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Cranbrook Herald Jul 6, 1922

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Celebration on
Dominion Day
CIUMUt-OOK, B.C.,   THURSDAT, HJEX 8th, 1»22
UMlimt      19
1923 ;
Merchants'     Association    Puis
on Holiday Invent ou City
llr-mimls Saturday l.iist
A rtne duy ruvorod Hie Merchant..'
Association In ihelr efforth to put on
a Dominion hay celebration Saturday
laat, but Hie crowd tbat waa antl-
liuled did nol show UP, though urruu-
gomoiltEi bud been made lo bundle
a good nuuiber In comfort. There
were parking arrangements made to
uccommotlnto mrs In tho grounds,
nml II waa honed thin would have ill-
tractod » good many with cara. Bui
many took the ottportuntty the weekend holiday afforded to go farther af-
ii-iil, and perhaps considering tbe
Hum ho re who wont un to Windermere
ami othera who went fishing, or ofl' on
picnic, the wonder Is tbal there wore
un muny left to eonio to tbo celebration aa ihere were. It wuft not expected thai the undertaking was going
to prove a money-making venture,
and the probabilities are that when
a final reckoning In made, there will
bo a deficit for tho merchants to put
But tho children had tbelr good
tlmo, with the tree lee cream cone
und bottle of pop, und it was worth
something to see them enjoy tholr
part of the proceedings.
The Scout athletic events were tbe
first tiling on tbe program, and the
results of these are given In another
column. There were not very many
spectators to thla part of the day's
program, which la regrettable from
the boys' standpoint. They hud been
handicapped properly, ho that all in
the open events had a proper showing
The fool bull game In the morning
between Klmberley and Crunbrook
wus preceded by the presentation or
tbe football cup whicli the G. W. V. A.
is putting up for competition, the presentation being made by Major Hicks.
ns mentioned elsewhere, rrunbrook
had no difficulty lo whining the trophy for (ho first time, tho score being  4-«.
rrunbrook drew a bye In the baseball tournament, and so the first
gume was between Kimberley and
Wycllffe, This proved a fine exhibition, and Kimberley, In coming out
on tlte small end of the 4-3 score bad
nothing to be ashamed ol In losing.
Sieve Clark won the game for Wycliffe wltb bis home run that also
cleared tbo Imses. ,
A little later the Scottta put on
tlieir first aid demonstration and com-
potion for the MacKinnon Cup. the
winners proving to bo one of the
teams from tbo Eagle Patrol.
Tbo mlMetic events for the merchants and employees did not .materialize Into anything very widespread,
only threo or four entries showing
«v, scarcely enoughl to mako competition in tbe events. Apparently
mosl of the merchants feel that (heir
athletic daycare over, though some
or thom POUld In former times give a
good acriitit of themselves In anything of the kind
rrunbrook ran Into the first base-
bull money In the evening without
nny   trouble,   beating   Wycliffe   by   n
score of IM    Thoy goi six of them
in une Inning, and seemed to he billing whenevtr thoy plea-nod. lt WOS
not  such fl  good game to watch afl
ibe morning game, bill null  Bttt-
Isfnelorj from the Cranhrook hoy-'
standpoint Croon pitched well all
though, and also not some good hits,
ami tVie support be goi generally
speaking was alao good.
In lhe ovoning there was a dance
In the Auditorium, and a good crowd
put in »ii attendance, making tills a
paying feature of lhe celebration if
nothing alee wus. Robtnsou'i four
ploco orchestra waa in attendance,
and provided good music v.-iih plenty
or  encores.
|.\n- tbe BcOltt  events beld us part
(,r me ii tnlon Day colebratlon on
Saturday  last, the scouts bad prev-
...ii-ly btoli handlC&ppQd according lo
,., weight, ole, ho all would have
Q(|uul chance In the open events.
,   |lowing were the results of the Doy
in: events, morning ond afternoon:
oiling  Broad Jump, Allen  QUI,
: nmk Hartnell. ' *Hi
Hop, Slop and Jump, Alex. Nlsbet,
mln Laurie. *
Hunnlng High Jump, Prank Hurt.
i   |1, Hilly Taylor.
ino yarda for BoyR under 81 lbs,
ul 13 years ot age, Tom Marshall,
Dennis Turner, S. Harrison.
100 yards for boys 14 and over, Alex Nlsbet, Billy Taylor, J. Moffatt.
In the afternoon the first aid competition for tho MacKinnon Cup was
beld. Thla eoaslsted of two tests,
lhe first for a broken thigh und teg,
und lho second for n broken juw and
clavicle. The trophy wus won by Ihe
Kuglo Patrol, boya from the Metliodlst Church, Beg. Purrctt, Ray Hill,
Murray MoFarlnne, und Harland
Clark. Ur. Qreon, who uo.ted us tbo
Judge, complimented the boys In their
.A football organization meeting ls
tu ho hold iu the 0. W. V. A. hall at
s p.m., on Priday, tbe 14th Inst. Invitations ure herewith extended to
ull who have the Interests of good
clean sport ut heart, und appreciate
the good effects which emanate from
enthusiastic participation.
Quite a number of local business
men have stuled their Intention of being present ut the meeting, unit a
good live, peppy meetiug Ik expected.
Most of us I think realise tlie udvaii-
luges in spon io u community, uud
although wu bave lugged somewhat in
interest, we slill have the opportunity io redeem ourselves, so let's be
on  baud at  tbe meeting.
Secretary, pro tern.
(From  Ihe Cranbrook Branch. 0 W.
V.A., in tbe Kootenay Veteran,
Nelson Xe-vs).
Tiie Cruuhruuk Brunch ha* taken
a sort of Inventory of its last winter's
relief work, aud mail tiie rather
startling discovery tbat it. bad, from
September of last year until the end
of April, contributor over 1,000 beds
to tho homeless returned man, and
some 400 meals, besides doling out
In relief cash to the extent of over
$r>:!0. The heaviest month was September, when some 3110 men found
freo accommodation at the Vet.'a
rooms, followed by October, when
nearly 250 men came there for shelter. Things like tliese tend to make
tlie objects or returned men's clubs
worth while. U it were not for the
local Association, the city and surrounding places would have been
burdened to a much greater extent
thuu they wore last winter.
But what hurts Is the fact that In
the course of tbe winter's passing,
passed also 13 pairs of heavy blank-
Is, several pairs of sheets and an In-
nuinerohle number of towels. Which
goes to show that sonic men ure never satisfied. The steward has at last
lost his faith in the majority ot human nature and had all his bedding
and liner Indelibly marked with the
Q. W. V. A. Initials.
The O, W, V. A. grounds are being continually worked upon, and the
ball ground will soon bo one of the
best of Its kind iu tho Kootenays.
The sports of the olty have taken on
a new loose of llfo through the having of such a park within the city.
Several Important features for members only are being instituted at the
luh those days, ami It is Imped that
by these moans our active membership will he increased materially.
Plans are going ahead for a big
smoker on July 16tb, and other forms
or entertalnmonl and joy dispensing
ire being prepared.
At ihe regular meeting of Key GI-
> Lodge, No. 42, I.O.O.F., on Monday
Veiling, Officers for the current half-
yearly term "wero Installed by the
Dlstrlcl Deputy Orand Master, W. 8.
Johnston. P.G,, who was assisted by
Bros II White, P. O. M., as D. O.
Mar, W. l>. Qllroy, P. ti.. as D. 0.
W. M, Harris, P, ()., as D. 0.
I., und K Fylos P, (J*, as D. 0. C,
while Bro, A. Wallace,   r. 0., aaieA
li, n. i 0.
The full rosier or elective nnd nominative officers of the lodge for the
new term (s us follows:
LP, Q     Bro. A. Wallace
N. tl  Bro. H. P. Moffutt
v. t;    Bro. K. Q. Dingley
Itee. Hoc Bro, \\| C Adlard, P.U.
Fin. Boo   Bro. II. White, P.O.M.
Warden   Uro. F. A. Williams
conductor   Bro. H. Fyles. P.O.
Chaplain   Bro. A. Burch
ii, s. N. 0 Bro. w. Soden, P.O.
I,, h. N. (1  Bro. O. Lacey
H. S. V. G Bro. A. I'antlh.g
j* s. V. U  Bro. II. Kemball
U, g. s  Bra. R. Burch
L, S. S  Bro- F* Bond
I, a  Bro. G- McKenna
0. G  Bro. J. Manning, P.G,
Following tho imitallatton ceremony, u social time waB engaged in,
ice cream and cards being the features of tills period of relaxation,
The lodge Is looking forward to the
time, probably now only a month or
so distant, when tbey will be meeting
In tbelr own hall, a lodge room being
provided for in the alterations now
being curried out. at tbe Auditorium.
A joint picnic 'between Oddfellows
and Hebekahs Is also being planned
for in Iho near future, especially for
Ibe children of parents In the lodges.
Lnior on, pof-mtbly about Labor Day,
a joint social between tlie lodges at
| Cranbrook Fernle and Mlahel may be
beld, probably at Elko, A
The death occurred ua Wednesday
of last week at the St. Eugene Hospital, uf Miss Gertrude Mathers, formerly of Fort Steele. She wts residing with her mother, Mrs, Harry Mathers, at Pentlcton, ot lute years.
Deceased bad been visiting at Fort
Steele and had gone tu thc hospital here for an operation for appendicitis, Her mother, being apprised
of her serious condition, did not arrive till Thursday after her daughter  bad  passed  away.
Deceased was u member of the tie-
bekali Order, In the lodge ut I'cntlc-
ton. A sister. Mrs Johnson, of PV>rt
Steele passed away D few montlis ago,
It will be recalled* The late Miss
Mather bad many friends both at
Fort Steele, uud among tbe people of
this city who were identliled with
the Dormer queen olty ot the Eust
The funeral was held on Friday afternoon from tiio Community Church,
Fort Steele, Kev. W. T. Tapscott, taking the service. Over twenty members of the local Rebekah lodge were
In attendance ut tho funeral, and held
their own service at the graveside.
Flowers were In evidence at the
funeral from the following: Mrs. Mathers, pillow; Mr. and Mrs. Duncan,
heart; Mr. und Mrs. E. Howard,
wreath; Mr. and Mrs Small, heart;
Hazel and Teddy Crelney, wreath;
Mr. und Mrs. Chas, Howard, Ward-
ner, star; Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Hurry,
wreath; Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Woods,
cross; Mr. and Mrs. Fenwlck and
family, spruy; Mr, and Mrs. C. H.
Butts, Spokane, spray; Mr. and Mrs.
L. Clark, spruy; Mr Raymond Ammeter, Port Townsend, Wash., gates ajar; Redland Rebekah Dodge, No, 12,
Pentlcton, spray; Mr. Mcintosh,
spray; Fort Steele Social Club,
wreath; Miss Kershaw, spray; Maple
Leaf Rebekah Lodge, wreath; Kershaw family, spray.
On Monday afternoon of this week
tlie pianoforte pupils of Mrs. F. M.
I MacPherson gave a recital at the
Knox Church schoolroom, wben ab-
lout thirty parents and friends enjoy-
!a social afternoon and the program
presented by ibe pupils. Dainty
handworked programs guve the list
■ol numbers aud at tho same time
made an attractive souvenir pf the
occasion that will be prized. Refreshments and afternoon tea were
served, Mrs, MacPherson being us-
slsted by some of her young pupils
ni ihis essential part ol the after-
aoon's program,
Tbe young musicians aqulted thorn-
selves very creditably, their program
giving much pleasure to the audience
of parents uud friends. Mrs 12, Paterson ulso assisted in the program
with a vocal selection. The numbers presented were as follojvs:
In the Garden .  (Cornelius parbutt)
Marshall   MacPherson
Petite Valse, Op. 12 .. (0. F. Donate)
Aubrey McKowan
Winona     (Artiuir Wellesby)
Olive Simpson
Sweet Forget-Me-Not (Walter Miles)
Jean Wilson
Solo       Selected
Mrs. E. Putersou
Duet, Cuidon of Roses
Aubrey and Dorothy McKowun
Valse    (Chopin)
Fraser MocKny.
Mario Gavotte   (jAdim Gelbol)
Sherman Harris
Softly Sings The Brook ... (Herman
Ruth Simpson
Sparklets      (Walter Miles)
Doroihy McKowan
New t'udertaktiig of Knst Koo*
tenay Power Co. May Moan
Elk Kniis Development
The East Kootenay Power Company
formerly the B. C asd Alberta Power
Co. havo dosed a contrail with the
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co..
Ltd., to supply power to the Sullivan Mine at Kimberley nnd also (or
the doncentrator now being erected
there. Tliis contract calls for .1,000
horsepower to be delivered for immediate requirements of the company at
Klmberley, and for additional i>.OD0
horsepower for their needs within
the next ton yenrs.
lt is expected that this contract
will mean the development of the Elk
River Falls where apuudiint power is
available, more than at Bull River
falls, where power for Crunbrook and
Fernle la now being developed.
Commenting on the tinaucitt] reorganization of the power company,
which resulted In the East Kootenny
Power Company taking ovor the former concern, a Winnipeg paper recently staled in its financial columns:
The two million dollar bond issue
of the Eust Kootenay Power Company
placed on the market by a strong
firm of eastern brokers, displayed
moro activity than uny similar offering for many years. It is reported
tbal a third of Ihe Issue was suhscri-
hod at once. The priee w;,s DT'/j und
accrued Interest, to yield approximately t% per cont. Intoroat. There
is a bonus or 816 shares with each
$1,000 bond.
"Tbe purpose of (be bond '.ssue Is
Stated us follows: The East Koot-
erny Power Company wns formed for
for the purpose of acquiring the undertaking asd all lhe properties of tho
British Columbia nnd Alberta Power Company and or making additions
to the propcrtlos acquired. The
principal ussets consist of n water
power development on the Hull River, B.C., having an Installed capacity of 7200 horse power and mi undeveloped watorpower oil UlO F.Ik River, near the town of Klko, on (ho
Canadian Pacific Railway and tho
Great Northcniii Railway. This power Is capable of developing about
20,000 horsepower.''     ,       ,
Getting Near The
End of the Tether
Prodigality «f Prov. Oovt. Ex.
pendittiiT   Shows   Efforts
Hindu tn Hold Opinion
Mrs. Robert Davis left this week for
SI John, culled away by tho death
of a sister. Mr. Davis, who has
boen employed at Kimberley, will
follow shortly, It is expected, uud
they will make tlieir homo there in
the future.
The storm Thursday evening in
•a mysterious way stole our linotype
power, while still allowing power to
remain for the rest of the plant, and
not Interfering with the IfghM We
put on our thinking cap, nnd proceeded to hitch the lltotype on to au
ordinary light conl — and presto!
the wheels went round again. Another enforced shut down on Friday
afternoon on account of power also
htlgat te delay things this week.
"Render unto Ceasnr the things
that tux Caesar's."
A duy or two ago, a citizen of Cran-
bilook philosophically quoted that
deathless line, folding, us he spoke,
the slip of paper that was tlie certificate of the payment of bis taxes.
"Aren't Censor's demands a triflo
cxliorbitrnt, at times?"* queried a
friend. "Don't you think that the
cost of citizenship lias passed the
hounds of a reasonable levy?"
"Taxes. I take It," was the reply,
are the barometrical proof or public
expenditures or retrenchment. When
us at the present time, they are high,
thoy indlc, te a corresponding dls-
bursemenl of public moneys, and
vice versa. lt Is because of the vacuum In the public treasury at Victoria that the money leaves my pocket io help fill the empty coffers at
•the capital, Vou know tbe old truism — 'Nature abhors a vacuum.' "
"Very well. There are such things
as money vacuums — tbat is, plaoes
wliere money is not. One of those
moneyless places is the treasury ut
Victoria. And os naturally bb air
rushes in to fill a vacuum, s<> must
the money of the ratepayers Inevitably find it-, way iuto the empty treasure chesta of the provinco. It Is o
natural law thai all things must be
ted. Anl. as every farmer knows,
thero ure some things so voracious
us to muke their keeping a liability
rat ber than an asset.
"That. 1 think. irt the situation so
far as our government is concerned
Its constitutional vacuum needs too
much fulling, it is ultra-extravagant. Were it less so, taxes would
decrease with tlie dlmunltlon of the
monetary outlay. The only remedy
for undue taxation lies In tin> Inauguration of u new policy lu respect
to the  public disbursements."
There is much ment In the matter
or the statoment qnated above. The
government is extravagant. And,
what trt moro to bo bo deplored. Its
rookleas squandering or the people's
monoy bus not assured Co the pro-
Vlnco 0 quid pro quo. The peoplo
have not received vulue tor the nsn-
ncy expended. Tho most remark-
able achievement of Uio Oliver sov-
rnment I.-, not the building ot roads,
nor or bridges, nor of railways; nor
In fact, public works of any kind. It
has not distinguished itself in the development cf natural resomrees. In
construction of public utilities, i'.
cannot claim superiority over nny
previous government — expense con
slderod — nor has It demonstrated
Its ability to utilize the natural
wealth of Ihe province.
But as n builder of colossal public
debt the present government hag, been
on unqualified success.     In tlmt one
(Continued on Page 4)
J. S. Alexander, acting government
agent here, has been visiting tbis
week wltb bis family at Ashcroft, Intending to return in a fow days. \V.
D. Guthrie bus boon acting agent ut
thn government building tn tbe meantime.
After an illness of some time, tiie
death occurred in the early hours of
Monday morning, ot little Grade
Bridges, three yeur old duughter of
Mr. and Mrs. A. D, Bridges. The
little one had been ailing for some
time, though not thought seriously.
Friday of lust week the condition of
the little sufferer having again become acute, she wus removed to the
iiospitad, where death occurred on
.Monday morning. lt Is understood
Mint complications followed un uttuek
of lousilltis, giving rise to tlie further Bis which attucked tho little
ono. Death was due to lhe presence
of Int omul uboessoH, for which the
little patient Was getting t real menl
at the hospltul.
Little Graole was the fourth daughter in the family, three sisters and a
brother   still   remaining.
The funeral was held on Tuesday
afternoon at the Baptist Church, service being conducted by Rev. \\\ T.
Tapscott. Tbo pull bearers were
rour young people of Ihe Baptist Bun-
day School, (Ronnie Huynes, Willie
Taylor, Kenneth Bassett and Jimmy
Many flowers were lu evidence at
Ihe funeral, being sent from the following: Family, pillow; Grandpa,
Grandma, Frunk. Harold and wife,
star; Aunty Jean and Uncle Harry
Hinton spray; Baptist Mission Circle, spray, BuptlsL Sunday School,
spruy; Mr. and Mrs, W. Hughes,
spray; Mr. and Mrs. Albert Rider,
spruy; Mr. and Mrs. W. Shepherd,
spray; Mr. and Mrs. Bassett, spruy;
Mr. nnd Mrs. Gilroy. spray; Mr. and
Mrs. W. G. Haynes, spiay; Mrs. Bell
and Children, spray; Mr. und Mrs
Woodman aud family, spruy; Rev.
and Mrs. W. T. Tupscott. spray; Mrs,
H. It. Harrison, spray; Mr, and Mrs.
Frunk Dezall, spruy; Mr. and Mrs
F. A. Williams, spray; Mr und Mrs.
P,   Gougeon,  spray.
Mood Turnout of Residents nl
Annual Events — Program
of Sports Arranged
The annual picnic held July 1st at
a place known as Russell's ranch,
provided very enjoyable nut Ing for
the people of Kootenay Orchards. The
weather waa perfect, and quite i
lurge gathering mustered-about eighty In all turning out. Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. DeHondt are to be
complimented on tbe yay In which
the arrangements were carried out,
and also Messrs. Stender, Johnson
and Ogden. Tiie refreshments were
served by the ludies of the community, assisted by some of the younger
girls. ln the afternoon races were
the order of the day, the following
being the Hat:
Ladies' Nail Driving Contest — Mrs.
Ogden, Mrs. Erlckson. Miss I. Frost
Foot Race — Girls It and under, 1.
Frost, D. Anderson, M. Stender.
Girls up to fi — B. Gartside, A.
Hern, A. Noyce,
*ilrls up to 8. — M Stone. E. Hern.
F.  Stender.
Boys up to 10. — I. Stone, M Godderis, A. DeHondt.
Men's Race. — 1st ruce. D. Dtin-
icls.'J. Ogden, P, Johnson. 2nd race
M McCrindle, D. Stone, G. Lippett.
Women's Race. — Mrs. Hern. Mrs.
McCrindle. Mrs. Krlckson.
Women's Three Legged Race. —
Mrs. McCrindle und Mrs. Hem; Mrs.
Erlckson und Mrs. DeHondt; Mrs.
Stone and Mrs. Stender
Girls' Three Logged Race. — 1.
Frost und D. Anderson; M. Stender
and M. Daniels.
Men's Three Legged Race. — J-
Ogden and J. Frost; P. Johnson and
D, Daniels; o Stone and M. McCrindle,
Boys' Three Leggod Race, 12 to 15.
It. Lippett and W. Btonej M. Ruaull
und E, Erlckson.     Boyo up to 12. —
H. Briokson   and   M. Oodderlsi P
Horn and B, (lartslde.
440 yards flat, — R Lippett, G.
Erb-kon, VV Stone.
Women's Walking Bace. - Mrs.
Anderson, Miss Hill. Mrs. McCrindle.
Horse  Bucking  Rice and Tug of
'tr, the lutter won by tho ladles.
Supper wan served, followed by Ice
■ream, and everyone wont bome well
satisfied Wltb the day's events.
—. ■■    -_■»■»—	
About two hundred men ure now
employed at the Sullivan mine concentrator site, where work is proce-
dlug with all due speed 011 the preliminary work in connection with the
new big undertaking of the Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co, The
work of putting in proper camp accommodation is now getting well along, and the construction of the railway spur, about a mile and a Imlf
long, is also under way. Tbo right
of way for the track was put through
this week, and 70 root piles from tlie
Sash & Door Co., at Kitchener, are
being sent up for a trestle ln tho
track. The pile driver was expected
to go up on Wednesday to get the
ptle» fe
Commercial Class, Cranbrook High
School. Promotion List, First 10 Second Vear:
Names iu Order of Merit.
Per Cent
WInnifred Phillips   81.2
Erma McNeil   nt
Reginald Parrett     "2.7
Ethel  Williams     71.0
Lawrence   Walker       70.1
Annie Johnson  C7.8
Juliette  Blair     60.9
Gordon. Woodman       66.1
Promoted Conditionally — Failed
in Shorthand
McK. Kirklnnd   68.2
Stanley Moffatt   67.0
Rleve   Parker       64.7
Kipling must  surely  have dreamed
about our proposed camp at Morris-
Bey when he wrote:
■iluve you smelted  wood  smoke at
Have you snielled the birch log burning?
Are you quick to read tbe noises of
tho night?
Vou must follow with the others,
For tbe young men's feet are turning
To   the  camp  of  proved  desire  and
known desire."
U these lilies appeal to you, Congratulations] Your Teet lire pointing In tho right direction.
This conip at Morrlssey Is to be a
real Scout camp, and there Is going
to bo lots of fun, Including hikes,
fishing, swimming, cnmp rires, games, etc.
Here's hoping that tbe Morrlsney
Camp may be the best ever, and that
the boys will be stimulated to loam
of woodland ways und return with
true Scout Ideals?
David W. Moore suys: "It Is getting out nnd seeing things and doing
things and being things that helps a
fellow live." This camp Is for the
express purpose of providing the boy
with experiences which develop resourcefulness. Initiative and love for
tlie out-of-doors.
The lime to prepare tor this
camp is now.
For full information regarding the
cost, whot to tuke, etc., get in touch
with the Scoutmaster or Patrol Leu
ders us soon as possible.
On Friday evening last a reception
was given to Rev. B. & Freeman
und family by the members of the
Methodist Church. Addresses of welcome were given by Rev. W. T.
Tapscott. Rev. F. V. Harrison and
Mr. W. Hi Wilson. In reply Mr. Freeman expressed his g<-0,i feeling towards Cranhrook and Its r-eople, and
ulso his appreciation nf the .vay in
which he has been received*
During the evening pianoforte selections were given by Mrs. Ashworth, a:.d the Misses Alma Sarvis.
Eva Moir ard Jean Wilson, Mr. J.
K. Chorllon also rendered two cello
solos. Vocal selections were rendered by Mrs. Adlard and Miss Eunice
Parrett. and a reading by Mrs. P.
Dainty refitments were served
,nd a very pleasant sccial time valient  by those present. ,
Flic dei-ioverM* in "■•* ■*"•>' ****n
m Sunday mor inr. tttt in a house at
Ilie t.ortli it.cI ot Van Home Streei
completely deetroyed Hi" pl»'*«* •
collage belonging to J  P. De»oon
Ji liail lieen unoccupied tor a wiille
recently, but *»i being pelnled umi
redecorated ut tbe preienl lime,
.mi. nt tlte palnter'e tool* ->elnc In
the li"U«e ul the time Ot tlie lire. am*.
,„ lielnit 10*1. The ittppoeed raune
it the tire i» that »owe uninvited
aiiesl had been making liim.elt at
ome In tho place. Tlie tiro brigade
raa loon ut Uio nc«ne ot tho blew,
and iliouali Hie eoitage seemed to he
well ellght, the fireman made «iion
work ot It, and soon had the blaxe
under control, but not before the
house und content! were practically
u total loss.
The cottage wua valued at abonl
a thousand dollars, and Insurance of
,7011 wns carried. The contemn of
lho house, furniture, ole.. was valued at »800, with only »300 Insurance
Since the close of the house nt Ot-
lawu. Dr. King, minister of public
works, has heen on an Inspection
trip In the maritime provinces. On
his return ho will Pay a short visit
tn Toronto, whero he will look over
the harbor works, and Will Ihen come
on to B.C., wliere a number of matters nftoclltiK the welfare of Ihe province, and coming under lila department will lie gone lato personally by
Dr. Hag
Candidate Chosen
With Enthusiasm
V A. Walllnger Is Unanimously
. Chosen to Carry Conservative Banner In By-Election
With no suggestion of anything but
the utmost harmony, Mr. N. A* Walllnger waa tendered the Conservative nomination at a well represented convention on Tuesday evening
til this v.eik und will cot-teat All
by-election In due time with the entire support ot all sections of the
Conservative party. Mr. Walllnger
us present as a regularly appointed
'delegate, nnd in accepting the honor
'tendered to lum. pledget, himself to
io the utmost to carry the day.
cheers greeted tbe announcement
that Mr. Wallinger's nomination was
UUatmous, and the delegates joined
heartily uinl spontaneously iu slnglui;
Kor lle's a Jolly Oood Fellow."
Seventeen delegates were present
from lhe Cranbrook city Conservative Association, namely:
Mrs. \V >L Patton, Mrs. Spcnce
Mrs. Beale, and Messrs J. T. Survis,
11. \V. Herchmer. W. P. Amrtdge. J.
\V, Rutledge, M. A. Beale. A. (Jratiam,
W. Stewart, S Taylor, K. II. Detail,
it. McFarlane, t. m. Stewart, P. VY.
Burgess. N. A. Walllnger ami F. A.
Wiilhiins Delegates from outside
points were Messrs. Burdett, Ureen
ud Drew, Kimberley; A* Q, James,
Marysvllle; Messrs. Trew and Cox,
Wycllffe. and Messrs. Jackson. Mc-
Furlaue ami Murray, from Wardner,
Moyie anil  Yahk  respectively.
Mr. J. T. Sarvis, local president,
was unanimously voted to the chair,
ud W Stewart was named as secretary. After a credential committee
had beeu named aud performed Its
work, the meeting was thrown open
for   nominations.
Mr. W, K. Att ridge offered the
name of Mr. Wallinger iu nomination in a short and pointed speech.
lie stat d it was known a good deal
tcpended on this by-election, and It
a Conservative candidate was returned, lt would probably mean a general election hefore very long. He al-
.0 urged that the gaps in the Conservative ranks be closed up, and if UiU
were done, they nee«l have little fear
ot the result. Mr. Wallinger had
been In the district or many yearn,
und was widely known, and from tae
.store of the position he haa held appeared to be tbe man who would get
the united vote.
The nomination was seconded by
)r. J. W Rutledge. who very telllng-
y brought out the fact that Mr. Wal-
itiger's name had first been advanc.
d by Mr. Thos-. Caven. former mem-
er for the district, and more recently tbe candidate in the bard campaigns, when victory was lost by
mall margim-. He felt a great real
if credit was due to Mr Caven for
-bowing a willingness to step down in
these circumstances, and to pledge
himself to do all possible for thu
new cadidate, as be had done mote
than onc« of late. Dr. Rutledge al.
so referred to the fact of Mr. Wallinger's unfair dismissal from office.
No other nomination being forth-
imiiiK it was moved and seconded hy
Messrs* Burdett and James that tbt
nomination be made unanimous The
Klmberley delegates it wait stated
tame to tlie meeting i-julte unfettered,
nd were prepared, after learning of
he general uuatilmlty towards Mr.
Wallinger to support him whole-heartedly.
Mr. Walllnger, In accepting the nomination, said there would be no
mention as to the result if lhe could
get tbe united support behind blm
of tlt« Conservative p: rty. Ah lo
his dismissal, be stated that thl time
would probably coins when tbe go-
eminent would attempt to make uu
explanation, but be stated that he
hud ut nn tic during his connection
with the government offlce done anything be would not do again tomorrow
Steps were taken at this meeting
to organize a central or district elec-
utlve for ill's campaign and for this
purpose tbe chairman and secretary
of the meeting were named ss such
in ihe central body, and the delegates
H members of the committee with
power to add to tbelr numbers.
Thin convention Is felt to have been
the most harmonlout* dhe party has
had In years, and optimism Is being
expressed 011 all sides as to the out-
•ome of the fight with a nailed party
behind a strong candidate. The fact
that Mr. Oftven, who would undoubtedly pull a strong vote himself at
any time, has signified his intention
of getting behind the nominated can-
dldr.to with all his Influence, ls also
commented favorably upon, and the
fart Is tbe Concervattves are going
Into this election campaign stronger
than for years back, and the en.
aouncemrnt of the date will find tliem
all gragsnt tor a Ml* contest. PAOB    TWO
Thursday, July 6th, 1032
Fair Warning Aboul
Your Eyes
You can abuse them.
You can't trifle with nature.
But listen!
You ctm*t handle soft pitch
with your bare hands Without
smirching them.
You can't take a diet of poison uud expect to live. It can't
be done.
You Clin*! see plainly without
glasses if your sight is impaired—the more you try, the worse
your sight will become.
The wearing of scientifically
constructed glasses will end
your eye troubles.
Trust ua for the help you re-
Jewelers ami Opticians
tbe Cranbrook -fierald
l'ublls.cd every Thursday.
l.dilo. mnl Proprietor
.Slllisvrl|ltilill 1'rirc .
Tu Uult.lt Stilt.!, ..
. S-...HI per year
. d-J.uO pur yenr
"Wll.  ■  HU.lo.li  Wtttioul a  Hnule*
I'rlut.d by Union Labor
Adv.rUflln_ llale. in Application.
C*han_«. for A_v.rU_lii_ .MUST ba In
till. oili.. VVfldn&Hduy nuon tbe current
wook tu secure atlontlou.
-..has beset iho Conservatives.
So say tlm wiseacres of former
campaigns ami all the evidence
bears it out.
It is not merely personal vindication I'or the candidate Unit;
is being sought in the by-election. That occurrence, now so
well known and judged as
mean and petty by those familiar with it—this local question
will serve to emphasize that
the party which will lend It-!
self to an episode of this description is not less likely to be!
found wanting in other anil,
bigger issues.
In dismissing .Mr. Wallinger
from Hie position he held lion-,
oi'ably for so long, and in a
manner thai took no cogniz-j
ance of the customary business
| observances, tlie government
Isatlly missed in iis guess as to
how such a course of action
would be received. II iiiisun
derstood the temper of tlle people with whom il. had to deal.
The Premier, being now forced
apparently unwillingly lo give
out in regard to the case
what he should have three
months ago, will need lo be
careful lest his explanations
do not make a bail situation
Anyhow, the stage is
King up the curtain.
THURSDAY, JULY li, 19211
;ill set
Commercial optimism, a tonic which never fails when business is ailing, needs to be taken iu small doses and often,
rather than in big gulps spasmodically. Because the general trend of things in Kast
Kootenay is towards an era of
development along general lines, is no reason why anything that, savors of the old
wild-catting days should be
licensed. There are enough
tangible resources iu Ihe district that are capable of legitimate schemes to make the most
sceptically minded individual I r»lt- nu Ilie limlm-l
see if he is open to conviction.! A »i>llt In Uio runks or Die Progres-
Uul bills can't be met wllh just1 s'vos, which nont nine membera In
optimism,  aud    it    is  for  thel1"1-' "*'* "' ""' ««■"*»«*«»*■• saved tlw
 , .   , ,   Mackenzie King administration from
people ol lhe district themsel- L,sa8troll(| ,,„-„„, „.„„„   „„,   „,„,„,.,
ves to say whether they want camo to u vote.
to help in the developmeul ofj   Allitougli the government hud (lie
this section of East Kootenay■»»"> "i"J*"-ty <*r eighteen, it is sur-
aloug sane lines or not.   Keep\mmt "' ,""ko " t8el sec,'-"° tor "">
... .    rest of tbe year.   It may be Inferred
your business at home aa much thoj lldLller )ll(! Progro88lve8   nor
as possible, oven ii' you have to the Conservatives are anxious for a
strain a point lo do it.   There goneral election yet awhile,
are plenty ol' reasons why, not I   't '" sloven yeurs Hinee Hon. w. 9
A IVeiikiirN* of Hie System
That only twenty out of one hundred and sixty boys und girls continue to the end of their high school
Course discloses the weakest point in
our school system . The testimony of
all Investigators is that the chid
reason why children leave school is
that they do not like school. Academic subjects taught in a routine way
nre not attractive But the fault is
not wholly that of Hie schools. Parents should help theft- children to
acquire regular habits of application,
insist on study hours, and so make il
dflllcull for their children to fall. Thc
most .successful pupil 1^ not he who
graduates to the first jolt that offers.
-Gruntl Forks Sun.
!j yoiir Itoujehold
. a$$fotof& Use it
foi* makingsoap*
"lot wasttln^ distites*
^icfilteaifilnl $!fcl«r
•lbr washing gtiBasjr-'
sK4?i A?W^AttS.It
Tiio o. W. V. A. football challenge
cup  wus presented to the Cranbrook
Football   leam just  before  the  kick-
I off ni their game wllh Kimberley on
the 1st of July.   Major Hicks of the
'.I.  \V.   V.  A. made a short but  very
Interesting  speech, on  behalf of the
association, and sport In general, and
showed   some  enthusiasm   for   football,   though   not   a   player   himself,
thoroughly appreciating ihe game. He
! pointed out the importance of sport
J in promoting the spirit of co-operation which wag B° marked during iho
Great Adventure.      The   cup is in_
j deed au  esteemed  treasure     in    the
| hands of the Cranbrook leam.    and
with the support of the town will endeavor to defend this honor ni  nny
time when a challenge is made,     d
is intimated that  Fertile is contemplating a challenge.
Tiio Cranbrook team was succos-
ful In taking the honors on .Inly Isl
In their game with Klmberley, when
they defeated lho latter team by -l
goals to 0. li is obvious thut tho
recent wins both at home umi away
show  they  have talent  which ean bo
in .
their control, and the greal fruit valleys peopled by the yellow race instead of the splendid Canadian and
British citizens of today. By that
time Alberta will be in the position of
British Columbia today wiih an alien
race wltll its foreign ideals, customs
and morality, a grave menace. Mr.
King, Mr. Crerar, Liberals, Progres-
vlves, yea even that pseudo Labo'
man, Mr. Woodsworth, voted against
protection to the British Canadians of
British Columbia from the yellow
peril. Thousands of ex-soldiers In
this provinco ure in want and distress, while the Japs thrive on their
expected   to  show  goort   results   farther afield.
Tho gume opened witii Cranbrook
two men short, Watson hofug out of
town, uud returning loo late to take
uny part In it, a reserve player ta
king his place. White at outside
right accounted for two goals .vli
were both worthy of praise. Martin
at outside left accounted for the other two, Taylor, Inside left, assisting,
The game was fairly fast, taking into consideration the terrific heat of
the day. Henderson who played at
centre forward was unfortunate in
gelling away, but JVCulcolni at Inside
right may havo forgotten In tho ex.
cllement that the centre forward existed. At any rate, tho team will
materially improve its combination
when they have played together a
few times. r Foster played well
In his position al left half, and fed
tho outside left well. The centre
half, Morris, also did well, and assisted materially in keeping the ball
well up to ihe Klmberley goal. The
rlghl half, Johnson showed considerable speed and kepi  the opposing
Extracts from tliu Cranbrook
Herald nf Hits dale, 1(ID_.
■•"•I  n ai Hie Fernio mines have
gone on strike In prote.it against now
working arrangements proposed since
tiio exploslan there. Extra police
have boon sent in tor protection,
Tho Cranhrook Cricket team wen!
Io Fori Steele lum Thursday mid de-
renleil the homo players 7(1 lo :u.
John O'Nell, well known contractor
in lhe city and district, died ou Mon.
day ai Mi. hospital uflur n Inns 111-
thu leubt ul' Ilium being thai
you will thereby help usher in
the guild times I'or Kast Koolenay ihat are within reach.
Fielding c&me before lhe house will:
u budget which held reciprocity will
lha United Stales us its chief feature
I Tlm  government   wan  defeated  ovei
lliul alone, und Sir Wilfred Laurier.
Mr. Fielding mul others banished inlo lhe wilderness for u whole decade.
I    It Is not seen that lhe country has
[yearned in the meantime for  lint ro
ciproclty in trade for which the Lib'
The  reluctance of the pi'OV-|0rul ministry ol Mil pledged Its ex-
ineiul governmeni  to bring onjistenco, yet Mr. Fielding comes right
tlie by-election   in  this riding -"•<••< "3 one who suys "You ure all
is readily understood, but [by all! "','0"-- *""' ' *"" •""■'"•" •""* " la "<"
,    , ,, 'orinus  that   Ids   political   attitude   to-
the rules ol the game it cannOtl   ._„. the „,,.,_,.„,.„,   pol|oy   whlcl)
be delayed very long.  John 01-1 ataye Mm iut0 obscurity lias not been
Iver and his cabinet, however, changed.   The   presont   budget   Is
have before uow shown au flp- j fmukly protectionist, In direct vlol-
tilude I'or mailing rules of their "Mo" °r llle Pi**-*--"---* I'K**-'-™   "■
,   ,     , ....  ,   I Ids purly.   It will be Interesting   to
own to belli Iheiii oui ol tight _„„.___ Mr  ,,|0| g,„   „.„_ „,„
places, and so all that can be of diametrically  opposed   points  ol
said of tbe by-eleetion  is that, view.   Me has already violated   the
it will come when the best plan one und proposes at lho oarllosl op*
of attack on lhe united oppoBi-]-",rt""ll-v '*> violate the oth
tion front has been decided up
ou.     lu polities   as   in other
things,   sins   of omission and lis everything lo nil men?* Kuiuluoi
commission havo a habit of CO- Standard-Sentinel,
mlng bome io roost, and so il
Are the people satisfied to ccillliniti
a governmeni in power that contain..
f Mr. Fielding us lis khig-ptn, one wlio
Will IliilWi (..I Iiin lleiniilii
Whit., und ItriiMii
comes Ihal Ibe Premier and his
followers are confronted with, nrlilsh Columbiana Irrcspectlvo of
Ihe necessily of sluriiiiiig a po-1 party are alarmod over lho Oriental
sillon Which bis own orass Invasion, Wlthoul exclusion this
dealing has lmili up. provlnce-ono ot iho greatest In the
.„. , ,    .,      Dominion   win soon in* ns Oriental
The  unanimous nomination I   chIna anrt Japan   Tth. ()rlim,alH
of Mr, Wallinger from the Con- especially the jape, ure increasing
aervutive party wa-s _i foregone with rapidity in Brttfeli Columbia
Conclusion to lho.se who were'"1"1 seriously threatens white antl
thoroughly aviianted with the,mi,hh -■"'""->• -""i ""-"' i» ai
temper of Ihe electorate all over the riding. Hut the sup-j WeB,lllInsterf brought the demund for
porters Of the government exclusion of the Japanese before Par
have resolutely refused to be-l lament ium week ami had a unnn
Dr. King. M. u
Beattie visited i
lies nn the KI. M
King   umi   It.   EJ.
'ir iiiiiiini:  property's last week.
A picnic party of ahout forty people went up to Perry t'reolt lust week,
and leaving their rigs at the old
town went np to Ihe ml noo on foot,
fill of them enjoying the outing.
Dr. Bonnell of Fernie and Judg>
noss of Fori Steele were at Pen-;
f'reek this week look hit; over some
claims with a view to leasing them
M. A. Beale of Moyle wus in the
city for tlie 1st of July colohrnllon
/A geological survey party, headed
by Dr. 0. Voung. of Ottawa, and M.
10. Hurst, also of Ottawa, went out
from Kitchener on Thursday of last
Sveek to make a complete survey of
the C. p, H. and Hill groups of mineral claims on iron Mountain, near
Kitchener, (i. A. Young, of Creston,
was also in the party. This group
comprises 47 crown granted claims,
and A. \V. MoVittle, provincial land
■surveyor, now of Victoria, has heen
in the vicinity of Kitchener for tho
past three or four weeks surveying
other clnlnis with a view to obttan-
Ing crown grants. Tiie reports issued later hy these investigators will
he awaited with much Interest in this
pari   of   tin-   Kootenays.
Naturally, those who see this heading expect to read ahout some "baby
heir" of an American multi-millionaire.
and they will he surprised to learn that
such a description applies to a scientific
pyorrhea preventative, tooth and mouth
preparation, and they will doubtless
wonder how such a product ever came
to ho spoken of as a "million dollar
baby." So the story must be told.
Over three years ago, the Research
Department of tlie Rexnll Company,
in consultation with chemical specialists,
began an exhaustive investigation into
the disease Pyorrhea, and its proper
treatment, and in their characteristically thorough way spent over two
years before they perfected a compound
which answered every test, according
to their high standards. Such a remarkable demund has been created that they
have mi-mod it "the Million Dollar
Baby." Probably no preparation that
is di'viscl for uso ar- a germ coinbatter
was found so ollioaL'ious in preventing
all contagious diseases tiiat enter the
system through the mouth anil nose as
Klenzo Liquid Antiseptic. Especially
was it proved that users of it completely
escaped ail attacks of the iiu when so
prevalent last year. Tliis Rexall prod-
unci oue.
Efforts have been made lo have tho
department of public works at Victoria make further Improvements to
the mad running west from this ciiy [ Gct'can be purchased iu 35c
io Kuskanook. particularly ou the bail i special toilet bottles at
stretch between Qoatfel and Kitchen This is pari of lhe trausprovin-
cial highway, anil this particular
piece of road has been badly in need
of gravelling, rig].' np us far us tho
Uont Hlver. Advices from thut see-
lion Indicate thai nanw. motorists are
milking the detour iuto the States via
Kiiigsgate ami Spokane on their way
through from prairie points to tho
Coast, instead of by Kuskanook and
the Koolenay Lake.
For Sale by
"The Rexall Store"
CRANBROOK     -     - B.C.
Where It pays io deal
i British
bertu the influx hns been sutTlcient to
I cause  alarm.    Mr.   McQuarrie,    New
Ueve it, hoping against hope
that tliere would be a rift in lhe
lute at the eleventh hour lo
spoil the harmony that has
been growing too widespread
to please front tlie government
Standpoint. Any Liberal ascendency that lias come ahout in
Iliis dlstrlcl of late years has
not 'been brought aboul so
much by any increased warmth
'for that cause, but rather ns
the result   of   disunion which
fmous British Cohiunitdn representation behind him until thc vote, when
Mr. Munro, Chilliwack. fuukeii the
lssuo und Hou. Dr. King swallowed
himself. Hon. Arthur Melghen und
the whole Consetvutlvc party stood
solidly for u white British Columbia,
wliile Premier King iind Mr. Crerar
voted for delay in uctlon, The present law is as restrictive as would
seem possible by negotiations. Tliere
Is only one remedy und that Is exclusion. Ho groat Is the danger Ihal
without this drastic notion lu twenty
years llrltlsh Columblu will be dom-Ipodl, Mlml Blefare
in ni td by the Japs, lt» Industries in ington (on trial).
Proflclensy       Hoy Tinnell
Deportment       Marlon   Culbbert
llogulartty ami  Punctuality
Mnry MacDonald
Promotion   l.ht
Promoted  lo Jr. 8rd.  — Josephine
Marapodi, Hoy Tinned, Marion Cuthbert, t'liriiieihln Naso,   Mnry MucDon-
iihl, A. Dalziel. W. A K hi ml, T. Deluca.
Margaroi  Maloue,    Waller Barrett,
May Russell, Henry Tnylor. Alice
Harper, Unlit Bond, Leslie Phillips,
Annie Harbinson, Willie Price,
Kathleen  WorthIngton.
Promoted to Sr. Snd. — Uuih Ruining. John Magro, Lillian Itussell,
Rosle Magro. Murray Rombough
Francis Curie, Clarence Johnson, Evelyn Kley, Josie Blefure. Louis Holm
Clarence  Barrett.
Prom-bled to 1st  Primer. — Laura
Maloue,  Violet   Miller.   Billy  McNeill,
Jolando Magro, Rosle Blefare.
Promoted to Hnd Primer. — Angelo Provenzano, John Pascuzzo, Joey
Hlrklu, Francis Beamish, Doris Haley, Allen Cuthbert, Clyde Williams,
Margaret ('assets, .Franklin Woods.
Kdlth Wells, Winnirred Harper, Ada
(lummon, t'nrl Brennan-, Ethel McGee,
Billy Sounders, Margaret Dalzlel,
Billy Lubeek, Muriel Worthlngton,
Bud Kulltvan, Noocll Tito, Wm,
While,   Mabel Atkinson (ou trial).
Promoted  to   1st   Keador, —- Norn
Mnlone. Owen  Haley,     Dolly Johns,
Percy Noroh,  Hilly Whiting. Ronnie
Coleman   (on   Irlul),  ,Angola   Manilla r ha ra   Worth-
CALOjARY,  Alberta.—C,  W. Peter
son. western editor and rancher, suggests   the  formation  of a  Canadian
pool consisting or government repres-1
enlatlves, bankers, breeders, and cap-'
itullsts to  form  an  eft'eclivo  line oti
defense In view or Hie present condition  of  the  live slock   Industry  lnj
Western Canada.   He urged that lm-j
mediate, diplomatic negotiations   be
opened witii the United States to pro-
nre for Canada free entry for animal products, pleading that even an
unlimited oversens markol could not
be compared with free access to the
Chicago market.   He believed that ir
(lie situation were placed before the
Canadian public and they were appealed lo tliere would be no trouble
In  subscribing 4i00.ooo.000 ifor the
Sealed Tenders for Packing House building on
Lots 2 and 3 of Block 4
Lol S91, Town of Creston,
will be received up lo July
5th. Plans and specifications can be obtained from
Creston Fruit Growers
Union Ltd., office ut Creston, II. C.
Milk and Cream
Big Butte Dairy Farm
Notice to Contractors
All Trades
Separate soalwl tenders will be received by Hit- undersigned up to (i p.m., July -'Sib, I!i2*_ for llu* Goneral,
Plumbing, Heating uud Veutilaliiig, aud Electrical trades, I'or an addition to Hie Central Sebool at Cranbrook,
IM'.,  for tbe Cranbrook Hoard of Sebool Trustees.
Certified cheque equal to five per cent, of amounts
of lenders to accompany all bids, which cheque will be
forfeited should contractor fall lo enter into contract
wben called upon.
Successful conlrnctors will be required lo furnish
opproved Surely Honii lo amount of twenty per cent, of
amount of contract,
Copies of Plans ami Specifications may be obtained al the office of the Architect, 11. U swan, i-iontk*-
TON, B.C., or from the undersigned on deposit of a sum of
Ten iii,liars, which will be returned when plans ami specifications ure returned In good order.
The lowest or any tender nol necessarily accepted.
Secretary, Cranbrook Hoard of Sebool Trustees.
10-21 Cranbrook, B.C.
Bruce Robinson
Teacher (if Music
Studio above Murdock McLeod's.
Sub-Agent: Heintzman & Co. Pianos
players busy.    Tiio full backs, Simp-1 words concentrated round the goal,
sou nml Sinclair worked   woll   nnd j    Tho line-up was ai. follows:
affectively Stopped the Kimberley for-
\vorc_B who made repeated efforts to
break down the Craubronk defence,
but without avail. Hill Smith In goal
mnde aome splendid saves and used
good  Judgment   In   running    out    to
Coal. Bill Smith.
Full Backs, Sinclair and Simpson.
Half  Backs, Johnston, Morris nnd
Forwards,   White,   Malcolm,   Hend-
icar the gall as the Kimberley for-1 erson, Taylor, Martin.
"--ii i"w.»iM.*'
J-R/JS'*"' **'
or j
TradinK poat  nnd furl of  li-ullnn 4ay». with RUckuU md hull-Am*, U b« ertttcd mi lha
■tiore  of   Lake   -A im|,*ritt.-t*.   il ('..  iif.ir   where  lU*id  Th«MMn  hull!   Koolenai   Hmm,  til*
llral  trading   poil   ettRblilhrd  WMl  -nf  lhe  BockiM.
MENTION of the name of David
Thompson would convey little
meaning to the average Canadian,
and yel no ono did mora in his day
to open up new trade routes through
the hitherto unknown defiles of the
Canadian Rockies and to apply
scientific map malting to the geographical exploration of the west.
Hia day was over n hundred years
ago, when the trade of the West
was entirely a fur t
entirely in the ban
Companies, tin* Hutl
pany, with hcadquarl
■ and almost
f two great
a Bay Com-
,.*..._.,   niui   ii-nuyuHUfis  hi   i  . i j; i.i nu,
and the North-West Company, with
headquarters in Montreal, David
Thompson was a charity school hoy
who went out to Canada in. 17S-I
nt thc age of fourteen years to take
service in the Hudson s Bay Company. Thirteen years later he joiner) the rival North-West Company,
which ottered him greater facilities
for survey and exploration. The first
trading post established by a white
man West of the Rockies in what is
now known as British Columbia was
erected by Uavld Thompson, on the
shores of Lake Winder me re, in July,
1807, and the opening up to civilization of the Columbia ami Koolenay
Rivers was largely due to his enterprise during the succeeding years.
All this timo he was making surveys and supplying the foundation
for the Government and railway
maps of to-day. From UJIQ to lsi.fi
ho wns engaged by the British Gov-
ernment In surveying nn I defining
the boundary line between Cannda
ami  the   United  States  from   Lower
Canada to the Uke of the Woods.
At the age of eighty-seven he died
in poverty nt Montreal, where his
remains lie buried without a monument in MoutVt Royal Cemetery. Yet
ko accurate wero his records and
surveys that when in 1867 the Canadian Govornment desired to publish a map of Western Canada, Ihey
hei to fall back on the map made
by David Thompson in 1818,
While ho was engaged as :. fur
trader, says his biographer, Mr. J.
11. Tyrrell, Thompson travelled more
than* 50,000 miles in canoes, on
horseback, and on fool through
what wa:i then un unmapped coun
try. His ambition was to determine
and delineate the physical features
of the whole of North-Western America. His surveys-were not merely
rough sketches, but were careful
traverses made by a master in the
art, short courses being taken with
a magnetic compass, the variation
of which was constantly determined,
distances being estimated by the
time taken to travel them, and the
whole checked by numerous astronomical observations for latitude
and   longitude.
"Typical of him/' says Mr. Tyrrell, "was his attitude towards the
trading of spirituous liquors to the
Indians. He was a strong opponent
of thc liquor traffic; and while he
was in charge of the western posts
no alcoholic liquors were allowed to
be taken to them. The years in
which Thompson was in the West
were perhaps the period in which
this debasing trade was at its worst,
Rival companies were vying with
each other for the furs; and cheap
spirits were regarded by the traders
as the most profitable sort of barter.
Such, however, was not Thompson's
view. He believed that the use of
intoxicating liquor in trade was a
short-sighted policy,"
As a tribute to the work of David
Thompson, the Canadian Pacific
Railway and the Hudson's Bay Company are co-operating in the erection of a David Thompson Memorial
Building on the shores of Lako
Windermere, close to the site of the
original trading post named Kootenai House which the explorer
established in 1807.
This building will take the form
of a Hudson's Bay Fort with stockades and bastions and will be used
partly as a museum for local Indian
relics and antiquities, and partly as
a recreation hall for Lake Windermere Camp, an attractive summer
resort which has sprung up in that
neighborhood. The formal opening
of this memorial building is being
arranged for September lst, and
will be accompanied by an Indian
Pageant. A number of historians
and those interested in the .early exploration of the West are expected
to be present. - .„
A Hair Tonic
Willi ii reputation. Invented nnd inadi* in Cranbroolt
by A. P. NOBLE.  After lho big   (In epldonilo, this
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amotigBi uh.
Poople throw away tholr minify ou usoloss tonics
Try your Home  Town First
$1.00 per Bottle
thi: iti;x\i,i, stoiii:
Flour, Hay, Grain and Feed of
all kinds, Rolled Oats
In the building south of the Venezia Hotel, Hanson Avenue, where the public will be offered the utmost values
in these II
lluDann Ave, noxl Venrala Hotel BES. I'llONK SM Offlct Phone 92 Tlntj-sdnj. July 8th,<l<)22
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UNLESS you see (he name "Bayer" on tablets, you
are not getting Aspirin at all
Aavpl only an "unbroken package" of "Bayer Tablets nf
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ins during 22 years and proved safe hy millions for
■.- "Hover** !»"<■
nt 12 tablets- Alio'
Pain, Fain
il 21 nml inil—DrailglHU.
Bargains for the Reading Public
Tliese two Clubbing Offers present opportunities to secure a
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(Special to the Herald)
Invermere.  B.C., July  1      -  July 1
wan celebrated as a field day on the
baseball ground-a at Athalmer, under
the auspices uf the WIndermen  Di -
trict Hospital Assoi luUon.     The ai
u-sementa took the form of a baseball
match, and the usual athletic Bvents
ht various kinds.     The weather wa
-good save for a pall of smoke w! leh
came down from a distant forest fin
in the north.     The ntte dance was
very good and the day ended wtth ;■
dance.    Taken all ln all I      Olstrict
General Hospital fundi were enrli
to tlu* sum    of somewhere  in    ihe
neighborhood d $360.
The joint Sunday Si lioola of lhe
Lake Windermere district I eld ll eh
'annual picnic on Wednesday to Taynton's Bay.
Perfect haying weather prevails at
present und every opportunity '•. being taken to gel this Important crop
undor cover
The first entries for the coming fall
fair of September 1st nnd 2nd are
commencing to come In in the form of
those who are competing for the
manufacture of butter fur keeping.!
Mr. Arthur Taylor is offering :t spe-!
clal prize of ten dollars for tho winning tub.
Following is d statement of ore
received al the Trail Smeller for the
period of June 22nd to -luili inclusive:
Kama ol mine ami location        Tom.
■   n pan]   Mines     s.SSl
ilo - u  City, B.c        7
!*.:..-   rot ■-. N-in/;-.::.  Wash.   . 7S
Qullp,   Republic,   Wash  332
Monitor, Three Forks, B.C  3
Monarch, Field, B.C  4.!
Ottawa. Slocan Ciiy. B-C  11
Payne, Sandon, B.C  1
Ruth,  Sandon.  B.C  .1"
Rambler Cariboo, Rambler, B.C. *8
Si rprlse, Republic, Wash  257
Surprise, lead. Roseberry, B.C. ..   20
irprlce, zinc, Roseberry, B.C 21
Standard Pro   Beaverdi 11, i.e. . n
Sta nl,ml. Silverton, B.C  20
Silvei -smith, Sun Ion, B.C  al*
... i staudard, New Hozclton 3fi
white Elephant, Ewlng. Landing..l£fi
Whitewater,   Retallack,   If.... B9
Total    10,600
Lethhridpo, Alta.—Paying for an lr-'
rlgatlon sya;em in one year Is tin. ■
unique experience of the Tabor project, comprising 17,000 acres. II!
cost sixteen dollars an acre lo build
the ditches and laterals and conservative estimates of the average yield;
on the 13.000 ncers under crop are
twenty bushels tu Iho acre, ag against !
eight bushels on the dry land adjoining. This is the, first year thnt the!
Taber project has been in operation.
Official thermometer readings at
Max. Mm.
June 20       83 53
June  30        88 4-i
July  J       Si BI
July 2      D3 44
July  ::       96 r.l
July   4        83 43
July B      72 fill
Cut Brier
More Tobacco for the Money
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the ECONOMY Package
' WHENupae^
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Best of all Fly Killers 10c
per Packet at all Druggists,
Grocers antl General Stores
There aro 1400 centres of population in BrltlBh Columbia which have
no post olllces, according to Frank 11.
\ Mon:, secretary of tho Wrigley Directories,  Ud.      The 1022 Issue of the |
directory was broughi out last week, j
Tliese centres   of   population, while
small, still are communities, Bays Mr. ■
, Horn,     Thore are 836 post ofiices in
1 iho province, nnd the directory gives
' tlie name of the post ollice nearest to
lho out-of-the-way points.
The 1922 issue contains 1348 pages,
tlie first 36 panes containing tiio por-
I eonnel ol the British Columbia governmeni and -synopses of the various,
'governmental departments In Victoria
iind  throughout the  province.
Tho gazoloer portion of the diroc- !
lory deals with 2883 separate and dis- !
Unci cities, towns, villages and set-j
tlementB In the province  giftng ti di
rectory of each place, wliile lu  Van-!
couver nnd Victoria the directory lists
the business and professional people.
The publishers announce that the;
lot... edition, iu addition to being a
complete directory of the province,
will contain a full and complete city directory of Vancouver and Victor-1
In, giving street, udphabeticitl and
classified sections, covering nil tho
firms, professions and all residents.
The directory also pl.es the names location nnd complete description
of 4193 rivers, streams, takes and
mountains within the province, a new
feature this year. The classified business section under 714 headings gi-
vo lhe names of all business firms,
manufacturers, wholesalers and  lia-
Iriinilors     and     retailers   throughout ;
the province.
The 1018 edition of lho dlreeloryi
contained   ous   pages and described ]
OTTAWA, Ont.- Employ mon I rep- was absorbed by the reopening of the
oris received for the week by the Dominion headquarters of the Employment Service of Canada from nearly
5,000 firms employing nearly rtoO.OOO
workers indicates a slight Increase in
tho aggregate volume of employment.  tIie maJ,irlt-v /* Industries showed in
railway shops, Eighteen Industrial
groups recorded aggregate reductions
approximating 4,000.   Compared with
the corresponding  week of last  yenr
Twelve industrial groups reported increase aggregating approximately
5,000 employees, <>f which  ihe bulk-vice.
creased employment, exceptions being
water transportations anu note! ser-
2010   places,   while   the   1 !*2!i   edition
contains   1348   pages, and describes
23-34 places,
Wrlgley's directory is purely a B.C.
institution, the stockholders of the
company heing property owners in
Vancouver The advertising salesmen, directory salesmen, name-takers and employees of the company
are all residents of Vancouver. One
of the largest printing jobs done In
Vancouver Is the printing of this
British  Columbia directory.
Banish Biliousness. Constipation
and otlier dyspeptic disorders by a
short course of Beecham's Pills—the
unfailing remedy for all irregularities
of the digestive organs. For eliminating waste products from the system,
improving the appetite, strengthening
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keeping the bodily health in a sound
in boxes
25c- 40 pills
SOc—90 pills
Pictures of People and Events in the News of the Da>
(1) Whtn tht up-to-dat* BritUh babj io-i far hi- -morning air ne dime day* hr data It in ■ malar bib? earrlat-. Al lha rear,
riding tn an aitra whttl, la lha llttl* mator tnginr with faat reiU far thr nurte. chauffeur wha turn* an tht fat. tf**a tha mat-hint a llttl*
kick   and  away   Ih*j-   ■•.
(1) Ta (Ij round th* world—Major W. T. Mak*. th* airman wlio It la ahertljr eammenr* a flight raun-J tht warld In tht plact a!
Ul* Australian, Sir Ron Smith, with hia wift and children, lie will fly in a hj-dru-atraptan* timllar I* that In ahkh Sir R*a* Smilb mat
with hia fatal accidtnt.
(3) I.llllo Xlttr Crttn wha haa juat -arrived in Canada from Llmpeal on Ih* Canadian IVilr l.lntr "Mantrat*." Bh< tarrlra a llttl*
mure than twa yard* o( railway ticket which will taka htr K...00 mile* on a ili.it la lv taut, and ritita tn Canada and tht L. 8. A.
Tht tlckot c-Mt III  la. Sd„ and waa Img ana-ugh for  a -Lipping  rapt.
(I) Miu Megan Mod (.-targe ian tht right), wha la htrt atari walking with a fritn-J. c-laaaly tnaagh rtttmblta htr famaua father
ta alaa-Ml make It unnectaaar* ta print htr nam* with the plrtur*.     Tht  photagrap.itr  rang-hi htr an tht  war ta a ttanla tournautnl In
(S) A group *f Important amplr* *till*rt ta Canada. On Iht left it (itntral Drummond. an hit Itfl, Han. H. M. Barwell, Premier
af rlauth Auatralia, a litllt In tht barhgraund ii Sir Fdward l.ucai, Ag Mineral for Sa .th Australia, and t* hit left Irani ia Sir ll.rl.ril
Wetktr. Mauagtr af tht l.andan and S*uth-W*»t*rn Railway, whllt Majar fctlumbtr af tht H aa tha m plan dark* aland* bthind, and an tht ( Urea, a
right la R. M. K. Ltwla, South Auttrallan trade CammUtlaner. Tht pail, I. an Itt way ta Auatralia by raaat dlr.it and brat rant.-, natatlr
acraia Canada.    Thtj arrlttd at Quebec an thr ('. I'.   !.    liner "Kmprtia  af   ficalland."
(I) A famllr *f ttn Itavlng tht hamrland legclher la atek a hour In a lar raqnln* la an unuiual *v»nt. Vrl when Iht "Kn-prtaa
af Britain" left 1.1. erpool rtctntlr, the hod abaaril am*ng<l hrr thlrj e]|U paaatngera. K. Ilillan, aged **. hia wife .Un*. aged 41, and
tight rhildrtn, Ifarrt bo>> and ■** glrli. Tht lamlly are at tht fanning elatl, raming fram larnwarlh. Unraihlrr, and inttnd la can-
llnut farm lift In Onlarla.    Thr  Hllt*na Itft two u.li.-r  n-tmberi of tli-h   family   brhlnd   in   Kngland,  and   thra*   will   taint   ta  Canada  at  a
(7) A Bt*n*y Indian wamtn and htr baby, ant af lh* trlbrt lh .i before tha rawing af th* whlta man held powerful gwtf in Albarta.
Th*f  war*  phatagraphad  ntar  Banff  al  which  plata  Uiev   hold  an  annual Indian Ilaf ahoat Iht middla af Jul.
(■> Appartnllr Otty hat* In* cadtl carp* In India. Thtt* aauri llttl* rhapa wtro pari of a tam**'-' Ihat met tht I'rinct af W»l*a
whtn Im waa In fiwallar,
(I) Waawa ar* m Mine • tottr plat* Ikan ****r la tlitiia'i aihlttita. Um waaua agkkaut aat>«ai* U ha*a <■•■», **4 U t.|l«
«**• te anrt"-f It waaM aaaai ***** ****** m •**-**■ ta ba aald ia bti fatal, -   —.. *. ***t FABE FOUR
Till*)      CKANBROOK      HERALD
Tlnji-jdny, July 6th, 1022
V omen Who Do Their Own Work: Suppose
you could save six minutes every day in washing
pots and pans—two minutes after every meal. In
a month, this would amount to a saving of three
hours of this disagreeable but necessary work.
This saving can be made by using SMP enameled
kitchen utensils, as their smooth sanitary surface
will not absorb dirt or grease. No scraping, scouring or
polishing is needed when you use Diamond or Pearl Ware.
Soap, water and a dish towel is all you need.   Ask for
im*. :i[n.illy piirchualng lands tor sol-
j dter Bottlemeut, and tlu; returns ti
[date covering tiiat itiul. y are exact
i tbe face ol tlie n^un.s quoted -
;i comparatively small item ut tlie ex
i [.eudlturo which lias characterized
Hie .. tiii!i of Uie government through-
uui its entire regime, it Is not sur-
i-ii-.i,. ihat ill-.- net public debt ot
[.:.- province has lucreosed .'rom the
i uu. ci' $19,777,909 in 1916, to tlie
i im in $55,011,181) in 1922 for ull oth-
.i* departments have kept puce with
the land Bettlement board in point of
i \i. tvugance,  .nni,  in  almost every
I ..Win.**.*,   hue   a*,   liltle   to   8.10W   for
j i utlays, Hit- prodigality ot which bor-
iamond Ware is a threc-coiited enameled
il, sky blue and white outside with u Bnowy
hile lining.    Pearl Ware is enameled steel
ith two amis of pearl grey enamel, inside
" out.
heet Metal Products Co ^.'^-^^
_. MONTR E AL/'l T O R D NTO--Wll. Hi i*i T, "^JfcJ-a ^
eom"onton/ VAN
Uie  yearly  round   unices   tU'   the
>n Beard is $20,-
Ol   ITS TKillKK
(Continued rrom f'uge oiie)
line 0( endeavor  il   la shining  in   UlO
political flrmamcnl as a star of Lhe
ground — Intended for soldier set
tlement — cost Lhe people ot the pro
vlncc Um round sum "r -157.6-37. "
J131..U PC- acre.     There Efl not a sol
dter settlor on thai land toda
ncroago has been thrown hue
biort's  ihrouglioul   the   province  a
equally high in comparison wltll loi
i ii )M.     me yearly salary of officials
i-oiutectod  -villi Uie government  uni
i*i liquor aggregates the liu^e sum ot
M5-4.-428 por year.
a bo,:.' Industrial school at Es-
Bomlnto i* *i hi* provinco $400,428 to
l.iiihl sit.-* ii was -started two years
iigu. H costs the province $100,000
a year for upkeep. There uro olxty-
ulne hoys in Uie school, with tweuty-
hiur ofllclnla in charge at salaries ug-
gregallng ^::r,,i»ou a year.
In view of the nppurciit high eost
of living nt Bssondate, it is sincerely
1 oped llml a Clock ol' cabinet miiiis-
ters may not' ho Immured there. The
mere thought of the cost ut' maintain
inn Buch dignitaries at that point ma-
.. .        i iiii.ni*->    i'l     ine    .- in ei ii irn-i .     iui ii u .->.-    <i
lirst magnitude.     No ono  y -join- * kea „,„. ahudder.
,.,..... is su Bltuatod thn   Irrigation ol tlie ,      ...
say that Indisputably tact. ^   linnoa IWlity Thero Is one conacllng thought lot!
liven tliu leader oi tin. opiKiBltlon,     '      '    '  io Uio olectoruto.    Qovetnmenta, un."
At Mervllle, 13,800 aires were ] -
that thorn iii ihe flesh ot Uio Liberal . '" »'*•■•"■*■. --»»" -"•'■= ■■■>"> '■"■-. uko the Immortal brook, do not go
party, admits the gonlut ot the oil- cliiwod hy tho govornment ror il.r m |.||. _„.„ Mmi< _„ _|g__ __._,
ver government tor Bpondlng and bor-   «"»'-* Purpose as actual,d in UlO i c-  [(j _u_ e-( govornU|6nt'9 being on
rowing,     llo   stands   aghast at Its UiitolUon ol Uio Kelowna tract.  Iii-k|le ,._,. ,__ .. .,. .... ,... bankrup.
sltcor uudoeiiy, as, with tlie affront- vostlgation ol tins pi orty brings to Umm{ j0ll    .,0.,,,llu,,lt„i cg0.
ony ol a traditional gainhlor ll con. ***I-'*. -*■<*• ■'■--"• wortlilessneu ot 6,000 I|b| q( x. ,„„,,„,, BmtolUon, is beg-
linues to contract now debts and lo «-™ — i,lm"sl unit ot the entire lnn,ng ,„ Hml)i Ho la 0[[orlng con-
present at every opportunity unother tract. Lossions iu tlte form nt roads, irrl-
erop ol liabilities lo iis nlreudy lax-1Creston and Fernle Imve also proven Bat|on projects, ole, lu I'm hope of
burdened constituents. unsntlsfnc-lory as soldier settlements. |lV01.Ull6 ,„,, burrlcano ol contumely
.No belter example mny be offered 0ut oI aB expenditure of 1640,726 tor L001] ,, be'^howerod upon his devot-
of Uie govornmont's falluro to exact panda at Croston the governmeni has Lj |K,.U| ,,,,. ,; disillusioned oleelorate.
value for its expenditures than Its | -"ecolvoii in repay menl. tlie sum of lu, 8-611tSi -..01n 0ra., the storm
lll-considorod Bchenie lur tbe settle-1->1,180. And lho tnult cannot be lulil i,.,„, iH sl)ml „, ,,vt-,-v.-liolm bis par-
nieut of tne returned men men .ipon|'° ""' ll""1' '" ''"' lnon- T''° ":l"s •,,.-. uke the fabled ostrich be
thu land. Luck lof foresight was ap- "'sls <'" ""' governmeni alone, be- ;,(fcs ,„ hM„ Mi ]„,;„| |„ ,],„ Eam|?
pureiit in every move il made towadB ''""'"" °- "s bungling mismanage-1iiltudlug hlmsclt lo the tact tbat iiis
securing land for soldier settlers. Tho ment. Had ii been canny enough lo „*„, niu Ml,,k um -„,. M „, a0Ci
unwisdom of iis action In ihis regard bave looked Into the question of lr- Klll ,,,,, B[orm wm breiik, and when
Ims roasted t„ the detriment of tho Irrigation, quality of soil and other lhe dou,lB )]0V6 cimrm] awny, and Uie
-.'■Idler and clvlllun alike. kindred mailers before purchasing, llawn _, ., new era shlHh lts erculs-
Tnke tho govornmonts'a acquisition " would have saved a greal deal "f I,..,,.,. ,:v,.,. llH. tair province of Brl-
of tho Christian Hand; nl Kolownal-iourl burning, and would have bad|lirh (*olumWn, Honest John will find
as a case In point.     Thai  plot ot]o.oro convertible assets in tho tormIi,trn»oir hack anion:.- bis turnips on
' ' I i.i-i far,.t "1 lli'Ha, brealblossly asking
TAKE NOTICE that l'etc Johnson,
whose adress Is 1*. O, Hox 729, Crunbrook, U.C.. will apply for a license
to lake and use 60 acre feel of water
out of unnamed creek, also known us
I'eavine Creek, whicli flows wcsloriy
and drains into Jap Lake about ami
on S.L. 111.
The water will bo diverted from lho
Btream al a point abonl 1611 feel south
from the north line of li L. IU of Lot
4691, und abOUl 1900 feel east from
tbo Soulb-West cor. of Lol 8002, and
will be used for Irrigation purpose*
upon the land described as 111, 60, 61
and 62 part of S.L. li.
This nol leu was posled on the
ground ou the 2nd day of June. 11122.
A copy of this notico and nn application pursuant thereto and to the
"Water Act, 1914," will bo filed In
Uio ottlco or the Water Recorder ul
ObJeclluu.H to Ihe application may
bo tiled wiih tho said Water lleeord-
or or with the Comptroller of Water
nights, Parliament Buildings, Victor*
In nil, -(1,205,160 has been spelil  iu   ;,, l„. Bhown a llsl of casualties
And the  lisi  will  be  long.
TAKE NOTICE that Honnlng Anderson, whose address is 1*. O. llox
707, Cranbrook. B.C., wili apply for
a licence to take aud uso 50 acre ft.
of water out of unnamed creek, also
known as I'eavine Creek, which flows
wesl and drains iuto Jap Luke, whieh
is on S.L. 19.
(Special lo the Herald)
Invermere, Hi'., July 1. — Hon. E.
>. Harrow. Minister of Agriculture,
nd some ol the leading officials of
i„ British Columbia Dairymen's As-
iciatlon, together Willi members of
[ihe press ami visitors, to tho lluui-
The water will be diverted from the __r all told of some thirty persons,
stream al a point about 150 toot south ; .,.,.,, entertained ut a supper in the
trom N. Boundary L. ]«, and 291 uke Windermere Camp on the ev.
chains easl from S.W. Corner of LotLnlng nf Tuesday lhe 27th of June,
S902, and will be used for Irrigation The Windermere District Agricultur-
purpoBes upon tbo hinds described as Li Association nml Farmers' Instit-
22, 34, I", IS, parls of Lol. S.L. II K.D. I a,,,, and the Windermere District As-
Tbls notico was posted on the UoBclatlon of Stockbreeders were tiio
ground on the 2nd day of June, 1022.1 joint  IiobIs.
Tn- following morning the guests
motored round and were shown sonic
of tlie agricultural developments iu
ihe Immodlate dlstrict| and were taken to (he Sinclair Hot springs.    Li
ft copy of this noliee and an appl
cation  pursuant thereto and  in the
"Wuler Ad,   Hill,"  will  be  filed In
Uio office of tlie Waler Recorder nt
Objections to the application muy],,,,. j *, _,„ day ihey all left por iinto-
bo filed with tlie said Waler Record-!moblla on the ninety mile run lo
er or wiih tlie Comptroller of Water crauhrook.
Rights. Parliament Buildings, Victor-  -—■	
In. B.C., within  thirty days after thel la, B.C., within thirty duys after lhe!    A  p Mar condition  was  noted  lit
first appearance of this notice In  o' first appearance or llil i notico In a  Victoria last  week, when for a lime
local newspaper. j local newspaper. not   one minister of tho    provincial
PBTE JOHNSON, Applicant.       HENNINO ANDERSON, Appllcnnt. government wus to bo found lu   lhe
Thu date of the flrsl publication nl:    Tlie date or the first publication ofnoglslnllve building, all being out of
tills notice Is June 151b,  1922. this  notice Is Juno Itth,  1922. llle  clly on  00c I   of business    of
10-19 11-19 various kinds uud oilier reasons.
Lord and Lady Byng on their Way Across Canada
Upon their arrival in Winnipeg, during their Western lour, Lord Byng and his party posed for a battery
of ramern-inen in Honl of the (h.vei-nor's orivate r.r at the 0, I*. R. Station, 111 this group are, left t, right
-Cap!, the Hon. S. W. Erskine, Mr. K. II. Coleman, secretary to the Lieutelialit-l.overnor, Ul. (.odwrn*
Godson, Mr. Justice Perdue. Ladv Alkins, Lady Margaret Bo.cnwc.ii, Baron Byng. Major the Hon. H. J. W.
Jolliffe Udy Byng, Hon. T. C. ftorrli, Premier ol Manitoba, Sir Jatnu Alkins, ClouUnant-Qovernor of Han.-
toU. OtMsal n. B. D. Ketch, n, sod Acting Mayor Fowlu, -  —'
wim. in: out oe luck
A good deal of interest in newspaper football, baseball and cricket
competitions has been taken in tlm
past by CranbrooU sport eiitliiiNiasts,
aome of whom have more than once
heen induced to "try tlieir luck." In
future, however, they are likely tu
have fewer opportunities to show
their skill as pru^nosticators along
this line.      Tlu. Senate of Canada re
rt'iiMy gave third reading to a bill lo
amend the criminal code in a man
nor [orhUldlng, among other thin};-'
r\u. conducting or taking part h
baseball or toothall competitions by
newspapers, This amemhnonl to lhe
code is an follows:
".Everyone Is guilty of an Indictable olTonco and liable to awo years'
ImprlsonmoiH who Induces any parson to take or hazard any money or
other valuable property or thing on
Lhe result of any dice name, shell
game, punch board, coin table or other like game of chance   or    mix
Banff.—Following tlte procedure
of previuus years, the Bank of Montreal has opened a temporary branch
of the bank in the Canndian Pacific
hotel at Banff, Alta.. under the management of J. K. Bray.
Montreal.—For iiu
its numerous patron
Pacific Railway '1
issued a tieatly-1 otin
offii-es  :r   Car.
.nvenienco of
he Canadian
graphs    had
[st of all il3
i]  the  tariff in
each case. The pamphlet also includes the principal  points  in  the
I'nited S_.*!es with direct connection, a _,'*.'nera. tarilT sheet and cabio
rates for overseas cnuiuric.-i.
l*rom now   on
a.Ian   Pa
amors will dock
It t
olcmnn D
, instead of
'.er No. 1
passenger i
•mnl  of
n a ill
in Pacific x
Is will ni
cman Dock
ef '.lie Kr
terfront pat
»r lermi
Pacific Coa*
for ihe t
'acilic servi
e I
:e s.iuth
Coleman  li
hap been
It, 0
large nassenge
• ramp being
ll  for tlie h:
ng of tra
i be
Lween the nf
and the
ir of lhe do.
11 passengers
Ing   ami   'it
ling  on
Liverpool.—In addition to the r.o
mij.ion Kxpress services already
maintained from Liverpool, (Ilas-
gow. Antwerp, Hamburg, and Havre
to Canada, lhe Dominion Ksp-'ess
Company recently inaugurated their
Southampton  service.
The Dominion Exi-res? Co. will be
maintaining a regular weekly ex-
pre-** service from Southampton in
addition to their other services. The
Dominion I-'-xpreas Co. s temporary
offices in Southampton are N'-. 7
Canute-road. Telegraphic address,
.1 from
Liverpool.—There was
of brides  on   the  Canad
liner "Metagama," which j
Liverpool recently.
In all there were oi hoard 23 girls
who were leaving the (M Country
to rejoin their betrothed in the Dominion, whither Ihev Inn gone to
reek furtuues ar.d nrpnare homes.
This batch of h it!**- i- believed to
be a record for any ve Rel leaving
the Mersey, mul thc "Metagama
lias thus well earned tlie title be-
stowi I on her to-day ot "the bride's
Special entertainments were held
on the shin anmntt tlie passengers
in honor of the brides.
Angos was HI
, May 28th. Ona
mioters of the
Montreal.—R. B.
years old on S.unI.iv
of the original pr*
Canadian Pacific R;
and well. But although that nation-
binding enterprise iis history, he is
of the present.
Hiclnrd BlaJ'vnrth Aug:.!., born
in Bathgate, Scotland, May 28, 2831,
was de of the early justifications of
tho policy of bringing young ''.inkers
from north oT the Tweed to north
of the Great Lakes. .Joining the
Bank of Montreal in lSi.7, he became general managiir twelve years
later and president in 1910. ln
USa he entered a syndicate with
Lord Mount Stephen and Lord
Strathcona, forming that triumvirate
which smashed the line of steel
through all obstacles, political ar.d
natural, and reaping richly hia reward.
Mr. Angus celebrated his ninety-
first birthday at his country house
at Senneville. He was in fine spirits
and expressed himself as being verv
happy. His health is now hetter
than it has been for son1*! time ar.d
Mr. Angus is looking tor ward to the
enjoyment of many more years.
All the member-, of lhe Angus
family were present at the Senneville home and all were at
luncheon nt which Mr. Augc-- nre-
sid. 1. After luncheon Mr. Angus
nat iu the garden and there received
a numlier of friends, Among the
callers were Lord Shnughnesxy, Sir
Vincent Meredith and Mr. C. It.
Banff.-—A long felt want nf mountain climber.-, and those interested in
riding and walking over mountains
has just been supplied by the Canadian Pacific Hotels in tne form of
an illustrated booklet entitled "What
to Wear, Climbing. Walking, Itid-
Inff." The average novice intent on
enjoying mountaineering generally
proceed' tn the mountains with a
pror i '-i of the equipment neves-
sary. ihis little book gives oil details abuut clothing and equipment
Here are samples of the advice the
honk contains:
A week hefore srttintr nut fnr a
mountain Cllmh prenare the feel by
rubbing with Innoiin. Wear thick
woollen stnckii.es. Wear leather
strap garters, nailed boots, large
and of best quality, Bring » "riicic-
sack ' tn cnTy lunch. rnmer;i. e!e.
The booklet lays special emohnsls on
the necessity fnr strong hints,
ind recommend*-' "Proio^rtnrs hoots"
when thry ran hp nhtlilntJd. A sun*
nlv of the pront-r kind nf nails for
bents is kept nt Lake LouUe.    *
In case the wenthrr turns nu| lmd
;nr;-iitn:i'.eT-» •hnuhl bring woollen
niit'"Ts a wni'len "VV.) cant vt*"r.\v.
prpioi nr Hi-nel irln«ses are re-im-
moml*/' to deaden the rffe.t of tho
*;!i .• il th*; iy.ow on the eves.
chance nud skill in which tho contestant or competitor pays money or
oilier valuuble consideration."
lu the discussion of tlie amendment it was stated that there wore
several newspapers iu western Canada which have been carrying on
guessing competitions as to tlie result-, of English football matches, aud
American basobail games, the -jcheme
being bo devtsed uud worked as to
render possible an escape from the
^existing provisions of the criminal
-feode in   regard  to gonibling.
A prosecution entered a! Winnipeg
where Iho joimral of the Olio Big Billon had been prominent lu sueh con-
tesis. wan dismissed ou the grounds
thai n was not covered by liie code.
T'rnlests   were  made  by  the  Winnipeg
Board of Trade and the Employers'
Association Ihere lo the Semite, aslt-
Itlg   that   lho  eode  he  ai (led.
111 '""'
(•ivi: iu1. ou: extra
>ii:mim:u ,\r 0'JvrA.w;
riiere will be two hundred and lor-
four  members    in    lhe houso of
nimoits at Ottawa after the next
redistribution, according io the revised figure of population for Canada
ch has been given out by the Dominion bureau of statistics. Thla is
mi inereasu of nlno members over
the present house.
Tho distribution of the members
among the province^*, In the present
house aud after redistribution -vill
compare as bolow, on the basis of
'these figures:
Provinco— Now
Prince Edward island
Nova Scotia  	
New Brunswick 	
British Columbia  ....
iWetlioDtst Cljurcl)
REV. B. C. FREEMAN, Pastor
Morning Service at 11 a.m.
11! noon, Sunday Sehooi.
Evening Service at 7.30 p.m.
Kvcryont is Cordially ln\it.il lo These Services
j: it. ilnu j .uie_:t_!_ _..xii;! '.:i (Uilui ,1 i'i, n.iii_ ,.>*jpl
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
ol Camilla l.iuiilcii
iltAII,,    IllHliSII    I'OI.IMIIIA
Purchasers ol' (>«hl, Silver, Copiicr and l,i>ud Ores
Producers oi' Gold, Silver, Copper, milestone, Pig l.nnl und
Zinc   "TADANAC"   Brand
Kimberley und WyulilTe staged au
exhibition game ou tlie local diamond
on Wednesday lilght, in which Wycliffe came out ahead wiih the score
tu' 5-1, Un fortunately Johnson was
hurl in tliL' early stages of Uie _;aiue,
aud his place had to be taken by
Vaughan, and we know now who put
Uie yap in yapping. Hollister refah-
med, forsook his wild ways and pitched a fcood game for the first three
innings wheu Lewis went into tlie
box. Glover ior Klmberley pitched
a lair uame and scored their only
run by walloping (lie ball down over
the river bank. Ilalteries; Wycliffe,
Hollister, Lewis uutl Ferko; Kimberley, Glover and JohUBon, Vaughan.
Lloyd Crowe spent Sunday nt home
visiting  his  wife uud  family.
Wycllffe camo out fifty-fifty In the
games on Dominion Day In Crunbrook
defeating Klmberley lu the afternoon
hy a score nf 4-.1, and losing to thu
Cranbrook team at night 10-8,
Mrs. J. M. Ault of Ferule wns tho
guest of Miss 10. Barter on Tuesday.
Vivian Hawkes was taken to the
hospital lu Cranbrook en Tuesday to
he operated on for adenoids,' but lt
was found she had a touch, of pneumonia, so the uperailou has been
0, L. Staples left nu Sunday for
Calgary to attend the industrial ex-
ilbition iu that city.
Tiie first grand prelude to the Vancouver by-electton in tlte provincial
house Is to he heard this month at
the coast centre. The Liberal leaders
from east und west are to be gathered together, aud are expected to
.-y.rike one thundering chord that will
reverberate to ull portions of the province, and tune up the cause accordingly. Tiie gathering in question Is
to he a picnic and rally at postings
E'ark, Vancouver, ou Wednesday. July 19, uud it is planned to make It the
greatest gathering of Liberal leaders and politicians iu British Columbia since the visit of Sir Wilfrid Laurier   iu   1010.
Premier Oliver and every member
of the British Columbia government,
as well as most of the Liberal mem-i,
berg of liie legislature will he on the
platform. From Ottawa there will
he toattend the event, Dr. J. II.
King, minister of public works and
B.C.'a representative In the 'jabinet,
Hon. Ernest Lapolnte, minister of
fisheries and at least two other mem-
berg of the  Dominion cabinet.
Mrs R  Li.  Konlenella
the Clarludulo stack
w  weeks.
The annual school plcnla was held
n  Friday  lasl   near  Hughes'  ranch.
A striking evidence of the unrer-
vlsiUng lointy of forest fire conditions in the
nn tor a district Is round in the statement
from the forestry branch that this
last year. Fortunately the fireH this
no less than 61 fires to cope with, ns
against only IS up tn the Hame time
For the third or fourth time In Us
history, the town ot Xakusp bus u
newspaper. This time It Is the Arrow Lake News. The last paper the
town had was published up till the
early days of tlie war, when the owner enlisted, und publication of the
paper was suspended and never revived. Business lH reported lo he
.quite brisk In the Utile lown on the
Arrow Lakes, fruit growing, lumbering aud mining being tbo chief lines
of activity which are now being engaged  in.
The owner of the new venture is
F. S. Kculi-au, and he Is being ns-
slHtod by M, B. McLaren, recently of
lhe Kaslo Kootenalan. and foru.elly
of llelia. Alia.. Kindenrley, Sack-, and
Alsasit. Sask.
Strong talk or Irrigation I
district of lato has apparently convinced Jupiter PluvltIB llml he lias
lieen remiss in regard tn rainfall in
(his section. The lie: vy ilnuiipmir
or Wednesday nlghl was another real
million (hilar rain ror the Farmers or
tills section, and crop pronpoclM liavu
been still further enhanced Ihoroby,
and was attended hy upwards of a
hundred children. There were races and hall games iu the afternoon
for the little folks and Die usual
spread, and in tliu evening a hall
game wus put on between the married and single men. Tiie married
men won lu splto of tlie fact that the
umpire was not one uf thosu unfortunate Individuals who possess a better half.
Lefty Hollister Is expecting his
wile anil tour children lo arrive rrom
Wenatchee any dny now. They will
drivo up In tlie coupe.
Mrs. H. J. Caldwell left on Saturday
tor Vancouver to visit her i.lster. Mrs.
Jack Braithwaite,
Miss A. Reekie left for her home in
Vancouver  ou   Saturday
Miss M. Baxter, who has been principal of tlie school here for Ihe past
two years returned to her home lu
Cranbrook on  Frldny.
lasjt year. Fortunately the firo^ thia
year have not proved of very great
proportions, costing on an average It
is statod about }1S each.
Ki time's Bread Im WtOM Bread
His IMes, Cakes und pastry ar*
made iu a tasty manner which
lnvltes tlie most exacting person to cull again, nt
I'Iiiiiic NT       >       Varbiiry Ate.
Ml. li; DAILY—TO Nelaun, Vuncoiiver, s.ukauB, etc. Arrive 12.10 n,
my, leave 12.30 p.m.
AO. m UAILY-To Fernle. I.eth*
bridge, Medicine Hat, Calgary, el*.-,
Arrive 4.10 p.m.; leave 4.30 p.m.
Horn.  —  Tn   Mr.
Clark, nn Saturday.
mnl  Mrs.  !•'..
July 1st,   a i
iMiiiiIiiuu lii'Htaiiranl
I'lKurs, Climrrltoi and Tandy
Urals at All Hours
Opiiuulie tlie Bank of Commerce
l laulirouk, WjcllSe, Klmlierley Ser.
No. 8-*S-l.eiive 7.06 a.m.   No M4-Ar-
rlve 2.10 p.m.
Cranbrook, Lake Windermere and
Uoldea Derive*!
Monday and Tburiday, each week
-NO. Nil, lean • am     Wednesday
and   "'.ijrday-NO. nil  arrive   l.ll
Kor   fui-tliar   part'.-'ulari   apply   to
any Mukul ages
District Passenger Agent, Calgary.
rimil "1IOJIK I.HIMYN" Nursery St.uk (Inly,
nro growing n lull lino of frull iivch. rIii-iiIib, husks nmi
oi'iiniHonlnlBi Including lho mosl linnly mrlolloB,
liilonillng iilnnloi'B i'iiii havo our tloBOi*l|illva cdlalogub
nnd prico llsl nn application liy slating what thoy nn- in-
liTi'sii'il in planting,
Wi- linl iivcr Inn varlolloB of ''Hosob" nil grown by im
nt oni* Siinlis Nurseries (Near Chllllwncli), slrnng, vigorous plants llmi cun lie delivered direct fi-nin our nurseries in prime condition, assuring bloom the first yeur.
Address: 904 Yorkshire Bldj., Vancouver, B, C,
A live salesman wanted for llu- Cranhrook district.
tiiniil l'liiiir, Dressing Kooms, Card Tallies,
Kllelieii, All Conveniences
For Prices and Oilier Particulars .Inquire
THK STEWARD or HECKKTARY, CI. W. V. A. Thursday, July 6th, 1922
I'lioue 21(1
P.O. Bri 33.1
A.M.B.I.C., & B.C.1..S.
t'riiiiliiiiiik     •      •      •     B. C.
Promotion List
Prom Schools
W. A. F E R 01E
Cuiiipliell-Munnlug Block
Phono »".    Olllce Mourn i
« to ti, I to ;■ ,,.in.  Sata. tl to 1
Ors. Green & MacKinnon
i'li) »l, Inn* and Surgeon.
Olllce  ut   lanldenrr,  Armstrong
officii nouns
Forenoon.   9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons   2.00 to   4.00
Hvf nl tin 7.M to   8.30
Bundnyn   1.30 to   4.110
t'HANBnOOK. a. C.
Names of .Those Successfully
Completing Year's Work
in Respective Grades
PAGE     mil
Promotion!! In Order or Merit Rosaline    Weston,   Melvu Parrett,
Ardelle Owen, Jennie Mclnnis. Jack June Funck. Olive Norgrove, Mary
Gumming!., Marlon .Miles, l-eier Bren- Roberta, Cyril Harrison, Mary Fyie.
nan, Ktliei sneers, Ronnie Haynes, IPhyllis Home. Lily Matson, Marie
Graham Dale, Harland Clark, Ray- Collins, Leona Small, Willie Stevely
mond Brown, Juuies Johnson, Henry! Jessie Cassldy, Gordon Descall, Donald
Kemball, Tom Marshall, David Frame, I Cameron, Allen Patmore, Norman
.Catherine    Harrison.    Evelyn  Ward, j Blaine, Mary Prlehard.
Olllce  iu   Hanson   lilock
9 to 12 a.m.
1   lo   5 p.m.
CRANBROOK      -      B.C.
V. JI. Jl A C P H E R S O N
Plione 83(1
Xorlinry Ave, next to City Hull
Phone No. 409
Cranbrook,   .    .    . B. C.
Practical Commercial Coarse In
Shorthand, Typewriting
Bookkeeping,  CommercUl   law
Commercial English and
Eur I'nrllrubirs Apply to
C. «'. TVI.EH, Principal
P. O. Box, 14, Nelson, B.C,
When IIBPATOLA removoa nail
Itonefl in :'l hours without pain and
relieves appondloltls, stomach and
liver troubles, Contains no poison.
Not sold hy dniRKtsts.
Solu Miinufaelurer
.30 Fourth Ave., So., Saskatoon, Sask.
I'l ho {0,i,ii Phono 4806
Kegnlar MeeUag
8KCONII  NATI'Blltl'  er each
rn.iill. ui * p.m. la tke City Hall
Meeta In llu
Pariah Hall
afternoon of
drat Tueaday
•t I p.m.
I'ros:   Mi's.
Sec.-Ireus:   Mrs. John Healey.
All ladle* oo-dlally Invited
Cranbrook, II.C.
Meets every Tuesday ut 8 p.m.
In tho Fraternity Hall
E. A. Hill, C.C.
H. L. Harrison, K.R. A 8.
II. C. Carr, M.F.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited to attend
I. O. O. F.
Meets every
■ Monday night at
Clapp's Hall.
Sojourning Oddfellows cordially
It. P. Moffatt, Noble Orand.
W. C. Adlard, P.O., Rec. Secy.
List of pupils recommended tn the
High School by lhe Principal:
Marlon Atchison, Joseph Brogan.
Ksther C.liullcnilar, Kenneth Campbell, John Dixon. Harold Dow, Henry Qodderls, Clara Oalbralth, Prank
Hawkerworth, Doris Haynes. Margaret Horle. Lillian Jaeksun, Margaret
Johnson, Mark Kennedy, Hector Llnnell. Melville Limsk. James Malone.
Benjamin Murgatroyd, Irene MacKenzIe, Hltu McBurney, Gertrude Pat.
. Niiruiiin Purker, Trilby Rebel,
Chester Roberts, Frank Hoy, Arthur
Shankland, llu Slyo, Edward White.
Amy Willhiins. Jean Ward, Daisy
(,'race lliilier, Eileen McQuaid, Eva
Tola). 84
Honor Rolls
Proficiency   Trilby Rebel
Deportment   Marlon Atchison
Regularity anil Punctuality
Norman    Parker,     Arthur
Shankland, Frank Roy.
Honor Roll Kor Division II.
Proficiency   Eileen McQuaid
Deportment    Edith Johnson
Perfect Attendance ... Alleyne Walllnger,    Lillian    St.    Biol,
Vaughan Roy.
Promoted From Division II.
tn Division 1.
WInnifred Beale, Ivy Dezall. Mar.
guerlte Caven, Sophie Mader, Kathleen Strachan. Pearl Prlehard, Loran
Jordan, Leonard Parkin, Robert Pel-
ton, Billy Green, Mary Beattie, Frank
Tito, Edith Johnson, Warren Bowness.
Promoted on Trial
Efile Charbonncau, Elvin Leask.
Rimer Rolls
Proficiency   Ardelle Owen
General Conduct  Peter Brennan
Regularity and Punctuality
Graham Dale, Henry Kemball.
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
(Licensed by Prov. Oovt.)
Maternity and General Nursing
Terms Moderate
Garden Avenue     • Phone 28t
Snlisfaciion or Money Refunded
Rollers and Yorkshires a
Specialty, from $15.00 up.
Breeding Hens.
IV. lllli Si. IS.   .    l.eihhrldge
Tim Canadian do ver union t
sei:. n htgh standard for evaporated milk, which Ih 7.8 but-
tor fnt test. You will Hnd these
ttguros printed on the label i.f
eftcft Pacific Milk ran. It ts
tlie law. Hut pt-ciiae remember
thin MifH ia only thu minimum
EW tiir j.s Pacific Milk la oon-
k'uhmI. ab mi actual matter
of fact, every too pounds of pa-
ciflc Miii< contolnu ... pounds of
ne; hi, Tho rlclinaos Of tills
good milk Iiiih made It the
n (>.-.( popular brand in tlie
v bole of Western Canada.
Head Office, Vancouver
l.irtorle«alAhhn.sf.ird A\ Ladaer
1100    a.m.      Subject, "THB
13 noon—Sunday School.
7.:io p.m.   subject, "THE
linlli these services will be held
in  the  Presbyterian  Church.
Tuesday, 8 p.m.—B.Y.P.U.
Thursday, 8 p.m.—Prayer moating.
Aubrey McKowan, Malcolm Harris,
'Arnold Holdener. Jack Swan, Pat
Taylor, Jessie Brown, J'enrl ciooiltr-
ham, Harry Paterson. Mack Horle,
Jack Henderson, Willie Taylor, Sherman Harris, Bert Laurie, Kenneth
McNeil. Edgar Sanderson, Hllllard
Simpson, Melville Heinle, Willie MacDonald,  Lillian  Lewis.
Promotions (rom Jim. lih i«, Entrance
Names in order of merit: Juck lie-
nest, Dorothy shuw.
Promotion,, from Men. :tnl lo
Jim. lib.
Names In order of merit : Phyllis
Thompson, Larraine Crime. Dan
Brake, Marion Kuninier, Nancy Nisbet, Margaret Willis, Margaret Eye,
Marion Carr, Blizaboth Miller, Edith
Carlyle, Jack lliirlicr. Marlam Wll.
Hams. Eraser MacKay. Jean Home,
Harry Heise, Hirthcl Benson, -Mabel
Clark, Etta MrOill, Margaret Mclnnis
Jean Beattie, Prank Martin, Ronald
Koffatt, Mary lienest. Helen BriggB,
Jean McPhee and Colvin McBurney
(absent for final examinations but
promoted on term's work.)
Rolls of Honor
Deportment   Hihla steward
Punctuality  and   Regularity
Btrthel Benson, Helen
Brlggs, Marlon Carr, Mabel Clarke, Elizabeth Miller,
Robert Taylor. Marlam
Proficiency   Phyllis Thompson
Sewing, 1st Prize, Jean lleattle; 2nd
Prize Nancy Nlsbet.
S.   D. WHITE.
mvisiox v.
Promoted to Sen. !)rd, 1st Term,
Audrey ('oilier, Ida McOl'c_-
or, David Westai, Paul Harrison, Arthur Sakaguchi, Victor Galbraith, Elsie Wood, May Huchcroft,
Hazel Williams, Jay Welkel, Elmer
Holm, May Cox, Mary Hankins, Nellie
Owens, Mildred Mlddleton, Clifford
Haynes, Nellie Sakaguchi, Kathleen
Haley, James Drew, Mary Robertson,
Rose Burton, Winnie Hainan, Hazel
On Trial. —- Harry Panning, Simon
Promoted to Junior 3rd. 2nd Term
George   Putu.       sheila   Patterson,     Nancy Miles,     Irene Mclnnis,
Kathleen   Dezall,     Clarence Soholey,
Molly Johnson. Kathleen McFarlane,
Ernest   Kennedy. Jessie  Musser, Rupert Porter, Stanley Por'er.
Honor Roll
Proficiency — Donuld MucDonald
Deportment   Grace Prlehard
Regularity and Punctuality
Buelah Hill, Dorothy Steward,
Alex. Williams
Promotions from Jim. .Ird 1st Term
Junior 3rd. in" Term
Donald MacDonald, Dorothy Bridges and Mary Gooilerhani equal; Ma-
rgaret Luscombe and Leslie Kuhnert equal; Dobie MaoDonald. Katherlne Martin. Harold Holdener. Thomas
Moore. Lucille Rofiling, Dougla_ Pulton, Jack Farrell. (Jeorge Hayman,
Buelah Hill. Eileen Cray. Enid Shankland, Grace Prlehard. Florence Pattinson, 1-orna Barber, Marian Hill.
Ida l-ancaster. Hetty Lunn. Elva
Walker. Margaret Johnson, Joseph
Genest. Jeun Niblock. Wilfrid Pocock,
Elsworth Ryan. Lillian Dale, James
Brookes, George Roberts. Ellen Wiles, Tom Boyter, Grace Fleth, Chrls-
sie Charbonncau.
Hecoiunicnilci! Pauline Bowness,
Alex. Williams, Helen KcOIll, Dorothy Steward, Malcolm McPhee.
Honor Rolls
Deportment      Kathleen  Nisbet
Punctuality and Hegularlty
Jame_ Huchcrofl,    William
Hat risen.
Proficiency .... Margaret Henderson
Promoted from Senior --'nil Header to
to Junior 3rd 1st term.
Morgan^ Hendqrson. Winnlfreil
McQuuid, Jean Woods, Willlnm Harrison, James Huchcroft, Harry Christian. May Strachnn, Kathleen Edmonson Burbcra Beale. Donald McKenzie, Mullrlco Godilehls, Jean MacDonald, Phyllis Jeffrey, Bobby Mulrheail,
Ournet Bluine, Genald Eye, Winnie
Stewnrt, Lloyd Burgess, Alberln Jones, Kathleen Nlsbet, David Harvey,
Norman Oalbralth, Ben Walkley. Leonard Lamphier, Clifford Orant, Nell
Calder, Willie McCoy, Hurold While,
Donald Mclnnls, June Collins, Mike
Prost, Jesse Gram, Gene Pnglinm.
Billy Crawford, Joe Walkley.
Jun. Slid Render to Sen. .nil Render
Promotion Results In order of merit:
Sylvia Hill. Donald Macdonald, Ro
bene. Miller, Elva Turner and Nancy
McCrindle, equal, Horace Mullin, Latimer Young, Bertie Pelton, Paulino
Wise, Patrick Harrison and James Dixon equal, Hazel Bawley. Marshall
McPherson, Raymond Luscombe,
Prank Campbell, Elliott Hurris, Harvey Molr, Florence Steward on trial,
Gladys Burton on trial, Roy James,
bn trial, Yuel Guthrie, Robt. McGregor on trial, Horry Wnlkloy.
Ruth McKowan absent for examinations, but promoted on recommend.
Ut Healer to Jan. Sad Header
U ardor at merit:
Jessie South, Sadie Uibbs and Dorothy Flett  absent    from    examinations,   promoted  on   recommendation.
Promoted lo Snd Render
Edna Collier,  tfah Ken. Chow Nam,
Beverley Collier,    crow Hing, Dong
Vun, Mah .Nam. Chow clan, Mary Lamont, ('how cul, i-;,i;ia Baxter, Helen
Gilroy, Mail Chung, Evyonne Williams,
Florence  Johnston,  Wong  Kie.  Hetty
Genest,  Uina  Blggatlnl,    Moon  Woo,
Richard Slye, Prank McClure
Promoted to 1st Render
Noruli   Simpson,  Buuye Futa ,Jack
Pattinson,     Harvey  Blrco,    Gordon
Woods, Edgar (llliln, Evelyn Holden-
r, Kathleen MacDonald, Hubert Ste.'-
eley. Curl .Mullin. Marguerite Walk-
ley, Harold George, Hilda Smith, Cu-
nieuou    MacDonald,     James    Lunn,
Christina   Williams,     Violet   Moore,
Florence Jordan, Mary Leo,  George
Honor Knits
Deportment   ......   Evelyn  Holdener
Proficiency   Buaye Futa
Regularity and Punctunllty Mnh Ken
Rolls of Honor
Proficiency   Jane Nisbet
Deportment   Frank Morro
Perfect Attendance   ..  Hilda  Gillis,
James Halcrow
Promoted from 1st I'rinier to Sn"
Hilda Glllls, James Halcrow, Margaret Rutledge, Donalda Walker, Stanley Helse and Kenneth Haynes equal,
Frank  Morro,    Itudie  Kozak,    Pearl
Wulkley,    Gladys  Rntclllle. Matlhow
Adamson, Greiclien Funck, Kathleen
Haynes, Samuel McCreery, John Niblock.
On trial. — Robert Luscombe. Irma
Taylor, Bernard Niblock.
Remaining In First  Primer—Stanley Whlttnker.
'omnled from Second Primer to
Kirs! Render
■pride of
a*— ownership
Now-a-days a man wants, in a low priced car, more
than four wheels and an engine and a place to sit.
He wants something to be proud of. He wants
handsome appearance, high class finish, comfortable  teats,  easy  riding  springs and  up-to-date
And he wants all these things to be included in
the first cost—not to be classed as extras.
The Answer Is-
Kootenay   Garage
Cranbrook B.C.
George, Derrick Owen, Marguerite
i Morro,      Margaret Smith,   Patricia
Purker. Steve Romonnlk, Chaw V'ny,
i James Macdonald, Keuueth l.ainp'i-
I ie.' ton trial).
Pronioti'il |« s ail Primer
!    1 i 'into Hill, Klchi Margawa. Esther
nil, Pat MacDonald. Robert Willi*. On (he way home fheia  Ferule af-
(in 11 ial       Ruth Cliallemler, John 'er the Fernle-Waldo baseball game
Jane Nisbet, Joyce Coninbell, Theo
I.i (i aril, Jask Parkin. Jo Wong, 'I'l
Laurie. Gordon Speers, Dorothy Mnc-Jmas j;iller. Pallo Ryan, Cecil Mor-
Donold. Sidney Moore, Harold Port-' ri*i"11' l'*-'arl Steward, Hunter McClure
or, Lizzie Godderls. Annie Frosl, Joo -on lrl""
Wnrd. Hilly Burton. Barbara Pulton,
Juck Huberts, Kathleen Baker.
On trial — Edith Walker, Joe
Welsh, Chester Smith.
Remaining in Second Primer — Eth-
Lewls.    Leonard  Porter,    Charlie
Wiles. s. V. McCALLUM.
Promoted to I'lrst Primer
Margaret Berry, Roberta Collins
and Betty Brown equal, Charlie Wilson, Edward Komonui'., Sheila Hen-
Horle, Gordon Rankins, .John
calfo, Oruco Tlto, I-orettu Hobb
Isobcl  Frame
Promoted lo Setiond Term, Senior
Third Reader
Kathleen    Henderson.    Sophia  McGregor, George Helton.
Promoted to Senior TIU-"tl
Number In class H, promotions H '
N.   Miles.  M.   Bridges,   E.   Worden.
Anielie Crane, H.  Heise. M   I.cbeau.
Honor Hulls
Proficiency     Roberta Collins
Deportment       Cecil Morrison
Punctuality and Regularity
Hunter McClure. Charles Wilson.
Enrolment \'.l promotions 39, --  —     .-_.-..
Promoted to Junior III, California tourists recently pas.-ini
Josephine Pascuzzo. Pearl Saund- j through the city stale it Is impossi
a week aco Sunday a party of tlle
Players and Mr. Kyle, of Elko, who
were in Fred Smith's car had a very
narrow escape. To avoid running
into a standing car Mr. Smith had to
sieer very near tbe edge of the road,
with the result ihal (be car went over (he bank. The occupants scrambled out and none of them sustained injury. The car landed right
side up and with only slight damage
lenls Turner. .Nellie   '" """  fronl  Kl,eel and olie.  to the
Norma Sm
Miller. Leitch Paterson, Billle Cameron. Garnet Patmore. Harry Roy, Rita
surprise of those concerned, as the
'drop was a sheer (en feet at least.
Mr. Smith has only Just bought the
possibility    of    being  able to   reach
Banff by car before long, and nre pre-
crs. Florence FInlay, Frank Brennan. j ble lo realize the tremendous volume   dieting that the completion    of    the
Florence    Agland,     Harriet    Home.; of traffic now being handled by auto-  Banff-Windermere road, or tbe  Blue
Prank Malone, Bertie Macdonald, Blr- j mobile   tliere.   without   personal   ex- Circre (rail war   will be one of the
essey. Bliott Dale, Barry Hill, Alan;nle Strachan,    Allan Shaw,    George Iuerlence.    They also state that many most  popular  tourist  routes  on
Cyrli Fanning. Jessie Tlto, Oeorge Kemb-  motorists are keenly interested in (be continent.
McPherson.  Bernice Coleman,
(1) Canadian Pacific Y bri Mint at Revelstoke, B.C; (2) A croup of all secretaries in connection with this touch *t the serricc wha keli
a receni conference at Kenora; (.1) The C.P.R.'a well-equipped huilding at Kenora; (4) Cranbrook, In the Craw'a Meet feu et the Rocky M«».
tttins, has a Iiran.'h of (he Association with a large and active membership;  (5) Scltrrlber, Ont., in another point at which a railroad "Y" Is established.
are open day and nlfht for railread
workers. An effort Ts made te pre-
vide comforts and itimulatiar pro-
Jrammes for the mora) and mental
evelonment and physical recreation.
The objective of the association la
to provide a homelike place "at tho
other end of the run," to iaeure
proper rest, wholesome environment
and stimulus to the qualities that
make for sound character. In all
activities the steadfast aim is to do*
A CLUB that is popularly known
as thu "t.",('--i,'--*t workingman's
club in the world," celebrated its
semi-centcnuiul Sunday, June 11,
That day wns ;. mcmoruhlo one
for the 12'>,0.H. railroad men who
compose i\\t membership of the 209
railroad nssocjfltlona of North America. That dale was the fiftieth
Anniversary or the birth of the rail-
iroad department of the Y.M.C.A,
Thi-; Jubilee was observed In many
■am.ill,  as  well as  in  most  of  the
in the United States, but at the vari
ous points in Canada where railroad
"Y's" are established. The participants were both railroad employees
and executives.
"Y" work haa been carried on in
eastern and western Canada by the
Canadian Pacific Railway for the
benefit of tts employees for the past
IG years with satisfactory results.
Tho general public has little concep.
tion of the stupendous contribution
being made by the Canadian Pacific
.  Hjirge   -railroad   centres,   ml   eaiy Comyuy to Uo moul, nkjnlta! and     Tho  railroad YJLCJ*-  ____iUi»~.
recreational welfare of its employees
and their families, through tbe
whole-hearted support the company
is extending to the railroad "Y's."
The Canadian Parifi-*. has established hranehes of the association at
Ijrnare, Kenora, Chapleati, White
River, Si.lireiber, Field, Kevelstoke
and Cranhrook. The company provides the building, gives a rash donation of $100 a month, as well as providing ire in the summer and fuel
during thc winter months, FAGK   sa
Tlmfrstln), July (till, 1938
iZitv Items of Interest
Insure with Beale &. Elweli.
+   +   +
The Methodist Ladies' Aid will meel
nt the home ot Mr.;. A. J. Ratclltte,
Oardeu Avenue, Tuesday, July 11, nt
3 p.m.
+ f -r
Members ol ihe Rotary Club anil u
number ol Mends were lhe guests
ot Uutarlaii ll. C. Robson in Lumber-
ton Tuesduy evening this week when
the usual pleasant tlmo resulted, thu
effulgence ol Uu- Rotary spirit muk-
iug sure ol ihis. Tlie guests were
entertained io lunch iu the hotel
huilding, where Uie "musicians'
Mi'lke" was pulled oil n. the thorough
consternation ot the majority, who
were not iu llle know of this cure-
fully concocted Blunt. Dancing was
also Indulged in laid on in the evening.
»•   •*•   +
TUNGSTEN LAMPS—16 watl, :10c;
24, 40 and BO wall, 40c; lot) wall N'i-
trogeil, n.00; U,l) wall Nitrogen J1.3G.
VV.  !■'.   DORAN,
Our Prices Win Kvery Time.
+    ■*■■*■
K. II. McPhee has taken over lhe
liuslness of lhe Cranbrook -Agency,
formerly conducted by .1. VV. Spcnce,
and has moved II Inlo his slore. from
whence it will he conducted by Mr.
McPhee, Mr. and Mis. Spence uud
family will bo removing shortly lo
Portland, Ore., where Mr. Spence will
engage exclusively In the life Insurance branch, representing tho New
York Life Co. The family has been
in litis Biey fur upwards of thirteen
years, and their departure will leave
a gap iu many circles which will be
hard to fill.
+   +   +
Heale & Elweli  can Insure    your
baggage, trunks and persona) erfcets
en route to any point.
+   +   r
The annual picnic of lhe Mothodlsl
Simduy School  will    ho    held nexl
Wednesday, July 12th.      The picnic
will ho at Oreen  Hay and cat's will
leavo the church at 12 o'clock noon.
Scholars and friends are requested to
assemble not later than 11.45.
+   +   +
A Safely Deposit Box wllh Beale
& lilwell's Vault Is a sale Deposit tor
your valuable papers.
Kr. and Mra. U .1. Taylor and tam.
Hy wish lo express their sincere appreciation tu ull those who so kindly assisted them In any way during
their recent liereavi'liictil.
Mrs. Fred Swltzer, of Kimberley,
wus ahlo lo leave the hospital al the
beginning of lhe week, much improved.
+   +   T
We have Just received our Spring
shipment uf  Linoleum.    Prices $1.10
per square yard.
Our low prices wlu every time,
+    +    +
The Baptist Women's Mission Circle will meet ut the home of Mi's. \Y.
J. Johnson, corner of Garden Avenue
und Louis Street, on Tuesday, July
\ llili. id :'. p.iii.
+  +  +
I   Joseph  Demlchel   of Nelson    has
| purchased iiie former hreiinan place
I from John Roberts, and will ro in lor
truck gardening mi an extensive
scale.   The ileal was handled hy Mi r.
iiln llros.
+   +   +
| Hull' un inch of rain [ell iu tbe city on Tuesday and Wednesday, during the heavy nildduy showers.     Tlie
i rainfall wus purely local, however,
fanners u short distance out roporu
I lug very llttlo ruin then, and others
! farther out utllt none at all
+ + +
W'oid was resolved by wire thla
week thai lhe plans for the addition
to the Central School have been approved by lhe Department or Education al Victoria. The school hoard
has lust no lime iu acting upon this
Information, and is now advertising
both locally and In outside points 1"''
'tenders on the erection of lhe huilding.
+ + I
Our Spring shipment of Congoleum
Rugs is now in and on display.
Our tow prices win overy timo
+ + +
Mocers. Holbrook and I'Mdio, scene
arlisls from Seattle, have been busy
for somo days making changes lu the
Star Theatre singe arrangements,
which will enable thot popular picture house to tuke on road shows,
and otlier attractions for the theatre
going public ihat. call for singe accommodation. The present stage is
being projected out into the pit,
wliere tliere has been space helween
the front seats and the orchestra.
An artistic advertising curtain ts nl-
lo heing worked out by the firm, who
Imve undertaken a great deal of Iliis
Vork in the past in till parts of the
wesl. This arrangement will cnuh-
le the Slur management to put on
special nets and sketches, as well
as general vaudeville when Uie oc*
ension offers, and'it Is possible that
something of Mils nature may he-
come part of the Star regular program. 1   " -^Jf"
We Extend Our Thanks
Having disposed of the Cranbrook Agency Co. lo Mr.
B. H. McPhee. I take this opportunity of thanking Ihe
iiiniiy patrons for their bus! ness during the past several years, and bespeak for my successor the siatne cordial
business relations extended me in the past
Yours truly.
J. W. Spence.
Local Brick For Sale
For Samples and Prices call al Brick Yard.
Columbia Brick Company
_ miles north of Cranhrook
C. Wallace. Manager Hox Jilt
. Cocal news.
Mrs. E, Watson aud little baby returned home txanx tbe hospital ou
Mrs. J. P. Smith returned to the ct-
y on Thursday of lust week alter an
.bsence of ubout u mouth-
Mrs. Manley and children, of Sac-
omonlo* spout, tbo week-end hero,
■Meets ot Mr. and Mrs. W. K, Was sou,
\v, c Barr, ol Jaffray, who Iuih
leotl in ih*-- hospital here, returned
home lust Priday much Improved
Mrs. Harold Wasson nml daughter
Mian Bornlco, ot Imperial, ure visiting nt presont with Mr, und Mra. W.
K.  W.iss.,11.
Miss Woodland and Miss Blanken-
back wenl up to Qolden by ear lust
week-end, where Miss Woodland will
Join  hor  relatives.
Chief ot Police D. Halcrow returned ui tke beginning of tiie week frtom
Victoria where ho attended tbe police chief's   convention.
Due hundred of Pernte's citizens
signed tbo guarantee for next year's
Chautauqua, notwithstanding thin
year's deficit.—Ferule Free Press.
Mrs. J. ll. Webster, of Creston, is
eported to be making quite fnvor-
blo progress after her bad accident
Mr. mnl Mrs. H, Luscombe und family are now occupying the tllbbs
bouse os l.uiuHileu venue, whieh they
bave purchased.
Cranbrook District
Well know that in UNITY UES STRENGTH, and for that
reason can Improve ihelr present circumstances exceedingly hy becoming it member of the Farmers' Institute,
the first meeting of which, under the new management,
will he held on
ui 8 p.m. sharp.
The fanners, if united in one body, have at tlie present
lime an opportunity not likely to come again for a few
Diroclors inceiiii_ the same evening nt 7.8H
— NOW  Ol-T.N —
We Guarantee Satisfaction to Patrons.
Prices Reasonable -   Prompt Service
Speclul   TiiMcn   Vor   .Utiles
'lired eyes, headaches and
tlie like arv often permanently
cured by tbe use of good eyeglasses.
Suppose "specs" do make yuu
look a little older, what mutter'.' Hotter save your eyes
while you can.      Our eyes are
open to discover defects iu f
yours, if you give us the oppor- J
lunlty. ,
W. H. Wilson
Mr. nml Mrs. P. M. MacPherson
Lilts week removed to their new home
where llteratlons were recently completed for them.
Mrs. A. L. McQratb, i Bull Riv-
, returned to her home on Sunday
last, much Improved after   a stay In
the hospital.
Mrs. P. J. Harrison loft nn Saturday last for Calgary where she will
spend a month or so visiting with
her son, Mr. Stirling Harrison.
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Flnlt and family
left by cur early this week on a trip
to Spokane to visit with relatives for
a short time. Mr. Fink expected to
return In a week or ten days.
Mr. ami Mrs. J. S. Thornley and
family left on Monday for Oliver.
B.C., where they will make tlieir new
homo, and where later Mr, Thornley
may engage in business for himself.
Mr. Lee Herlc, of Yahk. returned
home Thursday of this week after a
stay of several weeks at tbe hospital, through serious illness.
The following from Cranbrook are
officially registered al tbe Fourth International Mining Convention alJ
Nelson this week: Chas. Evans; B. W.
lOvans; M. Nelson; O. T. Carr; Mr.
and Mrs. J. P. Huchcroft; A. A. MacKinnon; Mrs. U E. McBride.
Mr. and Mrs. \V. H. GlbbB and family moved out to Patlon's Lake last
week-end, intending 'o spend the
summer ihere. Tbey will later return to the city and occupy the Luscombe place on Martin Avenue, which
Mr. QtbbB has purchased, und which
he  will  enlarge.
Hr. aud Mrs. P. W. Green left on
Wednesday for Spokane, where Dr
Oreen Is attending meetings of the
Pacific North West Medical Assoc
latlon, expecting 1W 1)e absent till
the end *of the week. Dr. ,A. O.
Thompson, -of Yahk, is here In tho
meantime relieving for Dr. Green,
Itev. nnd Mrs. B. \V. MacKay are
away foom tbe city for the nexl three
or four weeks, holidaying near Proc
tor, Kootenay Lake. During Mr. Mac-
Kay's absence, Kev. W. T. Tapscott
is conducting united services between
the Baptist und Presbyterian Church*
es, Both services on Sunday next
will be held iu Knox Church.
Rev. W. T. Tapscolt, pastor of the
Cranbrook Baptist Church, has received a call to the pastorate of lhe
Douglas Street Baptist Church, Victoria, which he has under consideration. While attending tbe convention at the Coast ho was Invited to
preach there. Mr. Tapscott was also asked whether he would consider
still to the Chilliwack Church.
Horn. — At tho St. Bugene Hospital, on Saturday, July lst, to Mr,
and Mrs. I-'.. Clark, of Wycllffe, u son.
Mr. and Mrs. v. '/.. Manning went
nut to the coast at the end of lust
week, Mr. Manning acting its ana of
Ute public school examiners at Victoria, marking up the examination papers. ,
Mrs. P. V. Harrison was a visitor ou Tuesday to Bull River, with
Mrs. E. Home. On Thursday of tbis
week sho will leave for Kuslo on a
■holiday of gome weeks, being followed on Monday by Rev. P. V. Harrison  and three boys.
Miss Staples ami (Miss McKenzie
motored up to Windermere on Priday
lust, intending to spend a few days
there beforo going on up lo the main
line. Miss Staples will spend the
month July at the Coast, and intends
later to proceed to her home at Avon lea.
Ben Palmer of Vancouver was a
business visitor here on Tuesduy, en
route to his former home in Cranbrook. Mr. Palmer formerly owned tbe forty acres along Goat Mountain whicli waa purchased about three
years ago by Hugh Taylor. — Creslon Review
Angus Ilny, district agriculturist,
left with his brother last week-end
for Calgury, where they have beeu
vloitlng Uio fair, being especially interested In the livestock end. Mr.
liny was expected to return this
week-end, in lime lo look alter the
wool shipment which is to be taken
up  shortly,
Creston Is now the headquarters tor
an export liquor warehouse doing
business under provintcal license iu
the storehouse on the Creslon Hotel
property, which lmB just been fitted
up. s. J. Matthews is In charge,
and business is carried on undor the
name of Creston Kxporl Liquor Company. — Creston  Review,
Is. It. Williams, or Summerland, is
expected to arrive in the city very
shortly, and will take full chargo of
the mechanical cud of the Herald.
He spent some lime here earlier in
the season, and on his return tliis
time will probobly be accompanied
by Mrs. Williams und llttlo daughter. Mr. Williams has had a life experience in tlte printing business, aud
his extensive practical knowledge
will enable the Herald to keep abreast of the increasing demand being
made upon il for work of the finer
class, as well as the general run of
work, which continues to Increase.
M. Heron, of Kelov/ua, well known
dairyman and practical Irrlgatlonlst,
was one of the party of visiting dairy
men here last week, wlio notwithstanding the late hours of tbe night before, was up betimes hist Thursday,
and wenl out over the Mission prairie in company with H. H. MbClure.
He wns much impressed with the
possibilities of the district, especially with irrigation, which Is hound to
come sooner or later, ind thtg opinion, coming from a practical mun who
hus wrestled with Irrigation and
dairy problem* for yours Is no less
valuable than the more technical reports, though just as essential, or tho
* •
* W E I) D IN G •
* *
(From the Calgary Herald)
St. Mark's Church, South Calgary,
was tlie scene of u quiet and pretty
wedding on Wednesday, June 28,
when Ztllft Mandsley Blrkett, youngest daughter of lhe lute (Jeorge Bir-
kett, Esq., or Bittern Luke, Alberta, mul Brampton, Cumberland, England, was united In marriage to Mr.
Septimus Stuart Ramsay, youngest
aon of J. L. Runisay, Esq., of Crunbrook, B.C. Uev. II. H. Wilford ot-
riciuteil. The bride entered tlie
church on the arm of Mr. A. L, Davis, charmingly gowned iu a model of
white chiffon taffeta with hat to
mutch, carrying a bouquet of Ophelia rosea, uud was attended by her
sister, Miss Mary Blrkett, of Stettler, Alberta, who wore a smart frock
of blue and gold canton crepe, with
hat to correspond, and carried a bouquet oi' marigolds ami asparagus tern.
Mr, Godfrey Runisay, brother of the
groom acted as best man. Afler the
ceremony a wedding supper was served at the residence of Mr. and Mrs,
A. L. Davis, lhe happy couple leav-
isg later lu the evening lor Banff,
und points at tlie coast. Mr. aud
Mrs. Rumsey will reside at Uth-
brldge on their return.
Books  required by  pupils,    to    be
bought by pupils:
Entrance  Class.
50 Lady ot tlie Lake, Stevenson's.
Publisher's price SOc.
72 Scott's Ivanhoe, edited by Fanny
Johnson.    Macmlllan   Pub.   Co..  SOc.
72 Lamb's Tales from Shakespeare,
Copp  Clark,  SOc.
72 Selections from Irving and Hawthorne, B.C. edition, by Stevenson.
Copp Chirk Co., SOc.
120   Public   School   Spellers.   Copp
Clark Co, (.or Entrance nnd Junior
For Junior Fourth.
50  Elementary Composition, Alexander and Mowah, Gage Co.
50 History or England   ror   Public
Schools, Macmillan Co.
"i0 Dominion School Geography. B.
C. edition.. Educational Book Co,
Highroads" English Dictionary.
■o Nelson's Royal Atlas for Canada,
About 175 Chiefs or Police were
In attendance at the annual convention held last week ut Victoria, und
attended by Chief of Police Halcrow
of this city, and many topics of interest in police circles were discussed. Several resolutions were discussed lo amend sections of the criminal code* and were passed, nnd will
be presented in due course to the
Hon. tho Minister of Justice at Ottawa for consideration. Valuable experiences and suggestions were exchanged. Among the proceedings, in
tbe matter of enforcing law und order, tlie Police Chiefs of British Columbia, numbering over 50, had the
honor or being addressed by the Hon
tlie Attorney-General, A. M. Manson,
nnd In the course uf bis address oi
law enforcement generally, and tli"
Liquor Control Act In particular, he
let It ho understood that ihe Intentions of Ills department were the
strict enforcement of the law. During the convention, when not in session the citizens of Victoria excelled
themselves in endeavoring to provide recreation for the member-* of tlie
Society Brand Clothes
sot Ett*
You'll Find Style and Value
Here as Always
$37.50 to $60.00
Mrs. Wm. Burgess und lhe Misses
Margaret and Myrtle llurgcss. of Toronto, arrived tu tlie city on Wednesday, and will visit for a fow weeks
with Mr. and Mrs. P, W. Burgess bo-
Pore going on to Vancouvor and oth-
sr coast points.
A largo number of local people
went up to Windermere by car lust
week-end, taking advantage of the ho
liday. Others took their rod and tackle and went out fishing. ,A few more
went plcnicing. and still others went
to Fernle. Most of thoso left took
J ii the celebration here, explaining
why ihere wus not a very big crowd.
Itev, W, T. Tapscott renamed from
the coast on Thursday lust, where
be nt tended meetings of the B.C. Baptist Convent Inn. On Sunday last Mr.
Tapscoll conducted united -services
between tho Baptist and Presbyterian
mgregiitions, which will continue
all during thla month, ln the absence
from the city of Kev. 1.3. W. MacKay,
-• **■—.  -ni,_-«„h   „„  vr_i.at__tll.
A party in a Pord cur had a very
unpleasant experience on Wednesday
evening on tlie Moyle road, from
which they were extremely lucky to
emerge without any serious barm.
In the ear were Mrs. Wolfer, who
yas driving, Mrs. O. N. Purker, and
four children, three of Mrs Parker's
family and one of Mrs. Wolfer's. In
apjproaching the riv-^r at the foot of
tlie hill near Lumberton, the car
camo on to a loose piece of road, and
failed to make the turn pro.
perly.- It went into the side of the
bride and ovor into the river, where
it landed upside down. How the oc-
cupanta survived this drop of about
eight or ton foet is not dear, but they
all managed to clamber on top of the
ir in the water, from which preenr-
lous position they were rescued ali.
out an hour or no lat r, when Mr.
nnd Mrs. Harry White came along in
their car. None of the victims of lho
mishap are believed to be any the
worse for tbelr experience, excepting for a slinking up and a bruitio ot
two. ■
MrB. John Aldrldge and baby returned home to Kimberley on Tues.
day of this week.
Mrs. M. McCreery left ou Wednes-
day's train for Knslo, wliere sho
will enjoy a holiday for some time.
Mr. and Mrs. A. c. Blaine are enjoying a short holiday Ibis week in
tho Windermere, and up at the Hol
Born, ■— On Tuesday, July -til*, lo
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Brown, of this
city, at the SI. Kugeiie Hospital, n
The local Orange Lodge Is going to
mark the "glorious twelfth," on Wednesday of next week with a whist
drive und dance, to be held In the
Maple nail.
* G.W.V.A. NOTES •
Mr, P. II. Hooper, of the 3. C. IL,
Vancouver, will be In town on Saturday July 8th, and will address a
meeting of all relurned men and ile-
mdehts on government Insurance
for returned men and ibeir dependents; As tbo time Is now becoming
very short for those wbo wish lo
take advantage of this form of insurance it will be worth while ror anyone interesled lo hear Mr. Hooper at
the O. W. V. A. i.t s.tr, ou Saturday.
Mr. Hooper is -tn expert on ihe sub-
Joct, being In charge ni' this phase
or re-eslublishinent work, and will be
ablo to clear up uny mi.unulei'stuud-
ing on any doubtful point.
. The Vets are pulling on a Smoker
al the Club premises on the ir.th Inst.
All members nre invited lo be present to enjoy themselves. Tlie Steward ^ busy ou urt'ungetnents and so
iho participants can be assured that
they will be well looked after.
This Is the open season for election yams, and the following fs a
good one In some respects, noted In
the columns of the Vancouver World
early this week: "Tiiat the Conservative convention being held In the
Crunbrook riding to uominute a enn-
■tldute Tor the by-e'.oction necessary
Ihere to fill tbe vacancy caused by
tho resignation of Hon. Hr. J. H. King
who resigned Ills seat in the probiu-
clal cabinet uud house to (uke the
portfolio of minister of public works
in the federal government, will result in either Dr. P. W. Oreen or N.
A* Wallinger taking tbe field, Is the
opinion of membera of tiie party here
who are iu touch with tiie situation in
Cranbrook. Dr. Oreen Is well known
all through the riding, and is the former partner of Dr, J. H. King. Mr.
Walllnger Is ulso an old-time resident
of the interior. He was formerly hi
tbe gold commissioner's olllce nt Pt.
Steele, B.C., and when the government oWce-s wero removed lo Cranbrook went with them."
Oranbrook Fire Dept.,
July 3, 1922
Mr. Jas. Kerrigan,
Pear Sir: Your letter, of
the 28th ult wiih .enclosure received. Allow me on
behalf of tlte boys of the
(brigade to thank yourself,
Mr. Austin and the Medley
ShawMMlng Co. for your
much appreciated kindness.
Yours very truly,
- C. P. p.
::   Will* -THICKEN   is
Fine Juicy, Milk-Fed
HKOIM.KS hut ham: at
76c. HAUL
riic Hrown Poultry Hunch
POUT STKIOLK     -     B.C.
J. K. Chorlton
TCAI'lll.lt OP
Tl-BMS    -     Jl Pot Union
— l'liono M0 —
l-biin, t.
We pir tht bait prices going for ill
UlndH   of   furnltura.     W, bur »ny*
thing from t roniiM trap to in tutu-
W. W. Kllby. Auctioneer nml Vainer
Mrs R.W. Edmonson
rertiili-,1 Tucker, WM.
I'liimc  3SI
Cranbrook Cartage & Transfer Co.,
Furniture nml  IliiKtraff.- Trau»f«rr«il
• 8    PHONE    61


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