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Cranbrook Herald Jun 9, 1910

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 *    !
In tlie Herald Puvb—Try
Our   Local   Columns
I Or, a lino
I We nn*  woll   equipped  to
NO.   li
Description of Property and Work Done Thereon-Vast Deposit
of Rich Zinciferous Ore*
(.losi'iili Ryan)
Kroui Hit' wen I Hi -producing sluuil-
lioiiit Uio kirnt uiiui-nil /one oxtonri-
Ing from ilu- Hitter Itool; anil Huroell
ItailgOfl in Idaho into ilu- Koutenays,
11 rill nil Colum bin, uml away north
uml north-west even beyond DawBon
city in the Yukon, is probably tin*
mosl . Important in tlu* world, ll
contatiis tin* famous Bunker Mill ami
Sullivan at U'ardner, Idaho, ami uil
tbo lug silver-lead producers ol Liu*
Coour d'Alcnes. Immediately north
ot tin; International boundary tbe
wealth nf tho mineral bolt rotcrrcd
to asserts itsoll iu tho st. Kugene
mine on tho east side ol Moyie lake,
Kast Kootenay, which property, ao-
cording lo tho public records, produced more than 75 per cent of the
forty-seven million pounds of lead
sine I tt'd iu Canada iu tin- year 1007
and about the same proportion of
the entire product of tlu* Dominion
iu the years 1908-0. Tho St. JSugene
is easily tire most important silver-
load property in Camilla and naturally attracts public attention not alono
lo itself as a source of wealth and
prosperity but to the resources of
the locality in whieli it is situated.
One mine makes many.
The ore in the St. Eugene occurs iu
two roughly parallel fissure /ones
having a general strike of about west
and cast, or iu other words, across
Movie lake. One cannot study the.
line of the mouths of tlu* tunnels
without thinking that the fissures
containing the ore extend across under the lake bottom. This readily-
fi inned t hei iry was convert id iut o
certainty when Johnson staked tbe
Aurora Group, consisting ol five
claims, the Aurora,    Durango, Etna,
Portland and Horseshoe, and al     llie
same time preempted I*1-1 acres ot
the peninsula in front of the claims
for mill and buildlhg sites and general agricultural purposes,
The development of the Aurora
ground hy shaft ami drifts shows
lhat, as in the case "f the Si Eugene, there are two fissure zones
having a strike corresponding    with
lhat nu the opposite side of the lake.
It is now conceded by the besl authorities that tho ore bodies are continuous from one side »>f the lake to
the other. The best proof ol the
general acceptance ol this view is
thnt tbe bottom of Moyio lake has
been staked as mineral ground and
upwards nf $68,000 ipenl In sinking a
caisson to bed rock to lorm the upper pari of ji shall intended lo In-
sunk to catch the veins exposed bj
erosion on the Aurora.
Poi some time pasl this propel I j
has been attracting a great deal .>(
public attention There have been
sin'r- and mtnoi- nl strikes on
tin* ground, It, therefore, seemed lo
tin* writci ih.it as .i considerable
amount of th,- publii ntoncj was
finding its waj Into the Vurora
treasury [or development purposes, it
might be well il an examination were
made of ihe propert) and a descrip
tion given ol the condition i
as he found them—oi as anyone else
may find them who cures to visit the
l-'jom the C.P.R, Station at Moyie
lo the mine is about a thousand
yards, couumiiiicutioii between thu
property und the town being maintained hy means of u gusolino launch.
On the south side of Aurora buy is
the compressor plant, lngersoll pattern, supplying power for five drills.
No money has horn wusted here in
elaborate machinery. The plant is
efficient. One can see how cleverly
means arc adapted to the ends in
view al every turn, but this might
he expected since a considerable
amount of the development has been
done hy practical miners who, instead of taking cash lor their work,
were glad to accept stock in the
company, which has been capitalized
at 11,000,000. The president is
•fames- A. Harvey, K.C, ol Vancouver, director ol the Hank of Vancouver, and associated with him as ri-
rectors of tlie Aurora are .1. W.
Pitch, I'. P. Johnston, .fames I).
McBride and .lohn McTavish. The
manager and mine foreman respectively are Harry II. Dimock and
Michael Torpy. both of whom were
lor years in the St. Eugene and are
thus thoroughly familiar with all the
peculiarities of the veins and formation in which the ore Is found.
Near the compressor plant the
company has secured fifty acres ol
excellent flat land lying between the
slope of the hill and the watei
the lake. As the angle of the hill is
about <t"> degrees from tlie horizontal
one can realize how gravitation can
tie utilized in each step ot the treatment of the ore from the moment it
is delivered from the tunnels until it
is loaded on tlie barges for transportation across the lake to the C.
P. 11. for shipment. This mill site
cannot be bettered and there is an
unlimited supply of water to Im* had
from the lake by pumping ll is
Miid that I.ainli creek to the north
of the claims can tie tapped with a
llmr.e and the expenses of pumping
thereby eliminated. So much tlw
belter prmided that the supply be
Up the hillside, north ot the compressor, is the dump of the No. 2
tunnel and a well-appointed blacksmith shop. Here one hundred and
sixty tons of ore was sacked and pre-
pared for shipment tit the mill on the
Alice mine, near Creston Kighty
tons had been sent down there when
it was found that the water supply
was deficient so the proposition to
lease the concentrator had to be
abandoned. on the dump, attei
making full allowance for waste,
Oiere is easily 2,00(1 tons ot ore. In
Oldei to get a close estimate of the
average thIob ol the mine run. rhe
manager. Mr. Dtmock, who was for
two years foreman ol tbe Lake shore
level "i the st. Kugene, quartered
down about thirty tons of the ordinary mine product to a sample of
BDOOl leu pounds weight tt may Ve
pointed out that the Aurora ore is ol
a remarkably friable nature nnd on
this account is very casil) quarter. *
for sampling purposes,
The quartered sample was sent to
!■:, Vi. Widdowson, analylsl and as
suycr at Nelson. Tlie following is a
copy of his letter and analysis:
Nelson, H. C, lltli April, 1810.
Messrs. The Aurora Mining and Milling Co., Moyie, B.C.:
Gentlemen: I have carefully examined, assayed and analysed tho
sample submitted to me ou Wednesday, April 13th, and find that it
gave the following results:     *   ,
Silver, li.ll ozs.; lead, 17.9 per cent,
zinc, 38.3 per cent; manganese, nil;
cadmium, nil; iron, li.7 per cent; copper, nil; silica (insoluble) 13.1 per
cent; lime, 3.6 per cent and sulphur,
20.8 per cent.
Respectfully submitted,
Yours very truly,
(Signed)     E. W. Widdowson.
This sample, which may he confidently accepted as a fair average o'
the general run of the output, carried $18.7!) per ton En all values, so
that tbe owners have lo deal with »
fairly high-grade product in whic'
zinc largely predominates.
In the early development of tin
property a shaft was sunk about six
ty feel, whore the ore rs-lcroppe-1
above lhe present No 2 tun.--* Th*-.
work was iu ore tor the entire distance until a fault, or slip, was encountered which cut off the ore absolutely at that point. The conditions indicated a displacement carrying the ore body with it lo the south
of the shaft, and accordingly a man
named Sullivan, who had a bond on
the property at the time, drove lhe
No. 2 tunnel about 21.0 feet west aud
then cross-cut about forty feel
south to get under the sliafl. An
upraise from the cross-cut failing to
catch the ore hody, lie continued his
drift in a westerly direction for
another 250 feet or so without meeting any very encouraging indications
beyond such as proved a very extended system of mineralization all
1 hrougli t he property * Sullivan
threw up his bond, and the present
owners carried on the drill from the
cross-cut, hut running it a little to
the north oi his work. The ore
body was encountered after only
nine feet of drift had heen run—a
beautiful example of Iho strange luck
that attends mining Sullivan missed a fortune by less than ten feel.
This shoot of mineral was traced
west and north for a distance ol 280
feet and at that point the fault
I which was met with In the shaft was
again encountered and the ore again
cut off. At a distance of Hill feci
from  the eross-cut  an  upraise     was
! started in the ore and carried   con*
I tinuously in good values to a height
lol ntoety feet, where the shoot is
7) feel iu width. At this place
some 500 Ions of ore was stoped out
and a very large quantity left iii position for mining      The vein of   ore
(Continued on page three.)
M \oi\K\xn:      VKO    MANN     I"
Whilst Messrs Mackenzie and Mann
un- not ri \,-i ui Pi-tend Ohm rail
road activities to tins portion ol tlie
provl •■' ii i- gratifying to learn
that tbej do not purpose Ignoring
r.isi Knot, n,i\ mtini\      \t li well
known      i-hese      ratli I     btriM
eis have tor some pawi
past been large!] Interested m
mining properties in thli aecUon, being tin-     principal     owners     ol   Ibe
North Stai mine, among others
Heing sn largelj Interested In mining) owning properties m othei parts
ot the province, as well as in Kaslern
Canada, Messrs Mackenxto and Mann
are naturally greatly Interested iu
smelting processes,, particularly any
process fm the economical treatment
of zinciferous ores, tlu-ir North Star
property being rich in zinc-bearing
ore.     They have secured control of a
new chemical process, the Invention
ol an Ontario chemist, which tbey
purpose putting to an Immediate lest,
for Which purpose, Ihey propose establishing a smelter near Kimberley
and will proceed to actively develop
Iheir extensive mining properties in
lhat locality, including the North
Star. Heretofore profitable operation of these mines has been Interdicted by difficulties in ibe treatment
of the zinc-lend product, which diffl-
cnltles the new process gives promise
of removing in toto. I
The treatment ot the zinc ores   of
Ibis province is receiving marked attention   this year       The Dominion I
gint-rnmcni have appropriated 180,0001
tor   purposes "I    investigation     this
The lirst   journal  report of ihr    re-
ci-niiv organised commlsston of   con*
serration  just   issued contains       th.'
following reference to the line ores
<>f Drills!) Colombia, forming part of
a papei  on "Possible  Kconomirs     in
Production of    Minerals of Canada,'
lead lit   Or   llaanel:
"/iiu*—Kor some years tlte zinc
ores mined in Hritish Columbia (omul
a ready market in the I'nitcd States.
Tbfl recently erected tariff of the'
United States has, however, virtual-J
Iv closed this market. II the ore
mined is not to lie proiit less on the
dump, some method requires to be
devised which will successfully treat
these ores and enable the mine owners to export the output of their
mines ns a finished product, either
as spelter or z.lnc oxide. In tbe
hope ot accomplishing this much desired result, a zinc smeltery was
erected in Alberta, hut proved unsuccessful. This failure was not altogether due to the character ot the
ores treated, but was due to inherent
defects in the plant, introduced by
Ihe designer in an endeavor to Improve upon the Itelglan model. Prior
lo the erection of this plant, Mr. K.
T, Snyder obtained a paterfl for an
electric process and a furnace -fentgn-
electric furnace was erected iu Van
(•aval, which has been in operation
eouver, but  proved unsuccessful.   The
matter was not allowed to drop,
however, for witli commendable pertinacity a furnace of new design was
erected In Nelson, B.O., and the ex
pcrimetits recommenced, hut, up    t
llie present lime, Ihey have hee
without success. While the parties
Interested in these experiments de
serve much praise for their porscvet
ance in trying to overcome a real
difficulty, consuming valuable    time
and costing much money, it is to he
regretteil thai the parties Interested
did not, first of all, investigate the
electric process invented hy Mr. De
ready mentioned;
lor some years in Tiolihalleii, Sweden. The only proper course in experimentation, tbe only one likely lo
lead to success, requires that information be obtained not hy reading
patents, hut by invest igal ion and actual observation on tbe spot of all
that has been accomplished in the direction in wbieb improvement Is
sought to be introduced.
There are, at present, four processes invented in Kurope tor the
production of metallic! zinc or zinc
oxide from complex zinc ores, whieli
promise economic results:
(I). The l>e Laval process* In operation at Trollbatfeii, Sweden, alchemical process with a liual product
(2), The Improved Do I.aval process, a demonstration plant for the
operation of which is being creeled in
London, Kngland;
I What Do You Know About
Jg Dn yon know liar building permits reached $864,500 in the ono month nf May. this year?
Sjj l>*' you know Unit threo mora lines nf llailromls are heading for Lethbridge, Ihe commercial crnln tf in  I,
ffl? Umpire, vast us to riches of coal and resources- two wonderful assels   either oue of which has irr.h i m-lirpli,
JiV many a time iu tlio past and has continued to uphold it in the future.   The world is Crying for productive
flS soil.   The world is determined to be comfortable, hence Iho positive assurance for the di n nnd . f «h*,i
*fk Lethbridge lias.
m One year ago Lethbridge hnd a population of 0,000; today she has about 14,000; the pace is Bet, will sin   *..*
,® buck?   Certainly not I not so long as Ihe present people live, for they  will   have bread and comfort        .
gjf Lethbridge iius got "the makings."
j§ Knowing thnt you people in the Crows Nest Pass are great wage-eurners and that yon have no pnrtici
'ih opportunities for investment at) our own home, 1 am going to give you the opportunity of making invcslnunti i *.-
Sj where without paying the expense and large commission of n travelling solicitor or even middleman in your i
jj& which you have been paying heretofore—especially when buying Real Instate.   1 am going to cut onl tin* solicil
^ miildl an so as t-> give you Lethbridge Oity Properly at its present true market value.
If Furthermore, I am going to give you positive assurance that I will sell vou no lots
Si-. excepting that they be high, dry and level.
i'i Now should any of you doubt that this statement is an assurance, ask your lawyer if 1 am nol n
Wt myself liable uud subject to u very heavy fino as wellas the returniug of your monoy with costs, if at nny time you
Jj., secure a lol that is not high, dry ami lovel which I have advertised iu your local papers.    But putting nli this
i'i kindly remember I mean business; 1 want your business   I want more business   no business can Horish	
''if on the square   enough said.
*% I h'lvo been in tho Ileal Estate Business iu tho City of Lethbridge for five years and I am siili doing business.
SI so I gueBS you are safe us to my guarantee without considering any Court action.
*,*{ If you  feel snlislied as to this, you can uiake your invest nl without the inspection of lhe projertj ni .i
fo thereby save yourself u considerable amount of time ami expense, in addition tn  eliminating Jbi   .-
$ Middle Man.
« Now lot u.e tell you something regarding the line of growth iu this busy citv of ours    First, the business
Jij, centre of Lethbridge is Mouth of tlie railroad ami lies on the extri \V,*st siii,* of the oily uiul the Und just Nor!
gj tlie railroad and opposite the business district is held for the railroad yards, etc.. out to what is known as I * k,
JiS Ward, which begins directly North of the track about one-half mile East of the Post Office.   This North Ward is
g<* iiuiuly populated by miners and day laborers, therefore the better residential portion lies to the South-east ol I  •
Jh biHiiie*!*. ejnter. and it must continue to grow iu that direction as i: is now doing for it cannot l'o i*ls,« b. •*.
fej Tlio additions which I am mainly offering are each immediately Month and *>art of tbe present
iff section, iu fact, houses aro now being built in one of them "Tlie Alexander Addition" und the other addil   n "*i    .
(^ Park',' is held by the city until September tho 1st of this year.
$& This Victoria I'urk was put up at public auction by the Oity about ten days ago and no 1ms Bold for less than
m $300.00 each and some went ns high as $500.00- this on public bidding -today, one cannot be bought foi
«£ $l'O.i)0 Id my knowledge.   Victoria Park lots were bought by the liest people in tbe City for their boine prop, rtj
Sj it adjoins the Alexander Addition on the East. l»ith of whieli additions are in the citv limits ami within th.
BS circle.   Tins circle centers at Central School which lies three blocks Sauth aud three blocks East ol Pi Bt '
as is nili. .'.er! in the most North Western part of the business ilistrict.
JS Lots iu the above mentioned Additions are. in my opinion, the most likely to increase in vain.* ol any other
JSj L'Mi'iril," pr,|i*rty and should lie most easily turned over, as homes are already building in the Alei ion,
Jjf in 1 Victoria Pirc should begin to build upas soon as the City gives jx-ssession on September Ist. 1910.   I am
|jj' expactiug to see lots iu the Alexander Addition sell for S.iOn.i'O or -pi'lCmj each within a year, and Victoria I'.-.rk lots
•*,\ I am sun, will go at 11,000,00 each within the same period.
%\ l> >lh of these Additions arc upon tlie proposed Street Car Line.
ly 4 Mock*. Month nl Central .School Cloce in.
' i cash, Im lance in I uml 8 months at 8 per cent
Is ; to li; Block   1 (ono) Price sum each
:il In III ■•      1 " S:i2.-i •'
31 In :(2 "     5 " $2"i "
.  Ill ,V 20 *'      li " $27", "
!l ,v III i'      II " J276 "
. 21. tu 21 "      II " S2.5 "
:ii ic .12 7 " S.IIHI "
II .V 12 " S " 1275 ■■
13 tn IS *' 111 " S25II "
:il In 38 "    in " J300 "
1  tn 12 *■     II " S2.*i(l ••
27 ,V 2S "II " S25II "
I In II *•     12 " S25II *•
III lu 13 "     12 " S2i.ll "
II to 11 " I.i " 1300 '*
2:1 In -III "     11 " S.IIHI "
. 21 * 22 "II " $.125 "
15 ,V Hi "     I t " t27J "
!l to 12 "II •* S27.1 "
li In li "     II " J27S "
:. 2ii ,v 21 "   iii " s:i7r, "
29 lu :i2 "    15 " S2f*n "
35 t" .18 "    10 •' S275 "
:i!i In III "     Hi " $:i2r, "
21 to 20 "     Hi " S2.1U "
21 tn 21 "     17 " S27r. "
17 In 18 "     17 " S.WI "
ii, to illl "     18
35 ,v 30 "    18
"Tie* Swell Home* Addition"
-', cash, l,alancein 0,12. and Is montl
Lots   3 A* 4 Hlock   1 (ooe) I'r:ce IV
12 to 15
Cor. 16 A 17
Cor   18 ic 111
r, to a
5 to s
11 to 11
■i to 12
:i ic 4
11 to 10
Cor. 17 .*.  1*.
7 &    8
Within tii** ll4 mile rlrele
TcnuH—'] ca-li. I.ttlaiice in *'. an.l 12 i.c.ril.*.- ll ■
Aora Lots io and 11    Block T    Price |3,l
4 to a •*    D
"   l:l and II        •'    C
Send for Free Guide Map
W. R. Dobbin, 3&rgeleytn Lethbridge, Alta.
■ ■*■*  ■«*
i, ,".
• %
I    ■•
■* %
' ■K
. -:
-. **
* •'.
■ n
1        'i
• %
~ -ft''
'mmiBMBMMmmmmmmmmm* - !
(3),   The    I'm.  I
vcnii'il iii Prance, bi
(ij. Tin* blsulpli
inoiislration plant '
process    is   being
. clml   i
A   ilc-
Qroal Britain.
Tlu* lirst Unci* sy cms nre electric
smelting processes; iho lost is a wol
economy will ho Bortcjl in
of /uu* oxide.
Arrangements have been innilc by
tin* Departimcnl ol Minos lor the Investigation ol llicsc processes in the
interests ol tlw rlnf miners ol British Columbia.
II any one ol ilu* Ural three processes jirovcs Rucccssful mnl can be
Introduced in Canada, tho interests ol
a double s, use: 11) because Hie electric process saves
fuel, and (2) becuiis* Ilu* exportation
nl raw materia! and reimportation ol
linishcil producl Increases ils ultimate
cosi. This unnecessary expense
would also be saveil."
•   •
• Word was received Irom Kant- *B
0 loops today, where lhe 1 0.0 K. #
0 (Irand I.inl**,* and the ilchckuh*,' 0
0 assembly arc now In session. 0
0 that il has been decided to hold 0
0 tin- nexl annual mcetlag in this 0
0 city. This is very welcome 0
0 news and the ll.ld Fellows anil 0
0 tin' Itchckuhs Irom all over the 0
0 province may look rorward to a 0
0 cordial  welcome. 0
061 ri win Smith died in Toronto on
Tuesday nftcrnoon, utter a tang HI-
noss.    Ue li.ni boon ailing rot   wmD
time prloi to Ins death, In lact ever
s-niie iiu- death ol his a if,- urn i
months ago he had been In a more or
leas critical condition mnl his pasting uuav came its ira mrpriae to hli
fellow cJtlzcns
Toronto loses In him one ol net
chlo! distinctions QoMwIn Smith
was ;i scholar and lttterattur ol worW
witie fame, admittedly one *■( the
foremost historians of ins time and a
writer (in currcnl topics ol exceptional force iiini merit,
Ho was i*-'"i i»t Reading, Berkshire, Kngland, Augual n, \ni:\
Oraduated from University College,
Oxford, i» l h ir», became a fellow "I
tn, college in IM7, wns called tu
llie bar in Lincoln's Inn in 18B0, ami
was made assisiani secretary ol tin-
royal eoMmlgsion on tin- state ol
Oxford Inivcrsity. In Is'.k 1,1; in-
was rngitia professor ol history at
Oxford, when his lectures claimed
marked Attention ami aroused oonsid-
i be cooperated   ■
■   ■
. Ainerli an i nion,   by *.
j Saturday   Revfc •     be mi
grated to the United
' inj; proti ■       *
tutional history   al    '  irrn
sity,      iii- theh remoi
where he conthm
ami In-' ame tho the "Ca
nadian Monthly,
atander" b d "The ffi (
Smith was -; ol
tlie   annexal * ■■
1 nited > tati J '*
Cans llati Qui  lion," i(I8!U) heli      a
powi l(u] hand book ••} argui
Mr w.i .i prolific writer ol great
Impartially .iml lltcfarj III .,. I In
lit- ri'inn ro coi' rifrutions Ui periodical In was noted fot liis philosophical Interpretation »>: currei I
and political phenomena, TUB    CltANUUOOK   L'TIKUAJJ)
b. s. walker, President I Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
ALEXANDER LAIRD,GencialMana;er , Reserve Fund,   -    6,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in the United States and England
Deposits of $1 nnd upwnrds are received nnd interest allowed at current
rates,    Accounts may be opened ill the names of two or
more persons und withdrawals made by any
one ot them or by the survivor. 124
R. T. Brymner, Hanager Cranbrook Branch
News of the District
* *
*■ ininvic ♦
X We have just unloaded One Carload  I
of  Hardware
Ineludlng—Patent Wire Poncing, Wire Netting, llnrlcl
Win*, ami Liinihering Stipplk'i.
One Carload of Farm Implements and Carriages
li, u.l.lit] llic
...  I,,,,.. » I   11 I'm. ..I II:,
Vim 1 .■ i- mill
I J. Mc Agnew & Co., Lilko, IJ. C. \
liven  if you did  not •
know   the   difference;
hut ween loiiml nml plrloln .teak '
ymi cHii lniy ment as fiift'ly at .
thla market ac iht* moat expert ■
liotifiula-i'iier,   Kor wo keep only
1 Ih< el mice Id ml  nf  menu uiul
therefore coulit  not (roll ymi a
tiniL'li. jiilcelo»B cut If we wauled .
to   wlilcli .ve'iloti'l.   Try iih with
nn order for (he meat (nr to-day'a
Meat Providers
ii P. BURNS ® CO., Ltd. j
nf une body being driven In suicide a
lir ovei lndiil«encoiiinirlidilnli« *
ua ..,1.  Initial mkIii. gingei nl,*. ♦
-;nsiij.uiilhi. elc.    Kin ihey dicer   ♦
U'ilhlilll    :111V   ill   elivcl-,   ictlefli    *
wiili..111 any re-Helton,
1UK mix
lire good tilings lu I,live.  SllJ.Jti.se
lie Ht-ml vou 11 can, ol the lines!
lint    weiitlier   refreshments  on
♦♦« *******************
- It iB tho Same Place
Tin* Placo that is Popular
llocsl ns the Beat
Bettor tlinu Hie liest
The Cosmopolitan
If you come onee,
Vou will come again.
K. II. s.MAI,!,, Proprietor
333    BEECH, JAS  Residence
81     COLPMAN, Vi
281     HOME, SI	
280    SCHWARTZ, IV.
... Resilience
... Resilience
... Resilience
g Canadian Hotel |
0 One of the pioneer hotels of Cran-
j*g brook.   Warm rooms, good meals
and a bar stocked with the best
8Joseph Brault,  Proprietor!
II you stop here once
you will look lor
the 'bus when you
visit  Calgary  again.
Proprietor   ♦
is a copper? proposition, situated
alums sixteen miles from MtU'ysvillo,
im tlio Si. Mary's river, and is lap-
pod liy llie governmenl wagon toad.
The results of the pasi ten years
work have been exceedingly satisfactory and Kasi Kootenay no doubl
will soon bave another shipping mine
in add to iis list. Musi of tlio
shares are held by capitalists ul
Spokane ami Pullman, Wash.
Tlie ('-..isni'iiaiiil Mining company,
nf Tr."l. is ili.i-iL nctlve work at the
beginning o( liisi week. This mine
Sullivan mine al Kimberley, working
i  shin  in nddition to Die diamond
drill, As far as can bo ascertained
everything is unite up lo ihe expect**
aiicms nl llie compnnj nnd the resi'
ems ol Marysville aad Kiinberley nre
looking   forwnrd   to    ihe time when
word will     he give il that        tho
company will take up ihelr option on
the mine and smelter nl   Miuvsville.
when the plant  will I peialei)     at
its full capacity.
p. i.uii-l has bis mill nt Matthew
('reel, running mil Idnsl nud Is Innii-
lllg al I   2 -  per    (III)   ai     ihe
UlllTSvillc   SUll i.in     hy   means        ..I      a
V shaped flume, some six inlle.i In
length. Tlie overflow from ihe flume
will in' carried on tn one uf his
ranches a mile from town In Irrigate
tflll acres of his crop as soon as conditions warrant   il.
(li'roni Uu* Lender.)
IV. i' Oliver, barbel In tlio Central
hotel, lias solil mil in W. I*:. Miller,
,,[ Urnnbrook. Mr. Olivet nml »nv
linve gone in C'nlgnrj in locnlc.
Mai,,hi t'liniiinnn will he tin* delegate Irom Moyie lo tlto Masonic
grand lodge, wlilcli incclit nl Ci .in
brook mi Juno 33rd, nllhougli thoro
will lie s.'veiiil ntlll'l -Mniii* members
in iitlcmlnncc.
h li»>, linen learned mi good nullinr-
iii Ural Hn* Aurora Mining .mil Mill
inja coinpnii)' is nrrnnglng for tin1
creel Inn nl a 50 ton coneeiilrnldr mi
tholr propert) nn Hid »esi side nl
Mi.iie Into. Thoro is niiiplc ore in
slghl lo Instil) llic building "I n
Hei .1 VI. Miller, pnstnr "I llic
Mi llindinl iiiiiicli. is Inking ., [mil*
in mills viicilll.ni    Ibis hiimmci     Ills
idlicc  «ill     I..* tiillen   III   lift    S lei
I'iMikil,  ..I  WVIIIliglmi,   Van, vcl*     Is
1,111,1.       Hi.   I'uukc   ivus Mall .1    ul
Micbcl lur une your and   is known la
a low in Moyio.
At Hn* regular mooting lasl Tuesday evening,   WJIdcy lodge, I.O.OK.,
Olcclwl   llic  lollowing ullicels   lur     lis*
ensuing term:
**,   w   liurdett—Noble tlrnad
K. I.. Hull—Vice-Oraml,
I*'  J. Smyth—Secrolnry.
.lames Itoberts—Trenmirer
II. .1 l.uives mis elected trustee
Im* the is months' term
Tbesc ullicels jusl eleclod will In
Installed ai iln* lirsi regular inecling
in .Inly.
following is Ibe list ill Ibe i.Nicer
olcclcd by St. Eugene Imlgo, Knights
uf I'vlliias, fur llic ensuing term, ai
their meeting lasl week:
Albeit  (lill-ll.r.
Claude ('nbli-V.('.
Hen. illorgnn-Prel.
K. 1). Stlnson—St. uf W*
K. A.  IIUI—K   uf 1!. ami S
A. (I. Slonklioiise—SI. .4 I*'.
C. A. Kimli—M. uf t:*
W   E, Kihialils-M. al A.
Thomas riudgeon—I. 'i.
A   McKay-O. tl.
\  telegram   recelveil here Tuesday
announced Un* death ni s Is, I'. I*:.
I . „f .Inhn   I:   Md aid, win, lell
here fur iln- easl nbo.il a in,,nib ngo,
previous lu which lime be hail resid-f themselves.
cil here l,,r about tfgl.l years.   While I    Allan 11. Mcliunal.l. ui Waldo, was
lun* he was einploycil as a mill man  a visitor iii Oatcway mi Monday.
nl the si. Kug, 'and was well audi    Uinulmasicr \. S. Hood, ul      the
favorably known,    lie is survived by  Orcat Northern railway was a caller
a wife and lour children, .Mrs.     Me-  In Oatcway mi Monday.
Iiunalil and Un f Ibe children being resident here.     lie was a member   uf    Ua*   Cranhrook   lodge   ol
the Knights nf Columbui
curd in the Stoyio Miners' union. Mr. J *
McDonald was about lorty years     l  t*********************
age and death was due In heart  fall*;
un*     Interment took place at     St. I (Special correspondence.)
Andrews, P.E.I, i    Mrs    (*    Tisdalo,    nf   Cranhrook,
The sympathy of    Uu* entire com- wu rl.rll.„ |lll5 „|,j acquaintances    in
niiiniiy is extended in   Mrs. Mellon- out nutg Momjay |ast
aid and the children in their bereave-     J|r   mis stnp,M ml[ ,,,, dttugl,tot|
ment, while residents id Moyio gcncr-lM,M (j   stnp]M| arc visMi„K ,rieeils
WATER ACT, lllllll.
TAKE NOTICE that Adam Iloyd
llul/.icl, nf Criiiibrnok, 11. ('., fanner,
will apply tu tin* Water Commissioner ul. Cranbrook nn tho 1Mb day ul
.Inly next, nt eleven o'clock in llic
fiirciuinn fnr a license In diver! nne
cubic fiiut nf water per second from a
spring rising un l.nl 72211, Group 1,
Kootenay District. The said water
will tic used fur the Irrigation nf said
Lot 72211, held by tile applicant under
a Crnwn Orant and will be conducted
by (liimi's nnd pijios uver snld Lot
7221, only. Nn Crown Lands will be
used and in, riparian proprietors or
licensees will be allcctcd by Iln*
. This notice was |ioslod mi lhe with
day  nf May,   |!l|ll
11 .it Adam Boyd Hal/iel
♦ ♦
♦ GATEWAY.       ♦
: :
(Special correspondence.)
.hhl.l Mills, who nil his hint quite
badly some weeks ngo, was aide to
tnm out with lhe baseball boys on
People who wish tu see one nf the
Hiirrieii    spots    of       Kast     Kru.U'liay
should visit tlie ranch oi Vi. S. Mills,
rinse lo tbe International houndary.
ll shows what live years' work will
ilu. His neighbor, K. Pernors, will
soon have an equally desirable home.
II' hits similar laud and
water to work witb. and bis plaee
near Eureka proves thai lie lias the
requisite skill.
There will be a dance held in tlie
Claleway dance hall mi Saturday,
.lun,* il Hi. liv iiemi: supper. Tickets "pile     Everybody come and enjoy
ik   lodge   „i   ♦
is and held n J
ally acknowledge Ilu* lies nf a wnr*
thy citizen.
The Dominion ("onsollilaletl Mining
company, Willi head olllces in Spokane, hnve let a contract r*.r three
hundred feet of tunnel lo Mr [-'. it.
Decker.     Mr.  Meeker is already     on
the   ground,   having    outfitted      in | dilfienliy In getting the logs Ire
Marysville,   secured n lorce ol    men! Iho water has got quite low and they
and proceeded lo thr properly al the!Jam on the sand bars.
in Minneapolis, Minn.
Mr. Kobt. Crosby left last week lur
his ranch at Alhalmcr, lo save the
bay crop.
Mrs. Doolan, of Sirdar, visited lur
sun here on Monday last.
Mr. O. Palser and Mr. Win. Crosby made a business trip to Cranhrook Saturday Inst.
Mrs. Iliishini and son, of Cranhrook, visited nl ,-l. Dulkwill's Frida*. last.
Tlie river drivers from the Marysville camps passed through here this
week.      They   are experiencing    some
San Frnnoisco, Cal., .fune 8.—When
half a ccnttirj ago the lulled States
government surveyors reported crude
petroleum (lonllng on lhe Pacific
.ccan, llllle did Ihey think Ihal to
lay the yearly production nf new
Bfcallli from llic California oil flelds
.voulii he more limn all nf Cnllfor-
da's mines,
Already California nil lubricates
tilnety per rent nf ihe wheels wosl ol
ihe Mississippi nml furnishes motive
power for nearly half of Ihem. Clival
locomotives, unheard ot and Impossible a few years ago, and onl) made
possible by liquid fuel, deliver nil to
Hie furnaces ol factory, mine, refinery, power plant and home, while
enormous lank steamers transport
lhe nil products tn all parts nf the
The refineries ol California employing thousands nf men. manufacture more llian two hundred different
articles of commerce, varying from
the finest grades of lubricating and
illuminating   oils,    lo vaseline,    ot
trlli jelly, nnd skldgrcasc, including
various cosmetics, prismatic dyes nml
ointments. As n resldlum after the
manufacture ot cheap gas, either for
light or fuel, there remain the In-
;redienls necessary for a superior
(rnde of coke, so hard nnd pure thai
I bus been called carboiiito. From
this product many   useful mechanical,
agents an- manufactured, among ihem
1 being enrbon    pencils, electrodes and
an   abrasive    element   superior   to
I emery or carborundum.
,   Flvo thousand factories in Southern
California hnve been made possible by
I the use nf einde nil, eillier us fuel direct, ur converted   Into gas or decline onergy.       Railroads which |jav<
nut paid dividends    lor years     have
heen enabled In do so hy the     vast
; saving from tin I hills.
i    With a production this year    thnt
will   npproxlmnto    seventy    million
barrels, worth nearly twice an much
as ihe entire citrus otop, worth more
limn the combined output of all   tbe
| metal mines, wiib production     con-
. Bluntly     growing    In     response  to
steadily    Increasing    prices, nnd nn
ever growing and expanding market,
the outlook     fnr the producers      of
California nil within the next      few
years are Hat tiring indeed.
TAKK NOTICK (but I, Sarah Jane
Macdoituld, of Crnnhrook, It. ('., occupation, married woman, intend In
apply for permission to purchase
the following described lands:
Commencing al a post planted at
V W, cornet "i 1...1 \... [00(13,
Ihent'i   went   Hi chains,  Ihenoe    --mi
 ....in.-,    thence    ensl   lu     L-luilns,
ihence north uloiit' tin* Sp-ukum-
rlghtroe-wti) tu point of commeuct)'
Sarah .fane Macdonald, Locator,
Samuel Macdonald, Agent.
listed May 3rd, 1910. 1 l-0t
WATER ACT, 1000.
TAKK NOTICK that Itoberl K
Sullivan,        of      Seattle, Mer
chant, and ■John I-I.
Hawkins, of Wattsburg, miner, will
apply to tbe Water Commissioner at
Cranbrook on Tuesday, the lith day
of July, at eleven o'clock in lhe
forenoon for a license to divert
two cubic feet ol water per second
from near tlie old shaft house, near
Weaver Creek. The said water will
lie used for hydraulic purposes mi
leases 111 and 112, and will be c
dueled by means of a ditch aud dam
over the land covered hy said Mining
Lease applications und he returned
at lower end of lease No. 111. The
difference between tbe point of diversion and tlie point uf return is lir
feet. No Crown Lauds will be used
and no riparian proprietors or licensees will be affected by the works,
This notice was posted on  the
day of June,  1910,
ll-.M' John II. Hawkins
TAKK   NOTICK    that Jean Marie
Lemolgne, of Cranhrook, British C*
lumhitt, intends to apply fur perm!
siou  tu purchase  the following    dc
crilied  lands :
Commencing at a post planted
twenty (20) chains south and ten (Hi)
chains west of tbe southwest comer
of Lot nine thousand seven hundred
ami ninety-seven (9797), Qroup One
(1) Kootenay District; thence north
forty (-10) chains, west forty («i0)
chains, south forty (lit) chains, east
forty (10) chains to point of com
.lean Marie Lemolgne.
Dat«f May 21st, A.D., 1010.     ll-»t
That Hie mayors of every Canadian
cily and town should meet at Quebec
eitv when Karl (Irey finally sails for
England and present bim with nn address testifying lo Canada's appreciation of Ihe wny he has served as
governor-general Is the suggest ion
made hv Ihe mavor of Quebec City.
Hamilton, Onl., bus already intimated its willingness to take part.
WATER ACT, 1909.
TAKE   NOTICE   that   Robert E
Sullivan,       of      Seattle, Mer
chant, and John II.
Hawkins, of Wattsburg, miner, will
apply to the Water Commissioner at
Cranbrook on Tuesday, tllC 12th day
of July, at eleven o'clock in tbe
forenoon for a license to divert
three cubic foot of water per second
from the Moyie River, a tributary of
Moyie Lake. The said water will be
used for hydraulic mining purposes 011
placer mltihiR leases applied for by
the undersigned, nud will be conducted by means of a dam, flumes and
ditches over tlie land Covered by said
mining tense applications, and tie re
turned to the said Movie River at
China Bar. The difference between
the point of diversion and Ibe point
ot return is 12li fret. No Crown
Lands will l* used nnd no riparian
proprietors or licensees will lie affected by the works.
Tbis notice was posted mi the
day nf June, 1910.
I'-■"■•' John II, [Inwkl
TAKE NOTICK tlmt Jesse Eroidc-
veaux, ot Seattle, Wash., U, S. A.,
occupation, stenographer, intends to
apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing nt a post planted
nhout 1ft chains south and 91 chains
cast ol the S. K. corner of Lot
7846, Oroup One. South East Kootenay, Block 4f)!)3, thence south 40
chains, thence east 2') chains, thence.
north -10 chains, thence west 20
chains to point of commencement
ami containing 80 acres, more or
Jesse Froidcvcnux, Locator,
I. N. Dally, Agent.        7-0t#
11 you   want   satisfaction    with
your washing send
it to
Sjteciul |irl<*i!H lor family work.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Money to loan on favorable terms.
Mrs. E. Bent's
Every cure and comfort
A   home  irom   home
specinl attention iu oiihos of
Maternity, Ithauiuntlhin
ami I'oeituioiiiu
Tonus moderate
P.O. Itox 78-1, I'lini.e l»7H
Vo-rX DftKtz!
, Sulk   BffUVP r
•jtarJU*.^ j*K
"V-U-w * tMu** din'irfW
\jtrf XMkVfYntrvftlta.CL
•"n-U-y boi-v Lrv cm*,. VtM/f
'I' Imr "I sii'ini- mnl
Ht'iiulnril liiHlrillni'iilH
< li,nli  THAINEII
I'lloNI*: •-'.vi      OHANIIROOK, B.O.
l,aillo»' I Clillilron'a to bu liml lit
aontloiiieii'aeaii lioolitiilii.nl nl
'•'ink Mercantile Co.'s Store
Miss Maki Well,,,.,.
I'laoi**! and Teacher
i'.itill.,....I [uii.il nl
Unlirrllli, M..II.I ,,l U'lnnliHy
Physician'} and Surgeons
)ltii*# at Rraldem't, Armilron^ Av,
Forenomis - - - - 9.011 to I0.M
Alterr.oims - - - 2.011 to   4.00
Kvrmin*, .... 7.30 to   8.30
.Sundays - -  - - 2.30 to   t 30
CRANBROOK :•    :i    II    II    B. C
OK. F. B. MILliS
9 to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 p ui.
7 to   8 p.m.
Ofllee In new lteiil lilmk
CRANHROOK        -      -       - II. C
Notary Public
hi Ooam ijiolltnn Hold
Cranbrook ami Fort Steele
I!5.i0N„oi438 Cranbrook,B.Co
B.   C.   and  Surveyor
CRANBROOK    -     B. C.
Does Not
Get Dull
A NEW ONE II It docs
Geo. R. Leask & Co
Our work in our ttilver1i?»-iiient,  Iml w**-
l>ut ilii.-** ml in th.' Ileral.l lo
f*iii|itiAHJ/.(> ii.
Ne:\i Lower Arinstroiig Avetlllfr)
♦ I'reside ii l : T. 8. Uiu
f       Secretary: -*1. Macdonai.ii
# For information regarding lamia *
w mnl  agriculture   apply   to tht
w Secretary, (Jraiihrooir, li. (!.
f Mooting—
J       Every bfcoih! Wedneftlny
1» TheUnillogKniitStori'
11    Strawberries     Btrawbei i i< h
i* The(antomCrc-lon l-crrii- fr< n
• i       Blocks ami .lackpoin. (list
'' Bhtpmeitl Sniiiriiiiy. =
( tlaxelwood IcoCrenm *f>
' >      Stewart'.**  Fine Olmrolalen       ♦
► Phone 7"     •     Armstrong Ave. J
Jfe iin»l Five IiiFurauri-
Keul Estate
Ollice—Next (loot to
I'opI 0111 re
Come in nml let me quote you rales
W.  It.   11,-utiv.   KdihtiiI  llircrlur
( Thii lir mtk   H. ii.
Cllll I Ilk,' It UmtlCd nilnilKT (if |lll|lilH
Ajijilv at tin* rewUlencaof
Hn, It. il. Suthorlnnil, Burwell Avo
P.O. BwRtinell, I). I., s., II c. I,. B.
A. I. Itulwrtwm, ll..'. I., s.
llutiiiniiiii nml Hiili-.|, .'olnnililH
flrml'inti.   nl   Ontnrio   V,.,,.rlmirv
OhII-W). Torntiln. It,   1MIIH
(In tl.* iin.l .M..ili>lllat nl MoKII'ln'"
VAterluarj* c.ilt"*r... Chlonfio,
In Hi1 n
Ni,,,* .m'iiih ,*x|,.*ri.*,i.-i* In Vi.|i.rinnr.v
jirnrlici'lii Mntiitiiliii
Ollice—nnt door to Poit Office
PtMe IN      ■      P.O. Boi IM
Night call-11, II. Bhort'r, IM,|pni*«
Oppmlto O.P.K. stiiiii.n
TIIK     PLACE    TO     ("T    A
]li.aili(iinrti.rB I'm* all  kinds nf
Snlts£nction (inar.-nitn i]
Tin* Shuc Spt-cialtal
If yon wniii ii Ural olnu hfltli, linlr-
oiil, iliave- iliatnpno. or aiivtl Ing
in Iln- Hai lier line, mil mnl g|yp
men trial.
Provenzano & Sacco
General Merchant!
Employment Agent*
CRANBPOOK     ■     B. C.
P.O. 10(194 PH0KI !44
Nelson's Leading Hold
Itoomi, with llutlin.   'I-Iii.ii>- in
every roam
Itm i„>r sii„j, „n tlie prcntlpM,
Thnron-jltly llji-to-dnle.
Rales, $2 00 a day and up.
GEO. P. WKI.I.H, Proprietor
Any avallahle Dominion I.aml.s
within the Kailway Uuit in British
Uolumliia, way he liojiiostuiided by
any person who i.s thu note head of a
family, ur any mule ovur 18 years of
aye, to the extent of oiie-i|iiurter sec-
tiuu uf Hii) acres, more ur less.
Entry must be muclu pursuually ut
thu local laud ollice (ur the district
in which thu land is .situate. Entry
hy proxy may, however, ho niadu on
certain minii linns hy thu lather,
mother, son, daughter, brother oi
sister uf an lu tending homes leader.
The homesteader in retiuired tu perform the conditions connected therewith under oue of the following plans:
(1) At least mx months' resilience
upon anil cultivation nf the laud in
earh year for three years.
(■!)■ If the father (or mother,
if the falher in ilm-nxi-il), nf the
homesteader residua upon a farm in
ilu- vicinity of the Innii  on to ml l.n,
the lUljUlt'UllieiltS as to lesuleiu'e may
he Bulls(luil by such parson residing
wiih the lather m mother,
I,!).   If thu   settlor  has   his  por-
maiu'tit rosiiiunco   u|  tunning land
owned by in in iu ihe vicinity uf ins
homes tend, the requirements us to
litHliluiieu may bu Botlslled hy lesnl-
emu Upon the satil laml.
Six montlm1 notlco In writing
should lie given lo thu Commlssioiiui
of Dominion LattdB at Ottawa of in
tun lion in u|i|i|y for patent.
COAL—Coal 1111111111; righlB may lie
leased for u period uf twenty-ouc
years at an annual rental uf fl per
aero. Not more than 2,570 acres
.shall he leased to oue Individual or
company. A royalty at tho rate ol
five nuts per ton shall be collected
on ihe merchantable eoal mined.
Deputy of the Minister of tlie interior. 211-3111
TAKE NOTICE that an application
lias been made to register David
QrilfUh as the owner iu fee simple
tinder 1 several Tax Sale Deeds from
Alfred ('. Nelson, Deputy Collector,
Fort Steele Assessment District, to
David (.ninth, hearing date the 3rd
day of November, Al). IB09, respectively, uf all and singular those
certain parcel or tract of laud and
premises situate, lying and being ia
the Kootenay District, in the Province of Hritish Columbia, more particularly known and described as
Lots 5151, 5452, 5 lii'i and 5151.
known as the "King Solomon,"
"Queen of Sheba," "Hig Bend Hoy"
and "Honeycomb" Mineral Claims
Vou ami those claiming through or
under you and all persons claiming
any interest in tlie said land hy virtue of any unregistered instrument;
anil all persons claiming any interest
in the said laud by descent, whoBC
title is not registered under the provisions of the "Land Kegistry Ael,"
are required to contest the claim oi
the tax purchaser within forty-live
days from ibe date of the first publication hereof and iu default of a
caveat or certificate of lis pendens being filed with such period, or in default uf redemption tVfore registration,   you  and   each   nf   you,   will     lie
forever estopped ami debarred from
setting up any claim to nr in respect of the said land, .mil 1 sliall
register tie said David Griffith as
OWnet thereof in lee.
Dated  at   tlie   I,ami  Registry Otlice.
Nelson, Province ol British Columbia,
this 22nd day ol March, A.1)., 11)10
Samuel K. Roe,
mt District Registrat
To Columbus M, Parker,
Nervous Exhaustion
Indigestion, Heartburn, Dyspepsia and Constipation result more
often from nervous exhaustion
than from food. Dieting or pills
will not avail. The only remedy is
nerve repair. "Asaya-Neu-
RAix" is and makes possible this
cure. It feeds the nerves, induce
sleep, quickens the appetite and
digestion, and these disorders disappear. $1.50 per bottle. Obtain
from the local agent.
Builders and Contractors
All kiti'ls nf
Boiler uml linnm* Work
TAKK   NOTICE    that Annie Mer
Ington,   *-f    Cranbrook, B, C, mar
ried   woman,   Intends   lo  apply for
permission to purchase tin  I
described land
Commencing at s posl planted BO
chains south and .' II obatns easl 1
the northwest corner *ol Lot S16,
tiroup One, on tin- east bank of an
isUu.i in the Kootena) River, Lhvttoa
vmm .11 chains, more ■■* less, to tin*
wn$\ bank ol said Island, ■ . ■ ■ ■
imttli paster! j along said 1 link 10
chalni. n ore "i leas, to south end fi
said island, thence norther)) alon|
east bank t.* polnl ol * ■
uieiii, containing 40 seres, mors or
tnnle  Mcrlttaton. Locator,
Pei Btuarl MOrrti* Agent.
stake.) April -Jin!.  1810, B ll*
Ask fur lli.l-.von LITHIA WATbI
i ... 1 mil*, 'i-i* iIuti* I. nothing
,., „ii.,i,'-' ,* .,,1.1 v,, nnra a.
II ,1 I'YclN   I.II III \   H All II.
tjOI.O   AT   ALL ,)«HS
its Kin 11 in u ne stums
.;. .;. .;. .;. .;. .;. .;. .;. .;. .;. .;. .;. .;. .j
.;. 1:. tt WIDDOWSON, assay- *
•> l*:il AND . IIIMIST.-l'liatRrs: .;.
•:• linlil, silMi, copptl or leuil, tl •>
O each; fold-aH-rar, 11.80; silver- *
•> iraii. (i..'in. gold-tllver, with ■>
•;• copper or lead, Vi..10; zinc, $2; *
* silver li-iiil-ziiir, i'.l.    Prices tor *
* other mi'tiils on n|i|ilicntlon. ••»
<.I.oiir distance '|ihono B7. P.O. *
•> Box, 01101, Nelson, II.C. 4K-ly*>
.;. .;. .;. .;. .;. .;. .;. .;. .;. •> * .> * .;.
Is prepared to supply help, skilled oi
unskilled, on .shortest possible notice; to liml employment and guar*
antee positions when sent out; to
rent houses and rooms and to sell
you fruit lands or other property lor
a small commission.
Address:—W. Parker, 312 Baker St.
NELSON, B.C.        48-121
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CowmaHT* Ac
anTM!i*»***iilln» **hM->h-uiddM**nptloiiiuy
"ir.l.'Ur -urcn.iln mir otmiltin trm tiiliir M
invanUN i»i'r.'b»bif p»t*jftrtl* "Cow-ntinie*.
in r,t»tnc"if o*tif.j«ntUaJ. tUSOSOdl OQPrUMU
(out ftp-**, oiiipit tuner for McuniurMMUnu.
I'atenu Itkon Ifirwub Muna * Co. raoMTS
t*>*.-ml rMitt, without ebftrn, latbij
Scientific Jlimrkan.
A inmip'.ii'fiT niattnud «Mkir.   lAtt—t a*.
nUlion cl hut ■"■irtiitfli* Journal. 1->rin« for
r-ir.iU. f-i rr. m jemt, purrta-it *-i»h"i1   Mid bf
Braucb OfflM, SB r St, Wubttifton, D. C.
O "
j ► The Cranbrook Employment; \
and Real Fslale Agency
M\ si-,i„]it> It laraishltii labor for , »
l.tiintwr  r**iii|>*i*i-*i>.   KnOr -ml   I im
irm-tok. Roteb, and Knii.i.i**.
.1. Armour. Proprietor
J ' NioRf 68     l'aa.9SA     P.O, Bo*» 9SS
Fernie Pantorium
b. c.
tu your tnt-jiBim-
PROM   $10.00  it
Cluanod- Repaired,
ami I'ti hsnl.
Beotl Clotliss bjf uprvn, npA iiat«
hv iiiiui.
Snnil.iT mornlnK lerrlce at 11
< >   Sunday    rvrnlnic     service   at ' '
; i    T..111 o'clock ;;
Sunday      School   and    Bible
t'lasa at 9 o'clock
I'rmli) tvrlan    tlulld, Tuesday, i i
at I o'clock
*> •:• •:• •:• •:• •:••;•":••:••:••:••>
Till: ROYAL IIOTKI..       *
Mrs. I,.    V.   Roberto, I'roprle- *
tress. *
Cor. Stanley and Silica Sis.   *
NRI.SON, B.C. <•
Free c.in i.n*i. or I,us irom all $
Intnl.. nml trains. •;.
Hates, tl and 11.10 per day.    •:•
lletiieinliir   our 25c.   Chicken »>
dinner nn Sundays. .8 «m<*
I:-Baptist Cburcb
Pastor, Charles W. King.
I'arsonaite, Norbury ATtnue.
; 'Phone, 2S4.      P. O. Boi MT.
ItcRiilar Services:—Sunday, 11 ^
a.m. and 7.90 p.m.: Blhls, ,
Srhool with YoUDg Udlst' i .
rinli'tlii-a and Young Men's'-
llililr (Mass, 3 p.m.
Monday,   Young Proplrs',   8
p.m. _
Wednesday, Mld-Week MsMllgi' '
A cordial   Christian
to all.
will average 2J teet. Wc then liav
280x90)taai or 02,600 cubic tevi of
ore in this shoot as far as it lias
been explored. Allowing ten cubic
feet to the ton—eight cubic leet is
the usual estimate—there are 0,250
tons of ore blocked out and in sight.
It must be home in mind that tbis
shoot has not been explored at all
to the east of the Sullivan cross-cut,
1 ledum! to figures, we have l!,250
tons in the shoot, 2,mm on the dump
und LOO tons sacked, making 8,-110
tons of an averago value of (IK   per
t  or    {408,6*80.      Allowing $30.50
per ton to cover the cost of mining,
milling, transportation, freigh1 and
treatment at the smelter—and it certainly is a generous allowance—there
remains a profil of $17.50 pet ton, oi
1147,170 on tin- ore now actuall)
avallahle whcrenl upwards nf 3,000
tons are Bine,
This question of zinc brings us, al
a stroke, to the kernel ol the business situation of tin* company. Tlie
main product ol the mine is /.mi',
and, therefore, it is from this mineral that the sbarcliortlerv must look
for their revenue. There can be uu
possible blinking of tbe fact that
the ure exists in the property, and.
iu proportion to the extent of tl.
development (1,000 feet ol drifting,
415 feet of shaft, winze and upraise),
unusually large quantities. To
convert this ore into revenue two
things are necessary; first, it must be
milled or concentrated, and secondly
it must he marketed,
The three metals that are essential
(or the maintaiueiice anil progress of
civilization are copper, iron anil /.inc.
Gold ami silver are accessary and
highly useful, hut they are not essential in the sense that iron, copper
aud /.Inc are. Cupper and iron
widely distributed all uver the wo'd,
while the occurrence uf zinc is. in
general terms, confined to those
areas where lead ores* are fomni, and
tbis condition applies, apparently, to
(Iermany, Belgium, Algeria, New
South Wales, Spain and tlie United
States. In the States fur years past
the home supply has hardly hetn
keeping level with the home demand,
and according to the most reliable
sources of information the Missouri
ores, the chief source ol supply for
the American market, are becoming
rapidly exhausted. I'nder the Ding-
ley tariff during the years 1903-1-5
the I'niteil Slates imported miile u
considerable amount of those badly
needed ores from Hritish Columbia,
which were treated at the tola smelter in Kansas. Notwithstanding the
fact that under the recent Payne
tariff law tbe conditions are not so
favorable for the exportation nl the
B. C* lines to the States, slill. the
I.ucky Jim can sell a -Ml pei cent
/inc product at a protit and pay Mil
a ton tarifl duty and soim where iu
the neighborhood of $.« per ton
freight to the Empire Zinc company
at Denver, Col.
However, Itolh politicians and
those who command the metal markets of the world know thai the
tarifl wall must go down before the
pressure ol necessity (or un essential
article wliich we in B. C. possess in
abundance and which is cither uutur
ally scarce or nearly exhausted south
i| the Boundary line. Ever if the
I'nitcd States market were absolute-
h closed there still remains the market of the world—England, Germany
and Belgium especially where the
keenest demand exists   for all trades
if ilno ores.
In the year IflOS the world used
some 072,000 tons of /inc. In 1909
it is estimated thut close upon BOO,-
000 tons were   usitl.  while  tbe activ-
of    the     demand   was at muny
points outstripping the power of
upply. With every expansion in the
use ol electricity comes a corresponding expansion in ihe demand for
Bine 1) is as essential ir. tlm industry ns copper. That is t'*.• of
he reasons why the Dominion government recognizes the world importance of tlie ?inc resources ol
Hritish Columbia. lu 1**05 it
t-i|iiippi-il at enormous cx|H-use a
Special commission under tbe charge
il Walter  Kendall  Ingalls.  the editor
•f the "Mining ami Engineering
Itiurnal" of New York and the
greatest living authority on the /inc
question, to report on the fine ores
( thf province nnd on the best mode
I separating them Into a commercially profitable product. Only the
other day the Dominion government
made a grant of |5ff,000 to lie applied iu pt.diic.il experiments to
discover the best mode and appliances for the effective treatment of
those ores. The entire future success of the silver-lead mining industry is hound up lo such an extent
with this question of successful zinc
separation that a method must be
devised whereby an economical separation can be effected of tin* silver,
lead and zinc contents of tbe Koote
nay ores without any undue sacrillce
01 the values in any one metal. When
that method is decided upon, aud the
logic of events cannot permit Its
long postponement, the zincs ol U.
(V will dominate the markets of tin-
world and properties like the Aurora,
running low in silver nnd lead, but
high in zinc values, will prove tbe
permanent money makers ol tlie province.
Iteturnlng for a moment to the
analysis of tlie Aurora ore it should
be particularly noted lhat those
dangerous adiillrant* ot zinc, namely
inaugtigi-.se, cadmium uud cupper,
arc not present, while the Iron content is about the same as Uml ol
the ores from the Lucky Jim, Slocan
Star, Ruth and other zinc shippers
ot the Slucun.
What the Aurora needs In order t.
make large profits is a suitable con
centrating plain. A mine ol tins
character without such an equipment
is somewhat akin to u big timber
property without a sawmill The
owners have the raw ir.aten.it [or
wealth but, for the moment, lack the
machinery to run vert tins etude
wealth into tlie tangible dollar
An up-to-date plant of a capacitj
lo treat fifty tons ot ore pei daj
would cost, erected on the company's
ground and in operation, in the neighborhood ol (20,000. Tbis lulling «.\-
pendlture     would      release       the
substantial   sum   of   M 17,17;.   In      actual proiit  now  locked  up  in  tl r,
m     Big}])     in      lhe  mine and  thr un
ready lor treatment and lying profit
b ss on tin* dump.
TO 11 \!l' IHiKSSKliS
\  Sl'I.KMUH 11 till TONIC that
Kveiv hair dresser should know
about Parisian Sage, tht' quic*i-ncliug
hail* dressing, lhat dors Jusl whal
this paper tells you it will do
Parisian Sage is n most delightful
and different hair dressing, n fad
that will be recognized the moment it
is applied to the wrnlp. There is not
a particle1 of stickiness' in it, it is
uot greasy; it bus a delicate and re
fined odor, and is a truly Invigorating tonic that will make hair grow,
if the hair root still shows tbe lens I
sign of life.
Try a buttle of Parisian Sage, ll
will brighten up the hair in two days
Parisian Sage is guaranteed by Uu
Heutiic-Murphy Co. io cure dandruff,
stop railing hair and scalp Itch in
two weeks, or money buck It js
particularly iu demand hy women uf
refinement, wlm desire soft, luxuriant
hair, thai compels admiration. Price
5(1 cents a large bottle by the Heat-
tfc-Murphy Co., ur direct, all charges
prepaid, from the Canadian makers,
the   Girolix Mfg.     Co.,  Kort      Rric,
Local 0|)lion is cominf; closo In
Cranbrook ircograpliically at nny
rulr. dm American neighbor Sumi-
pnlllt, lllolio, wi-nt iliv nn Muy Mill.
The 'Scol Ail' in II. C." ims n
novel sound about il. It sounds like
Kastrrn Canada. 11 is a lact, nev-
crthi'lrss. Th,. Dominion parliament
last srssinii amended tbe "Canada
Temperance Art," m* Sml Act, so us
in apply In liritisli Columbia, It is
doing kihhI work in llic Maritime
Provinces. Tbe liquor men linlil il
(lercely, which speaks volumes, II
iwfuty-iive per eenl nl tin* electors
sijin a petition the l-'nli-ral governmenl issues a proclamation requiring
a vole to lie taken. A slinpli* majority carries. Women do not vole
iu tbis imlortunatcly Tin* opera-
lion of the act ur its defeat is lnr
three years, Liquor cannol la*
brought into prohibited territory ur
passed by customs except [ur medicinal .purposes under nnid restrictions. It is nut known yel where
Iiu* law will lirst Ik* tried.
Archdeacon Sinclair, uf London,
Kng . Justifies ,I j 11,k, tj *_■ liy tbe Hible
„,i,l declares legislation against liquor interests is socialistic.    It turns
ut lhat In* owns 110,000 worth ol
stock in one nl (England's largest
breweries. It has become so uu-
pleasant, fnr tlu* archdracon ibat tl*
linrrs arc now fur sale.
Now llmt Ilu* ,ii'* colony lias 1,,-rii
submerged, it is the duty o! mir
police authorities lo -r.* thai refined
citizens      an '        disturbed
di lia'irliees
tlieir   way    In   the    '
un theli way In tbe
plaints bave   already
Ibis.     II  is also Ilui
liii.it all soliciting.
•mils*.     Corn-
woods.    Com-
beed mad,* i if
duly lo pru-
The lloyol Hank ol Canada will
shortly establish a branch iu London, Kng., li.iMin* secured quarters al
No. i Hunk Rulldfn i, 1'rlncen
street, opposite the Hank nl Bltf*
Tlie location secured rinln in tin*
heuri uf whal is knowt .is the Canadian section nl the llnnnclal district
uf London.
On Friday evening next music lovers have a treat iu store. Haul lie
Silva Pcrclra, uur ol the best known
ol Kiiri'iicaii artists, is 10 give       a
concert at tin* opera I so un   that
evening, nsslstod by a number ul
high-class    musicians      Sr. Pcreira
recently   loured    th sh (Iermany
France and Portugal, everywhere
willing lu bis laurels, lie appeared
betorc the German Emperor and the
Portugese royal Inuiil* Sr. Pcreira was pronounced by .loseph Joaoh-
in to Ih* bis liost pupil and lie was
specially selected by tlie ureal master
to appear at n special |H>rtnrmuiic<>
belore the Herman emperor,
The ONLY Animal Circus on Earth
Monday, June 13
Herd of Elephants, Seals, Dogs, Ponies.
 Camels—All Actors.
African l*i«im. Bangui Tigars, [mlinn Leopards nml RubbIbd Bean riding Austrian Stallions     \',
21   Groups of Mouarchs i»f Tbe Jungle in Salutation   21
lo Big Associate Attractions, including   Pbaronh's Daughter, Hig Si.it* Show ai d Museum,     *.»
"Monkey Laml." Minstrel Maids, Merry Widow Cottage, ti«-
Afternoons 2 to 4.      Evenings 7 to 9.
3 Days, Commencing MONDAY, June 13 ii
McCreery Bros.
Finish is the
cheapest part of a
shoe—wear is the
the most difficult.
Common shoes sell by their
shine. Slater Shoes—price
branded by their makers—must
wear well. Your foot tells
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smooth insole, flexible, strong.
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the     Ix-st    Ortaloll     cniwcrs     anil
GUARANTEE  Qnallty and   Price,
Campbell   &   Harming
********************* ****>*****<
Chamberlain's Cough Itemcly Is
• sold on a guarantee that it ynu are
:. * -a'-sfj.d a!u*r using two-thinU ol
a bottle accorilir.g to direr ti.,;**;, yjur
:.*.*:.*-. *ai11 be refunded. It is up ,o
you to try. Sold by all druggists
ar.d dealers l**l
I calgarT
Large Prize
All freight r-afonded on exhibits
originating in Alberta.
Over $1,000.00 offered
for Grain Competition
Acre Yield Competition
Milking-machine Demonstration
and Lectures
Magnificent Art and China Display
Best Music and Attractions
The Navassar ladies' Band
Grand Fireworks bitplay
Albcr's Ten Snntv-»hite
Polar Bears
Herzog's Six Trained Stallions  ■
The Six Abdallahs Brothers
trianrebu  \ n   ill
Damn and Arno, clever comedians
Al. G. Barnes' Trained Wild
Animal Shows
Reproduction ol u >■ inAkitii*
,,1 tbe
BlacKfei't Indian Treaty
Illuminated with Fireworks
h„ I'riiu* l.it»t snd Knlry I',,,*,,.. wMte
I, fi. 0. VAN WART, 1'r.M.lenl     '
2.00 A YEAH
.JUNE 8, 1910
By the Herald   Publishing Company,
F. J. Deane, Managing Editor.
From uil quarters conic reports
renewed activity in 111111111);. Districts that for some time past have
been more or less neglected arc now
ron-ivinR al tent inn. Mines are bc-inn
opeiml u[) ami prospects developed un
every hand. Tho nre shipments sn
(ar this year indicate a (ar greater
output than lhat ol last year. V.\-
tensive experimental operations are
heinji conducted with a view lo arriving at a commercial basis [ur the
exploitation ol the /inc resources uf
West Kootenay, Ono branch of these
experiments is being carried un right
in Craiihronk, hut so [ar insufficient
advance has been made to permit
any publicity. That the siuressdil
elucidation <>[ the problem of profitable treatment of zinciferous ores
means much to tbis district must he
obvious to any person who has the
least knowledge ol tbe ore bodies of
blast Kootenay. The work now being carried on under the auspices oi
the Mines Department of the Dominion government will, it is hoped, Ik
the means of successfully elucidating
Ibis problem, and should il so result
un immense impetus to mining operations in this section will ensue. We
publish today un interesting account
ut the Aurora mine, at Moyie, which
will serve In emphasize the need of
un curly solution of the zinc treatment problem.
In connection with mining activity
m these parts it is especially worthy
or note that Messrs Mackenzie und
Mann, the railroad builders', purpose
erecting a smelter ut Kimherley in
the very near future und to proceed
actively with lhe development o[
their mining properties in that vicinity. Messrs. Mackenzie and Mann
haw secured control of a new chemical process of mineral extraction, the
invention of an Ontario chemist,
which it is believed will solve the difficulties heretofore encountered in the
treatment of zinc bearing ores.
Mr. 0. J. South, tlie well known
superintendent o( the Vancouver
Children's home, was a visitor in
town during tlie week, engaged 011 one
of his missions nf charity. The
work being done by this Vancouver
institution certainly merits, as it
has in tlie pass received, the generous
support of the public In the course
of a long chat with the Herald, Vir
■South told many interesting stories
hearing upon the work to which he
has devoted the last nine or ten
years. Incidentally Mr. South mentioned that in the near future it wus
tbe intention of the home manage
incut to bold a tag day throughout
tlie province, t'ranbrook will not be
overlooked on this occasion, due notice of winch wilt Im* given in these
columns Cranhrook citizens, in
common with those uf the rest ot the
province, we feel sure, will be plea*
ed to participate in this effort tu
raise funds for so deserving an institution. No one who listened to
Mr. South's stories ol youngsters
saved from miserable surroundings
and futures practically foredoomed to
evil, coul I fail io respond cheerfully
to any appeal for aid to further tin-
nohle work being carried by the
In the death of GoMwln Smith
Canada loses one of her must distinguished citizens. Whilst no*. *• Canadian born, (ioldwin Smith had been n
resident of Cauuda fnr lhe past forty years, actively interested in uil
that affected the well being nf the
country and the foremost writer on
topics of current public interest. He
had been ailing for some time nail
and his death did not come as a surprise, none tht* less bis passing will
be sincerely mourned wherever till
writings are known Ile was a scholar and a gentleman, Canada's greatest literary asset. As a private
citizen (Ioldwin Smith was greatly
esteemed in Toronto, where he resided. Foremost in every good work, a
kindly, hospitable gentleman, Toronto loses in him a citizen of the besl
General Karl Grey at Quebec city on
thu occasion ol his departure for
Kngland.     Received and tiled.
From the Cranbrook board of
trade, re supplying of street signs.
Council expressed sympathy with the
idea, but, owing to lack of funds,
could do nothing this year.
From the Cranhrook board ol trade
re street sprinkling. Matter wus
referred to the hoard of works with
power to act.
From the Cranbrook board of
school trustees, asking that the old
sidewalk to the south of the school
he replaced* Referred to the board
of works, with the understanding that the request he promptly at tended to.
From the Cranhrook board of school
trustees, re city trunnt officor, com-
platnlng that whilst several cases
of non-attendance] hud been reported
the truant officer hud failed to take
action. Referred to lire and police
From tlie city solicitor, enclosing
correspondence from the attorney-
general's department and the local
government agent, In submitting
the letter from the provincial government, City Solicitor Thompson
expressed his disagreement with the
decision therein expressed. This
letter read us follows (In part):
an council
The city council held a long session
last evening, mainly devoted to
routine work. There were present,
Mayor Fink, Aldermen .lohnson,
Campbell and Patmore.
After the reading of the minutes of
previous meetings, the following cor-
rcspoidenoe was disposed of:
From the mayor of Ottawa, invit-J
Ing Cranbrook city council to he   re-
"I am instructed to inform yon
that the attorney-general's department bus expressed the opinion that
a resident of 21 hours with nny
municipality by any destitute person
gives that person a claim upon the
municipality for maintenance,"
II. K   Young,
Private Secretary.
In connection with this correspondence the city clerk was instructed to
make out a bill of the monies expended hy the city on the cases mentioned and submit same to tbe cily
solicitor for collection from the government ami to notify Moss and Tiffin that no further aid would he
forthcoming from the city.
The government agent's communication had relerence to tbe city's title
to the land upon which the join! government and municipal building is
erected. The city clerk was instructed to write that the city was
taking steps to secure title thereto
to the provincial government in consideration of the payment hy the
government of the sum of $7,500.
From Messrs. Klwcll and lloskins
re alleyway, Mutter was referred to
the cily solicitor.
Messrs. Harvey and Slater were
present as a delegation from Slater
town, re water supply. On motion
they were allowed to address the;
council, and Mr. Harvey presented
ihe claims of the Slater town restd
ents for a more adequate water
supply. After full discussion the
mutter was referred to the water
committee for action.
The report of the finance committee
was received und the following ac
counts ordered paid:
Street gang    % 150.3
City salaries     298.50
School hoard orders     898.50
Fire department pay roll 21I5.5U
Water works gang     117 li
City police pay roll    315.00
City clerk      111.49
P. Leppec      40.60
.1. Tnrnbull       58.10
I). A. Burton    200.00
Angus Mackenzie, deb. acct..     15.00
Patmore Bros., deb. acct. ..' 820.38
M. A. Macdonald      100 Illl
25 nn
22.1 03
5 I ft
»!, 30
I. F, Armstrong	
The Herald Publishing Co.
The Prospector     	
T. M. Roberta	
V. A. Rollins 	
King Lumber Mills 	
Cranbrook foundry 	
n. McBride       	
McCallum and Co	
City Transfer Co 	
Cranbrook Trading Co
J. F. IVrry 	
Frank  Detail   	
Hcatlie-Murphy   Co.
Kink Mercantile Co,
W. Kerr
A.  Manners
Cranhrook Klectric Light Co.
Kootenay Telephone Lines,
Hill and Co	
C. M. VanWormer 	
R. Aubertln 	
Century  Restaurant  	
Cranbrook Drug a Hook Co.
W. A. Rollins	
•I. Kenny 	
II. Y. Parker 	
On motion of Aldermen Patmore
and Campbell a grant of S550, payable at the rate of J10 for five
months nnd $50 lor seven months ot
the year 1010, was voted in aid ol
tbe city hand.
Bylaw No. vs. the Trades I.lcenre
Amendment bylaw, litlfi, No. 2, was
introduced and put through nil its
stages, rear! a third time and finally-
Council    then   adjourned     to meet
presented at the M-iitl-ofJ to Governor-f again at 8 30 p m. Monday next.      I
A meeting uf the board of trade
took place on Tuesday evening at the
Crnnhrook hotel committee rooms.
There was not the attendance that
the importance ol these meetings
warrants. Members should wake up
and make a point of attending uil
hoard of trade meetings. Only by so
doing can the hoard exercise the Influence such un institution should
wield in the community,
In the absence of the president, Mr.
Brymner, who was in Kernie at lending the assizes, Mr. W. II- Wilson occupied the chair.
A communication was read [rum
the Coloman hoard of trade, asking
for information regarding the St.
Kugene hospital. This communication was referred to Dr. King to
prepare a reply, covering the data
asked fur.
A communication from Hon. Wm.
I'ugsley, minister of public works,
in reply to the board's letter re
erection of a Dominion public building, was reutl uud did not give complete satisfaction. The secretary
was instructed to apply tn the mini:*'-
ler (or a more definite statement of
his intentions in the matter.
A communication from .1. T.
Burns, secretary of tbe Dry Farming
Congress, Spokane, und another from
the superintendent of the Spokane
Interstate [nir, brought nn u Ions
discussion re Cranbrook's participation in these affairs, Secretary
Benedict explained the chief fcattlrcs
uf these exhibit ions and told of interviews he had hud with the respective secretaries upon the occasion ol
bis recent visit to Spokane,
On motion of It. E. Beattie,
seconded by Ira Manning, the communications were referred to the executive committee of the Kast Kootenay Associated Boards of Trade*, with
a view to their arranging for the
preparation of comprehensive exhibits
from this district.
A discussion ensued anent the recent editorials iu tlie Toronto Globe
ufTecting the reputation of the city
of Cranbrook. In course of this discussion it was strongly pointed out
that the chief blame for tbe unenviable notoriety thus given Cranhrook
was attributable to the individual
who hud been guilty of aurrcptlously
providing the Globe with .1 muss of
misinformation. A letter addressed
lo the Globe, prepared by a speeiu)
Committee of the executive, was read
mid further action iu tbe matter was
deferred pending publication of
The qui st ion of a road to Fish lake
next came up for consideration, lieiuu
favorably endorsed by several ol
those present. The committee appointed at the last regular meeting
to reporl on tbe subject heing given
further lime in which to prepare a
On motion of It. E. Beattie a resolution, expressing the sincere sympathy of Cranhrook board of trade
with the family of the late Archibald
Leitch, sr., the first president of tin
board, was unanimously adopted and
ordered to In* transmitted to the
Mr. Hurry Cotton, a representative
uf the Minneapolis Journal, who was
iu attendance, was called upon hy
lhe chairman to explain the nature
01 the publicity work he was engaged
hi, in so far as it affected Cranhrook
district. Mr. Cotton hrielly staled
that tbe Journal was interested in
making knnwn tn its renders throughout tbe State til Minneapolis the resources and conditions prevailing in
South Eastern British Columbia,
where a grent deal of Twin City
money bud heen invested. In doing
this work they necessarily advertised
extensively the districts covered und
Ihey felt thnt they were entitled ll
the support of locul business men
Mr. Cotton is jusl now engnged in
making a thorough survey of this
district preparing nn article descriptive of Cranbrook nml its surround-1
tugs, which wtll appear in an early
issue nf tbe Journal and will be
fully illustrated. Tbe next matter
to receive consideration wns that ol
publicity for Cranbrook, the feeling
of the members licing that Cranbrook
did not receive adequate consideration in tbe outside press. On motion it was resolved that Secretary
Benedict should act as press correspondent, Mr. Deane licing requested
to assist him in tbe preparation ol
Ira Manning raised tbe question of
street sprinkling, the general feeling
of the members present being that
steps should at once be taken hy the
city council to provide for regular
systematic street sprinkling. A motion to that effect was adopted.
B. II. Short brought up tbe matter
ol tbe proposed participation of the
Cranhrook city hand in the bund contest to Ite held at Lethbridge. Alter
some discussion tbe matter was referred to the executive committee t
receipt ol further Information    from
the representatives of the city hand.
Meeting then adjourned.
Sundays—Low mass at 8.30 a.m.;
high mass, iu..'u a.m.; Sunday school
from 2 tu :' p.m ; Rosary and benediction ut 7.30 p.m.
Mondays and holy days of obligation—Mass at 8 a.m.
Week days-Mass at 6 a.m. at the
Mav devotions at 7.30 at tlw
church. Beads, sermon or lecture.
Hymn and benediction on every evening during the month.
Kveryone welcome.
Father L. Choinel, O.H.I.,
Pariah Priest.
June  12th.
Services at 11 and 7,80. Sunday
school and Bible classes at three.
The Sunday evening services arc
bright und brief, the building is cool
and well ventilated, hearty singing,
nnd u welcome fur nil wbn attend no
other church. Visitors passing
through the citv are especially invited.
Epworth League prayer service at
7, conducted by our young people*
The Sumlay school library will lie
re-opened on Sunday afternoon, new
books having been added and new
catalogues printed.
Public worship 11 a.m. and 7.30
p.m.; Bible school at ■'. p.m. Pastor, Charles King, nt both services.
A cordial Christian welcome to all.
Monday, 8 p.m., Young People's
meeting* There will be the installation of officers and an address by
Mr. J. Ferguson on Gladstone, the
Christian statesman.
Wednesday, 8 p.m., the mid-week
meeting for prayer and praise.
Everybody welcomed.
June 12th.
Morning service at 11 o'clock.
Sunday school, Knox Girl's clu»,
aud Adult Bible class at 3   .in.
Evening service at 7 30. At the
evening service the Cr-ribroulc lodges
of the Brotherhood ol Railroad
Trainmen, and Order ul Conductors
will worship in a body. The center
of the church will be reserved lur
these organizations.
Young People's Guild meets in
Tuesday at 8 o'clock. Subject
"The Asiatics in our Midst."
Special services will lie conducted
by Captain and Mrs. W. M. Forbes,
as follows: it a.m., holiness; 3 p.m.
praise; 7 30 p.m., salvation. Sunday school, 1.30 p.m., also every
night during the week at 8 o'clock.
You ure invited.
No games were played during tbe
past week, but Secretary Neilson is
in correspondence with several outside teams, endeavoring to arrange
for regular weekly matches.
Goti/aga College team, lor their
match here are asking for a substantial guarantee, so that there Will
need Im* generous donations.
Rev. J. C. Herdman, formerly pus-
tor nf Knox church, Calgary, uml
latterly superintendent of Presbyterian missions, died on Tuesday night,
aged ."it years. He is survived by
Mrs. Herdman and a Inmily of two
sous and a daughter*
Vancouver, June 8.—The Cnnudian
Paeiiie railway bus just awarded t
Contract to Foley, Welch ami Slew
art for tbe construction of 39 mile,
of the Kootenay Central railway
Specifications demand that tbe contract Ih- fiillilleU within a year from
commencement. The work will
start nt Galloway on the Crows
Nest lint*, and will run lo Fort
Steele, thence northward. It is declared that on the completion ol
this stretch construction will be
pushed on the entire route lo Golden.
Ice Cream
Those two uml dozens of
other equally delirious dishes
■•un be had at any nnd nil
times by the lucky owner of
Ice Cream
No more "Pure Food" talk
when  you make your  own
eool summer dishes
We have the Gem
and the
in several different sizes, in d
the prices - well !   they are
different too.
McCallum & Co
The Hardware Men
Vancouver, .lune 8.—Rev. A. I'.
DoPencicr, M.A., rector of St.
Paul's Anglican church ol this city
for the past three years was chosen
as successor to tbe late Bishop Dart
at a meeting of the diocese ol New
Westminster held this afternoon
be dealt with as tliey    saw fit alter I Columbia
FOR   SALE    CHEAP—OlW   team
tteneral purpose horses, also one light
team mares.    For particulars address
Chapman, Hanbury P.O., Hritish
Mocha and .lava coflee is an excel
lent morning beverage. Ask for
pure Mocha und Java and have it
freshly ground at Fink's Pure Food
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets will brace up the nerves,
banish sick headache, prevent
despondency and invigorate tlie whole
system. Sold by all druggists and
dealers. ll-tf
He on deck at 1) o'clock Saturday
morning for   a share in the snaps.—
c. c. s.
A number of complaints have been
coming into the police department
concerning idle, drunken scamps who,
on some occasions, cause a deal of
trouble and alarm to people uu the
hill. A lew days ago a lumber jack
named Thomas' llogan followed a
young woman lor about three blocks
using most unseemly language. She
reported the matter to Edward Klwcll and Stephen II. lloskins nnd
llogan very soon found himself lauded in the lock-up. When the case
came before .Magistrate Joseph Ryan,
llogan pleaded guilty, hut said, ua
usual, that he remembered nothing of
what had happened, Tin* magistrate
decided to hear exactly what was ilu*
nature of the offence with a view to
putting a stop to the Intolerable nuisance referred to, After uu adjournment the evidence of Messrs. El Wei I
und lloskins und thut of two young
Indies wan heard nud proved that
Moguu's condition was such as required an example to he made of hint
Me wns .sent to Nelson jail for tbnv
months with bard labor If there he
a repetition of conduct such u-
llogaii's, the olTendcrs will go lo
Nelson for six months instead of
drain led pork ut P. Woods and
FOR SALE—Hy house and three
lots on Burwcll avenue. House contains 7 rooms, pantry and shed, hot
air furnace, bathroom, electric light
fixtures and range with II. W. attachment. Apply .1. F. M. Pinkham, Pox 1287, Calgary, Alta.   11-tt
Leave your order with us for flour,
feed, carriages, wagons ami implements and we will do tho rest.—
Cranbrook Trading Co.
Leave your order with ns tor flour,
feed, carriages, wagons and implements ami we will do the rest.—
Cranbrook Trading Co.
Raul de 311 Va Percira und company
at the Opera house, Friday, .lune
10th •
7 an 1 .ii-iuiei'ls ut tlio name tiiiie.
™ TAII flDC       ninuroc     nut*     f-.wrn.-n
I teen lino lour tremors get out ol ahnpe or your it nud vest
geis a lit tied soiled in no reason why the (*artuuuts ulimilil he
iliceantml. I'uthaps you duti't know it, lun ne into make
them look us good us now again vary t'uirkly-  nu matter
how old, Htnlned, or wrinkled ihey inny he.        ,1
W'u liavi-a q'ltulc ami snf-a pracoss of our own whieli cleans
1 I .li-iufci-ls nt tlie'n;itne tin
HAKIM 8TRKBT—110*1 Miinilolm Holol-PHONE 210
are great
Every man mill women should
rend, mid rend tho l.est. The
well rend person is the educn-
ted person. Our line of books
is not surpassed in Western
CJinmln. We hnve the latest.
Qnll in for n moment and get
some liook information.
Co., Ltd.
If you j/pt your |ircscrl|i-
lion lillfil jiiojioily the
<loi'tor lias a alisnce.
Only ,'**|ii*rts handle our
prescriptions; lliefeloio
you arc alvvnys safo.
********** **********************************
j. D. McBRIDE - Cranbrook, B.C.
-H an* ware •
Fred   M.   Denneny
Refractionist and
EYE   Specialist
Of tl«. Hrm „F ,1. II. I'm mil,., of Nolsoil   and this linn
guarantees liis work   will l„> nt tht.
JUNE 16. 17 and 18
lir Daoneny Ims bean nuikinj; n very successful trip
tlirouiili the Crow: tukiui; in Fernie, Michel, Coluiniiu,
MeLeotl, Lethbritlge, and Oalgary; uml wishes to announce
thltt he will iiinke this tri|> regularly every two months.
Thus nsnuriiifj- hit, clients the very hesl of satisfaction.
Consult him. He will not nilvisc classes unless
absolutely nccossaty,
Consultation  Fr(*c. THE   CHAIN BUOOK.   11 Eli ALU
Fred A. Russell & Co., Farm and Timber Lands
It is ihe .\ir-iiKlit Construction of ilu* "Monarch" Range
thul  uiiikus il use less  fuel
Ihflli others.
It is the saving iu fuel Hint
accounts   for tho   fact  that
actually pays for
itself in real
Are You Interested?
You ought to be.
Patmore Bros
"The Range Store"
filMDLOD.il. A. r.SA. .«.
Notices of tin* .(nth annual communication **f the M. V* Grand
Lodge, A.FA A.M, have been received from Gram) Secretary, it G
Pratt Qrnml Lodge is to assemble In
Cranbrook at the new Masonic
Temple nl it* a.m on Thursday,
June 33rd for tl <■ transaction o!
general business An emergent com
munlcatton will be held at 8 p n
Wednesday, June 22nd, for tho purpose of dedicating the new Masonfi
luiil. In connection with this meet
inc or (Irand Lodge, Cranbrook
lodge has appointed a special committee to arrange lot accommodation of tin* visitors Messrs \it
ridge and Klwcll, who compose this
committee, «III be pleast 1 lo be
advised bj anj re ' -nt Mason » h
will bo in .t position lo aa nn i ■•
date one ot more visitors during trie
session tfl tlrm I l■■ dge, In 11s*- .*•..nl
ol adequate accommodation at lhe
cltj hotel-, bring unobtainable.
sri:i:i»\ TRIALS
On TurMhu and Wednesdaj of tins
week Judge Wilson held speed) trials
court in ilu*- cltj Two eases were
lip fm trial lir t that nl \ .1
Powers Charged with robbing and aa
laulttng Richard Gibbons, particular
of tins rase appeared tn the Hcrali
ut the time      Geo. Thompson i roi
edited alut   \    It   M.icdnn.il t
im the defense l*t Isonci » as lound
guilty an i ■■ ui need to nine months
Imprisonment at  Nelson.
ih. next ia* was thai ol two me
charged wilh a until upon San
Nils..a The two mm, brought up
on tins .h.n.i aero amot - n part)
nf m\ «ii«' perpetrated the assaull
the ot-bors eluding the clutchrs     <t
lhe    pollOC M   thO    time    tit  thi
trouble, partlculat i thereof were
given in the Herald Sam Nelson,
the victim, being badly knocked nhout
nml robbed ol $1- Ho wns drlvln
into Crnnliroek from Port Btceli
nt the nine this band ol drunken hoboes attacked bim. Geo. Thompson
prosecuted nml A* It. Macdnnnl
pearcd for the defence 61 tho nritoe
ers, Win. Sweeny nnd A McKay
Tliey were found guilty ami sentence'
to two years imprisonment nt Nil-
At the Presbyterian manse on
Tuesday, .lune 7th, by Itev. (\ O.
Main, .John ll. Drown nml Margarot
Mann, boftt of Kernie. Miss Mann
was fornierly u resident ol Crati-
brpok. The happy couple returned
to Fernle on Wednesday.
"Rising Sun" Flour is a winner.—
Cranbrook Tra-dlng Co.
Vie have some excellent suit cases.
Prices right—McLean, old Curiosity
It. li. Benedict lias gone down to
Spokane on n business trip.
Ila/elwiuni ice cream at Stewart's,
strawberry ami vanilla flavors.
0, C s. big sale starts at ■'
o'clock Saturday morning.
Mrs. W. K. I las-lam will nol receive
again this season,
IS..S    of   heel    at   P.   Woods
ami Co.
ti    C,    S.    lun Bale   shirts   nl
o'clock Snturday morning,
Di. .1. 11. King returned from T<
loiito last Saturday.
"Rising Sun" Flour is a wimiet -
Cranhrook Trading Co.
Choice eaiituloiiiifs al Stewart's
0. It. Ward Is making u business
trip to the prairie provinces.
Good wheat, low price—Cranbrook
Trading Co.
We pay the highest price for house
hold goods. See McLean, Old Curiosity Shop.
Mrs. John Shaw will not receive
again until further notice.
C. C, S. is closet! today ami l-'ri-
ilay preparing for the big hurry out
sale, beginning Saturday, Junu lith,
nt 0 o'clock.
Mr* and Mrs. W. .1. Atchison left
today for Lethbridge.
Anyone sending a team can have
firewood, prepared for use, at King's
Planer, for $1.50 per load.
TO RENT—Large, basement warehouse, dry and cool; $10 per mouth.
Apply at the Herald office. 11-
P. Woods and Co. received a carload of steers and also a carload of
fine grain fed hogs this week.
He on deck at !l o'clock Saturday
morning for   a share in the snaps —
c. c. s.
Anyone sending a team can have
firewood, prepared for use, at King's
Planer, for $1.60 per load.
Rev. .1. w. Hamilton, of Wyclllto,
was In town on Monday, returning
home the following day.
Good wheat, low price—Cranhrook
Trading Co,
11. T. Daniels is the correct name
of Mr. Atchison's successor in the
dairy business.
If you are in tired of a good watch,
either new or second-hand, see McLean, Old Curiosity Shop.
Mrs. Burgo, proprietress of the
Perr Creek hotel, was in town chis
('. C. s. js Inaugurating a stock-
reducing sale, beginning Saturday.
.June lltli, at ■' o'clock.
Mrs. Purge, proprietress of Perry
Creek hotel, invites the public t i
her hotel at Perry Creek.
Mower ami Bartlctt's famous "Red
Shield" brand coffee at Kink's Pun
Food Grocery,
Mr. and Mr- E Paterson returned
home from tttelt eastern trip last
It will pay you to call earlv at Hie
store with iii,* Mue sign.—CCS.
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold RftwOUh re-
turned home yesterday from their
honeymoon trip to tin- coast
FOR SALE—Eggs for hatching
from pure bred single comb Brown
Leghorns.-**-II    White. * tf
P   DeVere Ihmt is away on a bus-
icss trip io Lethbridge and other
prairie points
Wngstall'i )te and lemon Jam at
Fink's Pun- Kood Grocer)
Fresh fish at P. Woods ami Co.
Tin* CathoHc social, which was to
he held on the church grounds .June
31st, has been postponed uatll July
"Rising Sun" Flout is ,i ttiiimi —
Cranbrook Trading Co.
New California peaches and aprl
rot-** at Kink's Pure Food Grocery*.
The Voung Pcoph 's Guild ol
(bust church will hold a strawberry
festival on tho rector) lawn with
musical programme on Tuesday,
June 28th afternoon nnd evening,
Furniture is   now going cheap    at
tin  0. c. s.
Furniture is now going cheap at
tin  c, c. s.
Judge Ryan lell for the coast yesterday ami will he absent a week or
ten days. During his absence
Messrs. .Ins. Arnold and M. A
lleale have been appointed to attend
to any police court work that may
owe highest wages paid. (Quarters
(or families provided. Apply R. S.
Ilevati,   Griffin     Ranch,       Creston,
n. c. it-it
Captain Davidson, of the local Sal
vallon Army force, has been ran1' '
lo Vernon. She has been succeeded
here by Captain and Mrs. Forbes
formerly of Calgary,
Sweet npple cider nt Stewart's.
The football match last Saturday
Michel vs. Cranhrook, resulted ' li
favor of the home team A fall re
port of this game bus been crowded
put along with a lot ol other uuil ter
• i
Campbells clothing Very few Straw Hats or Outing Suits
have been sold yet
Weather has boon u^niiist us.   As n consequence sini.'ks are complete.
It is ii (.'(hiiI time beforo Ih,. hut weather and rush arrive to mnku your selection
$1.00 to  $3.50
$8.00 to $15.00
(lur Slimmer Nockwonr is constantly being replenished in )opn!ar
priced grades- 50 cts, ",r> ols, *l .(Ml and «U ,50, unci astonishing values at
till thi'Hi.. ligures.
Negligee Shirts    •
Invictus Shoes
American Gentleman
$1.00 to $2.50
5.00 to 7.50
4.50 to 6.50
5.50 to 6.00
We have 200 pairs of Barry Shoes,
regular $6.00 and $7.00 Shoes.
All going at   ro-
mil 'be many useful titnkels ibat
are   made   ornamental    by   ibe
•t».vt*l"!'- nrl.    \\',t hivr everything
in charm*1) waicli chains,' naif
piitf. ci ff link*-. 1-lt. foi inn's
wear, besides » tine Hie ol i-il-.tr
novel tie*' In cipai and matt h ran s,
.. ;Vt articles, etc.
VV. H. Wilson
Jeweler & Optician
ttflkei St*pet- over Kawoiih Bros,
II..liis  I   In ,'t  ,.,„.
Saturday It' n in   to •'' p m.
Special hours ran be artanged Mlien
Leave your orders early fnr pr:*-
scning strawberries — Campbell ami
(tn Monday evening, June Mth, tho
local Knights of Columbus will en-
|oy .i festive session, tbe occtUlon
being tbe Council's first cxemplifica-
tion >'f tin- degrees nf tlie order A
banqttCl will be held on tbnl occasion
al   tin-  lintel  Claiibronk
flood wheat, low price— Cranbmnk
Trading Co,
Jack Roberts bas returned from
Vancouver, whence lie jnnreeyctl hi
miel bis sister nn her arrival tmm
\nstrnlia. Miss Holier Is aeenna'
led lier brntber hacli tn Cranbrook
and will make lier lunne with him
fnr tbe present.
Choice Victoria Imt house lettuce,
cucumbers and tomatoes at Stewart V
Bruce Hrown intends leaving ('ran-
brook and the employ nf ,1. |». McBride and Co. at the end of the
month, lie will lirst enjoy n brief
holiday mi tbe coast and then enter
tbe employment nf .1. I). Quail, if
If you want a good roast nf veal
try P. Woods and Co.
Christian ami .lones, who ate building tbe addition to the Queen's hotel
have entered into an arrangement
with their men, wlicre>>v tbe lntter
secure n weekly hall holiday, no work
being dune on Saturday alternoons.
Messrs, Christian and .lones are the
first local contractors to make such
an arrangement with their men.
0, Ci S. big sale starts at it
o'clock Saturday morning.
At the last regular meeting of
Crescent Lodge, No. 33, K. of P., officers for the ensuing year were
elected as follows: C. C, .1. M.
Boyes; V. C, F. Dezall; Pre!.. .1. A.
Kergusson; K. of H. and S-, rfl*. (1.
Jones; M. ol P., J. I.. Walker; M. ol
Ex., K. Kummer; M. of W., Oeo. T.
Smith; Mat A., J. 0. McCallum;
I.O., A. Ilurric; O.O., I,   B. Lvtnnii.
SNAP—A block of three cottages
near school bouse. Apply on premises.—John Spraggs. 15-lt
A number of citizens were called to
Kernie this week as grand jurors.
The ease of Streeter, charged with
the killing of a man named Kiley nt
Dorr, was lo come up for trial before Chief Justice Ilifntcr. The
grand jury returnedi "Nn Bill" in tbis
case and Streeter was immediately
(Jo to Stewart's for Choice pineapples.
Tbe police are seeking information
of tlie whereabouts of one Frank
Irish, of Sonthsea, Kngland Me arrived in B. C. Inst year, prior to
that time he had worked on a tug
boat at San Francisco and as e
comotlvc engineer nn South American
lines. Anyone knowing anything of J
this man will oblige by reporting to J
the police at once.
Haul de Silva Pcrctra and company
at the Opera bouse, Friday, June!
Mrs. Foster, of tbis> city, has been
advised of the sudden death of her
sister. Miss Frances Morrison, who
wns on hrr way out to Cranbrook.
She was taken sick on tic- steamer
and on her arrival at Montr.al was
taken to the hospital, where she died, j
(Ireat sympathy is expressed lor Mrs.
Foster and the parents of the young
lady in their sudden bereavement.
Be on deck at 0 o'clock Saturday
morning for a share in the -naps —
C. C   S.
A. c. Ycnger, ol Wattsburg, who
was committed for trial in Magistrate Ryan on a charge ol obtaining
a bounty of tao from the government
on two coyote skins, representing
them to Ik* wolf skins, appeared before Judge Wilson today for speedy
trial. Oeo. Thompson appeared fnr.
the crown ami M. A. Macdonald for!
the defense. A great deal < f evidence, expert nnd otherwise. was
taken, with the result that the accused was discharged.
The marriage of Miss Cynda Patrick, eldest daughter if Mr. and Mrs.
Joseph Patrick, of Nelson, to Uev.
John Wcstley Miller, ot Movie, took
place Wednesday evening in Trinity
Methodist   church, at Nelson.
E. W. Connolly, coroner, was called to Creston on Monday to investigate tho death of a man found:
drowned in the Kootenay river. The
body Was identified as thai of Prank
Kumiss, who was drowned" Rome
weeks ago nt Port Hill. As the
drowning took place on the American
side nml there were no Indications of
foul play ol any kind, Coroner Connolly at once Issued the necessary
i warrant for the burial of the body.
Furniture is now going cheap at
the C. C. S.
The funeral of the late Hugh Bayes,
who died at the St. Kugene hospital,,
took place on Sunday afternoon last,!
under   the   auspices   ol    Cranbmnlc
lodge, A.F.&A.M., Rev. E. P. Flewelllng officiating.      Deceased wns    a
native of   Webbwood,    Ontario, and'
was in his -12nd year.    He was   n* j
married.       Hugh     Bayes   came   to'
British   Columbia some 11 years ago
and engaged   in    the lumbering business.    Some few years back he took,
up land at Stettler, Alta., which he
worked when not engaged in lumber-;
ing.    He became a member of ('ran-1
brook lodge, A.F.&A.M., some    few*
years ago, and    was also a nv-inbcr.
of the   local lodges of   Odd Fellows
and Orangemen, representatives      of
which were in attendance at the funeral,       A brother of    the deceased.
fteorge Bayes,    came out from Coleman,   Alta., to    attend tbe funeral
The pallbearers    were   Bros. Short,
Burton,     Speirs,    Benedict, Topham
and Clark.
Vie are headquarters always fnr
preserving fruits and you may be
sure we will be there with the goods
this year.—Campbell and Manning.
The Fink Mercantile Co. bave had
their new electric coffee mill installed I
and can now give their patrons the,
best possible service. The new ma-,
chine will pulverize the henn ns fine
as flour or grind as coarsely as is
Anyone seuding a team can have
firewood, prepared for use, at King's
Planer, (or $1.50 per load.
WANTED-Girl for general housework. Address Mrs. K. Joyce, general delivery. 11- It
C. C S. big sale starts at 0
o'clock Saturday morning.
A public meeting was held at Moyie
last evening for the purpose of considering the holding of a Dominion
Day celebration. It was decided to
bold a celebration on thnt occasion
and to invite the surrounding towns
to participate therein Committees
were appointed to perfect arrangements and no pains will be spared to
provide a splendid day's sport. Further particulars will he given later.
Premium brand canned saner kraut
ami sweet potatoes at Campbell and
Creston buttermilk at The Palm.
Ice cream, fresh fruit, home made
candy at The Palm.
Once again the St. Kugene hospital
heads the list in the library voting
contest, with a vote of 15,*131, Tl
Methodist church retains its place
as second on the list with a bi.
lead over all other competitors, its
total vote being 11,207. The Presbyterian church vote now stands at
fitfil, Church of Kngland, 8584; B,
of L, F. and K., 218$; Public school,
li;Hi; Baptist church, 000.
Strawberries I Strawberries I 1
Strawberries I I I The Fink Mercantile Co. have arranged tor their
neuion's  supply of the king of small
fruits from the   famous Griffin ranch
at Creston.
Cranbrook friends will lie interested \
in the return to li. C nf the Rev. j
Alex Anderson, a former pastor oi]
tbe Baptist church here. He has j
accepted a call to the pastoral ovar-
sight of the Vernon Baptist church, j
After a brief visit to their old Scotland home, both Mr and Mrs. Anderson suffered a severe attark ol
Hritish Columbia hi.rne sfokness. Almost everyone visitins this part ol
the Dominion gets inoculated with
these germs which develop on leanr.g
the province for any length of time-'
Ice cream, fresh fruit, home made'
candy at The Palm.
C. t*. S. is closed today and* Friday preparing for the hig hurry out;
sale, beginning Saturday, Juw* lith,,
at 0 o'clock.
Leave your orders for preserving
cherries at Fink's Pure Food Qroc-j
alt kinds of PAINTING and DECOR-1
Creston straw-berries at Stewart's.]
Premium brand canned goods, 'us*.
like homemade—Campbell arid Man*
Creston buttermilk at The Palm
The last regular meeting of the
Women's Institute was, as usual,
well attended. Great interest was
displayed in an admirable pap-r-r on
Public Hygiene read by l>r Green
Mrs. Koran also contributed a paper,
on the several ways of using strawberries, thai prove! intensely interesting and Instructive, A soi ial
will be the feature ol the noil regu*
lar meeting on the evening of July
c. C. S is closed today and Friday prepar nt foi the big hurry nut
sal**, beginning saturdav. June utb.
al ti o'clock.
Leave your order with us for flour,
feed, i arrlagea, wagons and implements tnd    we    *aj|1     dn   the rest —
Cranbrook Trading Co.
Spring chicken ol the finest quality
at P   Woods nnd Co.
Haul de silva Perelra and company
at the Opera house. Kriday, June
I Oth.
Be on deck at D o'clock Saturday
morning tor  a share in the snaps —
c. c. s.
Ladies, when you are down town
get the habit of itopplng nt the
Quality Store Von w,ll always see-
something ol interest
An   affiliation  ol   Brandon College
with McMaster University has    beenI
effected by which arts work with ex-.
animation   papers set    by McMastci
for the    various    degrees Is secure!
There is now talk ol a similar union
with the Summerland, R   C. College.
The standard of M'Master University I
degrees    under their     ni;:d evaniina-
tinns required by the hoard and Irom
outside professors is high.    Hot   tie-'
greet have been recognized    by     the
leading     iinivemitlei In the      Vi*.'
States and Kurope. where postgraduate work is done.
all kinds of PAINTING and DECOR-
Mr J Vi. WbHely, provincial organizer of the Oran:e association, re-
turned from Fernie yesterday to attend another meeting of the local
Orangemen this evening. Ir. hit address ias* Saturdaj evening Mr.
Whitely pointed out that the Oiange
association stands for the entire
separation ol church and state, a ne-
tional school system and equal rights
to all creeds and special privlleg - to
If you are no: satisfied after using
according to directions two-thirds of
a bottle of Chamherla;r/s Stomach
&.^d Lr-er Table!*, you can have your
money back. The tablets cleanse and
Invigorate the stomach, Improve the
ri:g*st;oii, regulate the bowels. Give
them a trial and get well. Sold by
all dr';zj::-'    a-.:   .- ..-r- U-tf
It will pay you to call early at the
store with tbe blue sign — C.C.S.    •
A fi Have-, ol Spokane, '!,e noted
sign painter and bulletin rr.an, will
be at It. C Caft's pan*, shop for
len days only. The prioea ar, right.
Workmanship tbe best Leave your
orders early      PI oi     131
Mutton that cannol tj*- beat at P.
Woods ar.d I 0
The funeral of tbe late Donald Angus took plan* irfst Saturday, Rev.
r. ri Main officiating Donald An-
z u i -i ,i ploneei of tl i province,
and was f il el! I Bown in
the Cariboo ari.-l Kamloops dlstfloU.
<>! pi nt yean befi re c mlng to
Cranbrook, in* ha! bees farming at
Oram! Pratrii On coming to this
district Angui settled on ***. larm nMi
Kort Steele     r•^■ 73 vears    ot
age and bad -'   Eugene
hospital foi     i riot to Mi
demise The Immediate cause . of
death tt..   ,i '        lysis,
We Will be pie) hll your   or
der for Btrawberriec-*very rrats
guaranteed—Tie Pink Mercantile Co.
Il will pat fOU to call early at th*
store with tbe blue sign.—C.C.S.
S. SihnfieU. ol Ottawa, a member
ol the stafi of the geological survey,,
arrived in town lasl Saturday for the
purpose of completing the survey of
the St. Mary's river district, com*
menced last year, lb' left 'own on
Monday morning for Marysville
whence a start is to be made on this
year's work. Mr. s ■ Held has teen
greatly Impressed by the I '■■ M..ry's
district and anticipates considerable,
mineral development In thai section,
once tbe survey In- i*. engaged on is
completed and pn ectoi are provided with the Infoi allon he has
gathered together He will I* out
for four or Ave months, In which
time he expects to have finally completed a verj thorough survey ol the
section, embracing some 500 square
It requires eighteen ol the longest
railway cars over buili to transport
the Al (i. Barnes' big three ting
wild animal circus, which jomes lo
Cranbrook for three days, beginning
Monday, Juno 13th, Thi-J vnst
amount of equipment is necessary lo
transport the two hundred trained
wild beasts and the two hundred and
lifty performers, trained and working
pcoplu connected with the organize
tion, It would not have been possible lnr thin big show to slop hero
tverc it not for the fact thai it i-: en
route to Calgary, where il begins the
circuit of nil tlie big Canadian funs,
at which is presents all the nmUM
ment features.
Kvcry act presented in the im -■
rings and steel arenas is participated
in by animal actors. A representative ol every species which Inhabited
Noah's Ark will be on exhibition and
a demonstration or whal can he accomplished by patience and the trailing of tlie mosl savage of wild hcasl -
will be given. Linns, tigers, ponies,
dogs, bears, leopards are all exhibited in the same arena, taking part in
one big act.
There have been trained seals ami
trained sen lions,    but    none     quite
equaling in point ol sagacious pet
fi.nuances iln.se Ihal arc Lo be seen
willi the \l tt. Barnes' big Huve
ring wild iitiiiii.il circus, ll is simply nnothor demonstration' ol iho
wizard's superiority over rival trainers that have followed in his wake.
The united and Individual work ol
these wonderful creatures, so singularly ungainly in slippery shape by
nature, so pitiful mi land and wish
hut stunted (Uppers to supply tii
place of bands, is the very acme oi
both amazing nud amusing action.
Those amphibious creatures are
equilibrists, jugglers, musicians, hotli
vocal and Instrumental, throwers ami
catchers, (downs nnd bareback riders,
giving undoubtedly the most unique
ami remarkable trained animal acts
ever produced.
Di,,' of this collection, called
"Dick," is positively the only sea
lion lhat has ever been educated tn
mount and ride on the back of a
horse, maintaining a perfect position
am! juggling halls, batons and lighted
torches, while tbe burse dashes at
full speed around the ring. To be
seen only with the Al. tt. Barnes1 big
three ring wild animal circus.
Foremost in Canada
Fit-Reform stands first to-day
in the esteem of every man
who appreciates those qualities
of distinctive style, perfect fit
and faultless workmanship.
Fit-Reform garments are now
—as always—the very first in
(Canada in quality and value.
We are showing
the latest styles in
Fit-Reform Suits
—in a host of new
and exclusive
effects. $18L»$35.
Sole Agenli in Cranbrook.
| Merchants Bank of Canada j
Head Office, Montreal
CAPITAL       - $6,000,000
RESERVE        - - -       $4,602,157
Hr II. M. AI.I.VN. Prwltlenl
I*:. V. Hl'.l'.lil'.N. General Manager
ll.-,   iiliWi'lll*:.-   IN   CANADA
A General Ranking Buili trnniactetl.   OutaMown Accounti
lollclted.   DopoiiU or withdrawal! muy be mnilo by mail.
ll.iio opens "'■ account Intore»t paid nt liigheii current rates.
|  Elko Branch:   C. R. Wickson, Mgr. j
ftjt fcAAAAAAAAAAA A A A A A A A *>'**********^^4t>AA4AiAAiAiii* j*. A
sir William Muggins, K.C.B., O.M.,
ihe celebrated    astronomer, bus Jusl
lied ui the age of 8(1.    lie purchased
ii house ut Tu 1st- Hill in 1850,    and
built and (■quipped there nu observatory nl considerable expense, une    ol
is earliesl    telescopes alone costing
ver U200.     His great work was    lu
ciuiueciii.ii   with spectroscopic ns train)*,      lie   showed beyond question
that lhe  countless   stars arc     suns
after the order nf our sun, though   in
different evolutional stages, lie solv-
;l, iu   the     liiei- nf   specially great
difficulties,   tho   mystery   ol the nebulae aud penetrated the mystery   nt
the prominences noted on the surface
ilu* sun.      He was ;i runner presi
don I nt      ihe   Royal    Astronomical
iclety, a    president nt the   Hritish
Association, and the president ■>( the
ltoyal Bociety.
According ta the registrar-general,
in the t mild Kingdom lliere were registered 277,801! births and 178.30U
dentils in the three months ended
.March :il last. The natural Increase
«r population was therelore 09,500.
A,s regards Kngland nnd Wales alone
in ihe fourth quarter ol 1H0H the
marriages ol l-.10.TI2 persons were
registered, licing equal tn an annual
rate ol 15.5 pet suns rnnrricd per
iniii) uf the estimated population
This is the lowest marriage rule recorded iu any fourth quarter sine.1
the establish men I ol civil rcglstra
lion, The births registered iu the
lirst quarter uf 1010 numbered 221,-
710, nnd were iu the proportion ol
2*1.11 annually per 1000 uf the poptiln
tion. It is Hie lowest birth rat*
recorded iu any first quarter. Tb
deaths registered in England and
Wales last quarter numbered 13(1,121
and were iu the proportion ol 15.H
annually per 1000 pei suns living This
is the lowest death rate recorded iu
any first quarter,
An agreement has been reached Ite
tween the (ireat Western aud till1
London ami South Western Rallwaj
companies. The basis nf the agree*
ment is, it is understood, substantially ns follows: Profits tu be punted and divided between the two
companies in an agreed proportion.
Many competitive trains to be abolished. Interchange nf bonking, [tunning powers uver cacti other's lines,
thus greatly shortening the distances
[ur trains and Involving a grent saving in coal. Reduction ol dupltcati
bunking and receiving olllces am1
avoidance uf unnecessary expenditure
iu cartage ol goods. Reductions ul
staff, which, however, will he su
gradual as scarcely tn he felt by
existing employees. The Immense
interests Involved in the agreement
may he seen Irom the following
figures: (ireat Western railway—Capital, £08,0-19,703; year's receipts,
£13,743,918; Year's expenditure.
£8,731,125. London and South Western Railway—Capital, £46,970,-127;
year's receipts, £5,528,800; year's expenditure,  £3,525,814.
The labor department ol the board
uf trade bas reported a general Improvement iu the state uf the labor
Unemployment among the lir. trade
unions (having a net membership nf
009,932) making returns to the
board nf irade decreased tu i.i per
Cent up tu Ilu- end nf last April.
At the end nf March last year 'he
percentage ol unemployed was 5.2.
In April, 1009, the percentage o1
unemployed members ul these unions
wns K.2, so that the number ot out
if works iu tbe unions reporting tu
(hi- board of trade is now ahnut
half what it was a year ago.
Tbe changes in rates uf wages during April affected 81,000 workpeople.
DI this number us..'inn received alliances, and 12,600 sustained decreas-
he total computed effect of .til
the changes was a net Increase "r
C8S0 iht week.
The only trades in which employment is reported worse than it was a
year ago are spinning and weaving
branches ol the cotton Industry,
though it is better lu those than  it
as iu March last.
iii shipbuilding, uncnptoymcnl    decreased from 23.8 to lb,7 during the
In the    woollen trade returns
(mni  firms    employing 20,691 work-
iple showed un   increase of wages
Engineers,   Founders
and   Machinists	
I'lloll,*   II
P. ii. Ilox 888
We are Specialists in Saw Mill Machinery
and Repairs
We make the Best Saw Guide and Arbor in
B. C.   Any size required.
********** *********
is the best remedy
known for sunburn,
heat, rashes, eczema,
sore feet,, stings and
blisters.   A skin food!
All DncgUII and Storu.-Wi.
WANTEU-A     Job us u   cook loci   ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
luKKiiiK camp in* saw mill, liy      ox-1   •
|>crlona.-il cook. Apply l!u\ iiu, I
Cranlirook, II. ('., slating wag-|
cs. H-2t'
OuiisriiST Lodge No, 88
i *
Imperial Bank of Canada j
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED   -      $10,000,000.00
RESERVE      -      -
D, R, WILKIE, President.   '
ii is 'i pet rent . compared with
year ago
In Uu- linen trade the Increase In
wanes (reclaming un the returns from
linns employing 18,51*1 workpeople)
amotttrtcd to 11.8 per cent. Returns
relating tu ihe works ul 108 Ironmasters showed 310 furnaces In
blast at the end uf last month—as
compared with 280 in April, 1000,
Returns Irom boo! ami shoo Orms
| employing 68,406 workpeople Bhow increase of wages of 8.2 pet cent.
compared with last year.
Returns from glassmaklng linns
employing h.I-si workpeople in tho
week ended April 23rd this year
showed an increase ul wages during
thr year of fi.7 per cent.
In the building trade employment,
though still slack on the whole, was
hclter ilui ii a month ago ami a vuu
ai-.M. Kiiiplnj inrni was fair with
printers and slack with bookbinders,
Rock and rlvorslde labor Improved la
Thr Acre Yield competition at the
Allwri i I'm in al exhibition to be
helil nl I'nlgorj .lime ."10111 to July
7(li, is a new Men toe an exhibition.
The following prizes ate offered;
Winter wheat—$100, SfiO, $26, $ir.,
10 ami $5.
Spring wheat-$100, $«0, $25, $15,
Slit ami $5.
Oats—$100, Tiii, $35, $15, $iu and
Hnrtoy—$75, $10, $25, $15, $10 and
Flax—$00, U">. $211, $111 ami $5.
The average amount ol grain
grown un an acre miisl he shown, and
will he judged 00 per cent for quality, 20 per cent for purity, 15 per
cent for quantity, a per cent for
acreage. The exhibition company
pays all freight charges on exhibits
originating in Alberta. II is not
likely thai anyone in the province
has seen the quantity ol grain grown
un ail acre in a pile hy itself, ami tin*
reader will realize what a greal interest will lie taken in a building
where probably .10 to l'*n such exhibits will he on view Irom all over
the province. Some districts arc
taking a particular interest in this
feature as in the case uf Lloyd minster Agricultural Society, who have
already secured six exhibits from
1 htir district, The other features of
the exhibition promise !■> he of inure
•ban ordinary interest, ami the excellent music and attractions, low
rates and special trains will undoubtedly make the attendance the
largest yet. The entries close on
lhe lHlh of June.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. at
Fraternity Mall.
J. M. Boyes, ('. C.
J. I,. Walker, K. of It. & S,
Visiting brethren   cordially Invited
to attend.
l.n O.K., KEY CITY LODGE, No. 42
Meets every Monday
night at New Fraternity   Hall.     No-
juurniiig Oddfellows cordially Invited.
W. M. Harris, C. J. Little,
N. (J. Sec'y.
Accounts nf Corporations, Municipalities, Mo re li lints,
K'trnii'i's iunl Private Individuals invited,
Dm ft a and Letters oi: Credit isBiiod available in any part of
tlie world.
SAVINGS DKI'AltTMKNT Special attention
given to Savings Bank Accounts. Ih-pimitH nl' $1,1)0 and
upwards received and interest allowed from date of doposlt,
Cranbrook Branch: H. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
Cranbrooi     Loilji
No. HI
jS^        A.I.'.  A  A.  M.      |
Regular  meetings on
Un*   third   Thursday
of every month,
Visiting brethren welcomed.
W. F. Atlrl*'      WM.
15, W. I'onnolly, Secretary.
The customs revenue continues to
portray the trade expansion ol the
Dominion. The receipts lor the
month of May were $5,770,320.51, as
against $4,200,000.10; an increase ol
$l,18a,000.1L For tho two months
ol tho fiscal year to date the receipts
have been $10,834,070.27; an increas •
ol $2,575,768.01.
The total revenue from tlie sale of
government annuities to date is
$545,877. The number of annuities
is 716, ami of the number 111 ure
'ruin Ontario.
Rurral mail deliveries are heing established more in Ontario than elsewhere because by far the greater demand comes from ihis province. Up
to the present 352 routes, all told,
have been put In operation. There
are comparatively few petitions [rum
Quebec lor Iree delivery and few also
from the Maritime provinces.
Meets at Ii. R. C. A. Hall 2nd and
Ith Saturdays each month.
Visiting brethren always welcome.
Jos. Wallace, Sr., W. M.
Jas. K. Lunii, Secretary.
No. 10.
Meets every second and   fourth Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Rebekahs   cordially invited.
Mrs. Vi. U. McFarlane, N.G.
Miss Hlckenbotham, Sec'y.
Meets in   Fraternity Hall First and
I Third Fridays.
| Hazel Bowness, M. E. E.
Annie Boyes,    K. of R. & S.
Visiting members cordially invited.
Wardman Addition
to Cranbrook
These lots are jusl 200 yards from the erd
of French nnd  Wntt Avenue, South  of
Meets in Carmen's Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday uf each month at s
p.m. sharp.
James Sims, Chief Ranger
L. Dent. Secretary.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
SEALED TENDERS addressed to
the undersigned, ami endorsed "Tender for Steel Dredge for British Columbia.'' will be received at this otlice until LOO p.m., on Wednesday,
July 20, 1910, for the construction
of a Steel Bnw-Wcll Twin Screw
Barge Loading Dredge.
Plans, specification nnd form of
contract can lie seen and forms of
tender obtained at tbis Department
at the uilires ol J. L. Midland, Esq.,
Distriet. Engineer, Merchants Bank
Building, St. .lames Street, Montreal; J. G. Sing, Esq., District Engineer, Confederation Life Building,
Toronto, Ont., and (!. A. Heeler,
Esq., District Engineer, New Westminster, B.C.
Persons tendering are notified thai
tenders will not lie considered unless
made on the printed forms supplied,
and signed wilh their actual signatures, stating their occupations and
places ut residence.     In the case     ul
firms, the actual signature, tbe nature uf the Occupation and place of
nsidenre ol each member of the til in
must  be given.
Each lender must be accompanied
bv an accepted ohequc un a chartered
bank, payable to the order ul the
llunurable the Minister of Public
Works, for twenty-five thousand' dollars ($25,4)00.00), which will be forfeited if the person tendering decline
to enter into a contract when called
upon to do 80, or fail to complete
the work contracted for. If the
tender lie not accepted the cheque
will he returned.
The Department, does not hind Itself to accept the lowest ur any tender.
By order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, May 81, 1010.
Newspapers will not be paid tor
this advertisement if Ihey insert it
without authority   from the Depart-
meat, i&-2t
Terms Moderate,   P.O. Box 245
Cranbrook,   -   lliiiUh Columbia
TAKE NOTICE that I, George K.
March, of Winnipeg, Man., occupation Agent, intend to applv for permission to purchase the following
descrihed lands:
Commencing at a post planted fin
chains south of the south-east corner
post ol Lot 8761, thence south 80
chains, thence east SO chains, thence
north 80 chains, thence west 8(1
George Keith March, Locator,
R. B. Benedict. Agent.
Dated March 20th, RMO. !MU
IN THE MATTER of the estate ol
Edward Roberts, late ot the Cily of
Cranbrook, locomotive engineer, deceased.
that all persons having any claims,
or demands against llie said Edward
Roberta, who died un or about    tho
lith day uf April, 1010, near Fernle, in the Province of British Columbia, are required to Bond by posl
prepaid or tu dcllvei tu ihe undersigned, solicitor herein for John Huberts, administrator under the will
of the said Edwaid Roberts, their
names and addresses ami full particulars in writing uf their claims and
statements ot their accounts and the
nature of the seeuiilies, i[ any, luld
by them.
AND TAKE NOTICE that alter
the 25th day of June, PUG, the said
John Roberts will proceed tu distribute the assets of the said deceased
among the persons entitled thereto,
having regard only to the claims
of which he shall then have had notice, and that the snld John Roberta will not he liable (or the said
assets or any part thereof to any
person of whose claim he shall uot
thm have received notice.
Dated at Cranhrook, R. C, this
12th day of May, 1010.
W. F. Giird, Cranbrook, B. C.
Solicitor   for     lite    snld John Roberts. 11-It
| SO x 157 feet = Price $150.00
• Terms $10.00 C'nsli ami $5.00 n uionlh, 7',,' iutercBt
« Only n few left.
| PHONE 20                 PHONE 20             *
* X
*********************************** ***********
A. L. McDermot
Wliolesnlo Wine and Spirit Merchant
Phono 17 -     Box E.
Write or Phone for
"Pooplo who  live in GLASS  HOUSES should *
nol  throw stunt's." X
Live in a Brick House
Built of Cranbrook Brick
McKinstry& Armour
Automatic Vacuum Cleaner
Kor .lttrjil.ilily. good work, easy running,
tightness t<> handlo, this uiaohlne litis no ecjttnl.
If ynu are tired »f Inking up uud patting down
oarpets; breathing dust, dirt, or microbes every
morning alter sweeping; try one of these machines,
und after u trial if you un* sntislied you will not
live longer uud happier we will tuku Ihe maohine
Just ask your husband to put down ■
carpet for you to-night and see what he says. TUB   UKANSHOOK   HKHALD
to be
Owing to the delays in the mails hundreds of applications
for shares did not reach the Executive Office
until too late.
Closing-out date to be extended until July lOth.
COn PAN Y-I ncorporated
From the volume nf applications wliich have arrived at
our office several days after tbe closing out date, May 2Hth,
for shares ia this Company at 2a cents per share, the executive body inrt and decided tlmt it would be to the best
interest of all concerned to till these delayed -orders and extend tbe same privileges to those at a distance, who could
nut sec ibe advertisement, owing to lateness in Issue of
paper, in time to enable them to wire their order here by
the closing out date, May 2Mb.
This is, therefore, a final opportunity (or you to secure
a block ol stock in the ConRnga-Kurckft Oil Company at
2S cents per share. No application received for lens than
Vou imist iH-ar in mind, however, lhat no further extensions Mill l.c granted, Coder no consideration will there
be shares offered for sale hy tbe Company, alter July ltitli,
at less limn fifty CelltS per share. Do nol delay,
therefore, since the block to he sold at 25 cents Is limited.
Since the last advertising announcement appeared in
this paper, .several new wells have come In with large
volumes of oil In the Coalinga oil fields.
shrewd, far-seeing Investors, capitalists from all portions of the world, are thronging to Coalinga, the greatest
oil field in tbe universe, until the district bas become a
Veritable bee hive ol men, young and "Id, anxious to take
advantage ol this great opportunity ol making a maximum
amount of money al t iw minimum ol Investment,
The oil llelds ol Coalinga are richer than the gold fields
of the Yukon ever were. Do you Know that if you had Invested $100 at the Inception ol the following Companies, you
Would have in.ute ;
Silver Tip  $    600
U    K 1,000
Sterling ,,   1,000
Premier .   1,100
Monte Crista 1,130
Record     3,000
s   )■'  *\  McK, 3,400
Bauenlough -1,1 Cfi
l.ncilc 5,000
San Joaquin 5,700
peerless 6.35P
Kern Rlvei 8,500
tv .1 Oil 15,1	
"Pinal    shares sold at 38 cents     They are now selling
at 838 and paying monthly dividends ol 15 per cent, an lame nt 180 pei in.mill mi an Investment ol Jinn     When the
"Silver Tip" came in, the stock jumped over night from till
cents to SI and has been paying monthly dividends of 10
per cent ever since.
Similar opportunities are open to you, but you must
think fnr yourself, have the coiitage of your convictions anil
Development work is being rushed forward on Well No. 1
of this property, with the result that within a few weeks
time the drill should be down to tbe oil levels, and the
foalliiga-lMiieka Oil Company's- property .should be one ot
the biggest and most profitable propositions operating iu tbe
Coalinga llelds.
The property Is especially well situated, being adjacent
to the largest producing properties in the Coalinga field.
This means thai mir property must be Immediately above
the great nil pools.
For 38 cents vou are able to acquire 51.00 shares The
shares are non-assessable. When you have paid 35 cents
per share ynu receive your certificate. No further demands
can be made upon you.
The .smallest block of stock is 100 shares, on which
the terms are as follows:
What Your Money Will Buy
Cash Plan   5 per cent deducted]
t 9.1.VJ will l.uy mil sliarrs
17,50 will buy -im shari-s ,
118.73 >ull buy "mil sharrs
*iT 50 will buy 1000 sliar.*s
... por value S llm
[.ur value 200
... par value sun
pai value 10110
Instalment Plan
Jill cash and  $ 7..io  a  rath,   lor 2  nilhs. buys UiO shares
$20 cash and  $15.00 a  tilth,  for 2  mlhs. buys 200 shares
flu cash and $22 80 a mtb. for 2 tilths, buys Mil shares
$-40 cash and $3(1 an a mth   for 2 tilths buys Hill shares
$80 cash and J.fT.fMi a mth. for 3 mtbs. buys fiHO share***
$lini cash aud 375.00 a mth. for 2 mlhs. buys lUlHi shares
Prospectus and fuller information will be tuiiiUheil on
In conclusion, reservation will tit* made in the older received, therefore, make your reservation at onee, remitting
(or slock by cheque, draft oi money order
Make all cheques, lirgltj and money outers parable to
Selkirk Block, 135 Hastings Street, W.,
porlunlty  (0 express  In  ymi   the
preelalli f myself and those   I
preseiil Tor Ilu-   cmirtexy and eoi
erallon   you    have   extended lo
during our Interviews regarding
way legislation.
'1 have the honor to be, sir,
j hi!
'(Sgd ) Calvin Uwren
'Legislative Roprciculath
The following   'iHiiiKuiiicul
velvet) fn.m  Mr,   |)<
11 1..K
1     was
veil,  the legls-
■f ilu< llrotlier-
reraeii and I'n-
nisi'i TKS  act i:\iiorskii
hv Ki:iMti;si;\TATivi:s.
The May number of the Labor
I tia/etle, jusl to hand, contains a |e-
I port on lhe Amendments to (be In*
I ilustrial Disputes Investigation Act,
j adopted at the last session of tno
I Dominion parliament, in the ooufso
of this   reporl   tho  correspondencies
that passed between the minister ol
I labor, lion. Vi. I.. Mackenzie King
I nud the   representatives nl the Itull-
] road Brotherhoods is given* and win
I prove ol interest to many of uur
I readers.
Tlie following Rives Ibe text ol Ihe
leomtiiimiciilion whieli was sent hy
1 the minister of   tabor to the Icgisla-
tive representatives   ol the different
brotherhoods    Of   railroad employes,
and of the replies received:
"Department of l.ahor, Canada,
'Ottawa, March 5,  |M0
'Dear Sir I
"I am enclosing a copy of proposed
amendments to the Industrial Disputes Investigation Act, 1!H17, which
have boon framed, after consultation
with yourself and others, with a
view of meeting what seem to mu
very reasonable requests made on l>c-
half of the working men of this
country through some of their repre
preseiitative labor bodies nnd officers,
and lu particular with a view of removing (he possibilities of certain Injustices wliich have la-en alleged on
behalf of railway employes as existing, In so far as the provisions ol
the measure ure applicable tu Item,
'I wish you would kindly look care-,
fully over the amendments proposed,!
uml let me know whi-ther in yourt
opinion, they are satisfactory, and
whether if adopted by parliament
they would bring the Industrial Disputes Investigation Act into 11 form
generally satisfactory and acceptable
to railway employes.
'Yours tallbluiiy,
(Sgd.) Vi. 1.. Mackenzie King,"
Tn this communication the following reply was received from Mr.
('alvln Lawrence, Iho legislative representative of tht Brotherhood of
Locomotive Engineers:
"Windsor Hotel,
'Ottawa, March 5, 11110.
'The Hon.   IV. I..   Mackenzie     King,
C.M.O.,   Minister   of Labor, Ottawa.
| 'Dear Mr. King :
'tt    L.  Ma
,  UU
Labor, Ottawa:
'I have your letter of Ibe !U-h instant wilh Inclosed copy nf proposed
amendments to lhe Industrial Mis
pules' Investigation  Act,  inn;.
'I havo none carefully over tho
amendments proponed and I am ol
Hn- opinion liml llie) will |„- satisfactory should ihey become law us
they are drafted I am also of Llic
opinion Ihal the Industrial Disputes
Investigation Act, il ii is amended
as proposed, will bring ihe Ael lutu 11
form lhat will meet with ihe general
approval of the railway employes
Mint I hnve th? honor to repreqonl.
•T-hnnlflng you for Hie manj uourte-
•iles thai vuu imw extended to us in
the post,
i um, respectfully yours
'(Sgd.) Vi. .1. Dowel),
Legislative    Representative   of      Ihe
Broil ter hood  or Locomotive Firemen and lOnglncmcn.
From Mr.   John   Maloney, the legislative representative of the Brotherhood of   Railway   Trainmen,     the
following   reply   was   received:
"Ottawa, March 10, Pin
Hon. W\ L. Mackenzie King, House
of Commons, Ottawa:
Honorable and Dear Sir:
i beg lo acknowledge receipt of
your letter ol March 5, inclosing copy
f the proposed amendments to the
Industrial Disposes Investigation
Act of 1007.
'I have carefully read over the
amendments, and wish to state, as a
iprcsentatlve of the Trainmen's organization, I lind them entirely satisfactory, and in my opinion will bring
about alt desired results. 1 also
feel if proposed amendments are
adopted by parliament, will bring
the Industrial Disputes Investigation
Act into a form satisfactory and acceptable to all members of the Trainmen's organization.
'(-Sgd.) John Maloney,
'Dominion Legislative Representative,
Brother of Railroad Trainmen."
■Order of Railroad Telegraphers,
204 Rusholme Road,
Toronto, March  tl, 1010.
VV.   I.   Mackenzie
Minister of Labor,
'The    llonorabli
King, C.M.tl
Ottawa, Ont:
'Rear Mr. King:
'Replying to your favor in reference
to the proposed amendments tu the
Industrial Disputes Investigation
i\ct, I desire to say that if these
amendments can he obtained, the act
will Im- entirely satisfactory to our
organization. In fact, we have felt
ibe need of these amendments almost
ever since the law has been enacted,
and we are hopeful that parliament
will see the wisdom of them.
'Wishing you success, I am, yours
'(Sgd.) It. Campbell,
'Third Vice-President.'
Mr. Harvey Hall, representing one
of the other blanches, wrote in part,
us follows, under date of March II:
'This will acknowledge yours ol
March 0, with a draft copy of proposed amendments to the industrial
Disputes Act attached  * * "
'I have gone carefully over the proposed Amendments, and believe they
will, to some extent, relieve the railway employes oi a very serious com
plaint, namely, delay and expense,
When they are forced to apply for a
hoard  • • *
'I must admit thai the amendments
proposed, it udopted, will certain!v
meet the views ul the railway 111111 a*,
far as tbey go.'
Mr. A. B Lowe, the president of
ihe International Rrotherhood ot
MainlcnimiT-of-vViiy Employes, lu his
reply said:
'My opinion of lhe act itself has
never changed, that it is one ol the
best  pieces of legislation lhat       has
been passed to my knowledge, in the
interests of industrial peace '
•■And on March is, he wrote:
'I hops tlmt the amendments   pro-
posed may he placed tn the |a«
'I have the honor to acknowledge
Die receipt of your communication of
March 5, together with a copy ol tb
propositi amendments to the Indul
trial Disputes Investigation Ait,
11107, and In reply, I am pleased to
say, that I have very carefully looked over the suggested amendments
and, In my opinion, if adopted by
parliament tliey should bring Hie Industrial Disputes Investigation Act
of 1007 Into a form generally satisfactory and acceptable to railway
employes; therefore, as representing
the Broiherhuoil of Locomotive Engineers, I can Consistently endorse
the Act when so amended, believing
that II will, it amended as proposed,
he a benelll not only to railway
employes, hut also lo the public generally.
'I wish Ui avail myself ol thin op-
Residence on
Baker Hill
Five Acres of
One mile (rum Post Office
The Policy of
As you go
iheir offerings
thai foi the fi
just about the same
through the   various    retail stores and note
ui couniers and in windows, it will strike you
mm qunlit) of goods, prices everywhere   are
"Why, then," you sav, "have certain
'.lores developed Into such wonderful Institutions? What
factor has lifted ihem from the mediocre cln i nnd made
them distinct!) succeashil?" Vou will (itid thai it is not
mere price, Importonl as economy may he lo the buyer. It
is nol onl) quality e--seiiii.il ;,„ that may lie to tt,.- holding
ul trade, Ilui it is Komelbing more tl is ihelr deliberate,
dpflnllel) plnnueil policy of pleasing eUKlornei and ol course
primarily acting in an honorable, rah manner.
VI llie vcti beginning lei mc hq) tbal f I valw
he given to the public as Hie foundation of am lastiti)
cess      \s  advertising is  one «.[ the   chiel menus of coming
int.. eonlael with the public, every'advertisement thai
out should tiulv  represent the bouse   and should be backi I
up full)  bv the go(Nls it advertises      \ml when        ia) va)
nes are advertised, tbe purclmsei should know  beyoi I    the
Bhndou i.i u doubt that n.  is getting extra value for    his
v.-i  mnl   be
muulpulolffon »ad th** udvertfsfng ol j'
handling the public .0..1    pir^sut& it
courtesy-on tlw iiore a part comes not
goods ure sold as in tin* handling ol *■■
.<!■-■.    ii-    .   n :. ..... ...
*•   thi    I lem     ot
Tl.r  ti ite  .■*-■      ■ 1
h h ,u tbe time
implaiiits and the .11
fording of little points in service. Ever) store meets buy
eis with a smile ami gracious treatment—al least it should
Rut when you have occasion to return or exchange goods,
to make a complaint regard Inn niialltj   ui wa) to
try to obtain satisfaction for a real or fancied grievance—
how does the store reeene you? With the same gracious
desiie to please or with long f.uv and multiple objections1
It is the treatment received at this time that ■'. rifles the
store in the estimation ,,f i\n- customer
Human beings are not like merchandise 1 ir an the) lo
he handled like merchandise Dealing with the purchasing
public i> a problem In personality, and " > through the
point uf contact, wherever it may be: at the counter, through
correspondence or wlierever service ma) be rei lertd, that
the favorable Impressions are created which ultimatel) con
stitute one of the firm's greatest assets
When a purchase 1- made tlie buyer will be eithei itis
fied or dissatisfied with bis purchase and the treatment he
receives' The article taken away may -five satisfaction,
while the treatment given the customer before
makes his purchase may drive his future trade away The
inipn-ss:.ui which coalesce into a llm * rep tat 1 ■■■ •
which make up reputation of an Individual, are formed by
what may seem the merest triflei
At the verv least a policy should be.adopt
than meets the public half way T*. begii • ..- attitude of Inviting and encouraging tbe pnbli I ita known
any dissatisfaction with either treatment r goodi goes a
long way in inspiring confidence Una- ^ dissatisfied
tomer makes his grievance known, he offers opporl mH) foi
th** merchant t.. make a lasting Impress • - fairness
and s<pi.tr**nt 1  ....■..- -.,  -...-.   ,,*.• -
the purchaser it. every InsUnce all be ssl but be   cat
afford to show liberality to such a degie-- •  it
have an atmosphere of cheerlulnesi     ■.:■■ •
When the public has learned through expert
name of a   house is   synonymous  with the trefltmenl that
gives satisfaction, even though a clerk d • oc a-
sionally the house is not blamed. Rather Um clerk 1- blamed for being out Of harmony with the bouse and the incident dues not cause the customer to fed any permanent risen t ment.
Tbe wisest policy is for the merchant to put the I
settlement up to the cust.ai.er arid tu approach ,*.- Deal ■
possible the buyer's idea of what a fair settlement mould be.
.After all, this is but a matter of reciprocation   the    mei
chant must show as much confidence m tt.-*- public a- he expects the public to have in him       Ile is   virtually putting
himself in tl»* customer's place and   gettlai Um
viewpoint * He is putting himself 1:1 a position I   treat Um
customer as   he   would like tu   be treated undei tbe
Lastly, it is well to couMer that bowevei excessive
and unreasonable tbe demands ..l a - *.-'■*.-. In
the vast majority  o? case*   be 1-  perfectlj   Ineere Is    bl
complaint, and any ooncessntlou   that can rational!)       b**
made,   even it the   boUM suffers  a loss on that Individ
.-ale, is in the long nm mond business ; lot to*
ward ultimate  success.      A pleased - istomei       d   .1      11
advertisement      It is tbe narrow mind*-:
jeets, as he think:**, to   bem*   Imposed   •;■'■■■
who demands some remuneration from a
factory   purchase,   but   the  broad    liberal  and lul
merchant looks beyond ami sees what .t benefit to Mm ll Is
to do a favor for a customer and even if be 1^ Impo ed on
hy two persons and the third one gets wbai
he        Is entitled        to      because        he        1 Id
not      lift        the      Values      he       expected      to,      then        1
say. rather in* Imposed upon bj Um two
sure the third one is a pleased a:ul   atlsfied patroi   ai I
advertises yottl house fur and wide.
Ileorj *'   I ■  ■
Proprietor of a great retail establishment It ■ bicago *od
mm of   the  largest   single   line stores In U*   world. Mt.
Lvtton'- merchandising experience has bcci
ean tile business of largo Hnd small citirs th*- eountrj   ovei
The breath of bis expSrtSMB lias familiarized tin. WtM
ehaiidi/itig problems in ail thete pha*-*--.. los conclusion    is
that holding customers 1-* the  prime faotoi Is
business   permanent—'Uml    Mm organliatloo,
methods ol a business should be dm-i^.M tonsi I
. i.iii.*
1 ...i*.
..riliK thr* fisral >t*at finlin* Mar* I. Hit, HI" W ;"' lnml|t»Bt« .r*
In C*»nid«, u comptred wltli 118,901 lot Um i.*ar endlRf March
1909, an IncretM "I I- I"'' f**\      l.»«l   "*.n'*    '••■*.I    *>*.** i""' ».
.,.   _    it >.     ■<..• 1 iln. ..        .       1.    .    II :*..•.*■
ui..:. 212,111 immigrants
1909, an n.-^r
(OI Iln* >.*ar Mi.lll.l! Marcl.  lilt,    1101,
I.,   Culia.la       Tl«* int.ri-**!in*; IMtUn "I Iln* lltt h*
iM iii Immlgrallon Irom 11..* 1 t.it-r^l Stata wi tl..- lallui-t oil in
*ja*an iiiimittrnii.ii.. (li.ai llriiam "I ...ur**** exocptcd. The l-.llowlng
* sii.iws iln* proportion lr,.rn tk* oouutrhi ntmed (01 ^u ),*..t*. t.ark:
lin-al II11I.1111
(I mot.) 55,791
Itiile.l Slatrs
r.n.rtl J
I I0.90S
Total! WI.MI l'.i.i;l .:**.'i 1.07.1,374
TU' llR.irr» lol U09 10 arr Mliinalrd, tin* n.u.il total Uiaf, 201.791. THJC   CRANBMOOK   1IBBALD
**************************************************************************************************** *****************************************\
  ' > *>*»************************************************************Y,
. m .
. .*.
. i..
. >. >
I ll.
I 'I.
I ll.
I ll I
I 'I,
... I
I.. I
. 1.1
1.. I
I ll I
. 1.1
. II.
All Other Cities are Second
i. Lethbridge leads Western Canada in Rate of Population Increase.
2. It has increased ioo per cent during the last year.
3. It is rapidly becoming a Great Railroad Centre.
4. It's natural resources excel those of any other city in Western Canada.
5. It is the centre of the best farming and ranching- country in Canada.
I   M   ,
I   II  I
The Great Industrial Sub=division
1. Fairmont is the best situated sub-division in Lethbridge.   The following reasons will tell you why:—
2. Close in being well within the city limits.   See map of Lethbridge.
3. In direct line of the growth of the cily.
4. The city cannot grow in any other direction on account of the river to the West and several coulees to the South.
5. The North Ward is the most rapidly growing portion of the city.
6. Westminster Road, which is only four blocks from Fairmont, will in a very short lime, be the main business street of the city.
7. The city has located their industrial reserve on the Kast side of Fairmont which tbey intend using for factory sites.
8. The Orand Trunk Pacific has bought the property on the North of Fairmont to use for their terminals.
9. The city has crowded up against Fairmont and already buildings are going up on Fairmont itself.
10. The C.P.R. runs along the Southern boundary of Fairmont, and already the whole Southern front has been bought up at
$400 per lot for trackage property.
11. The property is selling far out beyond Fairmont in all directions.
12. Lots adjoining Fairmont are selling at from $300 to $600 per lot.
PRICES   OF  FAIRMONT  ARE   ONLY   $150   TO   $225
Real Estate & Financial Agents
■ in
■ '11
u K!!!!Sl!!!!liiIii>I**'lti!*********^ THE   CIIAMMiOOK   HERALD
dominion     uo\ i:iinmi*:nt
Patronize Local
have Iktii ajipoinli l
toyal coin mission on
ig nml technical cilu-
inialion to cover t-x-
i-as toted al the lasl
has new type and printing machinery
Our stock of printing papers
is large  and well
Letterheads   Billheads Cards Menus
Envelopes   Books and Booklets
Loose Leaf Account Forms
Ball   Programs      Tags
Wedding Stationery
Memorandum Cards
Programs, etc.
Tin- followlii)
members ul il.
industrial trail
cation, an apn
[lenses of twhicl
session of parliament. .lames W.
Robertson, i.l. i> , of Montreal, chairman; Hon John ', Armstrong, ol
North Sv'ihi'v, N s.. in, (leorge
liryne, of Winnipeg; M. tlnspnrd
Dcserrcs, nf Montreal; Gilbert Murray, of Toronto, set-ret a ry of tin*
Manufacturers' association; David
Forsyth,   ui    Berlin,     Out,;    -lames
Simpson, o| 'I' tito; Reel >tnry    and
reporter \**   the commisdun, Tliomns
Bcupougli, Toronto
Tin' commlwrlimera are empowered
io pursue their investigations al
such local Hit' ns mnj appeal ncecs*-
Miiy in Hi.- Dominion of Canada, \U
Qreftl Uriluin, tin- United States,
l-'iaiicr,   (lerinatij     and   suh]ecl    to
tin- ui in j si 4-i .if hn dsewhere      on
ilu- continent ol Kurope.
It is stated bj tin- department ol
labor lhat two bodies which have
been most active in urging upon Uu-
government the necessity of appointing a commission on technical education arc thi- Canadian Manufacturers'
association and lhe Dominion Trades
nml Labor Congress and in appoint*
lug Dr. Murrny and Mr. Simpson, Hit'
govcrnmetil fell thai ii bad given to
tlicso important bodies virtually
iheir own nominee. Mr, Simpson is
regarded as buving a wider
technical education than any other
labor representative in iln- Dominion.
It is expected that (be rotmnissioi
will# enter on its labors early Ir
July. A Mart will lie made In
making a tour of ihe Dominion Irom
the Atlantic to tire Pacific aftei
which the commission will visit the
United Stales, Greal Hritain, Germany, Prance and any other coun*
tries thought   necessary.
ibe boys along, The team ver-lclhly tbe urgent necessity of securing!
will likely l„
imie up
Jim n.irli ami Watson
McKwan, MclOwan an.I T* i r
Sterling,    Wallace,    Harrison, l.n
den and Henderson
11 V.P l\  ANNUAL.
new cily jail, one thai will ailord
a sale place in which to immure of
fenders against the law
Lame shoulder is almost invariably '
caused by rheumatism of the muscles j
land yields quick!? to tbe tree application of Chamberlain's Liniment,:
[This liniment is not only prompt and
effectual, but in no way disagreeable
to use. Sold by all druggusts and!
11-tf I
Mining Claims a.
Am  pn
Worli      on   M
Tin. HaiHisi    young People's union
nl iliis oity hvlil their annual meeting
im tin*    evening   ..I Un* iill,        j]K\  *	
president, Mr. Bartlel IVoinIIcss, In .. KOR   SALE CHEAP FOR 01 UK
Uriel r,*ii,*M* spoke "I Uu* substantial returns-ico acres un K C It  llm*   10
.v,„k ,,,,,1 progress ..I the year.   Tlie lenced, II i„ crop, offered with  'one
treasurers    report   showed   ng I million leet ol timber on it and   ad-
•'••■■"" ii the right side.    Allei    ., juiim,,*    i.„„i       Address   "(i,*,M ■■
hrlel missionary address i.y Miss  \ care Cranbrook Herald              v'n
'/■    Alward, Hn*    election ol ollieers
took   place,    resulting   as   lollows 	
I'rosldrnt-n  IVamlleas. N'OTICE
Vice-President—A   IVIIIiamson 	
Sccrctnry-lllss 11  Palmei TAKK   NOTICE   thai   the under-
Trcasuror-C   Flnnls. '-'"'■' "'" mwlw up to and Includ-
Organist-Miss ('  iiii.it,*. ■'■•  ,l"' -•-' June  ID10, tenders   loi
Conveners   ol   committees—Social ■''"•"" '"••l ptopertj and chattels ,(
Miss li. Willi,*, missionary, lllss cm !ii'' •'''""" Cartage companj .,   ., .*
in*. Moral und .s„.*i„l   Relorm, I hi* "]C "•""■'"
n.ii Pal *, ami lookout, J   i;   Ful* '''""    l1*'""'"1*"- "' the rej   pi
inn i rtj and   * battels    ma) be i          I
Tin* Voung People were iln* guests,,rom ""' undersigned al an*  ilmi
Im  llie evening uf   Mr   anil Mrs   II ! "'"'''I ■'' fenile,   II   V. -•:.   lu
P   ■
Cra       ■      B.C.
Palmcr ami enjoyed a social
wilh refreshments at the closi
ii  il   Moffatt,
V sslgi
REFEHRE1) TO   .11 Till I*: WILSON
Every   description
of   Mine
Herald Publishing Co.
Tbe above teams met at tbe ball
park on Saturday evening. ('ran
brook started with leu men. .1
Clark, captain ol llic borne team,
failing to pui in an appearance till
late In Ibe name. Right from the
start the home team made the play,
and bad hard luck on numerous occasions, U. Watson enlivened the
game somewhat with a brilliant
shot, which the goal-keener did well
to clear. A good inn hy Michel's left
winger almost resulted in a goal bis
finishing effort striking the crossbar
The narrow escape scented to brighten up the local boys, wbo now pressed continually, every forward liavlng
a smash at goal. Play was slopped
a Tew minutes owing to Uunsden being laid oul. Prom then on Michel
played very dirty football. Cranhrook had bad all llie besl of the
lirst half and ought lo have scored.
The second half was similar tu the
lirst, the home team having the
best of the play, hut being unable to
score until the lasl few minutes,
where some well placed corners resulted in Cranbrook scoring, Hanson
doing the needful with a clever shot.
This well earned success kepi the
home players in good spirits ami
they repeatedly just missed scoring
again. The lasl few minutes were
full of excitement, Cranbrook keeping
up a steady pressure. Hanson iu
trying to go through was badly
fouled and bad to be carried ofi The
referee gave a penally and the Michel
boys, resenting the decision, walked
off tin- field. A very unsportsmanlike action in view of the fact that
the referee's decision was perfectly
Michel were heretofore the unbeaten champions ol tho Crow, and like
all unbeaten teams tbey couldn't
take their beating like good sportsmen
Cranbrook   were the superior com*
hi nation from start in i
safel) lay claim to beln . on   • f   the
cleverest teams In the l*ai
The pectators seemed to ■ njoj lhe
game very much. Notwithstanding
the large attendance the collection
was verj small ll C08tl money to
bring teams lure and everj one interested -l Id contribute a tittle al
The tfl*A kee|»r lot Michel kept n
magnificent   goal, ni Ing lome   very
clever -hols. Mlllett, at back, was
good, but rather boisterous, Tbe
Michel forwards are b Rood lot, Kor
Cranbrook Clark, in coal, played a
strong game. Jim Clark, at back,
was bs strong as ever. Bartholomew played bard, but made some
unfortunate misses The three halt
were, as usual, the strongest part ol
the team Torreiice showed up best
getting m ono or two lovely slots.
T. .McKwan and .1. McKwan were also verv strong. Wallace, al outside
right, was weaker than usual, a toe
bothering him slightly S. Watson
played well in his new position   llati-
ui was the life of tbe forwards, bis
bustling tactics completely upsetting
Michel's defence. Henderson was
nlso g< *
Michel beat Moyio om- to ml last
Sundav. Cranbrook hoys travel to
Moyie on Sunday, a Bpeclal rate hav*
ing been arranged for the I rip, leaving nu the flyer nl. nlghl. \ hig
crowd is ivqiicsU-il Ut turn out   aud
The action of the Kernie Construction company tbe board
of school trusties was
adjourned for several days
on Wednesday of last week for the
purpose of enabling .1 A. McDonald,
of Lethbridge, and J. N. Laing, of
Calgary, architects, to go over the
building and make a joint report if
possible on all questions Involving
computation at issue between the
intractors and the trusters. The
architects referred to proceeded with
this work on the Ist to the Ith Inst.,
hearing considerable evidence Tbey
agreed on a considerable number of
items, hut on Saturday reported to
the court that as to the remaining
Items referred to them there was no
possibility of an agreement Court
then resumed before the chief just icon Saturday, the ith. at 1" 30 ami
by consent of the solicitors for tbe
parties and the sanction of the coin
His Honor Peter K Wilson was appointed arbitrator or umpire to
settle all matters ol accounts
whieli the aechitects (ailed to agree,
liis honor's decision to be final. An
order was further made referring ihe
trial and disposition of the remaining
portions of the actum to his
upon by the architects, takes ciiariQ
of tlw trial of the rest of the action.
This course is taken as th' other
engagements of tin* chief j (slice
would not permit o( his further attendance here and counsel foi b ith
parties were willing that the action
.should lie concluded by His Honor
.Judge Wilson, who will dispose ol all
questions of law and fact in dispute
between the parties.
fl. H. Thompson lor the Kernie
Construction company, M A Macdonald for the board of school trustees.
To CURE Any Headache
in shortest possible time, and in such
a way as so help and not injure tbe
health use "Mathieu's Nervine Powders " They are Safe. Simple. Sun-
Sold by all dealers 25c per box—DOS
contains Ih powders
General Rlacksmithing
Wajfon Repairing
A*.-.*iii>. f,.: Cansils I'**.■**.!,' Motors Co.*.
Also 1 >.-.-. i _• Mullets nnd Rain
Agents W.
lo wh.H,; Iii era
mcnls arc ii.. i   I
705 R0BS0N
Vancouver,   -
Head Office: Montreal. Quebec
$ 5,0 .'-O.OUO
70,00 1,1
II. S. llnl.T, President
K. I.. I'KA-K. General Manager
Accounts   of
1 lut-ol
Corporations   mid    I
= receives *•*.. ry    tl
iiji.vir.ls received and  interest  allow. .
delay in withdrawing.
i Banking
in iiiiiis ni     in>* an I'm io ins lioiori *     ^   "-*-*-
'eler E. Wilson,   who, alter settling •   "°  formality
hr    matters in   dispute not a^reeJ||        A  General  Banking business  I
Cranbrook Branch: D. D
************************************ t>0<O*i>.*t
/tut/ft*     tl,tt/  f'/,/tr>\
C I'. II. W.u-fc Ir.i
The iiseli-ssiicss ol tlie prewtil |a 1
wu amply ttetnonatraud on Towwhty
afternoon, when a prlaonei raail] ri
looted his getaway, by knocking oul
the liars ol iws prima wlndo* II .
crawling through the aperture to
Tin- waltreaau al ite ltoyal I ■
the dining room ol wWch overl ••
the city jail, were wttnenei ol tho
break lor liberty, mnl when they real*
Ized what was doing quickly notified
tl»* chiel ol police. Cory Hon wai
on lhe icetie within two mlnutei ol
receiving the alarm, and being advla-
eil as to the direction taken by the
runaway by the waitresses, beaded In
that direction. He remained out for
some time, making a eety careful
search, in which he was assisted bj
Jailer Stinson. bul without avail
The prisoner who thus easily effected his escape, was a man named
Hogan, sentenced to a term ol three
months lor assault. He was a big
man, weighing upwards ol 200
pounds, none the less, he managed to
work his way through a mighty
small opening lo freedom To clTecl
his escape he had wrenched a plank
out of the celling of his cell, with
this lie had knocked oul the window I
frame, in whieh the hats were set,
this done, it was an \*\^ matter for
liim lo crawl out, Ufllng lhe plank as
u ladder to reach the opening This
llllle e.-tvapaile brings lioim* wry  (in
A splendid lil,run*, consisting o(   i
World's Best Literature in n hui
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N95   .Wkaaaaw
By Foxcroft Davis
WAR Is the game of the p.iln. nnd torpedo
busts play thiH game blindfold and with
death at an opponent. Torpedo boats n-e
the assassins of the ROfl nnd "Unit In dark
nesH to strike death blows at lhe Vltnls of
a ship, u a whale N bnrpooned, They are gregarious
tod hunt together for the ship, iirmed nml watchful
but, like Achilles. vulnorabto al the last These n«
ssssId vtsselH rty while the ship walks, he. only de
fence being a frail net spread outhnnrd. which nny
or mtjr not stop tbe boll ot destruction alined  il
her UDprotected keel.   Terrible ure these -win  I
fierce little marauders, which, In ihelr turn are pursued by marauders slill swifter and fiercer than
themselves, the torpedo limit destroyer*. There were
five of these torpedo boats skulking nbonl Hie waters
of tbe Yeiik-isi', that great saffron river which hrlng**
destruction at the Hood nnd rich plenty ul lhe nves-
■lou of tbe waters.
It was night unit neross the turbulent nnd haggard
river Ave torpedo bonis, wilh lights nut. »llp|icd like
ghosts past the British lirst cliiss cruiser Drake, nn
which Vice Admiral Harhnrd watched with n hunk's
eye the evolutions of the torpedi •' dlvhlnn. lb-
was so pleased with the qulel and disciplined mar-
deroufttieM   of   the   division   ihal   In-   gMI I   With
Another man besides Admiral Iti-Minnl felt a thrill
of satisfaction. This wa« Meitienn u Kenneth McKensle, 8 red headed, long legged   k veil Seotell-
mini with triumph In his eye n* h ■ pined the Utile
bridge of his little vessel.
The evolutions were to mke pint*«' trine live night*
while lhe dlvlson. under the  e nf the  I'r.ike   wis
making Its wny down the river to II * iknw     Muring
the daytime ilu- iissiisslj, division nr '*■" 1 in an or
derly snd decent manner, keeping ':■ «teed down n
the slower gnll  of  lhe  hig  il"-i  •■'■<- "miser     Itui
when the night fell l lien Hie Inrped »l division was
eserclsed lu nil Its | nt In lilies ..r murder and arson.
Lieutenant Kenneth McKeiivln knew torpedo Inttits
well and he ol«o knew Mint --.dmlrul Mart Mini eher
libed a violent nffeetion  for them      Nothing reciini
mended n young officer w miiph in ihe Admiral «s the
smart handling of nn o*«i>mIii vessel Ami I >n ten
ant Kenneth McKensle knew in- \dmlmr* eidem
daughter. Mary llarlM.nl, nml loviil tier In his hard
H'-oti-li fn-4tili.il
Mary Harbord's Fate. ings.
As for the Admiral, lie believed in bis bulldog
Hritish way thnt the best plan to score h|« d ring liter's happiness wns lo marry her to n mail who understood the full value of tnr|ied  in mir ' warfare.
Much had coma to Mary Hnrbord'* faMier enncern
lug that clinriiilng ereniuri-'s fancy   foi   Alywln.  iln-
Amerieiin   llenteiiani   wti mummied   for  a   lime
the gunboat Alleitn Dash wood, the \|.etiii\ rapialn,
wus iim k frnm the hospital m llankmi where he Iiui
l*eeii nursing his rheumatism, nnd -HeoH ihe lir*l
lleulenant, wbn cured of n broken leg uml In the ship
oure more.
Un the day the Drake, with the the torpedo boats *u
leash, started for Qankow Admiral Itarbord was lold
thnt Alywln hnd coot* down tn Hankow mt n f..rt*
night's leave. Thi-* annoyed Admiral llnrltord ho
much thai he stopped ibe mad steamer on it« way Vi
Hun Yung city, where there was i new telegraph
station, aud sent n peremptor) despatch to mi-- Mury
llarbord thai she should nit short ter vlsll to the
liritisli Consul*! fumlly and go up lo Hie enliven) nt
tlow-Cbln-Kwang, where Clarice, her younger sister,
hum Interned, nnd (here a Walt further orders,
While writing Ibis despatch Hie Admiral swore Inwardly that never again would he bring hi-> daughters
oik of Kngland, ami called blmavll a damned Infernal
fool for so doing Tlmt episode about the Ion ul the
rifles und tl»-ir return bj the American Itleuienam
worried the Admiral excessively, Iml in* perforniailre
or the torpedo boal dh Won Ibe ntgbl tliey started dm
ininii iu notbi bis tuiiniiei't soul I Mm me bridge
uf Ibe Drake he watched, lu the murky night, the
ghostly little era ft Stringing out n- ihey shot loftl)
past the headland. Which When iln* greal rher >•
uiiiliiHl feoueriy within Its banks, toweled boa van ward
Hut now lu the winter, when ihe enraged river wus tu
lis madness, tin- he.-ulbiml was only i plateau, upon
whleb the |ienple of the lowland* nmldb-il uiiili the
luries of the waters were pasl
Number 5 bud lhe lull of the procession ami wa*
legglug It st u very pretty gait when It Stopped suddenly for five minutes. JqsI then n dissipated, bloated
>id moon came nut from behind the scurrying clouds
and leered at the river In Its orgle. Then the Admiral
t-aw No. r», after lis momentary stop, proceed on its
way without mnkitig nny sign ..f disaster.
The stop made hy No. r. wus to pick up a man swim
iiilng twenty yards nwny wlm cried lustily fur help
Never in his life had McKensle bated to do anything
ss .he Old to signal  "alow down" to bis engineer
Particularly us the rlffrulT of nations usiiully SOUglll
tbe ships  In  the China  sens       After the  mini  was
hauled aboard the master ni nrms. Benson, COR in
■y known as "Jlmmylegs," reported, and MeKehtle's
orders were brier.
"Pump tbe water out of bim and Oil him up With
C.;v-'"••>■■:* I.
leisure.   Your name, I presume, Is not Jones, but the
title of Mr. Is yours by right, I judge "
Bill Jones affected to start, nud continuing to twiddle his cap looked dubiously at McKeuzte. But see*
Ing authority lu the com .minder'a eye, he slid Into a
Tlcu :
Up fill lo-l time.
Whenever McKciude looked toward the
grlut and waichful and exchanging nlghl
with the division, lie ltinnked tbe angels Will
ill of)
ami lake
ml was
nf v.  :.
i.r sailors thai ihe father >-t Mary
■elng the extremely pretty |ierfurtu-
It   was one  thing  to hear of  tills
pretty performance nnd another In -
At -l\ nVlnck In the innrntng McKeiixle, grimy and
lired but happy, tumbled Into his but V und slop! like
a huhy until eight Mis annulled Then be waked Mi
lind Iteif-oti. u hi*.- innii with whiskers, standing In the
< ;iidii door
"If you please, "ir." said llenson "thnt there's n
queer haul we made lasl nlghl, mil V tell* n laic
Mint's mighty lit for the marines."
McKensle sprang mil of his bonk. nnd. ringing robot water, prepared to begin shaving sn as imi to
lose n moment during llensnn*s recital The out
waler came lu n jury, and McKctttie who had the
nn or ihnvlng while No, .'>tossed up and down upon
the turbid water, assumed tbe altitude uf a Colossus
of lihodcs and scraped his face while Itenson lathed.
Nothing Hens wold lell him could lessen the per
fonuanco of No, .*. the nlgbt beforo In sight of Mury
Harbord's father,
A Man of Many Lies.
"Weil, sir," said Itenson, "ii seemed 'onl when wa
wai dido' mi our iweiity-tlve knots e- smooth as silk
10 'mi' lo slop for ihal sorl of Dotanm.   We got the
fellow Bbnnnl and pumped 'It 1 ami lilted 'Im Uu
with whiskey nccotilln* lo your orders sir. and then e
narted Intu lyln' mosl beautiful. The ilrsi lie V lold
was 'i*. name was William Jones N. si •» said V wns
rook's male aboard lhe American crulsei ni Hankow
nnd thai v made up 'i- mind 'e'd qnll "i* Job nnd sei
in ihr galle) ..r a liritisli ship iHH-nu-te v 1 1 us ^t.
"ri >""'■*'' " deaenerl -,.>   I     \i thai V bnula oO
nml li- me 11 clip ou ui] noae, ami I'll think you. st-.
|l|s| tn lake n look .11 ii
It would hau> lie-en dlfflrull lo es npe the sight ot
Benson's nose, win. u was inrge m nil limes, nnd now
the slxe and ihn| f -,\ beet,
"Thut  lick rinsed up 01 ye, but  It o|iencd ih>
oilier one     There tiln't ho rook's  male that ever  I
see yet who Is ready lo 'it nl 'Is savior nnd bene*
factor fnr callln* 'im a deserter. I looked 'Im uil
over. 'K 'nilu't shaved for two days ami V didn't
look pretty. 1 ran lell you. sir. 'K 'nd on a penjnckci
and 'Is neck was multled up. but I see where lhe Hue
wns where 'Is Mgh ...llar cuine; lieluw ii ivits Just n-
whltc ns u lady'- ne.-k. Says I |o *im:- -*.Mr. Junes,
I could 'ii you bnrk with all the pleiisttre in life, but
In ibe liritisli navy there's n rnoieil prejudice against
11 man of my rntln' 'Ittln* a quarter deck orllcer.  Men
'us 1 11 'nnged nl ltu< yurdnrm for it. str.uigp to say,
ao I woiii tnke im revenge on you   Thai t- to kiij in
the  way of "IMIn*      l.lll   I'll  gel   my  motley's   wort 1
nut of yon. Mr Jones, without tin reprimand for my
self.' *Mr Jones) What do von cnll me Mr Jones
fur*" hi- arake-d.    'I'm  Dill Jones, rook's mate.'    I
didn't argy the point with 'hn. sir. but by way of
llmllii* .mi 'Is profession I showed Mm a place where
'e could sling 'Is 'n in mock ami V slung It »s quick
ami snlloMIke as rver I see. This mornln' when 1
wetil lu ami told tl en to show a let; my gentleman 'ops mit of 'is 'a ictc ami wns stand In' on 'Is
feet  Inside or ten sei'iiml*.    I told *lm Hint our c«Mik
was down wilh a li  bnek nml If 'e'd go Into the
galley ami lend a 'und we would appreciate the favor
exiiemely.    *l*. said 'e'd go and be glad of It.    'K
'adn'l 1 u In there bul live minutes when I 'card
words ami language*. The cook, who didn't *ave
nnthln' llic matter with 'Im, wns swearin* ut Hill
Jones, as 'e mils 'Imself, for sp.W n whole kettle
of duff, Mr. Jones was apologlxln' very soft spukeu
nml tryin* to make out "e knew 'OW to cook duff lo n
"Jndgln' fri)in *ls 'nnds I sbmihl say 'C was nmr.'
ijsed to piayln' tlie ptnnv Hum cookln' du(T Ilui with
illl of 'U slipslop ways In the galley '0 was mighty
(lerttrklel nlwtll Hn- paint work, ami 'ml a kind of grin
ou 'im nil the time when the rook wa*- Inmlinslln' Mm
I weni in uml said lo Mm. 'Mr. Junes. I nm afral.l
you're not used to (bote 'umble surroundln's.1 1:
dlilu't lake no notice when I spoke uml went on i-oMsh
lu' up ;i brass kettle. M'hen, serin' I wa- tnlkln' to Mm
v inys, tonchln' Ms cap, M ain't used in bearln' mys>df
railed mister, In '.be American navy cook's mates 1.
jit-i plain Jones and such.'  Bo 1 Mid sir, 'Plnln .1	
you HO)  there Under Ihe COOb'S eye till i tell Cnp'ti
McKensle about tuem dark, unfathomable things ihe
eaves i.f ocean  bear*     I  illduM   lux  Mm  polltl   blank
with belli' a orllcer, Uecnuso, tlmngh '0 lied quite easy
nnd refined like. 1 dldnM want to put t itch iiraln
nu m*. conscience,"
The Ca^e oi Bill Jones.
"Bend him to me in iim cabin lu hai1 an hour." McKensle i- piled, w Ipltlfl Hie Inllicr ulf bis face
Ai tiir end or half un hour McKensle. shaved
Imt hed. dr-wed ami breakfasted, "at nl the cabin
i.iiiii-. There would be nothing doing until ien o'clock
ibat nlghl except to gel No. S In remliiics.s. or, rather,
to kiep her In readiness to dlsiMtt before the eves if
ihe Drake,
('recently BUI .1 a Slouched Into the cabin, nnd.
Mniullllg In nn nbjeel aliunde before the commander
of \... .*,, twiddled his eap Us u cook's Untie usually
doe,*, when In the presence of a lih.-n Inquisitor. Me*
Kehxlc's eoltl blue eyes studied ltiM Jones all over,
lb'  was a good louklUg plot: ami   while fellow of 11
particularly refined type, with beautiful teeth in per-
leet unler. The collar of bis rmitth pen Jacket was
turned up around ids nock nnd In* wore a pair of
roiij.ii shoes, surprisingly snmll fur 11 cook's male.
After a moment or iwo McKensle snld with great
'Mla\i  u seat  Mr. Jones, so thai  we can talk ut
Cbatr on the opposite sitle of tin* tabli, meanwhile as*
twining a hangdog expression.
"And now, Mr. Jones." continued McKensle nlTn-
idy. "will you kindly pronounce for me the name of
Hn- plateau which fronts the lown of Plymouth)"
"The Hue, sir." mumbled BUI Junes.
"That  Is  perfectly  satisfactory,  Mr.  Jones.    No
( k's male iu the service pronounces that word la
dial maimer, or ever did. They say 'Ue. Now I huve
n theory concerning you. Mr. Jones, it strikes me
thut you came off an American ship nnd that you
have stippeil on board No. T* to Und out n few things
concerning Hritish methods with torpedo boats, 1
tuny be wrong, but 1 shall mt upon my assumption.
1 sliall put you In the brig and keep you there for the
next live days, when wo im- due at Hankow."
itui Jones received this Information in a singular
manner, for he could not suppress n grin of delight.
"I muy remind you," continued UcRensle, "thai
ihe brig affords few. If any, opportunities t»r studying
British naval ovolnllona."
Evidently a Spy.
lie touched bis beii and "Jlmmylegs" appeared.
"Take charge of this Bcntlemnii,H said MeKeuxie
lo Doliaon, "and keep him In the brig uml! we get 10
Hankow nml have nil eye on him meanwhile."
Hill Jones, being thus dismissed, turned nl the
door uml touched ids enp again with u look of pestacy
which puKxled McKensle. As Itenson ami the ut-
Irgcd cook's male dltnpiicared MeKotwIo fell it Iter
reptlhle Increase in Uio socrel pride which welled up
iu iii*. Scotch i».sum over the i-erformnncos of No. .*».
lie bad evidently bagged n spy in Hill Jones, and
when Hn- disclosure was made It would nol la- ui all
liml fm- Mentennnl Keimelh McKensle. This thoughl
recurred ■•• hjni several limes durlui: Hie dn) and
each Hme with uu ngrrenhle sensation. At night,
however, there were other and more important thing*
nu hand.
tin each oi the nejsi Ave mornings Itenson bad a reporl to make emu ■ rulnn Hid Jones.
"'K's game to the bneklr-nno, sir." wns Itenson's
nrrouul lhe Ilrsi morning "The br'g. as you know,
sir. ain't ihe nbode or luxury, bul V acta like 'twas
the eaiie or <:i" or the r*ynl ynehts."
On   lhe  s id   nioinliiL*  ItuliSOIt's  report   wns  as
•Thin "ere ■ Imp, sir. heggln* your pnnlh
sir. I* in
Yesterday nftemooii 'o was lay In' nslcep
' soft like a baby, and I went up lit Mm
it quick, •l.ielltemillt:1    'K was on Ms fe*l
ird was nut of mv ui.iut.i    I Inuglied, nml
.: ni wiib i-- pleasant way ol lyln' nml
'*,* didn't know w bul I said."
heard  thi*1  with  renewed gratllleitilou
orllcer -me.
ami lirealliln
nnd cnllrd m
Itfoi-e the v..
then 'i   stun
swore (n me
No. ."1 hnd kept up lis rceonl ami the sky of life
rosy iiu r to the resxei'scommander,
im the iiiini morning McKenslo asked of the master
at nrms when the dally repi.ri was presented com
rem Ing his prisoner:—
"How does the 1 r devil stand 111"
"I.Ike a dandy, sir,   Ms bnppetlto U good enough, but
*e ntn't used to eatln' without 11 napkin. It's down-
right comical to sue Mm tryln' to balance Ms Hu plate
on Ms knees, and 'e don't understand m. more 'mv 10
get pen soup out of n tin cup ihnii thu Prince of
.Wales does."
McKenzIo's light blue eyes scintillated with delight. Tho more he heard of his captive lite mon'
pleased he was.
Benson's report on the fourth morning was as follows;—
"The men cnlls Mm tbo 'Ihnan Blackbird/ 'e sings
and whistles so cheerful-!Ike, 'H Buys Vs gain' to
write n hook und call ll "Appy Days In Ihe Brig "f
No. 5.' 'E saya to me this morula', 'Mr. llensnn.'
SSya 'e, 'I  tnke the deepest  Interesl   iu  lhe perforin*
nnccs ot No. B, and if wo'—wo, ir you please, sir-—'If
we don't gel 11 Ilrsi linss reporl |o tlio Admiralty 11!
forswear the ship's gnlloy und go for the Bloke-
On tho iifih uml lust morning llonsoii wore n positively dejected  nil'  whell he ciiuii' lo tiliilie  his  II1111I
reporl. Tho roofs of [Iniikow lny on tho borlxon ami
the harbor, nllvo with shipping, giiitorod under u win
try sun. The work of Iho torpedu boal division wus
over for thut sou son, ami Ihe live llllle vessels kepi
decorously in the wuke of lhe lira lie as she stem 1
In wilh Ihe Imw nml sillllo nf a cruiser etllerllig the
 ipuny  of otlior cruisers  which  sat   ut   thblr ease
within the harbor.
Ity n professed accident a broom wns left upstanding In lhe very middle of No. B's forward deck which
mlgbl be Iiikon as n hint that she had swopl every*
tiling clean before her. No. 5 bml clearly lhe best
of Hie whole torpedo bont division during the week.
McKen/le, on llie bridge, glnueed toward the whit"
walled consulate, over which floated tho Hritish ensign. Within tlmsc white wulls. he thought, was
Mary Hnrbord. ll would be good to see her. and ':
would also be good to see Admiral Harbord's stern
face and menacing nose, nud to hear from him some
word of chary praise, such ns "Your performance,
Mr. McKe 117.1c. wus not at nil hnd." He was roused
from tills pleasant train of thought by Benson.
"Mr. William Jones seemed guy enough nil the
time, but this mornln' Vs 'llnrlOUS, sir. 'H done some
more of Ms agreeable lyln' tn me. deserlbln' the lowly
'nine frnm which »e fled to seek Ms fortune and *ow
*e was sn smart at Ms dooty In the galley ns tn
hamtise the Jealousy of the skipper's eook, nnd 'ow
V expected to lie a chef de cuisine afore 'e died bi
King Kdward. or mnybo to lhe President of Hi*
I'nited Stales. 'B likes to try and pull my leg. but
my leg ain't easy pulled."
••As soon ns we are docked." replied McKensle, Ids
mind still on Mary Hnrbord, "bring the fellow here."
Hy the time No. r. was tied Up Bill Jones was
ushered into ihe cabin, where, as 01 the former inter
view. McKcnxlo sal nt ihe table. Beforo bim lay
several letters which had Just been delivered by the
mail orderly. One wus addressed In a handwriting
which MeKenzle recognised nt once ns Mury Hnr
bnrd's delicate writing, to "Lleulenant Hugh Alywln.
I'. S. N.. care of Torpedo Boat No. ,'."
Solving the Puzzle.
McKensle glnueed nl lhe letter and felt n cold chill
In the region of Ills heart, lie recalled that Alywln
was the name of the young Amerlvin mi.nl ollice,-
who had been so devoted to Mary tTnrbord during th"
nutrtinn festivities nl Hankow, am] whom McKensle
had heard sin- looked upmt not unkindly.
There was u marked change In Illl! Jones* nir nml
manner on this morning, ami without Hn- slightest
protest he tiw>k Ihe chair offered him bv McKensle,
"I may as well lell yon. Mr. MeKensle." began
suavely the erstwhile Hill .lones. "the whole story, so
that yon won't make any mistake In the reporl 1 ■
cernlng me. 1 am I.leutenant Alywm, of tin- Halted
states gunboat Allettn, on n fortnight's leave from
my ship 1 succeeded In getting on your vessel, imt
fnr the purpose ..f Investigation, hi the American
navy we prefer to gel our Information by actual es
pcrlim-nts ourselves, but 1 bad -ahem—It was. l muy
ns well admit, a wager with a lady. 1 hope ynu will
imt ask a more detailed explanation. Ymi can liml
em tin- truth concerning my Identity by writing my
ship, whleb is still lying up the rlvor, when* we left
her Ave days aim. As an ulltcor of a sister service 1
hardly think you would wish to lake any proceedings
wlilcli would detain nu- lieynnd my leave     I am simply
a half drowned man whom you picked up during the
At thai moment Alywlu's eyes lighted on Ihe llltld
white letter, Involuntarily be seized 11 and lore u
open, lit** eyes sparkling meanwhile. The expression
ou his fiiee convinced McKensle that neither Admiral
Harbord's wishes nor the performnue • of No ." won-*,!
avail anything with Mary Hnrbord 'I1- clear Hrnlcii
head showed him tbe whole thing at :. flash     Alywin
bad accepted a challenge from Mary Itirbonl aid hoi
slipped on No. .". nnd remained live days wllhoiil bh
identity being known, and Mary llnruord** letter
would never have been delivered m Alywln if lie hid
been elsewhere. The letter itself was so fasrliinilneH
interesting tn Alywln Mini be rend 11 over three llm,-.
grinning delightedly meanwlilloi ilicn in- put 11 en..-
fully in his breast
"I think. Mr. Alywln." snld McRentti don. Vs
repi between ourselves «.■ will consider whal \*-u
have lold me as being liuanld, and we will turn *, 11
loose ns a rescued oLiii calling hlmsell WIIH.iui
"Thanks nwfiilly; nothing Could SUll Hie better, ami
we will lei II go al Hint."
Alywln 1  and. inking off ids nisi** rap -n-i d
Ids hand in McKensle, wlm look ii with wralh In ids
eye.   Ten minutes sfierwnnl Alynln un- bidding
gOodby  to |lelis„u nil the plet
"You're a good fellow, Mr   llenson, uml l I hi oh
there are 11 l<>t .it iim- fellow* „u No, ;•    IVrhai**** l
-hail ehnngv mj imifeaslon rrom 1 u,- galley"
"To Hn  ipiiniei.teik. -ir    iiuf- )ns|  what  I've
been u'lliltikin' e\t r slltCO JTOII WfM 'ninleil ovei  tn ni*1
OiMslliy, Mr Jones, ami goud Inch to ymi"
n on held nm his pan lo Itui Jones, who -n* >i
it warmlj uml then ilnrled oft    Wliei lu- wns s	
Itenson lookwl into his hand and saw there a nmpic
••f guiil sovi reigns.
"I 'OpO I'll sec Hint 'ere genl Hgalll," Hil> lien-	
Inward comment  with nn outward elim-kle
Ti.at  night   Alywln   wus a  fellow   glicsl   at  ill 1
ill ibe British Consulate with Admiral ll.-n 1 nml
McKensle uml the cwplollhh Mury. win bad no) gm
lhe Admiral's Irlepram after nil. The Admiral w is
in u savage bu- -*r. fm- tils daughter bad mid him i nanny -in ineuiii tn marry the American Mruiena-ii
.md niiiid gtirglas ur Inugliier hdd the storj ir
Alywlu's getting down to llaukiiw mi No. .*>
After dinner Alywln sllmied <■» from the gi uilemeo
in ihe smoking room, lluir nn hnur afterward un*
Admiral, passing Hie opei: glass thx.r nf a sWerin'
sccnteil  I dimly  lighted  iservatery, raiigtii  a
glimpse nf his daughter behind a hltge llnuerlun
glndloln In 11 green tub nnd hennl A ly Will's mt r
"i*liaH 1 break It to the old man lo-nlght, diriiu*.?'*


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