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Cranbrook Herald Dec 23, 1915

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THURSDAY,       DECEMBER 23rd, 11)15.
Agricultural Society Want Public Meeting of Ranchers to Discuss the Subject—Compensation   for  Cattle  Killed   on
Railway.   .
At a meeting of tho directors of thc
Cranbrook District Agricultural Association held on Wednesday evening in
the Secretary's ollice, Mr. Alb. 11.
Webb was unanimously re-elected secretary treasurer for tlio coming ycur.
Tho following Instructions woro glvon
to tho members who roprosont tlio
Agricultural Association on tin* Joint
Creamery Council, on the million or
A. K. Watts nnd It. T. Williams, "Thnt
thu representative see to it that tin*
Joint Dreamery Council, after tho receipt of answer tu Mr. Chriatio'S letters to farmers ro number of inill.-
lng cows available for creamery purposes, do call a public meeting to
which nil the ranchers in the district
shall be individually invited, for the
purpose of further discussion of ho
Important a subject."
After some Instructive dlscuselon on
the subject of Compensation, for animals killed on the railway, it was decided tliat a petition be drafted and
forwarded to the Board of Railway
Commission showing that so far as tlie
ruling of tho said Board on tills matter
has been rendered inoperative by vir
tue of ccc 294 of tho Railway Act and
noting tho Board what course they
would recommend for Agricultural
Association to adapt eo as to obtain
protection for tholr members and
others engaged ln tlie Important Industry of Stock  liaising.
A petition on tho same subject Is
to he drafted and given to Mr. A. B.
Smith, tho Farmer's delegate to the
Convention on January 7th, with In-
Btruotlons to huve lt signed by all
the delegates and then brought before
the convention nnd dlBcussod.
The following Superintendents were
elected: Horse dept, W. B. Bardgett;
Cuttle, Sheep and Hogs, Alb. Neuzel;
Poultry and Dogs, R. T. Williams;
Grains and Grasses, Vegetables and
Roots, N. Hanson; Dairy Products,
Fruit and Flowers, W. B. MacFarlane;
Culinary nnd Fancy Work, W. Gilchrist; School and Art Dept., W. J.
rUchisonj Races and Attractions, Dr.
Rutledge. Executive Committee, W.
B. Bardgett, W. E. Worden, W. B. Mac-
Ftirlane with the President and Sec-
, tary, Finance Com., W. B. MacFar-
'ono and W. E. Worden with tho President and Secretary.
For  November   Shows   That
Lumbering ts Active In
Cranbrook District
Victoria, B. C, Dec. 20.—The timber
statement for tlie month of November
issued by tho Hon, the Minister of
Lands, shows that the total scale of
sawlogs for the Province amounted
to 47,436,313 U.B.M., in addition to
291,577 lineal ft. of piles and pole_ and
9,386 cords of ties, shingle bolt.; and
posts, etc. The sawlogs scaled in thc
various districts aro as follows: —
Vancouver 31,319,771 ft, Cranbrook
6,953,170 ft., Nelson 3,572,906 ft., Island 3,201,743 ft, Vernon 1,037,901 ft,
„ Kamloops 790,541 ft, Prince Rupert
482,769 ft. In the Nelson district 203,-
992 Hn. ft., and In Cranbrook division
96,370 Hn. ft. of poles and piles were
scaled. Sbinglo bolts, etc., scaled in
the Vancouver district amounted to
7,846 cords.
During the month, timber sales recorded cover an estimnted total of
6,800,000 ft sawlogs, and 6,900 ft. of
poles and piles—calculated to produce
ft revenue of $12,404.
Strong: Committee ban Itmi Formed
and Much Enthusiasm I- Shown.
(Spclal to the Herald.)
Invermero, B. c, Dec. liith, 1915.—
All tho spirit of patriotism of tills
lmmediato part was roused on Tuesday afternoon when at a meeting held
In the town hall nt Athalmer representative citizens listened to addresses
delivered by Mr, II. C. Ray son, Into
Government Agent for the district,
ami the Rev. E. G. Thatcher of SplHl-
vaclicno und tin* Hev. Mr. Rouguet of
Wfllnier urging for the establishment
of a local brunch of the Patriotic
Fund, The chair wbb occupied by
Harold R. Forster. M. P. P., for tho
Columbia Riding. Much enthusiasm
was manifested and tlio result of the
gathering was the establishment of tho
Corp*! RosaelU Was Badly Wounded
nnd Captured bv Germans— Says
He Was Well Treated.
Mr. Gordon Mecredy has received a
letter from Corpl. Frank E. J. Ross-
elli, who left here with the first contingent. He Is now a prisoner of war
In thc German prison camp at Dul-
men, and says:
"I suppose you know that I waa
wounded badly and taken prisoner on
the 24th April. I was shot through
both legs and the lower part of the
abdomen but am now progressing very
favorably. I went through a pretty
tough time but owing to the good
treatment I received from tho Germans and my healthy constitution, I
came out of it alright." He ls very
anxious to hear from Cranbrook
friends, and to get news of his former comrades.
It will be good news to bia friends
here that Corpl. RosselU ls still in
tho land or the living, as he had been
reported blown to pieces.
F. Stuart Whyte, who Ib bo favor-
ably remembered from previous visits
here with "The Versatiles", ls coming
back with a much larger and better
"Tlie Girl From Nowhere", which
comes to tho Auditorium on Friday
nnd Saturday, January 7 and 8, Is distinctly more interesting than the usual musical comedy In that lt has consistency and, where its episodic interpolations are introduced, they are at
least definite. Thus some very substantial amusement is afforded by Mr.
Billy Oswald, a detective disguised
as a floor wnlker in a big department
«ton\ His treatment of the customers
although at times preposterous, Ib
genuine fun and has a spontanlety a-
bout It that Is a relief from the conventionalities passed down from one
comedian to tho other.
Miss Znra Clinton, as Molly, the
girl ftom nowhere, hns the kind of
qualities and attractions that get over
the footlights In a personal and In-
Grand Patriarch of B, C. Entertained
by Durham Encampment
I. O. O. F.
Mr. F. D. Lemieux, Grand Patriarch
of Britisli Columbia, paid an official
visit to Durham Encampment No. 12,
I. O. O. F„ Wednesday evening, and
was right royally entertained by the
members and visiting Oddfellows from
tho subordinate lodge.
A special meeting of the Encampment was firBt hetd to receive Mr,
Lemieux, after which the hall was
thrown open to all Oddfellows. A
bountiful oyster supper and banquet
was tendered by the members of the i
Encampment, to which futl Justice was
done. Past Grand Master White '
discharged the duties of chairman in
his usual pleasing style and first call-1
ed on tlie Patriarch who gave an Interesting address on the work of Odd-
fellowship, laying particular emphasis
on tho function of the Encampment
In relation thereto. Brief addresses
were mado by other members present
and cards and social chat finished a
most enjoyable evening.
TO look im
In ii Test wllli Prairio Eggs tlie lU'sult
Furor*. Uie Local Product.
Strong Local Commltti
cd lo Take Charge o
Matter in Cranliro
aud Dlstriil.
■ .vanillic
Nominations for Mayor and Aldermen and School Trustees will be neld
on January 10th, and it an election
be necessary It will take place on
Monday, the 18th, as per announcement in our advertising columns.
There has been no talk of prospective candidates as yet though there
will be some changes in the personnel
of the council, and probably of the
School Board as well. Mayor.Bowness
will not offer for re-election but whether or not there will be a contest remains to be seen.
The number of recruits being enrolled for the 102nd Battalion steadily, increases almost every day. tip till
noon to-day tho number enrolled was
68. The men aro still working without uniform or equipment, but a military olllcer from headquarters wlll be
here next week when definite news
of the time of their arrival will likely
bo given.   The new recruits are:
A. L. Griffiths, sailor, born North
W. J. Dow, rancher, born Toronto,
Clyde Simpson, U. S. navy, born In
Hugh Romley, stonecutter, born
Glasgow, Scotland.
George Crow, lumberman, born
Frederlckton, N. B.
Fred Bonzlor, lumberman, born In
William Sears, teamster, born ln
Statements having beeu made that
eggs produced In this Province, particularly at the Coast, were inferior to
Prairie eggs for cold storage purposes
tlio writer was authorized by the Executive of tlie B. C. Poultry Association
to conduct experiments with both
Kinds of eggs tills [last season to test
this. Eggs were secured from a Government farm on the Prairies and also from the Cowiclian district. Both
lots were luid during the same period
and all were infertile. After being
] laced in cold storage In Vancouver
fir a period of five and a half months,
they were taken out, carefully examined by means of candling, nnd some
wero given to various persons, who
i'"1 it | cooked nnd tasted both kinds. No Iq-
■t|,lis | formation was glvon out as to where
to form u committee tu bo known as I tli
tho "Returned Soldiers   Employment
A public meeting was h Id in the
i City Hall Tuesday night to form a lo-
I cal committee' to take In hai d the matter of liundling returned Boldiera from
, Die front, to co-operate with the Provincial Commission for the same
Alderman Lieut. Banfield was elected to the chair and Mr. T. M. Roberts
elected Secretary of the meeting. The
letter from the Provincial Commission
explaining the matter wa
was decided to take [mm
With Yen. Archdeacon Beer Officiating—Successful Bazaar and
Kvenin? Entertainment at Which $500 ts Raised.
Committee, Cranbrook Branch," Tlie
local committee will co-operate with
the Provincial Comnjisston In taking
care of wounded and disabled soldiers
from tiie front, and endeavor to find
employment for those able to work.
The following committee were named, with power to add to their number: The Mayor ex officio, Messrs, O.
R Stevenson, W. S. Santo, T. M. Rob-
erts, E. Y. Brake, J, M. Christie, It.
McCreery, M. A. Bonle, A. 0. Bowness,
Jas. Brechin, Dr. King, On. Leitch,
C. O. Staples, C. M. Ponnock, N. W.
Burdett, N. A. Walltagor.
Thursday afternoon last the Ven. tor explained liis desire that every
Archdeacon Beer declared the new attendant at the English Church
parish hall of Christ Church officially should realize a warm welcome and
opened, and after ». few short addres- feel both the responsibilities and prises tliis part of the day's program gave vllegea of membership. If we havo
way to the Bazaar, for which such had tho name for being a cold congre-
thorough and complete preparation 'gallon in the past v*e do not intend
1ms been under way for some months to merit it in tire future. There was
I past. Never has a morc successful nor room for everyone and everyone was
1 more enjoyable affair taken place in wanted. He hoped tliat tiie new build-
eggs wcre produci'-l Tho n>n I Cranbrook than the Baaaar and tlie ing would become the centre of much
sensus of opinion was unanimously evening entertainment proved to be, educational and recreative effort
In favor of the local eggs, as regardsiand tlle raemDcrs of Clirist Churcn Mr' G A Cock fo»owed t!l11 Rwtor
flavor tasto and "set-up" Tho Eart 'a(med maiiy laureh3 to their previous and gave a sketch of the history of
am eggs were much stronger in flavor ! fnnic in this lfne- The 6™erous sum , the English Church in Cranbrook. ax*,
and contained a larger proportion of'of *500 was ralsed durlne tne <lay' and ' Pre8sln* his gratification at the ercr-
Wtttery contents when candled The thts wlM be used towards pay,n& for "<>» oI «»e new building whioh ho said
writer considers that there is no jthc ■»"• "ad b°°n for J0*8 ?? tte mMt UI"
ground whatever for the assertion that Tne new na!1 wa3 ""Wl almost gent need of the parish.
It. C. eggs are Inferior for cold storage as soon as the doors wcre °*lencd- A T1,p Ve°' Arclldparon Beor who wns
purposes, and ventures to state that ffiW mlnutes aftor tIie aP»°wt«d time warmly welcomed spoke of the rapid
local Infertile eggs produced in the the Vpatry' representatives of the | growth of the English Church in Cran-
spring can more than hold their own I LadlfiS' GuUd' th" Ven- Archdeacon
against the, best produced outside the j no(,r and tlir Pastor mounted tlie
Province.—J. R. Terry, Soc.-Trcas. B. ! l,latform-
0. Poultry Association.
The local hockey season wns ushered in last evening when the Y. M. C. A.
and City Teams met in an evenly eou-
testod gnme, tho fonder team winning
six to five. Mclllwaine starred for
the city while McGregor was the stel-
lnr performer for tho Y M. C. A. The
teams will meet again shortly. Tho
Bcorers were, City— E. Crowe 8, Mclllwaine l, Callahan l: V. M, c A.—
McGregor 4, Connelly 2.
The Coroner's jury at WyclIKii last
Friday returned n verdict of murder
and suicide in tho case of tiie two
Ch'namen reported in our last issue.
Dr. Green attended as Coroner. Chief
Welsby of tiie Provincial Pollca was
also in attendance.
local branch.  Mr. Harold K. Forster j ttmato way.   She is singing or talk-
M. P. P., was elected Preeldent; the
Rev, H. F Thatcher was elected Vice*
President and Mr. J, E. Cornwall, Secretary-Treasurer. A committee of persons covering the entire Windermere
District waa elected to represent every
part, these being Major ('. D, tUckarda
for Canal Plat! VV, J. Crawford for
Fairmont; J. C. Pitts and Arthur Jones
for Windermere; Mrs. B, G. Fraylcr
Crerlo for Athalmer; (i. K. Parham
and A. (1. Cuthbert for Invermere;
tho Government Agent and Mr. Cyril
Davidson for Wilmer; Mrs. John Mcculloch for Sinclair.
The committee held a meeting immediately and all the steps hnve been
taken for starting an active campaign
Ing to yon and not to the vague gen**
eral public nt large.
Tho opera Is remarkable for the
potency of its songs, and somo of the
dances that accompany them arc beautifully contrived,
Mr. John V. Bnrrctt-Lonnnrd, as
Cnpt. Arthur Stanton, Is tho centro of
the romantic love Interest.
Tiiere nre twenty-four song numbers, eacli one bettor than the last,
one nf the most effective numbers being "The Midnight Chimes", sung by
tlie ladles' sextette, which Ib a veritable Jewel of magnitude In color, animation and tunefulness.
The entire production, which is In
two nets and four scenes, ls beautifully staged nnd elaborately costumed.
Promptly at eight o'clock Monday
night Santa Claus arrived at the
Pink Mercantile Co.'s big store and
was admitted and welcomed by Mt.
Long before this hour a very large
number of parents with their children
had arrived at the store and awaited
the appearance of Santa Claus and
wero admitted Immediately after Santa
had taken hla position nt the back
of the store near the offlce, where
he personally welcomed and handed to
each child a Christmas remembrance.
There were about five hundred children and over two hundred parents
present and It looked liko Santa was
going to be taxed to the limit to care
for them all, but thanks to his good
Judgment few, If any, wero missed.
Everyone was in the best of humor
and thoroughly enjoyed the evening
and tho Pink Company were so well
pleased they havo decided to make this
an annual event. The personal meeting with Santa Claus will bo long remembered by the children, and the
fact that they arc to be accorded this
privilege every year will bc welcome
news to the kiddles.
John Kennic ot Moyle Beeches Sculp
Wound as llcmill of lull Irom
lluut Dock to Suuil.
While on his way to board tlio Crow
lioat en route for his Imine at Jloyio
last night, John Kennlc, a mining engineer, slipped ond pitched over the
edge of the dock to the sand about 25
feet below, sustaining several scalp
wounds and a severe shaking.
About 9 o'clock.1 several boys who
were walking down the dock heard
groans and upon Investigation found
Kennle In a semi-conscious condition
lying on the sand below the upper end
of tho dock. They summoned f'hlef
of Police Thomas H. Long, who accompanied by   Provincial   Constable
(Special to Tho Herald.)
Invermere, B. C„ Dec. 20th. min.
brook and of Its pood fortune In
having hid such faltl ful Kcctcrs. He
dwelt with evident pleasure nnd at
i Tlie Rector opened with a prayer. I some length on the splendid unnni-
, In the course of n short speech he ox- mlt* of the Parish and congratulated
I pressed the gratitude of the Church at the congregation upon Its activities,
large for the splendid work done by which he said were the best test nnd
( every section of the congregation and evidence of a Christian spirit. He
for the help  rendered  by friends  ln   looked forward to the time at no dls-
Chrlatmaa fetes prevail throughout the n,"cr ''''nominations.   He hoped thnt taut date when  we should see the
district.  Bach of the schools of Atlml-' "'" 8"'rlt of *oml "m aml co-opera- erection of a new church and argued
mer, Windermere, Wilmer and   thia '■""" "'llldl lm" ,,r0l"!'u "'*' n,w b",ul" thM * d '1" witl,ln tho rw*ci' of lls
place are giving Christmas trees   to i lo8 '"'" Mn,! *ai ''ni,lllcrl  lho  Pre- l,torl *™ a Klv"' »UmulUB to the work
their scholars.    Some of the larger I l'"ratlun o( tne Itaz"n1' l0 K° forward of a parish, "but cut your cloth ne-
BCltools gave concerts ns  well    and
from them a selection was mado of the
best pieces and a combined concert
given In tho hall nt Athalmer In aid
of the Red C'ross fund. Miss Doris
Snnlshury, Into of Cranbrook, as banjo
player took a very prominent part In
the united concert.     *
Iso successfully, would continue and cording to your Docket and dont set out
i that in the course of all the work to compete against other churches",
which   lay  before  them   there  would he rounselled.   He finally declared the
prevail   abundant good   humor   nnd Hall end Bazaar ojiencd.
willingness to give ond take. The Ree- (Continued on page 41
Division II.
Perfect Attendance— May Askln,
Plilll Belanger, Norman Black, Jessie
Cassels, Rhoda Donaldson, James
Drew, Bessie Eakln, Archie Finlay,
Dorothy Hailing, Clara Hailing. Jack
liorric, Kdith Johnson, Ernest Laurie,
John Mitchell, Mary Mitchell, Robert
McCoach, Pat. McDonald, Kenneth Mc-
Xlel, Billie McKenzlc, John Robb, David nobb, Leslie Salnsubry, Edgar
Snndoison, Wllllo Taylor, Amy Williams, Gwen Worthlngton.
Mrs.  Dean,  Teacher.
Tho Curling Competition between
tlie Piesldent and the Vice President
lias so far resulted ln two wins for |
tho Vice-President's side F. Topham
winning from A. S. Ward 12 to 9, and
T. C. Phillips wlnnlnp from O. P. Tisdale 13 to ♦. I
The attendance at the market on
Thursday was small, owing to the
change of date. There was plenty of
fowl, pork and beef offered, a few eggs
Hugh S. King, supported the Injured [ but uo butter. The prices: pork 15
man to tho city police offlce In the to ISc; beef lOto 18c; geese 25 to 28c;
city hall, where Dr. L. B. Borden made I turkeys 30c; fowl 20c; fresh eggs 20c
an examination nnd hail him removed     The mnrkct next week wlll likely be
to the Kootenay Lake General hospital. Tho doctor states that no bones
wore broken and that ho will be able
to continue his Journey today.—Nelson
News ot Wednesday.
Tho action of the Conservative Executive test week in recommending
Private Glenday, a returned war hero,
for the position of Inland Revenue
Collector rendered vacant by thc death
of A. B. Orace, may not be good politics but lt la commcndablo patriotism.
Unaccompanied by any credontials
or testimonials as to previous party
services, practically unknown to tho
mombers of tho Gyccutlvo, his certificate of injury In action In defence of
his country was alt that was neooa-
sary. Without evon asking as to liis
provlouti political afllllatlona tho exoo-
«Ut« unanimously agreed to recom
mend Private Glenday for the position.
. Thero were nine application*, and
tho action of the Executive in passing over tho clalmB of old party workers in this manner Ib a radical departure from tho usual party politics.
It Is however along the proposed suggestion of providing positions for returned nnd disabled soldiers who were
prepared to mnke the supreme sacrifice In dofenco of the Empire, and
who are entitled to the best that tholr
stay-at-home countrymen aro able to
glvo thorn. Tho action of the Exec-
utlvo Is a step In the right direction,
and ls worthy of emulation by other
organization! ulu«wb«ku
Our Invermero correspondent, writing under date of Dec. 20th, says:—
Among those whose names appear on
a late casualty list Is that of Captain
Lord Kestevan, who diod from wounds
at the Dardanelles. Lord Kestevan as
Thomas Trollops waB a frequent visitor to the home of Captain R. S. Grant
Thorold In this part during tho years
1912 and 1913. He succeeded to the
barony on the death of his uncle in
July laBt and was gazetted captain in
October 1914. He had seen service in
Prance during the present war and
waa wounded there, recovering ho had
entered on the Dardanelles campaign
where he met hla death wounds.
Thero was a large crowd at tho
Annual Ball of the Overseas Cluh last
Tuesday night, everyone enjoying
themselves. Refreshments were served, and the dance continued until the
"wee siiia hours."
Next Tuesday, Dec. 28th, Uie Club
will hold their regular monthly dunce
ln Maple Hall. Good nin.-i.. n|i|>ro]iri-
ate with the times, will bo rendered.
Members are asked to remember
that on tho first mooting nipiit in
January 16. tho eleetion of offlcors fur
the ensuing year will take plaee. All
mombers are asked to attend fn force
at this Important annual meeting
namely the second Tuesday in January.
held on Friday, on account of
Years falling on Saturday.
Wis.hing our many
A Merry Christmas
A Bright and Happy
New Year
While the volume of mail handled at
the Cranbrook postofflce this Christ-
man season haB not been up to somo
years It has been very heavy and entailed much extra work on the part
of the staff. The number of packages
Bent from here to the Old Country nnd
to the Expeditionary Forces has been
very heavy but there has not boen
nearly aB largo a volume of mall
coming from across tho ocean. The
usual staff havo handled the work
without extra help and without undue
R. J. Raburn was held up hy two
men in the lane at the rear of tlie
Cranbrook Trading Co. last Friday
between one nnd 1.30 in tho morning.
Ho was relieved of $16 in cash, lie
can give no description of the culprits,
and so far there is no trace as to
tholr Identity.
Thirty-five Italians left Crnnbrook
station to-day to serve tlicir country at tho front. Tho party included
those mentioned olaowhoro from Wycliffe. Four of tlie number, 0. Mnr.so,
A. Del Blggo, o. Covcre nnd s. Human
were each presented with wrist
watches by tho members of the I'nion
at Bulllvan mints at Kimberley.
T this glad Yuletide season we
take great pleasure in extending
our heartiest wishes that all the
joys of Christmas may be yours in full
Cranbrook Co-Operative Stores
THURSDAY,       DEC'KMBER  23rd,  1915.
Issued   Weekly   hy   The   Craubrook
llerald, I United.
T. II. Kay, Editor und Manager.
Crunbrook, ll. ('., December Blird, I9M
ennings Bryan, tho
is ul'i'.'.iil that liis Mr lecture fees may
bo taxed it liis country julo|)ts il cam-
palgn ci' prcpareduesB. In liis lending article in the Inst issne of Ills paper "Tlie Commoner", against auch
a campaign, lie says, "By acting
prom] t!> >' n muy save yourself many
dollars in taxation." There's the rub
—it costs money to lie able tn llfhold
the honer of tit-- nation, and "whnt is
honor compared to dollars" in tlie
Common* r's opinion.
The Last Day for
Christmas Buying
We are here lo help nut those who tone left their
Christmas buying till the last. If ii is Christmas Gifts you
wish to purchase our stock of China and Cut Glass will
make jour selection easy, and ul prices lo suit all pocket-
OK TABLE, make (his your lici.i.'iuurtcrs.
certainly  putting
ginger into tin* S . a ;*t every po-isl
: lili.> migie. Trail in particular, and
1 Kootenay in general, are fortunate in
having friend Willcox Identify himself
with its in
thusiastlc, caput
journalist who, tl
Uhe  News,   will
much valuable, i
Tho  other  ni
Kay wlni has  n
brook Herald   '
sundry buslo e
city.   Under ;i
Herald  torswei r
principles, an : I
gently esponsc
tlio grand old Coi
ring this change
tiomi it wlll I
and, wc trust, I
As  we Impii
personally we , ,i
childhood-up  i ,
and we I .ive i. i
that give.
clnssou hc
restore tl
an ou-
ic medium of
ml desirable
Many ji
expense 0
failure of
than "lin
upon Ami
tonic pow
where ih,
ther ale a.
action nn
London rii
it could a
tlons will
ns a poBi
such sola
lit to retal
"We ar
wc owe li
trie j Mil
be ,|i|it.. |
■ ■ Ij.-.-h taken nt the
lent Wilson at the
• ti States to do mure
fafnst Hie outrages
ubjecta by tin* Teu-
it we may woll ask
would   lie   any   t'ur-
dlfferent courso   of
f the States. Tlie
,-s quite truly that
a rupture of rela-' bl
istrtn or Germany
se it would
lonmont   of
ency as tho
i so far thought
■r continues:;
forget the debt
training Influence of
ti. t- in onemy coun-
l territory.   Wo may
broad humanitarian
this  character ex-
l of Prcsidont Wil-
is to take any irro-
roal life and [ tremendous possibilities as an egg
producing country, The poultry Industry Is at present but a mere fraction of what it might he. It remains.
• :■ wi* therefore, for those moat Interested in
the development of this trade to make
the best possible use of their present
opportunities, and hy careful supervision of the quality of Canadian crits
going forward to i-uvc the way for
an extensive and profitable export
trade in the future.
T.  H
■;ti.i ti
ter of Finance and Agriculture, is one not only popular with tiie citizens of
of the most successful business men   Rossland nnd the Kootenny renorally,
of tlio province, and well known lo ' hut among business men of Eastern  town
Eastern Canada as well.   His ncttvl- Canada has a very good name as tli
iv arrangement the
ts  former Liberal
future will intetll-
best  Interests of
rvative party. Dar-
Its political affec-
1  I     bu [ness as iiBual-
t. 1   .. ir, with the Herald.
tppen   to know  Mr.   Kay
ve i ito roach for bis from-
p  ■ ui i< rvative   training,
e n i hesitation in saying
th'   loyal  Biipport of   nil
.ill, on getting acquainted,
glory that was tho Herald's not so many yeara ago.
Mr. Kay's acquisition of tho Herald
is of more than passing interest tn
Review readers. As we liave before
remarked every extra bit of prosperity
that cornea Cranbrook's way menus a
ilttlo more of lufluence for some of
tho Valley agriculturists, and vice
versa as regards some of Cranbrook's
commercial interests. In promoting n
dvaneeuicnt  u   live
ties have been In a direction which
especially fits him for handling tho
financial affairs of B. C.
Though ho lives in Victoria und will
one of the candidates for election
in the capital, lie is the active head
of n Vancouver concern, the Hastings
Shingle Manufacturing company. Mr. i
Fliinierfelt ilrst came to Hritish Cot-
nowspaper pla
come, Mr.
result  of consistent  business  enter- IUU| .',),,.,,!. R(.
and  every c
apt  lo
inot «■
the m
men a
ur ■
lie life of P
The no
ser,, K. (
which po
under Si
idlng feature of tho cab-
announcod last weolt is
■i- ot portfolios by sucli
ad   successful   business J
.. C  Flumcrfolt, who be-!
or of Finance und Agrl-'
'. K. Tisdall, Minister of
■   and   Mr.   Lome    A.
nlstor  of   Mines,  while
lanson, who accepts the
i Bident of the Council, Is
rably Known in the pub-
Inco Rupert.
' Prero
L,  L
I)., will
I in   tlif
W. .1. Bow-
ion tinue as
new cabinet,
lllod most ac-
t eight years
* lins always
lympathy with
n its attitude
Under ids re-
umbia fn 1886 as manager for this ftormf]y Hv(Hi, fn
province of the Araea-Holden Shoe
Company. Later he became associated with the late Mr. S. C. IT. Miner of
Grunby, Que.. In the Qranby Mines und
smelter at Phoenix ond Grand Forks
and was notably successful lu building up this groat mining business. He
became president of tthe International
Coal & Coke Company and the Royal
Collieries, Is a director of two Insurance companies and half a dozen shoe
concerns und was cnalrman of the
board of the British American Trust
Company of Vancouver. He is also n
director of the Canadian Bank of Commerce and like Mr. L. A. Campbell of
Rossland is Influential in Eastern
Canadian financial circles. Mr, Plutn-
erfelt's philantroples have been wide;
lie is a life governor of both Vancouver and Winnipeg general hospitals
and bus held various honorary posts
In the Victoria Jubilee Hospital. He
wns nn alderman in Victoria for sov-
* ral terms and likewise president of
the Board of Trade of that city.   He
ind personal success.    Ho was | m.
first elected to the  Legislature    In
The new. President of the Council,
Mr, Wiltlam Manson of Prince Rupert, is a Shetland Islunder and is
one of three members of tlie same
family name in the Legislature. He
Albcrnl and was
mber for that constituency ten
y ail's ago. He had some cabinet ex-
perlenco at that time ns provincial
secretary, but was defeated In the
1907 election. Shortly afterwards be
went to Prince Rupert wliere ho has
lived ever sitieo and was returned
to a seat In the Legislature by large
majorities in 1009 and 1912. Ho is a
well-sot-up, soldierly-looking man of
48, Ims a special knowledge of that, in,f to nmk,° ,n
part of British Columbia traversed
by Uio new northern railways and
Is nn active figure in affairs of the
Methodist church.
0 miner role. Wel-
>■ ynur stay be lonj;
every worth-while
idvertlslng patron.
a cash in advance
Cranbrook friends of Mr, Ed. Slater.
formerly of this eity, will he interested in learning of bis success in exhibiting poultry at tlie San Francisco
Exposition. Tin* firm of Orr & .Slater,
of Chilliwack had 23 birds on exhibit
nt Sun Francisco, and secured no less
tthan 21 prizes. The varieties were
Partridge, Wyandottes Black Wyandottes. S. C. White Leghorns, S. c. Rhode
Island Reds, Blue and Block Orpingtons. This is a most remarkable show-
ompetition with birds
nil over the world, and is a credit
not only to Orr & Slater, hut to Canadian poultry generally,
(.Velson Nows.)
Sir Richard McBride takes with him
in his retirement from the premiership
the sincere goodwill, respect and con-
lid nco of the people of British Columblu, who for more thun 17 years he
hus served us u member, of the legisla-
was horn In Markham, Ont., In  1856  ture and for over 12 years as prime
and his active experlenc
dates since 1875.
slness minister,
! For the flret time In a number of
yours eggr> have taken a prominent
place in Canada's export trado.   This
lis largely due to tho unprecedented
demand for egg.; on the part of the
British market and tho fact that Brl-
i tiah dealers havo i hown a marked pre-
[fcrcmce for Canadian oggs over Unlt-
Utates eggs end a  wililignoss to
lrds t
gime a system of prison farms
been launched, where fresh aid and ex-
( erclse with healthy occupation may
help in regenerating tthe culprit, while
many reforms iu tho administration of
tho Industrial School for Roys hnve
been effectod., More recently a similar
Institution for girls 1ms been established. In his administration of the
if the
urally he hi
everybody, !
act for the
or favor.
Mr. Bowsi
Pie a bu in,
rovince, while quite nat-
ndt been eble to please
- aim bus always been to
anoral good without fear
Mr. Charles B. Tisdall, new Minister of Public Works, is a pioneer busi-
neaB man of Vancouver. He wus bon.
in Birmingham in 1866 and spent his
aiiler years In New Brunswick. In
his early twenties lie came to Vancouver und started business for himse.f.
Ho mude his political bow to the. citizens of Vancouver in LS.iS aud haa
been going to Victoria every y »ar
since that time, He lias been president of the Board of Trade and for
six years was a member of tlie city
park commission. For many yean; ii
was a warden of Christ Church,
glance at his career shows that he
has been active as u public-spirited
citizen nnd his business experience
has been unusually substantial and
Mr. Lorne A. Campbell, the youngest man in the ncw cabinet, Is an authority on mining from what is at
present the premier mining constituency of British Columbia. Ho is a
practical   business  man   occupying  a
    .   sltlon of great trust und responsi-
Juno, aad our guess Is that tho new billty In private life, and has great
cabinet will reparo a strong program confidence tn the mining future of tlie
for presentation to the next session of "Wince. He was born in Perth, Out.,
the legislature, probably late hi Jan- In 1871, son of John G. Campbell, nnd
unry. and nppeal to tlio electorate for was educated In Ontario. Afler traln-
their endorsation in tho spring nr early Ing In both the technical and bualness
summer. ,..H|H „r electrical production and en-
Whlle the new cabinet is reprenta- glneoring he came to British Columbia
tlve of tho various parts of the pro- ' and for a dozen yenrs lias been head
vlnce, Vancouver, Victoria, Rossland, of the West Kootenay Power £ Light
RevelBtroke, Fernie and Prime Rupert Company. Living in Rossland he hns
all being honored with cabinet post- taken a very active part, especially in
tlons, U . men wi re not cboien with a late years, in the re-opening of the
view to placating the different sec- mines of that camp nnd tiie devo]option 8, aa will be shown by a study of ment of power and lighting properties
the record of the new men. and plants ull over Southern Kooten-
Mr. A c. FI lira erf el t, the new minis-  ay and the Boundary districts.   He Is
pay a distinctly hi.
So great in fact
mand that Cana
shipped practici il;
able Canadian Btoi
Old Country, As
not In Canada at
BUfilcil nt   eggs   in
her price for them.
has been tho detail denlerB have
all (f tho avall-
igo product to the
a result there Is
tho present time,
storage to supply
. nd
r intends to give tlie poo-
bs administration by busi-
d hns selected his cabinet
•'• ft is not ex*,
bo an early ap-
Tho life nf tho
fi dature doc:- not expire till
Jd our guess Is that tho new
will reparo a strong program
entatlon hi the next session of
'luture. probably late in Jan-
id nppeal to the electorate for
lorsation in tho spring or early
When he became premier In 190,t lie
found affairs in a sorry condition.
Luck of stable government and of a
constructive policy of development bad
disorganized and weakened the iin-
ances almost to tlie state of bankruptcy. The general administration of
affairs was a byword throughout Can-
ad;'. The statesmanship of Sir Richard McBride came to the rescue. Un-
d r his leadership the finances were
rehabilitated, a sound policy of constructive development and of progressive administration was carried
out and the province entered upon an
A  era of agricultural and industrial de-.
volopment   which nearly trebled   Its I ■m'fQl]
population and brought about a tro- mond Cor c':'"a(lia» C^K abovtJ mon-
mendous increase in the annual value ,tionp1'' UnItod Stilt !! c™* Clin bc
of its output of raw cud manufactured ,ri<1 doWD In Canflda !,t tho prooont
materials, whieh is today the greatest: tim"' duty Pftit1' :,t scvcrsI cento P°r
per capita of any province in the Dominion
i consumption until fresh receipts
ppreclabld quantities  begin  to
come in,
Quantities of eggs from the United
States, however, are being imported
Into Canada, some in bond for export, but tlie larger part to take tho
place of the Canadian product ex-
On account of tho keen de-
laid down in Ci
time, duty paid, nt several cent'
dozen less thnn the price at which
Canadian eggs nre soiling for, for ox-
ir Rl.hard bas not been immuae P-"*t and they should be procurable by
from attach but through every polltl- the cons"mflrs accordingly.
cal storm or campaign designed to dls-'    0n  tll° other  nnnd  tho cdnadIan
credit his enreer as a public man holmarket Ilt tho proscnt tlmo fs vory
has passed unscathed.
firm for Canadian 'Specials" (new
laid) the production of which is not
enough In most Instances to supply
an do splendid work for
the province—with a reputation as a
statesman and lender which hns passed triumphant through the flro test of a
long and exacting period of public life.
He will go to London to represent
this piovinco as agant-gohoral—a post
ror which he la admirably fitted and in te demand nt IocaI country nmrkot
This means that high prices will
have to be paid in consuming centres ii, order to draw a portion of
these supplies rrom local points. Producers may therefore definitely expect reasonably high prices during
the period of low production for fresh
gathered ogga that will grade "Specials."
Tlie question hns been raised ns to
whether the  i honomenal demand on
tlie British market   fori
ga   will continue.    This j
n the quality of
I'd,   Canada lias i
I Creston Review)
Review   welcomes   to   Koote
nay's   newsaper   field   tills   week    a
couple of new comers. Tho Troll News the part
which of late has not done anywhere Canadian
n ar justice to the busy bailiwick of   .    '   ,
our own Jim Sbofield. is now owned  ""■:,'mls riit!r(1'
and  edited by W. B.  Wilcox, who Is , C.inaiijnn eggs
- *:-^.-*-1-4_i3^Ja
Women show greatness in many !
ways. Mrs. D. G. Lyon Is tlio flrat I
woman to shoot deer in Canyon City.
She got two in one day, both of good
size, She could do worse than join I
the homo guards.
rilltlST.llAN MOKNINU.
Over the snow steals a faint glow
A tender flush.
Into the eyes that watch the skies
The glad  tears rush.
Once more, once more, oh day of days
The llUBhod earth greets tiie heavenly
Over the snow comes soft und low,
From far-off skies,
The old refrain, the blessed strain
That never dies-
Unchanged amid our changeful yeara
Of joy and pain, of hope and fenrs.
hlld of
Once  more, once  morc,  oh
With sudden thrill
We seem to feel around us stenl,
Amid  llfo's  chill,
Tliat tender clasp, that clasp divine.
That draws the wor.l'a hei:'. elo*5e to
*; !i. manger-bed, oh, plllowed-hend
V ith radiant bro*',
At thy low shrine of love  divine
Tho centuries bow.
While through the night, wltll victor
Thine ever-widening glory streams,    j
Oh, gift of Heaven, to mortals given
By God above.
To  eartli  come down  for Thy thorn '
Tho crown of love.-
Our broken hopes and wills astray,
With pity, Lord, receive to-day.
In  Thy great Love their  strains  re-,
And, given to Thee.
May hopes grow sure, may joy be pure
Pain blessed be,
Our  wayward wills their struggling
At thy soft touch of heavenly peace.
Oh, undefined, thrice-blessed Child,
Into each home
Where hearts are glad, where hearts
are sad,
Come, Savior, come;
And with eacli hearth-tire blend to-day ;
The light of Bethlehem's mystic ray.:
This Book helped me
improve my Farm.
It is the most valuable book I own
and it cost me nothing.
It has saved nu (imc, labor and money and
I've --.ei better looking, more durable and
more serviceable buildings than I ever
had before.
T [ r.Vsf eaat ol concrete farm improvements ii tiUo
;' loal coi.t. There's no after expense for nuint or
r h v no danger irom tire, rot or mist nn trouhk- uf
any kind. Besides tbey lower the insurance rate.
If you haven't o copy of "What the Farmer can do
w'lh Concrete", send (or one today. There's more
tb (50 -mi,-,*, ol valuable btiililinl Information, S3 practicst, plun*,
.. (rated !<v dinfiriinia end photofraphi, and iW.cni ol uihcr
Iniereitlni'fimi footi.
A copy mil hi! urnl to yon free of clmrjje.
liumedlately upon receipt of coupon below.
\       425.4    Gentlemenl  Plc:i*.e lend me a free copy of a      a--
' \ "What Tho Farmer Can On With Concrete". *      ;
: Street uud  N	
~"      ~"",,:;h
imsrr. •:■■?■!,
Friday is tlie last chance to purchase those neglected
Chris mas presents. Do your shopping early before the
rush Blurts. Our stock is still complete aud ne can help
.ven glvo an article oi beauty and utility.
Pioneer Hardware Store
Sunday schotl 3 p.m.
Evening service 7.30 p.m.
7 to S n. m.  Holy Communion.
11 n. m.   Mattlns and   Choral Cele
Preucher, Rev. W. H, Bridge.
Sunday, 2Gth  December.
s a. m. Holy Communion.
11  a. in. Mattlns and  Litany
3 p. m., Child'? service
7.30 p.m. Evensong.
Preacher Rev. W. H. Bridge. B.A., L.th
Paator, W. K. Thomson
Morning service 11 a.m.
Subject—"Tlie Light ot the World."
Sunday school and Bible Class 8 p.m.
.   Evening service 7.30 p.m.
Subject—"Tho Peace Christ Gives."
Special Anthem, morning and evening..     Morning—"Sing,   O   Heavens",
solo Mrs. E. Paterson, Berthold Tours,
Evening  solo,  "Christmas   Song,  Adams,  Mrs.  E.  Paterson.
Appropriate Christmas hymns and organ  music.
Fresh Killed Turhey
For   Christmas
A cur load of freshly killed Turkeys. Geese llucks nml
Chickens to hand.  Order your Christmas supply early.
Choice Beef, Mutton and Pork, all freshly killed for the
Christmas trade.   1'irsl quality Mincemeat.
P.  BURNS & CO.,  Ltd.
METHODIST (11111(11
. **-i"*;iV
.• A'&fl
■ -; ■■>',' fti* ,*i-™
Pastor, Hev. Thos. Keyworth
Organist. Chas. p. Nidd
Xmns services wlll be held on Sunday at the usual hours, and will bo
marked by special features throughout the day. The pastor's topic Tor
the* morning service will bi> "Tin*
I Humanity of Jesus", white that for the
[evening will bo "Was Christ n Child
of ills Age?".
Tho musical program for the service Is as follows: Special anthem
i morning and evening. Morning -
["Christians Awake!", Maunder. Solos
Mr. B, St. Claire. Mr. It. W. Russel.
! Evening—Mr. H. \V. Russel will render
I Qounods "Nazareth." Organ offertory
morning, Christmas Pastorate Dlncllf
■ (Herald Angels); evening Adeste Fid-
elfis, Wely (variations)
In tho afternoon the Sunday School
I will give a special program of music.
recitations, carols, etc. All the par-
I ents arc cordially Invited.
i Song service of Xmas carols at 7i
\ P. m. |
-  \->/
ru RS
Get "More Money" lor ymir Foxes
Muskrat, White Weasel, Beaver. Lynx, Wolves,
Marten and other Fur bearers collected in yuar.ccifaa
house In llie tvorld deallnf euluatvely In NORTH MUBICAN h v,\ 11 lis
are!!„!jle—reHP<>naib]e-anfe Fur House .villi ;in utiMi-iiii.hedrep.
titniton c;;i.tinir for "more thnn n tliird of a renntrv." n Iotik hii,'-
tlieonly reiluhle.nirumte tunrketreport nml Iirirelist iml.li .ln-il,
Wrif. Iw ll-NOW-ll1. FIIKK
A R SHURFRT Inr 25-27 west aiistin a vb.
i\. £>. jnuDtni, inc. D.p,.cnChicago.u.s.a.
I'linmis, Ranchers .t Trappers
It (Ijoh not cost ynu anything to
(Jul Our Cash OBor
on your furs. ISxpronS tliem to us.
We l'ay Ail Cliargos
over 11 $5.00 valuation,   Wo make you
our offer
anil Hold Vour I'urs
fur ymtr reply, returning thorn
:it Our Dxpeuse
if not purchased.   Try us.   In
business nines 1888.
■I'.X Els'ith  avonue  west, Cal
gary, Alta,
Ono ol tho flnosl ploturoo takon ol tho Oormons In Sorbin shows a Toulon Invading division halting for midday meal und a rout.  Tho horses, and
pack iiiulus aru left to Kruzu while the men lie down or gnthor uliout the "Goulusli Cannoua", tho portable Hold kitchens.
F. ElsonOBO, D, D„ of fil'll Jose, Costa
nira, central America, recruit In the
I lOSnd llattnllou fur Hospital Corps lu
Overseas service, will preach at the
Salvation army hall Sunday night.
I Theme "The Covenants". All urc cordially Invited to attend these services.
Special music will also bo given.
At Rossland the monthly payments
to tho Patriotic Fund are heavier
than promised.
Kootenay Is asked to furnish n00
men for overseas sel vice wltll the
102nd Battalion.
Pernie has Invented ?::o,ooo of the
clty'B shilling fund In tlie big Dominion war loan.
Kalso has the largest one-room high
school In tho province, tho Kootcuulun J
Informs ua. V
Toronto, Montreal, (Miami. SI. John,
Halifax and Oilier Potato
Hates of Hale 1
December 1st lo Slat, 101S.
ltctiirn Limit Three Months
Kxtrnslon  .Privileges,  .Slop   livers,
Choice of Koutes
Via Canadian or American l'orls
Hates of Sale 1
November 16th to Decemher ,11st, 1011,
Return Limit Three Months
Kxlenslon .Privileges,.  .Stop. Overs,
Choice of Bootes 1
Full Information, steamship and sleeping cor reservations from any
Canadian Pacific Ticket
It. I)A*,VSON,
District Passenger Agent,
DECEMBER  HUrtl,   1915.
Wishing You
One and All
Very Merry .
W. !1. Wilson
day evening, anil will be confined to I
tbe house tor some tlmo.
When you are In a hurry for stove
wood, phone 1S:J, We take orders for
our customers. Delivery on short
notice.—Crnnbrook Trading Co.
Mr. It. G. Williamson of the Bunk of
Conimerco staff ts spending tlio vacation fn Lindsay, Ontario.   Mr. Waldron
is ore of the greatest foes of
womanly beauty, It ip quickly
cleared by correcting thecause
—sluggish liver—with the aid
cf the gently stimulating, safe
holiday!.    Mrs.
for n couple of
Bimoro Statloa and
y tor Detroit for tho
Staples will remain
h'e remedy—
____.    ■
Worth a Guinea a Box
Dimtlm* ■»!(•, Inn fa r" S*r*tU\ Vill - ta Wonin
Snld CTUTffiiri.   1; busc*., ij cuat*.
i Sommerville
... rf> •
December 8tb
rimw Brlgga,
Briggs—On December 8tli, IOU*, to Mr.
nnd Mra, Thaw Brlgga, Martin Ave,,
a daughter.
wm the party who picked up an
automobile top cover near nlno miles
past on Cran brook-Wycllffo road on
Nov, n>th, kindly communicate with
A C. Bowness, Cranbrook, 5i-lt
Lot The Herald know who your
Christmas visitors are.
Mr. Kd. Brown and wife arrived
Monday noon on a visit to his parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Mecredy returned on No 513 Monday.
Miss Nellie Handley and Jessie Kennedy are staying In town for a few
Eddie Handley of Marysville is
spending a few days in town.
Joe McNeil returned to Creston on
Mr. Carl McNabb returned Wednesday from Eastern points.
Jack McTavish. of Jaffray, was a
visitor Wednesday.
Kenny McDonald Is spending thc
winter In Ottawa with liis people.
Mrs. J. McTavish, Dull River, came
in on Monday's train.
A R. Baillle-Broughton left on Sunday for the Old Country.
Miss Betty Fisher is spending the
Christmas holidays in Lethbridge.
tion with tho war on New Year"s
Eve. Tickets, $-'.00 a couple, single
lady, &() cents, supper included. Cranbrook orchestra.   Dancing 9.30 to 4.
Mr  W, I). Hill left for his 1)0111" In
the Okonagan  where ho will  spend
Christmas wtth his family,   Mr. Hill
will return about the middle ol J
nary   when   his  store  lately   occupii  i
by Ilalsall & Co. win bs oj ened with
a new and complete line fron
era wholesale houses.   In the meantime, the store closes on  Dei
until the new stock arrives.
We take this opportunity of wishing
j our many customers a Merry Christ-
ollice of mayor j mas and a Prosperous and Happy New
aoon be announe- Year.—Model Variety Store.
Miss Ella Gilpin and Miss Ruth May
Stephens have been successful Iii ob-
| 'fining their second-el^s 'D'e'oninary
The daughter of Mr. und Mrs. Pow-1 certificates at Vancouver Normal,
noil has been moved from the St. Eu- There was an unusually large class
gene hospital to their home. She lias | in attendance this year, 8?3 pupils,
been in the hospital for nearly three j and the examinations were verv sev-
r, Robt.
's train f
or i
fo cniiii' hi   on   Tui.'u-
i brief visit,   llo Is to
Miss Jessie  Murga-
I i,u ii<
■ :':
Ird lust.   Host wishoa
a happj
• in
arried llfo, "Bob."
An announcement was made this
■1. that Sullivan's Quick Print   is
o to stay.   Phono 302,
months and is now much Improved.
For notarial work aud conveyancing
see Beale &. Elwell.
Miss Daisy McCallum, teacher in
the Kootenay Orchard school, was in
tlie city Friday en route to her homo
In Vancouver where she will spend
the holidays.
Xmas  Bargains—Child's  Mnfflntol j
Fur Sots ami Teddy Bear Muffs, reg.:
J3.00  line,   snap   title   set  ut  Model
Variety Store.
Captain \V. Kerr or the Salvation
Army has had a good many callers
for  clothing,    Tho captain   will   be
We congratulate Miss c
Miss Stephens on their success which
reflects credit on themselves and on
the Cranbrook school where they received their preparation.
For sale—Strictly fresh eggs, 12 doz.
$<i, dairy buttor 35c lb, wheat $1.60
per 100 lbs., live and dressed poultry.
h, J. Boag, "Pincher Station P. 0„
Alberta. 51-3t.
UeMiM*; ai'  December  Examinations
Entrance Class.
John s. Noble S5, Agnes Reeklo 85
.Margaret St Eloi 70, Muriel Baxter 76
,       , .   .       .,        _ " '," ," [Grace McFarlane 7:"., Gladys Parnaby
pleased to hear iron anyone who bas „ .,. .   , _    .       . ,
.   ,, .    .    , , 73, Else Beattie 71, Dorothy Heed 65,
cast-off garments, bcots, or shoes, es-      '        _
Httllv n en'** i Gordon Taylor 06, Sydney Murgatroyd
65, Gronville Musser CO, Orvll Thompson   68,  Jennie  Hopkins   57.   Phillip
■ i   ■! ■!■":■■ ■:. trong,
1   Brogi hut,   Alwaj
■   ■ ■■ '      ton, Don-
■■. iM I, Alex. Qronl
I    i Jecks, '<]. Ralph
;■ 'i m
I, i r ley, ri i, Geo,
■ • ■   ,;>■■!.
.■*■ wa d, \'
on, Will ■
■ W] Ite, Ji  i
. b r, > ■ In Qou V'
Honor roll-- CIh
aid,  Chu  (lon Yee
Douglas Russell.   <
son, Edward Whit'
ville Leask.
gate attend'
toge 91.96.
B. Fisher, Teacher.
Division vnr.
Perfect attendanc
Cordon Brechin, Di
ford   Blaney,   Alice
Bti -varl
i louglai
rodman, Hd-
■ wwt-
. ik Hawks-
d ■ McDon-
I! ryl Cal-.
■r,- ■;■ Parks, Mel-;
c   62*16, percen-
Charbaneau, Angi
chrfst, Bertie Ge
derson, Donnvin
life, Joe Nlcholai
ty Beach,
aoks, Cllf-;
nan, Efflo
Tames Gll-
othy Hen-
rinetb Jol-;
i  Parrett, ;
Vie wish lo (hank Uu* parents
cla cd (heir help uml wc feel Mire Ihey
who came out v. lib llieir children Monday night    We apnre-
as well ns  ourselves enjoyed the real pleasure afforded the
children In meeting dear old Santa Claus. _M
This wus our lirst attempt In entertaining the children and as it was such a buge success it
wlll not be our last. We hope to perpetufl e Ibis ihn in memory of the children and anniversary of this
store, and we hope Hint In Ihe future Santa nil! provide more substantial presents. This occasion
we had Utile lime to muke preparations and did tbe best we could under the circumstances.
Naturally, Ihis lirst time, there wore some mistakes made so we trust everyone will overlook
any little Imperfections and lake .he "will for Hie deed*', if any were overlooked we will be very fW W
lliev will call ut the store and gel tlit-ir packages us wo lune -iinicicut for all.
Let us again offer our greatest appreciation of your uttendanee and assls'ance.
Thc store will he open every night this week and we feel that we are well equipped to rare
for your wants.
We trust your Christmas will be a very happy one.
Doris Parker, Arthur Shankland, Robbie Taylor, Irene Taylor,  Lonm Jordan, Bcnnfe Murgatroyd, Alice Kteph- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
en son.
Honor roll—Arthur Shankland, Ben-j Kootenay, wero read, calling for thn
nfo Murgatroyd, Doi
Beech, Addle Roslndi
lor. Harry Lewis, An
N. B, F,
The monthly meeting of tlie \v. C
T. U. will be held at the home c1 Mrs.
C. T. Phillips, Thursday Dacmiber
80th, at 3 o*clock. A good attendance
Is requested as special business Is to
be transacted,
Miss Glegerlch    is
Christmas holidays In
Miss McLennan, of
school. Is spending the
Mrs. Collis and
spent the weok-i
guests of Mrs. G
Mr. D. M. Co*.
Y. M. C. A„ is spendinf
at the Coast.
Wear  that  Batli Hi ■!
certain your prinl
Sullivan's Quirk Print,
Mrs. F. McMahon an
hon of Kimberley were
icretary of the]
ig the holidays:
25 per cent off all Toys
cent off all Mechanical it.
hem now till Christmas
Varloty Store.
tr. J. WL Robinson of Calgary, for-
?Jy of the Robinson .McKenzie Luiu-
Co. of Cranhrook, and Mr. G. S.
barter, also an old Cranbrook resl-
I now of Calgary, are Christmas
tors in the city.
nother bunch of 27 Italians- left
e'.ili'e this week for service with
Ir countiy against the Austriaas.
a makes over ono hundred Ital-
1 John
vi (tor
Peter Lund of I
of Wardner, B, C,
Cranhrook tost wci
Tbe Hera!.' In I"
tlful band-paii
from \V.  li   \,
Mr. end M  i. Ste
children, of Wyi ' I
the cily Ibis a    I
Pbone 75,  I .
brick of \e:. □ it
your Chrlclnuu  .1 i i
Mr, and Mrs  i.
proud pari nt   ol n
which arrived on i I
Mr .1 I) McBri,
for Californ Is wl i
the winter.
ra h [
i Wycliffe since 1
Of  ! i
■iiy iu the war.
'.!">' known iu p
Ol l prowler, gtvi
,1. ck
Darwin, i*. now
,... ,
hi t fcdam's waU
the recovery ef
Istrate  for trial.
!  o  Staples, of Wycliffe. was
ity on Wi d nos day,   Mr. Staples
hat  lumbering  Is   very  active
firm  ai   present, and that
I io general condition of
the lumber
Briggs 57, Willie Atchison 55, Charlie"
Armstrong 55, Addie Bennett 55', Melville Dallas 45. John Love 45, Clan
once Hickenbotham 40.
Division I.
i    Number enrolled 21, percentage at-
-•1 "' ] sr tendance 98.14.
.'ir Poys Perfect attendance — Chan. Arm-
Li M idel Btfong, Willie Atchison, Blste Beattlo,
Muriel Baxter, Gladys Brookes, Phillip
Briggs, Melville Dallas, Jennie Hopkins, Clarence Hickenbotham, Grace
McFarlane, Sidney Murgatroyd, Gren-
ville Musser. John Noble, Agnes Reekie, Dorothy Reed. Margaret St.Eioi.
Orvil Thompson, Gordon Taylor, John
Division II.
Perfect Attendance— Irene Beech,
Ivy Bidder. Frank Bridges. Edith
Cummings, Ruby Deacon, In p. Wai
Hoy. Ida Johnson. Walter Lowrfe,
Russel Leask, Marion Macklnnon, Annie McBirnte, Mary Mann, Evelyn
Moore, Rosle Service, Much Simpson
Crossley Taylor. Helen Worden. Raymond Parnaby, Douglas Brown.
Honor Roll—Ivy Didder. Edith Com-
mfngs, Marion Mackennon, frma Ward
Horatio Jecks. Helen  Worden.
Avernde nttendanco 31.23,
toge attendance 91.85,
Perfi       ^^^^
Peter Brennan, Katl
renco  Foster,  David
George, Allan GUI,
Fanny Hep Chung, I
Ina Kelly,  Harry
Ladds,  Billy  U ■   '
Irene Mueller. V;■•■-
Stewart, Lillian St I
Billy Bpence, Blsio
Honor roll—Clas<;.
ter, Ir no Ewen. c
Dallas, Vaughn Roy
Swan, Sherman Har
ly Lee, Sadie Jolin.
ner, Teacher.
icrt Bn
• !  ',     1
Roy j  days of prayer, quiet and Intcrcessl
n Harris.
Dlln, Rob-
. Harold
-. Dorothy
1 Stojack,
'nco Fos-
iG:   Jack
bs D: Bll-
The Kootenay Ore
Sunday School eel bi
Christmas Annlverss
afternoon Doei mber
11 njoyed by ll.;
'■'■■•   ■" '■■ present,
kindly pave his bou
tatnment and in the
Mr. K.
was In*
spb ndid progrnm which '
her scholars and all tho
dli to their good tr
Keyworth, who arrived 1
hort address.
After this part -
over Santa Clau i i i
.heir second
i Thursday
i. It war
dly number
the enter-
ice of Rev.
of the S. A.
■ as chair-
lit   for   the   V
as given by  Sr. IV
.hildren did Jr. IV
Inlng.    Mr,, Sr. Ill
ito  gave    a   int. III
• Jr. III
viz. 31st Dee., 1st and 2nd January.
These days coinciding generally wltli
days appointed by the protestanl bodies throughout the Empire were to bo
kept for the general mobilising ofour
:spiritual forces. A great Empire wide
effort ut this solemn time should commend itself to all citizens. Certainly
loynl Christians would not fall to respond to tlie call in the name of their
beloved Empire and Us sacred cause.
A united service of Intercession and
Thanksgiving will be held on Sunday,
January 2nd, at 4 p, m., In one of the
1 public halls (to be announced later).
It Is hoped tbat all loyal Christian
, citizens, realizing the extreme urgency or the Empire's needs,  will  use
i this occasion as their Christian conscience demands. This ls an unl'iuc op-
; portunlty for the citizens of Cranbrook
| to meet on a common platform and
demonstrate their unity in the cause
of Righteousness, Truth and Honor.
Details next week.
I'isli 1. llie
CfaeapeSl und lir.l meal
snuie of these:—
inn ran buy.   Tr}'
Salt Herring
Kippered Herrln,
Shell Oysters
Finnan ilmliile
I'riccd irom IU cent*, to 30 cents a Ib.
m T. 0, Fish Market
Van Rome Street and Clarke Aicnue.
t> a.
rj p
of Merit
Vtilh the near approach ol the >ew Vear you will require
new supplies of BILLHEADS, STATEMENTS, ENVELOPES, ETC. (all up Phone No. IS and our representuUie
will be over lu a hurry for your order.
The Cranbrook Herald Ltd.
■ arc  th i
flni    baby   girl
'   i    Ifltb.
left    Ills!
■ !■■ ud
Mr. David It Pergu on lof! ror
Lethbridge Frldnj lasl He Intends
to Join n Highland ri glmi nt
Mrs, Ceo. Powell lefl Saturday for
the Enflt *.*■ ot re i Ip will remain for
the winter.
The drawing for Bobby Pye' now
took place Saturday night, tho lucky
bolder being Mr. McNabb of Waldo.
T. Ayres, Kingsgate, paid tho city n
short visit, arriving Suhday and returning Monday p, nt.
Celestla Bennett, assistant bookkeeper at lra Manning's, in lu St
Eugene Hospital with pneumonia. She
is  progressing  favorably.
M**q. llenu and little daughter are
spending thn Christmas vacation In
Wattsburg, the guests of Mrs, A, IC.
Phono ?r», Little it Atchison for n
brick of Neapolitan Ieo Cream for
your Christmas dinner.
Frank Abbott como In on Weilnc,-
day to spend the Christmas liolldays
at tho home of bis wife's parents, Mr.
and Mra. Sam Macdonald,
MrH. H. Joekn, wife of the baggage
agent at tlio depot, was taken 111 Sun-
Solvatlon Army Hall Tueada;
■ al fl p, m, sharp, where the! Edward
[wor children of the city and district ' Keith w*a
Ivor Bassett, Teacher,
Division HI.
Perfect Attendance—Norman Beech,
Delphtne Bennett. Malcolm Belanger.
Allan Brown, Charier. Chapman, Hon-
ictorv. I0,d   ni*llaa*   John   Grunt,    Gabrlolla
j Hamilton, Margaret Morrison,
In tbe j Murgatroyd,   Hoy Roblchaud,   Alma
m-1 Sarvis, viola Sarvis, Ruth  Sim]
Taylor,    Garfield    Taylor
percen- treo which
itrl] | ed.
A bs
■m was
i>"d the
'as soon
il candy
; husiness
was kindly donab d I \
Paterson and Mrs. M
child, alio gifts from
hor pupils and fn m
their teacher. Mr. Sci
tendent nnd Mrs. Ma
Edith | the Sunday School, wi
b n 1,
Last ''in T.nt len -
a good time.   Donations in
1 ". nuts, or oranges will
ally received.
Send In your news Items to the II
aid office, Always sign unv notel s
In ai an evidence of good faith thoi
not for publication.
Everett William
The wi kly series of dam-cs in St,
Mary's Hall which wnre si, popular
during th:*- fall, will again be held
every Wednesday evening, commencing on Dee, 29th next Dancing and
cards from 8.30 till c: o'clock, music
bj tho Cranbrook orchestra.
Thi ti tal amountTubBcribod by Wycliffe to the Patriotic Fund for the
year now amounts to the handsome
fl ire of |5,870, Thia is s remarkable showing for a placo the slzo of
Wycliffe, wl Ich also hus contributed
■■ r sons moat gc norously for the de-
fenco of the Empire,
| tth Couldwell, Phyllis Hrown.
1 Honor Roll—Alma Sarvis 92, Gab-
riells Hamilton D2, Dolpbbie Bennett
87, Norman Beech 8fl, Freda Taylor $r>,
j Otto Gill 84, .Viola Sarvis fit, Ruth
Simpson 83.
\    Enrolment SR, percentage 96.68.
Efflo M, Bechtel, Teacher,
Division IV.
j Robert Beaton, BIbIo Black, FVeddy
Briggs, i.connrd Burton, Mabel Cameron, Christine Carson, Charlie Clapp,
i I'.iith Ervln, Mabel Pinley, William
George, Donald Grant, Lowson Gwil-
| Ham. Lenore Hill, Jack Kirkland, Harold Kummer, HurIi Macdonald, Martha Messenger, Harry Musser, Reive
Parker, Frank Roberta,
"Uie!; dl  I
showed tl  t they
There   were   sixty
present  ,thirty**thr a
twenty-Beven grown r
wont to their hom< i [
ed with the aft nu ■ i
-• pcogram
■" and cake
ct end the
■ •■    !i •   in   a'l
' lldri 't    und
• i and    an
well pleas-
■ ■■■' rtalnmcnt
St, Marys Separate School
2 *100 4 3
4           100           2 S
South Ward School
3 100 9 9
Honor Roll.
Central—C, GUI, H. Doris, S. Murgatroyd. C. Taylor, Ivy W. Hay, H.
Simpson. O. Gill, C. Chapman. H. Musser, J. Kirkland, J. Frost, M. H m-
St. Marys—M. Drummond, R. Pilon.
S. Ward—R. Eakln.
Relegates Elected—Nelson Is Favored
fer Next Convention und Show
-—Rotation of Dn'es for
Poultry Shuns.
i. 0. n. !■:. notes,
man of muny r.liapes. Char,. Edgar, who drew six months Bontcnce
from Magistrate Arnold recently, proves to hnve quito an extensive record.
He has served fine twice in Vancouver under the nan tes or Chas, Eagleson
and  Jaiues   Mcronaltl,  and  twice  111	
Calgary under tine names of Chas. Ed- j Park, Thelma Patmore, Muriel Rend'
gerund Oeo. Andrews, nil on charges j Thomas Heckle, Ruby Scolt, Chi
During the week ending December
llth the following lad! sewed at
the Red Cross rooms: Monday—MrB.
Green, convenor; MacDon-
aid,  Paterson,  Miles.  Christie,   McCowan, McCreery. Phillips and Maisie,
Maud Scott. [ Tucsdny— Mrs. McBrldo, convenor;
Roy Scott, Cyril SHby, Warren Spence, Mesdamos Beattie, A. S. Ward, Bal-
Jack Stevens, Roblna Somervlllo, Ar-|went and IT. O. Mecrt   \  Thursday—
thur Couldwell.' 	
Percentage 86.11,
Miss H. Giegorlch
Division V.
Perfect Attendance — Vera Bnxter, \ ney,
Howard Brogan, Lona Brogan, Norval|Gfi0
Caslake,   Elizabeth   Chapman,   Joe lv*B*
Mrs. W. H. Wilson, I
dames, Ward, Lesll .
Honeyman, W, Burton.
and Sutherland. Frit
convenor; Meeds
Taylor, Basset, I
Henderson, Speno
Frost,   Cnndnce   Henderson,   Murray | ton.
Henderson, Gertrude Hopkins, Stella     Dom
Johnson, Vivian Kummer, J.enorc Llt-|celvcd
tlo. Jnmoi^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Freda Osborn, Wllma ' Mrs. Spence, 2Rc
Miss Glenday 50c
Logan, Donald  Morrison I from Mrs. Barney; Mb
Charles Musser. Freda Osborn, Wllma ! Mrs. Spence, 26c; Mr.
of vagrancy.
Business nt'
tlo well tn tr:
for high-class
n of the district would
Sullivan's Quick Print
once Dance
Now. Year's
20th, This
churohos th.
i* st John's Ambul-
boen changed from
lo Thursday, Dec.
on account of all the
igbtnit tho Empire hold-
if tl
hi*.*, scrvlcca uf InUjrccH.iLuii iu cunucc-
Shaokleton, Gordon Woodman
Honor Roll— Muriel   Reade,   Vera
Baxter, Arthur Gill and Jnctc Ward,
Vivian  Kummer, Alice Brake.
Pupils enrolled Al. percentage 89,66
Jennie M. fllnhards, Teaeher,
Ilhhlon VI.
Perfect Attendance— Delia Baxter,
Edith Clarke. Mildred Clarke, Harold
Dow, Leo I'VohI, Mnrlon  Henderaon,
Ray lllll, Wong Hum, lxiulso Kelsoy,
BOe, Mt
S  WORLD win
Sundaj Rov, W. H, Br
rinn warning ■    I
cal condition of t1'.* i
from tho Metropolitan
The regular meeting o( the Poultry
Association waa held on Friday evening last, Dec. 17th. The minutes
were read and adopted, also tho minutes of the last executive meeting
passing several bills In connection
with the show were accepted und confirmed.
Correspondence   from   the  Department of Agriculture nnd J. R. Terry
was read In the matter of covering
convention at Chilliwack anil the election  of delegate  for  191G  and   1917.
Mi   Walker suggested that nn alter;
:  Mes-|nate to himself as delegate to Chilli-
Taylor j wack convention in January be elect-
tanning, Fink | ed.   Mr. S. T. Cooper was elected to
Mrs,  Uur-   this  position  unanimously.
ics Harshaw, j    The appointment of delegate for the
nderson, S:*.r-  coming two yenrs term 1916-1917, Mr
and Barring- j Atchison was elected on a ballot and
: Mr. Sheppard, alternate.   Instructions
to delegates were given to f»vor Nel-
son for the next convention and show,
Chalmers, per Land to ask Fernle's co-operation.   In
T  Bbutli $1.60, case of settling the Provincial show
Hickenbotham \ permanently In one place to favor VIc-
I;   Mrs. T.   C.   torla.   To ask a reconsideration of the
ride 50.   Total  basis   of  making   grants   to   small
I shows.
I    Mr. Sheppard moved that delegate!
EFFORT*        ',,p Instructed to ask department   to
make dates of hIiowh so as to be connu [nst i veniently got at by exhibitors In ro*
>: :■ gave a sol- j tation.
•' prest nt crltl- j A motion to ask for date of show
Di] Ire, Letters Ion or after Dec. 15 of next year was
of the English | carried..
Ions as-follow, hnve been re-
£00 mouth wipes and old linen
Friday, the 24th
You can  get   your choice   of goods from the
Halsall & Co, stock at
50c. on the
Shop early on Friday.   The doors will close
Friday evening.
The store will re-open in January with a
completely new and up-to-date stock.
rllilioiiR won at uliow to tlio Im'kj' exhibitor,.   On motion mooting adjourn-
J (Inionwood uml Grand Forks lmvo had
111 25 contu a day ralHO In |iay.
Church In 11. C, from lho Illahop at |    Mr. Coopn dUtrlbuttid Uu A. I'. A. I
With copper KollliiK at
tliu ■ Uranby cmploycua at  1'hocntx,
'    Gnionwnod  council   has   Invented
ver 18 eontl! 120,000 ot Uio clty'a alnklni fund lu
war bond* fAUK POUR
THURSDAY,       DECEMBER  2Srd,   1915.
E wish our many friends and customers in the city and district
A Very Bright
and Merry
and return our sincere thanks for your
patronage during the year.
The Cranbrook Trading Co.
(Continued from pi.gc 1)
The proceedings terminated with the j
singing of the National Anthem.
As soon qh the National Anthem was I
ended the place beenmo far busier j
than a large city dept. storo on a •
bargain day in Christmas week. Money
changed hands very rapidly, a sum of
$500 being taken before the door clou- j
od for the day by the secretary and
cashier, Mrs. Haslam. The tearooms
were well patronized both afternoon
nnd evening..
A decorating committee conpiatfng
of Mesdames D. Burton and G. It. Stevenson, assisted by Messrs. Ormston,
Noalo and A. II. Webb, had tastefully
arranged the stalls around the largo
hall. Tho stall holdiers and their
friends had then finished the work ofl
decorating and loaded them with all i
kinds of handiwork. When the doors j
opened thoy mnde a very fine spec-1
Just Inside the door was tbe Belgian stall. Tho ladles here wore dross-
SB In the Belgian colors, black, red
and yellow, as well as having the
stall draped with tlie same. This stall
displayed donations from homework-;
Next came the French stall   with '
aprons   and   underwear.   This   wos
draped in the French colors and  the
ladles operating It wore French peasants' holiday costumes.
Opposite those was the fancy work
stall lu green, carrying the Russian
flag and served by Indies In. Russian
nnd Italian costumes. The cooking
stall (Canada) between the main entrance and the tea room had no cloth
hangings but was draped In whlto
paper with real maple leaves pinned
all over these draperies.   The effect
was very pleasing as was that of the
ladies In Canadian cook's dress. A
wrapping stall was ln operation at one
end of this booth. A girl's stall In
Christmas colors and filled with articles made by girls; a candy stall,
white elephant stall, fish pond, bran
tub, and arts and crafts stall all well
decorated filled the rest of the main
Thc committees' helpers and attendants whose faithful work had
much to do with the success of tho
Bazaar were as follows:
Decorating Committee— Mesdames
D, Burton, G. R. Stevenson with'
Messrs. Oimston, Alb. H. Webb and
Scenery — Designer, A. Fairbairn
with help of Messrs. Webb, Ormston,
Nenlo and Morton.
Scone Painters— A Fairbairn and
Miss Mecredy.
Cooking stall (Canada)—Mesdames
Christie, G. H. Thompson, T Mceredy,
W, H. Ashmore, nnd Miss M.ilstre.
Wrapping stall—Mrs. D. Burton.
Belgian stall (homoworkers)— Mesdames J. F. Smltth and Hlrsoe.
Apron and underwear (French)—
Mesdames A. H. Webb, Salmon, K. W.
Greene and Glulke.
Fancy work (Russian),—Mesdames
G. Hogarth, Crebbln, M. A. Beale,
Arts and craft (Scotch)—Miss Alexander.
Girl's work (Guesulng competition)
—Messes Cherrington, Roberts, Mrs.
Cherrington and Bible Class girls.
Candy stall—Bible Class girls.
White Elephant— Mr. Neale nnd
Bible Class boys.
Fish pond — Mr. Morton and Boy
Raffles (dog, ring, cushion, etc.) —
Mr. Crebbln and Boy Scouts,
Art exhibition (Scotch)—Miss Mecredy.
Tea rooms—Mesdames Miles, F. W.
Green, G. R. Stevenson, A Wferd, Rum
sey, Patterson, M McCreery, Bell, HaU
Harrison, Baxter, P. A. Cummlngs and
Misses Ryekman, Kershaw, Glgerlch,
Cameron, Harrison, Caslake and Fisher.
The Cranbrook orchestra under
Mrs. Wallinger discoursed sweet music
all the afternoon to the satisfaction
of all concerned.
Mr. Gilchrist won the Spitz dog and
Mrs. Barctt the coyote rug. The winners iu the girl's competition were:
Maisie Small, Mabel Coolidge and Ada
Tho evening's entertainment took
tho form of a musical program with
two dramatic performances: Tho
trial scone from Shakespeare's "The
Merchant of Venice" and "Ici on Parle
Frnncals", and dancing later in tho
evening. The performance was a
thorough success in every.
In tho heavier plcco "Tho Merchant
of Venice", the Rev. W. H. Bridge as
Shylock and Miss M. A. RobertB as
Portia had the strong parts and did
them full justice. The other members
of the oust wore: Antonla Mr. Percy
Parker; Bassanlo Mr. Bert Parker;
Gratlano Miss Cherrington; Duke
Miss B. Pye; Jew Mr. Crebbln, Ner-
Issn Miss A. Rumsey.
The farce of the evening, "Ici on
Parle Fraucals", created much amusement, Misses Cherrington and Roberts
and Messrs. Raworth, Falrburn and
Hunt sharing the honors ln this. The
others taking part in this were Miss
Mecredy and Miss Alexander.
The musical program was given between the acts and consisted of much
appreciated solos: Mrs. MacDonald "I
Hear You Calling Me"; Mrs. Stevenson
"Down ln the Forest" and "Time and
Tide" nnd Miss Hewett "Until."
From eleven till two the dance floor
was well tilled, a merry time being
spent to the delightful music rendered
by the Cranbrook orchestra whose services wore much enjoyed.
Thc Rev. W. H. Brldgo publicly
thanked from the pulpit on Sunday
last the Guild, all helpers and also
those who came to our aid from the
other churches on the day of the bazaar.
Tho hall Is for rent to responsible
parties. The aim of the builders is to
havo It used for the general uplift of
tho community nt large as well as of
the Anglican members In particular.
The rendering of good plays, recitations, classes ln elocution, singing,
etc., bible study, etc. In the'hall wlll
all help along these lines.
Steps aro being taken towards the
formation of a public lending library
which would be housed in the church
building. This Is much needed In
Cranbrook and a successful development of this scheme Is soraethinng to
bo wished for.
physical drills, nnd dojicea, which
wero executed In a methodical and
clover manner. Miss Ella Fenwick
and William Haze both deserve praise
for their good memories and clear
articulation lu tlieir reciting. Agnes
Walsh sang "Rulo Britannia," very
prettily. Mr. II. L. T. Galbraith made
an excellent chairman, being an Interesting speaker and a popular and
well known citizen.
Mr. Charles Mare was called upon
to speak and rose to the occasion. Besides being one of our chief Canadian
poets, ho is a brilliant speaker. Mr.
Arthur Fenwick said a few sultnblo
Words, also Mr. Agabob, tho Presbyterian minister, According to tho
teachers, Miss Ellnoro Curley and Miss
May Bate, they received too much
praise in those addresses, but admitted they found It very encouraging.
Tho amount realized was $12 niid
everyone enjoyed themselves. Refreshments  were served  after the concrt.
real property in the City school district of the assessed value, on tbe
laBt municipal assessment roll, of
live hundred dollars or morc over and
above any registered Judgment or
charge, and being otherwise qualified
to vote at an election of soliool trustees in the said school district, shall
be eligible to be elected or to serve
as a school trustee ln such city school
Glvon under my hand at Cranbrook, B.
0. this 23rd day of December, 1915.
Returning Olllcer
Mrs. Stuart Morris came In from
Fernie last Tuesday to spend Christmas at home.
Mr. Harry Monro left for Spokane
on Thursday's train.
Mr. Jas. Martin returned Thursday
from a husiness trip.
Holiday traffic along the Crow
seems to be brisk theso days, judging
by the large number of travellers
passing through Cranbrook.
For Sale—Milch cows, grade Jersey and Holstein, prices from $75 to
$1.25.—Roy Myers, Cherry Creek. 51-lt
Isaac Brown returned to thc city today from Wnsa, where hc was engaged at the Ynhk Lumber Company on
tho outfitting of their mill.
School Children Surprise Parents and
Teachers with Their Talent
Those who attended the Fort Steele
school concert on Friday evening, the
17th agree that they never before realized what talent the children there
possessed. Even tho parents themselves were surprised at the clever
acting and they and the teachers declared themselves proud of the children.
There was a full program consisting
of songs, choruses, dialogues, duets,
31 Bright anti -Utterr? Christmas
DRUG & ROOK Co. Ltd.
Ural Entail' * Insurance.
Notaries, fiinvcyaiirer*. Etc.
W. E. Worden
Harney.*. Trunks, Etc.
Wholesale Wine Merchant
flrncerles, Fruit
& rrorlslon*.
Bread, Pus'ry St Confectionery
f.'roccrles and Provisions
Crockery, lilasswarr, etc.
Wholesale Liquors
Groceries Confectionery
Hay, drain & Feed.
Toys and Notions
Jewellers & Opticians
Wholesale and Jtetall
Cigars A Tobaccos
Ileal F.Male and Insurance
Harness and Saddlery
Printers and llooltblnders
The family of the late Mrs. Gillies
wish to express their heartfelt thanks
to the many friends for their sympathy
and assistance during tholr bereavement, and for the many beautiful floral tokens of respect.
IN THE MATTER of the Creditors'
Trust Deeds Act R. S., B. C, 1811
Koury,  Assigned.
NOTICE Is hereby Riven that on tho
liith day of December 1015 Solomon
Koury, Dry Goods Merchant, of tho
City of Cranbrook, hi the Hruvlnci of
Brltiah Columbia, made un assignment to Thomas Mason Roberts of the
city of Cranbrook, aforesaid, agent, of
bis estato and effects for the benefit
of his ercdltors.
Tho creditors nro notified to mort ut
the ofllces of tho undersigned solicitors In the City of Crunbrook on Tuesday tho 28th day of December at 3
o'clock ln the afternoon tor the purpose of receiving a statement of the
affalrB of the estato and for the giving
of any directions which may be necessary with reference to the disposal of
the estate.
All persons or Companies claiming
to be entitled to rank ns creditors
must file their claim with thc undersigned on or before the 15th day of
January A. D. 1916 after which date
the Assignee will proceed to distribute the assets thereof, having regard
to those claims only of which he
shall then have received notice and
he will not be liable for tlie asset?
or any part thereof to any person or
Company bf whose claim he has not
then received notice.
Harvey, McCarter, Macdonald & Nisbet
Solicitors for the Assignee,
Dated at Cranbrook December 14th.
A. D., 1915.
November customs collections at
Rossland are 300 per cent higher than
tho snme month in 1014.
The council has leased Knslo's city-
owned skating rink for thc winter at
Trail ls certainly prospering. .One
of the Chinamen there has just built
a  brick  laundry  building.
te.. per word for first woek, and le. per
word for each week after
FOR SALE.- Two cows coming fresh
this month.    Roy   Myers,    Cherry
Creek.  50-11
FOR 8ALE.-4 W. Wyando te cocker-
els, splendid stock, at $1.50. A few
R. I. R. pullets at $1.00. Apply A.
B. Smith, P.O. Box 852. 50-lt
STABLE TO RENT, for four horses,
electric light, warm, well ventilated
with large hay loft and oat bin
$5.00 per month, apply- Herald
offlce. tf*
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given to
tho electors of tbe Municipality of
Cranbrook and School District thereof, that I require the presence of the
said electors ut the Municipal Buildings, Norbury Avenue, Cranbrook, B.
C, on the tenth (loth) day of January
191G, nt twelve o'clock noon (one o'clock p. m. local time), for the purpose of electing persons to represent
them In tho Municipal Council ns
Mayor nnd Aldormen for the purpose
of electing persons to represent them
as School Trustees.
The mode of nomination of candidates shnll be as follows:—
The candidates shall be nominated
fn writing; the writing shall be subscribed by two voters of the municipality as proposer and seconder, and
shall bo delivered to the Returning
Officer at any time between the date
of the notice and two p. m. (three p.
m. local tlmo) of the day of the nomination; the snld writing may be in
tho form numbered 5 in the Schedule
of this Act, nnd shall state the names,
residence, nnd occupation or description of each person proposed, In such
manner as sufficiently to Identify such
candidate; nnd In thc event of a poll
being necessary, such poll will be
opened on the thirteenth day of Jan
uary 1916, of which every person Is
hereby required to take notice and
govern himself accordingly,
The persons qualified to bo nominated
for and elected ns the Mayor of any
rity shall be any person wbo is a male
British subject of the full nge of twen-
ty-ono yenrs, not disqualified under
nny lnw, and has for the six months
next preceding the day of nomination
been the registered owner. In the
Lend Registry Office, of land or real
property in the city of tho assessed
value, on the last municipal nssesR-
nient roll, of one thousand dollars or
moro over and abovo any registered
judgment or charge, nnd who Is otherwise duly qualified ns a municipal
QUALIFICATIONS FOR ALDERMEN:—Tho persons qualified to be
nominated for and elected as Aldermen of a city shall be such persons ss
are male British subjects of the full
age of twenty-one years, and who are
not disqualified under any law, and
have been for the six months next preceding the day of nomination the registered owners, ln the Land Registry
Office, of innd or real property In the
city of the assessed value, on the
Inst municipal assessment roll, of five
hundred dollars or more over and
above any registered Judgment or
charge, and who aro otherwise duly
qualified as municipal voters.
TRUSTEES:— Any perHon being a
British subject of tho full ago of twen-
ty-ono years actually residing within
the district, nnd having been for the
six months next preceding thc date of
nomination the registered ownor, in
the Land Registry Office, of laud or
That, after the 1st of January, 1D1C,
we wlll run the hotel at Perry creek
on strictly temperance lines. Good
table board and clean beds the same
as heretofore, to the travelling public
and visitors.
Thanking you for past favors and
soliciting your future patronage,
Yours respectfully,
Mountain View House,
Perry Creek, B. C. 4S-!iteow
Examinations for Scaler's Licenses,
under the British Columbia Log Rule,
will be held in Cranbrook or vicinity
on January 4, 1916, and in Elko on
January 6,1916.
For further Information apply to the
District Forester, Cranbrook, B. C.
IN THE MATTER of the "Land Registry Act" and In the matter of
Lot 1 Block 7 and Lot 6 Block 16
of Lot 132, Group 1. '
Map 1181
TAKE NOTICE that nn Application
(No. 2899-1) has been made to register
Conrad Lurges as owner lu fee simple
of the above lots under a Conveyance
to him from Baynes Lake Land Company Limited et al, dated 24th day of
September 1914 and that unless within
30 days from the date of the first publication hereof you file in this ollice a
caveat or Certilieate of Lis Pendens I
shall register tho said Conrad Lurges
bb owner In fee.
Dated at tho Land Registry Ollice,
Nelson, this 8th day of November, 1015
District Reglsfnr
To all to whom it may concern.
Date of first publication 2nd day of
December, 1915, 48-4t
Capital Authorised   ....SIO.OO0.O0O.0O
Capital Paid Dp    IflMMQM
Reserve   and   Undivided
l'roSti       a^tlflMM
Account, of Corporation., Muni
clpalltlea .Merchants, Farmer! anil
Private individuals Invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit issued
available ln anv part of the world.
attention given to Savings Bank Ao
counts. Deposits of 11.00 and upwards received and interest allowed
from date of deposit.
A brancll la also established nt
Athalmer, B.C., under tho management of Irving C. Wedd.
Cranbrook Branch
Uurrlsttirs, Solicitors and
Money to Luan
Imperial  Dank  Building
(Sucoessor to W. F, Gurd)
Barrlstc,   Solicitor   and
p. o. nox sr.ii
Physicians  nml  Siirgoons
Otlluo ut residence. AniiHinuig
Forenoons  ii.no to ly.oo
Afternoons  a.00 to   'oo
Dvenlngs    7.30 lo   8.30
Sundays  2:10 io  ,ao
Cranbroolt,' B.C.
llii. V. Ii. SOLES
Don 11st
)fflce In  Hanson   Blook
il to i^ a.m.
1 to   6 t'.m.
7 to   S l>.iu.
maternity and tieneral Nursing
Gnriien Avo.
Terms on Application
MRS. A. SALMON, Matron
Fuoue SSS P. O. Bux 845
Phono S4U P. O. Box 586
Funeral Director anil Entlinluier
Undertaking Parlors
Fenwick Avenue
Near Baker St.
Civil and Hlnlng Engineers
B. C. Land Surveyors
Da7 Phone 2118 Night Phone 35
Nurt,«ry Ave., next to City Hall
Phono 105 P. O. Box 38
Organist Methodist Church
Receives Pupils for
Organ, Pianoforte, Voice,
Studio: 23 Nurbury Ave
If  you  want satisfaction
with your washing
send it to
Special prices for family
General Merchant
Employments Agouts
P. O. Box 108 Phone 2,4
Bobt. Frame, Prop.
fresh llrcinl. fakes, Pleg
and Pantry
Phone 87
Karbary Ave.      Opp. City Hall
Spokane, Washington
We believe we
have more regular patrons from
British Columbia
thun any other
Hotel in Spokane
On your next trip
to this city, let us
show you why
thle Is true.
Opposite new Union Station. Close to all places ot
Interest. Rooms elegantly
furnished. Hates as low
as at the more ordinary
See Steamship nn tho Hoof
STItAYE0.—T«cp hollers two years
old. Branded tro (I,uzy S) on
left hip. Ploaso notify A. K. Loitch,
Jaffray, B. C. 47 41
Loyal  Orange
No.   1S71
if; "•■ 5
mrif   Tl McBts nr6t "no third
l'.vV,'''   Thursdays at 8 p.m.
•> »«a.i3tSJ in     Royal      Mlack
Knights of Ireland Hall, Bailor
R. s. Oarrett, W.M.
T. t). Horsman, Hoc. Sec.
l.O.O. 1'.
Moots every
Monday ntghc
ut    fraternity
Hall.     Sojourning    Oihll'llows
cordially luvltod.
W. M. Harris,    H. \Y. Russell,
Meets every Tuesday
Ill s p
in. lu
tho Pratornltj
ii., il
it. C. Carr, CC
F. M. Christian
IC 11
St S
P.  (J.  Ilex
Visiting brethren
:y In-
vlted to aotond.
Meets every second uiul fourth
Wednesday  at   Fl'slernlly   Hull
Sojourning Rebekahs cordially Invited.
Sis. c. Bennet, N. a.
Sis. A. HickenUotliam, See.
Meets in Maple Hall second
and fourlh Tuesday of every
montii nt 8 p.m.
Membership   .pen   to   British
E. Y. Brake, 1. F. Lower,
President Secretary
Visiting luoinhvrs cordially
Meets In tlie Maplo Hall
first Tuesday nfternoon of every
montii nt 3 ii.m.
President, .Mrs. W. B. McFarlane
Secretary, Mrs. John Shaw
P. O. Box 413
All ladies cordially Invited.
President—A.  B.  Smith
Secretary—Alb. H. Webb
For Information regarding
lands and agriculture apply to
tlio Secretary, Cranbrook, B.C.
Meeting-—The Second Saturday at 2.30 o'clock.
T II E   C R A N 11 II O 0 K
ls open for engagement
Dniai'cs, Socials Etc.
Apply to
Mrs. Arnold Wullingcr
Cranhrook, II.C.
Forwarding    and    Distributing
Agent lor
Lcthliriil^e   t'oal
Xl-ltc Ponder
Imperial Oil Co.
Braying anil Transferring
Given, pit,ni; t attention
Phono 63
Headquarters  for nil  kinds of
Satisfaction  {.uarnnteed
joe Marapodi
The Shoe Specialist
L.   M.   SMITH
II A T   II E N 0 V A T 0 R
Ladles   and   Gentlemen's   Hals
Cleaned and Blocked
Phone -MM
■ W£'
on the
(-motllie 1*111 for Woman, fl n lint irturcofor
(IU. Hold nt I'll J'nijr HtorvH. ot i.ii.Ile.l to nny
uridroEhoti ivni*l|*ti,r itIuc   Tub hoi.i:i.i. Diiuq
Vitality! for Kcrvo and Bw-lnj Itiorotutw''ffitj*
ioiitti'r":!i'lViiii(' ■will (mild yon up, J^ n Itox.itp
two fur $:■. nt dMA itnrm, or I*-*/ mni. onrcijolni
al price Tub Runt.i.i. i/huj Co,, lit. (JuLliurluu*,


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