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Cranbrook Herald Sep 29, 1910

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 ■Islatl* Llbtnty
V   rfV •■■<■■
In the Herald Payo — Try
Our   Local   Columns
10c. a line
We tie well equipped I
turn out the best cliai
of work
VULVMtt  18
no. aa
Hurry!   Hurry!
To belated buyers who have been backward
about coming forward to our Great Clearance
Sale, we want to say that it will be necessary
to act soon in order to reap any benefit from
our cut price offerings.
Thousands have been here and have gone
away delighted with the splendid and unusual
measure of value they have receive d for their
money. If you have not been getting your
share of the good things
This Sale will positively end on Saturday
night. We can continue it no longer. There
are plenty of bargains left.
If you are shut out from this sale think
how you'll regret it later.
Canadian National Apple Show
Big Boost for B. p. Opens in Vancouver on
October 31st
Tlw world is going to hr lull nonces.!
largely in Jts opinion of iln- horticultural resources uml possibilities of
Canada and more particularly ot ilu*
province of Hritish Culumbln ami of
tli«* Pacific Nor th wo* I hj *., Lit is in
if seen ui tin- flrsl Cannsljan National Apple Show to hr inM ,n
Vancouver October .'list to November '.Hi Inclusive, ami i],r world's
judgment is out going lu he a disappointment for thr iviiii.jijnii promoters because any ami all districts
which an* growing apples will he
represented at the big show.
The great apple exhibition will lie
housed in the Vancouver Horse
District. Limited two boxes, two
north entrance to Stanley park and a
large temporary structure! covering
all of Albcrnl street ror a distance
sif a block. The buildings will have
a grand total of WS.-fMO square reel of
door space.
The public will have easy access to
(lie biiil-sllngs. which can tn> reached
by tbe Pender, Hobson and Davie
street car lines.
The big arena of the Horse Show
building will he used to display the
district. Limited Iwo box, two
barrel, Iwo basket, two jar and two
plate contest uud box exhibits. The
show ring is 7;"»xt»!» fret, containing
nearly 15,000 square feet. The exhibits will he arranges! around the
ring upon an incline of l.'i degrees
having a perpendicular of about 12
feet aud 12 feet base. This jr-
ratigemi'iit will give a continuous
display 12 feel wide, 12 feet high
aud approximately 460 feel long uml
will have the appearance of a veritable cascade of apples, having n
fall of 17 reef without beginning ami
without cud, which, with lhe hcaitti-
,Ul colorings of the king of fruit will
present a scene never lieforc equalled
in    the history of    1>    -world
Completely surrounding tbe show
ring are the spectators' galleries,
having a total seating capacity of
3,000. A splendid and remarkable
.eature will be thai every portion of
the exhibit can hr seen from any
seat in tlw galleries.
Wjtbin the charming circle of the
apple hosts wilt tie stationed upon
a raised platform the isih Highlanders' military band of forty pieces,
the insist famous baud of Canada and
one of the leading bands of the
world. This great musical organization lias been secured by the management exclusively for the first Canadian National Apple Show al an
initial expense of 15,000. The hanl
will come direct from Toronto, Ont.,
to Vancouver and will return direct tn Toronto without playing concert engagements al any Intermediate point. Tlie appearance of the
hand in full dress Highland costume
is certainly the most attractive military band spectacle in the world-
It stands today pre-eminently Canada's favorite band, unequalled hy
any other military hand in its special line of entertainment, ami under
Die brilliant     leadership     of   Bandmaster    .lohn    Slatter will always
maintain its reputation and live   up I
to and    fully    sustain 'its standing j
"second to none."
Bandmaster .Slatter graduated from
one s>f the most celebrated hands ol
the Hritish army (the First Life
Guards) of which be was one of
tbe principal soloists, witb a brilliant record in every branch ol
band work. Besides having a thorough knowledge of instrumentation
lie is a composer and arranger .if
considerable ability and a conductor
sif notable grace ami magnetic force.
Ile has been bandmaster of the -lflth
Highlanders since  JSU5.
He is the first baud leader to successfully introduce u properly trained
choir of male voices in baud concerts, the ten members being atl
bandsmen who are thoroughly :tt
home in the charming songs ol
"Aiild Scotia."
The band also carries two speeial
Vocal soloists of exceptional meri!
Tbey are Waller Marlor, concert
tenor, and Mr. Kdwin It. Hanson,
baritone soloist.
Bandmaster Slatter has Introduced
several other notable features imt
seen with any other baud, among
which may Im- mentioned, an innovation very much appreciated, lhe
dancing of the bandsmen iu national ami Scottish dances, ineliidiuix
Keel of TuUoch, Scottish reel, etc.,
and introducing Mr. Alexander Munro, the winner of many championship medals, who is equally at home
in tbe Highland fling, sword dance,
Sliean Tlews, sailor's hornpipe, Irish
jig, reel dancing, etc.
A Scottish concert without the
bagpipes would he Hamlet with tin-
Dane left out. Some sif the bcsl
pipers iu tlu* world belong to tlie
pipe hand, among whom is I'ipe-
Major Farquhar lleston, the winner of more prizes than any olher
man in Canada. Among his past
honors arc includes) the championship gold medal of Canada; ths* championship gold medal of Chicago
world's fair; tlu? championship medal
of Kdinburgh, Scotland, ami the first
pri/e winner in both competitions at
the Pan-American exposition at Buffalo.
Specialty artist Harold Stater has
gained widespread renown iu his
versatile and exceptionally lint* performances witb so many of the at>
cessory type of musical Instruments,
lie is a finished performer on the
grand chimes, the xylophone, glockenspiel, bells and other instruments
which have a place in all high-class
band concerts.
Among the special soloists of tbe
bans) may Ik- mentioned musician
Harry llowc, the tenor slide trombone soloist, the peer of any; musician fleorge Town-ley, cornet soloist
whose performances rival those of
the famous Levy; and musician Robert Dixon, known to music lovers
who have  heard   him, as the silver-
toned Kuphonium soloist.
The carload exhibits and plate displays will lie boused in a temporan
building to in- erected on Albcrnl
street. Tins building Hill be 300
feet long, and longer if required.
The carload exhibits will he arranged
on a 17 feet incline of IS degrees
nround the four walls of thr building.
Tables siv feet wid** will occupy
tbe center of the building and will
extend its entire length. Tbey will
he specially constructed stair taol-s
for the display of the plate exhibits, having three twelve Inch
treads with two four inch risers on
each side. This arrangement with
a building fifty feet wide will give a
passage    way on each    side ten feet
wide     Allowing thirteen feci      nl
each end for passage way the plate
display table will lie 350 feet long
I sing ten inch plate this Immense
table will accommodate 1800 plates
of apples.     There    are file apples to
each plate, consequently a grand
total of 0000 apples will tie ou display on this table, or enough for a
half apple lo each boy and girl in
Vancouver. These   apples   will   be
the finest grown and it i.s safe to
say will average throughout thrrr
Indies in diametei if they were all
placed in a single row touching one
another, the little boy or girl stalling witli the lirst apple would
have to walk the and one ninth
miles to reach the last apple in
the row.
Suppose a greedy little boy could
eat six of those big apples each dav.
it would take Ium four vears, one
moiith aud ten days to cat all '•'
ihe apples m that row
Those bfg pri/e apples would ;«-st
a shilling or approximately M
cents eaeii Canadian money m l-ow
tion. Hence it ;**. little eo* in
London would undertake to -*.-,t
those apples it would cost Ml
p.ip.i approximately KM pound* or
It is estimated by the secretary of
the tirst Canadian National Apple
show that there will tn- 21 carloads
of apples exhibited at the big exposition. The exhibition rules require 600 boxes for a car. hence
there    will lie    a grand total of
12,600 boxes of apples on display,
a box of apples is approximately
twenty inches long. If all of these
boxes of apples were placed end to
end, and a little boy told tbat he
could have    the    last  box in the
row if he would go after it, he
would have to walk 17 and three-
fourths miles to get it.
There are 36 to 225 apples in a
box, according to si/e, and Hie
manner m which they are packed
The average would therefore DC
about 180 apples to each box, or a
total of 1,038,000 apples in the entire show. Those apples will average about two and one-quarter
inches in diameter, and if they wcte
placed in a single row  it  would     be
wn miles long. If a little
should start to walk to the
of the row. and walk seven
one-half miles a day, it would
quire three months and ibti-i
to accomplish llie feat
The owners of these apples will receive 12:,,Usui in prizes or nearly two
dollars per hot. After the show is
over the apples will sell readily at
two lo liv*.- dollars per box, sji, an
average of S ..'hi pei box or a total
of (ti.ioti. Therefore the exhibitors will receive approximate! v
$70,000 for tlie apples exhibited at
Canada's nrst National Apple show.
Now then suppose that a greedy
little boy wiio lives in London
should ask his papa to buy all of
those apples bow much would it cost
his papa at a shilling apiece. and
how long would it lake that little
boy to cal alt of lbc*n, eating six
apphs a day?
The lirst Canadian National Apple
show management will give a season ticket entitling the boldet to
two admissions daily to the lirst
one hundred school boys and school
girls of Vancouver who send in the
correct answer to the above problem, and a prize diploma to the
Vancouver school whose pupils send
in the most correct answer:
contestant must give name ami
and name of school of which he
she is a pupil.
A similar oiler is made to
school boys and school girls of
toria, and To The school 1-ovs
school girls of British Columbia living outside of Victoria and Vancouver.
The answers must tie addressed to
Canadian National Apple Show,
Koum 7, Winch Building. Vancouver.
B.C., and on the lower left hand
cornet ol the envelope must Ite the
words "Vaaconter Contest" or "Victoria Contest." according to the
home of the little boy or girl. Those
living oatsfde of Victoria and Vancouver will simply write the word
■Contest" on the envelope
A handsome souvenir cane and
pennant will be given by tbe Salmon
Ann, B.C, Fruit District to each
and every conteMant sending in
tin* correct answer Tbe answers
will be arranged alphabetically as to
name of c-TOtestatit and the pennant-
cane.**, distributed at tlie Horse
Show building during Hie entire week
of the National Appl'- show. Any
little boj or girl who has sent m a
correct answer may set the pri/e
at the Horse Shot* building at any
time daring tbe week ol the apple
show All he or she will have to
do will be to annottnee his or her
name to the "Apple King." who will
tie there for the purpose ol dtstrj
Luting canes.
All answers must lie revived at
the secretary's office, room 7. Winch
building on or before October 7,
V ic-
The convention will tie held this
year at Cranbrook, B.C., on October
1Mb and Hub and as the matter of
Ore protection and prevention is
very much iu the public interest, especially this year, as so many towns
and so much valuable Umber ami
other property has been destroyed)
and when we take into consideration the     appal I in-: ]<>ss of life,     tht*
lives of our brother human beings
that have lieen sacrificed in lhe vein
elloit lo protect their homes, and all
for the most putt through gross
carelessness mi the part of campers,
railway companies and others, anil
Hie fact that the matter is not
receiving half the attention it
should from the government and
others in authority, we can readily
nee the necessity of some drastic action.
It is the object of this association to do all iu Its power lo
remedy the lire evil. The association Is yet young bul so far we
have hnd splendid success. There are
similar association*-) in Alberta and
tbe eastern provinces, nml we anticipate at no very remote dute to secure
a general convention of all the western provinces for the exchange of
views and nilights-nmetit to combat
Hie fire evil. It is our object to
get a representative lo this convention from every town and community in British Columbia. We therefore urge yuu     to place the matter
before your council or community at
once, elect a representative tn this
convention and assist him financially
to attend as this is a matter of
public benefit.
A fairly representative meeting of
citizens, interested in the V.M.C \.
movement in this city, was held iu
the Presbyterian Sunday school
room on .Monday evening, Mr. K. M
Thomasson, western secretary oi the
Y.M.C.A. presiding. I M. Dudley,
secretary of Hk* railway department
of the V..M CA. was also present.
The object ut tin* meeting wns to
discuss ways ami means of raising
the requisite funds to pay for the
furnishing of the new Y.M.C.A.
building, now Hearing completion.
The discussion was largely In-
.ortnal, everyone present being Invited to express his views ami to raise
any question he thought pertinent
to the occasion.
Mr. Thomasson pointed out that
in addition to providing the building,
tlie C.P.R. would provide the bowling
alley. He expressed regret that for
the present it would he Impossible io
secure a swimming tank, but he believed that that would he secured
Inter on.
In response to queries, Mr. .1* M
Dudley said that the ultimate management of tbe local Y.M.c A would
devolve upon a committee of citi/ens,
upon which tbe railway men       would
have a bare majority. At first the
committee appointed by V.M.C. \
management would i-e entrusted to a
headquarters, but directly organisation had been completed and the Institution vvas in running order a
committee elected by the members
would in- appointed,
Another question raised was that of
the use of the building bv tlu- C 1'
It. in the event of a strike. Mr. Dudley pointed out that under ths-ir contract with Hie C.P.R the building
was leased to the Y.M.C.A. aud
remained strictly under their control       In    ihe event of „ strike ll.c
building was regarded dlstinctl) as
neutral ground. Any man in the
employ of the railway company could
use it, whcthei a strike breaker or
not, hut the C.P.R could not dictate who should sir should not use
it, neither could Ihey Interfere with
auy man using it. Mr Dudley told
sd their experience with a Y.M.C.A.
building on the Orand Trunk railway
in the recent strike, In the course -if
which the officials had demanded thai
certain strikers be ousted therefrom.
To 'his demand the secretary in
charge ha<i replied that tlie men bad
a right to the use of tbe building
and point blank declined to allow the
men to lie interfered with. In this
attitude he was ultimately sustained
hy Hi« railroad officials, who recognized that the V.M.C.A. must Im-
Observed as neutral ground.
Plans for the s-ampaign lor funds
■were then discussed. The decision
arrived at being to hold a three
ilays' campaign, coniiitf-ticing on tbe
morning of Tuesdav. October Hth
and closing at s p in, Thursday, Oc*
tobei   1,11b.     Tbe campaign will be
preceded by special services in tho
churches on Sunday rvi-niDjc. October
'ut., and a eftJsens1 banquet in    the
Masonic ball on Monday evening. The
canvassing for funds ■*.!! t»e entrusted to a committee of Uiirt) rtttxeos,
under the supervision of Mr TbOOt*
asson, who is an expert in Hie art
Of gathering cash for V MC \. put*
poses.    The tots! sum required     .'.
16,000 and  it   is believed  that tbe
full amount can be rsised in a three
davs   Vigorous canvass
British Columbia lurnh-rrm'-n will
no doubt take a keen inteiest in tin*
highly ■ttocessfol experiments conducted by ./ N Denebamps, lumberman, of Bossland, in ttie utilization
of cut-over lands Mr iH-scbauips
has cut over 7,900 tons of clover
and timotht on 2«u acres near his
old milt in the last nine tears, -md
in addition fattened a lance number
of hogs—ISO last season—iieliiMvely
on clover, the quality of the pork being equal to ttie best grain-fed, owing to the unlimited exercise enjoyed by the animals What Mr. lie -
champs has done can he duplicated
with ease bv many of om lumbermen.
Mr -I* v Cook on Monday brought
in some Creston apples to he used as
aa eihtMt by the C.P.R, at I'hila-
drlphla They were on view fot
some time in Mi. Mallandaine's office and In the lot was a particularly
fine plsle of winter bananas, which.
for delicacy of coloring and line Intuit sd skin will be hard to neat
and was well worth a visit to tbe
admirer ol fruit, a little finer than
that usual I v area. p
, *|? ." " .     . .". '^rtf-T*5Ha3iaS!3i^3B!aIi3-';
gns m i -.**. .iHras-waa*-*-**"**-**^^
•^^^•■v ' -W-SS
Piping Hot Water Always Ready
for every occasion, with the Kootenny Steel Rnnjje,
without " driving" tho lire *>r wasting fuel. The
gem rous firebox is limit *•" that the water heats very
rapidly **i< it passes through il»* water front, ami
gives a plentiful supply. Om* bntli usually empties
Iln* boiler heated l.y an ordinary range witli tho
result that tJn* rest of Uu* family must wait fnr moro
water I*. I** *'i.   \"i so with tin- boiler attached to
because iln  Kootenay never fails to heat as much
water ..   is required and as fust as it is used,   The
s».-,     nearest McClary Agcul   will make clear to ymi tin
•Jig    ,',    *,.*:•. you oughl to tmn a Kootenay.
*■ Hilary's
I ...   ,,,    *,     -,* ,    .*•    *.    v. ■„•-.    Vaiennr,    SI. John, N.B,    Kan
For Sale by Patmore Bros.
(Krom   the   Leader.)
The Presbyterians propose litilsling
their anniversary services on Sunday, October Oth, and their annual congregational social on Tuesday evening, October Uth.
The Moyio Liberal association held
a re-organization meeting last Monday evening. A very good attendance is reported. The following officers wore elected:
ll. Chapman—President,
Dr. .1. W. Coffin—Vice-President.
.). P, Karrell—Secretary,
Executive commfttcc—II,   11. Diui-
ik, II. *l. Lowes, K. L. Mutt,
Mike Itegnit, Aline Kortler, elms. A.-
MacKay, <*   \. Koote, .1. Clarke.
Mr. Fred I Tallies, of Corbin, and
Miss Clnrn Thorpe were united in
innrringu nl the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Martin Thorpe nl the Porto
lllco mill last Monday evening hv
Itev. 0. A Hackney, uf the Moyie
Presbyterian ehurcb. The couple
left, Inter lor Corbin, where Mr.
I (allies is in     the employ of        tin
railway companj. Beforo moving
o Corbin, Mr. Haines was for scv-
ral yenrs employed In the Herald
nice ut Cranbrook.
W. .1. lien, superintendent of the
Cranbrook division of the C.P.R ,
was in Moyie Monday looking after
some mutters in connection with bis
department. While here ho mei
some of the members of the local
fire brigade and discussed with them
the tire at the c.P.It. station on
Inly "21th, when the company's property was saveil by the hard work
nl Movie's fire lighters. Mi. UKIi
fully realized the good work done
nnd on behalf of the company gave
i chctjlic fm a substantial sum in
aid of the brigade. It is needless
say tbat the donation wus full)
♦•♦♦♦■*♦+♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ »♦♦♦»♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦»♦
i ,i..,,,.. i, i moo
Head Office: Montreal, Quebec
CAPITAL PAID UP - - $ 5,000,000
RESERVE "... - 5,900,000
TOTAL ASSETS, OVER      -      76,000,000
II. s. HOLT, I'roslilenl
I'.. I.. I'KASK, General Manager
Accounts   "1    Firms,   (.'orj-oriitious   ami    Individuals
Out-of-town business receives every attention.
SAVINGS DEPART MENT. -Deposits of $1.00 nud
upwards  r ivuil  nml   interest  allowed nt  current  rate.
No formality or delay  in  withdrawing.
A Uuueral  Banking business transacted.
Cranbrook Branch: D. D. McLAWS, Mgr.
man has confidence only in
what he knows
is right.
Fit-Reform Suils give
that confidence which
a man (eels when he
knows he is dressed
by a tailoring organization that has no
superior in the world
of fashion.
Fit-Reform Suits
express the real style
Be guided by them
and be correct.     134
Sole /Y'cnls in Ctanbrook.
Our trees can bo aeon onflSp, c, of the lt;m*
ohea in tin- Cranlwoiik ilUtriet.   We aak you t» •
inspivt tlii'in before ordering elsewhere.
The Riverside Nurseries, Grand Forks, B.C.
For pnrtionlnrs apply to nnr nuejit
Walter  V. Jackson,   Agent,  Creston,  B.C.
Read the Herald $2.00 a year
Al flrts thought, one might in- inclined to consider it Incongruous tu
use an electrical vehicle as a hearse,
but as a matter of fact the electrical hearse, moving with stately sil-
enet', is really more sliRiitliefl than
one drawn by horses, Such a liearsr
was recently constructed for a Chicago linn, ami has been in continuous
service ever sinw. Power is communicated'from the motor to the
rear wheels by means of silent chain
drive. The battery is supported Ul
der tbe main body of the vehicle iu
a compartment between the front and
rear wheels, and is adapted to tarnish sufficient current to propel the
hearse tor a instance of fifty miles.
The quality ut water f«r human
■consumption slepcnds upon the polluting and purifying Influences tc
which it has turn .subjected heftire
reaching ibe consumer. It is well
known that the general health of a
community using u sewage polluttd
water gradually falls lower and low
er anil tlir death rate increases pro
porttonately. ol the diseases mosl
frequently following the use of a
impure water, typhoid fever hold*.
at the present day, the insist prominent position in tlie public eye. It is a
curious fact, as yet unexplained, that
tlie change Irom au impure water
to a pure supply diminishes the sickness and death rate, not only from
typhoid fever, but also from tuberculosis, pneumonia, and other serious
diseases It is also a fact* that in
certain cities using a sewage pollul-
'■il waler tbe death rate from typhoid
fever is many limes more than
tbat for cities u.sing a interest water
supply taken from the same sourc.
Oenerally speaking, there are I
methods in use for tbe filtration
public water supplies: they are known
as the "Slow Sand" nitration and
"Mechanical" filtration. In the for
hist type, tbe water filters theough
beds sif sand ansl gravel at varyi
rates of from two to the million
gallons per acre every twenty-lour
hours, according to tbe character ol
tbe water, lu mechanical nitration,
a precipitate ts firaf added tn the
water, which is then passed through
a medium of sand under pressure, tbe
rate of Iill ration tielng many MlUCS
more than jn the slow sand tillers
The  type of     filter lirst  suited fi
any particular water musl lie    ears
fully considered lielnre adoption hy a
municipality,     nnd this can only bo
done Uy a com|ie1etil sanitary in-
ginccr. When either system can he
Uied, it resolves itself Into a (pus-
lion of primary cost and nmnial
maintenance, Tbe slow sand filters
cost, approximately, $.10,000 prr •nil-
lion callous nf the daily consumption
and about ten per cent of this per
annum for operaling; while a mechanical filter costs about one-fourth,
and, if carefully operated, a high
tlegree of elliciency ns regards purification can lie obtained. This is well
exemplified at Chatham, Ontario,
where for some years filters ot this
latter class hnve been In operation,
the water treated being thai of the
river Thames.
Nol a minute should lie Inst when a
child shows symptoms nt croup.
Chamberlain's tough itemedy   given
as soon as tbe child become* hoarse,
or even nfter tbe crimpy cough appears, will prevent the attack. Sold
hy all druggists and dealers.       27-11
The "Cranbrook Herald" has
had prepared a
"Map of the World"
including Special Maps of
British Columbia, Alberta, Canada,
and the United States, by    -    ■
The Geographical   Publishing Company
Invaluable   as   a  Work
of Reference
To l«. given away
Paid up Subscribers to the
One of these Splendid .Maps will he given tn each and every
■iibm-rilii-r to tlie "Herald" who renews his or her subscription
for one year frum date, paying all arrears, if any.
This innii ean bo seen nl the "Herald" ollice.   Il is a work that
should find a place iu every home nud place of business iu
I'.nst Kootenay.
A copy of   this  Map will  be
mailed to any New Subscriber
upon receipt of one year's
Subscription to the
"Herald" $2.00
A limited number only available,  secure  your
copy now.
On   Sale, Exclusively  in  East   Kootenay
by the
Herald Publishing Co. THK  CRAM-sitOOK   II KHALI)
Is it the Hair or the Face that makes the Woman?
If you think it is the lace, take another look at thu two heads pictured
here.   One allows it ifirl which the must critical would pronounce beautiful.
While her featiiit-R ate [airly perfect her greatest charm lieu in a nm--- of
tine huMi-iiuH imir. The opposite picture in identical rb io features nml other
ilutuil except thai the wealth of hair ia wanting,
Both of those ladles would attract attention anywhere hut each for n
different reasoiii one nu account ol her suporh beauty and tbe other on account
of her comical appearance.
The huir miik'--i all ilit* iliflWeiiui'. A woiinin im-eii her good looka in
exact proportion an alio loBes her hair.
Newbro's Herpicide
Saves the Hair
There in iiothiug which liiodsntraotlve to the imir an dandruff.
This annoying trouble t6 Which everyone in mini'or lose expot-ed li
to llie working of an invisible growth or microbe ealled the l>nmlm{f Qeim
It roliH the hair nf the snap mnl luster ot health, burrown down Into
follicle and eventually Iihihuuh the hair, allowing it to full out.
NEWBRO'S IIURPICIDe applied regularly ami intelligently kill* the ge
keupM the scalp clean nml hair heallhy.
Falling hair ia thins prevented uml. if the huir follicles have tint bec<
atrophied, a new growth of huir may he anticipated.
The life a •! luaterof HERPICIDE hair is beaulifiihoHee, ia nnnitatakn
An abundance ol Huffy, glittering hair in woman'*- chiefest hi-auty am
permit its nee liana destruction ia unpardonable.
Kills  the  Dandruff  Germ.
Stops  Falling  Hair.
Home druggist, who thinka more of a dime than
he iloets.of the teal good of hia cuetonier. may try to
*-<'ll you something "juat na good" when yon ask for
Newbro's Herpicide. limn on having the only
Origiunl Dandruff Oerm Destroyer.
Oct Herpicide and Get Satisfaction
One Dollar nit.e Itottlet-i Sold and Guaranteed by all Druggist*.
Applications obtained at tbe Belter Barber simps
aud Huir Drew-nog Parlors.
Beattie-Murphy Co.
A Mm pie bottle of lleipicide uIko a booklet
telling nil about tho care ol the hair will he sent
upon receipt of ten cents 111 postage or silver.
Address   THK   IJKItl'lClDfi   CO.,
Dept. i;: it.
A Live and Up*to*l)ate
rlnii-k lull ol goodatuff,
lor tno yeara at a num
i in,] coal, it Ilia Haral.l'.
Hi*: Offer l« tak.ii ■'.!
viiDtag. ol.
Read it and send in
your cash
We  will  send you  the  Farmer's  rtagazine  until
January ist. iqi,*,, two whole years; and the
Cranbrook Herald for one year for
the sum of
This is an extra special offer that
only holds good until Dec* 31,1910
farmer*! Magaslne niina t<> iirivocuto tin' special iutiTt-siH nf tbo fanners in
it-Hi.nun'. social mid polttloal i|ii*'Stmiit; to provide u variety (if information uml entrr-
Utluinent; In ibow what thoworhl ia doing and any iim; ami. in liriof, to Ih1 thu homo
magna!ue nf the farmer ami his family.
Then i-i a great ncotl nnsl nmplu room for such n farmer's pnlilieatioti in ('nninlu,
ileal ing RRgrfltllvely nml fairly in a I irom I way with tin* ninny vital (|iioaliona wliirh
coQoern tho whole hi.- of tln> farmer, yet without overlapping tht* technical field now
cunirctl by Canadian furm papers.
To till BUoh a place in tho making of Canada, to serve such a purpose in tin* pro^rea*
■Ion of the Canadian fanner, is the hope nnd detenuination of tho Fanner's Magazine.
Besides its own special editorial stuff, it will hnve behind it the entire or^unixntion
of the Maotioatl I'tililishiiiK Company, which hot been for a quarter of a century in the
IniiMinu'. nud now covers every comer of Canada.
Hear in mind Parmer's Magazine will not publish dry technical news, but will be
bright ami chatty, full of live, racy anecdotes; stories for his wife and sons and
-bun-liters tsi read; in fact, something that will brighten the lout: winter evenings
to come
Enclosed please find $4.00, brim/ my subscription fa Ihr Crnnhrook
Herald for uur war, nnd fa the former's Mayai'inr until Jan. 1st., IUIA
Xante ,         mmwm _	
TAINS OK NKW (it l\K.\.
Renter's representative, Ima forwarded frnm Ainlieiiii details of an
Important interview wilh Ur. II. A.
Lorentz, tho Dutch explorer, who l:
the first white man to have penetrated the mysterious Central Snow
limine of New Guinea, ono ol the
peaks of which is the objective of
the Important British expedition now
working in tho country.
This portion ol New Guinea U
probably thu largest unexplored part
nf the earth's surface, as little
known as the Polar Circle, and the
immense snow-capped range, with Its
knife-edged peaks, attains a height ->f
nearly 18,000 feet.
The approach to the Snow Mountains was through welt nigh unpenetrable forest, over precipitous din's,
in a foodlcss region of intense cold.
Uut having conquered all these
obstacles, and reached the base ol
the mountains, Hr. Lorentz luiilt a
hig advance camp, and ths'ii with
Capt. van Nouhuys and twenty-five
coolies started up the mountains.
Narrating an adventure which proved
to he terrible, bul of the greatest interest, the explorer said:
"Alter eleven slays of cutting our
way through the densest forests I
huve ever Been, and iu getting over
cliffs wliich resembled nothing so
much as sides sif houses, we reached
an altitude of 0,500 ft., pretty well
"We now attempted the second
section of our climb, and for two
days ascended the mountains. Suddenly we came across a secluded valley some 5,600 teei deep running east
nnd west, which, lo our amazement,
we found to no thickly populated.
Since leaving the river there had
not heen a sign of human life, hut
now, tn our surprise, we found native villages along iiu- whole length
of the valley.
Our first encounter with these unknown natives occurred early one
morning. We wen- walking in single
file through tin- twilight, shinies
ot the great finest when we
heard mysterious mils, whirh we nt
once attributed to human beings,
Suddenly a small hand of savages,
atl armed wilh hows and arrows and
stone-axes, ran out from the jungle,
nud, to our surprise, approached us
with hands outstretched, ofTerlng us
sweat potatoes us u sign of friendship.
"On our arrival In their village
the people performed a curious ceremony hy whieli they made us blood
brothers. They sacrificed a pic. and
smeared each ot us on the forehead
with the creature's blood. This proved a somewhat awkward attention in
the case of our Mohammedan soldiers,
hut, at my earnest request, they
finally agreed lit submit, provided
that we allowed them Immediately
afterwards to undergo ceremonial
"These people lived in little huts,
all nt which were raised about ten
feet Irom the ground, access lieing
obtained by a notched pole. There
little huts we found to hn divided In
to two, one-halt being used for domestic animals—mostly pigs, who
presumably also climbed the rough
ladder—aud tho olhor half hy the
people themselves.
"We noticed that sonic of the women had tin* middle linger ol the lelt
hand cut olY. We had no means of
discovering the meaning of this, although it was clear that the mutll
atiou was made during youth and no*l
in their quite early days, all the
children having their bauds intact.
.Many of the men, too, had the
upper portion of sine of their ears removed.
"They wero very anxious for us   to
main with ihem, and tried to dissuade us from going further up the
mountains, saying that we should
surely he attacked hy the people wlm
lived there, hut we had to tear ourselves away Irom these curious
people, and proceccd ou our way
"Two days further up the mountains, at an altitude of 10,000 ft.,
we came across four people, one woman and three men, hut they were
very frightened and run away.
"After experiences which I liml it
extremely difficult to narrate we
reached a point at an altitude ol
I."i,..iiii fl. We had attained our goal,
and had named the peak after Queen
Wilhelmlna, but it was ou the return
journey that our series of disasters
hegan. We had imt gone very far
slow u the peak hclore I slipped and,
falling headlong for luu ft., smaslied
a rib ami sustained serious Injuries
to my legs, hands, and head.
"That night was a terrible one.
and in my periods of consciousness I
sutTcrcd extreme pain. With no covering at all we were exposed for
hours ou a hare ledge. On the following day some o( the Dyaks came
up from the next camp and carried
me thither in blankets, a Journey of
five hours which I am not likely to
"And that night one of our Dyaks
was frozen to death, and we had
literally ts> heat the other coolies in
order to prevent them from going into a never ending sleep. I was not
able to move. For thirteen days wc
Stayed in this camp, until we were
reduced to sine ounce of rise daily
per man, with absolutely nothing
else. At the end of that time we
all looked like living skeletons, ami,
in addition to other miseries, tbr
feet of the coolies wore in a frightful
"As to remain longer would Itav
meant certain starvation, we decided
to make an attempt to reach cam]
lower down, but wc were sst ex
hausted that we csiuhl not travel
for more than a couple of hours
day. At this stage another of
coolies died of exhaustion.
"Three days further down
mountains I found one of the
dieis who had formed one of
advance relief party, lie had
his way, and for fifteen days had lain
wliere we found him without food.
He was alive, hut that was all.
and we were reluctantly compelled
to leave him where we found him, as
none if us were able to carry him.
lie was afterwards discovered still
alive, hut died on being cairied down
"After an absence ol sixty-five days
iu the snow mountains, we once more
arrived at our base camp; hut our
casualties were not over, for on the
slay ot our departure a European
sergeant died nt Hivouack Island, and
later on another of our Dyaks succumbed to exhaustion
To Earn
h i ni n question nlone of whether you
want n belter Balary—it'-* a hanl -condlti
of life Ui it you must tace to protci' yourself and those dependent upon you.
i'i i can't i n..: till ; iu don't want
to go hai. ■--. ir!. you mu t go forward—
thn] i-. i   .'    .■/,•'■ am m
liarning moro means holding a ■•■i.-r
pn ition in '.*"■* ndence, happiness**, nn I a
chain o to \>ru\ Uie for t.ie future.
Thou ind i it| ■ n thi i . .'      ho once held 1
poorly p...! •'  i:.- ji. in .. earn 1 •*'-        is *i
result of li tUng  tho  1:; ii.k*;au.-.v.aJ. I'uRRl - .■ i.sn
rkch Rcnonu bIiow t. -.'tii how to accomplish I .*
change,   Duri ig la i yoarahouf I sti l<
untarily reported Increases in salary' amount ii
over two million dollars!   Kvery month an .* tei    eof fl
report to tu advancement In position ai I earni
YOUR *...■■. this month?
Simply mark on the couj ■*.
the posit i * u \ ish to -*.. are,
tin n tear out and mail the coupon
to ihe Intemaiii nal t'onesjiond
in. B     Slliools       'Ibis     ptltS     >"U
miller no i I-ligation what- ver bul
allows our c\\h rt i to n ! ,;*; .*
1 " ii • ■ to ■   ue in lividunl nesnl-s
You've ti"( ta earn more monvt.
I ho I, C. S, will help yuu.
ttlll ymt take the atari today?
I SI!S (iK SAWlll ST.
Sawdust is usuallj regarded ..-
objectionable product because it
Increases the danger ol (Ire if deposited near mills or lumber plt«
and necessitates either cartage witli
accompanying expense or the c-n-n-
sirm tion of a "burner" ami the *.-■■
f conveyors or carts t>, transfer it
from the sav *.
A double economy, however. i> now
In progress A- a result ol the
use of band saws instead of the
old circular and gang saws, a log
that, under the old system produced
eight boards1, will now produ-ce nine,
a very substantial Increase in i-ro-
duct   with    a •   >
In the  amount  of  sawdust  prod
Owing to i.s chemical and mechanical properties, it bas an ever Increasing field nl usefulness Used as
an absorbent for nltro-glycerine, it
produces dynamite. Used with day
and burned, it produces a terra eot-
ta brick full of small cavities that,
owing to its lightness and its properties as a non-conductor, makes
excellent fin-proof material tor partition walis. Treating it with fused
caustic alkali produces oxalic arid.
Treating it with sulphuric and fermenting the sugar so formed produces alcohol. Miseil with a unliable hinder and compressed, it can
be used for making mouldings snd
imitation carvings; while, if mixed
with Portland cement, it produces a
flooring material. It is an excellent
packing material for frsflle artid -
and for dangerous explosives and can
be used as packing in walls to
make them sound-proof and cold-
-•wins; elei mu tr.
Tungsten lamps arc COtttlhg to tbo
front because they save electricity.
In appearance, their only difference
from tin* ordinary carbon filament in-
cat :• - eat lamp is that the filament
is constructed ol tungsten Instead nt
carbon But In actual use, it bas
been proved that they use onlv about
one-third as much currenl as a ear-
bos lamp to produce a light of the
same llliminating power. True,
t-heir first cost is greater (approximately three times as much), hut
this Is counterbalanced by tbe saving
in current effected Tiny have ore
lint however That is tho
[th which tbe delicate tungsten filament is broken. On this account great care has to he exercised
in Installing them, and it Is for this
to* too, that tbey cannot be
economically used as portable lamps.
Vet, when carefully handled, tliey
have a lone Ipaso of life In England, where they are used much more
extensively thai, hep-, ii [s qs-ite
common for them to last I '■■',l
hours, and one instance i*- on record
nlwre a tungsten lamp burned continuously for over 15,no" houtt Even
when allowane* is made fot more
frequent breakage, the tungsten lamp
riuisn .i saviriL over the carbon ot
about fifty ner cent, That la an
rco-nomj not to l** despised and
points to tin* riiuih greatet use for
itatioaar] liehtine purposes
WANTED.—position as shipper or
grader, thorough knowledge ot all details of lumber business Address
.1., Koval hotel. Can interview personally ant*
Your complexion as well as yout
tririper is rendered mlsersbta by a
disordered liver. By taking Chamberlain's stomach und Uver Tablets
you cnii improve both. Solsl hy all
druggists and dealers. 27-U
If  u   moucy^MivInif  vi* •■     ■ ■
clou ii will oulwi ir ill .
it bslng j-'i;t inli * *i ;* .-iiiwly
nol lo EIP
bard «•,••* r
NO INSIDE SEAM8 :n l.nrt
ih,* band.
Sonins .**.: fiiij:<*r lips, conreal*
The nliiiu-i M,*.ir fiii-.-v*.-!-
Harked up hy the II. IV K.
Brand nml sol,l by leading deal,
era Ihronghonl Canada.
Made and gnaranl I by tbe
The Expert Glove and Mitt Maker* of Canada THU   CttANBUOOK   Ii KHALI)
CUANBUOOK HERALD     Western CnniKlo   has   seta
| lead ill the mailer of raising
By the Herald   Publishing Company.
p. .J. Deane, Managing Editor.
CRANBBMK, B. C, September HI, IMIO
Tuesday, October llih. i>. Hi
set fnr Ihe special meeting of the
hoard ol trade to bo dovotcd l" the
question of Good Koatls. We hope
every resident In Cranbrook district
has made a note of that fact, nnd
has either decided to attend Ilu
meeting In person, ur has set
down iu writing his views regarding
the road requirements of his section
of ihe district, for submission d
Secretary It. 11 Benedict Cranbrook's board of trade is grappling
with one ol the biggest and mosl
Important questions that ean come
before it. when ii undertakes In deal
with the question of good roads
Happily  Uie hoard is taking hold
of the subject in lhe right way.
It is not setting Itself up as an
authority on the shbject, bul is Inviting lhe active co-operation sif
every ivsidenl iu the dislriel. More
ovei,   tlio  hoard's action  hns the
hearty approval ol the minister ol
public works, who 1ms asked Ihe
board to counsel him willi regard to
the mud requirements of the district. We are surely Justified, therefore, in anticipating a Inrge attendance al llie meotiiig and a verj
Uio rough, practical discussion of all
matters pertaining to road require
meats in the Cranbrook district. Ho-
member lhe date, Tuesday evening,
October lith, at the Hotel Cranhrook parlors.
While Uie reeciil Kail Kulr Is still
fresh in our memories it would be
well to consider one or two points
that arose in connection therewith,
with a view to preparing for the future. In the lirst place il musl he
obvious to uil men (hat if ('ran
brook's annual .-'all Fair is lo he-
come au event of first import, the
Agricultural Association rannol tot
speedily set about securing commod
ions grounds, upon which Ihey cm
in due course creel suitable build*
lugs. We are informed lhat the
Dark association would be prepared
lo dispose of their land at a reasonable figure to the Agricultural association. This is worth investigating. The land in question is admirably adapted for exhibition purposes, and as there is more than
is required for purely slmw purposes,
the remainder might well he utilized
tor experimental purposes. We are
not specially concerned as to whal
lauds are secured, bul we feel confident that the Agricultural assocla-
sjon will not secure the fullest
measure of success with Its annual
Fall Fair Until such linn- as jl se
cures grounds of its nwn, and the
Dark association's holdings appear
to be as suitable, and as conveniently
located as any other. The matter
should be taken up promptly and
carefully considered.
Whilst ou tin subject of Fall Fairs
it might he timely to suggest thai
it would    well pay the farmers       of
tins    dislriel     rgnnize a judging
school. A great lack of knowledge
was exhibited in course of the judging at the recent exhibition, and
tins must necessarily he (hu case if
those to whom this work falls have
not enjoyed the privilege of systematic instruction. This enn bo seemed and experts will In- provided
lo give the respiisite instinct ion if
llie farmers of Ihis, or of any other
district, maki- application iu the proper quarter. If lhe matter be
thought well of, the question should
lis1 taken up at an early meeting ol
the Farmers' Institute and correspondence opened with the agricultural department.
fm local V.M.C. V.'s, und lliere is
no reason lo auticlpnle any set-
hack in llie campaign to he opened
this cily next week to raise lhe
funds for tho furnishings ol tho
C.l'.lt. Y.M.C.A. now nearlug completion. If it were the fact that
the new V.M.C.A. was to be devoted
exclusively lo the use of the railroad
hoys, we arc confident that       there
would bo gcneroUS response to the
appeal, but when it is known that
this V,M.C.A. is lo he fnr the iim*
of every young man resident iu tin'
town, who cares to become a
member, il will he realized lhat it
is truly a civic Institution and one
worthy ol the support of the whole
li may Im a little early, imt the
matter is one    thai merits consider-
Me attention, so thai il will not
he oul Oi plaee to remark Ihal a
new city council will have to bo
elected early lu J Miliary nexl and
tlmt if wise choice of oily fathers
for the ensuing year Is to 1)0 made.
\OW is a very good time lo be
sizing up the situation and Die possible mayoralty ami nldermatilo can*
di dales. II Is known that Mayor
Kink will not again stand for otlice.
Wlm is to succeed him? Upon tho
choice of mayor will depend very
largely the choice of aldermen. We
want a bright, aggressive business
man, who can afford to devote some
time In civic affairs, who has a
mind of his own and who will not
be driven hither and thither bv
every Heeling breeze.
Liberals from the Pacific to the
Atlantic will sincerely mourn the
death of D. 0. Fraser, lieul-gover-
nor of Nova Scotia, and erstwhile
Liberal campaigner, from one end
of die Dominion to the other. Fraser was a big man physically and
mentally. He had a big voice and
a big In-art and served his country
devotedly during many years.
The report of the university   ci
mission has been made public.
The report itself, which i.s absolutely final and decisive as to the
mallei of site, reads as follows:
Victoria, June 28th, Dim.
To His Honor the L!cutenant-Dover-
Sir: The university site commission
begs lo submit the following reporl: lu accordance with the provisions of the university site commission act your commission have visited and made a careful examinatian of
several cities and rural districts suggested as suitable university sites
and lune selected as the location
of the university sile the city of
Vancouver. We have the honor to
he, sir, your obedient servant.
(Signed) Weldoii, chairman, 0.
Haitlh, C. C. .tones, O. I). Skeltnu,
Walter C. Murray, secretary.
Accompanying this report, in chief,
embodying the finding ot the commissioners, is an auxiliary or elahor-
ttllvc report addressed to the minister of education, Hon. Dr. Voung,
which reads as follows:
"The university site commission
are strongly of the opinion that the
university should not be placed on a
site whieli may in time be complet
h surrounded by a city. They r
spectfully suggest that not less than
380 acres be set apart for the university campus and 700 acres fsir ag-
rieultural purposes iu agriculture
and forestry. This is exclusive of a
forest reserve for forestry operations
mt a large scale.
"The commissioners are of the opinion that the most suitable sile is
al Point Orey unless the soils there
and that of the delta laud iidjsiiuitig
ate found to he unsuitable for the
experimental    work   of   the college
of agriculture. Should Point Orey
prove impossible tho commission suggests:
"Flrsl— A sile along tlio shore west
of North Vancouver, provided ths*
tunnel and bridge are constructed.
"Second—St. .Mary's hill overlooking the Pitt, Fraser and Coquitlnm
rivers, provided residences are erected for the students.
"Central Park, although conveniently situated will probably be surrounded by the cities of Vancouver
nnd New Westminster and because uf
litis and of Die absence of existing
scenic advantages is undesirable.
While the commissioners nre fully
convinced Hint it is of the highest
importance to have all the faculties
of the university doing work of university grade, located together, they
believe Dial owing to the diverse
conditions of agriculture iu the ptevince that ii is advisable to divide
Hie work of agricultural education
hciweeii ihe college of agriculture at
the university ami schools of agriculture of secondary grade located in
ihe di Hereof centres. Tbe collogo oi
agriculture should conduct researches, provide courses leading to a
degree, supervise the extension work
and school of agriculture, These
schools should he established in ('.injunction with the demonstrating
farms iu lhe capital centres
should provide short courses,
lending over the winter months of
two or three years for the sons sif
farmers. r.ucli school might specialize in one or moro branches such as
horticulture, dairying, etc.
"Similarly technical evening
schools might he opened iu lhe different coal mining centres lor the
preparation of candidates for mining
certificates and In the metal districts for the assistance of prospectors and others.
"The commissioners have been
greatly impressed by the rtchncsr,
variety and extent of llic natural
resources sd this province and by the
very generous provision made for the
endowment of the university, and
they are of the opinion that if the
university adopts a policy of offering
salaries ranging from $3500 to
$50,000 to its professors it will attract men ot tho highest ability who
hy iheir ss-ientitic investigations and
outstanding reputation will not only
materially aid in developing the resources of the province but will also
[dace the university on an equality
with   the best universities in Amer-
Our Policy is not
one of Hot
wis always strive to give our
customers somuthliig tU'tin-
lite in tlio wny of
We Iim,* recently secured
llie exclusive Ugency for
Omubrook for the
Seamless Rubber Company
of New Haven.
All mlilicr -nulls such as
Uot **.i >*!' lioitlcs, House*
hold .SjiiiincH. Rubber
Gloves, Iii* lilies, etc., iu
fact, everything wailo of
Rubber is Guaranteed for
Two Years
l«.Ih hy Iln* manufacturers
ami ourselves. Our tiuiir-
aulee means lhat yuu get
your money bnek if goods
are not entirely satisfactory
Cranbrook Drug &
Book Co.
Always at your service.
eral wealth of Cranhrook district is
recognized throughout the mining
Fruit raising has of late developed
Into a considerable   factor    in    the
mimereial life oi the Kootenays.
From t'ranbrook west to Kootenay
Landing, the end of the railway, the
soil has proved to be admirably
ulapts-sl to the growth of fruit. Climatic conditions, tno, are ideal,
and the fruit growing industry as
yet in its infancy, promises in a
short time to attain mammoth proportions. Cranbrook is the last
city on the line of railway, as the
road terminates al Kootenay Landing -on  Kootenay Lake.
lo make you think
of a nice
Hint you cull curry from
one room to unotlier without trouble, uml without
going to tlie bother of
starling the Heating
We cun supply you willi u
thut you will not be afraid
ta use, and if kept clean
will never smoke.
Prices   run   from  $7.(10
and up.
Electric light  and   bath room,   IIU
[»i-r  month.      Apply  l>.  O.   linx  .1011,
city. 23-tf
Liout.-Oovernor Frasr-r nl Nova
Scotia died al « o'clock last Tuesday morning while uijconscloua and
surrounded n> his family at fluys-
boro, X. S. Ill* leaves a wife anil
three ilaugbtcrr, .Mrs. Wilson. ,,1
(iiiilph, lint.; Miss Margaret and
Sara, and iwo sons. Allison end
Laurier. 'Die Homlalon government
steamer Lady Orey will bring lhe re-
mains to llalllav and I hough nothing is decided il is understood interment will la* made nl New lilas-
gow. Flags are al half mast
throughout the province.
Lieut-Governor Fraser was taken
ill lasl lane at (iuyshoro Since
ihal lime he has la-en gradually
growing weaker bat kept ebeerlal. No
later thnh lasl week when visited hy
IV. S. Fielding he joked over his illness, and expressed the hope to la?
able lo relara to Halifax and lake
oji   his dalles shortly.
Iiiinean ('. Fraser was one ol the
best known men in public life. He
had sal in the legislature ot
Nova Seotia and in tin' House ol
Commons of Canada. He later became a judge ol the sapreaie court
d Nova Seotia, ami resigned lo become lieutenant-governor ot the
province. Ile was aa ardent Llbef-
al and loured tlie west wilh Sir
Willnit Laurier prior to tbe general
election! of PUIS. He was a sliuu[i
s|a-akcr of renown, lie was a prominent Presbyterian and Mason.
Sundays—Tow mass a* 8..10 a.m.
ligh mass, 10.30 a.m.; Sundaj school
from 2 lo S p.m.; Ilosary and Benediction at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays and holy days ol obligation—Mass at I a.m.
Week day*—Mass at 6 a in. at the
Father Plainondon,
Imperial Bank of Canada ii
CAPITAL SUBSCRIBED - $5,575,000.00
CAPITAL PAID UP - . 5350,000.00
RESERVE     ....        5^30,000.00
11. R. WILK1E, President.
Accounts   of   Corporations,   Municipalities,    Merchants,
Farmers uud Private Individuals invited.
Drafts und Letters of Credit iseuod available* in any part of ' '
I lie world. ' '
SAVINHS DEPARTMENT-Special   attention
| liivuii  to Savin-re Hank Accounts.    Deposits of $1.1111   nud < >
',, upwards received and interest allowed from date of duposit.        ' J
Cranbrook Branch: «. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
2 .lli
NESB1TT, A. 11 _ ...
The Cranbrook Agency Co.
Phone 280
P. O. Box !!•
B. C.
McCallum & Co
The Hardware Men
b»-* H. Corby Distillery Company
'•Caby'H ot Corhyville for Over Halt-a-Vtutury."
Tin* Smith llherta Courier, n new
Lethbridge Weekly, expresses itwll
Cranhrook is another id llie plates
worth while in Western Canada.
Whal.- pcrnhaps not quite as large is
Kernie in jiiiint of popiilution. Crau-
lirnnk is ei|tl'll!> prosperous. Minim:
nnd lumbering nre tin* principal industries,    with llie litter id      chiel
Importance miimitcd timber areas
in Cranhrook district bave attracted
wcullhy Itiiiiberlnjr, interests. Enormous* sums are invested in tbe
world's most modern mnehinery lor
hauling lumber in all stages ol de
velojiment, irom standing timber to
linishi*il material ready fur immediate
use. The lumbering jiayroll is large
nnd Cranbrook rejoices nnd thrives
accordingly. Kort Steele, Wardner,
! .Inflray, nnd oilier ramjis are Iribtit-
I ury lo Cranbrook so that this city
has become the hub ot the lumbering
industry in the Kootcnays.
The mines adjacent to t'ranbrook
are largely metal producers, Tbe
country hns been prospeoted sclentl*
licallv wilh Ihe lesult thai lhe   luiii-
It will lie Sunday school rally
lay iu the llajiiist church. The morning service will be of sjieeial interest
lo lhe parents and boys and girls,
An Interesting jirogramme ot short
'■•iks, recitations, songs, etc., ha1
b*ei, arranged for Ihe after.ioon se.'i-
shiii, the evening address hy 1','slir
K'ne will U* ni special n'.i. : ic
in* young people.
Services 11 a.m. and I..-U ;i.*n.
Sunday school 3 p.m. Everybody
nvited, A special invitation to the
members of the borne department to
the morning and altcrnout meetings.
i it tidier 2nd
Morning sendee 11 o'clock. Al
Ibis service communion will he dis-
Sunday school and Hible class at
3 p.m.
Evening service al 7.-Ill o'clock.
On Kriday evening, September •«
a pre-communlon service will lie held
in tbe church at 7.30. (huir |irac
lice will In* lie!d at the close.
On Friday alternoon, Sept. .loth,
the regular monthly lea served hy
the Ladies' Aid will In dispensed
at tbe home of Mrs. II. While fiom
1.311 lo 11 o'clock. An oilctit.g i'i
aid ol Ibe church funds will In*
C. O. Main, I'aslni
City Property Farm Lands Timber Limits
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance
Customs Brokerage
Money to Loan on Improved Property
Our Motto-
Benefit to the Buyer as well as to She Seller
October 2nd.
Children's service in Ihe mnrnlng
at 11.
Sunday school ot .1. Hible classes
tor men and   women,    All welcome,
Evening service at 7.80.
Tuesday—Epworth l-caguc al «.
lir Connolly will give an address.
The pallor wishes lo mccl the executive nt Ihe close ol ll"- meeting to
discuss plans for   llic winter.
Wedmsilay.-Ladies' Aid will meet
al Ihe home „! Mrs. E. I), .lohnstmi
al three.
Thursday .-l'nion prayer sen in*  In
Presbvlerian cliurch.
The Harvest Festival services at
the Melhodist church were well attended on Sunday last, Ihe children
rendering an excellent programme In
lhe mnrnlng nl II. At .1 Ihe animal
rally nl the Sunday school wns held,
when Waller .lames, Ihe infant son
of Mr. and Mrs. Tnwnscnd was hai>-
llr.nl. The roll ol the Sunday
School was called and a large number responded lo llielr names. The
service       was        eonduelcd       hy
Dr.       Connolly, the super
I intendent,       aud    a      short      ad-
lilrcis  was delivered    by the paslnr,
Parish Priest. I Itev. II. Hughes.
At the evening service sjieeial harvest hymns were sung, and lhe choir
contributed to the musical jirogramme in a jdcasing manner. Miss
Prest rendered a solo wliich was
well sailed to Ilu- occasion. The
following took pari in the morning
Recitation   "Little Helps"
(Hades Spcnce
Recitation   ...   "Three Little Hud:
Gladys .fohn-stiin, Onua McNulih nnd
Gracic McFarlalne
Recitation   "In Hlossom Time"
(lladyr lliekenlnitbam
Song..."ilring Hither the Blorsoms"
(lirls Choir
I'm (Had There's a World to Live
Vera Hradwin
Rccltatlon..."Whcn Fields are Green"
Edith Macdonald
Recitation ... "Hurrah tor lhe Com"
Florence Uren
"'Neath These   Hustling Banners"
Girls Choir
On Monday evening the Iruit and
vegetables were sold by Auctioneer
F. Ogle. There was* some spirited
bidding, nnd tbe sum of thirty dollars was soon realized for the cburcb
funds. Some Creston apples grown
on the Stook Ranch weighing a
pound each, fetched eighty cents* a
piece. The Epworth League social
department ran a refreshment counter
with much success. All who have
assisted are heartily thanked lor
help by the ollicials of Ihe church.
Hiir Slimline** iim) Wukklm «Pf iini'le nf tin- tansMOttrllll .«» were the wIici'Ih
i.i ili.-Huiii'Hrnnn-ii.ii nl l-jr I,onl KnbtflHin South Africa. VfcS (insl they
wen-mud** l.y lh<- nana peopV. Tudhu|ie Bmtberi uf Orillhi. Uutmiu, who
IpinrantsM workman-drill uml nm'trial.
YB8 *,uti I'tinmvp moiisx lir liq,t lug ymir Gromini. Flour. F*v<l. liny, si mini*
and till kimlHiif mill ittnlT,   Htirite-*«, Siidillcn, SU-i-^liH. (Jiiitiirt-, Hr in>in nr*,
Hi vi- un n cull :i ml ticroiivinifd that yon rammi get fiiri- and •piulif*/ tu ngual
nun- clm-n-hi'iv,
The East Kootenay Produce and Provision House
Norbury Avenue   ■
Opposite the Auditorium
BOX   891
BOYS Illllfl.MIE.
Notice is given thai no boys will
In* admitted to the brigade afler
Tuesday nltornoon, October I llh.
Those who wish lo juin must do so
at one. Ilrills every Tuesday at
I in the Oym. All members must
wear uniform
11 EH     IIA1H    COMMENCED    TO
"Fever caused me to be entirely
bald. 1 had given up all hope ot
again having hair when 1 was advised to use Herpicide, Alter two
weeks my hair commenced to grow.
I now have the most beautiful head
of hair anyone ever saw. 1'raiie to
Newbro's llcrpicide."
Tims writes Mrs-. Howard Bailey,
of Hellevue, Mich. We can point to
thousands of instances where tbe
proper use of Herpicide has been followed hy a remarkable growth of
Newbro's llcrplcide is the original
remedy which kills the dandruff germ
and stops falling hair.
One Dollar Size Hollies are sold
und guaranteed hy all druggists. Send
inc. in postage lor sample and booklet to The Herpicide Co., Dept. R.,
Detroit, Mich.
Applications may be obtained at
tlie besl barbers and hair dressers.
Hcatlic-Murphy Co., Ltd., Special
Buckskin Cloth Shirts
Cannot Rip
Ttata aaaM fiana*** ia alaaahaal to
MS*. HBJC ftackakka CloHa Shirt
Your Dealer Selb Them
envelope "Tender tor Construction of
Nelson, B.C., Hilli* Range," nnd addressed lo tin* Secretary ol the
Militia Council, Headquarters, Ottawa, will In* received until noon,
the lith October, lor the construction ol a llllle Range at Nelson, ll.
Plans ami speeilieatii.us may be
seen, and lull information obtained
at the offices of the District Olliccr
Commanding Military distriet No.
IH Victoria, B.C., the Director ol
Engineer Services, Head-quarters,
Ottawa, and lhe Olliccr commanding
Iii2nd Hegt., Nelson, B. C.
Tenders must be made on the lorm
supplied by the Department, and
accompanied by an accepted cheque,
on a Canadian chartered bank, for
in per cent of the amount ot      the
tender, payable to the order id tho
Honorable tin* Minister of Defence, which amoint will he forfeited il the party tendering de.
cline to enter into a contract, in
accordance   with the tender.
The Department dues not bind itself to accept tlie lowest of any
Deputy Minister ol Militia aud Defence.
Il.(|. 18-115-2.
Department ol Militia and Defence,
Ottawa, mill September, 1010.
Newspapers will not be paid Ior
this advertisement il Ihey insert it
without authority from tlie Department. 32-2t
Any available Dominion Lands
within the Railway Belt in Bilusb
Columbia, may he homestcaded hy
any person who Is tbe sole bead ol a
family, or any male over 18 rears ot
age, to tbe catenl ot one-quarter section of 180 acres, mors or less.
Entry must be made personally at
the local land ollice for the district
Io which ths land Is situate. Entty
by proxy may, however, be made ou
certain conditions hy the lather,
mother, son, daughter, brother or
sister ol an Intending homesteader.
Tbe homesteader is requited to pel-
form the conditions connected therewith under ons ol the following plans:
(1) At leaat sis months' residence
upon and cultivation ol the laud in
each year for three yeara.
(II). It the lather (or mother,
if the lather Is deceased), ol ths
homesteader resides upon a farm In
the vicinity ot the land entered tor,
the requirements as to residence may
be satislled by such person residing
with the lather or mother.
(<). II ths settler hss his permanent residence upon farming laad
owned hy him in ths vicinity ol bis
homestead, the requirements as to
residence may ha satlslad by residence upon the said land.
Sli months' notice In writing
should be given to the Commissioner
of Dominion Lsnds at Ottawa of Intention to apply lor patent.
COAL—Coal mining rights may be
leased for a period of twenty-one
years at an annual rental ot tl per
acre. Not more than 1,570 acres
shall he leased to one Individual or
company. A royalty at ths rate ol
five cents per ton snail bo collected
sn ths merchantable coal mined.
Deputy of the Minister ot the Interior. M-JBt THK   OUANBltOOK   RiCltALo
Difference   in  Material
Material  Difference
11 is the ilillVreinw in tlio ijjaterial, the variance in
tlio quality ol' Drills, thut makes so much ilitTercnci*.
There is only One Kind of Drugs in our store—tlie kinil
Hint litis nu difference. < )urs ure drugs of known strength
They nre "NEVER DIFFERENT." The same with
the skill we use in compounding, It is the reliable
skill of men who know.
We koep mir Hook stuck "up to lhe minute." If
yuu want soma purtloillnr liouk we hnv'nt in stock, WO
OBtootn it n plousuro lo Boouro it for you,
Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd.
of Cut lihiss has just arrived nml
without n doubt is tlie best ussort-
iniMit we have ever shown before.
We buy only from reputable
inakerB. und you can r,*st ussured
thnt there is no olenrer or more
perfect cuttings to lie found
Jeweler, Cranbrook, B.C.
T- ('. PliHHps anil wife roturncil
from the easl nn Tuesday.
Mrs. Frank Leclcrc, of Marysville,
was in inwh Monday ami Tuesday.
lis- cream at The Palm.
Andy Good was In from Crows
.Vest yesterday.
Mrs. 11. it. Blnkley, experienced
nurse, open tor engagement. Resld-j
enct* near I .cask's store. 3fl-2t*
■Tin to Mttle ami Atchison's for
nice fresh Concord, Tokay ami Mai-
aga grapes, I
It. T. Brymner left yesterday for
Seattle, en mute to San Francisco,
on it short racatfon trip.
WANTED--Roomers, boarders ' p-
|i!y Mis. Barrett, Hanson Ate, m<-.\*
Mr, Woodman is building a new
residence on Durwell avenue. Baker
ami Ban field have   thr contract.
Ring up 131 and hear bow you can
save 15 net cent on your groceries
c. M. VnnWormei ami wife     hare
cone to Oreat    Falls,   Mont
si ile.
i;     i.. it    ii.iihi.iiih, Mrs
liallnaith. Miss llubcr ami 0
came in trom     Fori Steele
.lolin .Ionian. K c it. contractor, li
in   lown lodaj        Ite reports good
progress being made on construction
tIonic made enndj ai 'ilu* palm
Tlie im.it in thi- Msit/ nip will take
place *'u Oetobei  18th, when       the
-.'laiilitook  ham  will  in.rl     lhe  Fct-
uie foot bailers
Mis-. Coopei has secured a position
wilh thr Cranhrook Prut ami   Book
,   to
I .'cm
Co ami mii have charge ol th>
siiiiiotury department.
w \\ri:it-At once a matd      (•■
afternoon work     Applv to Mrs*, v
11    Miles. Cily, S3
Itev    I!    I'   lliUilliiiL'  ami    C      A
Cock ai>- attending a meeting o
ihe executive of tin- synod »i Nil
son   this wees
.   .silk from   pulpwood   is (he latent
silt eessfnl   in Im w mm hi     Mlltlsh     Co
Iniiihi.i inns  yet I iii ii out more
rondInosfl lor the first front. The
roarln' game will he underway
again just as soon as the frosl
■jets its work in.
We have sonic choice peaches,
pears, plums, apples and cantaloupes.
—-Little and Atchison.
Mr. W. V. Jackson, of Creston,
has remained in town since the 'fair,
taking orders for the (irand Forks
Nursery company, for trees and
fruits for delivery next spring,
You can save 15 per cent on all
groceries by deal inn at Leask a-
The Tic nnd Timber branch of tlie
C.l'.lt. land department have started
a camp at Bull river, also anoiirr
camp at Ityan and machinery bus
heen ordered for a new mill to be
situated near Ryan.
You CAN get your gnt-ceries Iii
per cent cheaper than you are now
paving—that is if you deal of [-cask
& Son.
A meeting of the Women's Institute
is called for 3 p.m. Thursday, October 6th, at the government building.
The subject for discussion will be:
1 'Tuberculosis, its Home, Cure and
When requiring ice cream in bricks,
molds, puddings, etc., kindly advise
us .is early as possible—Little and
A mistake occurred in the pub*
llshcd list of Kail Fair prize winners last week. First pri/e in class
if the culinary department, white
bread, was credited to Mrs. It. GUI,
instead of to Mrs. J. S. Mennic.
Try thoSB Knglish jellies at The
Tbe Herald is kecplns*; in .iew llie
winter needs of tlie resident farmers
Of the district Read tin? adverttse-
ment on '•Opportunities for Fanners"
and lie convinced    of its genuineness.
it is all   to your advantage,
I-'. E. Haines and bride were in
town fot a couple of days on their
return from their honeymoon tri|i
They left on Monday for Corbin,
where Mr. Haines holds a responsible
DON'T FORdET the drawing
for the $05.00 Cut Otas-t Bowl at
the Opera House. Friday nlghl.
.Special feature pictures. Dance
after show, First-class Orchestra
in ihe polios court daring the week
II   Walllk       WM lined  -ft5 and costs
fot assault (;. Conttnasslsc, an
Italian, was committed for trial on a
charge ol     iiiilccrnt   assault.        The
Pilktngton s'ase was up again before
Judge Ryan ami is still in pro
1--10, until tbe M ot
1st of October,
•lune, 1911
Tin* first automobile party
the new inter-provlnolal highway
tween Cranbrook and Calgary
this   eitv on Tuesdav mornins
, 1h>
the Services on Sunday at Christ
church. An informal reception will
bo held at lhe rectory on Saturday
evening, hei ween eight ami ten.
You can save 15 per cent on alt
groceries by dealing at Leask &
Frank Dezall lias resigned from the
position of chief of tbo lire department and Mayor Fink Is temporarily
filling the position. At the next
meeting sif the council the applications for the position of chief will
he considered and in all probability an appointment will he made.
Choice eating apples at The Palm.
We are overstocked with Fertilizer
and will sell at cost to clear. All
sacked in 130 lb. sacks.—P. Burns &
Co., Limited. 30-31
The first exhibits of fruit gathered
together l.y !■;. Mallatid-.ine f.r the
Philadelphia exposition were nttddit.
A fresh lot has heen bost..-*! lij
the Cri'hbrook Drug ami Book company snd lias gone forward to Philadelphia
slsting of Dr.   Green, Il   Vi. Supple*
K. Staples and   R. E. Heattie,      ir
Dr. Green's motor.    Word came irom
them    at Coleman, wliere they    hud
been detained by a break in the road.
The party   hope to return   bj
Windermere valley.
LOST.-A long'grey coo
in hlaek,    between Cranbr
Fort. Steele on Saturday 1
will please   leave same at
ollicc and receive reward
Thirty thousand dollars
sum   recently   offered     ■
Washington nursery com|
apple tree,     located nCfl
Ian.    The proffer was mi
syndicate wliich desired 1
the tree.     It was turned d
the nursery company, whieli 	
develop the fruit itself. The tree   is
twenty years old, nud is ealled the
Oheland. The fruit Is. golden yellow,
and is said to he different from that
ol any other apple grown in Washington. It is also said lo possess
exceptional keeping ijualllles, a box
having been kept in storage iu
Seattle for two years without any
marked deterioration.
WANTED.—A gsiod general servant. Apply Mrs. Brymner, Luins-
den Ave. 32-tf
Tbe wide-awake business man
advertises all the time. When business is good and times 1
advertises to let peopl
he merits some of the tv
in the good times, ami
are inclined to be a
be makes his advcrtlrltig d
duty for      him   in  order it
re lively, he
■ know that
'il things
when limes
nili' dull
Washing is hard
why not iiitike it
This is the "Now Century" tlie
very best hand wuslirr thnt we
know of.   Shall we send one up?
"The Range Store"
* !
Ladies' Children's
Sweater Coats
There are 110 outer garments made into which more
genuine usefulness is crowdatl tlian the Nobby Sweater Coat.
Now that the cool days ure coining one of our sweater coats
will give you perfect comfort.
ihe nlrj fabric tin id Japan   md
china combined
.1. McMullen, ol Vancouver, C.P 't
solicitor ami Mr Bodkin, rtprrsriit-
ing llie claims department, ttfctC in
lown on Tuesday, proceeding nul on
FOR  SALE-Oood house desirably
situated on Baker   Mill.     Apply  IE.
T. Brymner X tl
Be.   Dr.    Prater Campbell,      ol
Central India, where lie lias been en
gaged in missionary work fm      the
pasl  llm Iv-four yean, armed        in I
mi WeilncMlav iilleiiii.nn, on bis
wa) to ihe ooaat. lie addressed a
union prayei meeting at the Baptist church last evening,
Bla&l aie being prepared  tot     tbe
ens-lj->n   n( a new  huildini   'or     lhe
C.P.H      land nml   eomnn-rei.il ttie*
graph offices,   The premises,   which
be oi tun storeys, are    lo    be
> I located between    the new V.SI C '.
I 1 blltldlng ami  V.   Hyde  Baker's   nnld-
■Acre tract, within mile of town.
Suitable toe gardening and poultry
raising. Address, stating price.
Box  in. (ierrard, It   C, .10-11*
The new addition which Paul
Handley has been having adsled to
his hotel at Marysville was completed this week. It will prove 1
valuable asset to Hie general comfort
of those who, journeying that way,
wish to take advantage of the
hospltalH]      "f this ever    up-to-date
ise. Mr. Handley Is better able
now than ever to provide fur the
iver-lncreasing number of travellers
Ymi CAN pet your Groceries IS
per cent cheaper than ymi are imw
paying—ibat Is if you deal of Leask
j We are hcndipiarteni fnr lla/et-
wihiiI ice cream and Double Jersey
hiiltetniilk.—Utile and Als-bixon.
Tlie Ion) bishop nf    New Westminster ami   K-n-olcmiy will  unite       In
Mi, Wlrdmon, who is a large stock*
bolster and manager ot one of Toronto's big store fixture specialty
bouses, dropped into Cranbrook on
his way borne from Vancouver. He
has done good business on the coast
.imt as a side issue bought a large
tract ol land to seal bis confidencc
in    the  future prosperity of        this
greal province,
The city engineer might very profitably direct his attention to the
slate nf the rond in front of the
Qualn Electrical Supply company's
premises The state of the road-
waj there Is anything but satisfac-
lorj ami should he lived up before
bad weather sets in.
Competent housekeeper, conking and
Chamber Work, seeks situation. Apply  W.,  Herald ollicc. 32-lf
\ ipcelallj Interesting exhibit   al
the recent fair was ,i showing ot
strawberry plants, made by Air.
McClurc, whose ranch is just outside
the cily. These plants, for their
vigor, freedom from blight and disease and lhe manner in which lli'y
were packed would h«Vc done credit
to a prnfessiniial nurseryman.
WANTED.—Position as stenographer.     Apply at    tbis nfllce. 32-11
1 Notice is given in the flaxeltc that
alt placer mining claims legally   lo-
: cated ami recorded ami in goosl
standing In   the Golden Mining Dlvj-
eilliesiiay. Vtmm**awt**t a  ■    j    ..  a '"    ""   U,WI™ Milling   > tf-
^^^^^^^^^t^m ^**r.\
Just received a new shipment of fluns, Rifles, and Ammunition
Call and Inspect our stock before purchasing elsewhere
J.   D.   MCBRIDE       •     -        HARDWARE
business up to (lie normal. A
glance nt our advertising columns
will show you who llic live, energetic, wide-awake optimistic business
men are. Do your business witb
them and tbey will show you that
we are telling the truth.
Fancy boxes bon-bon at The Pa'm.
By the untimely death of Mrs. E.
S. 0Wynne, at -Moyie, lhat little
town has been greatly grieved. Mrs.
0wynne was spiite a young woman,
only 23. She was married less than
a year ago and had been In rather
delicate health of late. The exact
cause of her death will never he
known, but the presumption is that
she was overtaken by a fainting
spell and fell into the lake. She
lived nn the lake s'hore ami was in
the habit of getting water from the
lake. Tile funeral took place in
town yesterday. Tbe sincere sympathy of his fellow townsmen goes
out to Mr. QWynne iu bis severe
King up 121 and hear bow you ean
save 15 per cent on your groceries.
A very interesting social gathering
was enjoyed at Rev. ('has. W. King's
residence lasl Monday evening by
the young people of tbe Baptist
church and their friends. The young
ladies are endeavoring to furnish aud
decorate a room in the church sn
that their winter meetings may be
held in greater comfort aud so arranged this social witb that end in
Chamberlaia's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy is today the best
known medicine in use for the relief
and cure of bowel complaints. H
cures griping, diarrhoea, dysentry,
and should be taken at the first unnatural looseness of the bowels. It is
equally valuable for children and
adults. It always cures. .Sold by
all druggists and dealers. 27-tf
After attending an important convention of the Trades and Labor
Congress of Canada at Port William
Frank McKenua returned home last
week. Several important papers
were read aud many important
items ot business in connection with
Um? Congress were disposed of. The
Congress in general reported valuable
progress having been made with
its work. Mr. McKenha is making
his report to local members on
Friday at the Carmen's hall. This
special meeting will begin at H p.m.
when a large gathering Is hoped
M. Frost is having a substantial
residence built on l.iunsdcn avenue.
Christian and Jones are the contractors.
As announced last wrs-k the
Knights of Pytdias held their first
seris-s ut evening entertainments for
its members on Tiiesslay evening.
This tsmk tbe form ot a whist
drive. Tin- prise nf a handsome
pair of emblematic eult links for the
winner sd the largest number of
games In three nights plav Is being,
offered. Nest Tuesday's play will
therefore lie the more Interesting.
Tbe evening closed with light refreshments and a cordial invitation given to absent members, Bally to the
WANTED—Board In private family by a young man* State terms.
Apply Herald office. 82-1t»
FOR SALE—Pure bred single comb
Brown Leghorn pullets. Bred for
winter layers.-II, White* 88-11
The competition by agents and
section foremen nt tlie Canadian Pacific railway for the most attractive
looking station gardens and grounds
has been won on the Alberta division by Mr. W. Mlcketls, agent at
Innisfall, who receives the prize ot
SfiO.fiO. The agents receiving prizes
of Slfl.Oft tor tlie best kept grounds
on the respective districts are Mr
R. A. .lohnson, agent at Cochrane,
Mr. M. 0, Carey, agent al Langdnn,
and Mr. It. Reeding, agent at    Frr
nie. The prize competition for tbe
best photograph of a flower garden
at a station has not yet been closed,
and competitors .should semi iu their
prints nml negatives as quickly as
possible to Mr. N. s. Dunlop, floral
department, Montreal. This competition Is open to all employees, ns
well as professional and amateur
We are overstocked with Fertilizer
and will sell at cost lo clear. All
sacked in 130 lb, sacks.—P. Burns .V
Co., Limited. 30-2t
FOR SALE.—Wolf 1 lound pups.
Apply S. J. Harrison, Wardner, B.
C. 30-7t«
WANTED-Thirty tie makers at
once. Apply P. Lund, Marysville.
B. 0. 2t*-3t
That (ieorge Reid, alleged wife*
murderer, whose body was found
floating in the Fraser river near
Matsqui, cams- to bis death by
suicide while temporarily insane was
the verdict arrives) at by the coto*-
tier's jury which held an impiest 01
tbe remains at Mission. Evidcnci
presented at Ihe impiest went l<
show thai Iteid was mentally unbalanced at the time sif bis wife'.*
death, his actions immediately prim
to the murder being very peculiar
Owing to tlie fact that be commit
ted suicide the reward of ISfln offer
ed by the provincial government for
Beid's capture will nol be paid out.
Don't waste your money buying
plasters when you can get a bottle of
Chamberlain's Liniment for twenty-
five cents. A piece ot flannel dampened with this liniment is superior
to any plaster for lame back, pains
in the side and chest, and much
I cheaper. Sold by all druggists and
dealers. 27-tf
TO LET—Furnished rooms in
modern house close to Baker street
Apply Herald office. 29-tf
FOR SALE— Seventy-live young
pigs. Price from 13.00 up, according to age. Apply -I. Brault. 30-tf
Cranbrook will Ik' well represented
at the Spokane fair. Already Mr. F.
A. Itussell has gone forward with a
fine exhibit of vegetables, fruits and
grasses from tbis distriet, aud on
Saturday Jos. Ryan leaves for
Spokane with tbe mineral exhibit.
which will be iu his charge. Tbe
mineral exhibit is representative of
the entire East Kootenay section,
including specimens of coal from Fernie and other near hy points, as
well as choice mineral specimens
from all over the district. Among
llic various specimens are some nf
special importance. One of these
is a   splendid     sample of   hematite
New Sweater Coats
in cream, canliual, navy gray, und mii,
medium ami louj,' lt-nutli". also the
new CO-ED. 12.75 to I'i.'II
Knitted "Buster Brown" f
in   navy, gray, cardinal,  bruwn. and
green,    for    little    boys    nnd  girls.
lik. to $2.25
A new shipment of Afternoon and f
Evening Gowns just received
These Qowoa are up to the minute,
made uf tin** voiles, silks in plain
colors an*. sli»»t etfecte,each gown mi
individual style. $lo.uo to $85.00
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores     |
iron sire from the Hull Itiver
tion. One which Judge Ryan
Moves will run from ■■■ to «.t
cent metallic Iron. He ha*.
specimens of molvbedlnlte, hist
ite and tungsten, all occurring
one vein on Ihe Sunnysiih- on
banks of the St. Man's river.
Another fine sample is Of crystallized lead, as well ns samples sd sul
phurtted or black silver from tbfl
Society Oirl and a remarkable exhibit of galena from the s-ame property. Mr. Ityan will not onl)
place the exhibits in position, but
will remain at hand throughout the
fair tn enlighten all visitors as tn
the mineral possibilities nf Kast
WANTED TO nUY.-Krom owner,
acre tract, within mile of town,
suitable for gardening and poultry
raising. AtfMress, stating price.
Box 36, Oerrard, B. C, 80-41*
Tbe object of his visit was to -ice
for himself, being an expert in Ashing
matters, and ta be able to report to
the people whom he represents, whether or not the fisheries there are
worth Investing British capital ia.
In a short lime he will return to
Kngland, ami be told The Toronto
Globe that he hail a most favorable
report to convey, and that he wuuld
strongly advise that steps be taken
to have a ('ana-lian fishing Industry
established in British Columbia backed by British capital.
"It seems a pity," be said, "that
such a remarkable source of fish
should not only he lost to Brltafa.
but to Canada. There is an abundance of fish—that Is, wbtteftsh, such
as halibut, cod, and numerous breads
if smaller ones, as well as 3 Ur/.e
supply of salmon. The fisheries extend right from Vancouver north to
At tlie present time these wat-rs
are used exilusively by AjBettcavl
and Japanese, there bring no Canadian fishermen at all."
In order to carry nut the scheme
an enormous amount ol money will
have to be provided, and Sir (ieorge
sals) that the people in England
whom he represented would in all
probability go to the Canadian
eminent for assistance with th«*ir
project, which assistance would hk-i-
!y  take    the form of   a subsidy
Sir George Doughty was ver; optimistic about the suer-Ms of th'*
scheme He looked upon Ihe Grand
Trunk Pacific as a very helpful factor iu the development of such an
industry, as it would facilitate tbe
transport at I'm of the fish. The
lack of such transportation in the
past be looked upon as one of the
primary reasons why the Indnatrj
had not been Inaugurated. With a
Canadian fishing industry in the
western waters of Canada pns-u-ssing
tighis and prmlmes on line*, similar
those enjoyed by the fishermen In
the eastern waters of the Dominion,
Sir (ieorge said that fanarti '•
wealth and powei would be materially enhanced.
I..en in lhe event of his friend**- in
Britain being unable to cany
through tlie scheme of s'stablishing
lhe Industry, he thought that some
thing should certainly In- done b)
the people and government of Canada to conserve to themselves a
portion "f the riehflfl lhat were right
fully theirs He is looking forward
to a movement bring made fn regard
to tbe matter shortly after his return to Kngland, so that it will not
!<• long before Canadians bear the
oatcoflie of his tout
Thousands and thousands of beads
that were- dandrud filthy a >ear ai;o
are scrupulously clean today.
This means that millions, jes billions, of dandruff germs'have been
annihilated, and cannot continue
tt.t-ir pernicious work of hair destruction. But best of all it means
that at last there is a cure, an ah-
solan* certain cure for damlruff, one
so prompt in its action and so mar-
relottfl in its results, that many are
skeptical when tofd of what it has
Parisian Sag** is tbe name of tbe
quick-actir.g hair restorer that is responsible* for a mighty army of clean
headed Canadians, an-rl its action is
so certain that the Beattie-Murphy
Co., tl* airer-is in Cranbrook guarantee it to stop falling hair, itching
■ealp, and cur** >l*:r'.t * : in two
weeks, or money back,
Parisian Sage makes women1! hair
soft, lustrous ami luxuriant in a
few itays
'Jhe price of tbis delightful mnncy-
baek hair dressing is onlv (0 cents a
bottle at the Beattie-Murphy Co., or
dircet, all chare s prepaid, by
Olronx Mfg  Co . Kort Brie, Ont
Sir fleorge Doughty, who represented the fishing constituency nf
Grimsby, Kngland, for fifteen years,
has arrived in Toronto from Vancouver, where he was inspecting the fisheries off the coast of British Columbia in thr Interest of a large and
Influential body ol Hritish inventors
Ripless Gloves
have extra placwaf iMtW
on the finger-tip., which
hid* th* mum ue*. protect the stitchinf. Neat
•nd Comfortable end
and i-vthai-" ilon't know it. This is a
cast where >>*. van flave nxney by
•peii'liiit* it. Keep >ou*-*if in good
trim for work l>y tskinir * f our
Lemon Soda or (linger
{and you can make more money—I**
i cunt* you me in hotter t-hftpe to stork.
Thai is really lhe l-vtt nay to iave
! money, that in by making more.
East Kootenay Bottling
Your -complexion as well as your
temper is renderH miserable by a
disordered liver By taking Chamberlain's Stomach and l.lvrr Tablets
yon cm improve both. Sold hy nil
drugglatM and dealers 27-tl TJiK   IJHAMtllDOK   UUR ALT)
Paid-up Capital, 310,000,000     Reserve, $6,000,000
*.rran**ements have recenily been cpnipleled under which lhe branches
8of jhis Bonk ore able lo Issue Droits on lhe principal polnu
In lhe lollowing countries:
Austria-Hun*.;,!}*    l-'inlaml
Karoo Islands
South Africa
Straits Settlemaata
i'lllilipina Islands    West Indies        m
Koutliaala and elsewhere
Poraioaa Italy
France Jnpan
l*'r'cli Cochln-Cliina Java
Germany Manclmrla
Great Britain Mexico
Greece Norway
Holland Persia
k. T. Hryinncr, rianager Cranbrook Branch
We have one or two
jj Real   Estate   Snaps jj
II you Bra looking (Wmi luvostmont or wnnl to
iiurcliast! n li"  it "'"iilil 1)0 worth your
while h> hi.*,, ua about it.
;;   We have facilities for helping you in a financial way
Why  Pay Rent?
When a visit t" us uui.v enable yon to buy u
comfortablo homo.
J********************************** ***•
ii Planted  Fruit   Farm
For  Sale
!. mil,- Irom Cranbrook, block No. I. of
Cranbrook Irrigated Fruit Lands
Contains 5 acres purity «*l.*nr,*<l mnl planted
with 50J A|)|ili. Trees. 100 Sin*ill Fruit anil
000 Stniwli.-rri.« Uootl House IH x JI,
Hool House, Well. irrigation Ditch, uml 60
i-orcls of wood oil skid.
Price $1,200 on Easy Terms
M'l'l.l    HI
ij Wilmer Agency Co.,
WILMEiV,       -        -        -       B. C.
************* *********************************
A $ 20* 000.00 RACE PROGRAM
DR1TIHII     rui.i Mill \   l-sil | TIM
Kbvi i before In tlie history *.f Uie
production ol oui eggs, flesh Aiit)
feathers lias Huts- been sn much In-
tcresl sis within the p.isi lev
months, Local poultry nsi-ocUtions
-nml pouttrymen gettetall) seem to be
waking tn lhe fact (bat there Is a
future before ns. Undreamed nf po*
siiiilities of iln- past are being realizes,1 in tbi' preeent nml even the
most Bangui ne ol ns must Ik e.it>-
v I need that still better results may
tie niitiwiH'si under Improved methods.
Our most successful potiltrymen lu
all purls nf the province have proved
thai, under proper conditions nnd
with careful ami efflclenl management, pnultry raising Is a paying
proposition, a more profitable Industry than many others, some of whlnh
have lieen "I mod" fnr years.   Hul
aro must   accepl conditions   us    we
liml them and make lhe best nf them
poultry aasoclatlons ami Individual
poultrynwn have imt bun nhm -'■<*
encouragement they deserve Tint***.*
engaged In the business nl poultry-
keeping havo gone through d-'Hi t*t*
perlencca and bave overcome hium
obstaclei; they bave had lo wort oat
Ihelr own Miration while the pot-
ornment stood iilonf ami lhe 'iiiti'ii
were suspicious sif psissitde proflU
Hul now we enter upon a new era
with a broad and prom I sin** held before us Tbe Hi n isli Coliinibin
Poultry association was mh.sm/. >\
fin tin- benefit of every puiitlrytnaii
in the province it was nrganl/ed to
strengthen ibe working power ul
ihe Infill aasoclatlons; li was oritJii*
Icod fnr the purpose nf iiinmiim the
govarntnetit into closer tnueh witb
the poiillrymeii in order that thr
government mifclii he better able to
timli rstnml ami nppreelnte their
The Work whleb will he taken     '■<>
hv ihe provincial association v-*ill be
of a ii-ry brsmil character, und will
COVet   CVarj   phase pcrt-iluim*. to    tbe
pnultry industry. Its primary object i.s naturally that nf education In
esineate ibe public to adopl improved methods in poultry breeding in
rsh'i thai itie returns fm the money and labor expended in poultry
keeping may he greater thuii- under
pieseul condition a. The returns of
the pnultry keeper should he greater,
uiul nne object sd the Provincial
Poultry association will he to aid all
pout try men iu every possible way.
It will seek to disseminate
throughout the province a thorough
knowlcdgo ol proper methods of
rearing domestic fowls. Us chief
aim will 1h> tn secure a more widespread Interest in thoroughbred
pnultry. It is nlsn expected that
within a year or two it will hold
a Provincial Poultry slmw, whieb
should prove to ho nne of the largest ami bi'st iu Canada,
The following (jucsttous will give
some idea nt the nature of the
work undertaken by this new -is-
1 Abniii 1)0 per tout of all poul-
tr\ products come from tin- farm.
Iln-,. ran this association Interest
lhe farmers who arr imw keeping
BCrub stuck iu staiidanl-hied poultry?
2. ||OW can we educate the (aimer
in produce and care for more and
heller pnultry''
*(. Ho we need a standard for market poultry ami ej*,gs as well ns a
standard fnr exhibition stock?
I.   What a I iou t the adopt I f     a
utility standard—-as applied to tbe
production, judging ami selling ol
poultry meat and eggs?
a What ean tins association <!■>
tn encourage co-operation In the
marketing of poultry products.' What
are some of the best methods to
li. Suggestions concerning the selling of cold storage orr**. and pnultry
meat as fresh products. Imported
eggs arc also   sold fnr fresh eggs.
7. Cheaper and better graslea of
8, Suggestion re the arrangement
nf our annual poultry shows into a
circuit which will allow of the securing of the most competent Judges
tor   all shows al minimum expense.
!i Revision of prl/e fists. Why
not adopt n "sliding scale," i.e., the
prize money to he In proportion t-»
inc entries, number of entries also
controlled hy number of exhibitors.
Are cash prizes the means of stimulating healthy competition? We
not ribbons and cups of greater
value iii I'lii'itiirairin^ healthy competition, ami will they unl lend to
more readily establish out annual
poultry shows as educational and advertising features rather than as at
present where birds compete for pet-
| ty cash prizes''
Everyone interested in poultry
should become a member nt the
Provincial pnultry arsoclatlon. Mem.
hership may In* secured hy the payment "i un annual fee of tl.OO, addressed tsi tbe secretary, M. A. .tall,
Victoria, B.C.
There are three Important reasons
tor in-ei-mim: a member.
1. Those who join will help in
huildiiif* up the business nf hresilin*;,
making better the business oi producing pure-bred poultry, ami iii-
creaslng ihe demand tor these products.
2. Tbe association sl-mMl*:**-** will
leas) in a movement to place poultry production on a more economical .nut better basis, arid thus pro-
din's' better eondiiions.
8, Ths* publications stf the association alone will much more than
repay tbe cost, as frnm ihem tbe
breeders will learn many new things
helpful in Iheir own lines of breeding.
There will .shortly Ik* published the
first annual report of the association,
which should Ire in the bands of all
ihe poultrynwn of the province. This
will contain the proceedings of tlu*
convention, which was held iii August at tbe I'lme of Ibe Vancoiiwr
show, as well as muny valuable ar-
tbles from tbe leading poultry experts and authorities throughout
\merica. It will also contain a
directory sd the poultry breeder**, of
Hritish Columbia. This directory
will contain tbe names and id1
dresses sd all poultry breeders who
an* members, with tbe varieties and
the breeds of foul tliey are breeding
This directory nlOM should Im* worth
mush more than the annual member
ship   tec,    as in    this    way  poultrv
breeders   throughout   tbe    province
v ill Ii" hioiicbt into close tomb with
■ mc another.
The Sum-sslul rouHrym-tii    i-   the
official organ  *-f   the  H. c. P. \.
TORY sikm l.n iik IN NOT l*AT«
reporl is then going tn press. <tnd
anv members wlm arc ill-Muni**.
having i hen bm-tls of fowl entered
In Ihe    directory   must do so before
the ist October.—Contributed by \t.
A   -lull.
Morris Quat/am, an eleven-year-old
Windsor hoy, fell off his bicycle uml
.scratched his wrist. Ile thought
unthini; nf the injury, hul blond
(poison set in ami ho is dead,
) Such Incidents as those-—by no
means infrequent—ought tn make
people realize the danger that may
lie even iu   the smallest  tlesh wound.
Take a simple illustration. When a
knife, a rusty needle, a splinter ol
dirty wood, a bathed wire fence,
nr a thorn, scratches tbe hand, the
latter is inoculated with germs, of
which the nir about us is full. Directly these genus nre introduced
through the breach in (he skin, a
1mltic royul ensues between them,
uml certain organisms in our hlnod.
The wny lo nvidil serious results is
tn clciiiisr [ln< wound and apply
/aiii-Ituk, /am Hull is n powerful
yel painless germ Killer, nml when
applied tn the broken skin is absorbed
into the (issue, iiistuutly destroying
ihe germs that spread disease ami
As soon us applied in a sore or a
cm /,am-ltiik stops the pain and
smarting, Thai is why it is sn
popular with children.
The llesh thus soothed ami purified,
the wound is made perfectly healthy
and all poison and cause nf lettering
removed. Having done this, Zam
link then proceeds to heal the woiun
or sore, and new healthy tissue ii
innii up in a quick, painless nml
perfect manner.
/.am link must not be confused
with ordinary ointments. Zam-Buk
is a unique preparation, possessing
antiseptic, soothing anil healing
qualities thai are not to he (mind
together in any other preparation.
It is nol onl) a unique healing
balm, but it is alsn a skin food. For
all skin diseases ami injuries—cuts,
bruises, burns, eczema, chafing, ulcers, ringworm, etc., it is without
espial. It is also used widely for
piles, for which it may Ire regarded
as a specific. All druggists and
stores sell at SO cents a box, or
[inst free from Zam-lluk Co., Toronto, for price. Harmful imitations
should he always refused.
"Can lie depended upon" is an ei-
premlon we all like to hear, and
when it is used in connection with
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Heinedy it means that II
never fails lo cure diarrhoea, dytcn-
lery or bowel complaints. It Is
pleasant to take and equally valuable
for children and adults. Sold by all
druggists and dealrrs 27 tf
WANTED—Yonng eonptc wish to
rent small house (partially furnished
preferred) by Christmas. Apply P
O   Boi V. in It
Nervous Exhaustion
Heredity is oue of the main causes
of nervous exhaustion. Children
whose minds give way in school,
girls lackingijj nerve stamina, and
young men exhausted by ordinary
business cares, prove this. Occasional treatment with "Asaya-
Nkurai.i." is their salvation. It
feeds tlie nerves, induces sleep,
improves the appetite nnd digestion, and restores full nerve power. $1.50 a bottle.   Local agent,
termtsiiku   -.wi .m.i.. I
KnaldcH traders throughout the world
to communicate direct with   l.ogltsh
in -each chirm nf gdostfi.    Ueslilos heing
a complete commercial guide to London ami oils sutiurlis,  the  directory
contains lir-i** of
with   the  smu-iIi   lliuyihtp, ami  the
Colonial and   Poroign   Markets ihey
arranged under the Ports to which tliey
nail, ami indicating ihe approximate
of Itsailing Manufacturers, Merchants.
etc, in the principal provincial towns
ami industrial centres of the United
A copy of the current odlitou will ho
forwarded, freight paid, on receipt ot
Postal Order for H0».
Dealers seeking Agencies can advertise their trade cards for L'Os., or larger
advertisements from HOs,
The London Directory Co., Ltd.
25 Abchurch Lane, l.nmlnn. B.C.
The job department of this paper Is
s'sjuipped with the most up-to-date
faces ot type. You get what you
want when you want it at the Herald.
Ihal the Kootenay Central Hailway
Company did deposit on tlie 20th day
of August, 1910, in the Nelson Land
Registry Office, H. 0 , plan, profile,
ami book of reference as No. ft.:!! C fi
sliowini; revised location of prnpsised
branch from a point on tne Hritish
Columbia Southern Railway south of
Wardner to a point north of Fort
Steele in Lot 115, Kootenay District, mile 11 to mile 21.fl.
Hated at Winnipeg tbis Lith day
of September, IWO.
IV Mcpherson,
Hight-Of-Way and Lease Agent
Best on the
That in waal authorities* say
rtynrdinK the medicinal i|Ual-
Imm of tne waters at Halcyon
Hot *^priogn.
Tlie Sanitarium ii now under
new management and has
been remotfelletl from top to
I mi torn ami now off-era every
facility tor the comfort and
1 iinvdiieiiceof |»atroni.
lutes' f IS and |l"i |»er week
or %> per day and upward*.
WM. 1111YI1, Proprietor,
lltlcj-on,  Arrow   Ijlkf,  B.C.
If yon ■Input ll"'
Hotel VanDecar
wl .vim li'iiv,* the C.I'.K. Motion
link lor 11 I'ur icoiiiK ilowii \Ve»t-
iiitiisliT Ave, tho conductor will
tell \ mi whi-ro to Kvt oil.
Illl   Kooma. moili-rii   ••■pii|iim-iit,
iiimlcrntt- rales.
L B. VanDecar & Sons
I'm-i* work i*«n l» iilil'iininl liy
Hi*   iu.ik,.|« or lie ..ililra.tma
ntllie HtlheWCreek lierai,i|w,
Dear Mary.villi*, It.l'.
Apply to
Marysville,     •     B.C.
Large, cool,   dry   storehouse,
very safe, double doors, no entrance, except through private
Apply at Herald Office. 17-tf*
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
A modem e-iuipived Cafe at moderate
lutes li.oo uml up per day
Cornel of llownril St.and Proiit Ave.
Our Im- meets nil trallis
The Cocur D'Alene Company
J .C. Callahan, Mgr.
oven es years-
inadc ik*nun
Copyrights Ac.
■ildc*»rrl*itl**n Ui**
li***tilli* ti pti'Sml if i-io-iU'^i;*.^'..' .iimiilrn-
Il-j**(aitw5wii0i*etitl( ■
 .....ctuenna-ientiMt. HaKDBOOa oiil'iici.u
MIH SJWMC MMMf Klf ■MatUri I'lilt'tili,
fmSmm t«fetn tBmu-rli Munn A CO, Itfculrfl
tagm *«k*\ ■llhMt cfaHrvo, lu the
ScKNtiffc flmcrlcan.
a SawHa-Tii'r niMtntH w-*i>h-   tsram en*
-alMMm «»f »nf   r-ii-ttlul'-   |..iin.',l.     Innn   I.T
S'MM-aaV fl-Tl la  JtM, |ni*lJ*-'- |<n jMul.
that Itiirt> diiis ufter tints' I intend
io apply to the chief Cotninlsaloiior
of l.iinds mid Words uud lo tin* \s
siHtunt Couiiiiihsiouer of Lanils and
Works for the District of ICcul
KsMitenay, for it license lo prospeel
for coal anil pelrnleiim on Hie foi*
lowing dcMiihid liinil
t'ommrneiiig nt a post pliiuted at
the S. W. corner ol Lot 6140, thenee
HO chains south, thence -Sli chains
east, thence 80 chains north, tticnsr
Ml chains west to pluee of heginiiing,
containing 640 acres, more or less
It. Q. Ilildeii, Locator,
Ilatiec Lamersmx,  Agent.
Loral til Aug. 20th, 11110.
Coinins'iicing nt a post plantcsl nt
the south-east corner of Lot 6448
thenee Ml chains south, thenee mi
chains west, thence KD chains north,
thenee 80 chains east to place of
heginning, containing it m ncres, more
or less.
A. E. Wayland, Locator
Hat ice Lameroiix, Agent.
Located Aug. 20th,  IWO. ffl-fft
If yon nrt* nick, Hnfferiuir from nny (ils-oiiler, wo i""
.lire •,uii-I»Ki,r.lANI.NTl.Y. You do IIOI luivi- in
IhiRstr, Hiifferiiif- from cIhciihw, liHiiimi1 wo nre meillrul
N'Ki'iiiliittN with many yenrs' Bxperli-iisw troaflng nml
nilHllg Hui'1'eHnfully till iiu'Ii'h iliHoiiBi'M.
Honest Treatment
A Sure and   Permanent Cure in
All  Oiaeaaea of Men
Nervous Weakness, Varicose Veins. Hydrocele, Blood
and Skin Disorders, Seres, litem. Kidney, Bladder, and
Rectal Disorders- sinsl all Special Ailments
common  tn   men.
Hi-lit   Anatomical   Must-nm   in   tlio   Nortll-wt'Bt,
if you mil not oouio to Bpokuno for frn UBiiltnlion now,
wrilo for our I'ri'i* book lot.
Dr.   Kelley's   Huseum
210 Howard Street, Spokane, Wash.
I; Stoves   and   Ranges
We have jusl placed in 8|i„*k n full lint* of Molflll'i Nnti.m.'il
Slovi'S, Air-tijiht Hi'iitiTH. Hox Stoves. Wood Burin ih,
Wood or C011I Combination mid Conl Burners.
A full line of Cook Stoviig nml  KnugcB.   Our prices are
reasonable nnd we guarantee the goods.
J. M. Agnew & Co., Elko, B. C.
> ***********************
Engineers,   Founders
and   Machinists •==
Phono II.
I'. I). Ilos 883
We are Specialists in Saw Mill Machinery
and Repairs
We make the Best Saw Guide and Arbor in
B. C.   Any size required.
CRANBROOK,     -     B. C.
A Good  Home
is what is dear to ever*,* man. A homo
is whore 1'i'iuv. Comfort, Coiiti'iitment.
and Plenty is found. That is the reason
men throughout British Columbia, when
"Crunbrooli" is mentioned think of the
provisions .lew. Brault has made for an
ideal home nl tin*
Canadian Hotel
11. I,. ST8PIIKN8, Prop.
CALGARY, Alberta
The Hotel with "The Reputation"
You'll get your Money's Worth.
********************** ********** ************
It is tho Same I'luou
Tin* I'hii'o thut it Popular
IIihbI ns tlio licit
Better than the Rest
The Cosmopoliton
If you come onee,
Vou will come again.
E. H. SMALL. Proprietor THE  CRANBROOK   UK 11A 1.1)
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Money to limn ou lavomble terms.
Mrs. E. Bent's
Every cure -mil comfort
A homo from home
Special attention in oases of
M ittern Ity ■ Rlioumatlsin
mid i'lii-iiiiiDuiu
Tortus inotlontto
P.O. Hmx 7HI. I'liiiiit- '.'7:1
,T.*in*li,.r ill Hlriiijr Mini
Htlllllllinl   lllHll'IIIIICIllH
I'RAXliiiiink, B.O.
Miss Mabel Wellman
Plaalal aad Teacbtr
IVrlillrnliil |ni|,il ,,l
(liilin*ll|o M c ol Win,ii|»*ac
F. 0. Swannell, D. L. 8„ B. 0.1,. K.
A.I. HoliertBOli.H.O. 1.. H.
Dominion and British Columbia
P.O. Drawer798 VICTORIA.B.C
Opjioaile C.P.R. Htntlon
THE    PLACE    TO     GUT    A
IIciiclijmirtiTH lor nil  kiwis of
Silt infliction Uiiiiriiiiti'i'il
Tlio Shoo S|iociiiliBt
Physicians and Surgeons.
OlDca at Rnldeac, Armatronf A .a
Forenoon. - - • ■ 1.00 to 10.00
Aflcraooni - - • 1.00 to   4.00
Evmlog 7.10 to   I.S0
Sundajrs - - . ■ 1.80 to   4.10
CRANBROOK :l    :i    il    ll    B. O
liriuluniH   ul   Oiiliirici   Wt.rinarv
College, Toronto, in  1NIW
Qrailnate nail .M...lnlll.t ol McKilllp'.
V.'l .*riii:Ll V l.'ol|..|[*..   I'liii'iii-fi.
tn 10 II
Nine yeara Bxperlflsc. in Wtoriiiiiry
priiflii*,' in Mntiilcilici
Olllct-nnl door I. Po,t Ollice
Phone IN      .      p.o, Boi IU
Niglit call— B, II. slinri'a Realdence
Timothy and Oats
Orown onFuta'i Ranch, Omnhrook
thn (season -jfi-if
I to Ii a.m.
1 to   0 p.m.
7 to   I p.m.
Office) ia new Rdd Block
ORANBROOK        •      -       - B. C.
Notary Public
10 Cotmopolltan Hotel
ml Fori sii*i.|,.
.1. Si. CUMMINllS
•m%S?i«s" Cranbrook, II.C.
B.   C.   ana)   Surveyor
CRANBROOK    ■      B. C.
/ \
Act for RiIc-m I.ITIIU WATER
Poi lain ily ute then la iiuihitij*
en wlioleaome uiul ao |nirt* aa
solo air all bars
Lite nml Plro liiacirance - Ileal Katale
Olllc.-*.V,*sl ,l,K.i to
I'nnl OHIre
Come iu ami let me i|iioto yuu ratea
W. R. llMlty. raaeral DlrMlot
Cnuilra* a a
Provenzano & Sacco
General Merchenta
Employment Agent.
CRANBROOK    -     B. C.
P. 0. I0> IM PH0NI 144
II yuo want latitiaction with
your washing send
it to
Special prices (or family work.
Home 1 to 5 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m. to 0 p.m.
Sjiucial hours can be arranged when
Armstrong Avenue
Phone 317
; Tbe Cranbrook Employment;;
and Real Estate Agency  ||
Ily S|*,.. ijilii v i*. luriiiahltiK lalmr f,,1 , >
l.unilHT I'limpanim.  Railroail   Con*
traetora, Hotel., 11ml lliiil.l.i.       , ,
J. Armiinr, Proprietor .
Plume illl     Haa.101     P.O. Bos OKI, 1
la prepared to supply help, akilled 01
unskilled, on shortest possible notice, to find employment and guarantee positions when sent out; to
rent houses and rooms and to sell
you fruit lands or other property lor
a small commission.
A.ldi*ar-W. Parker, Sil Baker at
NELSON, 11. C. 48-ly
* ER   AM) CHEMIST -I'harfea: *
* Hold, ellror, eopper or lead, tl •>
•> each, gold-silver, 11 50, silver- <•
0 lead,   11.00,   gold-ellver,   with *
* eopper or lead. 12 80, tine, A; *
* eilret-lead-slnc, 11.     I'rlcee tor <•
* other    metals   oa   application. «>
* Long   dlatanos 'phone 0T.     P.O. ♦
* Boi, CHOI, Nelson, B.C.    44-ly«
Thi> liM'lin-* Itiir-iiH'-- College
nl tin* Norl wenl -wliere vomit*
p-sopleean receive it thorough
lui-sineM training, Nliorlluuul,
I'.Vp-BWI It 111-*, ItooklWpill''.
Couiinerciil Law, tlo< Hoard
mnl room* 111 very Tei-oiuM***
rnlM. We -c.'iirt* i>n-»itiont> (nr
iiiiriin.liMitt*,. Our new beautifully illuntrated catalog Mnl
tree n\ on r««|iiefit.
 whitk run IT NoW — —-
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Rooms with Baths.   'Phone In
every room
Barlier Hhop on the premises.
Thoroughly up-to-date,
Rates, $2.00 a day and up.
OHO. P. WELLS, Proprietor
B. TOMKIN, Manager
Cbebuent Louoe No. 38
Cranbrook, Ii. C.
Meets   every   Tuesday at 8 p.m, at
Fraternity Hall.
J. M. Boyes, C. C.
T. G. .lones, K. ol H. & S.
Visiting brethren   cordially Invited
to attend.
.0.0.F., KEY CITY LOUOE, No. 4a
Meets every Monday
nlglit at New Fraternity Hall. Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invited.
IV. S. Hull, c. .1. Little,
-**•• O. seo'y.
t'nintirook     Lodge,
No. 31
A.F. St A. M.
Rogular meetings on
the   third   Thursday
of every mouth.
Visiting brotttren welcomed.
W. F. Alliicl"*  tt'.M.
E. W. Connolly, .Secretary.
No. 10.
Meets every second and   fourth Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Rebekahs cordially invited.
Miss E. Johnston, N. O.
Mise Hiekenhotham, Sec'y.
Meets in   Fraternity Hall First and
Third Fridays.
T. Fraser, E. C,
M. MacKinnon, M. II. ami 0
Visiting sisters cordially invited.
Meets in Carmen's Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday ol each month at 0
p.m. sharp.
.lames Sims, Chief Ranger
L, Rent. Secretary,
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meets in Carmen's Hall second and
fourth Tuesday of each month at
8 p.m. sharp.
Mrs. Lulu Haywaril, lice. Sec.
Mrs. Isaac Baxter, Chief Ranger.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
President: T. S, Gill
Secretary: S, MacoOXALD
1 1 For information reiianlinj- bin.In
s * iiii.I   agrlcolttarsa   apply   to the s i
' Secretary, Cranlirook, It. 0.
Every second Wednesday
; Presbyter ian Cburcb;;
Sumlay morning service at 11 • •
Sumlay    evening     service   at * '
7.3o o'clock
Sunday      School   and    Hible
i'lass at 3 o'clock
Presbyter fan    (luild, Tuesday, -,
at 8 o'clock s >
Baptist Cburcb:;
Pastor, Charles W. King.
I'aniiiiii*,*,*, Norhury Anuue.
'Phone, 281.      P. O. Boi 117. * >
Rfjoilar Servicea:—Sunday, 11
a.m. nml 7.30 p.m.; Bible
School with Young l.aOiee'
Phiirthea and Young Men's
llllile Clasa, S p.m.
Monday,    Young Peo|ilea',    •
Wednesday, Mid-Week Meetllf,
A cordial Christian welcome
to all.
HAY  -   HAY
Don't Forgot to Wrik*
South Alberta Hay Growers
for quotations, wlion in
tlw inarkot,
Sccond-linnd Sawmill
For partloulari n|.|.ly to
A.   Lund,   Wardner,
Uiill-.li Columbia
(Canadian Farm.)
British Columbia's fruit market
commissioner is still complaining of
tlit* grip thai American growers and
shippers have upon the north wesl
market. While it i.s true that Uril-
ish Columbia and Ontario do Mt
produce fruit enough to supply this
market, yet the largo quantity al
surplus fruil that is being sold is
having a tendency to break iln* price
There i.s also another point to be
considered. The American fruit, especially lhe California article, c es
in much earlier than iln- Canadian,
and, if sold freely in markets upon
whidi Canadian growers aro depending for the purchase of their output,
will make it haul Foi (lie lion.c
grower to sell some of his small
fruits at all. This may serin some
what pessimistic, hut the press ilea
patches lold us ihal on .Inly 1 llh,
seventy-live carloads of plums, pt'nrs
and peaches were shipped to Ibe
eastern Slates nml Canada rrom
Sacramento. Tlie only remedy
would appear to lie for the Canadian
growers to make very early estimates of their crop and close the sale
of same with jobbers nt as early .1
date as possible.
Dealers in the southern dislriel ui
Alberta report that what Hritish Co*
liunhiu fruit they have received this
year lias come in very tine condition,
but that they could not get more
than twenty-five per cent of enough
to supply the demand in small fruits,
Considering that, the latest returns
of tils; Kootenay Fruit (irowcrr' association show tbat tbey received
an average of 42.22 pel crate for
strawberries, over ten cents a pound
for cherries, and $2.75 for raspberries, ail prices net, it will he seen
that there is au opportunity for
somebody to get into that - line nl
business pretty extensively.
It is rather surprising to lind that
apples have already been shipped into
Alberta from as far south as Colorado. A car of Den Davis was received in Calgary about the 25th of
•Inly, and sold for from $2.25 in
$2.50 per box.
In place sif the association which
has been handling their fruil, the
fruit growers of Kootenay In ihr
vicinity of Nelson propose to form a
joint stock company. If the scheme
is successful it is likely that a
cooling warehouse will be creeled in
Nelson. A jam factory located at
that point is meeting with good success and finding a very ready market
for its products. It is a greal assistance to tbe growers, as iu this
way they arc aide to dispose of all
their second grade and over ripe trull
at a satisfactory profit.
Ity alt appearances Hie Doukhohnr
ranch at Waterloo will be a considerable factor in fruit production before
many years elapse. Since taking
possession of their holdings there,
they have clcarcsl several hundred
acres or land. And iu order that au
eastern reader may understand, let it
lie said that it was clearing in tbe
real sense sif the word. When they
began it was virgin bush, hut when
Ihey were through, not a stump or
root was left. It meant work, imt a
Doukliolior is nol afraid of work.
There are few sections of Kootenay
where lhe same amount of progress
has been masle iu such a short time.
There aro one thousand in the
Waterloo colony, exclusive of the
number thai are iu the colony at
(Irand Forks. They are just finishing a contract with the c.l'.lt- lor
supplying 100,000 railway lies. lu
their colony they have three sa«
mills ami are negotiating ior thu
purchase of a fourth. As fast Its
their land.is being cleared tha> are
planting it in fruit trees, mil in a
few years it will he one of the u auy
beautiful garden ipo'.s ol Southern
Hritish Columbia.
Arrangements arc about completed
for tlie selection ot '■'■■• various demonstrations fruit farms which the
provincial government arc establishing throughout the province. Vancouver Island will have two; lower
mainland two, or perhaps three;
Yale-Kamloops ilistrict four; Columbia Valley sme; Boundary one, or perhaps two; and the Kootenay and
Arrow Lakes siv. The horticulturists of each dislriel will consider
Irom the applications Iho best parties to whom the work will he On*
trusted, The present plan contemplates the   applicant   furnishing    live
acres of laud which the government
will work and plant Thd owner is
then expecled to follow the government's instructions In developing the
tract; ami demonstrations as to proper met bod of spraying, pruning, etc,
will lie held nt various times by the
government experts for tho benefit of
the neighborhood.
Exhibitors In all parts of tho province appear to lie taking a keen,
healthy interest iu tho Canadian National Apple Show which will bo
held in Vancouver. With a big
apple crop in Hritish Columbia, it
promises tn he the biggest thing of
its kind that lias ever been held in
Tho dry senson has brought about
a fresh Interest in irrig.it Um. Districts which hnve considered that Irrigation was unnecessary are now
found to be in need of water. Just a
few days ago a number of large
laud owners met at Ores I on lor the
purpose ol seeing what     could      be
dealer absolutely free of nny
charge to you IP IT RIPS.
31/;. yarda best material to
each shirt. Extremely large
body, and long sleeves, roomy,
comfortable, serviceable, easy to
work in.
II. B. K. BUTTONS sewed ou
by hand*—Cannot eonio off.
bar-tacked* -Cannot break,
H. B. K. SSA:,:S all double
■Hitched and anchored—-Cannot
I'i.ilniiii'ly largo body ami
long slfi-v.'s.
For Sale by llic Le.-,din; Dealera
'iaroushbut Caoada.
Mode and guaranteed by the
i Shim
|     The Vv
Shirtinatters lo
The  Workingman.
done in the way of a huge power
scheme wbicb would provide every
section of lbs- district wilh water so
tbat in Ibe event of a dry season in
the future, they would be  prepared.
In ibis connection the recent Irrigation Congress at Kamloops held
sonic very Interesting sessions. One
afternoon the delegates proceeded up
the river twelve miles by steamer
to where a large company had a biii
project under way. A concrete
flume is hciiif*; constructed, and then*
will tic seventeen miles of canals to
convey the water to thu various
fruit plots.
The following resolution was passed
at the congress;
"That we earnestly petition tbo
provincial authorities to take sucb
steps as will lead to the cmu-tim-nt
of laws wbicb will permit the government tt) hnd assistance to Irrigation projects under similar conditions
to those by wbicb tbey render aid to
railway projects."
Another resolution was passed asking that tbe Dominion ami provincial
authorities co-operate In acquiring
suitable locations for reservoirs f*»r
the storage of water Intended for Irrigation purposes.
Fruit Trees
Ornamental Tree
Shade Trees
\W have a large quantity of
ehoico Nursery stock and
we offer for sale Home
Grown Trees
Coldstream Estate Nurseries
Proprietors Coldstream Estate
Co,, Ltd,
TAKE NOTICK that Percy
train Hunt, of Rossland, II. ('., occupation .Merchant, intends to apply'for permission to purchase the
following described lands;
Commencing at a post planted
about one foot north from the northeast corner of Lot (il")l. being the
initial post south-east corner; thence
north it) chains, thence west 80
chains, thence south 10 chainr, thence
east 80 chains to point ol commencement, and containing ,120 acres, more
or less.
Percy Bertram Hunt, Locator
.1. II. Hutchinson, Agent.
Dated July Oth, 1010. 28-9t»
TAKE NOTICK that Emma J.
Anderson, of Wycliuc, British Columbia, occupation, Married Woman, intends to apply for permission i>i
purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted
I chains east of Lot 101^5, being tbe
north-east comer of the r. u.
Staples purchase, thence west I
chains to tlie south-east corner of
Lot 10125, thence north so chains
to the north-east corner of Lot
10125, thence east 1 chains, thence
south 80 chains to the place of commencement, aud containing M acres,
more or less.
Emma J, Anderson.
Dated August 18th, 1010. 29-9t
TAKK NOTICK tbat Samuel Paterson, of Rossland, B. C, occupation Merchant, Intends to apply for
permission to purchase tbe following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted
about one foot east from the noith-
east corner of Lot 6151, being the
initial post south-west comer, thence
north 80 chains, thence ea»t 80
chains, thence south 80 chain**,
tlience west 80 chains to point ■<(
commencement, ami containing *j io
acres, more or less.
Samuel Paterson, Locator.
■I. II. Hutchinson, Agent.
Dated July 9th. 1010. 28-9t»
TAKK NOTICE that James Clar-
nce Belton, of Rossland, B. C, occupation Merchant, intends to apply
(or permission to purchase tbe following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted
about one foot north of the north-
cast corner ol Lot CI5I, being tie
initial post north-west corner; tfaer.ee
south 40 chains, thence east 80
chains, thence nort* 40 chains,
tlience west 80 chains to point of
commencement, and containing 320
acres, more or less.
James Clarence Belton, Locator
J. H. Hutchinson, Agent.
Dated July 'Jth, 1910. 28-9t"
TAKE NOTICK that Sydney
fleorge Hunt, of Rossland, H C,
occupation Merchant, intends to apply for permission to purchase tbe
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted
about one loot north from the northeast corner of Lot CUT, being the
initial post south-east cornet; thence
north *I0 chains, thence west 10
chains, thence south -10 chains,
thence east 10 chains to point of
comnienceinen t and con tabling 160
acres, more or less.
Sydney fleorge Hunt, Locator
.I. II. Hutchinson, Agent.
Dated  July uth,  1010, 2R--H'
TAKK NOTICK that two animals,
the property ol the undeisigned,
strayed from his premises on or
about the oth inst. Description as
One chunky grey, almost whit",
gelding Weight between twelve ami
fourteen hundred pouii.is. White
mane and tail, steps short in front
Very toppy.
One white mare with the !.ip low
Above animals st raved from pas-
lure St. Kugene Mission.
Anyone finding said animals i r
harbouring same will kindly communicate with the undersigned,
Information to be given to J. S.
Mackev, or the    North Star Lumber
Co., Cranbrook, B, C.
2 Ml
General Blacksmitbiog
Wagon Repairing
AifeniK fur i'.tut.lis Itieycle Motors Co.'■
Al-.i I'r.'iin** Mowers and Hikes
SKALKD TENDERS addressed to
the undersigned, uml endorsed "Ten-
tier for Examining Warehouse, Van-
comer, B.C.," will he. received nt
this ollics. until 1.00 p.m., on Wednesday, October 20, 1910, for the construction of an Examining Warehouse, Vancouver, B.C.
Plans, specification and form of
contract can be seen and forms of
tender obtained at the ollice of Mr.
Joseph Greenfield, resident architect,
Winnipeg, Man., Mr. Wm. Henderson,
resident architect, Victoria, B.C., at
the Post Ofllce, Vancouver, and at
ibis Department.
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not tie considered unless
made on    lhe printed tortus supplied,
and signed with their actual signatures, staling their occupations ami
places ul resilience. In the case Of
firms, ihe actual signature, the nature of the occupation and plan) ol
residence ol each member <-t the firm
must lis* given.
Each tender must tie accompanied
by an accepted cheque nn a chartered
bank, payable to the order ol tbe
Honorable the Minister of Public
Works, equal to ten per cent (tu p.o )
ot the amount uf the tender, which
will in' forfeited if tbe person tendering decline tn entei Into a contract when called upon to do SO, or
(ail Lo complete the work contracted
du it the tender be nol accepted
the cheque will be returned
The Department doses not iuud   lt-
•lf to accept tbe lowest oi any
Ity order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, September 11, 1010.
Newspapers will not lie paid fi*r
ibis advertisement if t-hey insert II
without authority trom the Department. ;i-*2t
W ITER ACT. 1909.
TAKK NOTICK tbat 1, EUeat
Demers, oi  Oatcway, R. C, [armor,
11 apply to the Water Commissioner at Cranbrook on the eleventh day
if October, 191U, at elc.cn o'clock
in the forenoon for a license to dial 1 cubic feet ol water per second
from Llnkwater Creek, part at a
point near the northeast corner of
Bttbdlrlsloa C of Lot 320, Group One,
Kootenay District, and part at a
point near the northwest corner oi
^ub-division 11 of the said lot.
The said water will be used lor tbe
Irrigation of subdivisions ■• and 10 of
said Lot 886, held by the applicant
under Crown Grant and will be conducted by flumes and ditches over
lands held by Kred Gardner and
William S. Mills.
No Crown Lands will be aflected
aud no riparian proprietors or licensees will be aflected by the works
except the said Kred Gardiner and
William S. Mills.
Thir notice was posted on the  .'.'th
day of August,  :'.->
!S-5t Eliear Demers.
TAKE NOTICE that Charles E.
Anderson, of Wycliffe, British Columbia, occupation Clerk, Intends to apply for permission to purchase the
following descrit*ed land;
Commencing at a post planted nt
the north-west corner of Lot ;o:id,
thence west jo chains, thence south
10 chains, thence east JO chains,
thence north 10 chains to the place
of beginning, and containing so
acres, more or less.
Charles F. Anderson.
Dated August 16th,' 1010.        2'»-9t
TAKK NOTICK that David O. Anderson, of Wychfie, British Colombia, occupation, Lumberman, intend*.
to apply 'or permission to purchase
the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted at
the north-west corner of Lot 10LS1;
thence south DO chains to the southwest corner ot Lot 10181, thenee
west 10 chains to the east boundary
of Lot 1818, thence north fib chain*
following tbe east boundary of Lot
(888, thfnce -10 chains to the place
ol commencement, and containing 881
acres, more or less.
David O. Anderson.
Dated August 23rd,  1910.        29-9t
TAKE NOTICE that James Harper, of Rossland, B. 0., occupation
Merchant, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted
about one foot east from the southeast corner of Lot 7812, being the
initial post south-west corner, thence
north about 60 chains; to the southern boundary of Lot 78*15, thence
east about 60 chains, thence south
about GO chains, thence west about
60 chains to point of commencement
and containing 860 acres, more or
James Harper, Locator,
J. II. Hutchinson, Agent.
I>atsnl July Mb, 1910. 28-lt* THE   IJ11ANBROOK   HKKALD
* T
(Special correspondence*}
.Miss Keith, of (luelph, Onl , spmt
a lew days in Kendo on her return
from Vancouver. She whs Uio
guest of Mrs. Liphnrdt.
Mr. Nnl Davidson und brother,
who have been visiting tlordon Johnson, left on Thursday evening for
the east.
Miss Isabel Sildduby, who bus
spent ihe summer months with ber
cousin. Mrs. Creo, lefl on Friday
morning's Flyer fur ber home in the
Vlfsh t Unrlatt and Miss McLuod,
of Hosmer, spent Thursday uud Frl-
daj ivith Mrs. W. ll. Whlmster
•Ki^. Falconer returned from lhe
cast on Friday moniiiig.
Jos. Ryan, ol Cranlirook, viilicd
Fernie lust week.
Christ church, Fertile, wns the
seem' ol n verj  pretty wedding    -in
Uednesiiin   ing, Seplemtipi 31st,
when A V Wilmoi. nl Vancouver,
ilmi Marj Klilil were united hi lhu
Iml) bonds of loiilrimoii' by Rev. \\
M. Walton After tbe ceremony a
reception was held at thu homo ol
IM and Mrs Corsnti Mirs Kulit
has lur some veais been matron ol
the Fernie hospital nml tho number
nt costly and useful presents testified
lo tbe main friends slid lilitdl-
while in Fernle. Mr. ami Mrs. Wil-
inoi left mi the Flyer for the south.
On Iheir rei urn thev Will reside in
Sunday wns children's daj in nil
the churches The children ol the
Methodist church deserve speeial
credit for the maimer in which tbey
performed lhe exercises net apart f"t
them. Aft ii the children's service
ihe Sacrament ol the Lord's Supper
was ilispeiisetl in Ihe Presbyterian
Rev. Dr. Patterson and Mr. Weaver, evnngeljffts sent out by the
Oonerul VssPinbly of Cnimiln will be
tiin services in the I'rcsbytcrloi
church here, Octnbct Kith.
Cily affairs arc still more t.r less
a mystery to   tho average eitm-tt.
The ncwspn|icr men nl Fernie helsl
.1 hauquel i» ibe Waldorf hotel on
Tus'sday night.
Mrs. V. M. Foster, ol Whoop*'-,
spi nt the week end in Kernie.
Mr. ami Mrs. Norinan Hrols-y le'l
for the coast nn Friday mnrnlng.
Mr. T II Wliclan returned from
ihe Fliithe.nl mi Saturday.
Tlie Fernle Literary socielj mcl
with Mrs. potter on Mondaj even
inc. Tlie next meeting will, he held
al Hie home of Mrs. P Wliclan M
A Cuminings will open tbo dlscui
sinn. These meetings urs- proving
most helpful from a literary point of
To the Hon Price Ellison, Chiel
Commissioner ol Lands, Victoria,
Sir. 1 beg leave to submit the following reporl on ihe Ores and word
carried oui by the slab of lire wardens utiiti r your department for the
month ol August ending the 3ts1
Thu weather was very dark and
heavy winds prevailed. The month
preceding a season of exceptionally
thy weather, made this a month -t
greal danger from fires if once start-
el and almost Impossible to g.*t un.
tb-r control. On ihe lower mainland
there wen* 17 very dry hoi days, tl
cool days and live days with ln-.li.
showers of rain. Ou lhe Hth ami
Hist of August heavy lain fell. In
ibe Interior there wns no rain until
the illHh, when a good ruin* of a few
hours duration dampened ami checked ihe lires. The weather on Vancouver Islam! and the north coast
bus been exceptionally dry ami windy
for this dislriel.     The number       of
men employed lor tbe mouth was:
One chief fire warden, one oflicial
clerk, tour divisional tire wardens, Id
district fire wardens, and 2ii:t as*
hlstnnl lire wardens, a total of wi.
The men employed to light lires    by
the     government      besides    the stall
totalled 3233 men, or » maud total
of 3578 men. The work ol these
ment engaged by the government succeeded in saving a vasl amount -<t
timber ami private properly, Including ten towns, hundreds ot seniors
buildings, it largo sawmills ami em
lumber, 17,000,11110 feel of oul logs
on skid ways, protected and Clll "it
the tires wild lire guards ami Umber
limits estimated with two und a
half billion feet of standing umber
Government roads and bridges were
protected and mining property suo-
c-essfully guarded, largo ureas ot
second growth were also protected.
It is impossible lo estimate tbe
property thai would have been destroyed if the lires had not been
fotlglll and looked after. The lir.-s
attended to numbered 325, sif which
ROO wcro handled by the Ore war
deii.t, without loss. The remaining
25, owing to the heavy winds, got
beyond control and did n large
amount ol damage before tbey were
The CaUSOS of the lires were. .'is
follows: Unknown, I0fl; lightning, 58;
c.l'.lt. locomotives, H; campers, a,
settlers, -di, dimkev engines, 13;
prospector*, 8: Oreat Northern loco*
motives ;,   Grand   Trunk  right-of-
way, 2; survey parties', 2; old tires,
l ami British Columbia Electric
railway I The worst and most
Icstrui'tive lires originated from the
C.P.R. and (LK.lt. locomotives, loggers' donkey eugincs*, prospectors and
campers, one very had lire being set
by an insane rancher. The timber
damaged by lire, hut if cut olT within
* scais will be saved is cut tainted at ii 1,117,011(1 feet: 1,000,000 feet
of standing limber was destroyed;
670,0110 feel of'cut logs on skiilwujK
burned, together with 211 cedur
(.■dp-graph poles; 0317 cedar fence
posls, t'JI railway ties, 2011 shingle
bolts, making n total of $31,157 ot
tint her destroyed by lire.
In- value o( Improvements destroyed is estimated al M-IM i.e., '*■■
acres of peat lund. one barn. four
tons of buy, one govern men 1 bridge,
hitlf a mile of road cribbing, one
nil house, nine mill bouses. ono
cabin and fence, half mile of flume,
72011 feet of chutes, ami half a iiule
of fence. One innii was killed by a
railing n<e and iwo wore hadlv Injured while lighting Ore
Wages of men fighting lire oiler
than un- wardens during ibe month,
amounted Lo 138,110.83; salaries aud
expenses ol Ore wardens amounted
In $13,658.07, a total expenditure id
1110,0(10.50, and companies $18,0112.11..
Tbe mimbe! of lines collected fr	
parties guilt) <>f breaches ol lhe
Hush Fire Act, totalled 38, convictions II, s-ase.s pending 11, dismissals
15, withdrawals 2, HUS|H'lldcd I. Fines
Imposed ami collected $800. Miles
travelled bj the lire wardens In
discharge sd their duty 25,1131.
After the rain permits were granted for a tew days, numbering 308.
Permits refused on account ol
places being dangerous, numbered
it I Three fires spread from permits ami the holders were lined.
sTiOn damage was done by these fires,
which were stoppesl by the holders.
It bus been claimed by .some that
the majority of the fires were started
by ii permit; such is not the case.
The cause of Ores show that if the
railway companies, campers uml
other causes could be held in check,
liv regulations, as well as lhe settlers, Ihal the lires could be band
led and no great* loss id either timber or Improvements would lake
place. The estimated grouml burned
bj lhe lires amount to 75,500 acres
About sixty as-res of the Iuud has
been logged over hul much of till
remainder wus coming up with so
eoud growth, ami formed a prolcc
lion tm tin- mountain sides for
holding the snow ami moisture. Tin*
iii lime would have become timber
lot mnnim purposes. In tlu* pust
thousands of acres of splcudisl limber for milling props and scaflolding
has hem destroyed by lire, and
passing I cannol help but mention
the iiutripw-miuded public spirit
shown by a great many people
regard to trying to extinguish smalt
tires when they see them started,
near at haiul. In several Instances
this season letters were sent to ibe
lire warden lo come and put oul
lin-s when perhaps the Ore warden
was a day's journey from them ami
when the lire warden arrived H
took a Inrgs* crew of men and in
some cases cost hundreds ol dollars
Iti extinguish lhe lires. The only
excuse given vvas "thej did nol think
the government would put them for
anv work tbey would slo fighting
lires." I claim it is the duty ol
every citizen to help at onco to
extinguish any small lire he maj
*>es' and apply for recompense tn the
government afterwards.
Vou will also see that no fewer
than 12 fires were left hy careless
campers, a few nf these worked damage ami were extinguished nl u
lurgs' c\|*i'tisr, the remainder were
discovered in lime by Die fire wardens ami extinguished without damage. We find that these rases are
the most   difficult   to    ileal with
in punishing thi* offrnstci.s as it is
almost Impossible to get evidence to
convict thorn.
(Sgd.j IVynyard C. (iladwin.
Chief Fire Harden.
Too many Cranhrook citizens are
handicapped with a bad buck. The
unceasing pain causes constant misery, making work a burden ami
stooping or lifting uu Impossibility.
The hack aches al night, preventing
refreshing rest, and in the morning
is stiff uud lame. Plasters and liniments may give relief, hut cannot
reach the cause. To eliminate tho
pains and aches you must cure ihe
mill's Kidnej  Pills cure sick kidneys ami cure Ihem permanently.
Mis. E. Orillitb, of Main Street,
Hep worth, (int., says:
A heavy ben ring-down piiin hnd
sullied across my hack und sides
There wus a soreness In thu kidney
region and I was often unable lo
sloop oi straighten myself up. Many
times each nlghl I would have lo
leave my bed witb lhe Irregular 'imt
frequent secretions of the kiiluuys
ami bad often been ]tlSl ns done out
in the morning as on retiring. A
languid feeling would come ovei me
iliui I would have to let my housework stand. Nothing 1 had tried
nlil benefit uie* I learned of
I too tins Kidney Pills and concluded
1 would try them, which 1 did ami
soon found Hie long sought relief.
Tin- kidney secretion's were soon regulated, my back strengthened ami
I began to feel better und stronger
I am able lo enjoy my sleep without
being disturbed uud feel grateful I'i
llooth's Kidney Pills for what they
did for mu" For sale in Crnnhrook by Tlie Rent lie-Murphy Co.
Sold by dealers. Price 50 cent.,.
The tt, T Itoolh Co., Ltd , Fort
Erie, Out., Sole Canadian Agents
That a   smelter tor demonstrating
the success ot a    new method for the
reduction nf low grade /inc ores will
be ostabltsiied in or near Nelson, und
lw in full working order before
Chris I ma a \% the statement made hj
\. (lordon French. ;m eminent Consulting metallurgical chemist of vn-
Mr. French has been paying visits
to various illvcr-lead-sluo properties
in the Kootenajs during the pasl
few Weeks uud previous to that time
bad made   experiments at the coast
with the result lhat he has heen
confirmed in his belief thut he has
worked out h method for the reduction of ths- refractory ores i>. the
Kootenay, containing a comparaUte*
ly small percentage of /inc, on it
commercial scale.
Mr. French is representing French's
Complex Ore Reduction company,
which has lieen organized hy lnrge
capitalists at Victoria. He is leaving for tbe const immcdjntclj and
upon his return will moke arrange
ments for the erection ol n smelt.-r
ut N'elson with a capus-tty of (out or
live ions of ore per slaj. The new
iin'tliinl having prsivesl successful one
or more Utgr smellers will be   built
Broochitii, Ooup, Cougfu and Cold*, or
moosty back. Sold and giarantsud b<
the Iteattie-Miirphv Co.
iu tlie Kootenays, at least one        ol
Which will in* located iu Nelson.
"The main object of the new
smelter," says Mr. French. "Is the
recovery of zinc iu the form ot lhe
merchantable products of thai metal,
the metallic /inc and ilu- welt known
/.tne while. The residue, containing
lead and silver, will he forwarded I.
the Trail smelter and there reduced
That mv method is a success I prsivesl to the satisfaction of my punph*
at \Ictorla by experiments with
Kootenay ore obtained special)-, fot
the work. Sines* 1 have come to the
Kootenays and '•i.-rited tlie Slocan
aud other mines, sd which the chief
values lie iu silver-lead ore, muite re
tractory by the presence ol zinc, 1
have been more than ever convinced
that the ilcilionstratory smelter iv
shall erect before the snow come
will prove to tlie miiss* owners I
the district tbat a method has been
discovered for the reduction at a
reasonable cost of the complex ores
of the Slocan and other parts of the
.Mr. French has been s*nguged iu Ihe
study of refractory ores nil his life.
At au early age in- learned ths- rudiments of metallurgieal chemistry at
college ami at a big smelf-er iu Glasgow. From the Scotch i*ity lie
went to Swansea, the center of tin*
greatest le.nl and line refineries in
Oreat Hritain. He there for tbe
ureal smelting company of Vivian a
Sons, devised a uu-lliod for  the suc-
s-essfui smelting ol    ilu- Constantinc
s of the island ol Sardinia, which
were recognized bj smelter men as
prescnl iim the greatest didicullies
thai had up lo thai time been encountered iu modern smelting. He
reorganized Die famous Rrokrn Hill
mines of Australia and put them oil
a paying basis, he limit (he first copper smelter in t'atiaslu at Notre
Dame, Newfoundland, and was responsible for Die working of » bin
smelter in Tennessee fur some yean
It wus Mr. French who constructed
a sine!ter for tlu- reduction of the
oris frum the llelhanga mines In
Victoria, Australia lu this Instance he adopted llie same method
■f procedure as in the s-ase of Hie
ilver-lend/ine ores of the Kootcna)'.
First experiment Ing in tin* laboratory, he next buili u siiudler for
tetiionstralon pin poses nud later
Constructed a large icduetioii plant
Editor Heral.l :-
The Hoard ol Control ol the Fiflh
Dry Farming Congress hnd planned
to    send a     representative     to the
Cranbrook Fair, but the vast amount
ol work tlmt comes with the near
approach of our convention makes it
impossible to spare the mini we ile-
sire to send.
We will be pleased if you will *x-
tend our regrets to your fnir mnii-
ngs-mi-iit and in your columns o.i'l
attention In the ds-sirnhility of the
Cranhrook district being liirgfty rc-
presented at the Dry Farm inn Congress and Exposition in Spokane Oe-
tsiber .(-.-
This is ihe greatest opportunity
tbat lhe farmers have ever had to
meet wiib a large number ol scientific Agriculturists representing ten
nations, and, particularly, wilh llie
pras-tical shy fanning operators and
those who ate interested In the     ste-
When we began the tailoring business, it was our aim to attract the
attention ol the best dressers, those who would consider carefully the
Quality, Style, and Fit. fudging from the number of suits we have
made we think we have been successful.
Our Fall Goods have just arrived, we believe we are within reason
when we say they are the best we have ever had. The patterns are
very attractive and the quality is ail that could be desired. We employ only the very best clothes makers and every garment bears "Fink's
Guarantee." If you are not acquainted with us ask some one who is,
we will be satisfied with the result.
Our Mr. McSweyn, the manager of our Men's Wear Departments,
who has had many years of practical experience as cutter in some of
the largest clothing houses in Canada, gives his personal attention to
the fit and finish of each garment.
Tins is not a very good photo of Mr. McSweyn.
velopineiit of a system of belter agriculture in tlie semi-arid districts of
ihe Western States.
Among the delegates and speakers
will in- the ministers ot agriculture
of Hungary, Mexico, Alberta, Saskatchewan and .Manitoba, Turkey,
Mexico, Algeria and four provinces of
Canada, and the federal department
of agriculture of the United States
will have experts from their agricultural departments present who
will participate. Five governors of
Western States will address tlie
congress. The presidents of u
number of agricultural colleges and
slate agricultural experts in dry-land
ami scieiililie funning are aiming
Uu- .[leakers. Director New all. of
lhe I nit ill States Itn-laination net,
vice, will discuss the very Important
question of "Ctlli/alion of Irrigation and Or)* Farming Methods iu
Combination*" Seventy-five spenk-
eci are listed
The programme will la-gin Mondav
evening, October .rd at eight o'clock
ami will close Friday, the "Hi, ui
noon, There will lie six institute
sessions in charge of su|»eriiilemlents
of ns many state colleges, uml three
general sessions on the main pn
gramme devoted exclusive))' to practical farmers,
The Interstate Fair nud exposition
during the weel. will furnish rare entertainment and ihoifsatiits of educational exhibits.
A rate of a fare nml sine-third hai
been granted by all railroads, and
ymi arc personally ur„isl to altend.
The press will In- most hospitably
entertained, for there will be automobile trips, theatre parties, "smoke
talks," luncheons nud excursions.
Yours very truly,
.lohn T. Hums,
Spokane, Sept. 18th, LOlfl.
We are overstocked with Fertilizer
and will sell ut cost to clear. All
sacked In I .'Mi lb. sacks—IV Hums &
Co., Limited. 30-21
lhat tlie above named Insolvent, of
Creston. in the Province of Hritish
Columbia, carrying on business as
(ieneral Merchant ut Creston, has
mads' an assignment sif her estate to
Nathaniel I. Harrison, of Cranbrook,
British Columbia, Account mil, for
the general benefit ol her creditors
under the said Creditors Trust Heeds
A meeting of the Creditors will
he held at the law ollices of the
undersigned ut Cranbrook, Hritish
Columbia, on the 13til dav of O-N
tidier, 101(1, nt four o'clock In Iho
nfteriioi.ii for the purpose of receiving a statement of the Insolvent's
afiaiis, tor the appointment of iu
Speetors am) the giving the directions with reference to the disposal
of the estate; all persons claiming tn
be entitled lo rank on the estate
must tile their claims, verified by
Declaration with lbs- undersigned
Solicitors for the Assign mi or before the 1st day of November, IBM,
uller which slate the Assignee Will
proceed to distribute the assets
lliereof huving regard to those claims
unly sil which notice sliall then have
been received, uust thai the said Assignee will nol be liable for the assets or any part thereof to any person of whose claim notice has not
then been received.
Dated al Cranhrook this 211th    day
of September, A.D, HHu.
N. I.   Harrison,    Assignee, of Cranbrook
By Harvey, McCnrtcr and Macdonald,
His Solicitors, Cranbrook, ll.c.
in tlmt of need ie a Botlle
of .Sintlertun'i Mountain
Dew. Stood jiidgit tell
its that thii whiskey iv
e<|ual to anything known
and   superior  to   moat.
Sandcrscn's MMintaln Dew
Wliolml* Win* Mf reliant
in tin- one ymi gel wins i you buy
iiimI st tlm market. Ami the
quantll v yuu pay yuu want in whal
ymi will get too.    Iiui  Helen 1
IWlonlffr too Utile,   Fur  e
ymi get a tasla uf oar mrat* you'll
"mil yoiir§ell ahU ami eager to
eat more thin usual. Tiy our
meat Inatmil ol taking a tonic.
lla far better, nicer and cheaper,
P. BURNS & CO., Ltd.
Constable Andrew Morris, lately
stationed at Michel, who, under the
stress of the excitement Incidental In
the pursuit and shooting ot tbe
Kragg homicide, llellar, greatly
ul a ii mil the community by nourishing
a revolver aud threatening various
citizens, has been dismissed from 'be
provincial force. Indeed this step
was taken immediately upon the
facts sd Morris' misconduct lieing
reported   to  Attorney-General Bow
ser, ami More the police court proceedings through which Morns secured an acquittal on the grounds <>l
temporary derangement, says the
Victoria Colonist. It would fcem
that llic man was himself aware
that his head was not right, for
after thrusting his revolver In the
lace nl an old and tried friend, and
being calmed, he Inquired pathelkul
Iy: "What's the matter with me
anyway?  Am I rraijr?"


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