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Cranbrook Herald Oct 15, 1903

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NUMBER   .'*..)
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Head Office. Toronto.
A. COX, l'rt-hi,U-nt. 11. It. Wai.kkk, I'.l-ii. Mm .
I'iiIJ III   Clltil.il       SK.700.UUUIH)
kt«l    '     J.WO.OIWOU
TOUI   Kt.i.U.it.        72.UUU.U l*UUU
Deposits Received,   (ieiieral llniikiiiK Business transacted
SIVINIIS lltNK 111 I* VUT «IN I   HcmiIIi Recelvc-I -Isttrcit lUleWt-l,
IIANKINU BV Mill.   I'. 1...-11-. iniiv I... itniil.. uml ntiliitii.ti.i l>v initil.
(tat nl tittin ii.-i'iiiiiil,. ii-i-.-iti-,-ti-i v altltlltlt.il,   I'm mini!inn. -tlliln-wwl
lllllll-  .llllllllli I   Illl'  l-lillll.1444.1.   Illlllll'tl   Uill   1 .-IM', 4 4-   | ,1 | >.   Illl.-Illl	
Call and  see uur Big Stuck uf
Ties, Collars,
Cuffs, Shirts,
|    and Hats.
Thoy will |ilr:isi* vnu.
At 35 and 40 cents
we are  offering   ,s
two lovely lines of
ties. J\ iSrts^K
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.
East kootenay's Big Mail Order House.
i^*** ******** ** ****.
♦ |-f»l-*.l«i»i«>i»i*l»l*l*i*>*l»l|.»l*l»l'Sii*t«l**'l*»l<*.|'»l*l*;l-i>
-.-11-1 •> I '•• i •■' I; •* i •-! -j* i -i> I *: •• l j- I 111 <?■ I * l * l ♦ I»t * l * t * I * l ♦ i ♦,i,*
There is a heavy demand for houses
and rooms. We are daily besieged to
supply accommodation. Anyone having a room or a house to rent please
leave particulars with
Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Etc.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Branch Offices Throughout thc District.
hi A\ 4*s | A t A I ,i\ | <**►. * I A] .** ;  ...  <■     1,1 I A I A I .8- I
.i.i *> I *!♦ I
l,. I ,.*, | «. | A I A I iM
: -,-1 $ i * i ■-•-1 # 1 ♦ I
o       We Are Now Located       i.
nntl ivmly Fui* IniBinoBa in uur now storo norosa tho Btroot noxl  B
lo lh.* Mnnttolxi liolol, ttlu-ro wu will ha jilojuotl tu boo nil out \\
nlil I'liHiiiiiii'it.. .-nnl wlirh- wo oxpocl to mako many now ohob.
Uivo us uiu- triiil nud bou if wo cnu'l pinnae yon,
Wilson, The Jeweler
S Capital, Paid Up
******* H***9*ii*i****ii1*****1***********1*****i*_
$2,«oifl% t
$2,636,312 J
J T. R. Merrill, lVs.   D.R.Wilkie. Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager *
J| A general banking; business transacted. Drafts sold availa- *
» ble in every part ol Canada, United States and Europe. Special *
Jl attention to collections. F. H. MARSH, Manager.     *
% IHIIHII *****r*********ty************t,*M********F
Nitklc and liniil Discovered. i;v THK OLD MAS »
Jack Mean mill Frank    Dolln-       '■-.-■•      l**M*S9l    -   - •■-•'
r ily  brought  down   tri.ui  tin       Wo saw Jim Wnnlnor in N'.-l	
Iletnl ut Skniiklllll'llllfl-.       line   1 i  :  im . ',. a'l.l In- si i Ml- In   In-   tin-
sani|ili-s of iron unlphitlt' currying gaim» olil Jim.    Whon  a,Lid  how
i-nnsiili-i-alili-   valnea  in  gold  and In  relt. Ho Baid he had been eujoy-
niekli*.    The .nv  is I'."in .i -li* ii,;- hiuiii'lt iviuliir.' ble obituary
euvei-y inatle several years ai.'-. Iiiii i.oliccs, and at oucc naked for The
nttillC In ils   IVIIiul.-,;,-        IK.     it I   I        11,-rill. I'-.      11   is nnl . iften 11.Ill     ■
tinii has lii-en given t. it. Sine" li....: chance to read wlial tiutl itsti-ii.-ii I'nails and  the j public thinks of thom after they
revival of minim: in tin- district ure dead, and Mr. Wardner can
lli.- discoverers though! ivorth reml editorial notices of his Blip*
while to prospect the ground again po-a-d fnta] sickufss with a greal
lliis  si ior,  with  lhe result of ileal of personal siiiisf-u-tiini.    Nu
opening np an outcrop nl' an nn* ■ |ia|i.-i- had a l.ad w.i'-il In say uf
usually large l.u.ly ..I ore, The him. and ull spoke iu i/raisS of the
sinnples brought down nre large num. Mr, Wnrdner is back to thu
clean pieces of Iron sulphide, show- Kootenays agniu, ami up lo his
iug lhe presenco uf a high per cent  neck i ining solieuiea
ul' lliekle.
Looking Ior Iron.
Prof,   l.enh.
ll is I'nnlisli In mix up Itusinest
witli politics, nnd when theolootioti
mil iron or.' expert, ul' St. Paul, |is over, peace should Eollow, If
nny person is foolish enough tu be
carried away by the excitement til'
tin- conical to say bitter things, lush,.uld make haste In apologize
now that th" campaign is ended.
If he cnu'l du that he never should
mix up in a campaign,
Ut ts ©
• luliii Hutchison, formerly of
Crunlirook, but now n member of
the firm of Cree iV. Ifulehisuu. of
Penile, lias lhe following in his
advertisement in lhe Free Press:
"W'e are the largest real estate
agents in Snulh Eist Kootenny."
Mr. free is aliout six feet, in
height, but "Hlttcll" when he left
h.-r.' was a "snweilell'." He is
evidently growing.
<L? ii it,
A. medical journal sums up tht*
dangers "of being olive as follows:
Drink water and get typhoid fever,
Drink milk ami get tuberculosis.
Drink whisky and get the jiinjnins.
Kid soup and get Brighl's disease.
' | Kill men! and encourage apoplexy.
Kill nysters and luxieiiiia. Kal
vegetables ami weaken the system.
Kal dessert and take to paresis,
Siuuke clgnrettos and tlie curly,
Smoke cigars nii'i get ealarrh.
Drink coffee and obtain nervous
Minn., lias been examining the
iron nre deposits at I lull river for
P. (I. Robertson a enpilnlisl am! a
promoter of enterprises. Mr. llob-
ei-ts.in owns several iniliii.ti acres
of land in the Northwest, wiih a
successful system of colonization.
He also is tin- lllllll at lhe liniuieiid
end of the I). V. Mutt Lumber
company and is amply able to
pronn.ite an iron industry. Tlie
professor's report will be wntclied
for with much interest,ns Iln* con-
siilcrntioii is for n considerable sum
and the interested persons are
local people.
Looking for Investments.
W. .1. Trntheway and T. A. Don.
liy have been making a thorough
nntl systematic examination ul
some of tin- mining situations uf
Iln- district. They bave examined,
sampled antl assayed nearly every
pro-t'jci-l uf promise along tin- front
range nf tin- Rocky Mountains between Bull river and Wild Mors
but they have not nin if public tii
results uf their work.
Mr. Trntheway is a graduate of
Steven's Institute ,,i technology,
anil lias luni fifteen years cxper-
ienee in the mines uf lie*  I'liiieil
Tin- Herald prize enntest on tin*
j i il»er uf votes easl in South blast
' Kootenny is ended, and  tin- lucky
1 ..lies are as folloWBi
K. Elwoll, 1st. prize, S20 K.*t uf
;dislies. I--72 votes.
E, II. Sniall. 2nd, prize, $lc
ci ra. 181111 votes.
Superintendent Taylor. Ilr.1
prize, twu years Bllliseriptloll lu
Tin- Herald, l*-'.i7 votes,
Tin- lialluts east iu the districts
were as fulluws:
Craiilirook, IMI; rejected lllj
total, (184,
Fernie, 81!!; 50 rejected' total,
Total in tho two districts 1880.
•I. Swiiiiiarliiii guessed 1855, nml
•I. (iillis. uf Morrissoy, 18511, and
they were the only two nny where
near lhe riglit number aside from
the winners. Must uf the oolites*
tiinls guessed 2.UUU ur mure, and a
few guessed between 1700 and
1800. The winner uf lhe lirst prize.
Mr. Elwell, took lhe year he was
born, fur his guess, tuul In* came
within eight uf iln- riglit number.
hlJil.-s ami ( ana.la,     lie mil  uu-
... ii, prostration.    Drink wine and get
portent work in the early develop. ' . , .
.... the gout.    In unlet' tu be entlrt'lv
Cvanbvook Souvenirs
We have just received a nice assortment of Coffee
and Ci'eiiin SpoonSt'Silgur Shells and Sifters. Paper
Knives. Hook [Marks, Monogram Seals, Tie Clips,
Stick Pius, otx
"Ml    -If   7rat(2 I    •K'cUl Wntcb In<pectoc
Jl • **«**v ^   c p Vi atmt MM( „,,
Sbe 3cwcler |  ««ion
mont   nf  several   mines   iu   I la- . .
„       ,        .. , ,.      ihetillhv   'tiie   must   eat    nothing.
Bonmlary district, iiiiiI at one tuna   ,.,',. ,       ., ■ ,
.,   * ,,. . ,.    -dritik nuthing, siiiuk.-nuliiltig. antl
was  the  consulting engineer tm-i .      ?      ,, ,    ,.
, ... liven beforo l.reail.iug ono should
several     snri-i-sstiil      cominiuieB,        . ,i   , ,.       •    .       i    .
,, ,      ,     , ., make sun-  thai the iur  lias  been
rrnin what  lie  has seen wane al .     .   .,.    ,
, ,      ,,i i      i- i    ,-: properly similized,
work lu-re In* feels very hopetul nl
*.        . t.i .t *..
tin- future nf  Snulh   Ensl   Ivi it-.'. !
unv.   Holms tho confidetieo of poo.     Nowhere on tho face of earth is
pie who havo money to invest nml  then ytliing liner than  Kooto-
nro anxi.'iis to m'.-iii'i. gootl Luining nay fall weather,    The mornings
ippiirtunities, anil it is ijnitc likely i M,e inspiring with their health giv*
Ihnl an ell'url will In- mail.-   In .1
ing. fresh crisp air. while the days
ivlnp BOIlie nf lhe proiHTlies  h.,. .      .  .
in  ,,  mbmintiv mul  ininiuglikeH  balmy as the nionlli of Juno,
nianner, ' ■' is.Jrol strange that visitors com-
: nieiit on this fact, ami go back to
J, Q. Clinillllngs and   party  i"'''! ,|„.i,-l„,n,es lonil in their praise of
Ci'iinbrook   and   this   portion   nf
surveying blocks uf lun.I for ils*
C. P. H. In the  vicinity  of Sheep ^l^agt Kqqtp'liny,
Creek. i
  Hi i|> ii
T.   T.  McVittie and  party nre      h iH strange  that  thit eiieiules
surveying  ilm Tit I'm'Tat   group Lhe Old Man has iu tliis district
("i-   I'at id    tirilliih.    un    Wild nro    n0|    i mies   I'm-  personal
"'""st'*   reasons, but liecausn he lias labor-
Th,-  Thompsoi npnny, wl,,,'"'1 incessantly t6r the upbuilding
has  I, i  operating pari ul the '■••■■ prosperity of Crunlirook,
tnvioto placer ou Wild  Horse, Is ■»«•>
engagetl   in Iln- season's cleanup,     li feels good to bo n resident uf
f living In lack uf Wilier  Ihe   . easiill * (' I.l 1.11.'< 11 ,U lliese ilays.
ivns unusually short, und  it  being | H0*t
its lirst.  there  wiis nn  itiurdiiial
eleauiip will  nut   | ay  more lllllll
the si'lisull's expenses.
•1..1... I.ar.tnn and -Tolni Carlson
who have lieen doing the assessment wurk nn the Tigar-Poormnn
claims at the head nf Sheep Creek.
came down from their eiiinji a few
days ago nnd went to West Kooti.
nny to work during tlie winter,
The men ut woik on the govern-
ni.nt trails up Wild Horse cimyon
and up the St. Marys to Whilelisii
have been laid off and work stop,
pod for this season, The trail up
Wild Horse is complete, but the
Int.. storms prevented lhe completion of the trail to Whitefisli.
The Gold River Power nml Mining company are beginliig to grade
fori. Hiinie at Hull river. They
are hiring all the men who np.
ply, nntl nre looking for inure.
A  Binding sinner is bettor than
a grouchy supplicant.
t-y it, ii
Kind winds never die, uud ihey
rani.! cheaply,
iti lit in
Nu in ei n 'ver belittled  himself
in making n manly npulugy,
lilwcll Likes Pirsl Prize.
Craiilirook, B. C. Oot. 18th 1003,
Editor Herald. Cranbrook. B.C.
Dear Sir: I have great pleasure
iu thanking yuu most heartily for
tin- magnificent s;-t of chinawai-e
Which it has 1 n my luck lu receive asa prize fur tin- nearest, guess
made tu the number of votes east
lit the late elet-tii.il   in   the   Cl'lltl
brook and Penile Electoral Districts. Tho prize is a beauty indeed
anil displays the saine exquisite
taste which is shown by you iu all
print ing and publications, of which
the public arc fully aware withoul
my mentioning it In.re.
Vein's truly,
Edward Elwell.
Mr. Small Says Thanks.
F. K. Simpson, Editor lleralil.
Dear Sir: I beg tn acknowledge
with thanks tho receipt of second
prize iii your guessing contest, ami
1 wish tu say that Inm delighted
with the camera, It is a porfectnntl
valuable article and 1 shall prize it
lis such.
This however is very charaeter-
istleof IheOltl Man nntl theCran-
brook Hernld iu nil their undertakings. We Ibid them well dune
and up to date, nud J assure you
sir. that Mrs. Smalt ami myself
highly appreciate tin- value of the
Wishing the Cranbrook Hernld
the success anilsupport it deserves.
' am
Yours very truly.
E. H. Small.
A Skating Rink.
Crnnbrook is now large enough
to support a lirst class skating rink,
There has been considerable talk
along this line, but talk won't build
a rink. It lakes money to do lhat.
and the only way it can lie raised
is to plnce the proposition on a
plain, business fuundntion, In
other works, let a stock company j
be formed, This is the only way
tlmt a rink can be secured, If
properly handled, it should be a
paying business venture, The
time toiiet is now, anil tlfn rjuestioti
In be decided. Is, "shall Orniibrook
h ive a rink."
Frank Byron, who is developing
tt gold property on upper Perry
Creek, tells of a narrow escape
several of them had one day last
week. He hail two I'rii'inls spending ii few days with him, Mr. and
Mrs. Suutliwiirth. of the Territories, and that pnrlietllni' iifterntinii
ll|i- three, with Mr. Austin, tie
iissaycr, were silling in tlie CO.ll
piniy's office, n log building built
up against the face uf the bank.
Sume men were hauling lugs on
the hillside above, ami Mr. Byron
had cautioned thom t> be careful,
at to let any of the logs get away
while above the enmp, He had
just spoken uf Uu- ptissible danger,
and the lady asked what could be
dune in ease an accident uf that
kind happened, "If yuu hear tho
men yell, duck fur lhe lug wall
agiiinsl the bank." said Mr. Byron,
The conversation pussi-d t, other
things, but not live minutes had
elnpseil when terrific yelling wns
heard uu the hill above, ami n deep
rumbling  sound.     True  tu   his
• Ivii-e.       Mr.      Byron       cried.
(let. to the wnll." nntl the four
jumped to that side of the building
and crouched ou the floor closely
to the logs. Three logs had g itten
loose nil'l caine down the hill with
horrible force, all sinking the
cnbiii. Two hit tho heavy rafters
and worn thrown aside, but one
broke through the shakes on tho
roof, nntl dashed into Hu' "Kim,
striking exactly when' Mrs. South-
worth hull been sitting. No one
received a scratch, but naturally
all were frightened, The tinick-
nessuf Mr. Byi'tn ill suggesting*
tlio moans of escape prevented n|
terrible ncciilei.it.
Frank MtCah*.-   Wriics   an   Interesting
Lcllt-r frum llic Fur Norlh.
jl'url Simpson, II. ('. Sept.211, IflOiT.
Dear Fred:   Thotime has ci	
j fm* me In ilr..|i yuli a   nut.*.     Will
| I hat.- I ll all uver  ihis  country
ami sized il tip well   mill   think   il
is tin- Iiesl harbor ou il oust.   I
spent two days witli a lioal looking
nrouud Iln- barter ami tlu-re is nu
lietter plnce mi earth fur a hurlnr.
I lue side ihr,*,- niil,*,, long,straight,
with water from 50 tn 100feel de -|i
.-Ins.- tu slum- and a nice ph   Im-
a luwu all along ill.- slmr.-. And
the harbor is bo sheltered that the
water hardly has a 1-tpule, un il ua
days when il is windy outside. It
is sheltered by islands and reefs,
ami has three splendid entrances.
The harbor has about four ur five
si|iiare miles uf good anchorage. I
consider tliis the liest harbor that
I have seen un iln- Pacific const,
and I have Been them all from San
Francisco to Skagwny. The climate is fairly guud. Snu.v will imt
stay uu the ground lunger thnn a
day ami the water never gets tu
freezing point iu iln* harbor, and
lliere is nn fug. Inil it rains quite a
Int. about like it does iu Vancouver.
Fish is very plentiful, and the hills
are full uf doer, Tin- population
consists nf about 800 ur !*.H'
Indians. 20 preachers and school
teachers and altuiil 50 respectable
whiles. There is une lintel and the
Hudson Bay store.-md a few Indian
stores. Steamers comes every
week but will only come once in
twu weeks sunn. There is one
Grand Trunk man here Bounding
the harbor and looking at things.
but ho will not speak ou tin- subject at all. Chances will be gootl
when business opens tn make
money quickly. There will be no
full iu real estate for some years
ami may be never. The Bucltly valley is li fine country. The land is
beautiful and a lut nf it [ur the
country, and some uf the finest coal
in the world. Tin* coal is 60 miles
from Port Simpson. If auy of the
boys want to know nny thing about
this place, tell thein to write me
and I will tell them all alKi.lt it.
IE we had Kootenay climate and
soil it would be a world benter.
Well, goal bye for this time. A
long winter ahead.
Yours Very Truly.
Frank McCube.
Liberals Meet Nexl Monday.
Thc elected liberal members nf
the provincial house will meet at
Victoria next Monday. Dr. King,
the member eleet frmn the Crnnbrook riiling. will leave Friday, lt
is expected thnt a leader will be
s 'leeted nt that time and a partial
policy uf action agreed upon fur
it* earning session.
Marquis Is Happy.
London, Oct. '.*. ■ An heir was
lioriioii Wednesday tn tin- Mar*
,[iiis Donegal, who is Ml years nf
ige. ami wlm married .Miss Twining, uf Halifax. Nova Scotia, wlm
is 22 years uld. al Iln- beginning nf
the year. The Marquis had twice
previously been married withoul
having issue.
The Spokane Cutoff.
\ corps of engineers nre still at
wurk uu the survey of the proposed
- frum Yak tu the boundary
line, which is u part ul' the new
rond tu Spokane, presumably tin.
C, P. R, This rond wuuld give
the C. P. R. entrance into Spokane
mil the Great Northern Territory,
ind enable the Canadian road to
protect itself against tin- oncroach-
tnunts of Jim Hill on this side of
the line. Cranbrook is greatly
interested in this line, as thi-s town
would be made the terminus, nml
trains could Ik. run direct from
Crnnbrook lu Spokane,
Kll'ecn Is Fired.
One of the first nets nf tlm McBride goveriiinent was t. dispense)
with the services nf Mr. Killeon,
the superintendent of minis, trails
nml bridges for the provi ■.    Nu
tine in Craubrook will regrol litis
lid, im Mi', Killcen was two small
a mnn fur hit,job.
Operator W. Somerton was at
l'u1-1 Steele S-.mim.v.
Conductor Joe .In *ks in exp-,- s
ton-turn !-• Crnnbrook to live 4„.4t
Mrs. Art .i ii iiii mid children
ant visiting relatives in L-eth-
bridge, Ad.. ,:,:,
I---  nnoti     I! -i 1  F. reman D.
M-l-.-.-ei   ,i     i  Medi -1:..-   lint   was
i;- town I.-   v.
1 'wing i icnn ity uf ears to
hnlidle tin- traffic. >4-v,-ral train
crews \i. re Ini I off ti...  past  week.
•Ins. Smith, dispatcher at Farn-
luiui, l.lin-. was in town un Friday,
lb* was mi a visil to tin- west and
wa- josl returning hum,-,
Y\. !!. I.iv who has beeu employed as e! -ik in tin* mad depart-
ment left iur Toronto when- he
will stll ly I'm- iln- ministry.
Assistant Fn'ight and Traffic
Mnuagir VV. IS, MclnuU, of Morlt.
real and W I) I.i,i.i •■.,,,. general
fn'ight ;■-•■-,-. wi st r.i division
pas 1 --. i-1 .-- Ir *,v on thoir way
A imin nameil Hugh Robertson
was killed ia Fernie on Thursday.
IL- wns appannitly un lor the in.
Queue ■ ..I liquor aud lav between
the rails in the yaiil. The yanl
engine .•-; going t-.::;.- con] chutes
ra;- uv. r him cutting him badly
about tl: ■ i:-1 1 11.- w.is taken tt.
Ihc hospitul and Dr. Bunnell at-
tentled him. He ilieil nboul three
hours nfter being removed to the
Engineer Jo'-i'n Jamieson met
with a painful accident on Monday
morning which will necessitate his
hiving off wurk fer several days,
lb* was adjusting a screw with his
left hand when imt looking he was
caught by a rod which cut the end
uf his Hrst finger clean ulf nt the
tir-t joint. Mr. Jamieson is spend-
ing liis enforced vacation visiting
friends iu Pincher Creek. - Fernie
Free Press.
Tl.- < 'anaduu Mnnufncturer'sSs.
socintion. as stated in the Herald
last week, issued a paper during
theirtrip mimed "(in Tln*(jo".The
number gotten out while pissing
over tin- Crow, has ihis tu say of
Superintendent Taylor.
We nre now nn -Iai*k Taylor's
section ami Juek is hustling us ns
we n. ver were hustled. Pulling
nut draw bars, climbing hills ami
Jr.* s and small things of tlmt kind
an* mere incidents and we do not -
expect to lose more tlian t'.i minutes
outofb'Oof our regular schedule
while witli .la -li. W'e will recommend that .la *k get an im-reuse
of pay.	
St. Eugene Will Not Open.
Fred Smyth, of the Moyie
Louder, was in t.,-.--*:i Tuesday, He
expressed ll"* opinion that the St.
Eugene would nut open up this
fail.    I- seems thai  the company
cannot make a  < tract for over
six months, aad thnt it does not
ear.- tu t.i:--a the mini- in tho
winter for bucIi a short contract,
owing lu iln- increased cost of operation in cold weather. In nil
probability everything will lie put
in Bhnpe and the mine will l«t
opened witli a fall force in April.
Tin II-raid rgivls that a return
nf prosperity to Moyie is tn bo delayed. Th* people of thai town
are deserving of good fortune.
Willi faith in lie Sl. Kugene. they
have held nn. wailing fur a i-ltangu
I'm* tin* lietter, and lliis delay is
slightly tlisconraging. lint they
are mad., nf tin-  riglit stuff, nud
with line uf ill" greatest lend lnil.CS
nn iln* American continent U.liack
thein th" gootl times that should '
be tln-irs will come with the opening of spring.
Thc License Commission Meel. -'"
Twu members nf tin- Iiconso
board, -I. D. McBride, of Crnn-
brook, and Mr. Whimstcr, of
Fernie. mel in this city on Monday
to consider tho applicotionB of L.
11. VmiDocurnnd I' .er Mnthesoii
fm hdtelliceitBes. Mr. VanDcenr's
application wits grunted, but Mr.
MatheBon's was postponed nntil
tin* nexl regular nu-eliiigin December. Mr. Burn, the other member
of the board, was unable to Ik- pre-
sent. THE   CltAXttttOOK   IIKUALH
Editor and Pro] rietor.
TKKM3 0K si U-CKint'iN:
The lleralil ile-tlres to ulve tlie newa »f ll.
district,   ir you kuow any aboiil your lo«
i.iur iiiiiu* ui y.uir in*..|.li*. it-ii.l li Ui thin "ill''*.
Today is Thanksgiving.
Are w thankful.   II' bo, lol  u
show it.    Lol   us iln away with
canting  hypoorisy   antl   bo
uiiiiili'd.   Whal   aro \w thankful
forY Is it bpcnii8i» somo o! ns ni
lietter olT Iiuui otliors Iobs fortu
irate Y Is it liecimse wc haw all thnl
humanity needs to givo us coinforl
uml hnppiuoss,  whilo othon
biitlVtiim'.' Is ii hy n I'otnpartsou of
couditioiifl tli.it  wi* uro thankful
aud our joy and happiuoss is dm
tu tho fact thai  sum.' ono olso  ir
uot sn lucky us ourselves Y
It' that is tin- ease, shumc upoi
us. Wo should ho happy if w.
have health and n comfortalili
home, but not liocauso somo oui
else cannot enjoy as much us our
selves. That is vanity and selfishness. And in giving vent tu our
feeling uf thankfulness, lei us
remember tin- unfortunates in a
proper spirit. Dun't sny with
closed eyes, "God help tho poor,"
and then sit down tu a rich dinner
with no further thought of those
who aro compelled to do with ;i
atintiii fare, Yuu may fool your-
Bt-lf, hut yuu can't fool the Almighty. Remember tho nu fortunate. Not only today, but fVfiy
tiny. Thore are ninny ways thoy
can bo assisted! flifoney is ;i great
help. Imt kind words and friendly
greetings 'H15 days iti tho year,
brings sunshine into many a disconsolate heart. Be men, Be
women. Uiul never made yuu better thun ymir brother or your
bihUt. Conditions and environment mny have created a difference, nnd if yon are tlm fortunate
one, remember witli n kindly heart
tin1 unfortunate,
Let us Ih* thankful, but let us he
houcBt find fair aliout it.
The recount on Pernio bIiows
that about 2H voters lmvi- lieen dis-
franehised ou a technicality, tm
they luni placed tin- cross in tin'
lihnik space.on the ballot opposite
tlio miiiii' of the candidate tlmy
wished to vote for. The intent of
the voters is clearly establishi d be*
yuinl nil doubt, luil if tho clause iu
the Act lie'iriug upon that point
hub J b guud. nil ut' those whu marked their ballots are disfranchised.
This is nut riglit. uutl iu future
ballots 'should he su constructed
that nu error uf this character
would In* impossible. The ballot,
uu now printed, when the unities
are short ones, like "Kuss" nml
"Smith." leaves a Ittl'go blank
space after the tinum. The voter
who is not thoroughly (Misted on
the law, and there are always many
thut wny. anxious to make his
meaning clear, is liable lo put his
rrmn in (lie blank splice closes! to
liis eatididutc's name. This enti
lu* ensily avoided by having tho
tickets printed so thnt the names
are mude uu a solid plate, uud appear in while while nil the rest of
thc bullut is black except the white
■liwfor the cross, nnd let that should
he as close to tho candidate's name as
possible. In this wny thero would
be uo chance for errors to arise of
a purely technical nature, ft is
not a question uf politics, imt
«iuipiy u question of fairness tu
ihe ejectors. At present Mr.
itotis huiil*, the Fernie sent, nl-
though ii majority uf the voters
clearly expressed n preference for
Mr. Smilh. In uther ridings it
might easily he the other wny.
Election laws and ballots bIiojjJjI
be so arranged that a mere technicality will not disfranchise nny
honest voter,
neither side hud enough money in
sight to pay legiumte expenses, and
nu investigation would show that
Tlm Hernlil is right.
Tin1 world pities a man who i>
the abject slave uf any individual.
It is pleasing to be independent,
tine cnn tell the truth then.
Or. King will represent the dis*
iiii t. It is time fm* a nunilier uf
knockers to appreciate this fact,
Nothing is gained by dirty slurs nt
tho man whu is victorious in au
election, lb*, as representative, j by tii
does not represent any one part of, the Kool
tin* district, but tlm whole district,
ami ii illy becomes the resident of
any outside town tu create animosities when th.-iv is no mvd of it.
tirt in line. Tn- decent and always
Moi-gut, and John (iu.ddisU.   Tlm
boys owned up to ihcir guilt and LjJ^*]
implicated three otln r hoys nam. d Liii,IIIi,m
Sum Stewart, Thos,  Puugreo audlJ^^
Vtucenl Dungn e.   The boys wen1
,,„*h tiimd -$5mnl costs, aud they
were ordered lo return al  -  p.  m.
with the money when tlmy would
each receive a Hogging. The police
believe that theso boys opened the
switch which derailed the engine
last week.
UiJ They Hit it?
fori Steele Prospector, A hunt-
tug party from  Kort Steele, Sunday, won* shooting at  Bummer's
Cutting Civil Service Expenses.
Victoria, Oct, 12. Since return
in:; to the capital afterthoelection.
the cabinet ministers linve gout
into the question of civil servici
reform, a matter which they pledged themselves to take up if granted   Pntton, th
an extension of office by the eoun- at the  \V
Ml Koote na j Central,
Tin- b is of $ti00,00U granted
Dominion government for
ay Central insures the
building of that mud. This will
give the Kootenny valley the Iraus-
portntion thai it iuhhIb bu badly,
and will utentl |.ri.-,[i.*n1y for thai
portion <>f ilm district, aud hotter
times f"i* I'ori Steele. It is quite
prohibit* ilm this bonus will result
in the Ureal -Northern securlug
the chnrti'i*. This would prove n
big thing for ilm whole district,
and without a doubl Would mean
that Craubrook would be given
connection with the new road,
Timber Notice
lunttij uivm Unit iMrlj itajrait-.
I      H.lk.T   Will   l.|.|i|V'   I.l 111.'I hi.■(
ih-riif LhiiiIh nm) Wurkn. Vii'liipjit.
I lio-tiM' in ml   liuilur im tii.* mini i.i I l.iinli'. m tut fa ..I Wanlner, in
Smuli Haa* kiii.t.'iuu-
t'l.iiiiii.'i..'iij; une uiilu "i't*t nn.l-.'(itliiiiim
iii.rili nf iln* huiillinifit n.riii'i* .it Itit-miii'i's
liifiiM>, tui N„. It 1118; thriii***) nuilli one mill*,
ftfgl  uin- tuiti*. ii.Ttli .uii- milu iiu.l fimt ..iif
mile i.< tin- i<i.i.-ei>( begtotilng. an
Hi,i,..i u.ii.b.'rmii. 1908,
I.r ill.
Story ami Ballad.
Miss Kdua Sutherland, and  Ilu
■liiciitionist.    Miss   Merrielle   (I
'untraliu,  will nppear
tworth  hull  Wediies-
u'y-       ,    ,    .       . A. .  |day evening, October 21, tho net
Several reductions ut the working stall' have already been decided
upuu. win-re it could be done with-
Timbcr Notice
ia berth) Btv«m thut tblrtjr ilajant*
I L. Maker lull n|i|il> tu tlie Chlel
ii.inp.ll LuiuUuml Worka, Victoria,
f.irii Hpf-rtikl 11.-,'line tu tilt limtn-i-un tin-lul-
l.iwinu'tlt-M-riIn-il IuiiiIh. t-otitlt tit VNitrilner, in
Si.ntli KtlBl K mi.v:
CuniiiiMietiiK nne mil,' went nm) 80 olintna
mirth nl ths bhuI luteal rnruarnt Unaiuer'u
liii'iiH.', Int N.i. lit08, Hi.'u.,' Hiiuili mn* mill-.
1'iinl ..in* imli', iiurilt um' mil.- uml WMtniltl
mill* in lli,*|iln I Iwgtiinlng :ilt
ii 10,1..Lif iuh, lima.
Timber Notice
Ni.lin-it-. herebj uivrn Hint lliirly iIiivh af
hi.lul.* I   I'   linker Vill n|i|il,v hi lli.'i'liii'l
I'l lilt UIIhMIuIII I <>f l.tllhU llml WulkN, Virl.irill
Im ii h|..-. inl In iuh,- |o rm   ttmtivi .iiilh.-l.il
j limlllH <teH.lili.-tl li.ll.l-. Miitlll. nl  Will -I. il
Smith I-*'Hi k-xili'ltil.v:
r.>iiiiiii'tii-iii-: nt Hii> -niitliMiH riiiniT til
.liiill.H |*|irka* Incline,  tut   Nn.   11107; llicmv
«eHi ;iTiiiiiin*. iiiutv ur Ii'hm in tlieeiiM utile
nttQ. e. Uliwir'n liei-itH,.,Iiheiiii* imrtli UO
iiiiiin-. ilitiif weal inn-mill-, (hence north im
chulua. llieiii'i' en*.!   117 elinitiH nuiiv nr Ii-mi
i.i wiml Mih-.ifl.il (11(17,1 iii-n i> whuh i<> tin-
plureot beginning, an
DiUihI O'tuher Uth, 1008.
Timber Notiee
Notice is lioroby given tlini thirty iIhjh niter mile 1.0. Buker wilt npiilv tu theCblcf
e.iiiiiiiiHnjiiiit<i'iif l.iiiiili-iiinl Wurkn, Vieliirin.
linn Hpeclut lirtniwtii nil timber on ilie fu!
liming ili-M-riliMl liiml. nuutti oi Wanlner, in
Smith Hunt Kanteoitj'i
Cmniiienclns nl n iiimt on the west i.iiuniiii-
ry ot lot HIT one tniln north ol lotQtOO
l lieint< uorlli oin- lliile, went une niile, cuiilli
one mile uiul unsf mn- mile to tlie |tlmit of lie-
glntilnff. ao
DiilntlOetohorOtli, 1008.
nt' tin
out impairing tin- ofllci
About ten or twelve civil servants
Will be dropped. tllOBO being iu the I r... ... 11,111
11            i ,    ,     >n,   i incuts,    I hey will undoubtedly In
main  temporary assistants,    llml (
list Includes two men in   the  land
proceeds lu he applied lo Christ
church building fund,    These two
ladies   have   1 n   received   with
enthusiasm throughout Canada,
and the eastern press speak iu tin
highest praise ul' their entertain*
registry ullice.Vieturiil.one vacancy
iu the same department which will
not be filled: two in the lauds and
works office, Victoria: ami one or
t wont lieltl uu the outside rutumeted
with the same department.
Vancouver will lose one frum its
land registry offiice, a caretaker
from tin- court house and a stenographer.
The change takes effect in six
w.-ck-i and will effect saving $21),-
000yearly. It will notbethepolicy
of the government to reduce salaries generally, but it is understood
this will be dune in the ease of
Seymour Hastings (>'Dell, secretary
lu lhe minister ul' finance,
'Die situation (it tho Soo wonld
indicate that million,**, (yere invested where tiiere was no |)H»,ssibility
of adequate rH,i.irns for yc^-titf pi
come. Tin- idea una feoo-*l. ;biji,t
from a pKj-ctif-jl bufUJicss staiid-
|joiut it was it crazy sclj-euiic, .yjul a
tiAnA suckers in JMiiladeljjhiii if/v
2Hildfitg,ttlie bag.
The Herald's (jowl Work.
This su miner a prominent ludy
of Cranbrook went to tlm stnl-e of
Wasliingtuu to visit frfewls. mid
had The Herald sent to her, 0||
her return she writes The Heritlil
as follows:
"Will ynu kindly continue sending the paper there until the time
expires, as my friends there enjoyed reading it, (lite man said he
thought he Mould have tu send in
for a year's subscription, fljjd another gut so interested in its
reports nbont this vicinity, lhat he
said he intended coming up to look
al this part of the country."
Houston's Ultimatum.
Victoria, Oct. \2.   W.J, Bowser
)f Vancouver, was here yesterday,
ind it is understood he was push-
lug Ids claini for tlje vacant nttor-
Tt is said   that   tbe  ultimatum
which .lohn Houston, Itm im-nibi'r-
lect for Nelson, has issued to the
government is. thai ho is to iv-
eive the portfolio uf chief com-
missitiimr of lands and wurks or he
1 precipitate a crisis dining the
first week uf the approaching session, which opens on November
ted by a big houso o
appearance in Cranbrook.
Siit:ill|:u\ in Spokane
Spokane, Oct. 12.   A itbrenk
of black smallpox is reported here
ami oui of six cases two are already
dead, anil two more are not expected to recover. The disease is of
lhe must virulent type ever seen iu
this country, and is causing the
greatest consternation.
The matter has been kept quiet
for the pnst week on uecuiintuf the
fair but has now leaked out despite
all precautions.
i Vroom & Dezall
I    Blacksmiths!
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing and
General Jobbing....
(Inlsiiie Orders Promptly
Attended In.
i). ••«•..*.........♦ t•>ft +-• ®
IVnprloUir of Uh'
Candy Kitchen
.■|iriit-s!iriilll|.lBlf. Slill*ll III
Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
TubaCCOS. Olve us i call
*; *************************
I Eagle Cafe 1
Oeorgo I'aqiiin, Prop. I
| Morrissey Mines, 11. C.       |
Tlu I'cralc K.-KJHM
|.'..inii.. Oot,  10,  'I')... officii)!
i .unt ttiitli jtliu'i- li.liiy liy ri-liini.
ini.' officer A1.-NMi.i1.-r.   All  Imllola
in.-irki-tl with n Itliit-k itt-m-il worn
,-llliitfi'll.       Till'    V.ltl-   BtOO.lt    ltllKH
,'llfi: Sniiili .'Iliil; 111 ln.ll.its wi-n-
.'■i-ji'i-ti'il bccmiBO tin- "X" was nt
tlie ond of Smith's iinino, Sovon
hrtllots for Ross wpro rojoctod fnr
tin- hi,mc i*.-,-i»tJii. The ballots
clearly iniliciitt' It...- y.itti-i-s' iiitcn-
Ii..ii. nml full ri.iili.|i'li/'i* i» ulnceil
in ii judge's iiiti-iiti-i't.iliiiu of th,t'.ii.
This will give tliu seal U> Hiiiit-li liy
;i iiiiijiirily nf *>. A reciiiit iti lip.
iug iipplii'tl fnr .-it in. t-iirly .Int,-.
The best restaurant in *
South E.ist Kootenny. »
When you visit the .»
town be sure and try it >
Timber Notice
Nnlli-i-l. Ii.-li-l.v-ill-i-n llml   ll
I.Tilnln J i. I'lild-r niil -Mil..-1 ithnCliM
|-|iitiiiti*>.i<,iii4|'iil I.iiihIh nml i\ i-.k., Vi,-li|i-in.
fiil'il'lii-i'litllii-i'lin-l.i -in |lllllli<l> III. tlm flit,
lotting ilfd-l-ilidl Inml. .iniili nf IViinliii-r. ill
Sllliill Un.l kimli'liiiv:
.'iiliilni-ni-iti-i lun nml nilH llllll milli, Hitlllll
nml nm. mill- nii'i .if llin niii-linti'i. i-iii-iii-i-
nfliil. .'iHTll, li   mini1'   Inn  mill-., in.I
linlhl mill-, miiiii lim mil™ nml ii-ohI iiiii-
linll n mil,- In llii- Jillli-tiHl ln*Btlililli*r.     Illl
New Dairy d
W.B. Bnidgetf bits como t.i t
brook with a tine lineofiuil.-h
and will open n dairy.   Titos1
siring Hrst-class  milk should
lain.   He will suit yuu.
I.0.0.P,     Key City Lodge
No. ii Meets every Mon*
limy nin I it al their linll uu
linker street,    Nijoniin^
•tolly luvite-U,
w. S", Clark,
'*   - s
II yen nrt- in trouble wiih your enilloe In
VANCIUIVRD  hditkii i-iiiii..*,,,        -a"! ""> •'*•»' lulln Is It-akin-! or m-cils
VAWOUVB**, BRITIMI COIUMBM wnsliin*. .coil Inr mc.    I have a lord pump
.Mii-.ii.-n.. |,i,4„i„ ,||„B i tor ami lull Mt of tool, for dolaiall kla-liotca-
i..i)H..litllnp.....   .... ..,,..„.. •-,,.,,, ;r imli.; jliieond bailer rcpalrln-t and cli-aolourliibtal
your mill.   Call or Had a card lo
J. f I'll!'UN, Hachlalll, Cranhroiik. II. C.
J. (i. CUMMINliS
Ki rails i-t nn i.i i.-,.i
1.-I-.       I'lli'ii
Ihhi liiiiiilii-M.     'I'h,.
Hi'liniil li m li
nl t.'i
Me N||i up, mn) -, |u
11(1 lUt uf "Ol
.1 Hoi
mnv 1.1.iiiiiiii in. in  |
Ilu- Illtll.V. llii- IiiiW.
Hie iiui  Sl-
(lieem ,'i.i,,| (vi'.rl
.l.    Allium:
ll.e   i'i
■iini Itr.-leli.e*. in \'ii
in-unv.t iii.-
Tlie I.i ml Iii-lu .p.
.l Sn. W.mi
The   Vetieml.l"   li
H   ■*.■>   |--.,t
n. n
Timber Notice
Xtiiieeirt tieii'ii.v H'ivi'ti iimt. tlilrly dny* at-
ler.tatnV. 11  Haker uill r ly In theClilel
I'.iiiiinishiiiiiert.! I.iiudn mul \Vorkn, Vietorin,
Inr ii 8|iihiIii1 llceDBfl to cut tlmher nu the fi
lowing lU-enrilial laml, oniitti uf Wanlner, in
Smith RiiKl-. K.i.iteiin.v:
r.iiiniiein'inu three mllea south nml bnll 11
mile«unt nt Hi.' iiurtliivewleiiriii'i'iif lot. 51*70.
Ilienre t«0 Iliil''** Hilllll, llllll n tuileeimt. twu
Hilled Iin rill uiul luilf n mile went lu tin- pliict
ut hegliiulng. au
Ilaiiil 0-ilnlierSth, 1003,
Timber Notice
N.iti.-eiH lu'iehv uiveii thai thirty i|ajn nfler .I V.lt. linker Hill »ji|i|y in iln-Chief
l.'nmiiitHHiniierul Lnmla it ml rtorku, Vietorin,
l..riiH|it'i-i,il lii-eiiM! to ent timlier un 1iV fui
luuiitu-.jrn'iilieil Intiils, Fimlli uf \\ itrtliier, in
Snutli KttSt kunleiite.;
I'.iiiiiiii neill); llnee |||||eH   HO||t.ll   nml   utie
mlleeubl iitllieiiorthvvi»tt'nriinr nf lot Rdfo,
Iheliri'liiitlli   line milt", Mi*|   i|lie  mile, t-iilllli
one mile mul e*i-*t 0)|u iiii|>- in ihe iilnee t|E It
Shilling, HU
llnleil 11, toiler M|l|, lllllll.
Timber Notice
Nuliee in hereliy »i veil I bat lliirty .Ihih nt-
lor ilule I.. H. linker will npnly tnlheChlel
t'uinmlioilntipr[iit I. iti.l h nn.l V> urkH.Vit-loiiii,
fiirae|>eeiii]lieeiiHi> tu ent tjutn-r frum tin
liiIliittltiKilwuriltcil Imi.I. South ul Want hit
in Smith l-.ii.-1 Kiioleiiii.v:
t'oillllieiieilijiolie mile wi-nl lllltl fiO elmltiH
nol th of tlio iiurlliMfNt I'.irner of l>. Hi em
nerV timlier lieeime, lot Nn. •108, theme
Went luu mil.-H. iioilli linll n mile, eimt two
miles mi.l nnnl.li oim-lmtl a ulle to place ol
I'.v.-t] ii. i ihorOth, 1008,
Timber Notice
Notice in lifivby given Hint thirty iIuvm nf*
lit ilnli* .1 timeti [Inker will upply lu the 1,'hii-f
fniuniissimier of I.iiihIh nml Wurkn, Vieturiii,
tor II BJIPeltll HeellHt- lo  ell I   timln'l' ol) the ful-
hiHiiiir.li'Hi'rilieil Inml, eoiltll of Wanlner, in
Sniiili I'-Jnul Kniiteiiiiy:
(,'iimitiptir|iif( nt Uie nui|llmeHt pofflftr o[
lot .'ll j. llienee ei|H| HI) i-liaiiiH lljiije uf |e«n
i.i tin- Hettt Hl||eqt tut 'l|<'i, ltii'iji'eiji)Hl|j, twu
miloi lit ll|i>  HO||tl|iyPHti  I'liriier  ut  lot .'115,
llieiii'i'ivi'Ht :t;|  elinin-i  m rh-KHtothe
iTist M.ie of lot (1107,  theuce norlh   I Till
i-hniiiH more or lean lo the nqrtlieust eonier
uf tutlilli'i. llie|;ce wict. 4~\ elitiiiiH (pure or
Ii'kh tu a point tine eon th nf pojnt ol raju\
iiieii.'HIieiil. llt.-liee tiiirth heveu  e|i iiiin \\\ow
,ir li'"* to pclllt of iiimiiieiiccmi'll'.        '10
Oiitcilltcfolicr !lf|i, lltd.'l.
Timber Notiee
Nulii'ii Is liorobv uiveii tlmt within
thirty tluj'fl li. .1. MoVlttlo will liliply to
lltoCliiot tlommlsatoiiGr ol LiukIh iiml
Winks, X'iiiiiriii, for permission tu cut
ami i-airy iiffuy tlmlwr from the following iloserthcd IiuiiIh in South Kjint K<hi-
Tltorn uw mmr flirty i^iswjim-
Timber Notice
Notiee in lierehy given thnl thirty ilnvii after date I- II. linker will upply tn MinCI-h-l
C/ji'.i'.iiif.'-i.-iiiTof J.iiinifiMiii Murks, Vielorlu,
tor » Wffd }in'.nielii ml   limli.'l-ou Ihefol-
louitiK dfvpvlbpf) IuiiiIh, smith uf Wnnliier, In*
Unuth l*:/j.**tjv',vi'»i».^
t'omnuniinnonn it ile wewt tjmj liOetml/is
FoiHliul (li-etiRj-iJjwest rorner of Ilremner's
Umber   IIivhw,   Jul    N<>.    iillis,    iiii'iii'f
o    inlleH    n-jorp    or    1,1'hm    |u
^.oil Policy for Cranbrook.
Keruie fro& (P^ppa:   Seven boys ' ff
were lintiitflit up iu Hip wjjn* court   lot (1170. Ihrnen south 8fi
4ijfe WC«rii.iiiK oimJHOci wWjt ^r^l;   l,,",H,n' "' 'i",i' ,,( '
,iu-X .t-'Ue wittt)oyfB in eur No. H12 as
il w^HSittiiiclinij, \f, ^Jjeprtl on Sept.
wf -f/f/ot til HU: tli.-iiee
om fflorpfir
u nui. llienpp
lioiifl iiImmiI aocntf-y in tin- recent. ','.'M.h. \V\\v 'boj'j? niuiy^ un*. Job.
•oumpiiiyii iu 'tlijii iiirlitiL*;. Tlio,Sliiiig.irn, iTuhu Sliingnro, George
Jiiuulcl  ,iti  t»i' itlie  .u^iiuiuu  .Unit   Wycroft, S,Bol^', Jos. Bplflvti,
tVfilll.Her.l.i-uni.-r. ihi'ii.'.' nm
plnce i-t I,,'(j;i mr,
0iiteil'.h'liih.'i-ll||1(  lOOa,
a   mil.-H   or
|*ll"»/il.H( Ilieil-'..
lll.l!. llfit^Kri
Cumiiifiii-iiig at n pnst plnntitl two
Mlilefl south of (he northwest corner of
lot  Nn. o-tvii   South  Btwt Kootenny,
ilit-i cunl   one mllo, north one mile,
wusl oin- mile uml south one mile to
I'll f Inuiiinng.
HoptomlwrStith, 1003. -Jl|
fimbef Notiee,
Nntli'i- Ih lioroby glvon thnt within
ililnrilnvi \., I.. NovlUltt will -apply to
ihc cliii'i' Cntiimleslonor of 1-ninlH nntl
Works, Viotorlit, fur |iorml8ston to cut
nml I'iinv awav timlier from lhe follow-
ii-.' >li'H-ii1>.-.| lltlittfl in Snulh I'IuhI KihiI-
Ciaoiiii'iit-iii'*.'ul lhe iinrlhwet eonier
f lol '.UTU smith Kust KootlHiny, thenee
wool Imli' ii mile, siiulh two miles, east
luilla mill', niiitli (WO llllloB lupluei! of
HppleinbormtliJflOB. »
An ImI.*ihuii ..I li.lilllil.il..
The Hun. IE. Mellrl.le, I'n'mierofll C
It,Mnrpole,i:-.| .I'lieitleBiipi ■•. Unit' l* II
I.ii hi   t-,.1  T  .-    Urn HIS.
I.i.ai. Col Wultiwrlalii,
ft-holnrnliiiuiHiirlli fruui t*'<Mn$|unnn
nwurilinj tinWrvlna limn,   l-'m purili ul im *"
R8V, C. J. DRBNTON, «. i.llcml Master. |W.  P.  QURD,
llu.VH -..'lierillll ,1,. I I.   l„-ll,., ... ,, Ull
liltjoa like Ihealiiiie  ami   nn.iv   I Htnel
Inline h,
Timber Notice
Take t.utl.-e ihai tliiit.i .Iii.vm nfler ilnlt* I <
im.-ml io npplj I., ilu- ri.i.i i inn ill limhiuei- m
l,m..l» un.l Wo.kiH fnr a sperlnl ll-enee lo
.in tui.l .nin nwny t.iiihor Inuu Ihetnllun-
iaKilii.erili.-iil Iti in Smilh KlUl Kool.ua.v
('iiintii. iniili; ai a posl  pluiile I on the etlsl
liiml. ..f Pen v  eivek nl \. li. Si.I.Iuii'k lulllul
post-, thenee wesl su ehulus. theui-uhulilh so
ehuins, llieneo ensl sn ehulus, theiiee norlh |  ....«., „nnDq
Nllihaii.H in   the pluco nt eomiueuremetir,   l>I'lt-1'- HOURS
niutnlnlng 040 uetviint Intnl. !° i3 a
11an,lln.!,S,1,l.-mlt.T, HJOfl. lot,,,....
90 .l.ll.R,.,,f,l,.,r.    I 'to 8 p.m.
Barrister. Solicitor, Etc.
Land Notice
Xol'ee in hereliy given llml 00 Oil
ilule I Intern) lu npply tu the chief eomitil
tiiuuiT of L-at-ilft nnil works nl Vleimln i«
permiftsiou lu plireliusii the tulluwlng   ile
erilie.l html in South ICilM K ,-e :
L'ummeneing nt a post piunieil on tl in
aide of n creek iiiuulng Into the tim-ilt fork i
M.eliel creek, ultotlt time mul a halt mill
iimilt uf the intersection uf llin nmt
boundary nf lol -Hi9*1, giuup 1. with Ik
Hfljil north fuck of Mi. h.-t .reel., lh. ii.- null
Nl) etui its. Iheneo east. Sll cliains, them
South HO chntlts, Ihenee nest su ehuins t
the plnce of linglnui'g, cuiituinhg it I -11 uen
more ur less.
•j:i M  M.I s.
flll G. H. THOHPSON,
ior i Barrister, Solicitor,
Timber Notice
N..fiee is lierehy given lhat thirty tlnye
alter ilutu I ini.iuI tu n pi) \ It* tla-l'liiif Com
mibsiuiier of l.inuls nml Murks nl Yiclorm
tnrnspn-inl Ihensu iu up mel curry nivnj
t-iuilier from He- (olli-.v-.ltig (iiKi-riheil lumls
t-itMeat** ill BtWt Kootemi,! :
('omiliciii'iiiui.t 11 pusl'|ilanle.l-111,-hniiis
caM-ot the -H-, mile |.usl outlieC. IV It, survey liiu- nunilng south frmn Kuh sieeh
JllU'liutl- till'IH't* eusl Mlelmilis, llictieeiiorlli
H|l  elmiiis,   llienee  \\csl   HO chains, theme
suiitli su el.niiis in iln- pusl n| i-nuimeuce-
ment. coiitititihig IHO nens.
pate*.) llllli ilay ut Hep'om hor, lmvi.
H7 -Joseph It iii'!;.
Timber Notice.
Nniiee Is hereby given that ulililn thirty
ilnys from ilule I iiii.inl tu npply to th.
Chief t'ommissiuner ut Lnmls nml Works,
at Vielorin, fui'ii sprchil lieense lu cut nml
enrry a way Umber from iln- following ih-n-
. Jit.. lI    Inmls,    nhout         mile   nml I    ol
MnrjsvllleIn Mouth Knsl Konteimy:
('ninmviictug ut a post pluiitul ai tho
iiurtli.-asi corner nf.l. P. f'lulili'sprceinplloi)
thence running uorlli HOclmiup, thence tu-t-t
SU  elmiiis. thenee suiilh  80 cliains, llietiee
enst mi ehnius to plneo ut begl
. Me
Notary Public.
Snlkllor fur tin.- Imperial Hank uf Canada
Thc Colonial Inventmcnl and Loan Company.
Cranbrook, li. C,
and Builder  ***
\ll work guaranteed.   See us hefure
yuu build, -ll will pay you.
Cranbrook, U t
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract.
P. 0. Port Sleek, II. C.
I im
tin- CbletConn
ill   Vl.tlllil.,11.1
ninn ihe iiml
Timber Notice
I  to npply h
oii.-rol Lnmla nml ttt
ni lieensetui-.itniiile
um theMluuinuiletei
Um IVH Kusi Kon
UM ellillllH ll.ell,'.'
mini -HUH) ihe	
eust-tu i-liiiiiis mu
Murysville. SipteinhiT. llllll, llllllt,
Timber Notice
Nuliee is hereby given Hint Hi lily ihl.v-'
utter date, we intent! lu u-ipl.v lu ll.e thief
Commissioner uf Lumls mul Works, Victoria,
tor permission to ml nml entry nivny limln'i'
frum the follow in-; tlcsi'iil-eil laii.|s in Smith
Must Kouteiia.-,: I     N,,t;,',. jK hen
'Ciinlier limit Nu. 1 enst sli|eot s.inlh fuck ' .],ii,. | inten.l I
liul.lC(e.k cuinnicuiiinv nl ii i-i.-t tnurkeil   aiou tufL.iul
lialhie^ Kil'iiis' nml tn ast enrner post run- ' speviu^lUewe 1
tiiiighii chains smiili, iln-nc-Sii elmlns enst, 'fj-nm Iho Mli
thence hu ehuins norlh, llieneo (*-i (h^liii
Weat to place of luaimi'ii.eiui'iit.
No. 9, Cuiiiiueiiviiiii <\\ a i»h| iimik.-.l
[Inlliie & Killiu-j'snillliiyst eiivi.er pusl nml
nipiiiU'J   Sit \'.ll 11 till   east,   thenee   SO  i-tinins
mirth,   thence MU   elinins  west,   thet   MU
e||ullir*isouth I" plucn ot ci.mmeit.em.'iil
--.'a Itnthii'.V Klliiu'-
tin- suiiili-wi'Ht corner ol
■TM,v nisliii-t.lhetii-fsuiilh
est   lll.hailis more or less
iiorili KlOelmliiH, liieiticu
i lei
iiiil.crlst in :t
L. It. VntiDecnr.
Timber Notice
-r.l'iv glv
Timber Notice
Nutlet* is  herehv givpp Hint  fbfriy
ilnys nfler.Illlo 1 inli'ini l(itniply t(i thf}
Chief Coip)|!J88|onerp| l.upi|si|iul ytprty
al Viilorpl   for ti s|ieeiul   l|0*Btipp tp n\l\
nnd nnry atvny llmvpr (rp|,| t()p -follow*
liiu .lesirihiifl Ininlsi
('tiii)iiiuiii'iiig ut u pnst planttnl uliuiit
four nntl ono-lmH miles snutli on tliu
enst liniiiulury of block -IMil uiul marked
A. .1. Knglish's northwest corner, thenco
smith SOcluilna, thonce enst HO chalna,
thonce north 80 chnlns, thonce west HO
t-hiiitis to plnco of commencement,
Daleil October 5th. 1903,
21) A. J. Knglish.
Timber Notice
I intend thirty tUya nfter dnte to an*
ply to thp Chief Commissioner of LiuhIh
ainl Works !}t VfptWfa, }.. U.i for n IU
ri-ti-i- lo nit nnil eiirij' nwa'y t|tnl>ftf (ropi
tin* fojiQwina up8Cr}wti' property:
('oiiimepi'uig nt lhe iiUrthwppt'cprnpr
of Int MHli •% diU of M'Mt-
nny, Ihenee west nbniit lift clinlim in (pt
-I'lllll. Ihenee smith   I ill elinins,  thence
eufi iiiinin ;tfi cliflips, thence north iw
eliuips to piflcp pf i'pfii|iienipnient.
Crntthrook, B. p., Qnlqbar r>, imt::.
:'U J,, B. VapUccui*.
Timber Notice
Take iioiici- ihat thirty ilnys nfter ilule, 1
lllteiul to npply In lhe Chief Commlsfclnr.er ur
LiiniU mul Works m \'lelnrln for a uprelnl
license tu cut. nml carry inv.i.v tlmlmc (run
tltufulloivlngiU-Bcribeil lumls in South Kasl
I'ummeiieiiignt u posl pliinteil on llin onsl
bnnk of Perry Creek nlnng-ble ll I, L'lnul*
leiuh's iiiilinl posh uml ul the iiortlt-wosl
corner ul ll L. Dliiull, lull's llin ber Jnt.h:
tbeticeeast HO chains, (helu-e liuilh HOebnltiH
theUCe nesl Ml ehnius, thence soillli MlrliiiitiH
Io (lie pollit uf eilinilleueelllenl.
seiiteini..i iu nioa,
'3\\ \\\ R, I'liiie.
Timber Notice
Nlllice Ih lu-icby  ulyvll  that   I lull J  ilaj'n
niter ilatfl  I Iiiloml to ntiplj to Dm rhiel
lllllllssli rof Lumls I w, ,■■,„. Vlcfmln
for peniilssioti to cut nml .mi,-, iivruy lim ber
frum I lie following ileserllitsl Inmls in Smith
I'Iiimi Kooteunj!
Tim er limit.  K. Ill kin wesl  shin nf Ilm
south fork of (lolil Creek, al t tno iniles
above forks.cniuiueuciugnt.il pusl mnrki-il
It. link In nurlbeiisl euiui'r posl lltul HllelllllllH
i.   tl 'll   «U   chnlns   HI Ml III,   ihcliee   M)
elmlllH i-iihI., I heme Nl) ilmiiis i oil || to phiei*.
of eonuiieiicemenl   p ilitllinlllg  'HO m-res In
ull mil"* ih hss.
Uh 11. (likiu.
Timber NptiftJ
Nu|icci»|i|'ri'b.V RlVWl 'liu'  \>|lliin   lliirty
i|'0'h M   LltliB Will llpp'y to IheChlel r -
mJBMium-r of 1 umls mul H'orks, Vielorin, fur
pi>rml«siuii in cut. nml curry nwny thither
fium the fflllowlilj! ihsciibe.1 )|||li|s iu Snulh
Hist, Kmitennyi
CoiUllielii'iofi at a post pltilllcil two miles
smilh uf lhe uorlliucst eonier oi but Nu.
fiOTOSouth Hist Kouteimy; lliemnwcsl mie
utile, soul h um- mile, i nsl um- mllo 'in.l noil h
one mile to place uf beginning.
Duted September ailtli, 1 (Iliil, 211
T'mber Notice
Notico la hereby given tlmt wllliin
thirtv ilnya A, IS, Lorscli will apply tn
the Ohio? Connniflaionoi' of l.ttmls nnd
)yofkH at Vielorin for permission tp cut
uiu) enrry flway timber from thp following ilj-si:i|ht*il Ijuiils iu South ^nst.
t!<ni|inc,ht'ing flt t| nnst piiinlp.il n\Ki\\\
spVPP plinitm ilup supib of i|ie pontic est
Kiirppr pf Lot Nil, ill? tuul <>" the uurtb
Imiiiiilnrynf Lul 0|Ho. Ibenei* t tetb nm-
mile, weHi one mile, aoutli pno iu|lo uml
list one mile to plllCOofenninii int'tni'lil.
Uiiled 'Septeiiiliei* ifflll, IU0-J. -'V
ihai nil ilnys udec
ply lo the I'lliel Commit)
1 Works ut Vittoriafu- a
u mul entry nwny LlmU'i'
jiliserihui lamia titunUil
inlli- tlistriil of Kail Kiiiiteiu.*.-
Cuiiim. m-iiig ul u pout pLm-Uctl on tile
Iiiiiiii. buy of lllll Ull CoiuittUltl S iitherii
nserve neur lite tiurtinv.'sl i-urni-r of W. II,
lIl.iitfuril'iiNu -.'limli.-i'lie.-i'se.lheue eil-t Hit
ih.i us inm-,. or less lo Ibe southwest eortter
ifW. H. Him If ni Is Nu. I timber license,
Ihenee Hull ll uluiig 1 lie Weil iiiilimlnry ol
sui.l liuihtr iic.iiH,-.lii.llii> St. Mary'*- river,
I lii'iiee I llowiugthoHt. Marys river wi-sle*
ly to Ibe II IllBhColiuuhbi Soiiihern booml-
ary. llienee fulluiiiui; Hihl buiniilary miutli
to point ol beglillillig,
I) I 37ili ilny of August, 1008.
^**» Agnes Glfffll,
Timber Nollw
Take nuliee llml lliirty ilnys from Onto I
intcml to nm.iv iu the Chief Commissioner of
Lnmlsuiitl Wmks til Vielorin tor n speelul
liv'iiMe lu ini nml enrry away tliu Imr from
lhe lulloH'big ihseril.i'fl lumls, nhuut llircc
mil's iiorlliensl uf Murysville. iu tumtli.asi
Koo uy;
Cnmmr-iicingnl nprwl plant,-.! nUotil 100
uii'il,-. nesl (.j ibe nurtliwwt cornel' of l.oi
No. 2'«MH,(lroHp l.tli.-m-e tiuiiilitg nnrll >>
bill mile, I lll'll' •' Wi HI I wo miles, I bcneesuol h
une hull inih-. I hen.'.* Hist   in lies to place
John Ellenberg,
J Pioneer in  the business and ♦
■* his work always ranks with •>
\\ the best*    Call and see him* X
J Repairing boots ol all descrip- ♦
i ttops. from a cork sole  to a S
} lady's finest slipper. ({
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Olil shoes made now.   All kinds
t.i repairing.   Qlvc mc a call.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Sii J a water in siphons.   The most
Economical wy to handle it.
DKS. KINli & CiKLliN,
Physicians and Surgeons.
Office al Residence, Armstrong Ave.
t-tirenoons.   ....   «:30 to 11
Afternooni,   ....   Ii.l.l tu J:30
Evening.   •   •   ■   •    7.311 u> 8:Jll
CRAMlkOOK,    :   :   :    :      :    E. C
Undertaking And
Grntlnnte of Champion college of   U. S
Office nml store. Aiken block,
near Canadian Uauk of Com*
tnerce*. Crnnbrook, B, C-
Upholstering and tlcneral Furniture Repairing
Will atteiul lo any work in the district
Agent fur Ihe Krandou .Marble and Granite
Work*-).   Tombstones, Headstones tu*
l.*|ili 'ial.ee Dili, I llllll,
. Manali.
Timber Notice
Tain, milieu Uml llilrly ttnj-H from ilule I
llileml l.iu|i).l.v lo Ihet'lih't (' iiiihm rut
I lu mil Wmlh at   Vietiirl 'iiH[ieclnl
II i-.vineitiiii.il ean.v invny 11 uther (nmi
tliefnlhiHln-j ilfHi-rlht-d inml-*, aliout tuoaii.l
 Iiiiii iitilr.i .\.ulli i;.im ..I Miirj'avillu in
Ho.utli I'inHl Ivioleimy.
l'o untie nci 11 if nl 1 pout |ilaiitc.| one mile went
ot tllOKOtllll .lent e.iiuei- nl lol 331H, tlieuce
iiiiiuinit north one mi'e, tli.nie went olio Utile,
tllimeiiHOltl.il uiu' miletlieari'i-i^i mn- mile, to
tin-pi I hr.-4.nhiK,
Si-|iiimihcrl>th ItlUtl
ai| H, F, Wiilla.e
"Hmornld". uml "Vlmi-ni**.", mlnoral clnimn,
Situiiteil in tin-l''iiit St,-,.],, mi 11 Inn illvlhinti
nt   I'.iimI    Kootenny    liimiiet.       Where
Ini'iiieil: On lha Ht. Mnrya river.
Take notice thai I, a. |(. lleyliui.l ol Knalo
II. I'., nBUgfittti for M, ,1. Hnlplu, free luiiein'
ceriiticntcNo. B 01KUU inlen.i, nixl.v ila.vn
fioui tlu' ilnte licreiil, to npiit.v to the UlulllR
reiorili'rtorvi'rtilleiiti'of luiiirovomeuta, fori
tlm nur|io>n "I ohtttlulng, eiotvii gmulti oil
tho nhovo 1-1,1 limn. .      -
Ami farlliei'lal,!' nnl ion i Imt, net Ion, nniler
Hccliim :i~, HIIIHt. he Miiiuiutiiieil lietorv the
Uh tee ol tnull   uitillcaliH olimiito-,t-
ui-m-i. j
11ntml this -juih iln.v ot Aiim-st, A. D 10'W,'
2« A- U. Ili-i'laiid, Agent.    |
Perry & Fitzgerald
It you want your hauling
done promptly and right, give
mc .1 call.
Sole Agents in Cranbrook for
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Land Notice.
Nnl to ta hereby given thnl nl\t.v ilnrn
nller .laic I inlen.i In npplj In ilie Chlel
r<iuiiai-Miiu<r of huutn mul worka for par*
mhmioii io pnrehiiKii m.v prn**Jinpthiti(No8Rn,
eimiuieiieuitf nl ili«a W,coniernfl.it, ffntt'a
laml, Iliei-eiin  HllVlininn  noilti,   ihereon  111
■ Iiuiii*. ii.'Ki. itier 1 80 rlinliiHanufli, tlioni'
on -In ilinitiH to pnlnl   nt coiami'inemeiit,
■33 simii'ii, f, ,1 AniiHtroug,
t'runhmok, Augital luih. ItlOll.
III AMD I llllll All.
Sl. Paul, Dulutli, Minneapolis,
Chicago and points east
'1 lirangl) I'nliii-i. unit Toni'lst sit'i'jii.i 41
Illliill-; mil lllltlet KiniiKiii-,' l.llirill'y fin,
ll. T. LANDECK, Agent,
0. W. P. A., Seattle, Wash.
"Boynl I'.iiiinl" Garment-! .•.it- ii.iult- tu satisfy tin- increasing
1 ilt-iiiiiiul for "A Ht-tl.-r Article." ♦
J.        Every garment bearing the "Royal Brand" label Is a iwar- ♦
1 *
a atilt-i- lu tin- consumer Ilmi In- ia getting tin- In-st iKissilili- value J
4 •»
5 ill wiil-kiii.int.Iiiii mul iniiin i.-il. -J
* "Roynl timud" itinleriiils ar,' selected fn.ii. the newest anil »
S most slvlisli patterns   tin* urarn ts arc cut mi tin- lateal ityli. 5
-i -.
J anil lliilslu-il .villi nil Iln- euro mul iitt.'iitiiin tlmt is tl.-vi.l.il tu J
* ,* *
«y tin., custom wi.rli.                                                                             tt
2 Belli A Co, linve iln- ('■•milii-mik Am-ui-v fur "Royal Brand" J
i *
* Suit... Trousers, (IvoreonU, Itnln I'rool Coals, Rlillng Breeches, J
% nl.',   Cull tor Ijooklet ot Btyli'S, ?
H Sn long ns tin- season lusts wo will receive weekly con-
▼ sigumouts nf I'liiii-ui-il. Ningiirn anil Rogers drapes in lour,
Y live nml ten pound baskets,
*     Fancy antl Staple Groceries and Crockery      0
& Cranbrook, B. C. *'
|        NEW DRUG STORE |
* We ling to announce to ilu- iicople uf Crnnbrook und vicinity J
J thnt we nre opening n fresh stock of
i Drugs and Drug Sundries, Fancy Goods and Stationery 3
* Onr store will be open to the public 9
* A
I Wednesday, October 7, 1903 %
* Come ami inspect our stm-k. Prescription mirk n specialty •
I Chas. E. Reid & Co., §
£ Tin- New Block
Crnnbrook, B. C.
Fur iln- present yuu will Iiml tne in the Gilpin building next j
iliH,r tu tin- Mnecountil  Kiu-nitim- company.   1 have a large *
slock uf kIhi-i in.-i.ils mi liniul nml mn prepared to do all kinds j
of sln-i-t  meliil work, jobbing nnd phiiublng.   Blower piping, j
sheet iron stoves, hiuidinnde stovepipes, etc,     Roofing, heating .
mul ventilation,   A shipmenl of Mel'lury's stoves on the wny, <
j        HAVE   LOTS   OF    IT        j
I        AND ITS GOOD |
*     t
Getting Into Shape!
I 11111 ui'ltii'i; 111) liiitilwiit-i- stock inln sIiujh- .-ih
i.*i|iiill\ ns [HiMiilili-    I cnil supply tin- iIi'UiiiihIh
in  Lit)  lim*. 1 iiiiii' wluil you wnnt.   Tin-
I.H'.'f.l nml lirM Block in tlii-tiislrict.
**»-♦ •>-*♦-♦-•-• At®
Not how big the suit is.
but how well it is made!
This is the question that people are mostly interested in, and is
the magnet that is drawing them to our store, to a live and modern tailor shop, it's the store that saves you money. It's where
you get value (or your dollars.
Cranbrook Block Cranhrook, B. C
*,4.« ******•• ... . ♦ *****.**-**®@9 . . . •
G. G. GRIFFITH, Proprietor.
Will furnished comfortable rooms, good meals,   Stop
llt'l-C wlii-ii in town
Picked Up About Ihe City  by Asking
Quesliont. ol Many  People.
Thanks, awfully,
Frank Derosier of .InlTi-ny wns
in tuwn Tuesday,
Constable Dow. of Wanlner, wns
in town Wednesday.
The hotels are preparing elaborate dinners fur today,
C. A. Cock rt'tui-iii'il Inst week
from his trip to Manitoba.
A. Leitch visited several towns
along tin- Crow last week.
Mrs. Lai-ey, of Hnytlt-ii. wns ;i
Crnnbrook visitor Tuesilay.
T. 01, .Tunes, uf Moyie, wns :i
Craubrook visitor Monday.
Today is Thanksgiving, anil is
observed ns n public holiday.
Fur Snle (IikhI pimiu elii-n]. for
cash,   Apply nt Herald office.
W, T. Reid nntl wife silent several ilnys tliis week nl Sinlnr.
There lins been quit,- mi
epidemic of typhoid nl lilknioiitli.
W. F. tliinl hns lieen in Spokune the pnst week attending the
Miss Sutherland anil Miss Pntton nt Wentworth hall tomorrow
Forsnle, -ifaoutHOvrell bred White
Leghorns,    Apply nl  The Herald
Wanted, young lady to clerk in
store. Apply in writing care of
The Herald.
Thomas Cnven left Mondny for
Calgary, and expects to go to Vi,--
turilt frum there.
He sure and see the new cul
glass at Tate's jewelry sim-.-. It
will du your eyes good,
Dr, Keith, formerly of Cranbrook, will succeed Dr, Ivorr, al
tin- Conl Creek mines.
A good time to subscribe for
The Hernlil is tiow, Yuu canttol
iitTuril to miss nn issue.
Fred Mitchell nnd wife, of tho
North Sim* Mine, visited Craubrook Sunday nml Monday.
Don'l forget thai dollar yon owe
The Hernlil. Sclltl il in mm while
yuu think uf it nml we 11 1 il.
licruy Sago is making somo sitlt-
Blnntial Improvements to his busi-
Mess block on Hanson nvouuoi
'',"he Herald ofllee Ib closed today
tu git'e tin-lmys n elimiee tn celebrate with the rest of humanity.
F. II. Mill-all, Dr. (liven nml
Clinrley ANrinstroiig were ilin-li
hunting Inst week nml bagged "ill
The Eulro Nuns'.club will give
its first ilnuco of Uin, Benson this
evening. Aliout 160 invitations
hnve been Issued.
P, Lund, manager uf the Crows
Nest Pass Lumber company, is
looking after business in the Territories this week.
R. C. Clark, who hns been sick
for some weeks expects to leave
the latter part of the week fur his
home 011 the const.
.Tames Greer hns soltl his residence to W. E. Noble nn.l the
deed was turned over yosterduy.
The side wns made by Arnold &
*lY. It. Ross, ul'  Fernie,   was   in
Monday.   A number of liis
tii'-iitls wen. cougn.tulatiug him on
result ul'   lli'*  r mil  in   his
A number of tin* young people
..! Cranbrook nn> orgmiilting ;i
iltUK'ing Bchool mid will meet every
two we I,-1" learn t>> trip tin- light
fnntiibtic en-.
1 ioorge Leitch hns In en laid up
linn: 11 wound caused liy running
;t tmil iiitu une uf hi-, Iiii. Harry
l-arsous lue- lieen tiikiiiu- liis place
1.1 .liill'rny in tin- meantime.
I' McMahon,of Moyie, wns in
town Monday. Mr. McMahon is
tin-   manager   of   iln-   Kootenay
hotel,    .1' tin-   lies!   equipped
hotels in iln- Kootenny,
Literary and Musical Society.
Alil.-niy nml musical societl
hnslieeii organised iu Cmnhrooli
and it will meet every second mid
fourth l-'ri lay evenings it 1 i.l.l
Fellows hall.    Tin-  ui) rsnrens
Honorary  Preiident,   Dr  *l  II.
President, 11. E. Beattie.
First Ni..* Pn-aident, Mis. F. C.
Seeoud Vice President,  IV. I*'.
Secretary, Mrs. VV. T. licit!.
Treusurer, Miss Daisy Mnllul
ExecutiveCommittiH': Mestlau
I'. II lln-iiiii.-r. .1. K. I'.-.uvicli. M.
It. King nml -I. li. Taylor, nnd
Messrs. .Inines liiil. I-'. Iv Simp,
sun. ('. Vrooom nud I!. A. Muccons
Melville Evans of Omemee, Ont, I    The  lirsl    tin-,, will he-held
l.rother ..I  Mrs. I'.  K. Reid, hus Fridny. 1 lotober SH, promptly nt 8
• * I* in Cruubrook to live iiml will
tuke .'i   iHi.-iiiiou   .-is   clerk   iu Mr.
Id-iil's tlniL*. store,
Mr. f.iu*,*is. wliu bas been iu
churge uf tin* civil engineers office
ul this point lui- iln* C. I'. K. Cor
Some time, hns resigned tiiulgone
In Porl Artlmr to tuku n [josttion
wiih iln- Ciuiuilitui Nurilit-ru.
Willium West returned tu the
Poplar Civek comitry hist week tu
look lifter some claims he lias
llui*.-. Hi- wiis nccoiu}iiiiiiii hy
liiu McDuiutl.l, win. Ims been
tmxious to look over thai country,
Tutu Wi-lluian returned from
Chicago lust Sunday, where he has
been iluriiiLC tlu- racing season with
liis stnble uf horses. Tom is look-
ing well uiul says tlutt lu* will join
his stable in California next mouth
for the waiters racing,
Harold Nelson, so favorably remembered in Crnnbrook, will np-
pi'iir tin- lirst of next month. There
is nu linll iu this tuwn largo enough
tu huiil tliu ndiiiii'i-i's of Mr, Nelson. His work is urtistic in tlie
Key City lodge, I. 0. <>. F., will
huve ii sociul meeting uext Mondny
night, Tiiere is somo degree work,
mul ut the close refreshments will
be served. Every Odd Fellow in
tuwn that night is urgently requested to attend.
The Herald dt'sin-s In extend its
thanks tn tin- Fink brothers of the
Fint Sii'i-li* Mercantile compnny,
mul It. K. Benttie, tin- druggist,
for lheir kindness iu displnying
The Hernld prizes in tlieir windows tnr such a length uf time,
Quito n number of the friends
nf .Mrs. Uowlmiifsim met at her
residence Mondny night to say
good bye, A substantial present
was given as a token of esteem in
which the lady is held by her
Crnnbrook friends.
.1. I'. Kink left last week fur .'in
easy trip tn lhe const. He will
drive through the Oknnngnn
country, and go nn tu Vancouver,
and may visit Californin before his
return. -Mr. Fink has lieen in
[joor health the past two mouths
ami he is tiiking this Irip tu re-
(Tames Mnedonnol, ol Fernie.
passetl through town Monday
from nn extended visit iu the east.
He says that lhe people of the east
are feeling gootl over tlie passage
of the Grand Trunk bill, as they
are id' the opinion that the building nl' the rond will be a great
hi'iielil tu Camilla.
.Miss Wilton desires to announce
tnthr parents nf Craiilirook thnt
slu- is slarting a kindergarten
aoiioo], nexl Mondny, Octolwr 10,
iu tin* litime of Mrs. Kelsey, the
huuse west of the I'resbylei'ian
church, .Miss Wilton will lie
pleased lo confer wiih parents as
to studies nud education fee,
I. A, Hnrvey, the solicitor, is
establishing his offices in Crnu.
brook lliis week iu the new Ha/el
block. The nnme of tho linn will
lie Hnrvey, McCarter it Dunbar.
Mr. C, 11. Dunbar will be iu churge
of the Crnnbrook offices fur the
present, antl Mr. Harvey states
that as soon as he can make
arrangements he will locate permanently in lliis town.
When parliament meets in a week
or so
The cabinet composed of McBride
& Co.
Will be
Busy all day and half each night
L.   M.    Mansfield    and   Dave Putting the wrongs of tho country
Anderson, of the Laurie  Lumber |    right
company,   drove   down    Tuesday And that's im snap but the  task's
evening to procure the necessaries j    made light
for Thanksgiving supper ami dance They sip (i. T. It. ten
in Murysville that night. • TIiu'-'b mo,
o'clock, A abort program has been
prepared for that evening, and a
full attendance of those interested
in the wurk is requested, Tlu-re is
a grentdenl of talent in Crnnbrook,
both of n literary and musical nature, and the society has been
funned for tho purpose ofeuconr-
aging the young people in the
wurk. There should lie ll large
number present the tirst evening
so that the project may be successfully launched,
Sawmill at  Morrissey, also team
lugging horses fm- sale cheap.
(i. H, Gilpin,
Page   Tisdale.
Married at the Manse, ou Tuesday October 18th by the Hev. W.
(1. W. Fortune, George Preston
Tisdale, to Nellie Kliza Page, both
nf Craiilirook.
.Mr. Tisdale is the well known
proprietor ofthe Tisdale restaurant
and candy store. Siuce embarking
in business iu Craubrook he has
been very successful.and has a host
uf friends. The bride has been a
resident of Cranbrook the past year
and has become popular with a
large circle uf friends, The
Herald extends congratulation a
and wishes tlie happy couple all
kinds of blessings and prosperity.
White   Logan.
Married, af the residence of Join
Leask, Wednesday evening at I
p, ni„ MissMllUI White, uf Heaver
ton, Out., and Roderick Logan, of
Cranbrook. Hev. Fortune officiating,
Miss White arrived last week
for the ceremony, and the marriage
is the happy termination of mauy
years aeipiaintatu-e. Mr. Logan
is employed at the Leask tt Henderson tailor parlors, and during
his resilience iu Cranbrook has
made many friends who join with
The|Herald in wishing Mr. and
Mrs. Logan the best the world has
in store fur the fortunate.
Chartrand to the Front.
Mr. A. Chartraud. the well
known and successful baker, hns
adtled ti tine stock uf confectioneries to his store, just north of the
Methodist church, and is prepared
to meet the demand of the public
for anything in his line. He has
secured the services uf a tirsl-class
pastry man. and ladies desiring
anything in the way of special
cukes, etc., can be supplied. Drop
into his place and see what lie is
getting ui) hn* the people of Cranbronk.
James Harney tltiiiion, nge H8
years. Thursday (letober S, of
heart desease, after au illness lasting only two days. "Blimey1' as he
was I'ainiliaiy known, was au uld
timer nrouud these parts, coming
here as au engineer on construction
aud lie has heen here ever since.
The funeral was held Sunday
afternoon at li o'clock frcm Campbell's undertaking parlors, Hev.
Onelette officiating,
- Fresh Bulbs that will grow
Hyacinths, Tulips,
Narcissus, etc.,
9 drown hy Slmmen, ihc Guaranteed Seed Oro.icr. at (
2 Where It Pays to Deal
sisi@i®isi®i®:si -.■-. . . . siai@ioi®i®i®
-  We  hnve opened .nir new store iu the (filpiu store  room on $
|  Bilker street.    We will enrry n uiiu-r.il li u-ol 5
® ?
Fancy Groceries, Dry Hoods, Clothing, Boots, sime-t,     ♦
■••  Ete.   Onruoods ttill I I i!,,- liest,iiml Hi    ,-:■:.. .-,.,. ,,,.,   ;
® We invite you to enll. "
1        MANNING & LACEY
s *
It,!"**:*!*!-**!*!*!*!-! ;4 !■?:.• :-?■' ;    .-.. ;    ;    ; Mi.   V
*************** >:,f ■ -' ■■ i i ****
^ A. I.. ricDermut A. C. Bow-new A
,^ Wholesale   Wine   and   Spirit   Merchants 0
S Schltli Oecr The Highest Brands Tin* l.ar*i«i anj 0
-X K2 Al?" of SCOTCH and "*'   i«t,rimcnl
^v uaaa aic id.ch     u-hiciii** °f Domestic
H iiuinne > Stout    I IRISH    WHISKIES ,,,nrs
*p A complete stuck uf Cigars, consisting ef the
^ "Pharaoh," "LnFortunn," "Irving," "Uar-
^> rlster," "Monument," --tlild:.'' und others.
'*p Mail Orders Promptly Attended in. Telephone 17 Si
jj-ri Write for Prices. CRANBUOOK, B. C. 21
k<j Agents for T. Lebel & Co., Hay nnd drain. i
A*:*®.************-? ym&i +***,
imited :;
Muiiufneturers ol
Rough and Dressed Lumber J
riills at Cranbrook, Li. C.
Orders will receive prompt attention.
Q        When you visit Cranbrook stop at the        59
Kg None Better In the District
jHg Rates Si and up.   Short Orders and Oysters
p4 served in any style Ironl S p. m. tn (, a. m.
!9 The tabic is thc best, the roon-.s ire unsurpassed br clean
B lincss and comfort and the bar is supplied with the best brand
*S of liquors and cigars.
g L. B. VANDECAR, Prop.
Notiee is hereliy given thnt nil
-lOCOIltlts due to 1'. D. Hope lute ot
Jluyie, Druggist, lire puynlile to
the undersigned Agents tor the
Benle i* Elwell,
Dated nt Cranhrook, II. C, the
8th day of Oi-toher, 1008.
Iranbrook iodic, No. 11
A. F. i A. M.
Iir-tii'iir moettngi fit llio
tliinl -lliiir.Uiiy »l tin.
Hotel 3 3
fiucits Cuir.lort 0 Specially
fimtil Sfsblln-i in Conneclion
Nt'itreat tn rniliniul Bi.il depot.   Hm ncconimoda-
lions for tlie public uue.|uallcd in Croubrook,
Hoi and Cold Baths
 Proprietor      ! J
I Cosmopolitan Hotel |
^ Cranbrook, B. C.
J. R. Downes, Proprietor
Vlsintin lir.-Uiri'n wbIi'ihih-iI,
V, A, ItKAl.i-, Hpc'jr.
B Firstclass House, Centrally Situated
I Commodious, Well Lighted Sample
I Rooms
0*******:*:*.****^**:**^*'^^'^ Till:  CIIAMIItOOK   HERALD
. &i&2£Z±2BBZ- -
Or..- Can of
Evaporated  Cream
'. thc story better titan
Victor Cream It full*/
I  to tho richest tltud
N.t. *,i*.cr brand compares
with ii  for  ;.ll household
purpose:.    It ta simply the
.- i of Jersey Cream with
Uu water evaporated.
Uld b, ChirlotUtcwn Coniien,,. Milk
Co.,Ch»I.U.tM., 0£ '•
slum- vnu nut only In
If ynu wish t
snve yunr 	
avoid paying rent yeur iu nml year tu
icv, luil put yuu in tin- wny uf milking
t give us a call tuul we
i good Investment.
You Need a New Suit
If thnl is the ease, yon altoiild lie cnrcfiil in the
-s.-li-.-tio i. We enn give you one tlml will ho satisfactory in irnulity, workmanship and price.
Drop iu mul Bee onr stock. Our .-l.ith.-s nre
tnnile iii Crnuhrook lij C
ur.* suits tlmt suit,
iihrook leuple.  Thoy
Leask & Henderson
in all the
Towns in
.-J**! ****!
| P. Burns & Co
0 Wholculc aod Retail
I Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Fresh
Fish, (lame and Poultry.
We supply only the best.   Vour
trade is solicited.
Pomlfor cnlnlofjuo o( riflea. slinl gnriB, rnvolvera, &
roloiulinjt tnolB, Biifety pocket uses, knives, steel »
trtips, triiniiiiMPi'i'iit, It'tippera ynldes, etc , etc, 9
Tills etiliiloKtiuulso demtrtbi's lhe llitntar-Tnulor- »
Tmpper, only piiblhminn oi lis kind in Uu- world. v»
Von win vsd uny <-f the nhovo nrtlules free,   Send s,
for free Ulustmlod eiitnlogiie.
11.1.. Stephens, J. E. Stephens, J. Lawson, ftt. Ruckeadurl
Thc princip.il requisite of a new lown is
ample hotel accommodations. The big
Alexandra hotel supplies this need in
Morrissey Mines.
The Hotel with the Big Dining Room
Is known from Winnipeg to Vancouver
You get your money's woith
 - #
r ****** MMHMMHUHM
For ii|i-in-.liiii' peoplo is wlmt the »
«       PREST PHOTO CO.       |
* will eivo vou.   W nko llio very  *
Jj latest iii Clrltnim uml I'lntinilnia |
We have a stock ol
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
Livery 3
Proprietors ** j* **
Tenuis ami ilrlvera furnished for nn;
•totut fn tlie district,
Manager   „•*   .*   „4t
Formerly Hotel I'hair
B. TOriPKINS, Manancr.
This hotel is oui
Uritish Coliiiuliin
iu overy rospei't.
•ample rooms.
Ill'    till-   1» Ml     ill
Will lighted
• -•-• IHIIIlffl
Hnve You Any Painting to be Done?
Do Any nf Vour Rooms Need Papering?
Estitnnti's given on largo con-
tnicls. Wu don't wnnt tlio
enrfctl. Wo want to plonso
>nii with tho work uiul rocoivo
I'l-jistiiuilili' puy,
Royal Mold, Cranbrook
Tin- Wiii'iliii'i- hotel ohntignl
liiimls tin- InttiT part of last woek.
Mr. Mitt/, of Ferniu, tliu now pro-
prii'tur. is now in possession, ubly
as. istrtl by -T, Rynn ns mmmgor.
Mrssrs. A. \Y. McVittie ami
('has. Kibvanls wore in town last
week on mutters of Imsimms,
Messrs. Mutz nnil Huott of Pernio and Cralian ami Ki-kstrom uf
Mii-lu-l spoilt n dny in tlio old tuwn
Many of tho employes of tho
Crows Nist Pubs Lumber compuny
nre prepnring curly for winter by
building neat nml comfortublu cottages, chnmeteristic of the boys
in tliu employ of that company,
Fred Penson, who met with mi
accident a few weeks ugo, is progressing favorably on the way tu
to [recovery. liis many friends
will be pleased to see him oui
Mr. and Mrs, Hurry Gibson lefl
on Monday for sunny Tennessee,
where they expect to reside in the
Tlio boys will miss the genial
smile of LouisChenierfrom Wardner. He loft on Thursday by the
westbound train.
Now that the election is over the
boys are settling down to work
again, but ns the) nre not content
unless they keep up somo excitement there is talk of tlieir organizing a rending room and public library.
The Hci-ald (lives the News.
Saw Mill riachinery
I'lanliiK mil Machinery
Iron Working riachinery
Mining riachinery
Machinery ior all Purposes
All ..I very h.-st m-ik-.-s.
J.  L. Neilson A Co.,
602 Wi'it SI., Wl-nilp'*..
f     Harrlage     !
f Yes, nml tin- CITY BAR. I
e ERY is tho place to got u nice
i> wedding enke und oriinineiitB
I in llio latest style. VVIiysonil *,-
f your oilier out ul' town uiul si
? IJi'i'linps have the iccing hrok- i
>* i-n hy shipping, Prices right. I
•.'   I'hiinc SI (Ipprslli* M. I-. Church j
r      C. W. WILSON,      I
-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-® ®-®-®-4
, *************************
*> #
*) If you wnnt
I Fresh Fruits,
| Confectionery, etc. |
Uo to
I .I,,,-,,
i*4 iilttjiv*. reasoi.nl.lo.
Sudden Death.
Osenr Durnnil, the awning
innki'i*. ilieil suddenly iu Ix-d at
tin- Passniore boarding house lust
Sunilny morning. He wus heard
In groan andJos, Suvnriu who slept
.villi him, awakened und saw him
riiist- his arms tu his head. Thinking something serious might be
tho mutter, ho hastily arose and
hurried for a dootor. Ur. Hnrvey
unswered the call, Imt when they
returned the man wns dead. An
effort Iiiib been made tu Hnd his
relatives, and u sister wns found in
Washington und his mother in
Montrenl. Undertaker Onnipbell
is waiting to liuiir from n
brother, nnd mny forward the
reuinhis to Montreal. The
leeensed hnd Ikh-i. ii resident of
Crnnbrook since Inst summer und
was well known in this vicinity,
lit- formerly lived iu Montana, and
wns u very wealthy mini, but lust
over 1100,000 on a Cnpe Nome
venture threo yenrs ago.
Iriini llic .MuVit' l.piitlor
P. D. Hope returned from Spokane Thursday,
Mrs. (Dr.) Higginsof Pernio is
in town visiting with her sister
Mrs. 1'. J. McMahon.
Mrs. Niederstndl ri'turneil Thursday £1*0111 Moscow, Iiliilut. when
slit- hns been visiting for tho past
three weeks.
Mrs. ,1. S. MnoEiiohern and
children returned to Moyie Thursday from uu i-sl.-ii.l.-il visit ti
Cltarlottelown, Priucu Edward
\V. T. .Iiimiiwiii. whn wns n
fi-siili-iit of Moyie for Hntin- time
died in Wiillmlln, North Dokotn
un Suptt'inlii'i* 2~i. of Bl'iglilf
disease uf tin* kidneys.
Joseph Niodorstndt, Moyio'i
enterprising brewer, hns just completed th • work of Installing 11 now
I'lirui nud kettle in  his brewery
Philip Conrad luni charge, ami tin
workmanship wns lirst class,    Mr
Nicderstndt has um. of the best
fitted up breweries in  the Kool
Gold Looked flood lo Them.
Spokane. Oct., 12.- A sneak
thief mndi o successful raid on tho
Poplar gold cro exhibit at the fail-
last night, aud got away with two
valuable surface nuggets, and broke
arlllliikull'tllt'bigii-'Upuiintl sped-
Jacob Dover nml W. B. Pool,
win. wero packing the exhibit in
the nighttime.ntft'Uiptt'd to capture
thu thief, but ho managed to es.
cape Int.. | the dni'knoss uud got
clean away.
Caught ia a Rock Slide,
.1. .1. Miller got mixed up in a
rock slide at the works of the Wis-
I'oiisin company on Perry Creek
Inst Monday. He wns working on
11 side hill, nnd the men were sluicing away the gravel beneath him.
Suddenly the bank gave away and
a rock slide followed, carrying
Miller with it. He was carried to
the foot uf the hill and completely
buried in the rock. The men present got him out without loss of
time, nnd found him badly cut. and
bruised, but apparently no serious
injuries, liust Theis brought him
iu to the St. Kugene hospital that
evening, and he is getting along
all right, It was a narrow escape
frum dentil or a serious injury.
Well known Coal Properly.
Blairmore Times: Blairmore's
big conl mine, the Fishbni-u-Proc-
tor proposition, passed into the
hands of a strong company who
nre iilile to develope nnd operate il
ou a scale thai its magnitude nnd
merit justify. The company that
has secured this big and I'liluabli'
property is the Blairiuore Cual iV
Coke company, an incorporated
joint stock company. The officers
and officials of this company are.
E, 11. l-'isliliurn. president; V.
Hyde Bnker, vice-president j Mr.
McNeill, of Hmiltaiii, McKenzie
* McNeill, secretary; T. Praetor,
treasurer; while U. Morris will
retain his position ns mine superintendent,
The mammoth property acquired
by tliis company embraces an n
of over (1000 acres of eoal land nnd
extends for a distance of four iniles
ou each side of the ruilwny from
Blairmore. On the property are
seven wui-kulile seams of coal,
which vary frum three to thirty
feet in width, and on all of which
considerable prospecting has I.
done while the No. I vein hns I
considerable developomenl wurk
done upon il ami lins been u ship
per of first elass coal for sunn
time. The quality of the conl Eron
this property lias been proved It
be first elass for domestic, stenn
and coking purposes while the cunl
from No. 1 seam is preferred for
locomotivopurposoby the enghiet
over all other coal in thedistrict,
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
Tlie Catiuilinii Pacific Railway company control u large area of the
choicest framing and lunching lands in the Elk, Kootenny, Columbia
ami Slocan valleys iii the Kootenny ilislriet ami in the Kettle river end
Okanogan valleys in. the Boundary district. A large majority of these
lands an- readily accessible by railway,
The u-.-nri.eaie nuiuunl nf principal ami interest, uxcopl in the ense
oflnuds itnilei- t&fiu per nere, ib divid.il into ten iiistnlmeiits as shown
liy the Inlile below; lhe lirsl tu In- pan I ul the time of pureliiise. the see.
ond one year from dale i.l iitirehnse, the tliinl twu years, and su un.
Tile following lable slums lhe a unt  ul' the annual instalments uu
llin ncres nt ditl'i-n-iil prices I.r lhe above conditions;
llii)ac.nl $2.80|»*rue, Isl iusltiliiieul s iV.UII.Iloi.-iuil limtnl'tsof * 60.00
liHlne.nl    8.00 |HT II.'. Isl ilislllllllelll      V I .'.HI.'.I eqlllil iustnlTsul'      110,00
Hill a.*, at  a.fiOperue. 1st iuslnl i     SlI.IKl, 1)equal Instld'lsof    70,00
HU ue. nl I.UI pet-n,-. Isl ilislllllllelll IIS.SS. IIequal ilislld'tsot H0.00
UM) tie.nl   Lull p,-rae. 1st iiiKtiiliiiciil   lll7.«r.,tli*qualinstill'tsof    110,00
llillne.nl    .'..IMperae. Isl ilislllllllelll    1111,0.1, II IH|linlItllttll'Uol    100.00
Lumls under !*y..'iii >„■,- .-u-n- niv sold on sliorler lime.
If Inml is paid I'm* in lull nl iln time ul' puivluist*. u rod notion frum
tho price will lie allowed equal lo leu |iei-cent on tho atnoiint paid lu
excess of the usii.il .-ash iiisluliuont, luteresl at six por cunt will bo
charged un ovei-tlue iiiBtulnioulf-t,
I Thi'eunipnny is idsti inlerestiil in ihe following tuwnsites: Elko,
Crnnbrook, Kiinlu-rly. A h I ridge. Kitchener, Creston, Proctor, Nelson,,
Olerranl, Luiiioulon, Ciistlegnr, CiiBi-nde City, Qranil Eurks. Klu.lt,
dreeuwooil, Midway, Nakusp. Arrowhead, Kevelstoke, Donald mul
Kamloops, Terms uf payment are mn-third cash nml the balance iu
-is and twelve tiiuntlis. with iliteresl,
Km- further particulars applj to the following local ngonts;
W. M. Frost, (laleway. Muniann     .1. A. McC'iilhiin, Grand Furks.B.C.
I{. It. Iini.-,-. Wilmer, IV C, il. A. Reudell, Eholt, B, C.
V. Hyde Bnker, Crnnbi-ook, I'.. ('.    A. Ferguson, Greenwood, 11. 0,
J.'T, Hureess. Kitiliener. 11. C.       .1. I>. Sibbald, Revelstoke, B. O.
15. Mallandniiie. Jr., Creston, ll. C. Thomas Aln-iel. Nakusp. B, C.
II. K, Blocker. Cascade, 11. C. I'. .1. Fulton, Kmnloops, B. O.
K. 0, Elliot, Trout Luke City, B. C,
Or J. S. DENNIS, Land Commissioner for British Columbia,
at Calgary, Alberta.
Liberal Association.
The liberal association of Crnn-
broook will continue its organization. With this idea in view they
have leased the rooms in the Watt
building hsihI us committee rooms
during the campaign, and will hold
regular meetings. Programs will
be presented, including discussions
uu lhe political questions of interest tu the people of British Col-
iiiuliiu und the Dominion as a
wliule, It is the intention to uiiike
tho association a source of education mi tin- economic questions of
tin* day, uiul the interest already
manifested by tin- young men of
Crnnbrook und vicinity bespeaks
fur the association u most successful career.
Stock Quotations.
Furnished l.y Benle, -l:  Elwell,
brokers, Craubrook 11. t'.
N.irlh   Sliir  12
Sullivun        "iii
si. Eugene  .7
I'njiip  IT
tt'nr Kn-.li* I'utiiiiilnlnti..!  IJ.
I'ny   Unit  1
Allli't-irull Un.l*  t,
lliili-iill.l.l   I'll
I'n.w-H Ni'hI !'„4l jltili.un
St. Eos-inn ill. Mln...  in
ton, Oil unit I'linl Mini.. Mil  Ilfi
AllllTltl llllll lllllll'.llll-      >)*I..-,|(
Un.l CrinvH N.*sl I'nnl  7r,
Cunn.lt.tn Until Flilila lli
This is un exncl mil uf n line of
Clothing we,nre ngenln fur., nml
this liiu' ean only lie I'l.uml-in une
Btl.l'e in  Clliiiln k,   Hill,A*  Cn.'s
M, i.. i.. i ■. 111 clothing Ilmi./..
Canada's Ureal Illustrated Weekly.
Tn keeping with the progress of
very materially improved for 1004,
Numerous important changes are
in contemplation, but the leading
feature will be the introduction of
DERED PAPER. This will un-
i luni .Lilly make it the most popular weekly offered to tlie people
of the Dominion, Eor particulars
see utlviirtiBincnt in another column
uf this issue,
Subscribe fur THE HERALD
•IW a year.
St. Eugene
Mines, Ltd.
Its property is located on the St, Eugene Mountain.
It has the St. Eugene lead.
It can be bought at 10 cents per share.
It is backed by mining men, not mining fakirs.
It will increase in value.
To make money in mining buy good stock lo-v
and sell on the rise.
Beale, Hutchison & Elwell
Cranjr/rook Agents.
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
y Dealer in
(Jl Poultry, Fish and Oysters in Season.
^.M'lHiH.J-MM'HSH'H'H'l-.'t- -ffi-ffl-t
®-®-®-®-®~is-®^a-®-® -®-® ®--®-®-®-®-ia-{
New Hotel, Newly Furnished, Best of Dining
Room Service. A comfortable place to stop in the
entc r of the town.
'il' '
&}-^*>^-('l-|»-&1>V»--1S-i!H«)*-(') (SM®-«M?MsHi>-®--®--W-^>-®^
|£M2MSMS/--I»1- -i!*)~Ojj- •4>-yy--iAt--ia»- Hjy -tj>- -(^i>)-tt>-®H5H5H^*-SM2HS>-^^


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