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Cranbrook Herald Apr 5, 1917

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TO KEEP I        iSJ	
Aboul fifty momborB of tlio ('ran- j y\.m W|H.ri
lironk   llminl  or Trmlo lltUmtloil    I
nn lay lunch i. hol'd by Uio Dont
nt iiu' CmtibroDh lloiol, mi Wodm
«lny. April nii. 1917.
Tliis rotltliro of tllO Hu;inl'*; wn
was an expnrlinonl fttltl olio Uml was
trim) with bo mo mlaBivliijf »b on a for
mor occasion, whon tried out, n moi
witli vory llttlo biiccobb, Hul tho ro
Htlll of tbo luncheon nn Wetlnoailnrv
amply Justtflod tin* council of the
Hoard in I IB coiifldoiico thai ovory
member la prepared to glvo it hla
hearty unpporl ami work inr the boat
IntoreatB of tin- city ami district.
After an ample nnd well furnished
luncheon, aerved by nnr genial host,
Oeo. Hogarth, tho mooting, with Prosl-
denl It. K. Beattto In tbo chair, got
down to business,
Tlm Presldonl Btnted that it was not
tho Intention to burden tho mooting
witli  tin*  reading  nf  the  inlnut,
tli■> previous meeting nor to tali
-.  March  6,   1917.—My  l>eur
It just occured tu nit* I ■.jruiri-
■1'ito yon when I got tu Franc*
o i will iiu -io ut onct. Of
ou will have had the history
Battalion by now. also the
everybody caused mo and tbe
numbers of men I was prevented from
b a Hon, which wus being | getting, well it did not stop me going
■d to
Sunduy stoboul t ht.t, Uhn ber I'leus
ami .Surprise.- -Enjoyable
*»cial Eveninfr Spent
larg»* assembly in tin
Parish   Hull
when    th
Institute    li
meeting,  upwards
,0| favored for LllO purpose Instead, conl
•• very llttlo, The amendment was, how-
f    ever,   ii   step   in   iiu*   right   direction
and In a short ti would, undoubted-
li   ly, lmvo objoctlonablo featiiros ellm-
**•   hinted bo thai  the larmer  who  was
really  working In good faith could
'■   readily got Urn funds to work with.
Hev. t. II. Koyworth spoke on "Can-
adit after lho War".   This subject, or.
dlnarlly, ami oapcclally by a clergyman, could  huve Hlled a  two  hour
address.   Mr. Keyworth. however, limited as  wen* the oilier speakers to
ten  minutes, made the best use of
the time alloted hlm    hy    touching
lightly on  two subjects which  wero
BtiggeBted to him by words whicli arc
recurring sn often during the present
war.   The first of these is humanity,
a quality next to Divinity itself, which
rightly   understood  und  practised  is
f   nothing more nor loss than the doc-
|i   trine of Christ.   The other word  is
The Sunday School Class of Mi-. E
Palmer took her completely by surprise last H*riduy evening when they
eting my organ-1 came in  without notice und quietly
away   early;   I  took posbcssion und proceeded to eh-    .,,,.,.
rlghl along aud comp
iZatloil    and    getting
hold a pi i mil for recruiting and get-; iu ruin their teacher and other mem- ]
Hug a battalion tn France, three ' bers of ber household wiih a program
months from the time i mobilised I; uf music und sung, conundrums and
was in the trenches in Prance, You arithmetical problems, caped bye very
know Prod Lister, he is a major now tastily spread lunch nt their own get
ami I recommended him fur M. C. up. After all had partaken of the good
whicli he gut. ihe men l did get from ■ thlngB provided a member of the < lase
their  monthly
100 being present. A ietter was read
from Capt. B. il. tlson of Balfour Sanatorium In reply to the secretary's
letter asking for parth ulars of uec .-
sites Immediately required. As there
not   many  soldlera   quarti r* 'I
in detail the routine business, which Co-operation so familiar to all of us
had been put through since tlie last iu theory but so strange in practise
meeting. Ile bad asked the Secretary '> und so limited in the scope to which
tn prepare a short resume of the I wn exercise it.
work that hud been done and that ! Another word, recurring ao often
which was projected, in order that ; during the last three years aa to he
each member might be familiar with i familiar to everybody and from its
the work of the Board and able to [ association, iu view of the alms of our
give it liis Intelligent support.
The Secretary's report follows:
At this luncheon, tbe lirst of Us
kind that hus proved a success in
Cranbrook, it is not thc Intention of
tlie Council to Inflict the members
with details of the work done so far
during the year but to summarize as
much ns possible in order to give
each member present an intelligent
idea of what is being done for the
good of the district and Incidentally
for the good of each  member, not ^^^^^^^^^
only of the Board of Trade but  of  ship on the miner und prospector
country und our allies, beginning to
"stink In our nostrils" Is Neutrality.
In connection with this phase of his
subject Mr. Keyworth reud a poem by
Win. Watson, sent by Lord Fisher to
America upon the occasion of thnt
country requesting the FirBt Sea Lord
to send it a message.
.Mr. oJseph Ryan spoke on the New
.Mining act and proposed some changes
that tie claimed would work less hard-
the District ns well.
The lirst matter tuken up by the
Hoard during the present year was
tho passenger accomodation on the
Crow, This matter has been settled,
according tu our request, by the reinstatement of the Local. In getting
Ibis service we hud the hearty cooperation ot the Hoards of Trade of
Lethbridge and Kernie.
Another matte- taken up Is tbe
freight rate on grain between here
and Fort William. This matter Is
not yet settled but the committee is
working on it.
One of the most Important works
which our Board has ever handled and   -      t(] u ,      d   .
one   which   promises  to  be  ol   great,       .
benefit to every resident of the dls-   n'orh done- 8Uch HCtIon wmiMl •" It;
trict is the Hour Mill project.   At thejll(1 a guarantee to the prospective pur-
would at. the same time eliminate the
"wild catting" and do away with the
necessity of thi** blue sky law we hear
so much about. Not all prospects
were rich ones aud many kinds would
not justify, on account of the class
uf ure or mineral tliey carried, the
expense of diamond drilling but tbe
itiuj.'.it.i of thnn on which work was
' done hnd some value and if the Government would report on these claims.
mine- or prospects, and advance motor further development accord-
your town were good. 1 wrote your I read the followin address, and proBent-
Mtiyor a letter complimenting tlie ^j a uiiv«r spoon:
town regarding the men from tiiere, j Dearly Beloved Teacher,
but he did not reply; I wonder If be We. u members nf Clash No, 6 of
received ii? (Tiie mayor has not re-1 the Baptiist Sunday School of Crnn-
celved this letter) I trust you and Mrs. ' hrook, are met to convey to you some
Worden and family are well, and that i idea of our love for you as our teacher,
you have not felt the effects of tbe war and our regret that we mv sn soon to
1 hope the wur will end this fall at I bo separated. We feel Incapable of
least. I think we will hit them a hard j showing our appreciation or the loving
blow soon, tbey arc afraid of tbe Brit-1 kindness and devotion you have always
Ish. Tlie battalion has done nobly nnd ' shown us ns u clnss. and for the III*
I am very proud of the gallant lads. | terest you have tuken In the welfare
Lt.-Col. Kimball or the 64th was killed
day before yesterday. I exited you
knew hlni be was a splendid officer.
With kindest regards to you and your
family, believe me, yours very sincerely,
(Col,) John W. Worden.
In their operations between the
Souinie nnd the (Use the French
ruptured a dominating position of
much importance ulung the line of
the villages of Laides, nnd Way,
riinuimr from south to smith-ens'
of St. Ouciiliii.
Tlte war office also officially re-
ports the «t hd rn will nf the tier*
mans from three lines of trenches
north of Hie Folic Farm In the
same sector under nn irrlstnble
The Germans abandoned eonsld-
t ruble ground.
Washington, Vprll I. Tlie wur
reselution was passed iu the Sen.
ale (".night by a vote of si; to (I.
of each one ot us. We will always
try to remember your teachings and
tho influence of your christian example will remuin wltll us ror years ti.
come, Uke foot prints on the sands
of time, We beg of you to accept this
trifling gift as a token of our love
and a reminder of the happy times
we have passed together,
Mrs. Palmer replied in a few words
expressing heart felt gratitude to
them for their kindly expression of
love aud good will to her and thanked them for the help given her by
their regular attendance nnd tho Interest they hud shown III tho lessons
and other exercises of the school.
Wishing them a long life or usefulness in tlie Master's wcrk, she concluded by saying the pleasant evening
spent would always be a bright spot
to look back to.
Mra. Palmer bus had the class for
six yeara with only one break when
she went home to see her mother.
police coritr
Mrs. Wong Fong appe
f | Worship Judge Arnold
present time the farmers of St. Marys
prairie ure growing about 12,000 bus.
of wheat annually, thc greater part of
which is shipped out ut an expense of
23c per bushel freight. We nil buy
flour which, at the lowesl estimate
costs ns 13c per bag. freight. There
is a loss or at least 37c per bushel
ot wheat besides tbe loss mi the byi
of the milling which could
baser that the value was in sight.
Before dosing the meeting Chairman Beattic asked for an endorsement
nr the action or the Council of the
Hoard In Instituting the monthly tnn-
i heon and favoring the holding of the
nexl meeting at Fori Steele, in May.
PI i- en doran tion waa heartily given
:l  to  such
llatrict at the pre
arte   numbers   of
inerally which wi
umulnttng.    Your
.dvnntagc  In   this   \.v B tew won|„ [roni y\v p  »  Robson.
cSftleTnd  stock   Mr   Henr>' w«»» nnd    Hi<   Honcr
arc gradually ac-  *•**•** li   H Thompson.
committee which i    The Council  will accordingly ar-
red before his
tliis  morning
I (We do not nold ourselves responsible
; for opinions exreased hy correspondents.)
nnd charged ber husband with assault. Wong Fong upon being summonsed entered a counter charge
against liis wife. After an hour's haggling the case was finally dismissed
with an admonition frum His Worship us to the proper way ttt conduct
To the Uditor of the rranbrook
Dear sir:- What is everybody's
business Ib nobody's, und so lesl it
should go by witiiout any notice being
taken of it. I would like to call your
attention to a paragraph that appeared
in   the  columns  Of  the   Fernie   Free
themselves in future , pr(,as m* lu(jt wwfc_
Andy Foster was arrested Tuesday: ,„ ro.lortlnf, a mo0ting of c,
afternoon for being drunk and dls- gentlemen with the city council
orderly and was fined S6.00 or ten days cernlng  Ule BUppr6a8ton  of vi.
He paid  tbe fine.
bus this mutter in charge has hnd j mnge for th
severnl  meetings  with  tiie  Farmers'
Institute ami arc verj pleased to re-
 next monthly ■
be held in Fort Steele and w
lort'thnl tlte idea tTfinstamng n mill   members  oi arrangements
bad been well received by the farmers  date,
of the dlstrlcl ;    The meeting closed at 2.4fi
T"° tato.r. .{Ttttk XSiJooofor  lng "Ood Save the King."
\,:er  promises to ui  .i trying duo em
Hi,. InduBlrlo, of Hi,' dlstrlcl and (our
Hoard lias laker, lliln matter «v vorj   it . j.
lliorotlfhl] Y. M. C.  s.   MITKS !
riie' local creamery has* auff-reo to ., '
II Inn.*,' e'Xtrnt leeelllR I,' ll HcronCB   "    ' "
m, croum rates, ley express, tn Alberta     The Rowling Tournamont deciding
i:!aTt\t'""L „!'*!'';,r.::*-■• .«•.«, ->■ ^.r„rnv,„	
tion .if Mr Chrtstio, wh.. has   had ' »t"B closed on Friday ovonlng March
reams nt correspondence wiih cream- 30lh, and resulted in tie city Team
■eric*, tu Weat Kootenny, Bhlpners   In winning the troph*, by a margin of u
Alberta. Hie Uaiiin.id Commission and .,,,    ,.„._'„,'.   , .. , „, ,
then r Dairymen's Association    w-  l"""K   "" ,,,lMm « tho winning
■ ■ting tn
:i notify
I  later
hy sing-
team   was  as  follows:     H.  A.   Mclllwaine. cant j  R   s  shields, jas Mi r-
ttn, '■:■ nvlile  Mas*: ■-.•. W   V,   Leumaii.
.1   s. Taylor, and Wilfred Dallas
Tho   Hold   Modal   presented   bv   till
.  promised u hearing on thi   i n n
lien the Railway Commission nieols
■\-\>,..s. are a fi w nf the subjects wiih
hlcb your Doard has Interested it-
■|f     1|  has also taken  up Hie .pies-
if the appointment of a sheriff   Usi ctntlon inr high average was won
hy   II     V    Mclllwaine   with   0   rcrurd
of 160.0*1
on Saturday evening lad a bowling
team from the local Association wcre
'i' fented un ihe Nelson  V   M. C, A.
alio)   bj a loam representing thnt As.
The annual meeting of th-
Methodist Ladies' Aid was held ou j
Wednesday afternoon, April Ub I
The hi.lies arc to be complimented nn having hnd a most sue. I
eessful year under tbe able leadership of Mrs. W. (1. Morton.    The total |
Income ror h ■ same retting the hand- j
17:1    (ai vacating the
ti in a few partlctilir-
words   thanked    the
staunch   support   ln
lei taken   during    Inr
The  retiring  Officers
Morton. vice-
some sum of s
chair Mrs. Morton
ly will chosen w
Indies for the l
i very work 'ii..h1
year nf nfflce. '1
were:   pres   Mrs
for Fast Kootenav. the placing of a
Hands llegistry Office iu Cranbrook,
tb.- holding uf Criminal AbbIzi al
Cranbrook, the re-stocking uf nur
lakes with spawn ami protection nf
ih,- fishing in ihe vicinity and other i
proji ■ i whii It we trust ure fnr tbe
 I ni th,* dlstrlcl and fm- the success <■! h lib ll w. expect the hearty
supporl  of every  member and  every;
t'e  idelil   ul   Ihe  distiici
.Mr   .1    M   CIlHsttO, Manager nf the
local branch of the Canadian Bank of
Commerce, the first speaker called on
explained the action of the Amondmeni
to Hie Hunk Ad, which allowed farmers nnd stuck men tn borrow money
un the socurlly nf their live Stuck.
Previous tu this amendment the banks
hnd been overcome by the formation
farmers on this security nml ln some
or the prairie provinces tin* difficulty
had been overcome "■>>' tlie formation
ot clubs among the more well to do
who hud borrowed the money Trom
tlie banks and advanced it tn the
farmers on tlie security of tliolrcnttlO.
Mr. Christie pointed out that one of the
conditions nn which the hunk advanced the money wus that the farmer
could show that he could grow sufficient feed for tin- number of head
be proposed lo run and thnt the hank
would have amnio securily for lhe
loan II made. One drawback lo the
working of the amendment was the no-
COflSlty of the chattel mortgage ror the
security of the loan which required a
comparatively large fee for roglslra
Boclntlon wiih a margin nr 'Jll pins,
iii< Crnnbrook line-up being as foi
lows: A. c. Harshaw, B, v. Drake,
Frank To pi mm, i» M Cowan, The
Nelson men arc expected to play n
return match here on Saturday, April
"ih, for which preparations are now
under way. The local Association
members an* giving a dinner In the
V. M. <'. A. drill to which all those Interested are invited. Tin* dinner will
he at 17.30 (Pacific Time) and tickets
nre being sold by members of the committee at fifty cents each.
On Thursday evening, April 12th,
Captain II. A. Pearson, formerly (len-
ra! Secretary of the Calgary V. M
| their city, the writer expresses bis
doubt us to the efficacy of tlie methods
proposed and then proceeds to cite
; the city nf Cranbrook ;>s u notable fn-
j stance in which bis argument holds
j true. He says that since the order was
j issued and carried out for the abolition
of the restricted district in this eity
i that conditions are lamentably woivc,
j worse than they have ever been. He
| states that the inmates of the erstwhile
"district" are scattered all over the
city. May I express tin* hope thai om
commissioners will not let this slur
go by unchallenged.
Wliatcver opinions we may hold as
Ut the best way to den! witli this (pies
tion we cannot be content to let such
damaging statements be spread broad
east, and so while the Commissioners
in this city, who nre trying to do whnt
seems to tliem right, ure well abb* lo
proa., Mrs   W. II   Wilson;  s<
i:    It   Powell;   treas..  Mrs.   1
Manning Those running thc _^_^_—__——_—__—^_—_—___^m
live for the ensuing year nre: Pres., | take care of themselves. I would like
Mrs W H, Wilson; vlce-pres., Mrs. J. to raise my voice and Influence In
Sarvis; se. . .Mrs. (i H Powell; treas.. their defence nnd say fnr all who arr
Mrs. T. C. Phillips. The ladles decided Interested in this mutter, that the
tu change their duy or meeting from i statements made in Ihe article referred
the first Wednesday of each month to are grossly false and seriously dam-
to the second Tuesduy nn account of i aging to the name of our olty.
Hie half holiday. Hoping   that   the  offending  article
win be followed by retraction, I am,
Yours sincerely,
Thos   Keyworth.
thero i.t present It was agn ed to postpone donation t>f money until May
meeting when possibly ''ranbrook mny
hear ur soldiers in be taken cure uf
by our own citizens or nt any rate
in a nearer vicinity. In thr meantime
! all pairs nf sucks which have been
i made during the winter are being t'ur-
j warded io Red Cross headquarters for
Canadian contingents, Nearly forty
, dollars worth or yarn has been pro-
cured so thai knitting may continue
: Memhers ur friends of the institute
i desiring yarn between meetings may
nbtnln sume from Mrs. W. H. McFnr-
i lane, Onrden Ave.  a letter was band-
■ ed in  by  Mrs.   Fenton  Trom Signaller
. n. ll. Oloster acknowledging receipt
; nf sucks received which Mrs. Fenton
' hud knitted.
I At tin. invitation or the chairman
I the Rev, W. II. Drldge read a letter
■ nf   appeal   from   the Belgian   Relief
I fund authorities of Montreal, showing the dire need of urgency rur fresh
and continued hold, notwithstanding
the muny uud varied claims upon tho
nation's gcnoroally, it was evident a
sacrifice for this deserving object
must be systematically made us at
present there is a monthly deficit ut
$3,000,000, rations are reduced verj
considerably nm! families are practically starving. Delegates are being Invited from nil local organizations and
Mesdames Riches nnd J. L, Palmer
were chosen to represent tbe Institute.
Mr. Brldgo also read a letter from
the Soslnl  Service Council or Ottawa
pleading for delegates In n similar
manner to lake charge of a petition
relative to the criminal code in the
mutter or age and consent. Subsequently Mrs. Miles explained the petition at length and Mesdames McFarlane and Hersey consented to net for
the Institute.
Tbe competition of a best mnde ipiilt
block proved mo^t popular and the
prizes wero won by Mrs. McHum.y
and Mrs. Miles in the order named.
They were awarded with china le;,
platt s and a pie plate respectively.
Following the competition Mrs. Jack
Thomson I who kindly arranged the
musical items) rendered "A Perfect
Day" tn pleasing style and .Mrs. Wallinger gave two excellent violin solos.
accompanied by .Mrs. Whjtehouse,
During the afternoon an address and
on afternoon tea tray were presented
to Mrs. B. Palmer by the President ex.
pressing tho deep regret of the institute in losing so active and consclen
tlons u worker. Mrs. Palmer had been
a member ten years and hnd held
office us president and director and
wns held In much esteem by ull who
knew her. In reply Mrs. Pulnier
thanked the members for kind words
and gifts so kindly made nnd expressed her genuine regret at leaving Cranbrook.
A capital demonstration prepared
by Mrs. Hester Clapp was unavoidably rushed owing to the length of
the meeting, nevertheless her dishes
were very attractive and when tasted
were excellent. A vote <>T thanks
was extended to Mesdames Hogarth
and Erickson who kindly judged the
quill blocks. A gift of books from Mrs.
Tisdale for the library wns acknowledged and Mrs. J. S. Brake mentioned tlo* need of more books owing to
the increased membership.
The annual meeting of the Non-Pnr-
Hsau League, as arranged for lust
Thursday, had to he postponed owing
to the small attendance, due to the
state of the streets and the bad weather  generally.     It   was  decided  the
O. A., wbo hns been overseas In En-1 tho  constitutional   laws  adopted,  be
Under the pretence of helping the
prospector the Provincial Government
is venturing fur into dangerous regions.   Tills Un thought of, uncalled for
and  absolutely needless,  legislation,
postponed meeting should take place j an Pi10wn In the Mining Act now be- i whatever, no thought uf what he lias
Thursday evening, April 26th. In thetfor(1 t|le House, ndds still a darker I-"vested is considered, still thi   '
Ma plo Hull.    Tho secretary pro tern
wus asked to notify nil those   who
signed the curds as being In sympathy
with the League and to see tliat the
date of tlie postponed meting, when the
election nf ollicers win take place nun
Gossard Corsets
m *
The (J os sit Id N
tlic most success
ful front   Incline
Provincial Library of t-*
Corset t    British ColnuUu. Aug. 3-1G >
tu u 111 r »inn
kind ni' ii figure
you lune Ihere N
u Gossan! Model
til t'il you proper-
I) nud comfort'
nlil) uiul to meet
the requirements
nl the latest
tootles unit hod"
il} health.
nml upwards
property, and sell the property for the
debt and before even inoreing the
diamond drills, stun again und undo
the new owner nnd sn on withobt
end. No mine greut or small can escape the attack or find un end to
such attacks, The government promised to our enlisted prospectors thel
tlieir claims should be hold Inviolate
until six months utter tl nd of the
wur. but I see their rights huve fallen
also. The Impossible conditions of
payment of thn crown debt (for diamond drtllingi imposed show conclusively that the only intention ot the
Act, is to sieze the property, and there
Is no provision made for any compensation to the prospector or mine owner
gland und Franco on V. M, C. A. Military Work und is now on furlough In
Canada, will address a mass meeting
in the Rex Theatre between allows, for
all those who are Interested In the
work being Jdono for nur soldiers
overseas by the Young Men's Christian Association, Those attending the
first show ou Thursday evening next
are Invited to remain, und those com-
ing for (be uecond are asked tn come
<wtrly that nil mny hear the wonderful
l-ttury Captain IVunoii hm, ta tell.
shadow to these darkest day- of our j Act to protect the Investor
generally advertised.
Tlle constitution as proposed by tht
executive wus read nnd dlscnsaed and
some amendments made and a suggestion was made tbat the same tie
published in the local press. A motion waa made thnt Mr, Spreull be
asked to prepare an address on laws as j W(Rj1 t0 Spon*K 0f
affecting women generally, for tho
April meeting. Various plans wero
discussed regarding tbe program for
tho ensiling year nnd the moctlng adjourn rd.
history, when all should be at work
nt home and every energy employed
to bring out political Imbecility,
emenntes from our Qovernment to
utterly parallzo and confound our
beHt resources, the Mining Industry.
If the truth were told, the Short Title
of this Act should be: "An Act to
Rob the Prospector nf all reward, prevent Investing in prospects or mines,
nwindle thone who have so Invested
and to jeopardise every title to mining
property in the state of D. C."   I only
feature Of the
Bill In this letter, that Is. lis power to
confiscate any proporty, developed
mine or prospect The Co vein ment
Ma, without II *• owner**,  permission,
The people must investigate
most splendid political abomination
and demand its suppression entirely:
no amendment can make it a good bill
as it culls fnr great expenditure nnd
prospectors and miners are contented
with the mining laws under whieh they
have workeil hitherto,
A Prospector,
Watch feer elrci
liar RivlieR   neetie'
» e,r
e-ftlup nf rate |i
nyeTH nf tho city
aee el
leeeril  .listri.-t. n
hjierl being to 1
Kernie will have n tax Bale In Sep
timber,   with  rjoldlenV  property    ex
New Moire & Satin
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nil (hi. ncH slin.los of Hose, Soxc, Hello, Green*, nnd Black.
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lints and small shapes. These are made* of ony the Hest
materials ami the newest shapes. Prices to suit every
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Cranbrook Drug & Book Co.
,Ylf|eheelir 71,
W, J. ATI HISOX, Manager.
Mall Orders Knelie Prompt Atteoton
-muii: in i a>anr
The 1917 Ford Touring Car
$495.00 f. o. b. Ford. On!.
Vim pay less for this car Inn il Rives you more
enjoyment, more milage and longer service than
thus*, which cost more.
The touring car gives the utmost in automn-
leil" value, pride of ownership and economy.
Buy ;i Ford this year and save money-
$560.00 Cranbrook
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Office, Smeltlog Aieel R*flnluit Department
mssvst aa** aaanal st S.St a«a!iei* aucfc   rapt. r\i".ET\v<i
i..,i.i   ivtt'ki)   b]   The  Cruubrook
lleruld, Limited.
\   , Kiij, Editor and Manager
2 DOZ. FOR 75C
Hit*' i-** whore you
-nu- in wi 01
2 LBS. FOR 75C
AnlllillU' hi'lcr (eel* l"rjillli I'llll'-
liosps.   Takes llie* iilncc en' lard.
These will iileose yen.   Tr)
some with jeiir ne'vl order.
I rook, II. ...   V|iril .'.111. 1III7
111 II  Kill l:\l\l. M.I.IIIKHS
Arrangement! Bhould ut eence be
made to ensure that all soldlets er-
rlving iie L'ranbrook from tlie front
,,.,., ■., ,-n apteroprlate welcome home;
disabled BOldl rs have arrived recently
and ee" preiiaratlons were niiede to
receive th m. ii"! :i soul tee exte'ieil tlie
glad han I ot welcome. The numbers
returning will probably lee, uu llie
Increase and proper means eef securing advance notice uf tholr home coming .. iiii !„ arranged forthwith; tho
'.,, h of mn ■ snch organization Is
tin ■ (i  jerio ■eflectlon upon llie
Itlzon ol rranbrook, Wo ,1" not
mnl |i sold 11 mt we assemble by the
hundreds to Iaa.] godspeed to mir boys
., . • , ii,.. front, nnd on their ro-
turn homo, porlms pitifully maimed,
niter pa lng through all tho heerrors
of mode rn warfare, thai we are inline n nl    I li ee reflection i** entirely
undcBervi d, Wo aro sure thai all de-
sir,. to 'In honor to our returning
heroes, tho trouble Is apparently, that
thero nre nn ndoquntc facilities feer
ecurlng ndvnneo notice. Thi.- detect
can mnl mould bv remedied al emce.
If notice rnnnot bo obtnlnod from the*
pointi of dopnrture, arrangements
niiclit In' mnde with all train conductors whom wc nre sun* would gladly co,
,,i, rate i,i notify the' mayor, uiul u
s|n rial rece ptlnn committee be ai>
pointed  lie ni,'i'l  the' trains.
i      '■'■•
- will lune II
j.mil slock oil
I   iiu iiil to lake care.
f jour orders.
8 a Co.
- *  fffiS&j. Meets   every
'     ''.-'•'?\?S, Monday night
WSS^S*!^ a' Fraternity
Mall,"    Sojourning   Oddfellows
cordially Invited.
E. II. McPHEE,        S. FYLES,
Secy. N. a.
Cranbrook, ll. C.
Meets every Tuesday at S p.m. in
the Fraternity Hall
P.. C. Carr, C. C.
r. de Veree Hunt, K. 11. & 8.
1>. 0. Hex 622
Visiting brethren  cordially invited to attend.
t  (lltKAT lUSTIII
Never ua - thoro such an Enntor!
for bollovers nnd unbelievers alike,
i;a n ,■ 1;.,. eome in  an lite, spring,
growth, new HiiiiKs   oven now hats
;.,nl coal s lin normal tiini'sll; the1
return nf the bird, tho bursting of the
Irojon north! Ami tliis Enstor, great
liii; spiritual  events ar,' thrust  upon
n...    | I; :,| Kussta!    Have we ri'llllz
ul whal Itussin's Easter ine'aiis? It
always mean! much to tlioBc strange
] pie: they are an Intensely religious
pi oplc. Iiu! what would not some of
us give to be in Petrograd this Easter'.'
Whut a magnlflclonl hllarlousnoss wlll
thero lu-! Ami there among those
prisoners of Siberia upon whom n well
nlgli lift' long gloom has rested, thos.
glnnl iiatrieiis. who fm' country's sake
havi- lu,'ii content in re'inaiie manacled saviems.
Tii,' Resurrection nf itusslu will re-
act witli untold force upon our life
both in Europe ami this country.
Then thero aro our cousins over
Hi,, border just pulling thc blind from
ilnir eyes, thrusting aside tlmlr elol-
lar Interest nnd standing out as men.
when WO heed almost begun to eh'spiilr.
Tli,- participation "r "'" States in the*
war feer freedom is another Easter fact.
Am! who knows bul this day or
tomorrow in some better cleoror minds
a Germany tlie essential manhood
will awake ami the great revolution
in fin which shall terminate the era
nf Prusslanism in the only way pos-
stblc, that is by rovolt from within?
Ami rrom 'lay tn 'lay our victory
grows clearer, nnr armies advance
witli nccolcratins speed -tin' submarine's am netted ami destroyed— tbe
Turks fleo freem Hold to field.
Ami in,ui everywhere grow neebler.
fi r nml bettor!
Men ts In Maple Hall second
Tuesday ejf eeve.ry month at 8
p. m.
Membership open to Hritish
Visiting members cordially
E. V. Brake.       J. F. Lower,
President Secretary
* Meets   In   tin
AwV   tp Parish     Hall
•S^*.4VS>        n«'   Tuesday
^^f'Sj afternoon
/J7*v^.'r>V\ I'ViM-y    nuelll
^   nt :; p.in
**'"''   • " C    Pres.. Mrs   W
"** li,  McFarlane.
Secy, »li*. .1. W. Burton, I'. O. Box 021
All ladles co-dially invited.
■■ V'tW^'tii/
/fife    rtiV
4^    ML.
W-!S ■  : ■ il, j
■■   Wi
it/- ~k$
S MoBffict*,^WK
jri     — UM •
■re ■ ■...
I '',      rails
***' it
Ku.minu I'll) for Women,   (ft a bon or throofo
Jin.   Si I'l at iii limit Hiatal, or mulli'il t-nn
aiMroMi-.il i<-'-<-l|>l>.l |.n,.'    'Int. s. OJIELI, I'Hi,
Vltftlltr; for  r.TVe ntlrt Hroln; increaM* "gra1
innii.'i" it i ...ii ■   iv iii i.ii 11.1 ytiti up. ti a boi. a'
»/ |.rlr-'
(mi., nn.
ii<i yon up. 13 it l ... .
•hv mftllonrorflliii
{'Al.,   HI,   f!.l!„l]-lt|,t,
Tin* principle nntlerlying tlio recent
amendment to the Mineral Act is. that
the people m' British Columbia,
through its government, advances the
puhlic moneys for the furtherance nf
tin- mining industry upon thr understanding that th.* Qovernment takes a
share o! the profits .irisiiif- from cither
tin* operation or the sale of tho properties on which tin* public funds have
been expended. Thr* principle has
been estolod by all parties- and quite
rightly for ii Is n sensible policy in
overy sense of tho term. It was the
vigorous application of this principle
whicli constituted the driving power of
the aggressive policy of Qerman trade
expansion bo steadily pursued before
the wur, a policy which was driving
British and American trade to the
wnii iii every ono of tiie world's marts.
The German empire was a huge commercial organization hacked by tho
entire credit system of Ihe Gorman
nation. The Kaiser was as ready to
book an order for it million tons of
steel mils ns any commercial travel
ler for the Krupps. The (ierman cm
pire, In Bhort, "'as simly "nut Tor the
buslnoBs" and made no bones or
. xi uses whatever about It. Soon
after the outbreak of the war Great
Britain boldy adopted n similar policy
and now backs with ils enormous credit, and still greater prestige, enterprises like "Hritish Dyes. Limited"
and other companies specially formed tn combat Germany's former dnm-
Inenco in certain lines of the world1
business, To tlie credit of the present
Administration at Victoria be It said,
thai British Columbia is the first part
of tlie empire to fellow the lead of
thn motherland in making itself the
driving power behind lhe development
of onr mineral resources,
Judging from tho reports of the
discussions on the Bill in the Provincial House it would appenr that the
public money may ho advanced for
diamond drill examination nu claims
which, In the opinion of the Government mining engineer, warrant Bitch
an expenditure, if. say. $r.,OflO be expended iu this elans of work, the
property on which il is done Ih
(■harped with $10,000 plus 0 per cent
interest, and this sum mnl lutorei i
affect tin* property as would a mortgage. Mining properties best adapted
for diamond drill exploration are
those when- the ore bodies nro exceptionally large. They are. therefore,
the class most attractive to Investors,
and they are also of tho class In
which the percentage of fallun s is tho
low.'St. Assuming that this view ho
correct It would appear unreasonable
to charge 100 per cent plus a further
six per cent on tho money advanced
even when we iillow fully for thc
failures which are hound to be encountered.
It Is difficult to understand why the
principle is made to halt at diamond
drilling when for the one claim suited
to that class of examination there aro
twenty thai can be better developed
by the old system of tunnel, shaft nnd
cross-cut. With a view to working
out that Idea it has hen strongly
urged on the government thai a real
mining engineer not a professional
pessimist with the motto "My own safely first" printed on the inside of his
hat- should be appointed for ench
Mining Division whose duty it should
he to personally oxamlne each claim
recorded, and whose further duty it
would he if tho claim appeared to be
a deserving and promising one. tr,
recommend an advance of the public
money for its development; this do-
velo-i ment to bo carried on according
to tbe plan and under the direct supervision of the local englneor, nnd
the public money expended for the
actual work by the cheques of the
Gold Commission or Mining Recorder.
This system would, manifestly, kill
the chance of even the smallest kitten
of a wild-cat breed showing its snout
In public. At a Inter date this aspect
of the case will he taken up in greater
Who was the councilor that approached a gentleman, requesting his
best price, or something to that effect,
to act as dairy and milk Inspector. The
important matter of testing milk, and
inspecting dairies should not be considered from tbo dollar and cent
angle. The llerald will deal more
fully with tliis subject next week .
\V.* wish to again emphasize our
desire to make the t'ranbrook Herald
a renl live wire in advancing tho interests of its citizens. This can only
bo done hy co-operation and we cordially invite discussions on any subs
jects of general interest—a special
column will he reserved for this purpose; nonis des plumes may be used
it desired—provided the communications are signed.
The Board of Trade luncheon held
at the Cranbrook i lotel on Wednesday, is a step in the right direction—
nnd the splendid attendance should encourage the Executive to repeat the
experiment later on. An active Board
of Trade can accomplish much for
the good of the district and it behooves all who have the welfare of
the district at heart to fall iu line and
join tli'1 Board of Trade,
Wc ure pleused to note Hint the
council has awakened to the necessity
of placing cinders across muddy roadways. Fully twenty feet of real cinders now connect the sidewalk north
of the City Hall to the end of the
sidewalk near the Undertaking parlors, all done In one week. We presume ns the sun gets stronger, the
work will progress. July and August
undoubtedly will see great activity in
cinder flying. I Hist certainly is a
greater inconveninnee Ihan leaving
ynur rubbers in lhe mud hobs, as al
The necessity for legislation guaron-
teolng married women's property
rigbti in thi:- province has been more
in evidence than ever before, since
women Rot the franchise.
Hitherto the matter has been of little
immediate concern outside the home
circle of each family, hut with lbr
entrance ol' women into public life, it
Immediately becomes au important
factor in each woman':-- exercise of he:
newly acquired voting and office hold.
ini: rights. Almost all the public offices are hedged aboul hy property qualifications which bar nine-tenths of tbe
married women. For instance, a candidate I'm- the city aldormnnlc board,
or the school board mUBl he assessed
for property valued ul $500 above all
Incumbrances. Comparatively row
married woman can qualify under
pre. i'i conditions, although ibe property acquired hy ihe nimUy since
marriage maj- amount to fifty times
llii; sum,    l-a t year, when lhe Local
Council of Wem n of Cnlgnry considered ihe advisability of running another woman hn tho st-bool board, tiie
town wa- thoroughly combed without
Hiiccr tor a rnndlduto, Half a
dozen out-standing women, whoso
husbands are heavy lax-payer*, and
who would have fulfilled every other
qualification for the office, wero barred by tliis property qualification
clause. With a recognized right tn
their fair share or the family property
now held in the husband's name only,
any of these women could have qualified ten times over for the school
hoard, or the hospital board. As It is,
the ciiy is deprived of their services.
Wash Away
Skin Sores
I). I). I), the liquid wash, 1ms become a household word, It hus proved
itself a remarkable remedy. It you
are a sufferer from skin disease, including ulces, pimples, scales, crust
or Eczema ln any form, this remedy
will not disappoint you. It bas stood
tlie test, and toduy is the muster preparation for nll skin diseases. Try
I). D. D,   We guarantee It.
Cranbrook Book tc Drug Co.
Cranbrook. B. C.
D.  D.  O.
Pastor, Kev. Tims. Keyworth
Special Kaster Services
Morning ll a.m. Pastor's theme
"Fear anil Joy". Anthem. "Christ is
Risen"; duet. "Abide with me."
Sunday School & Adult Class :. p.m.
Open session, prepared service, address hy pastor.
Evening at 7.30 p.m. Subject, "Our
Resurrection Bodies, What aro they?"
(inversion ami Cso)
TAKK NOTICE thai The Consolidated Mining and Smelting Co. of Canada. Limited, whose address is Trail,
B. C. will apply for a licence to take
ami use -*> cubic feet per second OI
water out of Mark Creek which flows
easterly and drains into St. Marys'
Itive-- about. Marysville. The water
will be diverted from the stream at
a point aboul the power house on Mark
Creek Mineral Claim and will be used
fur mining, milling and power purpose^ upon tie* land described as mill-
site on Umber limit GG27.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 30th day of March 11)17.
A c< iiy of thi-- notice and an application pursuant thereto and to tho
"Water Act. 1!UI" will be fyled in the
office of the Water Hecorder at Cranbrook, Objections to the application
may he fyled wiih the said Water Recorder or with the Comptroller of
Waler Rights. Parliament Buildings,
Victoria. 11. C., within thirty days afler
tin; first appearance of this notice in
a local newspaper. Tbe date of tho
first publication of this notice is April
bth 11U7.
The Consolidated Mining and Smelting Co.. of Canada. Limited.
By .1. K. Cram. Agent.
Saddlery Co.
IIIAIIIH AllllllS lllll
Bags and
FAIOTERS—Get ymir Harness
Overhauled   fer  Spring   Work
Old Curiosity Shop.. mm mm
All kinds of
Furniture and Cooking Stoves
Bought, Sold and Exchanged
NCW MattreSSeS Just Received  Get our Prices
Subscribe to the Herald -== $2.00 a Year
Principal repayable 1st October, 1919.
Interest payable half-yearly, 1st April and 1st October by
cheque, (free ot exchange at any chartered Bank in Canada) at
the rate of five per cent per annum from the date of purchase.
Holders of this Btock will have the privilege of surrendering
at par and accrued interest, as the equivalent of cash, in payment of any allotment made under any future war loan issue in
Canada otlier than an lesus of Treasury Bills or other like Bhort
date security.
Proceeds of this stock are for war purposes only.
A commission of one-quarter of one per cent will he allowed
to recognized bond and Block brokers on allotments made In
respect of applications for this slock which bear iheir stamp.
For application forma apply to the Deputy Minister of
Finance, Ottawa.
OCTOBER 7th, 1916.
Good Krlday services.
10..10 a.m.
12-8. Three hours service, (come
In tor a quiet half hour al any line >
4,16 p.m, Children's service.
S p.m. Service of Preparation tor
Kaster Communion,
Kaster U.y Celebration.
6,30 and S a.m.
choral celebration, ll n.m,
Children's service, (special music)
7.:to p.m.
were never
A I.I,
,11 ST
Restored To Health By Vinol
Camden, N. J.—"I had a deep seated
cough, was run-down*, and my lungs wero
wi'uk aud sore, 1 had tried everything
suggested without help. One ovonlng 1 read ahout Vinol and decided
to try it. Soon I noticed an improvement, 1 kept on taking It nml today I
am a well man. The soreness it 'all
gone from my lungs, 1 do not huv- nny
COUgh und have gained fifteen pounds,
Wc guarantee Vinol for chronk
coughs, colds and bronchitis and for all
weak, run-down conditions,
Cranbrook Drug A Book Co,, Cranbrook, It. Ci also nt the best ilrui'i'l its
In nll British Columbia towns,
for the
Blue Signs
NOBODY wants to pay out morc for Furniture than one
really'has to, yet many people will do so , unless they use
foresight and secure their Furniture now.
Furniture is Going up
In fact Furniture is likely to keep advancing for some time
owing to the increased cost of material and labor.
Cranbrook Cooperative Stores
In hands of the
White Sales Company
a Sale
as this
.11 ST
111(11 I,All
Sure Signs
if your eyes can not du close
work without ache or strain; If
a blur comes over the page while
yon are reading; IE you can not
endure strong light for any
length of time, or If your eyes
nre affected hy electric light,
they need attention. Properly-
fitted glasses* may be of great
benefit to ynu. Why not let us
examine yonr eyes and fit you
with glaBBQB thai wit give satisfaction.
W. H. Wilson
8     PHONE     8
We* lm v.* o splendid assortment eel' Raster Poutry
Fresh Killed Veal
Fresh Killed Lamb
Cranbrook Meat
.1. I'. WAI.KI.KV. Proprietor.
Can you think of any reason why
there should not bc one in your
KHhy I'm lues pictures
The   Misses
Enid QUI left o
lu spend two W
Ortua McNabb
Macdonald ami
day for Calgary
• ■ guesl of Miss
Get   your   Hot
Home Bakery.
Cross   Huns  ut   the
Mrs. Cadwallader and family left
on Friday last for Trail.
Miss A, Ryekman Is visiting In Creston.
Mr. u .0. Dwyer Bpent n oouple
duys In town this week on buslnes
We  hurry
tiie Star.
with   Shoe   Repairs   at
Mrs. Martin McCreery is upending n
lew wuehi In l.elhliridge, the guest «.r
Miss Brynmor
100. .lohn
Mn,   C,
n Mon In
. wlin has heen tin
X. Parker, has re
Cood I'Yiil.iy un
gol l htin nl tin
t era
[1,1 lei
Lot us fix up ynur storage buttery
now atul have it ready for thu fiue
wen ther.    Kootenay  Carage.
Mlaa N. I inui
rtobortBOn. are
ley and cousin, Miss E
visiting Miss E, Uyck-
Shoo Laces of all kinds at the star
Shoe Shop,
Miss Robertson Ls hemming to her
homo in Cayley, Alta., after a three
months' visit in Marysville.
Mrs. W. Lindsay, of Kimberley, Is
spending the week-end with her mother, Mrs. Kennedy.
We are carrying a full line of hoots
ind shoes.— Cranbrook Exchange,
Vrmstrong Ave.
Hot Cross Buns for Good Friday at
the Home Bakery,
Mrs. George H. Thompson left for
Seattle on Saturday.
We don't keep you waiting for repairs at the Star.
Mr. Fred Ritchie of Victoria, the
genial and popular representative ot
Wilson Bros., is in tho city this week.
Safety Deposit Vault at Beale & Elwell's—Deposit Boxes, to rent at nominal rates.
The Ladies of the Baptist Mission
Circle wlll meet at the home or Mrs.
C.ilroy on Thursday, April 12th. at
three o'clock.
Mr. Jack Braithwalte of Cranbrook,
left on Wednesday for Clillliwack, B. C.
for n few weeks holiday witli his par.
Modern house to let on Armstrong
Avenue, apply lo Heale ,*;• Klwell.
it Ackers. Ci'.R. agent at
Fori Steeh and Mrs. Ackers stopped
off in tin- city Sunday on (heir return
home from Spokane where they hud
gone to attend the funeral '->■' Mr
Acker's father.
Mr, and Mrs. Ceorp.- B Watson and
two young sons ot Fori Steele came
over to tho city last Monday to bid
goodbye to .Mr. and .Mrs. Nelson who
left ror the Coast that day,
Mr A, B. Macdonald, harrister, left
for Victoria and other coast cities on
Mondaj to Join Mis. Macdonald who
has I- .'ii visiting oui then- for gome
lime. Mr. Macdonald i xpects to re-
turn nfter the Banter holiday
The remains of Mil. Annli Johnson.
tin* Hv. year old daughter ot Mr. Ole
Johnson, «ii Wardner, was taken
from ('ranbrook in Wardm i on Sunday lasi where Internment wa   madi
on  Mondaj     I >> id  past i d  awaj
on Saturday lasl In tin st. Eugene
Hospital, suffering  from  menengltla.
I.I A.
r the it. ni L.E. will hold
k ami home cooking on
iiiiiin. April Hlth in Hi
lance to follow in il
mnd-painted tray is to
keta on sale at Blnntngi
iy  is on exhibition.
s, formerly in the
i A' Co., has enlist
ers  should
Mr.  Ernes
employ of P. Parks & Co., 1
ed In the Artillery.    Lette
bo addressed  :
Driver 15 Jones, Xo. .149t>-U
"C" Itallery, R. c. n. A.
Kingston,   Ontario
Remember the Knox Church Ladies
Aid Easter Sale to he held in the
Sunday School room on Saturday afternoon consisting of aprons, fancy
hags, boudoir caps, children's wear,
candy and home cooking. Afternoon
tea will be served, sale commences
at three o'clock.
Mr. Rort Johnson at the Lund Ranch
at Wardner. has just received two
cars of cattle. (JO head in all, among
which are six registered Holsteins,
to augment the dairy herd now at the
ranch. Two hundred head of fliu
cattle are now domiciled at the ranch.
Why Cranhrook
premier wall paper
Mr.  11.  E.  Howard's
will he glad to hear hi
road to recovery after
many friends
Is well on the
iiis severe ill-
Apt, Yi* r. Doran, Cranbrook Exchange
Wc lune a snppl] of thr
foil.mini* in mtpplj yonr limits
thi*. noehi
Fresh Beef
Veal and
HON  wim i  \
Rabbit or
im; \ i ii wi.i
City Meat Market
\\* It. BLACK, Mur.
9    HOOKS    WKST    OP    OLD
I'llOM: W
Mrs. T   L. Drummond will open a
rooming end  hoarding  house on  the
! tt'.th of April In the house recently
vacated by Hr. Geo. Tisdale.      H-lt"
Miss   Nellie   Handley  of  Mary: villt
and her cousin Miss Robinson of Cay.
ley, Alta . were visitors iu the city on
We are carrying a full Hue of boots
and shoes Cranbrook Exchange,
Vrmstrong Ave.
an hv culled the
■ town of 11. C. Bo
cause Carr has the largest show-rooms
and display, und the greatest variety
Of papers, all up to date, at the Imvest
price. I can show you where I can
sell you better paper*- at lowir prices
than any mall order house. Let's
prove it   to vou.
The funeral of Miss Annie Blurlon,
who died last Thursday iu the St.
Eugene Hospital, took place last Sunday from the Roman catholic Chapel
at the Hospital at 3 p.m.. Internment was made In thc Roman Catholic
Cemetery. Father McGulre officiated.
The funeral was attended by friends
and delatlves including Mr. aud Mrs.
De Mille, brother-in-law and sister of
the deceased, of Medicine Hat.
Miss Edith Lewis of Cranhrook was
the recipient of a facsimile of an iron
cross made of aluminum taken  from
j the  wreckage of a  Zeppelin  brought
I down inside the Allied lines in Salon-
iki in June 1915    She is Indeed fortunate to obtain such a novel souvenir as many  would  like to get  hold
of  a   little   piece  of  Germany's  destroyed hopes worked into such    r
■ pretty souvenir.
Mr. John Miller, accountant at   th.
' Canadian Hank of Commerce and Mrs
POULTRY hli I'l us
The  present year  w 11 | n . i
increase in the numbi r ol ■ ban poul
try keepers. The almo I prohibitive
prices of eggs and poultrj durli
past winter have caused nianj consumers to seriously considi i the home
production of tlies. very m arj an .
useful commodities It I. Important
also that any effort- put forth In his
direction result satisfactoi
Many difficulties presi
in attemping to  raise ■ '•■■■ •■■ i ■
cesBfully on a small cit) loi     Ex er
ience has shown  tiiat  : ■   besl   waj
for urban poultry keeper   I i filter tbe
poultry  husiness  Is  by  tli
of pullets in the fall    W'< ll-i
pullet are the mosl   n liable   n inter
egg producers and If i ell    an
will not only pniiiii.     ; 1 iitj  ul  fn
eggs ror the break!
return a reasonable profil   n I
pendlture entailed
Ordinarily, well matui ■ d nulli I
rather  scarce  and   difficult   to   nbl
In the fall of the year, li Is Believed,
however, if the matter were taken up
systematically by poultrj \ nclatloni
that the difficulty could bi overcome,
and, incideiiully. servo as it mean ■ I
increasing Interest In ii:'' poultry i:.-
dustry. Practically every large town
and city has its local poultrj A so
elation. It is suggested thai each
Association give some publicity to the
suitability of thrifty, well motor il
pullets for | rofitahle winter egg production and advertise lin- foci lhal thc
hatching and rearing of pullets thh
spring and for their dellrevy In ti
fall. It could be announced thnt (r-'
ilers would he taken during the month
of April nnd the first part of May. Ail
those dsaliing pullets in this way
could join the Association and mak'.'
a small deposit covering the number
The  Association   con
such arrangements as
essary  with  nearby Co
Boclatlons, farmers and hr
the growing oftho pullets, ;
price   to  he   decided   upon
assembled at some centra
each locality and the stock
neut  winter quarters befo
vere weather set  In, suy I
of October.
Federal Assistance,
In order that greater effi
may  be given  to  tliis   prop
Dominion  Live Slock  Brand
pared   to  extend,  to  all   Ass
qualifying   under   these   pi
the same assistance thai i* given to
Associations   desiring   to   purchase
other kinds of pure bred live slock,
namely,  the   payment of  reasonable
travelling expenses, during the time
required to conclude tho purchase and
transport the stock to destination
representatives of Associations, in
section  of Canada, desiring to  '
chase ullepts In lots of 300 or m
Sl\onld it he desired, tlie  Live Si
Commissioner   will   also   munlnat
suitable erson who will ho di
uccompany  this   representative   and
nsslst   him as far as possible In  the
selection and shipping of the pullets.
In the general Interest- of the poultry industry throughout the Dominion
and the urgent need tliis ycur for Increased production of eggs and poultry and the releasing thereby of a
large surplus for export to Great Britain, it is hoped that as many Associations as opsslble will take advantage
of this reposition. All Associations
desiring to become active in this direction ure requested to write lite Live
Stock Commissioner. Ottawa, at once
for further advice and nstructons In
the matter.
erative As
roedera for
a minimum
i could be
il depol   in
the last
Did and exerlencod poultry-man, atari
id iu with about three acres and 300
birds, and has proved conclusively thai
poultry raising can be made to pay
when handled in the right way. Pure
bred birds liave always been kept -
Leghorns, Reds aud Barred Rocks, and
many prizes have been captured by
tu,' birds wherever shown. At the
same lime Mr. Robson has always
paid close attention lo tlie building up
of u heavy laying strain, us in this
lirs the secret of SUCCODS In catering
In the egg market.
As evidence of Iim big local demand
for good oggs, Mr. Robson states that
although his -150 birds have heen lay- j
Ing well, ho has been unable to fully
supply tlu* market and the one thousand dozen eggs he put down last summer were all gone early in January.
What one man has done, others may
also do, the land, the climate, the
market are right here, and the Insist
ent call Is heing sounded for niorp
and still more production.
■il tn
Tho Annual Meeting of the Graduate
.Nurse's Association of British Columbia will be held In Victoria, 11. C,
on Easter Monday, April Dth.
Then* will be tlirtjo sessions, morning, afternoon, and evening. A good
program of papers und Interesting
speakers has boen arranged for,
The morning session, beginning ot
10.30, at tin* Victoria .Nurse's Clnb.
will he devoted to business; the election of officers for 1917 aud 1818   to
lake   plaee.
Among the papers promised are the
following. "The value of goat's milk
for Invalids". "Child welfare work In
ihe Vancouver Schools." "Nursing in
Mission Hospitals in B. C." and "Look I
lug  Forward,"
Tho Victoria Nurses will he "At
Home" to all visiting nurses and members from 4.30 to fi p.m. on that day
The meetings are open one** ,and
the Association Is glad to welcome
friends of the Nurses, and all others
who would like to conic
Phone 117
House  140
Kootenay Garage
Complete Plant for
Repairing- and Charging
He'll lie
.rtfaH ,
'inirloe; Mngce. the* locomotive ■
r. went to KliiRKKiit.* een Ttn*s- i
Residents of British
Columbia I
Do Vou Approve Of The l-lx-
tatlng Plan Whereli) Tlio Bus!-
ih'kk Of Dentistry In It. C. Is
Under Tlte Absolute Control Of
A "Close < 'orporut Ion" (loin*
posed of Dentists Only '
Which explains proposed legislation
for more properly rogulattng tho business from the puhlic slundiioini.
To lonm tliet real fuels ns tn conditions which nre Ot personal Interest
lo every resident of the province und
the proopsot) remedy.
Ileum .t, 1117 Maiding*. Ht., West,
Vancouver, It. C.
day to take over his former run on
Hi,. Kingsgate-Yahk line.
Mr William C. McDonald, C.P.R
baggageman, a former resident of
cranhrook hul now of Lethbridge, visited the city last Sunday,
Flre Insurance Is an urgent necessity Don'l pul It off until tomorrow,
bul phone Heale A Blwell ni once for
Mr A IV Trites, a prominent mer-
^uini of Fernie arrived in the clly
em Sunday to meel Mra, Trites returning from Spokane,
Mr P I. Buckley, n well known
lumberman, Of Vancouver, wns In the
city the early part of lhe week conferring wiih local lumbermen,
The Caslake residence on Hanson
Avenue, for sale, For full particulars ns to price nud terms, npply to
Heale mnl Klwell.
Mr, J. H. Doyle of Creston. the
newly appointed sheriff of Kootenny.
arrived in the city on Saturday and returned home Sunday.
Mr. Nelson Winlaw of Nelson, n
prospective Crlt candidate fo rthe Federal House of Kootenny. was In the
city Friday ami Saturday.
Mrs, Charles Mngee and Mrs. Arnold Wallinger rotumed on the delayed
custhound train Inst Sunday from
Spokane where thoy hud boon visiting for several ilnys.
Mr. (leorge Del] of Calgary arrived
In lown Tuesday to tnlte over the
management of the Imperial Dank
ponding the recovery of Mr. Howard
who Ims lieu lit for nouie line.
Miller left for Vancouver and othet
coast points on Monday. Mr. Miller
expects to be absent about tliree weeks
bul Mrs. Miller will remain out there
for nt least three or four months
visiting friends and relatives.
Mr Dante] Murphy, locomotive engineer, returned t" his regular run on
the west bound passenger Monday
after nn absence of about six months,
n will bo remembered that Mr. Murphy was the victim of a rather serious accident in the C.P.R, yards here
Inst fall, and only missed being killed
under his engine by a few Inchob,
New arrivals in Craubrook at Carr's,
The last shipment of Spring Wall
Papers have arrived. A wide variety
of pretty papers all this Spring hit.
tornS, Soft shndes of hrown. green,
and inns, etc.: halls, living ri.oms,
and dining rooms, dainty pinks, blues,
inauves. and yellows for hed rooms.
Mostly all have ready cut out borders
und go on sale Saturday at 5c, 1'ilaC.
I fie, -'Or, 2fip, per roll, at Carr's, the
premier wall paper store of 11, C,
Mr. nnd Mrs. A. C. Nelson left for
Vancouver on Monday where they
will remain for about four months or
more. Mr. Nelson who has been an
invalid for severnl years hopes that
the change mny do him good, and we
feel quite confident that if the wishes
of ills many friends in tlie Cranhrook
district are renllzed, lm will return
If not fully recovered, at least very
much improved in health.
Tn Mr. nnil Mrs, V. Bullock,
eeelny. April ^stIi. a daiiglitor,
The Oovornmonl Office will be cloned during ihe Eastor Holidays nn
Friday, Saturday and Monday, (be Bth,
7th, and Dth April, 1917.
.POULTRY   RAISING   l\   Till:
Poultry raising In the ('ranbrook
district offers very good returns both
to the dairyman who makes it a side
line and to the Btraight poultry farmer making It his business to supply
the very large demand for eggs and
table fowl-
We are fortunate In having a wide
awake Poultry Association, with quite
a largo number of members handling
poultry more or less as a side line, hut
to Mr. Oeo. Robson belonps the unique
position of being the only one iu the
('ranbrook dlstrlcl running n Btraight
exclusive poultry business, and what
is more Importnnt. making it pay.
Coming from Missoula, Mont., sotiir
four years uko, Mr. Robson who Is an
Made Strong By Our Vinol
Fort Edward, X. V.—"I was iu a rundown, nervous and weak condition, bo I
could not do the liiiiis,\w.ik for mj llttlo
fumily of three.   1 had taken I liver
oil I'lnuUiuii*, iiii-l oiler remedies with*
out  lien.dit.     A   friend   told   tie   about
Vinol.   I tried it and it a built up my
•strength and made mo a n'ell woman w
I now do all of my housework."—Mrs,
Ki.mkk Gmddk.v.
We guarantee Yiiml tn restore
streagth and build up run-down, weak
and debilitated conditions,
Cranbrook Drug -fc Hook Co., Cranbrook, B. C, also at the best druggists
tn all British Columbia towns.
Card of Thank*
ish to express our 1
and gratitude for tin
ses shown, by liar host ot
to Miss Annie Blurton, during
long illness, who recently
d away in the St. kugene Hos-
Mrs, A. Perry.   .Mrs. I.w> Hv .Mille
For Bilious
That heavy headache, ten id
liver, sick stomach, bitter taste
in mouth, furred tongue, dull
eyes and muddy skin, all come
from a poor supply of bile.
These unhealthy conditions are
promptly corrected by
D pills
which stimulate the liver,
regulate the flow of bile,
sweeten the stomach, and
renew healthy bowel action.
A household remedy approved by sixty years of public service. For every-day
illnesses, Beecham's Pills
are a tested
Laractt Sala sf Any Mtdictnc in the WorU.
Sold tf-.-Twl-.--r**.   In boi t*, 2St,
saves money
a farmer writes us. "It
cuts down the quantity
of powder required and
stumps eome  out  cleaner
charges by pushing down thc handle of your electric Blasting machine.   1 have found that whether
I fire with a battery or with fuse and cap,
goes further and' docs
stumping powders."
Giant Stumping Powder—made in Canada fur 32
has been used feer years by the leading fanners in thi
Many of tliem tried other make:
that Giant gets the stumps out
cleaner and cheaper. If you are
not already ustngGiantStumping
Powder, specify Giant the next
time ueu need explosives.
better work than ordinary
r jj years—
eut their tests have shown
Have you
our book?
It ynu haven't,
write for it today,
I: i onta'ms44 ftlut-
trationsof the most
effective methods of blasting, It shows
how to do many kinds of farm work in
the cheapest, easiest way. Mail the
coupon ur a post card.
Free Book
Stum* BUnini
. Bouldir BU-atmi
Road M*l*.in|
Trtt B«-J Blattinc
Diteb BUatint
□ Miaiat—Ouarrrim
After Every Meal
The Flavor Lasts
jj PACE Font
(il Illl £ SPREULL
Barristers, Etc.
\\. I. Gnrd G, .1. Spreull
WYl'l nn:
His. Greon * M
lc kill mill
physicians nud
Ollice  nt  residence
Evenings  7.30 to
Sundays,  2.30 to
, B. C.
uu. v. ii. mii,i:s
OBce In Hanson Block
li to m n.m,
l to   5 (era.
'he  elance   .vlilcli   wub  glvon
Dl   Wycllttu, in
OK   01 II    HOYS
Till:    FRONT
Mnlenitrj i.i.l Gonoral Nursing
Garden Ave.
Tot-ma on Application
MRS. A. SALMON, Matron
I'liono 2M I'. II  Uox 845
, een tlie evening ot March
b8 a very enjoyable
occa  I concerned.   Owing to
thc generosity ot tlle Otis Staples
..: the trustees of the Clubhouse, there were no rent or light ex
pense • t" lee met. Consequently the
committer In charge wos able to turn
uver a tidy litlle sum to the local
brancii ot the lle'il Cross Society where
ie is urgently needed.
The ladles ot Wyclifto are (living
a bean supper followed ley a program
ot amusements In the Club-house on
tho evening of April 12th. Thc admission fee of fifty cents will cover
everything,   As the nro ds are. to be
devoted t" buying material for tte*d
Cross worft here, it is hoped ami exported i lent ii largo number ot people
wlll be in attendance.
The ladles of tho Rod Cross Society
bore, tre making on imilvhluu! can-
, ; all the single men, with n view
to obtaining', or rather extorting, thc
promise nf a monthly donation lo tlmt
enrthj   organization.
\ great I leer of men havo been
discharge ,1 trom tho oils stale's l.uiii-
li, r Cn's logging camps this week,
owing 1" a  surplus Of belts being eele
I It will be appreciated It every
I pierson receiving news of or from
1 our Hoys will kinelly notify tin*
, "Herald
I.Mlll.VW  &  DEWOLF
Clill and Jlining Engineers
H. c. Land Surroyors
. M
ie 308, Night I'hnne 115
Aie, next to Clly Hull
of Plnnoforto
Crnnbrook, ll
C,               lleex
Mr, e, ll. Knocke returned rrom
Calgary on Sunday, bringing wltli him
n pure-bred trotting mare, whicli lie
purchased from thc bams of I. O,
Buttle, mi that city, Mr, Knocke, who
Is somewhat of h horse fancier, Ims
noi topped ihorl of the beat this time.
Ills purchase whs bred on tin- Hamilton Sunk Farm ol* Hamilton, Montana.
Her Biro wns "King Amos" and her
mother "Montana Beauty." It was im
[joBslblo lo elicit the maro's speed
rrom tlie proud owner. Doubtless this
Is withheld for obvious roaBons, but
should it be in direct proportion to
thf appearance and action of the equl
ous quadruped, It should he suffloelnt
to hurl cunsternutlou among the ranks
of any hitherto local celebrities of the
cinder track.
Mr. Albertson and son, left for Spokane yesterday where they Intend to
spend tbo week.
Vol another family, in tlio persona
of Mr nnd .Mrs. W, .1. Perry und three
daughters, moved Into Wycliffe last
week. Mr. Perry has taken up tbe
riutii    of Baw-mlll foreman.
Mrs, m. I'. Howard, of Cranbrook,
is tbe guesl of Mrs. S, G. Clark this
tt ——
Dear .Mr. Bridge: I have just received your kind card stating tiiat the
congregation of Christ Church have
forwarded me a parcel to Qermany.
1 can hardly tell you how much your
kind Irishes and thoughtfulness have
touched inc. I have repeatedly written to Cranbrook but have ne
cetved a reply, no was all tlie more
delighted to hear from the place wliere
1 spent so many happy days.
I was badly wounded In the grolo
and lower abdomen on tho 24th April.
1016 anil was taken prisoner a tew
hours afterwards. 1 believe, however,
tliat my regiment gave a very good
account ot Itself, 1 wonl bore you
with a long BCCOlinl ot my trials as a
Prisoner eel War. bul Iel m n you
that It Is thanks lie sueh avis of kind-
nose as yours thai our lives we're' bearable'.
I was Invalided ne Switzerland ou
the mtli August line; and leave since
mado a marvelous recovery, largoly
duo to tho skill, sympathy and good
food of the Swiss. I do nol think Hon
I can evor forgot the memorable day
when we crossed lho trontlor. Ml I
know is H.at 1 owe a debl to Switzerland whicli it will uodlftlcull to ropny.
Ai prosonl 1 liave' some mosl congenial  work as  I  am  at  thc  Brilisli
Legation.    II really b ns as II my
troubles are ended ol last.
Please remember me to all my old
friends and In particular to Mr. and
Mrs. Ormston, Mrs.Losllo, Mr. ond
Mrs. Wallinger and their family. Onco
more' pleas,' convey my warmest
thanks to tho congregation of Christ
Church and with heartfell gratltuto
for your kindness. I remain, yeenrs
lncerely, Prank 13. 1 Rossolly
llrltlsh Legation
11 rn.'.
|.*eh. 3rd, 1UI7
The  following  U
rtlcle on tho all-iin-
portant question
if trade policy ap-
peared    In    a  ri
:ent    Issue of tho
Calgary News-Tel
gram, and thc sub.
jeet i3 of much vit
,1 importance at the
present time, we
. print the whole ot
If anything eh
• were noeded. the
speech of tlie Hi
i!   John  Hodge, thc
Labor member ii
the Lloyd George
govcrnmenl of Gn
a! Britain, has Bitre-
lv sounded the d
[v.thnell or the  free
trade  fallacy.    1
nne   was   when   the
greal muss of Brl
Ish worklngmen la-
bored   under the
delusion  that  free
trado wns the i.h
al fiscal syslem for
Britain.    11 waB
inly the capitalistic)
class thai  embrn
■od sueh an  unholy
and unorthodox ll
lng us tariff reform;
and, hnd such in
■n as Lloyd Oeorge
in  the
icoplo havo e
eeon living ii
hnve tound that
llu nil
no -
s. It. W.
. Thompson
v.. .1. Parker
>. O. Dox 280
If.vou want  satisfaction
with vour washlne
send it to
Special prices for familv
reek, su
nnetl of St. Marys Prairie
hospital iu t'ranbrook last
■lng from neuralgia, ft was
Forwarding  and   Distributing
Agent for
l.illibridge' und Grcenhill Coal
Imperial Illl Co.
Distrhution Cars a Specialty.
Dnijintr and Transferring
Given prompt attention
Phone 63
General .Merchant
Employment Agent
P. O. Box 10S Phono 21!
The dnnco In aid of llie Ited Cross
Society here on 18th will be held as
usual in lhe> Band Hall. A supper will
he served for lUc (2 feer 2Teel lu tho
Masonic Hall. Mrs, Wallinger's Cranbrook Orchestra will bo in attendance.
This Is tho first dance given by the
Hod Cross sinee last October.
Patriotic Society subscriptions for
February amounted to $35.00. The
list follows: A. Doyle, $r,; ('. Malr,
S.V It T. Richardson, *S'-!iO; H. Kershaw. $2.60; Reg Baker, S2; O. Baker,
SI- \ .1 Qrez, *t; Mrs. P. Cann, TeOc;
A M Bate. BOc; Mrs. A. B. Fenwlek.
Fancy-work  Fund, ?10.
llll'ii reports show that over 4000
carloads of lumber were shipped out
of Hull Illver during the year. Last
week ten carloads wero Bhlppcd out.
Visiters In Cranbroeek on 3rd wcre:
Mr nml Mi's. O. Watson and sons. Mr.
■mil .Mrs B. Attree', Miss U. Attree.
Mrs !•' Cann. Miss A. Maye Hale*. A.
Ooy'le. A. 11.  Fenwick, and W. Taen-
'Vr Brown, teacher at Ta Ta Creek,
was In lown ou Sunday bidding lure-
well to frlonds before leaving noxt
woek tor Vancouver to e-uliht,
Mrs .1. Crowe and son Wallace ar'
spending a fow days in Wasa.
The' Ladles Aid meeting look place
last Wednesday al Hi'- home of Mrs.
Oeo   llaher.
Sam Cndieux leas rontcd Ills ranch
•it c| |, Crock ami Mr. anil Mrs. e'ad-
leux will live in lown for Uie preaent.
\     Kmery    rocoived an  injury  In
his leg lasl  week ns a result of
kick from Ids cow.
Mr Peters, nt C. P. It. Vancouver,
anil several eirflclals ot that railway,
passed   thrieiiL'h   lown   Tuesday.
The Kootenay Central was delayed
in reaching Fori Steele several hours
,,., T dav nielli.   Tlle train was lielel
Tin' Sinee Specialist
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Headquarters for all kimis of
ai Mileage
I Environ.
72, helve
en Uueliiini
Holt. I nunc, Prop.
Cakes, Pies
ami P
Opp  City Hnll
Spokane, Washington
This house has ilie
happy distinction of being tho favorite stopping place In Spokane
for the people of British
Columbia Wo appreciate
thin patronage and do
everything in our power
to make yon comrortablo.
Our location Is excellent —
close to Greut Northern Station
and 0. W. It. & N.—Milwaiikeo
terminal, and within n minute's
walk from 'he principal business
houses nnd places of amusement,
See   StHUUHhiii   (in    Hue*'
,\ C Nelly, tie Inspector, Bpent the
week-end in town. Willie here he
landed  18 mrs of lies for A. Doyle.
School attendance: Those wiio bad
perfect attendance during February
wero: Hi vision 1 Goorgo Werden.
Hell n Wlrth, Itobert Werden. Grace
Daker, Pearl Johnaon, Alfred Ker-
sii:iw. William Walsh. Grace fJran-
tion, Amy !';"! Quan, Alfred Kersliaw,
linker. Itobert Johnson, Geo. Watson
Margaret Worden, Uo Walsh, Sylvln
j Mtendonco Division 'J. -Akih-h Walsh,
ir-,\ Cameron, Carlin Clilsholra, Prli
! cilia   Fenwick,  Kdith  Kershaw,   Dot
| Walsh.    Mamie   Washington,   Annie
j Wlrth, Ella Fenwick, Itittli Hayes.
.1 c Taylor, optician from Vnn-
\ cnuvrr, wos in town mi week-fiid,
! picking  out   l\'<-  flaws  iu  everyones'
'.i  Macdougnl ol ureal West Sadler)
■ Co , -if Calgary, wns in town last week
[ also sd Kiui.r of Vancouver Eldora
Cigar Co.
'2c per word for firnt week, and lc per
word for each week after.
KOIt SAI.i: lliimlll'ii. .liii'Ulmtor,
1*80 eggs; coal $30; In use once; wlll
-.ill for $10.   Plume 180.
l ni: SAI.i: Overland, five pussM*
ger automobile, good running order,
new lires, $250 cash. -Kootenny Gar-1
ago. Htf
• nnd  John   Hodge departed  from  the
' beaten trade path, ihey  would hnve
! been   put) down  as  fiscal   horotlcfl,
I pleaders for "apodal privileges," and
the advocates ot monopoly, unworthy
ni" ih.  support of ihe imissi
greal   so-cnllod   free  brntlo
j of ih,- world,
Hut ihe British
covered thoy lmvo
1 fills,, paradise. The
| th<*ii' Tree trodo poll.
< lng in build up Gormony Instead of
| Britain. The war has removed tlie
! last cobweb from tho British eye.
Listen to whal lie Hon. John Hodge,
I Labor's representative in tile govern-
1 ment, said al ;i recenl trade conferonco
\ in  Brltaln:-
!    "Previous to the war  we thought
i free  trado mean)  the  prevention  of
' war;   that so long as we Imd tin* open
door Germany would  never  risk  tli"
; loss of her trado by Indulging lu war.
Wo   want nl  cheap  commodities  but
the war has dropped tho Bcales from
' eyes.   Three million ions of steel were
coming yearly into this country from
Germnny,   1 want to see no more Ger-
I man steel in tills country while tiiere
i is  an  idle furnace in   this  country,
i When every furnace here is occupied,
1 then I might Id a little bit in.   How
i silly we were in tho pant to have an
j open door as against a closed door!
I think wo want tn give tbem tit for
lat  in the future.    It used to be said
that no trade union leader believed
in a policy of that kind.   We cannot
say that today.   Australia is a protected country, and tbe standard of living there Is the highest In the world.
So-called inrlf reform or protection
dues not mean tin* lowering of the
standard of lire."
Today there arc Bonte theorists iu
Canada- particularly  iu   tho  West -
who insist upon trying to Impose upon
country a policy tlmt. after years
xperlence iu Groat Britain, is de-
eh tenderlings bad not hitherto as-; ,.]iir(,,j |1V leading men of all occttpa-
Webster says "Giving satisfaction or content; making redress; relieving the mind from doubt or uncertainty."
When you trade at this store your mind is "relieved from
doubt or uncertainty" because you are guaranteed 'satisfaction
if any article purchased here and found not right you have
ample "Redress", bring it back and exchange it or get your
As we buy only "Guaranteed" goods you will do us a favour by letting us know if ihey are "satisfactory" or nol, lhal
is the only way we can gel the much desired information.
It is not a habit-it's a "Safeguard" lo trade here.
Vonr Money Hack
ii' Goods arc nol its
Wlml Is It All Almnt I
It is difficult for many people to
realize that politics is not necessarily
the activity of two opposing parties.
hut that men and women urgently
Interested in tbe progress of their
country may work for its welfare from
quite other than party motives. Difficult to realize, but a fact nevertheless! Such is the position of tho Non-
Piirtizan League of Kast Kootonay.
The idea uncurled itself in some-one's
brain, that since we were about to
admit a large body nf persons (heretofore not technically considered to bo *.*,*
persons)  to thu franchise, aud since | of
sailed the lorty peaks nf political intrigue, it would he well to gather them
into some league wherein thoy might
together consider tlieir new privileges
and the problems Involved. The idea :
having uncurled, spread its ..ings
(IJlte a giant after the proverbial
cream-soda) and crawled from the obscurity of a brain pan into the lime
light ot the Rex Theatre—and thence
after much wriggling, stepped forth
triumphantly embodied. In seven days
time, in a lumderd and forty women
n[ Troy mr was it Cranhrook?)
To speak plain Knglish the Nonpartisan League is now a live eou-
cern witli every prospect of a healthy
useful career.   Wluii do you ii.t.-u	
We hope lo publish some reply to
tliis question next week.
Kaslo. ».<"., April 2.—Pranli
Quefltln died suddenly today al ;: p.m.
Ho had beeu in his usual state of
health up to a few moments before be
died, lie was watching a game of
checker* in the (Jueen's hold and
walked away lo gel u drink of water
and wiiltat-Ml htuh laughing, when In-
fell dead.
The verdict at tlie Inquest attributed ! •.,„(,,   nniong
the cause of death to apoplexy.
Deceased was associated with J. Rl.
Allen at the Queen's liotel. lie bad
no relatives In this country. Imt a
brother lu Fori Wayne, Indiana, who
wus an otllcer In the American arm)
Me was 65 years of age .
[Mr. Mcqaestln will no doubt he re-
membebred by many of lhe old tliiier?
In Crunbrook as he was one of thu
tiiui- i" havo lieen weighed, ami found
wauling.     Ami   Q   fiscal   syslem   tliat
has been found detrimental to Britain
- with its Isolated position aud water
communication with the world—would
ho almost suicidal for a country like
Canada, with its immense inland territory  and  long  railway  hauls.
it is admitted, of course, that the
protective system has not heen scientifically applied or judiciously administered  In  Cauada.    Tiiere are many
things   to   be  desired   in   connection
with Its application.   While favoring
protection,   The   News-Telegram   has
always been of the opinion  that  the
average Canadian tariff is about forty
per cent ton high,   hi addition to that j
we  shniild  in   this  country  liave  an!
excise   tariff  for  ijopiostlc   manufactures tiiat will  In* operated in con-
jnnciion with the import tariff.   That j
excise tariff would compel Canadian
manufacturers m share with the people   who   extend   them   import   tariff j
protection and  profits made through
that   protection,  and   would   prevent j
them from putting down iu their own
■pockets any extra profits mnde possible through protection.    By using
judiciously lhe ainoimt BO received
from an excise tariff otlier taxes could
be so reduced as to perceptibly lighten
the burdens of tin- people aud distrl-
ilo'iti    a
that tiiere is good reason for a revision of tiie tariff downward, oven
though free trade is out of the question. That being so, we think thfl wise
plan on the part of the farmers would
be to revise the tariff plank In their
platform. There are net many out-
and-out free traders in Canada; but
there are very few people who bave
any defence for tlie present high tariff.
With the Western farmers on tiie one
hand demanding free trade, anil the
Kastern manufacturer:, demanding
high protection, the real desires of
the great mass of moderate-minded
people and the ideal fiscal system
for a country like Canada are being
defeated. There Is a splendid opportunity, just at this time, for tlie whole
Western people to get toge! her aud
form a Western party tl at will make
its Influence felt in parliament. But
to make that influence felt, our demands must be reasonable and of a
kind that will appeal for support to
other parts of tlie country. And. If
one of those demands is for a lower
tariff instead for free trade, as the
Western farmers would attempt to
force it. wi' would get other support,
and it would be a source of strength
to the whole cause of Western Canada,
aud enable us to secure many reforms
that we sorely need, but which are being indefinftotly postponed because
of an attitude with respect to the tariff
for instance, tluit does not appeal as
reasonable to the people in other parts
of Canada.
Safety First
NotleinB ih morotrnportnattotheFur
Shipper th:in .1 .iew business wilh an
lloiu.t-le.'iiut'l.— Koslioeiaibh'—Safe
Fiji- House.
"Ship to Shubert"
lhe I;ir«e.e \„.\is,' in llie WurU dentine
exclusive y in Arnueienn Knw Fura,
..lii.r.- \ u will ;.lw .... r.'.-fi." an A.rural,
im.i i.i!- r .i A .... nnu tl. il .■ Ilphe.t Marie, t
Price. ""1 "c n'u '1 "*eiub.rt" Klllcicnt,
Si., dy, I'uutKinu. aervice.
\Vr"e for eh.* Intrrt e.lilion of "Uhr
eiinlirr! r>H.p|err" runmininti valuabi,
Mnraet InforuiMlon yuu inual havo.
a     ra    finenrner   t        25-27 WEST AUSTIN AVE.
A. B. SHUBERT, Inc. D.Pe ciii,,,chicago,u.s.a.
iiliiielliil Unit lieevv uiii-h exclusively tei
tin. domestic manufacturers. An uvit-
ae-'i' Imparl inrirf nt' L'» per cent, wilh n
tariff nn domestic maaufacturss nf
in por cent, would Bfford stnplo ond
rensonablo protocttoti to Canadian
manufacturers, mnl would materially
,,. i i in in.' Industrial development nf
ciiiiiiilii. e-.iiile.' in,' excise tariff of m
lirst proprietors nf tlio Quosn's Hotel
hers lu .lia curly days bolni ie portnsr
nf the lint. Oliver Hurn.'. Mr. Mc-
('ui'stln visited friend" In I'm 'i'e
about n montii ago
It. Mackenxle, secwlary f,l tlio Canadian council of agriculture, •nnoiinr.-
ed lust week thut the liruln (Irene •
(iriiln company planned this yenr
build i> lumber mill custliiR practically
$11,0,001* upon ii timber limit 60 miles
ram eef Port Qeorge, B.C., .en en.. Ornnd
Trunk railway,
Tlio company him owned this limber
would  prevent  the' homo
I manufacture!     inun   pocketing   the
wltolo differ e> in price pormlttod,
ii i)  cases, tbrougtt tin. Import |
. tariff.
it is unfortunate Unit the Wostern
farmers have allowed their organlsa-
! tion leaders tee commit tliem lo n free
trail.' policy, li must h.e iiiill.1- clear
tu thoso londors thai ihtey can pever
hopo for absolute freo tradei tn Canada lor iiu* noxt fifty yoars. Tin'
.I.. Ire "i Hi.' formers feer n lowor tariff
nm ii- readily understood, and thoy
nre entitled, In tin* Interests nf cheaper
production, tn a substantial reduction,
lint there is nee possibility nf entire'
froo trade, and tine lenilora of tlw fierin-
orB niiieii Bee it.   Wee believe, Indeed,
I'llMl tt Willi ill HUNT-  Apply
ll.Tll'll    (lllll
i TO REST Mortem h(lll«0| .nrani
mi April IBt.1i; nexl t.. Masonic Hall
: Ponwlck Avonuo. Apply 100 Arm-
| Kl rnriR Avol eer plume 444.      HMp.
limit since 1818, but un to thi* presentI Hint limy dee: and wo arc also nl' tho
has taksn no active steps towards utli. opinion that not 20 per cent, nf the
Izlns it: Uie company has been con- farmers nf Wostern Canada are In
ducting n lumber busings, however, favor nt Ire., trade.   It Is pretty elif-
fnr several yesrs,   securing carload "Jloult tn understand how nn American
lata from various mills and selling tei farmer, brought up under MoKlnley
Hie farmers. nml    Dlngley tariffs   ot tho United
This year, however, tlie itratn rrnev- Htates. can cross tbo horile'r Intie Can-
ors plan to mill and manufacture their hdn ami i onvorted from a iiluli
own lumber and supply the farmors tariff t" a freo trader through tlie
dlrert.  The new mill, plans Inr which simple process of crossing lhe bound-
are now completed, wlll hnve a enpa- ary.
city of 20.000.000 foot nf lumber per Yet. wbllo fnviirlng lhe protective
ynr                                                    I principle, Tlie Ncws-Toloixini believes ,
Kill) Milium Sphngnum Surgical Ores-
sings For Wnr Hospitals This
Viiar-llnw Muny (nn llrltlsh
Columbia Supple   •'
Tho use of Sphagnum mosa for sur-
glcal dressings Is by no means now. |
it has linen used Hinee time lmmcmor-
lal. Tliey are said to have been cm-!
ployed tn a limited oxtent In Ihe Napoleonic anil Franco-Prussian wars;
It Is known that tho Gorman Army
Medical people weree using them ho-
feire Hit* war and that tliey are using
lliein In large iiiianlllles ut tlie present time. Hat It Is only within tlie
past two years that the llrltlsh Army
lias adopted this form nf dressing,
even lu spring nf 1910 the use of moss
III hospitals waa still lu Its experimental stage. Now, however, since
they um considered to he suporlor to
any other available absorbent dressings. Societies and Organisations have
heen formed throughout Qront llrlln'n
ami Canada to collect Sphagnum nnd
pre'imrc dressings rur use In the various war hospitals. The Irish Ht.
John's Ambulance Association nndei
tin. Presidency eer tin- Countess of
Wntorford croated a Sphagnum department, nnd Is supplying over 1.0.-
iKin moss dressings pen' mnntli. To
show hnw rapidly the demand has
grown sir Alexander Ogaton, M. lithe eminent military surgeon, lit nn
article In llie National lle'vlevv for August estimates the probable number nf
casualties fnr this year and concludes
tlmt nt least fifty million dressings
Bhould he prepared, nnd clearly Indicates Unit Sphagnum resources, and j
many willing lied Cross Workers
Bhould lose nn time In ascertaining
what we can do to provide a share of
ttiese hospital supplies.
Red cross workers in Eastern t'uii-
nila found tlmb certain species of
Sphagnum In tlie Hast were omlnontly
suited fnr surgical work and began
the preparation of dressings, but winter came on and nll the Sphagnum
boits were burled under the snow so
Hint fnr Hie time heing no moss could
be collected. Meantime tliey thought
nf the mild climate nf nritish Columbia
and n communication was forwarded
by thn Head Office of the Canadian
Red Cross Soclcly tn Mr. Jnbn Hnvld. j
Canadian* wanted for the Royal Naval Canadian Volunteer
Reserve for immediate orerteas aervice,   Only men of good
character and good physique accepted.
Pay $1.10 Minimum per day —Free Kit.
$20.00 per Month Separation Allowance.
Experienced tan (ram 38 to 45, and boyi from
IS to 18 accepted lor icrrice ia the CANADIAN
NAVAL PATROLS for defence of the Coiitt.
Apply to tho nearest Naval Recruit-
" lng Station or to the
Dept. of lhe Naval Service
1 son, F. L. s„ Botanical Office, Unlver-
| sity oi' H. C., to ascertain whut species
- wero uvuilablc for this pnrnosp, ami
; Baniplps were forwarded tn Prof. .1.
i B. Porter, of MclUll Unlvorsity, who
I Ik Secretary uf the Sub-Committee tm
Sphagnum   Dressings.     In   acknow-
j lodging rccolpl of these Prnresunr Porter asks ror sufficient  iiunntltles to
j enable him tu mnke .bsiirbency tests,
us Koine spccleB are  more valuable
I than others.   The next mull brought
another  letter stating  tlmt  Un-  the
present   nil   Canadian   BUppltcs   of
Sphagnum dressings were being held
up cm account of freight congestion nn
the railways ami a serious reduction
of cargo space nu transatlantic shipping, hut li is expacloil ih.it thoBo dlf
ricuUIoH  will soon  tie removed and
that all nur supplies will go forwnrd
us boforo.
Meantime 11 Is iJoBlrablo fm* volun
teer workers throughout tlu* Provlneo
! to Lake stork nr tholr resources aud also lur Iteil Truss Workers tn Inform
; tl Belves n* in tho technology of
, preparing drosslngs,
!     11   Should  hn BtlttOd  Mint   while  thfl
Canadian ited Cross is undertaking
, serious mut prouatily extensive worli
I un this new material, it dues not eon-
: slder it advisable lor u'ntrntnod por-
I suns to make up dressings. Experience
: lu Great Britain lias shown thut only
certain grades of moss are useful nnd
i dressing mnde to uny but the Btrlct-
i est HuecifieutlonB are likely tn bo
'. wors(. than nselesH. It Is deslreh'e
that nil bogB in British Columbia
-should be searched for suitable moss
and preliminary samples sent to the
Botanical Oince, University nf llrltlsh
Columblu. Vancouver, Colloctora
should state the locality and alBO If
found In a bun den en. The spi-rlmens
will he exnmltifd nnd reported nn ns
soon as possible No attempt should
bn mnde tn collect moss In quantity,
still loss to make dressing, excopt
with tho approval and subject to the
Licensed by Prov. Government
.llltS. BKNT, SUPT.
Special attention given to Nervous and Rheumatism cases by
Mulct Kay Tn-utm-'iit
Build up the system nud
steady the nerves through Klrc-
trlc Vibration, Internal Mxerclse
Violet Hay and Ozone, a per-
i'i i tiy natural process.
Inspection nf the Provincial Bed Cross
This preliminary Block-Inking of our
hogs is wnri. which could hi* undor*
tnlten hy the various Boy Scouts aud
Ctlrl i;nt.ir organisations in thn Province, nnd iiuy should he instructed
io keep onch sample and the information pnrlululug io ii distinct, so ns m
I preclude ihe possibility uf confusion
: whin th.' request conies io procure
supplies nf nny particular kind There
nre many dlfforonl species found in
lie. ii mny lie possible to find useful nml useless grades in the same
Tin* Honorary Treasurer nf tho
Canadian Patriotic Pttnd reports collections for Hie month of March, n*
mounting to $2250.74 which Is thn
largest amount collected Tor nny
montii during the past two years. $'2f,(\
of this amounl wns recelvod from Mrs.
Edge nnd other ladles nt Kimberley,
being the proceeds of a raffle of a
cun which wns donated by Mrs. J. K.
Cram, oilier outside contributions
received durluR the montll were: Sul-
Uvan Mine Belief Society $200, St.
lUtlgeno Mine, Moyle, $51; East Kootenny Lumber Co., Loco, $ir>0; Crow's
Nest. Pass Lumber Co., Ltd., $209.2!".;
Otis Staples Lumber Co., Ltd.. $r>20.2r*;
Wattsburg Lumber Co., $81.36.


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