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Cranbrook Herald Jan 22, 1914

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Array •'«',
V*Ve are well equipped to
tarn out the best i-Ihkb
of work.
I In the Herald fay» —iry
Our   Local   Coltimnl
10c. a line
NO. 4
III.   If.  IV,  lilavil,    aan TllCWlay,
ililla.,1    oil    .1.    lllli'V III   Mia. Sta.
gone   hospital,   amputating hoih legH
bolOw  tlie kin vs.
Tins tin foi I una It* man wan picked
up recently near Canal Plats, wlieco
he had been wandering tor live days
uiul Highlit; losl in tin- woods lliilh
feet, were frozen and he was brought
io this cily and lho doctors havo
since been endcavotinj.1 lo we his
linilis hut amputation was IliuilU
found necessary.
Mr. Itiley is nn Irishman and hns ,i
wife nml Hirer children iu New
Foundland. He is u Bhoemakcr hy
trade and if he could secure; hinds to
provide himself with artificial le^s,
would he able lo make a living for
His case has appealed strongly to
the charitable nature nf a number of
people in the city and a subscription
is bolng opened by tl.e llerald in au
effort to raise cnounh money to furnish two artificial legs. Anyone do-
siring to contribute to this case,
which appears to us as heing the
most worthy that lias come to our
attention in many montlis, may make
their wishes known lo the Herald.
The two artlflqclal limbs will cost
about $200 and this appeal should he
all that is necessary to raise that
The fund has been started as follows:
The  Herald   $5.00
K. I.. Staples     5.00
,\ Friend      ii.QO
We shall hope to announce nexl
week that tl.e necessary amount has
been subscribed.
Tlie na'wly rlccla'i! miiyaar auial aldermen mel al Ilia' City Hall last Mon-
ilay morning, al III o'clock. Those
present being tin' Mayor Simon Taylor, anal Aldermen ,V. I'- Cameron, .1.
1-'. Campbell, II. Ilickniliolliam, F.
Gcncst, ii,,a. ll. Uask ami Malcolm
Returning Oulcor T, St. Roberts
announcetl   the election of ihe mayor
nnal   council   !>y net
lamallioil  all
il the
clccll al Messrs
V. 11. Wilso
a v,,atl
Maurice   Chimin,   nl
Ilia'     poll
sctool trustees.
Tha'    following
named hv tha* Mayo
Works   anil   Prop,
anbotliain nnal Mori,
Walla'!"— t'ania'ron.
Fira' and Polloe—I
ai'isM ami
Hcallli    and   Re
at hail
anal Cameron.
alllil   (ia,,.—
On motion being <
ililieal. il  w
is ale
alah'al lo bold Die ii
gular meetli
a;s i'a
the second Monday
In eacb mo
III  a
8 |i m . local lime
Mayoi   Tayloi   a
dressed tlie
.-il   congratulating
ihi-m   aan tbeir e
leotion In' ncelatnal
inn   Iaa   ttK>ll
HoilS    anal    siKlaiih'il
n   waitiiu
, nol
thai      Haa'   stliala'SI
t'l'Oiiaam,   mUSt   la
observed   in nil .hi
ariments il
The    31 Ul   Annual   Meetiim ot  the
n.c. Km it Growers' Association will
he held ut Victoria, .lanuary 21, '22 \
23, 10H. The opening session will
commence at ■'* p.m. on Ibe 21st.,
and tbe concluding session on olthct
Uie afternoon or evening of Friday,
the 2:i rd.
The Association is able to announce
addresses by the following prominent
II. Robertson, Manager, Thc Okanagan I'nited Growers', Ltd., Vernon,
on "The Organization and Results of
the Okanagan United Growers'. "
11. F. Sampson, Secretary, The
North Pacific Fruit Disk ibu tors,
Spokane, Wash., 0n "The Organization and Work of the North i*acilie
Fruit Distributors."
Worrall Wilson, General Council,
Northwestern Fruit Exchange, Seattle, Wash., on "Marketing! Northwestern Apples through the Organization
of the Northwestern Fruit Kxehange.'
W. P. Sawyer, Kx-I'resident, Washington State Horticultural Society,
Yakima, Wash., on "Growing and
Marketing Fruit in the Yakima Valley."
The husiness before the Association
is also of a highly interesting character. Resolutions' have been received from various Affiliated Societies and from independent members
calling for action by the. Association,
on the following, besides other tjues-
Ownership of Land by Asiatics.
Transportation Conditions.
Loans to Settlers for Agricultural and Horticultural purposes.
Control of Fire Blight.
Government   Aid   to Co-operative
Huyjug and Selling Organizations.
Wlvcrtlslng    B.C.   Fruit   in   the
Marketing   Fruil    in Carloads hy
Standardization of Box Packages.
In addition the various Committees
of lhe Association will make reports
of progress and results on many matters alTccling the Fruit Industry dealt
wilh during.the past year.
All dlroctors, delegates, members
and others attending the Annual Meet
mi*; ;iti* requested to purchase a Single First-class Ticket from the nearest O.P R. Agent, and ask for a
Standard Certilieate. This entitles
yon lo a 1IVI' return ticket.
VII interested in B.C. Fruit Grow
Ing arc cordially invited to attend
the Sessions, whieh will he held in
the Conversation Hall of the Empress Hotel, Victoria.
The time for accepting resolutions
has been extended to January 12th.
V fill ia ted Associations and Members
who desire to present resolutions,
an' requested tn get them in not later than thai date.
Lord Strathcona, High Commissioner
of Canada, Passes Away in Peace
Great Financier, Philanthropist and Patriot After Long Stubborn
Fight With Physical Weakness, Succumbs at His
Home in London
ROBICRT     KMiBKIi    LOOKS    !*'iii
\ ALI K\     Til    VKII.Ii
The main lead was 100
In speaking of the mine,
related a little story re-
which besides being inter-
lypica!   of tin- history of
"From S2 lo
ing taken olll 0
claims located
the Kootenay
north ol Fori !
ond bed-rock is
be reached auj 1
dreamed of ■■
country.     li tin
Hit* pan
1 a number of placer
on Find lay Creek In
alley, some distance
ileele, anti when sec-
rcached, and it maj
loment, Ihere are un-
isslbilitles fo: lhal
second bedrock pays
as milch as tho
i. the.
• will aalaoih-
•r   Maaraallka- i
in Ihe
.-," declared
Mr.   liailii-n    I
•1,      IT,
ninR export,
whii llais nasi c
thai .country
say    Ilia'    Vananiiv
1    Aal
;<i    ai.- n.i-
faallaaava^l    Ilia-
irailil hot n  in
Vail III  anil   Sail
a. hit  man ,
years,     lie  i<
li   liar lla.i ■!
Vancouver    v,
lull    la-.l>a-s
Rltnrtly faar ila,>
Mi   Harlid  ,•
nasi 1
ail a number
if   old lime    K
had   laaiMUS,
claims ma this
k and
thai ai num*
laa-i- aal iiai'ia  wel
a- \\
aan tins pal
lia'lllail  elatlll 1
i.iit ta, what
is   liolleved   li
1 aa SCa
'mal bedrock
Tin-  creek   a-
■   saaaaa. i.i ,,[,( alic-
Kings  and   Hi
'.  ihereabout
has   ya'ilalaal   B.
:.   tho  taalalla
Iiailhlliill   aal   ST*
according lo
Mr. Barber, 1,
laa.li  lollo*
ore   body.
feet    wide
Mr. Barbei
gurd ing
Mi   Barber said .that th.' man who
owned   llie   mm,* dad almost sold it
and the buyer was on hi.*- way to Ft
Steele   tu   complete   the   nnal deal:
Tin- buyei onl\  gol as far as Calgary
and died then*     The heirs of the buy-
ii did nut wanl to pay tin* price thai
lhe buyer, ,iii experienced mining man
had been willing to pay, and the deal
had i.tllet. through
Mi Barhi i leavi - nhortly far tho
Inteiim and lie declares thai tl the
second bedrock .>■: Findl.i*. Creek pans
out as mueh a- did tin- nrst bedrock,
then will he anothei Klondike in the
Kootenaj Valley and a rush which
will equal, ii not surpass, tie Klondike rush oi 'tis
■ ♦ >
The Late Lord Strathcona
LONDON,   Jan.   20.—Lord Strath-   it was a palpable strain to follow th
cona died at 1:55 this morning.   The  typewritten   pages, the shareholder**
aged statesman's last   moments were
quiet, and he passed away peacefully
in his sleep.
His lordship's fatal illness was hut
short, and it was realized fr0m an
early hour on Saturday morning thai
he was sinking beyond recovery. An
attack of ealarrh. which would have
heen a comparatively trilling matter
for a maa in the prime of life, was
ton severe a strain for one who had
passed llie four score ami ten mark
well over three years ago.    Thc mal-  manuscript.
dy completely ptostratHI him, event-1 Tlte next night, however, his lot!
ually Inducing heart weakness, so I ship presided at the Dominion Daj
thnt the aged patient sank inlo a j banquet, and delivered a length*,
slate of coma, the end coming peace- written speech, supplementing il In
fully ai an early hour this mornin-i     voluntarily adding a good portion o
Lord Strathcona, on several oeca- the previous day's Hudson's Hi}
siotis within the last few years, has speech, The following night he shoo!
been confined to his house, for an odd  hands with 2,000 guests al a Boutin
the   .Mansion House, under thc presidency  of   the lord mayor, lo further
were becoming restive on finding Uie   scheme   for thc Dominion's cxhl-
the   speaker becoming Inaudible,   I
ventually   the secretary suggested
Lord    Strathcona    that
'should be read fot him. The aged
chairman, however, ruthlessly brushed   aside and continued reading hiin-
I self.
|    A    fi'W   minutes   later, though, he
1 cnnfessid lo the audience that the
secretary   was "a somewhat younger
j man   than   1 am,"   and resigned his
Thc annual meel ing of lhe iV.i'-lui
Conservative Association  was held  iii
the Foresters' Hall on Friday even
ing, .lanuary Kith, with n good nl
Several new members were enrolled
and the following were elected to Hie
various offices Tor the year:
llonory Presidents: Hon. I!. L.
Hordcli, Sir Itichard Mcllridc, I'lioni
as Caven, M.P.P.
President: Peter Lund; Vice t'resi-
dent, 01 to Wisiier; SccYy-Trcas,,
Fred W. Hurgcss; Members (,f Kvent-
tive Committee, Brock K. Marklo.
and William Schud.
The meeting was a very enllittsl-
astic oui' throughout aud several Interesting discussions arose in connection wltli Important issues ufiectlng
conditions iu lhe district at the pie.s-
ent time.
Regular monthly meetings will he
held throughout the year and il is expected    that    many additional names
At tin* minimi mooting of tlm
Cranbrook-Fomie Formers' Insti-
into, held last week in the old gym-
nn&ittm, lho following oflicore were
sleeted for tho year:
Hon. Prosidenl: T. 8. Gill,
Hon. V ieo-1 "res.; John L-ovett.
Prosidenl : A. B. Smith,
Vice-President; J. A. Pringle.
Src'IVim. : Alb 11. Webb.
Directors: N. MoOtora, It. P«l-
nior. W. B. Bardgott, Fred. Pain*
W  P. Whitney.
Auditors: Satn MncdoimM ami
ti. Parnaby.
A resolution was passed instructing tin1 delegate to tli" convention
to apply for tlm name Cruubmok-
l-Vrnii' to be changed toOranbrook.
A delegation wim uppoinUMl to
interview tlio City Council re a
public watering trough for horses
during tin' suunner montlis.
At a meeting of tho directors
held lnat Saturday afternoon, it
was decided to hold the government.
crop competitions in potatoes and
oats under tbe rules fixed for the
event, which is open to all inein
bora oi the Institute nnd Requires
a lu.'.f acre in potatoes and two
acrea of oats. Tho prizes in each
competition arc; First, $H6j00j
s -cond. $30.00 ; third, $1 WW;
fourth, $5 00. An entry see of 50
cents is charged
II. V. Parker is at present engaged
in making a reconnoissanec survry In
will   he   added   to thc already long | connccUon   with the proponed branch
list of   membors.   The   prospects fur   1 ,> tlw Koirlciiny Central.    Thr» ecun-
a   siieeessful year (or Ilk; association, try under   investigation    is
are bright iudntd. i Wyi'UOc and lluagmlori..
day or two, but at such times, despite Lis heavy burden of years, his
friends have always haul confidence in
is power to resist illness. Unhappily, such a confidence could not he entertained, on ihis occasion.
linn. Mrs. Howard, Lord Strath-
eona's only daughter, and io whom
the title descends hy royal patent,
was present, at lhe end, as were other members of, the family. The house
at SS Qrosvenor square was bo*
seiged hy Inquiries as to the venerable statesman's condition, the King
ami Queen heing s-olicitous and, with
other memhers of the royal family,
made repeated Inquiries. When the
death notice wns finally posted, expressions ot sympathy WOW received
by hundreds from,all sections of London's diplomatic, philunthropio ami
social life, and nre still pouring in.
Kven in n mighty metropolis full nf
striking personalities. Lord Strath-
conn's llgure bad been one ot the
most striking. Knglish journalists
lor nearly 80 years back had ties
eribed htm as Canada's (Irand Old
Man, until thc phrase became almost
tiresome in its repetition.
Until two months ago Lord Strathcona attended the office in Victoria
street daily, arriving at 10 o'clock or
even earlier, and remaining often till
after night tell. Tlie Canadian office,
in fact had Itwn nicknamed 'n the vicinity "the lighthouse," through the
windows frequently being illuminated
long after the remainder of the street
was in darkness.
There Is not the least doubt that
sheer force of will alone enabled Lord
Strathcona to continue his .activities
even at such a venerable age, Significant incident occurred al the Hudson's Hay company's meeting last commissioner's
.lune.     Lord   Strathcona, presiding,  itself,  and   he
Ion Hay reception On his nfnety-
tliird birthday on August 6, he attended fi private luncheon given hv
Senator -laftiav. of Toronto, and th-
nine week entertained tl.e med .i
The home foi the Incurables al
Strealham was one of Lord Strath-
conn's pel philanthropies, ami ho con
tribnted several thousands pmmds towards its maintenance, lie also rn
listed the active sympathies of Qu?ei
Alexandra ami other high personages,
His Lordship showed a catholic
tnste in charitable matters. I-is
last big public donation was a gift < f
SfiO.OOO toward lhe public acqul-iir.ou
of the Crystal I'alsce Another recent gift was S500 to lhe Knglldi
brotherhood of st   Vnrirow
Lord Htrat-hcona'i principle residence hero is at 88 rtrosvenoi square,
when* h* passed away. Ii is » comfortable but unprelonlloui house, in a
district peopled bj notables. He also
had a largo estsbllshmcnl ai Olencoe
Scotland, close In lhe bccop ol the
famous massacre In lhe time ed William Ml-, and overlooking the Island where his murdered clansmen
were burled. Other residences are
Oebden Mall, Naflmn Waldcn, Ksses;
Colonsay, Argyll; Silver Heights,
Winnipeg; Norway House, IMctoti,
.VS.; and "11 Dorchester street west
The royal society of arts recently
presented Lord Strntheinia with its
Albert medal in recognition ol bis
services toward the Improvement of
railway communfestion and Canadian
I   The death  of  Lady Strathcona in
November   last   was a great blow lu
him, but even then lhe venerable high
force of will asserted
insisted 0n attending
hltion at the Crystal Palace next
year, was without the presence of the
Canadian high commissioner, who had
been the first to take sn active tali rest in the project.
His lordship all the same had
hooked a number nf engagements lor
the next few months. Less than I'l
days age he wrote correspondents
thai, although he was suffering from
a cold, he hoped to be about again in
u rew days.
Ilight Hon. Lewis Harcourt, colonial secretary, referring to Lord
Stralhcona", said:
"Ho wears tin* laurels, or rather,
lho maple leaves of an unselfish, in
ihislrious life, whieh has made liis
Crown ol a ripe aud honored age."
Tlu-   imagination   can scarcely sup
ptj a more thrilling career ihan thai
closed   by the death of Lord Strathcona,    "The Man of Iron."    Ills life
story is a moving chapter in the history    nf the West's development, one
mazing   activity and surpassing
SV     While    Winnipeg   was   the
* of   much   of   his tremendous
iw genius,    the whole of the   Ho-
n    was   his   field ol operations
any many lines of finance ami Industry
Morn at the time when Kumpc was
just settling down after the agony of
the treat Napoleonic wars, and com
ing iu Canada when the Dominion
was not dreamed, and when even
ihere was little semblance of union a-
mong tho provinces, he has lived
through and participated in a series
cd events In some ways lite must re-
markablo m the history of civilisation.
Whin Donald Smiih, aged eighteen
lefl ins home In Morsyshlrt, and sail
ed for Canada, Queen Victoria ha I
nisi heen crowned and the first steam
ship was preparing to cross the Atlantic It took them six weeks lo
do the journey which is now accomplished in six days.
The revenues of the country wer,*
nol worth speaking about The Centre and West were not accessible, for
there was no railway across thc continent ami the vast territories ad
ministered bj the Honorable Com-
nf Adventurers founded by Hen-
ing the Prasei River rush and in one
«'f the more recenl rushes which uw'k
place just prior to the big gold rush
io the Klondyke in 'OS.
Tins yield came from the iirbt bedrock and on examination of the creek
some eighteen months ago several old
timers wnh Mi Barber re-staked,
and nn Hits particular claim a shaft
is being sunk In places anywhere
from $2 to J73 a pan has then taken
Mr. Barber expects to receive a telegram any day declaring that tht-
second bedrock has been reached.
From tho prospects twine panned m.w
Mr. Barber thinks the second bedrock
will yield a e.fM>d pay
As to quartz properties, Mr Barber declared that the country had
been extensively staked in this way
and that none of the properties would
be likelj fo be developed More the
Kootenav Central Railway was completed from Golden *■> Fernie. passing through Fort St vie
Fort Steele, Mr Barber remarked,
was a minim; camp which had had a
population nf five thousand men in
:!)" and then had gone dnwn when
the placer properties bad petered ou*.
bni it was now beginning to g*t on
il feet again, and with tbe coming oi
the raflwaj would in* a town which
would   be   it, the hest location for a
central   market
for farmers and sgri-
cultural   prodi
<-cr-   in tbe Kootenay
There   was
'tie   quartz   property
which    Mr.  Ba
rber emphasized in h*s
review-     ft    n
as the Kootenay Kin.;
nine     He   de
dared tbat although a
ow made ore
imposition it was, a*>
ording lo surf
ici: indications, a nisi
A large attendance of Hockey Enthusiasts nwt a' the Cranhrook Hotel parlors lasi Monday evening, Jan-
uarj 19th, I'M i. for the purpose of
organizing a boekej club lor this winter Mi Modal I was elected to the
chair for tin* evening
It was Brsl moved h\ Mt MotTatt
and seconded by Lee Sims, that a
Hockey Club th* formed and named
the Cranbrook Hockc) Cluh
Tho next business ul the meeting
was to elect officers, which resiilt.il
in tbe following nominations:
Nun   Presidents —|;   K   Beattie, R.
I!   McPhee and  \   I.   McDermot.
Hon   Vice-Proridents
\   C   Bowness
Kichaid Griffith
Watson Hall
B. McFarlane
F   Stevenson
H   Wilson
President—P.   P   Moffatt
S*t-Treas — C. C   Connolly.
Vice President—Harold ■)   Seott,
Manager—CHff .Steves.
M   was   then   moved by C, Steves
ami   seconded   by   W.    John, that a
membership   ticket    to   Uie  chub be
sold   for   $2 on   for   the   purpose of
helping    to   maintain  the expenses of
Ibe club.
It was moved by .Mr. McNabb and
seconded by H Mcflwaine, that the
president make arrangements for a
match between Fernie anl Cranhrook
nevt Friday, -lanuary 23
Mi Moffatt then too1*; the oppor-
Umity of (.banking the team for the
•lendfd game they put up against
Fernie Champions last Friday and he
thought that with thc practice the
boys will have before Friday and as
tbe tearu will be strengthened, that
tbey would win the next game
It was then moved by H. Hathie
ami seconded by II .1 Seott, that
the meetinfl be adjourned.
.1 li McCreedy returned last week
from Belleville, Ont , where he attended the wedding ol his brother, J.
M MrCreery, which occurred in that
city on -lanuarv 7th
Liberal Speakers will Address Electors of the District
on the Provincial Situation and the Issues
of the Day
H. c. Brewster, leader ol tin* Liberal party in British Columbia, and
\| A Macdonald, president of the
British Columbia Liberal association,
will address the electors of the Cranbrook dlslrlcl .it thi* Auditorium,
Cran jrook, next Monday evtnlng. <ian
nary 26th
At ,, meeting ol thc executive of
the province recently, it was decided
to send soveoral speakers on a ,"111
ol lhe province, holding meetings at
the mosl important points \ number of meetings have already been
held and thej have proven that th.*
move is a good one, judging from the
startiHl reading his Bpceoh, the document extending  over   several pages.
lNitwoenr  His   voice at   starling was perfectly
I rbac, but gradually it wraJussrd, and
the funeral \ week later ho attend
ed the Hudson's Hay meeting
This was his lnat appearance in pub
lie,   awl the mtrliiit in lletviubcr ul.
ry   VIII .ind known as the Hudson's
Hay comapny,   was   tin*  gi-i-at lone
land of adventurers and trappers and
Into Ihis wilderness went Donald A
Smith m IKM After ten years in
the St . Lawrence pmts, he entered
Labrador, w here b i remained mil il
18IM, and established a reputation as
■i trader in pelts, and an ,-dmiinstrn
lor of lhe Hudson's Hay enrnpau)
His lacl and wisdom won ih'* conh
rience of tin- Indians and his mm
iCuriUuue* m J'^c g.)
Tin*  speaki
prenalvc n
they have
with glad i
Thr   ii in
Ml -I
part y
and   I
that    I
been   shown
Ideally, have ,n, nn
i'    to the people; for
received evcrvwhen
Mr   II   i
the  part)
oi   lhe   I
is   a   ipeakei
n\  the fa< is i
.uih distinguished visitors
Urcwster,   tbe leader of
bears th,* bigheat respect
ta rati of the Province and
who movei his,[carers
hull In* presents     Mr.
of thc spiahers will
Nelson, .lanuary 21,   Fernie,
37;   Creston,   'lanuary -k
p   McConnell will be with tlw
if speakers  .inil may be beard
Mi   Macdonald will leave tlm
.iiii'i   the Cranbrook   mooting
s   place   will   Iw nihildiy Mr.
.lobn Olivet
CiaJilirouk mat
well feet proud to
Macdonald is toe well known here to
need any introduction and his Cranbrook friends Bill lc* pleased t<, again
renew his acquaintance and listen t(l
his oratory. Since he left Cranhrook he has been elected president of
thc Hritish Columbia Libertal association and is a much Bought sneaker
at political meetings on the coast.
Speaking at a meeMng at South
Vancouver recently, Mr. Macdonald
•When the true conditions,of affairs are known, the people of British Columbia will rise in tnelt might
and overthrow the mosl corrupt and
inefficient government whieh ever ox-
isied in any province id Canada since
confederation "
Tin- arrangements for the meeting
here nevt Monday are In tho hands of
the Cranbrook Liberal assxwiatlon,
and thev have distributed posters
throughout the district und expect a
very large attendance. TUB   CRANBUOOK   OKRALD
J. R. THOMPSON. Editor and Manager
Subscription Rates
One Year
Six Months
Three Months
Advertising Rates
Display Advertising 2.) cents
per inch.
Roaialing notices or classified ads
10 cts per line.
CRANBROOK, B.C., Jaaoary 22nd, 1914
CitizonB of tht* district should
appreciate tho fact that they will
not again have Uie opportunity for
soinu time to listtm to as distinguished speakers an may bo heard
ut the Auditorium next Monday
evening, Political sentiment at
the const is changing and Van
couver especially is preparing to
wage a hearty conflict iu the next
election. .Some predict that a few
seats will he Liberal, aud some
enthusiasts even predict the complete overthrow of tho McBride
government at the next election.
The speakers who will be heard
here next Monday are in touch
with tin! coast aud know the situation nnd are prepared to present
the facts so that thinking men and
women may judge for themselves.
In the history of tlie world,
whenever a crisis has arisen in
national affairs, there 1ms always
arisen a man strong and powerful
enough to cope with the situation.
Such men only appear once, perhaps, in a century iu the history of
any country, Canada's loss in the
death of Lord Strathcona marks
the passing of such a man—an em
pire builder—who, with keen aud
intelligent foresight, saw the possibilities of the future for Canada at
a time when in sn of influence generally looked upon the Dominion
as a barren waste, and with vigor-
otis hand aud undaunted courage.
Bet about tlie transforming of this
land into one of prosperity aud
bright promise. Other men have
made their mark us conquerors,
soldiers, or men uf conquest. Lord
Strathcona Iihb won his linrels iu
time of peace by his devotion to
the practical upbuilding of a nation.
'Ihis unassuming Scotchman has
won the eternal gratitude of all
Canadians by his commercial success. Who can predict where
Canada would be to-day but for his
success in the building of theC. P.
K. ? It would surely be less prosperous, Icbs known) and less
honored. The secret of his great
success was tluit he did his work
faithfully and well, and the results
will live long past the erection of
thi! monument upon his grave* and
even after the monument itself has
crumbled into dust,
In this issue Is given the outline of
tho plan for instituting a new Postal
Library for Canada which is well
worth reading. The scheme has been
worked out in detail and is presented
by Mr. Joseph T. Tracy ol Lethbridge. Tho system is entirely a new
Idea and if adopted in Canada would
placo this country in the Iront rank
in the library movement, thc establishing ui which has lieen occupy ini
the attention of the world (or decades,
past. With this proposed new system there would he placed at the
disposal of readers throughout Canada a .system so complete that it
would glvo better service than could
the greatest libraries in the world
Honks would not be disseminated
through one central branch but any
special volume in the archives of the
Dominion would bo at the disposal of
tin- reader. Specialists would be employed, which would greatly assist
in research or the study ol particular
subjects. Thc scheme appears to he
well worthy of adoption.
on the
ONTARIO, ON JANUARY 7th,    1914
J, Martin McCreery, of the firm
of McCreery Bros., of this city,
ami Miss Aila Grace Stewart, of
Belleville. Out., were married at
St. George's Church, Belleville, ou
Wednesday, January 7th, 11111, at
11 a.m., by the Rev. Canon Beamish, iu the presence of about
sixty invited guests. Mrs. K. T.
Brymner. of Lethbridge, was
matron of honor, anil her two little
daughters were (lower girlB. Mr.
J, K McCreery, brother of the
groom, was best man. The bride
was given away by James Grace,
of Toronto.
A welding breakfast was served
at the home of the bride'B mother,
Mrs. Stewart, on Ueorge Street.
Tlie young couple are spending a
month in tlie cast and will be at
home in Cranbrook after Felv.
ruary 1st.
Both M r. and Mrs. McCreery are
well known in Cranbrook, the
groom being one of the city's most
uopulnr merchants, and the bride
spent several months hem during
the paBt two years visiting her sister, Mrs. U. T. Brymner. Both
have a host of friends who are
eagerly awaiting the opportunity
to convey their congratulations.
< ,
Sundays—Low mass at 8.30 a.m.,
nigh mass, 10.30 a.m.; Suuday school
trom 2 to 3 p.m.; Rosary and Bene
auction at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays and holv days ot obligation—Mass at 8 a.m.
Week days—Mass at C a.m. at the
P. Plamondon, O.M.I.
Pastor W. K. Thomson,
Morning service 11 a.m.
Subject: Studies in the Life ol
Jesus—"Three Miracles."
Sunday School and Bible Class at
3 p.m.
Evening service 7:3ft p.m. Subject
Studies in the New Testament Characters—"Paul, (he Apostle."
Voting People's Meeting on Tuesday
at 8 p.m.
Mid-week Service on Wednesday
evening at 8 p.m.
All members and adherents arc
earnestly requested to attend.
Rev. W. Elson Uunham, Pastor
Sunday   services:  The pastor   will
preach at   11 a. m. and   7:30 p.   m.
Onward   Bible   Class   and    Sunday
School at 3 p.m.
Subject ol morning sermon: "When
lhe Soul Lets Co."
Subject of evening sermon: "Eternal Contrasts."
Morning service:
Anthem—"Search Mc O God"—
Postliide—Oncotic in B Flat-
Kvening service:
Prelude—(1) March Pontificate—
(2)"0  God,  Our   Help in
Ages Past"—.lames.
Anthem—"Through   thc   Day   Thy
Love Has Spared Us"
Soloist,   Mrs. Ceo. Stevenson
Solo—"Jerusalem, Thou That Killed the Prophets"
Soloist,   Mrs. Geo. Stevenson
Offertory—"Melody In F"—
Postliide—"March, Silver Trumpets
Mrs. Geo. Stevenson, Choir Leader.
Mr. Chas. F. Nidd, Organist
Mr. Nidd will give a briel Pipe Organ recital belorc the evening service.
All  arc   invited  to thc above sci-
Rev. O. E. Kendall, Pastor.
Morning Worship Ilk. Topic—"Rest
lor thc people ol God".
Sunday School 3,p.m.
Fellowship Bible Class 3:00 p.m.
Evening Worship 7:30k. Topic—"The
Ineicusableness ot Eicuses".
Cheery services, Good singling and
a warm welcome for all.
lion W. It, Hoss, minister of lands
in the British Columbia government
spent a   couplo ot days ln town   last
Qet Your
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware and House
There was a good attendance tat
tho ice carnival at thc Arena Kink
last Tuesday nlfibt, and tlw costumes
wero of a much better character than
at previous masquerades. Miss It.
Staunton and Miss M. Hickenbotham,
ns two Japanese ladies, were easily
thi? best characters on the ice, and
Miss Staunton was awarded the prize
tor tho best lady's costume. Clifford McNabb, as a Roman Gladiator
won first prize for the best gentleman's costume. The girl's award
was carried oft by iliss Doris Wallhv
gcr as "Grandma," and Walter Laurie, as a "Scotch Boy," won thc boy's
prize. The best comic costume was
credited to Wesley Austin in a very
good clown's make-up. ,
Other good costumes were worn by
Miss Florence Erickson and, Miss
Bessie* Pye as "Pierrots," Ruben
Webb, ".Scotchman," Miss Delia
Drummond, Miss Whitehead and Miss
ttlsic Van Rlyte as "Three Old Maids
looking for Husbands," Miss Collins
as, a "Spanish Dancer," Miss Mablc
Cameron and Miss Orma McNabb as
—tor IS yews—
The Studird Skin tmtij
Cranbrook Drug and Book Co.
Cranbrook, B.C.
VV. B. McFarlane is preparing to
start moving the stock of Cranbrook Co-Operative Stores into his
recently purchased property on
Norbnry Avenne, which wns formerly the home of thc East
Kootenay Mercantile Co, A force
of men are busy this week on the
interior of the uew location. Tlie
large warehouse at the rear litis
been ceiled, all the wall lights removed and sky lights installed, and
painters nre rapidly transforming
the entire interior. The carpenters have also erected a balcony
whioh will provide additional floor
space in the already large building.
The partitions between the front
store building and the rear have
been reuioveil and the entire floor
put into one large show room. At
the rear a room lias been provided
which will be utilized as a workshop and another room will be
devoted especially to the showing
of house furnishing goods,
The upstairs will be turned over
to the linoleum and carpet departments and special equipment is
being installed for showing these
goods to advantage. Built in show
windows have been erected and a
plute glass front will be placed in
the near future. An equipment
for taking goods over the top of the
building into the second floor is
another improvement to be inaugurated. Work on the removal of
tho furniture will start the 6rst of
noxt week, providing the carpenters and painters have completed
their labors hy that time. Mr.
McFarlane hopes to have ovcry-
thing installed and ready for busi-
Don't be satisfied with
anything less than an
Edison Phonograph
Throughout the history of sound reproduction Mr. Edison
has blazed the trail. Every important step has been conceived first in his mind. He is the acknowledged master
of acoustics throughout the world. His recent triumph is
the Blue Amberol Record.
It came, after countless experiments, with all its strength of volume, sweetness of quality and lasting endurance. To bring out the
remarkable tone of this new
reo rd demanded a new reproducer. He invented it —the
Diamond - Point Reproducer.
Wilh it there is none of the annoyance of changing the needle
after each launl. The diamond
is as much a part of the phonograph as its beautiful cabinet.
Hew • Blue Amberol—that'* all we
itk. Your Edinn dealet will play ovar
at many ai you like. We ate content lo feave lhe verdict wilh your eat.
Ediaon Amberol* VI
CtUnH McWin*/or Golden Oak. Diamond
, Poinl Krptoducrt.  Powerful Spring Motot.
'IOOIW Play. Blue Amberol Rtcofdi
A complete line ol Ediion Phonograph* and Record* will be found tt
'The Beattie-Murphy Company, Limited
The Cranbrook Drug and Book Co., Limited
ness   at   his now place by February 1st.
It is not known who will Biiccwtl
the C.C.S. us tenant of the propertj
on the corner of Baker street and
Armstrong avenue. This store has
occupied the premises for a long
number of years, in fact, so long
that it hns become one of the oldest
landmarks in the city and wns until now one of the few stores in tlie
city that hnd not-changed locations
in the last few years. All the stock
and furniture in the present building, as well ns the one next to
Patmore Bros., will be transferred
to the new store.
On Thursday, last, the memhers ot
the   Overseas   Cluh held their annual
meeting   in   the   Carmen's   nail.   A
larfie number ot memhers were present.     The election of officers for thc
current   year   took place   that night
The following were elected:
President—E. Y. Brake.
Vice-Prcs—C. A. Cock.
Sec-Treas.—L. Pearron.
Executive    Committee—Mcsdames
O.    Tis'lale,    Leaman,   Marshall,
and   Bradley; Messrs. O. TUilalc,
II.   Leaman,   J.   Lower and .Jos
The   next   meeting of the ebb will
he on February 5th when a ilnawia:
statement of thc club will 4e read by
the   Auditors.    All memoes are requested   to   he present, as there will
be a social after thc meetinp.
"IvanlnV, a gorgeous reproduction
in four parts ot Sir Walter Scott's
most wonderful story, will he shown
at the Kdison theatre next Wednesday, .lanuary 28th.
Following is au excerpt from thc
Calgary Herald:
"It looks as if everybody who is
able to rido or walk is goinri to see
Ivanhoe during the engagement of
that picture at the Itcx. Thc picture
in all its splendor opened at the Hex
yesterday and crowds flocked to the
popular photoplay theatre to see thi«
wonderful 111 in dramatization of Sir
Walter Scott's noted novel.
"The attendance at night was so
away but they still had the opportU-
iiway hut they still had thn opportunity of seeing the ploU.ro by going
across tho street and to tbo next
hlock, where the Monarch, by arrangement with the Hex exhibited lho
picture at night. Hy this means
hardly n soul was disappointed. This
was thc first time in the history of
motion pictures in Calgary that the
same (Um wns utilized at two
theatres at tlio same time. The
identical pictures as exhibited at thc
Hex were at the Monarch and the orchestra of both, theatres played the
same incidental music.
"On all sides could be heard words
of praise foe the.marvelous presentation of 'Ivanhoe' and thc filming of
this beautiful thrilling nnd romantic
story was not -in vain. Calgarians
were eager to give Uie picture »
hearty welcome and all,that had been
said of the filmw in advance was proved when the crowds applauded thc
many stirring scenes and situations.
Time and again 'Ivanhoe' was cheered
when he ii|i|nxu-|«1 on tlie screen and
tin; pathetic figvrc ol Isaac o! York,
created a heart interest that could
never have been equalled had the
play been presented by a dramatic
company instead of a photoplay cast.
"Scenlcally, the picture is a work
,t art. The light and shade effect
throughout is exquisite and the camera men came in for words ui praise
Irom the spectators. Truly, 'Ivanooa'
is a masterpiece and it is to he :e-
gretted that tlie engagement,is only
these days."
w. P. OURD,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
352 Richards St.,
{Suaaoaaaaor to IV. F. Guuu)
Barrister, Solicitor, and Notary
l1. o. Box hso
Cranbrook     Lodge,
No. 31
A.F. & A. M.
Regular meetings on
the   third   Thursday
of every mouth.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
II. Hickcnbotham, W. M.
J. L. Craiston, Sec.
Barristers, Solicitors and
Money to Loan
Physicians and Surgeons
ones at Ruld.act, Armstroia »»•
Forenoon ■ ■ • ■ 1.00 to 10.M
Afternoons ■ - • 1.00 to   4.(0
Kvening. ■ ■ ■ ■ 7.10 to   (.10
dsndays . ■ - ■ 1.10 to  4.10
CRANBROOK ll    ;>    H    H    l.O.
I to 13 a.m.
1 to   I p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Offloe ill Hanson Block.
CRANBROOK -        -        - B. 0
A meeting of thc ollicers ol the Calgary and Kernie Railway Co.. was
held in Fernie on Monday. While
nothing dclinite is known oi tlie future ol this proposed road, prospects
look bright lor construction next
year. Considerable survey work has
been done up Klk, river this year and
it is expected that work will be continued throughout the winter. As
a short Independent lino such as that
would Ih. would scarcely be a profit
able undertaking it si-cms reasonable
to suppose that other railway interests are behind the present activity
:Tho immense coal areas of the Upper Klk probably constitute thc
principle magnet that is bringing
capital into tlie enterpri/c—Fcrnie
Free Press.
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
Terms on Application
Phone 250 Matron
P.O. Box845 Garden Ave.
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
Howard 8t, and Trent Ave.
HOTEL     •
A modern equipped Cafe at moderate
Rates f 1.00 and up per dny
Our Iiub meets all trains
The Coeur D'Alene Company
JAB0B QOETZ, President
HARRY P. BAER, Secretary
No Man's Collar
is comfortable if it iloesn't tit
perfectly. Neither is the collar worn hy your horse. Wo
hnve lieen called the 'horse's
merchant tailor" because wo
aro so particular about tho fit
of the harness we sell. The
belter you treat your bone
the better he will treat you.
Get his harness bete,
W. M. Park & Co.
wVftS* Cranbrook, B.C.
Civil and Mlnlox Engineer.
Brltl.b Columbia Land Surveyor.
3. C.
W. R. B«a»i. fonanl Dlraeto.
Cmbrook B.C.
:Phone340 P.O. Box 681
Norbury Ave., neit to City Hal',
Day Phone 233 Night Phone 351
Frank Provenzano
General Merchants
Employment Agent*
CRANBROOK     •     B. C.
P. 0. BOX IM PHONE 144
Kairwarding and Distributing Agent for
, ■ i vaaia prompt attention
ii      WORKS
a, Goods calledforaml delivered, a
j | Good work only. Prompt ]
JI "Service .
:; Telephone No. 405:
P. O. Box 703
Armstrong Avo.    |
************* ,
For Sale
'"Ine Oxford Engine, Hi 11. Price
S8.Vi.nn, May be seon at Benedict Si.ling, one mile east of",
Mayook, B. O.
One Oxford Saw Carriage, complete with rack feed, B blocks.
:i post dogs. Price $250.00 at
Elko, B.C.
One Oxfonl Friction Feed, com.
plete with cable and sheaves and
drive pulleys. Price $150.00, at
at Elko, B. O.
For further particulars apply to
Leask & Johnson, 'Elko, B. O.
Obesugnt Limim No. 33
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. is tli.
Fraternity Hall.
(I. Donahue, 0. 0.
K. H. Christian, K. ut H.AS.
P. O. llox 188
Visiting brethren   cordially invited
to attoiial.
I.O.O.F,, KEY CITY 1.0IX1K, No. 41
Heats every Monday
night at   New Fraternity   Hsll.    Sojourning Oddlellowa cordially invited.
I. H. Turaley, W. M. Harris,
N. O. Sec'y.
Meets first  snd    third Wednesday,
in each month.
A   cordial reception extended     to
visiting brothers.
Oncers July 1st to December 31st.
W. M. Harris, Chief Patriarch
H. WMte, Scribe.
No. 18.
Meets every second and   tourth Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Rebckaha   cordially Invito.
Sis. Maude Hickenbotham, N.O.
Sis. Ada Hickcnbotham, Itcc. See.
Meets in Carmen's Hall Second snd
Fourth Thursday ol eacb month at 8
p.m. sharp.
.1. THrd, C K.
L. a carron, Sec., Box 618.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meets in Carmen's Hall 1st nnd 3rd
Thursday every month at 8 p.m.
Membership open to British citl
E. Y. Brake, L. Pearron,
Prcs. Sec.
Box 618
Visiting members cordially welcom
Cranbrook  Lodge
Naa. llllll
M™taa .Very WeaiaiMdnr
ttt 8 p.m. In lloyal Black
Knights'    Bnll,    llaakar
It. 8. G.RIIKTT, »'l'l'.
W U. Hi,,.,:,,. Diet.
Pride ot Cranbrook   Circle, No. 158,
Companions ot tee Forest.
Meets In Carmen's Hall 1st and 3rd
Wednesday ol each month st
eight p.m. sharp.
Mrs. A. Laurie, C. C.
Mrs. A. E. Shaw, Sccretsr;.
P. O. Box 442.
Visiting Companions cordially wit-
■ L- I IJ<
LODGE, No. 1871
Meets 1st and 3rd Thurs-
a v.Ta «j,i ■ JW "l 8 I'-"1- hi Royal
""T BlackKninlitsof Ireland
Hsll, Baker Btreet.
H S. (i.,u,t|.:i-r, W.M.
W.C. Di'nhtan, Kec.fioc.
Meats in the Carman's Hail, Ist
Tuesday iiftcrnunn ol every month :tt
3 p.m. nnd 1 lie fancy work class
moots on 3rd Friday evening in Haw
same place at 8 p.m.
Mtb. K. II. Loomtui, Pros,
Mrs. .1. Shaw, Nit. TlcalK.
P. 0, lies 112
All Ladles cotalillllyy iiavita-al.
Pn-.ld.nt: A It smith
Uwta ngnlntly tlw Onl Friday enntniwoli
lailiariiaiiiiiiai aaaa Poultry matters supplied
taliimaa tli. Nia'tatary,
w. w. M.miKutili, p.o. Drawer400
President: A. It. Hmitii
Secretory: Ant. 11. Witim
Kor iiitimuHt/ou regarding lands
nnd   agriculture   amdy   to the i \
ESwretRrv, Cranhrook, H, 0,
Meeting—The 2nd Saturday of
each month, at old Gym.. 2 p.m.
Opnnalt. O.P.K. Htntion
THE    PLACE    TO     OET    A
************************************************************************************* ******************************************************************
Of the Electors of the Cranbrook District will be addressed by
Leader of the Liberal Party of British Columbia
President of British Columbia Liberal Association
At 8.30 p. m„ in the
Q. Whal is meant by THE NEW
project to niiilii* ih.* exchange oi
books amoags tho prople. oi Canada
as easy and luoxpanslvc as il is I"
receive or semi ordlnarj mail
O. I lav B«cb a -lilnau been pro\
iilid in any other countr)!
A. No. It is a now scheme and
affords Canada an opportunity lo nut
only mid a much needed public servia
fur thc public ol this Dominion bul
also to lead tho oUioi nations in a
•great movement.
Q win is ii called THE postal
A. Ilccnuso tin* IJbrnrj is to be
provided In tlio people ol Canada and
operated bj the Posl OIHoo Dcparl
i). Win should Hn* Govornmenl nn
dertatto in provide libraries?
A. A survey of the whole countr]
shows that the people ate now poorlj
supplied with lihrnrj rncllilies. Here
Inforo philanthropists such as An
drew ('arneglo have boon largclj
Hied upon lo supply th* need ol li
brarles. Impendence upon phllanthro
py is unworth) ihe Greal Canadian
people, lies-idea thr rcsulls of mich
di'|H*iinYii<v in dale an* verj meagre
and scattered, (iiants in provinces
und cities ami bequests In prlvato in
dnliluais have providiil smut' credit
ablo llhravles noiahly In Ontario Thc
reports however show tliat aearlj ond
'hair the peoplo of Ontario an* still
oul oi loach of any library privileged
Tin* other Provinces nn* fur behind
Ontario. Canada has ., greal frontier
The ont lying and sparsely settled districts cannot oxpooi adequate library
privileges for generations al ihe present rate of progress. TIIK POSTAL
LIBRARY will supply llie whole library need of nil lhe people of every
community in the country ami thai
without delay.
y. Why should (ho Post Office
Department operato lhe Library?
A. The Post Office operates everywhere and all lhe lime. It is already
established. II now has housing faci
lilies in every community. II has tho
heat and most inexpensive facilities
for distribution and collect inn of
books. The addition of lhe Library
service, to the Post Office is certainly
ns natural ns that of the Parcel post.
t). Would Ihe reservation of educa-
ratloti of tho Provinces by tlw Bvitlnh
North America Act prevent ihe Dominion Governement from undertaking
-V. Writing on tins subject the
Honorable .1. H. Boyle .Minister of
Kdiication for the Province of Alberta
"II lhe Dominion Government were
pr spared to undertake this work there
would In* no serious objections to
their doing so on any constitutional
Tlw Act confers nil Post Office authority upon the Dominion Government. THE POSTAL LIBRARY is
a public service beyond Provincial administration.
HY include Public Reading Rooms
inch ns nre now attached to public
libraries iu sume Canadian cities7
A Public Reading Rooms are not
now In large demand and are expensive to maintain Best results are had
hv reading at home or in private.
does not include public reading
rooms. Instead the delivery and collection of books through the mnil extends the Library to every home
school nfllCfl and individual, "Going
In thr Library'' will hereafter be out
will come i.i vnu
Q. Would nol tbe cost of providing
TIIK POSTAL LIBRARY lie prohibitive?
a. let us assume tbat one book
per capita with proper means of circulation would be an iideipmte library
fi.i all the people Again let us assume that foi nn average of $1.00 per
volume a suitable collection of hooks
ran he purchased hy ihe Government.
This is a lur^r supply and -v higher
cost than for any library now in existence in Canada. The amount Ihere-
foro required to purchase all the
would In* less than Mit.iuin.mHi 0(1.
The Parliament ut Its last session
provided $10,000,000.00 to assist thc
Provinces in Veterinary Kdueation.
The improvement of a single harbour
often cost a large amount while a
modern battleship is estimated to
cost around $ir*,nno,un0.flO.
I,*. Where would this large supply
of hooks be kept?
operate with every Post Office in the
country as a branch. The hoo'ts
would he distributed over the Dominion according lo the population. A
Post Office serving 200 people would
have a library of 200 books and an
Office serving 10,000 people would
have a library .ol 10,000 hooks and so
on. Toronto would have a library ol
nay '100,(100 volumes Winnipeg Ifiii.uuu
Volumes Halifax 40,000 volumes Vancouver 100,000 volumtw St. .lohn. 42,-
Keep it Clean and Free From
Disease by I sing Parisinn
If you want your children to grow
up with strong, beautiful and vigorous bair, teach them to use Parisian
j Sago—tbe world removed Hair Tonic.
I Parisian Sage is guaranteed by The
Beattie-Murphy, Co., to cure dandruff
and stop falling hair   in two weeks.
I It grows new hair quickly in cases
where the hair is "thinning out."
I H is positively the most delightful
Invigorating hair dressing on the market for family use. It is not sticky or
greasy and will make your hair soft,
lustrous and luxuriant. It puts life
and beauty into dull laded hair. Oct
a large bottle from Beattie-Murphy
Co.Mand watch its rapid action. Regular price 50 cents.
000 Lofchbridge 15,000   Dawson City
8,000 and so on.
Tho   libraries in   the larger cities
Tonld be complete in themselves. The
Postmaster m a smaller office would
druw on a    neighboring larger office
for nny book   desired   and which his
library   did not  contain.   Thus   the
most remote frontiersman in Canada
would have the same unlimited reading privileges as those enjoyed hy the
1 -XO 084°0| 1! .»! iou ».i,ii|°| piuo_\\   7)
I •si]odo.i|.)Ui .u|j jo juapis-aa is.>iih|ii.i.h
j pcrey for library buildings and cuuip-
A. With the Public Reading Room
eliminated it [9 believed that ,i largo
percentage nf the present Post OlllCCB
could house THK POSTAL LIBRARY without requiring additional
room. Some additions would 110
doubt he required. There will also be
an expense for staeVs ol printed forms
records etc. Let us assume 60e pet
volume as a suhVietit amount to cover nil tbis expense. Probably less
than $5,000,000.00 would he required
for these purposes.
Q. is tbere not danger of great
loss by non-return of hooks and by
damage while in lhe hnnds of the
A.   There would he the. usual wenr
and tear which must be provided for.
Ordinary   libraries   require security
More lending books.  TIIE POSTAL
LIBRARY would do the, snme.   Each
j hook would have a certain list value.
Those desiring to borrow hooks from
THE    POSTAL    LIBRARY    would
first secure and file a guarantee up to
n certain amount by somo rate-pnyer
securing safe return of books and pay-
■ ment   of   fees.   This   guarantee will
♦protect   tbe   Library against losses,
Again since the people own the Post
Office tbey have pride iu its success
and are interested in its securilv
i). In what manner will books in-
secured from THK POSTAL LIBRARY!
A. Thi- method would be very simple. When a book is desired a postal
card form prepared for tbat purpose
would be filled up, stamped to the
amount of tlie required fee and dropped in the mail list tbe same as nnj
other mail matter. In due time the
book would be delivered in the same
manner as other mail. The return oi
a book would be as simplj done. A
person might draw any number of
books desired provided of Course his
guarantee was sufficient.
I). Would nut tie- expense ol such
service be excessive'.'
A. The Postal Service is the best
example of efflciencj and ccono.uj
found in civilized countries. Tbe low
tost of the clerical work and of lhe
t ransportal Ion collection and dis-
trihution by ibe Post ollice bas been
a continuing astonishment. TIIK
POSTAL LIBRAIH will operate, by
mail. There will le* nu waste ol time
in conversation. Tbe books will g(,
and come along with letters papers
and parcels and 'In- expense of the ad
ditional service will he light.
Q.   What fees nro c<
the use of hoiA*-''
A, Tin* enterprise
launched on a sell.si
It is believed a fe
Mimcient for tbe use 1
days, a charge i'l' "»
be   made for   ovel tllii'
plnted fn
should     he
pporling basis
it 3c would tn
>f a hook for 7
per day might
• tn  encourage
prompt ret urn of books, The fees
could he paid by attaching ordinary
ho confined lo the circulation or
A. No Lantern slides moving Hc-
tures films music records nm| other
appropriate devices for amusement
and Instruction may he included and
thereby provide pleasant occasions for
homes societies uchools lodpp-S and
the like. Such Bel nee would add
greatly to the enjoyment of life in
rural communities ami nu the frontier.
will elovato tbe profession of Librarian lo Importance. Tbere is a rapidly increasing demand lor export library service Legislators, editors,
teachers, professional people, public
officials more nnd nunc are requiring
assistance in Library research. Tbe.
Postal Library might provide this
Service for n fee nf sav 50c per hour
for the time nf the Librarian. Such
expert service could probably he provided lu all the.principal centres and
he made available to all thc people.
The liquidation in thc stock market
in lf)13 was apparently thorough
without being paniky. Trade an 1
industry in turn showed symptoms ol
an orderly retreat rather than of a
precipitate (light, and since the improved feeling noted in the latter
weeks of 1913 set in, less is heard of
rumors of business troubles in this
and other cities. The complete history 01 the 1902-03 collapse and
quick revival, some of whose earlier
happenings were closely paralellcd in
1913, will repay perusal because iiohl-
iiui some lessons and indeed some encouragements. It is generally conceded that while thc entry of industry into the stock market in a tilP"
pit alt zed form has made it more sensitive to unfavorable happenings, it
bas also made it quicker to respond
later   tu   improving influences.   The
best judgement seems to support tbe
view that money, the great desiratum
in finance and trade, will be both
cheaper and easier to obtain in 191t
than last year. The passage ol it.:
currency bill is expected tu <■ an n'.d
in tbis respect, whatever may lu*
thought of ultimate effects of the possible inflation feature of the new
measure which bus supplemented a Ber
iuiisly defective system. Of course,
any ill considered rise like tbat ui
1805, with its aftermath of deep depression, is to he avoided, and tlte
possibilities of Kurope endeavoring tu
further liquidate its burdens in Am*':
lean markets are to he considered in
this connection, although oui tinmen
se credit balance may help us in Hns
respect. Money, however, should lie
plenty fur legitimate trade and in
d US try in mil. and the absence of
burdensome stocks, owing to lota*;
continued hand-to-mouth buy inn,
should he helpful. It will not be forgotten that many crops were short
in 1913, and prices, particularly of
food, "ere high whicb may help agriculture as a whole, though no country ever made much money out of its
crop shorlagas. As to 1014 crop
conditions, it may be said tbat conditions arc favorable and winter
wheat is in excellent shape. Thc
matter nf possible railway rate advances presses for early solution. All
of the advances asked for in Ibe past
years would have been insufficient to
save some badly mnnnires enterprises
from tbe efleets of llieir own sins,
bul the justice, indeed ibe absolute
necessity, of allowing the railways to
recoup themselves for high cost of
Operation  can hardly   he  denied.   In
this matter the aueuries at the onset ut' tbe vear are thought favorable
and if tbey prove so should have an
important effect in stimulating demand fur a variety of articles which
move through the marts oi trade.
Whether any great. liquidation in commodity prices is possible in 1^14 is
doubtful, and without that o(t**n predicted liquidation ol labor seems to
partake of the nature of a dream.
High costs of al! operation in fact.
seems to have come to s^ay, but it
does seem possible »o make progress
in the matter of reducinij thc world's
most useJes1- expenditure, that for
armaments. Time will, perhaps, be
needed to h<al the bruises; they were
hardl) di*eps-"ai'*d injuries that the
business world received in 1913, but
pasl experience would seem to iudi-
<att- that, lacking an-, serious damage
to tii<» buvir.e.-s fabric, ot which there
arp rcall. :. tangible signs, a comparatively r;..:. k revival from the
quiet visible in many lines should
rr.sue, ^-.-erned of course, by the
money and c.-op development's nf 1914.
DEALERS      V V    111     1     W-msi
An Excellent tnvigorator, Mild and Mellow
It has the age
I'. O. Box 500
A  Good   Home
is what is dear to every man. A home
lit wliuru Peaoe, Comfort, Contentment.
and Plenty is found, That is tlie reason
mi'ii throughout hritish Columbia, when
"Cranbrook" is mentioned think of the
provisions .los. Hranlt Ims made for an
ideal home at the
Canadian Hotel
After Pro!. Snbouraud confirmed
tbo germ origlne of dandruff, science
was confronted by a new problem
which was not solved until the discovery of Newbro's Herpicide. Herpicide beintf the lirst successful preparation compounded In harmony with
this new theory, "Ihe original remedy to kill the dandruff germ."
Since then, numerous preparations,
said to be "just as good" as Herpicide liave been thrown upon the market; others have adopted Herpicide
claims, and without making any change in tbeir remedies, but none have
ever reached the same degree ot popularity. Kverywbeic tbis remedy is
recognized as the one genuine dandruff cradlcator, As a result, Herpicide bas more satisfied users than
all other preparations combined.
Being the original remedy, users ex
pect more astonishing results from
Herpicide than they would look for
from any other preparation and they
usually get tliein. So wonderful has
heen the success of this germicide
that it is now recognized as the
standard bair remedy of the world.
Herpicide destroys the dandruff,
checks falling hair. It stops itching
of the scalp almost instantly.
Newbro's Herpicide in *>0c and SI .00
sizes is sold by all dealers who guar
anu*e it to do all thnt is claimed.   II
I you are not satisfied your money will
be refunded.
| Vppllcatlons obtainable at the good
barber shops. Insist on having real
llerpieiile. Send 10c in postage for
sample and book to The Herpicide
Co., Dept. K., Detroit, Mich.
j The Bcattie.Murphy, Co, Ltd.,
Side Agents.
u Wasa, on Dccenber 31st, 1018, n
meeting of the property holders and
others was held to discuss ways and .
means by which we might combat
tlie mosquito pest, which renders this
valley at limes unfit for habitation
by either man or beast during the
summer months of such years that
the kootenay river overilows its
banks and leaves the sloughs and low
places lull of stagnant water.
A Anti-mitsiMiito League was formed, ollicers and executive elected, ami
a movement laimched thut will if tak
en up energetically by the various Interests and communities affected
throughout the Mast Kootenay, undoubtedly accomplish ils object and
make this district al all times a
paradise lor tuuiists and hunters, a
profitable agricultural and stock-raising dislrict and a most desirable
place in which to live.
At the meeting it was suggested
and agreed that:
First—Drainage measures on a
large scale are not feasible at tbe
Second — The treatment ol stagnant water surfaces with a. low (trade
kerosene seems to he the most promising solution reasonably within cur
Third—Comparatively small uiianti-
tles of oil thoroughly distributed
and applied at intervals of two or
three weeks are efficient.
Fourth—The task of distributing
the oil over large areas of sparsely
settled districts is an undertaking of
considerable magnitude and that the
settlers or members of the League
undertake the distribution of the oil.
Fifth—We ask the H.C. CJovern-
meul to co-operate with us to the extent ot supplying the oil f.o.b. cars
in barrels or containers, a some
point on the C.P.It. aud that we ask
the C.P.it. Colonization department
to co-operate with us, hy transporting the oil free ol charge to its destination here iu the Kootenay.
The secretary was Instructed to
have a notice of Ihis meeting published in the Cranbrook papers and to iir
vlto the people of all communities interested, tu form clubs, forward thc
movement, and have their secretary
commimicnto with Mr. C. L. Bcchtel,
Secretary - Treasurer Ol the Wasa
League, who will act as District
Secretary until a convention of delegates from tbe various clubs can be
held and a representative executive
\ membership fee of one dollar
was unanimously agreed upon to eov-
!*r incidental organization expenses
Accounts and correspondence are oyetf
to inspection hy any members of the
League at  League meetings.
Receipts for membership fees are
promptly given whether requested or
Ai a recent meeting,of the Farmers
Institute, of Grand Forks, an interesting lecture was delivered hy Ma*
Uul.maun, horticulturist lu the
course or his lecture he said:—
The Farmers' Institute is a very
Important factor iu the development
of the district, perhaps more so than
some of you realize. 1 have now
been in Ihis district for a matter of
about nine montlis and am very glad
In be able to say that you have a
large percentage of what I might
term clean farmers, undoubtedly a lnr
gor percentage Ihan iu any other district in Hritish Columbia which I
have visited. This is one of the
greatest assets to a farming community, but it is not enough to have a
number of clean farmers in a district,
yotl must endeavor fo make clean farmers of .your neighbors. Tl.e lirst
sfep towards this end is a farmers'
institute, of which every producer in
the district should he u member.
The first duty of a farmers inatitute
is to prsach the .gospel ol clean farming, and let every man practice whal
he preaches aud prove his teachings
in a practical manner.
The principle subject, for a farmers' institute lo discuss, and also for
the members to practice are diversive
farming, improvement of stock, and
methods of product ion, science vs.
practice, markets and marketing,
Itcautifying the home and farm, and
above all, co-operation. Co-opcrait
in   everything, cutout the middle non;
talk Co-opeiative canneries, dryers,
creameries, packing, marketing; get
your [arm supplies, seed, stock and
machinery co-operatively; but don't
only preach bul practice; also Help
your neighbor ami thereby help yourself, in fact love your neighbor if
you can.
cultural districts is that the individ-
cultural district is that the individual producers often think of self
alone; too often jealousies exist to
the great detriment of the community. This is absurd on the face of it;
there may lu* some m'ouinl for not
exactly loving your neighbor but
don't let it interfere with your own
business or tbat uf the community;
be broad minded, don't think your
neighbor is wrong because lie does not
always agree wilh you; there is such
a thing as being in the wrong yourself; no one is perfect, no one. is infallible, discuss met bods with your
neighbor, discuss methods at jour
meetings, nnd don't gel hot because
everyone does not agree witb ynu,
there may he some ground tor it;
broad-minded discussion is the best
solver of problems.
You have In this valley one ol the
finest propositions in the interior of
Hritish Columbia if yon -jo in fur
diversified farming1; you have the soil
climate, water, and you have for a
good foundation a large .lumber of
practical and experienced men This
valley has made slow but good »iro
gress; slow but, sure, with capable
men, Is very much better thin rap it'
development through a boom; a boom
is good in a way, it brings capita
into a district, it also brings a large
number of people in wil limit opcr-
ience who'WOn.t always make goon
and then knock, the district; tt also
tends to put false values on land
which is perhaps the greatest, fault of
a boom.
Personally I donlt like booms,
though a good district like this cannot avoid one Indefinitely, i.u: I hope
the gospel of diversity will be preached by the men who do lho booming
lor thc sake of the future of the dis
The Department of Agriculture has
made arrangements for the distribution of Seed Oats for the Spring o
1014, under tbe following conditions
1. Orders for Seed must be sent
through the secretary of thc Farmers' Institute to which ibe applicant belongs.
2. The Seed Oats will be distributed to all members of Farmers' In
slitute at the actual cost of seed
plus the transportation charges, except as hereinafter provided.
•1 Tbe Department will pay tht
transportation charges on Seed Oats
supplied lo members whose order is
accompanied hy an entry for the
Crop Competition in Oats for 1014..
provided that tho Institute to which
the applicant belongs complies with
the conditions for the holding ot tbe
Crop Competition.
Forms for application for Seed
Oats and also foi' entry iu thc Competition, will be supplied to the Secretary, and may be obtained frum
1. Only the actual owner, renter
or Superintendent of a farm may obtain Seed Oats from the Department,
and that only for the purpose of
sowing tlie lands which he owns
rents or supervises.
Payment   for   the    Seed   Oats
Weber Family, Society Acry-Fls   wil li Sullivan and Coumdinc's Viiili-Mlle at Auditorium, Saturday, ,ian '-'4th,
must be made by thc Institute within thirty days from date, of shipment.
«. All applications must he received by A. 11. Webb, on or before
January 38th, l!|i I.
The Oats supplied will be the A-
mericni, Banner variety, selected under  the   rules   of the Canadian Seed
Growers'    Assoeiati    Ottawa, and
guaranteed   bj them as lo quality.
Tbe rules under which these oats
are selected, grown and inspected, are
a guarantee of a fust-class article.
Thc crop is inspected in the field and
again in the sack, before receiving
the official seal nl lhe Association.
Smlficienl work has nol been dune
to enable us tu advise a specific var
iely for a specific locality, but thu A
mciicau Banner is a well known variety, and li is been chosen as the one
most Hkeh lo give general satlsfac
The Department expects to be i.ble
to dollvei the Oals al about one
Dollar {SI mid per bushel.
Amongst tho resolutions considered
by the Grain Growers' convention al
Brandon, Man., was this:*
"That this convention views with
alarm the increasing corruption in
elections, bulb Federal aud Provincial, anil hereby express their indignation and condemnation of such
practices, and demand that: the law
bearing upon elections be so changed
thai the parlies proved guilty can be
adequately punished."
It is evident tbat these]Manitoba
farmers had iu mind the Macdonald
infamies and lhe Glmll corruption.
More than two years after Premier
Borden came t-n office these grain
growersihave found such a resolution
necessary. Mr. Borden made it n
main blank of his Halifax .platform,
lo put u£i immediate'end to wlwctor-
al corruption, and a'ppolnl a public
prosecutor io punish election wrongdoing. Premier'Borden has been perfectly content to profil by anv electoral corruption lhal will win ridings
for his partv, und instead of appointing a public prosecutor, has
countenanced thc engaging of counsel
tn defend tbe election! crooks who
worked for his party.
The tillCK action of simple buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc., as mixed
in Adler-i-ka, thc r emedy which became famous hy curing appendicitis
is suprising Cr ami, rook people. Many
haw* found thai this simple remedy
-drains so much foul matter from the
system that A SINGLE DOSE relieves constipation, sour stomach and
gas on the stomach almost IMMEDIATELY . Adler-i-ka is the most
thorough bowel cleanser ever sold.
The Hiattie-Murphy Drug Co.
In these days of the high cost of
food and especially of meat, whin tin
packers aro despairing of the mca
supply and the price of flesh food [;
pro.eediug steadily upward, farmers
would do well to pay heed ito a section of Samuel W. Atherlon's book
on "Practical Farming,'' entitled,
"The Hog"—Tho Mortgage Payer.
Mr. Alherton says that this is
what the hog is known as on Illinois
farms and he believes that it is an
eminently correct designation, lie
gives much practical advice regarding the successful raising of hogs and
points out that tbe only serious obstacle to success is hog cholera.
Hut this may ho avoided by proper
(ceding ol the animal, his idea beitw
that cholera is produced by overfeeding ot corn, lie therefore advises
ground barley as a change of feed,
and also suggests, in order to prevent the spread of the disease in case
any animal upon a farm should become afflicted with it, thnt hog coops
.'oiistruetcd and scattered over the
farm so that infection may be < on-
il lo as low animals as possible
and the loss minimized.
Mr. Atherlon shows that by prop*
' care hog raising is not expensive,
ami it is unnecessary to point out
that in these limes of high prices it
brings large returns. He shows, In
addition, that besides the direct val-
of hog breeding in tl.e profil ol
the animals themselves, bogs greatly
enrich the soil upon which they run,
and thus their presence on the farm
makes for lho betterment of all crops
by supplying natural fertilizer.
Farmers should knOw all these
things not only fot their own benefit
but for the sake of the entire consuming public of the nation. If it
were realized how profitable hog eul j
tl vat ion really is, there would bo
many more hogs raised and the meat i
problem would he by no means so
The Ladies of Cranbrook
Hay now Have Beautiful Hair-All First-
Class Druggists Sell
SALVIA and Guarantee it to Grow
Hair, or refund Your
Vonr druggist, is backed up by the
manufacturers of salvia, tho
Great Hair Grower. It is guaranteed to grow hair.
salvia destroys imndrufi in len
The roots of the hair ate. so nourished nnd fed that q new crop of bair
springs up, to tin* amazement and
delight of Ibe user. Thi' b.iir is
made sun, ami ilutiy. Like all American preparations SALVIA is daintily perfumed. It is bard 1,, nnd an
actress who does not use SALVIA
Ladies ut society and iiillueiice use
no otbor.
SALV] A Is a non-slicky preparation, and is the ladies' favorite. A
large generous bottle fine.
Sold by thc Cranbrook Drug and
Hook fo.
dealers for shipment abroad. There
havo been runs on many local banks
and the government intends to appropriate $3,000,000 for the relief of
batiks and  the starving peasantry.
II. tt. aiacMlllat), chief forester tor
liritish Columbia, reports lhat the
forest lire damage during 1013 was
the smallest in the history uf the
province. Practically all thc eastern
provinces, especially Ontario bad been
heavy sufferers a?nin this year from
ihe tire scourge, he reports, and while
the weather was responsible for a
share of Uu* credit in Hritish Columbia, the efficiency ami organization of
the Forest Branch uf Ibc Department
uf Lands has been au important fac-
lor in the excellent record made this
year. Tl.;- Hritish Columbia Forest
Uranch now has ., staff which, Including I'uresi guides am: patrolmen un
duty numbered il"i during lha past
summer. Thirty rangers and 280
guides protected lhe forests frum fire,
-abile eleven district foresters and
twenty-three forest assistants were
largely occupb d with this work.
Kilty nne uf fhe staff of 415 were
railway patrolmen, part of whose
wages were refunded to the govern-
menl by the railroads at the close of
tiie season, and in addition there
were about utxtt railway employees
v, bu were employed uu patrol duty
$3.50 Recipe Free,
For Weak Men
Send Name and Address To-day.
You Can Have It Free and Be
Strong and Vigorous
We havo in our iiiiw-Bfon »■ nrcsnrlitt
fnriiervniiHdtibillry.lirk.il vigor, wenketu-d
roiinluxMl, foiling mr ry mm hum- hack,
tirouKtit un \>y fvi-f,,',.. uunuturn) drains, or
tin* mbii". uf ytiutli, tlml tint, eu»ei| »o ninny
mini uiul iiorvoiiH   ti-^lti  in iheir own
li.ui... -.tun,,,,( .i-',i--i.idui*i. idli.-l|. r.rmiMii.
cine— Hull ive I U,U nn-.. iiiim alio wi-h.-H to
regnin len inmilv p.-wvr and virility, quickly
and i|iu'-il.v.(.h, ul I luivMiicopy Ho m> have
dtuertiiii.efl f «i s-mj n i-npyol theprmerlptl u
envelope, tn any iimu who Hill write titt for Ir.
This preKcriptlmi i- h fn>m a phygic'aii
wlici htm iriiidi' i< Rpecial Mii.iy nf men,aud we
nn? I'otiviiifil it fn tbe Mlirnt aet.ligcoiiitu-
lint ion inr tlincnn>of i,i>flc,niil nmtthoo I and
vigor faliuroflVflr put together.
»e think we owe it i ir follow man n
wild tbem n copy in cottfuleuee, no (but utiy
imin wnywbore who In weak nnd discouraged
with repeated falluren may moi. drugging
i.mm,-if with harmful patent tuedlclnee^eure
wlmi wohouevn.iit.ii* tmlek<*Mt.ft.-tlngrestor-
ntlve. u|'liuibiinir,8 OT-TOUCHINCl remedy
i-v.-r dedaml mid ko nu-- .dun-ell nl homo
nuletly iiu.l uulekly .iu»t drnpuon lino liko
HiIh: IntemtatH Remedy IV.., 7820 Luck
llnildliig, Detroit.Mich., nml mini I send yon
a cop.*, ufthiHRplendlnrreliwIni iliionlin-
m-.v envelope fron «.i rlutrgH a jim ut many
iloetow   would ehnnio |8 00  to **."..« li  for
u 'ly writing mil n prewiriptlou liko tliis-
l.ul u-eseiidll BDllrtilj free,
Headquarters tor nil  hinds of
(Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pies, and
Castries uf All Kinds
I'UONK .,7 ■
Korbu-y Ana.       >>,.,.. City Hall
•'apanese in tlie Provinces aal Isat-
mori null Hokkaido nre Huflcvlng Iliilia
tho worst luminal sinco 1860, On a"
count of thr (alluro ol crop, nml Itah-
,-rit's, thousands of porsons aro Blar,
ing. Many parents ana reported In Iw
Belling flifir daughtorB lai keepers nf
;liels in Tokyo, where hatehos ol
girls una nsrlvlng. Others an1 said Iaa
have heentsolal lo foreign while Blnvo
3-Day Treatment
For Liquor Habit
We ginuun'op to remove lhe
alesiiaa or refund your laiaaaia-y
PHONE87S I' 11. llox 21
MRS, E, HUNT, Million
Are the besl grain insurance that you
can have against fire or damage of any
sort. They are proof against rodents
lhat gnaw iheir way into ordinary buildings aud carry away the farmer's prolits.
They save storage charge, by enabling
you to .lore your own grain until you can
Obtain Batter Price*
Elevator, bultl ol runcrele maintain a airy,
.veil ffmpcraturc. Tlary c.nno, ro,, ru,t aar
burn and require no repair, or pain,—in a,|iort,
tliey arc the cheapen kind of elevator, lhe grain
farmer i-an build.
Let in .end you (he free hook "Whal the
Karmer cut do with Concrete". 1, tells all
about concrete farm baailalinaj, and how to build
tlaean, and about dozen, of other llainuta that
the farmer can build of concrete.
Puma.'. Iaformatlon Bare.u
Caula Carat Cob*ut Limited
530 H.r.U luiUtef, M.nlr.al
You Can
Next time you step into Ihe corner
store, take a look around. Of all the
articles on the shelves, how many were
on your shopping list five years ago ?
Make it ten years, and you will find
that most of things you buy to-day—
and could not do without—were not
even made then.
You men and women who buy
things, let this sink in. You are better
men and women because of advertising. You eat more wholesome food.
You wear better clothes. Your home
is better furnished. You have cleaner
and more sanitary houses. You read
better books and magazines. You seek
more healthful amusements.
Isn't life brighter because we have
new and higher standards of living?
Let us thank advertising for it.
Advertise in the
It covers the East Kootenay district
and brings results
N'otlOo is hereby given Hint Hurry
Washington Huir, ol Wftsa, III'.
Cost Kootenay Dlstrlot, will apply
lur a llecnsi' to lake and use six Hi)
llblo leet per second ot waler Irom
Lewis Crook; the stream has ils
source in Ihe Rooky Mountains, Hows
iu n westerly direction and empties
inlo llie Kootenay Hiver aboul two
miles from Wiuau.
The iivnter Is tn he diverted Irom
the stream about lour hundred (lm>)
feet up stream from lhe west line ol
Lot 1200; ami is lo he used lor Industrial purposes on said I.ot Ulili.
This notice was posted on Ihe
ground on the llilll day ol .limitary
1014. Thc application will be filed ',i
llie offlcc of the Water Hecorder ut
Forn'.o, P.C.
Objections   may he filed   wilh   tho
s.aial   Water   Recorder, or the I'omo-
trollor  of Water Rights, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
TAKE NOTICE that the Sage
Creek Oil Company, Limited, intends
lo apply lor a license to prosptot lor
coal   and   pelriileiin, over the following doaorlbod lands:—
Commonolng at n |i"st plant nt tho
north-east cornet >>f l"i 8608 in
lllaack 4508 thonco cast eighty (80)
chains, thonco north eighty (kii)
chains, thoitoo wesl olghly (80)
chains,   thence    south   olglity   (Mi)
Chains to  [taiiul   aaf aaaiaatiiili '.' aaa'a.'..
Dated 18th Decoinbor, 1018.
I'll  I).  A.  Benson,  Agent.
I lit
TAK 10 NOTICE Hint the .'iago
Orook oil Company, Limited, intends
to apply for a license lo prospect lor
ennl nnd petroleum over the following descrihed hinds:—
Commencing at n post plamttd
ii'ioul one mile north of llie northwest corner ot Lot 10000, iu lllncla-
■I5SI3 thence east along the northerly
boundary of Lot 8731 nnd continuation lliercol 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains, thenco west
811 chains thence south 80 chains to
point of commencement.
Doted 15th December, 1018.,
Per O. A. liaiisaaii, Agent.
The Store witb a Reputation
Kooteiuy's Greatest Drug
and Book Store
The Beattie-Murphy
Co.. Ltd.
WlaaT<a It Fay. to Deal
A.E .l.asiaa T.J.DOMI
I'liaaiii. :,s,i Phono 101
Jones & Doris
Contractors and Builders
Ail ui Quote Vmi Prices Uofo'
Vou liinlil
St*e ui* 11 In nt l your t't retofttnl
llnm'tlli'lil  W.irt.
Are Your Glasses
Vision cliaiiRes as all things
tlo with the years (particu-
lurly iu old folks) and the
glasses that were just right «
few years ago miiy be nil
wrong today. If they have
outlived their usefulness, you
are doing your eyes an injury
by wearing them and you are
bringing on headaohes aud
nervous disorders.
Better let us test your eyes
and see whether your present
glasses are suited to them.
A series of sermons on "Tho Place
of Religion in Modern Lite", wil! be
delivered in the Methodist Church by
the paster, Rev. W. E. Dunham, commencing .Sunday Feb', 1st. as follows:
Sunday Evening February 1st. "The
Place   of   Religion in   Community
Sunday   Evening,   Feb.   8th.    "Tlie
Place of Religion  in  Home Life".
Sunday   Evening  Feb., 15th.    "The
Plaee    of   Religion    in     a   Young
Woman's Life."
Sunday evening Feb., 22nd. "Religion
nnd Young Men."
An inspiring musical service will
be rendered in conjunction with tin*
delivery of each sermon
At g mooting aal lho directors ot tha'
I'llllllalaaalk      A |>1 il'lll I Ullll      A SSOa'illt illll
nn WVallla'saluv    evening  Alia. II. Wettla
was reflected secrotary- treasurer for
the year. W. S. Santo waa olocted
delegate iaa ihe conference  aaf the as-
BOOtatlons    Iaa In-    lla'lal ill   thi'    aaiaasl
The lollowlng superintendents wora
appointed to tako chargfe aai ihe var
iaitiK departraeuts- nnal under tlio
chairmanship ol T. ■' liorls, ;,s suit
erinteiuh'tii aal track, tn lorm the
grounds eommittcc:
Horses anil lions— .1   A. Prlnglo.
Poultry—W.,, ctlregor.
Vtgotables, Flowers   and I'nilt—F.
Dogs ami Kair Ground Finances—T.
Cattle and Sheep-.). II. McClure.
Art,   Fancy Work nnd School Work
-E, II. McPheo.
(Iruins,   (Itasses atul Cookcrj—Win.
Hoot lis    and   Concessions—A.   II.
Tho following stuniling committaOes
wore also pauieal:
Finanoe Committee—T.B.O'Connoll.
A. II. Webster, II, W. McOregor,
K. II. MoPheoa
Advertising CnmmitaNs—K. II. Mc
Hhoo, T. J. Doris, Wm. Hamilton, F. Ityi'kmaii.
Attractlna Committee—A, ll. Web
stcr, T. .1. Doris, T. II. O'l'int
Mil .1. A. 1'tinglr
(if iin* Rva Benneu—liparingi ittOiuir,
BeollIK, ttidt lugAtlll hinclliiiK—tlie Miulit
is ilio aoHleal ilentroywl, und It. in a
terrlblti thing to limn your Hinht,
Wlionuvor npytliltiR Ih wrouK witli
yotirojeHi iniiii' tn nn axporl atonce™
ii to tiiln store.
Delay**) un duugoroui—cometo*dHy.
Kxiiiiiiniiliiiii lito.
Next to the Post Office
Thomas Albert Smith, a locomotive fireman on tbo C.P.H., and Miss
Ella Willard were quietly married at
Ihe Methodist parsonage on Tuesday
evening, .January 20th, 1914, by Rev.
W. E. Dunham. They will reside on
Asmstrong avenue.
Meet Die at Dob's Place.
C. L. Bcehtel, of Wasa, was a business visitor in the city, today.
Born—In Cranbrook, on Wednesday,
•lanuary M, 1914, to Ms. asd Mrs.
K. II. Dezall, a son.
Carl Miller has returned to Medi-
ctno Hat after visiting for the past
two weeks wilh friends in the city.
A. C. Raworth arrived today from
Lethbridge for a visit with his brother, A. Raworth,
Wood for sale. Phone 100.
Horace Steward, of Vancouver, is
tore visiting his brother, Wm. Rtew-
ttil, proprietor of ibe Royal Hotel.
Brigadier W. II. Oreen, of Vancouver, will Imld a special service at thc
Salvation Army barracks on Friday
Dr. and Mrs. Green are leaving today for eight weeks trip to England,
visiting London and other points of
A. J, Balment, Canadian Pacific
railway conductor on this division,
left Sunday afternoon on a vacation
lo tho coast.
PHOHE 8- •■Frosh killed, giain
fed txirk at tlie Crnnbrook Mont
T. T McVittie left Portland last
week foi Victoria on his way to
Fori Steel,.. Mrs. McVittie will remain in Portlnod lor two months.
Tbe Farmers1 Institute has decided
tu hold ;, competition in oats and potatoes under auspices ot the department nf agriculture.
it Kerr of Marysville, was a business visltoi  iii the city last   Tuesday
mid. reports   plenty of snow   In
Phono i"7 tor your next case
booi or porter.    Made ut horns
guaranteed pine.
\  .iniiiia. this wooti received „ n,'w
sllilaliaa'iil    aaf    tl.alk ('aalnii.ll heM*lrOm
liaaaillaais,     Hut ,     Iaa   a.1.1     10    his nl-
la'aaalv   lilac pi-u aaf lllfsr taawl.
Mrs. Dcnnlson und baby arrive! to-
alaiy Irom lllninuore lor a visit with
hot mother, Mrs. Drtunmood ami lam-
Invitations arc being issucl br th,,
llnrhclor Girls ol the city lor a
"llooaloo" dance, to be given at the
aVudltorllim, on Friday, February 13.
1). W. Davis, ot the Staples l.um-
ber comapny aaf WyelliTe, lelt the first
aal   the   week   on a business trip to
Mnaasai .law.
Captain Carruthers, ol the local
Salvation aUmy corps, has rc.-elvrd
Instructions tn remain In Cranbrook
tor llie present.
Any poison wanting „ private or
maternity nurse, good references.
Phono lir, ur box .117. J-H"
Mart me «t Bok't Hat*.
Cranhrook     latetmtfMe    Inter I
team visited Fernie rn Tuesday ever
tag tor & return match aad wen de-
teated 4-1 by the Facia boys.
All members are requested to attend Maple Leal Rebbeea (Lodge, Wednesday evening, January 21st. Business:   Installation and Social.
Jesse IL Jones, better known as
"Casey," departed on last Tuesday
night for a visit at bis old home at
Hamilton, Ohio, having (Mb »w»y
lor several yean,
PHONE 8 Wa handle only
freah-killed, choice stock, (nd our
meats nre the beat to be bod dive
us a trial — Cranbrook Matt, Market.
The parties who stole « :r,pfa
wash boiler Irom » bouse on B'uweli
Ave., will save themselves serious
trouble by returning tt The (oftlM
who took the boiler are known.
The funeral 0I Mrs. W. II. John-son
was conducted by Undertaker Mcpherson Irom the Roman Catholic church,
last Sunday afternoon, the service
being by Rev. Father Pramondoi.
Miss J. M. Macintosh returned (the
first ol thc week from Portland, Ore.
where she was called, suddenly, by
tho death of Irer father. She bas
been away for the past)two months.
Porter and lieer made at Ik* Crai-
hrook Brewery is giving complete
satisfaction. I'lione 177.
Oordon Davis, son ol Mr. and Mrs.
C. T. Davis, left tbe first ofthc week
tor Los Angeles, Calif., where he has
accepted his former position with the
llelasco Stock company of that city.
Mrs. II. Warner, who bas been visiting   her   daughter,    Mrs.   J.   It.
left, the first of the week
to ber home at DeSabla,
to return
Mrs. Hopkins, accompanied by her
little daughter Mona, has returned
to her home at Lloydminis-tcr, Sask.,
after an extended visit with her sister Mrs. H. A. Brown, in this city.
■Pat Doran's recent transfer to
Ilassano was an error on. thti P^rt of
officials and he and Mrs. Doran returned to Cranhrook Tuesday afternoon.
PNONE 8 Freal, Satin^a
daily. We make them on the pre
miaea anil can reromDietiil them.—
Crnnbrook Ment Market.
E. M. Alt has several Ms connection with the Quain Eleatrie Co.,
and is moving to Fcrnie, when ly) Is
enitagclne in business tor himself,
starting thc Alt Electric Co. His
family will follow him ta a short
The regular mootbly raeettiui of the
W.C.T.tJ. will he heM at tho home
of Mrs. J Ii. McNabb, Garden Aw,,
Thursday, January 2Wh. Mrs. A. A.
la.hnson will give an interesting paper on "Citlrenship." All Ladles
aire requested to attend.
The Cranbrook Operatic Society
will hold their annual General fleeting for Hie election of officers and to
decide tbe next new production at the
11.Y.M.C.A. at 8 o'clock, Tuesday
February 3rd, 19H.
Cranhrook and Fcrnie. will slay a
hockey match on Friday evening ot ft
aiVlaaak, p.m. sharp, at the Aria*
rink. Fcrnie are at present champions of East Kootenay and a good
game is assured. Come and boost
the boys.
At a meeting of the executive oi the
Conservative Association last .Saturday evening F. Derail aad H.
Hickenbotham were rccommeaded for
appointment as police commissioners
for thc City of Cranbrook.
Thomas Caven, M. P. P., lelt on
Sunday afternoon for Victoria to
take his seat la the legislature. The
evening before his departure Mr.
Caven - was a guest ot tho executive
ol thc Conservative association at a
banquet In hia honor, whioh waa liven at the Royal hotel.
p.ml by the Companions ol the Forest aad the music was furnished by
the Rex Orchestra
Mrs. A. J Balment and Mrs. Fred
Small wete hostesses at a reception
given at the residence of Mrs Balment, on Wednesday afternoon. A-
bout thirty ladies were in attendance.
Tbe unique feature of the aflair was
that each lady was to attend dressed
to represent a book. A guessing contest resulted from this novel idea.
Mrs. R. E. Beattie won first prize
in the book contest. The reception
was given in honor of Mrs. Fr»4
Brown, of Hed Beer, Alta., who is
visiting in the eity.
Four hundred and eleven votes were
cast in the election for school trustees last Thursday Messrs. W. 11.
Wilson and, Maurice Ouain being elected as members with a substantial
majority. Tho following was thc official returns ol thc election : W. 11.
Wilson, 308; Maurice Quain, 1D3, E.
II. McPhee, 163; A. A. MacKinnon,
146; J. II. McNabb, 36; T. J. Boris,
Pupils ol thc King Edward school
and Miss Rumscy arc planning on giving an.entertainment at the Auditorium on Saturday, February 21st.
The program will consist of children's playlets, action songs and
dancing. Their entertainment last
year at. the King Edward school was
much enjoyed by those who were
present and they arc endeavoring to
surpass any previous performance
and the eoming entertainment promises to be an interesting one.
Tbe finals at tlie Fcrnie bonspiel,
last week resulted in Cameron winning third for the Maclcod trophy,
second In the Walker, second in the
Lethbridge, and fourth in the Cranbrook trophies. His. rink put up a
good strong game throughout and
were defeated in all the events at the
last by a narrow margin. Chambers
rink took fourth prize in the, Walker.
Alan Graham, of Cranbrook, proved
one ol the hest entertainers with his
pianologues on the bagpipes. Every
one had a good time and arc all satisfied with the results. Thc last
three days of the , spiel there was
very heavy ice, many ot the stones
dying on the hog. *
Return game of basket ball between the Rankers team, of this city
and Wycliffe will be played at tbe
cluh building at Wycliffe, on Saturday evming, January 21th. Thc
Bankers won the first contest but it
is understood that the playcis of the
little lumber eity have been busily
getting Into shape for tbe eomii«
contest, which promises to be a fast
On Tuesday evening) the Fellowship Class ol the Baptist church comprising about forty young people, enjoyed a very jolly slel* riding party
to Fort Staeele and return They
visited the home of Mrs J. F. Ilrid-
ges, where the evening was spent
with a program of games and music.
Lunch was nerved and the party returned to tlie citv arriving at 3 a.m.
One four-horse load and one single
sleigh team conveyed tbe crowd and
they report fine sleighing. The only
unusual incident of tbe drive was
when Ralph Palmer fell out the back
seat, which was caused by the inattention of the yoiinui ladles in not
holding him In.
Meet me at Bob's Place.
Saturday, Jan. 24
This Is a Two-lteel Special, lull c
thrills and unusual interest. Arizon:
Bill|is given thirty days in which to
prove ,tlie authenticity of a Will ol
which he has.been appointed Executor. The Disinherited Nephew plots
lo kidnap Hill and the Heiress, sn
that neither ran be on hand nt tin-
appointed day. :
Then follows thirty days of wild
excitement during whieh the Heiress
is captured by. a hired Ran*; oven
Arizona Bill has „ warm tinie,ta>
save his skin until Bill's wife takes
a'hand in the tussle and shows Bill
the tracks of the bandits.
To see Arizona's wild ride on
horseback; to ;soc him follow the
bandits as tliey leap upon a passing
train by himself leaping from liis
galloping .horse to tho vestibule; to
see him wage the UrM. ova'r tha' roofs
ot the coaches, into the engine cab,
oiifo thc very roof of tbe engine;
and finally, to see him make a spectacular leap Irom the locomotive inlo
a River, is to realize what thrills
this Two-Reel Feature affords.
Vou can't afford to miss this one.
I Eclipse i
Saturday Matinee and Evening
Jan. 24.
and a few artistic targets represene-
Ing the organization. The Hex Orchestra furnished the music. Dancing
-ontlnucd until 3 a.m. Tlw association desires to thank thc committee
of ladles who had charge ol the refreshments for Ihe splendid manner
in which they carried out their part
of the program. Thc thanks ol the
association are also due to the special committee which had thc management of the dance for the success ot
the vent and the fine time afforded
those who attended.
Mrs. G. S. llougnam, Dewar avenue, has vacancy for a boarder with
or without room. Apply personally
or by Phone 492. l-3t.
Telegraphic communicatiim with the
wesl. coast cities was interrupted by
a snow slide which, occurred a few
miles west ol Revelstoke about ten
o'clock, last Sunday night. The slide
put the Western Associated Press
Wires and the commercial service ot
the Canadian Pacific out of cominis
ion. Linemen were sent out from
Revelstoke to repair the damage.
A very quite wedding was celebrated on Wednesday, January 11, at the
home of Mr. F. W. Adolph, of
Baynes Lave, B.C., when Mr. Alexander Grant Low, business manager
of thc Canadian F.quipment Supply
Co., of Edmonton, was united in
marriage with Miss Kathleen Ida,
Ross, teacher, of Fernie, B.C. The
ceremony was performed bv Rev.
Jos. Philp, M.A., B.D., ol London.
Ont., who is spending a year at
Haynes and supplying thc Methodist
pulpit at Coal Creek on Sundays.
Among the few Iriends present were
Mr. E W. McMullen and Mr. W. II
Boss, ot Calgary. Thc young couple
left on the 11 a.m. train for Spokane
and oilia-r points west, accompanied
hy tlie bdst wishes ol a host oi
When you order beer, specify Crau
brook beer, made at home.
About 300 people were present at
the tlrst dance to be given by the
Cranbrook Civilian Rifle association
The Tenth Annual Ball ol tbo Aa- '»* «*• Auditorium last Tuesday even-
elent Order ol Foresters was held •»*> Te ian I"mwl ** •» s<,cl»1|l'
last Friday in the Auditorium. *** nnaacially successful. The corn-
There was a good attendance and a ■'««• wi" havc »bout ,,0-M <• tu">
very enjoyable time wns spent by all into into the Association's lunds as
present. Supper was served at 14 proceeds. The hall was decorated
pat   lay the CWnaaKewOaf tea |ra*. wHb a p,i««niti..r« of Uaaaa Jaeks
WE are now giving very special prices on
scores of lines throughout the store.
It will surely pay you to visit this
store and find out what you may buy for little
prices Stock-taking has brought out remnants
in many things. These are being sold at HALF
Ladies' Suits and Coats
Ladies' Furs
Ladies' Sweaters Men's Shirts
Curtain Materials
Gloves, Etc.
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
Special Vaudeville Attractions
6   -    WEBER FAMILY    -   6
Society Acrobats
Cabaret Entertainers
Concert Tencr
Manipulating Comedian
kussian Dancers
Usual Prices     -    25c, 50c, and 75c
S.-ats on sale at Beattie-Murpby's Drag ytora
her shoes, through bet feet, and made!
response to it aa though she had nev- i
er been deprived of any of the senses'
which make life tolerable to most ol :
Verily, a mfracle hns l.e-'ii wrought. '
You   eannot    hear  of   it,   much lf-ss
witness   it, witnot an Infinite giving]
of   thanks   for   what   is possible lor '
mankind to rtf, «ith and for mankind;
If vou want      p.O Box J.87
Phone 485
and your order will
receive prompt
Cranbio ,-. U C.
What do you think of a woman,
without eytt, with ears I that convey
no intelligence, who has never known
anything but darkness' and impenetrable silence, (receiving hundreds of dollars for a few minutes' speech, which
she herself could not hear* What tin
you think of the civilization which
can rake a deaf and blind and dumb
girl and make her a most intelligent.
receptive, ,a responsive, a witty and
eloquent being, and author nnd a
politician even among the doctors?
You saw Itbe miracle when yon
heard Helen Keller speaking to a
great audience in the city the other
night; when, by putting her fingers on
the throat and lips of a man she had
never seen, received the faint, .embedded vibrations of his voice and kneu
and answered his questions as instantly as you did with your ears
and eyes working to.their utmost efficiency.
"Does Mlsfl Keller hear the applause?" was a Question from tlie an
dience which Miss Keller picked up
through her fingers on the throat and
lips of ber repeating teacher. "Yes/
came the answer immediately, "with
my feet." No one ever saw a vibra
tion!passing from people into tht* air
and inlo the solid timber of the platform, yards' and, yards away from
clapping bands. I Yet this blind and
deaf woman gathered 11m* applause
thr     ttatfotm       thiuugli
FOR SALE—Tbe Palm Confectionery
and Ice Cream husiness. Good
reasons for disposal. Apply at
The Palm. lit.
WANTED— Roomers and Hoarders.
Apply to Mr-. Tisdale, Armstrong Ave.
WANTED—Maid   loi    general   housework.    Apply Mrs   Strachan, opposite the school house, i-it.
WANTED.—Housemaid for private
woek. Applj Mrs Hoggarth, Hotel
FOK SALE.—Young mare harness
and buggy. Applj Hoi I, Herald
Office i-tf
Strong democral almost new foi
sale cheap. Applj Dos l lli-mld ol-
Dce. 2-tf,
A i;noi set ol double harness for
sale cheap. Apply Hox 1 Herald office. 2 -tf
FOR SALE.—Fine thorough bnd
white Wyamlotti' cockerels, 7 months
old, at $2. each Apply W. J. Stewart, 0ronri house from greenhouse
SlatcflUlc. 3-at.
Five-roomed cottage f*>r rent; good
warm house. Apply Mrs. I.. I'. Sullivan, Cranbrook St. 18
WOOD FOR SALE—Stove lengths,
any si/e; good wood, prompt delivery, tiuo cord CO D. Phono Reed,
Herald office. 50 if
STRAYED—Came to my place at
Hull Hiver about one month ago tun
pigs, one hog and one sow. both
black. Owner can havo same by proving property and paying charges Win.
Scluul 3-41'
v.. B. W(Jktir.N. Prop'r
66   PHONE  66
Our Dra\s are always at
your service
J. MILNE, Jlaiiagm
lUtlM   1*111   (Or   V,....    . :.       .,.;,,,;; .   :     .-
(ID.   Sold nl nil Ukx .-t.-n-, o; tji-Ccii Vinuy
-<l<irp»Mm r Iptal it.--    Tl        < 'i    ■
Vtulttr;tor Hern and Bntti  lnete««"gtey
m«ticr":nT'»!il''--wi:ii,'ili1| v.,ii up, j.i *v Ihw nr
iwo for $-'>. nt ■■ru* itnm ot hy nmn on rMrJnt
of i>rir-i' Thi fctoOMu I'muiv. Bt Qitbirii *•<.
II  you  want satisfaction with
your washing   send
it   to
H(itx*.inl prtCM do l.,ii.ily work. THE   CRANBROOK   HERALD
News of the District  ^^
(By Fred Roo).
The other week Portugal succeeded
in selling its Provinces in Africa tc
(Ireat Britain and Oermany tor 100
Million Dollars—which proves that
the price uf White Elephants is going
The annual meeting ol tbe Klko
Board of Trade was held in the Klk
Hotel reception rooms, Tuesday, Jan*
u.irv 13th. On account ol tbe Hookey
match and the Conservatives holding
a meeting, only about twenty attended. R, Ilirtz was elected President,
t'. E, A v ro. Vice-president; Fred
(too, J.P., Sec't'y-trcas., for the
third term. Considerable new business was brought up anil a live booster cluh organized. These people
wbo will neither pull nor push tor the
town have had special invitations to
get on the wagon and ride.
If you don't like the kind of town,
that this seems to he.
If things are running down,
a way you hate to sec.
If something isn't up to date,
or good as things of old.
While otlier towns are simply great,
or so yon have heen told.
U you would like to see a place,
that's full of push and snap-
A town that hits a taster pace,
a town that's on the map.
Yes, if a way you'd like to know,
to find it in a ietk,.
I'll tell you where you ought to go,
you ought to go to work.
You needn't puck a trunk or grip,
and leave the folks behind.
You needn't go and tat* a trip,
some otlier place to find.
You needn't go and settle down,
where friends of old you miss.
For, if you want that kind of town,
just make it out ot this.
The Klko Conservatives bad another rousinc meeting tbis week and voted (on account of pressure of corrci
spondenee) the secretary a long
haired typewriter. May they. trt
more in tbe future than they have in
the past. Blessed are they that expect nothing, for they shall not he
Did you ever send a telegram over
the C.P.R.? Did you ever receive
one to do you any good? They are
about as sloppy with their telegrams
as they are with their freight and
express. We don't know anybody in
this fair Dominion of ours that gets
money easier than the C.P.R. Company unless its a Cabinet Minister.
R. F. Green   passed through  Klko
Sunday,   enroute   for Ottawa.     We
sincerely hoiH* his feet won't get cold
sitting on the benches.
The .Joyce hoys left Elko tor the
Western Canada College, Calagary.
F. B. Hawthorne, ot Nelson, was in
lown this week and drove down to
Miss Todd, of Fernie, is in town,
the guest of Miss Belle Thompson at
the Hotel Columbia.
Hearts were light and faces bright
at tho Soeial and Dance given in the
(I rand ()pera House, Wednesday
tight, by the Bachelor Oirls ot the
historic old burg of Klko. Misses
Belle Thompson, Ilirtz, Holbrook,
McKec, Johnson and Taylor were the
leaders and they certainly put the
circle two-step 'round the boys when
it comes to getting up a dance. Mrs.
C. E. Ayre received the guests, and
.1 splendid time was spent by, all tbe
participants. Cranbrook Orchestra
supplied the music, and the best one
can say about thc music is that they
have been engaged fo several dances
under way in tho near future. In
.spite of the hard times and tightness
of tbo money market, it was a financial success.
J, 11. Tiffany was in Klko this week
visiting friends and old college chums.
J. B. can always depend upon a royal welcome in Klko with no cojuntry
rock in it.
Finley Itobson, of the Western Canada Wholesale Co., Fernie, was in
Klko this week, and Kootenay River
Miss Belle Thompson left for Pass-
burg where she will visit with her
sister, Mrs. T.; Duncan, who has just
returned from a four months visit to
Scotland and other points in You
A   shoe   traveller,    last  week, between   Calgary and   Maeleod, lost
trunk   full ot Sample-Shoes.    How's
that for 'Booty!'
The Klko Dramatic Club are busy
with several comedies under tbe direction of Rev. Mr. Bruce—no rela-
ion to Robert.
The sleeping sickness BOlfatal in Africa has struck some of Klko's husbands with full lores,   Thoytfoam to
Written by Bright Correspondents 9
he attacked
they should
worst   about the time
he making tlw morning
It may bo a hit .early, hut never-
less, if you wish to wsar a strawhat
this week it iv perfectly alright, we
have some which we would like to
exchange for cash.
c. M. Edwards,
was in IDJko and Fi
Miss Alveitson,
visiting Mrs. R.
Ave., Canyon Park.
of   Baynes   Lake
ernlo this week..
of Cranbrook, is
Joy CO,   4livers.de
Fred Roo is visiting Flagstone and
Roosville this week.
H-arvcft Young, General Merchant,
Gateway, Montana, one of the pioneers of Tobacco Plaius, died at Mayo
Brothers' hospital, Rochester, Minn.,
last week.
Mrs. Dr. Hugh Watt, of Klko, is
visiting her mother,,Mrs. Clark, and
her daughter at Trail this week,
Klko has become so- metropolitan
that the water works officials onit'ct
to farmers hitching their teams to
the fire plugs.
There's a lot of people, right here
in Elko, who would jump at the
chance of selling their property for
the assessed value.
There are fifty-three Thursdays In
the year 1014 hut this,, Jim Thistlebcak says, doesn't help much. Very
few persons "get paid on Thursdays.
(Special correspondence;.
Friends of'Mrs. J. II. Ross will be
glad to learn that the operation she
underwent for appendicitis has ■been
very successful.    •
A very thoughtful and beautiful
thing was done here hy the Ladies'
Society of • thc Presbyterian Church
and a few friends. They took up a
subscript ton, which was generously
responded to, and asked Mrs. R. J,
Waddcll, of Winnipeg, lo buy a bouquet of Killarney roses and present
them to Mrs. Ross in the name] of
the donors. This was done and Mrs.
Boss writes to thank all her friends
for their kindly deed.
Mr. Fred Adolph visited Edmonton
this week on business for bis company-
Henry Herquest is back im Waldo
again after working part of the winter iu Fernie.
On Sunday evening in 'Baynes Hall
at 7:30., the Rev. C. L. Cowan will
give his third lecture on Heroes and
Martyrs of Reformation times. Subject: "John Knox—The Man who nev-
(eared the face.of man." Large
numbers are taking advantage of
these lectures and a very hearty invitation is extended to everybody.
The juvenile hockey team ot Waldo
met the Baynes boys on tho Kootenay rink last Saturday and, to use a
colloquialism, "put it ail over the
visitors." The. Baynes lads were
rather on the small side to make
headway against their larger opponents. After the match Mesdames T.
Anderoon, II. II. Ross, and C. L.
Cowan gave the lads a tea.
The Rev. E. S. Bruce will preach
in   Baynes Hall «n Sunday February
first at 11 a.m. A welcome is given to all.
C. D. McNabb spent
Cranbrook.Inst week.
a few days in
The local branch of the Canadian
Order of Foresters meet in Baker
Hall to elect wardens, etc. A large
turn-out is requested to this annual
meeting. For fuller particulars see
Mrs. R. F. Nilno has decided to
spend the remainder of the winter at
J. W. Ross   is still   at Wlnni
A new feature has lieen established
here in connection with tlte Presbyterian church. A Oirls' Club was organized last Friday in the manse to
study Domestic Science. Mrs. C. h.
Cowan, who took a course ot instruction in Manitoba University while
taking her Arts' training, and Mrs.
T. Anderson, an expert with the
needle, will, with a few other ladies,
teach the. children. Waldo congregation may justly claim, the correspondent thinks, the honor of being the
first in Crows' Nest Pass, 0r even
the Kootenay, to take a forward
movement of this nature. Congratulations!
Street Shumard, a teamster, got
his foot crushed last week in Waldo.
At the foot ot bill on the Baker logging road, his chain around his logs
loosened and ho, jumped off his (truck.
A log fell on his foot breaking, it is
feared, one or two bones.
Friends ot Mr. A. M. Beattie will
lie glad to know that he has been appointed hon. viee-piesidcnt, of the
Cranhrook Poultry nnd IVt Stock
Association for the year 1914, This
honor was coming to Mr. Beattie
whose chickens, like some of our local wares "can't be beat."
INVERMERE, B.C., Jan. 21-Ow-
ing to the exceptionally mild weather
which has prevailed throughout this
part sine* the second instant, it has
heen found necessary to postpone the
District bonspiel for one week from
the thirteenth of this month. It
has been an utter impossibility to
form any ice by natural methods ,n
account of thc high temperature.
It is reported here that these
pltenominally mild winters reach us
in cycles of from nine to ten years,
but no such treatment, as the present
is remembered by the old-timers for
the last sixteen winters.
INVKRMERK, B.C., Jan- 21.-A
general meeting of the District
Board ot Trade was held here yesterday when amongst other business
transacted was a memorial asking
the Provincial Government to construct some more of the good type of
roads winch characterized their work
of last year under the superintendence of II. C. Rayson, Government
Agent, for the district. The annual
meeting of the Board of Trade takes
place on Friday, the sixth of February.
INVERMERE, B.C., Ian. 31.-The
good work of finishing the connecting
link'bet ween the two ends ot steel on
ootciiiiy Central branch of the
Canadian Pacific Railway, which
branch will, when completed, conned
this part up with their main line
and their ('rows' (Nest Pass branch
is being pushed apace by the contractors. The end of steel on the
northern part is now within twenty)
miles of this townslte and supplies
for the contractors' work are being
brought over it. Some of the camps
from the southern advance have been
transferal to tbe Northern end and
shifts are now working overtime.
Thc approaches for the bridge on the
Columbia River in this vicinity are
receiving special attention. Taking
it, all in all, it is reasonably safe to
predict that within another month
the ,railway will be in a position to
deliver general freight and merchandise to a point within twenty miles
of us and that,by early spring they
will be carrying passengers to the
same place.
—   m*
It is reported that should the Canadian Pacific Railway go on this
year with the double tracking of the
main line through the Kicking Horse
Pass that much of thc freight which
now reaches, the prairies from tl.e,
Orient will be turned off at Oolden
and hy coining down tho branch
through this valley take the congestion off thc main line where the
work of double tracking is heing
As evidence of thc mild weather
which still prevails in this part it
might be Instanced that when Eu-
genc, a ShUswap Indian, was crossing
the Columbia Lake with his team and
democrat that, the ice gave way with
him. His team was drowned and it
was with no little difficulty that the
Indian managed, to save his own life.
half an hour he can spread So muth
ill nature, that the police will have
to turn off the festivities.
"The grouch does not contribute
to, anything but the general gloom,
he does not approve of anything and
he | declines to be mollified by anything. He has only one redeeming
feature.   That Is love for himself.
"The grouch is -generally good to
himself as if he were his own grandmother. He is'kind and forbearing
with' bis own faults, and while all
the world is saying harsh things a-
hout him, he nobly refrains- The
grouch would he entirely satisfied
wilh himself if thai did not involve
being satisfied with a work of nature.
"There is uu way to get rid ot a
grouch except tii move the town
away from him. They are generally
long lived, iKcntlse vinegar is a great
preservative, However, lhe. longer
a grouch has lo live with himself,
the more terribly is be punished)
which i proven thut wo should not
murmur or repine over the ways of
Providence. If there were nn
grouches nil funerals which take
place would be a dead loss lo the
Logging   is
this locality.
now   in full ;
Here is the way George Fitch.
thor ol "At Good Old Siwash,
orltjos a Grouch i
"The grouch is'the only other biped besides thc human heing who
wear clothes and pays taxes.
"Tbo grouch looks like a man and
there is a closed season on him all
the year round, which accounts for
his numbers. In fact, he was originally designed as a man, hut through
a mistake ■ his bile was put in his
brain instead of his liver, thus spoil-
inn him for ordinary conversational
purposes. i
"The grouch has a disposition half
way between that* of a hyena and u
case of la grippe. If he were pounded up and assayed he would not yeild
one pound of good nature per carload.
He has a built in frown ami the only
time he smiles is when bis little son
stubs his toe and hurts himself just
as the grouch said be would .if he
didn't stop being happy ami bothering him'.
"The grouch doesn't believe in anything and can not he persuaded to do
anything—even to mo away and remain hence. Tie is usually either mad
or just about to discover a reason to
tag in |l(l mart|     put,   nno grnuct) jn a luji
lull ot* happy, cherry men* serf, in
(Cintimtcd from page one).
constitution enabled him to thrive on
the rigors of the climate.
Now comes the most interesting
chapter in his life, the Red River rebellion. For long the hold of the
■Treat company had been loosening on
the wesl. The company's rule which
hitherto ban been wise nnd practical,
was denounced as arbitrary. Tbe
Red river settlement had then a mixed population ot some 12,011(1 people.
There were Europeans, Canadians, A-
inerlcans ami French half-breeds,
Mosl ot tho priests were natives ot
France, to whom Camilla was almost
a foreign country. With a mixed
population like this it was difficult
to deal and when, on November !),
18*31), the deed was signed iu London,
whereby the committee surrendered
its interests in the northwest to the
crown with reservations for the company, rebellion broke out. The leader, Louis Roil, a half-breed, a man
not wanting in either energy or ability.
The story of Wolsoloj'.'s expedition,
Ihe flight of Kiel, and the murder of
Seol, are known to all. In the settlement thai followed Donald A.
Smith played the pail ol mediator
and until the arrival of Governor Archibald, he adniinistcstd the atlalrs of
the province.
For a long time the idea ot uniting the pastern provinces of Canada
with the west had filled Mr. Smith's
mind. To become a nation Canada
must have railways, and with this
end in view, after becoming member
for Winnipeg in the provincial assembly, he used all his ingenuity and
energy, in 1871 be was elected t0
the Dominion house as member for
Selkirk by the almost unanimous
vote of the community. As a result
of haul mid steady work tor the
good ot his constituents, bis district
rapidly [mined a name for sobriety
and order. One of his first steps was
to abolish the liquor traffic among
the Indians, For some time the Hudson's Bnj company had been accused
of being ;il the bottom of all the
trade in drink. To slop this, Mr.
Smith hail a law passed by the council forbidding any intoxicating drink
to pass the boundary. Kven officers
were not exempt from the lay, and a
small quantity of wine which was
brought out for a factor was actually sent back in Kngland. When Governor Archibald, in October, 1870, appointed Mr. Smith to tho No', th west
council, he had this prohibitory law
carried out in tbe name of Canada.
This act is still known as the Smith
The nevt great undertaking or this
tireless worker was the building ot
the Canadian Pacilic railway. Money
was   want inn,   and nothing but sheer
The Best Corrective
and preventive of the numerous
ailments caused by defective
or irreg-ala- action of the organs of digestion—is found
in the safe, speedy, certain
and time-tested home remedy
SoldMwy~t.tr*.   lnboBM,2S*3Mlfc
pluck and energy could have pulled il
t hrough. The expenses were enormous and both Mr. Smith and bis
colleague, Mr. Stephen, were obliged
to pledge tlieir private fortune in order that lhe work could go on. In
Montreal today there ale many stories iu circulation ol tho moctlmtB
which used to he held ut which tin-
board of directors sal with blank
faces, discussing ways and means.
At one of these meetings, Mr.
Smith Isalledged to have said: "it's
clear wo want money. Well, we can't,
raise it nuiongsl ourselves. Lot us
come back tomorrow and report progress."
When the board met the next day
each member reported failure until it
came to Mr. Smith's turn. "I've
raised another million; it will carry
us on a bit. When il is spent, we
will raise some more." And so the
work went on. On November 7, 1885
five and a half years before it's time,
the railway wns finished, and the
people began to realize how much one
man had done by pluck, energy and
The London Daily Citizen claims to
have substantial grounds for tbo
statement that the naval csrlmatos
will he swollen by more than $-1,000-,
000 for an airship tleet lo number
eight or ten dirigibles. One rigid
airship is now heing built in Kngland, prior lo the n ant of money by
parliament, but the others will be of
foreign origin.
FOR SALE—Cheap. Ten-horse power
engine and boiler, circular saw and
drag saw for sawing wood. Apply
.1. II. Hayes, Fort Steele, B.C. llf.
night away—the first day you start to
take RHEUMA—the Uric Acid puisu,, L.-
gins to dissolve ami leave the r re j '•'.'.:■
and muscles. Its action is little less than
magical.   5U cents a bottle—guaranteed.
Jiid>je BurhursL ot li. Lorair.ie, Ohio,
snys: "After treatment hy three doctors
without result, I waa cured of a very b;;d
case of Rheumatism, by using two bottles
Beattie-Murphy Co.. Ltd., Agents.
Orgailalaat ait Hi. Ma.laiaiilla.1 tlinrrl,
llara-h-aa* I'laJ.ila 'aar
Organ, Pianoforte, Yoke
Plllali.a:   M.tll.aali.l I'lallla-ll
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llnvan.l Niisiit Scusum.
time freo by bonus elan. Auk for fri«u
booklet.-Rtymond P. Kelley, I'riii-
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Hon of urlriB when tifCPMary. O'ltimtll me—tree, iluii'l
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mill llli-laa. Si'lai] IO" iialllnlH. ilataam|ia
or coin to oovar Coat.
The Western Sportsman .VSWinnipeg, Man.
We are showing some great value in Girls'
Serge Dresses, from 6 to 14 years.
HALF PRICE to clear before stocktaking.
Sweaters, Toques, Aviation Caps and
Scarves at ONE-THIRD OFF.
Big Reductions
Just take a look around the Furniture
Department. It will make you money, and
there are many lines reduced to cost and less
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Not a seed in"Sunklst."
Juicy, rich, healthful
oranges—the finest selected tree-ripened fruit grown
in the world.
"SUNKIST" oranges are the cleanest of all fruits.
Never touched by bare hands—all "Sunkist" pickers
and packers wear clean cotton gloves while at work.
Buy a box of "SUNKIST" oranges—much cheaper
by the box or half-box than by tlie dozen.
"Suniisl" lemons are the finest, juiciest fruit —
mostly seedless—thin-skinned, too.
"Sunkist" Oranges and Lemons Bring
Handsome Rogers Silverware
Send the trademarks cut Irom "Sunkist" oram^e aiml la'iaaon
wrappers to us. We offer as premiums, elegant Roger, guarantied A. I Standard silverware. 27 diffeaent, maguilicent
premiums in exclusive "Sunkist" design.
This handsome orange spoon seat to you for 12 "Sunkist"
trademarks and 12 ceats. Trademarks Irom "Ri'il Bnll"
orange and lemon wrappers count snme aas" Saanklst."
In remitting, send amounts of 20 cents nr over lay Postal
Note, Post Office or Express Money Order.
'a' 1     Buy "Sunkitt" Oranges and
Lemon* at Your Dealer's
Send your name and full nddrcss for
our complete free premium circular nnd fl
Premium Club Plan.   Address all oralers-
for premium silverware und ull communications to
Calif omit Fruit Growers Exchange
105 Kiai StfMt, Ea.1, Cor. Church
Imperial Bank of Canada
D. It. WILKIE, President.
Accounts of Corporations, Municipalities, Merohante
Farmers and Private Individuals invited.
Drafts and Letters of CWlit issued available in any part of
tbe world.
SAVINGS DEPAWMENT-Special attention
given to Savings Bank Aooounts. Deposits of $1.00 und
upwards received and interest allowed from date of deposit.
Cranbrook Branch: H. W. SUPPLE. Mgr.   j


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