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Cranbrook Herald Sep 21, 1899

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Gko. A. Cox, President.
B. ti. Walkkr, Gen. Man.
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000,00.
A Qeneral Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
Buy Lots
In Kimberley,
The Leadville of East Kootenay.
Terminus of North Star branch ot the Crows Nest Pass Railway
OVER 200 MINERAL CLAIMS are situate within a radius ot
three miles.
Supply point (or the rich upper St. Mary's River district.
tlreat Water Power.   Sullivan concentrator will be located here
Sole Agent
Via Cranbroak
Hotel 3 3
Quests Comfort a Specially
Qood Stabling In Connection
Nearest to raihoad and depot.    Has accommodations for the public unequalled in Cranbrook.
"The S Emporium"
Sherlock & Bremner.
Owing to ths enlarging of our premises we have
been unable to open up our new Fancy and Staple Dry Goods, Gents' Furnishings, Groceries,
Crockery, Etc., which have arrived within the
last few days. But we'll have them in place
Tuesday morning.
MISS CARDIFF, our new and up-to-date dressmak-
eo, is now on her way from the East and will be here
next week. She is an artist in her profession and we
can safely guarantee her work.
At the Toronto Clothing Store
A Snap.   A line of Boy's Suits bought for cash at a sacrifice, will be
sold while they last for
$2.50 a Suit
Don't mi
 Reid & Co.
These suits arc well worth $3.50.   Don't miss them.   They can't
last long.
Fire!    Fire!    Fire!
Attention C.P.R. firemen. What
is the use of burning your hands
and wrists when you can get a
fine pair of cordivan asbestos tanned gauntlet gloves made especially for your purpose. The price is
all right. dt dt
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.
Cranbrook ar* Fort Steele if Wardner
Job Work dt
Herald Office
The Work  Tells
the Tale    .<    j*
Jas. Greer
Has done  a   vast  amount   ol   work   In
South  Rust  Kootenay)  and liis work te
hte recommendation,     if yon  intend
building, he sure and see him.
jl   Jt    B. C.
Ills reduction In
Hi.'ii onuto Movements |
Engagement and Wedding Rings,
Brooches, Bracelets, Chains,
Blouse Sets, Etc	
W. F. Tate
Cranbrook ...JEWELER
Olllclal Wnteii inspector far Crows Ncsl brnneh
Late of loronto
Contractor »«* Builder
Those contemplating building will ilo well to let
mc llgnre o:i tlle contracts.
Cranhrook, British Columbia
a|l *{A *fi »*A^ ^ ^ *f. *H 1.1" If1 ^ ^ *#^ f^ ^ ^* *|^ ^
a. a.
Planing Mill
•«■ Sash and ::
Door Factory
. .Manufacturers of...
Sash   jt  Doors  .*  Mouldings
**   Frames   jt
Band Sawing  jt Turning
Promptly Attonclod tc.
d *a
tf* en
'A   <+
1    T*
The St Marys Country Has a Prom*
ising future.
Good Reports From the Sand Creek
District—An Opinion of Value
On Surface Prospecting.
St. Marys Prairie.
A small syndicate of citizens lusl week
bought the Pedro mineral claim from S.
D, Pumpelly, of Luke creek. JThis clnim
promises to make 11 slir when developed,
having a magnificent showing of ore on
the surface the whole width ofthe ledge,
being heavily mineralized with galena
aud copper. The assay values run from
$20 to £6S per ton. Mr. McVittle, who
put the deal through,is confident that
the Pedto is a paying proposition from
lhe st.nl. a poor man's mine, in fact, and
that it wilt ht: one of the first shippers
over the North Stnr branch. It is situated within half a mile of the railway
and within half a mile of Marysville. It
is the intention of the owners to do
some slight development work at once
so as to show up thc ore in quantities,
lhe St. Marys Gold Mining and Milling company has been duly incorporated
lo work the Carrie Lee group of claims
on Luke creek, near Humes' ranch. The
first payments were made on Monday,
and McVittie St Hutchison will shortly
have a block of treasury shares to offer
the public. The head ollice of the company is Rossland. This company is the
first flotaliot. made by Mr. Saucier iu the
district, but he expects to enlist a large
mount of Rosslaud capital iu other
mines in onr neighborhood. A large
block of the St. Marys stock will be
sold in Paris, Prance, so that the company's treasury will be in a flourishing
condition within a very short time.
Work will be pushed at once on lhe Carrie Lee, which has now a shaft over
fifty feet in depth, and several deep open
cuts showing fine galena ore. The
ground lies withiu three-fourths of a
mile from the railroad, anil an easy
wagon road can be built at merely a
nominal cost.
Messrs. Saucier and McVittie have
gone on a four or five days' trip up the
St. Marys to look at the numerous prospects above lhe meadows.
Don't he a chubber-
Subscribe I
Sand Creek District.
Cranston, Sept 15.—The long waited
for event, the inauguration of active de-
elopnient on the Empire mine occurred
today. Charles Estmere, secretary,
treasurer aud managing director of the
Kinpire Mining company, arrived here
yesterday with a complete on I fit for the
force ol men he hns employed to build
houses for continuous winter work on
thc Empire, and also mining supplies
for the two shifts thut he Mill immediately start to wotk. Tents will be used
uutil houses are finished. Everyone in
the camp is pleased to know that the
Empire will be developed for all she is
worth as it is the most widely known
property aud has the largest surface
showing iu the Sand Creek district.
The enterprise and energy of Mr. Estmere In bringing about the present conditions is appreciated and stamps
Charley a sure-enough rustler.
Much work has been done on Sand
Creek chums this season, and iu every
case with good results.
The Jessie, owned by the Bishop
Brothers, is showing up some very good
pyrrhotite carrying copper values as
high as 10 per cent which is very encouraging, as thc iron in this mine occurs in large, clean, compact bodies.
Work has recently been confined to tunnel No. 2, During the coming winter
tunnel No. 3 will be driven 200 feet to a
point immediately under tunnel No. 1.
James A. McBain St Son have been
driving a tunnel in the north end of McBain lull, with thc end In view of culling
several parallel ledges ou their properties They are now in about 95 feet and
nre cxpectiug to reach the first ledge
during this month. Il iscoufideutly expected that this tunnel will open up
sonic rich copper-gold oie
James McMillan has been working all
summer on his claims, the Cupper Plate,
ou Big Sand creek, and the Gladstone,
ou Little Sand creek, and is well pleased
with the marked improvement as to
quality nnd quantity of ore, aud the increased sue of ledges. Jim is a slayer,
or from away back and proposes lo put
in all next year on his Sand Creek prop-
George Douglas and James Dunbar
have located three claims on Steele
mountain on which they have done some
Claims have also been located this
summer in the neighborhood of Cram-ton
hy Joe Fernie, William Stewart, James
Stone, Charles Con tiers, Charles Lund-
berg, Andrew Rossen, Alex Goldberg aud
others whose names are uukuown to
writer.   Silex.
Surface Prospecting.
Rossland Miner: Some time ago thc
Miner pointed out the value of surface
prospecting- and one or two recent incidents have revealed its efficiency.
Tlm is especially the case in this division, where there hns been a great deal
of surface disturbance, and where brush
aud trees often hide the ground. It
must be remembered thnt there nre 52.5
acres in a fidl claim. This te Jnrge
eUOUgU for a fair sized firm, nnd it ii
considerable ground to go over. It te
ter cheaper nml easier to search for the
pay shoots ami rich portions of ledges
near the surface than it is at depth. Iu
a number of instances tins can be shown
to be true in this camp, and the management ol a number of mining proper-
tie:: have been sorry that thev did not
explore the surface more thoroughly
than thev did. This regret came in
some instances alter many thousands of
dollars had been spent 111 costly subterranean work. This sorrow came, too,
perhaps, when the management bid exhausted nil, or nearly all, the t.uids
raised for development work. The making of open cuts, and the sinking of
droppings are comparatively inexpensive, and by this mentis the ledges can
be opened and sampled over long distances for the full length ol a claim.
The exact places where lhe ore carries
the highest value cau be ascertained, as
well as the di]) aid trend of the ledges,
The same exploration carried ou at a
depth would cost mnny thousands ol
dollars. Wheu the desired data as to
richness, dip and trend have beou determined, then the management has
facts at iis command sufficient to justify
exploration at depth. The work can
theu be carried pn wiih much greatei
chance of success. Iu many instances
guess work aud theory have supplied
the place of actual knowledge ami facts,
and the result has been failure, or a large
sum of money thrown away on useless
underground work.
By surface prospecting il is not meant
lhat there shall be "gophering," but
just enough work on the top lu serve as
a guide for underground operations.
Nearly every ledge has its barren, or
partly barren, und rich sections. Careful sampling near the surface will demonstrate where the richer ore shoots ate,
and the underground work can be made
so as to open these to lhe best advantage. The ore deposits of this camp are
little different from those in any other
mining section, aud there is, perhaps,
110 metalliferous region where surface
prospecting can be used to better advantage. Miuing men have to a large extent come to recognize this fact, ami in
the mining of the future there will be no
theoretical operations on mining properties, bnt more work dune 011 the surface
than there hus been in the past.
Bond On Red Line Thrown Up.
Rossland Minet; On September 151b
a payment was due from the Mackintosh
syndicate on a bond held by it on the
Red Line group, which is located in the
Windermere country. The money was
to have been paid iu Port Steele, but
was not. This abrogates the bond.
Hon. C. II. Mackintosh is iu Quebec,
where the wedding oi his son and Miss
Eileen Wright took place, and lhe reason
for forfeiting the bond could not therefore be ascertained, II was an open
secret around town, however, that the
report of the expert sent by tbe Mackintosh syndicate to examine aud report on
the property was unfavorable to it.
The great trouble was the remoteness of
the Red Line group from transportation.
Hyde Baker to be Married.
Charles Edwards has received word
from Hyde Baker to the effect lhat he
will be married soon and expects to return to Cranbrook with his bride some
time in November.
$5000 la One Day.
Matt Rockendorf received a letter
from Chesaw, Washington, the new mining camp near the boundary last week.
Oue of the incidents related ou miner-:'
luck was ihe case of a prospector who
had a small tent iu the towu. He got
up oue morning and spent several hours
that day prospecting, locating a promising claim which he sold in two days for
$5000 cash.
Opening Services st Catholic Church.
Last Sunday evening the new Catholic
church In this city was opened with ser
vices by Bishop Donteiiviile, of Vancouver, assisted by Father Coccola aud
Father Ouelette. Thc attendance was
very large and those present listened
with ; lensure to a sermon by the Bishop,
who spoke mnny good words for Crnn-
biook, and the double duty of man
working for spiritual as well as material
progress. Confirmation services were
held at the Mission Tuesday and at Fori
Steele Wednesday,
Mangled His Hand.
Samuel Hammond, an employe at
Robinson St McKetizle'i sawmill met
with a serious accident last Friday, lk-
was operating the edger, and in nn attempt to remove a splinter from lhe saw.
caught his right hand, badly mangling
his thumb and first finger. He was
brought to town anJ Dr. King called.
The remains of the thumb were amputated, nnd thc rest of the hand sewed up.
He was taken to St. Eugene hospital
and is doing as well as possible under
the circumstances.
The Ladles Aid Society uf the Methodist
Church Start a Fund.
The concert given last Friday evening
by the Ladies.Aid society of the Methodist church was largely attended, the
proceeds .amounting to nearly jfioo,
The program presented was as follows:
I'ART   1
Piano sulo.~lMr.ster Fran It ie Johnston.
Quartette —Basso profnndo.-— Misses
Fletcher and Grant, Messrs. Robinson
and Hill.
German song.—"Dree Dousaud Miles
Avay."---Mr.  Buxton.
Gramophone selection.
Song —"The   Day   is    Done."--Mrs.
Duet.—"Pilot Bi ave. "—Messrs. Smilh
and Hlggtnbotham.
Song.—"The Arethusa."—Mr. Shep-
Duet,*—Trust£Her Not, She's Fooling
Thee."—Misses Ella and Anna Grant.
Song. — "Kathleen Mavourueeu." —
Mr. Barlow.
I'ART   11
Gratnaphone selectiou.
Sung--"The Day Will Come."—Mr.
Hughes. I
Quartette — "Speed Away." —Messrs.
Robinson, Parrou. Smilh and Petlit.
The Victim of French Injustice  is
Granted His Liberty.
kootenay People lo Atlin,
The following items are taken from
the Atllll Globe of August 29, whieh
gives some information of two gentlemen well known in Suuih Kast Kootenay:
Mr. C. P, Venosta, who spent several
months iu Atlin this year, is now iu the
Omlneca country looking after thc interests of nu Bugllsh syndicate who art
operating a large hydraulic euterprise
there. Mr. Venosta will be back iu
Atlin lor a week or lwo in November.
Captain White-Frascr, late of the N.
Wi M. P., who has been looking over
the mlttlug situation iu this district during Lhe summer, left for Vancouver this
week lo speud the winter iu lhe terminal
Building Notes.
The Pushy let inn church has been
treated to a euat of paint.
John Hutchison has had his house
Tlie new lockup is completed and Constable Morris has taken possession. It is
a poor makeshift for a towu like Cranbrook, but for the present will have
to do.
The contract for building the Methodist church has been let to James
Greer. It will be located on the lots immediately east of The Herald office.
The school trustees have let the contract for the new school building to
James Greer. The appropriation will
admit of only a one-room building at
this time, which is unfortunate, as the
number of pupils require more thau one
Work bas commenced on Jake Fink's
new residence ou Baker hill. James
Greer has the contract.
George Gougeou is preparing plans for
a new lesideuce.
Major Do* II01 Dead.
Macleod Gazette: Another Alberta
old timer has passed away in the person
of Major Dowling. Major Dowling
leaves a widow, and Mrs. J. R. Costigan,
of Macleod, and Mrs. H. Costigan, of
Ottawa, are daughters of tbe deceased
gentleman. The Gazette joins wilh the
many friends of the family iu expressions of sincere sympathy. Major Dowling was buried iu Calgary, where he had
resided for a number of years past, Mn.
Dowling and .Mrs. Costigan and family
going up on Tuesday's train to attend
the funeral.
A French Count.
Last Monday, Couut Polignac, of Paris
a member uf oue of lhe oldest royal families in France, arrived in the city iu
company with J. ti. Saucier. The count
is on a tour of investigation through
British Columbia, and wilh his unlimited
means is making extensive investments
in mining properties. He remained in
Craubrook several days and then left for
a visit to the mines in the district.
The Boers Insist On Their Position
--Mr, Cotton Says the Government is Safe.
Paris, Sept. ly —Captain Alfred Dreyfus, convicted by court martial on the
charge of treason with extenuating circumstances, has been pardoned. The
news did not cause any excitement in
Paris as it was expected. It Is belirved
lhat Dreyfus will be ordered to leave
France, and it is probable that the family will take up their residence at Folkestone, rear Dover. England, where a
cottage has been purchased for that purpose. 	
No War Yet.
London, Sept. ly —A call has been la-
sued for a cabinet council, to I* held
Friday, ami it is believed it te for the
purpose of gaining time to rush troops
to Cape Colony. Preparations for war
are going ahead in' the Transvaal, and it
is believed there lhat nothing can prevent war at this stage.
Carter Chaslaf Ralibow*-,
Vancouver, Sept. 14—Mr. F. Carter
Cotton, minister of finance, said in a le-
cent Interview that there was not the
slightest chniice of a dissolution this fall
and that tbe legislature would meet
January 4 with a clear government majority of two. That much was assured
for the government and it was expected
that this would be increased. The only
defections the government had were in
Joseph Martin and D. W. Higgins, and
in traveling through the country he had
fouud that the leaving of the former out
of the government had been one of the
most popular moves ever made by a government, while the cause of the latter's
defection was well known. As to the
eight-hour law, Mr. Cotton aald it had
come to stay, and that the history of all
legislation of this class made it evident
that there was never a retrogression
from a movement of this kind. He
thought eight hours was long enough
for any man to work.
VihuMc Checks Lost.
Reed St Campbell,'of Moyie, have lost
the following checks:
!'.'»»r, !>> J&s. Cronin. No. 863,835, favor
Drawa by j.c. Drewry. No! ni. faror of
W, Wergtn     Tina
The finder will please send to their address at Moyie.
Aaoiber Car ot Firaltart.
Gilpin buys furniture in car load lots,
snd supplies the trade, because, prices
and quality considered, tbe people secure bargains by dealing with him,
.-•notber car load Is on tbe way. Look
at the stock on hand aud Make your
Com]■[ to Craabrook.
Trail Creek News: In view of Mra.
F, R. Morris' departure next week from
Trail to Craobrook, a party of friends
surprised her 00 Monday. A most enjoyable time was Bpen', cards, games,
songs and refreshments were in season
aud were indulged in. After singing
"Auld Lang Syne" the party broke up
at a very small hour and began to journey to their respective abodes.
A Big Institution.
It is worth the while uf any resident
of Cranbrook to take an hour of time
and visit the plant of lhe Craubrook
Lumber company aud see what an industry has been built Up there. The
new mill is now in operation, and a more
complete sawmill was never operated hi
the northwest. It has all modern improvements, and the rapidity with
which a pine log can be felled in Llie
hush aud pushed through that mill and
fall inlo lumber in the yard is marvelous. One of the latest improvement is
the great crane which enables them to
load Immense limbers as easily as if
they were throwing cord wood uu to the
car. Mr. A. Leiiell, Sr., the general
manager, goes on the theory lhat
nothing is too goad that gives efficiency
to the system, no matter the cost.
Bought s Brewery.
The members of the Fort Steele Mercantile company) which includes Charles
Thies. W. c Wakefield, O, M. Foster,
Julin Fink, Jake Pink aud others have
purchased the New York brewery at
Spokane, paying for the same between
-1- .-•■) and f200 000. This is one of
the best known breweries in the west,
and its product is a general favorite with
the lovers of the amber-tinted liquid
For the present there will be no changes
in the arrangements al tiie brewery, or
the system of stures in this country, but
later on theie may be. The New York
brewery is a bonanza, and the new owners will proceed at once to increase its
Mineral Exhibit al Spokane.
Spokesman-Review: The tent which
will hold the mineral display at the Spokane industrial exposition is erected aud
is being floored. Pyramids, shelves and
stands of many shapes are being erected
to hold the minerals. The tent will be
tbe firsl department of the exposition to
attract the attention of the visitor upon
entering the grounds. On the right
hand side, as one enters, will be found
the Washington ores, and just beyond
will be the Idaho displays. On tbe
opposite side, British Columbia, Oregon,
and Mi-niaiia will be found. The indications are tbat the entire space will be
filled to overflowing with fine displays.
Many of Ihe camps which have been
tardy in taking np the work of collecting displays are coming to a realizing
sense of the itnpoitaiice of being represented and aie hustling.
Moyle's Pay Roll.
Leader: Movie's payroll is increasing
every mouth. That of July was several
thousand dollars more than for June,
and that of August a great deal larger
than that of July. Last Saturday the
St. Kugene Mining company paid their
men in thc neighborhood of $6500, and
the Canadian Gold Fields syndicate,
operating tbe Lake Shore mine, nearly
fjono. This amount, with the payrolls
of the Society Girl, Park, Mitchell &
Co.'s sawmill and the numerous carpenters and laborers employed about lown,
Movie's payroll for the month of August
was close on to $15,000.
laleraatloaal Day al Saokiae.
The Cranbrook board of trade is In re
ceipt |of the following invitation from
Gentlemen—On behalf of tbe management of the Spokane industrial exposition I have the honor to invite your
honorable body to take part in the ceremonies now in course of preparation for
International day, Tuesday, October 10,
prox. It will be the ambition, not only
of our management, but of the citizens
of Spokane generally, to make International day a memorable one. On behalf
of the board of control, I have thc honor
to remain,
Very respectfully yours,
II. Bolster,
Secretary and manager.
Sbowed (Iood Sease.
Last evening Mrs. J, II, McMullin
lighted a lamp at her home. Owing to
some defect in Ihe burner, the flame
shot down into the oil snd a big blase
was threatened, llut Mrs. McMullin,
with great presence of mind, seised the
lamp and carried it to the door, where
she threw it into thc street, thus preventing any damage. CRANBROOK   HERALD Dp you want
Good lob Work?
SEPT   21, 1809
I', r: KlMl'SOS, liilltur mil Manager.
li;i:M- OF Sl IHCHirTlONi
Tli" Herald itedres to ntvo the iiewsnl i
ilUirle      II  yo i kii')w   any nl I y»ut lo
your min.- nr y.mr peu'ile, semi It tn Hits olltcc
The year of 1899 bas been a bright oue
for South Hast Kootenny, but the year
1900 will be a revelation to the most
Uditor Smyth, of the Moyie Leader, is
lasting now to (-et in condition tur llie
editorial bouquet at Spokane 011 the 7th
uf next month,
Cranbrook entertained a real live
count last week, lie foiled to subscribe
for The Herald, showing Iberebj tlmt lie
U not gathering all the good things in
this country.
Cranbrook cotitrnclors ore kept busy
theso days. There is nn immense
amount of building going mi, and mnch
more will be uuilei ci ntracl within the
next few mouths.
If you do come to The Herald
office* That is the kind we
do.    Try us and see.
Tbe Nelson Miner expresses the opinion that Moyie, Craubrook and Fort
Steele are prospering, Tlie Miner is
rinlit, All lhe towns in Suilh Kast
Kootenay are prospering,
The provincial legislature will meet ou
January 4. The piesenl government does
not seem to have any fears uf meeting
tlu* members, Vet, no one can tell what
a few months may bring forth.
The chances for a lire iu Crailbrook
are still the same, and yet nothing lias
been done towortl furnishing fire protection.    Some day the horse will be gone,
and it will be tno late tu 'oek Llie door.
Additional confidence is being shown
in Craubrook by outside capitalists.
Tbey are willing tu invest their money
here, because lhey know that the per.
inaneney and piospeiity of the town is
Cornelius Vanderbilt is dead He wns
reported to be worth about $83,000,000,
but when he struck St. Peter at the gate
he was uo better olT than the publisher
of a country weekly. He couldn't take
a cent witb htm.
Counterfeit 25 cent pieces are Hooding
southern British Columbia these days.
As we never handle such small change,
this fact is not causing us to lose any
sleep. It is the counterfeit bundled dollar bills that keeps us worrying.
Cranbrook today is a better town than
it has ever been, aud lhe people fully
appreciate Ibis fact. The volume of
business, as a whole, is increasing, and
tbe material evidence is rapidly accumulating that shows Cranbrook to be
the greal business center of South East
If there is a reader uf The Herald who
still owes a dollar on bis subscription, it
is time that be was getting in line, and
if there is a resident of Cranbrook whu
is not a subscriber to the paper, it was
time he was in line some time ago.
Cume to the front, gentlemen. Put
your money in the slot, and get The
Herald fur one year.
The Herald is lu receipt of the Atlin
Globe, a new paper published at Atlin.
Among tlie many interesting items iu
the paper is a statement of lhe weather
for last winter. It shows that the
coldest days were in February when the
thermometer marked 34 degrees below,
The same month it marked 46 degrees
above zero, and altogether, the weather
was surprisingly mild.
A  Seal un tin- I'liiifiirni.
' During the ten yeurs hu was in Australia as liisliu], ofiletboui ne, Dr. Moor-
liouae, Llie prescnl bishop of Manchester, made himself very popular hy hit
geniality, tolerance uml common sense,
One. niglii the bishop was nbout to lecture In 11 linli* town-ship perched on n
plateau In lhe Australian ALpB. The
linl! wns packed, but 0 young: buBlvman,
attired iu a striped shirt ami moleskin
trousers, and wearing n limning red
comforter, was determined to push hie
way n> the front, lie thought he suw a
vacant seat mi the platform ami made
for It. "Would you miml riimlng up
11 iiir. missus'."1 ho snid tooquiet.plcns-
nni-fiu-eil duly. "No, no, you mustn't
sit. there," InterposHl a local clergyman. "That's ilie bishop's wife,"
'•Nonsense," snid the bishop, who had
overheard the remark. "Sr|uccze up 11
bit, Mary." Mrs. MoorllOURC loUffltlliff-
Iv cfueyed, and Hie young husliman in
nmny-colorwl nttlre sat by thc side .if
tho bishop's wife throughout the lecture—Youth's Companion.
ArrnnfJ-litK Window Giinlen iMiintn.
In orranglng plants in tho window
garden, aim always to hnvo tho view
from tin* room pleasing. They nre for
home adornment, and ihey .should
bo most attractive from a home
standpoint. A guud general rub-
to follow for effectiveness in arrangement Is to have the taller ones
nt the sides. This frames the window,
and allows the sun to get at the center of the •.•roup. If nil the plants nre
flun-lovlng ones, dispose thc low-growing ones nexl llie glass, with the
taller ones behind them. Donotcrowd
any of tlieni. The use of swinging Iron
brackets at eocli side of ihe window
frame is highly advisable from the
standpoint of Utility ns well as looks.
'I bono holding three' pots enable mn- to
arrange small plants of a drooping no-
turesothnt theeiTeotiBveryflnc, These
brackets can lie swung to i r from the
glass,'nhd are preferable to shelves.—
Kben ll. Hexfoi'd, in Ladies'Home.lour-
S Waters of Lethe.
By Gwendolen Overton,
IT IS 11 dangerous thing tu tamper
with tin- self-esteem of u woman.
If you hurt a man's pride, lie will probably go uif and sulk for u greuter 01'
less tiim-; or ii ninj be, it the ease te
ver-t bud, tlml tie will even kill himself.
Ihu i. woman will have rtm-uge, Vou
may think she has forgotten, you ma-,
fuuey she is Impotent, imt there is this
mueh of ihe oriental in ever} woman -
thai   she  inn   wuiti    Break  her heart
nml sin-will still let ii in- In the dust for
wm to trample upon, and she will Uml
the pain pleasant; yet In-ware how you
so natch as scratch her pride; from tlie
wiiunii will trickle a stream of poison
that may flow slowly, but will reach yuu
in the end.
.lames Dudley's ease went tu prove
tliis. Very few knew why he came lu
the end he did, but this was the way of
When he was very youugand just out
from the Point, lie was sent tu a post
miles from anywhere, ami there he become engaged lu many llie M-year-uUl
daughter of Maj. Oorsehkov, She was
beautiful beyond the dreams ut artful' tou gorgeous for a mere Utile girl.
She BllOllld have been historical. Such
as Semlrnuiis, or ihe Queen of Shchti,
oi* Zenobia must huve been, she was;
therefore ii was natural enough that
Dudley should huve thought, himself In
love wilh her. But he was a clever fellow, wilh a very fair share of brains,
and she was an average child who was
uul uld enough to return his love, Imi
was mightily pleased in an innocent
fashion ol the Importance the engagement guve hei*.
At the end' uf a your Dudley was nr-
dered away. Absence opened his eyes
to ihe fad that beauty alone was nut
enough to rnnke him happy in his wife.
Anil he wrote to .''wilier ami asked her
tu release liim, ami lo her pnrents he
sent an explanation of his conduct.
The mail orderly put both letters into
Esther's hands. She read her own flrst.
She was 10 years old now, atul very
proud. She hud also grown to care
in a vogue sort of way for the
memory uf the lover uf her childhood. The letter cut her through
the Itussian down to the Tartar, and
she hated the man who she chose to
think had humbled her. She tore il and
the one tu her father Into small pieces.
There was one seuteuee iu tbe former
ihat she did not understand. The lieutenant had Bllld'i "'In lime yuu will
drink of the waters uf Lethe, and fur-
get me as utterly as 1 deserve lu he fur-
gut ten."
A few days later she told her father
she was nut going* lo marry James Dud-
"Dues he know it?" asked the major.
"What is yuur reason V"
"Nothing in particular. I simply
dun't want lo."
"Perhaps that wuu't satisfy him.
lluwever. it is just as well. I neversup-
pose-d u childish all'iiir uf that sort
would amount, tu much. Vou are old
enough toucl for yourself now."
In truth, Maj. Oorsehkov had urabl-
tlons thai soured above a mere lieutenant tor his superb daughter. Estherwus
thankful tu escape su easily. Presently
she asked: "Papa—what does it mean
lu drink of the waters of L-et-h-eV"
The major explained.
"Oil," she said, "l see," uud her lung
eyes narrowed cruelly.
Now It might have happened In civil
life that Dudley and Esther Oorsehkov
would never meet again. Imt purtlugs
can only be temporary in the service.
Some years luter Lieut. Dudley walked
Into a San Francisco theater one night
after the curtain had gone up. The
house was dark, and lie kept his eyes on
ihe stage. Al the close of the not he
looked about him, and the first thing
he saw.was a woman whose beauty
startled him. And then he rculizcd that
she wus the one he might have married.
She was in a box with an older woman
whom lie knew,    Dudley wus    seized
with a wonderful dread of   meeting
those wonderful dark-gray eyes. He
would go nt once before he should da
so. Uut as he rose the older woman saw
him, and smiled and beckoned to au
empty chair beside her. 'fheie was
nothing: for it now but to go to the box.
lie was cold with feor of the lowbrowed, black-haired, black-gowned
girl with the mngnlfloont neck uml
She would not huve forgotten hlm.
He knew ihat; and hr doubted if she
would have forgiven. If she hail been
less beautiful he might have felt less
culpable, for such is the nature of mon.
She smiled when they met with iho
regally Indlfferenf smile that luul been
hers even in childhood.
"Oh, I knew Mr. Dudley years ago!"
she said. "I was a little -*flrl mid was
very fond or him because he used to buy
me sutler's store candy uud ribbons."
If that was her view of the past, Dudley resented it. A man does aiot want
a beautiful girl to triMit him as an old
friend of infancy.
"You might, suppose, Mrs. Graves,"
he lold the other woman, "that she
had been q toddling child and I a crusty
bachelor in whose pocket* she felt for
sweetmeats." i
Thon Esther questioned him in her
deep, sweet voice. "How long-shall you
stop here?" "       I
"for a fortnight possibly." I
"Where are ynu stationed now?" She
knew well enough.
"At Apache. Su you ran imagine whnt
n treat civilization Is to me Howdoes
it happen that I llnd you here?"
"We are stationed ut the Presidio.
Ymi must come losee us."
"I will," he answered, ire would
have done any thin/,' those red lips might
ask him to do, The receding tide of his
love fur her bud swept back with a
mighty force, *-   ., m ..,.,. _
"Uow beautiful yuu are, Esther," he
ad. after u iiiutueut.
"t always was."
"You have uu inure- false ■tuudesU-
ian of yore."
"Why'should I huve? 1 didn't make
yself, so I'm not praising1 my own
indiwurk. And I frunkl) admit Unit
I wen- to have made myself, I think 1
lOllld have cJiuseti my'present model."
"llut there is mure tlmn mere lieauly
eked us
,    1
f it li
.. fuet
suppose—which   l
li ts odd tihat char-
ippeus tu be bad. can
nued her head and bestowed the light of her countenance on
the civilian beside her, whose infatuation was obvious.
"Every man in the post and the city
will hate you wilh 11 deadly haired, If
Miss Uorscihkov happens tu taken fane-,
to vou fur old Mike's Mike," Mrs. Uruves
warned him.
"Even her fancy would be. cheaply
purchased at that eost."
"Perhaps. A woman of her beauty
js not boiiii into the world ouce in a
cycle, certainly."
And Miss (Joiselikov was pleased lu
fancy him. She advertiteed the fact.
She was not one to fearuny means thut
would gain her ends. She threw away
her pride ami came at his call. She for*
gove liim the past anil met him inure
than half way.
Hut Dudley was too much in love to
despise or mistrust lier for this. He applied for a two-months1 leave and spent
every available moment of it with her.
Mrs. Graves, Ln her quality of a school-
chum of his mother's and au uld friend
or .Himself, warned him. "Esther has
done this same thing before. James.
Take core. She is ns beautiful as Cleo-
piltru, and there are many who say she
is as bad—at heart. Make love to her,
if you choose, faesar, but let your wife
bo a woman who is above suspicion."
Dudley never spoke to her again. Anil
he continued his fanatical cult of liis
His leave eame to au end. amdiho wont
back to Apache. He who had been a
light mocker and a philosopher of life,
saw the bottom drop out-of his universe
when he had to go from her. She wrote
to him twice n day, for a time, then
onee a day, then once a week, and finally
the mail orderly handed him a letter
from Estilier thnt. was almost a verba tlm copy of the one he had sent to her
six years before, even to the closing
phrase. "Tn time you will drimk of the.
waters of Lethe and' will forget me as
utterly as T deserve to be forgotten."
A light of memory broke, harsh and
crude, through the rosy clouds that bod
enwrapped htm. But he said to him
self that justice had been meted out to
him, stern and untempered. Aud lie
made no appeal.
Something mure than a twelvemonth
later, Esther Oorsehkov sat nt dinner
beside the man whom she was then
playing fast and louse, who would not
be warned by the fate of the many
whose bodies were strewn upou the
shores where this Cythero had trod.
"You promised, you know," he said
to her, "that you would answer my question to-night."
"What question?"
"Dun't banter, please, I am in
"You nppear to be. And everybody can see it, too. Uo on uml eat,
and look as though you were discussing
tlie dynamite gun or something."
"1 will do whatever you chouse, if yuu
will tell me if yuu will murry me."
"Oh! Is thut whut you mean'.' I
couldn't remember whether it wus you
or Mr. Clayton who had asked me. Maybe it was both of you. llut 1 can't see
why you should bother about that sort
uf thing at dinner. Why dun't you wait
until lhe donee. It would be so much
better form. Fancy saying 'no' to a
a man nnd then puttingu piece of harmless little lamb in one's mouth."
"Arc you going to say 'no'?"
"Gracious I but we are insistent. How
should 1 know what 1 am going to sny?
(Jo on and eat, and stop hanging on my
words, or I won't nnswer you at ull. It
is so fearfully conspicuous,"
Even in his suspense, Uie mnn could
not but return. "Whence thin now-
found dislike tu being conspicuous?"
Miss Oorsehkov smiled slowly and
Started to nuswer, but a voice from
across the table stopped her.
"What i.s it, ('apt. Lawrence'.1" she
"Hove you heard of Lieut. Dudley's
"Nu.   Is he dend?"
"He (lied at Apache a weok ngu."
"I'm so sorry; but, frankly. I don't
think a dintier-infile tin* [ilnco fur fu-
nornl notices." she rebuked him.   He
disliked her. ami she saw the purpose uf
his announcement     Her  ilotul* white
shin could turn no whiter, and bor Smiling red lips were painted.
"CokMicnrted devil," tho coptntn muttered, ns she turned bnck tu tlie man at
her side.
"So you want me to mnrry you? I
will, ltut 1 want you to understand
why. It in becnuse 1 have just beeu
told that the only man I huve ever loved
or ever will love is dead. Do you want
mo—knowing Hint?"
"Even knowing that—ves."
"Very well."
She spoke across the table again.
"Cnpt, Lawrence, do yuu happen to
know* bow Mr. Dudley died'.'We might
as well have the coroner's verdict, since
you have given us thc other notices."
"He died of drink," he told her, mercilessly, j
"I never knew that he drnnk."
"Ua nevpr did until be -went back
from here a year ago. He took to i:
furiously after Unit, nnd would havi
been dismissed if he hnd not died, probably.   Can ynu account for it?"
Miss OorscllkOV smiled. "Perhaps he
fancied he was quoding the waters of
Lethe," she said. San Francisco Argonaut,
1,nmm or Vessels.
The average wei.i.tly toss nf vessels on
the seas throughout the world is 12.
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Stationery. Novelties,
Cigars, Tobaccos,
Books and Periodicals.
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Cranbroax stationery Store, Agcota
Lowest Rates to Any Point in Canada or
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Physician and Surgeon.
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Mines and Real Estate
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Same Old  Thin if.
Tlio sun rose Iii die east Lhat morn
Above tliu hillock's crest—
Yut stay, heart, thou wouldat be forlorn.
Dltl It rlso In (lie weal.
The early bird had caught tha worm-
But this ia mere addition—
Dear  heart,   1  reck   that   thou  wouldat
Did that bird "bust" tradition.
The whlpnoorwlll sang merrttee,
As he has always SUngj
And, come to think, on yon yew tree
The r*ame old verdure hung.
And there, upon Iho spreading oak,
The robin tuned his lay,
The frog In yonder i d did croak
Jit Just the minie ohl way.
Jn fact, all round the country lmmes
All tilings Were as of jure,
Reminding mo of sun r pomes
I'd Ofton writ before.
Ami ku. beneath thin chestnut tree,
Dear heart, while nature smiles,
tit-Hi  look  ll|i ||lt< old  flies,
-  I'hil.nl. I|.I,i.i Noi III
llU-ihiri-il   lllliult).
"inn- 8tiigc malinger la altogether ton
"Wlillt llllH buitoiu Wl"
"atupimil me rrom playing Hamlet
botmusu lm Bitiil ihe nudluucu (lUln't
lanuh from tbo right motive."—Clevo-
liiinl l'lnln Dealer
Mltianl'x I.iulmt-iit Cun*n Iturns, etc.
A Street  Hi.Ml.-,-.
"Wbat'B yonr biulneBSY" asked tbo
police mnglatrate of u mnn wbo wns ho-
fore bim for abusing hte wife because
sup|ii!i wns nut ready.
"I'm n street (metier." wan tbe reply.
Explanations showed, Biiya tbu Now
York Herald, tbat tbe man represented
u largo number of fellows in Now York
wbo have no regular occupation, but
nevertheless manage to make a gocd
living, particularly nt this time of tbe
year They loiter around the strflets
until they sen it vnnltmd of furniture
going somewhere Tbon they follow tbe
wagnu. oftentimes for miles. The wagon drivers do not tako kindly to these
men und will not let them ride.
Men wbo are "handy with tbeir
hands," as it was explained to tlie
magistrate, havo no difficulty in getting a juli laying carpets, cleaning windows nud fnrnacea or hanging out
clotheslines. It is a poor wngon chase
that does not net from $'3 to $4 a load.
Sometimes, when two or moro men nro
following tho same load, competition is
keen. Tho wagon driver whips his
horses, uud the prize falls to tho man
wbo 1ms tho fleetest foot and tbe greatest wind power.
ULCERKURE-Snre nare lor Poison oak oilvy
A Street I'nvi-d Willi qtn««.
Not,satiBlled with cobblestones and
wood, the city of Lyons, France, bus
been ■jxperiiiientitr.' witli glass as a
street puvemeut Kiiic-t* last November
tliu Rue de la RepnhNfjne bas been
paved wilh devitrifijd glass. This new
prod tic t in obtained from broken gluss
heated ton temperature of 1,3B0 degrees and ciiiiipivssed in matrices by
hydraulic force. Tbe glass pavement is
laid iu llie ft'iin of blocks, eight inches
Hjiutre. emii block containing 10 porta
in the form of checkers. These blocks
are ku clusely lllti d together that water
ennunt pass between tbem. and the
wholo pavement looks like one gigantic
draught board. Asa pavement it i- said
to have greater reals tn lice than shine;
lt is a pour condnctor of cold, ami Ice
will not form on it readily Dirt does
not accumulate upon it so easily as
ii*inn stone, and it will not retain mi*
cidliea It it mnte durable than stoue
ami jnst as cheap	
Miiiard's Liniment I. el ices Neuralgia
I'n Ill-till llio I'jrnmlil,
Citizens of Memphis propose putting
■np nn office building modeled after the
celebrated pyramid. Tbe present plan
Is for n pyramid 130 feet high, IflO by
150 fGet at tbe busu and running to n
tip. A seating capacity of 15,1)00 is expected, and tho cost  is estimated nt
$60,000.  The main floor will bo devoted
to such uses as Madison Square Garden,
New Vork, is now put to, nnd the ru-
mainiug alx Btorlos will be equipped
for otlices. The pyramid will probably
be built at some point along the river
front, llius carrying out the Egyptian
Idea of tlio Nile pvm-uids at Memphis
-Drape J ii lee.
Tho editor of the New York Medical
Times states that cliotnically milk and
grapo jtltco aie almost Identical nnd
that Um nutritive qunliltM bt both nre
plutost thn an nn*. a pint of each being
considered equal to n pound of moat
How lunch genuine uutrlment and food
wo may get from the grape I Next fall,
when grapes me plenty, mi »ll tbo bot'
ties available with tlm expressed juice,
Healed hermetically nud uso it instead
of ao much ten and coffee.   Bring uufer
mooted it is positively nonalcoholic and
untu toxica ting) ami it is a good tonic.
Tho I'rlnoe nnd Trmlesnioni
II is apparently almost iisditlicult, for
a tradesman to gftln outrnuco to Marlborough Houho, the London residenco
of the Prince of Wales, aa it is to get
wilhin thu lines of an mined ramp. A
narrow glnsa door in tlm right wing of
Ihu palace ia reserved for such visitors,
nml only those having nn appointment
previously nrianged for by the prince'
Valets are admitted, while severnl sol*
diets and minor officers of tho law are
Closo about to prevent the -ulmittnU'T
of nmleaiiablo persons
Tin' (ioMMliM-rs.
All  Atchison limit  snys tlmt  tho worst
ifislptng done anywhere under nny olr*
misiiim-cs is lhat   tub!   nl   night  when
i*o or three people arc sitting up with n
n'pse.    They wnnt lo keep awake nail
m't  keep awake hy relleetlnj* on  tl
inrlness of  life  and   the solemnity ■
•nth, which is their plain duty, su tin
issljt iiml tell sucll stories It is a wond
:e   corpse   doesn't   scream.*—Atclilsi
There are mnny porsona ot healthy nppe-
t.tti aud poor digestionwho.nrtor a hearty
meal, aro subject to much suffering. The
food of whioh they havo partaken 11ns llks
lead lu their stomachs, Headache, depression, a Hm-thi-rlng feeling follow.
Une bo alllloted Is unlit fnr hufiliiefm or
work of nny hind. In this condition
Parnielee'a vegetable Pills will bring relief. They will assist the nsslmtlntlon of
tlie ailment, ami usad acaoi-dtna to direction will restore healthy digestion.
Minnrd's Liniment foi wileever)where
An Orttvtunl Snli'lilci
Whether it wasVoitnlreorsomeotbei
observing, meditative Frenchman wbo
said, "All Frenchmen are actors, nnd
the worst   nre   usually on   ihe   stage,"
docs not particularly matter for the
subject in band.   While we have reason
to be sure of the correctness of the Bnul
part of the aphorism, we have not time
to show why we do not agree with tlm
last. It is not a scene nt the assizes
that we are going to describe, although
scenes worthy of the Opera Comiqne
are constantly presented there. It is n
A well dressed gentleman descended
tho Quo! des Tuileries und. seating
himself beside a man who waa fishing,
lit a cigar. He then offered one to bis
neighbor nud plunged Into tho river,
cigar, cane, silk hat aud all. The flab*
enn an, wlm was quick to recover from
bis astonishment, plunged after bim.
Imt. llm Hrst striickoutaml swam away
Tb.-other regained the bunk in disgust
Tlm former shortly returned and,
while treading wnter before Wa tout*
porn it acquaintance, tossed him n
hnmlfiil of goldplecea Al tho approach
of a number of persons the strango
man prodllCOtl iiiuillur handful of cuius.
which be swallowed am), iliviii" under
tlm water, did not renppenr. * body
was found live hours later, ami, as there
was nothing discovered by which to ca
tnblisll his identity   It was taken 'o the
a Stun nir ra nil or's rent.
Concerning the stenographic prowess
of tho lato Thomas Allen Reed a correspondent sends a curious anecdote. The
late shorthand writer was once ou professional business in Liverpool and staid
iu tho same hotel as (Unities Mathews,
tbe actor. Tho latter had appeared in
"My Awful Dad," and after tho performance ho strolled into the smoking
room. Having heard of Mr. Reod'a ox-
pertnesa as a note taker, Mathews challenged tliu reporter to jot down certain
passnges from the chnrncter of Pull iu
Richard BrlnBley Sheridan's "Critic.'1
Rend expressed his willingness to
have a try. Mathews, who waa one of
tbo best "patter" speakers on Iho stage,
began to gabble tbe lines with startling'
rapidity, ami the other strained every
nerve to follow liim. When the test was
finished. Reed, whose notes, despite
tho terrific speed at which he hnd been
writing, were of neat and eligible outline, merely inserted a vowel murk or
two and banded tbem to an assistant
who wus called Into the room, and who
transcribed the characters with bnt few
mistakes, backward I "I should hardly
have thought it possible, Mr. Reed I"
wus the astonished Charles Mathews'
comment—London Telegraph.
Time  lit* Wim Married.
A recent wedding in h western town
was ao much interrupted that tho
friends of tbe wedded pair found special
reason to congratulate them when tbo
ceremony was at last over. All went
merrily until the bridegroom was called
npon to produce tbo wedding ring. In
vnin bo felt in his trousers pocket tor
the indispensable article. Nothing could
be found except it holo through which
tbe ring had evidently fallen into tlio
high boot wblcb tbe yonng man wore
Whut was to be done?
"Take your boot off," snid tbe parson.
Tho suspense aud silence were pain-
The organist, at tbo priest's bidding,
struck up a "voluntary."
The young mun removed his boot;
the ring was found; also a hole in hia
stocking, and iho worthy minister remarked, evidently with more thnn tbu
delay ol the ceremony in mind:
"Young man. it ia timo yon were
Pro ml  lo Kmivr llim.
"The other night," said the fnt
boarder, "1 slept in n room witb a generous gentleman I snoro horribly—in
fact. I'm a snorer from wny back We
retired. In the morning when wo arose
this gentleman banded mu it silver half
" 'Wbnt'a that for?' sold I.
" 'Ob, take it.' lie replied. 'You havo
won it.  You deserve it.'
" 'llut what fort' said 1
" 'Oh, take the money and go nnd
buy yourself several Hrst class drinks. 1
like yotl. You nro the best one I ever
snw You aro the only man 1 ever Baw
who could snore loader thuu I cuu holler. " "
II In Klco  *-*. ny  Out,
■'And is this the first   time you huvo
experienced the sensatfou of loveV she
"It is, " ho replied.
"Am 1 tbO first girl you ever told
you loved V" sho persisted.
He hesitated. What might not havo
come tO her ears', "You roust remember," bo suid at Inst, "bow easy it ia
lm* the ignorant and uninitiated to accept   a   base    imi tat ioa   for   tliu   teal
thing "—Chicago Post
iin i mi rinv die Clarinett
Thousands of people nro learning to
play tbe piano There is no doiunnd for
piano player*; Indeed, In some places
they are prohibited Hot thero ts n do*
iimiid for clarinet players A guud
clarinet player is always iu deuuinil
uml mnkes good wages Why don't
sonic of the foolish peoplo tako clarinet
lessons?—Atchison Globe
A   V(Millli, nililiiiiiitl.
"What uro you In nulling at?' ox-
clnlined tho schoolmaster.
"Please, sir." aaid the hov. "I'm
laughing at how funny it Wonld be if
ono of the boys put a bent phi on
your chair nud you discovered it before
- before—in time, sir. uml then whip
ped hint."—Philadelphia North American.
In East Indinn schools mental arithmetic is a vastly more serions mat tel
than it ia in the schools of this country.
Catch questions aro numerous, ami pupils of 10 years are taught to carry tbe
multiplication table uu to 40 times 40.
Turkish Until Influence!.
"As regular Turkish baths go lu largo
cities," says a physician, "there la not ouu
to whleh I would send a young girl, oven
though sho might need thu medical treatment. Tbo posalhlo associations mako
thom unfit places lor hor. While thero are
uiuhmhtcdly many nleo women who go to
thom, there aro also a great many with
whom sho should not ho brought In contact. Tho Turkish bath hua a tendency
lo loOROU tho tongue, und the conversations that enn hu hoard over the low partitions of tho retiring rooms, 1 havu been
told many tlmns hy women who pnlnnilzo
tho hatha, is nob edifying,"—New York
Don't Neglect a
Cold in the  Head.
Cures  in  a  Single  Night.
Catarrli or the it- ■■■! asuallj starts with a oold
in ih-- heud. und ir l.-rt unahtckeU In tbu
climate rarob gets well Itself. Another oulatu
usually added, and More ii ^awrflUig-pioni
tnctadttii <\ - ;  ■   mutually be-Mms worn,
,iiii'i-th<- result
ikm't n-i|*lwt it.
anil lin.ill. .'■< ural ■ .
If yon liavn it t"'l ni t
.IllU'llle-c I'ill.in !l I'm
lit a few minuter,   and will nun. la ■ ■JM*
■ttfjfci     Mr   A!  *.   M   !!:■•■  ito'* -ll tamwt ,   tt ,
si.mi'»'ek-.-inl-'iiu-iiuiti :i ■   l.l ta tba heed
ivhlchwai iiiparenUl detolopltig Intoutarrb
bfglilt K-i'iiiiiiiit'iiil it; tin-
'' * 's.. l", 1S .v' V* ll" «lV ii atrial •«.    1'riit* .r*" eenii.   HI
liiiM'-.L-niiiiini'-eU i-< cure,  tur  r:.M.
-'itiiii.l.'-eni toany sufferer from uatai
i'l,J.*.e..|U-lli-IU.Il|«..    Ad.lr.-f.The  ..rilllt
AMaeah rwnOo.,ui Church Street, Toront
A   \n-alv   nilet
Which la in tha «'nin«l
"Why am   I   mil   otworkl" rapeatod a
bright young girl whon asbod thai question—"WhyJ HeeuuKo my omployor's
daughter wants to   earn  hhho pookol
t icy, nn.l she   will Work   for   half \-.lui!
iho placo Is worth) that's why!"
"Why do you l-other your head over
Stupid shorthand mul typewriting whon
Vuur ful her is rich   nml can   supply overy-
thlng you need?" was asked tlm omployor's daughter.
"Oh, yes. papa Is rich, and lie's awfully
good, too, but I'd rather earn my own
monoy thau ho always asking hltn for it-
It's sn—so—well. UkO bogging, you know,
even If he Is vour ful lur!"
Now, who Is iu ihe wrong? Should Iho
father Bllpply his daughter With stated
sums of spending monoy at stated times
and so relievo her of thu necessity of "bogging," or, on the other hand, of keeping
a girl who needs workout of a position?
Or Is it wrong to encourage women to regard themselves as a leisure oIobs, to bo
supported by their men folk?
A remedy might hu suggested thnt
would covor the caso—lot tho rich man's
daughters he trained aa llnanelers or business women and then set them up In business for themselves, just as is done with
the sons, so lhat they may furnish employment to their poorer sisters instead of taking it from them. How would that do?—
San Frnnolsoo Post.
To Sliircli SlilrtN.
After they havo beooino "bono dry" put
the shirts, collars and cuffs through a
wheat starch made hy pouring foaming
hot water over a smooth batter obtained
by stirring wheat flour and cold water together until it Is tho consistency of thin
onko butter. Thia should be boiled slowly
for two hours and then strained through
a cheesecloth. Add to each quart of hulling starch u tenspoonful of whlto wax,
BUOh as te especially prepn**al for laundry
use. Tho secret of a good, Binooth finish
to stiff starched clothes is in the methods
of starching. This must be carefully done.
Spread u shirt bosom over a clean board,
ami with a piece or thin cloth rub llio
starch into tho bosom with strong, firm
strokes. There should not bo a wrinkle
lu tho linen niter ir Is thoroughly wet and
Btarchod; and all supcrlluous starch la
wiped off with a cloth. Tho wristbands
and neckband ure treated the same way,
and tbe shirt is again hung out to dry.
When it is thoroughly dry—"bono dry"
again—tbo shirt and collars and culls aro
dipped for a moment in boiling water and
quickly wrung through tho wringer with
the rollers pressed as tightly together as
they can ho turned. The pieces (-liuiild
now ho left to stand for at least two hours
before they aro ironed*— Gentlewoman.
Smooth Foreheads Arc Hiire.
A pretty forehead Is a possession to
value, as much of the character of thn faco
depends upon it. Any forehead must and
can bo freo from irregularities and wrinkles to bo attractive, Care should he taken
in youth to avoid tho straight long lines
on tiie forehead which are brought on by
elevating tho eyebrows. Look at the middle aged faces you meet each day and mark
tho prevalence of those lines juBt over tho
temples, ln nine cases out of ten the remainder of thc face will he smooth and
youthful, Imt  those lilies  tell  tho  tale of
age. This lifting of the eyebrows Is a
Eousolcss trick, which is thought to give
expression to the face. It is ou a level
With the maity other so called tricks of expression, really nothing more than contortions of the fnalal muscles. It is rare to
llnd a woman who can carry on a conversation  with nu  even   countenance and
without nods and wags of tlie bead.
K-iiriioriliiuii-v Mothers.
Probably the youngest grandmother of
whom we havo record was a Lady Child
of Shropshire, She had married at u
years of ago nud had a child beforo hoi
thirteenth  year was   completed,    This
child, in   turn,  married  while  still   very
young, with tho result thai Lndy Child
was a grandmother at 'JT.
The mosl extraordinary oases ot motherhood wero thoso of Mrs. lloiieywnod of
Charing, In   Kent, anil   l.ady   Temple  of
Slow.   When the former died, on May 10,
10JJ0, aged PU, she counted as her descend
ants 16 children, 111 grandchildren, 833
great gr.'iU'ifhildtvii   and   \>    great greal
Tho other case wnsovon mora romarkablo. Lady Temple, who died In 1060,
had given hirth to four sous and nine
daughters and lived to see moro than 7uu
Kttaslnn Ten.
Ii. Is a mistake, according to a New
York woman whohasspont two winters
in Si. Petersburg, to call iho cold ton
served horo In America IliiBslait tea. "On
(lm contrary," sho snys, "nowhoro, not
even In London, wns I offered such scalding ten as III   It ii ss! ii.    The  real   HllSSlnn
tea of llio drawing rooms oftho nobility
Is browed from the onravnii lea and isal-
woysBorvod froshly inndo. Into thoonp
gousllrsl a slice of lemon and the allot-
ment of sugar; then a generous portion of
olnrot, ngood third of a cupful; finally,
lhe verv hoi tea is poured over Thla la
genuine Russian tea."
Tench Vour Child to Piny Alone,
I believe thnt every child should bo encouraged, If not rcqtilrod, to play ulonu
during some part of ihe day. Any closo
observer of children Will nolo an unexplained tendency to silliness when a number of them nro nt pluy together. Then*
uro likewise dangers in an oversupply of
adult Bocluty. Children aro moro lu-
llueiieed hy indirect suggestion than we
mv niii lo realize, nnd wo may keep them
by us too closely, and thus affect unfavor-
ulily (heir will power und llielr independent development.—Elaine Uoodnlo Eastman iu Woman's Homo Companion.
Dntiiimeaa Proven tail hy Ivy.
■Tho growth of ivy on tho walls of houses
keeps thom free of damp, thn ivy extracting, for iis own sustenance, every particle
ofmolsturo from the brick or stone tu
which it dings, by mentis of rootlets, Tho
overlapping leaves of tho Ivy conduct
water billing on thorn from point to point
llll it reaches lhe ground, without allowing the walls to receive uny Uiolsturo fron
h* -nl*'
dee, nud if there ain't lhe farmer
who suld he'd shout uie If he saw me
in his apple tree again ("—New Vork
ULCERKURE litjis 111 Worst Harb Wire cots
Banny'a Pallnra,
Benny, the 4 yeur old member of the
family, luul been trained to believe iu
the deep water form ol baptism Thia is
helitvi'd to hu the reasou why he was
trying to plunge tlm household cat into
a hneket of water Tho UUimal resisted
11 Imwh d and scratched nud clawed and
Usui violent laiigmige. finally Kenny
With his hands covered with scratches
nml with tears in his eyes, gave it up
"Dam youl" be said. "(Jo an boa
Meihoilia' if yon want tol"—Chicago
(IN Al'Pl'.TITK.-To have the st iinueh
well is lo have tliu nervous system Well.
Very delicate nre the digestive organs.
Iu soma hu sensitive aro ttiey that atmospheric charges affect tbem. When tbey
oeoomo disarranged no better regulator Is
procuinlde than I'arim-lee's Vegetable
1'llls Thev will assist the digestion so
that the hearty eater will suffer no I noon-
venlence aud will derive ull tho bem-lIU
of his food.
Atft'M ot Sume Furmvr Speakera.
When elected speaker yeurs ago, Ga*
lushu A. Grow, who is still living aud
a member of congress, wns but !1H
James G. Blaine was H0 when bo was
first culled to the chair. Thomas 11
Reed was 50 when be was selected for
tho first time, and Mr. Curlialo was 48.
Others have been older and u few
younger, bnt as u general thing the
speakers have been chosen from men
who uro in tlie prime of life, partly be*
cause they are compelled to undergo a
great strain ut times and partly because
the men must ho legislators who have
had long experience on the Iloor uud
nro thorongbly aciiuniuted with parliamentary practice.—Cincinnati Cum
morcial Tribune.
SAFE, CERTAIN, PROMPT, ECONOMIC. — These low adjective*, apply
with [.ooullar force lo Dr i lamias' Ecluc-
trloOil—a standard external and Internal
remedy, adapted to the relief and cure of
coughs, sore throat, hoursenusa and all
alfeetionsof the breathing organs, kidney
troubles, excorlatlous, norus. lameness and
physical pain.
Very Likely.
"I  am  afraid," suid Mr. Brotixbor*
igh. "that Johnny is getting into bad
uiipany.   I heard him swear at bis lit*
o sister .inst now."
"Perhaps,"   replied  Mra. Brotixbor-
onglt, "he may have been  listening to
your remarks when you lost yonr collar
button "—New York Journal.
Alloway & Champion
Listed Stocks boujtlit, sold, and carrrla*
on uiarg-lu.
Write US If jrouwlBh toeiflianaeaiiyjdndof
money, to buy Government or u. N< W.   "
Liiinl-. or to tutu! iiiiiiu)' anywhere.
P. O. DltAWfcK 1317.
J. ID. O'Bbien
148   Print-earl SI., W luu I peg;,
Private wire connection with all markets
Grain bought and carried on naught
Ooarespoudeuce solicited
An  li-naucceaafnl Operation.
"Yon told me yon expected to per-
torin an operation fur appendicitis on
old Bensloy.   Uow did you comeonSt*'
"Ia Beaaley dead?"
"No. As soon ns J suggested the operation he sent for another doctor."—
Cleveland Plain Dealer
077   .-ilici'lunii-lie Nl.       ■        Tiilolitii.
Cure of
Salt Rheum.
The permanent cure after permanent cure that is being published
week by week has placed Burdock
Blood Bitters far above all other
remedies in the estimation of the
sick and suffering.
Even the seveiest and most chronic diseases that other remedies
fail to relieve yield to the blood
purifying, blood enriching properties of B.B.B.
Salt Rheum or Eczema—that
most stubborn of skin diseases,
which causes such torture and is so
difficult to cure with ordinary remedies—cannot withstand B.B. B.'s
healing, soothing power.
The case of Mrs. Jas. Sanderson,
Emerson, Man., shows how effective B.B.B. is in curing Salt Rheum
at its worst, and curing it to stay
Tliis is what she wrote:
" Burdock Blood Bitters cured me of a
bad attack of Salt Rheum three years ago.
It waa so severe that my linger nails Chine
off. I carl truly say lli.it t know of no
more valuable medicine in the world than
11.11 11. ll eured me computet) and
permanently, as I havo never had a touch
of Salt Riieum since."
Women Need
Not Suffer
From those terrible Bide
aebt??, hack aches, head-
utiles aud the thousand uud
ouo other ills which make
life full of misery.
Most ot ihesu li-oiil.]*.--- nre
due to impure, Imperfectly
filtered blood—the Kidneys
aru uut acting right and in
consequence the   system   ia
belngpoisoued with impurities.
are daily proving themselves woman's
gruRk-st friend and benefactor,
Hero is un instance: .
Mrs. Hurry Fleming, St. Mary's, N.B.,
naysi "The uso of Doan'B Kidney Pllla
restored me tu complete health. The
first symptoms I noticed In my ease wero
i&vuru pains in thu small of my back
snd uruuuil thu lui us, together with
general weakness and lusn ol appetite.
1 grudiudly l-uenum worse, until,
bearing of Dona's Kidney I'ilis, I K"t u
hoi from onr druggist.
I am pleased to i«-siify to their effectiveness in correcting ihu troubles frum
which I suffered.
■ilu ' luiiM'f For Improve men t.
First Arctic Explorer—I say I
Second Arctic Explorer—Say on
"I sny, we're ln u box."
"We'll havo to wait for a roacnlng
"That's It."
"Ono will come, I suppose."
"Ves, they always come, but not always on time."
"Don't you think tbe present style
of arctic exploration might be im
"Perhaps so. What would you stig*
"1 think the rescuing; party ought to
go ahead. "--New York Weekly
Thu great lung healer is round tn that
excellent mediotno sold us Hlcklu't* Ami
CoLBumptlvo Syrup. It soothes and
iliiiilnisiii's the hi-nsiliility of trie tnriu-
brane of the throat nnd nir passuK6H, anil
Is a sovereign remedy fur all coughs,
colds, rmiment'.'is, pain or soreni'ss in the
clit'st, bronehttis, utc. It has uureil many
when supposed to be far advanced in rou
Anl-i nikI Tin-1r QflTvutS—Inilln.
Small, sofl unit feeble ns the wlillo .<
ere, yel lt.v their Humbert* und powers of
dest met ion they hnve Inlluciued In some
extoiil l-otii iho nrehlli'i'ture nnd nlso the
civilizntloii uf tbe cimutry. To iheir iav*
ages, ulilih prevent luneli the use of liiu-
hi'i*. is hi u grout tnetimire due the massive solidity nf Ua- grander Indian nil-
lives, and liy Iheir llevoiirlug of papers
und documents they hnvo restricted the
cultivation or literature.   Tin.v lime tvu-
•h-reil the preservution of l ks dllllvult.
Thoy have coiiliimously dcatroved lhe
records that would have Ibruwii light nn
the history of Ihe pnst. -"HuilillB uud
Htibbles of na hidliin Olllehd."
Baddeck, June 11, 1897.
0. O. Richards & Co.
is my remedy for NEURALGIA.
It relieves at ouce.
A. S. McDonald.
Tliey SHUt-d.
Long before the war ptenerai Butler,
whu was then a struggling yonng law
yer, lived up in a Massachusetts manufacturing town. He hud displayed ability at college, but bud to wait the usual
number of yearn for bis flrst case. At
last a young girl who bad worked In n
cotton mill caine to bim for redress
against lier employers. Hhe had been
discharged without wages, and on a request fur   tiiree weeks' wages was   tin
ceremoniously thrust from the door.
The case looked blue, for the firm Was
u very rich one, hut she needed money
btully Hhe offered Hen one-half to collect it
Thu next morning, while on her way
to look for employment, she came upon
a great gathering at a crossing. She
Inqnired what wns tho matter and
learned that the factory she bad left
luul shut down for the lirst time in 80
years. Wonder in*/, what could have
bronght abont snrh a state, she passed
on aud presently met Butler. He was
leaning against a lamppost whittling a
" 'Tsnll right," becalled, waving hia
knife with a jaunty air. " 'Tsnll right
I've got 'emI"
"Got who?" ventured the young
"Why, those old skins up nt tbe factory I went to 'em right after I saw
yon yesterday and demanded tbo bill.
They told ino to hustle. I then got ont
nn attachment on their water wheel
and shnt up tbo shop. Ymi own (19
worth of the entire machinery. Ob,
they'll settle by noonl" And they did
—Cincinnati Enquirer,
He-ulRCllflt Itttlleveil hi Om* Minute.
Griffiths1 Menthol Llnlmont relieves
headaches tbe minute applied. Apply ft
to the forehead and temples, then Inhale
freely In the manner directed on the olr<
uulur around tlm hottle. No other remedy
Is so vulimMi" lu the home as Menthol
Liniment.   All druggists, 80 cents.
use ALBERT soap.
If your fancy is for a Tar Soap you
will find tin1 best in our
Sold at all Drug Stores.
Ho dotUr /littKy tvus pf/ic>r art-si/
tftA> /ha£ fA__^}f wM____k
__ty___V   OfalAlU   tt/e-
il'iilVJ'iilV'IiilVlV!** *•*'•• *T* **''-* **T* '*',', *•'' *•''* **'•* **'♦ •*>'* **T* ■*■-* **'** x1" ■*•'* "Ivlvli
«*j* *\\ *t> *»*• *i** K* e„* *i*» *l\ .•Iw'wIw^'J^trylw'w'wIw'wl^ *»'• •'»"I»
I EDDY'S.... 1
f FIRST in 1851.
-:•-•:-    FOREMOST in 1899
*.*. The MOST of the BEST MATCHES
iv for the Least Money.
Al-it ^l l,l.,l\1l \,^.,l.l..l^..^.l^i \^---,r^--. --* .-.\l.\-, \-.\-, ......... .,. A.
**!-*-*» ... ... '*> ... ... ... ... ... rt- ... **- .,- .,- *.-*'.. *.'» ... *'*"*--*-#'wi-*",;w!w*-
IIIUD OFFICE:   fiO.'l rtlolntyro 1:1... U. Winnipeg, Slnultoba,
\V<: pay our losses lhe >.u\\f year the loss occurs.
We'have over llvo milium dollars "I insurance in force.
We promptly and satisfactorily adjust all losses.
For rei able insurance that insures apply to
E. A. TAYLOR, Manager.
6IKI   MclMVItK   liMH K,   WLNMI'li,.   SIAS1TOUA.
Thi* Plumber Needed n Helper.
Householder—Say.    plumber,    th
iieemH lo be n remarkably One i igat yon
are -niokiug,  Whut is ihe brand "
lJlntiiher—I didn't have time to fin.}
out lie come in before I'd got onlj
ono and put tbu box awuy.—Lndtuuau*
lllill ,I'l!lll'jt
It's no Trick
There never waa, and never vrlll be, a
uuivemul punncea, in one remed*r, for all
'11a to which Beth la heir—the very nature
ut mnny curatives being etieh that were
tlie germa of other and differently F**ated
diseases rooted In tbe eyitetn of the pa-
tlent—what would relieve oue 111 ln turn
would aggravate the other. We have,
however, In Quinine Wine, when obtainable In a sound, unadulterated state, a
remedy for many andgrlevms ills. Ily Its
gradual and judlctous use the frailest ■**»•
tenia aro led Iuto convalescence and
strength hy the influence which Quinine
eierta on Nature's own restoratives. It
relieves the drooping spirits of thon with
whom a chronic ~un<- ol morbid despondency and lack of Interest in life Is a disease, und, h.v tranquilizlng the nerves.
ilUposes to sound and refreshing sleep—
Imparts vigur to the action of the blo-id,
which, being stimulated, courses through-
nit the veins, strengthening the healthy
animal functions of the system, thereby
making activity u necessary result,
strengthening tho frame, aud giving life
to the digestive organs, which naturally
demand Increased substance— result, improved appetite. Northrop and Lyman, of
Toronto, have given to the public th*-lr
superior Quinine Wine at the usual rate,
mil, gauged by the opinion of scientists,
shis whiu approaches nearest perfection
it any In tbe market. AU druggists sell
T<>  in ski* BUenfU, li'.."'—   -if.. nl'«  and
light ami wholMona when jam ut*
ft Is nnsorpaased
nml LOW IN i'KICB.
It Wm Waited on Hlm.
He wus a callow yutitb and assumed
many liberties.
"Ah, Lucy," ho suid to a young woman with whom he was somewhat tic*
quainted, "you look tired. What you
been doing?"
"Hunting a Hut." ahe answered.
"And did yon llnd oneV" he naked.
Her eyea snapped.
"I fonnd one." she replied with a
meaning look.
Uut, of conrse, ho didn't see tbo point
of it—Cleveland Plain Denier
ULCERKURE Wuii All OU or UtiW WoUlids
A Seine of I tn |>m I n m-.',
"I wonder what makes these Filipinos so obstinate and Impndent," said
cue statesman.
"I'm ufraid it waa n remark ol
mine." answered the other. "They've
probably heard thut I thought lb*')'
wero worth *;'-' n bend, and it lias atlin
dialed their self esteem till il run away
with them."- Wlislllllgloil Slar
Mluard'a Liniment CureN DuedrufT.
Work For a Sleuth,
"Excuse me," said the detective na
he presented himself ut the door of tbe
music academy, "bnt I hope you'll give
ine what Information you have and not
make any fnss."
"What do you meanV* was the indignant inquiry.
"Why, that little nffair, you know.'
"I iltiu't understand."
"Why, you see, wo got a tip from
lhe bouse next door tbat EOtnebody here
hau been murdering Wagner, nnd the
chief sent me down to Work up the
caso."—New Orleans Times-Democrat
Advertises Itself.
This business is conducted so llial every
customer Is un advertiser of Ita merits. It
is estimated thai every order fllled lor
patrons who shop hv mall brings at least
two other orders.   This means you'll bo so
well served that you'll talk about   it  ami
show the goods to friends with ui tlif action.
This store has Issued a catalogue- Illustrated and descriptive.  It contains an
epitome ot what may be seen bare iu tha
finest -'ore iii (,'iiuaila, where  more goods [
nre Mild at retail than any wholesale iiouse
handles, and nt prices lower tlmn whole*
I fur riitaloi*uf> and i
canlHK,... nragona, Barrow., tf iiuin.m..
*c. uicK^iinr n.uw CO.. wi„ni|..K
Beeaune the roof win Covered with nn American -ju|-ur feitintr. i-i-i.-.ri..( the celebrated
Which has never Utcn known to crack, being
I'njii r beeotnei brittle nml cannot -ilund the
frost struiti.
soiui ior Bamplft,    ;- l.-i stamp.
7ii.*.   siiiin  hi,, Wlnnlpag*.
It is the coffee that
never fails to give absolute satisfaction.
The seal which it
bears is a guarantee
that its purity and
strength have not been
tampered with, and that
it surely is
Chase & Sanborn's
Seal Brand Coffee
I.KST  VOU   FtHUI.n'i-Wrlte fur Prlcea
on c'rcim Beparatora, Oaaollaa ln^in... Tr.»a
Powers, rinrl orerytlitag uw.l In llm Cfcefc..
factory, (Irriuuii v ,,r ll.lr*.   If y..u liavo l.n
COW..O ,1 „ur ll.nil s.].:.r,l..n>WII.I, 8AVE
it. cost tlio Oral year.
BRITANNIA, BEAVER and BUFFALO aro the finest India and
Oeylon TEAS packod. Put up by
MacKENZIE & MILLS, Winnipeg
/f.a 'Iti&vYC
W, \. 1'.   MB
Import... of Qroaariaa    fcftSil'SlSISa
Villi II. llamlllnu.Oiil.    I. ».« » !>!■■«•■ CRANBROOK   POSTOPFICB
nl in ii 111.. Sainnliijs.
unicnnretliiens rollimsi
nts nt ■• '<> p. in- Mondays,
i vt
inl Saturdays.
. MUsti.'iiit lu.i. lii..;'aM'l'!i'y-'
h  ii. ]',:aiiii-., i: M.
ntDlimok, It, i'.. Juno aa, ww.
l.O.O.F.   Key City Lodie
No, ■J'-'.    Meets every til
.., :-—3^   day night ut tlieir hall nn
*~     Baker street,   Sojourning
Odd Fellows cordially invited.
K E Beatile,    F. E. Simpson,    V. C. Rankin.
N, 0. V. ii. Secy.
|     LOCAL  NOTES     |
Picked  Up Aboul lhe City  by Asking
Question* of Many People.
Blue Riblion lea at Oil pin's.
Keller's Dundee marmalade at Gilpin's.
R. E. Heattie visited Fernie last Sun*
J ti. Musgrave visited Nelson this
Chase & Sanborn's Seal brand coffee
at Gilpin's.
James Laronde, of .Moyie, was iu town
Harry McVittie came over from Fort
Sleele Tuesday.
Mr. Stone and wife visited Moyie last
Monday evening.
A. P, llremner, of Moyelle, was in
town yesterday.
Hugh McMillan has been ou the sick
list Lite past week.
Miss Cardiff and Miss McKvl'ap visited
friends in Moyie this week.
Dr. King visited Coal Creek Wednesday on professional business.
An Odd Fellows lodge is to be instituted at Moyie in the near future.
John Murphy came up from Moyie
Tuesday to see his old friends,
J. McNeil left for Winnipeg, Monday
to see bis mother, who is quite ill.
J, P. Farrell and S. A. Scott, of Moyie,
were Cranbrook visitors Monday.
A. Ii Grace and wife, of Fort Steele,
were Ctaubrook visitors Thursday.
N. C. Mclnstrey, of Kimberley, was in
town Friday after household goods.
Bom, on Wednesday, September 20,
to Mr. aud Mrs. T, T. Richards, a son.
Messrs. Costigau, Bell and Wellman
visited Kimberley Monday uud Tuesday.
Dr. Corsau and family, of Fort Steele,
were guests of J, W. II.' Smythe Tuesday.
Frank VanDecar visited Fort Steele
Messrs. Desauluier and McCrackeu,
of Moyie, were Craubrook visitors Wednesday.
James Ryan and M. M. McInneB visited Marysville and Kimberley this
Mrs Krickson and Mrs. Motrow visited
with friends in Macleod several days
litis week.
R. Parotide has been confined in the
Mission hospital tbe past two weeks
with the fever.
Leo McDermot, Miss Durick and M
Durick, of Fort Sleele, visited Cran-
bmok Sunday.
Alex Ooyette came down from Kimberley tbis week for a few days' stay at
the metropolis,
MisB Mary Richards and Miss Mildred
McConnell are visiting at St, Fugene
Mission this week,
George and Archie Leitch are in camp
at St. Marys river taking a few lessons
in btidge building,
The I. O. O. ti. lodge held a short session last Friday evening, owing to Ihe
Methodist concert.
The kissing bug has reached Craubrook and is creating consternation
among its victims.
Under a new order which went into
effect last Monday, Moyie will have a
daily mail hereafter.
S. M. Marsh, of Moyie, visited Cranbrook last week and paid The Herald
office a pleasant call,
Tbe license commission met in Cranbrook last Thursday and sanctioned thc
transfer of several licenses.
Constable Lindsay, of Moyie, was a
passenger on Wednesday morning's
train, bound for Fort Steele.
You should go to Gilpin's and see his
stock of hlanketB aud com'orls. IIH
pure down comforts arc the finest.
Mr. and Mrs. L M. Mansfield nnd Mr.
and Mrs. F, ti Simpson visited with
frlenda in Moyie last Monday evening,
Mis, Wintcrbottom, of Kamloops, is
visiting ber sister, Mrs, C. M. Hdwarda.
She is accompanied by her two children.
Just arrived at Gilpiu's, a choice line
of canned fruits, such as peat* lies, pears,
plums and apples, in one gallon cans.
R. I-. Beattie is moving Ihe building
tbat stood iu tbe rear ofthe postoflice to
a lot be bus purchased in the south part
of towu.
Fted Pieper and Tommy O'Callahan
returned from Klko Monday where they
have been papering George Hoggarlh'a
new hotel,
A meeting of Ihe Kootenay St Algoma
Gold Mining company will be held tbis
evening at the office of McVittie St
T. J. Dickenson, of tbe Cranbrook
hotel barber shop, is off ou a bunting
trip. G. II Becked te in charge during
Mr. Dickenson's absence.
T.J. Forrest will have his new holel
ready to open the first of next mouth.
It will be oue of tbe best equipped hotels
in the Kootenays wben completed.
J. W. Nay, accountant at lhe Canadian
Bank of Commerce iu tbe Fernie branch,
has been called lo Cranhrook to assist
the force in Ibis branch. Mr. Nay Is a
pleasant gentleman, and the people of
Cranbrook would be plenscd to see him
reside here permanently, but lie bus received orders to proceed lo Dawson City,
aud will leuve for there without delay lo
take a position iu tbe branch there.
Frank McQuiston came iu from Duncan City Friday for a brief visit. He reports business a little slow just mnv in
Duncan, but nays it is coining out all
Small St Musgrave, of the Cosmopolitan hotel, have been making some improvements iu their bar room that adds
very much to the appearance of the
George R. Leask has the contract for
tbe large buutdiug bouse to be built for
the Lake Shore mine at Moyie. It is to
be 29 by 6a feet, three stories high, witb
an addition IS by 22 feet.
T. Leask, of the Craubrook sash and
door factory, is making some important
improvements iu his establishment. The
dry kiln is being moved, and tbe upstairs will be converted into a workshop.
Joyce Brothers-, of the Commercial,
A. B. VanDecar, ofthe Royal, Ihe Fort
Steele Mercantile company and R. K.
Beattie have put in gasoline burners
that give a light more brilliant than
A. L McDermot, who bas been in the
government offices for the pant six
mouths, has returned lu Craubrook as
book keeper for tbe Fort Steele Mercantile company. "MaoV many friends
in Cranhrook are pleased to see him
Miss Hurle, the nurse, has taken the
Wilson property which she is tilting up
for hospital purposes. She expects to
build an addition, and have a place
where she can give patients the best of
T. G. Pioctor, of Nelson, went through
Craubrook yesterday euroute to Klko.
He says that he is negotiating with a
company for the water power at Klko,
aud that a manufacturing plant may be
put in there before a great while.
Joe Laidlaw came in from St, Eugene
hospital yesterday, where he has beeu
cou lined the past six weeks with his
wounded hand. He has to keep il
bound up yet, but he is feeling good aud
looking fine. His many friends here
gave him a most cordial welcome.
Robert S. Day, wbo has traveled over
a great deal of country in the capacity of
insurance inspector, was iu town this
week. Speaking of Cranbrook, he said
that in all of British Columbia there
was not such a beautiful townsile as this
oue. That seems to be the opinion of
all who see the town.
Finest Bath Rooms in  Bast Kootenny
Dun't Oct Bald
Try His Dandruff Cure.    It Cures.
\Y. It, BOSS. II. W. llKitniMi-l
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries Public,
"•*■ Teaming
Wood and   Ice  For Sale
Craubrook, British Columbia
Railroad Nttei.
Fernie Free Press: The old dilapidated coach which has heietofore done
duty between Fernie and the mines bas
been replaced by a new ooe of more
modern construction. Tbe chauge did
uot come before il was needed.
Ferule Free Press: W. Fidler, who
has been yardmaster here ever since the
town wan laid out, has resigned his position, and will hereafter have charge of a
work train working near Elko. His
position here bas been given to Robert
Neering, who was at one time yard-
master at Lethbridge.
I liereliy jjlve auilce that I shall toiihw'ti* ap
itly to ititt Cm 11 in hi loner 'uf LaiuU and Works
for perm'anion to imii'liase till! followttlK ile-
•itrllietl uiKKCii'ileu Crown land;
( onitiieticluj* wlipre tin.' Initial post lias been
-il-aHted iilinut one-lmir mile west < f the snutti
etui or Jimmy Mtuth lake, tlience Mouth in
chains, thence we.t -ll) .-lutliii. iheti ninth 40
cliuius, thence east-to chains to |ilaee»r ih^iu-
01111*, {-ontKlnim- iui acres.
Dati'il at (rantirook, U. C, Sept. 4, iw.
T»k*> notice tlmt a apeelal iiiseLhi'* of tha
Board of Lifeline roiiiiulinloner* for South Kast
Kuotr-uay will be held at the (ioverninent liulld-
liiKln the town ;t>f Craabrook, nn Thurialay, the
stli day of October, A. J>. i*u*i, at the hour or
11 o'clock la the forenoon, Moimtaiu time, to
ctmilder Ihe follow liu- application;
T. J. t'urrt'it, Uceuse for the Forrest Houso,
CiunliroiiK. |I,U,
It. W. UAItNKS, Inspa-tsr.
Solicitor, Etc.
Hank of Commerce lllilg.
W. F. GURD, B. C. L.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Brlllah Columbia
Do you take
The Herald?
If not, why not?
It gives the news
Of East Kootenay
»*■•>*>• 9 9-*f*>
G. Johnson....
^ Assayer and
* Metallurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning.
Chas. Estmere...
Real Estate,
Mining Broker
Black Hear... ajfc   Empire  5c
Kimberley Consolidated, 10c
Kimberley, B. C
Via Craabrook
Canadian Pacific
Railway Company
Imperial Limited
Ad Unparalleled Success
Fastest •■■ Best Train
Crossing the Continent.
Steamers  Leave Fort  Williams
Special Rates to the East
and Toronto Exposition
Apiily tor particular, to nearest <:. r. U. aaent
 or to	
C. E. McPbertoi,
Oen, ra... Agent, Winnipeg,
William Stilt,
Ah. I Uon. I'.i-i- Audit, Winnipeg.
Spokane Falls & Northern Ry.
Nelson & Fort Sheppard Ry,
Red Mountain Ry.
Tba oily rail roale wllboul cbaofe ol cart
between Nclaoi lid Roiallld tat
Spokane lit Rosalaid,
Leave Iran a. m.  nki.son    Arrive 01.10 p. m
"    18:08   "    R0S8LANU     "     11.20   "
"    a.w a. m. sroiu.Ni; u.iop. m
Train that leaves Nelson at BAD a. m. makes
close connections at ttnokane for all t'aclBo
Cua.t point..
Passengers for Kelt'e Klver And Itnundary
Creak connect at Marcus with stage dally.
('. tl. DIXON, n. I'. «T. A„
Kpokanj, Wa.lL
NtMoo.it. 0.
The Black Bear Mining Company, Ltd.
Capital $500,000 in 2,000,000 Shares of 25 Cents Each
1,000,000 Shares of Which Will Be Held as Treasury Shares for Working Capital
This company Is now being oiRani-.ed lor the purpose ol acquiring and working the BLACK BEAR AND MABEL
Development work consists ol various shafts on the vein for a distance of of joo feet, all showing ore. The
vein Is 6 feet wide, with 2 feet of solid galena ore,
Samples of ore can be seen at the City Hotels and The Herald Office.      Promoters stock Is now on the market at aj£
CENTS A SHARE.     For further particulars inquire of
J. W. H. SMYTHE, Manager Canadian Bank of Commerce;
*t Proprietors.
This hotel has just been opened to the public. The building
is one of the best in East Kootenay. The furniture is new
and the table is first-class. We have every facility for pleasing
the public and we propose to do it.
Warmed Throughout by Furnace Heat.
Rates, $2.00 per day. r-     t_     t    r>  /-*
Short orders day and night.       ^ranbroOK, D. L>.
The London & Liverpool
Mercantile Company SS
We carry in stock a
Mule Skin Glove
Which we do not hesitate to guarantee to the
public. It is specially adapted to railroad and
construction use. When you are buying gloves
don't overlook this one.
Stores at Cranbrook, Pincher Geek and Macleod
Refitted Throughout
One ofthe Moat Comfortable
Hotela In Baat Kootenay.
Newly Furniahed
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Pioneer Hardware Store
Three Bicycles at a bargain.
The season is well advanced and you will soon be in
need of HEATING STOVES. We can give you what
you want.
All kinds of HARDWARE constantly on hand.
TINSMITHING of all kinds on short notice.
Roofing, Eve Troughing and Furnace work a specialty
S S G. H. Miner
CRANBROOK, • British Columbia.
fDA WRDlOAI/ -5 the divisional point of the Crows
••wKAl^ DKVv/IV Nest Pass Railroad.
j>  /"•»e*nty\^rf\c_\s Has a 10-stall round house, large machine
1  wrcxlIUrUUIv shops, expensive railroad buildings and extensive railroad yards.
Cranbrook 's the natural and commercial center of South East
Cranbrook ,s the headquarters for wholesale houses and corporations of South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND 1NVESTHENT, AGENCY,       C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.


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