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Cranbrook Herald Nov 6, 1902

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Head Office, Toronto.
Hor. Gro. a. Cox. Prertidse.it,                       B. R. Walkkh, Gen. Man.
Paid Up  Capital    ss.ihiii.ikhiiiii
Rs'sl     !.0IM1.IIIHI oo
'nnil keaourcc.       65,000,000.00
Depi    3 Received,   (icncral llaiikitt)! Itiisincss Transacted.
SAVIN0S DANK DBPA0 Ml-Nt   tic-null. Received-Inttrtat Allowed.
A Ini ol CLOTHINQ ol the
kind Hml lit., and wears.
A splendid assortment of
Hoys' Clot lliii); from
$2 per Suit
New Goods arriving
fasl in all lines. ^''Sm?4-
VVc don't sell for cost, but a varied bill of supplies from
W here will cost you less than anywhere else.
% WE SELL everything:
Q .     A
gj you're looking for a low priced watch with high priced
Q qualities.     Pretty hard combination, isn't it?   Wilson
Q has them, call and see for yourself.   We're always
Q pleased to show our goods and we'll appreciate your >
Q trade, makes no difference ho ,v smaller •       W. H. WILSON, JEWELER AND OPTICIAN
' *b***W3*$ sat tf-c t t-ti-fr e-e-e- -a^
A newspaper that  evidently  has  had
troubles of Its own, gives forth ihe following wail of distress: Oood morning,
have you paid your subscription thii
year? Perhaps you owe for last year, ur
may be tor job wnrk or advertising
Now you n tide ist himI. we don't need
money, we have millions—to get; hut it
In really an Imposition on our part lo let
people go on carrying our money around
when we are so strong and healthy nnd
aliunilatitly aide to hear the burden ourselves. Por ibis* reason we ask everybody who has any of uur money iu his
possession to leave it nt the ollice, or
send it l.y mail, freight, express of any
other way, just so it gels here. Silver
aud gold are heavy, and it would he n
matter of life-long regret If n">' °ne
should get buwleggcd carrying it around
for us.
ti ti ti
I'Bob" Reuwlck, for years a reportor-
inl writer on the Nelson papers, has heen
appointed Gold Commissioner for that
distiict. The appointment is a gonl
one, and is a slight recognition of the
good woik done hy Mr. Renwick in telling the world of resources of the Kootenays. No man In Nelson is better equipped for the position and "tljb's" many
filends will rejoice in his good luck. He
will be able to let the festive news item
rest, but the people of Nelson will mils
the many good things tbat daily tlowt.il
from bis pen. Here is good luck to you,
old boy, nnd may you bold your position
many years and do ns well by tbe people
as you have in the past in your newspaper work,
They (id in a Big Knasl On trim
Some   of   Fernic's   Sports   Take
Their Defeat  H.trd And
Want Their Coin.
SAV THCV   WILL   110   Tt)   UW   I OK   IT
Heating Stoves
Cook Stoves
Coal Stoves
Wood Stoves
Box Stoves
Sheet Iron Stoves
Hot Blast Stoves
Air Tight Stoves
In fm*t .ve .tr- completely "afoved
up" .-snil ur." int.pisr.-il to ..11 vou a
sin,;!.' st.jvt- or ii car I.....I of atovea
ol nny unit nil v.rk-lit's nt prlt-t's
so low nn to please tlie most eco-
uoittical buyers.
to ~~ O
to and sl.ty awake nights thinking what Chrislmas prcs- fi>
D ents you will buy.    Just drop  In  and  sec our lines. ■
.     *.    „   v   -,-   v   -k    v   v   V v w. V V V -V WW
DON'T WORRY       %
to We've got inst what you want.
V *--
um,inl itai.h Inspector Inr Crow, Neil divl«l..n C P. R.
* r r >■ t *.r^<»$0<t<9toto<tttototo00\
is the man Unit buys Hardware of in
That he dues so proves hla intelligence
in the lli«t place nud live yearn of irnd-
int*, where the quality of the goods is of
Tin- highest niul lhe piices fair has educated him up lou true knowledge of value
House Imii iiisliint:*, Tools, etc , of super*
ior quality are offered at moderate prices.
Also large line of healing and cooking
Plumbing and Tinsmlthing In Collection.
Select private boarding school fot
hoys. Modern methods. Accomplished
musters. Excellent table. Home rare
Refining influences. I,urge, airy bed
rooms. Specially built class rooms,
Cricket, fuitlmll, boating, swimming,
military drill, Patronized by the best.
Highest references, Prospectus, Rev.
C.J. Iiretiton, M. A . Vancouver, IJ C
Reference ihe Kev II  Dcacliaui,
The Photographer*' busy season
is from now till Christinas. This
nnd the fact (hat we are out of
towu nt limes make it necessary
for us to ask our patrons to kindly make appointments fur sittings.
ti ti ti
The Nelson Economist is responsible
for the following strange incident: "Tbe
other day two gentlemen were walking
d wn Baker street. Both have bten
residents of Nelson for some ti me. On
tbe opposite side of tbe street was a
lady strolling along leisurely with a boy
five or six years old. Oue of the gentlemen remarked to the other that the
women with the little boy on tbe opposite side of the street wrs rather good-
looking, and tbat she must be a stranger
in the city as he had not seen her before, His friend looked a Utile more
carefully at the women, and acquiesced
as lo her good looks, hut added: "I
rather think I have seen her."     A  few
llQIirs Hfte.'Wnrtl llm   li.tt.cr wan ntttlug- in
the office room of one of the lintels,
when he saw the lady with her Lushand
and the little boy coming out of the din*
ing-rooui. This time he knew her and
the women recognized him. She was
bis divorced wife and the boy with her
was his son. He had seen neither of
them since be started for the Klondyke
four or five years ago, and was a little
puzzled as to how be would be received
by the woman and ber present husband-
He was soon satisfied on ihis score, for
the woman walked over to him. warmly
shook his band, at the same introducing
him lo husband No. 2 The boy whs
also enlightened as to his relationship
lo the stranger, and a very pleasant
evening was spent hy all the parties to
ibis circumstantial meeting. Stranger
still is it that husband No. i discovered
that husband No. 2 was his cousin
through another mystifying complication iu tiie marriage relationship. The
second husband, wife and hoy have returned iiium*. hut not before extending
n pressing Invitation to husband No. 1
to eat his Christmas dinner with them
in their new western home nt Seattle."
ti titi
We understand lhat Cranhrook is to
secure fume from an unexpected source
Within a short time there will he an
organisation hu med here to be known as
the "Independent Order of Maligned
Mother-lu laws." It is the Intention to
form branches throughout Cnnndn and
litter to extend the woikings to the
States. We are glad that Cranbrook is
to he tbe home of the parent lodge, be-
cause the time Is coming when the order
will he 11 power in lhc laud, Among the
It-mures to he incorporated in lhe tenets
of thc order are the deniHuds on the hour
ol c.iniliig home lor sons in-law, and the
manner hi which housekeeping ts done
hy diiughters-in-law. Success to the
organization. May It live long ami
ti ti ti !   -
What Cranbrook needs and needs
badly is a literary society for tbe young
men and women of this place. There
too many young people growing up who
don't know Jululs Censer from the Sultan of Turkey, or whether Kipling or
Shakespeare wrote Richard III, and yet
they can tell you about tbe latest waltz
step or gossip. Youth presents the
golden opportunity to cultivate the
mind, to educate self, and yet comparatively few take advantage of it.
to ti to
There are a bunch of bachelors in
Cranbrook who should get roasted to a
ilnlsh if ihey don't get in line this winter
and give a preacher a 810 job. Most of
them enjoy tbe company of ladies, but
are too stingy to accept the responsibilities of married life,	
Wc have not advanced Ibe price ol oar
Tobaccos. Amber Smoking Tobacco, Bobs,
Currency aad Fair Play Chewing Tobacco
are the same slie and price to tbs consumer
as formerly. We have also emended ibe
time lor Ibe redemption ol Snowsboc tags to
Jaoiary 1st 1894.
The Empire Tobacco Co., Limited.
It Is quite evident Unit the few kickers from Pernie will attempt to carry
the wur they ^bave inaugurated Into
Africa. It is presumed that the editor
of the Fernie Free Press would ■■.ive a
fair statement of the foot rare thnl took
place here on thc 27th if be hnd not been
influenced to do otherwise. The Herald of last week contained a fair and
unpiejtidiced account of the circumstances of that event, and the Free Press
man when he found the account given
him by the returned sports differed
might easily have instituted an Inquiry
and found out who was wrong. Or he
might have given both sides of the
question, but he did nol. The Herald
will not follow his example, but below
gives the account as it appeared iu the
Free Pi ess:
The men came down to the mark with
Nevin probably eight or ten laches in
the lead. Haines fired his pistol for the
men. to start and in ihe shout that followed the start the serom! shot from II.
llenlley's pistol was not heard by tbe
runners, ,For seventy yards the men
ran side by side and then Nevin gradn
ally forged ahead and crossed the line
fully three feet ahead of Mitchell. Nevin
was bolstetl on the shoulders nf his
friends and was being curried ofT the
field in triumph when ihey learned tbat
the judges had declared it to be a false
start. Tremendous excitement prevailed. The Cranhrook meu thought that
they were being robbed of the race and
no language was too strong to npply lo
the Fernie boys. It was finally nrrauged
that the race waa to he run over again
atone o'clock and Mitchell left for tbe
Cranbrook hotel.
At about ia o'clock he was informed
lhat tbe time bad been changed until
12:30, but he had strained his leg in Ihe
race and desired all the time be could
before going out again and as tbe pain
developed as the afternoon came ou it
waa finally decided tbat he ba?l belter
not run. The Craubrook people were
furious when Ihey learned that there
would be uo race and heaped every insult upon tbe heads of those from
Ferule. The judges decided that Nevin
had won the race by default and that all
side bets were declared off, hut later on
reversed the latter part of their decision
aud said they had nothing lo do with
the side bets.
The Fernie men who bad money on
the race have entered protests against it
being paid over on llie ground that there
was no race. How the matter will end
It is dtfllciilt to sin . Had the Cranbrook
people not been so abusive lho chalices
nre the matter would have been dropped
but afler the way they were treated thc
Fernie men are determined to light the
mailer to tbe end anil liuve engaged ,
Messrs. Ross & Alexander to look afler
their interests.
The above account would he all right
if It did not woefully misrepresent tbe
facts, To take up the misstatements In
regular order seems to he the best way
to handle Hie matter.
1 Tbe men crossed the stnrting line
running abreast. Why wasn't it so reported i
'2 Hurry Bentley freely slated thut il
wns nu even stint and tbat his gun was
fired accidentally. Why wasn't it so reported?
3 The judges had no chance to declare a false start as Mitchell was olf the
ground before they got together afler
the race.    Why wasn't It so reported?
4 No strong language wns applied to
the Pernie boys except during an ulter-
cation hctween a Feruie mar. and a
Cranbrook man and their grudge was of
long standing- Oa thc contrary, tbe
Cranhrook meu all said that they would
give tbe Pernie men another chance.
Why wasn't it so reported?
5 The arrangement toiuu at 1 o'clock
was made between a single individual of
Cranbrook and not with the knowledge
ofthe judges. Why wasn't it so reported?
6 The judges'first decision was to
the effect that the race should be run
over at 12:30. Why wasn't it'bo reported?
1.7 When word was brought back to
tbe grounds that Mitchell would not be
back until 1 o'clock the judges consented to the delay. Why wasn't it sore*
8 The kickers who had money up
hurried dowu town and held a conference and theu for the first lime came
the report that Mitchell had strained a
tendon.   Why wasn't It so reported?
9 The most of the afternoon was
spent by Ihe Feruie kickers down town
io conferences and preparing  protests
against paying over the money.    Why
wasn't it so reported?
io One of their numbei was sent up
to the fair grounds to interview James
Kynii as to the probability of their crowd
drawing down their money in case
Mitchell did not run again, ami .Mr.
Ryan to tithe party that judges would
have nothing to say until lhe decision
was rendered ami that all slue beta
would be governed by tbat decision,
Why wasn't it so reported?
11 The judges never decided thai all
bits wete ull, it till such a statement is a
base fabrication.     Why wasn't It so reported.'
12 No decision was reversed but the
only decision given was to the effect
lhat Nevin won lhe race by delimit and
nothing was said in their decision nbout
side bets ns every sporting man knows
tlmt the judges' decision governs iu
such mutters. Why wasn't il su reported?
13 As to the disposition displayed to
drop the matter, it ts well known lhal
within thirty minutes after tbe race was
run and the Fernie men saw that Nevin
was the best man they began to scheme
lor some plan to draw down llieir mon
ey.   Why wasn't it so reported?
14 A large number of people who
had money up oil the race, ami many of
them were from Peruie, declared after
the judges' decision had been announced
that the stakeholders should turn over
the money.    Why wasn't it so reported
He Says Cranbrook Should Have Court
The    Present    Arrangement   is
Farce and an Injustice
to AH.
Experiences of a Cranbrook Visitor.
II. W. Ross who was over from Fort
Steele a short time ago relntes an experience not calculated to inspire admiration of public affairs.
When he arrived at Port Steele junction he requested the agent to express
a package of goods to Moyie. His
agent informed him that the express
oflice for lhat section was leu miles out
into the country at a place called Port
Steele, and that if be wished to send
anything anywhere be would have to
have It billed from there aud pay tbe
cost of carrying it to the railroad. Mr.
Ross had Ibe package with hiiu and had
carried it himself over the road, but not
caring to can y it back he began to study
up some scheme to beat tbe express
company and also forward the goods.
Upon inquiring he learned that it would
cost fi 25 to forward the package from
Port Steele to Moyie, and thut it could
not be sent on the coming train. He
then asked the cost of a ticket to Moyie,
and learned that it was Sl.15. He
bought the ticket, checked the package
to Moyie nud rode to Craubrook. Tbere
he sold the ticket for seventy-five cents.
After holding out enough of what he
had saved on tbe deal to pay his fare
hack to Port Steele Junction, be proceeded to speud the balance for beer.
Iiut while in town he met with another
experience thut he didn't sidestep so
He pui up nt the Cranbrook note!, and
while there he Invited a friend to take a
glass of beer. The obliging clerk in
formed- thut he could have a glass of
beer; but that the law forbade him to
dispense-any spiritous or malt liquors to
bis friend. The friend is an en -
men Iiy respectable and responsible
gentleman. Mr. Ross demanded an
explanation, which when given was
thut the friend was a resident of the
lown. This threw no light upon Mr.
Ross' understanding. Then it was
further explained that it was Suuday.
Siill ihis did not clear up the fog, and
the mau from Port Steele asked for
more information; upon which the
whole subject was elucidated to the effect that it was not considered wicked
for people of Fort Steele to drink beer
in Cranbrook ou Sundays, but that it
was beneath the moral tone ami detrimental to the residents of Cranbrook to
potronlze bar rooms upon the Sabbath
Mr Ross has beeu living at Port Steele
for sometime where the Sunday law
Is not enforced and he has arrived at tbe
conclusiou tbat the law was especially
designed for the benefit of tbe resident?
of Fort Steele who may wander away
from home on Sundays,
Por the paat two years there has been
complaints from all over Ihe district
about the necessity of people having to
ride *.'o miles from the railway to reach
lhe government offices or attend court.
It was hoped that the present government would appreciate the injustice of
thc arrangement, and issue orders that
would bring to lhe people relief, but in
the face of complaints, petitions and
protests, the government olfices are still
twelve miles from the railway, court is
sllll held at Furl Steele, and every one
who has business with any brunch ol
the government, must be put to lhe Inconvenience and expense of that tide
into tbe interior to the ouly town in the
district that is not located ou a railroad.
To any one, the situation is the rankest kind uf faices, and is being maintained by a government so narrow minded
and so childish us to seek this method
ol political revenge by imposing upon a
whole district to meet tbe political demands of two or three desgruuilcd politicians, who would punish every resident
in South East Kooteuay for what they
term the political sin of Craubrook 111
uot reluming a majority for the government candidate.
The matter hut gone so tar, that Mr.
Prior who holds the position of minister
uf mines, during his recent visit here,
intimated that relief might be secured if
Cranbrook people would stifle their objections to the government and barter
llieir political freedom for government
changes tbat should be granted for the
sakeofeommou sense and justice, regardless of the political status of any
particular pari ofthe district. Instead
of forcing people into line hy this blind
and senseless policy tbe government is '
alienating people who might otherwise
have remained loyal, hut whose sense 01
justice and fair play overbalances any
feeling they may have for any particular
The situation has arrived at a stage
where Judge P'orin, who, presides at
the sessions of county court held in this
district has declared tbat patience bas
censed to be a virtue, ami has written a
long letter to Attorney General Eberts,
setttug forth the situation in the plainest
of terms and declaring that there should
be a change at once, and that tbe place
of holding court should be changed to
Tbe Herald thinks that good might
he accomplished if two courts were held
in South Enst Kootenay, one at Craubrook, aud tbe other at Fernie, the two
centers of population in this district.
So far as Cranbrook Is concerned, every
arrangement can be made here to give a
comfortable temporary court room,
until the dog kennel, charitably termed
tbe government buildings, be so changed that our men and a boy may congregate at one time without forcing the
constable to Bland outside so as to give
sufiiceut room
llriimnuiiiil snd Brown Have A Narrow
The westbound passenger train Sunday morning met with an accident nbout
three miles west of Pincher Creek and
did not reach Cranbrook until 111:30 that
night. The engine was iu charge of
Engineer Drmiimoiid. Ernest Ilrown being the fireman, and on lenviug Pincher
both were ou the loukout for trouble as
there is a long stretch of gumbo to crOil
and the weather conditions were just
riK-H to QftUM Slide! and   the spot where
tbe accident occurred has long beeu
recoguized as oue of the most dangerous on tbe Crow. Tbey were running
at a slow rale of speed, about ten or
twelve miles an hour, and about 5:45
they approached a small coulee where
the track dips down and just as Engineer Drummond was about to reduce
the speed still more, lhe truck suddenly
gave way and the engine toppled over
on its left sde uml slid down the embankment. Firem.ui Brown says: "1
was sitting on the seat on Ihe left side
of the cub and we were both keeping a
sharp lookout on the track ahead where
the headlight shown but could see nothing wrong and tbe first warning I bud
waa the crunching o! the tender on the
ties. Tbe engine swung around so turn
cab and tender came together, completely closing the guiigway 011 my side. I
shouted, 'We are going over' and sprang
across the cab and  leaped   from  the
gangway on the engineer's suit to the
bank above lhe track, alighting in the
fro/en mud, but fuituuaiety was uninjured, As the engine went over Drum*
iiioiid al|0 jumped, am), like myself, escaped Injury. The fact ihat nothing
went over on top of the engine probably
accounts for our escape ami we cau consider ourselves extremely lucky thai
such was the case. Tbe baggage car
was deiafled but .lid not leave the roadbed and remained in an uprigbl position."
At last accounts tbe engine was still
tying on its back with the up*.*er rigging
buried in the mud, aud it will l* an extremely difficult piece of woik to pick
the engine up as the hillside is composed ut gumbo and any attempt at jacking tbe engine up is frustrated by the
ground slipping away.
Happening as it did in the darkest
part of ihe morning hours it seems indeed fortunate lhat no  one was injured.
Chrislmas (ioods.
The Christmas holiday! will soon be
here- and from the present outlook it Is
evident that Cranbrook m**rc)ianis will
have a larger trade this year than ever
before. This Is well, for they are belter
prepared than ever to meet the demands
of the district. Never before has tbere
beeu such large and fine stocks brought
in, and never before were ihey so carefully selected to meet the changed conditions lu this section. No town in the
listrict, outside of Cranbrook, will be
able to make such display of attractive
goods, and in consequence there will be
a great influx of people in tbis town
during the next few weeks, making
Christmas purchases. Cranbrook merchants have bought cheaply this year,
and the people nre going to get the bene
Some Oood Assays.
Tbe Clover Leaf Mining company, that
is developing its property west of
Cranbrook a few miles, has reason to
feel highly gratified over the showings
made, A cross cut in lhc tunnel, from
which samples were taken, gives the following assays: Lead- $61,80; silvei $49,-
6o| gold, $1 03 a total of ft 11 S3 tu the
shalt hu assay run as follows: Lend $51,•
lo; silver, f,|8 .So; gold, fi2 30, fluking a
total ot fi 11,36,
Morrissey Strike Ended.
Morrissey Miner: The strike at the
Morrissey coal mine has been settled.
Thc men have gone back to work, and
the trouble ihat threatened this valley
has passed away, and once more the
Industrial situation la calm and serene.
The result la tbe source of gratification, not only to tbe people of this district but to thu business Interests of the
entire province. The mining Industry
was held in the balance pending tbe
settlement of tbe diniculty, as there
was a fear that the strike would extend
to the collieries of Fernie and Michel,
thus cutting off entirely the supply of
coal and coke from these Important
toarcea. So closely have the quartz mining and coal industries of tbla province
become Identified, tbat the suspension
of work In the coal mines In the Crows
Nest country means paralysis for the
mining industry throughout tbe province.
A wmk ago conditions were serious
n tbe extreme, At tbe Morrissey mine
It was a complete shut down, and It was
an open question In thc minds of the
public whether the men iu Fernie and
Michel would follow suit. Such a movement would mean a dlsasterous strike
that might be prolonged for months.
Fortunately It has been averted, and
the men, under mutal concessions, have
returned to work.
Ac have not advanced Ihe price ol our
Tobacco. Amber Smoking Tobacco, Bobs,
Currency and (sir Play chewing tobaccos
are the same sire and price to Ihe consumer
aa formerly. We have 1U0 emended the
lime (or Ihc redemption of Snowshoe lags
lu January Isl l«N.
Thc Empire Tobacco Co. Untiled,
He Does   A   Ureal   Deal   of   Wort   lo   tbe
Churches of ihi- Parish.
The Right Reverend Dootoavllle,
Bishop of New Westminster, who Is on
an official visit through his diocese arrived in Cranbrook en Tbur>daT last.
He was met at the irain by the Rev.
Fathers Coccoia and Wagner who drove
him to the St. Kugene Mission where he
remained until Saturday afternoon, iie
held service ou Saturday morning in the
St. Eugene Mission Church and administered Confirmation to a number of Indians who had j nnrneyed from the difler*
reserves Id Ihe Kootenay to meet and do
homage to thisvenerable prelate. Later
he waa ihe guest of the Rev. Sisters at
the St. Eugene Uorpital- Tbe Rev. Bishop delivered bis sermon at St. Mary's
Church Sunday morning. His preliminary remarks were a eulogy to the parishioners for the magnificent improve-'
ments which had been made to the church
since bis last visit. He regretted very
much tbat the Rev. Father Ouellette
was uot present to receive his share of
the praise as he felt quiet sure that it
was partly due to the great zeal and untiring efforta of Father Ooelette that sucb* '
extensive improvements had been effect- '
ed. At tbe evening service thc Reverend
Bishop administered the sacrement of
confirmation to: Cecelia alcConnell,
Margaret Kennedy, Lena Grantor, Aft-
reda Drummond, Delia Druminond.Vio- .
let Mcl'eak, Jennie Campbell, Joseph
Kennedy, Ambrose Mcl'eak, Frank
Murphy and Oscar Grenier,
The members of the choir had made
special preparations for the occasion
and at the coucluslon of the services tbe
Rev. Bishop paid them a beautiful compliment for the splendid manner in which
they had acquitted themselves.
Mall Route tu Windermere.
Do Ihe business men of Cranhrook
realize what an increase it would mean
to the mercantile Interests of the town
if the mail service should he established
between Cranbrook and Wilmer? Only
Monday last one of our hardware dealers shipped an Injector to Wilmer which
had lo be expressed around by the way
of Macleod, Calgary and Golden, Cranbrook being Ibe only pUce where the
article could be procured this side of
Winnipeg. With the immense and com*
plete stocks of goods carried by Cranbrook merchants think what a vast volume of business could he procured if we
had direct means of transportation and
communication with the prosperous
Windermere district. Get in line and
help yourselves by helping the people
of Wllmer procure the muil route,
Ontario Apples.
Call Htid inspect our different varieties
of carefully selected Otitailo Apples.
Have just unloaded a car of Spy*.' Itald-
wins, Kings, Greenings, Russets, French
Spit/, and Cu bash ace. Let us sell you -r
barrel.    King Mercantile Company. CRANBROOK   HERALD
Editor -nul Proprietor.
TttWl- "I-   MH-i-'KirilUN
one ye*  - ■  »:*!»
Jne ye*
i\\ uioifwi
The Herald desires to give tiie news or tlio
district, it yuu know any about youi town
your mine ot yuur peopli
ml it to Hits oltlee.
May Utilize lhc Pilot Bay Smelter.
There is a brand new "tory in connection with the old smelter at Pilot Bay says
tbe Rossland Miner. The latest is tbat
the plant will be utilized, together with
the Kaslo sampling works tor the preliminary treatment of Slocan zinc ores
prior lo their   shipment  to  Kinsas,  for
final reduction.
Thntnai JoneB,representing sine smelting interests al tola, Kansas, bas just
completed an inspection of the works in
company wiih A. tt. Buchanan, manager ot tbe Batik ol .Montreal at Nelson,
tbe property having belonged to th*
hauk since the original company went
into liquidation. A railroad rate of fu
per ton bus been secured on Slocan sine
ore! Consigned to Kinsas smelters, and
the rate is regarded ns extremely reasonable in view of the fact that the ore
has to be hauled almost ncross the United States from norlh lo south, and that
the product will require lo be handled
by two independent roads after delivery
at St. Paul, The preliminary process
intended to be carried on at Kaslo und
Pilot Bay is presumably a concentrating
scheme, whereby us much waste as possible will be eliminated from the shipping product. Under these conditions
it is believed that the export of zinc ores
will assume substantial proportions, and
afford au outlet for a considerable
amount nf Slocan ores that cannot he
marketed at ull under existing circumstances with low prices for lead and a
heavy zinc penalty to be footed at lhe
ordinary lead smelters.
The Pilot Hay smelter is familiar to
all who have beeen on Kootenay lake.
tt was constructed to treat tbe ores of a
mine nearby anil such customs ores as
were shipped in. The plant was one of
lhe pioneer lend smelters in the Kootenays, but tt wus not worked at a profit
largely because of the tow guide of the
ore in tbe proprietary mine. The rumor
that tbe works were to be started again
has cropped up seiui-atitiujlly for a nuui
ber ol years, hut nothing defiuite has
materialized as yet.
Do You Take The Herald?
You should if you don't. It gives the news of
the district. It works for the district. It is
owned by the editor and not by any clique or
faction. It is n-orth $10.00. It costs only $2.00
be obtained lu the district, while the
lunch served during the evening will be
a gastronomic dream. Free conveyance
will meet the trains at tbe depot, and
nothing will be left undone toward gtv
ing the visitors a royally good time.
Morrissey Miner
W. N.  Clarke Is  In Klko this week
papering a couple of rooms In Supreme
•Sachem Hoggartb's hotel.
Dr. Bell, the veterinary of Cranbrook, was in town Sunday night exam-
Ing a car of mock that had come In from
the other aide.
Since work has been resumed at the
mine,there Is a great Increase In the
activity around the Great Northern
yards, and the big hill engine is kept
pretty busy these days.
"Kcotty" Mc Arthur took In tbe celebration at Cranbrook last Monday. He
rather enjoyed the visit, but says that
city life is a little too strenuous for
him, and he was glad to get hack home.
A full acconni of the much talked of
foot race at Cranbrook will be to nnd on
the Inside pages of The Miner this
week, ll was evidently the cause of a
hot time in the old town, antl It seems
tbat some of tbe sports propose to go
to law over their bets. The man who
would seek redress In the courts on a
proposition of thut kind wilt be made
the laughing stock of the district. Tbe
people like to see the real thing when
tt comes to sport.
Last night was Hallowe'en, the night
tbe witches are supposed to wander
about, and signs of good or evil float
through the air. li was a little muddy
even for a witch cr a fairy In Morrissey, and owing to thc orderly dispositions of the younger element, not a gate
was missing from Its hinges this morn
Ing. One man looked Into the well
back of the Australian hotel, claims be
saw the devil, but It Is generally supposed that It was the reflection of the
man's own face that tilled him with fear
of the king of hades.
Postmaster O'.llls received a complete
oui lit of post office paraphernalia from
Vancouver this week and has made ar,
rangements fora number ot lock boxes
wblch should arrive In u few days.
Hereafter all mall for Morrissey wll)
come In locked sacks, and will be distributed from the t.nice, which will do
away wltb the annoyance of opening
and sorting the mail at tbe station,
A number of O, 1'. H. engineers are at
work at Elko trying to devise some way
lo wblch lo overcome the heavy grade
on the road at that place. There are
two plans now under consideration, one
Of wblch >a to change tne right of way
to a point further south la the town,
and the other is ihe digging of a tunnel.
There Is hardly auy question but that
one of these plans wlil be recommended
and that the work will be done this
winter. It It Is, It will mean the employment of a large number of men and
will give a new lease of life to that
historic burg.
Arrangements are rapidly being completed for the big dance that will be
given in the Australian hotel on the
evening of November pi. Mr. Stephens,
the proprietor, Is sparing no expense
to make this one of the most pleasant
social gatherings ever held io the district, and large crowds are expected
from both Fernie and Cranbrook. The
auslc will be the best thai can possibly
i nun ihe Pernio Proa Proas,
Mra. S. J.  Thompson,   of Cranbiook,
Is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. R, F. Sllll-
The Masons of Port Steele held a
grand ball on Hallowe'en. There weie
a number fron fern la present.
Mr. A. Arnold, of Cr.inbrook, was in
town on Weiidcesilay.
W. It. Koss went east on Monday. He
will spend a week or so In Winnipeg
and may go as far east as Toronto.
Thos. Flett, a popular lacrosse player
had tbe misfortune to lose one of his
Angers while working at the A D. Mc-
Itae Lumber Co.'s mill on Tuesday of
this week. He got caught In one of the
The organlziitnn of the Fernie Club
was completed this week with tbe following charier members: Messrs, J. il
Tonkin. A. I*. Trltes, A. II. Oree, It
Coulthardt, W, ft Oanong, W. Ii. Hiss,
S. Herchmer, L. Forbes, Dr. Ilonnell, I.
II. Bird, Jas, UcKvoy. At a meeting on
Tuesday evening the following officers
were elected: Fres , J H Tonkin; Vice-
Pres , A. B. Trltes; Sec,-Treas.,1. Coult
hardl; House committee, S. Herchmer
and W. It. Oanong. Tbe residence antl
furnishings owned by If W. Minus has
been le-ised and SI,mm worth of new
furniture was purcha • 1 this week
Chas, K tes has been engaged as slew
ard of tbe Club The membership ot
.the club will be limited to about thirty
until such time as they are In a position
to erect a more commodious building.
The marriage of Fiank Lauder and
Miss Cbarolette Sheddon took place at
the residence of the brides' parent?,
Fernie, oo Tuesday evening of this
week. The ceremony was performed
by Rav. D L Gordon,
Tbe Victoria had a narrow escape
from the Ure demon on Thursday of this
week. A little boy who was playing
wltb matches and a candle set tire to
one of the window curtains on ih
second fl ior. Tbe rcreatxs of the chili)
quickly drew the attention of one ofthe
servants to tbe fire which had reached
the celling and was rapidly spreading
throughout the room. A few well
directed palls of water quenched the
flames but not before thc walls and
woodwork of the room were badly
\V*«th«t  Rtp-trt    Batxi   » f-,ta*-|i!» Ob-
No many conflicting statements »
to tlie sol or.it> uf the climate o* DftW-
son LHj  uml the Yukon hftVi beer, in
circulation during the past few years
tlmt u mu- statement of it will
doubtless bt oi interest. Such n
Statement has been prepared by the
Weather Bureau, ami -b correct uo
nearly na scientific observations -.-an
uj.iki! it,
Tbe Arm of Mott, Son & Co. will erect
a sawmill at Hosraer In tbe spring. Tbe
mill will have a capacity of any -mill In
this district. The firm have an abundant supply »r timber, sufficient to ker|
them running for fifty years.
From the .Movie Lender
Andrew Johnson Is up from Morrissey.
A. Stephensen was home from Morrissey last Sunday.
Miss Attwood of Cranbrook was up
to Moyle Sunday visiting with het parents.
Gomer Jones, accountant foi tin
Moyle Lumber company was In Cranhrook this week.
Mrs, Nugent has moved to Kimberley
to join her husband, who Is working at
the North Star.
itobl Robaon has sold his timber limits
on the upper Moyle river to the Moyle
Lumber company for a good figure. Mr.
Kobson Intend* going Into business
for himself, and will build a saw mill
near Fort Steele junction.
Prom tin* Prospector.
Mrs.   C.   M.   Ed wards   was   visiting
friends at Steele Thursday.
Barrister J. A. Harvey returned from
a business trip to Winnipeg Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. II, Fenwick and faml
ly; Mr, and Mrs. Thos. Fenwick, forming a party of nine, leave Steele to- laj
on a visit to Hants, England,
Nels Robinson and Jack Means are
making good progress In thc Sliver
Queen tunnel, Some delay was caused
by work being turned away from the
course of tbe vein some time ago. Recent work, however, has greatly Improved the appearance of things, Thc
tunnel la In only forty feet, but It Is the
Intention to continue work all winter,
with a view of exploiting some of the
ore shoots tbat appear on  tbe surface.
One of the most Important deals In
mining property in the Wild Horse dis-
crlct. was made a few days ago, when
Dave Griffith gave a bond on his pro-
petty, situated on tbe east bank ot
Wild Horse creek, four miles from Fort
Steele, Tbe property consists of the
Tit for Tat, Lent/Lode and Celt mineral claims, also the Bald Mountain
located on tbe west bank of Wild
Horse. The claims have been develop
ed to a considerable extent hy tunnels,
drifts and shafts. Tbe oim Is a gold
quartz, absolutely free milling.
tomont is as follows '
what broken series ol ob-
aurvutions at Dawson uud various
olhor pi.ue.s in Yukon Territory between iN'.'j unit itjun uud a continuous M-ii.-s at Dawson during the past
three ..ears, ulluid tlatu for estimating with a fair Uegree of accuracy the
average climatic conditions ol the
Klondike. The average annual mean
ti-inpt-rature is about 22 degrees; the
moan of the three summer months Is
about ,-i7 degrees, July being HI degrees; and ol three winter months ill
degrees below zero, with January 23
degrees below zero. Spring may he
said to be open towards tho end uf
April, tbe last zero temperature of
the winter usually occurring about
Hie 6th of this month. May, with
an average temperature of 44 degree**), is by no means un unpleasant
month* and the 28rd is the average
date of tbe last frost yf spring.
Daily observation! during five sum*
mora Indicate that on tho average
tho temperature rises to 70 degrees
ur higher on 46 duys, and tu 80 degree.-; on 14 days; PO degrees waa re-
eorded in Dawson in Juno, 1899, and
05 degrees in July of thu sume year.
These temperatures with much bright
sunshine unit un absence of frost during three months together with the
long days of a latitude Within a few
degrees of the Arctic Circle amply
account for the success so far achieved by market gardeners near Dawson
in growing u large variety of garden
produce including lettuce, radish, *-'ub-
bnge, cauliflower and potatoes, and
warrant the belief that the hardier
cereals might possibly be a successful crop both in parts of Yukon Territory nnd In the far northern districts of the Mackenzie River Basin.
August 23rd would appear to be the
average date ot the *orst autumnal
frcst, the temperature rapidly declining towurda the close of the month.
Although night frosts are not infrequent in September, the month as a
whole is mild with a mean temperature of 42 degrees. October may ba
fairly termed a winter month, the
mean temperature being but 22.5 degrees, and ibe first zero Of winter recorded on the average about the 18th.
Ica usually begins tu run in the Yukon abuut the second week hilt It is
not until quite tho end of the month
or curly in November that the river
is frozen fast. The temperature on
the average during a winter falls to
20 degrees below aero or lower on 72
days, to 40 degrf.es below or lower
on 21 days, to 50 degrees below or
lower on 7 duys, and to 89 degrees
below or lower on two days. In
January, ItiUfi, 05 degrees below was
registered at Fort Constantine, and
iu January, 1901, 08 degrees below
was recorded ut Dawson.
Observations of rain and Bnow have
until the close of last summer beea
very fragmentary, but it is probable
that the summer rainfall near Daw-
son is usually between seven and nine
inches, and that the total snowfall
uf the autumn and winter is between
50 uud  00 inches.
Dawson being situated near the
river with high hills or mountains on
nil sides, is well protected from the
winds and a feature of the town and
Indeed of the neighboring country is
tho long periods of calm weather
which occur.
For (letting a Beautiful Watch
and chain Pree,«No Money Ke-
qulred.-Every Man, Woman,
ll«y, or tiirl has the same Opportunity under uur .System.
In order to have Dr. Arnold's English
Toxin Pills placed In the hands of all
persons shfterlng from bad health we
make thc following most liberal often
If you will send us your name and
address at tl agree to sell for us twelve
boxes of Dr. Arnold's English Toxin
Pills at 95c, per box, we will give you
sbsoloiel) Free a beautiful Welch and Chain
ii eliber L idles or Gents size, or youi
choice of twenty other premiums audi
as Due se a of Jewelry, Kings, Violins,
Mandolins, Tea Sets, Sateen Skirts.
Cameras, etc. Uemember we doa'l
wanl any money until after you sell the
Fills anu mu don't have to sell any
more than 12 ooxes to get the premiums.
Tuts la a buna tide offer from a -reliable
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dollars worth of pre in urns to agents all
over the counlrv. Uemember aho that
Dr. Arnold's E igilsb Toxin Fills are a
well known remedy tor all diseases rf
the kidney and bladder, Bright'*
disease, diabetes, theumatssm, nbrvous
roubles, and female coniplalntV, and
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.ind dealers tn medicines In ill parts ot
the world. Yi.u have only to shov
i hem to sell them. You are not offering something that the people don't
Know, Oiir watches are the regulai
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nandsome Illuminated dials and rellabl.
Ime-keepers, watches such as uo lad,
or gentleman need be ashamed to carrj
ud tbey will be sent absolutely Fre.
o all who sill only twelve boxes oi
hose wonderful I'oxln Pills. Write ai
nice and be the first In Your locality t<
earn one jf those beautUul watches ana
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in mind that you will nnt be asked tt
sell any more than the 12 boxes and w*
don't waul any money until after you bavt
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and are ouly making this liberal nffei
as a method ol advertising Dr. Arnold'*
Ktigllah    1'oaln    Pill--. Don't    delay.
write at once and earn a beautiful pre
sent for yourself for Christmas,
Address ARNOLD MEDICINE CO., Depl. lit,
50 Adelaide St. Easl Toronto, On.
Timber Notice
Motica*,!! beretiyjglveu that thirty days al
date I Intend to apply to the chief commissi
er of hands and works fur it Gpeelnl lin-usi
out ami carry away timber rrom ibeAiilow
.leserlbeil lamis;
Slliialod in um district of Kim Kuotuna j. ci
luenolng nt a post plnntr I abuut tn clinlns  a
of the southwest corner ottol :.*.*:i, theuce
ehalus south, thenco so chains w.-t. thence
ehalus north, tlienoe 80 chains easl io place
Dated this nth day of (September, luo1,
James iiiiiiiii,
31 by Hun Uayes,Agen
Timber Notice
Nollce Is hereby given that llilrty ilaj
date i will apply lotliodhlot Cu ssi
Umls unit Works roi a Special In i-n-e
am! carry u-v.i, Umbel from tho fullowl
crlbed iitmis-
HIL.ittti-.il In ibe district of IO st Km
• umint-uclng ni a im t jib nt.-it about i >
south of the southwest; irnor u loi p>
ihencewohalni west, tiicnco ni clialns
ii.i'Ui'-i nii chains wit. iiii'i    i e'ln'iis
tu place of eniiimoiiufliiietiti
Dated tin* nth iiit) ui s.'iii"iiiin-r, loos,
Hllll llllll')',
Bt !>y Uiii Ilny  ■,;.*.
id von
that Hi
date I ii
l (.Hll
lily to
liu Ohio!
ot Uml
.1 Wn
ks ror
i Bpeoli
.m.l car
vay ii
. nln'.l Imnl
U  llll
■t i.r i
■ r.t.-. I  :.
ninth of the southwest earner of
ilialns s miii, tlienoe mu eluiius
ilialns nortli, iiioiicaao clialns i
Dated lllll llth day iifHoptoiu
lien Carter,
by Da
A rergeltea rrlea! af Cau-U.
Un April 9, 1841, died Llout.-Col,
Joseph Douchelte, the able topo-
gi cipher who indicated what should
have been the line of the Maine
boundary, Horn in Canada in 1774,
be was the son of the naval officer
Who helped Sir Guy Carleton to
make the perilous trip from "Montreal
tu Quebec during Montgomery's invasion. At a very early age he en-
treed the olllce of his uncle, the Sur-
vayor-Qencral of British North America; then he entered the Provincial
navy uml served for some years us a
naval ofltcor. Next he Joined a Fro-
vinclal military turps, und finally, iu
180*1, ho became Surveyor-General in
succession to his uncle, During the
wnr ol 1812 he rendered valuuble services, Mime ot his reconuuisSuuces being particularly daring and successful.     In  August, 1814, he sailed   for
England to superintend the 'publication of his    topographical and geo-
gi.iplural exhibit and description of
Canada.     While   he  wan   in .England
lu* was nominated Surveyor-General,
under the treaty of Client, to establish tho boundary between the British possessions and tlie' United
States. Ilis work in ascertaining the
position or the several ridges ul highlands stretching westward from the
exploring line, which he laid out due
iimib from the mouth of the St.
i'mix Rlvor, was must arduous, and
was highly commended by the commissioners under thu treaty. The
Hue, whiih he indicated as the correct boundary, hus long since been
known to have been the true one ;
the dishonest means by which the
boundary wus advanced to within a
few mill's of the St. Lawrence are
well known. Latar In life, in 1831,
ho published "The British Dominion
in North America," a statistical report of Lower Canada, enriched with
excellent maps.
seltlag ike Jadge Bight.
A middle-aged darkey was tn the
police court at Harrlsburg recently
on a charge of larceny, chickens being' the articles of Value he was accused of purloining. When placed on
ihu stand ihe judge safd :
"Vou are the defendant, are you
not V"
'No, sab," replied Sam,
"Not tho defendant ?" exrlutmed
his Honor. "Then, wbo is the de-
fondant, and wbo are you ?"
"Hat's du defeiidunt," said S»iii,
pointing to his attorney; Fee dri
goiitloman il.it stole de chickens."—
Caiiudimi  Law li«vl«wt t
Timber Notice
Notion Is hereby given that thirty days aftei
date I Intend to apply to the finer t'omiiilssluticr
at Land am! Works at Victoria fur a special
license lo cut and carry awuy I mber frum tlie
foUtming described   hunts:
CoiiimencbiK ut a *msi planted BO chains west
'nun the northeast corner p. ist «f Frank Laus'*-
timber limit near Flucli & Junes' mill, theuce »
■bains west, tlience HU uli..lin eusl, llienee en
chains north, theuce so chains south tu p) ice o
'(imiiieai-emeiit, containing Oio acres mure or
Dated Wltl, day of October, Wl    ,
34 N. C M.KLNS1KY.
Timber Notice
Notice ts hereby given that th! i
dale 1 Inteml to imply to t!io Chlel i
er nr (.anils ami Works lur A  II   -ns
wry nway timber from thef llowti:
Coin in eurlng ni a post pi
han't of the Kootenay river in
Bust Kootenay nliout :n> clmh
Itrowii's itpi.UnitInn Inr pnri'liasi
nm- south m chains following t ive
ihence i ast ao eliffn** I'lei  m
tlience nest .11 chaini t-i p'l-fl .
ment cnnlalnln; RD acres in >rc nr
Dated this aotli day of nctub-r.
ted i
Notice For Tenders
a matter of Uie
i dale of A um
1    ' Dili
v.-.l fnr tlio  pi
1. I) ISC
.nl Kiln llltii'k Rfl, I'la
nmi fu the tmv
i r i'r.
•im ik
by lho niiiter-.il*
ued' tlm tiif-lu
si   ur ;
lint t ssurl V
ne nitt.il.   Tc.
lers t l
i'.l with Wm. I
Curd, sullelti
1  I.I   I
slialnr. al Ills
office on  l-.iii
imk. mi nt beta
ro lhe mu, .h
J   ill   N
r, i.w&
it tills •Mh.ililY
irOeloh-r, I 02
. !■'. AUM.STIP
tullcial A llmll
st hilar
Notice is hereby j, ven thai llilrty days t
late I lu   ml I iilpph Initio As 1st lint inn
.Inner or l.-imls ami Wnrks  nf ihc illstrlc
I'.ast Kootenay,and the Chief Conunlsslinr
umls ami Works fora license io ir.-spi-ci
eonlon th.- following described land, s ti
tie ii »rili side ur the POt'iiv I l.lvei
Initial imst being about mm hair mile sunt |
i.«  I'lBuUor-tJrot.U   trail nn.l nluillt twn I
ast uf tin- boundary ll r tin- ivna !'au
He railways triici ur i mi. lu the s >u(
IKiitlon nf Kast Krnii i, y district, proi i
: ill Ish Columbia,
Dated this nil day nf October, 1W2.
coiiiini'iiciiin at a in ist about sixteen miles
■rthe lown of Morrtssoy being tin* south.
corner ajucent tu the nortlioast corner
I lii-mas i talma's claim, theuce si) dial is I
llienee so clialns mutli, Uicuce R0 chain*? c
hence so cliiiliiBsmilli in the place of hr-jimi
'ontalnltig six hundred anil forty i ires.
Hated [ins luth day of September, t loa,
.Mar 'i crulian
byA. Ilackt-u, Akcii
Notice Is here'iy ulven that thirty days after
iluit! 1 Intend tu upp'y'to iho Assistant com
mlssloner ur bauds ami Works of tbe iltstiltt or
itast Kontenay, ami Mis < hief Oommlssluuer ol
Unds mid works fur a license tu prospect fm
coul nu tin* fnlloivliii*, described land r.ituateii
un the nortli Bldo of the Flathead Hlver. tbe In
iiiul post being about ono half ml e smi' b of tin*
I'lncher Creek trull ami iihuut t.vu miles east nl
the boundary Una ■ f the Canadian PaoMo run-
way s tract ffl html, lu Uie south ■asTpuitluu ol
Kast Kontenay district, province of British Columbia.
Dated this vtli day of October. Wl
Commencing at a post about sixteen miles east
Of the town of .Morrissey, lielugtbe smith wesl
itorner adjacent to the northwest enrner of JI,
1,. Stephens claim, tlience hi ehalns east, ibence
« chs'ns north, thenco 60 olialns west, ihence
so chains south to the place or i-ci-iiiiiIiik, cim-
(iiiiiiiii* sh hiiuilreit uml loity acres.
Haled tins Kith day of Si'i.leui'iei, Wl
Julia crahuti,
by A. Hacketl, Aj-eni.
Timber Notice
Notice la hereby given lhal thirty ilaysafter
dale 1 Inl I tn apply tnlhe Chief Cnminlsstouei
uf Limits uml Works fora sptclal license lo cut
ami cany a»ay Umber from ibe following
described lamli
Klluuteit lu (lie district of Ka-it.Knnteaay,commencing ut a pust platllQ.I about 40 chains Wc>t
nf the sunt invest corner of lot m tlienca lomh
10 chains, tlienca wt-sl IflO ehalns, thence mirth
in chula*., thence east ion chains lo place or
Hated this nth day id Hepteinlier, 1002.
.himfin linnit,
31 by Dan Hayes, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given lhat Pilrty days nttei
lute I Intend to apply to the Assl*.;mit Commls
.inner uf i-i-uis ami Works nf the district o
KuBi Kootenay, ami tin- rhier commissioner oi
Und* aud Wnrks bir license to prospect lm
roaloutiie folluwlng described lain!, sltimteii
ui ihe Bouth Btde of the Klatlicud Itlver, tin
uuiiiii post being about um- hair mdesottth ot tin
I'lncher i reek trail ami about twn tulles east ol
the liuunilary Hue of the Cumuli n PacUle rail
wavs's traci uf km.!. I41 Uin BOUtll east putt	
of Bast Koiienuy, province nr UrlHsh Colum-
Dated ibis 7th day ur Oc ober, 1003,
Commencing ut a pnst al 1 Blxtecn in Ies
eastof the town of Morrissey, being tin- north
west corner adjacent tn the northeast corner ol
riiomas Crahan's oliilin, tlieneo so chains cast
tbence Ml chains souih, Ihenee 81 chains wesl,
ihence 80 chains north tn tin- place nf 1 eglnulug
ci nit uining sh hundred and forty acres,
Dated tills lull day nf Mepletllhcr, 1002,
11. I., Stephens,
by A. Iliicki'lt. Agent.
Notice is hereby glrcn that tlilriy dnys nt
date l intend In aimiy tu tho Assistant I'omu
sinner of Lands ami Works nr tbu district
Kast Kootenay, uml iho Chlof Ci minlsplonei
Unds aud Works for a llcenso lo.prospc *
coal on the follnwlnt luinis. Bltimted on 1
south shin or ttie Hutlu-ui! itlier, lhu nm al pi
being about one half mile south of tin- 1 ni
(reek trail ami about two miles easl uf 1
I'liiintiary linn of the Cumuli ui Paclilc rnlliva
tract of land, In the southeast iiortloii of I'i
Koitenuy' district, province ut iirlthh Col u
Uui. d this Tth day id Uo; uhnr, 1002,
CoimneiicliiK at a post a hunt slxtOCIl 111
eusl of III! town of Mmrssey, bollin llie tun
east curlier udjucelit tu the in.1 tiniest cm mr
It. I„ HtepllfJifl claim, tlltmce so clialiio smi
llieiicesneliabiM welt, tllOllOO sn clialn- mu.
Uieu.'e so ebu'-ts east tu the place nr begin id'
cuulabiliig lli hiui'lti'il ami fultf acres.
Duled llils mih day nf Hoptomlior, I' 13,
Thomas I'mliin.
») iiy a. llu-'kcii, Agont
E. A. Small & Cos
"Royal Brand"
Then See . . .
That ihis promt?-
lion l.ilicl is in thu
Inside coat or
ovorooat pocket.
" Royal Brand " is Tailor-made.
"Royal Brand" is superior in l'it and Fitifsli,
" Royal Brand" costs no more than poorly
made Clothing.
" Royal Brand" is guaranteed to give entire
" Royal  Brand"   makers   are   founders   in
Canada of Tailor-made Clothing ready-
Reld[<& Co^ Agents For Cranbrook.
It tulks ! SlllgB, Comic, Ssscresl and Sentitnctitat Son^ss. I'Iisvh like .1
full Baud or Orchestra. Yon can understand every words it speaks, It is
ths.- greatest entertainer ever made. It uses llie Hard Flat Disc Record,
\sllis-!i l.sst for years.
The Gra'm-o-phone is masle in Canada. A live years written guarantee with each machine,    Write for Catalogues—free.
PRICES   $16.50  AND UP.
Sold on Easy Monthly Payments, if desired.
BERLINER, 2315-2319 St. Catherine St., Montreal.
EMJtHVEL hLOVT, C.n.rut Manager Jar Canada.
R. E. Beattie, Agent.
Sl. Paul, Diiluth, Minneapolis,
Chicago and poinls cast
ulir.iiiL-li 1'nll.eo nml tourist Slr-apcrs
Dlnliist an I Italic! Sinnkliijj Library .'in.
I-'..i Halo. I'niiicrs n i.i i-'nii j„r.»-.iia :an
H. T, I.ANDECK, Agent,
Q. W. P. A„ Seattle, Wash.
Timber Notice
ori'lij lasi'ii nml Hi rty
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing,   (iivc me a tall.
Physician and Surgeon.
il KcnldeniT, Armslniojt Ave.
(illiu: MOUHSi
Timber Notice
Notlco U liereliy given tlmt tlilrtjr dafi iitor
.Imi* 1 inlf mi tn ft|i|ily in tin- (Ililef CominlMloiier
af limits Hint WnrkHfnr It llrnise tn cut uml
I'itrry nway tlmntir frum tlie fiillowiiii-, (tetcrlbeil
i tmniifiiri'if* nt the nnrtheiist eornor poit
|ilai't'.!nii thr wnst hniiiiilary of It. T, Arnold'a
|iie-ein|itliiii nml nne linlf mile smith of Ills
northwest corner pout, running 80 diuim wesi,
tlience B0 ohulns south, tlienoe ho cliaUm east,
llh'in e KO t*liii'ii. mirth tn the lmliit at coiumeoc-
Ing, Cm turns mnre or less,
('ranlui>i>k nih (iclnlitT, 1002.
31 ll. K. MARCH.
Timber Notice
Take Notice Mitt thirty dayi •*'9r date I In
ti'ini In apply tn the Chief Coiiinlxlloner of
Lands nml Wnrks fnr a simclal llcenso to out
ami carry nwny timber from tho following; des-
crlhed lunds:
Commonotna ut ihe northwest corner post,
plaoeil at iiie south west corner ot it. T. Arnoiit'i
jiro-emptlon ri'i-.ttng m chiilm sontli, tlionce
100chnlns enit, thenee40 chains nonh, tlienoe
100chains wesi lo ihc point nf comiiicnclng
640 acres more or Imi.
Craiilironk llthUclober, Wl
■il U, K. UAKCH.
Timber Notice
Nollce Is he.-eiiy Rivt'ii Hint thirty Jilnfs nfler
dute I  Inti-iiil li    apply t.    till' (hhl   Com
niissloii -* nr i.ntiiii unit  Works at \1otoilii
for asp . al license tn cut and nnry nu.iy limber from llie fniiinving described lnmls i
t'limiiifiii'iiii' nt tin* north went eornor pnst.
(ilaceit at the smi time 4 enn'ior nl l.nt larjl,
runnlhg east Hi ahatiii mora or less in tlio west
limiiiilHiyt.fl.nl mm. tin i) :n  Ml chnlns smith,
thence wii-iuiins weit mora nr less m tho boundary or Ut 881, tlience mirth RO ohalils tn lho
point nf conmiencciiii'tit, uh acres more nr less,
Oranbroolc, October, nth, iuo.>,
88 l-\ M. MAIIOIt,
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given tlmt thirty daysnfior
date I inti'ini tn Apply tn the chief Coiutnls oner of Umls and Works ut Vii-tm hi for n Ipcclnl
llretue to i.it and carry away Umber from too
following iIpiotUhmI landsi
Cmiiiiieii;liig at tlie iinrthwosl oornor post
irlaceit nn thc east boundary of ill and mie mile
from my No, i claim northwest post, running
led clialns cut more or less to the west bniuul.
urynfMin thence 40 clinlns south, tlienca V,n
clmliis west mnre nr less tn the r> ist lm hiry nf
H. T, Arnnht'i pre-nmpilmi ami bntinilod nu the
West by tiaiil pre-i'iiiptlnti and lilnek ;tn, om
acres morenr less,
Cranliriok, Oclnber, llth, 1002,
!« F. M. MAUOH.
tie.- is
1 nitoi
I.n nils
icrehy   give
iiiil Works
Iin hor from
thnl llr
fnr a lice
he ttlllOW
iy days nfler
r ? described
iiinoncltiR at ihe
■it mie Im'f  ir'■■> si
iwost corner Nn. it
ilng, Mn acres moro
iihrouh nth Octohi
lllll nf (i
is! 1 iiho
i, Wi,
enrner post,
lv.  .\l;.i fli't
llgf] (linlns
-c i"l clie'ils
inllll nf colli*
U.  1
. wiitoii.
Timber Notice
la hereby given tlinl thirty dnysnter
oml to apply lo Iho Ohlof Commission*
n.is uml Works fnr a llconso tncnl
' away tlmlior from tlio following do.*.
Inrcniiniis, •
AltcrnnniiH ■
liu'iiln*-!*    •
9i30 io n
l:.ll! In.Otll
7*30 in 8:,10
Vroom t& Dezall
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing and
(icncral Jobbing....
Oulaide Orders Promplly
Attended lo.
i nl n rn
' (.''llltl'll ill 1.
.. Trltes;Umber 'imii; thei
hfiit'i' si11nii hi) ohiihiH, tliei
hence north (to ohnlns, in Hi
ilnnfng, cnntntnlni iH'wroi
llntOil tills 20th tiny ill August, IP
.u M. i.
M. r. Trltes'
h wesl corner It,
I t .si mj chains,
west sn chains,
plnco nr tin* lie*
trantironk Lodge, No. 34
A, P. tx A. M.
Rpglllnr mee lugs on Ih
"l|i| Tl.iir.diy nf the
Visiting lirttm-rii well
OKO, A. I.kitiii, Heu'y, Printing is Our Business....
When you want printing done right,  that will
please you and your customersgive your order
To The Herald Office
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
**.... ......................
topson of :
in thf ..in.'.- nr ih,. Dunodln Dnlly
Hush tho h'liiii-tni'iiil BlutT wus busily
ptigiiRoil, siivo iiorhnpa Topson. Uo innl
just atrolloil In, iiliini ml liltusi'll down
in his .imii', mul nftor icrlbbllUK nil' it
h1io>-| "two licnilor" imssoil n Into lho
ii!y editor's room nml rcsuuii-d tils
iisuul inay nttilmle, foul cocked over
iin- loii of Ins ties!., I.m on tliu bnek of
his bend, while I... stiirod Into bi>iil-u
uml slowly pMTi-d a wn j nl his pipe.
Topson wna nnt urn llj Inay. Tho boys
clnliu he wns born urns, tit- wns uot
altogether "ii gootl fellow," tboiujli no
one Becracd tu hnve uiiglil lo say
ngnlnsl him. He wns reserved, hnd llttlo to Bny nml nlwnys tlltl liis work
well, though he did tnke iniieh longer
tu nceompllsh it tbnn nny of his col*
The telephone In tbe city editor's
room rnng. In u few minutes thnt In*
dividual walked into tht- reporters'
room, looked itround quickly mul
en tight sight ur tbo liguro of Topson,
thu only Idle mnn in tbe room.
"Topson!" he colled, then hesitated a
moment Thu city editor wanted some
good work accomplished. He wanted
It quick, nml Topson wns nuytblng but
quick.   However, lie continued:
"fto over to No. 1 nnd report to Fox.
Re will bo In the detective department.
Got n murder story. See what it Is
worth. King me up nud let me know
whnt It needs In (ho wny of Illustration
nud so forth. Mnke a good spread of
It. but none of your long theories.
Want this thing short nnd luve/.y.
First murder In a month.  Now, hustle!"
Topson donned his coat and, nfter
slowly filling his pipe, left the room
with apparently no further thought
than if be hnd been sent across to get
a paragraph about thu nnnunl meeting
of the society of Know Nothings. Sueh
things us murder stories, social gatherings or pink tens occur as mere Incidents In n reporter's dnlly life. ,-f. is
nil work to hint, nnd that Is the wny he
figures it up.
An hour hnd passed since Topson left
the ollice nnd no word came from him.
The city editor wns j.'.>tihij.- restless,
Fox had returned from police bend*
qnnrters with another story, bill beyond the fuel that Topson hml reported
to him nnd had been given the detail
he knew nothing of his whereabouts.
Two hours passed and no Topson. It
wns now 1:30 n. in., nnd the city cdl*
Ile ivpunti'd of his rush act.'" The
ciiy editor laughed outright,
"Oh, what's lhe use of writing rot
like tlmt? Thu woman was killed In-
Btttntly, ami no ouu hus aeon tbo murderer since. Hnvo you Interviewed blm
or her, whichever it is? if you have,
you hml better sny so ami I will fen-
tmu 11.   Topson, ymi mnke mo tired,
Om hnvo IfOl  lU qitll Mils 11011 BCD80 ul*
yon no.   Now tnke this copy and cut
oui all Mint sort of stuff,   Were vmi up
to the house'.'"
j    "Yos, sir."
"Then glvo lhe nrtlsl nil Idea or the
plnce for a lltfeo column ent. Wall n
minute, uud ill bring him down hero."
Uo rung tho boll; lho olllce buy re*
B I -
"Tell .Murk I want blm down here at
"Yes, sir." snl.l (he y.mth, nnd
added, "Two geuts outside want to
see you, sir."
'iih, show Ilium In" replied tlie city
editor, looking at the cards. The men
■Hello, Ross! Shake, Fritz. What's
"Oh, only this murder nffnlr, 1 want
to ask you something, Imuran. You
know all lhe cily newspaper men
pretty well uud"—
"But," Interrupted the city editor,
looking nt 'Topson nud then continuing
sarcastically: "If you want to know
anything about this murder, ask Tup- j
son. He Is on the case for us. 1 was
Just rousting blm because he seems to
hnvo had an interview with the murderer, ami ho"—
"Topson:" muttered Detective Robs,
"Topson! Let mu see. You weren't one
of tbu hoys up ut the house viewing j
the scene with mo, How the deuce did
you get In? I Just left the place, aud
It Is nil locked up."
"Hy heavens!" exclaimed Fritz, and
he scratched his bend, "A literary
uuin, Topson. No, nut Topson, but
Thompson. Ain't that what the woman's husbnnd wna—Thompson—a lit*
oi'ury man? Whew!" And ho wills*
"Great God!" cried Duncan. "No,
surely uot. Topson, speak up, man!
Don't you sec whnt Fritz means? Yon
the—the"— The city editor could not
bring himself to say It.
Topson never iliuched. He was very
pale, but thnt was all. He simply
b lulled.
"1 mu not good nt making guesses,"
he replied firmly, "and 1 theorize too
much, but yuu are on to a scoop. Mr,
Duncan, so make good use of It. The
woman was my wife—ouee, and left
inn  when   I   needed   bev   moat.    I   met
her tonight for tbe lirst time in five |
years, and I am even."  He gritted his
teeth.  "Wnnt me to linish up the story
properly':"   He tried to smile again us
Duncan gazed at blm In horror.
No one spoke. Detective Ross, look- I
iug at Topson, shifted his eyes toward
tbe outer door und left tho room. Top-
son understood, turned Into the reporters' room, got Ids overcoat, walked
toward the door and out, followed hy
"Well, he's n thoroughbred," remark* '
cd Duncnn to the nrtlst later.  "Make
n two column cut of him."
tor    wns    furious.     He    was    wndltlg
through late copy when sum iu entered lhc room by the outer hall door,
nml then lho cltj rdltoi wna uwiiro
thui ii bunch of Bomethlng cnino down
wllh a thud upon the desk at his elbow    Ue looked up
"Where hnve you been, Topson)" ha
called angrily ns thut Individual mode,
la h'uvo the room,
"Writing Hu* story," replied Topson.
"No gootl for Illustrations, bo i did not
pi     It's ull there, tbe whole yarn,
ami ll Ou't a Innl one either."
1 ills wns u new role for Topson. Tho
city editor wns taken nbuck, Topson
lind actually wakened up. nml liero,
tiller u two short hours or so, had returned with the Btory fully prepared,
Well, If It needed Illustrating it could
yel hu done.
"Very  well," snld   the city  editor; '
"thnt will do, but In future 1 want you
to phono me when I sny so,"
"Yes, sir." And Topson left the
room. Throwing off his overcoat, he
resumed his lounging attitude ut the
desk, and sat In silence until lie heard
the city editor yell:
"What tho duueel I sny, Topson,
come herel" ■
I   'Topson went
I "This makes me tired," went on his
chief, ' "You will run In your own in*
fernnl theories. Now take thnt wholo
ynrtl out and cut it down to good,
bright common sense, und be quick
nbout It Geo whlzl Listen to this!"
lie went on, raving nt Topson and
reading from tho reporter's copy:
"The murderer, afler talking to tho
victim for ubout fifteen minutes, seized
her by tlio arm. dragged her Into tho
front parlor, and In n lit of temporary
disunity shot her through the brain,
killing her instantly. He then repented
Of bis rash act'   Do you bear, Topson?
DnrU   Doing*!,
When   nny   one   asked   little   Mrs. '
Finit her opinion on the question uf
equnl BUlTrnge, she had  her answer j
ready.   "I   dun't  want  to hear nny-
thing nbout   It," she would sny pleas.
antly, bul firmly, "nnd I'd Just us soon ,
i.i! you why. It's because there's got
to ■'<■ n com i uliiifiii ami mystery about
rotlng, nud I like things open nnd
nlwvebonrd. It's the way I wna
brought up, nnd the way I shall al- I
ivais iv.-i If I live to be n hundred.
"I've had oi xperlenco, und that's |
nil I want a ii'.ii.i of mine talked i
nml tOl,.'.) io in,- nbout voting on the
eduontloiml question till at last I sui.l
l would beennse I wna brought up to
think a grent deal of education, uml I
nlwnys shall.   s.> I Line up nn engage* !
men!   tO  go  to  the  pulls  uml   register  |
[nnd the dress wns nlmost spoiled on j
Recount "i mi missing tbnl trying on, i
loo, because sbu didn't wnli to see |
whelher il fitted or not bm stitched
tho Beams right up), anil tl  i took j
ihe grentesl pains to go nnd vote JubI
us they'd told mo to, nnd whnt do you
suppose Henry Pratt told mo after
ward?   My voto wus thrown out be
eniise I hml the frankness lo writ y
full nnmo mm miiii.'-- u
"I  told M■■ni.'.   thnl nothing would
surprise me nfter Uml   nothing!"
Whon  A ethotloa Were Ntw,
li wns predicted Unit tho must se
linns malpractices would follow the
Introduction of ihe nines the tic mt. It
was feared Hint the ml would bo used
by the robber, by the murderer, bj
those   wlio   were   desirous  of   Commit
(lug deeds of violence, ami that, lu
short, ll would be a menus of putting
the most dnngerous and ready weapon
nf evil ever ilivntiicd of Into the lunula
of the mil disposed, the worst dis
posed of the whole coi unity.
li wns argued thnt tho practice, how
ever snfe and successful It might he,
was sinful, was opposed to the divinely
appointed decree and eould not be buh-
tallied except in direct dctlunce of
righteous law; for, was not titan born
to suffer, und wus nol pain n part of
lhe curse Hint hail fallen on man by
his lirst disobedience tu the Almighty
It wns Insisted on by n more practical group of objectors Unit as the
process of anii'stbesia became general
In Its application the mortality Induced"
by niiii'Hlhushi would of Itself he the
death warrant of the declared advancement ami bring all Us glory to
(he dusl.
For Worse,
"Alum and Clara have not Bpokon
Rime Ihey took part In private theatricals."
"I see; professional Jon lousy."
"No; worse.   Amateur."—Now York
Tress, _ *	
lotas   C.tiild.ratl.B   af   I hut.   Thftt   Ar*
i itUi-ii  Hatirlu), «tnt 1 b.lr Tructi Id
tha Dominion of  i ana da
There are writers who perhaps carry too far the idea that mon me in-
llueiirud by tliu soil, eliuiute and general character   <ji    the   country    m
Which they dwell, yet it is not necc-,-
.-.ny to go fai uheld in order to si*
that environment due-*, powerfully Influence nice characteristics The
American ot Fngiish descent is a very
ihiiuieitt man from the Englishman,
uml in Canada one run bcq considerable changes wrought in a singlu
generation. 'The natlva born now far
exceed nil the other elements of tho
community, nnd in tune tlie mass of
ihe people will ho not only native
born hut wilt truce tlielr ancestry
buck through several generations ot
Canadians. When we come to examine the physical environment, we are.
confronted witli the ditficulty that
Canada Is a very extensive country,
exhibiting a great variety uf physical conditions. Wo may expect lo see
developed in time a Canadian of the
sen const, a Canadian oi the piniries,
u Canadian of the lakes. There nro
some general characteristic^ However, and one Is that this is u northern country and therefore a col-d
country. There hns been perhaps loo
much sensitiveness on this point, ns
when lliidyniil Kipling was scolded
for the phrase "Our Lady of the
Snows." Of course, if anyone took
from Ibis phrase lhe meaning -that
this Is a hind without summer, he
o#; uined a very wrong impression.
The best corrective would be the fait
lliat Manitoba has a summer in
which the finest grain und roots ou
the continent are grown. Yet tlio
Manitoba wlnytcrs are long nnd cold,
and wc see uo particular use in
blinking the fuel ur in tvlnciHg when
evei anyone mentions ice or snow
in connection with Canada. The climate hns its advantages after all.
If we cannot grow cotton, wo hnvo
escaped the curse of .slavery, which
wns dim largely to the climatic conditions of the southern States. A
shiftless, idle population cannut
thrive in a country enjoying a good
stiff winter. It is likely we shall be,
for the must pnrt, an Industrious
peupie by necessity, ii nut by inclination.
It is customary to speak of a
northern climate as more conducive
tu health and vigor than a southern
one, but this depends largely on thu
people. There Is no advantage in
fresh, bracing air unless it is taken
into the lungs. The modern appliances for house heating are very
pleasant, but they have their temptations, and the same mny be snid
ubout the clt-clilc ems, which convey
us iii such oase and comfort from
our homes to uur work, These conveniences ure now to he enjoyed, not
only by dwellers in cities but by
farmers, und they ought to be used
like other good gifts with discretion.
A ninn who spends his winter for the
most pnrt in an artificial summer
heat is in no position to boast ot
his invigorating climate. We must
get into the habit of regarding the
winter as something to be enjoyed
rather than avoided.
That our summers ure pleasant und
healthful is evidenced by the large
mil growing number of Americans
wh.. come north to enjoy them. In
this part of rnn.uin the heat is tempered by the grent lake-.; in Manitoba ami the Territories the air is bo
dry and clear that heat ceases to 1*
un Inconvenience, and all but Incorrigible grumblers declare ihat the
ii.iiri sumuEGra era delightful*. On
the tiulf of St. Lawrence, on- the
Atlantic mFit on the Pacjfic coasts
there nre health it-soils enough lor
tbe whole continent. Those parts of
Canada which are not blessed wllh
grent fortilltj havo been evidently
in.irked out us playgrounds and
broathing spaces for tho enormous
population which the North American
..unit..ni will son*..* t\Ay contain. Tho
somewhat slow growth of poulatlon
in Canada mas In time bo regarded
t.s a blessing. Especially ought we
to congratulate ourselves on tho fact
ib.,i ihoro Is not in Canada the common tendency towards congestion of
population in largo cities. Australia,
with n much (mailer population than
Canada, hus much larger cities, nml
Ihoro is dtfllcultj in iteitiiig iho people to lake up land. A very Urge
proportion of our growth is due to
the sell lenient of the wcsl, and iu
H a next decade this is likely to bo
..iill more marked The effect of our
physical environment is hardly yet
appnn nt. What manner of man, for
InManie, will be developed by ltf«
on lho prairies, not for .mc or two
generations hut bu live or six y—Toronto Q lobe.
I have good wood of all lengths.
Leave orders at Townsite office receive prompt attention.
Richard Stewart
A. a Yankee r„,.M *••■ u.
The latest Canadian order in council is to forbid JnpnneBfl and Chinese
cutting shingle bolts'or logs from
iin' crown lands. This moans that
hundreds of Japanese will be driven
Into the United States, us they were
almost exclusively employed. " Trie'
laws ure ulao living passed   against
Chinese, nud, although they uru arriving    by   hundreds   on every i-hip
iiiiii lhe Cminiliuti Coveinuient gets
If 100 a head, the Chinaman finds that
nearly ull avenues are blocked In tho
wny of ninking a living in Canada,
So they walk into tlie United States,
Canada getting the tux and Washington state getting the Chinaman.
'i'he inadequate United States imniU
giuiion stuff cannot prevent the
Chinamen from crossing -tho line,
While white men who smuggle them
over ure gulfing rich at $100 s\
A SlUuka Often Had*.
The technical Work of newspaper
life—the printing, the uqws-getting,
tho relative value of news, und, chief
of all, its presentation in a form
interesting to the public— can   never
be properly mustered without actual
experience, A university mint can
umku uo greater enyr  ibun    to   as-
mimo thut his superior mtucatton will
enable him to dispense with the details and curry him over thu ■drudgery.    If ho    deems    himself    a'   bum
journalist, ho is probably a hoi a
fool -A. II U. Colquhuun in 1'jTntof
and Publisher.
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from $1.00 to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.   These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The axj-rcicalc amounl of principal and inl rest, except in the
case ol lands under $2.50 an acre, is divided into ten instalments as
shuwn in thc tabic below; the first to be paid at Ihe time of pur*
chase, tne second one year from dale of thc purchase, Ihc third In
two years and su on.
The [ollowinj* tabic shows thc amounl uf Ihe annual Instalments
un loll acres at different prices under Ihc above conditions:
IbOacrs al $2.50 per mr, Isl instalment $59.95    9 equal inlal'ls at $50.00
.1.110   ..
J.50     -
..00     ■•
4.50      "
»          woo
5.00     "
«         100.00
Kimbei'lev is the business and shippinj; point for the
J North Star and Sullivan mines.
HliAi. & ELLWELL, Townsite Agents.
Cranbrook is ",c (livisiona' P°in( of the Crows Nesl Pass
Railway and Ihe commercial centre of Soulh
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsile Agent.
For further Information apply In agents an above or lo
A. TAYLOR, District Land Agent, Nelson, B. C. or
Lind. under $2.50 per acre ire sold
on shorter time.
If the land in paid for in full at the
lime of purchase, a reduction from the
price will be allowed equal to ten per
cent on th. amount paid In tictu of the
usual cash instalment.
Interest al six per cent will be
charted in over due instalments,
Tbe Company has also lots for sale
in Ihe lollowini Iowa site, ia Easl kooienay: Elko, Cranbrook. Moyelle, kilcb.
ener, Cresloo aad klmberley.
The terras ol payment are one-third
cash, and Ihe balance in six and twelve
Kitchener is in the center of Diet-real
Iron range aud Ihe gateway lo lhe White
Grouse copper fields.   J. T. BURGESS,
Townsilc Agent.
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
and Builder  .*
,11 work guaranteed.   Sec us helorc
you build.   II will pay yuu.
Cranbrook. III
i HOTEL... |
i, ti.
* ***9********************   *
PETER MATH ESON, Proprietor. *
£   ****99*****************t J
J*. Whon you are hungry and want JJJ
-*«        a l-oo.1 meal no to ihe I'.ast ***.
j        Kootonay. J
J   When you   me tired  mul wanl a jjj
**t         ROOtl rest ^ti to the Rast Koo- *i
J         teuay. JJ
J   When you art* lliirsiy and want a J
* good drink  ku  to thc Mast *
* Kootenay. JJ
Jin fact whfii you are In Cranbiook JJ
m stop at the liasl Kootenay. *
■K *P
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Cranbrnok and Marysvllle, It. C.
w. F. GURD,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc*
poki ne Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Ft. Shephard R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain   Railway  Co
Tlif .inly all rail mule klnnn.ll
points Host, West an.l South to,.,.
Intermediate Points.
Connecting Bt
SPOKANE with tha
Ureat Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. R. & N. Company.
Nelson  with Steamer for Kaslo
and All Kootenay   Lake Points,
Myers Falls with Stage Daily for
Republic, and
Connects dully
At    Bossburg   Stage   Dally   far
firund Forks and Qreenvtood.
tl. A. JACKSON, Ilea. Pis,. Ait.
gj Markets
H in all the
§1 Principal
|| Towns in
H British
SI Columbia.
P. Burns & Co
Kkolcult and Retail
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Fresh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
We suppfy onty the Best.    Vour
trade is solicited.
Empire Restaurant
Mesdames Shaw A Campbell. Prop,.
Meals and Lunches at all Hours
Home Made Bread, white
am! Brown. Buns and
Pastry of all kinds.
Next Door to Post Office
(Proprietor of the
Candy Kitchen
Ciirrit'is nediniilataa'lock sir
Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
Tobaccos. <u*.««« «ii
East .    | Weal
Winnipeg Westminster
Toronto Vancouver
Ottawa Victoria
Montreal Skagway
St. John Dawson
Halifax Seattle
Boston Portland
New York San Francisco
Upper Lake Steamers
Lv. Fort William, Sua., TBI., Frl.
Leave Dunmore Junction dally lur St. I'aul
Leave Kootenay Landlm Tuesday aad Satur
day lor Toronto and all easlera points
Leave Revelstoke dally lor Sealtlt, Vancouver-
and coast elites
I.O.O.P.     Key Cily l.od(e
No. fi. Meet, over, Mi.ii
_r     ±j   .In) Iltjtlll ut Hn'lr Imiili o
linker street.   Hofoitrlng
0.1.1 'Follows cordially Invited.
A.i.mt.-ii,.ir., M. I'. Hillings.
N. tl, V.HeC
Throu-h tickets to Europe via all Allanllc
Lines. Prepaid tickets Iram all polnla at
lowest rales, For fall particulars apply tu
local Bleats.
A. (I. P. A , *!"'.
Vaacouver. t.ntmw
Robinson & McKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Oi
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Rebtttil Throughout
Ont of the Most Com for labia
Hoteli In.Baat Kootenay.
Newly Furniah.d
L. B. VanDecar, Prop. H /\"f AI
Cranhrook, B. C. ...1   1\/IC|
Livery &
Proprietors * * *
Teama and .insert* furnlahed for any
point iu tbe .listrict.
Manager   J  Jt   Jt
Wc have a itock ol
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and TH*
Those wanting chimneys, (ire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
Surveys „,
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract,
P. 0. Fort SlMle, B. C.
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college of V.  ,S
(Hint* nml store, Aiken block,
neni Canadian Hank of Commerce, CiHtilirook, ll. C-
llptwliif riai and Ucntral Parillart t«(Mlrta|
Will attend to any work In the dlatrlct
A|Coi lor lhc Hrandon Marble aad Qrialto
Worki.   lu-abiioau, ttealilaiei, ale. IT'S ALL OVER TOWN
What?    Wliv, lhc mud, of  course.   This little taste of fa
mud warns us ot the coming abundance, and prompts the
the thought ot
Our range ot Children's, Misses', Boys', Ladies' and Men's
Rubbers, Cardigans, Overs, Rubber Boots, etc., is complete.
Up-to-Datc Conjuror
and exponent of sleight
of hand will give a
magical entertainment
in the Cranbrook Opera
House on
Tickets on sale at Beattie's.
PRICES:    75c, 50c, 25c
if tlie coal tnl.it.-s jsiitl cuke ovens of this .listrict should close ti.ninr-
row every Blltelter in llritish Columbia would close within thirty iluyi.
1000 MEN will In- employed in the near future in the mines anil at the
coke ovens of MORRISSEY.
CL    T*    R    TP A ^as a "avor peculiarly its own
CL   TT    D    'T'p A  nas no cheap, coarse leaf in the
GT R  TF A is better than anv50c ,ea and
.  1 . i\.  1 .un.   equai t0 an 60c teas on any
GT  P   TPA    market
.    1 .  IV.    1 dr*. is just tea
GT R  TR A is done up in >--■ and *lb Pkts
.  1. iv.  l j-.n.   an • sofd at 50c per ib
G. T. R. TEAsaSeere£en or sent any'
G T R TEAcan be bought onIy at
Fancy and Staple Grocery Store,
Cranbrook, B. C.
Just a tittle worn, eh? What you need is a new suit. One
that will wear, one that will took well at all times, and
that will not cost too much money. We can fix you out.
We have a fine selection of suitings to choose from and,
what is more, you can depend upon the quality.
Leask & Henderson
The aoth Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. CJ
A Word to the Ladies
Have you seen our new fall goods? Wc
have some exquisite patterns and latest
novelties in ladies' wear. Call in and see
our display. The prices, well, they will
satisfy you in every instance.
...HILL & CO.
SOQQOOO' (.00)000600000000000
We have just received two car loads of Al potatoes, We O
want to turn these into money quickly so shall sell at Q
They won't last long .it this price so leave your orders early to O
avoid disappointment. Ours is the NEW MEAT MARKET JQ
on Armstrong avenue. 'r\
MAYCOCK & HARRIS.        g
We also carry  Iar?c   stock   of   HAY AND GRAIN,      g
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of ail kinds.
Syrups,  Champagnes,   Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in  siphons.    The most
Conomical way to handle it.
Mind Your Own Business
is and old saying: gone wrong'.
It is every man's to insure «ind
it is, therefore, our business to
look after yours.
Perfect Protection,
Low Rates and
Prompt Settlements
Palmer & Arnold
Manufacturer's Agents
Fire and Life Insur'ce
Picked Up About Ihe City  by Asking
(Jiii'Kiiiinn of Many  People.
Hll     Klwell   Vlllted   Kimberley   this
Rev. I'. W. Auvache went to Yaak
Mr. Malcolm, of Klko, was iu town
Inst week,
VO It McPartane was on the lick lint
lust week.
R W. Bana, of Kimberley was in town
this week.
Lodgings, day or week. The Kmplre
II I). McMUIenof Marysville, visited
Fernie thia week.
Miss Davis, of Fernie, viiited friends
in lown this week.
John Gillis. of Morrissey, was in town
ou Wednesday last,
Mrs. Dennett, of Marysville, is visiting
friends In town this week.
air. Jones, of Marysvill, left for
Prank, Alta., on Wednesday.
The new addition to the Methodisi
church is progressing rapidly.
P. E. Haines visited Steele on Friday
last ami also attended the ball.
Mr, Donachue, general merchant ot
Wiintt.er, was in towu this week.
The Miners Union of Klmberley gave
a lai.ee on Tuesday evening last.
J. Slin, lhe barber of Marysville was
in luwn this week on his way to Frank.
Ross Tate returned after an extended
ttip to Michel and vicinity on Sunday.
J. A   I.iurie, of Laurie Lumber company Marysville- was iu  towu  on  Frl
Mrs. Jns. Watkins, of Marysville was
in town a few dnys ihis week visiting
Mrs. II. McMillan of Marysvllle Bpeut
n few days in town this week visiting
Rev. Mr. McDougall, the Presbyterian
minister of Fort Steele, was in town on
Friday last.
II. Round, of Edmonton, haa taken a
position wllh the Past Kootenay Lutn
I er company.
J. M Iloyes who has been aick for the
Inst month has returned to work iu the
C, P. R. shops.
oi Praser of Marysville, accompanied
by his sister May left for Toronto where
tliey will attend college.
The public schools open at 9:3° now
Instead of 9 o'clock and will continue to
dn so during the winter term.
10 J. Peltier has heen making eiten-
-.ive improvements on bis store and res
ideuce property tbe past week.
Dan Drain, oneof tbe oldest engineers
on the Crow, 1ms gone to Salt Lake City
to spend n few weeks vacation.
F. P. King has gone to Victoria to
[nke the examinations for admission to
practice as dentist in British Columbia.
Mrs. Russell, of Fort Steele, came
over on Friday last to assist at the
Scotch concert given by the Preabyter
mi church.    -
I, It. VanDecar, proprietor of the
Royal hotel, hns improved the appear-
nnce of bis dining room by papering it
and decorating it wllh pictures.
The slight fall of snow on Tuesday
nlgbt gavea fine chance tuhttnt the deer
around these parts and wis taken advantage of hy some of our local nhurods
A very successful ball was given by
the young people uf Fort Steele on Friday evening last. Unite a largtt number
from Mnrysville and Cranbrook attended.
Chas. Finch, of Pinch St Jones of
Marvsvllle, was in town on Saturday
last and left on 11 trip duwn tht line to
figure on several large contracts for lutn
Dan Drquhart, B. A , and late Presby-
teriun tuissionery at Marysvllle and
Kimberley, left for Toronto on Saturday
where he will attend college for his last
Frank VanDecar, William West and
Maurice Quain left on a weeks bunt re
turning on Monday last.    They had a
splendid outing and good luck, securing
two deer.
Mr. and Mrs, Geo. Guegeon and child
returned from an extended visit In tbe
oast with relatives on Thursday last
Tbey were accompanied by Mr. Gue-
geon's sister.
A very pleasant dance was given In
the Wentworth hall Wednesday evening.
The music was furnished by tbe
"i'litricola" company am* was of the
kind that makes dancing ■ pleasure.
Mrs. P. I*; Simpson will return next
Saturday from an extended visit with
relatives In luwa, and Colorado, She
will he accompanied by ber mother,
Mrs. W. K. Phelps.
" Books make up no small part of human happiness"
Frederick the Great.
" Next to acquiring good friends the acquisition is
that of good books.^-Cotton.
With the season of long evenings on us
is eagerly sought after. We have provided well for
this season and have bought the largest stock ever
brought to this part of British Columbia.   Our
have nearly all arrived and have opened up most satisfactorily. We can't tell you about them in so limited
a space but would invite you to call and see the new
bindings, new books, new ideas, and new prices. We
take a pleasure in showing them to you. It will be a
1 pleasure for you to see them. It will pay you to avail
yourself of our invitation.
Oysters, to suit your taste. The Km*
)>ire Restaurant.
N. C. McKinstry, of Marysville, was
in town Monday.
Railroad lunches put up to order. The
Kuipire Restaurant.
G. R. Mulr, of Moyie, was a Cran-
br >ok visitor Tuesday.
Twenty-one meals for $5 00. At The
Kmpire Restaurant.
A. Sheridan, came down from Elko,
last Monday for a day's visit.
II.   Cameron,   of the Moyle Lumber
company wns In town Sunday.
II. W. Herchmer, ol Fernie,  was In
town Tuesday on legal business,
II. Kershaw, formerly of Fort Steele,
was a Cranbrook visitor Monday.
Harry Dimmock, the popular hotel
keeper of Wardner, was in town Tuesday.
Dan Hayes, the well known lumber
manufacturer of Klk Mouth was in town
Homemade bread, white and brown
huus, pies, cakes etc, The Empire
Fred Robinson, wbo Is now connected
with thc Moyie Lumber company, was
Io town Tuesday.
R Hulcbings, the big, good natnred
dealer in harness, etc.,of Calgary, was
tn town this week.
II W. Ross, the gentleman who has
become in teres *.**<! in Parry Creek properties, went to Spokane Monday on
D. V. Mott, a Fernie lumber magnate,
was in town Sunday and Monday
and Bays tbat the lumber bum
ness Is good in the upper
end of the valley, with prospects increasing.
Mrs William Small has been in the
hospital the past week where she under
went an operation for a decayed, bone
in her wrist, Ibe result of a sprain is do*
ing nicely and expects to be soon tally
W. McFarlane, ot Fredericton, N. B..
father ol W. B. McFarlane, was In town
the first of the week. Mr. McFarlane Is
n timber man of years experience, and
has gone to Moyle to be wltb tbe MoyU
Lumber company.
Last week, before C. P. Coleman, late
agent for the C. P. R. at Cranbrook, left
for North Bay, his many friends among
the C. P. R. employees presented bioi
with a handsome chain and locket, as a
token of their esteem and friendship.
Mr, and Mrs. David N. Smith and
child of St. Jobn. N. B , a/rived In the
city tbis week and expect to make this
district their home. Mrs. Smith Is ■
sister of James Ryan, and tor the present
they are his guests at the Cranbrook
F. J. Smyth, editor of the Moyie
Leader was in town Tuesday. Mr.
Smyth says that although the St. Kugene
has closed down, the lumber Interests in
that section have so Increased tn Importance lhat business remains very good
In the town.
Prof. Tyndall Richardson thc modern
mngician, tbe great legerdemain artist,
will he at the opera house Ihis evening.
The professor enjoys the reputation of
being a great entertainer, and those who
attend bis performance will get their
moneys worth, Tickets on salt at
Beattle's diug store.
J. B. Moore, formerly a resident of
Moyle, and well known along tht Crow
as an engiueer, has spent the last few
years working on gold dredging boats in
Northwest. As a result be has patented
a dredging bucket tbat Is a vast im
provemeut on the old style, since It will
save all the gold gathered, and ahould
prove a big imtiiua for him. His Invention is eminently practical and is a big
invention on tbe old style dipper used
by the dredgers of today.
H. L- Stephens of the Australian hotel
at Morrissey, will give an opening bill
on the evening of tbe 19th. Mr. Stephens has just completed oneof the finest
hotel buildings in the district, tod it ls
his intention to give an opening ball for
the people of tlie district tbat shsll be
enjoyable in every respect. Aa tbe
trains runs just right from Cranbrook
enabling the people to go up In tbe even
iug and return the next morning, there
will probable he quite a party go up
from here. Free busses will meet tht
trains, ami everything posaslble done to
make the visitors pleased with tbe trip
When death came last Tuesday lo  re
lieve William Archie Prest nl liis sufiei
ings, Cranbrook lost acit'zen who hm
not an enemy,     During bis four  je-n
residence in Cranbrook, he quietly pet
sued his own course, di-i> 11 ying  at  nil
times a kindness of heart that won  lor
him the esteem and love of nil.   No man
ever beard Mr. Prest say a harsh  woid
or saw blm do an uukind act.    lie was
always ready to help a friend, and by In
labor or as bia means permitted, to di
all In his power for the advancement   ot
the community where he hml made his
home.   The news of his death will bring
sorrow  to  many hearts,   for  tie wns  n
good man, a good husband and  a   gi ot)
Mr. Prest was born in Guelpli, Out,,
in 1850, and has been married about. 2b
years. F*or 18 years previous to coming
to Cranhrook be had lived iu Portage la
Prairie, Man., where he was engaged
tn the stationery business and tbe publication of a newspaper. Liter he embarked into photography and since com
log here, by the great assistance of his
wife had established a large business in
this district, having studios In alt th
principal towns. He leaves a widow,
one child, Cecil, bookkeeper for G H.
Miner, brother and sister in Toronto
and a brother In St. Paul.
Tbe funeral will be held to-day nt the
Methodist church Bt 2:30, Kev. Thompson officiating. The Odd Fellows lodge
of which be was a member, will attend
in a body.
New Smelter Process.
Ottawa, Nov. 3:—D. D. Mann, of Mackenzie & Mann with the solicitor lor 1 Infirm J. N. Greenshields, K. C, have left
for Toronto, enroute to British Columbia
for tbe purpose of making an important
move in the firm's mining interests in
the west. Tbey are going epecinMy at
tbe instigation of a syndicate of Pills-
burg capitalists, wbo are interested iu a
new process of smelling ores and tbe
reduction of gold ores from low-grade
copper properties.
The North Star mine in Past Kootenny
one of tbe largest In the country, is a
spleudid low grade proposition, carrying
silver values, and on this and other properties held hy D. D. .Mann's companies
changes will probably be in le lo provide for the new system.
Will Invest In Lumber.
Winnipeg, Oct. 39.—-All surplus capital of Winnipeg business men will not
go Into real estate or farm land* in
Manitoba, although tbere is somewhat
of a boom on just now. It is reliably reported that prominent citizens have sn
option on a big mill property on the Ar
row lakes, Columbia river, for which
tbey will pay £50,000, and will invest another 850,000 for the development of the
Tbey are securing 7000 acres of limits
under timber license, on which is estimated tbere are 150.000,1x10 it-t-t of timber. Tbe idea of securing Ibe mill is to
supply lumber to the new prairie towns
Beattle's Ureat Store.
R. It. Beattie increased his ml this
week, and be would have lo make it the
site of a page or two to he In keeping
with the great ChiiBlmis stock lie is
opening. No where In the Kootenays
has thtrt been such a stock of Christmas
novelties brought In, and it represents
all tht latest attractive and ultlque in
way of novelties, and all the best In the
way of books, stationery, etc. It will
bt a treat this year to look over Beattie's
Christmas stock.
Imporltif Engines.
Montreal, Oct. 27.—Unable to secure
prompt delivery of urgently required
motive power from American and Canadian builders, the Canadian pacific hns
placed an order with a Glasgow firm of
locomotives. These will be tbe first locomotives Imported into Canada from
Great Britain In nearly half a century.
Dover* Hunt returned yesterday from
Tbe trouble juat now wltb thc political parties of the province, Is that a few
politicians In Victoria Imagine they are
tbe whole province, and another bunch
■t Vancouver labor under the Impression
tbat they represent the entire mainland. Botb outfits need a lesBion taught
to then.
Latest Style Shoes 1
to O
to If you want the ^
to _ i
o fi*
O we have them. .-* Wolsey's unshrinkable 9
<* Gents' Half-Hose in all sizes. * A full line O
■$ of Wolsey's unshrinkable Underwear will ar- *>
to rive in a few days. .* A few pairs of Ladies' <*»
to Rubbers going at cost. * Our Stub Proof <>
to Rubbers are going; if you want to get an in- <>
4S> stirnncc policy come soon.
Ft. Steele
Mercantile Co.
.1. P. PINK, Clannger.
In presenting our varied lines of fall specialties, we
submit for your inspection the most exclusive and best
quality of fabrics possible to obtain from foreign and
domestic manufacturers, A visit to our tailoring parlors will prove of great interest to you.
McSWEYN & GRIFFITH,   cranbrook block
A car straight Ontario apples direct from
the grower. * Everyone inspected by government
inspection. * VARIETIES: Spys, Baldwins, Russets, Greenings, King's, Blenheim, French Spitz and
Cabashae. .* Let us sell you one, five, ten or twenty
barrel lot.
Have You a Set of Books
You want looked after? We are in that busi- i1
ness. Headquarters for Insurance. We write @
business in any part of the district. §
Heat) Office Cranbrook, B. C.
OVEII rosupii-is-r: tit
I'IIipMS .'"   -
li Cranbrook
I! Hotel s s
Quests Comfort i Specialty
Oood Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railroad nud depot.    Has accommodations for tbe public unequalled In Cranbrook.
 Proprietor       j f
Dealer in
Poultry, Fish and Oysters in Season.
G0( "OGC
( ,
( )
■ )
Cosmopolitan Hotel
....Special Lines....
Hennessy's Three Star Cognac, per bottle  $2 50
Dunvillc's Old Irish Whiskey, perbottle  I 75
Usher's Special Reserve, per bottle  2 00
Usher's Old Vatted Glenlivet, per bottle  I 75
John Dewar's Special, per bottle  I 75
Coate's Plymouth Gin, per bottle  I 50
Crofts' 1870 Invalids Port, per bottle  2 50 ,
Jamaica Rum, proof strength; pet bottle  I 75
Old Spanish Sherry, per bottle  2 00
Claret—Chateau-Clossman, pints  I 00
Bass Ale, pints ....'.  25
Guinness'Stout 25'


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