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Cranbrook Herald Jun 22, 1899

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M MIIKI*  11
The anadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Gko. A. Cox, President. B. K. W'tlM, Oen. Mu.
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000.00.
A Oeneral Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
I. W. H. SMYTHE, M»n»~-r.
Have just received the largest
kiiiI best assorted stock of
In East Kootenay, including the famous Durham, T, & B., Old Chum, Seal of
North Carolina, and others as well known. Iu cigars and cigarettes wa have all
tbe well known brands.
Are arriving daily. In Confectionery we ire at tbe top. Try sur Preah Apple
Cider, and also our Choice California Winea.
*■■*>• • nn a®_* *>*,*>*>*,*>ttttetet a a mma-ma a— *•*»•»■*•**©
Hotel dt di
Outili Co-eilort i Sjctl.Hr
Qood SI.UI.I ll Collection
Nearest to railioad and depot.    Haa accommodations for tbe public unequalled in Cranbrook.
Ol —
:-:      Flies      :-:
Not House Files, but Fishing Flies
Flies 1
®  from the manufacturers in Toronto and New York.   We can
® satisfy thc mosl fastidious.    Reels, rods, lines, worms, froggles,   -
and everything necessary to insure a good days' fishing.
g   II Pay* ta Deal at :
Beattie's Drug Store
" Foatoffice building, Cranbrook    ®
Important, if true.
Any store news we may tell you may be relied upon as perfectly true. And it is quite
as important as it is true. TRUE IT IS,
there is no place in British Columbia that
does more to win trade than the TORONTO
CLOTHING STORE Our large and increasing trade shows the people appreciate our
efforts, our goods and our prices.
Yours for your good and our own,
Do You Wear Shoes
We have just received thc finest assortment of shoes ever
brought Into East Kootenay. We have them in Black, Tan
and Chocolate colors, and all thc latest shapes. Wc also received a very fine line of Men's Underwear for summer.
Call and examine these goods and be convinced that we
are selling them at prices lower than you ever dreamed of.
Our Motto is
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.
Cranbrook ** Fort Steele ** Wardner
Harry Brandt Shoots Mrs. Lillian Shot-
well aad Himself.
Mitchells Restaurant
Table Board, per week   -   -   $4.00
Meal Tickets      -      -      -     4.75
Opp, McFarlane's Barber Shop
She Had Been His Mistress and
They Quarrelled and Separated to Meet in Death.
A little over « year bro a quiet flirtation took place on the banks <jf Lake
Calhoun, near Minneapolis, between the
owner ol'a pleasure launch and the wife
of a small merchant. Tbe woman was
beautiful and attractive, the man intelligent and prepossessing. Last Tuesday
afternoon the story came to a sudden
and terrible termination in the parlor of
Miss Nettie McDowell'tthouse of prostitution in this city. The man committed
murder aud then suicide, and fell near
his helpless victim, the life blood of
both turning the carpet to a crimson
hue. The girl cried, "Don't, Harry, for
God'a sake, don't," but three reports
followed and she fell. A moment before
she had smiled at ber murderer, when
she fell she was writing to another,
while in her bosom she had letters from
one who was her husband, now confined
in the Ohio reformatory at Mansfield.
The fatal beauty of Mrs. Lillian Shot-
well wrought her ruin, and the mad infatuation of Harry Brandt drove bim to
the desperate deed.
The tragedy was a shock to the community and created for a time intense
excitement. Harry Brandt Imd been
living with the woman, but last Thursday they quarreled, and selling their
household good?, he left Saturday morning for Nelson. Tuesday he returned, and
when he learned tbat his assumed wife
had gone to a house of piostituliou to
live, be seemed badly overcome. About
i o'clock he went to Dickinson's barber
shop, in the Cranbrook hotel, and got
shaved, and then went direct to the
house where the woman was living. He
asked for her, and the girl told the mistress of the house not to let him in her
room, but that she would see bim in the
parlor. They sat there and conversed
In a pleasant and genial manner for several minutes, in company with two other inmates of the bouse, indulged in a
bottle of beer, but at no time were there
any words or indications of trouble.
Finally Miss Lily, as the unfortunate girl
was railed, asked for writing paper, and
Miss McDowell left the room lo get it,
Miss Cora Salisbury following ber. Returning with the paper, Miss McDowell
then left the two alone, Mr. C. Maggs
and Mr. E. Hughes, of the B. C. Furniture company, were in the room across
the hall attending to tbe laying of new
carpets, while the inmates of tbe house
were moving about, all unconscious of
the tragedy of words tbat were being enacted so near tbem, and never dreaming
of tbe tragedy of death that was to follow so soou.
Then came the pleading cry for mercy,
tike the wail of a lost soul, three reports
and silence. Those in the other rooms
rushed into the hall terrorized with fear
aud apprehension. The door of tbe
room was slowly opened and Brandt
walked into tbe hall, holding a revolver
in his left baud toward the people standing ihere. Miss McDowell cried 'Don't
shoot, Harry!" and then all of them
hurried to the rear, each prompted by
the thought ofpersoual safety. Brandt'
turned once more and looked back upon
the results of bis horrible work, and
theu opened the front door and stepped
onto the verandah, Here he paused and
throwing open his revolver, extracted
three of the empty shells, placed one or
two more cartridges in tbe cylinder and
walked back into the parlor, closing the
door. For a few seconds he stood bending over the form of the one he had so
blindly loved, and then stepping back,
placed the muzzle of thc revolver against
the left side of his head just under tbe
rim of his hat, and holding it iu place
with bis right ha.nl to make sure of the
job, pulled tbe trigger and went to meet
his God, with the two awful crimes burdening his soul.
When Mr, Magus rushed from the
house he hu r d ti th He ad offic* a: d
informed F. iv. Simpson of what- bad
taken place. They both returned to the
house as quickly as possible, and when
tbey entered the room an awful scene
was presented. The girl bad fallen
partially over, the body being slightly
twisted and her head drooping forward
ou her breast, The light dress she wore
was covered with spots, while her face
wai rendered unrecognizable by the
blood flowing from two bullet wounds,
ou in her right temple and the other
just over the right ear. The man had
stood nearly in the center of the room
when he fired tbe last shot at himself
and there were splashes of blood and
portions of brain matter on the upholstered chair at his fret. He had fallen
with hu head agaiuat the wall, near tbe
door where be entered, and was bleeding
profusely, and still clasping tbe revolver
in, hit left hand. When the two men
entered the room there Here slight
signs of life on the part of tbe girl, aud
the man soon began to breathe heavily.
The girl, however, died almost immediately after they entered. Messengers
were lent for doctors, Coronor Moffat
and Constable Morris, and as the news
spread a great crowd gathered about the
premises, Dr. Green arrived first, and
did everything possible to save the man,
being assisted later by Dr. King, but he
ixpired about « 'clo<*k tha! night at the
police station.v,r*,<-*-'* hi* hail Been taken.
The remains ol roth of tbem were taken to tlie undertaking' rooms ol the B,
C. Undertaking Co., and yesterday an
inquest was held upon Uie lemaius of
the girl, and a verdict rendered in accordance   with   the   facts  set forth,    E-
Small, J. Fisher, J. Kennedy, R. Shaw,
C. Noble and Jot* Mitchell were the jurors in ihe Inquiry.
tier Husband In Jail.
The woman, who had ufsuuied the
name of Brandt h'-re, formerly lived in
Minneapolis, and her huibnud'l name
was Shot well or Atwood. About a year
ago he was convicted of forgery in Ohio
and sentenced to the state penitentiary
for io months. She had in lier possession letters from hi*n, and the words of
love and confidence, and expressing the
hope that she would remain well ami
true to hlm. She had known Brandt,
while at Lake Calhoun, and the flirtation indulged in at that time resulted in
her coming out to Fernie to join
bim, where be was playing a piano in
a house of prostitution. Later tbey
came to Cranbrook, and lived he.e us
man and wife, be continuing his work as
a musician. After their quarrel, which
was due to jealousy aroused by his suspicions that sbe was receiving attentions
from other parties, be went to Nelson.
There he was very despondent, and once
said to a friend that be had a notion
to go to Cranbrook and take a shot at
her and himself. Later he seemed lo be
in better spirits, but he bad intimated to
one or two persons tbat he might get
even wilh tbe man who had caused the
trouble, and it is evident that he started
out of the house for that purpose, and
then changed his mind, went back nnd
took his own life. It is said that he was
a steamboat engineer and a man of intelligence and refinement. Hard luck
had drawn him west, and having natural musical ability, he drifted into llie
work of playing the piano at the ho ises.
Word was sent to friends of both parties, and the remains were interred in
the local cemetery. The man bad
euough money in his possession to defray the expense of burial, and the inmates of the bouses looked after the
burial ofthe girl.
» • * ♦-♦ ♦ a-eHf)
Last Sunday at 5:15 pm., the first
train under the uew passenger service arrived in Cranbrook from the east
promptly on time. A large crowd bad
gathered at the depot, nnd it was with
considerable intere4*' that they watched
the first regular passenger that bad run
over tbe line, come rushing into tbe
yards. The schedule provides for a stop
of ten minutes for changing engines.
After the couplings were made, the conductor cried "all aboard." and away
dashed tbe train for Kootenay Landing,
to make connections with the steamer
for Nelson and all points west. A representative of The Herald made the trip
to the Lauding, returning the next
morning, and be was greatly surprised
to flud the roadbed in such an excellent
condition condition, mid a traveler from
the east stated that there were many old
roads th t 'were rougher than this one.
Splendid time was made, and at every
station the arrival was according to tbe
The new service is going to prove a
great boon to this section of the country,
as it will bring through here all tourist
travel, either east or west, and a vast
amount of regular travel, as people generally will be anxious to see the Kootetiays. To Cranbrook, it will mean au increase in business in every way, as tbis
town is the natural point for all people
to stop who wish to visit any part of
South Bast Kootenay or the Windermere district. And, again, the people
living west of Cranbrook can come here
and return home the same day, giving
ample time for the transaction of business.
This service is a good thing iu every
way aud uow it possible to travel with as
much ease and luxury on lhe Crows Nest
Pass road, as it is on any part ofthe
main line. Tbere is no danger, und the
scenery is wild, wierd and magnificent
Railroad Notes.
Work is progressing rapidly on the
new C. P. R. boarding house, and it will
be inclosed In another week,
Dan Murphy is the engineer on tbe
regular run from Craubrook to the Lauding and be makes tbe round trip every
day. A better man for thc run could uot
be found.
J, Cardell, assistant master mechanic
ofthe western division, was in town Friday on his way from (he const.
Wi Cross, master mechanic, was in
lown Tuesday. He went west Tuesday
G. HHckson, trainmaster Of the Crows
Nest liue, hns been kept 011 the jump
since tbe new service went iuto effect,
Getting More Strict.
The provincial government is taking
mare pains to keep squatters olf of its
lauds, aud according to notices recently
put up by tbe government agent, the
land department proposes to he more
strict than ever. These notices read as
follows: "It is forbidden to have an
erection or to do any business on vacant
crown lands without a license.
Machinery for New Mill.
The machinery for Robinson St Mc-
Kenzie's new mill has arrived and is be
ing placed in position. They expect to
have everything in shape in two or three
weeks' lime.
The Herald.   $2 00 Per Yenr.
The  North  Star  Branch  Will   Be  Built
From This Town at Once.
It Makes Cranbrook the Great Distribute
ing and Commercial Center.
Mines, Railroads and Increasing Trade Gives Her the Title of
thc Metropolis of South East Kootenay, Which is
Merited and Will Be Permanent.
There Is no longer any doubt about the
building ofthe North Star branch, ami
what is mote, it will be built from Craubrook. This is authentic. Work will
be inaugurated within two or three
weeks ■ nd pushed vigorously forward to
completion. The local authorities received word from the east a few days
ago, directing them to have their plans
ready, as operations would lie commenced at ouce, and there are several
contractors ou their way here to bid 011
the work.
The settlement of this question is good
news for lhe people of Cranbrook and
Kimberley in particular, and the whole
district in general. Although there lias
been much said about this branch, aud
many opinions expressed one way or another, as to the time it vould be built
and the point it would start from, Tbe
Herald has been steadfast in its declaration that the line would be built, and
furthermore that it would be built from
Cranhrook. There was every reason ior
believing this, and no reason for believing otherwise. The only surveys that
had ever been made were made from
Cranbrook, or points within very short
distances of Cranbrook, aud the only
Hue located was lhe line located
from Cranbrook. Prejudiced persons,
who had reasons for misrepresenting the
true situution, exerted themselves to Impress people to the contrary, but tbe
facts remained nevertheless. Then
again, a line from Cranbrook to Kimberly iB much shorter than by any other
route named, and distance will count in
the construction of mountain railroads.
Now, there is no longer any reason for
argument.    The matter has been defi-
I nilely settled nnd the line will branch
off from the main line just north of lhe
townsite limit and about one mile from
the depot, and take the route located by
Engineer Richardson last fall, which
will make it about seventeen miles from
Craubrook to Kimberly.
The building of this line will prove a
great benefit to Crnnbrook. not only
during the time of construction with
this towu as the general supply point,
hut in lhe future. It places the seal ot
approval of the C. P, R, on Craubrook as
the distributing point for thc district.
nud means that the work fur the Crow's
Nest line will be done here. That, of
course, means increased pay rolls ami
constant growing prosperity for the people of this town. It also clinches the
proposition that Cranbrook is now and
will continue to be the distributing point
for all of South East Kootenay. Her location has always been an unanswerable
argument, aud every move that is made
goes to show that natural conditions are
bound to control in the building of im
portaut towns. Natural conditions have
made Nelson, they have made Vancouver, they have made Spokane, aud they
are contributing rapidly to the growth
and prosperity of Cranbrook.
There is another feature to be considered in tbe building of this branch that
is of vast importance to this whole district. It will mean a more rapid development of the North Star, Sullivan
Group, Stem Winder, and many other
rich properties iu that district, tbe re
suits of which will emphasize stronger
than ever the wonderful mineral re
sources of South East Kootenay, and do
much Jto turn capital this way for in
Everything Tends to Show Tail tbe Celebration Will be 1 Success.
The detail arrangements for the Dominion Day celebration are being carried
out in a most excellent manner. The
different committees have performed
their duties well and everything is now
in readiness for a grand celebration of
South East Kooteuay's prosperity,
presetit aud future. Great crow-Is will
be here from the east and tbe west, and
the people of Moyie, Fort Steele and
Fernie will be out in force. A special train has been secured for Fernie,
with a rate of $2.00 for the round trip.
The train will leave Fernie at 7 o'clock
in the morning, and Cranbrook at 7:30
in Ibe evening, thus giving a long day in
Cranhrook, ami yet returning in lime to
permit the ladies and children to be
home at a most seasonable hour.
Mr. John Hutchison, who is clerk of
the course, says that he hns received a
number ol entries already for the different events and that he expects to see
every card filled.
The football and baseball matches
prom'se to be ink-resting contests, and
beautiful medals will be presented to the
individual winners. It is also quite
probable that tbere will be a gun club
shoot if the necessary 0arrangements
enn be mnde.
Taken altogether, the Hut*of snort will
be a good one and every one will thoroughly enjoy tbe day, and it looks now
as if all of South East Kootenay will be
A Bridie Over the Sl. Marys.
Everyone interested in the wellfore of
tbe town should exert themselves at
ouce in securing the co operation ofthe
railroad authorities and the government
in the construction of a joint railway
and general traffic bridge across the St.
Marys river. There are a large number
of men now engaged in developing mining properties In the St, Marys country,
and mining operations of great magnitude are under way In tbe Kimberley
district. It is safe to say lhat supplies
for over 200 men have now to be carried
over roads tbat wonld he shortened fully
four miles by a bridge arross the St.
Marys river at the railway crossing aud
tbe construction of the North Star railway will enormously increase the number of persons benefitted by lhe short
Manager Cronin Says They Will Not
Pay $3.50 for tight Hours.
Work on Lake Shore to be Pushed
---Other Good Properties Will
Be Developed Shortly.
They  Held a  Meeting al Fort Steele on
Last Thursday.
R E. Beattie, of Cranbrook. and A.
B. Grace, of Fort Steele, license commissioners for tbe district of South East
Kootenay, met in regular session last
Thursday at Fort Sleele, to consider ap
plications for liquor licenses. A number
of applications were held over until a
future meeting, and licenses were issued
to the following persons:
Fort Steele—William Stewart. R. D.
Mathers, R. G. Shier, D. McNeisb and
Harry Drew.
Cranbrook—Mary Donahue and George
Moyic—Victor Desaulnier, James McCracken and Glen Campbell.
Moyelle—A. P. Bremner.
Wild Dorse—Dave Griffith.
Sheep Creek—K. J. Higbye.
Warduer—Jacob Berkman and Woodford & Rowland.
Loop—I). Mcl'hee.
Fernie—William E sell wig. W. W.Tut
tie, Stephen Wallace, Robert Duffy, II
A. Kanouse and George I.evasseur,
Elko—George Hoggarth.
Wholesale licenses were granted to
James S. Crnig and Howard & Hayes, of
Fernie, The following were held over
until the adjourned meeting on the 30th
of June: H. W. Drew, John I,. Gates
and James Carroll, Kimberley; L. Vat
Decar and Joseph Kerrigan, Cranbrook
and Al Mul/., Tracy Creek.
Fire il the Mill.
Last Friday about 2 p. 111. a spark from
the smoke stack of the Cranbrook Lumber company's mill ignited some saw
dust under the store house, and in a few
minutes the building was in flames. The
house was filled witli flour, oatmeal, bay
and oats, and as there was several hundred loaded gun shells and a few dynamite sticks, there was considerable hesitation about rushing to the rescue. After
these were exploded quitea good deal of
the property was saved, Tbe loss, now
ever, will amount to J600 or $700, 011
which there was no insurance.
Undertaking and Embalming.
The British Columbia Furniture company will do undertaking and  embalm*
Ing,   Office for lhe present at Maggs X
Moyie Leader: Last Monday, the day
the new ei^ht hour law went into effect,
most of the miners employed at the St.
Eugene mine rolled their blankets and
marched down the hill, refusing to have
their wages cut from ft, 50 to $3 per day.
tjuite a number of the men, however,
are'still employed at the mine, but are
working on the outside whete the new-
law does not affect them, or doing contract work.
"The St Eugene Miuing company had
a specified amount of work in the mint-
laid out to be done between now and thc
first of October and had $'5.no.1 set aside
with which todo it,' said Manager Cronin
a few hours after the men quit work last
Monday, "but this specified amount of
work could not be accomplished hy
working the miners only eight hours and
paying the (3 51 scale. Therefore, the
only  alternative  ts  to   close  down  tbe
'What effect will the shutting down
Ol the rulue have upon the building of
the new concentrator?" was asked.
'It will hive no material affect for the
present We will continue work for a
couple of weeks at least. Tl.en should
there tie no change in the situation we
may close that work dowu also. Il
wild be useless to expend $50,000 or
So,ooo for a concentrator, flume and
tramway and then lie idle and rot."
Mr. Cronin isof the opinion that the
eight hour law will not be a success, and
contends that the theory advanced by
so many that a miner can do as much
work in eight hours as be can in ten and
keep it up is all bosh. He says be
would much prefer lo pay a miner *j 75
for ten hours than f} for eight hours,
and believed that the miners of tbe
Kootenay? a= a whole would never 1*
satisfied to work for f *, a day at any
rate. He expressed the hope that the
obnoxious law would be repealed and
tbe former conditions restored, where
both the employer a:id the employed
were satisfied.
The St Etigeoe.
There seems to be no doubt now but
that the GooderhaHi-BiacksU-ck syndicate will uke up its option on tbe St.
Eugene property at Moyie in July. It is
staled on ^oo-l authority that an offer of
I50C.CC0 war made for tbe property and
refused, and then &u option was secured
on 60 per cent of it for fcj75.cco. If the
deal goe1* through, and this fact is virtually assured, heavy work will begin at
once. It is .he policy of this syndicate
to thoroughly develope the property and
continue to block out ore until tbe most
favorable conditions exist for shipment
and treatment, and this policy will be
adhered to in the management of the St.
A Big Copper Proposition.
The mineral location made near the
mouth of Perry creek by the late Mr.
Irving is proving an immense proposition, with great possibilities. Mr. Taylor has been pushing development work
lately and has found that the ledge is of
Immense width. A drift has been run in
on the footwal] about So feet showing
throughout quartz well mineralized with
copper sulphides aud iron. Several
shorter drifts were then run through the
slide rock with the intention of finding
the width cf the ledge, but the hanging
wall has not yet been reached and it is
evident that there is a well mineralized
ledge of over a hundred feet in width.
This property is only ten miles from
Cranbrook and will some day probably
be one 1 f the largest contributors to the
prosperity of the town.
The Lake Shore.
The deal for the Lake Shore property
at Moyie wns closed up last Monday and
the first payment made. J. C, Drewry,
representing the Canadian Gold Fields
syndicate, was iu Moyie with C. E. Est-
mere, who represented the owners. The
first payment was made. Active work
will commence ou lhe properly as soon
as ihe necessary arrangements can be
made, and a contract has been let for a
seven* drill Ingersoll-Sargeant compressor, which will be installed within 11 few
weeks. They will also erect a mill, and
push the development ofthe property as
rapidly as possible. Work still continues iu getting out ore to complete the
contract made with the smelter.
She Says He Rolled Her.
One day last week Pearl Ransom, an
inmate of one of the houses of joy in the
row, preferred a charge of theft against
Waller Turnbull, affirming that he took
$1 11 from her stocking. He had
a hearing before Justice Laidlaw and was discharged. Later
the matter was placed befo e
Magistrate J. F, Armstrong, at
Fort Steele, and TurnMill brought back
from Pemte. He had a second hearing
and was held under $500 bonds for lhe
assizes. The bond was furnished and
he was released.
Wanted—A good blacksmith.    Apply
Ht ouce to G.  L. IHIliard, Crnnbrook. CRANBROOK  HERALD
V, k si.Mi'soN, Billtor ant Manager.
TKliMS ill* St'lt-l'iaiTlON:
ihe tleraiii tlostrcs m givo tlio nowsot llio
iltstrlot. if you know any about your town
your initio or your iieojile, semi It lo this ollteo.
II. W. Drew has moved in the new
hotel aud is doing a good business.
J. M. Carroll has comp'eted his bu Id-
ing and is moving into it, The building
will have a store in oue end and on th<
ground tloor, and a hotel on the other
end aud upstairs ofthe building.
Mr. Gates iB papering and thoroughly
renovating the Kimberly hole! in expectation of the large busiuess which will
be done iu Kimberley iu the near future.
The North Star Mi ing company is
erecting a large barn and store house ou
their lots at Kimberley.
The wagon road from Kimberley down
Mark creek to the St. Marys river road
is about completed.
R. L- T. Galbraith was n visitor to
Kimberley last week and expressed him
self as being astonished at tbe progress
made iu tbe last few mouths. He expressed the opinion that Kimberley
would beyond a doubt be one of the
largest mining camps in the district.
Alex Watson is a visitor witb N. Mel
A great deal of development work is
being done in the camp.
Mr. Violet struck a great deal of pyr-
rhotite on lhe hunker Hill mineral
claim while doing assessment work.
The Mabel and Illack Hear mineral
claims owned by F. Dickman are looking up well. The vein shows (wo feet of
clean galena at a depth of ten feet.
The Kimberley Consolidated Miuing
conipany has put a force of men tu work
on their claim south of and adjoining
the North Star company's property
The claims have been surveyed by T. II
Taylor, of Windermere. A wagon road
has been cut to the property. A whim
is being put up at the shaft in order to
facilitate hoisting and work will he
pushed continuously. Considerable difficulty is experienced in securing miners
in the camp. Evidently the eight hour
law is bearing fruit in crippling the min
ing industry of British Columbia in its
infancy. Tbe North Star company as
well as the Sullivan company will not
pay more than $3 for eight hours work.
And it certainly is an injustice to people
wbo are willing to develope the mineral
resources of the country to compel them
to work eight hours when men are will
ing to* work ten hours for (3 50. It is to
be Imped that the mistake will be rectified in the near future by the legisla
111 re. Nemo.
Fernie Freo Press,
Active operations have commenced on
the erection of M. Mclnnes St Co.'s new
block on Victoria nvenne. It will be
one of the handsomest buildings in town.
Good progress has been made this
week on the new coke evens, about 40
now being well under way, and before
the end of the month the whole of the
first row of 50 will be finished.
The Le Roi smelter al Northport is
proving a good customer for the coke
ovens of the Crow'a Nest Pass Coal
company. Fifteen car loads have passed
through the customs within the last two
days, which were valued at $ 1519.
Mr. A, Joyce, of the well known firm
of Joyce Bros., went east last week as far
as Ottawa, where it is said be will join a
"Church" tbat he thinks so much of he
will bring it hack with him. That is
right, Abe, Churches of that kind nre
very welcome.
After keen competition with the American coke makers, the Crow's Nest Pass
Coal company have secured an order for
coke from the United Silver Smelter at
Great Fulls. It is alleged tbat Penusyl
vauia coke is being laid down at less
than fy a ton, which is a marvel, seeing
that it has to be hauled 3000 miles. On
the other hand it costs about $4 50 for
freight and transfers on Fernie coke a
distance of 360 miles, in addition to
duty. This points to tbe necessity of
cheaper transportation and the doing
away with transfers at Lelhbridge and
Great Falls, which not only ndd greatly
to the' cost, but cause a lot of breakage.
Last Friday Worduer was visited by a
fire that came near destroying the whole
town. It started in some uuacrountnble
way iu the kitchen of Mr. Ileattic'a house
and rapidly spread to the other rooms.
Mrs. Ileattie was scorched a little about
the head while going out, and everything
belonging to them was lost, Including
about $50 in cash. The lire then spread
lo Jim Burgess' bouse, which 1
burned, but lhey saved everything but
their goods in the dining room, amount-
ii g lo about $250, We had a baid fight
and It was only with a great struggle that
we saved the business portion of the
towu. The fire was put out several times
in the rear of lhe Central bot*l, and at
one time caught in the roof of the Royal
hotel, owned by Mr. E. Henniger, burn.
ing quite a bole iu Ibe roof.
Very fortunately, the section men
had just come in from work and,
with their efforts combined with our
own, that portion of town was saved.
Thefi?e started about 3:30 p. m., and
there was a strong wind from the north
west, which sent tbe burning embers in
a straight line for the business houses in
the town.
Where arc Your Summer Wsjes?
Yesterday was the longest dny in the
year    It is now time to commence to
save your money tn buy coal oil for the
long evenings that are coming,
The Herald
Has the best equipped office in the Kootenays.
Its facilities for turning out first=class Job
Printing are complete. Send in an order and
become convinced of the fact.
Lute nl Toronto
Contractor *** Builder
un  balmy evenings In the fall I set ba-
sliie  the door, I
An* read the Bible till It's late an' icwi sea
no more— I
Thu Psalms with their abldtn' faith, er
some sweet chapters where
God   tells   us  that   He'll not forsake no
mutter where WS ulr.
I shet ii then an" gate ahead where everything la still,
Except sunn- katydid 'at sln^s In spite er
autumn's chilli
An' whilst pumgranlts smell at though
tin- world wuh uli>ii'il in musk.
1 think an' dream an' wonder like, wrapped
In the inii'i'lur dusk.
a young
I'm eighty—"an* u child attain," thi
folks often Bay;
It   may   be   so,   fer   somehow    now
thoughts go fur uwuy,
An'   1  euti  nee uu plain us life the things
er other years—
Myself a hoy 'ut knowed not much   er
sighs, neglect un' tears;
A-rompiu' yonder In the yard, my father's
eyes on ma,
An' mother Bettln' when: I sei an" slngln1
The nmiul moon shinln' like u while mag*
mily   from Ita husk
Upon us happy oiich ut home there In the
fVt'iiln'  dusk.
An', then, again thought wunders on, an'
I'm a mun onee more,
An' see my children putterln' round, an' ln
an' oui the door-
One with his little baby curls, one with
her soft bluo eyes,
Huth brlngln' to tho world ag'in some hints
er Paradise,
An' In the hedge beside the road the mock-
in' bin! sunn sweet;
An' moths sucked eagerly thc fltrwers that
blussomei! round our feet;
An' on tha Btgllt u shuotln' star would form
u ll£,Hhlu' tusk
'At fer 11 moment pierced the sky, then
melted  lu  Uie dusk.
Filled full er thoughts er other days— twin'
useless anyhow—
Pow caro,  I s'pose, when Bod may plu^t*
death'B murk upon my brow;
llut us for me, 1 wush the change would
como  when, us of old,
The children kind er hover neur in an unbroken fold;
When high above the sliaddery fields the
slurs seem lumps thut wait
To guide the feet nlung the gloom this side
tlie golden gate;
An' while the strip'*! pumgranlts smell, an'
eurtb seems Bleeped In musk.
An' I set hire u-wonderln' like, wrapped ln
the broodln' dusk.
-Will T. Hale, hi Chicago Times-Herald.
*\\ Gnat Execution Done by  Rxuben 1
J Pcttibonc's Son. I
rpIlE peculiar success that attend
_   ed my remarkable father, Hen
ben Fettibone, as a hunter," said tbe
mun from over Sinnemuhoning way,
"was due to his niurvelous knowledge
of the anatomical structure of wild
beasts ns mueh an to his unerring skill
us a marksman,
" 'It isn't enough to know,' he used to
say, 'just where a deer's heart is locat-
i'd in the animal's body, or the exact
•pot in the interior of 11 bear where the
kidneys lie snugly ensconced, und then
to be able to sock a bullet there if you
want to be sure of your game, Not by
any means, A deer will go a mile easy
enough with a bullet in its heurt before
it will drop, and you may plug u hole
clear through a bear's kidneys, und yet
he will hump himself and get far out of
your reach in u luurel patch before he
Wads out that he is 11 goner. Vou may
get the deer, after 11 good deal of
trouble nnd suspense, but you'll never
get the hear. The safest und only prof*
I table way to hunt, to say nothing of
beiug merciful lo your beast, is to kill
your game deud where it stands or
where it runs. Thus, always sever n
ventricle of it deer's heart when you
shoot, and nil you have lo dp then is
to walk up and skin the deer. Never
skirmish around io draw bend on a
bear's kidneys. Separate the spinal
cord at the neck with your bullet, and
the bear will die iu the middle of a
breath, Everybody knows,' my re-
markuble father used to say,'that if you
shoot the head olf a pheasant as it
swoops like the wind through the
thicket, the pheasant will drop deud.
of course it will, but then see what a
shocking-looking thing the deud bird is,
with Its ragged, bloody, headless neck.
Beheading your pheasant thus is cruel.
Just ut the hasp of the bird's bill, below
the eyes, is u hunch of nerves, A sudden shock to those nerves will kill the
bird Instantly. Direct your rifle hall,
us lhe bird lakes wing, so that it will
whiz over thut bunch of nerves so close
that if It wus a hnir closer it would
break the skin. A stroke of lightning
couldn't drop thnt bird any quicker
1 lm a the concussion of that passing bullet will. Remember this, my son,' Reuben fettibone used to say, 'nnd never
waste, [lain or mtiniinix your gnme,'
"Of course you have ull heard how
my remarkable father used to bring in
his scores und scores   of    birds,    fat,
plump, and not one mutilated, but you
never knew beforo, I guess, by what
marvel he was able to do it."
"Wc didn't, hey?" said thu man hi the
red, blue, yellow, green, pink and purple Mackinaw jacket. "Well, I knmv'd
it, by guns! An' 1 kin fetch 'em in jist
the same way he done It!"
"What!" exclaimed the man from
over Slnncmahontng way. "Do you
mean to say that you can paralyze—"
"Don't mean to sny nothin' o' the
kind!" interrupted the man In the variegated jacket. "But 1 kin snare, by
"Mackinaw," suld the man from over
Hlnni-mahoning way, after a pause,
"base insinuation pomes with ill grace
from a mnn who borrows all the tobacco he chews."
This wus hard on the mnn In the many-
lined jacket. He wus just on the point
of asking (he man next to liim for a bite
olT his plug, mnl, although he wonted
the chew badly, he didn't dare give Immediate corroboration to the man from
Slnnemohonlng'a remark) so he postponed asking for the chew nnd suffered,
The man from over Slnnemahonlng way
grinned and resumed.
"'Praxiteles,' my remarkable father
used to say, 'never  waste,  pain or
mummix your gnme. Let anatomical
knowledge go hand in hand with knowing how to shoot. Then. If you keep
your powder dry, you'll tumble things
tremendous.' And I followed his advice, und I have tumbled things, I rake
It, Indeed I have, ltut of all the tumbling of things 1 ever did nothing ever
reflected more credit on my remark-
iible father than a nent bit of tumbling
I did onee down on the lower Sinnwn*-
hone. I claim no credit for it for myself. It wus neat, indeed* but far be it
from me to sny that I ever would have
thought of doing it if it hud not been
for the preoepta and example of lteuben
Pettlbone,    Never!
"Of ull the multitudinous things I
have tumbled I have seldom gone out
with vengeance In my heart to tumble
Vm- but this time I dltl. [did, Indeed,
(iood reason 1 bud for It, loo, although
I luul been more than patieut. When
the ninth sheep disappeared from my
pasture, though, 1 thought It was time
to call a hall on the bear, and 1 took
iny rlflo anil went out, vengeful and determined,  1 got on the track of the bear
about u mile down the Sinnomahonc
end followed it three miles. The stream
mude a sudden bend right there, and
as I moved cautiously around the bend
1 enme in sight of the sheep stealer,
stretched out on the bank sound asleep
a hundred yards or so ahead of me.
He wasn't in a position for me to give
him a deud shot, nnd vengeful as I was
[ could not bear to think of giving him
even u moment of suffering, I was on
the point of hollering nt him to scare
him up and show me a proper shot
when 1 happened to raise iny eyes, and
there live rods ahead lay a big buck
chewing his cud hi swept contentment,
Deer were uncommon scarce that season, und I hnd use for just such a buck
us that, so I concluded to postpone my
vengeance a moment, kill the deer and
then attend to the bear before he could
get into the brush, for I knew he would
be up und off ut tiie sound of my gun, I
was just about to run my eye over the
gun barrel und let the buck die with
the taste of his cud still iu his mouth
when whut should come strutting out
Into the open side by side but a big
cock pheasant and his ben. 1 had no
sooner seen them than ft comprehensive
Idea struck mc, and I proceeded at once
to carry it out, _, . _    ;
""flits will be the nea*est piece of
work I have ever done,' said 1 to myself.   'I wish father was here to see it.'
"I was apprehensive of only one thing,
and thnt was that the hear might wake
up before things were in proper shape.
I watched the two pheasants us they
strutted on out side by side. I was
ready to act the instant they got to the
point my nice calculation bad flxed on.
They got there at last. 1 gave a yell.
The bear woke up and sprang to his
feet, brondslde towurd me. The buck
rose like a flush at the same instant.
The birds got up neck und neck. I flred.
The beur sunk down and lay there as if
he hud resumed his nap. The two
pheasants dropped to the ground side
by side, just the same as they had got
up. The buck tumbled where he was
lying when I woke him.
" 'If you could see this, Reuben Fettibone,' suid I 'It's pleased you'd be,
I'm sure, to know what an apt pupil
I have been, indeed, and to see how
deep yonr lessons did alnk in!'
"Yes. Tlie bear's splnul cord was severed at the neck, the bullet having
plowed there just deep enough to do lt
and then gone on its way, There wasn't
a mark on the pheasants. The bullet
hud skimmed that bunch of nerves on
euch nnd shocked them to death. The
right ventricle of the deer's heart was
out in two us If it had been done with
a knife—so nice had been my—"
The man in the red, blue, pink, yellow, green nnd purple mnckinaw jacket
got out of his chair, lifted one hand
and opened his mouth an if to speak.
"Here, Mackinaw," said the man from
over Slnnemahonlng way, handing hlm
his plug of tobacco, "take u chew with
Mackinaw took tbe plug, bit off a
chew,,put the plug into his pocket and
passed out slowly, looking dazed.
The man from over Kiunemahonlng
way mused a moment and then went
homeward, grinning as if he had been
huving fun.—N. V. Sun.
Quaker Hunt-it*.'.
In the "Chronicles of uKentuckSet*
tie m twit "is given an iustuuee uf Integrity which deserves to be made historical.
It is related of three brothers who were
importing merchants In North Carolina
before the war of the revolution. They
were Quakers, us were many of the
curly colonists of that state. The Btory,
if true, goes to show- thut In this country
private honor Is too often superior to
tho public conscience. During the war
Nortli Carolina, and we believe others of
the colonics, passed un ordnance requiring citizens owing money to subjects of Great Britain to pay the amount
into- the treasury of the. state, which
thereby assumed the position of debtor
to the foreign creditor, Hareourt
Brothers owed at the time a large
amount for goods imported, nnd this
amount they paid as soon as posslbleto
the state treasurer. After the termination of the war und signing of thc treaty
of peace, the English creditors, unable
to recover the amount due them from
the state, which had been hopelessly
bankrupted by the long nnd severe
fit niggle for independence, demanded
payment from thc original debtors, as
they were allowed to do by thc terms of
the treaty of pence. The Harcourtfl,
who were honorable merchants, paid
again In full, although In so doing they
were, in their old age, left comparatively poor.—Youth's Companion.
Sweet Picklea.
Five hundred small cucumbers, three
quarts of older vinegar; add two ounces
each of cinnamon, allspice hnd cloves;
three pounds of light bro\vn,sii#ar and a
few small red poppers. Led lhe pickles
btand over night In salt water, then put
thom In the cold vinegar and lot them
come to a boll arid boil two or three
minutes. If the vinegar is ton strong,
ndd one quart of water.—N. Y. Ledger.
Bakery s s
(Satcessors lo R. S. McNeil)
We have the only brick
oven in Cranbrook now
in operation, and tkr
quality of our lireail ia
lint clksa. Will ileliver
to any part of the town.
Qlve Us a Trial Order
Promptly Attended to.
Take notice that the partnership heretofore
ex I sli iij- between us, llie umlei-il-jiieit, us liutcl
keepers at tlie towns of Wardner and ('ascude,
B. C, under tlie Una name of l-'t-kstorin & Simpson, lias 1I1I1 day beeu iHisolved by mutual consent.
The business will be continued by 0, J. Enk-
alorm, who a-Mi-iit-i all liabilities of partnersli Ip
and to whom all debts due die partnership miis*,
be paid.
Dated at Cranbroith, It. ('., March t, istw.
Witnesses C, .1. Kl'KHTORM,
O. N. Johnson. B. K. SIMPSON,
for G.J, Kekstorm,
Matt Kockeiidorf,
for V. & Sliuj son.
Paper Hangers
Modera Work,   Erilmatea Famished.
Dealer, ii Wall Paper aid MoakUoia.
. II yen Intend io paper or paint your
balldiai let no flfire oa yonr coatract
Those couten|iliitliiK building will do well to k't
oif llntin' 0:1 tlie contracts.
Cranbrook, British Columbia
...Dealers in...
Farm S Produce
Hay and Oats
On hit ml at nil limes
Call and sec us	
Van Home avenue, between
Commercial and Royal hotels
Freight and baggage hauled to
and from any part of the city.
Teaming  of   all
prompt attention.
kinds   given
Spokane Falls & Northern Ry.
Nelson & Fort Sheppard Ry
Red Mountain Ry.
The oily rail route without chllf e of cara
between Nelson and Rossland nnd
Spokane and Rossland.
I.MVO fi:'!0 a. ni.   NKJ.SON    Arrive R-.X n. in
"    UM   "    IIO.HSI.ANI .I'll   "
"      tllLH.   Hl'OKANK li.10 p. m
Train taut leaves Nelson al two a. m makes
close connections at Spulntiie for nil I'ncldc
Count jiolnts.
Passengers tot Kett'e Itiver nnd Botindary
Creak connect at Marcus with stage daily.
0, U. DIXON, 0. r. *T. A,.
Sp -kau., Wnsll.
Commercial Hotel...
Baker Street, Cranbrook, B. C.
Conducted on the European Plan
Best Wines and  Liquors at the  Bar
The Real Slock, Ihe Moil Satisfactory Prlcei, aid
PlrsKlsss  Work.      Repairing; Neatly Eucaled.
ij>*>*»*»*«« »>«•>••>->»■ >•>♦■»•»•♦
■*>♦  ->«»*»-n« ■>•♦♦♦♦•-•■
Royal hotel,
Finest Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
First Gass in Every Respect.
wu* •■*>■*>* a * a a a *>■• a a-a
•>•»■» *>»*>®
» ♦ •■♦ • • ♦ **/*>*-*-•*>-*> 9 9 st-etfj
T. A. Creighton,
The Grocer.
Have you seen his stock ?   It includes the best of everything,
fresh and up to date.
Notions, Furnishings, etc.
Fruit, Fish and Oysters.
The housewife and Ihe bachelor should deal wilh him,   It will pay them.
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
-AU,   KIN US   OI'-
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber,
5hingles and
Arrived this week at	
"The S Emporium"
...A Carload 01...
See our E. & D. Wheels,
New Raymond Sewing*
Machines always in jtjt
stock    jt    J,    jt    .*
Another Shipment ol Dry (foods,
Ladies: Blouses, Belts, Blouse j*
Sets, Skirts, Undershirts, Zyph-
ers, Dress Goods, Trimmlngsjiji
Ties, Rugs, Squares and Carpets
.Sherlock & Bremner	
California : Wine : Co.
....NELSON, B. C.
Best Brands Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention
Crows Nest Pass
$5:t?n Coal g Coke
Agent for East Kootenay.
niNINQ BROKER. Cranbrook, B. C.
Fort Steele OCCI
Brewing Co.'s    Porter
Best on Earth   .*
m wood or boiiics       Joe Mitchell, Agt.
Cranbrook, II. C.
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,        Fort Steele,
Cranbrook, Moyie. THE   HERALD.
irlt Waa Dvtilnrvd Offlvlally Uoml and
Then Driven lo Solr-ldi*.
This Is n. true story: In San Frnnotsoo
there's a Chinese secret society the lawi
nf vrhtch nro as strict and ttnohnngtng as
thou of the Minks nnd Persians,    One ol
the members of this society told somoof
its Becrots—- an offense punishable by
death, He wns to lie tried In the usual
wny before n tribunal of tho sm-iety.
Tlie iitght of tiir ordeal was fixed. The
culprit was represented by able counsel,
but the sentence wus death—as was expected. An ozooutlaner was culled from,
nn adjoining room, Ho wns a strapplug
in,.- riilimniiiii and wore quo of those hid-
emm wooden musks tlmt, urtorltles think
so beautiful,   llooarrled a double edged
SWOrd  fully live fool   loii|f.    To  tost   llie
edge liii folded a nowipapat- in i-inln parts,
add tho knife went through thoso i-iulit
thloknossos o( paper as If rt wore a bit of
butter In sumiuorttnio,
'PhD oulprlt was pul down upon his
kiiooa, nnd nnolhor Ohlnatnnn, also on his
kucoa, fnood hlin and caught tho traitor by
the ouo. He drow tho culprit's mvi- til-
ward hlm, iho Biuook was pulled over his
hlioulitiTs, and with quo mighty swing tho
iloffblo edged sword dosoontl«1    Like a
Hash It  olovotho air and   tllOll—Slopiwd
A fi-ncUpual part ur mi Inoh Mjpnmtoit tho
swQttl mun tho victim's nook, Vory, vory
gently thooxooutlonor brought tho weapon
dowu until Ibjiiifc touched the i ml tor's
nook, Then, as it is a or I mo to kill u uinu
in Mnn i.-'ranotsoo, he stopped, Ho brought
tiioswonl to his side again, turned in the
Judges and satdi
"The oulprlt Is dead."
The newly exoouted got to his feot nnd
said Bomothtng ta tho Judge. Tlio Judge
did not heed—for tho oulprlt was doad, Ho
tried to Bpoak to the Ohlunmou, who were
hurrying from the hull. Hut lm spoke to
deaf oars. To nil Intents and purposes he
was n ill in! man.
Ho mado his way into tho street nnd the
first thing that caught his eye was a liugu
pastor proclaiming to nil Chinatown tlmt
lie hnd been oxcoutcd thnt evening. No
one would speak to him, no one would
look nt him. He wns a dead man—Justus
dead us if the oxooutlonor's sword had In
reality descended.
For a whole week that man Wandered
nbout Chinatown, tho posters proclaiming
his execution staring him in the face at
overy turn. Not a crust of bread could he
lx'g. not a mouthful of water. His people
knew him ns dead—ho wns post, gone,
And eo one day he wandered up into the
American portion of San Francisco nnd
stolo a revolver from a messengor boy,
who was showing it to some companions.
Then ho ran down into Ohluntown, sat
down on tho pavement beneath one of his
own deatli notices aud blew the addled
brains out of hla poor Chinese head,*— Phil*
ndelphln Press.
Novel Sit I mill im Si-lie me.
Among tho battered flotsam ami Jetsam
thut hus accumulated In a sccumihaiid
store not a great distance from Jackson
square is a shabby round table wlih a curious secret and no doubt a still moro curious history. Tho tup wus once covered
with green hilllnrd cloth, which now in
worn io tatters nnd discloses n steel plate
set iii the center and perhaps ten inches
Tho whole top Is loose und ran bo removed, revealing an Interior space containing a horseshoe mugm-t wound with
wire nnd connected with nn armnturo
very ranch like that of nn ordinary telegraphic Instrument. A close examination
shows au Insulated wire running down
one of tho legs to a small knob or button,
protruding on tho outside. When lhe lop
is in place, the steel plate rests directly
over tho magliot, This strange device fa
explained clearly enough by its present
owner. "It is a dice table," he snid. "on
which a lot of money has been won. When
it was In order, thoro was a good sized
Imttery Inside, connected wilh tlie inamiet
When thc knob on the log was pressed, tho
current wns turned ou, nnd iimt nmde tbo
Bteol plnte mngnotlo. Tbe dice they used
With lt hud small metal disks on one face,
nnd ns lung as llio ClUTOntWnS on the?
naturally fell thnt side down. When Iho
knob wns released, they would fall nny
way they clmneed to COIltO, so nil that was
necessary for tbo oporator to downs to
keep his knee on ibe button and he could
nbsolutoly control his play. "—Now Or
leans Times-Democrat.
'lln* 1.1 in* iiml (ho Tlilef,
Lying is of nil moan tr-alta of character
tbe must despicable This is thocrying
tin of the nge—ibut lueudonot valuothoir
word, If n man steals aud ts caught, iho
world brands hlm a thiol nnd shuns him;
ho enn never outlive It: but if hollos
though it. may be proved, be Is sim re-
spoctnblo, uud if he profit by the llo he ts
esteemed especially clever and smart
Bnt tlio thief is not nenrso clangorous
to society as the llni'    We can protect our-
solves against llilofos, wo cun guard our
possessions, but tllbllnrcanponotrntothe
strongest fort COM ntul lilnsl tho most pro*
clous of our possessions Ho win go Into
■nurl and robormurdornl will. Ho can
blurt n Ufa or ruin a fbrtuuo ami ihere Is
liu redress.
lutoreourso with OHHstlans Imd given
iim lavage n tasto, among othor things
for dialectic luhtlotlos
''I (.pitiv vuur llle." ho Mihl to the cap
"Thank yon, ' tho captive replied, not
forgottlug his manners.
"So you owe mn jmir life, don't yoilF'
oskotl tbe Hivngn,
"iih, yes!" Willi thooaptlvo.
"Well, then, if 1 tnko your life, t won't
be steal lug, will If" exclaimed ibe mvngo
H wns olwir this lientghteil person took
a truly civilised ibllgbt in bunkoing hts
ethical wuii bll It Ion for the bcuofit of bis
jmari's l,ii)«it lor sain i-s-rcrywlicra,
\ i.nii jt-r'** lliarv Tongne,
H. Teiic 1,1 e Wnllls, for mnny years (bo
leader of the Mniylaiiil bar, wns Holed fot*
his wil and sharp tollgllO, Ou one ocea
bluii ll was reiuarked in bim that a certain
law llrm, Riispoctod nf not being altogether
reputable, had a tine praotlco. "Vos,1
Bald Wnllls, "tbeir prnotlco Is bettor than
their practices."
of n well known Judge whoso opinions
woro generally characterised by a great
vacillation nml Indecision of mlml he ome
wibl. "Judge  I).  Is certain of only one
ihing in a case nnd that Is that there is a
doubt lu It."
Oysters nnd dams nro abundant along
the gulf of California, but thoy are inferior lu si/e and quality to thoso sold lu
tho eastern markots, and tho eost of let
makes them valueless for export.
A NOW VouelnliH*.
"What's the mutter. Tommy?'
"Got tho lummy ache.'
"How did you get UT'
" 'Spec's it wns the collcflower I had
fur dinner. "—Pick Mo Up
what Slit* Naturally Inferred.
"Wo never quarrel," said tho young
"Which nf you te it thnt hns no
spiri! V" n-keit tlio inntrnti of maimer
The real liaino of Miss Maude Adams,
tbe gifted actress, Is Mamie KlsUddcu.
Paul's beauty Is said to have departed,
a-a result of too much time, paint and
Harvard's representative to the nest iri-
ennlnl congress of orientalists, io be held
in tho University of Rome in October
will bo a woman, Miss Zella Nuttall
Muie. Rostand, thovrlfe of the author
of "Cyrano do Bergernc," is ono of the
most refined women in Paris, ami It is
Whispered that many of her gems of diction appear in her huslnud's writings.
Mrs. Hindu OUI law of Morebcad, Ky..
has been adjudged Insane by Judge Nickel
and sent to tho asylum nt Lexington
Mrs. Gilliam  became Insane from  the
effects of a bite from a poisonous snake.
Miss Helen Sargent is president of llio
.' rt Workers' 01 ub Tor Women, a new nr
gnntsatlou formed lu New Vork to im
prove tho social status of tho artist's
model, to give to the model at. leusi u pur
(Ion of lhe honor gained by lhe picture
Queen Victoria has conferred thedeco
ration or tbo Imperial Order of tho Drown
uf India upou Lady Ourson, wlfo of ihu
viceroy and governor general nf  India
Lady Ourson was  Miss  Mary Victoria
Loltor, daughter of 1,. '/,. Keller of Wail)
Mrs. Dlmit, mother of "tlie bishop of
Mull, died reei-nll vat the age of UTJ i years
sim cotobrated the jubilee ..f Ring Ooorga
ill wiib her great -grandmother, who was
burn In Qlteon   Anne's  reign     Tbeir Um
lives spanned noarly thowholo or the elgli
leciith antl nluotoonln centuries.
Mine. Oandollirla, who died at Sun An
tOlllo, ToX,, the  oilier liny, at tliu  age ul
] IH, crossed tho enemy's lines aud entered
the Alamo during Its memorable elegit
when she noted as u nurse, seeing (he
death of James Howie and Davy Crockett
Tho stato  leglslatum  gavo lier u pension
uf $79 a year.
Mine, do Fovrler, a sister-in-law of the
French General do b'evrler who i-ccontly
resigned tlie gruud chancellorship of ihu
Legimi of Honor, was murdered recently
by a inalo servant Sho was 83 years of
ago anil hnd mnde a will leaving her servant 400,000francs nud making him oxocu
tor of her estate,
Mrs..J. A. Nelson of Huiloy, Ida., went
to Iho Klondike last spring und opened
bakery, which, it Isenld, pays hern profit
of -jiMi to $100 a day. Bho bought a claim
which Is paying well. Mrs. Nelson is an
energetic yomnn who emigrated to Idaho
ten yeurs ago, married and has helped ber
husband develop miniug property there
When tho sword nnd pen join forces, as
in General King'-** case, success is Inevitable,—Boston Globe,
Willinm Nail was recently married in
Cincinnati. Happy man. No womnn can
drive a nail.—Chicago News
Gouoral Harrison Gray Otis, though
only an editor, lights as woll as a special
correspondent.—Topeka Journal.
It is to bu noticed thnt in ull of Spain's
troubles Don Carlos hns not boon able to
make progress beyond a binIV.—Cincinnati
Tho silcnco of Polygnmist Huberts Indicates thnt, In somo respects, hu would
make a superior sort of congressman.—
Kansas City Journal.
Id Hung Chang is reported to be suffering from a swelling of the lower limbs
Chung will yet end up on the stage.—
Minneapolis .Journal.
Mr. Theodore Hnvemeyer has earned $4
as a juror. Uo must fej-1 like a mun who
has found a stray ttimo in his pocket or
obtained a pass to a theater,—Baltimore
Lillian Russell must feel moro or less
embarrassed, playing around tho country
and never knowing but that one of her
stophusbauds is in  tbu audience. — st
Paid Dispatch,
The Princo of Wales never has anything
moro thnn tea, toast and one egg for
breakfast. And yet busybodles sometimes
wonder how iho British peoplo enn afford
to support liim.
The poorer tho piano player the louder
ihe ploys,
Evory community has customs of Its
own that would not bo tolerated in other
Tho only time a man remembers ihat
he has any Complexion Ot all Is when bu
kclooti a new tio.
When the man a woman refused to mar
ry gels rich, she Is In a position to talk
about tho Irony of fate.
lt takes a woman as bmg to select a seat
nl (he theater as It docs for the average
man (o pick nut a uuw suit of clothes.
Have you never noticed how tlio people
(lnurlsh whom you dislike nud whal troubles overtake thoso of whom you are rond)
It Is rarely the enso thai n mnn can light
a cigar and his wile not get a took In ber
luce as If sho saw 10 vents thrown iuto tho
Tho worst enemies havo formerly been
friends, ns a rule, and onu is pretty apt to
iny of tbo other, "1 am thu bcsl I'rlend hu
ever had.'
Somehow ment never tastes right whon
K doctor fills at lhe head of tbo table and
lines thu curving ll Is Ion suggest ive of
lUrglcal opeiallolis — Alehlsoii lilobu.
Don't send tot a pbvslclnn If yon nre
I.on't eat pin with your lingers Rat it
wiih your mouth
Don't neglect your family tn order to
posn ns a publio benefactor
Don't sit down aud wait for a good j..b
to como along and hunt you up
Dou't talk Ino freely when yon don't
kllOW what you are talking about
Don't quarrel, but If y ist aunrrol
don't quarrel with your bread und bntter
Don't ihlnk ull n tun tour ittiotogrnphors
am pessimists   bcOauso   thoy   laku   |nxir
views of life
Don't neglect, to keep your shoes polished    Vou can alwriys shino at one end if
yon can't at the olhrr.—Chicago News.
Mclbn, when sho works full time, earns
$160,000 n year
Sarah Bernhardt, who, by tho way
grows younger every season, earns on an
average $00,000 a year
Itosa Bonhour makes n grant deal of
money This famous artist has sold one
year's paintings for $200,000
Pattl hns mado as inuoli ns $:i"i0,00O in
a single yenr, though at tho present tfiKP,
It Is said, she does not trouble to mul-*
mure thnn $J0,000.
Wllftll lliill* Sung,
Wlwn Hull?. Hung uf ruses
Aad tmlbnls Iiiiij* une.
Bid notes bren.tli.-il blttis mora luvlik
Thnn modurn poets know.
Oh, yes, fur ln all gardens
Thu roSOS* hluiiilishini nt
Whs frcu to every bnril, but now
ihey tultii Ute lust red cant.
A77 Kli-urkuiirm- Street- Toronto,
Tka BlMinlai Iut. of Twa Kaslaa Wltleb
Umi   Killed   -•••   a   » allfarnla
1'.- n"i'i»   Liu*.
In The Kl-Htrlcu.1   Review   appears   uu
article describing how two eagles which
alighted on an electric transmission line
in California  caused   their   own   demist;
and a short, circuit on the line. The illustration herewith, taken from The Journal
of Electricity of Snn Francisco, shows
what was left of the eoglos after the accident. Our contemporary states thnt the
genera I ing plain of tin- Sun Joaquin
Rlectric  Company of Fresno, Cub. was
one day   pumping   ItUHH!   volts serenely
into the transmission line, when sudden
k ono of ibe el rou Its developed n dead
-hurt circuit, with the almosl Instantaneous open-circuiting nnd grounding of the
two legs of the .in nit whleh were on the
upper cross am
riiptcd    the   service   in    Fresno   nud   the
ground thus thrown on was su severe
thai it became Impossible to burn it out.
After ii few minutes' delay the service
wns resumed over the second transmission
line, which had remained uninjured.
Linemen were sent out at onco io ascertain tho cause of the trouble nnd ropnlr
the broken circuit, nnd, after having gone
over nearly ill) miles of line. Ihey renchet)
n. mountain top, nbout live miles from
the power house, whero the brook wns
discovered. As to the cause of it. there
wero found the scant relics of two gray-
eagles, consisting merely of one skull
nml four feel and parts oi' legs. Two of
tbu talons wore clutched tightly to the
line wires in llteml realization of the grip
uf death, while tho remaining two foot
and parts of legs wero free from the
marks of roasting, or rather from the
burning to a orlsp, that ehuvncterlzed the
foot that clutched the wires, ifotn vestige
of the budies or feathers of either bird,
nor of the head of one of thom, could be
found; In fuel, the only remains were
those .shown lu the illustration. Another
Interesting specimen was found, however, which shows tho terrific bent of the
electric are. The mil along the pole line
at tho pluee Indicated consists of pure
granitic sand, which, wherever the wire
touched the ground, hud become melted
into glass, and oven a pleco of quartz had
boon fused nnd run in together wilh the
giuss. This Is well shown In the specimen presented in the illustration.'
The olrcunistaneo of the accident sug
gests a theory lm- it, usuvldontly the two
eagles alighted on different legs of the
three-phase circuit within dose proximity
to each other: that they actually came
into coninci, nml, in su doing, formed a
short circuit, which nor only Incinerated
the eagles, hut threw ihe wires Into shu
circuit and burned them aft.
tia- Wasn't Belttalii I'ltii-i'. if liter
only Knew It-
He was nn Inoffensive youth nml the
grip had itft hi ui with weak legs and a
rheumatic foot When he got in tlie
Euclid carat the square, he was glad '
to take the only Beat th.it was lefl ■*
Was the end sent next tli** renr door
When the cat reached Sheriff street, n
lot of women swarmed aboard. Ordi-
uuiilv the youth would hnve jumped to
his feet anil proffered his seat, bnt this
time he simply didn73eel able to do it
Tlie W' men   crowded   nbullt   him so
closely that he soon had a smothering
sensation This wns heightened l.y the
fact that one of them nsed a good deal
too much of a very assertive perfume.
One of tho women stood in front of
him and lie was in coustnnt agony lor
fear she might step on bis In ine foot
Another woman had a long panel
wrapped in very rttff fiapev and every
time she  swayed ubout Ibe end of   the
parcel scratched his fnee Still another
woman leaned against him bo heavily
thnt In order to avoid her as much as
possible ho bent over nt an angle that
■.■ave bis nei'i; excruciating pain Another womau insisted mi putting her
hand on the top of his hat every time
the car gave a jerk This forced the
hut down lo bis ears, and he didn't
have room enough to lilt his huml und
raise il np
When he reached his cross street, he
felt like an curly Christian martyr, and
tu.udd to his discomfort he heard tlm
woman who luul been standing on Ute
feet reniiirk totbo woinaii wlio had been
scratching hts face us he painfully
pulled himself through the crowd.
"Selfish brutet"—Cleveland Plain
Ue.'t'iiily  Iiith-UhiI  lulu tliu Onlor of the
Knlghti nr st. Patrick,
Thu Earl of l.ucaii. who was rocontly
invested with knightho.nl in the Order of
the Knights nf Si. Patrick tu fill ihe
vacancy loft by tho death of the Karl ol
Cnledon, is a descendant of Sir Ralph de
Bingham (the curl's nnme is George
Bingham), whose brother was made
bishop .»f Salisbury in 1*J30. Tho uthei
titles nnd honors of the new knight arc
Baron  l.ucnn of Castlelmr,   Baronet oi
Nova Sootln, late c
of the Coldstream i
Legion nf Honor um
ClassMojldle. Thoa
iu the House of Com
1874. Hi** father wai
was the lomuiuiider
ilon in thu Crimean
puign  Sir George
camp tO Ibe gelleml
of the raprosentntl
The earl Is lilt years
his father as fourth
he married Lady
youngest daughter
Richmond,   lie hni
daughter, all living.
pt-iiu und Lieutenant
un ids, Knight  of the
Knight of tho Fifth
ri represented Mayo
minus from ISll.j'to
i the third carl mul
of tho cavalry divi-
wai* In tlmt nun-
acted as an aide de-
At present he Is miu
■■<• peel's for Inland.
old.   Hii succeeded
cnrl iu 1888, In ISM)
Cecelia     Catherine.
of tb»  ilfth Dtikoof
i  six   sons aud  one
A Truly •Umlili'iiii.c Itlilfl.
For an hour uml a quarter n> mine
engineer nenr Bourne, Ore, was Whirled
around with the fly wheel. Into which
he Imd fnlli-n, hut when he reoovorod
consciousness nftor tho wheel was stopped
it was fuund that hu was nut seriously
hurt. The wheel was a 80-foot one and
was making 196 revolutions a minute.
I lover* ii Hiniiil $i-o|ia.
The Ksoitrlal Palace iu Spain contains
a cathedral, a nfcnnstory with 200 cells,
two colleges, three chapter houses, throo
libraries und nearly 8,000 other rooms.
D'li'liii'i Suit ut 'I'lltill- Fea«.
In France thu doctor's claim on the
•istiite of a deceased patient busprecedeuo-
of ull others,
dot on lln* MM ml Bide ol Hlm.
••1 am Informed by my bailiff," said
the rural justice, "that thiscuse, which
I've been n-setlin on ier ten days, coluo
Sunday, haa been appealed ter tho supreme court —utter 1 hud done settled
the whole thing in my mind This is
uuthln more ner less than contempt o'
my court, which is a reckernized court
o' the state, but the miserable jack leg
o' a lawyei that appealed it done so
whilst I was asleep on tiie back piazza,
nn then took n train nn got out o' lown
'fore 1 could git a lick at him. Only
ter that I'd ha'mauled him ter a jelly I'
— Atlanta Constitution
*Mxr   \k&/
ISLtrtU/ iltuXarsXstJ Atrtffc *tr*
4hSK\-  04LAO
e%i-4AtJa~ij, enn\M/ eyf
MnstnolivM *».' Not!
At a recent m ootlng of olub women 11
was decided thai mustaches uro belter than
clean shaved upper lips—
"Except for wallers."
"Andactors; they havo to makoso many
"And foot hall or rowing moil, because
lt looks athletic"
"Aud young poels, bcenuso It looks do-
cudent uud UiKli'-slcclu."
"And any onoeUo who looks bettor without."
O. C Richards A Co.
Dear Sirs,—For some years 1 hine i
bad only partial use of my nnu, caused |
by u sudden strain.     1 have used every
remedy without effect, until 1 got a j
sample Lottie of MINARD'S UM i
MENT. The benefit I received from jt '
caused me lo cotiliuue itc use, uud now
I am happy to Bay my nun is complete !
iv restored. ll W HARRISON.
Glninis, um.
imiptoms and duration of defect. How Ii u-uerul
ill-'mu vision tr-od In eacheyel At «h.it tinu-uf
rou t!r?t iii'.-.".',t-  mir mjTertuti ■-■ nrieosdefy rom*
Hold ■ 53: <..,M Plii-.'l •«•.'.:,;: Nilk>-l.*l..Vi- ThftM
f • .'. ■ I'lhtng; .ill s ibds -nwrtuittcd h- sdvertusd.
il  • ■! -■.!■ 11 ir.nii-  itriuRhttfiiipb-or araandear
!,U*  ]:.
■ l"1
UPflOKl    40*   MAIN   sHtl.il.
I']iikII>' l.iienm-il.
Johnson walked down the street currying his mangled bicycle
"Vnu are milking a decidedly old
fasbii ncd vt'hiclo of yourself," en id
"What vehicle?'
"A wheel licnrer. of course "—Clevo-
Inml Plain Dealer
M*. Iill.lt or I'n I ii (Ing.
"She is very umhitlous und hus sublime ennfldencu iu |lgr genius nnd ability She says she expects to tuke a prize
at the next exhibition of paintings. '*
"Ah! lier entry. 1 snmioso will be
her complexion
IIiihIi fllrl,
"liewnre. Flomucol Hownvol" warn*
ingly exchiimed the mother "Von are
playing with tire!"
"Aud coal (in a ton!" cried the father in nn uwf'dricl;en voico.—New
Vork Journal
Tin- tttyntnry.
Promoter (at the end of the glowing
description nf his new scheme)—There'a
millions iu it!
Cautious Investor—And still ymi
want my paltry $A0OI—SomervHU)
The winners of thn tewing innnhluo.-* In
tin* Boynl Crown Sooti Co's. competition
for the week ending April 15th aru as follows: Winnipeg, Mrs. johnrou, '.'ui Fountain St ; Manitoba. Mrs. Bray, Lofloeb;
North West 'IVrrllories, Miss II. J.
Wrtghton, Wopella. The Itoyal Crown
riouji Uo. will continue this competition,
giving away three imiohlnes euch Monday
until further notice. .
Vinard's Liniment Beliera JienroWa,
VlHlnlta  tl 1,1  I I li   HritUHht   l„
i',<- u lillu llitlrvil Mmi.
IN- su ii, liis in a iii lln olilolumh
Tin-lull,!., liu lilies mul llm lirlnlitiiiT.lv
"f tilt' )'l KWOIIWI! Iiirant littlo to hlm   !
Il,, linwiil his wltitL'tlrtl lii'iul ii|hiii tlm
mil In front ill liim    I'lii' bliick stunk unit
lllll rolllllB cnllur -"'innl -imni-Jy mil ol I
keppliiH witli tin' uiiii r llio ritsltloiinbl;
ili'1'...i'il men mul women who -ur about
him   Ilu Ix'l.intii'il in tlie, ,lii >i'luml, i» we
wiy of n iiiiin vvliu dm s not luivo Ills coat
mi Iii eonforinltv lo tliu Hlylos uf this di,v .
nml,..,■ihtuI Inn
lie sut In lhe su Idaliunih, down nol
I'm' ii Peoiinil aveiiite, to tlio bnntlfllnnl
[.mi ul' wlili'li lie luul been token In thoso
iluys wlieu upper lliMiiilwuy wns n country
mini itw-iis lii'i-e Unit lie luul ant mill
Imikeil ovor Uie prayer book ut the Klrl in
the poke  lmiiiih      rilto   never knew it, ol
eoill'se, for she wus R li-elolls Of llll else
OXCopt the voire in,ill tho pulpit. Porltaps
if she hull heeli he might hnve l-.lil ll ilif.
ferelit stnry
llo lived the ohl days over again. lie
sow himself when he wns young ami
strong slantllng al thu alianool lu brass
hlllliilletl eiiilt Waiting for her. lie eolllil
see  lier uuw coming  up tlie lilsle loaning
upon Itor ftulior's arm 'l'lturo woro the
brlilusmalils nml lhe Ushers.   The s uf
lllll Weilillllg liiilivh lllleil lite.il.l I'liilli'li
'iho present liuleil from his view. Tlio
Stuart lioiiiieleil young women mill the
young  lui'ii   in   llie frock  coats were In,
more.   Uu saw the liopnolsot II hlen
tiuie, tlie gnen umi boggyenuisof another
liny. Tho ivorils oi the iiiinlstiir, lhe
wiiispureii "I ilu," canto lu I,im again
The in.ni evil.> siooil iintler llio sounding
board wns preaching an elmiuonf sonttoit
Tliu giinllciiiii ' the ohl - -limit Innl no
word ol it nil
Thru Ihere eiiine  In I,llll the lueiUnl'V nl
iiiinll dny   Tlio old Inline wns -till, nml
women  lu  ml it black slipped soil I,
ul t tho darkened room,   Mr mum! th,
leaves ol t he old prayer hook lu his huml,
lllltll llie pages opened ut u llniver. pressed
nml withered, yellowed by llio ve.in II.
touched It gcttllv mid eloswl'llic bonk
"ll Will lliil lio long." In: suld- "il will
not lm loin; "
P epublic Mining Stocks.
i Invite tiie Intending purt
h eoity i>r im  recent  i>ni
'I liis Is n lllile elliii'l uf   mill.' .1
ttratu in Hi-- nor III,   i h ueiitloiml
-uililli', nml I cull |m-l nut  .'ini'iiii i   mn
■ un recninmenil l.inie I'liie, huiii- uml Hnitoii, l-rlacw* Haoil, Kelndwr uml Juiut-u.
K.'iAltTI.V I'AUKI.Ii, Mltihix iin.k.i. i: Adelaide St. i:.. Toronto.
;." nMi.':7i "Republic Mining Camp"
iv I tit >f the rlehesl rold*pi*oducl»j
tiit.n mi il iu l<> |ii»t.'r<-« ■>< evetttl nt Hr-
Can yon alfnMi to lie n-lllioul il Soto
wlit-n yuu can |*ft nut from
fi ."..im up,
WATT    Oc.    ALBERT,
lii-iiiirnl As",.liis,
1'. o. Ilox .".su.   Winnipeg, .Mun.
Importers or Groceriei
Write us. iiHi.iiitiiii.o.it,
Circle ivno
1..S.4' 11.4 «.n.i
\»H,Si U.KxIra
L.8.A It.Upleci
Can't Get Away
Hill lAltl*  AND  POOt TABIDS,
Large eatalagua fr*-**.
THK RB1D BROS., tn King Wert,'Xorwt*
Gcuornl InsurauoQ Affont
tint  Coutnauil« Keprt-tenled i
Quebec Fire Assurance Co.
Royal Insuiance Co.
Sun  Insurance Office
Union Auurancfl Society
-My i
s d Insi
Buy ana un tbem and
yon will be delighted
witb results. It not
MaiftHmoney refund-
MAHITOBA DEPOT. 112 Princes* St., Wla-alpec
Ask your dealer fnr GRAND JEWELS.
Ami vim cmi't Clet Away from
itm FACT that
!■ What Voit OUGHT tome BKCACSR n(
2B   CENTS   PER   LB.   CAN.
eterj Uanlrlpalttj tn the Prorloee nf
llanh <>i Hamilton Hulldfns
iii <■■ in .. mtmmmt—w———m—mmmrm*9—i
ttUtntettoa hi "*li«rilian<t. tlonk-krep-
iii-,-. Aritliiucili*. VTlillng ]'>i'ii.t»* Cor>
it,pomU:ire. I'runrt.f al orAiu-mar, Commercial tun, l-i< . Kiien ot home. If you
cjit:. *. -iff nttbe •:*..-- ■ mtmvy to attend a
n-tjiUr' .1 -.* ' ; r -.->•• '. i ibrdatieaof life,
way watte yoai tr.-?n;njrs when ihoroLi/h in-
ttnactlon can be givin yon l'j* null. Fun i-ar-
:icn!-.rion aiP'.'lcatt'H.
Addren O. w. DONALD. Bee"y, ^iinil-
iit-j: School »f Comepondeoee. Afflll*-.ie*l
with Winnipeg Bnalneu Coiie*-e, ivinul-
|>tg, Man.
t .irriam-..   «Ji.-,.n*.  I'ti-.-i--.  *A hidinllU,
At.  COOKSBDTT VLOXT CO., Wlnnlpctf.
v. N*   I'.   SIT
Hinarfl's Liniueiil Cures Danili'iiif,
--X The Steele, Briggs Seed Co.'s
Enormous annual tratlc in   Farm and  Garden   Seeds has  been attained by z's years ol constant vigilance and care, ard in supplying
merchant j and growers wiih the very highest standard of quality
that can be procured,   anil  at   most   favorable pricesGOoaUteot with
"Good Seeds," which is the firsl cstentia! ter a coed crop
-        Among our many introductions of merit
Short White
« properlr eallnl "Lltllo
Sl-tilulll   t-icerils nix.
rhc^. in  Ir-ngih, ind lui
«**n in meaiuto iwenti
mhe-, hi clrcumlennce;
nearly om fourth om ol
with a Mtui-i-. h*tillv ii-b
r,   l-iji.n: K   fvunljr li- *
1 bo ¥
Tin .  1.1 i- iu!r green
.ground, mid ti l;l„
iiluir   unlet    j-toiir.it:
di Klilie,ulld.i*Aeei and
minim,*.    I'nitit cuiiil
Ion hu ylolileifon-j
id binhelipericni,
. . As an
Exhibition Prize Winner
it is the Peer
li Ihe ...
World's Champion
Because it is the Surest Cropper
The Heaviest Yicldcr
Easiest Marvoted
The Handsomest Shaped Roots
And the Very Best Field Carrot
in existence
Price (post-paid) [ier lb„ 4*,c ; j lb, ajc ;
j- lb . 13c.; ot., 10c.
PLEASE NOTE.—As a safe-Riiard 10 growers, wa supply lhe genuine "Improved Short White" Carrot in sealed packages only, printed In colon
and bearing cur name und trade mark as shown in the illustration. If your
resident merchant cannot supply yon, write to ns for it Refuse imitations
of our packages and varieties said to be "just as good "
Danish White Oats
A remarkably heavy-yielding variety, produces .slrong. still straw. large,
plump, heavy, bright grain with thin bull, and adapted to a great diversity
of soils; withstand!* stormy weather without ]■-1.;:•::,- or shelling.
AA   Price hy mail (past-paid) [ier Ih , :5c ; 4  lbs. for 50c , or by freight
•Jgyor express (purchaser pay ing carriage) reck 2«, | bush, 80c.; lobush.
,_ lots or over, '/;>c per bush   I'ollon bags, holding 2x\ btirdi., at 15c each
Write for our  Catalogue,  0
and best I ield and (ianlrn
;  and   price
PIpaM men
of thc newest
ion this pajier.
"Canada's Greatest Seed House"
Limited \ys**\**********m*mm-a-.m*-Ama\A.
I     LOCAL   NOTHS      \
Picked  Up About Hie City   hy  Asking
Questions ot Many  People,
Fresh laid eggs at McComiell's.
Dr. Green wenl to I'ernie Wednesday.
R. E Beattie visited Moyie Monday
T. O. Proctor, of Nelson, wns 111 lown
tbis week.
Win. Cariin catue over from Steele
O. II. Miner and wife visited Moyie
James Laronde, of Moyie, visited Cum
brook yesterday.
Government Engineer Fellows was in
hold biilldiugnud e>
r In
i iii n 1c
■ l Uoon
pect lo
:• direct from
ave   yourself
W, Uuk.
oyle Leader,
i the limited,
town Wednesday.
George Geary, of Port ."Steele, was in
towu Wednesday.
a. I'. Bremner the Moyelle hotel mnn,
was in town this week,
II. J. Moorebouse, the Nelson powder
man, wus in town this week.
TomWellinaiinndM. Medhurstteturn-
ed from Dunciin Cily lust Tuesday
Sam Morrow ciiine over from Fort
Steele Sunday to see a passenger train.
Samuel Sneers, ofTornnto, is* in town
visiting wiih his liiend Mr. Moneylawa,
James Cronin, manager of ihe St. Eugene mine, was In town Saturday and Sun
Charles Kstmere, the Kimberley lown'
site agent, was in town Monday and
Harry   Hrown   came down  from
North Slur mine Tuesday for a brief \
in tiie town.
Mrs, J. Fink will leave the hitler part
of the week lur Alnsworth win re sli
will visit with frieuls.
j. Forest cotue**up from Wnrdner laat
evening lu shake hands with his numerous friends in this city.
Jack Weller, the well known bridge
builder, passed through the city Wedues
day on his way to Winnipeg.
Messrs. J. W. II. Smythe nnd Dr. Cur-
son and Mrs. Keay and Miss Maud Keay
visited Fort Steele Saturday.
Notice has been given to the effect
that there will beasession of the county
court at Fort Steele ou June 27.
Clinton Campbell, formerly st ire-
keeper ou the Crows Nest Pass line, is
building an hotel at Dllticau City.
Dr. J. F. Reddy, who is interested in the
Moyie and Kimberley townsites. or rather was Interested, was in town Monday,
Bananas and cream at McComiell's.
Mrs. Harry McVittie ami daughter
have joined Mr. MeVillie In Port Steele,
and will make their home there liete-
N. N. Smith, proprietor of the Smith
system of eating houses on the Crows
Nest line, has been iu town several days
this week,
Junius Ryan returned from Calgary
11st evening, nnd although be bad been
absent only u few days, eveijhody was
glad to see him.
Richard A. Eraser and Mrs. John Shea
of Fort Sleele. weie married at Fort
Sleele last Thursday evening. Rev. J. P.
Duncan officiating.
Mrs. W. ti. Phelps nrrived Monday
morning from Cripple Creek, Col., nnd
will Spend the summer wilh ber daughter
Mrs, F. IC. Simpson.
Icecream, the finest, nt McCoutiell'fl.
A meeting of the provisional ditcclors
of the Kootenay K Algontt Gold Mining
company, limited, will be held at the
ollice of McViltie -S: Hutchison Saturday evening at 9 o'clock sharp,
K, J. Htghye, hitter known as "Jumbo," one ofthe most successful prospectors iu the district, has opened au hotel
at Sheep Cieek crossing on the Windermere road. The patrons of his house
will get the best iu lhe laud.
Rev. Tanner, of the Presbyterian
church, had his shack ut Moyie entered
by burglars and several articles of value
taken. A tnun who would steal clothing
from it poor theological slink-lit would
open graves lo get nails out of coffins.
Theie is n big bargain ill John Willis1
restaurant. It is one of the best locations in the city, being opposite the depot on Durlck avenue, aud is doing a
line business. If a man wants a good
investment he should see Mr. Willis.
Rev, George E, Smith, ol Hamilton,
Unt., has been assigned to this district
by lhe Methodist conference, ntul has
Fort Steele nnd Cranbiook Under his
charge, He will use the Presbyterian
chinch for the present.
The Western Canada Press association
is out on a jaunt, and will reach Cranhrook about the 271b on their reltirn
home. Some action should he t.tkeu to
meet the party and Invite the members
lo stop long enough io see the beauties
of Cranbrook.
Mr. and Mrs, Eyre, of the North Sim
Bakery, are ngain in business in their
new location just smith of tbe poBtofllce,
Thev hnve made a reputation in Cranbrook for the excellence of iheir bread,
and lhey are always hound lo ei |oy a
good patronage.
Constable Morris has returned from n
brief vacation at bis home in Trail,
While enroute fron: Kooleuav I.andinu
to Craubrook he fell asleep aud awoke
to find a man with his hands iu his
pockets. Fortunately lie had spent his
money and therefore lost nothing. The
man escnped.
Strawberries nnd cream at McCon-
M. Mclnnes returned from Calgary
Inst evening. The funeral of hts £011
Arrhie was held at the Presbyterian
church in that cily Insl Friday afternoon.
Rev. J. C. Hurdinaii officiating. Tbere
wan a very large attendance of friends
and acquaintances of the family, Mrs.
Mr-Iunes and thc* children will remain in
Calgary for the present.
Messrf. Medhurst and Tom Wellmnn
returned   from    Duncan   City   Monday j I
night.    They report business booming in ' I
thnt new lown, nnd sny thai Hnny Dun-   I
bar  is   flourishing   in   hte   new   hotel I i
Buy youi Sash
thc   mnnulacturer,   and  s
money. T.
ti liloi Smyth, ol ihe M
c.mu-111 Mond iv morning0
Mr, Smyth is feeling pretty good over
lhe revival ol business in Moyie, and the
recognition of that town by the railway
company Ile says that he thinks it is
only a question of a very shott Unit Ik-
'ore a station will he built al lhat lown.
Get   your Screen Doors and  Sash  nt
ihe lactory. T. \V, I.ensk.
I,a-t S.iluiday a baby boy was born tj
-\lt,    .it:,l    Mrs.    G.    D.   Gougeou,    and
mother and baby are hoth doing well.
The baby weighed eight and three-
fourth pounds, and wheu the weight was
milt unce.l the father lipped lhe beam
,t about 300 pounds. For two nights he
ins ha I his head in 0 rain bar rei 1, calling
i>\ly to himself,   'Papa, papa."
Now is the time to insure ngniust typhoid and mouiitulu fever; *f.*i-"u « year,
• 150,1 a week Indemnity, also against
ceidents connect! d wilh railway and
Uij-l-. Write lor particulars to M. A.
leale, Fori
wiih its provisions, either among mine
managers or thinking miners. The impression that  prevails is that the mine
owners should have had uu opportunity
tu have stated their side of lhe case, and
that grealet publicity and more time
should have been given for a careful consideration of the act.
Excellent resulls have followed the
vvotk done on the Payroll, the property
located on Niguer creek nnd owned by
Vandltar, Qualu nnd othes. They are
iu 10S feet and have drifted 30 feet aud
are uow sinking a shaft. Numerous
heavy veins of galena ore were encountered, dro, ping off iuto kidneys weigh-
ng 25 or 30 pounds. The ledge has in-
reascd uow to six feet across an I both
■rails are well defined, Five mm nre at
woik and more rapid progress will be
I   R    V..
•ue'e, U. C.
ng. proprietor of the Min-
1 at Rosslaud, was ill town
accompanied by his editor,
ith, nml artist, R. Rlgby.
the place iu the luterests.t-f
.'dition tbat is to he issued
,  and look several views in
cily lor that purpose,
init.es lo he a greal Hike
ish Columbia,
i'he edition
iieineut for
At Cranbrook
Solicitor, Etc.
Ollice 1
Hank nf commerce iu.ii'.        i'Hanui:ouk
_^_^_____m^_^^_>W^f^f*W^i^ "•' • •■^t?ttm?xtm$3
te}A®-®-®-4>-®-®-®--®-®-<t>-'®-®®-®-®-^^ aw1.; -,.)-^v-t.j-®-®-®-®-®-®-<i
1 CRANBROOK, • j^ish Columbia.
f*D AlMRDnni^ ,s the divisional point of the Crows
wIV^l iDKVvJIV Nest Pass Rai|road.
f^finHrnnk  Has a 10"stal1 round house, large machine
^1 CII1U1 UVllv shops, expensive railroad buildings and extensive railroad yards.
Cranbrook '5 the natural and commercial center of South East
Cranbrook 's *he headquarters for wholesale houses and corporations of South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
day :
Tile C. P, H. Sim   Mill al Coal Creek is a
Total Wreck.
1 week the C. P, R, saw
reek, au Immense Blruel*
uie lhat was built during construction at
a cost of hetweeli $200,0 o and $300,1X0
was almost entirely destroyed by 11 rise
111 l ie Ell: river. The dam lhat was put
mi caused lhe liver to oveiflow it-* hanks
ami sweep around the .site uf the mill,
cutting uul the foundation and making a
complete wreck of ihe building. An at-
tempt was made to save the mill by
blowing up lhe dam with dynamite, but
it proved futile, as the force of the cur-
rent carried everything before it, Asa
result, two i f the boilers nud a portion
uf Un- building was carried down the
stream, the hig roof broken in two uud
one-half of it lefl hanging over the
stream, Views taken of ihe wreck at
different singes were being displayed iu
town last evening by Dr Hell, and they
excited considerable interest.
At th
They n
Miners Wanted.
North Star mine, three or lour.
sl be good men.
Ninth Slar Milling Co.
Sash nnd Door PrlceB.
t* your doors and sash at the factory,
a fu.xfifi ft\i ■}_... . fi 7°    each
2 it Sxfi flBxitf....    1 Ho      "
3 ft 10X6 fl [OKI ls..     1 9°
snsh, glassed      I 25 per. pair
"         140
j   " "          1 60       "
,     o .■              i(,0
TllnS, \V. U-.ASK,
How Ciumil.'i te Adverltsed Abroad.
Montreal Herald:   The Canadian IV
ciflc Railway  company has the reputation nf being n  pretty good advertiser,
but mnny doubtless would be surprised
to learn thai its publications are put to
useful purposes In distant lands.   Iu a
recent number of thc New YorkOutloolt,
Mr, Geo. Kennan has an interesting nr-
ii de on the "Regeneration of Cuba," in
which incidentally is told how thorough,
ly Canada is advertised abroad hy tilts
compauy,   he  says:     "At   49  Sngarni
street, for example, I visited with Major
Barbour a private dwelling where, iu two
rooms that corresponded roughly to the
front and   hack parlor of nu American
house,   there  were    crowded   104 boy.-*
from '1 lo 12 years ol age, without desks,
text books or slates, and almost without
blackboards 01 maps.   The principal of
this school   was   an   intelligent   young
Cuban, named Ramon Martinez, a g'ad
11.lie of the University of Havana, who
had iu his scanty library such books as
Wlckerih mi's "Meihodsof Instruction,"
Sully's Psychology of Teaching " Froe-
bel's "Education of Man," nearly all of
Herbert Silencer's works, and lhe educational books of Cnrrie,   Sheldon  nnd
I-'iuh; but whose whole leaching outfit
or plant, if I may so call it, consisted of
lwo small blackboards, a map of half tlu*
wbild on a globular projection, issued as
an advertisement by the Canadian Pacific Railway company, one worn, tattered copy of OllcndorPs "New Method
of Learning English," a few local, butterflies, shells and mlneralss of his own
llecll'in,   half   a  ih /.en   khidergaten
cubes  pvrunids, spheres, etc., of glass.
huh iii-   Ind   bought wi'.b   his  own
lonev, ami a small nsnortmetit ol second
hand carpenters' tools.   Wiih tlu: single
pr ol Ollemlorf he was teaching 104
iys Rngllsh, ami by means ofthe Cana-
dinn Pacific advertising chait he was en
deavortttg  to  make  ihem   acquainted
with   Uh-1 world  iu wh'ch they  lived."
Canadian I'.icilic officials claim that no
better mnpB aro needed tor teaching in
the schools of Cuba or nny other country
than those issued by lhe company.   The
one alluded  to by Mr.  Rennnu shows
the world on n proper scale, nnd is not
distorted. 11s some charts nre frequently
liable to be.   and being on   Mercntor's
projection, is ab-olntely accurate,
McVittie & Hutchison.
-Dealers In -
Mines and lamU surveyed.        Insurance
Commission and
Insurance Agent.
British Columbia
Canadian Pacific Railway
The New and Direct Route Irom
Bast Kootenay
Toronto, Boston,
Montreal, New Vork,
Halifax, Philadelphia,
St. Paul, Chicago
...AND AM,...
Eastern and European Points.
Pacifc  Coast, China, Japan and Australia
..First-class and Tourist Sleepers..
-TllllOUun 1'lin.M-
Traveling I'usaiiUKer Aeeut.
N'Kt.Hn.v, Jt. 0.
!■:. .1. COYt.R, Dt.t. Passenger Aft.,
Vancouver, It. (J.
I will deliver daily in any
quantity pure, clear ice to
any part of the town.
Movie pi
imp with)
MinliiK Notes.
limes tn In- a  hot   minim*
ii lew months,   In nil prob*
lilllly tbere will bf three large nroper-
iei in course or development with each
forking a heavy force of men.
The managers of tbo Spokane exposition nre arranging for pn exlensive o'e
exhibit from n-itif-li Columbia nml Ihe
mines of ihe northwestern slates. Tbe
Kootenays sboublbe well represented.
A. Ii   McDonald, representing llle To-
1 mi in World   in the Kootennys,  wna in
lown    ll.l-l    week,    Mr.   McDonald hns
■er a good purl  nf the   Koole*
tbe new eight bonr law vent
(feel, nud says Hint he has failed to
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
Now Is your opportunity
to get a	
They arc
As we do not intend to combine this line In our business,
yours at a bargain.    Come and see them.
Everything usually kept in an up-to-date hardware store will
be found here.
Favor us and yourselves by giving us a fair share of your
The Cranbrook Hardware Co.
We keep all kinds of shelf
and heavy Hardware, Paints
Oils, Glass, Sesh and Doors,
Etc. Also a nice stock of
Screen Doorss and Windows
Copper, Agate, and Tinware.
Tinsmithing in connection.
Goods delivered to any part
of the city free of charge.
W. 11. Itoas. n H. W. Hi»H»a
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries Public,
Oranbrwlf Office
a aud 1. Uauauu Wee.
tl. L. Cummins, C. B.
Physician and Surgeon.
CRANBROOK,    ::::::   B. 0.
I also have a regular
milk route and deliver
night and morning.
nil* reduction in
Hkli Grade .Movements
a nicotine of....
Engagement and Wedding Rings,
Brooches, Bracelets, Chains,
Blouse Sels, Etc	
W. F. Tate
G« Johnson*.♦♦
^ Assayer and
* Metalurgist
Moyie, B. C.
Are You dt dt0}
Going to Build •
Corner Haker sl reet jjj
aud Hanson avenue -ft
over ixMtofllce  $
All Sites ol Photos up to 11x14 :;;'
Finished In Plallno or Polished. ,j.<
Views ol Craobrook and Other |
Points ol Intersl In British Col- g
umbia Will Be on Sale  "
dt Prest & Co. I
...HILL & CO...
Now Have the Best Selected Stock Ever Carried in South East Kootenay
Men's Shoes ThatTwiirPlease
Gents' Ties, Fancy Shirts, Summer Underwear,
Ladies' Pique Shirt Waists and Skirts, Collars
and Cuffs jt Jt jt jt
A Full Line of Groceries on thc Way
HILL & CO....
J-      Mclnnes Block
Eastern Store
Call and See Us
Eastern Prices
Clothing,   Boots and Shoes,   Millinery,   Silks,   Etc.
First cl-iss DressiiinkitiR Parlors. We turn out work on very short notice. All
first class ami up lo dale.
Call ami see n* hofore ynu nuke nny purrlinses on Clothing, Bond, Shoci, MIIII-*
nery, Silks or Drcssinaklnj' ami hi* will convince you llial yon can lave 39 to 40 per
cent by milking your purclinse witli us.   Call nml he convinced.
Owiii-j, t<> tlie increase of our busineis we shall put more hamls on ami make
the interior o! onr store Inrcer to meet the ilem«ii<l. Ask our cuitomera what hai
caused this. They will tel! you low prices ami strict attention to our mail order
MAGGS & HUGHES, 0pp. Bank of Commerce, Cranbrook
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
Planing Mill
•»a Sash and ::
Door Factory
...Mmiufacturers of..'.
Sash  jt Doors jt Mouldings
jt   Frames   jt
Band Sawing  jt Turning
The Central Hotel is open botll tiny nml
llijillt. The liar gooda are first class,
and the lliuinn, room is in charge of
Titos. MtCnrson, ami is second tn none
in the Kootetiays, free sample rooms
and the best and quietest bcthooms iii
the town.
£ The North Star Hotel Is the large anil
Jjj magnificent botel at Kimberley that
J in just finished anil Is furnished new
Jj throughout.    Everything iu conueo-
J lion is first-class.     When  you visit
J Kimberley.   don't   forget   The   North
"J Slar Hotel.
This hotel hns just been opened to thc public. The building:
is one of the bcsl In E,ist Kootenay.   The furniture is new
and the table is first-class.   Wc have every facility for pleasin
the public and we propose to do it.
Wanned Throughout by Furnace Heat.
Rates, $2.00 per day. n     i       ,    to  #-*
Short orders day and night.       Cranbrook, u. L.
Contractor and Builder
Messrs, McQuUlon nnd Bnrge are woik-   fintl anywhere people wlio were BfUiflfied   Crnnbrook
He Is a busy man, because be pleases
the people, but lie will furnish you plana
and specifications, and give you estimates on auy building idea you may
>   j>   B.C,
The Cranbrook
Stationery Store
Carries a complete
line of	
Try our 5c Cigars.
Opposite Crunhrook hotel.
I East Kootenay
I  3 Hotel e^
T. T. Richards
Proprietor ::t ::t
This hotel hns heen refiltotl nnd refurnished,    flit table
is the best.    Satisfactory rates fjiveu regular hoardera.
% Baker Street
Cranbrook, B. C.


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