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Cranbrook Herald Jun 16, 1910

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Array Legislative Library
Apr 2-1-01
in tlio Herald 1'hj.s—Try
Our   Local   Columns
lOe. a line
VVVsrt   vrtll  m|i1pi*-J Wa
turn out t)i« b-Mi wlus
of work
NO.  10
* *
w Fruit growers, attention! Thu *>
w Herald has received a largo *>
<*> supply of paper ol various kinds •*>
*> and   colors,    siiitnlile for fruit d>
* growers'    labels.     Surely when ■*•
* you ship your fruit hy the mite. #
*> or box you want your label mi e>
S> tlie box. Imagine a merchant *)
**■ writing u biiKiucHs letter with- *****
*> oul. bis business address on the w
w letterhead. •**•
*» Therefore before you ship your t)
S> (run, nr denies rail at the Her. <*)
■a* aid ollice ami make a select ion *S>
**> ol tbe kind ol paper and tbe dc- s>
<*> Sign of Irult* I.iIm-1 that you **>
S> will    want,.       Rrineinhei,    Mr. ■*>
* Prillt Grower, tlmt every box ♦
**> shipped witb your label on is a #
s> Bpoclal    advertisement  of    your s>
* ranch and id your fruit in parti- *>
w cular. it
* #
Between twenty uud thirty lives,
it is estimated, were lost iu u tire
which destroyed tbe Montreal Herald
newspaper building early Monday
morning. The loss of life was due
to the collapse of tbe water tank
which crashed through the building
from tluj roof.
The tank collapsed at 10.15 and
gas caught lire am) set tbe building
ahla/e. Several compositors and a
pressman were injured. Girls engaged in tbe hinding-room on the fifth
lloor escaped. Sonic were rescued
by firemen with extension ladders,
sonic, according to Philis Ouindcn,
wbo was saved, were cut ofi. Panic
broke out when the huge tank crashed through five floors.
J. S. Hrierley, managing director
of the Herald, says the loss will be
ball a million. He thinks the reports of the loss ul life is exaggerated and believes it will not be more
than ten iu all. Others take a different view. Sixty girl* were working iu the bindery department, on tin-
top (lour nml are nol accounted fur-
No list uf dead can lie secured yet.
The premises nf the Herald publishing company on Victoria Square
are a tola! wreck. In tbe wreckage
it is bared are many bodies, how
many as yet it is impossible to
state. At tbe hospitals the Injured,
wbo at three o'olock numbered nine.
lay- some unconscious, others aide to
tell terrible stories of Hie awful cat-
ust ropbe.
Tbr missing, who are piolmbh
dead, according to John Taylor, business manager of the paper, numbet
iwenly-llve at   tbe least
Although completely under control
iiu- flames had not been entirely tut-
tlogulahed at three o'clock on Mondaj afternoon, and tons of uatci
were la'tng pumped Into the ruined
ll was With the collapse ol the
water tank on the root of the building nhout lo in Hint the i-aUMtophi
began, The    lank    crashed    light
through from the (op Boot and land
ed  nn   the  flrsl   lloor   in  the  business
office almost beside Hie desk ol the
business manager
it is believed tin- Ore started   from
lhe i;as in the linotype machines af
ter the tank had wrecked the (looi on
which      these     machines  are  located
Shrieks Oiled the ah as binder; girls
ami machine men it 11 through ilu* rent
tu  the building and   were  pinned  on
del tailing timbers       The outbreak
ol II M added  to the difficulties
Firemen oi ihe Central division re
spotided lo u liis* nlatni and a second
Mill brought "nt all avtllsblc ippar
alas     tlie flrsl dut) oi the dromon
was to i.iim- lad.lets, mid save a
tuaia   as possilde on the upper 0001
oi tbe building
\t  the      -.en  outset  twenty people
wen- found    so   badly injured   ns t
um unit   Iheir  imiued ate  removal  1
Hie hospitals
All Hie IhlOtjrpo machines fell
through, adding to the pile ol wreck
age in which the helpless sufferers
■sere caught One peculiar feature is
that Stanley Swil'ci, wbo was at
his machine when the water tank
clashed through, fell to the ground
Hoot, nnd then crawled out practically uninjured bul terribly frighten-
O. B, Tamihausci. who has been
sick for several months, passed away
In Spokane last Friday, aged 31. His
wife, mother and two sisters were
with him at the last. Deceased was
very well known in town, having lor
several months prior to bis being
taken 111, worked lur tbe I lent lie
Murphy company* Ile was a druggist by profession, having learned his
trade in llullalu, NY The limeral
took place iu Spokane on Saturday
Tlie following in Hie list, of officers
elected for the ensuing year at. the
meeting of Grand Lodge 1.0.O.K.,
held at Kamloops Inst week:
Grand Master— B. L. Webber, New
Deputy Grand Master—W, ||. Cut-
llll, Victoria.
(irand Warden—W. A. Johnson,
Grand Treasurer—0. L Chapman,
(Irami Secretary—P. Davie, Victoria.
Representative to Sovereign (Irand
Lodge—11, Fulton, Ladysmtth.
The appointive ollieers of lhe
Grain) Lodge were:
0, e:-W. II. Laird, Moyie.
(1. M.—A. McKclvie, Vancouver.
0. C.-W. A. Jackson, Trail.
(V (>.—.1. Carroll, Nauaimo.
G. H.-F. J. McDougall, Phoenix.
Grand Encampment, officers were
elected as follows:
0. Cavalsky—Grand Patriarch.
E. L. Webber-Grand High Priest.
D. E. Mackenzie—Grand Senior
Fred Davcy—Grand Scribe.
T. Weir—Grand Treasurer,
t'lclland—Grand Junior Warden.
Carroll—Grand Marshall.
J. Jackson— tlrand Inside Senti-
J. IL Lemon—Grand Outside
Tbe report of the officers of the
Canton Patriarchs Militant is as follows:
Department council nf II. C. is
formed of two battalions; first battalion comprises Cantons Vancouver
So. I, Victoria No. 2, Lady smith
No. 3, and New Westminster No. 4,
in command of N. G. Jensen, of
Vancouver. Second battalion, in
command of Major S. Patterson,
Rossland, comprises Cantons Rossland No. 5, Columbia (Trail) No. 6,
Corona (Nelson) No. 7.
Term ending May 31, 220 members.
Council instituted at Vancouver, December 7th, tWhll, showing excellent
progress. During tin* war tbe degree of chivalry bas heen conferred
on fifteen sisters fn different cities,
of which eight received it in Kamloops.
The following officers were elected
at the Rcbekah assembly:
Past President—Miss Francis Bacon, Nelson.
President*— Mrs. S. K. Hannah,
Vice-President—Mrs, K. Kvans,
Warden—Mrs M. l.anghan. Sana*
Secretary-Mrs. F.  A. Walker, Victoria-
Treasurer—Mrs.    if.      v    Parker,
The abiiomuYment that a contract
had heen let for the construction of
the Kootenay Centrnl railway as far
as Fort Steele, was read with the
liveliest ntlsfaOtlon by thOSO here
who have watted so many weary
rears tor the realization of theft
hopes, Says a correspondent Kort
Steele, acknowledged by everyone, as
having the finest townsitc in tlw district of Mast Kootenay, will now
"come into her own." Already a
numbc! "f sales ot real estate, with
houses, hnve been made, and liuihlings
lhat have long needed the services of
Hie painter are being "slicked up"
preparatory to the better days now*
dawning for the old bistorlr town,
Among Hie Hist buildings to lie rc-
pivenated wns the old court house
nml record otlice. and for this the
public works department of the gov
eminent deserves a line of prnise, for
lhe appcarniice ol the htnlding ha
been greatly Improved Other priv
nre hulldings are also heing Improved
in a like manner, nnd many other
such improvements long in contemplation will now no doubt Is* promptly
entrusted to the painter. Much need
there was, and great will be the improved appearance of the town by tin
close of summer.
The cross sectional "surveyors"
crew are already at work at Wardner.
No one now need hesitate to con
to town, or take up land fn the vnl
ley, to push forward development
plans and make ready for the new
business that will be created hy the
building of the new and long needed
railway. One of the widest and finest ot our province's many beautiful
valleys will now enter on a long and
certain career of prosperity. Farms
in this valley should and will by and
by raise all the grain, Including
wheat, that will be needed in many
purely mining towns. And tn encourage wheat growing it may he
said that In certain wet ions ol the
valley conditions are very similar to
those lound to be so favorable lu
Alberta lor success with bit wheat.
Eight years ago this week M
ll. Wilson, Cranbrook's well known
and popular jeweler, arrived Irom
Mon I real to engage in business,
which lie has since prosecuted with
steadily growing favor and proiit.
.Mi. Wilson lirst opened up in premises adjoining the Prospector ollice.
Then he moved to the premises al
present occupied by lhe Cranhrook
Drug ami Jiook Co,, thenco lie transferred his store to the quarters now
occupied by Fergusson. and Trowsc,
where he remained upwards of three
years. About Ihis lime he purchased
the premises he at present occupies
from the Canadian Hunk of Commerce, had them appropriately fitted
up und moved in, having heen located
there now for some three years.
Mr. Wilson's business has steadily
grown, extending throughout the districts tributary to Cranbtook. He
is an expert workman himself und
employs only the most skilled workmen. Of late Mr. Wilson has devoted special attention to optical
work and, with a view to providing
the best possible service at lowest
cost In bis patrons, he has1 imported
a complete set of up-to-date electrical machinery. He grinds bis own
lenses on the premises and, iu fact,
now does u great deal of that class
of work for outside firms, who have
uot these modern appliances. Thr
optical department of Mr. Wilson's
store is in every respect one of the
most perfectly fitted up in eastern
11. C, in fact there Is only one other
store iu tbe interior tlmt carries
anything like the modern appliances
and stock carried hy Mr. Wilson.
Anather feature of W. H. Wilson's
jewelry store Is the gold plating
machinery, which permits of this
class of work being done expeditiously and at a low cost.    .Mr. Wilson is
great believer in llie future id
Cranbrook and lie puts his belief into practice by actively participating
in any and every movement having
for its object the advancement of
the city. lie has always been.a
keen supporter of sports of every
description nnd in every way possible, during bis residence in Cranhrook has taken an active and an
useful part in everything calculated
to advance Cranhrook.
ffltss .....       .
8 1
| What Do You Know About j
1       LETHBRIDGE?       I
in accordance with ih>* wish <<f tin*
l.n.* kiiin Kdward, tlie Puke of
('«nnauf*,ht will succeed Karl (Irey as
the pivernor-gi'iu-ral ..I Canada..probably next spring.
Tin* .Ink.* is lirst   to make a    visit
i„ Soutb Africa, tot tlw purpase ..!
opening tin* new parliament.
01 the royal family. His Royal
Hlgheca Arthur William Patrick Al-
l-crt, Oust' of I'tinnuuRltl, may be
elassed as the most military member.
The .Ink.* is tlie third son ol the late
Queen Victoria, and his birth took
lilan* on May 1, IN50. al Buckingham
When in years ..f age lie joined
Woolwich Militar*. College, anil alter
iwo vears' stinly was *ta?.*ll<*.l to the
Royal Engineers. A year later lie
was transferred lo the lloinl Horse
Artillery and shortly afterwards was
again moved—to the Rifle Brigade,
where bo obtained his promotion as
captain. In 1871 he was appointed
to the Seventh Hussars, and promotion rapidly followed, till In 1***" he
ranked ns full colonel ami major-Ren-
In IKK2 he look pari in Ihe Egyptian campaign as commander ol    lhe
Guards lirigadc, r.ceivini; ihe  medal
and cla-sp for MtriCM at TcM-Kebir
and a thrice mention in despatches
besides receiving the Ihanks ol jiar-
liameiii and his C.O.B.
Some time alter lhe close ol the
K|*tptiali trouble the duke was. ill
command at Honiliay. and In lsim his
highness came hack to Kngland to
take over Ihe southern command,
which hr held lor three years, and re
signed on his appointment to ihe
mote Important command al Alitcr-
sbot. While there the duke was
very popular with all grades in Hi
service, taking himself the same work
as was allotted to his stuff ami men.
The late gut-en, greatly tn his regret, vetoed the duke's greal di*iir.
to take part in the Boer war, and
chiefly through her influence, it Is
said, be succeeded Lord Itoberl s as
Irish coinmander-ln-elilet In January
From tlie attainment ol bis majesly the Duke ol Connaughl received a
grant ol £1.1,000 yearly and was
created Duke ol Connaughl and
Stratbearn, and Karl ol Sussex
when 21 years nl age.
fin March IS, 1RH7, lhe duke mnr
ried Princess laiulse Marguerite o
Prussia and Ihe event wns claimed
lo la* Mr* most gorgeous wedding
ceremony ol last century Purlin
' ment voted a lurthrr grant annually
ol SI*,***,     lie baa traveled extra
of illl
' U II
lull i.l
positive assurance fur tbe demand of wliut
sin- has <*ili<,ut 1-1.
lor thev will
ICO* the pace ia sot. will th
have 1u*.**k1 and comfort
your  town,
solicitor and
Do you know her building permits reached $85*1.500 in the one mouth of Muy. this y.*.ir'-
Do you know thul three mon* linoBof Railroads are heading for Lethbridge, lhe commercial ccntn
Umpire, vast us to richness of coal and resources   two wonderful assets   either oue i f which lies nude a metropolis
many a time in the past and has ooiitlimed to uphold it in Ihefuture,    The world is crying for productive
soil.   The world is determined to be comfortable,
Lethbridge hns.
One year ago Lethbridge had a populullou of 11*000; today
book? Certain]-,' not! not so long as the present people live.
Lethbridge ha.*, got "the makings."
Knowing that you people in tbe Crows Nest Pass are great wago-enrners and that you have no particular
opportunities tor investment at j.mr own home, 1 am going to give you the opportunity of making inveslmi ins elsewhere without paying the expanse und largo commission of n travelling solicitor or even middleman
whieli you have been paying heretofore especially when buying Heal Kstnie. I am going to cut out tl
middleman so as ti give you Lethbridge City Property at its present true market value.
Furthermore, I am going to give you positive assurance that I will sell vou no lots
excepting that they be high, dry and level.
Xow should liny of you doubt that this statement i» an assurance, ask vour lawyer if 1 am not mnkiug
myself liable and subject to a very heavy Iim* as well us the returning of your money with costs, if at any time you
secure a lot that IS not high, dry and level which 1 have advertiaed in your local papers. But putting all tbis aside
kindly remember I menu business; I want your business I want more business no business can florlsh unless done
on the hi|iiiii'>*   enough said.
I liive been in the Ileal Estate Business iu the City of Lothbridge for live years and I ant still doing business,
sn I guess you are safe as to my guarantee without considering any Courl notion.
If you feel satisfied as to this, you can make your investment without the inspection of the property and
thereby save yourself a considerable amount ..f time uml expense, in addition In eliminating the Solicitor and
Middle Man.
No# let metell ymi something regarding theli >f growth  in  ihis busy citv of our.    First   the business
centre of Lethbridge is Stouth of the railroad and lies on the extreme West side of the citv and the land JM North of
the railroad and opposite the business district is held for the railroad yards, etc., out lo what is known as ile North
War. , which begins directly "-.onli of the track about one-half mile East of the Post Office This North Ward is
mainly populated hy miners uud day laborers, therefore the bettor residential portion lies to the South-east of the
business center, ami it must continue t*) grow in that direction as it is now .loim; for il cannot go elsewhere.
The additions which I nm mainly offering are each immediately South and Knsi of tl:
suction, iu fact, houses aru now being limit in one of thorn "Tho Alexander Addition" and tlu
Park" is held by the city until September the 1st of this year.
..,oo,J''i",Vi',","'i" l'"rk WM ' i"* V1' "'J-'"1'1'" U",''li"" •*» ""' C"-v Bboul '"" '•'•>'-» a-**> •""• »o -"•» »"•-• fot less than
J.1I0.H each ami some went ns high M *o(.0.00- this on public bidding today, one cannot be bought for less than
111 mi to my knowledge. Wotorui Park lots were bought by tho best pcoph in the City for iheir home property and
ii adjoins tie. Alexander Addition on the East, both of which additions are in the city limits and within th. one mile
circle, rhis circle center.* at Central School which lies three blocks S rath .,.,.1 three blocks Kast of Poet Office which
is situ il.'.i Iii the most North Western purt nfthe business disiriet.
Lots iu tho ub mm mentioned Additions are. in my opinion, lhe inosi likely to increase in value of anv other
L • h -ri I • i pr .p Tt,v an I should be moat easily turned over, as homes ar,* already building in the Alexander Addition.
nil Vtotorii Pir<should begin to build upas soon as the (.'ity gives possession ou September 1st 1910 1 am
expectitig to see lotajil the Alexander Addition sell for $500.00 or-1800.00 each within a car and Victoria Pnrk lots
I um sure will jju at $1.11.) 1.00 each within the same period.
U >th of these Additions arc upon the proposed Street Car Line.
.* present besl residential
* other addition ".Vietoria
Only 4 I.l,..I:*, south of Central Bchool Close in.
Terui*.—■; cush, balance iu 1 and S months at 8 |*ercent.
Price S mo each
" S325 "
" J275 "
" »2i5 "
" *275 "
" J275 "
" 1.100 "
" J275 "
" 12511 "
'• IMO "
" 1250 "
» (250 "
H 1250 "
" «250 "
" 1300 "
" 1300 "
" 1.125 "
" 1275 "
" 1275 "
" 1275 "
" J.I75 "
V »250 "
" *275 '•
" 1325 >*
" 1250 "
" J275 •'
** $300 *'
" MOO '
" t.mo "
i.ots; to ic mock
31 to  10      "
31 to 33      "
Cor. Ill & 2(1
9 .-c  10      "
Or. 21 to 21      "
31 & 32      "
11 ic 13      "
13 to IS      "
31  to 3S      "
1  to 13      "
27 & 28      "
4 to   II      "
10 to 13      "
0 to II      "
23 to 311
r,.r. 2t & 22     "
15 A li;    "
II to 12      "
5 to   B      "
for. 20  *c 21      "
25 to 32      "
35 to 3«
for. 3!) to 10
23 to 2«      "
23 to 21      "
17   to   JK        «
25 to .10      "
35 A* U      "
"The Swell Home. Addition"
',' cash, lalance in s, 12, and is month, at
|.er cent
Lots   .1 *c I Block
12 ta 15 "
If. .\* 17 "
18 ic 19 "
6 to 9 "
5 to 8 ••
11 to 11 "
ll to 12
3 .* 1 •■
1 I tO 16 "
17 .v- IS ■'
: .*. i *•
I'rice Slue each
* S400 **
1400 *
••     1100 "
t4M "
1150 *'
„      ,,,5 ,.
*■     UW) «
"     »5*. "
"     (4041 *'
• H25 •
1100 *'
Acre Lot
Within the l'*4 mile circle
a-h, balance in '* an.i 12 mootlll
it S percent
IOati.1 II
4 to .•
1:1 and II
Bl..tk T
*'    V
"  i:
I'ri'e ti.OOo each
8000   "
3.U.J.I    "
W. R. Dobbin,
310 GLYN
Send for Free Guide Map
Lethbridge, Alta.
lively at home and In the colonlw,
mid has inspected varioue naval and
military stations Iwlonglng to thr
■mpire, as well u\ i presenting his
ntother at various Kuropewi oelebn-
Next week promises to hr a gill
mir for the Mssonlr oiaft. (Irand
l.niliii' ass-i'iiililrs hrro on Thiirsday
and on tin* evening preceding the new
Masonic Trmple will lir lnimally dr-
dicatrti by Grand Master Rich, as
slsted by other Oram! Lodge offlocrs.
Alter the dedication services a reception will lir liinVrril visiting
.Musoiis mnl thiir wives, which will
wind ii|i with a rjftnco.
Tbe comiiiittt-r     iu rbacge ul    ac
coiiinioilation, report lhat tint only
have many Masons volunteered t"
accommodate visiting hrrthrrn. tint
that a lar*e nnmher of jieople, not
conneeted with tin* order, have mVr-
iil to plan* rooms at tlie convenience
of tlw committer. This Is a very
satisfactory state of affairs ami will
permit of a lar^e number ol hrrthrrn
from all over the province Im-hik ar-
riiiiiiiiinliittil ronifortahlv.
charge *.i tbe refreshments, have been
very busy ol late ami everything
promises to be In first-class shape
lor tin* occasion
Whilst offers of accommodation have
been very generous, thr committee In
charge reel that adequate provision
has not J*t       hern     made
and further otters "1
i rooms   for   Visiting   Masons   would
lie gratefully ramlwd m Mr  ISlwtll,
Thr city botell are all prelly well i
crowded al pn-sent ami BS there will
he a vrry large influx of visitors from |
all parts of the province lh«' ii'"
ilty of MiuMin: more accommodation
Is urgrnt
The ladies eoiumillet*, who       have
Pat Welch, ol Spokane, uur of the
members ..f the railroad contracting
firm "f Foley, Welch ami Stewart,
who have the contract for the eon*
btraction <■'. -"i miles ol the Kootenay
Central railway, from Oalloway. arrival m town last Right ami left
again tins afternoon. Seen hy a
Herald rcpreaentatlvo Mr. Welch stated iti.ii    work would be commenced
within  tWO      Weeks,   by   winch    time
it w.i, expeetod that plan) would he
on    tin- ground.     M-***ti».  Hurus ami
.Mr-dan, ol Spokane, will have charge
of the work and will haw sum*** six
in seven hundred men at ir»sfk in a
short time.
Mi Welch is delighted witb the
country through which they have to
build. He was specially Impressed
with the country around Fort Steels
ami thinks that oner Irrigation is
taken hold of in a practical manner
that section will prove wonderfully
Whilst he hail no definite Information, bfl was of the opinion that
construction work on tie K.C.R. will
he steadily prosecuted attrr the
Completion Ol   (ho 25    miles his firm
have contracted for.
Ti.night and Kriday nlghl i*ly.
the [uncial of his late Afnjesit hli)
Edward VII   at tbe Opera ■*•■•#. THJfl    CRANBROOK    HERALD
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000     Reserve, $6,000,000
■icul under which the brandies
is nn the principal points
Airanfeementa have rece
of this Bonk nu* -
ngoiy   nub.
I*,..'.*. 1st.*
id,       hu;..
• "-Ulrt
FW1.L    f*
viand Russia
,«: v Sorvla
•ij ,ui Slam
tvn Smith Africa
Inn Iwria Straits Settlements
:, -i, ti Sweden
,.j v.-.iy Switzerland
hilu>iile Islands Wost Indies        in
i.i mianta ...1*1 elsewhere
>r Cranbrook Branch
News of the District
Written by Bright Correspondents and Gleaned Irom Newspapers
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*-«**f.i*V '■'*'- •* t ■>*»•>♦♦*■>•»'#•#•>♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
FarmImplements, < 'amages i&Harness
\V.*s;    . (    I'in     ;    UriH-lt.   Albuiln
iiii.I mir priri ■. nru inntli nil**.
•Wo have aim *. it..l   l.n.* ol
Shelf and Heavy Hardware and Feed
Vour pal ronagn is soliciti il.
J. M Agnew & Co., Elko, B. C. \
*********/******* •»o***.><* **;•;**<-n*** ****************
I A. Lo McDermot
ml-  Winn   iiii.I
'in.ni*   17
-l.iril   Mm Iiiuil
Hnx   K.
.    II.O,
e or :
hone for
*************.***.** ****) ■
I **r*»5 ****************
Light-Weight Suits
The c
- -2—
rar-popular Fit-Reform
-the kind  lhat won't
led  English Flannels—
the newest effects in Blue,
Gray uik! Green.
Fine Twotds and Worsteds—
thoie toiiciies of
elegance that only
th« Fit-Reform
ixiati c*u weave
kits a garment. »
md  cool
aa i
p* **
<**   &#
* v*» ™"
«♦•>*>•>*>•>*>•>'>*>*>*>»>• -v.*.    *o********************
Merchants Bank of Canada I
He*,d Office, Montre.il 1
CAPITAL        - - -       $6,000,000 t
RESERVE        - -       $1,602,157 ♦
(•ir 11, 14. M.l.tS, I'm  '■ ■ • ♦
t:. >   HKJIIII K, lionuml Milliliter
IV,   liinl.Ill:     IS   CANADA
A i.**ii,'.*il Bktiltlnii i.   Inc..    .*- u !.*.l.   ' ".ii *,i Inwu trrnuntl
lullcltail.   l',*i* uilt.   r (tip may I hi ninll.
|l.tm ,.|
em mi ne nt I- ■- *■■■* i ..■ * .;' highest current rate
Elko Branch:   C. R. Wlckson, Mgr. x
***********r**<n ***********************
I **********************
Engineers,   Founders
and   Machinists ===£
I'I • 44
I'. O, Hi
We are Specialists In h.-iw Mill Machinery
/iiui Repair.*)
We make the Besl Saw Guide and Arbor in
li. C.   Any *i/x required.
(Special corresjiomltticc.)
Mi*,    mnl   Mm.    Sierriml   visited
L'rmibroolc Salunluv lasl.
Miss M. Bimnoll mill Miss N.
Hundley, ..1 Marysvilli*, sjicut Siitur-
ilay ami Sunday willi Iriends lu*n*
nml attended the ice cream social.
Mi. Wm. Crosby is iii llm Cranlirook hospital Bulterlng Irani uu attack ..I typhoid fever.
Mi A. Mussel met Willi n nnlntul
accident while goliiB Into lown on
Saturday lasl A d"K ran in (nun
ol his speeder, causing it It. leave the
tails and iirccipi Using him   in     lhe
dllell.       lie had sonie    In s liroki'li
In his lell hand, Iml will Boon he ahlu
... use il again.
Mr. and Mis John Dennett, ol
Broadview ranch, attentleil lhe social
Saliilday lust.
Mr. Wchh, ol Marysville, visited liis
Irlend, llev. Mr. llauiilion, Saturday,
The slriiwherry ice cream social,
which was held ill the school house
Salinday evening last, |noved a success in every way. Although ih.*
night wus anything Iml lavornblc tor
ice cream. However, us the WyclilTe
eili/cns are always ready to help
along any social movement, Ihey did
ii,11 let lhe tain Inghteii Ihem, Iml
turned out in large luunhers and enjoyed a very plcasanl evening together. The jiriiccrds, whieli amounted
iu Uu* neighborhood ..! $50, go lo the
lienelil ol Ihe cliurch.
A large lUllllhcr of our citizens took
occasion to visit the circus al Cranlirook this week ami all report it 1<
he a (irsl-class show id wild animals
11 certainly was a greal attractloi
(or llic children, us they are stil
telling of the wonderful feats |ier-
f.iiined liy the animals.
Mr. and Mrs. Harrison, ol ('ran
brook, have taken up iheir residenc.
on Kairview plain. Mr. Harrison i.
engaged on the logging train.
(Speelal correspondence.)
(Ialeway haseliall hoys held    a
•ii;.ivahle dance in llic (Ialeway
hull on .Saturday.     At    mid-
Ice clean,  and cake  were fietv-
Aniong tli'.sr present were   Mr
t           WALDO ;'
\      X
(Special Correspondence.)
1). Tyc, engineer in charge ol con
struct ion work ol tho Kootenay Con
tral railway, is in town tlits week
Wardncr will lie liis headquarters, Hi
lias .six transit and rod men with
Mrs. Otto Wisner was taken t«
Cranbrook hospital on Monday morn
inj; last for treatment.
Mr. 1.. K. Markle spent Sumlay
with Friends in Kernie.
Mi. Sam Harrison ami Mrs. Wall
were in Cranlirook last  Monday.
Mr. Morierty left on Monday lasl
lor Golden.
Mi. (iniiier Jones, of Cranlirook,
spent Sunday last with liis family
Mr ami Mrs. 11. II. Iloliart spent
Monday last with Cranhrook friends.
Miss Service, of Cranhrook, spent
Sumlay last in town, the gUOttt of
Mr. and Mrs. It. A. Green.
Master Frank Sheppard is aide to
lie out again alter un attach ol
The Crows Nest Pass Lumber com
pauy are turning out lumber in large
quantities these! days. Tliey are
running both saws day and night.
Mr. Sheppard and Hugh McDougall
were in Cranbrook    last Monday
Mrs. I*. Lund and Miss lla/.el Lund
spent the week end with Mrs. Lund's
brother, Mr. Con/ens, al Matthew
A number ol men arrived a lew
days ago from Mauister, Mich., and
have begun work on the new burner
at the Crows Nest Posa Lumber
company's mill-
Mi. .luiies, nl Finch and Jones,
from Cm-hiii, spent a few days this
week with friends in town.
Mi Allied Jiihiisi.il, nl lhe Wardner stole staff, is on the sick list
this week
Tbe new addition to the local de
pot, which was completed a short
time ago, adds greatly to its appear
ance, as will as to its convenience
The depot ami all the adjoining
buildings owned by the c.lMt i
been much Improved by receiving
fresh coat of paint.
Tbe C.I'.H. have staked out a spur
line tu he built from Galloway
Wardner for the purpose ol carrying
iu logs (or the Crows Nest Pass
Lumber company.
Next Sumlay evening, nt 7.30 p.m
June 10th anniversary services will
be preached in the Wardner Presbyterian church by Itev. C. o. Main, ol
Knox Presbyterian church, Cranhrook. The choir will furnish special muslo and on Monday evening,
lollowing a social, will bt held In
the library ball. All are invited to
attend,   A good time is expected.
0, O. Adney left this week for
coast points on business.
a. J. Hates, ol Vancouver, spent
Sunday with friends iu town.
mil Mrs. and Miss Johnston, Mrs. A.
Mrs. It. ami Mis. Half lliirliiibham.
Mrs. ami Miss Hulls, Mi. Kred Itoo
junior, Mrs. aud .Miss 11. Joule, Mr
fiord Joule, Miss lluilitigluim, Mr.
W. While, Mr, Hull Wright, Mrs.
Lenwood ami family, Mr. Kelt Mo-
Cannon, Mr.   Gordon unit many otb-
Mr. Kphiiaii Butts is taking a well
deserved vacation, While away he
will visit, among other places, the
coast cities of Seattle, Victoria aud
Vancouver. Mis many friends wish
him him a pleasant holiday ami n
safe return home to Gateway.
The welcome news has reached
(ialeway that Mr. David Hoover is
convalescent and that his return may
he expected iu the near future.
A disquieting rumor has reached
your cor res pon dent that Dr. White
ami his charming wife are soon      to
ave us for pastures new.
Gateway is to have a great celebration ou July 1th. The principal
tea lures will he horse races, a base-
mill game, for which a substantial
prize wit) he given, and a ball iu the
evening, combined wilh the genial
welcome which Gateway always accords ber guests. Friends ami
neighbors come from both sides the
line and help to celebrate America's
greatest holiday.
Mr. and Mrs. Johnston, mother and
sister of "Sammy," are spending the
summer here ami have made many
Mrs. Miller and family, accompanied by Mr. Leo Hutts, have left for
Springilale, Wash., lo i>in Mr Miller.
Mr. Itoo, of Klko, passed through
lure on Saturday on his way lo
RoosVllle. He is always enthusiastic about Klko and Itoosvillc and is
a born "booster," and a valuable
citizen of any place be calls home.
Haseliall was played here on Sunday, the contestants wereja team
Irom Waldo. H. C, versus the home
team.     Waldo won lft-9,
John Collins, operator at this
point, has been on a vacation trip, to
Anyone semlin*; a team can have
firewood, prepared for use, at Kiug's
Planer, fur $1.60 per load.
(Special correspondence.)
A jolly crowd gathered in Old Waldo hall ou   Salinday evening,      lhe
occasion bring lhe rallle nf socks   by
Mrs. James Robertson, for the benefit   of  the hall.       Little  Flank  Hob-,
eit son   drew   for   the   lucky   numbers, I
one pair being won by 11. King,   one'
hy Mr. liii-d   aud one   by Mr. Sunnier, all of Waldo.     Some $2lti*» was'
realized, ami a vole ul   thanks   was,
tendered    Mrs.     Holier I son.       Praise
is due II.    King,   Donald  Mcpherson |
and A.   Fcnwlck, our
hoys lor so ably  disp
tickets.        After    1 lii-
was tl rder of Iho
ous refreshments were served
about U o'clock. Then dancing was
continued uml tlie crowd di spurned at
a late hour, after a very plcasanl
A number of Waldo people attended
the al home of Mrs. Morrow ami Mrs.
Aye al the home of the latter at
Baynes mi last Thursday afternoon.
C. I). McNah and sons visited Fernie last Friday.
Mr. Ilrondwood, nf Alabama, bus
returned to Waldo \o visit for some
t I
(Prom the Leniier.)
The trustees ol the Moyie Methodist church have completed n dcnl lor
the purchase ol the house owned by
A. P. Macdonald, lacing Queens
avenue. The house will he used ns a
parsonage lor the Methodist minister.
Charles Stevens, ul the F.asl Kootenay notlliiiR company, Cranhrook,
was in town Wednesday. Mr
Stevens is one ol the old timers ol
South Kast Kootenay and has limit
u|i a splendid business, every town
along the Crow using bis goods.
.1. T. Browning is Movie's new
constable. Mr. Drowning and bis
wile arrived here Wednesday Irom
Vancouver. Constable A. Morris,
who was here temporarily since Constable Dlnsmoro lelt, has returned to
Michel. Constable Browning has
had splendid training In the police
service, being fifteen years with the
Northwest Mounted Police. When
Hill Miner, the notorious bandit and
train robber, wns run to earth a lew
years ago near Knmloops, he was nt
the cn|ilure nnd received tl,SINl lis
bis share ol tlio reward oflercil by the
Tlie regular annual meeting ..I Ilu*
shareholders ol The Society (llrl Mining Company, Limited, was held in
Moriey hall Tuesday alternoon. All
lhe directors nnd a giu.il number ol
tin* shareholders were present. The
reporl ol Ihe directors wns accepted.
The report shows that during the
linst year 800 leet ol development
work has heen done at a cost ol
$11.88 per toot. This work consists ol 25 leet ol raising, 603 left ol
crosscutting nml 230 leet ol drifting
on the vein, which has resulted In
the opening ..I a large body ol concentrating ore. During the year
1001.05 was expended on Improvements to the road, nnd when the
proposeil government road Is completed, ore may lie shipped Irom tlie
mine at about one-ball ol tlie present cost. About lorly tons ol
crude ore, sorted Irom the concentrating ore, is on the lower dump
awaiting shipment, anil there is also
a large quantity ol ore on the upper
dump, wliich may lie shipped profit
ably when the shipping facilities arc
improved upon.
Imperial Bank of Canada jj
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED   -     $10,000,000.00
CAPITAL PAID UP     -      . 5,000,000.00
RESERVE      .... 5,000.000.00
ll. It. WII.K1E, President.
Acooiints   ot  Corporations,   Municipalities,    Morolinnts, < i
FiirinoiB nml I'rivnlo Individuals invited,
Dl'llfls nml l.i'tli'm of Cri'ilil ismu-il nviilliiblo 111 nny pint of ] [
tho world, ~
SAVINGS DKl-AIITMICNT     Special   iiUontlon
given tn Savings Hunk Accounts,    lloposits of $l.li()   uiul ''
upwards rucolvcd and inlorost allowed from dnto nf doposil,
Cranbrook Branch: H. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
popular Waldo
..Sillg   III III.'
rallle   dancing
evening,    lie-
Wardman Addition I
to Cranbrook
Archie Clark, n young Scotchman,
aliiiut twcnty-slx years ot ago is
ileait as a result ol a shootfng aeei-
iltMit on Sunday lasl. (Mark iu
company with a friend liy the iame
of Sharp weal out to Michel Prairie
on Sunday fnr .some practice willi a
22 calibre ride. Clark went to place
a stone nn a post for a target. Returning lie called lo Sharp who was
tooking the other way, ride in hand.
Turning towards Clark the ride was
accidentally discharged hitting Clark,
tlie bullet entering the abdumen and
was later located in the back of lhe
hip hone.
Clark was at onee taken to the
hospital at Michel, where he died at
1 o'clock on Monday morning. The
deceased leaves a wife in the old
country, having only been married
two years. lie was contemplating
returning home after pay day to permanently reside, having already mailc
arrangements lo that effect. lie
made a written .statement before he
died showing that it was purely an
accident and completely exonerating
Sharp from atl blame.
of l'Viirh nml  Wiitl Avenue, Sotiih  uf <>
50 x 157 feet = Price $150.00 ij
Terms 110.00 Cash and $5,0On month, 7',; interest . >
duly a few left.
PHONE 20        -        PHONE 20 *
i ►
We    Havo   a   FiW   Choico
Followlng are the ollieers fleeted by
the Moyie Miners' union for the coming six months, made complete hy
the second ballot for financial secretary,  taken Saturday:
President—Albert (till.
Vice-President—George Turner.
Treasurer—Michael  llegan.
Financial Secretary — .lames Roberta (re-elected).
Recording Secretary—A Hrei| llatdry.
Warden—Angus Macdonald.
Finance Committee—David porter,
S. McDougall, George Powell.
Trustees—Warren lnness, GcorgO
Turner, William Sullivan, Arthur
Pitman, S. McDougall.
■ lames Roberts was elected delegate
to the Vi F. of M. eonvehtloti iu
Denver on -lulv  ISth.
Anyone sending a team can have
firewood, prepared for use, nt King's
Planer, for $1,50 per load.
FOR SALE-Eggfl for hatching
from pure bred single comb Drown
l.eghorns.-ll.  White. 6-tt
The exhibition jj rounds at Calgary
Is now a very busy place. A small
army of workmen are making the repairs and preparing lhe exhibits fur
the provincial exhibition to he held
June 30th to .Inly 7th. All iu.nl-
ahle space iu the buildings for industrial exhibits has been seemed
some weeks K", and a number ol exhibits have to he content wilh imt
Entries close at Calgary June 18tit,
The forestry plantation Immediately in front of tlie main gale was
prepared and trees planted nhout the
middle of May, an l each succeeding
year will Ih- a living demonstration
of what can lie done in tree planting
nn the plains. While the exhibition
directors are providing thai educational features and exhibits shall he
the "meat of Ihe nieal" for visitors,
Ihey also believe tlmt they like some
dessert in the form ol good music and
attractions, and the following lis! of
features nf the best quality cannot
help but cater In the various tastes
and fancies of our numerous visitors:
The Nnvassur Ladies' hand, finest
in the world, assisted hy the Cnlgary
Kifte hand and the Calgary Citizens'
A reproduction of the making ol
the Indian Treaty of 1H77 illuminated
with magnificent display of fireworks.
A $7000 racing programme.
X Fnr   Sale   Iln   Easy   Terms
▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼ WWWWWWW 'WWWWW w
snow     white   polar
A Ihir's
Hex's comedy cordis,
The six Abdallahs brothers, marvelous acrobats.
Ham/a and Aran, clever comedians.
The only Rube Shields, the fun
Demonstration by the Calgary fire
department with specially trained
Do nol forget that entries close on
Jane 1Mb*
Very low passenger rates. Six or
seven special trains to the exhibition,
ami n special excursion to Hani! on
July 7th. A handsome illustrated
pamphlet giving information regarding the exhibition will be sent hy return mail on application to the
manager at Calgary.
■to corad in a few n.lnulca ly
li-i'ipln tfirnof» MvdH liter wt *''S-
t. t / ■ | ,-uib it.- i.-ii-i before my l- .at
tl •   dMl COUld IrKlliIrr*   -It.
/. Htailiiy ;'»•■). Be**-*] * / *.-*>«.**ts 3Se.
i>ii tuconialnini is i«- Em*. : so
J.LK-*tt*«C«.,t:!ri., UicrWfMr.r.'l.
The wholesale Distributors lot
Western Canada ol Mathieu's Nervine
Powders, and also of .Mathieu's Sy
rup n( Tar and Cod Uver Oil, the
great remedy for Coughs, are
WI-miKC       EDMONTON       MNC00HI
Qeneral lllacksmithing
Wsgnn Repairing
A'.'ir** (or i'.iiui.Ih lli.'j.-l.* Mutum Co.'r.
Alio Deerlttg M..wiuhru<1 Ituk. h
I'lliiNi: ;,ii
Nut only Ilium* l'iii.*liu*.iiij;.
lull nn rxrrllriit miviuj*s investment us well,
Agents Wanted
to whom Liberal Inducements arc offered
Vancouver,   -   B. C.
WATER ACT, 1909.
TAKK NOTICK tlmt Itobttl E.
Sullivan,        of       Seattle, Mer-
ehniil, and John        II
liiwkins, of Wnttsburg, miner, will
apply to the Water Commissioner at
Cranbrook on Tiiesdny, (he \2\h day
ot July, nt eleven o'clock in the
forenoon for a license to divert
three eubie feet (il water per second
from the Moyie Itiver, a tributary nt
Moyie Lake. Thu said water will Ik;
used fnr hydraulic mining purposes on
nlnccr mining leases applied for by
the undersigned, nnd will be conducted by means ol a dam, flumes and
ditches over the land covered by said
mining lease applications, and he returned to the said Moyie Itiver at
China liar, The difference lietween
the point ol divers;on and the point
ol return is 120 fit-t. No Crown
Lands will tic used and no riparian
proprietors or licensees will lie af-
fccteil hy the works.
This notice was posted on the
day of June, 1910.
14-ftt* Jote II. lUwkloi. THE   UUANJRdtiOOK    II URAL I)
IH uuniiii OIL
More Men  Have Amassed  Wealth from Oil
investments than from Any Other Securities
This advertising announcement will appear in this publication but once. It contains
a message for men who have money to invest, in small or large amounts, in a
proposition which at the same time, embraces the maximum amount of security
for the money invested, and promises greater profit than any other form of investment
in the Western field.
If you will take the time to review the history of oil fields, both in the Eastern and
Western portions of this Continent, you will find that the men who have amassed
fortunes are the men who invested originally very small sums of money in oil shares.
Ho you know- that Mud Invested nt tin* Inception "I many nu uil comjiany, frequently
multiplied in profits und actual worth until tin*
lu.Iiiiui* lodny represents from $1,IUIII to
Take, for instance, il you ha
1 invested Slim
in the   following   companies,    o
i the following
basis, ymi would have made:
 i    liOU
Vi. I*.	
Monte t'hrislt,	
S. K. & .McK	
Saner  Ii.uirIi 	
San Joaquin 	
Kern River   	
Central Oil       	
"Pinal'' sharrs snld at 29 cents, are now
selling at $25, and paying monthly dividends nf
IS per cent., an Income ol *-*0 per month on nn
investment ol Sinn. When the "Silver Tip"
came in, the stock jumped over nlghl from Bfi
cents to $1 and has heen paying monthly dividends uf lit per cent ever since.
Similar opportunities are open to ynu, bat
ynu must think for yourself, have the courage ol
your convictions and ACT.
Coalinga is a distriet situated In the State nf
California, which is now sn generally known  ns
llie greatest producer ol high-grade petroleum
that it is unnecessary for us to take up much
space in describing the geographical construction nf the field, ur lhe actual results uf operations of the many companies who control property in Coalinga.
This Company, tie Coalinga-Kurckn oil Company, Inc., Is a limited liability corporation,
the shares ol which are non-asscssahle, and have
a par value of $1.
As development progresses, the price of slock
will naturally advai.ee. Even now trading in
Coatinga-Eurcka si ares is very active. The
limited hloek to lie sold at 2a cents per share
should, we estimate,' he taken up pn nr hetoro
Jul) loth, We lune therefore sol this as. the
closlng-out date fi>r the unsold shares in Hiis
Company at 2."» cents each.
This means that it will he Impossible for you
tu buy a share in tins Company at 25 cents after
.July 15th, MM, and we give this notice that
the priee nf stuck will he advanced tu at least
r.ii cents mi the morning uf July I6lh Should
tin-re then remain any portion of the block nt
25 cents, the same will be Immediately withdrawn from tlie market.
Stock may be advanced
any day
The Company re*ervrs the right tn ndvance
U.e price "f   shares at any   time prior tu July
llith, should the  block  uf um.nmi shares at 25
cents be taken up in the interim.
We have recommended out most Intimate
rriends tn reserve their stock hy wire, and nut
delay in writing hy mail. On receipt nf the reserve order, we will Immediately set aside sueii
sinek, allowing the applicant Ibe necessary lime
fur tin- remittance tu reach this office hy mall.
The very fact that the slock uf this Company
will be snld for SU rents on July Hilli, should
warrant the reader in reserving by win- as
many shares as possible forthwith.
Vnu will readily see if ynu purchase a bluck
ni 500 shares today, nn easy terms, at Ihe present price, 25 rents per share, ynu could sell
one-half uf yum biddings when the price advances tu 50 cents and thus hay Iln- other half
free nf cost to yourself.
The trading in the stuck uf this Company
i will naturally be mine active when the priee is
i    -*iii trills than at the original price, 25 rents
Then- is every Indication n[   tin- stuck being
worth and selling fur $1 iu tin days' time.    Do
I   not i!clay in making your application.
Nn application received for less than 2"*i
The stock may Ih- purchased mi an all-cash
basis, in which case certificates are issued at
"Mir. mi uu an easy payment plan, aa per srhe-
dule herewith :
What Your Money Will  Buy.-Cash  Plan 5 per cent Deducted
$ 47."iU will buy   21*0 shares
111**,75 will buy   800 shares
[jar value   •-'""
l*nr viilm*   500
3*237.50 will buy    1,000 sluiivs
.pur value   1,000
Instalment  Plan
$20.00 cash anil $15.00 a mouth lor 2 months buys 200 shari'S
30.00 cash anil 22.50 a mouth for "-' months buys 300 Bhnrt'S
40.00 cash nud     UO.IXi a tnoiitli for 2 months buys    100 slum's
s ". 1 "ii cash mil   $37 mi a month fi.r :2 inotiths buys    ."uJO sluims
I'-O.lHI eaib anil     73.00 n month (or 2 mouths burs 1,000 share
Write for Our Free Prospectus and  Booklet "Fortunes From Oil"
In conclusion, maki' your reoorvation at once, rcutitthitf for Btock l>y cheque, ilrufi nr money order.
Make all cheques, tlrafta nnd money orders payable to
Gi Jaschereau, Trustee, The Coalinga-Eureka Oil Company Jnc.
Selkirk  Block, 135  Hastings Street, Vancouver, B. C.
nt first seemed lo he peaceful      uml
hushed, grows terrible."
He came upon cannibal tribes who
unit and cut stray men ns the tvhili:
man hunts and cata the deer. Itui
Iniost always by his tacl and kind-
ess and sympathy he maintained
ood relations even with the mosl
savage tribes.
Ever) explorer   looks   upon    the
map nf that part nf the world whieli
paeticularly calls him, nnd endeavors
tn (1ml it spot that still affords   opportunity fur the special powers     he
may possess fnr fliidinK nut the   secrets thai  it  hides."     They are     the
lieutenant's own words, ami tie periled iu the pursuit uf his ideal. His
brother nave   bis   life to   the   same
call" at the hrc ol twenty-six, and
his   comrade, Captain   Gosling,    at
thirty-three.      Lieutenant Alexander
outlived  both, jet  could   not resist
the call."
ml, lends il
er ol the
the jicndqufl
decided upon
ly as  the v
division tn
this has in 1
Iskid as
stated thai     Mi   Hun  mi hn
from the Pacific coosl in the ■
of a few days, will probably hi
THAI. WTtirv-Ul'iT. BOYD
\i.i:\a\ih:h's PATK
a meat explore! has perished In the
lieiut ol Africa m circumstances uf
peeulfai pat bns Lieutenant Boyd
Alexander, ■■( the Rifle Brigade, the
tragic   storj  ol    whose   expedition
"Krnm   the   Nigel   lo  the   Nile"  is  su
brllllantlj  related In his booh   with
thnt  title, has met  his death upon
new and tint less daring expedition.
|   The IragfO news     came a few days
ago In   Mr.  Herbert     Alexander, the
explorer's surviving brother, from his
faithful       servant and        com
rade       Jose Lopez, the
umii who lirst shot an olinpl,
in nne ot the lieutenant's expeditions.
Lopez's message, a telegram sent
fnun the Hritish post ol Maldugurl,
near Lake (Mud, announced that his
master li.nl been Killed near Aheshr,
in the U'adai region of the French
Sudan 011 April 2. It is not long
since Captain ('laud Alexander, uf
the Scots Guards, met his death
while exploring with his brother,
who has now shared Ids fate, lu
Western Africa.
"My brother, Lieutenant Hnyd
Alexander," sod Mr. Herbert Alexander, "started on this expedition .11
the end ol IMI Ih- imt explored
the  island ol    San Thome 01        St
Thomas, ami then wont through   tho
Herman   Camerooni   and    Southern
Nigeria lo Lake ('bad.
"Thero, al tho    beginning ol    lids
vein, he lilted out an expedition with
camels 1.1 cross tin- desert through
U'adai ami Dai fur, hoping lo como
nut at Khartum. We heard nothing
mule uf him until we received the
news nf bis death,"
The French colonial office has received a telegram from Colonel Moll,
tlm    military   commander  nf   Lake
('had saying that the explorer met
his death un April 2 three-iijiarters ol
a mile west of Nyery. This region
has been unsettled ever since the capture ul Aheshr by the French. Some
months- agn a French column was
ambushed and cut up, and a punitive
column has since been engnged with
the natives.
Fearing thai the country wns not
sale, tho French resident at Aheshr
Opposed Lieuteiiaiil Hnyd Alexander's
plan uf emit inning his jniirney eastward to   Darfur.      Hut the Knglish-
niiiii disregarded tho warning and,
employing a ruse, nei out without Informing the resident of bis intentions
it n nol tun much to my that ins
death i.s a national loss, Men nf
such Indomitable patience, such serene courage and good cheer iu face ol
the mosl crushing difficulties ami the
blackest tragedy are exemplars to the
nation, Lleiilennnl Alexander, tall
and spare, with strung features and
prominent nose, was only thirty-seven
years old, and bade fair to take the
highest position among our great
pioneers, lie, as bis broshor Claud
said nf himself with a grim humor
when he lay dying in a Nigerian village uf an unknown and terrible disease, had had "a short life hut a
merry ono."
At twenty-five the late explorer
traversed the Zambesi territories,
and in I Mill bore his part in the
fighting that led up to the relief of
Kumitsi. lu nun he led Iho Alex-
ander-OosIIng expedition frnm the
Niger tn the Nile, the tragic Odyssey
through Africa, of which ho wrote
lhe moving history dedicated "to
my lust companions "
Heturning unscathed    from u. thou
sand perils uf disease and cannibal
warfare and all the shares uf tht*
teeming African fan is, Lieutenant
Alexander retired t.. the village ol
Btudlnnd, nn the n* 1 -etahtre coast,
and there compiled tl.. record of the
adventures In whh.. Is brother
eland uud bis comrade Captain Oon*-
ling lust their Uvea, He bud traveled (1,000 mites mid had shut every
variety of big game—lions, elephants,
ih in nee ruses, and hippopotami among
them, lie solved lh- geographical
problems nf Lake < had ami reached
the source of the Nigei
(tn his expedition he had tn make
his way through the dense tropical
forest thnt Stanley found so serious
an obstacle. He Hum describes the
feeling on entering it:
"All     the   senses     seemed   awed,
'blinded as it were hy the Midden com-
! ing Irom the sunlight  Into the dark
of tbe trees, then gradually tint     nl
i the  gloom   the  vnsllies-, dawns    upon
I the mind, and although unable tn see
I more than n few paces through    the
dense growth one knows Instinctively
that nne is in n region that is forest,
ns the land is Ibe land or the sea tie
sea   .   .   .   Then   the  darkness, that
(Talbol Warren Torranw i
wonder ii, in an itge when appreciation <>f public utilities is sn
ready and sn keen, there ean exist
11 Oood Market Town in which the
iiihie uf a flood Town Market (ails
if adequate comprehension—an otherwise healthy ami progressive community whieli somehow is nnt quite
seized of tho attractiveness ol the
institution as a municipal investment
I would fniu believe there is imt.
Moreover, 1 would fain believe that
Ibe advantages and real henelkencc ul
the flood Town Market are everywhere grasped iu a broad, philanthropic spirit, no less than viewed
from the purely economic standpoint.
One of our clergymen, who makes
a study uf llie market question (rum
other than ibe cold, calculating dollars anil wills look uf it, argue-*
thus: "Whatever develops the sociable
instinct in the individual, naturally
and wholesomely, makes fur the common guud. Marketing, I should say,
has that effect. We all know that
town and countryside relationships
are nut always nf the must harmonious character. The townsman is
prune tn both ridicule am) misjudge
the agriculturist; while the agriculturist seems tu have been taught tn
dislike and distrust tlie townsman.
They really should be better neighbors, aye, friends, each serving the
oilier cheerfully and with mutually
beneficial results. It onl) takes
right acquaintanceship tu bring this
about. And the town market is the
grand medium. There on the open
square ur under the friendly roof
the market building, tin- farmers
meet the male citizens, and the farm
era' wives the wives nf the other
class. Fur I want our market
teiuleil liy hut h men and w< ir
buys and girls, young and old, rich
and poor. Tin- more the merrier,
the wider-spread the influence and
the surer the happy results of trading
intercourse. A guud, well established, well-attended town market, I
am persuaded, makes more (ur the
breaking down of the barrier between town ami country and tbe
placing un ii-i<*d terms nf ilu* farmer
and his ullcged natural enemy, the
dweller in the town, than any other
agency I can conceive of. Thus, say
1, speed the market, and welcome the
day when shall have vanished the
last vestige of that individual hostility between these classes, and sliall
be witnessed the tiller nf the soil and
the town dweller, old anomoslUes
buried, old misapprehensions laughed
uver, clasping hands, exchanging, kind
greetings, mid honestly resolving lni
the future to Ih* as good to each other and themselves as frail human nature will admit and the market regulations allow."
1 overheard une lady say tu anotb-
', as the two Itood at a dairy
table and helped make a clearance nf
the yellow, rich-looking butter: "Say.
isn't tbis marketing just splendid'' I
had no ideu nf it until I began coming. Why, do ynu know, I meet
here friends thai I owe calls to and
friends that owe calls in me, as well
as others, new people and some I've
alinust Inst track nf. It gives one a
lot nf pleasure and enables yuii to
explain things so easily. Say, the
market is [ust like a big At Home,
don't ynu think—onlv that you can
combine business with pleasure Ves?
Well, maybe things are a little dearer, but isn't everything su good ami
fresh? And isn't n lovely i<< be
VANCOt \ !■;
Mr. IV. .1 V
Hritish Aim-ration, will leav
week on an
Alberta and f
has kindly cot
oflicial repres
ilker, presidcnl
in Live Stock .
Vancouver car
xtensive tour
i ska telle
iscntcd to
niative nf the Vance
ver Exhibition association during his
Walker will lie interview Ing
irge numbers ol breeders of high
ass horses and cattle, and will
bring the Vancouver's exhibition Immediately under their notice, ami
will seek to secure theii active eo
operation by entering their stock in
atiii.il   the exhibition.     The executive coun-
grnnd ci! of the exhibition association may
■    and 1 congratulate   themselves   upon secur-
I in-'  Uu- assistance of Mr. Walker, as
>l    tho all breeders ol iraporta  In British
Wbyle Columbia, Mborta and Saskatchewan
return are well acquainted with tho Hritish
course American hue Stock association and
j it- genial pn sident.
I Mr. Walker is well posted in tbe
objects of tho exhibition, and is al-
l way- ready to lend his valuable    ad-
I vice nnd    assistance   whenever called
j upon.
Lamo shoulder is almost invariably
! consfHl by rheumatism of the muscles
and yields quickly to the free application of Chamberlain's Liniment.
j This liniment is not only prompt and
effectual, hut in no way disagreeable
, tn use.     Sold by all druggusts   and
dealers U-tf
Anyone   Bending a    team can have
fit I, prepared f<-r use, at King's
Planer, foi $1 50 per load.
TO RENT—Large, basement warehouse, dry and cool; Sin pet month.
Apply at the Herald office. H-
I'.i-i'.nise yrntr trouperc get oul ol -1*.'*. •■ ■■! youi ■ ■ ni hi ■- vest
gets ;i I'ti I.-.I -ml1,*-.. 1 is no um ....11 why the garments p)i utd he
.ii-.-ni.l.-.l. tVrlinpsyon don't know it. but ne ami make
tliein took n- good a- new r gat 11 vet) quickly-  nu manor
how old, stained, or wrinkled thej mav I*.
We haves quick nnd rnte. pioeen ul 0111 own »Iti* 1 cleans
nml ditii fects .11 ll e same tin e.
[UKI*.II -ll:i I I -nut M«i lull I!.*,:- I Iii*M 210
************* **** *********
Uur Stock i.f
has been replenished.
We want tbal order fi r cue
i.r !-•*!! .if the abov.
Hardware      -      Cranbrook. B.C.
»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦•♦«-$
wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww*wwwwwwwww ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*»
i '
i  1
MOOSE    .i\\\   TO   BK CBNTKH,
savs \it'i:-i'iti*:sii»i:sT
"The   great   development nf    the
west, particularly in the central pop-
tinn, has led us tu tlw dectalon to
form » new grand division."
Such is tin* announcement just
made hy William Whvte. second vice-
presldenl of the C.i'.H. lie continued:
"The mileage Included i» lhe pre*
sent grand division is now verv largo
by reason o( new lines constructed
during the last re** years, ami »hen
a change is made, likeh un July 1.
the western lines ol the Canadian
Paeiiie Railway company will he
known us tin* Manitoba d I vision ( Alberta division end Hritish Columbia
"M'him- Jaw, now a divisional
point, wbrrr shops    and other fuiili
TheEntwiningof Hearts
IVe have made -i—i.i **f:..-*- tl.ia yeai      * *
I'i.*.fiit-.    It i. alw-Hj. in ordei I*. .* .* Ihi
ll.m.lli.Hi-Ill   ;.   |.,t-—M   ■•«   j   t**k*;[.   .*   *---..••(.  a!
ilii.- special occasion.   Here *,*** . fe-a   nggettions-
lul.   THE  i  H-uri Pewlint.n.l B
BIIIDK     .' U'lii.l. and Chain
i >
i ■
• •
• ■
. ■
********************** ************************
FOR    Till; * I',-.,     i r.- .■:.:-
BRIDESMAID . Bracelet.     ■
TOR   THE . Iv.r >.»r( Pin
lill.inM-M.lN . !•,.« l.inl-   -      -
*»„>■ ul Wedding
* .maid m..i
remembrance fer
M.00 to 135.00
10.00 to   30.00
t'.'IKI !„ $10.00
::..*.. i„ 35.00
<j 50 to Sin.no
2.00 to   U.OO
The Raworth Bros., Jewelers
If ynu en* \ mi . il here Vuu.
h-Bcaata .       etier and
muti meat your tn i■•*>■ than
yon -■ ■ got - •■ b hecaose
ne  tr-.il! snolher
ui ■  ' ■"    Ho ■> ••'■' U"t
come and ■ eat sod cot
yon waiit t..! itV We Li'.« you
will lie an. o ai we will
!,«• to mid youi name to a u Ist of
ri.-n ds.
P. BURNS & CO., Ltd.
♦ Wlure ymi can alwaya
get the best Groceries
We  defy  competition   in   the
Quality of Our (ioods.
Prices right.
Campbell   &   Harming |!
- <*.M*************** (JRAiN BROOK   HERALD
2.00 A >
JUNE 10, 1910
By the Herald   r iblisl i - I onipany,
F. J. Deane,  Hi n
It seems   tn he pract c
that tho Duke ol Cm
succeed Karl Grej  n
;-,!      Apart    Irom the I ie|    i I
Duke's connectfo
liy, his appolntmcnl    will he
ui with   unqualified -
Duke Is no strani er I
hig wide   experience dp
will doubtlei i keep ;*:: i   -veil
well understood   conatil
11 co in the pcrfoi * inn  i
ilu ties.
Sir   Wilfrid    I    iriel
visit to this province i   creafcti
little stir at nil poll ■
billed to apeak.    Thai In
corded a      Bplcndid   rec -pi   m
wilhous saying.    Part)  politi
cut no figure in his •■• ce
will he welcomed    ai   . greul '
iaii, a man who lias givi n oi
best for lhe upbuildln   of the
[on.     \t    thii ■■ rii ii **,   '
silile lu say just   whal   time
frid will be able lo spend In     ' i
brook.    Mi. Itnlpli       '
bas charge ol the i1  ii rar;
has already intlmnl d   I
(rid will staj oil h re on hi
from the coast, bul   so fai
leatned ai present, .
be nt brief duration and, al
will not make any publ
mure    than  ten     or lift' eli  n i i .■..
However, whal the bulk ol lhe :•*■"/*
hereabouts, In comin m with
the n-st of the pro ii ce,
see the great i lib ftain, nml il *
opportunit) lot tlw *
quite lutclligil l'     . *■   ,
the Fart of hi*  no
set address    will I	
Aa aimouncenu til  made
cent   World s      Women   Temp
l'nion   convention hi Id    In til
will be read with gi    *
Canadians gcncrall;
effect ibat for n i oun
laws   prevail, there
eating liquoi
than in any othi r eountrj
world    Coming       un
this   announcement   may      i
as not erring on the i Ide ol es   *
tfon.     It certainly  i     ratify
know that Canada Is the mo
perate of countries where
law prevail*..     We   are bo   used
hearing   the    drink i abll  in Ca u   .
held up to condei.. iti n tl al
less many,    people I naj ned l
record in tbis respect was hopch
The Toronto Olobc prints the i
ol    a remarkable nd   c;
before the Employ i1
Toronto a lew i!a*. ■
Dastcdo*    superlntcn lent ol
ment annuities      riie addi
In- read bv <-.. i
carefully consid
The    day    ol   oppoi
Vmcricnn i onl li • ■■ I I
free lands will be i xh
er quartet ol a cent
its ben-, as In Kurope
ably    mean at    I ■
ami suffering.      'i h   I
must  become ever presi
lives, and, above all, tbe dreu
poverty in old age,
city nf caning is
There is need foi provl [i n lo mi
tbe conditions tl i
inevitably   s
ThoughUul im
an end ol the ■  i
tbe   continent
thrill      Th-  i
forests, o| the
eoal nml Iron, I
a    hundred    , *
there n •
we an ns waul
the uatlonnl
nl thrill  .
lectlve thrlfl
roroed     when
eminent, •< ■*  <
in almshouses bw ■
eogniied     the   net
Let us come nt an
argument, says   *•
are ten thousand
in tills    city lo
ounoo ol COI r
up appearances, to *
financial    burdi i
theft*   is   nothlni   ■
ing when a look  i    ■
old age     To the Iiui !
sands ol Canadlai
to their Income, or
pond    u,    Mi      Un
should appeal   * I
The parliament      l*ani
n long way to em
ui the    Domlnioi
fnr old age      li has establl hed
government 'ii'*'-   ■
■Ahteb ti is hoped ultlmatrcry to maks
. [or the declining years   ot
.ii mass ol the people.      Tho
■.j pays the entire cost     of
... nt, und every dollar put   lu
in;. in bh<  annuitants with l
 ■   co upoi li t  Interest.       Th i
may he y aid In al any   money
. ■!  uflii ■. .: cannot he withdrawn,
i ;■   11 i il li r debt, or used in    any
other way.     Al  55 years ol ago, or
.■  red, the annuity begins,
iUnites till     death.     Hy sup-
:... |   .'in'. Isloiis, il 11  i.s ilesir-
■ .  paid in—should tin' dc*
.  I ire the annuity porlod
return  I to his or her   i .
net   i',i.t    interesl
I      votie 11" in 'u pny   lur     nn
ml iy; ui able to ki cp up llie
Lhe atuouul—if snllieieul lo
■"I per year ol an annuity—
■ returned    v hen the depositor
:     ;, ..,■ ol 55, together with
e 'ill   compound Insercst        In
fore, there is placed    al
■ .il     ol evi ry man, woman
il! in Canada, without      cosi
in the expense ol ndmlnlstra-
liy nil the people        ■ I
la, a si to, convenh nl nml s.niph
■ , providing fur old age.
To the yoi ng man or woman stai l-
oul in life tt.'.- benefits nre really
. lie.     Mr. Uastedo gives   the
.  .        It In trail n:
■ tm   . :■ i : 20, i : example, will
gown   i :.i .'iii cents    n
ti n i uge 20    lo   (when
would c ■■* c), a total
j nr, oi n   i md total
-   ■       yeai   ol    • uly  (1,040,
enl  will pay him, begin-
■; i •> nnd continuing f**r the re-
■ I hi ■ lifi, an annual Incom ■
I :. un amount which, as you
i pi iscnts an annual return
* r t r of his purchase money,
*       -     18 cent!, tin- income
.;. ei tmcnl ol 15,200 nt ."•
iouU! die bi fore £0, the gov-
t will return to his wife    or
thnt he bas paid in with
compound tnterc il to   the
nth.     If he should die,
59,    they   would   receive
.., .,
It'slred to have the I 150 83
teed for twenty yenrs, bo thnt
eirs    woul i in any cvenl
'    annual payn i nts       ' f
■■I' n lotnl of $5,10*3 10, tii
.." done for an Incrcnw: in his
.    ; f.i, ol 20 cents,   ur   H
:    paymenl of 70 cents, so
an annual payment ol * ■■    ;.
i     grand     total    paid     >1 oi ly
■ ti      n     return of     (5,10
. I e guaranteed,
u Id i ie,   ;ny, at 61,      his
* i.l draw tbe lu-
lie ri in a in ing 19 yenrs.
i.. M  the -0 yenrs
■      I    ; lyments were guurnn-
1 nve received not only
Llie annuity would    be
to luiii lnr tin* remainder
.    ifc
. .. letter to the   An-
II ranch nf the Department ui
a  i   Commerce,   Ottawa, per*
"i Investigating "i" ad*
■ •     ol    the   national annuities
tern    nl he able tu get all      the
; . irmntlon.       Tho move-
worthy of the encouragement
ol all lenders of public opinion    The
do nol vn well understand the
easl before by an old ngc nl
uur)  'i  flnanelnl nnxh ty as those
urer y ears.    Tliey need uome-
lo be   reminded   Imw    thai
ll    1 i Hows, Itoberl Durns,
■   -       over n youth ol tolly
penned    the
,,.* m i    .nr    111 e popples
;!. bloom    is
li  the river,
melts   tor-
i ing rapid
■•iih     well
.11'   1" I
" '
■  provi ing tur    a
Is  Cranl overlooked1
■  *. that t    t .!..*■ in
Ident    who
at      i
rrai    . loi the unl*
minis. lecturers,
lie ai   do    ■■   tbi  depai tmi i'
.'in iy be that   the
■ ■ ■:    are coming
but so far no word to
. 11    iiccn received here,
ai |  rcasi n fur the Uni-
c unmia don hoi ling sessions
..i Orai ' Forks, equally
cms    can be advanced
holding   a   i '■ isl ■:. hi re
i advano  vt ry strong
new provincial million    be locat-cd rlghi here.
• i ■;  would       nol
Ivnnccd by Vic-
luvcr, iml that i • no
i Ion should
\   in we    note
■■*' department    In
list cl    i lurea lo    be
d li* red     In   various   parti of the
province by experts in different
branches of agriculture, but we fail
to lind any mention ol dates fur
Cranhrook lectures. WHY? Mr.
Tom Caven has been away lately, but
be is now al homo again and probably lie will Immediately see thnt
Cranbrook receives the attention its
Importance warrants.
Is lhe half-holiday movement to be
allowed to go by default tbis year?
We believe Hint the majority ol the
business men are quite willing to afford their employees a weekly liall-
holltlny, only tliey quite naturally in-
sisl thnt this shall be general. There
nre o few business men, who claim
thai tbey either cannot or will not
.Hn.nl this slight concession In their
employees, ll n committee composed
ol employers and employees would actively couvnss the town, wc believe
that tbey would experience no great
iliibcalty in bringing every merchant
Into line. The half-holiday would U
a welcome boon to every employe and
in manv an employer as well. li
properly advertised it would occasion
little ur uu loss nf trade* Resident!
of the surrounding districts would
quickly learn ou what afternoon tin
stores are closed and would checi-
fiilly nrrango to do their shopping
some other day If every storekeeper in town will agree to close there
will   be no loss ol   business to any-
Sundays—Low   mass at 8.30 a.
high mass, 10.30 a.m.; Sunday schoo'.
from 2 to .'I p.m.; Rosary ami Benediction at 7*30 p.m. .
Mondays and holy days ol obligation—Mass at H a.m.
Week days—Moss nt (> a.m. at thi
Father L. Choinel, O.M.I ,
Parish Priest.
June r.ub.
Services at 11 and 7.30. Sunday
school and Hible classes at 3. In
the Bible classes free discussion ot
quest inns is invited und encouraged
Voung men and women wilh dillicul
lies whieli disturb their minds re
gnrdtug the faith are made welcome
uml encouraged to express them
selves. The Sacrament ot tin
Lord's Supper will be administered
after the morning sen ice.
Epworth League prayer service   at
7 in the inner vestry
Evening   service  at   7.30.    Short
sermon on "Mercy." iu accordance
with lite wish of lhe Royal Humane
Society that .lune Will be a day set
apart fur addresses un the work ol
this society.
Tuesday}—Epworth League will bold
a midsummer night's carnival at the
home ol Mr. ami Mrs. R, A. Rack-
lyefl nu itald Hill. Members will
meet at Ibe church at 7.30.
Wednesday—Parsonage lawn open
from 7 1411 1(1 for croquet and social
Intercourse An open invitation tn
Thursday—Prayer senile ul   8.   Al
8 15 a discussion will take placi
on tin- attitude ol the Christian
Church to Unbelief. Men and women who are anxious to freely talk
upon litis theme in a friendly way air
New arrivals in town willi letter.
of membership are requested to car
at ilu* parsonage as sunn as possible
Cases nl sickness should be reported
without  delay.
Robert Hughes, Pastor.
.hint' lOlh
Morning service nt 11 o'clock, Sunday school, Knox Oirls' (Tub and
Adult Bible class at 3 p m
Evening service at 7.80 o'clock
Voung People's Guild on 1 ueadaj
Ust al * o'clocl Subjccl "The
Life ol Helen Keller.'
A cordial welcome to all
Tlie paatoi will be absent at Fort
Steele nn I Wai Inei foi special ou-
nlversary services ol the opening ol
iht • hurch at Wardncr, In ins absence the Sunday 11 vices will be
conducted by Mr. H 0. McCormack
ol ()uccn'i ! nl versify, student ji
The local boys traveled to Moyio on
Sunday Inst ami engaged in a friendly
name. Play commenced early in
order to let the baseball boys finish
tbelr came before dark. The first
half was very quiet, Crnnhrook having the best of the play* A dash
away by the Moyie forwards resulted
Iii u very |ucky goal for them. Cranbrook pressed but were unable to
tcoro. The second half commenced
with Cranbrook pressing. A clever
rush by the Cranhrook boys resulted
in .1. Robb scoring, with a tricky
imi. Playing down bill Cranbrook
bad all the best of it and continually
pressed.    The Reds were    at      latt
rewarded, Jim Clark placing a nice
ball for Henderson to put through.
A few minutes afterwards the whistle
sounded for lime. Cranbrook turned
out a wi aker team than usual, hut
notwithstanding beat Moyio easily.
The Clark brothers, as usual, played brilliantly.
The tluer halls were, as usual,
terrors for wor.c,
The forwards were weak, owing to
sn many changes,
The fool Iml lets and baaobatlcrs
boosted for nne another In great
fashion, which helped considerably to
carry oil the double event
Cranbrook buys travel to Kernie on
Ono of the best all round games ol
baseball &o far witnessed locally thii
season took place on Tuesday even
ing, when Moyie went down to defeat for the second time before tlu
local ball twisters. Tho game wus
clean and fast throughout, the sco»\
at the seventh innings standing 1 all.
It was in the seventh innings that
the Moyie aggregation fell down, allowing the home team to scji'c (lV(
runs. The bases wore all full, when
tbe man at the bat, Jones, struck a
ball that the fielder muddled anl all
the basts were cleared. An unfortunate accident occurred to tbe Moyie
catcher "Peanuts," whereby he broke
Ida ankle. Ho was replaced by
Crowe of the Intermediates. In the
eighth Innings Movie scored two runs,
making the total score 7 to 3 i.i
favor of the home team Jim Bales
umpired and save general satisfaction.
Tlie Gonzagas, of Spokane, play at
Movie on Sunday and here ou Monday evening. There should be a hi-*1
turnout for Ihis match, ns it promises to be hotly contested and, moreover, there will be quite a large sum
to lind lnr guarantee and expenses.
For Monday week it is expected
cither Bonners Ferry ur Sand *olnt
team will be the attraction.
Hy a score of 5 tu *l, the Crnnhrook baseball team defeated the
Moyie nine ou Sunday last at Moyie
in nne of the most exciting games ot
the season. Tbe lirst four Innings
were of tbe rapid kind, the batters
being mowed down in one, two, three
order. Al the liftb inning the score
stood 1 to 1, and in the 0th, 7th and
8th Cranbrook gained lour over their
opponents. There was excitement in
the hth and Oth, when the miner*;
tried to cut down the lead of Cranbrook. The first batter sent to first
on a raw decision of Umpire Warrington and was sent along by timely
hitting. Two runs were scored in
this Innings which ended the tallying
fur the day.
Lumbcrg vvas in the box for Cranbrook and pitched a good game
throughout, while Chrlslcr, for Moyie, did not show much class. At
the outset he pitched good hall and
it looked as if the game would be a
pitcher's battle, but towards the
end the Moyie pitcher wcakcotd and
was nt the mercy of the opposing
players. About one Hundred spectators witnessed the game.
R. L. Borden arrived in Pctcrboro
from Ottawa on tbe C.P.R. last
Monday and was welcomed at tlt^
station by a committee of prominent
Conservatives, Later he was taken
for a trip over the lift lock and a
short distance up the Trent Canal*
Air. Borden is on his way to Camp-
hellford, where be Will address the
lirst of a series of ten political picnics iu Ontario before going to the
Maritime Provinces on a political
tour Me is accompanied by provincial i Secretary llaiiuu ami by Mr.
Doherty, K C, M.P., lor St Aur.c
The public, us u rule, is easily
pleased in tbe matter of circuses,
provided there be the customary
procession, bauds ami other characteristic features of the average perambulating circus.
M. Ci. names' wild animal circus
does nnt come within this category
and yet il amply repaid everyone
wiio visited it. There was no parade
and no groat showing of equestriennes, none the less, In many respects,
it was i|Uite the best circus that has
struck these parts In manv u long
A cleverer demonstration ol what
can be accomplished in the way ol
training wild animals to the will ol
mnn, il would be difficult In eon-
wive uf than tlmt provided twice u
day, fur tint* days, la tht big tbxas
ring tent. The show was not only
vastly interesting, but provided a
splendid object lesson lor old as well
as young. Tbe trained seals were
perhaps the most noteworthy feature
of tbe big show. Anything more
remarkable than lhe antics ot a seu
lion, playing musical instruments,
riding a galloping horse, whilst engaged in juggling feals would be hard
to imagine. In every department
the performance was well done, animal:, ul every description, linns, lifers, bears, Rocky Mountain goats,
monkeys, nnd dogs, all being used In
a really marvelous manner. The
circus was well conducted in every
respect, charges were modest nnd
the utmost care was taken In see
that everyone was comfortably seated. The side shows were, ol course,
a big feature, and Ihey were pronounced in ho equally as meritorious
as the big three ring circus show.
Al. G. Barnes1 circus certainly bcot-
l:1 a bit here and will lie warmly
welcomed back, when next r*. *V» ra
this part cf tbe continent.
Just as long as you have dyspepsia
your food will not properly digest,
aai 4t*e nutritious elements in the
foe** will not be extracted nr absorbed, and Impoverished or watery
blood will follow.
This condition may not be apparent at first, but it will come just as
sure as the sun will rise again.
Any stomach ailment, including nil
forms of Indigestion, can he promptly cured by using Mi-o-nn tablets, a
scientific treatment unsurpassed.
It stops fermentation, btechlng of
gas and taste of sour fund almost ot
The mighty power ol Mi-n-n.i lo
invogorate and restore tbe stomach
to perfect condition is known everywhere.
Mo-o-na cures by building up—by
banishing tbe cans;*. For thin
people it is a great lle*-:!i builder, because it cures the stomach to give
more and purer nutrition to the
blood, it cures sea and car sickness
and vomiting ol pregnancy almost
immediately. Tho Beattie-Murphy
Co. sell Mi-o-na for fib cents a large
box, and guarantees it to cure ur
money back.
Br^r.chiii*:. Croup, Ccir^l-.s rod Coldr, n
monev K-,*> *?-** ' (.tarantwd b»'
tbe Beattie-Murphy Co.
A cornspundetit of the Standard of
Empire writes entertainingly ou the
subject of tobacco culture in Canada
in a late issue of that paper. Referring to British Columbia's share
in tbis industry, he says:
After a slight—but temporary—eclipse, British Columbia is again coming to the front as a tobacco-producing province. In lilbS, the quality
of the leal grown at Kclowna was entirely satisfactory, and while last
year's was also goud, the acreage
under tobacco was small—only some
.'Ifi acres—but on account ni the success ol last year's operations, 250
acres are Ibis yeai expected to be
under cultivation. Two large companies have been established, and will
operate at Kclowna this year.
Messrs. L. Holman ami company havo
a factory there in Which a stall nt
workers nre cngaf ed In the manufacture of e.gnrs from the native-grown
leaf. Recent tests ol thli firm's products show highly satisfactory ie-
sults. both ihn.se made entirely from
Kolowna leaf, an.I those with llllen
and binders native leaf and Sumatra
wrappers. The llavm is slightly
dideretit rrom '.be Havana grown
leaf, but tin* luirii is guud and
should improve wiib further careful
cultivation and handling There can
be no doubt ibat the prospects nl
tobacco culture in British Columbia
are exceedingly bright, and this year
ought to witness a further ndvnnoi
In Alberta, several experiments were
made in the growing of tobacco last
year, with, it is understood, n considerable amniiut ol succesti, but no
recent data  is available.
Canadian grown tobacco is being
put into consumption in ever increasing measure year bv year. Kor the
tiseal year ending March 81, 1900,
6,688,867 Ih, were manufactured, unl
Increase ot 1,848,586 lb., ns compared]
witb 1008. As tbe Cultivation id lhe
leaf is perfected, (be quantity ol
American leaf Imported will be l**#*|
Heiiefl, nnd nlrendy tbe elTccl ol the
UiCKwlug um of Canadian leal is be-
McCreery Bros
Very Pretty Llnuerlo Blouses, triuumil with
vjlimuiumiL's uml embroidery—scores ol des^ns
to-cliooso from- plain tailored blouses iu white
and colors, very neatly made.   t*l.'_'5 tuij<l..'iO
Ladies' House Waists iu dark colors. Hue.
Very Special Ladies' House Dresses
in Dark Colored Duck, it $2.95
Hoys' Dark Ulue Stripe liussinn Suits with
white collars; also same style iu natural linen
Xavy Stripe Blouses, all sines 75c.
KI'ISACIl, 20c. i<ei ,loi. hunch;.
I.KTTCCK,      'ii>* .lo.
IIADISIIEK, 20c.*26c, .lo.
WHITE TURN!I'S,-15c. do.
AH.   LEE,
care of X. Ii. Wallinger
ing seen in tbe figures uf import--.,
fruin tbe United States centres uf
tobacco production. The whole matter of tobacco culture in the Dominion is being tackled with a seriousness which augurs well tor the future, and that tbe indusftry will become an important oue U a matter
now beyond doubt. New departures
are being inaugurated, one at St.
Catherines, Ont., where American enterprise is embarking in tobacco
growing iti that corner ot the fertile
Niagara Peninsula. Another new* departure is a series ot experiments in
the growing of Turkish tobacco at
Ste. Agathe des Monts In the province cf Quebec. This year's progress, in nil the provinces, will be
keenly watched hy everyone interested iu the industry.
The government is evidently deter
mi md that there shall be no delay in
(•ic construction o( the (irand Trunk
Pacific through the northern portions
of -.,'iu-liee The National Transcontinental commission fans recently issued "ultimatums" to contractor
giving riut-es tor thr completion of
certain sections. This, it is stale*!,
is not because thry consider progress
slow, but because the country Is
proving so attractive that prosper
tors, lumbermen and hoincsiTlH-rs are
elainoring for admission. Kiisl of
Cochrane, on the border nt Ontario
and Quebec, Foley, Welch and Stewart have tlw steel down for twenty-
six miles to Mistangn river, where
tlie Hamilton bridge company is
putting in a steel bridge. As soon
at lhe crossing is made the contractors will rush the rails on fifty-two
miles more. The grade is alread)
Completed. This wilt give seventy-
eight miles ot finished line over
whieli supplies can be carried. In
West Quebec M. P. Davits has titty
miles graded When the steel is laid
there remain only ten or fifteen miles
to connect with another district
where there are a hundred miles ol
track completed.
Anyone sending a team ean bave
firewood, preparwt for uae, ai King's
Planer, lei tile *m to*.
If it Takes
•even yard* ol umbrella to
malt* a shirtwaist for an
elephant, how Ion* wculd it
take a sparrow with a pe*
leg to drill a hole thro'
a dill pickle ?
We don'l i"ij.i*.*i vt*ty ntsny
l>eo|>tt> to pol.i* ilit* slsivi*. I in we
.lo ,.x[.**.*i a si**si number of
|K*,ijile ure lie-tinning lo 'lun-. ul
tlie 1'reeervinif rcufoti now lliul
The Strawberries
are Lomii'g in, and we would like
to remind yon il hi we have a tine
line of
Large Spoons
hai three coat* ol Hnamcl
on a heavy tteel banc and
will far outlast the common
grade of Enamelwarc and I*
not nearly >o rupenilvc an
the cheaper gradet In the
long run.
The Hardware Men
FOR SAI.K-My bouie uml three
lote a* Bunrell u.etiue. limine coo-
telns ' loonii, pantry ami ahed, hot
air furnace, bathroom, electric light
Biturea and range witb II. W. at*-
lactuaeat. Apply J. f. M. Mak-
aara, Im IMT, Meaty, Alta.  H-« THJS   UUAJSB1IOOK   HBKALD
Fred A. Russell & Co., Farm and Timber Lands
I have Installed uu Automatic Lens Grii
prepared to itmkf* up all kinds nf special
iiinHiinu ic coiiBulered to be. one of the lies
iliie iniichincs turned out by tin* Statiilui
New York. If thu oye is not (lefcetive mi i
tin- siTvii'fSnf an ' b'ulist. thoro is no uc-ed o
Cily fnr l'mss's ns I cull supply yon willi
whieli I guarnnteo will roliovc Kyi- .strain i
Mingo frequent liendnclies. Many of the go-
iaiisis w\ big prices, and, in tlie niiijorit**,
hotter satisfaction than yoti can net riu'lit liei
uk an Optician is well known throughout tii
supply the lirowin^ili'iuaiidsnf my Optical 1 r;
ed the alwve machinery, knowing that ii wl
want ami will result in a la rye increase for m
ini- 1*1
W. H. WILSON, Jeweler, Optician
P.S.—Any person interested in Lens Grinding may call anytime and I will demonstrate how the work is done
!*■ i you want to catch one?
I), yott want to feel tho
thri|l "t joy as you In mi that
sp(H*kli*d hennty? (if course
ynu do. IJ.ivv ran I do it¥
Vou aak, Thnt is easy the
streams and lakes ot Kast
Kootenay are tilled with trout
all yon nei <l to lie siinvssfiil
is tin* iL-.it tnckle,
Kxp< riem ■' counts in the
-1 ■ i nf lisliinu' tnckle.
Wh . - ^»od for one place
is no :: - i in nn other,
*' ir i ic-Uo i-*. selected for
Bust Kootenay l>y experts.
*Ve ] i ..1 12 years hx-
I- t leeting fishing
i.i 'kte for thid district. Vou
■ i ■) iln' lutvnntnffe of
ih H i ;|K»r elice.
Uel your tishiiu! tnckle
!' H i -i ra use our presorip.
i on department is tin-
■ in ■ ii ever, -Yhsolntely
sift When! you pol jusl
vU n ih" do-tor onlore.
* i un -r c v
Tlie M     '   vi nie and Mm Mm Wise
left i tiny lor I algarj
!. ■.am at Stewart**
i i Ij n and wife were In from
Elko an u. i . ....
ll fioii want n ■ 'ml roost ol veal
itv  I1  Woods ni J i'i.
(leu r i len hn ton wus In Iront
Hull River during the week.
■ ■■ii. ■ i iltivaturs nl tlie Cranbrook Trading Co.
Sel ii 'il inspect oi A. Sullivan is in
cii-rri*'* m: 1 cantaloupe. Tlio very
best ai Tlio Palm.
J. W FUcli was ii|» from Moyie
(his Wrok.
Tlto HniM Out Sale ni tho ('. i*.
s. has nmiii- a great start.
Tom Cajron, M.P.P., returned en
Tuesday evening from » trip to the
con si.
('lire grape iellf and jelly marmalade al Campbell uud Moaning1*-.
Don't Forget Tuesday 28
and the
Strawberry Festival
at the
Rectory, Christ Church
He j.ure tn hear the
Musical   Programme.
Win. Staple ton, O.N. steamship
audit, was in town during tho week.
Mrs. Ilaslam is leaving nn a visit
to eastern points on Sunday.
Oo to .Stewart's fnr high grade
confectioner}*' "is cnocolales and
bon-bons are tin* acme ol perfection.
Miss McBride and Miss Glasgow
left on Tuesday for a month's visit
to the coast.
Spring chicken ol the finest quality
al P. Woods and Co,
II K. .lackson, circulation manager
of the Toronto Saturday Night, was
in town yesterday.
Garden cultivators at iiV Cranbrook Trading Co.
A daughter was horn to Mr. and
Mrs. Ed. Home, of Jaffray, on Sun-
da}  last.
Fresh Hazelwood double .lerscy
buttermilk at Stewart's.
in .1. II. King left for Vancouver
mt Sumlay lam. where be will Join
Mrs   King.
New stock of Wool soaps af Kink's
Pure Food Grocery.
T c. Phillips and wife lell on
Tuesdaj for Cnrmangay, Alta. Thcj
return next weak.
Ladles hait-drcssing, Rltampoo and
manicure, each 50c. Over Uaworth
Bros. it'- 11
Rev. Father Duplanil, of the Sicred
Heart church at Vancouver, is taking
a well earned rest at tho St. Eugene
Prime roasts of beet at l\ Woods
ami Co,
Iron lulls, ti 05.—C. C   s
Garden cultivatoi • at the Cranbrook Trading Co
K. Bruce McLaren, ol Montreal, and
fl. F. \\ Behnsen, W P.P., ol V'lfr
loi la, wore guests at the Hotel
Cranbrook this week
Olives in quart (run jars al Fink's
pure Food Grocer)
Game Warden Hates has returned
from a trip through the northern
lection ol ins distriet. Ho reports
game, Including deer, plentiful
Dinna forgel the Burns home made
caiitlv,   20c   j ml al   The Palm.
Olives stuffed with olives al Fink's
pure Food Grocery
The Voung People's (liiild of
Chrisl church will hold .1 itrawbcrrj
festival mi th<> ni loi 1 lawn with
musical    programme    on   Tuesdaj.
.lune Mth, aften n ami evening.
Grain fed pork at I'. Woods ami
I Co.
linn beds, VI 05.—C, C. s.
Garden   cultivators   at   ihe Cratt*-
I brook Trading Vo,
\    Itevcrcnd Father John Welch, parish
■priest    of   the   church ,.f     the Holy
1 Hosary ut Vancouver, it. C,     was
visiting    the   fathers   at Cranlirook,
the Mission ami Pernio, ou Thursday
ami Friday ol last week.
Drink at Stewart's fountain these
Imt days, lie has tlie knack of
dispensing eopl and refreshing drinks
that touch the right spot.
"Orangeade" is simply delicious—
see display in Fink's Pun* F I Grocery .
Iron l-eds, $2.05.—C, C, s
.1. 0. Tannhauser, "I Fori Steele,
was married lasl week in Vaiicmivei
to Miss Dunn The newly inanieil
couple returned lo then limne ut
Fori Steele on Saturday.
Leave your orders tor preserving
.strawberries at Campbell ami Manning's.
Oil finish window blinds 3x0, 25c.
each.-C. C. s.
Go to Stewart's for choice cucumbers and tomatoes.
The drawing for the purchase of
the organ for the Catholic church,
which was announced for the ..1st of
June, will have to be postponed until
tho mth of July, the young girls
social having been postponed until
that date.
Have you sat in the cooling breeze
of the electric fan at The Palm ?
We have an excellent second hand
organ, Dominion make, 5 octaves, for
sale, at the Old Curiosity Store.
The Methodist parsonage lawn will
he a scene of gaiety on Friday, July
l.'ith. when a garden party wili be
held. One of the many attractions
will In- a balloon ascension with a
parachute descent. Friends are requested i" keep this date open.
II. P. and Al sauce at Fink's Pare
Food Grocery.
Folding go-carts, *l,00.—C. c  s.
Garden cultivators at tin* Cranbrook Trading Co.
Itev. ft. Hughes was iu Moyie 011
Monday negotiating for the purchase
of a bouse for a Methodist parsonage
then Satisfactory   arrangements
have been made With .Mr. \ P Macdonald lor a well huili house mi
Queens  avenue.
Flower pots iii all sizes ai Campbell ami Manning's.
Oil finish window blinds 3x6, 25c
eaeh.-C. C   S.
Garden cultivators at the Cranbrook Trading Co.
The montrhl) tea given by the ladies of the Presbyterian ohuicb will
be hei,1 at the home ot Mrs. c.
Stevens, Fen wick nvenue, Tuesday
28th June A cooking sale in connection with the ten from 3.30 till
6. 18-3t
Oil imish window blinds 3x6, 25c.
each.—C. c. S.
The leaders—Mcl-aughl In carriages
and Adams wagons—al tho Cranbrook
Trading Co.
Last    Sundav   being   memorial day
foi ih,- Brotherhood ol Hallway
Trainmen, the members ol ihe local
organization attended divine service
al the Presbyterian church in a hody
in iiu- evening.
Mutton that cannot be licit at P
Woods and Co.
Carpets—both new and second-band
—to suit all tastes, at Ola Curlosltj
Leather eoiieh. 136.00 -C. C. S.
Choice |iea.'Ih's. apricots, plums,
cherries at Stewart's. Shipments
received daily.
The bright llasnlighl lo he seen
about seven at tbe summit of Mount
Baker is the Kpworth League's best
advertisement. The third annual
trip of tho Cranbrook Alpine eluh to
Mount (taker wili probably take
place on September 1st. This latter
date has heen arranged to avoid the
mosqllltopff, which did such havoc to
the parly lust July.
Leather cmieb, $28.00.—C. C S.
The leaders— Mel.BUghlin carriages
and Adams wagons—at the Cranhrook
Trading Co.
FOB SALE—House, furnished or
unfurnished, Armstrong avenue, (taker Hill.    Apply W. M. Pettet.   It;-li
fob sale ciiEAP.-Hnuse containing thirteen rooms; two lots,
parity furnished. For particulars apply to Mrs   J. It. Howard.        Iti It
Extension table, $0.00 -c. c s
Dr. F. Vi. Green bas received a
Chalmers .Ut h.p toy loimcaii automobile.     Mcst-rs   W*  II* Wilsuii   and
Jas. Laidlaw have Ford machines I'll
route, which are expected to arrive
daily. Autos will soon la' quite
Common in and nround Cranhrook.
The lirst air machine has yet to put
in an appearance.
Relio olive oil in 1-1 and \-2 gal.
tins, the very Ones! oil on the market.—Campbell ami Manning.
The leaders—McLaughlin carriages
and Adams wagons—at the Cranhrook
Trading Co.
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets will brace, up the nerves,
banish sick headache, prevent
despondency and Invigorate the whole
system. Sold hy all drug-fists and
dealers. M-tf
Folding go-carls, $1.00.—C. C. S.
Choice cantaloupes at Stewart's
Mother's Favorite Toilet Soap-
dull free with every box—three cakes
in box and dull for BOc.
It. W. Hodsoa, provincial livestock
commissioner, has tendered his re-
1 gnat ion,   wliich   has heen accepted
ugnaiiiw,   wmcii   ims own acwjmit. tlo„ „, ^    „rnlhl.r|„„.|
villi regret, to ilu* provincial minis- ,.,.„    ,*   imt.ts „,   ,,,.„
f agriculture, to take effect
July 15th. Mr. Hudson 111 tends to
entei into business with his father
who vvas f'<r some years livestock
eommfssfouci in the Dominion department of agriculture.
Oka, Cream Brick, Swiss and Lilii-
bergcr cheese.—Campbell and Manning.
Tin- leaders—McLaughlin rurrlagos
ami Adams wagons*—al the Cranhrook
Trading Co.
FOR SALE—one month old chicks;
S3 50 per dozen. Apply T. E.
South, citv. I6-K
A ime parlor suite, almost new,
plush covered.    For sale at Old Cur-
iosltj   Store.
There are rumors of a narrow   cs*|   Dresser  and    Stand-mirror     1J\JI
cape nn    Tuesdav    between     Hosmer |bewl plait*. (9.00.—C. C. S.
yesterday from Calgary. lie left'
later iu Un- afternoon for lhe Winder mere dislriet iu an automobile, accompanied by Colonel Davidson ami
Mr. Ous Erieksou. Mr. C. 11. Pollen left yesterday afternoon to join
the party at  Skookumchuck. Mr.
Dennis, when seen by a Herald representative, said that he had nothing!
new to add lo what had already been
published in these columns regarding
K.C.It* const reel ion. lie stated,
however, lhat Mr. Welch, of the contracting firm of Foley, Welch audi
Stewart, was now on the ground, |
supervising commencement of construction,
Dresser and stand-mirror 12x21
bevel plate, $0.00.—C, C. S.
FOB RKNT—Furnished room, all
conveniences, private house. Apply
Herald office. lull
Dresser and stuud-mirroi 12x21
bevel plate, $0.00.—C, C. S.
D. E. Murphy, who was a delegate
from Cranbrook to the recent couven-
I of Locomo-
nginccrs at Detroit, has returned home. Whilst in attendance
at the convention, Mr Murphy, along
with some other delegates, vvas appointed a delegate to the services in
Cleveland in connection with llie dedication of the magnlficenl building
erected in thai city liy tin' Brotherhood. This structure is a very lin-
posiiiK edifice of fifteen storeys, being
Innii of steel and tiling, containing
u lloor space nf 160,000 cubic feet.
It includes an auditorium nn the
ground lima, capable 0   seating 1500
people.       The  total  cost        of the
building will In* upwards nf $1,100,-
1*00. When completed the headquarters of the B. of L. E. will be located within this building
md Feiini
Some "screw
Kitchen boquet   for flavoring
wa.s coming iu tin- nick of time,   soU-,.,*,. ,,f mll[ts mul ***-ravles-at Finks
saving a had crush.    On discovering1 |»nn. *.•„,„■ -grocery,
what seemed to he an Inevitable dis-l
Tlie advent <»f the circus is generally nn occasion for .1 good dial of
petty thieving and activity on the
part of the bunco stirrer. On this
occasion the town was happily fr«
from any such occurrences in any
way chargeable to the circus or their
followers. VI. O. Barnes and liis
several managers personally volunteered to Chief Dow to assist him
fn every way in their power to maintain order and asked lhat in On
event of any people connected with
iheir  circus   making themselves ob
jeetioliahle, tfn-y tie dealt with rlgol
nusly. Mr Barnes Intimated that
he was conducting a (lrst-class,clean
show and would not toteratf an) 1!
legal acts hy anyone connected there
with if in his putter lo prevent it
Nothing arose during the stay of il.t
circus in town ol an Improper natun
that could be charged up to any ••
tlie circus folk
iresei v.
-a   and
aster a wire was seal for the Cranhrook wrecking train. This, however, was cancelled just as the crew
here was about to move out. as it
was found that tlie mishap had been
Strawberries! Strawberries '   Very
choice stock    received  daitv
On ston.       Leave orders f..'
inn      Quality    unsurpassed,
guarante -d
Dal ton's qulntesacnse of leu
vanilla—absolutely pun—ut
Pure Fund Grocery.
WANTED    - First-class waltrea
$-10.00 per    month    and free laundry
only those who have worked In tirst-
class hotels need apply,—Michel hotel,
Michel. II, C. Hi-It
i    J. Vi. VUiteh ..f   the provincial L.
I o. I., association, who has lieeti   in
j Cranbrook for a couple of week!
so, expressed himself as well pleased
witb   ihe Intelligent enthusiasm that
was evidenced   by   the friends of the
association during his visil heie. The
lodge has been    substantially strengthened hy quite a     numhei nl    new
members, it has also heen re-nrgani/-
ed ami brought right up-to-date in its
work.    The brethren will attend div
I inc service in a body at the Preshy-
; terian church on Sunday, the HMh of
July,    plans are maturing  for  the
celebration here on the twelfth when
quite 11 liirip*    delegation Is expected
irom neighboring towns
Patmorc Bros have underway a
large electrical sign for thi' -J'-ain
Electrical Supply Co When erected it will certainly catch lhe eye nf
every passerby
Folding go-carts, $1 00.—C C, S.
Egg noodles at  Fink's I
Child's iron crib, drop side, $7J)5.—
0. C  S.
servlng $2.50 per crate F.O.B. Wynn-
dal, B.C This price lo take affect
June 21st. Fill your order with
shipping Instructions direct, or with
your express agent, and get strawberries perfectly ripened in the
fruiting field and picked same day as
you receive them. Do not miss to
preserve a liberal quantity of "THE
(.)! Ei:\ ■ nf fruit "THE STP.AVY-
IIEKKII.s pack    and    quality
guaranteed.—O. J, Wigen, P 0.
Creston, B C, ltHt
Child's iron end. drop side. $7.95.—
r. C  S.
Folding go-cart *. m 00.—C. C  S.   J
Judge Wilson and M. A. Macdonald
left for Kernie this morning. Court
was tii have been held there today at
which the Belanger brothers were to
receive ■■* tit* n< ■■
The local Orange lodge has been
rc-organfocd, new officers elcr*-*: and
generally placed nn 3 thoroughly I
sound and prosperous basis, Arrangements .V.r the celebration of the
Olorious Twelfth proceed apac*. J
Large delegations are expected here
from Fernie and Creston on that day.
when a programme of speeches will
bo a leature ..f the celebration.   The
pcra house Will lie headquarter*:    for
lie visitors throughout the day ami
then the speech making will take
place There will be a big street
parade fn tbe afternoon.
Bobb) Mkins, proprietor of tl-e
Pa! making a spit-ial trip      to
Calgary f.-r the purpose of purchasing
a complete outfit for the manufacture of Ice cream. His plant will
lie run by motor power and, once it
is Installed, be will be in a position
to provide any person with any
quantity nf ice cream, made from
pure cream, on an hour's notice
Other fixtures are being instalh-d a*
The Palm which will make that pop-
ular resorl one of the hest appointed
in the interior and peculiarly attractive during the hot weather
Christ church rectory gardens, the
day is ibe 2sth, the hour is eight and
the programme the best ever \d-
mission J""1. ls-21
1 >*BB53233^
,*■■:.'■    Oft rue ti   . brought
Alum!   ' '.-m   "f
'•! 1        - ■   • ; ■- the
,-x .--. . inevit-
-,!.!(. (-fitl   .-. .:.■■-.! Ute
. n tyi ■■•
It " iih the
Dnidgei :    work.
neitbei to*  noi
*st*-*el IkxIj -■ ate of
1 tore bla
LET i>
Patmore Bros
"The Range Store"
Parlor center table, quartered oak,
21x31. IS.M.—C. c. s.
Fron Frou fancy biscuits made in
New York—fresh this week at Flnk'l
Pure Food (irocerv.
Next Monday, Jam- 20th, will see
ibe exemplification of the ibree flrsl
degrees Into the Knights of Columbus. A class of about fifty candidates will Ih- Initiated, ami the local
members of the Cranhrook lodge No
liuii, are looking forward to the
pleasure of welcoming a gecal number of brothers from neighboring
councils. The Initiation Will start
sharply at 9.80 a.m , and candidates
who do not live iu the cily lire e\-
t the latesl on the
lu the evening a
teed ni ilu*   Cran-
pccicd to arrive
preceding   day.
Food I '"""l1"**1   Wili In*
brook hotel
.1  s. Dennis, c P It  laml romtnla-]   Parlor center table, quartered oak
i,loner, came in un bis private    car 2W2I. IS MS — t*. C   S.
The ..1. mi! itatlstics office ha*
Issued .. reporl or tin- estimated area
and condition of the principal held
<iop, of Canada at the end of May
based on the reports ol a large stall
of coi respondentn.
The area ol all these Held crops is
reported al 10,551,200 acres, ffblcb
1,350 ' < :• . more than last
year ami 1,051,050 acres more than
ir. loon 1 lie largest increase has
taken place in wheat, which bus now
reached 0,201,800 acres, lu 1000 It
was 7,750,400 acres and In IflOH 11
was 1.,i,iii.(mt acres, which is a nam
111 two years of 2,88*1,500 acres, or
more than tn \u 1 • enl
The provinces ol Manitoba. Saskat-
in 1000. The largesl increase lias
area in wheat from 2,105,100 acres
in 1000 to 5,621,000 aires in 1008 and
in B,305.100 in 1010. In Saskatchewan alone the Increase ol 'Ins year
over last year is 1,103,1  acres.
Ontario shows an Increase in    fall
wheat froi    *-l I  to 000.100 acres.
and in oats from 3,M2,200 to :t,272,-
.iiii ,.,t,, (Quebec from 1,874,100 to
i . ! acies; Manitoba from 1,300,-
000 lo  1,151,000 acres; Saskatchewan
from 1,847, ' to 1,078,000 acres and
Vlbt i*.i   from   110, »    fi    074,000
The condll 1    pastures is   1
luu in  the  M.iiltiiue  Pr-.viiivi     ..■ .1
(ywbec.     It  ii 03.60 in Ontario, US
in British Colun around   >*0
in Man!to) a - aad Alberta
Alfalfa ; -: favor in all
the provinces, pecially in Ontario, wh* • ■r ol correspondents reporl upon the .*.* reused area in this crop.
The effecl ci avs been
felt in many ph '■ has
boei lone 1 le lei vegetables -'" "rally the i*r* ■. • ratures of
April and Mai rengtl encd the
field crop) snd I m U'tter
ible to v. ttacks of
night fro-- and replanting h.ivi 1 en Ie nee ^sary
than in lornw f yi ai .
The ma : ipHetly
In Calgar; afternoon   at
the reaWenci 11 Iti Mi Clark, of
tbe Pre ibj terlai of W. H<
Mltcbolltrw and Fan
nie M. .loyi '■ r "f Mrs.
U   II   Joyce       Lond Mr.
and Mr»*. Mitchell tree arrived in
Lethbridge the and   will
take up then residence there Mr.
Mitchell tree is foreman cutter in P.
Burns anil company's meal market
in Lethbridge.
Mr. Mitchettrei 1 Ij ■ Aided in
Cranbrook and wa 9 ell I nown to
many citizens, who will join with
the Herald In extending bcsl wishes
for a lone and happy married life.
London, Juno 15.—Premier Vsqutth
has announced in tl nu 0 of commons thai 1 *uienl will Introduce a bill modifying the coronation oath .villi reference to tlm
Roman Catholic faith THK   OKANBHOOK   HERALD
********************** ********* *************
Head Office: Montreal, Quebec
-    $ 5,000,000
II. S. IIUI.T, I'lesUleilt
K. 1.. I'KASK, Gt al Mnimger
Aououuts of firms, Corporations ami Imlivithmla
Out-of-town business rocoivos overy attention.
SWINGS DEPARTMENT. Deposits of $1.00 uud
upA'iir.ls reoeived nnd interest allowed tit current rtitu.
No fortnidity or tloluy  in withdrawing,
A General  Banking biisinoss transuded.
Cranbrook Branch: D. D. McLAWS, Mgr.
rBANK E. WILCOX A. u. TUNS AST i., T noi.i ns
International Brokerage Company
Financial Agents—Mines—Neal Estate
tWiik Httvnncti
I H Chill Al   HANK
ll.VSli  OP MoVllll' VI
l,l,.A.I.I,..» InUil.i
A.   ll. I*..    Illl  l.'lltl"!
Woaurii Union
VANCOLVI-K keeps growing East, WESTItlNSI ER
keu|i-i growing WeBt, whieli minus that properly lying
between tlie two eities uN A CAbLINb is hound to
We have u Cow lots Cor Bale on thu VANCOUVER-N6W.
WESTMINSTER CaK-I INI* right *,i .liibilee Slatii n, four
minutes run from Central Park anil only twenty minutes
run Irom centre of Vancouver. Lois ure high uml dry,
Si/..* 62 by hi*"* feet. Priee STiiO.DU eurli. Wc* reeommund
them ns ;i go nl iuvestmeut.
Writ,* Cor Full pnrtieulurs anil terms I" <i. T. I'OOERS.
■•» **********************
Mil    McN.Mi,  i   I),        Resilient*?
333     REACH, JAS,    ...   RosillOIICO
11 MOHPHITT, P  Residence
Idir Mcl'OKKKl.1., T.   Residence
12 DERSIOT, UEXE . . ...      Resilience
lull' ATCHISON, Vi. .1.  Residence
iiiia RODINSON-.McKEN7.il.; Residence
If.ii    CATTALETTE, AUNES        Resilience
iiui    iiiiui.KY. MATTIE Resilience
***** ***********
i-riHj    1-iu.r.MniA
Pretties!   Summer   Resort   in
liritisli Columbia.
Parties ile«iionn of going up  iheie fur a  lew iluy*' oniiiig may
telephone htul Hau-lley. Mm *.*■*'.ill,*, -alio will Imw* u rig tu meet
the iratn nml convey iliem to ilii* beautiful ppot,   I'm nny fwtler
inforitittiiuii tail up
>mtmB*m*mmi !■ mm...m....m.*..** •«.*— _      _    m ■■■—!■  m*—m*mm*mmm*m**^m
**i ******************  ********** *************
x ♦
* It is tin* Sam,. Place
J Tin* Place thai is Popular
* (loo,! ns the Besl
* Better Hum the Reel
The Cosmopolitan j
If you ronii* onee,
Vou will
come again.
Iv II. --.\I.\I.L. Pboi-bietoh
g Canadian Hotel
One ol" thu pioneer hotels of Cranbrook. Warm rooms, good meals
and a bar stocked with thi: best
I Joseph Brault,  Proprietor |
If you stop here once
you will look lor
Ihe 'bus when you
vitit  Oig.uy   .iv?ain.
Proprietor   ♦
"Truth," Kiiys Hr. Charles W Eliot, "is tlie new virtue."
Let the truth he known about your
The only man who should imt u-1-
vertiso is the one who has nothing to
offer in way of sctii-so, or •in*: who
can not make good.
All such should se-.-u the M*tiidly
shelter of oblivion, where (UveU
those who, shrouded in Stygian
shades, foregather gloom, and tire
out of the game.
Not to advertise is to be nominated for membership in the Down-ami-
Out Club.
Tho Adscripts nnd the Ailcrnfts arc
opposition socioUcs to tlie Mummy
Trust, symlitiU'il by the Ptitladelnllic
('lull—that hoary, hoarson, senile and
babbling bunch ol barnacles who having losl their capneity to sin, al-
li'iuatfty blab oi a Goodyear virtue
anil boast nf tin- days that arc gone.
About the best wt* can say nf the
days tbal arc gone, is that they are
The Adscripts and lhe Adcralts
look to the Kast. Tliey worship the
rising sun. The oleo ol authority
does not much interest Iheiu. They
want the Kosmlc Kerosene that supplies the caloric.
A good Adcr aft scrip ter is never
either a phllophraster or a theologas-
ter—he is a pragmatlst. lie seeks
the good for himself, lor his clients,
and for the whole human race.
The science of advertising is the
.science of psychology. And psychology is the science of the human
The advertiser works lo supply a
human want; and often he has to
arouse the desire for his goods. He
educates tlie public ns to what it
needs, nml what it wants, and shows
where and how to get it.
Tho idea of the "ethical dentist"
wlm refrains from advertising was
originally founded on the proposition
derived from the medicos that advertising wns lattery. This view once
had a certain basis in fact, when the
living so fast, ami inventing so
transients. The merchant who lived
iu n town assumed that every one
knew where he was and what he had
lo offer.    The doctor the same.
This no longer applies. We are
living so fast, and Invcnyting so
fast, and ehnngiiig so fast, nnd then
are so many ot us, that lie who does
not advertise is left to the spiders,
the cockroaches nnd the microbes.
The fact that you have all the
business you can well manage is no
excuse now tor not advertising.
Anyone sending a team can have
firewood, prepared for use, at King's
Planer, for 11.50 per load.
lu the many reviews of that great
and good man, tlie late (ioldwin
Smith of tlie Toronto Orange, his
heiielicient inlluetice internationally as
well as locally as a newspaper and
magazine writer has been emphasized,
lie wrote several books of considerable worth and note; hut it was as
a publicist that the uplifting power
of his pen was lelt, chiefly The
everyday thoughtful reading man ami
lover of social and international reforms will miss his sage and timely
articles whieli were always widely
quoted iu the press.
The missionary ouVritigs of the
Canadian Protestant denominations
have increased in tbe last two years
by nearly two millions nf dollars, or
about -i'i l-*! per cent. Among the
largest contributors Toronto stands
at the head with $387,515 for last
year, Winnipeg comes next with a
gift id *7-S,8.i7, then Hamilton, Vancouver, Halifax, etc.
An average gilt to the work ol
missions of $11) per member pet year
is the western standard as propnsed
by the Lay men's movement and
adopted almost universally.
.Iust 100 years ago the lirst Foreign
Mission Hoard was laughed at lnr
seeking a charter. One legislator
remarked that the society was "designed (or exporting religion, whereas
lliere wan none to spare from among
ourselves;" but the reply was Uml
the more we exported nf religion the
more wo had remaining." Tliey began to export about twenty years
after Dr. Carey had sailed for India.
Today nil tbe successful home bodies
are organized tor foreign wnrk with
a total annual income ol at least
$30,000,000, ol which mic-sixth is
contributed by converts from heathendom. There is an army of 20,0Wi
missionaries besides tens of thousands
of native workers, with about 50,0UU
preaching stations and more than
2,000,001) communicants in the foreign
lands. Every Sunday an average of
li.liOO members are received, or
enough to form 20 new churches with
100 in each. There are 100 hospitals and twice as many dispensaries
under Win medical missionaries; there
nre 30,000 schools with 1,50'l.OOu
scholars and Kill universities and
colleges for native training. In this
connection it is significant that the I
missionary denominations are the
live-wire, booming, successful bodies;
tbe sickly, non-influential ones are llie'
noli missionary   denomination.*;.
London, June 16.—Tlw remarkable
decline iu the consumption of whisky
since the passage of the Liberal budget is increasing. The decrease in
convictions for drunkenness In all the
towns of Scotland is also noted. During the fiscal year there vvas neatly
27 per cent or 7,000 convictions less
than in the year preceding the budget.
If so, remember these tacts—Zam-
Buk is now tho most widely used
balm in Canada, yel four years ago
it was ,'.iiliiiowii here? Why has il
become so popular? Because it heals
sores, cures skin diseases, and does
what is claimed for it. Why not let
it heal your sore7
lieiiiembci that Zuin-Mult is altogether dilTereiit to the ordinary ointments. Most of these consist ol
animal fats. /.nin-Huk contains no
trace ol any animal tat, or any mineral matter. II is absolutely herbal.
Remember that Kam-Uutc is at the
same time healing, soothing, and
antiseptic. Kills poison instantly,
and all harmful germs, it is suitahh
alike tor recent injuries and diseases, and chronic sores, ulcers, elc.
Test how different and superior Zuin-
Huk really is. All druggists and
stores at 50c, box. Vou are warned
against harmful substitutes and imitations.
increase of flvo dollars a month, iu
consideration of the advance in the
cost of living, wliich was not disputed, giving as the reason for the
uniformity ol the advance that they
wanted to encourage the younger
men as well as the older,
The delegation representing the
operators' declined to accept this increase and insisted upon the full seventeen per cent. They made an appeal to SMcc-Prcsident McNicoll,
with whom they asked lo have a conference. Mr. McNicoll has not ac-
oeded to the demand as yet, but il
is stated that he considers the offer
made by Ihe ollicials of tlie telegraph
depart men I a very fair one.
Final figures of revenue and expenditure lor the last fiscal year ending
.March 31st last, just made public by
ihe department of finance, show a
record surplus of $23,0!)2,1K5 in revenue over all the ordinary expenditure, This eiceeds by, over two and
a half millions the previous high record of 1807-8 ami is five millions
letter than the estimate given by the
liuance minister in his budget speech
of December last.
The total revenue was $101,501,034,
an increase of sixteen ami a half millions over rhe preceding year.
The total expenditure on consolidated fund account was $79,400,849,
or four and a half millions less than
in 1008-9. On capital account lasl
year there were spent $34,114,991, including $19,968,064 on the construction nf the National Transcontinental
Out of the revenue, Canada paid
lasl year every item ot ordinary and
capital expenditure, exclusive of the
National Transcontinental and had
over eight and one half millions still
left toward the construction ot she
Probably no other country in tbe
world can show anything like so satisfactory a financial statement for
the year and with the revenue tor
ihis current year increasing at the
rate of a million and a half a month,
the indications point to an even
greater surplus for the next twelve
months. The net debt of the Dominion at the end of the fiscal year wan
$336,206,348, an increase during the
year of $12,330,000.
In his budget speech, the Hun. Vi.
S. Fielding conservatively estimated
the total revenue at $97,600,000. Tlie
actual revenue went four and u halt
millions beyond his estimate. Hi
estimated the total expenditure on
consolidated [und account at eighty-
one millions; it fell short of this by
half a million.
The principal items nf revenue were
as follows: Customs, $00,150.13; ex-
«(*■», $15,253,352; post ollice, $7,»5H,-
547; public works, including railways,
$10,114,900; miscellaneous, $8,018,009.
The principal items of expenditure on
capital account were us follows: public works, railways and canals, $27,-
571,225; militia, $1,2011,970; railway
subsidies, $2,048,097; bounties, $2,-
Negotiations arising out of ihe demands for Increased wages, made by
the Canadian Pacific Com i ne ret j 1
Telegraphers, have reached an acute
stage, and it is possible tlie questions
nt Issue will be ihe subject of nn
inquiry More a board of concilia*
A conference lias been hell at Montreal between officials und representatives of the operators, Iln* company's side being taken by Manager
.lames Kent, Superintendent .1 F
Richardson ami Superintendent Vi V
Marshall, while the men's ease was
handled by Messrs. McKay, .Montreal;
Warner, Winnipeg; and C. 0. IHII
The men claimed an advance of 17
per cent., on account ot lhe increased
cost of living, wliich Ihe ..elegit e
say is beyond all proportion to the
increases in wages they have received
in recent years. The officials p int
out that the C.P.R. Is paytnr, now
higher wages to operators than any
oilier telegraph company in Canada,
but tbey uttered the men an all-round
I   I
W. P. QURl),
Barrister, Solicitor. Etc
Money to loan on favoialde terms.
If you are not satisfied after using
according to directions two-thirds of
a bottle of Chamberlain's Stomach
and Liver Tablets, you can have your
money hack. The tablets cleanse and
invigorate tlw stomach, improve the
digestion, regulate the bowels, (live
them a trial and get well. Sold by
all druggists ami dealers. 14-11
A well known advertising man expressed the following views to Unpeople of Phoenix, Ariz.: "If you
want my advice as to the best means
of advertising your city, 1 would suggest that there is nothing better or
more effective than using the appropriation with your own home papers;
that they either issue special editions
or grant space each day for a month
or more, showing what the city bus
to offer; its advantages; what it
raises; its climate, etc. Then arrange to have the publisher mail the
paper regularly- during that period lo
a select list of names of people all
over the United States. These
names can be bad iu many ways, and
people receiving a paper regularly at
their homes are very likely to read
it, especially Irom the extreme west,
ot which tbey have beard so much.
"When a body ol people meet with
a purpose of raising funds to expend
in many foolish ways, ihey never
stop to think it's their home paper
that docs more for them than any
other. Tliey are acquainted with
the conditions, could write very interesting things of the city ami
county which, ir it did not have the
effect of bringing people right away.
would surely set them thinking and
make them Inquire more about the
place, besides Ihe home paper has tin-
interest at heart, as they too desire
to see new faces enter because it
means more subscribers and more
advertising, and therefore far different than throwing money to some
outsider to travel around with and
have a good time."
According to a bulletin issued by
the census department at Ottawa, the
area of wheat in Canada this year is
0,205,000 acres, or an increase of
1,500,400 over last year, and at the
end of May its condition was 01.49
for spring wheat and 87.05 for fall
Entrance examinations for lhe high
school are now in progress, under
the .supervision of A. Sullivan,
spector. Twenty-seven children are
writing on this occasion, twenty being local scholars, one from Movie,
one from Fort Steele, three Irom
Windermere aud two from Wasa
(private students). Entrance
amiiiations are also under way al
Creston this week, len children an
writing, seven from Creston and three
from Erickson.
In connection with the local entrance examinations, Messrs. Beattie
Murphy Co., have arranged to present each ut the successful pupils
witli a volume nf poems.
TAKE NOTICE that .lean Marie
Lcmoigne, of Cranbrook, Hritish Columbia, intends In apply lor permission to purchase lhe following described lands :
Commencing at a post planted
twenty (20) ehains BO trill ami ten (10)
chains west of the southwest corner
of Lot nine thousand seven hundred
nnd ninety-seven (0787), Oroup One
(1) Kootenav District; thence north
forty (40) chains, west forty (40)
chains, south forty (10) chains, east
forty (10) chains to point of commencement.
.lean Marie Leiiio'igne.
Dated May 21st, A.D., 1010.     14-9t
TAKE NOTICE that Jesse Krolde-
veaux, of Seattle, Wash., U. S. A.,
occupation, stenographer, intends to
apply (or permission to purchase tbe
following descrihed lands:
Commencing at a post planted
about 18 chains south and 94 ehains
east of the S. E, corner of Lot
7846, (Iroup One, South East Kootenay, Block 4503, thence south 40
chains, thence east 20 chains, thence
north 40 ehains, thence west 20
chains to point of commenocmctit
and containing 80 acres, more or
.lesse Froldeveaux, Locator,
1. N. Dally, Afoot.      7-tt*
Mrs. E. Bent's
Every care und comfort
A   home from  home
Special attention in uaf-un
Miiieniiiy, KlieiimaiiMii
nml ['Hemitonia
."  j
H     IIIUll
I'll   lint 784,
T.'n.'li.'.* nf SlriiiK lllltj
Hti'i'ilnnl Ji.^iiiii,,,.,,i-
.'limit  TIIAINKH
Miss Mabel Wtllman
Plial.l aad Teacher
r,Tlitti'iii,*il |.n|iil nl
ll.il.ivill.. M.ill.i nl Wiuiii|i..*i
Physicians and Surgeons.
Ofttca a, Rfaldeaua, Aruiitroiig 4 v.
Forenoons • »till tu 1U.IKI
Altetr.ouua - - - 1.00 to   4.0(1
Evtnluga - - - - 7.3(1 to   11.30
Sundays . - - - 3.30 ta   4.30
'KANHKOOI  :i     :i     ii     il     B. 0
• to 12 a.m.
1 to   i p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Office III iii*w Held Block
CRANBROOK -       -       - B. C
Notary Public
I*.. Cosmopolitan lloint
Cranlirook ami Fort Ste»*I.»
AAAAAA m\m\m\ AAAatl f*kA A/aAa*at*k/*-***i
TeliNo. 143
B.  C.  and  Surveyor
CRANBROOK    -     B. C.
•St0t*Jt4*^« *|«
"Vw . Udu*' ChUAuM
fjonr W^/vntrMCtt*. ih
**\Utr boAA, Lrv a*vud peiv**
I.Hiliuu' ami Children1! lo he hail at
Oontloiiiau'i oan ho obtained at
l-ink Mercantile Co.'s Store
Life and Fire Insurance • Real Estate
Otlire—Next dool to
Post Office
Come in ami let me quote you rates
W. H. BV.Hr. rutwral I'l**KI<*»
Cranbrouli B. C.
Can till*..* a limited iitimlier ol jnijiil.
Ajij.iv al the re.i.lenceof
Mm. It. (1.Sutherland, Burwell Ave
F.C. Swanmdl, ll. I.. »., II C. I.. S,
A. I. lioliertsmi, II. ('. I.. S.
I Kiwlulon and British Columbia
.1.   W.  nUTLBDGB
lirnijiiiiti*   nf   Ontnrii,   Wtfriiinr*.
(■nil..**.* Tomtit.,, in 1H0.
(lHi.iii.it.. nml Mnlalllst ut Mi-Kil'lp'.
Veterlaar, Ooll»t* Chleafo,
III  10*11
Nine "rears sspeHenes in Vei.rlnsr.v
|,riii*((|.|* In Manitoba
Ollice—swat deer te Past Ollice
Plus IM     •     P.O. tei IM
Might call-B, B, abort's I
Does Not
Get Dull
A NEW ONE II It does
Geo. R. Leask & Co
Our work in our mlv«rti«ein«nt,   lull wa
put tliiit ml In tlie Il«ralt1 tu
I'liijiliimiw it.
Neiu Lownr Anuslroiiif Avontiti
Pre-aMent: T. s. Qui 1 '
Secretaryi B. Macuonaii*-        J [
For iiifiMinatiiiii nyiinUm-*; lamia 4 1
ami   agriculture   apply    to tlie < »
Secretary, Cranttrmik, B. C. °
Meeting— ''
Every mcoihI Wednetdny      \,
Tin* l-A-ii-liiu Fruit Ht..r**
St ran berries     Straw Wi t iiu
Siucks nml JnckfoP*,
Creston .■riving dully
High Oraile Confectionery
lla/.elwno-l Ice Creuin
♦ Phone 7rt Armstrong Ave. ♦
(>|.|>o.hi> C.I'.K. Station
THE    PLACE    TO     PST    A
IIrnili|imrtrrs lor all   kiwis ol
Satisfaction tiu.irimtrril
The Shoe S|ari«li»t
If you \vnii I a lit it claim Imt h. Iinir
cut,   fliiive.   fliuinpiMi. or miiviI itti*
tu the ll-ulici  line, call ami  give
inc a trial.
Provenzano & Sacco
Ganaral NUrehanti
Employment Atlanta
CRANBROOK     -     B. C.
Nelson's Leading Hotel
RiHinis with Hatha.   Tlmim in
every room
Barlier HJiojkiii the |in*niisas.
TliiiiniiKlily ll|i tinlate.
Riles, $200 ■ day and up.
UKO. P. WKI.I.H, l'roprielor
■asm-aa-BssaBiBBB «■>»•■
Creboent Lough No. Iill
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets   every   Tuesday at S p.m. at
Fraternity Hall.
J. M. Uoyes, 0, 0.
.1. I,. Walker, K. ol R. & S.
Visiting brethren   cordially invitetl
to attend.
Meets every Monday
nlglit, nt New Fraternity Hall. Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invllod,
W. M. Harris, U. J. Mttle,
N. (I* Sec'y.
I'littilittiii'i     l.i.ili*.,*,
No. .'II
A.F. St A. M.
Regular meetings nu
llm  third  Thursday
ui iiverj nuintli.
VlsliiiiK lirelhron welcomed.
W. F. .Miini     tt'.M.
E. IV. Connolly, Sccrolnry.'
Meets ul II. II. C. A. Hall Isl mnl
:)til Thursdays each month.
Visiting brethren always welcojnc.
.1.  A.  ('■linlicll, W.  SI.
IV. 11. Hrown, Sit.
No. ID.
Meets every second and   fourth Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Rebekahs cordially invited.
Mrs. IV. II. HcFarlanc, N.O
Miss Hickeiiliotliain, Sec'y.
Meets in   Fraternity Hall First and
Third Fridays.
Hazel Bowness, M. E. E.
Annie Royes,   K. of R. ic 8
Visiting members cordially invited
Meets in ('ania'n's Hall Second ami
Fourth Thursday ol each month at s
p.m. sharp.
.lames Sims, chief Ranger
L. Bent. Secretary.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
A    IS ~**^ -.
SEALEp TENDERS ndilresHed lo
flic undersigned, mnl endorsed "Ten-
dor for Steel Dredge fur British Columbia," will In- received ut this of
lice until 4.0-0 p.m., un Wednesday,
July 20, 1910, for tlio construction
of a Steel How-Well Twin Screw
Bnrgo Loading Dredge.
Plans, specification and forin of
contract can lie Keen and forms of
lender obtained ut tbis Department
at tbe offices of J. I.. iWichuud, Esq.,
District Engineer, Merchants Hnnl.
Uiiildfng, si. .lames Street, Montreal; .1. (I. sins, Ksq., District Engineer, Confederation Life Untitling,
Toronto, t)nl., ami (!. A. Kcefer,
Ksi|., District ICnginecr, New Westminster, B.O.
Persona tendering arc notified thai
tenders will not he considered uiilesa
made on lhe |>riiitod forms supplied,
lllld signed wilh Iheir net mil .signatures, staling Iheir occupations uud
places of residence, lu the case ol
firms, the actual signal ure, the [inline nf ihe occupation uud place of
nsiileiice of eacli member of tbe hrm
must he given.
Each lender must be accompanied
hy an accepted cheque ou a chartered
bank, pavable to tbe order of the
Honorable (he .Minister of Public
Works, for twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,1(0(1.0(1), which will be forfeited if (he person tendering decline
to enter into a contract when called
upon to do sio, or fail to complete
the work contracted for. If lhe
tender be not accepted the cheque
will he returned.
Tbe Department does not hind itself to accept llie lowest or any len
Ilv order,
Department or Public Works,
Ottawa, May -'II. 1910.
Newspapers will not he paid for
Ihis advertisement if they insert it
without authority from the Department. 15-21
Turma Mo.leiate.   I'd. Pol 2-lfi
Oraiibrook,       Hililsh Coluinl-in
WATER ACT, 1009.
TAKK NOTICE that Adam Boyd
Dttlzlcl, of Cranhnrnk, 11. C., Farmer,
will apply to the Water Commissioner at Cranbrook on the 11th day of
July next, at eleven o'clock iu the
forenoon for a license to divert one
cubic font of waler per second from a
spring rising on Lol 72-ii, Qroup 1,
Kootenay District. The said water
will be used tor the irrigation nf said
Lot 722(1, held hy the applicant under
a Crown Grant and will be conducted
by flumes and pipes over said Lot
72211 only. No Crown Lands will he
used and nn riparian pn-prielors or
licensees will he BltCCtcd by the
This notice was posted on the 30th
day of May, 1910
U-51 Adam Boyd Paliel.
Maker St*Pet- over Itawflitli Bros,
Hoi,,** I  l., :, |lin.
Satmiliiy it* ii in i,i 6 |, tn.
Rneclal hours run '*i' iiruu ■*,,! wh,n
II you   want   satisfaction    witl
yoor washing   send
it  to
Special prices lor family work,
Mining Claims and
Am prepared t" do Assessment
Work ou Mineral Claims and
.Mining Ciopctiics at short notice.
Vddrcu :
I'   i>   IIOI  |U2
Cranbrook, Uf. 16-21"
I TAKE NOTICE lhat 1, Sarah Jane
, Macdonald, ol Cranhrook, II U . 00
[cupatlon, married woman. Intend i*
[ apply    fot     permission   to    purchase
the lollowing described hinds:
j   Commencing at a post planted    a1
V W corner of Lol No. 10093,
: thence west III chains, Ihence south
, 60 chain*, thence cast ID chains,
: thence north along the Spokane
, right -of way to point ot commence
! men I.
Sarah .lane Macdonald,  Locator,
Samuel Macdonald,  Agent.
j    Dated May 'ird, 191(1. 1 ]-f»t
('. METCALFE'S   It!.
Mr. .1. C, Metcalfe,   ol Mum*	
B.C., who has-been sent hy the pro- *,UuUo ,s sl,mui !,;
vincial government into the northwest to enquire Into market and
transportation conditions, etc., is
forwarding reports tu the department
at Victorin, which, in turn, aie being
sen I out I o 1 lie \ at loUS Fanners'
Institutes. Below is a copy ■■[ the
first report received l.\ Mr. Sam
Munlonalil, Hrcrclarj nf thu local
Farmers' Institute:
Hear Sir:
1 have the honor In reporl as lol-
fows. dn arrival at Calgary, and
ufier Interviewing wholesalers an.I retailors, Hie general consensus of
opinion was that* the crop of various
t ♦
♦       INTERESTING ITEMS       ♦
Whai smoking costs the Britisli
report liv the
I nilcd Slates consul al Hull, who
estimates Hint the total value n|
manufactured tobacco imported i ■
coiisuinptlbn amounts lo £3(37 7, in ill.
By fai the largest Item, however, iti
tlic consumption of tobacco manufactured in the (nited Kingdom, Uu
value of which, in cigais, cigarettes
and pipe tobacco, i.s £31,388,000 The
t'.iiil tobacco lull. Iherefore, ivor'-i*
..ul to C23,(l«0,000. When the Mil':,
oi the consumption of pipes, matches,
etc , is added the total tobucco lul
nun- he pui ai i;21,2(18,1100. H mnj
in- pointed out, m addition, thai lhe
prescnl annual revenue derived from
tbe taxation nf tobneco amounts    lo
l In,nun,uuo,
kinds of fruit in ibe American coasl
StaleS   W ''   l»   «   V,,V   l,,ilV> 0110    Ul(M     ,,   r,„     *.,.,,    ,,,   ;
ibis .season, and from (he present reports prices would rule low. \i Um
pre-scnl lime Wcnatchee Valley is reported to have 500 carloads of fruit
for sale. The Mcpherson Fruit
company" have heen offered 100 cars
of mixed fruit on consignment liy
fruit organizations in thut valley, Indicating the abundant crop.
The prescnl   quotation:-,   for future
delivery from Wcnalcbic K.O.B. there,
as follows:
al 1   tv
Peaches, per ease  iSc,
Prunes, per case   I0e.
Apples, per box, No. 1  80c.
Apples, per box, No. 2  B5c.
Pears, per box, No. I    $1.00
Pears, per box No, 3   00c.
Cherries, per box, Id lbs...,50. to liOc.
Cherries, per  box, 10   Um., isth May
nud before   85c.
Cherries from California, earlier
than the 18th May, costing Jobbers
there $1.2*5 per HI lb. box. Kspress
7c. per lb. Duty 2c. per lb. Total
$2.15. Selling to the retail trade
Strawberries from Tennessee, Missouri aud Mood River have ln-cn coming iu and supplying markets here,
but other Oregon berries are iu now.
By express Mood River berries were
costing jobbers at Kdmonlon per case
$'1.25. Missouri berries at Edmonton $3.15. The Missouri berries
were brought iu by freight via Win**
itpeg and Saskatoon to Kdmonton,
but at the present time strawberries
are coming in from Milton and Free-
water, Oregon, by freight costing
laid down at Calgary $3.25. They
are il>- u distributed from there,
selling to retailer!* at Calgary $5.00
per case Counlry customers $1.75
per case The varieties arc: Oregon,
Gibson, Clark Seedling, Magoon and
Dollar. Arrive generally in good
condition, a few showing mould, the
baskets full and well packed.
Mr. Morgan,   manager or lhe Oscar
Brown Fruit company, of Kdmonlon, 11~"
informed mc that Mr. Griffin, representing the American I ses,       bad
bought ihe output of strawberries on
Vashoii Islands, paying P.O.!!. there
Si 50 per case.
The last report of the output o|
lhe island I have had placed it at
75,000 cases. Salem. Oregon, are offering strawberries at $1.50 |«*r rase
l-'.o it there, bill cost of transportation tl higher from there, making it
almost prohibitive to bring them iu
at the present tine. A fen slraw-
berrli * from Mission, Mottle, ami
Hammond, it. i.. have arrived nl
some points this dale. 38th May. Arrived in good condition, but somewhat   green,   and  not  graded as        to
size.     I mav state that carloads   ol
strawberries are coming through ir*"<ij
Spokane lo   Calgary by freight     in I
[hiu   iiii'.s    Freight rate $1 00   j >i
100 Ihs     Duty 18c., icing, im-
Local crown lettuce on market here
Tbe wiles ol the food adulterafoi
arc mercilessly exposed at tbe Pure
Food Exhibition, which bus just been
opened at the horticultural l..ill,
Westminster, Among the many
sinking exhibits are sweets made
from exactly the same Ingredients a
are used in Ibe preparation of printer's, ink and hoot polishes. There h
to he seen vinegar made from mil
phiiric aied and colon d with burnt
amber, and "smoked" saveloys which
hnve been "smoked" by a preparation of sulphate of lime, suit and
creosote. Another striking cxlilbil
is a seven-pound pot of raspberry
jam, made as are many other mixtures shown, from turnips, carrots,
potatoes, saccharin, and such like,
the "pips" heing iu reality sawdusl
The Cunard company have decided
to lay down a new liner which will
be larger than nny ship now nfloal
uud will he rivaled only hy Ibe two
mammorh liners—Titanic und Ol\m
pic—now being built for the White
Star company, The lollowing it
parisiiii shows lhe position the km-.
vessel will lake in the scale nf size:
(feel )
Sew Ciuuirilrl'
. 'tii.iiim...
. 00,000...
. .60,000...
... . Kin
Mniiri laitia  ...
. ;ii.!p;is..
The new vessel will probably he
driven hy oil fuel. Among other
special features she will possess a
svummiug bath, n morning news
paper, nnd a theatre.
A report of a strict Inquiry into
ibe effect i>( habitual alcoholic indulgence upon the phvsical development
ami Intellectual activity of
drunkards has just been published by
the Francis Gallon Laboratories lor
National Lugenics. The Invrstlga-
Miss \: M Klih'rh.ii. (.'niton
research scholar ill the Inivcisity ol
London, and Professor Karl Pearson,
F.ILN— state, iu brief, that they
have found no marked relation he-
tween the intelligence, physique, oi
disease of the oUspring and parental
alcoholism iu any of the categories
investigated. On the whole, they
slate, the balance turns as often Ir
favoi of ihe alcoholic as of the nonalcoholic parentage. They, however,
do not attribute this to the alcohol,
but to certain physical and possibly
mental characters which appear to |>
associated with the tendency to alcohol.
Kiii: It Mi.
The   Noted   Barber
(rt.ni Mq.llu1.*o lint.
lll.l Sinn.l.    i.i
i« i,l Mil,I,,n, 1.1'.
.,. him n mil,
I ai to thi1 wliiTcitviiit* of William
1 A. Fiiiluv, li**i It a<*l uf len yearn nun
Iln or ah mi OniuliMok, thought lo he
Iiu theemploy of ihe C.p.K Relatives
I rnnion.*. to locate him It will lie of
■ Advantage to him -o eommnnii-ate willi
|niideri»iirii*'il II" In forty-live vciuh nf
Bit" tii' coiiinl-'xi oi, nh<i||t fix feet in
I height, ami of high scholarly attain*
I'leaHc com in'illicit e Willi
Ihknnkt a nooiiwiM*,
ll-ir-ltler**, Ad.
|\V. F. OIMtli, Rnj.
Barrister,  oV,
WATER ACT, 1009.
TAKE   NOTICE   ihat    Robert E
Sullivan,       ol      Seattle, Mei
chant, and John H
Hawkins, of Wattsburg, miner, will
apply to the Water Commissioner at
Cranbrook on Tuesday, the 13th daj
of .Inly, at eleven o'clock in lhe
forenoon fm a license io divert
Iwo cubic feet of water per .second
from near Ibe old shall house, near
Weaver Creek, The said water will
be used for hydraulic purposes on
leases 111 mid 112, and will he conducted by means of a ditch and dam
over Ibe laud covered by said Mining
Lease applications nml he returned
at lower cm! of tease No. 111. The
difference between the point of diversion and the point ot return is Ilu
feet. Nn Crown Lands will be use!
and no riparian proprietors or licensees will Im* affected by the works.
This notice was posted on the
day of .lune, 1010.
Il-.1t* John II. Hawkins
now, bin nol lu snibeicut quanttth H
to supply   tltc demand, sold hy    job-     "Is there any such thing as a rail-
Ins io   retailers at  liv. per do/en 'way dictionary?"
selling imported  IcttUCC at   the same:    This question wns seriously pn'  by
price. ■ I'bief (*nmniis*iioM'r Mahce, while the
The It    C. vegetable growers must   Dominion railway rules     wcie being
TAKE NOTICE that tbe undersigned will receive up to ami Including the 21st June. 1010. tenders lor
certain real property nml chattels if
the Fernie Cartage company as a going concern.
Full particulars of the teal property and chattels may he obtained
from the undersigned at any lime.
Haled at Fernle, It. C, Hth .lune,
tl. o. Moffatt,
15-21 Assignee.
train contained more than sixty cars
ami also refused to require a minimum crew of live men upon switching,
engines.    The rule permitting engines SVXol'SI*s 0? CANADIAN ItoME-
'■utuiing   light"    to     be without a
oiiducinr was limited to twenty-five
nih's..   This is designed to
aso of pusher engines required
Any   available.    Dominion     Lands
K the1 within the   Railway   licit  in liritisli
Columbia, may   ha hoiuusteaded    by
Scarboro and other points     Sum,* of'-"1' ■J,°rS0" wUo ,s tho st)le Dead oI ll
the demands    made by the trainmen
were regarded by Judge Mabee
"II.  FUEL   FOR    liA-TLErillll'S.
San Fraticlscol CaL, June 15 —The
advantages of oil fuel ban- been the
subject of exhaustive inquiry and experiment by Hritish and American
An extensive oil fuel establishment
was lilted up near Portsmouth, Kngland, nud experiments carried out
with various boilers, systems of firing and mechanical stokers, while
further I rials were made in both
battleships and destroyers. According  to Ibe N.-w   Vork  Herald's naval
rrespomleiit, 1 lie great object inn
caused by the dense volumes of
moke which poured from ilu- funnels
f vessels at previous trials, has heii.
eliminated "At present," ho
writes, "it may he said lhat with
the consumption of liquid fuel alone,
there is almost complete freedom
from (lame and smoke al the funnel,
I'Ven when the boilers are pressi I.
The importance, of Ibese experiments is obvious. If oil can he used
Without revealing  Ihe presence        of
ssels hy smoke, the only objection
lo its use hy battleships has heen removed. The comparative economy of
-il over coal is unquestioned. Il is
proven sixiwa tons of oil is lhe
equivalent of twenty-five Ions ol
coal, that il will convert an equal
Amount of water into steam, at a
saving of several dollars per (on, ton
Tor ton. The stokers' work would be
lightened, the heal in the stokehold
reduced, and an avoidance of llie dirt
and discomfort when furnaces bad lo
he fill. Moreover, Die laborious
work of coaling ship would he supplanted hy the far speedier and ens-
use nf Ibe hose ami puu.p The
wilh which liquid fuel can he
transferred from one vessel to atiotli-
r i.s essentially in favor uf oil.
TAKE NOTICE that O. Bayard
Staples, of Wycliffe, Hritish Columbia, occupation Civil Kngineer, intends io apply fnr permission to
purchase the following described
Commencing at a post plant.-d 171
chains north of the north-west corner
nt I.«t 10121 ITI, mi 12), thence
south 17A chains, thence east 05
chains, more or less, to the Si.
Mary's River, thence lollowing the
south bank of the said St. Mary's
River in a north-westerly direction
to the south-east corner of Saint
Armour's pre-emption; thence west
lo the place nf coiiuneucenier and
containing M acres, more or hss.
e. Bayard staphs.
Dated June Kith, 1010. 16-0
TAKE NOTICE that Kenneth I'.
Carrutbeis, ol Moyie, B.C., occupation, Mining Engineer, intends to apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands;
Commencing at a post planted
twenty <J"i chains south nf the
northwest corner of Lol 2000, thence
north sixty {fifli chains, thence west
fifty (50) chains, thence south sixty
(fiO) chains, thenee east fifty (50)
chains to the point of commencement
excepting llie railway right-of-way
Kenneth B. Carruthers
Dated May Kb, 1810. 18-01
family, or any nmlu over IS years of
age, to the extent of otic-quarter suo
Uoji uf luu acres, more or Jess.
Entry must he made personally at
the local laud ofllco for the district
iu which the laud is situate. Entry
hy pi uxy may, however, he made ou
certain conditions by the father,
mother, sun, daughter, brother or
sister of an Intending homesteader.
The homes leader is required to per-
form the conditions connected therewith under onu of the following plans;
(1) Al least six mouths' residence
upon and cultivation of the laud in
each year for three years.
t^). Jf Lhe father (or mother,
if the father is deceased), ul the
homesteader resides upon a farm in
lhe Vicinity ol the land entered for,
the requirements as to residence may
be .satisfied hy such person residing
with thu father or mother.
(8). If the settler has his permanent residence    upon farming land
wucd hy liiin in the vicinity ol bis
homestead, the requirements us to
residence may be satiated hy residence upon the said land.
Six months' notice iu writing
should he given to the CommiSBiuuei
of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention in apply for patent.
COAL—Coal mining rights may he
leased for a period of twenty-one
years at an annual rental of $1 per
acre. Not mole than 2,570 acres
shall  be leased  to one individual    or
iliipany,     A loyalty at tbe rate id
five cents per  ton   shall he collected
on the merchantable coal mined.
Deputy   of   the Minister   ul the    Interior. 21-2i.t
TAKE NOTICE that an application
is been made lo register David
Griffith as tbo owner in fee simple,
under I several Tax Sale Deeds Irom
Alfred o. Nelson, Deputy Collector,
Kort Steele Assessment District, to
David Griffith, hearing date the 3rd
day of November, A.D. 1009, respectively, ol all and singular those
'crtiun parcel or tract ol laml and
premises situate, lying and being in
the Kootenay District, m the Province ol Hritish Columbia, more particularly known and described as
Lots 5*151, 5153, 5153 and 5454,
known as the 'King Solomon,"
"queen of Shcba," "Hig Bend Boy"
and "Honeycomb" Mineral Claims
Vou and those claiming thr*-ugh r-i
under you and all persons claiming
any interest in the said land by virtue nf any unregistered Instrument;
and all persons claiming any interest
in the said land hy descent, ■-*-. isc
title is not registered under the provisions of the "Land Registry Act,'
are required to contest the claim 0
lhe tax purchaser within forty-five
days from the date of the first publication hereof and in default of
caveat or certificate of lis pendens being filed with such period, or in default of redemption before registration, you and each of you, will be
forever estopped and debarred from
setting up any claim to or in respect of the said land, «id I sbali
register the said David Griffith a*
owner thereof in Ice.
Dated at the Land Registry Office.
Nelson, Province of Hritish Columbia,
this 22nd day ol March, A.D*, 1910.
Samuel IL Roe,
13-lt Ilistrict Registrar
To Columbus M* Darker.
gvt their   products on these markets examined hy the commission at   ot-
early if tbey arc io obtain profitable tawa,
returns |    Four of the nine rules were oiscu***-
I would advise fruit growers and scd and some modifications .'.ite
shippers ol n C. to perfect Ihelt Superintendent Itrm."'■■-. of ibe O
Shipping facilities and marketing nr- T. IV, a p pen red lor iln- railv -■>■*
rangemcntJ and give Ibe greatest caft while the views of tbe ir.ui.nci
(o all lhe details in putting up their uere presented by their president
funis tins season Mr. .1. II. Murdoch, and hy S  Ihrry
Prom the present reported heavy ol the railway conductors,
crop, the g'xtd nnd finished product Tin re uns snine dispute as tn whal
will sell, while tin poor and unlinish- was meant by the term "a double
id maj go bogging for sale. Pcaehca header " Tb.* trainmen complained
are likely Irom recent reports to in- ihat some 1 rains were run *ith nne
an exceptionally large crop every- engine in front ami anotbel engine
where This wilh the ciicrgeiie ef- live ears back. Tbis practice, thej
foils being put forth on the pari of claimed, was dangerous, nud tbr
American growers and shippers to railway c-iii.pauy finally promised to
sell Iheir products iu these market* nhaudon the practice as soon a*- sets
will have the tendency to reduce the bridges could tie installed at certain
price. 1 would also advise growers |toints on the line.
uud shippers to get quotations into The trainmen scored a partial vic-
tho bands of wholesale and retail tory in having rule No I, respecting
dealers with estimate of crop, and tbe equipment ot trains with air
varieties for sale ns soon ns crop is hrakes, made more definite. Trains
fissured. may    not    start   now unless 75 per
There is a very determined effort on cent of the cars are so equipped, and
the part ol Jobbers everywhere here, if there is a breakdown al anv point,
operating through their boards ol ihe train must not proceed bevond
trade, to gel Hie present tarifl on lhe next Btatlon.
fruit reduced from the American nidi*. They also scored another victim In
These efforts and agitation along thi* respect to yard engines The rule,
line are likely to be continued, Any as promulgated, perm,lied an enninc
action by the Dominion government to lie used for twenty-foiir hours nr
In this direction should In* opposed In any emergency, even though it
by fruit growers cast and west most were not equipped wiib Certain salety
energetically appliance*.     This vvas icscinded     by
Yours truly, Ihe ciuniiiiMilon.
(Signed)     .1 c Metcalfe, The cnmmi-vtinii   refused to require
Commimionrr an    additional   brakrman  whrie    a
TAKK NOTICE that I. George K.
March, of Winnipeg, Man., occupation Agent, intend to apply for permission to purchase the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted ***<*
(bains south of the south-east corner
post of Lot n751, thence south SO
chains, thence east M chains, thence
north SO chains, thence west hi
George Keith March. Locator,
R   II. Henedif t. Agent.
Dated March 21th. 1010. .*-**t
TAKK NOTICK that Annie Mer-
Ington, of t'ranbrook, B. C, married woman, intends to apply fur
permission to purchase tbe following
described land:
Commencing at a post planted fcf
chains south and 2.17 chains east nl
tbe northwest corner of Lot 'G5.
Group One, on the cast hank of an
island iu flu- Kootenay River, thence
west 2ft chains, more or less, to the
west hank of said island, ttience
south-easterly along said bank 20
bains, more or less, to south end of
said island, thence northerly along
east bank to point of commencement, containing 40 acres, more or
Annie Mcrington, Locator,
Per Stuart Morns, Agent,
Staked April 2nd, 1010. »-'*Jt'
THE    N r. *,v   RE M E D Y    f O R
Nervous Exhaustion
Nervous exhaustion, the ailment
of thu age, results from the destruction of nerve cells by overstrain faster than they are rebuilt.
The only remedy is Food, Rest
and increased nerve repair. ''As-
AYA-NeurAM," is and makes
possible this cure. It feeds the
nerves, induces sleep,quickens the
appetite and digestion, restores
buoyancy of spirits. }t. 50 ]>er tattle.   Obtain from the following
********* *************
Builders and Contractors ^
1 *
—*— , >
All  kinds ol
Boilor and Rnnge Wojlt
Kstiji 111 m*'!'i;xi-iii I'ani* X
Is prepared t«> supply help, skilled or
unskilled, on shortest possible notice, to fmd employment iuui puac-
autee positions when sent out; to
rent houses and rooms and to sell
you fruit lands or other property lor
a small com mission.
Address:—W. Parker, 313 Uaker St.
NELSON, ll C.        <8-l2t
*J4aaaaaMsUovtn •s "**>'
.yB    kT-j^ expericncc
^jaat    aaatmii*     »****ee w»mi
*-v7ipjmC Di-ine
''PH11^        CO-MHIGHTStte.
*»n»pn*»f**"***.-f iikr*'V -*- j i-v«-T*pMnn mir
•j-.' *it ft-.'--"     ■ « * - mm *i*t*t ■: i-u.er ru>
■    -.   * rr ■ •    t •*.i-*;*!s-*>.   f'Ti.tntmle*.
.--*   .- -■ -■■ tiASOBOWonPtHWi
c -* fr-***,       ;«". ..-**■ ■ » lu: **<-ir.r,gpM*ntM.
P»i*»rt* *»*'-. t-r ash Mur.n 4 Co. nc-jtf*
n<r^l"A«t, * '5.;ubir.-i,imH
Scientific JHcrican.
i hv**.»-*-* ** Li*******M«*i ,r<»»    '..'** -ai*.
*.*t -.   • .-7 * -■■■     •• .    :■••■*• iw
*• .u. .*.- . T-*.*. **..*».- *.-,*J'i.   .v,.4 by
<.!■*.*•■. C3 V *'-.V,'uhlB*UA.l>,
I '  '
' The Cranbrook Employment; |
and Real Fstaie Agency
lir, J. fun i-' i. *.* labor f.,r
,.auMiM»,  J:.n • •***  Con-
.in,.-.'ir. Proprietor
I      I.-.I*.::.     I'.,. Ilr,
' I
Ask for Halcyo* LITHIA WATEI
Fur fmiiiu o*.* there i* nothing
M* vholnSOniS  and no  pure  Ait
♦ •:• v <* •> w •> •> ♦ ♦ •> ♦ * *
*l*    K. W. WIDDOWSON, ASSAY- <•
* Kit AND CIIEMIST.-Chargea: ♦
•£ (lold, silver, copper or lead, SI •>
•** each, gold-silver, 11.50, silver-*
•> lead, J 1.50; gold-silver, with <•
•*• copper or lead, JJ50, nne, $2; ♦
*** slher-Icad-zinc, $3. Price** fi»r •>
*> oihcr metals on application. *l*
*>t-ong dtsUnoe 'phone 67. P.Oi •>
.> Box, CUM, Nelson, B.C. 4«-l>->
-**> *** -o .*. .;. *•* *** .> **. $ *** <. <•>
Htaml- for n lot when ;i**«imi*iIi.I wild
••nr i..nit".; hevenjiff, It utands foi
purity, loi elennllnrsF, foi wlioteiome*.
host, aid for pnlnUhlenrfs.
ihonlil Hl«»y« Ih- kept on ImnU    Have
u- netul j on on** fnr jronr o* n use or hi
an noeeplstiln retre*hment to an*
MOhdt, no mailer whom, thnt may -nil
on yon.
East Kootenay Bottling Co
Fernie Pantorium
FEk.ME       •      B. C.
to y.jur measure
FROM   $10.00  11'.
Cleaned, Repaired,
anil Pressed*
B&tl Clotliei i>> .\|*n-». hi.'I lfr.1.
by mail.
;: Presbyterian Church:;
.Suuii.j* nonriog .**rt.c*** ,,i u
Sontlsr   fv,*ni'i*'    MtTtoe  .1
7 io .,'* :,*fk
SlIllltHf S, l.ool     .Mil       llitll.
t'las. at :* o'clock
rri**.*iivt.*ri..:,   Onltd, Tucsdsf,
at   H o'clock
<• <• ♦ ♦ •:• •:• * ♦ •> •;• •:• ♦ *
<.        THE IIOVAI. HOTEL,      •>
* Mrs I. V. RobetU, 1'ropric- *
.;. tross. *
.$ Cor. SUnlejr nml Silica St.. •>
.;. NELSON, B.O, *
<»    Frr. earriaga or Im. Irom nil *
* boat, .nd train. *
* llnlc*. tl nml II 511 per tinjr.     *
* ItcmcmlHT our 35c. t'hlckm *
+ dinner on Similnyj 4» fim*:*
*************** **********
' ♦*•► • ♦ w ■$**•'*■>
i: baptist Church
Paator, Charlta \v. Kinn.
l-iirsoriajtr*. Norlmry Atcnuc.
'I'lionr. 281.       P. O. Ro« J«7.
It.-enl»r Set-rices:—Soadar, 11,
a.m.     and    7.SO   p.m .   Bible i
School      lAllll       Ymirrg    l.arlM'     '
I'lillctlica    ami    Vonrn   Mea'a i
> iiiiiir Clan, n p m.
Momlajr,   Vmiiiik Paoples',   8
Wnlmsdiiv. MidW'nk Mrrtlng, i
A cordial   Ctirintlan wrkrmeV
Vic. Rollins has returned from n
trip tu the coast.
Leather-seated litiers, set of six,
$22.-60.—a. C. S.
Mrs. Downll returned to Crows
Nest on Saturday.
Mr. Thompson spent Sumlay up
Perry Creek on a lishhiK trip.
Three of N. ('. McKinstty's children
ure sulk-ring .from scarlet fever.
Folding go-carts, $1 BO.—C. C. S.
Mrs. .1. Paterson entertained ut a
tills luncheon on Saturday lor her
niece, Miss Anderson, of Winnipeg.
Horn—At Mrs. ttent's private hospital, Crnnhrook, n. C, on June
Mth, 1910, to Mr. and Mrs. II. II.
Vtlnnell, a son.
Mr. ami Mrs, Morris, Mis,s Eraser
und Miss Caldwell spent the week end
in Fort Steele, the guests of Mr
Mrs. M. B, King has rented Miss
Caldwell's house and expects to spend
lhe summer in Cranhrook with Iw
If you want the news of Cranlirook
und Cranbrook district read the Herald.
Miss Corhcll, of Creston, has arrived in the city lo reside with her
brothers, Messrs Herbert and Nor-
maii Corbett, of the Cranhrook Sush
and Hour company.
Or, Sawyer, principal of Okanagan
college, Suamerlflntl. it. C, will
visit Cranhrook next week und ail
dress a meeting iu the Baptist church
mi Friday evening, Lo which the public ure cordially Invited.
Folding go-outi, M.00.—C. c. s
tin Monday uvonlng the Young
People's union ol the Buptisl church
hold uu open nir picnic .social al
Howei iicii, n beauty spot on the
banks ol St. Joseph's brook. Fuller
announcement will ta- made at the
Sunday services.
Large luscious strawberries ami
iirh cream from way down nn the
[arm, at the Rectory Qurdeni on the
28tli.     Admission 2Se. lfi-2t
I Heil—At Winnipeg, .lune 1(1, 1910,
John Cross, master blacksmith, C
P. It. Infofiiatiou is wanted regarding the whereabouts ol Alonzo .1.
Cross, last heard of in Victoria, U
C., in 1908. Address John W- Cross,
Cratibrook, ll. C. Ik
Sunbonnet babies at the Rectorj
(iunleus on the .*♦ Admission
2.1c. l0-2t
The arbitrators iu the school case
concluded their labors last evening
and the pri*cwilingi» were temporarily
adjourned to permit of their preparing their findings These will be
filially dealt with and the law points
disposed of by Judge WiUon on his
return from Fernie
Folding go-catts, %\ 90.—C. C. S.
Kt Rev, William Cyprian Pinkham,
bishop uf Calgary, will arrive in
town on Momhiy evening next from
Calgnry aud on the following evening
will bold confirmation service at
Christ church.
II you want to secure the nation
age of tlie houwkeepcis of Cranbrook, adveiture you wares iu the
At a recent muctiug ol the Kp-
w-ortb League, Mr. s. Sowerbutts
read a paper on "Tin* Attitude of Unchristian church Towards Doubters
and Unbelievers." A very interesting discussion ensued and it was decided to continue the discussion next
Thursday evening, June 33rd, when
all parties iuteruMed will he ut liberty to take part.
Uaihit seated    ihueis,    set   of  six,
U2.50.-C C. S.
Whilst tin* exact amount taken in
as a result of the baud concert last
Thursday    evening is    not   a*  yet
known, a lair amount was cleaned
up. The concert proved very enjoy
able and wus well attended. To
morrow evening the band will give an
open air concert in the hand stand
adjoining the govern men t building.
The sort ol gill you care about.
Come and bear nhout her at the
Rectory -Harden*1*- ou the 2Mb Ad
mission 25c. U'r'-Jt
Lakeview lienort on Si. Mary's
river is just the place to go tor an
outing this hot weather. Paul
Hundley, ol Marysville, ban boats to
birr (or use on Ibe lake and will in
range to meet any parties going oul
tlwie at Marysville and drive them
nut to thr resort.
Pineapples for preserving to arrive
Wednesday.     June     22nd,  at   Kink's
Pure Pood Grocery.
Not only has tlie circulation of the
Herald largely increased in town, but
a careful canvass of all the surround
ing districts bas been made with very
satisfactory results. Today, as never before, the Herald conveys ts»
Store news ol Cranbrook's It-adit*
uteres to the great tmlk id thr
people residing everywhere within
reach ot those stores.
Folding gin-arts, H SO.-C. C. S.
In the Library voting contest tbe
Methodist church once again takes
first place, its total vote to date being 16,982. The St. Kugene hospital
retains second place, although during
tlie past week it did not poll a Vote,
Its Vote standing at 15,431. The
Presbyterian cliurch polled a good
vote, its total now being li-VlH. The
Church of Kngland comes next with
HTM, The other competitors show-
no change, 11. of L  F  und K , 818*8;
public   ichOOl,   Hilli,     Hnptii.i   church,
Marv had a little lamb. Hear it
Ideal at the Rectory Gardens on tlie
2Rth.     Admission 25c. lfl-2t
Folding go-carts, (4.00.—C. C. S,
The paid circulation ol the Herald
lias made remarkable growth both iu
the town und throughout the surrounding districts in tl.e past six
months. It is this paid circulation
that makes advertising in Its columns
profitable. The people throughout
this vast territory look to the Herald not only for the current news,
but lot tho announcements of the
merchants, whoso business it is to
cater to their wants. OI the thousands who weekly read the Herald,
the great majority can he induced to
trails in Cranhrook. Let these
thousands know from week to week
the goods you have to offer and the
returns- will agreeably surprise you.
New hydrants are being placed on
Crnnhrook street, in the vicinity of
the  new  school  building.
K. .1. Dickenson camo in from Jaf
fray today.
Lewis Stockett, of Hosmer, was in
town today.
T. Cralian, the well known hotel
man of Michel, was in town yesterday.
Horn—At Cranhrook, B. C, on
June 13th, 1910, to Mr. and Mrs. I).
Mclnnis, a daughter.
P. DeVere Hunt has liecn away all
I he. week on insurance business. He
is expected hack tomorrow or Saturday.
Frank Murphy, of the Beattie-Murphy company, who has been looking
after the Creston end of the business, returned to Cranbrook and
look in the big show on Tuesday
FOR SALE-*Rubber tired carriage,
practically new, also single driving
and work harness. $185 cash takes
ilu- lot.     Apply W. 11. Wilson.       Hi
W. R. Qrubbe, ot the Imperial
Hank stall, returned Irom bis vacation trip to the east tbis week and
left again for Revelstoke, where he
will lake the position of accountant
iu the local brunch of the bank.
P. Welch, K. Burns and J. Jordan,
railway contractors, ot Spokane,
were registered at the Hotel Cranhrook yesterday.
Sunday night last a sneak thief
broke into Brown's cigar store and
rllflpd the till, getting away with
some Vi. No trace of tbe thief bas
since heen ohtniticd.
Oil Saturday Messrs. Beale, Wallingcr, Oarrett and Taylor go down
to Moyie, where they will represent
the Cranhrook Tennis club in a series of games.
Sir Oeorhe Newnes, the founder ol
lite Westminster Gazette, Tit-Bits
and the Strand Magazine, and tht
donor of the Internationa) chess
trophy hearing his name, died last
Sir George was born March 13th,
1851, and wus formerly a Liberal
member of parliament, representing
Swansea town. He was tbe son ot a
Derbyshire clergyman, and before engaging in newspaper work was a
linen-draper's assistant, or in other
works, a dry goods clerk. He made
his fortune out of Tit-Bits and then
branched out Into several new publications, all of which added to bis
A writer In the "Hoston News
llurrau," who has devoted much time
tn tin* siiniy ol tin* t'nnadian emigration t|uestion, says in the course ol
a big letter:
Brlllsh t'olmr.hia is another em-
Plre, tor tt is co-extensive with
Great BtHalh, Ireland and Germany.
Its eoitst line is equal to that ol all
tuitions horderinjt the Mediterranean-
Its fisheries iuhI its mineral wealth
excel tlie world. It boasts 3,00*1
milts of lake anil river transportation. The energy nl 25,000,000
horses can tic harnessed tn its rivers.
The Columbia and the Fraser spread
nnt into tin* interior into chains ot
lakes that have no parallel lor
beauty or grandeur
More wonilerltil is its magnificent
climate. 1 have Mill cultivated orchards on plateaux and hillsides
WOO leet above sea level, and have
eaten apples, pears, jteaches and cherries grown in these Hritish t'olutn-
liia valleys ol a flavor more delicate
anil luscious than any I have ever
tasted Its valleys, when cleared
und cultivated, make most luxurious
pastures, its vegetable *cardcns arc
unsurpassable, its dairy products excel those ol Munnter und Normandy,
anil there Is ample mom lot 50,000,-
000 people.
M.IY1!'*•* OElrEtlRATION,
Alter hating collected ||li In two
days, or un average ol almost ,2 (or
every nian, woman and child   in the
camp, the Ananco commute ol     the
Dominion    day     celebration      pie-
Summer  Has
A little later on it will probably make its presence foil, with it
vongenoo,   If proper preparations tiro not mode, it is liMy Hint
you will bo uncomfortable during tlio hot weeks Hint lire fust
orowding on,
It is nu idoid Summer preparation, It will make ymi foel comfortable if nny suit. ean. In addition to their comfort.nlTording
qualities, the Suits sold  hen* possess other  dosirable  points.
Good   Material. Good   Tailoring.
Good   Fit   and   Good   Value.
Good   Style.
Excellent Suits
$10 to $12
Finer qualities from   $15 to $25
Light   and   Dark   Patterns.       Suits   of   Style   and   Comfort.
sen ted their report to a public meet-.
ihr held in Miners' Union hall on|
Monday evening. The lists arc still'
in circulation and several hundred
dollars more may foe added before
they arc closed. Thus it will be seen j
tbal from the financial viewpoint the
celebration is an assured success.
Following is the oflicial list ot
prizes for the various events: Aquatic sports, $175; baseball, $150; football; $150; Caledonian sports, $100;
children's sports, $1(10. A substantial appropriation has been made for
the services of the Cranbrook city
band and the grounds at Aldridgr
will probably require a little fixing.
Hen Kvans was appointed marshall
for the day.
With a view to encourage the hall-
holiday movement, negotiations art-
being made with the CPU. regarding a "Moyie Lake Special," to run
al a cheap rate occasionally during
the summer months. This would
give opportunity for boating, bathing
and fishing and provide a cheap and
delightful afternoon's enjoyment. One
of Movie's leading tradesmen intimates that tea could be served iu
Moriey hall at a nominal charge Im
the excursionists.
London, June 15.—Premier As-1
qulth today introduced in parliament
the Emergency Hill naming (Jueeii
Mary regent in the event of the Duke
of Cornwall reaching the throne before his majority.
The hydraulic mine is working
lull force of men, also putting in
new Hume, higher up. The work is
under the supervision ol Mr. Mcrn-
lield. Kverything looks good for the
works this year, as they made
much earlier start than any previous
Mr. .!. 1). McBride, wife and
daughter, accompanied hy Miss Glasgow, drove to the Hotel Perry on
Sunday In their auto, returning ti
Cranhrook in the cool of the evening.
Miss M. Wise, Mr. and Mrs. H.
Campbell and M. Huber were visitors
ut the hotel Sunday.
Mr. Yonke, of LaGraude, Ore., h
stopping at the hotel Perry, also Mr
Mayer, of Chicago, III.
Mr. VanWormer, A. Sullivan and
Mr. Campbell tried their luck at Ashing.     They al least got some bites.
G. II. Thompson and Mr. 1). I).
Mc Laws spent Saturday and Sunday
ut 1'orry Creek. They say they are
coining back again. Mr. Thompson
caught some big fish (in his steep.)
Found—At Perry Creek, u good
place to rest.
London, .lune 15.—Lord Kitchener
has resigned command of the Mediterranean division to whieli tie was
appointed- recently after his return
from Australia via America. The
Mediterranean station embraces command ot troops in Egypt. The resignation is attracting more than usual
interest because of Theodore Roosevelt's Guild hall speech.
War Minister     H aid une announced
tlie resignation in the commons.
A special meeting ol the directors
of the Aurora Mining company took
place at tlie Cranbrook hotel yesterday morning, its object being to
complete arrangements tor the installation of a concentrator.
There was a full attendance ot directors, those from Cranbrook in
attendance being ,1. D. McHride, M.
A. Macdonald and Mayor Fink.
Mr. J. W. Fitch, ol Moyie, presided.
II Dimock was instructed to secure information regarding plants
available In the Slocan, and he will
make n trip through that section for
that purpose at once. A second-hand
plant will lie secured, it possible, 11
not a new outfit will bv purchased,
final action lo be taken at tlie annual general meeting in Moyie on
June -HUli
Paris, June 15.—That France, Kngland and Russia are pledged to a
ininendoiis increase of their naval
armaments for mutual deft-uce against
Germany was announced a lew
hours before Premier Briand was lo
ask the chamber of deputies lor
large appropriations lor additional
Tlie statement was made by a
member of Briand's oflicial household.
The correspondent's informant re
sealed a momentous situation, not
generally known, involving the famous French-British-Russian entente.
"You may have noticed," he said,
said, "that the new King of Belgium, a nation which, though nol
large, is wealthy, expressed a decided Germanistic feeling on his recent
visit to Berlin. A Belgian alliance
would place at tlw disposal of Gcr
many a valuable stretch ol sea coast.
"The aggressiveness of Kaiser Wil-
helm Is the key to European politics
today. Whim Britain, France and
Kus-sia banded themselves together
it was toward Germany that they
were looking.
Germany is over populated and
needs colonics. Many of its best
sons arc forced to renounce the fatherland, which docs not provide them
with sustenance. There must be a
German outlet because ul the German
overflow. Bismarck allowed England and France to divide Africa.
Now any enlargement of German territory must be nearer home. England fears a German invasion ol
France as much as invasion ol England itsell and the lear Is not ground-
lets. A clever statesman recently
wrote: 'It is incontestable that the
Kiel canal, the Emden docks, tlie
German fleet, of thirty cruisers and
the 4,000,000 mobilized soldiers have
not been put in condition and equipped merely to realize a beautiful
dream of universal peace and a European confederation.'
"The Frauco-Gerruan war lelt    uu
open wound iu France; England already feels German aggression commercially and Russia has accepted
the protection of Frame uuil England
for several reasons. The world
knows the desperate situation of
Russia. If the Husso-.Japanese war
bad not been stopped when it was
Russia would have been badly beaten
and today the least external trouble
might overwhelm the empire. Bul
France aud England do not wish to
see Russia in trouble. Following
the Russo-Japanese war France-
loaned Russia immense sums nud it
must protect its debtor; England is
interested because nearly half Uncommercial enterprises in Russia are
in English hands.
well represented at the convention.
Conservatives state they will put up
it strong fight.
LAW        SUIT       KOR $1,000,000
What promises to he the most sensational lawsuit in the history of the
province comes to trial on .lune 27-th,
when Henry Croft aud others will
bring an action against Hon. James
Diiiisiuuir and nine other defendants,
claiming $i(mh,,oihi (or alleged   con
spiracy respecting an option on lands
iu the E. and   N. railway belt.   Defendants are owners of land   in   llm
Cranberry   district.       The plaintifls
allege that they obtained   from    the
defendants   options    on   these lauds,
commenced their development ol   the
coal mines    aud negotiated the   sale
of the rights.       They further allege
that defendants conspired in granting
a second option to cloud their registration of the first, iu order to   pre-
j vent competition in the coal produc-
' ing business in which they claim tho
i defendant.     Duusmuir,   lias a mono*
' poly.        The defence is a denial    in
' toto of the allegations.
Winnipeg, June 15—A report has
lieeti receive*! here Irom Ottawa to
the effect that Hon. Frank Oliver will
resign before the next election to accept an appointment to the hoard of
railway commissioners. Iteliahle
authority states lhat this will take
place within three months
The minister of the interior Is at
present en route down she Mackenzie
River to Fort Macphcrson within
the Arctic circle, and will not return
till August.
Winnipeg, Man.. June IB.—A deal
iu which over five hundred thousand
dollars is involved was coniumatcd
in Winnipeg today, when the Mooiuy
Biscuit and Candy Co., Ltd., of
Stratford, Ontario, take over tin-
biscuit and candy business of Foley
Bros, and Larson, oue of the largest
wholesale firms in Western Camilla
On Monday W. J. Mooney, president
and manager ot the big eastern ton
ecru, arrived in Winnipeg to close the
deal, which has been under negotiation for several mouths. In addition to Mr. Mooney two Victoria
men who are largely Interested in
the Mooney company, and directors
in the same, are here in connection
with the deal. These men are W
1. Challoncr and A* II. Mitchell,
partners in the firm id Challoncr and
Mitchell, who conduct a large retail
jewelrv business at the const city.
Vancouver, June 15.—Lumber man
ufaeturers on the coast of British
Columbia are arranging to invade t
provinces of Saskatchewan and Mani
toha with lumber retailing yards 1
order to get into direct touch with
consumers In that territory. Mill
men declare that tbe high prices ruling in existing yards nre killing competition.
■      ■■■»	
Edmonton, June 15.—The \\-rmil
lion Conservatives have nominated
John Clarke, a prosperous farmer ol
that district to contest the ruling
against Premier Silton on June -■>,
in llie bye-elect inn.
The convent ion wns largely attended and a campaign Is being orgaul/eil
in the district with the assistance of
Edmonton  Conservatives   who   were
Vuu will lessen tin* KIHK DAM! till in Cranbrook
liy IH'IMUXO OK HKH'K. made in Cranbrook.
We Guarantee the Quality of our {induct mil mil
give better prices tlmn anv "outsideis" on
A splendid library, consisting of 100 Volumes of the
World's Best Literature iu a handsome case, will be given
KKICIC lo any C'lurch, Lodge, or Institution in Cranbrook or
Ilistrict that can secure tin* largest number of votes in
it's favor.
Tin* in.'ri-li'ints listed Mow will give with each II) cent
pirchisu a vote. A ballot box is placed in Heattie Murphy
Company's Drug Store where votes can lie deposited.
The Herald will publish the respective standing of llie
uo'itcstnnls each week.
The Library is now ou exhibition in thu window of the
Kink Mercantile Company's Store.
Thu Herald will give UK) votes to every now subscriber
aim mil I during tlie contest.
The contest licgins March Ith uiul closes August (i. WW.
Itcmciubcr -Voles can only be obtained by trading with
the merchants listed below, and every dollar spent nt an j of
these stores untitles you to II) voles.
Fink Mercantile Co.
A  C. Pye
Hen's Furnishings
Patmore Hros.
Tinners & Plumbers   ; <
Drugs & Stationery
Dry Goods
Mllll  MllHrlll
Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd.
Hill AjCo^ _^ ■_ ;
ITdntyr-J &~E7lckson, li^t* "Xffjj-,
Cranbrook Opera House,  •   K. A. Fraser, Proprietor
• In Hiirilne.a Fnr Your AmiiM-ment"
For New Annual Subscriptions lo the Herald, 100 votes


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