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Cranbrook Herald May 3, 1917

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THURSDAY,   .MAY   3rd,    11117
;Leglslntlvo Assembly, Apr.-16	
LATE \\\H m:\VS
NEW TOBtr-De-ijiito tlit* German
submarine meiuuT. lii'ty one more
T0Bsels entered tlie port of New York
lust muntb tlmn iJurluu Mnn-h.
No mlsiiilic was mado wl
Cranbroolt Uoard of Trade olootod Mr,
it. E, iionttlo its president tor Lho
mr [cn t yoar. Wltnl Uio Board rioodoil
wan vital iiy, vim, zip, "got up" and
the living onorgy to Un a bit of Uvo
luiHtliiif'. Tlio Prosldont lum tin* Ituaoh
ot gotting tilings (linn* mainly by tbe
Tact thai be never Itosltatos In rail Tor J hnspitabli
tbn energy lhat bogotH tlio doing ami
Is tbe first nmn to put his uwa hand
to   the   plough.    The   Idea   of  having
ambulatory luncheons in Port Stoolo,
Klmborloy, Hull River, and other
points in the Crnnbrook district In the
Presidents own and tbo first venture
In this direction, tbe luncheon at tbo
Ing Imin speeches, Imt for the pur-
poBo of promoting tho "got-togotlior"
fool lng so necessary for the mutual
benefit of neighbors having a common
interest in tlie mining and agriculture
o( the district. Ho asked that tho
members would during their visit
make thomsolveB acquainted with tho
plo of Fort Steele and,
also with tho muny objects of inter- {
enl in the town which was the mother
or Hie Kootenny country and ull iii
stood for.
Joseph Ryan, responding to tho
request of the President for a short
talk said thnt ho was no at ran ger
to Fort Steele and recalled his first
' LONDON.—The American steamer
"llwckliiiibaiu" Ims been Mink by a
German submarine* 13 of her crew
LONDON.   Relations between   Nor
way ami Germany are nip til I)
preaching Uio breuklng poinl nc
lm-   tu   Information   received
Christ la na,
Imperial Hotel. Fort Stoolo, on Wod-; visit when he explored the wonders of
nesday last, was a memorable and the Gulch out of which over twenty
pleasant buccosb. millions of dollars in placer gold hud
Some dozen or so motor cars as-! been taken between 18H4 and 1874. He
sembled ut the Post Office at 12,80, referred to his acquaintanceship with
loaded up their respective quotas of the late Robert L, Dore, the head of
passengers and then proceeded to burn the once famous Bore Company, who
the road to Fort Steele. And be it j spent fortunes In promoting the cause
said the road is in simply superb con- ■ of Irish nationality and nfl many more
ditlon for motoring except at one spot fortunes In erecting a palace on Nob
near Markley Flats. It was not the Hill, San Francisco, and died in St.
fault of the road that the crew or one'Kugene Hospital, Cranbrook, to the
car had to partly "work their passage"! end a believer in the lure of tho gold
by boosting the car up one of the hills,: and the minerals of the Gulch. The
but owing to n clutch which missed' minerals are there still and need only
flre In some way and the fact that one the determination like that of the
of the cylinders wont on a first of owners of the Victor Group on Maus
May strike. Mr. Attree. the physician I Creek, right above Fort Steele, to make
of motors, at Fort Steele, made all j the place again famous In the mining
right and the passengers of that car | annals of the Province. Tbis property
came home a booming; In nr, minutes lie added, was calling attention to ttie
by a more or less reliable watch, immediate locality of Fort Steele and
Charles R. Ward is some driver, be-1 promised to be one of the large pro-
lleve us. I ducers of the Province in the hands
A very excellent lunch was spread \ of Mr. B. R. Abernethy, the engineer
In the Imperial Hotel under the eye j in charge,
and superintendence of Mrs. Werden. |    y\r_ Thomas McVittie, on behalf of
Some 46 or more proved the freshness
of the air between Crnnbrook and Fort
Steele by thc attention they paid to
the viands.
The President. Mr. It. K. lleattie.
said that the members of tlie Crnnbrook Hoard of Trade hnd not visited
Fort Steele for the purpose of hoar-
the Fort Steele people thanked the
President nnd Members of the Crnnhrook Hoard of Trade for their coming and hoped it would be not the
lust of these pleasant reunions whieh
were all for the good of better mutual
relations and the betterment of the
general conditions of the district.
Mr. ti* J. Spreull  ghes   Interesting
Lecture   Officers  Kleeled,
The adjourned annual mooting was
held In the Maple Hall on Thursday.
April 26th presided over by Mrs. I.
(J. Baxter, A resume of the work of
the league from its organization last
February was read hy the Secretary
, ,,      i   ,,   „f ,i,.. inui muniin-Huiuu devoted to questions ana answers
and the minutes of tin* last  mocungj
Three new diciples of the gentle art
as taught by Ike Walton were discovered yesterday, during the Hoard
£t Trade outing to Fort Steele. I*. P.
'■ Sullivan. W. VV. Kilby nnd A. B, How-
ley say they never fished before but
they are certainly for tiiat game from
: now on. They were slightly hnndi-
, capped in the tackle nnd halt they
, were using and the scarcity Of the fish
I in the .streams they fished, but as
[friend Kilby remarked, "Hit's the
[Note; this paper will open a col-
Impressive Service In Uie Presbyter
inn Church   Large Attenduuee.
J. Spreull
loquent addres
iellvered nn
on the laws
fleeting wives, mothers
■ and suggesting  many
i by the
. Baxter;
Mr. Gi
abb* and
of It   C   a
and  duut-.li
points which inipht be ink'
League at  the close of his sp
which was greatly appreciated    A
of tliankS was extended to Mr Spr
Tbe proposed constitution as prepared
by  the executive  was   then  read and
accepted  after  which   the  following
officers were elected: President: Hev.
W. H. Brldgo; Vice-Presidents: Mrs. .1.
Laurie, Mrs. J, 1»* McHride; Recording
Secretary Mrs .1 \V Hurton;
responding Secretary: Mrs. J. J
son;   Treasurer     Mrs.   1.
Information   Committee
Mrs   B. C   Hersey;   Publicity Com
convenor. Mrs M  A  Beale; Nomina
Hon Committee   Rev   W. H   Bridge
Mrs W, H McFarlane. Mrs W  11  Wil
The newly appointed presldonl ox
prosiod his gratification al  such  i
successful meeting and tho aptness of
Mr   BprOulPl address seeking to edil-
. aie ihe women rather 'ban attack any
political  party.
Subjects of study were stiggestod by
Hev Tims. Keyworth. Proportional
Representation and Direct Legislation
Tho Information Committee was 111*
■tructod to obtain all dato possible
and secure speakers on tllOSO subjects.
Then* were about 7f» In attendance.
Should   one   hold   the
ht or the left hand for   lllR n*W
<S?        La    P,    S.
to fisherman.]
rod in the i
the best SUCi
hoes a strong accent have any effect on the way the fish bite'.' \V, W.
K. iSirike me! but that question is
a little indefinite. We presume W.
W K refers to the ['tsliermnn"8 accent i
If three men fish three hours, catch
nulling uud decide to "carry on" what
would they do if they caught a dozen
each"    A, ll. It.
Tlie Masonic Memorial Servii
the late Lieut. T. H. Banflold, who
killed ut Vimy Ridge on April Hth.
held iu lhe Presbyterian Chlircl
Sunduy at 4.30  p.m.
Members of the Masonic Ordei
sembled at  the  Masonic Tempi'
regalia and marched from there
Baker Street and Armstrong
to thc Presbyterian Church headed by
llie Knight Templars as au escort.   A
large number of the many friend:*: of
Lieut  Banfield had already assembled
to do honor to his memory.
The service was conducted by the
Pastor, Rev. HIIlls Wright, assisted
by the Rev. Thos. Keyworth and the
Rev. W. H. Bridge and was most impressive.
The sermon was preached by tiie
Rev. W. H. Bridge, Rector of Christ
Church,    He said:
"We have met to do honor to the
memory of a fallen brother- one of
a great host, one who held a place In
our hearts and affections, We cannot but think of him first as a man.
a son, a citizen, somebody's boy—and
for the sake of these things, to uphold
thc honor of these things, a soldier.
He fell in the great battle of Vimy
Rldgo, fighting not for riches or power
but for that whieh all men at tholr
best hold dear, and dearer than lire
itself, Honor."
The speaker proceeded to show tliat
Honor was the keyword of the Allies'
eniiP.e and the foundation of society
itself. He said the best memorial wo
lould offer to one who died in sue*!
a fight was to incorporate the pr'n-
ciple for which he died into all oar
dealings, into the life of home, business nnd country.
That Honor should be the Invtolats
hall-mark of men and nations iu tbe
days to come for thai cause Harry
Banfield had died and ten thousand
others wcre Willing to die
"Pray tied that uot ;, young and
elipible man here but would he willing
to follow Banfleld'a lead
Pray Ood no craven heart nnvne
us. who for comfort or ease or luxury
of a good job. or a joy ride or a whole
skin should bide behind the men who
died. Terrible indeed thai men should
so die; but a thousand times more
terrible that men should live innhink
.Not a dull moment prevailed at the
Parish Halll on Tuesday afternoon
when the Women's Institute held- a
Patriotic Hay. Tlie Hull wns taFte-
iully decorated by Mesdames. Hersey,
Fenton and J. Wl Hurton in red. white
ami blue with tlie Canadian flag and
Union Jack in evidence, On lhe President's table, which presented a pretty
spectacle, were threi largo boqu -ts of
carnations in white, pink and scarlet
which had heen provided hy ihe Directorate as tributes of love and svm-
pailif with relatives of soldiers on
active service. The music, hi the cap-
able hands of .Mrs. Arnold WnlUnger,
wa*, of a highly meritorious quality,
."il.iely patriotic und qui'.- li feature
of tlie afternoon. The appearance of
Mr. Worthlngton, in two vocal numbers, was an innovation for the Institute, las far as male talent is oon-
cerned for regular meetings) and
judging by the'hearty applause which
greeted each offering, llie change wns
a welcome one. Being an open afternoon, the ministry of the city had
Ik en invited to take pari .In the proceedings. Tlie Rev. 'I'. Keyworth led
ire via i fn prayers for soldiers and bereaved
\venue j suffering and anxious jrclutives at
homo, Tiiis wns followed by singing '■
in chorus "God save our splendid
men." Immediately afterwards the
Itev. W. II. Bridge addressed ttie
guests of honor, dealing with tlie
patient endurance and noble sacrifice
of women in tills terrible war. He
opined the ordeal of mental ngony
and suspense of women and quiet surrender of their loved ones was greater heroism and Infinitely more sacrificial than the life of the soldier so
nobly given amidst all tlie glory and
glamour  of thp  battlefield.
Tbe presentation of tin* carnations
to the Kiiesls was a very gracoful
III tie ceremony performed by two
llttlo girls, the Ml.sses Pauline und
Joan Bridge and tho touching scene
will long In? remembered hy those who
witnessed it, some fifty members reel Ivlng flowers.
As a continuity of tlie scheme, evident for the day. the tal!. by Mrs. F.
Miles proved very apt. her subject being: "Reconstruction after the war."
At the outset .Mrs. Miles spoke or tbe
tr 'mentions scope her subject embraced, nnd after briefly outlining the
Many Matter*, of Local Inlcresi Hi*
cussed—"Arbor Day" Suggested
The Board of Trade held its regular
monthly meeting on Tuesday, May ]-t
1917, at S.iO p.m., in tlu- ('ity Hall.
Many matters nf local inter' -i ivpre
discussed, among other*, tl:,' proposed
change in the C, I'. It time card which
will ngain Include the Local train
from Cranbrook to Medii Ine Hat,
Tin' Committee In charge nf tin
Fhoir .Mill proposition reported I ip
receipt nf a letter from Hon John
Oliver. Minister of Agriculture, mating
the riuouiiI of help thr -Government
would extend ami the conditions attached therein. Action mi tliis matter
was deferred awaiting further Information as io construction costs
The proposed train Borvlce between
Cranbrook and Athalmer and Oolden
via K. C, Hallway came iii for considerable discussion and Hie action of
tin- C. I'. It. iu placing this train in
operation, was highly commended
The Secretary read telegrams and letters, in this connection, from the
Windermere District Hoard of Trade.
expressing the satisfaction of that
Board witli the proposed action.
The need or a loading platform and
spur track nt Wycliffe and of a sta-
(tlon agent at Kimberley were commented upon and action in this regard
was referred to a committee. The
freight rales on main shipments, in
car loud lots, rrom Cranbrook to Ft.
William, wns also referred lo Com-
mltteo to try to get concessions, which
would make lhe rate less prohibitive
for shipments from tliis district.
It was decided to ask the City Council to set a dny for cleaning up back
yards, boulevards, lawns, etc.. and for
the purpose of planting trees, some
thing similar to Arbor Hay as known
In the Eastern Provinces.
The committee in charge of the arrangements for the luncheon at  Ft
Steele,   on   Wednesday,   reported   tlie
required number or tickets to cover
the guarantee were sold und sufficient ears to transport the members
were promised.
nvolution of thought in the social, i April 28th.—-Mall Sing, a Chinese boy
political industrial and economic overy agef*] eleven years, was before Judge
day life of the nations of the Allies, J Arnold on Saturday morning, charged
declared they hnd profited as a purl- j wltll stealing various articles from a
fled people by the sharp discipline of store in town; nfter hearing the evi-
war. Mrs. Miles dealt with the natur-! ,|,,m.(. 0f the witnesses tlie Judge found
al resources of Canada, colonization ' j|u, hoy guilty, but on neenunt of bis
and Immigration, need of schools for : aRl» ftm] Hie fact that Ihis was his fir.'
maimed and blind returned soldiers, appearance in court, the accused was
tlm re-adjustment of labor condtions allowed to go free with a severe cau-
ar.tl expansion of trade and commerce, j tion as to what would happen to him
She enlarged upon the value of thrift., jf |lc
pressing home the duty of the prevention of waste and urged mothers to
Clothing For
Pour Reasons for Buying
Fit Reform Clothes
ist Because thev are
hand tailored.
2nd Because all Coats
are Open Coats.
3rd Because they are
designed by fore=
most designers in
4th Because the Fit and
Finish tell the tale.
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
]Ve». mt\fms*Smsml\fsssm* »**ffssm    i<y.,M    rSfmrnmoJlfmrn ist\ft,ss   r/\fmd
ame before the court ngain.
Tin* trndesmen have been putting up
i with quite a lot of petty thieving from
inuiil  loyalty    into their    children ,  1)0VH   .in,i   a|80   girls
guarding against haired for the enemy
Mrs. McFarlane commented in eulogistic terms upon the able nnd efficient manner In which Mrs. Miles handled her subject, thanking her on be-
ilflsb lives whilst tyranny I half of the members.
ind lust threatens the whole world.
The spirit of Harry Banfield rising
free and glorious from thr crucifixion
of the bnttleficld into the resurrection
of life calls nut to ns his brothers to
do our part, our Utmost limit. He will
not   come   back:   but   thousands   of
others will.    L.01 us see to it thnt they
come back 10 a people cleansed by
the sacrifice that has been made to a
land   purped   of dishonor   anil   dishonesty."
A  miscellnn-
What is Being Done for
our Returned Soldiers
.eeiis Rift shower fnr the* boys who
havc left Cranbrook, rained an uleim-
eleint supply together with 11 donation
eif ten dollars from Mr. A. K. Watts
of Wnttsburg nnd smaller donations
amounting to |3.76 besides.   Muring
tlio coming week the gifts  will be
parcelled and sent personally tend the
Socrotnry is anxious tee recelvo names
and addresses by phone or mail aim
at onee.
Apart from lhe gift shower IB pair
ot socks were  handed  In  ley home for tlio prosecution and A. B. MaoDon-
workers nnd »."„50 eolle,*te*il for ihe I aid for the defence.
Prisoners of War hind.  As a further CLEAX I'l'
means of forwarding patriotic work.
onougli to know better. In future th
Chief will bring all sueh eases Int
court and the names of the offender
will be published.
April 30th.—On Monday, elghtee:
Chinamen appeared in "imt to an
swer to a charge of gambling. Ther
were* several technical points raised
both lev the defence and Ihe prosecution, muny Instances 'ef precedent
epioted nnd liberal reference was made
to numerous authorities. After hearing the* evidence and about two lieeurs
of  argument  between  the*  opposing
councils.   Judge*  Arnolll   decided thut
then* was Insufficient evidence to
make1 a conviction, therefore ihe case
was dismissed. (I. J. Spreull appeared
lie lliiti* Jusl Itccplretl llie
Assnrtinonl nf Children's
Thai has ever been shown ;:. the City of Cranbrook.
Tin* Prices are righl ant] Quality bears comparison.
Prescriptions tt Specialty,
I'rompl s.r,iee- llur  Me.IP.
Cranbrojk Drug & Book Co.
iv. j. in HISOX, Manager,
The Provincial Returned Soldiers
Commission ol Brltiah Columbia hns
been uskeei hy the Military Hospitals
Commission of Canada tee supply them
with u statemeut eif the work whieh
advising ininii*s une] nddrosBos eef men
returning to ihe Province. Tin.- in-
formation Is Immediately transmitted
io the Secretaries of the Bub-com-
llillleeis neari'st lo tlle men's home
addresses by telegram, or Iiy lottor II
lime permits. The names of the parlies io whom llie returning men wish
nelvie'e* or their coming sent nre also
supplied the sllh-eiimiulltees who pusn
on tiie Information. Tlio men ure met
nl their several destinations by representatives of ihe Bub-commltteea
Mrs. McFarlane announced that the
Ilex Theatre will he In charge nf the
Institute next Tuesday afternoon and
j ovening May Sth and that the film to
ho shown hnd heen kindly donated by
Hie Universal Film i'o.. of Cnlgory,
■\ motion was made that :'.'' events nnd
5 cents he* chargod for the mn
Now that lhe snow Is all gone' and
the contract Is let for cleaning up tin
lanes. It is high time for everyone He
net busy anil Bee lhal the back yard
Is cleaned up and put In
condition. An hour's attention 1
matter may save* a month's nine
Hncc ,' a big doelor's bill
and 2*,
During ilo* me
tray and nelilress
Mrs. II. I'. Tlselal.
week for Alberta
and  1" cents  for Ihe
fternoon ten
.*ere  presented  to
■hn is leaving ibis
Mrs. Tlsdule wus
It will be appreciated il every
person receiving news of or from
our Boyn wlll kindly notify thc
We regret to report that Lawson
Cadwallader has been killed In action.
It Is reported unofficially that
Arthur Crowe hns been killed ln action.
Pte. H. PlleB is reported wounded;
suffering from n gunshot wound In the
thigh. He Is In the 7th Oeneral Hospital, Ktaplen, France.
h being dono iii ihe Province on tie-
half of onr reliilne'il men    This statement is to be Included in a ronort deal.
lng wltll tlle work of lhe Military llos.
pituin Commission which is- to ,ue
presented to Pnrllamonl when ihe
House   ri'-aeeselnlele.i   lit   Ottawa   tills'
The'   statoment   submitted   by   the \ **i Welcome Committees and every | regretted.
Provincial Returned Soldiers Comrnls- i n"1'"""" Is paid them on their arrival,     a committee of four viz:- Mesdames.
sion shows vi'ry fully the ground COV-   Wo   ',nv0'   however.   Impressed   upon | Miles. Fenton, Hersey and Disney, wns I
ered hy that body In dealing with the, <"•* BUb-comnilttet
various questions Involved In making' (lu,-v towards the returned men does j sumption of food, among the mem
provision fnr the* welfare of the ro- j "ol ''™s0 with welcoming them.   III hnrs of the Institute us required by
Is urged upon tho committees that they tlw Statistics Branch of the Itepart-
tlld riililil-h is thc
breeding ground Df Insects and I i
happy hunting ground for fibs, it has
heen proved Hull the files spread dl--
easeI, therefore It Is the duly of overy-
one to himself, and to hi* neighbor,
to thoroughly gather together all din
and refuse lhal may liave accumulated
. in the lane so tin
I al the eorllCSl pie
aii iiiii and respected member and had
boon ,1 faithful worker, and her sever-: "U the bet and deposit l« ll. a Iiei
onco from the Institute was keenly ' "Idi' the- bae*k gat
' It may be removes
slble date.
The Chief of Police who Is also S.m
the fact thai tlieir I „ppn7nie,rto\lmi'oui"thV daHy Voii-| li»r>' Inspector Is making an Inspec
tlon of nll yards in the eity nnd lu
turned soldier.
The Commission is we'll ropresontod
throughout the Province by local Relumed Soldiers F.mployment Commit.
tees which have beeu organized al the | f^™1 '"l!'p af f<mc° "r n,lr nallonnl
various centres.   A list of these shows
should regard it ns their duly to
nnd maintain u strong putrhith- sentiment In favour of llie men who havi
found ii necessary to
several   people to gel
feire- the hot weather
rve notice o
cleaned up l'1
els in.
that the Couiiussioii has fell duly organized Biih-comiulttecK anil Is represented by correspondents nt 20
additional points.
In denting wlih the procedure followed hy tho Commission nnel the sub-
commltteOB with regard to tho men
returning to the province, the report
liberties, Tlio Commission wunis to
know Hint the interests throughout the.
Province will be In lhe humls nf u
responsible body and to he suro Hint
the men will be Inokeii after and given
assistance In meeting their neods,"
The   following    purtieiilnrs   lulton
from the Commission's Monthly 13m-
dpi   of    the
I ploymont Return feu* Mnrch 31st, 11117,
: an. Included In tin, report!
Total number of men on Commls-
The Commission receives from th. „,„„.„ „m,nrdH.   R      ,„,, „, ||( fmm
Dischargo Depot, Qm**m. » Wef-w-ajj (CtaUawnl on puce four)
I ment of Agriculture, Victoria. B. C.
j A letler was read from Mr. W, B, Seott
I Sopt. of institutes urging co-opera-
I lion wilh a scheme to promote Poultry
I competitions  nmong  the  Cranhrook
Institute but had to be turned down. I
I using to the Intenoss of Ibe season.    '    We  acknowledge
[    Appended ls the musical program:-. following donations:
j     Song. "We'll inner Iel llie old flng      Mrs.   Deane.    *   ""
fall," "Hood luek lo lhe boys of lhe Pupil.-, of South Wlird School, lllv.
Allies'.   Mr. Worthlngton..   Patriotic 3   M.M
I selections, MosdomoB. Walllngor and     Heale *.• Blwoll  <*.(l"
WhllohoilBO.    Song. "Keep tlie  home'     From n Friend ,...,. W.60,
flri'n burning," Mis, J. K. Konnody,     Total    11170,
Selection, British (IrenndlerB. Mi'B. I Send donations lo "Tlie Keillor".
Wallinger nnd WTiltehonse. (iod «nve Crnnbrook Herald; nekiiowledgiuneiil
tlm King. will lie made through these columns
«P'' '"iMm,
a :■.••:.'£rs*\\sAismsv2&l!£y.
-Mtlil. IN I tMIM"
The 1917 Ford Touring Car
$495.00 f. 0. b. Ford. On!.
Ynu pay less for ihis car bul it gives you more
onjoy nt, more milage and longer service than
those whieh en*-: more.
The touring car gives the iilmosl In automobile value, pride ol ownership and economy.
Buy a Ford thlB year and save money-
$560.00 Cranbrook
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada. Limited
Office. Smelting and Refining Department
S .11 I) I, T i: IIS   AN II   It E VI X E It S
THURSDAY,   MAY   3rd.   1917
Issued   IVct'kl)   lev   The   Craiilineeik
lleruld, I.hulled.
I). ',. Ua,. 1'ililiir- and Manager
CranhriKili, li. I.. Mil)  llrd, Illl'
Ml     lillll'l     lllll     NEUTRALITY
Per 111.   Klf
•J lies, i'ur v
•> Hi*., inr llt'lf
lUtvnj's mi Iniiiil In ii"
your orders.
Ill 1(    .11.11
QUALITY    srilYM i:
i'iiiim: hi
P. BURNS & Go.
Neutrality, after ;i prolonged period
of peacfi-less existence is dying, almost violently, It will never resar-
rect. It never properly existed in fuel.
The Eddyltea mlghl call it an Illusion
of mortal mind, National neutrality
was always u balance created by n
vasl uambor of definitely un-neutral
minds.   It represented the doctrtno otI acrea o! productive Ian
Interost, ,■■    agutust   ili<*  doctrine oC tdie.
obligation ns n standard of right.       |    What wo need is some
Individual   neutrality,   particularly
lownrds moral obligation is only pontile  i'i ll  i al  >>!'  II  POW.    Tlii' mall of
i'i! ini* who fm- InmlnoBs s.ilte adopts
an altitude of Blletiee or acquloaconco
before any human devilment Is aliar-
lng tho  responsibility  tor and  is in
pari tin. porpotrator of il vll,   To
see :i thief ami nnj nothing, is to bo ;i |    To hit up tho tarmers 12G i
n - - -«
tt  «
We have received notice thut on
accouul of ruBh of seeding there will
in- nn meeting of the Farmers' Institute tliis month. That however. Is no
reason for supposing that the work
Btops. We understand that the secretary sent out an order for stumping
powder for tlu* members recently to
the tune **i' four hundred dollars and
gopher killer forty dollars, the only
fault with this latter is that it should
have been at least u hundred.
Do nol the farmers tit Ink it is high
Mm * that Skunk's Tall dross, or Foxtail a- most people wrongly call it.
was |iui on the Noxious Weeds list?
Thcro is not a mon* injurious plant
hi ibucounlrj when ripened and gathered up with other fodder,
maud; Borne one to put us on a war;    ,l(1(... unyone |;ni)w who is to bo retooling; to tench us what war service   ..,„,,,..mi.. r0r the onfurcomenl of tho
m,-aus; 10 toll us how tu spend tlio| u,,,.,,  , ,|   ypurv
Jay; to sut oul somo largi
Ivo Bcheme for war work,
It's Lloyd doorgo-lsm wc 11 *d!
11 iti.K   nniths   wtimu'.m*
moro than tlu* laml speculators i* pi
ting ihe boot on tin' wrong fool [1
a misfit.   Try il again, Mr. Dram-tei
Tlu* Governmenl attack on Mcintosh
and Cowper looks liko an nttompl to
throttle free speech.    If su, the Itus-
osed   financial   policy   0
the Llnvornmenl in levelling oppt'oprl*
j atlons with Revenue will not tend ti ! sinn Government havc put
the Prospector and Farmer j
0 Production,
Bridges ami Trails are the I    Don't forget tho Belgians.   Wo ow
Meets   every
Monday night
■qj-j^ttpj-   at Fraternity
Hall.      Sojourning   Oddfellows
cordially invited,
K. II. McPhee,    W. ll. Robinson,
Secy. N. G.
Cruulirook. It. C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. In
the Fraternity Hull
R. C. Carr, C. C.
P. de Vere Hunt, K. R. & S.
P. 0. Box 622
Visiting brethren cordially Invited to attend.
Meets In Maple Hall second
Tuesday or every month ut 8
p. m.
Membership open to British
Visiting members cordially
L\ Y. Bruke, J. F. Lower,
President. Secretary
rirsi essential to Production and the
cutting down of theso much needed
Public Works docs not appear to be
1 Ither the wise policy of a progressive
Government or a sound one from a
business point of view.
Tin vast Natural Resources of onr
Province justify liberal appropriations
\ penny wise, pounc foolish policy
hnnipen development. lOconomy we
want, uot by curtailment hat by ensuring 11 hundred cents of value for
every dollar expended
I Oltl SI' rillHS !
Thr high winds of tbo past week
have been the cause of many serious
fires, thoso being due in every case
to Insufficient care on the part of
llie burner toward taking the proper
precautions ngnlnst liis fire spreading
ami getting beyond his control, The
honvy accumulation of dead grass
and dry debris, to be found around
tbe outskirts of 1'ranbrook, are a
conlfnunl source of menace towards
- von tli ■ safety of tho city itself, and
any person Intending to do burning
of any description '-.hould exercise all
possible precaution.
Th ■ Forest Act of B. c. requires
Mini nny and all persons, desiring to
■ In hui'iiii' j from May 1st, to April 15th
provide themselves wilh a burning
permit to be secured from tlie Forost
Department or its Agents, and noncompliance with this regulation will
exact heavy penalty.
The flro problem Is one thnt every
resident of this district should consider thoughtfully, more especially
us the welfare of our community depends t-i a largo extent on the surrounding forests, which could very
easily be devastated by flre through
carelessness on the part of a flre user.
1     Whal   b   sweet   clover?    Hero   Is
.miii' evld thai should he reliable:
"Swe.i 1 lover Is n crop that has
been attracting considerable attention
In (he province of Manitoba I'm- the
1.1 : fi \ years, li has grown voluntarily along tbo roadsides under very
ndvi r * conditions tor a long time, ll
usunllj was considered n woud bo-
cauBo ih" live stock did nol cat it.
This  was  probably due to tho fad
lhat. tho Stock were not allow,.il access
iii the clover until thoy wen* turned
nut iu tho fall, and by that tlmo the
plain waft woody and unpalatable,
Williiu recent years a few farmers
have sown small acreages and report very favorably. The following
are a few of the reports:
H. Fontaine, of Richer, Man., bas 80
aires under crop and maintains that
this legume wlll crowd out sow
thistle. He cuts the crop for hay and
feeds il lo both his horses and cattle.
K. Dubois is also growing this crop
quite successfully, bul finds that native or homegrown seed gives better
satisfaction than imported seed.
Many of the farmers in that district
sweet clover on land that, has been
aro procuring profitable crops of
Mrs. --   - . Miss have you ' depleted of soil fertility and badly in-
registered'.' Only ten mure day-- end tested with weeds. J. Bougben, of
it will be too late for the next court Valley River, is growing sweet clover
of revision. Yon have been granted nnite extensively as a honey plant, anil
11 great privilege, don't neglect to ac- maintains that it is besl adapted of all
cept it and don't leave it till the last the clovers for this purpose. He is
moment. Do It today- there are no ' '*'so producing seed quite successfully,
tees. !     on   the   Agricultural   College   I3x-
     + ,mi ti I perimental   Field   considerable   work
j has been started with tliis crop, both
th an Idoa at selecting the better
rts   and   also   to   learn   the   better
ithods of seeding and management,
well as its fertilizing effect upon
iheni our freedom--nnd
let them starve. Every dollar helps.
Send what you can to the Kditor. the
Cranbrook Herald.
If the increased taxation on movh
becomes law, the burden will fall un-l '
evenly to the disadvantage of the 15c
shows. Why not make it oven, 1! for
Hlc and :t for 15c and perhaps overy
one will be satisfied except the
chronic kickers.
Under Irrigation a four and a flvr
year rotation wero laid out iu 1914.
Four Year: Wiieat, I'eas, Oats,
Roots. Five Year: Wheat, Roots,
(tats (seeded to clover), (Mover, Clover.
in tht* tour year rotation the pen
erop Is ploughed under when the pods
are just forming. Farm manure at
the rute of ten tuns per acre Is applied
on the out stubble In preparation for
Thus in two years out of four humus
Is supplied in some form. It is too
early yet to decide from the results
obtained whether this is n practice
thnt can be recommended commercially.
in the five year rotation the soil
obtains the benefit from two years
supply of vegetable matter 1n tbo
clover roots, but no crop is ploughed
under. Farm manure at the rate of
tell tons per acre Is supplied on the
wheat si abide in preparation for roots,
This rotation Involves a much more
economical outlay. The statistics published annually in lhe government reports will supply the erop yields eacli
In order lo del istrnto how  far il
is possible in grow a profitable erop
without ihe addition of any humus,
an adjoining plol is laid out with outs
and summer fallow alternately.
Oil the luiir year rotation an exact
account uf Hie amount of irrigation
water supplied is recorded. Willi the
increase of humus less water should
bo required
Wiih Hie addition of humus Hie soli
rapidly darkens and tliis should prove
an Important factor In tho ripening
of crops, as the darker the soil the
more heat is absorbed and the temperature of tin- soil is raised,
r-.n Meets In the
■*-•£>,,   t£? Parish     Hull
'& Stv'K, & Hrst   Tuesday
yy^-S-l afternoon   ol
fXpdts*s.\\ eveery   inniitli
_SVS; ■'■■!'/' *V_    "' " I""-
!^£;;3 **■**    Pres., Mrs. W.
li.   McFarlane,
Secy, Mr   .1  W. Burton, P. 0. BoxOHl.
All ladles cordially Invited.
f if!* ;;■■ s~W
I fr!oo25cts.|i«W^l
'      -'UMITBD— • <JL
Till:     Mill     III      I.I'APKItSllir
Ono of the greatest hardships imposed in war-time upon a city .situated
as this is. is tlio hardship of being un-
abl < tn lake a definite und recognized
part in the war. Of course we have
our War Funds and Ited Cross Work,
lhe brunt of which is borne by tho women, imt for the rest, what are we
doing? We aro growing fat, directly
and Indirectly through tho war. We
are nni even inconvenienced. Doubtless wo have given large sums; at any
rate tiny look largo in the aggregate
I compared with the city wage bill they
wouldn't look bo rosy.
Nevertheless our peoplo have done
what they have been asked, and more.
lint we have ii capacity and u will to
do far mon- ami we feel that when tbe
war i*-' over ami the question comes,
"What did ymi do?" many Of us will
nol feel proud of our answer "Two
bits." or "a dollar a month" or whatever il may bo     We cannot claim that
I re ard lhe men of us who remain
behind, the war has made much difference,   not   a   painful   difference   to
our  worklngdny,
In Hie hie world beyond onr horizon
ihern In ti Htnrvatlon and desolation
and horror In proportions beyond our
reckoning. Hut we take our drink and
ni'ikr oar near ami enjoy our pence
.nni ; h'ty undisturbed by tlio sounds
uf the akeloton bnbe and the gronns
of tho unfed: (httVo you ever hoard a
starving  babe cry?, tho  writer has,
i,ure:  one remember:- it! i
Hundreds of ns want to help; we
wain to serve: but thero is no one to
toll us how.    Wv make an urgent, call
for National Service in the widest and
1 coiupletest  sense.     We  sdioulil  like  to
j seo a Domlnlop Commission come into
1 Cranbrook, nntNiomb it. We should
f like to see the slackors, and there nre
' Btill some iii lown, walked off willy-
uilly ami pul to work.   Many men un-
SlMlaM I ft for the kharkl. and ninny women
] without families to look nfter would
         j welcome and bc proud to obey orders
DR. DeVAN'S FRENCH PILLS ,!"■'  ""'" ""''
e nil mr Wu
hie, K<>.
Tin. ClOVl
^^^^ nl iii ii f*pn(*rnl way
'n,n,>-'!,',VrV''iM\'.VprN''<'''' TusScossil^tliuci   ''"''   ;"''''''   "'   '"   '''■'""el"!'*0   anil   to
i.'ei,st.minor nuerto ...   produce    Wo don't know how to sot
PH0SPH0N0L FOR MEN.   &T.™  ".tout It:   III  oulto certain that there
Si^rf,,,';:'",!;;:!,,^::,;!:;::'™-'"^15'roora r,,r '■'"""""•'"sl"'" m"u"rs
•m. inr (.. ntilnitr-Ktnrfi, "t i-y mnil un n let | a» gasoline, dress iiml food; and there
UK: '"■*»«<•■ i>»««oco*.lBto»thiffa«1 .,,.„ ,„...,,.,„,. of *lllim, .,„,* ICOTW nf
We do Nut Held Ourselves Itesponslble  m
i'ur Opinions Expressed iu
This Column.
The Editor. 1'ranbrook llerald,
Dear Kir. — I see thai the
contract has been concluded for the
watering of the streets. The watering
of the streets is a very expensive master, and Is most unsatisfactory. Tlie
cart only gets around the streets occasionally, and every day and sometimes twice a day tho work has to tie
repeated. The dust during the summer
Is not only unhealthy and disagreeable,
but Is very harmful to the merchants.
In other places good results have been j
obtained by oiling the streets.   I would \
The conclusions thnt can be drawn
from the investigations to date may
be summarized as follows:
l, it is a weed in waste places only
for it does nol spread into the cultivated fields.
■2. It. does not make ideal bay he-
cause of its Ihick woody stems and
small amount of leaves. IT used for
hay. il should be cut before It blossoms. When it has reached the woody
stage it might be used for ensilage to
good advantage.
:!. ll can he used for pasture whore
tin* stock are put on it early and develop an appetite I'ur it, It will not
bloat cattle or sheep the snme ns other
suggest that the ( ity I'luinci  consider   ,,  ,   , „„,,
,, ,.,,,.      r   ...      ,, -i     I.    H w     thr v.- ou auy kind of soil
tbe possibility ol Oiling tho streets of
Cranbrook.   The initial cost would be
more, but the result might be sntlsfac-
sandy. day. alkali or sour,
5.    It enriches the  soil by adding
both humus and nitrogen.—T, .1, Harrison.   Professor   Field   Husbandry,
Manitoba  Agricultural College.
The Kditor. Cranbrook Herald. 	
I   feel  very  strongly   lhat   a  groat  THK HI.MAS l'KOHI.K.M IN A SKMI-
ininiber of men of this city are not A1111)    DISTINCT.
living up to war standard I put mj -
self among them, We are not doing I
all we might.   The women have taken ' Experimental FunilH Note.
practically the whole burden of the 	
addltioaal  pressure.    It  is thev  who
do without help In the home; it is thev      Th(' lll(,st economical and practical
who knit and sew, nnd canvass ,m., uietlioil of .applying humus to the soH
funds   and   organize "Boogywoogles"
and tho like and make cakes and candies   for    bazaars,  etc,      There  nre
scores of women   in  Craubrook  who
made nu important feature
in inaugurating the experimental work
at the Invermere Experimental Station
in the Upper Columbia Valley.
Have you
Your food will continue to disagree with you, and cause distress until you strengthen your
digestive organs, and tone and
sweeten the stomach. You can
do this quickly and surely by
promptly taking a few doses of
Their natural action relieves
the stomach of undigested food,
stimulates the flow of gastric
juice, renews the activity of
the liver and bowels, and
strengthens the digestive sys.
tern. Take them with confidence, for 60 years* experience
prove that Beecham's Pills
Are good for
the Stomach
Lvtjctt Sale of Any Medicine in the World.
Sold everywhere,   lo boxei, 25c.
■W^'l«^l«*Vfr'***M*/fr'w^»  mtilpt w-Vt^1 m*VU"B
Anything for Sale?
Call, Phone or Write
Cranbrook Herald
aa»*(JVa»J,«l*t/V«   ***V«***' in*VW**.nltf«»«a«1fr'*.    *%f*» itslfsf**m***iQ
» .1* •19        el. fl ,   .
ICH"        "I
10* -BLACK-WHITE-TAN- 10* ^ '
F.F.DalleyCd.ofCnnaaa, LlJ.
Hamilton.   C«„.
•I' 'I- ■!• .-!•
nro living lii'yenid tlioir strength, and]    l» Uio prnirlo provinces wc often
all tlie tliiinks ll liiinw thoy don't ask! Hnd thai soil moislure Is the limiting
lor ilinnksi Ihey i*.*i Is n uniet rrom factor In crop production, horo In tlio
huliliy bocnuso monls, etc., ure nm up ' seml-arld region where Irrigation Is
111 "I.. II." style! !«essilel.' Iiilllins bocomos Ihe llllllllnrj
Now horo ls a practical suggratloni factor   In   crop   production.    Undor I
Mr. Heale lnsl wool! iniiile nn Dffor of mixed farming conditions oach yoar i
certain land for rnlsliiK vegetables*, thero la a certain supply of [arm man-
I BUggesI Hinl ii s'Miiiii of men be or-' ure to luuil on to Uio land nml no liei-
ganlteil in cultivate lhal land tor Pnt- "'' form ol humus ran bo obtalnod, bill
rlotlc purposes. llie nniniinl  nvallnblo Is usually far,
Lot ovory man Iii (.'rnnhrooli who Is slmrl ol the annual soil roi|iilromonts.
able tn km lip and tnho n 'Ishmont, ll l« due lo this fncl thai we huve lo |
lilny golf, tennis, dnnco, gn |oj riding looh (or othor means of supplying ilils!
In one ol enn- thirty-four now ear .  much n led clement.
any  nml  ovorymon  wbo can  drinir. The coll al tho IDxporlmontal Station ;
smoke', chow, spli eer otlierwl ujoy consists of a llghl sandy detritus with j
life, giiarnulee* in give see ninny liinirs n   gravely  morntnlc  sub-soil, totally
per wp**lt. in dig, bow, boo, etc.   l,ol void nl' humus and distinctly typical
the whole job bo properly organized of the district,
under nn officer In charge; ,>:i,-li man q*j,ja |ac>( 0. 1,1111111s wna thoroforo
havo his scheduled tlmo of rervlco, ,„,,. ,„• tlia muln factors lo lee eon-!
same as i' soldier.   Thcro aro p •■ „|dorod  In   arranging  tlio  following
of men wlm ir lefl tn tliomsolvos to rn], rotations
out and tnke up a lot will never arrive, but If scheduled lee do whal they	
are told at certain times wnuld be irTrn BIIIDDC
rlgbi ,111 the spot—myself for onol At" I tn unlrrt
11 Is useless lo disguise the fuel that Vinol Re8tored Mr. Martin*, St„ngth
tills  work must moan  less golf, loss
tennis, loss evcrvllibiT- hul work; It , Wapakmieta, Ohio.—"lam a farmer
,,,    ;    ,„,,,   ,,                  . l,y occupation, and the Qrinnt, lelt mo
means sacrifice!    Will  tho  men  ol with a bad cough and tn a nervous, weak,
Cranbrook rise to the opportunity? run-down condition, and 1 coiiid not
In closing I   would   emplmslzo   a acorn to got anytliing to do mo nny good
point vou have already drawn niton- ""V1 ' ""* ylnoli vvl,idl '"li" '"" "tl
,                         ,              , mnl eeiv cough nml nol'VOUSUOSH ni',- illl
Hon tn: that thia service would have „,„„_ nm]  , ralll tnl|v wiy vlnol is nil
a two-fold value.   The slulT protlu I Hint is elnimcd for it.—Iamiis Mautix,
will feleh In money for lhe various       vi""' '" "  Btlfutlonnl remedy fur
,     ,        ,          .   ,, ,     , .             , ,, nil weak, nervous nnil rnil*duwil lenndl*
funds and wo shall be doing our bit l|(|1), „, ,„„„  „„„„.„ „„,, ,.||U,|ni|]i a||(,
lo rosponno to tin* general npponl fn. for chronio coiighB, colds and brouclutia.
increased production, .     ,   ,.       p „„„,. ,,„   f,„ „
1 Crnnbrook Drug & Hook Co., t'ran-
>ours fnltbtiilly.                j lirmiki 1, ,,   „,„„ „( ,iw \lmt driiBglBts
W. II. nmnnR. ln nil Iiriiish Columbia towns.
We believe that E! Sidelo is a mighty good
smoke. We believe that you would think so too
if you could be induced to try it once. Therefore
we are offering you
A Liberal Guarantee
Buy 50c worth of El Sidelo cigars. Smoke them as
critically as you like; then if you are not satisfied that
you have received big value for your money, return
the bands to us and get your money back.
el Sidel
Actual Size
5 Incbei
LILY Size, 4 for 50c
CLUB HOUSE Size,      6 for SOc
Made from selected Havana Leaf.
For sale at first class cigar stores.
McLeod,   Nolan   &   Company
London, Ontario, Canada
««. J. KleJHB, II. C. SULKS MAHAOK It. 3118 AI.IIKHTA ST., VANCOI1VKH,   «. IV THURSDAY,  MAY   3rd.   1917
Pride of Ownership
is accentuated when there is a
knowledge of full perfection,
Such pride is naturul to tbe
owner of one of our DIAMONDS.
There Is full assurance that the
gem ls perfect in shape, color
and cutting—perfect in evory
And there is un added gratification; the fact that the DIAMOND cannot deteriorate, but
will increase In value aa time
goes on.
When considering Diamonds
W. H. Wilson
Mr. Cftto B*. Maun uf Chicago represent lug tin* New York Metropolitan
Opera Company was in the city Saturday making final arrangements for
tbe appearance, at the Auditorium
here tonight, ol Skoovgaard tlie eml-
,r     ,    .   „      "   '„ _       , i n'-nt Danish violinist ami his company
Mr. A. A. Smart of Toronto spent I   . ,,      . rt        _. '    •
..«H^.i. «..*&. df Grand Open, Singer,
IN   Till:   WAIt
Kilby frames pictures.
Friday and Saturday in the city.
We hurry  with  Shoe  Repairs  at
the Star.
Boots and  shoes  repaired  at  tn«
Star Shoe Shop.
Sergt. Martin whu i
the Manufacturers Imi
The Wall Street Journal prln
following   Btriking   tribute   to   what
Great Britain has accomplished in tin*
All the seven wonders of the world
I fade on hlatory'a page eciupared wtth
i recruiting for I ihe spectacle Great Britain present-
ipendent Pores-   today,   A commercial nation of les*;
try Company baa returned irom Per- than 60,000,000 people suddenly sum-
8     PHONE    8
Quality in our Goods
(Hit llll.lKIT
Anything   lu   the   Meat   Line
Cranbrook Meat
ttte mid reports baTlDS **t"jr**d 28 recruits from  ibai district  making  n
total ot 36 to dale.   Sergt. Martin ia
Safety   Deposit  Vault  at Beale &\ leaving for Rerelstdke on Wednesday
j next so those wl
! do ko at once,
Can you think of any reason why
there should not be one in  your
home ?
Saddlery for gloves aad mitts. We
buy right and sell right.
Mrs. W. S. Kycktnun has returned \
from Creston for a tew days.
Wo don't keep you waiting for re-
pairs at the Star.
The monthly meeting of the farm-
era Institute will not he held tills
month on account of the seeding.
Mr. Stanley McLeod of Vancouver I
wiih trum-mcting business lo the eity)
lasl Saturday.
Wa are carrying a full hue of boots
ind shoes.-- Cranbrook Kic-hanfe,
Armstrong Ave.
Mrs. M. Uamford has moved to
Waldo where she Intends living with
her son Frank.
Shoe Luces of all kinds at the Star
Shoe Shop.
Mrs. H. Llnnell und family luive removed to the Steven's ranch for the
Don't forget thn Belgian Tag Day on
16th May. Thia is our first Belgian
day.   Save for it!
We are carrying a full Une of boots
and shoes.— Cranbrook Exchange,
Armstrong Ave.
Five roomed cottage on Hanson Ave.
for wale for five hundred dollars, easy
terms. Heale & Elwell for further
The dangers of fire arc ever present.
A flre insurance policy will replace
your loss, It's worth while. Get rates
from Beole and Elwell.
The Montana Restaurant have enlarged their premises by one half.
Regular meals served at 30 centA,
Short orders served at all hours.
Mr. Ben Carter of Vancouver made
one of his periodical visits to the clly
last Saturday and was a gue-it at the
Cranbrook Hotel.
Owing to continued ill health 1 will
sell my undertaking business out right
or separately. This is nol a cut rate
proposition es I do not Intend to renew
my stock. There ts no set prleo on
anything I have. Oooda are new and
some of thorn have not beon unpacked.
No reasonable offer refused.
W  it  Beattic, Undertaker.
A flre oeeured at Mil
ranch South of tlto cl
The I,adie.s Mission Circle of the
Baptist Church will meet at the home
of Mrs. J. L. Palmer on Thuri*dayf
May 10th at 3 o'clock.
Kred Webb, who left Cranhrook as
a private In the &4th Battalion, haa
been promoted to Areoplane Observer
on aviation duty on the western froit.
ii Monday,
The fire started through burning
weeds on tha adjoining property i "id
getting beyond control spread to bllsi
Oreen wood's, destroying several hay
piles, stable, plow, cultivator, inui
other Implements; but for timely
assistance the damage would have
been considerable,
Tho Women's Institute will take
charge of the Rex Theatre on Tuesday
May Sth. Thero will be a matinee and
evening show, featuring "Tho Romance of Billygoat Hill," In a live r<*el
photopluy and a comedy. The owning show will Include musical items.
Candy and Ich cream will be on salt-.
Tho Secretary of the Women's institute, Mrs. J. W, Burton, is anxious
to obtain a complete list of names,
with full addresses, of all those who
have left Cranhrook for active service,
as gifts are being sent personally as
soon as possible. Will relatives and
friends please send tn Box 021 or
phone 215 at once?
Mr. J. H. Brieker, who resided in
Fernie lo tlie early days, hut now a
resident of Vancouver, spent Tuesday
and Wednesday ln the city. Many of
the earlier residents of Cranbrook,
especially in athletic circles, will no
doubt remember Mr. Brickcr as he always took a very prominent and active
purt In athletic sports and the rivalry
between the two towns In those days
was generally very keen but sports-
moned to arms where no arms existed
and in less than 30 mouths she has
a bigger army than history ever before
recorded and a war machine Id Europe
oiu should | that for wealth of shell, explosives and
war power is the amazement of the
German s.
'Without an Knglish airplane engine
that could circle tier own island she
has vanquished Hie zeppeltns and
mistress of her own skloi, With submarines hy the hundreC threatening
her coast defences, her food supplies
ami her commerce, she lias swept all
oceans, locked tho (ierman fleet tn
harbor, convoyed shipments of gold
across the uc.-an in safety—loads of
gold that In former tlmea would have
paralysed national financial markets
- made the English Channel her multiple track ocean railway to Europe
with no loss by /eppelin or Hiilmiarfne;
fOHght in Africa, at the Canal, at tho
Dardanelles- grappled with the Turk
und the Bulgar; changed generals and
admirals in command; changed cabinets; fed the armies of France; given
arms to Itussia; maintained the armies
and the governments of Belgium and
Serbia and altogether advanced $<V
(Htu.ooo.oOQ, or three times the national
debt of tl.e United States, to her war
While the United States has been
trying to find out how to build military rifles in quantities and has unfilled orders for them representing
hundreds of millions of dollars, England has been turning out rifles by
the million for herself and her allies,
cannon hy the thousand, boots and '
coats by thc million for herself aud ;
her allies, and, wonder.' of wonders,
sho has done nil this, is doing it, is
yet to do more, nnd hr.s now her man-,
ufaetttring, her trade relations and hor
ovornens commerce unimpaired. Vol
she has grabbed the trade of the j
world, so that her enemies are sttug-
gling on half rations with food, rubber ;
and metal supplies from tiie out.-hie '
world practically cut off except as;
new territory is taken.
This is a gigantic .physical  power
and a trade and war power combined
.   (Ill   \v,
iy,  Mu.e
Hnd,  to  Mr.
elllel    .Mr~.
ii tlnugliter.
ntiMtitouk   i:i,i:i rniMt
Notice is hereby given that   ! i
on Monday, the ISth day of June ne.s
ai 1<) o'clock in the forenoon nl th
Oovornmeul Office at ('ranbrook.
a Court of Revision for the purpose ofl
hearing ami determining nny or al!
objections to the retention ol any
name or names on tho register nf
voters for the said district
Hated   al   Cranbrook,   B.   <\,   April
28th, l!(17.
X. A. Wallinger.
Roglstrar of Voters.        IS-St.
banner JpmdSpring I
«| It ia rondo eef lno Bncl)
spirals, each very seii.Mii.
'ee'llili'lll of, though COIlIlt
to i
,1 u
red resilient stce*l
re—em* and .tide.
iih. tlie eeihe-r 99.
NOTICK  I'll CO.Vl'II.W.'iOltS.
ItUyilfS   I.like  Sl'lleeeil
Mr. 11. A. McQuarrlc, representing
l'aulin-f'lianitH'rre Company of Winnipeg*, Biscuits nnil Confectlonory, wn*,
In tlie city Friday tend Saturday. .Mr.
McQuarrle Is the proud possessor of
a colld gold watch presented to lelni
by this company ln recognition of hi.
espert salesmanship; lire hail the
hlKbent percentage of -al,*s recordod
by th»> representative of this company
for thc ye*:ir 131*1 Mr. McQuarrle ivas
at on,* tlni,* a resident Df Cranbroolt
SEALED  TENDERS,   superscribed
"Teenier for Baynes Lake School," will i
, be received by the Honorable tho Mln-
nevor before dreamed or.   it puts In , lst,,r „,- PllblIo Wo|.ks „,, ,„ ,, „.,.,„,.,.
the shade nil that lho ivo.-ld previously : noon of Friday, the 4th day of May.
knew   of   (lre:'.i   Britain's   financial i H'l", for tlu* erection und completion
nowcr of ee large* one-room school-house and
,.„  '„,..., , . outbuildings nt Baynes Lake, in the
The British lion was regarded as a  ,..„„,„ , ■,,,.,.„„..,, |„slriet.
money bag of trade and a whelp eef plans, specifications, contract, nnd
the seas. Ureal Britain's ability lo forms of tender maw lee- se-en on anil
out   of   her   population . «'}" ""' tilth day of April. 1917
FINISH that posithvly trill not damage bedding.
CTIi.* BannerSpring supports the body from head
to loot     giving   just enough under varying weight
1,1 ensure tstanl restful position Inr the heeelv.
tlii,' good /„ ytmrselj    gel a Banner Spring anel a'n
O-le-n ,r Mattress for your hed .eee.l enjoy perfect
All de:
. ,,r \>ill
Inr it le
jet it feer  V«" 11    ii
you ask
I>Ht   10   iter
under arms, to feed and equip her
allies and at thc same time to maintain her credit and commerce throughout the world wnr. something never
dreamed oc' within or without her Empire) before tbis war.
Agt, Yi. r. Reran, Cranbrook Kxchanre
The Methodist Udles Aid will hold <	
their monthly meeting at the home of A plea8anl ev<a.,ng waa spent ln8t
Mrs. John Shaw on tbe afternoon Of Tuesday by the Eager Heart members
Tuesday, May Sth at 3 o'clock (sharp). | and frioods Th(, toUow,ng progran,
was rendered: Tiano solo, Miss Marion Drummond; dance, Miss Petri da
Specials for
this Week
Fresh Killed Local
rid Ml     MEATS     ll.WATS
Cily Meat Market
W. It, BLACK* RFgr.
9    H00K8    WKST    t)V    OI.H
I Mrs. J. M. McCreery returned from
I Lethbridge last Friday, where she had
, been vsiting her sister, Mrs. It. T.
i Brymner.
McDermot; piano duet, Misses Dufour,
Dance. Misses McDermot, J.e Here.
Drummond, Pamaby. sons duet, Miss
Doris and Miss Muriel Wallinger;
reading, Mr Bridge, song, Miss Roberts. Dainty refreshments were then
served. Miss Muriel Heed won tbe
donkey contest and Miss Frances
Noble won first prize on s poem about
"Kaiser Bill' which, needlrss to say,
was  not   very  complimentary  to  his
Imperial personage,   Miss Enid (Jill
try i ompany, hus gone  o Kernie for .* .        ,   , ,
.... . _ \ .. __._,_ ._ ,___.. (very ably took the chair ami altogether a very enjoyable evening was
The tieneral Secretary of ttie Baptist Mission Board, Mr. C. R. Sawyer,
and Chairman A. J. Welch, will hold
services In the rranbrook Baptl-a
Church on Sunday morning, May 6th.
Sergt. Martin, who ts recruiting for
the Manufacturers Independent Pores-
tew days but is returning to Cranhrook |
tm  Thursday, May  10th.
Pedigree Strawberry
Hani) iiiirllirrii grown sluek
ol the folio whiK varieties.!
Senator, Ihtnlaji, rar*eons Ilea,
nly, (lien Mar), timidell anil
Muirieiin. One hundred |ilanl«
|iiiKt|iald for lulls one Hums,
and plants f.o.b. here HJil).
I'ujrrant leiieelieee. Fay rnellile
(red) and Muck Naples larae
two year old plants $1.^1 ner
doi* peeeelpalil, eer (7.75 per
hundred f.ee.li. here. Illsriennt
<e( III per rent, (nr rash In lull
wilh order.
Monrad Wigen, Wynndel, B. C.
Mr. A Sutherland of Nelson, boiler:
Inspector, was in the city Thursday '
and Prtflay of last week on a tour of1
Inspection of the various mills and •
plants requiring his attention.
Pron time to tlm
MKs Augusta Doyle of Creston, formerly or the operating staff of the
local telephone exchange, arrived in
the eity last Thursday and (s visiting
ai the home of Mr. and Mrs. Thos.
The Women's Missionary Society
will bold their annual open meeting
ou Friday evening May llth. Tho
Pastor will give an address. There
will bo several musical numbers and
the Mission Band members wlll also
Mr. Krank Dunn returned home on
Saturday from Milwaukee aft»*r a
three weeks absence bring hi* granddaughter, Miss Janet Kerne Richardson back with him. Mips Richardson
expects tn remain tn Cranbrook for a
considerable time and has accepted a
position in the firm or Beale £ Elwell.
Mr. und MrH. Geo. R. Stevenson of
Nelson arrived In thn eity the latter
part of last week and proceeded by
motor car to the Windermere Valley,
returning to Cranbrook on Tuesday.
On the return trip Mr, Stevenson con:
traded a rather severe cold which
gave signs of developing Into some*
thing of » more seriouH nature, He
Immediately placed himself under tho
care of a doctor and we arc pleased
to learn that he Is now improving and
ho hopes that In a day or two ho will
have sufficiently recovered to return
with Mrs. Stevenson to their borne In
have referred
, to what appears to be an epidemic of
' destructlveness by the boys of tho
I town. Constant complaints are being
! made to the Police, and there Is nn In*
' sistent demand that thoso who are re-
! sponsible
being doii'
The Hritish Government hus already
In hand elaborate machinery for reconstruction after tbe war.
Mr, Lloyd George hi
strong and widely representative coin
offices of It. Hewntt, G*
Agent. Kernie; X. A. Walllngor, Government Agent. Cranbrook; J. Radford
Secretary of School Board, Baynea
Lake; and tlie Department of Public
Works, Victoria.
By application t<- the undersigni d,
contractor.-: may obtain a copy (it' ti;-'
plans Mid specifications for the sum
of ten dollars $10), which will be refunded on their return in good older.
Kacb proposal must be accompanied
by an accepted bank cheque on a chartered bank or Canada, made pay.blc
to the Honourable, the Minister ot
Public Works, for » sum equal to :■"
■Appointed a  i"'r ''"nt- °' tender- wll-<!' "hall b.
forieited if the party tendering decllm '
nter Into contrai
'* ■' B* ■:■■■■: ;* and Bedding
\ \M "l VER 11
It is neither a cabinet nor a   upon to do so. or if he fail to c
party body.
"The Committee will appeal to every
man and woman in the country who
lias suggestions to offer. It will be
tlie duly of the Committee to sift the
suggestions and give tbem to Mr.
Lloyd George."
The chief sub-tommittee is that on
commercial and industrial policy, of
which Lord Balfour of Burleigh is
chairman. It has already reported on
tho Paris Economic Conference with
reference to Imperial Preference, but
It deals with other subjects, covering
tin* whole fWd of commercial and industrial policy after the war.
Other sub-committees at present are
concerned With the following subjects*.
Agriculture; Army demobilization.
Acquisition of power i referring to
local legislation.)
Coal conservation; enemy aliens;
Relations between employer and employed,
War pledges (referring to pledges
made to trade unions.)
ir the damage which is!    Education: Teaching of science and
to property and to empty ! modern languages, juvenile education
the work contracted for. The encquea
of unsuccessful tenderer: will be re-
turned to them upon the execution of
the contract.
Tenders will not be considered unless made out on the forms supnlled,
signed with the actual signature of
the tenderer, and enclosed in the envelopes furnished.
The lowest or auy tender not necessarily accepted.
Public Works Engineer
Puhlic Works D'partment,
Victoria, IV c„ April loth. 1017  np!2
Let us make you acquainted
with the new, luscious
l houses in particular should be made
au example of.
There Is another tide of the question. What opportunity for play Ih
given lu Crunbrook to the boyi and
glrln?  They must be doing s» thing.
Most of them do not know how to play.
Their energies are misdirected. Children require to be taught to play jii'-t
us they require to be taught anything
else. In there anybody taking any Interest in their games, their baseballs,
cricket, etc'.'
We presume that games are not a
part of the school curriculum, but
games ure just as Important for tho
development of character as many of
the subjects taught in tho schools.      I „
But apart from the schools, In It not
incumbent upon tho citizens or the
town to do something for the boys ond
girls? Not merely to protect themselves against damage done to their
property but It Is their duty to look
after the welfare of the young people.
Thcr« ought to be at least one company of Hoys Scouts in Cranbroou
In relation to employment.
Financial facilities for trade after
the war.
Coal trade after the war.
Electrical trade; engineering trr.de
Iron and ItOOl trade.
Non-ferrous metal trades.
Shipping and shipbuilding;  textile
Some of the BboVfl committees were
appointed under the Board or Trade,
but tiny are working In conjunction
with the general Reconstruction Committee. There Is also a commit!
pointed by the Hoyal Society i
Coal mining rights of the Dominion, In Manitoba, Saskatchewan und
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, tlie
North-West Territories and in a portion of the Province of British Columbia, may be leused for a term of
twenty-one years at an annual rental
et $1 an acre. No moro than 2,660
acres will be leased to one applicant
Application for a Uasc must be
made by the applicant tn person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in which tlm rights applied fur
are situated,
In surveyed territory the land must
bo described by sections, of legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsurvi y
id territory the tract applied for shall
be staked out by the applicant himself,
Kacb application must be accompanied by a fee of %:, which will be
refunded V the rights applied for are
not available) but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merch*
|>P" an table output of the mine at the rate
the  of five cents per ton.
It's all that
the name
Wrigley quality-
made where
chewing yum
making ia a
Now throe flavours
Citr.\v it ,-?C.'(.*r
evc.-y menl
fueeel  supply nf tlie  I'lelte-el  Kingdom,
(iiiie'd tie,* Physiology Wier Committee.
Gained 16 Pounds Bf Taking Vinol
The person operating the mine shall
' furnish tiie Agent with sworn returns
I accounting for the full quantity "f
merchantable coal mined and pay the
■ royalty thereon if the coal mining
rights are not being operated such r* -
. turns should be furnished at least om a
i a year.
The lease will Include the coal mln-
, fug rights only, but the lesee may bo
permitted In purchase whatever available surface rights may iw- considered
necessary for the working of the mine
Gel it wherever
onf(. lions are  sold
iept Right!
l hwmBr Lasts
Kor    full  information    application
should be made to the Secretary   of i
tho Department of   the   interior,   ot- {
tawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent I
of Dominion Lands, j
W.   W.   CORKY, i
ncputy Minister of lho Interior, j
Norfolk, Va.—"I suffered from ner*
vousness, hsd no appetite ami was very
thin. Nothing I took seemed t*> help me
until one day a friend told inr about
Vinol.     have new taken six botttes and t  	
liave ns d Of teen pound-; have a gooil | «J5? rL"?. °.f ?lft M. .an flcr'
Aro the churches doing anything for I nppetltn and can eat anything."--Mat- i
">- ■*■•"•»■ '"■"■ •»"•• *>* noting r%5nr,.xt2Si*Li *•»«*,
Mereotypo Suniloy ScliooU Qui It kit   vMl ■„, ,„rm„i, „„ ,.,.„,■, bottle.   It
mutter not only for tlio oliurolios, lent   create, hi, ipnotlte, tldi dlgoallon an,l
for tho wlmU, rltv    Wo WOllld like lee    U»k«« l"t": benltby leleeuel.    Try it oil
»eo the motieT takon up pro'erably I °ur *"*",1""''*      .  „   .   ,.     „
by the Board of Tn or Jjy U„ OltylSiS* a ** -" -*«2?£-^2lK:I.. !**' '■   '' ' '"' "'»'"'"" ' !
I' ssmtt.1'! ''.J. *-*       .
• tiniTTKj*aaai 21
i. (•„ alio ai the brut dratiaiU I this iiWertliement
In ull llrllleeh I'nlumbla tnona. far.—3MM.
,111   nni  be,   pal,I \
A  I.-irjie Sliipmenl of Ladies', Misses' & Gents'
i.i\e- en 11 Trail, 11.00 n box,  *.' for *l.*j;,.  ll tut UM PAGE KOI'll
THURSDAY,   MAV   3rd,    1917
I'ieil nnil mining Engineer*
I'.. ('. I.iuiil Surveyor?,
I'ltANIIIlOOK, D. 0.
Forwarding  and   Distributing
AKe'iet fnr
Lethbridge und Grccnhill Coal
liiipiiinl Oil Co.
Distrbution Cars a Specialty.
Iinii iiiL* iiiiiI Transferring
Given prompt attentlnn
i'lione 63
General Merchant
Kniplieymeiit Agent
P. O. nni HIS Plume 244
CllANlmOOK, B. C.
The Shoe Specialist
Siitisfnetieen ililaniliteed
Headquarters feer nil kinds ,
Spokane, Washington
This house has t'ie
happy distinction of being the favor ito slopping place In Spokano
for the people of llrltlsh
Columbia Wo appreciate
this patronage, and do
everything in our power
to make you comfortable.
nur location is excellent —
close to Great Northern Station
nnd 0, W, It. & N. Milwaukee
terminal, and within n minute's
Wttik from the principal IiiikIimss
houses and places nf amusement,
Niw  NtffimNlilii  tin   Hon?
Barristers, Etc.
V. Gurd        0. J. Spreull
News of the Surrounding District
llrs. (in
V MlU'Killllilll
mil Surgeo
Ollice  at  r
■ne',*. Armstrong
Evenings .
Sundays ..
 2.00   o
 2.110 to
IBR00K, B. 0,
:, Mamifiic-
ry Company,
.will Ills Cam-
i    pte. Ii  Chi r
ii  Forestry bi I
leeet'll promoted
, Howell
, dn.
i     The Wlade rm
i ttirul Assoelatlc
of directors line1
i*s  (towel  who   |ol    sl1'''1" Vl   Ion
.ill,hi in Regina, has *lr* s ' !l''
i u Sorgeantcv. Sergl i Inspector, with
member of iiu- local  ">"■ near Falrv
Kilmarnock Cuatlc, College Avonuo.
Miss 13. n. Paterson, Roosville, was
visiting willi Mlsa Armltage and Miss
Harris ot Flagstone, Saturdny.
.Miss (lattlo-Marla-Mabolle-Two-
Stookiwjs nnil Whlto-Cloud passed
, through Elko Hiis week for the Fori
imperial Bank of (';
uere District Agrl
llirnugli their be
again dccldod to 1
nl  in
. Government Boiler
oadquartcrs in Net-
w, huh iu Klko tills
everything in good
lown   en   tilts   pocket
Spencer mnl
running  order,
Hens nnd "Un 1
Mr. .1 13. Doherty of Vancouver, n.
iv. wns iii Biko this weok representing the British-American Timber i*
Office In Kins,in Block
It to 12 a m.
1 tie   5 p.m.
.1 in ■
ii r
Ivod  i
vn   n
Is "11
gal p
■ .
-    who
del  i '
nlng   p
■opi rty
■- ni
to .1,
,|ll   wo
1,  ther
ni ''•
i   ■ n
1 il
of Mi
A    Melli
111     II
,, i
rl h ro
' t'raul
of Mil
s 111
n IP**
, i  ft-
Of till* llnin- .
ii Saturday   advantage of the kind offer  of the  Milling Co.
*    department   through  fcuporintenuVuit      Mr- •m'1 Mrs. ■■•»■>■■ '" Pernio waa
Parham, to allow them to have their   aoWn   to   R,ltn  this   week  nnd   Mrs.
Rootli   wjih   po   Impressed!  with   the
bi onle   -ttirraundings  that  they  have
decided th move to Elko to reside.
Gossip I. the mother-in-law of lies.
\v. ll   Dobson, the flour man from
Medfelne Hat. was In Klko and Flng-
slono thfa woek and stated thai tho
exhibition on the ground
In Ion  lioverniiu nt   Expi rit. i ntal  Stn-
Tho formal opening for the Bcason
of Hie courso of tho Invormore Goll
: club takes place on Saturdaj ot this
a local tournuinenl will be
held. Sinee tlie annual llioetlllg molH
| bors of tho grounds commit ton In ■•     ll"!',l :
mado many marked Imprnvemenl In
; the club's neat little club oon i; lun
lng made interior change* and i dd d
• a verandah, A koopor ha*: this year
| been appointed for tin* groenB whieh Is
■ In
iniirht mak
ol to overlook snur-
.!, <;. Cummlngs, B, C, !.. S„ of Cn n      '   ■■ ll
rook,  roprosentntlvo of thti]   rldln i   '
lepartmonl of Public Work
making an Inspection of Uu
I'ltOOK I'll
Malerimj i.i.l Geuora
I'liunee 11
Garden Ave.
mee on Application
A. SALMON, Mill ron
,9              P. O. llox sir.
i> in tieivu i hr
il    ■   ro Imied hli !„,-'
11 n iger  of  Ihe   Kitchener ' has boi
llnli i mnl hns urei ptcil a position with I dlstrlcl
tin   I'ul   .   ivi.ii,   iiepurtmcnl nl liis ]
thai of hi icksmlth.   Hani \V\sl
nrrived In lown on Saturday and loft — •—
on Mnnduj tn take up liis now duties.      Mr, „„,, Mr8i wiilnisli.v
les gave n eliiiie'i' I wiisu this woek for Alberto
ire lonvlng
on Snturel i\ for Hin benefll of their
i in vitbniiBli only !>ne days notice
was glvi ii ;, Inrge crowd nttondod rrom
I'rnnl      VV| 'liff"    Siilllven   Mine,
Kltnberler. Meniloil llr.inli. nil' prosenl
IiiiiI nl ndld time ns usual. A. fl,
James furnished the music nnd I
Lull.- of Wycliffe   wns   Master   nf I
'  III
. 11 AC I'll
1 nelcrllil
nny i
ne- 238, Nlgllt I'liiiae :',',
Aee, next
u City Hull
uml   l'l„
killed: I'
lh,- Herald)
. April 25tli, 11)17.--
lal communications
sinliii'-  iis  having
them being Willi	
,- in 172. Klnei thru
Wlllnm ll. Wilkes,
iMSckoy)' Welsh,
I .1   11,'iiyi'r. Quack-
Tlckuor, woundod.
nl I'iiiii'ii'nrl
1      (llllll
rook, li
C,           II
ir word for first week, aud lc per
won! lor each week after.
lunn llisiiiiiriini
ul. ill   Ml
I iUllI'llll's
ami I iniili
Hi,, Hunk
if Commerce
lllll SAI.i:   I'resh Milk (ems
W. II. Bardgett.
(IM! Millie \l Iliih. IIII1ISK for Sale.
Apply, W,. I), Hnrdgett. 18-lt*
l,inl)   nlshe
ulot 1 1,'.    I
um  ami   heard   i:i
I ::::, Herald, ls-lt*
rIVMl   inr sale in- relit; iiilssleni
ak finish; S200 cash.—Old Curiosity
If vou
t, to
nriieies for familv
IV\M'i;|l    rhino ill unod conditio.).
prico must bo reasonable,   Apply to
Herald Office. tf,
\YAvn;n niui:inATi:i,v-A good
dairy cow.   Apply to Edwin Griffiths,
Fernie, I'.. C. 17-Ct.*
i'dlt SAI.i: King raspberry plants
3.50 por LOO, Apply .1. Delmer. llox
55. 15-4t.
will take up their farming again, Mr.
and .Mrs. Wnlmsley have made many
friends while living nl Wasa who will
In* sorry to seo them leave.
Mrs.  Joe   Metcalf  passed   through
Wasa Tuesday last  for Port  Steele,
her homo.   Mrs. Metcalf bus been at
sheep   Creek   sinee   September   lasl
t keeping house for Mr. Emery.
Goo. Harr of Wasa spool tho week-
I end In Fort. Steele with friends.
1     Miss BubIi of Wasa spent a fow days
I last week In Fort Steele the guest of
Mrs. Arthur Nlchol,
Mr. Anderson Is spending tlie weekend in Fort Steele tho guost of lile
I uncle. A. McLeod.
U.   Finlay  of  Cranbrook,   came   to
] Wasa last Week to take Up liis new
position  in  the  I'nion ist  Investment
Company's store.
Mr. Quartly of \\1asiv purchased a
new Ford car this week from tlie Hanson Garage, Cranhrook.
Mr, and Mrs. H .Harr spent Saturday
last in Crnnbrook.
Mr. Quart lv motored to Cranbrook
Tuesday hist.
Mrs. Hush and Miss Perry were Fort
Steele visitors Inst week.
Mrs. T, Leask nnd family of Ta Ta
Creek were Fort Steele visitors Wednesday last.
J, Walsh of Fort Steele spent a lew-
days in Wasa this week. Joe Wise nnd
It. Crowe wcre also visitors hero
Mr. DlltZ left Wasa lust week I'm
Fort Steele to soo about farming his
IT. DlltZ of Bull River spent Tuesday
nnd Wednesday in Wasa buying horses
to ship to the prairie for farm work.
,i. Halg of Fort Steele passed thru
Wasa this week.
.Mr. and Mrs. Emery of Cranhrook
passed through Wasa on Thursday laBt
on their way to Cranhrook. Mr. Emery
has been to Sheep Creel; for the past
two weeks where be was taking can'
of his father's ranch.
Mrs. Jensin of Ta Ta Creek spent a
few days in Fort Steele last week the
guest of Mrs. It. Werden.
Mr. and Mrs. Miller spent a few days
lu Cranbrook last  week.
Mr. Downs of Wardner passed thru
Wasa Monday last.
The Crow's Xest logging train makes
a return trip from Wardner vin Bull
Hiver to the Skookumchuck camp with
logs every day.
T   l.ei.lier. Roosville
i   lltnv  their son  Blair,
nl  Willi tl ii   Montana. Ihis week.
Simon iM'.i - 'i of Pernio buys hnlf
section •!  li nd In tho Roosville Vnl-
nnd       movlns  his  family down
Tho water pownr on this
pr r i   n bb- n   . i in Itnolf.
Rln i'l llii ■ of Fi "uie bought '■'.(.
u n - ui fruil lund rrom tbe Bunk Ini
flrel ar I i'n one mile north of the
Hi i.-villi' School  House
iiim'i worry, worrv is lost pnorgy
li Ih like* a rocking chair, keeps doing
Ini never nets nm whore.
A I) Trltei. "Tlie Morchant Prince"
Pernio, wn« down on Tobamo Plains
thi    WC 'It filling Illl   nihh ir hunt" with
rainbow trout.
Miss MuryJnnoSlackhnnimor, Roosville. Vnllov, with ;. comnlox'lnn Ilk-* n
baked ai'u'e. wns In Klko thin week
on her wny to Cranbroolt, looking as
if sbn'd bil tho lip off Qermnuy's fight-
that old sore from which you are
miti ■■run; is incurable? Zam-Buk
has cured thousands of casea of
eli route sores.
Miss Nellie Lucas of Silver Lake,
Oregon, writes: "My father
developed a sore on his faifb which
became very swollen and painful.
We tried numerous remedies, and
several doctors attended him, hat
the sore got no better, and the
doctor said the only hope of curing
It was an operation. Father deter
mined, however, that he would flrst
try Zam-Buk.
" Even after the flrst few applications of this wonderful balm he
felt great relief. Gradually the pain
was ended, the inflammation waa
all drawn out, the swelling disappeared and the sore waa soon
Zam-Buk is equally good for
eczema, ringworm, blood-poisoning,
had togs, piles, barns, scalds and
cuts. All drugglBta and stores, or
Zam-Buk Co., Toronto. 60c. boi,
3 for 11.25.
I I'll
Imd t
III t*
tlplt'tlB    llliiillt    till*
mi,, «-,,uiii kick bee
i with tlee* crowd,
to heaven
inii-i' (hey
roll SALE Hue- remil carl In ireeeed
Diiilltlnii ii \y. i.iuiil,, or Cranbrook
'railing Co. 17-H'
frame; Prop.
nil. Cukes
1 I'lisliy
Phono 37
Avi*.       0|i|i  Cllj
I'll 11   SALE     Tlieeeolllllllll'l'll      Wlllll'
Wyandotte cuss, *!■'•« setting, nt \V.
It. Block's, City Menl Market.      18-lt*
lllllTIAIIK PLANTS   Si,11,1, I year
uiii plants $1.1 t iluzi'ii; dellvoreil
anywhere   In   I ranbrook.     llox 'IS.
Cranbrook, B. C.
MIST On Sunday allornoiin, between Mnsonlc Temnlo and Prcsby-
ti rlnn Church, n gold lockol with tho
iiiitini- e; \1. B. liiiilff please return
to O. M. Barney.   Reward.
inn Wonder variety, Iiihih grown;
dwnrl ii* to ll Inch high), early
variety, n good yielding sort, excellent
eating I Ib l'>: r, lbs $1.00; 10 lie
$1.80; l'ii lien. $9.40; delivered al
Cranbrook Sample nl Herald Ofllce
For sale by .Inliii Uvill, Cranbrook
IVE WANT Jin elU'rai'lh' und re-
liable roprccenlatlvc In the following
towns in iie-i ni correspondent, ndver-
t, ilng ni nnd ■ ubscriptlon canvasi*-
, r [or "Tl " B C. Weekly News:" Vun-
, . ver. New WcntmlnBtcr, Nelson, Ver-
i  Xiiiii.im,,. lum,mi. AIIiithI. lln/.el-  r,,„t for producing ilirills
ton, si'iiti,," , I'rlnce Oeorge, Prince
i i| rt, I 'ranbrook, Kamloops, Pernie,
Apply, glvliis iinrtlculnrs of exper-
leni ■    In tl * V , torhi  Wc lily Press
Ltd, :. :i 111 gliton Sn t, Victoria.
Mr. C. II. Knocke. conductor on the
logging train here, met with an m'e'i-
dent liiHt Friday, when a log dropped
off one of the loailee and slrne-le hlm.
Mr. Knocke was near one of the loaded cars when he heard n shout of
warning from Hurry Caldwell nnd
looked up In time to see one log coming down toward htm. II,, had the
presenco of mind to turn liis back
so received only u glancing bin
the head, tho major part of the nbock
fulling upon his back and hips. One
ankle Is seriously injured nnd the
other bruises are still sore', otherwise
lie Is feeling tine. On the snmo trip a
car of hay which was coupled cIobo
hehiml tiie locomotive caught flro from
a cinder belched forth on nn up-grade
nnd burned up absolutely.. The train
crow had a lough right to save' the
trucks and the loads of logs, fronl
burning also.
'I'll,, nulo lunula sei'ins to he prevalent here as olsewhoro.   Messrs. Ch.
Staples, Sterling  Staples  lillel   l.eieleei
Cluzol have each purchased n Ford
ear during the past fortnight. This
brings tho total of ears ptirchnsed in
Wycliffe lor the spring or 1017, up lo
It is the Intention of I.. Cluzel to run
a spasmodic jitney service between
here nnd Craabrook, the Kimberley
Jitney being or little benefit to the
people of Wycliffe, owing lei Its unfavorable schedule.
Cluzel Is as good iis Illl oloctrlc <nr
ll,, haa
ml attendance In April—
Islon t, Teacher, I). It.
Brander, Isa Cameroi,
i Fenwick, Kuiu Hayes, cultn
Kershaw, Kiln Fenwick, Agnes Wnlsh,
Annie Wlrth, Amelia Lum. Diviclon
2. Toucher, A. Mny,' Bato. William
Wulah, Pearl Johnson, Orace linker,
Itobert Werden, Oeorge Worden, Margarol Werden, Loralne Ainu's. Alfred
Kershaw. Amy Ban Quan, Sylvia linker
Helen Wlrth, Robert Johnson,
Gophers nre becoming Quito n menace again this year hut tho school
linvs are bundling the question very
Visitors in leiwn last week were:
W. A. Moody, Vancouver; It. linker.
Craabrook; It. T. Miles aad Philip
Morris nl' Vancouver; X. Uneven of
Crows Nest Lumber Co., Wardner;
John T.iit. Nelson; v Sutherland,
Nelson, Boiler li.-i ector; Mr. nnd Mrs.
c. A. KlIUBensmlth. Elko: A. T. Cnld-
uill. Li wis Myers
.1. Evelyn Wrench, lion. Secy, of the
Overseas Club, has written n letter
thanking thc school children for their
generous response to the overseas'
appeal for money.
Mr. Yollnnd nt' Golden Rural Ocnn
nl' this diocese pnld n shorl visit to
Fori Steelo on muii.
\V. R. l", Anderson eel' De'trnit spent
n row days In.town this week.
C, II. Hoskins nl' Teeportln Co., Vancouver, spent Sunday nod Mondny in
In- Misses Patterson and Stewart,
Evangelists, have been holding nightly
meetings in Fori Steele for the lust
six nights.
li,'urge- Geary, well known here and
nn nlil linii'i'. is nt the Crnnbrook Hos
pltal receiving treatment for his knee
whieh lie injured Iie-i weok wliile
working i,ii his ranch.
In April, approximately 200 carloads
nt lumber and Iocs wore shipped trom
siiiiinns tributary to Furl Steele.
Tills week the work trains will bring
grave! rrom Torrent nnd begin the
railroad repairing.
T. E. I linn, of Fernie, has accopt-
. I ed the position of C, P. R. Agont in
,   Fori Steele.   Mr. lineman arrived on
Hi   bul   Mrs,.   Illinium   anil   young
lighter will  not arrive for ii few
A runaway
which mlghl I
accident.   A te
to Oeorge Gear
I   last   week-end
sillied  In  a had
lorses leeli,lining
nil driven by George
l.nni. became frightened and ruslu'd
ailing th" river bank and then across
tin- main street sidewalk, which Is
11,,-i't over from lasl week
mil i.ii\ St CALIFORNIA iMII.lliivn
Co On nl I,mnl i. Tin-' lo sunn' re-
v ti i In United StatcB by Acl of Congress llatod .lune 9, 1010. Two mil
lion three hundred
bo opened for Homesteads and Sole.
Tlmbor and
Lieut. Win. Robs, b r W. II. Robb
has I n awarded the M. C.   Llool
Ross Is woll known hero as 1 Bonded se-liiml here when :i hoy.
.Mrs. It, L. T. Galliriiitli returned
Monday to her home here alter spend
ine: seven weeks at the Cranbrook
hospital recuperating from an operation inr nppondlcltls, All are mure
iliiiu glad to have Mrs. Onlbralth In
their mlilBl ngnln.
Mr. Mutz of Vulcan, Alberta, was in
town early in the weok,
Mlsa Grimily vlsttcd in town Wednesday, 2.-.111.'
Mr    ami   Mrs.   A.   I*.   Howness.  Mr.
ami MrB li'iiine drove from Crnnbrook
already i-arni'il the Bobrluucl ol' "Bar-|aI)  Sunday
uev Oldflelil' I'or the dusli nml "pop"     Mr.  ami   Mi-.   Sam  Cadloux  havo
with which he handle's "Henry" '""■''' """ '''"" Sl""'" "' nw r"r ""'
, I    present.
, ,„', |     I'le  Tom I'hislinliii. sun ul' Mr, mnl
, Mrs  A. ciilsiiiilni m' Fori Btoolc, mid
ami llu ii letlor from England lhal he had
piled lor cutty loin the flying I'l'i't
Mr.   Howness nnd  a   pnrty  nf
friends motored through Wycliffe
Misses    i.iireitu    Armstrong
"lliinnle"   llnyle   wcre   the   en.   I
Mr«. Harry Caldwell on Sunday.
Messrs. Gen   llnvis nml A. Ili'lT ,
now in » noslilon In give Informal
and  advice   nortnlntng  to   tli*  ee
tlioii'snn.l'nVr.'s't'e.l^'';." '"'■"" Wy, liff.-l rnnlii'iink Hi,
ii,,]  I.:
Rev. Tims. Keyworth
nleil lecture entitled
i* sun
1 Stal
* Larg
am!  ,1
II,  eh
,1' til,
nml lelt In land Her Future," In the BchObl-li
Inst Monday night, The lecture
nhly handled nnd dealt with son
the gruver probloms on th.- Orients'
iiiiestioti. Sociology, Agriculture, nml
the "Back lo the Und Movement'
which must lie grappled with nnd overthrown by the government or Cntindu
In the near rulure.
hc opportune
nips showing
soil, climate,
Postpaid one
.oi-ntlng Co.
gon.        ICtf.
1 iii.it tli,- doctor had pronounced
., | liim  lit   I'm-  liie  service.
ni!    Pte.   Vnl   Juki's  lins  written  rrom
I- | Scnfiiril.  Snssex. thai   lc  **'ill   met   !"'
i-1 coming in Cunndn ns lee before Intended, hut lm" decided lo stny wilh his
n  mother In England.
!" |     I'le Eddie Walsh, son of ('unstable
.'■ish.   in   liosnltal   wliere  ho  Is  III.
',1 Hint in- will probably he home on
I'lleuve before long.
nil\ in:
Licensed bj  P
•ov. Govi'i'tinient,
Special attenlli
vous ami Rhei
n  given  to  Ner-
mntlsm caseei by
Vlolel llii)
Build     lip
Bloody is, aoi
trie Vibration,
in-   i-ysteun    and
'. through Hlcc-
ntornnl Exorcise
Villi,1    liny   Illl
fcctly ii :, l ie rn 1
1 Ozone, a per-
ni ice-Hie.
Mr. Carl Inftliam, Shoop Mn
I CObpor Minns, I:' KliP.nd-'.lG lin1
'ond wltli Mr, and Mm. Bllwood
ston i'.
Acnirdlnn tn Horliii pRnnrs, lhc
[ Prussians bave shinned knocldnR unlla
into tlu- Imoan of Hlndonburp. ro: Hi
Inir, snvs Jim TlilRtlobnfik. tlml Hi
Hrit.isli pre i'Win.r lllndlo tlu* needli
Mrs. Katinin, (noo Inez Hollirooltl
Trnvi". Alberta, nn 1311(0 old tlmor, wm
stiondiiu* a weok In tho old historic
tinrr. tlie buobI of Mlaa Irene McKoe,
l'ii*. .lolm Kelly, brotlicr of Mrs.
tt. 'I'. RlelinrdBon, 1ms written to sny
tliiii lie mlglit la* home on leave sonn.
Mr, and Mrs. (1. M. Agnow of Ellto
an- now poaldontB f>r Port Steel,* and
are living in Mrs. Walls* house. Mr.
Agnew wil lie employed at the Bridge's
It in reporli>d that tlio ninrliinory lm?
in.in boughi fnr the concentrntor to
bo installed nt tbo Victor Mine,
Tli,* Rod cms-, list of subscriber:-!
for Mnrch Is a- follows: T. McVittie,
ROc: K. I. T. t.albr.iitb. T.Oe: Mrs.
Onlbralth, 2Rc: lr. MSnnir.ro, *jr>r; C
Mair, ROc; Mrs Cann, 2RCi A, Doyle,
2fii ■ Mr;-. Attroc, 25c; D. Wcrdon, '2~-v;
i   Tnenlu usor, Sfic; W, Tftoiihauaor,
'T.c:    (1.   Melier,   2fiCJ   J.   Walsh,   -fie;
\ M. Hate, 2fic; U. T. ltlel.nrdson. 25c;
Mrs. .T. Crowe. 2Rci Mm. A. IV Fen-
wh-k, $1.00,
jews    \>inni)A>'(i:    ASSN.
tin error the not receipts
from the "Bazoozl" were published
lasi week as ^Trt.im instead of $17."..on.
A donnlion of 12 pair of socks has
been mailo to the Association by Mrs.
.1. A. Murray ol ihis city, A groat deal
of credit is due Mrs. Murray lor this
splendid contribution as she purchased the wool and gave many hours
of lur tlmo in knitting it. and tho
Association wishes to express its
thanks and npprocatlon for the same.
This Spring there is evory indication
that Cranbrook has passed through a
very successful winter. Trade has
been pood, and continues good. This
being so thoro is a tendency to overlook tbe present serious state of affairs with respect to tbe food supply
of the world. In Oreat Britain and
in othor countries long lines of people
aro to be soon standing outside of tho
stores awaiting tho opportunity to buy
a small quantity of food. Tho food
question is serious and is bound to
become moro seriouw, oven if the war
ceases at an early date. What aro tlio
people of Cranbrook doing to help'.'
Tbe beautiful public parks of Kngland
are being ploughed up and given over
for allotments. Tlie vacant lots near
tho coast towns are being used for
trowing vegetables. \\V ure strongly
of ibe opinion that everyone in this eity
should prow his or ber supply of vegetables for nexl year. It can be dono
witbont any interference with business, Wo are glad to note that
the Board uf Trade bave taken stops
with a view to netting the City Council interested in tlie movement for cultivating Burdens nnd vacant lots. If
satisfactory results nro to be obtained.
Immediate action must be taken.
(Continued from page one)
Discharge Depot, DIOli; Sundry cases
including 08 camp men, 166; Total,
1171: Number of men who have np-
plied for employment, 080; Number
of men found employment: (a) returned from Overseas. 503; (b) not
been Overseas, fi'J. Total, 6f>5. Number of discharged men unemployed:
la) returned from Overseas, ISO; (b)
not boon Overseas. -1. Total. :i4. Number of mon returned from Overseas
who have ro-enlistod or are attached
for home guard duty: For Homo
Ounrd Duty, estimated. 20; For Overseas, duty estimated. 52. Total Sl.
in connection with tbe Employment
return the Commission hus supplied
very complete and interesting statements of the various occupations followed by the men before enlisting and
also thoso which have boon provided
through the efforts of the Commission
and the siib-coninilttoes. These statements show that thoro have been suppled 1.011 positions for the GOB men
now employed. Tin* occupations Included practically all the trades followed m the Province It will be ioad-
ily understood that the number of positions found for llie men will always
be III excess of tlle number of men employed, as tl iTorts of Ihe Com 111 Is-
sion and  the sub-coiuililttees are not
confined lo finding only one position
for ii man, many of thoni have been
supplied    with   several    places   before
ihey an- permanently located,
Tbe statistical statements compiled
by the Provincial Commission nre evidence thai no pains have been spared
iu orgnnlalng a thorough and efficient ,
system. Tlio records kept nt tbo office
of the ComntlsBlon are most enniplelo
and full Information regarding each
man's ease Is readily avallublo.
(To he Concluded next   weeli.)
Equal io
Throe sticks of Giant Stumping
Powder will tlo us much work
as ten horses and tlo it quicker,
cheaper ami better.
British Columbia l£xpei imental I'aims,
Farmers1 Institutes and farmers in practirully
every town from Prince Rupert to Kernie
an* constant users of
-tlie first stumping powder made in t Canada.   R- ^*
If you have not already tried Giant Stumping
Powder, list ir thenext time you blast. You
will find that it j"oe*. further and therefore
costs less to use. When farmers use Giant
once, they always insist upon having »■
it in the future. '
Get our
free book
j Free Book
i    Coupon
It contains many illustrations showinu I f^,
you how ro save explosives in loading I t\tt,tA
stumps.    It explains how you can get I
the stumps out cleaner atul easier wilh |
Giant Stump'mm Powder.    Mail the |
coupor or write a postcard and the |
book will be sent free. ■ _
Vancouver. B. C.
M. your  book. "Hrltfi  1'aimlne
•lnHOm.: I'eeKjPr."   1 am tntricil
lecll whicli I lure milked Xl
Safety First
it to tho Pur
"Ship to Shubert"
the latk'i"' i -\f 1*1 tha Word dentins
exclusive y   ■ i   A'-tiR-in itsiw   Fum.
nt»i LiuV-alV'"-.'* ' :/■''. il.'tu'tM '■'.'■!
Price* ar il tl if I I "Efiubirt" L-lUi-n-nt,
Speed**, Courteoiu service.
Wrllo for lho latest edition of   "Eti*
e>lilllii*rt   t*lr||.ij*rr"   rnnt-iifunir   valuiili.n.
.:■!  huv
SHUdLK 1 , Inc. DeP> ■:.-.,<,,CHICAGO,U.S.A,
Notlco is hereby given that I will
offer for sale by public auction at
.!. A. McDonald's l.ivi*ry Ham, Cranbroolt street, on Wednesday tlio i'tli
day of May. 1!M7, at '2 p.m., one Hindi
Colt called "INDIAN" doicrlbed as a
:! yearn old, branded $ on right hip.
ruder tbe provisions of "The Cattle
Men Act" to reimburse a. P, Noble for
llie care and maintenance of salil colt
at the request of the owner. Lloyd
Sale BUbJoct to rt'sorve hid.
Dated thin Hrri dny of May, 1917.
J. A. Arnold. Auctloni-ci
Why? Primarily,
for the manner in
whicli the suit is
made to suit your
display of models
and fabrics is vastly diversified and
we're careful ^->
that you select *t\€*^
the right one.
Secondarily, for the quality -
'"" -/»V -"*
cost yen no morc ihan others,
but we're rather certain you'll
find them liner.
Iim nil ihis is really nol convincing—
you musi wear nnpi yon must have it
tailored to yonr measure from one of
the hundreds of line fabrics und one
of the many Spring models.
Herald Want Adds Bring Results
r. ***


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