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Cranbrook Herald Jan 29, 1914

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Array Lestsl.tln. Asuaw.
April i'jji
«T. sr* well
turn out the bait clais
ol work.
In tht B.rald Fays— iry
Our  Local  Column
Last Friday niter,,,,,,!,, Mr. A. (
Nelson, who recently retired as gov,
erniaent agent at Cranbrook, was
called lato the government building,
where, in the presence ol lahe start ol
tin, government oKIoq .anal a lew vis
Huts, ., presentation of a gold watch
and chain uiul n purse ol *7Wi.iin in
Itold, was- made lo him as an appreciation ol thc people of tho district
lor his Ionic service us government
The   speech   ol   presentation  was
made   by   His Honor, Judge. Thompson as follows:
To Alfred C, Nelson, Esquire,
Agent ot thc (lovernment of British Columbia, Cranhrook,
Wc, tlie undersigned residents ol
Cranhrook, Fernie. Fort Steele and
East Kootenay generally, desire the
honor of presenting you with this address oa the occasion of your retirement from tho government service ol
thc Provincial Government.
During Ike fifteen years that you
have been in that service, you have
seen great changes in this district.
Vou have witnessed the construction
of the railway and during the whole
time you have held the confidence of
the people of East Kootenay.
Wc beg that you will'accept this
address aad tho gilts accompanying
It as evidences of our esteem.
May the luture hold lor you many
years ol health and happiness:-
.1. S. T. Alexander, T. I'. Armstrong
V. Hyde Baker, A. .1. Balment, T.
H. Banflcld, S. Banwell, O. E. Barber, W. B. Bardgett, M. A. Beale,
R. E. Beattic, C. Q. Bennett, Fred
Uinmorc, It. .1. Black, S. Bonncll
M.D., A. C. Howness, .1 Brault, A.
I). Bridges, .las. Buchanan, N. W.
Burdett, F. .1. Bums, 1". Jiurns &
Co., ll. Burton, .1. F. Bridges, !..
Carosella, B. S. Carr, G. W. F. Carter, B. II. Carter, .1. Cholditeh, F.
M. Christian, Lester Clapp, H. S.
Clark. W. !•:. ('line. C. A. Pock, M.
Collins, D. Corsan, M.D., Cranhrook
Electric Light Co., Cranhrook Meat
Market, Cranbrook Sash A: Door Co.,
L. .1. Cranston, W. C Crehbln,
Crows Nest Pass Lbr, Co., .1. G.
Cummings, 11. Darling,: Davis Urns.
Electric Co., .1. F. Deacon, K. Do-
•all, A. Doyle, II. w. Drew,: Host
Kootenay Butcher Co., East Kootenav Lbr. Co.. ('. M. Edwards, Gus.
Erickson, C. Evans, K. B. Eyton,
Fink Mercantile Cra , .1 Finlay, II
.Market, Company, R. K Futa, It L.
T. Gulbrialh, H. S. Garrett. .1. I..
Gates, A. Graham, F. W. Green,SI I).
Lillian D. Green, II Griffith, W.';S,
Hall, W, Ilalsall, ]'. Handley, N
Hanson, .1. C. Ilnrt, .1. II. Hayes,
.1. B. Henderson, llerald Publishing
Co., S.! Ilerchmer, II. II. Hicks, P.
DeVere Hunt, .1. Johnson, P. F.
alohhson, .1. II. King, Ml)., .1. 13.
Kennedy, 11.' Kershaw, Kootenay
Telephphone Lines, .1. T. Laldlaw,
lAWe ,\ Kisher, .lohn Leask, T. W.
Leask, .1. P. Leslie, John l.i'Vett, A.
Haiworth, Little & Atchison, 10. Malcolm, lin*- It. Manning, John Held, 'I'.
M. Huberts, It,.,ail tlotcl, Jonathan
Miniums, J. tt IttiUcdgo, II s Mather, Jos Ityan, ILL Scott, T. T.
Mocmly, (I II Sadler, F. II Miles,
II. L. Sawyer, J. Milroy, P, A
Small, G.G. Modatt, J F. Smith,
F. II. Morris, T. South, A. Mutt,
Otis Staples Lbr. Co., J. n McBride, 0' F. Stevenson, Jas. Mct'ool,
V. Synionds, McCreery Bros, Simon
Taylor, A. L, McDermot, Gust.
Tales, A. B. Macdonald, G. H.
Thompson, D. A. McDonald. J. A.
MacDonald, M. A. Macdonald, S. F.
Wallace, N. A. Wallinger, A. A.
Ward, W. II. McFarlane, C. R. Wasd,
D. McNclBh,   A. H. Watson, F. Macpherson, O. B. Watson, .1. McTavish,
A. E. Watts, T. T. McVittie, A. 11.
Webster, W. A. Nisbet,' IL White, T.
B. O'Coiwell,    P. E. Wilson,   E. B.
0"'n, H. W. Wood,   W. M. Park, W.
E. Worden, F, Parks, Patmore Bros,
C. H. Phillips, CHungcrford Pollen,
J. R. Pollock, M. Quain.
On behalf ol Mr. Nelson, Mr. A. II
Macdonald replead as follows:
"Mi. Nelson  ask* cn* to  read the
following renlv:-
1, am absolutely at a loss to had
words in which to express mv thanks
to yon for the kindly and flattering
address that, you have given me.
To you, Sir, and the many other
kind friends I express mv sincere
thanks for the generous subscription
ami the gold watch and chain which
needless to snv us lime passes on I
shall ever value aunl cherish.
Allow mc also to take the opportunity to thank all the ollicers anal
members iu the employ of the Provincial Government for tlieir loyalty
to me aaJial to the many ' personal
kindnesses showered upon me while in
ollice and since mv retlrcnienl.
Indeed this is true ol all, and I can
only agiiia say that words fail me to
sufficiently thank you lor these magnificent gilts as evidence oi your
Gentlemen, I thank you.
Witt, the curtailment of land speculation the era iters have abandoned
that once prolific game and have turned their attention to floating oil
companies, mining companies and
other freak concerns. The public is
gulled into buying and under the protection of the Companies' Act not
only investors but tbosc who extend
credit to such concerns are made to
suiter. What is needed is an act similar to the "Uliic Skr Law", which
will protect the public from such fake
and freak concerns.
Even in Kngland thc game is being
worked under the Act and countless
hundreds nre being bled annually by
sharks. Herbert W. Jordan in a
recent lecture before the Secretaries'
.Vjsoeiatirin, London, void:
"X is thc owner of an unsnund business, and things are going from had
to worse. A brilliant idea occurs
io him: Why not f°rm a company to
acquire the undertaking, write »p the
goodwill, and sell the concern for a
largt' sum. Then all that remains
for him to do is to go on trading for
a year or so, drawing a handsome
remuneration as Managing Direetorr
discharging the Labilities incurred
prior to formation, but Incurring new
ones freely, and, as soon as a creditor levies execution, to enforce his security. • • ■ • «
Hy tbis means the Vendor bas not
onlv avoid bankruptcy, but he has
aetunlly enriched himself at the expense of the obliging creditors, who
aro robbed under tlie clonk of the
I'omapnies' Acts, for goods supplied
by them arc sold tor his benefit.
No longer has the unsuccessful trader to face the prospect of being harassed in all sorts of ways, perhaps
t-'.uned out of home, spumed by acquaintances, and ultimately adjudged
bankrupt. Like the Roy Seoul, he
may "smile and whistle under all
circumstances." He needs no pla<y
of refuge from pressing creditors, such
ns the Kphesiaiis nf old had fn their
Temple at Artemis. Wilh the "Vitiate Blacksmith," hi* can 'look the
whole world in the facc(for (iti law)
he owes not any man.' Of course,
the t'ompany must purl, with its possessions, but, thanks to ils Impersonal constitution, nom. nf these t mules affecls it, and contumely and
anallieiiias miiy pour on it like water on a duck's back."
Tin? committee in charge for the
month ol February will entertain tho
motnbers of thc Over Seas Club to a.
whist drive on the 5th ol February;
Songs, Recitations, etc., will also be
included in tho evening programme.
Before thc .Social part, thero „-|||
be a meeting at 8 p.m., sharp when
tho Auditors will make tb'jlr reoort
for tho last. term and when matters
of Importance to all members will be
Refreshments will Iw servail nnd a
good evening Is assured to all the
Nr. and Mrs. If l.eaman will have
thorn- of lhe ...nine
Speakers Show that
Land Policy
Attacked by Liberals
Provincial Government is Headed Toward
Through Waste in Expenditure and
Unstable Policies
t ■
Ht*J^_-^l       *al                                       .^^*
<R**P  j*** . f'             , *^^^H
te*a«taKi^>.   >      k?/'%'''                     .ia«lB
HHHBg$V>-    '« •''"       -' '°'"-9|      ■
When thc curtain at thc Auditorium i
was raised at 8-30 last Monday night
it revealed to thc Liberal speaker, a
OApaoltv house, ncarlv every seat be-,
in* tilled and a large number were
standing at the rear.
Mr. C. It. Ward, thc local Liberal
candidate, was chairman of thc evening and seated on thc platform were
Mr, H. P. Browster nml Mr. M*. A,'
Macdonald, the speakers of tbe even-'
ing, and Dr. J. II. King, W. A. Nis-|
iM*!, T. S. Gill, T...!. Summers of,
Kimberley, Goo. Geary and John-
Mirth of Port .Steele, and a quartette of reporters.
Mr. Ward announced that it was nisi
lirst appearance before aa audience of i
this kind and he felt pleased to see
BO many people out to hear political
matters discussed At present he
had nothing special to say but would
address thu electors at some future
date fully upon the questions affecting local interests. It was not often
that n, Cranbrook audience were privileged to listen to two such distinguished speakers. Mr. Macdonald
was well known and needed no introduction. Mr. Hrcwstcr is the leader
of the Liberal party in British Columbia and this was his first appearance on the platform In the city. He
was glad to sen so many ladles
present and stated that Iheir interest
was manifest il because the Liberals
were prepared and pledged to grant
the franchise to ladles as soon as
tbey were in power.
Mr. Macdonald said he was pleased i
to find himself again on familiar,
ground among old friends and acquaintances. He would prefer to deal
with other subjects than a controversial one, but there had always |
been a spirit of good fellowship in
Cranbrook following political contests, no matter how Intense partis-
san feeling was stirred during t-he
contest. In this district there was
an absence of intense partisan bitterness. The present tour ot
tho province was being made at a
time when no party feeling was apparent   in order to grt the attention
nf the people mid their calm
judgement of the administration.
Two or three years ago such a mect-
in»i at such a time could not secure ii
corporal's guard, but it was evident
that the people were awakening and
thinking and an Interest was being
manifested in the afliars of the province as ther wen* being administered
at Victoria. Large audiences had
greeted their meetings at every point
visited in the province. This was a
healthy interest and be hoped that
the people of tbe district would e-
ventually discover the true state of
affairs in this province and when tin*
next vote is taken thai they will return Chas. IL Wind as tho next mem
ber for this district. (Applause) Other constituencies will return Liberal
candidates and hi* hoped for. the complete overthrow o) the McBride administration.
He stated thai the last ten years
had been years of prosperity, of
speculative prosperity. The people
were making money and did not eare
who was in power, but now thev
were beginlng lo ponder. Lumbering
and farming were the two basic industries at the bottom ol.tho prosperity of the province. If prosperity
were to be well founded, tbis community must be surrounded by agriculturalists. The land should be
planted with bona fide settlers in
place of through the auctioneer. During the past ten years, the govern*
ment had taken great^-redit for bavin* rescued the province from -. slate
of bankruptcy—but in how short time
history, was repeating Itself and Ihe
province was again hprderlng a state
of bankruptcy.
In the past eight years, the government has alienated about five million
acres of the beat agricultural land in
the province to speculators. This
constitutes practically one-third of
the toatal area of good arable land
of the,province. Kor this the government had received about seven or
eight million dollars, not enough to
pay tbe running expenses, for nine
niwth* at Uie promt rate of ripen
diture. Was this alieaation justified'.'
asked Mr. Macdonald. In Alberta
and Saskatchewan, they have brought
thc lands under the plow, and cities
have sprung up and;industry is- flourishing. In this province they have
brought the land under thc speculator aud.it is growing a crop of surveyor's stakes.
The treasury is now depleted and
the government is now looking for a
loan from seves to ten millions.
They claim there is. a balance of
thirteen million owing from thc land
sales to speculators but they do not
call, in the money owing, but prefer
to borrow and ask thc taxpayers' to
nav thc interest on this immense «iim
by increased taxes. In all the communities in British Columbia, where
there was some degree of agricultural production there .was prosperity
and the financial stringency was n**.t
felt. Slq Richard McBride bad called
the Liberal speakers "Calamity Howlers." Sir Itichard wanted the people to quit talking hard times, fold
their arms complacently and trust
to providence and Sir Richard,
Tbe Liberals believed it the part af
wisdom that a land settlement policy should be fixed and had adopted .1
plank in their platform which fully
covered the situation.
In the lumbering industry the Government had parted witb thousands
of square miles of the best timber to
speculators. Thc lumbermen have
lieen asking the government to,arrive at some conclusion regarding
ground rent, royalties and dues, in
order tbat a permanent value may be
fixed on the timber. Thc government have been working for two or
three years but have arrived at nothing so far. When lumbermen go to
the banks to borrow money, the
banks refuse the loan because there is
no permanency to the value of timber, caused by thc instability of tlie
government policy. Two years ago,
the minister of lands presented a
bill but it was withdrawn. The Liberal party inserted a plank in their
Inst platform declaring for fl fifed
ri'natinuat how Vm? B\a>)
Thursday nitxlit was ;a gala night
fair tlie Pythian .at Cranbrook, aboul
foiariv-iivi' members being present to
help ilia' lai'iaaiti (Irani! Chancellor
Installed the ncwlt elected ollicers.
According la. , l„> buceches inaai,' bv
tlie new ollicers, there „ill be something alaainai in Pvtliianism ri^bt alont;
the next six montlis.
Alter installation "Tyro Hash-
was served all round, with aalt kinds
ol "Hemp Rope" thrown in sona:s anal
warmed up   tl,,- aai,-,,^;,,,,   KatnerinCa
Whk'h      Wit]      laal,      |,;.      I ,',|l«'IIIbeTf0   tlV
those resent.
The officers installed were:—
(! W. Donahue, C.C., It. ,'. Carr,
V.I'.. Alex. Henry. M.W.. a. P. Carr,
P. I). MoOowan, K.H.S., A. B. Hill,
M T.,.1. I.. Walker, M.I-: . Chas. Mc-
Mallcn, 111 . R. Ilalsall.T A., .1
flibson   0. V,
A committee wais appointed to
make   arrangements   taa celebrate, the
"Pythian   (iaallla-lt   .lltbllce"   aan   rVhrci-
ury 19th, the ordet heires 50 years-
old that date,
The occasion is to be celebrated bv
all Pvthlans faoni st John N ll . to
Victoria, II.C., and Irom-Canal /.one
to lurthesi Alaska. The Pythian
llnnnet is unfurled, honor will be
alone to .lusllns II Hutbbone, tbe
Founder ol ilia- order
On the same dale also, there will
inWashinuia.il. D.C, i ".resentativos
ol all Pythian Orand Domain, to Pav
their respects to tit, Mather l.axlsp,
"Washington Ko I", whieh l.odee
wns Instituted, February 19tb, IS6t.
bv Justins II Kit,hi;,,ne, nt *al tu-.t,.
an aiHiivr in the I s Treasury Department -.nil who later „n attaint
thc hicliest honor ol the (irder, that
ail Supreme Chancellor.
The (Iranal Domain ol B. C will
likely be represented bv Orand Chancellor B. S. II, Winn ,.! Uosslan.t.
anal l'asl Supreme Master .it Arms
Noble Binns oi Trail
We are tn haw- at tbe Auditorium
next Tuesday, thr Ul-tlntish com
pany that Mr. Louis Merer, owner oi
the Strand and Oarrick Theatres,
London, Is sending out in tbe gav
little comedy "The Glad Eve." tbat
ran for fifteen months iu London
and nine months in Paris.
The entire im*duction is carried.
The press is unanimous as to the
laugiiter-iaisiiic . ualitien 0f tbe little
"morceau." as the following opinions will indicate.
'The audience lanclx-d ail tlu
time," .savs ihe staid London Times,
while the equally cautious Daily
Telegraph says "The funniest play
within memory." The Toronto Globe
savs "Played in the true -.pirit of
high comedy." The Montreal Herald
admits "The best comedy and company seen hen* in yean," while the
Montreal Telegram sa\s 'The technique is nearlv perfect," and the
Star goes on wiib "It will succeed
because it is Kenulnclj funnr, and is
splendidly played, mounted an1 sta*-
•d." In Winnipeg we h-i. "Hilari-
iiiislv funny, nol a weak spol in the
east" from the Tribune, and from
be Winnipeg Telegram "Sparkling
cornedv, uproarious laughter for two
and a half hours cast of general
Wc do not concern ourselves with
what we think as \i. but must 'a'-e
the opinions of tho*e who ha e seen
the "Glad Eve" and It loo s good
The annual me/*' in; of Knoi Pre;,
bvierian Church was held in the
School House on Wednesday, the 2lst
Januarj When the report of tin
church were presented shoving good
progress made during 1918 \rt--r the
reception of reports and the discus-
Ion Incident to same, refreamenti
were served by the ladies
The following are the officers lor
Church Treasurer. Air K. Collins,
church Secretary, Mr w \ Nisbet,
Knvelope Secretary, Mr. P. M Macpherson, Managers, Mr. W. W McGregor. Yt M. Macpherson, M E
Collins, W. K. Worden, Alex. McKen-
zie. .J. W. Spence, H 11 McClure,
and W. A. Mabel
Victoria. B.C., -Ian. 27—The Idea
is gaining ground that SIi Richard
Mclirlde will tn- tl»* successor to the
late Lord Strathcona as high com-
missiones for * tonada \ prominent
member of thc gocernmenl stated to-
dav that the choice lay between Sir
Itfchard and llie Hon. Adam Heck,
but that he believed the Inrmcr would
In* chosen to repiesent the Immlnion
In tho metropolis of the empire. "I
shall be- greatly surprised," ho :idih*d,
"if the mantle does not fall ou Sir
Hitfeard's sliuulrfn* '
l:stiilia!es, beinn amount 1m'-
ia-ai (or Sa'hooi l'arposes ... S21805.
Amount alloted by City, uec
Kernie fottstrJetiian Co.   SOW.
Anaoamt r.i-'d Iron, (lovt. a»cc.
Manual  Training Kquip.     . J078..5
Amount tw'd (rom Govt, aec
Work   at   School.  butMtnt
Cement  Walks   etc. . 2000
Tearhers' Salaries  SM0M.
School   Supplies        5*0.M
Janitors' Salary ,v Supplies   ISM.U
General Kxpense.-
r-|i"l STRO.RO
Medical Inspec 199 80
Water mo.
l.latht A  Phone 68.19
Itepairs 15.70
Insurance 12«.00
Sundries r.90 47
Sec'y Salary .100 litS.lt
Library ,_........ ».«
Kaiinitutr A  Kixtures . .     551 4#
Comptetion ol School lluild*
tog     38H.
-Manaaal      Training   School
lluildm?     1270.53
South   Ward   School   Build-
ma; 141 «
Kqulpmenl  Manual   Training
Sehool      -iiot
•lanitot's Tcaols ..   .       4ai.U
Balanee on hand
» l.Otl.M
I hereby certily that I have enun-
ined the St-hool Hoard Rooks gad
compared the vouchers loertain ot
»bich are now at the Coast ia the
bands ol the Dept. of Education hat
their receipt has been verified oy tne)
and find everything correct.
isigned,    .lohn ChoWitch
. a
I llilev. who lost both of his Ms
h, amputation at St. Kuatrae fcMPaV
tal last week, is rrcoveri&x aicetr
but will not be able to leave his heal
lor scleral weeks and then obJt
through tne assistance o' charity ia
nrovidinz  him   with artificial liota.
'Dais unfortunate man waa ajflaat
up recently near Canal Flats, when
he had been wandering for five days
and nights, lost in the woods. .Both
feet were frown and he was hroufht
to this city and tbe doctors fcata
since been endeavor,** to save Bia
limbs hut amputation was fiaaU*
faaund necesaary.
Mr. Kile; is an Irishman aad baa a
wife nod thn* children in New
Eoundland. He is a shoemaker hy
trade and II he could secure funds **
taronde himself with artificial legs,
would be able to make a H^ag for
The lund started bv tbe llerald has
onlv crown bv one contributioa taMJ
week and we hope neit wwk to afl-
aee larcer eains. The niooe. ia
nai'ded shortly, so that wbea Ur.
Kiln is able to leave the hospital
ttt,' new legs will be on hand
llomrle-.s ar/l Itiendless. witb ao
fundi and in such .n unfortunate pre-
aliaamen,, his tase is deserving oi
leal material help and assistance,
tt'ithaaait limhs. Mr. llilev will he a
burden upon tht- rrmimunit^' aad continue to demand the attention ol
charitv. whle with mod artificial
limbs he will become sell- supporting
itadawndent and an asset to good ao»
eietv. fmly *200 is netded at tens
time, send in whatever vou wish to
the llerald office. Ant amount grant
or small will merit the same appreciation and have th" same careful accounting
The fund bas been startod as (allows:
The Herald  u.ao
IC. L. Staples ,   544
1* l-'fiend „...,'„'.    MO
»■ C, C-      j.o«
The Cranlatook Operatic Saclety
will hold their annual Oeaetal Maat-
ing for the election of officer, aad ta
decide the nest new production at to*
R.Y.M.O.A. at « o'clock, Tweday.
FHKtaty lid, 1*14. a
J. R. THOMPSON, Ettitor and Mmajtr
Subscription Rates
One Year . - - ffOO
Six Months - - fl'00
Three Months       -      - -M
Advertising Rates
Display Advertising 25 cents
per inch.
Heading notices or classified adB.
10 cts per line.
CHiNBROOK. B.C.. January 29ad. I9M
Sundays—Low mass at 8.80 a.m.;
nigh mass, 10.30 a.m.; Sunday si*tiool
Irom 2 to 3 p.m.; Rosary and Benediction at IM p.m.
Mondays and holy days ol obligation—Mass at 8 a.m.
Week days—Mass at 6 a.m. at tlie
P. Plamondon, O.M.I.
■ ♦ 1
Rov. W. Bison Dunham, Pastor
Sunday   services'.   The pastor   will
preach at    11 a. in. and   7:30 p.   m.
Such au appeal as that made by
the speakers ou Monday night to the.
Intelligence uf the voters ol the province cannot tall to bear fruit at the
next election. With all its wealth ot
forests and mines, Hritish Columbia
is working In a circle; the natural
resources arc being depleted and the
money sent out of ihe province for
foodstuffs. $20,000,000 in two years
is a handsome sum which might roll
JinVf remained at home had the government exerted any effort to assist
the agriculturalists of the province.
If the present policy is continued, in
time,, the vast resources will be diminished and the province will be
bankrupt. Sound business sense is
wanted nl tlie. head ot the province
in_l)Uue of the machine politicians
who are wasting thc public money
Keeping the machine iu good working
We notice the Craobrook Operatic
Society are holding their annual
meeting next Tuesday and in tbo in-
lercsl uf vlhe public hope that the
meeting will he well attended, and
that the society will endeavor to
favor the Cranhrook theatre-goers
with another production in the near
future. Some ot the lormcr leaders
of the society have moved away but
'there is also new talent in the city
and1 there is no reason why another
good1 production could not be put on
the hoards and it would help to liven
things up during these quiet days
while we are waiting for the abatement ot the financial stringency and
the tennis and baseball season. If
the members get together and get
hnsv we are confident good results
will follow.
It was proven last night that the
public is always ready to accept
dramatic art us a source of amusement, providing the artistes are talented . M iss Cat ..critic Henrv and
Eugene West, in their presentation
of one-act plays won immediate favor
and are without the slightest doubt
the most talented and versatile performers who have even graced the
stage, in this city. The offerings
presented yesterday were deliguttully
rendered, and tho applause unstinted
at the close of each playlet.t Tonight an entirely new programme
will ho submitted, and a capaeity audience is expected, judging from the
many complimentary remarks passed
last evening. Miss Catherine Henry
is worthy of special mention, her act-
being of such superior character that
one revels in the delightful atmosphere that surrounds her capable
character studies. Ably supported by
Mr. West, the performance is a dramatic nam and is a compliment to the
efforts of the Sherman management
to give the theatre-vping public
amusement that is refreshing, artistic and of an elevating character.—
Lethbridge Herald.
Evening subject: "'lhe Relation ot
Religion to the Community."
This is the lust of .,, series of four
sermons on . "Holigion iu Modern
Morning service.
Pipe Organ Prelude—Selected.
Anthem—"O   Come    Let   Is    Worship."
Postludi—March   from "Si.    Pnh-
Kvening service:
Mr Nidd will give a brief orgai
recital  before the evening service.
1. Offertolrc No. 1 in ll Flat—
2. ".lesii   The   Verv   Thought   ol
Thee." .Limes
' Oftortoire —Andantlno in I> Flat—
Anthem—"Come nnlo nu* mm mn»n
Poatlude—Allegro in C—Lee.
Mrs. Oeo. Stevenson, Choir Leader.
Mr. ('has. F. Nidd, Organist.
All are Invited to the above services.
Pastor W. K. Thomson,
Morning service 11 a.m.
Subject: Studies in the Lite of
.lesus"—Preparation for - Mission-
nrv Crusade.
Sunday School and Bible Class at
3 p.m.
Evenin" Service al 7:.H0 p.m.
Subject: The lirst of n series of
sermons 0n (lucstlotis thai disturb
the mind.—"Why Dues God Remain
Young People's Meeting ou Tuesday
at 8 p.m.
Mid-week Service 0n Wednesday
evening at 8 p.m.
Choir Leader—Mrs. E, Patterson.
Organist—Mr. II. Stephens.
"Come, let. us reason together,
sailli the Lord."
Rev. O. E. Kendall, Pastor.
Preaching Services will he held 11
a.m. and 7.80 p.m.
Topic of the morning discourse will
ho "The Priesthood and Klnaulilp of
Believers" In the evening tl.e topic
will be "Work atl(| Wages''
Siiudav* School 3ip.ni.
Fellowship Bible ('lass 3:00 p.m.
"('time Hum wilh us and we will
do thee good, for the Lord hath
spoken good concerning Israel".
Competitions for the local trophies
have Ihimi proceeding rcgularlv. and
inleresi is growing keener as the
plav advances. The ice is now in
good shape on three rinks
Tuesday afternoon a matched game
was pulled ofl between ihe Sublime
aud Ridiculous. Thc Sublimes were
.kipped by (ieo. Hoggarth and eacb
player weighed over 220 pounds. Tin
Riduculous were all under 150 pounds
and were skipped hv T. M. Robert's.
The latter won the contest bv the
narrow margin of one point; the
game   throughout being in iloubl uu-
We are workers' all and sundry,
toiling al our daily chores; some are
cooped in gloomy building, some are
working out of doors; some with
thews and muscle labor, some are
>trivinL| with the brain, and no work
that's done in earnest ever yet was
done in vain. There's reward for
every effort if we to our duty keep,
till the whistles blow at nightfall
and we journey home to sleep. Some
must work for lilt,e wages, other men
have coin to spare; Ini ibe lirst are
often happy while Uie last are full of
care; some must rise at early morning while the others slumber late, bul
the gods who watch the workers in
Uie end make all things straight. Let
us therefore labor blithely, let us
build, and spin and reap, till the whistles, blow at nightfall and wo journey
home to sleep. We are workers, only workers, on this swiftly whirling
hall, and lhe Boss is keeping cases
on his helpers, one and all. Wl.cn we
all liti.< up for judgement on the- fateful final day, each according to his
record will be banded out his pay.
Let u* labor then with spirit—let us
not like sluggards creep—till the
whistles blow at nightfall and we
journey home lo sleep.—Wall Mason.
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware and House
til thc last end,
Oeo. Stevenson, T. O. Phillips and
W. V. Attridge assiseid Mr. Hoggarth
in holding down their end of tbe
Riime; while W. M. Harris, [•'. M.
Macpherson and W. S. Ward were tha1
able players who assisted Mr. Roberts to a hard earned victory.
Not being daunted hy their defeat
at the hands nf the lightweights; the
heavyweights Invaded Kernie last
night and won their eunic 12-8. The
following was tbe line-up: Kor Ker-
nie-Bob Duthey, skip, Walker Thompson and McDonald. Kor Cranbrook-
treo. K. Stevenson, skin; lloet'arth,
Phillips nml Attridge.
A wireless ill si ■' h f'tv» Kernie
late tonight convevs (he inlelligcnce
thut Cranhrook 1ms secured --. easy
vlctorv over the Kernie Iluckev team
winning ihe game bv a score of 10-fi.
The puck was faced off at 8:15 p.m.
and in one-half minute a ler the blav
the tCranbrook centre look the puck
up the ice and with n rush the team
had scored . Two more iroals were
scored hv Mclllwaine in the next five
minutes after some furious ptaving
and brilliant combinations t>i the local hovs. Kernie then seemed to realize lhat thev were tip against a
hard combination and managed to
score twice during lhe firsl uuarter
Mcintosh scored lhe lirst i*oal tor
Cranbrook in the second period. Kernie retaliated with another one; Con
nollv then scored for Cranbrook and
Dunlop for Kernie. then followed
about eiirbi minutes of fast playing
which   ended   wilh Nordman scoring
, &lce 25 cts. |<*Wt|i
oo the
It is no longer a question of choice
between a Disc and a Cylinder Phonograph, because Edison now makes both
The Edison
Diamond Disc Phonograph
does not replace the Edison Cylinder
instrument. Both are at your disposal,
both are pre-eminent in their field. The
Disc instrument offers a new method of
recording and reproducing. Its Reproducer with ils diamond point and its
recaards of a new material have given
thc Edison Diamond Disc Phonograph
a new voice—a voice ol wonderful
der>th and rich, mellow tones.
The Edison
Cylinder Phonograph
wilh its indestructible diamond reproducing
point, strong, finely adjusted motor, artistically
designed cabinet, Blue Amberol Records
and many other Edison refinements, is a strong competitor ot
its new rival, the Diamond Disc.       ^	
' Hear both.   Buy either.   S^iP fS ©/
You'll be right either way.        C/jMOmab IX C<j W0IU-.
A complete line ol Editon Phonofip.it and Records will be found at
The Beattie-Murphy Company. Limited
The Cranbrook Drug and Book Co.. Limited
Disc Phonograph
CibinH Cite ••«■.■> Wilnul.
nittioianv ut oak. Drawer
I *,xn\M 72 Records, nianiond-
iioinlTeproduci-r; *uluni»lic
Hop; pnwerlul, nl'iii ipriog
motor willi worm (rat.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
352 Richards St.,
(Saiaacwaaaar to VI. F. Guxu)
Barrister, Solicitor, and Notary
P, O. Boi a.r.11
Barristers, Solicitors and
Money to l.aaan
Physicians and Surgeons
>l"i» tl K.ilalf.a.. Armilroi| tn
Forenoon. -
Afternoon. ■
Evening. ■
Engagement Extraordinary of the Famous Dramatic Artists
In tbeir Original and Delightful Programme of
One-Act Play, and Comedies
Tno hours of original ami exquisite dramatic acting
and uproariously funny and clean comedy
PRICES - - 25c, 50c, and 75c
Tickets on sale at Beattie-Murphy's Drug Store
tor Ciaiihin-l, and Burlanii tot Kernie.
The third period, opened with ■, series of rushes; Nordman scoring the
seventh noal for Cranhrook und Fernie secured iheir sixth in about five
minutes Inter. Cranbrook then opened up wiili a whirlwind dash and in
night minutes scored three coals on
excellent combination w;ork bv Mcintosh. Mclllwaine nnd Connolly. Tho
came wns one ol the hest hockev
matches seen in thc Kernie rink aud
was particularly noted fur the brilliant rushes and treat combination
work (if lhe Cranbrook Hockev team.
Following was the line-tip:-
Kernir Waller, Goal; Wtflfioc, point
Rotters, cover point: Thresher, rover;
Pascoe, centre; Dunlop, left wing;
IV.irlaiid. right wing.
Cranbrook; Crowe, Goal; Sims,
point; Conpollv. cover point; Mclllwaine, rover; Nordman, centre; Mcintosh, lefl wing; Hathie, right wing.
Referee. M. Kastner, of Kernie.
Patrick Mutlcr, aged .'12 j-cars, was
struck in the stomach bv a flying
railroad tie while acting ns flume
lender at Hull River, last Wednes-
it*" He was Immediately taken to
the hospital ul Kort Steele where ho,
died this morning, Undertaker W. Ii
Heatlv was notified and hrourht the
Imdv to this cttV, where it |s being
held awaiting Instructions from relatives. "Paddy Mullor was an old
timer in this district, having worked
in many of the lumber ramps for tho
liast several vears.
Peter Weston,   aged .'iti, died at tho
Fort Steele hospital nn Saturday,
January 17th. ol articular rheumatism. The hotly was brought to the
citv hv UndortaKor Dcatty and funeral Services were hold from the undertaking parlors this afternoon- Deceased was ., native ol Sweden and a
sister. Kmina -.Johnson, is a resident,
of this citv.
Blalrmore is scheduled to plav hocK-
ev with the Cranhrook team on the
local ice next Wednesday evening.
Czanhrook's team is strenghlening
nml the bnvs an' hard at practice
dailv ami are now In shapp to give a
good account of t hemselves. The
team from ihe cement town has won
a malor portion ot their games this
se-son ami a .rood contest is expected
It is hoped there will he a large attendance to encourage the boys, as
well as to foster food hockev in tlu-
citv tin*, winter
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
Howard fit. and Trent Ave.
A modern equipped Cafe at moderate
Rates $1.00 and up per day
Our bun meets all trains
The Coeur D'Alene Company
JABOB QOETZ, President
HARRY F. BAER, Secretary
No Man's Collar
is comfortable if it doesn't fit
perfectly. Neither ia the collar worn by your horse. We
have been culled the "horse's
merchant tailor" because we
are so particular al»ut the lit
of the harness we sell. The
l>etter yon treat your horse
the better he will treat you.
Oet his harness here.
W. M. Park & Co.
■ 1.00 to 10.M
1.00 to 4.11
7.10 to I.U
1.10 to 4.11
Craobronk     Lodge,
No. 34
A.F. & A. M.
ftcaznlar meetings on
the   tliiral   Thursday
ot every month.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
II. Hickenbotham, W. M.
J. L. Cranston, Sec.
Cbesoknt Lodge No. 88
Cranbrook, li. C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. ia tho
Kraternlty Mall.
0. Donahue, C. 0,
K. M. Christina, K. ol Ii.*S.
1'. O. llox M2
Vislling brethren   cordially Invited
to attend.
Meets every Monday
night at New Fraternity Hall. Sojourning Oddtcllowa cordially Invited.
J. It. Tuinlcy, W. M. Hauls,
N. O. Seo'y.
aJRANBROOK :i    il    H    H    I, 6.
I to 19 a.m.
1 to   • p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Office in Hanson Block.
CRANBROOK        -      -      - B. C
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
Terms on Application
Phone 259 Matron
P. O. Uox 845 Garden Ave.
I'SftRS1 Cranbrook, B.C.:
Civil ami Milling Enilneen
British Columbia Land Surveyor.
CRANBROOK    -      B. C.
W. R. Baattr. ron.raJ DtrMto.
Crubrook B.C.
cz; Phone 340 P. O. Box 585
Norbury Ave., next to City Hall
Day Phone 233
Night Phone 3M
Frank Provenzano
General Merchant!
Employment Agente
CRANBROOK     -     B. C.
Faarwardtng and Die*
tributing Agent for
U. van prompt attention
<. Oooils called forand delivered.
''    Good work only.   Prompt
',, Some,
ii Telephone No. 4051
;; P. O. Box 793
] l    Works : Armstrong Avo.
For Sale
One Oxford Engine, 11 x 11. Price
S533n,nn, May be Been at Bene-
diet Siding, one mile eaat of
Mayook, B. 0.
One Oxford Saw Carriage, com.
plete with rack feed, a blooka,
H post dogs. Price $250.00 at
Elko, B.C.
One Oxford Friction Feed, complete with cable and sheaves and
drive pulleys. Price $150.00, at
at Elko, B. O.
For further particulars apply to
J| Leask & Johnson, EHfoi B. C.
Meets first and    third Wednesdays
In each month.
A   cordial reception extended     lo
visiting brothers.
Officers July 1st to December 31st.
W. M. Harris, Chlet Patriarch
H. Wkite, Scribe.
No. 19.
Meets every second and   tourtb Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Rebekah.  cordially In-
Sia. Maude Hickcnba 'ham, N.O.
Sis. Ada Hickcnbotham, Ucc. See.
Meets in Carmen's Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday ot eacb month at 8
p.m. sham
.1. Bird, CD.
1.. acirron, Sec., Box 618.
Visiting brethren made wclinme.
Meets in Carmen's Hall 1st and 3rd
Thursday every month at 8 p.m.
Membership open to British citl
E. Y. Brake, L. Pearron,
Pres. Sec.
Box C18
Visiting members cordially welcom
Cranbrook Lodge
Naa. IllII)
Mpaala every Wednesday
aal H p.m. in [laayaal Hlaaa-k
Knight.'   Hull,   Lli.k.i-
II. S Gakhktt, Meat.
W M. Kau.EB, Dart.
Pride ot Cranbrook   Circle, No. 153,
Companions ot tne Forest.
Meets ln Carmen's Hall 1st and 3rd
Wednesday ot eacb month at
eight p.m. sharp.
Mrs. A. Laurie, C. C.
Mrs. A. E. Shaw, Sccrctar/.
P. O. Box 443.
Visiting' Companions cordially w;l-
LODGE, No. 1871
MeetB Ihi and Brd Thurt.-
tlayf* at 8 p.m. in .loyal
Black Knlghtfl of Iielarnl
Hall, Baker Street.
R. S. Garhbtt, W.M.
W. C. Dt'KMAN, R»c. Sea.
Meets in thc Carmen's Hall, 1st
Tuesday afternoon ol every month ut.
3 p.m. and the Inncy work class
meets on 3rd Friday evening In tlw
same place at 8 p.m.
Mrs. K. II. Leaman, Pres.
Mrs. .1. Shaw, Set*. Ti.au.
P. O, Bus 442
All Ladies coriliallyy Invited.
I'rrriiilt'iii   A  IV .Smith
MtftH regularly Die iimi Prlilnji waning oacli
men tli,
hiaiirmatlmi on l'linltry mntlonBUiiplliM)
A ill I ii'**.*-1 lie SiHTi't ui*}-,
W. W. McORBGOIl, P.O. I)rii\vcr4.m
President: A, B. Nmitji
[Secretary. A..n. 11. wi-im
For informal on regarding lands !
nml   agriculture   apply   to tha .
1 hev-rtttarv, Cranbrook. R. 0.
Meeting—Tlie ind Saturday of '
' each month, at old Gym,, 2 p.m.   '
Oppo.lt. O.P.K. Htuliaila
THE    I'LACli    TO     OET    A
«■-"»—■»■—■■---— mmta*——---.-- ■*—Tr*rtrirTi»,>*iu*ii'ii*wigjj mjiu-
\^M  News of the District  mm
Written by Brifht Correspondents
(By Fred Koo).
Wo   havo   just returned   Irom the
Hoosevilln Valley and Plawtone, ami
nml that,
It is ims)' enough to smile,
When things goes 0n tho l«V»l,
Hut its easier, still to cuss like bell,
When ovurylfnlng's going to the devil.
.Mm Tliistli'laa-aik withdraws tin*
reward aalUaml lor Harry Abrahams
siiinc lime ago, Haley Itnlwon ol the
WesU'rn I'anadn, discovered him in
I'tanhroiik [wllng as II his pig had
won first prim at the Spokane Cattlo
The Fcniie Conservatives held a
mea'ting last week, we uM to belong
lo it, bul after finding out their
hack-hone was made of jelly and glue,
we devoted our spare time to Klko
and district, they make better Boer
in Fcrnie than men, especially Conservatives,
The Directors ot the Elko Water,
Power and Light Co., held a meeting
in the Klk Hotel, Friday night, and
considered putting in a power plant
for lighting the town. There was
lull meeting excepting one member
who is canning Clams and noisless
Beans down in California.
Norman Gardner was in town this
week, looking as if lie had a lead on
mind as big as a ('old Storage Plant.
A lady artist at Flagstone was
sketching thc Kootenay River, and
Yahk mountains in which she bad
given prominence to the sky. A resident of the hi.re takine a rcspectlul
interest in the work, "Ah" Said thc
Lady Artist, perhaps to you, too,
nature opens bsr sky pictures page by
page. Have you seen the lambent
flame of the down, leaping across the
river, thc red-stained, sulphurous
islets floating in lakes of fire up
Gold ("reek, the ragged cloud at midnight, black as thc Raven's wings,
blotting out the shuddering moon?
"No" replied the man. "Not since
I gave up drinking.
Charlie Klingensmith of Elko, wc
are pleased la say is picking up considerable change while spending his
vacation down in California this winter. The other w-eck Charlie took ,
run down into Mexico, approaching
a crowd in a district remarked,
"Have something fleneral" and the
crowd moved as one man toward the
Plains says that Alfalfa is "The Hav
De Lux" and slrongly recommends it
for raising Cow Butter and Hogs on.
Miss aS'etly Terrace oi Cranbrook
was visiting Klko last week, the
guest „l Mrs. T. II. Hardman, nnd
wus entertained lav the young nt-aaplt-
aaf the town to a sleigh party througtt
the parks and down to Haynes Luke.
Better the day, belter the Deed "il
11 wns Sunday" ami a jolly time Was
Mrs. Palmer nf Krag was visiting
the Thompson lamily Ihis week.
For the information of some readers, who wonders at our hit from the
shoulder remarks, we wish to say
that the writer can neither be bought
bribed nor frightened. He does not
even shy at lhe sight ol a* petticoat.
.Several Travellers came in from
the (las City this week.
the ice.
cold to give a keen   edge tn
is the winter   lor our discern-
You've got to go up on the band
wagon, and loot a big horn or you'll
never attract any attention in little
II. C.
Bill and Dan the money getters are
expected in Klko next week.
K. Williams nl Wycliffe representing
Otis Staples Lumber Co., currying
coals to Newcastle was in town last
Right   now   is   poor
bun tine Bulterflvs.
weather  (or
Dr Saunders of Paynes, paid Klko
several professional visits this week.
Ray Hirtz, Manager of the Roosville ('ash Store, Mo was on the
sick list nil lasl week, and Travellers exiHtiemv ronsidi'rahle iliffirultv
in getting business from Koo's bald
headed Brother those hurd times.
Oeo.    Ross,    Prop,   of   the BUco
Htaekismith     and   Carriage works
wishes   business would pick, up so he
could go on strike again.
C, N. Lewis, (fame Warden was
called to Fertile last week tm official
IV Knierson Moore, Mayor of
Caithness   was a   Cranhrook visitor
la-st   week
It is to lie hoped before accepting
the High Commlssiooership for Kn
gland, that Sir Richard McBride will
make arrangements for the removal
of the (invernmeti! Huildings from
FVrnlo to Klko, where there is n0
Carnegie Library or Graft Investigation Rolng on.
A. .1. Mott of Fernie was in Elko
this week taking orders (or Automobiles, dump carts and slush scrapers.
Jim Thistlebeak says that times
and conditions were never as bad as
they are at present time and with
both parliaments in session its up to
to them to get down to business and
apply the remedy and suggests ia the
meantime. Early to bed, early to
rise.  Never get drunk and advertise.
The    Roosvfllo    Times,    Tobacco
Thc notices to the members of the
Windermere District Hoard of Trade,
calling them to the annual meetiru:
i-iave been issued. This asks for their
attendance here on Friday, the sixth
of February, the meeting to open at
two o'clock in the afternoon. At
tkifl meeting thc affairs of the Board
for the past year will he Rone into
officers for 1911 elected and a general
programme laid out for .the season
just opening.
The Board was first organized in
lft 11 with a tnembei'Miip of thirteen.
During tJie year 1912 this number
was increasj.'d to forty-three while in
1913 it rose to a membership of over
sixty. It is thought that a further
increase will be made in 1914. During 1912 the body, became ineorpora-
Soeieties Act and in 1913 by reason
of the increased population in the
District it was further advanced by
securing a Dominion charter. Its
work covers the whole of the Windermere Mining Division with this part
as its centre. The Windermere Mining Division extends over :i distance
of eighty miles from North to South
and approximately forty miles from
l'?ast to West. Within its boundaries
are great irrigation works and untold
mineral deposits of great wealth.
The scenery is magnificent. Only this
year is if really going to come into
its own bv the long looked-for construction of the Kootenay Central
Railway, being a branch ol the Canadian Pacific system whieh will tr-
verse the whole of the Columbia Kootenay Rivers Valleys and join the
main line of the railway on the North
with its Crow's Nest Pass branch on
the South.
Thc large covered rink at Athalmer
was opened yesterday evening for thc
first time to the public. Tlte attendance of skaters was very large. It is
on this sheet that the chief games of
Curling In the bonspiel will be played
This bonspiel is under rhe direction of
the Royal Caledonian Curling Club ol
Scotland and opens on tho twentieth
of the month.
INVERMERE, B.C., Jan. 22nd U,
—Tbe annual district curling bonspiel
has just been brought to a successful
close. Thc games were played off in
the new covered rink in Athalmer
and were witnessed throughout with
great interest. In addition to local
rinks from the four villa** about
here Ihere were rinks In competition
(rom Golden. The prizes which were
offered were many and beautiful.
Each ol the competing rinks were
successful in gaining rewards. Tfcei
weather right throughout has been I
just what was wanted, asd waa aftffi-
INVERMERE, B.C., Jan. 22nd 14.
—Two very important announcements
have been made this past week having
special bearing for hwh| on this part.
The first was that 0t Mr. (J, J, Hurt
Vice-President of the Canadian Pacilic
Kail way who in announcing that
ComaPnv's plans for the eoniinc
year stated that it was the intention
to devote their eneigies chiefly to
finishing oft the work so well Iroguu
last year which would include
amongst other classes the completion
of the unfinished portion of their
Kootenay Central branch. He said
that this would be completed in sufficient time to be in operation before
the close of the year. This line traverse the Kootenay-Columlda River
Valleys from end to end and will
prove a very important connecting
link between the Main fine and the
Crow's Nest Pass of the railway
Company's system.
The second announcement was that
made hy thc Hon. R. F. Oreen, the
member of Parliament for thc Federal
House at Ottawa which was to the
effect that during tlie present session
when redistribution of scats for the
Dominion Parliament will be made
that this riding be divided and
given two members instead of one
is now thc case. It is probable that
tho division wilt split the riding from
the North to the South.
He went on to make the further announcement that it was his intention
to ask for a further appropriation to
improve thc Government telephone
line between Golden and this District
This Woman Knows
How D. D. D. Cures
Skin Troubles
D. 0. D. Prescription-for 15 years-Hie Standard Skin Remedy
(This    ll'tU-r    is jiaaat la-cehTd)
the mother 0I twelve flail
"I   am
dra-n. 1 took a hail log ai the birth
of my last child. I waa laid up five
weeks, with a (lurUar attending mi.
who aloes nothing lull treat (his kind
aaf slain disease. Six weeks aj?o I
heard ail D.I),T>, As I used tu tear
my leg at night until it was a bleed-
mass, I spoiled a bottle a.t D.ii.i).
I can'l toll yuu the case iit guv,. m,
Manv a lima- I m-arlv (ell with Ji»./i
ness friain want of sleep. Now my
leg is completely healed up, thanks
to the ble..s,.l D.D.D.   1 never expect
a...   a.  itaBS
ed a cure, I only got D.D.D. to taka
the terrible itch away. Hut bv degrees I saw the big sore getting
smaller. I have ,i thankful heart today.
Mrs. Stitt, 202 .V. Weston lid.,
West Toronto.
Tho cures of D.D.I), aro past belief. All druggists have this sooth--
ing, cooling wash and also Uie eflic- '
lent D.D.D. Skin Soap.
Come to us an and we will sell you
the first full size bottle on the guarantee   that   it will stop the itch at
once or your money refunded.
Beattie-Murphy   Co .  Limited.
(Special correspondence:.
Last Wednesday, a wreck was narrowly averted rm the 0. N. It, when
a freight going north and the passenger 11.10 a in. going south came
within thirty feet of each other.
La-st week in Maker's Hall the Anglicans held their annual meeting.
Two wardens were appointed, Mr.
Little and Dr. .Saunders. Mr. .1.
Pands and Mr. Rev. King were appointed vestrymen- The question of
the building of a new church was discussed; but the difficulty of choosing
a site, that would bo suitable for
Waldo and Haynes combined, was apparent.   No agreement was come to.
A very pertjnent subject was raised
at the above meeting, viz., tlu* fencing of the graveyard at Bavin*. As
is well-known, cattle are continually
walking over the craves and something should be done to prevent, this.
It must, however, be apparent to all
that this is a question for the whole
community, not for env particular
church; but, I am sure, everybody is
sensible of indebtedness to colonel
Pyne for raising the subject. A committee representing both Waldo and
Haynes could be annointed to look,
into this matter- The amount, of
lumber necessary for the fencing no
doubt would be given gratuitously by
the three lumber companies here. All
wc need is mopev to nav the hire of
Mr. II. II.
Hoss   is at   present in
The Kev. E. S. Bruce will conduct
the usual.fortnightly service in Baker
Hall      Sunday.
Mr. Robertson, late of the Maker
Lumber Co., was in town last week
renewing aciiaintances.
WYCLIFFE. BC.-The annual general Vestrv meeting of the Anglican
Church in Wycliffe and district was
held on Tuesday, 27th January, in
St. Andrew's Church, and there was
a good attendance of members of the
concreeation. The Rev. A. B. Lane
was in the chair.
Mr, Chester Staples was elected
as delegate to Synod and Mr.
Heaeh substitute. Church .wardens
Sidesmen and Auditor were also
elected and after the reading) of
reports and other business, the meeting closed and a very pleasant
evening was spent at the house of
Mrs. Dickson, where games, music
and light refreshments were thc order
of the day.
» I i
FOR SALB-Ohe«p. Ten-horse power,
engine and boiler, circular saw and
drag saw for sawing wood. Apply
J. a Ihyts, Fort Ste*. B.C. Ul.
The Secretary nf the ahove Institute desires to obtain the nameis ol
all those iu the Cranbrook-Keinie
district, who are desirous of taking
advantaee of tho offer of the Department of Agriculture as mentioned he-
If thc minimum of eight names i
obtained the Directors will ta^c steps
to fulfill thc conditions as required
thc Department with regard to
runm, orchard, etc. Names io he in
hv Thursday. Feb. 12th. addressed to
Albert 11. Webb, Secretary Farmers'
Institute. Cranhrook, H.C.
The Dcpnrtmtnt of Aciiculture. in
accordance with its policy of past
years, of providing means wherebv
the fruit growers mav receive special
training in the mnre iHfllcull brunches of their work, bus decided to
hold pruning schools ut n mtmoer of
points during the coming winter. Thc
pruninpi schools will be conducted
along the lines similiar to the packing schools.
The Department of Agriculture will
provide a competent instuctor and
pav his expenses. The local administration of thc pruning schools will
he plaeed in thc hands of n responsible local body, such us thc Farmers'
Institute, the Fruit {[rowers' Association, or the, Hoard of Trade who
will be responsible tor the mmranlce
of ;i minimum of eiirlit pupils, but
not more than twelve, with the proper qualifications, at a fee of two
dollars each, to take the twelve les
sons of three hours n lesson, the
school extending over five davs,
Where the number of pupils in *, district justifies, two priming schools
mav be arranged (or, in which the
minimum guarantee will lie sixteen
pupils, and not over twenty-four
The local organization will also
provide an orchard or orchards,
where thc instructor may hold the
pruning classes, and a hall or room
in which the lectures, mav be held.
Besides the actual practice in the
orchard, of whicli the course will consist chiefly, where thc pupil will
prune trees under the supervision oi
thc instructor, there will be several
lectures on the following subjects:-
1. Thc theory of pruning.
2. Formation of fruit huds.
3. Pruning as related to plant
•1. Top-grafting undersirablc varieties.
f>.   First aid to injured trees.
Thc pupils will nrovidi- "their own
prunine tools The nzccssarv tools
being, a pair of prunin i shears, a
saw and a pocket whetstone A
prunine pole and « light ladder may
also be nccessarv for larce trees.
Tlte Department expects that the
instructor will be met on his arrival
by some responsible person, who can
provide l.im with all necessary information so as to get the school under
wav without loss of time.
It hardly seems ncccssarvv to present to vou the important advantages to Ik- trained from a pruning
school, mining is one of the impor-
eant operations in the production of
lirst-class fruit. and one on whicb
Ihe orchardist cannot have too much
masquerade and dance. It will be a
lively and entertaining spot to spend
the week and tho old-boys' re-union
fenuture wilt no doubt bring many
old friends together.
Special rates will Ih; grven on application by the railway companies
and Hossland itself is better able to
care for visitors than in the past.
(J. A. Laftesey is President, and
H. B. Crow, secretary of the Carnival.
f ■
What A Great Man
Said To The Great
Canadian People
Parisian Sago is the discovery of a
celebrated scientist, who spent t ho
best years of bis life perfecting this
great hair tonic.
In giving his rcclpo to the Canadian people he said: "Parisian Sage
is the most delightful hair dressing
in thc world." li cures dandruff by
killing the germs that infest the
roots of the lmir; it stops falling
hair; it gives vigor and strength to
the hair roots. Heattie-Murphy, Co,,
Ltd., sell Parisian Sage ip a large
fifty cent bottle—and guarantee it to
do all that is claimed for it, or your
money refunded. It stops falling!
hair, dandruff, itching scalp and restores life and beauty to dull faded
hair in two weeks.
Hossland's Seventeenth Winter Carnival, the hest known sporting event
of the Interior of British Colombia,
b*.' held this year from February 2 to
!i inclusive. Efforts arc being made
by the management to make it better than in former years. The Carnival will see a lot of fast hockey and
will bring together several of the
fastest teams in the interior, in aU
three series, senior, intermediate and
junior, tho competitions being for
large prizes and trophies. The rules
of the Boundary-West Kootenav League will be used,
The other features of thc programe
will be social event of the- nature of
horse racing, log cutting, and there
tnrl'tdt*    ski     runuing.    Hibnggantirg.
SAN DIEGO, Cal.. .Ian 28.—Sir
Thomas Upton will be one of the exhibitors at tho Han Diego Exposition, his exhibit takinir thc form of
a Ceylonese tea garden, surrounded
bv a tea plantation.
"Tea plants can be successfully
grown in San Diego," said Sir
Thomas, at the time of his recent
visit to San Diego. "I will demonstrate this lact during your exposition in 1915," he said, and when he
reached Chicani, n few davs later he
instructed his American agent there
to come to San Diego and make arrangements for two acres of ground
on thc site of thc San Diego Exposition.
The ground is now being prepared
for the tea plantation, doubtless the
first of the sort in tho United States
of America. Tea plants of mature
growth will be shipped from Ceylon
where Sir Thomas has immense tea
plantations, direct to San Diego, and
upon arrival here will be set out on
the exposition grounds. By January
1st, 1915, on which day the San
Diego Exposition will be opened, tire
lea plants will be ready for the first
harvest of tea leaves. Visitors to
tlio exposition in San Diego wilt
then be given the opportunity of seeing the whole operation of the tea
To make his exhibits picturesque
and attractive Sir Thomas has promised to bring over a number of Ceylonese workmen, for the plantation,
and Ooylonese Women to serve the
tea in the garden
all the
You Can
Next time you step into the
store, take a look around. Of
articles on the shelves, how many were
on your shopping list five years ago ?
Make it ten years, and you will find
that most of things you buy to-day—
and could not do without—were not
even made then.
You men and women who buy
things, let this sink in. You are better
men and women because of advertising. You eat more wholesome food.
You wear better clothes. Your home
is better furnished. You have cleaner
and more sanitary houses. You read
better books and magazines. You seek
more healthful amusements.
Isn't life brighter because we have
new and higher standards of living ?
Let us thank advertising for it
Advertise in the
It covers the East Kootenay district
and brings results
OriraniM ol *!.,. Methodist (hurvb
Kwmvw. I'upili tor
Organ, Pianoforte, Yoice
Studio. Methodta Church
EMBOLI NOW f->r N,* Term ...H-nimr
_     . . ■    JAN. b.    New claM-set. in
■•okkMplng. Shorthand, Pan-
manahlp, Typewriting. ami all Imai-
— *-—*- -   ■■--■   „t NbhtSmlot..
time free by Bonus Plan. Ask for free
W.klel.-Raymond P. Kelley. Principal, Jonen BWjf.. north of 1'ost Office,
Don't be skeptical about RHEUMA, the
modern enemy of Rheumatism, Lumbago,
Sciatica. Arthritis. Gu.it, Chronic Neural-
gta. or Kidney Disease. After taking a few
doses you will know that the puitionoua
Uric Acid is leaving the system. .
"For six years I was practically a cripple j
on crutches from Rheumatism. One bottle of Rheuitiii cured me ' J. K. Green**
burg, 3639 Cottage i Irovc Ave., Chicago, UL
RHEUMA— iniard"vi."l -"' .a bottle,
Bttttfe-Murpby Co., Ltd., Agents.
$3.50 Recipe Free,
For Weak Men
Send Name and Address To-day.
You Can Have It Free and Be
Strong and Vigorous
We bate in onr • ■--—»,.j» a DW-vriptjr.D
f.ir aervja* d**t,ilnv, Ink "' "■"'.>"f. *'fi.'--i." i
HiHtili'iinl. (".iling iij-iL ■:;.- soil l-iiu- badt,
iirouiiht <j» hy CTWSM. unnatural drains, or
tbe fullfr** ol .vuii ih, that !.-,» iu-m ... nwii.i
worn atul perrons tn**T> right io tbeir own
boom— without nnya-Mitioiial help ur nsdl*
.-'ii,.—ih,i* ne t ink every man ■:.■>■ ■isbe* to
regain Ilia manly powW i»'"i virility, qai'kiy
iiml quietly, ihfiold hti it-1» ropy no aetiave
rietermliraa to neod » eopj .»! toepmeriptioa
free of charge, in h plain, ordinary **ealwl
envelope, fo any n an wbo will ante ui for if.
Tliie prescription comes from a j :.;<■.■■ nn
who ban ut-.nl- h m--, ■..,, itady of m*n,an<] •**■
nre e(inrini"'i it i- M,- purest a'nnfreombj.
nut inn lor tli"'1^- ol rletkieot rnHiibu'id ami
vigor failure ever put togelotr.
ft e think we om it to our fellow man ta
winl them a copy In confidence, *o that any
nitin anynlie**- »ho in mrnM, ami 'lineoorktc^l
with re|,eute<! fallflKS may Hop (fnil*«itiK
Mm*.".! witb harmful patent o.edi'-.n'ft.iM-f-ure
what ws believe n lbs qalck^uaettng rtttor*
in ire. Dpbo.ldlog.Si OT-TOCCHIHO remedy
ever deilsed. soil so rare nimnelf at hon.e
quietly and qnlckly .inct drop w* a line like
tliin: Interstate Remedy <'o.. 7.'t21i OoOdyi ar
Building, Detroit. Wfeb., ami *ewii|a*nd you
a copy of thin -|>l«mn<l n* i[-*- in aplainorijin-
n ry envelope free of cbar,gl    A git-wt. many
doctors m,nl,I charge f ■. on to I" .• o for
merely writing ont a praaeriptloa like tbln—
hut we aenil it entirely free.
Trade Mark*
Copyrights Ac.
#i»*ine •rnrt'ic a »krt<-h nnd decrt-tnn may
qelt-iitr «jtrert:.'*i <nr i.;ii!n,.n free »tiether au
iureut|.,a io p-vlnilaLy ri.it.iii-.ni'- C< Mtnunlcn-
Ormiftrie-.irpafifli-'ciitUl. HAKD&COK cnpatfuutt
mm tree. uide«i uisi.c/ foi •ecunim .'tut-iiti,
Patenti taken thrui.sih Mum; i Co. (active
\lntUC4, without cbirgo, 1  -t-
Scientific Mcrican.
A bawtac-r.VT uttutntMl we#kly. Lartrrat dr
• ulaiwn ot any *-i«rt,utlr juumal, '|erin» lor
(UTavta. H"l t year, puatfttte jirej-nuL *-uld bj
aU new-jfeaJera.
Heacl<|uartcrs for all  kinals of
Satisfaction (iuarunte*!
Tho Shoe Specialist
Notice is hereby given that Harry
Washington Jiarr, of Wasa, B.C.,
East Kootenay District, will apply1;
for a license to takip and use six <b)
cubic feet per second ol water from
Lewis Creek; the stream has its
source in the Rocky Mountains, flows
in a westerly direction and empties
into Uie Kootenay River about two
miles Irorn Wasa.
The .water is to be diverted from
the stream about four hundred (400)
feet up stream from the west line of
I.ot 12fin; and is to be used for industrial purposes on said Lot 126ft.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 1Mb day ol January
L914. The application will be filed \i
tbe Office of tbe Water Recorder at.
Objections   may be filed   with   the
said   Water   Recorder, or tbe Comptroller   of   Water Rights, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
The Home Bakery
Robust I'saxi, Prop.
Frtsh Bread, Cakes, Pies, and
Pastries or All Kinds
Norlm-;, Ave.       Opp. City Hsll
3-Day Treatment
For Liquor Habit
We itiiarantee to remove the
desire or refund your money
PHONE 273 P.O. Box 21
MRK. K. BENT, Matron
TAKE NOTICE that the Sage
Creek Oil Company, Limited, intends
to apply for a license to prospect for
*oai and petroleum ore* il* following described lands:—
Commencing at a pott plant at the
north-east corner of Lot S5'i2 in
Block 4598 thence east eighty (HO)
chains, tbeiiee nor t h eighty (K0)
chains, thence west eighty (80)
(•bains, thence south eighty (HO)
chains to point ol conunencffDent.
Dated 1Mb December, 1913.
Per O. A. Benson, Agent.
TAKE NOTICE that t/he Sage
Creek Oil Company, Limited, intends
to apply for a license to prospect for
coal and petroleum over the following described lands:—
Commencing at a post planted
about one mile north ol the northwest corner of Lot 1001,9, in Block
4")93 thence east along tlie northerly
boundary of Lot 8731 and continuation thereof 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains, thence wast
80 chains thence south 80 chains to
point of commencotnent.
Dated 15th December, 1913.
IVr O. A. Benson, Agent.
FEB. 3
*************************************************** ******** *********** ******************************************************************
LOUIS MAYER offers the ALL-BRITISH COMPANY in the Merry Comedy that makes
the whole world laugh
" Best Comedy and Company seen here in years."
— Montreal Herald.
"The funniest within memory."—London Daily
" Two and a half hours of uproarious laughter.
Company of general excellence."—Winnipeg Telegram.
" Technique is perfect."—Globe, Toronto.
Direct from nine months1 run in Paris and 15 months at the Globe,
Apollo, and Strand Theatres, London
. *********************************************
****************************** >***********•********
This Company comes direct from the Avenue Theatre, Vancouver and the New Royal Victoria Theatre, Victoria
50c to $1.50
By J. Ashley-Stevens
Money, tbe fighting Instinct, game*
ness and luck are among Ibe assets of
thfl fellows wbo are backing the new
Federal league, and that's ., combination which may carry that nrgantza
tion lar in Its slniga'c for recognition in the baseball world.
Did vou ever hear the story of tin1
lile of Charles Weejdunaii? It's one
til tho.se modern romances. His business life began In a lowly place.
Then tin* figbtlnR instinct, unmencss
and luck eaino to liis aid. They
transformed him into a business success, a man rated by the commercial
agencies at half a million dollars.
Ten years ago Wceghmnn was lhe
night manager of a restaurant frtv
[|iient:*d by the men employed on
tin* morning newspapers of Chicago.
At tlie hour of mldnlghl there was a
gathering in this restaurant. Wcegh*
man became a I'an of tlte night life
The big stories wore Inquired about
bj" him. He became tlie confident ol
Then he started a small restnuranl
of his own. It was ono of the "help
yourself" class. Restaurant was pd
did to restaurant. Bakeries were es
tablislied. Weeghman prospered, !■'
vcrj-lhlng thai he touched ; inied to
gold. lb* added a picture* show and
a vaudeville theatre to bis holdings
Immediately it showered geld uj on
In ten years Mr. Weeghman has
climbed in the business world until
today, it is known lhat he lias more
than hull n million dollars invested
in his enterprises. He has a beautiful home on the fashionable La'te
Shore drive. He is one of the successful young husiness men of Chicago, it's estimated that ho is earning at least a quarter of a million
do'lars tl year.
Ho started as a fighter and he developed Ihe ability as be soared and
on lop of that, in* is known ns a
lucky man.
Not a great deal linn Itceniheard ol
W  M. Walker, who is associated with
! Mr. Weeghman in'ilie Chicago club of
I tin* third league, but more will be.
He is a man of'middle age and at
the height ol his ability. A few
years ago much was heard ■of thc
linn ol Booth. They supplied lisb lo
tbo large hotels, to the retail trade.
It was probably the best known flsh-
linn in the West. Walker'became its
rival. There was an intense and bitter warfare. Then the firm of Booth
suffered financial difficulty. Walker
continued oil his way. Today lie is
the ''big man" in the fish industry in
lho West. He is the fellow wlo supplied the hotels, the reslaufnnts, and
the retailers.
Monpy? Walker has lots of It! He
not it by fighting, lie is another
who is termed1 lucky hy the business
men of Chicago. Like Weeghman, its
the combination of luck and fighting
instinct tliat put  him ou top.
James A. Ollmorc, the president of
tbo league, has a business history
that reads ns strnngoly. Von talk lo
the men who are lightlnf| his league,
ask nboul Ollmorc and tbey will Inform you that he is ., coal salesman.
They will shrug Iheir shoulders as
Ihey give the information and you
apt to get the Impression that he is
a   man   who  went   about   Boilciting
Pon'l get it' (iilmnre never was of
that character. He was tl.e kind of
salesman you often read about but
seldom meet. Tbe big men were lhe
"fellows" he was afler lie lived at
the fashionable clubs, lie met wealthy men In a social way. Acqualn
tanco was followed bv liking, and (lil
more sold them coal—not hy Ibe ton
but by the car lots.
You know what ability il requires
to be a salesman ot that type, A
man must have personality. He
must be shrewd, of agreeable manners-, suave and a student of human
nature.   Ollmorc is lust Ibis man.
Chicago has been selected as the
headquarters oi the organization,
and here the fight wilt lie planned.
The force behind is of a winning personality ..
There's (lilinore, the student of
man and his nature.
Thoto's Walker, the shrewd, hard-
headed,conservative.   .
There's   WrcgliuiUn,   vf    the young,
the dashlnfi tho brilliant type.
They have the money, with brains
possessed of ihe lighting instinct ami
on top of that the great Goddess
"Luck" not onlv is on bowing acquaintance wilh them, but is their
SALVIA is a Preparation!
That Will Grow Hair   |
This is an age of new discoveries..
To (-row hair after it has fallen out
today is a reality. I
SALVIA, the" Oreat Hair Tonic'
and Dressing, will positively create aj
new growth of hair.
If you want to have a beautiful
head of hair, free from dandruff, use
SALVIA once a day and watch the
SALVIA is guaranteed to stop falling hair and restore the hair io Its
natural color. The greatest Hair
Vigor known.
SALVIA is compounded by expert
Watch your hair if it is falling out.
If you don't, you will sooner or later be bald.
SALVIA prevents baldness by fastening the hair to thc roots.
Ladies will find SALVIA lust the
hair dressing they are looking for. It
makes the halt soft and fluffy and is
not sticky.     A largo bottle, 50c.
Sold by the Cranbrook Drug and
Book Co,
For almost the first time since
Canada was rehabilitated in 1897 by
lhe Fielding tariff and the wise administration of the Laurier government, Canada is now suffering owing
to a serious business crisis, with consequent lack ol employment, fn Toronto it is stated that at a conservative estimate there are 15,000 men
walking the city streets in search ot
employment, while this number is heing considcrblv increased, no less
Ihan 2,fiiiu men having lost their jobs
between December 20th and the New
Year. So serious has the situation
Mcvnc that the city council has had
to take cognizance of it and Civic
works aw being arranged in the hope
of furnishing employment tor these
men.  Them is »   Homeric jutiicv m
the fact that Tory Toronto is one ol
the worst sufferers from Tory mis-
At Winnipeg it reported that between 3,00(1 anil '.000 men are out of
employment, ithllle their number is
being constantly increased.
At Hegina. Saskatchewan, the position has become so acute that the
unemployed have threatened violence
in the hope (ti attracting attention to
their misery The police found it so
difficult fo eope with the situation
that preparations were made to bring
out the militia aad put the citv under martial law iti case of emergency.
In Montreal everv charitable Institution is "taxed beyond its limits, and
tion is taxrd bevond its limits, and
been established with such effect tliat
men whose only misfortune was that
they had no work to do gathered at
midnie-ht to wait hours in the cold
for the dole of bread and coffee.
From every part of Canada come
reports Of bard times, retrenchment
and lack of employment. It is impossible not lo contrast these conditions with those which prevailed during the fifteen years of Liberal administration and during the first
year of the present Government.
It is impossible to argue that lhe
methods of lhe present extravagant
opportunist Government liave nothing
to do with ihis state ol affairs, sn
disastrous to a young and prosperous country such as Canada, inning.
the Laurier administration national
expenditures were kept down within
reasonable limits while proper care
was taken to spend whatever money
was necessary nn national development ami the tariff was judiciously
revised in order to meet conditions
as tliey aro.se. Prosperity was ihe
natural result.
Under two years of Conservative
Government the edifice ot national
prosperity raised during fifteen years
of sane Liberal administration has
been crushed, taxes have been Increased, expenditures have doubled
and more than doubled. Extravagance and corruption have been in
evidence on every hand and now the
Inevitable result has followed. Canada's credit abroad has suffered, her
trade has fallen off, ber debt has in-
the national income Is loll
ing and tbe financial stringency is
such as will make the present winter
memorable to many as the worst
they have had to endure since 18flfi.
Providence helps those who help
themselves. Under Liberal administration Canada was really governed,
and the statesmen who supported Sir
Wilfrid Laurier moulded their actions
to meet situations as they arose.
Under the coalition group of opportunists behind Mr. Borden tlu* reverse
has heen the case, and even now that
Parliament is again assembled, the
Government is so tightly in the grip
of highly protected interests that nol
ihe slightest move is Indicated towards the lowering of the tariff on
food or a serious effort to cope
with the high cost of living and the
lack of employment,
We want to tell those in Cranbrook
suffering from stomach or bowel
trouble that we are agents for the
simple mixture of buckthorn bark,
glycerine, etc., known as Adler-i-ka,
tire remedy which became famous by
curing appendicitis. This is the most
thorough howel cleanser known ami
JUST ONE DOSE relievos sour
stomach, gas on tlio stomach aud
constipation almost IMMEDIATELY.
Vou will lie surprised at the QUICK
action of Adler-i-ka.— Beattie-Murphy
Drug Co.
Wu notice in an article headed
"Business Men in Theatricals" lhat
the I'nited Play Company ol Chicago
has taken over the western territory
for the several New Yorkl and Londnii
dramatic successes, including the
famous piny "Oraustark." Why can't
we have this splendid attraction in
our city?—Adv.
Manager Sam Baldwin, of the Auditorium, says he has received a communication vfrom the office of the I'nited Play Company that it is just
possible that a date might he arranged here for "Graustark." 'Phis
is the kind or an attract ion* we want
in our city.—A*v.'
Pair    of light bob   sleighs for sain
cheap.     Apply llerald.
twelve   miles northwest, of tbe Cai
NOTICE IS hereby g
thirty days after date I intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and to ihe Assistant Commissioner of Lands for the District of
Fast Kootenav tor a license fo prospect for coal and petroleum on the
followinji described lauds, situate on
the north fork of .Michel Creek, about
dian Pacilic Hallway.
Commencing   nt the intersection of
the South line of Lot 6448 with thn
west    Branch   of the North Fork tt
that I *■■■'■•*■ ('reek, thence east 80 chaiis,
' thence  so   chains   south,   thence M
chains      west,     thence    K0     chains
north   to place ol beginning, eontaii-
Int (HO acres, more or less.
Located Dec. 23rd, 19(13.
R. O. D«14e».
5-5t. Agent.
Famous the World Over
Quality Unexcelled.   Always at the lead
For sale at all First-class Hotels
I'. O. Box son
*********************************** ****
A Good  Home
iu what is doar to (ivory man. A homo
in whoru Peace, Comfort, Contentment,
nml Plenty is tound, That is tin, rousou
men throughout British Cnluinbiii, when
"Cmnltrook" is inontionod think nt tlio
provisions .los. Elrault Ims nuido for mi
iiluul horn,, nt tho
Canadian Hotel
TUb Store with a Reputation
Kootenay's Greatest Drug
and Book Store
The Beattie-Murphy
Co., Ltd.
Wliero It Puyitto Deal
A. 10 .Ionkh T.J. Doiiih
I'll :1H+1 I'llrlll.* to)
Mux ID2
Jones & Doris
Contractors and Builders
Lot ui Quota Yuu I'Hdm Hi-finn
Ynu II..N.I
Bet hk iiinmt ymir Qononto and
HiMi'iiii'iii Work
Take Care Of
Your Watch
HAVE it lookwl over
onco in n while,
Leave it with us about once u
year, and there is no reason
in the world why it should
ever be anything but a good
reliable time-toller. A first-
class movement, with some
occasional attention from us,
ought to be your servant for
years. Our rei«iir department
is anxious to show you what
it can do.
Tho great competition in
tills olaBB of tlmoptecohae brought
about mifii it high standard thnt
aim in docks are now Sold by us at
a moro (ruction nr tlioir former
price. No one need be witboiit an
alarm clock when they can bu
bought ui tbe prices we ask,
W.-liav.-n ttrgfl Bloch of q|
- irom thc Hliili'ly nlil lnill ,.
(Hi'lly tiiinilcl lllll('|iil>i-i'. Ci
Hilum,' -WO KIIOW vmi will Iii
Nt',1 la. Ilia. Paul OUI..
Thirteen of thc Bachelor Oirls of
the citv have joined themselves Into -
danciii" club ond will rive Hoodoo
Rail -- Friday. February. IStf- IOU,
Tlte invitations have iust been issued
in poetic form, the verses being composed bv one of the vounc ladies, and
asks the gentlemen to appear at the
Auditorium at 9:30 on the night in
uuestion. If he appear unaccompanied bv one of the fair sex, lie. is
prompt!v nnd rightly lined an additional fifty cents to the price of admission. Every thirteenth couple to
arrive will be admitted free ol charge
Miss Al. II. Whitehead and Miss K.
P, Van Slvkc will Im* Hoot managers
for this unique dance.
The young ladies forming tho dub
arc:- Misses Elsie Van Slvkc, Mm*
Whitehead, Eltreda DrununOnd, Sadie
Hamilton, Bessie I've. Irene Landon,
Florence Erickson* Margaret Kennedy
Elsie Park, Hot lie Colltngs, Jessie
Muritatirovd. Alice I've and IVlplnue
The ladr patronesses have been
chosen as follows- Mcsdau.es A C.
Howness, Maurice Qualn, Harold l»ar
linit. 0. Erickson, A. G. Blaine, W.F.
Cameron and o. H, Thompson,
, T
Founded upon nii emblem ol purity
and lull of human Interest lhat goes
straight to Uio heart, "The Rosary"
a ne" til;i> bv Ed. E. Rose, has
made a most favorable Impression,
Tlie produotton is n new one. und
Messrs Rowland ami Clifford have
kIvch ii a magnificent staging The
theme of \)w play as expressed bv the
title is presented in a gripping aud
forceful manner that strikes home
and at the same lime there is an
abundance ol original and moral
comedy. Seldom is „ cast more ilttwi
to their respective parts than the
members of this company.
Every member is so well placed
that there Is not the slightest jarring of anv part of the plav and the
result is a perfect rendition.
In "Rev. Brian Kelly," played by
Robt. Harlan, theatregoers witness
one of the best portrayals of thls|
nature that ever has heen seen <>■■ tli" |
stage. Mr, Harlan is forceful, sympathetic and Impressive, and gives Just
tlw right touch of realism to the
character. " The Rosary" has just
completed a niost succesful thna
months run in Chicago and Is nowi
Playing at Uie Garden Theatre, in
New Yosfc CHy.
Solid trainloads nl irrigation farmers from the irrigated areas of
Colorado to the C.P.R. Irrigation
Blocki in Alberta are lhe direct outcome of tbe policy adopted bv the
Canadian Pacilic Railway of encouraging to its irrigated lands settlers
with practical experience in farming
under slmlliar conditions. Colorado
is one ol thc leading irrigation states
and artificial use of water is a vital
feature nf agriculture. A party of
representative farmers from that-
state were shown over the Irrigated
district in Alberta last [all, and were
so impressed wilh tbe possibilities of
the Canadian dislrict thai thev at
once closed contracts for all tlie land
within the ready made farm colony
in thc Bassano district. These farmers with their wives, families and
effects will leave Colorado tiv special
train about the lirst ot March en
route for tlieir new homes in Alberta.
The importance ol this movement
to the development of Western Canada can hardly be estimated. The fact
that thc foremost Irrigation farmers
of the United States, after a Person
al examination of Ibe irrigated area
iu Alberta, are selling iheir holdings
in Colorado and moving in train-loads
to Canada tells its own story. It is
the best assurance of the great poss-
bilities which await the Canadian irrigation district, as it shows that iu
the opinion of practical and successful irrigation farmers, the opportunities awaiting them iu Canada arc
greater than are to be found elsewhere.
Thc train ond <>( settlers already
referred to is onlv the beginning of a
movement which this season promises
to eclipse all oast records Other
trainloads will be made uu from tlino
to time, and so important Is tbis
traffic expected lo become that a
special side-track has been set aside
at Minnesota Transfer for Ibe handling of these trains. The 80 veer's
terms offered bv the C 1' l. . combln
ed with the fortuity und natural .advantages ol Canadian soil, aro proving an attraction loo groat to be resisted hv practical American farmers
We want to net the news to Jl old
People about Itexiill OltVo Oil Kntfil-
sion, t remarkable new food-medicine
which we (Irmly bollovo is the best
remedy ever made lo overcome the
weakening, debilitating cftccls of In-
rreasine old age 11 helps lo rebuild
wasted tissues, strengthen the nerves,
and glvo new cnergl and aliVelV feel-
in*' to tbe body, it contains no alcohol  or dangerous  drug     it mav
nol make you feel belter for a few
davs. but if vou do not feel much bct-
tcl l stronger before vou have taken a quarter as much as vou have
iithei medicines tltat have not helped
you.   we   will gladly give back your
Roxafl Olive Oil Emulsion contains
pure Olive Oil and the llypophos-
phites whieh. though thev have lona
been endorsed bv successful physicians
are here for the first time combined
The result, is a real hodv, nerve and
blood-building food-medicine that we
bellovc is superior to anvthing else in
overcoming debility, weakness and liability to disease, and to tone and
strengthen the nerves and enrich the
blood. You who are weak and run.
down—vou who are ofetn troubled bv
various cold weather ailments, use
Rexall Olive Oil Emulsion to get and
keep well and strong. It is renewed
down—vou who are often troubled bv
strength, better spirits, glowing
htalth. If It doesn't help vou, come
and tell us and we will give baok
your money without ft word. That
is how much faith we have in it,
Sold onlv at the 7.(101) Rexall Stores
and in ibis town only by us. ll .00.
Brattfe-Murphx Co.   United.
See   Top   Left    I land    ('orner    Rack
Wilfred T. .Uvmack was in from
near WyolllTe today on business.
Meet me at Bob's Place.
A correspondent writes that now
thev have a white B.C.—snow has
fallen over the province.
BORN-At Mrs, Bent's hospital,
Wednesday,   January   38th,   to Mr.
and Mis. .1. W. Atchcson. ., son.
Choice Navel Oranges, tile. 50c and
tide per dozen at Ward A  Harris.
Mr. and -Mrs. A. It. Macdonald are
.spending thc week at Victoria on
C. C. S. Piano Contest weekly
slips will be accepted next week at
new store on Norbury Ave. only*
Try a pound ol Raxawa Tea, 35c,
BOc and Mc per pound at Ward it
.save It With Herpicide
Wood for sale. Phone 100.
Aside from combing it when they
think necessary many people give no
attention whatever to their bair.
Then when the hair begins to [alt oul
it never occurs lo them lhat their
trouble is the rosull of personal carelessness.
An occasional application of Newbro's Herpicide will not onlv prevent
loss of hair but permits a luxuriant
growth. Hair losses ure attributable to dandrull and the germ that
causes it. The results following the
intelligent   use   of Horpicldo arc fre
quently of a surprising nature It
removes the scalp-like accumulations,
leaving the scalp cli-an and free of
dirt and thus allowing the hair io
grow unhampered by dandruff.
Newbro's Herpicide in 50c an
$1.00 si/es is sold by all dealers wh
guarantee it lo do all that is clai.uc
If vou are not satisfied your i out
will be refunded
Applications may be obtained u
good barber shops.
Send 10c in postage for sample and
booklet, to The Hci pieide Co . Uepl
II , Dotroll, Mich
Rev. W. K. Thomson tbis week received the sad news of lhe death of
of bis father.
Mrs. O. ||. Thompson lias returned
from n week's visit with friends al
See   Top   Left    Hand    Corner   Rack
BORN—On Thursday, -lanuary 29th
11)14, in this c tv. to Mr. and Mrs.
R. II. Griffin, n dauuhier.
PHONE 8 F-vsh SamwflM
daily, We make them on the pre
iiiisos itnil can recommend them,—■
Cranbrook Meat Market.
Mrs. if. H. King will receive the
first Tuesday in February and the
first Tuesday in thc following month.
Meet me at Rob's Place.
Dr. G. 13. I,. MacKinnon returned
last week from an extended visit at
his old home in Alexandra, Ontario,
and oilier eastern points.
BORX-On .January 23, 1914, at
the Collage hospital. Garden Ave,
Cranbrook, to Mr. and Airs. F. P.
Lea I'd, of Wardner. a daughter.
A uood assortment of che different
varieties of apples at Ward a Harris.
BORN—On January 2ii, L9U, at
the Cottage hospital. Garden Ave.,
Cranbrook, to Mr. and Mrs. P. L.
Owen of this city a daughter
C C S. Piano Contest weekly
slips will be accepted next week at
new store on Norbury Ave* only.
HORN—On Tuesday, January 27th,
19H, to Mr. and Mrs. K. li. Uflin ol
this citv a son at the Co it age hospital, Garden Avenue.
See   Top   Left    Hand    Corner   Back
The Cranbrook Tennis Club will
give iheir fortnightly dance on Wednesday nexl. February 4th, at tht
Masonic Hall from 9 to 12.
Marriage license was granted on
Mondav io Philip Dupont, of Arn-
prlor, Ont., and Miss Rachel McCow-
an, of Cranbrook.
Phone 177 for your next case of
beer or porter. Made at home and
guaranteed pure.
Joe Cvanni has leased thc restaur-
anl in the basement of the Hanson
block and has started cleaning up
and getting the place in shape for op-
enlng next week.
See   Top   Left    I land   Corner   Back
Mr. and Mrs. T- T. McVittie passed through the citv this week on
their way home to Fort Steele after
a visit at Portland. Orenon. and
other coast points.
Any person wanting a private or
maternity nurse, good references.
Phone 415 or box 517. 3-lt*
The character of Rev. Rrian Kellv
in "Thc Rosary," an early attraction here, makes manv people think
ol their parish priest, Rowland and
Clifford have met wilh tremenduous
success with this plav.
Full line of toilet soaps at Ward &
Comedy abounds in "The Rosary,"
which comes soon, despite tlie impressions that miirlit be trained otherwise bv the title of the plav. The
coinedv is thc unexpected feature of
this nlav.
Kd. Patterson was a visitor to
Calgary the first of the week, returning home on Tuesday accompanied bv
Mrs. Patterson* who has been vislt-
intr her sister. Mrs, Sutherland, at
Calgary for several weeks past,
when you order beer, specify Cranbrook beer, made' at borne.
John Wirth, president of the Cranbrook District Liberal Association,
and Geo. Geary, of Fort Steele, wore
In thc city Mondav mv> -n attendance)
at the Liberal meeting In the evening.
Regular meeting of Lho Women a lu
stitute will be held next Tuesdat afternoon   at Carmen's [-Jail al <i p.m.
A  demons! j at mil   mi ptlf) pastry  will
be given bv Mrs  John Shaw
Meet me at Bob's Place.
Mr. aud Mrs. J. Martin McCreery
arrived in the city Wednesday from
their honeymoon trip and will take
up their rasidonco in the city, being
at home to their friends afler February first.
C. C. S* Piano Contest weekly
slips will be accepted next week at
new store on Norbury Ave. only.
Mr. Charles Hnrrv Cobb, -, mechanical engineer of Chicago, and Miss
Jessie MacQutston Burke, of Portland, Ore., were quietly married at
the Methodist Parsonage here this
morn'njr. Rev. W. Bison Dunham officiating.
See Top Left Hand Corner Rack
...Thc Department of Lands. Forest
Branch, point out to all holders nf
Timber Licenses lhat the renewal,
lorest dues and lease rentals, must be
paid at the Victoria office on or before the explr- dat*. This is clearly laid down in the Forest Act, but a
(rood many licensees are jeopardizing
their   holdings   ' u; tlu
above instructions.
soon    be    able  to  report   definite P
gross. The committee is composed ol
progressive business men and the
llerald   cap   assure   tb' public thai
j tbey are making every effort to sue
cowl and this tytrnog commltleo will
either gain their point or be in a
position to report the progress made
iu the near future, 'lh . arc holding
frequent   meetings  ami ce- sten is
I being carofullv worked out and discussed,
Porter and beer made at the Cranhrook Hrewerv is giving complete
salisfaction. Phone 177.
The first meeting of ihe Board of
School Trustees for the year was
hebl jn the Electric Light ollice on
Tuesday cvenim* last. Mi. Harrv
White was re-elected chairman and
Mr. E. il. McPhee was offered the
position of secretary ,*t) Ibe board,
bul slated lhat be could nol accept.
Mr. McPhee consented to net until \\
new secretary could be secured. The
next meeting of the board will be
held In the City Hall nil Tuesday
ovcnlnc, February -ird, at K o'clock
A new secretary will th n be appointed and estimates for the year
completed, also such matters dealtb
with us may effect the yearly estimates of PxnrndHure. All meetings
or tbe School Trustees are open tn
the puhlic.
PHONE 8 Frosh killeH, prnin
foil pork nt tlie Crnnbrook Meal
Tickler's Jam and Marmalade,
one, t wo and four pound tars
Ward «v Harris.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Ladies' Aid Society of the Methodist
church will be held at lhe home of
Mrs. lra Manniiur, Garden Ave., un
Wednesday afternoon at 3:00 p.m.
A full attendance is re luestcd as
business of importance is to be transacted .
See   Top   Left    Hand   Coiner   Hack
Seunias McManus, of Dublin, Ireland, will liive an entertainment iu
this citv on Wednesday, February 25,
in aid of St, Mary's schools. This
well known Irish entertainer, with
his great fund of Irish folk-lore and
wit. Is proving ;) great hit wherever
he appears, Full announcements will
Ih* given next week.
See   Top   Left    Hand
Special meeting of the t'ranarook
District Literal Association was
held in thc Literal club rooms over
Lester Claim's store on Monday af-
■ternoon. T. S. GUI occupied thc
chair. Delegates to the British Co
Itimhla Literal Association meeting,
which will be held in Victoria, on
Wednesday. February 25, were an-
pointed as follows: T. S. Gill, Chas
It. Ward, W. Ilalsall. Geo. R. Leask.
Malcolm Horie, Cranbrook; Graham
Donahoe, of Wardner: II. Dim mock, of
Movie; T. J. Summers, ol Kimbcrlev
Geo. Oj-arv, of Fort Steele: II. W.
Ibirr. of Wa«a. The matter of alternates in case the re-p-idar fWpjpites
wete unable tn attend was lefl wilh
tlw various local associations. II. C.
Hrew-ler. th" part'- lender, and Iff.
A. Macdonald were nresent nnd
•moke before the nmt»"e nn n-ranha-
tlon and the work the warty is do-
inc throughout the province.
See  Top   Left    Hand   Corner   Hack
Todays reports from tho Hritish
Columbia Curling Association's bonspiel at Rossland record the fact that
the Cranbrook rink is still undefeated. The rink left for the bie 'spiel
early in the week. Those going were
Geo, Leitch, lead. A. C. Howness, second; Frank Topham, third; W. F
Cameron, skip.
Mrs. G. S. Hougnam, Dewar avenue, bas vacancy for a boarder witb
or without room. Apply personally
or by Phone 492, 4-3t.
New officers for Key City Lodge,
I.O.O.F., have been installed as follows: N.G.. J. II. Turnley.; V. O.,
E. II. MoPhee; Rec. Sec'y., W. M.
Harris; Fin. Sec'y., II. E. Stenhens;
Treas., K- Dickson. Cond., A. M.
Davis; Warden, R. A. Webster; Chap..
C. Wi Hcndall: R.S.N.O.. S. L.
Coon; L.S.N.G.. W, C. Adlard;
R.S.V.G., S. Fvles; L.S.Vd., C. S.
Hester; I.G., R. Flndlay; O.O., E. H.
Patmore; H.S.S.. A. M. Ferguson;
L.S.S., ft. Palmer.
See  Ton   Left    Hand   Corner   Hack
PHONE 8 We handle only
fresh-killed, choice stock, and our
meats are the best to be had Give
us a trial. - Cranhrook Meat Market.
Tbo Carmen's Hall has been sold to
Mr. R. W. Edmondson, lin* transfer
taking place last Tuesday, the 22ml
inst. Tbe new owner will make considerable alterations to the huildmu
and will enlarge the floor space, Riving tncrrased accomodations for dances, concerts, meetings, elc. A splendid new Mason -onl Riseh nlanq will
be added. In future the hall will he
known as "Maple Hall.:' Mr. Edmondson having decided to change
tbe name. It is intended to run a
series of dances next season, with
suitable orchestra. Mr. EWmondson
Is an old timer here, and well known
and Popular and we wish him every]
success in his new venture. Ho wishes for the continued patronage of
those who are using the hall, special
consideration heing (riven to railway
See Too   Left   Hand   Corner   Hack
As tho special committee annolnted
bv the Board ol Trade on the matter
of the Kootenav Central proceed
wlt-b their work, thev find a tremen-
duous amount of labor in connection
with their schemes and an infinite
amount of patience needed to carry
out their nlans They are rapidly Catherine tlie information necessary to lav
totoc tbe proper auttoritim aad will
;   To Restore
Good Health
The first thing to do is to cor-
1 rect the minor ailments caused
I by defective or irregular action
I of the organs of digestion and
l elimination. After these organs have been put in good
working order by timely use of
(TIN UffHt Sato tf fay »o«qIm to Sn WwM)
better digestion results, and then
the food really nourishes and
strengthens the body. The first
dose gives relief and sounder sleep,
quieter nerves, and Improved action
of all the bodily organs are caused
by an occasional use of Beecham's
Pills. They give universal satisfaction and iu safety, sureness and
qnJekntM of action Beecbam'a Pills
Have No
Known Equal
$*U **twr*-*T*-   la battM, SI cmU.
Th* <ii'*ctio*» wllli **trr
k« mi* **if v aliwU*.
Joe I'vanni, who is now well known
throughout   the  Crows   Nest, passed
I through    the city this week en route
I to (treat Falls, his former home, .foe
likes the pass so well that he has
decided to locate at Cranbrook per-
mancntlv, and expects to return Ibis
! way thc first of the week. .loe is the
claimant of the middle-weight title,
and his most recent bouts were with
Dick   Marshall   and -Mm   Burroughs,
j with whom he fought draws in fifteen
rounds. U\anni is of the opinion
that he should have had the decision
■in both these bouts, and claims that
he can clean Marshall any time. He
is a husky warrior and has the steam
and the speed, and no doubt some
very interesting bouts wfll be seen in
tlie Pass since -Inc has decided to
make his home there—Lethbridge
Tho   recovery    of Leonardo's lady,
still   smilimr.,   is a reminder lhal in
greeting   her   paintar   she   mav welt
havo  thought of him also as a man.
, U   you know   Ijtotuaia only as the
Wed., Feb. 4th
Aiitlnir of .lniiiav Meredith, Alice a>f i ikl Vinoennes, The
Prisoner of Zemin. Davial Harniu, The Spenders. Kw.
THE | New York, Chicago and
GREAT | Boston Success
Aa r I.   Lnwn in fiiiui of lirni-a' Wilton's couutry Iiouiq'
W'p8t Chester, NY.
"Tliohmaaa I .pent «lth tbw. daw, ,....a.
An- oa a, Mrilaa: a.l |W«rla taa taa-
Ain II.   One hour Inter,   Brace Wilton's study.
I COIIlal Ihemot.r.ai   r.a ..a.  a ■,.„„
Ma ra.-aaay'   Ma -a. «a a.
Aa i III.    Kniav Wilton's study ilia- na-it morning.
"I iff. carta tMflil unto tb. .ml
A.aillli.ra.., ,.,a,..»a. laaiaae '
Aa r IV,   i lutsiiia' Ihe chapel one yrar later.
" I kia.»a'atali '. a..l ;aa .1 »t,aT.. ,,| la^t to la>aarti
Tai Vaa-.tl .-a a , ^tt.-»r, ■ I.i kaa« t,.^ ,>.-.*- ■ '
Prices: 50c, 75c, $1.00, $1.50
smile-maker— i be     deplcter     oi   Si
Anne, the creator ot that too-beauti-
ul bov .st John—you have vet to
meet the real da Vinci. One read*-
that he invented the wheelbarrow.
lie was nn ardent student of the
flight ol birds lie projected flying-
machlnea—and if Wilbur Wriche ha>i
onlv heen there tn help him stick ^^
it. rest assured that we -h«"jid have
heen llvine three hundred vear-; a.*--.
He was •! military engineer—rich In
nlans fur movable tridees. fearsome
canons—all sorts of works offensive
and defensive K he had lived in ihe
twenthieth century, he would' have
shared (Joeihats' inh diruins; the Panama Canal, and then he would hav.-
designed a statue for tbe entrance—a
statue to be easl in concrete, and
visible for three miles—serving ^ a
lighthouse on dark evenings. He was
architect and tor-maker lor Francis
I. of France. He worked in all sciences—In music, in poctrj and in phi-
losophj*. lie made pumps. Today we
all blink when Shaler proves that rewrite ;1n epic as well as n geological report)—that he can Im? a soldier
well as o scientist, ■, citizen as
well as a teacher of youth. We gasp
when a Weir Mitchell leaves the con-
Butting room and re-sts hims'MI in-
writing half , dozen hest sellers. As
La Giaconda   olttn told herself while
ttim: fos that much traveled portrait: "There i^ a MAN!—Harpers'
j Five-roomed cottage for rent, good
I warm house. Apply Mrs. L.'P. Sul-
I llraa. Cranbrook St 41
t WOOD FOR SALE.-Stove length*.,
j any sire; good wood, prompt deliv-
! ery. (4.00 cord C.O.D. Phone Reed,
j Hr raid office. 50-tf
If you want       P.O. Box l37
Phone 485
and your order will
receive prompt
<'r»l)l.r<»k, B C.
•Old lor fino i
ord fot each i
■fk.nnd lej*
ft iifh-r
FOK SALK—'heap Ten-horse power
engine and boiler, circular sa* and
drag saw for sawing wood Apply
.1   II. Hayes, Fort Steele, R C   In
CARPET beating, Furnace cleaning,
and odd lobs wanted —A w Scotl
P.O  (len. Del
AN EXPERIENCED domestic* wants
position in oi near cianbrook Applv Bos c. Herald Mt
STRAYED.—Came to my place a;
Hull Hiver about one month ago two
pigs, one hog and one sow. both
black. Owner can bate same by prov
ing property and paving charges Win.
Schad. 2-If
WANTED—Roomers and Hoarders.
Apply to Mrs. Tied ale, Aim-
strong Ave.
FOR SALE.—Young mare harness
and buggy. Apply Box I, Herald
Office. 2-tl
Strong democrat almost new foi
sale cheap. Apply Hui 1 Herald ol-
fiee 2 tf.
A good set ol double htrOASS loi
sale cheap. Apply Box I Herald of
fire. 2-M
W. E. WORDE*. Pr.fr
66  PHONE  66
Our Drays are alwayt tt
your service
•I. MILNE, Mun.gsr
DR. DeVAN'S FRENCH Pil.tS if;,.
(•ulutliifc I'kll lor Wow*n.   %:, (, but Of i.iimt,
Jin. sold itt »n fT-iir Btom or rwlhw t"««r
kdaftHon reorfpt ol priw i in Bcotiu. i»»*j»
Co , .^t. CkUiannM Onutto .
ViUiitv : for   NfTTC 10*1 Hralli:  lnc-|t
nutter':aTonlc—willballd yon Dp. 1.
twn for (.*>. nt'tnii; Mom. W hf in»il "ir __
i-l i r,. .■   Tiik -'cumi, i. jijuu Co , Ut. CttbartiM.
II you  want utiifacHon w»h
your wuhing   tttti
it to
H\mM prleM Iw timily wtrk. THE OBATSBKOOK  HERALD
WE will be in our new premises on NORBURY
AVENUE, in the building recently occupied by
the East Kootenay Mercantile Co.
It is like leaving home to move from the old C. C. S.
stand, but owing to our inability to obtain a further lease, we
were compelled to seek other quarters.
We have fitted up our new premises with a view to
Furniture and House
exclusively: and will be in a position to serve our customers
better than ever before. We will have the advantage of our
entire stock being in one building, and practically all on one
floor. Our floor space for the display ol goods will be equal
to that contained in the two buildings occupied at the old
stand—over 9.000 square feet.
We wish to thank all our customers who have stood by
us at the old C. C. S. corner, and will look forward with
pleasure to frequently seeing one and all at our
New Quarters on Norbury Ave.
Cranbrook Co-Operative Stores, Limited
(Continued from Face (me)
policy in regard to timber and it is
tho policy of the partv to foster and
develope all Ultimate industries.
One ol the worst features oi the
present government was their vulgat
policy of spending public money for
political coercion. In tbe past few
nothing has been more 'brau-n and
corrupt than the expenditure of public money. Tbe public is not procuring full value for the money spent.
It is estimated to be only of from 20
to 50 per cent ellicient. H7.mi0.iiou
bas been sjH'nt in the past two years
lor roads and bridges. An engineer
m liummir out the amount of road
work done would think tbe road build
ers should have built railroads instead of highways, considering tho
amount expended. All over the province the road bosses tarry voters'
lists in their pockets and are more
concerned with getting names than
doing work, tame wardens are political wardens and fire-rangers are vote-
rangers. There are exceptions of
course. For every dollar spent, ,50
cents is for political service, It Is «
debasing thing that every white man
should not share in the expenditure ol
puhlic moneys. The rank and lile ol
the Conservative party is revolting
from this two or thiye man rule.
The government is suffering from
premature old age and senile decay.
Ten years ago, tbey proclaimed
that they rescued thc province from
bankruptcy. They borrowed money
at high rates of interest and sold the
public domain. Alter, ten years of
prosperity   and ten years oi udvaneiv
ment, there is no surplus. The
treasury is empty, ln the last two
years there had been a deficit 0f $Mr
000,000, an excess ot expenditures
over revenue, The government is
now arranging for u loan ol from
seven to ten millions. They prefer to
borrow large sums on one hand and
increase taxation on the other. It
is a question with them 0I either
curtailing expenses or keeping food in
the political trough. If they curtail
expense they will kill the machine.
The government at Victoria is not
a conservative government, The
watchword of thc Conservative party
has always been conservation. Mc
Bride's watchword is exploitation.
The Liberals offer an alternative party to which you may appeal when
you tire ol the present rule. Tho
ballot should be n Batted trust ami
not a party pawn. We appeal to all
good citizens to cast their next vote
lor tlie province and themselves, and
not for the present government.
In Introducing Mr. Brewster, tho
speaker said, "lhat he had two special qualifications ruracd honcstv nnd
business capacity, lie must close in
order to catch a (rain and would
leave the meeting in Uie bands of the
Liberal leader.
Mr. Macdonald's address was punctuated throughout wilh applause and
he closed amidst hearty handdapping.
Mr. Ward then Introduced Mr. H. C.
Brewster. i
Mr. Brewster referred to the previous speaker hy slating that he was
tho silver-tongued orator of British
Columbia and that some day the
province would honor ilself bv appointing him to a position of trusi
in the councils of the high, lie welcomed the appearance of Br. J, II.
King on thc platform and stated that
it hnd bOeD his pleasure to serve with
Dr. King in the legislature nt Victoria in years past. I le. welcomed
the I ndivs hiH-uiM*. tbey wen. UmiKwh
to Hie Liberal party for justice,
which they will secure when it regains power.
Tho public actions of public men
were always open for criticism and
Just now they were on a campaign of
education. Tbe movement was lather a patriotic than a polItUvJ one.
During the past two years the wonderful resources of this province had
heen drained to the extent of $20,-
000,000 for foodstuffs that had to be
imported to heep alive the employees of the mine mill and factory.
These foodstuffs should have been
raised in, this province.
The old land act gave to each individual the right to stake one mile
8quar0..| A new clause was included
whicb granted the right for land to
lie staked by agents and many men
bad staked land who never would
have climbed mountains or cone on
tlm trail in search of a location.
Kven under this law only one section was allowed, but later a 'joker'
was inset t<*d which gave agents right,
on the power ol attorney, for others.
Men ond women, in all walks of life,
throughout the United States and the
provinces were solicited tor their
power of attorney, which was
given practically for nothing, and a
wholesale alienation of the lands of
the province resulted. Now the average holdings of 114 syndicates and
individuals are over 12,000 acres each
There are three over 50,000 acres
ond 67 over 15,000. 6,000,000 acres
are in the hands 0f speculators. For
this they have paid in S7,U»,»!)ft.
Practically all this land, said Mr.
Brewster, was along the lines of the
(Irand Trunk Pacific and Pacific
Oreat Kastern railways and had been
locked un for the benefit of the
The government had said that it
was necessary to raise money fur
public works, yet (or the live or six
miUto* acn» «Wi-b bul hmm. mid t»
to 1913 the amount received waa $",-
119,998, while over $12,000,000 was
outstanding. If the figures were examined, said Mr. Brewster, it would
be seen that the balk of [this land,
which ho declared had been given to
tho favored few, had been sold as second class land. Hon. W, J. Bowser
bad said lhat tho Liberal speakers
had not taken inlo account the *1 per
cent, tax 0n wild land which could be
collectcd as n result of the sales,
but, said Mr. Brews tor, the favored
few had been pet ini I ted to avoid the
payment of litis tax. The wild land
tax should bti bringing in $1,000,000
per year yel lho amount which hnd
heen collected, including licenses on
coal areas, was $158,000.
The onlv step which tlio government had taken to reduce taxation,
he declared, had been to remove the
revenue tax and put in its place tbo
eun tnx. which brought in practically the same amount. The government,
was showing favoritism to the speculators and was nol treating them as
it was treating those who were actually tilling the land in the mattefl
of collecting taxation.
During the last six years, over $1,-
000,000 was due thc trasury for wild
land taxes. Premier McBride had
spoken of the interest which the government received on the unpaid balances due on land sales, but, said Mr.
Brewster, the figures indicated that
upward of $2,000,000 was due to tho
government. lor interest. If this sum
were added to tlm million dollars owing for wild land tax and tho $12,-
000,000 due.on land sales, it would
be seen that a total of $15,000,000
was due tbe government from the
land speculators, which was more
than twice as much as the amount
received since 1005. Yet the government was going abroad to borrow in
order not to inconvenience the speculators. He contended the government
should have forced lhe payment of
taxes and should have compounded
the interest on overdue payments.
The minister o! land had said lhat
103,000,000 aires of land remained in
tbe prdvinee and hail given the impression thai this was agricultural
laud. It. 12, (losnell, provincial archivist, had stated that the available
agricultural land was about 15,000,-
000 acres, said Mr. Brewster. He declared thai about 33 per cent, of tbe
available agricultural land in the province had lieen alienated, instead of
2 per cent , as Mr. Bowser had stated
He spoke ot the susplus of $9,000,-
000 in 1912, which be declared had
been expended, suggested the government Imd wasteil money on royal
commissions and touched on the payment of $105,000 in connection witb
the Songbecs reserve. Of every dollars of the amount appropriated for
public works 50 cents was spent on
public works and 50 cents on political
works, he assorted.
Replying to Mr. Uoss' claim that
50,00)1 pi ople had been put on thc
lands ol British Columbia during the
past four years, Mr. Brewster said
there was only one trouble with that
statement and that was that it was
not true. According to the census ol
ten years ago, figuring the advance
or the cities of the province, 50,000
people could not bo found, much less
in the past four years. According to
tbe statistics, of production eiven each
year ]by Hon.Price Ellison the alleged
50,000 were not i cowboys, vegetarians
nor could any evidence of anything
they produced be found- The agricultural production of the province had
dwindled In the past two years.
With the opening of the Panama
canal tbo coast cities will become
more nnd more the front door of Canada and tbe great European emigration will come direct to this province. With no land ou which to
place them they will create coast
slums, congest tbe cities and prove
only a formidable detriment lo Lho
labor of the province.
Ms. Brewster explained ihe working
of lhe new workmen's compensation
nol provided for all workmen in case
of injury being compensated without
the necessity of nny litigation. Ho
described the working of the net and
stated that the**,Liberals were prepared to Introduce the measure nl lho
first opportunity.
At the close ol his address a vote
of thanks to the speakers wns proposed bv Dr. 'J,H.KIng and seconded bv
W. A. Nisbet.
The meeting closed with "Cod SftVfi
Tho King."
Tlie second hockev come of the season between Cranbrook and Kernie
was played at Arena rink last Friday night, tho visitors winning by a
score of 5-2. Crnnbrook lacked combination work !>Dii many times splendid individual efforts, if supported,
would hove brought goals, ln tho
first period Pascoo scored one and
Thrasher two for Kernie, and in the
second porlor Thrasher made it '1-0.
Thc third period saw nearly all the
play on the visitors' nets, Connelly
and Mcllwalne scorim- for Cranhrook
within n minute ol plav. Kernie procured the last goal by Thrasher on a
neat pass from Burlaw). The game
was clean throughout, iust one man of
each team being laid off for slight
Cranbrook—Goal. Crowe; point,
Connelly; cover poinl, Sims; rover,
Shatford; centre, Mcllwalne; wing1*:.
Mcintosh and Nordman.
Fcrnie—Goal, Walters; point, Wallace; cover point. Rodgcrs; rover,
Thrasher; centre, Pascoo; wings, Dunlop ---»' Burland.
Referee, Chambers; timekeeper, Borne.
Mrs. Ira Manning entertained a
number of invited ladies on Wednesday afternnon at her home on Gar-
don avenue. The construction of dolls
from peanuts, and their towns (rom
tissue paper was nn interesting contest which was won bv Mrs. -I. B.
Henderson who received first prize,
a brass candlestick; and Miss McGregor took second prize, receiving a toy
accordion. The .judges were Mes-
dames W. II. Wilson, F. B. Miles and
M. Whytal. Daintv refreshments
were served.
ii SCRAP !~tt!i»
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Paid for
. i Old Iron, Lead, Copper, T.pe Metal
and Machinery of all kind.
Rubber Tire, aad Scrap Rubber
Manilla Rope
Tailor.' Scrap, aad Trlmmln,!
Sacks, Ra|>, Old Sail., Etc.
Write us what vou have.
B.eiaal Smvtlie St..
VANCOUVER,      .      B. C.
Come and Enjoy the
17th Annual
(Old Timers' Reunion)
Fastest Teems In interior B. C. In
Competitions for B. C. and International Championships
For particulars upply to
H. B. CROW, Seoretnry,
RoaslaiHl, H. C.
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The Western SportsmanScWinnipeg, M&n.


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