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Cranbrook Herald Feb 6, 1908

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l.ltANIlltOOK.   IttilTISH   COLUMBIA.   THPBSDA.V,   I'KHBI'AIIV   li.   oil's
NO.   »li
i .1.
, .0
, .. .
,  ., .
,  .1 .
. |l .
. M ,
, ,, .
. ,, .
, -. i
,,. >
We have decided to sell everything we have in the Store.   It is a well-known fact that we carry the
largest stock of Cigars, Cigarettes, Tobacco, Pipes, and Smokers' Sundries in the
interior of British Columbia
Imported and Domestic
X Brier Pipes of the best known makers, such
♦ as   Petersons,    B.B.B.,  G.B.D.,   and   Morell
X Mackenzie.   Also   a   large   line   of  Asbestos,
| Cherrywood, Corn Cob and Clays.
In all. the leading makes
Our stock is comprised of the leading English, Irish, Scotch, American and Canadian
Copenhagen Snuff, Tobacco Pouches, Cigar and Cigarette Holders, Cigar and Cigareiite Cases,
aud a complete line of Smokers' Sundries
CIGARETTE   PAPERS:   Zig-zag, Wheat Straw   and   Dorobantul
5 This Week will be seen in Our Window 1,200 Pipes*
! Regular Price 50c, Now 25c.
********************************************************************************, ti*********i***4 *****<****•***}
ii' ■
♦ ♦
t' '
.. .
.. .
************.*************.**. **.
u^::::n::::::nnuu::: ;t;;:::^ ^ttuu^S^utsua^BW THK   I'RAMIook    HKHALD
• t  WALKER, Pi-siii.nt
ALXX. lAIRli, General Manage!
_L ■. QtlOAND, Suparii
ireact.es Ihroaelioiit Cuna,i.i,
Paid up Capital, $10,000,000
Rest, -      5,000,000
Total Assets, - 113,000,000
und in tie Uslleil Stale* anl Eatlaml
Deposits ol SI -n,l
cun-.ut rates.    The d«
Um withdrawal of tlie '
.111.9 received, hi,J .ii.ere*. allowed at
u.i- is aubieet lo uo delay whatever la
.ie or any portion ol Uie ***•***.
3    SV&
A White Hani Establishment Uun lor White Men and Ladies
- ft.  :t   If
••tl «
In- hilsil
i Merchant's Iim. It from 11:30 In 2:111) daily. 25 cents. Short
; Orders ai  limes.    Parties,   Baits. Banquet*. Smokers.
Weddings and other entertainments catered lor with or
without service. *
*************<>« *****************************
IT   LAND, within 5 milos
.•.Kitted   wild    vory   small
I'UriT   LAND, within 5 liiiU of (
if l-'KI'IT LAND, out- mill*
iility.   lut! ir
front Grit
'inly heel
uf r..v
i apriiiK HI,.'WO
.LENT LAND, jwirl.j suitable tor Fruit,
lii-tii  li.iy.ii.-,   Kiiuiiteri mi a Railway-
U     Good .'ii tl: running through the land.
ill  nn..Int.-     Would makonn ideal dain
Tliroo hundred million laoo.OQfi.OOfl)
acres is tlio latest estimate ot Mie
forest ami of Canada, Tbis was
given recently by Dr, B. 10. Fernow,
itoiin of the Facility ■>! Forestry In
the University of Toronto. tir.
Foritow was for years Lead ot llie
forestry work of ilie United States,
ami is regarded as one of the best
authorities on forestry ami timber
on this continent. Pr. Kernnw said:
■If we look ai this vast forest area
from The manufacturer's point of
view, from the standpoint, ot supplies
for the arts ami industries, of its
commercial value, ami study merely
the geography and nature of the
country in the llglrt ol the reports
ou the more or \e.ss outlying parts of
Hie same, we will come to the eon-
cluslon that frhreo hundred million
j acres, and perhaps less, will cover
i fully the commercially valuable tim-
[borland area, actual and potential, or
Trr:|not mueh more than ono-half ol tlio
commercial forest area ot the Unitoil
At me rime eight hundred million
$oros was the generally accepted es-
timat'i* of Hie timher land ol Oamtdn
Mr. It, ll. Campbell, superintendent
of lorestrj for the Dominion government, wa.-. not quite so pessimistic in
;i recenl estimate. Speaking at
forcslrj convention liuld in Yarmouth
N. S.. he calculated the forest area
i.f the Dominion at ahoul DSR-OOO.OOfl
acros, divided as follows:
Hritish Columbia, 183 million ac
Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta
and nitorganized territories,
million acres
Ontario, 10 million acres
Quebec, 120 million acres.
New Brunswick. 7- million acres,
N'ovu Scotia, 5 million neres.
Look nt It as we may, oue tiring
seems elear, and that is this, on
further knowledge, Canada's "inex-
haiistihlt" forests and forest ureas
are shrinking, and that this country
does no! possess the wealth that it
was once though! (hat sin1 did. Tin
moral Is plain; it must be CanadaV
duty to look carefully after what ..he
has and carefully preserve it, and
also make provision that these areas
shall lie so handled that a future
supply of timber from the same area
can be obtained. And this mean
tlie Introduction of forestry murvagc
men! nf those timher lands!
RE_\I_ l-.STA'1'l. A.il.NTS
I'ltAMtll.iUK.  H.C,
Family   Groceries |
i.t wi.iiM (ill ii
■ -.ift thnt. nm
- nn.l .imiuIK
II   | U  .li-lili-IV
I iiriiiniillr.   Tolnii
i il'
■ i
The best wearing and quickest
cutting stones. We have them
for all  purposes.
1        BEDS
Rugs      Hats
Dresser and Stands
Comforters     Pillows
Cranbrook Co-operative Stores, Ltd.
I**************************.***** ************
Two   Dozen   Pints   $a,$<i
Tin- Fintsit  leverage on  tin
• l.n
lily and
table nm:    '.miner. • viKor an.l
ih. nn.l
i.ii.s up tin- body generally
Brower, Oron-brook. ll. C
Tir.' news of l-be dealh nf Olive,
Burgp, id the age of ftfi years, which
took place at the home of bis daugh-
li-r, .Mrs. IC. R. Day. at Kallflpelt,
Moiil., .ni Kriday last, will he rft-
eeived witli deep regret by his many
friends in Fast Kootenay. Mr.
iturtre was in Cranbrook when Cranhrook hardly existed. During cons'! ruction, in ltiflR, he, In conjunction
with his partner, Frank McQiipstnn
ran the East Kootenay (now the
Queens) hotel. After selling on! lie
moved to Duncan City where he ran
an hotel for about two years. Later
he was connected with the Manitoba
hotel and a few years ago opened an
hole! at Perry (.'reek, whieh he ran
until a few months ago, when ill
health forced him to give up actual
business and seek health, rnfortun-
ntoly the disease from which he was
suffering was incurable and the end
camo last Friday. Honorable, whole
soitlod, good hearted and full of tbat
peculiar dry humor which seems to
belong only to the old time westerner. Oliver Rurge wns a keen business man and a very strong bcJicvpr
In the possibilities of the Kootonays.
When he went to Duncan Citv, the
boom in The Lardcau was in full
force, and he acquired considerable
mining prperty, which, however, did
nol prove remunerative. This did
not dJseourace him and until the last
he was always talking of what the
mineral and other resources ot this
country would eventually develop into. Mr. leaves, besides" his widow,
one daughter, Mrs. E. K. Dav, of
KalJspell, Mont., and two suns, hov;
of Denver, Colorado, and Arthur, of
this city. The Hrrald joins with
the people of Cranbrnok and the district in extending to Mrs. Hurre and
the famllv its sincores! sympathy.
 _*•>. ,
Bdltoj The Cranbrook Herald:
Sir: The regular meeting of the
Cranhrook Hoard of Trnde will be
held in Mighton's hall on Friday,
February 7th, at 8 o'clock sharp.
The principal business will be the report on the past year's work and the
election of officers for the ensuing
year, and Important matters will be
brought; up for discussion. I trust
that' every member will endeavor to
be present and that those who nre
not membors       will take
this opportunity of joining the Board
on  Friday evening.
roilts truly,
M. \. heal..,
\ti open meeling of L. O L., No
L87I, was held in Mighton's ball on
Monday evening, l-Yhniur.t 3rd, when
.in intemsting'atid iiistriieeite a-ddtest.
"ii the principles of the association
vv..s d.-livercd by Mi, .1. \\. Wbttfltw,
provincial orgtmizer. Mi. .1. B.
Lairigan acted as chilli man, At. the
<l.-si' of llie mooting the Mgc wav.
opened and three candidates initialed, and one member received by
certificate. Three candidates were
also advanced lo tbe Royal Arch
Purple degree. This lodge is making
steady and substantial progress and
ihe members are aiming t,o double
its   membership    during the presenl
Vancoiivci, .Ian. SH
Oonoral Bowser bas Issili
lengo to Duncan Ross to
any time m Vancouver
charges regarding the
Dowser savs ii Ross doe;
him within a reasonable
lll.ivv.ser)     will go
d a dial
meet him
to iHsruss
Natal   \ct.
;  not    HlCi-t
lime     he
Robs' home town to deliver a speech
When Ross runs again in thr Vnlo-
L'ari-boo f... Iho Federal house. How-
get says he will go to the meetings
u this riding and insist on speaking.
Howser has arranged to put the
Naial Act in force when tin- governor
assents, special officers are being
appointed fchroughoul tho country for
leu -days. Aa s,...n as the Act can
be passed it will he rlgldlj  enforced.
Victoria, .Iim. UT—A new phase
has Ircvii given the Ross-Bowsct controversy bv the fuel that Chas. Wilson, K. C.' who agrood with \lcKcn-
/\e King tt. make public the con
tracts between Goten nnd Wellington
Col I lories company, ol which Lieutenant Govern..i Dunsmuir is president.
Wilson wns noting Im the govorn-
m.'iri in the reccul commission un
Oriental iomigrntion aiuj n*coivwl his
apliohrtmwtt trom Hon. Mi- Bowser.
Hut for Wilson the contents of tbo
contract would never have heen re
vealwl, Mr, Kim; publicly tihnttkod
his assistance.
Lisbon, Feb. l—King Don Carlos
..I Portugal ami the crown prime
I.ui/ FlUppe, were assassinated today
and lhe eity is ill a state nf uproar.
The king's second son, the lnfain
Manuel, was -slightly wounded, but
Queen Ameliel who strove to save
the crown prince's life by throwing
herself upon him, was unhurt.
A band of men, who wailed at the,
corner of Praeo do Commercial and'
the Itua do Arsenal, suddenly sprang'
toward the open carriage in' which
the royal familv were driving to the!
palace and levelling carbines, which'
thev had concealed upon them, tired. I
The time and the crown prince, upon I
whom the attack was directed, were1
each slim three times, auh they lived!
long enough in ho carried to llm,
marine arsenal, where thev expired.
■ Umosl .it the firsl shot lhe king!
Tell luck qii the cushions, dying, and
.at the same moment the crown prince
[was seen to half use ami then sink
jback nu   lhe seat.
Carlos I was born Soptemhet _;.;,
| IMi.i, me son of King I.ui/ I   ,m,l bis
queen,   Marie   |Ma,       Mc   married
iM.itic     \mclie.    daiighi-ci   nf   Philip,
duo   iCOrlcai.N.   Mav 23, iss,*,        ||,-
succeciled i" lhe throne Octohei    10
j   Tito   crown   prime. Lull   Philippe,
duke ni   Braganio,   wns born Uureli
I'll.  ISS7.
Imperial Bank ol Canada |
Ottawa, .i.m. ll.—The nwnrdina ni
a contract hv the Grand Trunk Pacific for 125,0011 slcepeix In lumbermen
iu Northern Minnesota Ims lieen commented upon ndversel) hv newspapers
which hold that .ill such natural
supplies he obtained in Canada. It
i.s understood that the company has
been compel Iod lo get dome tics in
the Stales. The contract, which has
been let in the United States is a
small one in comparison to the requirements. It will lav onlv forty
miles of (rack whereas almost n
thousand miles arc graded
The Grand Trunk Pacillc nave contracts in Canada three vears ago for
three million ties anil has since
awarded other contracts for two million more All of these ties should
havo heen delivered hut out of Ihelive
million, less than half a million have
been delivered up to the present timeg
tlie companv has grading dom
bridges iu plan
plenty of labor oi
gel rails .Invvn,
sleel  available,
Imt is unable t.i
owing lo lack   nf
B vst k tu iti:
A. E, Wat 1-s ii
rsntile.      Sai
mining,   politics,   p
real   estafe,   leglo;
lOthlng if he is no
mills,    agriculture
tire alarms
f   frontlersmci
and literature are all lisb that come
to bis net. Air. Waits' latest- experiments have been along the line of
the production of tuepentine, tar ami
creosote from pine slumps aud the
refuse, of the sa w mills. Experiments on a small senle in the .lislil-
ation nf pine slumps have been con-
ducled by Mr. Walts, of Watishurg,
for some time past- with such satisfactory resulls lhat be is going io
exn.-rimenf on a larger scale ilnrinu
this winter. The Herald was unable, during Air. Watts' visil t.i
Crnnbrook this week, lo have more
than two or three minutes talk with
him. so lhat it is impossible to gel
the full particulars nf bis experiments, but at nu earlv dale vvr
hall he able to do this. In the
meantime, there is no doubt hut that
Mr. Watts has not hold of an idea
that may. and probably will, build up
big and new Industry for tills district
(Winnipeg Free Press.)
An .dri timer in the person nf Alfred E. Ftill.iames, at one time prominent us a contractor in Winnipeg,
died this morning ot pneumonia after
ar, i llness of' two wreks. He had
resided in the eity since 1R7U, coming
here from Greenwich 87 vears ago.
Ue. resided in the Oonld hotel. Tbe
deceased is survived hv a ri.iu.rl.ler,
Florence; a son. Alfred E. nf 517
ftfcDermot avenue; Thomas, of London, England, and three brothers who
reside in the coast cities.
The funeral will be held from the
undertaking parlors of Clarke Bros.
A Hughes, Steel block, at 2.3(1 Friday, interment being at Elmwoori
(E. Fulljames was a brother ol
the Fnllinnirs brothers of this cilv.)
A-lmiii ,vpri| Uio firs|, tlio Imperial
Hank will start nn ils new bi.IM.ng tn
Cronbrook. Part nt tin- incsonl
building will nr moviil In iim harli
i-nil nt tin. I..i [or lino us Idmpni'A.)'
i|iiarti.is. Tho new butlillng will In-
two Rtorlm Iiiiiii. built nl |ii-i-bsoiI
lirlck .nul Rlnne .m.i innilcrn in over,
roBjirol. -llu- woodwork, n i- unilei
liml, uili lio ... eastern oiirlej
birch nml .ill il., ntilngn will lie tbe
newest ami tniisi up ind.i.e Hint ean
lie |iinilii|..,,i Hill, mioli InslHii
linns as Iln. lin|ii iiui Dank an.l the
Canadian flnnk of Commeree, hulldtim
ImndBom Ilcoa in Crnnlironk      il
slums il,,,!  u.e     Iii clolu i.l       llie
country li.n.- faith In Hn- (ittnre    nl
Crnnhrnnk nml lhe ilislriel
Ailiiivs received state
Unit Sir Thomas l.lpton, famous lor
liis leas ami for his nttompta In li.i
Un- America cup, is cnmiirg in Canada in Ihreo nr lour inouilis' lime,
nnd will imiKi- a spectnl point ot
lisiiinj; iin. const, wIiimo, In- believes
ili.-iv is a great futuro tor his Cnrlon
'irralnet. The report adds Ihnl il is
t.ipl.m's Intention In erect a warehouse in Vancouver, hut T. I.. Slew-
.m. coast representative, wlio hns
iusi relumed frnm n trip In eastern
offices, si.it.'il vviii-n Interviewed .hm
In* know ui.lliin!- of Iho wnrcbouso
|iroposll-ton, though In- had henril
liml .Mr. I.ipliui was cmitempltitlnR a
trip in ihis section nf iho Rlobo. Mr.
Stewart is slaving nl Iho Hotel St.
Francis, anil rctnrneil .1 couple ..i
.lavs ae.n frnm a trip in Toronln and
\'ow Vork, where ho Inlorvieweil iln-
■.-.islorii innnagors nn the qucsllnn nf
. Mini-.-   pregressl\-e  nmerctal cam-
imtv.ii on the Pacific roast.
(l.l.-i. In-i Cnll.l
II is iln. duly ul a newspaper uiai
In Iim.in Uio town fnr all it's worth
month after month, mul see .111
worth ..I printing go mil nl town 1.0
cause lu cents can he saved hy s..
lining. ft is tlio business nf news-
pnper mon t.. give every lnc.il e'nlor-
prlse oiilhnsinstlo nnd fiequon-l somt-
offs, mirt iln-n catch shoot because he
failed t.i record Iln- fact Ihal sum,.
prnininenl citizen has li.nl liis ilolii.-n
wngon pnlntcil. Tn subscribe liber*
ally to every publio, charitable anil
church enterprise, advertise tbem fm
nothing, pai his own wm fu ovcr.-
tbing ami then lie called prejudiced
und 1111-1111 spirited liccnnse a column is
um  ilevntcil 1.1 thai  particular     nf-
f.iir.     Dn ymi w Ier thai  there aro
so many i-iniiks in tin- newspaper bns-
'iiess'.' II is hound in make either a
crank ni a phllosnpber mil ol him.
Science, by enabling Ihe fnrmer
moro clcarty In- understand Ihe
mighty forces which l.e handles, by
drawing asldo llu- curtain and open
ing lo his view llu- wonderful field i.f
activity heloro unexplored, imdovcinp-
eil nnd untrodden, cives him a new
reverence for il. Tims iho initialiv,-
111 every man is developed. ||,.,
created in the linage uf tlio Creator,
finds to his astonishment-., uud awed
ilcllght ilia, ho too can direct, mould
control, create; and llu- divine in mail
unfolds aud grows. .griciiltiire,
properly umlorstooil, develops men,
and agricultural education Is a factor
in helping men In understand agriculture.—(I,  II.  Iliit.nn.
..'. A. Rollins,   Win. Cameron,   ll.
Aikins and D.    .lohnson, the winners
nf the Tuckett trophy, returned bome
at. the end of last week.    W. A. Rollins   said:   "Nelson   Is O,     K. and
Ooorge Wells is their best ho ster."
Wm.   Cameron said:   "The best rink
at the 'spiel was the one skipped   by
I Starkey with   Tom Proctor as vtce-
aklp."    Bobby Aikins said: "One   ol
I ihe nicest rinks wo met was that ol
: Murrin    ot  Phoenix."      D. .lohnson
-nid: "W. A. McDonald did a lot   to
make our trip pleasant.    He came to
see ug svery i*J."
.1. F„ Ardell, of Winnipeg, has as-
soolntwl himself with I'. Rosb Tate
lu the Jewelry hustness. Mr. Tain's
business is growing rupidly and il
wilt occupy (he attention of Mr. Ardell and himself lo keep up with tin-
demand upon tho repair and sales departments, Mr. Anlell is n competent an,I ovperlenced man in the
businoss. He and Mr. Tate nre old
friends.—Lethbridge Herald.
(.1. E. Ardell Is well known in
Cranbrook, having been in W. F.
Tate's jewef/.y store for some limn.)
An Hem in last week's Herald:
speaks ol the chartered banks of
Canada taking over the assets and
HaMlitles of the Standard Hank of|
Canada. This should have read the
Sovereign Bank ot Canada.
Only part of the wheat
berry is lit for food. Yet
much that isn't often gets
into Hour. Vou cannot see
it or taste it, Imt it's there.
It is simply a case of the
miller getting more flour
from his wheat ami your
getting less nourishment.
Royal Household
is so milled that nothing
goes into it except the part
of the wlie.it ihat is fob,!,
Vou gel jusl what yuu pay
for—tlie best and .wrest
flour made, li g„e» farther
because it is all flour. Your
grocer can supply you.
•gllvle tlsur Mills {'#., IM.
t-i Mulrnl.
Mn.nufiielii.r-. of
All kinds of Hair (moils
Hair Jcwclery
Wild Herb Hair Wash
Industrial Exposition
San Francisco. Cal.
Opposite Hank of CiiiiniieNc
CRANBROOK, li. t:.
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed on Deposits Irom date ot drposi.
Cranbrook Branch«J. F. M. PINKHAM, Mgr.
I'or Kates, see
Real l.slate
j Get Your 1908 Diarr j
If you have novor kopf n il'mry, why nul Blurt nn .Ian. Ui ami 4
kt'pp a ri'i'unl nl' llu- daily fvonlu iluriu^ tin- M-ar.    !t laki-s 4
\i*rv liltli-tinin i-acli iiiiiii   liH'niv rotit'lllR tn jol down  Hi.- 4
l>niii.i|tnl linp|ioiiingHof tin1 duy, ami ii*» :i unal plonsure lit ♦
Iho end nf Iho \vnr 1.0 hvik iln* U»,l ovor. Somotimofl n-i-ni.ls J
if Ihis Iviiid prove of ^I'onl vahio. ♦
1,-1  11,.   sh.
Hate llioi
♦ .irii.liiiiu-il ...ugv.i»(- I'ln.iu- 71 ♦
X   Huntley & Palmer's
QUA*-'*1 Gold Seal Ten  j
Staple and Pancy Groceries
* .lusl 11 few words to those who nro nol our i-opnliir i-ns-
iiiin.-rs: Homo day, whnn you wi.nl soinntlilng esi»niolly nice
I'or ynur Inhle, HHONK 56. Wo keep 111.- la.nsl di-lii-ni-ii-s ul'
tin- sotison,
Campbell &  Harming
II'ynu mill OlothiiiR .Iml is ".lilt l-ldgo" in iiiiiiii..
Hill I'iiIrd" in iiiiili-rinlnnd "Hilt Kilpi ul,,-.
.all nml hi  MEW   STOCK of ItPiuly \ln.I,
Oht.hhig,.T|I|,T It Kt 'KIVK l>.   All l-.iinn Mud..
i! Leask C& Henderson
A. C.   Bowness
Wlioli'suli- Dt'idnr in
Wines. Liquors and Cigars
We make a specialty of giving prompt
attention to Mail Orders
***>*•******** ********************** I IIK   t ItANT.IUmK    I1KIIAI.U
• i* *9
. >i >
. >, >
, >,,
. >. >
. (i>
. >. i
.,. >
• >. >
. >•,
For Your Winter Supply of
• It II
Ail order; will receive pron.pl
..nd immediate attention
Telephone 102
l>. 'I. Hox 7m.
•rsr-i-vsartr- tSammWamWam
New Muiiunc.ni.-ii I luiiimvcd in Every Way
Cmnbrook,   11.  C.
til'S'l'. ..XI.l.l.N. I'rapriotor
Uur Motto : "Tlm 11,-sl is \..i,..T luml."
'********************** **********************
Manitoba Hotel
l)AN McD.INAI.I),   .'ROI'kllill.K.     CRANKKOOK. II. C.
Headquarters for
*. ,	
The Mnnlloliu la veiili-ully lucid ml nml liiia'inin nf lli«liiBtilnilii
III llm city.   Tim lull .- -ii|.|.|..-l with llm Iwn. ... I.ii|ilnrsnii,l
Hotel s s
Quests Ciiinl.ir. a Special.,
iiiuii. Stnhlinff in Cnnncctioa
Nrnii-m t„ mill..-,., anil depot.      Iln.  nccOtuUlod,.
ll.i.i- In,  Hi',- public unequalled iii Cranbrook,
Ilo. anil Cnlil l.-illi-
Hoggarth & Rollins
4-l-H 11 HI I IH I I I . I l-H-l ■ H--I-H-H+M-H-H
-H-H 11 |.H | H+H I lllll I H I I I -l-M-H-H
The Cosmopolitan
li. H. SMALL
The place where a
nun will return after
stopping once.
■H+H4+-I.H-. I I I I I II HIII I I I-.-H4+I+-I
   * 4-4444 4-++++-C	
. *******************************************
W.-lnm- iioiii..' <l
Ht.'iii/. I it'll Mil onu of iln- .'i7 viirit'tifs
P.BURNS <& CO., Lid.
Rambling Reveries
If ymi have ;i Bray-hailed mother,
Ami Innii Intuit- you ,n.   iwa)
Sit down ami write the lettei
Vou put oft ilay by itay.
Don't wait until her Ural steps
Reach Heaven's pearly
Hut show hrr thai
Heforc u is too late
think nl
It you've ,i tender message
Or a loving word to say,
lon't wall till ynu forge! it,
Hut whlspei it today,
win. knows what bitter memories
May haunt you, il you wait'.'
So make youi loved ones happv
Hei.*re it is too late.
Tho teudei won! utn.pi.kcn,
The letter never sent,
The long-forgotten messages,
The wealth ..I love unspent
Poi ihese some hearts are breaking,
K..1 these some loved onra wait;
Si. show them th.it yon care tot Ihem
Heforc it In too late
There nre two kinds ol ...il. in thr-
and every otlici community One ii
Mn- klml thai nppcnrs besl nbrond,
■ in- girls Uut mo good fui parties,
tides, visits, I in I In and cards, and
whose eliiul (lellgtrt i-. in such things,
The othel is tin- klml ili.it appears
best al hnine. the girts Ihal nre useful and cheerful  In  the illulng-room,
sick room, and nil the precincts of
I ■- They differ widely iu character, One is often n lormcnl at
homo, the other a hlessltig.    One   is
ninth, consuming cvorytTiing about
hei; tbe other is a sunbeam, inspiring
light and gladness around her path*
way. The riglil education will modify holh n little, and thus unite the
good qiiiililies t.f bi»lh in one,
Ton lale! These are bui two simple
little words, und yel they often como
like n Willi of despair, from lips
white with uni..Id anguish, and a
In-art burdened with bitterest sorrow,
-disappointment and vain regret,
Surely tlioy find a sad echo in almost every heart, for no person can
look back 'through life, he it over sn
short, without, finding many errors
and mistakes whieh, alas, it is "too
late" to recall. Those hasty, unkind
words, spoken in a monienl of auger
to the dearest friend you had on
earth; ah! you would give years nt
your mvn life could they be recalled.
But you know that cannot be, for the
snows ol many winters have already
whitened the mound in tho churchyard that hides your lost darling
from your weeping, anguished eves,
must no on to the end ' of
life, bearing the remorse ami griei
those words have enst ymi.
"Everv heart knmveth its own bitterness;" so every he.ni must heal
iis share ot sorrow ninl regret for
aets and words Ihal it is all "ton
late" now to recall. Ami there are
manv different chords in the human
heart, thnl thrill to lbe sad echo of
tlie words "too late," Something
pure and holy, like a dream of heaven, nl Inst may have crossed the
pathway, made dark and shallowed
bv long years nf suffering and donht—
it mav bo a sweet hope full nf promise for the future, a wont, a look,
or even a tone, nl which you tremble
and sigh as yon murmur, "Ah, if it
had been s..oner'" hut alas! il is now
"too Into." Then the wearv head
droops lower, the tears fall faster, as
vou crush back the bitterness in your
heart, trying haul to murmur, in all
sincerity and truth, "Thy will be
done "
Th.* farmer an.l his fainiU  wlio cultivate a deshc for nil that  is beautiful and comfortable are doing    mueh
ipcl worn nnd trouble.   And   ii
and     trouble    ih.it kills
lawns,    pictures,     honks,
liuua.'lues,     easy   eb.tirs,   linmniOcks—
these all favoi longevity and make
happlct while you do live and
o youi children to lie contented
with farm life—tho most independent
md happj  life on earth.
| THE     MEMBERSHIP    GOVERNS Division 1.. f.  \U Airdorson. Teachei
;   THIS   GREAT    COMBINATION Totil att-wiilanw   IflH
OK WAGE GARNERS Number in   attendance , -■■
■ ■■ Average attendance ..    .:\ 15. --
The local unions* ol the Interna-! Perfect .ittemlaniv: Roj \rguc,
iional Typographical Union ore Sadie Hillis, Lillian Leask. Dais;
.about to nominate candidates lor the McCallum, Douglas Stewart, Bella
various international offices. Nimii J Taylor, Florence Wood, Sibil White,
nations arc    made .it     the regular j «I-6tm Wood.
l-'einuary    meetings    of    tho local 	
unions.    The election will lake place Division IL, Miss   Caldwell, Teaehei
.ui lhc third Wednesday in May. [wis-       Tol.il attendance  530
much as the typographical union    is1      Number in attendance .. -'•■
the oldest and bvst conducted     tradi Average  attendance   2U.80
union on the North American oon- Perfect attendance: Gordon An-
tiueiit, some information as to its thoiiy, Edna. Uovey, Dave Held,
methods ol self-government will be ol Rachel Bardgctt, Joslo Drummond,
particular interest at this time. Mildred   OHne, Rose Dumont, Hai-.hi
Many persons outside the. ranks lllckcnbothani, Arthur Fowler, Thai-
■ •I organized labor arc unfamiliar ley Morrison, .lessic Murgatroyd,
with the democracy that prevails   In Mamie Mnckcy, Bert Murgatroyd.
almost ail trade traioo.;.    As a demo- 	
cratic body the    International Typo- Division 111.,    Miss Taylor, Tenclw]
graphical Tfp. (graphical    Union    ui1     Total attendance C5ii
.North  America is the pioneer,    and       Number in attendance .
.lands pre-eminent as such in the ui-j     Average attendance ,.
gantewl labor inyveuient. Perfect attendance:  Eva
Thy Typographical -juiun [a a   tree]-Kathleen Dumont, Milton 1
association oi economic equal.',,   inenl^nseuuo,
an,1    women, (or he it known women
to .11'
is   worrj
admitted to mcmhei.-Uiip in thi
organization upon the same basis oh
1 men, one ol the cardlnftl principles oi lhe UtHoU being equal pay Iui
men .out tti.ui(.u iui vqu.il services
performed. The International union
composed ot unions scattered
throughout the United States and
..allium, and iis jurisdiction extends
irom Alaska u> the Philippines. Each
linal union administers its local
affairs in comformity with luteraa-
natlonnl rules and rogulatlons, said
rules ami regulations being developed
- 1 "iiibined local unions and ad-
.nlnlstered by a central body known
t_ the executive council in the interest of all Hie locals. This executive
council is composed oi certain of
ue International olllcers, who arc
elected by the referendum lor terms
.1 two years.
When, moro than fifty years ago,
,'pieseutatives from tho unions scattered throughout the Uulted Slates
met mid organized a national body,
which developed into the present International organization, the initia-
and referendum were tint little
known or used, so that, up to about
ten years ago the annual convention,
composed ol delegate:: trom the afli-
i.i'lcil unions, elected all of the lutei-
imtiuual officers and formulated the
and A'gulatious. This bus now
iiceu changed. While the annual
delegate convention is retained, all
of the International officers are
nominated and elected by tho referendum, legislation is initiated and all
constitutional laws and amendments
must be submitted to the referendum.
in fact, the way iu which these men
and women, associated in a volun-
aiy organization for their collective
benefit, govern themselves is one of
the greatest expositions ol democracy
Noi only does each local union
govern itself, but, each Union shop is
organized into a chapel, the members
elect a chairman and secretary and
such other officers ns Ihcy may deem
necessary, depending upon the size ui
the chapel. The chapel formulates
and adopts rules tor the government
if its members and it is the dutyid
the chapel olllcers to sec thai all
inion and chapel laws arc lived up
:o. These chapels ale uot only for
he benefit ol the members, hut are a
protection lo the employers, as the
members are as zealous in seeing that
the office rules are observed as they
are to see that tin* union laws aro
lived up to.
All members of a uniuu have a
voice in the discussion of all matters
loforo ihe union, but ouly those who
have been members iu good standing
.... six months have a vote on certains questions, such as, for instance,
amending the constitution, changes iu
the wage scale or to declare a
si rikc. Thu strike is the weapon of
insl resort ia this uniun, and is only
ippeaJed to after all other means lo
adjust difficulties have failed. A
proposition to declare a strike must
receive a three-louitfcs vutt of six
months members in good standing,
md in older that the members may
,e entitled to international benefits
must conform to certain international
laws and be sanctioned by the execu-
Division V.,   Mis
Total attendance	
Number in attondam
Average attendance
Perfect attendance: Delia How
Sidney Murgatroyd, Helen Mc Kbits
ry, Hainsford Parks, Wing Tow.
Division  VI.,   Miss Eraser,  Teachei
Total attendance  788
Number in attendance ... 51
Average attendance    30.18
Perfect attendance: Merle Tavlor
Violet Dumont, Albert  Mo[,
•I Itecd.
ins to
f matrimony is to become
.nd more difficult, and such
be the case, who will suffer
the mote by such a state ol tilings'!
It must be the woman Kor, try to
nake her into a man, as some may,
1 is Impossible; she is his equal, but
die is not .1 man The grapevine
iml oak ate equal, but tint the same.
Whoever builds his ship with the
grapevine will como to grief; whoever
makes wine with Ihe acorn will have
a bitter mouth Woman needs the
strength and coinage ol man, and he
needs lurched fulness, hei sympathy,
bei eoiisnlati.iti H man dors not
manv her, he will use her nnd
trample upon her; he does it now in
Palis, and in London, nnd in New
Vnik.     She will in- his mlslross,   if
she is not llis wife.      And Iben, when
she is sick or ill tempered, nt stupid,
15- will throw tier away. II she is
bis wife, the iii.-lli.'i of his children,
ibe partner ol his successes, and iho
console) ot his failures, ami ihcu only
as such, will he eheiish, defend and
sustain hei
Time was when n woman was do-
scribed us the helpmeel ol man. Was
il only .1 phrase, an.l meaningless?
Possibly; hul I hen, words iu the
liililt- mostly did mean something,
The time, loo, was, nml yet is in
some quarters nl the world, when a
woman was a helpmate, and accepted
.ni.I worked up to her position us
sueh. She did nol demand everything and do nothing. Why is marriage easy and universal in such n
country as Japan? Life llicre is
simple, two or three small rooms, a
few dishes, a mat upon which to
sleep, nne dress, a little rice and
some fruit— these suffice tot all. rich
and poor alike, iu a greal city like
Veddo, which bas a civilization as
perfect and as obi as ours. 'And it
is uot a life of stupidity or barbarism; all can read and write; manners
aro good; books and pictures are
plenty; theatres abound; processions
and festival days enliven life, lt is
easy 1o see, therefore, why marriage
is hot a fearful thing iu .(hat fur-oft'
land; and by contrast, it is easy to
understand why few hnve the courage
to dare it here.
Division IV., Miss Ross, Teachei
Total attendance ...        1)60
Numbei  111 attendance ... 57
Wei age al tendance    in
Perfect attendance: Art hut Bow
ness, Oracle lilgglns, Irving l.east
Aiuv Reed, Marguerite stone, linn
Tavlor.  Gort-lo    Heard, Hen Heard
Ii.ink  -.'lydctin.m,  1'
Robert Gaiitlionv, tho cblobrnled
Hritish  dramatist   and   entertainer,
ipported hy a talented company,
will appeal at the new opera house
Kriday, Kebtuai j _Msi. Mr.
Robert Ganthoiiy bas received more
engagements and patronage from the
royal courts of Europe than any
other entertainer in his class, Ii is
Indeed a rare thing lo have royal tj
recognize a humorous entertainer as
an artist demonstrating the superior
quality of liis recitals. The artists
with Mr. Uantliouy are select musicians and vocalists, including Aliss
1 laz.el Stanmore, of the 1 'ou 11
theatre, London; Miss Rose Manners, a well known London vocalist;
Miss Dorothy Fairfax, L.R.A.M., and
'ol the Paris conservatory of music;
Mr. Krcd Hewitt, instrumentalist of
Hie famous European duel t isl s
jllewlM' and KftVfyg Mr. G. M. Andre
iuipressario, will conduct ihe tour.
Don t forget the date. Then: is .1
subscription' list now on at Brattle
A. Atchison's drug store for the Roh-
eri (lanthouy concert party, whieh is
to appear at. the now opera house
on February 21st. The list is open
until February 15th. All subserih-
,ts have first choice of scats as there
aro now nearly a hundred subscribed
File crackers, Same Soue, chop
one, fan tan and a general good
time ushered in the new year in
Chinatown ut 37 minutes past twelve
... Sunday morning. The celestials
started their celebration on Saturday
hut the new year, according to the
Chinese calendar, began with the
new moon. There was not as much
public demonstration as in years gone
hy for the reason, us explained by
Dennis" tjuong, to the Herald,
that there were more Chinamen and
that now tbey liked to have their
little time to themselves. However,
then* must have been a lot of powder
burnt, it the constant bombardment
,>f lire crackers is anything to go
government of the Fiji  island
ordered   a samplo shipment
have _.
Umbel trom this province, and il it
answers the requirements ol that
colony, a considerable export trade
from this province tttlthc-r is likely
to arise.
Some time ago a letter Was
for you had better get in line
good seats for the hig event of
February fith
Tho Sacrament   of the Lord's
per uiU be administered at
cloiA* of tho morning service, to
which all members, and those who
arc earnestly endeavoring to lead
the christian life are invited.
At the evening service the subject
will be: "Sacrifice, the Road to Success." To all who are not iu the
liabit of regularly attending auy
other place ot worship, a most hearty invitation is given. The pastor
is always glad to speak to visit,.is
and enquirers at the close of the
The subject at the Men's Own In
tbe gymnasium ut AM will be;
"My Favorite Poem." Bring vour
favorite poet and read it selection
next Sunday afternoon.
Tuesday: Prayer service at K. All
are invited to attend this betplul
Wednesday: Missionary sleigh ride
to East Kootenay mill by tho members and friends of the league. A
short service will bo beld' there for
the men in tbe camp.
(Kamloops Inland Sentinel.)
The excuse given hy Premier McBride for not resigning when the
Lieutenant Governor failed to give
Ids assent to the Natal Act, is so
absurd, so illogical, that wc lelt
almost inclined to question the ae
curacy of the press report. Snrch
the premier must lie aware Uiat ll his
honor received the alleged instruc-
flons from Lord Grey, the very facl
demanded from him the strongest
possible protest when tlie as-si-iit was
withheld. If his honor was told ti
act on liis own prerogative, he was
simply tuid to do as he pleased, In
other'words, to act on his own re
iponsibility.      When,   therefore
,v v,:. frnm A.°»W#, Ita colonUl ST'VL -h" v.,.| Act I,
 rotary ot that Mi. nslrtns  ik-i1""    t^U -,,li ,,  ',-, ,
In- prlw.s nl viirlinis '.'*"    ,„ „ ,.,.,
limber   lind mamilaclurrt s,!'",a   "P"" 1ht
assi-nt bcinp glVcn
or, wlii-u that wus ilrcid.-il, l ,,,...
ri-sil-.!!,-.. l.v tint i.oing si, In: in-
i-i-pii-.l tli« lull responsibility, li i
clearly evident ihal tin- more tli-
premier Hies In explain tin- imn
Involved he becomes, lt there is nn;
resiniiins In be done, it is Mr. Mc
Ini.li- thnt should it,, it.
OIU.llS fit-' "THUNDERER."
(Loudon Cor. New York lleralil.)
Railway Equipment
New and Relaying Rails of All Kinds
Shay Geared Locomotives
Hesler Geared Locomotives
Logging Cars and Trucks
When  in  the market for any of the above
*]   material, kindly forward us particulars and we
will be pleased to quote you our best prices.
Ninth A.c. Weil
Tliis Hotel tins nlwnys Iwn ll* leader
in its li-..-. unil will be kept np •   '
Btntulnnl     ll  sou wan. to meet lhe
I l'l
to  il..- Queen's Hotel
i   Queen's Hotel. Calgary
* Si-u .'nul Slriiilv First.'loss
* Aiiii-rii-ali l'l-.11. *•-'.".i> l»-r .l.i.. np
l'.:..Ki-.nivn "-I'Sri      , 1
Chas   Hahtxey- Proprietor
Cor. Seymour aud Cordova Sts.   •»*
Oppnate 0, t'. IL Station
Vancouver. B. C. :;
. >
1 Canadian Hotel 1
£5 it
£5 One of the pioneer hotels of Cran- ff
JS5 brook.   Warm rooms, good meals ff
£} and a bar stocked with the best ff
ff I
ff g
1 Joseph Bra\ilt, Proprietor |
ff ff
Wentworth Hotel I
COUBI I r -■  i.i)., rroprielor
B. C
Tliis i« iiu; hotel that thej .all ahottt
«l„. *....- ■• ll,.-y " V
I lie ].e..|.lL*.
Why ilo "they" talk ?
nn iii-fii.iiit nf the p..... inftt'-. tl.e rom.nrta.»W- rrviiR-,. the ttttl'
i-.-,', -.-   um ii..- ,-..riiiii..-..uii.-.-.t_- treatmenlacrorded to all. Hats   ^,
.,:,.., thi.WaiK I. an* you become a Wentworth hooilei    Tryit    &•
********************* •
THE RUBBER DOLLAR Inand|ey uvery audi:
wnnr i     Feed Stables     f
wiili regard .
Iimtos ..f   '...
lumher. The provincial govoritro'i.t
replied and enclosed price lists obtained Irom most mills ot tin- province.
I'h,- department ol public works at
Suva have now ordered ti.nu Hie
llrilisli Columbia Hills, Timber A
Trading company, ol Vancouver, a
sample shipmeut itcconllnn to a,t-
viccs received by tlw provincial department of lani.:*. and work.. The
order includes .0,a(in fee. ol     rotiRh
tiniber  21,ODn   leet nt    dressed tlm-j   „ js „ot      .hal,s 6cllrrally   know„
ber, 53fi   teet ol    T. fi   ,. ,shlnf-.le-, i „_,,„ _,.,,,, ' „i*-!llm|,_1ne-Hi n,,.-*-..,„,..
oinilows and   door  sashes and Venetians ol various sizes.
r. M.  VnnWormi r,  I'roprli I .r.
l...r.f.-s,   stoves,   new nnd    Bccond
hand   lucniture,     sines,    lljiware,
i-i..el;. 1*., glassware), anything      ai I
ci. limn; [iiiiii ..   ninl.. elephi.nl   lo|l J
white mouse.
\ i.u'il  bo surprised how f.-i    I
ih.u.ii will strotoh st our store I omei;;
n.l   ;-.i/i-   up..11 11.   and   our Btock, |,,
i.   will save   you   money ami put
mill. ..ii i..111  [nee
One ol the citizens who.was recently told to"rcmemher Lot's wile," re-
p'lieit that he had been in Irnuhle
enough already ahoul other men's
under what    circumstances Uie'nan.i
ol "Thunderer" was applied to   The
I Times.       Two ladies ol Kow    were
""* " 'splaslusl   with mud hy an ill-beliaved
C. P. It. PENSIONS [horseman,   and . The   Times, taking
■ ' Ihe    mntler  up iu a leading article,
l.y a    motion passed by the direc- vigorously denounced the rudeness   of
tors of tho C.P.R., ia future all em- the rider, alleged to be the Duki    i-f
ployes ol the  company, who      have Cumberland.   On the allegation proT-
worked lor ten years, ore entitled to ing lalse, another article appeared'by
a pension ol    not less than twenty- way nl  apology,     iu which occurred
five dollars a month,    lt is    under- the phrase "we thundered nut." Thi
stood that a lund ol one nnd a hnlf grandiloquence    caught    the   public
million dollars has heen set aside by lancy, and    the    name "Thunderer"
the company loi that purpose. .allowed as a matter ot course.
! I One Team Pure Bred liray
I'erdier.ni Marcs
;; W.-lgbl   I"1"   nn.l    1360,    .Veil
broken, gonllc; wnrk |.._.-ili.i
single- Ipply
I'mntor, U, C,
nil  ni:.-i  te xokk roo
11OOI1  Rill   OU.tXBBOi.K
we i.m.i .wuu co 11 ttsiaii
iiik in:.-1
I   Kix«. Hiding Horses and
Pack Horses lor any
part ot the
ii    BAXTER  & LAN0IN    ij
l-re.i.lenl :   T.M.I.ill
Secretary: Osoaas Asuwortm
Kui iiiforuiati.iti leiiarilitig laml.
.and iiixrit-iiUiin- apply tu,th>-
IX Secretary, Cranbrboit, il. C THE   CRANBROOK   HERALD
92,00 A vi:\11
rKIHll'AIIV  II,   li.08
t'R \ S BKOOK   II Kit Al. II j time to   discuss the  matter, collect horticulture, agriculture and hydros*
the exhibits   and get. libera in   shape titles   may also be practically    de
; ii.t exhibition, it is absolutely neces- moiisirated here.     Another point
sary   to   have lot?    ot time.    The
«. the Herald   Publishing Companj
Edltoi uiu. Manager.
Wm Herald Is worth tin a year, ll
o,_t. only »2.      No man iu    South
Ltd Kootenay can afford to be with-;
en. it., and everyone living outside ol;
... district, who is Interested 111 the.
■regress ol this section, should read
it.    It publishes the news while it is
_.»-».   it is controlled absolutely by
the publishers.    No clique, parly   or
Individual dictales   its policy.       It
don't tty to please (ho people.     11 s
desire i» to publish tv a wspaper that
will be a   credit 10 lhc community.
Seud in your   subscription ami   you
will be ihunktiil ever atlerward.
Advertising rates 11 per   inch
mouth, no more and no less.
Heading mailer IS cents   per
la non-advertisers;   111 cents  per  line
,. regular advertisers,
If you desire. 10 reach tlie people ol
South Has. Kootenay you must advertise in The Herald.
Tho Herald has a first-elass job
plant, and Its work is ol the best.
The Herald don'l waul charity. It
wants a Bquare deal on your job
work, lf we can't suit you in duality and price, kick, and send your
work to sonic Cheap John house iu
Ihe east Ihal never spends a cent In
/ ■ '                         —->
5,251 *\ Month
This is Hu. giia-anmed cir-
iiilnii 1 ih.- Herald
Press nuinil -.,!.-.:rlp
tion llel-s opmi i vuntign
tion l.y  'i.h.'iii-i-i.-*  hi  jny
Tin: Humid givemi ilollat
ill vain.; ful uilollm im .-
ay.    'tTien.lveili.-i-r Imu  Lliu
right 10 know what  hu   is
receiving   lor   liin   money.
'ito lietal'l   is   i   |.ii|i.'i
that conns invoatiligation.
Board ol Trade, The Hundred Club,
the Parmer's Institute and the City
Council also, should each put an ac-
live committee to work along theso
lines at once. DO IT NOW. Particular attention mus-t be given to ito
exhibits ol agricultural and horticultural produots ol the country, b*-
f.iuse the people thai we want to
attract l>> Smith Kast Kootenay
arc home seekers oi the agricultural
1 loan July is. of course, too early
in the year to exhibit fruit t" any
lAteiii, bin still, arrangements sliould
l.i- made, for instance, i to ship
straw berries, daily, during the oop-
iiiiii.u.t'e ni tlie exhibit ion i"H vegetables 'here should be u banner CX-
lifhli nlso kept fresh li> da-ilj sWn-
inonta Orasses and grain in the
sheaf should also H. Riven i» prominent place A flrst-olaas scries of
Inrgu steed photographs ol various
parts i>f the distrlel should also
he glwn prominence. While, js has
been --aid, the agricultural resources
..j the district sliould ne kept in the
lime light, still the timbei and mining Industries should b»- given prominence. A first-ela-SK collection of the
woods of tli'j country .should be made
nnd treated in various1 ways so as
to show how they look when stained, varnished or otherwise finished.
A mining exhibit, properly labelled,
should form part oi the exhibit, and
his can be collected and arranged
with very little trouble. The whole
exhibit should be in charge of a
nan alio knows the district- thor-
mghly and one who can answer
tpiosWoiiH intelligently, lie should
also be supplied with some concise
and I netful literature. We need tlm.
1 xiiibit at Calvary anil it is up to thp
people of Cranhrook and the district' to see thai we have It.
The enforcement of the cattle by
law ^ the initial step towards ;
Cranbrook bean ti hi I.
The Dominion fair will tie held ai
Calgary nexl July. Have, the hoard
of Trade, I'lie Hundred Club and the
I'Vrmer's Institute done anything
along the lines of having an Kast
Kootenay exhibit there? If not
thej should wake up -to the tact thai
ii would he a grand boost lor lhe.
I, F. E. Simpson, maimgei ol t
(.'ranbrook Herald, do lierebj -.0
rfaat the pressman's books show, a
That I have every reason fro belie
tbat the circulation ... the llernld t
tbe past seven monllis has lie
J6.7HP copies, divided as follows:
July   I,Uili
August  4,8311
September  1,485
(Xtoiier  5.075
November   ,.! f.-__.i
Issue of Dee.    5  ..1,115
Issue ol Dec.  12 ... 1,800
Issue of Dee.  It)            ....1,7tit)
issue ot Dec. 28       l,|__o
Issue of Jan. 2
Issue of Jan. II
Issue of Jan. 16
Issue ol Jan. 23
Issue of Jan. 3d
.. I, !...->
Total for seven moaths.86,7(i0
Average per mouth ..   .. 5,25]
Subscribed and sworn to belore uu:
this 1st day of February, 1008, at
•."ranbrook, B.  C,
■ l.dm Hutchison,
\ notary public m ami fur the County
of Kootenay, British Columbia. "
HV THK oil) MAN.
• ills
\ greal   uppm Lunltj Lu    adi
Cranhrook .md the iliBtrlcl will
uerr July, when    the Domini ion fall
will tie held ai    Calgarj      Thi.-,   op
i*ortuuity will m.i., in all prol llty,
UftdpeD again foi sovcrnl vem ,'i-
i.bi ■ fair is briii m a differeni pari
.»f the Ihuiiiiiit.ii each yeai The
Dominion governmenl make .. largo
appropriation .nui no doubt the provincial govern mcnl ul tlbortfi and
I bo city ol Calgary will each sel
•.■■me a good!) sum towards making
it. the biggest thing ol the kind
over hold in Western Canada. Exhibits from alt serin.us ol Saskatchewan, Alberta and Hritish Columbia will he there, particularly those
(.xhibits pertaining in the lilting of
the soil and kindred ..its, the great
pastoral, agricultural and horticultural resources of tho last great
west' will .ill be represented Thoti-
siUKte of people from nil over Can-
ad*, the United states and Great
Britain, looking f..i I..rations in the
•greater last west, will attend this
fair, and ii behooves the citizens of
Otaobrook and tho people of the district to arrange (or a first-class ox-
i»ibit of the various products of this
country to be there. li may seem,
to some, a little earlj to ho talking
about an event which uili nol take
place for nearly six months, hut,
so tbat everyone    will   have    ample
The year will see a greater and
more active, improvement in Uran-
brooli than ever before, in her Vision. The amount and quality ol
ibe building, which will to put up
will be greater and better. The
centralization of the district's business in i'ranbrook will be more ii
i-videine during 1908 than iu the
pas'.. Cranbrook      is recognized
throughout British Columbia and
Liio Canadian Central west as the
manufacturing, lumbering, mining,
agricultural and business center of
toast Kootenay. In consequence of
.,..s, inquiries from the outside, about
matters pcrtainingto any of fie
dnstnes ur fesourees of the district
como to Cranbrook. For nearly ten
years the Herald has said: "Wateh
Cranbrook-grow," and she has. The
Herald now says "Watch Cranhrook
grow during 1908."
Almost daily the Herald has been
receiving complaints from parties
who subscribed lo the Montreal Herald and Weekly Star and to the
Winnipeg Free Press, through tbe
Herald. In each case the Herald Ii
in reccpt of au acknowledgment o
thu money and bas written to the
Free I'ress, through whom the subscriptions were taken. The Herald
wishes that each and every individ-
■lal who subscribed for these papers
....uld notify the Herald if they are
in -1 receiving them. The Herald
.s determined io find out where the
fault Hes and to see to it that its
patrons get the papers tbey sub-
scrfbed for.
'■What new&papers do you read, aud
what; are the reasons for your
ohoico?" i.s the only question asked
hy a Sau Francisco psychologist. It
is enough. ia answering such,
([liestion a man lays bear his Inmost
moral character and intellectual'
machinery.    We are known by    the
j newspapers we read, uo less than by
j tin- company we keep.
I The first step In the matter of
the establishment of a provincial
university in British Columbia, was
taken last week by the minister of
education, who brought down a bill,
m the local bouse, to set. aside two
million acres of land as an endowment for a university. Tbat tbe
University of British Columbia must
lie established Is without question
ll.e province is growing rapidly and
.. home academic restitution for the
:i.iining of British Columbians
■ lie sciences and arts Is becoming
moro badly needed day by day. The
I nivt'isity of British Columbia should
in- eslahlisbed at. some point in the
province that is convenient, healthy
..nil situated among beautiful nut*
niurrdlflgs Looking ovei all t.he
towns in British Columbia, and many
til ihem are suitable, tiie Herald is
..I opinion t-hn* vo city in the province i' ii .wm'mMy suited for college p ip <Ht us Cranbrook. Situated ai i'»n ■ the mountains but- still
not. ne; : ( tr-.tpii io them to create
n sense of bring crowded, with ;,
climate that is surpassed by no
spot on earth, and convenient by rail
to all parts of the province, Cranbrook would make an ideal university
eity. A university or any scholastic
institution should never be established in a very larste city.; a smaller
town is undoubtedly the best place
for a seat nf learning. No doubt,
when the University of British Columbia becomes a'Iac4, one of the
principle science courses wilt be that
of geology, for the reason that min-
Ing, iu all its branches is, and will
to for years to come, one of tbe
principle industries of tin province,
This being the ease students at the
University or Hritish Columbia, established in i-rattbrook mav tiM only
learn all the Hieory hut can have
practical Instruction as well in the
bills adjacent to the town. Forestry,
favor of Cranhrook as an educational
center is the fact that it is a city of
h'jmes and the people of this cilj
are highly Intellectual and cultivated
and would welcome the establishment
Of a propaganda here. This is not
a matter of polities, il is purely a
provincial matter, one which both
rt-Ics should get together and do
their utmost to put through,
A uniwd Cranbrook and a porslst-
•nt Cranbrook, means bringing Mlfl
University   of   British Columbia   to
Today i- the annivcrsacj of B the
birth ol Sir Henry living, ISnglnnd'a
gteatesl aotot and tomorrow thai
of Charles Dickens, her greatest
list The former was bom in
1888 ami the latter in 1813
Thank Goodness tlu-Th-aw case is
over and Harry K. Thaw i<- in the
lunatic asylum. It is to be hope
that such'anothei collection of filth
will not soon to foisted upon the
public. They aro surfeited with thai
kind of thing.
I're.sideui ItooBevell, in a special
message to Congress, delivered one
of the greatest state papers ever issued by an American president, ilr.
Roosevelt still maintains his position as a friend of the masses and
at the same time makes the declaration that honest wealth should br-
protected! The corporations of thi
States have had a clear field for
such a long time, that it has been
again and again' a case of the "public tie damned." President Roosevelt is the first champion of the
people in his position since Lincoln,
and his name will livo in history as
one of the greatest presidents in
lhe Fni ted States. Possessed of an
intense desire to do absolutely what
Is right, regardless ol consequences,
fearless i.o an extreme, the president
has done mors to curb the actions of
predatory wealth i.bun any other mac
in history. There is no other man
is the States like bim, except. Bryan,
and Bryan is loud in his praise of
Is it possible to find a spot more
eminently situated for a university
than Cranbrook?     No.
A newspaper may be aud should
be the most vital and effective instrument that society can produce for
Its own advancement and protection,
and its true business welfare, in the
long run, lies in a complete, Intelligent and sympathetic devotion to
public interests. It has been the
aim of the Herald since its first issue, on March 2'-3nd, 1838, until
today io give this complete, intelligent and sympathetic devotion to tbe
public- of Cranbrook and the district.
In Its endeavor to do this it has not
pleased everyone, because there are
always those in a community who
place their own personal interests far
in advance of the. interests of the
public and when a matter of a public
nature comes up they can only see
through the smoked glasses of their
own selfifljiness. The Herald does not
wish to be understood as saying thai
it is always right and never wrong,
but this much It can say, on every
occasion, when the opportunity has
offend, it has completely, as tar as
possible, as intelligently as its de-
eernmem would alkiw and as sympathetically as it knew how endeavored to advance the interests of Cranbrook and the district.
Lot everyone do all in their power
in induce the government- to make
Cranbrook British Columbia's University town.
The Herald's circulation has been
growing month by month, until today, the circulation books show an
average for the last seven months of
5251 copies per month, or an increase
ot" 397 copies per month since our last
sworn statement. The circulation
statement is as follows:
July 4.460
August  4,180
Kentewber  4,4W
October J|IW
November 4,820
Issue of Dec.   5  1,115
Issue of Dec. 12  1,800
Issue of Dec. IA  1.7A0
Issue of Dec. 26  1,120
HreemlM-r   cirmila.oon
Issue ol Jan.   2 	
(SKIM. Ot   -lull,     fl   	
Issue nl ..an. 16 	
[saw- nt .Ian. 23 	
. ..l.SOfl
Issue nf Jan   .(0 	
...i.iii.tv  i-irrnU.inn
. d,w>r,
Theie Is a reason for this constant
llicrease iu circulation and that ts
the public appreciate the fact that
the Herald prints the news. By the
time the Herald publishes its nexl
statement of circulation this monthly
iverage will be again increased, fi
is est'i u i.it-ed that Ihf HeraM is read
by at loflBt four (ihousand poople every
week and this fact makes the Herald
the very besl mMiuui for advertising
In the district. A glance at the
columns of the Herald wilt convince
the most skeptical that the business
meu of the distriet appreciate     this
The Hon. W. J. Bowser, KX\,
attorney general for the province <rf
Hritish Columbia absolutely denies
tin: statement made hy Duncan Ross
on the lloor of the House of Comma ns at Ottawa, to the effect thai
Mr. Bowser or his law firm drew the
ontractn between tlie Japanese corn-
pan) and the employers of Oriental
labor. Mr. Bowser says he is willing to meet Mr. Ross on the public
filatform, either in Vancouver or at
Greenwood, the home ot Mr. Ross,
-ind tell Min that neither him nor
Ms firm had anything to do with the
drawing of the agreement in ques
tion. tt is only fair io Mr. Bowser
publish his denial ot tbe charge
made. And It might be said in addition that    Mr.' Ross hals   accepted
Hill & Co. have decided to move out the
balance uf their ladies', men's and children's hats. If prices count for anything
they will move quickly, as they will offer
them at one half off the regular price, or
in other words 50c on the $
Hats worth $5.00 for $2.50
Hats worth $2.50 for $1.25
Hats worth $1.00 for 50c.
They will also make special reductions on
the following lines:
Ladies' Skirts one-third off regular price
Ladies, Waists one-third off regular price
A line of Flannellette Waists to clear at 60c
nl si
We have 02 Hoys' Suits ranging in size
from 22 to 30 that we will sell for the next
two weeks at half price. We have decided to reduce our mammoth stock and
will do it.
111- -llatlcfig*. I.il- li lllllilii: ili-l.iiti. uitli
Ml.  tliiu-Sfi, ..iiil llu-n ting   mil In
M.i in ...if 1
Till'  .Hllillflf.it       ,.!   Ilir   Ilillil      ..I
.In..-. V .1 ii.-    .,!■ gnwl  If.-if I if!
i.si. occurs .... in-.. 1 Suiiiiil.il, tin-
mli. .lui,-;, Vi-ini-. «-.,.-. In.in 1,1
N.iiilf.. l-i.iii,,   j,, 182*.     Hi- si ml..-.1
l.iw Im     v   limn  .mil   l.n,.,  i,,,,!,
In writing sIh.it, nieces foi llu- slugo,
Ills   lirsl     lim.lt "l-'in- Weeks	
dn Irani," was |iulilisli.<! in 181.:..
Througli nil In- works Uii- vein i.f tin.,
min veinns,     hii^i-il     willi   n   i|unsi-
-I'illllilll-   lllllill'llllll ss.   is   Wl.lkl-ll       ll|l
liy liim uit.li, n.i.1'1 silt-cess, Wlml
..in- ... us lines not owe hours ot
vraitlifnl dPllglil li. sili'li hunks us
'■Ki.iiinl Hi,. W.,rlil in Kit-lilt Days,"
"Prom llu- Kiirtli In tin- Moon,"
"Twi-iitt Tlii.nsnuil Leagues Under
the Sea" nml- "Michel Strogolt."
It. is i-stiiinriliiiiiry tn t-liink ,ol tin-
mnny tilings tli,'i_ Vi-l'lli' wri.ti' ahull.,
himself, pri.lnilrly, lint' fur nn instant, helicving thnt they ever wnuld
be neeoni-pllulled hiring .ni-timl ■ wnrk
able facts todny.
\ il TII. I.lMEItlCK
There wns a tilling man in Mnynok {
Who nnt.. liiiiisi-lf.il wife tooli, I
'-Little dearest-" said he,
'-Send awni for some lea, .
To O.T.H., the grocer, Cranbrook. [
nn l-'rlduy, Fob. Ilih. in lbe I'ms-
Ihytorlnn i-liun-h ltev. .'. (i Alnin will
ib-liti'i n Iceliiro describing ibe iu
Icrosting nml   i>iriui'i<M|iu> trip   from
I'llllCOIIVO.    I"   IllltlSnli \i|ii-||    Insl
i hiss Inn-torn slhlus inndo tn raib-i
from original photograph-, mil i„.
|.i...|.-i-ii-ii by nn- light mi n screen
giving pictures Inurtr-eii feet. Biinaro
Tin- lecture will deal with tlio
Inmlscnpo, mining iiuluslry, cltmntc
nii.l many other Interesting lea-turns
nt tills fni Hung laml, The aim ' ot
Hu- lecture Is I,, instruct ns well ns
interest. The pictures describe tbu
mugntllccnt soil from Vancouver tn
Nkngwny, t-bi-ii llu- pjctnresiuic iiioiin
llln jiiiiiiu-y over llu- While I'nss
railway to White Horse, thence ihc
uiiii|ii|. .snil ilown Uu- Yukon river tn
the [nm,his Klondike fields. There
will Is- other features, such ns sclec-
lirais [riim "Snugs of n Sourdough"
(whose author is a friend nf the lee-
luror), songs and a comic illus-
liulisl mlk by Murk Twain on
"The difficulties about that dog."
This lecture is under the auspices of
ilie Presbyterian guild, half of the
proceeds going to Ibis society, lbe
rest for the cost ol lantern and slides,
which is heavy. The admission is
2'i cents to ailults and 11. cents to
children ot fifteen and under, ilra.r..:
open at ..'15. Lecture begins at
I       WATCH TALKS       |
* Have yon a wuloh lhat .wftiirw uttonllon.    Mnylie tlm innlnsprin
Q itrnki n    A new on* only ro-.li. SI SO.
* lioesy.itn willnit stop oeertsionally anrl jrnu-tvpiiol ilepnuil upon it
J  tm.,''.'   ri.iinilig in llkfly nl.it IIMklt, i.lttlSl.fO Will do ll.
* \,< iii ttii-i ivii.it th. iroublo Is will, yrair w.,.,'1, briny ii lu ns.    li t
J* tt Itch 1101 lit r.'^.llnfiii.- j.1.1 I.l in. it iu, il will*.*., yral nnllilliu-.     \. ■
I...... In idciifni yuu.
«.        TT .    fl*     W* lLj*j\Jr** 4ili.dill.le   Opll.-.nit
| Don't Spend Yoi*r Money
on Whisky
Tills Spa,',*
I .apartment.
pnl.t  for   liy   Ih.    .lelhmli.l   I'liuicll   Teinpeiui.t-
Kvery nosalldo belji within reason will be giveu lo men desiring to
i|ilil lhc Urink llnl.it.   I nil ami time a chut witb the Pustot. TIIK-ritAMbltOOK    UKItAl.l.
Ladies' and  Girls'
I.AI.Ills" HOOTS   Miuloof nnlrong, bul yol not too heftvj BoxCnK Leather;
r.-.ill.t Mi.- I.i-i.i tulu.• in iiu- irti.l,-: viilui'fur *l.."i(.    Special Price, |»r paii      ;.:!.,"i.>
A M llll Ell si* Ml I A I.   Wi- Imn. ..In.ni 7" pain ot a nooil strong spring
lloul, alan iiin.lt> nli< I lloj-C'nlf Lentlior; .-..luo for 88.50. Our price, n [jaii   8s.'."S
Wl   AW:  llll   ACEN1
T ' M lu!;i:"i;:'!;; 2t Price $S.50 a pair.
:ill..-.|     rti'll
si.i. hoot am. siioi: hiniiow this week ai
Keid Block
■ Formerly Wentwortl Hall'
Continuous Performances
.Vf-nil.rf.il,   Iti.-tni_tive,    Eotert-Uniiur.
Thursday anl Saturday
Fl'llt««« *t* .** Ml.
1    urermre, I»roI. Mellenry,
.   Jonas1 Paten. Motor.
'-.   Pool Polly.
«   Tin, Bandits.
5    S..n^  by   1,   ij   .-.nUi.Mii.
"Top li' ti.1- Muii-Ub^."
1,.   NatnieFalt.il.
7   Tha Still Raw. [
Monday aud Tuesday
ttlHim lettu-uiu.
1    Overture, l'.„i. Milleiny     \
:-    American Athletic Olrla,
.   1 i*ni 1I..IH- tfeeper, '
..   --non   by   fl.   fi. ..ulli.au,]
'•The liouie 1,11 he 1 -tli „»>1 -
Ihe Gael,"
->   The OhirtBtd Umbrella
<>.    Top Spututb^.
I   Lolgers' HiMulel.
Unor.npea7.tta.     Caauaeace T 4(1.'
ktmt.Hf   C4_uX.lt Cku|« alfra i I
I irataau ceo Mealey aai T»a Ma,' ;
> Adialmdaa   Maun .hi ttlMnu Mr.
thief nil
,ji,u Tuesday.
!   W. F. tlurd
!   Prices <ion't.
the CCS.
I   Lent   begins
I.March 1st.
is   at the const
cunt these davs
Ash   Wcdni-siln
cutting 1l1.it 11 the
The t llilll
It. S. Wright, travelling
tin-i'.I'll ,    .arrived    in
olice How visited Pernie
iii.lii.-r t,.r  A VAST   AMOUN-1     OF ROUTINE
tbo addition to the Herald'. l-'ls.1 n'Kl,i ""-' s,'c'"1"1 "'R"la1' "i«-i
commenced today aud will
rushed t.i completion.
Ynu ti.nul,.|- s iim. s ir il is possible In get 11 lion! that will went' 11.010 tlmn u few m-eks.
Roys nro linril on  footwear.    We il.» not  cluiiti our Bovs' Hoots lo Iv evei'lnsling. Iml \v. tl"
claim for litem (iKM'IXK l.'OOl) VALUES.
$1.75 LI'lTLI. (JEST'S in it its. sizes 84 lo 10, for
$2.0)      ■■ - " "     " "
*1.7u V.il  Tils   BOOTS, Bizes 11  t..  18, for.      .
s_:..->     •■ ■■   "        '•„.....
$2.2;i Hi i'i S' BOOTS, sizes 1 too, for
SI. 2 5
*•_!. 'J .">
82. in
0. T. ROGERS' SHOE SHOP, Cranbrook     :
Sl'NCI. llu- ilnys ..1 ..I.l St \ nlt'iitine lias
l.e.-ii Ih.- |..itr..n -.iiiii of III. ni-.li-.il gftl
llilll,   nn i    ll..-    l.l.llt    tlllBtotll   ..1   BL'tllliltg
lokons ..I ntreclion on ST. VALENTINE'S
HU .T.B11I im llm is 1.1-1 us itopulur
i..,l,n  ns il ivns li.iii.lieils n( years ago
This %,-.,,- tt.- li.-itr tttkeii i-ri-.-it imiiis in tin-
sclecli I mi    iloi-k of \.il.iiiin,-
Wi- li.-n,- 1!, -ii in iiiuiii .aril lies nnil ht all
    from Ti . Cents   to Five IVllnrs    V„n
-.If-ul.I ....-   I,,- 1
'ft ___m v - --,-,,-n.-ti'-rT^rz'.rrarrTr____________^
jcsn msa
Some people think fiyo trl;i-Hi- are injurious
l.i-i;iii-i. wtmii oii.-n worn 11 pinion Iw.-oiiics
dependant on ilit'in. The truth Is a properly
Httflil pair «.i gtdssen IttiMOVE TIIK STRAIN
1iiH.11 tho even thorotore no Hmc should he lost
mi nff'inlhiu iln. inlitir. WK HIM I; AYI'Ki:
i:ii.\ll.n;i'.\iu,i: VI HON". SOfinKfiflWORK
W.   F.   TATE
nili.-rii IVnnii  Inspect"
lorC, P |(,
| Dawson, Jan. 24.—The greatest
(herd ol caribou over reported in the
Yukon is nnw moving southward
iicrosH tin* head ol Sixlv Milr rlvor,
inn miles west of Dawson. Tlio herd
Ims toen   crossing    thero tor nearly
tOO days.     H Is esUmi I llial 100,-
iiuii carllioii have crossed Micro al-
I ready. Nn end to the mam mo tli
j procession is in slgbl There may
Inr 260,000 or sovoral Limes tlial
number In tlio groat moving herd.
A joint meeting ol Odd l-'ollows
land Knights ot PyUHas will l»* held
;in their own Iiuil on l-'rhl.i> evening,
Kebruary T, 1 !'08, commonolng at 8
o'olock, to discuss matters in connection willi ,i proposed attitltlon to ou
I Improvements on tin- building, after
which refreshments and cigars will
to served anil ;t Boclnl hour or two
spent together,
Tho following aro tho police commissioners: His worship Mayor Pink,
Alderman Ryan and Q. T. Rogers,
The license commissioners arc: Tho
mayor, Alderman Henderson and
J. H. I'asla-ke.
Mrs. P. Parks will entertain on
Thursday, February 18th, from I to
fi o'clock, assisted by Mrs. .!. A.
Harvey. Admission tfic. Proceods
in aid ol the church. A homo produce table will bu a pleasing tea-
Winter <?oods are brtue sacrificril at
ilir C.C.a
C. A. Oasliill. of KiuAerley, Is lu
I'r.inlirook today.
I.iidios and cbiWrffQ-j yboes *iin» be-
low cost.-0.C9.
j   Tlio   SnecMw brotbetn leave     (or
Scotland on Saturtay.
I   R. L. T. OalbratA, of FVirt.^tcek,
wns In town yesterday.
Dolly V arden shoes for koiwu at
rust.—Pink Mercanttlo Co.
Martin Schilling, of Perry Cwc-fc,
was in t'ranbrook on Tuesday.
Dairy butter in one poirad bricks,
30c. [Kr pound at the G.T-K. grocery
A look at the Iruit iu O.T.R.'s
grocery tlepartmeot wilt) tempt you
to buy
A. O. Bowness and Mrs. Boworss
..ir iu Rossland t-t.h wtHi at^tpn.tiuti
!ti.' carnival.
K. .1. Clayton, ow. of W&rysvlHe's
prominent, merebaats, is in Crao-
hrook today.
Kvery pair of women's sboon w
our big store eotag at co;;t and less.—
Kink .Mercatttu-o Co.
L. W. Patmore is around again to-
ila> after being conOned to t~o boose
\i\ sickness for a wwk.
Dainty afternoon cups and caucers
.tint plates to match from %**M to
(21.00 per do7CB at Q. T. Rogers.
l»fsp.*ict*i- Burdett irturaed to
Cranbrook tbis week iroca Mlsoeapo-
lis, where he has beta oa business,
\\ Hlaylock, late -A tlw Bail
mines, Nelson, bus fawa »p»oiatoil
Buperintende&t ot tfiv St, Kuf-ent
s. .MuH^cbefft, (4 J-loyk, ac«om-
i-.i:,if.i h> 3_Us, McEskcbera aad
children, sprat iiretcrtay In Cranlirook.
Hig cut in prices of all lines of
P. w. Reeves teas severed his coa-
iiti-tion with tbe CP.lt. uad is bow
»n the staff of tbe Cnuthrook filec-
iii.  Light company,
An important meeting w-.ll
ii. Id tomorrow (Friday; evening
iln- tiuling sink ad 8 o'clock. All
members are earnestly requested to
he present.
George Brcmoer made a trip to
Pernio, Frank aad other points
tlio Crow in tbe interest* of tbe
l!oliinson-UcKen?.ie Lumber eom-
panj  this week.
Ug cut tn prices ol all lines oi
Always doing bonet-bing to Improve the Hotel Crartroofc, Messrs.
1-Ioggartti & Rollins bave put down
cork carpet on Uc floor of tbe office.
II adds greatly to lbe appearance of
i tint handsome room.
Thoro are four important meetings
tomorrow night. Tbe board of
trade, the Joint meeting of tbe Odd
Fellows and Knights of Pytbtas, tbe
meeting the Curling dub noi tbe
Eagles smoker. Better take tbem
..II iui
Ladles and cbiMre&s sbra gntwg b&
low eost.-C.C-B,
II) tbe upsettteg ol a sWgb at tbe
first bridge uortb of tbe ton Ust
Tuesday evening, Mrs. *-■ ttcBacbrra*.
Miss Kerr, Miss Kft» and >Hss,T»y-
l.n were badly sbakes up. Mrs
Mi-Kacliern was badly cut aad bruised
i i.utit the bead and lace and tbe
i lier ladles were all more «r ma
Winter goods are being sacrlbeed at
tho CCS.
It. Kimpton, ooe ol tbe ulone*r
ranohors of tbe Windermere district,
has purchased tbe Clark rancb, wbicb
consists of 308 acres and adjoins bis
own holdings. TWs nddHioo 0vw
Mr. Kimpton 1W0 acres in a soHd
lilnck. lt is understood tbat tbe
consideration was in tbe netgbbor-
lioivd of twenty doHars per acre.
T. C. Armstrong bas returned
from Elkmoutb where be built a
blower system lor tbe IVws-Saska-
I non Lumber company. In a strong
i -stimonial given Mr. Armstrong by
tho company, tbey say: "We consider
Mr. Armstrong second to none tm tbis
line of work in British ColumWa and
would take great pleasure in beartiay
recommending Wm to anyone requiring the service of a first cla-'-s blower
I. M   Agnew. of Waldi
town  yesterday.
J,  Willard, ol Marysville,  was    In
Cranbrook yesterday.
K. U.    (iihbons, of   Maple Creek,
was in town yesterday.
W.    A. Boyd, ol     Moyie, was       in
Cranbrook last Sunday.'
William Craig visited    Perry Creek
for several days   this week.
Mr.,   Allra, of    Marysville, visited
Cranbrook on Monday laAt.
li.    McDonald, constable at Mnrys*
viile, was-lo town on Tuesday.
Prices don't,   count these da)-*   at
tbe CCS.
J.    C. -.Cipj Crothers, of Nelson,'
wo.-, doiiig bwtnefl| id Cranbrook this
week. I
. s. (i
.fllce x
tie rapidly r
Engineer 'I
i'.d.i\  alter
nbouj three weeks
accident -
Our stock ui wo
of all the newest
Thej    aro selling
i-.mtile Co.
Gust Theis and Martin Schilling
havo been doing a lut of work this
winter on the Thompson-Banks plao-
ei claim on Perry creek, a now
pump has been installed ana the nia-
■t.inery     put in Limning  order
to  work in the spring
ing "f tho new city council was beld
in tin.' council  chamber.     There weie
present Mayor Fink, Alderman Ryan,
II is around again ■ Baker, Hunt,     Henderson .in.l John-
been laid up   for son.     The minutes ot the last meet-
result of   an  Ing tmving been read awl adopted on
tbo motion ol  Aldermen Ryan    and
Henderson, Uiu following communion*
lions wen* dealt, with:
A letter from the secretary of the
itrit sti Columbia Municipal union,
whieh liultis a convention at Nanaimo
on February 26th, Inviting au attendance of delegates from Cranbrook
was referred t»> the legislation committee.
A letter from R. Potter, the engi-
and' owes who designed the sewer system
■ ns shoes consists
ibapes and styles.
Fink Mer-
t c
Oeorge McKee, w LlUo, a brothet
ol -Dig Jim" was io Cranbrook yesterday.
I. J. Kit..'pan ink mu-i bis brother,
of Marysville. were in Cranbrook on
William Ctttiin.-of Fori Steele, was
transacl.ng business in Cranbrook
ludge Wilson wrnt to Fernie on
Tuesday to bold ■ it sitting of the
county court. i
W. T. Acton, of Blairmore, is|
visiting Cranbrook.and other points
ln tbo district. i
Albert Goodall, mauager of tho'
smelter at Marysville, was in Cran-1
brook yesterday.
Mrs. W. A. McDonald, of Nelson,
spent several days la^it week with
Mrs. P. K. Wilson.
.lack Davis, of the Electric Light
company, is confined U* the house by
sickness this week,
Double knee spliced heel hose    for
children.       The kind tbat wear,    at
fi.T-K. shoe shop.-
■ J, Cosgrove, of Willis A C. we'1
theatrical.ageu1.fi of. Calgary, was iu
Cranbrook yesterday.
KOR SALE-Tbiae bowling alleys nearly new. Apply S J,
Mighton, tobacconist.
j J. G- McCallumJias been laid up
with a sprained ankle ever since he
returned from the jfifelson bonspiel.
r.Dr. Hugh'Watt,.'of Fort Steele,
parsed tbrougb. (!ronbrook on bis-wav
bome front:Kingsgate on Monday.
" Albert Mutz,.. whose liquid product
is known-ail over the district, was
doing-business in -Cranbrook yesterday.
i We wish to close out our entire
stoek of womens shoes, the prices we
Arc making should dolt.—Kink Mercantile Co.
III. 0. Adney;- provincial constable
at Wardner-.  passed.'through      Cran-
councll paid T. M. Rob*
cit •, ,i iii served compliment last
evening by giving him unsolicited a
inc.; increase in his salary. This
was done ou account of the material
increase in the work of the ofliee and
also because ol the efficient manner
m whuii the business iu the othce
has litH-ii handled hy Mr. Roberts.
There arc few men in Cranbrook
,.n competent for such a position as
Mi. Roberts, and this public recognition nl his abilities will bo fully appreciated by the people generally of
'liis city.
J. Turtaii, of the S. U. Townseini
A Co., the well known wine importers ol Montreal, was in Cranhrook
yesterday. The Wine and Spirit
Journal and Brewer's Review, ul
Toronto, has the following to say
of Mr. Turban; Mr. "Jack" Turtaii,
of S, B, Townsend & Co., left for
lhe northwest and British Columbia
on the (ith of January, where he expects to lie for tho next mouth or
two. Although practically a newcomer to the northwest, ".lack"
(as tbey all call him) is well known
and very popular iu Western Ontario,
where he was for many years a
well known theatrical managers and is
at presenl secretary of the Canadian
Theatre Managers association." Mr.
Turtan i.s a pleasant gentteman to
meet,  an excellent recounter oi  gotxl
stories and lie takes to
a thick takes to water.
the west lik<
The    secretary-treasurer    of
Cranhrook Link Co., Ltd., beg:
acknowledge receipt of the following
additional subscriptions for stock
A. K. Watts 	
P. Handle? 	
Judge Wilson 	
E. II. Small 	
V. Hyde Baker ....
M.   A.  McDonald
K.  II. Miles 	
F. R. Morris 	
I!.  Home 	
T. S. Gill 	
J.  II.  Spenee 	
M.  A. Beale 	
K.  II.  Patmore ..
Patmore Bros.  ...
H-.skins .
brook (to   Tuesday .ou route
tVom Nelson.
home'I!' 'V J<*nson
Arthur*Sheppard,-of tho staff of
the Crows Nest Pass Lumher company, of Wardner, was here on business yesterday.
' .t E. Turtan, of Montreal; J. W.
Hope, of Calgary; and W. E. Murphy,
of Nelson,  .were registered at    the!if
Cranbrook- yesterday.
- Engineer- D. Murphy returned from
Ottawa yesterday where hu bas been
representing the engineers before a
committee, ot. tlie- federal house.
P.ucR breifc .Plymouth Rock eggs foi
sjje; U.5a per settiflfc ot 13. A tew
-Plyswuftl^. Bock.cim||rels for sale.
.tpfUy. 0. BflaaflW-i, Mm.svile, B.
0. -44-11
R.  E. Beattie
W. p. Carter...
.1. MeSweyn	
T. Reid 	
C. Bowness ....
II. Short 	
L. McDermot
C. Mercer .
King Lumlier Mills
..   10
.    10
..    10
..    10
.    10
..    25
..    20
..    10
..    10
.    35
..    10
..    10
..    25
George    Miner, the    pioneer hard-
E«-   «,._i+s.- ......  .  1. i ....   Wa|'r man nf Cranbrook. came in this
ttu.r<,;5^™^?ri«iT »«w' afte">oon from Vancouver. Mr.
SNEJSS *iB?Si«Plilt o? Minor is now secretary-treasurer of
ffi--5^fiVtoft^«lHwu ***? tht Prudential Life Insurance Co.,
tto oSrii W",t***?' sTIrodW1> ,m - of Winnipeg. Back in '98, before
»; *.*     f. ' '     . there   was a railroad nearer       than
IT'S*1' J*100*' Proprietor of the|Oolden, "Oeorge" brought in a car-
Waldorl hotel, at ' Kcmie, passed load of hardware by team and sold
tbrougb Cranbrook rm Tuesday's nasi it and those were the davs when you
nound tram.    Mr. Moore has been in coiild not. look at an No.'8 stove for
Spokane on business.
Mrs. p. Lund, .of Wardner. came into Cranbrook on Tuesday. She
came to accompany Miss Lund who is
undergoing treatment, in the hospital
lor an injury to her knee.
Oust. Theis, of Perry Creek, came
into Cranbrook on Tuesdav for the
first time in seven-weeks'. He was
vfry. grieved to hear^ot the death M
his rtld friend Oliver Burge.
-Ladies,, when you; can get the very
latest styles- of shoesy the kind that
look good, fit good and are guaranteed to be good; at cost you should
stock up.-Fink Mercantile Co.
The C. P. It. Quadrille club dance
last night was a success. There-
was a good attendance and Professor
MeHeory and his orchestra were
there with the goods as usual.
Kerr Brothers have finished a 25,-
000 tie contract which they had for
the Crows Nest Pass Lumber company near Kimberley. They have
btvo just two month-, getting them
Tbe saw mill machinery of tbe old
Stjndard Lumber company's mil. at
Baker bas been sold to the Rock
Creek Lumber company, who will
set it up on their limits near Mayook.
.The King Lumber Mills, LimitTd,
are getting the r new machinery into
po-Ution very rapidly. It is expected tbat ln two week* time the sash
and door department ..will be in operation.'
Engineer.!. O'Neil bas returned to
Cranbrook from Spokane and ls work
iog for the CP.R. Mrs. O'Nell and
the family, after making a visit
to St. Paul, will return to Cranbrook -and remain here-permanently
'Miss Ella Grant leaves today
less than fifty dollars. He built
ii good business here but decided to
sell uut and he went to Winnipeg
where he went into the brokerage
business. There he sold out last
April to take up life Insurance. Mr.
Miner's eompany, though young, is
doing a fine business. He tells the
Herald that they have written $700,-
000 of insurance sinee September first
Ust. This is Mr. Miner's first visit
to Cranhrook for four years. Mr.
Miner's many friends in Cranbrook
will be glad' nf the opportunity of
shaklne; hands with him.
Erie Saundlcn, better known t..r
twenty years or more in the valley
as "Old Eric," was badly injured on
Horse Thief creek this week while
thawing powder, to be used in clear*
ing th-p stream lor the Columbia
Lumlier companv.
Both of the unfortunate man' eyes
Were put out and other severe i.iur-
i«s Inflicted, and it is a (juration
wlu-ther he will recover. "Old
Eric" came to Smith East Kootenay
with  V Hnu* md nas the   crand
factotum for Mr, Hanson for years,
having been in charge ol the construction ot the first houses, saw
mill, planer building, etc , on the
place. There are many in the dis-
trict who will heat the news with
Borrow, as "Old Eric" was a general
favorite with all who knew him
for Fernie, asking whether the city
of Cranbiook was contemplating a
sewer system at thu present time,
and a letter Irom tho Alberta Portland Cement company uu the same
subject, were received and     hied
\ notice from the Water Supply
eompany stating that the charge lot
water tot the hydrants wnuld be Increased trom $2.75 per hydrant to
t-i.25 was referred to the imam*
An application Irom O. Ashworth
ior the position of city auditor was
referred to the finance committee
with Instructions    to call tor (urthet
app Ileal ions.
The    report ol tho fire department
was referred tu the lue and police
Committee.      The  application  ot    the
driver of the fire department lor an
increase in salary was received and
tiled, the city clerk being instructed
to write informing him that that the
council could nut sou its way clear
to grant his request at the present
Alderman Hunt read the report of
the finance committee as follows:
lu connection with the report oi
Auditor G. A. Ashworth we recommend that the items of (134.35 and
fITS made against the tiie hall and
sidewalk debentures interest bo accounted for in tho general estimates
We also note with pleasure tho cum
plimeutary remarks made hy tin
auditor regarding tho excellent con
dition in winch no tound the books
kept by City Clerk Roberts, Re
gardiug the request ol Messrs. Willi*
..% Cosgrove, dated January 1st, we
ate ol opinion that the by-law should
he lived up to and the license fee
collected accordingly. The report
was adopted Accounts amounting
to JIM7 2y were ordered to be paid
Alderman Henderson read the re-
port ol the health committee. In
consultation with the medical health
officer the two items ihat were noticed was the matter ol overcrowding
in the Chinese quarters aud the matter of sewerage. The committee wBl
Inspect .md report at the next meeting. Tiie committee is of opinion
tbat a sewerage system cannot he
undertaken at present. Tlie hoard of
works propose doing some ditchiug
this year, which will reduce the
chances of fever. This committee
undertook the tale of a Mrs. Harris
who was destitute aud ill. It supplied her with medical aid, a nurse
and furnished in r transportation to
the home of friends. The case of a
destitute Chinaman was reported to
the committee an-1 finding that he was
in the last stages ol consumption he
was sent to the hospital, where he
died and was In due course huric-1-
The committee recommended that the
report ot the medical health officer
be received and tiled. Referring to
the tender of Georse Leask. for
covering in the horse stalls at the
fire hall, after consultation with the
fire and police committee, the committee arc of opinion that, at this
late season of the year, this would
be an unnecessary expense. The report was adopted. Alderman Ryan
stated that the works committee
would require about 15.000 this yeaj
Alderman Hunt suggested that au
addition be built to the city lockup
so as to enable the prisoners to cook
their own food. Alderman Ryan
explained that so far the city had
no lease on the building and be
thought that until this was obtained,
from the government it would be unwise to make any addition and moved, seconded by Alderman Johnson,
that tbe fire ^nd police committee
interview the government agent as
to getting the lease above mention* I.
By-law No. ll, to amend the curfew' bylaw, was read the first and
second time.
Bylaw No- 45. the temporary loan
bylaw, was read the first and second
time, went into committee of the
whole and read the   third time.
Bylaw No. 40, the pound and dog-
tax bylaw, was read the first and
second time. It was moved hy
Alderman Ryan and seconded by
Alderman Henderson aud carried that
owing to the Increase of work in bis
department, the city clerk's salary
to increased to $100 per month.
The matter of overheating of laundries and the matter of scavauging
was discussed.
Alderman Henderson gave notice ol
his intention to introduce a bylaw to
amend tbe health bylaw.
A special meeting ol tbe council
will be held >>u Tuesday the 11th Irvtt
at 7.1 ■ p.m.
Nelson, where she will visit for about
two weeks • with her. sister, Mrs.
D' Alton Coleman,, after which she
wBl go to San Francisco to join her
parents who are living- in that city.
Miss Grant bas -been residing in Cranbrook (or some time' past and has
been attached to the stall ot the
Bank of-Commerce as stenographer.
'■Romeo," Cbattie ..Smith's canine
companion, was. the- recipient of
Ottawa,    .tan. 2.1.—Galltghci    tins
lor lt'ishul the llritisli (,'oliimliia Southern
Iiill so rapiillv   that it   has rrci-ivcil
lhnv.roa-lin.KS in the House ot Com- "a.KOoo
limns ami   is now belore the sonata J .""j,.*.
tt retiews the charter lor line     trom
I-'ort. Steele to Golden.     There was
no opposition.
A nunrtK-r ,•! Cranbrook iM.l Kcl*
iws went tu    Moyie Tuesday   ni.ht
,iu response to ..i. invitation to ..-it
the lod^c at that place.     The   work
lot the first dogree w»> exemplified MKt
then a soeial BO-tlon followed, a.
which a most t....ii.tifiil repast was
served anil a pleasant tu.ui followed intcrspersi.l wilh sours, recitation and short talks. The lodto
then resumed its t.usiness session
and when el..sell the visitors departed for home, alter extending a
hearty vote ol thanks to the Movie
lodge for their entertainment. Those
who attended from Cranbrook were:
Messrs. Chas. Smith, V, S. I.iddi-
coat, It. Dixon. W. S. McDonald P.
H. White, M. D. Hillings.
Diat-il, Movvfatt, Beaton,
Land and C. A. Ward.
In the Cosmopolitan trophy,    1'at-
Corporation ol the City of
.,     .... TOR
bMAmn..-". presert^Ws week Irom niore'a rink beat McCowan's altd wilt I Applications will be received IK
Fret* I.. Vat-Deear. . It, consists of have to play the winner ol Cameron the undersigned not later than Satur-
a*»lew»».ii«Har«t«-h* with brass and Rogers' lor the 8nal. In the day, February 20th, lor llie position
rivets witb a eilvet plate attached Kink trophy Wilson beat Ptnkham, of Oity Auditor. Applicants mutt
on wMi* is engrave* "To the Royal witb four more games to play to state i*iialiflcations and salary re
dog Irom tbe Royal hotel."    Ou tbe reach the final.    Patmore beat Stark quired and give references.
■      ■ •       ■* -■    ■ ■  Thos. M. Roberts.
City Clerk's Office, Cranbrook, B.C.
-,_ VIV-WVI I-™*.   ».«■»•   "•"•   «•--««■   ««.-.. —"   ....
man "   that kind ol a send-ot   CrtVplate is an eagle emblem also. Need-   .   tlw Oault trophy, with four more
Mr. Armstrong ill right. '«« to »*1 Romeo Mi dressed up    J games tn play lor final TUB I KANItKOOIv   UKUAL.I)
X ruiiAMi: i.ai.omii: ♦
♦   High-Class Dressmaking   ?
X     "■"■'  *■"" in     ♦
* Chilli '- .Vein. ♦
1    C.  r   U   HOI    i    i I'-mii-      |
A Good Investment
on   ...ni   liourie II..- vvTiili-i   ...il   •
... e vine hatl al ..ill .
i i..l% vv trom lllf j
j Cranbrook Sash and j
j    Door Company
VII kin.I, oi llililillnii Vlotuti.il <
l.nli.lor I .If
When You
Come to the Metropolis stav at the
Palace Motel
Stephens.-.- Rockendorf
Opposite C. I'. V.
$i...»   PER   IMY
Calgary, Alta.
Does your
Feed You
\)r.   II-   Snow-,   late Senior Sur
Hfoii, Cancer Hospital- Loudon,
wrotr: "The nuinWruncr ol
sound nerve equilibrium by scientific tissue nutrition like Hov rii
will do more lu stay tlir ravages
ot any malady than a century ot
medical progress in drug treatment-,"
"Bovril" is all bctf.
Sold by your
Druggist and linker
in bottles containing
I u/, 2 uzs.. 4 ozs., N oftOAozs.
Relid foi .nn ile.serilit.ve catn.Og.lt
.1 nursery stuck. Address The Itiv
•iiiii,. Nurseries, Grand Forks, I!
0. -Il-tl
Hgg   News of the District
WritU'n by Bright Correspondents aud Gleaned Irom Newspapers
(From our own correspondent)
Clarence    Darling,
spent     Snii.l.iv     .in*
lire w
fullv waleliwl
Monday with
lends in town.
i-i \\n i\n ihii vi
lliul, 111- Iim, .   vi.,.,
I-   II, lion fii*       ll.'VMlHlllih. II.C.
I'r.nii.tiiil I.ami Surveyors
OFFICES    IT   l-'.H!'!'   STI.l_l.li    1X1
l-fiiiiiin.f  Furnislie.l
l-„,i Sleele I' O  Uos _hi
Cranhronk I' 0 Ho. II.
Teleph 171
(leo. R. Leask & Co
tin, work Is our mlv-ertteomeii.. hut vv.
|,ut Ihis ml in the Itornlil i»
etnpliasise it
Nnil Lower .nmlrong .venue
I KI.I-.l'lliiM; 111
RAtl.WAN company
The  National
Tltrongli  --I,. pin    nml  liiniiii
furs nn.I Hi- I. i lass T 'inl
SU-epen mi till 'I l.rri.i [li
TheBestof Meals awl Utentioi
Banff Sanitarium
This Wnu,-i-
Bl'Ll'lll'R   SI'KINII*    vM.  I N.
t:\ri i i.i-.i.   \i i nu vi, in vn.iN'f
Kulvs $2,511 per .lay ami up
r,..,.-f I invi.nl .in.l elu-er
llllly answered,   lull on ,.i n-lile
JOHN riOE,       G, I. COVI.E
II  I1.  V III. IM
NKI.S.1V   |: , v VM Dili I'll
Old Curiosity
J.IStiWI .1.   MvLK.V Proprietor
All Classes of Second
hand (ioitils
I ilmv ,.i   All   Kiii.l*., kilh
New  I >ff.,if! Ifii.l
Sage's Old Stand, tin.,
son Avenue
\lioiil   1100  LotiH   prairie hay
('an ship nt fiin'r
$9.00 per ton
l-'i-.-iiilil  lo British Columbia
nlintii St'i.ilO per tun
•>_::_ Mniu Si.. Winnipeg
Ki-pnirim. n Spirinlly
.\ikt-ns Klo.-k. (Jranbtnok
.1.   IV.   JM-TLB1HJ-.K
Ortulnate of Ontario Veterinary
College, Toronto, In IStiS.
-,i!i.luui** mul MlhIiiIIIsI ol
MitKlllip'tf Vntorfnarv College,
-.■lih.ugo, in 11*00.
Veterinary practice In Manitoba
unheal Cranbrnok Hufcl.
VV.   It.   Bafttl;
Cmnlimoli ll.<:.
ml  Iliri-.-iiir
Pliono N...
Wolf I,
t   ,,„,,,. „,     CKAMKKINIk
Drink Home Beer
It ia Pure
It Ih healthy
It It the Beit
It. Steele Brewing Co.
Livery  &
fcnttui mid drivem fmoiUli-hl im m»
in.ttii io ju iVlitritfi,
David Hreekt-nrittge. ol KI
..iui Marysville, . is spending
.i,t\s tiii- week in lown on has
'I'll.- evenings ah. getting si.
o\\ Hnil .i man has plfiitv »•!
ii .. smoke while his \vifo Is
i id.- lilndlltrtc lor mbrnfng.
1..iiiii ni.-
Tin- inini'is of ('.i.iI fn.
decided thnt the.v would n
go In work on Wodntwdn;
untl] seme eliangus were t
thev    considered th'slnihlc
S.U.   . llll-    ('Ml,.iil 11.11     U|      i
in ih.- wash house Ims Ihvii
-I   ilis^lisLulioii  .mil   lho\
nl of ilir ili'l.n  thej  hail i
U,iitiii-;'loi Un- kill- liiilll
.'..me oil shift. Th>' im
iinolhei Kdevniice in llu- i
iim!.ri \ eiuntiiUlee w
fleneral UanuKei llnul a
ii-r.-iii'. - wm- iitljiisti-.l in
.mil luislnesHllke ' ninimei
in.M.-.l   1.. Mn- s.ihsi.ii-ii.iii
\li.     I'n.iii
hrook I.'-'  w
11 ile I  i
..jmliiiK '
Imporl-wl in hiilk, to)  i
\to ni'lrltml     pncknip
,1.. lio
Ipis r
The wicked man slaiidrlh on slip-
l»i-rv phiecs these dtt>s, and nveii Hie
li toons man Is liable- to gel his
huinpfi ii ho ventures nlirond wltlioul
liis in- eirepers.
.lulu: Bredtcfirldgu, ol CalgarVi
\lt-n.- renewed "Id iicqiialiitancpn in
(own r.n Mondav.
Mr.   .liiilies
lew days in
The friends ol Mr. Maeeoiuiell will
regret lo learn that he is not recovering iis ijiilckly, at might hr
expected. Mr. Mnccpniiell has been
quite* ill for some time-mul was not
able to hold his usual service on
Sunday evening' last.
The Attendance at school has heen
ijiiilc small dining t.he last week,
as the majority of the IuvpiiIIps are
suffering irom severe colds.
Mrs. II. Helgesou and son HUgai
were in Cranbrnok last week. Master
[Til-gar rpcelvert injuries from a fall
which reijiiired medical -advice.
The lumbei: eoumaiiy of Jah'uty
gave a dance oli Kriday "evening last
to commemorate the opening of iheir
new hull in Jaffray. A number of
the young people Irom here drove
down to enjoy the evening's entertainment with them, returning home
again on Satiiulay.
All and Alls. Otto Wlsnet spent
Sumlai with Mr. and Mrs. Thorpe in
.liifir.tv ami enjoyed iht- dance in the
i,.-\\ hall nn Kriday evening,
(Invhnm Dona hoo called on tiienih
in fr.inbr.M.I, one day last wee'a.
We regret veiv much to antiounfo to
the friends of \lis-; K.lith lain (I thai
hei knee, . which was hurt by a lull
n few days ago, han nnt. Improved
and she will go this urek to tin
Cranbrnok hospital for treatment.
i lend
Johnson spent Salurduv   will
in .laffray.
il-'ii nn the Fernie l-'iec Press.)
The furnace at the t'luh tried to
burn ihe building again on Wednesday
afternoon. The lire, brigade made a
quick run to the scene and soon had
ihe bla/e under control- There was
liitle damage cither by lire oi water.
II was the first time the furnace had
boon lit since tho previous Ore and
ihe. rcpaii   work was uot eompleteed.
there was n length of pipe missing
and the sparks, instead of going up
Ihe line, wont into the ceiling of the
cellar. A lew minutes sufficed to
.■ci ii undei control. Scared) had
ibe lite at the club been extinguished
when an alarm fame In from Old
Town and the lire brigade, many ol
them soaking wet, raced off t.i render
assistance outside the eity limits,
leaving the assistant chiil iu charge
at the club. Olio of the hig I'rutile
double residences opposite the fernie
dairy was in a blaze. The tenants
had escaped with practically none of
their belongings. In one end ol the
hou.se lived II. I.andfear and family.
l\vo id the l.aittlfpnr children were
niflVring with scarlet fevpr and their
home was quarantined, The Utile
were hastily removed lo the
holm- of a neighbor and almost im-
mediately* afterward taken lo a house
nearby which fortunately happened to
lie Vacant. The other end of the
muse was tenanted by Joseph Fer.iro
.ui Italian. When 1lie eity lire brig-
ide arrived on the scene employes of
he I'oal company had already drag-
•ed some hose lo Hie spot, but were
not connected, and Fire Ohtel AlcDon*
i^all took dhargc, It took some fifteen mlnuteo to get water, as the
iidiants in old Town are of a dif-
eient pattern from Hie ones In the
■ity and a covered hox had to lie dug
mt and torn open before the water
.uuiil be turned on. These hydrants
liavo onlv one outlet so that In oidei
N. f,-et' two streams the Siamese
oiipling was put on, reducing the
pressure by one half- Hy this time
the tire had made considerable headway and the upper story was all
ibl"aze. Before it could he ei'tinguish
•ii the interior was completely gulled
iiui     the   roof destroyed.     The lost.
lily, while the nbi To
progress but it  was ca
ml did no   dttmagt-.
lump at  you like
Tied chicken.
.ehliig fo
■1; colliery
at let   Ibei
ic is     h.t.l
tiled him
.I  t Iii
The  Klko bar lets,    dining room '
girls,   chamber maids, porters, tins;
driver* and   steer   cooks, have all I
gone     lishing—for oilier work. Klko I
w.is never so quiet as il is at ibe ]
presenl, since (leorge Hoggarth pul
mi the map.
Hugh   Wall.     MM.
i    Kliigsgaln lasl     w
Indian       roscrvatio
i.n    in his olllcinl    e
. .nne in j
•i-k. visiting
, Tobacco
ipnelly.    li I
'"A   AND
i^/yfALtO By
Keep Zam-Bulc Handy!
Arctdeiits will happen to the
b.-st regulated familie-;. ainl
the necessity of keeping Inndy
a box oi Zam* link   the vain- ......
able "first-ait!1 cannot be too Zam-Bult's wenclcMftl Way.
strongly insisted tt|ion.
ml  inel,  (Villi  the iloelol, li
ll-  .!',  s lilts  lime lo eulr
whieh ).iff-nl.-. I Iiiiii iii.i.
miei.il   .all-; iii  KII,..   iln
. Imlii
. i-le.il
It   Ih     understood Uut   tin
will   short I-i     change   iis
,\     post
opened nl  F.rlck-
. The
Mt iim
W....d-,Mc\. till
last   week.
ii. s. Whiteside,
Interna I ioiml Coal
al Coleman, was it
on Wed-
A red cross nurse will shortly arrive iu Kcrnie to undertake works of
mercy, under tho auspices of ,1 society to ha organized here. The
benevolent society will take up thr
mutter at iheir regulai' meeting on
I,. P. Eckstein hns purchased the
lot on the corner of Prior street, and
Itiverbaii avenue from Ihe lllnketnorr
estate. The resilience on this prop-
crtv is at present occupied bv It. CI.
Lockhart. Mr. Kckstcin Is offer I np
his I lowland ;i venue residence foi
(Ptom our own correspondent)
A Kernie banker says thai by the
first Of .March money will be as easi
as au "Ut shoe and as plentiful as
saml on Vancouver beach, but even
at that its's a long time to wall fnt
your breakfast.
Contractor Hill Tnicey is sliiiiplng,
says tho Alberln governmenl ofliclnls,
the besl piling Into Alberta. Trace)
is riming on tin- John Mot I timbei
limits near Klko.
Mis. John Todhuntcr, ol Cumber
laml house, went up to Kernie i.
attend the Sunday School convention
ihis  week.
W, C. Lencey, provincial
vufl seen twice in Kilo. Ihi.
Klko's three big hotels arc makin
cut    rales   during Kebruary to   ml!
lioniiire    spelidthrifts   ant i tpilulists
in search of     slum gtllllon and c.iltti
paiui.     Don'l miss ihis grand chanci
lo   blow   111.
Albert Armistead, belter known it
South Africa and Cranbrook as
•(iiiigcr," ihf celebrated cornet
soloist, bone rattler, will o' the wisp,
now you see him and new you don't,
wcni up to .lall'rav to play for the
big lumber jack dance Kriday night.
Klchurd Kraser, the hustling salesman fm the A. ti, Uowiiess big
wholesale liquor house iu Craubrook,
'by the race track,'' 'was an Klko
visitor this week.
Mis. Hall, ot Kcrnie, preached hei
rewell sermon in Klko Inst Stmilav.
Wc understand Mrs. Hall will go to
California for her health. Shu made
loi.s .-f friends In Klko anil In i meltings weie getting verj  populai     and
she  will  be missed bv all  who    kin-w
Mr. ami Mrs. Sinclair, of Haynes
Lake, were in Klko this week visiting
Howard Mctiulre, ol Mountain
View ranch, Mountain Meadows, Tobacco Plains, was lu Klko Bovet'al
davs  this  week.
Tunes must   be awful  bad  iu fti
-oiintry, if the sunt ihitlgh looks
he pilgrims that's coming  Hi
iiivtluiig to no hy.
•'Tight     money is
Bobei up,"   savs a
clt.viful  I'fllg
(Krom the Krnuk Paper.)
A n.-ws riespalcb from Spokane indicates thai another coal mining
company is opening iu tins district,
ni iii all events, mi the western
edge nf it. before tbo year is out.
The companv is the Crown Cual tS
Coke company, the stock of which
is Inrgelv held in Spokane and whose
propcflv' is li.e.iietl at Crows Nest.
The despatch states thai the work
done shows fourteen seams of coal,
lhat a wagon road twelve miles long
has been btilll to the property, that
plans are prepared for a handling
plant ::f 20011 tens datlv en pa id ty and
tlml the company expects to in- ship
ping by September next. It odds
that the company expects to be marketing lmm tons by September bul
inasmuch as a railroad to the properly is not yel started it is hardly
likely so much will be accomplished.
The rumor is current that a local
syndicate bucked In Spokane capital
is ahoul to start development operations mi the coal properly ou tinsmith fork known as the Cnt'bnn Hill
The Dominion government has decided to extend aid In western farm
cib t.. enable Ibem lo procure seed
giaiti by loaning two million dollars
to such as require assistance, on first
mortfraee loans
*♦-»♦♦♦♦ ♦to* ♦♦♦•»♦♦♦♦♦♦
| MOYII« }
: I
(..'I-4UI th. Mori. Lemter.)
Mis. l-'oole .m.i Mis. I'.ilir.ni:.
well-  ill  l'l lllllll'.,,.ll M. .11,1.1 >   ail ft I,,., .11
A heavy Iail ol mio« on tlie Like
hus spnileil the sltalitiB t..r tin- time
III. I'olliit is spciHltllg ii few ilays.
in Marysville, exclmngitm places with
III. .lai-Kiiinon. who is here.
.1. A. llevval. nianai-ei- ot Hie seveial mills of the I'oilo .tie.- ..iniitiel
fo,ii|i,iiiv. lias liei-n in Movie two ,n
line., itin-s lool.in. afiei'tlie nftalra
..I il.e local mill. Mr. Dewnr, vvhq
is an anl Inn it y on lilinlier. |ii-i-ilii-t-.
..  l.nsv  season    fol   those elitflgetl     in
il..- business.
I'RED ROO, Proprietor.
Hardware and Builder's Supplies,
Harness, Saddles and Fitlings, Miners'
and Prospectors' Supplies, Dry Goods,
Gent's Furnishings, Groceries, Fruit,
Flour and Mill Stuffs, Raw Fur and
The Largest Assortment ol Fishing Tackle suitable
lor the District in B. C.
-♦-   -
Indian Curios, Specimen Big Game Heads, and Sou
venirs ol The Greal West.
l  Phone 57 Head -Office, Calgary Alia.  ♦
x *
*      We now have a i.ill line ol fresh and smoked fish
Kipperi-il Salmon
l-iiinaii Itadtlie
iTv-sli S.-.lniiiii
Kippered Herring
Smoked Halibut
Fresh llalib.il
Mis Atlwoiiil was l.-ilien In tin
!...s|tit.il 'Pnesilay unit at last, roilort"
Inr eoiiilition was iinile serious.
Hi. S. K. Il.iivie is |iiil I ill,; in llu
winter nltemlinu Die I'ulveliiiie  Meil
eal -fli.fi  I hospital iu  New Vol!
ellv.     lie is Inlcitii* a |iiisl  -ii.i.lu.ili
A chute of oil' III feel 111 vvilllli
mil .'.llll leet I flf has heen , .pi-ncl
Hi in lhe J.flhll tool level oi the
SI. Kiinene mine. Tliis is one of the
most     ilil|liil'lallt    sllilles ever    ninile
ii llie mine, uml proves eouelitslvi-lv
ihat the ore hodlcs co ilovvii.
,-l.-f 11
ni  i
I ti.
tl.    Illll'll
It.   Mnekenzie
lo   t
in the
Hon i-i
s   l>
le will
er.il i
. In-lt
lhe |
i  ihe K
.-; Seven Yeats Ago |
in Cranbrook,* ut
;■ lli-:vis iii i,i:|i i ikivi  TIIK
v iii:i:\i.|i  ...    nt .T   hati:
WltltVlttt (.( t ,i-CM MS.1'
I'l.il.l,     M.'l'.llie. Iii.ll..I   ol VY.,1,1
j The Dominion Meat Company, Ltd.
\   Pabst! Pabst! Pabst!   j
.Insi , iwl a (Al! ..I PABST BOTTLED BEER
Wholesale Wines, Liquors and Cigars T
CRANBROOK, II. C.      -       -       PHONE 17 *
"Vnu aie ctmcgotl wiib lining iliuuk
.tinI iiisonlerly," saiil a local jimllCe
of lbe peai'c. "Not nuiih, i.hii
boll, u," te|ilietl llu- |ilisoiier.     'I was
1 i.o I'.isb (itirneil    <h 1111K 10 be disorderly "
Mr. T. U- Mvei;. lbe |io|iulai
school teaclicr, lias siaiteil a ninbt
M-hoi.i ami ..we are.,plehsed to saj is
meeling vrllli-success,
Keep Vour lieaxl cool anil your leil
\V1i1n1 awl 'lftn'l worry. Tbere'R
bet Ier flnies ahead.     Whv. wc    bad
in (nun on l''ml
nlcs tt
Wolfe, of lhc Sulliv
i'latil I,  last    Tu.
William Carlin was In lowu Tuesday. He has |nsl returned frnm an
.-Mended trip lu the casl, and al-...
visile) liis brother in Minneapolis.
The SI. Kugene hnspllal building
b.ts heen accepled by tbe Sisters
from p. Navin, lhc conlraetor, ami
bis bondsmen released.
m ******** *****************
Minulit-.itrer. nl
Hu.. gli aiidjdrctui eil
l.linitl.R and
Also all kinds ul
Mil I S Al
.l.illrav. Kyini Biul
Oronlirook, ll.e.
Hr-a-J 11111.1-. * li.-ibinok
m********** i************** 1
NOW IS Till! TIMi:
will    he nearly fl.00.     The. lire    Is rain iu Klttu last vv-eeli ami it   entile
i suppose'   to have    started trom ' tin down-Ilk.. Itltclilorkn anil hoe luiiulles.
ioverbtlrtictl slov-e on tlie second Hoot. 1 	
|lt ran limn one end ol thff-lintiKO -to| ,|. (j. Oanntliers, the well Known
j the other, upstairs, aud worked in traveller, snent Sunday in Kiln, willi
J1 lie ends ol the   buitiling   downstairs  u hosl ul friends.
j lint did not harm the center    rooms' 	
1 below. lu roply to a query hy nl Kiva trains, one liuhl onglne ami u
IK.ee I'ress lepicseiilative the lire whtH-lharrmv iiassed lliriuiuli Klko
iehief     explained   that ha^    another Sunday,
; alarm htt.lt    turned in Irom Hie eity j 	
while they were workinR across Wic| Y,.i, miRhl, as well liv I.. make a
truck there was 1(100 lent ol hose on-.wlilstla out of a ilia's tail ns try to
ihe ..lcif-h ready lo he, rushed to Uie borrow a dollar Irom a hanker these
locality threatened. As a matter ol dais At the mere mention ol a
tact a chimney on I'ellatt avenue was loan on gilt edge security they   will
llie town.
ol.- a clean   sweep
Sol a pintail is lefl
Supetilileliilenl   Iliuv's fulllilv
...I in town mul for lhe presenl
llvllllt in Iheir ear until the .'. I'. It.
residence is ready Inr oivupancy.
.New IVsiniis. .'iilnriiiKS. Kin,
The I'tlnlcm and Daorafom
Wo employ lirst.'lass pniiitora
uml pa por Imiigorn
V.  Iv  l.'s NRW PllKMIKIl        !
fbarlollcli.wii, P. K. I., Foil, II-
llou. Frank Ua/./ard has been unanimously recommended by lhc eovern-l
incut nii'iii'iicrs as premier in place of.
the late Hon. Arthur Peters.
Murphy A Fisher,
Parliamentary,     Depart iueul.il    anl
Patent Ofliee Ae,,-iits.
Practice Belore Railway Commission
Charles Murphy. Harold Fisher.
I'.tlim-knt l-OHOI! Nn. Wl
Crftllhnmk, B. C.
Meets eveiv Tuesday at K p. in. at
New Fraternity Hall.
.1. n. Henderson, K. uf It. i S,
W. A, llnllins, I', 0,
Visiting   brethren  cordially Hull.--.
to atlend.
111."I. kev City I,...«
Nu ... Hrets every
M.nnliiv im-lil ai
New Fraternity Hatl. Sojourn
Ing Oiidte.luwi ciril.a.ly l.ivlled.
K.  If. Hai i, Win   Hani..
N. 0. Seo'y,
tf.HI„.i.lK l.lulgv, Nn. ,t<
. I I. ,. M,
Kegel.i meeting. „i I
Ih. iaua    Itiui.dav
of .very  uiiiulh.
Visiting hre... eu weleonieil.
S. II. Ilosliins, W. Al.
I-!.  W. ('. .Uv, siT.el.irv
Cranbrook Aerie 967
Meet every   Friday     evening at t
|i m , i:> Miami Th.Mh.-.
Thos. Cole, W. P.
t'b.is.  Smith,  Seeivlnry.
Vlsltlug brethren cordially Invited
LOYAL ORANGB LOPfll-:, Nil, lh7
Meet al ll. of l>. F. Hall 2nd   amt
-tilt Sat ui day each inoiilh.
Visiting liicHiun always welcome
.1. F,. l.arrignn, W. M.
John Mcl.aui;hl..n, I-tec. S.c.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
A despatch from Salt Lake City,
I i.ib, aniiouuees tbe arrest there of
Francisco Ccdro, charged witb caus-
n.c an explosion at the Canadian
lotcl, Niagara, ten miles west of
I mmi Forks on November IR, 1MB,
vhereby lhc hotel was wrecked.
Cpdlo, it Is claimed, hns made a
nil confession.
Jealous fondness for the landlord's
daughter, accentuated by drink,
lompleu Cedlo's crime. Ho es-
a[>cl frnm Niagara in a load ol
lay and traveled from state to state,
* iioplng to elude the vengeance of the
§ aw. He had remained unmolested iu
S*M**>##«t»#*>«*>«**>*****»*'' | Sail Lake City for nearly a year,
.   . | in.I was taken so completely by sur-
DKS. KINIi & UKIxN, joither his identity or his guilt,
■ was taken   into custody by a
I       C. H. DUNBAR
£ 4
5    Barrister-, Solicitor, Notary    9
Public, Etc. i
On   Tuesday night at the (lymnai-
im the Maple Leafs and Hank*, play-
1 their schedule league match. There
as   a hig ennvd to see the    game.
| Tho plav wan rough from start    to
linisli and there   was but little gnod
basketball      in   the    game nl     all.
The crowd was excited all     through
tho game, tbe boosters for each team
lining pretty   well evened up.      The
game resulted 21 to 21   in favor    of
lbe  Hanks.     Tho scores by  quarters
were as follows:
First ipinttei—Itanks, li; Maple
Leafs, II.
Second i|uniIer— Hanks, Hi; Maple
Leafs,  Vi.
Third ijuar ter—Hanks, 22; Maple
Leafs,   Hi.
Curib quarter—Hanks, 34; Maple
Leafs, 21.
liefeie.—Mr   Stark.
The standing of the teams in the
league Is as follows:
Won Lost To play P'ts
\ilil.'i if. i; i fi        12
Itanl.-. :t        -I ft n
Maple     l.i'.ii.i        2        ti k
Mm'   fiwu     fl       8       i        0
The game lasl Friday between lhe.
Maple I..-it-, ami Men-. Own WM
WOU ti) Maple I .eats, h> a M'.uc ol
:!n io |U.
The nexl game, tomorrow evening,
is hei ween Aeblcties and .Melt's, Own
.md on the following Tui*d;iy tne
Maple  l.eals and .Ubieties play.
\diiiissioii leu cents,     Laities free.
The ||ov. IL s. Mngce, assis-taut
secretin y nf the Icinperaiice and
moral reform depart men I of the
Methodist church will visit th's eity
on the 271b insl, iu the interests ol
this work. Temperance workers and
ihi.se interested in the moral welfare i.f the city are requested to
heat in lhe miiid Ihis date, and keep
it engaged for this event.
The Shakespearian rect-itnl, the
trial scene hum the Merchant of
Ven tee, promised by llie literary de-
parlmeul nf ihe Kpworth League will
he given on February I9tb, lhe lollowlng Inking iiuil:
The duke   Itov. It.   Hughes
Porlhi  Miss Chapman
Shylock  Mr. (I. Hakcr.sr
Antonio    Mr.  It. Chapman
Hnssaiilo      Mr.  F. Sissons
firnliano   Mr. F. Hroughton
N'erissa       ,    .Miss  Hirdie McHonald
Salerio  Mr. .1.  S.    Peck
There w jM   be no charge   for    ad-
inisslon, l.nl a g I collection     will
l.e   solicited  on behalf of     tbe  mis-
sionnn funds i.f the league.
W'OTIIKU   Ml unionKK cauout
2   Cranbrook,
11. C.
Physician.-, and Surgeons,
.Mice at Ite.l.lriire, Armstrong Avs
Forenoons - - - - a mi lo III nu
Allelliin.iis - - - '-.nil to    lull
Bvenlngs - - - - 7.30 tn   « SO
Sumtays - - ■ ■ :'. .0 to   . till
IIHANIIHIX.il :l    ::    i:    t:     1). 0
City constable, accom-
y i-rovlnctal t'hicf Constable
Devitt ot Grand Forks.
0 tn 12 a.m.
1 l.i   II p.m.
7 to   8 p.in.
Olllco nml residence ou Ann n
0 to 13 a.m.
. In   tl p in.
7 to   h |. m
Ofliiv in if if II. i.l III... I.
ciunbrook     -    -    -1
.Ml .1 I   I (Ml SI II. I .III1S
" „','." ii"'!* Cranbrook, ll.l
Son an I - id Iuu I    . .1.1-
' - iiiiiii or   .mcr.cn nl i    .Hviivs
IV I' White, win. I..r the past lew
v.-.ii- has In,-n superintendent ,,i the
Si l-.ugeno mine ami mill ;it Moyie,
hns resigned iiiul f,,r the present WiU
locale in Spokane, a eoiiv'cnicnt p,,.nt
i..i I,iin I., look after his mining In-
leresls llie departure ..i Mr. White
ii.itn il..- district will he tin- cause ol
universal  regret  ,.;i    the part ol bis
in..ni  friemls, ami als , the   part
,.i in..s,. vvln. hnve hivu employed at
iln- Si Eugene A man with many
years experience in all hranches of
initni.iv. possessing great executive
..iniiii  .m.i a personality that, nuin-
 i ii..- mosi cordial relations be-
ewrm himstdt and tin- men in liis
charge, Mi White has heen a i-rcat
success and lhe Herald pnsliets for
I.ui. -nil    nie.itei -.iieivss in tne   fn
ui.lll   Whiskey  m.ikelli a i-r.ic-ked
1.1.hi's    Ideal vv..iii.iii is '.ne kind
pipe drenm.
..- Voiine man who licstit.ile. ilur
1N 1MB
in nineteen eight
Ilon't vac—8
Nor rustic—8
Hul ajrft—8 discreet:;
Just educ—8
And smile at fa—S
The while jou vv—S
And bo ...rtiin—s completely
Salvation is not soul salvage
Ileal piety is never perfunctory
It   is  easy  tn  wait   with
nothing h
An eloquent listener is
Iw.ivs wcl
G-onulna religion   loosen
it rings.
11,.-  puis.
Penplr may hoc ..[bus to heal
their    crossus,    bat  thev CBtmot rent
A lot (if men exhaust then cnei
glos in tolling ol tin- big things thej
are about to tlo.
A great many people wh.. nevei
launched anything .tie waiting fm
ihips lo come in.
The uuu whn takes "Jusl nne
more" tjefoixi swearing oil soon
makes room i.n the water wagon lui
'skeletons'-    in some    family
are real flesh ami ldood.«
The mau who takes no interest    i
politics may be lacking iu principle
When a woman gives yn
of her mind" sin* usuall)
whole holt.
"a pleci
ni..IK Un
A whole lot of men do jusl what
they waul to do and then blame it
nn "destiny."
It will he pretty hard for a mnu
to purchase heaven with charity, if
that   i.s his reason for it.
Kvery mnn is the architect of his
owu fortunes," the (rouble being that
.0 many of us draw hum plans.
Wc can sec the finish of a man who
courts temptation merely lo exhibit
iis .strength to the worlll.
Speaking of "night riders." among
those who sliould be suppressed aro
those who have lo be taken home in
A woman can hear a lot of tribulations without worrying, provided one
of tbem is not hcinc oul of fashion.
About the easiest mark we know
■ rf ii V-.K* father who is always
thrfffltflnfng to take drastic measures
with his children.
Tbe pulpit often fails to get the
pew's viewpoint.
Tht. wniLian who wiiis has no need
tn wail for leap year.
A full grown man is seldom as
Voting as be minks he is.
It's mighty seldom thai tho se\
nf the h.iby disappoints both pnrents.
A big, fat man always has a hard
time ti>ire, tn make people believe he
is sick.
iThv Winnipeg Commercial.)       ,          SION, KAST KOOTKWI
One of the latvst "breaks" made in 	
investing  Canadian niunev  in    other'   Take notice that Allan CI. Wilmot,
countries is shown   by the following °* Cranbrook, B. ti., occupation, Ae
llspatoh from Spokane, Wash.: .   counttvnt.     Intends   to apply for    p
"With an Idea of establishing     thej :,,lm.ul ;,im,,,T fiCCT. °™
Canadian branch bank system   under   " 	
a state   charter and creating a chain
of   at least    live   hankst   ia eastern
Washington,    the    British-American
bank,    backed by     Canadian capital,
lowing described lands:
Commencing at a post planted   ..
the north-west   corner    of Lot ;i"i!
thence running norlb la (hains, moi
nr less, tbenee east III chains, mm
.m been organi:,* tn do business in °i jCS8' lUem!C solltl) !) rhains' mul
Spokane." ■■ ^. I
On the samr day a-s tto foregoing
despatoh the following message com.-s
from Mexico:
it is report*d that Canadian interests whieh are closely rdcutiiiisl
wuh one ot Canada's leading bankk
arc promoting the: im;igJuy, --i ihf
Naiinii.il Bank of Uaito, nnd the
Hank of Leo-don ;uid Mexico. The
Canadian interests r.Ui hold .. largo
block ol stock. Tuu.'au iuqic ioUtreitn
have luvested uiuie Uuu. Sli.iiUJ *•%,
gold, in electric power caterpri-tts m
M.-vico, aiid bave oUu'X big litl-Jstrfal
projects uo<k'r ,ou*ni.-im]ion. '
And bUU we xetvare columa    upun
column oi adrii* to be oflh*irvjt»rc,
as UioU-;\   IS Vi-Jtrt, etC ,  i*'C        I'UijUfh
Word tor, bmi rwrfred from ito
u..sis of .Spokane, that every preparation is being made lor the journey
..I the Arabs to the oasis of Crau-
hr.H.k and th-*it ik-f will arrive
here on fVbruary tbe 22nd. An
iriesan wiHl drilling maohfn-- is h.tw
al wmk and the fooling fluids of
Zem-Zeem's well -will be struck some
time on the night of the 2Cnd. Th*
camels are bring fed up so as to be
able to stand the journey with the'r
kind of four tons of impedimcirti. Ono
thing the camels will be glad to
know i.s, that though tbey can, they
will not have,to go without a drink
for eight days in the desert of Kast
Kootenay. The th»,er is beiug suh-
iei'ied to a banting process, which is
calculated to make him more saVng-u
than evor, and the goal is m.iet..
daily i nu a punching t>ag with hi*:
horns, so that, all tyros may look
fnr an instructive time.
Never was the Victoria Cross wou
under a great-er exhibttiua of heroism
than that nhifh was contained iu a
Montreal dispatch last. week. Walter
.1. Scfrtt, a brakeman on t-hv tirand
Trunk railway, observing a woman
passenger ou the wrong track In
front of an approaching train, jumped and threw the woman to a posilion of safety, but was himself
caught and ground to pieces. Noble
Walter Scott, ft was (or such deeds
is yours that the Divine declaration
was made: "Greater love hath uo
man than this, that he lay down his
lite for his friend."
If you   ride Inn;;
.-o    the   wotei   a
eoUil. .liable.
gon wilt tn- quite
If you overlooked it on January •
you tnijrht try making a ».'."! resolution today.
lt is hetter t.. make .-lie reform and
stick I-i it than to se.ittei mi a
rtracn and miss all ol 1hem.
A year witli liin-fluee pay (lays
in can not tic bo worse—il ue cm
.taly niatiaiTt* t" keep employed
Thirty years aju everybody statt-
M oft' a new year by keeping a
diary. Wlml 'has licmmc *<t that
old habiC'
When a countrj woman moves Into
i large city It Is awfully hard tot
her not to be welcomed lu thr
woman of lb.* house nexl door
it.', leap
-..I.- .a money  is
uk as earning H
Sa tunic majesty is ahvn
tomethlng for nothim;.
..ii lc
-il    link
>   1.1k.-i.
aiilile ('.- .  V.   Ih-
,    II. Wil-i.n   an.l  I.
« i iiou.Ih Store.    Vil<
P.   H.   JOHNS
v ti. Hox inoi
t'li'i'.ii', Alia, f
The French Dry Cleaning process
enables us lo clean mens pants, suits
nnd neckties, ladles sails anil skirts
in such a way that they positively
look as good us new.
We are experienced dyers ami cleaners, therefore, we do not lequiie to
send anything down east pr up west,
h Isn't at   all surprising ihat sonic
fillip an- saddest    when tbey sing.
i ise there aie LhlngS you can't
iideiKlalul—bul then there arc others.
Ulan a young man's best i;hl    ex-
.,■-,. n willi It'B np tn him to pay
simMli aftei a man goes up
ana Insl iho matrimonial game bis
hump <>i hope becomes a dent.
li n rich uili has fiery red hair it's
,t sign ihat all her aeqi uaintances
will leil Iter it Is golden.
OI course there is nothing new under the sun, but- almost any merchant
can give vou something ''just aa
Notwithstanding the numerous
henutifyitig preparations on tiie mar*
kel there are still a few homely
women In the world.
Heforc marrying a rich widow
wise man assures himself tbat she is
Willing to deliver the goods.
Anyway a woman has as much
rlgltl to advocate her rights as a mam
has lo pose as a society leader.
High school graduates who start
out to set the world on fire soon dis-
Some memlK-rs nf the Mon'
Club loaic then certificate n
bershlp at   lhe office when ihe
The man    whn tries
browns tone   front on
lumbrr enpacltj usuall-
My   tbe way,  did  an.
accumulate so many t>,
last arrival was not <•
bevt of the lof>
put  up    a
eets     with
s   ihal
Any klU'l and auy pi."'
1. .. an.. I) lor !Be.
l,V.,l!"e, ailiiSSl'. per [imkajje.
Clint. McDonald's
ClUAK stuki:
IVmI-.-i  Shop aud Pool fiorim in
ihenee easi 80 chains, moro
ni Ies»s, thence south 38 chains, more
or less, to the corner ol Lot li.'i.s,
thence west l-'i chains lo point of
commencemont, and containing nm
acres, more or less.
Allan (i. Wilmot.
Dated December 12th, 1907.     12-flt
laic  potlco    ihat -Jeor^e tlcrborl
rhompson, ui Cranhrook, D. c , occupation, Solicitor, Intoifds io apply
foi a special  tiniber lic-nse over  Lin
folluwing descrihed iaiuls:
Commencing ut a post, planted ad
"•ent to .uid     in a northerly diiec
...it from the north-west corner    ol
Lot 7817-    thence north -lb    chains,
theuce    west 40 chains, ihence south
in chains,  thence east  4(i chains    lu
the  place of commencemont, contain
ine, Dili acres, more or less.
Ccorgc Herbert Thompson.
Dated peeemher 10th, HJ07.     Pi-lit
Take notice that Abel Delancy
Horsman, oi Cranbrook, U. C, occupation, Tie Maker, Iutends to apply for a special timber license ovei
tlie following described lands:
Commencing at a point, eighty
chains north and '..0 chains west anil
in a north wcMciiy direction from
tbe north-west corner of Timbei
Limit- 1103.1, tlience east SO chaius,
theuce. north SO chains, thence west,
SO chnins, thence south 8b chnins to
Ihe point of commencement, containing uiu acres,- more or less.
Abel Ih-ianey Horsman.
Dated  December  uitb,  1007.   -tii-Ot
Notice i.s horehy given that thirty
days after date I, Mabel V. Landeck,
\iile of H. K. Landeck, occupation,
Railway Agent, of Oateway, 1*. C,
intend to apply to the Hon. the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
lor one special license to cut anil
carry away timber from the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted
about. 1 miles west of the Kootenay
Kiver along the International Boundary, marked Mabel V. Landeck's
south-west corner, thence east 80
chains, . thence north 80 chain
thence west 8U chains, thence soulh
80 chains, to point of commence
Dated December 1Mb, 1-107.
Mabel V. Landeck, Locatoi
IL P. Landeck, Agenl, 11-fl
nei id Lut 7K0, thenco east 60
chains, smith 27 chains, to Lut 810,
w.-si (JO chains, north J7 rhains to
point ol commencement
■ lohn Olen.
Daled November loth, PJ07.    37-flt
Ts ke notice th 1 Ernes! Pollard,
of Winnipeg, Man., occupation,
tiers, 1:,lends t.< apply for permis-
51011 to purchase tho following   des-
m I   lands:
Commencing a( a post planted on
the south boundary .,f .lohn Crahan's
and 1 \o 7395) on the west hank of
Ml- "1 ver, about sixteen miles north
nl Michel; thence 28 cliains south.
niore or less, to north boundarv oi
Loi 8-152, thence east to Elk river
thence north following Diver to lhe
■■•nth boundary of Crahan's land,
He-M.e west to point ot commencement, containing 7U acres, more    or
Ernest   Pollard,  Locator,
lames R. Edmondson,   \ tent.
Dated Nov. 5th, 1307. 37-flt*
Pake noiico that Ross-Saskatoon
imber Company, Limited, of
-I'b',     B. C.j, occupation! Lumber*
men, Intends tti    apply for a special
timber    llconse   over    the following
escribed lands:
Commencing at    a   post   planted
.11  the south-west ciner of L<>t No.
11175, thence south 80 chains, thence
east     su chains,    theuce north     80
chains,     ihence    west     80 chains to
place ..f     boglnnlng,   and containing
ilie acres, mnre or less.
Ross - Suskatoon   Lumber Companv,
Dated November 13th, 1007.
Time    for    publication   of   above
notice in   local    paper ertended    to
December li'th, 1007.
.1. K. Armstrong,
\ssistant Commissioner of Lands
and Works for the Southern Divi-
iion ..1 East  Kootenay.        39*61
nny person who is the sole head of *
family, or any male over 18 yuars ol
age, lo the extent ul um-.nurl«
section uf Did acres, more or less.   -
Eulry must be made personally at
the lucal land office lor ibe district
iu which Uie laml is situate.
The Uotucsteadoi is required to perform thu conditions connected thei-s-
with under mie ul the following
^lj At least six mouths' residence
upon and cultivation ol the Und is
each year for three years.
U) If the lather (or mother, it
the father is deceased), of the homer
steader resides upun a (arm in the
vicinity of the land entered for, Um
requirements as io residence may bt
satisfied by such person residing with
the father or mother.
(3) if tbe settler has his perua-
ite.it residence upon farming i*u~A
owned hy him in Uie vicinity of hit
homestead, ilie requirements as to
residence may he satisfied by residence upon the said land.
Six mouths'     notice     in    writing
should he given to ihe Com missions* -
of Dominion Lantls ut Ottawa of Intention to apply lur patent.
Coal lamls may he purchased at
tlo per acre lui n.ft coul and Ho
for anthracite. Not more than 320
aores can be acquired by one individual or company. Royalty at tbs
rate of ten cents per ton ul 2,(K)0
pounils shall he collected oa t-fas
grown output.
tVnirtf of the Minister nf th* Interior
Take iiulh
Waldo,     It,  C
men, intends
lh.it    Ross S.isk..to*n
mpaiiy,      Limited,     oi
cupation, Lumber-
ipply t..r a special
tininer    license   ovei     the followiug
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted
ali..ui 15 ehains wist, and 120 cliains
suulh uf ihu south-west corner of
Lot No. 0171, or at the south-east
cornel of License Lut Nu. 8055,
thenco south 80 chains, ihence west
u chiiins, ihence north 80 chains,
thence, casl mi ehains to place of
commencement,    and containing   tilu
Take notice that Ross-Saskatoon
Lumber Company, Limited, of
Waldu, B. C, occupation, Lumbermen, intends to applv for a special
timber license over ' the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted
at the N. K. corner of Lot No. 82B2i
Croup 1, ihence west about 40
chains to the north-west corner ul
Loi No. 8282, thence nnrth abQUt
2* chains to the north line of License Lot No. 8607, thence west
about 15 chains to the cast line of
Lot No. 8173, thence north ?0
chains, tbenee east 10 chains, thenco
soulh 00 chain*;, thei.ee east about
IS chains, tbenee south 40 cttain*
place nl beginning, and containing
640 acres, more 01 less.
Uus*. - Saskat 1 n Lumbei Compan)
Dated Noven   ei  I Ith,  1907.
rime lor ;■ iblicatton <.-! otiove
UOtlCe in local paper extended to
December i-'th, 1007.
J, !•'. Armstrong,
Assistant   Commissioner     ol   Lands
and Works for the Southern Division of East Kootenay.        89-iH
- Sasl
Dated No
Lumbei Company,
13 lb
Time     for     publication   of   aliove
notice in   local     paper extended    to
er.'htl.ei    lOtll,   1007.
J. h'. Armstrong,
Assistant   Commissioner    of   Lands
ami Works f..r the Southern Division of East Kootenay.        39*0t
Notice is hereby given that thirtv j Take notice that Russ-Saskatoon
iUvs after date 1, Henry K. Landeck", Lumber Company, Limited, of
occupation,- Railway Agent, ol Oale- Waldu,     Ii. C, uccupatiun, Lumber-
WIh-ii a man Jails In think  ili.it- he.
home town i«;   the best town of Its
Sl7e   iu the country it  Is time fni
him tn seek another location
We have noticed thnl the pcoph'
who live comfortabh iu a small
towu do nol wear the Woilbd look
of people who claim that n citj is
the only place to live.
February, 1008, will be n remarkably busy month. It vm contain
twenty-nine days, Washington's
birthday, Lincoln's hirtbday, St.
Valentine's dav and five pay davs.
, »,._., ,    "
It may be News to You
lo n-ail how sutlsSctl   sort tat. stock
i„ nes wtira out feed is wlwt ttay
,.-,, So skinny cattle ot horses or
leu n Imp; or sttctp irtMW tw*t sup-
lilies como trom bere.
melius liwomtas ac^uahrt-nj with tlw
l.n-i that tttmi Is but one Pla" '"
buy It at, and tbat place ts here.
Por lelubk* l<Wl tbat you'll- always
sure of, set it ol iw.
Morse Blankets   at llr-ally
Muted Prices
Cranbrook Trading Co.
Telephone Nn. jK:f
Tho t-nrwijaif fruit ftrora
i.'.iihIa.s D\T...<. lllUn.l
.ittii'i'-s. ru;*.,.. st-
i titiii-i: iinTtitirii,, ii:.u,i.-
STBWART'a >'IMi liliil'OU.rKs
1' l-lu.no 78     •     A/i»».«>iii Ave.
way, 11. t\, iuteiui to npply to the
'lloii. tho I'ttiel Commissioner ot
Lands and Wortis for a special license
lo cut and carry away timher from
the .'ollotvlog descrihed lands:
.No 1. l.-omniencing nt n post
planteil ut the south-west corner oi
T. I.. Wil, thence nnrlh su chains,
tlieuie west 80-chaln-:, thenco snulli
80 i-.ti-.iLS,. thrace east 811 ehains to
|M,irit of commencement
Dated IiecemlK-r 16th, 1007.
So. 2. Commencing at a post.
plauted SO chains west of the northwest, corner af T. I,. 8211, thence
north 160 chains, tlience west 40
chains, thence south 160 chains,
thence east -10 chains to point of
Dated December 17th, 190?.
No. S. .'ommencing at a post
pKuited. 40 ehains west of the south-
went cornet- ot T. I,. 13916, thence
iinrHi 160 chains, thence west 40
chains, thence south 160 chains,
Ibence east 40 chains to point of
Dated December 18th, 1007.
Henry FV.-United.-, Locator,
l.atbeti W* Butts, Agent,   in-fit
apply lot a special
..ier ' tho lollowing
mils to
timher license
ileM-iilieil lands:
mmcnclng .it     a    pust   [.lanted
i .in chains south oi the    north-
west cornet uf License Lot No. 8*101,
.hence west aliotit IIU chains to   the
t boundary ol C. P, K. Lot 4591
thence south 50 chains,  thence    easi
tin   chains,    thence north SO chains
to place of he^inniug, and cinUining
lilll acres, mure or less.
ltuss - Saskatoon   Lumlier Company,
Dated November Uth, 1907.
Tune    for    publication   ut   ahove
notico in   local    paper extended    to
December lath, l'j.7.
... F. Armstrong,
Assistant   Commissioner    ot   Lands
I Works lor the Southern Divi-
n of East Kuotenay.        39**tit
Take notice ih..t Kuss S_sk„toua
Lumlier Company, Limited, of
Waldo, B. t.., ccs upauun, Lumbermen, intends lu a;.ply lur a special
imher license ou-i the following
described lands:
Commencing at     a    post   planted
t,0 chains west of the south-west corner ui License Lut No. ..03,   tbenee
south 4U chains, thence west to   the
east boundary    ol the C. P. K. Lot
1591, ahoul 160 chains, thence norih
40 chains,    thence east ItiO    chains
to place of commencement, and   containing .lu acres, n.ure ur less.
Kus. - Saskatsvu   Lumuer Company,
Date-i November 13th. 1907.
Tune    lor     [i__tisaiion   of   a.o'.e
nutue in   lucal    paper extended    to
DeCMll-er lath, 1907.
J. K. Armstrong,
A.si-tant   Commissioner     of   Und.
and Works lur the Southern D.vi-
nun ol Eas. Kuotenay. 89-tit
ui'Klili. I   I RACK   Tiiilnr   lovor "mt there are a lot ol fire i
the    HLAiitMom.   M.'Ri.i-:iti-:i:
Macleod, Alta., Cob. S.-Tho
Mouu-t-ed Police brought, in a Slav
named II. Phillips, arrested ai Edmonton, charged with the. brutal
murder ol the proprietress lot -i house
of ill-lame, named M. Lewis, ul
Blairmore. The crime was -brutal ill
Hie extreme, supposed motive being
robbery, as the woman was siippo»-d
to have u large sum of motley in llie
bouse. A Chinaman was held hut.
was released. He told .if the prisoner being In the house when tho
Chinaman lelt, but had Rone when tin
returned. Phillips has a wile and
lamily at Edmonton whither he .went.
alter the murder.
II Mil '
is now loc-tUd io Ms comfort-
able .ni »ttf»rtivi new quarters in the ManltoVa Hotel.
This liutttullao Is lost up-to-
date and Is modcrnly equipped
I to do jutt the best work In til
branches ol the tonsoeUI art.
Take notice that Louise Robertson
>,f Winnipeg, Man., Dcoupotlon, Spin
ster, intends to apply lur permission
to purebasr the lollowlm; described
..'ommencing at a post planted at
the south-wesi" cottier ol Lot 4141;
thence north 80 chains, theuce west,
60 cliuftis, thence south -u chains,
tbenee east 60 chains to point oC
cmmctietment,: containing 640 acres,
tiii.ie nr lees.
Louise Robertson,
•tames.R. Edmondson, Agent.
Dated Nov. _.h, too-,. :i7-9f
Take notice that Edith Kirby, ol
Winnipeg, Man., occupation, Spinster, intends to apply for permission
to purchase tbe toilnwiiii* described
Commencing at a post planted one
mile south of Lot 3310, at the sou tli
west corner of Lot 2242; thence west,
21) chains, thence north 80 chains,
thence east 20 chains, thence south
60 chains, to point ol commencement
containing 160 aores, more nr less,
•fames II. Rdmond.r.n, Agent.
Fdltb Kirby,
Dated Not. Ith, U07. -17-Sf
Take notico that Hoss Saskatoon
Lumher Company, Limited, ot
..aid,., II. C, uccupation, LuraliCr-
inen, intends lu apply lur a special
timber liceuso over the Klluwing
described lamls:
Commencing at a pust pUnted
211 chains west ol tlie south-..i-st curner ul I.icensu Lot Nu. 8iiU2, thence
.-.i.ulli 80 iliaiiis, thence west 80
chains, thence ninth so chains,
thenco east 8ll chains to place ot
commencement, and containing 610
acres, mule or less.
Il.iss - Saskat i   Lumlier Company,
Dated November I llh, 1807.
'nine lot publication ..I at.ove
nolico in   lucal     paper extended    to
llee.-lnliei   10th,   1007.
,1, I-'.  Umstrong.
Assistanl   Commissioner    .■!   Lands
ami ..mis i ,i iin- Southern Division    i I .     Ki .."if 1 "' 61
sins, i:\ST KOOTENAK
Tako iiuti.e that I, Lyman ... Taylor, ol i ranbrook, it. C, occupation,
Teamster, intend t.. apply tor permission to purchase tno following
ile fithi-il laml:
Comtnohelug at a post planted at
ho north-east corner ol Lot 7327,
Ihenco south lu chains, thence east
M eliains, ihenco north 40 chains,
thonco wesi ^u chains to point ot
commencement, and containing i-u
acres, moro or less.
Lyman ■!. Taylor.
Dated W.v. 2H. 1901., 38-9t
lake   DuliCe     that      1 ...SS S.J.aW.a
Lumber Company, Limited, ol
Waldu, B. il., occupation, Lumoer-
!:...■:.. intends tu appiy tut a special
timber license o.er the fuliowing
described Lands:
Commencing at a pust planted
about 100 chain, west and 40 chains
soutti ot the -uuth-west corner ol
Lot No. blil, ur 20 chains weal ol
the nurth-west turner ut License Nu.
SOU.., Ihence Bouth ou chains, thence
west 80 chains, ihence north 60
chains, thence cast oo chains lo the
lace of commencement, and containing 010 acres, more ur less.
Koss - Saskaloun Lumber Company,
Dated November I3tb, 1907.
Time for publication ot aho.e
notice in local paper extended t,
December 1'Jth, loo,.
J, F. Armstrong,
Assistant   Commissioner     ol   Und.
and Works lur tbe Suuthern Division oi  Kast  Kuotenay. 89-t.l
I.m- notice    thai   Kast K otsu.y
umbo. Cunip-u), Limited, ot Cran
brook, B.    C, uccupatiun,    Lumuer
anufaoturers, Intent, to apply lut
permission to purchase the i.Mowing
escribed land.
Cummencing ..t a p,.st planted
about .10 chains south ol the N. W.
erno. oi Lot i',80.., tjruu,. one. Kuo-
enay District; tbeioe weet 2u
chains,    thence    south     20   cbalu.
.ence oast 20 ihains, th.net n..rtn
20 chains to place ol cuiiiii-uctm.-nt,
nil containing 10 ..cr.-t, mor« or
ast Kootenay Lumher i.ump.-n>.
Dated Deeembei Uth, 190",    list
Take notice that John Olen, ot
Fort Steele, B. (!., Miner, Intends to
apply tor permission to purchase the
following described land:
Commencing at tbe north-east eor-
Any available Dominion Leads
i.iihin the Railway Belt ia BiltniU
Columbia, may he   homesteadtd    by
Take notice tbat Mayook Lumber.
Company, Limited, ot Mayook, U,
li., occupation, Lumber Manufacturers, intend to apply tor permission
lo purchase the lollowlng described
Commencing at a pust planted al
the south-east corner ol Lot No.
331, Oroup 1, Kuotenay Dlittlct,
thence south 40 chains, tbenee west
40 chains, thence north 40 chains,
thence east 40 chains to the point ol
commencement, and containing 160
acres, more or less.
Mayook Lumber Company, Limited.
Dated December 7th, 1907.       8»-M THK CHANBHOOK   IIKIIAUI
****************** . t ***********************************•**********-*
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Calf Blucher and Plain Kangaroo Bals. and Bluchers.
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ti. tl, Jewell, ... -IniViiiy, was in
town ..a Monday.
Ooldeu llower oranges, s.» different.
Ask Fink's nlioilt  them.
Mrs. Ivor, ol Movie, wus a Crali-
liiuuk visitor nn Friday.
.1   F,   Silverman, ol Frank, Alta.,
Has   in   luwu ,111 Tuesday
I. ,\.   I. I, ol     Wnntnet. visited
1 1,iiiliiuul,. un luisiuess ..ii Monday.
H V. M Stewart, ,.l Li'lbliiidge,
Mas in l'l.iiilf,,..I, ,,n  In,I.n
T Cole, iiinnngei ..( tho Koyal
hotel, iisiif.I Moyie on Friday.
R,     I:   1 If..tii,    won.  1.. Winnipeg
lusl   Sunday     shut-!   hiisllief. I lip
r   I)      Munis ii- I on Frldn)
11..in .1 iiiisin.ss 11 ip np ill,, si Iiiiiii
\   Thorp, ..1 .V.11.In.l. iiccumpnnlcil
I.l   Mi,    Tin.ip.   was   11,  Cranbiook ..11
..III      I-' si.    ul        K llllli. I'll')',    WIL
registered .11   lhe I'osmopollttn	
I-:   WrlgKlmttiir.li, Hie mil   known
1,1 in,, ennl inel ui', was in   I'rnnl I,
. 11  M. .iiil.iv
—Men preferred, .ppli In Mrs.
Mill-Kill 1 uul. llll
II. It  Benedict,    ..I   il..-    Mayook
I Ihel   eulnp.ilii.   ...if   in   I'lillllirook
..11 Tnes.luv
l.'.ilelliliuis Spniiis-li grapes, ,iis|
.m.i iippeli/.iiig—one ..i the nu."
liiilies nl   Finis
I     f     lliiius.   llu   well  known  Van
i-ouver commercial  traveler,  was    in
l'l.ililiti.,,I,  ,111  i'lles.luy.
Born—AI Xi-1ki.ii, II c ou .Iiiuii
.nv .111. 1:111s, iu Mi ..n.l Mis
lliilluii Culeliiiiu. 11 sun.
A good relish Innes up lhe appetite.
(Illlimls .v     .Mi 1 iin- tin- peoples'
i-liuii-.-.    Finks sell Ibem.
Blower mill nl! kiiuls ..I sheel 11ifl.1l
work attended In promptly an.l satisfactory.—Patmore Bins.
Frank Derosier, one ..I .Inltrny's
promim-nt ranelters, wns in Cranlirook
mi liusiiiess on Tuesday Inst.
Arthur Hurga Icll iui Knllspell,
Muni, on Friday to nilend lhe fun
.till nl his father Oliver Burgo.
i:     Mallandaine,   chief llmhi-i ran
•-l'l   for ll.e  C.P.R.,   Went   to Call-ill-.
..11 company's business un Tuesday.
 -■_:.---.•   r~r.—:—— : ——     I   Win. Martin, who is stmiug    with
j.In,If- Wilsi.n. was laid iip'foi several
r******************************************** hnil nll.tel, ..i pleuiesy.
********************************************* I   fl. n. Hu.'       ol  Kaslo.
**   i'i.,1.In.ml on     Friday en     route f.
The employes ol tin- Easi Kootona)
Lumber eompanv at .tnllray, gave .1
dance lasi Friday nighl in the Library hull. About one hundred ami
lifty were presenl an.l a most ch-
.inyalile lime was spent.
i'. ... R11111I1, pii.viueini constable
at Moylo, was iu Cranbrook ou Friday, witli a prisoner named Moore,
win. assaulted .1 man hy Hu- namo
nf Olson nnil who was awarded a
month's hard labor hv Ed. Hill.
R. Hirst, m 1   Elko's prominent
merchants, wns in Cranbiook at Hie
end of lasl week consulting llu- doctors. Mr. Illii- has been under the
weather for somo lime and considered
11 advisable lo come hero In -dlonl
II.  M.-F.iil.nii     ul„. has li 1     inn
chasing nKenl fm ihe Weslern Canadian Collieries company at Blair*
more, for tho past llu..- n-.iis. -.l.n-.
...I over in Cranhrook loi a du) 01
Iwo this week on his iv..i to Xel
...11. iiiiii,- In- will reside in Itituro
Don'l lot-gel llu- Eagles coiiceil  I
similii-i   tomorrow   nighl      Some   i'i
.Illl-ls have 1 > -il  I., fulfil.1111
1 Towil      Special 111
.1 .
► *******************************
.. ■• •
, ,1.
Many a Man's Business is
Judged by His Stationery
Turns Out Only
It is able to do this because it employs artistic
printers and uses the best of stock and
modern equipment
Anything; from a big; colored poster to a
visiting; card.   Look over your supply
and semi in your order
*> 1
• 1.
♦ «.
*' >
*< 1
*• •
*• 1
*i 1
*' >
*> •
*' >
*' 1
t.  E.   SIMPSON, Manager
*********** ♦•>♦♦♦♦♦♦.
Marysville, mi lead lioiint)  bus
I ■
1 Fnlrbnnks-Mi
glne,   unexcelled    fur efflcienm     and
|.i-iin..in\        For    .-ale   1.1   PolmoiT
Ii ii    i-anie from Finks it's   g I.
This is how discriminating housekeepers     lulk al 1   .nn   toothsome
.. Hul.. Bnkel wenl 1,. Wulilo un
s.itin-.l.n |o Innk nllei tin- Interests
ul lif llnl.'.-i Lumbei compiint at
t Im I   pl.ii'e.
II. I'. K.ill I.r.illiif uiu, .„'.'.mi|i.iii
ml the remains ol F. Ormshee, tn
Detroit, Mich., returned t,. Cranbrook
mi  Friilay.
C. II   (lilli.y. who has ln-.li vlsltlug
points i istern Caniiil.i lor the last
two monllis     returned to Cranhrook
on Fiiil.iv Inst
D. II. Dlilmnge, maiiagei ..1 Hie
Hoblnsou-McKenile l.umhei company, lelt for Winnipeg L.st week on
company liusiiiess.
Pete Woods, ol Client creek, spenl
Sunday in     Cranhrook! Mi   Woods
s.ns Hie     cattle on lhc range       are
11 int..run; splendidly.
The Hiiliinsnii-MeKeti/ie Lumber
company are now employing over
uw hundred and thirty men at theft
mil) iiuil in tlie woods.
The durability of a "Kootonay"
range makes tlie lirst cost a matter
of secondnrv consideration. For
sale by Pivliiinrc Bros.
Uptons uoi lil-rciiowiieil products
will be demonstrated m ,,111 store
shortly. Look nut for „ |nt,.r n0.
tii-i-.—Finks pin,, food grocery.
Mr. Toole, who has lieen in Hie of-
fli I    F   Malliinilaine, chief limber
ranger for the C.P.R., has 1 11 transferred to Hu- superintendent's ollice.
FOR SALE—An excellent lie liui-
lier limit, with a considerable number
nl saw logs. t'],,se t„ railway. Apply .1. IL, Herald ollice. '   111-if
Last  Sunday  was ground  hog dav.
The little Insist could   certainly sec
his shadow,   so lhe supposition     is
Ihal   We shall hue sis  weeks     mm
Mis. Dudley, m Penile, was i
Cranbrook tor several davs lasl week
visiting lui daughter,     Mis. Tail.
nf    Millie,     iilm    is    iii     lhe    hospital here.
VI. D. McDonald,    »l>,, has    i„
visiting Hi Is in   ihe ensl, returned
1.II  Fliilnl   In lesion,. |||g  rnn  .,s liag-
,, j giigeliinii   between Knolennr Landing
n.l  M.iel I,
',11   Tl Id   proverb  says: '-The 1 1
*'■.! the    pudding is lhe liisling ol il   "
I I     tsk hiui g 1 looking neigh
ilim   al 1   ihem.
I   "Sunny" .llm   Cole, 1    Ton
Pule, mntmgel    ol lhe    llnynl I. I,
I Wlm had Un- inisfnil  In bifiil,   liis
(leg three    weeks ago. is |i
. . splenillillt  ami will ■ 1 bo     d
11 again.
ill   M.  .1     MePi-nk.  ol     Sirdal.
iimpaiiieil h, Mis. Mii'i-.il, arrived
1. 111 Crnnlironk on Monday. Mr. Mc-
'' Peak came lo ('ranbriiok in rccoivo
]' llii-dli-.il Ireatliii-nl nl Hie St. Eugene
♦ hospital.
Dining ihe nlis f .luilge Fn1.11
 Europe, .lodge     Wilson will      look
I "Her lhe Nelson judicial district, cx-
,; eeiii iii tlie ease of Rossland, wblt-h
, , will he laken cure 1,1 |,y Judge Brown
,, of Greenwood,
i,i Oonrgc Beattie is leaving lor the
coast .his week lo look up 11 location
In go into liusiiiess. Oeorge Beattie
. is one of Hie very liesl druggists in
, , the province nnd will make good
, ,   wherever he locates.
DAIRYMEN:   Wc want von 10    re-
,,  member that we are agents tor    the
, , district   for the   celebrated Del.avoli
1 .   Cream Separators,    These separators
sf.i inl moving ine -.
.111 Isl ie   design   lllll      If
-inli   u..|l  Liu.nn urllsts
,,-.   "Sims"   Reeves,     .lames "Hold
slllllh"    Hales.     Iff ul   "lllllllm"   KI
mer      th--.i.f     FohIi-i     ' Hyphen
I hi.   .1     I.    ' Hen''     Davis     ami
Mill is lliiiigiirinii li.iiul linie heen
1.1. I .,1     in. mis expense      1..
iniike tin- ult.ili  .1 success
The hall given mi     M l.n evening
lij     Hu- Hi,-il..-ih I    nl Locomotive
Firemen ami Eltgllllllell wns one ul
lhe veil liesl halls      that
was ever held III lite dislriel.
Tin- now opera housu was appropriate
ll   ili-f. in led.  he singe was Dune
McLean's engine X... urns ami si.uul
in; .... each side ol It were lifelike
rit'prosoiiltitlons of Engliiooi Chas
Milgce anil Fireman Hell Wmiiilge.
Hie whole draped liv the llrilisli anil
Viiietieau Hugs \l the iitlier end
nf the I111II was a huge headlight attached tu Hi.- electric lighting'system
ni Hu-    theatre.     From about    11.30,
iiiuii tl><- Mill 1 orchestra    struck
up tin- flrsl wall/ mini I     o'clock,
tin- In.Ine, sweet home wall/,
warned those present, ami thev numbered in Hie neighborhood id 3011,
thai il was time tn gn home,     there
s in.1 a iiuil 'moment. The music
vv ns splendid, lhe Mellenry orchestra
was never in bitter tnnn ami com
pllmcnls were heard nu everv side
Supper     was     serve,! .1 lillle     nil 11
blight and Blv certainly did him
sell pi,.ml over Hint  Slipper.    Every*
llillf      supplied     was ul  lhe  best   .in.l
la- service was prompt and neat.
Whilst the orebca.ra took ., sliorl
respite Miss Cinrk presided nl       lhe
pii  ami     rendered     several  dances
whieh ivere much appreciated. During
lli.. evening Andrew McCowan rendered nv.. Si-ntlisll it-eis nn lbe pipes,
whieh Wi-te lllorouglltl i-uinveii. Tills
is the lirst dunce the' li. nt I.. !•' 0
I-i. hail- given, but 11 will siirelv nut
be the Insl. The hoys have made a
potation     iui  themselves as enter-
tainers frnm the vcrv titsl ami haling done s,. Ihere is mi. doubt
hul Ihal lliis ball will become an
.umn.il  affair,   at   least   Hie public    ul
Cranhrook hppu so
Halifax, X S., .Inn. 33.—That the
British government plans in lest lhe
Canadian rouie hy sending a regiment
imn mi service in llniiu- Kong, home
via Camilla, is Hie 1111utliei.1l information received here. lusl when the
test will be made is m 1 known, lmi
ii Is believed the regini.nl will he
lhe Cameron Nf hi.m.If- Ii is nol
known wiu-Hii'i Ihev will embark at
Halifax «r St   John.
*   —
Born—Al Cranbiook, mi Frliiuuiv
., 1308, lu Mi. nnd Mis. (I 11
Thompson, a daughter.
I Miner: to watek and lii.iit ♦
i     TKIC Liiilll CONSlMliKS
♦    Customers will please bear .
X iii  mind that all accounts ]
f are due on or he-lore the ■..lit.
J no   di.count   Iieing tillowttl '
alter thai dale.   Ollice w.ll '
he open Irom 7 In 0 on even-
i ing iii tolh.
I'k-nsi- bring bills.
CKANBROOK I I.e. NIC .1.1...
CO.. id
WA.. K Mi'l'l V CO, I id
- tim
Tlie I FM ol id, Kllrlu-n
IV.KI.HISli lllll 141
III.)- Thr	
illtll tt
. _- separators
1.  are the Standard all over the world
I'. S Sin si'/us in stock: A
mimll ctio,siiltulilo lor tlm liui.lv
luttiii. uml rii...ilng 1141 ii.ili.. la^go
ui/.,. siiilnlil.- lor hotel n,.-.
See our whitlow ili»|ilny.
We will send von a catalogue    upon
request.—Patmore Bros.
It.   C,


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