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Cranbrook Herald Sep 30, 1915

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..s^ V
Results In Culintnutlon of Pretty Wedding »l Fernie l.asi Wednesday--
A. tt. Collins [test Man
A very pretty wedding was held at
the residence of Mr. and Mrs. James
Terrace, Macpherson Ave., on Wednesday  morning,  when
daughter, iti lia, was
wore a member of the local association you would ring up the secretary
and get the prompt, accurate statement, not as a favor, but ns port of tho
service you pay tor.
The wholesalers are organized, the
clerks are organized, the laborers,
miners, street, car men. all classes of!
labor an* organised, So nn; the banks.
What about you, Mr. Retailer? Do
you say you cannot afford the dues?
This Is just the time that you cannot j
afford to stay outside your Retail Merchants' Association.
Did you say you wouldn't join nu
their youngest j, u-ganfzntlou where Smith is ou the
united in mar- | oxocutlvo?   Forget It, man I   Wake up. j
rlago to Mr. Qeorge W. Welsby
Provincial Constable for Soutli
Kootenny. Tin* bride, wearing n handsome dress of while satin, and curry-
lug a large bouquet of white rosos,
was given away by her lather. Miss
Lottie TorHs, sister or the bride, acted us bridesmaid and was attired in
brown silk. Mr, A, W. Collins, or
Cranbrook, supported tho groom.
Itev. Foster, of Olivet Baptist church,
assisted hy itev. D, M. Perley, olllciat-
The guests consisted of resident
relatives and a number of immediate
friends of the bride aud groom. After
the ceremony a sumptuous wetiding
breakfast was served and the happy
couple departed on the westbound C.
C. R. passenger. The bride was attired in a stylish khaki serge travelling costume, with hut trimmed with
a large white ostrich plume to mutch,
and also a set of beaver furs, the gift
of the groom.
Tlie happy couple were recipients
of many handsome and costly presents, including the following: Cabinet
of silver, John Welnby, Montreul;
purse of gold, Jaffray friends; cut
glass bowl, Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Thomson; hand-painted plaque, Miss L,
Skilling; carving set. D. Dolan:
bronze mantle ornament, H. Murray;
Limoges china berry set, J. Meiklc-
john; cut glass bon-bon dish, R. Williams; lady's companion, G. Beckon;
sugar shell, Miss McLeod; silver fruit
basket, A. Fisher; teaspoons. Miss
Whitley, Michel; carving set, James
McCool; fruit bowl, Miss N, Terrace:
hand-painted bon-bon dish, Mr. and
Mrs. W. Johnson; casserole, Mr.
and Mrs. M. A. Kastner; cut glass
berry set, A. W. CoIHiik; fancy pin
cushion. Miss S. Clapp; centerpiece.
Miss Q. Neath; table linen, Miss
Jamleson; embroidered counterpane
and shams, Mr. and Mrs. Hughes,
Natal; traycloth. Miss F. Drummond;
cheques, A. Terrace and J. Terrace;
pair polished shells, Fred Welsby,
Montreal; blankets, D. Madden, Scotland; net of clitna. Mica Lo^Uc Ter-
rls; Morris chair, A. Watson; cheque,
Mr, and Mrs. J. Terris; lady's companion. Anonymous; oil painting. Miss
G. Bennett, Motherwell, Scotland.
The groom's gift to the bride was
a pearl broach, and to the groomsman a pair of cuff links.
Tlie honeymoon  will  lie spent  vis-
get iu and help,
ttiint uiul criticize.   Ills
ansles and get tin
Grocers' Review,
n't stand outside
uliovi* potty jcal-
blg   view.    Retail
Passed Away al I0JI0 Monday Morn*
Ing    Will he Hurled at
A gloom of sadness was cast over
(lie Win Sermero district Monday
morning when the newi or the death
uf LaCy Elizr.both Bruce at Invermere
was announced, death being due to
appendicitis. The end came nt io.:so.
There is .10   rosidont   doctor* 1:1 the
'oay beekeepers
annua! .meeting
Windermere vallc;
having loft there
tlie front Or. ii
haa  boen  paying
lo tills pari of tl
been attending
tin* hist physician
Banquet    Three    Former    Residents
Who Are Now Serving
With the Colors
1 On the termination of furlough of
■ Privates Barr, Walsh und Synionds,
three of Hanbury's representatives in
the F,4th Kootenay battalion. Canadian
Overseas contingent, a banquet and
smoker were held in the boarding
room of the Jewell Lumber company j
on September lilst.
Dinner wns served at 'J,.'!0 p.m.,   to
whicli  about  fifty guests showed ap-
some time
ago for ■ preclativfi attention, and hearty   c
eon, ;*f ('ranbrook.
professional  visiti
country, and ban
1 deceased, paying
Mil  Appointed  mi   Executive Uriet
Cuiiiinlltce at Flr-tl
.Mee ling
The Ilrst annual meeting of the
Kootenay Beekeepers association was
hold iii the city hall, Nelson, on Friday nt which there was a representative attendance of members from Nelson and* the surrounding districts.
The report Is as follows: "The association, organized in September,
1914, Is the first beekeepers' association to be formed In British Columbia.
Seventy-eight members have been enrolled. Unfortunately the past sea-
ion has not been a good one for honey
production in this section of the province. Exceptionally fine and warm
weather prevailed during March and
April, when the bees went ahead and
promised well, but the following three
months, May, June and July, were excessively wet and cold; consequently
the clover on which we mainly depend for our surplus honey crop,
yielded hut very little nectar. Tlie
honey that has been tuken is much
duiker in color than usual. In many
instances the colonies were actually
starving in June and would liave succumbed had they not bt.en(fed with
sugnr syrup. The honey label adopted
by the association for tlie use of the
members to promote uniformity 1 in
putting up honey for sate, has met
with general approval and 8,825 hnve
ho< n sold to date."
The balance sheet, showing an excess of assets over liabilities of $43.86,
wns approved nnd passed, and the following officers were elected for the
yea r:
Hon. President—W. E, Scott, Deputy
Minister of Agriculture. Vfctorin.
President —   Mnjor-Gciurnl    I.ord
I Aylmer, Queens Bny.
Vice-Presidents—G. K. Parham, sup-
I erfn ten dent' Dominion Experimental
Farm, Invermere; G. Flemnlg, Nelson.
1 Executive Committee—J. J. Camp-
boll, \tflllow Point;  Mrs. Cnsler, Nel-
! Bon; J. Hyslop. Nelson; C. Q, Johnson,
Ring Vancouver. Victoria, Seattle and, N'-',son: W. H. Uixen. Nelson; W. J.
Portland, and on their return Mr. and Mohr, Nelson; J. BHnco, Creston: B.
Mrs. Welsby will reside at 38 Victoria j t-ockwood, Frultvalo; B. Alpaugh.
avenue-Ferule Free Press. Kaslo;  R. E. Plewman, Rossland: J.
  ft,  Vestrup. Nakusp;   H. W. Collins,
Graud Forks; U. Q, Slater. Westley;
RANKS ONEY LOSE T. s. cm. Cranbrook;  G. F. Attree,
ON "GOOD" PEOPLE | Queens Buy; James Johnstone, Nel-
I visits to the Windermere dls-
Word has heen received today
from Invermere stilting the deceased
will he buried nt that place, the funeral taking placo at 11 o'clock Saturday.
On the lith of January, 1914, Lady
Elizabeth Northcote, youngest daughter of the Eurl and Countess of Id-
deslelgh, was married to Mr. Robert
Randolph Bruce, 0. E„ F. R. G. S-, at
the little church of Upton Pyne, not
far from Exeter, England.
On this particular occasion the
whole village of Upton Pyne was en
fete, every house along the route was
decked wRh flags ut prominent points,
along the road the way was crossed
with chains of bunting, while here and
there were triumphal arches bearing
appropriate mottos. The church building itscdf can claim long associations
with the Northcote family. Here nnd
tiiere within its walls are numerous
tablets and memorials to tlio staf-
fords, the Slannings and the North-
cotes. There is In tho church a
monument with recumbent effigy In
armour, of Edmund Larder, a former
owner of tlie Pynos, the seat of the
Northcote family. It was therefore
very appropriate tlmt tho solemn ceremony should take place within this
edifice. Dr. Trefuscls, Lord Bishop
of Crediton, performed the coromony.
On May 21st of last year the couple
arrived at Invermere from England,
nnd took up residence, where they
have remained and where until death
Intervened, the couple liave lived a
happy life.
The death of this estimable lady
will be keenly fell in the Windermere
district, where she was beloved by
rich and poor alike for her kindly
deeds and gentle disposition,
Undertaker   F,   M.   Mj-.cPhercon,   of
Cranbrook.  left  Mondny evenfng
prepcre the body for burial,
gratulntions must he given to the
donors of the feast, the service of
Alt Got Hong and organizing of A.
Sohell and committee. A good programme had been prepared and Mr. G.
Jewell  was the worthy president.
He opened the evening with a few
well chosen words, touching both upon
the pleasant and sad parts for which
the occasion called. He then presented
razors to the lads as a small memento
of thc good fellowship nnd esteem in
which they are held hy their friends
of Hunbury.
Messrs. Barr, Walsh und Hyrr.onds
raplfed in suitable terms, touching
upon their regret at leaving Hanbury,
und that duties fulfilled, they might be
spared to return to their friends again.
Interspersed in the programme, as
called upon and according to ability,
otlier spoeches were made by Messrs.
A. Sohell. J. W, WcBton, C Beck, R.
Dempsey, C, Ferguson, J. Millar, R.
Read and W. Barr.
Mr. R. Cameron gave several selections on thc Scottish pipes, marching
to which tlie lads showed great enthusiasm. Selections on the clar-
ionette were given by Mr. Porter,
showing great iikill nnd were heartily
enjoyed by tlie company. Mr. T. Mc-
Vey was also on the march with the
Mr. C. Beck guvo an exhibition of
Swedish bayonet drill, a very cl jvor
drill to watch, but not for an antagonist.
Mrs. G. Jewell gave a very acceptable reading on tluit ever-welcome
theme, the Red, Whlto and Blue.
A humorous reading wus also given
by Private Barr, concluding with an
invite to join thc Kootenay Cougars.
Going from the usual course, "which
may well be adopted when all cannot
stay to the end of a programme,"
"Auld Lang Syne" was rendered In
the good old ctyle, led by Mrs. P.
Hurry, followed by "Rule Brittanla,"
t0 j led by J. W. Weston. "The Maple Leaf
I Forever" led by Miss J. Ferguson and
A wealth of floral tributes were forwarded from all parts of Canada, testifying to the high regard In which deceased was held.
I. 0. I). E. NEED
Names of Ladies Who Assisted at the
Heoniv During the Past Week
\ew Secretary
George   Menu ham,   Former Seen* arj
of Kciiiii Merchants Association,
Gets Into Prim
Mr. Hougham, lhe secretary of the
newly organised Reiall Merchants'
Association nt N.iiialmo, sends us a
few stray shots which he hopes might
find lodgment lu some hardheads   in
Nanaimo nr elsewhere.    He says:
Tlio manager of an Important
grocery ami general merchandise
store told the wriler the other day
that his local Itetall Merchants' Association was making hnnl times cnsler by the promptness and accural)
of the Information they supplied with
regard to applicants for credit, This
particular Hnn pay sixty dollars n
year as dues fo the    association    uud
consider it a wise Investment
"Yes, it is a good thing, of course,
but then I don't need It, us 1 don't do
a credit business," s.iys some merchant when    asked lo join    his    local
merchants' association,
Questioned a little furtl
III Its thut In* does extend
credit thai Is, of course.
whom he "knows" ar
it would probably
[son; W. Remain, Nelson; A. E. Watts.;
. Wattsburg;   hon    secretary -treasurer.
W. J  Shoppard, Nelson; lion, auditor, i
T   M.   Hlxen. Nelson.
prl vile
Ford 1
ir, he ad-
a   "Utile"
to   people
all right,
surprise him  If
The Daughters of the Empire are
asking Tor sewing machines to be
loaned to them for the sewing in
the Red Cross rooms. It uny woman
enn lend a machine it wlll bc called
for. well taken care of and much appreciated. The use of u machine for
a month or more or even less would
enable quite a lot of work to be done.
The sewers for the week ending
September 26th were aa follows:
Monday—Mrs, Green, (convenor)
[Mesdames Brake, Phillips, Worden.
.Christie. McCreery. A. ti. Macdonald,
, ,   . , ,      . .   ,.     Paterson and McKowan.
\n nuiiouiicciiii'iti ui Interest lo the \    * ,...,,, *.
,.,.,. ,        ...      ,,„ insduv    Mrs. Ate 1 son    convenor)
i-ift lias Just been mado public,   riie| «*-...      ,    .  ^  »,
,,    ,       .     . ,,    , ,. 1   i   ii    1 Mosdames D. G. Mecredv, J. D. Mc-
foni works Al Ford, Ontario* thc home „ •
, ,      in      1,1 1 Bride, Shackieton, Knight and Miss
he lumen*, iiuliiiiieliile, will he es-
Thursday -Mrs. Hntsnll (convenor)
Mesdames Palmer, Leslie, Jones, Fin-
lay and Sneddon.
Friday—Mrs.( Henderson, Mrs. S.
McDonald and Mrs. Snlmon.
Those cutting during tiie week wcre
Mrs. Bowness, Mrs, Blaine and Mrs.
Owing tn the resignntlon of Mrs.
J  Burton as secretary for the Supply
I   ■*"■■■"■■* ..-■■'.. >ii-   i'i *v*"|iPund\ Mrs. J. M. Coutts has lieen ap-
potnted to handle the fund and will
accept donations,
resident of this city will bc
*i! to visit the home of the
r when thi* mammoth works
of that Institution will be cecn in
motion pictures nt the Hex theatre on
• he evening*] of Thursday and Friday.,
October 7th and 8th.
 automobile,        ^^^^
iiihiisiii'ii iu Cranbrook, nt the He\
theatre en Thursdaj uml Friday, Octobor 7lh and •'Hi.
11. li. Kicks, of the 64th Koo-1
tenay batalh n. paid a visit to Cranbrook friends Monday. Ho reports the!
Cranbrook men In tho best of henlth;
and eager to get to the front. The !
recent British and Fronch successes
have greatly chcorcd the men at Ver-,
he knew :is much as his competitor
also thinks he "knows" about the
Biune party, while both merchants
would be more surprised still if they
knew what the secretary actually
does know nbout that party.
A bank manager said tho other
day to the writer that the bunk rarely
lost money ou "bad" people. They
simply did not lend money to sucli
people. When they lost money It
WUB on "good" people, people whom
they knew were nil right.
If a bank occasionally loses money
this wny when they have means of
ohtaln'ng a very full knowledge of
their client's affairs, bow do you
think you stand, Mr. Merchant, with
regard to those customers or yours
whom you "know" are all right?
When you ring up your competitor
and ask for information regarding a
late customer of his who now desires
to open au account with you. your
competitor may toll you the truth and
he. may not. He may do It nicely nnd
he may not. In any case you are
under an obligation to hlm.     If you
ll' yon mini choice Under
cull on ns. IN!! Ih our
I'lione >'<>.
Wc   lune   some  really
choice Hiiilcr.
8 Itis. for.
Wrapped in Curious
Cheese,    Finest     Ontario
Cheese nl 85c. II,.
Cranbrook Trading
Rexall Orderlies are free from harsh
drugs and nre tho nicest laxative for
children. Sold only by The Beattie-
Murphy Co., The Rexall Store, 10c,
BKo, H BOc. boxes.
Jones nnd Doris, the Cranbrook firm
of contractors who have had charge
of the contract for nailing grant doors
at the Staples Lumber company at
Wycliffe, have completed their contract, the work heing completed Friday afternoon last. In all some 2,800,-
000 feet of lumber was used at the
wycliffe plant In the manufacture of
grnni doors for the C. P. R.
Mrs. Dr. F. B. Miles nnd children
returned from Frodcricton, New
Brunswick, Tuesday, where thoy havo
j been visiting for tho past three
months, When the Hernld scribe vls-
llled tlie station It wai apparent at
once that something out of the ordinary was ubout to take plnco. Dr.
, Miles was wearing one of those big,
i long, happy and congonlal smiles
! whicli a man only wears when tin-
world Is giving hlm a so,mire deal. The
arrival of the train explained the rea-
I son for this rejoicing.
"God Save the King," led by Mr. G.
Jewell and J. Cooke, concluded the
musical part of tlie programme. The
usual cheers were then given.
Tlie writer regrets the man from
Toronto wns not present, his opinion
I that Canadians cannot raise the "British Cheer" would have suffered. He
and the Calgary Herald should get Mr.
Jewell's opinion. He may hnve examined the roof ere this.
The programme as arranged after-
wr.rd followed, and with the talent
available was well appreciated. Special mention should be nmde of songs
by Mrs. P. Hurry, Mrs. J. Crooks
and Privates Walsh and Symonds.
also Mr. tl. Cooke nnd J. W. Weston
and others.
After the programme was exhnust-
d. dancing was commenced and an
njoyable night came to an end about
.80 a.m.
The lads left Jaffray for Vernon on
the K. C. Flyer in the afternoon. They
were given a hearty send-off by a
large company of their friends, augmented by that worthy member of the
community, L. G. Boss, of Calamity
Gulch, who had been unavoidably absent the proceeding night.
Mr. A. Rosen also rushed down to
tbe station to wish thc lads "God
Speed." All honor to our hoys. They
go forward to fight for Kngland and
the empire. Worthy sons of the bulldog breed, to them we would add as
our last words ns we bid them go
forth, the old battle cries of our British ancestors.
Fight the good fight Love the brotherhood! Fear God! Honor your King!
It Is worthy of note thnt these men
have been In the employ of thc
Jewell Lumber company a number of
yearn, showing tliat men must hnve
suited employer, and that employer
must have suited mnn, a rare oc-,
currance In this cosmopolitan district unless thc men are married. The
Jewell Lumber company are aloo to
be congratulated on their brave showing of employees who have volunteered for tho front. • Out of less than
twenty employees two nre at the
front, four are In camp at Vernon,
one accepted and sworn In awaiting
the call, and one about to offer himself—eight cut of twenty—the rest
are not at present eligible for enlist-
mant. How doen this compare with
other centres of industry in the
Kootenays? In the words of the
new song we find the right words to
express our thought**:
These lads have been  found willing
and wanting.
To do their best,
To lay the tyrant low
So here's good luck to Jack Canuck
For he'H ready to fight or to fall
And he'll stick to the Inst
For he*;-, nailed tn ibe tflOfit
The best old flag of all.
Minn Noteworthy Exhibits at Windermere District Fair— Prise Money
Heing Distributed
Invermere, B. ('., Sept. 29.—As
noted In our last Issue the Windermere District Fair was brought to a
successful conclusion last week. This
week the prize money, amounting to
several hundred dollars, including the
values of the special prizes and cups,
has all been distributed and the Hernld correspondent has boen favored
with a certified list of the prize winners hy the secretary of the fair.
The exhibits were certainly marvellous, being especially good in the line
Of roots and vegetables. The live
stock purt of tlie fair was rather short
but n good display was made ln thc
poultry line. It is hoped that next
year further improvements will be
made in tbis line.
One very important item was the
showing of tree fruits as grown locally by some of the settlers who, within the past years, have come in to
make this part their home. The line
of best exhibit of products from any
one farm was an especial feature and
the butter-making making contest, as
carried out before tlie hundreds of
spectators excited great interest.
Great credit ia due to the directors
of tlie association and more particularly to those who wcre in actual
etiarge of the work for the manner in
Which the whole show was brought
The grounds and buildings of the
Dominion Kx perl mental Farm were
especially loaned by thc permission of
the Department of Agriculture for the
purpose, cud the thanks of tin* community ls also due to tliat department
and the many local employees belonging to it.
The list of prize winners has heen
specially prepared In a manner to
-how exactly how each Individual
came out rather thnn in accordance
with the usual manner of showing It
according to tho article exhibited.
The winners are:
Miss   Olga   Anderson,   invermere,
firsts, specimen of home-made house-
old furniture; counterpane: second
collection of embroidery work.
R. Randolph Bruce, C.E., F.R.G.S.,
invermere, firsts, sheaf of red clover;
Broad Windsor beans; second, cow
with calf; second, apples, any other
.arlety; commended, sheaf of alfalfa.
J. S. Chlvers, Invtrmc.ro, first::, ofl
painting; painting, scene in Columbia
Valley; second, water color.
Mrs. Cornwall, Athalmer, first,
specimen of bead work; counterpane.
Miss F. L. Couldrcy, Wilmer, second, baby's dress.
A. G. Cuthbert. Invermere, first.
Transcendent Crabs; seconds, collection of sweet peas; collection of garden flowers; commended, bouquet of
W. H. Dawson, Athalmer, first, milk
i.'ow; boar; sow.
F. Q. Edgell, Wilmer, first, potato.
Uncle Sam; second, cauliflower; third,
C. D. EHIb ond Walter Stoddart.
Windermere, flrst and second, for ten
pounds of threshed oats; ten pounds
of wheat threshed; first, sheaf of al-
slke; second, sheal of 'red clover;
second for saddle horse, mounted by
owner; commended, sheaf of flax;
commended, sheaf of wheat.
A. E. Fisher, Invermere, first, Pars
Harold E. Forster, M. P. P., firsts
general purpose stallion; citron; display of sweet peas; display of garden
(lowers; best plant In pot; bouquet of
cut flowers; baby's dress; commended, white vegetable marrow-; special
prize presented by P. Burns and Co.,
Limited, for finest collection of vegetables; special, cup presented hy thr
Calgary Brewing and Malting Com
pany, Ltd., for the finest animal in
the show; live stock classes won by
coach horse stallion.
J. A. Oibson. Wlndo mere, firsts,
driving team; brood mare with foul,
roadster class; any other variety of
apple; seconds, single driver, road
-iter class; Wealthy apple; two loaves
of white bread; two pounds if ('airy
butter; special prize presented hy the
Robin Hood Mills, Limited, of Cal-
g.iry; for tho best'lonf of bread baked
by their flour.
A.    G.    orcnlto.    Wilmer,   first,
sheaf of oats; second, sheaf or wheat
Basil G. Hamilton, Invrtnere;
flrstB, cow with ealf; pedigreed Fox
Terrier bitch; trussed fowl; utility
pen of fowls, one rooster with six
hens (Rhode Island Red was chown):
seconds, English Collie; Rhode Island cock and hen; Rhode island cock
and pullet; commended, pen of utility birds, one cockerel and six pullets, Rhode Island Rcdn shown.
3. Hartwlck, Sinclair, firsts, one
sheaf fodder corn; mangold, Wurt-
zel, Bpeclal; commended in competition for a special prize of a cup presented by R. Randolph Bruce, C, E.,
F. R. G. S„ for best exhibit of farm
produce from any on:- farm.
E. R. Herring, Windermere; second, sugar beets.
Ronald Hewnt, Wllraer, sceor.ds.
Indian Runner ducks; display of potted plants; crochet In wool.
William Heap Holland, Falrn-.ount
Hot Springs, first/-, garden cabbnge;
Held cabbage;   mn;  celery;  tnuak
melon; seconds. Swede turnips; mangled wurule; cucumber (frame) commended, war beans, broad bean:-;,
sugar beets, ripe tomatoes, green to-
David Howell, flrst3, Airdale Terrier; mangold wurtsol; second, white
farrow; commended, sard en cabbage.
Mrs, Hume Laccmbo, Alberta, tlrst,
water color; second, oil painting,
James s. Johnston, Invormcrp, firsts,
wax beans; pickling cabbage; brown
onions; Yellow Transparent applos;
Wealthy :.pples; Hyslop crab apple;
Whitney crab apple; plate of fall
iwberrles; plate of red currants;
plate of red raspberrlec; secoudc,
hrown onions; Duchess of Oldenburg;
Whitney crabapple; commended, red
larrots; special prize, western Agendas, Limited, Calgary, Alberta, for
best collection of fruit. This is the
md year on which Mr. Johnston
has won this cup; special prize for
fruit, presented by the Columbia Valley Irrigated Fruit I-ands, Limited,
Invermere; second, special prize for
fruit presented by the Riverside Nurseries, Limited, won with a box of
John Jones, Windermere, firsts,
sheaf of peas; ten pounds of peas
threshed; Wee McGregor potatoes;
any other variety of potatoe; single
driver under harness; Hackney stallion; saddle horse, owner up; sec-
nds, best gentleman rider; ten
pounds of barley threshed; Uncle
Sam potatoes; Cambridge russet potatoe; sack of potatoes;  commended.
■nf of outs; special prize, presented
by the Groat West Saddlery Company,
if Calgary, for saddle horse.
A. D. Kennedy, Wtlmer, firsts, gar-
Jen fieas; parsnips; seconds. Early
Hose potatoe; parsley; commended,
turnip beet.
F,  C,  Ken ward,    Invermere. firsts.
w pony; hest lady rider, owner up;
|ii*n of White Leghorns; best pullet;
itlgliest scoring pen In poultry; Pekin
lucks; whlto eggs; brown **ggs; honey
extracted from the comb; kidney
beans; runner beans; white vegetable marrow; long red carrot; seconds, green marrow; honey tex-
tracted); Jelly, best hen; best cockerel with pullet, utility dass: pen of
utility fowls; special prize present-
d by the T. Eaton Company. Limited,
of Winnipeg, for butter
Mrs. Rufus A. Klmpton, Windermere, flrst. collection of embroidery
work; seconds, eyelet embroidery:
hand-made lace; crochet doyley. embroidery on garment.
Mrs. Joseph l.ake. Athalmer. firsts,
bronze turkeys; display of potted
plants; bread from Graham flour:
bread from white flour; knitted socks,
one pair; seconds, best fruit ccke;
patchwork qultt; specimen of brta
work:  I'ekin ducks.
James Lambert, Windermere, second, driving team.
Wing Lee. Invermere. second, potatoes, any other variety; commended,
•Norman M. Marples, Wilmer. firsts.
ripe tomatoes; Early Rose potatoes
bottled raspberries; bottled goose'
berries; collection of preserved fruits;
onds. Ashcroft potatoes; Wee Mc
(Jregor potatoes; White Leghorn.1.;
commended, sack of potatoes.
Captain A. H. MacC'arthy, Wilmer,
firsts, Cambridge russet potatoes;
green marrow; yellow onions; seconds. Bovee potatoes; celery. Trans*
cendant crabapples; commended, Wee
McGregor potatoes.
A. H. Mitchell. Brisco, first, sugar,
beets; second, green tomatoes; com-;
mended,   Wealthy apples.
Peter J Murray, Wilmer, firsts, red
onions; rhubarb; seconds, field cabbage; Hyslop crabapple; commended. Duchess of Oldenberg apples;
special prize presented by the Columbia Valley Irrigated Fruit I.ands.
Limited. Invermere. for the best dfs-
play of apples from trees secured
from them.
Ramsay Paterson, Wilmer. second,
Buff Orpington ducks.
Henry II. Peters. Invermere. firsts,
Plymouth Rocks pen; sheaf of alfalfa; sack of potatoes; Swede tur-
•ilps; red carrots; turnip beets; long
red beet; head cheese (home made);
home made, soft cheese; farm produce collection; second, pen of utility fowls, one cock and six hens; runner beans; parsnips; hrown onions;
brown eggs; commended, mangled
'.vurtxle; special cup presented by
It. Randolph Bruce. C. E., F. R. O. S .
tor tin* best collection of farm produce; second, special prize In the
butter making contest
Miss Gladys Pitts. Windermere,
first, lions'* dress.
T. A. Pope. Wilmer. firsts, White
Wyandotte cockerel and pullet; best
cockerel and six pullets; Homer pigeons; seconds, kidney beans; long
beets; garden cabbnge; white onions;
ripe tomatoes; commended, Uncle Sum
potatoes; long carrots and sweet
Alexander Ritchie, Invermere.
ilrsts, thoroughbred mure; thoroughbred one year old colt; thoroughbred
foal; saddle horse, owner up; first
gentleman   rider;   second,   beef  crit-
bread from tin ir make of flour.
Thomas Stewart. Invermere, seconds, milk cow; Plymouth Bock
cock and hen; Bronze turkey.
Mrs. Stewart, Athalmer. first, patchwork quilt
P. M. Stoddart, Wilmer, first, ten
pounds ot barley, threshed; second,
sheaf of alfalfa: commondod, Swede
turnip; nny other variety of jwtato.
Wit Bum W. Taynton, Invermere,
first and second for mounted game
Christian Trover, Windermere,
firsts, cucumber, grown outside;
squash: display of copper ore; second*', citron; cucumber; special prlie
tettler of twenty dollars, given by
J, Murray Gibbon. Esq., ol Montreal,
P. Q.
Thomas W, Turner. Wilmer, second. Wyandotte cockerel and pullet;
commended, sheaf of oats.
Philip w. Turmor, M D., Wilmer,
firsts. Leghorn cock and hen; hen;
turnip yellow; Bovee potatoes; Ash*
roft potatoes; sheaf of wheat; preserved fruit, collection; fruit cake;
bed room slippers; seconds, sheaf of
oats; collection of preserved fruits;
white eggs; turnip beats; pickling
onions;  sweet corn;  bouquet of How*
s; commended, carrots.
Miss Watt. Invermere, first, hand
made lace> seconds, BOfa pillow, embroidered center piece.
A. J. Walker, Invermere, Ilrsts,
pickling onions; Duchess of Oldenberg apples; seconds, yellow turn-
mangold wurtzel; enrrots. long
red; yellow onions; red onions; Yellow Transparent apples
Mrs. G. A. Starke, Invermere. firsts,
olorel embroidery center piece; embroidery, eyelet center piece; crochet
doyley: crochet in wuol; embroidery
garment; sofa pillow; second,
painting scene on Columbia Valley.
Kilisen  and   lord   Bring   I'srtorj   te
Cranbrook   People  —  Interest
.troiued titer Announcement
The combination" of Thomas A. Edi*
-on and Henry Ford is a strong one
and tliis combination has mnde poa-
■ilble the remarkable production which
will be on view at the Rex theatre on
the evenings of Thursday and Friday,
Onotxr Tth r.nd Sth. Mr. Edison has
made possible the mo tier, picture, and
Mr Ford, rs everyone knows, Is tho inventor of the tamous Ford automobile.
The pictures t hcmselves depict
-cenei in and around the huge Ford
factory at Ford, Ontario, Canada.
They are so distinct tbat the spectator imagines himself actually being
conducted through the factory.and
viewing the machines themselves.
One first c«es the forging of the
front axle and crank shaft. A huge
steal hamrnmer descends upon the
white-hot metal and the part is forged
b:-fore our eyes. One can almost feel
the heat from the anvil as tbe shaft is
forged into tbape.
The average person does not often,
appreciate the care and precision ne-
cesaary in the m:im.facture of front
.md rear axles. Some idea of their
Internal mechanism can be gained by
-ie'-ing the various parts assembled in
this picture. The front axle is flrst
shown and then the differential, which
s the heart of the rear axle and is the
means by which onf' wheal is allowed
to turn Independently of the other'ln
going around curves.   When this rear
xle oceembly is complete the entire
mechanism is subjected to a rigid test
before  it Is  finally   attached   to   ihe
James   Reid,   Athalmer;   firsts,   to
mntoes green; display nf dahlias; dls-
Iplay of roses; pan of biscuits; sped
men of home made household furni
Itiire; seconds, garden pens; carrots,
long red; rhubarb; fox terrier hitch;
Bpeclal prize offered by P. Burns, Limited, for best collection of vegetables;
| commended, display of garden  flow-
|em; special prise presented   by the
Open at lhe V. M. (. \, Thti I »enlng
Will Glre High Class (onrertu
Buriiiu Slur-on
The Symphony Orchestra under the
leadeiship of Prof. c. p Nidd holds
ts first rehearsal of the season tonight at the V   M  C. A. at 8.15.
The main object in view Is the
study and rehearsal of classical music.
rh*Te win probably be two orchestral
-nncerts during the course of the sea-
Any enthusiastic player of an orchestral instrument and u devotee of
good music is eligible for mfmbrrshlp
and Is requested to communicate with
tho bnder at his studio on Norbury
avenue as early as possible.
Purity Flour, Limited, for best loaf of I in Ihu city.
A quiet but pretty wedding wu
celebrated on Wednesday, September
22nd at 4.30 p.m. at the Knox Presby-
terlan manse, when thc Rev. W. K,
Thomson united in murrlage Frank
Kugene Robertson and .Miss Kthel May
Adams, second daughtor ot Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Adams, of Ixico.
The bride looked sweet In a travelling suit ot cadet blue and chic
black velvet hat.
After the ceremony a dainty supper
was served by the bride's mother at
the home of Mrs. Wlllhtm Bobertson
on French avenue.
Accompanied with the glfis were the
many congratulation's of their friends
for their future liapplneBs,
Mr. and Mrs. Robertson will retlda PAGE TWO
ni cranbrooi hbrald story of wonderful Perrv Creek, a Reviving Eldorado.
J. 1*. XkoBiiea, Baaliaae lUnafr
■ ' i    |                    - =   \ District nf Historical Interest and
Inaaarlvtiaa Bataa . j risibilities-Revival In
Taar    W>_
m NaftUa
AAvartfalM Utaa
t^glir   AdTtrtlalai,   tl   tamU   per
Oalawi lath.
Ir-af-g Nattata ar Claaalle* Ada. II
tMU far Hat. 	
Cranbrook, B. V** September 80th, 1915
When Sir Charles Davidson comes
west, Attorney-General Bowser goes
The Herald Is threatened with being barred from the malls, it is said
that Bhould the Herald ever again tell
the truth in reference to moral conditions in Cranbrook, un effort will be
made to bar it from the malls. We
will soon be lu "Bob" Edwards' class.
F. B. Simpson, known In the newspaper world as "Old Man" Simpson,
formerly owner and editor of the
Cranbrook Herald, but now operating
the Victorian at Victoria, B. 0., has
moved his paper into a home of its
own. The Victorian is now composed
and printed within Its own walls.
M .D. Billings, better known around
Cranbrook as "Mort," ls the mechanical superintendent. When Simpson
choose Mort Billings as mechanical
superintendent he made no mistake.
Mort possesses the knack of handling men and can get more work out
of men witiiout driving them than can
any foreman iu a printing ofllce ln
•British Columbia. When Hillings
severed his connection with this offlce some eight years ago things commenced to go to the bad and liave
been on the down grade ever since.
The news from the great war during
the past week has been more encouraging to Canadian!; than for a long
time. Tho Allies have been waiting
for munitions and for men and now
they have them thoy aro pushing forward to victory. This is tlie tide of
events reported from the western
front In France. Tho long expected
drive haB commenced and bus so fur
been successful the French and British being now nearer Germany thun
at any time since October, 1914. A
large number of prisoners have fallen
Into their hands and from all accounts the slaughter has been terrific. Thero may be developments
within the next few days which may
force the Germans to take a hurried
departure from Belgium. Todays despatches state that thc assault ls being carried on their third line of defenses and when they are battered
down and a force breaks through
across the Champagne front there may
he a hurried exit from both endr of
the long battle line. The Allies have
apparently plenty of munitions and
with factories working night and day
they Bhould be kept constantly supplied. Military critics have recently
asserted that Germany has passed the
senith of her prowess and thc Allies
are growing stronger day by day.
With that condition there can be only
one result.
LaBt  Saturday the  Winnipeg Tri
bune celebrated Its 25th anniversary
by issuing a 114 page edition.   The
Tribune has grown from an eight page
paper to a cosmopolitan Journal   In
the last fow years.   Ten years ago the
Tribune was the joke of newspaper
row In    Winnipeg.    The    newt-boys
cussed It many times and In as many
different languages for being a bum
seller.    The Doukhobor boys of North
Winnipeg refused to handle it.     To
be frank, the Tribune of that time
was much the same as tbe Herald is
today>-A ctarved out newspaper.     It
had hardly enough type to set a two*
column ad. and was tho proud owner
of type setting machines that refused
to set typo and hurried many a Winnipeg "comp" to the Union Printer!
Home at Colorado Springs.   A great
change haa come over the life of thc
Tribune and today It breathes freely.
It Is tho leading publication in thr
Manitoba metropolis and Is the flrst
paper purchased.     The Tribune pursues a fearless policy.   It caters to no
clique or gang and when necessary
striken out with slodgc-hnmmer and
crushing blows.    The Tribune   has
celebrated Its 25 anniversary In n fitting style.   Tho lesue was thc most
comprehensive yet received at this office.    The make-up and general arrangement of the paper could not Ix
BiifpaBsed.     Neatness wae the keynote to tho whole Issue.   Thn management and compositors are to bf
congratulated  on   presenting  to  tin
Winnipeg public such a complete and
finished paper.
Triangle Bustles Floor Mops:
Regular  2fic,
Special 15c.
Triangle Polish Floor Mops
Regular  50c.
Special  85c.
Circular Polish Floor Mops
Regular  $1.00
Special  70c.
Cedar Oil Polish
Regular  25c.
Special  15c.
Hardware and Mill Supplies
Cranhrook     -   -   -   •   B. C.
Mining In Kast Kootenay
Perry Creek has its source In the
same watershed as Hell's Roaring
Creek (the latter a name worthy of
Bret Harte's brightest invention,
though it only vigorously expresses
the general physical condition of that
wild, tumbling muss of most tortured
waters), and like Its strangely-named
neighbor, after pursuing a north-easterly course, falls Into the beautiful
St. Mary's river, between Marysville
and Staples.
The geological formation of the
country traversed by Perry Creek consists mostly of hard, altered slates,
with some shales and schists of probably pro-Cambrian age. Thero aro
also considerable Intrusions of basalt,
dlorlte, porphyry nnd quartz, the two
latter being the probable source of the
Bold found in the pincers, lt would
appear as If the high range out of
which Perry and Hell's Roaring
Creeks head, had been covered with a
particularly heavy Ice cap during the
glacial period. At any rate, the signs
or glacial action are manifest everywhere, and tlio general rounded aspects of the hills forms the best con-
llrmatlon of the theory. It very well
may be that the St. Mary's river, and
many streams and riveru now flowing
In deep artesian channels underground, were the means of scattering
boulders, sand, gravel and glacial
wash east and northedfct to the feet of
the Rocky Mountains, and so forming
St. Joseph's Prairie, where Cranbrook
now stands.
When the old-time placer miners of
1803 followed the Iudlr.n trail from
Kootenny lake upward and along
Mtyle laky out on tlie open prairie of
this locality, they could aot fall to
lie struck by the placer-like appearance of the ground. Your ordinary
placer miner, looking for ground pos-
ilble of being worked at a profit with
pan, shovel, rocker or surface sluice,
must tlrst hnd bed rock—since bed
rock is what the gold sinks to, sooner
nr later, as it is hurried along by the
waters which bore it from its parent
quartz or porphyry. If tlie gravel
nr wash exceeds fifteen feet or so
above the bed rock, it takes morc
capital to work it than* thc average
placer miner of old time usually had,
or cared to put into It for development purposes. There was no use
In their searching Tor bed rock on the
open prairie, wliere it might bo a
thousand feet iu depth, so they turned towards the mountains and prospected the creeks upwards in search
of shallow gravel lying close to bed
rnck. If this gravel carried a pay
streak, then they had "hit it," and
work began.
In the summer of 1803 some of the
miners wiio had worked out their
tr,round near Florence, Idaho, pushed
north across the British Columbia
line, and following thc Kootenay
river upwards found good Indications
or placer on Flndley Creek near Canal
Plats. The news of the tlnd got
around, and in the spring of 1864 a
rush miners and prospectors poured
across St. Joseph's Prairie, some making for Findley Creek, some for what
is now known as Wild Horse, and others turned northwest to Perry Creek
—then au unnamed stretch of water.
Old man Perry wus one of those latter hardy adventurers, and It was he
who become the name-father of the
creek, as it wus he who tlrst proved
its rlchnesB In the precious metal.
Soon be had a hundred men working
mind him, later on lie had more
Kindreds, and those hundreds grew to
four or live thousand ln the days of
the greatest activity of the washings,
Those men were rough, savage, they
might, and could be, extravagant we
know they were and wholly reckless,
but they were men. The simple tradition of their undying pluck, rude
honesty and splendid enterprise Is
the best heritage of this great west to
this day, as it may be for many a decade to come.
The beautifully situated flat on
whicli Old Town now stands, was "The
Camp." From this, as a common cen-
'er, radiated in all directions through
he hills men dlgggng, delving and
fiercely fighting with nature to tear
her treasures from her very heart
If they failed to strike "pay dirt"
today, then they would strike tomorrow, and when each man's tomorrow came-- as It did for one and all
'mparttally—ho hied him to the ('ami
ind blew himself to the best or the
worst It afforded, If his luck walnut of tho common, then he took n i
'rip on horseback for five hundred
miles or bo to Walla Walla or some or j
'he larger centres In the States. Bul
whether he struck the Camp or headed
for one of the towns In the States, hip
luck almost Invariably ended in empty
Dockets. Then he put arldc the evidences of civilization, renssumod thc
nick nnd pan, and had another hunt
for luek :*.nd pay dirt. Those were
wild, rough times, vibrant with energy
and tho vim of tho young gods.   Men
-t-n-1,   H-Pfl    th»nve.   ave.   and   died
with a rush.   It was good to bo alive
and young then.
But gradually, as the sixties wore
away, the shallow gravel adong the
creek became worked out, and tunneling Into the waiih on the gravel hills
was resorted to. Some started, to tunnel for the old, or deep channel of
tho creek, for those men recognized
tho exlstoncn of an old channel
through which the creek flowed once
upon a tlmo when the mastodon was
In the flesh.  Certain of them started a
BURY CREEK, WHERE #15^)00,000 IN   GOLD   WAS   TAKEN   IN    ISO!
tunnel through the big gravel hill
which rises live hundred feet high like
a section of some mighty ampithcatre
south and east below the hills. History docs not very clearly rccoru how
tho venture paid, but the idea was
sound, as an examination of the present conditions existing just below
Sour Dough camp plainly proves that
the creek, beyond a doubt, (lowed at a
right angle to the line of their drifting. They also recognized what was
proved on Williams and Lightning
creeks, in the Cariboo country, thut
gold might be expected on thc old bed
the hoisting.   Tb" gravel when elevated was thrown into a sluice box and
there washed and the gold extracted.
The building which covered the mill
j and the men's quarter*, aro ;.ll gone,
aud only tho friction wheel, walking
beam cf tlie pump and the shaft, of the
water wheel remain.   Every atom of
the machinery was hand-made on the
spot, and it may he assumed thc men
had little more than np ■ axe .".ml     a
chisel or so to help them to their ends.
But the v/oik was pood.-it did what
wns aBlted of it, and was the moat convenient means to reach '.he object In
view   Though nearly a wreck from
rock,  perhaps a  hundred  feet below I flood and time, still it survives, though
tho present bottom.   This was only   a! the men who built it. and to whom It
phase of the "old channel" idea, and  r presented the means of making   a
is of vital importance in weighing the fovtuno, are Bcuttrod the world ovor,
future prospects of the creek    as    a or  are gathered  to  the   unrecorded
gold-producer.   To work out tliis con-  dead   Tin.* rround their roofs cover-
eption of an old channel underlying  ed  is again  disputed  for by sturdy
tlie present    creek    bottom,    Roger  young pluos und thriving poplars   Na-
Moorc, who was probably about the  tit re is quietly, covering up the scars
last of the survivors   of tho   Perry on her face, und beside the old camp
Creek old-timers, was one of those the creek sings tlie song of the un-
who were engaged in sinking a shaft, numbered centuries    The. glories    of
and drifting a short distance in shore, Sour Dough camp lmvo departed even
on the left bank of the creek at old las those of Nlmrod und the mighty
Sour Dough camp.    When the shaft  Babylon
reached the bed rock, some eighty in the early seventies the boom
feet down, they drifted or tunneled up times wen* passed for Perry Creek,
stream, sending the gravel nnd so on, and its miners wandered here and
which thoy removed In tholr work up thero tn enrich other camps with
to the surface to be washed, It tholr experience By 1876 It wns prac-
proved to bc good pay dirt, but as the tically abandoned Twenty years ago,
pitch of the bed rock curried tliem when Jack Thompson and (Ins Theis
closer and closer to the waters of tho came fn, they had the creek almost
creek, they were prr.ettcaly drowned, to themselves But they and others
who followed them were not Blow to
note  the  extraordinary   possibilities
out, and had to abandon their works.
The old works at tlie Sour Dough
j1,1*1 of Cranhrouk Children Attaining
Perfect Attendance—The
Honor Roll
The report of the Cranbrook schools
for the month of September shows a
feood average attendance, the list of
children attaining perfect attendance
being particularly noticeable. The
honor roll Is likewise a creditable
showing.   The report follows:
Honor Hull
First year—Harriet Moffutt, Orma
McNabb, Bdythe Macdonald.
Second year—John Pye, Herbert
Third year—Francos Noble, Oracle
Central Public School
Division 1.
Percentage    93.81
Perfect Attendance
Chun. Armstrong. Elide Beattie,
Muriel Baxter, Jennie Hopkins, Clarence Hickenbotham, Orace McFarlane,
Sydney Murgatroyd, Orenville Musser, John Noble, Agnes Reekie, Gladys
Parnaby, Margaret St. Biol.
Honor Hell
1. Gladys Parnaby.
2. Margaret St.    Biol and    Agnes
3. John Noble.
4. Muriel   Baxter.
i">.   Grace McFarlane.
6.    Blsle Beattie,
Division II.—Teacher, Ivor Bassett
Perfect Attendance
Irene Beech, Nina Belanger, Ivy
Bidder, Annie Blayney, Edith Cummings, Ruby Deacon, Grace Doris,
Harold Haslam, Ing Wai Hoy, Ida
Johnson, Lily Lancaster, Harold
Leask, Wllma McNabb, Annie McBir-
nie, Mary Mann, Evelyn Moore, Rosle
Service, Hugh Simpson, Crossley
Taylor, Frank Bridges, Russel Leask,
Helen Worden.
Honor Hull
Ivy Bidder, Evelyn    Moore,    Irene
Beech, Edith Cummings, Mary Mann,
Marlon MacKinnon.
Division III.—ERle M. Bcchtcl
Enrolment    31.
Percentage    90.55
Perfect Attendance
Norman Beech, Malcolm Belanger,
Charles Chapman, Hector Donaldson,
John Grant, Hugh Hannah, Gabrielln
Hamilton, Marguret Morrison, Edith
Murgatroyd, Annie Parnaby, David
Reekie, Roy Roblchaud, Alma Sarvis,
Viola Sarvis, Edward Taylor, Garfield
Taylor, Keith Wasson, Everett Williams.
Honor  Roll
Per Cent
1. David  Reeklo   n
2. Alma Sarvis   91
Norman   Beech    91
Gabriella Hamilton  91
3. Donald Dallas   90
Ethel Dow 90
4. Viola Sarvis   87
Hector Donaldson    87
5. Margaret Morrison  St!
Annie Parnaby  St>
6. Ruth Simpson   S4
Edith Murgatroyd S4
Charles Chapman    84
are a wonderfully interesting experience in themselves. In the ok", times,
wlien the work was done, lumber cost
at some seasons as much as forty
cents a foot and men made as high aa
sixty dollars a day with a whip-saw,
cutting boards and such like. After
packing nails for five hundred miles
on horseback, men's bucks, dog train
and canoe, it need not surprise one
that they cost from sixty to seventy
cents a pound. Unskilled labor, with
pick and shovel, co: t from $8 to $9
a duy. Under such conditions Roger
Moore and his companions ran a flume
from tho cieek to work their water
wheel, hand made, be It remembered
which operated the pump to dry the
shaft and drift, and by means of
friction gear attachment, it alto did
of the locality—-that Is the unexhausted possibilities As was said before,
y the shallow gravel lying come
few feet above bed rock along thc
banks of the creek had been worked
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P.   BURNS  & CO.,  Ltd.
Division IV.—Miss H. Qiegerlch
Percentage of attendance 94.29
Perfect Attendance
Elsie   Black,   May Brake,   Freddy
Briggs,   Christine    Carson,    Charlie
Clapp, Mabel  Finley,    Donald Grant,
over The old channel, lying some j L,.nore Hill, May Uncaster, Irene
ighty feet or so below the present i MnheHi Mat tha Moffatt, Harry Mus-
bod(of tho stream, had been touched \BWi RelVQ parkeri prank Roberts,
at only one point, while* the high Mnud 8cott( llay Scotti Cyrll Seibyi
benches of gravel rising in places: Jack steven9i Rob!na somervllle, Joe
from 400 to 500 feet ubove the miter  Swa|l?i Nornmn wasson.
ould only be worked hy the most ex-
pensive and most modern hydraulic
The old river bed lying below the
present bottom of the creek can be
worked comparatively cheaply. In
this fact lies the bojies of a number
Honor Roll
Faith Ewin, May Brake, Lenore
Hill, Jack Stevens, Charlie Clapp,
Jack Moffatt.
Division V.
Pupils enrolled 41.
of outside men interested in develop-: Percentage    89.43
ment at this famous creek. Perfect Attendance
r- ■  —    — i    Vera Baxter, Norval Caslake, Eliza
beth Chapman, Gertrude Hopkins,
Stella Johnson, Lenore Little, James
1 Ixigun, Stanley Moffat, Freda Osborn,
Wllma Park, Thomas Reekie, Gladys
Shackieton, Sam Speers, Gordon
Honor Hell
Thelma Patmore. Donald Morrison.
Jack Ward. Muriel Reade, Arthur Gill.
Gertrude Hopkins.
Division  VII.—Miss Bessie    M.  Pye,
Percentage attendance  93.01
Delia Baxter, Eva Cadwulludcr,
Marlon Henderson, Ray Hill, Wong
Hum, John Lancaster, Walter Lee,
Vera Lister, Alexia Messenger, Helen
Mueller, John Ogden, Bun tee Purrett,
Reginald Parrett, Olive Simpson,
Helen Sommerville, Mary Sommer-
ville, Wilma Stevenson, Joe Stojack,
Hope Taylor, James A. Taylor, James
T. Taylor.
Honor Roll
Jack Ogden, Wllma Stevenson, Hope
Taylor, Raymond St. Eloi, Louise
Kelsey, Eunice Parrett
Division VII—E. McK. Fisher, Teacher
Eva Armstrong, Eddie Bliss, Alway
Bliss, Meryl Carson, Jack Dixon, Edwin Jacks, Stanley Kimball, Ralph
Ladds, Melville Leask, Grey Moseley,
Mary Parks, Geo. Nicholas, Willie
Stewart, Gertrude Scott, Willie Selby,
Douglas Thompson, Willie Taylor,
Wllhelmlna Woodman. Edward Wtilte,
Jeau Ward, Daisy Whittaker, Gon
Yee, Frank Hawkesworth.
Aggregate attendance 933.fi
Percentage   .' 87.16
Honor Roll
Cluss A.
McDonald,    Dorothy
Kowan, Gon Yee, Jean Wilson.
Class B.
Mary Parks, Ruth McNabb, George
.Nicholas, Edward White.
Division VIII,—Teacher, MIbs N.  E.
Perfect Attendance
Doris BrookH, Clifford Blaney, Jlm-
mle Cook, Alice Chapman, Kllle Char-
boneau, Angus Grant, Jlmmto Gilchrist, Kenneth Jolllffe, Hiuel Living*
stone, Joo Nicholas, Kenneth Parrel,
Arthur Shankland, Hobble Taylor,
Irene Taylor, Uennle Murgatroyd.
Honor Roll
First Primer
Addie Rosindale, James Conk, Hazel
Livingstone, Harry Lewis.
Second Primer
Arthur Shankland, Alice Chapman,
Bertie George, Doris Parker.
Division    IX.—MIbs    A.    McLennan,
Number enrolled  4.1
percentage of attendance 87.2
Perfect Attendance
Kathleen Dallas, Lawrence Foster,
David Frame, Robbie George, Allan
Gill, Sherman Harris, Fanny Hep
Chung, Roblna Kelly, Harry Kemball,
Harold Ladds, Stella Lee, Willie McDonald, Roy Vaughn, Alice Stevenson,
Fred Stojack, Billy Spence, Jack
Swain, Elite Willis.
- 5
- a
m •*
-    9
(,'iilnil Sctiool
Sr. 4
Jr. 4
Sr. 3
lit. 8
Jr. 8
St. Mao's Sel I
r, 2 ioo i
;; r> L00 «
2 2 GO 2
Smith Ward School
1! 4 BB 9
lienor Roll
Class A.
Alice Stevenson, Mary Beattlo,
Class li.
Lawrence Foster, Stella Lee.
Class c„
Kathleen  Dallas, Peter Brennan.
Class D.
Harold l.adds, Sherman Hurrls.
Honor Roll
Sr. 4, Central school—Sidney Murgatroyd.
Jr. 4, Central school—Ing Whl Hoy.
Sr. 3, Central school—Otto Gill.
Int. 3, Central school—Norman Wasson,
Jr. 3, Central school—Murray Hon-
4, St.  Mary's  school—Milo  Drummond.
3, St. Mary's school—Gordon   Armstrong.
2, St. Mary's school—Jim Tito. THURSDAT, SEPTEMBER 30th, 1915
Regular prices "torpedoed" on 0 only, 17 jewel,
IG size, dust, proof, nickle
open face watches. Our
watch stock is far too large
and we have decided to let
these regular $10 watches
go for $8.00 each.
Here is a splendid opportunity to purchase a
thoroughly reliable, 17
jewel patented movement.
Jewels iu sellings, patent
regulator, brequet or over-
coil liaiivspring. An u|>-
lo-dute and dependable
time keeper, This offer
for one weok only. Act
W. H. Wilson
The "Crisis In 11. C." for sale at the
Herald ollice.   Price 5c.
M. A. Beale was transacting business in Kimberley today.
Mr. und Mrs. C, B. Staples motored
ln from Wycliffe on Tuesday.
II. E. Birtcli, a. prominent Kootenay
valley farmer, was among the Monday
A. A. Macklnnon, proprietor or tlie
Cranbrook Foundry, is in Fernie today
on business.
Rollo Crooks returned to Bull
River Wednesday after a visit with
Cranbrook friends.
R. E. Beattie was in from St. Mary's
Prairie today and reports threshing
proceeding steadily.
A. K. Bannerman, a lumberman from
Jaffray, was among the guests ut tlie
Hotel Cranbrook last Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Handley and Miss
Nellie Handley of Marysville motored
down from Marysville today.
Capt. Kerr, of tlie Salvation Army
will take tlie service in the Baptist
church next Sunday morning.
Chris. Bergstrom has returned to
the city from Bull Hiver, where he
has been working for the pust several
(J. D. McNabb, V. E. Hunt, H. H.
Mllet and T. Verholf of Waldo, were
registered at the Hotel Cranbrook on
Our out of town customers will hc
entitled to our October 2nd Old English Granite ware Bargains for ' tlie
following week. Cash Bale. Sec
Tlio Ladies Aid of Knox Presbyterian church will meet at the home of
Mrs. Oeorge Taylor on Wednesday afternoon, October Oth, at half past
three o'clock.
The voters' lists close on Monday.
October 4th. previous to the October j Spokane and Intends
,.    .....     .._.    .,..    .1..    11-1       ll,..     .,..-„.,„      .>,..!     -na*
Mr. G. W. Johnson left for Winnipeg Monday on business.
Huggy und Democrat for sale, $25
and $40,     Apply Box 1*05.
Oeo. E. Henderson, of Bull River,
was a visiter In the city the first of
the week.
Miss Hazel Popper, of Selkirk.
Man., has been the guest of Mis:;
Tena Park for the last fow days.
H. W. Supple, manager of the Imperial Bank of Canada, ls back In the
city ufter u brief visit at thc coast.
A. B. Horsman and T. O. Horsman
came in from Glenllly on Wednesday
and are spending a few days In the
Major It. Percy Sims, of Woolwich,
England, passed through Cranbrook
Sunday en route to Pentlcton on pf-
flolal business.
Mrs. H, It. Birth, of Lethbridge, and
little daughter Beatrice aro   vlBltlng
wlih Mr. and Mrs. ll. Adams, of Loco,
for a few weeks.
Just to remind you that we ure still
equipped tor doing work of all kinds
ln our line. Plume :'S6 or 101.—Jones
ft Doris, builders and contractors.
Tom Herron, Ira Manning, Webster
Burton, Lester Clapp and Lloyd Crowe
are supplying their friends with game
the result of a half day's shoot in the
St. Mary's country.
Crunbrook never before saw Old
Knglish Graniteware sold at our
prices of Saturday, Octobor 2nd. Don't
miss the bargain day. Cash sale. See
window.—J.  D. McBride.
Use Rexall Orderlies for Chronic
Constipation; they are gentle ln action, mild and natural. Sold only by
The Beattie-Murphy Co., The Rexull
Store, 10c, 26c, & 50c. boxes.
The regular monthly meeting of
the Ladies Aid Society of tho Methodist church will he held at tho home
of Mrs. T. C, Phillips, Armstrong
avenue, on Wednesday, October 6th,
at :, o'clock.
Sergeant Loftus, Pte. Frank Lind-
quist and Pte. Wilson, of the 54th bot-
tallon are visiting old friends in the
city this week, being bn furlough
from Vernon camp. They reifbrt cold
weather lately at Vernon.
Cranbrook people will have an opportunity of going, through the Ford
works. Thc plant at Ford, Ontario,
Is being brought into Cranbrook on
Thursday imd Friday, October 7th
and 8th.     At thc Rox theatre.
Miss Helen Harrison, secretary-
treasurer of the St. John's Ambulance
Association, acknowledges the following Red Cross supplies donated by
Mrs. Donahue: 7 triangular bandages. 105 mouth wipes, E>1 face
Born.—At Cranbrook, B. C.
Wednesday, September 28th, 1911
Mr. and Mrs. T. Barrett, a son.
Anhic Kerrigan has unit tho Cranhrook police force. Tuesday he tendered bis resignation which is now in
the hands of the city authorities.
Collection* by Ladle*. Interested  . In
I. ti* I). E. Work Iu
-"' |    Mrs.   J.  M,  Coutts,  the newly  ap-
Capt.   Rogers  is   making  arrange- pointed   rccretary   ot   the   Imperial
ments to ttart the hydraulic plant   at: Order Daughters of the Empire, begs
the Perry Creek gold fields.     Opera- to acknowledge receipt of the follow-
tions will    probably commence next! fnK donations to the "Supply Fund"
wot'k* | of the I. O. D. E. monthly subscrip-
! tlons:
A  meeting  of the  Masonic  Social;    j,er Mr.  Kjng_
Club will be hold    in the   Masonic Dr# MacKinnon  25
Temple  on   Wednesday   evening.  Oc- j Mr4 Jag MltcDomUd 10
tober Bth at 8 p.m.     FulUattondanc '
is requested.
A stranger has arrived at Jaffray.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. A. K.
Leitch lias been brightened by thc
arrival of this tiny mortal. it's a
baby g|r|,     All'*: well.
j Mrs. King 	
i Jack B. Haslam 	
j Frank G. Murphy  	
j A. P. Noble	
Mrs, W. Henderson ...
| Mrs.   W.   E   Worden
Mrs. K. P. Johnson  50
  Total   . .* $1.60
Miss G. Hinds who has been visit-      Per Mrs. .McKowan—
ing with Miss Kdith Caslake Tor the Mrs. Ward  50
past couple of week*-;, left Tuesday for Mrs. Phillips 15
her home in Lethbridge, being accom- Mrs. Fyles  15
panied  part  of the journey  by  Miss   Dorothy McKowan    , 20
Caslake, ' —
  '       $1.00
Mr. ll. Tapping, or Rovelstoko, B. C, j    Pw M,M Alexander-
igent for the    Riverside   Nurseries, MrB Sherrington  85
Grand Forks, was a visitor In the city!Mi:S Sherrington io
this woek.     Mr. Tapping is the only j Mrtl- Woodland   io
commercial  man travelling  with
j Miss Woodland ., in
horse und buggy as his mode of con- Mr- R Woodland  25
I Mr. Donald Fairbairn 25
; Miss Alexander     tis
Mr.  Otto  Gray    and    Miss   Lillian
Lalthwalte were married at Fernie on '    Total  	
Wednesday evening    at 6.30.       Thej    per Mrs. McBride—
wedding took place at the home   of: Chong Choy io
the bride's parents.     Mr. Gray is   a  Kwong in
lineman in the employ of the Koote- i John and Agnes Reekie 25
nay Telephone Lines, Ltd. ' Mrs. McBride r>0
The annual pianoforte recital of the     Total    95 j
pupils of Miss Pyo will be held    at     Pet Mrs, Spence—.
tho Masonic Temple Friday evening, Mrs. South, Aug. and Sept $1.00 J
October 8th at 7.30 o'clock.   The pub-; Mlaa Olenday  26 ;
lie are cordially invited to attend.    A j 	
plate will be placed at the door for do-     Total    91.25 I
nations to the Red Cross work. Pw Mrs. Halsall
 . Mrs. Rumsey pj
Since the visit of Attorney-General  Mrs. Haslam 10
Bowser to Cranbrook it has been rum- Miss Hewitt 25
Dr. Jaeger's
Sanitary Woolens
From either a health point of view or wearing qualities. They
are not only ALL WOOL but the VERY BEST wool procurable in the WORLD, the garments are not thrown togetlier
but made by experts who know how and do make them fit.
Every article is guaranteed to give entire satisfaction or will be
replaced or your money refunded and they are sold at one price
in all parts of Canada, the same here as in Montreal, they are
pleasant to wear and while the first cost is a little more than
for the average garments, they are cheaper in the end because
they wear so much better.
Mens, womens and children.s underwear, sweaters, hosiery, gloves, slippers, men's caps and shirts, child's knitted suits, jackets, shawls, bootees
and many other articles. It is not a habit but a pleasure, not extravagant,
but economical to buy and wear Dr. Jaeger's Woolens.
. .26
. ,10
. .10!
. .10 J
. .10
.$1.10 i
ored that Mr. G. W. F. Carter, dls- Mrs. Beaton 	
trlct registrar at this point, will cue- Mrs. McCreery 	
coed  Mr.  G.  F.  Stalker  government Mrs. Deane	
agent at Fernie.     Other changes are j Mrs. Miller 	
also annuonced to tuke place In the Miss Glegerlch 	
Cranbrook district.
— ,    Total   	
G E T V 0 T It CO S T lT M E 8     Per Mr» ■»■ s. Brake-
KEAIIY     FOR    THE     HAI-\M**- Marti«    25
li 0 W K'E X     51 AKQl'EKADE jMrt) a Norrl»     .    10
FANCY DRESS BALL, TO BE MlBS s- **■*"«■ is
HELD ON THE 89TH OCTOB- Mr N Gardner, Aug 60
ER, IN   THE   AUDITORIUM, Mr* N- Gardner, Sept 60
GIVEN  BY  THE  ST. JOHN'S Mr. Cecil HowlaiwI 10
,  ; Mrs. J. Coutts 25
Mrs. F..A. Clarke   10
Miss Klmpton   10
Mrs. Dupont    10
Mrs. A. Kennedy   10
What  will   in  all  probability  be  the  «      „         "5
On November 12th the children of
the Cranbrook school will give a concert in the Auditorium theatre. Arrangements are well under way for
biggest ami most stupendous show
ever staged in this city. Further an
nouncement .will be made later,
Mr. T. Roberts 	
revision and ull voters not on the list
are advised to see that tlieir name tt
on before that date.
Mrs, Ed, T. Johnson and family were
driven to Kimberley today by W. 11
Wilson. Mr. Johnson is employed al
the Sullivan mine and the family are
moving  tiiere to reside  permanently.
Rev. anil Mrs. C. U Cowan of Waldo,
are In the eity today lo consult wltll
physicians in regard to Mrs. Cdwan's
health. II Is expected that she will
remain hero for sovoral days while he
will return home tomorrow.
Archie Leitch was in Cranbrook last
Monday from Jaffray atondtng a meeting oi the Mountain Lumberman's Association which met here that dny.
Ills company is operating with night
and duy shifts nt their mill at Jaffray.
Thoro is on exhibition In the window nf Lester Clapp's cigar store two
dandy samples of wheat and oats
grown on the farm of Qoorge P, Tis- ,
dale, 'ihe wheat goes on pounds lo ,
the busuol, which is above the stand* ',
Mr. Allan Thomson, secretary nf j
the RoVOlBtoko Y. M. C, A. wan In ;
tho olty Tuesday and Wednesday paying u visit to tlie local num. Mr.
Thomson Is Just returning from a
visit to Nova Scotia, wliere Ile vtuitcd
at New GlasRow, the home of William Currie.
Mr. A. Harold Raworth of Lethbridge, brother of Mr. A. C. Raworth,
was a visitor in the city this week,
He reports conditions in tlie southern
Alberta city as being the best and Is
optimistic as to the future success of
that rectlon of the country. Ho returned to Lethbridge Wednesday afternoon.
ElBcwbore In thin IbgHio will he
found some genuine bargains of thn
fow Cranbrook merchants who advertise. Herald readers are requested
to look up tlie prices contained therein
as tbe catalogue Itouso prices are
knocked sky high. One firm has
"torpedoed" Its prices, whicli mcana
that everything in the price Uno has
been smashed to smithcrt-vns.
Per Mrs. MacKinnon,—
Mrs. Currie  10
Mr. Austin  \q
Choy Glm 10
Mlsa J. Dowar 25
Eric MacKinnon 25
Total   .....' gfl
Per MrB. Phillips  j.oo
Per MrB. W. H. Wilson $1,00
Per Mrs. M. A. Christie $2.00
We bought Old English Gfanltoware
right ami are selling it better than
right Saturday, October 2nd, our Old
K.igiish Granlteware    Bargain    Hay.' ———
.lust see the prices and don't miss I T,'(t Reeo* is out of luck again. Wed*
'em. Cash sale. See window.—J. D. ri,'sday at Jaffray, while eogaged In
McBride. I wol*k   for   the   Kootenay   Telephone
  j Lines 11 heavy steel bar was dropped
Hoy Wndman is again in our midst. ; im lll*i foot mangling Ids toes and
Mr. Wadtnan has disposed of Ills in-' Injuring his leg. He came In on the
teroBts in the neighboring city of "**st bound train and wus driven to
winter In ,lts *lon*1' by J. It. Adamson, where he
the bnnnna belt and will spend the ', will be confined for some time,
coming winter at the Simpson banana ■
fnrm, near Kootenay orchards. The   regular   monthly   meeting  of
  I the Women's Institute will be held on
Jones and Doris have a contract nt j Tuesday afternoon next In Maple hall
Cherry Creek ranch fur the building i at 8 p. .m. Subjects will be "The
of au up-to-the-mlnuto stable. This j Origin of Thanksgiving and Whut We
building will be i>r the very latest de- j Have to be Thankful For," by Mrs.
sign nnd when completed, which will Mrs. R, w. Russell, and "Menus and Mrs Thos Uwson
I),*  In  about   six   weeks,   will   ht   the j Recipes of a Thanksgiving Dinner." by !    per Mrs   Halsall—
nuton.   All ladies invited.        j Mr8, Glenday	
  M. a, Jones 	
Miss A. M. Hickenbotham will en- Mrs. T. Roberts 	
tertain in honor of Mrs. A. G. Butter- Mrs. McNabb  	
flak,  president of tlie Rebekah As- MrB. C. N. Parker ...
sembly, on the occasion of her visit'
to Crnnbrook on Wednesday, October
18th.   All Rebokahs are cordially in-
Further Donations
Per Mrs. F. Ege—
Collected in Kimberley, B. C.
Per Mrs. J. S. Brake-
most Imposing farm building in Kast ' Mis:
Mn |d
ed the
Leaf Rebekah lodge colebrat-
Rebekali   nimlversnry  on   last
lay evening. September 32nd.
■as n large crowd of Rebekahs
and Odd Follows al the hall. A
short musical programme waa ren-
dored after which cards furnished n
pleasant diversion, Refreshments
woro served.
Simon Taylor left today for hin lumber camp below Wardner. He reports that the Taylor Lumber Co. nt
Kimberley bus disposed of their entire
stock of lumber. Tbe detmind Is increasing for tills product, Shipments
Of the rtocl. will be made Immediately.
Besides opening tho big new mill near
Wasa. which will occur about November ilrst, Mr. Taylor oxpcctfl that most
of the other camps of his company
will be operating this winter.
Mr. H. L. Mcllveen of lunkhead,
Alberta, arrlvbd In the city Wednesday on n brief holiday trip. Mr. Mcllveen is a brother-in-law of nave
Sutherland, who, of course, wai: much
Interested In the latter gentleman's
visit to the historic city. Mr. W. H.
Wilson motored the gentleman from
Dublin around the fertile plains of the
St. Mary's, taking in thc scenic route of
the famous St. Mary's lake. Mr. Mcllveen is a pleasant gentleman, to
meet.   He displays no frills or false
Per Mrs, McKowan-
. .26
. .25
.    .25-
vited to her home,  Burwell  avenue, Jean Wilson, Ruth McNabb, Doro-
rrom 4 to 6 on that daf , thy and Aubrey McKowan 70
  j    Per Mrs. F. Burton—
Columbus Day, which occurs    on "r* C;rter' Govern"-<»*t House. .fLU
October 12th, will be celebrated by
the Knights of Columbus, who wlll
hold an informal dance ut St. Mary's
hall. Dancing will commence at 9.30.
The Cranbrook orchestra with four
pieces has been engaged for the occasion. Refreshments will be served. !,
Mike Dim Ito Vl tch appeared In the
police pollen court this morning and
was given thirty days by Judge Ar- j
nold. Mike took itosscsslon of the!
Montana Restaurant the previous
evening, and it became the painful I
duty of Officer Venus to run hlnf in
the cooler. When placed In the Jug j
Mike started to clean up the cells ot
their only occupant, a Chinaman
named Ma something. It was then
found necessary to lock Mike up ln,
the parlor.
Mm, F. Clarke, Wycliffe.
Total    |3>oo
Grand total  $44.70
Acknowledge   also   goods   to   the
amount of $1.00, per Mrs. Halsall.
M. E. Coutts,
Financial Secretary.
The card social and dance held   at
St. Mary's hall   Wednesday   evening!
.    ., 1 wus n decided success.    About thirty-
front and mots ono In the customary ftua „„,.„,„„ An„    , .   .u     ,   ,
„._,.,_ _j __,_ \ "ve couples danced to the strains ofj
music furnished by a four-ploco orchestra. PrilOB winners at the card.
party were Miss Josephine Fllker, who
I carried off the ladles prlzo, a silver
thimble.     Mr. A. C. Blaine won the
Bankhead style.
Sewing Done at Home or
Iiy Day
itt Hanson Ayenae
gentleman's prize, a beautiful Irish
necktie with n sweet roguolsh smile on
Its face thnt is a delight to the eye.
The next social wlll be held on Wednesday evening next, commencing at
S.30. ■
Cash for Coal
Owing to the fact that
all coal being shipped has
bill of lading attached,
which means we must pay
for same before opening
dJOjsjetr) am sm 'jbd aqj
obliged to ask our customers for CASH on all coal
orders in future. There
will be no exemptions.
We are sole agents as
usual for Gait, Bankhead
and Steam Coals.
Prices on application,
W. K. WIDEN, Prop.
Hon. W. J. Bowser, attorney-general
and Hon. W. It.    Ross,    minister of
lands, paid Cranbrook an official visit
Tuesday.     They addressed u public
meeting at the Edison   thoatra   that
evening, a well filled house greeting
the ministers.     The meeting was advertised as a political  meeting, but
Mr, T. D. Caven, the chairman of the
evening, explained that u mistake hud
been made In advertising tlie meeting
us such.    The ministers were on their
annual tour of Inspection, Mr. Bowser
being here to Investigate a number of
complaints In connection with his department.     Mr. Ross addressed the
audience on work in connection with
his department.     He stated that the
British   admiralty   had   ordoted   2S,-
000,000 feet of B. C. lumber. Ho stated
there was a noticeable Increase In tbe
demand for lumber.     His department
hnd IsBued a number of    pamphlets
descriptive   of   barns,   outbuildings,
etc., which, while only an experiment,
was  thought would  result  in  much
good.     The    attorney-general     was
greeted with a   round of   applause
when   Introduced  by /tho  chairman.
He stated his visit to Cranbrook was
or a purely business nature, and was
not of a political nature.     He dealt 1
at considerable length with the patriotism of B. C. people generally, suy- i
ing at the present time this province
had 21,000 soldiers under arms,, In-
eluding the home guards.     After the
wur,  the attorney-general   said,  immigration to B. C. would Increase at a
rapid rate.     Vessels would be sailing from every    congested    port in
in Europe.    B. C. would get its share
of tho   many    people    looking   for
homes.     Speaking as minister of agriculture, he said there had been too
1 much  speculation  In    land  in    the |
cities.   Everybody had gone mad on
j this  subject,  even   the   government. ''
Twenty-two million dollars had been
\ sent out of this province for the pur-
^ chase of products, which might well
have been grown at home.     In Vancouver, the people were nearly all living on the money gained by real estate speculation.      The   government
found itself In a tight corner owing to
tlie depression and this year was compelled  to  reduce  Its   appropriations
. from  $8,000,000  to  $2,000,000.      The
province could not borrow money at
a high rate of Interest, hence this big
■reduction.     The unemployment situ-
1 atlon was still a serious question, although work was being found for men
, in the harvest fields of Saskatchewan.
The coal strlko cost the province a
considerable sum  of  money.     The
sum of $229,000 waB spent In relief
work alone In the strike area.   Nearly
a quarter of a million  dollars  has
been spent this year in assiting needy
families  In   British   Columbia.    The
Workmen's Compensation    Act    was
discussed at length.        The  Trades
Congress which has Just concluded Its
session at Vancouver, was asked   to
appoint a man familiar with the labor
movement to assist In framing this
new piece of legislation.     When completed this would be the most perfect
working piece of legislation  In  th"
Dominion of Canada.     The meeting
was particularly free of politics, the
only reference in that   regard being
when the attorney-general asked th-*
question himself: When will the election be held?   He was greatly interested In the issue himself and would
like to know.
Think 111' il: Slim,.' plrrps and Miortinents ill Mich prions!
Ilegiilar  .... 16c.
40c.        60c,        75.1
Special  lc.
l»c.       -.Mc.       L'llc.
J. D. McBride
Shelf and Heavy Hardware
Plumbing    Heating   Tinsmith.ng
air meeting was led by thc brigadier
at the corner of Hanson avenue and
Baker street, where the old time appeal was given to those who were
enjoying the sound of cornet and
Tbe Indoor meeting was started by
Hong and prayer, with Captain Kerr
as chairman, A few short speeches
were given, those taking part twing
Junior Sergeant-Major Orr.- Mr.
Scott Hill and Serg .ant-Major Cox and
the Kev. W. K. Thomson, pastor of
the Presbyterian church, after which
Captain W. Kerr introduced the brigadier, when the audience gave th**
new leader a r^-al Army welcome without any red tape or otherwise. A
short address was given on the text
"Serve the Lord With Gladness," Ps.
100. verse 2. Rev. W. Stephens led
In prayer, tlio benediction given.
brought the meeting to a clone. The
Army ball was well tilled and tht* desire was tliat the brigadier should
soon return and sjieno the Sunday
in Cranbrook. Tlu* brigadier is favorably Impressed with the city. While
here he was the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
J. I). McHride.
t'ndtr and by virtu*.- o'f a certain
Warrant of Distress there will he
offered by me for sab- by PUBLIC
AUCTION al the Hanson Garage.
Cranbrook. B. ('.. at 2 o'ejoofc-ggim. on
Wednesday, tht- tith day- ot-October,
1915. a McLaughlin B<wick'\\Lodel 21.
P. DeVere Hunt.
There ar*- imi»otinded at the city
pound the following described dogs:
On*- UrindU- and white Huildog; one
brown Collie bitch, two Terriers. If
not claimed within cix day* will be
CM'-t of Police.
Tendered Real Army Welcome at the ■
Citadel—Speeches by Prominent
Brigadier McLean, the now lender of
tlio Salvation Army, arrived last Friday from Rossland and was met by
Captain W. Kerr, of the department
Tbe brigadier was In good fettle for,
! his welcome to Craabrook.
1    At 7.30 thai tvealBg ft rousing opun |
Sunday school, 2.30 p.m.
Kvening service, 7.30 p.m.
Bald HIM Sunday school 11 a.m.
Skin Sufferers
The I). D. U. Prescription for Edema, a mild, antiseptic wash, stops tliat
awful Itch Instantly.
Throughout tlie city cuch remarkable cures have been witnessed with
this remedy that I). I). I), is now universally recommended,
As proof of jur confidence in thl
remedy, wc offer yOll the tlrst full-
sized bottb* on guarantee that unless
It does the SAME FOR VOf., It CHU
you not ,1   cent     A   generous  trial
bottle for 26c,
Special Fares
(folng dates October 8th-llth
Return Limit October ifith
Jc per word for firsl week; and-lc. per
word for each  week after
I'ltno   for   Kent—Apply at   Herald
office.     30-tf
CAR bulk oftU for mUc*  I'boii* :H\-
Ed. Shackieton ,  .'ifl-lt
HVt; roomed eo tat:c for Mile or
rent. Apply Mrs. Loanmn, P. 0. Box
846 or phone 180. _   :.ii-U*
Mil: four roomed cottnge to reotj
partly   furnished    - Ed.   gbackte-
ton. -i'l-it
for sai.k. A good strong Ijemoerst
wagbn, suitable for truck farmer.
Apply Beatty*s casket shop.
■   em    1  |   -   ****— ——
TO HE ST CJf CAP-Basemen ware-
uouie, large and dry, $6 per
month.   Apply W. J Atxhlaaa. I1U
FIRST • (LASS     1)1 ..HOI RAT     OB
light wagon for bale cheap. Apply
Jo'* Helatigcr. city. 22-tf
newly papered and painted; f 12.00
per month. Including water. Apply
L I'. Sullivan, cranhrook Ht
WANTED. A Ml of -c'on.I hand Democrat running gears; medium
.strength     Apply    Beatty^S    casket
■ '■■' ■ '■ ■
FOR HALE OR ItlM. Iluiw and
furniture; will rent fUfntohed or
unfurni. hed or 11 furniture at lowest cask prices  -il. BtepMflt, Fen-
wit k avenue. 	
STABLE TO RENT, for four hums,
electric light, warm, well ventilated
with large hay loft and • oat bin.
15.00 per month, apply Herald
office. '        '     tf.g
BACHELORS- I ndcrcloUilwx nd top
shirts mended, socks and j^ocklngs
darned, [Tins reasonable. Mm.
Isabel Butler, 111 Clafk~''a4e., opposite Cranbrook Curage.* 4t
, , -,
' Furnished Ihhim* to rent.—Four rooms
with bath; fenced; close ln; newly
papered and painted;-:p)aifkr if dv
nired; no children preferred; careful tenant only; )1S per month, Including water. Apply Herald office. ____ *'   30*lf
'ull Informal Ion as to fares, \ reliable  ai.fnts, male or te
otf., from any C. P
11. Agent or i
DiHtrict PusHeuger Agent.
! Calgary.
male, for fast selling article of genuine merit for the home or office. This
Is an opportunity which means a
handsome weekly Income for you.
Write today for particular.} . Dept.
1, 718 Roger* (bidding, Vancouver,
11 C. 39-2t PAGE FOUR
Loyal Oraag*.
No.  1(11
Meet! drat sst tklr*
Thumb-i tt * *■*%■
 Its     Royal     »!•**
Enlghta ol Iralaad Hall, s**km
""it I. <»»"•". W M.
T. O. Horsman, Bee. Sec.
Ueeti  *strf
Monday   nlghl
 tt   Frttermltr
■all.   "Sojourning   OaiMWw
tordtally Invited.
W M  UarriB,     R. W. Russell,
'  Sec. N.O.
Cranbrook. B.C.
Meeti every Tuesday tt I *m. i*
the Fraternity Hall
R. C. Carr. CC.
F. M. Christian. K. R. * S.
P. 0. Boi III
Tlsltaag brethrta MrllaMr *>-
Tiled to e«end.
Barrislurs,  Solicitor! ud
Mosey to Loan
laptrUl Btnk Bnlldlif
(Successor to W. F. Ourd)
Barrister,    Solicitor   Mi
P. 0. Boi 851
B. C.
Meete every second ltd tear*
Wednesday  at rrateralty  law
Sojourning Rekektls —t~-'
ly Invited.
Sis. 0. Bennet, N. Q.
Sis. A. Hlckontotliam, Sec.
Meeti ln  Maple Ball sees**
and  fourth  Taeadeay  st avery
■oath at I p.m.
Membershla   mrs*  *s   MM
I. T. Brake, I. I*.
Visiting    s
Physicians  and  Surgeon
•Win  at  residence,  Armitreti
Forenoons    9 00 to 10.09
aiteruoous  1.00 to   4.M
■vaalnfi    V.30 to   I.I*
tudaya   2.30 to   4.11
Cranbrook,  B.C.
•Sea ln Hanson Block
9 to 12 a.m.
1 ta   I p.m.
T to   I vas
Meets In the Mapla Hall
Sret Tueaday afternoon at sssrj
month at 3 p.m.
Preeldent, Mrs. W. B. McFarlane
Secretary, Mrs. John Shaw
P. O. Box del
All ladle, eerdlally tavlud.
■atenU*/ and deaeral Hnrslif
•ardcQ Ave.
Term, oa Application
MM. A. 1ALMON, Matron
Pkaot IM P. O. Boi Ml
Preeldent—A. B. Smith
Secretary—Alb. H. Webb
For Information reiardlm
lands and agriculture apply to
tht Secretary, Cranbrook, B.C.
Meeting—The Second Saturday at 2.30 o'clock.
Fktna let P. O. Boi HI
Funeral Director and Embalaer
Undertaking Parlors
Fenwick Avenue
Near Baker St.
Ctrl ud Mining Engineers
B. C Land Surveyors
li open for engagement
Dances, Social! Etc
Apply to
Mrs. Arnold Wallinger
I'llO.NK nu
Cranbrook, B.C.
■tr Peoae Ul Night Phont II
■artery Ave., test to City Hill
(By fit* »**■'■
Billy Kerr returned from his hunting trip, having killed one automobile.
Tom Roberts, the local meat king.
shipped a carload o( beef cattle for ills
market this week.
Geo. H. Seott bought two pure-bred
Hereford bulls at tho Spokane fair tor
his stock ranch at Roosville.
C. MacDonald, of the Western Canada Wholesale Co., Fernie. waa in
town this week, rustling husiness.
Sam Evans, C. P. R. fireman, Cranbrook, is convalescing In Elko, the
guest of Chief of Police M. Gorman.
Jim Thistlebeak says there Is nothing ln being a crook unless you own a
railroad or an article on Wall street.
Mrs. Tom Duncan, of Passburg and
family, are vlaltlng with her parents,
Mr. and Mra. J. Thomson, Columbia
On account of the bad weather the
dance at Flagstone given, by thc Admiration Society barely made expenses.
Ed. Clay, of Vancouver, was in Elko
this week with New Orleans honey
und West India molasses and other
kinds of patent medicines.
James Finley, Shawnlgan Lake,
Vancouver Island, president ot thc
Flagstone Lumber Co., was an Elko
visitor this week visiting with thc
Joyce Bros.
Pete Dallas, the well known C. P. R.
conductor, running between Bull Riv/r
and Elko (the railway hub of Soutli
East Kootenay) bought several lots in
Elko last week.
The Norrls government In Winnipeg
have fired three hundred civil ner-
vants to date for Inefficiency (get that
Bob. They sure look after their
friends, them Grits.
C. M. Edwards and daughter Dorothy, of Buyue.s-byLhe-l.ake, and Miss
Madden, of Waldo, outfitted In Elko
this week and left for the South Fork
country for Mountain Sheep.
Miss Patterson, of Port Haney, is
in charge of thc Roosville school, arriving via thc Great Northern this
week. This is Miss Patterson's first
visit tc the Interior of thc province.
F, C, Lawc, barrister, Femle, and
brother, who ls visiting from Ottawa,
J. Gates, King Edward hotel, and Mr.
Olson from Minneapolis motored to
Bull River, Gateway and Roosville
this week.
Thc Hon. W. J. Bowser, attorney-
general and thc popular and evor-re-
freshlng, the Hon. W. R. Rosb. minis-
tor of lands, wlll visit Elko this week
and wlll be the guest cf Jim Thistlebeak and the Conservative Club.
Mr. and Mrs. C. E.
he Is held by his brother ollicers hc
was presented with a beautiful china
A pretty wedding took place at the
Roman Catholic church on Wednesday
morning, when Jas. Crisnflo was united in marriage to Miss C. Alello. The
bride was asslteil by Miss L). Ntcolett)
and the groom by I.. Carosella, Rev.
Father Michel performed lhe ceremony.
Two Austrian prisoners, Nos. 28 and
158, made their escape from the local
camp on Saturday ovonlng, The
mon were allowed lo no homo under
an armed escort. Their guard remained outside the front door and the
prisoners slipped out tlie hack way
and mude their escape to the hills. A
close wutch Is being maintained and
It Is expected that both men will he
retaken In the course or a few duys.
Philip Carosella threshed 4 acres
of fall wheat this week at Cokato.
whicli yielded something over 40 bushels to the acre. Tills Is the Ilrst attempt In tills vicinity to grow wheat
and it lias proved un undoubted sue.
cess. Philip also has several acres ln
potatoes und gurden truck which will
compare favorably wltli anything In
this province,     lt is his intention to
The following Belt-explanatory circular letter is being sent out in connection witli the Strathcona Trust
Education   Ollice,
Victoria, B. C, September, 1915.
Sir, Madam,
The Strathcona   Trust for  the Encouragement of Physical Training
and    Military    Drill    in    Public
1 beg to remind you that in 1910 the
Education Douartment of this province
accepted tiie conditions of tlie Struth-
eona Trust for the encouragement  of
physical training and military drill In
the public schools.    Regular and systematic Instruction In physical training, according to    Uie   syllabus hilt!
down   in   tiie   prescribed   text-hook
(Syllabus of Physical Exercises    for
Schools,   published   hy   the  executive
•ouncll,   Strathcona   Trust),   Is   now
For the purposes nt competition and
an inspection of physical training, Uie
division of lhe province Into the present Inspectorial districts has been
accepted hy tlle members of the local
committee for Hritish Columbia, who
are charged by the executive council
of the Strathcona Trust with the administration of the grants to tin' province from the Income derived from the
trust funds donated hy tlie late Lord
Strathcona for the objects named
above. All awards ill the competitions
for prizes for physical training shall
be mude on  the reeollillli'tld.ltlons    of
secure about 50 acres In the valley and
start farming on a larger scale.
(Special correapondence)
forwarding    and    Distributing
Agent tor
Lethbridge Cetl
Xl-ltt fonder
Imperial Oil Ct.
•raying and Traniferrlng
•Ivan prompt attention
Fbona II
Ib  open   for  engagement
for dances, socials, etc
For terms apply to
Cranbrook, H. C.
Phone 105 P. O. Box II
Organist Methodist Cbursk
Receives Pupils lor
Organ, Pianoforte, Voles,
Studio: 23 Norbury An
If  you  want satisfaction
with your washing
send it to
Special prices for family
■taeeurttrs (or ill kinds of
MlifittJon  Gatmtttd
Tk* Shoe Specialist
••■•nl Merchant
■■lloyneata Agents
P. •. Bu IM Phont 144
atoM. Prut, Prop.
Froth Bread, Cakes, Pits
and Paitry
Pbont IT
Ktvkaip Art.     Opi. CUr Mill
Is,   M.   SMITH
11 A I    It E N II V A T O R
Lndles   aud   Gentlemen's   Hats
Cleaned and Blocked
I'lione 201
Miss    Miilii'l    A.    Hnherts
Cortif, HAM.  (London, Eng.)
Will bc prepared to take
pupils iu Voice Culture and
From 7th September
Address) The Rectory
HUf Pill tor WuDitrn.   fn *. box *t tlirto'o*
•old tt nil I'-uk ritorei. or tullrtl to »»r
" Mt»*.t'cfl.|>i<if Erie*   Tin eeosiLi. Piu«
LCtUwriu--1, OnUirli'
'ilor H«r?e nn 1 llmln; InomMi "*t*j
';»Tonir-win balld m up. ft htwi.ti
». *t tint* it'Toi. or lir SMll oa ra*Ml|>l
TMI Hcijin 11.1'ti.u CO., Ht. OattuibM,
1_m Mwifci o», ut.
J. Taylor, Proprietor
Hm Juit purchased a car of
(All Tuberculin Tested)
Milk and cream twice dally
Battermllk twice a week
The only clarified milk ln
Wo n*""*" *• noMo
C. B. Ayre, of North
Star Park, gave a card party to which
the young people of Elko, Waldo and
Baytfes were invited. The guest of
honor being their youngest son Ernest.
4f the 13th C. M. R„ and who Is home
on furlough from the Sarcee Camp.
Everybody had a delightful time.
The Sunkist Orchard, Roosville
Valley, owned by J. A. Broley, Victoria, Is visited every Sunday with
auto's from Fernie. Mr. and Mrs.
Klingensmith of Elko motored down
there Sunday for the first time and
was surprised at the big red apple
crop. Miss E. May Roo returned with
them from Roosville to Elko.
There are several editors of Montreal papers going bugs over eome remarks the Calgary News-Telegram
made re certain conditions ln the
west. If these pumpklnhead editors
knew as much about Montreal as the
News-Telegram, docs about tbe west,
they would be as silent as Lots Wife
after the accident, or as Murphy's pig,
when the butcher whispered pork. The
children of that class of editors never
have rich parents.
(Pro« ttt Fwale free Preee)
G, L. Pedlar writes from England
that the 5th Army Medical Corps is
at Shorncliffe.
Allan Graham received word on
Tuesday that his brother, Lieut. J.
A. Graham, had been seriously wounded ln France.
J. A. Broley, of Roosville, expects
to produce over 600 boxes of apples
on his ranch this year.
Willie Cameron, of Calgary, has
selected a rink to go to the Winnipeg
bonspiel this winter, consisting of
Wi Burland and M. A. Kastner, of For
uie. and F. Topham, of ('ranbrook.
Married — Buher-Klrkpatrlck — ln
Chicago, on Friday, September 17, Mr.
0, J- Hulier, of Jacksonville, III., tn
Miss E. Kirkpatrlck. Fernie, B. C. At
home 1188 West Lafayette Avenue,
Jacksonville, III.
The fall assize court wilt open In
! Fernie on October 18th. At present
1 there are five criminal cases, two divorce cases and several civil cases on
the docket. The Jurymen wlll be
picked on the 29th of this month.
The date for the Poultry and Pet
Stock show has been fixed for the
16th of December. A committee has
been appointed to solicit subscriptions
for prises and they wlll canvass the
town in the next few days. Be prepared.
Another Austrian made his escape
from the interment camp on Wednesday night. No information as to how
he got away haB yet been secured. A
clue to his whereabouts has been discovered and It Is expected that ho will
be taken to day.
Chief Welsby, of the provincial
force was the guest of his officers at
a little gathering In1 the court house
on Tuesday, the ere of bis marriage.
Ah a token of the esteem In which
Mr. King, the policeman from Bull
River, win-, a visitor In Wafdnor Wednesday last.
Mr. P, Lund is making some Improvements to liis cottage on the
ranch, to which place lie will move
with his family shortly.
Mr. Robert Graf und Mr. William
Unsey have taken a contract to cut anil
.lellver 2,000 cur Btlcka for the Crows
Nest Pass Lumber Company, of Wardner.
Mr. G. Donahoe brought down a
bunch of prairie chicken tlie otlier day.
Mr. Donahoe would have secured a lot
more, but for the fact that they could
lly faster than him.
Mr. Peter Lund arrived home to
Wardner Tuesday from Lundbreck, Alberta, where he has been looking after
his interests in the coal mine at that
To judge from the bunch of logs the
Crows Nest Pass Lumber Company
have In their boom below Wardner
the sawmill wilt hc running as long
as it lt possible to turn a wheel before
■old weather sets In. The company
s having from eight to. twelve car-
oads of lumber shipped In every day
by rati from Galloway.
On learning of the accident which
befell his wife, Mr. Charles Wilson arrived In Wardner last Tuesday from
Lethbridge, Alta., where he was
working fn thc harvest fields. Mr.
Wilson hud been un tlie prairie only
about a week when the news reached
htm that his wife had broken her leg.
He took the first train to Cranbrook,
where he found Mrs. Wilson ln the
St. Eugene hospital receiving the tender care of the good Sisters. After
arranging matters at Wardner he left
again Sunday for the prairie. Wardner people are glad to learn that Mm.
Wilson Is improving day by duy at
St Eugene hospital, Cranhrook, where
she and little John are receiving the
best of attention.
the high school inspector and the respective public school inspectors.
For com petition among the high und
superior schools of the province during 191[>-lfi, the local committee or the
Strathcona Trust has allotted the sum
of $90 for physical training, and has
directed that this amount be divided
Into five prizes, as follows: 1st, $24;
2nd, $21; 3rd, $18; 4th, $15; 5th, $12.
The local -committee lias also set
aside $f>S5 for physical training prtzuB
In the gra led and co'imon schools of
the province. The sum ol $-15 has
'.' i•> heen allotted tu each liiH]i(iutornte
lo be divided Into tliren prizes, viz :
1st, $21; 2nd, $15; 3rd, $9. Inspectorate  No.  4,  which  includes  Vancouver
Puhlic   .Meeting    Called   fur   Friday
Evening Next tu Discuss
Owing to war conditions the Invermere community finds itself entirely
without the services of a medical
practitioner. The nearest doctor Is
situated ut Golden, eighty miles to
the north. With otlier outlying parts
of the province we are deprived of
what may be termed one of the necessities of life, for the regular attendant left last summer to serve king
und empire with the British Columbia
hospital contingent.
Yhe Windermere district has an area
or eighty miles In length by about
forty In width and 1ms at the present
time a population clone on to one
thousand Inhabitants, A remarkably
gootl hospital is supported here by
the aid of public subscriptions and
tho govern mon t aid nnd Us directors
fool  very keenly the    responsibility
which rests oil their shoulders of having proper medical attendance, Since
tin; departure of the doctor, who wus
temporarily tilling the post here, there
have been at least two cases whieh
but owing to the skill uud devotion of
the nurse lu charge might huve terminated fatally. The government
offer a grant of twenty-five dollars
per month to any practitioner entering here, and the same sum Is paid
lilin by the federul government for the
needed attention to the Indians on
tho reserves. This makes the neu-
cIoub of a steady income of fifty dollars per montll. In addition to this
there wlll be a guaranteed fund of at
least say twenty-five dollars per
month from the residents of the community. Over and above this the hospital directors are willing to grant
free room and board at the hospital to
any single practitioner who may
come to reside In our midst, so taken
all in all. the foundation offer Is, it ls
hoped, sufficiently tempting to Induce
some person to offer their services,
Always Temptliift
—llclrcshinii nml
Satisfy in il— there
is nothing "iust as
good " OH
5nii itiittiiiieu r. c. c.
lads, so held
Whence   ca
and s«
Krecl as tli
They are
An empire
And they
To light  fo
111  (1   YUlll
ue all tin
along so cheerily
• towering tamarac tree
from the country of Koo-
,vorod the cnll
country now
oa unholy mo
They camo from tho mill, tho woods,
nml the miii'i'
Ranchors und    braltloa, all    cluss
Whate'er tliey muy be, they're   all fit
iiml line
To do their bit well, as the Germans
will Iiml.
They've called them the Coujjars, tt
is a good name
They'll light in the dark without any
For   tho   freedom of   Belgium   and
women defamed
They'll claw oa the foe until  he's
well maimed,
The medical association or the province have stated thut tliey will, under
City, Burnnby, Delta. Point Grey and the circumstances, grant a permit for
Richmond Municipalities, and is In Uny d»*y qualified dootcr from any
charge of three inspectors, has been pf the provinces to enter Into practise
regarded to three Inspectorates and meantime. A public meeting cf all
will receive a grant of $135. I Persons in the district has been called
; Ml* Friday, the tlrst Oetober, to makt
The above-described prizes are to be
awaided to those rooms which most! ■*■■<•* necessary arrangement::  for any
nearly meet the conditions of physical ] Stipulated guarantee.    The necessary
training outlined   by tho   Strathcona | arrangements  ure,   for  thc   moment,
Trust, und it Is suggested by the local'
committee that the Inspector shall allot marks when inspecting physical
training on the following plan: 20 per
cent, to be allowed discipline, orderliness, and cleanliness, the discipline
and orderliness to he judged during
the ordinary Bchcol-work as well as
during physical exercises; 35 per cent
for the performance of physical exercises r-f prescribed tixt-bcok: 45 per
cent for general physique and health
of the school, The manner In which
the children sit at the desk and carry
tliemiclves when walking or standlur
l!!l should be carefully noted, an
erect carriage botng of prime '.nsport-
The teacher to wlmn an award Is
made shell be entltloJ to two-thirds or
the prize, the other tliird to be (x-
pendod for a picture or some piece of
apparatus (suitably Inscribed) for the
room In which It was won,
Alexander Robinson,
Superintendent of Education.
under the direction of Mr. Goo 1 go A.
Bennett, O.E., the able and ettielent
secretary of the Windermere District
Hospital Association.
So, hero's
to tlu
who hav
ored \
Tlle om
i-l:'. ri.
O   (
Mian Uio
; lost
We'll lo
ok to
o full
A wolcom
• trm
. will
Tlio' yn
■ bo muny,
>' you
Gml kooi)
you *
afo, who
lli'll ot
the (
v.: w
li. C.
Sent. 29tll, 19
- &'-*\tsl8mr
(From the Creston Review.)
Birth—In Creston, on September
23rd, to Mr. and Mrs. James Johnston,
a son.
Birth—At Creston, on September
ISth, to Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Hilton, a
Miss Wuddy. of Hrundou, Man., who
has been visiting her sister. Mrs. Chas.
Huscroft, left for homo on Tuesday.
Miss Cleveland, of Kort Simpson, H.
C, arrived In Creston on Friday, on a
vlBlt to her sister, Mrs. W. (lobbett.
Mrs. John Cameron received tlie sad
Intelligence on Wednesday evening of
the death by accident of her brother,
Hugh McMuhon, which occurred thut
morning nt Nowdalo, Manitoba.
Hopes are entertained that the Canyon City Lumber company may be
fortunate enough to get tlie contract
of cutting the Watts timber that was
skidded three years ugo at HtlBCroft
(Special correspondence),
Edgar Handley has gone to Nanton,
Alta., on a visit.
MIbs Ruth Tibbetts has gone to
Cranbrook to reside.
This district Ib having Its share of
rain this fall. Rut tt is delaying
thresh I reg considerable.
Percy Bidder, of the 54th battalion,
who has been visiting relatives here
has returned to Vernon.
A dance wlll be held In the hall at
Kimberley Friday evening. A collection will bo taken to defray expenses.
All are welcome.
Mrs. Bennett and Harold, who spent
the week In Kelson, have returned
home. They wore uccompanlcd home j
by Mrs. K. H. Moore nnd little Eileen
Moore, of Cranbrook. I
The bowling alleys will open for the
seuson on Saturday afternoon, October
.!nd at 4 o'clock, when the C. P, R.
and Y. M. C. A. toutns wlll compete
for first honors.
The association membership fee Is
$5-00 per annum, or less than ten
cepls per week, and as the success of
the coming season depends on the
co-operation of the people of this eity
the association extends to all a hearty
Invitation to visit and inspect the
building and' If Interested In the
work would welcome you as n member of the association.
Since the beginning of the year the
entire" Interior or tho building hns
lieen renovated, the walls, woodwork
and floors refinfshed, the rooms supplied with new bedding, curtain.; and
shades, tlie shower baths put lu perfect working order, tlie billiard room
equipped nnd the howling alley-; planed, levelled and re-flnlshed, also equipped wltli new balls, pins, cushions mid
lights, so that the building at present
stands second to none on the system.
On the evening "or Thanksgiving
Day, Oetober llth, the Lndles Auxiliary of the Ry. V. M. C, A, will hold
their Ilrst social of the season, In the
V. M. C. A. building, to commence at
s o'clock sharp. A good program of
music und elocution will be rendered,
with short addresses by local speakers, ufter which ton will he served
The alleys will then be opened that
the ladles may participate In the
healthy recreation of howling. A collection will be taken In aid or the work
which Is being done by the nuxllllury,
the reserve existing on Lots Nos.
10355, 10308 und 11551, Kootenay District, by reason of a notice published
In the British Columbia Gazette on
the 27th of December, 1907, Is cancelled, and that the said lunds will be
opened to entry by pre-emption ut 9
o'clock in the forenoon, on Monday,
the 6th duy of December, 1915, all applications to be made at the ofllce of
the Government Anent at Cranbrook.
Department of Lands.
Victoria. B. C,
September 24th,   1915.     119-10
SEALED TKNDKHH, addressed to
the Postmaster General, will be received at Ottawa until noon, on Friday, the 22nd Octobor, 1915. for the
conveyance of His Majesty's Mulls, on
U proposed Contract for four years.
twenty-six times per week each way,
ION between Wardner and Railway Station
(C. P.I from the 1st January next.
Printed notices containing further
Information us to conditions of proposed Contract may be seen und
blank forms or Tender may be obtained ;it the Tost Offices of Wurdner,
and nt the ollice of the Post Ollice Inspector.
I). A. Bruce,
Post Office Inspector.
Post Ollice Inspector's Ollice,
Calgary, loth Sept. l'JU,. 3K-3t
glstry Act" and In the matter of
Ut 1, Block OS, cf Lot 132 Group
TAKE NOTICE that an application
(2068 1) has been made to register
Arthur Edward Blunden, uf Valotta,
Malta, us owner In fco simple of the
ubove lotB under a conveyance to him
from the Baynes Ijike Lund Company, Limited, dated the 3rd day of
December, 1913, and that unless within
30 duys from the .'ate of the Ilrst publication hereof you Die In this office a
caveat or Certilieate of Lis Pendens I
sliull register tho said Arthur Edward
Uiiinden ua owner In fee.
Dated at the Lund Registry Office,
Nelson, this 18th day of September,
Samuel R. Roe,
District Register.
To all to whom It may con corn.
Date, of first publlcutlon 23rd dry of
September, 1915. :i8-4t
Cupllnl   Authorized   ....910,000*00030
Capital Puid  Up..     7,000.00030
Reserve   uud   Undivided
l'rullts        MM-AMMJ*
Accounts of Corporations, Munl-
clpallttos .Merchants, Farmers an**
Private individuals Invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit Issued
available in any part of the world.
attentfou given to Savings Bank Ac
counts. Deposits of $1.00 and upwards received and interest allowed
from date of dupoBlt.
A branch ls also established at
Athalmer, III'., under the maiiBie-
meut of Irving C. Wedd.
Crunbrook  Branch
II.  W. SUPPLE,  Manager
The Pink of Health
is every woman's right:
but many are troubled
with sallow complexions,
headaches, backaches, low
spirits—until they learn that
sure relief may be found in
in tiik hattkii op the "Und Registry Act" and In the nuitler ol
l/it 2. Illuvk 118, ot Ixit 132, (iniiiii
1. ___
Map 1181
TAKK NOTICE that an application
121)691) haH baen mado to n-rclBtcr
ThimiuH Uwndcs Waohington, ot Thc
Marsa, Mnlto. as owner In tee simple
ot the above lota under a conveyance
to hlm trom Baynes Lake Laad Company, Limited, dated the 3rd dny ot
December, 1913, and that unless within
30 daya from the dato of the flrst nub-
llcation horeof you file In UiIb olhcc a
caveat or Certilieate of LIb Pendens I
shall register thc Bald Thomas Lcwn-
des Wnshlngton as owner In foe.
Doted nt the Land RoglBtry Offlce,
Nelson, thlB 18tn day of   September,
Samuel R. Roe,
D|atrlct Register.
To r.ll to whom It may concorn.
Date ot flrat publication 23rd day of
Sciitcmbar, 1916. 3l-«
Spokane, Washington
We believe we
have more regular patrons from
liritlsh Columbia
than any other
Hotel In Spokane
On your next trip
to this city, let ui
show you why
this Is true.
Opposite new Union Station. Close to all places ot
Interest. Rooms elegantly
furnished. Rates as low
as at the more ordinary
8m Steamship ob Um KmI


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