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Cranbrook Herald Nov 3, 1910

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Array Legislative l.lhrsrjr
Air J.«l
,,^l^,:A    ;
/Wv/ 7
to the llerulil  Hays—Try
Our   l.neiil   ('iilmiilis
10c. ll line
il 7**Ji-,'IA' ■-'■ UV'
] We are woll   equipped to
..ut die beiU'lftM
of work
" ,ru**i vi* i,'-, i...■ .■ **.* ■
i.uANimooR. BitrnsH Columbia, tiil'ksoav, nonkmheii , a, m.i..
MacDonald-Baird Wedding
Fashionable Event at Trinity Cliurch, Andover, N.
15., Last Week
nlili* mi|ii nil
cn Hiss ■ tin
ov, ,1. II
iiii   mil n
mi   was
li llie
Ij gowm
1    in
ic a veil
nrrleil a
The I))vcnlng Timet, and star, o[
St. .John, vii . gives Uio following
account nt Dm iimringt] nl M. ...
Maedomilil, u| tills city, nml Miss Ida
Lena lliiitd, al Amlowi, N. II , on
Wednesday, October HlMh:
Andover, Oct, 3d.  (Speclnl).-
itv Clllirell    WHS   the seen
Interesting im.I    fashion
event at  noon today, ul
l.i'iia    Haird,    daughlci
llair.l, wns iiailoil   in in
Malcolm  \, Mncdomilil,
CriinhiooK, IM- . by lie
tins.     There were nu
guests ami  lhe cercnu
uesM'd hy n very large
friends of Uui bride an
The Wide was pretti
while iliieln-ss   satin,
duchess laeo and    wo
orange blossoms am) c
er bouquet ol bride's   loses and Hi*.
of-the-valley.       Ihr   only ornameni
was a diamond necklace, the glfl   ol
the groom.
The matron of honor, Mrs. I.ewiu.
0, St. -lohn, wore -in English costume of maise embroidered satin and
a largo picture hat with willow
plumes and carried a bouquet of
chrysanthemums. The bridesmaids,
Miss K. Edgecombe, of Frederic-ton,
and Miss Katie Haird, of Toronto,
were gowned allko in pale blue mlg-
non de soie, over Idee satin ami trimmed with paisley sil!; blue embroidered. They wore blue chtfTon poke
bonnets with long streamers and carried pink chrysanthemums. The little
page, Miss .Muriel Baird, was daintily costumed in white polnl d'esptll
covered with lily-oMhe-valley and
carried a basket of llly-of-tlte-valley.
Herbert Haird, brother of tho bride,
was groomsman.
Mrs. Haird, mother of the bride.
wore hand-painted chiffon over hello-
trope satin and a black velvet bat
with bluek ami white willow  plumes.
Miss Macdonald, and Mrs Duncan, of
Toronto, sisters id ihe groom, were
|*uGoinlllgly l'owiuiI, Ihe former in
lilue silk ami panne velvet and the
I.i11ti in white silk and baby Irish
liter, timing lhe out of town guests
were: Senator and Mis. Wood, ol
KnckvlllOj Mr. and Mis. 0 W, Clan
ong, of SI Stephen, Hon. I.. I'. Earns, oi While's t'ove; Mis. Mini  ol
Chicago; Mrs, Woslej Vnnwarl, ol
Eieiliiii'loii. \lts, Mitchell, id Cohuli,
uiul Miss Maul Edgecombe, of Kred*
Aliei  the coremoii) a reception vvu.,
hi'ld nl   Uie hoi f the hride.     The
deeoiitljons were unusually attractive. In Hie dining room, long while
ribbons wen* Iiluk from the electrolier In llie center lo the corners ol
the table, entwined wilh smilav,
while a largo basket of while roses
nnd lily-of-ilie-valley oeeupied the mi-
ler of tin- tabic, The library was a
perfect bower of while roses nud
chrysanthemums, and the drawing
rooms were banked with red and
white roses and carnations.
Mr. and Mrs. Macdonald left iu the
afternoon tor a trip to upper Canadian cilies, and thence to the Pacific
eoasf, where they will reside in
Cranbrook. The bride's going away
dress was of blue broadcloth and she
wore a Parisian model bat of blue
velvet with gold fringe.
Very many gifts of cut glass, silver, china and otlu-r forms were received, among the number lieing a
[paint, and a Caldon dinner set from
lhe bride's father. To the bridesmaids tlie groom nave silver card
eases bearing their monograms; to
tho ushers, silver collar fasteners
with monogram, and lo the groomsman, silier military brushes. The
bride is one of Andovcr's most popular young ladies, and ber many
friends here wish ber every happiness
in her tar western home.
The New Perry Creek
Steam Shovel at Work Where Formerly the Miner's Pan
Herald   i
bullied   ViSlI
week end.  witli
the operations
presontaliro paid a
.. Pcrrj Creek last
a view to inspecting
of   the steam shovel
ami I
discovered and a i on m mis organized, consisting ■ " well
known Cranbrook busiiic*' men,
among ihem were .1. ' ••■■■■ nml J
H. McHrnle. in i < i 11 i
A plan I was Inst il n d .<■ live
opcrnll ins commi new ,r*.**- the
iim. things »'■ i ■ lo ship
tbe product, ii wan ill coven l ihal
transportation chnt Id prove
not only because of its prohibitive, and the manage) in
last potentialities, but because ot Us charge, qulell) dlsa I n lio
pasl history. | not been seen since
I'crrj Crock In past years was the I remains and in view
scene of considerable activity as a i of tbe raw product,
placer Held. Tlie center ol activity matter .if time helot
was    whai is  now    known as "OM j commercial purposes,
now working on tho Mncdonncl
(l/.owskl claims, Ills visll was, unfortunately, all luo short t<> du more
Ibaii make a very cursor) survo)  nl
the creek.      IVlTV Creel, is OlIO of llie
mosi Interesting spots in South East
e lhe huh,nil
workings      .
he East Kooti
I.   in   which   Di
turned t.
Town."' which, judging from ibe re-i
mains of old dwellings and stores, j
must    have  been a prosperous    and J
loutncyiiig i
oss tlie bis
rklngs, Thc
the i
of  til
■ Uil'
Ivel) new
;i'i:ci\i.      CON1 i Rl \n S     \
Wll  TOMORROW   Miiltf
On Niurada) night id lasl week (lie
special evangelical ucrvl    Knox
ebureii eame in an i in)      Hi   K no i
In1 reputation as nn eloquent spoakei
bad pie-ceded  bun,   and mill h Wfl    Pi
peeled, \ei in i.it lurpas ■ 'i eveii
anticipation N'ighl aft.t night he
attracted lai > audlenci ..nd lu Id
thalt rapt attention No| nil) were
ins seiin ins p|ihi i at, hut powerful
nnd persuasive Ih- is no lien 0
typed evangelist, ii.it .. rbik*, strong
pre-gchci ol ■■ broad minded   n ■■< *
On Frid.iv Mi Knowles and Mr
Thornton went to Ni li on and con
ducted the opening meeting of the
million there, On Saturdaj Uioj
continued lo (iiand Porks, where
tbey opened i he mission I lure on
It Is very regrettable that during
his slay in Cranbrook Mr. Knowles
was in very bad health, ami bus
shut had to leave (irand Forks iu
the middle of the mission to return
to Toronto.
As was planned from the flrsl of
llie evangelical mission iu Knox
chinch, a special conference on Christian work will he conducted by Hr.
tl, 0. Shearer, secretary of tlio Moral and Social Reform Council of
Canada; Itev. R. .1. Wilson, of St
Andrew's cburcb, Vancouver, ami
Itev. F. W. Anderson, secretary ol
the Laymen's Missionary Movement
during Thu rainy and Friday, November -ird and -Ith. It iu the desire of
ttmr men   that this conference    he
1 co-operated in by christians of all
churches, The aim is to dim t and
harness the Interest aroused In the
recent services in practical Christian
, work. The meeting will tx* held In
| Knoi cliurch The following is lhe
Till RSDAY, \n\KMIU:i; SRI)
: p.m   'Conference with ministers
; p.m - Conference with executives
,ii ih Women's Foreign nnd Home
Mlsstonat * Sot lelle
I p.m.—Mass meeting for women
only Subject "Women and the
White Slave Traifn
B p m—lii'i.i ral meeting, Addresses
In     Kins   |{     .1   Wilson ami    D   tt
Anderson    Offerings for expenses;
0 p m -Mils, meeting for men onl.
Subject    "Tho   Problem    ol Social
Estclla Group Bonded
Promising "lining Property Situated in Vicinity of
Tort Steele to be Actively Developed
(Sp.-ci.il correspondence.)
meeting for women
Shearer and Rev  F.
t p.m.—Ma:
Speakers, Hr
Wi Anderson.
■I p.m.—Mass meeting  (■
Speaker, Itev. It. J, Wilson.
H p.m.—General mass meeting.
Members of Mural und Social Iteform
Council urged (o bo present Offering
•or expenses.
!' p.m.— Conference with M. and S.
It. Council.
fl p.m.—Conference with Sunday
School workers.
Thirty thoroughbred white Wyandotte pullets for s-ale and a number
of Toulouse gedse. Apply W. 0.
Katemnn, Moyie. B.C. SMI*
TO KENT CMEAI'-Large warm
stable with hay loft and Iced bin
above. Can he used as warehouse.
Apply at Herald office 2«-tf*
quite numerous!) populated town.
Todaj II boasts ol pra.iic.illy onl)
one Inhabitable building, the comfort-.
able hotel, conducted hv Mrs. Buigc.'
ami Iht son lla*.     lb-re the Herald
ii'i i n : tat I i   ip -nl  .i lei hours and
n.ind.i.d about among   the relics ol
lla   camp    thai  in   the    earlv SlXtlfS
had been s bus) scene, upwards of
iwo thousand miners having been
camped there In the quest for gold
Relies of their activities are stilt
visible ii is of Interest lo note thc
remains of former dance halls, saloons, stores, dwelling places, tbe
government offices ami the jail.    Hut
one nl the most noteworthy landmarks || ua* grave ol the discoverer
of ibe camp. Tins grave is still
distinct!) reeogoluble ns such, heiiu
fenced   hi   with     a   llghl   picket   fence,
Imt in• headstone marks the last
res I Ing place ol old man l.em, who
urst discovered gold on the omk
ami gave his mime to the camp. This
is something that should be rernedled
in:iii speedily, and the Herald respectful!) draws (he attention of the
it r Historical Snelelj to tht m*t*
ter       Tbe-.-    graves of old pioneers
should Ih- lahfuiiv marked with some
form nt pcrmanenl headstone, reoofd-*
inn; tin* mime, date ol l.inh and
death ot tin- incumbent ami such other particulars as Justtf) this mark ol
One's time was ton short
to .1 on- than hastily visit ihe spots ol mosl inter*
est around old Town, a verv interest inn experience. Cor a loin-, timi
Old Town vvas a neglected spot. Hut
id recent   vears Iheie has* been      ri -
Hewed aetlvlt) iherenboiiis The Iocs
tion of quart / claims brought in
quite a rush in l-HT. Wildcatters
were largely responsible for this
rush, all kinds id claims were staked
nml sold in Spokane, many absolutely
worthless, some that will vol prove
to lie rich, This rush wns
lived, Ihoso who pm
Mining compan)-,
American enterprise. Operation*- r-»r this season
had just closed down the daj the
Herald reprcscntai -o arrived on the
scene. llm a hit t work lias I* ■,
done, and, pr. in an1, * lhu sillv
Faction of thc    promoters,   who ' *r
Some      miles     all)
workings,    are   Hid
whal was former!)
IIH) I'hteer Mining Co. li
nonneil, U. It. Hoss and -i. Mnedon-
nell, of Kernie, were Interested, hut
whieli have now passed Into the
hands of the well known nillwnj
contractors, Mnodoimoll ami Ozow-
ski, oi Vancouver, ami for whom Mr.
I.. K. Hoy. of Vancouver, is now resident manager. This is a steam
shovel proposition and Mr. MO) is
rapidly getting things into shape,
s ne.- the resumption nf work lasi
spring, l-Julte a large force is now
employed and ibe steam shovel Is
working up creek l|> hit) rock, Whilst
at present no -•real amounl ol i;ol<t
ts being recovered, Mr, Hoy expects
thai bin clean-ups will rule, nine
bed rock is reached.
With ihe skillful work now being
carried on by Mt Ho) 'here i,
everv prospeel of rich returns again
being secured trom I'eirv. In (be old
days and under quite primitive operations, gold io Hie value of 5-I.00U,
(inn was recovered. Now with modern machitier) and access being secured to bed rock     it is conlidentl)
anticipated   that   relalivelv betl.i
results will be secured. Tbe Mac
donncll-Ozowskl syndicate is well
financed and there will i.e no crying
hall until everything practicable hits
been done lo wrest the wealth from
i ibe ground.
There are liol only rich placer diggings on Perry Cn-ek, but several
neb quart/ claims have been located
and although no great amounl of
work has been done ou auv of ihem
as yet, the prospects are good ami
with the new life now luiii!: infused
int.. this section liy the operations <<f
tin- Macdonnclt-Ozuwskl syndicate, it
is eminently probable thai in tin
near future greater attention will be
paid   these   propositions.      Of      tlies-
quart**, propositions, one of the mosl
promising is lhe stamp mill group,
lialf a mile east of Sawmill Creek
and 2\ miles below the steam diov-
el, owned by R. B. Durrani. It)
promising is the stump Mill group,
lie installed Another promising
j claim is Hie Running Wolf, owned •!•
j .1, Laidlaw, of this city, nn the op
i posltc side of the creek fn.m ih
Stamp Mill group. Vet anoth*.-
good property is the Hed Hountah
group, i! miles above the iloan
shovel, owned by Ous. Thels A h
of work has been done nn this prop
erty. Ous Thels owns several prop
erti.-s along Ihe creek, upon .ill ri
which he has good showings. Owing
to thc verv hasty nature of the
visit paid to the Perry Creek wor*>
inns ii has nol been possible to more
than glance at  all  there is  to       ItC
The well known Kstella group of
claims bus recently been acquired under bond by Mi. Jno, Sullivan and
associates Tins property is situated about   sixteen    tnilis from  Kort
Steele,     Ihli'i:       ,iinl   a   i|ll.illei    nillt •
from lhe town of Tra-v and eight
miles from tho survey line ol thc
railroad now under construction, to
be known iis ihe Kooteiiuj Ceijii.il
railway, upon which work is m .. being rushed. The write! bas be
given to understand upon most reliable authority, that track will be
laid iimI trains in full operation a*
fnr as Wasa bv early spring. Tlu*
Estclla group consists of eight crown
granted claims, upon which ovei
-.'.mt feet ol work has bun done,
exposing mineral lends carrying good
commercial values m copper, gold,
silver, bad and 'inc. Ibe claims
an- thc Estclla, sky Lark, Cashier,
Alice, Rover, Pol;, star, Morning
and  Mountain  Dais)
On llie Hover claim, to the *
west, 80c it   of s   drift   boa    Is
driven, running iu ore the whole wav
from three to twelve fee!   wide, from
portal to face <*f drift Tins on
carried in .i solid body glvi * Mgl
values in silvei, IS to 60 [k-i cent
clean Zinc, with a v.-rv small pel
Cent    |e,iif. \t    a   distance   ,,t      BO I
im.ii ti from portal of this tunnel on
the same lodge a 250 ft shaft baa
been sunk through solid ore r-
in width from surface to base ol
haft. Recent assa) b from this
shaft give most eocouragiog ■.•■<^.*-.
running 77 per cent lean. J" o"     En
Ivor and 1.U0 per cent zinc
i pon the Kstella claim is what is
known as the Kstella ledge, which is
a strongly defined ore ledge, carrying
values in copper, gold, I a-i and .
ver. Workings on this data comprising drifts, shafts mid raises to
the extent of 1330 it . show a width
of ore-carrying bodies from 't to S
ft Assays of this l-dp- j.-.e r..*'<-
encouraging results. Two shifts
have been sunk, 75 and lb leet re-
speetiveh. the '.'* fl one thm-reh S
feel of ..re ami tbe '"■ r one
through i II •>' "re The : onage-
m.-nt is now sorting and sacking orej capacity of
taken from these tu.. shafts,   which   manage.,   it
from recent analysis taken, confitknt-
ly expect t'. realize from tSO to lit
per ton. A conservative rstimat
will place presenl output on dump at
from IJ to  1500 .sacks.
On  lower   workings    a tunnel ■"**,■-
been driven 100(1 ft. through strongly
been drhen ol varl .us lengths, also a
number ol shafts, ratws and x cms,
detail*, il which appeal In reporl of
liicb fs on Il'u at the
ofltce ul the management.
Lack   ol     Iran facilities
and up-to dati ;■■ ol practical
milling bavi  al -..        u .     the     de-
sblc property,
distl let, and
.   .  .it    once of
tin  Koot    iy Central railw aj Is an
assured h al expen-
lit :■ * H on loads
trails, eu *   and th     rection ol    a
..   '       itt   under
consider! hmild prove
shipper and   dividend*.
■.!.*■    ■ rthwest
s*  ■ • -■.   ate will
..i     • *    re now bh eked oul       nt
tons, with some
I Ton toi : .  dun p,
I I ration of mine is 5000 It.
Climate td< si net, with   cun-
* Inter, but no severe!) cold weatbe-t
i rang]     atl   . to railway
..-.'. at!*complishcd In winter and raw-hiding. In suini ■ ■ by wagon. With the
completion i Iwa) to Wasa
sill be Installed erty is abundantly
supplied with water from Tracy
creek, which Is : enl tor power,
mine and mill purposes for iill   sea-
* ins ■■ tl p ai also a plentiful
suppl; ol timber to suppl) all wants
Ior i ■ - p irposes for
years to <
Tlie mmc is- well equipped with
camp     ii ..:.. - o     blacksmith
bops, a table boarding huus-j
and sleeping quarters to aecoinniu-
■:.-'* or thirl)  men, also
pump house   *L**■! a i umber nf   uut-
dldings, which will be used for
machine and repair shops-
Uo the property is also a most ex-
cx-llcnt mill site, which could he eon-
• ■ ch i by ji short ear
ial iran.. The enrctiori of a "3-ton
unit electrostatic plant is now under
cootemplation, which has a treating
tuns in ^1 hours. The
aoi   n gotiatfng lor
!    an    experimental
plant for the purpose of demonstrat-
. . | of   claims set
\ forth bv at   Ihi *ntor of a device that
hii proa   i save  •-" per cent of
....   •<*',  ■ '   :...:.-     i.-.T   a    finished
: product.       Laboratory   experiments
Several vears pa*
short ' pluggtng awav
linsed wild eats  own sawmill to c
ihey had . flumes, the chiel i
have kept iteudil-i seen there. The potentialities '»!
h-y erected ibe i the t'reek, both from » plaoer and a
lumbei for theii qitarti mining point oi vir* »r*3
which is ovei i nimply Incalculable, li is not too
g, four feel ■ h much lo anticipate thai In the verj
constructed of IJ j near future I'crn Creek will In- bii-
eiy much to its dis- inch   luinbci       ' vlng to lha ce  ;■ . aided abroad oner sgnin, as a    ilch
(Ion of ope sal    foi the sen on, the   gold | luclng camp    Then' ..re men
llt-rnld was unable lo secure an) ] working then* now, who have the ul-
data as to irecut -vork, or Ihe mca-lmosl faith in the onmp, the) have
sure   of    '.uc.r .   thai has attended (Continued un pay,e lour )
came In       ami saw    that
been   "bitten"    and quit   hurriedly, | mile and a half
carrying away with them an Opinion   by three feet dcc|
of Periy Cnek
A few years la let old Town apalu
became a scene of busy activity. A
large deposit of lire clay had     been
mineralized ground    and with'   two | give       mos encouraging      re-
short raises of about 20 and ~iT* ft. suits and there Is no reason to
respectively,     will    bun.; a contact I doubt the ccess    ol    all
with the main Kstella ledge       and! the Inventor*! claim
Hover claim, thereby establishing    a     In i ■.     up Um  writer wishes
complete sei of    workings to ban-dli ute     it be t n  ders this prop-
the entire output at lower level.      ■ ert) reati  I   ip *.     the
About     (135,000 has alread)   been   American coi ..'.limited pos-
ezpended in the development of this nihilities for the future, which rc-
valuable property, opening up .i vast quires ool) a limited amount of cap-
amounl of sloping ground With ttal to exploit ai *■ i'eal to the
present workings tbis property is world a diiidend-payei which will
ostensibly a silver mine, yet from not onl) astonish th- natives, hut
Frcncral character ol ore ledges   snd   will proii •   ourco ol revenue
country rock, with depth it will un* ■■« the provino and i mi.:.rook dis-
doubtcdl) develop Into gold and cop* tricl Mr Sullivan ood bis ossoo-
|.er.      Mtogether    six  lusnels bavi   la      bavi i  rts nlj a rosy outlook,
\ancouvct.    Nov.   a.—The premier
|ui/e of the first Canadian appll
.show id siiiuii has been awarded
Kelowna, lit. its carol Jonathans
being pronounced i>v each ol the
Judges to in- the finest car of apples
iter shown ai any exhibition. The
apples were practical!) perfect, for
..ut ,,f a possible 100(1 the judges
awarded 970 mark- -The best I
have .-vt i *. pn," declared Judge
1'iof ii k Van Deman, ol Ws
ington, f). c other awards will be
initio.meed tomorro*
abli '■■' lives should
I in all | arts of the province ''ii-. a pit j oul the
Blai k Hand or 31a0i . au i as-
irlng tl ih ty of tbe
public from the anan W I alien or-
i:mioi:s|-;s st\m» TAKEN
A remarkable presentment bus jn-1
ii-eeii made bv the grand Jury empaneled ai the reeenl Itevelstokc nsslz*
es, ihe contents of this document being communicated to the nttorncy-
gcneral's department, ami dealing, in
particular, with the terrorizing presence of the Black Hand organizations
in British Columbia, as a menace to
thn safety mid well-being of the
entire community, The cruel mur-
dei of Krank .lullen, near Revclstoke, only a few weeks ago, occasioned the inclusion nf this reference
in the presentment, the grand jury
taking it upon itself to "condemn
the apathj of the government" In
(ailing to brinp to Justice the perpetrator-, of this crime, asserting
that   the     reward   offered   ft 1,500 In
.-.in wns Inadequate, .md urglog ihati c
V, Hyde ■.-::   ro-
'■■ n *i   .'■■! ■: aU  ■ '      bis
brother Harold, aged 11 Harold
Bain i wa veil known tl ougbout
the Kool ..-'   Hn
■ .i   ■ .--I1 bant
had been
hero be
occ *;■*■■:     . .*■ IU 'U      m
the South ifrica ; iln t He returned to England i i Uy. a here he
died   froi - of   sickness
contracted in Afrii s Those
who had tl i pleasure ol bis acquaint*
.ince and .Mr \ Hyde If..!' r s many
friends will regret to learn of thu
untimely demise of his youngest
brother.    II. was unmarried.
Wm. Davidson, e*-M.!,.A., for the
slocan and presenl organiser for
the w K. of to., in British Columbia,
was in town the Ural ol the week,
Sir Davidson was en route to Kimberley on work in the interests of
tho organization he represents. Ilu
had recently returned trom Stewart,
where tho W K of M. aro already
organized. Whilst there is not much
doing there at proscat, Mr. Davidson,
an old miner, anticipates thai the
camp will prove one of the biggest
in the    province hofore    many years
have elapsed.
FOR SAI.K.-WolI Hound pups.
Apply S.   1. Harrison, Wnrdtier,   B.
©a@oO00QGO 000c
1  g       ||
Division j     &«     ~ jj
"3       2  H       s -5
*   This  Oven Bakes Perfectly f
bicau     i'  i* rt'cii/i1 li iii I   because ii  is thoroughly ^^
Tile   lir.ii-fliii'S.   brimil   .'uni   *!'<;* m\\
L-iitin   ■ -*. .ii  sn   that   ii   bakes   ns   well ™a
us ci.   Iht  Ii atom,  .*iii*1  in  the corners *****,
in     !..,i:..iii    ii doubly    slifli-ni.il *WJ
■I      |,i   .      'Ih.*    inner    b.*ily   nl    111** ^^
prolci    .i  Willi  nidi -1"*   lhe oven MM
h     I*. aii|,-«,  llic  Koulciiiiy oven i- WF
ii tii.nl  ,.,ii I,.- tainted l.y fumes or —^
i*l   l,i,kinji   results     Ask   iln*  iie;ii*t*i! aa*
i I Iv  many other iidvuntugert found ^r
!,*.':«■■■; *jnRTHjfli
am*.     i>       I   •,.      '1   •«•*   "V       '
6 ■'
* M.riiry branch for hooklel and del ol A
ium    li will   .i *.v ynu why your range ley will li.*
,,t,.,l i      i. **'•*
'  *** V*i      1        ■ . i •' .iv   i,     '*. m-fl i.i-r,    si  J .',ii, tl It,     il Uttilifll,    Cl^ary
For Sale by Patmore Bros.
",". .*'***"*?**
HEAVIER Overcoats (or colder
., weather.
• pBS Tl,e nARCTlc" llas
^^T-'*-^ni'T^ >"| reversible collar, that
j * <S /.. ?*-**j|'   }'.,. v-.i i I may l)e worn—open or
ffifl, *i I)   ' \ rbSi'VfjJ  i>"****3' buttoned close to the
*V|    '   '  hv"!      ^fl throat.
Jr v ''   \ '
* -i On the right, we show
BREASTED", a new
•j;     style for winter wear.
Both $18. up.
Sole Agents in Cranbtuol..
Stops the OGogli and Builds up the System
• -.*-. *
. .••
;t ■
BT.      '■
Syn . .   'fn
(GOD i *
:*     •.   . :*.
... ,
-       ■<■'
[iarflc bollle T* cenls.
When you nre nil "run down"
you catch cold easily, and your
cough "hangs on".    Ily Inking
ol Tar anil Cod Liver Cil
you  nut only cure  the local
I    ible imt also permanently
Btl      tlicn the whole body.
The Beech Tar in the Syrup
is soothing and healing while
thc Cod i.ivni 111 stimulates the
appetite and increases lhe
weight and bodily vigor, Both
are united ill the pleasant
tasting syrup,
The most successful Cough
Remedy known today is
Mathieu's Syrup of Tar and
Cod Liver Oil.
Mnlhleu'a Nervine Patrder. which ..II In l.oxr.
IS foi -ttc.Mt-thelw*. treatment lor any revet ur
levemh GOtll, ..Well ll.ltli  i ■ -I . uu l„r tiril.l:,. lie-..
'" "* I:!a^Jaa9Saaaaaal
Prop,.   8HERBH00KE, QUE.
Foley Bros, Larson & Company
Winnipeg;, Edmonton, Vancouver, Saskatoon.
"VVIiy,  Auntie,  hate tlm ninim/itu-*.
Upset you?"
"Woll, I've gnl llirougli iln* ntlvcr
llsemi'iits, .ii.    I  l"l exactly us if  I
had boon in *i party who II     tlm
ini'tt t'niiii* in tli'ii underolotlirs   mnl
the ladles wont only corsets."
"Johnnie, you were not In school
yesterday     Winn* wore yon?"
"I went fishing."
"Iiitl yon catch anything?"
"Nu, ma'am."
"Tlti'tt step riK.it onl to the front,
Johnnie, nml we'll lis that part ol il
nil right."
I.. .1. Cranston... 39
II. Miss Alward ... 57
IU. Miss   Dick   .... Ill
IV. Miss II. Alward 45
V. .Miss Henley   5*1
VI. Miss   t'tirrie ... Ill
VII. .Miss Hamilton II
VIII. Miss I'nton ... IU
IX. Miss Crandall.., 18
8!12   3I8.3U   88.113
Olive White 	
Ilornico Kiuser 	
Louise Kliner 	
Iroiic Wilkinson 	
Lauretta Armstrong   08ii
llattli* llurch    073
Krnesl  .lones  1157
Kuile Slewart    .1111
llerirani Mlirgatroyd  ft'2'2
Alfred Mclliicltic    00!
Winiiii' Deacon  5ii'
llertha Brown    57n
Kililli Caslake    5113
Florence llntlje   550
l*:inio Wilkinson    511
Mellon Leek    5*13
Harold  Stevenson   53'
•lack llaslaiu    53(1
Madge Robertson  525
Ashton Powers   521
Clarice <*)ativi||c    522
Frances Dnumiioud    515
Eva I'onley    5111
Laura Itieliarils    181
.11 Nllllt CLASS
Orvilie Dow  	
Alice Deed   	
Jennie Pnton   	
Hazel Taylor    101
Rtlltll Ailderley     373
Uracil* lllggius     3113
Wilfrid Starritt    300
Wanila Kink     305
Kenneth Campbell    355
Itobcrt I've    313
Carl Mackcy  310
Gladys llirkennotlinui    3311
Carl Hill     SOU
Itita Cameron    281
■ las|ter Moser     231
Division I.
Laura Itieliarils, Bertha Brown,
Irene Wilkinson, Louise Elmer. Hat-
tie llurch, Eva Conley, Lauretta
Armstrong, Frances Drunimoiid,
Uracil* lliggins, Harold Stevenson,
Jasper Moser, Ernest Jones, Karl.
Stewart, Bertram Murgatroyd, iiSh-
tim Powers, Edith Caslake, Florence
Batldo, Itobcrt I've, Edith AtMcrlc),
I rville Dow.
Division II-
llarold Bridges, Marion ll.-i iiisi-n,
Purvey iti liinson, Alice Brown, lla.'
el (Irillilh, Mabel Passmore, Martha
llninett, Dolor Brault, Oeorgi
Pratt, Gordon Fowler, Florence
Ureti, Mellord Carson, Irving Leask,
Josephine Tonitz, llobert liurcli,
Arthur Bureh.
Division III.
I li li*ii    Bridges,    - Vera
Grace     Bardgett,
Gladys   Johnston,
Joseph      Mieliaud
Uiiiiisliiiil    Parks,
lessie   Corrlson,
Merrill    Leask,
Norma   Moser,
ItUBSCl   St. Eloi,
Merle Taylor, Dora Pye.
Division .V.
llradlord    Carson,     Harold    Kay,
Alexander Mcitnle, Fred Swain, Gor-
tlf.it Taylor, Mary Banilianll.
Division V.
Elsie llfallii*. Allen Brown, Kdward Brown, Ethel Dow, Velt Gas-
kill, Ng Wai Hoy, Hoy Joyce, Wilfrid Kennedy, Lillian Lancaster, Allan Laeey, Mury Locey, Barclay McNeil, Dewey McNeil, Viola Sarvis.
Violet Simpson, Stanley Stewart,
t'rossley Taylor, John Turner, Keith
Wasson, Frank Wilkinson, Mahle
Division VI.
Norman Wasson, David Reekie,
GarOebl Taylor, Eric MacKinnon.
Kdward llarnharilt, Ada McKenitit,
Hugh McDonald, Delphlne Bennett,
Kruiii Ward, Jennie Hopkins, Sadie
Lacy, Heginultl Glcnvillc, Vernon
Lloyd, Jim Tlto,
Division VII.
Robbie Beaton, Charlie Chapman,
.Inlin Chntterton, Alired .Inline, Wll-
ntn Mt'Nabh, Stanley MuKat, Ma
Iling, Winnie Phillips, Boy Itoliicliaud, Milton Sissons.
Division VIII.
Merle Bennett, Norval Caslake,
John Dow, Murray Henderson, Gertrude Hopkins, Margaret Laeey,
Itussell Leask, Ella Lloyd, Margaret
McClaron, Paul McKlnstry, Gilbert
Moser, Bert Tnwttsemt, Gordon
Woodman, Gladys Shacklcton, Ilojn*
Taylor, Pearl Barclay, Eva Barclay.
Crou|t is most prevalent during the
dry cold weather ol the early winter
months. Parents ol young children
should he prepnred for It. All that
is needed is a bottle of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. Many mothers nre never without it in their
homos and it has never disn|ipoin1cil
them, Sold by uil druggists nml
dealers. 37-tt
The "Cranbrook Herald" has
had prepared a
"Map of the World"
including Special Maps of
British Columbia. Alberta, Canada,
and the United States, by    -    ■
The Geographical   Publishing Company
Invaluable   as  a   Work
of Reference
To In* given away
Paid up Subscribers to the
Une of tlii'si.' Splt'iuliil -Maps will In* ^ivrii tu each and every
subscriber to tbe "Herald" who renews liis or Iter subscription
for one year from date, pnyinj; uil arrears, if auy.
Tbis uiap can In* seen ut the "Herald" ollice.   It is a work tbat
should find u place in every home and place of business in
East Kootenay.
A  copy  of   this  map  will  be
mailed to any New Subscriber
upon receipt of one year's
Subscription to the
"Herald" $2.00
A limited number only available,   secure  your
copy now.
On   Sale. Exclusively  in   East   Kootenay
by the
Herald Publishing Co, THE   CBNBKOOK   HEI! AU)
: :
i Herpicide
• Beattie-Murphy Co. Ltd.
Special Agents.
• •••••••••••• •••••••••••••
SEALED TENDERS addressed i<.
the undersigned, nml endorsed "Tender fnr additions nml alterations to
tin* Public Building, Nelson, I*.
('.," will lie received ;U tins office
until 4.00 p.m., on Monday, November 38, 1010, lnr tho work mentioned
Plans, Bpecincatfon .iml form ol
contracl can be seen and forms ol
lender obtained ai this Department,
nn application in tlw Caretaker,
Public Duildlng, Nelson, It. (*.,
nml at thr office nf Mt Win Henderson, Resilient \rchltcct, Victoria, II.
Persons tendering are notified tlmt
tenders will nol be eonsWeml unless
intuit- on ilu* printed lorms supplied,
nml signed with theli actual signatures, staling Hi.it occupations aad
places <*f residence. In tlie ease "i
firms, the nctunl slgnatun. the na
. Inn* nl flu- occupation nml place ol
resilience of each member nl Ihc firm
musl in* given.
I'.ncb tender musl be accompanied
In an accepted cheque on a chartered
li.iuK, payable t<> the order of thc
Honorable tho Mlnlstei ol Publb
Works, ci[itnl to irn per cent ( lit
p.c) of (in* aimiuni ol tlir tender,
whloh will lir forfeited it iiu- person
decline to onlei into a contracl when
called upon io tlo so, ut [atl lo eoni
pleto tin- work    i traded lot      If
tln> tender Ih* nol accepted the cheque
will in* returned
Tin1 Department does nol bind M
sch to accepl ilir loweal ot anj ten
Bj order,
It  v   IH.sKorlli-.li.s,
Kecrel u,
Depart men I ol Public Works,
Ottawa, Octobc. 27, IfltO
Newspapers will nol bo paid lot
this advertisement it Ihej Insert tt
without nuthorlt) frum Iho Department. •'•'<"'-'
|   SEALED TENDERS addressed  t..
I the undersigned, ami  endorsed "Ten-
i der for additions ami alterations io
the   Public   Building,     Nniialmo, ll
i Cl.,"   will w received at this office
! until 4.00 p.m., on Monday, November Us, 1010, for the wnrk mentioned
|    Plans,   specifications   and form   oi
; contract   can   tie seen anil forms ol
I tender   obtained at this department,
ii application to the Caretaker, Public Building, Na tm i mo, B. C, anil at
theofflcool Mr. Wm. ftendersou, Resident Architect, Victoria, B,C
Persona tendering are notified thai
tenders will nol he considered unless
iiia.it> on the printed [nrms supplied,
and signed with Ihelr actual signs
lures, stating their occupations ami
places ol residence, in ttie case ol
firms, ih.- actual signature*, tbe nature of the occupation ami place ol
residence ol each membet ol the inn.
must he given
Each tender mast be accompanied
in »u accepted cheque nn a chartered
bank, parable to the order of the
Honorable the Minister o| Public
Works, eqnal io ten per eenl tin
p.c > oi tin* amount ot iln* tend)
which will be forfeited if the per»
decline to enter Into a contracl when
called Upon lo do so, or fail to com
plete Mii- work contracted for. it
the tendei be not accepted the cheque
will be returned
Tbi' Department does not bind 11
sell io accepl tin- lowest or anj len
lh order,
It. 0, DE8R0CHRRS.
Nivr.'Ut \
Department ol Public Works.
Ottawa, October 27, lull.
Newspapers will   not  he paid tot
this advertisement n they insert  .i
without authority   from the Department, Ji--t
TAKE NOTICE that Davis Mo-
Eachcrn, of Fort Steele, Hritish Columbia, occupation Teamster, intends to appl}' for permission to
purchase t be lul lowing di-scri bed
Commencing al tbe north-west corner ol Lot ll!i, thence south to tbe
Kootenay river; thence upstream to
a point due west of the point nf beginning; thence to the point of be»
Davis McEnchern.
Dated October 20th, A. D.
Illl. SMt
News of the District
(Special correspondence.)
Elmer Carver and Charles Lawrence, who have been employed by
the Crows Nest Pass Lumber company for some time [inst, lefl on
Monday lasi tor San Francisco, Cal,
Mr. Kred Penson, builder and contractor, 1ms been given the contract
fnr tlie building of a largo bant for
Mr. P. Lund, near Ins new and handsome residence, This, when completed, will be ono of iia- most modern uml up-to-date buildings of its
kind in Ik- found anywhere* in tlie
Mr. Wm Barclay, of Claresholm,
Alia., who arrived lien- a few days
ago, lias it-fen confined io tin* house
witli an attaok of rheumatism. Al
tlie lima of writing he is very much
improved ami is able lo be about
Mr. A. -f Anderson, of Cranbrook,
spent Sunday with liis family in
Mr. D. E. Markle, and Mr. A.
•lohnson, of the Crows Nest store
staff, spent Sunday in Cranlirook.
Police Constable Adncy returned no
Saturday morning after spending a
few days in Kernie on business.
Mrs. T. OiilTney and children spent
Saturday last in Kernie, tbe quests
of Mr. and Mrs. Geo, Crossman.
Mr. E. II. Godwin, of the Crows
Nest ollice stall, returned on Sunday
lust from Nelson.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Olson moved a
few days ago Into their new residence.
Mrs. Kmhree It-fl on Saturday afternoon to spend a few days with
ber mother at Hanbury and also lo
visit friends at Jaffray.
Miss White, of Cranlirook, was tbe
guest of .Miss Vena Kmhree over
Mr. John Molatcad's residence is
being treated to a new coat of paint
this week.
Thanksgiving day was quietly observed in town. The mills were
both in operation all day ami thc
ollice stall were in their places. A
few nf the Inn.*; spent the day anion.,
the bills looking for game.
Miss K. H. .lohnson. formerly
teacher of the Wardner school, bus
accepted a position as teacher of the
Proctor school and began work there
a few days ago.
It  is expected     that tbe saw All!
i   .
will 1m- closed    down in a few   days
for ihe     present season, when work; last week, the zucsts
will bo commenced at the new   mill
at Galloway,
Mrs. Louis Larson spent Sunday
with friends in Cranlirook.
Mr. Otto Wisiicr spent Sumlay in
Cranbrook with Mrs. Wlsnet ami the
Misses Ilavill.
Miss Jessie McDniigall was in
Cranhrook on Sunday last.
Mr. Dixon, of Calgary, railed on
friends in town on Wednesday last
Mr K. .1. Kyle, electrician. of
Calgary, is stringing the wires and
placing tlie new electric light plant.
Which was recently purchased by the
Crows Ne«.t Pass Lumber company.
in o|teration.
Mr. E. II Godwin resign-*-! bis pi.
sltion on the office Stall of the Crows
Seat Pass Lumber company a few
days ago and left for Kelson on Wed-
nesdaj morning. Mr. Godwin win
be great!) mined by a large circle
of friend*.. While regretting bis departure wc are glad to know that be
has accepted a more remunerative
position All join in wishing bim
etetj    success     in   our   neighboring
(Special correspondence.)
The Hollowe'en social held in Knox
Presbyterian church on Monday, October -'fist., was a decided success,
Tin- members ..t- ilu* Ladles \ni ami
finis club showed great lash' in
decorating the basement uml making
everything suggestive of Hallowe'en.
The walls were covered with pumpkin fares, ..its, witches, owls and
hats. Two ol tho corners were
turned into "witches' dens," and a
ladder was placed over the dourwa)
so that nn one could eutci withoui
passing under It. We hope no unusual bad luck has (alien lo anyone
The Methodists gave a jimst siii-
cesshil social in the school room of
their church the same evening 'llic
night was perfect nud .. splendid
crowd came oul to see ih.* ghosts
and witches.
Mr. Hauituel, who has been in Per
uie since lasi March, left nn Tuesday, November 1st, lor Culgnry, Alberta. Mr. 11 am met 1ms made a
great many friends during his slay
in Kernie and wo ate verj ttnrrj to
lose him.
Miss Grant, of lhe public school
stafl, spent the week cud in Crnnhrook.
A team of Kernie riflemen left on
Sunday morning for Creston, where
they are taking part in tbe challenge
rifle matches.
Mrs. Henry Johnson and little son
Henry left on Wcilnosdny, October
2lith, to make an extended visit In
friends in various parts of lhe easl.
Mrs. A. c. Llphnrdt lefi on Thursday, October 37th, for Guelpli and
Miss McDonald, ol the public sel 1
staff, spent Thanksgiving Willi friends
in Blalrmorc, Attn.
.Miss Etta Kirkpatriok spent last
week visiting friends in Michel,
Mrs. T. GalTncy and children, of
Wardncr, spent Saturday with Fernle
A. c. Adncy, provincial policeman
at Wardner, was in town last week
attending court.
.Mrs. (Dr.) Cnrsnii left on Saturday
morning for Montreal.
Mrs. .1.  A. Shea, of Woodstock, N.
P., aud daughter, Mrs. Sunder, wife
of Colonel Sunder, of the Hritish
army, spenl a few days in Kernie
f Colonel and
Mrs. Denlson
On Wednesday evening, November
2nd, the N'golgo campers railed at
llic home of W. W. Hrown and gave
Harvey and liis brldo quilo a surprise. A most appropriate address
was read by Mrs. Denlson and Mrs.
Molt (these ladies were the chaperons at camp) presented the happy
couple witb a cas.- of silver from the
gt-ntletiicu and a handsome brass
jardiniere from the ladies of tbe
part), All the plcasanl features of
tbe ten days al camp were recalled
and all are looking forward to
another pleasant holiday ne\t summer.
Tin* ball given hj the Rebckah
lodge on Thursday, October Mth,
proved lo be a greal success. II
was well attended and all who were
presenl speak very highly ol the
manlier in wliich the Rehekahs entertained tlteir guests.
one of the most practicable for tin
smelting uf volatile ores sucb as
zinc but the great difficulty lies in
the condensation of the vapor. So
far the vaporous /inc lias been condensed into a very fine powder lot
which there is no commercial demand. A possible solution will lie
the reduction of tlie vapor lo /ine
oxide ore and then possibly to tbe
metallic product by burning over a
furnace. But this is a matter upon
which I cannol at present speak definitely,
Witb regard to the Snyder process
I may say that in my opinion it lias
toi added in our knowledge of the
subject and I have gone very tbor-
inghly Into the matter and made a
close study of Mr. Snyder's paper-.,'"
The monthly tea ul tin* Methodist
Ladies Aid was held at lhe home nf
Mrs. Iliitiiiitun McPtiersnn avenue, on
Tuesday,  November  Ist.
DU    li \ Wll.    tn T    PU05I OT-
spent some live yen
l*m it is a verj ■
electrical process i-
eral which we may ■
''It our piclimli
prove     SUCCC-SSfUl     «>•
smeller to    furthei
l|iitstion \t   Hie
which ( Inspected lo
certain amount of n
I    fa.
most everything liter
tion   of     ihe furnai
TAKK NOTICK that lit, days after
date I intend to apply to tho Chief
Commissioner ol Lands and Works
for a license to prospect for coal and
petroleum on the lollowing described lands in S. K. Kootenay district,
lllock 4595:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near one (1) mile east of tbe
C.P.It. survey line at the thirty-
three (33) mile post, theme an
chains west, Ml chains south, Hi)
chains east, fit) chains nortb to plaep rl
ol commencement.
Harry II. Hughes, Locator
.1. Livingston, Agent.
Sept   lflth, lllfl.
Thai the Dominion go.rtniucnt |»
now conducting nxpcrlinenta in the
laboratories <>r Mrllill I uhenMv
wiib a view lo solving cn tain fundi. I ,.,,„(,* ,,tj|j/e
menial difficulties in the reduction of
t m grade sine   ores t>\ an electrical
process, tbat KelSOfl will lie tl,.- |or,i
lion of a government experimental
stneltet tf Ibe electrical method li
adopted ami tbal Ibat city will in
all probahllit) In tin* place selected
ii some oilier method js chosen was
tin- statement made in Dr. Kugene
llaaml. director of ihe department
of mines at OtUwa, in Nelson on
Monday- Dr. tlaanrl has made nn
Inspection ol the Canadn /.inc company's smelter near the shipyards
and will lie in Nelson tor the pmpos-
of making arrangement a for Ibe shipment to Ottawa of a further consignment of /ine ores (mm the Kulh,
Sullivan. St. Kugetie. Dlncbell and
Whitewater mines, for the next
couple td days,
"Al tbe department of mines we
nre being deluged with commune a
lions ami visits from inventors of
new processes lor the reduction ol
refractory /ine ores," said Dr. Ilaan-
tnit nt present we are experimenting nl  McOill wilh   tlie Idea   of
• on tbi
i bciil I ot
-nl}  one of se\-
xperlment wllb.
...> experiments
sh.i.l erect a
deal with tne
Nelson smelter,
.... there is   n
I'eriat which Wi
we i an use al
with ibe .\i.|i
••*.      Tl reli
lions regardi;
proxlmitv ol Ihr
factors make Seism
for building oui
sav almost with eel
city will t.e selecti
experiments tn the
prove a success
Asked where Ihe
localeil  if some nil
used Di   Haaitel Ml
iliu  Nelson   would
(toi nl.
the close
lues and nlhei
'b.- ideal   place
elter  I  I i an
..inn, tbat thli
i if ntiT presenl
letrie.il proeetu
I solving   certain   fundamental ditlicul
! tics which have     not yet brrn thnr
eller would   he
method   weir
"l" all pmbab*
• chosen bul    I
speak   dcflnitel) upon  thai
It would le -on ic when-        in
this district, hqwever "
Some ore had already been shipped
from the Kootenaj said Or Ilaanel,
hut it had apparently been sidetracked as it had nol yel reached
ottaw.. ile Intended to duplicate
the order and forward tbe ore directly it reached Ottawa In Mcflfll
university, where experiments wen*
being conducted M  Dr. Ntnnfl'Jd,   in
consultation with Mi    Ingalls ami Dr.
(My  Professor t,    ll.  Hail, \   in  the
Fruit Magazine.)
Insects     are  ol    two  kinds  as regards their   manlier of taking food—
the manilibulale insects, or      those
which chew   or bite  their  fond,     as
arvae ("worms") and most beetles,
aud those  which suck  their food,   as
tlie plant-lice and true bugs.       The
former class    is despatched hy poisons, the latter   by caustic applications, as   kerosene or soap preparations.
Angleworm     or    earthworm,—The
minion    angle w ol'in      of len dcsl roj K
greenhouse plants by its burrowing.
It is sometimes anno*.ing iu gardens
I temedy.—Lime-water    applied   to
(he. soil.
Ants.—See lawns.
Aphides, plant lice or green Ily,
and bark lice.—Minnie insects ol
various kinds, feeding upon Ibe tender parts of many plants, both Indoors and out.
Remedies.—Kerosene emulsion. Ker-
nscne-and-watcr emulsion, hot wntci
(about til'i degrees), coal lnr fumes,
py ret brum, fish oil soap, tobacco water, alcoholic and water extracts of pyre thrum, Hughes' fir-trei
oil. In tlie greenhouse, fumigation
with tobacco. Knock them oIT with
the hose. In window gardens, dry
py ret brum or snufl.
Apple— Apple-Huceulntrix- (Uuccilla-
trix pomltoliclla, Clemens).—A minute yellow or green larva feeding upon tbe upper surface of the leaves,
causing the lower surface to turn
brown. The cocoons are white and
slender, und are laid side by
side upon thc under sides of twigs,
where tbey are conspicuous in winter.
Remedies.—Burn cocoons in winter or apply strong kerosene emulsion to them. Arsenltes for tin
larvae in summer.
Apple-Curcuiio (Anthonomus i|Uad-
rigibbits. Say).—A soft, white grub,
about half an inch long, living iu
tbe fruit.
Remedies.—Arsenltes as for codlln-
motb are usually recommended. Probably jarring them oil tbe tree, as
is done for plum-curculfo, is the
most effective treatment.
Apple Plea-Beetle (0 rapt ode ra fol-
iacea, Lee.).—Beetle, one-fifth Inch
or less long, feeding Upon leaves.
Apple-Maggot or Railroad-Worm
(Trypeta pomonella, Walsh).—Maggot, infests fall apples mostly, occasionally attacks winter fruit. It
tunnels apples through and through,
causing the fruit to fall to the
Remedies.—Immediately destroy all
inlested fruit, pomace, and apple-
waste from the house. If the orchard is in sod, burn the grass under tbe trees iu fall or spring; if
cultivation, spade or plough up
she soil under the trees in spring.
Orchards in sandy soil and with a
southern exposure are mosl affected
Bark-I.ouse i Mytllaspls pomorum,
Douche).—Minute insects feeding up*
on the tender shoots, mosl active
in early spring. Later in llic sea-
ion the Insect secretes a scale, under
wbicb it lncs. The old scabs heroine Conspicuous oil tin* twigs
Preventive,—Plan) unaffected trees
Remedies spray wilh u-."-
emulsion, carbolic acid wash, sods
wash, or soap-and-sods wash,   when
Shoots start Wash limbs in wit.
ter or before leaves Hart, with
soap-suds oi lye walei Scrape oil
lllia-aht —See under P-at
Bud-Moth (Tmetoeera ocellana,
Kahr i—A minute Insect, the larvae
destroying the (lower-buds ol apples,
pears, plums, etc.
Remedies "•—Arsenltes   applied whei
Ibe buds begin    lo opi i. I      again
ten   days later,    Burn infested leav-
,-■, in .lune
ranker-Worm (Palcacrita vernata,
Peck)— Larva, "a measuring worm."
an inch long, dark and Various!)
striped, (ceding upon tin* leaves
Preventive.—Bands smeared with
tar ni printer's ink. ,,r similar devices, placed about tlie trunk ut the
tree to prevent the wingless females
from climbing.    Tedious
Remedies,—Arsenltes,     thorough!
applied   in spray, are very effeclivi
.tar the Worms into- straw, and burn
the straw
Codiin-Mnth (Carpocapsa pon one'
la, I,inn).—Lar\a (offspring of .
small greyish moth), Ihree (oiirtni
inrh long, pinkish, feeding in fruit
gsncrall) two broodi
A Ripping Good Patent
to Prevent Ripping
NOT   TO  RIP   .*■    .*    .«
Aiwa.**-  looks  nenl   "ii  thu
i.nnd.   Always *-..-y i . u*. ar nnd
work   in    I   * ■•-■•   il   l«'s   no
- to I iti lhe band.
Will outwear thrc   ordinary
rl in , In     «c the fitter tips
ri | rote :  '■■ by • ::'r.i pi*-eos uf
1 atli x, concealing l'.** aeann
Tii** neares. , v *r made to an
everlailic • gl< ■■
T! * i:.' " I ractiml   working
o) ■*.*  ever u :i>'.
Tl    T*!0RE   :• --<; lhe
I.ES3 tbi
of Zl??lKC.
Made and ■::.
[fUDSON    BAT    KXtT
Ash your d iati r to ill isi yo ,
this H nderful glove. Has lo Ihi
worn lo be a| pn ibted
For sale by the bcsl dealen
everywhere ir, t'anada.
rani -•' by t!
-TN 3 CO   "..'OXTnEAt.
Ti-.e Expert  Glove  c:i  U
;.'.  ::,:.ers of Ccr.*.da.   j
"At prrwni," said Di   Ilaanel, "it     neniediea.—Arsenltes   applied   |na1
4*4-4%  mmm\e dealt villi.    We have already lappeaw lhat tbe tlecttfctl s>strm la'altei tlte    hl-asionin loll   and   •*K«'"
leu day-*, or two weeks lat.r. A
third application la rarely necei ary.
The arsenltes may be applied wll
Bordeaux mixture when spraying for
the appli-scab Swine iii tbe nr
chard Cloth land about tbe trnnb
of the nee. wbicb is examined a'
intervals ul leven tn nlno a**' '"■
larvae and cbrysalldea.
Fall Welt-Worm (Hyphanltla ronea,
limn |.—Hair j larva, about an Inch
lonjt, rarytni from grey to pali yellow nr bluish black, (ceding upon the
leaves nl manj Iir-i"-. in lenta ui
|<cni< lies -Ut iln ) bj burning Uw
webs, "i removing them and erushlh|
Ihe larvae-    Hpra) witt. arsenltes
Klal endnl Borer (I'lirysobolbrb
(■■■ ji-i.ii.i. Kahr.|.—t*arva about
Inch long, Hesh-colpred, the secofld
■ogmenl ■ lies I . rcatlj enlai
hnrlng under 'he barh .»'"! wme
times Into toe wood. Thej are res I
,1*. located In lal minmer or fall
by the dead and lunken patches ■
prevent!vi —Soap and carbolic acid
washes applied early In ■'' ■•'■ ■" ;
July.    Keep trew vlgon m
Kcmcdles —Dig oul tlio borers In'
early summer snd fall. Encourage
Pear Twig-Beetle.*—Sec under Pear.
PlunvCurcuIfo (Conotrachelus ncn
upbar, llernat).—Beetle; ppnetures
ihe 11nit ami causes it lo become distorted
Remedies —Arsenltes Often ro
commended (bul of doubtful etTiPien-
cy) to plant plum trees at Intervals
throughout    lb rtmrd i" nttrael
Ibe eiirenlio, and fight tlte Inserts oil
Um plums.    See undet plum,    -far
ring "t.   i'i sheets is probably    the
xuresl procedure.
iUilro«d-Wotm.--»See Apple-Msggot,
jtooWLome, ''American Blight"   of
Kngland      i-*1''! Izoneura      lanlgera,
Hausm ).—A    minute hineol     »hich
iwellings   upon 'he mots    of
the tree    impairing its vitality,   •*
killing it.    In another   form tie*   Intent attacks tin* young branobet,    it
is then cons^ricoous from i'k cottony
cn-rertng.      The trnttneni for aphli
is uM-fiil here
lt<  tedtes —Hot    water.   CWroslfi
iblti ste wash     Scalding hot wat-
• r maj in- poured on   the bare roota
; *i . .   landing In 1 be soil  i r nur*
■erj itnch maj be dipped is    water
having .. temperature of ISO .tet-rees
to ISO degrees      Keroaeon emulsion
toi seco     t ig in abonl the tree.
Infested nursery  trees .mould t.e .lip-
ped In k. rosei..* emulsion—rool     and
top-*-before tl.-y arc set In the    or-
cbard.    Uulohlisg about trees li  -aid
lo bring tha lire nearer the surfaces
);..-..-H*ft|-*.^-SiT under rose Tbera
Is practically no remedy for tht
roso-hcetlc oij large orchard trees.
Ravageg ean be prerenlod, to a
large extent, by the Ibnc spray and
tho emulsions. Very heavy applications of l...!.l*Ki \ mixture some-
liitns act as a repellant,
Round*!tended Borers fs.nper.in can*
iloln, l'*ahr , and s. (.reta'a, Nev\m.).
—Larva, an inch long v\ln*n mature.
Stores into the tree. It remains iu
lhe larval state thrie yean,.
Preventive -—Soap auA earholla
acid, and various other waslies ap-
plieii early in June ami July.
(Tu be continued ) THK   OKA ISHHOOK   HJUKALO
C'ltANlUtOOK HERALD wmarkaW*.   Tlio.*.. is   good llsliliig
ami linntiiifi 1" lw obtained uiul   tlio
By the Herald   Publishing Compaay, 1 sl.,,M,.,y, in mall)' respects, pnrliculnr-
I*'. J. lieani*. Managing Editor.
A matter tlmt calls lor llie serious
attention ol our citizens at large is
tlie (luauclal situation Ol Iho hoard
of trade. The board lias done a
great deal ol tisclul work, without regard to any special interests, bill
solely »iiii n .icw to keeping tlio
city ol Cranbrook well iu the public
eye. This work costs money and
tin* resources ol the board have been
taxed to llic limit to meet OXpcirdi-
i in ,*s already Incurred, lu lhe past
s.im* lor a small contribution Irom
Iho cily council, tlm board's lands
have been mainly derived Irom private .subscriptions, which means that
Uio burden ol Uiiuiieing Hie hoard's
operations lulls largely upon a lew
individuals. This is neither wise
nor just. 11 llie board ol Hade is
in continue to do work with an oyi
solely to the public interest Its funds
must come Irom public sources.
Mat leis   lo   which   the hoard    ol
trade mighl  well give prompt atlen-
t ire a direct mail service      bc-
Iween llns .ily and Terry I'reek and
the re-slocking oi Hie rlvei and Ink,*
almVc Perry i'reek wilh flail. This
lal ler maltcr should Is* brought to
Hie attention ol Hu* Inspector of lisli-
etu-s and Uu* co-operation ol the
l.'rnnbrook district (lamo Protective
association might la* invited.
ly iii the spring and summer i itlis, !
is unsurpassed. Al tin* Perry Crock j
hotel the visitor can find comrortable
accommodation and first-class meals.
It will not, be out ol place hero I"
direct the attention ol the L'lnnhiook
District Kish and tlniiic Protective
association to Hie urgency of securing Dominion government, assistance
lor the re-stocking ol some of (be
streams and lakes iu this neighborhood with lish. Another matter
thut should receive attention is the
securing ol   a mail   service between
lhe usual plea is thai more capital is
needed lo develop end extend lhe
business. If Uiul is ihe leal reason,
why ask llie public for il when il is a
well-known   fuel   thai sound, prolll-
nud dure tell lhe trulh. .C'anada-
iiml liritisli Columbia In particular- I
is overflowing with thousands ol opportunities Ior legitimate investments
which cannol lail to be profitable    II
aide business concerns iu Canada can  ordinary care and comiiionsense
Cranbrook and Perry I
are already quite a large number
residents ou the Creek, which Ir
now on will rapidly Increase,
present, Roy Hinge, ol lhe Pe
Crock hotel, acts us uiiollicinl i
unpaid postmaster, conveying    m
lo aud from, lor   lhe i vonlcnco
settlers. II the mallei were proj
Iv represented at nilawa Ihere is
reason lo doubl bul Uml nl ■'" i*»
date a regular mail service beta
Ibese two points would be piovl
obtain nil the funds* reiiulreil Ior
legitlmnlu operations from Canadian
hankers In conduct their business?
■Vi ll".1 stum? time l muy suy that no
heller or more profitable Investment
cnii la* made than iu standing timber. It has made many multi-mil*
lionalres and will imtke many more,
hm you may lake il for granted
liml it Is not iu. human nattiro to ot
tci* tin* host chances lo the public.
There an* too utntiy wldc-nwukc
Vnukces in Camilla wh" know u
thing when Ihey see it, and
now how to keep il. .My ;i I
, before Investing make Iiiqilil'-
llnve lhe business proposition
exorcised in tin
A meeting wus held in tlie lire hall
on the evening ol October 27th with
Chiel Wnnd iii Hie chair, to discuss
bylaw till, being Ibe new lire dejiarl-
meiil bylaw. The said bylaw was
read by Ihe secretary and afterwards
oil. Tin
i.l i In* |i
lisciisseil. The result, la'ing the up-
provnl ol the present department, all
the members ol Iho deportment re-
signiiig under the old conditions, nml
expressing Hun willingness lo take
hold of lhe new conditions und to*
analysed by those who uudcrsl 1 It1 Join tho dO|iarlineiit,
*       .; . ubjie .". laiSISli    BIBIB liaHEiaiEIBlBJHI
Judge Ryan's action in nciuling
young Hold. I'jillon down lor six
months shoultj have the desired el
leet ol bringing home to « number u
youngsters around town, who liavi
heen engaging in lawless conduct
Hull lhat sort ol thing will uot hi
tolerated. The Utmost leniency has.
in   Iln*    pasl.     been shuwn  lo     Ibese
yiiulliful    malefactors,   hut patience
.eases to he a   .irtlle when it serves
rather to aggravate than lessen the
misconduct ol these youngsters. Pal-
ton has been beforo Ihe magistrate
repeatedly in lhe pasl Ior more
or less serious breaches of Hie lu
I pon lhe lasl occasion bul olio be
was duly warned that his next appearance would mean Ilia! he would
I.i* Healed as a common offender.
The occasion arose this week am'
young Patton w*ill spend lib* next
six montlis in jail ut Nelson.
lllliNt* I'tRKVCREbU
(Continued irom page one.)
tin- financial hacking with which
carry on extensive operations
Ihey nre of thc class that   will
allow anj trilling obstacle to stand
in their way.
Next slimmer when operations art*
in (nil swing again ami Mr. Hoy has
his plant in shape to do really effective work, the Herald hopes to pay
the camp another visit ami si-cure
more detailed information of what is
Thc writer cannot close without
giving expression to his appreciation
of tin* kindly hospitality extended lo
him In Mrs Hurge at tlie Perry
Creek hotel ami hy Mr. and Mrs. Hot,
at i In* steam shovel workings.
I'cm Creek, apart from its mining
possibilities, is a singular)*, attractive spot, nol only because of its
''•nir charms, hut hy reason ot its
historic past To the tourist, anil
even to manv residents of t'ran-
brook, a visit io Perry ('reek would
he well worth while, if only to nee
the remains of what was oner a lively mining camp, on every hand are
In he seen the pot holes dug by the
[noriiers ami the amount of purely
manual labor they expended In their
quest "I the precious metal is really
Mr.   A.  E.     Wail*-*, nf WntUliurg.
liritisli Columbia, sends nn n length)
communication,   from which we   ex
tract     the  following,   says lhe London, Kng., Morning Post:   "The public is considered fuir game hj      ex
plotters of  mines, who find it paslci
to mine  tlu* public than to mine the
minerals.      Thc Hritish publ'e    ban
lieen renowned for its gullibility from
the time of the notation of the South
Sea    Hubble to   recent, times,   when
equally stupid Investments have been
matte in the hopes of obtaining ipiir
returns.     Timber is   now to he the
alluring bait, und on this subject   I
can speak with some authority, ba.
ing been for many yenrs engaged   In
ihe business, ami being n large ownei
o| timber lands, and mills operating
on tbe same, I am in a position   lo
know    what   ean lie made and whal
lias la-en lost.    Certain parties linvi.
acquire*.!   cheap    tracts   of   timber,
some of which might as    Well be   1"
cated in the moon as where it is. ns
a large proportion is inaccessible until  aerial     transportation    becomes
possible.    0roups of saw mills   wili
he added to make the proposition nt.
tractive, ami  they will show a large
earning capacity tbey do nol possess.
Manufacturing   lumber in some cases
where timber is accessible and   near
transportation lines, and where   the
business is conducted in an economical manner, Is very profitable, but in
many   Instances   the   reverse is the
case, ami at    the present lime   thc
latter    applies   to the   majority   ol
mills   on    this   continent,    for the
simple reason that the production o!
lumber exceeds tin* consumption, nnd
has done so for years past, ami   will
continue to    do so for    many years.
Consequently only    the milts posses
sing the best natural advantages ami
under the strictest personal supervision    can pay    even small dividends
without    borrowing    money for   thc
purpose.        It is n case of 'the survival of the fittest,' and thc fittest la
not a manufacturing concern supplied
with abundant capital extracted from
the pockets    of     the public on false
pretences, and    paying largo salaries
to men   who bave no ncrsonnl Intel
est and nothing at stake iu lhe Imsl
ness.        In   sucb    cases the mom-.
comes easy and goes the same   win
I can cite many Instances when- n i
heing done at   the present time;   tbi-
shareholders   will     receive   no divl
•lends ami the delictiturc-hotders    no
interest    ...   If Investors    would
use a grain of business acumen   thev
would know     that   the owiiem     ol
bona tide profitable business have u
occasion to ask    the public lo shnre
in their    large profits,      ol course,
HY be leu pir.icuUr in your choice ol whisky
then you ire in your choice of friends?
Special Selected"
Rye Whisky
ii recommended by ■ hon of good judges.
In quality ii vouched for by our half-
century reputitlon.
In lie ii guinnteed by the Government Mil on the cipiule.
Ill credential of flivor tnd quality arc
the "open sesame" to the hearts of
thouunds of men who know whit good
whitky ii.
C*ty's " Special StlKttd" is OS salt at ,11 first-class
hat.ls, ca/ts md lienor starts.
H. Corby Distillery Company
HtadOrrien: Montrwl. "CoH>yii>fcori>yviii«i8rOv«M»if a-coni,,,*    s~
The Policy of
As yon go through thc various retail stores and note
iheir offerings on counters ami in windows, il will striko you
Ihal for the same quality of goods, prices everywhere are
jusl about the same. "Why, llien," you say, "have certain
stores developed into such wonderful institutions? What
factor has lifted them from the mediocre class and made
tbelli distinctly successful?" Vou will lind that it is not
mere price, important as economy may be to the buyer. It
Is not only mialfty, essential as that may he lu lhe holding
of trade. But it is something more. It is their deliberate,
definitely planned policy of pleasing customers and of course
primarily acting in nn honorable, fair manner.
Al the wry beginning let mu say that good .nines must
he given to the public as tin1 foundation of auv lasting success. As advertising is one of the chief means nf coming
into contact with the public, every advertisemr-.it that goes
out should truly represent Ih- house and should be backed
up fully by tbe good., it advertises. And when speeial values nre advertised, the purchaser should know beyond the
shadow of a doubt that he is getting extra value for his
But over and beyond the merchandise, its mechanical
manipulation and the advertising of it, is the problem of
bundling the public and pleasing it. The true test of
coiirlcsy on the stoic's part tomes not so much at the time
goods are sold as in the ham Ing of complaint * and the affording of little points iu service. Kvery store meets buyers with a smile and gracious treatment—at least it should.
Hut when yon have occasion to return or exchange goods,
to ma'..' a complaint regarding quality, or in some way to
try In obtain satisfaction foi a real or fancied grievance-
how docs the store receive you? With the same gracious
desire to please or witb long face and multiple objections''
IL is thc treatment received nt this time that classifies the
store in the estimation or the customer.
Human beings are not like merchandise, nor ure tbey to
he handled like merchandise. Dealing with the purchasing
public is a problem in personality, nud it is through tlie
point of contact, wherever it may be: nt the counter, through
correspondence or wherever service may he rendered, that
the favorable impressions arc created which ultimately constitute one of tbe firm's greatest assets.
When a purchase is made the buyer will In* either satisfied or dissatislied with bis purchase and the treatment he
receives. Tbe article taken away may give satisfaction,
while the treatment given the customer before he finally
mokes his purchase may drive his future trade away. The
impress'on which coalesce into a firm's reputation, tike those
which make up reputation of an individual, nre formed hy
what may seem the merest trifles.
At the very least a policy should tie adopted which more
than meets the public half w.iy. To begin with, the attitude of inviting and encouraging the public to make known
any dissatisfaction with either treatment or goods, goes a
long way in inspiring confidence. Once a dissatisfied customer makes his grievance known, he ofTers opportunity for
the merchant to make a lasting impression as to his fairness
and squareness. Of course ro merchant can afiord to give
tbe purchaser in every Instance all be asks for, but he can
afford to show liberality to such n degree that his store fti.l
have an atmosphere nf cheer ft Iness, courtesy and service.
When tbe public has learm d through experience that the
name of a house is synonymous with the treatment thai
gives satisfaction, even though a clerk does fall down occasionally the house is not blamed. Kather the clerk is blamed for being out of harmony with the house and thc Incident does not cause thc customer to feel any permanent resent ment.
The wisest policy is for tie merchant to put tlie basis of
settlement up to thc customer and to approach as nearly as
possible the buyer's idea of what a fair settlement would be.
After nil, this is but a matter of reciprocation; the merchant must show as much coatideiice in thc public as he expects tbe public to have in bim. He is virtually putting
himself in the customer's pled1 and getting the customer's
viewpoint. He is putting himself in a position to treat thc
customer ns be would like to he treated under the same
Lastly, it is well to consider that however excessive
nnd unreasonable the demand, of n customer may seem, in
the vast majority of cases, lie is perfectly sincere in his
complaint, and any conccssallnn that can rationally be
inailu, even if the house gi-ficrs a loss ou that Individual
sale, js iu ll.c lung rui sound business policy, a factor toward ultimate success. A pleased customer is always an
advertisement. It is the narrow minded merchant who objects, as he thinks, to lieing Imposed upon hy a customer
who demands some remuneration from a supposedly unsatisfactory purchase, but the broad, liberal nnd successful
merchant looks beyond and sees what a benefit to him it ts
to do a favor for a customer and even if ho is imposed on
hy two persons and the third one gets what
he        is entitled        to      because        he        did
not get the values he expected to, then 1
say, rather be imposed upon by tbe two customers, but be
sure tho third one is a pleased and satisfied patron, and he
advertises your house far and wide.
Henry C. Lytton.
Proprietor of a great retail establishment in Chicago and
ono «f the largest single line stores in the world, Mr.
I.ytlon's merchandizing experience has been gained in mer-
i.ititi'e business of large and small cities the country over.
The breath of his experience has familiarized him with merchandizing problems in nil their phases; his conclusion is
thai holding customers Is the prime factor in making a
business petmanent—that the organization, policy and
methods ol a business should be directed toward this end.
I'nder the new conditions tlie members are to receive a straight (10.00
a mon lb. Formerly the department
was paid according to the number of
fires, practices, etc
Votes of thanks were passed hy the
department to Messrs. Wilson, Green
and Laidlaw for their kindness iu
furnishing automobiles for the visiting fire chiefs at the recent convention.
:To Mr. .1. V. Armstrong, government agent, for the use of the court
room for the convention.
To Mr. It. T. Hrymner for the able
manner in which lie filled the chair
at the banquet tendered to the visiting fire ehiefs.
To Mayor .1. P. Pink for the able
manner in which ho conducted the
convention, the hulk of the work
having fallen on his shoulders,
The meeting I lien adjourned.
A. (*. Sliaiiklaml, Secretary.
Flannelette, yard wide, heavy
ity, 12Jc. per yard.-C. t\ S.
without number, and repealed over
nud over again for the last ■'•.*
years, but it is always a welcome
story to those iu search of health-
There is nothing In tho world that
cures coughs and colds ns quickly as
Oftamberlatn's Cough Remedy, Sold
by all druggists and dealers.      37-lf
Patmorc llros. iu taKing over the
whole of the premises they now 00
cupy, including the upstairs portion
of the store, formerly occupied by
the Salvation Army, arc providing
themselves with room enough lo
meet any demands that may be made
iipim them. The alterations which
thev am about to undertake will
provide them with a show window
second to none in the Kootenays. In
ihis tliey will he able to exhibit a
perfected bath room, furnished nud
fitted with all requirements. Also a
show room for all the necessaries
connected with their heating and
plumbing outfits, and provide a work
shop where the largest of tin nnd
sheet iron goods can be made. Tbi
firm no longer limits its clients to
the city, but does work for firm!
the east and west of Cranhrook.
Imperial Bank ol Canada ||
RESERVE      -      -      -
I). K. WI1.K1K, President.
Accounts   of   Corporations,   Municipalities,
KiirmiTH uml I'riviiti* Individuals invited.
Drafts nud Letters of Credit issued available iu any part of '
the world.
SA VINOS DEPARTMENT - Special attention
givoil to Saviujrs Hank Accounts. Deposits of $1.11(1 and
upwards received und interest allowed from (lute of deposit.
Cranbrook Branch: H. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
* **********************
IKCIKAM, OEO. II    ... .
a.aVaaaaaVaaaaa*aaaaaaaAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa^ *
Incorporated imi.'u
Capital Paid Lip $5,000,000 Ueterve $5,000,000
Total Assets, Over $76,000,000
11. S. HOLT, President      K. L. l'KASE, General Manager
Accounts of Firms, Corporations unci Individual**, solicited,
o.r-.if town business receives nvery attention.
HAVING**. DKPAKTAlF-NT-OepoBftsof $1.00 and inwards received
anil Interest allowed at our rent rate,   No formality or delay in
A dene ml l-.iiikini: lint-inr*-.*- ttani»i.ete«l.
Cranbrook Branch: D. D. McLAWS, Manager
-irri.i--.f-' ami   .Vi.ji-t|i| nre mini'1  nf ll..' nam- Pliltorifil iih wiTi' tin- ivlii-r!-
■ ni 11 r-trrlNg-H n**i'.l by Conl ltuU-rtn in Suurh Adii-a. YKftuml iln-.v
H--r*- made ■■■* *•■■• •note people Tnitliope llroilit*n*of Orlllin, ii.it.iri... »l.u
um. ni nt. >■ worlainauHhip nml nnteritil.
YKS vim <mi hiivi'ii-uiii*-. |iy buying .(.no liriM'«*rii**», Flour, Feed, llujr. ("roil.**
mnl all Itlndfol mill -.tuff. Harnffrj ►addlee, siVii*,..*-.. < titt'-rp, He. frum nn.
(lire iti n roll ami bo ron-rlnml tlmt yon run not git prlrtabd quality to <>innl
.nn*. f-linbun*.
The East Kootenay Produce and Provision House
Norbury Avenue   -   •   Opposite the Auditorium
PHONE 109 BOX 891
Ej   a	
i.ii.   Hi 'i ;.rtv|ii'|i«»!iL*iir*MHsraja®
We know you nn* looking
well after our interests in iln*
lino of Fires, uiul we hope
everyone in Cranbrook np-
preuiates this, but if the citizens want lo dn their part.
1'iicli one should see thai their
winter stoves ore properly sri
up, ami that nny ohl stoves
ure ilisninli-il if there is nny
chauctt of thrm sotting lire to
your house.
We have men who are competent to do this work either
with Stoves or furnaces, ami
we also believe we have the
l/est lint* of Stoves on earth
ami   when   ynu  (tontoilipltttu
-myin*.' Unit HOW lit'iitcr.   Sco
our Oouiploto lino boforoyoa
buy ol-sowli-Bfo*
McCallum & Co
The Hardware Men
Tbat mMMt-M Mat ia ah th* < trtihctU ■!•
iMtUti la (-mIi H.B.K. Budnkfa SUrt.
Button*, ••wrcj *n br han.I -can'i CMr-ieaff.
BuH-a-niV tea bar tatttr J    r-n't hrr-.lt. St>a*M
ig eeaak ntubt-i **M eaaamt— aaSt ig
Any person travelling oo tlie Golden road, between Wasa and Canal
Klats, can obtain the best meal at
Mrs. Emery's. 35-11*
Nip Lock [long lias purchased the
business uf tee t'lmtin, including
house and lot iu Chinatown. On
November 3rd Lee Chung will he at
iiis former premises where he will
pay any accounts due -by him.
Creditors are advised to take note
of this announcement and put In an
appearanee on tin* date mentioned, .itr-ait*'
Tlie president of the Women's Institute has receiifd insl met ions from
tlie department of agriculture at Victoria, B.C., to tin* effect that Miss
Laura Itose, dairy and domestic
science instructor, will hold a series
of lectures at diiTercnt places in the
province and will be in Cranhroo!.
on 17th November. Time of lecture
•I p.m. It is the desire of the department tbat Die public in general
should evince a heart-whole interest
in these meetings' and a good attendance should be secured. Tlie next
meeting of the Women's Institute
will be held on tbe -'frd November in
the government building at 3
o'clock. The subject under discus
miui at this meeting will he "Hair
Dressing, Ancient and Modern," by
Mrs. von (lersewald, a subject which
cannot fail to be of interest to the
ladies to whom a hearty invitation
tn lie present is extended.
L'ooltcH, two live ones, can handle
one hundred men; clean, smart, capable, free Novemlier first; want win-
ti-r's job; woods preferred, highest
bidder gets us, wc got 'em all skim
down here.—W. Douglas Hurling,
Genera)    Delivery,     Calgary,    ai
belt a. 38-81*
Private kindergarten, Miss E. M
Stark, Toronto Normal graduate,
Norbury avenue, 'phone 28-J- Hours
2 till 1. 38*11
WANTED.—Situation by experienced man, us hotel clerk -or porter;
good references, r .1.11., Herald office, 37-lt#
WANTED.-Work of any kind, by
sober, industrious man, who Is up
against It Address II IC, Herald
ollice. 37-11*
(Section -JJ.)
that ou the first day of December
next, application will be made tu
the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal of the hotel license to sell liquor by retail in
the hotel known as the "KaiU
View Hotel," situate at Marysville,
It. a, iu the Province uf Hritish
Dated   this    lith   day ol Cctober,
3l-5t chas. E. Finch.
1, Thomas Wm. llarnes, intend to
apply for permission to purchase
eighty (80) acres of land bounded as
Commencing at this post (being
planted at tlie .south-east corner of
Lot Mm;, Group 1, Kootenay District), tlience easl 20 chains, thence
north 10 chains, thence west 2'*
chains, tlience south '10 chains.
Thos. Wm. Humes.
1Kb October, 1910, Hl-st
fientlemeni, entering swell rest an*
runt—"Can you tell mc if my wife is
among the ladies present?"
Html Wnfter-,,Merry Widow, Was
to Basket, Coal Ccullle or Toqac?"
SEALED TENDERS will be re-
eelvtd by the Commissioners of the
City of Calgary and addressed to the
undersigned, marked
until tbe seventh day of November
next, at 12 o'clock noon, for supplying tlie City with ties and poles
for extension to the Municipal
Street Railway.
Full particulars aud sped float ions
may be had on application to the
Commissioners, City ol Calgary;
marked cheque covering & per cent of
thc amount of the bid must accompany each tender,
lhu lowest or any tender not necessarily accented.
Dated at Calgary, September 2Sth,
W. I). Spcnce,
33-5t City Clerk.
The Hacker-"Oo it, Billy, yer ain't
half licked yet."
The Fighter-"Well, you come and
'ave the other 'art.   1 ain't griedyC* THE   OBANBttOOK    HKHALI.
A VictrolnntDinO.
■ Tlm Victrola roprusonts tho
grbateat atlviiuuo made In nny
musical instriinii'iit silica tli'u
Victor wns invented,
Wi* handle n coui|)lutc Iim*
including tin* DimiIiIi* Dlso
RoconlB wIllittilliTorontpiooo
on oaoh Hiili'. Also llii!
Pnrplo Seal lii'corils,
Prices  on   Edison
graphs   carried
HOME -     -
in   Stork
These   prices   includs    the
New Cygnet Horn.
We also carry n complete line
of all the latest records in
Two    und     Four    Minute
Select ions.
We have just recently received a complete set of
records iu two and four
minute   liy   Hurry   Lauder,
Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd.
nil 1*1111'. IT I'AYS 'I'll I1HAI,
Cranbrook and Fort .Steele, B.C.
Our Fall Shipment ol'
has just arrived, Jinny of tlu*
pieces lire this year's patterns and
are very'artistic nml beautiful.
You should have u look ut tliom
before they nre nil picked over, ns
it is not to early tu have any
article luiil aside for Xnias
and Graduate Optician,
crahbrook, i.e.
V. I.nnd rump in from Wardner In-
Afternoon les at Tbo Palm.
Flannelette, yard Hide, heavy quality, 12jc. per yard.—<'. C. S,
The next regular meeting ol tin*
board ol trade is called for Tuesday
evening, November 8tlt.
Sec   Binning    nlmul    your Smas
pilot OK.
Fresb Manitoba farm pock sausage
receives! tri-weekly at Kink's Pure
Food Grocery,
WANTED.—A good general scr
vant. Apply Mrs. Brymner, Luins-
den Ave. 83-tl
White Knglish sheets, size ,''*\* -
In., ll.M) pair.—C. i". S.
C. llungcrford Pollen lefl foi Spokane today. II.' will be awn) several
All sorts ol fresh and dried fnitts
and tints —The I'alm
White l£nglfsli sheets, bIio hv*:
in., $1.80 pair —V. C. s.
W. -Johnston lias been nppolnted to
take earo of the skating rink during
tbi1 wiiii*'! season
Ltbby's assorted soups in onr pound
tins fresb tbis week at Kink's Pure
KoihI Grocery.
Florida grupe fruit nt Campbell
and  Manning's.
P. DeVere Hunt bas moved his office Into premises adjoining [{inning's
studio, Norbury avenue.
Hot Hovril and hot chocolate.— 'I Iiu
Double Itannelette blankets, standard size, white, $1.-15; grey, 1,40,—
C. C. S.
C, .Maiming, of Loco, shot a line
black tail deer nt Fish lake on
Monday. It weighed four hundred
pounds dressed.
The Fink Mercantile company are
showing a beautiful assortment of
full and winter apples.
Framed pictures at Dinning's.
Double flannelette blankets, standard size,   white, $1.-15; grey, 1.10.-
c. c. s.
Thc Kink Mercantile company received their first ear of apples this
week—thc quality and variety is excellent.
White Knglish sheets, size 70x83
in., $1.80 pair.—C. (*. S.
Picture framing at Hlnning's.
Itev. K. 1-:. Knowles passed through
town today in his way home to
Halt, Ont., from the evangelical mission in Grand Porks,
elder or Hazelwood Double Jersey
New California table tigs.—Campbell and Mantling.
The Baptist Voung Pcaplo'.i Union
enjoyed a musical and social evening
Thanksgiving Monday at the home
of .Mr. ami Mrs. Bridges.
While Knglish sheets, size illJ-SJ
in., $1.80 pair.—C. ('. S.
A special reduction In price*. fir
tin* next two weeks, at the Vlberl
Art Photo Studio, over Raworth
Bros. Jewelry store. 17-11
Born—Al 111 Dallas Road, Victoria, II. ('., on October mth, 1810,
to tin* wife of C. I». MeXab, -.1
Waldo, B.C., a son.
Private kindergarten. Miss E. M.
stark, Toronto Normal graduate,
Norbury avenue, 'phone 881. Hours
3 till I. 31.-11
Mi** k. Main, ol Vancouver, *\ho
lias been visiting her sun. Rev, r ">
Mam. for the past two months, lefl
tm home on Tuesday
FOR SALE.—Three pure bred (Villi- pups. Appl) Mrs Leslie,
city. -17-it"
Hot house lettuce, celery, radishes
and parslc*. Fresh every day.—
Campbell snd Manning.
Pr. J. if* Shearer and Rev, k \\
tnderson, ol  Toronto, and    Rev, R.
EVB-M . :\)THIMG you
V**' W/\NT IN
,      x-rE K1TCHEM.
y *>*
Untie up ime, Neckletta,
Bangles, Brooobes, Tie I'iim
nml Pendants make the l»*«t
of giftsuH bouventers of Oan-
brook, Wi* liavo now u iim,
selevtioii in Hli.'-k from
Jeweler* anil Opiidr&na.
J. Wilson, of St. Andrew's church,
Vancouver, arrived in town today to
conduct a two days conference on
Christian work in Knox church,
Oo lo Utile and Atchison's for a
nice refreshing drink   of sweet apple
Flannelette, yard wide, heavy quality, I-lJc. per yard.—C, C. S
Indians from all over the district,
including Bonners Kerry and Tobacco
Plains, gathered at the Mission this
reek to commemorate All Saints and
All Souls days.
One hundred vlows Cranbrook and
vicinity for 50c, at BinningV
Double flannelette blankets, standard si/e,    while, $1,15; grev, Ml.—
u. c. s.
Customs returns for the past month
amounted to $4110.32, and receipts
from inland revenue totalled $1361-64,
Candyr 20c, per lb. Saturdav onlv,
The Palm.
A. II. Price, general superintendent, and It (I. McNeillie, D.P.A.,
paid a hurried visit to Cranbrook
last night, leaving again this morning.
Flannelette, yard wide, heavy quality, 121c. per yard.—C. c. s.
Sweet potatoes at Little and Atchison's,
Miss Macdonald leaves tomorrow to
spend a short time in Klko. she is
undertaking relief duty at the heal
post ofllce in the absence of sme of
the regular attendants.
Flannelette, yard wide, heavy quality. 12Jc. per yard.-C. C. S
C. II. Knocke met with a painful
accident the flrsl of the week, tallini*.
on a freight ear and sustaining ,
fracture of two ribs. He will hi* incapacitated from work for some
time. Inn is abb- to be out nnd about
Now is the time to select your
china for Ninas presents. We have
something extra nice In Limogese,
hand-painted and Japanese ware —
Campbell and Manning.
Japanese residents of the city are
todaj commemorating ihe .lath
diflei ,.s to which was the best, but
who succeeded t<* the throne Kebru-
arj 3rd, 1869. Matsuhlto ranks as
the U.rd in the traditional line ol
Flannelette, yard wide, beavj quality. ISJc. per yard.—C. C, s
1-: h Johnston Is renewing oh ac
qualntaneea in the borac-shoclng aod
general blacksmi thing business he has
jusl opened up nn Cranbrook street
lie is making a specialty of the sboe*
Ing business and lit t ihr bis works according!]
Local ami distriet lint lieiilMti;*;*
should    note     the series     id .inn-le.*
starting tn tins Issue, dealing wilh
"Injurious Insects, with Itcmedlci
and Preventatives." These utic.**
will tn* continued, from time to time
t..j several issues, and those inter
t-st.-d should cut same out and kc**!>
them readily accessible
Flannelotte, yard wide, heavy quality, 1-..1'. per yard.—C. c. s,
\ meeting ■•f the Arena Bink com-
pan) look place last Tuesday even
ing. The same board of directors as
held nlhee last y.-at uas nppolnted
for the ensuing year, vi/: president
IV. II Wilson; nee president, J. p
Kink, secretary-treasurer, E II. Mr
Phce. directors, B, Elwell and W
F. rVtt ridge.
Flannelette, yard wide, heavy qua)**
Ity, IS|C imt yard—C* C. S
Mr. and Mrs. M A. Macdonald
have started for home, but will go
through to Vancouver before returning to Cranbrook. Mr. Macdonald
has to appear in two appeal raw.
before Ibe court of appeal at Vancouver this month. Til. Slater vs.
Watts nud Biggs vs. Bruce. They
will reach town about thc end of the
present month.
Stewart Tliynii, late ot the Cos-
has purchased Sawyer's lunch counter on Baker street and wilt be glad
to receive a continuance of patronage
from past and present customers. 39-11
White Knglish sheets, si/e '0x82
in., II.mo palr.-C, c. s.
Robert Patton, an old offender, although a mere youth, was sentenced
to six months Imprisonment at Nelson this week by Judge Ryan.
Voung Pnttou was found guilty nf
breaking Into the garage
ami taking therefrom P
Ma I In1 soil's automobile. Patton
bad Ium warned by the police magistrate tbat bis next appearance In
tlw policv court would raeaa a bra??
sentence and he got it.
On November 16th and 17 th of this
month, F. A. Itussell, the well
kuowu oity real estate agent, will
offer for sale at public auction, 1001)
acres of first-class fruit laud, situated within from eight to twelve miles
of Cranbrook, on what is known as
St. Mary's Prairie. Kor maps and
information intending investors
should address Mr. F. A. Russell,
P. O. Box 144, this city.
Don't forget that Snap lias ttic
world's record for n hand cleaner.
We still have a few tins left-Camp-
hell and Manning
C.P.R, telegraph operators from
points between Calgary and Kootenay
Landing to the number of about
thirty assembled in this city on Sunday last for the purpose of conferring witb I), f;. Robertson, general
chairman ot the organization, ami
Mr. C. Dudley, of Carstairs, Alta.,
assistant general chairman.
Grape fruit ai Little and Atchl-
Mr. Justice Clement hHd courl In
town this week for the first time
since his appointment to the bench.
Mr. Justice Clement was greatly
pleased with what he saw of Cranbrook and formed the opinion that
the city bad a bright future before
it. After concluding court on Tuesday afternoon his lordship left for
Orand Forks, where be wns to spend
a day or two before going on to
Vernon to hold civil assizes.
Choice eating and cooking apples at
Little and Atchison's.
Flannelette, yard wide, heavy quality, !2jc. per yard.-C. C. S
When a cold becomes settled in the
system, it will take several day
treatment to cure it, and thc best
remedy to use is Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. It will cure quicker
than any other, and also leaves Ihi
system in a natural and healthy condition. Sold hy all druggists and
dealers. -jv-tf
The "Old Man" bas been renewing
acquaintances in town this week, He
is spending a few days in town
preparatory to a trip to Spokane
wliere he is to visit tbe oculist hat
ing charge of Um* treatment of his
eyes. Mr. Simpson looks well and
claims to feel pretty good. His new
venture in Kamloops is panning out
better than he hnd ever anticipated.
Fortune is smiling on the "Old
Man" and be returns tbe smile with
interest. Incidentally it may he
worth mentioning that the Herald
staff have been enjoying some of the
special "Simpson Mixture," put up
by the "Old Man" for the gratification of Kamloops pipe smokers and
their verdict is that Kamloops smokers have struck something good.
Double flannelette blnnkets, standard si/e,   white. $1.45; grey, 1.10,
c. c. s.
' Front room to rent on Armstrong
avenue; all conveniences. Moderate
price. Apply Box I, Herald office. 35-tP
Local thcatre-goers have enjoyed s
great treat this week in the appearance of the Allen Players, a well
balanced company, who on three successive nights put on really excellent
production!) of high-class plays. Manager Fraser, of the Opera house,
merits tlie congratulations of his
patrons for thus securing for the
edification of Cranbrook theatregoers so good a company and such
excellent plays. Tbe plays produced
were: "The Dcfinance ol Doris,
specially written for Miss Vernn Kel-
ton, "Zaza" and "The House of
Thousand Candles." opinions may
mflfi as to which was the best, hut
it can fairly be said that they were
all ably presented, with due regard
to scenic and singe arrangements.
Miss Vcrna Kelton made quite a hit
here and a return visit will be plea-
sur.iMv anticipated.
ofieu have il..* experience promine-l
by ibe proverb uf "repenting at leisure." The same argument in favor ol
forethought applies to .-hoofing a
KAN-.K. Buying a range generally
means that, fur ben.-r nr w..me, you
are wedded to It for life. If ll happeni
to he a good stove, that taenm* a life
time of comfort, of health from proper
cooking, and of economy of fuel. If,
on the oilier Land, yon an* paddled
wiib a poor ami un-utiffat'ioiv conker
and heater, there is no computing Hie
yeaia of discomfort and waste wlileh
follow. We believe w« carry the belt
RaogessoM anywhere in the Dominion.
TbeMartfeoh Malleable, Hi.-Stale
Alta* an.T ib* Koetana ■ , ?*>»'<
marry yourself in In-nMe to some inferior
rangenr tHove, nn.l repent nt lei-tiir*
when yon «ee bow much better your
neighbor Icia done by coming lo ua.
"The Range Store"
Costumes for
Beontiful indeed, are tbe Ladles' Costumes Hint
«*e nre now sliowiiiR. Tliiu week wi- are otferinj;
some drtssi's suitable for eveaiog wear, TIih
colorings lire very dainty and tliey nre perfect
$11.00,   $15.50,   $18.00,
$25.00,   $30.00
The cold weather will soon b« hare.   Gel ready fnr it.   Our assortment of Fnr Heels is citremely
large ami here ynu will lind something to suit   IVe have then, in Mink. Marmot. Foi, Tliihets,
Squirrel, Lynx, etc, and at prices tu tit ..•very puree.   Let us show you these goods.
McCreery Brothers
Cranbrook's Dry Goods & Clothing Stores
The Fink Mercantile company received an important shipment of Cad*
bury'a world-renowned chocolates,
See display in Pure Food Grocery.
Lame bnek comes on suddenly and
is extremely painful. It is caused by
rheumatism of Hie muscles. (juiek
relief is afforded by applying Chamberlain's Liniment. Sold by all
druggists and dealers. 37-tf
In order t.i assist huff growers to
keep their orchards clean, Thomas
Cunningham, provincial fruit inspector, is issuing five thousand posters
printed on calico, which an* to be
distributed throughout the province.
These posters contain directions for
spraying for various diseases, and also a warning that if persons in possession of infected or diseased fruil
trees neglect to apply 'cleansing measures the orchard will be quarantined or trees destroyed at the, expense
ot the owners. Furthermore, nil
primings and debris must be burned
at the time of pruning. Mr. Cunningham will gladly give further information to anyone fipplyinc t'1 him.
GrcnestUff, the great germ and dust
•killer. No housekeeper should be
without it for sweeping.—Campbell
and Manning.
Flannelette, yard wide, heavy quality, 12Je. per yard.-C. C. s.
K. M Saunders, of Moose .law,
was in town during the week, interviewing members of the board of
trade relative to co-operating with
tbe prairie boards, lie extended an
invitation to the Cranbrook board
to lie represented by delegates at the
next annual meeting nf the Prairie
Associated Hoards to be held in
Lethbridge, in -.lune next.
Fine Kmperor and Cornlshon
crapes at Little nnd Atchison's.
.lohn A. .Robertson, al the old
camp of the Kast Kootenay mill, has
three mares for sale. For further
information apply to Hie owner. :<-i>2t
A very merry party was held in
the Oym on Monday evening last,
Hallowe'en, a large number ol
children being present, ami quite a
few adults. Old (ime games were
much enjoyed, and partaken In b)
the older folk with as much Hi teres i
and delight as wns evidenced by the
FOK SALK.-fHd windows from
tbe Methodist church. Applv to l)r
Connolly. ..7-1
The   Albert    Art Photo Studio, ofj
llossland, has   re-Opened and refltte.l
the Prest studio, which is over Kaworth Urns, jewelry stole.      Wi     \
\. ('anil, the photographer In cba/ge
comes high!) recommended, lie   will
In' pleased tu show samples and   nne j
prices in a courteous1 mannei to parties requiring photos .'.7-11
Tlw   old,   old     story,    told times
Double flannelette blankits, standard si/e. white. Sl.l.V, grey, 1 1ft.—
C   C   S
The Best Pays
Just   arrived   a   Car   o(    Fancy     Washington  Apples.
.  Extra  Choice Stock.     Now  is the  lime  to
put in a Winter Supply.
Monday,    S   p m —Young People's
Wednesday, B p.m.—Mid-week looting for prayer and praise.
Strangers always welcomed.
November 6th.
Children's service in tlu.- morning
at II. Hoys and girls are especially
invited. Sunday school aud Bible
classes at 3
Epworth League prayer service a>
7 in the inner veslr).
Kvening service at 7.30 Antbtr.i
by the choir.    Well known hymns.
Visitors will be made welcome.
Men who attend no other church arc
invited to come along on Sunday
evening. Ladies wearing large hats
are requested t" remove them in-fore
the sermon. Tbis request is made
with a view of studying Hi*- comfort
of the entire ooncregation
Tuesday.—The Epworth League will
hold the iirt.1 meeting for the winter
months. A review of the coming
winter work will be given. Kvery
member is t-cquested t«> be present
at the roll call. The hew pledge will
be rend and the programmes for th
next six months will be distributed.
Thursday.—Church prayer meeting
at 8.
Friday.—Choir practice ut s
Double itannelette blankits, standard si/e, white, $1.1*),- grey, l 10.—
c  C S.
Sundays—Low   mass at MO a.m.;
high mass, 10..10 a.m.; Sunday school
from 2 to *. p.m.; Rosary and Itenc-
diction at 7-30 p.m.
Mondays and   holy days of obligation—Mass at 8 a.m.
Week  days—Mate at 6 a.m. at the
Father Platnondon,
Parish Priest
November 6th,
public   worship,    11 a.m. and 7.30
p.m        Bible school .1    p.m.     Thc
Lord's Supper at     close <»f morning
The Ladles Auxiliary .if the B. *>i
R. T. are arranging f.ir an unusual
kind of social evening to be held in
iln- Masonic hall on the 16th loal
Lach lady will take a cushion and
what is done with this cushion yon
must attend the social to see, Alter
the fun nnd fitolic is over tbe floor
will be cleared foi a denoe. Excellent
music will be provided. A meeting
ol the I \ of the B ol It. T. will
be held in tlw Carmen's ball en Fri-
da) night at 8.30 to complete ar-
ratigein-iits nnd to consider other
matters ol Importance. A full attendance is requested.
There are numerous enquiries from
absent members as t<* what plait the
K. P.\ are forming for the winter
season. if such members would
turn up ai the regular meetings
they would reap some of lhe enjoyment that the attending members do
—tncy il" havo some good times.
The \1s1t to Cranbrook "f   Orand
Master K. I. Weber, of New Westminster, which the local order of Odd
Fellows haie turn looking forward
tn, will hr Indefinitely postponed on
account id the sudden and serious
illness with which lie has lieen over*
We Cannot Be
Too Emphatic About the
Goodness of Our Soft brinks.
We ■►onl*-; onlv tb** purest
kinds, the sort yen always
order nil-r your first trial.
It does nol pay to sell
itiforior quality.
You'll Find Our Soft
invariably thi! cbrapeit and
that istlii*kiu>l you'll invar-
.iblv Snd here.
East Kootenay Bottling
TAKK NOTICE that the Bridges
Lumber Company, Limited, intend to
apply for permission to nurchase tbe
following described lands
Commenetog al a post jdantC'i at
tbe nortb-essi corner of Lot SOW,
thence lollowing  Lot SI   easterly j1,
chains, thenrv south 2. cbair.s, tit-BMe
I*". chairs, r.ore r.r Ino,, to K. ('. It
rlgbt-of-waj northerly to soaHhssst
r(ght-of-dS) northerly to south-east
corner of Lot 3060, tbence north
following eastern boi.ndarv of Lot
8060, to point of commencement, containing i" seres, more or less.
Dated si Fort Steele, B.C., thli
22nd dav i.f October, 1810.
The Bridges Lumbei Co , Ltd.,
■1   F. Hri-is.es. Locator. 'i«-9t
White Kn-rlisli    hbeels,    si/e   iUlSt)
in,, ti.im palr.-C, (,'. s.
LeBastard vs, Kmib* Louis and
Leontine Louis, This was an action
for slandrr tried before .Mr. Justice
Clement on Tuesday the 1st of November.
The action was brought bv the
plafntif! Marianne (.-.•lias-aid against
Kniib* Louis and I-eontinc Louis, his
ttife. After bearing tbe evidence
the action as -against the husband
wag dismissed and judgment was given for ! 100.Alt- and costs against the
defendant, Loo,ntlne Louis. The parties to the actbui all reside at
Marysville, B, (* W. K. (Iurd, lor
the plain tilt, A M Macdonald, for
both defendants. T.1IK   OllAMMIOOK   HKHALD
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager
LONDON, ENG.i 2 Lombard Street. EX.       NEW YORK: 16 Exchinie Place
MEXICO CITY: Avenida San Francisco, No. 50
lu addition to the offices named above the Bank has branches
in every Province of Canadatincludingall the most important cities)
and in the princi|>a! Pacific Coast seaports of the United Stales,
"ii It is thoroughly equipped lor the handling of collections and
other banking business in the territory covered by these branches.
I*. T. Brymner, ilanager Cranbrook Branch
************************ !
About Two Miles Irom Cranbrook.
3 Acres under Cultivation and Cleared.
1-2 Acres Fenced.
8 Buildings.
Good Spring.
Creek Close by
Planted Fruit  Farm
For  Sale
J mill* from Cranlirook, l>lo.-k No. I. of
Cranbrook Irrigated Fruit Lands
OouUiiim ,"> noma partly cleared and planted
witli Vl> Apple Tr,***,. Hill Sin ill Fruit and
"■Uil Strawberries. (IixrI House IH x 24,
Hoot House. Well. Irrigation Hitch, aud 50
cords of wood on skid.
Price $1,200 on Easy Terms
Ai'i'i.v in
Wilmer Agency Co.,
WILMER,       *        -        -       B. C.
************ ***********
To Earn
It i n't :i question alone of whether ynu
want a better salary—it's a hard condition
of life that ynu murt face to protect yourself and those dependent upon yuu.
You can't stand stilt—it you don't wnnt
tn go backward, you must go forward —
that K you've got to cam more,
Earning more means holding a tatter
potiti m -independence, happiness, and a
chance to provide fot the future.
Thou and* upon thousands who once held low,
poorly paid positions now cam high salaries as a
result of letting the Intkhnatiunai. Corrrspond-
bkcr Bciiootfl iliow them how t<» accomplish tin*
change, l'ufi.ig last year about 4,000 students voluntarily reported increases iu salary amounting to
over two million dollars! Rvcry month an average of
report lo us advancement in position and earning]
YOU!*, .■-■ii this month?
Sim;';/ mark on the coupon
thc position you wish to secure,
then tcur out and mail the coupon
to the International Correspondence Schools. This puts you
under no obligation whatever hut
allows our experts to adapt a
Course to your individual needs
and circumstances.
You've got to eara mere money.
the I. C. S. will help you.
Witt you take the start today?
;  hum mi emu com 5 pond met schools
• Hot 70U, BORAHtOH, PA.
• HttHt-tpUla, MltWM Imiikti n*>ll| a „n « cut
• i...« I .j-i .|4JilU io. i Unci iiln, ,ali ,.j.,'„,,'
Ail Wilt-.
Win.!,.*-, tilinmr.
SiruMBial li-    -i.e.
citt StniH Rumi.
CDlU-ailul Ailluildrf
P-nirnua I'ljmi.i
.|».binl.-tl lH.llHni.1B
1.    tt   l'   r,*l-.*,l   Huk
Mtnlnir l-:«j*fiir.r
I'-.*-*-*! SlXl'in Si<H
, Nam.
I Si. * No.
t cm _
iplc win, growl nt imiK sermons
are usually most In need ol them
Siiiiii* |H*ii|ile excuss a lot ol little
bad habits on tin- ground tlmt iliry
have im really big bad habits.
liven tin. iiinDrmed smoker (lncls
ilillicully in determining at nlghl
v.li.tli.-i Ills |,i|,i. Is III nr mil
"There's one good thing to lie said
nlmiit lhe 'hobble skirl.' "
"For gnoilncss unhc, whal Is If
"When tlu: wearer is limjilng ulnng
one is unable to    ssj     whether Hie
llni|i is caused l,v Uu* hobble ur    by
llghl shoes "
Mr. and Mrs. James Robinson, an
aged cuujilc who live in the little
hamlet ol Shecplaae, near Woburn,
have just celebrated the seventy-first
anniversary ol their wedding. They
were born In tlu* parish the year alter Waterloo, unit have lived Ihere
uil Iheir lives. Mr. Ilohinsnn was
for half a century parish clerk, uml
he worked lor uver sixty years on
one farm in the parish. They have
brought up u family ol eight. Their
eldest "buy," who lives iu the adjoining cottage, is seventy years of
age. Mr. ltiibiiisou, senior, slill
cultivates bis ruod ol ground.
Mr. Henry Tiimlitisiili, ol Tan in,
near Chester, attained his one hundredth birthday two weeks ago. Ih*
Is u native ol Cheshire. He is as
active us inatiy septuagenarians, ami
is ii remarkable personality. His wile
eighty years ol age. The collide
have been married sixty years, and
Ihere    arc   Ibree   daughters   living.
Imir gralidchlltlr  and thlee gr**ul
grandchildren. Mr. Tomliiisuii'i*
chilli delight lias been hunli.n'. lie
remembcr» riding lo Wrexham with
his lather to participate in the (e**-
liviiies lor Hu* coronation ol (ieorge
IV. He enjoys railway journeys,
hut will not ride *i. a hinlor eai
Ills vitality is rcniurkilili. Itcccnl
ly he drove, to Tar,ioilev In tec Ills
lather's grave.
Colonel .lohn llower, ol Droxtoril,
Ii.uiijishire, who aw military se*viec
miller lour Hritish sovereigns nn.l
mis the oldest rctlMll olllvr in III"
army, bus jusl tied st in, nge ni
lul. To use his own words, Colonel
llnwer was a horn votary of the
chase. He hunted first with llie
File Hounds in 181.1—the year ol
Waterloo—and subseijuently was master ol the l'nion |iack ul the Cope,
Ile gave up lhe sjiurt only a year or
two ago. Colonel Bower obtained :i
endctship in the Indian army, and
went to Madras in December, 183.1.
lie served lor six years with Ilu
•Mill Madras Native Infantry, and
was then appointed to the stall, lu
IH35 he made the lirst of three vlslt«
lo the Cape in connection with the
sii|iply ol remounts for the Indian
cavalry, and came borne lo relirc on
bis pension iu isl".
Wheat has been grown in twelve
weeks at Cricksea Hall Farm, near
llurnham-ou-Crouch. Mr. Safer, the
experimenter, sowed a field with
wheat on duly llllh last. The s,*ee
hud been specially Heated with a
new process invented by Mr. .1. J.
Melville. On July 21—only five days
later, instead of the usual three
weeks—the wheat s|irouled abovi
ground; on August 1 tbe ground was
rolled; and on September 111 the Ilrsi
curs appeared. Interviewed this
week, Mr. Siller said: "This menus n
revolution in fanning. In len days
from now tbis wheat will be ready
lor reaping—twelve weeks Irom the
lime it was sown. The ordinary
time—the quickest I have known in
this country—is eighteen weeks, and
in Canada about 14."
According to a government return
the tola! area of corn and green
crops In Ireland, including llax ami
fruit. amounted this year to 2,1171,
211 acres, as compared wilh 2,30*1,-
l.vi acres in ll'im, an Increase ol
1.7,056 acres, or 2.U per ccni. The
lotal area of potatoes this year is
fi!i:i.iii;r, acres, as compared -tilth
r,7»,7!is acres lust year, un increase
of 13,266 acres, or 2.3 per cent The
increase in the area ol potatoes this
year is tlie lirst recorded in .he
lotal extent ol Ihal crop in In-lain,
within tlie past 22 yenrs. So (ur as
live stock is concerned, lhe lotal
miniver of horses has increased by
11,051), while there has been a decrease of cattle ol 10,676. The number of milch cows is given us I,.1.17,-
584, which, excluding Ha* years 10817
and llius, Is tlu* highest nn record
since I860.
A fine statue of Lord Clivc, the
maker of thc Indian empire, will
shortly be erected at the western .*:ui
nl Charles street, close to the Indian
olfice. Tbe figure, which is being
modelled by Mr. John Tweed, stands
ten feel high, and will lie placed on n
in-dcstal fourteen feci high, when
completed, und cust in broti/e. The
likeness is taken from a portrait lie-
longing to tlu- Karl of I'owis. The
history of this statue shows whal
an artist will do In pursuit of his
art, lor after his lirst effort was
finished Mr. Tweed lelt discontented
with his work. He pulled thc statue
(o pieces, and once more set to work,
modelling Irom the nude flrsl, and
I hen lormed the uniform afterwards.
A replica in marble ot the ('live
statue will be sent to Calcutta.
Tbe new battleship-cruiser Indclul-
Igablc, will be undocked at Devon-
port within the next few days, and
after bunkering 2000 tons ot coal and
.100 tons ol oil, will proceed Into the
Channel to carry out ber speed trials
Her turbines are ostensibly designed
to develop 11,000 h.p., and give n
sliced ol twenty-six knots, hut the
engineering department ol llevonpori
dockyard Is calculating on nn excess
id Irom two to three knots on this
The Indefatigable will displace
10,250 Ions on her trials. Her hull
embodies some striking departures ol
design. From her sleni to about
one-fifth of her length aft, she Is
bull, as keen as n wedge. No lacing yacht lias such knile-likc lines.
The Indefaligalile's Itinnols, three in
number, arc all ul different design,
and nt unequal distances opart. Added to this lhe forward funnel is
twenty leet higher than the other
two, Kighl 12-Inch guns, of 5(1-
culihre, are mounted in four turrets,
the wing pm lieing echeloned, so
thai all llie guns eau he brought to
hear on cither broadside, and sis
ahead or astern.
Tlie    SuirrnsjHl
Iiiiui nf i-anipaini
ms 1,'yii out Iiui1
I hv champions   ot
till'   lill.S.-     ill    *,!'.
.lus   delivered   ro
cciillj  in    Dnlilii
nml    iu   L-oiiduii
S|ii-al..iir!1 iu Hn
111 sli capital,   Mrs
1'uiil.luirst su111 Uml when parliament
opened a grenl procession anil ileput-**
ation ol wuuieii would go in tin.*
Iioiisq nf commons und u.slc why sufficient time luul not lieen given to Uio
VYhmi-ii'K SiiITrnRo lllll. Tliey might
lie removed by force. It. might
mean alno nnvsl und Imprisonment,
Imt tliey would ro prepared for that.
Ai a demonstration held iu Trafalgar Square, Mrs. Coluien Sanderson
declared Uuil the Suffragists' next
move would in- i.i pay no taxes, Uy
revolting in Hiis way tliey would
show tin- nnt ion wliut women could
do, and what could lie dime hy passive resistance' nu a largo scale.
From the returns compiled by
Lloyd's Kcglster of Shipping it appears lhat, excluding warships, lliere
were SIM vessels, ol 1,151,1.17 tons
gross, under construction in the
United Kingdom nl thc close pi the
ipiartcr ended September 30th. Ul
this total ilu- touiingo oi sailing vessels amounted to only 8713. The
tonnage now mulct const met ion is
about 30,(100 tons more than that
which wus in liiind nt tlu* end
last ipinrter, and exceeds by 370,000
tons tin* uilul building twelv
months uro (Iermany comes next
in Great Hritain in the li-.. villi llfty vessels, and a total tonnage ot
130,117, excluding warships and vessels under Mill tons. There are seven war vessels under construction at
the ltoyal dockyards: Two ut Devon-
port, 15,100 ion:-: displacement; two
at Pembroke, 0700 tons; two ai
Chatham, 1210 tons; and one nt
Portsmouth, 22,500 tons, lu private
yards, fltty-oiic war vessels are liqllig
built (or the British navy, of a total
tonnage ol 2alii,<*l85.
Vhc preliminary statement lor
1010 of the agricultural returns of
Oreat Hritain show that out of the
total ana (excluding water) ot
5)1,211, 153 acres there were 32,111,-
005 acres under crops and grass, a
decrease of 88,078 acres as compared
with 1800. Wheal accounted Ior
1.808,821 acres, barley for 1,728,800
acres, oats fur 3,020,018 acres, Inr-
uips and swedes for 1,565,100 acres,
permanent grass for 17,452,-105 acres,
ami clover and rotation grasses for
1.150,-117 acres. Live stock .statistics for 1000 and 1010 an* given in
the following table:
I010. 1000.
Horses  1,545,287     1,552,00:1
Cattle    7,037,208    7,020,982
Sheep    27,ioi,itii  27,(118,411)
Pigs  2,3*10,897    2,880,887
The hoard of trade returns foi September are again favorable, and show
thai the imports fnr lhe month
amounted to £51,000,395, an increase
ut U2.12l.120 over .September, 1000.
Exports totalled £30,001,201, au increase of IM, 163,237, Thc principal
increases arc in col Ion goods, vvbich
show a miin of *U053,flG7, woollens
(521,111). iron and steel (£531,363)
nnd electrical Roods (£370,889). Kor
thc nine montlis of Uu- present year
Imports were £-187,811,888, nn increase nt £37,530,85], as compared
with lhe same period of 1909, ami
e £318,577,011, wilh an
C-l 1,231) ,730,
Enable** traders throughout the world
to communicate dlreut with English
in each finijn of Knndt-.. Heshlcs being
a complete commercial gultlo m London and  its Biihurbs,  tho  directory
coil t iti iih lists of
with the Goods they ship, an d tho
Colonial uiul   Foreign  Miirkcts they
supply J
arranged under tlia PortB towhlch they
Hail, uml Indicating tlio approxtiuatu
of liMdini* Manufacturers, MorotunitB,
etc., in thu principal provincial towns
and Industrial centres of the United
A copy of the eiitieiil edition will ho
forwnided, freight paid, on receipt of
P-Hi-.l Order lor 20*.
Ucitlori Bcnklug A go Helen can ndvor-
tlce their trade em da for 20s., or larger
IvertUemeuiH from HOs.
The London Directory Co., Ltd.
2.S Abchurch Line, Lmnlon, B.C.
Manv school children suffer irom
constipation, which is often tin* cause
of seeming stupidity ai lesioni
Chamberlain's stomach and Uvei
Tablets aro an ideal ineitlolno to give
a child, for they are mild and gentle in their effect, and will CUM even
chronic constipation. Sold by all
druggists and dealers .17-11
Best on the
Tii.it ii*. want authorities say
i''i*■.-.linn tin- medicinal quRi<
luusoi tin* waters m Hah yon
Hot Springs.
The Snint:.Ti..in Is now under
new mnnsgeiiienl nnd it,-*-.
heen rtnton-pltal from lop io
biiiinni and n *w offers every
facility for tlio comfort hm!
eonve'nienceof paimm*..
ItstCS fl** and 115 per week
oi \)2 per day an.) Upwards.
WM. Ili'Vli. I'i„|,ik*lnr,
lliiliyiin,  Anew   l-iiki*.  It.C.
Large, cool, dry storehouse,
wry safe, double doors, uo entrance, except through private
Apply at Herald Office. 17-tl*
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
A modern equipped Cafe at modi*
Rates fl lit)and up pui day
Corner of Howard St. nml Proiit -
Mnr ton meets all train*-;
The Coeur D'Alene Company
J X. Callahan, Mgr.
Ij'fTtaJl * fill,   "HlMlllL VII-':. '**,   'J I all",
Scientific manm.
r*-lr rtliftrat-**! v**-*!**.    -
,,.—.. *-f an**  fii'iiii.l.*   i "ii   •'■     Iifi.i*»   lif
QuuSa, fill i. JW, ]«u.** H'fii'i.   "-"i t*T
■U «*-*t«tt 4» tt-
lOin-l*. WirW, V.'n«liiii*.-|...<t It.V.
1  intend
that thirty days after date
to apply I" the Chief Commissioner
<»f Lands and Works and to the Assistant Commissioner of Lands und
Works for the District of Kast
Kootenav. for a license to prospect
for coal and petroleum on the following described Ln.il
Commeiiritii; at a post planted at
the S. W. corner of Lot lit It), thence
Ml chains south, tin net* till chains
east, thence mi chains north, tliemc
*■" chains west to place of beginning,
containing mil acres, more or less
It. O. Itehlen, Locator,
Hatice l*ameroux, Agent.
Located Au-;   ..Uth,  1010.
Commencing at a post planted at
the sontbeast corner of Lol nlil,
thence su chains sonlh, ihence sn
chains west, thence sn chains north,
Ihence hu ehains east lo place of
i.c^it.iiiiii', containing mu acres, more
or less.
a. tv Wayland, Locator
Bailee Liuneroiix, Agent,
Located Aug   20tll, 1010. Bl-M
TAKK NOTICK that James Harper, of Rossland, IL 0., occupation
Merchant, intends to apply lor permission to purchnKc the fnllowfn.;
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted
about one foot east from the southeast corner of Lot 784-8, being the
Initial post south-west corner; thence
north about (to chains; tn the southern boundary ol Lot 7.MB, thence
east about 60 chains, thence south
about 00 chains, tlicncc west about
(iO chains to point of commencement
and containing 860 acres, more or
.tames Harper, Locator,
.1. II. Hutchinson, Agent
Dated .Inly Ith, 1010. lift**
|l you ni'i- «ii-k, BUtfoHiiB Iroiu nny din-order, wo .nn
.lire you-PI''11M AN l-'Vn.Y. Yon do not bnv** to
linnet', Htiffering from c-ifWUBe, bwouie Wfl ure mviH.al
f|i I'iniirtiM with many yuan.' exporleuc-ii treating mid
I'liritiR fiii'ii'HHf.ill-,' nd iiii'ii"** (liHi'.im-H.
Honest Treatment
A Sura and  Parmanant Cure In
All  Dlaaaaa* of Man
Nervous Weakness, Varicose Veto., Hydrocele, Blood
•nd Skin Ulsnrders, Sorea, Ulcera, Kldnev, Bladder, and
Dedal Disorders   and all Special Ailment!
common lo  men.
I   Aiiiiluniirnl   Museum   in   tlio   North-west.
tf vuu I'liiiimt COI1IQ to Spokane lnr freo mpsnltulion mow,
wrlto for mir freo booklet.
Dr.   Kelley's   Huseum
2io Howard Street, Spokane, Wash.
Stoves   and   Ranges
Wo luivejiial |ilin*i'il in stock n lull liiu* of NfolTnl's Nnlioiiiil
Stovi'S. Aii*-lij*hl Urate's, Hiis Slnvi's. Woi.il Hllllll'ts,
Wm nl or Conl t'lniiliiiiiitiiiii mnl Cmit Burners.
A liiliili ASRnllTMIiNT   IX AM, THE AMVli,
A full liiu* nl' Cook Stoves nml   I'uni;,*..   (lur prices lire
reusoiiiiblo nnd we guarantee the gooilB.
J. M. Agnew & Co., Elko, B. C.
A  Good   Home
is what is dear to every man. A home
is where Peace, Comfort, Content ment,
anl Plenty is found. That \n the rensuii
men throughout British Columbia, when
••Craubrooli is mentioned think of tin*
provisions »los. Urmilt has made for an
ideal ...-nn' at tin-
Canadian Hotel I
CALGARY, Alberta
The Hotel with "The Reputation"
You'll get your Money's Worth.
**********, ***********************************
It is the Same Place
The Place that is Popular
(l,«i.l as lhe licst
Better Hum lhe lies!
The Cosmopolitan jj
If vou conic once,
Vou will come aj*iiiu.
Iv II. SMALL, PiKii'itiwiin
When Your Husband Sees the Steak ii
nn the talile he will want tn
know where yon l.uuuht it
Ah booh an he tastes the tirst
juiey lender morsel hell tell
yotl lo l-ny nil ymir ini'iit at
the Bailie plan- hereafter.
That place in ri^ht here.
We Hell meats that make men
simply angelic.
P. BURNS & CO.. Ltd.!
THE    NtW   R£MI**l}Y   FOR
Nervous Exhaustion
Alcoholic ami physical excesses,
mental sliuckaani] hotlily injuries
drain the iierviiussystciij wilh sur-
piisiuj* rapidity, ;'.cere nervous
exhaustion frci|tietilly results.
'I he only remedy la l*ood,Rest nnd
netve repair. "Asa va-N'kurau."
is nml makes possible this cure. It
feetis thc ucr\'es, induces sleep,
rpiickcns the np|>clitc and digestion, restores full nerve vigor.
$I.JO pel" bottle,    Local agent.
If you slop at llm
Hotel VanDecar
when ynu leave the C.l'.lt. Station
ask lor a Car uoiug down Westminster Ave., the conductor will
tell you where to jjcl off.
101   lloonis, modern  ci|iiipnieiit,
nnsleriite rules.
L. B. VanDecar & Sons
Banister, Solicitor, Etc
Money to Usui on favorable turtne.
Mrs. E. Bent's
Every cum mnl comfort
A homo liiMii liumu
special attention in citflOH of
Matornity* Iflioumutisiii
uml I'neiiiiioiiiii
Tor ma modornto
I' ii. iloi 7 i'i 97a
T.*„.li,*i* nl Hiring nml
Htamlnril liiilriit.ii.tila
I'lllllll  TKAINKK
Miss Mabel Wellman
I'I..I.t aad Tchcr
r,*rlill,'iil,*il |iu|,il „i
lliilirelllu >|.,ll,.i ul Wllllllim
Physicians and Surgeons.
Offlc tt Rw.deaci, ArmstruDg A.a
Forenoon ».uii to 10.00
Afternoon. - - - 2.00 to 4.00
Ereclugi .... 7.10 to 0.30
s-fundays .... 2.30 to   4.30
ORANBROOK :•    ll    n    ii    B. O
verewNARv suroeun
Urfelunt.    nt    Ontario    V,.|<>riinir,-
Ootlsge, Tnroim,, in JNUS
Orailunto nn.l M.dalll.1 ol JlcKIIII|i',
Veterinary Oollnati.  I'lii.-iiuii.
In  19110
Nine v,*,*ir*. .xparietltHl in V,*i,*rinnr.v
practfcein Muuiuitut
OlllH-anl door lo Poll Ollice
Muse IM     ■     P.O. Boi lit
Nifbt I'all - II. II. Short'. II™,I,**,,*.
Timothy and Oats
Orown onFuta's Ranch, Omnbrook
tlii-i season %.%{
• to 12 a.m.
1  to    I p.DI.
7 to   ( p.m.
Office In new Held lllmk
CRANBROOK        - - 11  i*
Notary Public
111 Coiuiopollttn Hotel
Crttjiliruiik ami Fori Steelo
|;kno?im8 CraiibriMik, IU.
B    C.   and   Surveyor
CRANBROOK    -     B. C.
For .Hiinly ii-.,* there ia nothing
ao wlititoHiiiui, mnl io pure nn
v **■
Hti moved his Ofllce from Belter .imot
to Ni,rimrv evenne, nextiloor
tn Itilllliii]**, I'ti,,!,, Ktttlllo,
F. 0. Bwuinell, I). L. S., B. 0. L. S.
A. I. HoherlMin, B. II. L. B,
Doniiiiioaanil llritialiColumbia*
P.O. Drawer793 VICTORIA. B.C
Opposite ll.I1.It. Station
THE    PLACE    TO     GET    A
Hoaili|iiartorB for all  kinds of
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Tlm Shoo S|ii.(iialim
Provenzano & Sacco
General Merchant!
Employment Agente
CRANBROOK     ■     B. C.
II yuo want satisfaction with
your washing  send
it to
(Special prices far family work.
Hour. 1 to 5 j,.in.
Siiliu.Uy 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
s[.,-,-ui.l Imam run lie arrange.1 whi'ii
Hanson Avenue
Phone 317
;; The Cranbrook Employment;;
and Real Estate Agency
My S|H.,*ii,lii.v i. fnriii.tiiii-r lebor lnr
Lllllll**.!  I'.,ni)ii,i]i><..   llHilnni.l   .'.in- , ,
1 raeton, Bot.lt, nn.l UnlLler.
.1. Armour, I'rojirietor
l'lmlirlia      I'M. JOB      P.O. BOX 31a
li prepared to aupply help, ekilW ot
unskilled, on ehorteet poeelMt notice; to And employment end gu«-
aatee positlom when eeot out; to
rent houses and rooms end to sell
you fruit lands or other property lor
e email commission.
Addwsr-W. Parker, lli Belter >t.
NELSON, n. C. «-ly
* V.H AND CHEWST.-Cbirfn: <•
* Oold, eilver, eopper or lead, 11 •:•
■:• eerh.   gold-illver, $1 50. ellrec *
* teed, tl Mi, goM-ell.tr, with *
<• ropprr or Ired, 12.50, nne. ti. *
* etl.er Ired-tlnc, 13. Price* lor *
<• other meteli oa epplteatton. *
•M.ong   dleUnce 'phone 07.    P.O. *
* Hot, CHOI, Neleoe, B.C.    «-l***t>
I- tin* Bm| Equipped Bnslntss
College   in   the   N'ortliWNt,
Mm". Canadian Student** ci.,.!
aa.it from om College eneli
season.   Von ean learn Bhort
tmn.l,     TVp0l t it ihi*.      It.H.k
ItMplng, CuniiM-reiiil Lin tt tn!
gel i* general b-BitnitM training,
then wt* will moan a position
fnr vim in  n Ciiiiii.linn nr nu
American    i..*t*ine"*.«     honse,
Writs foroar boiioHfallv Mini
imt-f-i catalog iooI Ireeapon
Obeboent Lodge No. SU
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meet!   every   Tuesday at • p.m. »t
Fraternity Hall.
.1. M. Boyee, C. C.
T. U. Jones, K. ol R. & S.
Visltliig brethren   cordially Invited
to attend.
Meet! every Monday
night at New Fr»-
teralty   Hall.    So-
Jiiiiralng Oddfellow, cordially Invited.
IV. S. Hall, ('. ,|. uttle,
N. O. see'y.
I'rantirook     Lodge,
No. St
A P.  ft  A    at.
lieciilar taeetiage on
the   third   Thureday
of every month.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
W. E. A111 i.l- ■  IV.M.
10. w. Connolly, Secretary,
No. It.
Meet, every second and   lour**- Wed-
neaday at Fraternity Hell.
Sojourning   Itebekaha cordially Invited.
Miss E. .lohnlton, N. O.
Mtia Ilickenbotham, See'y.
Meeta in   Fraternity Hall Firet an
Third Fridaya.
T. Fraser, E. 0.
M. .MacKinnon, M*. R. and C.
Visllinj! sisters cordially invited.
Meets in Carmen's Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday ot each month at I
p.m. shar|i.
.lames Sims, Chief Ranger
L. Rent. Secretary,
vliltlng brethren made welcome.
Meets in Carmen's Hall second and
fourth Tuesday ol each month at
1 p.m. sharp.
Mrs. Lulu Hayward,  lli-c. Sec.
Mrs.  Isaae llaxler, Chief Hanger.
Visiting  brethren  made  welcome.
J J lVe---i.l-f--.it :  T. S. GlLL
J,       HwreUry: 8, Macdonalo
i i For InfonnnUon r*>t;Hrtliii){ i-.ii.l-*
11 nnd   agriculture   a|.|>lv   to tho
1' SooreUry, GranbrooK, H. C.
] [ MeetUif—
, , Kvery Ucond •VrtiiietilHv
44^^^^^0^^^^^^^^^w^^*ww^ '
:: Presbyterian Church::
Sundar morning •riiii* at 11
Sundav     eveolag      Mtvlce    at
IM o'clock
' |   Sunday      School   and    Bible ' '.
,        CUss at 3 o'clock , ,
[   I'rrittiyterlaa    (liilld. Tuesday, ', \
.il » o'clock ~
W. R. Rnatlr, Kunaral llli*aetuf
tlranbn-uk II. O,
669 Georgia Street
I.ii'lu . :itnl '.i-ttdf.iH-ti : —
I wl-tlili) unrtiiii*,-  that 1 Imv*. w**.|vnt HU
pre UPWOiWfj'imna PrinLUt «f tht.v»-r.
Intrat mvlni in HttfOoDdl. Wiir». T-**m*-*---.. Tn.n*'-
frirmntlnn f^PHMm 8wilchf>r.. fvltn nml
C'lirln which I will mail fm* upon n»p1i-**.,inn.
RHntmbflr m cin rrrt my huir K'-«l« fnr lr»-
moM| nnti *>f ■ twll-jr nuiilllr th-in ■nvwhi-n*
•Wt. Why «*nn m hoy fnr h".n moMyl D*a*MU|W
t mnt\-pnii|***-*.-.livlnmi«niif(icliirin». nnly. I -tl-..
titrtkf- up Hwltrhm   ntit   .if your own nitnliinr--
ft-mll.Wn.ua  sav-? up your mmUnti uni
MM Ihfm in Uw B. 0, Huir *IIo««Ik. Wi pay h.Vli
DriM, Mull unlei'ii ■.(H**i-inliv. Crtlalf-iriir rarttl
Lto. Mulltr, Prep,
,   l.» C. M.,  R. A.M.
ilrrani-t Rn.l rhnfrntami-r Kn»t Churrh.l
Tt-iwtwr «f ll-uinrnrii*. fliynn.
Thwirv   nml     Voire  Culm**-*.
PMI Ti-rm IMW nmmnclni.   IN.pil*. |in'pan>.| f.n
1.1 nil 11 ll -iIhUI".
raiyiiMntf "r^-.i-snuaj n	
;: Baptist Cburcb
|; Pallor, Chartn W. Klag.
, | r.isiniaKe, Norhury Avenue.
,, Thonr, 2«4.      I'. O. Boi 117.
Regular Srivire.—Sunday, 11
am. and 7.30 p.m.; Bible
School with Yount Udlea'
I'lnleihra and Youajc Mn'i
liiiil,* Class, S p.m.
Monday,    Voting Penplea',    I
W*-ln,..l*,y. Mlil-Week Meettr«,
A cordial   Chrlitlaa
to all.
When in a Hurry
Kirn .'ur of
First-Class Timothy
tt'iw Hie
South Alberta Hay Growers Ltd
E. (I. Amhroac, Mgr.
an* it
Second-hand Sawmill
Fnr (jT-ar.tanU.rj *i>i'ly tn
A.   Lund,   Wardner,
\ BriUlh Culimibio
"A paradise for tlie lionest worker!'—that is Mr. Justice Granlliam's
suniiiiiiin-it|) uf Canada, To a meeting of the Uarcombe Agricultural
association recently he g&vc a ilvid
account of his recent journey
through tin- Dominion, nnd pui his
fails before his audience from the
working man's point <■( view; for
there were, he said, no idlers there,
no unemployed, and ao unepipioyahle.
"Then' Is work and high wages for
all, for while ihe country Is a strong
protectionist eountrj. the effect ol
thai is thai Llie wages
of tin- laboring man
are more than proportionally Increased. There is work waiting for
all, uml it a man is found nol al
work he is iieaied an a vagrant,
taken before th.- magistrate., ami
given three months, ami if that dues
not cure him. m\ months nexl time.
It Is a para.lis.' foi tin- honest worker. Everj man in regular work
lives in his own bouse; a separate
house, mind, nn its own plot-no two
houses built together, much less rows
of ugly cottages, jerry built, at high
rents, bill all built nf wood, and
many quite protty. Two dollars tu
two and a half—thai is, 8s, in I lis.
u day—ean he earned by any laborer,
but much more h\  skilled men.
"I went tn Canada," continued Mr,
Justice 0 ran thn in, "expecting to find
u colony, but I found the inception of
a nation—a nation claiming to he
part nnd parcel of uur empire, ami
whal is more, of nur kingdom. 1
found a people, strangers to me, bin
loyal to the backbone. Ilui their
future is not assured; it is as much
In otir making as In theirs; they
mean to live under ih«. Hritish Has
if we will help ihem, but if we do
not help thot», if we (real them no
better than we treai foreign nations,
there may be difficulties iu their
way and in ours in the future.
"Canadians," he said, "complain
that the mother country will do
nothing lit assist them in their
economic difficulties and financial arrangements. She treats them, they
say, no better than she treats foreigner.!- or even commercial enemies.
How can they appeal to these discordant elements tu be loyal to tin-
empire if the empire has done untiling for them?
"The message they sent through unto   England   was this:   Why   si Id
your statesmen refuse tu help us and
refuse to acknowledge us as your offspring for the .sake uf a shadow, for
the sake nf a name—the name uf free
trade—fnr you have nol gol the substance now? It was useful once, but
those days uf your manufacturing supremacy have passed Vuu are risking your own future and ours. Why
nol hiiRgle with other nations as to
fiscal duties"' We have to do it. and
are doing it imw Why nut treat
them as they treat you? Do not ro
bodily from one fiscal scheme lo
another; du nol go frmii free trade tu
protection; but sn arrange your
tarifl that yo» ran give one better
terms than another if one treats you
better than others,
'To show the position of a work-
lag man in Canada. I cannol dn better than tell you the life-stnry, 'as
he told me, id a man wlm it-mahicd
,. WOtMng man lu the last. Ile
was a copying clerk In a solicitor's
Office in Chancery I.Him at ..lis. a
we-pk. He was nut satislled with
the future before him, as his education was not good enough t<> become
a solicitor; und as his father was a
farmer, and he thought he knew n
Rood deal about il, he and a friend
determined tn ru nut in Canada iu
the early eighties, When Ihej Rut
there lie found they knew nothing of
tannine ibat wuuld he any good
ihere, and hi*, friend returned home
dltguated. He stopped, determined
tn wnrk al whatever came along, I It-
got work un the Canadian Pacific
railway, which was then being jusl
bi'uun. and worked as a navvy, nr
at anything the managers or foreman
a-ked him to dn.
"From one billet he cut promoted
to a better une from yeai to year,
till he became storekeeper nver the
whole Undertaking, and at the end
ol twenty-live in thirty years' service he bad .iust retired, nevet having
lieen nnythiiiR but a working man.
with an income Irom ids savings of
nearly I'.oiui per annum."
Something for Nothing
1IKHAI.I)    MAP   iik tiii: WORLD
A jjimmI map ot tlm world    stinulil
It costs money to insure your
|  life or properly, but it costs you
nothing lo  insure  your shirts,
Buckskin Cloth Shirt
liei-iHlso IT 18 INSURED BY
miotlier uliii'l nbaohitt'ly I'nv of
i*Iiiii*i.'i. in .vmi. 'I'I,is «lii:*i Insurance policy is attached tn
your rJcalot- to show vou THE
In it you'll liuil a lienji of
ROOM, a heap uf QUALITY,
nml a heap of COMFORT, niali-
injr three heaps of shirt SATISFACTION.
P.   SHIRT   ol)
H. B. K. BUTTONS sowed un
liy huud—-Ciiiiiiol ..uini. nl)'.
I'ltr-tueked—Cannol break.
H. B. K. SEAMS all doulilo
Miti'lii'il uiul anchored Cniiiinl
Extremely large Imdy and
liitij.* sleeves.
be in the jtouettsion nl every lain
ll East koc,tonal To make this
possible, the llrralil hat had prepared a limited number of maps, based
upon Van Her flrinlrn's -.pheric.il
projection, pnhllsheit exclusively lor
tbe Herald in Ilu* But Kootenay
district by tlie Geographical Publishing company, nl Chicago. Not only
■111 the * Herald supply III readers
wilh a map of the world, Imt
maps ut Hritish Columbia, ami Alberta, am. maps ol Un* Dominion ol
Canada and Ihr United Stales.
These mails are handsomely illuminate*,, and printed, uml contain a greal
deal nl valuable Idler press, incltn.-
Ilig a lull list ul the posl olllrrs in
British Columbia uml Alberta, hlo-
grapb.es ol tbe lieut -governors    ol
Far Sale by •■» Leadine Dealers
Throughout Canada.
Made and j'liaii.nti'i-,1 by the
Shirtmakers lo
The Workingman.
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Roorui wilh tUtht.   'Fhonti in
every room
Btrtier Shop on the premises.
Thoroughly up-to-'Ut*-.
Rates, $2.00 a day and up.
URO. P* WALLS, Proprietor
B. TOM KIN, .M«n.-.r-.er
Panada, with pliotns, and a synopsis
of the history of Canada; also
photographs nf the* famous European ami American polar explorers
and nf the tillers nf tlie world,
with the flags and coatfl nf arms nf
all natimis. In addition there is a
topographical map of the Panama
canal, with a description ol the
canal and the progress of the work
so far done.
This s-pldidiii educational work will
he given away dee tn any an'i all
paid in advance Mihscrihers of the
Herald Those in arrears ean m-
cure tliis handsome work, hy pa win:
up hack subscription! and one year in
Headers of the Herald are strongly urged to take advantage of this
liberal nfler. The maps are will
worth having, and cannot he pur*
chaaed or obtained elsewhere.
They retail at 13.00 a piece, am'
will he stippticd free of charge ti
Herald readers on the ahme condl
lions. Send in your order early, as
Ihe fiumher at our disposal is limited.
TAKK NOTICK that Emma J.
Anderson, of Wycliffe, British Columbia, occupation, Married Woman, intends to apply lor permission to
purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted
i chains cast of Lot 10125, being the
north-east corner ot the C. (J.
Staples purohase, thence west *i
chains lo thu south-east corner of
I.ot 10125, thence nortb -SO chains
lo the north-east corner of Lot
1(1125, ihence east 4 chains, thence
.south 80 chains to the place of commencement, and containing 32 acres,
more or less.
Emma J. Anderson*
Dated August Uth, l.flO.        2S-!)t
TAKE NOTICE that James Clarence Helton, of llossland, B. C, occupation Merchant, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following described lauds:
Commencing at a post planted
about one foot north ot the northeast comer of Lot til51, being the
initial post north-west corner; thence
south 40 chains, thence east (to
chains, thence north 10 chains,
thence west Si) chains to point ol
commencement, and containing 330
acres, more or less.
James Clarence Belton, Locator
J. II. Hutchinson, Agent.
Dated July Oth,  1010. 28-Ot'
TAKE notice that Sydney
(Ieorge Hunt, of llossland. B. C,
occupation Merchant, intends to apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted
about one toot north from the northeast corner of Lot 8147, being tbe
initial post south-east corner, tlience
north 4H chains, thence west to
chains, thence south tl) chains,
thence east 10 chains tn point of
commencement and containing I'i"
acres, more or less.
Sydney George Hunt, Locator
J. II. Hutchinson, Agent.
Dated July 9th, IHin. z$-n*
TAKE NOTICE that two animals,
the property of the undersigned,
strayed from his premises on or
about the ilth fnst. Description as
One chunky grey, almost white,
gelding. Weight between twelve and
fourteen hundred pounds. White
mane and tail, steps short in Iront
Very toppy.
One white mare with the hip low
Above animals straved ttom pasture .St. Eugene Mission.
Anyone finding said animals ri
harbouring same will kindly communicate with the undersigned,
Information to be given to J. S.
Mackey, or the North Star Lumber
Co.. Cranbrook, B. C. 2t-tf
General Blacksraitbinf
Wagon Repairing
Agent! for Canada Bicycle Motor! Co.'i
Altm Peering Mowers and Ksaei
Having developed his sturage battery nu to a pn nt where it Is available (ol commercial use, Thomas
Edisnn has made another step in the
evolution of suburban travel by the
Invention oi a trackless storage battery car. Tbe car in of tin* pay-as-
yoii-eiiiet type, and is in reality a
large tnotOT bus driven hy elect n-
rit\. At a recent test uf this ear,
it was run over steep hills and typical suburban mads with p-erfcel success The cost of oprruti-in was
found to he about a rent per car
Fruit Trees
Ornamental Tree
Shade Trees
Wi* hare a laru'** i|uantitr of
ohoico Nursery stuck mnl
we "ITit fnr tale Home
drown Trees
Coldstream Estate Nurseries
Proprietor. Coldrtresm E.uts
Co., LM.
"Ilnw is tour j^nnlfii jti-Uititt
"Hhv iln ynu risk Uiul qJIfistlOA*"
ilrlnaiiilril Iln*     I'.'irt.iiNhr  s'lspirinil
i '■•■
"Merely nut nf politeness."
"I see.       I thoughl mayhc I    had
pri-miaMii  jnii koine  -rgctablet, "
Any available Dominion Land*
within the Hallway H..K in British
Columbia, may he homestcaried by
any pvrson whu u the sole head of a
family, or any male over 18 years ot
age, to the extent uf oue-qtiarter
section ot nm acres, more or less.
Entry must be made personally at
the local land ollice for the district
in which the laud is situate. Entry
by proxy may, however, be made oo
curtain conditions hy the father,
mother, sou, daughter, brother or
liter of an intending homesteader.
The homesteader is required to per-
for, the conditions connected therewith under one of the following
(1). At least six months' residence
upon uud cultivation of the land in
Jack jcar for three years.
t2). It the father (or mother, It
the father is deceased), of tbe
homesteader resides upon a farm iu
the vicinity of the lund entered for,
ihe requirements as to rcsidenou may
be satislled by such person residing
with the father or mother.
i!)    It the settler has his pel man-
nt residence upon farming laud owned by him in the vicinity of his
homestead, the requirements as to
residence may be satisfied by resid-
i upon the said land.
ix months' notice in writing
should be given to the Commission-
it Dominion Land*, at Ottawa *''
Intention to apply for patent.
COAL.—Coal mining rights may I*
leased for n period of uenty*one
years at uu annual rental ol ii per
acre Not [iii.re than 2,570 acres
ball be leased to one ludiw.lual or
company, a royalty at the rat-pot
five cents per ton shall he collected
on tbe merchantable ooal mined.
Deputy ol the Minister ol the Interior, a.i'-i.et
TAKE NOTICE that Charles F.
Anderson, of YyeUfie, Hritish Columbia, occupation Clerk, intends to apply for permission to purchase the
following described Und.
Commencing at a post planted al
the north-west corner of Lot 7038,
thence west 20 chains, thence south
10 chains, thence east 20 chains,
tl-ence north 10 chains to tbe plaat
of beginning, and containing SO
acres, more or less.
Charles F. Anderson.
Dated August lstb,  1910.        29-tH
TAKE NOTICE tbat David O. Ad-
derso*., ol Wyclille, British Columbia, occupation. Lumberman, intends
to apply 'or permission to purchase
the fcdloTimr, described land:
Commencing at a post planted at
the north-west corner of Lot 10131;
thence south SO chains to the southwest corner of Lot 1013., thence
west 40 chains to the east boundary
of Lot *t5-*2» thence north SO chains
following the east boundary of Lot
45M, tlvr.ee 10 chains to the place
of commencemei.t, and containing 320
acres, more or less.
David O. Anderson.
Dated August 23rd, 1310.        29-m
TAKE NOTICE that I'ercy Bertram Bast, of Rossland, B C , occupation Merchaiat, intends to apply for permission to purchase tbe
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted
about one foot north from thc northeast corner of Lot si 51, being tbe
tntial pus*, south-east corner, thence
north 40 chains, ihenoc west 8(1
chains, thence south 10 chalnr, thence
east SO chains to point ol commencement, and containing BU acres, wore
or less.
Percy Bertram Hunt, Locator
J, H. Hutchinson, Agent.
Dated July flth, 1910. 2H-H*
TAKE NOTICE that Samuel Paterson, of Rossland, B. C., occupation Merchant, intern!, tu apply for
permission to purchase the following
descrihed land-..
Coinmencim; st a post planted
about one foot east from the northeast corner of Lot 6151, being tbe
initial post south-west corner, thence
nortb HO chains, thence east 80
chains, thence south *"i chains,
thence west -Ml chains to point ol
commencement, and containing -.40
acres, more or less.
Samuel Paterson, Locator.
.1. II. Hutchinson, Agent.
Dated July ftth, 19in. 28*9t*
that nn person is permitted to ust,
barter or sell, or in any way interfere with or dispone of any of the
goods and chattels or belongings ol
tbe Rohtntt-on-McKcn/ie Lumber Com*
pany, I.ni.ii'-fi, without the written
authority of the undersigned.
Dated tbe 1th dav of October, A.D.
Robinsrin-McKrnrie     Lumber     Com-
paey, Limited SMI THE    CKANIUtOOK   HKUALD
Editor The Herald:
As you are aware, lhu writer on
attempting io reply to the toast you
proposed Lo the .Lethbridgfl board of
Undo, ai the banquet, held hen* last
Thursday night, took occasion to
.speak of the international Dry Farming Congress and exposition, and in a
few words to explain our wishes and
endeavors, toward getting this Congress and exposition, to meet here iu
1013, and in conclusion asked the
united support of the assembled
press to thnt end.
Thai evening and the following day
many members of the convention
were asking questions regarding this
matter, and feeling that some of you
may nut full) mulct'staml our ideas
on this line, we are (iiklm. the lib-
city ol sending this letter to you all.
The International Dry Farming
Congress anil exposition held iis liftb
annual session this year lu Spokane.
Three years ago our attention was
directed to this movement aud Lethbridge made uu exhibll and bad a
delegate at their third session held in
Chcyone, Wyoming. At this time
..ur exhibit consisted of hull a bushel
id Alberta Red Winter wheat for
which we obtained the lirst premium
in tbe hard winter wheat class.
Tbe next year, 11)01), Ihe congress
was held at Hillings, Montana. Leth-
hrlilgo, Mncleod, Cards ton and Taber
all bad exhibits and we had a delegation of twentj in a special car. We
ngnin w.iu tbe hard winter wheal
premium and Ibe other exhibits from
this disliicl won many premiums. We
were also awarded the second premium for having the best exhibit of
any state or province
Tin- nexl ui.-.'ling, which has just
closed, was held at Spokane this
com Lethbridge,    Cards ton and
Macleod were again represented by
mapiflceiil exhibits. Macleod and
('an1st.>n practically cleaned up the
premiums fui small grains and grass-
*s. We, this year, wen* backed by a
laige provincial exhibit installed hy
the department, aud this won the
hnndsoim* trophy offered for the besl
proWnclnl or state exhibit. Alberta
was Ibis year represented hy some
seventy delegates, being only beaten
in numbers by the State of Montana,
the reason fot that being that tbe
American imlinuds brought in train
loads of delegates absolutely free;
whereas, we were all paying our way.
Delegates were present ottieially re-
presentuiL, ibe British government,
several European governments, Brazil, Chili, Mexico, Hritish Columbia,
Saskatchewan ami Alberta, it will
he noted lhat the number of delegat
e*. present simply shows the interest
.M.d enthusiasm nf the district represented and does not efieet lhe Mite,
as each state oi province is nnly nl
lowed ;i certain number nf votes.
The convention maintains an ofllc.
staff, ii force which continues at work
during the entire year. They Issue
l.nllH-ns each month and oftener.
These bulletins are now sent all over
the United States, Europe, Mexico
and Smith America, und arrange-
m?nts are now being made to have
them   printed   in several   languages.
Besides news of the convention and'
so forth, tliese bulletins contain valuable articles on farming, written by1
acknowledged authorities. Tbe
headquarters for the convention are,
established for the year nt the place
where the next convention is to be
held and if wc succeed in obtaining j
tht! convention for Alberto for IIH2,!
these world-wide bulletins will hi
distributed from Alberta for the
The convention itself is addressed
hy the best known authorities on
dry farming from all over the world.
These addresses are followed witb
great interest by the people present
und ate of greal benefit to the farmers who will heed ttit*in.
Regarding ihe name, ury fanning,
This is u name tn which many objections hnve been raised, many people,
iu ignorance, assuming that it implies farming where there is not stif-
licieut rain lo obtain good results,
and therefore think that the holding
of the dry farming convention in nttj
district, places u certain stigma on
the farming resources of thai district. This, however, is not the
case. Tho term "dry farming" was
really used in lhe lirst place to distinguish it from irrigated fanning,
and simply meant any farming tbnl
was conducted with the natural rainfall only, and withoui Irrigation.
I'nder tbe United States definition
any district, state nr province which
has un average rainfall of less than
twenty inches per year is a semi-and
district, and all districts which have
a less average annual rainfall than
twenty inches are eligible for membership in tbe congress and competition in the exposition.
According to the official hund-hoo**
of A liter (u, issued under the directions of the lion. w. t. Finley,
minister of agriculture, iu 1009, third
edition, ilu* average rainfall for the
whole province of Alberta is It; ti'l
inches, only five stations, out ot
twenty-three, having an average rainfall ol over twenty inches, '['be real
meaning of lhe name, tho real aim,
object and intention of the congress
is to distribute arm rate reliable Information that will enable fanners
to so cultivate uud bundle their Int..I.
that in a season when there is plenty
of moisture tbey will obtain a Inr-
ger crop than they otherwise would
have done, and iu a season when
moisture is scarce, us it has been iu
many of the Northwestern central
states and in Southern Alberta this
year, farmers, who follow the methods advised by this congress, wilt obtain reasonable crops, while tbcii
neighbors who farm on the old plan
get nothing.
We might write a volume aud then
not express our full belief und id.-a*.
of the importance ami henetil ot this
congress lo the farmers, and as noted, tbe world-wide publicity which
the movement has now gained will be
extremely beneficial to thc province
or state in wliich the congress is
At the Spokane convention, Lelb-
bridhe made a strong hid for (he
convention for 1011. In this they
were ably backed by the Hon. Duncan
Marshall,    who     made a magnificent
<\'L3 .llaYU**
t*iat Tieac mY bt hi * - -.e
5lWCGLIK(J.r.TO A FINE torinr'
IS WWT..Y rr MAKES ... XilL I
50 SMS'.'To DEW.-.RM Ai'D
WELL DiUSJED.   BE U,.-".;,-" ,
speech, which brought down the convention and will not be forgotten by
those who heard it, for many a day.
We were also ably sup'forted by the
lion. Mr. Motherwell, of Saskatchewan, nnd both these gentlemen
promised us substantial aid.
The convention goes to Colorado
Springs iu IOU, one of the reasons
for this being the geographical situation Spokane is considered to be
north, Colorado Springs tu In.* south,
aud again Lethbridge rill be Inutb
for 1 ni -j We were the runners up
loi Colorado Springs, and with lhe
foundation that we have been laying
for tbe past Ibree years, capped In
ibe effort and strong showing we
made tbis year, there is little doubt
lhat wc can obtain this convention
f..r 1013 if we go at il properly at
the next convention. Nevertheless
il will ii..t be a walkover as some oi
the places that want it art! Los An
geles, Omaha, Sail Lake City,
Si ill tie und many others
As noted the convention maintain*,
a permanent ofllce, secretary and
staff, and issues its publications regularly; whereas, it has uo source ol
income aside from its trailing membership     fee of   $1.U0 each   and tlir
| place wlilcli has llie convention, is
expected to finance the thing for thc
j year. This means thai we hnve got
to raise approximately S2n.000.00, 01
this the cily of Lethbridge aud   the
I surrounding district will do its full
share, hut we are looking lo the Al-
j berla government for a large propnr
> lion of it, to the Saskatchewan government, the Dominion government
the (VI1.II., and some other pines foi
substantial aid iu the matter.
The assistance and aid we are .isl;-
hig from the press is to create a
public opinion such us will make
these governments   feel fully jusl Hied
| in giving the substantial financial an-
-listniicc toward this mutter that wc
wish, in this connection we had almost said compel them lo dn it, fnr
we believe the press could compel
ihem, but knowing thut the department of agriculture in all these governments is f#ly awake to the advantages of tbis convention and fully
realize its enormous importance.
Having the promises .if the Hon Mr
Marshall and tbe linn. Mr. Mnthct-
welt, we can assure you that thr governments are now convinced, but will
point out that it may he difficult for
a government to give the strong fin
uncial aid required, to a thing, which
will be ;i new departure in the country, unless backed by strong public
.pinion and we look to you gentle
men tn create that opinion.
Iu closing, allow me tn draw- your
attention to the fact thai while wc
are not asking for this convention
until 1912, nevertheless vve have to
go to the convention of It'll at Colorado springs, fully prepared wllb
our financial guarantees, etc., in order that we may obtain the convention
fnr the [ollowlng year, therefore, uil
financial and general arrangements
have tu be made during ibe coming
year before  the    October convention
oi   Mill.
Apologizing for thc length of this
communication and trusting you have
bad patience tu read it thus far, we
Yours truly.
Lethbridge Hoard nf Trade,
J. W. McNicnl,
Lethbridge, Alta , Oct. 22nd, 1910
fl rei Bt-iri* aMwne* cmc*-•.(*-
ritL trsjiY.    ty,*,. '•
Wituiipeg, Nov. II.—A beginning
has been made in tbe movement to
establish Manitoba's section of the
proposed western highway but beyond
informal discussions nl the project
little action has been taken. The
idea is lo construct a first class
roadway from lhe great lakes to
the I'iuiiic coast and il is understood
lure thnt llic scheme is already under way in Alberta aud Hritish Columbia. Automobile enthusiasts are,
of course, deeply interested and it is
proposed Ut cull a conference of various public hi-ilic*-: tu push ibe
scheme along.
Tendeis will Ih* reti-ivrd hy the undersigned up In and including Hit-
lutii day nf November, fur the erection ol limber trestle nt Mileage
SS.7     Crows      Nest       Stih-diusiuu
Maximum height 115   feet,    Ungtt
;.Mi feet.     Plans and l-.rni of tindei
i on tile at following offices:
!    'Ant, Chief Kngineei, Winnipeg
Division Engineers, Moon .taw ami
!   Resident Engineer, Cranbrook.
11. 11. Ualkem,
Acting Division Kngineer,
! :i7-it Calgary, Alta
The Sullivan .Mine Rugby fooLhall
team challenges   any team this side
f Spokane for a game under American rules. Tbe game to be played
In Crnnhrook, Thanksgiving day preferred.
Electric light and hath room, $10
per mouth. Apply P. (). Ilox "ion,
city. 23-tl
Nine iiri** iu feu stomach derangements mi1 responsible for sallow
complexion,   lull eyes and Ihiu hody.
ll  |.s    the    stomach that supplies
(Kiiilisliii. . blood io tlie muscles, the
nerves, ami skin, If the stomach is
healthy, plctitj of nutritious matter
will be iibnorbcil bj   the blood. If II
is nol healthy, lhe f 1 will ferment,
und undigested, will pass along
through the bowels, furnishing so
little iiultilioiiB matter Hint the
blood incomes Impoverished, mid the
glow uf health vanishes.
If yon un Her from nervousness, sick
headache, belching of gas, sour taste
in lhe mouth, heaving after eating,
or nny olbei miserable stomach ills*
lurlmnce, you need Mi-o-na, and the
souncr you gel it the quicker you will
be healthier and happier.
li will relieve any distressed stomach condition almost Immediately, li
will cure if used according to directions. Tbe Menltlc-Murpliy Co, sell
it for 5(1 cents a largo box, and they
think enough >-i n to guarantee it lo
cure indigestion.
i *& '■■■ *■ t*i k   a
Bronchiti.. Croup. Coughs and Cold*), ut
money l*:e-:. Said arc' trtarantecd b*-
the Benttie-Murphy Co,
*y ■*
*y *
-, 4
♦ +
-»-      Tlie Quality is dot I,
I      The   Priii-   is   lliul.t.       +
*y -4
A *
J   o. w. hemblinc   ♦
:    DIDSBUnY      -     ALTA.    **
: «•■'   t
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦■I- ♦■*■.»*:  * *******
famous f jr Us :ur;-iess
of doing Its <l*/: v orki
andfc-1 deyshorkis'
to re-p yau i.'rv end v
a .Mi* ni ami*' anscr
IMS   -o-.'.Tn*.
am )**pttb*'.
,m~    -V«HSM«>
Patent Ripless
are made for hard
wear. Practically ever-
lns.ini*. Nu tt-am» in.
tide to hurl the hand*,
and they arc
* ',-».<f.
in tlOlOnl to'i'ii ll ii llollte
ot Hitmlvrsnti'v Mmiiiiiilii
Dew,    noml jmlu - tell
lit*   l lul I   lliif   win-key   l-
-••|ital lo nityttilnii huowii
mi-l   mperlor   lo   mosti
Sanderson's Mountain Dew
WholMlo W mi. Morelimil
Dim thing more tliun mi oilier which in i*ni|iliiiui/.i'il in thin yoar't
i*i iln* bountiful »iin|ilii*iiv  ui   iIn.*   linos   nml   Ihi'   huh.
plain    uffocts    in    ulolh    imlturii    uml     jvoiivu.      This
llirun  button  ne.el    is   nn   i-xuinplu "f   tlio good  slylo
uml  gonornl    iitti-flulivunuss   wbluh   you'll  buii   in  ovory
iniiili'l Ihis lull.
PRICKS FROM SI5.00 TO $30.00
The Herald Printers
The Herald Printshop is cgulpped to
handle all kinds of Book. Catalogue,
Circular or Letter Printing. And every
Bit of Printing-no matter how great
or how small it may be-that is prepared
and arranged and executed here, must
measure up to " Herald Standard"
before it leaves The Shop. 'Tis then
only fair to assume that The Herald
can give you the Better Service-Quality Service. In planning to have us work
for you, don't simply say, "Send me
samples," nor intimate that "by and
by" will be time enough. Why not
let us make the Start Now?
The Herald Printshop


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