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***' *v
Public Market Will be Discussed at
City Hall Monday Next-Other
Important Business
City council met In special session
on Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock,
Mayor Taylor In the chair and Aldermen Leask, Genest, Campbell snd
Horie present.
Mr. Wright appeared before the
council In regard to his horse which
waa In the pound, stating that It had
been thcro for two weeks without his
knowlcdgo and that he now had no
nionoy to pay tho charges. On motion It was ordered that the provisions
of the bylaw bo followed.
Messrs. A. H. Webb and Bam Macdonald appeared on bohalf ot the pub-
lie market and after reciting the reasons why tho city should help the market asked that a public meeting be
called for tho purposo of discussing
ways and means.
Motion by Campbell and Oenest that
mayor call a public meeting at the
city hall next Monday evening at 8
o'clock for the purpose of discussing
the public market question. Carried.
Messrs. R. 8. Oarrett and M. Mc-
Eechern appeared with a petition from
the Royal Orange Lodge and the Star
of the West Lodge, Ladles Benevolent
Association, supplemented by a petition signed by sixty-seven ratepayers
asking that the city council refuse the
request of Rev. W. E. Dunham In asking for rebate of taxation for the
Young Men's Club for the year 1914.
Petitions were received and Hied.
The minutes of the previous meetings were read and adopted.
The finance committee reported the
following accounts which were passed:
Beattie-Murphy Co $    8.70
Burns, P. ft Co..       2.30
Cranbrook Sash ft Door Co....   171.60
Cranbrook Steam Laundry....     17.BO
Cranbrook Cartage ft Transfer Co      24.86
City Clerk's sundries     28.40
City Livery        2.00
City Transfer ft Warehouse
Co      37.04
Cranbrook Drug ft Book Co..      1.25
C. C. S       6.00
C. P. R. Telegraph      28.76
Cranbrook Electric Light Co.   220.61
Pink Mercantile Co     36.00
41 Market Co     19.80
Hill, E. A      28.00
Herald Publishing Co       9.76
Kootenay Telephone Lines, Ltd    19.40
Ira Manning, Ltd       8.86
McCreery Bros      22.00
Nelson Dally News      16.1!
City Officials Pay nil 1    326.00
Police Payroll    366.00
Pire Dept. payroll    276.00
School Board payroll  1736.44
Nine hydrants were taken oft the
old system and tuned over to the
contractors to be Installed on tbe
new steel pipe system.
A cross connection was made between the old and new systems at tbe
Junction ot Edwards and Von Heme
streets. Connections between tbe old
and new systems was also made on
French avenue to supply water consumers taking water off main on
Kalns street between French and De-
Tronches In gravel portion were
trimmed up and rocks hauled off.
Disposal Works
Trays over primary (liter at the disposal works cleaned off twice during
tlie month sad works were generally
J. C. Olenday,
City Eaglneer.
Action of health and relief committee In granting tio.00 per month
for months of December and January for charity was confirmed.
It was ordered tbat Dr. Bell's salary for the month of August as medical health officer be paid.
On motion it was ordered that the
Mannesman Tube Co., be sent cheque
corresponding with Engineer Mc-
Cullough's report of J41.667.EJ due tbe
company, less 10% to be held until all
pipe Ib laid snd tested. Interest at t
per cent trom August 14th was also
ordered snd tbe remittance to be mode
through J. B, Turnley ft Co., of
It was ordered on motion being carried that the coal weighing and wood
measuring bylaw be published ls tbe
local paper and also Issued In pamphlet form for the use of the public
and that tenders be submitted for
same by the local printers and that
Aldermen Horie and Campbell be committee with power to act.
Mr. Oarrett again pressed the nutter of his petition asking thst the
council take action In rejecting or
accepting the proposal of Rev. Dunham. On motion by Campbell sad
Horie it was carried tbat the matter
ot free taxation ss asked tor by Rev.
Dunham for the Young Men's Club
would not again be dealt with until it
had tlrst been submitted to ths ratepayers.
Motion carried confirming the grant
of $160 made to the second con*4ug<
ent from Crnnbrook.
Council adjourned.
Impressive Service at Catholic Church' Ml«" *"•»• **»"• YM sl»»« B"01™"
Attended by a Large longrega. Br'de of Mr. James Melntosh-
t|on An Impressive Ceremony
Father Plamondon, parish priest of' At *•"•» °'cl°clt Saturday afternoon
St. Mary's church, celebrated Mid- ,alrt lbe homo »' •**• ""* Mrs- A- c-
night Mass at tbat edifice Christmas iBlBlne' Gnrdea »venue. w»» thronged
Eve, the little church being well filled ' wlt" Kuc«8 "P"" «'e marriage of Elsie
when tho service commenced. The ; PerlB v»n 81vke' court stenographer
choir, conalsting of twenty-five voices, j °< **•*• cl<>'' "»» Mr- **m<* Mcintosh,
sang Losch's Mass In a most able °' **t'>bridge. formerly In tbe super-
manner. Mrs. (Dr). Kennedy, the ! ""indent's ofllce of tills city,
organist and director, has been well I The snnooncement of the ap-
rewarded for her unUrlng efforts this Punching marriage of the two was, in
year.   Mrs. Arnold Wallinger's violin ivlcw "' 'he,r "eU PM*"*""*. "celv
City Engineer payroll  161.36
F. Parks & Co  12.36
S. R. Roc  6.00
W. J. Selby  10.00
Ward ft Harris  71.36
Parks ft Co. (School Bd. order) 12.36
Water Dekeatan Aeeoaat
Consolidated Mining ft Smelt- !
Ing Co  201.8'j
Cranbrook Drug ft Book Co... .90
Cranbrook Susli ft Door Co... 6.01
City Transfer Co  103.41
Cranbrook Cartage ft Transfer .60
City Livery  3.00
Fink Mercantile Co  8.60
Medley Lajolo  7.80
Metals,  Limited  2.47
Meullor Manufacturing Co.... 1894.64
J. D. McBride  37.35
Patmore  Bros 66
T. N. Parrett  23.60
F. Parks ft Co  161.80
Payroll  1682.16
Cranbrook Foundry  191.26
Consolidated Mining ft Smelt-
.Ing Co	
Drummond McColl ft Co	
J. B. Turnley ft Co., Ltd	
E. A. Hill	
"ranbrook aid Fernie IntenwdlstM
Clask In Past aid Fsriess Oaaw
at Ike Coal City
In a strenuous game of hockey
chuck full of sensational features and
i see-sawlng score the Cranbrook and
Pernie teams played to a draw of
—4 in the Coal City oa Monday night.
Thc Fernie boys drew first blood,
'coring ln tbe Ilrst quarter snd relented soon after. Bob McKay, tor
'ranbrook. then scored with a pretty
ibot. A little later Callahan made It
1 to 2. With but little Ume to play
Elliott Crowe tied tbe score and a
minute later put bis team la tbe lead
on a beautiful shot Just ss tbe gong
clanged Fernie scored, ending an exciting game.
The teams will tangle again on
New Year's day at the Open Air rink
m Hanson avenue. The game ls
ailed for 3 o'clock.
The line-up was as follows:
Goal—L. Crowe.
Point—C. McNabb.
Cover Point—J. Callahan.
Rover—Bob McKay.
Center—A. Powers.
Left Wing—F. Callahan.
night Wing—E, Crowe.
obligate and Invocation wero masterpieces of music and added to the
Impresstveness of the mass. The
soloists were Mra. A. L. McDermot,
Mrs. J. E. Kennedy and Miss Francis Drummond. The choir of this
church has been putting in some
hard and earnest practices of late.
We have been privileged to hear
good music at this church on previous occasions, but this year surpassed all previous attempts.
The large crib was greatly admlr-
I, Its figures being arranged according to the gospel narrative, while
overhead a large star recalled to the
kneeling people the Star ot Bethlehem.
The pastor prefaced his sermon by
thanking the Ladles of the parish and
the members of the Knights ot Columbus for their kind remembrance at
this Chrlstmastide.
The gospel of the day, the beautiful story of the Angel, who appeared
to the watching shepherds and announced the birth ot Jesus, Is found
only tn the' gospel according to St.
Luke. It Is perhaps unsurpassed In
simple beauty in all literature.
'At that time there went forth a
decree from Cesar Augustus, that the
whole world should be enrolled. This
enrolling was first made by Cyrlnus
the governor of Syria. And all went
to bs enrolled, everyone Into his own
city. And Joseph also went up from
Galilee, out of tbe city ot Nazareth
into Judea, to the city ot David, which
Is called Bethlehem, because he was
of the house and family ot David, to
be enrolled with.Mary his espoused
wife, who was with child. And lt
came to pass, that when they were
there, bee days were accomplished,
and she should be delivered. And she
brought forth her first-born son, and
wrapped him up ln swaddling clothes,
snd laid him tn a manger, because
there was no room for tbem In the
Inn. And tbere were in the same
country shepherds watching, and
keeping the night watches over tlieir
flock. And behold sn Angel ot the
Lord stood by them, and the brightness ot Ood shone round them; and
tbey feared with a great fear. And the
Angel said to them: Fear not; tor behold I bring you good tidings of
great Joy, that shall be to all tbe
people; for this day Ib born to you a
Saviour, wbo is Christ the Lord, in
the city ot David. And this shall be a
sign unto you: You shall find the Infant wrapped in swaddling clothes,
ed with exceptional Interest. Miss
I Van Slyke Is one of the most charm-
ling girls in the set she graces and
| during the past fortnight there have
been a perfect round of entertainments
given in her honor by interested
Happily tho wedding day was, as to;
the weather, all that the warmest
well-wisher could have asked, and
tlie home ot A. C. Blaine, wherein the
floral decorators were busy all morning with results that defiod criticism
at any point, was thronged. The decorative scheme was carried out almost exclusively with terns and tall
palms, although here and there amid
tbe gieen the grace of a chrysanthemum, pink and white, was seen deftly
placed at an effective point. A large
bell gracefully suspended from thc
celling, hung ln the center of the
room, under which the happy couple
pledged their troth.
Miss Reta Cameron, a young and accomplished musician, presided at the
piano, giving fine renditions of the
wedding march from Lohengrin and
Mendelssohn's march. After the entrance of the bridal party "The Voice
That Breathed O'er Eden" was most
effectively rendered.
Rev. W. K. Thomson, pastor ot the
Presbyterian church, officiated. Miss
Van Slyke, who was given away by
Mr. John Beaton, looked the embodiment of girlish loveliness in her wedding gown. Her bouquet wob of white
roses. t
She was attended by Mmi A. C.
Blaine, as bridesmaid, with whom she
has resided for a long time, and by a
most winsome ring bearer ln the per-,
son ot Bobby Beaton. The small lad
looked very charming and sweet and.
took his part ln the ceremony with
engaging IngeniousnesB.
The ceremony was followed by a reception, some twenty guests being
present. Among them being Mr. and
Mrs. A. C. Harshaw, C. P. R. superintendent; Mr. and Mrs. John Beaton;
Mr. and Mrs. J. Webster Burton; Master Bobby Beaton: Mr. and Mrs. A C,
SUNSHINE SOCIETY ' liquor to an Indian In connection with j FINK CHRISTMAS
MADE MANY HAPPY j the first case and was fined -50.00 and ;      \y ST. EUGENE HOSPITAL
  | costs or three months in Jail. 	
So Deserving Case la Cranbrook Went;    ,,ete War(1 waa „l80 brougi,i m b>- j ('ranbrook  Sick  Well  Looked  After
Short of Fare for a Christmas       : Constable Ryekman on a charge of
Dinner . supplying liquor to an Indian and was ;
  I lined $50.00 and costs or three months |
It would be difficult to estimate the I
Loral Hospital   Mini)
tors During Hay
amount of good that the Sunshine
Society has done this (,'lirlstmas. To
express it ln terms of so many hundred Christmas presents is insufficient.
Truly, it Ib a grand thing to live—to
gaze with open eyes Into tho world, to
drink ln the pure air and enjoy the
sweet sunshine. It Is a good thing to
be alive, and it ls a good world to live
in, in spite of the abuse we arc fond
of giving It. This was the impression
created Christmas Eve as tlie Herald
man quietly witnessed the dispersing
of goods by that public-spirited and
most charitable body.
The kind hearted mombers of the
Sunshine Society will be glad to know
that they assisted Santa Claus very
greatly this year. They have the pleasure of knowing that they came to
the rescue ot little children, who,
through no fault of theirs, would
otberwise have had tlieir Christmas
marred because ot a continental war
a financial stringency, of which
they understand nothing.
It was the helping nand, the kindly
eye and the consequent sense of uplift that came to these people Just at
tho time they needed it most.
"This means the turn of our luck;
I know It does," said one little woman
with tears of gladnoss In her oyos, as
sho accepted the unexpected Christmas piesent. It was not merely the
oranges and potatoes, the tea, sugar,
bread, butter, roast meat and plum
pudding, the raisins and figs and nuts
she saw. Nor was lt merely the toys
and candy for the children. Beyond
all was the knowledge that thcro are
kindly hearts In Cranbrook, anxious
to help them to tide over tbe time of
To distribute the Christmas presents
was no small undertaking. Organization and willing helpers were necessary. All cases reported to tbe Sunshine Society were looked after, without delay.
In Jail.
Edna Haynes wus brought up on a
vagrancy charge and was lined $50.00
und costs or three months, and Delia
Aylcsworth on a similar charge was [
fined $25 und costs or three months.
John Birch appeared before Magis-'
trate Arnold on u charge ot securing
bounl under false pretences and was
assessed $5.00 und costs or 30 days,    j
Pete Matlieson, proprietor of the Im-
periitl liotel, wus fined $50.00 und j
coBts by Magistrate Arnold ou Tuesday morning on a charge of having
his bar open after hours.
Nut a single one of the many patients in the St. Eugene hospital was
missed by Sunta Uuus. Kucli wus presented with u useful present und hap-
j plness reigned supreme.
Each ward luid been well looked
after, und the Sisters and nurses In
churRe uf tlte work in each section
spared nu efforts tu make their particular wurd the most bountiful in the
big liospltul. The festive decorations
against the spotless white of the beds
and the Bhtntng dustier*, floors created u must  pleasing effect und wus
much appreciated by the patients,
DANCE TO BE HELD I    While the care and skill used In
AT ST. MARY'S HALL : decorating the various seetlons ot the
  '■ hospital  was delightful, it was the
A dunce Is to given at St. Mory's I patients themselves who created the
hall on thc evening of the 20th of Jan-1 genuine spirit of the day of "peace and
nary next and a good time Is guar-1 goodwill." Although many were snf-
anteed. The Cranbrook orchestra has j ferlng as they lay on tlieir cots, each
been retained. I had a cheery smile, and exchanged
The floor being ot the best, and the greetings with tbe white .-lad attentive
object a worthy one (to pay off the I nurses who passed from bed lo bed
debt on the plnno) It Is confidently ex- attending lo every want and uttering
pected that a big crowd will be In at-1 words uf cheer uud eneuurugement.
tendance, nnd It Is the Intention of the ; visitors passed nml repassed In the
management to make this a monthly ! corridors and sat with sick friends
engagement If successful. Refresh- and relatives, i bearing nnd comfort-
ments wlll be served and the price of ing them with tlieir presence. Some
tho tickets nt $1.00 per couple and j sufferers, however, had no friends to
25c. extra lody should make these | visit them, but they were not forgot-
dnnces popular. j teu  by  those   who  brought  gifts  of
flowers and fruit to the hospital.
^^^^^             ^^^^^ Not a  patient  was overlooked, all
Tomorrow is New Year's day. It is , shared ln the custom established
an appropriate time to make resoiu- | twenty centuries ago when the wise
tlons for 1915. With that Idea In
view we make the following suggestions:
Resolve, to bc liberal-minded.
Resolve, not to be hypocritical.
;   Resolve, to be on the square.     It
(won't hurt you.
Resolve, to say a klud word when
the opportunity offers.
i men of the Kast brought presents to
j the Bethlehem manger.
!    It was a duy of hard work and ex-
t tra  labor,  however,  for the attend-
| ants of the hospital, but do trouble
was spared and not one member of
| any   department    complained.       All
were willing and ready to do their utmost to aid in the enjoyment of the
sad laid ta a manger.   And snddenly I «._„„.„. „. ... . „      .__.'.
there was with the Angel a multitude ■ Bo*™ess. Mr. snd Mrs. A. C. Blaine
ot the heavenly army, praising God,
aad saying: Glory to God in the highest snd on earth peace to men of
Market  Will  be  Continued  ll
Same Building oa Saturday,
January (Us,
46.60.    ^_^^_^__^^^_^__
25 0o I enough to allow the farmers try out
Mr.   W.   B.  McFarlane was   klad
Tho report In part was as fol-
R. B. McNeil      80.00 a market In hla old furniture stors.
The engineer's report waB read and " WM thought that arrangements
could have been made with ths city
for a permanent place by the end of
the year. It has, however, been Impossible to do that The city council
has called a public, meeting tor Monday, January, 4th. .to consider thi
whole question. The market wlll,
however, be held sack Saturday for
the preaent. On Saturday, the Mb, It
will bs held In tbe same old stand oa
Armstrong avenue, through the kindness of Mr. W. B. McFarlane.
Saturday may not prove to bo the
Culverts were placed on Edwards
street at Durlck avenue, Armstrong
avenne and Burwell avenue and on
Kalns street at Norbury avenue.
Cinder croslngs were made during
tha month, on Edwards street, Louis
street snd Baker street.
Sidewalk repairs were made during
the month by the prisoners.
87 service connections were made
during ths month.   In the gravel portion, part of Bakor street was done as ' best market so It behooves all those
also were Norbury and Armstrong j _„_ ,0 turn out on MondlT Md
Local InsUtute Will Meet oa Saturday Afternoon, January 9th—
Papers Will be Bead
Through thc courtesy and kindness
ot the mayor the next meeUng ot the
Farmers InsUtute wlll be held in the
city hall on Saturday, January 9th, at
2.00 p.m. Papers will he read on
Rotation of Crops" and "When to
Milk" or "Summer vs. Winter Dairy-
lag." Interesting discussions are
sure to follow these papers. Following the public meeting held In the
city ball on Monday, January 4th, a
discussion on the market Is sure to
loom large In the afternoon's business.
The sccretry of tho Farmers' InsUtute hSB received the following let
Fanners' Institute, Cranbrook, B.C.:
Dear Sirs: At a meeting of the
Conservative Association held
Clspp'a hsll on tbe 4th Inst. It was unanimously decided to tender your body
a vote of thanks and ot congratulation
for the success of your efforts In securing an experimental market for
this district.
lt ls the opinion of this association thst this move Is one of great
Importance to the farmers ot the community and through them to thc
community Itself. We trust that this
Is only a beginning and that big results will follow.
Yours very truly,
Cranbrook Conservative Association
per E. II. McPhee, Sec.
Mrs. (Rev). W. K. Thomson; Hr. aad
Mrs. F. M. Macpherson; MrB. W. F.
Cameron; Miss Reta Cameron; Miss
Hettle rollings; John and James
A tasty wedding lunch, arranged
with delicate hands, was served, a profusion of pink roses and carnations
being used ln the decoration ot the
After receiving congratulations and
followed by every good wish, Mr. and
Mrs. Mcintosh left on the 4 o'clock
train for Red Deer, Alta., where they
will remain until Uie New Year, after
which time they will reside In Lethbridge, Alta.
The bride's going away gown was
of Royal Blue cloth, with bat to
The collection of wedding gifts was
a remarkably large, beautiful and
valuable one, Including silver, cut
glasB, One china, and an array ot varied household articles, all testifying to
the regard and good wishes of friends.
"Peggy" Van Slyke will be greatly
missed by her many Iriends here, as
she was always ready to give a help-
Tidy Sam Realised tor the Needy sf
' ;fifmbrook-Coii«lttee Wlsk to
Thank the Participants
Christmas has come and gone, but
the dance held ln Matheson's hall on
Christmas evening Is fresh in the
minds of some: those who were provided with the necessities for a Christmas dinner. Upwards of one hundred
attended the dance, whicb started at
9.50 p.m. and continued until 1.60 a.m.
In all tbe sum of $136.00 was realized
from the sale of Uckets. Of tbis
amount only $16.60 was expended
for music, printing and other tnclden
tal expenses, thus leaving a balance
ot $119.60 tor distribution among the
poor ot the city. The committee In;
charge wish to thank the Cranbrook
public for their generous response in
aiding Buch a worthy cause. This
commitee was composed ot Lester
Clapp, Medley Lojole and Dan Dezall.
Mr. Clapp Informed the Herald that
he will see to it that the money is
properly spent and that every cent
wlll be accounted for.
George P. Tisdale, the floor manager, handled tbe dance in a most
capable manner, and won the approval of the large audience in conducting so successfully s dance of
such magnitude.
Resolve, to vote for thc best men I patients. There was a big dinner tor
for mayor and aldermen. all those who could with safety eat the
Resolve, to show more humanity; good things so much associated with
and less cussedness in your make-up. j Christmas, while custards and healing
Resolve, to quit lying, unless you, puddings were made especially for
can do yourself or someone else good; those of more delicate constitution.
by It. I It was a day to be remembered.
Resolve, to give other people credit,	
for their opinions, even If they differ,
with you.
Resolve, to assist the Herald by
giving us the news of general interest |
to the community.
Resolve, to be decent and manly j	
even If you have to give up some ol j 	
your bad habits. There was   little   indication In the
Resolve, If you are a preacher you ; 8Wres „„ Christmas Eve of the quieter
have not a monopoly on the transport-; conditions which prevail In financial
atlon to heaven. . matters.   The crowd of late shoppers
Resolve, that the member of any (seemed to be about as large as ever,
otlier church probably stands as well and the arms full of parcels which
as you do In thc eyes of the Lord. wer(. being carried home were ever bit
Resolve, that the world Is full of, a8 bothersome to the bearers as they
people as good os yourself, and that  have been when money was easier.
you arc as good as any of them.
Merchants Are Well Pleased With the
Volume of Christmas Buying Done
This Vear
Resolve, that you will lay aside
your hammer, purchase a horn and
toot lt once In a while for the town.
Resolve, to bc charitable and help
thc needy of Cranbrook. This will
keep you in touch with human nature.
Resolve, if you are a single man to
get married as soon as you can find
some good woman foolish enough to
have you.
Resolve, to purchase your goods
from the home merchant, who has
stood by most of you through thick
and thin.
Ile.iihe, If you are u single woman
It Is the verdict of merchants today
. that the business of this Christmas,
i everything considered, was very satls-
i factory, and that there is a lightening
! of the stringency which has been el-
j istlng for so many months. In fact.
I there was u general exiieetation among
; merchants that the Christmas shopping
would show a very marked falling-off,
j but inquiry this morning proves that
i this forecast was, happily, not bourne
! out by the results.
The Cranbrook orchestra, under the j (0 mm_ _,, ,ralt8 tha, wl„ m_
leadership of Mrs. Wallinger, provld- \ym , f00(1 w|(t, ,nBteBd „, , gosslD,„g
avenues, ^^^^^^^^
Services on Fenwick avenue between Edwards street and Kalns wero
lowered and connocted up with tho
new main and throe houses on ths
old C.P.R. pips were connected ap to
Ik. amatol aula.
was In keeping with tbe occasion.    •
The Herald feels tbat a word ol
j praise Is due the committee in chsrge
,„!,....        ... ., ,    ,   |of this dance.   They   went   at their
■n! Ing hand at any functions which she       , .......
„. ,.      (work In a quiet way, simply stating the
was called upon to aid.  She will also    ..       .  ,
.       .     ...     . • object of the affair, and In a remark-
be missed by the Presbyterian choir    .,     .    .    ,      ....        .    .
,    ,. .    .    . ably short tlmo had disposed of a
of which she has been a member for
about two years.
At the station a large crowd of well
wishers gatbered to see the happy
young couple start on their Journey
of wedded bliss, aad who showered on
them rice and confetti.   The Herald
wishes them the very best in life and
a smooth road through life.
On nil liunds tlie volume of trade
done exceeded anticipations. In some
lines, perhaps, us In those where the
articles were bought for gifts, there
has been u tendency to buy less expensive tilings than would have been
sought a year or two since, but the
few kind words about! numb':' t,'"m lrardl>' »"*' diminution.
There Is no doubt thut Cranbrook
married wo-:
Resolve, If you are
man to say       ^^^^^^^^^^^
your acquaintances, instead of roasting them at every opportunity.
people spend their money when they
{large number of tickets, mainly to
Resolve, as in former years, to slay I have It. and there Is an appreciable
on the water wagon. Don't climb on Increase In thc amount of buying at
and after exhausting all your energy, | h°mc that Is being done ns a result
men who had come ln from outside | tumMe
points to spend the holiday season.
say:   "Well,   what's   tho   use,"   and
put on record their Ideas as to bow,
when aad where a market conld best
bo run so as to serve the best Inter-
Mrs. W. J. Rutledgo and children
from Nelson, are visiting In the city
tho guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. A.
Judge Thompson returned home on
Monday from Spokane, where he
spent the Christmas holidays witb Mra.
Thompson who, unfortunately, Is confined to a hospital In that city. The
Judge, however, brought back somo
oheering news. Mrs. Thompson Is progressing rapidly, and has made a won
,dertul change tor Iks better.
of the- campaign of education that is
heing carried un just now. Citizens aro
beginning to realize tliat it pays to buy
In OiIh city instead of sending away for
goods, and whatever reduction there,
may be in the volume of business until
the financial situation clears up bids
fair to bc compensated for by people
more largely purchasing at home.
It cannot be said that tlie merchants
have been any less enterprising than
formerly, The stores are decorated
extensively for the season, and a great
'IihI of pains have been taken by them
pended sentence snd sent back to his j EACH. 75c. Ill1 Rotting the stores Into holiday garb.
own reserve. | Hli KKOIIKI) >VIIKAT. 2 PKflS. I Some of them are really a credit to tho
Christmas celebrations   by the In- 93.90 A CASE
dlans has assisted greatly In swelling 130c. 3Sc. 40c. and -15c. a dosen
the police docket during the past i APPLES STILL S1.65 AM)
week.  Patrick, a Mission Indian, was| *1.75 BEST EATING
fined 130.00 and costs or else one AHAPE NUTS. PACKAGE. 15c.
month In Jail for being under the In-' KKIXK,--*j p*fig?*L W'AKE8.
fluence of strong drink. Pete Chicken, j 0f*AKKH' ^ ^KEMIUM.
s Pelgan Indian, from Brocket!, Al- l.AIKIK I'KOE. !!."><•
berta, was given a three months sus-11{||] | | || OA'J'K, 3 UAOS  N It,
John   ixylcy,   an   Austrian,   was
Set ov Price* I
ipssawttBAAV    irainivii   S.A I
I merchants and to those who did the
Ibro-ojbt 09 ob a charge tt ***»*»^l*-l*^BB^B"'lBiBlJlO tSQ,l™*« dseoratlai. *k*m FOUR
L. P. Sullivan, Editor
t. B. Thompsun, Business Manager
Sipscrlptloa latos
.    IM
LIVE   COPY.; men get a quick Judgment nnd execu-
_ tion, and attempt to kick the owner |
Worm Friend .of .Poor, .Struggling |<j0wn an(i out?   is that your idea ot
Newspapermen Feels Peeved at       justice tempered with gratitude and
The Herald mercy?   Answer that!!!   For myself,
I will express no opinion, let the pub-
AdvsrUslag latss
Advertising,   11   cents   per
Colsma inch.
While in town yesterday, Mr. A. 13.
Watts of Wattsburg, made a call ot
thc Herald ofllce and deposited the
letter printed  below, which, makes
i lie do that when you have consummated and   completed   the   Intended
coup de etat.
What Is your opinion of men who
•sadlng Notice, or Classified Ads. w|80od Uve IeMnK ond lms ^ th° manage a business, say, for an unpro-
mbU psr lias.
Cranbrook, B.C December 31st, 1911
editor to feel barnacles crawling up
his back with thc reflection that he Is
liable to be writing optimistic New
Year editorials from thc inside of a
prison cell or in thc watting room of
some solicitor's ollice. From the tone
nf the letter we arc in doubt whether
to fear personal assault with intent
I tectcd widow, knowing that the large
sums the men are credited with, have!
not been earned by the business, and
with other debts they accumulate
rapidly until the poor widow In a
last extremity consults friends and
! she And ono who tries to assist hor,
and because thc advice does not lit in
The Santa Claus committee ot the
Sunshine Society wish to thank those
whose donations helped so much to
gladden the hearts ot so many little
; ones this Christmas time:
Mrs. H. A. McKowan, 1 box Jap
oranges; Mrs, W. H. Wilson, 1 box
Jap oranges; Mrs. Q. M. Barney,
cookies and 1 Jar Jelly; Mrs. J. M.
Thanks, old scout, for a live story ; Robertson, 1 box Jap oranges, 5 pk.
I raisins, cash $3.00; Mrs. Christie, 1
When you interview the editor,
popular to bring a witness.
If you want to get In all sorts of
trouble simply tell the truth.
Abuse some one and wc always find
■   A Happy New Year to all Herald It0 do 1»dH-' harm or t0 >)lace our pro" I wlth tlm ideas ot tho men. promises   lin HpprediUive tuidleiicu.
readers.   May    your   shadow    never I ••«** »» our wife'fl namc for fear l,t a
grow less.
Have you given your New Year resolutions a trial spin yet? Tomorrow,
remember, is tbo day-
After all are you not glad that you
did something Christmas to make
someone else happy?
million dollar Judgment or make our
pcaco with friends and foes and pro-
pare to serve out a life sentence.
Here's thc letter : —
December 119, 1014.
To tho Editor and Manager
Cranbrook Herald,
! Cranbrook, B. C.
Isn't it a splenlidthlng that Christ- j Having noticed several dllferent
mas comes every year? It gives us j falsehoods you have published con-
an opportunity to show ourselves at: corning myself, I must ask you to
our |,cst apologise within two hours after re-
  celpt of this or take the consequences.
It may be a short municipal cam- You say "no ulterior motivo lurks
palgn. lt is common talk on the behind your floating' buncomb." If
street that there will be no opposition that Is true why do you try to Incense
to the BowneBs ticket. worklngmen by telling what you know
to be deliberate untruths about thc
mortgage of the Prospector, ond by
Innuendo carefully put, leave people
to believe that the mortgagee would
nr wishes to siezo the property and
in a dull week. j ]jox toyg. Mr  T  summers. Klmber-
  ' ley, 12 Santa Claus stockings; MrB. J. \
its ' ti. McBrldo, 1 box Jap oranges, 2 lbs. j
' candy; Knox Church Mission Band,
4 dressed dolls, 4 linen picture books;
Mrs. Bridges, 2 tins corn, 1 pall jam,
1 qt. preserves; Mr. T. S. Olll, 21 pintsJ
honey; Olll children, cash 11.00; Mrs.!
M. McCreery, cash $.1.00; Shackieton ;
children, 4 lbs. nuts; Mr. W. Halsall,'
groceries, 15.00; Mrs. Halsall, 101
Christmas bags; Hazel and Lillian .
Juckson, 3 dolls and box of toys; Mrs.
.inlin Leask, 1 jar Jelly; Burton child- i
' ron, dolls and candy; Mrs. M. Horlo, 2
A Arm chin ls helpless without a boxes apples; A Friend trom Calgary,
Developments will answer If you will j stiff upper Up these days. •£[ f_Kt_f_t^^B_ \
not. cherry  Creek,  3  boxes  cookies and j.
Sam Hughes Ib given credit for put- cakes; Mr. Moffat, large box of toys; i
tin. the con into (con.tlngont. | »*£~. \£_% _% I
Kast  Kootenays  grra,  pkllaathr, | ~ ^ j Ske^rS^ ^
1 Jelly, 1  pickles;   Mr. Roy Burgc, I
In with tho "Maid in Canada" move- 	
arc broken and the said friend vtlll-
tlod?   Is thcro nny ulterior motive?
Yours truly,
A. E. Watts.
pist Is very much mistaken in considering that the Herald meant to attach any Innuendo or blamo to him ln
tho publication of a small squib In
last week's issue. Tho matter waB
only referred to as a matter of public
policy and a measure ot warning to
the worklngmen of tho province.   Mr.
Tho more Belgians driven from their
native land by hunger the more room
there will bc for German Immigrants
is the theory on which the treatment of
Belgium by Germany is based.
The old year ls done. Let us go
forth nnd greet the ncw year nobly.
Christianity wants nothing so much
ln tbe world as sunny people. "Look
Pleasant" for 1915 is upon you.
The public market question has received thc attention of the city council tn tho extent that a public meet-
leave the working men with nothing
for tlieir work. Tho Editor nnd Manager of your paper know that the very
upposlto is the cuse. Both of you
know well that I did all in my power
(o protect the rights of the men to
their wages, both in the Herald and
Prospector plants, and both mortgagees and also the proprietors of the
The editor broke his thumb nail in
his hurry to write an apology und then
gave lt up as a bad job.
The water wagon will traverse its
Watts may pay the back wages on the , usual route tomorrow.   Climb on you
Prospector, give tho men tbe plant or j thirsty sons of the mountains,
give them nothing, he has no moral —«_
responsibility In the matter except In Qermany the troops at tho front
what he cares to assume. In fact wc ■ arc cheered by brass bands, while at
should soy that It Is a matter which , the rear they get what cheer they can
Is up to   tho   publisher   and   should j from contrabands.
'■ not concern the mortgagee.   The law |
I protects him in his rights as mortgagee.    The men have to look out' until its next issue and then cut thc
for themselves.    Yet the mortgagor, 1 Herald down to two hours In whicli
1 under the law, has the power to keep j to tender an apology?
men from securing their back wages, I ~~
it he so desires. This In the face of thc j Sir Richard McBride claims credit
fact that the Conservative party of j(or Putting all thc fish in tbo streams.
British Columbia boasts that they ! Bill Matthews is given credit for tnk-
have laid down every protection for j 'nK 'em all out.
i the workingman. 	
We have refrained from publishing
Perry Creek, 5 rabbits; Mrs. G. P.
Tisdale, 10 handkerchiefs; Mrs. E. Y.'l
Brake, bag oranges, 1 lb. tea; Mrs.
Q, Patmore, 1 plum pudding, 1 chicken ; Mrs. Ollmorc, bag oranges and
apples; Mrs. J. P. Fink, 1 chicken;
Mrs. F. Wasson, books, toys, station-
ory; Mrs. A. C. Harshaw, 10 Jars Jam
and Jelly, box groceries; Mrs. S. ■
llyckman, l box apples, 1 lb. tea; Mrs.
Miles, cookies und doughnuts; Mrs.
Ed. Paterson, 1 sack vegetables; Mrs.
Powell, plum pudding; Mrs. A. C.
Nelson, doughnuts, 2 Jars jelly; Mrs.
J. B. Hall, 1 box Jap oranges, candy,
M.00 caBh; Mr. H, Ogdcn, 0 tins R.
beef, 6 tins kippers; Mrs. W. Cameron,
50 cents candy; A Friend, box groceries; Mrs. C. Little, rcaBt of pork;
MrB. F. Ooderls, 1 chicken, 1 sk. turnips; Mrs. A. H. Webster, cash >6.00; 1
Mrs. Arthur Farrls, Kimberley, $5.00; '
  Mr.  O. W.  Carter,  $5.00;   Manning
Is it fair to give Saturday Night children, Bull River, $4.00; Nisbet &
Macdonald, $15.00; Mr. and Mrs. McCreery, $3.00; Curling Club, $15.00;
A society, $25.00; Mayor and Mrs.
Taylor, $5.00.
The Sunshine Society also wish to
thank Messrs. Little & Atchison for'
the use ot their store, Dr. King and
Carl Olll for the use of their autos,
Mr. Elliot and Mr. Worden for assistance.
Doctors say that a blow on the head
llerald approved ot the policy I sug-
ing is being called by the mayor for gested, as did your Editor who even j ^"^T up ,„ ^ ^^ ^
next Monday evening at to city hall   wen,.»^ far as   o ass t  n »»  "   j tl(m o( the Herald and Prospector raan of gloomy and foreboding cast ot.
for the purpose of discussing the var-   mt that policy for a time, and then | n____ u n AIA _t a|i|M ,J B       '. ....
ious problems confronting the estab- suddenly broke his promise and placed
Hshmcnt of a permanent market In the the proprietors of the Herald ln a
city. It seems unnecessary to urge had predicament. As you have been
attendance on the general public at sutlty of publishing falsehoods It Is
so   Important   a   meeting   and   yet' only fair that you should publish thc
Cranbrook citizens have a habit oi
allowing the other fellow to attend
meetings and do tlie work, and consequently we feel thc need of calling
attention to Uie paramount importance} of everyone being in attendance
to give their views on this subject.
There are several minor matters thut
liave to be considered along with the
main question of means and system
whereby  the  market  wilt bc  finally
whole truth.
After discussing thc matter fully
with you and after auditors had made ■
■heir reports it was evident that
loither paper could pay expenses,
vour arrears of wages accumulated
md the outlook grew worse. I ree-;
:>mmended that us two papers could j
not pay expenses, one be closed until i
business improved, tliat what litle '
work came in should bc shared by the
1 tapper.
i his employees.
That the poor widow deserted her
; opportune friend at the last moment
| would Indicate that the friend, no
j matter how good his Intentions, waB
I weak In the practical working out ot
jhis   great   philanthropic   newspaper
i merger.   The present managers were
and permanently launched.    Nearly men at full rats of wages, and It ant-1 ^^   ^   8ave     m    Mmim
every plan brought forward has met nclent could not bc collected to pay! ^^   ^^   ^   m   ^^
with objections and the necessity of all that was due the men were to have | ^^      statcment9   made   ,„   ,„„
1 above letter ln this connection are
i absolutely untrue.
i    The above letter would indicate, to
our mind, thnt Mr. WattB is endeavor-
llasco because we did not consider it i ramd lnt0 an actlve and alert cltlzcn
lu the public interest. However, we, pCThap8 lt wou]d De wen for the city
have the facts and copies of the pro- j ,.„„„,,„ ^ crcate BUch an offlce Wo
posed agreement and in due time or j ,ecl BUre t]lere would be a number 0(
It the course of events justify their | candldate9 for the offlce „, offlclal head
publication, It will be done. The proposition  made to the men at that 	
time was, we fully believe, consist-
.    i., ..   ... .. .        .    ....» ...i».     There;need bo no doubt of thc patent with Mr. Watts' usual course with | *
rlotlsm of young Canada.    A teacher
In one of the public schools who, after
telling some little tots about the an-
gels coming down to the shepherds of i
threshing out the many questions ns credit for the full amount, which
neorly as possible satisfactory to all | should bc paid as soon as the money
concerned is one ot thc main reasons \ could bc collected, nnd further, if the
for calling the meeting.   Special In-i men could make thc business pay they
vitatlons have been Issued to representatives of various organizations in
the district that are Interested In the
were to have a bonus of  V/c   of  the 1 ,  ,,
i Ing to work himself Into a rage over
profits In addition to their wages.        .... . , , .,    . „
nothing and ls peeved over the foll-
For the arrears of wages duo to tho | „„ 0, „„ ncwBpapcr plan8.     H1„
market and It behooves every person | Prospector workmen I offered to let, quotatlon of tne Herald,a „,,„,,, ,„
1 wrong, he changes "mortgage" for
| "mortgagee." The article In question does not mention "mortgagee."
: In fact there are Innumerable asser-
interested to be present next Monday, them join with mc as mortgagee to
evening and belli the public market j secure the sum due to them, until such
off to a good start. . time as the business could bo made to
——-————— I pay when tbey were to receive the
Born—In Cranbrook   on   Tuesday,: tlrst money available.
December 22nd, to Mr. nnd Mrs. T.     By the published matter In the Her-
Walton, a son. ntd you wish to have tho people bc-
  Ilcve that I am a Shylock and a blood-
Miss Nellie Proctor, formerly steno-1 H,1(,k(,r of tho workingman, now for n
grapher In the C.P.R. offices here, or-; L.|m„gc di8Scn)|nnte a little truth,
rived today from Lethbridge to spend :    ,t l8 a woll known fa(.t ,hat ncllhpl.
New Year's, the guest of Miss Ads, |iapcrB havc oartl(,d cnougi, to pay „,.
Hickenbotham. penses tot years past, the men wcre
awaro ot thc fact that even enough to
pay wages could not bc collected al-
i though large sums wcre on the books,
on Friday evening, January 8th. Forty .„„„„„,„„   „„„„,,„   „,,„,„   hBVC
per cent  of the Hour  receipt  will  bc   eaOUlhtofJtlStUpOBldldnOtMktor
Interest due to me and 1 have never
received one cent.
Yet you say   "the   mortgagee   can
keep labor working for nothing."   Thc
books will show that the workmen
Bethlehem and singing, asked if they
knew what the angels were singing,'
was astonished when one of the child- ■
ren replied: "God Save the King."
Masquerade   skating   carnival   wlll
be held at the Open Air Skating Rink I
tlons In thc above letter which are
curious, peculiarly Watts-like, and
we give them to the public for all
they are worth—merely a scrap of'
paper with self-apology written I
throughout and a senseless, unnamed
threat at the publishers ot the Herald.
We have no apologies to make, ana
so, "lay on McDuff and damned be he,
who ilrst cries, "Hold, enough!"
The Salvation Army Christmas en-!
tertalnment was indeed an Interesting
evening and much enjoyed by all
who were present After a short pro-
gram Santa entered the hall and disposed of the good things to the children. During tho evening Miss
Stephens and Mrs. J. F. Smith at-
tended and gave much interest in the '
program. Mrs. Simpson also helped
out with splendid music on the guitar. Drills and recitations were given
by the Army Juniors. Many thanks
are returned by Capt. Hustler and
comrades to the few friends who donated the toys and candy for the occasion ; also to tho W.C.T.U. for the
boxes ot dainties.
Municipal Elections
I have served the city
for the past two years as
alderman and have been
urgently requested to run
again, and therefore announce my candidacy and
solicit the support of the
I believe that only by
the strictest retrenchment
can the city cope with the
future and my record as an
economist of the city's
funds during my alder-
manic Incumbency, should
I believe, entitle me to
their kindly consideration
at the next election.
Very truly,
given in prises.
Cranbrook schools wlll open again
on Monday morning, January 4th, at
9.30 with Principal (larrard In charge
of tbe central school, MIbb A. Wood-
land ot the South Ward school and \ got nearly nil thc available cash, thc
Mrs. K. A. Racklyeft of tho Kootenay, owner got very much less than any
Orchard school.    All pupils shold be
enrolled on the first day ot school and
beginners accompanied by a parent.
Carl William Carlson was accidentally killed Monday, December 28th,
while working In one of the staples
Lumber Co. logging camps near Wycliffe. It Ib reported that the side
props broke on a load ol logs, nnd two
other men were Injured at the same
time. Tho body was brought to this
city and thc funeral was held this afternoon at .1 p.m. from Macpherson's
undertaking   paruors,
A public meeting of the cltisens ls
hereby called at the request of the
Farmers' Institute to consider the
Market Question, on Monday next,
January 4th, at 8 o'clock p.m. In the
Council Chamber.
,  , ,   . , Dated at Cranbrook, B.C., this 29th
workman although he worked longer j iay 0( Deccnibcr, 1914. 62-lt
fiours, the mortgagee got none and
then offered to let the workmen be
firBt mortgagees to secure the arrears i Alvln E. Perkins, of Vancouver, B.C
duo to them. This they refused and
try to smash up a business by a quick
Judgment, and so obtain control from
thc poor owner, who hus struggled
hsrd for years to rake in thc money
to pay tholr wages.
Knowing the truth as both of you do
If you havo no ulterior motivo In
view, why do you print such dcllbcr-
Prolesslonal Piano and Organ Toner,
with highest possible recommendations Irom Ilelntiman t Co* dour-
ley Piano Co* Morris tt Kara Co*
Dominion Piano Co* >ewcumbe *
Co* tlerhard Ilelntiman Piano House,
Vancouver, with ils years experience.
This guarantees the finest workmanship. Tuning a piano Is not a trifling
ate lies ?   Is there no ulterior motivo j piece of work If you have regard for
Rev.   W.   K.! when men running a plant Into debt; your piano and lasting satisfaction.
and  well  knowing tluit their  work We positively recommend the best ex-
does not produce enough lo pay wages  perlenced  men  only,   llelulrniHli  ft
Thomson, officiating.   John Carlson, I
brother ot the deceased, arrived Wed-, .•  —-■ - •  ,
nesday from Portland, Ore. Dr. a. J and they permit them to accumulato Co.. Mr. Perkins wlll be In Cranbrook
K. L. Hacklnnon held aalaquest ovor j until such tlmo as thoy know tho ow-| early la January and will make Us
tte remains on Tuesday- >n<r cannot pay on short call, then tho
Municipal Elections
Being that a large number of Influential citizens
have been beselging me
with requests to become a
candidate for alderman I
have decided to allow my
name to go before the
Cranbrook electors for
consideration. I have
served as alderman before
and am willing to rely
upon my record for support by the electors. I
believe In economy in public affairs and this year it
will be more necessary
than ever before to emphasize this point. Look
up my record as alderman.
It will bear investigation.
Yours truly,
Municipal Elections
Geo. F.Stevenson
After careful consideration I have decided to
place my name before the
electorate of Cranbrook.
In doing so I appreciate
the confidence of my
many friends in persuading me of the Importance
of sane, business, civic
government. As managing director of the largest
commercial company operating in the city, and
with a wide financial experience extending for
over a period of fourteen
years, I feel reasonably
sure my services as an
alderman will meet with
the approval of the ratepayers of the City of Cranbrook.
Yours truly,
A. C. Bowness
Having been solicited by a large number of the ratepayers to stand again as a candidate for Mayor, I wish to
announce that I will olTer myself as a candidate and I
solicit the support of lhe voters for the honorable ofllce of
Mayor of the City of Cranbrook.
I do this feeling that it Ib the desire of a majority of
the ratepayers and voters that a change should be made in
the administration at the City Hall.
Everyone knows my past record as Alderman and
Mayor and upon this record I respectfully solicit your
cordial support.
I have no political ambitions to gratify or axes to
grind, and no sect, section or individual has any strings
on me,
I believe that the business of the city is the business
of the ratepayers and should be conducted ln an efficient
manner, in the interets ot the city as a whole, that all
business should be open and above board and that pull,
politics and religion should have no consideration.
In asking for your votes for Mayor I also ask for
your votes for the six councllmen supporting me, four of
whom have had varied experience of from two to seven
years on the council of this city, the other two beiug men
of unquestioned business ability. If you see fit to elect me
as Mayor for the incoming term, I shall endeavor, with
their assistance to carry on every legitimate public undertaking for the advancement of Cranbrook, I will give my
time and attention to the affairs of the city and will endeavor to see that the public Interest is in every way carefully safeguarded.
Yours Faithfully,
Municipal Elections
To the Electors:
Knowing the financial
condition of the city at the
present time and the general conditions which surround the city, it has been
with extreme reluctance
that I have yielded to the
entreaties of many electors to run for alderman
this year and it is only
upon a platform of strictest economy that I hereby
announce my candidacy.
I served for two years as
alderman and know the
necessities which confront
us at this time. Therefore,
tf I am elected alderman,
my time will be devoted to
conserving the city's interests. My record for two
years as alderman wlll
bear your scrutiny, and
upon . this record I respectfully solicit your support.
Yours truly,
Municipal Elections
At the urgent request
of a large number of electors I have decided to announce to the public my
candidacy for alderman of
the City of Cranbrook for
the coming year. My platform is one of economy
solely and the transaction
of the city business efficiently and with the Interests of the whole city in
view. I respectfully solicit
your cordial support and,
lt elected, will give my
best ability to the city's
Yours truly,
When a man lies he breathes differently trom when be tells the
truth. Tho difference was discovered
by means ot somo tests made last
week upon certain local people.
As a general thing, after a candidate is elected he Isn't as glad to see
you as ho was when ho was looking
for you. So far tho municipal candidates are passing around their pleasant smiles.
Municipal Elections
Submitting to the per-
'suasion of many friends I
hereby announce my candidacy for alderman for
the City of Cranbrook. I
solicit the support of my
friends and all voters and
ratepayers upon a platform of strictest economy
in civic affairs and my former record as alderman.
Not as in past years, I will
be located permanently in
the city during the coming
Yours truly,
We Are Introducing
American 811k
American Cashmere
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real foot comfort.   No seams to
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not pressed In.
UVABANTEKII for fineness,
style, superiority of material gad
workmanship. Absolutely stainless. Wlll wear 6 months without holes, or new ones free.
our HPKCiAi orru
to every one sending us $1.00 la
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J 4MI I DECEMBER 31st. 1914
It Pays
to   have    your  eyes  examined
every little while.
In olden times eyeglasses had
only one use—to assist the old
folks In reading or Boeing.
Nowadays wo lead moro strenuous lives and the eyea suffer in
consequence. Nearsightedness,
Neuralgia, Headacho and many
other affect Ions nro promptly re*
Moved by properly fitted glnsscs.
Wo sell only sueh glnsscs nn we
run thoroughly recommend, and
surround tho soiling with every
possible courtesy.
W. H. Wilson
Paul Handley, of Marysville, was in
tho city tlie beginning ot tho week.
Miss Nellie Leaman, ot the local
post ofllce staff, spent Christmas ln
J. A. Prlnglo shipped a pure bred
Ayrshire calf to Wawota, Sask., the
flrst of the week.
Roy S. Shields who has been spending Christmas In Fernie, returned to
tbe city Sunday.
Mr. Sam Macdonald who has been
at Canal Flats th past two weeks returned to the city Monday.
ES. L. Langln, of Plncher Creek, and
an old timer In this district, came ln
Saturday and registered at the Royal.
Stewart Forbes went to Fernie
Christmas to spend the day with his
sister, who ls a nurse in tbe Fernie
hospital.   .
Frank Lcclerc spent Christmas
with his family in town, returning
Tuesday to Perry Creek, where he
has a mining claim.
T. R. Haynes, a member ot the
second Cranbrook contingent, was in
town spending the Christmas holidays
with his brothers, II. S. and Wilfred
Dr. and Mrs. J. H. King will bc at
home to all their friends at their residence on Armstrong avenue to-morrow (Ncw Year's Day) from 4 to 6
and from 8 to 10.
The regular meeting of the Women's
Institute will bc held on Tuesday
next In tho Maple hall at 3 p.m.
Annual meeting and election ot officers. Members aro asked to bring
suggestions tor next year's work.
A late wire from Fcrnie today announced that the hockey boys will
not conic tomorrow and arrangements are being made for a gtiine between Cranbrook seniors nnd Intermediates nt the same hour advertised for the Fcrnle-Crnnbrook game.
Mrs. Illllycr and Miss Pearl lllllyer,
of Moyle, Mr. William Illllycr, of Kdmonton, nnd Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Fitch,
of Moyle, were the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. K. A. lllll over Christmas, returning to their homes the Ilrst of the
Miss Margaret Kennedy, formerly
of this city, but now residing In Pernio, was a visitor hero over Christmas, spending the holiday senson
wilh her brother Joe, of the 41 Market Co. She returned lo Fernie on
Word has been received that Robert
J. Laurie, of this city, and Janet Morgan, of Plntlchu, Plntyrch, Wales, were
quietly married on December 1st in
London, England. MrB. Laurie wlll
reside with her father at Plntlchu for
tho present.
Sines tho city Installed the new
and large steel mains tho pressure on
ths city water has gradually In
created, registering 106 pounds at
tho, presont time, the highest ever
known In Cranbrook at this season ot
tho year.
Mr. Mlrams, athletic Instructor nt
tha. Young Men's Club, wns presented with a handsome mantel clock on
last Monday evening by the several
classes of pupils at tho club. A social evening followed tho presentation,
all present reporting an tmjoyablo
T. A. Martin left Monday tor a
ten days visit to Vancouver.
W. J. Kerr, tho popular Elko hotel
man, was a visitor la Cranbrook the
Ilrst ot the week.
Earnio Stevens and Ted Neal returned to the city the Ilrst of the week
from Calgary.
Miss Marie Ooodeve, of Magrath,
Alta., arrived In the city Monday on
a visit with Mr. and Mra. Atlee Bridges.
Harold Hickcnbotham and Hughle
Stlvens are homo tor New Years. They
will return to Calgary the flrat of the
II. Palmer has Imported a Buff
Orpington cock and W. W. McOregor
haa followed suit la bringing la a
Black Orpington cock.
Mrs. John Shaw tound a lady's
watch recently on the street aad will
be pleased to turn same over to owner on proving property.
Miss M. and Miss J. Elliott, of the
Fernie teaching staff, are spending tho
Christmas holidays in the eity, the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Beaton.
Miss Augusta Doyle returned the
flrat of the week from Creston, where
she spent Christmas with her parents, Mr. aad Mrs. J. H. Doyle, at the
King George hotol.
Wm, Erler and family have returned from Fort Qeorge where they
have been located for the past several months. They will remain here
for somo time.
The regulsr monthly meeting of
the Ladies Aid Society of the Methodist church will be held at the home of
Mra. H. A. McKowan on Wednesday
afternoon, January (tb, at 3 p.m.
Mr. N. Coleman, the calendar man
man with tho very best la his line,
is In town taking orders for next
year. Mr. Coleman handles only tho
high class article and la meeting with
success everywhere.
John Derosler, of Qatsway, arrived
Monday from Gateway, where he has
been employed as cook at the Bonners Ferry Lumber Co. Mr. Derosler wlll spend the New Year with
Mra. Turner aad daughter, ot Nelson, who bavo been visiting points
on thc prairies, stopped off la Cranbrook the first of the week tor a
brief visit with Mra. A. A. MacKinnon. Tbey returned to Nelson Tuesday.
A special meeting is called at the
Ry. Y.M.C.A. oa Friday evening, January 8th at 8.30 p.m. for ths purpose
of organizing a bowling league. Everyone Interested In bowling, whether
members or not, are cordially Invited
to atead.
The Cranbrook Branch ot Ihe St
John's Ambulance Corps wish to
thank the pupils of the Cranbrook
central public school for their donation of belts. Tbey also wish to
thank Mrs. A. II. Webb for 1 helmet
and Miss Dorothy Webb for 1 pair
Monday morning lost Dan Murphy
engineer on No. 64 was severely
scalded about the bead and face. When,
nearing Oalloway the express car was
discovered to be oa Are. Ia aa effort to extinguish the Are with
steam from the engine Mr. Murphy
received his Injuries. He returned
home Tuesday and will be compelled
to lay off for a time.
Wm. Harrison, a member of the
second contingent, arrived la the
city Tuesday trom Victoria to spend
New Year's and attend ths regimental ball, lie secured a leave of absence for several days. He reports
the boy". In camp all la good health
with dally drills aad routine military
work. "Billy" la looking Uno aad
haa gslacd several pounds la weight
since be became a soldier.
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Webb enter
tained a number of Invited Meads at
their homo on Garden avenue oa
Tuesday evening, the occasion being
the celebration ot thc twentieth an
nlvcrsary ot their marriage. Five
tables at progressive whist wero kept
busy for some time. Prises were distributed by Mr. Flewelling to the
winners, Miss Alexander capturing
ladles' flrst snd Mr. Fred Webb proving the best gontleman player. Con'
eolations were won by Miss Dorothy
Webb and J. R. Thompson. Dainty
refreshments wore served, after which
dancing was indulged In until an
early hour. Mr. aad Mrs. Webb wero
the recipients ot congratulations and
best wishes for many happy returns.
W. E. Dunhsm, Pastor.
Sunday services: The pastor will
preach at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
The Ncw Year will be suitably observed at each service.
Morning subject: "Life In Retrospect."
Kvening subject: "Our National
The evening service will be an Intercessory and patriotic service, in
conformity with the request of the
government of Canada, and by proclamation of His Majesty the King.
At this service tlie battle hymn sung
by the British troops on the eve of
the Battle of Waterloo wilt bo sung.
The musical program for Uio day
wlll be as follows:
Offertory—Serenade    Oounod
Anthem   Selected
Prelude—"Fanfare"  Lemmens
Offertory—"March   of    tlie    Magi
Kings"    Dubois
Anthem suitable to the occasion wlll
be rendered.
C. F. Nidd, organist and choirmaster.
Rev. O. E. Kendall, Pastor.
Services, 11.00 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sunday School 3 p.m.
Fellowship Bible class, 3.00 p.m.
Morning topic: "Fidelity to a Sacred Trust."
Evening topic: "My New Year Resolutions—Heart Service."
Watch night service will bo observed on Thursday night.
The pastor and members of the
Baptist church extend heartiest New
Year greetings to the Herald and its
The services of the day will bo Intercessory ln character tespoudlng to
the King's call to national prayer.
Saturday, January 2nd, an Interesting service at 8 p.m.
Tuesday evening a goapel service.
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
services open to all.
You are invited.
.   Cnpt. and Mrs. Hustcr.
Pastor, W. K. Thomson
A day of Intercession.
Morning service, 11 a.m. Subject:
"The War aud tho Churches."
8. S. and Bible class, 3 p.m.
Evening service, 7.30 p.m. Subject:
Choir leader—Mrs. E. I. Paterson.
OrganlBt—Mr. H. Stevens.
Anthems morning and evening.
Mrs.   Alfred   Jolllffe   Passed   Away
Yesterday -Voon
There pasBed tranquilly away yesterday noon to the rewards of a life oi
"gentle deeds," Florence Mary Klght-
ly, beloved wife of Alfred Jolllffe, a
well known business man of Cranbrook. Mrs. Jolllffe was ln her 39th
year. The death occurred at Mrs.
Bent's hospital.
Mrs. Jolllffe had for several months
past been falling visibly ln body, although her spirit retained its bright
serenity and sweetness to tho very
end. lt has beeu sadly evident to her
friends during the recent weeks that
the loosing of the silver cord was
Imminent, and they are not unprepared for the news thut this most lovable
lady has passed away.
She was most interesting and companionable even In the days of her
physical failure and friends delighted to visit her sick room because of the charm of her personality.
Sue leaves besides a sorrowing husband, three children who will miss a
mother's loving care. They are Alfred, Wilmer and Kenneth. Mrs. Percy
Coe, formerly a resident of Cranbrook.
but now living ln Kingsgate, ls a sister. Mrs. Coe is in the city to attend
the funeral. A brother resides in thc
old country.
The news of Mrs. Jolliffo's death
will be received with genuine sorrow
throughout this district by her numerous friends—and they wcre many.
Mr. and Mrs. Jolllffe came to Cranbrook a number of years ago, residing
for a long time cast of the town on
a farm, where they had ono of thc
prettiest little places in tho Cranbrook district. Mr. Jolllffe up to a
couple of years ago conducted a
butcher shop on Norbury avenuo, selling out to the 41 Market Co.
Funeral services will be held In the
Baptist church tomorrow (Now Year's
Day) at 3 p.m. Interment will be ln
tho Cranbrook cemetery.   Friends and
ikTSlF-Sl/SHBa*.- «**-««-""»"'»•""«***"**•
God."—Matt 5c9vb. Intimation.
Mrs. H. A. McKowan, 1 load wood;
Mrs. P. Lund, Wardner, 10 sk. cabbage; Mrs. W. P. Green, 2 loads wood;
Mr. A. Fletcher, Crows Nest, 1 barrel
clothing; Mrs. Flnuls, 50 lb. flour.
Births during the year 1914 164
Marriages during the year 1914.. 46
Deaths during the year 1914 70
Births during the year 1913 159
Marriages during the year 1913... 61
Deaths during the year 1913  84
On Wednesday evening last the annual Sunday school treat of the Baptist church Sunday school was held.
A program consisting of drills, class
exercises, songs and recitations was
carried out Each child went away
heartly laden with a number ot good
things from this annual affair.
The annual concert and Christmas
tree of the Methodist Sunday School
which took place In the Young Men's
clnb on Wednesday evening was a
great success. A stage had been
erected on the gymnasium floor and ;
■eats for several hundred people were ■
placed in tbe rest of the building. The
brill was decorated with flags and I
bunting. Hev. Dunham was ln the
chair and music was supplied by Miss .
Belau and Mr. Chas. F. Nidd. The I
program opened at eight o'clock witb j
a word of prayer by thc superintend- i
nt of the Sunday school. Then followed a chorus by the whole school
entitled "Merry Christmas Tree." This
wan succeeded by two choruses "The j
Knitting Song" and "The Three Grey i
Oecio" by the small girls class. These
went followed by recitations by An- j
nl« Parnaby, Alma SarvU, Christina
Carson, and Gordon Hill. Next on the
program was a chorus entitled tbe {
"Ten Utile Sunflower Girls." Special
scenery bad been procured for this
act. Then came a solo "When My
Dolly Grows to bo a Lady," by Miss
Orma McNabb. A comedy act was
then staged entitled "The Plcannlnlea"
by some of the small boys and girls.
This was followed by a fine display of
flag drills staged to the tunes of "The
Red White and Blue," "Rule Brittanla," "O Canada" and "Tlpperary."
Those taking part were Miss G. Macdonald, Mtss Sainsbury, Miss Vera
Bradwin, MIbs G. Black, Miss V. Sarvis, Mlaa Bertha Hickenbotham, Miss
Eva Connelly, Miss Gladys Hickenbotham, Mlsa Enid and Bertha Gill,
Miss Orma McNabb, Miss I, Glenday,
Midi Quance, Mlas N. Faulkner, Miss
Grace McFarlane and Miss Edith Macdonald. The program closed with a
few selections by the burlesquo band,
and a visit from Santa Claus. Mr.
W. C Adlard wu Jake Id tftii jrofe,
Members of 107th Regiment will At*
tend Divine Service Next
Regimental orders by the Officer
Commandtg the 107th Regiment.
Sunday, January 3rd, has been appointed by His Majesty, King George
III. as a day of Intercession and
prayer throughout the British Empire, for the sucess of the allied
Officers commanding companies of
the 107th Regiment wlll arrange for
a church parade at an hour convenient
for the officiating clergyman on Sunday, January 3rd, 1915.
By order,
Jos. Mackay,
Lieut. Colonel.
Fernie, B.C., December 30th, 1914.
A parade of all ranks Ib called at
orderly room In the city ball for 7.15 I
p.m. ln compliance with above order. |
All volunteers are requested to at-
tend. Special service has been ar-
ranged at the Presbyterian church.
Capt. Tisdale.
Capt.  Davles.
James Martin, of Martin Bros., left
Wednesday on a business trip west.
lc. per word for flrst week, and lc. per
word for each week after
TO RENT CHEAP-Basement ware-1
house, large and dry, $15 per
month.   Apply w. J. Atchison. Gltf
FOR RENT-Comfortable Hve-room-
ed cottage, $16 per month. Apply'
Box 8., Herald offlce. 50-tf ■
reasonable rates. Mrs. Cory Dow,
116 Lumsden Ave. 51-i.t
WANTBD-Work by the day of nay
kind; handy at anything. Apply
Mrs. Mutter, c|o Mrs. B. Rondeau,
or phone 298. 51-2f
 By-Law No. 149   __l       I
A By-Law to provide for the weigh-1
ing uf coal und tlu* nieusuri'inent or i
Tbe Municipal Council ot the Cor-
poraUon of the City of Cranbrook
assembled enacts us follows:
1. AH cord wood and fire wood tliat
may he sold or offered for sale within I
U.*li City of Cranbrook must bo sold )
by the cord of 12S' cubic measurement
as per schedule "A" und such sale ,
shall be by the cord or fraction thereof
and not by ricks or loads, and ull coal
must be sold hy legal weight.
2. No cord wood or fire wood shall
be deceitfully or unfairly piled so as to
appear of greater measure than If
fairly, closely and compactly piled and i
no crooked wood shall bo packed or
piled wltli cord wood but thc same I
shall be packed or plied separately
.mil the Chief of Police may make due
allowance for such crooked wood in
his measurement uud In measuring
wood one third shall be allowed off
all cross piles.
3. Any person committing or attempting to commit fraud in the selling or weighing of any coal or coke
by Introducing heavy articles Into the
wagon or other v chicle containing tlte
sume or by wetting or conceullng wet
ui unmerchantable articles In the load
or by using any fraudulent device or ]
contrivance or by any means whatever i
shall be guilty of an infraction of this
4. Tho Chief of Police from time
to time und .upon the request of any
rcshlent of tlie city inspect the coal I
and wood and other fuel exposed for
sal»', or offered for sale, or sold within
the City of Cranbrook and shall seize ,
ull loads that may he found of light
weight or short measurement nnd the
same shall be forfeited to thc City nnd
the said Chief of Police shall dispose !
of the same under thc direction of the
Mayor, and he shall leport such In-!
spoction to the Council.
5. In cuse any resident of the City
of Cranbrook has reasonable cause to
believe nnd does believe thut nny person ls attempting, or hus attempted to
sell, or has sold wood or coal and thut
such person hus not supplied the number of cords or tons of con) according
to the provisions of this Hy-lnw, such
person shall on the same* dny us delivery has been mude, make complaint
to the Chief of Police of the City und
the Chief of Police ufter examination,
If sntlsfied thnt un Infraction of the
lly-luw hus been committed shall
cnuse u summons to be issued agulnst
the offending person.
6. Any person selling or offering
for sutc within tho City of Cranbrook
uny cord wood, Are wood, coal or
other fuel of light weight or short
measurement shall bc guilty of an Infraction of this By-law,
7. Any person guilty of an Infi action or violation of any of the provisions of this By-law upon summary
conviction before thc Police Magistrate I
of tlio City, Justice of the Peace, or
otlier   authority   having   Jurisdiction
within thc City, shall forfeit and pay
In the discretion of the convicting Po- \
lice Magistrate, Justice of thc Peace,
or other   competent   authority,    for j
every such Infraction or violation, the I
fine and penalty of a sum not exceed-'
Ing forty dollars and costs of prosecu-1
tion, and In default of payment the j
offender may be commlted to the com-
mon Jail or lock-up house of the City
of Cranbrook or   of   the   County of
Kootenay, there to bc Imprisoned for
any time In the discretion of the convicting Pollco Magistrate or Justice
of the Peace or other competent authority, for a term not exceeding thirty
days and with or without hard labor,
unless such fine and penalty and costs
of the committal and conveyance to I
the said common jail or lock-up house
ure sooner paid.
The said Police Magistrate, Justice
of tho Peace or other competent au- ;
thorlty before whom a prosecution la
had for any offence against this By-
Law or any provision thereof, may
convict the offender on the oath or
affirmation of any credible witness
and shall award the whole or such ;
part of the penalty or punishment Im-
posed by the By-Law as he thinks fit,
with the costs of prosecution and may,
by warrant under the hand and seal of
the convicting Police Magistrate, Justice of the Peace, or other competent
authority, or ln case two or more Justices having Jurisdiction act together
therein then under the hand and seal
of one of them, cause any such penalty and coBts or cost only, It not
forthwith paid to be levied by dls-
tress and sale of the goods and chat-1
tels of the offender.
In case of there being no distress
found out *of which the penalty can
be levied, the convicting Pollco Magistrate, Justice of the Peace, or any
competent authority may commit the
offender to the common Jail or lockup house ot thc City or County of
Kootenay for a term not exceeding
thirty days.
8. The word "person" In this By-
Law shall Include persons, bodies
corporate or politic or party and their
heirs, executors, administrators or
other legal representative ot such
person to whom the context can apply
according to law.
9. This By-Law may be cited as the
"Coal Weighing and Wood Measuring;
Head a first, second and third time
on the 13th day of October, 1314,
Reconsidered and finally passed and I
adopted on the 9th day of November,
A.D., 1914.
T. M. ROBERTS, Clerk.
TO RENT.-( emferUbhlf foar-roomed
cottage In Slaterville; twelve dollars per month, Including water.
Apply C. Selby. 51-lt*
WANTED TO HIRE  for  Chrlitaui
week, a good phonograph or
gramaphone with a number of good
records. The utmost care would be
taken of the outfit. Apply H.S.G.,
Box 861, city. 501
FOR SALE OR TO LETv-Two roomed
house on Armstrong avenue. Apply
Neal Institute. 52-tf
LOST.—At the Christmas dance at
Matheson's Hall a small gold ling.
Finder please return. Ring of no Intrinsic valuo but valuable to
owner.—Box 6A. 62-lt
Experienced dressmaker wants work
at homo or by the day. Apply to
Miss M. Chester, 110 Van Home
St. 62
WANTED   AT   ONCE—General   ser-
vant.   Apply Mrs. K. S. Home, Bull
River, B. C. 62-2t»
WANTED-r-A competent general ser-
vant, must have a good knowledge ot
plain cooking, small family, washing dono at home. Apply mornings
to   Mrs.   B.   I.   Pnterson,   Garden
i   Avenue. W-K
oo se « se « oe at
2 J	
v.  '-*■
°. U •**•■*)*-. fi H«*M
Those Tinkling
Tango Tunes
are dimply I[tfccin.itind when reproduced by The EDISON Phonograph.
'1 here's no fun trying tu do the new
dances — llie 1*'<ix Trot, Maxlxc,
One  Step,   Hesitation,   Boston,
three Step—tu the jerky drumming
o( a piano. There's nu templing
Hut when the National I'rumenudc*
Band swings Into the seductive
"Ln Bells Argentina" or "Waltz
lies.tut ion", and
reprodueei the full, rich
melody—tha sway and iwiog
"f it —the faieloatlnj rhythm
■ '■ it —then you have some*
thin** Worth ditnomj( to.
Ihere  are other -.pedal  Dine*
Kc-'irJ*    ivaOtbla    •■>    owners   ol
RoUoii rhonolraphi -- sever al
hundred other Baod «nd Orebtitri
records, many uf which sre sumMe
ii tnd heir lh* EDISON pU> all thr,*
' *--    ' * '■* appreciate ju
I'll ia tuuruna home
»l I into
li i;
Uu Tao|
■ >n   Phono|raph
mond n
rrixlijeinl point,
1   lon|   pliyioi
the Cabin
tt a
ttt la true Period
■ci b
i' ■-.'..■■., with the
une,-pity them
as thet/ahould be pla>rj- then you'll apprecisi ■ (nil h<™  much pic
have «i.hau EDISON PHONOGRAPH ia pmn
The Beattie Murphy Co. Limited.
Cr-mbroolt Drug id; Book Company.
henever you are troubled with minor ailments of the
festive  organs,   that   these  may  soon   develop   into
•.jre serious sickness.    Your   future   safety,   83   well
Li    your    present    comfort    may    depend    on    the
ipickness  with which  you  seek  a  corrective  remedy.
By common consent of the legion who have tried them,
Deecham's Pills are the most reliable of ali family medicines. This standard family remedy tones the stomach,
stimulates the sluggish liver,  regulates inactive bowels.
Improved digestion, sounder sleep, better looks,
brighter spirits and greater vitality come after the
system   has   been  cleared  and  thc  blood  purified by
Beecham's Pills
Worth ■ Guli-ioo a Box
Prepared only by Thoroai Baccham. Si. Helen*. LaaeeaUft. Badlaa-J,
Said «y «n»hira ia Cauda aad L. 5. Am«r.ca.   In boura. -,: mall
»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ **********************
Packers and Provisioner*.
Fresh Eastern Sauer Kraut
Shamrock  Mince Meat
See our Windows for
Saturday Specials
********** ****
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized 	
Capital Paid Up	
Reserve and Indiviiled Protits
. 7,000,000.00
.     (,,2(18,000.00
MR. PBLEG HOWLAND, Vice-President
MR. EDWARD MAY, Oeneral Manager
MR. WILLIAM MOFFATT, Assistant Oeneral Manager
Accounts of Corporations, Municipalities, .Merchants,
Farmers and Private Individuals Invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit issued available lu any
part of the world.
SAVINGS IiEPARTMEJiT—Special attention given to
Savings Bank Accounts. Deposits of $1.00 and upwards
received and Interest allowed from dale of deposit.
Regular tueet-
luga   on   tlte
third Thursday ol every month
Vlsltlug brethren welcomed.
II. Htckenbothan, W.M.
J.    L.    Cranston,   Sec.
Barrister,   Solicitor,
352 Richards St
t'ranbrook  Ledge
No. 1041
1 Meeti every Wed-
netday at I p.m.
In   Royal   Bleak
K n 1 g h ta' H a 11
Baiter Street.
Wm. Matthews, Dictator
Frank Carlson,  Sec,  Box  7l»
Loyal Orange
No. 18T1
Meets flrat aad third
Thursdays ut s paa
__lin     Royal     Blae*
Knights ot Ireland Hall, Baker
R. S. Oarrett, W.M.
T. 0. Horsman, Ree. Sec.
.****&.      Meets  .very
ILirSt.  Monday   night
■iX!_* >t
cordially Invited
B. H.
8. Is. Coop,
Fin. See.
W. M
Harris, Ree.
MO. 11. I.O.O.F.
Meets first and third Wa«eeB-
days ln each month.
A cordial Invitation eaWadel
to vlslttng brothers.
R. W. RusBell, Chief Patrtore*
H. White, Scrlb.
Pride of Craaferoet Clrele, Ite.tB
Meets In Maple Hull 1st aad
3rd Wednesday at eas*
month at I ;.**.. *ar».
Mra. A. laurl., CO.
Mrs. A. Oathrle, Baa.
p. o. an net
Visiting Companions cordially
Cranhrook. B.C.
Meets every Tuesday »t ! a
the Fraternity Hall
Alex. Hurry. CO.
B. Halsall. K. of R. Is S.
P, 0. Box ell
Visiting brethren cordially ttt
vlted to attend.
Meets every second aad (turd.
Wednesday at Fraternity Rail
Sojourning Reeekahs eerfJal-
ly Invited.
Sla. Lllla Blaine, N.G
Sis. Ada Hlckeubothasi, tlss. fee
Court CraBkrook. IMS
Meeta lu Maple Hall sessad
aad fourth Thuradays *t eaeh
month at I p.m. aharp.
John Shaw, OR.
L. Pearron, Sea., But til
Vlaltlng brethren made wa
Meets ln Maple BaJi aaattd
ud fourth Taaadar at every
■onth at I f ■
I. Y. Bra.,
Vlaltlng    member*
apea  la  BaWsk
J F. law,
Meets ln the Maple Hall
flrat Tuesday afternoon ot every
■oath at 8 p.m. and tbo faner
work claaa meete en tklrd Friday* evening In the saaie ptaee at
• p.m.
Mrs. K  if. Leaman, Pres.
Mrs. J. Shaw, Sec.-Treas
T. 0. Box 442
All ladiee oordlally Invited.
President:  A. B. Smith
Meets regularly the flrst Friday
evening each month
Information on poultry matters
Address the Secretary
W. W. McOregor,
P. O. Drawer 4S9
President—A. B. Smith
Secretary--Alb. H, Webb
For    Information    regarding
lands and agriculture apply to
Ik* Beeretery, Cranbrook, B.C.
' lleeUng—The third Thursday
at eaeh month, at old Oym, at I
(Successor to W. F. Gurd)
Barrister,   Solicitor   and
P. O. Box 859
Biwsleters, Solicitors and
Money to Loan
Imperial  llunk Building
Physicians ami Surgeons
afflfte at residence. Armstrong
Fereneene    9.0(1 to 10.00
Aflenoeue  2.00 to 4.00
Bvenlngs    7.80 to 8.S0
lendays   2.80 to 4.S0
Cranhrook,   B.C.
aflWje lu Hanson Block
9 to lt a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
7 ta   I p.m.
Matern% and tieneral Nursing
(garden Ave.
Tssssh on Application
MM. A. SALMON, Matron
rkssss Ml P. O. Box 845
Taxidermist nnd Fur
p. o. Box 131
Calgary, Alberta
MrH and Mining Engineers
B. ('. Land Surveyor!
Funeral  Director
Phane 346 p, o. Box S8S
•ay Phone 888 Night Plione 36
Harbory Ave., next to City Hall
Oeneral Merchant
BmplojBienlM Agents
P. 6. Box 108 Phone 244
Forwarding    and    Distributing
Agent for
Lethbridge  Coal
Xl-Ile Ponder
Imperial Oil Co,
Braying and Transferring
Given prompt attention
Phone 63
Rob*. Frame, Prop.
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pies
and Pastry
Phone 87
Narbury Ave.      Opp. City Hall
Hoeddiiartcrs for all kinds of
Satlsfartlim (Guaranteed
The Shoe Specialist
Shorthand,   Stenography,
Bookkeeping, Etc
on Hon, Tiien. and Thnra. Ev'ga
from 7 to 9 o'clock. |8 per month
King Edward's School
Cranbrook, B.C.
Per week
High School course      3.50
School course      3.50
Kindergarten       1.35
Private lessons       1.00
Miss V. M. Cherrington
Phone 290
The Columbia
Box 180
I From the Fernie Free Press)
G. L. Pedlar Is In Calgary thia week
on business.
Wm. ('origan had his foot crushed
while working in No. 1 mine east on
Monday last.
BUI Bird, ot the Home Bank staff at
Winnipeg, Is spending the holidays
with his parents.
Corp. Thos. Corsan, of Victoria, is
spending the Christmas holidays with
Ills parents here.
Col. McKay wishes to thank Mr. Wm.
Co. favored us with atlmely Christmas
box, in the shape ot a choice eight
pound turkey. He has our best wishes
tor a Merry Christmas—and the time
ot hla life on hla 1915 Ashing trip.
Mr. and Mra. A. B. Btanley on Wed-
veyor, and a party of Great Northern
surveyors under Mr. Brown, civil engineer, Whitehall, Mont, are working
around Elko on the Great Northern
The  Tobacco   Plains  Indiana  are
making great preparatlohs for their | nejday last   moved to   their   ranch,
big New Year's dance, which laata: "wjr|n Lodge"  at Erickson and on
Roblchaud for the gift of 150 to the I about Ave days.   A big band of Chief' Thursday night were "nt home" to a
local companies ot militia. Standing Pines, Palgan Indiana from I gathering ot friends at an old time
Messrs. Fred Roo, C. Klingensmlth, Alberta are Invited to the festivities, | housewarmlng.   lt was after tho wee
A. Blrnle and J. Todhunter were up wl,lcn w"1 bo opened by the famous i ,mt< Doura wi,en the gathering diaper-
trom Elko on Friday night for the | Black Tall danco.    Tbo one-logged sed   after   n   thoroughly   enjoyab't
steamer Kuskanook oa the Landing-1 and the Misses Nutt, Mrs. Desaulnlers, spondod to the various numbers.   At
Nelson run, and the Kokanee on the Mlaa Florence Johnson, Mr. Fitch nnd the close of the session Miss Johnson
Nelson-Kaslo route, la secured from Mr. Norton.   The concert was held in ' presented each of her pupils with a
Creston now.   About eighteen birds n the dining room of the International bag of candies and n Christmas card,
week are shipped.                               ! hotel, and there  was u large   and Tho visitors then adjourned to the
The Review man la living high to-1 appreciative audience.    After the con- senior room and spent a short time
i day.   Geo. Johnson ot tlie P. Burns i cert a vote of thanks to the Moyle Inspecting the work ot the pupils un
people was proposed by the chair- der the guidance of Mr. Nutt, the cap-
man, Mr. Dunlop, and heartily re-1 able principal ot the school. The
sponded to by the audience. Tho hall! school wlll re-open on Monday, Jami-
was then cleared for dancing nnd n [ ary 4th, 1015, as the government has
most enjoyable evening wus spent, i provided the necessury funds for the
The sum of $40.00 was realized.
Ono of the most enjoyable events
ot this Christmas season was the
Christmas tree given by the Methodist Sunduy school had been prepared.
running expensos of the school.
{camel and tho tinted scbra danco will
| bo introduced by Chief Running Wolf
of Dayton Creek, Flathead Reaorva-
I tion, Montana, for the first time.
light's entertainment.
I town Inst night, having been called to
- administer Ilrst aid to a cayuse suffcr-
< Ing from pnrethla. j   Tll<) ™oker teaaereo ">» Merchants
Dr. Bonnell returned on Monday j Baas staff of Elko In the opera house
(rom a hurried trip to Winnipeg, hav-; «"" • I'«ter euccess than waa ever
Ing gone there to meet his daughter\anticipated by the committee ot ar-, ^
Constance, who wae returning from I rangements, Messrs. Kerr, Foley and!
Montreal to spend thc holidays with j Todhunter.   Visltora from Krag. Bay-
(Special  correspondence)
!dr. and Mrs. Ulnmore, Mrs. Purlc
ind Miss Roberts, motored to Cranbrook Wednesday to avoid the rush of
her parents.
..,.„_  __...  .-  the KUests of the committee.     At 8.
Senators Hanson and Stevenson.
Thos. Chlsholm, of this burg, took in I anil Mrs. Taylor, tlie church organist,
Arrangements are being made to
hold a monster bonspiel ln Fernie
early In January. Outside rinks will
be Invited and a big prize list will bc
offered for competition. This will
take the place of the regular annual
The mayoralty candidates to date
aro Mr. W. J. J. Morrison and Mr.
The Hon. W. J. Bowser and Hon. W
„e», Jaltray and Fernie were present,! R' RoM ■>a,d B ***"M tr,» t0 S,1,,!,c
the guests ot the committee.     At 81 S'*tttrd"r'   **"»' were •"*°™«"<>i •*»
o'clock, with railroad promptness, but
without prayer, the guests wero called I
Pamphlet No. 8 of the Hhecp and
Goat Division of the live stock branch
A very elaborate program, consisting j Is entitled "Cure of the Ram and
of songs, recitations, dialogues and ! Ewes During tho Brooding Season." It
enrols IiiiiI been prepared and punc-' lum been prepared by T. Reg. Arkell,
tuully ot 7.30 p.m. tho program bo-! B.S.A., Chief of tlie Division, and Nor-
gnn. All those taking purt In the man Stnnsllold. This la au lllustrat-
program did so well tliat It would he ed pamphlet ot sixteen pages and
Impossible tu sny who was the best, deals with the subject under discus-
At tiie close of tlie program Santa sion ln n comprehensive and logical
Claus appeared and distributed the manner. It embodies tho instructions
gifts from tlio heavily laden Christ-j0f a practical shepherd to those who
mas tree. A collection was taken up would lmprovo und Inereaso their
tor the boncllt of tho S. 8. fund. Mr. nookB, Tho concluding page la de-
Norton, the popular missionary here, v0(e(i i„ tt number of "Don's," out-
deserves great credit for the sue- Hnlng a number of practices to bo
cess ot this entertainment, also Mr. avoided Inshcop raising. Copies of
Fitch, who helped get up tho dialogues  thia  pamphlet may be obtained by
malting application to tho Publications
to order by Jim Thistlebeak, who acted I""'tr,D w the JuncUon tlle otner day I wll° h«» bee" B0 Mtifal In attending I Branch,  Department of Agriculture,
as toastmaster and made the presenta- j«« Proceeded via train to Colvallt all the practices. ! Ottawa.	
tion.   Mr. Oeo. Ramsay, violinist, and! ""I "turned the same night. There's |   ms ploml(,e Jonmm< „,„ prlm.|=  —«
Mr. Charllo Percey, pianist, of Fernie,! a reason, anyway. | ary toncileI.t )lcid a public examination
supplied the music. One of the strong-j   Mr' w' Fletc1""- w"e and ****** on Friday morning.    This was foi-,
est features on the program waa the I ter> w"° m*Te beel* rMldents ofFort; lowed by a short program consisting
Mr. W. Fletcher, wife and daughter, who have been residents of Fort
uru   «ir,    ...   a.   a.   «">»"■   *——   *"■• j
Thos. Uphill, secretary ot the Miners' *■■« - Mr. ft H.rdman.    Mr. Fred
union.    Both gentlemen aro appeal-1 »~. *««■» - the hank. wa. I ^ ^ ^ ^
Christmas ln Steele promises to bc
lug to tho electorate upon their munl-
; presented with a handsome case of
Steele for several years, departed for, g, songS| rMltatlona and dialogues,
London, Ont, last Friday to again , 1)rovlde(1 by the 1)llpll5    T|„,re wcrc
| fifteen visitors present, besides two of
dual records  having served several' Pipes, and made a splendid and anap-:    unnatmaa m onwie-promises iu o» the   trustees,   Messrs.   Martin   and
py speech to the toastmaster's  re-|'in,et"    HoWertr,  we have  secured McFarlane.    Mr.   Mnrtln   took   the
marks.   During tho evening "It'e a' '"**> wlre g,teB' wh,ch are t0 be put cllair   mi   ln   a  tew   we"    cl|osen
Long Way to Tlpperary" waa aung In iat "10 ,,r'0118 entrances to town to remarks Introduced tho program foi
live different languages and the vim '■ k6ep the gang wltn tne m<"ley '"' tlle  ia'-    Speeches  were  made  b;
put Into the chorus fairly shook the!    School closed on Friday, the 18th,  Messrs.     McFarlane.    Martin    ana
mountains.    Alex   Birnie's   pathetic j" <"»*•!.    A singing rehearsal was
rendition of a wee "Dock and Doris" SlveB *P tne children in the opera
caused the toastmaster to remember | i,ou»e' wlllch was weU Pttronlzed by
tbat memorable Interview between the
terms In the council. A large number of prominent citizens are also urging Mr. A. B. Trites and Mr. Sherwood Herchmer to take the Held, but
ns yet these gentlemen hnve declined
to allow their names to be placed in
(By Fred Roo.)
Mrs. Kny Hirtz waa a Fernie visitor
this week.
Mr. nnd Mrs. H. P. Oregson, of
Dorr, were Elko visitors this week.
Fred Roo Is spending the Christmas
holidays around Flagstone and Roosville.
If you want to talk about war, go
to Holland where the rest of the windmills arc.
At Flagstone Mr. McKechnie, Is
loading several thousand ties for the
1 Great Northern railway.
j Tlie Sweet boys, who have rented 40
j acres from H. McClure, spent Chrlst-
; mas at Eureka, Mont.
1 The Bonners Ferry Lumber Co.
have about ninety men working at
Camp 9, near Flagstone.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Tom Letcher, of the
I Roosville Valley, Is spending the
] Christmas holidays ln Fernie.
j Chai lie Ferguson who Is building a
! line residence on his land In the Roosville Valley, went up to Fernie to hire
In our estimation its about time the
British gave tbe "Apaches ot Potsdam" some of our own medicine, and
the sooner tho better.
Dr. Ferguson, of Winnipeg, visited
Elko last week with the Rev. Mr.
Cowan, of Waldo, the guests of the
Rev. Mr. Grant, Presbyterian minister
of Elko.
May the blessings of heaven pour
upon every reader of these notes till
they are soaked to the akin, and may
their trail through IBIS be a pleasure
and a success.
The Christmas tree In the Prcsby-
terlan church last week waa well attended by the members and their
friends, an excellent program waa provided and enjoyed by all present.
Mr. Anderson, of Trail, B. C, our-
governors ot tho two Carolines. Capt.
Pake ot the Elko Dragoons sang, "I
can make a man of you." At midnight
a Jack Rabbit luncheon waa served by
the baseball team, after which the
festivities were kept up until 5 a. m.
It was one of the most sociable affairs
ever held in Elko, the most picturesque town ln the Crows Nest Pass.
Teimi on Application
in connection with
Dally November 7th to December 31st inclusive
Limit: Five Months; Stop-Over
and Extension
Full information re rail and
steamship tickets from
I or write
:    It. DAWSON,
Dist. Passenger Ageit,
1 Calfa-T.AMa.
(From tbe Creston Review.)
Mrs. Cam and Miss Cartwright were
calling on Creston friends Wednesday.
Oeo. Huscroft left on Tuesday for
Spokane, where he will spend a tew
days on business.
Oeo. Pacey left on Tuesday tor
Moose Jaw, Sask., where he will spend
a few weeks vlaltlng friends.
S. E. Bradley paid Cranbrook a
short business visit the latter part of
the week, returning on Sunday.
Miss C. Munro of the teaching staff
of thc Creston school, Ib at her home
in Phoenix tor the Christmas holidays.
Frozen water pipes have been
quite In style In Creston for almost
three weeks past—and the crate la
still on.
All are pleased to hear that Mrs.
Mannerlno, who Is undergoing treatment at Cranbrook hospital ta recovering nicely.
Miss P. Waddy, teacher in the primary room at the Creston school, la
spending the holidays with Mends at
Pcklsko, Alta.
A. Ward, game warden tor the
Cranbrook district, was here a couple
of daya this week, a guest of Frank
Miss Ella Dow arrived home Saturday from Cranbrook, where the ta at
tending high school, for the Christmas holidays.
The sound of the crosscut taw It
heard In every direction these daya,
saya the Alice Siding correspondent
to the Creston Review.
Owing to the heavy Chrlatmaa passenger traffic Wednesday's westbound
express waa over an hour late reaching Creston.
Creston Orange Lodge elected officers at their meeting on December
10th. Walter Jackson will wield the
gavel for the next twelve months. .
P. Hagen, who waa taken to Cranbrook hospital for an operation for
appendicitis about a month ago, Is
home again, looking almost at well ss
Alice Siding was well represented
at the A. B. Stanley housowarmlng at
Erickson on Thursday night and at
the school concert at Duck Creek on
Friday evening.
the mothers and friends of the children.
"Gone but not forgotten," such were
the words spoken by the bunch that
visited Cranbrook Saturday and attended the Conservative smoker. Tliey
had no doubt reference to the Hon.
guests and the good time they had.
A. L. Doyle had the misfortune to
fall oft a ladder tb other week and
gave his back a severe strain, which
has kept him confined around the barn
since. No doubt his splendid stamina
will see him all right for the usual
I Chrlatmaa guests.
The Rev. Dr. Ferguson, superintendent of Presbyterian Mitalons, was
in Steele Monday, snd gave a most Interesting lecture In the evening on
the Moral Issues ot the War. A large
and appreciative crowd was present.
R. Is. T. Galbraith occupied the chair
and also addressed tbe gathering.
Nutt and Fitch, all of whom expressed
pleasure at the progress nmde by thr
pupils during the short term Just
ended, and also at the prompt, capable manner in which the pupils re-
guifttlng I'll) for w-jmeii. |5 rt bot or ihreofor
flu. itoM nt all liruc Store*, or nmlled to nny
address mi tccvljitof price. The jtoreli. Drvq
pp.. Bt CithkriBW, Ontario.  _ _.
Vitality; for Nerve .nd BratD; fnolMM."f»y
autttr ':. Tonic—will Imild you up. ft .bet,flr
two for IS. at flriijr atnra., or hr mail ODrMaSpt
.f prlc.   The SOU.EI.L Im-o Co., tt. CathutMa
Beattie-Murphy Co., Ud., Agents.
(Special correspondence)
Skating on Moyle lake began a
week ago and has proved the favorite
pastime during the holidays.
Miss Johnson has taken the cottage formerly occupied hy Mr. Albln
Johnson, near the achool houae.
The school children ot Moyle are
enjoying the Chrlatmaa holidays now,
as achool closed on Friday, the 18th
Mitt Margaret Johnson, primary
teacher from the Michel school, Ib
spending her holidays with her sister here.
Mitt Johnson, of Nanaimo, arrived
here thia week from the coatt and
will tpend tbe winter here, keeping
home for her titter, Mist' Florence
Johnson, our primary teacher.
A Christmas service was held In
the Methodist church here on Sunday night, which was well attended.
There wu Bpeclal Christmas music
and the minister, Mr. Norton, preached a sermon suitable to the occasion.
Messrs. Garden, Cameron, Brown
and a number of the married men
from here, who are employed In the
mines at Kimberley, spent Christmas with their families here, as the
day following Christmas was also
given ss a holiday hy the mine owners.
A very enjoyable Christmas party
waB given the pupils of the Roman
Catholic Sunday achool at Mr. Bonners' hotel on Monday night. Games
of all kinds wars Indulged In and
delicious refreshments were served
by the ladles of the Catholic church.
All report having had a most enjoyable time. ,
The partlotlc concert given at
Kingsgate   last  week wns a   great
Ib open for engagement
Dances, Socials Etc.
Apply to
Mrs. Arnold Wallinger
Cranbrook, R.C.
.Rat Renovator
' RijmodeJUng Ladles Hats
'.; • .^addlPecialty
15 Fenwick Avenue
Ph*ii»'l«&t~1 : '   P. 0. Box SI
. . PROF. C. P. NIDD
Organist Methodist Church
Receives Pupllt for
Organ, Pianoforte, Voice,
Studio: 23 Norbury Ave
Hours: 2 to 6
Evenings by arrangement
J. Taylor, Proprietor
[las Just purchased a car of
(All Taberculln Tested)
Milk and cream twice dally
HuttcrmUk" trHcf/ a' week
The oh*iy*Ml«recf,mllk In
.  ';.**■:: ' "■   ■
We guarantee to Please
on tha
success.   Those from our town who
I took part la the concert were Mr. and
. .. .       Mil. Browning, Hr. Bates, Mr, Mrs.
We are Sole Agents In
this district for the Famous Gait Coal, Briquettes
and Bank Head Hard
Coal. We strongly recommend this coal to our many
patrons during the coming
J. MILNE, Manager
Spokane, Washington
We believe we
have more regular patrons from
British Columbia
than any other
Hotel in Spokane
On your next trip
to this city, let ua
show you why
this Is true.
Opposite new Union Station. Close to all places ot
interest. Rooms elegantly
furnished. Rates as low
as at the more ordinary
See Steamship oa the Roof
< **'


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