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Cranbrook Herald Feb 4, 1904

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NL'MBJiB   45
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Head Office. Toronto.
Hon. Cko. A. Cox. Pteilileut, II. R. Wai.kkk, Oel". Mn
. A. Cox, I'll-Hilll-Ul.
I'.IJ I .   C.pll.l
'nlil Resource. Nm.
.III. 'Ill
,'IKI HO.0.1
.< IM 1KHI00
.' IHI, 100 00
ll.*n.s':s Received.   General Itonkiii; Busies*. Iran.aclid |
SAVINIIS BANK III I'AWIHINI    •cn.i-.il-, Kciciteil   Intcreit Allowed. •
111   M Ml.    |,.*|...-il- in4>v Im mniii-nn.l llllllll
II ll-nl nn,ii tn ml- ii
III Illl-111111.11*1 1 Illl-1
i i.v in
iii-li mil cm' |imni|,t iitii-iiiiuii.
F. C MAI.PAS, Manager.
Capital, Paid Up $2,983,8<><,
Rest $2,636,312
T. R. Merrill, Pres.   D. R. Wilkie, Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager
J A general banking business transacted.     Dralts sold availa- *
* ble in every part of Canada, United Slates and Europe.    Special *.
Z attention to collections. F. H. MARSH, Manager.     £
Big Clearance Sale
All winter goods hnve gol to go rognnlloas ot cost.
We want tin- room nnd we wnnt money, tun. Thia
is onr Inss und yunr gain.
125 pairs heavy tweed pants, regular price $3 50 Sale Price $2.00
200 pairs Carrs' hand-made woul milts, reg 50c Sale Price .30
110 piirs Carrs'tine German socks, reg $1.50 Sale Price 1.00
'0 Carrs' mackinaw coats, regular price $5.00 Sale Price 3.25
25 fur caps, regular price $5.00 Sale Price 2.00
100 fine cloth caps, regular pr ce $1.00 Sale Price   .50
125 pairs leather mitts, wool lined, rcg $1 Sale Price   .60
125 pairs leather milts, wool lined, reg $1.75 Sale Price 1.00
75 pairs leather mitts, wool lined, rcg 75c Sale Price   .45
50 heavy wool sweaters, regular price $1.50 Sale Price .85
50 heavy wool shirts, regular price $2.75 Sale Price  1.75
50 pa:rs Stub proof rubbers away below cost
50 pairs of fine and heavy overshoes at less than cost
300 fine silk ties, regular prices 50c, 75c and $1 Sale Price .25
200 pairs fine braces, reg. prices, 75c, $1 and $1.25 Sale Price .50
300 fine colored shirts, starched, rcg. price $1.50 Sale Price .95
1000 white collars,;slanding and lay down, reg 20c [Sale Price .10
We have a large assortment of fancy crockery, such as cups
aad saucers, tea sets, berry sets, vases, bread end butler
plates. Everything will be sold a. cost except dinner sets, toilet
sets and plain white goods.
Wo guarantee all Ihc id.ni.- goods lobe ill firstclass condition und th.-y will Ih- snld for cash. No
goods will In- charged ut those prices. Uringyoiir
ciish nnd get the greatest lint-gains ever olToml in
Fort Steele Mercantile Company
East Kootenay's His Mail Order House
-jH-IS39 -1-9-5.-55-9-*. }**iK C-e-C-ftSti-
"        bv nn oi.n man        £
*i. ti
InfMfMlUl set WMltMd-*
'I'l,,- swe.-l girls uf Roaslnild lire
plnyillg lim-ki-v. A L'uiiii* uf tlllll
kind should prove n lug drawing
.1  I. 1.
\VhUtnki»r   Wriulil   mmto   the
liiisliikr   nl ihihkint: In*   wfM in illl-
1'nitiil Stnti'H,
Tin' iiiiini.'il iipiniipiiiitiutl <>r
$10,000 Ims Ih-.k iiiii.l.* lui- ltriti--.il
('iiliiinlii.-i's nyoiil m'in1 nil in London, This ttill iii»'.'in ji I'oiitiiiii.'intv
nl' pink I I'll f'lllirtinlif,   iiiul    I'llliln-ls
at whist.
Victor Knllins lins none t<>
Mnlirinr Mnl tu lii^otiatt* .ill lmti-l
ilc'il, Wi- liupi- In- will !..• nu.
siii'i'i'ssiul. anil conip liai-k lo Crnnbrook, Thoro is not ii ntui'f
popular man in Crmihroolt than
"Vic" nnil wc trust that lio will
yrt I'oiiL'hulo to ri'i'iiti'i* lnisitn*ss in
this town,    ('raiilit'iitik nivijs  llii'ii
of liis stamp.
ti ti ti
A certain lady  in  tliis town  is
wearing hand painted hosiery,
ti ti m
The way tlmt the number of
school children arc increasing in
this town does not indicate that
this community is suffering from
race suicide.
Craiilirook   should  give   I'ncle
Jim Rynn and  his bride a  royal
welcome on their return.
And speaking of this marriage
rmhitida us that Governor Hansen,
of Wasa. says that it is alniut time
For him to look araund thc matrimonial field.
ti ti tt
The women of the (Tidied Slotes
are after the scalp of United Slates
Senator Sumo? nn the charge of
having to many wives, If hn has
more than one, they should let him
alone. The burden of life would
In- heavy enough.
« 1 * I *>I •• . * i * i * i * i «* i a i ■•■ i
,*,    |   .    I  -    |   •   '    *    '    •    !   •    '    *    -    *    >   *        '
 I    .        .        .        •
.        ,        .        ,        .        .        .        .       •       •
I        Are offering some snaps in
Crabbrook and East Kootenay
Call at their Baker street office and see their lists.
| ,- i ., i .- i ,
•-1 >** I 4> I *S l * I CI   I -J | * | * 1 ■*' I *-•-* I * I A [A. | * | * | .1 | A I A
,,' f*> I •■ I f I »* i c I I i. I <t> I * 1 -i I '-■ I I-1 *'■ I *1 -4-1 t>l * I * I *
Washing Machines
Make Washing
a Pleasure
This is Ihc best
and il is sold by
Call and sec them
! The O, P. H. ims pineal the
j preachers on the sume level us the
newspaper publisher thc sky
lpil.il*. llin., in  imy full   fur,, nun.
Joe. Carter 1ms lust his Inst i-hance
fm* n blissful eternity.
When ever you lieu:* n person
miking nboul lioiv much lietter lie
or she is llinu sume certain party,
wntel, until ynu can see ttint per.
snn witli nut ii hat. Iii each In.
slnnce you will In- nblo lo uliserve
n peouliur-shape near the tup nf
tlie lie.-ul. Medical men lire iniidile
In explain this mystcrous fnct, Inil
it hns HttrHi'ted ii   iust   nmnlllit   nf
Htteiitiuit iii tin- scientific world
I durum Ilu- pusl fen -yenrs, mul by
si mi iii-rs ii is called the "exalted opinion of self formation,'1 li
is niiiri- noticeable iu wniucii tl..*...
i in, uud yet Iho growth is rapid
with built sexes.     As   there   is   110
clnss distinction luiscd nn tin-
luulirili id,-ns of n vain glorious
bruin iu rrnuliriHik thoro tuny Ihi
in, opportunity In uliserve this
pcetiliur physical phoiioitinnn in
this tuwn. y.-t il is worth while
watching for.
I.uiliy Fernie.
The i-sliiiinlos uf expenditure
brought down hy ilu- provincial
govowillolll Insl week include a
total expenditure of Si-ill,.'*.".!) for Uiu
Kernie riding, The appropriation
is mude up ns follows:
l-'ernie lock-up 11,800
Addition Forma school, 2.7*">U
liiind  iniprovenients,,, 5,0'JO
Morrissey bridge  l.ti'M
.Morrissey school  3.5IKJ
Morrissey  lock-up   1,600
Michel lock-up  1,800
Michel school  8,500 .,
Totnl *2II,5B0
The Criinbroo.iV district is to
receive *SSi>,U00. The dog kenne|
usiil ns n goveriiinent building ill
this town will rcninin the snnie.
There will bo no bridge across the
St. Marys, no extension of the
rond up l'erry Creek, no new juil
iu Crnnbrook. no court room, noth.
ing thnl will be of nny iiiaterinl
benefit, Well, if hus even been
thllg, uud still Cruiihrouk continues
to prosper.
From the Victoria Truth.
Tin*   prcact.l   L'ui. rniiii n:    has
liiuiiulit the i*4|,,-,ii|ituri' witliiii the
revenues liy tl|.<    hi-riiii-nl    llieHWtire
ul incn-iisinn Inxntioit with tl nc
li.-iiid. ninl stu|i|iinu prodtlctive >*\-
l-eii'litiin* witli tin* other. It even
pr.ili,ls isliKl.imo in,.,, lliuu in,.
expenditure Excellent! Il.i this
uii'Uiis tin* province will Ih- n-lieveil
,,f entlinrrHssineiit   in   fifty  yi-urs.
llllll |«issilily llllee p.r cent, nf thi-
present    llllllll   IKipulutinll   live   tu
sec tin- prosperity nf their griiiul.
children,   Thut is  tin-  aituutioii,
Tlu-re is nu use ill sliyillg it is
wrung, it is unkind, it is cruel, il
is impolitic. It is tin- Inevitable
projection of tin* previous policy
of the country ui»n the plane of
hitter renlity, jtisl ns sunn ns the
hankers nnd money lenders called
n linll. Tin- government bus li-ien
merely tin- ngent uf Inexorable
necessity p.-rs mi lii-1 iu lln- g mend
lunnngor of tin- Bunk of Cniiiiuerce.
Money lenders-cniinot reconstruct
ii stnte. ft requires statesmen for
thai purpose. Certninly it might
lie snid thnt tin- .Mcllride govern.
incut is nut composed of statesmen
were there nny visible iu tin- province by whom its tpudifications
in thut respect might In- measured.
So we nre iu tlie excruciating coil
of liiianeial embarrassment nud
can find uo one with wit to extricate us. Yet we liuve nssets worth
at a nominal calculation one Inm*
drill million dollnrs. We know
perfectly well tlmt fur u compiirn-
lively smnll proportion of the
Crown kinds uf the province we
could liuve ii ruilwny built from
end to end uf it ut tl eust of ten nr
fifteen million dollars. Therefore
the liunl hss ll value, If the hind
has a value In ii rnilwny promoter
who expects to secure it. surely il
should have sume vnlue to us who
alrendy own it, Uow docs u ruilwny compuny use a laud grant?
lt bonds it. It then sells the. luml
lo redeem the ImiihIs. interesl and
sinking fund, mul nfler It hus
idietinl.-d tin- luml. il hus tlie transportation nf its produce lis  a  legi-
liniiit.* source nf profit, Let the
province ink,- it lent mil uf th,*
r.iilivny company's Imuk.     Let   il
llirnlV the llllllll- ill-Ill mill   tin-   ,-usl
ef ..In.-nli in In the public lund.
ulieunling it rapidly ninl uu easy
terms just us tin- ruilwny fQtlipnny
dncs. retiiiiiing light mul ensy tuxes
Upon the industry of fhe settler
fur the purposes of administration,
If tliis is Impossible then llritisli
Coliunbin hus no resources which
people desire to -.ossess nud ure
willing lo pay for nnd hus nu nt-
tractions fur enterprise nnd capital. Of course such u policy ns
this will Is- dcriil.il by sume. By
whom** By u whole crowd of graft,
ers and speculators who work nil
Iiinuner of devious scneme I,, get
thus,- resources into tlu-ir hands
for nothing, tlmt they mny mhuip-
nlnte them so ns lo put thut vnlue
into tlu-ir,iwu pockets which wonl,I
relieve tin- province of its ctn-
liurriissiueiit. If you wnnt nu instance tnke the case of the twu
famous blocks iu ICnst Kent,-nny.
Wns there no scheme uu foot tu
get the capital value of .tllat lutid
nwny from the province for noth-
illgl1 The revenue vnlue of course
would reiuiiin. Mut idieiuiled
under an imperfect law such ns
exists, thnt land would hnve
brought certninly one nud prolilib-
ly over tivo million dollnrs tu flu-
province's ussistniu-e, and * tile
revenue value would have reninineil
us it wns. As it is,',.through the
efforts of the schemers tn get it
for nothing, nnd the efforts .to de-
rent tlieir scheme, the lund is ticll.
un.l might ns welt Is- in Euphrates
Valley IIS when' It Is, lis capitnl
value hus neither lieou secured by
nlicniitiou. nor is its revenue vnlue
lining developed by nn exploitation.
Then- is precisely the deiullock
which js enusing eniliarrnssiuent tn
the province now crushed under
the ruinous assessment net lliere is
only ou • way of escn**e. Tliey
must adopt a laud policy which
wil| render such luxation tnini-cea'-
A Unie Crowd Attended the Odd Fellow.
Annual Ball.
Tin- Odd fellows Imvc gnined a
greut reputation iu Ihis town with
tlu-ir uunu.'il balls, mid the one
given Insl Monday night, wns  like
its prod -ssiirs u  marked success.
The hull wus butt-fully (1( ruled
under the nrtislic supervision of
I-I. 11. Suiiili, and iireseiited n very
attractive npponrnn'cti. Tin' music
wus furnished by the Marysville
orchestra, composed of Mr. uud
Mrs. I,. M.Mnnsliol.1 and Mr. Mc.
Midi.ni. und gave very good salis-
factiou, It wns uft.-r '.I o'clock
when Ilu- ilnueers began to arrive.
land aoon after tho floor waa crowded,
There were inimy pretty costumes,
us numerous ladies had prepnred
dresses es|H'cinlly for the occasion,
Tin- program wns n long one und
witli the exception of lite half
hour devoted to refreshments the
dunning wns kept up stendiiy until
ncnrlyln'eluckiiind even llieu these
WllO I'il'l relllllillcd to tlie end lefl
Willi reh|,'tul|ce.
The committee In charge this
yenr wus compound of S. .I.Morrow
'.I. P. Kink nnd W,'X, Clarke.    .
Tlie patronesses We|-e;
Mrs, .1, I', Fink, Mrs. A, Leltoli,
Mrs, W, V, Tate Mrs, I', I.uii.l.
Mrs, S, Ulcliards. Mrs. .1, llreer,
Mrs, L, M, Mansfield, .Mrs,. S, ,1.
Morrow, Mrs. S,.1, M.-llonalil.MN,
\V, AVltdse. Mrs, V. I-i, Simpson,
Mrs. II, I), Brown.
Another Railroad,
Victoria .Inn. III). Application
will be iiinde nt tho next session of
pnrlinnient fur nn net to incorporate
ii company witli power to construct
a railway for carrying freight and
passengers from ii (joint near Crow,
ford liny on ■ Kootenny Inke,- in
West Kootenny, through Crawford
creek mid valley of tlie St, Mnry'a
river, to a |xiint near fort Steelo
in East Kootonny, provlncoof Uritish Columhin,
How Craaarooli Oeti tbe Worst of II
un r.ogiu.
That tlm morchant-s of-Cranbrook arc being woefully discriin-
iiuited against ill freight rutes is
surely denionstrateil by the follow-
ing if these IlgiirijB given The
Hernld are correct, It is stated
thut the locnl rate from Calgary to
Fernie is -111 cents, while the rate
to Cnuibrook ia tl nearly tifty per
cent more. By the car load rate.
Fernie pnya.iil cents, whilt*- .tlie
Crnnbrook merchant is taxed 7."i
cents. There lire other discriminations of u most serious nature thnt
pines n serious hnndicup uu business men in Crnnbrook. A trim-ling man stuti-d the other day that
the reason Cruubrook got the worst
of it wns because her inerclinnta
liud never iiinde u protest, nud su
long us they were willing to stiind
it. just so long-would the C. I*. R,
uiiike the clinrges. This is n mutter for the lionr-l. of trnile to,Ink.-
up ut once, Cranbrook don't usk
for the Im'sI of it. but she wiudd
insist on it fair deal.
At All Saints Church, Colllitg.
wood, ou Wedncsdnv, .li.m.iirv 27,
l'.KU, by the Ifev, Ur, ^ l.niiglry,
iissisleil by the Hev. E, Horn00
Mussen, rector,' Walter 'Clulrcliill
Johnston, of the Ciiuiidinii Hunk of
Coilllliorco, Ornngevillc, Onl.. In
Mary (Irctmdc, youujjost duughter
of theliite ChnrlcsGanioii. barrister.
Mr, Johnstone was for it long
time time accountant ut the Craii.
brook branch of the Imuk, uud his
ninny friends ill Craiibrmik will
wish him and his bride every joy
nnd hap'plticss in the wurld.
House And Furniture For Sale.
' .My resilience ou linker Hill, two
lots, modern Improvements, fur sale
with furniture,
I1*, E, Sliiipsfin,
The grenteal part of the gold pro.
iliictiou I'..nn Alaska and nil uf ihut
l>   Hi.-  Klmiiliki*.    ncs from
plneer mines, (jnnrt*. ininiiig is
cnrrietl on ul Treadwell mul otluu-
mines iii Soulhi i-ii Alaakn, uiul  mi
lh'- Snl.., river in  tin* Sewiird
peiiinsnlii. Inn elaewere linn* is nu
iliinrt-i   iiiiuiii-   .1    iu    i,,,ti,
Aliinkii nml ih,. ICl.indike, -,-,,1,1
lienriiig ipinrli! veins occur in the
rocka of the placer ivuimis. mul
they hnve Ikh-ii proapected in inuiiy
places, Inil us yel (hoy lm.ruproved
ottoolow grmle or uf too small
size, ur Imth. in pay to work tinder
lln- present conditions.
Tin- porcoutugc of copjx-r curried
in the ores ofvurions minesisinter-
esting, It is iniirvi'luiis to note the
grent production of copper in the
I'liiicd States mnl from ores llml
will average luu ,-i few p...-,- .nt, 0f
tin- in.-tiil. Th,- following data
pertains to llii'iii-i-eontugeotcopper
carried in worknlile ores uf  iiiiues
mi dl     In   lln-   Lake  Superior
copper mines. IlieC'iilumi'l it Hecln
on-curries Hire.- per cenl copper:
Quin'Cy, l.."i per cent;   Tamarack.
1.1!   |»'i-   cent:   (Is.- -niu.     per
cent; Wolverine, 1.1 per ,*,*iit-
Atlantic. Imt n lillle man- thun une
liulfof |n-r cent,    l„ Moutuiiu.
tin- Am In curries nboul   I'.  per
cent: iu Arizonn ll pper(Jneeii
i-nrrlea eiglil per cent: (he t'nittxl
Verde seven per cent: in California
tin- Muuiitiiin Company curries
eiglil per cenl.
Tin- production of gold in the
whole   uf the  N'oiue   districl   ol
pcniifauln, up lo this year, funis up
near920,000,000, of «lii,*l mum
about SliOOO.OfX). is said tn Imw
csmti from tin- Nome beach, while
the rest hns como from other parts
of the peniiisiilii. Tin- output oi
the peninsula fur 1053 will probably bo (St,750.,000.
It is said thnl the specitd sand
requircil fnr moulding purposes
cannot be obtained in this neigh;
borliood nr indeed, in Britisli Columbin. A sinude cnrload of fifteen
tons obtained near Seattle costs
Ij-lfi loaded on tin* inr mul the
frfilght frmn Seattle here ousts
S1D8. Will prospectors please
note, uud in future keep un eye
open for "moulding s.-ni.I" when
.nit on their rambles.
The Dominion government,
through its Kootenay agent, is now
engaged in putting into ell'ecl the
provisions  uf  tin-   lend   bounty.
Wlllell   Will   be   l'uimI    news   tu   lln
lend producers uf this section, The
liount-v will dnle from July 1st.
1IU13. nud some of tin- larger producers of lend will linve considerable coming tn thein. There are
(lli who nre entitled tn various
sums from the goverinnenl under
tin-net who hnve shipped to the
Hull .Mines smelter nlone. Ono
milling company is entitled tu
nave (Irilliili was in Inwn Monday lookiug-after tin- purchnsu nf
iilinnt.niyJU'lfeel uf lumber I'm* ii
Chinese syndicate llml proposes In
work over un immense amouiil nf
the uld tailings "li Wild lluis.-
ci-rek. Mi*, liriiiith Buys llml bush j
ness promises t<> ho very lively mi
tlm creek next senson.
Will Roust Kates.
Mullllenl. ,1,111.   20.     Tin-   C    I'.
It, general manager announced to-
diiy thut they Iiml entered inin un
iigreeineiii with the Ainericun
tra.iscuiiiiiiiiitiil ruihvays in ad-
vuiice freighl rules nn a lurge
■iiiiuiii r nf commodities. The
agreement is ilu- lirst nf tlu- kind
ujiule,between lln- C. I', li. uiul
Mr. Hill's lino, the Great Northern
und Northern Pacific. Tin- agree,
ment, which is une liu- mutual
udvuiitnge. eun l,e broken if advantage dues imt materialize.
Hfiviugtllaposcd of our hotel business, we wish ull accounts settled
ns rapidly as possible,   Hills mny
phlil'lo either of the undersigned,
Vi.-. Rollins.
,  .- . P.J-. iMckinaou,
The Voiimj Murderer  Pays   He Dcalk
Cnlgnry,  \. \V, T. Feb. i.   At
"",;".'l".'-i   Ihis   ruing,   Ernest
t'uahel,    el,.„.r ,,f  llnfus 11,-lt.
|»iid lh.* extreme penalty i f the
Inw In linngiiig,   .\ small group of
"' ' •' li"-'''11  lieraona,  iii.-lii.lini.'
r.*preseiitatives of the |,re.ss.  Drs.
Roli-nii. McKay I Stewart, were
witnesses of the execution.
Tin- morning downed oold and
dull-nntiire seenieil to liBraioiiiw
in feeling with th,- young tii.it,.
scurcely more llinu u hoy, pussing
int.. eternity from the floor uf a
sealfold, Very ligbl snow tilled
lb.-nir.Hid the siX'ctatora shivewl
I'mni the cold.   Cnshel ea to the
scaffold, nttonded by .Mr. K.-rby.
n Methodist pnstor, who feels that
ilu* young man had sincerly re.
l-enteil uf his eiiuie,   Cnshel worn
-'' hv I s,iit nnd nt the Insl ,*, wiiii,
.-up was placed ou his hend. While
iln* Lonl's pr i\, i- wns being r.--
lieated the drop fell and tl,,. gold
ol Cnshel [inssul int', I'ti'i'tiiu.
lindcliff, ilm haiigmnn, mnde all
nrrnnguieiits, uud everything [uiss-
nl ..It' satisfiictorily frmn hiaatnnd-
poiut. 11,1.,n- leaving i,is .-ell
Cusliel broke down mul confeased
ti- Mr. K, iln tl,.- niui-ili-i- nf Bell,
Imi iilti-rw.ii-ils walked firmly to
ilu* scnffold ami uskril the pas-
lor to pmj I'-:- ; im This is th*
tirst hnngii g (1 nl ;,. < ;;1k,.,, \,\iH.*.
in Calgnry. nud tlu, mses will long
remain iix.-.i in   tin-  minds  ,,f ihr
Tin   r. p ,1! nt tin- .-ittenillilu-e   lit
I'm- Crnnbrook public schonl f„r
lln- month .-f January shows the
number of pupils present ns 202,
mude up of lull boys mul '.r.i girls.
Tin* -nitiil enrollment is Hi',, but
sume nf these have left school.
Th." rinures bv divisons nre ns
Divisi4.:i Present Bnvs (iirls
1 I*".       i<)   2o
i nil il)     •>-,
:i .vi      jn   ->\
l .VI      js   it;
Totnl JUJ     108   90
Tin*  nvernge  daily  nttendnnes
und tin* [jerccntnge for  lln*  month
is ns follows:
Division       Av. Attend P.'(.'. Att.
1 34.411        T.s.'U
-' 40.10        75.6(1
:i 44.00        SH..J.I
* ii'.'.'-'', 73.81
'I'll.* average percent. nUenilanca
wns 7s.'.i 1. which is. liy comparison
with tin-r nlsnf uther schools.
u very low ligure. In Nelson, the
nvernge j-i-r cent, nttendnnce for
Jiiiiunry wns '.m.i Ui. The reiison
for Cranbrook's low figure is the
fnct thut parents du nut send their
children tu school regnlurly, nllow-
ing them to remain home- nud
elsewhere fur very trivial reasons.
It i.s gratifying however, to nut-,
that the average daily attendant*
fur January shows nn increase of a
little uver J'J i»-r cent, over the
month nf Deccmlier. Am\ it is
IHissible. if liu* piiif-iiis will do
their pnrt tn slmw n similar in-
ci-ense fnr February,
Some difflenlty Ims been '-x-
pi'i-ienc. .I l.y tin- teachers "f Ilie
i-iluenti,nml d.-| aititi.-nl dealing
with ruses uf iibsence or Inrdiness.
Tin* iiiti-iitiuii of parents is ■ 1 ir<■<-1 -
.,1 tu "Knles mul Regulations,"
article i'i clause J. which rends us
follows; "ll i- n-ipiir.-il nf each
nml every pupil of i. i.nl.lii- school
tlllll   hi*  present   In   the    tei|i-||i-r    Hll
excuse I'ruin his pin-cut orgnnrdlnti
liu- tardiness or ubsence front
school.'' This "excuse'' means a
nolo starting frankly the cntisft for
ih,- hI.s,  in-  tardiness ,.f the
pupil.    11   is necessary,  in nnler
In  iimintiiiii  discipline,  tlmt  tliis
regulution be strictly observed.
(i. A. King. Princijjlnl.
AlcClarcy's Stoves in Japaa.
In''Toronto Saturday's Glob*"
thero is nn illustration of the exhibit uf "McClnry's Famous
Sinve.s" nl tin* fifth National- Exhibition. I'siikn. Jnpnil. McClnrey's
sluves uiul enamelled wiires nre
known fur their excellent quality
tin- world over. This is the Iin*
handled by Pnlinore Eros, Nothing is tun guud fur Cranbrook
i| TIIE   CRAXMtOOK   IIElt.M.li
4 A
Editor iiiul Proprietor.
Tin- .lebiii. thelnidgol in ilu
British Columbin legislntm-e is fnr
from u source of gnitificntiou .-nui
ilie lu lln.*..-    «hu   llllVC    lulliiwed
I'., ii  gretil extenl   both
it   up
sides have uilell
erity mid i*lnld's
..f iln* province s
l-iDt biglll nl   ill   I
iiiole partiaaii in
'I'lu- Intm.
4 hnve Is-ei
lire  in i-n
ilialrict, mul tlu- H]>pi-u)iriiitinus
iiinde I'm* tin- benefit ,,f the Ferule
district is u din-el slap lo this ilia,
trict. Politica should nut figun
when tin- needs of lhe district ure
I., lie considered. If Mr. McBride
is diaposed tu tnke advantage of
the fuel thut Mr. King wus elected,
nud give ihis district the worst of
it. people can form their own
The grcoteat climate mi eurlli  is
ighl nt Craubrook,
Conndn ahould not ilisi-riiniiint.-
agaiiiat lln* li.ii.tH-r industry.
Since il is protecting every other
iiilusirics.it slu.ul.I tin u lilllcIcgis-
atiug in fiuiir nf tlu- lumber iiuiii-
Rrili.h Columbia License, and Royal! le.
Tin- following table uf receipta
Coil and Petroleum Notices.
Ni.ti.-e Ia  li,-r.-l,y niv-n ,l„i,  lliiMv ilnyn
allows lln* receipts of lln-  -.nii-iii,*,-!"1""1""'- « '""I"1 ! ;'*v "' .""V1"''1
1 ' ,.lllll41--4iMi-|-     111     lllllll-      IIII.I      WIllliH      In,    ll
nf British  Cnluiiiliiu   fmiii   timber II u-i-t<i|irn-i|ti-i-, imni-ilmul iihioIui	
lii s,s mid tlmla-r mynlty fur tin*'"'" (••'■'•""•-. ** I "••*, »lm«t«l i»
lisenl yenrs eliding witli:
June nn. 18811...
The   Hen.Ids subscript
continues to grow.   A  pn|
i.p.-nkb whnt ii  think:
for the best interesls
.iiiiuiii in which  ii
uud the district us a >
less uf party or peiipl
suiiie euemieSi h
That is why  Tl
4     lisl
I   lull.
I,   lul
lleralil i
ill  n
r trie
Whittnker W
end genius, lull 11 i
When his Nemesis ,
hn did mil lime ll
i,l.llul lhe test.
gill  Wil
mil  cowai-il
4-4-|,'4,|.       hilll
Brains are ut u premium ii
llritisli C'oluinbiii legislnlui-i-.
June 30, 1SW..
June 80, 1891..
JtttieOO, 18*12..
June 80,1800..
June.'10. 1894..
June 30, 1SW,.
June 30,1800.,
June III), 1SII7..
June;Illl. 1808..
tune 30, lNtl'.l..
.luu.- ill). WOO..
June ill). 1001..
Juue mi, 1002.,
.llllll- ilU. l'.KIJI..
II Imi
its I.mills full
A I'unr wny ti
haekwitnl, IX-i
Ihis province in
- gO I.lieill) is In   go
elopement i. what
Suutli Foal Koolenay is the lend
•r iu tin- province.
llibrook stiinils tmliiy the besl
in th.- Kootenays for it. aisse
'Piilnl in June Illl. 1 IHIil.t844,fi,10.7ll
Tin- pruiineial rci-eipts frum
limber leases for the period 1887
In HlO!! are as fulluws. ending with
the lisenl yeur un:
.Tune 8*0,1887 *   7,31,1.14
June 30, INKS     I4,.i04.12
June ill), lfW.I      11,8(111.1(1
it* nu
iii a
[It*. IS
IH '1
i. unit ii
ti luwtml
Inr      lin
ll is with ill 111.' Iinufinl'  tin*   (*.
P. K. tn pi.il.--t llin  llimlii'l' li
llriiisli Cninmliia without liwlni
(•(•nt.    Tlii-re  is  siii-li  a   lliiiiu
uver, taxing   nn   industry  in
levying of freight rutes,
Britisli CoJiiiuhiri slmtiM nol tv-
troKnulc. The provimw Iiomnveil
tl^0bi000toimH>ilUoli%itioii8. It
■dllOlllll IlllVt' ilK'h-ilSi'il tin- sum In
ii million mill a liulf, ami hatl
money to ilovolop tlu- districts that
would !"•  nlilc   t" pay Wk Uif
niniicy     liv     way uf      inri'i-asi'il
rt-vt'inii's.     To  cut oil'  iii-ci'sHiiry
inipruvfiiii'iils is ti pour way It
There is mm iurd of niiybuli
worrying over KuvernnuMil oHicei
in Smith Kanl Kootenay. The up
propria tl ons made will imt mlmi
ul' giving the (governineiil sliaek nt
Fort Steele ll rnal ul' paint, tn
nothing n|' building new offices.
ttoiij-e day (here will be a lire
the   goveriiiiieiil   olflces   al    Kort
Stt'i'li'. and reeinvfs worlh hundreds
nr thousands nl' dollars uill he
total loss,
buys In- does imt
tin* taxes arojual bo the laboring
niiili is nol taxed, A man nf thai
calibre should never Imlil tin- position occupied by Ifawthornwaite.
Tin- welfare of tin- laborer is wrap!
up in the welfare of flic employer,
and when an unjust burden is
placed upon tin- latter, the lalHirur
must sutler, It is such men as
Huwthoruwnitc who .In more injury to tin* rails.- ul' labor than all
other combinations. And yet la*
talks aIkiiiI (he glorious times that
would follow if tlm socialisl had
absolute power, JI jn theories
were turned down by mt fnlefligenl
mul ivpi-esentative labor audience
in Cranbroolt, upon lhe occasion of
his ftppeamuce in this luwu. simply
iM'i-iiusi' the laluriug men of this
community refuse tn swallow his
senseless platitudes, Socialism of
the llawthuiiiwaiti- bra I id will
never prevail lu Uritish Columbia.
One of the most interesting and
inplete milling reviews tlmt Ims
me to tin- Hernld table this year
tin- special edition issued y
W. li. Wilcox.wlitorof the Phoenix
mt'i'i*. Thr milling iiitiMvsts of
thr lloiunlary country linv-n lieen
carefully covered, uo detail being
overlooked in thc way of reliable
reading matter, and from cover
I. cover tlcre may be found
a profusion of half tour pietureB of
scenes and individuals that give an
adequate idea uf the country and
tin- men who made it. Mr. Wilcox
is to lie congratulated on his success
and thr Boundary people owes him
n heavy debt of gratitude for good
work done. lie lias not made anything except advertise his paper.
It costs a lot of money to get out
an addition like that, tosay nothing
of the worry and work. If he
allows himself $11.50 a day for the
time put m, H Is a twenty to one
shut that his special edition
account  would  slmw him  iu  the
Juno 80,1800.,
Juno 80, 1801..
June DO, 1892..
June 80, 1808..
Juno 80, 181M..
June 30, 1805..
Juue 80, lHW'i  27,870.54
A Capital Record.
Trrhernr. Man.. Uth. Jan., 1004
Dear "Old Man" liver so
many thanks fur Christmas edition
which arrived this morning, It is
a capital record, besides lieing
welcomed and kept by one as a
memorial of "Urant if ul" Crnnbrook
ami its townsmen. I enclose fr!.0U.
for which please send me the best
paper in the host town in thr best
districl in the best province in
Canada. -The Cranbrook Herald.''
and oliliwy. Youth Very Truly
Hubert Haines
Reflects Credit.
Xeepawa.  Man.. Jan.. Uth 1904
T. Reid,   Ksq., Cruubrook.
llriiisli Culilln
liiu -lime
d hnve
llnu-ini-d ayateui
Uf      II-I ,11
rliiiK Hi
|,rU.'4-4',|il||4S       ul'
till-        1.
The lux I'nyers
nre enti
lied    In
l-niii.fiiic record,
uf   In-ill;
compelled   to  r.
■ly  upon
reports iu pnrty
AecunliiiLj to lhe reporl of tin-
Fernie l-'ree Press, Ihnl districl is
I., aeenre $211,550, iu upproprintlons
this yeur. Craiilirook is to Rel
only $5,000, This mny l«- ipod
IHililies, l.ut The Herald (joi's mi
recuril ns M.-iyinu llml il is n lily
mistake, li is up in tin- supporters of the Mellriilf kovcriiiiienl lo
n-tpress themselvea, The Cnin-
l,r mli districl is entitled lu nn up.
proprinlion fnr in excess nf ivlinl
tttey r-eeiled       11 hits pilllllc Iniilil
lags llml lire  ;, ilisgrncii  lo nny
B.C,    De.'ir.Mr, Reid:    1 uiu just
iu   i ipl   ul  I'Illiniums edition
uf tin- Craiilirook Hernld. which
you were unml enough to send uie,
11 was ipiHe n surprise to tlio Ihnl
your luwu would wurri.nl such a
publication. It certainly reHeds
a grent ileal of credit on tin- pub.
lishera ns well us tin- eiti/eiia thut
support il. Wishing you uud
Mrs. Keid a happy uud prosperous
New Vear. Ymirs Faithfully.
F. II. Davidson
Mootc Carlo Heard Froo,.
i nri -ilwle ,*nrr-.ipoH,l.nl.
The genial Monte Cnrlu. who
wus it iini,pie ehurucler nud a
'unions cook here during the rnzzli-
tln'/'/.le days iH-lure the rund-lc of
n riitlrond disturlH-d the primitive
peace ..f tin* Kootenny Valley, hus
heen henril from iu characteristic
fashion. Aliout n year ago lie
wenl to the fur. frozen north and
located in Kdiiiouton. N'olwilh.
stiinding tlie disluiicc uud degrees
of temperature Monte'a heurt
wiirined up ul Chrislnuis lime for
the old gnng thnt used to pay for
must of his cigars nud drinks in
gumes uf whist.
Monte hus large interests, und
ids,, u Jnrge contract at Fort Steele, j
He wns one of the charter members
of the Kootenay Central railroad.
Incorporated severnl yenrs ago. At
llml time In- piuut.-d severnl trees
.li ill). 1H'..7..
June 110, 1808..
June 110, 1800..
June III). l'.f'.K).,
June IIU, W02,,
June ilU. 100!!..
Totnl tu June 110. lllUil. $,"i()4.7-i7.li(.i
■""sale STABLES,
CRANBROOK,    -     -     -     B. C
sn. Morse..    Howl Rii*,.   Umfurliblr
Aauinmudiliutn,.   Drivers aad Rigs
lor any pari ol District.
Paul Handley, ■ Prop.
Slab Wood and Fence Posts
Repairing: Promptly Done.
Footwear lo Measure a Specially
ith Ku**t Kuottmajr;
!    I   Cunnnenclng uiu pott onr tullii unit ol
$ 13280.07 i''"' 1'lu,|i,ia'1 liver Mil t«u milf* norlh ol tliu j
' _    liiiTuiititiiitil  biiuiiilurv.   luitikeil  K. I'lupi> |
lo.Hoo.471agrtbtatt corner yom, thwire buuiIi no
tio.l7».*^7 - '"hniai.. tL**ai*e -A-r-wt i*0 rhttiD--'. theme tiurttt
on i"" ~w Sl^ *-'l»u""*. tiienc*' eoct Hllchalni tn i*l«.v oi
-U.4i.>.-i.. | i iiuiii un. inniaiiiiiig 040 at-tr* ol Itt ml.
9,586.76) E-t'ispp,
JtUH Ciomrao. hk'hi
'2. • .-iiitiH'ii-'iiiiv nt ii [..,.*.t iiiiirkfil "S. l'lHfi|i
•iiuthntm ('•itiiri p.iHt" iiiijuiuiiiK K. !'lu|ij> i
Inert lou, ihi'ini* mirth hii t-brtlnn, th#n« »•■»!
Ro chalna  thence aouth ho chalue, thence
eiml HO i Itn lim in i In* )iln I befftltntUKtron*
i I IllillillK lllll ILTiH lit lllllll.
'    Hiti-'il .luauttrytf, tom,
B.CIapp, locator.
■i ti nii'i* Cameron. aKvnt,
*i.   Comment -tun "' " i""-' ■*•=■ ■ *» •■■ ■ **W
Clapp norlheael vomer11 tietaic tha lontheael
rorner ui s i 'lapp «loratlon I hence etinlh hu
.Iiiiiu*., thence weal HO rhnlue, Iheiire uotlh
NO chalna, llieia-eeaat HOclialue lo Ilia plara
.■I i,.'kiiii.iiik, cuntalniiiii mo ncree ol luni
Hiii.,1 hiiituiiy j 1004.
W Clapp. locator.
.iniiiih riniii-K.il, ii|o*nt>.
,, tMinmenrluK "' " poet mnrkwl "A.
Clapp Hotilltweal rorner" lieliiK theaoiilhenel
i*mu**r ni s. t'lapp'e location. tliem*e north
nu chnliii, Iheiiie i-oal no rhatna, Ihenoa
f., ii Hi KOrtiiiliia, tbriicu weat 80 ••tintua In lhe
plitivoflteR mu. i-iiii talnliiK ,1,n *wr*» »\
Da hi) .iiiniiufv 3, 11>04.
A, Clapp, locntor,
■llllll  H I'llllU'lUII, HUrllt
iiiiiiifiii iiiK ul it |.nttt iiial-kxil "I!.
Clapp n'onlweel comer" l«lim Ilia iiorllieiml
if W. l-lopp'H liMiitiiHi, thence loiith
hii .liuiiii., iiirti.t* Httnt KOfhiiin*, litem' tinrib
NO rliiiiim. Ilieil.-,' Weat Nil (til tli UK tu tllf |iUiv
.it i. it nnltiK, nontaliiliiK 040 ucreii ol laml.
Iiiiin|.liiniiiir.v ti, 1004.
i; clnpp, locntor,
>IiihiiHCaiurroii) iiKfiit.
li. riiiiniieii.iiiK ul u pOHl iiniiki-il "M. A
Clupp'H in.iltll flint nil IHT." NO . ImliK  Mill li
uf iht* HontJieaHt rorner pnul <•( w*. Clapp'e
l.M'iiti.iU*, (hence i-orlli no uhalne, Ihenif
went no elm I nit, thence huuiIi ho i-hiiiue,
ihanve ekat HO rbulnii to the plnce oi tu*glti-
uitiu. contuitiitig S40iu}rcau( luml.
ILitfiM-juiuiv*.'. 11104.
M. A. Clnpp, locntor,
.lamimaiiui'Dii, 0(pi«t.
T. i■iiniiii.-iiciti'i ut ii |m.-*t miirl.'il "A. It
(fr.'fii n.iiiilini-Mt comer" Mng theKoitthenal
I'nnuT.iF M..\.i'tii|i|i locution,thence unit ,th
i'liiiilm, llit'Iicu mini NO i'liiiilm, lliHli'f Hii'llli
-Ill'ImillH, lIlHll.tS W.-Kt NOlliHillH In III.- |-hlCfl
nf lii'i'iiiiiiii'j, 1'uiiliiiiiiiiii >I4o ii.Tt"*.
lun.-.I juiiniity --'. 1004.
A. I>. ilri'i'ii. locator,
■tuniPH t'liuicron, Hjrriit.
s.  contmeni-lng ui h [iuhi umrk>-1 "ClinHe*
SlfVfll*. lllltl tl'11   IilH'IIMj"    liejllg   ill.'   t-lllltll.
caat corner of M, A. f'tupii'H location, tli**nn-
"niiiili no chniiie, thence tveei no i-lmiua
ilifii.'f iittitliNit ciiiiiiiB, theuce rant BOrhulm
in iht* plai-e ot lietflnnliig, contululng nu
uiTfH i,l lain),
llnteil .liiiilliuj-.'. 11104.
Cliuilra -Sti-VHtiH, locator,
.ItiiiifH rmiienui. agent,
ti.   K-ifliu.-nriii-j ai ii pnHt murkeil "V. w
(ii-wn   norlhweel   corner po«t" la-lug the
uortheaei corii'T of ClnuleaHtcreiiH location
thence eont'i no cbiilim, thence enel no .-tn
llience north fio«i.uitia,"tiieuM hpm HOcnnlim
mi tne plnce ul beginning, containing 040
acrea of Ian I.
Dalwl .Ittniinry -. 1 inn.
F. W, Greet), locutor,
•tutnesCnmecon, nufc* t
l-i-iiiimi nn tli mi.  il»
.,,..,, „.
illUlim,   lli.'ii.-.*   .MM    ,-i-l,
\y   Hm
Miiiltl   vi-jlilv   i'lmins,   ||(,
-i-,',<   ..
i-luiiiH to tin- |>l,i.,>,,i I,,*.,
<1K r.s nf luml,
ittttal-uinnar-*- 1. 100-1
<i<n,i. i
10. couiiueiii'lug .ti ji   |m
ml  ii ii
mini uuithaeei ittruer la-t
ntr Hi.
cornel ot V. M. ounl'a tm-.
■ ti	
etbhly tLaius,  ilt-mv mm
Illl  fin
thioce   «****t  eighty  phal
IK,    tin
••iitl.i.v i.'biiins tu lli^ |<lii< ,*
tniuiiiK 040 uorea of land.
i>tti-.l jaiiut.n I. him.
W   i
i. Hi'ii
ui uif*.
. .1 lli.'l-
*jo. commencing m „ p.
in i.l Houthwrai rorner" hi
'lllg   III
cgruerol j. ii i anptluir lu
eighty I'liuttiH, lli.-mv mn
III   .,■■
■ lii-m'.' tteal  eighl>   .'Imi
ua,  Un
*inli».v • l.nit.H l,. (Im |,|,„,,
ul |i..B|
lalnlngOlo acrea of laml,
*O^T«M««™^lMcVittie & Laldlaw,
mining' Engineers   0
_ v'J^~** .'".i "'-ii1! »i u.'-n- i---.ii ...
nilKlT-ln-l-l.      •Siii.illllll!
W »-.....lllllll .1,4111,1.
J* Muiiuii.B. W.x.l-l-irk,
N.    ,„ 8.0'V.
Tinibtr Notice
ulini, i„<i ,1,,
. 1 1 *..-,... . 1
inior nl l.ui
In 1924 You Will Ste How
You Looked in 1904.
Onl ymir i.lriuri' iiiri-ii nt nn.-.- nf
Prest Photo Co. Studio
Harvey, McCarter & Dunbar,
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Kaitfll Blaiik Cranbrook. B C.
W. I-. OURD,
Barriatcr, Solicitor, Etc.
I'l'iimpt HttPiitlon given tn nil
mutters of litialimaa. Strictly pri-
mt... A number ot yeiirn oxperi.
Plicn In |Kilii.|- nml (|.,|.-.-tii'i- work.
Aililr,-rj» nil riniininnli'iiliiiim lu
. BUIremore, Aid.
King- Mercantile Company Limited
Notice In hereby given thnl the Kina M»r-
riiniili' iDiii pnnv Limited, In lend tn   ti|i|>l,v
tn I'lint)*;.' tlm iiuiiiH ni tin* company, tu "Thf
KinK Luinttef Mill", LlmMfd,"
nutel thin 18ih',dny of Jnuunry 1004
4=1 W. p. (luni,
Solicitor tor the company,
Timber Notice.
Tliirt.v ilu.vn uiifi-ituit I intuiid to appt.v t<>
(lit*chirf cotUQilimlouer of luudiaod work*at
, 1 11   1 ii 11 1 Vi.'ttiriu n i.. fnr it llteiiie to t*ut aud I'ttri'v
tuul migered thai Ihey vvonhl tfrow|>wa, ,h« timlier from tha tollo-aiog Armtih.
to aotft.'iiMit mI/c to iiuike i-rosg tiea edpropartyi
1      ,1 ii       1. 1 1 1     1    'it  I    I'owuieiu 'lug'iiua half mile tioulli un.l uu •
for lln- rond when it would la* built. „,■•„,„ „, J,,-, ,„„,,,,, „, th, „„„,„„„
Motite iliinks llml Ilu>   Irt'i'a   httvi* Pnclflo aurvay Una in   the Mnet Kuolenay
, .... thence no cliaiiiH miuili, Iliem* no I'liuiu-
an i-Yi-n show yet; imt In- tlooa not
Jiiiuw all tlini  li;n   li;i|i(n-iifil  here
tijiL-c In- left.
tihlm. wtiti hi 11m |iiiic*> nl lieglutilng,
*0 lime   II   Mom
1 ranhrnot, u,.. jmiuitr-r i'liii inm
Coal and Petroleum Notices.
Notice Ih hereby g'ven tlmt tliirt.v ilaj
utterduh< we iuteml to Hpi.ly to tlie .liief
■ uuimi Mtauer ol IuiiiIh mid   wurkK for
lifeline tn pronjlCflt lui* coal un.l pel ruli'ilBl
thu following deem Ibcd lamle In Honlh V,u*\
It).. oit|tuenclug a* a pout ono mile i-unt uf
Uiu Fliilli»iiil liver nnil tilnmt   («t-lve Ulili
north nt die liiternttlonnlboundary,tnarlteil
M A (Ireen BOiil.het.it comer fioat, tliciir
mniii SO 'liuliiM. tlieuce weel NO fllrtllll,
theiiee eolith BOrlllilua, tlifii.'.' flint MO. liuiiii'
tuili'- plmw nl bcglanlug, cuiitaltilng Oin
M. A, Oreeu, locator,
44 .hitii,'*. I'umenm, iiKeni.
11. enmm'uclugat u poet uiurked ti, l.
rnii'litir*. iini'ttieitot corner poet lielug Hie
eniiilieimi coi'her of M. A. Oret-u'e lonullon,
Hi-tn 1* Muiiiti no chains, th nee t**»t ho
I'liniii*. thence north ho clinlne, theme ejet
.ho i-lmiiiM tn tbe place nt lieginnlng, coiituln.
inil 040 tii reri ul lit*:.).
Ibiti'iMuuiinry 4, loot.
K. K.Candnll, locntor,
Jumeecaiueron, n^rni
lil. t'oinmeiirlugat-a pout mucked M 1,
Noble mnlIibiihl portier poa', inljuiuiug U, A,
flreeu'e locution on Uiennrlli, thenpe mniii
eigliiy chalna, iluni in an-tt eiglity i-hainn,
ilieiee   north   eighty   t'liniii't,   tln-int.    cunl
eighty < iiuiii*. iii plnce uf hegluning, potitalui
Itigfllflacree nl luml,
iiuti-th.itiuiiry -1,1*804,
M I.. Nobla, locnlovi
JUmre f iiiiit-rnii, ugeut.
lit. cnHiiueinilig nt, ti pnal mnrkt-d .1   < nu-
dull fniiith-aet, comer, In-ing the uorlheaHl
corner uf M. I,. Noble lot-tillou, theme north
eighty  «'liniil",   theme  Heat.  i'i((lilv rhuiue,
llieiii'i. »uii ih 1 Ightyrhal ne, thence eaatelghtji
ehuiun to the place of beKiniiing, I'outalulng
0-fO iicreu of land,
niieil j.intinryi, 1004.
j.Mimlitll, luni tor,
.Tiiiuearuiiiernii, ugeiit.
14 roramiiiioitig at a poat mirbed VV. R.
NnbVMnuilittfKt corner being the nurtiieuHt
corner of M, I,,Noble's locution, thence norili
eighty chalna, thetica enet eighty chain*,
thence lotilh eighly clinlne, tlieuee tteni
eighty ehnlna io tha place ul beg|ou|n.s containing (>40 tiertf uf luml,
Hiiiul .in mm ry 4, 1004.
w. 1;, Noble, locator.
■intm'**('iiiuemii, hi* ui,
15, t'uuiiiieii'iiiH nt a 1'iint murknl 4. li.
Piir.|iiliiir norlhweel corner heinii the north-
euat corner ol ,\| I*. Noble'e locution, tliem.'
witn it eighty i'iiiii 111", tlieuce eimt elithty nhnlne
thence north t-lKhiy clintna, theuce weat
Hiitbty I'luiitm In the plnce of beginning, hiii.
tiiiuir-K 'ItO unrein u[ luu,I.
mileil 4nmitir,v 4, |004.
1, 11 l''iu,|iilnir, Incatnr,
uineeriiwernii, agrnl.
Ml. rniiiiuemiiiK i-l a pnef tuurked  A.   il.
Oreeii'aK'Mithweat corner poat udjoiuiuit U-
A   tli-eeu'H  Incut (in,  theme  north   eighty
chalui,  theuce mint eighty
HOIt'tl   eighty   tliuiuM.   them
.-■I Jn
■Hi   I-i
Uf     lil,Ml    Kill
I' of  I-III.I-  1
ilnu'rtlail  huiil*.
Noticei-elmi-ehy given liuil wc thciiu.]
■m.i inleii l in upply, 00 dnye .-it 1 .1.,
illmawilHiuul i-uiiniiis-.il.u,.|' ..1 ininiHii
iirlii Ini the dim I'l
(lie 1-llief i'llllllllinniii
mi   the foil,
(it) fouiiiiciifiiijcnt n poet |<l.int.>il II mi
ii-M ni i|„-ri.il„'.nl tiv.I-nml iibo.li ilu
111 iiii*t nm ilie IuttTiiutloiiill luiiimliiry,
iiltf lllenuill Invent t'Diiii-i'piiM   nl ii.i*. lie
Ite'Rclutm. thence a.iat HiicimiiH lo .1  Ami
mmWlniiu, theuce north >o i-ii-.jh-., ii„
Heel SllfliuillH, lli    Ki.illli   HO   i-lmii.M
plum ul begliiiiinu.
Located tltll Decern1 er. 100:1.
li.f. Meiitti,., I.ieiitnr.
.1. Cameron, Agent
(li) finiitiH'iicit g ui a poet being
Nttuilieiu'i corner poet ni II. I). licit!
clullll, ndjncelll to llin Hotltlltveel eniliel
(I.C Heiittln'eelulm, tlieucu mul 80eli.il
llience north HOelmit)!*, theiu-ceimi NO elm
llience wiiilli mo i-li.-iinn t„ plucu ul lieglnitl
I iiic'l I) IllllH'0,  10O.'l.
ll, i:, Uenitlc, f-ocnlor.
.1. ('iimi-i-nii, Ageul
(■■) I'n 111 men ci nu' ni the Hotithetiei em
nf ft, i:. Ileutlie'et-lulin, being ihciiorihc
corner of OenivcW nice cliihu, tlieuce mh
HOvbiilue, ili.'iiii' west ho clinlne, tin
nofjlftll i-lniins. tlieuc,* ctwt HO r-luilur
plnca'ol I "'ji in tiinu*.
I ated December!!, 1000.
,1, rumcron, Agcu
(.1)   Pommcnefiig ut the iiorlln-nei eur
of fleorge Wnht'eclulm. being il ilm
corner of (1. I>- BeatHt-'aelulm. Hictieeeoi
rvg -■        trtinbrmtk Lodge, No, 34
II.  4   ULII 1, Si-i-'y.
mi: a. i„ U, mi .im
and Surveyors,
THOS. I. McMllli:, IM.S.
.1. T. LAIDLAW, M. G.
Vl.lilinllmlirencur-Hull* Imlltii la allead ,|()|]||   \\_  Willi*
Cranium', Mclltodlal Clmrcli.
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Corner nl lloiuon Auum* mnl Inula Slrec.jQld siloes uuiilc new.    All kinds
id repairing.   Give mc a call,
Iiiiiin. UI,.|«I,I|| II  ,   11
Sun In., M  :, i- .1
lihili.. |V,ii*»lil|i 7 lllll.   41
111.- I.l lli.il.44i:,      I.4...4,      I'llllHllllll
Unili-in-i-i-        1 l-  11
-111441-1.-...       H.-l.ll    1-1,14 .-1   \l,,„lillll.. ..K|\   11
A    ,,i.li.,l    Iiiiiii.U4111   I-   MIMI.I.M    ,,,   III,.
1-44.14.4.-1    ,1     ',<|l(, I,,, 4
daub-oak liBptisi Churih.
Tlll-..,ll4.llilllli4..-ll,.l    4,1   111.-   -  i-iii-.-s   Il.i,I
ill llin Ili||il|«| I'liiiiili:
S l.i.i .    II   41   ill   llllll 7 nn ,,
Suililn.l S I I     '    :i |i 111
1 ill l'i*n|il.,,    -4 |4 iii. Tunulnj
|-i-„i.-i-M,.,.|iiii; S |i. in. IVnlnmlnj
Tin' |.niili,-,111. ,-i,iiliiillj- luvlnil -ml
l-ii.-l.,,, I', IV. .linn,li-
Hll  ,-linii	
nn, I linn,-Iniiin
■illli-, ul lifuliiiiiii-!
Illl'lllllll   |i   1411,1,
1 l.-
il  I UUU'inii, \||i,|t|
(rl  L'uumelirlng ul nl. ,*, |i*,,t ,... .i,r ,
lllll-,-.eus. uill. II. lluuttlf'Krltitm. I |{
.mull miNl i-iii'iii>i> ill |.-.|-;. Kinu'-i Iiiiiu.1T14,
m*,l Mli'liuinii. tlii-i o,tl|-lni<l„iiiiii tl,p
«,.»t "n I'llullIM, 11., in*.- Kinill. on il, nm,
I-I**-*-- nl lu-itlaulu-i.
I..li*llt,.il 11,,-Muliel* 10, lllllll.
1' U.KInit, I iiuiii. I'iiiii,.,- I*r-„t
(f) fuiUUIi-iniin; ill lln- Hiiilli unsi rm
uf. IMI. Kinu'ii 1 III iin. In-ill,: mini lui. si ri4r
<ili:..l.ll..|illlH-M-liiiiu.tl,,, ,,„,|H<|,1„,
lti,ui-fl uorlli Ml,-iitijiiH. 1 lii'in-,,wi'ni -.(iiinil
1 lii-iiii- miulli .in,iiliinit tu I'litt'i-nf lii<ni,.ni
Ulrali'il I mli,..-1... llinu.
.!..I. I'i*iiltli*, l.,i,-nt,>r.
J. I'n nin-,,,,, Annul
lul   I'liinini'iii-iiin til llio mhiiIi runt ,.,,,
ni r, i'. Kin-.-hi iiiim, iiitnii iii. 11, ,.
.-iirin-r nl II. II. Kin-iH ilniin. 11 .Hiiulli
1'ilt.illH. Iln-in-ii Hl'Hl, Ml  .ImiiiH.  I),,.,),.	
.-1  4-ituiiiH. llinu- ihi 8(1 rltnim,  in   ,,14,,,,
l.tn-ntHil 0pri-..itini In. liunl
II. II. Kiini. I.iimiIm
J. Innu-l- l-iTOl
nl Hi,,,
lli,  (iiiuiiii'iitiun
I (II..I    llllllll.--4-1I44III, Ill-illS   ll,.. inn   I
.4.1 llllllll  ,41 I,. M       II,Mill,-'-   I 14.4111.    1 1.4.II, 4
euMl Hll i-liniiiH, ilii-iii.-iiiii-ili HIlt'linliiK. tlii-nrt
t4t-Ht  Mil   I'llllillH,    llll'lli'i'    Hlllllll     Ml    iliiiiliH    I,
I1I11111 ul lu-AiniiiiiK.
I.ni'iiirtl. I inlu', In, inn*!,
I..  M     11-4. I III-.   I 4- 444.4 4
.1.1'liitii'inii...-,, 1,1
|i)   l'iitn.liii|ii'ln*r ul n pn.t tiliulll mm milt
.niiili 11! M    II.  Kinu'H iiiiiin.  I-1I444  II. I-
KiHK'. Hlllllb   lll'Hl     1*1)1-111-1'    |II1H|,    |||.i||||i   ,1||H|
Mil 1-llllillH. Ilii-i ulli  Sll 1-I111I11H 1.. M    II
Kid*.'. 'Illilll. II 1'44'l'Hl    SI.   .ll.Mll-.    1 lii-ini
.null, no < ImiiiH 111 niu I lu'iilniilnir.
1.4411114,1 tin-   III, lllllll.
II.I!, Klin:. I.ii.-nl.ii-.i.
.1 11 11 11. A111-11
Co»l and P-Jtroluem Notice.
Crabroott Presbyterian Church.
SlllililllliS i-iii- »:..... II 11. Ill  nml -.llllll, 111
-4,4,4,11,1 SM I 4111.1   llllllll I'lUKS II |'   III
' Im.11:411 Unilmiviii*, TiihhiIii) .   .      -1   111
Till, inililli, 111*01'linllnil) Im in.l  1.. ui I i-n. 1
nil llio niifllnit,.
1-II-I..I-. IV. (I  IV. 11  I'.niniil-11  1.
a. h. Ti-toriPsoN,
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary I'ublic.
Solicitor fur Ilm Imperial Hank nl C.iniiila
llic Colonial Invc.lmeal and Loan Cunipanv.
Cranbrook, 11. C.
The Contractor
Who Gets Contracts
II' ymi v.iiiii iii Iniilil li-l tin- kniiiv.
I niil Im |,l,*,is,',l i„ fni-iiisli vim
■ 'stimuli's nml mnv In-lp yon mil
Willi soinu iilt .is tin t.i [ilnns.
T11U nuliee tlml Ibtrl v-ibi.ve nfler ilnlr, 1
illieml In ll|l|ilvln tin* cliief I'llllllllleellltlCI    nl
IiuiiIh iiii.I wurkn flit' tl Ill'l'tlW lu lil'(m|ii>t 1  ].,i
■-nnl iiiiiI |ii*iii.1.'inn n,i*r lln- Fulliiwlim 1I1*
ciihi',1 Ihii.Ih 11.111 Ki.-kir„-iii,ji r i,. in Kunlli
Km*l Kintt.'iiii.v:
i-outiuoiirlnu ui ii 11111*1 iilnnlcil iiiljiii'ditl In
nnil) creek 1 ninrki-il "M   I'lillllm.H mirtb-
H-PHl ciiiuci" lli.'ii.e en»l   Ml  ,Iiiiiii-.,   i|i,-ii,>,
■nlllll   HO   ctllllllN,    llielic-   \Vt*al    SO  I'lllllllH,
Hie llllllll Hll ehilillhl-i   |||I> |lhlH> tl( ln-.'lli
ll(l)ft  t'ullllMllillfl lllll licl'l'e Ilf lllllll
iiuiiiii .inmum 1 Mh.. Mini.
CI                                                      M, I'll Illl |.| IK.
Coal and Petroleum Notice.
Nollwie hereby plvcn thnl tlilrly Any*
nfterilahiMiilenil to n*i|il.v to the Mnn. iii..
L'lilel Commlxtilmier nl LiiiuIh uml Workn tnr
n licence to |irnn|im!t fur conl ninl  imtroleiim
du Ihu tullitttiiti/ili-Hci'ilie.1 l.uiil**.
('uniinen.'iuK nt 11 piinl 111 iikeil-I. K. Mi||,-|-
north wa't corner p el. being Mm hhuMi ivi-mI
Citrner pout ot K, (in'--I'i. location, I lieiicfHuiil li
Iiui lie, thence ennt SnchllitlH, llieiicottoi'lli
hiiiiin,  thciit'c! Hu chalui, tlieiue wenl Mn elmins tu plnco lu
went   viglitv   the plnce "f lieglunhifr,   eontniliing Din hci-ch
Iniiin in tlicptiice of beginning, coiitfllning' uuted .latmary 4, ltlo4.
H40 uerea of land.
i>ile.|jnntinr.v4, 1004.
A. II. (ii'rteii, locator.
Jiilliet* I'liiuernn, a^enl.
17. ' iitnm.'iiciiiK ut a pout marked J.  II.
(Ireeu'i north weat corner natt, atljufuiug K,
IC.runilull'a location, th.-iu*e eigbty cliuiui
ui 111 lb, theueuttaal eighty chuiiiH, tbeDceiiorih
eighlychalua, theuce weal eight.r ebuiui tn
Hie nluce nf htjgl miiiii, coulaiiiing Old mrei
of Intnl.
ii.iteiU.uiiiiir.v4, 1004,
■1.11, (ireen, locator,
.ill111e* . itmen.u, kgeul.
IR r.iiumeii. iug Ht u^i.iat market) K thini
iQ-jithtfMt cornir pmt a<i lulng t, a, Oriiu'e
■I. K. Millci
■lumen Uii moron.
Coal and Petroleum Notice.
Tuke notice llin
iuii'ini lo npply ti
Iiilliin ntnl workn ti
.dnyn nfler dnlo
I" Iltnl Wllt'kN fill' 11  lii-eline tu 11 ■■IIH' |' Iiii*
lliiii l^lliil.'ll111 iiv.-i-   rllC   (nlliMviiid  licit.
ci'ilieil |u ui In muir Ki ..^^^^^^^^^^
Loin Kooteiuij'i
t'oniHlciiclng nt n pot" nluntwl ndjiicciii 1
mihl rn-ek iniit'keil "Uwirife llHlier«niihu*i.*.
pornpr" thanimmwt HI) eiinltiB, llience imn
MhliuiiiM    III '('   went    MO   I'lllllllH,    MlClil
Hlllllll HO I'lnilliK  I'l   Ilie  plnce  Ilf  hcgluiiltlj.
I'liuiuiniiiK 11-I0ii'icfl ui bind.
Ii.llcil Jlltllllll V   iMlll,   III    I.
4'3 ' aoorge Ulllior.
Proprietors *** •.■* **
Tennis unit drivers furtifflltctl for nil)
point in llic ilisliiit,
tWanagtr   k*  j.   ^
Formerly Mold I'hair
It. TOflPKINS, Manager.
Phis litili-l  is  I' lln- Ileal  in
l',i-in,.]]   ('nliiinliiii  nnil   up-tn•iiuiiiii i-vi-rj-  i-.s|,,-,-i.     W.-ll  liKlili'il
s;illl|)li- 1*111 un:-,
(i. P. TISDALE, !
I'liiinli-liiriillli.. .
Cranhrook       |
Candy Kitchen j
lllrli.M:i.-„i,i|.le|.Ml..i-liiiI I
Candies, l-'ruils, Nuls,        j
Biscuits, Pipes iiiid j
Tobaccos.   '"■_..  (ii« as ■ c.n 1
N'.-iv riys, goail driving
mul siulilli- horsra nt
iviisonnblo i-iiii., (im*
ninnvill Ix-toglvp-jnixl
i-nri* lo nil Inn-si's sin.
hli'il Willi ns.
N, C. AlcKINSTRY, Prop.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda Wiiter in siphons.   The most
Economical wy to handle it.
Physicians and Surgeons.
nilltr «l l'i-.l,l-n.*e, Arnislrun" Ait.
Ill HlCli HOURS:
Porenoons,   .   .  ■   .   a:3fl n, h
Aflernoous   .   -   -   .   I:30lo3*'(l
Cvealasii   ....    ;.jo in 8:30 m
CRAM1ROOK,    ::::       I    B. C
! Vroom k Dezall    :
! ... :
t i
i     Horse Shoeing I
J Carriage Repairing and      |
! Qeneral Jobbing.,.. 5
j (luislJc Orders Pro'rt.plly I
| -illl'lllllll iu. J
?.*....*. 9. **.*.. 9 .*.*.. .,.1
Cranbrook fanw
(Hid transfer Co.
Perry & Rlzgcrrlil, l'r.i|is.
Agents fortialt Coal.
Qeneral fix'ijrlitiiis*; fur this
part of the district.
Piano and furniture moving a specialty.
Calls answered promptly
Phone 63
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It is Healthy
II is the liest
El. Steele Brewing Co.
Arnold & Roberts
Monthly Payment's:
A Large Stock in Caskets and
Robes.   -,*   i*
Phone night and day 77
tRANUROOK, B.C.       * '
»i^f *************************************************i *.
*»»»»»»»»»V***************V***$****W*W9************ >
1 > * *
M ~ * ■*
*f  —- - -
i I Scaring Reductions in Carpets II
ft Ciiiicstry
4 *
i* dm* i
*»      '
If '
3t dm* i
s r i Mic i
|| i
. >
4 *
* *
4 .
« .
Brussels      Union
Fur iii sl len ilm- in* «ill iiiv.-r from out
MENT   Iin*  following  lim'-   ill   Carpets   Ill
- I'liion Carpet, regular fine,
■ Wool Cnrpct, regnlni-81.01)
• Tnpcslr) ('hiii. t, ri-gnlnr 7
■'I".11. *,in Carpel, regular M Utl       [nr llOi
■ I -.in,—. I-. r,u|»-i. i tlm* sl ■_'.,       |,„ :in,
>  I'.lll.-.i I. I':.l|i4-I. ,4M 4,l:.l  -I
■ V.-lvcl c.,i|,4i   iil.-ir#1 :,i
A Large Compliment of     | SiS^gHSffiBESBSJffiSEI^HHgSB M H
IRON BEDS       iJASHELT0N l.clapp
- ►
ucivo it
4 »
. »
. .
4 »
. »
4 »
i,„ in,. ,„.,,,,„| I'i I Just Received. Wc have litem JS
in all sizes and Styles and en Sl
nnieled in the latcsl colors.
The Wentworth
Shelton & Clapp,
The .New Mcnauers.
im- ii',,
■ pi
i **
Vlllll    <»
i--'in.- perynnl «.-{
,    4 >
fur ."I.- |..-i- i.-in    «.
for III).. |i.-i v.ii.l *j I
for$l, -i-.i.,,.! J»
. »
. >
REID   <&   CO.
9 One bag ol §j
I     O'GILVIE'S FLOUR     |
9 Will make more bread than lhe same quantity of any 0
9 other flour.     It will make thc finest pastry and give m
9 ,„„, ..„.,,.„ ^
I'lione .No. 77
A Railroad House for railroad men,
and everybody else who wants gootl
feed .'iini good beds for i-i fair price.
Prescription "77" and
Cold Cure Tablets
11 refund vour ni.iii.'i- nml usk no ,, i\,G,'G~ 'wt tlii™ C
" f» uill}' f tlio inuiiy rciisoiis whj ini.pl.. fiml   '   K
|  It Pays to Deal at Beattie's I
Crnnbrook  Collate  Hospital,
Muni Arnimtunii nvi-nm- nml I.-«i—.   E
I ni'illli |,:lllii'iil:ll- :l|4|,li I,, \\Z.
rtis*. Moss, - Matr.ui,
toiM. „i s..vi.nk..*Hi„„.ii,i, v....iLvSi-StfaS^ilSESSiSMHSKeSl^EliljiSI
Drop in and see ns any lime.    We are nn deck 25 hours §
out o! Ihc 2*1
You Need a New Suit
you every
9 O'Gilvie's Rolled Oals, O'Gilvie's Meola, O'Gilvie's 0
9 Granules.     We sell only O'Gilvie's.     liest oil liartll. m
9 (]. T. ROGERS 9
,*y <A
*p     Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery     0
9 Cranbrook, B. C. *
O Yuiii* \V,-,:,-li. Clock nnil Ji-wpIi-j-  rcpnirs  in n .vorkinnnlike ©
Q inniiiii-r,    Auvthing from n Sl wul.-h to the llnest split chron- H
§g ngrnphs or striking wntchps.     Nothing too ilitHenlt,    Work B
*£ when l.-fi In iv will r in- I..-si of iiliniiii.il. ,1,-ivt-li-v ivpninil £
S*J il'iii-i'il In- ivliili- vim nnil.   Vour riii|! cnu lie nlti*i-i-il to nnv B
B size vou wish.   We Inn,- mnslorcd iln- trn.1i- from A to Z. ©
O Try iis.    Ask others. nns. Q
1 W. H. WILSON |
..Make qip.
Saturday, Feb. 6th
-Vnu will lnllgll till
tin- ti-iirs run down
yunr cli.-.-ks." Nc w
Vurk 'linii'iiiil.
Ulbat happened
Co lon«$
Hv Mi-o. \V, Brondhurst. nil-
lliur of "W'hv Smilh l.i-l'l
flume.*1 "Tin* Wrong Mr-
A London and New York Success
liiti*i*pri*ti-,I by n compnny of
Metropolitan plnyprs under
tin- muiingpnipiit of Mr, ('. I'.
Walker of tho Wiunipi-L-niiil
ulli,-il tllelltoi's.
Prices SI and 75c.
Snle of Splits nl Bonnie's.
Hut sometimes thnl is n hni-il inntter. m.
'In he i-.-linl.le i must lie on linn-.  Wu
Inn,. ALARM (LOCKS tlmt nre guar-
iinteeil,     Vou .-iin'l I..- Inli- wiih nm- uf
lln-iii.     Tlmy will pull vin mil uf ln-tl. -j>
l.nl n,m will'linvp I., put un i.nn- .-Inllll-*..  «
•|'hi-'.-lu.-ks uun'l il,, llml.   ' M
m. f. Gate, Jeweleu
OiiiiJi.ii TOntcb liiBpcctor e. p. i?.. erinvii Si*.*,t Bitiislou
^ Mnll (ir.liT- Proinptl) Mt.-n.ii'il to. Telephone 17 «£>
T, Write for Prices. CRANBROOK, It. C. ^
_, Agents for I. I ebel ,-(; i-'n., Ilny mul (irniii. ^
I  ... Manitoba Hotel...
(i. ,1  ,1.1,1  \, 4.   \I:,im:,-iii	
11. a. McDONALD, manager
'• This liolel is In lhe center ol town. The rooms are
"f comfortable and well furnished, tlie dining room is first -
"' i-lass, and llic Kit* is supplied with the best. When you
I'  wanl a good place to slop come lo the Manitoba.
fit................. ,„.,...,.l.....«,.,....„
1    I I
I mul ONE-PIECE LAVATORIES hnvpn .Ininly npijpnrnnep nml snowy I
%   wllitlljlPSS  wliiili   suuLjesl   rli'lllllilli-ss llllll   their ili.slnlllllilUI   ill'- S
« lil.'illnliuii insures 11 siinilnry. niuili'i-n linthroom, »
«                                                       StandorJ" Porcelniii  Eniini- ,
g'     i-lnlOne-l'ieeeLnvntoriesnre %
innili- in ninny bountiful uml >
ni-listi,* ,lesi|.ns. eiii'li iu unt* >
piece, free of crncks or plnster S
pnris juinls. ninl nre llu-refore *
perfectly siitisfnotory.   If you *
nre slill using une of tliu old Jj
Picked Up About tlie Cily  by  Asking
Questions of  Many  People.
1>. ,1. Elmer, of Moyie, wn- in
tuwn yesfprdny.
Mr. S, K. Bolton nud niulli.-i- I.-H
Insl Fridny fur Liiluc, All., rl...
Miss llnrley 1ms Imm i*itili> ill
iln' pusl w.'ik wiih sun- tltront.
t-'runk Dickinson lisii."! the
iii-w town of t'oh-iimii Sunilny Insl
M.   Durick   is   nov   with   llic
lliis .-il.i
•I I. Pnrkcr. iiniiiim.-i- uf Hip
N'ortli Stnr  mini*,   wns   in  lown
} A niiinlir]' ul' ,-iiiuiinl ilii'i-tiiiL-s
nn- Ik-Iiiuj In-lil lliis Wi-i-k.
i 'I'll.- lillSslllllll tliriliV.ll Will lull.-Ill l-'i-ln-uiin HI. II. Il' un.l 111
lliis yenr.
j Wniiti-d 11 lii-si-i-liiss boy ur np-
"pi-piitiep ul llenltie's wlii-ri- il pays
to 1I111I.    Nu il.-ntl mi ml npply.
i Duii'l li.|Mi*t "Wlllll llnppelii'il
I to.] s." next Snliitilny niiiltl.  ll
I is inn* uf lhe linesl pieces pvpr pul
j Burn Al tin- I'ni'suniip-. Kel-
uwiiii. B.C....11 l-'ridtiy. .lllll. 22llll,
tu tin- wife of Rev. .1. W. Bower.
inu'. 11 flnuirlitt-r.
A. W. M.-Viil.-i-nuii- over I'r	
Ni'lsu.i this week. He lins liis
fiiiiiily comfortably installed in
tlu-ir iii-w I in.
Iluiih Fruser, Mrs. D. Krnspr,
nnd   Miss   Tiiiinliiiusi-r.   of   l'ort
S le, nttPiidi-il tin- Odd  Fellow's
bull Moiuluy pvpuing.
Miili-i.bii l.i-iti-li. of (Ink Itnke.
Mail., nlleiul.il the niiiitiiil lUPetiug
[)f    till*    131161    K,,.l,-,,:iy     Lllllllll'l-
compnny Insl Mondny,
Ueorge 11. Webster, lutinuger of
Ilu- I'lilgnry I'iiiii • i-unipniiy. is in
town today looking nfter the interests ol the Chmbrook bri li,
A number of cuttle owner of this
distriotnreiiitprestiil itillic pnssngu
V in lliis province nnd
**************************    j
*4> A. I.. flcDermot A. C. Bowness 9    \>m\ i|,i„,|i,., si.,1
9 Wholesale   Wine   t.ntl    Spirit  Merchants H
9 Sitillii lln-r lhe Highest Brands .'Tin Unjeu ••-! 9
'd* irr-.it li.tr        | of SCOTCH and tail AiijrImenI 4^
l3s   llMAk 11.1^11     niiiskii.c 1 01 lliimoli. £.
m liiiiml.-. si,.,,. IRIS"   whiskies.       m„„r, g
9 A complete si„tK ol Cigars, consisting of the 9
4^ "Pharaoh," --LaPortunn," "Irving," --Bur- 9
jt, risu-i," "M.in.iiiii-ni." -Ililil.-i" and others. ^>
Mr mul Mrs. Cieoi-ge Ilu
( Klk...  i-isit.il  frii'iuls  ii
Vic Rollins leaves todny for n
triplo Wnnliipv, Klk-. nn.l Mi-di-
i-inc Ilm.
-Hnln" Simiii, il.-iuiihler of Mr,
nml Mrs, K. II, Sllliill, is iptite ill
uiih lonsilllls.
■Dun," M.-l-'i
I-   Linnlit-r
i,i|i;iii,v.   w.-is   iu
If ilmi i-llie.-ns,-. you should Ik-can-fill
Sl'1''''1 - . »o can givpyou one thai will I.. -,-,i
isfnclorj   in   ipudity,  workniausliip mnl   pric,
"''"I'  '•" *""i  s nr stock,    (lnri-loth.-si.n-
Hindu in ('r.-iiiliruuk b> Craubrook |»-o|il      I'l   ,
nn- suits thnl suit.
Leask & Henderson
I-i.   W,   Ross,  of  Nuilli   Buy,
brother ol Mrs.  W.   p,  T  no-
cinupniiii-il by his wife, nrriveil Insl
Siitunlny. They will be the guests
of tin- Tntp fuinily for 11 li-.< w.-i-ks,
Mr. Ross is ciignged iu the jewelrj
business in North Buy, nnd is
inspector for the C. I'. II. for Ihnl
division. He is verj fnvornblyim.
pivssi'.l wiih Crnnbrook. und is of
liu- opinion Ihnl ils prosperity is un
11 linn I'iiiiii,Iiiiiiii,.
Tin- Nelson N'rws. Bpenkiiig of 11
geiitli'ini-u well known in Criin-|
brook, lins this lo any of hischnngi,
iu resilience: .1. II. Ashdown,
president uf iln-  Aslidowii   liunl-1 -
win niipiniv.  Winnipeg,  leaves
for liuiiii' Ihis morning, ilu mude
nu nniiiniiu-enieiil Insl nighl llml
will lie received will, ivgrut in  this
city. He snid tin- compnny lnul
decided to trnnsfer .rnnius l,;,w.!
rell.-e, lUUllllgPl' of lln- 1.I'iiii.'li  llere|
lu the Culgnry bn li I llml M
Liiwreiu-i' wiuiitl start I'm-  lii-*  tie
pusl before lung.
. P I W I '!' I !' I
•$>; <s>: <$> a * I
-that cut in prices:
Is doing the business. Peopl-i .ir,* buying joois
of us at prices never before hc.11 i ol in East
Kootenay. Wc need thc money and we an*
getting it, because wc arc giving thc people the
bargains they arc looking for.
;:hill & COMPANY
1 ■* i <-**• 1 ■*> 1 <t> 1 * 1 '.y 1 -v 1 ■!■ i ■•'; •?* \w 1 <s> 1 ♦ 1
If so, come at once to our store and purchase
a bottle of Puri Emulsion of Cod Lfver Oil:
We  guarantee   it to   be   50  per cent pure
Cod Liver Oil.
■losed-in" wash \
slnmls we would be plenseil *
lo liuve you call mid exuiniiu- *
ll»^tMid-»rdr0""-l>ii*'<*lv(iv- »
nlories we hnve in our show- »
' room.   We cuiilil replneeyiuir >
* old one ul II cul Uiul would surprise you ngleenble. We liuve ev.  J
* cry facility fur doing prompt mul ellicient work nnd would like *
*. ito servp you when nesl in il of plumbing, 'I
\ Ipatmovc ffivotbevs I
* *
Mr mnl Mrs. Will. Chivy lull
Insl Sniiilni fur 11 Irip tu Cnlgnry
llllll Mi-ilii-inu H.-il.
.1.>l»i Kiel, lins I  laid up  Um
pusl li*iv duys with sun* Ihrunt, tin
pri-vniling complaiiif.
Mrs, llnvill 1,-fi yuslunliiy furnn
esfetuleil visil ill Wnrilner with
lu-r sislPi-i Mrs. C, A. Duw.
Mrs. M. II. McMahon ,.r Mni'.vs-
ville. tli'i'iilllpllllieil her lllisllllllll   111
Crunlirook Mondny evening,
The Cmiiidlan Order of Fores-
ters will huiil n nil-cling next Fridny evening ul tin- Odd Fellows
-I. Austin und wife, ,,f Elko,
were muting the out. of town
visitors lo the dunce Mumlny
The nexl literary meeting will
l,e held Fridny Feb, 12. Tho
program will lippeur in next week's
There nre tunny places iu town
Hint need Uu- nll.-iili.ui of 11 scavenger to siivp un epidemic of sIcknesB
in lhe spring, Drop 11 word to lhe
Crniibri'ok Seuvenger Co. nt. the
1Voutwon.il hotoli The Inw dp.
innnils cleiin promises, nnd will  lie
pnforced Ihis spring.   Sine li	
und posts liy prouiplnlleiiliun.
1)1*11,1(1 of I
nru i-iiriilnling n petition lo thut
Tin- skntiug riirnival m ihe rink
lusl Fri.liiy i-ii-iiiii- mis ipi'ilr 11
s icci'ss. There were sunn- very
pretty costumes, nml llmsi* present
hnd n must eujoyiible time.
Fred Hii/.pu nml Al. -I s camo
down from Murysville Tuesdny und
lenve todny for Wesl ICootenny
where they will spend lln- balance
ul the season.
I1. I,. N'nisniilli. Dr. Mewbnrn
mul C. I-'. Cunyiii-iiiv. uf Lethbridge, attended the minimi meeting,,!'llio I'insl ICootenny Lumber
,-uiiipiiny Inst Mondny iu tliis city.
Tin* innrrieil men wlm hnve been
tin* guests uf tin- Eiitre Nuns Club
Uu- pnst yenr will return tin- com-
plliuuiil by i-ntei'tiiiniiig tin- Enlre
Nuns tui'inbers. tomorrow evening.
Tuesday wns ground hog ilny.
nml VimDecnr's benrs ctiiui' out uf
tlieir den. chnsi-,1 tlu-ir shntlows
.•iii.iiiiil (In- leuglil of their chnlns,
nud then retired fur 11 sleep uf six
.lohn Swinni-i'lon returnedSntiir-
v from his visit to the eusl. Fie
snys thnl the weather in (Imt Bection lliis winter was extrpiuely cold,
nud Uiul il is 11 pleasure lu gut
back lu tin- hitiuii.il belt.
The Hernlil is ill receipl of 11
letter from Ueorge (toldsiniUi. who
is now iu Wi-sl Hartlepool, Scotland, He reports 11 pleasant trip,
luit snys Ihut Uu- weather is damp
und disugi nbl,-  iu Unit  purt of
Kd. I'lilterson, .1. Mi-Sweynn,
and A. U. Wibnot, liuve returned
from 11 visil, of severnl weeks to
the enst. They ull return strong
in the opinion Unit Cruubrook is
tin- best town in the west, tuul Unit
the west is the only couniry lo
live in.
Mr, nnil Mrs. r.-iwiu-ll. of Foil
Steele, gnve n lurge dancing party
Weilnesiliiy evening nl the Fort
Steele bull, A large number rcsi-
dents of Crniiliiiiol,  ivere present
nud report Hi lerlninmenl  ,	
of lhe uiusl i-lnlioriilr ever given iu
A new lime table hns gone
effect   on the   C. I', li. nt Cul
ft'does noli 'alter ilu- ruiiiiiti
im,in line triiins. Tin* train service between ('nlgnry nnil Macleod
will In- revi-rseil. Commencing
lust Mondny morning. Hu- Ir.iin
will lenve Miu-li'oil every morning
except Sun,luy lit 7   n.in..   Ill'l-ivillg
iii  Culgnry nt   \i-.\n.   n  mnl
leave Culgnry nl -I. p. in. ill'rivillg
iu Muclad nt li. JO p. in. Between
Mncleod und Cranbrook there will
lie ,1,-iily. except Suiiiluy. 11 mixed
Irniii with piissunger i-ii.-n-h nttm-h-
•"1   I ii.,.:   \l„,.|,',„l 1,1 :,ii. I
nn-iving nt Crnnbrook nt 7 p.m..
uud leaving Crnnbrook nl ■'• 11.111.,
und nrriving in Mnclpixl nt '1 p. Ji
A. A, Sllliill, of   Meli.-ille    II:
E. H.Cooke, of Moos,', inw. T. W,   i
Clurke,   of  Culgnry, nm]   D '"
)aj        When you visit Cranbrook stop at the        Q
£§ None Better In the District gj
0 Rates Si and up.    Short Orders and Oysters -'*
Q              served in any style from is p. m. to 6 a. m. *
K3 The table is the best, the rooms are unsurpassed for clean  Q
'sJ lincss and comfort and the bar is supplied with thc best brand   3
Q of liquors and cigars. ^
1 L. B. VANDECAR. Prop.        g
II Cranbrook
J;! Hotel 3 3
a . i *
uwrKo,  ut  unitfnry, nmi   ucvori'" ! I
Hunt, of Crnnbrook,  inem1x*ra "lit!
(iuest** C(imlur\ •>, Specialty
flood Stablinji in Connectinn
Nt*»r**st to ruitfoful ami depot, ' Has accommodations for the public unequalled in Cranl.rfok.
 Proprietor       J.
tin-   grievnuce   conilliittee  in  the
Brotherhood of Ruilwny Trainmen,
itiel in this city Mondny  for lln-1
election of ullicers und Uu* trim. |     Hot and Cold Baths
suction  of   otlu-r business,     Tin-1 f*****
following   ullicers   were    i-li-i-ti-il-1:      ■   ■ JT   —^—^   -
Chuii-iiinu,    llcvero   Iiuui:   Vice-|   ******-************<■*************.*'*** *......♦*»
Chiiirinnn. I-i. H. Cooke, of Moose
.Iniv: Sei-retnrv. T. W. Clnrke, of
We nre still in business und cnn quote ymi [owes!
prices for Timothy, Mondow Ilny. Bunch (in,.-, (ims.
Bran, Shorts, When! nml (i-ilvi.-s Flour
****** *********************************************9,
Rev. Ileaclnun's Murriai;-.'.
The Hernld is in receipl uf lhe
following in*,*,,um 4.1' lli,* wedding
of Rov, Beuchinu:
•*.\ quiet but ex 'dingly pretly
iveddini:   nns   .-.-lubriili-il    nl   lln-
church of tin- As bIoii, Tupsdny
iiiiiiii.    iliinuiiry    111,  when  Miss| —
Annie   M. Mn.'-Li-nn.  uf Ilu- linll
hospital, Lt'thbridgp. Albcrlu, wns!  s
tuarriixl  tu  tin-   Ifi*'..   ITavi-lock-l i
It4-.i<-liiuti. B. A.,  i lor ul' Christ    i
cliurcli   Crnnlii k.   li.   ('.     I'lu-    .■)    '^"e have the latest styles and patterns in Men's Clcthin-r.   In
bride, who was given nwny liy  Iur   ®    fact, for a complete get-up come to us. Everything to dress you
cousin. Mr. I). Turubull, ..I Ti
onto,   wns   tustefiilly   gowned
® i ® ion
white crcjK-de-eliine, over tnll'ettn
with bei-tbu und cull's uf renl Inc.
train mul iigtinl veil,   Slu- enrried
ll   shower boqllei   of   lilies   ul-llii*.
valley, The maid of honor. Mis-
(inice MacLean, of Chicago, sistei
of the bride, wore n pretty gowi
of grey silk eslienne, n lurge j
picture hut und enrried a lioquet
of pink roses. 'I'lu- groom wns
supported liy liis brother Mr. W.
I'luncliiini. uf Lindsay, du'. Tlie
ollicintiiig clpi-gy were Rev,  (i.   A.
Kiiliring', rector mul  lie,. Ci n
l-'urni-iinibi'.   rector   ..I'   Sl.   Mm
tlu-w's,   Afii-r visiling friends iu
Ontario nnd ncross lhe line.  Hev.
nml Mrs. Ilenchiini uill bent 1 1,1
nl Crnnbrook, I'.. ('   nfler Murch
ll.e lul.
Underwear, Neckwear,
Footwear and Suits
Successors tn a. II. (titpin, C'
The Calgary Cattle Company,
\1 iiii; t i: wr.iK'oK {HERALD
li you pn> -'Hi i   liurbitaut | ri?   for u -mil PART uf your j
limn.*v i*- wiiritnl, ii" luntli r how h",m| tlu* uaniH'iits ,*iri'.    IF ynu J
|i;i\ i'Vit su small ii [Kwu for n   luni   suil   ALL yunr  iimncy   is J
\v.*ist.i|.    If > "ii I my ,i ■.■nuil suit vi ni   uiusl   pay at   l.-.isl   a   lair \
pHiv. an.l tli ii is iill yon will i,,t\ for a suit Ultule liy J
Cranbrook B:o:k                                                 Cranbrook, B. C. *
m a
in .ill the
Towns in
I P. Burns & Co
,V Wlli.ltrt.lt .ad Kelt
1 Meat Merchants
> Fresh and Cureil Meats l-rt.sh
A Fish, (lame ami Poultry.
SS       ,*. We supply only the best.   Vour
^ trade is solicited
PHONE •}<•)
.Saw Mill riachinery
I'lunliiK ."Iill Machinery
Iron Working rincltlnery
Mining; riachinery
Machinery lor nil Purposes
I      All of very hest makes,
I   Wrile
I J. L. Neilson   *-. Co.,
1 WU .viul,, St., Wlnnipe*-
Wc U.\vc a .stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Uriek,
Fire ISrick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or -any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
Ilmi* Vnu Any 1'ninlim: In lie (lone?
*   Mn Any of Vour Room s" ccd I'arcrlr.ft?
i'Jslimalrs yivi-M dm liiri:*' roii-
trarls. Wr don'l wniil Ihc
i-artli. Wi' Wiinl tu |.l'i-«-
you will, tnr wuik ami ii ri'ivi*
ivtiaoiiiilik' | uy,
Rnyul Mold, Crnnbrook
llic Herald (lives (lie News
Timber Notice
N.llin-in li.-ivliv ith-i'll Uml lliirty ilnyn til
li*i* .lull- I inli'lid ti. ii|.|.lv i.i lln* I'lii-i Coin
IiiIhhI mi I.-nol-.mil \V,.iLh. fill'II Ul .viw
I,.-,-,-.,I   llli'l.ill.l» IIH ll.'-inlil-t Illl,-Ih
Ci lllllll Will tl*|f   III    II    I'lMl   [lllllllfll Illl   ih''
 Ilil.iink.il   llu.k  r.twk  lifiir »Iiiti' Hi.*
cuhI lltilMif M.i.-k -I.V.lll  inwfn   Hliiil i* It,
(Ili-lll'O I'llllllllIK liiM'tll Ml .Iniili".   lIlflH'rl I'lihl
I Hi) Hintim,  -llii-lii«fi iinrlli KO rliniiiH, 1 hi'ii.f
■11 hi   11-311   I'lllllllH, tllrlli"**   ll   Dili  I'lllllllH,
llllll..' IVI'l-l  HO I'lllllllH, ll I'KnlltllMli'llllilll'
llll'IIIHI   W.-riL   LMll   I'lllllllH,   llll'lli'i)  uorlli  mi
I'llillltri  tlii-ni.' Willi: HO I'lllllllH III I'iHl   Iini' iif
lilni-k -Ir.llll, IliHin- iinrlli Idil Hiiiiii*-. i	
I': MiiuiiJify Till. HUM.
I J .III".  SltH'lf
Th.' Australian Ifnti*] In llic pli hi pill up wlii'ii
you nn* in town,    Tin- "Hin While llni.-l." -Tia
iln- t*i*jlii place,
Morrissey Junction, B. C.
Stephens Bros., Owners and Proprietors
II. L. Stephens, J. E. Stephens, J. t.awson, M. Rotkendorf
Play Ball
I Inr minis,
when in Motrlsaey
Mines look In your
comfort ami nln)
al llic hotel where
you koI your mon
i-y's worth.
Alexandra   Hotel
Stephens limn. & to ,
Owners and .Proprietors
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company
owns large areas of choice agricultural lands
in the Kootenay and Boundary Districts of
Southern British Columbia which are offered
for sale at from
$1 to $5 per Acre
on easy terms of payment. S Timber leases
can also be obtained on reasonable conditions.
Land Notice.
Nolii-i-iN ln<ri*li.v tiivoii ilml wtlltln 4-iM.i*
llll.ll.   nlli'l'    llllll*   I    lllll-tlll    III    l*l'l|'l,V   in
Uill,,,I* I.i  llli-lllllll Hott-I'll'lt- ill liillliril llllill'l*
-ii*,inn 7 nl I'li* livi-iK iiiiiI .tti-tllnH-.nl .R.HI
I'  1(1,1.   17    III   ,1*44 4 1 llll'l illlil-.    I.,4ll,|l-|4
in-, iiinni. Hiin-,4,1-11-.. [nun thf iu-,i iiiiii hank.
ui llin-k I'M'i'k. Knm K14,,i,-imi. li r nml ii.
Iril„itarli-H ft-on, ii. hoii.,-*- to wIipih rrrnfi
l,itl>r,',',lll,ll|l.*VH N*-»l I'm,, riiiliiiiv, nml
llllllll, Hlllll  itlllllllll'llll'lllH    111,    lllll.V    III"    lll'll
Kiirv Int- llrivlll*" ul Iiiiiu,  ilinniii*- nl  Uml
llllll I'llllNllllllill-l lllllllllM    llllll    lllllll-    tllOll'1
IllMI, ll.l'lllli'l-l tliiin 1144   tilt*   jllll-,1-  III  I'lllllll.l
lllllll   Illll.V III.
1.11.Ill  ,|,,...l.'.,'.l*   l.ll.   llllll.
IJ M. li Kinir
. (5)  if   If if   (f  ff  if- (.'   if  f.v <5*   (f-SA
f      /Marriage      \
f     V.-h. nn.l Ilm CITY   I1AK- I
t.> KKV lu lln* iilni'i'Inki'I ii iiii*.' [
lii ivnliliim-,-,-,In- .-nnl  nriiuiui'iils f
I in Ilu- llili-sl slylo.   Wlii'Si'iiil if
I your mili'i- "in  ul' lown  ntnl I
f   i,.-ll..-||isll.-|M- III,- i.-ril'M I.I..I,-   A
(J  ni l,> uliipplliK.   I'rieos iiuiii.   ''
(i   1'bniic ,11        (Ipin-sllc M. 1. lliniili T
(•J      C. W. WILSON,      I
~®-®-®-®®-®-®-®-® ®-®-®-®
i.   f\\*  .ormo BEST in ,1m SicwlnH
*  ***    Miihlm World,
TL. * — 4..      Hero   is a N.iv Kid-
* **■** ^J rVEK, j4,d S4.ipt.lor
\]*~.--   --_ l4i»Ho,h.rff :-',*i,iu U'l.-
Y e*\\xsz;;z,G"z^l;,»n"
tenslun relenst-: iiiHnmntii* I ..lilmi .vlml-r- l«i-'-
tlve fi-iir nuitiuii f,--*.i, i,ii,|,i>il nr*'.He lint: Iw'l
bcuriiii* wlir-cl iin.l I'liti'-iii fivr l'l» Iniiiiililnl
wo.Jil.vnrk. witli :i i..-..nNliil ■ ■ < , I :,„ |,,-|. .1 ,,|i 11
Mtiiiiliiiirtiii lu vHvel Mum! fnim nolf.lt.,.-,
rinvcl Klilrcitpi
N.vlliiriAl  Sewtnd M»chln* Co.
A_tlt*uUMr*et, Nt+v Vurk CM v,
it. iMalU.iti '.ir.vt   I'ltl.../». IM
Mcnr^t building, t»Urt*tttltCO,G*t,
Land Notice.
Nolit-t* in I -In- glvi-ll llml luu inuiitlm nlli'l- ilnli- wi' ililt'liil In n|i,il.v In lln' I liii-i
I iiiiuiii.*-iiiii-i- nt I.llli'l. llllll Wii-ki-. Vi,
iiiiiu, 11.1'.. Ior |H-,i„i*t.iiiii in iiiii'i-lnii,!- (In
I iiiim.I.-.i-ii I Ik
ril-lllllrlU'ill-* III   11   [444411   liliuiti'il 11,1   |1||>  lll'Ht
111 flltt'II. II. Kin,: tiiiilifi- limit iiii tlii'
Mn) ii> liv,,- ul lln, I'. I*. Il'illwii}' riglit of ui''
llo-lin- tiiiiliiliii hilllll] 111 i-liiiini., Ilif.ii-H  ll'«*l
III uliiiln^, ll i-noiili lo n.ilwuy i-t-tlit ol
iv i.v. llif.ii'-. I'liHli-ilv iiIoiii; lllllll li-tlit ol un.l
III |illli'|, lif   rollltlli'lli'l'llll'llt U.lli,iill*.   111,
4,-14.4 -fill'If,..
King Mi-ii-iiTiliti' Ciiiiii-itii.v. I.imitfi),
JIH |*t-r.M, II, Kin«. Miiim-ii'i*.
li. I Sonili liiml Kooli-iiiij-,.Vov.Illl, li, I llllll
Timber Notice
Tnko imili',. llml llilrly ilnja ulli-r ilnli-1
itil.-lnl ,o „|i|il.|- to lliiil'liii-lliillilliiiiiiiiillfl ol
I,mul. uml Work, [or 11 Ul  ii-nr In. I
lllll i.iltiniinn ili-m-lilii-il liili'l.:
l'otl.llli'tirili*| ll, tt|OHl lilntitt-il liliolll Iwo
llltllii*. iiorili nml nlioiil luo mili'H ii... of lln
iiuui nf MorrtHH.-,.*, l)i!-ni't< riiiniiiiii Hi-Hi-Inn
i Iiuiiiii iiiori, or li',. io lln- tii'iti lioiitiili.v Iiinni l.ili 1,-illl, llii'iii-i* innili iilotitf hhIiI lioiiiiil
ry lil,*i 4(111 I'lllllllH, llii'iicii i-H.l Km I'lllllllH,
llll'lli'i, .olllli KK. i-liiljliN to |iollil ol roll!
ii.iit-il.li „.v ml,. IIIIM.
IJ Nl   II. Klui:
Conl and Petroleum Notice.
Tnk<* miliri-llml lliirly ilii.v. nil lull-,  I
iiili-inl lo ii|i|il.i In lln- .-l.i.'l i',ii„iiii4,.iii,i|,|- "I
Inml*, unit ii orkH lor ii li -,- lo |ii..4-| I [in
rolll lll'll'ii-lrnl l-i-l* ll,.- lolloiiiiiit .If*
. rili'"l Inml*,. II4MI Ki.lil i< i*i k, ill Hlllllll
liii.-l ICoolfini.i:
Itillllll illi, HI ll ,„,H| |,lillll|,il ililjlli'l'lll    ,11
-4,1.1 i-i-,.!, iiuirkfil J|. M.-iI h mull HI ri.i*.
I,,-,-" rilllllillll IVflHl    *.[,  I'lllllllH,   llll'l lllllll
N„ I'hlltl,., llll-l 444,1 HUrllllillH, lllflll-t' III... I.
-Ill,In,in. lo |t„. |,|,| i|   lif'(j||,|j||'l, I'liHlllill.
illli lllll lli'iw III lllllll,
III I Ilir Intl.. ofjuiiiuir.i llllll.
I.l .11.  Mil -
Coal and Petroleum Notice.
Tliki- Iluliil, llml lliirl.4 iIh.vh nlti-r limit. I
I > lo "I'I'll   lo ll I.W ...IllUli-il.411-1'  III
luml*, iiiiiI ii oik- Ioi-ii lii'fiiHi' iii |iniH| t im
i'iiiiI iiiiiI |iit|roli,|im iiii'i- Ilir followlll*. lli'H
I'l I I I>  ' Kl.lll I, , 1,-4-1    in   Soiilli
I'JllHl  Ku lll.l:
lomiiifiii'i,,*. I,,   ,i piiHl  mliiir  .niil
iri-i-k linli-ki'I "AilliiirSlllnii  ll i imi.
,„■!•," 11 ii .--I fin i-lmliiH, ilii-iirf hoiiiIi mi
1-llllillH,        ll ' HI        Ml       1-llllillH. llll'l	
■il. im I'liiiiiiH. iii ilir i>li i lif-iliinliiir,
li.ll.in-. illiiin-ri'Hiif Iiiiiii.
lll'll Jlllllllll',1- ..-.III. llllll.
Ill Ai'llinrSilioli.
Viiy kind of mill work promptly
ntlrnili'il I...   Also bolliir ri-|)||iriiiK
i ,*i low ,-,isi rlffhl ul your mill,  A
llilll Slllil'ill'll,
nii'i*; notiRSt
I, In I'l u  I.l,
I'roin lln* Piii-iiiTlni.
Co.ibU.1iU>    Llililii-iinl    min
Criliiliiinik Miniiliiyi.il  Ii-m;i   Iiuui
Ci-.iiiI.i-i.iiL. nn.l is nml  fiivornlily j Big Ug llanlinn
liimvii  ,,'..'1*  Ut..   ■ ..ti.-.- district,^'rnulirook, B,C,.T(in,21tli, 11KJ-I
1-iiliti.i- Honild,   I must nak you
tu publUli ii f.-w linos tor in,', .Curl
A l,*|- nn '■xlclnlfil visit with I'l'
nl   livi'S in .Miiiiiliil.n, lln* Imppyi-ou
will ri-liini mnl 11,11 Ut - lln- .linii'tiiiii •
Mr. I Mis. A.  I.. Mi'llm-uiiil.
Criiidii-.Tok, w.-i-.' lisiiin:-, ni Sti-,-ii-
Siiinliiv last.
A.   A.   l-'i-iiwii-k.    Wnls4.li
nnil D.-n-i- N'.'Wi-ll i-.-liii-n.-.l Tliui-3*
ilny I'l-inii a |n-i.s|i.-i-lini;li-i|i i.. Ilu-
l-'l.-,ili.-.-„l ,i.!li.y.
t'lins. Cliiipninn, wl;., Ims lii'i'u
trnppltiK nn Willi,- liv.-l- I'i.l- lln
pusl Iwu miiiitlis. I'l'tiirin-il lo
Stoi-li- Winlni-mliiy niili lltlylliiw
ui.-it-tiii skins.
in iln- i-ttt'i- -.I' Iwo itinrtin tr.ipj.Hn*!
w lii -in lln- |i,ii'h  Inn iii-i'nss  ill   tin
Kiimu]' wns riii'ii'iil Iii-n- during
iln- wi-i-k ilmi iiuvi- iiiimi worn
fiTOoii iii doiilli in ilu- l-'liillioinl
fiiiiuti-y. ,-mtl iiiimi-iipiii'i-lii'iisiuii is
foil thnl llii-y ivi-l-i- II. \V. ltoss'
pnrty Ilm! I. I'l lion- sunn' liu,.- iikii
Imt lins., nml Ms pnity I'l'turncd
Iii.|.,, W.'.l.i.'-iilny,
l.nHl'i in-.- IjllW.HIlll III' Wlll.-rvillo,
KtlS..  nln.   lins   l.i'i'll   viHililiK   Ills
li.K Muir, ufllio l-:.-isi Kuoti-n.iyjin-otlw-i* .Tolu, Lnwson of Ali-smidru
Luinlior iioinpiiny. Imsl In town j ||,,|,.|, ---., lm\ m„n\\t, |(.'| Moutlny
Ir iln* llm-t
Duffy,  of  Kinu'a   mills,  hnuliil
11,11111 foot on tho iliil, duv of .Iiiiiu-
11 "\V."l!.',„sm,,l pi. i-l v "in Ilu- I'inl-i1"'**'   Thero wns sis Iiiiiiii, linulinu
I,,.,,,! ,-,,,,,,1,-v, lioi-iinio knookod out t"" ""' s"""; mml', (;irl ™""' '","
 trip iiud ivinrnod Tuowlny ""',"'' ^i1'1' ™v.s ll1"ul,»«;   "','
1 lnuil.'il.)....I'll fool iii tin-wook. iiiiiI
Iiml lio not lioi'ii dolnyod liv nin* ul'
thr otltor ti'iinis ho would linvo
hinilod (10,00(1 for tin- wook, It
wns ii vory luml contest iimui.f!
tho sis tennis, but Mr, Unify lienl
tin- other five hy 1002 foot, nml
i-lniins if In-lind Iiml ii fnic show
In- would of boon idiond 11,000 feet,
Mr, Duffy is i-ory cool liPmlod nml
Una mil niiu-li to sny. Ro is
iinxioiisly wnlttiiK lo liniil* from
somo ono oIho,
Voiii's Truly.
Hup;li liiimoiil.
for sevornl'dii
his i-i-liii-n In
Mr. [.nivalin
Crunk Desniiliiioi- nns up from I wua mosl fnruriibly linprossod with
C'riinlirook  Sundiiy,    lh- is now this i-minlry, nnd mny dispose of
in tl niploy i. I'tli,'('. I', li. ih. iiiii-, liis   fni'liiiiiK  inl.-ivals  in   Kiinsiia
ivpiiii-wurk. Innd loi-iito poi-iiiniioiitly in   Britisli
ThoO,l,lfoll„ws..f  Moyie  hnveK'"1"'"1'1"'	
,1'r  '" -'*'" " hM  ""  M h,v i A Successful Co.™-',
ovi-niim l-'i-lii-iini-y I-., nnd I, i-oin-     v,.sl sntunlny niirlil ul  Went-
mitlee hns Iho nll'nir in hiind, | „,„.,,,  h,||,   5riiiiim'er Wnlker, of
•Innn-s C'l-ouill is ;|ii.|iilinu n Eow
Inys in Wesl KiHiti-iinv lowns
Bol'oiv   In-   li-l'l   hi-  iiil'uniii-il  lln
lli.- U'iiniiiiuK theuti-o; will present
In ihis i-ily 'Whnt Hnppciii'il lo
I..iii-s." iii'iu'oo Bi'ondhurst'sgronl
Lender Ihnl thoro woro no newIcomedy, whioh hns enjoyed long
dovolnponii.tits ut llio mine. Thoy runs nl lln- lending thontres of
niv still in hopes of secui-iiiK n Now York nud London, nnd which
i-oiili-n,*1 mnl opening lu the spriny;. is known in lln- lurge cities nil over
— —. [iln iiry.   ll is ,* inody llml
FERNIE NEWS       i''""s "*" l,"l"i,v 8,"1,-8lil'ks "'"'
i-i in, i-i,'.' i'li.-...
Kov. Pnllii-rCi Innn.lMilli-ilN
li-l'l foi- Vniicoiivoi'.tu Wt-ilni'siliiy's
Irniii. Tin- fol-llli'l' will rotul'tl in
il fortnight,
A. C, Nelson,   nssi'S ■ nl' Curl
.Steel,,, W.-IS ill town  this   Week   lis
fiossilig   lown   properly.      Cel-iiie
mil ostnto will behold nl n alighl |
ly higher rule Ihis yenr.
Tin-   rnilnny   sei'viee    betweon
Mik-IchI   nntl   Onlgiil-j    hns  I ,.
chnl, gl-ll,       The   |inssel,L-.-l*     ll'nili
li-nves lln-1.liter poiiil ovory morn
iug reliiriiing in llio evening. This
Is the revorso nf the old schedule
mid Ills in  ii ll   heller with   lhe
CroWB Nesl service.
Articles w.-n- signed on tt'iilnos-
ilny nlglil liy -luck Cnrl-.v nnil -lim
Burrows fnr n in round glove con-
lost ul enl.-h weights nml under
the Mnripiis of (jueonsbiii-y rules.
The light is for 8500 n side, SS-IIj
of wlii-h is up ns n forfeit. The
Into is sol Cebrnnry Uth. li. W,
Wnoil is stnkoholdei- nml llio
referee will cither In- .1. Pollock or
W, W. Tuiil.-. Cm-ley ike houvioi
f tho two mon will lighl nl Kin
|k,uinls or iiliinit 11) | omuls marc
llinu Burrows.
l-'IMNUIlllOK, B. L
l-'roin lln- l),.-|i ili-li.
I. A,(Iillis,(hepioneeritiorcliniil
ll Ilu- Junction, loft Tilosduy evi n-
ing for Kegillll. where he niil In
II11 i I.-l 1 ill inn-Tinge |o   Miss   Dolly
Wnll, lhe Insl of lln. mh.   .Mis'-.
Wnii tnis li.iiueil.i u rotjiiloni i.l
Mil liiiil ll, i.l iih .loiii-'T...- Drummer.
I'ui.iiy lulls like il   linighidile.
lis plot is logicul mul enrried out
wiih itiuiunornblo couiplientioiiB
ilmi .-ni- oxcruclntingly funny.
.Miinngi'i' Wnlki-r hns secured n
moli-opoliInn coiii))iiiiy of couicli-
nns. nnil Ilu- pejus-will be presented
here wiih die sumo eiirol'iil iitteiiliou
lo costuming nnd s.-enei-y it receives
in lurge cities, Cor Ilu- lirsl time
Western C'nnndn will hnven inett'o-
pilitmii pindiielion of 11 |iiii|ous
iiuiii iniiilnrn J.ilninili iluni. hv
,*i-1,l,.-, call  ,.l   Ihr llvriilil
Knox Church.
Al llio morning serviee Mrs
Mnrlin will sing "Outside lln
(lutes of I'liriulise." by II. llorberl
Tin- niiisicnl purl ut the evening
service: Aiillu-m "llnrk Winn
(-eiesiinl Sounds," -I. B. hovelniul:
soprimo mid tenor solos, chorus by
Iho choiri iptnrlctto iiiiinccoin-
piuiioil,! "Snviinis Bri-nth nu lUvt-n-
illg Illessiiig." lliivi-ns. will be reii-
dnml by Mra. McLeod, Miss Wiml,
Messrs. McLeod nud MeSweyn.
After the Ik'n.-ilictioii, "The Sim
Dcclinoa O'er nil  the   Enrtli,"  Ly
the l-hoil-.
Hay For Sale.
The undersigned hits IUH Ions of
.No. 1 upland prairie  liny  for side
at 1ST |n-i-1.... CO. B„ (ilils.
II-,",   Win. Demi,Olds, Allmrln.
I'oslliun Wanted.
By a flrst-clnss ongineer, hold
Imsl of i«ipors, Apply by letlor
lo "1-lnginoor," cure nf Hernld
Slack Quolation.i,
l-'ni-iiislieil by lll'lll.., .V   Elwell,
brokers, Crunlirook B. C,
North stnr         ii
Sllllil'llll.....  .*,!.,
Sf. I'llllflllll,  II!
1-0,1 III- ,  11
Wn, Hii,*.. (-o.iaollili.twl         in
1'n.v liuii         i
.llin-rir,,,, Ilny  a
llol.-oli.ta   IS
i'io.h NfHt ("inil tl""""
SI, l-Itt-p-llfl III. Miln-H  In
Ilm, Oil nml.'mil Mill!'. 1.1,1  .'1,1
Snl iuin (lioii|i Muiiii-; l'o. IhiiiiIh ft Illl uu
While  llfiu-	
.HUH In luiil iiii.lroki>     f'l.oii
Kiut 1'riniH NfHt foul  7o
I* iiiiiin liolil I'ii I.U  Jl
llili'riuilioii,,, I'oi.l nml I'oki.  Ill
* .==. i
* Locals in this column will lie $
Z charged at the rate oi 5 cents j
I per line each issue, S
i *
Twu i-tHiniH tu lot „u ll.ik.-r Mill,   Ap-
iily I li-, ul.l oltice.
Lost—Siinu'wlicn-on Itiikcr Slr.-t't, n
nti-lk'i'l l'i»>   I-Jin.ltir |ili.-asi' liiuvt- nl. ll..*
IIyon ivinil ilu* 1.1'Nt i-oiigli iiiixiiiit-nii
onr.1i, un in Hiinitkifl .Ii-i.-. Htoro.
Sknlin-j In Hm rink ovory n'glil but ■
Sllllllllj-i j
.'. K, ll.-lil.dl' un*)* u nni-Miiili-'.-i't
lino of ioil.,1 articles.
For Ma]is ami further particulars apply lo tin- lollmiinj. Local I.ami .-txtjn,,.-
V. llul,- linker, Cnuibrook, B.C.    II,V M. liii-,1. Nelson, B.C.
K. II. llin,-,-. Wllm, r, 11. C.            .1. A. Mi-l'iillnin, llriind l-'.-iks.ll.C.
I.II. Wilson, Wiirdiior, II. ('.           E. Mnlliiudniue, Jr.. Creslon, B. C.
W. .\l. Crosl. lliilewny, M	
Or J. S. DliNNIS. British Columbia, Land Cunnnissioner, C.
P. R., al Calvary. Alberta.
St. Eugene
Mines, Ltd.
Its property is located on the St. Eugene Mountain.
It has the St. Eugene lead.
It can be bought at 10 cents per share.
It is backed by mining men, not mining fakirs,
It will increase in value.
To make money in mining buy good stock lo-v
and sell on the rise.
Cranbrook Agents.
Robinson=McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds 01
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Sawl Planing Mills
Miiniil'iicliirern of llou-di nnd Hressod
............... .^........i.i.......................^.i
. .............. ..........44.). ............... 9*******lg
We do all kinds of scavenger work, such
as cleaning privy vaults, cesspools, and
carting away rafuse matter in yards.
Satiefaction guaranteed. Office at Wentworth Hotel.
Cranbrook Scavenger Co.
I). II. ricDonald, Mgr.


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