Gladstone's career.
Sir Robert Peel's budget ot 1842
was n long step towards free trade,
and the duke of Buckingham resigned
the office of privy seal on that ac-
Count. Then, as now, the dukes
were agninsl the people. The next
greal advance towards free trade was
made in 1815, when, in March of
that year, at the close of a memorable speed by Richard Cobbcn, Pud,
asked to answer it, tore up his notes,
and said, "Those may nnsvver it who
can " i
tbe Rock Creek | her duties, and wished her happiness |
and prosperity in the future.
Like his greal leader, Peel, Mr.
Gladstone, ns be advanced in years,
reversed tho process which Inclines
in n to become more Conservative In
politics ns they become older.    Peel
the last time.
great biography, tells us that he sat
composed    and still   as marble; the
emotion of    his colleagues did
pain him for an instant.
The end was now drawing rapidly
near. On July 7, 1805, he wrote to
Kir .lohn Cowan, chairman of the
Midlothian association, announcing
his definite retirement from public
life, and on the following day with
drew to Ha warden. ,
Even in bis retirement he was not |montn
undisturbed, and tbe continuance ot
the Armenian massacres drew him
from his retreat to make a memorable protest against the conduct ot
the now happily deposed Abdul
11 amid, At the end of August, 1806,
a general butchery of the Armenians
of Constantinople, by order of the
Sultan, forced Mr. Gladstone once
more into tlie political arena, and on
September 24 he addressed, -with all
bis old power and eloquence, a mass
meeting ot 0,000 people in Hengler's
Circus, at Liverpool.
His last public speech was delivered
nt (Juccnsferry on June it 1807, and
in the following November he went
to Cannes "for the benefit of the
southern sun." Returning to Eng-!
land in the following March, hei
learned that his disease was fatal,)
and he traveled to his home at.
Hawarden a dying man. j
The few weeks ol life now left to
him were spent chiefly in religious ,
exercises, and the end came to htm]
in perfect peace. On the day of his .
death the house of commons adjourned as a mark of respect to his memory, and on May 20 an address was
carried in both houses for a public
funeral and a national memorial in
Westminster Abbey. On May 25 his
body was brought from Hawarden to
Lumber company, is in tlie hospital.
Mr. Austin recently cut bis leg severely.
TO    RENT—Large basement warehouse;   very warm  and dry; $10 per
Apply   at the Herald     office. 40-tt
Mrs. R. .1. Binning left lor Toronto on Tuesday in response to a telegram notifying her of the serious illness of her invjlier. Mrs. Binning
only recently sustained the loss of
her father.
Burns' anniversary will be celebrated by a grand concert, supper
and dance in the Auditorium on
Tuesday evening next, January 25th,
A good program will be provided ami
there should be a large attendance
W. T. Bidder, of Marysville, left
for Bristol, England, on Wednesday.
In the county court on Monday
Judge Wilson heard the case ot Garrett vs. Grace, and reserved judgment.
Cranbrook Farmers' Institute, met
last evening and adjourned without
electing officers tor tire ensuing year,
Which will be done at an adjourned
meeting to be held next Wednesday
evening. Mr. Wm- Hamilton was
appointed a delegate to tbe Central
Farmers' Institute, which convenes
in Victoria on February 2nd.
It having become known that Miss
.    -, ,     **,, . ."     ,    "4 "    Lilian Tanuhauser was about to sever
London, where It lay in state for two J^1^    wlth lhe t.ranbr8nk
On'Saturday,   May 28, IIH. Olad-1??1 «** »'ttr.»,"!_ye".! !*£
ttone was buried In Westminster Ab
bey in the    "Statesmen's     Corner,"
amid the manifest sorrow alike of his
political friends and opponents.
.1. (L MeCallum has gone down to
Victoria and will return next week.
Jus. Joyce, ot Mayook, was in
town on Tuesday.
P. A. Paulson, ot Kitchener, was
a visitor to town this week.
Miss L. M. Tannhauser left (or her
home at Fort Steele yesterday evening.
a Liberal fill tbe last tour years dergoing a serious operation
Mrs.   Hnslam   returned from Spok	
ane Saturday, where she has been un- shown In dealing with the wants   ot
ful service In the same, it was decided to raise a purse for her among
the merchants and her other friends
in Cranbrook. Nearly everyone asked contributed willingly and expressed their unqualified satisfaction
at the manner in which she bad per
formed her duties in the past.
A sum of ISfiti.ftO cash nnd a purse
valued at 18.00 was the result of
the canvas. Mayor Fink made the
presentation, accompanied by the
lull list of subscribers, and in doing
so expressed the regret that everyone
felt at Miss Tannhauser's resignation. He conveyed to her the good
will of the public towards Iter and
the appreciation by all, of the attention and    civility she had always
surprised and pleaatd at tb* recalpt
Cranbrook, B.C., Jan. 11, 1010.
Mayor Fink, Cranbrook—
1 wish to convey my thanks to the
subscribers of the handsome purse
presented to me on the occasion of
I my leaving the service of the Cran
1 brook post office, and to thank them
from tbe bottom ot my heart for the
' same, and the most kidly words said
about tbe performance of my duties.
I need hardly say that 1 was greatly
surprised and pleased at the rcceiflt
uf sucb a handsome testimonial. I
have always tried to be civil and attentive to everyone, ami to perform
my duties, I hope, satisfactorily, and
1 am pleased beyund measure that
my efforts have been appreciated.
Thanking you and my friends for
their generous contribution, kind
words spoken, and good wishes for
the future.
I remain, thankfully yours,
Lillian Tannhauser.
During the week commencing 31st
January, Victoria will be in evidence
in all matters pertaining to agriculture. On Monday, the 31st January, a meeting ot tbe secretaries uf
the agricultural lairs and associations
of the province will take place. Tbe
main aims and objects ut the convention are to arrange about the
securing ot judges for future exhibitions so as to compile a circuit
that will enable (airs to be held on
dates not conflicting with others
situated in tbe same district. Other
matters pertaining to the more effective carrying out of the annual exhibitions throughout the province,
will be considered, and no doubt, as
a result of such a conference, much
good will accrue to the advancement
of agricultural fairs and exhibitions
in British Columbia.
On Tuesday, the 1st February, and
the following day, a meeting ot the
Central Farmers' Institute will he j
held, when all proposals, resolutions j
ami matters for immediate consideration will be plaoed on the agenda and
finally dealt with during the convention. This institute is representative of all the farmers' institutes
throughout the province, and all
matters pertaining to agriculture ami
the betterment of the present condition of the farmer are laid lietore the
conference for consideration nnd decision. It Is anticipated that many
of the institutes are furnishing their
representative delegates with proposals to submit to the convention
and which, if carried out, cannot but
have the best remits for practical
Thirteenth Annual Winter Carnival
ROSSUND, FEBkUARY 8th to 12th, 1910
t'mb-r ihe Auspice* of Itondnnd Carnival Commit tee.   Percy Hunt, President
Spl lid sport.   HandHOtne trophh* and priitv,
A gran tl urogram from Tuwdnjr night until Pattmlnv nigh*.
IIOi'KBT— Ohamplouiblp ot B. t'. nnd International Ohampiuiibblp.
ski   JUMPlNG-OhamploiiBbip nf Canada.
MKATINM—Ol>itmntnn»H   ul tlm Cn.vii.n-.
UaiQiiernde nnd iIukc flood mu»lc
I'ur information apply to 11. C, MrOrancy, Pwtvtnr,v
I have taken over the business
of S. J. Mighton
and solicit your continued patronage. My stock is
complete und prices ritjht. The business will bo
run on the suiue plmi us used by Mr. Mighton.
Manitoba Hotel
Headquarters for
The Manitoba is centrally located ami Iuin one ol the beat illnltigroom*
in the city.   The bar io eupp|uxl with the tiesiof Liquors and Cigars
Dairymen's association will be held,
and on the following day, the ll ('
Stock Breeders' association will lie In
On Thursday,    the   3rd February,
tht   annual   convention of the B   P.
A K°od program has I.ecu prepared
for both of those meetings, and many
interesting ami valuable lectures will
be delivered by well known authorities uu all matters pertaining to ng-
rlculture, Nothing succeeds like
success, and il is evident that the
knowledge disseminated throughout
the proceedings ol these gatherings
cannot but have the best possible results in the further advancement ol
the agricultural industry throughout
British   Columbia 0   P. Hallway
company are issuing special excursion tickets nt single rate, and tbe
opportunity offered the people front
near and tar to combine pleasure
with business in coming to Victoria
during tht convention, Is on* not of
ten offered tbe public. It is to be
hoped that, many will avail themselves nf the chanoo to hear some
first-class practical addresses and
will also seize tbe opportunity to
take part in the discussions which
I Full information and particulars ol
the conventions can be obtained Irom
It, U. Hudson, secretary-treasurer,
department ol agriculture, Victoria,
H. 0.
j Notice of Removal
I Mr. DoVero Hunt tins moved lila
office to huilriiiic, next to Post Office,
formerly occupied by I lie East Kootenay Investment Co. Mr. Hunt
will lie very glad to see any ol his
trlcnds who require III., accident or
Are Insurance TUK   OBANBItOOK   11 KHALI)
VotM VfiKhf!
&tcfdtlu,*qo let
^v • tfidO*' AttktM
cut <^\%UMtkd
\sOrf jjtfM/rYnffiVttlia.At
~*tMrbOM, Lfv OtU# PftK
Ladles' and Cbttdreii's to he had nt.
Gontloinon'sciin boobtiilnoil at
Pink /Mercantile Co.'s Store
Ask for Halcyon LITUIA WATER
For family use there jh nothing
so wholesome nml so pure a.
V /
Contractor and Builder
Does Not
Get Dull
A NEW ONE II It docs
Geo. R. Leask & Co
Our work in our advertisement, 1ml we
put thin ail in the Herald to
emphasize it.
Near Lower Armstrong Avenue
Presjijent: T. s. (in.i, •
Secretary: Gsosos Asiiwortii     J
| For Information regarding lands J
, ami agriculture apply to the X
. Secretary, Oranbrook. Ii. 0. #
Within GO days I .shall apply to (he
Assistant Commissioner of Lands
ami Works for a Hoenso to prospect
for coal and petroleum over the following land, situate in Block 1508,
South East Kootenay, British Columbia:
Beginning at a post planted at tho
S. E. corner of Lot 8724 and marked
L. Morrison's N. K. corner, thenco
80 chains south, thence 80 chains
west, thence SO chains north, thence
. . 80 chains east, to point of commencement and eontalntng t;l0 acres.
Located   8th day     of    December,
If you urn  intending  to do tiny
lniiltliiig, you cuii iiiuke money
hy coiiHiiltiliK with nut.
Waldo, B. C.
PAUL HT. JOHN, Proprietor
Simlli-t'iiwt Kiaitenay's Great
Hiuninur KeBurt
Jimt tlie place to H|ieml s lew
(lays' vacation
liar Ntockeil with tlie lient
Dining aervice tirst-dash
Comfortable Rooms
PHONE so. P.O. Hoi807
The Finest Drivers
Up-to-date Rig.
Good Saddle Horses '
Old Curiosity \
JOSEPH H. MclEAN, Proprietor
Doalei in
All Classes nf  Second-
hand lioiids
Furniture "I All Klml«, Ih.iIi
New ami Seconil'liflnil
Sage's Old Stand. Man-
son Avenue
The tending PrultSton
Choice llothouao Lettuce
MuliiLtu Qrapea        JapOrangei
t'.iliforniu Nuvel Orangoe
ItitnniuiH   Dates    l*'ik»x
Btewart'e Fine Cliocolatea
IMiotui 7» ArniHtroiiK Ave.
:  wm.   kerr  ::
Proprietor    ■   CRANBROOK, B.C.
The Expert Crown and
Bridge Worker
Offices over Mr. Short's Wall
I'aper Store
Armstrong; Ave., Cranbrook i,
WHATS THK DBS ol this pesalmla
When ,it1 order directed too.
Will mcurejna jour help ia » lmrrv
And sate all this nndleea tan.    '
If. pi 09, Cranbrook,
You ,-itn phone. Write, wire, or mil
hi leleetlon ol  liil'or, ..>,  nlwaja
And guarantee satialsetloa
in ALL.
Cranbrook Employment
J, Armour, Proprietor
W.   H    llfaitv.   t'.irnrml   Dit-Klor
Cnnbrook H.C. FbOM No. 89
Nelson's Leading Hold
ItoimiR with BtVtllR.    'IMiono in
every room
Barber Shop on Lite premlscB,
Thoroughly itp*UHlate,
Rales. $2.00 a day and up.
GEO. P. WKl.l.s, Proprietor
It. TOMKIN, Manager
liiuj moved Iih LAUNDRY
mtitlotho Rnrntogn Iti'ntiitir-
nut, Vim Home Blrwt. where
iniii'iniri liny li'iivi* ilii'ir Iiiiiii-
ilrv. nml wliem nil ttiielnesui will
bt dun*,   lteit Laundry In H.C.
Mutt* and Van Horn* Streela
Life mid Fire liiBtiruiue - lte:il Estate
Office—Next dooi to
Poet Office
Come in and let me quote yon rates
L^n<o and commodious Ware-
bouse, with large cellar, also
stable for four burses.
Conviiieiitly situated.
Beale & Elwell
Cranbrook, B. C.
I.. Morrison,  Locator.
Within CO days I shall apply to the
Assistant Commissioner ol Lands
itiiii Works lor a license to prospect
for coal and petroleum over the following land, situate in lllock 4593,
.South East Kootenay, Hritish Columbia:
Beginning at a post planted at tlie
S, W. corner ol the E. L. Finley coal
and petroleum claim, and marked
Louise Taylor's S. E, corner, thence
Kil chains north, tlicncc 80 chains
west, thenee 80 chains south, thence
80 chains east to point ot commencement and containing 640 acres.
Located   lltli   dav   ol   December,
47-Bt* Louise Taylor, Locator.
Within CO days I shall apply to the
Assistant Commissioner ol Lands
and Works lor a license to prospect
lor coal and petroleum over the following land, situate in lllock 4503,
South East Kootenay, Hritish Columbia:
Beginning at a post planted at tlie
S. W. corner ol the E. I,. Finley
coal and petroleum claim and marked
.lean Taylor's N. E. corner, thence
80 chains south, thence 80 chains
west, thence 80 chains north, thence
80 chains cast to point ol commencement and containing 610 acres.
Located   11th   day   ol   December,
47-Ot* Jean Taylor, Locator.
Within 60 days I shall apply to the
Assistant Commissioner ol Lands
and Works lor a license to prospect
lor coal and petroleum over the following land, situate in lllock 4503,
South East Kootenay, British Columbia:
Beginning at a post planted at tlie
S. W. corner ol the E. L. Finley
coal and petroleum claim and marked
Wm. Taylor's X. Vi. corner, thence
80 chains south, tlicncc so chains
east, thence 80 chains north, thence
80 chains west to point ol commencement and containing 040 acres.
Located    1Mb    dav  ol    December.
I'-oV Win. Taylor, Locator.
Notice is hereby given that thirty
(-10) days alter date I intend to apply to the Chiel Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a License to
prospect for coal and petroleum over
ihe following lands, situated in
Block 4593, South Easl Kootenay.
British Columbia:
Commencing nt a post planted at
the N. W. corner of Lot 87:ii,
Croup l, being the S W. corner ol
II. Gorman's claim, thence SO
chains north, thence sn chains cast,
thence SO chains south, thence 80
chains west to point ol beginning,
containing BIO acres, more or less.
Located this 7th dav of December,
I'-Ct* H. Corman, Locator.
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days after date George P. Hale, ol
Vancouver, Accountant, will apply to
the Chief Commissioner ol Lands and
Works, Victoria, lor permission to
purchase an island in the Kootenay
llivcr, containing eighty (SO) acres,
more or less.:
Commencing at a post planted at
head of island, about 20 chains
south-easterly Irom the north-east
corner ot Lot 7661, thence southerly
•10 chains,     more   or less, following
west    shore ol   said     island, tl ce
northerly 40 chains, more or less,
lollowing east shore ol said island lo
point ol commencement.
Geo. P. Hale, Locator,
per .lames White, Agent.
Dated 5th December, 1009.      47-Ot
that 80 daya alter dale I Intend to
apply to the Honorable Chiel Commissioner ol Lands lor ;i license to
prospect for coal and petroleum on
tho following described lands:
Starting at a post planted at or
near the south-eusl corner ol Ermn
Walling application in Lol 1503,
Flathead District, II. I'., ihence 80
chains south, Ihence 80 chains west,
thenco su chains north, thence sit
chains east to place of commencement.
Dated this Ith day ol September,
Georgia 51. Walling, Locator,
c   E. Kunsch, Agent.
Witness: A. (i. Stall. 47-0t
that 30 days alter dale I intend to
apply to the Honorable Chiel Commissioner of Lanils for a license to
prospect lor coal and petroleum on
the following described lands:
Starting al a post planted at or
near the south-east comer of Georgia M, Walling application in Lot
1503, Flathead District, 11. C,
thence fill chains south, Ihence .SO
chains west, thenee SO chains north,
tlicncc 80 chains east to place ol
Dated this Ith dav ol September,
Ellen M. Walling, Locator,
C. E. Kunsch, Agent.
Witness: A. (1. Stall. 17-lit
that 30 dais after date I intend to
apply to the Honorable Chief Commissioner of Lends for a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum on
the following described lands:
Starting at a post planted 80
chains, more or less, cast of northeast corner of Geo. W. Lainson up-
plicatiou in Lot 4603, Flathead District, 11. C„ thence SO chains south,
thence 80 chains west, thence 80
chains north, Ihence SO chains cast
to place of commencement.
Dated this nth day of September,
Gilbert T. Hamill, Locator,
C. E. Kunsch, Agent.
Witness: A. (i. Stall. 47-Ot
that .'ill days after date I intend to
apply to the Honorable Chief Commissioner of Lands for a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum on
the following described lands:
Starting at a post plunted at or
near the south-east corner ol Gilbert
T. Ilamill application in Lot -1593,
Flathead District, II. C, thenco 80
chains south, thence 80 chains west,
tlicncc 80 chains north, thence 80
chains cast to place ol commencement.
Dated this 0th day ol September,
Thos. E. Buckner, Locator,
C. E. Kunsch, Agent.
Witness: A. O. Stall. 47-Ot
that 30 days after date I intend to
apply to the Honorable Chiel Commissioner of Lands for a license to
prospect for coal anil petroleum on
the following described lands:
Starting at a post planted at or
near the south-east corner ol Thos.
E. Buckner application in Lot
1593, Flathead District, II. C,
thenee 80 chains south, thence SO
chains west, thence 80 chains north,
thence 80 chains east to place ol
Dated this 6th day ol September,
Pauline II. Partridge, Locator
C. E. Kunsch, Agent.
Witness: A. G. Stall. '    47-6t
Provenzano & Sacco
General Merchants
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK    •     B. C.
p.o. mum       promt..
II. Ilollrn Iclt lor Calgary end Victoria ua Weeandsy.
TAKE NOTICE that Francis
I artwright Lawe, ot the City ol
Fernic, In the Province ol British
Columbia, Solicitor, Intends to apply ,
lor permission to purchase tie lollowing described land.:
Commencing    at   a point    on the
norlh boundary   ol the   A. .1. Far-
Suhartos   purchase    about    twenty- ,
three (23) chain,   west  ol the   Elk I
River  and about twenty (20) chains
north  ol   District   Lot 6030, Utence
i north   twentr-nine (20) chains, more
or less,  to the    west bank ol     the
Elk Rlvor, thenee down stream thirty-two (32) chains, mors or less, to
. a    point  twenty   (201   chains north
. Irom  the  north boundary   nt     said
; IM 60.10,   Group On. (I). Kootenay
District, thenee   west    twcntr-Hirce '
I til) chains, more or less, lo point al
i ommencemeat. i
listed this  26th day of  November, '
1HI. 41-lt
| rreatU O. Lews.
that 311 days alter date I intend to
apply to the Honorable Chiel Commissioner ol Lanils lor a license to
prospect tor coal and petroleum on
tlie following described lands:
Starting at a post planted nt or
near south-east corner of Pauline li.
Partridge application in Lot 4508,
Flathead District, 11. ('., thence 80
chains south, thence 80 chains west,
thence 80 chains north, thence 80
chains east to place ol commencement.
Dated this 6th day of September,
Fred II. Davis, Locator,
C, E. Kunsch, Agent.
Witness: A. G. Stall. 47-6t
that 30 days nftir dale I intend to
apply to the Honorablo Chief Commissioner ol Lands for a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum on
the following described lands:
Starting nt a poal planted at or
near tlie south-east corner ol Fred
II. Davis Application in Lot 4508,
Flathead District. II C. thence 80
chains south, thence SO chains west,
tlicncc sn chains
chums east to
Dated this 0th
Frankie G
C. E. Knnscb,
Witness: A. G. Stall
i,   Ihetic
ol coliinietici'-
'■I September,
Walling,  Locator,
How Gold Dredges Get Ihe Gold
Tlie ileep hilli and m-- I mouoUini nf lite KI rarfikc .--on rvc
tlie to numberless unall il/cami, win li 1>~- «<iij Ir >..i li^ic Id lima
Willi l!ie iiicltint; of the mow; llie cloU'Luislj anJ hcivy taini tu
which llic C'iu:.!iy ii mbjcu- racing lorrcnli.
The grinding ol the glocieu and the eiotion ol these laibulent
tircinis biirvr down roclu, und and gravel from lite mountain i!c;>ihi
niiJ (aitneuej wiicic man hai ntr/a vet penetrate I.
In a legion wiiciT Icd^e) ol Co]iJ-btaii:t;{ QuaiLt cie a prominent
Icntureinllia (mninlion. il imntunl tint these Ucejoi Ndture diouij
leai awr.y quanlitiu of exceedingly rich malarial,
Tliii piocc:? has been &oin "-" . r ..„.j. The LiJJcn itoro of
Cold away in i'ic hillaaie ineshaib! ils
The fmh ol the toriMU li to i-v-uoi;) thai even bouldcn of
corniJtidble iize ate borne- in (heir Lnuiw:, end only when Natuie
hai »j>rnl hc-fK'il do ihey find a resting pi ice.
Ihe bioad creebi Die wider icachc-, ol the river—quiet l!ic
itream, and ihe Gold, in ihe fdrm ol nuggelt, [-rami and (lakes,
i pidly tellies. Gold i. very heavy- hcivicr than the rock itself, and
Wee il finds n leitimj pbte, nils down through the light iurlj.ee mud
and land until, by forced Gravity, il reacha bd rock
Where ihe courses oIiKeami have been changed, the richal Placei
Mines are found in l!:^:r old beds. But in l!;e lii-jcr, consUn! itrejir.!.
these rich deposits arc beyond ihe rach of merely hunnn a-encies.
ll remain! for die Gold Dredge lollowing t!ic heavy nu;?eu
find panicles of Gold down through l!;e overlying ttnla in ihe "bars
end benches of the river, to recover these stoics of Guld from t!i~
lieaiure-house ol Mature.
The lonR arms of the Dredge, wilh their c.rJIesj chains of bucket
icoops, iear:h down, dwn -ihrouih lixty feet of waler, t.ind and
Cnvcl, il need he- un^ the Gold Pediment, and finally bed rock toelf,
oflen overlaid with an ocl-.nl coverlet of pure Gold—the hoarded
accumulation of centuries-—ii reached.
I he Gold Dredge brings up ibis materia! in wholesale quaniiiiei
—treat* it wilh scientific accuracy to save the lines! particle* of
vituc-ieparales the Jro»—and for the lint time lays bare to ihe hand
o. man this Virgin Gold.
While personally pteienl on our propctly at Stewart River,
lukon lernlory, Klondike, September lit, I mw with my own
eyes a.denn-up from our fint and smaller dredge, nelting $517.50,
and ihis was preceded only a few (lavs by another clean-up Irom
t.ie same dredge amounting to $1241.86 in Gold.   I MW this Gold,
taltered Irom  ihe gnKUiving tables ol out  Dredge, moulded Int.)
ullion -a solid bar of Cold.
wilh such results in tight, we are bending ev»"ry cffori lo get twenty
of these mammolli Dredgei m work on our property. This summer,
our second dredge went on-larjei and ilronget than tlie first-and is
already at work.
| \Vc conlrnl by direct lcs<e f-om the Canadian GovernT-nt, One
:   Hundred and Five (103) miles of Dred;;abic Gravel on the Stewart
j  River, eighty miles Irom Dawson City, in the Klondike.   We have
!  le/"d Uie gravel thoroughly with Drilli, and it hai bet-n proven rich
liiiou^houl. As a mailer of fact, the site of our holdings wai recovnued.
even be/ore the Gold Ruih in 1393, to he rich in Cold-it is  a
matter of public rucoid that the Gold is there -but so located ai lo be
diiiicult to obtain, by any hand method.     And Fdty dtedgct could
not cshauit this area in a Hundred yean.
Willi a proposition so rich, ihe payment of divideodi and the
continued work of development can easily go hand in hand,
I o hurry this work of development now, we are tnaiketing Treasury Stock in our Company. Three thouiand ttockholderi, many of
them well-known in the Canadim country, are already on our books.
This neccs;i:y for Capila! -a Dredge cosis upwards of 5100,000
-tumtihei your opportunity lo participate in a wonderfully ric, venture.
Our Comoany is formed of ihe pick of broad-minded business men
-Governor 0.;i!i ie, of ihe Yukon Territory -known and impeded by
the whole Canadian country, ai Us head It is economically managed,
wilh no salaried officials, no Bonds, and no Preferred Slock.
But the whole story ii told in our illustrated Ptospcclus. The
Coupon will bring il to you. The supply is limited. Fill out and
mail the Coupon today.
Gold Dredges are making millions.
Yukon Basm Gold Dredging Co.,
G. W. Clawson, Trcas. piaasamd
Mt,postag*prt- ■
paid, yourlarg*
c!so free BookUt cr. Gold
Drtdgtng, with fittl fzrticu-
649 Somerset Building
... by return ms.it.    It is
Canada •:.•■*.- tood that/incurnoobligatfon
it'futttvtr in making this request,
ii .t4i iTV STOKb : j      directors      j
Staple and Fancy Groceries
4 KNlOHTS   of   P\ I'HIAS
♦ Cranbrook, It. C.
♦ Mi        ' . "-    T .,■  8 i' tii. at
♦ I'rstcrnily Hall.
♦ •'   I.   Walter, K. "I R. & s.
♦ res   cordially invited
;" ■. i
Mi')«MW«MIMIM t }♦«•
Largo slicd and cliickon   housi' on Xorbory
Avenuo- close in.    House is plastered and in
gouil condition, painted last summer, fenced,
uxceHeut collar, water nnd electric light
•>«>»"Jtf>.,}*f<l4«   ; 11 11.K , ki-:v CITY LODGE, No. 42
" i'IV Monday
night at    New Fra-
♦ ^BS^JCPBb'   ' -   tj    Hall,    Kci-
^   .'"'r' ng Od . ally invited.
♦ V.   SI. Harris, C. j. I.ittlc,
♦ ;   X   O. sec'y.
Lrss.rwil  LniJsc. So.U
»  1   » ». M.
Reftulai T.i-etinjta us
Us Islrd TturidsD
o:  ever*   BIOBtk,
* VtslUlg trell.w «!codim.
W. H. Hiison, ff. SI.
E. W. Cunauliy, Brcretsry
Agents for Great West Permanent Loan and Savings Co. I    _
r.0.iiuxio phone s'i.i     ♦   Cranbrook Aerie  967
********* FOE
Ueet every   Piidaj    evening at I
■x , in Carmm'i H*ll,
MISS   CRANOAL,   B. A.,   Principal
♦ School opened January 10th. l'upils will le
I received at any time on application to the
X Buard of School Trustees.
| s. ][. HOSKLVS,
• .Secret,..".-.
F. IV. Reeves. If. P.
Wm. Anderson, .Secretary.
VU ting tiietlircn cordially  tn.ited.
Meet »t ». „| L. K. Hull 2nd   tn4
c.n Saturday e*ch noattl.
Visiting bretbrea slways velcoms
Abel Ilorsma:.. W. M
Jos. Wallaes, Ketret»rj'.
******************** .<K>t******t>******<***t<i<i ■>
Tiiejiniciii.il nlthettreat Northern Rsllwsywithths
C.P.R.. nn i i, i- '■ i iii-l tu lies Railway Centre.
Ml ■'    •■■••:;.   second  sod    to urtil  Wednesday at  Fraternity  Hall.
Tlie Bneit Rasiilentlal town In Eaal Kootenay and adjacent in th. J       t , „ . ,  , .   ,,    ,
Uoal and Oil Fields.   II tlful icenary and dilres.   Ih! I lb Rh.i .- I       Sul"ur,""«   Rebekabs .ordially in-
tsonceilad aa oos ol the sights of the Rookies * v"ed.
Pries ol lou t7b.0O corners and S5U.00 imide, termB—M cash, ♦ ; :.   '.:   . -.   (;
balanoeOaa i 1- months ai B pel ci nt interest.
Apply to T. G. Proclor, Genursl Manager, The Kootensi Va       I
Nelson, it C ; or to Joe Anelin, l^cal Agent, I.   o,
Mas Cbapman, Secretary
»««««.«>«>«4>««««>*c,<>< - «♦♦♦
>*************mo*$***    *
*   *
j Presbyicrian Churcb::
♦ X       ♦ o'cll
why not  have it.
.   morning service at 11
Sunday    evening     service   at
7..J0 o'clock
Sunday      School   and    Bible
(.'lass at -1 o'clotk
* lTrsliyterlan    Guild, Tuesday,
♦ at   1 O'clock
COS M t) PO I. I T A N     11 OT E I.     li .i I! ♦
Every day  in  lie* week except Sundays X
E. H. SMALL, Prop.   X   ;—♦♦•♦♦—♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•
********************************************* t jGaptist Cbutcb ♦
1  Putor,  i.'liarlis V7.  Knt. Z
********************************************      * I'arsonace,  Norbury Avenue.      *
"   '"lioi.e. -St.      I>. 0. Hoi 261. I
< i
ii   East Kootenay Bottling Co.
x it',,;
MatnifautuaTS of all kinds of
Carbonated Beverages.
Regular Serrlcas.—Bnadtr, Us
am.     and     7.^0   p.m.,    Hlblt i
School     with     Vounc   l.adiea*
Phllethei    and    Young   Men'i \
Mode Class, 3 p.m.
Wedttwda?. Uld*Weet Ueetingj
l-'riilay,    Youhr    I'coplca',    I \
. p.m.
A COfdlal    Christian nlfltni
to all.
♦«♦♦««*>««♦♦♦♦«><>♦•> *>**>*4
Prod Dfloolaon, aooouDUnt fur   thr
local brtnofa ol P Barm A; Oo., htm
beeo traiii.icrt.-it to Ferula,    !!<• win
^    bo nooeaded by v  Hardy, nt    Fcr-
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦MWHHH»HHW»WWHOHfW   'tie.
There are others, but!!
(Continued from page emu.)
Juno, 11)00—Team    ...
.luiic,  11)011—Harness
Mav, 1008-Ono horse
.   . .   160.11"
July, 1000—Team
.    500.00
hlxponse ami fn-tnlii
. .    80.35
Dec. 11)00. Trade team
. 160.00
.Mav, 1008—Sold one horse   . {220.00
July, 1908-Snld team
. ... 350.1111
Present team value 	
... 830.00
3 l-'J years work 	
...  .  119.35
Three anil a lialf years work, such
as hauling wood and sprlnkliug tho
streets, has cost 1.119.35. and we
have the work harness left. The
council also purchased a work team
fur $450.00, used them all summer
grading streets and then sold the
team for $450.00, and have the |
wagon left, value $100.00. This
dues not appear to be very greal
itc sprinkling wagon. Is it nol
heller to procure an up-to-date
wagon that will give entile satisfaction, than l« expend $511,011 to $75.(11)
each year on one Ihal never did and
never could be made to give satisfaction. This new wagon cost $437.23,
ami nol $650.00, as staled.
He nre whistle. Total cost of
two whistles and installation, about
$372.35. rills Includes copper wire,
brackets, etc One of the whistles
should have been returned, but was
overlooked, for which I will assume
entire blame. This whistle cost
$52 un. ami we should get ibat.
nmoiim i"i it when returned, which
will he attended lo at once.    This is
ijinle a    good    deal  short   nl  $000.00,
as stated.
lie sinrt roller. This cost
$531.77 landed in Cranbrook, ami not
$500.00, and fretg.it as stated. It
was not bought [nr the race track
ami never wns on lite race track. If
it was used there, was it not for the
best interests of tlie city in helping
an enterprise that brings hundreds
here every year'.' This roller has
done good wink ou the streets ami
will tin better work next spring?
Re burning of school Although
tlie school is entirely in the hands of
the school board, 1 spoke to Mr
Rollers, wlm was then secretary of
the school hoard, about Insurance,
ami he Informed    me  th;it   the  li   C.
government  held   tlie deeds and  thai
they carried their own insurance.
Re gravel pit. That we paid 25o.
per luad for the gravel used on the
streets is absolutely untrue and is a
greal injustice tu Mr. Maker, as he
gave llns gravel absolutely tree.
Re voters1 list. Did any man who
sat in Ihe mayor's chair in Cranbrook or any other city personally
check each and every name on the
list'.' The court of revision was
properly advertised, and as no objections were made to any names on
tho list, it was taken to be correct.
Re grading of Baker street. Bylaw No. li;i, provided $3345.00 for the
grading of Baker street, of which
$3200 war actually used, and not
$7,000 as stated in the hand hills referred to above. Said bylaw No. Iii)
was published in lull, giving names of
streets ami amounts lo he expended'
on each, in the Herald of April 2!),
II every other street was paved
and parked in the most beautiful
manner and Maker street was left
in tbe condition it was in, what'kind
or an impression do you suppose it
would make on the hundreds who
pass through our city every year anil
only judge liy what they see from the
In conclusion I wish to thank tho
good citizens of Craubsook for the
hearty support they gave me anil the
most excellent council returned with
me, which 1 accept as a thorough
vindication dI the unwarranted
charges made against me and the retiring council.
Thanking you again, yours very
.1. I*. Fink.
The second game of tho Herald tup
contest takes plaee this evening at
the Arena rink, when Ihe City team
line up against the CI'.R. (Shops).
A fast game is anticipated and (here
should be a large attendance. Play
commences at x o'clock.
The Ladies' Aid ol the Methodist
church will hold an "at home" at the
residence of Mrs. II. A. McKowan's
mi Friday, January 28th, from 3 till
ii.      Their   new and   popular   cook
1 k, which has   just been published,
will lie on sale.     PriCO 50c.
> ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦»♦♦♦♦»♦♦»♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■
The Big Clothing & Shoe Sale
Our Bargain Tables are being
constantly    replenished     with
some extraordinary jrod
We are long in some of these
lines and are making room for
Spring stock.
We are selling
at a big reduction, and
odd sizes in
" ,'■!■    ,HHI»HHJ   I'I'
.&»■>" i
The results so far arc as follows:
Unionists  123
Liberals  119
Laborltcs  22
Nationalists  II
The progress made during the past week in the several trophy tournaments   is   scored below.
Cowan rink in the Fleishman trophy, matched against .1. F. M. IMnkham's rink,   got   the game   by
IMnkham being absent.
For the honspiel at Nelson nevt
\V. Cameron respectively.
The Mc-
ick, two   Cranbrook rinks will take part, skipped by Judge Wilson and
A night wi' Burns and the Haggis
Grand Supper, Concert and Dance   1
Brattle, R E.
McCowan, A.
McSweyn, D. J.
Kinlay, Jas.
Ingram, A.
Sliankland, A.
Ward, A. S.
Pinkham, ,1.
A. McCowan
McSweyn, D. .1.
K. M.   I
.McCallum, .1. O.
Patmoro, E.
Richards, S.
McDougall, C,
Aikens, It. S.
Wilson, I". E.
(Iiiil.lil.il, .1.
Iloggarth, Geo.
McSweyn, D. J.
Iloggarth, Oco.
Richards, S.
Patmore, E.
Cbolditch, ,1.
Sliankland, A.
Ingram, A.
Finlay, .las.
Wilson,- P. E.
McCallum, .1. O.
Cameron, W.
McDougall, C.
McCowan, A.
Pinkham, J. P. M.
Aikens, It. S.
Ward, A. S.
Aikens, R. S.
Finlay. Jas.
Ingram, A.
Ward, A. S
McCowan, A.
Bottle, It  E
Wilson, P. E.
Pinklinm, >'
McDougall, c
McCallum, .1
Patmorc, E.
McSweyn, I). .1
Cbolditch, .1.
Shankland, A.
Richards, S.
Iloggarth, (In,
Patmore, E.
Wilson, P.
Cbolditch, .1
Iloggarth, fleo.
E   Patmorc
Cbolditch, .1.
Finlay, -las.
Cameron, W.
II. S. Aikens
Ward, A  s
r u.  \
I). J   McSweyn
IliihanlB, S
Every person welcome. Come and enjoy a good evening.
(Continued Irom page one.)
tions, the primary results of which
will he presented to you in the form
ol an interim report.
"At the request ot the impcriil
government and with a view ol having uniform laws throughout tbe
empire relating to companies, your
assistance will be invoked in simplifying nnd consolidating the various acts In relation   to companies.
"As sonic apprehension appears to
exist among licensees of timber lands
as to the effect ol tbe terms upon
which licenses are held, it is proposed .to settle the question as to the
contunity of the tenure of these
licenses by an amendment to tlie
Land Act.
On account of the great
increase in the work of tbe provincial
courts it has been deemed advisable
to call Into force by proclamation
the "Court of Appeals Act, .m>7."
The establishment of this court will
greatly facilitate the administration
of justice and tend to lessen the cost
and avoid the delays ol litigation.
"As questions have arisen as to the
jurisdiction, rights and privileges
possessed by Hritish Columbia in th*
fisheries, and water rights, which lie
in the Dominion railway heft, and as
to title In the lands known as Indian
reservi-s land, my advisors have tak
eu steps to bring about a determination ol these matters.
"The civil service commissioners
have completed tbe work of grading,
classifying and adjusting the salaries nl ihe members of the civil sit
Wee, and the result of their findings
will be laid before you.
"The putalie accounts for tbe fiseal
year will he laid before you early in
the session, the estimates ol rspendl
ture for the coming year, which bavi
been calculated with ll bject of se-
cunng the best results in tbe public
interest, while ha\ing due regard foi
BOOnomf, will be submittal lnr row
fivnrabtfl eonsideratinn.
"(Jriiilemcn in leaving you lo VOUI
deliberatloni, I assure you ol my
eonfideiirp that tbe work entrusted la
vou win tie    well and faithfully pel
II. Mullen left tor Calgary and Victoria on Wednesday.
The Aurora mine at Movie is reported to be making very satisfactory
progress, and tbe shareholders are
feeling jubilant over their property,
and the way in which the work is
showing it up, and it will, without
doubt, soon be numbered among the
shipping mines of the district, ['reparations are being made to sink a
winze in No. 2 tunnel, where they expect to uncover and locate a dip of
an ore body, which Is now in sight.
The lower tunnel is also being actively pushed and they hope to strike
the ore body very shortly in the tunnel.
As will be seen by the announcement appearing elsewhere in thos issue, S. Mighton has disposed of his
cigar store to Lester Clapp. Mr.
Mighton intends retiring from business and enjoying a well earned rest.
During the several years Mr. Mighton
has Urn in business in this city, he
has always taken a keen interest in
its progress and has set a splendid
example in enterprise by the manner
in which lie conducted his business.
Mighton's cigar store was famous
throughout the interior and was
probably the largest ami best slocked
stor of its kind in the province, outside of Vancouver. Mr. Clapp, who
succeeds .Mr. Mighton, intends to
conduct the business upon equally
progressive lines.
Fred Ogle, the circulation agent of
the Herald, has returned to town
Irom a trip to points west, during
which be succeeded in materially increasing the circulation ol this paper
Kor the next tew days be will devote
his time to a thorough canvass ol the
city for subscription ace its in arrears ami lor new subscribers The
Herald Is putting forth renewed el
lorts to give its readers an Up-to-
date local news service and il i> Win
liilently anticipated that this eftorl
will meet with generous response
from nil our eiti/ens, Non-aubscrtb
en are invited to (urn in tholl
names tn Mr. Ogle, nr direct to this
office nnd old subscribers an- reminded that it lakes money to pmduee a
good newspa|ier, sn Unit they will
confer n favor ami help along the
work by responding promptly to Mr.
Ogle's request for settlement ot arrears.
oSeuojiBd jnoA 1P!I°S 9M
*X|UO 91111} )JOl|S
b  joj   9J1?   sarHJd   assqx
'pajnpBjnuim! Jno|j jsaq ai|}
ijjim passep si uns Suisj^
Bran     -       -      - $1.40 per cwt.
Short*   - 1.50      "
Rolled Oats -      - 3.35 per SO lbs.
Graham or Whulc Wheat
Flour        -      - 3 45 per cwt.
Rising Sun Flour   - 3.55
(The Bul on earth)
Mother's Favorite   - 3.35
Oats       -      - 1.50
Wheat-a good wheat 1.90
A Lower Price for Ton lots
,.V"   XI HI    O'd
(111111 'ANVdWOj
►♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
IIASKKT HAI.I.. . terlan linys will hr nskril tn play the
—— (winners.     Tin-   Junior,    will   play
A   loskrt ball   match between tlie  their return match licit week.   Hoys
MuthodiBl   ami the  llaulisl churches llriRuilc display and cunt»rt will alsii
in    beloj arranged,   and tto I'rmliy-IUkt plan in the ut.r liitun. THE   CRANIUM >OK    II Kit A I.I)
«*4->*«{ I - Ai* '>*" '" ""1"
[\\. Ill emir.- in Victoria Colonist.)
i u , itchetur iron ore deposits
onn ist ut ;i bit cb ol pariill I vc-iiib
uf hematite ron u o ruining eon
tiui.o -sl> for a distance ol ten miles,
t,,v i i i ii tii . I a s l.Uiry in iiniUii ■
. ..>,, .-.i .... Iiuti iiidge, ami situate
,,„ .., ;.cn .s» poo i, at n ulsiance ui
t tiit in its   wl-si "I     Kitchener atn
.,   |,    , |,  ,;e     i l"\,s  i\fbl   ■ ftnll Nit I
.,a,-        ki'.chc ii' is i'"' ut 2li mlh
ensi u. l.o i n y l.i i', ill milen c-si
, j  \t. ,,,, ,  v  .s li..' cullLtll  ol til J
Kpultnift mdi.siry ol West iv.ioUiuy,
untl i: ii iiuieu v.cst 11 i-lie extensive
cuiil i.ebis   oi the Lr iwa Nest   I'nsi.
i uiil culiip.uiy al i iliue.     The nioiiii
Ijiiii \a pi), iiiinr in formation, h«inK
e.in e y     a palate   Irom   the   otliei
l(  i!t i ,  d.BLrict, und ropreseiit-
,.,; tlie uppeatai.ee of uu Inverteu
..u.i,. ,i slui •> i. in Liiu lu el 01
the ....!....> and uuiit river, 2,'IOU
Iiri «'i ' 0 sj.i lc.i.1, MiJH ...a-iuali)
Jj un ,.nu. i..* .,1 nu.j-ly if.iiOU (cot at
a',,,.1.1 it nl t.'.o nii.es, coiitlautti.
wiiii i. i* a .i.iaii.iu.-; to His love,
lur ul\ in.Km, ..mi then uown again
ai ue extreme noiih itirt at auoul
u.e same angle as nt the sm th. Tht
iiuiiu direction •:( me mountain is 2i
uekie.s tt .I .'.... and upon the east
SM- Uoat m.r fio«8 par..lll lo it.
Ai U.u base ol .li we.>'. al e is a
,ai.,e trwfi. ■•' ft'" »■•• Arroa cm ,
aaii aruuno the north end is a pass
umhecl.itg the two. The orlJ.iai
aur.e) for tbe trows Seat line was
around tins puss, and it was onl)
awimluii'il l-CCtt e .1 in.nl.ed a de-
lupt ill -i» miles. In 'K-w nl tlie
dc-iltvim-.l im tbe properly undei
cujidtiieiulioa, tnis poini is worth re-
membering, as i..e possibility of constructing a raiiway of easy grade al.
round tiitc mountain «">> demon-
si rated ny the suncy referred to,
Tbe ci.aractcr of ihe "re is chlelly
hematite and upon a tew claims this
bus iiCv-ii lound to be Slightly magne
tu, „ t o.ir the buU of the property
ts pare hematite, Ti.c occurrence is
in a Jatga body of quaruile approximate'* li*? tvet In width running
longitudinally with ihe mountain,
ana ainng the easle.n side c HJXten*
sue wiiu the quart/ltc is a green
stone oybo of gauuro-diorttc. The
property consists of fifty claims
eacu l&UU icl square, a,on which
lac ore nas been located, an area
wtiten embraces practically the wh 1
summit of the mountain, Tbe properly has been held lor some years as
s euppcr proposition, and probabl)
from *1 '(UbU to *i2,UUU expended, in
prosper ling for that mineral. In tho
s, ii'lig ol IbUl, however, Ihe iron ore
seems to ha e attract -ri attention,
ana (oi the i.rst time the holders
nam-* that it might possess an
economic val e. hi t;'"l U.e V. V.
it. fxpeitded the sum o! UO.OUO In
;rospectntg a J , ro n .. tae property, ,ue resi.lt nclig that they pur
chasm! tfteuty claims Tbe season's
wui. pioe.i l. at the ore s of the
b.g.iesi tiiali y. that tlicre is sultl-
etc i to constll ie an important
piupeitj. ad i. at the surro tiding
CMiiiitu s arc ta.orn le lor dealop
...e-i. i.iiv suli remalis to prove
tlir iict ai extci i ot i e ore, as de
\el-,meiil aor. would ii"t jus; ly a
eatc latl a .f tonnage at present,
hu c erythl g points tn an etiormuus
ut\ing !o the large area t<» !e pros
peeted much <f lie «*ors consists '
mere snrf^te e ami atlon and pros
pectlpg, it beli f. Important In tb
fiiit . s ance lo eitablsb the are
o cr wh ch t'e Iron exl nded. . \
is f .   eln ui on   tl e '■ ec si' e claim
was ti'   1   lIlSC H   I'll,  i e t     I be nortl
r;.J tif the properly, and on puttlni
tie ron drill to wot the Iron «a
lound to he continuous and good at i
depth ol 80 feet On cross cuttln
tils .cm It \'as I ■■ ml that, in atldi
tion to 6 It ol solid Iron, there was
nn Hitinivture nf iron nnd ipjart/ite
r nnlng in alternate bands lor a dls-
ta re if n orly ton feet. In some
easel the ijiait/ and the ore were
ni Red, in ol'-ers there were clear.
bands of ore Moanwh'le at.othei
rain « ft. wide had been located upon
the nipple Leal rlalm, a little ills
tance north upon tits el Im a «ha|i
wns ien1 RO It,, nnd tbe iron at the
bottom n| the shaft continued ol the
same Ihleknpss and yielded tbe same
rssbv as upon the surface, di. fi" 2
per 'Tit of metall c Iron. fVboul
this ti'»'e ;i ei'in was located upon
thr '*American K'ag" claim, stUI
further north, and as it s'nwed up
neartv 80 It tn IhlcVneaa, it was de
ridnd tn put a trml shaft "pon tbis
Tl* ftintl went down SO ti nnd was
then Rtpppod tn conaqnuenee nt water
bet t'e thickness n«d nua'lty remain
the name Meanwhile the sane
vein was traced further south to th'
o-tUv claim, upon which a shaft wa
sunk 10 feet. Hero the vein was l*
ft. deen nnd nf uniform quality In
nm>f uf (bene veins was tlcre the
sliffhtMt admixture of mnv-trlte   or
other impuritv. the whole of the material taken nut heine ni'l on tn the
dump for shimnent. An nvcrnpc as
any nf the ore on the \tncrlf1in Pine
(ra^-e: metallic Iron, B?.4j silica, 1.7;
sulphur, In. phosntmriis. ,H| and upon
the O-Ray, metall'e Iron Bt.7. In
addition to these veins, one vein Ifi
ft. wMe was located at thr end of
tht •etaon MM feet east of tbe
American Flag claim, and traced for
se oral hundred feet north and south
also another claim upnn Uit* Cloldd
inp to the west, the Ui'ti t le'fg E
T. tlilok, hi t I'pon nii.hir ;f thui-j
rioa wns any wor. dune < ber l'e..
ncnvorlng, Tl pre ; r. II.c vnlv ■ .o-
iiteil v.\> in da r, aggravating i-'t It.
n i i • itu is, unci netua! " ipliration
■is pro ed llicsu lo l:n ;i dojiUi 'il
"ii ft, in situ,
Meyoml lie uol :il evplorntorj
vor'' done   there ere oilier o-idoiees
; i   which Ihe    o.Uei I ol l'e inn
may Ic fa rly c nsidered lu tjiu
mlches wh'oh are fom d i'pon tbe
loitntnln side the tare vlns have
'icon nncoveroil nt u liiftre. ce in ele-
ntlon of I,:miii r nt, nnd t'oy main-
Lain ihp'r uniformity at iho^e ednls,
Tbe diorite dy e referred to is rt,--,
tlniious throiirhoi.t the whole len lb
n' the mo'tntain, ami ran le traced
across the level ground nnd through
.i railway cutting on t'e Crows Neat
line, Having regard, th rehire, to
tho character of the deposit, to ths
perslsleuiy of the grcn st-e dyke
ilongslde which the ron occurs, to
'be f. rotation of the ui'imtaln, and
lo the fact that Ihe i c s re- aro
found legulcr *t the l-ese us well as
ii the suiimit, tin re is no reason
;hy the iron de ios Is s'lmiil not
■"■t''-e also to that de th, but
hotber tlmt he s ■ or i-ot, 'i-niyicnt
ias already been done to show that
ere is an cnnnnoi s deposit of Iron
f the highest quality -"it' siMllclont
o Justify '.'rent expeclations for thy
I iture of the property.
With referorw to the nunllty, tliii
:s sn surprising that one ' ns some
I'lT'ldence in i anting tbe tig res, hut
still they speak for thenis.-l es, and
\re the results of assiyg iea<'e by
ivi* or siv independent atithorltl s,
Inclndlng McCIPl Uni crsity, Mr. Mil
ton Mersey, of Montreal, and Mr.
Robert Hunt, of Ctrcagn;.they have
also been verified by practical tests
made nt the wor'.s of tho Dominion
ron and Steel company, and aa
they are the res Its of hulk assays
and not selected samples it is clear
-.hat the ore is one of tbe purest and
lighest grade bessemer ores to be
"ouud anywhere. M re tho-i Iflfi assays were made; of the :e i 0 were
taken from fie veins, and taking
.hose only into account, excluding
itoal, we get an a-cruce of fid ' per
eiit nf metallic iron, 5 p.r cent
.lic:>, 10 ;er cent s dp'ur and M
j'-os."hero's. A comparison of th'S?
i; r.-s with tho'p ylc'ded by tho
clc-O/ated la e su er or ores, and
tb the Newfoundlard or s, Is sul-
lefenl to show ibat t'e {Cltohener
ire ;s >r deiily s^i erlor, lein; big er
in metallic ore and lower in sulphur
i mi phosphorus, 'n a orage assay
■f i.ae Superior ores gives: metallic
ron, 60, sulphur, ,010; pln-s horous,
.06; and of Newfoundland metallic
ou, 55: sil'hei,    ,012; phos;horus,
Naturally the quest nn ol Interest
n connection with this matter i< t e
Urc of the   propert) and its valve
■ l'r tlsb i oh mbla. Of th s t may
afely tie said that sufltclent ron has
U ready been disco ercd to determine
c existence ->f n i'rsMass Rnxl g
Toposltlon, and r en (or t is pur*
i it the property in i!ie future w It
aluable It t unless i \ ctail mi
ro basilcss there i> u property,
vhich. when thorough!) proved, will
e shown to contain s ch nn exten-
■ r bo !y of ben ante nre of t e
ilgbest quality, that it will !e pos-
!!''!*,  i bene er  the province is ripe,
0 establish a largo Iron and steel
na ing Indt s rv n I v west, which
will not   compare ur-favorably   with
that of the east.      ,\'|  the local con-
1 it Ions for   cheap manufacture     are
i n-alile T' e     oie can  ! c mined
mil sHppcd for ?2 a ton There is
hundanl limes one    n the toithbor-
' no<l      nn Ihe    west  side o|  KOO r'iny
a*e, which can be delivered to •
smelter    at  50   ccnls n ton flHi
high made coal    and en a     of    the
'TOWS   Nest   PaSS      Is ni'lv   120  mib":
away, and ran le brourhl to Ktrbe-
nrr al Ihe cost nf $3,00 for ooal anl
5 00 or co' e ' 11 is Ing for    the
higher rate of wage pre nlllng in the
west. 0'r Iron can he made on this
•inverty at a coat not exceeding $*0
^ ton, and this Iron can be delivered
it a cost of $18.00 to JI5 00 at    the
■nasi. At the present time ni« Iron
delivered nt any of the coast cities
is worth 188 00 a ton, and even ad-
mlltlng that prits?s are above the
normal, there would st ll ha a wide
margin in favor of 'oral product
It may be loo soon for Hritish Columbia to support such an indus'rv.
bul riO pi in the face if a vrrv hlnh
tariff the western states would hr
customers for sleel produced at Kit*
phener and in any cas« the Orient
traile would be fairly In our emsp,
ns under no etrcumalaiieea would It
cost as much to prod'T" s'eel at
fltoherer, as tho difference tn cost of
frein't between    P*t*nburg and   the
Pacific coast, ami Kitchener and the
•■nasi would detcrnvnp, and this
would he the final factor in eompelt-
t'nn, The properly l| *ii thr hamls
of men who will develop It In tbe
host Interests of the province it will
he made to serve Canadian interests
every time, and the proprietors have
not only the will, hut tbe ability 1o
handle it In such a manner as will
ultimately produce Important linen
cfal results for Western Canada.
Corporation of the City of Cranbrook
December 3lst,  I909
Mini c pal ii. ildii.g ..
i'"ii.   II. I! Bu I .'ling uml
Si lev. i .. .;,.- sire    Imjirovi    'lit
"licit, re
Water i ys . ■,
::., I lu .   ■■ .   ;■ uniiti re
I' ■    un . :
Wi    I    ;   ■   I   ■■   i ..:.    Unlfl . ■■
Mi.. i litiiiding  ; ■ b   llaiiH !;. lauc
. 00.1
i ,1
I - ft .i i
. '■'■.'.
,..,■■ 'i ;
..  1(3.1
Uuii clpal Hi i ding Debenture             . $ 0,781.115
Plro Hi I! ll ildi ., Dchcal i ■ 3,(118.01
i t. Impro em nl  t ch. > I ylaw -1)   . i,0tG,5!)
School [luildlng Del  ntere  35,000,0(1
St. ,'mpro ■   i til  Dei.   Bylaw 03j 10,0(10.1.0
Wft.er Del enl   c 70,000.00
Balanci Die BphI         SOt. IS
Rxccss nf As.-, u; Over Mobil ties 10,500,(11
i. 711.10,83
Mnlarlcs .                 $
I'llli. A.,11 i 01.11 K l OJIM1
SlriTt II)Mint;  $
Police Sllllillis 	
Police cm r; 	
Police siip|il i-k 	
2(1. 110
Keep ol ! ris n rs	
.:■  .(12
Pi 1   IXpcllHCH
Klre I'c.it	
I'iri' IH'iit. Kijulp	
Water Worl s    mail tcnunee..
Kirr Hall IlililililiK   	
BOA III) OK v.m:' ."■
Sitlewalk  maintenance 	
IMiliUc \Vori.s equip	
street IniprovemetttH   ...   ...
Street Sprinkling 	
Ml Hi
l lino.:.;
S HOOil.tio
i!i-:ni-'.yn tii-: uepa^ ment
BAI.A   t E Kill M  8
BEST AiCut :.T
S 450.00
( 1725.20
( 510.05
(     39.72
ScliiHii urant 	
Trai'e licenses ...
Liquor licenses 	
Pug anil pound t. x 	
Cemetery lees
limn! tax   	
Water re' ( -    l .j  i      i
Balance ...                           ... .
Amount realized by snli ol  e'jentures (35,000,00
Itecelvcd Iron. Pro.lncial Clorcrnmcnt    12,500.00
Amounts i>. id out   on School Boar.! orders:— ■
Construction ace uni   (34,912.69
P rniii,re account        1,344.00
BiniK .ir: i.i.i 11,288.50
Amount rcalircd l,y sal. »i debentures (70,000.00
Pipe line     418,121.05
Services  1,870.00
Expenses—[Gait, election, ilr.i   030.10
Casting., valves and hydrants   ., 3,025,00
Meters  1,235.00
Bain and rewrvoir              !.2i"i.oti
Tunis  350 nn
Water ric..rds and land   j.i.ii; *,n
Bank balance 1,009.76
 Ito.iiiki rm
Amount reallxrd   In sale ol debentures (10.000.00
Strn t grading as per Bylaw
street sidewalk, as p. i Bylaw
Roller, Water  Wagon   ■ I Irclghl
Kleotlon ami printing < r 'ntes
Bank balance
c i. 572 J",
2,210 10
079 ;r,
I',- 69
Would You Provide
vcr the Care of
Canada's Needy
! Consumptives ?
I HEREBY CERTIFY that I have examined Ihe City Book, and compared the  v.nit'iieis nml timl everything correct,
.Inn. t'lmldllrh,
t::=h c;i? vocn contributions to tub
v   .""»»>' rrrr^t "H*
A ti.itien. I inHtiiuiii n Hint ncccpta
pi.iciiitt i i-Dui i, 1 i>;.ms ti i iinaua.
1  i. tti" 'a . f 1.-litis
J. 'ui n. McN'mml i.»., New T.ij.-
kfiittl, Out.: A y»uiia itinti nut be-
Uiii,.)!!' !. •!■.'. i.iia bittrViiiiR from,
it   N   li   \v\ tl,   coiisiiitipiloiii   it*
bpii a !- !■■ ' y ono o( iiic i till-in
litjiv, Ittj i • i . nicnnti and lum
\<evn if u» il ndiiilnat<tn tu our
Ini»i It til, Tii • com! ltd 1 - where
lt» i« nlTer tii id ■ o ch ■ ■■     Oould
In' Ue ltd . .     nl tO \"IU   !';."• Uf*
p t.il fin i' n mil pll\*p»I li not,
* mid yt'ii tiiffirin ti •• *» here lio enn
l ' -.Mil, mttl w h.it sii |n . >.' necee*
f i.. i ifcocuropi ■',; i . Jiniltai mP
i:ot a cinch MTiCRT m*j tvia ptcN
i:i*tii:o  AoymiDM to rei  mcskok*
PSSI HOSPITAL   BtCAJr*   CF   h .;   Cn   Nil
II AEILlH   10  TAT.
hotfplti ! wo* nvi'iicl iii
A|<   ,   !■• J.   one   th'Hi i   Kve
I ■•.! nn I twi lily i■■!.!   I'tli. ills
I .■ I. n i ml I In I It one Invtl*
tultmi, n i i »etitli ,- (•" ''I'll1 from
\ '\ p . iii > iii th»< Dtindnlon.
Pki id* tret-kttiding N'i>vtatiiber
_■ : ,1 ■■. mehundi d Rail twenty-
live  p.ti:''  were  ii iT»ldence,
.Nn "U -,\ .:•.,.-■ :ti-' tint paying ft
c fp^ 'or t <• r malRrmftficf Bi^oiuielj/
*T**t i ie : ' ■ enlV'iilae paid
Ixv .I Sift) ;.. $i 0U .i wt-ek.   No
 pi -i ion' in.tn 84.00.
Si ul i,- ■ .-■ - nre ailmltted
ptMiitptly on completion t>f appll-
. ul  .. : {     ;■   ■ -.
" nt'i P. C.nnh'iiu: Rnclrwed you
•■ , : i i-ipi furn j tlrl • t from
1. .\ nl■■: I, I (Jlillg thitl >-»n will
; . hli i'i.i . ■ me w| li the fare.
I »..,3 m your Sanatorium ten
? , mi Its, n I ';"•-: ni away from
lh*»re a> ii » P|"r« nt rui-e. I am
in nr ■ ■■ .. „• . ■ ■. Itv, i ml 1 m»
reelit n fine. I •jiii»*i li ankful
fur lite rurj 1 ; '. from tbe doctors
...i 1 .-. T. n id I i i«-it - y that 1
Fp ■ t i   • time < f ii y 1 '-■ while 1
w   -1 here.
r-. H W? 7=i\
r I
4 m-'t^SS
Th- Mi.-:, k 1 ■ :. pi .i f"-
Conanmptit - i ■ • • i idei i "'i ll *
j*--.l-«,.i       • : mil   .i
I  ilr!' .    .'>:■ ::-;. ;-      .'■ ti    ]   m ■ -i ■!
«r   tho present time to ;.i-k ■ it
i-M-Mr.'.- ti, rat-- foi   i trui   ami
tnermeinKniiuibfrofi ill ni-ilmt
»r« eulei ing th ■ Inaiitntloi .
Will you help?
Where groatei orgsnoy?
Truly, Canada's greater char%i
t'ontrlbutiot in v . ni to
\V. 1.0 (.'    I 'v    linn We.,
nr J, S.   |: I ■ .   *•      - T.OMa.
Kitinnal - -....;  i n,
ii; Kln^SL N1. ,Toi  .    .''.inula.
bKNOI'aia nr   UA.NAUIAN  HuMK-
Au> available uou.uiioo i>atid*>
Miiinii ibe JidiUd)- Hi-11 id Uuiish
LoiuiJitiu, u«i) De bwiucatcaded by
Mil) peraun »iu. is the hole head (J a
family, ui any (bale o>ei ia yean ol
ane, in Hit extent ol one-quarle! Notion ol .t*ii acrea, u.uie or less.
unity moal he maUe ,•;. .t.-wiy at
tbe lutai luuu office lur the dlitrtct
in wbicfa I lit land is situate. Kbit)'
uy pKiiy nay, however, be made on
iiium coadittoal by the l.ittiir.
moiUer, son, L\&u£Un-t, biutber oi
kiatei ol an intending homesteader.
rbe bomealeadei ih icquirwi to pet*
form the conditions: connected therewith i.iiJt*i one ol the I'-lluwin-; plans:
(I) At least six DtODtbl1 n-ildeiiie
upon and coltlvaUon of the land in
each yeai tot tbtM >ears.
[ti.   ii   the    (atlii-i    ior    motbei,
if   tne  fattii't    is  deceased),    ol      the
bometteadei resldet upon a farm in
the nanny ol the land entered lor.
the reqnlraroeota as to residence may
be satishcd by stub person residing
with the father or mother.
(3). If the settler has his permanent residence upon farming land
owned by him in the \trinity of bis
botnt->*ead, the requirement! as to
residence may be hatisi*d by residence upon the said land.
Sn months' Dollca In writing
should be given tu the Commissioner
of Dominion (.andn al uttana uf in
lentioii i" ■ ,vi\ (or patent.
('OA1.—Coal minim; Hghtl may be
leased for a period of twenty-one
years at an annual rental of tl per
acre. Not more than 2,570 acres
shall )'«■ leased to one individual or
Mmpanj A myalty at the rate of
gve cents per ton shall be collected
on the merchantable coal mined.
Deputy ol the Minister of tae In
St-Mt 10
LOVE and a  LION
Author   of   "Come   'Round   and   Take
That Elephant Away," "A Tub
in the Desert," &c.
iCopjrlKbt. l'Jou, b? tbe New York H.tuM Oo,   All Hlttbli K.-sttirtftl. i
«*■ m~~-• HE restful silliness of the desert night having
I      crept into the Dizzy Ghost, and us Jonesy,
I      our white whiskered little oracle, hud dried
|      nnd polished tlie glasses, we waited expectantly for him to lire ihe Inevitable dudeen and
unfold another of his chronicles of  Mkuil  hand.
Finally he began:—
Horace' Bulby was tbe only human critter 1 ever
beard tell on Mho negotiated tlie purchase of un udult
mule lion with u view to engaging the beast in personal conflict. Furthermore, this happened after
Horace signed the pledge nnd <iuii smoking, ".'wasn't
the reaction.   Twa.s love.
The lady in the ease was Betty Buckley, daughter
of the Widow Buckley, mid you should know by \\\'.'
time that during that early e-rn of Guldfield's history
the widow Buckley was skipper of that uosey llllle
eating crafl (he Home Grub,
Uetty Buckley lias been depleted lu divers terms
of fruit and (lowers. After roving the full scale of
lusclousness from pencil lo nectarine. Ihe few eiiiiij.
poels thai hail survived their rhyme i«u tills rim of
the Great Una In likened her lo each and every blend
of bloom thai would chip down or round off for pur
poses of vers.-. And sh.. certainly did blossom with n
freshness thut woke nil the spring day thrills lu even
such a I line worn niek us the i lomy of yours respectfully.
I didn't totally Indorse the sen11 ills of Bashful
Huh Bobley Ihal her .-yes were like stars, never len
Inn got close enough to nnv of Galii'lel's hen is t-.
subtract meiital nourish men I from looking lujo llieiu
Nor do l believe there's any brown stars wiili velveh
edges und dreamy, tuiilcliig depths,
Hetty punched the meal tickets in Hie Home Grub.
Bitting up like n perl  little  use behind a dinky
hit of counter. And she dispel scil smiles anil ('Oliver
eat Ion with no preferences, Inn wilh the Mmil cuiise
queucc thut ihe eurdlac cipilpuieiil of uliotil one
score ami six gottl hunters wast renl sown ways from
Die seam ami burst Into miillli liiidlimus frag in*
Gluse|ipl I'eruui, Hie emup livelier, begun, I" tn niilre
wealth beyond Ills welrdo-d dreams,    why.  I d   it
believe .Mrs. Venus herself or Hie till W.I -esl hh mt>
In King Solomon's uiatrimoulal experiment station
could have hurled sueh u cross fir. nit Into the simp!.-
current of our deacrl customs. Even Hob Hliiut. Hie
flute porter of He- Comfort Inn. took lo wearing col
tars nml dawn ilui neckties.
As for I'ti Hung) lie worked himself down to u few
loose shreds tilling threats, I sny threats Iss-tnise
every time u bunch of collars or n board bosom shirt
was poked under his nose Hie rcouesi Hint the uppare'
be made to shine, glisten und dazzle was in-cumpiiulcd
by a gun metal imiilomtnie thai gut his ipielic luio
such n state of perplnd leu la r he hud In iwist lu tele
graph wire to achieve II.
Summing all this up you couldu'l really blame Horace for absorbing the germ, ilui u distributed its
agony keener lu him than lu any of ihe other buys,
save, protriy. Bashful Hob Itobley. That pair got
the malady so virulent ii seemed to take all the life
out of'em. Simply shot lu pieces with love, they took
io wearing their smiles upside down nml mooning
round in our sagebrush outskirts making speeches to
JosbUO trees and reciting Hues [,, ehtl -kawallalis uni)
other such undlsturblug listeners. When you sp»kc
sharp and quick lo either of them Ihey'd stop plumb
still ami look al you wilh thai degree of slack lip nml
vacancy you wouldn't expect to Und uulslde a padded
dormitory, from my range li looked n toss-up which
hud li Uu- worst, hut Sandstorm Smith opined 'twould
lust longer with Horace, as It hud gone to bis legs.
Before Hetty Bueklej turned .huso soft brown orb*
of hers upon bis lean, freckled, yellow whiskered
countenance In- had exhibited some mastery over said
legs.    He seemed tu guide uuil control 'em with aver
aging success.
"Hut Jest east your eye on (hem legs now." Sand
storm Smith observes during that romance period io
tho career of H. Blllby, Ksipiire. "They've gone plum
cruzy. They Woll'l glie the poor devil tl lUOUielll'f
pence. If he wants to go somenbores quick those
legs of his up and balk like the all-fours of u cross
eyed mule. If Horace ^iis down fur a sqiiure meal tu
the Home Grub, figuring out as he pours tils coffee
itl his sleeve Hint hulleis bis dOUgllllUt wilh the hnildl.
of bis knire how he's going (o linger at the desk while
Hetty punches bis meal ticket, do his legs keep still
nut) let him hew tbnl awful problem out of some /.lit
sag crosscut In bis overheated crnny-uin? Alas! for
suoih tiny, and verily not. They jest let him nlnmal
get It; let him drag himself to the warm edges of
bliss, when prest,»: up leap them legs nml carry him
out of the Home Grub in n tanglefoot rush.
"Vezzeree. Jonesy," tnncludes Hint Smith Individual, "Horace is most twice ns deep iii love ns Bashful
Hob. his legs being twice lis long an' a damn sight
more visible tiiTe. led, Hob Ilohley's got a medium
high fever, but ii < rops out most in his checks ami
tongue—twists his luiigue into one of them double
loop-1 he-loop stile lies my old granny used to knit with
nnd boils his cheeks Into a bright lobsterlne blush
Hint's most tire enough to give off smoke. Howsoni-
ever, he maintains steerage way wiih his legs. Horace
knows this. to... nml is inking pretty savage lo heart
the uilsconreniencc of his handicap."
Yes, it hud begun desi ending on Horace In heavy,
Jarring frag nts thai he wasn't making headway
lie wns doing Ills desperation best with his legs; had
changed the rui of bis heard so frequent us to exhaust
the patience nnd skill of Gluseppl IVrunl; hnd threatened the life of I'n Hung on un average of twice per
diem; hud challenged the Hon. Cathbert llnwllngi tu
n duel, nml Anally, Hu- Hon. Cuthberl having turned
down ihe challenge by wire from Vancouver, hnd wm
ten a poem for Ihe Trumpet.
The title of HorOCO's poem Was "In Ihe l.ulr of lie-
spalr," und the Ural lines marked time something like
had taken him In on the nig Joahua claim. So the
project's clamped und setileil und the pair uf them
set out to pick up thut bnrtfiiln In the lion market.
They advance on Salt Luke City swift as stugo and
rail can take them. They find that lion as por advertisement, and Sandstorm does tho shopping, Horace holding buck kinder pale nnd silent, sizing up
lhat gray nosed king o1 boasts from u higher personal
Interest than exists In the breast of .Mr. Sandys Storm
Smith, Ksqulre.
Though past the ago limit for proper and nourishing man eating, that Hon wns some impressive in
"He's most fifty," says the dealer, beginning to piny
up Nero's points for a good price, "bul if you tellers
is painters bo's n grand model. Look at Hint there
noble, bond. There ulll'l no equal on 11 In any known
jungles, lei alone in captivity. Why, Hint there lion,"
lie goes on, "Is worth hundreds n' ibillurs on his dentb
Jesi ns u rug,"
'•We're not  buying rugs, [ml," cul  lu Sandstorm,
 ir nre we looking for the Uveal ur chlpperost mouser
n captivity. Still, It's needful tlie feline pel we pur
I in se can emit a good he bray un' nl ihe same lime
wish his lull io nn* from some savago,
urtbermoro and moreover." snya Mr Smith, "'tis
en I In I like thai he's n few shy in the dentistry do-
rtnuMii an' his claws Hied blunt.   Call that hairy-
ici'ked old gentleman in y
nullify mi them points?"
an," says the dealer, who up and walks Into
ribbed cnl
mil walks
Ihe W
I'assiug .
agony. Uni
Ihal solem:
Sioll draw e
Hie Glad II
"Sandy. • Id chappie, I'm 11
I lulling my sweet exIMt'lice
.lay called Mother iCitrtli.
lane nml < olifess my nd-l
direful peril "f dl«<
i- whirling Idol
i Horace tl iwn ihe
i of ids no-cm,   Hui
versntluii  tlllll   I'll  never lead
-pair Ir In' lilted uui wilh any
ii the brink, brink, brink of despair
. misery I   I know  iby lair.
I drop by way
.ouch on Mlserj
intra or Midi like.
"'You'll lind ihem characters mostly lu swamps,
Horace,' says I. 'aluiig with Malaria, si Atlcn ami l.uin
Hup' The whole gang,* I tells him, 'hangs out lo
get her In dump, low places.   ,
■Now. Horace,' 1 says, "if you'd buck u Hot) or n
grhtsly, or a couple o' tigers, or one of iliem old time
druguii llilngs, Into a ihvc, one of ihem o|H*n faced
raves, why. then, you'll get some real live action in
your po'iry. That's whal reaches the womenfolk,
lleraee,' I goes on. 'Give 'em Hie circus business, and
give It lo 'em strong. That Misery nml liespulr stulT
is nil right set lo church organ music, bul In the
streiiy-us paths of romance ii don't pun.  ai b-ust not
n rdlng lo ihe books,   t'leave off Ihe seven heads of
;i tire splttln' dragon or stop the wind of a full grown
he lion wilh your thumb an* forefinger If you want
the bee-yon ilfu) princess to bund you n marriage proposal on n sliver slaver."
"Ami did Horace peeve over Mr. McKennu's classic
palaver?" Inquired Sandstorm.
Teevc!" blurted Bed MeKcnilO, "When he was
able io express htsself in civilised discourse he swore
by ii group *>f most unpleasant oaths to strew this
brunch of the M Kenna family along lite desert trails
In minute particles,    I believe he's nl present engaged
in transforming hlsself Into n clauking arsenal, so If
you hive me, Sandstorm, tuck me away safe and snug
in some deep dug drift of Hint Little Hclluibma mine
of yours."
"Air you jesi suggested nipping Die nir valve of n
full growed he il ti," s.ifd Sandst >rm half to h'mself a*
his screwed up little gray eyes gaxed off lulu vacancy,
"A full growed he lion." he repeated, like u mini tnlk-
ing out of a drentu. He looked at ami through Bed
McKetinn, raised and emptied his glass, set it down.
'suddenly raised nml smashed his Hm ou the bur,
emitted n whoop uuil passed out uf ihe Glad Hand
us If he'd looked In a class nml seen nil his creditors
lined up in armed ami threatening mass.
Just bow Mr. Smith bennii to work up thflt nlghl-
.nnre idea so (IS to tmike it catching he never rctculcd
the full r Ipl mi. but he pegged iwiiy nt li slow- nud
Infinite patient till tin.ill*  there .'■11 Into his hund the
•xnct implement for hi* purpose. This wns an advertisement in u Suit t.ake city newspaper, and the
morning Sandstorm smith's baby nine orbs lights on
It tie wmillers off by himself uuil w.iters the rools of
u Yucca palm with tears of joy.
llowsotuevor, when he found Horace inter on be
was solemn featured ns n church det n under Indictment. He steered his In nib to u quiet comer of the
(•lad   Hand,   unfurled   ilint   li.iii   newspaiwr  and
pins In it an' make It roar somethln' fearful, get all
the womenfolk uuil kids stirred up with the creeps
un' then turn li loose on Main street 'bout noontime,
when all the boys are feeding lu the Home Grub. 1
see that their guns are hid. You arc sittin' by tbe
door jest alongside Hetty Buckloy'S counter nlbblln'
i doughnut jaunty an' casual us six o'clock. Then
Into thut sweet and Innocent moment comes Nero.
He Is pushed out through l'lgtnll alley and aimed
sirulghi tor (he Home Grub, his lull bowknutted un*
u plu In Ids rump. He ronrs something horrible, shaking Ids loose mattress of main. Calamity Is on us,
when u(i jumps Horace Hulby and hurls hlsself at the
ragiu' beast. Jest one jolt und the pom- old chap goes
down In a heap, you ou him with u strangle hold.
Out rushes the dugo an' Ids stage hands with chains
un' Inui bars, whereat Nero Is hustled back Into his
cage afore any one gets u lump on his age and de
"There's the act for you, Horace, my hoy, an'
you've got that Hashful Hub Itobley faded to a fresh
water ghost."
Sandstorm Inul worked bis oratorlcats up Into one
of those aforementioned spells. You might any he
was roping Horace with a hypnotic lariat, and he sure
hnd him going. Thut long-legged victim of luve und
melancholy began to see himself under a million
en mile power spotlight—the Hero bowing before the
cheering multitude, the rescuer or Betty Buckley
from u horrible death. Hul suddenly there gleamed
up In his mind .i discouraging light
"Sur-po.se. Sandstorm," he gulped, "thai Hon should
bite n bote In uu- an' dlsflgger me. I ain't so much ou
looks nohow, an* with a chunk out of me I'd be In
worse 'n before, hero or no hero."
"There you go again half-cocked," snapped Sandstorm. "How's ii Hun with no teeth golli' lo bite you';
ll certain ain't gain' to hurt your tough hide none If
he gums you a little. Lions that are advertised cheap
as painter's props are o]<| glimmers. That's pretty
near u cinch. Even if he should have a couple of
played out grinders left wo can i-uii 'em. I'uii 'em.
see! an' tile down his claws."
A dull light of hope returned to Horace's sad eyes.
siowiy he reached nut nnd took Sandstorm's hand
nnd n tear fell on It as he mi id;
"You are sure gain* to slick by mc lu this thing,
Snndsiorm Smith)   You won't blip u whisper on It to
n llvin" soul   am' ,ou better not," h hied, getting
fierce, "for if you did i'ti massacre you. I'm de*
peruie. Sandstorm -Biupderln desiwraie. if l wasn't
I wouldn't give inore'n hair uu cur t,, nny of this Hon
To prove past peril ami venture of doubt Hint he's
sincere ns a Yukon tlaptlst, Sandstorm offers in go
halves on tl Jtpcnso, which he could with im strain
on tin- purse latch, seeing us LUUc Sumiuv  Harbin
'bnt cage, stepping not over gentle and light on
Nero's face. Then he does something with that lion's
tall that causes him to open tils features most awful
wide and bellow like forty burros.
Sandstorm Is satisfied perfect nml Horace thinks he
Is after he comes to and sees Sandstorm running his
bunds around playful on that old lion's gums.
"He's got one wisdom tooth, Horace," calls out
Sandstorm, pointing lo the solitary survivor, "an'
that's all. He's Jest the party we're looking for down
to the lessermost specifications."
It couldn't be said that Horace Dolby's enthusiasm
over that lion worked up In ihe high notes, but after
he'd seen Nero fed on pap und n line-milled ment hash
and heard him purr himself off Into u peaceful slumber
be sighs deep and prolonged nml gives Ids consent to
the purchase.
Tbe next thing on the programme of that lion buying
expedition Is the pro. urcincnt of some handy lad as
a showman, so's thai superannuated jungle monarch
could be hove to In Gold field us pari of n iienl, select
circus in no wny connected with the matrimonial
hopes and aspirations of n. Bulby, They found Ihe
right party over In Ogilen. lie < ailed himself Spnvlnl
Ihe Great, and he hnd a little dog circus thai was In
hock io Ihe Mormon sin riff, the populace of Ogdeii
having fulled lo en trance over the performing mnr-
vela of u few shorl haired, underfed kl-ylps,
"I didn't have lo offer the job to Spnvlnl." explained
Snndsiorm nfterwnrd. "Yon cniildu'l hardly call it mi
offer. I Jest dropptd i usual Mini such n sort of n Job
was open, whereon Spavlnl ihe Greal gels down on
his k s nml applies.
"'Now looker here, you iwudle uu' pug I miner,' I
says, lifter I'd signed him up an' taken his educated
mitts out of pawn, 'don't you gel gay whh Hint Hon
He's not heart disease nnd ItH'omollve Intoxication,
so's in.-i any shu k Is liable to check out wlm Utile
Vtln In ess Is left In I lull large hairy mm of h - h-m'i
lei nny o' them savage -pnnlels nn' bio k nn' tuns lu
his cage, an' feed him ample nn' i ften.'
"Also," buns In Horace, "give nls mi;- n illln' twice
ii day, for I've noticed ihe) grow ounethln' fierce."
Well, lhat inwed off lliile dago promised to give
the needful le. der i ut-In'-'   ii d caressing III i III Nero,
after which we lefi him with full Instructions und
canh supplies to move im tloldllclil.
A snd, fur off glllil lu Snndsiorm Smith's eyes. Hie
llrst time he droppM) into tin (Had Hand after he nnd
Horace irulpscd back from  I'tali UeW me lite s.pud
that he .had some devilment in deep brew. But I never *
got more than purtlul wise to whul was coming off.
I've got to accord il right here to Uuil hftin li iff the
Smith family tbnl ho hnd acting talent most high
developed, for when the side wall uf in llnug's hum
dry shop broke oul with n billboard six feel lull, un-
uounctng the coming of Spnvlnl the Great's Work'
(famous Lion nnd Dug Circus, Sandstorm Smith was
apparently the most Woiulerslrti.k gold dinger hi Kb-"
mcraldn county.
He went urmiiid spluttering about thai circus HW*
ihe simplest Jnyhawk Hint ever , hewed buy. vet with
u nuturuliiess of man ■ thai wns unhci'sal deceiving, And he bud some groundwork tu piny ou, eon.
Blderlng the way I im I poster played Nero up fur the
inosI   agonizing   mi ntor  that   ever  Bwallowod  s
tribe whole on ilie unuliH of tils unlive wallow. The
picture on tlu> bill nave the poor obi guuiuier boar's
tusks for teeth and ran his clnws out like bale hooks.
Also his mouth stood open sufficiently wide to recept
u muss mooting,
But thore was no sign of Horace and Sandstorm
on tbo duy Nero arrived, which menus there was Just
two nbsences from Hit- total camp populace. Smith.
nays he didn't lei Ho nice include himself among those
present, ns he'd given Spavlnl special instructions to,
bring that lion into Goldfleld roaring up to bis plc-
torlnls. He hud banked ou keeping Horace's nerve up
for the climax to his project, wherefore It wasn't according lo Solon  to show him that Hon 'cept In the
poor old critter's reposeful moments.
Sptivlurs little circus tent was pitched Just abovs
the Inlet tu l'lgtnll alley and It didn't take long for,
the trulls leading therefrom to he trod shiny. Public
Interest wasn't permitted to slack, s. Smith saw to
that. Incidental to casual hair-raising rumors be
gave wing to wns the report that the show would be
one act shy, ns Nero hnd made n light lunch off tht'
t wo musical bloodhounds in the course of a private re-
There sure wns some clnss to the way he piled up
the agony on Hint bloodhound devouring yarn, pro-
duclng Blgucd affidavits from Spavlnl and bis two
Swede helpers. Also he contrived a fearsome looking
muszlo for that ravenous beast, so he couldn't open
his mouth fir enough to exhibit his bereaved gums.
At Inst 'iwns nil most bcuutlful laid and set for
Nero to burst from captivity during the high noon
mess hour at the Home Grub on us fair and band-
some a Saturday ns ever caught up with the calendar,
When the Widow Buckley mug the lunch gong that
day she didn't miss count reckoning on the swift inrush of the full camp census returns. Aa the show
wns billed to begin ut one P, M. prompt there was
extra special Inducement to dine quick and hot-foot
for the choice benches, In their eagerness some of
ihe boys would have neglected the Widow's rule compelling the deposit of pocket hardware and cutlery In
the reception basket near the doorway, only Sandstorm pointed out each Individual net of neglect. He-
hud promised Horace to 'fiscate that basket of guns
while be (Horace) was grappling with tbe raging
beast, for it wouldn't have been promotive to Horace's
health to Have a dozen or so sure shooters potting
him nml the lion indiscriminate with lead slugs that
measured mostly .44-.4fi at the waist.
How thut Smith party managed to snake out that
basket of guns under our very noses I never solved.
Hut he did. Also be procured Mr. Bulby a seat Just
abaft Hetty Buckley's little counter and near enough
the Home Grub's portals to make Main street lu ont'
"Yet good us it loomed to mc then." confesses Sand-
storm Inter, when I wormed tbe plot out Of his secretive hide, "'twas aces to deuces thai Horace's nerve '
would have filtered out hudn't thut sweet nml Innocent little lady tuned on htm one of her whrhlngest
smiles and told bim bow well and strong he looked
after his sojourn in Utah. Thut smile shot bim fuller
of pluck Mian a whole patrol of Jasous nml AJuxes.
Why. he'd have grappled a whole zoo of xeros after ''
that smile. Yes, Jonesy," went on Sandstorm, sad- •■'■
ly. "nnd he'd have strangled that poor old lion like ..
suckling setter pup except for tted McKciiun butting
In and doping Nero's double ullo\vaiice of mince meal
and gruel with n quart and n pint of high proof
brandy. I figured on the old chap getting gfngjftr
with fond In addition to Ills feebleness from age but
l hadn't laid no plans burn Hon jug.
"Spavlnl hud .me of those Hlnck Hand stickpins
with which be wns to get the proper noise effects
when he shoved Nero out of Pigtail alley nud headed
him for the Home Grub.   Ilui. ns you know. Jonesy; .
be never got a elmnee to use that stickpin, cruel <**■
gentle.   By the time he'd pushed that Hull the length -
of the alley the rum Red McKeiinn had Inducted into
his gruel commences to take effect.   Thai  brandy
threw off thirty-seven of hi> fifty years, whereon he '
gives   Spavin)  and   bis  Swede   helpers  a   tVw   siissv .
slaps In the face with bis hind paws and lavs them
to sleep:
"And then—will you ever forget thut sight,-
Jonesy?—he mounts over Un tiling's laundry In mie •*"
leap, lumlln' in Hie centre of Main street plumb
across the bows of ihe Home Grub, ist the sauie time
emitting ns grand ami fearsome n mar us ever walloped the welkin of Nubian or other desert,
"That blood freezim* roar got yon nnd me, (no,
Jonesy, and Bed McKcnim's brlckdusl knob thatch
rose to a pompadour which haaii't limped yet. How-
somever. if H. Hulby wasn't gmue I don't wnnl lo
take another breath.
"He gives one swift glimpse ut the fulnilii* Belly
Buckley, hisses between bis teeth, 'I'll save you. little .
girl.' and shoots through Hie door In one magnificent .
deft Of his long legs.
"I didn't notice whet her It wits n left hook or a
right Jab he handed to Horace, tun whatever It
Jarred, it Jarred more'n Horace's body. loo. for he'd
expected to .itml hlsself stretched oul Hal mi lop of a .
whimpering old lion, un' wns calcutatlu' ou m>i i»'in'
too harsh in his bammcrlock clutch ou Nero's windpipe.
" ".'wasn't the first Jolt, though. Which put Horace
oul. He scrambled up out of thai dust imulder'n m
divorced rooster. With murder In his soul und flume
in his eye he made n second desperate rush, extent
lug simultaneous two of ihe most cruel swlnas I'd
ever seen clip the atmosphere.
"Ami did jcr ever see anything like Ihe ahlfll *  .
o' that Hon in dodging them terrible swings) Why
he ducked 'em us neat nnd handsome us » champion
feather weight lioxer, und rapped out one of ihem
fancy cross swipes with both paws, pushing Horace's
features   linn   an'   solid   on   the   bard   irull   bed   mid
patting ihem there with about four hundred (raunds
"Gad, Jonesy. It wns n mighty lucky happening
for Horace Hint  Utile Sammy  Harbin hilled down
ihe trull from   I pah lu his new nen/iue gig the
exact second he did \ coupie o' more puts an'
Nero would have disgraced bis old age with a most
iliipleasaiil crime Bul ihe wny that Hun went up
In Ihe air nml < til serosa mines and hopped over
derricks ul the llrsi honk of Little Sammy's pneu
tiniii, bugle spoke some (.it'll degree of praise for
Hie strength of nml hininly Bed McKenns pro
cured in ihe tiled Hand/'
And Snndsiorm Smith wns key-reel regarding the
nlmblcncas of Hint lion. He kepi on going right
in ros> ihe desert In forty yard leaps till he had made
Hie outskirts of It I Mountain. When the searching parly found the poor old cluip be had run an
Ihe power of tbnl I h pi or out of him save sufficient
'to piomolc u sort of foolish smile as he rolled over
nud turned up his tiled off claws.
In conclusion I'll record the fact that fate certain!) did rub it In h.irsli at! I tor nee Bulby, for tht
tlu\ he wns able lo sh up and tnke bearings In the
eump's Utile emergency hospital the first thing that
strokes his senses Is the swelling Holes of the Widow
Buckley's parlor organ. And when be asks the nurse
for the answer rfhe lias i\i confess thnt the Hey,
Oswald Bullet,, of Wlnuemuecu, Is In the act of
uniting Hashful Bob itobley uud Uetty Buckley In
Hn- holy bonds of matrimony,    ,


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