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Cranbrook Herald Jun 4, 1908

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/   ■* I
- teog
RIA.  B, C
NO. 11
(Special to (be H.-I..U )
Nelson, June I.—The largest con
Volition ever beltl lu lbe Kootenays
conveiiod today at tbe opera house,
tliere ttt-ini; one liunilretl mid lifty
voles cast', ai»l many Liberals in attendance wlm were not delegates.
Most ol tbe delegates arrived last
evening and bave been kept busy
sizing up ihe situation. Tliere was
a total absence of anything in tbe
way ol machine politics, as no slate
was prepared and no delegates were
instructed except tbat Irom every
point iu tbe district good words
were said Ior Dr. King, wlio positively announced tbat lie wouhl not
be a candidate. Tbis lelt the Held
open, and the other candidates were
fl. fl. Buchanan, o( Kaslo, F, .1.
Dean.', ot Nelson, ami Smith Curtis,
of Kossland.
Mr. Curtis soon became a favorite
in the contest and was' backed by
the solid vote ol Kast Kootenay.
The convention was called to order
at two o'clock with F. .1. Deane,
president, as temporary chairman,
with A, Johnson as secretary.
A credential committee was appointed with !•:. I£. Small, ol Cranhrook, and Oeorge Boultoti, ol Fernie, representing Kast Kuotenay.
A recess of an half hour was taken
to permit the committee to arrange
their work, and then John Kcan, of
Kaslo, was elect-tit permanent chairman, ami Deane™ Buchanan and Cur-
lis were placetl iu nomination ami lhe
vote taken, resulting as follows:
Curtis, tli.
Hiichniiaii, 31).
Deane, 22.
On motion of Mt. Deane, seconded
by Mr. Ituchnnan, the nomination
was made unanimous.
The convenlioii was mosl cnihusias
tic and nil three ol the candidates
were given a good   bearing,
Mr. Curtis made a telling speech
that aroused the delegates to the
heighlh u[ enthusiasm, as .ill recognised in bim a sure winner.
(Ooldcn  Times )
Uh.it illicit bave been the worst
tragedy over committed in this sec
thm of the country, was narrowly
avoided yesterday.
It scorns that a bunch ut Hindu*
cmployetl at the Columbia lUvci
Lumher cnmnani 's mill here, wore
sending out all the Ik-si lumber, and
keeping the worst. The foreman ovei
ihe hunch win. is ,i Frenchman, gave
tbem a falling down about   it.
Thc colons!  men not  wauling to In-
overrun    by a    white, qutckl)  netted
llie Fietiehman, and weir in lbe acl
ol caiiylng him over to one ..I ihe
s.tws, when a young hid. seeing what
thev weie ahout to do with his til-
low workman, picked up ■* big slab
and shuck the Hindus ovei On* head,
In hii:iiii'. tbem to the HOOI like a
buii'li.'d "I brick.
Alter Hwj hail recovered (nun Hie
blow, thev made utter the Iml, hul
when seeing that they were turning
mi bim, be quickly made his vvnj to
Uie ground below.
K. Home, secretary ol tho East
Kootenny Lumlier company, returned
lasl week from an extensive trip
Ul rough the provinces of Alberta,
Saskatchewan nnd Alberta. Speaking uf lhc ciop prospects Mr. Home
ttntal   to a  representative ol the
I l.i .1.1 I lui I In- never saw those
|irov.lnccH looking better. There have
ihii enough rain lo put the ground
hi ...'...I shape and If the crops get
llii.niv.il the month of June all light,
iml      n..|     injured    by  the slight
mi-is 11...I usually come wilh the
nil moon in August, Western Canada
iv III" surprise lbe world wilh its yield
it ii.iiu Tin' acieage lids year is
i.in.ii than last and il the harvest
ive ages up the prairie country    will
 i gtitsl io thousands ol people. Ow-
ni- i.. the slioi'lnge iu crops last
.ear, nnturalij money is tight and
ins ness rather slow, but with sue-
tv. this yeal the threo proviiiees
.m!1 wiiti) an unprecedented era ut
Mi.,|i.'tilv, which will have a most
icu-lieinl effect oa Hie lumber district
if llrilisli Columbia.
es of  fruit laud, one   mile
Will sell cheap for      cash.
"C.   It," care ot     Herald
Yesterday   was   the   birthday    ol
His  Koyal Highness the Prince      ot
Wales, wlm, being horn iu  IxtiiV      is
t:i years of age.     Prince (leorge    ot
Wales, the sailor prince, has,      ever
nee his youth, when he was a naval
dot on the old "Brittnnia," lieen a
vorile with thc English people. The
imantic story of Ids life is   pretty
ut I known by all who follow      up
lorn historv.      His elder brother,
Prince Albert Victor,   Duke of Clar-
,„.[', affectionately known in  his  regiment, the HMh    lluzzars, as "Collars and Cuffs," was at the time    ol
his  death,   iu   18D2,    engaged to be
married   to    Princess   May ol Teek,
Many were the unkind remarks, when
the        following       year Prince
Ot >rgc married his late
hri.'l hei's fiancee, hut no matter
it the world said, the union has
veil Id he a most happy one and
there are no two people more poptt-
in the empire today than the lu-
iiiie king and queen. The Prince o!
Wales is no stranger in Canada and
l month will sec bim in tlie
Dominion again at- the (Juebcc cde-
biYlion. Following in the footsteps
his father, the king, he has that
l ,n I and Insight into the other fet-
lov's view of the case, and a continuance of that regime of "peace
wiih honor," which has characterized
tlu- rclgn id lhe present King.
Much interest is being taken in thc
i >t in the forthcoming Dominion
RlrtbU-ioti nl Calgary. The fair will
pen on .lune till and close .lulv 9,
n.l lbe enterprising people or Cal-
,. . are making every effort to en-
re its success. The grand stand
i Victoria park Ims heen enlarged
i nccommodnto 1,500 people, and all
in- preparations for Hie fair are be~
.i mafic on an extensive scale.
The Dominion exhibition is an important annual event in the west, It
. I..-i.l under federal government auspices, and tbe selection ol the loca-
nui ol the fair is decided upon year-
\ .it Ottawa. Winnipeg and New
Wesituinslci   have  previously       been
oied. and u  seems to he general-
lonctiltsl thnt  the rapidly-growing
imp..riant   citv   of  Calgary       is
I entitled to tlie bencftts ol    the
ure this year.
Joaquin Miller, the poet ol Sierras,
is something ol a recluse and rarely
comes into San Francisco, but when
he does, he Is made a good deal id a
Htm. On his last visit he was onu
of the guests nt a rather formal dinner at a friend's house where he
staved over night. Ills hostess hatl
known the poet since her childhood,
so she lelt privileged, neit morning.
to discourse to him ol the beauties "I
the Parisian gown she had worn tbu
night belore, beauties which seemed
to have escaped his observation.
Mr. Miller listened to all that,
had to say and remained silent.
"But didn't you really like
dress?" pleaded the lady.
"Well* replied the poet, "1
like part of it well enough."
The lady brightened.
"Indeed?" the said.    "What part?"
"The part you had on," answered
the poet. And that ended the dis
Sii Roberl ii Keid died In Montreal lasl Tuesday.
-ii Robert Gillespie Keid was a
grenl rallwnj contractor. He was
ii<>n; iu Cupar-Angus, Scotland* He
l.uilt ihe heaviest section of (he C.
P H Vmong his works are thc In-
ii'tn.itii-ii.il bridge across lhe,Niagara
iim-i .i iiiuii..- across the Colorado,
ml the Laelune bridge across the St.
Lawrence, three-quarters ol a mile
long In 1 n.»k he contracted with
tn,. Newfoundland government to
□pernie, all trunk ami line branches
on lhe island lor fllty years, paying
\|.uuu.urn   in   li.ni,l   Im   reversion      of
whole lines al the end ol that period
nnd receiving additional land conces-
nil ns amounting to about (our and a
ball million acres, thus becoming one
..i ihe largos! land proprietors in the
world lie 1 unshared all his inter-
,-.is I*. tin- Iteiii Newfoundland coin-
pany, »l which he was the lirst pro-
sideni. lie was a director of the
Rank of Montreal, C, P. IL and tlie
Royal Tiust company. He was
created n knight in 1007.
(The Commercial.)
In ,i small Folder entitled "Aerograms" the poetic genius ot the
Southern Engineer reels off the lollowing rait ling good suggestion to
dealers in all kinds ot merchandise
who arc drilling toward the decattent
line in business:
Tell us, are yuu advertising
In the same old foolish way
That vour grand-Mad did before you,
And persist, "It doesn't pay"?
Think Ihe whole    world knows   your
"'Cause      it   hasn't    changed   in
Wouldn't the pathos of such logic
Drive a blllygont to tears?
"Just n card" is all you care lor,
Hidden, lonesome and unread,
Like the sign upon a tombstone
Telling folks that you are dead.
Wake up, man, and take a tonic,
hunch your hits and make a drive,
Run a page and change your copy,
ADVERTISE and keep alive!
The   ministerial   party of Victoria
A walk among the truck farms and , . ,s
market   garden.?    in lbe   immediate »"•«* £*   ™jjy   afternoon
No. li, coining   direct   from Nelson,
into East Kootenay. \ iih a population ol slightly over 3,0'tO the school
attendance is far above 'he average
ft.r a population of tbis size
vicinity of Cranbrook, will convince
anyone that this city is going te be
tbe center ol a very large vegetable
glowing industry m the near future. Never did the market gardens
look better at this season ot thu
year, a'tid never was there greater
promise of ahuudant crops. Thu
tains of*last mouth have made irrigation utinecfssary uud consequently
tbe quality id lbe vegetables win be
better, because, ul though artiliehtl
watering is a goud thing in dry
years, there is nothing equals "tbt.
gmiial rain from heaven," lor the
production of garden sass- Although there are a number of
Chinese gardners on St. Joseph's
prairie, still a number ot while uiui
are distinctly holding their own and
gradually ' introducing modem
methods of cultivation.
Percy Coo has about an acre planted with all the standard vegetable.-.
which could uot look better. The
balance of his four acres is devoted
to his white Plymouth rock fowls,
of which Iw has several hundred. Mr.
Coe swears by the White Plymouth
rock as a winter laying ben, and
bandied and cared for as tbey are ou
Mr. Cue's larm, there is no doubt
about their good qualities.
A Jolliffe has one ol thu best kept
places ou tlie prairie ou which ue
grows a large quantity of vegetables
and keeps a nerd ul Jersey milk
cows. Jn addition to his lour acres
on the prairie Mr. Jolliffe bas ltfU
about a mile and a hall nor in west of
the lown which he is getting under
cultivation. On his home farm Mi.
Jolliffe has every variety of vegetables growing, but he devotes the
greater urea to mangols and potatoes, though he has a considerable
quantity oi    peas,   beans ana    tool
where Ihey hnd been tendered a
replioii, public meeting and banquet
the night before. The party consisted of Premier McKrtde, Hoo. Dr
Young, minister of education, tod
I Ion. Dowser, attorney general
and wife, and secretaries McRar and
fl. II. Jennings. A large number ol
Conservatives met the distinguished
v.isitors at the train, and alter a lew
moments devoted io greetings and
Introductions they were escorted to
tin. Cranhrook hotel and assigned
The party have had a most interesting und pleas-ant trip since leaving
ihe capital city, having visited tbe
principal cities ol the coast country,
the Okanagau valley, the Boundary
country, Kossland, Kaslo and Nelson. From Cranhrook the party
went to Fernie, returning to the
coast by way of Spokane.
IK J. Johnson, president of the
('onservative association, presided.
Dr. Young, of Atlin, the minister of
education, was the first speaker. The
doctor spoke along Hie lines of education in tlie province and made tbe
announcement tbat, after the summer
holidays, all thc children attending
schools in the province would be
supplied wilh free school books uad
further, that every school iu British
Columbia wouhl lie furniwhed with a
In ion Jack aud that the pupils will
be instructed in its meaning as a
national and imperial emblem. Thu
attorney-general, Mr. Bowser, followed Dr. Young, ami iu his humorous
way, reviewed politics from a provincial aud a Dominion point ot view,
aud laid a great deal of stress upou
what he called "the iniquitous Ay-
lesworth bill."     Tlw premier follow-
crops. Last year be raised twelve^ the attorney-general. "Dtek
tons ol potatoes to the acre and ex- [McBride is always popular, nol duly
pwts.t?,.-<^ even hetwr this year. wHh |lis own party but wiMl ^su
Mr. Joliffe is a chicaen fancier, and whu ure opiKHiWi to Mm politically,
brown Leghorns are bis particular I ml Ule audience which ftlled Mie
fancy.     Like the other matters    on opwa jluUSC showed, by the applause
!,.,_    mnn      l_u       hone       ...   h,_,_._!    ., iwl ... ..... '        .     .    .  .      r"    ..
his larm, the   hens   ace housed ami
looked alter    ia    thc must ncienuliu
and up-to-date manner,
K. IV. Hyatt has an eight acre rand
with whieh they greeted liim, thut
he had lost none of his popularity
with tbe people ol Cranbrook. Mr.
iMeBridu is a speaker who is alway
almost wholly devotee to vegetable' pleasing to listen to and, on last
growing, some three acres Iieing Ktiday evening, lie certainly had his
planted with potatoes. The most audience witli him. The premier
striking thing on Ins larm are the spoke along general lines, but refer
peas, whieh last Sunday were fully 1nil particularly to the growing im *
lourteen or lifteen inches liigb aim are pollance ol the   Iruit glowing Indus*
certainly the most lorward peas
the district. Air. l'yatt believes in
thorough cultivation ami his hind
slums tliat he carries out whut be believes.
.Mr. I'attciMMi, .lie dairy man, devotes bis land lo growing rout crops
(or his cows and bas only sultleient ot
a garden for bis -household consumption. Tbe same may be said ol
.V. 11. llardget't, who dei-olcs bis
land to growing llul, bis clover being a iiiagnitlccnt    sight, being liilly
try. Mr. Mcllride pleased the peoplu
id riuiibiook by the kindly way in
which he spoke ol Dr. .). II. King,
the member (or t-he Cranbrook <i!s-
Irict, to whom he referred as "a
iiirmtier of the opposition benches who
had earned t-he respi-el ol every mem-
lu-t ol tiie pruvincial parliament*."
Soma TirstH-luss son**s were rendered during the evening by .lusi-ph
Ityau, K. Worthington and V. W.
Keeves, aud a swm-d dance was
given by Charlie McCowan, he bring
twenty inches     high Alrva.li  and   as jai-cumpaliii-d by his lather on the bag-
iliii-K as it can possibly glow. ipil'i-s.
lohn Uieiiii.ui hus a large area | TIh- distinguisiied visitors evidently
planitil in turni|K», carrots, cabbage enjoyed their short stay in t'ran-
mul p.,ui"i-s. Mr. Brennan (kuds a'br,*.ik. particularly the premier, who
iviidi salt* lur all be cau produce in has a luis-l of Iriends in the commuu-
Moyie and other points in the    district.
Iilruost Soill-h's pn-tty place is looking very spick and span with a larg,-
spans,' ol jiotaUK's imrly up una
.vallingi-i     reuis   most of bis
place    to a   Cninaiuan,   but In
pnit  In- retains Lie apple trees
ity and   win, always refers tu    this
pluco as "(loud uld Cranbrook."
TIh* following gentlemen lett    for
Ne.Mii] yesterday   to attend the Lib-
ihe fi.il convention which took place in
an that city loday:   Hi.    .1. II.   King,
all in bloom, giving bis pretty home (icorge lluggiirtli, It. IC. lleattie, h.
a very bright appearance. |ll.   Small,   W. Ilalsall, Lorn I.angin
Tht-iv an* a iiiiiubei ol Chinese gard- ami V. K. Simpson, rcpn-sent*-
ni-rs un St. Joseph's prairie, aiming ing Cranbruuk; S. Iln-wt-r, R. A.
them All fhooii, Tom Young, AhiKimplun ami Captain It. (1. Thorold,
Qufty am. Sing Lee. All ol these Irom Hie Windi-ruieri- imuitrii, Dr.
men' have large crops ot all kinds of Wall* and (leorge (ieary, Irom Koit
igeta-bieu, including acres anil acres Sui-le, Messrs. Allen and Fil/.paiiii-k,
,f onions in tlie cultivation ot w-tiicb (rum   Marysville and   Kimherley. .1,
vegelaWe llie.y anu to he eip-frts.
llu tin- .lames Finlay ranch, soulli-
i-asl of llu- town, Dennis l/u,mg has a
r4-iu.-iikaMi> giMtl showing and       has
alsiut   twelve Chinamen  working lor 'represr-nted hy eit-her delegates
him. Ipruxies.     A meeting was held
I'. Farrell ami ll. 11. Smith, Irom
Moyie, and (liahaiii Donohoe trom
Wurdner. Crothers mill, l*crry
Creek, Yahk and Wasa will cacti be
Mrs. Williatd's    crops of all kinds Tuesday evening In   Uie  dining-room
it looking splendidly aud bespeak an'ol the   Cosmopolitan hotel to      ar*
abundant harvest.
Tlie lti.l,iiis*.>ii*.Mi*Ki'u*i,' Lumbei
i-utiipaiiy's Ih-.iuti.ul tract of garden
laml never looked belter and between
Mr. Dulmage and Mr. Asiwortii,
both of t-hem rlosc students of plant
llie, this plot wlll be well worth
walking out lo see.
South ol tlie lown W. Smoke, WIK.
Doran aud William Hush have quite
considerable crops ot vegetables
plant.-.1 Mr. Dornu's strawberry
Held Is a beautiful sigh, just now,
the plants being in full bloom.
While   Mr   Hamilton Is essentially
(t-enernl    III.    Hon.    Sir llcdverr
Henry Huller,    K.C.B.,   V.C., I'.C,
who has   been ill   lor some    wi-efts,
an .in-li.-iii.isl, and his orohard is    a died on Tuesday morning.     He  was
range lor the representation ol
various points nt Nelson. It was at
Ihis meeting tha. Dr. .1. II. King,
alter having lieen assured ol the unanimous support of the Kast Kootenai* delegation, announced tbat under
no circumstances would be accept the
nomination as a candidate lor the
Dominion bouse.
grand sight just now, being one mass born in ls.'tfl
ol pink and while bloom, lie de-
voles a good deal ol space to the
t-ul.ure o. vegetables, his potatoes being mining the vcrv brat raised in
Hit- district and his rhubarb, ol
which he Ims large quantities, having
no superior.
It wus, ol course, impossible to
visit all the market ganiens In the
district, but those visited are sufficient lo show that there will ho no
lack ol vegetables this year.
flood it-porls come Irom E. C.
Smith, P. Woods and 0. I'. Tisdale
and Hie other ranchers on the St.
Marys prairie, and everything Is report...   to    be   growing    splendidly
around Kort Steele and up and down mandlng the    lorccs in South Alrica
the Kootenajr river.    This is n great and   atterwards    «s   general   omcer
country lor vegetable growing    and
people are realising the Inct
and more every day.
(lencral Huller entered tbe army in
H-.SK uiu. In 1*1.1 lie hall risen lu tbe
rank ol lieutenant-general, llr saw
active service in manv parts of tbe
world, lie served In' China in 18K0.
in (he Ashan.i war in 1871, hi tbs
Kulllr war, in lhe Zulu war in 1178-
7». He wus lu South Alrica in 1881
and In Egypt In 1882 and was present at the battle ol Tel-et-Kebir. He
also fought in (be Soudan in 1881
and was urtler secretary tor Ireland
In 1887.
lie became well known durlnir tbe
Boer war as the man who relieved
l-advsmltlt. He went nut to Soutb
Alrica in 1899, nrst as general   Cora*
Albert. .1. Wilson, a young Englishman, who lives near Cranbrnok,,- bas
The surrounding district is famous
tlw world over for its large bodies
o( sJilvi-i*-li-ad ore. Tile St. Eugene
mine at Moylo is said to lie .lit- largest sliver-lead mine on the Nort.i
American continent. The Sullivan
group and tlie North' Star mine at
Kimherlcy contain large deposits ot
the same ore. fluid placers are Iieing worked at a good profit on
Wild Horse and Perry Creeks, while
many excellent copper prospects exist
in various ports ol tlie district.
Large bodies ol iron ore bave also
beCTi discovered within a very lew
miles ol the city.
ii.ui1ii.k4. is situated between the
main rauge of tla- Rocky .Mountain*
and the Purcell range on a plateitu,
known as St. Josephs prairie. Its
l.siatl.si is distinctly picturesque, .be
views to be obtained ln all directions having no superiors in tlw
province ,»( Britisli Columbia.
Cranbrook altitude is 2,1.87 leet
above sea level.' Tlw- i-.lmato is an
ideal mie. The Miowtall is, u& a
rule, light. Spring opens early.
The summers are pleasant, the temperature always declining at nightfall. The Cranbrook district is
notei. for its bracing atmosphere and
almost perpetual sunshine.
As a fruit country the Cranhrook
district is unsurpassed. Although,
ut the present time, bul few orchards are of bearing age, slill those
few have shown what can be done
along the lines ol tiuit cultivation.
Tin- Cranlirook district has a larger
area of iNNtcvelopi-il Iruit land Minn
any other district iu Hritish Columbia. Fruit lands may still he purchased at a reasonable purchas-e
price, wblcii same cannot be said ol
any other district in thc province.
Market gardening is also gone into
on a quite extensive scale and the
quality u[ the vegetables raised is
second to none on the continent.
Cranbrook is tbe metropolis oi lbe
timber industry ol South Eastern
Hritish Columbia. Throughout the
district there are vast quantities of
pine, fir and tamartic assuring an unlimited supply Ior many years to
come. There are between twenty-
five and thirty saw mills in tlie district, some ol them within a mile "1
the city limits.
Cranbrook is tbe principal -divisional point ot the Crows Nest Pass
branch ot the Canadian Pacillc railway. Here are located the office of
the divisional superintendent, round
bouses and machine shops. A branch
line runs eighteen miles north to
Marysville and Kimberley.
Many Industries are established in
nr near the crty. Two up-t<Miate
sash and door lactorles are located
iust outside the city limits, an
iron loundary, a brewery, a soda
water lactory and two printing establishments are doing business in
t-he citv, whilst at Marysville, Af-trcn
miles distant is the smelter ol the
Sullivan Group Mining company. Excellent brick and lire clay abounds in
several nearby localities and no
doubt brick yards will be established
In the near future.
LlflllT     AND
commanding In Natal. He conducted
the march Ior tho relict ol I.ady-
smith, which was successfully accomplished alter an Investment ul 111
days and subsequently he conducted
tbe operations which resulted in tbe
expulsion of the Boer army Iran
Natal. He retiroi In I90R.
mail, who nve».near -.rannrq™,, nas ■   Mo(lt „, ^ wl(.ma,|e „,m »e   see
and is "catching on."    A     Herald \lmt pr"1*-
representalive beard it   sung       and| —"
plated at Mcllenry's music store this. Alter a woman marries a man to
week ami it is quite above tbe aver- save him she usually has all she un
do to take care ol bersell.
Excellent water at a pressure ol
one hundred pounds to the square
inch is furnished by tbe Cranbrook
Water Supply company, ami electric
light and tolophone service ol the
best kind is to be had at reasonable
rates from the Cranbrook Electric
Light company and the East Kootenav telephone lines. Tbe whole district Is connected with Cranbrook by
long distance phones.
There are five churches in Craubrook: The Roman Catholic, the
Church ol England, the Presbyterian,
the Methodist and the Baptist. Thc
Salvation Army also have a,pos. in
.lie city.        	
Tbe educational facilities are as
perfect as the board of school trustees can moke tbem. None hu. well
experienced teachers are engaged on
the stall. Although the school
buildings are large they will have to
be increased in sue in the near lu
ture, owing to the number ol clmuren
A large number ol Iraternal societies have lodges in Cranhrook. Tlm
Masons, Odd Fellows, Knights ol
Pythias, Orangemen, Eagles, Owls
and all .he railway orders are represented.
The advantages ol Cranbrook as a
• resillential city is acknowledged by
i all those whose business takes tbem
Cranbrook has a gold i .'.ii.iission-
er's office and is a port .1 cliy (tithe Dominion customs.
Anyone wishing utlo"iut.o*i ,,
gan.ing business oppoitunltie-j, cost
u. land, etc., apply to A. 1. Mc-
Dermot, Secretary Il.aid of 1ri.de,
Cr.iiibr.iuk, B. C.
Thomas IL Fletcher, ol Cherokee,
Iowa, spent a short time ln Cran-
brook lust week. Mr. Fletcher is
the owner of considerable larm land
in Nebraska, Iowa and South Dak-
ot iit in which states he (ns resided
ami farmed for many years. Speak-
iifi of the states ol the middle west,
he said: "Everything is very prosperous in Un part ol the country I
como from, but there is no more land
lo he taken up and that which is for
sale is held at very tall prices, so
tlml many farmers who have growing
-families of boys, prefer to sell out
an.l journey to ttie last (treat West
of the continent iu your Canadian
Discovering that Mr. Fletcher had
spenl some time in the northwest
provinces, the Herald representative
i.stcil him what his impressions of
Hu country and tbe people were. "1
consider that no finer countries lie
nui of doors than Manitoba, Saskatchewan .oil Alberta," replied Mr.
Kb tcher. "Finer and richer soil for
the urn wing of wheat and other grain
crops I never saw, and I have bwn
all over the grain raising regions of
the United States. Your three
provinces of the middle west offer
greal opportunities to young men and
great many of our young men are
taking advantage td your comparatively cheap land ami are settling on
i. Vmi asked me ahout tlie peuple.
Well, your people seem to me to bo
very similar to ours. They are hard
working, hospitable and full of that
iii'tiscrihablc spirit of the west that
builds up new communities."
Asked what he thought of British
i'i.lumhia, Mr. Fletcher said: "I have
been three weeks in this province,
ml white I have every faith in tbe
future of tbe prairie country, 1 know
that there are many people from the
states of the middle west who would
prefer to reside in British Columbia
an.l engage in fruit culture. I spent
some time on the coast and on the
Fraser river, and that is a magnificent country. So is the beautiful
Okanagan valley and the Kootenay
lake district, but they all have the
disadvantage ol expensive land. 1
bave been some days in East Kootenav, and seen a portion of t-he Windermere country and along the Kootenai' river and have made a care ul
examination of tlie live, ten attl fif-
titii acre tracts offered for sale in
the immediate vicinity of your city
ml the Elko district, and from
what I have seen I am convinced that
vou are destined to have a great
iruit country here. I believe tbat
there is no more attractive and at
the same time remunerative occupation open to the man of moderate
means than the cultivation ol Iruit
and vegetables in a climate such as
yours, which leaves nothing to be de-
eired. When one can purchase laml,
such as you have here, at trom $59
to $100 an acre, the small capitalist
has every chance to make a good
liv inn and some money, to say nothing of the sure increase in the value
of tbe land purchased at present
prices. 1 consider that small fruits,
such us strawberries, currants and
raspberries, should be extensively
grown in a district such as this,
particularly while the larger trees,
such as apples and so on are growing
to the bearing age. It is only a
question of time when you will have
canneries here, which will take all
your surplus product and thus give
you a home market for everything
you can raise along these lines. Well
grown vegetables will also find a
ready market and this industry
should In- developed here along with
fruit growing. 1 am thoroughly
pleased with my visit to the Canadian west and to this part ot British
r..lumhia in particular.. 1 am on nn
way home to Cherokee now aud . -I
shall tell my friends mv ideas of this
country. It is my intention to
turn More the year is over and the
chances are tbat 1 shall bring some
otlier Iowans with me."
MA Hit I EI)
Macleod, Alta., .lime l.-A man
was arrested tonight at Frank suspected of being implicated in thc
murder of Constable Wlllmot of the
Mounted Police. The police will give
no information but the impression is
ihat important developments will be
Judge Longley, ul Mova Scotia,
likes io astonish the uaines by saying things. Lasi yeai be made a
speech al a dmner m lus u\\u province, is which he expressoj tho belief
inat lauada _> dcstM) la) in uie direction ol independence, whereupon
somebody gut tiie orcuesira lu stnw
up "Kule iiuuiuiu.' At the annual Canadian club dltmei u. New
tork last week tho juuge was one ui
the speakers, ami was given an ujh
purtuuity to repeat Jus Halifax sentiments without orchestral interruption. Some ut iht- English news
papers appear to be quite distressed
abuut Judge Longiey's tcmarhs, aim
offer some remlnaors to v anndinns ot
how much naval and othei protection
tbey get for nothing, as Canadians,
we are not likely to forget how wo
have been "bruuglu up bj iho hand,
how much trouble we bate been, and
how grateful we should be lur all
lhat lus been done for us. Perhaps
we are getting somewhat weary ot
heariug about it from the i-.iiglisb
press every time some Louglu) oi
other diner-out bos said sumetnmg
oui of the commonplace*, une might
.uppusc banquet orator) tu be unknown  in  England
Yel what fault is U bi lound wilh
Judge Longiey's remarks cicept that
lie might better have di ivercd bim
self in Cauada than aci >■■ ;.- border. Speaking where be did t.<-
leaves himself open to suspicion thai
hv was appealing to lhe ntmuspttetc
in which he found himself, and was
launching his wonts at a pomt where
then meaning would l» exaggerated
"Canada will not always be a colony, ' he *atd. Who will cue to dispute tlut statement? He said ho
expected this country bj a process ol
development tu gradual!) assume ibe
responsibilities ui an independent nation, tlie only difference, s<> far as
Great Britain is concerned, being
that "Instead ol a colon) sue will be
an ally; instead >>( a condition .-i
dependence, the relation will be an
alliance. What is wrung with that:
Why .should English papers excitedly
explain that Judge Longici does nut
imterstand Canadian sentiment}? 1
Know but three or tour Canadians
alio will titirt fault with the ideas
thus so clearly expressed, luts country will not always remain a colony.
Tins country is rapidly attaining tue
status ot an independent nation—an
mdependt-nc-fc somewhat out bide the
a urto s pre\ ious experience in tlm
way ol national independence, because
witn it will go a political alliance
with Oreat Britain somewhat outside
the world s previous experience j..
tbe way of alliances. Judge Lung-
Icy s-ees it—wbu does not see what is
ta*riig place? A new uatiun is entering upon the wurid s affairs, in a
manner In keeping with tin. principle-,
of modern common sense—because it
must do su and can neither nolo bac_»
nor be beid back iium doing so.
Nothing causes tbis movement but
the weight of growing circumstances
and the momentum of progress. We
believe we can have complete sell-
government, and yet complete cooperation within what we call the
Empire in regard to worid affairs. No
other but self-government will answer.
uw N
Immanuel church, Wetasklwin, Alberta, hv the Revd. W. V. McMil-
h'li, H.A., Hector, Thomas Mason
Hoberts, of Cranbrook, B.C., wm of
the late W. (>. Hoberts, of Chester,
England, to Louisa Kathlc-en
(Louie) daughter of George Birkett,
of Leyland, Kosenroll, Alberta.
No. 1 of "The Standard ol Empire" has come to hand and is certainly all that is claimed for it as
an exponent of news of ttie Empire..
A great deal of space is devour! to
Canadian affairs and especially is this
true of the Western provinces. Its
advertising columns ate well patronized by firms trom all over the
Hritish Empire.
A rank outsider "'Signorinetta,"
owned by K. Ginisterilli, and quoted
iu betting at 100 to 1, defeated all
Hritish, French and American horses
and captured the Derby stakes. The
winner simply cantered home Irom
tbe hot favorite by two lengths,
MR.     MacKENZlfc     AS Ills
William Mackenzie, president of tbe
Canadian Northern railway is ordinarily one ol the most genial men
with whom newspaper men ever come
into contact. He will meet any
question and parry it with a goou-
humored smile, and very often tht- interviewer will discover'that he has
alter all secured very little information.
One day a few years ago in Winnipeg, however, the magnate's goodnature was sorely ruflled. His private car was in the Canadian Northern
yards, and he wished to get away
east in a hurry over the Canadian
'acific. His car was transferred and
during the transfer was somewh.il
shaken up by careless switchmen.
Finally the car arrived in front oi
tht- Canadian Pacific depot, and Uie
president was on hand to get aboard.
His porter was not to be tound: the
car door was locked and the provisions were piled on the platform.
Wilh a rising temperature Mr. Mackenzie met tht emergency aiSl terribly opened the door to his palatial
car. Then without more ado he set
to work to put his own provisions
on the car. He went at it with a
vim and scattered things rathei
promiscuously in the scrimmage.
Needless ui sav he had an admiring
audience of small folk looking on.
The parcel which caused tho amuse-
met.t was a small bag ol unions. Mi
Mackenzie was carrying this wilh
other parcels into the* car when the
bag broke and some of Lis fruit fell
to the platform. The street arabs
had been giving him a wide berth bul
their voices were good
"| say, mister, shouted a little
fellow, and waving his hand In the
air he attracted the president's attention.
"Well, what is it?" said Mr. Mackenzie in not the plcasantrst tone imaginable.
*Youse dropped a union," shouted
the kid.
lt is said by those who heard it
that the address which the president
delivered to the rash youth upon the
spur of the moment, though very
briW, was certainly a classic.
Key City Lodge, No. 12, I.O.O.K.,
t their regular meeting Monday
vening last elected officers for the
ensuing term as follows:
V. S. Liddicoatt, NO.
H. White, V.G.
Wm. Harris, Secretary.
0, Manning, Treasurer. THK   OttANBBOOK   II Ell A I.il
Better Cooking.
Every man appreciate! good cooking and every woman
takes a pride in doing it. "BOVRIL" can be used to
advantage wilh all hot disl.es. lt gieally improve, the
flavoi of slews, soups, toasts, fish, etc., and also increaiet
their noumhing value.
An economical way to gc. il is in lhe I lb. boltlei.
following IcMer appeared
Paid-up Capitol, $10,000,000
Rest,   -   -   *      5,000,000
^^^^^^^^^^^ Total Assets, - 113,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, aud ln the United States and England
1. I. WALKER, PtSSldilt
ALKK. LAIRD, Gtotrtl M*ntt«
,1. H. IRELAND, Sujrtrintendent of
the Iteglna Standard ol recent date
that will be read with considerable
Sir,—KiuJly allow me a little space
lo reply to a letter    which1 appeared
in your issue of the fttih inst., . and
signed by C. W. Brown.
I   I deny" the veracity of Mr. Brown's
statement that the   hotel bar (which
he    calls   a saloon) "is a, stumhlinK W£j*
[block to the unwary, a menace to Ure "5l
| weak, a snare to the man with   in-
.herlted appetite, the center in    any
community of   vulgarity,   indecency,
blasphemy and inspiration to criiniu-
nlity."     Thai statement is untrue.
I   It' is hy raucous   ranting of    that
I nature, by  suppreslo   verl, suggestio
[falsi, and a large admixture ot    un-
liidiiltered   falsehoods, in their splene-
ilic   iliatribes,   spoken     and written,
■ mainly   ad    capsatidum    villous, and
[coupled     wilh   muchiaveUan tactics,
that  local optioiiists and prohibit ion-
'ists have been enabled to carry   ,  on
their illusory aud dishonest canitfnku
in the easy    manner it bas hitherto
lieen carried on.    'I'hey pretend      tu
believe   that all    those who ro into
hotel bars have no alternative but to
tli ink   themselves   into  a  slate        ol
inloxiealion.     Pew, it any ol    them,
would liellevu lhat il is one of     tlie
chief cues ot every respectable hotel
I sinister oi dishonesty.     Judging
'uis siieove,   ue is one oi   lUuae        lo
wuotu tue act ui tue Mug, i.oius auu
Lommous oi Ureal Biiiam,' to secure
a u*ja.-»uic u jtiaiicc, is uul a iiiuuc*
.0 ao  ilKCWISO.
1 wonaer u ne admits this dictum'.'
WncrvU't  au     unwaaoumg uuU  umt-u-
somvoio tacuon bcnl uu .,,,.......i.... *.*■
vaaces ou iuo roau to puuiuei      me
sitoug arm oi tne    law suouj!      uu
lwisui to Min ii oack.     i..i.-> i.s what
l  u***v  oeeu     suggesting   tilttl   paluu-
suuiiiu  do   lu     slop   lilt-  UlSllOu-
iuia lueieiore Immoral, agtiusiou
ui uio social auu moui iiu'i,,..!,-. *,,,
iours very truly,
i liomas O'Klyuu,
Havidsoii, Sask., .nay u, i.n.'.-..
md upward, received, and luUreft allowed at
iiia ul $1
mica.    Til
depositor in aubicct
to no delay mhataiar la
the withdrawal ol the whole or any purtlon of tbe deposit.
nl' Von ure l*'it*
Building Your Own Homes
iiistonil of paying rout.    Wn riiproaonl tlio
Canadian Birkbeck Investment & Savings Co.
nl 'I'.i
mil wi* I'ni'Oll
nil-nil ynu to see ua first*
n Imilil vour home,
SA.  C.   Bowness
Wholesale Denier in
Wines.  Liquors and Cigars
iiuii'iiil   P.  DiiM-son's   SCOTCH  WHISKIES as
best.   Ami Meloher'a RED CROSS GIN.
All othor choice liniiuls kept in stock.
make a specialty of giving prompt
attention to Mail Orders
Family   Groceries
ni uiuIn-arcs ii grant tunny tliim-i. ami a li.-t woul.l llll a
iv-'|in|ii*i*. Sn wi- *.iiu|ily want to iiupren8 tin, fai-t tliat our
i-k I'liiliiiiiT-*. all the IIiii-h naeileil in a lioniQ mu. usually
ill* l.i luivo
.11 B Ih
lll'lil'lTllll   |
plly.   T.ile|iliiiiio
|| c-After the Rain
''*'      Vou nil! need to fix un v»>ur iriir.len.    •
itleii Tool:
I   Ul   UN  !>|l
iii limit
mr ({union,
All kiiuls uf
We Iii
• III,*
Also s in* window for nny mnl ..f BRL'BflF.8
S Ill*
iii for il.
|| McCALLUM <& CO.
********************** *******************: . .
A number of Haiti and Chatham Second-hand lognini!
Trucks. Just Ihe thing for Tie Conlraclors lo boy.
For particulars apply tu'
The East Kootenay Lumber Co.
Cranbrook, B. C.
WIU. COTTON     UUOtt    IN U, 0.
li.i-|i,'i to ureveirt drunken ness, or
t.ihei dlsoAlerly conduct in his bouse
and thnl he is generally successlol in
s.i doing, .md that, it is n Iuct Out
only it tiny peicenbuge ol tbe'numbers
who no jut.• hotel biis emurRe theie-
ltt.ui otherwise thnit sober; and ..o
lew, il any ot them, ever go inside *\
hotel bar, ui other purl, ol a Itemised
lintel that it is scarcely un oxnwgera-
tion to sny, tbey know us little about
ihciii as tbey do ulioiit tbu canals of
There are in uli civilized countries
certain agitators who, not content
wilh the arduous tusk ol trying to
lead good lives themselves, uie it
-essaiilly trying to induce others t
rimfoim lo their own particular patterns of goodness, but not having
sufficient logic iu their arguments,
nor u sufficiently good programme to
.UlJiiiM to their .stuildurds those living up to oOicr ideals of goodness,
seek to bribe or Irighlen the govern-
cut of the country for the time being to make laws to compel those
others i<i yield obedience lo their
nostrums, a fact that makes it evident that if there is any magnetism in
these nostrums, it exerts itself largely, if not entirely, at its negative or
icpeliajjt pole. Thev belong to that
Intolerant class of humanity which
offers from a delusion of fancied
pertecliuii, they hear the aggrieved
'■ of good men compelled to live
wicked world, and think thai they
0 called upon to set right what
they regard as the disarticulated
limes in which they live. .Some of
these are actuated 'by the opinion
l hut alcohol in all its forms, and in
all circumstances, is a positive poison, and a device of the evil one, aud
ihat the consumption of il is wrou^
per se, and consequently deem it (heir
duty, not merely to abstain them'
solves but to coerce those whom ttiey
regard as their less eulightened fellow mortals, from partaking of it,
thereby attesting their puritanical
intolerance, and amongst lhose are
io lie found the wild enthusiasts of
the water wagon Yclept "the leinjicr-
nuce party." Some of those people
are no doubt well weaning folk who
are so entirely convinced of the right'
I'ousness of their own convictions
and the wisdom ol their own measures that they are driven to regard
lhose who differ from them as not
only foolish, but morally wicked, aud
it is wonderful the amount of evil
lhat is wrought by people of that
stamp in their efforts to put iheir
Utopian ideas into practice.
A well conducted -bar is a useful
,nd a necessary adjunct to every well
iinducted hotel, such a bur satisfies
a legitimate aud a necessary w*ul,
and nothing which satisfies such fi
want is in itself, and necessarily, a
bad thing, notwithstanding whut its
ignorant und prejudged enemies say
to the contrary. -Because a fiiw
.ibu.se it, that is uo ieas"h for lamenting its use or condemning jt
It is said that some persons j,..* to
church from improper motives or behave themselves improperly when ihcy
get there. Arc the e&urcJwi Ihere-
luie lo he ulostil? Improper plays
are frequently put on the stagu, are
lhc thcirtres therefore to be closed'.'
and should every public purs iu the
country be closed hivau.se Rome will
cany o,n disorderly conduct in them?
The use ot alcoholic beverages is
not tha ogre Mat it is depicted to be,
temperately used itlpoh,Ql is as harmless and legitimate iis wt)jej' articles
of fund and nourishment. Its' pi.od
cfalc use cannot be considered *
mo/al or legal wrong, Taken in
luoijcfati-'j) it at ouce stimulates ami
soothes and is un excellent .food uud
in spite of a'1 coercive legislation
the human race will co&iiiiue to follow Paul's udvice fo Timothy ln-t a
weak digestion.
One of lhe greatest delusions of the
age, us of all    ages, is the fallacious
idea thai-   coorptv# Uws will reform
individuals, and remove ihe evils and
abuse affecting every depuiltucfU    of
life.       All history attests that taut.
To iiuikc   laws   guarding the people
I against aggression in their lives, Mb*
|cities and properlles is n simple mut-
iter. hut to make laws regulai iug di*
rootly or   indirectly   their    personal
habits   is   un     itiliuitelv complicated
matter, and whether made,   n     has
become an absolute impossibility, l
put them Into   practice, lor the irre-
IjircftSiblc tendency of human nature Is
\\{j rebel   ugi^ijisl   all irrational   und
floerplvjB l^ws.    t'.ocf.ct,ofi is not   the
cnlhnrllfl thai will piif-gc piankind of
I ill)morality; I.m  it is manifest    ih-st
the minds of   ihe temperance   p-frij
fare so thoroughly afflicted wj)li '    a
Kirabinmuu   ttui they cannot    vipw
lhose coercive taws in that light,
11 is onlv a shallow brain that attributes all crime to the consumption
of spirituous liquor. It Is a miserable ignorumus who imagines that an
[era of sobriety, cornet living and
virtue would rrsult in Canada Irom
I lhe dosing of tbe well conducted
hotel bars of the country.
llr Ilrown may not believe that
the piiipes which he thinks are "dry"
hire just as '"wet" as they ever were
I but it is a fact, all tbe same, that
lliey are, and in many of them whis-
key hns taken the place of the lighter alcoholic drinks such as beer, g.|p
I and porter, and some of that whiskey
| is made of drugs, aud sold bv advocates of the water wagon like himself, and notwithstanding his admir-
■ii I ion (or the grand old flag, he advocate* a course that would In Saskatchewan stamp    it with the bar-
'I'upt. L, I1. Howler, who it. visiting
U. v., mnl ft ho is al Hie Coast now,
nas  ui'UUgul   a Sluaii    quantity oi
CiUOii sit..-., uiocil ftlli ue gnen lo
LHOaO applying. lie Is acinous ul
stvmg twti iiici or not iuc Uvu Wot
giott iu u-is proUucc. lie Ullllks
me chances are iairiy good, especially IU mu ill) Ueil as iuu lice tuts
tn HI a Mimvts in ^lulCulllg, Sun lli
%u-cu, i .ii'l. lluvwcr Having luoiigui
sciils iroui mul porliou ni luc
hoi id.
mis is not a shrub, but a tree,'
I'apt. ito a lei rcuiaiKcii, ' being u hy-
uu Ucuvccu t'ciuwun atm isiuud uuU
.uexicuu   u'lig   sluhiu.       It.   is mul
piuuuetivc Uiali    Hie    oitlinaty   plain,
urn gives a i.n greater per ecu luge oi
nui.    uul mar) cotloii gives about'-lb
per cent Intl, Wlnle llns proiiuccs Mi
per ci'ni, iin* other tu per cent being
iciti.    .Mil only thus, imi ine    new
ut proiiuccs from i,uuu to l,uuu
pounds per ucie. Moreover, it is a
perennial,   whereas the   oilier is   nn
niiuui, uud heats i?» mouths afler
in I'.^ypl, lhc new kind is grown
on an enormous scan-, and a large
company has been formed, with Uie
w of tho Khedive in charge, lo
specially glow it. il is also grown
.ii Queensland, und iu Indian the government is iiisiriiiuiiug tuns iii seeds
to small planters lo see wlml can
ne done with it there, us it will
neatly always grow where peaches
grow. 1 do not sin* why British
uoiumbia cannot produce cotton, ana
if the province can, anotucr great r
source Will he added. Warm valleys,
with light, sandy soil, are required,
though it grows well in loam. Thc
seeds are planted ten leet apart,
about an Inch deep, ami J5U may he
put into the acre."
(Victoria Colonist.)
The tirst of the Western Canadian
circuit of horse races recently held at
Craubrook was a splendid success,"
stated Dr. Tolmie, inspector In
charge ol tho health ol animals'
branch of the Dominion government
und Hritish Columhia representative
the Live Stock commission, who has
Just returned from the interior after
acting as one of the officials at
that meet. lie said that the competitions were participated in by
some forty-four horses, all exceptionally fast, from the American
side, while there were in addition a
large number from the Allierta, Saskatchewan und other Canadian
points. The arrangements, he Baser ted, had. been eminently sutisfac-
(nctory and be predicts that if tbu
Cranbrook association adopts the
same system of management In connect inn with the fall races ie bu
In-Ill Ihere thnt they will be equally
as successful.
The doctor affirmed that, tbe track
taken into consideration, .some nf tbu
records established wore more than
creditable, For lust unco, Tom Keen.
had paced a mile iu 1!) '. which, ns
far as he knew, was Hrith.1i Columbia's record over a course iu thu
month ot May.    Taking the running
contests he said that tbe quartcis
were done iu .35, the halves in .117,
the three-quarters iu 1,30 and the
mile    in    1.48. These    Inures,   he
thought, were very good uml augured
II fnr the future ol the newly    established circuit.
The following is from lhe pen of
young     English      settler    we deem
wort-uy of publication,     llu has lived
on both sides of the Atlantic      auu
knows the prevailing spirit of   both
pluces, and hus uo ncsiutioit in
commending to lus country the
vantages ouered by lhc west:
•liow oiien this statement meets
the eye, but how seldom the real
truth of it is understood. Uciicraily
u is passed by simply as u*n advertisement oi an enterprising government. It is only given to those wnu
have lived on both sides of the Atlantic ocean lo lully appreciate "lue
Advantages ot the West." 'lu those
wlio have come from the old countries where the arbitrary though unwritten laws of class distinction are
in full force, where influence is given
deference, and where customs uud
laws ot the mdiieva) ages, which although beautiful iu legend und romance are a serious drawuuck to lue
progress of the twentieth century
man arc still in use, llie west stands
out u fine contrast. All are here
made welcome, and thu good nature
of the people is unlimited. A mau
is judged here from the right and only
stand-aid, ibul is by whut he can do.
The west is essentially a pour man's
country. Here he can possess Ins
own hoimVown bis own farm, and
give his children a thorough education for u were nominal fee, with the
equal opportunity with all others ut
rising to thu higher offices of the
state, if he have the. ability. Jt »s
also a rich man's country, in that being new, rich ami upioi) expanding
he can mako more riches than elsewhere; but his gain dors ij<<t com-
pare with the poor man's, H is
also a haven lar religious and political refugee, but thc spirit of industry is so thoroughly abroad, that
the radical and revolutionary views
quickly give place to a desire to
make an honest livelihood by pursuing the oldest uud most ennobling
occupal'inn—the cultivation ol tin
Division L, F. R. Anderson, Te$c|icr
Tolal in attendance  2(1
Average attendance    31.45
I'PI'fcct attendance: Jessie Kennedy, Katie Lpas'k Lillian Leask,
.Mary Palmer, Louise Rollins, Bella
Taylor, Harvey Dickson.
Division JL, lllss Caldwell, Teachei'
Tot nl   in attendance    3.1
Aveuge attendance  Itt.ttlt
Division IIL,    Miss Taylor, Teacher
Number in attendance  11
Aveiage 'attendance  37.30
Perfect attendance: Ermu I lob-
kirk, Mat Ryatt, Eva Conley, Kathleen Dumont, Oordon Fowler.
Division IV., Miss Ross, Teacher
Number in attendance  54
Average attendance  4.1.50
Perfect attendance: Harold Colp-
man, rilqdyti ' oipVeiibotham,' Oraco
Iljggins,    Miirgufftte. ~    "'""'
Taylor, flpttio   INr4.     ..,
Melfonl t'ursow, Al«. Ril'ksou
#tO|(C,     HttKpl
H.ert   Heanl,
Division V., Miss Hall. Teacher
Number'In attendance  4fi
Average attendance  ss.os
Perfect   attendance:   Grace Bard-
gett, Harry   Porrls, Vfttory DeOrace,
Fred    Dumont.   Sidney Miirgatrovd,
lessie   Ilobkirft,    Ralnsford   Parks,
Wing Ship, Wilfrid Stone, Helen Mc-
Kinetry   Irene Elmer.
Division VI., Miss   Fraser, Teacher
Number lin attendance  72
Average attendance .........58.69
Perfect   attendance:   Violet    Dumont, Cyril Orayson, Alberta    McLean, Muriel Patrtore, Merle Taylor, r
Crowley Tavlor, Grace Doris, Grace j
MeFarlanc, Gladys Chandler.
358 acres of land, well adapted tor
fruit raising, all fenced; HM) inches ol
water and creek running through llie
property; small two roomed cottage
on place.
Km terms apply lo V. llvde Raker.
Black Watch
The Chewing Tobacco
of Quality.
AT IV1I.MKR, H. 0.
Between Harold E. Foretor curry
iui; uu linsitit'ss uiiiti-r .tie mime i.
Hit- lVU-rboruu^li Triiiliiig Cominiiiy,
ulaintiil, am. Charles Kstmere, tle-
Take notice Unit tiie nbove named
pliiiiitiil lias commenced an action
against you in tills Court claiming
(o recover judgment against you Ipr
the sum ol (535,20, lifting .lie amount,
of luui in-omissnry notes madp by
yuu iu his favor and interest thereon,
.mil that an order has been made
providing (or the service upon yuu oi
.he Summons by publication ot this
notice in four consecutive issuos of
the Cranbrook "Herald" newspaper.
And liutliei* take notice that the
dispute note herein may bo filed with
the Registrar of this Court at
Wilmer, 11, C, within eight dayi
alter the last publication o| this
The date of the Orst publication uf
this iii<ili-e is May 2«tli. mils.
Hugh Macdonald,
Solicitor (or the i'laii,in(
To Charles Kstmere,
Above named de'endant*        10*11
Notice Is hereby given that after
the expiration ot sixty days trom
the date ol the first publication
hereof Ilii-hanl ll. Ham well, ol
Winnipeg, in the Province ol Manitoba, intends to submit to
Honourable the t'liiel Commissioner
of Lands »pd Works a proposal
under the provisions ol the Rivers
nnd Streams Act and Amending Acts
fur the right to improve the Skunk*
iiiiicIiii.Ii Creek, in East Kootenay,
for a distance up stream of abuut
fl (nine) miles trom its junction
with the Kootenay River, and to im
prove the tributaries ol the said
creek, and to remove obstructions
trom the same and tributaries tbcrc-
ol, and to make same lit lor the
driving, sorting, storing, booming
and rafting uf logs, timber, lumber,
rafts and crafts, and also Ior the
right to collect tolls thereon.
Tlie lauds and waters to tie aftccM
nre the said Bkoi-kiiincliuck Crcek'amJ
its tributaries, the lands Included In
special timber licenses Nos. lniiSll.
ir.n.'t, 15174, lini, 19172, isnm
111..:.., 105.13, 18:17.1, 15175, 15170,
Iiiiiiii, 105(11. 18171 uml Lots llllli.
liiilll, lllilil, 0031, 0023, 7212, 8455,
Uroup 1, Kuiiii'iiiiy District, nnd vacant Crown I,anda.
Iialiil at Cranbrook, H.C,       this
8th day ot May, A.I). 1008.
W. P. Ourd,
Si.lii'llot Im* Richard (I. Ilainwell
AT Wll.MKR, II. C.
Hetween Harold E. l-'orsler carrying on business under the name ol
lhc Peterborough Trading .'ompuny.
piaiutiit, ami it. o. Jennings, <l«-
Take no.ice tlml the above named
plaintm has commenced an action
against ynu    Ip  this Court claiming
to'rci'ovpr judgment awnst ypu '°r
iiiii sup, nl t.iH.lii, amount
of a promissory imlti made hy
ynu iii his favnt and interest thereon,
iid that an order has been made
providing lor the service upon you ol
iho Summons hy publication ol this
notice ln lour consecutive Issues ol
thc Cranbrook "Herald" newspaper.
And further take notice that the
dispute note herein may be filed with
thc Registrar of this Court at
Wilmer, II. C, within eight days
after the lost publication ot this
notice. '
Thc date ol Hie Orst publication ol
this notice is May 28th, 1008.
Hugh Macdonald,
Solicitor Inr the Plalnlilt.
To R, O. Jennings,
Above named defendant.        ID-It
**********.************ **********************
****a**w*^**w****w***w ************r**wa*■»■»■••■»
11 Imperial Bank of Canada j
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed on Deposits Irom date ol deposit
! Cranbrook Branch: J. F. M. PINKHAM, Mgr. j
As Ioiik an cvervthinj; Roes
all right, It's all right,
A Death, a Tire, an  Accident or  Sickness
changes the complexion of things
You are Insured.    Better see
\   Cr-aunbrook   Cafe   I
G. M. BI.AhK. & V. ROGKKS. Proprietors
Mr. Illnki- hns liml eighteen yi-nr's oxporieni-n, nnil lias Im-i-h £
; uiih llu'(iri'.-ii Northern Ky. until this >nnntl>,   I. will lu-the
object of llu.- new linn to give the | pie nt' Crnnbrook nml
district tin- very best service obt.iin.ihle,   'I'hey will ninke u
spechilty of BAfiQl'KTS AND PABTIKS AT 75o. A PLATE J
' A regnlnr table il'liote dinner, from 11 tun. to i p.m., will lie T
> served to ni'i-tiiiiiiiuilii.i- llie liusiiiess men, X
The Be.it Is None too good lor Our Patrons
.1. NcDEKrilD, Prop'r
Wardner • • B. C.
A*. A a\m\ a\m.a\m*m.m.m.m*m^m*m*m*m*m*m*m*m*m\ m. ********* A AAAAA _,_ ___% AAA __*. 44
Tliotnwiinl HiitiT-st U nHimti'il wlililii Ihuh Dim unllnofiWmnln
A    cniiiiiii-*. .il tlw Kr.-oik iniiii-, t\ it Lin I lirw-niliivttil'B of u m«l*> >.l llu* llellt-vli**
A    mint-, wil Iiiii llii-i-.'-i|iiiiiO'i-Hi>i ii mil,- u( tli- Mn|i|n I,".if iniiii-. wjlhi'ilhi	
4   qunrte'ii ut n uilte'ol tbe l.iut.-iii.'aliii'ii s itni) withinuiiu-liti|( milt* ol tlif lllll-
iTt-Bl iniiif.
AnhntiilionUnnTRN THOUSAND DOI.I.AI1S lum |i|-l liwn linUhw) ami Iho
fiiiii.lnrii\<t liriiijf iimiiill.-.)    Tlim-o art- nl uu.i,*?  fmi t-s.-v.-'i   lmil.liiito> in thi<
town.   Tlm lUU.rill.sr WISt: FAYIIOIJ. nvwiipi hn wm flli,IMN I
iail.OUUfwrmmtli, whileilif eomlilnoI payroll of llu- iuIiichHiii-rouinllutt iiu-
town runs iohIk.iii
mm per Moil*), All From Mines Within One Nile af Town
l'ri.-i-Mui lnts will Imaiiiiniinrt',1 hIiui-Mv. l|]l|orwit nuill linn liwil mi Ihiinno-
kfl ful'iwn .yiiuih nml hn'* l.v till ti"*in [irmt.ii ilni-lf l)i» lil*ttllo»l minli' hIpmIII
conl |n Ofliiiii|».   It hiirnsti wliitwnsli an.l lnttlmr>ttik>l) [rmfrnni i'liiik«rn.
Knrfnrtliprpnrliiiilnw npi-l.v lo ^L—
I ♦♦♦♦♦•»•»♦•»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
■j.'iii Itoxes Ciioice l-'nil.
Send in ynur order lor a Imx.   They will iitonsii ynu
I Campbell & Harming
I'IIONI: III I'. 11.1'..i\ :i:i
^ Dry Bones
B B       Don't IIiobu eld wiiIIh look like
iK^Fu   <1 ry I»>ii,-b V
1//A'       Hive tliein 11 c-i-ifriiii! \vit|i o\\x
I   I       llml put life ill I. renin mill lllllke
it iiiipeiir more like liuuie.
A full eiitii|ileiiieut nl Piiiutera
-.^o*.     and hiperlinngerii   who  will   go
nnywliere nnd )uiiut or liung any
liuper you limy wiuli.   Don't wait until the big rush lomes.
TJ      TT     CJU^^T?TT   Tl,e °"ly Re"iH,n,1We ralnl
and Paper Kliop in (lie Oity.
:: Presbyterian ebiircb:
Sunday morning Bervice at 11
Sunday   evening    service   at
7.30 o'clock
Sunday      School  and    llilile
Class at 3 o'clock
Presbyterian   Guild, Tuesday, i .
at 8 o'clock
Murphy 4 Fisher,
Parliamentary,     Departmental    nil
Patent OA.ee Ageute.
Praet.ee Iti-.nre Hallway .'iiinm.union
Charles Miuptiy. Harold KI slier.
Grhboknt Liukjk No, llll
Cranbrook, B. C.
Mei-ls everv 2nd anl I.li Tnesitay at
H pin. at Fraternity Hall.
W. A. ltollias, C. O.
.1. II. Ilenderaoa, K. nl It. A 8
VMthi krethr-w cordially lav.lei
to afield.
gmr |-            Key Clly Ladi,
£A9Z*W3\ No. 41. Heeta even
*&$&*** "oaday    eight    al
New     Fraternity    Hall.      Sojourn.
lag Oddlellowi cordially Invited.
F. E.  Haines, Win.  Harris,
N. O. Sec'y.
Perry Creek
The Ideal Summer
Finest Road
Oood Meals and
Rest Bar Service
I. M. BRYDEN, Proprietor
Iraabraak Mie. Ne. J.
A. P. * A, M.
Retain ejeet.ws ...
Ike Iklrd Tkereda,
si etiiy uwoik.
VlelUat kntkJH welcomed.
S. II. Huskies, W. M.
E. W. Cnnnoliy, (eeretary.
Cranbrook Aerie 967
Meet every   Friday    evening al I
p.m., in Edison Theatre.
Thos. Cole, W. P.
Chas. Smith, Secretary.
Vlsltlug brethren cordially invited
Meet at B. ol L. F. Hall Jnd  and
Ith Saturday eaek moo*.
Visiting bretkrn always welcome
.1. E. Larrigan, W. M.
.Inhli Melaugblau, lire. Sec.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
C. H. DUNBAR      5
Barrister, Solicitor. Notary    »
Public, Elc. !
Cranbrook,    •    •    ll. C.   a
************************ *
Physicians and Surgeons
OBee at HeeMeeee, Armstrong Ave
Forenoons - - - - » mi to 1.1 nil
Allernoons - - ■ j nn to   4.00
Evenings . ... 7.30 lo   ».:.n
.Sundays - - - - 1.30 to   I 311
OKANI.HOI.il It    tl     ll    ll    B. C
l)K. P. B. KINU
• to 13 a.m.
I lo   I p.m.
7 to   I p.m.
Oh.ee and residence on Armstrong nvi
CHANBHOOK       •       -      •    III)
I to 13 a.m.
I to  I p.m.
7 to  I p.m.
Offiue ia new Reid (.lock
CKANBROOK        •      -       -B  C
A.lll'MHIMIfl ' '
I ?..Vo"lS" Cranbrook, B.C.;;
<   ' WANTED
... tieur Ir,,ut „wn„r linviiiw
for-uili-.    N.,1 partinllHrat I lunfl-
tion.    Plflfliw give prim nm. •J.-m-ri,,-
li.in, nnd nunn tur ..llina    Sluli*
wlien iHiflHM.liin i-iiii .hi hud . Will
dee. with owners im.r.
I. IK*rlii.liir.,lloi UM llnehmlerN. T.
New and Ip liillale
Over   III.-    I'liml    Inveu.lllell.
L'n.'s Olliee
Mniilrenl, HiiKt.iii nml Toronto
i'*n* lias mi m:i,niin, ii. ,*.-.
•I.   W.   IHTI.KOOE
Griuliiiileoi Ontario Veierinaiy
College, Toronto, in mux.
liiii.liiiilL- ami Medallist ol
Mi-Killip'a Veterinary Colleue,
Chicago, in WOO.
Ninii years' experience in
Veterinary practice iu Manitoba.
<».l» a. Cranbrook Iteitl.
Wnlilo,  B C.
PAUL ST. .lilllX, Proprietor
Snulli east Kuniniiay's lln-at
Hummer i:»-,>rt
,lu*-t tin* plaee lo Bpeml a lew
days' vacation
Par stocked witb the best
Iiiiiiii*.' nerviee llret-clasa
t'lllll.lll'llll'll-  If,l,l|,is
W.   R.   |l.„ilv,   |* ,inera|   llinvt.,.
Cnuibmalt ll. e. I'hon* No. 89
t.l'l.l .111
Mill-'   1,.
W itili'p
1 funmi
ml   it r.
il.,- -
t-. H.'i'i
(   HUH
Ml In
tlm in
Irfnn nf
■ ..I lit*
V.-ur ..-ii,-ful r view ol our Hiring
ntltlbll wlll Rnrgou *'■ npproprlme
Drink Home Beer
It Is Pure
It is healthy
It is lhe Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Faith in
In wlni. en.-oiirnueB theambitious
cttlxenfl of Cranlirook at present.
Thin ti L'oinir to In tlie beet year
Ilih city Iuu- <>ver known.
Willi Bitch Hentimenti we have
ilotiilt'il to devote our energy to*
wanln Hiipplving the demand lor
work in our line.
We ran tlruw your plana for
tinytliing thnt i-nu lie described
on |m|«r nml can then build ac*
cooling to them.
.lob Work of nil kiwi* receive-!
our prompt attention.
.ludge in* hy our eiu-toiuera ami
wlml they Pay about un.
Huchcrolt & Bowness
Contractor* »ml Ihiilder*
It is not a favorable omen to see
a man smoking a cob pipe while bis
wife milks tbe cow.
lf you have a hitter pill to take
Kulp it down, don't cbew it. So
many people chew their pills, and oti,
how hitter.
It has been said that to have the
children in your power would be to
I control the destiny ol tbe world, but
give us tbo imrilnKs and let them
realize their power, and we will have
the children.
Kvery honest prayer that is breathed, every cross tbat is carried, every
trial that is well endured, every goo.l
Work for our lellow-men lovingly
done, every littlo task that is cou
seientioiisty performed for Uhrlstta
glory, helps to make Christiau chui-
aeter buauiilul, aud lo luad its
hougbs with "Apples of gold" tor
(Iod s "baskets of silver."
I'aieiils keep your boys oft tlie
Street, especially alter dark. \on
know not what auQo>auee theso little
(Olluws arc, besides tbey learn all
kinds of meanness, picking up all tlw
slung phrases ultcred by older boys
wlm have lorguttvu tla prayers
taught them at their mother's knee
when they, loo, were innocent little
tots like your own boys now. li you
have nice beautiful yards, allow your
boys to play in them, never scolding
them for their merry laughter, tor
'tis better far to be annoyed at home
than to have them mixed up in an
ugly affair on the street of which you
know nothing until ie has grown cold
ou every ones tongue. Il you value
their education as you should, you
will keep your boys oil thu street,
where no evil association will corrupt
their morals.
"There is no good reason why u
mau should needlessly put his owu
wife to the trouble of wiping up Mm
tracks, When he lakes great pains to
clean his feet before crossing his
neighbor's threshold; neither is it
consistent that wc women should be
loo severe ou our own husband and
son (or a little carelessness, when we
assure our callers, with the most
gracious ol smiles, "that it isn't oi
the .slightest consequence.' "
Good bleeding, like charity, should
sgin at home. The day is past
when children uswl to rise when their
parents entered tbe room where tbey
were and stand until they bad received permission to sit. Uut the mistake is now made usually iu the
otlier direction in allowing to small
hoys and girls too much license to
disturb the peace of tlie household.
We think the best way to train
ehitldren in courtesy would be to
observe toward ihem a scrupulous
politeness. we would go so lar as
to say that we should make it as
much a point to listen to children
without interrupting them and to
answer them sincerely and respectfully as if they were grown np. »\ml
indeed, many of their wise, quaint
sayings are far better worth listening
to' than tlie stereotyped commonplaces of the morning callers. Of
course, to allow uninterrupted chatter would he to surrender Ure repose
d the household, but it is not very
•asy, if children are themselves scrupulously respected, to teach tht-iu in
(urn to scrupulously respect tlie convenience of others, antl to know when
to talk and wben to be silent.
II a child is brought up in the constant exercise of courtesy toward
brothers and sisters and playmates,
as well as toward parents ami uncles
aud aunts it will have little left lo
learn as it grows older.
The best brought up family ol
children we ever knew were whu-.ii.
on the principle of always commending them when it. was possible to do
so, and letting silence he the reproof
of any wrong doing which was not
cally serious. We have heard the
hildren of this household, when their
mother had failed to say an) woul
of commendation after some social
occasion, ask as anxiously as possible. "What was it, mamma'.' I
know something was wrong. Didn't
we treat the other children well, or
were Wo too noisy?" ln that house
rcproirf was never bestowed unsought—only commendation, of whatever it was possible to commend*,
was gratuitous.
We think this system would be as
tfKxl for those grown-up children, the
husbands and wives, as for those
sti-1 in the nursery.
Tlie above words were recently uttered in our hearing by a worthy
boy and undoubtedly they are often
reiterated by many who are out of
mployment, or have little or nothing
to do. To all sueh wo say I you
have home capital, you have hands,
feet, bone, muscle, health and are
not these capital'.' What more capital has Ci*l given anybody? "But   if
only bad a lew thousand in cash
apital," says the young man. Hut
these are better than cash capital,
for no one can take them Irom you,
.mil with these you can earn cam.
Our men ot wealth and influence
did not start with any cash capital.
Tliey went to work with their plow,
the hoc, Uie jack plane or axe, and
in time their capital brought them a
rich harvest. Ah! but tliere's the
rub; you don't want to work. You
want money on credit so you can
play the gentleman, speculate and
end your career by playing vagabond.
You want to marry a rich girl who
will support you, while ynu wear
fine clothes, smoke cigars, and be a
gentleman of leisure.
.Shame mt you, young man! Go to
work witli the capital you have and
you will soon make interest enough
upon it to give you as much money
as you need. If you cannot make
money upon what capital you bave,
ymi could not lf you bad a larger
I amount in cash. If you waste your
present capital you would waste
money it you had it. So don't
stand around, a Mptan fellow, waiting tor something to turn up, hut go
to work. Take tbe first work you
can get to do and do tt well. Always do your best, and If you manage
your capital that Ofld has given you
welt, you will soon have plenty more
to manage.
When you hear this question asked
by a man or woman, with Hpa eurv-
ed downward aud voice atttuu-d to
discontent, you may set tbat pcrsou
dowu as supremely selfish- lie or
site asks practically, "Is life worth
living lor me.'" Worth living? til
course it is, so long as there n, one
single other soul in tbe woii I. If
the querist were the last ot his race,
then indeed the answer might well
be "No;" bul while there is another
human being for whom we can do a
lavor, or whose interests we may
advance, life is indeed "worth living."
Friend, when you bud yourself depressed and inclined to think that
life holds nothing for you, look
around you (not very lar away), and
do ihe very lirst lavor Ior another
that comes to your baud. It may he
a very small one, but do it; and
keep on, day hy day, hour hy hour
anil minute by minute, working lor
others, lor truly this alone makes
liie worth living.
(EdtflontOA .Saturday News.)
Tbe Strathcona Chronicle takes exception tu what w.o. said on this
page in regard to Mr. Aylesworth's
ehviioiis act amendment, li accuse*
ihe Saturday News ot developing
species ol "Mind etaggers," "tha
latest phase of the diseaw being lb*
attempt to defend Mr. it. L. a.
Leach for his action in disfranchising
almost ten thousand Couservativv
voters iu Manitoba."
The Chronicle s statement is characteristic of the whole camapign
that is Iieing carried on against tbe
measure. ln lhc lirst place there
were only 5U,U0il voters in tlw whole
province. In only three uut of tlw
ten constituencies were prosecutions
entered against the perpetrators ol
lhe alleged "thin red line outrages."
Vet if wc are to credit the
Chronicle's statement, out ol the
Ifi.uuu voters in Selkirk, Provenchci
and Macdonald, the three ridings concerned, 10.UUU lost their votes. As a
matter of fact a careful reading of
the evidence taken two years ago before the select committee at Ottawa
shows that the number who were
wrongfully deprived of their franchise was not much iu excess of one
Hut it makes no difference whether
the cases ul disfranchisement amounted to one hundred or ten th-uusaud,
so far us this measure is concerned.
The surprising thing is thut they
were so few ami it is lor the purpose
id avoiding them altogether in thu
future thai this acl is introduced.
Thc more there were, the greater
need fur this legislation. The election of lDUl could not have beeu held
if Uw returning officers hud not taken the action lhat they did. Nu
mau has yet showu how it couht
otherwise have been arrange!. Hut
individuals could not he found to assume responsibility for the step on
another occasion, with doubts raised
us to its legality. '
What becomes of the "thin red line
outrage" in the lace ot tin- cwucuce
of Mr. Knott, who was counsel on tie-
half of the prosecution entered by**
lhe Manitoba government? When asked before the committee ut Ottawa
whether he could suggest anything
that was unreasonable in the action
of thc returning ulllccrs ur whether
it was not the most reasonable thing
iu the world for these returning uth-
cers to have dune, he replied witli
candor that he considered it was perfectly reasonable, but the question
was whether ur not it was legal, Tbe
only explanation uf the statement is
that thc whole issue bas beeu raised
out of a pure legal technicality ami
this bill simply provides a way of
gelling out of the difficulty tbat confronted the returning officers in liMM,
thut is legal as well as reasonable.
How far misrepresentation can go
i.s shown by the following from the
Chronicle's article:
".Manitoba had once heen engineered by Mr. 1 .cacti's methods. There
would have been au element of personal danger iu another such franchise robbery and even Leach would
not face it. Thcrclure this iniquit-
ms hill was framed to do Leach's
work by other means." i
It has yet to be shown that even
in i-.UL any wrung was done that
could bave been avoided. Hut, sup-
pose a wrong were intentionally done
iu that instance, how is it to be
perpetrated by thc present bill? It
provides lor an appeal to the judge*
and   Sir   Wi'.f.-id   I auricr, leu
other day went so lur as to offer to
leave the matter wholly in their
hands. If we cannot trust the
judges, who can we trust? What
right has the Chronicle to say that
they will do "Leach's work."
Kor the personal attacks upon Mr.
Leach, tbat i;t'if,letw.n bas only t >
thank himself. While the action of
thc returning officers was perfectly
reasonable as we have pointed out,
there wus no need lor his assisting
them iu their work. The fact tbat
tic wus the Liberal organizer has given a color to the "thin red line"
charges, whieh anyone with any
knowledge ol politics should have been
able to foresee. There was no justification for his mixing up with the
matter at all. But all this has
nothing to do with the present bill,
lf it goes through, the rights of the
voter will be fully safe-guarded and
that is all that has to be considered
at the moment.
Tbe Saturday News has taken
strong ground un this question. Hut
it is at one in regard to it with
many besides Liberal newspapers.
Tliere is no more honest and un-
prejudiced critic of public measures
iu Canada than the Montreal Witness
and this is what it says:
"Whether the opposition In parliament has the country with it in its
raid upon the rights ot parliament,
we do not know. Provincialism as
against national interests has generally been an effective cry. But we
are certain that iu the days when
Cauada becomes promt of being a nation appeals tti mere provincial prejudice will be remembered as mere
demagoguery. To liegln with, the
threat, by means uf tbe obstruction
of proceedings, to prevent the passing
ot the estimates until Um minority
Ihis its way, is a simple dencgration
ot the very principle of parliamentary
rule. It is government by minority,
not by majority. U some great.
popular right was heing trampled on.
tliere might he some excuse tor such
lawless and altogether undignified aud
itrational proceedings, as there Is
sometimes acknowledged to be excuse
even lor rebellion. Hut what Is the
right that parliament claims? Simply
that of managing its own voting lists
und not accepting lists, prepared by
the provinces, and not applicable to-
the federal   divisions.     Tbe alleged
ground of this opposition tl the has.'
charge that the federal government
would falsify the lists. Assuming
that goverumenp futsity the lists—
ui wlucii tliere have u>> dounl been
countless circumstances—tlieq it is
\et) unblushing to claim as a high
principle of public policy lti.it sucn
power of manipulation should he
Vested in the provinces in elections
where the constitution vests u in
parliament. It looks like a party
demand to shape the elections m
provinces where the party happens
to have the majuril). .\s to tue
criminations themselves it would
seem that in cases where the lists
connoted different ureas from those
which ttie federal division required, it
was necessary tu strike out irom one
list those who were beyond the
bounds, und that through the luck oi
proper addresses there were not always data whereby lo place Ihem
ou their right list. It is admitted
that sume mistakes were made. The
opposition is, of course, sine tliej
Were made on purpose. Ihcie an
such accumulations at all elections
aud Hit public is never sure tlul the)
are not well founded. Granted, how
ever, that putty officials aie more
anxious lo gel friends than enemies
on their lists, what sort ot u part)
is il that, lays upeu claim on lhc
right o( manipulation, and ihi.-. on
grounds which dm> a primurj right
of parliament? Parliament lias, as a
mailer ol practice, accepted the provincial lists where these were n,is-
oil ou ihu municipal lists. Iiui
Where they are not su bused, ami
where the electoral areas do not coincide, it is obviously the duty of
parliament to prepare lists ior which
it is itself responsible. The gruuud
taken by the opposition is entire!)
untenable aud its methods factious
and humiliating to a leader whom
many uf the admirers will uc sorry
tu sec lending himself to such unworthy aud unpairiolic strategy."
Then we have lhe Torontu News,
which certainly dues nut often approve of the government's course,
admitting that tho provincial lislj,
which the present nil ml hi strati on had
iu mind when it- Introduced the legislation of HUM wero those prepared h>
the municipalities. These arc in use
in all thc provinces cast of Manitoba
und have been adopted by the Dominion.
In su far as thc legislation before the house of commons is concerned," says the News, "it is a
pity tbat a conference could not bu
had with (he provincial authorities
and an arrangement effected hy which
the wbulu preparation of the lists
would rest iu the bands ul the municipal uud judicial authorities."
'this is the proper system. llm
Igckjug it, parliament hus no alleiiia
live but lo adopt the present measure, to apply tu provinces which
du uot depend ou thu municipal it ie-;
und the judges.
So determined a light bus the opposition been putting up un the
Election Amendment Act that dissolution rumors have arisen. If the
supplies are held up and public business obstructed, the government will
have no alternative hut to appeal
lo the country. We do uot believe.
however, that the Conservative lead
ers will push the issue to that extreme. It would, at any rate, be
the poorest kind of politics it they
did. '
'' Englishman, 25 years old,
ahout, five leet eight incites high;
indifferent build; walks a little
with a bend forward; pale appearance; red, brownish hair; small
uioustacle, hardly perceptible,
talks through his nose; canuoi-
pronounce the letter s properly;
and docs not know any Dutch."
Tbis was the description ul Winston Churchill published by the Uocis
utter bis escape from Pretoria, where
he had been a prisoner of war to
Oelagoa Day. Today that escaped
prisoner is president uf the hoard of
trade, that is minister ot commerce,
in the Hritish cabinet, aud one of
tbe most conspicuous figures in Hritish public life. Tbis was hy no
means tbe first time that Churchill
hud been in a tight place. Heforc lie
for the past ten years.
was 21 years of age be fought with
the Spanish forces in Cuba. He next
fought with his regiment, the Fourth
Hussars, on the Indian frontier, afterwards writing his experience in
tbe "Story of tbe *Malakand Field
Forces." During the Soudan war
young Churchill acted in the dual capacity of soldier aud newspaper correspondent for a Loudon paper. At
the battle of Omdurman he rode
through the famous charge unscrutch-
ed. At the outbreak of the South
African war he was one ol the lirst
war correspondents tu take the held
in tin interests of his paper "The
Morning Post." He wus unfortunate
enough to be in an armored train
that was ambushed, hence bis con-
linement to tbe Jail at Pretoria. At
the general elections ol 19UU Mr
Churchill was returned as a Conservative member for Oldham, a busy
nortli country manufacturing borough.
Two years before he wus defeated for
tbe same riding, and when be shook
bands with bis successful opponent,
a young Liberal by the name of
Runciman, be said: "Good bye, 1
don't think the world has beard the
last ot either ot us." This phophecy
bas come true because Churchill aud
Kunciman are both members of the
Asquith ministry, the latter as minister of education, Tbe self-possession and courage which Churchill displayed on the field of battle stuck to
him in his parliamentary career. It
was Mr. Chamberlain's fiscal proposals that strained bis party allegiance
to the utmost and finally broke it
down, In 1'JiiK he ran for Northwest
Manchester and won the seat, in the
Liberal interests, by a plurality of
1,211 out ot a total poll ot 111,037.
He was then made under secretary
tur the colonies. His defeat in
Manchester this year, his election at
Dundee, his subsequent appointment
as president ot the board of trade antl
his introduction of tbe Scottish home
rule bill are too recent history to
elongate upon. Winston Churchill is
a young English giant and a worthy
son of his father, the late Lord Randolph Churchill, and an ambitious
Amid tbe cheers of 25,000 people,
Celt, the three year old colt bearing
the popular colors of James R.
Keene, won tbe Brooklyn handicap,
one ol the classic events ot tbe
American turf, on June 1st.
i Ml
i M  I
. H  I
( IO
I Ml
i .1 I
. M I
l Ml
< IO
l Ml
. M .
I Ml
I Ml
< Ml
I   M   -
< M >
We have just purchased the Power
Sawing Outfit of Mr. Deakin and
wiil continue his business and be
better able than ever to give the
public   prompt    service   in supplying
All Kinds of Firewood, Slabs,
Fence Posts and Rails
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Cranbruiik,   H.  C
GUST, ANDKKN, Proprietor
. lur Motto :  * Tho Ileal ia None Too Goal"
Manitoba Hotel
dan Mcdonald, proprietor,   cranbrook. bTc.
Headquarters for
The Manitoba is centrally located and has one of tlie beet diningroomfl
in the city.   The bar ii tuppiied with the beet of Uquorc and Cigars
Hotel s *&
Quell- Comlort a Special!)
Qoo-I Stab!in? in Citinec.ion
Nearaal to railroad aad depot.    H». kc uffi .-
ttona Ior tha pablle aaeqaallcd lo Cranbrooli
Hoi aaa Cold Balk.
Hoggarth & Rollins
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The place where a j«|
man will return after |; •
stopping once.
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Hud Office, Calgary Alia.
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The Dominion Meat Company, Ltd. ij
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C. M. VanWormcr, Proprietor.
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smile ua yuui luce. THE  CRANBROOK   HERALD
!<-.'..1.. A VEAI!
JUNE   I,  1908
II. ilie lleralil   Publishing (.'ompany,
t"2~   /U^***aAa*******M^
Kil.lor and Uauager.
\        BY TUB OLD MAN. j
■aim *>• *»W«rt»liiffMW**W#*P
Tin- District  Ledger, ..f Fetnl-
11 is .ill very well for a boy to learn
handle a gun, hut this should only
he allowed when thc boy Is accompanied liy ah older person. Allowing
boys io carry 22 rifles, antl worse
till revolvers, around town ami in
ihe woods nonrby is simply tempting
providence and court ing uisnjs-u-i. i.
weie better Uml the practice i»i boys
trying suns be put n -stop to be-
[oro wc have n "didn't Know it was
loiided" episode.
The Dominion government lias derided t(. give tlie peuple ot Canada
nn opportunity ol contributing tu a
[uml lot the assistance of the con-
npt'lvcs of tho Dominion lu a »»'st
Chinese question until within thu
>l year, awl what hns he accoutred during that time.' The Vun-
„jvcr Salunl.iy Sunset, that has
supported Mr. McBride on nearly
cry other proposition, lias empbati-
.11)' slated that the tliient.il lahi.i
leslit.n is a very weak spot in the
culler's political armor.
inch improved
appearance ot late-
The Cuwlclrati Uailci and the Keho
ol Duncans havo combined aud Lu lulu re the Cowlchnti Leatler wlll bo the
uul) paper niihllshcil In Duncans,
llurrj Smith is the publishes of the
I eadei while Urmond T. Smithe is
ilit- editor "f tlio Kcho.     Such       a
uoinhiiiut  should catch tlio   people
ciHiii-ng mid Bolug.
In lhc course ol his speech bete
last Friday evening, Dr. Voung, min-
jstvi i.t education, announced that the
government Intended to shortly found
a University, "wliieli would ho the
etjunl of anything iu llie Dnminion."
Tins ii good news, because, beyond
■a sha.h.w nl a doubt, Cranbrook is
th.' ideal location Un ihu university
uf Uritisli Columbia.
It. T. laowery has been doing some
excellent work of late iu a series of
letters in his paper, the Greenwood
Lodge, describing liis journeys
through tbi' Boundary und Okanogan
countries. Mr. Lowery's humor appeals to the heart and the purer
sensihllltkcs ol mankind, it. is devoid
of bitterness and is as full ol love f.u
his fellow lii.tu as a mother's hear I is
loi her nnt born.
li ynu ciiuiiol paj nil you owe, pay
each crcditoi something. A lively
il..Il.n will <l« a powei oi good, while
I In- out- held in tin- pot-liiM is uo good
lo you oi anyone else.
Scotland is now asking fnr home
ml.' Most ni ihe married men iu
.Scotland have it already.
British Columbia fruit is recognized
as the hest the world ovei.
A spotter,   no   mailer in which
sphere of life lie is working, finds   it
difficult to hold thu respect (»t the
Thc Vancouvei;   Province   is trying
sn ban! to give its Conservative backers a inn fol  their money that       its
rnillealisin     has    become a posltiv
detriment to the party.
Last Momlay wns the iiiih anniversary ni Kiclmnl McBMdo's adminis-
irulfon iis premier ol this province. If the major it] of the people
of tills province Insist on a Conservative administration, the Herald
trusts that Mr. MeBride may continue in power.
Wanted—At least three weeks of
bright sunshine.    Apply Herald olllco,
The MeBridu party held a non-partisan meeting at Nelson anil another
at Kernie, but turned the husiness,
noii-pnrlisun meeting in this city into ,i red hot Dominion eampaign
Leathering. Three business meetings
in succession would be too much Ior
Mr. Bowser, thc man who smiles
serenely when anyone says he looks
like Napoleon.
Whn said anything about irrigation
in this district?
Heavy rains in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are making the
Ihe prairie farmer smile.
It is a wise child that goes into the
next- room to laugh when his father
hits his thumb nail instead of thc
nail with a hammar.
The best advertisers use the Herald
to get results. Marey 1). Couch, the
sole agent of the Canadian Northwest
Oil Co., Lid., of Pineher Creek, has
been using a large quantity of space
in lhe Herald (lining the last threo
months. Mr. Couch says that be
can trace more direct results to his
advertising in the Herald than tit all
the other papers he advertised in put
together. As an instance he said be
rcceivdl inquiries from Saskatoon
and from the State of Iowa where
tbe writers had read the advertisement in the Herald. Stock was sold
to both these parties, (n addition
lie found that through advertising in
tlie Herald Inquiries were being continually made from all parts ol this
district, it pays lo advertise in
the Herald.
In the Dominion house the other
dny, speaking of lhe voters lisls, Mr,
I lei tan asked Mt. Duncan Hon:
"Whn are to he the Judges whether
the lists nro honest or not?" "The
judges appointed under this legislation," replied Mr. Hoss. "They arc
governmenl officials, I understand,
appointed bv Ihis government," retorted Mr. Herran. Mr. Her rail's
insinuation against the judiciary of
ihe Dominion is absolutely out ot
place aud entirely uncalled for.
i; very body knows lhat Canadian
bulges are honest ami will not lend
themselves to back justice for party
purposes. If there is one thing
more than another that Canadians
should lie proud nf, it Is the fact that
our judges urn, like Caesar's wife,
beyond suspicion.
The Herald is informed that all
provincial police constables have been
instructed to .see that the law prohibiting minors from carrying firearms is strictly enforced. This Is as
it should he, nnd it wnuld ho well loi'
the municipal authorities to instruct
the city police along the same lines.
delightful »ud original manner
special postage Stamp will be issued
next Christmas and will have a
life-time of only three weeks. 'lhe
slump will lie a live cent stamp but
wilh the powers oi the regular two
cent stamp only. The extra threo
cents will In- given u. a fund to pro.
vide sanitariums for consumptives.
This beautiful idea will lio doubt
meet with the very excellent response
which it deserves at the hands uf
the people of -ihe Dominion.
It is now published that the
city of Chicago, which was established from old Fort. Dearborn in 183*1, takes its place us
the third city iu the world iu
point of population. Fifty years
ago it had a population of 100,-
000, today thc figures approximate 2,500,000, ami it is growing
more rapidly than any other eity
mi earth.
As with Chicago and other western
American cities, so it will he with
Cranbrook and other western Canadian cities in the immediate future.
Day by day, week by week, moult,
by mouth the tide of immigration is
flowing this way, and now Is the
time for our public men to take tbe
opportunity to develop the conditions
lhat they find at hand. Whai is
wanted In Cnuibrook today is a
class of men similar to those, who
iu ils early years, developed Chicago.
Men wlm are large enough to see the
great possibilities before ibis city
and tbo surrounding district, and who
al'c willing, il necessary, to go ahead
of existing conditions rather than
lake a cliaiice nf lagging behind.
There are men ol Ihal class in our
present, cily council, and it is to be
hoped thai during the balance ol
their tenure of office every clTuil
wilt be made to blazon the won
"Forward," upon the civic banner.
Public spirit, amor patriae or
whatever other name one chooses t
i-all it, is a feature without whieh no
community can Ih-. permanently successful and go-a-head. The spirit ol
"pull together" is an absolute necessity in any city or district and especially is this true in reference lo a
new and growing country like Kast
Kootenay. Shoulder to shoulder,
hand in band, should he the mottos
of the people of this district. Petty
jealousies should he forgotten and all
should work for thc common weal.
Tliere are fat too many eases of
assault upon children in the coal
towns of the Pass.     There    is
revolting, and at thc rate
it has been increasing the past year
conditions have reaehul the stage
that no little girl is safe away from
her parents- hearthstone-. And this
iu Cauada.
Don't forget the big Dominion lair
t Calgary June 2Ptb to July !)th
Medicine Hat, the town with "all
hell for for a basement," is now
i banking Gixt for remit rains,
Here is a conundrum: Why did not
the Conservative papers print Sam
Hughes' spee-eli in parliament? Kcho
answers, why'f
Neither Chinese or Indians will bu
allowed lo vote in Saskatchewan,
Good. Both classes have been
bought and sold at elections in the
past like so many personal chattels
mid this new legislation will slop
such infamy.
The curse of Canada Is radical
Whai is the matter with a meeting
of Ihe board of trade?
The chances for big crops ou the
prairie are growing brighter duy by
\ president and a secretary cannot
run a board of trade in Cranbrook or
any other town. The officers ol
such mi organization must have the
iiihusiastic support of the people.
Let. every business man and property
twuer in Cranbrouk ask himself these
questions right now-; "Am I doing
what I can for the hoard ol trade?
\m I trying to attend the meetings,
ir am I acting selfishly and stayiug
tl linine*' Have I ever handed the
secretary mv membership fee for tbis
year''" When you have answered
these questions sit down and   think
f your duty to Cranbrook and      to
nuradf. If you will do that you
will become a tmoslcr for the board
•f trade.
We are imt a defender of Immorality, lmi it     is dollars   to doughnuts
hat there are u lot ot men who get
out of breath scoring. Clifford Silton
and yet would not have their wives
know all about their actions when
away from home for the whole wheat
rop of Alberta this year.
If a hov by his work can nuke
1.025 oil of three acres ol Unit within
half a mile of Cranbrook by raising
vegetables, what will be done-when
all the Und around Cranhrook is being devoted to vegetable ond Iruit
litstcnl Do you hear the knocker?
,.o is in town. Oood men may din.
but the knocker lives on forever.
Premier McBride bitterly attacked
•remier Laurier in a speech at
(Rossland on the Chinese question.
The. Laurier government has made a
record on this question by passing
legislation that keeps out the Chinese.    What has Mr. McBride done on
Last Kriday night, Premier MeBride in reviewing the prosperity ul
this province, said lhat he thought
it no more than fair that considerable credit should be taken by the
Mellriiie administration fot i-h'e prosperity that the people oi British Columbia are enjoying today, (itant
that this may be true, then Mr. Mc
Bride, ii lu- is honest in his declaration, must concede llml lhe uii|n.-
ccdeutcd prosperity ot the Dominion
from Halifax in Vuncouvor, must, In
a measure, be due Ln the wise ad-
iiiiiii.straiion oi tlu- Laurier government.
Mr. Bowser,    aftei
against  the Dominion
biltoi in.i.lc
iieriiiiieni at
the MeBride meeting in tbu opera
bouse last Friday ultHrt, dropped lus
voice and said with a smile: "Of
course, yuu understand, gent .emeu,
that this is not a political tour, hul
.simply a business visil uu the pail
of the ministers," Aud then everybody in thc audience grinned.
There was one point in .Mr. Mi>
Uride's speech the other night ihal
made a wonderful impression ou bis
(-.ranbrook audience. The premier,
in that pleasing manner thai he lias,
said that during the campaign he
believed in huiii sides maKing a
strong lighi, but that when the election was over, he considered it. the
duty of those elected to hud*, upon
themselves as servants ui ihe people,
placing country before party, and to
do all in iheir power for the benefit
of the people regardless of political
conditions, ami ii was in this connection that- Mr. McBride stated,
when referring to bin- coming Dominion campaign that thc people should
not in- Influenced by the huililing of
customs houses and post ollices, as
it was the people's money thnt was
being used by the Dominion goveru-
l lien I .md Ihal lbe people had a right
to build public buildings ul thai
character. .Mr. MeBridu s argument
was a good one, and his logic can
well be applied lo the Cranbiook district. Tbe Herald has claimed tot
seveial years that the McBride government were simply servants for
lhe people, and that after an election
the prosperity of the ptovinco was
tu be considered and not the political
at)vancement of anv party or Individual, and therefore, that the McBride
government was iu error in discriminating against the Crunbroou district in appropriations lur public, improvements, simply because the
people of this district saw Iil on two
occasions to return Dr. King, a Liberal member. What is sauce for ihe
goose is sauce for the gamier. ,.n
McBride, ami lhe argument lhat you
apply to thc conditions iu the Dominion government, ymi should npply to
the evils existing in your own government in this province.
It i.s stated under what seems to be
good authority, that when Mr. McBride was in town lust week he authorized Mr. T. T. McVittie, B.C.,
L.S., to make a thorough examination of thc roads, trails and bridges,
in the Cranbrook district and submit
in a report to the government. his
opinion as to what would be necessary to place Ihem in a good condition, and that everything within reason would be done to give this district needed relief in this direction.
The Herald trusts that this is true,
yea, more than true.
The annual report of the minister
of mines for 1007 bas come to hand
and is, as usual, filled with useful information from cover to cover. The
illustrations are particularly good.
Thc May rains will undoubtedly
make June strawberries and June
grass, and -Mine grass makes excellent cream. Can't you almost taste
the combination now.
Captain Thomas, editor of the
Camrose Mail, is a Conservative, hut
ho has not much hope for bis party
at present. He says: "The Conservative party to succeed sliould be
siruck by an old-time cyclone, or by
shrapnel from a close range gun."
One ot the finest tributes ever paid
to the late Queen Victoria was that
in an address by Mark Twain       at
New York, when he said ol her:
"A life which finds its just image in a star   which falls out of
its place in the   skies and out of
existence,   hut      whose light   stilt
streams      with       un faded lustre
across the abyssess of space, Inug
after   its tires     have been extinguished at their source."
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It lakes no imagination to see lha
^OO.llll'SB l>t
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nre beauties, ninl -mmlil maken verj acceptable proiioiit,
Official   Wu.cli    Inspector
lor  0. 1'.  11
W.  F.  TATE
' The   Jeweler'
I « W WWW WVtft^WirotAM
Bog l.o twiuHimv tlml thoy mv now opoti to giro ostinmtos
for Contracts, InrgG or Biuall. All our quotations nro renson-
JI alilc. uml untiling Imt first-class work. Let us quote ynu
for yonr buiMing. and compare our prices with nil others in
s   n   new   H.it.'l,
il tlironglioul  nml
rnt'iiishi-il.      Tin'
niii'i I'i  |il,*:iM* Iho
liivi-   it.  n   trial.
Marysville  ■ B.C.
Wentworth Hotel
COItllKTT A 00..
ti. c.
This is llie hotel .hul lln-y .nlk ahoill,
Who urn" tlioy" 'I
The people.
Why ilo " they " talk 7
On account ol the t-rno.1 nu-als, the coinfnrliililn looms, ibe excel-
lent service, nml the ■'orillal.ci.urli-oiis treatment nci'ni-i.cil.o all. Kata
meal at the Wenlwnrth and yon becmno u Wonlwtirtli bonsler.  Try It.
i! cm iloes NOT rapreaeiit a
Mclaughlin carriage
When yon own a Mclaughlin you knve
no tear of such a hreak.lown.   That it
the reason m ninny of these turnoun
carriages are heing noli!.
Kvery one guaranteed tor one year.
We manufacture our own  and
in of the putt ine greros
Cash furniture bargains— C.C.S.
K. J. Smyth, editor    ol tlie Moyie
Leader,     was in Cranbrook on   Sunday.
Cash furniture bargains—C.C.S.
E.   J.   Fitzpatrick,    o I  Marysville.
as registered   at the  Cosmopolitan
last Saturday.
Cash furniture bargains—C.C.S.
Judge Irving came up from Kernie
on Sunday morning, returning on tlie
afternoon train.
Cash furniture bargains—CCS.
K   .Johnson, one of   Movie's genial
hotel  meu,  was in  Cranhrook        on
Cash furniture bargains—C.C.S.
11. Mclnnis, son of Malcora      Mclnnis, of Waldo,     is now in the employ nf the Electric Light company.
Cash furniture bargains—C.C.S,
W. Thompson, of Pernio, was registered at tlie Hotel Ciaubn.uk last
Cash furniture bargains—CCS.
W II. Melton, the Iron duke ol
Raker mountain, was In Cranbrfok at
the end uf Uio week after supplies,
Center tables,  11,11,—0.0.8.
llr. .1. II. King was iu Kernie ai
the end of last week attending the
sitting of the supreme court.
Center tables, $1.65.-0.0,8.
Professor Mellenry went to Ward'
ner on Kriday where lie gave a moving picture .show and held a dance.
Center  tables, $1,65.-0,0.8,
Dr. Connolly returned from the
coast on Friday, where he went to
see his brother Who was sick.
Center tables, $1.65.-0.0.8.
I. S. -lory, representing the Winnipeg Telegram, was in towu last Friday.
Center tables,  $1.65.-0.0.8.
Arthur A. Ward, the Swansea hay
king, was in Crnnbrook at the end of
lasi week.
Center tables, $1.65.-0.0,8.
WANTED-Two young pigs. Address A. A. Ward. 10-tt
l!. \V. MacNainara, representing tlwi
Western Canada Trading company, of
Kernie, was in Cranbrook at the ond
of last week.
WANTED—Three or four teams to
haul ties by piece or day. Enquire
of J. IL Stone, Moyie, B.C.    10-4t*
A. W. Wheeler, of New Westminster,
who Is acting as counsel on several
cases at the assizes in Femie, spent
Sunday in Cranbrook.
quire Fink Mercantile Co. 11
loe Thompson, who bas been oue
of the operators at the station here,
has been transferred to I'iuchcr
WANTED—We have a customer lor
one or two vacant lots on the HUL
—The Frost Investment Co.
i oR upholstered goods this week—
Mrs. F. M. March, of Mayook, accompanied by her two daughters,
was in Cranbrook at the beginning of
the week.
Bert Whimster, foreman of the Fernie Free I'ress, was In Cranbrook
Sunday last to attend thu regular
monthly meeting ot the typographical union.
1 off upholstered goods this week—
LOST—On Friday evening, the 20th
ceive iv reward on leaving It at    the
"Herald" ollice. IMt
quire Fink Mercantile Co. 11
The   Penrith   Observer, of Penrith,
Cumberland, England, iu a recent   is-
jiiallt, remain. Ion, B^er,^ ™ BaStRetfs <lalry larm.
a. -Khool bin contaiuiBE a C R. <-aptain it. u.  rnoroiu, oi iuc mn-
Al.    Th
price io forgotten
A Guarantee wilh everything you buy.
P. A. Paulson, of Kitchener
(.'ranbrook on Friday,
1 oft' upholstered goods .bis week—
JUST KECEIVED-A carload ol
feed. Chop, oats, wheat, aud we
curry a complete stock ol all other
kinds.—Dominion Meat Co.
Conductor Win. (.reeves and family
have moved from Medicine Hat back
to Cranbrook, a tact that will meet
willi the hearty approval ol their
J many friends iu this city.
Arc you buving your groceries    at
'Kink's.    The rapid growth ol   their
was in business is the best prool that   they
| benefit buyers.
1 off upholstered goods this week—
Vou will need some hose to waler
vour lawn this summer and when
you want it real bad you want 1*
real good. That is our brand, l-et
lus show you.—Patmore Bros.
s|   ,1. I). Mcllrlde    received tbis week
; a large carload of assorted hardware.
This Is just one ol several cars     ol
1 'goods that Mr. Mclliide has on   the
way to meet the demands ol the fall
It. McAllister, ol Moyie, was       In trade.
Cranbrook at .he end o[ last week,    c C S
1 off upholstered goods this week—
S. Reynolds,   of Kitchener, was
ntuixik visitor last Friday.
.ft" ii|ilii,lstered goods tbis week—
.lames    ll.-iitli-ivim    attended
nssi?c courl at Fernie last week.
II. l.n-ckeiiridgp, ol Wardner,
in Cranbiook on Saturday.
qiiiic Fink Mercantile Co.
.1. S. .lusty, nl   Kernie, was       In
Cranbrook on Saturday.
0. E. Barry, ,i( W-antner, was in
Oranbrook on Saturday.
F. ('. .tones anil family, ol Swan-
si, were In Cranhrook on Saturday.
Oeorge Laurie, the Creston lumberman, spent Sunday iu Cranbrook.
WANTED-I'rivate customer in
lown lor fresh milk daily; about four
quarts. Apply II. I*slie, Cranbrook. Wdh
Domestic wisdom buys hero. We
And pleasure in selling high grade
groceries.—Pink Mercantile Co,, IM.
lr„,,,l   remgera.ors at *VM-^B^^ft
more iiros. book devoted    to.licsiiiilcbpaul.es
Mrs. T. E.  South   and    child Mt ut British Columbia.
I oil upholstered goods this week—
The new SASKAI.TA Range Is tn
a class by Itself, and with the cook
it is a case ol love at first sight, and
lorevcr after. We are always pleas-
si to show them, and also the famous Kootenay Range, of which we always have a complete lino.—Patmore
for a twn months visit tn their home
n Innisfail, Alberta.
Frank Angers has gone to the upper St. Marys country on a bear
Like running water: Fink's groceries arc always Irish and Inviting.
A. Carney, provincial timber Inspector, was in Cranbrook at the beginning ol the week.
Toledo steam cookers, gasoline and i ,„. .,„ ,„„ _,..„k_.r,. „.„„ ™n
nil stoves tor tbe warni weather at ■ Tlw Cres,?J "**SfTfIi «ff _wS!
Patmore Bros wcainct    at som ^      ^ matkrt an)1 y,, Cna.
rlwrnu    .   u,*, brook dealers  should   keep supplied.
Dr. Rohert Elliot, ol   Wilmer, was The (•re-.tnn berries can be bad    in
married to Mtes Ruth Ford at   Dun- BUWL «5 5 *"T  are
ean, B. 0., last week.                        |nloktt|   and their quajtty ia all that
Cash furniture bargains—C.C.S.       'can be desired for table use or pre-
Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Benedict,      ot serving.
Mayook, were in    Cranbrook      this Mm   n  T    Main (formerly       of
week*         , Winnipeg) will receive tomorrow (Fri-
Casli furniture bargains—C.C.S. day) for the first time since coming
G. P.   Tisdale,       the St.   Marys to   Cranbrook.       Cottage   opposite
prairie ranchman, was In Cranbrook C.P.R. station
„ver Sunday. j off uttered goods thin week-
Cash furniture bargains-C.C.S. o.C.S.
last Tuesday evening and left
Wednesday with the Cranbrook delegates to attend tlie Liberal convention at Nelson. All three of these
gentlemen have been residents of tbe
Windermere country for considerable
time, and are doing everything in
their power to give a practical demonstration of the fact thnt the
Windermere country is one of the
grandest garden spots on the North
American continent. Mr. Brewer,
who is a brother ol Justice Brewer,
of thc United States supreme court,
had not seen a railway train for
twenty years until he came to Cranbrook on Tuesday.
A number ol citizens of Cranbrook,
Moyie and Fort Steele were summoned as jurors this week to attend the
supreme court sitting at Femie.
Max" Dick, the violinist, who was
here a short time ago with the
Louise Brehany company, found an
old school fellow and playmate here
in the person of Mrs. D. .1. Elmer.
Mr. Dick was horn and brought, up
at St. Peter, Minnesota, the birth
place ot Mrs. Elmer, of which city
Mr. Dick's father was mayor for
years. Mr. Dick spent a very pleasant afternoon with the Elmer family and is anxious to return to Cranbrook and spend a week's vacation.
Tht! case which was arbitrate*! up-
i between the C.P.R. and Allien
Mutz regarding certain lamls at
Kingsgate, was decided in favor of
Albert Mutz, the C.P.R. having to
pay $3,000 costs and $100 an acre
for the land in question.
Conductors .Jackson and Burton
returned from Creston on Tuesday,
where they purchased a fruit farm.
P. Woods, the Cherry creek stockman, was in Cranbrook at the beginning of the week.
A new consignment of pianos has
been received at McHenry's music
store. The instruments now on hand
are among the finest ever brought to
Fred McKay has been acting as assistant to Harry White, the customs
officer, during the past few days.
Alex. Ingram is back in Cranbrook
and again in the tailoring department
of the Fink Mercantile company.
Alex, went to Saskatoon but could
not keep away trom the mountains
and beautiful Cranhrook.
The prize list of the 22nd annual
exhibition of the Medicine Hat Agricultural society, which will be held
September 22, 23 and 21 has
come to hand. The prize list covers
SO pages and shows that the Medicine
Hat Agricultural society is fully
alive to the great agricultural wealth
of that favored district.
Both drug stores have agreed to
the following hours during whioh
they will be open on Sundays: In the
morning from 10 till 11; in the afternoon from 2.30 to 4.30, and •In
the evening from 8 to 9.
M, IT. Gilmour has joined the staff
ot the Canadian Bank of Commerce
as teller, taking tne place of R. A.
Dorrell, who has joined the Vancouver branch.    Mr. Gilmour has   been
in Cranbrook insurance circle
been appointed manager tor Vancouver Island for ihe -North American
Life Insurance company oi Toronto.
Mr. Perry has beeu in the life insurance business in the Lauadiau
west for fourteen years and is une of
tlie best known Insurance men in ttie
Lovers of the beautiful iu decorative eflects will lind in our new art
china the highest, embodiment of individual design—Fink Mercantile Co.,
Air. and Airs. A. Leitch returned
yesterday from an extended visit
uom various points in Manitoba, Air
Leltch's time was devoted in moMug
after ihe interests ot the East Kuotenay Lumber eompany, wliile Mrs.
Leltch visited her numerous relatives
in that province.
Buy your wedding gifts at Fink's.
They carry the largest assortment ui
high class china and porcelains in the
At ihu Caledonian sports held lit
Vancouver lhe other day, Francis
Ak'Coiiiicll, onu ol Cratibrodii.s old
buys, wou thc IUU    yards race,     tin-
IV yard   race and tne    i of a in lie.
'FtuuK" has been selected as one of
the nve thai win go tu Ottawa and
Toronlo for the big spurts on the
tub of June.
F. P. Nor bury, une ol East koole-
nay'a uld time ranchers, but win. has
been domiciled in Euglaiet fur sume
years, look eight iirsi prizes for apples at- lhc Royal Horticultural show
in London last winter. Mr. a or ber)
is lookui upuu as an expert hoilieitl
turisl in England and is vlce-chalr-
uian of the Worcester chamber ul
Tho man who is engaged iu newspaper work often hus reasons to
tiiiiiik that people are ungrateful,
sinee he receives, us a rule, kicks ami
protests and solemn words ol pmlBU
lur any ginnl deed performed, The
llernld editor was surprised    during
the past wet* by having a gcullc-
inan stop him on ttie street anil
thank him for some kind words recently printed iu thu Herald. Such
appreciation is unusual -hut nevertheless ll dues make a newspaper man
del belter on account of it.
Friemls in Craubrook who have
heard from Mr. and Mrs. W. .1. Atchison have been informed that Mr.
Atchison has leased a small ranch six
miles from the city of Los Angeles
ou which there arc bearing trees oi
oranges, lemons, tigs, grape vines ami
black raspberry bushes. Mr. Atchison has started with two hundred
chickens and a cow, has also purchased a horse and buggy for convenience
in going back and forth from the
city. They have a comfortable cottage of four rooms and Mr. Atchison
will devote the summer to outdoor
work. He has gained nearly twenty-
five pounds in weight since leaving
Cranbrook and has very mueh improved in health.
.June weddings: This is tlie mouth
of weddings, and o I wedding gifts.
Wc would suggest suiuclbing new iu
gifts to thu bride. What could be
more appropriate thau a new SASK-
ALTA Range. It will always look
bright, as the polish will not burn
off. This will lessen the labor. It
cooks and bakes perfectly, which
means good humor and peace around
the home, and make the home life
what it should be. See Patmore
Bros, about the range.
R. A. Kimpton, S. Brewer, and
Captain R. G. Tborold, of the Win-
< »ur line this yenr is larger und better thuu t	
were bought with a view to Btrengtb uml long service.
Come, in and seo the many pretty patterns wo can
show vou.
Fishing Tackle
As usual, we nre linnilliii^ the celebrated CRI IFT Hue.
Our assortment of POLES. FLIES, LIKES, REELS,
Elc is wry liirm-.
CrOqUet   SetS   at reasonable prices.
Tennis Goods iueiuciiiie(sia?.i.,*_-.-i,-v \y.r*,«i.,,,
Footballs and Baseball Goods
Aral, in fuel.all lemliiiji lines ot Sporliiig (i Is.   Co
uml have a Im.k.
•,."*       2
com- a,
All that la ilctlrable in a Wedding Gilt —Dei
Kleyanre,  Value, ElcliulveuHi ami Uietnlneai
l.ine,. in article, ol
4444444444444444444444 444444444444++4444444
shown in this mure.
sen ting tmpeiiotitv
excelled anywhere,
Kadi piece l>eai? t
if design and flnli
Don't accept imftatii
rk .'
til 'mlu.
ni.,i   be *
l.i .-mil ♦
OpIL-inn    9
; ;♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ **********************
or in other word*), for tl.e
refresh meu t of Ruents, some ol
not onlv desirable, bul essential.
Wholesale Wine Merchant
RHONE    17
We have loll of Milk anil we are bound to get ri.l of it. Prices:
1 pint per day _  lOqnarla f.*r $1.00
I quart per day. 11 si u,i
i   " "     _    _    12    " sl.i.0
1 Kallon     "  13     •• >•] oo
2 gallons and over per day _   14 $1.00
Cream, per quart, aOc ; rates for larger quantities.
Skim .\Iilk_  2d quarts for il 00
Buttermilk, when we have it _     10 cents per qu nt
No names mentioned, but if the guilty
parties will drop in, we can fix them up
with a high-grade LAWN MOWER at a
reasonable price.
Xew and Strictly First-Class Telephose ■_.' 186
Aiii.-rii.iiti I'lnii. $2.50 per day up
Chas. Hartnkv, Proprietor.
Cor. Seymour and Cordova St*.   .. p    *
Op-mule U. 1'. R. Station VflnCOUVer,  D. C
***** *******************
Bt at
1 Canadian Hotel 1
One of the pioneer hotels of Cranbrook. Warm rooms, good meals
and a bar stocked with the best
IJoseph Brault, Proprietor!
ot fit
aaaawiaasafisaffliiitBttatasiaiasststt TIIE CKANBROOK   HKRAM)
Mutnil'.i.-turers.ti.'l Dealers
Detail Work u -Sp.
News of the District
When You
Comet., the Metro
p >1U st:iy at the
Palace Hotel
Stephens & Kockendorl
Opposite C. I». U.
W   _A____m______^_. ______._.__*
(From our awn correspondent)
Mr- Dohanhoe spent   the  hulittay iu
Written by Bright Correspondents and Gleaned from Newspapers
and cake were served hy thc ladies.
The candy booth was presided over
by Miss Service   and Miss .lohnsou,
Mr.    Roach. Ol   t'luresholiu, Alta.,
!w*as in towu Saturday last.
I Hang «»i tu your umbrella. It
'looks like rain.
Mr. lleinlnst.il*. uiiUMge
River Kleeltie Light A    Tower com
pany, was iu   town lost week
Tlie Elk Drug and Book Store company's temporary quarters at      the
corner of Victoria and   Wood streets
was burned on Monday evening.   {The
estimated gross   loss   Is   thirty-two
thousand dollars, with Insurance    ot
one thousand.     The tire was caused
hy the careless handling ol fireworks
, hy a hoy customer who re-entered the
mmmmm | store with a rocket that he had lit,
Iriends.    II.- had been down tn Sim- hut hud uot discharged.     The    boy
kaue getthiK his family located    Mr • thought it   was no good and carried
Bonnet now holds a responsible posl- U hack to the store.    Tho fuse was
tion at   fi. I.l ihi the
IMt. tunnel
cry slow one and tho rocket   dis-
work," and'hw^Wvm(m"uuiYer ""him! ft"*"1 jn J*8 8J°K 2*jh-a tK
Ml .1 Bonnei his brother and Potiw « *»™ slot'k ol ^reworks, m , }««
ta£l are^also8 M&jSl pS &«■ **? WtttUfttSft
lions there, lt will piohablv lake f B° "»» Tn^SaolCW
over another   year tq complete    Uie11^0' ftil° "' ,il *J2" ! , ™2K[
The Mark of Identity
e are safeguarding your interests when
we urge you   to look  for  the
Fit-Reform trademark in every
Suit and Overcoat you buy.
It is the distinguishing sign of
style   i if tailoring—of value.
Calgary, Alta.
Uvutylliing in llm Mimic, line
" s.-.i* trt " Hell I'lnnns alwuya
„n liiiinl
I- 11 |l„s 5IS    CHANBK0..K, B. C.
Provincial Land Surveyors
RULWtV   Wl   Will 1(1   KNIilNfifiltMti
K Hi sling Bros, have (our t
tho   -lune bride is   satislied
Uio \
o date there is no report     ol
ftgnra   Iruit   crop huvlng ehtl-
u II I.l'
the li It pond was mut in]Inl hy Mrs
, Miller and Mr. Lindsay ably tilled the
i ih*« it u positiou ol aiiciloneet, to disposo of
n}J^I!!_7.  the    numerous   pieces pt fancy work
which had beeu Ot mated hy the ladies
uw  of the tuwn-        After this a      short
proammmo was rendered with     Mr.
Kichardsou,     pastor,   iu    the chair.
J. but The proceeds iu all amounted       to
with utjoui $;ii.
Peter I.uml left loi Calgary last
Thursday nftuuiooii, accompunteil   liv
bis mo titer,  who lias spent tin; last
siv weeks m town.    Mis. Lund will
visit ior    a short Uuu wi.Ui her
daughter, Mis. Ilarohl l¥rliiig, ot
Cuinrosu, Alta., belore returning to
her homo in Spokane.
en t u iles
leligt 1      	
The lot I owing officers were elected
at- the last mooting of Wiltlev \.<><\i\e.
No. -II:
ll. Salt   Noble Grand,
0. .1. Uliin-— Viee-llraiid.
!•'. J, Suuth—SiTivlarj.
\. W. Iinnlett^-Treasiiier.
These olllcers will he Installed at
the first* meeting iu .luly. The toifgo
conferred llu; initial.ii\ and liist (ie
groea. Then followed n social bos
sion fin! a luiiih.
irom the <'. I*
Was iti  lo-Mi
How do you like the weather.'
A special uieeliug of the ladies Aid
  was ca'lled to im*t at the home      ut
Mr.    Adney, P.F.O.,   was in Ccfttt- l*lr.  Ulchurdson un Tlnusday evening
....I; May iiiith ou business. lilst '" dispose uf   the funds acquired
 -****. by    the bazaar  of Tuesday evoning,
l.n- Seagram, M.P., has never made aud do the other necessary husiness,
m.ise like a statesman at Ottawa, IItefreshoients    were   se
  ...        .      Kiehardsuu   alter   the  husiness
disposed ol.
t ho can boot like a Scotch curler
when bis horso wins a race.
by  Mi
Mr. Thompson, night, operator    at'   Mr.   Charles   Barnes,   of llanhury,
thu station,   received walking orders' ww in town Monday.
tu Hosmer ou Tuesday last, ami left
uu No.  5.     Here's success to    you,
Thompson, wherever yuu go.
I   Mr.   It.
Kllisun   was iu Cranhrook
The season approaches when       tht
juicy and aciduous pie plant       must .
make way for t.he crimson-headed and  Sunday,    .lune 14th.
sandy whiskered strawberry.
1!.   II.   Bohart   was iu Craubrook
last week on business.
Mr. Dun McLeod arrived home from
Marysville last week, where he
been employed during the past
ltev. Mr.   Winter,    ol Port Sleele,
preaches his    farewell sermon        ou
'    ,    .lune 14th.      Tlie reverend
gpntlemnm has been transferred      to
salmon arm, B. C.
It is raining tbis week.
»■!.- 1'. u. Box 25.
i..k P.O. Hox ll.
Telephone 171.
tCt'iiiitirook: Ituhl KI
(ieo. R. Leask & Co
ikn our advertisement, Imt wi
,m this tul in Llm Herald to
emphasise It.
ur l.owei trmstrong Avenue
(iei litany is anxious to re-open
trade negotiations with Canada, hut
having established our own pretzel
uml iraiikfort factories wc are independent of the Kaiser.
Mr, d.kIiI, of Cranbrook, is back at
lus old job, as night operator at lite
The race for the Ontario stakes
will take place on   June 8th.    Some
t the entries are spavined and
ilugboiied, but most ol them give
evidence of having plenty uf wind.
N. .1. Boswoith, representing    thu
International Coal & Coke company,
i.f Coleman, Alta., was iu town May
Mr. Prentice, representing the A.
Macdonald company, uf Kernie, was
iu tuwn last week.
Experts say the coffee crop will
be light, and we suppose they bave
grounds lor it,
Thos. Turley, traveller for tlut
Crawn Tailoring Co., Toronto, was
in town last week.
The Boss Kille company will maku
r>2,0u(l bayonets. in other words,
the compauiy will lir bayonets ami
Fred Ritchie, traveller for     Wilson
Mr. Win. Boorie, late stable    boss
lias lor the   Crows   Nest    Pass laimbei
IVu   company     here, lefl    for Craubrook
j.Monday aud from there he leaves foi
[Ids old homo in Ireland, where     the
ihamrock grows.
(From uur owu torrcspuudeiilj
Fred Clements, oi the Pioneer Coffee aud Spice .Mills, \ Iclorla, was
looking ful a building site in Klko
ibis week.
0. N. Boss, of Kernie, was
Klko ami visiting Kuotenay river
points tliis week. Mr. Koss met an
ii.i Winnipeg friend in Klku, K. Boo,
iniiii uiu members ..t t niuii lodge No.
14,  l.O.O.K.
Some nuu say what (hey think,
Iml sliould he ashamed iu think even
what they .say.
If this is the kind ut weather that
tbey have at the coast, •they arc
welcome to it. We would he only
too willing to ship it back. We are
no hog and are willing to yell when
we have had enough.
Miss Buxton, ol Cranbrook, is
spending a few days with her friend,
Mrs. A. Norris.
II. C. Lindsay entertained a lew
of his IrienMs Saturday evening al
an "at home." The evening was
pleasantly spent in games and story
telling, after which refreshments were
served by the host,
| moyie 2
(l-'rom (lie Moyie Leader.)
Tla* following- are llie newly elected
'officers ol St. Kugene Lodge No. *.,,
I Knights oi Pythias:
'   tl. II. l.ivesley—0. C,
... [•!. Taylor-V. li. ll.
A. S. Itoberls—Prelate.
W. ,1. KelUiani-M. ol W.
E. A. Hill—K. of It. and S.
C. A. l-'oote—M. ol Iv
Hugh MtUuliald-rd. at A.
I', J. McAlpine-l. CI.
U.  .1. While—(l. a.
Tht-si' officers will he iiistalk-l     al
{X^TaTln town  "'3 ■** ** ■««»« '» '""V*
HMM tlltANIllinoK T.I
Winnipeg, Furl William,
I.iilnlli. 51. Paul, Sioux City
New Vork
St. John, N. II.
St. Louis
Sydney. C.
. II.
.   $117.50
si. I.Ill
si 11.oo
' Hay.' I.ii
i iv- Till
'riekots on Sale MAY  I mi.l 18,
JUNKS, ll. 19nn.l •111, JULY It, I. '-'•.'
an.l US, AUfUIST II, 7. 3 1 22',
I'.ms.    Iii-l   Iln--.      II,,uml   Tilji
I     —*—
via am* if*- luui.-'
Iiniii ,liii.,<n„ii. '
,.i Olilcaso at,- ■■
Km*   I.inl.i'i-    ii
Sk-i.|,lnii   dar   1
apply tn
ii. I'. ,...
"1  via   llu* limil
.1. MIIK,
nki.siin, ii r
il ■>
I is now located in its comfortable and attractive new quarters in thc Manitoba Hotel.
This institution is iust up-to-
date and is modern ly equipped
to do t'ust the best work in all
branches ol the tonsorial art.
■ I   Martin I'uk-v died at his hotu
Mr. Cumberland, representing    the porilanW. uregou, on tbe nth
Northwest    Oil   company, of Uutler,  -1"™^^^^™^^^^^^^^™
Alta., is in lowu in the interests   ol
the company and is meeting       with
good success.
Mrs. Oreen and Miss Service
Klko visitors Tuesday last.
Mi. Brown, of the Union hotel, was
a Cruribrook visitor lasl week.
Always speak a good word for your
Mi. McMiebcI, ol the W.C.W,
pany, ot Kernie, was iu town
Waddley, edgerman at the
left for Spokane last week.
May. The Oregoniau ol that date
I'tititaiiied a picture ul Mr. I-Vney and
a lengthy sketch of bis life. Mr.
Foley was one of the lirst, milling
men iu the Moyie eump, and was a
partner in thc Lake Shore mine with
Chas. Farrell, Thos. Under and uther
owners. For a time he was also a
partner with Vic. Uesaulnier iu the
Central hotel. He realized some
jmi.uiio from his share iu the Lake
Shore projierty, after which he mar.
ried and tuovul to Portland to live.
Deceased was 54 years uf age ami
nm- was ll practical mining man. He
last 'lt'l',i st5Vt'lal responsible positions in
tbe Coeur tl'Alene country prior to
bis coming to Hritish Columbia. Hu
is survived by his wife and some relatives iu the east.
Constable Adney drove to Mayook
and Benedict's tamps last week on
David Breckenridge, of Marysville,
was renewing old acquaintances in
tuwn last week.
Messrs, Hubert Harrison, A, Knight
and .1. Travis   spent last Thursday
in Craubrook.
Bert Brown was on the sic-!;     list,
last week.    We arc glad to hear   he.eyi
is' better. \
The sawmill ol the I'orto Uico
Lumber eompany was started Wednesday on the season's cut. Log driving ou l.amh creek is practically over
and a line lot of logs are in the'boom
near the mill. About forty men are
.lohn Daly, who was blasted wliil-
working at the SI. Kugene some
lime ago, Is still in Spokane under
the care of an eye specialist. There
.is yet hope of saving the sight of ono
The moralist will shudder when he
reads the result of the Kernie assizes,
wrncli made a mockery uf uur boasted British justice. A man over forty
years oi age, who wantonly robs ihe
cradle, should simply he taken oui
and shot. Any jury ul men who
Hould eucourago brutes ot that class
should he hold up to public scorn.
were our boasted lawmakers to de-
vote mow attention iu preserving tne
purity of girlhood and womaiHiood
ami less lo saving the country, both
would be hetter uli. The strong arm
oi the law should intervene io save
children from such brutes. Public
ipmlou can restrict if not stop lhe
rune. If peuple would condemn
such brutes rattier than glonty tbem
they would lmve cause to respeet
liieiuselves the better and tu maku
ii man uut of a pitiless brute. It is
regrettable that these dastard!)
crimes could not be committed in tlie
homes uf their sympathizers. The
country should frown disapproval
upon criminals uf this class in a way
that would land them in the penitentiary. Failing this au outraged
fat-lrcr or brother should man liesl
disapproval and protect bis own
home. There are hundreds ol
preachers of the gospel who neglect
to mention this, lhe greatest' of all
crimes, irom their pulpits, because it
might cost them their bread and
huller. For the size uf lhe place
Fernie certainly contains a big percentage of cuyuses aud so low an.)
mean a skunk would refuse to associate with them. They are su
small ihat a child's sweater Would
make ihem a whole suit ol clothes,
and too mean to eat a cold potato in
the moonlight, for fear their shadows
would ask theiii for a bite. We do
not feel sorry lor these pasl occurrences because after they are burn
a few mure limes the mud'will be
washed out of llieir brains n'ud their
souls will have a chance to gel some
fresh nir. The several verdicts
brought iu by the freak jurys to thc
judge would have brought tears to a
Chinese god.
.1. li. l'ugh, general manager of the
Pugh and Livingston Lumber company and several eastern capitalists
have heen looking over the big timber
limits smith of Klk river, aud intend
opening up several camps next
The wicked flourish like a green hay
tree in Kernie.
.lohn Frost nnd Morgan Thomas, of
Kureka, Montana, passed through
Klko to Cranhrook this week.
We arc not only doing business at
the old stand, but lots of it and
visitors to Klko should call nl our
store opposite the Columbia hotel
and see the Indian curios, souvenir
goods and fresh groceries arriving
daily. Kwrything is guaranteed to
lie strictlV fresh, except the salt.
Full weight nnd a pleasant smile
from the attendants.
The Mellenry moving picture show
held forth in the Library hall last
Kriday night to a large and appreciative audience. The pictures
were exceedingly gnod and up to
their usual high standard. After thc
show there was a free dance with the
best ol music. Como again boys.
You are always welcome, to Wardner.
Miss Clark and Miss Scott, ol
Cranbrook, were Wardner visitors
last week.
Miss F. U. Johnson, school teacher,
was a .laffray visitor Inst week.
Mrs. Wolf came up from Cranhrook
Monday to attend the dance in tho
evening. She had a splendid time
and wil] be in attendanre at more of
our dances during the summer.
•las. Gibbons was up from his
ranch near Kingsgate this week. Mr.
Gibbons says everything is flourishing
down there, and he has unbounded
faith in rtie productiveness ol thc
Harry Gamble was over to Boss-
land this week to attend the funeral
ol the late Maurice Powers. Mr.
Gamble and Mr. Powers worked ns
shifthosscsi at the same mine In Boss-
land lor several years and were dose
Rumor bas it that a diamond field
has lieen discovered in Quebec.     Thej friends.	
greatest diamond,   by   the way, that' ■
j'tne Liberals ever  discovered in Que-1   Ben. •!. Biley left this week       Ior
bee was Sir Wilfrid Laurier. Not    a]Victoria where he wilt remain lor    a
diamond in the rough, hut cut    and  short time before going north on the
'polished to the last degree of lustre. IGrand Trunk Pacific route.
j   A bazaar was given by the -Ladies'   P. .1. Bonner, who for a long   time.-- ---        -   -   ....
Aid of the I'reshvterian church!     on held the position of foreman oil   tha .time  the    murder   was  committed.
the evening ol    May 26tb last, wbloh  St. Kugene, was in Moyie for a  day]This news will be welcome to     Mr.   t Ak^^   „
was    a decided success.     Ice. cream this week mingling with his      many Steve's many friends who never ex-, 44444444444444444+4*++
(Mine, saw and conquered in short
order. There were three people
slightly hurl at this lire. This accident should make evuryoue more
careful in the handling and discharge
of fireworks.
The i Md Kellows beld their semi
itiimuil election on Wednesday night
and the following officers Were elected:
V G.-Fred Vance.
V, G.-Di. Wriglesworlh.
I tec.-Sec,—Harry Brown.
Fin.-Sec.—D. Devtno.
Treas.-B. Dudley.
If.   Dudley and  F.  Bell were      appointed delegates  to the gland  lodge
whieh meets in New Westmiuslei    in
tbe month of June.
WHAT'S    A     KAlll     MICE FOIt
Wlmt, should he the cost of orchard
laud iu the Kuotenay antl what return should the investor reasonably
expect, are two very important -questions thai are frequently asked here
al the presenl lime.
The opinion of Buy I'. Biock, thc
Secretary of the Koutenay Fruit
Growers' association at Nelson, when
asked on those two points and the
figures he gives are worthy of very
itreful attention. Mr>. Brock states
that over the hearing period of tell
years one of the host mixed orchartls
lhat has conic under his notice
yielded au average of $5iiQ per acre,
giving au average net income to the
grower of about $2tij per acre. This,
in Mr. Brock's opinion is a very conservative estimate of the product ot
an ordinary fruit ranch and in his
opinion these figures may he safely
used as the basis (or the calculation
of the value of fruit lands in the
Kootenay district. Ten per cent is
an exceedingly good return on the
average Investment. Hence $'M\n per
acre net profit represents ten per
cent on $2li5U per acre and shows
that land value al present hereabouts cannot now be said tit he exorbitant judging from the prices advertised. ., Mr. Brock, however, is
careful to add that all intending purchasers ol land should personally
visit, investigate and ascertain all
tbe facts as to ils trull producing
value before buying.
Mr. Brock figures out the approximate value of au acre of laud iu this
way: Land, $100, clearing, H»K); cost
to get luml Into bearing, approximate. 1850; total, SMO. At lirst
this looks like a lot of money to pay
for land, but it must be remembered
that this same laml, if adapted for
fruit growing will repay this amount
in two years after planting.
It must he quoted, however, that
the figures quoted ilo not lake inlo
consideration the annual crops ui
small fruits and vegetables tbat can
be cultivated during the time the
trees are growing. From three to
live acres of laud devoted to the cultivation of small fruits should he
sullicieiil to support an ordinary family if proper cultivation and ordinary
intelligence is used. There is, of
course, other adjuncts sueh as keeping of fowl which will go to mako the
smalt ranch a paying Institution and
which will he of great assistance
(luring Ihe time the trees are glowing
|        fernie I
(Frnm the Dlstriet Ledger.)
A strike la ru|iorted at tin Klk
Luinbi*! inill. It appears that tho
company wanted the men to work at
night without gutting more than
.struiKliI time. This they refused
to ilo as they did not consider it
lair. Tlio boss inlormcd them tliat
unless Uiey did as requested Uiey
ciiulil gel th-oir time, which they did.
That lhe man who gets angry
about what thc critic says about him
should return ttianks three times a
day for what the critic knows about
Him anil suppresses.
A rcpnrt gained circulation hero and
was widely spread that Bube Steve,
ol l-'rank*, had been arrested in connection with the murder ol Wlllmott
there some time ago. We silted the
mailer to the bottom, however, nnd
lind dial tho report Is ridiculously
a-s Steve was in Calgary at the
 . .
.II'.I.IKNIIKIMS DKOI'     CAItllltll.
Vancouver, May 21..—The Onggeu-
lit'inis havi- finally abandoned work
in Cariboo, and have given up the
proposition to purchase tbe Cariboo
Consolidated Hydraulic eotnpauy.
Tliis decision was reached alter a
hundred thousand dollars had been
spent carrying out the initial work
(or digging a series ol ditches Ior
securing a water supply. Tho Otig-
l-i'nlielliis also paid a similar amount
to tbe contractors to lie released
frnm the contract to Install a water
system which in all was to cost ball
a million dollars.
The principal shareholders in the
original enterprise are Sir William
Van Home anil It- 11. Angus, pt Mon-
ln-al. to whom the property has now
reverted- Superintendent Itobson ls
again iu charge, though his advice
was not accepted hy the (.iiggenhelms
who acliil on the advice ol their
inillinn-dollar-a-year expert, John
Ilnys Hammond.
Sir William Van Home recently
wired instructions to Mr. Hnbson tn
go iilu-ad with the season's work,
and preparations are being miull- for
ii big clean-up.
lli-|iiiiriii|; a S|n*i-inlt>*
Aiken. liliK-k, Craitliruuk
Old Curiosity
JOSEPH H. MclEAN, Proprlrlor
AU Classes of Secondhand floods
Furniture of Ail Kimll, Iki.1i
New uml Kt-i-oniLliand
Sage's Old Sland, Hanson Avenue
Thousands of meu have
learned that it pays to look
fur this label    aud  pays
well tu liml it.
Let it guide  Jl
YOU nlwnys $}?' pi*
Cranbrook, B. C.
Dezall's Livery, Feed and
Sale Stable
t  Pine Drivers, Handsome Rigs and Comfortable Stables
Automobile for Picnics, Rides and Trips to
surrounding towns
********************* *************&
SUPERIORITY is the mark that distinguishes
From all others.  -,.Unexcelled in purity, strength and Mavor.
 Sold by leading grocers from 50c lb.	
pleased t» tiutke
tttmouncemeut thnt ho carries nil  kiiuls
of merchandise, nnd received tlio
♦ stock of Fishing Tackle ever seen  hare,
^       Suite jealous person might cull me U
* Uut Fri.l Uim is liuiipy
m IN
Dealer In.
HarneM aud Saddles
Miner*'   and   Proa-
pt dors' Supplies
llry lioods
Kiw fun
fruit ind Candy
$       knowing thnt lie has a reputation iu l«*tl«n Curias
X ,. , .7 , .    ,.       > PIshl-itR Taikle thai
* l.n* vi-riii'ily wliieli is worlh limn- to Iiiiii    ,     CllcbilIk.Fill
* tliiin untold golil. I
i FRED ROO, Proprietor
Ham and Bacon
Put up liy our peoplo, is tin. Lost in
Camilla. Tlm trtiulilt> ia to got
nnnii'^li, owing to sliuilagii nf unit -
nliln lings. Wo luivo a supply nf tliiB
Haul ami lliu-nn nnw.
!  P. BURNS 41 CO., Ltd.
Corporation of the City
of CranbrooK
HY-I.AW NO.  18
A By-Law to provide lor tlu:
levying ot a Uoad Tax within tlie
limits ol tin* Corporation ol tla; Oily
of Cranbrook.
The Municipal Council ol the Corporation ol ine City ol Cranlirook in
I'ouncil assembled, enacts as follows:
1. F.very male person residing or
carrying on bus-ines.-, lur not ires lhan
thirty .1.0) days, wllliiu the limits ol
the City ol Cranbiook and being between the ages ol twenty om- (811 uud
sixty (lid) years uuliis:
(a) He Is assessed upon tile Assessment Koll ol the Cily ol Clan
(b) ls the holder ol a Trades License ol not less than two ami
one lial. dollars (12.90) tor
every fix wombs.
(e) Is a bona Ude wcinbcr ol a partnership Urw call)ilif- uu husi
ness iu ibe City ol cruubrouk,
alio, in the lum namo oi iu the
name of one of llu- p.niuei*.,
pays lo ilie city a liceuso li i
not less  Iliun  Ian .in,I oui' halt
dollars   (ill.1.0) im ever)     sis
shall   !»• entered    by Uio   Assessor
ii|inii a Iiuil    lo be   known    as     ihe
"Itoad lax lloll."
■_. Kvery male person iihoie niiuu*
appears upon the Rnntl Tax .toll,
shall, ou dotnawl, pay In the Assessor or Collector ol the Cilv of
Craubrook, lhe .sum o. two dollars
($..tiii) as and lot his Uoad Tax
Im* the current, year. Provided always-, that no olTicer, non-coimnis-
sloiicd Dlllcer, guuuer, private or
member ol any corps iu Uie Province
ol llrilisli Columbia, ol Uie Active
..lilll ia Force of Canada, certlllcd h,
llie olllcet commanding the corps, li,
which such militia mau belongs m* is
ntluchcd, as Iieing ellii'lenl, .shall billable t-u pay siu-d Koait Tax.
■1.   Kvery   merchant,      Under    or
other employer ot labor within
City of Crunbrook, shall pay
Road Tax as the same becomes
Irom any persou or persons
wall, celebrated bis lOfeid birlbuav
'recently. For lttB yetm three kwi-
ciatkHHi of the Carnes family have
held the same office. Mr. Carne is
still hale and active, and, until comparatively recently, had no ucwi lot
eyeglasses. He <*oes not cart* for
ttirhacco. In tact he -fllRHfcwi it.
When Mr. Came first became a verger
Aiiotltir case ol double life has been ■*.   i   .  . , ., ^
rtlMHl at Leicester,    where John Rj"* VL"X!LttUBftS"S*
... thole
or Ins employ, ami muv deduct the
aiiumnt so paid Irom the salary,
wages or cuinpeusation due or to lav
como due lo such person Irom such
employer upon the produclion and
delivery of ihe receipt therefore to
such person. Kvery such merchant,
trader or other employer of labor
shall furnish to the Collector when
required by him so to Uu, a list of
all persons in his employ liable to
pay .such lloa-d Tax.
4. Any person liable therefore who
neglects or refuses lo pav the said
Koad Tax when demanded ol hint,
shall be liable to the penalties hereinafter mentioned.
5. In case any person falls lo pay
the said Koad Tax for his employees
or deliver to the Collector the'list
mentioned iu Section 3, when required so to do or knowingly states anything falsely therein, such person
shall, on complaint ef the Collector,
and upon summary conviction, Ih*
liable to a penalty not exceeding one
hundred-dollars ($100.00.)
tl. When such Uoad Tax is due and
unpaid after demand nude therefore,
the Assessor or Collector of the
Municipality may hy himself ur his
Agent, levy the same with costs, bv
distress uf the goods aud chattels of
the person who ought to pav the
t.aine, or of any goods and chattels in
his possession wherever tlie .same
may be found within the Municipality, or of any goods and chattels
found on the premises uf such person,
tho property of or iu the pussessiun
of any other oecupant uf the premises, and the costs chargeable shall be
those made payable In cases of distresses for rents aud penalties bv "An
Act respecting the cosls ut levying
distresses (or rents ami |.enalliea,
uud if no sullieieiit distress can he
found, then upon summary conviclioi
before a Justice of the Peace having
jurisdiction iu ibe Municipality, uu
ita- refuial or neglect ui such person
to pay the said--sum, be sli.il. incur a
penalty of Five Dollars ((3.00} with
costs, uud in default ul payment at
Mich time a.s the convicting Justice
shall order, shall be committed to
the common gaol and be there put tu
hard labor fur any time nut exceeding ten (10) days, unless such penal-
tv antl costs nnd the rosts ol tbe
warrant of commitment ami ut conveying the said person lu ..iil ..re
sootioi' paid.
7. Tbe Assessor or Colleotoi of
iVe Municipality may by himsell or
ngcirt demand from all) person liable
tu pay sueh II...nt Tai tbe production
of his receipt fur the xmm\ and in
ease of the netf-H't 0t ielus.il uf any
qtipll pvfKon to produce, when ile
imuiiled by the Assessor or Collector, a receipt lawfully Issued hj
hint, the Assessor or Collector may
hy himself or agent, i> iiiuu.u
uf sueh Uuad Tax iu lhc tnaunei provided in the next preceding section
uf this Hy-l-uw.
K. This lly-Uaw nun he cited as
Iho "Koad Tas lly-l.aw."
Item! a lirst und second time on tbe
lirst day ot April, A.  I>,  1008.
ttead a third time ou lhe Ilih Hav <>l
Mav,  A. I).  1IMIS.
lUi'oiistdcred mid finally passed and
U(lopted on tbe 18th d.iv ut Muv, A.
1)   ituts
J, IV Kink, Mayor.
T. M. Roberts, Clerk.
I certify the above to tie a true
original copy of the Ih-l.avv as passed hv tbe Municipal Council of the
i'urpur.itiuu uf the Citv ut Cranhrook.
Hated    the *;*\\,      <|.,y     ut    May,
a. li, \\m.
T.  M.  Holierts.
Clcfk of thc Municipality uf the Clly
of Cranbrook.
Frederick Speucer, after a hard fight
in the dark with a detective, was ar-
rested lor burglary. When the delect Ive had overcome him and a
light had been obtained the officer
; astonished lu lind who his pris-
t really was. Formerly a draper
i good way uf husiness, an ex-
iday school teacher, a young man
i was thought sufficiently deserving to he given what i.s known as
ibe town hundred—a fill of uuo free
l Interest, for 1- years, to worthy
young men starting uul in life to
multo iheir own fortunes— Spencer
was ihe last man to be suspected of
burglary. But subsequent admissions
have convicted him of having lived
double lite, lhe [»uinl-intending young
man lo day, the daring burglar hy
night. On soarchlng bim the officer
found hint in possession ol a lull
burglar's   kll, including jemmy    and
d.isb-l j>,    ami     in     bis waistcoat
pocket were two small pieces of
meal, Hie InsiilCM ..[ which were
Slllol'llCt'Cil w lib a while piiwdci—
strychnine, fm killing watch dugs.
(lis custom was tu break into houses
antl steal even fruin the rooms iu
whieh peuple were sleeping, sometimes even rilling their clothes, So
scared were the inhabitants ol the
lown over these bedroom visitations,
Ilia! Tut sume months extra police
patrols were put uii duty at a cost of
£81111, and among those who from
time lu time, visited the police station und alleged that they had notic-
id suspicious men loitering iu tho
neighborhood uf their homes was
Spencer himself.
A woman named Mrs. Carton, of
mbridge, Kent, has heen through
.ilie of the most terrible oitlcals ev
known. She fell Inlo a trance after
,i sliorl illness, and was placed in
L'Oflin in the belief that she was
(lead. She lay silent, unable to
move or speak, while preparations for
ber, funeral were going uu all around
her. Mrs. Carton's husbaml was
iMstrncicd with gilel when, a few
.lays ago, he found her apparently
'lead alter a few days' illness. All
arrangements were made for the funeral, a eutlin was bought, and thc
Woman was laid in it. Then, just
as tbe coffin was about to be screwed
dowrt, Mr. Carton asked to be left
alone with the body Ior a moment,
lie bent over his wife to kiss her lor
thc last time. The cheek on which
his lips rested was warm. His wlfo
was alive. The man sent at once
for a doctor, who confirmed liis
hopes. The doctor ordered her to
he removed nt once to the hospital.
Her condition rapidly improved, and
she is nuw well on the way to re
covery. The woman says that she
knew'every thing that was guing on
around her, but could not move.
She could not even speak when she
saw that Ihcy thought she was dead.
Kven when she was put in her coffin,
uul it seemed almost certain that
she would be buried alive, she was
unable to utter a word to save herself. She could not even speak to
her husbaml as he bent over her.
inly tbe touch uf his lips on her
heel; saved her.
''Putting in windows," is the name
.f a new game which has been intruding! into the Kasl End of Lonlioti,
by some of lhe hoy residents of Galium street. It. seems to lie an easy
name. All that is-wanted is somebody else's eoal, a sharp knife, aitl a
contempt for consequences. The
name is played by uvo or more boys,
an.l it consists id chasing an opponent and slashing open the back ot
Ins e.i.it The slashes then repre-
M-ut the "windows' .lames Kemp,
itgiil eighteen, ol Cullum street, re-
.ruth took part in the game and
sertousl) wounded a buy named William King, the result being that he
was charged at West Ilam with
malicious wounding. King said that
he was pi tiring "putting in windows"
with olhci boys, when somebody
honied "Cut   bis coat!"     King
wis running awav. when Kemp stable.] him in the hack with a knife and
ni him The magistrate commented
>n the dangerous nature ol the game,
n,l sent Kemp to iail f.u two
m.nlhs with bard labor.
The     little   town     ol llungftfiird,
terks,  was recentlj   the scene ol the
pi i  ei'lel.talioii of  lloektide.    Thc
iruperty of thc Manor, which   com-
irises a valuable trout fishery,    has
alrfl como within tbe purview ot the
li,n ii i   commissioners,  who       have
-stablisthed   a scheme    for the future
i. Im mis t i.i tion     bv   popular  trustees,
hul with the proviso that the holding
.1  llie    manorial court, with its ptc-
iuresnuo    ami old    world     customs,
should he allowed to continue.     The
[unctions    began    wilh     a series of
ilasts on lhc historic born, and then
the  lutli men,     aimed     with  staves,
set  forth on     their    perambulations,
heir dutv  being to demand a pimnv
loin cvi'iv  male householder, aud    a
tins    from     each ladv    who crossed
Midi   path.     As a  rule lhe privilege
s grant nl  wilh     much good humor,
u.d husbands look     on with equani
mity     Meanwhile, the lloektide jury
weie sit linn in solemn conclave,    ap-
poliitlns tho    constable ami coroner,
and    other     ancient     officers, whose
duties arc mole or less obsolete.
aisle of ttie ehureh, leading the choir
with his flute, until later on a clarionet, a flute, and a big base violin
were added. Bridge's hvmn, "Oh, Be
Joyful,'1 was sung in church every
Sunday for fifty erwisecutiv* years before it was superseded by another by
the same composer.
The memory of Mrs, Lruigie, who,
under the name of "John Oliver
lloutHS," Kinked as oue ol thc most
talented novelists of our day, is tu be
perpetuated by a medallnyu shortly
to be placed in University College,
London- It is in brunze, and has
been executed b> Mi. A It red Druiy,
A. it. A. The medallion shows lue
head ami bust ol tbe authoress, and
is in m frame ol dark wuud, *m tbu
turners ul whieh are ligures representing literature and ooumly, A replica
ul the medallion is to he sent to llii!
I tilled Stales, und the surplus lUUdS
ile vol ed lu emlowing a sciioUibhip lur
tbe study ul modem Kugiihii Utera*
lure. A east of the medallion will
be exhibited at tlw Itoyal Academy.
Au adventure of an exciting character happened recently to Mr. A.
Balls, a clerk in thc llarleslon, Norfolk, branch bank. He was on his
way lo the smaller branch at -SLiad-
broke, when his horse bolted. Both
shafts snapped oil, and the trap was
capsized into a stream, into which
the horse also plunged. The water
came up to ils heart, aud Mr. Balls,
who was immersed up to his armpitsl
first tried to sabe the horse from
drowning hy holding up its head. In
this effort he would have probably
succeeded if he could have cul the
animal clear of its harness, but this
lie was unable to do. Fur nearly
three-quarters of au hunt be was iu
this position, waiting lut help, and
then the horse became exhausted and
died. Some persons had pusstil in
the meantime, but would not go into
the water to help. The clerk fortunately succeeded in salving his bank
books and cash, and. these he duly
conveyed lo Stradbroke.
At a Chrisrow, Devon, vestry meeting the vicar re-appolntcd Viscountess
Kxmoiith as his church warden remarking how greatly she was Interested iu the parish, und how generously she supported all tbat was going on.
After forcing an entrance into the
house of Mr. W. H. Bulmer, salesman, at Errwood Road, Levenshul-
me, a laborer named Thomas Farrell
was cornered by the dog, which commenced to bark. Hearing the commotion, .Mrs. Bulmer looked into the
room, and saw Farrell, with the dog
holding him at bay. She locked thu
door, leaving lhe dog to guard the
man, and went for thc police. He
was subsequently charged witu housebreaking at the Manchester police
The swallowing of a halfpenny two
years ago led lo the death of Christopher Bolton, aged four, on whom au
inquest was held a few days ago at
Newcastle. The child louml the
coin ou the counter of a shop, and
being told to pick it up put it in his
mouth and then sttoutul he had swai-
owed it. Medical assistance was
requisitioned, but thc coin was not
recovered,and no ill effects were
noticed until recently, when the body
ommeneed spitting blood. He was
taken to Newcastle intirmarv, hut
although the half-penny «as located
half-way down the throat he was too
weak to be operated ou and died.
The village of Black well has just
witnessed ihe revival o| thu old Somersetshire custom   kiiuwii as wedding
11. This consists of stretching a
rone across the road as ihe bride ami
bridegroom are returning from the
hnreh, and demanding toll heforc
they arc allowed to pass. A young
Londoner who was proceeding with
his bride to her home thus (..und the
pathway obstructed, toll being asked
iu.1 cheerfully given on four different
iceasions. The revival of the custom brought together n large number
>f the residents of the district, and
the newly married couple received
quite an ovation as they passed
down the village street.
The population ot Vancouver is now
Premier McBride has bought thc
house lormerly owned In Charles
Spratt at Victoria. Thc consideration was $20,000.
J. Kirkpalrick, ol Nelson, Is opening a general store at Prince Uupert.
At the new diggings at McConnell
creek Hour is selling al $7-0 a sack.
Newspapers are tu be established
at Mission City and Cloverdale.
ed live yea is ago In India, but  previous   attempt     tu   ml induce   it mlo
u Australia toned on account of      the
- > opposite seasons.    B> putting       thu
° I bugs  to sleep    in  India     wilh     ice,
| [I Compels got   imi.llUlt of tbem  to AUS-
"jlrulia alive.     He woke them up     in
the  Australian  winter'.        The p.ua-
sttes, apparently   thinking   they were
still iu India, weut to work with    a
will.     Three  generations    ol  native-
born bugs saw the light before Compters left    the antipodes.     Mr.  Com-
ners    has brought     to California   a
parasite to destroy the mealy hug, a
pest tlial causes great grid to       the
orange growers.      Ho discovered tin
friendly bug in Japan.
drilling t
lx   miles ot diamond
U i an by mines      at
Take notice that Catherine Mclnnis, ot Klkmouth, B. C, wife ol
Malcolm Mclnnis, of she same place,
Intends to apply for permission      to
Kurchase    the    following    described
Commencing at a post planted    at
the   northwest   corner    of Lot 123,
East Kootenay    District, thence cast
eighty chains, thence north 80 chains,
thence    west to Loi 6261, then   following   the    boundary   line of Lots
1261 and 4142 and the right of way
el the Crows Nest Southern railway
to the point of commencement,   and
•ontaining 400 acres, more or less.
Catherine Mclnnis, Ixtcator,
Malcolm Mclnnis, Agent.
Dated May 16th, 1908. Mt
The decision ol the army council in
regard to the arming of dismounted
officers is Iieing severely criticised,
Dismounted officers will In future he
armed in war, with a sword and
pistol, nnd in peace with n sword,
In peace a sword will he worn or
duty or parade, and during training
and' matioeuvncs. All carbines now
held for officers, whether as peace or
as war equipment will be returned to
army ordinance store. "Every one
knows how officers were picked out
frnm lhc men in South Afrieu," an
experienced officer sn'il recently, "and
as a consequence thc officer was armed with n carbine. Now the lesson
appeals to have lieen completely lost.
A pislol is nil very well, but a
sword is of no use to a dismounted
officer, nnd only renders him conspicuous. Officers and mon In action sliould be armed exactly alike.
A war office official stated that the
council was merely following the example of Continental powers.
Mr. James Came, verger of the
Church of St. Columbia, and parish
clork ot    St. Columb, Minor, Corn-
\ strange incident has occurred iu
Essex village. Nearly a month
ago a duck was found behind lbe
train which carries the overflow
from a horse pond; it must have
Worked Its way up the drain some
seventy yards under the village
green. All efforts to make it take
llm return journey failed, so it was
fed every day al the grating and
seemed quite happy. The rural district council has jitst had the road
under repair immediately over tho
train, which wns opened, and the
poor prisoner WAS liberated, apparently none the worse lor its three
weeks' solitary confinement.
llainbledon, near Oodatming, Surrey, has been without a rector for
twelve mouths. The ad vow si m is
the property of the Earl ot Radnor,
aud the living is worth £200 a year;
hut the rectory, Is a big, roomy
building, and no one could keep it up
on that income. It ts also in a very
dilapidated state. The Earl of
Radnor has promised (CI00 towards
the cost of repairing It, Major Phil*
lips, son of the late rector, has
promised f'tMi, hut this would leave
the incoming rector with nearly
fl.iitm to spend in putting the old
rectory Into an inhabitable condition
Anion; artists represented in the
Roval Academy are W. Marshall,
Leeds tramway employe and H. Padgett, a laborer at a l-ceds dyework
During the past year or two P*igett
has had pictures hung at various exhibitions, Including Worcester, Doug-
la* Grantham, and his work has
also been approved hy ttoe Royal
Cambrian academy. This Is the first
time he hns aspired to Royal acad-
emv fame, and success has rewartted
his' Initial effort.
A bloom factory Is to be established at Fruitvale in ihu Okanagon'i
Four thousand Jive hundred Vancuu-
or Chinamen own propel I) wiihm
tho boundaries ut the Chinese quar-
i worth two million dollars aud
property outside oi these boundaries,
but within lhe city, which is worth
une million. This includes stores,
laud, houses and slock in trade.
The bodies of ihe Waters, brothers
were found near NuoUa, Vancouver
Island. The Waters were prospectors frnm Victoria and are thought
to have been luurdcml hy Indian.-..
will    celebrate   Dominion
Peek MaeSwuin, the printer-philosopher and poet of the wesi, is now lu
Calgary, where no doubt he will meet
his old friend "Bob" Edwards of the
Eve opener.
Work ou the hig tunnel at Field is
progressing rapidly. Another year
should see il completed.
The Hiisslaud cily council have ordered all gambling stopped iu that
After June lath the business men
of Chilliwack will do nothing hut a
cash business except iu llie matter of
lumber und hardware.
All the furnaces of the B. C. Copper company's plant at Greenwood
arc now running full blast.
Richard Armstrong is iu Green-
wood trying to arrange with that
city for a bonus for the big tunnel
project which will tap practically all
the mines iu the Phoenix camp.
A passenger auto will be run
twocn Trail and Rossland.
The Miners union, of Kossland,
have passed a resolution iu favor of a
half holiday each week for store
Wiimiiipg i'oninicrt-ial: Why agriculture, tlio Ills, industry lu be learned,
uml so obviuiisly tin* 'musl fundamental, -A-as tlu- last to lie developed, is
.ue of ttie most ballliug inyster.es ol
history, O,io marvels at il afresh
as one' stands before a certain glass
ease iu llm Kgyptian quarter ol Iho
British museum, where is a little
group of farm utensils—a Iracttired
wooileu plow, a rusted sickle, two
sticks t iiii together with a leallicrn
thong, and several tassels that had
hung ou the horus o. oieu. To be
sun-, ihese implements were used
:.,iuni years ago—they were found in
the lo'uili of Sell 1.—but one remembers that when Kgypt was using these
bread-tools, no belter than those ol
Uu* barbarians about her, she had a
most elaborate government, an army
and navy, and art and literature.
The records aud relics oi other la-
tiions, down through history, show
the same slrange incongruity, de-
cIiuts* a writer iu a current magazine. For thousands ol years thc
wise men ol the world absolutely ignored the problems of the [arm. A
fanner remained either a serl or a
tenant. He was a stolid drudge-
brother ol the ox." Even the masterful old pilgrim fathers bad no
plows at all—nothing tint hoes and
ihurp slicks, lor tin. first twelve
•ears of their pionccriii!*.
Advices Irom the Bremerton navy
yard ut I'ugot Sound state tliat a
U. S. squadron ol eight armored
cruisers will visit Victoria July 1st.
Tin- dary fanning melbods in use
in Die west and which would work
well on the St. Mary's prairie are
described by a writer in t-he Denver
News, who says: "..'ondensnl into
plain, understandable terms that the
dullest witted funnel can comprehend,
Campbell's method of tilling our
semi-arid lands is about this: In Hie
early spring before seeding time, as
soon as the ground will permit of
it, disc the Held you intend to plant
so that the late snow mid early rain
gups into thc ground instead o't run*
uim; away into the gulches, thus
storing the water iu nature's reserved. Then when .lie ground is In
condition to work, plow good, but
not with a disc plow. Follow tlie
plow dnllv wilh a packer or a good
harrow if you have no pucker. Plant
thc field with a shoe drill, not more
than thirty pounds to the acre—less
is better. II the heavy rain or snow-
lall should come and leave a crust on
the ground, vou must, as soon as
the condition ot the ground will per-
mil, barrow the Held lo break the
crust and to make a mulch on the
surluee ol the field. This is import-
ant and Imperative at all times until the grain is high enough to
shade the ground. Kor Iail planting
Ihe disc must lollow tho binder. Ito
this and you will get 'louhlc the
average crop you can Ret trom the
ordinary methods, i'he reasons lor
doing as directed are made plain iu
'Campbell's Manual.' Percolation,
capillarity, evaporation and mulching
are logically explained."
Alter a remarkable quest in    the
lar east tor the natural enemies    ol
pests which Inlest American orchards, |
Oeorge Compers, an entomologist, ar-1
rived In San Francisco recently.    lle|
lelt In Australia a parasite that was]
Vancouver, May 27.—Twenty thousand dollars a year profit in the
inanulai'luii* of opium by a single
firm, was the effect of evidence given
in the Chinese Inquiry late this
afternoon by Lee Yuen, who has
made lbe dreamy drug iu Vancouver
"What? Clear profit,?" again
questioned tin* commlssiuuer who is
investigating the riot damages.
'Yep, clear profit," returned Yuen
in good Knglibii.
"What was .be extent of your liusiiiess last year?"
•'(lui gloss receipts were $180,000."
Mi. I,Ing,irom the Chinese embassy
in London, liuwned upon his countryman as Yuen revealed some ol tlio
mysteries ol the trade conducted
nri.lt-r a city license ul $l,u(m a year,
llis fl,iiui was Ior $7»0 lor actual
and consequential damages.
Wong l.ung claimed *l,auo lor loss
ol profits ol the Chineso theatre,
which was compelled to close lot a
week; and $71.0 Ior loss ol profits nf
his adjoining restaurant, where he
eaters to tlie actors, patrons and
public. Lung said ho made tin,uuu a
year clear in his restaurant.
Astonishing profits wen- nlso made
iu the drug liusiiiess, according to
loss „f pel profits for the six dais
(tilling which Chinatown was closed,
nnd Sun Yen asked $700, estimating
bis yearly net pi'ofit at $1.1,111111. Sau
liild Cominlssloiiei King Unit he hud
purchased six rifles and uim rounds..!
ammunition dining the riot, hut be
was not asking Jho government lo
return! their cost.
 .♦.'•;■ ',"
HK. (iamk i'iii*.si*:ii\ i*:
Revelstoke Mail-Herald: Mr. A.
llryan Williams, provincial game warden has gone .o East Kootenny to
select the proposed provincial ' game
preserve which will likelv be locate.!
between'.tlid Elk,and Huil rivers ami
which likely have an area oi several
hundred square miles. Within ils
limits 'llie shooting of any kind of
game will be prohibited. The provincial government decided to establish tlio preserves at the request of
prominent Canadian ami American
Any available Dominion Lauds
within Ue Railway belt in Unu-.ii
Columbia, may. be howesleadcu uy
any persou wnu is tbe sole head ol a
luuiiiy, ui auy male uver U years ol
age, iu the extent ol oue-quarier section u. ItiU acres, mure ur .ess.
UMry must be mode personally at
the local land ollice lur tbe district
iu wuicli the tund is situate, entry
uy proxy way, however, ue-lnau** uu
certain cuuuitious by rue laiuti,
uiutuer, sun, daughter, bto.ucr m
sister ul au intending huuiesttfiUcr.
me houiesteader is required tu pcr-
lorm tue conditions uuuuecUid there-
wi.n under one ut the following plans:
UJ At least six months' lenience
upuu and cultivation ut the loud m
each year lur three years.
lli). II the lather (ur mother,
II tue lamer is deceased), ol tne
homesteader resides upun a larm iu
llie vicinity ul the land entered Ior,
tbe requirements as tu residence may
be satislied hy such person reaming
with the lather or mother.
Id), ll the settler hu his permanent residence upun larmiu-g laud
owned by him in uw v.cin.ty ol his
homestead, the requirements as to
residence may he satislied by residence upon the said land.
six months' notico la writing
should be given to the Cumm.ssiuuei
u. Dominion Lands at Ottawa ol intention to apply lor patent.
COAL—Cual mining rights may be
leased lur a period ul twenty-one
years at'an annual rental ol $1 per
acre. .Not mure than 2,5,0 acres
shall be leased to one Individual ur
company. A royalty-at the rate ul
li vo cents per tun shall be collected on
the merchantable ooal mined.
Deputy ol the Minister ul the Interior
120 acres ol land, very suitable for
combined stock and Iruit larm, sou
teres is first-class bottom land wiib
la.iiog stream ot excellent
water. Bordering on suuth aide is a
Cne lake ol about 200 acres, a Urge
quantity ot open country, surrounding
•uitable tor grazing stock. Sume
Improvements. Clear title. Enquire "<■ « "
"C. S," Herald offlce.
Notice is hereby given that one
month alter date I, Mrs. O. A.
llurge, intend to appiy to the Superintendent ol Provincial Police Ior a
Transfer tu Mr. T. M. Bryden ol my
Hotel License to sell intoxicating
liquors      umlcr the provi
sions ol the Statutes in that tiehalt,
in the premises known and describttt
us the Perry Creek Hotel, situated
ut Perry deck, H.C, to commence
on the first day ol July, 1008.
Mrs. O. A. Burgc.
Perry Creek, B.C., May lllll, 1IUI8.
reducing the Iruit fiv to a noticeable u.pFirp
degree.    This parasite was dlecover-|"rr,fcB
(.1.1 Shoes Mn.la New.
All Kinds of Repairing,
.live me a call
Why Does
Business Grow ?
HOSE not familiar with
thc facts might well ask
thc question, as it has
been a query to many people how
a weekly paper in a comparatively
small town In the mountains
could do as much business as the
HERALD does.
But the answer is easy.
The HERALD has always endeavored to give thc people the
worth of their money, and a little
more if possible. It has published
at great expense an eight page
paper when other publishers in
the Province were content to publish only four pages and ask the
same price that is charged for the
The HERALD has never hesitated at expense to give the people
the news.
For these reasons the HERALD
leads in circulation.
The HERALD has one of the
best equipped job offices in all of
Western Canada, and employs
only artists in the typographical
line. That is why it does sueh a
large amount of JOB WORK,
and receives orders from Alberta
to Nelson.
HERALD "delivers the goods."
This is evidenced by the crowded
condition of the HERALD'S
columns, where Ads. are printed
from Vancouver to Halifax.
It is easy to see why the
HERALD'S business continues
to grow.
When you want the best of
work, or to advertise in a medium
that covers the field, or read a
paper that gives the news all the
time, see us.   We can please you.
The Herald Publishing
********************** THK   CRANBROOK   HERALD
• •'WANT f»TT««NI
VARDEN* regular *r..no
lar Sii......     For	
BALS, rots'il." $■"■■«>
lii'fiil.u*  prior  SI..".ll
Itir *4.5t).   For	
regular W.50.   For     yO.LO
EMPRESS,   reKuliir
85.00,   For 	
lur Sil.Tii ninl Jii.-'ii' .
The pictures at tlie opera house NOTICE
this week were exceptionally goon
and large crowds have takeii advantage o. thc splendid pictures. "The
Vestal," a highly colored Win, dealing with the days ol Ancient Rome
pleas.il evervone present. "Jim
Gets a New .iob" and "He's a Jolly
Oood Fellow," were also good films.
rolessor Mcllcnry's rendition oi
"Honey Hov" was thoroughly enjoyed by the large audiences who attend
ed this popular resort during the
At tin- Kdison several excellent
61ms wen- shown, perhaps t.ic best
ono was a beautifully colored one depleting "All and llie Forty TMcves."
Miss Marjorie Moure, "the little
lu.lv with the. hig voice," captured
tin audience ut oat* one ol her appearances. Thu way iu which she
sang "Won't You he Sweet to me
KidT' and "Money Won't Muse Every-
body Happy" pleased everyone very
much Indeed. Miss Moore will In-
wi-lcoim-d hack lo Oranbrook lor a
return engagement later iu tin- summer.
i „,
" i
Ottawa, -.une 1— Hon. W. S. Fiekl-
■ing, minister ol finance, has given notice of a resolution extending the
period under which tlie bounties ou
lead can be paid Ior live years Irom
Under the present act which came
into lorce tm June 311, 1903, Uio
bounties aro regulated by the stand-
ulid price ol pig lend iu London. When
the price reached £13 10s. per ton ol
311*10 pounds, the bounties commenced
to shrink ami were wiped out when
lead readied £10. Owing to the
continued higli price ol lead out of
12,500,000 available Ior bounties dining Hie live years less than $7011,11110
bus lii-eli paid.
Tin- new act will provide that the
bounties will -not cotl.tuu.iuo t.» di-
crcasc until Iln- price ol lead bas
reached CI I Ills, and that payments
shall nol lie limited to ball u million
a year, providing lliul lhe sum paid
during the live years, Iron. June *i»,
11IIIK In .lllue llll, 1111,1 does mil ex
Cecil $11,1100,000,
Till'. KILTIES l'l.MINI.
******************************************* .
Try a   Case oi
Two  Dozen   I'inls   {1,50
l_.|iinl  i" ijiiiiini-ss'.   Tin. finest beverage on tin- market
tin* Family mu] table line,   Imparts vigor ami
licaltli, an.l luiii-s iiji the liody generally
Brewer, Criiiibrook.  B. C
* Be sure and attend the
X and stop at the
♦ H. L. STEPHENS, Proprietor
X  The Hcsl oi Service. The Best ol Rooms
********************** ******
********************** **********************
1      JUNE 29 TO JULY 9, 1908
$25,000 in  Prizes
$(10,000 expended in New Buildings
and Improvements
$13,000 in Purse*
Strobel's Air Ship, The Novellos
(ireut Trained Animal Show and
other Hijjh-Class Attractions
<>>.•*.  Highlanders' Band
Iowa State Band
< igh Riding by eal Cowboys
Indian,  quaw and Travois Races
Reduced   F.in-s from nil   poiuta   in   CiiiihiIii.
Vour opportunity to see the lust Great West.
Writ.1 for descriptive pamphlet to
¥. tl. Hwnnncll, H. L. R„ ll C. I., s.
... I. I! 11. 11.0. I.. S.
llominion uml l.i'HiiiltColumbia
P.O. in.,*.-*,*,;..!!        VICTORIA, B.C.
All Styles and Colom.   Made on
Short Notice
Aruititroiitf Ave., Crnnbrook
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Itooiua with Hatha.   'Phone iu
everv room
Hurler Shop on the pmrniBes.
Thoroughly up-to-date.
Rates, $2.00 ■ day and up.
UEO. I'. WELLS, Proprietor
ll. TOMKIN, Manager
Tbi Driyaiae *t»nif*ii
proapt.y it erdtra
IU' mnluna a apw-itilty of nil kind*
li ymi« nul. your Furiill.u____l.iv-.il
Mift-lv. yuu bad baiter ,-ull up
Also deliver. .SUGAR dlr. ft Irom
the reHner.v rhn.ugb lb» wholesale people .0 tli. retail
Office in t'mubrooX Hotel Block
Al. Doyle i-niiie iuto Cranhrook
WASTED-A girl to do general
housework. Applv at residence o.
Mrs. II. White. 11-1
Saturday Special: Butter Scotch,
,111c. (or {Se.—Tbe Palm.
.1. T. Koss, ol Waldo, is registered
at the Royal today.
K. Matheson, ot Mayook, was in
Craubrook yesterday. _
II. Singer, ol Marysville, Is a
Cranbrook visitor today.
Wm. Carlin, ol Kort Steele, was in
Cranbrook yesterday.
(1. Langlord, ot Marysville, was in
Cranbrook on Monday last.
W. B. McKurlane visit-ill Fernie lor
several days this week.
Arthur Ward is in from bis ranch
al Swansea today.
Harry llradlord, proprietor ot tbe
Wyeliffe hotel, is in the city today.
Cooked jellitM hocks sliced, cooked
jellied tongue sliced, 8,r,c. lb.—O. T.
President: T. S. IIill,
Secretary: CiloHoE Ashworth
Kor information regarding land) )
uml agriculture apply to Die ,
Secretary, Cranbrook, B. C.
Livery &
Teirni and driven farolihed for any
point In tht dlatrlct
A. OOYLB, Manatir
Mclvcr Bros, cooked hams, Mclvcf
Pros, com meal bacon, 45c. lb at
O, T. Rogers.
Mrs. 11. Y. Parker will not receive
from first Wednesday in June until
first Wednesday in October.
W. (I. Anderson, of Charlottetown,
P.E.I., visited bis brother, 11. Audcr-
HOti, this week.
The regular weekly band concert
will take place on Friday evening ut
8 p.m. at thc bandstand.
Mrs. W. Matt'ivws visited her molh-
tr, Mrs. Campbell, at Hosmer, this
I Two first-class milch cows for sale
hy Mr. W. F. Doran, Silver Crook
Ranch, Cranbrook, B.C. 8-4ta
I O. T. Carr and R. Reeman, (if tilts
Perrv Creek Hydraulic company,
were iu town tliis week.
| I.. llerchmcr, provincial constable*
at Marysville, was In Oranbrook yesterday.
| .1. F. Huchcroft is doing a lot of
clearing on his ranch east of tho
M. W. Schilling and .lack Thompson left for Bark-erville, In the
Cariboo country, yesterday.
Mr. nnd Mrs. T. M. Roberts returned from their wedding trip yes
I Mrs. L. W, Patmore is visiting with
her mother, Mrs. Kershaw, nt Fort
Mr. Rossiter is building a considerable addition to his residence on
Baker Hill.
N. I. Harrison, of tbe Klectric
Ll^ht company, Is having his residence added to.
A. I.. Mclh-rmot has beeu appointed sole agent for the district for the
famous Halcyon mineral water.
An additj.iji is being made to the
fin' hall for an apartment for       thc
\V. Harrison has severed bis connection with tbe Cranbrook Drug &
Hook company and will spend the
summer on his ranch in Alberta.
W. T. iyvd C. E. Reid, accompanied
bv their families left for New Westminster today, where tbey will both
engage iu business.
A new and up-to-date six drawer
cash register has     lieen placed       In
mitnissloti in the store of tlie Cran-
brook Drug &, Hook company.
Three thousand dollars worth ol
Pickard's hand-painted china will be
exhibition at Wilson's jewelry
store, Friday afternoon and Saturday
Miss Green, who has been quite ill
is recovering and is much improved
in health at present, but it will Ire
some time before she will he able to
resume her music teaching.
Some of the stall ol the North
Star mill arc Iieing transferred to
Hauhury for the summer months. P.
.1. Ilezeati, the manager, M. B. Dillc
and W. 11. Harris are among the
Saturday Special: Butter Scutch,
30c. for lac.-Tho Palm.
Orders will be taken now for fall
.shipments of Pickard's hami-painted
china. Pickard's     representative
from Chicago will be al Wilson's
jewelry store Friday ami all day
R. A. Anders*«i left today for a
trip lo Prince Edwards Island with
his brother. Mr. Anderson, after
spending a month or so on "the ls-
laiW will return to Vancouver,
where lie has some land interests.
The Ladies Aid of tbe Methodist
ehureh will hold a lawn social at thc
parsonage on Wednesday, June 17th.
Strawberries and ice cream, cool
drinks and an evening concert will
make up the program.
Frank B. VanDcear is away on an
automobile kip north of Wasa. In a
telephone im'sxago received by Thos.
Cole, he said he wns having a good
time and that the Royal runabout
was behaving splendidly.
Mrs. F. McMahon, who has been
staying with her mother, Mrs. Soper
at Kimberiey, for some time past,
spent several days in Spokane with
her husband, Frank McMahon, who is
thinking ol locating in the capital of
the inland empire.
Harry Mcintosh, of Halcyon Hot
Springs, was in Cranbrook yesterday
disposing of some of his" famous
lilliia water. Mr. Mcintosh 1s welt
known in Craubrook and the district,
having been in tbe hotel business at
Elko some years.
We oiler Ihe following ai tides tor
sale at Cranbrook:
1 portable saw null, capacity ol
:to(oi.o feet dally. Locomotive boiler of Lift pounds pressure. About
1 upright engine, 1.1*11 cylinder.
Ro|H! Iced with friction drive. Complete witb all conveyor and transfer
cbaius, belting, pulleys and shafting.
Price tor above, J3.U0U f.o.b. cars.
1 upright boiler 30 h.p. with liiO
pounds pressure. All connection.
Price. $3(11) f.o.b. cars.
1 small band resaw, almost new.
Price 110.
1 endless bed surfacer. Price
4 complete pole cars with two additional new wheels. Price $150 Ior
each car.
1 single gunshot feed valve, good
as new tor $50.
Studebaker togging trucks.  Price
$125 each.
10 teams heavy horses. Price tor
each team ranges from $350 to $150.
8-lt King Lumber Mills.
A. E. Johnson, the first man to
arrive in Vancouver trom the Finlay
river gold diggings, states that the
ground is very rich, much better than
supposed, On McConnell creek it
reus from six to seven cents per
pan or $10 to $5U per day per man
nl the sluicing. The flatness of the
country renders it almost impossible
for a poor man to secure an adequate
water supply, and for that reason, be
thinks that'most of the work will he
dime by large companies. He considers that intelligent prospecting on
neighboring creeks will be richly rewarded.
In the course ol Ibott t"»" ol Uw
w..iid, Hie K iltics baud will pay
ri,ml.inull a visit during this summer. The Klilies wero hero before
.nut nlayvd i" lui'go audiences, which
thoroilltlll)       Clljouil     the       excellent
music rendered ht this well known
hand. The Kilties ttiil hu accompanied ht a picked male choir and t-he
Johnston clan ot Highland pipers
and dancers. The dale ot the Cranhrook engagement ttiil ho anuottiicw
♦ -
Francisco Cedio was tound guilty at
Greenwood last week ot the murder
uf Louise King by causing an explosion at the Canadian hotel at Niagara ton miles wesi ot Grand Forks,
on November 18, 1000. Mr. Justice
Clement sentenced Cedio to bo hanged
on Fridav, Julv 3lst, nexl.
Among those who went to Fernie
yesterday and today to act as jurymen at tbo assizes were: Lester
Clapp, Wm. Rollins, V. IIvile Baker,
G. Leask, A. Doyle, W. Carlin, Jas.
Laidlaw, W. DeBcoV, J. McSwevn, G.
Powell, V, M, Kd Wards nnd A. K.
Indianapolis,     Ind.,    June  2.—The
election of officers of th* International Typographical Cnlon was officially driver ot the fire team,
announced tonight as follows; |   saliirdav   Sprctal:   Butter Scotcti,
Presiden -James   M. Lynch, Syra- g^ tot j>lCi_fiHi Patm.
ctise, N. \ . 1
First Viec-President-J.   W. Hays,     Don't forget    tlie exhibit of IMck-
-Minneapolis, Minn. art's hand-paintod china at Wilsons
Secretary-Treasurer—J.  W.    Oram- jewelry store, Friday afternoon   ami
wood, Denver, Col. alt day Saturday, June 5th and 0th.
Agent Union Printer'    Home—Geo.
P. Nichols, Baltimore, Md. uv,.iirc.e . „,i
Delegates to    American Federation KllT ?™
nf Labor—Frank    Morrison, Chicago;
Max S.    Hayes,     Cleveland,    Ohio,
Hugh Stevenson, Toronto, Ont.; and     William Sinter has lieen making    a
T. W. McCullough, Omaha, Neb. number of improvements to his resi-
Trusteos    Union Printers' Home— dence near the sash and door factory
Anna C. Wilson,^ Washington, D. C; during the last fcw weeks.
Tlie Rev. K. Hughes will preach at
administer the sacrament
ot the Lord's Supper on Thursday
evening,  June Uth.
A. C.     Huwness   has his lunahout,
I.. C. Shepard, Grand Rapidc, Mich.,
and    Thomas    McCaflerty, Colorado
•S&a?'vot* lor    the candidates '^f^t'ffl well^ ""*
Ior president    was 21,076 lor I.y-noh n"-™1"- ls ""Wing well
and 13,301 lor II. S. Hn-dsperth,   o«    Satunlav	
New Orleans. 30c. lor 16c
Horn—At the St. Hnp-ne hospitul,
Cranbrook, II, .'., on MoiMnv, .lune
I, I mis. to Mr. nnd Mrs. II. Longpre,
a daughter.
Horn—At the SI. Kugene hospital,
Crnnbrook, It. .'., on Sundav, Mav
31st.. inns, to Mr. and Mrs. .1.
Ilulclienson, a son.
On Wednesday morning ot 10.30
.lames W. Poster, ol .lie Cranbrook
nre department and Miss Dollna Morrison were united In marriage by
Rev. C. O. Main at the manse. The
groom was supported by John Morrison, oi Rva'n, brother-in-law ol t-he
bride, while Miss Lily
noted ns bridesmaid.
ceremony tne party drove to Hie
homo of W. P. Tate, where a lovely
James Whltlord, usually known as
"Mgger .Iim," was instantly killed
liv lightning near Lethbridge last
week. Wliiliold had been in the
country about eight years and was
known as one of lhe best riders and
Imrsi-lirciikcrs in that part ol
Southern Allierta.
III a letter lo the press, G. A. McNicoll, purchasing agent ol the Grand
Trunk Pacific, slates that the lots iu
llie railway's western terminus city,
Prince Rupert, will not be offered lor
sale ior some months yet. This
sliould lie valuable information to
those taking to the new coast city,
unless thev nre prepared to camp on
Hie outskirts lor the rest of the summer.
On Suu.lav. June "th, the morning
service wlll be (or the children,
with children's hymns and a suitable The standing
address, Iml adults are welcome loo. Haselnill league
In Hu* evening tlie sermon subject will lows:
be "A Question ol Profit and Loss—
Ones it Pay?" Visitors nnd all are
ol    Hi? Cranhrook
to dale is as      lol-
Sunday, June ith.
Cl.'l.Inn's service in the morning
nl 11 o'clock. Hoys nnd girls are
especially invited lo' Ihis service. The
missionary prizes will lu- awarded,
ami tin- collet-tors are all requested
... lie present: 'lite subject a. the
evening service will be: "Thc Queens
of God."
Monday—Meeting ou the new tennis
court on Armstrong avenue.
Tuesday—Epworth league, missionary reports at eight.
Wednesday—Uevotioual service nt
Cases ol sickness should lie reported to the pastor without delay.
l'laved Won Lost P.O.
('.   1'.   11 1     ■'.     1      ."5.1
Independent   1     2     -     -ii-1111
Town  I      1      3
Lust evening Hie lown played the
C.P.H. nu exhibition game tlie result
ol mhi,h wns II lo 7 In lavor ot
the lowu team.
Clu-uilici* SI. V. Giiinelli, lormerly
Italian consul-general Ior Canada and
Newfoundland, died iu Toronto last
Snlili.liiy. He lind been bull a century in Canada.
(Collier's Weekly.)
All lovers of animated nature   will
be sad lo lieiir Hint William liulliher,
M.P., for    Kootenay,   is    about t-o
withdraw from   political    life.     IHII
BROTHERHOOD OK LOCOMOTIVE 'llalliher, as be is   known from coasi,
ENGINEERS Ito const, is all   hot sand and ginger
—— when he's awake,   ami mostly s-ham-
Mr. Corrigan, ol   Hillsboro, Texas,  tiling when he's asleep.    When he and
was elected   on June first at      the Sir Gurnet Wolseley   took thc Cana-
eonvi-ntioii ol the Brolherliood       of  ilinu voyiigeius up lhc Nile to relieve
Locomotive Engineers held at Coluni-  Gordon,   Hill Intel an adventure Willi
bus, Ohio, ns assistant grand chief of Hie   Pyramid  of  Cheops.    He stood
the brotherhood.      The office carries on the capstone ol lorly centuries Ior
with it a salary ot t3500 a year with  .wo hours one alternoon aud, hurling
1 raveling expenses.     Harry Murray, each Bedouin us lie approached down
oi San Luis Uotosi, Mexico, will lie  tin- lace ol Hie monument, defied the
elected first grand assistant engineer ] might     ol Egypt lo make   a   penny
to succeed R. Hotterell, of Ottawa,    bakshish   out of    him.     lt was not
Louis Frechette, the Canadian poet
laureate, died last Saturday at Montreal, at .he advanced age ol 70.
M. Frechette was   well known in Oa- in, would Ilk*
Hint Hill (iiillihor wus stingy—lie
spends bis money freely—but that
day be was playful, and, when u big
umn plays, somelitiiig has to drop, in
this en'sc it was tlie Arabs. The
story of how be wen. Into politics is
•not a long one. Hill niHti-r thought,
the l.ilicr.il iiomintitlon
niidian and American journalism.   At (or Hie Kooteiiuy, Iml so did Another
various limes he edited Le Journal de
Quebec,     Ia-    Journal      de    1-,-vis,
Man.      Tl Iber    man    wns Bill's
Irletiil nn.l Hill's   sive, and so   Ihey
Anielli|ile (Chicago) and La Patrie  settled i. in  llieir own way  without
(Montmil.)       He published
vn'iiiiics of poetry.    Ills best known
poem is "La Noel au Canada, "
was published in 1000.
any hard toolings. You remember
linn Alexander en. the (.ni-iliim Knot.
Well, Blil nnd bis friend did much (be
same thing. Tbey t-ul the cards fm
11. Ami now Hint lie's got ll, lie's
tiled ol il. And the other liinn bus
passed ill bis checks, and (hero isn't
anybody lor    Bill    to simiile n di.-k
wilh even  if he wntlled  to.      A  c.,..*,.
,      Bill     llnlllliel,  a  .....rough
llie Sphil of thu West lu       a
tweed    suit mid    soil li.it.     Along
itliei* wise     iin'ii In- on.no   Loin
from   Ontario, to lie parll-
used 1,, piny liii'iosM-
Columbia.        He was
Bud Case ol Piles Cured by /.am-lliik
Sufferers Irom Piles will lie inlcr-
i-sli-d In the lollowlng testimony ot Mill
Mr. Hailii-lil Logan, 119 Welland bred
Avenue, SI. Catharines, On.,. He twee
says: "Kor years I was a great sill- •'''"••
Icier from protruding bleeding plies. ""' ' ,
Tbey got so had that it was im- ''"I." »',"'l1'11"
p.isslhle lor me to walk or sit down -l" Hiilisli
without a great, deal ol suffering. «■".'»' >' encouraged by he tall pine
The pain 1 ondiin-il was dreadful. I and Hie lt.K-ky Mountains, and hu
tried evervthing nnd Hk- doctors told flow I" be six Iool four, In his socks,
me I would have to be operated upon He Is iiluiosl us big as the lutiire ol
before 1 could he cunsl. I do not Hritish CotllinMn. II be is leaving
Ilillil** Hint (here was one remMv that liolllics, il musl In- because he bus
I did uo. try, hut (hey lail-.il lo tnre tu»nd a    livelier   lorm ol cnlertnln-
lilii     One day I received a s.iinnlu of mint* 	
'/.iim-Hiik and tried    that.      I got , „.,,„„„.,•      „,,„„
some reliel and decided to give It    a | CHARITY TO DATE
good trial.    I bought three boxes and .  ~ ,
bdorc I had finished thc thfrtl hox 1 Charity Is that will* adds to the
was completely cured. Zam-Buk helplessness of those who most need
salve has saved me hundreds ol dol- help—also that which often puffcth II-
lars because I had decided to     have self up.
the operation if Zam-Bult did       not     Charity is ol two kinds: Domestic
cure me.    I have recommended   Zam- and foreign:     Domestic charily aims
Ahcrncthy  Buk to a number ol my Iriends,   and  to help thc rich by adding sttll    onu
After   the am always praising Zam-Buk." more thing to their enjoyment.
Znm-Biik   succeeds because It goes'   Korelgn charily takes away
right to    the root    ol the trouble, those at home what they need
Iho Dawson      In     commission airaln """.", '" "• .'•   ,alr' wncre *-*• '""'> "*>n "■     <■* ro°t    ol the trouble,  inosc ai nomc wnai wiey neei
and savs t ,'u desnlte the mild    the -V'"I<H"K •»--•-•-■ fast »us served.      Mr. Healing, soothing    and antiseptic, it give it to some one else who
and h.iss lli,,t despite the mm.    the an(| Mrs   Vmln m fn_ Spokat||! „„ *, Na1ll„.s rDnl£,v ,or ft„ ak£   JiSr ,,ure )K1W utile they need it.
the mum train amid shower* ol rice eases.    All stores and druggists sell'   Faith,    Hope   and   Charity,
Special:   Rutter Scotch, and the hearty congratulations      ol nt 50c., or Irom    the Zam-Buk Co., three.      But the greatest bluff
-The Palm. their many Iriends. Toronto. charity.


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