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Cranbrook Herald Apr 15, 1915

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Array s
Lurge Number ttt Applk'u hius for llie
Position—IV. I.. Worden Awarded Cleiin-I'p Cimiract
Regular session ol thc city council
was held in tlie council chambers,
city hall, on Wednesday afternoon at
i!.3t> o'clock, Mayor Bowness presiding, Present; Aldermen Leask,
Campbell, Balment, Banfleldj Erickson nml Olapp,
Minutes ot previous meeting wero
read and approved.
The   finance   committee presented
the following accounts, which  were
paused aud urdored paid:
fi. C. Gaaetto  $    2.50
Beattie-Murphy Co	
Burroughs   Adding   Machine
Crnnbrook Electric Light Co.
Cranhriiok Trnding Co	
City Clerk's Sundries 	
City Transfer & Warehouse Co
Cianlirook Bhcchango 	
Oranbrook Steam Laundry ..
Crantn link  Trnnsfer   	
C.anbrook Snsli «i Door	
Cranbrook Job Printing Co...
Conelnud Chattorson Co	
Frank Iiczall  	
41 Market Co	
Pink Mercantile Co	
Herald Publishing Co	
Kootenay Telo|ihonc Lines...
City Officials 	
Fire Dept	
Prospector Publishing Co	
F. Parks & Co	
W. J. Selby 	
simply "walked ovor" a force of 2000
Germans, Is described by a Gordon
Highlander, Pte. Robert McGregor, In
a letter to his father, relating to a
night attack in the trenches. The Gor-,
dons' position had been revealed to
the enemy by a searchlight, enabling I
them to work havoc in the lines, Bomo '
of the Gordons being practically "torn
asunder" by one shell, and this
i went on till dawn. "Then," Bays
I Pte. McGregor, "we Haw the Huns advancing as unconcerned as if on
i parade On they came In close formation, and there must have been ten
to one ogainta us. We fired as hard
1 as we could, but they seemed to come i
i out of nowhere, ond never halted.'
; When thoy wero getting too close we
) charged.    It  was  our only  chance.
When they saw us leave the trenches  ment of education,
they halted for a moment, but afterward came on to moot us.
"I don't remember much of what
took  place  then.    It was stab and
hack, hack and stub.   You could hear
tlio smash of gun against gun, the
thud, thud, but beyond there was an
uncanny silence, broken sometimes by
un oath aud u groan.   How long this
Work   Progressing  nt  Uie  Central
I'nMl; School Plot   Will I'lant
Flowers and Shrubs
Oranbrook boasts of having tlie hest
public school building in tin interloi
nf British Columbia, and rightly so.
This cannot bs truthfully suld, however, about the school grounds, us it
lias long been recognised that the surroundings were not In keeping with
the handsome structure,   Tbe school
board, in conjunction with tbe depart-
have decided tn
tlie "Agricultural
.vhich act   Intro-
ami horticulture
Transact Volume of Itmitine Business
in Connection Wltli (he Newly
Formed  Association
A well attended meeting of the
newly formed association wan held
at  Wasa  hotel   ut   8.30  p.m. on  the
 __ . j evening of Saturday, the llth inst.
PAUBWBLI   TO jII1  tlle  unavoidable  absence   of   the
LOCAL AIUO OFFICERS P«»(dent, Mr;   a.   Doyle,   of   Fort
.Steele, the  vice-president,  Mr. J. H.
nf trees and shrubs in school grounds.
It should be made a public holiday.
luatead of being confined to tlu
ools, and the scope of Us obser-
K'<> Bhould Include the annual clean-
p, particularly as It ls usually celebrated curly in May. In this way, morc
general Interest would be aroused In
the work, and greater results Bccur-
ed, from an arboreal ub well as an
artistic and sanitary standpoint. Shall
Cranhrook Inaugurate this move. It
Bhould he a general public holiday,
for Arborenl and Clean-Up Purposes.
Husiness   Men   ol'   Cranbrook   Must
Wake Ip and At'end Meetings
oi' Local Hoard
The business men of Cranbrook
must awake insofar us the board of
trade is concerned. A few years ago
the pood work of Cranbrook hoard o(.
trade wus known province-wide. Who
ever hears of that body today? Who?
A few men who still have the Interests
of the city at heart are striving to
keep the wheels turning, but the grind
Horses   Will  be  Inspected at Cran*
brook on May S.h- Fort Steele
Wlll Also be Visited
The Domlnloa government will send
a representative into this district
to purchase remounts. The dates set
are, Fort Steele. May "th and Cranbrook, May 8th,    Here is an oppor-
take advantage of
Instruction Act,"
duces   ngrioulture
Capt.   and   Mrs.   Hustler   Tendered
Fu.cn ill on Tuesday Evening
small Attendance
Quartly, took the chair, and in his
capacity as secretary (pro tern) proceeded to reud the minutes of the
proceeding meeting, which were then
adopted as read.    He then
Is getting harder every day.   It is up  tunlty for farmers of the district to
to you,  Mr. Husiness Man, to throw -dispose  of  their  suitable  horses.    A
Mrs.  Hustler of thc local  Salvation
Tuesday evening In the
Into the public schools and general!}
encourages the beautifying of school
Work on the grounds surrounding
the Central school is progressing nt a
good rate, some dozen or more work-
went on 1 hardly know (but it seemed I men being engaged. Contractor midyears to me). We drove them back j dlcoatt has about completed thc work
about 100 yards. Our officers saw tlu* of fencing in thc plot und workmen
Germans reinforced nnd sounded the [ nro turning over tlie ground ln order
retreat, but owing to a few machine to havo everything In readiness for
Tins we couldn't get back into the j tho children to begin at once the
trenches. The Germans, now greatly I planting of llowers and shrubs. Tt is
ncreased, came ou again and our fel~: also expected thnt a number of trees
lows, only about 170 left, got ready will be laid out. A eighteen ft. border lenders will be brought in
'.o meet what seemed certain death, is being laid out around the entire
"But Just at that moment we heard plot, which wlll provide ample room
tlie sound of singing, and the song , for every class ln the large school,
vas 'God Save Ireland.' It was the The parents of Craubrook children
Connaught Rangers coming to our re- j are beginning to realize tho true pur-
llef. I have seen some reckless Irish pose of our public schools. They are
men ln my time, but nothing to beginning to realize that the real pur-
inatcli the recklessness and daring of I pose of the public school Is to fit the
those gallant Irishmen. They took the j boy and the girl for life's light, to pro-
Germans on the left flank. The Ger- ■ vide them with efficient weapons for
mans now probably numbered about  that fight.
1 letter received from the serretary of
A farewell was tendered Capt_«d|the  department  of agriculture,  glv-
soho'61 room of tho PreBby-: aHa0l.|,at*0n to incorporate, and If ne- tlie regular meeting of the Board of  horses to offer should nee la touch
Army   ■_
terlan church. Itev. W. K. Thomson
was the chairman of tbo evening.
In point of attendance the meet-
inn was comparatively small, not
more than thirty being present. The
Salvation Army In Cranbrook ls not a
nourishing institution. For years
earnest efforts have been made to get
a foothold in the town, but to no avail.
The little hand of Salvationists, how-
uot discouraged, and new
Ing full   information,
the necessary papers,
off your coat and get In and work for
your own Interest. The time has arrived when you can no longer let the
read the otl*er fellow shoulder your burden.
Awake! Arise! Vou have been sleeping in!
There was not a quorum present at
the city hull on Tuesday evening
and  eiiclosln:
to   enable  tlle
special opportunity la offered them
to dispose of a heavier type of artillery horse than the department have
hitherto been  buying.
Dr. J. W. Rutledge. veterluary surgeon, of this city, has been appointed Inspector for this city and
Fort  Steele, and  any  farmer having
cesHary, to qualify   for any   grants,
that tliey would bo eligible for.
He then read tlie sections of the
act, referring to associations, and
particularly those applicable to the
Wasa 8tock and Agricultural Association.
After a few remarks the chairman  od to membership,
then threw tho meeting open for gen-      The following letter from Mr. A. K.
eral business. Leitch   regarding  the   result  of  his
Trade and the meeting was postponed  with him ut once.
until Wednesday    afternoon at    live      Other points in the district to be
o'clock. i visited will be Golden, May 3rd; Atli-
The meeting was called to order by : aimer. May 5th and 6th.
President Christie. The     requirements     are thai all
Twenty-one new members who had   horses  must  be   In   good   condition,
puid their membership fees were elect-   sound,   of   good conformation,    free
from  blemishes  or  vice,  und  broken
to harness or saddle.
Riding horses—Age, rising 5 to 10
Mr. Attree then said lie was quito   recent visit to Victoria for the Board   yearai   height,    16 to    15-3    hands
willing to withdraw his motion, ut the
' last meeting, making the subscription.
Mr. Barr proposed that this motion
. of $1,00, and uu annual suhsherfption
' he rescinded, and un entrance fee
iof $2.00 (two dollars) bo substituted.
This was seconded by Mr. Hannant
and carried.
Mr. Quartly here remarked that
Cranbrook spends quite a respect-
Alderman Campbell, chairman of
the committee on flre and police, reported that the flre department needed
ten new pair of rubber boots and
twenty charges for chemical engine
and council authorized same to be
Report of the eity foreman, R
Baldwin, was read and adopted. B
Alderman Campbell gave notice
that at the next meeting he  would
1.70 of us; but had there been 50,000 able sum in maintaining and opcrat-
Germans I don't believe In my sou' | ing her schools.   But it is money well
hey could have stood before the Irish . spent and the only pity is that we
They simply were irresistible; and all I have not more to spend for the same j instrumental duet
tho time kept singing 'God Save Ire- - purpose.   W.e are getting one hundred
and.'    One huge red-haired son of, per cent value for the money,   lt is a
iJrln, having broken his rifle, got pos- j gilt-edged Investment and the dlvid-
iession of a German officer's sword, I ends never fail,
md everything that came in the way :     improvement of School Gronmls
of this giant went down.   I thought!    „.     . „   .    .
Thc   Importance   of   having   good
school grounds is coming to be appreciated more and more the world
over. There was a time when lu many
parts of Canada a piece of ground that
was unlit for cultivation might do for
The program carried out on Tuesday evening wus of aw high-class
order, a number of well known local
favorites taking part. The program:
Chairman's Remarks	
 Rev. W. K. Thomson
Instrumental duet	
 Master and Miss Vincent Fink
Recitation  Miss Ella Fielding  present" they only required the $1.00
S°l('   Mr. Frank Broughton   entrance f(,0 t0 be paid to enable them
Reading  Mrs. Spence |to jncor,)onUf, the actual fees pay-
Song Miss Ruth Stephens abl0 to the -je,mPtment „,• Ugrlcul-
Instrumental duet. *..*•■ •  ••■•_•_■ _   turo .being $7.00. and at present they
would not want much mono
postage and small Incidental expenses
Mr.  Barr then   proposed  and   Mr.
of Trade was read nnd filed:
The Board of Trade, Cranbrook. B.C.:
Genttomen: As your delegate instructed to go to Victoria aud interview tlie government In respect to aid
for the wood distilling plant for your
district, I beg to say:
Thut the Hon. W. R. Ross was the
first interviewed in the matter and h*]
explained to .Mr. Moore and myself
that wo were coming to Victoria al a _
very bad time, as there was a lot of
husiness to be cleaned up before tlie   POST.U-JK STAMPS
weight. 1000 to 1200 pounds
Artillery horses—Age, rising 5 to
10 years; height, th to 16 hands;
weight, 1800 to 1500 pounds.
Colors—Rays. Browns, Blacks.
Chestnuts. Blue Roans. Red Kuans.
No Light Greys or Whites.
Upwards of forty thousand horses
hav.* thus far been bought in Canada for the llrltlsh and allied armies
Master and Miss Vincent Fink
Vocal solo Mrs. G. F. Stevenson
.Parker Bros
Instrumental   Mr. Scott
At the conclusion of the program
Sid. Mayne seconded, that the association, as It now stands, he duly Incor-
of Wallace.   Four hundred and seven-
y Huns were killed and wounded and
we took seventy prisoners.  Had it not
been for the Irish I wouldn't have
been  writing  this,    and    when    It
:otnes to a hand-to-hand job there is,.,     ,,     , ., ,    ,     .„,   ,
inth.nc, <n ♦.,« ,..i,„i„ d-ui i .    the site of the country school.    That
-mining ln the whole British army to< .    *, .    ,„.        ..     ..
nnnrnnnh th™      n„A „„..     t     ,       /       . • d«V   has   {UtBBOd.      Til OS C   d rCCtl.V   COI1-
introil,,,,.   a   bylaw, regulatlag   the ZTrtoraen/''  °    "^'"'"""""'! cerned with ,He education ot children
81 ' —' I have come to realize the great Import-
DISTRICT AUTOMOBILE 'ance of environmental Influence ltithe
house prorogued*! which would be in
tieyond Hi,, course of a week or ten dajT. and
tlmt our matter could not receive the
same attention it would have received,
hnd we heen there earlier in tiie session.
Several consultation-, were had with
tlie premier, who expressed much interest. Matters were pone luto a*
fully as could be and the result of the
consultations were to the effect that
tlie government was greatly Interested
Stamps May bt I'sed for l'rr,iayaaent
nf Ilulles oa ll.uk Cheuue.,
Bills of KxchMrv. Bit.
The |aost office department, having
given notice a week or two ago. In
connection with the War Revenue
Act. that all letters and poBtcards
mailt-d  In   Canada  for  delivery     In
extension  of  the city  wnter  mains
outside of tho city limits.
Messrs. J. P. Pink and C. R. Wnrd.
representing the Cranbrook Hoard of
Trade, appenreil before the council
and asked that tho portion of last
year's grant to the board remaining
unpaid amounting fo $125 be giver
the board this year to carry on their
work. The matter wns referred to
the flnnncc committee to be taken up
with the estimates.
Tlie mnter of wnter account and
settlement of arrears with the Ry
Y. M. C. A. was referred to the water
committee wltli power to act.
Motion was curried thnt water rntes
In future for Ry. Y. M, ('. A. be
charged to the C. P. R. at the regular
rate given thc compnny.
Engineer McCullougll was authorized to order 1760 feel of new -i-ln, |
steel water pipe and four new lire hydrants.
A communication from llie ('ran.
brook Jobbers regarding the Bupplyln*.
of-tennis to work on the city street:'
was received nnd (Ileal
Motion curried Hint city olllolnls In.
niilliii'il that hi future thoy must .a..
cure requisition fair supplies signed billie chairman! ot ilia, respective com-
mltlei's und Hint order upon this iv-
(lnlslllnn must lie given by tlm clt;
clerk, before Blipplloa can be ordered
or furnished.
Tenders for cleaning „,, |lUl,j.s „„,!
streets and hauling nwny refnsi. were
submitted by w. B. Worden, W .1
Solliy, it, s. McNeil „„,| c B. Parker
Mova'd lay linn Hold and Krlclisiin Hint
tender of W, p), Wnrdi-n r.ir Jlillll hi'
accepted uml thai contract lie let In
hlm under the usual regulations.
Tenders fur tli.. position of city engineer were opened nml rend. Tenders
were received trom .I11I111 11. Snaps,
Calgary, Altn.; U, ,t. |.'„w||,, MoUod,
Alta.; W. R. Boeder, Calgary, Alia.;
W. II. Foster, Queens liny; t, 0. Mac-
kny, Nelson; Hum. Moore, Creston:
A. U. Cherrlng, Calgary, Altn.; B. n
Ireland, .1. c. olenday, P, O'Hara,
Robert Hrown and J. II. Cummlngs,
Moved by Campbell and Ilnullelil
that J. (1. Cummings be engaged as
city engineer at a salary of $100.4)0
per month and Hint tlte mayor and eity
clerk be Instructed to enter Into eon-
tract with hlm.   Cnrrled.
ASSOCIATION MEETING,ir'TT ot a, f1*'"  cta,Mt?',
,» '■ The school ground should be a model
.'.■■.lit. Hustler suld a word of good-bye   porated under the Agricultural Assoc-
to the cnniriides. thanking them for   |&tlon Act.
their Bum-ort during his stay in the     TnB| waH carried uriontmotisly.
city nnd asking for the hearty co*i    Mr Bu„ht who WflS Dp|)0jntcd Bec.
operation of the friends of the Army  retary at tho  Inst  meeting, having
for the ncw Capt. a^fid to be relieved, as lie hnd not
Refreshments  were served at the   the necessary time to devote to the
conclusion of the captain's remarks, duties.   Mr. deo.  Hannant proposed
Mr. and Mrs. Hustler left yesterday   and Mr.  Uarr    seconded,    that    Mr.  atstance would take the nremi^r w«-   ,■ •     .* -a  -_-.    a
for   RosKlfind   tholr    now    ouarterH    &i  * . > < .   , smance wouia taae, tne premier na-,   Uvery  in  the  tnittd  Kingdom     and
ror  itossianu, ineir    new    quarters.. Ahston be appointed secrcturv. not then nrpnan-d to env nr.lv th*. ft  n *.* i *.*
while Cunt   Kerr and hin.   atmistant      mn. „       . ,  , ■ i">i men preporea to sa>. onij tliat it   British    possessions    generally,    or
wnno t-npi. K.err ana nu   assistant     This was also carried unanimously,  would be of a RtibstnntiAi natim> . .t    . ■     m        ,. a
ot Rossland have been transferred to     ThB members nreSeof then ____ '    «        „       substantial nature.       wherever the two cent rate applied.
Cranbrook and arrived today orl   L   i2 7 ,   proceed-      The matter now stands for the gov-  ahou]d _ addition to ordinary post-
ranbrook .md arrival today. «d to sign   he necessary Declaration  ernment to be heard from with some  afre carry a one cent stamp as a War
of Association,  sent by the Depart-  kind of a definite proposal, and upon  «* and auo having notified the pub-
mmt  «f   .wh,,,!,,,,-   for tlmt  .,,„._  rcceipt of any further information.   I
and would do something for this pro-  Canada, the United States or Mexico,
jeet.  but  Just  what   form   this  as-   aud letters mailed in Canada for de-
In neatness and beauty, und the
pupils, under the guidance of their
teacher and with the hearty co-operation of the board, should help to make
it so. In British Columbia there are
many fine grounds for the establishing
of which school boards, past or provocation are planning ou   holding ^ 9ent; nnd pilbl*c.s.lirited cU(wnB ftre
Mans Being; Made for the Annual Tom j
to Wasa, the Famoas Scenic
Spot In the Windermere
The Cranbrbook District Automobile
deserving of the highest commendation; But, on the other hand, many
school grounds are entirely too small,
and many others that aro large enough
are so rough and unimproved as to be
of little or no use from the standpoint
of the children's comfort or recreation.
Tiie school grounds should really be
regarded as n part of the daily working equipment of the school, and as
such should be made the best possible—hest from the standpoint of convenience  and   utility  for  sports  ond
their  annual   meeting  tlit*  year
Wasa, as the guest of Mr. N. Hanson,
m (he tlrst Wednesday in Slay, which
s also the occasion of the flrst ha it
holiday In Cranbrook.
This annual meet lu- grown to bo
.he chief event of th.' year for the
sUtomoWUstSj being gi/en ovor enf.re
ly to their pleasure. The hotel at
\\'n.-a is making preparations to entertain the crowd ou u mor? ntagnt*
th-t'tit scale this year than heretofore.
Mr. Hanson is arranging to provlae a
huml and orchestra aP.'l duiottig is
promised to be on the program.
The roud foreman promises that
the roads wilt be like i puiM ot glass
on that date and all ante cwncs and
their wives, sisters, sweethearts, ere
preparing to enjoy oae of the best
Limes in their lives.
The ride to Wa»ii. through some
of the most beautiful scenery of the >
Kootenay vavlley, is always a 'real,
to the motorist and especially hi the
warmth of the genial May days; when j
the grass is green on the roadside and
llowers are springing Into myriad
beauties on every hand. The lolty \
mountain peaks raise their majestic
headl In solemn and sublime grandeur and at their feet the Kootenay
ever deepens, ever wldehs, as eaeh
tiny mountain rIVUlet comes dashing
down to be hurried onward to thej_ 5^5."  tte'ljrouad's.
HiirKiiiK sou.
Truly It's n trip worth niaklnp, at
any BOalon  hut lis the guests of the
GOLF CLUH ORGANIZED meat ot Agrleulture
—— A discussion then took   place   on
Have   Erected   >'cw   I'arllloa   and I matters of general  Interest to  the
Crcntly Improved Golf ' ranchers, and tlie secretary wns In-
Hn\,t ' structed  to  draw  ip  the  naossary
bre-laws to be presented nt the special meeting, to be called shortly, tor
A meeting was held In the city hall  the purpose of passing same.
on April 6th for tl.e purpose of form-  „„..„„.  ,.„,      	
Ing u golf club, at which the following  W'IUUIj *?"**"''
officers were elected:
will communicate further with your
Yours faithfully.
A. K. Leitch.
Jafflay, DC. March 30th, 1915.
lie that such war tax, while it should
be paid preferably by the postage
stamp marked "War Tax," could. If
such stamp were not available, be paid
by an ordinary one 'cent postage
stamp. Is now issuing further notice
The following communication  was u 'he effect that postage stamps may
read from Mr. F. E. Simpson, formerly °" used ,or ""■ prepayment of war
the proprietor of the Cranbrook Her- duties on bank cheques, bills of ex-
ald, and filed: change,   promissory'   notes,   express
MEETING  MONDAY   Secretary Board of Trade. Crnnbrook. monev~ oroer"' I'roprletary or patent
Hon. President-Mr. V. Hyde Baker. Mis, 8'ephens Resigns-Appoint New
President—J. Mi Christie. Teacher and Ask Press to
Vlee-1'rcsldent-Mr. E. L. Staples. Publish Minules
Secretary-Treasurer—Mr.     M.     Al 	
Beale. Meeting of the Board    of   School
Committee— Mrs. A. C. Nelson, Mrs. Trustees was held ut the eity clerk's
F. W. Green. Mrs. Geo. Hoggarth, Mrs. omce on last Montiuy evening.   Those  country news, items and short articles
M. A. Heale, Mr. J. T. Laldlaw, Mr. W. Present were Chairman White, Trus-   regarding various towns and contlgu
Dear Sir: It is my intention to
start a weekly paper in Victoria during the present month. Aside from
matters of Interest at the coast, 1 am
anxious  to  secure   from   the  upikt
medicines, perfumery, wines or champagne, as well as upon letters and
postcards, postal uotes and post office
money orders, the Intention being to
provide facilities in those portions ot
the country where excise stamps are
not readily avavHable. This In view
of the fact that postage stamps may be
11 Supple Ilr J H King. Mr' J. Mil-  ,ees Qualn, Henderson, Manning and  ous territory, with Illustrations show-  obtalned at all points over the whole
Ing attractive scenery, important pub-  col",,r>'' ,n **** Places where there
ivere  Ile buildings, and typical better class  '" "° <•»»*«<"■ <•' '"'and Nevenue and
Tea Committee—Mrs.
B. Mae-     Minutes of previous meeting
r, ii.-r.ii i- - nutia.*., best In'polnt Tf  *>na!d. Mrs, W. A. Nisbet, Mrs. 3. M. re»a <""1 adopted,
esthetic beauty and arrangement, and  Christie, Mrs. J. H. King. The appointment „( Mrs. .1. c
best froni the standpoint of Its educa-
of residences.   If you, or someone for
Pat-   you. will write me a half column once
Membership fees are: Ladles, $2.60; I morc on tIle leaching staff in place of  or twice a month I will be only too
tlonnl usefulness.
Because of the fact tlmt the school
grounds in the great majority of the
schools of the province are quite below the stnnihird ot excellence of the
school buildings, and In order to encourage trustee boards to Improve the
school grounds of the province ,the
department nf education lias decided
to ninke certain special grnnts which
gentlemen, »6.00; tea members, %IM ■ MlR» Stephens, resigned, at a salary
A vote of thanks was passed to Dr.'•**• "r,0° P*" month was confirmed.
King nnd Mr. E. L. Staples for their t   Tue secretary wns Instructed to ask
kindness in supplying lumber for the  Mrs- Racklyeft for a list of tlle iirlin-
new pavilion. a|,y materials necessary for the Koo-
Tlie  meeting  was  an  enthusiastic ; lenay Orchards School und wns miotic nnd largely atended which augurs ' thorlicd to order same,
well for the future success of the new     The requirements  suggested  In  a
ciub. ' letter from Mr. 11. P. Hope, Inspector  the printing of either the news article
Considerable work ls to be done at I of schools, was read and the secre- i or the cuts.   Have tlle cuts sent cap'
pleased to Insert the same In my
paper, thus giving to my readers here
news and facts of Importance regarding the upper country. I would like to
have the first letter sent as soon as
possible, with at least two or three ot
your best cuts one or two columns
wide.    There wlll be no charge for
no Inland revenue stamps could be
obtained, is a distinct convenience to
the public, and no doubt will be largely
taken advantage of.
be conditional upon the ex
1 Should rrnnhrniik be First to Iniin-
pendl-  oncc °" lhc llnkg' a fln<! new Pa»lllon <ary Instructed to notify .Mr. Pi
that   of the Cusack Building and addressed
lure of e.m-il amounts by each school   |B n8arly finished and the location Is I all alterations not already made would   to "The Victorian."
board concerned   The grnnts referred  "n ldenl on(' tor '""•   Th« club "*»"» ! bo carrleli   m"   durl"B ""'   summer '    1 trust we may be able to further
to arc not for such essential prellniln-   with n membership of over forty.       I holidays. our mutual relations along this line as
ary work ns logging stumping rough-      Applications for membership should I    Accounts were passed as follows:   ' I um anxious to publish a paper that
grading and fencing but forsuch sub-   bo sent to the secretary, Mr. M. A. Teachers salaries   »13r,2.B0 , wlll be a bencllt to the province as a
sequent'Improvements ns draining and  B«>1«. "> "M» a" subscriptions are T. M. Roberts      38.00 whole, and of Interest to the people.
Ilnc-grading  preparatory to  seeding  Pa'aDl8 and now due. r. W. Green       41.C5
  James Lown     100.00
TOWN TOPICS | A- M. Davis          2i,M
  ;J. Gilpin      lo.oo
gnrate nn Arbor Day?
Messrs. A. K. Leitch   and   Oeorge I Beattie-Murphy Co.
Automobile Association It will be nn
event long remembered by overyono.
Mr. W. II. Wilson, tho secretary of
the association, Is sending Invitation:
In  Canadian  schools It has  been ; Lend,, 0f the East Kootenay Lumber j City of Cranbrook
the custom for years to observe Arbo.' j company, Limited, spent a couple of Electric Light Co	
Day In a greater or less degree. This <davs ta Vancouver early In Match re- ] Cranbrook Drug & nook Co.
custom should receive increased at-1 newrag oW acquaintances.   Hugh Oil- Colonist Printing Co	
to r.u
to nil outsldo   points and any auto i 'entlon from education! bodies and the! mourp ot Ule waterous company, plac ■ Cranbrook Foundry         1.60
owner who docs not receive an Invitation to this meeting should Immediately notify Mr. Wilson.
Do you know that with our Vacuum
Moved by Campbell and Clnpp tlmt I "leaner you can clean all the car-
tenders bo called for   running   the llc'8 ln an eight-roomed house In two
general public, for the country has a | ed h|s allt0 ot t|lc)r disposal and even I Cranbrook Sash & Dour Co
great need for the planting of morc | offered to chaperon them at a pink tea I City Transfer Co	
trees and shrubs, both In school and jor Bome other function, but the offer' Cranbrook Steam Uundry
Btreet sprinkler to be In hnnd not Inter
thnn April 21st.   Carried.
Council adjourned.
«walk over- ENEMY!o™;fcV;;I,'i1;^lr"'j;,;i;r(:;. ut,
hours? You do It better than with
tho old style carpet beater and do
not Injure the carpet—In fact you
make It look like new.
We rent Vacuum Cleanen at 50c.
and $1.00 per hour and cartage.
Fhe Hundred of the Nn-Cnlled Tn.
patriot Ir Irish" 1'nt It Over
20(H) Germans
Tho marvelous courage of a company of 600 (lonnaught ltnngern who,
to tlw atralna of "Ood Save Ireland,"
A family to the numher of nineteen
passed through t'ranbrook Wedncn*
day cn route to Winnipeg from 8po>
liani*. There were llftuen glrlft, two
hoys, futhcr nnd mother. Tho father
appeared to be quite RatlaflfMl wltli hla
residential grounds. Canada ls so do-1
pendent upon her forests that any i
measures which may bo taken to ex- i
tend the knowledge of the pupils re-'
spectlng trees and the need for their
protection will servo n useful purpose.
was declined on the ground that In j Nelson Dally News
the present condition of the Industry John Gilpin 	
such frivolity would be out of place.— , A. B. Gardner  	
Western Lumberman. Kootenay Telephone
P. Parks A Co	
Patmore  Bros.
A. K. Parker, formerly pressman In
thc employ of the Prospector offlce,
In-eaeh of the provinces, with the neft Monday'for Australia, where'he
exception of British Columbia, provl- j has secured a lucrative position in
sion Is made for the celebration of Ar-! one o fthe big Job printing houses of
bor Day. We cannot recall ono single | Melbourne. Mr. Parker's family wlll
Instance In this province wliere this I remain here for some time. Mr. Pur-
day Is celebrated. If this is so, why I ker 1ms been a resident of Cranbrook
not tho Cranbrook school board, ''for a number of years and Is a flrat-
Wlilch is a live wire along educational class mechanic. The panto haa fallen
linen, step Into the breach. Why not 1 heavily on the shoulders of the local
an Arbor Day   for   Cranhrook?   hi |printers.   Thoro are seven left here
most provinces It Is a public school
celebration only, the regulations requiring Its observance by the planting
still and there ls not work enough for
throe. Thing:*) prlntorlally dato certainly gone to the bad la Craabteek.
All that was mortal of the the late
Peter Carruthers was conveyed east
to his old home in Ottawa for interment. The funeral was held from
Lethbridge, Alt^, where one of the
largest funerals fn the history of tbe
town was held. A number of Cranhrook people Journeyed to Lethbridge
to pay their last respects. Pull military honors were accorded the lat ■
Itombudler Carruthers of the 20th Battery, C.K.F., on Saturday when the
funeral service was held prior to tbe
remains being sent east.
An escort of one hundred men In
charge of Sergt. Perry formed the
procession preceding the remains on a
gun carriage, while hundreds ot citizens were present at Knox church to
pay their last respects. The floral
Letter from the C. P. R. Department offerings were as follows:
of Natural Resources regarding the The citizens of Frank, Alto.-Plllow.
supplying of advertising matter for 0. R. C, No. 542—Emblem,
the San Francisco exposition wax Bi SUDi 20th Battery, C.F.A.—Shield
read and the secretary was Instructed uthbrldge Lodge, No. 39, A.F.&
to ship all pamphlets now on hand to  A.M.- Square and Compass.
20th  Battery, C. F. A., C. E.  F.—
Very truly yours,
F. E. Simpson.
1546 .Monterey Ave.
Victoria, B.C., April 7th. 1915.
The matter of furnishing articles for
Mr. Simpson was referred to Mr. F. A.
Russell, chairman of tho Natural Resources committee.
San Francisco.
Correspondence regarding the establishment of a military training
headquarters here was given but notli-
Vnncouver Province         1.55   1*91 definite has so far been promised.
Correspondence r« the seed grain
Letter from  Mr. Gibson  regarding
school gardens wns received and filed.
The local paper was asked to publish minutes of the moetlngH of the
achool board.
Motion rarried that Mr Cranston ba
Instructed to confine hin nhotari lo
the class room and tluit llie offlCfl he
proposition  was read.
Report from Mr. Geo. F. Strvenson,
chairman of thn railwny committee,
regarding the re-orgunlzatton of the
AHHoelated Boards of Trade of Eastern British Columbia wus reud and
Report of W, A. Nisbet recommending certain changers In the wording nf
retained for tho use of the principal [the   bylaws  was   read  and  referred
and the tetchem. to the next Meeting.
Meeting adjourned Board adjourned
Broken wheel.
Alexander Gait Chapter, I.O.D.B.—
Miss Violet Dalsell—Spray.
Mrs. C. and Don MeKlllop—Anchor
Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen,
■ Crnnbrook—Wreath.
Shlklnah Chapter, No. 158—Royal
Arrh Masons—Spray.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Thomas—Spray.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Robert Nlven and
Family, Frank—Spray.
Mr and Mrs. 8. II. Smith-Spray.
Mr .and Mrs. C. II. Divine—Spray.
Mr. and MrB. II. II. Fftzslmmoas
< end Helen—Spray.
MIkr Nora l-eea. Frank -Spray. PA01 TWO
thi cauNannoK mduuud
THURSDAY, APRIL 15th, 1915
L. P. Sullhan, Kditor
1. B. Xhiimp.un, Business Manager
Snpserlptlei Bates
Oil   Year    	
Ill Months    	
Three Months   	
AdrerUslni Betes
Mtpler   Advertlslni,   !.   cents
Column Inch.
Beedlnc Notlcss or ciuslBeai Ads.
ssssls per line.
Cranbrook, IM'* April 1514, 1915
Klag waving lins been superseded
by union card waving is tlie latest
reports from Kimberley. One !,m
about as much sense as the other as
regards the selection of a representative who will faithfully work for
Kast Kootenny and the Cranbrook district.
Remember that the War Stamp
dooB not provide revenue for the war
but provides for the thirty million
delicti In Dominion revenue this
year. It serves the same purpose ns
tlle War Tux In the United States, a
neutral  country,    lt  makes  up  the
He* ot Historic Burg Bite the Bust
■nd llnmlile Themselves- to the
Cranbrook Braves
The sporting season ls at hand and
there Is little In sight for Cranbrook
ln the line of baseball or lacrosse,
sport whicli has hitherto occupied a
prominent place in our sporting life,
faced old man.   He appears In several j Conditions this year will not permit
changes of costume.   The only thing' bringing ln professional players and
lacking Is the conversation, yet he j Cranbrook wlll have to make thc best
It is hard to get a hungry man as   even mimics that in a realistic way— ■ of her home grown material, which,
much interested in religion as he is , as if he were saying something on the i after all, is the very best thing for
in liniu and eggs. j quiet. ! the  town.      We  were  getting  quite
Florence     Rayfleld, "The    Dainty } cocky in the line of sport.
Little Singer," has a big tuneful voice j    On Sunday afternoon last a game of
for such a small young lady.   She has  baseball was played    between    Fort
of hlmsolf.    You have heard of men
making monkeys ot themselves, but
to see a monkey who has made a mau
of himself Is quite a bit unusual.   Yet
this  is   virtually   what  Richard  thc
Great, who will appear next week   at
the Auditorium as the headline attraction, bus done.    He wears a boiled
The Dominion government rake-off j shlrt an(] irm!l suit, or rides a bicycle
on letters and postcards commenced ( w|tll e(llml casl,    Ho aines at a well
per today. i set table and walks about the stage
some men may have a lot of g00a | looking for all the world like » serious
in them, but it would take nn autopsy
lo locate it.
Work on the waterworks system
lias commenced. None of the 107th
men arc in the trenches.
One or two brave men have already appeared on tlio streets in
bright and shiny new summer straw
Steele and Cranbrook, which proved
interesting and which was witnessed
by a large number of spectators.
A number of brilliant plays were made
by both teams and by the same token
a  repertoire  of  popular  songs  that
make a hit with the audience.
Fern, Ulgelow and Meahan in their
acrobatic skit "Bumps and Highballs,"
nre  exceptionally  clever  laugh  pro-   „,, „,,v.. -,.. , „.,« „,, ...... ™„.,,. ,
  j vokers.   In this turn the three funny j let tt be said that a number of very
A vigorous, healthy man haa really  c|,Hracters are well represented, the   punk, by highly amusing plays, were
only ono right in the world, only ono   sousei the B|)ort and the beU hop and   also made      W1]en the   BCore    wa(J i ciiaracter tt8 „oen trom tho i„j,lc]lC8
thing to demand, and that is a chance  sonift rea| faj[a and Dumi)g are per-1 counted it was found that the home   Is totally different from what ho Is as
to work. formed. I team had put It over the neighboring I a man.   If you want to see the real
 ' Miss Winona Winters, "The Cheer-j town 18—3.   Some score! Some score! I Hughle It will be necessary to drop
Many a business man worked ovor-   v.} QM„ *s a blg feature on the bm> |    Tho Port BteeIo team—It.   Crowe, 1 around at the livery stable of J. A.
ly. Elliot Is working on a new piny
for the next game with Port Steele
which promises somcthlug never before—and If he Is caught—never again
pulled off by the man behind the bat.
H. Ferguson, First Baseman
Ferguson, as the name suggests, Is
Irish, yes, quite Irish. He has played
ball from the time he left the cradle
and says he haB a lot to learn yet. Hc
Is one first baseman who admits he
does not know it all. He enjoys the
reputation of taking ln anything ten
feet above, below or either side of first
base. Many say that he possesses the
characteristics ot Billy Sunday, now
the famous evangelist, but a few
years ago a ball player of thc flrst
(apt. Woods* second baseman
Hughle Woods Is a type of manager
entirely new to baseball and his success or failure as a leader Is awaited
with as much interest by the baseball
fans of Cranbrook, as Dick McBrldo's
success Is looked forward to at the
terminal city. He ls one of the most
misunderstood of players becuuse his
no this week gottlne °»t his bills   she is a very clever young lady with a j catcher; P. Lumm, pitcher; W. Whelp-
to boat the government out of tho war
tux stamp,   When Creek moots Crock.
sheriff  lias   boon  "on  tho  toot a couple of Cranbrook busi-
good voice and talking act. Her Impersonation of a Swedish maid talking over the phone ls simply a scream.
shrinkage in revenue as a result of the   |U,SS il0lUi(!R lately.   If you would liko
Reports ou the road work through
this district aro to the effect that it
is u little worse this year than usual.
Even the Conservatives are holding
Indignation meetings now.     While   it
to see him our guest just stand
off a little more.
She is also
flu 1st.
Edward Barnes and Mabel Robinson
"Two Tuneful Tiny Tots," take very
well with the audience. They appear
A few years ngo when she bruised to have a line of songs, talk and a
ir knee—when you usod to go to mixture of not very much but a little
of everything that Ib amusing and entertaining.
Rodney Ronans and Marie Nelson
assisted by Clayton MacKlein, present
thut novel sketch "Conscience," taken
ley, first base; G. Judd, second base;
W. Tanhauser, third base; S. Stuart,
short stop; B. Crowe, right field; J.
pretty good ventrilo-, Kelly, center field; B. Bell, left field.
The   Cranbrook   team—A.   Crowe,
pitcher;  E. Crowe, catcher;  H. Ferguson, flrst base;  H. Woods, second
base; C.    Caverly,    third   base;    L.
.-.chool wltli her, she used to let you
rub liniment on it. Now she'd call
Is highly pleasing to give jobs to a I tlie police if you would help her dress
few picked men for a fow days each   a sprained unklc.
year It might also bo commendable .	
to try and got some returns for [ A local man whom wo dropped from from a play of the same name, which
$40,000 expended. Perhaps, though.'tho subscription list last week said recently made a big hit in New York
on account of tho hard times that Is ^ the Herald was a sheet whicli nobody City. "Conscience" is a , sketch
too much to expect. ! <* expected to rond and which was a  'luite out of the ordinary and cannot
iirst-class place    to   hide   anything,   fail to   Interest   and please any aud-
 — j lence.   The story deals with a young
Life is just one damned thing after' husband and wife.   After a couple of
another.    When   you    were  a    boy,  years the wife's attention ls given to
mother used to spank you because of her Infant son.   The husband objects
the  rent ln  your  clothes.    Now thc I to his wife becoming a nurse maid,
landlord makes a fuss If you haven't   as he calls tt, and seeks attention else-
»ot the rent In your clotheB. where.   One evening when left alone
  the wife calls her husband to come
When thoy are    engaged she   puts   bflck      Mr  Ronans   fl8 "Conscience"
tierfume on the lapel of his coat and   the|l ukeg t,l(g opportuiiity to appear.
•ells   him   how   nice   It   makes   him   T,,e 8tory la a bU ,flce that   of „Every
■ mell.    But If ho comes  home with
some   perfume  on   the   lapel  ot  his
coat   after    they nro    married   she
wants a divorce.
Macdonald on Cranbrook street. Here
you And the real Macoy. Hughle ls n
good ball player, but he Is a bettor
man around the stable.
C. Caverlcr, Third Baseman
Here is the real  type of baseball
artist.  He ls smiling all the while and
has never let a thing get beyond third
base—he blocks   everything—humans
The Rossland Minor has entered the
field as a daily newspaper, being issued every week day evening. Good
for the Minor and congratulations to
Rossland. It is refreshing to know
that some newspapers can prosper,
even in these days of shrinking editions and scared advertisers. Wo
wish tlie Miner success tn Its new
endeavors und may its shadow never
grow less.
What mankind needs is more justice and less love. Justice and love!
are not comparable. They are not in
the same category. Love Is a function
of the mind, of soul; justice Is a
characteristic of the actions and relations of man to man. To tulk about
substituting justice for love is like
proposing to adjust the machinery of a
mill so well that there would ho no
need of engines or power plant. The
type of love we are needing is that
which expresses itself in justice
rather than in cheap, gushing sentimentality. Tlie world is sick und
tired or tlie "love" tliat sends toys to
a sick child and opposes child labor
laws, gives nickles to cripples and
opposes workmen's compensation, or
"pities" the poor and grinds labor he-1 'ii
low n living wnge. Constructive Fer-
vice Is indnod what the world is
sorely needing. But that is tlio kind of
love for whicli Christianity stands.
Woman," but as most stories end, this
one also does, the husband comes
hack  and they all  live happy ever
j after.
A travelling man rr-tireKcntinir a
taper house on urrivinp, at Crnnbrook
telegraphed his firm saying business
ii his line was on tlu; bum ard everywhere he went thero wero fifty men
iheail of hlm! He said he was re
turning home. Today he received a
wire which road: "Keep on gnini-;.
Thero are one hundred behind you."
BE  IT  RESOLVED,  that we,  the
Women's Institute of Cranbrook, ex-
tivated ln the famous mining town of
Moyle, when that town was a busy
ind thriving burg. Crowe has a refutation for being strictly honest—
ureas our deepest sympathy with the j he Ib   a rising   young   lawyer—and
Slmms, short stop; R. Wadman, right: and all must slacken up before touch-
field; M. Lajoie, left field; H. Deacon,; ing third base. Caverley is also n
center field. | good batter and smashes out In the'
Mr. A, Lund referecd the game to ; neighborhood of left field nearly every
the entire  satisfaction, although  it, time.
looked at times as if he was favoring L. Slums, Short Stop
the Fort Steele team, and we don't L. Slmms, the Cranbrook short stop,
blame him a bit. Any man who is; Is a most peculiar player, inasmuch I
fair, and we believe Mr. Lund la on as he is always crouching down and
the square, would favor the under dog generally about one ft. from the j
in this particular case. } ground.    It ia said he acquired this
THE CRANBKOOK TEAM i style of  playing  somewhere  in  the j
The following sketch of the several; nelghorhood of Charlottetown, P.E.I.,
Cranbrook players has been forward-; his native home. He can therefore be
"d to the Herald with the request that termed, to use the language of the'
the same be published. It Is asking! Charlottetown Guardian, "another sue- ■
t lot to put this in cold print, but we : ecssful Islander abroad." Slmms'
have decided, after considering the' batting ability is marvelous—yes mar-
penalty attached to the publishing of | velous—you should see him ln ac-
such a story, to take a chance. The' tion. He digs into the earth, rubs a |
name of the contributor may be had! Uttle on his hands, as If to dust hlm-
nn application to the business man-: self down, and as the ball comes
ager. | whirling along he strikes the mighty
A. Crowe, the Craubrook Pitcher     ! blow which sends the ball out of sight
An athlete of first rank, playing a. and which Is generally lost forever,
good game all the time and never re-! R, Widman, Bight Fielder
•sorting to any underhand work, un-. noy piays a g00fi game. He has
less his team Is benefited thereby. He j a|j k|nds of balls—high and low—but
has a few good curves, said to be cul-1 the "high ball" appeals to him more
This happened only the other night.
The daughter of a well known me-
■hanic made a real hit with a cer-
■lin young man, who was invited to
tho house. Her father walked into
room whore Ills daughter and her
beau are courting, and wanted to
know where the Sam Hill tho daughter put his safety razor after she
trot through using it. The young man
has left town.
family, and the community at large, in
their loss by the sudden removal by
death, of Rev. Mr. Flewelling. His Influence for good   was   far-reaching.
everything that passes between him
ind the catcher Is "Jake," providing
the umpire can be jollied along. When
he throws out the signal for a high
whether exercised in the admlnlstra- \ ir low ball, he whispers to the um
tion of his duties, as a   minister of. uire: "That's a nice one."  He usually
Nearly every paper   you    rood    In i "
Canadn today is shouting "graft." The | THE WEEK AT
Conservative papers are accusing the I
Libernls of reckless extravagance and |
the Liberal papers are accusing tbe j
Conservatives of criminal misuse ol j
public monies. The political patron-
ago system is being shown up In all
its unlovely colors. The next election is being foreshadowed with muckraking nnd mud slinging that is returning no glory to the honor of Canada. Ton often the charges being
made are true. The newspapers nre
endeavoring to uphold the honor of
the country. For any great change in
conditions the public conscience must
A (..mhI   Audience Greeted  a  tiood
Troii]i of All Around Good
Especially good music was the feature of the Pantages show this week.
There were five acts of the very best
class of entertainment with no weak
The show was opened by Kennedy
iiiid Mac, who were heralded as "The
Christ, or in the ordinary walks of
Prompted by a public spirit, he
was ever ready to assist In the promotion and welfare of every Institution, having for Its object the betterment of mankind;
His keen interest ln the work ot the
Women's Institute, and the valuable
assistance rendered us from time to
time, will be greatly missed;
He was to address our last Institute
meeting, on horticulture, a subject
dear to his heart, not ln theory only,
but in practice, as demonstrated bv
the profusion of flowers, and vines cultivated each year on the plot of ground
surrounding his home;
We can only add a sincere wish, that
the Great Father, who has gathered
him to his eternal and well earned
rest, will comfort his loved ones in
mil Guys."    They  gave an entirely j "«!' hott'of bereavement, and furth-
,..*w gymnastic turn, combining a nura-' 'r b,eK8 thls ™>™«nlty with staunch
•sets away with it. In an argument he
11 ways turns to the legal aide of the
issue, and quotes from the Revised
statutes of British Columbia. This is
another "play" he usually gets
away with.
E. Crowe, catcher
A brother of the above mentioned
pitcher. He haB learned several
wrinkles about the game by hard experience with hard headed ball play-'
■jrs. He and his brother room together and It is said that recently a large
mirror, measuring 6x6 ft. waa placed
in their room. This ls for a purpose,
and that purpose Is to "try out" aud
see if It ls possible to catch themselves at their own game. They practice a number of stunts which would
than any other. Wadman Ib a university man, a student, a lover of
everything beautiful—in the ball game
of course. While on the field he has I
been the leader of the "fresh" type of
player, a fighter, and a man of Ideas
and theories. He Ib the best equipped
man on the Cranbrook'team from the
standpoint of theory, of education and |
alertness of brain of all the players.
Add to this a touch of McGraw's
methods, a hatred for loafers and thc
willingness to mix it with anyone, and
'you have some conception of the young
fellow to whom the task of guarding
right field has been allotted. Unlike
the pitcher ot the Cranbrook team,
■ne does not resort to the Revised
Statutes when ln an argument. It is
either right or wrong, and when he
is on duty lu the field, everything
the other fellows do ls wrong. There
Is no room for an argument when a
man Is wrong.
M* Lajoie, Left Fielder
Lajoie ls a good all round baseball
player.    He   enjoys the    reputation
when he comes to bat of always striking at the flrst ball pitched, whether It
be high or low, and he also enjoys
put Ty. Cobb out ot the game entire- j |he reputaUon of alwaya ralsfling tbe
flrst one. He Immediately pulls down
his bat, looks It over to make sure
that everything Is in working order
ber of thrilling falls on various parts
ind able men, who will continue In
be awakened und the people stand he-   M tl|e  .inHttimy   wWch   brought the' |ha 8tepa of our departed Wend   and
hind the papers that are engaged in i .lumu„co  t0  tlieir  foot  with  excite-1,,onernctop*    . 	
thc struggle    for    cleanor    politics. | mcnt
Every office holder, no matter to what
political party hc belongs with the
taint of dishonesty In his record, must
be kicked out and be supplanted with
honest men. Thus Canada wlll do u
litle much-needed house cleaning nml
to a large extent purify the political
atmosphere. Today an ungodly mag-
gotry Is eating at our political life and talnlng.
men who are In touch with the common people must he elected to offices.
We must depend more upon the personal character of our representatives
rather than the party to which he Is
Hoi den  und  Harron  as the "Lady
nd the Messenger Boy," gave a mus*
Xo  man  can  do effective work tf
|-onstlpated—Rexall Orderlies are an
effective laxative.   Sold only by The
leal comedy turn which brought many ; ReXft|| gtorC( m   25c & ^ ^^
laughs  nnd  hearty  applause.	
Chas. Wayne & Coo. In "Nursing a > 1ALTATIOX AH1
Husband,"   produced   n   lively  little ' ,
skit followed by an acrobatic dancing      Sunday, holiness meeting, 11 a.m.;
tunt   which   was   novel   and   enter*; praise meeting, 3 p.m.
Salvation service, 7.30 p.m.
Hob Albright, tho    Oklahoma boy :    Week day Tuesdays, Thursdays and
with a wonderful tenor voice, was thc  -Saturdays, 8 p.m.
The Cranbrook Choral Society will »»d **** eBtovorB to nnd the ball,
give the second concert of this ,e».: When he locates it you can rest as-
son in the Presbyterian church on ! 8*"f> that the same little ball Is golne
Sunday, April 26th, at 8.4B p.m. The ' * 'raTCl' «*'**« *•"*»'*'; «*"*' h»s
Rev W. K. Thomson, who ls warmly!,hl! V°™° """T " v.m "ra
interested In the society's work, has, „ H* ■**«**,C™**r liM" , .
Intimated that he will close the re- , D«co» Probably knows more tricks
SUlar service at 8.30 sharp. The pas-1 " h« ba» tr»do than ot the cu^"-
tors ot the other churches have also! 'er\*■*•■"*• h,s ,ch°se" «™I»«™'
made   public   announcements   from ; Baseba    is one o( the Deacon s hob-
their pulpits of the coming event. ! ble8', **> rodc " mhm 8t 8c,:°o1 ln
There i, no admission, but a collec- i ""> «*M«fWt«- He never gets sore
tion wlll be taken. The work of the,''nen t,le un",lre 8h0u'8 strlko' °"d
,oclety and orchestra Is approaching' De'',:0I, l8 l"',lentlS, waU">8 t0,f6t l0
■i high standard of perfection and all nr8t m I»",k "ltchl*'«'  Harr>' "KC8 t0
 W. Kerr, C. O.
inoi runmiui raroci
HnrSE-n.KANIM. time
Do you know that wltli our Vacuum
Cleaner you can clean all tlie carpets In an etglit-roumed holme in two
hours? You du It better than wltli
the old style rarpi't iVati'r and do
not injure the carpet—In tact you
make it look liko new.
We rent Vacuum (.'leaners at  I'lOta
and $1.00 per hour and cartagr.
Cranbrook   Electric  Light Co,  Md.
srops ron sale
We wlll deliver at any railway station   In   KaHt   Kootenny   potatoes   In
one hundred pound lots or more for bM"'" "f ,ms ■",'
H.iJO per  100  tlm.    White BlirbankS, this   net   lire   nil
suitable for table use or seed. und    have    surprising    volume    an
Bond  the  money and you get  the „.pn „H M„\nlt   plunlsslmlo   eltocts.
Rj^iA^tifEVEJloPJlENT CO. K "r"w v"d"™"8 8I""8!,»!'
most pleuslng entertulner on thc bill.
Hob 1ms a free and easy stage pres-
■nee and instantly won his way Into
the affection ot the audience. He responded to tlle demands of the audience for ubout a dozen encores. He Is
a star attraction, closing his number with a iiuiirtetto that render some
real harmonics.
Cora Youngblood Corsan and her
"Girls From the Golden Waest" closed
lliis   extraordinarily   good   bill   with
one of tlie biggcKt musical acts    in
vaudeville.    As a  soloist Miss Corsan Introduces a number of specially
made Instruments on which she exhibited her proficiency .accompanied,
by a double quartette of trombones Jesu8 CnrlBt Tokln« P»"«>»1 P°88e»-
llenutlful costumes and ',lon °* Hla Eartnl° Kingdom."
settings add to   the |    A cordial welclme to al.
The nine girls in
capable musicians
and comets.
splendid stnge
Putor, W. K.
Morning service, 11 a.m.
s. S. and Bible class, 3 p.m.
Kvening service, 7.30 p.m.
Mid-week service Wednesday, 8 p.m.
Rev. O. B. Randall. Putor.
Services 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.
Sunday School 3 p. m.
Morning   topic—"Building   Eternal
; Mansions—Selecting Other Materials."
Evening topic, "The Revelation ot
IVarilnir. II. I.
When llttli' ones urc peevish, give
Hexali Orderlies; constipation Is
often the ciiiiHi'. Sold only by the
lleiittle-Murpliy i'o.. The Itcxnll Store,
10a, 2Hc. 8 BOc. boles.
Do you know that with our Vacuum
Cleaner you can clean all the ear-
licts In an eight-roomed house ln two
The entire company visited the hours? You do It Better than with
Mission today spending tlio duy llsh-! the old style carpet beater and do
ing und report they huve hnd n most! not Injure the carpet—In lact you
enjoyable visit in Cranbrook. ! make It look like new.
Next Wi'iVi I'iiiiIiiuc. lllll We rent Vacuum Cleaners at Hc.
Hurry dc Itosa presents Richard the j and $1.00 per hour and cartage.
Great, the monkey thnt made a man | Crnnareek  Electric  Llfkt (X 141
steal bases. He jumps around on thc
bases aB though we were on springs
and with a leap and a bound he ls to
the next base. He would sooner play
ball than eat. even ln panicky times.
lovers of good music, we feel sure, will
thoroughly enjoy the program from
start to finish.
The Boclety Is Indebted to the board
of managers tor the use of the church.
The full program Is as follows:
Selection Prom the Twelfth Mass Mozart
(a) Agnus Del
(b) Dona Nobis
The Orchestra
Chorus—"The Gloria" from Twelfth Mass Mozart
Quartet—Mrs. E. Paterson, Mrs. Dr. J. H. King
Mr. G. Hougham, Mr. J. Elliott
Selection—Humoreske  Tchaikowsky
The Orchestra
Motett—"Hear My Prayer" Mendelssohn
Solo: Mrs Geo. F. Stevenson
Cello Solo—Pleur D'Antomne    Papinl
Mr. Percy Parker
Chorus—"The Heavens Are Telling" Haydn
Trio—Mrs. W A. Nisbet, Mr. G. Hougham, Mr. J. Venus
March—Rakocsy March Berlioz
Thfi 0rcti6str&
Solo and Chorus—"Spirit Immortal" from "Attila" Verdi
Solo—Mr. Geo. F. Stevenson
Mrs. F. M. MacPherson
Mr. W. Shepherd
Collection ,
Chorus—"The Hallelujah Chorus" Handel
The Audience Is Requested to Stand During the Rendition of
This Number
1 Kenturinfr
The Monkey Thai Made a Man of Himself
The Greatest Animal Act in Hie World
A Sweet Voiced Singer of Popular Songs
In an Acrobatic Skit "Bumps mid Highballs''
The Cheer-Up Ulrl
In Songs, Imitations mid Ventriloquism
In Hits of Musical Comedy
In That Intense llriuiinllc Playlet "Conscience"
Now on Sale at llenttle-Murphy's
You flust Use
Poultry  Foods
to Make a Success of
at 25 cts. and 50 cts. a package
at 25 cts., 50 cts. and $1.00
Call and get a   Poultry   Book.
It is full of reliable information
The Beattie Murphy Co., Ltd.
Th* ^sVsaiL Stare
Where It Pays to Deal
For Canadian Government
Riding; Horses
Age, Rising 5 to 10 Years Height, 15 to 15-3 Hands
Weight, 1000 to 1200 Pounds
Artillery Horses
Age, Rising 5 to 10 Years Height, 15 to Hi Hands
Weight, 1300 to 1500 Pounds
Bays,   Browns,   Blacks,   Chestnuts,   Blue   Roans,   Red
Roans.   No Light Greys or Whiles
All horses must lie in good condition, sound, of good conformation, free from blenilHlics or vice, and broken
to harness or saddle
A. D. McltAIO, I.II3UT. COL.
Chief Commissioner for Remounts for the West
Fort Steele
Government Purchaser • TOOHSIill   APRIL 15th, 1916
'"■■ i ' ■■
Consider Your
Don't treat It with indifference by buying cheap
glasses. You may be acting in good faith but it is a
great mistake. The use of
unsuitable glasses will
break down the constitution prematurely as much
aB working without them.
EYESIGHT is too precious
to be treated so carelessly.
Come In and let's give you
a thorough examination.
No cure.   No pay.
W. H. Wilson
R. J. Long, of Creston, was a visitor ;    We serve tlie best fee cream.—ira R.      Miss Grundy was operated on yes-
See the Cranbrook Agency Co .for
flre Insurance.
Mrs. W. H. Wilson will not receive
again this season.
Mrs. Agnes Reed will not receive
again this season.
In the city Wednesday.
Chief of Pollco and Mra. Adams were
visitors at Moyle last Sunday.
Visit Ira il. Manning, Ltd., and try
their ice cream.   Ify refreshing.
Munning, Ltd.
I     A. C. Bowness mnde a business trip
to Klko Monday,
. Mrs. J. Wodman
again this season.
terday at St. Eugene hospital for ai>-
Eggs  from  my  pen of  pure  bred
-    * Light Brahmas, $1.50 per 13—H. S.
will  not  receive   Haines. Box 161, 15-2t*
  Mrs. A. A. MacKinnon will not re-
W. G. Wilinot, of Jaffray, was   in  eelve again this season.
Cranbrook Wednesday on business. 	
  Our Ice cream parlor is open every
day.—Iru It. Manning, Ltd.
Safety deposit boxes to rent at
nominal rates. Apply to Beale & Elwell.
Mrs. John Shaw will receive for the
last tlmo this season on Wednesday,
the lilst of April.
Havo you enough flre insurance ou
your house and furniture.   If not see
Beale & Elwell.
It. L. T. Galbraith, of Fort Steele, returned home today after spending a
day ln tlie metropolis.
Life Insu.ance means sound business and safe protection. See tbe
Cranbrook Agency Co.
Ken R. Foster, veterinary Inspector
of Newgate, D.C, was among tho city
business visitors yesterday.
1    Roy Myers, tin* Cherry Creek rancher, was in the city Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. K, T, Richardson, of
| Fort Steele, spent Monday In tiie city.
Mrs. G. W. Julinsoi, of Wait avenue,
wlll not receive again uS* October.
Mr. Ed. Paterson purchased a Ford
ear recently from the Hanson Garage.
Unquestionable-, conservative tire insurance only written by the Cranbrook Agency Co.
R. W. Edmondson left today for the
prairie for a ten days vacation on account of Ill-health.
Frank Parks was taken to St. Eugene hospital tonight and will be operated on tomorrow.
The city has a gang of workmen en-
paged making connections with the
new water system.
Born—In Cruubrook, on Saturday,
April 10th, to Mr. and Mrs. A. D.
Horsman, of Glenllly, a son. .,.
FOR SALE—Hatching eggB from
Pure Bred White Pekin Ducks; 11.00
for ten.—Atchison's Poultry Farm, tf
A number of important articles
have been crowded out of this issue,
hut will  appear   in our   next Issue.
Thc local offlce of the Canadian
Pacific railway received word to put
the war tax on railway tickets Into
effect today.
Provincial Constable   Collins   took
W. A. Wllmot, of Kingsgate, came two Rufl8ian8 to Fcrn|e Sunday.  These
  I,nto Cranbrook on Tuesday and was I ..art.PH vara mnnnrtisA with tht* Runt.
0. Lawrence, inspector ot stores and ; rcglstt.rl,a „ the Cranbrook hotel.      , ]__^__\\^_tS*\^
mechanical accounts, Canadian Pacilic |   j cr '"""'W disturbance In mat city.
Hallway, wa, Injown today. I    Dr. Davls, who h rellevmg at Creg. j    ^ ^ ConsemUw „„„,„,.,„„„
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Hill motored to '■l°" a"rm|! the docloI"» vacation, came i ,„,,,, an enthusiastic meeting on Friday
Moylo la»t Sunday, spending tho day in toiay "nd wl" rcturn tomorrow,    j PVen|nB.    They report they are ready
wltll MrB. Hill's mother, Mrs. Hillier. i ; tor the battle, and for their special
  j    Solomon Koury hns appeared on the ; bene|u we mlght sav the ubOTa„ „c
C. H. MeDougall, superintendent  0trUeet" agaln attor havl"B been «">-: ready,
tho Sullivan mine at Kimberley, wns j nnea t0 ***• E"Be"l! l,oal"1"' "'"•" D>00'>: 	
among the visitors In thc city yesterday.
  I    Mr. C. H. Potter, the   genial repre-
Hustler wishes to thank nil  sentntlvc ot thc Sun  Life Asurance
See the Cranhrook Agency Co. tor j
life Insurance
Born—At the Cottage Hospital on
| Wednesday, April 14th, 1915, to Mr.
.  a and Mrs. J. Roberts, of this city, n
A drunken  man  was seen on the  daughter,
streets of Cranbrook this week.  ,
those who took part In thc entertainment on Tuesday last and wishing
them God-speed.
Flre insurance is a specialty with
the Cranbrok Agency Co.   See them.
Born—To Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Rut-1
ledge. In this city, on April 8th, a
If you are going to England or
any part of Europe get Bcalo & Elwell
to quote rates.
Speery Phillips returned to work at
the Imperial Bank on Monday after
having enjoyed two weeks holidays-
Mrs. J. D. Gllinour, 212 Norbury
avenue, will not receive on Tuesday.
April 20th, uor again this season.
John Laurie, left today for Bowden,
Alberta, on receipt of a telegram an-
A^C. Harshaw, superintendenUf the !„oonclng   that his  brother,   George
k^^ ^^ ^ expected to live.
Mrs. George Pasmore of Blalrmore,
Alberta, is the guest of Mrs. T. Drummond, while one of her children ls
being operated upon by Dr. King.
At Last
On account of the manufacturers being unable to
procure materials our order of
has been delayed much longer than we anticipated
but they have at last arrived.
We realize they are very late but it was entirely unavoidable.
We have quite a number of the newest styles and the prices
are mueh lower than ever before, in fact the reductions in price
will more than make up for the lateness in delivery.
We will be pleased to have you call and allow us the pleasure of showing you the new suits.
C. P. R., left Wednesday for Golden
for an Inspection trip over the Kootenay Central.
W. R. Beatty is burning over his
garden land south of town on thc hill
will divide came to suit purchasers.
Terms to suit.
Geo. E. Henderson, of Bull River
Falls, is In the city today. He is the
manager of the Bull River Power -fr
Electric Co., Ltd.
Mr. Thomas T. Mecredy was a
business visitor to Nelson on Tuesday.   He will visit Bull River ou his
return Friday.
company. Is a visitor In town this
week. Ho reports activity In hla lino
of work all through the Interior of
British Columbia.
Thomas D. Caven left the latter
part of the week for Vancouver where
he was called on account of the death
of his father-in-law, a Mr. Johnson,
who waB a captain on a cable steamer
running out of that city.
Miss Dolores Murphy, daughter of
Mr .and Mrs. D. E. Murphy, who has j
been confined to St. Eugene hospital j
PHONE    8.—Strictly    fresh _
killed meats only at Cranbrook' for the past four weeks, was operated
Meat Market* t on yesterday for appendicitis.     At
i this writing stie is doing nicely, the
Jack Leask returned from Spokane
Tuesday to which plaee ho journeyed
to be In attendance at the annual meeting of the Flathead Petroleum Co.
operation having been succesful.
Miss  Margaret and Judith  Drum-
J. H. McDonuld went to Nelson tiie
—— j first of the week, returning Tuesday.
PHONE 8.—Fresh fish arrlv- f There must have been some special at-
mond returned the beginning of tht I |ng> from *]ie coast every Tues- i traction as Mac returned talking "Fine
week from a short vacation in Fort; day and Thursday.—Cranbrook I Time."
Steele. ; Meat Market j 	
  ■  A. Dufour, conductor on the C. P.
Mr. Harry Fowkes has returned to I j. A. Douglas, electrical engineer,; R., leaves Saturday for Angle Lake,
camp at Victoria after having re- |c. P. R., with headquarters at Wlnnl-! Alta., where he owns a farm und will
ceived treatment from the doctor for'.peg, Man., was in town Tuesday in-: work for the next few months tilling
heart affection.    Cupid.
Broody hens for sale, $1.50 each
I want the cash. You take the bird
and hand me the money. Apply L.
P. Sullivan, Cranbrook street.        14-
The meeting of the Poultry association called for last Friday evening
did not materialise. We trust the
poultrymen are not getting ln tbe
sleepy line.
C. B. Garrett, the locnl taxidermist.
Is turning out some excellent work In
mounted heads these days. A number
of heads arc being shipped out this
week to various towns along the
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Roblchaud loft
Friday afternoon for Lethbridge to bc
In attendance nt tlie funeral of the
late Peter Carruthers, which took
place Saturday. Mr .Roblchaud represented the local Order of Railroad
Conductors at the funeral.
Kdgur Sainsbury returned the latter
part of tllO week from New Westminster and other coast points, and
was kept busy slinking hands with his
many friends (or a couple of days. Ho
left Monday for Davlses, England,
where he will in future reside.
Many applications are being receiv-1
cd from English girls who, as oue:
puts it, would like to come to Canada I
"to be a progressive bride." From a!
batch of letters written by young wc-'
men is one taken at random and It Is!
much like the rest of them:
"I am an English girl and would I
like to go to Canada and I would like
a young man for my husband, and my '
age is 20 on the tliird of May. Please
Mrs. W. Haslam and Mr. W. Dixon j «*»* '«** the dance at St. Mary's ; let nie know "j0" wi» advance the I
left today for St. Thomas, Ont.. where ha» on next Tuesday evening, April' *»■*• fare" " -™u do wrlte back
they have been called by the serious 20th. A good time is assured all who Iand let med koow,»0" *° V"lH
Illness of their father, Mr. Bralthwaite attend- TIle Cranbrook orchestra in <° J0™' Sv° ' WJU *"cl°Be * X X * j
Dixou atendance. X X X X X X X with fond love and |
—.—   kisses because I am a poor girl and 11
Allen DcWfolf, of the firm of Laid-      The board of school trustees paid  would like to go somewhere from home
law and  DeWolf, surveyors,  return-   aD official visit to the South Ward and   because  we  are
ed this week from California, where ! Kootenay Orchard schools this morn-   with father and mother and we have
Mr. and Mrs. DeWolf spent the win-   lng and to te Central Public school  six sisters If you like more than one j
spectlng the C. P. R. power plant.        the soil.
The ideal laxative for women
and children
Gentle but
Pleasant to
Rexall Orderlie* tire a specific for constipation
for people of ail age* because, having a tonic
effect on the bowels, their use tends to restore
these organs to their normal activity.
Tliey are particularly recommended for women during pregnancy and after child-birth.
No Ingredient In Rexall Orderlies la In the
slightest degree harmful or Injurious.
Even tlie most delicate child can be glv«n
Rexall Orderlies, for they are safe, easy to administer and mild ln action. No otlier laxative
ls so good for children.
Made In Canada and sold In metal boxes at 10c, 25c and 50c each, at Rexall Stores only, on their
guarantee—"money back if not satisfied."  Get a Box Today from
The Beattie Murphy Co., Ltd.
t'ranbrook, B. f.
aiewhere from home: ^     _ —     __ .
XTmJTmXsZ! Skin   Sufferers!
ter.    Mrs. DeWolf stopped over
Spokane for a few days.
this afternoon.
from the same family."
The Crnnbrook Tennis Club will
hold their annual general meeting nt
the Hy. Y. M. 0. A. on Tuesday evening next at 8.30. All members and Interested friends are asked to attend.
Tlie Staples Lumber company at
Wycliffe started their mill this week
nnd ate employing about 160 men.
Advice from various parts of the district indicate that lumber has commenced to move aud It Is likely that
most of the mills will be running before long.
Mrs. J. H. Doyle, accompanied by
her daughter, Miss Bernadette, arrlv- \     -       .      . . u,
ed in town from Creston on Thursday y UBI"S Darnyara nianure on j able cureB have been witnessed with
last.  Mrs. Doyle is in   st.   Eugene your lawn and garden you sow! *"■' T^ommanda^ U i8 "0W Uni"
hospital   undergoing   medical   treat- bothersome and un-'    "»"roofToT confidence in the
ment* a crol> 0I uotaersorne ana un„ (Mmwly we offep you the flrst tuU_
sitrhtlv wppffa !Bl2ed bottle on guarantee that unless
Hifciiuy weeas. ft does the SAME F0R yorj  it C08ts
Try instead a sack of Burns' Qe'foMfc*'   A   generous   trial
Complete    Animal    Fertilizer j WTOhWlfS*
eight years to solve this problem how In tact what capital has been invested
long will it take other people and in and what returns is he getting?   What
the meantime how are they going to does his outfit, including stock, etc.,
Yonr Belief Is Guaranteed       llve?    I would like to know, tor in- now consist of?   What does he value
j    The D. D. D. Prescription for I'cze-  stance, how much Mr. Palmer paid for ll at and finally what wlll he take (or
! ma, a mild, antiseptic wash, stops that  his land?   What did it cost him to It?
| »w(ul Itch instantly. get |t into shape?   What did his hulld- Vours truly.
Throughout the city such remark-
ings cost? Also Ills stock? How much
has It and does lt cost him to live?
Cranbrook, B.C.
April  5th,
Rev. Father O'Boyle lectured tonight In St. Mary's hall on the Children's Aid Society. A fair sized audience was present and learned u fund
of knowledge In connection with this and cut out weeding.
very charitable work.
It contains all the elements j
essential to the  formation   of
llercntter   the   Mother   Provincial
will be located in Cranbrook, Instead
Little Ted Heed, son of Mr. and Mrs. i of at the coast.   Tills city is found to I garden plants in readily avail-
B, II. Heed, was taken to the hospital | be more central and thc work of the ',   ^l    form
on last Prldny suffering with a nasty a province enn be handled more eipedl- Iorm.
gash In his leg, Indicted accldontly by j tlously from this point. $56 per ton lot.    Sk. lot de-
hlnisclf with an axe at their home two
miles outside the city. Dr. Macklnnon
wus called and found it necesary to
the lad removed to the hospital.
Miss E.   McDonald, of   the pulilia
school teaching staff, has been offered j im<
nn excellent  position  lu Cranbrook,
II. ('., and will leave In the near future      ,\  number of changes have taken
for Hint town.    Miss McDonald has  place recently on the C. P. R.   1). T.
been on  flic  staff  here  for  quite  n t Main, master mechanic of the Pacific  company,
long lime and her decision to leave, division, Vancouver, has been trans
Coleman will be regretted by a large ] forrcd to Toronto.  A. Sturrlck, master
Wm. P. Raker, of Manistee. Mich.,: livered $3.75.
president of the    Crows Nest    Pass
Lumber  Co..  accompanied  by  Peter1       I*. BURNS & CO.,
Lund, who recently resigned as man-
was in tlie city on Wednesday! ==
to atend a directors meeting of the a
I    Tenders   are    Invited    for    Street
; Sprinkling of thc City.
I    Tenderers are requested to quote
j their figures at bo much per hour.
Tenders will be received by the undersigned not later than u p.m. on
Wednesday, April 21st, 1915.
 City Clerk.
Do you know that with our Vacuum Cleaner you can
clean all the carpets in an eight-roomed house, ln two
hours? You do it better than with the old style carpet
beater and do not Injure the carpet—In fact you make It
look like new.
We rent Vacuum Cleaners at SOc. and $1.00 per hour
and cartage.
On Friday evening last at the Maple
number of   frlends.-Coleni.in  Bullc- mechanic of the Alherta division, with 'Ha" a da"c'! wa8 glvcl' by Mlss Uura i Sn
tin. hssans,,,.,,... a, r-.i..™   .,..    ..in  Richards and   Mrs.   Edmondson.   A | *"
sale.    Apply S.  L. Coop, Fenwick \
avenue, phone 412. '   14-2t I
tin ^^
The war tax on letters and postcards went Into effect today, lt Is
now In full force. It would have
simplified mutters a whole lot had the
headquarters at Calgary, Alta., will
take Mr. Main's place. M. O. Scott,
muster mechanic of the Saskatchewan
division with headquarters at Moose
Jaw will take Mr. A. Sturrlck's place
,  , at Calgary.   Both Mr. Main and Mr.
government simply said the old ™te 8w„|0i, are well known to Oranbrook,
of three cents on  letters and two
cents on postcards wlll be again In a
forco.     So     many   circulars   liave I
the former having been locomotive
foiemnn here some five years ago and
Mr. Stnrrock as district master mo-
been    Issued    lately on the subject 1,,^m,raooupleo,monthSIf0
that the general public are all In a | ._
muddle and don't know what to do.
Mr. and MrB. J. E. Turner and fnm-
lly are leaving next Sunday for their
old home ln England, where he expects to engage in business. Mr. Turner haa been a resident of Cranbrook
for the past three yearB, having been
employed as bookkeeper for A. C.
Bowness. Mr. Turner has been been
a valued member of tho community
during his years ot residence horo
and his many friends In this city
regret his departure. Mr. A. 0, Blaine
Ib succeeding Mr. Turner.
Life Insurance offora tho only family
trottttloB today.   Bee the Cranbrook
good time was spent by tlie dancers'
and all report the very best time pos-,
slblo. A feature ot the evening was
an exhibition of all tho new dances.
house,    large  ud
month.   Apply W. J.
dry,   tt
'". Bins" Asks Some Questions  in
Connection Willi Mr. Palmer's
Success on Small Farm
This city loses one of Its most popular young men with the transfer ot
Mr. Arthur Ashworth, for the past two
years teller of the local branch ot the
Imperial Bank ot Canada, to the town
of Femle. While a resident of our
fair city Mr. Ashworth Identified himself as a good all round sportsman,
being a leading member In thc Young
Men's Club since Its organisation. He
also played tor some time for the
Cranbrook Basket Ball team and tho
Bankers Hockey team. A farewell
social was tendered hlm on Tunsdnv
evening by the Onward Bible Class,
of which he was president for tho past
six months. Tho Herald, along with a
host ol Meads, tender Mm their beet
wishes In hla new home.
Richard Attridge, father of W. F.
Attridge ot this city, left today after
an extended visit here, for his homo at
Waterdown, Ontario. Ho will visit
friends at Weyburn, Sask.
east. His wife will remain hore
keeping house for her son until tho
return of Mrs. W. F. Attridge, who
is now convalescing after asuccess-
ful Burgical operation at Rochester,
S. C. RHODE ISLAND BED 1(1(18 i Considerable discussion has taken
for hatching, tl.00 per IS. Anply U I _,„.„ reCently ancnt the live-acre
P. Sullivan, Cranbrook .tree*. U-tt j £m   ^ g ma„ make , llv,ng 0„ flvo
I'M Ml..-A ladles watch.  Owner e»i acres?   And How?   The question has
secure same by calling at Herald | been thre8hed out time and again,
■——■ I but  has  never   been   settled   to  the
FOR SALE—Hatching   eggs   from I satisfaction of a number ot men iiv-
enroute IPure Brel1 wh"e Pek,n D"»ks; 11.00! |ng on the land.
1 for ten.—Atchison's Poultry Farm, tf j Two weeks ago. we published un
article in connection with the farm of
Mr. B. Palmer, situate Just outside the
city limits.    Tin-    article    explained
FOB SALE.- -Yonng grade Holsteln
Jersey bulls; good Individuals;
prices reasonable. Apply Roy'Myers,
Cherry Creek Dalty Farm, Cranbrook,
B,C. 15-«t«
By permission of the church war-
dens, the Rev. A. B. Lane will give a
lantern lecture In Christ church,
Cranbrook, on next Monday evening
at 8.30 p.m. Tlie slides aro of a very
high class and comprise scenes ln
Canada, West Indies, India, Ceylon,!
Australia, Africa. China and Japan.
This lecture should on no account bc
missed, and will interest both adults
and children. No fee for admission,
bat a silver collection wilt be taken
FOR SALE OR BENT-A Best desirable residence In best residential
district In town. Address Box J.,
Herald ofllce. } U-4t
FARM FOR BENT.—Two nllei tram
city; three acres cleared; bos nice
lot ot small fruits; good house and
stable; (10 per month. Apply Boi
8., Herald offlce,      lft*
TO RENT.-t'orner of
Avo and Edwards St., four
cottage with hath, electric light,
large woodshed, fenced, coal aad
wood heater, range If wanted, 110
per month. Apply Bealo * Blwell.
how Mr. Palmer had solved the long
discussed subject of making a living
from a small acreage.
The following letter In connection
with this article was received by the
Doar Sir; I am delighted to hear
that one man at least has solved the
five-acre problem, I.e.. by making a
living for himself, wife and family
from the produce therefrom. But, Sir,
without giving any definite figures I
would venture tu think, that, to the
many who are trying to do the same
thing, tho statement Is open to doubt,
and U It has token Mr. Palmer six or
The Acme of Animal Intelligence
With Pantai*-* Vandev III.-, Andltorlam, April tint and tt**\ tfAOH FOUR
THURSDAY, APRIL 15th, 1915
Loyal Orange
No.   1871
Meets lirst and third
a"" Thursdays at 8 p».
».!*.'k's/>i> in Koyal Black
Knights of Ireland Hall, Baker
R.  S. Garrett, W.M.
T. 0. Horsuian, Ree. Sec.
Meets every
Monday   nlglic
wz& •..'■L- ~ -r   at    Fraternity
Hall,   "sojourning    Oddfellows
cordially Invited.
n ,\. Racklyeft JF- Broughton
N 0. Fin. Sec.
W. M. Harris. Roc. Secretary.
Crnnbrook. B.C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p ra In
tlie Fraternity Hall
It. ('. Carr, CC.
F. M. Christian, K. R. & S.
V. 0. Box 518
Visiting brethren cordially invited to attend.
BuTiislois, Solicitors  snd
Money to Loan
Imperial Bank llullding
(By Fred Roo.)
(Successor to W, F. Gurd)
Barrister,   Solicitor   and
P. 0. llox 859
lilts. KIM. Si GREEN
Physicians  uml  Surgeons
Ofllce nt residence, Armstrong
Forenoons   9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons  2.00 to   4.U0
Evenings    7.80 to   8.30
Sundays    2.30 to   4.30
Cranhrook,  B.C.
Meets every second and fourth
Wednesday  at   Fraternity  Hall
Sojourning Rebekahs oordinl-
ly Invited.
Sis. A. 10. Junes, N.G.
Sis. Ada HlckenboUiam, Use. See
lilt. 1. li. Ill LES
Ollice in Hanson  Block
ll lia 1- a.m.
1 to   0 p.m.
V tu   8 p.m.
Meets  in
lUiij/lu  Hull  Buuand
and   ftj-irtii
Tuesday   at   every
month nt 8
p   «pen   to   Hr.Usli
E. Y. Drake
J, F. Lower,
ni'-iniVra    cordially
Maternity nml General Nursing
Gurdon Ave.
Terms ma Application
MRS. A. SALMON, Matron
Pliiino 259 P. O. Box 845
Saunders Hockley started to work
at tlie mill this week.   Nuff said.
Constables   Gorman    nnd    Dryden
wero In the Roosville valley this week.
Jim    Fusee, the   Kootenay   horse
ranchor,   Waldo,   wos ln Elko   this |
Mr. Carney of Flagstone, was visiting Elko and Cranbrook during the
Frank Ingham, wife and child, of
Hosmer. is visiting his parents at
Sheep Mountain.
Time may be money, but we are
bunged if we are going to exchange
provisions for it.
Thc facility with which some of our
political prognosticators change their
minds is a modern miracle.
S. W. Marson ot Wlnnipog, who was
on his way to Nelson, stopped oft In
Klko for a fow days' Ashing this week.
Alt. Dragon ot Fcrnie, arrived ln
Elko this woek and will go Into active
training for his coming fight with Jess
Yes, W. R., everything's going fine, j Anr|| Bt|,
been over the whole district and see
tho biggest majority you never got
right in sight.
Road Supt. Dan McNelsh was lu
Elko this week with a repair gang
cleaning out slides and toning the
rough places up.
Alderman Roblchaud and Billy Ross,
mine host of the Central Hotel, Fernie,
aro visiting Elko, Gateway and the
Itoosville valley tills week.
If sunshine and fresh air are al that
arc needed for the complexion our
Elko girls needn't worry over the war
tax on patent medicines and cosmetics.
Mrs. Robson and child, wife of the
new druggist, arrived from Regina
tills week and will start housekeeping
un thc arrival of their household effects.
(Speolal correspondence)
Comitable Dickson.
Mr. Kdward Hooper aud MIm Elite
IbbortBon wero married In Christ
church by Kev. Robertson on the 7th
Mr. Philip Alexander McLeod and
Minn Lillian Nelson wcre married in
Christ church by Rev. Robertson on
Very high water may be expected
tills year. This ls the conclusion one
draws from the illustrations in the
style books.
Land clearing operations around
Cokato are being done on a larger
scale than in any former year. Everybody's doing it.
i    Mr. Clark, teacher of   the
; school here, spent Easter holidays in
Mrs*. Hope and Harold Bennett spent
' Easter In Cranbrook   visiting   their
I sister, Mrs. R. H. Moore.
Miss  Enid  Etter of Fernie,  spent
] Easter week with   her   friend,   Miss
| Handley.   Miss Etter  was a  former
j teacher here.
Mr. McDarmid and family, who took
up a homestead here last year, have
arrived from Olds, Alberta, and have
completed their house and are busy
with other Improvements.
Mrs. E. Didder returned home after
spending a week with her son, Chas.
Bidder, in Cranbrook. She was accompanied home with her grand-
daughter, who spent Easter week horo.
The ranchers and residents of the
district, who have expected to get to
work on the roads, are boing very
much disappointed at the work not
being started. We hope that the road
from Wycliffe to Marysville wlll be
straightened, making a difference of
about two miles and cutting out tlie
hills for which tho present road Is
noted. This Is badly needed and the
men in this district want work.
Tho Farmers' Institute held tlicir
regular meeting Saturday .night in
; Central hall. Quite a number of members were present. The Institute
was Informed by the represntatlves
of the B. C. Poultry Association, who
A True Tonic
is ono that assists Nature,
public | Regular and natural action of
the stomach, liver, kidneys and
bowels will keep you well and
Tlie lirst annual meeting of the
Invormore Golf ami Country club was
held nt a recent date. The reports
of the retiring officers showed that
good work bail neon accomplished in
llie year which hud Just closed and
the    nuances   were said   to  be     In
jgood condition.    In tlio early sprint;
j work hnd been gone on wltll on the I
course which consists nf nine holes j
and covers n length of one and a hall'!
miles. After the business of review
had been gone through wltll thero!
followed the election of ollicers for |
tlio ensuing year with the result us
shown: President, It. Randolph
Bruce, c.E., F.R.a.S.; vice-presidents,
Q, E. Parham and tl. A. stark,-; captain .Cyrtl C. Barker; secretary.
treasurer, A. II. McKlninni; executive
committee, Messrs. A. tl. Cuthbert,
C. E. W. Stringer, Irving C. Wedd, F.
C, Kenwnrd and Frank C, Stockdale.
Prospects ot Liberals Never Looked
llrightrr in the Columbia Valley
Tlie Athalmer Conservative Association held a general meeting Friday,
April llth, 1915. Seven members only
attended ns follows: F. Richardson,
\V. Stewart, J. McCoskric, S. Irvln, O
Kent, C. IS. Rawles aud T. E. Barry,
all of whom nro officers and members
of tlio executive committee.
Four members were chosen to attend thc nomination convention which
wns held in Hidden Monday, April
12th, 1915.
Other business transacted waB tlie
acceptance ot resignations from two
members of the association.
The prospects of tlio Liberals ucvor
looked brighter In the Columbia
Valley uud Ihe nuijorlty of Conservatives consider the scut lost.
1.11(1 (lit LICENSE ACT
Ser Ion IN
Several good citizens are preparing, were here some little time ago, that
boulevards in front of their premises, they might get a pen of thoroughbred
They have the right idea and tho chickens from the Association if de-
right spirit.   Hair on them! '. sired, and an application was made
J. S. Irvine left for Spokane    on I
for same.   But now we learn that us
1'. O. Box 685
Meets In the Maple Hall
first Tuesduy afternoon of every
montll at :', p.m.
President. Mrs VI. li. McFarlane
Sccrotury, Mis. John Shaw
P. O. llox 442
All ladies cordially Invited.
funeral lllrcclov anil Iniliiiliiier
Building Contractor
Dealer in   ileal   Estate,   Milling
Stocks ami Mineral Claims
Tuesday   with   Jack McLaren,   who itno Cranbrook Institute have chickens residents of tlie city tliat they are re
iiiftcred a severe lnlurv to one ot his' 'rom the Association, Marysville has quired to have their yards cleared of
£5 L^rrar^raglTtV'tet be- refused.   Cranhrook nnd Marys- SL^rthJ^ne^re'Ma^^
phone  wire  while on  top of a box  v"le arc separate Institutes and when TlK, SnnUnr}. i„spector has instruc-
cnP,                                                          Mr. Upton promised    that    chickens tlons to proceed against tlioaic persons
could be had at Marysville he knew falling   to   comply   wltll   the   above
■    „„     ..  . „..,       Tllcri! nre two places ln thc Koote"' *•>»• Cranhrbook had chickens from notlcl''
It is reported In Elko that BU y  naVB tmU wouW be e__y sultoble ; ,,,„ ABBOCiatlon at tllat time
Sunday's next revival ls to be held In ((M mUBter cam])B for ^ Mw Km. 	
Femle and Michel.   Jim Thistlebeak  ,cnay reglmenti cranhrook and Grand fHFSTOV
wonders If there Is nothing that man   Porks    Some of'th(, „,accB 9pokl,n o( vmwsoiva
is afraid to tackle. bjr „10 ,oca, booaterB aa ,deal for
on tlie Ilrst dny of May next application will be made to tlie Superintend*
ent of Provincial Pollco for the transfer of the license for the sale of
11 .int. t- by retail in and upon the premises known us tlio Wasa Hotel, situate at Wasa, British Columbia, from
Ernest Henry Leopold Attree, aB
manager of the sold hotel for thc
Unionist Investment Co., Ltd., to
Sidney Edgar Small, of Fort Steele.
British Columbin, as clerk of the
hotel for the Unionist Investment Co.,
Ltd., ot Wasu, B.C.
Ernest Henry Leopold Attree
Holder of License
Sidney  Edgnr  Small
Applicant for Transfer
.NOTICE IS HEREDY GIVEN to the ; 1910: C. 30, S. 49. 13-4t
Forty per cent of college women I military encampment would bo more
marry, says an authority on the sub- j mttable for a fortress.
(From the Creston Review.)
City Clerk.
Cranbrook, B.C.,
April 7th, 1915. 14-4t
In the last Alberta egg laying congest one Biddy laid 74 eggs during thc
hree winter months.   That was   in
lAllllaaVW k DEWOLF
Civil ami Alining Engineers
II. I'. Laml Surveyors
President—A. B. Smith
Secretary—Alb. II. Webb
For information regiirdinit
lauds and ugria'ultiire apply to
the Secretary, Cranbrook, B.C.
Meeting Tin. Second Saturday ut 2.30 ia .Iii. li.
Day Phone 223 Night Phone 35
Norbury Ave., next to City Hall
T II E    (! R A N B R O O K
O R (' II i: S I It A
is open for engagement
Dances, Socials Etc.
Apply to
Mrs. Arunld Wallinger
Cranhrook, H.C.
Phono 108 P. <). Box 33
Organist   ilcthodlst Church
Receives Pupils for
Organ,  Pianoforte,  Voice,
Studio: 2!', Norbury Ave
leet, In a Toronto paper. Jim Thistlebeak says that colleges are now learning how to advertise.
Geo. H. Scott of Nelson, passed
through Elko Saturday on his way to
Roosville. Mr. Scott expects to move
his family from Nelson to Roosville
this summer,   where he owns a big
cattle and fruit ranch. . ,,    ,,      ,       ,      . .
right. How to make winter layers ls
James Broley, of Victoria, who owns. .„„ problem for the poultrymen.
a big Interest 111 subdivision tracts In
the Roosville Valley, ts visiting that
section of the country this week, with
a fruit expert, who Is pruning thc trees
on Mr. Broley's fruit tracts.
Thc Lord seems to be hard up like
Die rest of us. One ot his sky pilots
has been waiting several weeks for his
salary so he can pay the local mer-
chants before leaving for the land of
cast Iron dollars and wooden nutmegs.
Rickety, Rickety, Russ
: It's wicked to swear or cuss,
But damn it to H 1,
]        We're feeling so well,
i Thut really and truly we must.
Old Man Simpson, one-time editor
TAKE NOTICE    that   M.   Cathcart
Scott, whoso address is Newgate, B
('., will apply for n license to tuke and  ""r "   ,
use   forty acre   ft.   of   water   out of    , ,„,, i''1 """
Meadow Creek, also known as Link- "'   "}''*.°™ni}]
Spraying and ploughing are keeping
the ranchers more than busy Just now
at Erickson.
C. S .Hester, of Cranbrook, was a
he time tliat cggB were worth some-1 week-end visitor with Mr. add Mrs.
'.hlng. Almost any old hen can sow I W. A. McMurtrlc.
i few eggs around at this time of the Miss Mackay, of Femle, Is here for
vear, but It takes a hen with a busl- the Easter vacation, a guest of Mr.
ness training to play   the   market | and Mrs Mallandaine.
Aid. Erickson, of Cranbrook, spent a
couple of days here last week, tiie
Rumors are current that there will «uest ot c- °- Bennett.
'io no provincial election this year or Road work is expected to start at
it leaet until late ln tho fall. Never- j Canyon City on Monday, with nn ap-
heless, keep your powder dry. Pre- pronrlatlon of $2,000 for that section,
mler McBrlde's departure for Eng- Miss Falconer, one of the Cranhrook
'and is interpreted as a forerunner' school teachers, is spending the week
if delay.   When his mission and Its; In-Creston, with Mr. and Mrs. George plication'pursuant thereto nod to the
results are    known   will   he   time' Huscroft. "Water Act, 1914," will be liled in the
-nougl. to speculate on the slgnWc |    cloud8 of smoke ri8ing (rora ,,,„ Jf-^W" Hecorder at Cran-
surrounding suburbs Indicate tliat tlio      Objections to the application  may
li\tcr ('reck, whicli (lows r.orth-eaat
and drain** into Kootenay River about j
quarter mile nortli of International!
Tlie water will lie diverted from the
stream at a point about ."00 ft. nortli
of south east corner of i.ot ;i29, Group
1, Kootenay District, and will be used
Certilieate of Improvements
Victor Mineral Claim .situate In
the Fort Steele Mining Division of
East Kootenay District, located on
Wild Horse Creek at Old Town or
TAKE NOTICE that I, Geo. M. Judd,
Free Miner's Certificate No. 67313b, Intend, sixty days from date hereof, to
apply to tho Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under sert'mi 85. must be commenced
nance of such Certificate
Dated this .fid day of March, A.D.
1915. 9-9t
Certificate of Improvements
for irrigation purposes upon the land   1UNG GE0RGE, HELEN FCT., DIXIB
described as sub-tot <M 05 and portion C0MET :,IINERAL CLAIMS, SIT-
"L9\<m B"bd,vls1Io:'ort Y*   "0oE^.- UATE   IN  THE  FORT  STEELE
828, 320, Group 1, East Kootenay Dls-        MINING   DIVISION   OF   EAST
trlct, Map .4683. ,        KOOTENAY DISTRICT.
This  notice    was    posted  on    tlie >. —- *—
ground on the 30th day of March, 1915. | Where   Located—On   Sullivan   Hill,
A copy of this notice nnd an ap-
Ktmbcrley, B.C.
ince of his Journey, so far aB the
late of thc election ls concerned.
Censor No. 2411 has been gracious-
y pleased to allow a letter from
l,ance Corporal Mitchell, formerly
with Lawe & Fisher ,to come to us
with only one blot on It   Amonjit
of the Cranbrook Herald, Is going to  °~e* things he says:   "We are not
TAKE NOTICE that the Consolldat-
ud Mining & Smelting Co. of Canada,
Limited .Free Miner's Certificate No.
.,,.,,,        .,,,.,     ,,        ,      75iKJ5n, intend, sixty days from the
land clearing operations are  again  -Jo «« with the said Water Recorder dfttfl *       r  to       ,    t0 u    Min|nf
under way.
or wltii    the   Comptroller of   Water
Rights,   Parliament   lliilldlngs,   Vic-
Mr. Attwood, C.    P. R.    agent nt  loria.  B.C.,  within  thirty days after
Moyle Is spending the week on his the first uppearnncc of this notice in u
ranch here cleaning up conaiderable '"'"' %"_ȣ* Scott, Applicant.
now land for cultivation this year,     j    The dute of the lirst publication of
H. sf. Weber, who has the Hatfield "'Is "otleo ls April 8th, 1910.      H-4t
OR. De VAN'S FRENCH PILLS *™fc s,arl " |)anCT at tllB coa8i' and " wln i *"owo<l t0 8,ate our e»«u»ltles bat Ij ranch this year, has started setting
5 a box or three for be a success, as Fred will give the may say that two Cranbrook men have ■ out a batch of 4,000 strawberry plants.
tub bmbiu.'dIvS i People the news they appreciate and ,. heen killed, Spencer and   Twamley,; Messrs. Leamy   and   Beeby, In the
anaaaliiaa;  Pill
ile.  Sold Ht
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And further take notice tbat action,
.,ndcr section 85, must be commenced
before the lsauance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this llth day of February,
A.D  1915 7-lt
St. a '■.
lint Kouovator
Remodelling Ladies Mats
a Specialty
15 Fenwick Avenue
Phone 204
ViUlity.for Nitvl* i Bruin; lncmuH"tny
matter'; a Tonlo -will imlUI yon up. 13* boi, or
two for !">. nt.lriTir itorM, ot l»y mull onrwuij't
of l»rli» I'm: UOOBELI. DKttO Co., *jt. CfttbariOM,
Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd., Agents,    i Victoria will get some good boosting
read, and in the very near future ft il,otl) '-hot through the head.   Twain- same locality,   are   enlarging   their
will hc one of the coast's popular  !(iy wai. on our machine gun reserve: raspberry area this year.
papers.   Fred put Cranbrook on the i '"1»""J-   All the Pernie boys are O. K."     _*e Chang, one of Creston's well
map and kept lt on for a long while, j    Kannath  Oonlom(n  r\***.i* m*a „«  known  Chinamen,  is  going  around
and when Fred gets down to business,
! Kenneth Benjamin Clark died on
Saturday, April 3rd, after a lingering
Illness.    Deceased was a native on
on the 1st day of April, 1M6.
George H. Thompson. Eso.. Judgo ot: t'apttal Authorised   ... .,10,0^,000.0*
  'the County Court of East Kootenay, a r.Q„i.-i  ...sa  rt. . ssssssssassmm
with his arm In a sling at present.; that James A. Arnold, Official Admin- J,*1"™1 ln*    '"'"'".   ?'<™u"l""u"
While giving a demonstration, In the ■ Istrator for that portion of tlie County' Kenerte  and   Undivided
 Profits       8,S86,000JI0
I'llillll' St|i||lil!TII|llll'l'
Phone 485
Cranbrook-   -   -   -   H.C
It  you  want satisfaction
with your washing
send it to
Special prices for family
like the hole in the doughnut.
(Special correeponoence).
General Merchant
Employments. Agent,
P.  O. llnx  108 Phone 244
that will make some of them high ] „„ one rear of the Ding laundry on Tuesday, i gjfiggt'» "S,,1 ^"^A ^,
priced  puhlcty commissioners look, tor8onh6^
     " i having taken over that business with ; of business Chang stumbled over some tato of Joseph King .deceased Inte-     Accounts   of   Corporations,   Muni-
H« w>«  27 cordwood dislocating his right arm state.' clpalltles   .Merchants,   Farmera   and
at the elbow. Bverv Person Indebted to the snld  Private Individuals invited.
! deceased is required to make payment     nnai'K nnrl l a,itor« nt rra.am laauiarf.
While the war news this week was forthwith to the undersigned.               „_ ,  "'"' ]Mi"» ^      '
a little more uneventful than usual,'       Every  person  having in   posses- »'"»"»'e In nny part ot tlie world,
the new.   that Jack   Johnson,   the ^ e?£n%™X&i\^lw™l \    »A™G8 l.EPAltTMENT-Specl.1
champion heavyweight pugilist wns unaerslgned.                                       \ attention given to Savings Dank Ac
beaten on Monday by Jess Willard, a:    Every  creditor   or  otlier   person counts.    Deposits ot 11.00 and up-
Kansas cowboy, In twenty-six rounds i having any claim upon or Interest ill  „rai received nnd interest allowed
at Havana, Cuba, and word that the the distribution of the estate of the f       .
„„^_ ,,„,,i         , k.     . ,,,, Isold deceased Is required to send he-           U,IIL 01 oeposu.
provincial elections might nnt be held ,0Pe the 12tn. day of May, mifi, neat,      .   .       ,   , ——   ,,„,   ,    .
until 1916 amply supplied any short- a by registered mail addressed to the     A  "ranch   Is  alBn  established  at
age of controversial topics.                | undersigned, his name and address Athalmer,  R.C.,  under the manage-
nnd the full particulars of liis claim ment of Irving O. Wedd.
or interest, and u statement nf Ills ac- 	
visitor    here
H. Murray  last year.
! years of age.    He Is survived by his
wife and one child. A sister, from
' Cornwall, Ont., has been with him
for some  time.    The  funeral  took
place from Knox church on Tuesday,
! Rev. MacQuarrle conducting the ser-
j vice. Mrs. Clark will return to her
\ former home In Medicine Hat. Miss
i Clark Is leaving shortly for Cornwall.
Forwarding    and    Distributing
Agent for
Lethbridge  Coal
Xl-lfe Pomler
Imperial Oil Co.
Ilraying and Trantferrlng
Given prompt attention
Phone 611
Ilnlil. Frame, Prop.
Fresh Broad, lakes, Plei
anil Pastry
Phono 87
Norbury Avo.      Opp. City Hall
Arthur Lund was t
Thursday of last week.
1    No sign of road work In this dls-
; trlct yet and the prospects of an election fanned out.
Charlie EdwardB, from Waldo, was I'        „. ,'' _     ,
a visitor to Steele for a week, re-A.   ,T t "      !!!!
turning Sunday. j dwe,ls f'0" °" tlle cemete" m< but
I amongst tho llve ones, got careless
j    W.  A.  Wilmot, Inspector of pre- .wlth , knlfc on Sunday    Con„ub)e
emptlons .was around this woek, look- i McDonald and Constable McCrae. of
I lug up a few of tho pasture seekers. lhe provincial force, went up and
I Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Young departed j gathered him ln, along with Tony
Thursday laBt for the San Francisco Novum and Alex. AndrlBkl. So fa», so
exposition. They will be gone a few I good. Then thc constables went back
' montlis. j for Information and while making In-
-Tlin ishorty) McKee arrived Wed- < vestlgatlons,,  became separated  and
I nesday    from    Cranbrook    to    take | "ere locked In  different rooms by
Headquarters   for  all   kinds of
Satisfaction  Guaranteed
The Shoe Specialist
J. Taylor, Proprietor
Has just purchased a car of
(All Tuberculin Tested)
Milk and cream twice dally
Buttermilk  twice a week
Tho only clarified milk ln
We  guarantee to  I'loaie
charge of the crib work to be done
l on Wild Horeo for the C.P.R.
II. E. Lowe was here Friday selling
a ncw patent bottle stopper. They say
It's all right; and W. A. Morrlah was
also here the same day with a new
; line of hair nets for honey bees.
Mining Is extremely active up the
Wild Horse. Some of the grub going
up the trull reminds you of a Hot
X Dun Issued the Christmas before.
Such was the remark made this week
1 by one who Is the chief I am.
A meeting of farmers of Fort Steele
I and district was held Tuesday for tho
purpose of considering the possibilities of operating a creamery here.
Siunc wns well attended and a committee appointed to Investigate conditions further before deciding what
would bc done.
(From the Fernie Fie* Press)
Dert  WJilmstcr  came  down  from
Edmonton on Tuesday.
John Dehor, n prisoner of war, waa
_ I brought In from Wardner hut night by
angry friends of tho men they had arrested. TIiIb was serious. Two prls-
onerB which they had attached were
taken from them. The reserves were
brought up and a further consignment ot Russians were brought to the
lail. Among them were such more or
less unfamiliar figures as John
Starynovlch, Mike Meionlck, Adam
Posnack and Sam Janovlch. All appeared before MoglBtrate Stalker on
Monday and Tuesday. The original
stabber was remanded for a week.
Othera were touched up for amounts
varying from |2S down. Two will
spend three months ln Jail. Two of
the naughty Russians escaped but
were grabbed ln Cranhrook by Countable Collins and will come before
'the magistrate In due course. Constable McCrae brought In three men
from Michel on Monday. Mike Hy-
llnskl was going to Nelson for two
months for assault and Alex. Ourrl
and Dominic Occhuzzl (get that one!
were up for three months for false
pretences. On the 7th Constables McDonald and McCrae left for Nelson
with the prisoners, picking up ana at
rranbrook en route.
The final and most positive evid
ence that aprlng Is here to stay was
furnished on Tuesday when Mayor F.
O. Little, made his Ilrst official Inspoc-
ount nnd the nature or the security
I If nny) held by hlm.
After the suld last mentioned date
...    „ ,  the Administrator wlll  proceed with
tlon of the Valley In the Pioneer tour-; the distribution of the i elate, having:
Ing car, with Mr. R. S. Devon, the I regard to those claims only nf which
rranbrook Ilranch
Vi. SUPPLE, Manager
blrdman, at the wheel. This ir, tlie
mayor'i thenty-thlrd year in the district and he states the country never
looked moro promising. The tour concluded with a little trip up (lout Mountain. Oeo. Heald and Capt. Mallandaine accompanying his worship. A
most enjoyable time was had.
(Special correspondence)
Mr. J. H. Orlsdale, director of experimental farms and Prof. Macoun,
both of Ottawa, paid an official visit
to the experimental station this week.
ThiB week Mr. Ocorgcs Alfred
Marc, a reBei vist of tlio French army.
left here to Join the colors pf his regiment. Mr. Marc camo to this part
about a year ago, having previously
lived in Saskatchewan since immigrating to Canada. He had taken up a
small piece ot land here on whicli
he aliull have had notice
.1.   A.   ARNOLD,
official Administrator,
Dnted nt CriinliriinU Hals "lh day of
April, 1016. 14-21
the reserve established hy a notice
published iu the Hritish Columbia
Oazetto on tlie 271Ii of December, 11107,
Is cancelled ill so fur as it relates to
Lots 117112, 117H:(, 117(11, 117(17, 11705,
1I70IJ, 11708, 117011, 11770, 11771, 11773,
11774, 11771a, 117711, 11777, 11778, 11770,
117S0, li.s;-|, 11820, 11827, 1182S, 11820,
11804, 11805. 1180(1, 11871, 118811, 11S81,
11SS2, 11888,11884, 11885. 11880, 11887,
11885, 11889, 11801, llSlai, 11.893, U8B4,
11805, 11890, 11897, 1213S, 18189, 12140,
18141, 12142, 12143, 12144, 12145, 12140,
12147, 12148, 12149, 12150, 12156, 12160,
12157, 12158, 12150, 12100, 12101, 12162,
12103, 12104, 12105, 121C0, 12107, 12239,
12240, 12241, 12242, 12243, 12244, 12245,
12240 nnd 12247, Kootenay District.
The Bald lots wlll he open to entry by
pre-emption on Tuesday, the 18th duy
.        ,       . ,    . | |'i '    . aaaa'ia.aa.   u..    . ...,.>....j .   .....   .....
ne had settled with his wife and live of May, 1915, at nine o'clock in   the
small children, hut the stern duties j forenoon.    No   Pre-emption    Record
of war necessitated his leaving all
behind.   As a member of thc Army
Ambulance Corps he has seen service
previous to this date,  having been
with his regiment as part ot the In-, „ ,
tern.tion.1 troops In their march to D,'Xll,°B.c!
Peking to suppress the Boxer rebel-' March 12th, 1915.
bo Issued to Include more than
one surveyed Lot nml all applications
must ho lliude lit the ofllce of tlle (lov-
ernnient Agent at Crnnbrook.
Deputy MlnlBtur of Lands.
Spokane, Washington
We believe we
have more regular patrons from
Iiriiish Columbia
than any other
Hotel in Spokane
On your next trip
to this city, let ua
show you why
this ls true.
Opposite new Union Station. Close to all places ot
Interest. Rooms elegantly
furnished. Hates as low
as at the more ordinary
See Steamship on the Roof


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