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Cranbrook Herald Jul 20, 1922

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CRANBHOOK, B.C,    THURSDAY, ,111V 20, 11122
1 i-t;*nt i
"II    ivtkii
-V I   -I II I. II     •_ |
Boy Scouts Out
at Annual Camp
Fornie and  Criiiilirnuk  Troops
Join I'|i Al   HiiiTisst')—
Visitor).' Dny on 2(ltli
For the annual itoy Scout Camp tlila
yonr Crnnbrook nnd Fertile combined
llicir  forces, and  on  Monday ol' thin
week cninii wns established ai Mor-
rlssoy, on nii Idcnl site, nboul two
miles from the Btotloit, Tin- oamp win
colitillllQ till Saturday ot next week,
July SOtli,
Twcnly-acveu boya uru ill camp
from Cranbrook, and forty-Boven rrom
I'-ernle and t'oal Creek. Tlle members
of (lie Crnnbrook Rotary Club Willi
ni™ undortook lo tnako ibe trip ilotvn
un Monday with the boya and ma.de
tho tri]i uud return lu spite ni the fact
thai punctures nnd blow-outs wero
Frequent Items on the program. "Ho
serves best who serves most," snys th*
Rotury motto, so ho who had ihe meat
blow-oute served best on this occasion. Scoutmaster Olark of the Cranhrook Troop went out ou Monday, und
relurned on Tuesday's train, going out
ugnln to Morrissey on Wednesday.
II is expected thnt the camp will be
a great success, giving the boys of the
different troops a chance to mingle
with boya from the various other
points, and allow them an insight on
Scout work outside of their own troop.
Competitions ln the various branches
of Hie work will be held and It Is ex-
peeled that the District Commissioner,
Major II. B. Hicks will Inspect thc
camp some time during the two
Iilstrlct Scoutmaster G. C. Evens
has returned to Ferule to take charge
of ihe camp, having come from Winnipeg. Scoutmaster Donaldson will tuke
charge of tho Fernie Scouts.
A. I.. Walker, of thc Trrltes-Wood
staff, Is acting as chief transportation
ollicer al the Fernie end.
Arrangements nre under way for a
combined field day and visllors' day
on Wednesday, July 26, and every
olforl Is being made lo take care of
the visitors both from Cranbrook und
Fernle. Picnic refreshments will be
available at the cnmp.
Following are lhe boys from Crnnbrook who arc attending the camp:
Tent 8
Jack Genest—Patrol Leader. Ernosi
Kennedy. Merry (iodderis. Gordon
Rankin, Frank Malone—Hound Patrol; Oeorgi feoif.e. Albert George,
Arnold Holdener—Benfer Patrol.
Tent I
E. Scholcy -! airol Leader Alex.
Nlsbet—Bulldog Patrol; Willie McDonald, Jack Barber. II. Scholey, David Frame -Wolf Patrol; Cordon Lew-
Is—Jaffrey Patml; itonnle Haynes,
Everett l.*wis-Fox Patrol.
1 rut 5
Frank Hartjoll—Patrol Leader, Kon.
uolll Campbell. Dennis Turner. Don
Burton, W. Cameron, Melvlllo Reade,
Jack Dixon, Jimmie Dixon. Allan QUI,
Jnmes MacFarlane- Eagle Pnlrol.
Oil lhe 16111 lasl before Police Mag-
latralo Leask al the City Police court.
Oeorge Daback, an alien, was charged
with being found In possession of a
rnlly loaded revolver, lie was lined
j.giiii wltll tho option of two months'
.las. II. Beekotl nn e vagrancy
cliargo wns lined $.r,.0ii
Hither Paste ol WyrlllYc for culling
ii comor wlillal oporntlng an auiomo-
lille  was lined  JG llll.    This is a  form
of nffonco which is becoming allogoth*
or loo common, particularly win
attention le paid to lho (ittturo ol lho
Iralllc mi the street
Jas V.. Webster and Arthur It Webster tor leaving ihelr automobiles lea.
I hnll IS feel from a lire hydrant were
lined t'- Mi each
On Um t ti 1, Inat. Harry Derank wns
lined $iiin.iiii for Intoxication whllo
oporntlng an automobile,
llu llie same dale Ihe llrsl real lllp
pocltol bootlegger of the season,
namely, Thomas Sullivan, wns sentenced to six months In Jail. He wns
caught III lho act of purveying Ihe
forbidden liquor In a public place.
Ilnghle Mnsterson for being Intoxicated wns fined *r,i).ou or forty days.
Vancouver.—ll Is reported here Ihat
tho now harbor lioard, replacing thai
appointed by Iho late Dominion tlov-
eriimonl, will consist nf R. E. Beattie,
chairman! Samuel Prenter nnd Col,
Mr. Beattie was elected monitor for
East Kootenay In the Dominion elections, but retired lo open tho seal for
lho Hou. J. H. King. '"
Theso upnplntmetjtn aro not yet con-
flrmed, bul It la understood In Inner
Liberal circles that they will be
Au organization meeting of the
above club wns held In lho G.W.V.A.
rooms on Friday, July 14th, there being preseni Quite a number of players
and supporlers. The oflleers elecled
tor tlle presold your are;
linn, president   Dr. Oreen
Hon. Vice Presidents....W, H. Wilson
W. Atlrldgo
President Rov. E. V. Harrison
Vice President w. Hurris
Captain    G. Sinclair
Vice Captain  11. white
Kecy.-Troas  vi. Henderson
Solocltng Committee....T, MaoDonuld
G. Stevely, W. Henderson
Trainer     ll. Stevely
Suggestions with tho object of
bringing either Michel or Penile teams
to Cranbrook, wero put forward uud
Instructions were issued lo get into
communication with them. A game
was also arranged between Ihe Captain's nud Vice Captain's teams for
Wednesday evening, July 20th. As
this game will no doubt be of a regular ding-dong nature quite a large
turn-out of spectators is expected.
Will Name Liberal
on Wednesday
Oliver  Goverumeul  <Ihamplon
Will IU- Brought Out, mid
Oolites! Will lto On
At the last regular meeting or Maple
Leaf Itebekuh Lodge, oflleers tor the
ensuing term were installed. The new
officers are as follows:
Mrs. N.  West Noble Grand
Mrs. \V\ S. Johnson Vice Grand
Miss M. Keor Rec. Secy.
Mrs. W, J. Johnson Fin. Sec,
Miss V. Sarvis Treasurer
Mrs. It .Hartnell R.S.N.G.
Mrs. D. Campbell L.S.N.G.
MIsb X. Phillips R.S.V.G.
Mrs. M. W. Patton L.S.V.G.
Mrs.  1.  Baxter , Chaplain
Mrs. \\\ Wolfer Conductress
Miss   R.   Bardgett Warden
Mrs. J. McCallum Inside Guard
Mrs, J. U Palmer Outside Guard
Wycllffe won their fourth straight
league game of the seuson when they
handed Crnnbrooi-: a 1-1—4 drubbing
on the Cranbrook diamond Sunday.
From tlu1 first inning it was a walk
away for Wycliffe.
Lewis was on and with good fielding
behind him, especially by Morrison.
Cranbrook had a tough time to score
;it nil. Deprived of his spitter Green
did not pitch his usual brand of ball,
but the support he had was not of the
best. Even ArgUO, the dependable, fell
down and missed a fly. Wycllffe was
hitting hard all through the game
while Cranbrook's lilts were few and
between. Tills puts Wycliffe tie
with Kimberdey for second place in
the Baal Kootenay Baseball Leagee.
Dattorlea; Wycllffe—Lewis and Perko; Cranbrook- Breen ami McPeake.
At a meeting of the Liberal executive hehi on Tuesdny evening this
week, it was decided. It is understood,
to hnht iiu- nominating convention mi
Wedneaday of next week, when the
Oliver government -standard-bearer
win lie broughi mn. Who the candidate will be, iiu one can probably
say at this time. Al least lour names In Ibe city are being prominently
mentioned during the last few days,
these being Ihose ol' Mayor Genest,
J. J. Jackson, John Taylor and C. R.
Ward. in addition to these, il is
knowu that advances were made to
get a prominent figure in the Progressive ranks to run under a loose
connection with liberalism- and it le
also understood that a prominent figure iu the ranks of the Liberal wo.
men wns also approached. Still anothor guess even wider of the mark
said that a well known mining man of
the district was to be brought out,
Out limo alone will telt and few peoplo are to ho found who will hazard
anything mure than a guess on the
It is also stated that a visit from
the Premier is slated for the latter
part of next week, when a meeting
may bo held, at which the Premier
would be the spenker. Tliis may or
may not huve anything to do with the
date of the by-election, hut with both
parties lined up with their candidates ll would seem there Is little to be
gained by holding off tbe contest
much longer. It would seem, indeed,
that any advantage might acctire to
the Conservatives, who aro getting
in a lot of quiet work, and the unaii
Unity of whose cause has been standing out in marked contrast to the differences which seem to have beset
the government supporters. Every
day brings its own story of new support coming behind Mr. Wallinger.
the Conservatle nominee, and from
the most surprising and un looked
for quarters. These offers are coming voluntarily, which counts for a
great deal, and it is apparent even at
this time a severe inroad into the usual Liberal voto is going to be made
by the Conservative candidate, and
tbis by some of hitherto quite pronounced   liberal   tendencies.
A party rally was held in the Parish
Hall on Friday night of last week,
wben a good attendance enjoyed a social time and party matters were discussed in between times.
BV G, W. V. A. TO BE
August 4th has been suggested as
the date for ihe holding of a big
lawn social on the 0. \\\ V. a.
grounds, The fact that this date in
1914 opened hostilities for the British Empire in the great war. is regarded as perhaps the most appropriate date for the holding of such | of last week
an event b.v th.- local Wur Veterans' any unusually
Association,     The (J. W. V. A. lawn, I The usual mi
Council Session       Contesting Cranbrook Riding in Provincial House
Thursday Last
Little llul Routine Business I'll
.11 Regular Jtontlii- Session I.itsl  IVi-ik
I'lie   regular
i clly councl
P       W       1.
Wardner     8      f*     *t
Wycliffe    "      ■*      ■-
Kimberley      7       4       3
Yahk     «       1       ■"•
Vahk   and   Kiniiierley   did   not   play
■ff  tlieir   game  on   Sunday   as   Vahk
.-as unable to get their team engetber
wing to sickness of some of tbe players.
Klmberley at Wycllffe.
Cranbrook at Wardner.
Vahk at rest.
At Ihe suggestion of the district wa-
er rights engineer, the city Is making
n effort to mt down the extravagent
ise ol' water In the city. This is not
o much for lhe reason Ihat the city
apply Is short, as on account of tbe
fact that persons Irrigating on the flat
just oui of the city may be protected.
The city has not yet got the benefit
of the work undertaken on the city
reservoir Ibis season, but even at the
besl nf times, tbe thoughtless waste
if water siuh as goes on In some parts
or Ihe city at this lime of year Is n
practise to be deprecated.
Ii is expected that Miss Maystre.
wbo lias been at Spokutie for treatment, will be returning to tbe city on
Friday or Saturday of this week.
BORN On Thursday, July 20th, nt
Pentlcton, to Mr. and Mrs. Clarence
M. Finnis, a son.
The Smoker  held  In  the  Veterans'
Hall on Saturday night, the lfith. was
the regular Bemt-anmial affair,    and
by the attendance, which enjoyed the
proceedings from end to end, Lhe evening   was   a success   in   every  way.
The proceedings got  under way at 9
p.m.. witli Comrade Voung    iu    the
chair, and    t'rom then until midnight
nearly, the program of songs, recita-
lou  nml  short  talks on  various sub-
■ts kepi  ihe crowd  in good humor,
loiter  ou.  several  of  the     leading
musicians of the city appeared and
endered several vocal aud instrum-
■ii f ii I selections, which were a treat,
ami greatly appreciated.     Hill Johns,
wiih i<  lew of the old favorites, also
nlivened the program.
Another Smoker will he held in the
ionr future when members are to be
squired to present cards for admis-
lou, thus obviating any unnecessary
lillle  parleys   which   took   place  last
Keep lhe affnlr lu mind and hang
II  io your credentials, and see that
they   cover   any   necessi.ry   formalities.
T. W. Pattinson, of the City Transfer, who hnB taken up with a new
poultry breed, the Russian Orloff. iv
meeting with some success in dispos
lug of the stock he has raised, des-
niie the fact Hint he lost a good many
of the young (-hicks, mainly through
tho depredntlons of vata. He hn
lately disposed of some grown stock
at tbe rate of about $.10.0.1 a head to n
('oust fancier, The Orloff Is a hardy
breed suppoesd lo be adapted to se
vere climates, und does not
either comb or wattles.
one of the beat which tbe ciiy hoasl
of, It Is figured, will cover all demands as far us space and position ure
concerned,   which  an affair of    ibis
kind rightly requires.
It Is also planned to throw the club
premises open to the public Tor general Inspection. The members of the
club want the people of Craubrook
and district to get a first hand view
of the kind of quarters the Association is keeping up, and the work they
are carrying on. The Veterans are
anxious that the general public will
take full advantage of the opportunity to become acquainted with them
and their premises, which they bave
been told, and really believe, have no
equal as a clubhouse belonging to any
association or kindred club iu the interior of British Columbia. Keep the
dale in mind, and make it a point to
bo in en the fun und good time, und
the various other features which will
Impress the first lawn social to be
held by the G.W.V.A..
Remember the Ith nf August, and
the lawn social at the premises of the
club. A realistic replica of tbe gigantic task of the llrltlsh battleship
"Iron Duke," In sinking the whole
German fleet with Almirnl Von Tirpltz aboard, before itself sinking he-
ueuth the waves, as pul ou liy Jimmy
Turnley, one of the few eyewitnesses of tlie event, assisted by several
others, will he staged. Music, song,
and everything will keep the folks
who come in the best of humor.
Further announcement on tbis topic
wfll be made next week.
Wilson     Pitcher
McNeil   Catcher
Woodman    First Base
Sinclair   Second Base
ijogau   Short Stop
McLaren   Third Base
Grady   Right Field
Clapp  Centre Field
Soper   Left Field
Kpciiev und Crosby... .Spares
This is the team that (he City
League will place in tlie field un Tuesday evening of next week, when it has
challenged tho District League team.
The team is made up of the best material in the Club and Y.M.C.A. teams,
ami they are certain to give Hie big
leaguers a run for their money, with
even chances on the result. It will be
game well wortii turning out to see.
und it is hoped there will be a good
rowd on band to root,
empires—Barber and Simpson.
\ liuslness transfer -"if considerable
Import unco has been recorded this
week, T. 1'.. Cooper disposing of ihe
Kootenay Oarage, on Hanson Avenue,
L. Paulson, who has been In. charge
of the battery service work at the garage Tho business is a substantial
one and carries with It the tie agencies for Chevrolet and Dodge cars.
The change iu ownership takes effect
the lirst of next month Mr. Cooper's plans have not yet been learned,
but he will he taking a holiday soon
after releasing hold on the business.
Tlie Herald regrets the misunderstanding that gave rise lo the statement made last week that Miss Virgin-
la Wolfe of Lumberton had accepted a
position with the Itoyal Bunk. It
should have read with the Kootenay
Telephone Lines,
A shopmen! of 1,200 dozen fresh
eggs receni I) left Vancouver for New
Zealand, the first consignment or Its
kind ever attempted. If the shipment
meets with a good reception, ll Is ex
Tbe enclosure at the station has
been seeded down and with plenty of
water being applied, the grass ls making good progress. The place promises to add to the attractiveness of the
V.M.C.A. grounds, snd if the way is
clear to proceed with the erection of
tho kiosk as planned, the station vitally would take on a greatly enhanced appearance from the standpoint of the travellers passing
The eastbuund train one day this
week went through with over two
thousand cases of fruit. Six or seven
hundred of them were picked up east
from ihe Landing, and the balance
were taken on from tiie lake.
H. F. Heimsing, Indian Agent, now
at Fort Steele. Is shortly to transfer
his headquarters from tliere to this
city. The Dominion Oovernment !•>•
understood to linve purchased the residence of It. K. neattlc for the use of
the Indian ^Agcnt, nud Mr. and Mrs,
Heimsing nnd family will shortly be
moving lu.
Rev. J. Wlllard Lltch, nf Vancouver arrived in the city this week and
has been conferring witii Rev. W. T.
Tapscott, and members of the Baptist
Church, He leaves for Fernle on
Saturday, to be present at the Induction of a new pastor in the church
there. Mr. Lltch also made a visit to
Klmberley during his stay here.
I with ,i lillle correspondence
1 old topic, the Slaterville water
ply.     The mayor and
were present. Alden ic
t Inn*.
Minnies -
ving been
pomtence   v
from j. Ms
vel or ihe Bldewalh
Dewur Avenue be i
on  motion
A letter from Meat
had reference to nu
lots 5, ti and 7. blue
perty hud reverted t
out their knowledge,     Oii
.i rebate of $2.1.00 was granl
the amount which hud been
by thorn. The offer of the s
lo pure! use n lol un Baker S
sum of fUU, tax sale arrears
copied by Lho council, and in
ed in regular by-law form t
Inquiry wns made by a delegation
from the Rotary Club ns to when pro.
Brass In the park project recently authorized liy die ratepayers would bo
Inaugurated, and promising lb
tanco of the Club ul any time. It
appears thai u month must elapse be-
i. and iu
id, they
as made
nun! Ar-
Oddfellows and Hebekahs turned
out ln force on Wednesday afternoon
on their joint picnic, and close on 20
cars took loads out. and a big truck-
load nf children as welt. Conditions
at Moyle Luke were ideal, and a very
pleasant time was spent witli water
sports and events of all kinds for the
children and grown-ups, to say no
thing of the baseball game and the
tug of war    Moving pictures taken at
.,,.,,  ..  .,  .the picnic hy Mr. Nelson, of The Rex
grow pecteri that a considerable trade will! Theatre, are to bn shown there this    panted  on   their   return   by   Mr.
develop between the awo dominions,   week. (Johnson, Mrs. Staples' father.
any steps can be
due course the mnyoi
would call upon tl,
I'or co-operation.
In tine wllh the idea o
Ing the city, the suggestion
by Aldermun Moir that an i
hor Day might he Instituted iu the city, the same as Is done in many oilier places. The suggestion has obvious advantages, especially iu this
city whore the trees would grow and
make very satisfactory progress with
a little cure al the proper time.
A letter of appreciation from W. K.
Worden. refining to the work of the
fire brlgudo al ths time of his fin
was read and filed. The report <
T. M. Roberts, as returning ollicer, on
ilie vote on the park by-law. No. 21
was also received and filed. Tlie
costomary batch of accounts was reviewed by the finance committee and
passed by the council for payment.
Tho city foreman's reporl, showing
a busy month's work with the waler.
streets, hauling refuse, sidewalks, cemetery and sewers, was read, and filed. Chief Reece also presented his
complete summarized report on the
condition of the chimneys In the city
a great deal of time being spent In its
mpllatton, which the council ordered some two months ago. They now
have a great deal of useful Information in this regard, which will probably be made uso of. The customary
report of the fire chief, dealing with
tlie Worden warehouse fire last month
was also received and filed.
The report of the dairy Inspector
wus also presented and filed . On
a motion of Aldermen Moir and Hal-
ment, the notice of the Inspector, Dr.
Rutledge, was to be called in regard
lo some conditions which bad come
to light, aiitslde bis regular round of
the city dairymen, and whicli it was
felt ought to be remedied.
The report of Supt. Kakln. of the
light department, revealed the fact
the city plant had heen closed down
completely last month, nnd the staff
put to work iu other directions. Four
shut-downs of the Hull River power
supply were registered during the
month. Alderman Santo drew attention to the fact that there were complaints as lo lhe power not being as
strong as formerly, and a voltmeter
will   he   Installed   on   the   Hue   at   Lhe
sub-station to test out tbe voltage.
Alderman Balment, (or Ibe water
committee, drew the attention of the
Council to the fuel that uo progress
hud been made In the matter of the
Slaterville system betterments, which
the residents of that section iiad uh
dertaken lo put through some time
ago. The state ot affairs In regard
to the system there was unsatisfactory
from the city standpoint, and the upshot was thnt a motion was passed
giving the Slaterville residents two
weeks to get matters moving, or they
muy find their supply in jeopardy,
The city council decided to inspect
on Sunday the new work which has
been done on the reservoir, under (Indirect ton of the city superintendent,
Tbis was at the suggestion of Alderman Balment. reporting for the Water committee thai very favorable
progress was being made. The inspection was duly made by the coun
c|| as a  whole on Sunday afternoon
Mrs. K. I, Staples
tor have returned to
visit to Michigan ntfl
liitle daugl
jrcllffe from
being accom
Well known Kast Kootenay mining man. and many years in tho
Bervice in the Provincial Government here, chasen unanimously lr contest the Impending by-election here In the Conservative interests.
witli great regret that we have
rd the death of J E. Hum-
one ol the pioneers of Best
iy. He was for many years
of the Wolf Creek Ranch, five
inrtii   of   Wasa.   and   with   the
and   I'eter   Fernie
subsequently   bOUg
il   his
miles   nort
Hon.   P.
from   Win
1835.     lie
partner out.
As un original shareholder in the
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company he
came in for the benefit of Its sudden
rise in 1S97. and has lived In England
since. He was very well known to all
the old timers, and Ted  Humphreys
uid always be depended upon when
cesslty arose.
Ry his death ou the 28th of .June,
this band of pioneer- is leaned by
me of its best known members, anl
hose left can raise tlieir hats when
they hear that "flood Old Ted" ha>
gone west."    R.I.I'.
The election nnd app
olflcers for the new half
for Durham Encampment
Sll ted in tbe following t
Installation  taking  place
lay  last,  at   Ibe  regular
Chief  Patriarch    ..   ..
Senior Warden      E.
Junior Warden
1st Watch ...
2nd Watch ..
3rd Watch ...
it!. Watch ..
[nslde auord
Outside Guard
ii.tt.ient of
■ early term
No. 12, re-
aking offlce.
on  Thtirs-
.. H. White
H. McPhee
I   If. Collins
.1 L Palmer
..   S.   Fyles
Priest    \.  Burch
    I-'.   A.   Williams
..  F
W. Hurges--
.. E. Walker
.. W. Wolfer
C A Towrlss
, ,i Manning
\v. c. Adlard
Mrs.  .1   E
t the Ilamll it'
len   Wen
ind Mr.s.
Webster are
use on hums-
cated by Mr.
,1. F. (iiiimnni expects to leave aboul
iiu- first of next week for the Coast,
where he will attend a meeting of the
Game Conservation Hoard as the dislrict representative. •
Stumps are being blasted out ihis
week on thc flat at the point at Lumberton for a new yard there. The mill
is now cutting round nbout 1'pO.iiOO
feet or more per day. and will s'art to
ship as soon as ihe planer fs completed A house is In be built there Mils
summer tor Mr. O. C. Kohson. tbe
manager, on the bench hack from tbe
Xew Vnrk Concern Puts on Bis
Campaign From Which Wilmer Will Benefit
Itev.  W.
conduct  s.
Church     o
July 23rd.
Tdpscott is expecting to
be in Uu- Community
Sunday aftenooon next,
Wilmer. B.C.—The increasing importance of Wilmer and Us surrounu-
ing country from an agricultural
standpoint hus just been recognized
by the establishment here of a selling
office of the B. A. Strout Farm Agency,
Inc.. and the appointment of F, G.
Hall a.s its local manager.
Tiie effect of  this step  will  be to
give Wiinier and East Kootenay country representation in the largest fnrm
eliing   organization   In   the   world,
aving more than 620 agents scatter-
d alt over the United States, in Canada and Great Britain and divisional
uflices in many of the large cities of
ibis country
The move is an incident in a $1.000p-
M) sales  promotion campaign  which
;e Strout Agency bas undertaken to
put over iu W2.    It means that Wil-
ind the farming country around
in for a big boost, for it  will
in   'he   benefits  of  that   campaign
Many    thousands    nf   dollars    are
pent by the Strout Agency annually
in advertising farms for sale, and tbis
the expenditure will be increas-
Farin  seekers  all over America
ibroad  will  be told through this
advertising campaign of the opportunities  for  buying farm  property  ad-
vantageousfy in this section.
addition a very attractive little
booklet   describing   the  attractiveness
of fnnninv  property here will be issued especially  for Mr.  Ball  by  the
.Strout Agency and distributed by him
housaiids   nf   farm   seeker-   and
lome seekers.   It wtH tell these pros-
buyers  what  crops are
best adapted to our soils and most pro-
Rtftble in our markets, and will --how
,t some of our successful farmers
have accomplished.
The Strout Agency ha- on Its lists
i- names ol many thousands of perns   who are  seeking farm   homes,
many of whom desire to locate in this
vicinity.    Tbe little booster for  Wilier  will  be placed before iln-m.    It
should   help   to   place   Wilmer   more
prominently on the worlds map.
What this means to a community
mny readily be imagined. In some
representatives of the Strout
! Agency say this plan has brought as
[many as 174 new families into a sfn-
1 gie section thus advertised In one
, year.
| The grounds committee of the Agri-
! cultural Association has been In com-
j mun lea tion with Mr. Uren, of Vic-
I tnria, in an effort to get the use of the
old fair grounds for tbe exhibition this
I year, and definite word will probably
i be received In a day or two, which
! will decide where the fair Ia to bo
i held. In the meantime preparations
| are going forward In different directions which will help ensure the best
fair ever for tliis year.   The provis-
Aldormon \v .1 Qarbutt of Hossland,
member of thn Consolidated  Mining  tonal prize list for the live stock clus-
and Smelting Co/a staff, slopped off a:HPH has been drawn up, and will bo
S. day at Cranhrook en route tn Klmber- I Bubmitted to a genorat   meeting   on
ley for a holiday. Monday neit for approval. Mm SB
,   OC   -t _a
Thnrsdaj*, .Tulj- 20,11)22
Fair  Warning  About
Your Eyes
You can abuse them.
You can't trifle with nature.
Bnt listen!
You en n't handle soft pitch
with your bare hands without
smirching them.
You can't take a diet of poison and expect to live. It can't
be done.
You can't see plainly without
glasses if your sight i» Impaired—the more you try, tho worse
your sight will become.
Tho wearing of scientifically
constructed glasses will end
your eye troubles.
Trust us for the help you require.
Jewelers and Opticians
Cbc Cranbrook Gerald
Publislimi overy Thursday.
Editor iind Proprietor
Subscrljitlun I'rivo .
To I tilted States ..
.. $!.i:0 per yeur
.. i'lM iter yuar
'-Will,   •   HlM*0.k|   WltlH.ul    ■    MUlllc'
l'rliite-1 lis   I'nluii Labor
Advertising It-ten oil Application.
Chanj-en fur Advertialng _lUyT be in
tin,, olllce Wedneetlay noon the current
week to secure attention.
The success attained liy the
United Farmers of Manitoba, in
t[injunction ..villi the Progressives, in the Manitoba elections tliis week, indicates again
liie trend of things politically
in the prairie provinces. The
Liberals, formerly the party in
power, retain merely tt handful
of scats, and the Conservatives
fared no better. Tliere seems
to have como a spirit of awakening over the west, a realization of tlieir own power has
come over the farmers, and
they seem distrustful of Ihe older line parties. It seems that
neither one of thein has moved
fast, enough to gel abreast of
the Fanner sentiment abroad
in the land. Here again the
sharp eleaveage between country and ciiy becomes apparent.
Whither will it lead? Does it
bode well or ill for the country? Canada is dividing on
the wrong lines if this tendency develops, for on the top of
all the external problems, It
adds an internal one of the flrsl
determination which are among his outstanding character-
isties, gathered his Utile band
around hini and quickly succeeded in inspiring them with
of the Government, there was
much of his own spirit. During ihe session just dosed,
j while he was no lunger leader
! no one to challenge his leadership in the House. In ag-
I groBsIveness, watchfulness, Intellectual keenness, ami all tlie
qualities of leadership. .Mr.
! .Meighen has been supreme.
The Conservative members
from British Columbia have
taken an outstanding part in
the debates uf the session. It
would be difficult to iind seven
men in lhe House wlio are lhe
equal ol Mr. Stevens, Tolmie,
MacKelvie. McQuarrie, l.adiier,
Clark, ami Dickie, .Mr. Stevens
lias long had a prominent
place for himself as a debater
of the most ready type; well Informed, eloquent, and logical.
On all agricultural subjects
Dr. Tolmie has no peer, -Mr.
MacKelvie on the frail Industry
and Mr. McQuarrie on Hu* fisheries and General Clarke on
military mailers arc ali perfectly at. home; wliile Mr. l.adiier and Mr. Dickie have proved
themselves extremely useful on
many occasions. There is ao
other province that can compare witli British Columbia in
the general all round versatility of its representatives; and
they have proved a tower of
strength to Mr. Meighen in tlie
Every measure thai Hie Conservative members from British Columbia have advocated in
lhe House-and. indeed, in regard lo some ou which Literals
and Conservatives thoughl it-
like Mr, Moighen lias taken
an active part and an active interest in furthering. British
Columbia has no heller friend
and no more effective advocate
in all tlie House than the leader
of lhe Conservative parly, as he
has proved time and again this
session, as in Ihe past.
n  s  j
Whon election returns won;
all in last December it looked
for n time at though thc Conservative party in the I louse
would lie small and ineffective,
and tlie part It would be able to
play a minor one. Ua numbers
were heavily reduced, and a
uuiinbi.r of lhe most aggressive
Conservative members — men
who would have been particularly useful in opposition
were out of the House. But Mr.
Meighen wiih tlie energy nnd
pim:mn_h iu..nn:s b.c.
r.iQUOK ami;\i>mi:\ts
Communications passing between
Premier Oliver and Senator Barnard,
ine of tin.1 ll. r. senators, Indicate thai
Premier Oliver is laying tn Senator
Barnard, along with Senator Green,
tho blame I'm- die failure of tlie pro-
Canada Temperance Act, whicli wluld
vlnce to obtain tlu- amendment to tlie
Canada Temperance Aet, which would
sole righl to Imparl liquor into the
province ror sale or export. This
is the oraendment which tlie Attorney-
Gflneral went east to father, but wliloi'
was disallowed by the senate and deleted from the amended bill when finally brought before the house of
"Had we been granted power," snld
Ihe Atlorney-Ueneiul, discussing It,
"to control importation of liquor, It
would have gtven us tho authority to
adequately administer our provincial
liquor legislation, eliminate iht- boot-
Iokkit who is enabled to operate
through his ability in import, and allow ns. in effect, to substantially reduce the price of government liquor
to tho people nf tbo province. Without tho power sought our aim to give
lho people of the province decent administration is most seriously handicapped. In Tact, without It. it Is Im-
pOBlble    to    properly  administer the
provincial act iu the best Interests of
thu people of the province."
When Senator Barnard and Si-nnt-
or Green refused to aid In the passing
oi lhe amendment desired through the
BOimte at lb'1 eleventh hour, Ihey
were churged by the Premier, in effect, with working against the besl
Interests of the province. Now Son-
ator M.i.'n- nl comes back with u ru-
ply Instating that the liquor prices
charged by tho provincial governmeni
are unreasonably high when compared with those prevailing in Ontario .mil Quebec, Senator Barnard
takes this stand in a letter he addresses io lhe press answering the statement of the Premier that he and Senator Oreen blocked the legislation
nsked for by tbis province to secure
a monopoly on importation.
Tho senator snye be resents this.
nud reiterates his first statement
tlmt in all fairness it wonld be impossible for tiie federal authorities to
grant tbis province Ibe exclusive
tight to Import, without the poople
voting on tho matter. He also quotes from an advertisement of the liquor commission in Quebec, showing
how thn prices compare for the same
liquors, in which there is a considerable disparity iu favor of lhe eastern consumer of government liquor.
Senator Barnard also refers to ihe
price list of Hie Ontario Government
dispensaries nf January lasl. going
into iln- matter in a very specific wny
showing that so far ns-prino is concerned, this p rovluce is much higher than Ontario.
To this the Premier replies that in
Ibis province liquor is looked upon
more as a luxury than in Ontario.
Tlie wholo episode, huwevcr, brings
out tho question as to why tbe gov-
ernmeut did not in the first plnco
' tako the plebiscite under the Seott
i Act. n:i the right to confine tiie im-
Iportatlou of liquor solely to tho gov-
; eminent, instead of jumping over tho
| Intermediate step and voting at onci
J on tho question of government con
trol withotii any regard to the qucs-
I linn of importation? Thoy put tin
| tart before the horse and now find
the) can't make the grade. Who'
1 to blame?
lr. MucKlmion ..
V. C. Uowuess ...
. f,CI   'ii
>. Halcrow	
. so 24
Vi. Wilting	
.. .',11   37
■:. i.. Staples ....
.. T. Cooper	
. r,o  .ii
Vi. Stewarl 	
..   If,    L'2
I. I'l. Sowerby ...
I. Sinclair 	
W. 1-'. Caiueron ..
J. T. I.iil.llii.v ....
'. II. Pollen ....
\. ll. Webster ...
1. Collier 	
.   I,",    111
I. Delauy	
. 45  :n
Dr, aroen 	
\. lire*-  	
J. Taylor	
•:. MoMahon 	
.  Sll    ill
\. SlI.lM- 	
• -'•"'    "'
ont cnvnuTroiUJUKS
j Cnlimit! Third.
Canada is third in thc actual number
of autoinohilles owned iu Uie country,
iVnlled   States   being   tlrst   with   the
'amazing total of 10,505,880, and
(ileal Britain second with 4il7,r>S:'.
Canada's total is 463,448. Other countries come nowhere, The next in order   are   France,   236,140;   Germany,
{ 01,384; Australia. 7:1,000; Italy, 63,000;
' India,   45,883;   New   Zealand,   37,500;
I Russia, *.*i,00-}; Union of South Africa,
|20,4G8; .Newfoundland, 000.--Kx,
•Tlniii, Uiirurntailed Truth,''
|    on its part, liie (lovernmeiit cannot
j Impress loo strongly on the Agent,
ilt'ii. the advisability in all his statements respecting British Columbia
nf telling the plain, unvarnished truth
, devoid in every sense of embellish
ments.   Private companies seeking to
i sell lands in this province have obviously not adhered to truthful stat
ments,    These companies appear to near future.     It is planned to tuke
avoid tolling  prospective  purchasers a special train to .Marysvllle or some
of land anything about (he difficulties such point.
which  may have lo  bo  encountered. —
In   tlie  majority  of  coses  they  are!    J. P. Larson, principal owner in the
inure concerned about selling tbe laud ; Tiger-Poormau claims, between Wild
than  about promoting  settlement.— Horse and Sheep Creek, bus been at
Victoi-ia Colouist.
Hack To Pali-image.
One of the most noteworthy events
of tlie session lias been the formulating of a concreie plan by tho Liberal
members to destroy tlie Civil Service
iiniuission and secure a return to
patronage unalloyed. The prelitnin-
ry guns were lired tbis month. The
eal battle is io come next year.
Kvery member has heen charged to
unearth every semblance of complaint
thai can he found against the Commis-
ion, to muster every pretext that can
lie found ior attacking It. Next ses-i
sion a commission or parliamentary
lOmmlttee Is to be demanded to probe
it. preferably a parliamentary committee witli a comfortable majority of
Liberal members in its composition,
To appreciate the situation it must
bo recalled that these same voices,
new raised in violent condemnation of
tbe Commission and its functions, jusi
ono short year ago were equally violent In opposing a suggestion that even
most menial aad casual appointments
he withdrawn from the Commission.
To-day they want patronage hack and
they want to exercise it beforo another election.
Consistency in the King party Is a
Jewel absent from the diadem when il
interferes Willi political advantage,-—
Fort Steele recently. He states lie
will commence work as soon as supplies ean be put in, imd will continue
all winter.
O. It. Leusk has secured the contract for building tlie new Kimberley
Il is now evident that Thunder
Mountain Is a fake, and disappointed
prospeclore are returning from there
every day.
Extracts from the Cranbrook
Herald of this  date,  1902.
rm,i< i: chiefs skek
Adopt   Resolution  Seeking To
Unify System Of Appoint'
Int:   Commissioners
Asking for a uniform standard cf
police commissioners throughout Canada, tho Canadian Chief Constables'
Association recently at their Victoria
Convention, adopted a resolution
whicli, if acted upon, they believ
will tako police administration out of
the influence of politics. The resolu
tion reads:
"Whereas it appears that chief constables who have served cities and
municipalities witli credit for many
yoars have been removed tor reason^
not consistent with police efficient-»'
and many times without nny reason
"And whereas the uncertain tenure
of ollice of such olllcers of the Crown,
will strike at tbe integrity of tht
ollice of chief constable throughout
this Dominion and tend to force tbe
Incumbent to collect the spoils while
tho Hoard enjoys public favor;
"Therefore be it resolved that the
of   Chief   Constables   cf
Senator Turner,   of Spokane, who
was here lasl  week, made Uie state- > Association
menl to ihe Herald that the   Smelter I Canada in open meeting assembled
ui Marysvllle would now be com pie- views  witli  considerable  alurm   the
len without delay.
The new vault
Bank of (Yniineret
forcible trend to bring the police Into
politics to protect their honor, hon-
for   lhe Canadian csiy and good reputation, and decide
is nearly comple-lto   memorialize   the   Honorable   the
j Attorney-General of  each  respective
,_ ' province in Canada with a view to
Thu railroad employees   of   Cran- bringing about legislative enactments
brook are planning u big picnic in the that will restore the prestige and dig-
Notice to Contractors
All Trades
Separate sealeil tenders will be received by the undersigned up to (! p.m., July 28th, 1922 for the General,
Plumbing, Healing and Ventilating, and Electrical trades, I'or an addition lo tin- Central School at Craiib'ook,
B.C., fur the Cranbrook Hoard of School Trustees.
Certified cheque «|iinl to five per cent, of amounts
of tcmlerR to accompany all bids, which cheque will lie
forfeited should contractor fall to outer Into contract
v, lien called upon.
Suocosaftil conti'octoi'fl will be required to furnish
approved Surely Bond to amount of twenty per cent, of
amount of contract,
Copies of Plans and Specifications may be obtained nt Iho office of the Architect, II. I,. SWAN, PRNTIC-
TON, B.C., or from tlie undersigned on deposit of a sum of
Ten Hollars, whicli viU be returned when plans and spec-
llicationa are relurned in good order.
Tlle lowest or any lender nol necessarily accepted,
Secretary, Cranbrook Board of School Trustees.
^^B Cranbrook, B.C.
Wilmer and District, in the Windermere Valley, where a New York concern Is now planning
a farm selling campaign to bring in BettlorB.   An office has already been opened at Wilmer.
Bruce Robinson
Teacher of .Music
Studio above Murdock McLeod's.
Sub-Agent -. Heintzman & Co. Pianos
re i$
only o\m
'way to kit
This 18 it—Darken the room as much as possible, close the
windows, raise one of the blinds where the sun shine:: in, about
eight inches, place as many Wilson's Fly Pads as possible o:i
plates (properly wetted with water hnt not flooded) on the
window ledge where the light is strong, leave the room closed
for two or three hours, then sweep up the flies and burn them.
See illustration below.
Put the platen away out of the reach of children until required in another room.
The right
way to use
nity of siirii conservators nt' tbo peace
lu the best interests of law, order,
anil society, iu anil throughout Cannda.
"And we feol that the only way to
havo or maintain proper police eftl-
ciency will be by the governments of
the different, provinces adopting a
uniform standard ol police commla
sion and remove tbe police absolutely
from politics."
Muring the debute ou this subject
at previous meetings the' Ontari.
system was approved by a number ol
the speakers, tbo board there being
made iiii of tho police court magistrate, ihe mayor und district judge.
Tlie criminal aspect at immigration
was dealt with by Chief Belanger, of
Montreal.   Ho said iu part:
"While I am not opposed to a healthy Immigration, there bIiouUI be restrictions that will insure Canada from
being overrun by an undesirable class
whieh makes law enforcement all the
more difliculi iu times of [ilress or
crisis," he staled. "The genuine
tourist should tie encouraged iu every
way, and 1 wonld suggest that the
convent ion appoint a committee lo
draw np suggestions tor handling
this class of business so ihat it can
bo carried nn unhindered, yet with
proper machinery iu motion lo preclude undesirables crossing the border inlo Canada." Chief Belanger
said . "If a mun bus been here iu
Canada forty years, why should he
not be deported if lie c-oiUmtlB a
crime? if these people understand
that if tbey do nol obey onr laws they
can be sen! back lo their own country. It will result iu securing u better class of Immigrant," said Inspector McKinney, of Toronto, tn his address. Tbe attorney general of this
province. Hen. A. M. Manson, was also a speaker at the convention, and
naturally dealt wllh lhe liipior act
now In force here, aud the difficulties found In the way of Its enforcement. "1 find some of our most respectable citizens." tie said, "—with
a question mark, — patronizing tlie
bootleggers, and yet Ihey sit ill the
front pews of our churches."
Inspector McKinney of Toronto, declared severe measures were necessary tf the disorderly house evil was
to be abolished, and be believed penalties for adultery  would  materially
aid  in effecting a cure.
Desire for easy gain    had    caused
many good men to go wrong, as the
gambling mania led to theft.     With
tbe  exception  of  bookmaking  at  the
horseraces all classes of gambling iu
Canada could  very  easily  be  eliminated   by  a  very  simple  avemlnient
to the criminal code — the removal of
the word "intended," il was explained.
Chief  Anderson,   Vancouver,    dur-
1 ing  tlie  ensuing  discussion   referred
lto [lie baseball and football compeli-
! tions, whicli he said were taking in
a lot of money.       A resolution was
adopted asking ibe executive to pre-
: pare   suggested   amendments   to   the
code and to take the matter up with
tlie proper authorities.
For Sale by
HR-vrriH-Nonuo nuuu co.
"The Rexall Store"
CHANimOOK      -      -  B.C.
Where It pays lo deal
Kill The Gophers
Competition Ends This Month
Musi show Governmonl Cortlflcnlo ot nunibor of t.iIIk
Turned In.
<IOVI.RNl.ll.>T AS HEM,.
Flour, Hay, Grain and Feed of
all kinds, Rolled Oats
Selling Agent* Fun
Fleetwood Whole Wheat Flour
and Rye Flour
Ilntmon Ave, next Voiiezln Hotel RES. I'HONE UIO Ofllce Phono 02 Thursday, Jul) 20, 1922
I'HE      CRANBUOOI.       HtRlLI
_SW*r--. eem*e.    f*i   **!: ■"?-*.    ,«fc   SP.     st.
UNLESS you see the name "Bayer" on tablets, you
are not getting Aspirin at all
Colds Headache
Toothache       Neuralgia
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Hnmly ••Itayor" tecs nf 12 tnbl n -Ala 1, ilUt
Aaiilrln Is It,,, trade, Miuil; IroBlit.r. I In Can   I   I ■ '
ni'.IIt'nfltlfMt.T „r S;ill,->),.;,.. I      \   i
manufacture, lo a*m.t Hid i„i1,llo . i ,1, ,i )
Will   l,il  HI",,,..,!   Wilt)   lllolr  _, lur.i!   I  !'
Bargains for the Reading Public
These two Clubbing Offers present opi-orimiUle.--i to secure a
year's supply nf reading jnatter tlmt covers the \oc.al field, tbe nu-
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The most represent- live national monthly—glvea the Canadian
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Regular price per year, $3.00; or in con junction witli
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Too well known lo need description; regular price per year $2.00.
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ANSWKHS ON    Ljfe^;
Accept only an "unbroken package" of "Bayer Tablets*' of
Aspirin," which Contains directions anil dose worked out by
physicians during 22 years and proved safe I7 millions for
Pain, Pain
of 21 and inn -nhlgglsll.
 „■!   1   ',„'.. of Mnno-
11 ii un. l.uy.-r
■ 7-11*1. t» ,,i ' :,.,'.■ L'umpany
BS ill t'VITV
human i> 1-
Ighted clg-
aployed hy
FOKKSTKY       n|l^|-j
y. in lhe minds of many people, tlie :
cause of mosl forest tires Ig ascribed
to lightning, action of tbe ^uu on'
quartz, broken bolt les, etc., and 10'
spontaneous combustion. How far is
■ bin true?
A. If lightning fire.-; and tires set by
broken hot!les. etc.. were tbe only
menace of tlie forest, nine-ton tha of
tlie lire rangers would lose tholr jobs.
Unfortunately, while lightning In
sometimes a minor factor in certain
districts, (and now nnd then It is Jusi
possible thin broken gloss may oon-
oentrate ihe Bun's rays and start :i
blaze.    Ihe   BertOUfl    fuel    we   h.ive   lo
hear iu mind is thai tour ii
live nre started hy earelesi
Iiikh. Tiie camp tin-, the
aretto, Innd clearing flres 1
settlers to burn un debris,
Hlblo inr liie main losses.
Q. Please give .some iiu
to ilie forestry policy of
A. The Umber resources of Germany
uro not only thorooughly developed by
scientific forestry ]>nn*|i.*e so tli:;l
Germany in 101-1 cut more Umber than
comes from the whole ot Canada each
year and at the same Ume Germany is
rapidly increasing its "capital Block'1
ot foreBts. The explanation Ib Hint- In
the lasl decude the German forester,
have so succeeded iu excluding foresi
|ros and In opcruthig their entire for.
est area us u .self reproducing "limber
farm," Unit wliile taking Kre.it shopri
chops out of lhe forest year by yeai
they Have not in the slightest degree
weakened the national store of commercial woods. Canada on the other
hand has allowed ber forest, wealth
■luring the past fow decades to lie so
ravaged by fire and so destructively
lumbered Hint her foresis. unlike Germany's, have been cut easily in half.
One quarter of the whole German
Empire is wooded and practically every acre controlled and exploited by
skilled foresters.
i.-fpecial to The Herald)
Invermere, B.< .. July 1:,. -   Dr. VV.
P. and Mrs. Coy. of  Vancouver- are
making a visit to their son Dr, l-\ B.
H. Gladwyn Newton ami .Mrs. Newton who wiili tbelr young child have
been on u holiday in eastern Canada
for over a monih have relurned to
'heir home on tin; Dominion Government Experimental Station when* Mr.
Newton has again taken up hia duties
.is buperlntendent
iir Mary 10. Crawford. Chief Medical Inspector of Schools for the city
tri Winnipeg, is again Bponding her
i immer holiday wl h her slater Mm.
Basil O. Hamilton,
At tl.* ai ■ mil n eating of the rote-
payi i    <•*  i* e Sch ol Dh trict n mo-
structing the School Board to go t n
witli ihe erection ol a dwelling mi
properly that Is adJohi!:ifj the school
grounds. This will bo used either for
the accomnodation of a married
lonelier or for a caretaker of the en-
expressed that this year might see iho
fulfillment of a liopod for i!.-nfie In
the way of Ihe establishment of a superior school for the entire district,
Following Is a statement of oro rc-
ceived at the Trail Smeller for the
verlod during July 8th it. l-lih liiclii-
Tbe fur reaching consequences of
the annual forest fire plastic throughout America has been well phrased by
the editor of tlie Bustuu Herald, who
recently remarked:
"What adds to the pity Is thai most
of Hie timber burned in our woodland
fires Is so young thai   ii  belongs lo
Keiierntioiis not old enough to protect
Mine and Locality
Black Bear, Zwlcky, Ity....
Blurk Rock, Northport, Wu.
Ethoopla, Greenwood, B.C.,
Emerald, Salmo, B.C	
Monarch,  Field,  B.C	
Quilp, Republic; Wn	
Republic, Republic, Wn	
RoBeberry ..--urprise,
New  Denver, B.C	
Standard, Silverton. B.C	
Silversmith, Sandon. B.C	
Sm prise, Repuvllo, Wn	
Company Mines	
Kazubazua-Tlie Happy Hunting Ground."
' K«i*,i.suat What Is it? Where
tk it? Butte It exist outside the
copiiv papers! Thus the ignorant
end un travel led.
H'jw many Canadians know that
Kaiubbsua li situated in one of the
most beautiful sections of tbe Gati-
DMU district, that the word, far
from being one with humourous intent, is of Indian origin, meaning
"hidden river," which Is descriptively accurate of the Gatineau at thi*
jjoint? Very few, it is to be feared.
It takes the sportsman to prick
,up his ears at the mention of the
name. For he will probably know
that near Kaxiibazua lies one of thc
finest trout streams In tlie province,
and thst It forms the base of many
famous hunting expeditions.
Notable among those were thc
two trips which have given the Gatineau a staunch friend in Rex Beach,
wbo claims to have hunted over
thousands of miles of country without finding anything that could
touch the Kazubasua region.
To Coon Teepie, a resident of
Xazubuua and the most renowned
of Gatineau guides, a measure of
Mr. Beach's enjoyment and success
is certainly due,
Teeple, s spare, wiry man wha
does not look his age—whatever it
is!—haa "called" moose for many a
hunter, but save for bears, whose
skins sdorn hfs home, ho does not
care "fer killln'."
"He's an awful dear man," said a
neighbour of hia one day, and when
pressed to give a reason for Mr.
Teeple'a expressiveness, he explained: |
"He can spot a deer mile3 away.
Seems almost as if he could feel
'em in tbe air. Where nobody else
can bring in game, Conn Teeple can.
He knows by lookin' at a hill whether
there's deer on it. Yep, he's an
awful deer man. he M"
Mr. Taeple's tastes aro frankly
rural. He looks with keen disfavour
upon metropolitan inventions, especially the motor car. Walking to
him is the natural method of locomotion, though the advantages of a
"team" are at times apparent. He
walks 25 miles a day with true enjoyment, but ono ovenlng after
motoring sixteen miles, he returned
to his home exhausted. "Tuckered
right out," he complained. "It's a
crool strain on a fella', you know,
jus' settin'."
The station at Kazubazua holds itself haughtily aloof from the town.
Conveyances of every description
meet the trains and transport travellers over a sort of Bandy table-land,
firofusely covered with blueberries
n summer, to the cluster of cottages
that form the village. This blueberry
jatch is about 9 miles in area and
ts output would practically feed
Montreal. r
Kazubazua presents a very different appearance to Low for example. The hills seem farther away,
the country is wilder, in spite of a
relatively larger settlement. Deer
are seen close by, bears are not unknown, rnooae drink at the "crick
and yet telephone bells whirr in
Almost every nome and three hours
travel will take one to the Capital
et tha Dominion.
■as*, ry f
(1) A typical view of the Gatineau RJv*r and Hflla,
(2) Kazubazua has a main street.
There is a main street in Kazu- | those generally aMoclatad with thai
bazua, a carding mill, a cement plant j melancholy carriaga. On occasions
und a flour mill. Outside the latter ' it will draw up smartly at the hotel,
stand the old grinding stonei that -he sombre-clad driver will jump
were used in past years, and on thei nimbly from his boi and assist a
main road there Is an earthen oven, I passenger to alight. Then, in a
upon which one mijjht look as the; hearty tone quite at variance with
grnndfltre of our Community Hitch-; that he la wont to use, he will ex-
It has been extensively used plain for the benefit of the gallery,
■"Wern't  no  room  in  the  rifs  over
within recent tinu
Kaxubazua will not attract the
commonplace, the type of vacationist to whom six wardrobe trunks
and ten hatboxea are a necessity.
Thore isn't a moving picture palace
in the place, nor a Chinese restaurant, nor an apartment house I
There are two --tore*!, however,
and gold lias lecn found in the di:
to the station, so I brought this
fella1 along with me. One dollar
...ease." I
Where is Kazubatua! What is ItP
A«k any of the mar. who from
now until the close of the hunting
season may be seen driving their
motors along tha main road and
into the hills.   Observe the sporta-]
trict. This Is true because at one j men's restless eye, the tonneau fill*]
nf the stores there are postcards for led with camping equipment, lis tea!
...le showing a robust locking gen-1 for the intermittent bark of a gun.
tleman leaning on a pick-axe ar.d \ in the distance! Or, if an answer la
shadowed by a huge mound, which r.ot forthcoming from these signs,
is supposed to represent pay dirt. I sit st some bountiful table a littla
'.robao.y, but which sceptical non- later in the year, feast the jaded
investors regard merely as a futile pa.ate upon a succulent steak of
attempt to alter the position of the venison or moose and ask, Whera
Gatineau hills. is Kaiubtma?   Tour huntsman host
There is a hearse at Kazuba£.*.a wil; tail youl—Madge Macbeth.
Its functions are not confined  tal
(I)  ll lr not  up If  -tmnnc tli*  At'lM  thai  Ih* Oman M-tuptrar M-mi I* hi-r* U*rt
Mmrwhai *>( Iii* P"..ul*r-ly. Tin* d«Mt-*ah!Btd patfllun f.«hind lh* high -Mar* ft«M
co.ffi * famnoi and tin-/ Imintaln ohiih " ai nm**) In ( omlantlntplt u • iirmini
memorial ol lha (i-K-J.rr.-, rtlll Ultra in IHT. ll la >.eird»d ap natr. »raH*l>lf baeaiM
Turk* halt lo bf ramlndfd of iht- *»ij In which Wllhdm ItS Ihtn -aairaj* -iarlns *-**
il uf lha I'finra of W»1m Ir Er«Im*I aflar ftltni-
i  for  ■  eraal  r«ltbraliaii  In   London.    Thia  phot*.
<  u ton   hit irrtftl at  BttkliithaM  Palara.    fnm
ttj. Prints Htnrt, I'rinco of Walaa. Daka af Tarh, US,
(I) Canada'a flCWHt arran linrr, tha Canadian Pactfle Si-amar "r.mwrtm ttt Cap.
•da," ractlvad a «arm walcama an liar firat app'aranca al Vannpaar lha alher 4»f,
whera (ha ii.arl.ed a ntm ara in lha derdopmrni of ( anida'a Iranvpadfie trada. Bht la
•f 21.M7 mm (troa. rcgiMar and 627 fall I. nn. Sht la prapcllad by twa ptU al tarblnaa
and haa allained a maiimum ipatd af II koala. Sha aalta from Vapa»»iar vU I
la Yokohamn, Koba, Nagasaki, Bhanshil,  Manila and Hans Hani.
i of  Holland.  Prfocaia  Inllana, In tha aaalni eaalima •( tha
iii.   will fikalf bt onr day tallrd la rata.    Tht Priacaaa U law
(S) Mr. Allttt} Prlca who, altar forlr rrara »,rr*r» with lha CPU., haa rails-
diiMird hia dutia. aa ftntral nttiaser -I BUtarn Una* on Iht pdrita af hia pbfticlana.
Mr. I'rin ttriMii fn.. buair.imt Ilia aa a irtrjmph maaaaniar al Taranla and haa <t»a U
ba ont al tba mom -Hidal-/ known and morl popular railwa/ aaa la Canada.
(I) John J. RnillT, who lure"-""*.-* Alfi-I Prfrt aa gaatral aianaiar C.P B. aaatrrn
Unci. Ha Jolnrd tha I .P.ft. ai tfflrt *«*• In l*-b7 and hia advaaea ta hia praaanl paiiMm,
haa bttn aarkad Lr hi* hat frig hfld a mitnbfr of impartanl paata la tht raatpanf'a aar*
tica Jn both  tj-icrn  and  wntrrn Canada.
(7) With H, K H. tht Uukt al Connanshl lima paataa In a klndlf waf Thla phn!a>
graph  wa* annpprd in  London  laa* than  a  monlh *t*> and ihawt that aalramrlr  papular
mamhar af thr  lloral  Family  la t'~'   "L	
arrlf-ad  la   Canad-i   to  aaaun-t  aff
warm friandahip al ail Canadiana
ehanftd    .#1 at  all afart tha tlmt  whan ha first
aa Uafarnar-Uantral aad  lacManiallr   In  wla   Iii*
III Hart la lha world'* largttt oltar.    ft* wa* hnrn In Tmii, wtliha l.im Iht   an|
i  high.    Sltadlng  PtaMa  him  la lha world'a fhamplon  ho*Iwo  wl
* ****** smmtm *U tM •**!$ U •**-•* W .Mial-l, aa4 WOk Utm VaiuutMMl^ PAOE FOUR
1 Hi:      ORANBROOK      HERALD
Thursday, Jul) -20, mi
Victoria.—Liquor prollt distribution
wub made to the municipalities of ihe
province Lasl week by the Hon. John
j Hurt, Minister ol Fiuance. Altogether Mr. Hart divided $600,021.27 am-
jong sixty-two munlolpalltles, accord-
lug to population, the net profits to
! .nine tu $2.0176 per capita.
The biggest cheque, Cor $171,779.41,
noes   to   Vuncoiiver.     The   next,   for
i $57,543,41),   goes   to   Victoria.    South
j Vancouver comes third witli one (or
$49,851,13 and Point drey fourth witli
! The total divided among tlie municipalities represents only half or ilie
■ lotal liquor profits made by the province for the nix months ending March
;.| Inst, The other halt ts retained
by the province. ,
Tliis distribution brings the to-
ml liquor p roflu distributed by the
i province  since  Government   Control
! cann-   in   on   ,1 it lie   15,   1931.   up   io
' 1800,021.81. A distribution ot $'21)0,-.
000   among the   municipalities    wiih
, mado un September 30, 1981,
Mr, Han's statement shows profits
from June 15 to September 30, 1921,
$541,000.51,     and    from   October   1.
1 1921,   lu   March   81,   1922,   or   $1,231,-
I 306,98; or u total up to the end of the
| Iscal year of $1,772,971.21.
nm of the total profits for tho lust
six months' period, the government
hus placed $31,325.54 for the Liquor
I Hoard reserve fund, which wan estnb
; lished by tho Liquor Control Act. Tbis
is only 5 per cent, of tbe amount distributed tu the municipalities, This
amount with the $Hl,G0G placed to
reserve ut the time oi' this first allotment of profits brings the reserve total now up to $172,929.05.
(Lister Notes, Creston Review)
Although not entirely unexpected
none the less regretted Is the passing
ol A. W. Bruin, wlio died at his home
here on Monday evening, after a lingering Illness arising frum lead poisoning which he contracted late last
full, and which confined blm to the
hoBpital ni Cranbrook fur almost the
lasi six months, he having returned
nt *.!u* end of Hi.' wean, The late Mr
Brain was one of lhe first residents of
Miter, inming here in August. 1919,
..■..in !.:(• ("oast, he having heen In
business In Vancouver prior Iu joining
up for overseas service.
The funeral took p]|  ou Wednesday to Crestuu cemetery, Uev, <;
Knox performing the lust sad rites.
Deceased was up to iho time of his
illness an active figure in Lister community Ute. unit ul the Hmc ol'
his doalh was Chairman ot tlie School
Board. The greatest sympathy Is felt
for Mrs. Brain and the three daughters und one sun who are loft to
mourn his demise.
4-s__*ffl>   "
m:i,ii.vi:s minim, in
Mining activity in the silver-lead
properties in the Kootenay country is
greater now than ever. Vancouver
peoplo flu nol realize what development is tailing place here, according
to Aid. Pranlt K. Woodslde, president
of the B.C, Chamber uf Mines, on ins
return tu Vancouver from the annual
Convention of the International .Mining Association al Nelson.
The general impression lie gained
at the convention was thai depression
which had prevailed in mining fur so
long, is now over nud tlmt, with a
Utile boosting, the Industry will go
on stronger than ever.
During hfs visit, Aid. Woodslde visited tho "Nip and Tuck" properties
near   Windermere,   nnd   luund   work
rogresBlng thero very rapidly. A
large amount of ore has been blocked
out, with good showings and the officials expect tu have ihe tlrst shipment sent to Trail Smelter In a few
weeks. ,
Fertile   Loses  First  Gume
l.nst   l.ml  Of  Base-
iinii  League.
-as dainty
as its name
Winnipeg,—Beginning early in May
the Canadian Pacific Railway operates through the Province of Manitoba a stock Improvement train under the direction of the Department
of Agriculture uf the province. This
train is donated by the railway company to the department in the interest of the advancement of live
stock raising and is accompanied by
an officer of the company in addition to the lecturers and others sent
by tlie government. Tiie train is a
most elaborate one fur the purpose
and cou-iists of the following cars
in addition to ten freight ears nf
Special type for handling live slock:
rive special coaches for lecturers,
moving pictures; a specially fitted
refrigerator car will he used for
displaying dressed beef, beef, bacon
-and uther produce. This train is
run ns a special through the prov-
Coming to life In the eighth inning
alter allowing Pernie lo get a loud of
olgbl runs, White Spruce swatsmen
got to Auli's offerings for :i row nf
three-baggers, and before the smoke
had cleared ton runners had crossed
the plate, resulting In the downfall of
Ihe hitherto undefeated Ferule ball
kissers, by a score ul 10 In 14.
The game throughout was scratchy
and trom the spectators' point of view
tin- teams were apparently in a competition of errors, no less thai. 17 errors being recorded against the fielders. Pernio scored a rim In each of
the first and second Innings, but tbo
Spruce drew level iu the third by
scoring two. In the llfth Spruce blew
up and a rmv of errors, coupled with
some timely hlttliiy. gave Fernle six
runs, spruce got a couple hi the
llfth nud repeated in the seventh.
Pernio put on another spurt In their
half oi' the eighth, hitting Bishop's
offerings nnd scored another six ritll-8
The game was apparently on Ice when
Spruce came to but In their hull' of the
eighth. The flrsl man up pasted tho
pill for three bases; an error let the
next man safe on first; two batters
were retired; mid then the tun started.
Seven men faced Ault wit bunt the
third out being accomplished; elglu
runs had crossed the plate. Anil gave
way to B. Wilson, who walked the first
man facing him. Barber connected for
three bases, scoring two mute runs.
Wilson ended the agony hy striking
mil '/.elth. Fernie fulled to tally In the
ilrst half uf the ninth, being retired lu
one, two, three order.
Buy Diamond Ware or Pearl Ware kitchen utensils and save work; They are so clean, with a flint-
hard, smooth surface that wipes clean like china.
No scouring) no scraping or polishing. Just use
soap and water.
Every conceivable pot and pan Is mnde in either Pearl
or Diamond Ware, the two splendid quality   SBflP   Enameled Wares.   Diamond Ware is a three-coated enameled
Hlwl,  sky   blue  and   wliile  outside, snowy   white  inside.
Pearl Ware is enameled steel with two coats
of grej and white enamel inside and out.
Either wore will give long service,   Ash for
p| Pearl Ware or
Diamond Ware
'Sheet Metal Products Co "um™
(Fernle Free Press)
Three Individuals spent a week or
ten days in the city recently, nnd not
appearing lo have any "visible means
of support," thoy eventually wound
up ut the police slat inn un vagrancy
cbargea. When pinched, however,
they demonstrated their true calibre
and announced tlmt Ihey ha I been
detailed tu the city under orders from
the Liquor Control Board tu Invest!
gale Conditions here with respect to
the Ultlgal nale of liquor, nud hidden*
i tally  report   uu all  uther degrees ol'
I vice, real nr Imagined, thai might be
thought of wliile here. Tlie vi.m'uncy
cbargea were not prosecuted end lasl
Saturday morning, the trio boarded
the O.N.Il. train fur Vancouver.  Thoy
I reported in ihe local police tbat they
had material BuHlcIem to lay charges
I under the Liquor Act dgains! six ur
seven lintel proprietors, but that this
would not be done-tor n fow weeks.
Thc first cabinet minister In Canada
tn uillfj-te aircraft in the disorarge of
his officio! duties is Hon. Mr. Patullo
Minister of Lands nf British Columbia,
who left recently on it seaplane trip
visiting many points on Vanvnuver Inland nnd the Mainland coast. British
Columbia now uses seaplanes as an es-
sentla] pun of Its forest protection
system, trereby economizing groatly
lhe l ravel liny timo of lis chief oftUs-
Railway News
Guelph. — Realizing that some
effort should be made to preserve
1he old C. P. tf.. station building, the
first house built in Guelph, which
is located on a piece of ground at
the foot of Woolwich Street, and
whieh is fast going to ruin, the civic
improvement committee of Guelph
decided to make a move towards
having Improvements carried oot to
preserve the building.
Gait.—General Manager M VV.
Klrkwood of the Lake Erie & Northern and Grand River Railways bas
announced that early in July work
would be started on the new Union
Depot on Main street. The plans have
been finally approved and lenders
have been called for. Thc building,
which will be of rug brick construction, one storey in height, but later
it is intended to add another storey,
to accommodate the general offices
now located in Seolt'3 Block.
Moose Jaw.—The roof is now on
the Dominion Express Company's
new building, west of the Canadian
Pacific Railway Company office
building, nnd the work is being
rushed with great speed. As soon
as the Express Company building is
in shape to be occupied, the old
huilding will be removed and the
work of installing tho new tracks
will be commenced.
In front of the new depot the concrete roadway is laid iu squires of
ten feet. The city electrlclatio have
completed the installation nf lhe two
electric light standards at the outer
edges of the sidewalks on both sides
of the roadway.
Gait.—After 40 years of continuous ami faithful service as nn
employee of the C. P. Ft., Alex. Me-
Keen, city ticket agent here for tlie
past 16 years, joined the list of tbe
superannuated and his place was
taken by John Campbell, for many
yeara a permanent resident of Gait,
nt one time depot and freight agent,
but for the past several years
travelling passer.ger agent,
Mr. McKeail commenced hi? railroad career In the freight audit department at Winnipeg, was agent at
High Bluff, Manitoba, for a couple
of years nnd for 17 years successfully conducted a mercantile business in Mount Forest, handling railway, steamship, telegraph and express services. It was from Mount
Forest that he came to Gait in 190Q.
Vancouver. — Vancouver's firat
transcontinental railway train entered the city thirty-live years ago,
when prophecies were made which
have now reached full realization.
In the address of welcome to Henry
Abbott, who was then superintendent
of the Pacific Division of the C, P.
R., Mayor M. A, Maclean drew a
word-picture of Vancouver in the
future which is now a fact.
Vancouver's fust train was drawn
by an old wood-burning type engine
and included a baggage, colonist
sleeper and pullman and drawing-
room cars of the latest lyne at that
date. The engine was draped In
evergreens and bore placards bearing inscriptions "Prom Ocean lo
Ocean" and many mottoc- declaring
thc achievements of. the men who
undertook the construction of the
C. P. R.
P. Bernhardt was conductor and
P. Rigliter, engineer.
The celebration of the arrival ol
the train was carried on far inlo
the night, the city band serenading
officials of lhe C. P. R. and a totch-
light procession being staged
through the city.
Woodstock, Ontario.- -In the death
of Charles Garden, C.K.. which occurred at the residence of Col. R II
J. Dibblec recently. Ihi "fl passed
away the last male member in his
generation, of a family msoeiitted
with tlie history and progress ut
Woodstock for well-nigh, il 11.it
quite, a century Mr Gnrdon wai
connected with the building 01 tbf
C. P. R. through ihe Rockies, ih
was one of the advance guard of thi
exploration party. The route 0'
this party was vin thc N, P. It, to
Blsmark, Dakota, up the Missouri tc
Ronton and th.nee by tivl. to Cal.
gary and up the How Only oni
party came ovei the Rockies' sum
mit. Mr. Garden was transit mm
.uid the party consisted of fifteen
men. They came through the Ver
million, south of Kiekinghorse am;
made their way to what Is new call
ed "Golden." They built "The Cache'
which has ever since remained, wilb
of course, extensive restorations ami
is now known as Hoodie's House.
In 18M-5, Mr. Garden worked on
C. P. R. construction near Lake
Superior on White Rlvpr, Peninsula
Harbor, and it was at this lime tint
the first through C. P R trarii went
to Vancouver. He was Inter engaged
on construction on the Delorninr
branch to the Conl Mine* for Iho C.
P R. He had charge of locution
and construction on Sour Is Branch
and was for some years in office
work In Winnipeg. In 1891 be *vfta
on the location of the Crow's Nest
branch, locating the loop and tunnel
Ht Michael Creek
The Creston Rud and Gun Club has
decided to take greater interest In
trap shooting, and it waB decided at a
recent general meeting to finance this
branch of activity by having aU who
aro interested sign a petition and de-
pusit $5, the money raised in this
way tu be used la the purchase of
ammunition uud duy birds, und us
soon as the supply arrives open the
season and give each man $5 worth
of ammunition in return fur the five
spot he advanced the club.
The trap shooting grounds are being imt lu shape and will be ready ln
about ten days, tho Crunbrook trap
sboti" being expected here for a return match on opening duy. The secretary of lhe local club has written
Cranbrook thauklng thorn fur the boa,
nihility dispensed tho Creston five
who were at Ihe divisional city for
ihe shoot on Dominion Dny.
The Creston club refused tn endorse
a resolution from Cranbrook which
asks Ihul ti two your close .season be
placed 011 trapping all fur bearing
anluuils. li Is fell there that In view
uf tho limited amount uf trapping
done such action is unnecessary.
A petition la to be clhculated for
signature nf ull those interested who
fnvor closing the Coat River from the
Canyon to Kitchener, but not above
that point, for two yenrs. Fishery
Inspector Robinson Is quite optimistic that ir the closure is put on the
stream he will be able to get 11 good
supply of Try and re-stock tbe river.
Until such time ur a close season Is
enforced re-stooklng Is out of the
question.        , ,
Wednesday, August IMItlt
Afternoon—Opening of the Hudson's
Bay Fort erected In honor of David
Indian Pageant.
Reception at the Fort.
Kveiling—Indian and French-Canadian
Thursday, August .lis)
Morn Ing—Golf  and   Tennis   Tournaments.
Afternoon—-Aquatic Spurts.
EVening—Grand Bull in Fort, Palllsor
Hotel Orchestra.
Frldny, September 1st
Windermere District Fall Fair.
Saturday, September Snd
Windermere District Full Fair.
Baseball:  Indians vs. Whites.
Hominy, September 1th
Stampede; Indian and Horse Races,
Oiutham, irnturlo. — Wholesale
sunt 1110nil .. ot mya ami men ,vho
frequent!! use the C. P. R. tracks
as .1 place I01 walks, was indicated
in ( ounty Police court recently, with
the -^wearing out of a number of
informations ly a C. 1". R. detective
who eur.d-cu*d an investigation.
It U alleged that the defendants
trespassed on the C. P. R. tracks,
a  short  ........nee  from  the City   in
Harwich inwnsnip.
Infaimutions have also b.-en laid
against -even boys under the age
ul sixteen years.
Montreal.—Edward J. Richel Is
appointed city passenger agent for
thi Canadian Pacific at Chicago,
succeeding Alfred R. Dean, who has
re iir'.ci to enter other business.
Mr. Richel joined the service on
June HI. 1080, -is clerk in the nas-
Bengei ippartment, Canadian Pacific
Steamships Chicago. Promotions
fo.lowing were: October 1. 1920.
duel clerk; January 21. 1021 pas-
M'ii,..'i agent! June 1. 1021, travel-
I i.j. passenger agent; June 1, 1022.
ciiy  pusn-mgrr agent.
William 1. BdlkwiH is appointed
travellin pasienger agent, succeed-
ii.g Kdwnrd J. Richel. Mr. Balkwlll
joined in- 1 .madian Pacific as clerk
in tlu- steamships passenger depart-
1111:1; Chicago on March 13. 1022.
St. Andrews-by-the-Sea, N.B. —
The Canadian Manufacturers' Convention lot ll...-. is now a thing ol
li.. ;....-', and to Uie almost 2UU dele.
Bates ai a u'.hers who have been hirt
for .1 week, attending the ses
$10ns, it wi.: ue a pleasant memory
So much ut .1 success has been this
yem = ronvenllon that it can bt
said, without violating any confi
due-, that the must influential
inemoen if the association art
st.xi uu tu it old future convention.
un,.-   mmtlai  condition!,
The Cnslno of the Algonquin Hole;
provided au excellent meeting nlace
and tui' recoid- show more ill-*--.*-minor thai al any foui conventions ii-
tl.e past, while thero has been more
ii.!,.-: nifcii *■ by iti" delegates win.
cot to ki nvi one tn ither tu u greatoi
.',.-■ than evei before. During tht
' invention davs delegate! played
poll nu Hi- hi'iiulifUi llnkl overlook
hip in.* ,0 diid indulged in -wim-
innig iii  Katy'.- ' ove.
•*___ ^^^QVbHHI
-jMolngt Chatty
aaa=    aa—tt       ;   naaea  :    ■■ '-r.   ■i,i"tlt,ii— — a^ayes
KEV. B. C. FREEMAN, Pastor
Morning Service at 11 a.m.
12 noon, Sunday School.
Evening Service at 7.30 p.m.
Everyone Im Cordially hulled to These Services
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Cannda Limited
Purchasers of <*-olil, Silver, -To|i|n>r, Lend \ /ine OrOH
Producers of Gold» Silver, Coppor, iMir i.emi mul /tiie
A moving picture company from the
Mayo Studios, Los Angeles, lias heen
working for the past few days lu the
district on u now picture entitled
"Timber;" which will in due course
be released by the First Notional
company. The picture people have
taken a lease on tiio Perry Creek Hotel, the properly of Mrs. Burge, and
huve u large staff on the ground putting thing;. Into shape for the staging
of the picture.
The Company finds the location
there eminently suited for the staging of a tlrst class production, and the
Company is unanimous as regards the
scenic value of the place, asserting
that with such surroundings the picture cannot fail to iind a place iu Ihe
sun when tbo lime comes for its release. Pictures may also be taken at
Monro Lake. Wycllffe and elsewhere.
Mr. Voschel, who wns here superintending tlie "Conflict" scene taken at
Hull River not long since, has again
been In charge of things generally.
A forest ranger of repute lias given
lite Canadian Forestry Association an
unique proof of tlie great danger of
lighted cigarettes iu or near the forest.
As u means of getting Information on
the number of tires that can be started
hy cigarettes along the trail, he covered a distance of u mile dropping at
intervals twenty lighted cigarettes.
Nineteen   of  them   wete   found  to
have set small fires, all of which of
course were Immediate.) extinguished
Tho experiment  was conducted  in  a
dry peat country.   Tlie ordinary smoker little suspects the lurking danger
lu lhe woods.   Hundreds of the worst
forest  fires recorded in Cannda thin
I year have been lue to the evil habit of
! tossing away lighted tobacco.
The Loop tunnel became blocked
yesterday tli rough a slip and cave,
and t rattle on the «Crow eastward
last night was delayed for several
hours. The mails came through this
morning, so the trouble undoubtedly
has been overcome. Some montlis ago
a semi-otllciul announcement was
made by the railway officials that it
was the Intention of the Company to
do away with this tunnel, which at
all seasons of the year Ihreutcns to
shift and blockade tho line, by removing the top covering and making ft
Into an open cut. The trouble yesterday may hasten this undertaking,
which undoubtedly will he far more
satisfactory than the continued difficulties experienced with the present
tunnel.—Fernio Free Press.
i  ^^	
The South Fork pulp proposition.
j according to recent rumors from
i those who should be well Informed,
seems to be an assured undertaking.
A party of American capitalists who
are interested in the proposition, recently paid a visit of Inspection to
the district, following which the report was circulated thnt development
of the project would go ahead.—Fernle Free Press.
New Westminster, B.C.—Il Is reported that the Westminster Harbor
Board have secured from the Dominion Oovernment n lease of Poplar Island, ou the Fraser River near here.
This Island consists of about twenty-
eight acres and it Is proposed to divide It Into industrial sites.
liame's Bread is lUKIIi Bread
Ills Pies, Cakes and Pastry an
made in n tasty manner which
invites the most exacting person lo cull again, ut
I'hone S"       •       Niirhury Ave*
Ml. 07 DAILY—To Nelson, Vancouver, Spokane, etc. Arrive 12.10 p.
ui.; leave 12.20 p.m.
NO. «8 DAILY To Fernlt, Lethbrldge, Medicine Hat, Celgar?. etc.
Arrive 4.10 p.m.; leave 4.20 p.m.
Molilalia H.'sliiuraiit
flinr-i, *'limi'i't-**» »-"l <'»"■"
Meal* al All Bonn
Opposite Hie Bank of Commerce
Craabrook, Wjcllflc, Klniluikj  Mer.
No. 8811—Leave J.0G a.m    No.MM -Arrive 2.10 p.m.
Cranbrook, Uke Wlndcrmrre and
Holden Sen iiv-
Monday and Tliureuay, earli  week
-NO. 8*1, leave 9am      *-. e.lu,-i«>
and   "eturdaj--NO. sit  irrlve   8.M
For  further   t-artlculare  a.ply  la
nny ticket agen
IMntrlrt Panflenrrer Agent, ('aluary.
I'linil "1I03IH anOWSi" >*irs.*r)  Stmli Only.
nro growing n full lino ol trull IrooB, Bhrulm, itusios nud
ornament ills, Including lhe mom hardy vailotle.t.
Intending idnnlei'B rim havo onr descriptive catalogue
nnd price list mi application hy dialing what ilioy nre Interested In planting.
Wo list over loo varieties of "Hoses'.1 all grown liy us
al our Sardis Nurseries (Near Chilliwack)', strong, vigorous plants thai can be delivered direct from our nurseries in prime condition, assuring bloom the first year.
Address: 904 Yorkshire Bid*., Vancouver, B, C,
A live, salesman wanted for the Cranbrook district.
(Jood Floor, Dressing Hnoins, Card Tallies,
Kitchen, All Conveniences
Knr Prices anil Oilier Particulars Enquire
 T       ■ - Thursday, July 20,1922
l-lione 810 P.O. Bn 398
A.M.E.I.C, & B.CL.S.
rrunbrook     -      - B.C.
lira. Green * MacKinnon
fhrilelana ud Sur-pani
ottlc, tt ruldwoa, Armutrimg
Forenoon.   11.011 to 10.00
Afternoon!  t.00 to   4.00
Krailm 7.30 to   1.10
Sunday!    1.80 to   4.30
II to 12 n.lll.      1 In 6 li.lll.
Hanson Btk.. CRANHROOK. B.C.
F. M. HI A C P II V. R S 0 N
Phone 9.111
Norbury Ate., nest to tit) Hall
-AN l>-
Phone Xo. 409
Cranbrook,   .    .    . »• C.
I'mrtlcol Commercial Conrie In
Shorthand, Trpewrltlnj
Bookkeeping,  CommercUl   Uw
(oMerclal Kugllsh and
Knr I'lirlk-iilnrs Apl'Ij ■■'
(!. W. TYLRK, l-rlniJiml
l\ O. Bot, II, Jicleon, IM.
Wlien HBPATOLA removes gull
slimes In 24 lioura without .Bin and
relieves appeudlottla, sloniach and
liver troubles. Contains no poison.
Not sold liy dnigglsla.
Solo Manufacturer
2311 Fourth Ave., So., Saskatoon, Sask.
price 18*6(1 Phone 4865
Itejular MecMai
iionll. n t p.m. In Ihe Clll Bell
Tbe Standard Remedy for HtY-PEVES
anil Asthma. Snldbvail liood llruggist-.
For free I rial wrl.eTempletons.Torontii
Sold Br
Cranlirook llrutr k Hook Co.
.-,'altunp, I1.C—A.* an Indication
of ih.* increaseil industrial Activity
ol the lumber mills ol Nakusp. the
Nakusp Lumbal Compuny ii:-.,l their
vurding loom So limited tn.it they
linve cicurcd ui,out lour uorus ol'
laud near the tlrst milo mnl alonjr
Ilie C. P. It., wliere u spur will lie
built and the It ci  hauled up in
cars uud allowed ta dry before he*
in_ s:h|i|)l'iI to outside j -. > i n t **,
Invermere. B.C. -   Amongst lho
lany splcnuld summer nub ieallonB
ut to this part,    rhu tlrst
■Junitaloiv < amps,
lakes very com i . mentl in „l the
beautiful Lake Windermcrd tamp
adjoining th;. ntnee. Phe other one
\< a publie-iiun jjiven over exclus*
lyeiy to iesrribina lhe local ramp."
This i.i a Bevenleen--.np;e luiiler,
live:; beaut.fully illustrated wu. re-
prod M-tio-iH of photographs r,f -.al
,'t'L-M-* ii„- loiter press is by „'.r.
I leaerie Niven.
Official thermometer readlnas at
Max. Mm.
July 12   8.1 48.
July 13     Sn 43
July 14      8S 48
July 16 -  75 411
July  HI       81 118
July 17   ao :»
July   is   80 4s
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
(Licensed by Prov. Oovt.)
Maternity and General Nursing
Terms Moderate
Garden Avenue      -   Phone 259
Satisfaction or Money Refunded
Rollers and  Yorkshires a
Specially, from $15.00 up.
Breeding liens.
I.ETIIBKIDOE lillll) lliiOMS
415 Illb SI. S.   .    I.eihlirldgc
FOll $50,011
■   JVAfWATft   ■
Meets In tin
Parish Hall
afternoon of
flrsl Tuesdaj
si i p m
Pics;   Mrs.
Sec.*lroaa:   Mrs. John Healey.
Vll laill-M co-illall? tnvlteo
Crnnbrook, IM'.
Menls every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
In Hie Fraternity Hnll
K. A. Hill, CC.
H. L. Harrison, K.K. tc 8.
R. C. Carr, M.F.
Vlslllng lirelliren cordially Invited to attend
I. O. O. F.
Meets every
.Monday night at
     Clapp's Hall.
Sojourning Oddfellows cordially
It. P. Moffatt, Noble Orand.
W. C, Adlard, P.O., Itee. Secy.
To gel "'. ldons nml opinions
of practical cooks all over the
province, wc aro Quite willing to
tmy for letters sent us, telling
what you think, nnd Imve found
out about Pacific Milk sine,' by a
new process each can now contains 4:i', of rltii cream, that is
In say. llml every can in almost
oiie-hnll' good oleum. II is Impossible to find another ntllk
quite so good.
Por tha besl letter we will pay
$60.00, Por the second besl lot-
tor. $25,011. Por the third best
letter, $111.00. For the next twelvo
good letters we will give eueti,
ono oiivo of I'm III. Milk. FREE.
Contest i loses July Slst.
IH'iiiI Ofllce, Vnnroever
I'ecloriesnlAbbolsford it Ledger
Rov. \v. T. Tapacott win
11 a.m., "Kern-ions Prom the
First Ship Bunder."
12 noon—Sunday School.
7.30 p.m.   "The Flrsl Ship."
A QoBpel Mesmige.
Thursday, B p.m.—Prayer meeting ami B. Y. P. U.
Mra. R. E. H. Trew spent u few
duys in Craubrook lust week visiting
with Mrs. Chas Smith,
Mrs. P, A. Fredrieksou entertained
ii number uf her friends In honor o(
Mrs. Steele, on Thursday evening.
Mn. S. (J. Clark und baby son returned home from Cranbrook on
m km lit:its assist in
| Fernle Now .loins ftotarj Fhui-
lly Willi Twenty-live Members On Its Charter
: ■
Mrs. E. L, Staples and little duugh-
ler returned last week from Detroit.
Mich, Mrs. Staples wan accompanied
by her rather, Mr. S. O. Johnson.
oiik Staples is spending a week or
two at Kaslo Wltll Hev. and Mts. F. V.
Harrison and family.
Sensational pitching by Hollister
mnl good fielding behind him was the
cause nf Crunbroiiks downfall on tlie
local diamond Thursday night. Hul-
llster's curve was hopping right along
and his last one was breaking like a
mllllonuke's $2.60 in Canadian money.
Tho game was tied 5— 5 until the 7th
inning when Bamford, who had te-
placed Green in tlie Ith weakened and
was hit to all parts of the Held, und
when the game was called on accoun.
of darkness ai the end of tbe 7th inning, the score stood 11—5 Tor Wycllffe. Uiitterios: Wycllffe—Hollister
and Perko; Cranbrook -Groen, Uaiu-
'ord and McPeake.
Tlie Kimberley Muck Heavers imt it
all over Wycllffe in an exhibition
game on the home diamond Friday
night Tiie score was 4—1 at tiie end
of the 4th Inning for Wycliffe bu*
Glover went up In tho Sth and was
accompanied on his heavenward journey by the entire ball club. Johnny
Perko went into the box iu the sixth
but he was unable to stop tlie miners'
clouting spree, and when the dust
cleared Klmberley had brought 13
runs across the plate to Wycliffe's 5.
Batteries: Wycllffe —Glover, Perko
and Ferko; Klmberley—Crear., Michaley and Johnson.
A meeting for the purpose of organizing a hoys' baseball leuguo was held
:it Wycliffe on July 5th. There were
present Uev. Baker representing Kimberley. Allan Keer and Len Olanvllle
represent lug Marysvllle, and II. S.
Voung, Wycllffe. It was decided to
organize a league taking in Kimberley.
Marysvllle and Wycliffe. The players
are to be limited to boys actually attending school and the age limit was
nt 14. Tlie following officers were
appointed to control the league: Hev.
Maker, president; H- S. Young, secre-
iary; Guy Motherwell, member of finance committee, and one representative from each team. A cup will be
presented to lhe winning leiuu. The
following Wednesday another meetiug
was held at Marysvllle and the schedule drawn up.   The boys are showing
good deal of interest and the executive feel that  a good league can be
inked  Up  and a splendid series of
ones put on each year.
The Wycliffe Wolf Cubs are greatly
enjoying tlieir weekly outings. They
have discovered a beautiful spot near
Perry Creek where they hate their
cub meetings followed by supper.
games and stories. The hoys are
eagerly looking forword to a night
pent under canvas beside the river.
Last Wednesday the boys and girls
of Wycliffe enjoyed an outing beside
the river. The afternoon was spent
In games, etc. followed by supper.
Mrs. Norman McClure, Mrs. H. S.
Young. Hev. Baker and H. S. Young
shw thai the youngsters thoroughly
enjoyed themselves.
After the hall game Friday night the
baseball boys put on a very enjoyable
concert for themselves down in the
bunk house. Songs by Joe Ferko.
Qardle Morrison, Hnrry Caldwell and
several others were much appreciated,
while several choruses by everybody
helped to swell the evening breoze
|_ofiy Hollister gave u recitation. He
doesn't remember what It wae about
and nolther do the rest, hut it was
much enjoyed anyway. Steve Clark
oiled himself in tunny stories aud
a chorus "Down By The Old Mill
Stream" led by Dick Whitehead nnd
Jack Rogers was very pathetic   Tbe
■•Oiling wound up by singing "Hallelujah. I'm A Ball Plnyer" by the entire
mob. Orapo juice was indulged In
freely during the evening.
: true Ro.
(Fernie Free V
The formal orgaulzalii
nit. Kotury Club took p
nesday evening in Vlctoi
presence of a  gatherln
people,  who  were ti e
Fernie charter membei
'and dance.   Thla met! ■
ing function was with
tbe Fernie lyros desired
be enlivened to Hie full)
lartan spirit.
While T. K. Stewart, in   ea
ger oi the Trltes-Wood I o.p Ltd., oi
this ciiy, ucted as chairman, .   , -
ter, the very popular and  tiighlj     :
dent  Rotarian of Lethbrldge, represented the Governor ol   i       ttotarj
sub-district and acted a
ter of ceremonies.   Wltl     ...
fair southern Alberta mi t. one
■If*, members of the  Letl  iridgi
and their wives, sweetheart!     ..   I
er sex friends.   Cranbro k ....
delegation .J.') Btrong, h ■ I  il   r
lanettes and Rotarlam      I
most  cerlaluly were ■,.,...    Urn
and their ilveliueBs and  r   i   ng  ■ n
thusiasm made the ... i at Ion ,      - s ,.
cess,  which could  hard!)     ave  bi   ti
possible io anything like i
had they not so cordially and abl;
During the ropaal mirth and mimic
were the order. Solos were icndered
by Mesdames Watson mil Bu Idaby ol
Fernle, and Crawford oi i.i librl.igc
Between   limes   club   ci - an
Blunts with orchestral suh ■• ■ .; tn di
sturdier appetites.
The Important buslnead ol   lie evi u
Ing was entered upon bj Sai    I'orti
delivering a brief nddre ■■ n latl i]
ihe progress of the li larj mo. ment,
which had its Inception in li l» in I
mind of a lonely Cbiw * o li     oi   a
tlie preseni time, when the i     tnii
tion was comprised of   .
.-luhs under 'J.:i tings,    i he -
ideals  of  tlie  organiztill n     ;- : .   *
Hefore Self, etc.- was  eicai ly euu
ciated for the benefit of the n      n em
Tbe following -..". names ol Fernh
liuslness men will appear on I ie charter of the local club:
Wm. Barraeough, butcher; Itev. W.
B. Bums, clergym
ager Ferilio-Fort
11. E. Douglas, age
Garner, physician
dental surgeon; i-
ter; li. J. Johnso
Kennedy, priesi;
coun taut; J. T
T, 11.
le Bn
.md J.
If your present battery can
be repaired at a coat that
Is economical to you, we will
not try ta sell you a new one.
When you must buy—buy
an Eaidc,
toil Villi. CAR
Milk and Cream
Big Butte Dairy Farm
Cut Bri
More Tobacco -forthe Money
Packages 15*
Albllns 85*
^liflW f St***- :': ■■        :.~.:*mAmmWi*
The  Pleasant  Game  of Golf
-■i'l-.'-"*,,.  • •      v.
Manugan, lumberman;
G. O. Moffatt, Insurance agent; l*. O.
Ferry, public stenographer; T. Pren-
tire. manager wholesale grocerli i; i'**
ll. Sheffield, sunt, public . ' > ; E
K. Stewart, manager Trites-W >od I o
A. B. Trltes, capitalist; John I;, v, :
lace, publisher; W, it. Wilson, i tl-
deiii C.N.P. Coal Co.; J. T. Wl itchouse,
musician; A. P. Liphardt, jeweler; J.
P. Spalding, photographer; N. 13. Sud-1
daby, druggist; A. Watson, b
il. t;. Henderson, landlord.
The directors and oilners o£ i
Pernie club, chosen from the
a re:
B, K. Stewart—President.
s. Herchmer—Vice-President
11. B. Douglas—Treasurer.
p. 11. Sheffield—Secretary.
<;. Q, Moffatt—Sergt.-at-Arms
T. Prentice, A. V. Mpliar.il
K. Gee—Directors.
The Fernie Club will hold iis Hirelings each and every Thursday, commencing nt 1.05 p.m. at Victoria Hall.
Upper picture shows the Golf Club house at St. Andrew'
I-^wer picture—On the Golf Links at StAndrew's by the
picturesque scenes like this. »
Go'f i^ now universally reco*jnixed,niaI  source of interest  and enthu-
an an ideal game for men who lead 'aiaam.
nedetitary lives. It encourages walk- Golf is enjoyable anywhere, bu:
i g, ho most health-giving of all there is an added charm to the en-
exer iocs; it provides a fascinating!joyment when the game is played
recreation, it employs muscles that I at St. Andrew's by the Sea, New
won!-.! otherwise be rarely exercised, I Brunswick. The golf links are beau-
anil it is played under conditions itifully situated overlooking the sea.
Ihul conduce to the highe.-st possible land partly enveloped by woods of
enjoyment. The extraordinary hold t tall pine trees. But from any part
this old P-eottlsh pastime has taken of the links the .-.ea is always ir
ou this continent is phenomenal, and;view. > There are two 'ourse... one
it lias happened within the present of !) holes and one of 18 n '■•• Both
century. Only half a century ago it;are fit for the play of th greatesi
was   mostly  confined   to   Scotland, I exponents of the game, and they are
it had been played for een- kept in the best possible condit
turles. Then the unexpected hap- The links are adjacent to tne mag-
pened, From being decried ns an 1 nlflcetit Algonquin Hotel A snf-
amusement for elderly people, it I f-clent recommendation for link: .. I
r. dl) jumped into a commanding in*, tei is to say that both are owned
place as ns qualities and possibili-'aiio conducted by the Canadian Pa-
ties became bettor and more widely cific Railway The .St. Andrew's
known and appreciated. Today links course was selected thi:-. year for
are numbered by the thousand and) ihe Annual Tournament of the Can-
its devotees  find  in golf a  peren- Indian  Senior Golf Association, and
s by the Sea.
Sea.   There are inmunerable
mcinding an lnterutioMl natch be-
teeen tne Uited States Seniors and
•r.e Canadian Seniors for the Duke
: Devonshire Trophy.
lr. addition to roK there art «-
-■-■er-.  faciliviei  for  battling, fu4-
-f-g, tetmis and motorinf atSt. Ab-
drew s.    There are nuny beaotifnl
summer homes else there.   Several
of the most noted people in Canada.
spend vacations in this spot.
The summer population ef St. An-
.« happily free from the bo»-.
element <o common at sea*
sjde report.- near large and populous
It Is not, however, a purery,
jn.tocratic   gathpring,   though   so-
:;-   is well  represented.    Shininf:
f.r -   -r  a"   t)r.-,fpssions are ther*.
though it El not ea-'lusively an in-
tei    "is! throng,   n i- i selection
of people who have found in St. An-
drew's  the soot where the highest
degree of daily pleasure may be had
with  the least effort,
At a recent meeting held in Nelson
of the Mining Association of tht interior or British Columbia, II was decided to ask the provincial govern-
ment to amend the act that Incorporated the professional engineers In
such n manner thai mining and i nol-
Llng operations will nol c me under
it, thus following the lead ol Onl rl
which under recent I eg tela tl n gave
the mining industry exemption from
the operation of the Ontario Act,
The minister of mines at  Vict irla
is to be asked to consul! with the as-'
soclntlon before taking any steps In
the future as to safety apparatus tor
metalliferous mines.      The minister
of finance will also he asked lo attempt to harmonize more the prnvln- ,
dal nnd dominion  income tax forms,
and it Will also be suggested that tho
conflicting authority   of   the Workmen's Compensation Act nnd the Mines Inspection Act, in the matter of,
specifying first aid requirements, he j
cleared up.
There were sixteen members from ,
various parts of the Kootenays pres- .
ont at the meeting.
*• backing up the ••
manufactureris guarantee
CHEVROLET cars are backed up
by genuine Chevrolet service. We
«re prepared to live up to the factory guarantee, because the Company
backs us to the limit. The Chevrolet
Motor Company recognizes its obligation to Chevrolet owners and we recognize our part in giving the kind of service which motorists have a right to expect.
When you need service or parts, make
it a policy to come to our service station.
Some garage men use bogus Chevrolet
parts, riot made by the Chevrolet Motor
Company nor guaranteed by anyone.
Our parts are all guaranteed Chevrolet
parts and our service is organized to take
care of your needs efficiently, economically and quickly.
Ask far particulars ef tar dfftrni payment p"™-
Kootenay ■ Garage
Cranbrook B.C. PAOE    SIX
Thursday, Jul) 20, 11)22
City Items of Interest
'Mil Mill
this dlstr
Insure With  Heal- &   I'.lwell.
+    "I-    +
TUNGSTEN LAMPS—15 watt. 35e;
24, 40 and 50 watt, 40c; 100 watt Nitrogen, $1.00; 150 watt Nitrogen $1.-5.
W.   P.   DORAN.
Our Prices Win Every Time.
bo tores!
pall     iu
to the t
s unions in
ml the
■e tliis
week   testlfl
are in progress nol far uway. On
at  Lister is new reported    to liav
burned  Itself out, but  another ubov
St. Mury's luke Is said to be coin
strung, and another lr. reported froi
the vicinity of Kitchener,
Travel L
Business and  travel bess
In 12 Montlis of 1921
Value of Economical Management at This  lime
id Shown in Big Railway s Increase In Net
Earnings in Face of Decrease in Gross.
THE report of the Canadian
Pacific Railway's operations
during the year 1921 will be
aii unusual!) Interesting document
tu all Canadians, The annual report
of thia Company Ls always uf Interest in flaw «f lhe fact that, more
truly and inure completely than any
other reporl Issued, it year by yenr
re fleets tin.' state of national trade
and industry. The C, P. R, touches
a: parts of Canada, its earnings
at unce reflect the prosperity ur depression that may exist in any pari
of the country, and lhe sum total of
the year's opera! lona as analyzed in
this report may confidently be lie-
eepted .... an unerring Indication of
how the country has prospered during tlie twelve months under review.
At this late date there is no news
in the statement Ihat 11)21 was uot
a year of uninterrupted progress,
hut it is interesting to review the
period, and in the lipht of some sueh
comprehensive report as that of the
C. P. R. to clearly see in what direction Canada's business affairs arc
moving. In this respect tbe C. P. R
leport for 1921 is Hn outstanding
example. In spite of a lare;e decrease in gross earnings, the company is able lo show an increase in
net as the result of rigid economy
throughout its working operations,
and in .mi doing it has pointed out to
all Canada the shortest road back In
normal trade activity.
During 1921 the company's gross
earnings were $l{lH,021,Sfi-l as
against $210,041,849 in 1920, a decrease uf $23,619,-194, or 10.20 per
cent. Tbis decline followed naturally upon the general business depression resulting in lessened passenger and freight traffic, decreases
in Goth passenger and freight rates,
and to a partial crop failure in some
parts uf Western Canada.
The Company's sales of agricultural land in the year were 163,804
acres for $2,N72,000* or an average
of $18.7-1 per acre. Included in this
area were d.OHfi acres of irrigated*
land which brought $.r)5.n an acre,
so that the average price paid for
the balance was $17.17. Land sales
reflected a large decrease in acreage, hut as is pointed out by Presided "F„ W. Beatty in his annual
report, the adoption of reasonable
immigration laws designed   to   en-
let lu
ad ian
courage lhe entry inlo Canada of
Immigrants of Ibe right type would
result in an improvement in this connect iun.
lu the face uf llu- decline in earnings ii was necessary tu make a
sharp reduction in operating expenses if the sour.d position uf the
company was to ie maintained. Kor
the year these expensi
to $158,820,114 as compared
$183,488,804 in 1920, thc resu
the decrease being ihat the ne!
ings fur the vear showed an Ine
of $1,048,698. totalling $34,20
is against $33,158,044 t'n the previ-
ous year. The year's operating expenses amounted lo 82.28 per cent,
of the -gross earnings and the
17.72 per cent, as compared
34.70 per cent, and 15.30 per
respectively in 1021.
How large a part tlu- Cm
Pacific plays in industrial life
lie gathered from the faet that more
than ball', ur r*.J.H-. per cent, uf thn
total $158,820,114 working expenses
for the year was paid uui in wages,
whi.p one quarter, or 25.92 per cent,
was used fur the purchase of supplies. The purchase of fuel and supplies fur locomotives toolt another
15.51 per cent, and governmeni taxes
consumed 8.40 per cent.
The contraction in the country's
general trade is perhaps more clearly
indicated in the following figures un
passenger and freight traffic. During the year 15,186-081 passengers
were carried bv tbe company, as
against 16,789,558 in 1920. The
average journey was Nil.07 miles and
average fare paid was $2.51.. In
1020 the average journey was 102,45
miles, and lhe average fare paid
was $2.89. Thus we see that not
only was the number uf passengers
smaller in 1921, bul each passenger,
on an average, made a shorter trip,
and paid less in fare.
The total tonnage of all classes of
freight, multiplied bv the number of
miles it travelled, was 12,124,075,570
tons, as against 15,687,014,701 in
1020, a decrease of 3,5G2,:!39,212
The company plans to spend $10,-
022,187 during the coming year on
replacement and extensions that will
improve the operating facilities of
the entire system and incidentally
help to revive industrial activity.
Lweoil lhe Baptist
■inns, will li.' helii In I
•ian Church, Itev. \V. '
nductlng  buth  morn lug
1 t
i Preaby-
■ Prosby-
nd even-
Corporation of the City
of Cranbrook
To Consumers of Water
OwitiK lo the scarcity of water and al the request
of the Water Rights Department, tlte use of waler for
LAWN SERVICES is hereby restricted to Uu* hours of
7 a.m  to .) a.m. and T p.m, to 9 p.m.
Persons (ailing to comply with lhe above restrictions will be liable lo have tlieir bouse connections
shut off.
In case of Ore householders are requested lo discontinue the use of water for any purpose until Hie
fire is over.
.luly 21st, 102
'I*. M. Roberts
City Clerk.
uts/l/,im*t%.iu*Aj' mA*********.>l\t*m.
Going Strong
The Bankrupt Stock •}
Weston's Bargain Store
Baker Street
+    +    +
la thut cur ot yours insured against
accident? If uot, see Beale A El-
+    +    +
Ai a meeting of the Women's Conservative Association beld un Monday
evening at the liorna of Mrs. A. Shank-
land, representatives were elected to
net on the district executive which lias
been formed m embrace the entire
provincial riding, with representatives from all points. A meeting of
ibis executive is being held on Thursday of this week to take up pertinent
matters. The ladies named lo aet on
the district executive were Mrs. K. II.
Dezall, Mrs MncFiirlane, Mrs, Harold Hrown, Mrs. 8. Taylor, Mrs. Hen-
dorson, Mrs. .). H. Melghen, Mrs. A.
Shankland, Mrs. W. B. flnsttun, Mrs.
A   .1. liniment.
f   f   -r
Our spring shipment of CoQgoloun)
Rugs Is now In uud on display.
Our  low  prices  win  every  time
+   +    +
Remember tho Veterans' Lawn Social on the (i. \\\ V. A. grounds, Friday evening, Uie -Itli of August, the
anniversary of Ureal  Britain's dramatic declaration of war,
+     +      T
\Vo have just received our Spring
shipment of Linoleum. Prices $1.10
per square yard.
Our low prices win every time.
4-   +    *
('. li, Wnrd of Cranbrook was here
ou a business visit this week.   From
nil  accounts  Chautauqua   was  unite
an   expensive  undertaking  for those
who guaranteed it at Crnnbrook tbis
year—llfty of them havlilg to put up
$12 a piece ta make up the deficit.--
t'reslon Review.
+    +    +
Cranbrook's imported baseball pitcher Green left on Sunday last for
pastures new, presumably on tbe prairies, where It is supposed a bigger attraction in the way of a job awaited
him. He was a good pitcher In spots,
bowing up especially well iu some
;ames, but his exhibition on Sunday
last, when If Cranbrook bad bealen
Wycllffe, tbey might have climbed up
step In the league, was nut of a particularly Inspiring kind, and Craubrook lost out hy a score of ubout
14—4, though it cannot be altogether
blamed nn tbe pltcrer.
4-    +     ,
Contractor's Bonds ure issued by
Heale & Elweli. Rates on application.
+ + +
Excavation has commenced on (lie
new Catholic rectory to be erected on
the lots adjoining the Church, Norbury Avenue. The bulldilij; will be
(|iilte n pretentious one. costing somewhere hi tbe neighborhood of five or
six thousand dollars.
*•   t-   +
Campers are now licL-iiiiiiim lo take
advantage of the allurements of Moyie Lake lor a holiday, aud tents und
cars nre In evidence tliere at all
times. Mrs. Bassett and Mrs. Sanderson uud families and Mrs. W. C, Adlard are among those now spending
Camping holidays at Oreen Ray.
+   +   f
See Jimmy Turnley ami bis cohort*
explaiu jusi bow tbe opening naval
engagement of the ureal war was so
ably carried out. at the (1. W. V. A.
lawn social ou Friday evening, the
lib of August, to be held ou thc Association lawn.
+    +    +
Now thai the metal front has been
put on, It Is possible tu see what u
transformation has been effected In
the appearance of tbe Auditorium
from Hie extrusive improvements the
Oddfellows have put on to the place.
The change in tlie interior will also
be just us marked, und Ihe Lodge Is
planning a dance or some such function  to make an appropriate opening
Wedding Gifts
oj Silver
Few gifts carry so much of
the wedding sentiment ns silver.
Nouo are more useful, enduring,
ur more Intimately assotlaied
with the family liie.
Wo oiler the most comprehensive assortment of silver shown
In this city. The collection eon-
tains everything needed for the
(able or sideboard—in patterns
that show discriminating taste
In their selection.
Our prices are moderate when
finality and value are considered. Tlm gift from here is always appreciated.
W. H. Wilson
W. It]. Worden Is away at present on
his farm In Alberta.
t Coca! new.
Aid, James I
a trip lo Hie Co
Norman Hllto
now in the olty
lion in the Won
■nn returned
ni Tuesday r
formerly of Yulik, is
having taken a poBl-
n Transfer ofllce.
Mrs. J. T, Sarvis and daughter, Miss
Viola, returned on Thursday from u
visit of about a week iu Culgary.
- Mr. P. Lund, wlio accompanied tbe
Rotarlans to Fertile, has gnno on to
Craubrook, where he wil! visit for a
short time. —Lethbridge Herald,
Mrs. Win. Mallelt and two daughters
Irom Munson, Alia., arrived in the
ciiy this week, iind wll! spend a couple of week. here, vlsllliig at the home
of Mr. aud Mrs. G. Sinclair.
.Mrs. (i. J. Spreull ami daughters
left on Monday of this week for Kns
lo, where Ihey will holiday for t
month or so, Mr. Spreull expecting to
join them ibe beginning of next week.
A site bus beeu purchased at the
Kimberley townslte by the Methodist.!;
for a church site, the expectation being to put up ii church building when
the need is realized.
Miss Annie McLennan of Nelson Is
a visiior in the city, _i guest nl the
borne of Mrs. w, K. Haslam. Mrs.
McLennan will lie remembered hy
many as being the teacher of the
primary class at the Central School
for it uumber of yenrs.
be  work  on  the ball  is  com-
-f    +    +
■s. Parker Xt Magee announce
oy arc now bundling the we!:
Fleetwood whole wheat flour
r. flour, 'wo East Kootenay
products Minn many peovlo are already familiar with. See their advert*
+    +    +
,T, s, Alexander, acting government
gent, has returned to the city sifter
iiue  limo spent   with  bis  family  at
sb croft.
Hazel '
hull! is
ut P
enjoying hor In
yo nl VI,
i. anil
Will   till
er bo ii
) All
isles fnr
a ten-day
rnlng  hero.
ih. who
lieen nn
Lean Si
! 1  1,
i|! si a IT.
at  Crfti
year,   li
g re-
tier   pn
sll inn   hern.
Yott cun got Komi for Yourself
and Pood fix* Your Car at
Full Line of Groceries und Provisions
Mr. nnd Mrs. S. A. Campbell and
family, of Winnipeg, are now In the
•Hy visiting for a time with Mr. and
Mrs. H. p. MarBh. Mr. Campbell is tbe
■uipervlsinn principal of the Lord Roberts Junior High School In Winnipeg.
Their Utile child hud the misfortune
to develop measles right after tlieir
arrival here, and their quarantine has
only just been lifted, freeing them
from tin- come whht irksome rest mint.
Members of lhe city Council and
officials of tl.o Works Department
made u visit on Sunday to tbo reservoir, where improvements have been
going on under the authority of Ibe
$86,000 by-law volcd last spring.
Complete satisfaction Is expressed at
Hie work which hus been completed
thus far, and It Is stuted that only u
few days' work will be needed tn finish the job. It is expected the cost
of the improvements will not run
much over .fin.ooo, mid according to
Alderman Raiment of (ho Water Committee, Hie Clly bun a plant now of
wltlch no place need be ashamed.
.1. I-'. Scull, president of the Craubrook Retail Merchants' Association.
roturnod lust week-end from the Coast
hero he went as u delegate ll-nm tin*
locnl association to the provincial
oil Veil I Ion. It was quite a large and
woll represented gathering, and one
of tin* most worth while conventions
of receni years. ,A policy of reorganization will be wetted soon, whereby
there will be trade sections, while tbe
bigger centres will slill operate us
separate units as heretofore on mat-
tors concerning their   own   niemhor-
i ship. Premier Oliver addressed the
convention while In session, deallni:
very largely with Hie mutter of riill-
' way freight rales which be has been
engaged   witb   of   late.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Haynea and family left on Monday or this week on a
camping holiday at Perry Creek.
Thos. Cameron, well knowu Mayook
rancher, wns lu tbe city early in the
week on oue of his frequent visits.
Come iu and get acquainted with
the Veterans aud the club house and
be taken In at the O. W. V, A. lawn
social ou Friday. August 4th, held on
lhe club luwn .
A. 0. Langley, district mining engineer for Hie Kuotenuys, arrived In
tbo city on Saturday laut, aud bas
beon out In Hie dislrict during tbe
past fow days.
.1. H. Collins bus gone to Mayook,
where wltll a partner be will orect a
ranch bouse for the Soldier Settlement Hoard on one of ihelr farms nl
Rev, w. T. Tapscott, pastor of the
RnpHst Church here hus acquainted
his congregation here wltb his dc-
i Ition no! to entertain the call bo recently received from the Douglas St.
Church, Victoria,
Mr. and Mrs. W. tl. Morton returned on Tuesday of this week from their
vacation trip of about three weeks,
most of which they spent visiting relatives al Sotilx City, Iowa. They travelled by way of St, Paul.
Thos. Brown, formerly divisional
engineer here, is hack In tbe city, after a stay of four years or so hack in
Ireland. His verdict on conditions
rampant iu Ireland is that it must bo
just about on a par with what bas
lieen happening ill Russia.
Mr. and Mrs. H. it. Hinton returned
lo the city this week from a short holiday spent with relatives ut Pincher
Creek, Aha. Crop conditions ua a
whole are quite favorable In the Pin-,
dies district. Hie grains looking well. |
thought Hie hay.crop Is nol as heavy
as usual.
Fred Lodge, formerly of tbe City
Transfer St ti IT. left on Monday for
Vancouver, where he may locate for
the future. Before leuvlng he wns
presented by the members of tbe
Methodist Church with a suitable address and a pair of gold cuff links as
a token of appreciation of his work In
connection with (he choir and Sunday
Sebool. He has also been an energetic uud valued member of the
Crauhrook Musical Society.
Flying gravel on Baker Street and
elsewhere has become quite a problem
arising very largely, it must be said,
from curs exceeding the speed limit on
Hie city streets. Several plate glass
windows on Baker Street have suffer,
ed of late, and it is u problem tbat has
many phases. In the meantime the
windows ure breaking by tbe thought
lessiiess of ear drivers.
Expectations nt the city ball are
thai a very substantial cheque will be
this city's portion of the distribution
of tbe liquor profits, now being made
from Victoria. A sum of between
four aud five thousand dollars is looked for. though there has been no advice given as to what may be expected. Something under $1800 came to
tho (Ity from the last division of profits. As tliere is no large bospitnl Institution within the city limits. It is
possible for this city to make use of
the money received for general purposes, subject nominally to the approval nf the government,
Cranbrook Ik on the crossroads from
all parts of thc continent ut this time
of the year, tourists being In evidence
from all parts of tbe United States and
Canada. Thin week cars wero noticed
rrom Missouri, lown, California, Montana. Washington, Alberta and Saskatchewan, ami in addition a Heel of
half a dozen prairie schooners passed
through the clly with horses three
abreast, four abreast, and tandem
teams, with families of farmers from
tho Edmonton district seeking land in
southern B.C.. wliere Ihey Hiild, "the
mountains looked good to them," after
Hie more monotonous scenery of the
Days . . .
This Store Ik woll equipped lo
rare for your requirements on
your vacation trip.
Baggage is a tirst consideration, We are showing an extensive assortment of Trunks,
IliiKs and Suit Cases, host qualities at lowest prices.
Men's Women's and Children's Bathing Suits will be
wanted now. We are showing
both cotton und wool in all
You may require a Tent.
Hammock or Camp Hed. Will
be glad to show you these too.
(Admirals Foch, Hnig and Joffre and I    A largely attended Conservative ex-
Gencruls Beattie, Jelllcoe uud Ash- . utlvo meeting was beld on Thursday
worth, will be present lo greet you at i evening, when the details of the cam-
ilia   (I U' \* A    I ---      -   *■*-■-•
the O.W.V.A. lawn social on Friday the 4th of August, held on the G.
W. V. A. lawn. General inspection
of kit bugs, and club hats will be a
After having been under the sur
vellluiK-e of provincial police Officers
connected with the liquor branch for
the past fifteen days, a carload of 11
quor consigned from Edmonton to ,
point iu British Columbia, and which
bas been standing In the local yards
of the CP.R., has beeu allowed to
proceed to its destination, The ship,
ment was hilled from -Edmonton to
B.C., but instead of being freighted
over the C.N.R. linos. II was brought
south to Calgary, where an order to
hold lor further instructions was attached. The provincial police, under
instructions from Detective T. Francis, seized the consignment, believing
tiiat an attempt was being mado to
transfer (tic liquor from one point to
another within the province, contrary.
to tho provisions of the Rqnor act.;
The car was released on Friday and
under the escort of a provincial and
a C.P.R. ollicer wus shopped to Cranhrook, and the long vigil of tbe police
Ice oiiicers wns ended.—CoIgnrj* Herald.
paign were taken up, and committees
struck for various lines of activity.
The utmost optimism prevlals, but
there Is to be no let-up on ibe campaign work on tbat account.
Phone 9.
We pay the best prlcee going for all
kinds   of   furniture.     Wa buy anything from a mouse trap to an automobile.
VV. W. Kllby, Auctioneer and Valuer
FOR S^VLB OR EXCHANGI3—One open buggy, pole, In good repair.
J. M. Doherty, Cranbrook. B.C. 21-23
FOlt SALE, — Large stock of local
brick. Apply Clark Wallace, Box
723, Crnnbrook, B.C. 20 tf
WIIK mi: It U>N.N
Now open for engagements for Lodges, Dances, Socials,
and Meetings.
Arrangements may be made for same from (he following
committee—D. Heard, II. J, ('oilier, II, Kummer.
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Cameron und
Mr. und Mrs. .lohn Martin relurned on
Wednesday from their seven weeks'
tour or Oregon, Washington and California, during which time they covered almost kIx ihousuud miles. Miss
Stuck, of Minneapolis, who accompan
led them on the tour, left nn the return journey al Spokane, on her way
back to tbe h.ast.
Tho went as far south as the Mex
lean border, nnd the big Nnsb Six car
went through the long trip with
scarcely any trouble. Tbey visited at
the well known tourist venues In the
Pacltlc sea lion rd stales, and came back
via Vancouver. Mr. Cameron brought
back a new Nash Sport Model, which
bo got in Spokane on the last lap of
the Journey homo. The roadB, they
slate, are not In very good shape Juat
south of the lino to Spokate, being
badly torn up wltb heavy motor traOr.
Fine Juicy, Milk-Fed
Biioii.iits rou sai.i: at
;;.<•. tun.
The Hrown Poultry Itaneh
FOIIT BTBEI.E    -    B.C.
J. K. Chorlton
TERMS    -      fl l'cr l-OSBOll
— I'hono K20 —
h'dlt RENT.—Nelson fiirnlshod so.
ven roomed Itotiso (threo bodrootii-
Hiul sleeping porch i for rent from
July 25th for six woeks. Ono of
ttio bt'si hoiuos, cent-tally looatad.
H. E. Dill, Nelson, D.C. i!0-*_l
LOST. — llnncli or keys hm
end. :■.i].i.*> i bolwoon  |tosl
corner nnd I.tlinedOII Ave i,
wnrd.    finder plomo lonvo a
rnhl Oilier.
Mrs R.W. Edmonson
terlhled 'Oneher, I..I.M.
l'liono .1*4
Cranbrook Cartage & Transfer Co.,
riirnlliirc nnd  Iliiggflge Transferred
• 8    PHONE    «S


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