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Cranbrook Herald Apr 11, 1918

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BBn.ISH voumw*
w run idem
Hs   iHiVsi  i*t*u«a.a<hV.i i.<l*a at  ifUnm i tbyum   irfllVes isdMieffl
Baniert. Ask Pnbllc to Help Them
Keep Fire Oat of tbe Woods
cation to all soldiers so disabled.
"Reconstruction", u bulletin issued
" liy the Invalided Soldiers' Commission,
SQys In thin connection:
i    "The vocational training branch of
the Military Hospitals Commission luis
I ostabllshod   a   procedure   hy   which
convaloBcent   Boldlor
;ular nunulily meeting of lhe
of Trade Wus held In the Coun-
t'hamber at the City Mall on Tuei-
lay, April lint], at 8.30 p.m.
it in to be regretted thut there was
such a small attendance us u miidei
or fact the President, Mr. Q, J. Spreull,
wus compelled to call up seven mem-
horn on the plume In order to have a
quorum for a iucqUuk,
it is quite prohibit that hud tl
nut heen a delegation from the Women's  Institute  walilni; to  interview
the Hoard In reference lo employment
tor    returned  soldier
would have been culled off.
However, we ure not koIuk to glv,.
vent to our feelings for the apparent ollt tll»p ls Ille restoration of the earn
- Ing power of tho disabled soldier and
replacing him In Industry. This Is
vital Unth to thc soldier who doe* not
wish to be a Blacker In civilian life
any more than he did In military life,
In connection with the appeal or T
,  .,. Clauson against the decision of Magtfc-
The danger season for forest tires  trflle ArnoW( who imp0)ieu a nM 0j
offering courses of vocational re-edu-   is near at hand.   Rapidly drying soil   tii{y douars on the appellant after n
has left the old grass, brush,   leaves, s{farcll of lhfl Quee„'s Hotel premise
etc., tn most perilous  condition  for reBUlt(.a iri ohief of Police Herse)
starting fires. finding a bottle of whisky in a Clip-
An   effort   Is   being   made   by   the UlBrd>   H|| H((llulir jU(,gfl T1|omp (III
lir. rangers In this province to keep ;ifu.r Uwta| t|ie otWwim aud listen
down lhe forest   losses  this   year   to ln% ,0 k,Il){U|>. arKlllul.nIs By Mr. A   II
o minimum.   They will succeed only MarUoiuild  representing  the appel..
passing: If every camper carefully extinguishes  nut „,„■   mfi   Sherwood    Uerchmer,
I through hospllul Is Interviewed with a
view to ascertaining whether or not h
Is debarred by his injures from re-
turning to his former civilian occupation, If he Is so debarred the Comtui:,-
the  mooting  b!ou ttndortaKOB to train him for souii
new menus of earning his living.
Tho fundamental thing at th
-ur -.iiv wi* ■■-..,..   'llt tllnp is ,lie restoration of th
lark  of  Interest taken  In   Board of  hig power of tho disabled soldier a
Trade mutters but wo would like to
mention the fact  that au  institution
of this nature cannot thrive unless It
receives   the   whole-hearted   support
i men of tho City at all alld   ,u   ,llG  country   which   cannot
afford to lose bis valuable services.
his   camp  fire  before  leaving   It,   if   w*l0 appeared tor the City
^^^^^^^^^^^      I < ran -
every  smoker  refrains  from  tossing | brouk   llus Riv,,u ., decision in favoi
away  burnt  matches  or   tobacco  In
or near a wood, and If settlers in the
newly-opened   districts   guard   their
of thc business i
Before culling the meeting to order |The Invalided Soldiers Commission is
the President referred to thc recent Wfiking t0 obtilln lllc c°-WatI°n of
employers all over the country in It?
scheme of rehubllltatlon, and already
, a large measure of success has boeti
! attained.
Unlike some of the belligerent conn
loss the Board has sustained by the | €mp,°vers; ^^^ C-Mmtr,r
death  of one  of its  most  energetic "*      "* * ""   u
and enthusiastic workers iu thc person of Mr. Joseph Ryan and he expressed   a  desire   that   the   meeting
pressed   a  desire   tnai   me   meem---.
should record its appreciation of his lries- ra,lada llUR dfcldeti llwl the Invaluable service by passing a resolu ' sion of a Boiat(,r snal1 be baScd lll,rcl>*
tion of condolence.
The following resolution was unanimously adopted on a motion by Mr,
W. A, Nlsbet seconded by Mr. P. M
MacPherson: i
"Whereas  It  has   pleased  the   Al-)
mighty Ruler of thc Universe In Ills! ■"-"—
■ cation.
slon of a soldier
on physical disability and in offering
re-education the Government Is not
seeking to reduce Its pension bill
although other countries have deemed
that pensions should be reduced com-
mensurntely with thc restoration of
earning power by vocational re-edn-
land-clearing fires with the utmost
cart. Settlers' fires continue to bo
the very worst source of forest conflagration, although campers and careless smokers are close competitors.
"The fire rangers," says the Canadian Forestry Association, "want every
of Clauson.
The Judge held that sufficient pruul
iiad been given that thi prOttltf-tS Hi
question a"1 not u dwelling house
within thc meaning of the Prohibition
Act and thnt the having or keeping
of liquor on these preinisis would
constitute an offence under the Act.
The bottle was discovered hidden a-
mongst some curtains In a stove clos-
good citizen to regard Himself as a j ~ blll ,he ap|,ellanrt ,„,„„„,., „s t0
deputy runner from now until Novem-1 ,„, „„„,,, ,„,, ^ clos(,, contutnc(]
ber first.
A   Canadian
forest   was   never
curtains and other articles not in reg'
Ular use and that the cupboard waf
worth so much as to-day, never -avelnera ^^    „c 8,altd {M h(, m
so many jobs as to-day, never put
money Into circulation ns it does this
infinite wisdom to remove from our
midst by death our worthy and highly
esteemed citizen Joseph Ryan.
Thc  regular  order  of business  of
Ihe meeting was then proceeded with.
Mr. \V. I!. Wilson reported having
And whereas thc long and intimate lnlwv,„w<.d th6 city In reference to
relation held with him In the faithful the „„,.„, 0| imm. carS| a0(i st.„.
discharge of his duties as Chairman Lj ,„„, AW,rnlan P. M. MacPherson
of the Publicity Department of lh« j,M •„„, auAorls-Hl by tba Coimell to
Board of Trade makes It emlnentlj! „,,„, w„h ,,,„ n,„Ucr ond make „„
befitting thnt we record our apprecla. i n0CCMary arrangements.
Hon of his services. |    Mr   „   g   Kak|n   (.|,airnum  of a
Be It therefore resolved thai we j committee appointed to get in touch
place on record our hearty apprecla. j w|tll tne provincial Government with
tion of the keen Interest he always a view l0 having certain lands held
manifested In the affairs of the Board; „„,.„ timber Licences thrown open
of Trade and the wisdom and ability j (or agricultural purposes, reported
he exercised In thc discharge nf the that he |m) tokon tuC matter up with
many duties asslgned'to his office.-- j-thc-proper officials llui no reply had
That we bear willing testimony le  yet been received,
his many good qualities, ills noble i    Mr. G. J. Spreull made his final re-
character, and his unfaltering loyalty  port tn connection with thp Oymnns-
to the City of his adoption. lum proposition
The School Trustees met on Friday
April 5th. Chairman White and Trustees Atchison and Henderson present.
Dr. MacKinnon, Health Officer,
agreed to make two medical examinations yearly.
The annual grunts have been received from the Director of Elementary
Agricultural Education for maintenance and improvements of school
grounds, amounting to-, $79.20.
Mr. Morris, the Manual Training Instructor, reported on Night Schools a:
f'ranbrooh, B. t\, March lltli. 1916,
Gentlemen:— Herewith I beg to report progress of work in connection
with the opening ot the Evening
An enrollment meeting was held a-
advertised and at that meeting it \\\\.
found that ten would take up Drawing, seven for Woodwork and three
for Arithmetic.
no knowledge of how tlie bottle came
to be In the clipboard and the Judgt-
exprcsscd the opinion that if Clauson
had any liquor on the premises It I-
hardly likely that he would keep tin
same In an unlocked cupboard on u
landing used hy all those who occupied rooms in tho hotel and to which
cupboard not only his servants hud
access but which was liable to search
at any time by the authorities.
Mr. Herchmer contended that under
section 38 of tlie Prohibition Act ll
anyone In the employ of the occupant
or anyone suffered to be or remain In
The annual meeting ot tho Metbo-
dlst Ladles Aid was held on Tuesday
afternoon, April Sth at the hove ot
Mrs. Powell, Uardeu Ave., tht Rev.
Tiios. Keyworth presiding.
The Ladies of the "Aid" have usually been fortunate in their choice of a
president, und tlieir election of Mrs.
Wi H, Wilson to that office for the
yeur which bus just closed has been
no exception.
Mrs. Wilson has proved not only un
< uergetic uud clever leader but al-o u
BUCOeBltu) one, us the following gratifying report will prove.
The  year opened with a member-
ship of U0.   As tbe months rolled by 4
new members were udded to the roll
but unfortunately we were also called upon to say goodbye to four ladles
who were leaving town, so we closed
with the original number ol members.
, At the first meeting of the. year it was
decided to acquaint the quarterly official board of the Church   that    we
. would,  with  their  approval,  assume
tha liquidation of the balance ot   the.
i debt upon the church property, namely    $825.00.    Needless   to    say    the
I "brethren" were    quite    willing   to
' grant, the ladies this privilege.
Our Income for the year has been f
us follows:  Balance from last year
?8.17;  monthly dues 91.00;  calendar
[receipts 163.00;  special efforts  (baz-1
: iiars, suppers, etc.) 540.35; mite box!
collections 4.05; small donation i 11-
j 25; mortgage fund, collected b/  Mes-
| dames Wilson und Powell from niem-
| hers and adherents of   th'j    church
I85.C0;    making a gratify! >,> total ot
Sii.02 82.
I- xrendltureB— To the T 'ensttrei,
loan, of Trustees (for mortiiiir;; fund
i Display of New Spring
!. Suits, Coats, Dresses & Millinery
New Suits
ViiliriuU nre Serges mid
Gaberdine*! in all tlie Xe«
similes. Some plain luilort'il,
allicrs more fancy.   In sizes
III jenr* for Misses In li im-
IV (imen.
New Coats
All sizes in coals and n
good t ariei) of materials
and styles to choose from.
Provl-Qlo.1 Ufcrary
or on lhe preml--- ot the orcurRttt „• ■|M"6'f01 olt>r ol6""' '"" »»•» ^
„....„.,,. ,„i,« „,,■„ .„ «„„ „„„ frt,. (v-c I '-est Kootenay Greenhouse 20.76; The
I'riK.brook Herall Ltd., 9.00; Book's
■J.srt; Cleaning Cymn '-'.35; L'a^t
Koo'et.ay Butter f'o. 4.00; W. It. Wilson 4.50, J. Manning 2.00, Beatllo-
Murphy Co. 1.35, Ira R. Macntog **5c.
: lamps 50c, H. V. Moffatt 25c, ojtlance
„ ,    .              ,               ■        ., i" hank 26.1H.   Total $100*!.32.
Referring to tnls contention,   the .,   .,        .,           . ..    , ,,      .
. . .,.,,.,.,,. . ,.- Mr. Keyworth assured uu> ladl«s of
Judge states thut if this is correct, It
thc most ardent prohibition 1st were to
invite two friends to spend a social
evening with blm at ills house und It-
anyone who nets in any way for thc
occupant commits un offence under
the Act, even without the knowledge
or consent of the occupunt. this shul'
be conclusive evidence that the unluw
ful act took place with the authority
and by direction ot the occupant.
his absence one of his friend-, .vert-
to sell thc other a flask of liquor, tlie
occupant of the premises, though entirely Innocent of »ny wrong doing
would nevertheless be as guilty as tinman who actually committed the offence.   This would create a state   of
appreciation of his otDnhll board
I'm* their efforts during the yam*
The following officers were ehr-d
fcr the ensuing year: PgeiUnt, Mrs
■'J. B. Powell; Vlce-Pregtdent, Mrs. VI.
B McFarlane; Secretary, Mrs. John
Shaw, Treasurer, Mrs. W. H. Wilson.
tSlgned S. -H. -Powell.- Seuy. i
New Dresses
Verj preii) Serge Presses,
smnrtlj made, miltahlc for
Street Wear.- also silk and
crepc-de-chcne dressfes of
fancier make*
New Hats
There are all styles of
Hid-. Prop in nnd try
them on. Yon will find
one to suit you.
McCreery Bros,
Cranbrook'*. Dry Goods and Clothing Store
. ,j.    ..    -	
...       —
After consideration it  was decided | affairs that would be Intolerable audi
After receiving his report the meet- j dMp the Arithmetic cla
to take Drawing and Woodwork and   wtould  lay  anybody  and  everybody
That the sudden removal of such
life from our midst leaves 0 vacancy  hig  decided  to  leave  the  matter  In  M commencPt] work on Tuesday, Feb
that will not only be keenly felt by  abeyance until the conclusion of thc|mrjf 12tll  with prawing, and  Wed
The class- j open to a charge under this Act. In
the Judge's opinion the proper construction to be placed on this  par-
the members of the Board, but will also prove a serious loss to the community at large.
Re It further resolved that we offer
to his bereaved fumlly our expressions
of sincere and heartfelt condolence.
and pray that the Supreme Being may
soon bring consolation to their bur-
dneed hearts.
That a copy of this resolution be
entered in the records of the Boon, a
copy printed In the local paper, and a
copy forwarded to tho bereaved family."
The delegation from the Women's
Institute that hnd heen patiently waiting for :m opportunity to explain Its
mission was culled upon by the President.
Mrs. John l-aurle stated thut the
object of their mission was to cudent-
or to get tbe Board of Trndf interested
In tbe matter of securing positions
for returned soldiers.
Mrs. Laurie went on to explain thnt
this was u very serious and Important
matter uud sho thought that the Board
should InKe no time In adopting ways
und means of bundling this vital question that would develop in magnitude
as the war progressed und unless Immediate action was taken our returned
veterans would suffer In consequence
und this wnuld reflect on the patriotism of our fair clly.
In replying Mr. Spreull stated that
the offices of the Board of Trade were
always open to receive suggestions
or recommendations from the Wo-
men's   Institute  or   any   other  local
j nesday 18th with  Woodwork.    They j ngraph of the Act Is to presume know
are In session for two hours thc
i being from .
Th* Secretary read a communication I
from Mr. A. B. Trltes, President of j Mng from . 80 [Q <IM pm Tl,imem_,
te Fernle Board of Trade, stating that j bcrs attpn(le(, f(|r Dmv,ng the „„,
the Fernie Board of Trade at «"• evening and six for Woodwork, Since
last meeting hnd adopted a resolution tha, tlme one has ufl ,he Drawmg
wherein II was not considered to be i» I dass which I(1(iVes „ pregent enro„.
the best Interests of Fast Kooton*) a. \ mPnt o( nin(V
large to join with the Associated -_>es O0„oct<ld l0 date amount tn
Boards of Trade of Eastern British! mM wh)ch  -fl now 0|]  dftpo^.   [n
Columbia us from pnsl experience tin 1
desires of the localities in East Kootenay usually conflicted with those of
West Kootenay und vice versa and it
wns deemed advisable to remain independent nnd use every endeavor lo
make the Fast Kootenay Associated
Hoards of Trade a real active one.
The Secretary wus instructed to
communicate with ull the Boards nf
Trude of Fust Kootenay with n view-
to reorganising the Associated Boards
of Trude of Fast Kootenay,
There wus considerable discussion
on the reports appearing In the paper
of Fast und West Koounay In refer-1
ence to the resolution passed by the
Cranhrook Hoard of Trude iu ronnec
tion with the National Transcontinental Highway.
There appears to have been n wrong
Impression conveyed us to the proper
meaning of the resolution.
This resolution was to the effect
that the St. Marys Lake—Pilot Bay
route be examined by competent persons and reported thereon ho that tht
Dominion authorities would be In a
belter position to form a properly
bused opinion ns to whether the St.
or the
ledge and consent on the part of the
occupant to the unlawful act. If the
occupant give to anyone general or
specific instructions or has general
knowledge and consent to such
person committing an unlawful act
then It will not be necessary to proVe
that the occupant gave Instructions
or had knowledge and consent of the
commission of each specific unlawful
act in order to bring home guilt to
The Judge held thut there wus   not
sufficient  proof that there  was  any
trust, at the local branch of the Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Regret   that   the   classes   are   no'
larger, but what we lack in numbers
is made up in enthusiasm. ^fl	
All of which Is respectfully submit | knowledge on the part of the ncc.i
,e<l- I pant or consent to the liquor being
1 r-nmln, Ion  the  premises.    The  appeal   wus
Vour obedit-nt servant,    1 therefore allowed and the conviction
Frank (I. Morris. 1 quashed with costs to the appellant.
Thc reproductions of the  painting !	
entitled "Thc Fathers of Confedera-
^^^^^^^^ of Confedera
tion" will be framed by the pupils of v
tbe Manual Training School und | ,
placed in the different class rooms.
John K. Gilpin tendered his resin-
nation ns Janitor of the Kootenay Orchards School, but wns requested t<
continue to net for the present.
Ii was decided that all tbe mirden-
iug ground available nt the Central
school i*e put into vegetables,
(Taken from the Cranbrook  Heruld,
April 12th, 1898.)
At a- recent meeting of the Cranbrook and District Food Conservation
Committee, the report defining duties
of the sub-committees was adopted
und the sub committees have been
actively engaged along several lines
during the past week.
Mr. T. M. Roberts has resigned from
office as secretary and It. T. Williams
has been elected as his successor. Mr.
F. A. Hobsoa has been elected a member of the committee.
The ministers of the city churches j
have been requested to co-operate* in
the Educational Campaign and    the
Rev. Thos. Keyworth has already giv-
en assistance in this direction.
!    Through the kindness of Mr. fieo.!
' It.  I-eask a series of lantern  slides
will be shown at the Rex Theatre.
It has not been found possible up
to the present to udopt any scheme
for using vacant lot gardens on a
1 community basis but efforts are being
made to stimulate production wher-
1 ever possible, und It Is hoped that
; there will not be any land in the dls-
I ' trlct suitable for cultivation lying Idle
}t   during the coming season. *
The educational sub-committee proposes to publish a number of recipes
which conform to thc regulations of
THIS is the Time when you should take a Ionic that
will build up your system, Mrentrthen your nerves,
put rich, red blood In your veins and restore your worn-
out body to its normal eood health. _
Comp. Fxtract Sarsaparilla. $1.00 rer bottle
ii sold with lhe formula en tbe-1:1 ••-1 for ynnr protections Keep yonr
>kln free from Plmp;es- Bolls Ernptian*, scurf. Scrofuloni Sores,
I.Uer Spots* etc.
Cranbrook  Drug & Book Co.
a,: m.     tr. i. ATCHI80K, I..--.r.
In the crop Competitions this year
the olassos for competition will he Urn-
.,        ,,        . ,.     Mary's   .nke   plot Buy rout
Hoc ety concern ng the welfare of the   '"" ,,'       .. .
Creston   route   would   be   the   most
community. He fully realized the
Importance of the mutter brought to
the attention of th" Brvir.l by Mrs
1-nurle and assured her that it would
be taken up at tl* ■ meeting and some
drfi.iite action outlined,
Mr. W .A. Nlsbet explained, however,
that there wns In existence at present
In the city a "Returned Soldiers' Employment Committee" of which he was
Secretary and that this Committee was
economical nnd most ndvantageous
between Fust and West Kootenay.
The Secretary read u communlcutlon
from the Windermere Board of Trade
In reference to the unsatisfactory
mall service between Kootenay Central
points nnd Cranbrook and requested
tht co-oporatlon of this Board in endeavoring to have the matter remedied.
The   Secretary   was   Instructed   to
kept well Informed about all returned communicate with Mr. Geo. D. David
Holdlers seeking employment and he fi0n- Superintendent of Railway Mall
did not think that It would be neces- Service, Calgnry, with a view to asccr-
sary tor the Board of Trade to take taln,nB ,f * more sat'sfncW-'y system
any action In this connection as he MuW not be adopted.
was not aware that there were any The question or reviving the monthly
returned soldiers out of employment Unchcons was discussed at conslder-
ut present. "bk length and the matter referred to
In the case ot returned soldiers who the Entertainment Committee with In
There Is now no doubt but within. the Food Control Department and at
a short time this town will be the the same time have been found In
happy possessor of the much needed every way satisfactory by local house-1
postofflce; It is reported, Mr. Durlck,' wives. Two recipes appear below nnd '
of thc well known general merchan* others will he published from time to1
disc firm of Carlln & Durlck. will be time:
appointed postmaster. Quaker Oats rtinkle-.
  Half cupful of brown    sugar,    one
Mr. .lames H, Mullen of Balfour has teuspoonful butter, one egg. one-rjnar-
Itcd to the following—potfttOOS, oats, rfttHrncd aod geiPClPd h)8 gro,ind ror ter teaspoonful salt, one teuspoonful
und flax.   For the potato competition j thfl MUbllehment of 0 brickyard ^^ *
the government will furnish fifteen
pound samples of any three of the following varieties—Gold Coin, Common
No. 1, Netted Gem or Eureka. Judging
wltt be on these varieties.
In the oats competition, one pound
sumples of cither Northwest Den or 1
Minnesota No. i:i will be supplied.
In the flax, five pound samples of
Fibre or Seed Flax.
Tn members nf lhe Institute, nltro
cultpre for Alfalfa will be furnished
nt STic per bottle. One bottle will Inoculate one bushel of seed.
Tho secretary of the Farmers' Institute,  Mr. A. B. Smith,   will   be very | 	
pleased to furnish further Information |    Contractor   Cowan   who   has   tht
with regard to the competitions.       1 Moyle Lake tunnel work was tn town
 ,  I recently; he reports work progressing
at a satisfnetory rate.
Mounted Police Inspector Sanders
and escort were in town Friday, eastward bound.
last Tuesday to file upon
stead near Cranbrook.
On and after May 1st, the Fort
Steele Mercantile CS., will carry a
large and complete line of Building
Paper, Cedar Shingles, Sash and Doors
and Building Hardware.
It is Half the Battle
Dont wait until the flies appear, before
screening those doors and windows,
procure your SCREEN DOORS &
WINDOWS. Now. We have a large
selection to choose from
baking powder, one and one-half Clipi
Quaker Oats   lunrookedt.    one    tca-
spoontul vanilla.   Drop nn buttorcd 1
tins with a teaspoon, not too c|o*-e together.    Bake tn moderate oven.    A-j
hove quantities will make about fifty
Charles Martin visited Fort Steele  cookies.
home-       Thp ***m wHb ' SVP"1* In It.
One cupful nnd u half of corn menl.
one cupful of flour, three teaspoonfuIn
of baking powder and half n teaspoon*
ful of salt are sifted together.   Then
rub In one mblespoonful of chicken
l fat or other butter substitute us fine -
< ly as  possible, and one   well-beaten
egg mixed with about seven-eighths
of u cupful of milk. Just enough to 	
make a soft batter,   till greased muf-1 -•■ Extra Urge Package* ol Choice Vegetable Seeds, Early k Late Varieties
fin tins one-ejuurter full; on lop of]    % Beets, 2 Cabpages, 2 Lettuce, 2 Onions, 2 Radishes, l Celery, 2 Turnips,
this put a teuspoonful of apple Jelly,
Vegetable Garden $| (U)
Ami 2.'i Variolic, n( S«ipi Peas        I'M""
To Introduce our seeds to thousand, nt new people nni] to makt you
acquainted with the fact that we offer more for the money than any other
iiou.^e in our line, we make the following ci-aniic and unparalleled offer:
cover with tlie batter and bake in  a
I hot oven (or twenty minutes.   \v:ion
A»»l»tant Manager Turobull of the i the gems are broken open you will
C. P. R. was in town last Friday also Mt why they are railed Amber Torn
C. P. It. Engineer Garden. (Jems.
iu Ihe Cranbrook Judicial District.
This matter  waa  referred  to tlie
._      Legislative Committee with  Instruc-
were Incapacitated by reason of their s'ructlons to co-operate with the Auto- j tim. |0 itlv „p „ resolution In tbl<
Injuries to return to the same employ. nloblln Association and make arrange-1 connection to be  forwnrdod   to  tlie
ment they had previous to tlie war. menl" ,0 M' » J"1"1 liilWtispn snm"' Attorney-General.
It was held out that thc Military Hob- ,lm" ln Mn>'. All publicity matters that had been   ^^^^^^^^^^^^        ^^^^^^^^^^^^
pllals Commission, nr as It Is now cal. j    Mr. G. J. Spreull suggest.,) that the undertaken by the late Mr. Ryan were j her home at Creston on Sunday last !	
led, tlie Invalided Soldiers' Coma-Is- proper oHIclals be communicated with I left In the hands nf Mr. W. II. Wilson I alter spending aeve/al days hen tht Addltlsiel
sun, we. onanist* tor tht pn-foee of lo haft ftirr. Sttalt and Wsaa. Included to dtal with. iutat tt Mn. W. 1Mb* Mass, Uaw I*arc7.
'1 ('arrni. l Cauliflower, 1 winter spl
No two iinekllires alike, pre.' nllh all alinte. -J.".
-. -1 Itadlslll ___    _^
eh. I Tell Kale, I llwf Kale, Spinach
srlelles  Sweet Pea Seeds
Miss Florence Bathie returned to      CHRIST mi'RI H HONOR BOM,
No mailer where you live or what you liny. tlii:. MAMMOTH collection
would cost yon not less than $1,76 from any othor seed house, hut we will
-cmi all of the above hy mall, postpaid   lor only ll\K lull I Ul.
Send silver, stamps or money mrdtr mid address all orders to
The Morningside Seed Co.
THURSDAY, APRIL lltli, 1918
CHE   CRANIlltOOK   IIKIt.tMi   overlooked   one   (actor—the   human! When Mr. Hall. Junior member tor
element—thai     nnconiiuernble,     tin- Victoria, gets through with his crlti-
; quenohable spirit which dominates and ctsms of any bill before the House
Inspires the Allied armies, that spirit tlials (H)all there is lo it—there re-
:   which  is founded on  the knowledge Plains no moro tn be said.
thnt    Right    must    triumph    »nr ...
-i Might and therefore iliey cannot pass.
.11. A. Ilenle, Kdllor and Si'rretury
l>. A. Kiii, Jlauagcr .
I ianlin.uk. II. (', April lltli, tills
hi: phimi
may come from a variety of causes
usually sewing or tasks that re-
qulre close application of tbe eyes
on any Particular object. Sometimes it comes from trying to read
In an Imperfect light Nn mutter
what tin- ciiusc. wc can cure it by
the ntting of correel (ilasses to
children's eyes. Hut—don't delay!
llring them here at once.
Rawortk Bros.
Noxl i<> l*osl Ofllce
C, i'. i(. IVnleh inspector-,   opticians
j The member for New Westminster
, Is always on the White-side of the
: question, but not quite always on the
' rlglit-slde.
Id.i,i. Frame, Prop,
(Jukes, Plos
anil 1'
Phone 117
0|i|i  City Hall
The address of Miss Smith at the
1 Women's Inititutr meting which we
; publish in another column should be
j rend carefully as It refers to a subject
; of no small importance.
To increase the production of mllkjnot gone as far In this direction
is a matter we cannot afford to pass I Canada ar, have even our United States
over lightly during these days of dim- cousins. But In England there la
Inlshlng tood supply and any difficulty another story. Fur two years tint
effecting the production of this staple! a single new pleasure automobile has
diet  should command serious consid-
; oration.
The injustices of lhe Pound Uw
from the point of view nf the Dairyman are explained hy Miss Smith anil
It is clear that some measure of relict
nr assistance should be i'i>rthcnnilng.
None nf ns I lite lo have cows prowling at large at nil hours of the day
and night along our streets and break*
ing   Into  uni-   gardens,  ou   the  other
as t
Meets  iu   Maplu   11
ill second
Tuesday of i
very month at a
|).   Ul.
Visiting    in
to  Brltisn
B. Y. Brake,
J. *
. Lower,
hand Hie difficulties of tho Dairyman
who must provide pasture for his
slock, and good pasture If we nre
in get gootl milk at a reasonable price,
musi be overcome. A solution should
nol be hard to find. Co-operation on
the purl or the Dairymen, and the creation nf a system by which the expense of a herdsman can be equitably
Upon this continent we have not as, There are flU k,ndg of expertB |(l
yet gone far in this direction. Neither! oonnectioa with the Agricultural De-
in Canada nor in the United States Uarlment, Why not employ them ln
have we really begun to economize In growlng 8eed nnd mnko them earn
nny real sense, and probably we have j (|,eir nione-,?
Sitting through the sessions ot the
legislature at times grows very tedious. The members, however, con
nt.iiiil it because they draw from ttie
public treasury about $5.00 an hour
for every hour they sit In session.
been manufactured, nig social funu-
tlona are not merely bud form-they
have oeased altogether. The traffic
In luxuries has been Rrently curtailed,
and in certain oases has been entirely
wiped out, No one can put up a building costing $2,500 or more Without a
special permit.   K'/crybody Is wearing
old clothes and saving the best wool! ,*■ |\in jOiriU:    IHSTltMT
for the hoys iu lhe trenches, and suv-i ' or TKAIIi:
ing the fond by the ration system In I * .	
order that the army may be properly; llqiiut »( the Mining (urn lull tee  for
The discussion cm the seed produc-
tloil bill grew like a bad weed and
spread over the whole legislature
fit Id and '"went to seed" as It were,
fed.   England is practising ocqnomy
such as she ntver practised before.!
and the fiirange thing is that apparently business is better than It was:
lu the days,of more luxurious living.
In Canada and the United States We
the Veur finding .'list January
tl.eft   over  from  last   week)
Gentlemen:—We   ben   to   submit
herewith the report of your Board's
,    ...   .   Ih    Mining Committee for the Windermere
have  not yet  seriously  tackled   the  Min|ng ,)iv-sloni embracing the pro-
luxury  question, but   we   shall   have : penies under actual development,
■lefriived  coupled  with  a   reasonable j to deal with it, and that  in radical1    Mining throughout the district has
appiloation nf me poundlaw should b. (fashion, before our war debts are paid, j ^ftg^g**
possible anil il Is hoped some action | and Hie sooner we face the fact <»'■! to tn0 advance In the price ol metals
may he taken along these lines toI better.    Luxuries,   whether  'hey  !«'
relieve the situation. ■ costly automobiles, cosily ilress, ex-
„ — j jiensive mansions, or the smaller lux-
T-VP.N'Timl   BIRTHDAY   OP  TIIE I "r"*s '»  ",,lc" ""or" ",W1. '""."'f'
On the outskirts of this Division is
the Hidden Treasure situated in the
North    Fork of the    Spillimachene,
owned and operated by local capital.
This was sold last fall to a Calgary
are not a necessity to national de-  syndicate who intended operating on
velopment nor to individual happiness, an extensive scnle during this coming
and  tlieir  abolition   does  not  either, stason.   One ear of high grade copper
Twenty years ago on March 22nd,      ,    or „,„„„ ,„e„ lllst.out(,„led and ™?   ",f Bs^m in ''•« »''»,.*"»:
io«fi   ii.., ftr-ui totiio nf tho Criinlipnnk I . .,    ier   l),lt'   owing   to   the  Consolidated
I 1898. the first issue ol the (ranbrook I ,muo„|)y    It ,,,„ wnr teache8 „s this .Mini,,,, „,„, smelting Companyls smcl-
; "Herald   was pnlillslicd. (t   wm mca„  muc|,   10r  0„r  future ter at Trail closing down the returns
I    The City of ''ranbrook and the "Hor j mMoml aI)(1 jndivi>l«nt well-being,- i m' nol to hand.
aid" were born slrmilt'inicnsly.
of  rranhrook
iota  lu  the
Parish     Hall
ilrst Tuesday ' When tho townslte
nfternoou of | was plared on tlie market In that yenr
every month : „.[||, the exception of f'olonel Baker's
'■'■' '■' I1 f"' j bouse   and   farm,   the   place   wns   ti
proa., Mrs. W. j |)nrren prairie.
Christian Guardian.
Secy, Mrs. J. W. Hart.
ll.   McFarlane
a, P. 0. Box621
All ladles co'dlally Invited.
(1,11  1 Mining Engineers
11. ('. I,anil Surveyors
I'ltANimnoK, D. C.
If vim want satisfaction
with vour washing
Kl'llll it to
'lOYI'AXA l„U MrJt
Snecial prices for famllv
(HAS.  S.  I'AKKKit
Forwarding uud  Distributing
Agent for
l.etlibrldge and (irernlilll Coll
liuperlal (III Co,
DiBtrbution Cars a Hpeclalty.
Hnijiiiu anil i'raiislVrriiiif
Given prompt attention
Phone 63
llrs. (Jrei'ii * MacKinnon
rliysieians and  Slirgeiin.
Oillce   at   resilience,   Armstrong
Forenoons   9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons 2.00  o   4.00
Evenings  7.30 to   8.30
Sundays   2.30 to   4.30
The construction of Hie Crows Nest
Pass branch of the C. P. It., the selection of Crnnbrook as a divisional point
and the partial control of Hie townslte
by the Hallway Company, were tbe
chief fartors which propelled the sale
of lots at the time the Townslte was
nlareil on the market, but before many
Tlie Lead Queen nn Number Three
Creek, owned and operated by local
  ; parties had a few men working ail
.EGISLATUBK: last summer inking out ore and
Intend shipping as soon as roads per-
' mil this spring.
i The Isaac property, situated on
Frances Creek, lias shipped eighty
eight tons and several carloads of
i ore nre awaiting shipment at the
present time, A few men have been
employed on the property during tbe
.Spurs.   Hum,  and   lloqiiet*,
(By   One   nf   the   gods)
(Special to the Herald)
The B. C. Legislature recently sent I season.
a message to Field Marshal Halg, lateL ThS Sitting Bull group situated on
t       .  ...     «ni«.  .„„«.  ., i Boulder Creek is bonded to n Seattle
commander of  the  Allied  forces  at , svl„u,,a,e,   w„0   ,,„„,   been   worklng
tlie front, calculated to hold up his J two seasons in development and have
months had expired Cranbrook burst  ^^ |n |to grait a|ruggle now going j „ qtiantlty of high grade galena on the
into a thriving town with well lal"!on     „ ,s couched In military lang-1 l.lum1l,.,l""1 '"T1"1 l""ll"'.'»; J*gS
nage. short, sharp, and decisive.    It
Hlaiitlal  buildings, a  branch  of the contafn8 bul three words
Bank of Commerce had opened tip and ronfIdenoei Prayer8>-
the  lumbering industry sttirt.-rt with1 , #
the old 1-eltch mill.
The first two buildings to be erected I
were the old Cranhrook Hotel and the I
road the coming season to facilitate
he  getting  in  of supplies  and  the
hauling out of tiie ore.
The Delos a copper property also | 10t-1. 19^'
All game licences Issued last year
expired on thu 81st March last. It
is intended that the proposed amendment of the Game Act will validate
Trapper's Licences until the 30th
April, and will make all new licences
expire on the 31st day of May. The
new licences will not be available until after the close of the present ses
slon of the Provincial Legislature, and
in the meantime no one is entitled to
carry firearms, except Indians. Militia
men, or any person while bona fide
engaged in target shooting, or shooting at clay pigeon, or other similar
gun competitions, and others for whom
special provisions may have heen
All police officer;, are Instructed lo
keep a sharp lookout to stop unlawful
carrying of firearms, or unlawful
shooting In the district.
And He Got Well and Strong.
That's True
Monica, Pa.—"My little boy, who
li the youngest of three, wai weak,
nervous and tired all the time, io he
was most unfit at school, and nothing seemed to help him. I learned
of Vinol and give it to him. It has i
restored his health and strength and
he has gained in weight. —Mrs.
Frederick Sommers, Monaca, Pa.
Vinol is a constitutional cod liver
and iron remedy for delicate, weak,
ailing children. Formula on every
bottle, so you know what you arc giving them.   Children love it.
Cranbrook Drug & Dook Co., Cranbrook, B. 0., also at the best druggists \o all B. C. towns.
NotiiT to Householders.
The City Council are making arrangements for the cleaning of streets
and alleys within the City, and owners, tenants or occupants of premises
are hereby required to have their
premises cleared of all garbage, refuse
etc..which should be placed In a suitable receptacle on the alley at the
rear of tlieir lots, on or before May
1st. Those failing to comply with
the above regulations will be subject
to the provisions of the Henlth By-
Law of the City.
City Hall, Cranbrook, B. C, April
It is manufactured
tobacco in its purest
It has a pleasing
It is tobacco scientifically prepared
for man's use.
( lUMIKUIIk    COTi.tlii:
I'rivate Nursing Home
Licensed by Provincial ilovi.
Maternity anil (.'enerul Ninslim
MaBsage anil Real Cure, Highest
References, terms moderate,
Apply Mrs. A, Crawford, Matron
Phone 2.VJ P. O, Hex 845
Address. Garden Ave. Ornnbrook
oillee In Haoson Block
9 to 12 am
1 to   6 p.m.
KCY (ITY I.OIM'i', No,«
Meets   every
Monday lllgltt
at Fraternity
Mall.     SoJournjiK   Oddfellows
eordlally invited.
E. ii. MePliee      W 0, Adlard
Secy. N. O.
Cranbrook, B. ft
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. In
tbe Fraternity Hall
R. C. Carr, C. C.
C. H. Collins, K. R. & S.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited to attend.
: situated on Boulder Creek is bonded J
 , „ ,     ... „ „„,„,„„ ] io the seme syndicate as the Sitting
Hon. W. J. Bowser is of the opinion ] „„„   T110J. |n;end work|ng „ |n CM» L.
Thos. M. Roberts, City Clerk.
had heen boosting lhe lown of Ward-!
ur r. transferred iiis allegiance lo1
"Beautiful Cranhrook" and brought
Into existonce lhe "Cranhrook Herald"
and no one will dispute that under his
Inspiring and breezy editorship the
"Herald" played an important part in
the up-Building of tlie Clly and In
advertizing Ihe resources of the District.
Perhaps only those who lived in tiie
District In Ihe enrly days before the
romliiK of the railroad, when the
hurricane deck of a caynse was about
the only means of locomotion, can
fully appreciate tlie rapid development
nf Mining, Lumbering and Agriculture
which lias since taken place and the
conviction that our marvelous resources have scarcely heen tapped
should breed an abiding confidence
that during the next twenty years the
Cranbrook District will assume a rapidly increasing share In the world's
production, and that the Clly of Cranhrook will continue lo reap the benefit
of its locution ns the cl'.ief dlslribilttn'
centre for the District.
that this country did itself on honor Junction with the above named pro-
. when it invited him to act as Attorn-  perly.
1,1 Herald Office cy-C-eneral     Well,  Mr.  Bowser  was;    The Pretty Girl property ls sltuat-
Mr. Fred E. Simpson, who llll then! , ed on Boulder Creek and Is a high
no schoolboy. ^ Bnidc antlmonal copper holding..   A
* * '' ■ shipment of two tons was made from
The legislature has heen trying its] it during the summer, but owing to
hand   a.   the  task  of  amending  itsj Jjjj -^.W. eajl^tawrt was ansa-
humanitarian   legislation   for   hoys      Tl,e   paradise   Mine,   situated on
Tlie individual school, It Is contended  Spring  Creek,  a   tributary  of Toby
I by some of the members, is not up-to-: Creek has been shipping steadily all
Ln,..      Tho   Inck   Bten   of  tho   convict I S"""1,Pr   mi   "''   ,0   ,he  cnd  of  thl8
date. The lock step or tne convici \mm]l „.,, put om nbo„t lW6nty.f|ve
I should be abandoned. Many an nt- hundred tons since the date of our
[corrigible   (so-called)   boy  has  been i last   annual   meeting.    About   forty
almost ruined through harsh treatment, ond the indiscriminate farming
out of the boys to employers for a
term limited to five years has a tendency to make otherwise normal boys
men are employed on It at the present
time. On this property a large new
boarding house has been built, having all modern improvements. It Is
situated near to the mine. New bunkers for the shipment of tile mine's ore
into incorrlKibles. criminals, moral de- JjJJ ,,(,p» bl,m on the raIlw«y sI(»n*
generates  and   weaklings.    What  Is
wanted Is legislation of a  less restraining and more home-like character.    Our social  system does not
seem to be broad enough to handle
humanitarian problems.
• * *
Mr. Hawthornwaite is of the opinion
that children should be brought up
without, punishment. He questioned
If punishment even did any good to
a child or anybody else. The stick
to he used ought to be the stick of: veloping it
The Silver Belt worked a few men
early tn the season and took out a
car of nre but owing to the high pel
rentage of zinc the ore has been
refused at the smelter. In consequence of ibis the property closed
The Royal Stag also situated on
Spring Hreek had two men driving a
cross tunnel bul up to date have not
encountered the vein,
Late reports just arriving announce
:i very rich strike on a claim located
Inst fall by John Hurman, who with
nnother man   has heen  steadily de-
Tbo Shoo Specialist
.101. JIAItAPOUl
SflUsfuctlun Guarnnteeil
Headquarters for all kinds <
candy, so lo speak.
• » +
1*'. Cow per expressed the opinion
that the boys' Industrial School should
be a technical institution and not a
penal one. The use of the lock stop
as they have it in the penitentiaries,
marching the children with machlne-
I'Ih'Ih- .Till
Norl.iin  Aift nc\l In I'll}  Hall
V. i. ntiv.Ti:  iu;ti:ctivi:
SOU Mfllropolilnn Hhlg.,
Day  Phono, Seymour 4462
Night Phone, Falrmount 8010
Head   Office,  1)12   Hlhhi-u.lloiir
lliilldhig, Victoria, It, V.
Plitna ?.U2
.Moiitiiim Jtotiniriuit
Meals al All Hours
Cigars. Cigarettes and Candy
Opposite the Bunk nf Commerce
The tlerniiiu*; art beginning to realise the futility of their efforts to
break the Ailed lines; thc second
attack has failed, Amiens still holds
out, the Germans making no appreciable gain in terrain and their losses
arc mounting up nnd out of all pro-
portloi to tlie advantage of ground
gained in their first effort.
According lo German mathematical
calculations the British and French
Armies should by now he split in
twain, hopelessly defeated, and Paris
Thc German people have heen fed
up on ihe invincibility of their armies
nnd their Hindenbiirg nnd are assured
of victory. Th" present situation must
be causing no little embarrassment to
the German High Command, their
plans Imve miscarried, the morale of
their men  weakening, the power of1''is   defence   with  the   remark
their attacks diminishing, the strength i ""'■•re's a lot of the devil In every
The Hoi Punch, situated on the
North Fork of Toby Creek, did some
work during thc summer and has considerable ore awaiting shipment, but
owing to the had condition of the upper portion of the road, It has been
Impossible to get the ore out.
The Relief property situated on
Boulder Creek, already mentioned, a
tributary to Horse Thief Creek, ad-
llke precision Into meals ond prayers. | ^■'••'•K   t'"1 Sitting  Bull  mine,  has
,'.,,,,,-,                        been   under lease  lo   local   parties,
should be abolished.   Common sense, They  hflVfl Bh,ppfld   ft  cnr  ]QfkA  of
and humanity should be the guide in j galena ore Operations on it started
this kind of legislation.
of their opponents daily increasing.
A rctrent would be an admission of
failure and must be avoided at all
costs; their present position Is unsuitable for defensive tactics, so they
arc compelled to attack and tills Is
in accordance with the desire ot
Cieneral Foch and it must be expected
that the third attempt will he of an
even more desperate nature than the
preceding ones, but we have a sure
conviction that they shnll not pass.
According to  tho German  method | man and full of energy and "pep"
so late In thc year that the lessees
had not time to erect buildings so
closed down for the winter.
The machinery and equipment ot
the old Piarmlgan mine, situated on
Macdonald Creek, another tributary of
Horse Thfef Creek, wns sold this
year and shipped out. It Is now
eleven years since any active work
wns done on this properly.
Another mining land mark ban disappeared in tlie complete dismantling, tearing down and removal of the
old Thunder Hill Mining Company's
concentrator situated on the shores
of Columbia Luke. This property was
under development about thirty-two
f32) yenrs ago and nothing has been
done upon It since nearly that time.-
Thc total tonnage shipped out of the
Windermere mining division since the
date of our last annual meeting was
3.700 tons.
Signed on behalf of the Mining Commit tec,
(signed) F. C. Stockdale,
* " Chairman.
Ail boys should lenrn a trade, re-! 	
marked  lawyer  Jackson,    r  wish   I  CORPORATION  OF THE  CITY  OF
had learned a proper trade myself. CRANHROOK
Corporation of the Clly nf Cranhmok
Public notice is hereby given that !
those persons who have not on April
30th next taken   out   the   necessary
Trade Licenses will be subject to the
penalty provisions of the Trades Li- |
cense By-Law of the City of Cranbrook
City Hall City Clerk
April llth, 1018. 16-lt
llurristrrs. Etc.
\\. Y. Gurd G. J. Spreull
CHEVROLET - $900.00
F. O. B. Cranbrook
Auto ute 2 unit system starting and lighting system.
100'.;   eltlclent.
Demountable Hints
Antl Skid Tim on Rear
One Man Top
Honeycomb Radiator with Pump Circulation
Robt Rail.        Foot Rest
Pockets in doors
Rain Vision Sloping Windshield
Extra Rim and Carrier on Rear
Standard :t speed transmission, etc., etc., etc.
The Kootenay Garage
Also Agents for DODGE Bros .Cars
If the boys had the freedom of a
well-conducted home, better progress
would be made. The boys' welfare is
sacrificed to statistics, red tape and
political exigencies or pntronnge pres.
• * *
The boy came into his own in the
discussion over the Industrial School
Act amendments.   Mr. Bell came to
boy—thc best of them;   and there's
n lot of good In the worst of boys."
t * *
"Whonever robbed an on' ■ d when
he was a boy?" asked Mr. Hawthorn-
Tlie Attorney-Genernl   is  n  yoUng TMI*-M
of deduction, their present advantage
numerical  strength  both  ln men
tfiilatluK Pill tor Women, v> a box or tbrte for | *n
$\u. Hold nt uti Drug Stoi "  ' "   	
Mdrtti on rocolpt of prlop.   .... - _ - .
Co.,flt catlmrlnna. Ontario.  ■ showing an  Utter  disregard  for the
Vlia »nd
Vltallty-for Nerve and Bmlai iiicrMMi-'grer
(MttertftTonic-will ttulldyqii up.ttaboi.4f
two for 15, ut driiK Itorw, or hy mull ou rooalpl
»f price - Tnii BOQMU Daua Ca, st- rhihiriM,
IIvch nf their soldiers slumlil from ti
scientific standpoint overcome all
powers of resistance but In all their
calculation,    ther    liavo    Invariably  pieces.
for   Street   Cleaning   nnd
but that Is no reason why he should I    Tenders  will  be received  by the
trv unit amend everv  chanter In   the! undersigned up to B p.m. on Monday
try and amend every cnaptei in   nei Jm (m gtrMt Bprtawtaf
H. C. statutes In one session. Making a„(l for t)tc (.i,,„n|„g 0f streets and
a record does not always pay, The j AlleyH of the Clly of Cranbrook.
Titanic mnde a record on lis first vny-j Specifications may be hnd upon appll-
-ffI and It never made „„other-it «««• Cr   broolt_ B, c„ Aprtl
piled up on nn Iceberg and went '"'joth, 1918.        ™
l-.lt.     Thos. M. Roberts, Clly Clark.
Our Allies Must Be Fed
DESPITE war conditions, we have not as yet felt the pinch
of hunger in Canada. Consequently, it is difficult for us
to realize the grave need for increased food production in
order that others may be fed. At no time is Europe self-supporting
in the matter of food. After nearly four years of war, our Allies
are living from hand to mouth, depending entirely on the safe
arrival of food ships from across the Atlantic.
Because of our comparative nearness to our Allies, and because
of our wide, fertile areas, this continent must continue to feed
Europe. If we fail, hundreds of thousands of people may starve
and our armies be denied a conclusive victory.
A bumper crop, a record harvest and increased meat production in Canada
will be worth the winning of many battles to the Empire and our Allies at
this critical period.
Increased Production Imperative
Canada must raise for export at least 250,000,000 bushels of wheat more In
1918 than in 1917, to enable the Allies to maintain even their present
restricted rations.
They shall NOT starve I	
make that your slogan.
Plans have been formulated which,
on the authority of The Director of
Agricultural Labor, positively ensure that labor will be provided
when needed, to harvest the maximum crop. Authorities agree that
the world-wide shortage of food will
continue for yean after the war.
The farmer is assured a ready and
profitable market for all the grain
and meat that he can produce.
The Empire depends on the CautJian Farmer to "carry ml"
Chairman THURSDAY, APRIL 11th, 1918
Eyestrain Causes
The world offers Us richest prises
to the man who sees, thinks, and acts
quickly. Many men are held bark,
nut liiiowliw It, by poor cyesk-ht. .It
makes them Inefficient.
For thc sake of your future success,
come hi. him> your -eyes examined
and let ns show you the heneflts of
UI.ASSKS fitted by
Ki'Kiilnr ,-,.-,<•
While the) Inst. iiKluillnir
Hardware & Mill Supplies
Cranbrook     -     B.C
Can you think of sny reason why
there should not be one in your
Kllliy frames picture.,.
The April meeting of tbe Farmers' I
Institute will be held on April 13th.
Hr. and Mrs. MacNell of Fernle
spent the week end ln town.
Mrs. Cherrlngton left on Tuesday
for Vancouver and Victoria where she
will spend the next tew weeks.        j
Mrs. Stark of Invermere is a Cran-
brook visitor this week.
Mrs. J. M. Coutts left on Wednesday j
lo visit friends ot Calgary for a month.
Saturday Special — Girl's Middy
Blouses, 660, 860, 61.10, 61.86.—Fink
Mercantile Co.
We arc carrying a full line of Imotf t
mil shoes— Cranbrook Exchange, ,
WniHtrnng Ave.
Mali Jim wishes to announce that I
lie tins taken over the Quong Cliong j
a demonstration Id the use of stump-
hiK powder will be held on Tuesday
afternoon, ihe 18th of April, nt 2 p.m.
in the vicinity of A. B. Smith's residence, under the auspices of the Kur-
mnr's institute. Mr. A. (i. Wilson of
Nelson, nn expert powder man will
eonducl the '.'•nionstrstilot. and will
talk on the upe of powder and in clear-
In*,' land for farm purposes.
On Tuesday, April Ifitli. the W A. to
the ({. w. V, A. purpose holding   ■*
 — ; shower In the Royal Rooma, following
Card party nnd dance In the Parish ||x „ ||B| „f articles required: sheets.
Hall, Monduy, April 29th.   Cards R to | blankets, etc. pillow slips, bedroom
10, danciuK 10 to 1.
Mrs. P. \V. Oreen returned last week
from Vancouver. Dr. Oreen is on his
way to Halifax in charge of a train of
coolies who are going overseas.
Mrs. Hallamore and Miss Joyce Hall-
amore returned from Spokane where
they spent the holidays the end of
last week.
We are carrying a full line of boots
and shoes.— Cranbrook l-.xchu.nge,
VrmMrong Ave.
The Cranbrook Tennis Club will
hold their Annual General Meeting at
tlie City Hall Tuesday, April 16th at
S p.m. sharp. All members and Intending members are requested to attend.
Saturday Special — Girl's Middy
Blouses( 65c, 8Bc, $1.10. $1.25.—Pink
Mercantile Co.
Lost—Pair of glasses in case; "W.
H Wilson" on case and numbered
3515; tinder please return to W. H.
Wilson or Herald Office and receive
Highest prices paid for Hides, Purs,
Metals, Scrap Iron, Bottles, Old Machinery, und Pipe.—Western Hide and
Junk Co., Ltd.. Calgary, Alta Reference, Merchants Bank.
Miss Olive Embury of Coronation.
Alta., arrived in the city Saturday to
accept a position in the C. P. R. Superintendent's office. She Is residing at
the home of Mr. and Mm. R. T. Wll-
Mr. John Miller, accountant at the
local Bank of Commerce left last week
end for Vancouver to spend three
weeks holidays with Mrs. Miller wnr-
has been out there for some time Halting her parents.
towels, hath towels, kitchen towels,
teacloths, cups and saucers, creams
and sugars. Rooms open from 3 to
5.30 p.m. War-time refreshments will
be  served.    Everybody welcome.
Mrs. J. P. Pink entertained on
Thursday evening in honor of Miss
Pye and Miss Pisher of Fernie. The
evening was spent in knitting and
sewing with a novel contest which was
won by Miss McGee. The guests were
Miss Fisher, Miss B. Pye. Miss Pye,
Misa Madge Robertson, Miss Florence
Erickson, Miss Marion Robertson, Miss
McGee, Miss Simpson, Miss Sybil
White, Miss Dewar, Miss Mclntyre.
and Miss Edith MoBrlde.
On Friday afternoon Mrs. A. C. Pye
entertained a few friends for her
daughter. Miss B. Pye. r.nd Miss Fisher, Sewing and knitting occupied Die
afternoon Interspersed with music.
Those present wero Miss Rutherl, nd,
Miss Pisher, Mrs. M. A. Bealo, Miss
Madge Robertson. Miss Amy Woodland, Misii Marion Robertson, Mis:; V.
M. Cherrlngton. Miss Mary Hamilton,
Miss Edith McBride. Miss Helen Harrison, Miss Florence Erlckson, Miss
Marge Woodland. Miss Won da Fink.
Miss Delta Drummond of the Cranbrook Jobbers Limited lefi last week
for Spokane to consul I a specialist fur
ear trouble. We learn thai Miss Drummond was obliged to undergo nn operation shortly after her arrival and
from latest reports received may liavo
to undergo another in a day or two.
We sincerely hope that the second operation, if necessary, may prove successful and that Miss Drummond may
soon return fully recovered is ihe wish
of her many Crnnbrook friends.
I decorated In K°ld and white, thy nurses I
■ class colors. Miss J, JackBOn and j
. Mrs  p. Mnckle were iu charge of the
delightful supper. The gratifying sum:
' of $fifi over and above expenses was <
Able   Address   given   by   Mis*.   Much
Smith nt Women's Institute
I would like to ask the assistance
and co-operation of tlie Women's institute in a matter thai effects practically every housekeeper iu Cranbrook. and nine-tenths of the immediate rural district The question is
poundage; or rather Uip.i some smic-
able arrangement may he made between the town and farmers whereby
the birds of the vicinity may economically use thc range and yet not be a ,
pes) and nuisance io tlie town-dweller,
No self-respecting farmer should
even in hir own mind calmly tolerate
tin' Idia ot his stock making the lawn
of his town-neighbor a pasture, wrecking gardens and side-walks and Incidentally Hie Sabbath 'aim at rive A
M.. with the all too familiar clltter-
clalter of ihe cow bell, As Mark
Twain might have said "Ii aini Christian."
Excessive poundage is nol gooo
business The futile vituperation and
constant jangling it causes settles into
chronic ill-feeling between town anil
country. As some otto has aptly pul
it "When tlie house is on fire it is
lime tor the husband and wife to quil
guarrellng." This is no time for unreasoning squabbling on a question
Which, though it may not concern our
bread it may affect the butter w(. wish
for our bread very materially.
The term City ns applied to Cranbrook Is rather a misnomer. It helps'
the town-dweller forget that this is
a pioneer country. That blackened
stumps and barren land are- much
more common within a radius of three
miles then are hay fields. The cultivated land is pitifully small in this
time of stress, and such land as is
cultivated must be harvested and put
away for winter feed. Few farmers
have enough land cleared for pasture
With the exception of the open prairie
north of town it would take at least
from seventy to one hundred and fifty
acres of this wild bftfich land to feed
one animal continuously through the
summer months,
Cranbrook's geographical situation
alone makes import most expensive.
Hundreds of miles from any great food ,
producing territory, no waterways, no
competitive railways, only a single
pair of rails running through almost
Inaccessible country, the upkeep of
which makes freight, rates most prohibitive.
When I came to Cranbrook five
years ago. milk retailed at twelve and
one half cents a quart. It hns remained stationary when every other human
nnd animal food has gone ballonlng.
This is due to three things: good buying on the part of dairy men, summer
range grazing and a sincere reluctance
on the part of some dairymen to raise
the price, as It would mean almost
hardship to large families of small
ing for a meagre profit, he finds lie
must make n change If the City Council continues it** present attitude
Sun.c may move away no doubt, aud
;i few have already goua; those who
remain must re-organize their system
of business.
This means a smaller number of
cattle kept in proportion to the population and these stable-fed all year round.
I have asked Hie opinion of the bept
informed on the subject and they
agree that al present prices milk
cannot he produced under such conditions for less than twenty five cents
per quart, and our merchants tell us
thai hay will advance greatly in price
before the middle of May!
The government nnd many self ordained preacher*- of economic war
gospel are exhorting the farmer to
product- not only in ordinary lines,
but to produce as far as possible all
needs for himself, thereby lightening
freight traffic and freeing marketable
produce for more needy markets.
This is excellent doctrine for the town
as well u the individual. Utilize food
and food values al your door.
Pre,, range is one of the cheap
values in Kast Kootenay It makes
for cheaper milk, dairy produce, beef
and pork. Also cheaper labor as the
food and labor of the farm horse must
be considered in the cost of production
of food,
At ;i conservative estimate Cranbrook uses six hundred quarts of
milk daily. Under entire stabling, and
partial grazing systems the daily milk
hill for tie town is vastly different.
About seventy five dollars i er day.
Ton great for a town of this size to
throw away at any time much Ie;s
in war llmi : and milk is one of the
most necessary and economical fools
wn have. Is It too much for tlie
rural population to ask out of this
srving a li'"o aid that this need may
he supplied at a moderate price?
It has been proposed that each
stock-owner near town be assessed a
small tax per head, per month, and If
the town would add a tittle aid to
this a herdsman could be kepi to keep
the town clear of stock. Herds not
paying   assessment   being  Impounded,
Before this war is over the old
proverb "Wilful waste makes woeful
want" that was the bugbear of many
a child In pasi generations, may have
uncomfortable prominence. If the
free grazing surrounding Cranbrook
Is wasted, tlie result is as Inexorable
as tbe mills of the gods, the householder and property owner of Cranbrook must pay tho piper.
F.  MaoD. SMITH,
W.     Mo rail,     rninbriiok      Weill
Whist drive, box social and dance,
April 17th. in Parish Hall, under lhe I latea. were won by Ml
auspices of Knights of Pythias.   Ad-! Pisher.    The guests
mission. Gents 50c; Ledies 25c; proceeds to Widows and Orphans Fund of
the Order.
Mr. Paul 11. Dunbar of Nelson representing the Canada Life Assurance
Co. hns been in the city the last few
days conferring with his agent. Mr. M.
A. Reale.
Mr. Dan Murphy, C .P. R. Locomotive Engineer, left on Wednesday for I Canadian  Pood Board, urging the
Mrs. C, J. Little entertained delight- Income,
fully at  Five  Hundred  on  Saturday     Five years ago. dairy hoy sold here
afternoon for Miss Fisher and Mis.; at fourteen and fifteen dollars a ton,
Pye of Pernie.     Tlie prizes, a silver farm labor was then thirty-five and
photograph frame and » box of choco- forty dollars per month.    Now labor
Pye and Miss demands from sixty to seventy dollars
re  Miss Amy per month, and best dairy hay Is sel-
Woodlnnd, Mrs. C R. Ward, Miss Pish- ling nt thirty to thirty-three dollars
er. Miss Pye, Miss Florence Erickson, per ton.   The dairymen by feeding to
Miss  Alice  Pye.  Miss  E,  Watt. Miss best advantage and buying In cheapest
McGee,   Miss   Simpson.   Miss   Madge way have some of them managed tn
Robertson.   Miss   Marion   Robertson, pay for actual feed for stock during
Miss E. Macdonald, Miss Wanda Fink the  past   winter,  hut  they  have  not
and Miss Edith MoBrlde made   any  wage  for  themselves  nor
—  employees,   nor   running    expenses.
Chief of Police B, C. Hersey has re- Only hy free grazing through the com- I
ceived a letter   from   F. II.  Keefer, ing summer months do they hope to
Counsel and General Adviser of the meet the deficit before next fall.   I
Rpottnne, Washington
This house has thi
happy distinction of being the favorite stopping place In Spokane
for the people of British
Columbia Wc appreciate
this patronage and do
everything In our power
to make yon comfortable
Our location Is excellent —
dose to Great Northern Station
ind 0 W R ft N -Milwaukc
terminal, mid wltlnn a mln-.te'*
viitk from the principal business
lousoa and places of amusement.
*****  Kli-nnmlilii  on   Hoof
Montreal and Cleveland in connection
with Brotherhood business. He expects to be absent from six weeks lO
two months.
Saturday Special — Girl's Middy
DlOUSeS, fi5c, Mr, |1.10, $1.25.*-Fink
Mercantile Co.
Our attention has been drawn to tht
omission of tho name of Private John
Ma< Donald from the list of Vlmy Ridge
heroes mentioned In last week's Issue
of the Herald. Private MacDonald enlisted from Cranbrook with tbe 225th.
Mr. 0, M, Ormston, Senlr Clerk and
Accountant ai the local Provincial
Government Offices has handed in his
resignation to the Government Agent,
Mr. N. A. Walllnger, and expects to
leave shortly for Vancouver with his
family to lake up his permanent residence.
The Sisters of St. Eugene Hospital
wish tn extend to their friends their
slncerest thanks for organising and
patronizing so successfully the entertainment given for the benefit of the
above Hospital. The proceeds amounted to the neat sum of $65.00.
On Thursday a few Cranbrook Masons entertained their relatives and
friends with an Informal dance at
the Masonic Temple. The Kootenay
Orchestra provided the music In a very
pleasing manner and Mr. W. P. Cameron made an excellent floor manager.
Dancing was discontinued while sup*
per was served at small tables seating
six or eight people. So enjoyable was
the affair that many regretful remarks
were heard when It concluded at two
a.m. The splendid sum of $63.16 net
was donated to the I. O. D. R. local
chapter. It Is proposed to hold
another dance on May 24th, the proceeds of which are to be given to the
local branch of the St. John Ambulance AisoelasteB.
might also state here that the loss of'
cesslty of enforcing the local adminls- hnttle containers is an expense felt
tratlon of the law of Canada relating! by nil milkmen, one man told me the |
to food and food control. A supply of' other day that his loss by unreturncd
copies of the Oroer-tn-Council Regain- bottles averaged fifty rents per day.
ting olltels, Restaurants, Cafeterias., The locnl poundage fee Is two dol-
Clubs, Dining Cars, Steamships, etc., lars per head. If a small farmer hns.
has been forwarded to the Chief who say five cows and seven head of young
wilt be glad to supply anyone interest- stock, nt even one Impounding through
ed, there is therefore no excuse in the the season, the penalty Is twenty four
plea of ignorance of the law. dollars; no paltry deduction from ar.
  already too small profit.    In fact It
The annual Hospital Ball held at St, Is confiscation as it is the vnlue of
Mary's Hall on Monday was an excel- one of the younger animals,
lent success, one of tbe largest crowds Last summer one morning an irate
of the season being present. Parker's citizen called us up by telephone, to
Orchestra provided the music In their tell us hov; "tired" he was of the de-
usual excellent manner nnd did much praviiy of farmers In general nnd
to make the dancing enjoyable. Mr. natural "cussednoss" of five spotted
Otllmonl was floor manager nnd matlt calves in particular, and "that he
a splendid one. The nurses from the would show us a thing or two" as IllB
St. Eugene Hospital, Miss MacDougslI, patience was exhausted." when hla
Miss Simons, Miss Gregory, Miss Hak- breath was exhausted, I Informed him
er, Miss Home nnd the Misses Carson, I was not the proud owner nf the five
attended in a body, In uniform which  spotted calves,
made a most pleasing contrnst with
the light dresses of the ladles and
dark suits of the gentlemen present.
Supper was served downstairs In buffet style, the room being tastefully   through the summer, nnd much pin
The farmer's patience Is alio verging on exhaustion, with constant anxiety ns to the whereabouts of his
stock, and oecnslonal poundage fe*s
Pastor. Rev. Thos. Keyworth
"'here will he no service on Su'i'lay
morning owing   to   past or'-i   absence
from town    Service In the eviiilnt; ft
" -hi at which the pastor will orea *•■
Sunday School and Adult Ch.ps at
'.) u.m.
The church of the handshake welcome.
Rev. HllIIs Wright. Minister.
Services at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sunday School at 3 p.m.
Young   People's   Guild   on   Monday
nights nt 8 p.m.
Strangers and visitors to our City
are   invited   to   make   Knox   their
Church  home while in our midst.
Seats are Free
Everybody made Welcome
to feel
Fresh andFit
—you must keep your stomach well, your liver active,
the bowels regular, and your
blood pure. Your physical
condition depends on the
health of these organs.
When anything goes wrong
just take
a few doses of Beecham's Pills
and avoid any serious illness.
They are a fine corrective and
tonic for the system, and a
great help in maintaining good
health. A single box will
prove the remedial value of
Uff M Sals af Aar Madicia. a. Ih- W«U.
5.M arwywlta...   InbosM, lie.
THEY'RE new,
they're different,
ind even though
they're low-priced
they're unusually
durable and good-
We have sold a great many to the housewives about
town and have yet to hear a complaint about them.
Congoleum Rugs are fast supplanting all other typel
of medium-priced rugs now on the market.
They're washable, and waterproof. Lie flat without
Come in today and let us tell you about them and
show you some of the very handsome patterns which
we have.
Compare These Prices With Your
No 2 Quality, 6 and 18 feetwlde
X Quality, 0 and 12 tt. wide.
Scutcll KI<M.,-i.lt<' •; f.'.'t wide
ll'ITIMH llll.   1X11  Mill's
i.ii(nn vnini
iu-m .\< i. ii kmn ni polish
H.00 per «q, yd.
$I.12M per s<). yd.
tl.»* -q. ,d.
US-He li). yd.
Don't Grit Your Teeth! Put
between them and bite on [tl your
determination will be just as strong-
stronger in fact, for you gain Pluck,
perseverance, renewed vigour, from
this great pick-me-up.
Do as the soldiers in the trenches are
doing-chew WRIGLEYS to get a
fresh grip on yourself.
It helps teeth, breath, appetite and
digestion while it soothes your
throat and steadies your nerves.
It comforts and sustains.
Keep VOUR boy
supplied with
The Flavour Lasts! /£?>
lack Anight
Apply with a cloth on eitherwarm or oold stove—that Is
•II. Little effort Is needed to give your stove a brilliant,
durable polish.   Black Knight Is non-inflammable.
THURSDAY, APRIL 11th, 1018
'Too Much Married,"
Club Haiti Friday
erybody conic and
s worth. It's a
and refreshments
Tbe big Bhow,
Will   bt>   given   al
night, April 12th;
laugh your mon
scream. Big daui
alter show
tins Kay made n trip to Cranbrook.
last Tuesday,
Mrs. P, Herlc and daughter Beatrice
left the first pari of this week for the
East, where they will visit for about'
two months,
Tbe Ladles of the Red cross expect'
to give a basket social and dance next
Friday evening, April 18th. Girls;
bring baskets and gents bring their
pocket books,
Mr. J. H. Feldhausen hade a business
trip to Cranbrook Monday.
Miss A. Mastberg uf Nelson returned
to Wardner hist week and has re-
sumed her old position as stenographer wiih tbe Crows Nest Pass
Lumber Company.
jack Bralthwnllo lias been on thi
sick lisi this week,
Mr. ami Mrs. Thos, Huiuly and little
Tho Patriotic Fund lisi (or Fori
Steele for January follows: It. L. T.
Oalbralth. $fi.Q0; Charlos Mulr, $5; A.
Doylo, $6; If, Kerahnw, |&B0; R. T.
Richardson, $2.50; 0 s linker, fl;
A. J. Grez, $1; Mrs. F, G. Cann, 50c;
Total, $22.60. For February: It. L. T.
Oalbralth, $5; diaries Mulr, $5; H.
Kershaw, ¥2.50; II. T. niehardsoii $3,-
50; (I, S. Baker, $1; A. J. Grez* $1;
Mrs. F, G, Cann. 60c; Total $17.50.
As several of the subscribers to this
fund are tax in their payments these
lists cannot he published regularly.
Mr. and Mrs. ,1, Johnson and family
have left Fort Steele for High River,
Alberta, where Mr. Johnson has work
on one of tiie large ranches of the
district. All their furniture thnt was
shipped ahead of them was burnt in
:i wreck al Plncher Creek. Mrs. Johnston had some very fine furniture
nd souvenirs ami small things that
nnd invitations liavo been font to
iivery returned soldier south of Elko
'<i the International Boundary Line.
Mrs. A. M, Ell wood of Flagstone
entertained several lady visitor's
through the EaBtor holidays rrom Elko
Cranbrook, Creston, Roosviiie and
d In
l can never he re-
1011   Bpf lit
jary ilii-*- t
W. E. Evans and Albert Evans, who
uvo boon ou the upper st. Mary's on
llapping expedition since January
list, came Into town this week with
a splendid bunch of furs, --ncli also had
days visiting In Cal-   a line sol of whisk-r:
I     A. U. J,	
On Saturday the Blxth Instant there
was solemnized the marriage of Hugh
Lanselot Fuller, of this plan , to Mar I
garet Ellen Walker, Mr. Fuller Is nn
old-time rancher resideiii in this pari,
and the bride is the eldest daughter ol
Mr. Arthur J and Mrs. Walker, who
came out from England some Clvi
years ngo, The ceremony took place
ut Hie residence of the bride's parents.!
Katherlne Walker, sister of Mrs. Fuller, acted as bridesmaid, and Jatnei
Lambert gave his support to thr
groom. Tho ceremony was performed
by the Rev. E. (!. Thatcher in accordance with tlie rites of the Church of
England. A reception was given after
the wedding ai which a great uuiiibei
of the Intimate friends of the celebrants wore present. The many presents received gave ample testimony
as to the popularity of the newly
married couple.
After s period nf long suspnse, the
relatives of Private Angus MacDonald,
who was first reported ns missing,
have received official notification that
ho was killed, this word coining to
them through German sources. The
lute soldier at the lime of enlisting
wus n resident of Spllllmachene. For
many years prior to that date lie had
lived in this part and was well known
,-s n hockey 1st, having played on
several of the local teams.
The masquerade given by the ladies
of tlie Fort Steele Red Cross was
well attended by people from Cranbrook. Mull River, and Wasa, as well
as a largo local crowd, Some very
fine dance music was played by Geo
James of Marysvllle, und dancing wni
continued until early morning. The
prizes for the costumes were awarded
as   follows::      Ladies,   besl   costume
Miss Frances Drummond of Cranbrook
ns a Chinese lady; character costume. Mrs. Ralph Henderson of Fori
Steele, as n Jap comic costume; MlSB
Margarel Slmlster of Fori Steele, as
Brer Rabbit; gents, besl costume. W.
s. Hush of Wasa, as a brigand; character costume, Lewis A. VVIJHcome of
Fort Steele as Robin Hood: comic
costume, ft Baker, of Fort Steele as
Simple Simon, The costumes were
judged by Mr. und Mrs. Douglas, nnd
.Mrs. Powtmll nf Fish Lakes and Mrs
F Qlnmftrc of Fort Steele. The sun*
of $85.40 was realized nl the door, the
nol proceeds amounted to $58.26 up to
visitor ai Fort
Steele on Wednesday last where he
furnished the music for the masquerade duller; be also supplied the music
ror the bard times dance at Wycllffe
on Friday; while at Fort Steele was
the guesl of Mr. ana Mrs. A. Nlcol,
Mrs. A, Mellor, Miss Nellie Handley
and Miss Sylvia Valequette returned
on Thursday from Spokane where
thoy spent the Easter holidays.
Mrs. ll. Barclay loft this week for
Spokane where she will spend a few
A shipment or Government seed oats
arrived on Tuesday's train for use
among local ranchers, We have seen
heavier oats,  but  never  cleaner.
Paul Hundley of tbe local garage
lias Increased bis rolling stock to
lour cars which will be for the use of
tho public this summer. He lias secured lhe services of Messrs. Deacon
and Nod Walllngor to attend to business at tiio Crnnbrook end.
B. Luiidin was a Wasa visitor on
Monday returning With several teams
for use on the Lund Ranch.
Albert Hall, the loeat Geological
Survey man. visited Crnnbrook on
Peter Lund of Let li bridge was a
visitor hero this week on business in
connection with his ranch. B, Lun-
lin has been engaged as malinger and
If Mr. Lund has been successful iu
obtaining liie water rights We look for
big tilings on the Lund Ranch this
Mr. and Mrs. D, J. Horman returned
to their ranch this week after spending the winter months at Kimberley.
Frank Leclorc and Road Superintendent Hutcherol't of Cranbrook were
visitors this week Inspecting the roads
in this vicinity.
Mrs. F. Tlbbetts left on Thursday
for Kalamazoo, Mich., to be present
with her mother who is dangerously
ill at tbttt place. Mrs. Tibbeits will
probably be away a month.
Ed. Handley of Willows Camp, Victoria, arrived home on Sunday for a
few days leave.
Benjamin Keer, the local dairyman,
left on Thursday for Nelson; while
there Mr. Keer will be ihe guest ol
Mr, and Mrs. J. H. Doyle.
Miss Ranka Lundin arrived home on
Saturday after spending a most en
Joyable time during the Easter hoi)
days with Mr. and Mrs. J. Hayes a-
Fort Steele.
H.KO   NOTES   111   FHKD   H00
Mclaughlin car for sale
5 passenger; $600.00.-—See Binning.
for sale.-  See Binning,
tVANTKh X middle aged lady tor
housekeeping. Apply at Moffats store
or at Herald Oillne.
FOR SALE—Horso and harness
democrat, sleigh, safe.—Apply J. A
Leask & Son. 1C-H*
learn    automobile
Kootenay Garage.
GOOD    lANAin    SIMiKRH   FOR,
sale;  apply to Miss Lundeen, Marysvllle, B. C. 15-2t«
hatching;  good winter 1
setting.    Leaman,   Phone
Thc sap is running from the trees.
The crocus shows its head.
Spring fever, too, I'm told It's true.
Has Just begun to spread.
Tho beautiful rug, donated by Mrs.
William Morrison, for the benefit ol
the I. O. D. E., realized $33.00 and
was raffled at tlie Elko Mining Exchange, The winning number was
117, held by Miss Anna Gallagher.
Among the prominent visitors to
tbe old historic burg of Elko last
week was Fred Coffey of Fernie, who
just moved down from *NTolson, and
was down in Elko looking for a build
ing location. He tells a story white
he was living In Nelson of a young
lady cook In one of Nelson's swell
homes who used some of her Mistress' violet scented face cream Instead of Shamrock Lard in frying
chicken for a company dinner, the
result was not quite the success (hat
she anticipated. A very heavy frost,
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, but
his first name was William and he
came from Spokane; bis real cstutc
dope would convert nn arctic Iceberg
into n Turkish bath. Ernie Ford of
Calgary, no relation to Henry, bin
a runabout just the same, father nf
twins and several singles; he said
■ihat Elko had beautiful scenery, bul
that It was business be was after, said
his crockery was the best on the
market, and was drawing people like
a watermelon patch draws coons. Si
for( Voung, one of the old timers on tbe
"■"■■■ making his last round, having
his   excellent   axle   greasi
The regular monthly meeting of the
City Council was held on Monday evening with Mayor Clapp and Aldermen
Mneklnnon, Shankland, Balment, Gen j
j est. MacPherson and Eakln in attend-
An application was made by J. Armour for permission to Install a Gasoline Tank and Pump at the corner of
Baker and Van Home Street and a
lease will be drawn up between the
city and John Armour for a street
privilege for installing a Gasoline
Tank at thai point at a yearly rental
of $12,00, tlie tank is io be Installed
under the supervision of (he City Engineer.
Mr. J. B. Sutherland was re-appointed city auditor at the same remuneration.
The following accounts were ordered paid:  Burroughs Adding Machine
..6.00; cBattie Murphy Co. $4.05;    P.
Burns & Co. $2.10; Cranbrook Electric
Light Co. $244.14; Crnnbrook 'Trading
Co.   $&.O0:   Cranbrook   Herald   Ltd..
$16.1.4;   Cranbrook  Sash  &   Door  Co. j
$2.4b; City Transfer Co, $81.65;   Fink
Mercantile Co. $1.70;    Hanson Garage
$18.00; Home Bakery $1.20; Kootenay;
Telephone Lines $17.05; Little & Atcli-;
ison $7.70; Ira Manning Ltd. $32.06;
Pay  Roll  City  Officials  $267.60;   City,
Engineer  $275.75;   Fire   Department
$281.00;    Police Department  $206.00;
School $1667.82,   E. Seymord   $2.90;
Workmen's Compensation Board $45,142
Webb, Held, Hogan &. Co  $200; pun-
dry accounts $72.48.   Total $3643.15.
The Chief of Police reported six
prisoners had been received during the
month of March. Police Court fines I
amounted to $112.00; dog tax $266.50;
received from military authorities 9.30,
making a total of $386,80.
The City Engineer's report follows—
"Water Works—There have heen 8 I
Lhawoiits during the month seven of
which were on the property.
One service connection was macfc
outside tbe city limits, on Mr. H.
White's property. This property had j
been previously served by a six inch j
wood pipe from the main, which was i
replaced by a three-quarter inch gal-
vanlzed pipe, by simply sliding It thru !
the wooden service pipe.
Thc water supply has been normal
during the month  with    thc    usual■
spring increase during the last  few
Side Walks and Works—Sidewalks !
and hand rails on the foot bridges are!
being lepalred as fast ns possible, witli
this present force. The repairing of
the road and waterworks equipment
has been completed.
Streets— Work was commenced on
the street about the. middle of the
month.   In most places cinders from
to enforce the provisions of the Motor
Acl in rospect to the speed limits.
Aldeiman Gouest gnve notice that
be will at Ibe next meeting of the
Council introduce a By-law to remunerate the Mayor and Aldermen for
their services.
Estimates for the current, year were
presented, but owing to nn intimation being received from tlie Inspector
of Muicipallties that the Municipal Act
in respect to rebates on taxes would
be changed in o few days; tbe council
decided to leave the matter over for
final decision until the next meeting.
(We do not Hold Ourselves Responsible for Opinions Expressed
by Correspondents)
Editor. The Herald:
Dear slr--A number of people have
spoken to mo recently with reference
to u very mischievous story being circulated to the effect that the Canadian Rod Cross Society has sold various articles, donated to them, to soldiers.
I wish to state most emphatically
that this Ib not the case./ My experience covers Imperial and Canadian
Hospitals In England, France and
Canada and I have never once seen
anything to bear out the story.
Canadian soldiers requiring anything
, have only to send their application in
to Headquarters in London either dlr*
I ect or through the regular Red Cross
visitor. In order to receive what they
desire by return of post, without
charge of any kind.
i   have  known   soldiers  receiving
, articles in  this  manner  afterwards
'. selling them on their own account,
but the Red Cross Society cannot be
held responsible for tills action.
Yours faithfully.
Sgt. Can. Engis.
The Editor. Cranbrook Herald.
Sir—May I be permitted to call the
. attention of your renders to the little
Incident that happened In this city a
matter of ton days ago. which In the
ordinary course of things, might have
been looked upon as a very commonplace and innocent occurrence, and
I have been treated merely ns the tor-
tunes of political warfare, but which
I in reality is portentous of a situation
I that the people of Cranbrook have to
; fear nnd be alive to.
I refer to the dismissal, without
' any  reason   assigned,  of  the   police
j I care nol a button for the man who
j has been dismissed nor have I any
I objection to the man slated for the
( job, but I do protest most vlgorouslj
] against the nianer in which these
; things are or have been done.
! I am given to understand that the
j local executive of the Liberal party
i know absolutely nothing of it officially
' but, there is a suggestion that other
| forces, who do not represent either
' the Liberal party in Cranbrook nor
Three charges for alleged offences
under the Prohibition Act have occupied the attention of Messrs. H. White
and N. W. Burdett, Justices of the
Peace, during the present week,
In the case of Edward Normandeau
bartender of the Canadian Hotel, the
charge was dismissed on a technicality, it being brought out at thc conclusion of the hearing that the stenographer who took down the evidence
had not been sworn before the hearing commenced.
In connection with the charge ,v
gnlnst J .Brault the evidence for prosecution nnd defence has been heard
and the magistrates will give their
decision on Wednesday next.
Owing to the court being occupied
with the Normundeiui case on Tuesday, the hearing of a charge against
J. Buchanan has been adjourned until
Tuesday next, 16h instant.
Mr. (loo. J. Spreull Is representing
tbe city In all above eases. Mr. A. II.
Macdonald is appearing for E. Normandeau and J. Brault. and Mr. W. A
Nlsbet for J. Buchanan.
His Honor Judge Thompson presided over n sitting of Military Appeal j
Tribunal No. 12 at the Court House on
Tuesday morning. Two appeals from
Creston were on the list.
George Huscroft who has been
granted a three months exemption.
applied for further exemption. Thi-'
applicant's evidence failed to show j
that he or his father had made any
effort to secure assistance In order to
carry on their ranching operations.
The appeal was disallowed.
Tbe hearing of James Edgar King';
appeal was adjourned.
Mr. T. M. Roberts appeared in tho
interests of the Chief Public Representative,
There was a special sitting or the
County Court on Monday for thc
hearing by His Honor Judge Thompson on an action by Jones and Doris
agnlnst J. O. Ingham In connection
with a disputed account for alterations and additions to n residence on
Armstrong Avenue. After considerable
evidence had been taken, the hearing ence ISriekson
was ndjourned so that an inspection
of the premises might be made. Mr.
TV*. A. Nlsbet appeared for (he plaintiffs and Mr Geo. J. Spreull for the
Before   the   hearing   commenced,
•yers,  W-M  throng):
WANTED—Man nith some lumber
experience for retail y nl In Southern   Alberta.     Write   p,   0,   Box   1S!(,
Uthbrldge, Alberto. 15-3t
LOST   Pair of ght-.se* In CAM} "IV.
lipped >lnto a good job at the Coast.
Shaw of Lett.bridge, one of the greatest authorities on tlie products from
Hie Shamrock in the Crows Nosl Pass.
Booth, nol the fellow that shot Lincoln, but Swift's great pride, with
Iamb chops and overland I rout. A
brewery traveller whose complexion
! would remind you of nn overripe cu-
I cumber, selling pop and near beer
l and  other  cooling,  delicious,  health
H.   Wilson"  on  ease  and   numbered
3515! finder please return to W. It [ ful drinks, good for the kiddles and
Wilson or Herald Office and receive [old women, others not worth men-
reward Honing.
Mr. and  Mrs.  Simkius and family
 "        ""   of Ainsworih, Kootenay Lakes, moved
FOR SALE-G I buggy and saddle! (0 E|j-0 t)lls week to spend the sum-
horse f> years old, weight about 1000  mer.
Itis; also for sale, harness and buggy
in good condition. See or write.—Nick
Marunchak, Wycllffe. lD-6t*
FOR SALE—Six roamed cottage-
furnace heated; with acre of ground;
garage, stable, and outbuildings.—Apply Herald Office. 14-3t.
WANTED—G I  plnnn, cheap  for
cash.—Apply II. Sainsbury, Cranbrook
HOI Si; FOR SALE H rooms and
bath; furnace, full-size:! cement collar; connected with seworage.—Apply
Mrs. Oeo, Loltch,
the potato that took first prize all
over America. Price to-day $40.00 per
ton; $2.25 per cwt. For the members
of tho Farmers' Instltnto $38.00 per
ton, or $2.00 per cwt. Apply St. Eugene Mission. 13-llf,
Tom (lorrle manager of the Clydebank Stock Ranch, Roosviiie Valley,
was an Elko visitor this week.
Mrs. Fred Roo of Roosviiie Is visiting Elko this week with Miss E. B.
Patterson o (the Kootenay Orchards,
who has been tbe guest of the Roos
nl. Roosviiie nnd Elko during the
Easter holidays.
Several very enjoyable sociable
events have taken place during the
past week, and Jim Thlstlebeak says
"the hand that once rocked the cradle"
is now dealing bridge whist.
Fred Wildman, the B. C. Game Warden, was fn Elko this week and said
thnt some fish will only He on a sandy
bottom; but Jim Thlstlebeak says
"The average fisherman will He anywhere,'*
There is good In everything says
!lm Thlstlebenk, even dyspepsia, that
awful curse of humanity, has Its
lighter Hide—It saves grub.
Many a man hns grown rich attending lo his own business strictly. The
man who walks off with n chunk of
success, no matter how small, Is sure
In have live ill will ot the failures.
The citizens of Elko are onUrtatn-
fug hrr returned soldiers this weak
the power house are being put Into tlie ,                    . .
.   \   .   ,          , ,    ..     .            .     r the body of justice loving people ol
chuck holes, and in the lanes ashes! tU_ _t _,# , _, m
from the nearest property were used,
care being taken to avoid nails and
glass In the ashes.
Ice has been removed from the culverts and the drainage put into as good
shape as possible. Ice was also removed from the gutters on Baker St.
Sewerage Plant—Tlie disposal wonts
has been maintained tn good repair
und at present while the high water
is on the effluent Is discharged inlm
the creek, in order to ailow the Irrigation system (o be cleaned up and put.
In repair."
Tenders are to he called for street
sprinkling and for the cleaning of
streets and alleys, tenders to be submitted on or before April 15th nnd
the first clean up to be completed not
later than May 24th.
A  notice Is lo be Inserted in    Ihe |
Herald directing ttie citizens to have I
their yards cleaned up aud refuse ne-
posited In suitable receptacles on tho        ge'
lanes on or before May 1st.
It was decided to purchase an International Casoline Engine at the
price of $4.*i0 subject to satisfactory
A temporary monument lo our fallen
soldiers will be creeled on Ibe vacant
lop: next to the City Hull upon which
will he placed the itnmes of all the
Cranbrook boys who have sacrificed
thi Ir lives during the present war.
It Is tlie intention of lhe City Council Hint, this will be replaced by n
moro substantial memorial upon the
conclusion of penco.
The provisional order for a Brock-
way Motor Truck was cancelled.
F. Parks & Co. tendered for cerlaln
fixtures of the Royal Hotel which
was partially accepted.
The Police Commissioners were requested to Instruct the Chief of Police
the city, are nt work for personal reasons.
May I say thai the people of Cranbrook want to know if the Liberal executive of this city aro willing to sit
quiet on this matter or If they or their
masters at the coast prefer the contributions to party funds by unscrupulous parties who may have a little
more cash than the common folk with
which to swell the campaign funds,
than the honest support of honest
people. If so let us know, and remember. Liberal Executive, "Silence
gives Consent."
Justlcus Purltus
The Editor, Cranbrook Herald.
Sir—Don't you think it would have
been better had you made sure of
correct number of Cranbrook Heroes
before you either specified names and
number who fell on 9th April at Vlmy
Sister of Another.
(Editor's Note—No other names
than the two mentioned in the last
issue of the Herald were known to
the Editor. We would be only too
glad to publish the names of other
Cranbrook heroes of Vlmy Ridge If
the information Is given us.
Improved Hreil.to-lnv KIiikIp Coml,
Pen headed by male bird I 'on Ferris.
*2.IHI per Neltinu.
12-1Q[« Cianbrooi-- n 0.
Tn Wiiiib uam, Won- Kim, Wane
Mon, Wong On nnd Wont Leung,
carrying on business as Gum Lee Wo
Company nnd (him Lee Wo, Registered and Annexed owners of Lot 19,
lllt.i'k 02, (.'ranbrook City, Man 66».
i TAKK NOTICE (liut nn application
lias been made to register the Corpor
ation of die City of Cranbrook as the
owner in fee simple of the above lot
under Tnx Sale Deed from the Col
lector of the Corporation of the City
ot Criinhrook and yon me required to
oontest the claim of the Tax Purchas,
er within forty-five (tli) days from the
first publication hereof.
Dated at tho Land Reglotry Ofllce at
Nelson. I!. c. this lltli day of March,
10. S. STOKES,
District Registrar
Date of first publication March 22 IMS
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Ofllce, Smelting and Refining Department
vniv ItllM.i: PI-AG HAY
The Vlmy Ridge Ping Day on Tuesday was conducted witli tho thoroughness Hint inni-l's nil the activities of
tlu> Cranbrook Urnnch of iho St. John
Ambulance AsBOolntion, The members
were mil onrly, attlrod In their nl-
tmotive association costumes and
turned with n supply of miniature
flags that wore in gronl demand. Nn
matter by which route anyone came
down town, no sooner did they reach
Baker street than tnoy bad an opportunity of purchasing n patriotic om-
blent and pedestrians not wearing
flags were few and lav between.
Those actively engaged lit tagging,
or to be correct "flagging", included
Mrs. P, W. Oreen. Mrs. O. 11. Thompson, Misses Melvn Cartwrlght, Plor-
Margery Fallows, J.
Hallnmore. A. McLennan, Edith Mc-
Bride, A. McDonald, Marlon and
Madge Robertson, and Amy Woodland.
Special films were shown at ihe
Rex Theatre.    There   wns a  matinee'
the way Zam-Buk NUtTM th%
turning and Irritation ol WaV
write. MIm •». Gallant, a* «.
Nleholas. P.B.I. "Tn » *-*•» I
■offered with tail dllHH, aa« trie*
all kind) ot r.mell.a, tint notklat
helped ma until I used Zaat-Bak.
The continued use ot taia fcartal
balm ha> completely curat me.
"Although it la sow two yaars
•Inc. thi* enra waa affected, that*
ha. been Be return of tks 'lame."
Zam-Buk la aqually fool for
ringworm, icalp aoraa, plmplaa,
bolls, teething nun, "kartart
rash." ulcers, oil aoraa, abacaaaa*
bad left, blood-poltonlng, VIM*
cut.. bnrn». ocaldi and brulaaa. All
dealer, or Zam-Buk Co., Toronto.
{Or bol, J Tor I1S6.
ami witli crowded houses the days results were considerably augmontoil,
At lhe ovonlng performance vocal solus were given by Mrs, A. H. MacDonald and Mr. .1. Venus.
Tlie theatre arrangomonts were In
charge «f Miss Hnllamoro, assisted b>
the Misses Drnniinnml and the Misses
After deducting expenses, the proceeds front sale of flags and ihentri-
per forma in'es amounted to $275,
Judge  Thompson  t-npressed  himself as well as tho evening performance
very strongly on tho utter disregard !■ . —-
by the public attending Court bore, of
ordinary Court etiquette, which requires all persons present to rise
when the Judge enters the Court room
Judge Thompson mentioned that
this was not a personal matter, as
far as he was concerned, but   was
simply showing proper respect to the ™b thank us for this advice. Vou will
Court. He hoped that no further ref- [™*,tTry D D D todny' Wa fuarfln"
erence to the matter would be necessary, but that In future the public attending Court here would be as 'punctilious In the matter of Court etiquette
as the citizens of other points In
East Kootenay.
Skin Sufferers
You will sigh with relief at the
first magic touch of D D D, the soothing wast of oils.   Many of our custom-
Tlxe Licxuid. Waali
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co..
Cranbrook, B. C.
Getting into the Home
Woman buy more than
two-third* the merchandise (Old In retail stores
and every woman reads
the Classified Want Ads.
Our paper goes Into the
homes and the Want
Ads. will reach the
If You Don't Advertise in
The Cranbrook Herald
Try It For a Month and
Watch Results
It Pays to Advertise in
The Herald
Support Your Home
Special Attention Given to
Job Work of all kinds


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