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Cranbrook Herald May 23, 1907

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Ltgisljt it I.iurarj
ill st-ct
tSTllll.lSIll D 1M»
B. B. WA1KBB, fieaUent
ALU. LAIRD, Quant Mauler
A. U. IRELAND, Superintendent ol
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Rest, - - - 5,000,000
Total Assets, - 113,000,000
Branches tbrourbout Canada, and la tbe United States and EncUnd
IKp.Mltii ol $1 nnil upward* received, uud Interest allowed al
turroul rate*. Tlie ilopiinlliir la aub|cvt to no delay wlmtaver la
tlie withdrawal ul llie whole ur auy purlluu ul the depualu
Cranbrook Branch,     -      P. C. MALPAS, Manager
Wu luui- iixlni fn.'ilitii-b this yi'iir ta huiulli-
HI:H, ninl lire iu ;. position to qlliiti'
See ii-- liefore yon insure. We handle solely
Canadian Companies parrying full Government deposits.
Real Estate
The Gentle Tug
H.nv it tltri
i»r-|i:irt*.l i.i lau
ilrttitt- I-i lirn'i ■
iikw lini*i nml ti
■ lleiiii'p* Iiw
Ih iiiii-. '"I hilly if il in Hid tlr-l III lit of
1 the llllililer.   Don't k i liitluiiit willi «ih
t ti i-riti »i| until-ut.    Ri*M«r oihuh iti nn
.•ki** h liiili >'.ii may Uhh i    Nietliiuic liki
vlimi mi tt fl-tliliiu; trip.    W-* Havt*
lif Hoainn.   He
lini'H   llial   nre
1 ttiirk up willi
Itfiim n*itit> (ni*
In vririfiv. Ami ilifv tii-ei tif the i|iiiiliiv .vim i-Hii depend upon:   Line*,
llu.iU    'HwIn.   Haikft-i,   ||,iiln.    Slflki'N,   Hot.".   Hint.  Spoon   lluukn,
Arlllk'hil Hniin, Umlim: Sen*, .>t.\
spoilI'INi: liOO'W-A. ipliitu Htiii-km MmtIkIil jirli-t-.
. . PilONR 71 Ul.pte.lnl Is oui .pet	
' *******************************************< '
Ul.peealef I. eur .penally
********************** *********************',,
S|in.-ii.| tilti'iilhni uivini In niii'li .'.-.l.-l
II Ik la,nml |nt"". .....I |,r.iin|.l
your  bilalneaa.    Knm v nml Stn|iln ....."
f,-i-li,iiit'i.,. ' law* nml I'ulivi'ul
nf      ll..   I If-.-   I .fill-   ,1 Ill-it
S| uliii-    h'reeli Km... fun-
*   lui
I'.nil   Ml— mil  Anav nf *
Gifts, Wedding Presents, Anniversary X
ir for any other occasion,     lliitnlfeilflol suitable articles heie (ur any     ♦
ill ktvtllg time     They may coal cent* or dollar*,, whi'h affords ample     W
*       vY>    He    fV IL/OV/IN. Oraduala  Optician      •
4 lb*******************
The Wilga
Under    the    Management    ol
Mrs, E. Byrnes
The rooilll have been refitted
mul llie llOllse iti nuw in the
bent of Condition,     l-'.fpeeial nl
teuthm to tlm dining room,
llnaid without roniMH cuii I*
ar ranged.
\ ************************b
Il  «  contiiiniil   ilruin   ou
your niirvii t-m-rgy.
A slight ilofiM-t may illlike Iml little rliiuiL.'e in  the appuur-
ancu of timing. l>»t the iiiipli-uauiit erl'eotB limy be great.
Vou ilioulil hnvii your eye ilefeetu altemleil to ut once,
I llrtl.iiul Watch Imiieotnr tor O. 1'. ll.    W^' IT. TATE ', ',
Crow's Neet 1'ane lliviiion
Evidences of Prosperity Noticable
on Every Hand.
Never Mure 111 the history ot
Ciaiibiook has then- been such a general movement toward Improving ihe
Inniies or the citizens. It seems as
if everybody who bas a home this
year is anxious io make it. look bet-
tei, and such a spirit is one ol Ibe
'best evidences In'the world that lhe
people have conftdenco in Wielr town
and fully appreciate the permanency
of institutions in Cranbrook. New
fences are being built, old fences are
being painted, verandas are being ntt-
iletl, houses are being painted, lawns
ale being put in, simile trees are being planted, shruhberv ami flowers
nro being set out, walks are *beiiig
co-islructod, in tact everything pos-
rIWc is being done to make tbo ie-
sidential |H>rtinn of tbe city attractive in the extreme. In Mie down
town district business houses nre being repainted and the interior of the
stores nro being improved in many
ways. The city authorities have tlie
spirit also, and wtrwts arc being
cleaned, stumps nre being pulled, new
sidewalks are being built, and on
every hand, as far as t-hc cost v.ill
permit, the city council arc showing
the people lhat a better looking town
is what they desire also. In tlie
way ol larger expenditure, the enm-
hiiuil government building lhat is ho*
Ing erected by Hie province and tlie
city, is rapidly assuming shape, and
when completed will be one of the
most attractive structures of the district. The new opera house is under
way, and will prove n grenl boon to
Ihe people nf Cranbrook. Plans have
been prepared hy the Imperial nan*
ami a handsome structure will lie
en-ctcd on the site of the present
buildinb that will be a credit to the
bank and to the city. There is little
or no question now hut that there
will be a first-class modern hotol
erected on one of the principal corners of Maker street this year, ami it
will be an hotel of whieh the people
will be able to point to with prido.
In addition to all of this work tlie
C, P. R., simply to meet the demands for increased conveniences and
to handle the greatly increased traffic over lhe Crow, is arranging lo
expend hetween $75,1100 and $100,000
in this city in the way of improve
ments. There is not an empty bouse
in the town and the demand ti»r
homes is on the increase. There arc
several new bouses being built, some
of them to cost between $1,000 and
$5,00(1, and plans bave been arranged
for a number more. This is surely
Cranbrnok's grentesl vear, and the
pennnmvif prosperity of the town is
more assured at this time than at
any time in the history of the place,
;tml that is saying " a good deal.
Those who have Invested in Cranbrook propel!v in the past have reason to-day to' feel thankful that thev
have displayed such excellent Mg»
ment. The future of Cranhrook is a
bright one, and tie Herald again repeals that in ;ill of British Columbia
there is not n better town ol its M/e
than  Cranbrook.
There has been some delay iu the
construction of the governmenl buttrt-
ing. owing to the inability nf Con-
tractor Johnson to secure material in
the time expected. But that difii-
eulty is now over and from this time
on the work will h** pushed with
energy nnxt despatch. This building,
with its first story of concrete
hloeks, .-ml tiie other two of (rami),
handsomely finished, situated as it is
in a beautiful shaded park at the end
of lhe business street of the city, will
lorm one of the beauty spots ot
t'r.iiibniok. In this building will be
located all of the city and provincial
olliees »ml the provincial court
rooms. All of the offices will bo
large, well lighted and convenient in
evory way. The grounds will be
made attractive and broad sidewalks
will he bllllt to the buibiinR along
both sides of Baker street,
Leask A Co. who have the eon-
true! for tlm new opera t-ouse, aro
making commendable progress. Tlm
cellars are excavated and Ihe foundation of the building is constructed.
Tfre building will be 45 by 1W* feet
with an audience room 15 by 45 and
a gallery, giving a seating capacity of
800. The ceiling will Im* arched and
3.1 feet high. There will be a property room and live dressing rooms,
and' Ibe building will be heated by
I wo furnaces, The house will b«
mudc modern in every way, and
equipped in a manner that will give
1 he people every convenience and
A. 0. Nelson, who is building a
$■1,000 residence on Baker Hill, will
have one of the finest homes in the
i-ily. Contiaetor Johnson has
charge of the work ami his Instructions are to give only the best.
Harry llickcnbothnm is building un
addition to bis residence.
William Cameron is making a great
improvement on his premises. He
has levelled the yard and is puthing
in a fine lawn, and also building a
fence around the premises.
The store front of C. E. Reid &
Co.'s has been greatly improved by a
new coat of paint.
.1. P. Fink is having a fine new
barn buHt at his home, his house Improved and the feuce Is being paint-
*>• .      ■
J. T. Williams has done wonders In
the wav ot Improving his home. He
hns added a verandah, a "*w lattice
fence and made an attractive lawn.
•lames Ryan is    making an attractive home nut of his place.
D. Murphy Is    making bis     home
I look prettier than ever by tie use ot
I S. Ryckman Is going to have one ot
the best looking places in tiie    city
when he has completed tl"' improvement!! ibai he is engaged upon.
Beale ^ Klwell have Jusl ereoted
two fine awnings over theii office
il. T. Rogers has enlarged ins lawn
and otherwise Improved Uie appearances of his premises.
Ed. Home is Improving the appearance of Ins jilate by putting in a
Do Vere Hunt has had the Fence nl
his home painted,
■ . Wand is building ;l residence   on
Bakol Hill.
L. Patmoro   is   putting in ,i   lawn
Inch will Improve the appearance of
his handsome home.
I. F. M   Pinkham has l n making
my Improvements     aboul  his   ie-
s ll lloskins is figuring
iu. a line home thr  season
William Pettcl  is      kii
x tensive Improvement* u
est deuce.
.lames     lioyes     has     hinll
around ins homo propel tj
Messrs. Bradley and Alklns nre
doing wonders with the Palm candy
kiu-hen. The premises nr, .is neat
and atliatiive as ll Is possible lo
make them, ami nol onlj is ihis the
case in tbe store, bul iu tin- kitchen,
where the various caudles ure manufactured, neatness is the ,,lisolule
ruje. A representative uf the Herald, curious to see how lie candies
w'ere made, cusually dropped m there
lhc other day and found Hie kitchen
simply immaculate. The tables, the
stones, the utensils and the Hour were
all like new. And in t'be Work this
idea of cleanliness is carried irom the
start to the finish. It is pleasing to
purchase candies where such care is
taken, and Ihis combined with the
lad thai the candies uf this him are
lhc best lhat the art of candy making can produce, nro anion*" lhc rea-
ons fm ihe rapidly increasing trade
f Ibis firm. Among tin- palatable
(ive-ltiis made there an* liisq'ie,
D-av-id llaiam, sbirhel suiithils, hobble
.-."-hie sknokskv. Ice cream, lee cream,
E. L. Chuilleigb, assistant superintendent, of Calgary, is visil ing
Cranbrook friends this week. He
accompanied Superintendent Kiiei son
over ihe Sirdar section ou Tuesday
.uul Wednesday.
Mrs. Campbell, wife nf dining 'far
conductor J. Campbell, was Imfe-Jit
from Sirdar to tin* Si. Kugeiic .' Wis-
pltn-l on Sunday, suffering from' a
severe attack of erysipelas, bet condition for several days living very
erf Ideal, but at present there is a
slight  improvement.      .Mr. Campbell
is widely known as Ihe most popular
ami wide-awakf dining ear conductor
on the Crow line, past or present,
and lie bas Ibe sincere sympathy of
fellow employes ami the traveling
public in this  lime of distress.
J. H. Fox, trawling freight agent,
of Nelson, arrived in the city ■ on
Sun-lay on company business and returned Mondav.
Engineer M. K. Palmer lefl on
Monday for Winnipeg and St. 1'aiil on
,i holiday visit.
Engineer J. II. Cnslnke will leave
about the first of June Inr Montreal, where he will net with the
general committee of adjustment of
the engineers schedule.
II.     Gould,    rondmnster's clerk at
iTirie has been transferred to Cum
brook and will move with his family
tu ibis place during tht; cumin-- week'.
Brakeman M. Campbell Is enjoying
i tew days vacation, and endeavoring
nenuwhtlc lo establish the season's
record for the largest catch nf fish.
Trainmaster J. It. McNnbb left on
Tuesday for I-oUvbrldgc on business
'elating to his department.
Conductor Don McKHlop is filling
he posilion of yurdmaster at Mac-
imI temporarily.
Engineer   Geo.  Johnson, wife   and
hildrcn,   leaves Saturday      for Mimical, Toronto and Hamilton, on     a
holiday visil  which will occupy about
three months time.     Mr   ('bus. Hnr-
nccnmpnnirs them throughout  Ibe
entire trip, and Dame Buinor has il,
that on the return journey the party
will be augmented by one more   person, a Hamilton   lady, and that Mr.
Harris will have joined tin* ranks   of
he benedicts.
Kn-iinecr llunb Brock has been oh"
duty several days during the past
week suffering wilh a sere back, but
will resume dutv in a day or two,
Mrs. W. 0. Ilavues, wife of Mr.
llaynes of the bridge and building department is visiting Mrs. Doolnn at
Conductor Oeo. Mnnahnn nnd
Brakemen G. K. Miller .md D. S.
Hopkins, who have chnrge of the
Sirdar ballast train, are spending a
tew days in ihe eily this week.
Superintendent Krickson and Assistant Superintendent K I.. Chud-
lelgh will leave m-morrow fnr Spokane on business connected with the
through train service sunn tn be es-
tablisiitd lo lhat point.
Master Clifford Gerow lias been appointed call hoy at tlie station suc-
cit'ding Robert  Paltou, resigned.
Mat Newlaml. rnndmnster, has resigned-mul will leave on Friday to
accept a posilion wiiii ihe Southern
Pacific railway.
Two years ngfl to dav Uie stalion
(HI down resulting in llu- death of
William Small and Injuring several
others employed on the building.
the fact of
having iu \a
Station Agent Stnmn
ale his apai I im ;.' ovei
ii make ilium   hn extra
♦ ♦
: :
then  ranch on tin* upp
iln     Kootenaj  rivei     last fall
went  home to England, have reti
ed in Wardner.    Tbey an* both ■
pleused  lo got  back ami  Hunk ti
is   Iiu place  IlllitC SO  glH>(l    I     'i.l
oi  British Columbia.
I'. Lund left here lasl Thin-
evening loi Culgar> ami ottiei pi.
nui th.
\h. Innselman is in very ]
health al present.
Mis. Osem  Si,   ,Iac(|UC!   underw
st. Eugene hospital, Ci.inhiu.ik.
Friday morning. Lulcsl reports
•pule favorable. We siucerelj wi
speedy recovery.
Owing io    the train being so
last Sunday morning   Mr. Met
was nut able in n-.ich Fort Steele ill
lime fur bis smiec there.
Miss Itoland J-.... been laid un loi
several weeks with a spi.ni.nl in
Mi. Sidney Blown, ut Wardner,
and Miss Maggie Nlckelsoll, ol Maine,
I niteii Slates nf America, were married in CrauhrooLi on Bundu) even
ing.    Mr. and   Mrs. Brown returned
lu Wardner on Monday cwniiii-, and a
reception was given tbem ai the
home of Bert Brown. Mr. anil Mrs.
Brown will settle down lo bouse
keeping in Wuniuer. Cougiatuln
Gordon Wlllson, who spent the hist
year in Vancouver, returned to Ward
nor a tew days ago, and has secured
a position as watchman at the C.
P. It. river bridge.
The local Foresters will celebrate
the Queen's birthday by giving an
"at home" iu their hall, on Tue day
evening, A mimhei of friends have
heen invited, and a pleasant time is
expected.     Pnrtioiilnrs nexl week.
On account of the lack ni help lure,
a number ot Hindoos ami Chinaman
Ihave been brought to town ami employed In the lumber yards ol tin
Crows Nest Pass Lumber company.
Last Wednesday ultcriioon Mrs.
Peter Lund entertained nhoul tweutj
ladies at her home, Vnried amusements were engaged in, and after
luncheon was served, tho Indies all
dispersed     for their   several homes,
feeling assured that Mis. Lund is an
xcelleiil entertainer.
F.very available house and shack
and everything that can bo converted
ii a dwelling is at present occupied
and the carpenters are busily engaged
building new cottages.
The Wiilei of the Kootenay river i*-
verv high here and lhc rivei foreman
and his men bave been hns- lot Ihi
past  week     sircnglhcntng Bio boom.
II is feared lhat tin- walcr will be
very high this spring nu accouhl d!
the great depth of snow on the
A number of t he residents ha ve
fenced iheir lots ami improved tbem
very much in nppenrnnee, hv planting
(lower and vegetable gardens. The
recenl rains, after the long spell of
dry weather, have been very much
Mr. Stafford and family have moved
into one nf the new cottnges recently
btllll by the lumber eompanv.
Mr. 'Myers, wife and family. ni
Washington, have moved Into Wardner. Mr. Myers has secured - posl-
ii willi  lhe lumber company here.
(Special correspondence.)
Tbe citizens of Watlsburg are keen
ing ahead of lhe limes, ami to ihis
end hnve contributed generously to
ihe erection oi a school house, whieh
is well needed for the risiuj; goncra-
tiomof tiiis beautiful burg.
Watlsburg is noted for its lumbei
and mining, and if il keeps growing
apace in the future as it has done in
the pasl it will become a noted t*pol
for tbe holiday seekers nf Cranbrook,
where  they   will      always  he heailiU
welcomed and comfortably necommo
dated al the hotel, where one can
obtain a very tempting spread.
Wattsburg is- also nnled for it-
game. Deer hnve been freipienth
seen of Lite nnd whilst a party wiu
driving nut io Wattsburg last week
a couple of deer crossed the road in
front of the learn fine specimen*
of Lynx have also hem caughl in
tie* neighborhood.
C. Thompson was nnt fishing last
week aud was amply repaid loi his
The Pay Boll mine has commenced
operations ami the prospects arc
looking fairly good.
Everything is booming at Watts
burg, even tn having a football club,
etc., nn  the program.
\\   V   IJ ATtiN DEAD
W K Luxloli, who found, il lite
Winnipeg Free Piess n, |X"3, died Inst
Salurday. Thr l.n,- \m Luxton
was one nf the lies I known |nuriml*
isls nf ibe wesi. He hai his trials
and Irlbulnlions with llie Free IM.--,
having heen frozen mil uf the company a number nf years ago, for bis
stand on railwav and provlneinl
rights, He assisted in laying the
Inundation of ch le ami provincial
governmenl iu Manitoba.
| Imperial Bank oi Canada
Interest Paid Quarterly
| Cranbrook Branch - J. F. M. PINKHAM, Mgr.
* gotnti tu In* a big boost
h r   t'liii bicok,   bum
Store that Guarantees its Goods
That is llu. il.tfi'ieiiiv between the wonls ••Uvost"
ami ■• linun." Nu iiniivi-luul ever complained of
•uiYtliiim bouglil at tliis. urn*, whether it be Drugs,
Sft'iU, Lwitber Oootls, Stationery, ur anything in
tin* ort'iit stock we earn
RecfuiRO tlie quality anil the priee are invariably
Beattie & Atchison
Where It Will  Pav Vou to Deal
The funeral of Frank Allison, the
man killed in the wreck at Wardner
on tbe I'lth. by being hurled hencalh
a cur of coal on which he was riding,
was held from Undertaker Ilcattv's
p;iilots yesterday nnd the remains
buried ill the Cranhrook cemetery,
Word has been received from l-phnm,
Medicine Hat News: llailroad men
are all talking about some rumored
changes on the road whereby a new
division will lie crenled extending
from Calgary tn   Swifl Current    on   ..
the main line, nnd down the ('row to i North Dakota, that the deceased u
Maelcod. Nothing authentic hos[n Knight ol Pythias nml the Cm
been issued from hendl|»iarters aa-brook lodge took charge of the tun
vet, but it is said that Snpt. Law-|eral services, the lollowlng member!
i-ence, of Nelson, will have charge nf;nf tbe order being pallbearers: .1. A
the division and will bring a full) Arnold, .1 R. Henderson, A. ('. Hnw-
despatehlng ami accounting staff to ness, ,1. I'. Fink, W. 0, Taylor and
Medicine Hat. A elrcumstoiico E. A. Dnvls. Rev, Alain, of the
which lends strength to lhe rumor is  Presbyterian church, officiated.
.11 ST .\ (/I uftt M HOLD A QUIET
The eily council met in regular m>-
• iun last evening, with the following
aldermen present: Fink, Hickeo-
botfram, McCowan and Gill. Tne
mayor was m kiiubeiley. Alderman
Fink presided In lhe mayors ab-
A letter from F. C. Gamble, public
works engineer, re request that provincial government make a free grant
■ a city jail premises to the city,
jtated that Mr. Armstrong bad been
requested to value property and
secure an offer Irom tlie city for the
It was unanimously decided that
Cranbrook should become a member
u( the Union of British Columbia
municipalities, and hereafter this
•Ity will he represented at tbe meetings of litis organization.
Messrs. Harvey, Reid and Klwell
ippeand before the council in regard
to having their endorsement or. pro-
.'id I tig for a high school in Cran-
irook and also thu painting ot the
ichool building. Tlie council were
•nthuslastically in favor of both
tin mut nm of Aldermen McCowan
.ml dill tin* lollowlng suggestions
were olTered as amendments to the
dunicipaliij Act: Thai the government grant each municipality the
power to appoint its own police,
magistrate, police commissioners an-1
license commissioners.
.1. F. Armstrong, architect of tbe
governmenl building, certified that
Contractor .Johnson was entitled to
tZWi t'l. The recommendation carried   .md ihe   amount    was ordered
I'lie heal ih committee was given
powei to put the nuisance grounds in
l,u! It■!   shape
The Electric Light by-law (inu.ll)
passed and adopted.
'li" buHdtng    by-law was amended
io that permits for new buildings or
alterations.can be issued by tin* tire
I .is well as tin* eiiy engineer.
The i-h-rk was Instructed to secure
information regarding sceptic tanks.
The chief nf the inr- department
Ms Authorized lo Join the British
''uliiiirlna  Kii emeus'   association,
There is no admission charged, but
tbe association scuds round lhe hat
and all small contributions are
thankfully received, so don't forget
Tuesday, ito SStfa, at " o'clock sharp,
fume in butidri-ds, come in your
Aorking clothes,
j Cornerkick.
-The first match of the season was
plnyed between the Town team and
the' Forresters on Tuesday evening
Inst for the. ReatUe cup. Although
ehc- rain leil" very heavily there was
i good attendance. The match was
,i good one from start to finish, the
dampness uf the ground and tbe
heavy ball, favored the Forresters,
who nre a heavier lot than the town,
md although the Forresters won by
l gonls to nothing, the town hunch
were no drones and the betting
diould be even when they meet again,
The next match will In* played on
Tuesday, the 28th, between the Forresters and the Fire Brigade. This
promises lo lie a pood match and the
lovers of good, clean, manly sport,
should show there sympathy with the
name by turning up in the hundred--.
Wfcen cut with one of our Dra?
Jaw Machines and -'Faidiai~&s-
Morse" gasoline engines.
Patmore Br<»s.
R. fi. McPHEE *
THE . .
NEW . .
All kinds uf Painting
aiu! Decorating done in tbt*
most modern miyitier on
short notice antl at reasonable cost. Work guaranteed
Paper Hanging a Specialty
The Lcmllnt Kroll Slun-
Arriving ti.-ilnv -
Tluia mi.-
rl'i I ilIII.il.
nm mini
Phone 75 Armstrong  ,Kve,
A.I.I io the above n KAKK.a IIOK.nml a length nf CIA II DEN
HOSE, ami a man can do almost anything wiib his garden or lawn.
Hiueiirtj these articles at
uml gel  llm Ik*hI .
Wholesale Wines, Liquors and Cigars
llll|Kirll'l!i <>f
I'liuM-: 17
The Painters nnil Decorators
Large Stock of Latest Designs anil Colorings
in  Wall Capers
Phone III       ARMSTRONG AVHNUR   l».0. Box .« |
FOR the lirsl ol our Cranbrook .Season's Kill wc received
a prime Inl nl I.ive Mi,-I. ensuring
Ihis hitih standard will he maintained
P. BURNS ® CO., Ltd.
PHONfi NO. io
Nil.    Poultry next Saturday lor Sunday
FRED K00, Proprielor.
Hardware and Builder's Supplies,
Harness, Saddles and Fittings, Miners'
and Prospectors' Supplies, Dry Goods,
Gent's Furnishings, Groceries, Fruit,
Flour and Mill Stuifs, Raw Fur and
The Largest Assortment ol Fishing Tackle suitable
(or the District in B. C.
Indian Curios, Specimen Big Game Heads, and Souvenirs of The Great West.
(By F. I-:. Haines )
In company with K   II. Small   wo
artotl for n drive up tin- Kootenay
vnllcj  to    Windermere n week     ago I
Sunday.       Leaving Cranbrook     yon
loss  the Koolciiaj   river al   the fool
,f ihe plateau on which is located the !
historic Inwu of Fori     Steele. Leav-
Knit sti-.li' you go up the Koo- I
ten.iv i ivi'i  vallev, reaching Bummers
Flnt and then rn'i lo Wasa, tho Onr-1
di a ni  i-Mi'ii     There you will     find I
ci noi      II.iumii,   who bis .1      line I
hold, in fuel one of lhc best  furnish- '.
d hotels in     i:.isi Kootenay.       Ho I
Is., bus    a store    and n saw mill
lie     Ims Ins owil .'brine light    plnnt
wliieli  is o-iernlml     h\   water power
n ,i  small   creek  mill   bv.     An)
person wishing  tu spend ;i  few days
i   WTcka viir.il    slum hi  nol  overtoil Wasa i<>' evert romtnrl .m.i cm
vculcnee cm hi- fo I  Ihere,     Lcnv
ng Wusn  v.,ii read   Wolfe creek,     n
list,Mice  nl   .iluilll    live     miles. Jllsl
beyond Ibis .1 slum  dlslnnco in    Ihe
ej  lies what  is known ns the old
lluinphre) rmidi, which is n line large
piece ot Luui with tpiite n  nbei ol
l's undei crop, After leaving this
p. iiui ynu drive a il Ik lance of iwdve
tullcs to Sheep creek, where Mr
Emery bus a iim- ranch, bul has not
done much .is yet tn th.- wny nf Improvement up In ihe present time.
This ranch is situated close to l-he
monni.iins, ,mil there are more mill*
rails here than nl nny oilier point on
lhe road. Leaving Sheep creek you
drive a distance of sevcnlee.li tulles,
crossing the Kuo-letiav river, and it is
onlv a mile to {'.inal Kbit. Canal
Kbit is about two mill's wide ami one
and a half miles long. How thi.
place came to gel the name tvns bv
a canal being construuled bv thr
Kooleiiuv Vallev Nnvignllnn company This canal connecls the Kootenay liter with the I'pper f'olumliia
lake. h was huill in lhe vear |R8li
and wiis in use Inr a sbo'rl time
only, iu fuel ns nn aid to navlgnt".on
it w.is ,in absolute failure. Wb*re
the canal is the main source of tbe
Coiumliin river, which starts from a
spring, Ihere is about elghl feel of
fresh wjilet al   llie present  lime      nnd
steadily     running out   inm the lake.
tpiite a number of buildings on it.
Leaving here you drive twelve miles
in Brewer's place. This ranch is
situated on Brewer creek aud is well
looked after. Mr. Brewer has certainly a line orohard, and as wo
passed by he gave us some of his
fruit of hist season, and it was as
Iii iti as auy Northern spy you would
get in the eastern provinces. Mr.
Brewer, like oilier ranchers we hnve
met. complains of the market for his
produce and tho "sale nf slock. He
says thai liis nearest market is
Cranhrook, and unless be bad a large
number of cattle to drive at a lime
that it positively would not pay bim
to drive cattle such a long distance
to market them. -lusl hack of Mr.
Brewer's place lies one of the best
mml ami sulphur springs to be found
uuv where They  are     known    as
K.iiriuoni springs. Mr. Brewer says
it is a loss ol time to improve these
springs unless -, in.nl would be built
through the valbv. Mr. Brewer is
b ml   in   b,s      pi.nse ol   the coming nf
the Kooieii.iv Central railway ami his
shm.in is "Wnleh Windermere
grow." Leaving here vou drive a
distance nf thirteen miles tn Windermere, nnil iu tins tlisl.ii.ee there are
several good randies, Ibe lirst being
that of Mr. Young's which is >, new
place ami would make ii very grind
location for -, townsile when the
new load collies through. All aloof*
tin* ivsi .it ihe ronle vou drive
tinoiu-h tin* Indian reservation, on
which arc some llm- farms. In fact
you would be surprised to see what
work tbe Indians have done iu the
way of fencing, clearing bind nnd
Irrigating, Lnter on vou come to
Mr. McNeil's ranch, which is nt lhe
lop or Windermere hill. Here yon
get a splendid idea of Ihe enormous
area of Ibis beautiful ami fertile valley, lie has about 150 acres under
crop. Just this side of Windermere
you come to Mr. Trover's place,
where be has a well laid out garden,
and be 1ms certainly made n success
raising vegetables. Mr. Trover says
Mini it is not worth while to grow
vegetables as be bas no market.
Windermere Is a beautiful spot,
si tea ted on Windermere lake and the
liiwnsile is nhoul Ififl feel above the
lake. This lakie is eight miles lonp
aii'tl nbniit one mile wide. It is a
grand lake for boating ami those iu
a position to know say it cannot be
surpassed     anywhere. Its    placid
waters and chnrming scenery all
(trip in making it one of the beauty
spots nf this province.     When     high
»♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
B. C. Livery and Feed Stables
Blacksmiths, Woodworkers and Bicycle Repairers
M:Liu(!ilin Cirriagii an' D«rinr Implements (or Sale
Shop Phone 50 P. O. Box 144 Barn Phone 90
«_K__Q___-_pl|_E_. K%<9^V(VTs'i_0_i
: f" ?'*<'*&$W»'\»>.'
>   'v i
"•yi '.W
" -1
: \      . *-
-  ■'?■ -*■ ■"'...
■ .-■ Jfv***    _ J '
•■ h'!__bS- ■ ' W'S?   .        '1
Samuel Brewer iu His Apple Orchard.
Here also slaiuls tbe first bold that
was operated some ten years ago uv
E. II. Small, tbe genial manager uf
tbe Cosmopolitan bold iu this city,
and in fact the only une between
Wasa ami Windermere, This is one
of the prettiest spots iu the valley,
as the i'pper Columbia lake is only
about three hundred yards from lhat
house, and is a lake twelve mile.i
long and one and a half miles wide.
There is good lishing in the lake and
all kinds nf game aie to be found in
the mountains surrounding that
locality. It would be n good site for
a mill and there is all kinds uf tbe
best timber around there, and the
Kootenay Central is sure to he built
througl" there, us the grade on either
side are too heavy, and in fact they
Could not follow ' up the valley if
they did nol take this course. Abou-t
two miles from Canal Flnl you reach
the Thunder Iiill Mining company's
property, and their concent rat or,
which was elected ., number of years
ago at  a     cost nf     $80,000. and was
only operated
llu* low made
ctilty of getling it
doubt  but    thnl   l)
open again as soi
Central  is ennstr
in:* line vmi drive foui
to Mr. Sanlo's ranch,
most at the bend of the
lumhia, nml in the Tbuud
trict, where Ihere is a II
line, owing to
and the di ill-
There is no
property will
He Kootenay
After leav-
miles further
which Is   al-)
I'pper Co-
Hill dis-
Santo hns n considerable aren under
crop. He says it is very discouraging lor a person to grow anything
when be cnntiot gel a mnrkel for it.
A person whn bus not gone ovor this
road cunnnt understand the unfavorable conditions that exist. From
Wasa unlil ynu reach this point it is
all timber of the very best grade,
owned by difTorciil companies. In
places Uie timber belt here is sixteen
miles wide, reaching from the Hnck-
les to lhe Kootenay river, and people
who have been cruising timber say
there is as much on the other side of
the river. There is limber enough
in this district to keep the mills
cutting fur the next twenty years.
As you reach Dutch creek you' see
some of the prettiest scenery In British Columbia, ns ynu have a vnst
scope of country ex I end ing for several
miles, and nlso Upper Columbia lake,
and ihe beautiful oul banks of Butch
creek. Afler leaving here you come
to the ranch nf it. L. T. Onlbralth,
nf Kurt, Slee'e, which lies close to
the Rockies and nn n low Oat. He
has it    considerably improved     and
water comes the boats run between
bete and Uolden. Tbe boats have
lint come up this year as tbe walcr
in the Columbia river has been to
low as yel to permit of their entrance, Windermere has one hotel,
owned by .James Stoddard, one.
store owned by J. C. Pitts, a tine
opera bouse two stories high, the
first story being used for public
hall purposes and tbe second used
as the Masonic lodge mum, two
church's, ,m English and Presbyter-
Ian, a school nnd several tine residences. Mr, Pills and It. A. Kimp-
ton have iis line homes as you can
find iu any place in tbe Koolenays.
Chief of Police Cameron resides here
and keeps things very orderly. Near
Windermere Mrs. E. Dupont has
bough I ten ncros which she intends to
utilize as a fruit orchard, and indeed
it is an Ideal spot and well irrigated.
Ou the opposite ship of tfce road lies
It A. Kimpion's fruit orchard of
over linio trees, consisting of cherry,
plum nnd apple trees, nnd also about
nn acre of strawberries, This is
only a young orchard nmd Mr. Kimp-
ton intends to bnilil a box factory as
soon as his orohard commences to
bear. It. It. Bruce bus u One ranch
Wlllcll is located In the valley just
back nf Windermere, and be has about.
Uim acres under Clop ami quite a
Inrm* buy meadow, Four miles
farther you reach Alhalmer at the
bead of Windermere lake, in the valley of the Columbia river. Here is
situated an hotel owned by Chas.
Cartwright, a store owned by Mr.
Luke and also une owned by the
Columbia Milling company. Yon
then drive ;> distance nf four miles lb
Wilmer. This is unite a little vil-
Inge with two hotels owned by Chas.
Stiirk and Wm. Chamberlain respectively, two stores, owned by the
Pelertioroiigh Trading company and
the WHmcr Mercantile company respectively. Tbe boat from Ooldcn
bad jusl got up this far this season
ns the water in the Columbia is too
low lo*reach the Windermere lake.
This is the way most of the people
in this country get their supplies in.
They have nlso a justice of the
peace, .Indue Scovll, and also a barrister. Mr. McDonald. Tbey have an
English church and a school that,
they may he proud nf. There is one
improvement that is a great blessing
for Ibis cnunlrv, and that fs com*
mtmlcnHon with the outside world,
as Ibe Dominion government put. a
telegraph service in as far as Wilmer
aud have erected over 90 milu ol  a
Marysville (
will celebrate on Q
MAY 24th, 1907 §
The Programme: 1
There will be Horse Race-*, 1
Foot  Races,   Athletic  Sports,
Football, and a
I'he Smelter au.iin.st All Comers
telephone system.     Tie* telephone and
telegraph olllccs are operated at Wilmer  by   Miss  Pearl     McNeil,  an estimable young     lady of that    place.
There    is  one      thing   that   I     would   >?<
like to mention and that is in regard  iii
lo the roads.     After yuu gel   about   (?>!
live    miles   beyond Wasa you     have 19
loads like the main street of   Cran- fl
brook, and    it    would be a splendid | (p)
trip    for an    automobile party     to
take.    Why does not the government!
keep the mails in Ibis district iu   as
good a    condition as in that   country?
between Windermere and Ooldcn is
a country rich in agriculture, ranching and milling, About HI miles
down (lie river is ibe farm of .lames
McKay. This farm is equal to any
in the province. Mr. McKay has
some four or live Ibousand acres.
On il is Ihe best farm residence iu
the province, costing about $10,000,
He bas a -.ood orchard, ami Uie
apples raised last year compiiro favorably wiib those of the Oltanaftnti
lie has manv good mendmvs, from
which   be      cut   and      sold   last   ye.il
$2000 worth of hay, besides putt'liig
ep enough fm bis own use. His
oat  and    wheal crop    was    above Iln*
average. Mr. McKny is nol onlv a
good farmer, but is an excdlenl man
wilh stock, having ovei mid head of
entile. Last fall he sold In P.
llm ns  A   Co.,   17ft bead,   which    WCIH
delivered at Cranbrook.
Furiliei down, near Brlsco, nre tho
well    tilled    farms of    Ed.  W.ithins.
(leorgv Mitchell, Sboriv Atchison ami
A. II. Milcbi'll.     Mr.  Atchison bas ;l
splendid    place, and    is one ol     lhe
lew  men of  the    vallev   who      mokl
farming pav,     A. II. Mitchell has
beautiful place.        Last year br so.d
about sun quart8 of small fruits,
gooseberries nml currants.
From Brlsco lo Qotden Innd is be-
llig cleared, and some excellent farms
are showing up.
t The only drawback to fanning in
the pnsl bus been the lack nf a market for the produce. But now thnl
ihe Knotenav Central railway is an
issiued fact' the farmers have taken
i new lease of life, and are clearing
more land, for thev know tbat when
the rnad is built" they will bave a
good mnrket in Cranbrook, Fernie
:un\ Movie for everything they can
raise. ' The building of the road
menus much to Crnnbrook, for the
farmers of the Columbia valley will
(lock to the eily like bees lo a (lower
Across the Columbia river, seventeen miles up from Bolt's Lauding is
•itnbnbly one of the best mining
I'liipcrties iu British Columbia. li
is known as the Lend Queen and is
owned by Thomas Brown nnd others.
li  is n sled galena proposition, ami  Jg3
!e ore runs na high ns $100 a ton. S
I'he    owners have spenl  over $35,001)   g
ii ii   in  the     last  seven    years, ami   ffl<
,ive hundreds of Ions of ore on the ^
lump ready t., ship. Thev are hand- J5l
capped, however, in not having a : (gj
vagoti road from the mine to the xgx
river, although thev have cut out a j JH
-uml trail. They have repeatedly [ O
iske.l Ibe ,'inninei.il government f("'||_i
■ssistanee to build Ihe road bill as ^*
be men are only poor miners, mul ^Jj
w.int to develop?! their propertv. nird|£g
aohimiiin",'" tt„."^w!E„t"" ivfilsifl: i ©@a'30^@®'a©©QSi©@@@sK3_i©«s-3o@a
ilHiniliili  III,-     Hisc itii'ii ill   Yirttiti.i   ^_-__________________M______^_
'iiivc itiiiiiy a tiiu,- spent IliniiKuiiils ol >
li.liars Iii llllllli ii iiiinil wilROli rnail I
In ii wild inl tiiviliil In sunn- rnpil.il-
isllc suntini li-l   ill   tin-  "iiirtiiiui'iit.    I
li'lnss tntlll Sliillilllni-lli-ni'. Cil|l'Ulill
Aillislninr; tins n   limul      |llii|iiisllinll  j
Ilir (lllllll, Uml nill In- lining liusllii'Ss
-.'.-Iiii Hi,' siiinlli'is, wl,.-.. tin- nuiil    is'
Tln-li' mi' llllllli- nllll-l- liliisiii-.ls
ilml linvi- nil llu- n.l I inuil.s nf a
liiin1. nti-l will im iliiiilil In- hi'iilil
ruin Inli-i  mi.
\IIHtSI-:     1.IKKI.V     TO     IIKSIIIN
l-'ltl)M fl, T. I'.
This is riarysville's Cay. Come and bring
your wife, your sister, or .some one else's
sister. Enjoy the spurts, th* beautiful
scenery, and see the only smelter in Hast
will be run from Cranbrook ant* Kimberley
with a low rate of fare.
E. J. ITI7 iERAin,
.1. ALLEN,
CllMVUI IEE: T. li. Cole. J. Macilonalil. II. I.. Sawyer,
E. J. Clayton, I. II. Moran, J. McLctnl.
Wliiiiim-K,  Uuv    I l.-ll    is   ninli-i
Inml  Hul      I''.'     IV.     Miilsr,  |! nl,
ilnniaKPI' nl tin- lllnnil Tlilnli I'm'ilir
I'liilwnv. will sunn ri'si,cn tit' is j
nuw nn a \isil In tin- Niirlliivi-sl.j
lllll tliis will liln-k   In- his lasl.
It is sail! thai m mi I il iss.i t isf.i.-l i.m '
•visls ii-i-aiiliiii: ilir proRrcSH nt Hi*'
wnrk anil naturally tlir-re is inni'li
lisii|i|iiiinlini'iil ttirniiglidut llu- Wvst.
mil iiailii-iiliiilv nt I-liliiKinlnn. at
Iln- iirolnilili- failnro to fulfill tlm
ilt-ily;<> inaiic to tn'l|i iii carrying out
tin- 11107 i-rn]i.
Practical mi*n sav Uiat tic sraitcs
tn sny nnlliini: nf thi' rails, cannnt lie '.,,
f,it tn Kilmntilnn Ihis year. This
view is virtually i-nin-eilett at Ot-M'
■nm  ''
When You
Come to the Metropolis stay at  the
Palace Hotel
51e|ilicii!> & Ituckendurl
Opposite C. P. R.
$1.00   ""-"I"   DAY
Calgary, Alta.
lawn, aeennlini; ' tn ilesjiatclies frnm
tlie Fiileral' ea|ittat.
Ymir, It. 0., May   15.—The   Orent.
Northern   railway   contemplates   Hi-,.
stalliiiq a    new service nn this   line    ' . .   , ,
cnmmeneiiiB ahnnt Mav 26.    In pluec ;; For furllii-r |iiirtiruliirs apply ,,
,,( lhe piesi'iii train service a    train ,,    „, yy. |,;. Wimlon's < Ifliuo.    '»
will  leave    Nelsnn at  miilnlKlit    ano  , ,
reach   Spoliane   the   next   mornlni;,, i _. . „. . _______ ____aa_
lenvini! Spokane al 4.3H anil reachiiiR **********************
Nelsnn at 2 n'elnck a.m.    This   fier-
it is liniierstnoll,  is heing
SO Tiemakers
slallml lo heafl oil the P. P. tl. entrance Into Spokane via lhe Spokane-
Creston, B.C., Mav 2, 111117.
I have secured  tuneliinery Io
sawing wunil, and am now pru-
I will not be responsible for any! ♦ pared "to uoiitruut lor Wood of iinv
debts incurred by Mrs. P.iscu/./.n, as ' |(,nKn,, in |„rge nr mmiiII niian-
she bas left my bed and board. w   ■
Ranto Pascuzzo.
DaUd May Snd, 1007. 7-.1t
\ I I Iti
Out-nf-tnwti eon true tn solicited,
ir further pit rt leu hue adtlremi
111    I'll! ITOUK.I I'll!
Artistic Picture
lilll TWO  HI'KlllAI.ITIKS
Pre$l Photo Siudio
* *
is now locited in its comfortable and attractive new quarters in the Manitoba Hotel.
This institution is just up-to-
date and is modcrnly equipped
to do just the best work in all
branches of the tonsorial art.
W. It. Heally, Funeral Dli-ei-tni-
-mibruolt it. II. t'liune Nu. su
t'lHul itKsortmeiil   in
thiH line Hiill in atook
Big Reduction  in Prices
c. c. s.
SITIM'K ON MARK   0REF!K,  IN A ,.     .     .    „ ,
TIIK FORT   STKKI.K   MINING ] Cranbrook, It. <
DIVISION OF   KAST   KOOTR- ?♦♦♦#♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦
Take nntiee ihal I, Alfred Doyle,
Free Miners' Certificate, No, 1171158,
intend (in days from \Yv date hereof,
lo applv In the Mining Ueenrder for
a Certificate of Improwments for tho
purpose of ohlatnlng a Crown Grant
of the above claim. |
And further take notice that action, under Section Al, must be commenced before tbe Issuance of such,
Ceftifteatc of Improvement.
Alfred Dovle.
Dated this 7th day of May, A. D
1007. Mt
I will liuvn my winter supply
of I'mil in ti fi-w ilnys, uml nm
rumly to tiiku iinlors. t will
Bankhead Hard Coal SH-75
Soft Coal I6.75
Lust winlur t wus out of Coal
pint of tiitiB. 'I'liis your I pro
piisu tu kuitp u fjimil supply on
IiuiiiI, nml will sell
John W. Wolf
Boot. Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
nf repairing,   (live mc a call.
• i
i: T. Cole, Manager
'• Wo give tlie Im-bI, toourpu-
!', trims iu tlm St. Murys vnlluy.
IP YOU WANT        ::
i>. o. mix niiiu
AliKNT KOR HAl.t. HA I'd 110.
********************** THE   CRANBltOOK'&IIKKA I.l)
We have a GARDEN HOSE that
will stand the water pressure this
year. Try a lenKlli on our sprinklers
ill l'l I11111 l'il'H"H"l'l| I-i 't"t"f't"l"l"l'
■H-l-l 11 111 fl H H-H l-HI I *-H-H-l"*-
The Cosmo
The place where a
man will return after
stopping once.
lllll I HI III Mil 1111II III-
If you wunt Clotliiuc Unit is "(lilt I'ilge" iu name,
"liilt Eljja" ill in itui'iiil uml "liilt fcltlxo inj'qiake.
call ami sou our SEW STUCK uf Ready Made
Uhtliiin?. .It'i.T  RECEIVED,   All Union Made
Leask Cb\ Henderson
RamMIng    Reverie*
l)o you know you liatti asked Inr the
costliest thing
Kver unite by tht baud above—
A   woman's   heart    aud a   woman's
And a woman's wonderful love?
Do you know you bave asked for Ibis
priceless tiling,
As a child might ask tor a toy,
Demanding what others have died  to
With the reckless dash ot a boy?
You have written my lesson of  duly
Mau-like lrave you ijuestioued me—
Now stand at Ibe bar of my woman's
1'iiMl I have questioned thee.
You require your mutton shall     -always tic bot,
Your    socks and    youi shirts    be
I require your beall bv as true    an
Hod's stars,
And uuie as Ills bt-avcti your soul.
Vou rnjnne a cook for your mutton
anil bee!,
I a bus-baud for greater things,
A  seamstress   you're    wanting   tor
socks und for shirts,
1 look for a mau aud a king.
A king for tbu beautiful realm railed
And a man tbat tbe Maker. God,
Shall look .upon as    He did  on the
And say, "It is very good."
I am fair and young, but the    roses
will lade
From my soil young cheek one dav—
Will you love me theu 'mid Its lulling
As you did 'mid tbe bloom of May?
Is your heart an ocean so strong and
I may launch my all on Its tide? '
A loving woman finds heaven or hell
On the day she is made a bride.
I require all tilings tiat are     good
and true,
All things that a man should lull you    give this all, I would   stake
my life
To be at) you require ot me.
mother's love, is sacrificial ol sell
and lists no return. Nu tullil s luvt,
liowcvut lender, cu eiinal a inothci s
luvt, nnd it is uot udluul that u
lioultl. A great deal li.is been s.uil
il tlio duly nl i-liildii-n lo llii-ii liar-
rot", when every thinking niun uul
woman must recognize mat the chlel
obligation is dm- Horn Uie parents to
the childien. Une obligation is in
kei-ii abreast oi the nines vvitli ih-
child, su thai iln- parcnl may be u
meirtor iu limes oi need—a sute, uu-
tallini; gunk' ami companion; nol an
Incubus. To do all tins is to lullll
the highest sense the trust heaven Ii-.h
laid upon paruuts,
(Gleaned Irom exchanges.)
Truth,     mercy   ami    charity
pence ami long life lo tin- good
-.■..ni Iln
about his
uf Ins
vc merits,   h,-
I still
IS   I
kirn; to horse siiuks. l,ul
ws ihe llln- at automobile
young man starii
■If being dciiendcnt
,   live
lie     I
always i
m   clgai
nt  in   S18.35
...  vim biivcs Ihal
ahead nl lhe OIKI «
the halm ol snvi
overything' 1] "e
vear, only putting
niinplu inu-11-.i,
years amounta to
one little trifle 0
wlm     VMitllll in a
en.ti-nt. and nol en'
must si ait right'
ut     lor
in    hi-.
oil,-   vi'-nl,   an I
Will In-  """'!l
lends il.   And
mil lie worth
s   118.35 l-ae'i
I lli
n-li lui
Jatfray, Ityuu ami
Cniiilirook, lt.C.
Head Ollice. ■ Cr.a.rMk
$******** *****************
X <ti******** ************************ ***** »■ •»-
*ff r¥T~_a,i Mnsl.cUr.rt el
j** '-  -.WW_U~_e>.-. Roughand;arei««l     j>
l.uriBfiR and        j*
Also all  kind, of
II you   cannot be    this—a laundress
and cook
Ynu can hire witb little tn pay;
But a woman's heart, and a woman's-
Are not to be won that way.
It is a mistake i'
cb.ildi.-ii will '"''l'"1
when they are as people phrasei ,
",,1,1 enough" to understand the!
pinunii-tv, II the observances ot good
brwllng an- ignored or ncglcotod In
Uie lirsi tour or Ave veins. Uotoieia
someliimes lorgol that tin- ih-iivi- anil
??„|ittv0 stage ul ehilil-llle- in the
mirsi-rv is ii.-i-.-r siirpniseil at a later
period. The null- one is taking impressions every moment, acquiring
gentle habits or lhe opposite, pick ng
up words and sentences, surprising 111*
elders liv tho tneility with whioh he
learns what Ihey would rather ho
should not know. In the linhys
home il»- loumlatlon is laid lor tne
good or had   manners ot the mature
Who hul woman—when Judas be
traviil, and IVtcr denied, und the
weary slept, nnd the Icatltil llcd-
cniild' summon energy to llngi-t
aioiinil the spot, l« iniiiKle the tears
ol pity with the hlnnil nl stmoring?
Who bul n woman, when man turned
cowaril. mul Ills trust grew liilitt,
eoulil st ai -I iiniii Ihe lusl hy the living Saviour, and then go to trim
the lamp ol tier devotion nl tlio door
of tin- sepulchre.
I-UTuries and the surroundings ot
wealth and idleness cannot bring contentment to a young woman of pluck
and good sense. She would far
rather deny herself all lutiiries and
enjoy the glorious sense of Independence which her own exertions bring
II parents could but realize this ihev
would perhaps ottener assist their
daughters In procurinr. self-support
Ing, honorable enjoyment, wherein
tbe restless roving of the
might be checked.
uii.l death "f a ri
' nl glory nil the
-ml  III.!
I'he   most   hated   III
dead, Imi il   will n,
there is another mie.
m in Urn
t  he  loin
cunning lake
pliers im ready cash.
current coin that
ml   phlloSO-
has s
li Twain    isn't  wcnril
lull diess  suit  this
mil it to he cleaned.
II   IS ;l  RI,'.
ncoplo iln
' li-l   l hem
■al liellel   lo let ulli
r talking than it   i-
yuui thinking     [oi
>i burden
i   determined in he a beast
eii.'i,.i, is never nm
self-made    hell
enough lo    he
, ,n.
nine,   lhe  part)
-..III   pi
m.  Un- appii
111. the sliding ilool- open
ih glided gracefully iuto
ni ims greeted with   .in
n-el   liv   tl-,'   III,vs.    win,    s
in best    Ihey   hull ever   s
Tn..nit's wife ims taking
,u the time.—Ex.
Ir lends
s they
In II-
1 iliein
,'lllhlell    Iitl.l
ihe   but-
led lll'.lllll-
l.'il .md till-
Hie room
i-ei-     aitei
..ml   it was
seen.    The
bu Hi in
man to feel tits
.111,1   UURlll   to.
Kiilli   in
uls undei
expected    to
ut marriage   lh.it
so distasteful  lu
IIEFI.EUTIONS nl-' .1  HAi-IIEl.Olt.
Nearly eve
ceptive and
that lie    u-.i
i Imi he nevi
ul   ns   I lull
such     a de
.-nit-Hi imagination
y believes for a     wliile
loved any one as well
is  he  lines   llie  new but
eel ul his affections.
about usli
he    Ilillil,
I believe
it with a
s in luve
milling su  p.
ul making !•
vc as  lur
i.onk on the lniirlit side. It is tlm
right side. The times may lie ha.nl,
Iiui it will make thcin nu easier In
wear a sail, gloomy eoiiiiteiinnee. It
is Un- sunshine, und nol llu- cloud,
thai mnkes Ihe llower. i'he sky is
blue ten times when it is Win* one.
Ynu hnve trniililes; so hnve others.
None an- free from them. Trouble
gives sinew ami tone in lite—fortitude and cournge to men. Thnt
would he a dull sea, when' there wns
nothing In ilisiuiii the surface of tlie
ocean. What though things look a
little dark, the lane will turn, and
tlie night will end in broad day.
mind There is more virtue in nm- sunbeam
| than in a whole hemisphere nl clouds
ninl gloom.
********** * *************&
*-*)**** ***** •** *
Hotel s> <£
lineaia Inmliirl a Specially
llund Slabling in tonnctllm
Neaienl tn iiilllinlil ninl ilepnl.     linn .feoiiiiiiui!..
ilniiii Im  llie public unequalled In Cianhroot,.
lllll Mil Cold BlItlH
lloi*j-arth & Rollins
Robinson Mckenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Ol
Rough and Dressed Lumber
When you talk to a man or a child
about his faults, don't stand over
him witb a club.
A foolish woman can make a lover
tusband. but   it   takes a   bright
woman to keep a husband a toter.
Home without a woman's   rare ami
woman's love is like no home   at
all—only  the empty  nest in a    winter's gale from which the birds bave
it is not the woman who Ls forever
chasing everyone ia the house with a
broom or dus-Uir who makes the most
impression as to the desirableness ol
neatness and order. While she is
maikmg a martyr ol bersell in her
Iraniic attempts to always keep the
hearth tidy and the woodwork polished, and the carpets free from spot or
speck, she is often driving away tbe
better elements ol the    home—peace
ml love and harmony. A child
cannot enjoy his playthings without
a place in which to play, nor a man
[eel free io his own house it he must
be always remembering tbat not so
much as a magazine or hook stall be
leit one moment out of place when
"ot being read.
In tbe snuggle and battle ol life
there is none strong enough to near
the contest alone. All need svm-
pathy and help, and they must have
it or sure disaster or defeat will
overtake them. He who thinks himsell safe, when his life-bark rides
gaily before the breeze witb sails
lined with winds of prosperity, is
often tbe weakest ot the weak when
the storm and tempest come. Thus
In the hour of sorest trial many a
weak woman has often been strong
and brave to endure, where stalwart
manhood has succumbed and drifted
hepless and discouraged belore the
gale of adversity. Life Is sweetened
aud made beautiful by sympathy—Its
asperities- are toned down and Its
rough places made smooth by the
touch nt a gentle hand or a tone ol a
loving voice-even Ihe severest trials
may be endured and the heaviest burdens borne when aided by a very
little though Mill and precious help
of ihis kind.
The Wentworth
Clapp & ollin
The New Managers.
Drop in aad sec us any lime.   Wc are nn deck 25 houra
put ul the 24
There is in every    community    a
class of iieople   who   .seem Incapable
"L"wivi'1* .*"", «'"«»««■ outside  of
,.,-a.  ^  |lniltfd fIpwinim     Ii(e
t.l tiieir diildtwi grow up and b^in
to look forward to something broader for t-lwrnsHves. Then the, battle
for supremacy begins in earnest. The
child seems ungrateful to the parent
and the parent seems tyranious to
the child. -
It is very hard for a mother who
has laki down precise ideas of how
her life and belongings shall be ar-
rangod, and fmds that life falls to
arranw Itself according to her plans;
to find that her own daughter Is one
or trhe chief opponents of her ideas.
And yet tfrts is eiaetly what happens
"> we woman    who fails to    learn.
i!?5rf8s,OD ls a law of the universe,
aw one who attempts to retard its
wheels Is sure to be crushed beneath
uiem. Th*re is something pityless
[I tt^P0*" *at so often carries
the child so far beyond the parent.
It is the law of heaven that love
*hou!d _J_? ?0W1»l*fd to tht ctild-
&ot backward to *• »»»«,    A tne
UV want a religion toy holli
worlds, Inr ihis hi'iMiise wfi are living
in it—(nr Hit' next hecniise we are
g-iini* to il—one that prepnres fur th*'
next by the rlghl in Hiis—a religion
Uiat 'softens the step nnil givi
melotfy to the voice, that dieclis im-
pn'tlcnce ami Irrigation and nives self-
control; h religion iml merely for the
■luiri-h ami "the prayer meeting, bnti
lor Imsint'ss. for the family ami for
every day life; a relifiion of l»>tli
faith and works; and of works as
founded on faith; a relieinn of principle as well as feelim*. of right
hahit as wHl as occasional Impulse,
that projects the honeymoon into the
harvest moon, an<l make-; lhe happy
home like the fit-tree, hearing at once
the beaut-y nt the tendeil blossoms Mid
the fflorv of t't-e ripeneri fruit, a re-
Hglon that shall level the ruts anil
girl lies and rocks in the pathway ol
life anil jrive joy in that pathway to
all who are in it.
We recently saw one of tnn citizens
going home with a small hasket ol
fruit. A few evenings later we pas-
Eted him again and he had a small
package of canity. On both occasions we were walking with the same
gentleman who remarked to us that
the man with the candy was a good
fellow, bul blew in all he matle so
foolishly. We merely smiled in reply, hut could not help, iu our own
mind, as we walked along, drawing a
contrast between the two men. One
was smoking a cigar that cost as
much as the candy. Burning into
ashes and blowing out into the air
the money the other spent lor nick-
nacks that brought a smile of happiness to tiie cheeJv he once though! so
msv, and gladdened eves that still
sparkled like a thousand diamonds
with their tell-tale love Inr bim;
oarrying home, one by one, the swiftest memories of Uie; building evening
after evening an im.ic;e In a little
h«irt ol "Home, Sweet Home" that
ih* lime, even into eternity, would
lestroy. Nourishing and kindling a
now love that would in old age looto
lark to those happy homo comings
mill bless his memory as the dearest
papa  that  ever lived.
But what of our friend, Ihe critic?
Yes, what ol him? Which of the
two had ynu rather have been? Which
of the two are you?
If ynu don't want women to outstrip vou iu tibe industrial race and
compel you to come tn Hi mm when
yon want fifty cents, you would better slop drinking poor whiskey uud
quit gambling. Women, iu spite of
man's refusal to give tbem the rights
and privileges to whieh they are entitled, are to-day In 145 brnnches nf
business and in instances showing
more ability than tiie men. In one
of the great financial Institutions in
this country, not long ago, n well
known man, drawing a salary of $25,-
1)00 a year, suffered a nervous collapse. The directors seleeled a
young womnn who for ten years had
been the stenographer. She, the directors told us, has done better work
than the man she succeeded nml Is doing it for but $10,000 a year. In
fifty years these women will know
more than the men. They have morn
time to read and study anil tbey are
improving their time. Eventually all
Ihe universities will he en-edueation-
_1 and the women will carry off all
Uie prints.
An oppressive
than skin-deep.
Dread    only     the
There's none other.
Any man is   pious
professor ol religion.
Through the ages the ceaseless cry
hits been:    "Clod give us men!"
The opinion ot the majority is al
ways the best thought ot the race.
Inordinate ambition and a smattering knowledge always starts something.
We despise the rats thut goes round
our trap. Kor the same reason we
hate men.
Some men's ■chief interest lies iu
the fact that you never understand
Your life—that  inner realm of   move and aspiration—is the rest. Will
ymi make good.
Only that ship whose sails are
spread to the wild ocean winds makes
its journey through the seas.
V dynasty ol money is more dnii-
nirous than a dozen dangerous kings,
Are we building that dynasty?
Those loving wives who wrote "At
Rest" on Ire tombstones of their
hubbies ought to add "At Last."
Mix your tears with sunny smiles.
Light will transform their dullness
into a thousand rainbow tints.
Nature, so ready to aid every effort In assist her, is also quick lo
punish every violation of her laws.
We despise—iu the sense of inexpressible hatred—the man who repeats a
scandal, he that scandal true nr
la Ise.
Most people's tongues arc no more
than rip-saws run t-hrough character.
In that case the wood is better than
lhc saw.
The difference between the depravity ot Stanford White and thousands
oi others is simply in the artistic* features nf the den.
Wirlt Whitman, one of the most original characters in nil literature, believes in a find whom man discovers
as he discovers himself.
Believe in others if you would have
others believe in you.
Move on the tide of time. Acquaint yourself wit* your generation,
Follow the drift and current of
thought  that are     sweeping through
If you would be fashionable, all you
have to do is disregard the ordinary
rules of comfort and common sense.
Character is the only absolutely
Indispensable capital.
It is remarkable how many people
think you enjoy listening to a talc of
If a man is ignorant he may learn,
but if he knows too much there is no
hope tor him.
A wise man flutters a woman hy
li'lling her that he is unable to
understand her.
The selfish never are serene.
Greed prevents real gain.
Ignorance ceases tn he bliss when
you begin to realize it.
The light of love shows the true
sell as the light nf learning cannot.
The mother who raises children to
respect her doesn't get her theories
fiom books.
Ex -sergeant Hogsn of the New
\ork police force, the well-known
millionaire, has the reputation of being oue of the laziest men in the
world. It has been a great
annoyance tu him to have to walk
iitoss his room e,uh morning to take
iis hath. So he devised a scheme
wtoreby the tuh, filled with warm
water, ran on rails, and all he had to
lo was press a but ton on the side of
his bod and the tub would come sliding Into the room and stop at the
hillside, and he would fall out ol his
downy couch Into the bath. Alter
a lew trials to convince himself that
the apparatus worked perfectly, Ser-
Rings, Brooches and Stick
Pin*. All guaranteed lor
ten year..     j»     j»     j»
c. c. s.
llff Iif     ff
In-i beauly
n. in find
ovc alive.
that thing
i-i      Wlll-ll   I
II..11 I fl'K
VV llilll    SITIIIl,    til
A bachelor
money than
somehow he .
nt have any in. ■
nun .- nil,
.iinl then.
A woman
hi'l she III.,
much m
hk,". a hn
a lot  liinn-
Blue Serge Suits
Must any lightweight
serge is cool.
Hut it'yuu wunt VOUR
serge suit to hold its shape
ami its color- you ought
to be mighty careful to
get a  Fit-Reform  Serge.
" West of England "
Blue Serge stuys blue. It
is fadeless and unshrinkable.
Made up by the famous
Fit-Reform tailors—there
is nothing cool er, ai.d
certainly nothing dressitr,
fur summer uear.
$i". and *'o.
Try a  Caae of
Two Dozen  Mints   $2.50
Equal to Guinness*.    The finest  beverage on  tht-  markt-t
fur family uml table use.   Imparts vigor niid
health, mul tones up the Uxly generally
Brewer. Cranbrook.  B. C
Head Office, Calgary Alta. Phone 57 ♦
The Dominion Meat Co., Ltd.
Wholesale A- Retail Dealora ii.
Our ileal   is always fresh at all our Reef U   killed
in Cranbrook.
Canadian Hotel
One of the pioneer hotels of Cranbrook. Warm rooms, good meals
and a bar stocked with the best
| Joseph Braull, Proprietor
********************** *********>*************
Calgary Cattle Co.
PMONI-: 45
You will always find the very best in
Meats, Game and Fish
here.    And what is more, your orders
will receive prompt and careful attention.
■ -
, •
i >
i •
■ i
|2.00 A VKAIi
MAY 88 1!KI7
OBANBROOK UKl.'AI.I) " ';'■ '"- '< »''" if l'»"1 *° * .  \"
111. Ill- Iln- nvi-lnm- -111  lllllll believe It.
By tbe Herald   Publishing Company,' n, ,  jus) ,iiiMii 0[ your soul being lo-
l.liuileil.     ral(.|| I,, votn liver'!
Editor ami Manager.
,>» j ■■> i a*» 35-3 S6*sisnse-< ft t-tiv
*l _«....—. . ~- ■ ...      -ft
The (' I'. It. iinssengcr rate, ll
m iis per mill-, Irmn Calgary ensl
« in  im,, niii-i  May l.iib. Holes
VVt'.Sl    III        I'nknlV        l ,-|,l.l ill   till-   S.IIIUV
|'l        Miiesliini is,  ivl v  slliilllil Iln' C.
I'    II.  ilfi i iiniii.H.■ .maws!   Iln-  West?
The .-.iiu is up Boosl lor I'r.iu-
l,i ml,', iln   luuihef, mining ami   i'""'-
•OBSERVATIONS    J     ^' ■■■"'■' "' "'" '•■-'■•"■'>'"
* BY TUB 01,1) MAN.
Vnua*** »*s<. tft -s ■-■■■. t -■ t''
i,,i,ln,:,,. is li'lbulnry In 2011 null's
,,     i„i,,i,--i smieiy on Hns     or
i -,   nlliel  i-nllh
All Uu-  its between I'riiws Ni-st
I'.iss .mil ll.iiiklif.i.l linn- put up    Uie Uv   ,nill. ,,,,,   ,,„.,,. is ,.viil.-tit-.> ol
price nl coal nl Hi 's Irom I" In  irii „,„,,    „.,„, n„. |u|illt |l0Ses
-" ''''"is ii ion, repi-i-seuliiig nn     in , ,    ,,,.,    ,    u,mM Mk,, ,„ w,..   ,•,„
ease "I - ' celil  all  il.   Ibus ,,,,,        |u,s n,,   „„, ,„„ [mM u|
H will I,,- wen     Hi.ii   il<- con.
ivli.it   pill ly
will have lo    pn) [in wlni I the cnin-    ,". ' , '.,„ H '       Tlm., is '„„. 0„|y
pallll'S lusl  lllll'lllg  Iln-  I -ill   slrlke. l   (    ,,,.I.,.,.,, n  ,|,..n,  nli-i-llnli.
Willi strawberries art in bl i. rin- r. |>, i:   ,- doing grenl    wink
  -1 is  vi-ni   in    tin- vv.iv  nf  lii-lli-iiilint
Tin- lli-liilil Is picpiili'd in Hiiinliin , ,i ii- rnilwnv. In Iiirl lhe P. I'. II.
Uml there is nol a lown Hns [ui-j „ , i,,,.,, ,i,lN1.. .,,v,,i work rlglili
iiniili llmt bus sn iii.my costly    le    ,i n,.-  i„ give the proplo better   nc-
ildciiccs     wilh liiiiiilllnl  lawns     ns    , ,, latjuiis.     li is   spending inil-
Iji ns Hn- vi'.ir in give in Hit- people
.1 r l.i in I ibe vcrv best rouils
iu   lin-   Viiieririiii  ilini-iil.     And  il
,- -iiifi-i-ilhif,. I'iiinidii bus i-ensoii tn
m thankful fm such n rnilwnv cumin III   ns   Ilif  I.'.   I'.   II.
The old, old story.     Iloosl   Crni
Uranbronii will grow in spile ol lb
The lleriilil is Browing .mil Ibe rcn-
Tbe inii-i-nl    wheal Is souring sky- n n Im  ii  is Uml  lhe llelnlil is niv
waul, anil Hie fanners nl iln- t'niiii-, in   tin- pi'iiple n iuu lor llu-li money.
ilian iioiiliwif-l nn- bn|ipy. It   lus 11...    i„ si nilvei-t-ising iiutron-
 ■ i  -ni uuv |i.ii-fi- iu the dislriel,   ii
lletnie wi- fni-n-i—jusi  w.Mill ('iim-    ii ills   news matter ilnm     any
liiimk grow.                                          ; li n<   papers    in Un- ilistrlel, uml    it
                                i  i. -   Un-  lulgesl   cireulilll ,1      am
l.nsl     Saturday       Morgnn     Long n-pei   in  llm ilistrli-l      Tlml  is whv
limuglil   In li'orl  Steele  Junction  111 I ■ lli-inli!  is liuppv.
head nf     ratlli-    I vi-.it lilies .uni  lv\n , —'■—
yenr-ohls.)     The    entile i- ■   Irmn 'Vc nm in ri-eelpl nf ,, li-ller nskiiis
llie   ranges     ai ul    1'iui-ln-i  Creek, I- llcrnld  lo endorse  Iln- sl.ileinrnl
and vvi'ic tor     Al. Doyle, ol     t'lun- I .1   'Ibe llrilisli press is lhc pun-si
brook, wiui will     put  them nn     Lis u I     hrighlesl in   llm   world."    Wn
ranch near Fori  Sleele.      .Mr,    Inn,-, ,,ul-l like l.i Im obliging, Iml wc ruli-
renorts n very hnckwnrd spring     in mi -.'.. thnl  lur.    The l-lngllsli pn-ss
Allii-ria, Iml   suvs     I tm  (nil wheal    -    I'  Iml ns in   brightness there
never looked belter.                           i i ■ ('.mnilinn paners Ihnl nri' a long
llr.  Hnlierl   T.   Morris,  pintess f 	
surgery in Urn Posl lliiuluntc Meilieal '     Cnlgnrv    sporl inuneil   Ololinn
school anil hospital, Nm,   York, savs willcs lltu   ilerulil   thai   be    hears
Hint     Itiv    vel'lllilol'lll    n|ipeii:li\ iiiii    I -ie is  f liulilinn miina iiii ill and
soon vanish altogether "I iis own ne- iniuntl     Crnnlironk,   und II so     be
met' of a dav. and tlmn- is nnt a
hitler place tor Urn Odd Follows ol
Fertile, Movie nnd Cranhrook In
meet. ll is a guild idea and mill
needs a Iil tie pushing.
If vuu don'l lake lhe Herald, you
should. II you do lake il and ilon'l
pav fur il, ii is time Inr yuu du iln n
little liiiaiiciiig.
The nexl len years will ninkc
Hiuiisamls nl men in lltiiisb I'nlioiilii.i
worth tliutisiinds.
llr. Wall, the linrnel i-nlri-spniiili-iil
nt Kurt Sleele, has a ciimiiiiinlentinii
iu   Tui-sil.iv's   issue    nl Ibe   Nelson
Sews I,f.ii'lili; III.- Knnti'lin! t'i'li
Itlll liiilvvuv 'Iim km,IU il.,fi..I Is
iiii'liiii'd    iu grow   Initei when     lie
ll.llils uf   Ibe  Knnl iv   (i'lilrul    uml
his   lu-lgllhnl's.   nnil  il   is  illlli, nil     Im
liiiii tn retrain    Hum innkttig   severe
- mills when In- allows llm inl.    In
ilnvv liinn    bis   pen for   iiitlitlciitiou,
liie  kniili'liiiv   (Vnllul   will   Im    lllllll
uml lhc riuiii' will be determined by
Hm ipieslinn nl grades ami tonnnge.
It is going tn he a grenl lu-lmtil lu
all      nl   lhe    dislriel      wherever  il  is
built, and wbni is more, neither tin-
f,i..il doctor ur nn oilier iiulivi.lf.il
in blast kniitenay will be nble lu lllc-
lale tbe ruilli'. ll is trim Ihal the
fliuiii-i provided fnr a i-iuiie mi the
mist side nl ibe Knntenny, hul if
i-iui-iU-tions make it necessary In
btillil nu the west side, there-Is where
il will be liiilll. Charters hnve been
atlil-lldcd iu llm pnsl .mil Ihev will
nl..Ifililv In- niiii'iiileil ill lhe'liillllf.
In Hie hum nl liim lei I'veivliiulv lake
ur Hfii hnls nml cheer fnr the Kuo-
ii-n.iv Central and blast Knoteinij', n
niilwiit Ihal is going In give in
lliiiisb Columbia mil- uf Um li-'
valleys in Um whole province. It is
heller In pray fur sunshine tli.m in
iui si- tin- clouds.
Tbe Calgary blltnl is In piny nt I'lie
Dublin fail,     iim sending nf Hm baud
lu Iri'luiiil     will I  good nilifiii-f
timiii tm- llm i-bii-l clly nf ilu< gopher
The term '-bruin storm." which
iiroivsi-d sn muiii eommenl during tbo
prugress ut lhc Tlmw trial, tins been
superseded by a liu'iti fur innre cf-
feiiive,  i. I-.*, "cerebral lypb is."
WHIiillll Whvle, assislnnl In tin-
presiili-nl ul tin- C. P. It., accompanied bv J. S. IX'iinis. wt'slcrii liiuil
cnmuiissionet' nf   Hie same company,
I'.viii.uii. Man   Where !b this trunk .for, sir ?
'J'lii! livii.w.vv Hi' 11.1.1:1:   To Crnnbrook direct.
uud Irom llm interior ul liutininil
This is the whim blow tlml Um met
cul profession bus received iu vim
as many doctors have liccnmn in
lmiiairi's by operating nu lie n
vuiillil lilm In gel in, nml will lul'l't
■HI colliers nl HIS lu lull pounds.
iiu- spin 1 imi gentlcmnn is right in
nis Impression thai Ihere is llgiiling
.'niiii' in, in Cranbruok, The |icoplc
un- llgl uuu   iu    luiprovc the place,
i-l -i   un- llghlliig Iii inula- an b si,
living,  the)   nre lighting  In build up
1 1 unity uf which their children
nml feel proud, Ihey an- lighting   lo
il veln|te Hm resources uf   tbe   country.     \iiv in.m weighing from 138 lo
I Hid pounds should hnve a nmal show
11 in Cranbrook, it Im Is willing
Hi      Hm  11 Im is a miserable,
contemptible      ivvn-bit     meal
ilni  prize fighter, who expects   to
  ! unite 11   Ilium mil   uf  Ibis  world    hv
The heir tu Uu- Spanish throno 1ms  .i,,|,|.imi,..   I:,m  1    iimni iu     lake
been baptised. _   He will go tbroii N   t, hi-,    in-   wuulil   heller slny away
nhrnnk, beeausi' be     would
l.nsl week Uu- Marysville smeller
received 11(10 tons ul ore Irom Uie
Nullum, mini-. The total Irrntcil li)
this smiilcr su tar tins yeal is l-'m
Tbe SI.  Ellgctio mi I  Miiyii- In.l
week ship|ieil ls-J tons nf ore. iiu- tn
majority of the ur,- went tu Uu- Hull la
mines smelter ul Nelson. ,' !<
ibis world burdened wilh Hm l„l
ing    name:     Alfonso   Pio-lhiisi'ini
l-hlw.iidu Kruiiciscn llnilli'ini" Cnrln
l-illlique   Klillaiidn   Allluuio.
A    knocker in ,1 town is iln-  nun
ns .1 traitor to    liis country, 01
si-.ib tu bis trade.
death here
-1 liim sends liis printing mil
when llieru is n piintiiig
■ Ihnl Im- s|n-iit tliiuisnnils
I' in build up .1 film pl.iul
Um men good wag.-s.
In- Ins own iiiiillu-i eat at
'I -.ihii- nml refuse lift the
During Uu- month nf April 2S,0un
immigrants arrived from Hie 1 nlted
States to take il|i homes 111 Hm
Canadian northwest, Evidently tills Tlm llernld [mv-s mil more money
is Canada's growing time Ami yet in sn-lniii-s Hum anv eounlry weekly
they must p.iy esu.i postage lor paper In Canada, and llial' money
their home nepers. ,Is spent lii-iit iu   Crnnlironk.    That
  iis wbv Um llernld is eniit-led lo   Us
South Kast Knolcnny is llu- sports- share nt printing in Ihis town.
man's ,-lysiiiin. ( 	
  Kee|  bnosting Crniihrootc,
Last.   Salurdiiy     William  Kenneily j 	
was drowned inn whisky vat in   Um-   The    whole   Koolennv   vallev will
Walker distillery nt  Walkervilli-. (in-   mm dm- Im n greal fruit orchard.
lario.    Sunie men arc born lucky, - 	
  I    Hid v ver compare the   Herald
Last week members nf tlm American ;wiili nlhcr weekly papers Mini chnrg*
Philosophy society took up Biblcnl ynu lhe same price Ihnl Ibe Herald
history. ' The three main spcahers lines'! If so vnn perhnps have notlc-
wcre Prolessors Paul Hnujit, ol,ed thai llm Herald prims Irom two
.loliiis Hopkins      liiivi-rsiiv.    Haiti-   '" Ovc times as inucli reading mailer
 re; Morris .Jnstrnw, und   Will, |ns oilier weekly papers.       Thnl     is
A.   I.atiihi-rtnn,   professor nl    tlrcek  «"? Hn-   llernhl lends,     ll is     Um
Isitgilage nnd literature nl the Unlvel    pcnplc's populni paper.
sity nt  Ptmisvlvaiiin. iim i-niuiu- 	
sion tile society arrived ai was ihal      I" Crnnhrnnk going nhrnd?     Well,
Um Jmiab    .mil    whnlc siniv is    a  ratlin
mylh.  that Christ never wnliu-il   mi I 	
the water,     hut by the water; llial:    I.'   1:   [lenllle -.nancsls a big union
lhe liver, not tie heart, Is llm senl,  picnW hi-Chin Fellnws al  l-'.lbn   Ibis
of the soul.     All nt liiin might   he  mmmcr.    Would tbat nut bs a hum-
J i
will visil liaiibiiioli nhoul llie l'itb
of next     month,    the party coming
iluWil lhe valley in nlllnlllnbih'S troll]
(luldeii. The visil uf llmsc two
lailway tilflciuls menus considerable
fur liiinbiunli, since upon Iheir invest igu linn of thi' valley will ilcpcml
Uie nnswer in two importniit i|Ues-
I'ions, viz.: the lime nf Hie building
ul the Kiiuli'iiny Cent nil unit llm
pnint where it will conned witb the
liows Nest Puss railway. iim
people uf Crnnbrook, ns well as lhc
people nf Ibis district, nre interested
in Ibe inal'lcl, and il is lu lie hoped
Hint the visit ol Hmse gellllcmeil will
sii He lor nil   lilile llm quest ions    ill
disunite. Criiulrronk uuliir.illv is,
ilfsiiuus nf securing as dose ii connection as possible wilh llie Kooteiiuy Central, but the people nl Cran.
hionk .ue nut 1,1 u hoggish disposition, Thev vvuiii Hn- Knntenny Central built ami liiilll a- snnti ns possible, nml me nlixlnus In hnve
llm suutlmiii terminus nl Crnirhronk
nt near Imle, yet tbey leali/e thnl
Uu- htltlllillg ut lids road limiilis mlli-b
tu the district us a vvlinli- mid everything Hint will lend m promote lhc
liesl Interests nf this district nnturiil-
li will lend io promote the best interests nf Crnnlironk, nml, liierelorc,
even if Ihcy nre     nol  aide lu secure
the terminus at ibis end, the | pic
of Crntfl'iiok are anxious In see llig
prugress on this mad nml Ihal it
will be completed as sunn us possible
wherever il is built. What Cranhrook
wants is lhe development of the dislriel as u whole, fnr with tbat development, Crnittirook must and will
go ahead.
Somebody witb money could make
a good Investment in Cranbiook by
Imiiiliitg collages Ihal would rent
al Irom 112.00 in lin.iiii per month.
There is a demand for houses iif this
nature, ami llm rental wnuld mean a
good return mi the enpitnl invested.
The Calgary Dally News has developed wit hill n tew tnnnlhs into nne
ul the very'best daily newspapers in
Wesiern Camilla Dnn McClillii-u.lv
cnul,I nut du nllmrviise than issue ail
interesting newspaper. He is recognized as nne nt lhe leading jiitinial-
Ists iii Canada, and in coming to Cal-1
EN, your Clothes are not only an "index " of the degree of success
you have attained in life, but are also the outward expression of your
taste and judgment.
"20th Century" Brand Clothes
Have that touch of taste and quality which marks a man of position and
refinement. It is good business for men to give this matter due consideration. It is dollars in your pocket, and ofttimes the way a Suit fits, the way
it looks on you, or in other words, the way the Suit makes you look (note
ihe press comments on Sir Wilfrid Laurier over 'ome), is the difference
between success and failure. First impressions go a long way with
strangers. Be careful of that first impression, and one way to exercise
that care is to wear a. " 20th Century " Suit of Clothes.
..in  i -lalillsli .i    new newspaper.
i,,s.> win. knew liim tell nssureil
Iml llu- [it'ople i-i (.Vltttti1)' iiml Un*
llsliicl 11 iliin.in In ih.il fily would
In* liini-iiii-.l ihi-ii'ln. There is no
In 11 ii |i,ipi-i wesi nf Winnipeg Hum
il,,- r,:k,n>  Dally News.
Hinee ito strlkn Hn* price M coal
ins     Kiinc up M< In 20 per cent.    It
is ilir saint' irhl dt-orv, Uu- consume.
hum   |u\   llu* ensl   nf sliiki's,
-l...-i|iii ||. Thompson, a (Irand
Triiuk cinuliiclor, wus sentenced tu
iln* pi'iiiii'iiiiiirv lust  week nller   lie-
' nihil      guUty   uf    I'lllim; iislt-rp
mi liis inn nnd permitting   his
'i   a    in cnlliile     with ii pnssimger
hy whleli three lives were Inst.
IV i-ase Ims   aUrneted a great ilcn-1
lent km among railroad men all
C'anndn, especially as ito   con-
i was mi a run thnt look extra
long   hours, five    days in the week,
i' in i'K-1 limn any man with such
'esponsiliillly nn'   his   shoulders
Iil wink.     ' Hero   in Cranlirook
there Ims heen much eommenl iinmng
Hit1 railway men, and il is -mill thirl
tin* saim- filing might happen on   the
Rome lime,     as lhc run     from
Kniii.iiitv  Lauding  In Medicine    Hal
nd from ihe     Hal  In   the Landing
wis  Inn lung for anv man to     run.
Il lakes   iu   Uie    nelghhorhood    ol
twenty hours io make thai run, ami
tlml is in,) long for any mail In be Iu
linrge nl ;(   passenger train.      M is
run ll lidiu-lnrs lay over a   day
hut iisitnn- cannot he satislied iu that,
manner, and somcrtlniCB there may be
a serious accident due to Ihe overworked condition of Uu* conductor,
lie is the man in charge of the
train. Upon his attention in business rcsls the safety id all the pas-
si'iiu,eis on the train, I.il his mind
lie clouded by weariness, let him he
iisleep an Imiir, and there is un telling uii.it ui.iv happen, and then the
nubile wo'lld hi.nne hiui ami saj Ihal
ln< was not a 'i' man fnr the position. I'tlllllc safely ili'inands slim let'
runs Im railway men, and llie Lord
knows lhat Ihere are Inn many railway H-celdeiils these days llmt seemingly eaiinnl lie avoided' willumt lak-
Ing uuii.eessaiy chances fur inure.
CIIITord SiMnu is dining with dukes
and lords iu file Old Country. Tbe
wav seems pleasant for Mr, SlftOli,
ami he is   tiiuly    enjoying the giunl
Itiini-s *fi this earth.
Young inaii, live within your Income, No greater mistake ean bo
made by any young man, no matter
what his salary is, than to fail to
live within his Income. It tends to
lead him into a life of extravagance,
thai m-.iv in Ihe years In come
bring about absolute failure ami uu-
happiness for him and his. i
For political purposes Ihere arc a
few hi'de-buund Conservative papers
I throughout the Dominion uf Canada
Ihal have sneered at Sir Wilfrid
!,aur|er and the course ihat he has
pursued while in London. Sir Wilfrid is representing Canada un this
mission and not the Liberal patty;
He typifies by hi-, prwenut there   at
| the conference all that is progressive,
'all that is great, all that- is uttrae-
In Canada, and no citizen oT this
11 Dominion is loyal to bis enuu-
and liis Hag who' will cast slurs
ui any individual occupying that po-
iiion iilnontl.
There is considet-nblo fault being
full ml over the fact that Craubimik
has a luiii-rcsidi-iil mayor, t/mle
often matters come up that require
the attention nf tbe mayor of      the
icily, and as Ml. Kinlay lives at Hie
Sullivan mine, naturally it is impos
silile- fun him     tn give ' these matters
| the necessary attention.
There are [lenple who have stupped
their co|iy nl lhe Herald, uni others
wlm refuse-.tUNtil-setihe for lhe |ia|ier,
Hul ihey>»# nmd it, licciiuso they
will bor-owa copy each week from
Iheir 'lei-rfrimrs. We don't blame
them. - iThey appmdnte a R'»™' thing,
and will* nnt do without  the Herald.
The Herald lakes off its hat to the
school trustees. The Herald has
advocated Hie painting of the school
building and the establishment of a
high school iu Cranbrook. The
Iritsteos are going to push both projects to, a successful issue. Watch
Cranbrook grow.
r.ii.e notice thai John Olmrlm
Staeey, of Ciaubioiik, rmicher, ban
applinl lo r (terililsslflti in piilolmso
.the following described lands: Com*
iiienejng at a |Hist plnntol fort y
chuius south of tbe south-west cot
ut-r ol Lot li.iHH, Ihence in chains
cist, thence -10 chains nortli, llioucfl
Hi chains west, theuce 411 chains
suuih to the point ot commencement,
containing Km acres, mole or less.
Objection must be tiled with the
Assistant Commissioner ol Lands anil
Works at Cranbrook on or Iwfore llm
Nth day of July, 1907.
John Charles Staeey.
Dated the 81b of May, |!I07.       x i,t
Vancouver, Mav 20.—It has     been
definitely,    deeided     Uiat the I'rinee
Rupert* townsite will not b* put   on
the market t*U year. T1IK CBANKBOOK LLEltAJ.il"
We are now ready  to dispose of  15,000 shares of
mw.'wma*»<i'r** ■,■■ ■     >*#•-«. #->,'_--_•*«
At One Dollar per share, par value
This   is   the  only   stock to be open to the public   to enable the Company  to
commence  operations.
Machinery has just arrived.   Prospectus and samples can be seen at our office.
Write us for further particulars.
BEALE & ELWELL    -    =    =    Official Brokers
W*M iV-Tcd _ *_P
r-__M_,r*-**-7 _r*__
Y'Jr*M iV-tya-V-P
■ -I,  vi
rioyij /< *VV
-,-f 111,1 tiomjiluiniitg ,
on.    Ayearilgo'we iv
Increase* niBl ,,l living, nnd
Ilinii Cicii iv lliillot at 30c.
1 anv quantity ih not procur-
Inl yi'.UH, ll'llti nil' llU lllll t|nl
I.lllll llll llll III
nm dny vuili a
11 mull'. We hopo fnr i<
it- |ili'iililiil «ll|i|ily .,( Hi,
ilili'illnlri 1 1'liluf il.
There lire other Advances in tlie Wholesale Market that
have imi ycl nflccletl iln- Consumer
tl.iiii- Iuu ii'li.iiii-i-,l -.ii,' per
-.1.1..vuili ni-tuiiii Ianollior
wli-anee thin ivuek.
We Sell Ogilvle'u
lint] ho hint* aw our present
*tni*k la-i-4 (ubout two wuekh]
our price will remain an now, %'.\.'.
f^l:!,J.|   '
fil'li   '■'' 'V'-y m
«j*_»Ml** CWIW
have advanced in price, anil Home ,,1,1 reliable brands iuu mil proctlr-
ul'li' at tiny limine.   We huvi. Ht ill ill our I'ellnrH iiitiny I'uaeB ui
hirst Grade Canned Vegetables and I'ruils
nnd wo sell at the old priee..   We quote a lew staple.:'—
Wc Guarantee the Quality of Everything in our Grocery Departmenl
G. T. ROGERS, The Grocer, Cranbrook
Tiill.tn uMM|-
A magnificient collection of Lawn and Silk Blouses, probably the   '
^   largest in the trade.   New styles, beautiful materials, and the work-   S*
w   manship the very best.     It' you are in need of Summer Blouses you   W
M    sliiiiil.l set; nut- ilisnl.-iv &
should sec out- display.
Sizes from 32 to ,|.( prices range from 75c to $q.so.
Special  new lines from 30c. to $2.50 per yard.
B. C.
HY  ASKlvrl  Ol'ESTlONS 111'
Ire fnr lint summer days.—The
I'.ilui, jiliom- Ml.
Home iiiiuli' r.uitly, .fresh dully. Tlio
I'nliii, phono 111.
Sumlais, David Hnrnms ,nul Immpte.
-Tho I'nliii, phono Ml.
The new ieo Imlilili' gobble nkoop-
sky.-Tho I'nliii, phono III
A,      Si-I Iflllllllt        III 111 f ll lusl
Siilurilny from u nip tn the i-asl.
U'e nro hero In keep ynu cool tins
Rummer. Btwlley A Uklns, phono
Ban II,live, I Ilo will Innvvii rancher
nl llm St. .Marys valley wii In town
last Sun-day.
Prank Olnpp was in lown a low
days lusl wi-i-k nml leil on Snliinlny
lor Yahk.
Wiliiani Rollins spenl si-n-i.il ilav-s
with friends nl Miirysvllle and in lite
valley tliis week.
The foot'hnll hoys an- liriu-l Icing on
the reeren I inn grounds nliiinsl every
evening these days.
Prank Dickinson was helping at lhe
Wentworth ihis week during iln- nh-
si-ni-o nf Will linllins.
WANTISD-A wnllross, al Crcslnn
linlrl, Crcston, tl. I'. Apply al
hotel nr tbu ollice, 8-tl
The Crnnbrook hunil is doing steal
work Irt'se days and an- riitiilctl lo
a Vast amount of credit.
Mis. .1. II. Scott leaves tliis week
tor Moose .law where sin- will visil
lu-r parents for several weeks,
Loo Francis sirrivisl from the const
the liil'ter pail of lasl week In visit
liis mother, who is sick in the hos-
kinds and al prices thai will niaki-
Itu-iii Rood investments, tl. 1'. Tisdale. 8-tl
{   (frilf is now an attractive n e , m
| many Cranhrook people arc t-njoyini
i this Iim- nt sport.
!   I-:    I..     I'hudlelsii,    j.m     ii
Superintendent l-ilhlock ai i'..l
1 it.nv, ciiine in Insl Sunday mil. Sup
llilll.-Mill III    If 1 If k- llll 111      I'lillHi-lif
1 is one nl    lhe     ('   I'   It    n wl,.
islands high  in  If- councils nl Hi
colllfinny ami there ate If * let thing!
ail. .ul inl  llilll.
I William TilltIr has heen nppoii -.-i
Halm- warden Im iln- FitiiIi  'Ii • icl
I Tin' nppolnttnenl wns a grcnl com
pllmcnl in Mi T11Ilie, ns l.i- ia nn
a iiii-miii-i nl iln- |,,ii-i  ,,. power   11
jilns province, hut In- m-ngnl fl 111
tn-ss fnr iln- posilion rendered (heap
I pointmcnl nl   nny m.i- ol in in     -if
Itllstrict an Impnsslhlllty.
!      As   tin-   Still   ,.l   M.-v    1   f   . .   ,.-    !■■■
day this year iln- S ituril -   ■
hns In-i-ii official!)   -II
also,     iinli-  tie- hankers ami    publii
ulllll.ll- Will III- .,1.1.- tn I,]..- .,,]-. -.1
.nil'     nf    lllis       .11 lalf-flii. nl. Tl '
llll,iliilili   nf   till.  1    hi,,,  uni    ,,,.
:men, will   have in    if-p nn wm im
i nisi ih,- sum,'.
! Tins is the inn,' ni 'ii 1,vi -In
I'vi'i-vlimiv should i-\ -ri I.- .-,, rv pn
.-.■uli> ti in pi,-vi-i,1 111- li 1 ' ai
easy mnller In the iln   ■-. on -..
I a town nflre, ami    one nl 1]	
i ways in iln it  is  in allow  .    	
ruliWsh in     limn nif f.i. Tin
'i.ii.-iim nf lhe vvin.l m.iv  mean     iln
lloss     nl   miii'li     vain il.li-   pro|icrli
Think nf lllis when yon an- i i i,.
up ynur premises.
i! I'i in-: wiui t; »
;:  SALE PRICE, $1.00  }
c. c. s.     :
Tin- Crnnhrnok foundry nml machine
.hops has installed 'a large lathe
'l.i, week lhat will ni..hi,- ih" coin-
aii)   H, nil-ally enlarge its field      ,,i
(in- Staples Ii-ii last Sunday foi
ai- ..1,1 homo in Stillwater, Minn..
■: I      i'\|,H-'.      in      he      absent
 i a month       Mi.   Staples    has
In-.!, working nighl .mil dav lhc pas-i
■-.in in ii ihs -..-iinif liis greal planl in
hapo . ii i now thai all i- working
-. i! ami with In- excellent staff, he
i:. . ■ liiu-ii v in lain- a few   weeks
Charles   Klingensniith, nf the   Klk
otel   III   Kl'.'f     was  in     town last
Saturdl V   .iifl       Sun.lav     anil   II   kepi
liim liu-i shaking hands with his
numerous friemls in Uus community,
■ I      K in ., i,-mini   is   .,     Kootenay
„i.i whercvci I.- Is known ho
' i      There     la   nol    ., yellow
in   I'll lie) -   makeup,  ami  all
Mil    I If ia hi wishes fm  In Ml   his
-,:..-1 estimable wile i- all tin- pros-
- rin- an.l Impplni-ss lb.il any human
lielniis f.u, liavi- in ihis world.
'   l-'i.il Smyth, "f lire    Moylo Leader,
--.:,-,-•■ -..    leave fm Montreal     ami
■ iliei ensterii points in \i month lor a
i. nib's vai-ii       Mi.  Smyth   tins
■-.- ., i n.l vvorkei Im Moylo and tbo
I nf and In- is I'liiiili'il I,, the good
'i - ■ .-i -In- enrlb ll is an even
M 'iiai l,e will he mistaken Im
I'i -mi. i MeBride wberevei If ti.es
ami lie will In- ahlc tn carry ..in tho
' harai loi in pcrlecllon.
; i I'.-il, Mai-Swain, the Itinerant
journalist and nm- nl the hrlghtesl
parugraphers in ('.uiaila, will have
charge nl Uu- Moyie l.cadoi iliirinn the
absence nl Editor Smvili     The (act
llial  Mr. Mai-Swain will iln the heavy
».nl. nn the l.e.uli-i    Inr Unit month
is „   sufficient g -anlec llial      the
 Pi  Moylo will ml suit.-!     I«t
'In- loss <>t ment,.I pabulum, hut the
Lord help ihe hypocrites, sycophants
l.illll phallsees    while ' I'eck" is        ia
iiniii',' ni the editorial columns nf tho
I l.eailiil.
Mis    IV.   II    I'i.'l;.     who  :..,      pi
'if   l.i-t iif-f-i.    month!    ■•■ tl
IdaugHcr, Mr K E. Simpson expects ti. leave or. Suinlav i..: P< ri
laml lo    visil ber   othei     daui
I Mi-   K   E. Smiih
!   Hi. (Iieiii, W, II   Wilson,      i    -
j Ryan and W.     K. Werden have
rangeil to put it. flreprool sldewalki
In other words they will have Edgai
' Davis lay cement  walks fm  -i-
iheir residences.
T  E  Snnth wa- able lo leave
I hospital   last    Sunday and go
! anil will   111 a lew days' In- able
resume Ins duties ut the ly
hotel barber simp Tommj
Irlemls will be pleased to - -■ !.
j liis   post   again.
i   Mr  Coleman,     who wn. ■ I ii
(•a .1   .1   Bury when ■;..•-  .•■ Men
was -ii|i,-tnii,-i.l.-ii' nn -if- ' row, and
.whn has been willi Mi   Bur) ,   thai
CapaClt)   llllllli.'   all   nl      tin-    lilll
promotions Unit have neon given --i
Mi Bui)-, is now- slated f.,i a
intendeney and may come wesi li i
very short lime tn take charge nl a
division. Mi, Coleman was married
in a former Crnnbrook lady, Mi -
Annie (Irani. and siine
their       marriage       the) havo
heen residing in Winnipeg. The
many friends In Cranhrook nl Mi.
and Mrs. Coleman will be pleased lo
learn of Mt. Coleman's deserved promotion.
To be  Sold at  $1.5(1
C. C. S.
********************** THK   CltA-iNBROOK    HKKAI.O
News of the District
Written by Bright Correspondents and Gleaned Irom Newspapers
; %
I       CO PLAINS ♦
♦ ♦
(From out own cor res,widen t )
Ladies pastu this    ou youi  lulrroi
ami {-fins iu your but:     "Ten ye-us
ago,'' su]~*l a -Maiiltulra l.ilim-I, "1 [Hll
ui)   uiiti.ils on a dollar lull, Mid     Ito
m-vi duj wt'ui Into town ami biwui u
with a merchant, Bolore tli ■ yeal
-Aas oui lie gut Ua- dullui lull back
thief linn*.*., me time* in Did aea\
Iwu years Ibe dollai entne bach lu
luui lot produce aud manj a tlmu be
ln-aid and SUW il in lin- Imiids .1 r. i
liuckotu oi bis iieinliboi*,. lhc la i
tiiiii* lie tol H, live ji-ai.i ago, be tieui
it, to a ".Mail 01 am siweui ulioji.
llu bun nol seen tlie dullal since and
lie nevi'i Will. That dullui wul
iiuvci  pay any more school ul    ruaJ
tax   lui   111 in,   will   IMJVtfl   liiulil   up     in
lingUli'lj .my oi tbe homos ul Uiu
community, lie soul il iiiLiivl) uul
oi tm* circle ui usciuinehs, to iuuiscij
auu bis neighbors, anu u„ tue     vuij
people wliu UJt'leol tlie highest |>l l< ■ >
lor men labuui llial i.ttteii these suul
Uusttoynig sweat shops. Lei iis
A   Spokane      pail)   left     Uuusvitle
uiih a ji.ti'ii train foi tin- l'lalhea.i
oil Ileitis. Tlicie was about u tliMun
in Uu* party. The guvuiumeal in
lemls piiuiii-, this route Into the
KluUinul m _')uil shape this summer,
as hundreds oi peuple will lake tins
joule inlo ibe I'laiheud and Wigwam
this summer, As Itousville is Uiu
iiraresi supply point lu ibe Kurtn
Fork ot tlie Klatbead euuulrj ami
uiily iii i mi miles Ui iln- Uig'Wain
erusslug, puck horses .nul guiiles a.
ways on baud.
Mi. Alcliitosh, of Spokane, Is registered al Uu* llotli i buuse,     lie   is
looking "in  Uu- iii.nl deposits hero.
William Tuttle, alia-. Hill Tuttle
name wunleti for this district, was in
feljko tins week, Tlie appointment ol
Mr. Till tu* to llu- positluii i.s a i'ei)
popular one witb every one m the
Fernie district aud buili Un- game
and lisb will gel a square deal.
Treat ynur Inloriors as you would
have your superiors treat you.
There are some people in Klko
sn pious that wfceu tiny go lisliin*- ou
Sundays tbey piny to the Lord for
good luck.
Tom Letcher, of Feruie, wns In
Klko looking over what might have
Ween line Tijmerary apple,grpves ihis
summer, which promises lo bo a good
one for dry ranchers.
William Bine, of the Pn-.li & Livingston mills, went up in Cranbrook
this week for u short visil witb
\V. H. McKay was in town [mm bis
Iti!*, Morn Basin ranch this week.
There was a party of Scotchmen
got soaking wet on the Bonnie, Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond the other
Mr, aud Mrs. Hummingbird ha\e
arrived in Klko from the south for
Uie season and are making arrango*
ment** lo build their nest in popl.n
"No," said lhc millionaire, "I am
not going to leave any of my money
for the promotion id higher education, hut 1 may leave enough of it tn
found an asylum (or Un* unfortunates
whom over-education has rendered
incapable of earning their own living."
m.i pi nu
Mi^s Pi
.,-  Snowdrop, Ouindrop,
Hardtack   and     Cake
as presided ; -»•>*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
in .md  Miss ( ♦ w
were   the  x *-**r-r-*.«.ii--* ♦
othing man is     ne
in  (hat's good    bv
nay- hi
, was crowded this week   wilh
uus. pencil pushers, rowboal
fake i basers, front door   uivd
i mi, romancers, dned trull,
hoots nnd overall drummers,
■■vi ml    millionaires,    lumber
and i.uli->>id directors.
i ,i man begins lo net UM be
s keep his Imi rut short lie-
I.,   n-ali/es Ui.il  In* can't have
lown i
Michel, wit
hoir.   tin
in KII	
i' same   girl    who makes     lour
,,i  a    cream   chocolate puts
nine hairpins in her mouth   nt
when taking down her eoifiure.
ej Imvte nisi ,it rested a man froiui
'i ml, Slate in Montana for a
iei eommltted in 18118, Some
le will never learn to let by-
- he bygniies.
Waldo, ol Waldo, the big mill-
own i.ti Ui* K.mi,-ii,iv river, ami
rt\ ol minimum* millmen, were
., llm
7.1-1 In
in troll
lo    111.
iii>.> ol Mali.ni noblemen Irmn
,, who ..ii- gnosis of the (lre.it
■in railway nl this point,     n-
i    eniisigumenl     of  provisions
UliilHi-.il,    Molilalia,   this   wee!
ling nf lour hundred   leaves    of
nm' -mull mul I ou, a box     of
Wi and i wo cases of dynamite.
[From The Ferine Free Press.)
Mrs.   \\    \\
m-s.lav night.
Iv icstored u
Fnsler, of Uie
in oi Ciilgarv, i
i'Klk., tins week
.1. Y. Orlflln
is   (101111;   lllisi-
hI  Klki
iri* gelling ns numerous
lion's grautilnted sugar
•by    Irlflcs-mosllj
v.is pay duy at Ibe mills along
ii- Knntiiiiiv river lasl week. Nliu-
Miibs »f iln- banking business for
In. whole district is done in Crau-
ri ok, the res I is divided lielwei n
•einic, i',il.:,nv .mil Kalispell. Moti-
n.i A hank in Klko would pay
•'tier iban any town in llie Crows
iest Pass. Big mills nre going in
II around here. Come to Klko and
I-'  in nn the ground Hour.
niil Man Simpson," nt lhe Cran-
tnok Herald, asks if we ever knew a
.iter town Iban Cranhrook. "Never,
'11 Man, ni.lv Klko."
v     evciiimr
muse.     Mis'.
Rev, II. K.
e will Ih* held on
nt S p.m. Ill the
Toddhiinler will
Al. Cosgrove will
Men   are   led
F. J. Watson, of Fernie, was an
Klko visitor tliis week.
A little bit of that useful commodity usually known as common
sense, will go as far us a 1)11 ot
Liuiherger cheese it carefully applied.
There's a lot of people In Klko
hollowing (or soeial     reform, In
other  words  they  want   to wash   the
dog without get ling bis skin wet.
Many a woman's blushing beauty
wins her a fortune, ami mnnj ...
man's gall does tbe same.
Don't knock. Trade with youi
home merchants and help build tip
your own community, Boost foi
Klko M offers the heal Inducement*
fm lhose in search ol health, wealth
or pleasure In Snulli Kast Kootenay.
Come io Klivi and let us show you
Mrs M V Millclt, of lhe Hotel
Columbia, who recently hou*,hi Con
vent-Ion ball ami grounds, is linvlng
ihe grounds put (uiu garden, flowers
and fruit.
Mr. Lencey is making some tine Improvements around Norway cottage,
Truro avenue.
Tli** painters and decorntors have
completed their operation* nt the
Hoffman bouse, and restful sleep are
guaranteed tourists, local or otherwise, visiting this wllh-nll-the-com-
Harry Martin was in town this
week from Klkiiioutb trying to raise
several "Kathleen Mavourneen
Loans." It may be for years or it
may be forever.
I* Uie winter lasts much longer,
0 Maker nt little apples when will
the horvesl he.
♦ Z
(From the Moyie Leader.)
It is said tlml .lames Mannarino,
,lm lives un bis ranch at Sirdar,
i(-juiced exceedingly when be learned
ihal his nephew, Paul, bad jumped
iliun the train, en mule to the penitentiary, and was killed. The reason
why .lames made tbe occurrence the
occasion of so much hilarity and rejoicing ins lead of mourning, was bis
conbrmed belief Uiat if the nephew
i ver succeeded in making his escape
irom the penitentiary he would not-
rest easy until lie completed the
work he began at Sirdar
,i few weeks ago. It aji-
pears thai Uiis was not the first
'tme Paul Mfiniuil'liio had heeu before
Uie court on a serious charge. Berne he hi) Italy he had killed a
..miller. lie was Hied and     found
-ullty, Iml    before the hour    set (or
carrying mil  ibe sentence he escaped
ml came to Canada.
P, .1. Bonner, foreman at. the St,
Kugene, intends quitting the mine
.ilinlil .ini.1- [Irsl ami will leave ou a
trip io Ireland nhoul a mnuih Inter.
lie will take m Uie liuhlin fair.
D.   C.  L.
** < ii . Murphy _ Fisher,
** rv.i... /- •  •       ..      .   ' '' ' I I'arllanwntarjr,    Departmental    and
xx Distillers Company, Limited is.     '^_£^g.„t.
♦ ♦ * '' *   Practice  Before  Railwav  Cnminlssion
Cier .\   Moffat!  have
ilon  .-.nine iiiiii'iie curios in the
ot    stumps oil which the tree*
Ihtii      cul     by     the    beuvei
Hosmer. The       cut       oi
li.-.iM'l will      nilllpiile        1,1."
wm.i ihe am- work ol many a
who considers himsell a clu
From Uu* nature ol their cut it in
evident that the sagacious animals
li.nl ronsideied the direction lu which
y wished to drop Uieii trees and
gnawed accordingly. Tie exhibit i-,
attracting cunshlerable allenltuu.
Mrs. K. li. Ha/ell ami family left
for Lethbridge ou last night's express. A large crowd of friends
wen- at   the station   lo sec  Uiem  oil.
'Unit     departure   will he a distinct
loss to the community.    Mr. H.i/ell,
with liis robust   bass voice,  Im
a most valued   member of tin- Pn
bvii-rian church choir and holh he a
lae   Misses I l.i/.el I have always   lie
willing to assist in any local entertainment  for a  worthy cause.   Then
many  friends, among  whom  tbe Frci
Press would like tn be Included, wish
I hem every success ami happiness ii
their new home.
Mrs.   W.   Reynolds has gone on
\isit  to Urunbvook.     The family
to Meilit-ine Hat shortly,
I). C. I.. Scotch 12 Years Old
R. P. Rithet & Co., Limited
Victoria, British Columbia
Murphy & fisher.
Practice Belore Railway Commission
Charles Murphy. Harulii Fisher.
**i* *^Ww^i*P*lw*^ew?Vtp~i^~S^^V^l^^V^^P^^>]V^l^^^^H^H^l^^M^^P^^V^^V^lvW^^V^lM^^
The mil
their usua
Coal Creek ,
.n Michel.
w. w.   i
SllI'VCV  of  Canada,      was  in
mi MondllV and Tuesday nf Ui
accompanied by Mis. Leach
Leach went over to Vancouver on
Wednesday morning wilh the Intention of going nnrlh by the Princess
.May, lie spenl last summer in the
TeKwa country, having been chiefly
engaged in delimiting the eoal and
copper areas of the Telkwn valley.
In- ensuing field work season will tie
spent iu continuing tliis wnrk.
All Austrian fakir, styling himstlf
Andrew Villas, was arrested in Ho**
mer on Wednesday charged with
vagrancy and obtaining money under
false pretenses. Ho bad bis baud
wrapped up in innumerable bondages
ami told a bard luck story of being
destitute and unable to work. When
ii nurse removed the wrappings from
his hand it was found that lie bad
Inst pails of two tigers nhoul tm
years ago and Was otherwise iu
firsi-cluss    condition.      lie   carriid
three pocket honks in which was $((5
in small change. Magistrate Cole
lini'd the man $2(1.(10 and costs amt
prescribed a course ot travel.
The foundation for lhe new posl
ollice hns been commenced.
1ft*-*. II. L. Kempt on, pnslor ot the
Ha litis! ehureh. will preach bis farewell sermons on May 211, us on the
following week be ami bis family are
departing for Vermillion, Alberta, hi
take up the work there.
The Coal company have purchased a
new compressed air locomotive for
use iu the Michel  mines.
Mrs. K. K. .1. Forster, of Spar-
wood, left for Selkirk. Alan., on
Wednesday evening. She bad just received word that her brother had died
n the hospital at Port Arthur as a
csiill of injuries received in a railway accident a sliorl time before.
There is a riknI opening iu
or ,i paporlumger and pahitet
mil   iln
P.- li. II.
day rrom Ins
i's paradise,
ngliug tor Un*
veil  rewarded.
el unfiled Sun
i Nelson   and
i.li- nf ihe Movie Methodist
o i,e lined     wiib metallic
ek McTnvlsh, ot the Hotel Koo-
v, was Irnnsncling business in
ihronk  Monday.
iu Uie Cranbrook
a I lack     ot     the
Miss Itosie Rosedrop, of Pine Apple '
creek.   Tobacco     Plains,    was      Hiojtli
charming hostess   nt a    ten Tuesday  H
Afternoon.      The     tea    table, which  th
was artistically   decorated In yellow In
(ieo. Whitehead i:
hospital w Ith .m
D.ive Angus,     who fell down     a
chute'al the Lake Shore last   week
ami was quite    severely injured,     Is
now <>i" of the hospital and will he
ready lo return In work before long.
Mrs, R. II. Senhrook arrived Ibis
week from Montreal nml will spend a
few weeks wilh her daugfcler, Mrs.
(Dr.) Il.irvie.
W. D. Hill, wile and children
wore up from Cranhrook last Sunday
ami spenl lhc dav with Mr. and Mrs.
K   A. Hill.
There was -, -jood sized gathering al
n given by Messrs. Diumek A-
l.c.i    Momlay in honor   of
Ing eiinrgc of ibe Oosmopoli-
(From The Fernie Ledger.)
The output of the mines is gradual
y growing, aud will soon be hack
o Uie normal figures.
To-day is payday, and the amount
paid out will, of course, be very
small. There are now about l,OUU
men working at Coal Creek and
more tlmn aim are working at Michel.
With the mines 1111111111-* al full
capacity, the mills are all going, the
1 wo government buildings going up
and the city sewer plant being planted, it won't Im* necessary to halloo;
"Watch Feruie Growl"
Mr. Huntington, of Vancouver, has
taken Mr. White's place as teller tu
Um Hank of Commerce
1. Mntbcson, of Blairmore,
■ mibltsher of ihe [llnirmore
which suspended simie months
ago, has been removed from Ihe
i.o.inl nf license commissioners for
this district nml .lames Robertson,
ot" Pineher Creek, who formerly lived
m Frank, has been appointed io Till
Uie vnenncv. Mr. Robertson sat for
ihe first lime .it the meeting of lhe
board held in Frank ln-dav.
■ M  ll.ii    I
May pi,—Two hundred
ive business and profes-
of Spokane will visit Fer-
auil Cr.i]ili],,nk this sum-
excuisinn to he arranged
mber of commerce of this
iiic, Moyh
mer on ni
hv ihe d
Tlm excursionists will be accompanied hv the Spokiine hand, under
■h diroctinn of Mr -vl-lph Kirchner.
The excursinn will be made iu ;,
special train over the Spokane-Inlcr-
nationnl line, ihe latter part ol June,
occupying l wo davs. The party will
le headed bv F. K. fioodall. president
nf the chamber of commerce, and the
tour will he mnnnged by L. 0 Monroe, secretary of the organization.
In the i.isi days of the confederacy
Genera] Longslrect observed a snl-
ilit-i in tattered clothing standing in
innd and a heating rain during a
temporary lull of the column, The
soldier wns soliloquizing fnr the
benefit nf lhe bystanders: "I love
my eountrv," he said. "I could
■iie for my country. 'Breathes there
.1 man with soul so dead. Who never
10 himself hath said: This is my
own, my native land'!' Hut if I ever
gel lhroic-.li with this war—H 1 do
gel 'IJM'Ougli sure enough—I'll be
dnmned if I ever fall in love with
another country."—Rx.
ai   cheekei   in  Ibe
, has 1  I1.1n.v-
Mr. K. W   King,
C. P. R. yank hei
felled   to  Nelson.
Dr, Cnrsiiii visited Wnsa t.ist Sunday and      spent      a  day ol   two with
Mi's Cims.ui .md clilldren, who had
been enjoying some days of real ami
quid at that pleasant place, They
ret ii i neil  to  (own Tuesda y  Inst.
M. I. Gordon, Infc ot the Hank of
Commerce staff, left Wednesday
morning to take a position on the
slaff at Princeton, H. C. Mr. Gordon leaves many warm, personal
friends In Fernie, who will wish him
well in his new field.
Tbe C. P. It. was lined lasl Saturday for violating lhc new Lord's Day
Act, Fine and costs amount to
j I.M i. All this happened just over
the mounlains in our young sister
province of Alberta. A provincial
line and ■■ mountain range make a
great difference in the temperature ot
jusl ice, sometimes.
A party of 20 Knglish immigrants
arrived at tbe C. P. R. station
Thursday morning. They will re-
niniii in' Fernie. Are tliese agricultural lahorers?
A. G. Ross, who has held'the posilion of accountant in the Hank of
Hamilton here, has severed his connection with that bunk, and is    nuw
thai under the provi-
-iotis of Section 223, Chapter Al,
!!e.is«»l Statutes of Canada, I Will,
iln* Canadian Pacific Railway Company, as Lessees and exercising the
franchises of the Hrillsli Columbia
Southern  Railway, intends to   apply
m  ihe   Hoard of    Railway Ct iis-
shiners for Canada, afler ihe explra-
li f torn  weeks [mm lhe dale   nf
Uu- Jirsi publication of ihis notice, ot
so soon Iheieafier as Ibe application
can be heard, for authority in   con
si 1,  ma ] nla in ami operate hrnneli
lines of the Itiiiish Columhln Southern Hallwuj. commencing nl a pnint
otl ihe said'II. c. S. Railway, iu Lot
2(1, Group 1. Kast Kootenay His
iml, and running from theuce in a
ninth wesietiv direction lo points on
said     Lot  30   the   locatl d which
said proposed branches is more par-
licularly shewn mi a map of plan.
piofllt* and hook of icfeiinc. deposited
in ihe Nelson Registry Office, R, (V,
on ihe Mlh dav of Mav, 111(17, as No.
5311-I.T. notice of which deposit is
also hereby given pursuant io llr*
provisions of llie said set-lion.
C. Drinkwater,
Haled  Ibis  I8II1 dav of May, A. 1).
1907. HI I
- sin.1. Tin-: ouiiKit
c. c. s.
Mens lliix Calf Shoes, $2.50
lloijiilnr, *l.uu
Manitoba Hotel
Headquarters for
The Miitiiliilmi. ,-eiitrnlly Inenteil nml liiiHoimot llie l,e.| ilitijn^rniiiiia
in Hie i-lly.   The lull- ia Hil|,|.|ie.l willi the Lent nt l,ii]llorn nml ttigtir.
t'UKm-ENT l.iiimi-: Nn. Hit
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meet. «»erj Tuesday at a p. m. al
New Fraternity Hall.
A. 0. Bowness, l'. 0.
K. A. Small, K. nl It. ,1' S
Visiting  krethrti  cordially tolled
to altcal.	
I.II.I1.F.    Key UU) Iodic
No. 41. Meet, ntrf
Monday    uikIiI    at
New     Kralernlty    Hall.      Sojourn-
tut Oddlellow. eordlally Invited
  F. II. McKay,
tr.Nl.riHi. I.odic, Nu. i,
A. I'. *.A. M.
liegular meeting, oa
Ik. third I'lini >J.«
ol .very uioatb.
Vt.ltlnt tietl n welcomed.
IV. F, Atrldge, Sec'y.
Edward Hlwell, IVU.
Library Voting Contest
Tliis i-li'uinil Lilirnry mul H.-imiIsihih- case will lie given by vote to
llm Lodge, Sm-ii'ly. Church nr School in Criinlirook ,,r Oiutrit aei-uriiiK
tlnilitrguBt uiiinlii'i'ul' viiirs in tlir t'lilluwiui; inttiiiior:
Tho iiii-n-liiiiils lisli-il below will give will) every ten .-e.it |)iin-lin«e
one vote.. The contest liegins Felirnury 8lh, 11H17. ami I'loaen .lime
L'lst. I'.ihT. A Inilinl linx is |ilni'i'il in lli'iiilii' ,V- Ateliiaon'a ilrug store
where votes lire to In- deposited. At the close of the contest the
Church, Sclniiil. Society or Lodge hnving the largest nnmlier of votes
will lie aivardeil tin- Library. Citrrenl accounts when promptly pnid
will I.m entitled to votes.
Remember  voles  can   only 1
inerelutiitB listed lwlow.
Eiu-li week the Herald wil
tlie ciinleKtiiiils.
rcceivetl by  trailing with tlie
announce the respective standing of
Flour and Feed
Implements and
Harness .  .  .
Campbell & Manning
(irnccries, Irtiil. and
Confectionery and
Beattie & Atchison
P. Bums & Co McCALLUM & CO
A. l. McDERMOT Dezall Bros.
Wine .iiid Spirit Merchant BLACKSMITHS
lhe B. C. Livery Stable
B. H. Short & Co.
Painters and Decorators
Wall Papers
Cartage and Transfer Co.
{Warehousing, Coal
and Oil Agent.. . .
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors,
J. T. I.AIBLlt. n. k
Drink Home Beer
It Is Pure
.    It li Healthy;
It Is the Beat
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Cranbrook Aerie 967
Meet evety   Ktiilny     evening at 9
|i 111.
I'lus. Sniltli, W.P.
M. 1). Uilltngs, Secretary.
Visiting bretbrea corilially milled.
Meet at B. ol L, F. Hall 2nd  and
.tb Saturday each moulb.
Visiting br.tbrea always welcout
T. Boyter, Jas. _. Larrlgaa,
W. li. Sec'y.
W. F. aURD,
BirrUtcr, Solicitor, Etc
Barrister, Solicitor, Notary
Public Etc.
Cranbrook,    >    •    B. C.
Physicians and Surgeons.
Oflloe at Ke.td.aot, Arai.troag A...
KiireiuiiiiiK 9.1111 to in uu
Afternoons - - - 2.011 to ou
Evenings - - - - 7.30 lo 8.30
Sundays .... 2 llll to   4.90
CKANBROOK :|    ::    il    ::    B. 0,
I to II am,
IUI p.m.
I to  • r-.m.
OBea aad raaldraea oa Armstrong ate
■ to 11 a.m.
1 to  I a.m.
I to  I *.n.
OBo. b sew ReM block
J. 0. CUMMINtlS, C. li.
Dominion and Provincial
Land Surveyor
Residence.   Cecil   Crest's
Former Home
(leo. R. I.eask & Co
Our wink iii f.inr _ilv«iliHi<nit-iil, Iml w»
imi tliia ml In the Hi-uibljio
eiii|ili*Hi/,tt it.
Nw,r l*ow«r Ariiiitmii-* Avenue.
Livery *&
Team, and driver, faralahed lot my
polnl In Ihff district.
llr. Herbert Paul, M.I'., lias been
ordered abroad by Ills doctor.
Tin- Kins Ims n|i|iiiinli-il Henry Clor-
ilnn Slice, K.C., In lie recorder at
Mr. Hugh Itnilf, president nt Mio
Nnrihutnheilaml Miners' association,
died nt. Newcastle.
The   Uiiivcit.il leu   ol   Oxford    uml
CiiinlHiil(,i'   lion   l-lii-ii   chess   ninlcli
against lilt- Hinisi- nf I'niii s.
Taximeter mill drivers nl London
li.iv,- been christened "lilnriHitllra" by
ilini-is nl ImiM' rubs nml onnilliui
» ll
iiii-i   ex i il.1t.nl
iiuil 11
1 en
,-t.ff  Ims ilinl .il
vv.i-. i.rvi'iiiv nun'
Wl  n wHiiftu nl sn.iiiniil police
nunt   wan Inlil    in lake tin* I I. in
Ins ni'lii  li.iiid In* mild, "I i-.in'i    I'm
hfi hnndcd."
\h James (1uth'herl, Ihe sexlnn ..(
KiikIoii ehureh, who was horn in
1822, Ims i*inii|ili-li*il ovei sixty years'
Kervlee in Ilir chilr. ,
Mr. Willi--in Sealree, >i .1, P. fur
iln- I'.itintii-s ni Ciimherlnml mid
Ui'sttniiii-liiiiil. wns ii miiil hnngli'-"
dead in his cellar nl Penrith.
At nn Inquest at iln- Middlesex
1'nuiiiv nsylum, on a woman nanuxl
CiicK il was st;ili*d Ihnl a needle
wns tiiiiiiil enrirttldHl in her heart.
A ewe, the property nt Mr. 0.
Simpson nf Niinnii'Kton Knrm, North
Yorkshire, recently died, and lier two
young Ininhs are hoing mothered hy a
Tlie siitlden (lentil is reported ot
Hew Father Dn Plerny, secretary lo
llu* Bishop South wnrk anil nne of the
hest known priests in Snulli London.
A team of Krench .sclioullioys from
llie Kcole de 1'lle de France, have
heen on a visil to Eugtaml the iriicsts
of t'liiyesinore school, Pniighonruo.
KiivlMncatinii Kllim.in handed over a
Uventy-ftve-acre recreation ground,
well laid mil and well endowed, lo
the Slough District council recently.
At Brndsli.iw, near Bolton, n dog
i.iii against tlie front wheel of a
hievcle ridden hv .!. D, King, of
lliiinlev. who was thrown heavily on
his head nnd died.
More than 3,284,-tOO pennies were
taken out of the Swindon United
tl.is conipiinv's slot meters during
past vear, Thev weighed thirty and
u half tons.
Lord Iivsart has offered to heat
halt the cost—£1,183—ol placing
(lr.uitli.iin hospital in aJi i)ji-tn-date
ri unlit hm, provided the other tall is
suhsctHied hy  July next.
A llngsliitt has heen erected :it
t'lieLtielil Voluntary school, Sussex,
.mil wtoti the Union .lack is hnisteil
dally the scholars stand in the playground and s.iliilr it.
Christopher     Lawrence,    who hns
tiled at   the ..-.* of     nlnelv two nl
lltieknnll  Turku nl,   Nottingham, was
married seventy* I wo \ eni s .i^" I lis
willow  is  ninety-one.
A plowman named Hiehnrd Curley,
nf Asl.eit, Mi.nks Rlshnrousc, while
nt. work in ;i lield in thai nehrhhm
hood, tinenrlheil a eonpei coin nr the
ieiii.ii nf 1'inistaiit ins II.
In Wiiistanlcv, n tnwns-hlp in I.an
eashire. tin-re is no church, ehnuel,
shop, dnrlor, puhlii- house, oi police-
lUiiiii There is. however, n Conser-
votive iliili. hul nllhnuixh Hie place
I.is liii'ii open ovei half n dnrcn
vears, no pnlttlcnl speech had heen
ilelivetrd there until  last   week.
IVivh! Smith n master Bhlfter was
nccidcnlnllv elcclrnciiled nl a cnlllcrj
at Fence Houses. Durham He came
into ennt.ict with ;i wire conveying a
mi rent nf nhoul fitm volts.
llr. Knieiv, who has hccti Arch
deacon of Klv Im tort) three years,
is n lion I tn retire       1). W. Cuuuiiig
ham, n  fellow  mul     lulot  id T t\
Tniii-jiv, Unmhrldge, ami    rural dean,
will succeed him.
A iiuinhei nf clasps, "Snulli Africa, I Ml I -." tm oilui-is, noii commissioned ulhei-is, and men whn
si'ive-i wilh tin- alii \ letorlan
Mounted Hides during the South At
"lean war me now teady lor issue.
At the .ii.iiii.il im
hns nl II,,' Iln
Slliiviiif,   Uoffi,   it    w,is
Ihere wen* 85,01)0 kLj
<iie.it- Iliitnin List yeni
li-wei  Hi.in 3*1,000 in la
is nf lhe mem-
Iiii l.nsl an.l
; stale.! Uiat
■i.i,   iloftfl       in
inn-   it.
Attei linviiitt run for nearly   ncvcn
ivtiliiiie-., n i Inn ih hell al   Apuldram
(HllSttCX) las heen eiaekiil h\ [ho \i
lii.iimiis r.iiiMit In the volleys lin-il
.it the (uncial ol n young petty nl
fleer of 11.M.S. Victory.
The (lie.it WaUlngham (Norfolk)
lin.it.I ol (in.iitlians has accepted Hie
ei.il stones, hay, leaves, and pieces ot
Wood ''Indigestion" was given as
Ihe cause nt drtlth.
The house in which Daniel Doloo
wrote. 'Hnhiuson Crusoe" is iloouied
io demolition, This is the old
manor house standing hack from tin*
road onnositf Tooting .Junction ami
s'"i. ■ ■' rt py an old-world garden.
The house is seldom visited hy Fug.
I tail people, hut manv Americans
alight- to inspect it on their way lo
view Mer ton and what i.s left there
relating lo Nelson,
There has died at Shepshed, Leicestershire, a man named Kirhy, who
worked for a firm of hosiery manufacturers Inr seventy-seven' years—
I82li to 1003.
When crowded, trains of people were
arriving ai Liverpool fnr the <lrand
National, a railway smash occurred
In Limn street station. An inward
bound heavy   excursion train     from
Birmingham and Stour Valley hy
some- means or other overran its distance, and crashed into an t*mpty
train standing on the same platform.
Several .of the excursionists complained ot shock, hut none had to be treated at the hospital.
llerhert Bruce Jones, ol Reading,
who was staying at Bournemouth,
took out a gun license, purchased a
revolver, and shot himself on Mhj
beach.- He wrote a farewell note to
his wife-ou the back ot a prescription.
The Fnrehoe (Norfolk) Board ot
ftuartliaiiiH has discovered that two
olil couples who received fourteeu
pins of milk weekly kept six cats.
Tin* hoard decided to'request that the
number of cats should he reduced.
An offer hv Karl Cadnpan of half
nu ncre tit laud as a gift has heen ac-
cepled hv the Chelsea Borough Coun-
nl Tin* land is in Manor stre**t,
Chelsea, and is to be utilized or the
erection ol workmen's dwellings.
"ilis. Saiah Harriet Sclwyn, widow
nf the III ltcv. George Augustus Sel-
WMi, hist hishnp of New Zealand,
ninl alleiwards bishop of New Zealand, lias just died al her lesiiteiitv iu
ihe Cnlhttlrnl Close, Lichfield. She
was iu her uiiietyei-.'.'hth year.
The funeral took place at Sandbacb
ihe othei day of Cleorg* Agatnetiinioq
t'pioii, grandson of Lieu truant
Ituriisi who served under Nelson at
lhe hnltle uf the Nile. Mr. Upton
was given as his second Christian
name Ihnl of the ship on which his
grandfather served.
During the recenl twenty-seven-hour
sittings of the House ot Coir.mous
ihe members consumed l.MM oysters,
2,0011 eggs, 200 pounds of bam, 200
kidneys, 150 grilled bones, a vast
(plantIfy of cold meats, steaks, grilled chicken, and chops, while 1,200
meals were served.
In the course of an inquest at St*p-
iii*y, the coroner remarked tbat the
nexl witness was supposed to tie a
nurse, hut she had left the building.
"I'robnhlv it is a good job she has
gone," he said, "nr there might have
heen trouble, as she is suffering from
the same complaint that her patient
ilieil from—chronic alcoholism."
A valuable show dog belonging to a
lady at I lay wards Heatti having died,
it was suspected that it had been poisoned.     A   veterinary surgeon ma-do
postmortem examination, but instead of poison he found a sponge,
nailbrush, a piece of red   flannel, uev-
a mule is a cross hetween a pile
driver a lump ol lead, and a Kansas
cyclone. Vie know some men who
have no rigbt to .sling mud at a
A lot of men whn have abounding
faitti in themselves never get energy
enough to mustei up the work that
ought to go with it.
The man whn defends profanity nn
the grnund that, it is a safely valve
for liis temper, usually finds himself
at the hlnwin**-<ifi point must ui ihe
Salvation is nn the free list, hut
there is a t.irifi tax nn Bibles.
Sin has no sex.
The pasture is always richer on the
far side of the fence.
A son nlways   feels younger   attot
visiting with the "old folks."
llnw annoying it is tn bave anybody else's child civ at the theater.
It is Very difficult to find an    excuse for those we really love.
A m.iii wastes tune if tie gives all
of it to watching his enemies.
The "unwritten law" is merely the
safety valve to huuiau nature.
Them may be much better things
than money, but it takes money to
buy them.
The richest men are those who
mains tlm most of wb.it they can
A home that has cost nothing in
the way of sacrifice k usually only
a mere stopping place.
What Time gives Time can take
With the day's cares come the
day's comfnrts.
He that gets wedded to heaven gets
weaned from earth.
A friend nvay become an enemy, and
au enemy may become a friend.
The church that drives away its
pastor may at the same time drive
his Master away.
Better remain honorably poor than
become dishonorably rich.
It i«* easier to have religion on the
lip Mian it is to have religion in the
Work that is well and honestly
iloue cau bear lhe light of the midday -mil.
Bright as the path of the just,    may
His brightest     day    he has yet     to
J ♦
X This Hotel him always I i the louder *
♦ in its line, mul will be kept up to the ♦
t Btainluril. If um want to ment the ♦
t people,  ' if io tin- IJiiecn's Hotel. f
X   Queen'*- Hotel. Calgary
I'lliil'Kll' lull
Piety is never perfunctory.
(loiiliiiess does not mean exclusiv-*-
You   can not     beat a  carpel with
Tin* wisdom of youth looks unwise
.1.1 age.
Politics may dhingc, but principles
ne eternal.
The praying Christian is always   a
doing Christian.
Deep Iu your heart, the one you doll, is easy tn he generous when   we'spise i.s greater than yourself,
hitve too much
Contentment comes only to the fellow wtio nels ijsihI to any old thing,
Any habit adorns tine beauty.
The truest leroism is the conquest
ni fear.
Th.* liest  road to the Thione Is   by
.vay ni the cross.'
A Int nf energy is wasted iu   look-
in*, for easy Jobs.
nn in the sinokehoii!
i the stage.
lhe light
iii dnrknes
is worih
I  lovii dies      Ihe
That day has long since passed
when a nun can hide in the family
t ree.
An accomplished juggler with a
woman's heart     nevet    rfuli/es how
easily it  bienks.
The man who hustles for experience most generally outstrips the lellow  horn  with ability.
\ fmil longue can not express    the
sin-s nf :i elean heart. 	
  |   Woman is    controlled hy only two
,-lvertise (heir woes passions, the love of pleji-uie and the
a he
ays   I'npe
i is never alone when with a,    if    vve could ever     get tin* clearer
nl..                                            1 virion, tbe one    wc dislike sn much
                              Jtnweis   head and      shoulders above
eat  many people ,in> suffering us,
■od      inilinl   is      the
ellivts   just   what   wc
lie   who i.s    unwtlUnc tn    make
one tiring self-sacritice, whatever   that   is,  can
want    to novel    know Ihe     depths   of a real
I friendship.
the only    animal  that    will:    Many a  fellow has JiM-meriHl   that
leliiirr.iieiy     get     drunk the second when a girl's lme.settJea permanent*
Hi"*'- Iv nu him    it was already a    sho|v*
                         ' worn ai tide.
I'he niil     who     possesses an      old*. —
limned     maiden     aunt is    mighty     it  would pav some of ns to ponder
lucky.                                                      more on the thought nr Carlyle: "The
 ■                             I uroatest nf faults    Is to he cmiscinus
Clod does noi     take account of sex ,,f noni
n figuring mil the enormity of   the
The hardest work some people   do
in complain     about   the tusks   of
S.iI,in     works   hardest   when      the
Im relies ,ue closed (or the   summei
a   man    wants to do wrong
lias any trouble in findim*; an
Failure of the fruit crop in the
I mled Stales will have no effect on
the out pill of "doped" jams and
Rosette Nlday said that love tor
the man one marries will make a
home   of    au     attic nr      change tho
*f a hi-dge-row Into
We never did admire a mntliei who
calls her baby "bun."
It is hard tn tell il ynu have pleased a girt hy the way she smiles at
fine dots   urilcs*-
ha filed.
.n't   know  what  hard  work-
he finds     half    his elYort*
The will doesn't   usually make any*
provision fm   the   lawyers;  the heirs
Tnn manv men who are looking for  do  thai
I the places where th y al
likely  In find it. When a very homely woman has   a
protty baby, now she worships it and
exhibits it'.
It's a mighty K'tod thing that nur
wives have never thought to go on
strike for the eight hour day.
Charity with a brass bund attachment doesn't get high enough for Ihe
rteonllng angel to either see or
The time of year Is near at hand
when we lind it difficult to see anything funny in the "jokes" about, the
A lot of people never bear opportunity knocking because they afe
Ihiinselvcs , too |msy "knocking."
other people.
The man who   watches   the clock
most is usually the man who com-
plnltif) lotxrif-fit nhout the size ot Ills
pay envelope.
When vou want to take an accurate
census of the working members of a
eongregfM Ion, attend a couple of
prayer meetings.
"The Little    Devil" declares tbat
Pond recollections always include
liappriiiugK that didn't amount to
much at the time.
The women often say, "(Mi these
men!" But tbey should hear Wo
men say, "Oh, these women!"
If you are not a pugilist, or a
soldier, about all a reputation as a
lighter will get you Is trouble.
Tlie serpent probably acquired Iris
reputation for wisdom by getting
here before there were any widows.
An old-fashioned woman is convinced that oooking is one thing that
can't be learned properly In school.
Trace It down, and It will to found
that a bald-headed man Is the one
who is always finding fault with oilier men's hair.
Many of us miss the joys that,
might be ours by keeping our eyes
fixed on Uiose ol   otter people.    So
R.MI.W \1
' From Cranbrook
Uj»$-2.S0 In        f•"'
Winnipeg, Port Arthur,   ;
St. Paul,  Duluih,
Sioux City
St. Louii $60.00
Chicago $64.00
Toronto    $78.30
Ottawa $B2.S5
Montreal $84.00
St. John's $94.00
Halifax $101. oo
On Sale June dlli, 7th, 8lli
riliST-1'l..v.S.S Itlll'M' I llll'
Sm HAYS' l.i.vil I'
Cm ruin
Tii-lii-,. il
fl' 'in    nil
fluff  Ilii
l.iiki- llmil
-.  In
iim M.iiiIh
lili!   HfllllH
on Ink,'air
Tlniff I. i
'l"» llial
tl, ItllV alii
inn llll
-f. ..I .11 Hi-
time I'l-i.vi
E.J. COYLI;      J. 5. CARTHR
A. (l. i'. \., i'- r. a.,
VANooiivi-:it        m:i.si-\. it c.
one can enjoy his own opportunities
fnr ha pp I lies, while he is envious oi
aiiothcrs. I,ii'c has iis full measure
nf happiness [ur e\ei jhoily. Wc
must make the mosl nf every opportunity that comes our way. i/ui-l
longing fnr the things that fall in Iha
patliway ul ynur neighbor—else, ynu
shall nlwnys lie miserable.
While mure furniture is required tn
start housekeeping than used tn he.
it,- family Bible 'is more apt to Illicit oh  lhe list.
With some men, a Hi He ofilcc is
considerably more dangerous, and ef
feclive iu making them wurthlpss
than a Utile learning.
h doesn't make fathei nearly ti_-
iiiad in he bothered witb a ipmsUoii
while rending Hn* evening paper, if ii
is mie he can answer.
Th,- women   sny    boy    halites  ai
inme greed*     i ickles than     gir
htibles. um experience lias been Limb
both kinds lake them with grenl
in uie   will In- a prudent
and   very  - I lemper-
A February limit* will he a tumane
.uul .ii'ii'i-iinnate wife uml lendei
A March bride will b.- a frivolous
chatterbox, somewhat given to
\n April hrlde will be liiconslsln-nt,
not very Intelligent, hut fairly »ooil
a May hiiih, will he handsome,
amiable, ami likely lo lie happy.
A July bride will be handsome amt
smait, but a trifle (prick tempered,
A September bride will he ilisc-ieel.
affable, and much liked.
An Uotoher bride will he pi.-My,
cn-mpiclib'h,   loving, but jealous.
A November bride will In- liberal,
kind, but uf a wild disposition.
A December bride will he well proportioned, fond of novelty, entertaining, hul extravagant.
That is a safe teacher win* leads
you to believe that bright, cheerful,
hopeful thoughts nro friends thai will
insure success. One must Ihirn as
early as posslhlo in hie to pick out
ihe friends nod enemies nf smuss. In
most cases it will be tin- greatesl
eneiiu resided within oiirsehts. Morbid thoughts are Infinitely grenlor
hindrances in success than .my opposition from the nntslili* Nn
health, no beauty, no laininny. no
leal success  can      exist   in an  ntmo
sphere of abnormal melancholy,
Overcome the enemies of success
within yourself and you will hnve
done much toward reaching the gonl,
Mrs. De Flat—"Have ynu anything
new In folding beds'.'"
Dealer—"Only ibis, madam, and It
really is quite a success, On arising
in the morning, you touch a spring,
am) it turns into a wnslvsland and
bath-tub. Afler your hath you
touch another spring, and it. becomes
a dressing-case with a French-plate
mirror. If you breakfast in your
room, a slight pressure will transform it into an extension table. Afler
breakfast you press these three bullous at once, nnd you have nn upright piano. That's all it will do
except- when you die il can he chaiigt-d
into a rosuwood collin."—Ex.
| Cranbrook Sash
• and Door Factory
All kiinlniit liuinli work in
way of ilimm, window., tmn-
tumm, ni,-. Kiln dried lumlmr
fnr iiurlde work, <•"' work in
KiiKrautewl and otir pricim nru
mitinfaeUiry.    Horeeii   iloon
Hough and Dressed lumber
I or Sale
lowing described land in Sontli Kast
Commencing at a post plantod at
a point KII cliains SOUtll ul lif snnlh-
cast corner ot Lot number 5217,
Qroup t, l-iii-i Kootenay, tlience east
tu elinlns, tlience south 40 chains,
Ihouce west tn chains, lli,-n>*i- nm-iii
in cliains tu tlie point ot chains to
tin* point ot commencement, containing Hill aires.
Holpli Palmer.
Doted tliis 10th tl-iv ol April, A !>..
l-'iiT. 7-8-t
Tain' nnlii'i- that Oliver Anderson
lliir-.',i-. nl I'l-try Creek, Crnitlirook,
occupation, Rnnclier, Intends lo applv lor permission to imrclinsc the
[oilovvinit described Innd:
Commencing at the sotttli-cnsl cor-
ni-i nf l.ol li-'12li, Croup One; lliwi-
soulh in elinlns, thence wesi tn
chains; thence norlh in cliains, tlience
fas! in elinlns to place ol lii'ititiuiiin.
atone, line of said Lot u:i2il, subjecl
In llie iiniii (it anv) of Robeii Ilur
Oliver Anderson lluritc.
Il.iliil  Iln- Kill dav ul Mav,  IIIII7.
IN   TIIK   COUNTY    COURT    nl-
ACT,  111117,
lli'fore    Ilis
I llllllli!!     P.    I-:
IN (illMllKllS:
Upon ii-ailiii» Uie ticllllon ol .loin.
Itall, ilal.-il Mav 3rd,  111117. anil Qlctl
Hi  May   llllli.    JIIII7,  , -frail,,, l,,|-
111.111, B15I1, i;i.-,ii, inr,,!), „|57| sMnnU,
-a l.i.i 15H.1, tlroiiii I, Ensl Knotennj
dislriel, mul upon hcniiiij> Counsel
Inr [lie petitioner,
I MO oitDKl! ami appoint Moinliiv
Iln- 22ml Jay of .lulv, 111117. „t |j„
linur ol I p. in. fm n,P henrlng ol
the snid pctlllnn and all parties enn
'■•ilieil. at Ihe Court I louse, at tin-
''liv- nf Craulirooli.
And I dn order Hat the said peli-
Iinn lie served by publishing this
-tiler iii four successive issues of
lhe f'lanlirniA- Herald, a newspaper
,ul.lislie..| weekly al the Cilv „[ Cran-
'nonk, in the Cniinly of East. Kimle
'lay, iiiiil iii four successive issues nf
lie llritish Columbia flazetic.
And I dn order that the time lot
iiliiii: answers tn the said petition In-
limited m within fourteen davs trnm
ihe dale of lhe lasl publication of
lllis order, anil lhat such answers In
mod in writinir wilh the Cnunli
Court Registrar at Cranbrook.
(Sgd.) P. E. Wilson,
Dated May Inth,  1IIII7. j .|,
Any available Dominion Lands
.villiin the Railway Belt in British
Columbia, may ha huiuesicaded hi
any person who is tlie sole bead of a
family, or any male over lu years 01
age. lo lite extent ot one-qnailei
section of Kill acres, more ut less.
Entry must he made personally at
the lueal land omce for the district
In Which the laud is situate.
'lin- homesteader is retrutred to pet
inriii the conditions connected there
willi under une ot the fulluwinit
(1) At least six months' residence
-.ilinii and cultivation ul the laud in
■iii-li year tut three years.
(2) It the lather tor mother, I
the father is deceased), ut the home
.teailer resides upon a (arm in    till-
ieiiiiiv ,,r Uie liiiiil entered fnr, the
requirements as to residence may In
satisfied hy such person residing with
ihe father 111 mother.
(it) It the settler has his permanent residence upuu tanning Una
owned hy him ill the vicinity ul his
homestead, the requirements as te
residence may he satislied hy residence upon tlie said laud.
Six months' notice ia wtiling
should he given to llie Commissions!
ot Dominion Lands at Ollawu uf in-
felitiun lu apply fur patent.
Coat lands may he purchased at
llu per acre fur stilt coal and 1211
foi anthracite. Not more than .'J2U
acres can he acquired hy one individual or company. Royally al the
rate of ten cents per ton of 2,lH)0
pounds shall lie collected 011 Uie
grown output.
Denutv ot Ihe Minister nf the Interior
Notice is hereby given that sixty
(lays after dale I intend to applv lu
lhe Chief Commissioner ot Lands and
Works, Victoria, British Columbia,
for permission to purchase thu    lui-
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days after date I intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner ot Lands
and Works, Victoria, tor a special
license to cut and carry away timber from the following described
laud, situate on White River, in
Ninth East Kootenay district:
1. Commoncing at a post planted
on wesi hank of the North Kork of
White River, alioiit seven miles above
ihe junction nl tlie 1101 tn and northeast forks, thence kll chains West,
tlience Ml chains north, thence su
chains, easi. tlience su chaiua south
in point of commencement.
2. Commencing at a post planted
al south-cast corner uf application
No, 1. t-hence nu ohalns east, thei.ee
Mi chains noi 111, Ihence SU chains
west,  thelii'e SU eliains south lo p.-ll.t
nl commencement,
2. Commencing at a post planted
.1 nm th-east corner of application
■No. 1; thence KII chains north, them.-*
nu chains west, Ulenae 80 chains
south, thence SO chains east to
point ot commencement,
I. Commencing at a post planted
at south-east corner of application
No. 3; tlience su chains east, th.nce
mi eliains north, thence 80 chains
west, tlience sii chains soulh to point
ot commencement.
ii. Commencing at a post planted
al iimih east comer of application
No. .1; thenco su chains north, ilici.ce
sn chains w,»t, theme sn chains
south, thence 811 chains east to point
of commencement.
0. Commencing at a post plained
at th,. soiilh-easl corner of ap plica-
lion No. a; thence 811 c|kaiI]s t,ls.,t
ihenee su chains norUi, thence Mi
chains west, thence 811 chains south
lo point nf coiiiiiieiicL'iiiclit.
7. Commencing at a post planted at
lhe north-easl co - of   application
No. a; t-lieiu-e SU eliains north,  Ihence
mi chains wesi, thence su chains
.outh, Ihence sn ehains east to
I'l.iiii of commencement.
8. Commencing at a post planted
ill south-east eomer uf application
No. ,; thence mi cliains east, thence
in chains iioiih, Ihence su chains
wesi,    theme su    chains south     to
1'olllt  ol eoliiiiit'ticeiiieiii,
I). Commencing at a post planted
.11 lhe norlb-cast corner of applna-
lion Nn. 7; tlience su chains north,
Ihence so elinlns west, thence 80
chains south, thence SI) chains east
'n point of commencement.
10. Commencing at a post planted
at the south-east    enrner of applica-
on No 9; thence 80 ehains est,
Ihence 80 chains north, thence SO
chains wesi. Uience Su chains south
10 pomt of commencement.
II. Commencing at a post planted
-" chains west nf lhe north-east cor-
wr or application No. 9; then™    80
hams north, Uience 811 chains west
Ihence sn chains south, thence 80
mains    easi to   point of commence-
immenclng at a post planted
it  the south-east  enrner of anplici-
'''" No. 11; them-e 80 chains, east
'hence    SO chains north, thence
hams  wesi.   these    '
on th
SO  chains
■o [mult nt commencement.
Ll. Commencing at a post planted
.1 the north-cast cmner of appHca-
ion No 11; thence SO chains north
thence SO chains west, thence SO
haiiiK south,    thence 8(1 chains east
10 point ol commencement.
14. Commencing at a post planted
it uie south-east cmner of applica-
;!"'i  No.  13;  thence Sn eliains    east
Hence chains north, ihenee so chains
west      thence 80   chains south     to
aunt of commencement
Dated 23rd March,  1907.
15. Commencing at a pnst planted
the north-east  corner of applica.
Ion No |3; them-e 81 chains north,
1 lence Sii chains west, theme SO
mains   south,  thence Su ehains east
0 puna „f commencement.
IB.   Commencing at a pust planted
11 the south-east corner of anpliea-
»"i No.  IS; theme 80 chains    east
tneiiee 8(1 elinlns north, thence 80
chains   west, thence 80 chains south
10 point of cijllillielieemeiil.
17. Commencing at a post planted
't north-east corner i.l application
No. 1.1; ihenee su chain, noith
•hence sii chains wesi. thence 80
chains south, tlience sn chains east
in point of commencement.
18 Commencing at a post planted
•it the southeast enrner of appliea-
'1011  No   17;  Ihenee SII chains    east.
1 hence SU chains norlh, them-e 80
chains   west, thence su chains south
" .ninl of commencement,
III. Commencing at a post planted
.1 the north-easl c er of application No. 17; theuce SII chains nnrlh,
ihenee 80 chains west, theme 80
chains south, ihence sn chains east
io point of commencement,
211. Commencing at a post planted
at the south-east corner of application  No.   Ill;  tl ce 80 chains    east,
Ihence SO chains north, thence SO
chains wesi, Ihence 811 chains south
10 point of commencement.
It. Commencing at a pnst planted
at the southeast corner of appltca-
lion No. 2ll; thcr.ee III chains east,
ihenee 111(1 cliains north, thence 10
chains west, thence Hill chains south
lo point of commencement.
22. Commencing at a post planted
at the south-east coiner ot application No. 23; Uience hk chains east,
Ihenee 811 chains north, thence 80
chains west, tliem-e 811 chains .outh
to point of commencement.
23. Commencing at a point planted at   the uorUi-wsl   curnei U ap
plication No. Ill; thence 80 chain.
north, thence 80 chains west, thence
SU chains south, theme SO chains
east to pnint of commencement.
2t.  Commencing at a post plantod)
at the south-east corner of application No. 25; thence 80 chains east,
1l1c1.ee 811 chains north, thenco 80
chains west, theuce 80 chains soulh
10 point ul commencement,
2.1. Commencing at a post planted
at the north-east enruer of application No. 33; tlience 80 chains nurlh
thence SO chains west, thence 80
chains south, thence SU chains ease
to point ut commencement,
26. Commencing at a pnst planted
at Uie north-east corner of application No. 25. thence 80 chains east
theuce 80 chains north, theme sii
chains west, ihence so chains south
to point of commencement,
27. Commencing at a pus: planted
at the noi th-east coiner of application No. 21. Ihenee SO ,-|iai!;s north
ihence su chains west, thence su
cliains south, thence iu chains easi
tu point uf commencement.
.8. 1 ommenclng at a post planted
at the north-east cornn ,.r application      Nu   27,   ll.eiiic sn chains east
Uience su   ihaiu. north, iheu.    su
chains   west, tlience   sn chain. souUi
to point of culliliirnceljient.
2S. Commencing at a post planted
at the south-east corner .-I applica
tion No. 28; ihenee su chains
est thence mi chains north
thence su chains west, Uience SO
.outh     to point „f commeuce-
10. Commencing ..t a post planted
at the uorih-e.st cornel ol applica
tion No. 23, tbenee su chains north
ihem-e 80 ehains we-t Uience su
drains south, theuce SU chains ,-as! i„
point nl commencement.
31. Commencing at a p,.st planted
at the south-east corner ol applica-
.1011 No. .IU. thence su chains east,
Ihence su chains uorth, thence 80
cliains west, thence   so ehains south
io point of ci uencement.
Chas.   Chapman.
Dated 25th March,  1907. . ut
Notice is heteby given that thirty
lays aftef date 1 intend ta apply tia
ihe Chiel Commissioner ol Lands
uid Works. Victoria, f,-i a speohil
license 10 cut and cany awav limbec
Hum the lollowlng described land,
situate on tlie East Kors ol White
Itiver, in North l-.'as-. Kootenay d.s-
I. Commencing a; a post plai.tej
alajut six miles above the moulh of
ihe Kast Foil: of White River, ai
Uie mouth of Smith Creek; thence
u.u chains sou'.h, thence 10 chains
west, theuce H-u ihaii.s norlh, thence
.-lu chains east to point ol commencement.
2. Commencing ai the north-east
orner of   application -Nu.  t. thence
Iiu   chains east,     -.heue tu      ci.aius-
south, Uience leu chains west, thence
iu chains nur-.L to point oi com-
i. Commencing at a post planted
itiuut nine miles above lhe  uioulh ot
he Ka-t Kots ol White Kiver and
tboul 20 chains nortli ot the mouth
,f     .llln     Creek,    lliel.ee    SO    chains
firth, thence 80 chains west, tlience
10 chains south, thence Su chains
ast to point ot commencement.
i. Commencing at a post planted
,1 the north-east eomer ol application No. 3; thence So chains est
...-•nee su chains nor'!., tlience 80
ehains west, thence 80 chains -'..ith
to pom: of commencement.
Commencing at a post [ilanted
at the south-east corner of application No. -i, thence SU chains east,
tiei.ee SO cliains north, thence su
hains west, thence 80 chains south
10 point uf commencement.
6. Commencing at a post planted
il the south-east cornet uf application No. 3. tiiet.ee IUU chains eas-t.
ihence lu chains south, tlience     Ho
haitis west, ihence lu chains north
to poln: uf commencement.
7. Commencing at a post planted
at the south-east corner of application No. 5; lher.ee 160 chains east,
Ihence 10 chains north, Ihence loo
attains west, thence 40 chains south
10 point ol commencement.
Chas. Chapman.
Dated Hit  April.  1907. l-u
ACT, 1907,
Before   Ills   Honour    P.    K   Wil.i,:.,
Upon reading the petition ol   John
Wall, dated Mav 3rd, 1907, and filed
Hay P'tli, 1907, concerning Lot.
i,U7, lllis, OHO, 0151, 0155, 0158,
0100, 6101, r,lli2, Cl.il, situate in
Lot 4503, Croup I, East Kootenay
district, and upon hearing Counsel for
the petitioner,
I DO ORDER and appoint Mondav
lhe 22nd day nf .lulv. 1907, at the
hour of I p. in. lor the hearing of
Ihi- said petition and all parties
concerned, at the Court House, at
lhe City of Cranbrook. And I do
order lhat the said petition be served
by publishing this order in four successive issues of The Cranhrook
Herald, a newspaper published wn-k-
Iv at the Cilv of Cranhrook, in the
County of Kast Kootenay, and in
four successive issues nf Hie British
Columbia Gazette.
Ami I du order that lhe lime for
niing answers u, tin- said petition
he limited t« within fourteen days
linm Ihe dale nl lhe last publication
it Ihis order and lhat such answers
he (lied in wriling wilh lhe County
('nml Iti-gisiiai at Cranhrook.
(Sgd.) P.  K   Wilson,
Dated U*J 10th, 1907. 8-41
Every One as Beautiful and as Tempt=
ing as a Woman's Smile
You cannot appreciate how much merit, value,
style, fit and neatness of style are crowded into our
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Outing Suits
We have a beautiful range of these easy-fitting, cool
Summer Suits in Single and Double Breasted Coats,
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$12.00, $14.00, $15.00, $16.00
Flannel Suits ^^BSSftS; $5«oo
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Is the general cry these days when the boys see the
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We are showing them for big boys and little
Every Suit shown is Guaranteed.
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^^^^^^^^^^    attention. H^^^^^^^^
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-Ulllllltl   UIIUCI WCOI ThrHd( BaibriKan and NatuM, Wool,aiid of Silk, Linen and Cotton
Also MEN'S HOSIERY in Best Qualities.
in Lisle
Our Tailoring Department
Let us show you our patterns.
They are all new and stylish.
Perfect fit guaranteed.
All Hint's "best'' iu plumbing
guilds uud fixtures.—Patmore Bros.
I-; |i .lulinsun ciiine u|i from Creston ti, sjicml Suiid.iv vviih his l.iiu-
III. .mil Mrs. .1. I-'. ill. Pmkh.ini
.md  Miss  I'iiililiiim spent   Sunday    in
Miss (li-iiinie Small is now assistant stenographer in the law ollice nl
tl   I-', llnul.
I'r.iiiliriii.li has more pretty lawns
liinn nil nt Hit- towns in Ensl Kuole
iiuy combined,
.1. Thompson und -1. Kelly, Hail
hlnzcis and prospectors, came in
Hum I'd i v Creek Wednesday, 1,1 ,-linn  i ill  life tm n few days. '
II.IH-..IIUS iu Indies whili'weai —
i'   r   s,
ii...i-'.e Smith, llu- popular portei
..I Hie Cranbrook hold, wus on     the
.li'l,   list   lusl   week
Iffi I,.,I,mill- li,.-. taken iIi.hr.- ol
Hn- r   r. II. boarding house .uul will
.In    .ill     llilll   he      fill   In    llllllli'  II a
plensaiil place lor the men to live.
^^ il Elko, uud I. II
,   I,
ulpeg nexl wi-ek to meet wilh Hit*
telegraphers .md fix up the schedule
for the coming year.
American wonder peas, 20 els. tl> —
('   (*. s.
.I.iini-s McKee lias moved his
i.iidge gang tn Cmuhrook und
nil! work .un id hen* im the next
tew months.
Work is progressing on llu* Pay
Roll mine on Palmer mountain under
:|i.' supervision o! William West.
I'hose Interested in tt» property have
.■I-.at- hopes of developing a mine
'in t will prove very valuable,
If tlie length of the unssengoi)
in ins keep on    increasing the length
i the Cranhrook platform will have
lo be increased also, It heats all
how business in the railway line
keeps up.
It. B, B. pipes at Mighlon's Cigar
Alderman Ryan, at the head of thy
sir let committee, is doing some
greet work in the way of city iin-
pro7ements. Mr. Ryan takes a per-
-null interest in the work and the
property owners are getting lhc bene-
I ie Cnnadian Bank nf Commerce
Ims now 173 bfanches iu Canada nml
ilir rnitcvt States. That shows a
.1 tderfitl growth for this great
iii. ncial institution, and this growth
has been brought about by shrewd
nl  careful  management.
Mr. and Mrs. V. Hyde Baker and
■ i Hinges t- daughter returned last
su idiiy from a long sojourn in Eng-
lairl, Mr. Baker having been gone
live months and Mrs. Baker some
nn aths longer. During the winter
ill; 7 made a tour of the continent
Mil spent Kaster in Rome. Mr. and
Ur.-*, Baker are looking in the best of
In :1th and expressed themselves as
being pleased to get back to Cran-
■ 1. S. Dennis, of Calgary, passed
through the city last Sunday for
Ni Ison a nri other western points. Mr.
Derails will join Mr. Whyte, assistant
i" the president ot the C, P. R., at
<■• Iden on the 8th of next month and
wil* a party of friends will take an
iiiiiomobile trip down tiie valley to
Cianhrnnfc. v Tfrrtp Rifcpr .ina some
friends will meet "the party at Canal
Flat and escort them into this city.
[''rank Couruyt, formerly of Cranhrook. hut for the past three or four
years proprietor ol the Cowichau
hotel nt Duncans, just a short ride
otut of Victoria, is doing a nice liusiiiess nnd has one of the finest resorts on Vancouver island. With
Un- assistance of Mrs. Couruyt, he
hns made lhc Cowli'liun hotel popular
in every way and lhose who want a
few days of pleasure in a regular gar-
iit'ii nf I2ileii, should arrange lo stop
with Mr. and Mrs. Conruyt. The
rooms arc lurge. airy and comfortable, lhe table is the best, and the
climate is .simply superb.
Cleniilne lawn grass, A(\ els. lb.—
C. C. S.
Rov. VI. (}. Taylor, of Carmen,
Man., lias accepted a call for the
BnpHsl chtin-h of this city and will
hold his lirst service on the seeo'nd
oi .lune. Mr. Taylor comes to
Crnnbrook highly recommended by
ltcv. VI. T. Xt.ncMioti.se, of Winnipeg,
genernl missionary for the Baptist
church in Central Canada. The
ehureh has lieeii without a pastor for
several months, but through ihe efforts nt several of the members the
ti"cess,i ij a n ii ngetucn t s have lieen
tiimle. Miss Stamp, who Ims been ;in
elicrgellc worker in the ehureh, in
company willi Air. Brooks, has secur-
iil donations nmoiintltig to over
Red clover si*ed. ,'ifl els. Hi.—CCS,
Summer excursion rates enst: (>u
-liim* i.I'll, Tib and Ntli the Cnilndiun
Pacific Railway company will sell
ul Kossland ninl Nelson, wilh corresponding (tiles from nil Kootenay
points, first-class round nip llclcets
io all eastern Canadian and Unfiled
Slates points, Rates to Winnipeg,
Coil Ailhui. si. Paul, Duluth.
Sioux Citv, v'ni.riu, St. I.ouis, JiW.flO;
Chicago. ' JfH.fifl:     Toronlo. *tx
1. II. Willson, of Wardner, was in
town Monday evening.
Owing to Friday and Saturday be-
tllg a leg-.il holiday tbt* Imperial Baub
will lie closed.
Let. us furnish you with a      wood
wing outfit, either gasoline engine
* horse power—Patmore Bros.
I,.   P.   Kcksteiu, one of  the bright-
,i  lawyers     in     British Columbia,
made a professional visit to     Cranhrook last Mondav.
Onion seed, $1.50 Ib.-C. C. S.
Charles I). Brown came all the way
from (i.iIt, Ontario, to see a progres-
ive city, and bas beiii taL-Lii*-, in tihe
ights nf Cranhrook this werft.
O.  Olson,  the     weir   known  tunnel
out (actor,  was  in town a  few days
last, week,     looking after some mates in connection with work on the
P   It
Tate, the     jeweler's window,    presents au elegant display of up to daU*
jewehy, showing     the Litest  produc-
KOR     SALK-TWO storv  residence
nu   Baker   Mill.       Apply   L.   W     Pat-
moie. 3-tf
lions of the manufacturing jewelers
Now is the tune to let ynur (uiliaee
eontrael to heat youi borne loi licit
will tti Old a    Sunshine Pinnace,
whieh III!run coal, coke ol Wood We
u,ii.it.inliv* satisfaction — Put molt*
We offer ihis week ih.ni rugs j
,,n—f. c, s.
Prospectors and others should hear
in mind that miners' licenses expire
.un- week from to-morrow (May Al),
.nul unless renewed some wayward
wanderers might relocate claims
Hint Will Intel on become big dividend
Oltawa,    .  _	
st John, SHI im
Tickets are i~ood
lo stop mer west
illlccl   roul
Montreal,   $xi.im
Halifax, tun.rdi'
fnr   three nintilhs
'f Port Willi;., ■
gnml via ,ui\ recognl/.ed
Onnd   "i.t   Lake  |*o||tefl
•luilini* meals and berths on Canad
i Pacific lake steamers or gond to
one of Ihese mutes and ret llm
oilier. For rales' to anv point
il berth reservation, standard or
lourfsl sleepers, or Lake steamers,
Applv in local agents or write .1. S.
fnrler,  II.  P.   A.,  Nelson.
The man who wants to take a few
days off nr himself nr his family
t-iinnot do better Mian go tn Wasa,
ihe great summer resort of Rust
Koolcnny. N. Hanson, the propi'le-
Inr of the hotel at that point, and
nf everything else in that neighborhood, surely has an ideal place for an
"'ijoynble 'outing. A better hotel
nnot he found in the whole prov-
ce, and the service is above crttt-
sni. There one ean find the liest of
fishing, boating and scenery thnt
will please even the traveler in foreign lands. And what is more, although a wav from the cares mid re-
iionsihililies of everyday life, yet
here is telephone eommuiiicatinn so
that iu case of an emergency you can
immuiiicatc with home at any
.1. M. Robertson, who has been employed at the Sullivan mine for the
past two years, left last week in
company with Mrs. Robertson lor
Vancouver, where he will make his
future home. The Herald wishes for
him and Mrs. Robertson every success
iu the future.
C E. Reid returned on Sunday
from a trip to Kduiontnn and Calgary. He reports a very pleasant
time and says that both ol the
cities are crowded with immigrants
coming from England and the United
Golden wax bean seed, 3ft cts.  lb —
c. c. s.
Mr. Sydney Brown, of Wardner,
aud Miss Maggie Nicholson, recently
of Oldtown, Maine, were united in
marriage at the Presbyterian manse
in Cranhroob Sunday afternoon, Rev.
Air. Main performing the ceremony.
The happy couple will make their
home iu Wardner. ^^^^^^^^
The city authorities should see that
no dead animals are thrown on   the
nuisance grounds.     The Herald	
del-stands that there have been two
or three cases of that nature, and
that it is impossible to approach
within half a mile of the nuisance
ground unless the individual has
bottle of perfume under his nostrils
Bushel basket ol corsets about   ei
hausted.        Few    left at 40 cents.—
C. C. s.
At the regular drawing ot The
Pacific Loan Company, Limited, the
fortunate contract holder Was
Mr. A. J. Washett. of Lady smith.
Mr. Washett is bow entitled to a loan
of $1000 at less than two per cent.
For further particulars apply to the
company, 529 Pender St., Vancouver,
or to'E. W. Long, Cranbrook.
FOR RKNT-Five room cottage.
Apply E. D. Shackleton. 9-4t'
Carrot seed, 65 cts. It.—C. C. S.
Dr. King had an automobile ac
cident on Tuesday afternoon that
resulted in laird Ing the machine on
its side in the creek that flows
through the soutb part of town and
giving the doctor an unexpected
bath. The approach to the bridge
is in had condition, and at the be*
tinning there is a mud hole. Be
tween the mud hole and the bridge
the grade is slanting. The doetoi
turned aside to miss the mud hole
and struck the slanting grade and the
big machine hegaan to skid on him
lie attempted to turn it in time to
hit the bridge right but the condition of the road prevented this and
one wheel readied the edge of the
batik and then it was impossible,
ami it made straight for Mie lailin-*
and Hopped over the side of thi
bridge In ml ing gently on its side in
the creek, throwing the doctor several feet beyond iu the water. Fortunately the water was nol deep and
it was an easy mutter to get up and
walk to the shore. J. F. Pat-ton.
the machinist, succeeded in petting
the machine in an upright position in
a short time and the injuries were
so slight that it was run to the
gnmge with its own power.
WANTED—First-class dining room
girl. Applv to the Cosmopolitan
'I'he Cranhrook File Brick A Terra
Cot la Company, Limited, have been
very much in evidence during the past
week and report having sold a large
ipianiity nf shares. The citizens of
Cranhrook have always shown them
selves ready lo lake up uy meritorious proposition tending towards tbe
upbuilding of their town and they are
iml falling behind in Ibis instance,
there is no doubt hul that the success
of this company means much for
Ctaiihinnk Tin- company are show .
ing samples nf lire brick, pressi-J,
liiii-U, tiling, crucllrlcs, scon tiers
ami Roman stum- which it would be
hard In eipi.il. The demand tor thif-e
roiiitinMlitiis in Kast Kootenay alone
ensures for the company a steady
and profitnblc market at once, Mie
liusiiiess etid of the concern is in the
hands ul well known citi/eus which is
a siifhcieut guarantee that the interests of the -diaieholders will he
properly eared for. Those who huvr
not yel interested themselves should
make a point of viewing the samples
at  It.-ale & KI Well's olffte, who      will j
also give any further Information re-
((lilted. Orders have already been
received for the tli si consignment of
pressed brick hut it is the intention
of the company not to commewe
opeiiitioiiK until sufficient capital is
guaranteed. They fully appreciate being in a position to do so within a
Miss Pettit is quite sick.
l*eterson's pipes at Mighton's Cigar
Dr. Green is confined to the hospital with tlie measles.
There is going to be a big time in
the Smelter City to-morrow.
J. M. Agnew, of the Baker Lumber
company, was in town yesterday.
Take a day off to-moriuw aud _'*
to Marysville and have a good time.
Mrs. R. E. Beattie left yesterday
for a visit witb relatives ul Oak
Lake, Man.
Joe McConnell is up from Klkmouth Uus week shaking hands with
his- many friends,
Constable A. A. Ward, of Marysville, was rn Cruiibronk Wednesday on
otlicial business,
Oliver Burge came iu Irom Petiy
Creek yesierday. He reports Mrs.
Bulge still  in  poor  health.
Mi. and Mis. J. D, Meltiide     returned Monday limn a pleasant \isiti
Uie Windermere country,
auics Henderson, who was „ member ot ihe liim   of Leask A lleudei
ii,   who   went   tu  Scotland   a      lew
yearn ago, died recenl ly at hi-, homo
dI   pueumouia.
c. Hunger ford Pol leu returned ou
Tuesday Irom Victoria, where he has
been Mie past lew weeks looking aftei
(he interests nf llie Kiiolcliu) Cell
I. c. Brewery went through Cranbrook yesterday   en mute tn    Moylo
nd Rossland.     Mi. Ill ewe I)   is   go-
ig lo purchase a nun farm on tlm
aim oi tin* Koolenity lake amt Imilil
lui himsell a home.
Sii    Philips'   stuokiiifA   mixture at
Mighlon's Cigar Store.
Beattie *v Atchison wish to notify
the reading public that owing in ihu
Cbailge in   lhe      postal  laws  llu- pine
oi magazines is Irom live in ten cents
her than formerly.
leol'gc llungcrford, limber cruiser
Inr the King Lumber company, returned to Cranhrook Wednesday, after
making a tour ni the Big Bend country spying out timber limits. Mr.
user [(ml says he traveled for over
i miles un snowshoes and is glad
to be back in the hanau-a bell.
W. A.     McDonald and wife, of Nel-
ui, passed through CrnnhVook yes-
td'dny ou their way to Kugland for a
visit of twu months. Mr. McDonald
is. nne of the popular lawyers ni
Nelson ami to has earned a good
Vacation by his close attention Lo
bis business for the past ten years.
.1. P. Fink returned on Monday
from a trip to the Klkmouth country. He stopped at P. McCounell's
h.li-l and says that it is a tloligh-Mul
place to visit, a.s everything is neat
at..I convenient and Mie meals are of
Ue kind ihal make a man leet good
to be there.
It. D. V. English smoking mixture
al  Mighton's Cigar Store.
Joseph Uambrick returned this
wtek truin New /.calami, where he
hns ixmi ,il.v past year completing a
ct-iitjjv-i lot putting in a urge
ajuuuiii of water pipe lor a company
io that lat away country. Mi.
■Bainiirick is Inoktug well uud says
tiat he has enjoyed his trip very
loueii. "New Zealand is a very
pretty country," said Mr. Baud-rick,
"tut it is no place lor a man lo
make money and does not compare
with British Columbia for business
Opportunities. 1 visited Austral in
but did uot like il as lhe weather is
Intensely hot there. Honolulu is
tin* prettiest eily I ever saw. Tlie
foliage of llie trees, the magniliceut
lawns, the bright and attractive array of (lowers with ihe liandsouia
homes make lhat city a vcriUvbU)
Oarden ol Kilen. But I was glad to
get back to British Columbia uud
see my old friends again." Mr.
Banihriek will go to Vancoiivei next
week where he has a responsible position witb a water company.
Craven cigarettes at Mighton's
Cigar Store.
The Muudy Lumber company Willi
mills at Three Valley, about 17
mi!-* went ol Re vol stoke, was lined
l-MUU last Monday, lor violation ol
llu- alien labor law, by Importing employees from Pennsylvania to wnrk
al their mills. This is the second
e brought  against  the company.
1 wish to Inform the public ol
Craubrook that 1 hnve opened up a
paint shop in the stand formerly occupied by W. II. Button and am
prepared to do all kinds of painting.
tarnishing aud paiterhuuging and
solicit a part of your patronage,
R. (1. McPhec,
The New Painter.
FROM -< to it e. H.
Z  Cranbrook Cooperative
▼               Stores
Probably  no household remedy    in
existence    has     won   such    glowing
tributes liom people ill lllgll places as
has /...in link.     Mi   Rogel  F. Peiiv,
Justice of the Peace loi   British   Columbia, recently    tested this famous
halm, aud this is what In- savs ol it:
"The Pavilion,
"Ouhllielils,  B   C.
"To the /tlIII-Bilk Co.
"Oculleuirli—Allci  a  Vtfl'J   I.UI   trial
I haw*   proved    /am-link eminently
satislaeloi j In my case it cured .t
skin rush of live years standing
which no doctor tad been able to do
any good for.
"I would certainly eucoiira-,^ any
person to keep Zam Buk iu their
home. It truly does even more than
you claim for il. For my own pari
I would not now he without it iu the
"Yours wry truly,
(Signed-) "Roger F. Perry,
"Justice of the Peace for B.C."
Zam-Buk diners from ordinary
salves and embrocations, for while
these mostly contain animal oils and
fat Zam-Buk is purely herbal. It
closes aud heals cuts, festering sores,
ulcers, eruptions, boils, eczema,
chafing sores, etc. In the household
it is the handiest, possible remedy
for burns, scalds, children's injuries-
It instantly cleanses any wound to
which It is applied; prevents (ester*
Ing, inflammation or blood poison, It
cures piles, varicose ulcers, and fistula. AH druggists and stores sell
at 50 cent*- a noi, nr from tlie Zam-
Buk Co., Toronto, (or price, ti boiei
Im |8.M.


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