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Cranbrook Herald Oct 16, 1902

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VOLUME   :..
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Head Office, Toronto.
Hon. Oko. A. Cox. President. R. B, Wai.kkk. Gen. Mini.
I'.ilsl l'|.  Cnpllnl  18,000,000,00
Real  2,000,000110
Tol.l  Ro.Mlritea     65,01111,0110.110
Deposits Received.   General llaiikiiiK Business Transacted.
SAVINII8 BANK IIEPAR MIM   liii...siis Received   lolereil Allowed.
WALL PAPERS al the LOWEST PRICES yet named |
Heatinj! and Cooking $
An Immeniie Stock Oilier
stoves ■«.. be good stoves bul
MsClary's stoves are better.
2  Care firncomais   |ust received and more comlnj.   We cm
ValS  UrOCcrlCS    fill lite largess! orders al siithl.
A Watch that stops is worse than no watch. It means
broken engagements and constant provocation. We give
Ihe most careiul attention to all watch repairing entrusted
to us and guarantee it.
ltrusted      M
Air Tights
Hot Blast
Down Draught
Up Draught
Sight Draught
or any kind of
draught that
you may want
in the way of
Cooking or
Healing Stoves
Just a little worn, eh? What you need is .1 new suit. One
that will wear, one that will look well .it all times, and
that will not cost too much money. We can fix you out.
We have a line selection ol suitings to choose Irom and,
what is more, you can depend upon the quality,
wi; guarantee a pit.
Leask & Henderson
The J.itli Century Tailors, Crnnbrook, I). C
•u BY Till   OLD MAN »
The   Herald  office  had   a cull from
Albert   1U11   Inst Monday.      Mr.   Hall
came in to pay hla subscription, at.d in
thi". mnller he is as regular ns clock
woik.    He   was   among   Tlie  Heiiilil's
iimi subscribers, mul hns paid #10 np to
(Ute for hla pnper, placing him ahead
again.    After be  left, we  look   n  look
through oui subscription book, nnd
could not help hut marvel upou the
peculiarities of tho human tare. We
round there Ihe names of many men win*
have dollan where we liuve cents, ami
yet they owe ua for tbe Herald,ami have
owed us for tWO nnd llnee years. Aie
ihey good for 11? Perfectly, hut thai fact
don't help ua uuy when  Friend Haines
.1 Hi.
Imi,Is  in
All kinds .md superior quality. Our
Apples .ind Plums cannot be equalled
in town and the prices are right. Don't
think of preserving until you inspect
our stock.
iii'iii      He wants dsli, nml we have   to
rustle it  for  him on those occasions,
Many think, "Oh, illy account dou'l
make any difference to Old Mini Simp-
son. Its only f2 or $3 " Yel, if aoo or
31x1 uf our subscribers would say tie ;t
lUo nliiy.   '*I am going lo send what l
owe uu The Herald lo Ibe Uld Man," by
Tuesday and Wednesday (here would be
Hbout ifi.ixKiin uur till. Wouldn't that
make n difference to the Old Maul Well,
just a little. And yet that money Is due
us right now, mid not out-in in who owes
on his subscription but is able to pay
the small amount.
Funny, isn't it, thnt Ihey don't pay ll?
ti ti ti
Here is n story lhat is limiting nroiiml
the country, and since we have seen 11
iu a newspaper, wc have reason to believe that il is true:
Alt Okuiing.iti nun's gar.U-n wn-* Incited on a hill side. He went out to get
some potatoes for dinner, ami ill prying
a large potaloe out of the ground, it got
away from him and rolled down tbe side
ofthe hill and wrecked his resilience.
The next day one of bis large watermelons was kicketl by a horse and
sprung a leak, and the juice drowned
seventeen ol Ins wife's ducks before tbey
could gel out of the way.
ti ti ti
iccillalion as tn u lil-.li town llie editor nf the
Hornl 1 Is trying In serve, may lio luuueri-il by
luoii.u.iiii) tii.it ilm "uiii Many tiiii'11111-.i
ro Is to servo himself.—Port Steolo I'rus-
Vou bit ibe nail right on the head,
Brother Grace, The Old Man is desirous of serving himself. He has published ceveml jiu\i*>ik ii. hit. life, nutl ul ail
limes be was looking out for No 1. He
9 iu business ibe same as a banker, a
awyer, n grocery man, a contractor, or
uuy one else iu tbe country. He wants
money, and be believes lhat the best
y to serve himself in the newspaper
business Is to serve the district in which
ne lives. For that reason he never.ruus
lown another town or trys to injure an.
other business. He believes in Soulh
I. ist Kootenay.ami its future. He has interests in Cranbrook) M irysville. Ward-
mul Morrissey, and hones 10 have
resin in the other towns lu the distiict. They will all be good towns,
ami while working for them Ibe Old
Man is working Ur himself.
A. Leitcb retuioed last Sunday from
a hasty trip lo ihe H.itiiiniion country.
He says tbat that section ia settling up
rapidly ami that the demand lor lumber
Is ou   the   Increase.     L ind   values   have
rapidly Increased since the Influx o'
people Irom lhe Slates started, nml many
men have made loi limes hy making quick
tiiius in property.
A Ureal Ranch
Tbe Calgary Herald gives an elaborate description of the Cochrane ranch
ranch, which is the biggest concern of
its kind in Canada. Il consists of no,
000 acres of Hie choicest land in Alberta,
70,000 of which are owned outright and
40,000 held under lease from the BloOtl
Indians. There are about [4,00a bead of
cattle on lhe ranch of which 250 are
llunougiihred bulls. The beef ship-
n ic mi amount to about $100,000, mid
2,000 calves nre htaiitted each summer.
Tbe value nf the ranch and the cattle
is over a   million   dol lln ra,    The largest
shareholder is Senator Cochrane of Mon-
tn-nl, his sou, w V, Cochrane) who is »
■lirt-ctoi of the Ophir lode syndicate, being the manager.
The   Fernie   Coal   Miners  Take
Manager     Tonkins      Statement
Shows a Wage Scale That
is Surprising.
There is now every hope that llie
trouble ni the Pernie coal mines will be
peimaueutly settled Last week the
miners took a vote, and the number lhat
took no part would indicate a feeling of
satisfaction with the present system.
For 8)*J hours underground 33
For s hours underground 129'
Cnst no vote 10S
The above is tbe result of the vote
taken on Saturday last, an to whether
the men employed at Coal Creek mines,
continue lo work t.yt hours underground
as they have been lor the past two
months, or go back lo the old system in
force before Ihe stiike, of S hours underground, according to the agreement between the miners aud Mr. kTuiikiu two
months ago says tbe Fernie Free Press.
As will be noticed by the figures the
result la not satisfactory to either side.
The miners claim that tliey are now en-
tilled to the old system, but the manage
ment maintains that those not voting
show by their indifference tbat they are
perfectly satisfied with the present. A
ummlltee of the employees met Mr.
Tonkin ou Wednesday evening with a
view to finally settling the matter and
the committee will report to the Union
to-night. The general manager went
inlo thc question thoroughly. He showed tbe committee that the miners at
Fernie were making better wnges than
iu any other mining camp in the
country, liming the month of September there were fifty-seven miners employed in Mo. 1 mine and the amount
larned by them reached $6,760,60 averaging$120.71 cents per month for each
mnn. Tbe total number of shifts for the
month wan 1,295, making an average of
$5.1**; 6 10 cents a stun for each man.
The highest wage earned by any miner
.luring the month was $172.50 and the
lowest the handsome sum of $101.90.
The highest wage, per day earned by
iuy miner was 87.06, while the lowest
was 84 oS.
How tbe matter will end it is difficult
to say. Some of the miners are not sat*
Ohed with the way the vote on the question was taken, lint it is the opinion of
most of the those who are willing to ex
press themselves on the subject lhat the
union will let the matter drop and the
present system will continue. A number of tbe men are afraid that the car
system now iu force will lie weakened
as soon as the mines are in full operation, and that the present wage scale
will lie cut down. Mr. Tonkin assures
us that he bas no intention of doing
anything of the kind. He has already
piucbasetl four hundred cars to be added to the present stock, and in regard
to the wnge scale he is piepated In enter
into a two year agreement with the men
on that matter,
and other cooking utensils used in the
household should be
This has many advantages over iron or
common tinware. Costs a little more,
of course, but the increased strength
amply repays this. This ware cannot
rust, Is not affected by acid, und is easily
kept clean. We now have a complete
Hue nud our prices are very pleasing.
Plumbing and Tlnimilhlng In Connection.
Afler Pelrokum.
Frank Sentinel: The oil fields of the
South Kootenay Pass region nre attract*
ing considerable capital and as a result
a company has   lately  beeu formed  in
Vancouver which has acquired all ofihe
holdings in these oil fields of W, Ald-
nch, Mr. Tratbway, one of tbe company is now cnst lo purchase a complete
drill outfit which they expect to hnve
tunning iu about three weeks.
Wc have not advanced the price ol our
Tobaccos, Amber Smoking Tobacco, Bobs,
Currency and Fair Play Chewing Tobacco
are the same slie and price to the consumer
aa formerly. We have also extended the
time for the redemption ot Snowshoe lags to
January 1st IKK
The Empire Tobacco Co., Limited,
After Tbat Mall Service.
Wiltm-i Outcrop: A meeting waa held
l.i Wllmer Tuesday evening for the pur
pone of again discussing tbe establishment of a mail service between Cranbrook and Wilmer. Tbe meeting waa
unanimously in favor ol the route.
On motion Mr. S. Brewer, of Fairmont, was duly elected chairman and
Mr. A. R. Yates secretary of the meeting. Mr. llrewer iu his usual earnest
way stated lhat the object of the
meeting was lo make another strong
effort to induce the government to establish a mail service that would benefit
lhe whole valley and give communication to the mining country to the south
Mr. II. Macdonald was the next one
called upon and in a brief speech very
plainly placed the facts of the case aud
the benefits to be derived before ibe
Mr. C. Troyer, of Windermere, was
very much in favor ofthe proposed ser
vice nnd thought everyone should write
Mr, Mullock ns he wns an acquaintance
of his.
It was then thought unnecessary to call
on nny other speakers and motions were
called for.
Mr. II. Macdonald moved that a petition be signed and forwarded to the
postmaster-general asking the government to establish a weekly mail service
from Cranbrook to Wilmer by the most
leasable route. Seconded by Mr. G. A.
Starke and can ied unanimously.
Arrangements Being Made (or  tbe   Differ-
eat Attractions.
Tbe horsemen are speeding their animals every day In preparation for the
races to be held int. 'raubrook ou Ibe -", 'th
of ibis month. livery morning all tbe
driven are busy at tbe track and lhe
horses are improving under their hard
Increasing Interest is being manifested
in the great toot race between Nevin and
Mitchell. Doth meu are in hard training ami each ia confident of victory.
Aside from the $iooj purse there will be
that much more In side money as lhe
supporters of each man are waiting to
back (heir opinion wllh their coin. Tbe
foot race cornea oft in Ibe morning and
there is sure to be |a big crowd   to  wit-
ss the event.
Thu boxing contest in the evening
will be an attractive card as both men
are in training, Lewis in Craubrook and
PiUgernld In Fernie. Tbe men should
be able lo give a good exhibition audont-
thai will be worth the money,
It Mm Become a Ureat  Industry   In South
Eaat Kootenay.
The lumber Interests nf South 10st
Kooteuay are increasing in Importance
each month, and next season it will be
oue of the big industries of this district,
There are several new mills being erected, and most of the others are heiug
tnproved and their capacity increased
Tbis section will be depended upon to
meet the unprecedented demand for
lumber lhat will come from the prulrie
next year, and hundreds uf men will be
employed hy tbe different companies,
Thousands of acres of timber limits
have heen secured along the Kootenay
and lilk rivers, and millions of feet of
lumber will he shipped out during the
next year. At the present time the de
maud for cars Is ou the increase to meet
the orders now on hand, and the mills
are Ling worked to their full capacity.
Lewis Kicard, aged 25 years, nn em
ploye at King's null, died Satuiday,
October 11, after an illness of two days
from a complication of diseases. The
body lies at Campbell's undertaking
parlors awaiting the arrival of the fatber
of the deceased fiom St. Lawrence, Man.
Daisuku Nagamatsu, a Japanese, aged
20 years, died Suuday morning from typhoid fever, after an Illness of four weeks.
The funeral .was held rrom .Campbell's
undertaking parlors Monday afternoon
at two o'clock, tbe services being conducted by Rev. Thompson assisted by
Kev, Kenny, Tbe remains were followed lo the grave by a large numher of
friends of tbe deceased,
The Cost ol a Page.
Here are the advertising rates on a
page, one insertion, of some of the leading magazines uf the country:
Century $250; circulation 350,000.
Cosmopolitism, 488; circulation 350,■
Harper's 8250; circulation 165,000.
McClure's $384. circulation 333,333
Muusey's $500; circulation 600,000.
Review of Reviews $250; circulation
Scrlbner's S250; circulation 150,000.
Strand $300; circulation 265,000.
Ainalee'g $160; circulation 140,000,
I'earsons's $2i«.; circulation  300,311,
The Historic Wild Horse (Milnes to
Yield Thousands.
The Garrettson Smelting: Process
Promises  to   Boom    Low
Grade Ore.
I) Griffith, the Porky Mountain gold
mouop list came over from Wild Horse
last Monday with nearly $5,000 of gold
dust. He rode in with a companion, aud
both bul revolvers ready for action.
This amount is tbe result of the last
clean up 011 his Wild Horse property.
M. McIoqIs io Business Again
M. Mclnnis, formerly manager of the
well known firm of M. Mclnnis Si Co.,
has decided to re-establish himself in
business in Cranbrook, and with thU
idea in view he has bought out A. Jolliffe
and taken possession. It is useless to
say anything as 10 Mr. Mclunis. He i
probably the bent known man In this
district and for years operated markets
in nearly all the towns in this section.
H'smany friends in Cranbrook will
be pleased to learn of his decisoo to embark in business again, since that will
mean that he and his family will remain
permanently in Cranbrook.
School Report.
Report of Cranbrook public school for
tbe month ut September:
Pirst Uiriiinn.
Total daily attendance 1018
Average daily attendance    48
Enrolled    61
Second Division.
Total dally attendance  752
Average daily attendance    35
Unrolled    46
Thl'rd Division.
Total dally attendance 1129
Average daily attendance    53
Unrolled    72
]. B. Watson, Principal.
A Bad Law.
Daw Griffith, the Wild Horse pioneer,
was in .own Monday. Speaking of the
placer diggings In that historic gulch
he said ihat although between $*io,uuo,-
000 and $30,000,000 had been taken out
uf thnt valley there would stilt be more
taken out before work ceased. He complains of a defect in Ihe law that permit-
led any man or company holding a
water right for a placer ground without
using it by simply paying the rent, lu
this Mr. Griffith is right. It is a bad
thing for the country to permit any oue
to keep a valuable piece of ground Idle,
wheu by working it, it would pruve productive aud give eniplo) ment to a number of men. Tbis is a matter that
should receive the attention of tbe
authorities, as it is an injustice to tbe
people us a whole.
New Smell 1st Process.
The lest of the Garreslon pyritic
siueiiing furnace, made at Crofton on
Saturday, says the Victoria Colonist,
wns quite as successful as anticipated by
the gentlemen interested. It must be
remembered that Saturday's trail of tbe
Gnrrcston furnace was not a "blowin" of
the Crofton smelter; It was simply a test
of the working of the new furnace, in
which the proprietors of the Crottou
smeller have only such an interest as all
practical metallurgists have in a new pro
cess which promises to revolutionize lhe
treatment of ores. The furnace did all
that its inventors claim for It, and the
test would have proved an unqualified
success had It not been for an unforseen
accident which did not occur In Ihc furnace and for which it was in no way responsible.
The Garreston smelter demonstrated
that it could smell wet ore direct from
tbe mine without previous roasting or
crushing with the least possible coo-
sumption of fuel, that It could reduce
the low grade ore to a very rich matte,
aud it was on the point of converting
the matte into pig copper when the accident referred to intervened. Enough
was done, however, to convince all concerned that the furnace is capable of
performing all the work claimed for It
when it is In perfect running order.
The furnace also did a trick which has
beeu held an impossibility hy metallurgists -it reduced to matte, without
fluxes, low grade ore very heavily charged wltb basytes. This puts an end to
all doubt as to tbe posilnliiies of smelting the low grade ores of Mount Sicker
at a fair profit and assures the success of
copper Dining on Vancouver Island.
Tbe C. P. R. Is going to put on a dally
(except Sunday) passenger service between Calgary and Edmonton, discontinuing the tri-weekiy mixed service.
Tbe private car of George Jay Gpuld
is uearing completion, and will be tbe
most extensive car ever built, costing fa
the neighborhood of $150,000. The car
Is being built at the Si. Chailes cor
works, and is equipped with everything
H. A. Kelson of Montreal, gcoaral
storekeeper, and L O. Geueststorabeap-
«r for tha wcalern division, were ia tow*
W. Lowe, of Winnipeg, boiler imp—
or was in town ibis week.
A change has been made in tbe schedule of the Canadian Pacific steamer*
running north on lhe Columbia river na
Sundays. Instead of tylug over at Ns-
ku-jp the ateauier now lays over at Halcyon Hut Springs. This gives passengers
making (be round trip a stop over at tbe
spring of from I 1 2 to 3 1 2 hours.
Messrs. Moouey, Vemnlel and Garrett
tii emeu on the Crow have heen ordered
to Medicine Hat to take positions a*
J. H Scott one ol the most etllcent
dispatchers on the western division ot
the C P. R. has heen sent to Kat Portag*
to help dunug the grain m-.li.
Llghl and Telephone Notice.
All accounts of tbe Klectrie Light nnd
Telephone company will be payable at
tbe telephone office in the Craubrook
hotel block.
lly Order, Presideut.
Sittings By Appointment.
The photographers busy season Is
from uow till Christmas, This, and tbe
fact that we are out of town at limes
makes it necessary for us to ask our
patrons to kindly make appointments
for sittings. Pt*st, Photographer,
Accident te a Chiasms".
Sing, the Chinese servaut at the home
of A. Leitch met wllh an unfortunate
accident last Sun lay. He had hitched
up the poniea and started to drive them
around to the front door as had been hiB
custom, when they became frightened.
Slug lost his head snd Jumped out
breakiug one of his legs just above the
ankle. He was taken to St. Kugene
hospital and his injuries attended to
The horae* slopped afler running a
few yards beyond the place where the
Chinaman jumped.
Mining Notes.
Wliii*   has   become  of tbat    Vulcan
smelter in the Lurdeau country?
Tbe LeRoi mine will net a million
dollars ibis year,
Au examination ofthe coal mine at
Frank after the recent explosion resulted in a verdict by Ihe committee as to
its perfect safety.
Work is progressing slowly on the
Meniii shovel that is being tsken to Per-
y creek, (tails are being laid ahead In
sections and the machine is being propelled by Its own steam.
The diamond drill of the Ashnola &
Similkameen Valley Coal company has
reached a depth of looo feet. Another
500 feet of rods have been ordered when
drilling will be continued, In the present hole two workable seams of coal,
one four and oue six feet wide, wen
encountered at a depth of 700 feet.
These seams were only divided by a
six-Inch layer of shale, ao tbat they
practically form a ten-foot seam. The
coal bas the appearanc of being bituminous. _____^—__
Home Million.
Rev, S. J. Thompson returned on
Saturday from Vancouver wbere he had
heen attending a meeting of the mission*
nry committee of the llritish Columbia
conference of the Methodist church.
The committee has under Ita care 36
home missions in llritish Columbia, and
distributed the sum of 812,071 00. This
is nearly $4,000 more than has ever before Ih-eii granted to llritish Columbia
by the general hoard, and indicates the
growing importance of this province In
lhe judgment of the church.
Change ta Tine.
The change iu the time  eUecta. Ci
brook as follows.
Arrive from tbe east B 25.
Arrive from tbe west 3 30,
Leave fur Kimberly   1 30
Tbe Poel Haadkap
Tbe entries for the pool handicap at
Palmer & Arnold's billiard per lor* cl***»J
Ssturdsy night. There were ten *olr>**
and tbey were drawn in pairs to play $0
games, the handicap beiug arranged**
follows: Royal, Watson and Billing*,
scratch; Hampton an.l Morrow get 10
points each; Clancy sod Jamieson aa;
Tate and Nevin 25; Mason, 30.
Two games were played Monday
night and two Tuesday oigbt.
Watson and Billings, two o! tbe scratch
men, were Ihe first contestants, tha Utter winning by a score of 50 to 10 Watson was lo poor form and played in the
hardest kind of luck, being left almost
impossible shots nearly every inning,
which accounts for the one sidelines* of
ihc game.
The aecond game was betwecu Jamie*
soo, 2o^*)nd Mason. 30 Jamieson started out well and bad made up the difference in their handicap and tied Maaoa
at 36, bul here be struck a streak of led
luck and Mason won out by 50 to 39.
The third game wss tbe best at the
•Mies and * as a close contest from aiart
to finish, Royal, scratch, and Clancy
20, being tbe participants Royal winning by a score of 50 lo 49
The fourth game was between Hampton, io, and Tate 25. Hamptoa
pocketed tbe cue ball tbe first shot
which left him with only 9 to tbe good
and Tate followed with a run of five
which gave him a total of 30 and it look*
ed bad for llamption but Tate went to
piece* after this aud only succeeded in
adding two more to bis score, Hampton winning y> to 32.
At Tbe Boundary
The following is an extract from A
letter from Pred Roo, wbo is located oa
tbe boundary at Rooiville ami will prove
interesting toThe Herald rentiers:
There ia a big strike ot mineral up the
creek from here and tbe ludian* have
jnat returned with coarse gold, Tbelr
is quite a stampede in here just now,
coal oil and mineral. The Americans
are packing up their winter supplies
from here and prospects are brighter for
Roosvllle than ever before. I have had
three good cash offers for my place her*.
Pred Ritchie surveyor of Rooasiand say*
this is tbe best country he ever wa* In.
All tbe land is taken up and settlers nn
moving In every week from the American
When the Government builds tbe Hlk
river bridge I have one of tbe best stands
In British Columbia.
Sealed Tenders for the confectioofcy
booth privileges on thi ground uf Tb*
Cranbrook Turf and Athletic association
(or Monday Oct 37th will he received by
the undersigned up to Saturday noon
Oct 18th.
James GUI,
Sealed tenders for tbe liquor booth
privileges on the grounds of The Cranbrook Turf and Athletic association tor
Monday Oct., 27th will be received by
tbe undersigned up to Saturday noon
Oct. 18th.
James Gill,
At have not advanced tbe price *f Mr
T*(mcc*. Amber Smoking Tobacc*, Iota,
Currency aad Fair Play chewing tekau**
•re the same slie aad price lo Ibe c**swner
as formerly. We have also eiteaded tb*
list tor lhe redemption ol Saowih*f logs
I* Junery III IM4.
The Empire Tobacco Co. Umlnf CRANBROOK  HERAJ3)
im   "
TKlttU UK SUU501.in.TONi
Mt, /.■.".'.'.si:I!o
The Herald desires t.i give tlie news ft the
dlatvtot it yon know any about your town
your nun.' or your people, seud 11 to tills olllce.
The people ol the filled States are
wrapped up in tbo great coal strike.
Thousands of homes are threatened
with cold and Industries are In danger
from lac:: ot fuel. Tha miners have offered to submit iiieir grievance to President Roosevelt or anyone he might
name, but the coal mit-era dee,tne the
proposition antl snap their lingers at
llie president That country has, by Its
high tariff laws and other species of
class legislation, created an clement
that bas become arrogant and dictator'
la) In its unprecedented wealth. Legislatures and conns are influenced, prices
absolutely controlled and the people
told to follow the edicts Issued by the
combines. That cr.untry deserves no
sympathy, Thc people are reaping
what they have sown. The people,
ihe misses, who by their voles could
exercise absolute power in formulating
the polhies of government, allow them
selves to be blindly led by the campaign
blarney of corporation magnates, and
therefore deserve the punishment; they
are receiving. The great republic,justly proud of Its past achievements, will
soon be a trust   ridden country with all
■ the wealth and power in the hands of
the few, The cost of living has Increased twenty to thirty-three per
cent and wages fail to show a corresponding change, Immense dividends
on watered stocks are robbing
the poor, while the rich, by every lux.
urlous Indulgence conceived by modern
man, cannot spend their Interest, Tbe
hypocritical cry of patriotism and the
II uniting of the stars and stripes In the
eyes ol the deluded masses has passed
one tariff hill after another and prevented the   passage   of  any   law   tbat
■ , would   prove  operative   In  controlling
...the grasping propensities  of the billion
dollar combinations.
i ,.,     Canada Is a rich   Held   for the u n pr In
..pled capitalist, and  already the move-
mantis discernible that will render this
Held easier  to capture.    Love of country and loyalty to Canadian Institutions
jWlU be   used   as   a   bait   to   catch tbe
-.   thoughtless and   unwary.   ''Canada for
.Canadians'' will he the song, and while
the masses gladly take up   the refrain
the manufacturer and the combine operator will smile at   the ease of their vlc-
: . tory.
Canada should be for Canadians, but
for the nine-tenths and not tbe one-
tenth, the masses anil not the classes,
, the backbone aud sinew of this government, and not the favored few who
would pile up in 1:ions at lbs expense of
-"    tbe whole people.
. Mr. Clancy, M. V , one of the Ilorden
party touring thc west, gave vent to
the following in one ol bis speeches
. -M hail flxpecteit from whnt I had heard and
road to find the Western people popr-poepje,
living in hovels! whereas 1 found Dieifi better
mi thnn tiie in*i'|ili' of myowii eounWy."
It seems almost pass human dnder-
standing that any man holding the
exalted position of a member of parliament should display such lamentable
Ignorance. It Is high lime that more of
the eastern members tomed the west
and became able to cast an intelligent
vote upon legislation til'-.ctlng tbe
whole country.
The people of Nelson should appreciate the fact tbat they have' the' bent
dally paper for a town the size of Nelson, published on tbe American continent to-day.
■ Ilrer Lowry, of the New Denver
Ledge, says that he proposes to write a
book. The courage of some men Is past
buman comprehc nsion.
F.. C. Smith, M. P. P., was In town
last week, and while here left evidence
of the fact that he Is a successful
rancher. He sold potatoes that are
the finest that hnve been brought to
Cranbrook for many a day. They were
raised on his hull River ranch,
The eastern manufacturer who Is so
loud anil emphatic in his cry of "Canada for Canadians," should put his
shoulder to the wheel and secure legislation to bar the Chinese and Japanese.
But they won't. The manufacturer of
Canada Is like the manufacturer of the
United States. Ue believes In protection, so long as his Interests are protected. He Is not an advocate of protection that wilt protect the laborer as
well as the manufacturer.
The following statement by Manager
Tonkin of wages paid to Fernie coal
miners during the month of September
Would Indicate that the coal company ls
treating the miners in a most admlra-
-> ble manner:
During the month of September there
were B7 miners employed in No. 1 mine
and the amount earned by them reached
SOT(ii) Hi),  averaging $130.71   cents per
month for each man.   The total nunber
of shifts for the month was 1,805, making an average of 35,18 ii Ml  ashlftfor
'*mkcib man.   The  highest   wage   earned
--by and   miner   during   the   month was
M-W^iO-i'  and   the   lowest   the  handsome
<(smp.of SlOLUO,      The highest wage per
day earned   by   any    miner   was $7,00
*'4vhrte'ttie lowest was 51 (10,
If this Is true, and there Is no reason
tb doubt it, there ii little probability of
gny further labor trouble at I-'ernie.
DoYotTfake The Herald?
You should if you don't. It gives the news of
the district. It works for the district. It is
owned by the editor and not by any clique or
faction. It is -vorth $10.00. It costs only $2.00
What a bonanza a man would have.lf
be bad the slab piles In South East
Kootenay in  New   York City just now.
J, P, Morgan wouldn't be in n with blm,
Timber Notice
Rose has been convicted of murder at
Ntlsoii. What Is tn a nam.-! A man by
any oth r name would hang as high.
The Wilmer Outcrop has butchered
S cretary Hay's celebrated poem "Jim
llludsoe. ' 	
Vancouver Island politicians have
been a great handicap lo llrlllsli Columbia. 	
Who said Premier Diitisinuir was to
A L. MeO'iiiinu aud S Mayes. Cranbrook. were at the Imperial Sunday
Ned Pray and Georgo Watson who
have been prospecting In the vicinity
of Pull itlver, returned to Steele Thursday.
The delinquent tax sale will take
place Thursday, October S3
Ping-pong will no doubl be tbe whole
era/-* In Steele this winter.
Numbers of parcels are being daily
imported Into town from the east.
Wm. Forsyth who came In this week
from Hellroartng creek, says that It Is
beginning to be pretty w.ntery In that
vicinity. There were li Inches of snow
when he left the Silver  .'lift" mine.
John McLitchie, P. L, P., Nelson, Is
engaged In surveying a group of seven
claims on the west fork of the Si.
Mary's river. Tbe claims will be
Crown granti d in the near future.
The big hydraulic companies who are
operating on Wild Horse creek have
about completed tbe season. The cleanup Is progressing and will be llnlshed
In November. It Is expected that the
yield of placer gold for the current year
will exceed tbat of 1001, Owners of
properties will net handsome returns
In the way of royalties, leases, etc.
From tin' Movlo Louder
Dr. Green will leave tbis week for
the coast on a visit, after which he will
return and will probably locate in Morrissey.
"Tug" Wilson, a tie maker, is In j ill
awaiting trial for receiving money
under false pretenses. Ue passed a
worthless time cheque on Joseph Nled-
Gordon Monkhouse, formerly of this
place, but lately of Sandon, has left for
Sonora, Mexico, where he has signed
a year's contract to work in a urn-ton
concentrator. The wages will be much
better than Is paid fur similar work in
the Kootenays.
From ilm Pernio Krco Proas,
Mott, Son St. Co. have the foundation
laid and the framework started for a
new saw mill which they expect to have
In running order before the end of the
year. They are crowded with orders,
and are running day and night to tii
The license commission met last even
Ing In Pernie for the purpose of considering the application of H. W
Barnes for a license for the new town-
site of Morrlsney. There was no opposl
tion to the application, but for some
reason which they refused to make
public, it was laid over for one week.
A E, Brown was grante 1 a license for
the town of Wardner. The application
of J. Iljlko, for a llncense In Pernie,
was laid over until tbe next meeting.
In our issue of two weeks ago we
stated that Mr. II. W. Barnes would
assume tbe management of thc Victoria
hotel here In thc near future, We
were misinformed, aa we have since
learned that the Victoria will he run In
future, as It has always been, under
the personal supervision of Mr. dates
Mr. Barnes Is not Interested In hotel
property In Fernie, bu*. we understand
he will shortly have a building under
way In Morrissey, which when completed will compare favorably with the best
hotels In the district.
Notlro Is hereby given thai thirty days after
dale I Intoml to ui>iity to the Assistant Cnnimls-
Blotter of 1 'iinl** ami Works nf Hm dl-ti'ict or
Past Kootenay, ami tin- chief Commissioner of
Lnndi ami Works for it Uoo se to prospect for
coal nu tlio following lamis. shunted mi tlm
-mull sldo of [in; piiitfietid Itlver, llm initial post
being about one half mile south or the Pincher
Creek trull ami ahoill iwo miles oast nf tin-
bi iin.iary lino of the Gaiia.ll in 1'iiclllc railway's
tiaitof land, in the southeast portion nf i.ust
o canny district; province nf llritish Columbia,
imtt'ii tins nii day of October, m-i.
I'omnioi.ciliK at a pnst about   slxtoon miles
ist of tbe town of Morrssey, being ti tli
.ist corner ndjucoAt to the norlhWost corner or
il. l„ .Stephens claim, thoneo a) clinlns nnuili,
tlionce si chains west, tnonoo nn oiinlns north,
im.--- wi chains cast to tim piano nr beginning,
ntalnlng six hundred ami forty acres,
Duteil Hun liilli ilny nt September, 1003,
Thomas Crahan,
80 by a. IlaokBtt, Agent,
rake noii.'c
hat I  bn
applloi to tho t'liiet
lunniKMonerm Minus ami Work-, for aspo-
ml license to cut nml cany away timber from
io following described lands i
Commencingat n post marked "\v. stocks \
, Corner," planted nl tho Intersection ofthe
astern boiiiiilnrj or s. Ciulletix's prc-cinpiluu
inuiii' inuiii boundary of i.m aas, tiroupi,
nst Kool iy, thenee north io clinlns, thoneo
est 100 oiinlns, thence south in clinlns, thonoo
tin lnt; (HOilcres, inure m leas,
limed Hits eatli ilny ot August, itua     r,
.'.. w. stock a
Notice Tu Creditors.
In (be mailer of tbe rutnto ol Ibe late William
Walter I id, Inlo nf llie lown ot Cranbrook in
tho province of llritish t'otmibin, n coinitniit,
Notice is hereby given pur
dsoil Statutes of llritish
ilm pier ist, tlmt nil creditor!
int to "Tbe Un*
olumhln,"   lho;,
i thova ImvliiK
clnlins eguhiBl the -sale ol lhe said William
Ualler |l ble, who ill II nr   about   tin-  1 ;lli
dnyor Aiigtist, Itwa, nre required un or before
ilu-'.miii iiii) of November ItxH, tos.-nd by post
I ire-|ml. I or deliver to Wllllnm P. Uuni nt the
town of Crnnhrook, llritish Columbia, solicitor
for .lames Kyanof sun! Cranbrook, the admin*
Isl rotor with tlio will annexed ofthe lust win ami
testament ol the mid decoHsed, tliolr elirlstain
nnd surnames, addressed ami itnsorlptloiH, tho
full particulars ol their claims, tlio statement
of ihelr account and tho nature ot tlio securities,
II any, ln-]fl hy tlicitl,
Ami further take notlco that alter such lust
mentioned dale lho snlil administrator with lho
ivill nnnoxod nil) proceed io. distribute the assets ot the deceased among tho parties entitled
[herein, having regard only to the claims of
which ho slinli then luive notice ami mat the
snld ndmbil-iirotor with the win annexed will
not be l.able for lhe snld tisseu or any pail
thereof to any person or pi rsons or whose claims
notlco shall uot have been received by him nt
tiie iime nf such distribution,
Dated ihe ir tli tiny o( i otuber, a. I), woa. '
HI W. P. OllltlJ,
Sollt-itnr fur James llyaii.admliilsti'ainr wltbtl e
win nnnexed nt Wllllnm Walter Doble, de*
Timber Notice
Nollce Is herebyglven thnt thirty dnys after
ilnle 1 will npply lathe Chlof Commlsslonor ol
Lands ami Works rma special llocn-o tn cut
ami cany away timber from i he following described lands i
Situated In ilm distil t of Kast Kootenay,
commencing nt n ih»i planted nbout 2Sti chnl
sontli of the sulit Invest, corner  nr lnt No. 3.
tlie.ico so chains wesi, thenco 8o chains north,
lln'Ore so chains east, thenee  mo ulialiis BOlltll
lo plnro of commencement,
Duteil this lull day of September, 1002.
Dun Haley,
:il Iiy Hun Hayes, Agont
Timber Notice
Notlco Ib hereby glvon tlmt thirty duysnfti
late l inteml tonpply to the Chief Commissioner
if bunds nml Works for n special llcenso tn cut
imi enrry nwny timber rrom iho following described lands i
situated m ihe district of Past Kootenny
!ommencliig ut it i ost plnnteil nbout lai cliulin
louth of tho Boutli wost corner ot lot B23, thence w
iilniiiis s mih, thence su ohulns west, tin nee Sl
t'liaiiis uortli, I hence 80 chains east \o phico of
Muted this nib day of Seiitcinher, 1D02.
(leo. Curler,
at by Dan Hayes, Agent,
Notice Is lioroby given thnt thirty Jays nfter
iliitti i   Intend to apply to tlm AssLtant V -
mlssioiior nf Lamis an i Works or llie dlstrlit of
Past ivniitenay, ami tlm Chief Commissioner of
I.umls ami works for a license in prospeo. for
coal nu lhe following dosoilbcil turn! t-ltiiulfil
on tlio norili sltlenfthe Pluthcad giver, tbe Initial post being nbout, nun hair ml e smi li of tho
I'lncher Creok trail nml ubout two miles east of
the boundary line nf tiie Can ullnn I'nolllo mil*
jvny's tract of land, In the soutlieosl portion of
Enst Kootonay district, provlnci or llrhlsh Oui*
Daleo this :th day of October, 1003.
Commoncing at n post about sixteen miles east
of tbo town of Monissey, being tlie southwest
corner ndjnoeut to the northwest coiner of II,
i.. btonhons claim, thence si chains cost, thence
sn clinlns north, thoneo 80 chains west, thenco
'ii chains smith to lho placo or beginning, containing six hundred ami rorty acres.
Daiod this tilth dny nr September, mot
John ('rnhnn,
by a. Itaokett, Agont,
Timber Notice
Nntloo;is bereiiy'^iveii Hun thirty dnys after
date i inteml in apply to tho Chief Commissioner of Lands nnd Works tor a special license tu
cut nnd onrry nwny timber from the following
described binds!
SHiiateil hi the district of Past Kootenny, com-
lliencltlt* nt a pnst plantedubnnl 40 chains sontli
of the southwest q nrnsr ot lot asa, tlionce n>
chnlns louih, thenee bo ohnlns wost, thoneo si
elniIns iiniib, tlience so clinlns cast to plnce ol
i aH'ii tiih 11111 Jay or September, IW.\
James Cramp,
31 hy Dim Unjfsi, Agent
Timber Notice
Notice ls heroby given unit thirty days nftor
dale I Intoml to apply to the Chief Cotnnilislonu
of Lands ami  Works fora Special license Incut
ami carry nway timber frum   Die   followlns
Situated In lho dlstrlot nf Bast'.Koflten ay, commencing at a post planted about -to chums ko t
of tim s iiithwest eornor or lot am, thonoo soul ti
40chnlns, tlieneo wesi lOOclintiis, tlienoe norili
in clialns, thenee oftit ion ohnlns lo place of
commeiic ent,
Duteil tills lltb ilny of Sepl-inber, inn.'.
James liomt.
;il hy Dun llnyes, Agenl,
Timber Notice
Notice Is lioroby given Hint thirty days after
date 1 inland toapplyto the Ohlef Commissioner
of I amis nml Works for ii license to cut ami
carry nwny limner from ilu* following described
Commencing at tlm nnrthonst corner post
plneo.lonthe west boundary of n. t. Arnold's
pro-emptlon and one half mile smith of his
northwest oornor post, running so chains wesi,
llienee sn chains smith, IhOllOO se chains east,
them e so chains nortli to the point of commotio*
Ing, i;m neres more or less.
(IrntlOrook llth October, IBOt
at O, K. MARCH,
Timber Notice
Take Notice that thirty days nftor dnte 1 In
lent] in apply lo the Chief Commissioner of
Liiidsaml Works fnr u special license to cut
carry awny Umber from the following des-
•il lands;
mmciicltie ut the northwest corner pom,
placed nt Hie smilliivestcnniei'tif tl. T. Arnold's
(111piInil rutililng 10 chains south, tlience
IflO ehaliiHeiiSI, thenee 49 clialns north, tlienca
luiiiiK wti't in ilm point nt oomin-uclnu
'.in acres moro nr less.
iiiiniink UtliOctober, iwi9.
t <i. K. MAHCH.
IN Till:-st PliKMKi'Ml 111 liPTIIP NOIITII-
'lliii I ui   Wl.sil.l.:. ASSINIIIOLV,
111 llic mattei of lhe Pslato ol James Wilson,
Piirsiiutii tn the outer ni the Honorable Mi.
Just! e lilehnrdsun dutcd thu < th ituj nf sop
ten.he* pi '■■
■ Hie
esiiit.-),- roi|iil .'ii to semi in tu tiie umierslgiioil
mi ni net tin llrsl day nl November luou Ids
obilin aplnst the snld estate vctifletl Iiy siiiiut*
orj doelnnillon, together wllh sintomoiii nf the
sec mi in k any, held bj him.
Dated nt Iteglmi, this loth Jay of Sopt,, 1001.
NilUM.W   M.Vi'KPN/.IP,
Public A.liuliilsiraior.
2T*Nov I. Iteglmi, V W.T.
Timber Notice
NollceiBheroiij* given ihnl llibli iiuvsafter
dute I ml ml lo ii|i|ii> ii Do- i hie! Com
mlssloner nr i.umis ami Works at Viotwln
fm*n speo'n license 11 cut nml fuiryaw.iv tlm*
b.-r from tho foltnwlnji duscrlhed l.iiuls:
Coniiiivnelngnl ii post mnrKod "J. W. Hayes
S. W. ilillier,'* pluiiteil   ID clialns sontli  of the
soulh east eornur of Lol No, uw, grouy i Pusi
Kootouuy; ilient'o north itidcluilns, Ihonce east
iu clialns, ibence sontli IGOclinlUS,  tllt'llCO wesl
In chnlns, to the place of Hit- beginning, cniitnlo-
Dated this mil day ul Aiujtist, 1002,
20 .1. W, HAVPS.
Timber Nolicc
Notice Is hereby given that thirty dnysafier
11 ute i intend io npply to iin- chlel Commissioner of Lnmls ami Works at Vlctorin fnr n Bpcclnl
llcenso tn fiit ami carry away umber from the
following ileserlhed lands:
roi iieiii'iit a pnsi marked "A. M. Norlh-
nio's N. W. con "plnntod 10 chnlns south ol
lhe south east corner of Lui No. am. uroiip i
Past-Kootenny; thenco enst bu chnlns, ihence
south sicbu'iis,thence WOit 80 clialns, llienee
north 80 clinlns, lo the plnce of tin- beginning,
containing on neres.
Date.l this 20.li dny or August, 1M2,
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby -men that thirty dnys after
dale I Intend tnapplytotlinCliIofConiinlMlnner
or Lnmls iimi Works nt Victoria for n special
license (n cul and entry nway timber from the
blowing described lauds:
Coimucneliigata|HH( innrked "J Lee Fen*
wick'ss, p. corner," pinnte.i ubout one mile
noith nf Dobsuii'scnbmoii iho west book nf
iiniil creeki thence north km ohnlns, thonee
west-to chnlns, tlieneo south 100 ohnlns, tlionce
east io chains, to the plnce of the beginning,
con a inl i in mo acres.
nnici this 2<th day of August, »00i,
20 J. I.PP l-'PNWICK.
Timber Notice
Notice is hereby given that thirty'diiysafTer
iiiitt: I inteml tniipplyto thoUhlel Commlsslniier
or Land ami Works al Victoria for a special
license to out and curry away tUnbar from the
following described Ian-Is:
Commoncing ut n post marked "I, a. Mniiutt s
N.W.Oorlior,''plaulel forty clialns wesi nl
the smith cm unmoral Ut N'°. *». group I.
IfilSl Kootellliyi llienee eusl   11 chains,  tlieUOO
mir.h ico drains,'tot hi! pl'itcd ut the bc-i mlng,
Datei iiiisLMh day nf August 1002, ,
2ii I. A.   .MiU'PATT.
Timber Notice
Take Notice that thirty days aftei
date I intend tu apply lo the Chief
Commissioner of Liuds aud Works foi
a special license to cut and carry awaj
timber from tbe following describeo
Commenciiin at a post marked "T
Itook's S. W. comer," planted at tht
south easl corner of Lot B38, group 1
1-Ost Kooteuay ; thence nortli so chains,
ihence east B0 chains, thence south so
chains, thence west SO chains, tc the
place of the beginning, containing (140
Dated,this 15th day of August 1.W2.
Notice Is hereby given that llilrty dnys nftor
flute I Intoml to upi ly |o the ABslstnilt I'limmls-
sinnerof Pumls ami Works ot the district ol
Pasi Kootenny, mid thc Chief commissioner ur
Lands mnl Works for license to prospect (or
coal on tha following desorlbod land, situated
on the souih Bldo of tho Platinoid itlver, tbo
Initial post bolug about one half miiesmith ofthe
Plncliei i reek Hull nnd uboill two miles east nf
tlio boundary line of the cumuli n I'aclllc rnll*
ways's ii'iu'U.f land, in tlie south eusl portion
or Past Koiieiiay, province nr Utitisii Coluin*
Dated tbis ;tb day of Ocioher, lOlH,
Commencing nt a pnst nbout sixteen Hides
east of the town of Morrissey, being tin th
west corner iiiljnoenl to the northeast corner of
Thomas Crftboti's olnhn, thencd-stf chftlns east,
theiiao ao chains south, Hieiioo 80.ohnius wesl,
llieiieesfirhalns north lo Ibeplace nf begin III tig
contntnlng six hundred ami forty acres,
Dated ihis mih day of September, lOOa,
ll. L. Stephens,
by a. iiai'keii, Agent,
Nnliee is hetrby uiven lliat thirty dnys alter
dnte | int nd in nppii tn Hie Assistant Comiiils-
ilnner m i.umi-t nml Works nf Did tllatrlot or
Pasi Kniilciiay.aml the I'blcf (-ommlssl r ol
Lands nnd Works ter n license io prospect for
eonl on iho following doscrlbod land, shunted
mi ihtf north side nf ilm plnthend Itlvof, lho
Initial post being about one ball mile south ol
Hie  I'liienc.i Crook  Hml ami ohniit two miles
east of Hie I nhtiy llm* of llie Ci limllan  Pool.
lie ralK\aj\ unci of  I.mil,  III the  smith eusl
pnithMi nl Past Kootony disirlci, province ol
Iiiitish Columbia.
Dated this rth day of Ociober, wi
Cominoneliig nl a post About slxloon miles cast
ofthe tn.in nl Morrissey belug the southeast
onriior niucenl lo the northeasi corner nf
Tbnm.'is crnhnn's claim, thenee so chnhis-wesl
tlience so clialns nortli, tlieneo SO chains enst.
llienee BOcllllllISSmilll In the place nf lieginilllllJ,
contnltiiiifl sh liundrod nml forty ucres.
Dated this into day uf Sopteilllior, HUM,
Martin Crahan
by A. Hncketi, Agenl,
Timber Notice
Take Notice that thirty days after
date i intend to apply to the Chief Com
mlssloner of Lands aud Works for a
special license to cut and carry away
timlici from the following lands:
Commencing at a post marked
"Joseph Iljbbs' N \V. corner." planted
at noith east corner nf Lot 330, grrup
L Kast Kootenay i tbence stuib Ilio
chains, theuce cast 40 chains, tbence
north no chains, thence west 40chains,
o the place of tbe commencement,
oniatnliig did acres.
Haled this 14th day of August, 1002,
SHS-tsHfi)- v>-»;W («>0.>- (.J-^iMS-iK'
The first 200,000 of these shares have already
been subscribed and shares are now selling at
15 cents on calls of 2 1-2 cents per month, according to the terms of the prospectus, and the
fourth 100,000 are to be sold at 20 cents, the
fifth at 25 cents, on the same terms.
Par Value $1 Each
For Further Information Apply to the Official Brokers of thc Ashnola Smeller, l.imicil
Ponton & Murray, Toronto, Ont.
A. W. Moore & Co., Victoria, B. C.
C. S. Douglas & Co., Vancouver, B. C.
W. N. McGannon, Morrisburg, Ont.
H. R. Cameron, Winnipeg, Man.
R. J. Steel, Nelson, B. C.
Beale, Hutchison & Elwell, Cranbrook, B. C.
Code Address "Aahnola", Nelson, B. C.   Code: Moreing & Neal
P. 0. BOX 714 TELEPHONE NO. 20
Timber Notice
Take Notice that thirty days aftei
tate I intend to apply to the Chief Com*
nissioner of Linda and Works for a
• pedal license to cu*. and carry away
timber from the following lands:
Commencing at a post marked "W.
Walcott's S. Wi corner," planted on tht
aorth east corner of J. Swinnarton's
timber limit*, thence north -Hi chains,
hence east Id) chains, thence south 41
chains, tbence west DiO chains, to tbe
ilaceo' tbe beginning containing ll 111
Dated this 85th day of August 1003.
Timber Notice
Take Notice that thirty days after
late 1 Intend to apply to the Chief Com
nissioner ol I.mils and Works fot a
-pedal license to cut and carry away
timber from the following described
Commencing at a post marked "J
Swinnarton's S W. corner," planted 411
•halns south of the north east corner of
M. Dunn's timber limit on Cold creelr,
I.nst Kootenny; thence north so chains
-hence east sil chains, tlience south th
chains, thence west 3<i chnlns, to tht
place of the beginning, containing din
Dated this 35th day of August 1003.
Timber Notice
Notice Is heroby glvon thai llilrty dm sun
date 1 Intend tn apply tn the Ohlef t 'nmmission
of Unds nnd WorM at \'lctoiln fora spooiitl
license Ui out and entry nwny timber from tho
followlns described Inndsi
CoininoiioliiR ui ibe norllienst corner pnsi
placed mie inn mile souih ur 1:. k. March's
north west eornor pnst No. .' claim, riitmlim mi
eliallis snnlli, thenee sn rbailis call, tlieneo su
rluilns iior.b, thenco BQ ohnlns west in tbe point
ni commencement, cm acres more 01 less,
(Tnuhionk 1 lb October. 10011.
ai VV. I) .MAIK'li.
Timber Notice
Nntlee is hereby ulveii tbnl thirty days nfter
dale I intend tn apply lo tin- iliief Commission*
or tif Unds mil Works for a llconso lo out uml
chit-, nwny thither from tin- followina iloscrlbed
('iiiiimenciim nt Iho norlhwesl oornor post,
placed one half mile smith nr (1. K. March's
miitbwest coi'iier Nn. ■■ claim, ru nu Iim SO ■ linlns
soulh. Hint Riicbaliis wcsl, llien-e si clialns
north, tiieimi-so chains east to 1I10 point <>r commencing, 040 acres more or less. tLZZ
Craulirnnk utli OoUibor, IWKi,
;u                              W. I>. MARCH,
Timber Notice
Notice is hereby Riven thnt thirty dny-; after
dnie 1 intend m apply to ilm chief nnmmisslnn*
er nl Lands ami Wmks for 11 llceiis1 to cut
and carry nway timber from the following des-
crlhed lands:
Commencing'nl a imsl marked "M. L Trltes'
N. IV. corner,''planted at south wesi enruer n.
A. Trltes'timber 'Unit) thonee east m ohnliis,
Ihenee soulh ko fbnltis, llienee west h0 cliuihs,
tbence imrUiKO chains, to lhe pines of tile ho*
Binning, containing mo acres,
Dated ihi*, astli day of August. 1009,
.'0 M, I- TKITKS,
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given thut thirty d*.)'* after
dan-1 inteml to apply 101 ie chlel Commission-
er of Lauds and Works lor a license to cut and
eaii'j uwuj tlmhoi from the f illowlng described
Coinmeiicingntn pnit marked "M. K. Fen*
wick's N. W. corner,'- planted al tlio nor 11)
easi corner or i.oi n... am, dump 1, least Km'.c*
mt). iheneo esst so chains, soutti su chains, west
so ehalus, imrlh so ebairis,  [o tbe place or tin
beginning, containing 010 acres,
Da.en (Ids lltlitlay of Aiimst. 1902.
. Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given that thirty
days afler date I will apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a special license to cut nnd
remove timber from the following
Commencing at the north west corner poat, placed at the south west corner of block 331, Did chains east, tbence
40 chains south, thence 100 chains west,
ibence -ID chains north to the point of
commencement, containing (140 acres
more or less.
Cranbrook, Sept. 4ib, 1903.
-'7 C. H. BLACK,
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given, that, thirty
days alter date I will apply to the
Chief Com mlssloner of Lands
Works for a special license to cut and
remove timber Irom the following
Commencing at the north west cor
ner p.ist placed oue half mile south of
ft. II. Black's north west corner post
su chains east, ibence Hi) chains south,
ihence no chains west, ihence hu clulu*
nortli to the pilnt of commencement,
containing 0411 acres mare or less,
Cranbrook, Kept, 4th, 1008,
Ilnl. DEN AT I'o I IT HTItffr.fi,
Nollce Is hereby glvail Hint nn the 1 .tli day of
SoplOinbor MOU It was urdered Iiy lilt Honor ,1.
A, X'orltl, Ksq., .Iml, e nf the snld court, tlinl
James l-'otglisoil Ann sir mm, Ulllelal Aitmltils-
Irutnr offline, imly of Kooten iy, lm Admliils-
l rat ur of till and Singular Hie estate of Aluuza
Connelly deceased, Inleslalc.
livery person indebted 10 tin- mid deceased
Is required to make payment forthwith to the
1 very jwiflon having lu possession effect) belonging to tlie deceased Is required forthwith
to notify Hie undersigned,
I'.Acry creditor, or 01 her person, having any
ilalm upon <i Inlei est ItitllOdlbtllhlitlonol lho
I 01'SOIinl estate nf lhe salil deceased Is required
within tidily lays of tils date to send by regis*
il Idler addressed to Hie undersigned, lis
name and address, und the full particulars nr
his c aim ni' Interest, and a stiteinent of his ae
'nilill 1 ami the nature nt the secuiliy (it auyi
held by lilm.
Alter Hie explralfuii uf the said thirty days
i'nilinlnlstrulor will proceed with tlio distribution nf Iho eslutii, having regard  to those
claims only nf wlilcli he shall have had notice,
I hitod 111 !''m 1 Steele this nub, day of Bept, 100a,
9U*0t Olllcbtl Ailiuiiihlialor.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given tbut thlity days after
date l Intend tn apply to tho Chief coiniulsslou*
er of Units and   Works fnr a license in nut ami
carry away limber from the followIiik described
lnmls 1
Commencing at n posl marked "A. Al, Kennedy's s. w. corner,' pi mtod ono-lndf way between (ltdi| Crock nnd Hold Creek trait, tluee
miles north west of the north west enruer of
lot 33J, group one. Kooienay dlslrlnt; llienee
enst too cbuliis, llienee timlli 10 chains, theuce
west Hit) clinlns, thenee sunt 1 10 chains, lo the
place of commencement, containing 010 neres,
Dated this Kth day nf August, ttWS.
'il A. M, KKNNKDY.
For Getting a Beautiful Watch
and chain Pree,—No Money Required,--Every Man, Woman,
Boy, or Uirl has thc same Opportunity under our System.
In order to have Dr. Arnold's Qngjlsh
Toxin Pills placed lu the hands of all
persons suffering from had health wo
make the following most liberal offer!
If you will send us your name and
address ai d agree to sell for us twelve
boxes of Dr. Arnold's Kugllsh Toxin
Pltls at 95c, per box, we win give von
absolnlcly Free a beautiful Walch snd Chain
in either I.idles or Qetlls size, or yt>iu
choice of twenty other premiums nucb
as tine sels of Jewelry, Kings, Violins,
Mandolins,   Tea   Sets,   Sateen   .Skins,
Cameras, etc. Remember wc don't
want nny money until after you sell tin*
Dills and vnn doii'l have to sell any
in or e than 12 boxes lo gel the premiums,
This Is a bona tide offer frum a reliable
concern that has given tlloiiinillls of
dollars worth of pn 111 11 inn to agents all
over the country,   llemomber aim that
Dr. Arnold's Kngll-di Ton In I'llln arc a
well known remedy lor all diseases < I
(he kidney and bladder, llilghi's
tliv.i«i\ diabetes, ihciini.itsMn, netvotla
troubles, and female complaints, ami
are for sale hy all lirst class druggists
and dealers In medicines in ill parts of
the world. You have only to show
them to sell tbem. Yon are not offering something thnt the people don't
know.    Oar   watches  are   lhe   regular
statiiijid to/ ■ foi i.idiei or Gentlemen
In Nickel or (Dm Metal Canes wllh
handsome Illuminated dials and reliable
time-keepers, watches such as no lady
or gentleman need be ashamed to cany
ind they will be sent absniutilv Free
to all wbo sell only twelve boxen of
those wonderful Toxin Pills. Willi* at
once and be the lirst in Yuur locality to
earn one af those beautiful watches and
chain, As soon as we receive your
letter or post card we will send you
post paid twelve boxes, together with
our Illustrated Catalogue and beautifully colored with y.ur name and ad-*,
dress on as our authorized agent. II -ar
In mind tbat you will not be Hsked to
sell any more than the 12 boxes and we
don't want any money until alter you have
sold tbem. We bear all the expense
and are only making this liberal offer
as a method of advertising Dr. Arnold's
Kngllsb Toxin PDls. Di n'l delav,
write at once and earn a beautiful [resent for yourself for Christmas.
Address Al.NOl.il MflllCINI! CO., Depl 116,
50 Adelaide St. liast Toronto, Ont. Printing is Our Business....
When you want printing done right, that will
please you and your customers give your  order
To The Herald Office
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
Th* HlunsapollB Journal Tortus it ••Thu
Metplng Km pi re   Hej-uml." m..t
Proven it. Possibilities.
The Minneapolis Journnl lias gathered together some Inlui'estlng
funs in regard in Wuateru CnnuUn
"the Liml ul tlm wiuin,  wet. wmterii
Hint!      nml      1h«      I.n   llllllg,    l.'in.'l.'s-,
piniiie."    wlilcli     llic  I   Amerteiin
Consul    Tuylui     ..I   Wlinil|it»g culled
"thu sleeping  uinpiro hoj I"       A
contemporary ubuervci thai  lu Mnn
Holm uml   Assinilo.ui  ol  11.,..  ,,,,-
tl". i"'<i nerve of rleli itrublu Uuni,
which could uiiuii-,  *, net u |iii|nilit-
tion nf u.ei   HUO.ODU,    Much t.i  thla
tiitul funnel*!*,   s ' s.-i on .,.,,..
Inn owing to Hu* prtwviil I in in in ration the pi-lvu i.n Invurnl m-tUmm
bus gone up to SO ami minionniug sir.
an un.*. Even 8ftO nn ucrc hus been
offered fnr eholcu lnmls in Southern
llm.it..im. Tin. s,.ii ol this land is
s.. (loop tlmt  im roi-ttlltj   is prnrtivul*-
i-.i American I'lipllttllsla mc 1'iit'cii.is-
Ing largo hl.i.'ks ol it. In ovtlrr lo
open nii this eoutiLrj tlm i-allronda
are building nuiiioroiis extensions uml
soon there will la- |ii'08pot*olls sottlt*-
nients in regions lhat wen* iml even
surveyed a few years ngu. Lust
yenr this region raised ti8,42fi,*128
lillBhelrt of Imril wheat, the lies! in
the world, from 2,520,880 acres.
The average wheat yield on this hind
is 25 bushels to tlie aero, while -io
bushels of barley and -IS bushels of
outs um Common, The value nl'
Manitoba's crops last year was $40,-
ouo.oou, which wns distributed
among a population of 240,464, Saskatchewan, lying north oi Assini-
boiu, with an area of 114,000 square
miles, is now being opened up by
railroads, nml Americans aro Ondlllg
their   way      there. It   has   a   largo
wheat growing district, uml is well
adapted for cuttle raising. Fine land
in this territory may bi* bad on Uie
settler's own terms, The western
portion of Assinilioia ami most oi
Alberta nre prairie land, and nre nd-
tiiiralily adapted ior rattle raising.
Indeed, large fortunes have already
been iiiuile in this Industry. Hotweon
the lied Itivi-t antl the Rockies it is
estimated tbat there are 05,000 mile-*
of coal bearing strata, hardly any uf
which has yet   been developed.
The popular idea thai the climate
of Western Canada is severe has been
a set Ions obstacle to its do elup-
liicnt. l! is true tho winters are
mid. On the oilier hand, the warm
Chinook winds from the west niuke
much of Western t'aiuula cspeially
Alberta, distinctly mine U'lupemto
than some of the Northwestern
Slates. Tbe oquahle climate of Al-
ticita is highly praised by all Americans who have settled in il, and its
Kocky Mount uin resorts, such us
Itanif. Glacier uud Field, are patrom
Led largely hy Americans, especially
hy siitTcrers from hay fever. Even
where lhu winters ure found in he
severe there is nil OlTsut in the fact
that the days in summer ure long
ami vegetation thus ur'*ts a great ileal
of sunliglil. As io lhc general conditions of the country—climntlc, social uml political-The Journal prima
signed leit.-is from former citizens ni
tbe Nurthwestern States who declare thul Ihey are entirely satisOed
The laws tire just, the taxation Is
light, and churches and schools nre
being rapidly I.mil Manj Amvrt-
cuns. indeed, wbo have token (arms
arc growing rich, ami even farm laborers lind steady employment ul
good wag.s. All, oi whnlevm nn
Uonallty, an- welcomed on condition
that they will take a hnnd in lhc industrial   ile\t.Inimical   nf   tlie  c.mnliv
Apparently "ihe sleeping empire beyond" is awaking i>< n rtitll .uin"
oi iis greal  possibilities.
s-.t.i uit.'.n oi u t auadlati,
Itev, C   T   Currelly, M \    of Tc
rOlltO,   il   Well     kn.'.wi     s1n.li ut      „ti
graduate ol  Victoria  University, Ivl
un Mn) -2 for Franco un n  *l   n
roinnnllc ns led lij   sn  Onlnhnd   i
senrch of tbe II..K  Qrnll    ah   Cv\
i. hall in Europe, prlneipall> hi
Fiance ami England, studying 'he
conditions of Iiie nmong the comn	
people. Ill oilier to sniisfv Ilis own
thnst ior sociological Informal ton
and Incident nil y to obtain material
for hi. I'ii 0 thvala n. connvction
with the ileimitiiifiil ol poUtli'til *-. i
encc ot Toronto Universltj    Mi   Cm
roily   Is ol sirntig   physique; Ins li,une
is hardened bj the rigors ni pioneoi
tnlssloimry work obtained in In*- Iwo
yvniV life us a trawling Mi-thoilI-U
pi-anchor in tbe Onnailian Northwest.
Holy Ing nn lu- nplvudld physical nt-
ncss. Mi. t'lni.'lh mi.-mis i., heroine
a laborer, niul will work tm bin living among ihe imaanuta of Franco
nnd urtlsuns m Lnndoii, Am.me
othoi i[UvBlloiw vvhleb ho proposes tn
luvestig.uc ts ilm ..li repented query)
Win   do   llic   cniitrm.il   pvoplo   iml   .;■■
tn church "" Mi Currvllj will study
the ipi.'sin.n in Franco Ami ol all
where ihc ainlclnuch feeling runs
high among the maHBoa, Thon lie
will live among tho iiilunergiHl lentil
in   Lomhm,   where onh   live  ■ c.-nt
ol die populallon ntlviidn rliurch aei-
\i.es     Mi    o iiv   I- bj   trade   a
Wnniic.i'M'i'.   bill   if  IlllS   l.nls llllll, 110
Is sine be will be able lo provo him-
self a laborer worthy of his hire In
some oilier doparlinonl of manual
toll. In lhe pauses of bis labor between Um French and English experiences, Mr. t'urri'Ily inlemls to   spend
six months in tho dreamy atmosphere of Oxford.
"Pass Ai-u**d tlie  Hid."
"It is queer," sitj's Dr, Loi'Imer of
New York City; "what a llkinij
yoltng students Imvo for lung words
tinil Latin quotations, and what a
dread possesses thcin of appearing
conventional, I once knew a .promising candidate who was given
charge of a funornl In Ihe absonco of
the pastor of the church. Ho know
It was customary for the minister to
announce after tho sermon thai thoso
who wished should slop lip to view
the remains, bul be thought this was
too hackuoyed a phrase, und be said
Instead, "The congregation will now
pass around the bier.' "
Truth may bo at thoboltoul of "a*
well, but then* ore very few good
Well Dressed Men who have
an eye to economy wear
E. A, Small & C->o's Cjothing
. . Buy . .
"Royal Brand"
It has this label
in the pocket of
every coat or overcoat.
This label is a guarantee that " Royal Brand "
is tailor-made and manufactured under our own
roof. That only durable cloths aud the best of
trimmings are employed in the make up.
The " Royal Brand " Clothing is of the latest
fashion, cut by the highest authority possible
to obtain.
Ask for " Royal Brand "—Then look in the
pocket for the label—that is your protection.
Reid & Co. Agents For Cranbrook.
It talks ! Sings, Comic, Sacred aud Sentimental Songs. Plays like a
full Uin.1 or Orchestra- Von can understand every words ii speaks. It is
the greatest entertainer ever made. It uses the Hard Flat Disc Record!
which last for years.
The Gram-o-phone is made in Canada. A five years written guarantee with each machine.    Write for Catalogues—free.
PRICES   $16.50  AND UP.
Sold on Easy Monthly Payments, if desired.
. . . MANUFACTURE!) BY . . .
li. BERLINER, 2315-2319 St. Catherine St. Montreal.
KMJt.yvksi. hiovr, Qmnmrut Managmr for Canada,
R. E. Beattie, Agent.
The weather has been ail ihat could
be hoped for by the road men- They
have the Perrj Creek road well on the
nay and expect to  complete  It   by   the
wilt. The steam shovel is gradually
working its wav io Perry Creek, it is
now nearlv io Sin Mile,    After it leaves
Six al le lt will almost be a monopoly is
rn as the road in concerned, it will be
in or rJ days yet oefore It will be on
ihc ground at the mil Ol ready for wotk.
Mr K 'is has sent a force ol men to
tha Ilia ring King group to put up
winter quarters. Mr. I look has hi*
pick ouillt on the road eveiy day lak-
Ing up supplies, which have reached
ill I Town by wjgon. Mr. U>" means
business by the way he ha» oatdtted his
Mi   it.ron, of  Frank. Alia., was «t
iiltl Town seveial days lam wtek       11
wis sutpilseil to tlinl I'erty Oieek an   it
Is, ai d s3 would others that have uevei
visited it
Jack Thompson and Mr. Shillings arc
again at the unnes. Mr, Thoinpton lun
been laklnr a lay ulT on account of hit,
Ttie Perry Creek Mining company Is
still pushing ahead and eipect to pu
lu a saw inlll before winter.
Mr. McHanell ban bll teams hauling
lumber as tar as the road Is complete so
as to lose no time In getting work well
under way before Ire. zing weather,
Mr. DjjIo brought a load of men om
io woik on the Roaring King.
Hob Little and men are mill at tbe
Voung Camp, at work.
J. Usher bas been staying at Old
Town nursing his hand which he had
the ml* I on une to have had a Muger
takeu off.
O Hurge, who has been In Cranbrook
lo. king aTtcr Mr. Wellman'*. business
while he tuteudol the Spokane lair,
rein ne   to o.d Town Sunday.
George Laurie has wood
of all lengths, see him
before buying.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
(Nd shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing,   (live mc a call.
Physician and Surgeon.
Olllce .1 Residence. Am.Iron. Avr.
Foreaoon.,   ■   •   •   •   »:J» te II
Alleraaont   ■   •   •   •   l:MtoJ:30
Eveala|i   ■   ■   ■   •    7.J0to«:H>
CRANBROOK,   :   :   !       :   :    B. C
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a larRe area ol the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range frum $!.».. to S.s.oo an acre, the latter being lor tirst-class agricultural lands.   These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
Tht ai!gr.'itni- amuuni of principal and inl rest, except in lhe
case of lands under J * Sll an acre, is divided inlo ten Instalments as
shown in Ihe table below; Ihe firal lu be paid al the time uf pur.
chase, me second one year frum dale of Ihe purchase, Ihe third iit
Iwo years antl so on.
The following table shows the amount nf Ihe aanual Instalments
un loll acres al differenl prices under Ihe above conditions:
IMI acrs at S2.5II per acr, Isl instalment $51.15    « equal inlal
3.00     " •• 71.10
1.50     » •■ MM
1.00     •• •' «5.85
..511      » •• I07.S5
5.00     '• » 19.85
al S50.IKI
nil llll
Kimhr-rlev *s ,ne business and shipping point for Ihe
■x-iiivci mj No|1(| S)ar a|)(| Su||ivan mjncs_
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsile Agents.
Cranbrook is ,hc uivisiol,al Pointof tnc C|WS Ncsl ->ass
Railway and Ihe commercial centre of Si nth
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsilc Agent.
For further Information apply to .gents ai above or lo
A. TAYLOR, Districl Land Agenl, Nelson, II. C.  or
Lands under S2.50 per acre are sold
on shorter lime.
II Ihe land Is paid for in full at the
lime uf purchase, a reductlun from thc
price will be allowed equal lu ten per
cent on the amount paid in etscess of Ihc
usual cash instalment.
Interest al six per cent will be
charged in over due instalments,
The Company has also luts fur sale
in the following tuwn sites in Rast Kooienay: Elko, Cranbrook, Moyelle, Kitchener, Creslon and Kimberley.
The terms of payment are one-third
cash, and Ihe balance in siv and twelve
Kitchener is in the center of lhc great
Iron range aud Ihe gateway lu thc White
Qrouse copper fields.   .1. I. BURQESS,
Townsite Agent,
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
Call at Tom's Barber Shop, Victoria House, opposite depot.
Tiie shop is neat, the towels mo olimn,
'the.slum n un' sharp, Hu- ra/.urs keen,
And Kvt-iyililii*- tluu skill rail ilu
ir you'll cull he'll do for ymi.
J. T. Dendurant, Prop.
Shave 15c.      Hair Cut 35c.     Shimpoo 25c
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
I have good wood oi all lengths.
Leave orders at Townsite oflice receive prompt attention.
Richard Stewart
There are a lew points to
be considered in building.
Good work,   Good   M al«ti
and the price.
Have yo. talked wilb anyone about building?
Cotnc aad ice me or let mc i:t you. It may
do ua kola |oed.
G. R. Leask.
and Builder  *
All work luaraaice*.   Set ut betor.
yoa build.   II will pay you.
Cranbrook, B I
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Ft. Shcphard R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain   Railway   Co
The only all rait roule between all
poluls Kast, West and Soulh to....
Intermediate Points.
Connecting at
SPOKANH with lhe
Great Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. R. & N. Company.
Nelson with Steamer for Kaslo
and All Kootenay   Lake Points,
Myers Falls with Stage Daily for
Republic, and
Connects daily
At    Bossburg   Stage   Dally   for
Urand Forks and Oreenwood.
H. A. JACKSON, lien. Pall. Aft.
I.O.O.P.   Key City Lodge
Nu. i'i. Moctt avery Mnn*
Uny nin'it at llielr hull o
linker xtrei'l,   HujtiiirnhiK
(Md I'i'lliiwt i-nnlliilly lmlti*<l.
a. he-toii, Jr., M. Itockotutovf, i
N, (i. ;_    •.,!*».;'
lii'i'iilur met-tiiix*) uu i im
tlm.I   Tluiinitny of lit
V lntlliiK lirdliein wek'tiuieil,
(Iku, A, tiklTOfl, See']*.
5 ************************ *
J PETER MATHESON, Proprietor.      $
J ************************
J When you are hungry ami want
•ft u Kuotl meal go to tbe Ivast
1» Kootenay.
J When you are tired ami wnnt a
m\ Knnil rest go to llie Kast Koo-   *
J tenay.                                         "
J When you are thirsty anil want a
* i>ooi|  iliitik   go   to the  Hunt
» Kootenay.                                  J
5 In fact wbt-n you are in Cranbrook  J
7 slop at tbe Hunt Kootenay.        m>
When In town don't
forget to stop at the...
Victoria House
The best dollar a day
house in Cranbrook...
Everything: Firstclasa
Opposite Depot
L. R. Gubbins,
J. T. Dendurant,
Eaat I
SI. John
New York
Dawson j
Seattle I
San Francisco
Mat kcts
in all the
Towns in
P. Burns & Co
-Aholtule and Kcl.il
s Meat Merchants
g  Fresh and Cured Meats l-rtsh
3      Fish, Oame and Poultry.
^ ......
We supply only the best.   Your
trade I. lulliUc'd.
Robinson & McKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Refitteil Throughout
One uf the Uott Comfortable
Hotelf in hast Kootenay.
Newly Furnished
L. B. VanDecar, Prop.
Cranbrook, H. C.
Upper Lake Steamers
Lv. Fori William. Sua., Tut. Frl.
leave Dunmore Junction daily lor Sl. I'aul
Leave kooienay Landing Tuetday and Salur
fay for Toronto and all eailera points
Leave Rtvcltloke dally lor Seattle. Vantouver-
aad coisl cities
Tnroaib ticket, lo liuropt via all Atlantic
line. Presald ticket. Irom all ovinia al
lo.ttl ratet. For fall particular, apply In
local aie.la.
A. 0. P. A , *l"l.
Vaieoav.r. Cnnarook
Livery  A
Proprietors * * *
Teams anil drivers fttrtiishetl for any
poitlt in llle district,
Manager   *   *   Jt
We have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed llrick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in thc brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
Surveys „,
Land Purchases,
Mining; Claims,
Etc., made by contract.
P. II. tori Steele, rl C.
Undertaking: And *
Graduate of Champion college of u. a
Office anil llore. Aiken block,
neat Canadian Unnk of Com*
mer it*, Cranbrook, H C
Uffcaliterlif aad Qeneral I urnllure Ranlrlai
Will attend to any work in tbe dinritt
A|cil tor Ike Bra«4»n Marbk ui UraalM
Worki.   TaatatMa, Hto#atMti, tic. glilSlili * • : : I • : :   :'.:■'■'■■■■
We are showing this week some pretty and striking novelties
in Ladies' wear. CHATELAINES in black and silver beading, newest designs. .* BELTS in iei and velvet. --* While,
steel and black HAIR ORNAMENTS: a lcas.ttl.il iineol
those chiilonne rosettes In evening shade, brilliant sellings.
VASSAR COMBS in amber shades with oxodyjed silver
mountings.    *    Another lot ol
Ladies' French Flannel
Waist lengths in newest Persian Patterns. A nice assortment
to choose from. * Frieze, Zibeline and Camel's I lair Cloths in
Oxford greys, btuwns, blues and greens.    For tall and winter
*_? suits and skirts these cloths will be the correct thing.
5<s> Yours Truly,
1 ..REID & CO..
$i(BII!IISl|(!)|(!)l(S)IS)|!S)|ra|®|ffl|ffl|  Iffllffl    ■" •    •    ■    •    •    •    •    •    ;-
i)l©l®l®l®l®l®l®l®l®i®i®l»i ■•  •  •
T low it out one must be physically tit.
on a run down constitution or bad digestion
oto^toto^ototo^o^wm 4 t>totototo:totor%
to o
/X "A contented mind is a blessing kind, )f
to And a merry heart is a purse well lined."
to Friar's Chorus. O
to     That's great sentiment and grand advice but to foi- *«
You can't do it T
These jdK
cold mornings and evenings one feels like taking only <^
hot drinks. <?*
Our business is to cater to your needs in these and O
so we  keep a good variety ot thoroughly reliable Co- V
coas, Chocolates, Coffees and Teas.    Nourishments A
not stimulants. <*>
Our stock of breakfast foods and table delicacies is <^
P always fresh, O
G. T. ROGERS,        :
to Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery. "A?
9 That is our constant aim and we now have a small line of new
I China that is more up to date than anything ever shown in
1 town, the quantity is limited as wc must clear all before Xmas
1 goods arrive. But the price is well call and see what you
1 think of the prices. Remember we havn't a car load o( this
| china, but it will pay you to call and see it
j        AT BEATTIE'S
Proprietor "f tin* ♦
Cranbrook j
Candy Kitchen j
.'unit's a complete stock of I
Candies, Emits, Nuts, i.
Biscuits, Pipes and j j
TobaCCOS. Olve at. a call J
Mind Your Own Business
is and old saying gone wrong.
Ir is every man's to insure and
it is, therefore, our business to
look after yours.
Perfect Protection,
Low Kates and
Prompt Settlements
Palmer & Arnold
Manufacturer's Agents
Before buying your fall and
Chrislmas presents hate a
look al our slock of
a,ul Clocks....
A full line nf Optical Ootids
always on hand
Jeweler and Optician.
Olflcitil Wntch Inspector lor
Crows Nesl .lisisii.n C. P. K.
The Photographer,' l.tisv season
la rrom now till Chrislmas Thla
nn.l .lis- foci Dial wo in.. ..nt ol
tuwn ut times mnke it necessnrv
I.n ns lii.-ssks.sir imtr.ins In kindly inaUs- appointments for sittings.
_, . .  ..    . ,       !    Select   prlvnle   boordloa.  scltool   fnr
Fire and Life Insurce »<*>•"• «i«^>««<^>- ^"»y»^
masters,   excellent tatm*.   Imhul- care
_  Refining Influences.    Large, alty bed-
lomiiB.    Specially  built   eli m  rooma,
The Pmmrn   'Oa*zii*ur*in+  *-'rlrkKt*  roolba",  boallng, Bwimtnliig,
'" Cllipire   KCalttUrani military drill.   |'atron*tcd by the best.
! Hlpheat references,   I'mBpecliiB.    Kev.
.Kesdames Shaw & Campbell. Props,       | C. J, llreiiton, MA. Vancouver, It   C
• Reference the Kev. II Ueacham,
Meals and Lunches at all Hours
Barrister. Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Crnnhrook nnd Mnrysville. I). C.
<v ♦ • *♦ *♦ ••••••••*••••••••* •
Vroom & Dezall    :
Blacksmiths j
Horse Shoeing  i
Carriage Repairing and       .
(icncral Jobbing.... [
iini-iiii Orders Prompll) *
Attended Io, t
Home Made Bread, white
and Brown. Buns and
Pastry of all kinds.
Next Door to Post Office
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in  siphons.    Thc must
economical way to handle it.
Picked  I'p Abuut thc Cily   hy  Asking
Questions ul  Many   People.
E A. Elton wns in Cranbrook Tuesday,
George R Mulrof Moyle was iu town
Ti lay.
J. lla]four, the well known railroad in*
surance is in town,
.Mrs. J. Stephens and son of Elko were
in town lust Friday,
Tom Raderof Moyle was in Cranbrook
several days the pnst week.
A. J Sarup went to Grassy Lake to
work lor LheC 1' R, Tuesday
l„ M. Mansfield of Jaffray made a Dying tup lo Cranbrook Tuesday.
Mr nn.l Mrs. Mellett mul Miss Brlgga
ol Peruie were In town Tuesday.
Tbe oyster season is with ns. The hi*
valves nre looking well thia Benson.
Wanted—A Flisl Cl&ts veal and pant
maker, McSweyu Se Griffith's,
Charles Early came itown from Frank
Saturday niul spent Sunday with friends,
Mr. McBride, rather of J. 1). McBride,
Ims been vlslilug in town tin- lust week.
Vun cnn gel oysters nicely s.-rveil any
time from 8 p, in. to U ;i. in. at the Royal hotel,
K ymi wan't oysters nml want them
right, no   In tliL-   Royal   hotel  nny lime
of uigiit.
The Fori Steele Brewing company of
Feruie 0 preparing to build a new brewery at Frauk.
Mrs. Goorge Nelson, Miss Watson anil
Mr. limy of Fort Steele were Cranbrook
visitors last Tuesday,
When you are through work at nighl
drop down to the Royal holel ami gel
u nice iltsli of oysters.
For rent, two plastered rooms over
The Herald ollice. Comfortable living
rooms for winter. F. IC. Simpson,
The hospital Ladies Aid Society will
meet at .Mrs. Morrison's Fri.lay al 3:30
p. in to arrange for a ball iu aid of the
A. W. McVittie returned ft nm Morrissey this week, whore he has heen surveying the now townsite of the coal
George Taylor 1ms just turned out n
kiln of 3511,0.10 Illicit of the first quality
nml will have another big bunch in a
few weeks,
Robert Cox, afler n bi ief visit in Mon-
tuna, has returned lo llritish Columbia
and Is again with II. I. Stephens at tbe
Australian hotel at Morrissey.
II. M, Fullerton, thc well known com
mercinl traveler, was in town this week
accompanied by Mrs. Fullerton. They
nre nuiking their home at Nelson.
William Dick of N.inaitito has been
. tailing bla (sUliL-i, A, Dick, llie past
week, He will probably remain in Smith
East ICooteua** for some months.
The license commission meets in Fernie next Friday. It Is understood Hint
there nre now [9 applications for license
in the new coal town al Morrissey.
Miss Attwood brought her younger
sister up from Fart Steele juctlon Tuesday uud took bcr to the St. Eugene
hospital,  Slie is sick with the fever.
The people of Cranbrook who visited
the Spokane fair this year report a good
exhibition and a splendid lime, The
races weie among the chief attractions,
The Frank Sentinel says that Charles
Early, who is manager ofthe new brick
yard opened there, hns a line kiln of
brick burned and another thnt will soon
he ready.
Rev. Fortune will hold thanksgiving
services at the Presbyterian church this
evening at 8*00 o'clock. A cordial Invitation Is extended  to  thc  public to be
.Messrs. Foss & McDonnel hnve hnd
their townsite registered, so that thc
name of Moirissey belongs to them nnd
will nol be used by nny other interests
in this province
P. Burns & Co.'s window is quite nn
attraction tu the public this week.
When a person sees the artistic manner
in which ii is dressed he is reminded of
markets iu a large cily.
R E, Beattie has just put in two more
rows of government lock boxes at the
poBlofiice, Mr. Beattie keeps ahead of
the times and has the best equipped
poBlofiice in the distiict.
11. IC. Walker, general manager of lhe
Canadian Batik of Com me re, passed
ihrough Crnuhrook ihc other day but
did not have time to atop, He is making a lour ol the western branrlies,
The condition of \V. A. Prest bas not
changed but ihe physicians entertain no
hope nf his ultimate recovery. He
seems to be resting easy, yet it is feared
lhal be may show si^ns of failure most
any lime.
Captain   McMorrrls,   master of the
Steamer Moyie. and wife nre thc guests
of Mr. nnd Mrs G. II. Uremner. Mr,
MoMorrIs*Io taking a few days' vacation
and thought Cranbrook a gcod plnce to
come to.
C>. T. Rogers had a long list of visitors
lusi Saturday afternoon who nccepted
his invitation to tea, The store looked
as dainty as a lady's parlor, nnd aside
from enjoying the tea and accessories,
socially tiie gathering   was  a success as
The visitors from Morrissey jay'that
notwithstanding the announcement of
the coal company to put nnntowuilto,
business is improving in their town tight
11 Ion j*. The location is fortunate and it
would he difficult lo kill it by any other
tf tile .'.ssi [nines itllil coke ovens sif this .listiicl should cioss> toinnr
row every sun-ltr. in llritish Columbia would sins.- within thirty iluys
llllll) MEN svtll lit- employed in the nenr future ill the mines an.l nt the
coke oveus of MORRISSEY.
Fred Hnzeu returned i» Marysville on
Saturday last,
Charlie Heiidersou nf MorrlsBay wn-.
in lown nn Sunday.
J. Mcintosh ot Marysville. left lor
Rosslaud mi Friday.
W. A. Meaclietu nl Miitysville was in
lowtl ihis week.
Frank Tracey, of lhe Noith Star mine
was iu town on Friday last.
Conductor Hayes canie lu from Mcleoil
ou Sunday last.
Dr. King visited Marysville ou Moll-
day las»t.
The postollioe is closed today, except
from 3:45 to 0:45 I'. M.
J, Net ter field of Rossland is the new
cutter nt I'. Burns it Co.
M. A. McKenzie find wife, of Marysville was 111 town on Thurilny last.
Mr, and Mrs. G. W. Hull drove down
from Marysville on Thursday.
II. McNeil, of McNeil .v Clayton,
Marysville wns iu lown this week.
J. F. Armstrong, gold commissioner,
of Port Steele, was iu town on Friday,
N, Hansen and 1*0 Hlgbye, came iu
town Inst Monday, ou their wny to Morrissey,
Mr. and Mrs. M. IJ. King returned
fiom the Interstate fair at Spokane, on
Horn—At M irysville on Tuesday Oct.
7th, to the wife o! N, C. McKinstry, a
John Fink arrived yesterday from
Spokane. It is his lirst visit here for a
year or more.
F. II. Roberts, H. Hurling nnd F. H
Haines, visited friends in Fort Steele, on
Sunday lust.
A Jolliffe, who sold his meat market
to Mi Mclnnis will remain as cutler for
the new firm.
The Canadian hotel is receiving a new
coat of paint, which will improve its appearance greatly.
Mr. McDonald, bookkeeper for Laurie
I.uniber company, Marysville, was In
town on Salurnay,
Chas. Early came up from Frank, on
Sunday. Mr. Kirly says lhat Frank ls
gradual!;, growing.
Airs, Jamea Gill is quite ill nt her
home, and has been confined to the
house the pnst week.
G. Patmore wns moved from the hospital to his home last Monday. He is
getting along nicely.
I,. I!. VanDecar nml wife returned
from Spokane on Sunday. They report
having a lovely lime.
George Wentworth hail l;is horses,
"Dora," "Burdock" and '"Nimrod" at
the Spokane fair last week.
J. P. Fink, manager of the Fort
Steele Mercantile company was laid up
witli a severe cold last *-veek,
Mr. Meycock Is building n store room
on Armstrong nvenue which is to be occupied hy one of his sons, who will en
gage in business iu CrHiibrook.
C. I). McNab and wife returned yesterday from Spokane. They hnd a pleasant
trip and speak highly of the fair.
fames Sawyer, of the Greal Dune nenr
Marysville wns in town this week, Ills
wife nnd family accompanied him.
Oliver Burge.of Perry Creek.was ninn-
aging the Manitoba hotel, during Tom
Wellman'a visit at the Spokane fair.
Our "Thirty per cent tiff Mantle Sale"
is still on. A number of choice lines
still ln.stt.ek. Reid & Co.
Thirty per cent off lhe price Of a mantle or a skirl means a Aaa garment for
f, 15 40,    Sale uow 011 ut Reid <Sc Cu's.
II. Haines, malinger of the bank, la
rapidly improving niter several weeks in
the hospital and expects* lo get out 8001),
Don't forget the ..Scottish, concert in
the Pieshyteiian Church, on Hallo'ec'tl
night. ATii-oil prograuiiiit; i.s. being pre-,
pared. ,
1'. I).   Roberts   lelt   for   Spokane on
Tuesday, where he will reside in future.
During his stay here he made ninny
A. ICInieiidoif, formerly superintendent at the Marysville smelter, lefl for.
Spokane on Friday last, accompanied by
his family,
Mrs. I.icey, of Gateway is in town on
business today. She owns mid operates
nn hotel in that town nnd says tlmt business is rapidly Improving.
0. T. Rogers, the grocerymnn, hns
one of lhe neatest delivery wagons ever
turned nut. It is as bright as a new sovereign ami very attractive.   ■    '
I'. E. King brother of Dr. and M. B.
King arrived from Chipman N. II, this
week ami will reinnlii in Craubrook for a
tew weeks, Mr, King Is n dentist and
mny iniiile in Craubrook or some other
oiut in British Columbia,
Miss Finals, who has been confined to
I the hospital for some time by fever, is
I rapidly   Improving,      This   will   prove
1 good news tu lu-r many friends in Craiv
Special services are being conducted
each night this week at eight o'clock
In the Methodist Church in charge ol
the pastor. The public ii cordially in-
J. P I-'ink, of the Fort Steele Mercn 5
Hie company, haschauged the arrangements of his office again. He says thia
is positively the last change before
C. E. Reld, druggist of Mnrysville,
will leave shortly lor Frank, Alberta,
where he will go into business. His
many friends wiih him success in Ins
new venture,
Key Cily Lodge I, 0 ft F. held an
interesting meeting last MomJny iiijil.
Officers were Installed ns follow-*: F. R.
Morris, vice grand; M D Billings, recording secretary; S. Morrow, financial
The Methodist Church was p'etiily
decorated last Sunday with fl iwers nml
hunting and mottoes of the Epwoith
League. A. T. Vroom president ol the
league conducted lh'- morning service
and Messrs. Wilson and Ferris ard lhe
Misses Patmore, Cartwriaht nn) Ryke-
inati alsoiook pail. Tlieevetilngseiv.ee
was conducted as usual by the pastor.
Fred Burden, at one lime employed
by the smelter company of Marysville,
was iu town on Saturday. Me has been
out on the government survey east of
Moirissey, and hns been laid up'for tht
past two weeks with typhoid fever.' lit
left for NelfOn on Sunday morning
where he will take a position in the
office 0! T S Clement.
Walter Wnlcott, for a long time chef
at the Cranbrook hotel, Is contemplating a vacation. "For more than three
years I have worked seven days a week,"
says Walter, "and I think I will take a
few weeks (IT and go over to Uncle
Sam's country again and mingle with
tlie oltl boya urtilsKerti, A mau needs «
rest once in a while."
Percy Sproiile, one of the employes at
the C. P. R. ihops, met with a painful
accfiient last week. Hewns putting on
belt at the top ofthe shop when he lost
his balance, and to save himself from
dropping on top of the engine he caught
hold of the belt wheel ami the pin
caught In his sleeve and twisting bis
arm broke it. He is doing very nicely
at present.
Morrissey Miner
Ross Palmer, the hustling genera
agent of Cranbrook, was a passenger
on Wednesday evening's train, bound
for Pernio He will stop over fn Morrissey on his way home.
Foster Clarke of Long Island, Ont.
arrived in town Monday, for an iudell-
oate stay. Mr. Clarke 1» a cousin of
W. N Clark, the painter, und will ai
sist him In the painting business for the
TheC.  P. It. Is replacing the  light
steel for a distance of nine  miles cast
and west of Morrissey,  with a  heavv,
so pound quality.   This is an Improve
ment that was Imdly needed.
The telegraph construction car arrived lu town last week, and the men
have been busy erecting poles and unloading the wire along the track. The
poles arc now In position as far as the
mine, and as there are only 13 more
miles of wire to string, the line will be
completed In a day or two.
.1. A, Gillis Is now comfortably located
In his new store building, nnd has every
thing arrat ged in most convenient
shape. His winter guods are comment'-
ing 10 arrive, antl when they are all In
he will have no trouble In meeting all
the demands made In the line of gent 'a
furnishings. As It Is, he is doing a big
business, and Ib enjoying the Biiccess he
FOSS .v McDjnell have been bnsllyen-
gaged thc past week In moving ihelr
outtli to lilt; mine, and making prepat
atlons for commencing the work of
grading for 8A0 new coke ovens that
are to be constructed just below the
mine. This work will consist or 1,Villi
yards of earth excavations, besides thc
placing In position of over I,.Ml!) yards of
atone, lor the foundation ol the ovens.
At prenent there are 4(1 men engaged
on thc jib, but this force will tie Increased to 1110 as rapidly as they can he
obtained. Mr, Fobs says they are anxious
to complete this work as soon aa posal
ble, as they hnve other conlracis to attend to, hut that the busy times all over
the district has created a serious short'
age of workmen, and they are badly
handicapped on this account. He wants
(10 more laborers, Including (juarrymen,
and he wants them right away.
I:nr Kent
A good seven room house; cheap.
G. II. Gilpin.
Just received a full line. Also Carrs'
Heavy Oversocks. Fall and Winter
Underwear in all colors, sizes and
prices, from $i per suit to $7.50 per
Ft. Steele
Mercantile Co.
J. P. EINK, rianoger.
In presenting our varied lines ot fall specialties, we
submit for your inspection the most exclusive and best
quality ol fabrics possible to obtain from foreign and
domestic manufacturers, A visit to our tailoring parlors will prove of great interest to you.
McSWEYN & GRIFFITH,   cranbrook block
A Word to the Ladies
Have you seen our new fall goods? We
have some exquisite patterns and latest
novelties in ladies' wear. Call in and see
our display. The prices, well, they will
satisfy you in every instance.
...HILL & CO.
1 For a given price we insure you against loss. You take ^
® no chances. We do as wc agree, without fail at any ®
j> time.   That makes you feel safe. i
T ®
.i        All over thc District.   Sue us or our agents anywhere        0
I Head Office Cranbrook, B. C uical and liinii distamce 'phone 20 5
j-   (9
1 Hotel s s
Oueftt* Comfort a Specially
Good Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railroad and depot.    Has accommodations  for the public unequalled in Cranbrook.
I    t     Fresh Beef, Pork, |
3   m   Mutton, etc.sss |
O        T         Pork Sausage, Poultry, Pish and Q
©                   Game in Season. ft*
Cosmopolitan Hotel *
....Special Lines....
Hennessy's Three Star Cognac, per bottle     $2 50
(j Dunville's Old Irish Whiskey, perbottle  175
Usher's Special Reserve, per bottle       2 00
} Usher's Old Vatted Glenlivet, per bottle  1 75
f John Dewar's Special, per bottle  I 75
tj Coate's Plymouth Gin, per bottle  1 50
f Crofts' 1870 Invalids Port, per bottle  ,  2 50
i Jamaica Rum, proof strength! per bottle  I 75
jj Old Spanish Sherry, per bottle   2 00
f Claret—-Chateau-CIossman, pints   1 00
r Bass Ale, pints   25
s Guinness' Stout      .'  25


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