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Cranbrook Herald Dec 28, 1899

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Geo. A. Cox, Preaiil.nl. B. K. Wauebr, Oen. Man'
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000.00.
999a*9994»**a »» *> •*>-**-l»l
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
• •>*•• *••♦••
»♦■»■>» am "> •H)V»*»>
Hotel 3 3
(lue.l. Comfort a Specially
Qood Subline la Coauctkn
Nearest to railioatl and depot.    Haa aecommod.-
tlons for the public unequalled In Cranbrook.
a* j Pj Can please you for fashionable novelties. Never in
L^al* |H the history of East Kootenay has there been such
'' *f\     an array of Fancy Neckties, Gents' Collars, Cuffs
jj and Shirts, Ladies' Fans,  Slippers,  Silks, Trim-
jSm\ \.\ mings, Etc.
Thc finest stock of stationery in Kootenay.
The London & Liverpool
Mercantile Company SS
We have in stock a few
Black, all wool Pilot cloth overcoats. $14.00
Also, all wool pea jackets, same cloth,  $.00
•j^Gothing at a big reduction.*^
Stores at Cranbrook, Pincher Creek and Macleod
Get ready for our new skating rink.
I have just received a large shipment ol       ******        **
Club  and   Hockey  Skates
Also a Special Line of
A Call Solicited
S & G* H. Miner
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.
Wholesale and Retail
Men's Furnisliings
And Groceries
Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
I Cranbrook & Fort Steele ** Wardner
The St. Enjeue Cwceitrator to be Ei<
Urged at Oice.
Everything- Tends to Show That
Next .Year  Will  be  a
Ta EnUrfe the C-saealrator.
Moyie Leader: It ia now learned on
good authority tbat tbe St. Eugene concentrator will be enlarged so as to increase ita daily capacity seventy-five
torn. Tlie mill at tbe present time has
a capacity of between 150 and 300 tons
per day. Tbe work will be comuieuced
tbe latter part ot January or tbe fore
part of February,. 1. I.. Cole, wbo
built the present mill! is now on a visit
to thc east, but will return next month
and take charge.
The machinery for the St. Eugene air
compressor haa been shipped and will
arrive bere in ten days or two weeks,
and it ia the intention to have it running
aa soon aa possible. A pipe line ia now
being laid to tbe mine. Three ore cars
fur the company arrived here this week.
Tbea field-Copper Mining Company.
The first meeting ot the Theo Gold-
Copper Mines, liuiitedjwas held at the
office of the secretary on December 21.
The following officers were elected: VY.
D. Townsend, president; Geo. Bremner,
vice president; L. B. VanDecar, and vice
president; W. P. Gurd, solicitor; C. M.
Edwards, secretary-treasurer.
It waa resolved tbat 1,000,000 shares
be placed on the market at once, and
tbat work be commenced on tbe property acquired by the company without
The Excess and Copper Crown mineral {claims have been purchased by the
company, the vendora taking stock in
the company in payment, which shows
that they have faith iu the property and
in those selected to preside over the
company's affairs. It is intended to extend tbe shaft now on tbe Exceas claim
to a depth of 100 feet, and drift both
waya from the bottom along tbe ledge,
which will ahow up the property at a
comparatively small coat.
Tbe office of the company is in Cranbrook and a number of tba prominent
business men of this place are on tbe
board of directors.
Deal Oa the Airara.
Moyie Leader: This week the final
papers were made out transferring a
third interest in the Aurora group lo
Tbos. Rader. Mr. Ruder purchased a
sixth interest from Karl Neitxel aud a
sixth from Spokane parties. Tbe Aurora
gronp ia now equally owned by Captain
I. B. Sanborn, O. J. Johuaon and Tbos.
Rader. It is situated on tbe west shore
ofthe lake immediately opposite Moyie,
und Is traversed by the same ledge wnich
runs through the St. Eugene, Lake
Shore and Moyie groups on the east
side. It consists of five claims. Therr
ia a aplendid surface showing of galena
and tbe work done consists of a 40 foot
tunnel being driven to tap tbe ledge.
About the firat of January another tunnel
will be started about sixty feet above
tbe old workings, and active development will continue during the winter.
Overlooked the Society Ulrl.
Editor Herald:—In the di script ive article on (he Moyie district which waa
published in your paper last week, I unintentionally omitted tbe Society Girl
group of mineral claims, aud ask for
space in which lo make mentlou of it io
your next issue:
Tbe Society Girl is situated immediately lo the east aud on the same lead as
the St. Eugene. The work amounts to
eifjo-foot tunnel, and two shafta of a
depth of about thirty feet each. There
la a good showing of concentrating ore
iu each of tbe workings aud tbere are
several tons of clean ore out ready lor
shipment, Tbe properly la connected
by wagon road with the St. Eugene
road. The group ia owued by Charles
Farrell, wbu has given an option to a
Winnipeg ayndlcate for 150,000. The
option expires next April aud If taken
up the ptoperty will be systematically
worked. F, J. Smyth.
President V-inDecnr. Managing Director Saucier, anil Messrs. Miner, Lattm
and Smith visited the I .y Roll mine last
week. They were all very well pleased with the good showing made ami llie
manner tlie in which Uie woik lias been
done by Superintendent Croteau,
S Subscribe  for The Herald. S
Mlilig Neles.
It la reported that a big atrlke haa been
made ou tbe North Star, It la understood that while tbey were excavating
to atart tbe diamond drill near where
cross cut had been made some time ago
from the main tunnel, a body of orejwas
uncovered. Surface holea were made for
quite a dlatauce, showing the body to
be continuous and similar to the old body
that haa shown such vast quantities of
Charles Estmere came down from
Kimbetiey Tuesday. He bad some'spec-
imens of ore taken from a new atrlke
made In tbe abaft on the Black Bear at
a depth of seventy-six feet. It shows
up rich in galena and gold, and there ia
seven feet of it at thla time. The Black
Bear promisee to be a big thing.
The Theo Copper Mining company ia
incorporated and work will be atarted In
two or three weeks, with a good force
of men. The properties of the company and development work will be pushed rapidly forward.
The Windermere District.
Gorraspendenoc Nelson Ulnar,
The various mineral Lelis that extends
from Dutch Creek to   Number 2  Creek
on the eastern slope ot Selkirk Range,
have been partly prospected with wonderful results. This territory embraces
an area of some yo mile in length ntul
twenty   in   breadth,  mid   while   but   n
am.til portion ol this has been prospected,
ledgM that have SO far   been   discovered
show such strength and continuity that
it is reasonable to suppose that with care*
fut and diligent proapi etlug many more
promising discoveries will he made during the next few seasons- Attention
during the pusl two seasons was more
especially confined to ToSy, lloulder,
Mc Donald, Law, Number Two and
Horse Thief Creek and -.--ther tributaries
The mineral belt is apparently about 13
miles loug and about four miles wide,
Tbis belt is almost entirely comprised
of serpentine and schist traversed by In*
trnsive dykes of trap rock. These dykes
cut vertically through the formation,
which generally has a pitch fo 20 degrees
to tbe West, nnd along side of tbem the
mineral bearing ledges make the dykes
forming either one wall or the other of
the ledge. These ledges have every appearance of permanence and strength
Tbe dykes can he followed out and
traced for miles*, In places tlie glacial
action has stripped the ledges leaving
vast ore bodies uncovered. The capping
of tbe majority of thise ledges is a
heavy sulphide iron Inteispersed with
large boulders of solid ore. Tbe general
character of these ores are lead sulphides, carrying considerable quantities
of gray copper occasionally ruby silver,
copper  sulphide!*,    and   dial copy rites.
Although some extremely rich samples of ore has heeu taken from these
ledges, the general average is very uniform and may he classed as pay ore
under tbe present shipping   facilities.
During the past season some wonderful strikes have been made, hardly a
week going by without (lie tidings of a
rich strike. The district is well supplied
as regards lownsites but 1'eterbitrough
undoutediy takes the lead ns tlie main
aa well as the most central town 111 tbe
district. It is situated on the Columbia
River at the head of navigation, between
Toby aud Horse Thief Creek. The
townsite company has several wagon
roads completed connecting Toby,
Boulder, Law, Mc Dr mnl, and Horse
Thief Creeks, and also to the Columbia
River, An up to date sawmill is now
supplying lumber 011 the townsite. A
complete electric light system is uow
beiug installed aud buildings are going
up in a way that would remind oue of
the boom days in West Kootenay,
Mining Is Business.
Spokesman-Review:—To mine upou
an extensive scale costs more now than
it did a few months ngo. Mining machinery costs at least 30 per cent more now
than it did a year ago. Price lists on tbe
heavier machinery which a few months
since were subject to 25 per cent discount
are net uow. This is due to the advance
of more than 100 per cent 111 lhe cost of
pig iron. It strengthens tbe assertion
that there is greater mining activity in
the. west than ever when oue considers
that tbis added cost is put upon tbe men
who are opening the mines. It is au eloquent expression of the prosperous condition of theindustry that all tbe mining
machinery bouses are months behind in
their orders. So great is the confidence
that capital is gaining in mining that
tbere is little complaint about the higher
price. "Hurry our orders and nevermind
the expense," is thc word the mine owner send the machinery maker.
Indications nre that this activity is but
the beginning of a better day than the
mining industry has ever seen, Since
tbe days of the gold mines of Ophir and
the mysterious digging whence came the
ingots of the Incas of Peru, mining has
had the hazy halo of romance around it,
Tbe cool-headed man of commerce
has been too much inclined, In many
ages pant, to regard mining an a gamble,
a venture, a wild speculation. That
idea is fading. Business methods are
transforming mining from the theme of
the story teller to thu subject matter of
the figured statements of the business
world Miniug is business, Therein lies
tbe brightness of the future of the in*
dustry. A weird tale of a lost am] found
mine ib still attractive, but loug lists ol
published dividends arc better for the
mining district. Ouce get the idea liim
ly established iu the business world that
there Is profit in legitimate, business-like
mining, and the west will enter upon an
era of wealth production which will surpass the dreams of avarice. That idea
Is growing jh the commercial   wotld.
Such mines as the I.e Roi, the Republic aud the Payne, and the great producers oftheCoeurd'Alenessretheohject
lessons which fix the idea in the commercial mind that mitihigls business and
a profitable oue wben rightly conducted.
S >!%%%'%& Q
Theo Gold Copper
nining CompanyLimited
This company has been organized to operate the Excess, Copper Crown and
other properties. There is a shaft on the Excess 63 feet in depth, and the showing
at this time is of a nature that places this property among the best prospects in South
East Kootenay. They are situated about five miles from Cranbrook and Fort Steele
and one-eighth of a mile from the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Capital Stock, $500,000, divided inlo 2,000,000 shares at par value of 25 Cts.
1,000,000 shares in the treasury.
OFFICERS.—W. B. Townsend, Kossland, broker, president; George Bremner, Cranhreok,
merchant, vice president; L. B. VanDecar, Cranbrook, hotel keeper, and vice president;
C. M. Edwards, Cranbrook, agent, Sec'y-Treas; J. E. Saucier, managing director.
DIBECTORS—E. N. Ovlmett, Rosslaud; W. F. durd, Cranbrook; O. H. Miner, Cranbrook;
Leonard Craig, Rossland.
I have been appointed official agent for the company, and am authorized to place a block of 100,000 ••bare
at 5 cents per share, payable iu five monthly Installments, 20 per cent dowu and 20 per cent a month.
Crnbbrook, li. C.
Col. Baker Tells of Some Taints la  Store
for This Towa.
The Winnipeg Eree Press prints the
following interview with Col. linker
during iimt gentleman's receut visit lo
Cot. Haker, of Cranbrook, British Columbia, ex-minster of mines (or tint
Province under the late Government,
who for several months has been enjoying a resilience lu England, returned
to tbe city ou Saturday 011 Ills way back
to bis western home. While away Col.
Baker's intimate knowledge of the resources of this coui try was tbe means of
bringing bim into close contract with
several meu of great capital, wbo bad
formed a syndicate with the view of
investing a portion of their wealth lu
the developing of the natural resources
of different countries, more especially
as npplied to mining. He was able to
engage their interest to such
in extent in thc town of Cranhrook that
they decided to Bend their expert for Ibe
continent of America, iuto the country
surrounding the place witht he view of
testing the values of Ihe mineral deposits
which lies every where about, having
the ultimate Idea of the establishment
of smelting aud olher refining works in
tbe town.
Cranbrook's position, Col. Baker
pointed out, is peculiarly well adapted
for the placing of these works in it
uiidst. It lies in a large b sin the slope
of the surrounding country for at least
twenty-five miles about being towards it.
In tbe town's proximity are the
largely worked mines of tbe North Star,
the St. Eugene, St. Marys, Perry Creek,
the Dibble, Bull River, and Sand Creek
groups. The great variety of ores rep-
resentedby these mines, coal easily obtainable from Fernie, a supply of water,
est 111 hted from a survey to be six millon
gallons per day and the excellent fluxes
that are to he found in the neighborhood
furnish all the uecessaries for succe-is iu
O. K. Muir, the sawmill man of Moyie,
had one hand badly mangled in tbe
planer one day last week.
Mrs. Dojg bas opened the large boarding house nt Moyie, and ispieparedto
do au Jmiuense business.
The contractors on tbe Kooteuay Vulley railroad have turned over tbe road to
the owners.
Mounted rangers are being enlisted in
Macleod for service in Africa, It is
such soldiers as those men will make
that Englund need-, at this time.
Park, Mitchell & Co., . f Moyie, have
gotten out 300,000 feet uf logs on tbe
west side of Moyie lake.
The Masonic lodge of Fort Steele held
a public Installation last Wednesday
evening and gave a supper after Ihe eer*
John Houston, editor of the Nelson
Tribune, is a candidate for mayor of
that city. That means tbat tbe campaign will be a warm one.
Christmas al Ibe Pay Roll.
Decern lier 26, 1899,
Editor The Herald:—In reading thc
columns Of your valuable paper, we
notice the interest you take in publishing tlle progress of ihe mines in Kast
Kootenay, and any item of general interest to the miners. We therefore take
pleasure In telling you about the jolly
time we hnd on Christmas. We did
ample justice to the tin key, fiuit and
many other good things ou our table,
and many toasts were drunk to the success ofthe Pay Roll and our genial sup
erlntendeiit, Mr. Croteau. Tbe boys
aho did their share in singing the national anthem aud many of the popular
songs ofthe (lav.
Honing you will see tit to insert these
few lilies ill your paper, we close by
wishing you a b.ippy New Year.
Pay Roll Boys.
Fun for the Children.
The Christmas tree given for the children nf the Union Sunday school last
Monday evening at the Presbyterian
church, was a great success. Rev.
Smith officiated as Santa Claus, and he
furnished plenty of amusement for tbe
youngsters Such diversions are a good
thing for the young and old, and what
little they cost is money well spent.
No Mail On Sunday.
There is an impression prevails in the
minds of some people that a mail is received in Cranbrook on Sunday. Tbis
is a mistake. No mail arrives that day,
and none is distributed or delivered on
that day. This impression has been the
source of considerable annoyance to
Postmaster Beattie. It is impossible to
get mail on Sunday unless oue hal a
lock box, as the letter boxes of the general delivery are locked Saturday night
hy the assistant and nut opened until
Munday morning.
*i (ireen Christmas.
Christmas day this year was a most
unusual one for this climate. The warm
weather for nearly a week previous bad
mused the suow to entirely disappear
from the lowlands, and in some places
the (-hiss had gotten green, which presented a peculiar sight for holiday week.
Last fall M, Phillipps, of Tobacco Plains,
predicted au open winter, aud it looks
as if his prediction was to he veniied.
(lives Happiness lo All.
The I'ort Steele communication, written hy Dr. Watt, of that town, and declined hy The Herald, found a resting
place in the columns of the Prospector.
Thus, the doctor's unrontrollRble desire
fur newspaper noleriety has been temporarily'appeased. The readers of The
Herald are satisfied, Grace used the or
casion for another attack on The Herald
editor and was pleased, and therefore
there seems tu he uu cause for complaint.
In this way The Herald spreads peace
and good will among mankind in South
East Kooleiiay during  Christmas week.
Gone Home lor Christmas,
W. L- MeKenzie, of the engineer's
ofiice, left for Toronto last week and
will be absent two months.
Prank Rankin has gone to Toronto for
Christmas to visit with relatives and
people be hopes will become relatives.
William Caton has gone to Peiry
Sound, Ont.
William tyghthearl left Wednesday
for the eaat. He will be absent a
Skates 1  Skates I
Go to G, II. Miner's for your skates.
He has just received a targe' Invoice.
They are the best grades,
Fire Oa Bennett's Ranch.
Prospector: On Monday morning a
fire occured at Bennett's ranch, totally
destroying the dwelling bouse. All of
the household effects were saved. The
fire wus caused by a defective flue.
Wanted, a Baker
At once.   Apply to the North Slar
Miuing company.
Made a Clean Up.
One day lust week it was discovered
that tbe police shack in Wardner which
was being used as a store house by the
C. P. K , hud been burglarized. Tbere
was a large quantity of groceries belong
ing to Engineers Govereau and Dope,
and nearly everything waa taken. Two
men well known in this district are
charged with the crime, but hoth have
.suddenly disappeared.
May tio lo War.
Prospector: Among tbe people in
Fort Steele who are liable to go to Eng-
gland to offer themselves for service in
the Transvaal are, Capt. Parker, N. A
Wallinger, A. C. Nelson, C. H. Pollen,
E. Humphrey, Scolly Burns, Wm
Hustwick, Ben Huckle, E. T. Crosiley,
J.Campbell and H, Ward. Several of
the people mentioned have seen active
setvlce iu some of l'i*- crack regiments.
Christmas  Aftermath.
Everyone had b good time.
The merchants all did a good btudnesi
Some  of the  boys  were  looking   fur
larger huts Tuetday morning,
Jimmie McNeil displayed his artistic
taste in the decorations on the buck liar
of tbe Cosmopolitan.
Mine Host VanDecar, of the Royal,
did not issue a bill 01" 'ar-.*, but he gave
hi** boarders a good feed just the same.
The Commercial dinirg room wns
crowded during the dinner boar and
those wbo participated in the meal left
satisfied with the world at large,
T. T. Richards, ofthe East Kootenay,
had a special bill of fare prepared for the
occasion, and everyonepresent thoroughly enjoyed lhe mauy good things ihat
weighted down the tab],-.
The tTmpah baud organized last Saturday night was by far the niosl successful musical organizntion ever created in
Cranbrook. Tbere nny have been a
little lack of harmony, but the bj; s had
any amount of fun.
The Herald is in receipt of a copy of
the Christmas bill of fare presented liy
Messrs. Wellman aud Hard at their
hotel in Kimberley. It showed that
those fortunate enough to eat there ou
tbat day must have hid an opportunity
to indulge in the  best the land afforded.
James Ryan remembered the day at
the Cranbrook by preparing a most
tempting feasl, a id arranging the tables
in tbe diuiug room like a great banquet
board. Tbe walls and chandeliers were
decorated with evergreen*, and banting,
and ou the wall was a lar^e Inscription
saying, "Merry Christmas and Happy
New Year."
E, E. Orchard, who has charge of the
Cosmopolitan dm ng room, prepared ati
elaborate bill of fare, nnd had Ua- dining
room decorated in a mosl exquisite man*
ner. The windows were draped in red
with snow effect, and evergreen and
cedars were woven in festoon, throughout the room. The dinner was a great
All the newest and up lo  ''ate   styles,
from Ar>c lo 75c.       Maggs \ Hughes.
The B, C. Clothiers
Hudson's Bay Company Cominj*.
Gaueral Manager Whyle, of the C I'.
R., was a passenger on the west bound
train this morning. To a Herald re pre
sentative he stated thnt Mr. Cbtpmasi- ol
the Hudson's bay company, had secured
permission from the hoard of control in
England to build a store in L'ranlirook.
and that in all probability Mr. Cblpoian
would he in Cranhrook before many
weeks tu take aiuther look over the
Our Coats.
Por boys, al) sizes,fj.75. fort few days,
Magi-s \* Hughes
A Fatal Explosion.
Greenwood, 1) C, Dec, 23.—A fatal
explosion occurred in the Snow-shot*
mine at Phoenix camp, st 12 o'clock today, caused by drilling inlo an old blast
that had missed fire. The victims are
John Nelson, killed, aud Stanley Mc
I,eod, seriously, perhaps fatally injure-],
hoth single. No blame is attached to
the management. The engineer claims
to have warned the victims before going
to work that two shuts bad misBed fire.
Nelson waB blown tu pieces.
Empire City the Latest.
The townsite of Cranston bus been re-
christened, aud henceforth will he known
is Empire City, in honor of the Empire
mine. Charles Estmere relumed from
the property last evening nnd says tbat
the Empire is going to be a veritable
bonanza, as thev have a mountain of ore,
which is improving iu values.
We bane a few 1 eft we will close out
at cost. Maggs & Hughes.
Dissolution of Partnership.
Notice is hereby given lhat lhe partnership existing between E- H, Small
aud J ti Mvsgrave has been disolved by
mutual consent, J. E. Musgrave retiring
The business will he carried on by E 11,
Small who will pay all debts and collect all accounts due the firm.
Signed   J. J*. Muugrave
ti. II. Small
Cranbrook, Dec. t-, iKy
Come to The Herald fur job printing. I    The Herald c ist *;,oo per year. CRANBROOK  HERALD
THURSDAY,    -   DEC.   28,   1889
i*\ ii si.mi'sun. Editor and Manager.
Tiie rterald desires to glvo tho news of the
district, if vou know any about!your town
your mine or yuur people, semi It to this ollice.
Do you want
Good lob Work?
If you do come to The Herald
office* That is thc kind we
do-   Try us and see.
H* Knew ft Gam* Tbat Waa Butter
Than lioll.
One of the old residents in tbe rural
community had been intently watching
the two young men from the. city tm
they played chess, snys the Detroit
Free Press, The game wus a long one
and he ventured to interrupt:
"Excuse me; but the object of both
of you Is to git them wooden objects
from where they ure over to where they
"Thut partially expresses It," replied
"And you hare to be continually on
tho lookout fur surprises uud difficulties?"
"And if you ain't  mighty   keerful
you're goiu' to lose some on 'em?"
"An' then  there's that other game
that you dress up old fur an' play with
long sticks an* a little bull."
"You uit'iiti golf,"
"I think prob'ly that's what I mean,
Is that game amusin'?"
"It's quite Interesting*, and the exercise Is very beneficial."
"Well, I reckon it's a mighty -good
joke on mi'."
"What do you refer to?"
"The way I've heen hnvln' fun without, knowln' anything aboul it, If you
gentlemen want to re'ly enjoy your-
selfa, you come over und git ma to let
you drive pigs, You'll git all tin* wulk-
in' you want un' the way you have to
watch out fur surprises an' flggerao's
not to lose 'em would tlekleyou most to
Tear Open Iht* fltoiuaeli* of I.mntis Id
Their  UmrerHeMa  io  Get  II.
The tahakotna, a monkey of the baboon family whieh is rather common in
South Africa, has become a perfect
plnguo of the Transvnal farmers. The
ape, snys the Philadelphia Record, has
ui'ijiiiri'd tin* habit of killing young
lambs, not in order to i-nl their meal,
hut simply to tear open thoir stomachs
and drink the milk contained therein,
Having nctjulrod a passionate desire for
milk, und being unable to milk the
sheep themselves, they patiently wail
until they see a lamb sticking milk
from Hs mother, and take it nwny us ihey
would take a milk pail which was thrown
uwiiy after the contents am consumed.
Tin* tshnkitma then lakes to the CSCtl
thickets, which an* inaccessible to human beings, atul furnish ut the same
time a refuge anil a source of foot! iu
iho fleshy leaves and fruit for tho monkeys,
Thi* same ape lias also quickly learned
to distinguish men from women. At
the approach of a man they quickly
lice, while they allow n woman to come
quite near, pny Ing no attention lo I hem.
The fanners, however, have adopted
themselves to the circumstances, and
when lambs arc missing from their
tlocks they don the skirts and bonnets
of their wives, and, taking up a gun,
start in pursuit of the mischievous au-
I wish that I could go again
To that old spelling school.
Where we had fun on winter nights,
And heijie.1 to play the fool.
I Bpelled believe just like deceive,
And dropped tho ti in tlium'*,
Watching the door with anxious fear
Lest Lyddy shouldn't come.
Worst- than the wand'rlng Jew*
i ]»ut a k in caraway, ,
a double in in hum,
And Friday's I changed off for y,
All Jubi 'cause Lyddy'd come,
Hill Rogers ho was worse thun I,
ir such a tiiim* oould he;
And I know onco he spelled machine
wnn s uud doubleo;
n.it let im got our letters set
Most anyway bin  idumii,
Our side was always sun- to beat
On nights when Lyddy'd come.
What prickles ran all down our bucks,
How sim tho room would grow,
While master tried Home word to find
Tlmt  Lyddy didn't know!
Phthisic and Bohlsm, gneiss and chrism,
(ih, whist we aat und mum,
Tor thero Was nothin-,'else to do
(.in nlghta whon Lyddy'd cornel
Whin Lyddy'd come wo didn't need
The litfht of Btars or moon;
Tho winter nights Boomed brighter then
Than dnys do now nt noon,
For Lyddy'B eyes mnde Kind our skies,
And though Bhe Bpelled usdumb,
JohOBhaphat, how proud wo were
tm nights when Lyddy'd cornel
-a. m. tt, flawes, iu Detroit Free Press.
I   I
i|        By Willis B. Allen.        g
WUaoaeln   Hen Vraaa II reed I n« th*
IIIf.on   ivllh   front.
Albert and Charles Huber.livinga few
miles south ot Durand, Wis,, have a
herd of about "i5 full-blood bison and
•some IM crossed hulls and heifers, bison
and native cow, reports the Minneapolis
Journal. About six years ago they were
hit lifting- in the western part, of North
Dakota and succeeded iu capturing alive
three young bison, a bull and two cows,
and these they brought to their farm
here. The animals grew and thrived
amazingly, and are pastured in an In-
closure of about 400 acres runnlugdown
to the valley of Rose creek where they
have ample room and shelter.
Experiments were, enrly made with
crossed breeds and it has now been
found that the cross is very successful,
the half-breeds combining the docility
of the domestic animals with the endurance and large size of the bison.
They arc also very due fur producers,
mid grow to maturity in less time than
domestic cattle. The flesh of crossed
nnltnnls is very palatable, snd tlie fur
has all the good qualities of ihatoi ine
bison, und is softer and more silky.
The crossed bloods enn also stand far
more exposure in winter than can the
native cows. The Mohers believe they
have a fortune In their herd if they can
con Un ue its Increase a few years longer.
Mlml   Siipceartntl  I'dHmlt  of  Victoria
Wnn  Tnkrn  In   M   Muck  Yard.
Queen   Victoria's photograph*   have
hud a simply enormous sale during this
season.  Tho queen's photograph Is al-
ways more CXtCtlllvely sold tlmn those
of any other person in the kingdom,
und now we learn that the likeness of
the duko and []U0heiS of York's three
children is second only in popularity to
their gn-iit-graudmothcr, says thoQen-
Apropos of photographs, there was
one taken some years ago of Princess
Beatrice holding an umbrella over the
queen, who Is smiling irresistibly. It
was the work of a London photographer, who, on arriving at Windsor, found
the light "impossible" everywhere.
save in a back yard which could only
be. reached by passing through the
Thither hor majesty and daughter,
with a young friend, now n veil-known
marchioness, were bound to go. And it
was the friend who dictated the pose
both of queen and princess. The photograph was one of the most successful
ever taken.
Consala  »f tha  I nlit-d  States.
There are 1,148 persons in the consular service of the I'nlted States, of
whom 27 are consuls general. John K.
Gowdy, at Paris, receives the highest
pay, $12,000.
911k In  Ha-ta««noar.
In Madagascar'silk is so cheap that it
Is the only fabric used tn the manufacture of clothing,
I the earth, with a seusutionna of tipping
1 over backwards.
I The movement, slight us It wns, dislodged a clump of Btonca and sand,
which went rolling and plunging down
nt a grent rule to the brook, the sound
of whose waters waa now hurtlly audible. -No wonder the mun had given It
up! Should i go mi. or literally buck
When Lyddy, Btandlng straight and trim,1 down, as he had doue?
Began her gum to chew, ,    My determination wns stirred, and, al
My heart went raging up mid down, I *\l0Xlg\, ■ heartily wished Fred wns on
hand with hi.* sympathetic eourngo, I
resolved to complete what 1 hud begun.
It was tough work. Hands and knees
now—and carefully placed every timo,
ut that.
Once I very nearly lost my balance
by the unexpected yielding of a largo
stone which gova wny under my foot.
How fearfully long it wns before 1
henrd it smile on tin- bowlders below,'
1 knew If [slipped, or missed one step,
the impetus of a yard would semi me
after the stone. As I looked over my
shoulder, ii Beeroetl like clinging to the
slope of u cathedral n of, when* a puft
of wind miyht be fatal.
There was no question now as to thc
course I must tnko. It was "Excelsior"
lu sober earnest—only I dldn'l have the
Inspiration of a maiden, with a tear in
her briglil blue eye, looking on,
Steeper and sleeper! 1 was panting
heavily in the rn rilled atmosphere, nnd
trembling from exhaustion, it wns so
terribly lonely. Nothing bul the dark
forms of the trees, the waste of iee nod
snow, and now and then ll Inni. winging its way silently over tin1 gulf, until
mv brain whirled as I watched its slow
Uv to-morrow lhey would miss me,
ami orgonlsw.' a search, wiih Fred nl
their head. They would find my foot-
prints beside tin* brook, where I hnd
leaped carelessly across alter pansiest
then they would come upon the blackened traces of the Utile liic and lhe
loosened gravel of the steep bank; thoy
would look upward with a shmlder.and
search lhe harder. Pretty mnn one of
Ihem would lean over a crevice nm ong
the bowlders, shrink buck with a cry of
horror ami beckon to the others. All
this If Hailed by onestept
llm still I worked on laboriously,
often pnusjiip- for giddiness or a want
of breath, nnd digging with my linger-
nails ljllie hollows in the hard bank
for my feet,
Once or twice n long, lough root of
grass unvcd me, nnd very soon, to iny
joy, straggling bushes, strong enough
to Btipport u few pounds of weight,
thrust their tops through lhe Band bed.
Then came scrubby trees, cedar and
(Ir, oftentimes growing straight om
from a vertical face of rock, nnd quivering from root to tip as I drew myself
cautiously tip.
I shall never forget the agony of the
moment when one of ihem crime out
entirely, nnd let mc fall backward. Fortunately its comrades were near enough
to save me, though it was with rough
To shorten the story, I climbed at last
ont upon a small, level spot, which
proved lo be the longed-f or path.
Following it painfully tip for n few
rods, I reached a Utile hut, where 1
found a kind old French woman, who
refreshed me with fond and drink,
helped to make my tattered clothes
presentnble aud held up her hand.-*
after the demonstrative fashion of her
nation when she heard of my climb.
"Had anyone ever ascended to the
cataract upon that side?" ! asked.
"Jamais, monsieur; jamais, jamais!"
(Never, monsieur; never, never.)
And could she tell me the height
from thc valley?
A thousand feet!    Well, I had had
mountain climbing enough for one day.
ami afler a visit to the Cascade, which
was close by. I hobbled down the easy
path and back to the hotel, to read
"Jlcdgnuntlet" until bedtime.
When Fred got lm-k and heard the
Btory, his eyes were round enough, as he
declared he would not leave me behind
ngnin, to play invalid, until wc came iu
sight of the Cunnrd wharf in Kast Iloston, And he kept his promise.—Golden
Everything first class. Rooms newly furnished, well
lighted, well ventilated, and heated by furnace. Conveniently
located, and ranks with the best.
First-class Dining room and best of Cigars and Liquors,
Rates, $2.00 per day.
Short orders day and night.
Cranbrook, B* G
ReQtted Throughout
One of the Most Couiforlnhh
Hotels in East Kootenny.
Newly l''iiniisheil
WK WEAK both well tired out,
one July evening In IsaMvhcinvu
reached Cluuuounlx, Fred, my old Latin
school classmate, could bear mountain
climbing, and. what was worse, tiiule-
hack riding, much better thnn I, so that,
while I was glad to And my wnj to my
room, in the top ofthe queer old hotel,
at au curly hour hi the evening, Fred
reniniiietl i'n the parlor, busily studying1
Up maps and guides lor au excursion
over the Mer deUlaee to the "Uard *'
a small, fertile spot, surrounded liy
eternal Ice, lu the very heart of the
Next morning he was oil at four
o'clock, leaving me to spend the dny
quietly In tho valley. 1 wns disturbed
hut once more before rising! this time
by u herd of goats, who scrambled along
under my window, with bells tinkling
merrily enough.
In tlu* course of the forenoon I strolled
away, book In hand, following the
course of the Arve for n little while,
and then, striking olf at right angles
up the bunks of n small brook, which
joins the lurgcr stream just above the
The air was soft and sweet with summer sunlight, and the breath of the
silent forests, reaching from my feet
higher and higher, until the front rank
looked on these desolate, glittering
fteldfl of snow that crown Mount Blanc,
Jlcsiile the brook the velvety turf was
dotted with wild forget-me-nots and
pnnsles, growing there as confidently as
if lhey were not. in lhe very track of last
year's avalanche.
Al length I cametoaspol where the
brook hail iu ngCS pnst strewn iis own
path with fragments of huge rocks,
which it had loosened and thrown down
from some far-oil height, where thc
foot, of man never trod.
One gigantic bowlder lay completely
across ihe original bed of the stream.
and rose like a wall beside the water
that turned out of its way, and ran oil
with a good-natured murmur.
The sun here lay warm and bright,
just counteracting lhe chill breeze that
enme from the glaciers through tin*
narrow gorge. I gathered a few dry
sticks, kindled n lire, just for company,
and nestled comfortably down into an
easy corner lo read the rocks, the brook
the sky, and, if Ihere were time left
my book, which, if I remember rightly,
was "Hodgnuntlet."
How long 1 sat there I cannot tell,
It must have been two or three hours,
for it was past noon when I looked
at my watch, threw ihe smoldering
firebrands Into tho brook and rose to
rei urn lo the hotel.
As 1 did so, 1 noticed Imlf a do/en
footsteps In the steep, snndy bank that
formed tho side of the rovl il this
point. It suddenly occurred to me that
I had rend in my guide hook, while I
was silting in my own room,six months
before, ot a certain waterfall, which,
from the description, must purely boon
Hiis brook. Vcb, I recollected Ihobnie
of the zig-zag path, thai wo had seen as
wo rode along the valley, on our way
from  Tele   Noire, late the   preceding
I was feeling much refreshed nml
rested by my siesta, anil, bv n short oil
mer this embankment, I could doubt
less strike thai path after n three min
lltos' scrnmhle, as some one hud evidently done before inc.
So 1 would have n  little adventure.
ndd sec one of tho sights of Chumounlx
alt by myself.
Certainly there was nothing rash in
this resolve, or formidable in the undertaking, though a certain feebleness
resulting from a recent ill turn nt Geneva should have warned mc against
tasking my strength too severely.
At any rate, at it I went, laughing
nt the easiness of the ascent as I followed the broad footsteps of my predecessor. My calculation tvns lhat I
should come out on the path at n point
7fi to inti feet above my starling* [dace
Before I had proceeded fnr. however,
the convenient tracks abruptly ceased.
Hoy ond, and on each side, there was
| nothing Imt  the gravelly hank, with
| here and there a big ruck, which seemed
ready to drop nl thollghtosl touch,
I Plainly enough, the /list climber had
become discouraged al this point, and
I had picked his wny to the bottom again,
As l looked hack, I wu startled toob-
servo tho elevation which i lincl renohod,
. and I involuntarily crouched closer to
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Cranbrook, II, C.
Fort Steele  Beer
Is the best.   Patronize
home industry .dt    dt
McVittie & Hutchison
Mines and Real Estate
@t   |3   Cranbrook, B. C.
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
-AM,   KINDS   OF-
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
I Dimension Lumber,
Shingles and
*************************mW#**************m**t*m-r*-r*-.t -
Commercial Hotel...
....J. F. & a. JOYCE, Proprietors
Baker Street, Cranbrook, B. C.
Conducted on the European Plan
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
When in Kimberley
Stop at the	
Sew Tii i* Mf It lite* nn Conl Fell 'HI OlC
I'lielNe COIUt.
A. change of importnnee lo the mami-
fncturlng Interests of the I-uclflc coaal
bus been mude liv tlie new turifV, if Uie
it ii tl erst nnd I ng now entertained is tho
eorrect one. lis importnnee In Riijjgcst*
ed in ii note of Initructlon Riven byCol-
lector Jiiekson to tho deputy eolleotors
in the followingeoiniiinnlcnlioii:
In view o( Hie titnndnrd fixed by the
new tnrlff of 03 per cent, of lived onr-
hon ns tin* line . f •leni.irkniion between
iiiiilinieite innl bituminous conl, ymi
w ill exact n deposit on all enrgocs heretofore passed ns nntliraeite from Swansea."
Under Uie old lurifTcnnl Unit exceeded 08 per I'cnt, ol (Ixedcnrbnn was rated
as nnthrnelto conl ami   wus  nil mi t tod
free of duly.
Most of the conl imported here from
Swansea ranged from 80 to UO percent.
nnd bo enme In free. Under thu new tar*
ill' it will nearly nil bo ruled ns bituminous and will be charged n duty of tu
cents a ton. The Instructions given
were for the purpose of securing a deposit equal to tho duty before releasing
such coal.
Immense quantities of Swansea pool
are annually imported at San Francisco port for consumption on the
1'aeille eoast. mostly for maim*
fncturlng purposes. The kind of
conl witli which ii comes mostly
In competition Is the Pennsylvania
anthracite. Whether the duly is buHI-
clcnt to cover the difference In the eost
of transportation from Pennsylvania or
not rcmniiiH to be seen, tf It does nol,
thn result, It is said, will be simply to
increase tbe cost of this hind of coal to
the manuf.'ieliii'ers who u.se It,
oir for Bnroyc.
Cnller—Doesn't It worry you to think
of your daughter on the ocean?
Old I.iirt.v— Land sflkea, no! She can
Wellman & Hurel, Proprietors.
New Building, New Furniture, and Everything first-class. Our object is to please our
T. A. Creighton,
The Grocer.
Have you seen his stock ?   It includes the best of everything,
fresh and up to date.
Notions, Furnishings, etc.
Fruit, Fish and Oysters.
The housewife and the bachelor should deal with him,   ll will pay Ihem.
Canadian Pacific
Railway Company
Excursion Rates
To Winter Resorts
Japan, and the
Hawaian Islands.
Cheap rates to the
Old Country
In connection with all
steamer lines, via
Montreal,   Boston  and
New York.
Varied Designs,
Local Application
Fine Present
W. F. Tate
Cranbrook ...JEWKLER
Offlehil Wnteli Itisjieclor for Cro.ws Ni'^t lirunuil
Best  Wines  and   Liquors  at  the   Bar
iffiEWE!i3i:!;;rii;!';;:Lii.;"';:!:;:!:i:s:! iiwm
The Rest Stock, Ibe Molt Sallalactory Prices, and
Flrst'Cl.ss Work.      R.palrlni Neatly Eucuted.
B. C Furniture &
Undertaking Co.
Manufacturers ol ill Kinds ol ,„-...
Upholstered Furniture and Mattresses.
We Sell Retail at Wholesale Prices.
Undertakers S and S Embalmer;.
Perdue Block, Opposite Canadian Bank Commerce.
f East Kootenay
T. T. Richards
Proprietor   :::
This hotel lias heen refilled and refurnished.    I'ln* table
is the best,    Satisfactory rates given rcgulnr bouiders.
I —
t Baker Street       :-:       :-:       :-:       Cranbrook, B. C. ;*:
ti >
M. Mclnnes g Co.    I
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,
Fort Steele,
Apply r<n- imrtlctilnra to nonrest 0. r. H. ajonl
 Ill' to	
C. U. McPliersnn,
(lell, I'iish. ArciiI, WiimlpPK,
William Stltt,
A.hhI den. I'ABI, Agtt WllililJn'.
Promptly Attended tc.
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The Central Hotel Is open hoth day and   |
liight. The bar goods are first class,
and the dining room Is in charge or
Thos. McCarson, nnd is second to none
in the Koolennys. Free sample rooms
and the lies! mid ({iiietesl bedrooms in
the town.
The North Star Hotel la the large nnd
magnificent hotel at Kimberley Hint
la jnst finished and Is furnished new
throughout. Everything in connection I. first-class. When you visit
Kimberley, don't forget The North
Star Hotel. •
Tin* Scare II Uave ta m Young Med*
luul Slntleiit.
"1 had an experience tbe other night,"
suid a young medical student, "tlmt will
■.ill-fly turn my golden locks tn gray if it
or auythlng tike it ever happens again,"
'i'lKir UigoHtlou or uneasy conscience?"
".Neither," wus the reply, "This was *t
fold, hurd (act—very cold and very hiird
it lelt tno. It was some time uloug in
the duly moruiug boun thnt I woa sud-
di'iii.v nwakened to feel the cold muxxle
ut ii pistol Imi-rcl pressing tigattisl my
fnii'lii'iid! Beared? Well. I should sny ho,
and mu nut u hit nshinned tl titan it,
for wheu n  i la suddenly  wukcucd 111
that way he isn't himself yet - part of Iin
spirit may he yet wandering oft somewhere. I didn't mora u muscle, I could
barely nee, out or the coruor of my eya
Hie mnn who bold the pistol, Blnntllllg silently at the heud or the hed, Imt I line
wus an mistake uhout the edge of his
weapon pressing ati'ii'ist 111*/ head. 'If I
move,' thought 1, 'he may blow my
luu ins out—ull confederate is probably
ransacking the room.*  'i'he cold sweat
was Rowing freely Hint vuill rcim-ts for
whut I bad done nnd hadn't done in my
pusi lift* How through my mind like u
Hock of crows. I fell to wondering ir ymi
would pny lo my administrator thut
"Come, now, stick to fuels!"
"Well, I began to wonder thnt llie con*
federate did not muke ut least a little bit
of noise, 'I'he wild hninor of lltirglftHstug
my i"min nlso struck me. I took n most
cautions peep ut the man m ilu* heml of
thc bed uml saw— my coat banging thore,
Au eye pallllng look ut the pistol convinced me thul (here wus no bund nt
the other end of it. I raised my bend out
of its range ami quickly reaebeil for it.
"I could see nuhudy in my room, ltut
lb<* pistol—why, it was one of uu old
pair that tiling on the wall over my heud.
Our very diligent llinld had probably
Innsi'iieil it while dusting-undoubtedly
tin* slinking given the wall by the heavy
trolley cars passing the house hud done
the rest.
"The nfl'nir wns only un imitation of
the real article, hut it wns lifelike euough
to suit nu*. I've been thinking since of
putting a spring gun at my door and
hanging tm the end of it u sign, 'Kurglur,
Minard's Liniment Cores Diphtheria.
Now a Drunken Husband Was Made a
Sober Man by a Determined Wife.
She writes:—"I had for a long time been
thinking of trying the Samaria Proscription treatment on my husband for his
drinking habits, but I was afraid ho would
discover that I was giving him medicine,
snd tho thought uunorred me. I hesitated
for nearly a week, but oue day when he
came home vory much Intoxicated and
his week's salary nearly all spent, I threw
off all fear and determined to make an
effort to save our home from the ruin I
taw coming, at all hazards. I gent for
your Samaria Prescription and put it In
his coffee as directed next morning and
watched and prayed for the result. At
noon I gavo him more and also at supper.
Be never suspected a thing, and I then
boldly kept right on giving it regularly, ai
t hod discovered Bomothlng that set every
herve in my body tingling with hope nnd
happiness, and I eould see a bright future
spread out beforo me—a peaceful, hnppj
homo, a share In the good things of life,ao
attentive, loving husband, comforts, and
everything else dear to a woman's heart,
for my huslund had told me that whiskey
was vile stuff and ho was taking a dislike
to it. It was only too true, for before 1
Had given him the full course he had stopped drinking altogether, but I kept giving
the medioine till itwaugone,aud then sent
lor another lot to have on hand if ho should
relapse, as he had dono from his promises
before. He never has, and I am writing
yon thli lettor to tell you how thankful 1
am. I honestly believe lt will oure the
worst cases."
A pamphlet ln plain, sealed envelope,
■entfree, giving testimonials: ndfull Information, with directions how to take or
•unitii Inter Samaria l'rescriptlon Correspondence considered sacredly confidential. Address Tho BanurU Homedy Co
Jordan street, Toronto, Out.
V'tilii**- ol n Im-uti.
Tiie value of u good natured laugh may
be ruled low hy some people, but inuiiy
writers have tittcsted its worth iu no
measured term.**.
It is md surprising (hat lhe merry
Chillies Lamb should tinvv snid, "A
Istlgh lis worth I'll groans in uny mnr-
Let,"   but   from  the  Nps of  llie  Somber
Carlyle one is scarcely prepared to hear.
"No   man   who   has   onee   heartily   and
wholly laughed can be altogether or iirc-
cliiimuldy Iiml."
lt wns Douglas .lenold who hobby t*!nt-
ed that "what wu* talked of un tlu* golden chain of .love wus mulling hut a mil*
cession of laughs, a cbt-nuintlc scale «f
merriment reaching fiom cm tli to Olympus."
"1 mu poriUadcd," wrote l.uureuc.
Ntcrnr. "thnt every lime a man smiles,
hut much more ho when lie laughs, it
nilds noun-thing to his fragment of life."
Lust of ull comes tlie Verdict of Dr.
IIiiIiiii'h, given with his own illimitable
humor: "The riotous iim.nil ut n laugh. I
tuke It, Is the moti law of the featuicH,
nud propriety the magistinle who rends
the ilot act."--Youth's Companion.
r muni's Liniment Cores (laml ib Con.
lltinloii'M Mer Wny.
A muu sat la the (tending terminal
lhe other din no v,nipped up In a BoitOH
HMfflpapOr Itmt tie let Iih tin In slip off
Without him Wln-n he found thut h*
would have to wall two nunc hours, hs
seeinid annoyed; hut, DOt Withstanding
Ills iiiinoymice, he was kind •uoilgh to
c\|.Luu lu n loud voice to a couple of uniformed olllcinU bow lhey uiiuht to nm
things ut the terminal.
"You ought tu do ns we do lu Boston,-*
he mild. "At the Millions there lbs
names of the cities uud towns all over
the country that tba train* run tc are
printed In big letters on (he walls, nud
the seats for tht wailing passengers aru
grouped around thest names. Snppon.
1 want to go to Washington. I ruu my
eye over the walls, and when I find the
inline I'm after I sit down near It, In a
Washington Bent. Then, when a train
Is ready, the enuneiator—na we call him
In Huston; 1 do uot kuow what you call
him here— goes quietly to the people who
are In that train's Bent, touches them nti
the shoulder nud murmurs in u pollts
way: 'Vour troth, sir.' 'Your train,
madam. (Jate 11.' Now, that's tbu wuy
to do It. No shouting, uo confusion, uo
trains escaping without their passengers.
That's how we mnuaiia things in Una*
tioln* Thruvab the Motions.
"What is your purpose In returning so
Indent?" uskod tho practical politician's
I friend.
"Are people wondering about It?"
"Of course they are."
"Well, that's what I wont, I havo noticed lhat nearly every politician who
amounts to much Is nt some time or other spoken of ns a sphinx. I don't know
ss It does any good, hut It seems cus*
tomnry."—Washington Star.
Mi Liniment Cum Djiteutr.
An ExperJenre |n  the I'lotjlnif Dmya
ot m Colorado Toivi..
"I had some experience running a newspaper which had never heen duplicated
hy any other mun iu tbe world," snid
Charles Puttisou of Abilene, Knn. "For
■hree mouths I run a weekly paper lu a
town witb two Inhabitants—the postmaster und myself. It wns at Congress, Colo.
That Was n boom mining rnmp iu 1SS3,
and miners flocked in there by the hundreds on account of n 'strike.' Claims
were gobbled up like hot cakes.
"Uuder the mining law, after $500
worth of work is doue on a miniug claim
it is necessary to insert n legal notice in
a newspnper of general circulation foe a
period of three months. My father held
un ollice lu Sun Juan county, and while
out visiting him I saw ao opportunity to
lease u newspaper plant and make a lot
of money running legal notices, I did so.
I'or several months I did a laml otfice
business,    It wus a thriving little town.
"The business of the towu cniiblcd the
postmaster to muke about $1,•*>(>(> a year.
A few mouths before Ihere wus to be an-
oilier adjustment of the postmaster's salary thingH began to drug ut pOUgtUSS,
The mines were not punning out very
well. There wuh a strike made at Tcllu-
ride, nnd all the miners picked up nud
went to lhat place.- Tbey were followed
by Ihe merchants, saloon men, gamblers,
dance bull people ami all. Within a week
there wiih no oue left there but the postmaster, .1 utiles Kdwards, and myself. Kdwards did not care to give up tils post*
ollice so long ns It paid so well. He was
fiom Ohio.
"I was tied up with a lot of legal notices. I was certain to get my money for
the notices ns soon ns tbey bad run tbe
retpiired length of time, so I could leave.
We had everything our own wny. 1
would help bim ruu bis postolllec, aud be
would help me writo hot stuff, set It up
snd pull the lever of un old Washington
butul press. The poatofHce business was
confined almost wholly to handling tbe
circulation of my paper—the Ited Mouu-
tiihi I'llut—about 50 copies.
"The dny the legal notices last appeared I told Edward 1 was going to pull up
stakes nnd leave. His big salary ran another month, und he wanted me to stay,
offering to divide up. hut thnt was no inducement. When he found 1 wns determined to leave, be suid, 'I'll lock up the
poHtoftiee and go too.' He turned the
key in the door of the postoffice, and 1
locked the door of the newspaper office,
nnd we walked out of town."—Denver
The Various Device*  Uned In Order
to Get Quick Action,
"Gun fighting used to be an exact
science in the west," said a visitor from
Texas, "and men became skilled lu it
Just ob tbey might In uny of tbe handicrafts. It was u queer thing. Marks-
muusblp had little or nothing to do with
It, for nearly all personal encounters
were face to fuce. The great point was
to get 'quick action.' und the fellow who
drew and tired first generally won tbe
tight. That fact led to all sorts of
scheme-- for pulling a gun with the least
possible delay. One of the earliest was
the 'shoulder holster,' which consisted of
a strap suspending the pistol just over
the left breast. A man expecting trouble would stand carelessly grasping bla
right lapel, and a sudden dive inside his
cout placed the weapon in his hand. It
was much quicker than reaching bnck
to the hip and, moreover, was usually
u surprise.
"Currying a derringer i» the pocket of
n suck coat nnd tiring through tbe cloth
without drawing was a trick that Hpoiled
many a garment and cost many a tnun
m's life. At lust it become difficult for
a man witli his bunds in bis coat pocket
to get near enough to a victim to make
sure of bitting him, and n frontier genius
invented a variation. He simply cut the
right pocket out of au alpaca coat aud
carried bis gun In a holster at his hip.
The thin, flapping alpaca showed plainly
it concealed uo weapon, but when he
put bis hand in tbe pocket opening be
could reach clear through nnd secure bin
pistn] from the bolster. When the bnud
eame out, the pistol cume with it. grent-
ly to the astonishment of his adversaries.
"Another trick wus to carry lhe pistol
up the sleeve, with thc end of ihe barrel
resting against ihe half bent palm. 1
once saw a desperado kill u man l.y that
device. His hands seemed to he per*
feetly empty, and when n weapon Hashed in bis grasp it was like a piece of
mugie. Later another fellow In camp
tried (he same thing, dropped thc gun
nnd got a bullet io bis stomach for his
When I hi litre n Smoke t'l-it**..
Kvery ouo hns n id thnt Hnwkins Introduced tobacco Into England, nnd that
King Jumes inveighed against it. Klizn*
betfa liked to sit on n low stool uml watch
Sir Walter Raleigh pulling nwny. In
Anne's reign almost every one smoked.
In Charles H's relet) "children were sent
to Khool With their pipes in their satchels, mid lhe Schoolmaster called a halt in
their Studies while they smoked."
In 1T08 .loreviu spent nn evening with
liis brother nt limrawny's coffee house,
Leeds, and writes: "I was surprised to
see hU sickly child of II years old till Iti
pipe of tobacco aud smoke it os audfar*
iindly as n man of threescore. Afler that
n second uud third pipe without the least
concern, as it is suid lo huve done nhove
a year ago,"
Too Well Done.
"Yes, dear," continued the newly mnde
husband at Ue gated despondently nt lb*
steak lhat was broiled almost to a crisp,
"you ure very charming, nud yon do »<■▼•
Ofa! things unci mi im ni I >* well, hut you
dou't ItnOW how lo cook ii steak."
"And yel, my love," answered the culprit with a beenming penitent nir, "you
said yourself tbnt it wns very well done."
lt is scarcely aecewarjr to add tbat th*
cyclone was averted.—-Philadelphia North
Are Ha pert Opinion.
"My Ideas," suld the young man,
haughtily, "are st least HO years ahead
of lhe times."
"Great mistake," suld tb* railroad
mnn, gravely, "great mistake. Tbe woy
to avoid collisions in tbis life Is to ruu
strictly nccordlng to schedule."—Washington Star.
A woman's last caution to her children
when they go visiting is to remember to
be polite, and ber Ilrst question when
they return Is as to what they had to
It will surprise many to leuru that ear
diseases were studied some 3,400 years
Pay in SCRIP (or Dominion Land, ui
Sara 20 per Cent. Diicount.
For [ull Information apply to
Alloway & Champion,
Ot to not otaeo ot too MBKOHANTS' BANK
CANADA In Manitoba or th. Wort,
The following testimonial la only one ol the
hundreds dally received by tlu Propriei^r-' ot
Japanese Oatarrh Care, Conine from Britisb
Colombia, where owing tu •xtrqffi dunpnesi
of the tit unit i), catarrh is more prevalent and
more dilfler.lt tu curs thnti In ■■ThLri.i-.m.m-ikes
it niuro vuluiible. Mr.JamwFarr.al ihew.ll-
knoVn ttrtn of J.iK A Fan ChAltwhack. H.
0., writes: "I have been -rerj badly troubled
with catarrh ror year*, "mi tried nil ths advor*
tlaeoremed'esandinany doctors, but in every
ease the catarrh oatne lack. Oue year ■go I
purchased six boxes of Japanese Catarrh unre,
unit sim-L- ttulahing th'- treatment with 'hi'
r>*ni'*dy, h-ive iu.i tilt tboloasl *"i(*n->f catarrh.
Mv nephew, Willinm Hen I lev, traa aho su bud
wlih oatarrh that it wus uui-i- asantta go near
hlm; In* baa also been cored by .bipnn***"
Cul nr ib Cure. We kiiii it for i.tl.'in our store
nud know of many others ilmUsrly amtfitsa
who liuvn been -.-urea."
Sold by ull ilrutrirlttH. A free ruunule will Iw
"Jill t" uny p.-i-.,m, sulfeiiiu* irom HH- d" .*"■.
Km Jus* 1-enit Mump     Aiblro*-* Tin- Hi Ittilbi A
Mnciihfi'KJii ia., i ji Church street, Torouti
A Hospital visit Mt Whioh iif Cheer
oil tin* confederates.
".Inst a week before bis ossasslnation
I'rosldont Lincoln rlslted the Army ol
the Potomac al City Point, Vn., am:
carefully examined tin* hospital arrange
monts of th>' corps there stntti I.   At
that time 1 was uu agent ot' tho United
Stiite« sanitary commission," says Di\
Jeroino Walker of Brooklyn, "and, nl
though a hny uf ID years, to me was as<
signed the duty of escorting the president
through our department of the hospital
"The render   can   tmngiua ilu.* prido
with whleh I fulfilled tin* duty, uud as
we went from tout to lout I could imt
but note tils geuttonoBS, his Friendly
greetings to the sick and wounded, his
quiet humor uh he drew comparisons bo*
tween himself and the very tall and very
short men with whom he enme in contact
and his genuine interest in the wolfare at
the soldiers.
"finally, after visiting the wnrdsoccu-
pied hy our Invalid nud convalescing soldiers, we came to three wards occupied
by sick and wounded southern prisoners.
With a feeling of patriotic duty, I snid:
'Sir. President, yon won't wnnt to go in
there.   They nre only rebels.*
"I shall never fol'got how he stopped
and gently laid Ute large hand on my
shoulder and quietly answered, 'You
mean Confederates.' And I have meant
Confederates ever sluee.
"There wus nothing for me to do after
tbe president's remark hut to go with
bim through these three wards, nnd I
could not see hut thut he was just ns
kind, his handshakings just us hearty,
his Interest jnst as real for tho welfare
of the men as when he was among our
own soldiers.
"As we returned to headquarters tho
president urged upon me the importance
of earing fur them as faithfully as I
should enre for our own sb.-k and wounded. When l visited, next day, these
three wards, the southern soldiers and
Officers were full of praise for 'Abe' Lincoln, n, tbey called bim, nnd when, a
week afterward, the news eame of tlio
flssassiuiition there was no truer sorrow
nor greater Indignation nuywbere than
was shown by these same Cou federates."
—MeClure's Magazine.
A Bachelor Who  Gets  Benin*-*   >in-
ehliie AuditM In Do Hin Mt-iiUlnK.
"He's the meanest man that 1 ever hnd
anything to do with," snid the sewing
machine ugent. "I received a note from
bim the other day saying Mint be desired
to view one or our matchless machines
with the view of purchasing it if found
to be satisfactory, In these piping tiajat
of competition it is a novelty for a Hewing machine ugent to be invited to call
and show goods, so when 1 hud recovered
from my surprise 1 promptly loaded a
machine in my cart nnd started Cor the
address the man hnd given.
"An old man met nu* at the door and
Invited me to bring the machine Inside so
he could more closely examine it. I did
so, setting the machine up in the sitting
room ami culling his attention to its tine
points. lie was an attentive listener,
nnd I talked with the confidence Of a man
who considered a sale certain. Finally,
having exhausted nil iny arguments, he
asked to see a practical test or the capabilities of Ihe machine. 1 agreed and
asked htm to bring uie something upon
which to work, lie left the room, returning ii few moments later, his arms
tilled with damaged linen.
"I sat down at thc machine ami show
ed how easily rents and tears could he
mended, making the garment us good nr
new nud saving in n short time the price
of the machine. The man seemed very
much   Interested   ami   kept   handing   me
garment nfter garment thut needed attention. 1 worked for two solid boun
mending tlie old man's garments, and ill
last, having nothing else that needed attention, lie commenced to find fault with
the machine, Pino Ily he told mo that he
guessed he wouldn't buy a machine right
"1 was so mad that I didn't dnre trust
mi -'ft to speak, ami 1 wus glad afterward that 1 didn't, for when I learned
the whole truth 1 realized my total inability lo do the subject justice. That mis
eruble old sinner, who huppens to be a
bachelor, had brought ine up there merely to do his mending nnd had no idea of
buying a machine. He hus worked the
same game on olher agents."—New York
A Sliiirnlrir atone,
A iTinnrkuhh* pebble, which wus plotted up somewhere in Bgypt, thnt bind of
dnrk mysteries, is in the possession of a
well known Inpidisi on Twelfth sheet,
near Walnut. The stone is translucent
ntul, at a casual glume, looks like an ordinary sea slime pebble, It Is about half
the size of a walnut uud oval iu shape.
When the stone is held to Ibe light, its
remarkable peculiarity is beheld,   inside
Is n drop of wnter thnt circles about the
interior, llow It ever got thoro Is u mystery tbnt nnture alone eould solve, The
surface of the stone is perfect, but there
Is uo doubt of tlie hollow Interior. The
pebble is only Interesting ns a curiosity,
but mnny wealthy Institutions hava offered good round sums of money fur it.
The owner, however, will never let It get
out of his possession, ns It was given to
bim by nn old sailor frleud wbo was
drowned several years ago.—Philadelphia Record.
An Ollli-liil Me.
Frieuds of the two remember the quarrels thnt used to go on between the Into
Sir Rowland Hill mid Anthony Trollops
when (hey both were connected witb the
post ollice. A discussion arose one duy
as to the moaning of "olliciul" language
and "private" Imigunge.
"In olllclal life," sold Sir Howlnnd.
glaring at Trollope, "I nm accustomed to
describe myself as your obedient servant,
whereas In real life you know very well
tbnt I am nothing of the sort."—Sun
Francisco Argonnut,
Henred Her Off.
They were speaking of tho new woman
"If n girl proposed to you," Bho sold,
"you wouldn't dare refuse ber?"
"If a girl had the nerve nnd determination to mnke a proposal," he replied, "I
wouldn't date marry ber."
In view of the circumstances sho decided to wait for him to speak first—Chicago Post,
Mis. La na try puts hor age nt HO.
Marked down frum ."■<' in order to uttrurl
n Imrgaln hunter nf -W.—Kt. UhiIm UJubi"
LtaniHi t
Perhaps Mi Kipling cau regain his
li'bi ii ilu- ludlitnn [nlks by iL?eitiu^ a
little   II    - I   tl    m-   sti,lies.-
Wnshluirtuu P< *;
'■I tb rtlll n U i nt tb'* Hrsi sad es im-
pie ol n mnn who wi ut ia for au ailver*
ti-t-iii. m nud riim- t triiti iiutliftig but
coutiwiyiiH.— Wn-diiugtmi Stai
William Dean Howell- -,i  i,..i believe that In* wnn burn with litem ry talent." Lots nf |„-ople ,bi m,| believe that
be ncq tl -,i-i     Chicago Tlmevlli-riild.
General Cuxcy Ih snid in lone mado *
pile .if hione.i io .-.'lie iniiiiu-* ll |S wiife
tu say the ipUM-al "IH In lhe other fellow du the wolklng berenfier.—Uouaton
Bathhouse John is having trouble with
his contittien-y iu Chicago. These stories about hie green drew suit huve evidently caused him tn Iw regurded us a
haughty aristocrat.- Wnshiugtuu Star.
Colonel tCsterbnxy seem- very much in
danger ol passing inlo blatnry us a scoundrel. Hnr, perjurer and anything else yon
please, There always was something
misty aboul his nnino.-Philadelphia In*
Opern lovers will learu with dismay
(hm Maurice '.run hns been made a
knight or ibe French Legion <,f Honor.
When Sir Maurice next mul.es his appearance in the itporntte horizon with his
"stnis." the pul,lie will probably huve to
climb ihe stcplndder of prices ta behold
ihem in their glory,
It may be only a trilling cold, but neglect It and It will fasten Its fangs ln your
lungs, and you will soon be curried to an
untimely grave. In this country we have
sudden changes nud must expect to have
roughs nnd colds. We cannot avoid them
but we can effect a oure by using Blckle's
Anti-Consumptive Syrup, the medioine
tbnt bas never been known to fall In curing coughs, colds, bronohltlB and all
affections of the throat, lungs nnd ohest.
A ml I
I 1(0 llll
lie tolled In hungry loneliness*
Tin* friends lio know In former dayi
Forgot, somehow, la sock bim out
ur help liim on -.villi words ul pmiie.
Tin* weary years drutfged ilowly hy,
Oni; morning tame si'»»l ut his door,
And lined up iu *"> Biinloiu row
Wero ull tno friondi he'd ki-uwii httota.
Su failure or luccest attomli
The* mun who lose! or wliu wins,
Tlmt lie iimy know where frletidililp ends
Aad where Belt Interest begins,
—Cleveland Leader,
are tho causes of despondency and melancholy V A disordered liver Ib one cause
and a, prime one. A disordered liver
means a disordered stomach, and a disordered stomach means disturbance of tbe
nervous system. This brings tbe whole
body into subjeotiou and tbe vlotfm feols
sick all over. Panuelee's Vegetable Pills
are a recognized romedy ln this state and
relief will follow their use.
Au    I'tics peeled     Senmi llou     Uiiterl-
eiiecil   hy  11 no)   I'l-rnoin,
Many persons wbo visit Niagara fulls
(iut! they havu a great desire lu leap from
various points on the several bridges or
from one of the numerous points of observation. For this renson, after onee
having experienced tbe faseliiattuu sensation thut coaxes them on to death iu
the deep and rapid running waters, they
never go nenr nny of the seductive points
without being in company with some une
who will guard them rrom harm as u result of whut perhaps might be termed by
Botuo their weakness.
Many people who have visited Niagara
have confessed that the waters of tb«
beautiful river hud n weird fascination
for tbein white standing at pluccs where
death would be easy by simply letting go
cue's hold nnd slipping Into the river,
and people saved frum suicide there
have admitted thnt they knew uo reason
why tbey should end their lives, but tbe
soon" was so delightful that it coaxed
them-to seel; the peace of death tbere.
In other places than at Niagara tht
public comes in touch wiih folks who,
when on nn elevation, have n proncness
lo jump off, and fur this renson tbey
keep away from all such danger points.
An interesting explanation of tbis desire
is that given some years ngo by Professor Low of tbe army bulloou corps,
lie had frequently invited a newspnper
correspondent to make an ascension with
liim,  but each  time the Invitation wus
Later he tub] the professor of the
temptation he had to jump from high
places and that he feared mnking an
ascent. For this be was laughed nt, the
professor slating that the reuson people
nod such desires wus that they were full
of electricity; that the magnetic current
in lhe earth was the attraction ntul thut
what he was standing on carried the
current. He nlso snid that up In a bulloou the continuity was cut off. Finally
tin* mnn made an ascension and found
that the desire to jump wns not present.
It Is a curious statement.—Philadelphia
It ecu id. 	
Women ire eon*
ng to understand
that the Bneknehes,
H.-iulueli.'s, Tired
Feeling* und Weak
bpolls Irom which
they suffer aro due
to wrong action of
the kidneys.
The poisons that
ought to be carried
off are sent back
Into the blood, taking with tbem a multitude of pains and aches.
DOAN'S Kidney Pills
drive away pains und aches, maVe women
healthy and happy—able to eujoy life.
Mrs. C. H. Gillespie. --04 Britain Street,
Bt, John, N.ii., suys:
" Some time ago I had a violent attaok
of Ln Grippe. From this, severe kidney
trouble arose, for which I doctored with
a number of tbo best physicians In Bt.
John, but reoelvod little relief. Hearing
Ponii'B Kidney Pills highly spoken of, I
began their use and In a short time found
tbem to be n perfect cure, Before taking
theso pills I Buffered suoh torture thatft
could not turn over in bed without assist
unce. Doan's Kidney Pills have rescue^
mo from this terrible condition, and hart
removed every pain and ache,
When it comes to healing Up old
running sores of long standing there
is no remedy equal to Burdock Blood
Bathe the sore with the B.B.B.—
that relieves the local Irritation.
Take the B.B.B. internally-that
clears the blood of all impurities on
which sores thrive.
Miss l>. Melissa Burke, Grind..
stone, Magdalen Islands, P.Q.( says:
"It is witli nleasui-o 1 speak In favor ot
B.B.B, which cured tm* ofa running sore
On my leg. I consulted three doctors nnd ,
tbey ■•M*,.- me salve to put on, but it did no j
good.    Finally  my  leg*   became   a   solid .
running sore.   Iu fact '»'r nearly a month
I COUld not put mv loot to the Iloor.
"I was advised lo USO B.B.B. and did
so. Three bottles healed up my leg en
tirelv so lhat I have never been troubled
with il since.''
cIJlaahs luyn, tMituyrtif AftMrttf an&d*i*J
tVKit JAHAttniyj raVt/LrvJ' A-Uyusruv ,
fry*   &%aM*\s, kJ'   <*trj*>*> ™**t/
e£<L rfLuy a*v Jkfo ^xeiimesffar**&
***** J^fM*l^4<fart*
Work whlto you sloop without a
or pain, curing Uysperrttft. Btok Headache
and Constipation and mako you feel better
In the morning, Prlcu '2ua,
Immersing the plants in water is a
good remedy Tor red spiders.
The ground should ho thoroughly prepared before n uett orchard Is set out.
The best strawberry plants for setting
out ure uew plants of one year'*, growth.
Saltpeter te a quick feitlltxer. Tor languishing flower beds use u pound to a
square rod.
Many orchards have their vitality injured by bite nnd deep culture., (Jive the
new wood time lo mature.
Pears nre best wben ripened off tlie
tree in the fruit house. Pull them us soon
as nmtuied nud ripen well before offering
them for sale.
Uuder no condition should fallen fruit
be allowed to renin in under the trees and
decay. It breeds too many insect pests
nnd diseases. Gather it up and feed il to
Ihe stuck.
When un apple or pear Is matured, it
readily parts from the iree when lifted to
a bortxuntnl position. The stem of the
fruil will break nwny from the twig to
which it is attached, leaving a clean, well
defined scut*.
I Must have the
genuine, The
imitations look
very nicc> but thcy
huvt my delicate SHIN.
Tin AusstTs
Dear Sirs,—I was fur seven years ft
sufferer from Bronchial troubltj, and
would bo so hoitrso ut times that I
could scarcely speak above ;i whisper.
I got uo relief from anything till I
tried yonr MINARD'S HONEY BALSAM. Two bottles gave relief aud sis
bottles Hindu u complete unre. I would
heartily lecotuineud it to any one suffering  from throat or lung trouble.
Frederic ton
There never wus, and nover will be,  a
iiiiIutmiI pnnnct-A, In onu remedy,  for all
dis to whleh flesh li heir—the very nature
ot many ODZfttlves being such   that were '
tho gorms of other und differently  Heated .
diseases rooted tn the system  of   the  pn- j
tlent—what would relieve one III tn turn ■
would  aggravate  the other.     We have, j
however, lu Quinine Wine, when obtain-
able In a sound,  unadulterated tuve, a-
remedy for many and grievous 111*). Hy Un
gradual and judicious USO the frailest sys-
tetim aru toil  Into   convalescence   and,
•strength hv the Influence whleh Quinine
exerts'on Nature's own restoratives,   It
relieves the drooping spirits of those with
whom a chronic stAte of morbid despondency nnd lack of Interest lu life is » dls-
■■itM*. and, liy  tranqulllslng tbe nerves,
disposes to sound and refreshing sleep—
Imparts vigor to the aotion of tbe blood,
which, being stimulated, courses through*
out the veins, Htreiigtheiilng the   healthy
anlinul functions ofthe system, thereby
making activity n necessary result,
tttreiigihunlng tbo frame, nud ttivlng life
to the digestive organs, whleh naturally
demand Increased substance— result, Improved appetite. Northrop and Lyman, of
Toronto, have glvnn tn  the   public their
superior i-jitilnloe Wine nl Mm-  unual    rule.
nnu, gauged by the opinion of HclcnM-Us,
this wine approaches nearest perfection
of any In the market. All druggists sell
Tlie 1'ilc
behind ii  Is
day nm lonx t
d lo be u  lm i
the   -il.
The full name of the sultan of Snlu Is
Radii Mohammed Womolol Kiram.
King EIumbcrt'H muthcr was an nreb-
duchess of Austria, white his wife, Queen
alarghcrltn, was the granddaughter of
King J onu of Saxony,
Emperor William has scut to the
Crown Prince of Urecce his portrait, In*
set ibid with ibe nell kuowu seuteuct
from Homer, "Only oue shall be ruler,
only one king."
ThoUrnnd Duke Michael, the Russian
heir appareut, bus been appointed colonel
In chief of the Ninety-third (Irkutsk)
regiment of Infnutry, a command which
was held by his late brother.
The sultan of Turkey Is most inqahth
tiie as io what is said aud written
about bim abroad. Every day truusla«
tlons are laid before htm from the m-wa-
papers of the world, and these are dost*
\V, N. C.   849
fob the pR|NTER
<i ;
-   i-
id I
England's Inst words to tvrugcr are beginning to have a suspicious "farewell
tour" flavor.-lies Moines Leader.
Joe Clminberlnlii might counter on
Ootn Paul with the Scripture quotation..
"Topknot, enme down."—Memphis Commercial Appeal,
The Knglisli in the Transvaal want only the privileges of eltittMlsllip.   They do
not want to pny Dutch tuxes or serve as
Dutch soldiers.—St. Louis Post*Dispatch.
Itritish newspaper* hnve a great deal
to say about the unpleasant habits of tlie
Boers. Prominent among these is tbe
habit of shooting straight every time lhe
trigger la pulled.—PhilAdotpht-t Bulletin.
Oorn Paul apparently has taken for
granted the truth of the saying Hint the
Knglisli are u tuition of shopkeepers. At
least, he hns mnde them a number of
•wunter propositions.—St, Louis Republic
He Took UK* Ailvlec.
Lawyer—Well, have you at lust decided
to take my advice and pny this bill of
Lawyer—Very well. William, inst add
*H> to Mr. .Smith's bill for further «4
it iifT.   Next duy th
ns ever, and utter having it clcun.-d half |
a down successive times I discovered tbe
cjiiiho of tlie trouble. The ulrtui was
certain to catch lln* eye of ever) woman
who passed, and ever) little while one
would step up close and make tome wys-
terious motions over ber race. They always did it when nobody wns in sight,
and every time the operation was performed (he accumulation of white dust
increased. It was a blend of several ra-
t-jeliee of face powdec/'-New Orleans,
'; lines-Democrat.	
THK    FIORSB-noblest of the brute
creation—when   suffering   from a cut.
abrasion, or sun* derlvei us much benetlt j
as its mutter in a like predicament, from
ibn   bealiii-j,    soothing    action   of   1)K  i
THOMAS'   B0LK0TRI0   OIL,     Lame!
uess, swelling ot tbe neck. stitTne-i,*! of the
joints, throat and lungs,   are   relieved by !
i of Ault * Wiborg.
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A lloy'N Had Mpraln.
Mr. B. Bonnie, of Union Mines, B.C.,
writes: "My son Samuel Bonniogothls
leg crushed and bruised In the mines
seven weeks ago. Tho swelling never
fully left It until we tried tirlflltbs' Menthol Liniment. On the flrst application
the swelling and soreness entirely left It,
and the muscles began to loosen up so
rauch that the same evening ho was able
to use his foot freely for the flrst time. I
consider lt the best liniment known."
All druggists, 35 cents.
IN If Q M*U hj a" e*lelr*t** tea
PLATES s&r *>*
Dill  I FQQ   !"■'"ft***. Tb.
llULLC.HO   <.■>'» plsnt of ti.
kind is CtDidi.
Unequalled by any other In
Oanada, in matter, paper and
All Kinds for Printers
lIluetralloiiH Heady at Hand.
Student—Heat expands nud cold contracts.
Professor—Correct, Give an example.
Student—During the summer the affections or city people for their country relnt I ves expand and iu winter
tbey contract.
SOMETHING MORE THAN A PURGATIVE —To purge Is tho only effect of
mauy pills now nn tbe market, l'artno-
leo's Vegetable Pills nre more than a purgative. They strengthen the Htomnch,
where other pills only weaken It. Tbey
olennse tbu blood by regulating tbe liver
and kidneys, and tbey Klmula(e. when-
other pill compounds depress. Nothing
of an Injurious nature, usod for merely
purgative powers, enters Into their com
I'urnrll Wouldn't IU»il It.
All error In spelling was as offenftlrc te
Parnell. Mr. McCarthy tells us in hit
"Reminiscences," us the sight of a black
beetle In to many u tiisu.
I onee banded hlm n letter whl-.lt I had
received from a constituent of mine asking me to call Purnell's attention to soms
improvement whleh he thought might li<
made iti a bill theu before tbe bouse dealing with thc subject of agricultural occupation of Ireland. Unluckily the poor
mun who wrote the letter bad spelled agricultural with two "g's." Parnell looked
at the letter, smiled sadly and handed It
back to tne.
"Do forgive me," he suid, "and tell mi
all about It. I couldn't read through a
man's letter who spells agricultural with
two 'g's.'"
It was indeed a curious stroke of fats
which led the unhappy author of tba
Parnell forgeries to ornament his letter.*
with flagrant examples at bud spelling.
Hinard's Liniment Cores Col, Etc,
The I'lnnl l*reMnilnnrlt>i.
The theatrical season Is open. Ten
accesses have stopped runaway teams,
one hns caught a thief, two have had
'their dlnmonils stolen nnd n few have
tried to net—Bn It I more American.
Uronnd For Siiaiilelon.
"What makes ymi think she la getting along In years'/"
"The only birthday parlies tbey have
at tbolr house now an tor her husband.'*
Muffled Voice—Why don't yon shoot,
Bill—Stiffern makes, pard, tbnt bottle's right In tho wny.—Now Vork
U'ltrrj,   Nut   l>) -|h-j>->(ii,   la   Ilurrjtnif
li in tin- Urare.
The breakdown In American life cotnei
from worry, uud worry bus almost come
to he a national disease. If un American
bus uu money, he worries himself into a
Mute nf mind uml when be gets money
he worries hlmsolf to death for fear be
will lose it. IK* worries at bis work i.e-
cnuso he Is afraid ho will not accomplish
whut be is given to do. He worries about
bU tliealsi they uie not iiii lime, or they
mny disagree with liim, or they mny be
costing him too much. It be pays fur a
tli inn in advance, ho is afraid it will unt
come up to the sped Hen tlons, nml if ho
gels it nn credit he ii afraid tbut he will
not he able to puy for It when the bill
comes in,
Ile ij afraid to leave his money iu the
homo tost it be stolen. Ilo is ufraid to
carry it with hlm lest lomobody ihonld
burrow it from htm, lie is ufraid to put
It iti bank lest the haul, should fall. And
so he worries uhout it. He worries about
Ids business, whether it Is going smoothly
oi not. ile worries nbout bis family,
about the edueutioii of his children ami
the progress tbey ore making, lie wur*
ties about Uie nation, about congress,
about   (he   two   great    political    parties,
about the nnt-onal con vent lops, uhout tbe
gubernatorial elections, abont the turifl
nml liiianei.il questions, about theinitiuth"
nnd re fere n d utiL about ilie abstract right
of secession, Rbout the decadence of polities, about civil service reform, about
sanitation, the witter uml gas questions,
the paving of streets, ilu* street car system, tlie class of plays at the I beaters,
tlie nomination for mayor und the election of school visitor in the 'slecnlb civil
He either sleeps ton much or he steeps
too little. He bus nn idea lhat lire ia a
conspiracy and that be must preserve
eternal vigilam-e or the Conspirators will
get him, He lives so iihuIi uu his nerrus
thul be gets angry on slight provocation
nnd IhllS wastes more tissue.
The true secret of health am) life and
success is cheerfulness. The man who
does his api-oinjetl task without bulng
fussy wltl live a good deal longer, "Don't
worry" und "Don't bo afraid" nre lwo
very good rules tu observe. The American
people must learn tin-he rules by hearl
ami put them Into practice if tbey wish
to live long nml prosper.—'Memphis Com*
inereliil Appeal,
■wl OBm:   Toro.to.
tacit, Cttit Brueki  IM Of*.,.
Itntf, Tumit.'.
If you keep eowi you cannot afford to St
without a CREAM SEPARATOR, and If /ou
want to have tht* beat, moat moderala la
price, and ob eaiitat ttrir.a, apply to
a. A.   LISTEP.  &  CO.,  LTD.,
■tvt Klne St., Wli-ulpf-t,
Oealera In Dairy Suppliei and Product!, »<••■
■ Jin* l.iiL'lhii,   Hor** Trt-tul   t'aman, Klc.
PARIS  i9oo
furlie*) eon u-m plat ing the trip are Invited
to write for pWOOVlgfl "' (T*->nally con-
ilui-led or i tide-indent tourn from WiDr-lpeg
Director of the "Oouin"   School of  Un.
Joagas uud nsiiiessntillin ol Huhdu Ouos
. Soo, of London and New Vork.
AddrsM, BTfl Hale Knot) wtnuipag.
HAor nowt.
BKSi  whir'
larooti, nuil-mili,
iCKMHlJ-rr I'l.liH   III., Wlmilpaf.
lUCli, STEELE t BL-1ST0L   rim. tm*
Ij.pott.„ of Oroc.fi,.      tlilSSmmXe
Wilte II. HainlltoB.Ont.     I..S. A H.Hploa*
If J*OQ CSnnot intend lie* >lt)iul|>r*{ Huil-
nri-a College Ju*it now, uu not wwto your
eveniiti'9 at tiume. We osn llvs your initruc-
tiuns 111 FUlte■>, .'-■*•   -  by limit.
Write for-Jcscrl*jtiTecatitlo|*iie,
G. W. DON ALU, Bm.
■..,... i—i,
•Jr., ■! i'.   '■ ■*.   -"J.l iht •»••,
,.-.) r .--I. .'d ftn. y.-„ eut
«vM«M, loit el IppHMf,
.1 tut * IHliiljaikin *l Ik*
■!■■ il--.   t >"l!     IH'IMIM/   ..it,
tfutt «. ih., timttj.   Un.G.W. Uk*
an* Ut i ■ ■ J • ,..■••! muMi U*u»«i
Mt nl.»(i .*-'•■ I** ••***>• ln*l.
Wl f.»,..!.. -1 m-'l A- HI •. <IU>
■ kit ,l. '.fi.  ■"!'.<!.  "A .-*••>■■ I*
-ftfiMifi  ■..ii*..-
Ci, UNITED,nmmMi
OiptniMi.- IX t9*mn\tat. l.O.O.F.   Key Cily Lodge '
■j.    Meets every K.|-
'^^■•■^■'J ,iay night at Ihslt hall on
•^**^^ Uokor street   Bojournlug
Odd Follows oonllally United. I
K. KSinmson. K.C.Itaiiklu
Mi See'y.
The proper place for the rov-
eritment offices of South Cast
Kootenay is in some town on
the railway.
I     LOCAL   NOTES     §
Picked  Up About lhe Cily  by Asking
Questions of Many People.
The rink ib about ready for the sport
a. W. McViltie visited Moyie yester
T. T. Forrest will complete his hall
this week,
Mrs. C M. Kdwards is visiting friends
iu Nelson.
Din't forget the Catholic concert this
Hungarian; Olenora nnd Qrahatu flour
at Gilpin's.
John Kink was over from Fort Steele
last Friday.
Fresh butter and Manitoba eggs at
Col. Henderson spent Christmas with
Cranbrook friends.
Mrs. Krickson and daughter Vera have
returned from Calgary,
If you want crockery or a nice dinner
set, try Gilpin's.
Tliis is vacation week and the children
are enjoying the rest.
Mr, and Mrs. J. W. II. Smythe returned
to Kort Steele Tuesday.
Horn, to Mr. and Mra. Jacob Fink,
Wednesday, December 27, iS-j9, a boy
G, II. Milliard is now iu Toronto, and
expects to be absent about uo months,
Evaporated raspberries, apples and
apricots at Gilpin's.
George Alexander, of Kaslo, was a
guest of A. Moffat and family ou Clnist*
The report that Jack l.ainont was dead
is unfounded, lie is in Seattle alive and
Purvis Moffat expects to go east in a
short time to lake up h special course of
Mrs. AI, Mclnnes and children returned Sunday from their iuuy, visit itl
the east.
Tom Rooks left Friday for Kalispell,
Mont., to visit with his family over
A nice lot of Christmas confectionery
at McCouuell'tJ.
Mr. and Mrs, Hutchison and Mr, and
Mrs. McVitlie entertained a few friends
Christmas eve.
\V. I*. Gurd returned from Nelson
Tuesday alter eating Christmas dinner
witli his parents,
M. Mclnnes & Co , R. Iv, Beattie and
Hill St Co. are furnishing ihe public witli
some very neat calendars.
The little (laughter of Mr. and Mrs. I*;.
Murphy ishuuie from Calgary where she
has been attending school.
Try Gilrin's for groceries. Always a
full and choice stock on hand.
Jacob lierktiiau and Mr. Kpstein nre
building au hotel nt Phoenix, the new
camp iu the lloundary country.
McVittie & Hutchison are engaged in
their annual calendar distribution. They
are giving out some beauties.
The Moneylaws brothers came down
from the* North Star mine to spend
Christmas with Cruubrook friends.
G. II. Miner has moved his workshop
to the second floor of his building so ai
to give him more room for goods un the
first floor.
William Sutton is tiding T. S. Drum*
inond's place in Superintendent Cameron's ollice during Mr. Druiuiuoud's absence iu the east.
For porridge you can get rolled oats,
groats, rolled wheat, wheat ties, middlings and cum meal ot Gilpin's.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Smythe extended the
hospitalities ol the season to a number
of their friends on Christmas evening at
the home of Mrs. Keay.
Mrs. VanDecar, Mrs. Miner, Mrs.
Leask, Mis. McMillan anil Messrs, Frank
VanDecar, Kutlimer aii't Smith visited
the Horseshoe mine lust week.
William Kiiiimise will succeed Willi wu
Doble as bookkeeper for M, MdnilCS \
Co. Mr, Doble expects to slait for Ins
home in Toronto about the 51I1 of January.
A large number of West Knoleuiiy
Indians cairn-over to tbe Mission tu attend Christmas services. Tbey tuke
readily to the advantages of (prick transportation by rail,
The I. 0, U. F. lodge will confer several degrees tomorrow night and hold a
social after thc v ot k is completed. Une
week fiom tomorrow night will occur
the installation of officers.
A nice selection of winter apples, such
os Spies, Baldwins Greening?, Russets,
Hen Davis, Sweets and Spitzenberg ai
P. McConuell's.
Dr. King was called to Fort Steele
last week iu the case of Harry McVittie,
who is in a serious condition from the
effects of the bums he received by the
explosion of acetylene gas,
The Herald is a little shy on news
matter this week. But. Christmas
comes only once a year, anil the boys in
the newspaper oflice enjoy Christmas
just as much as anyone else.
The Theo Gold-Copper Mining company have placed a block of 100,000
shares on the market, and they arc being handled by Frank B VanDecar, the
official agent of tlie company,
M, Mcluues St Co.'s meat market whs
a thing of beauty the past week, Hogs,
sheep and beef were turned into most
attractive works of art, due to the fine
work of someone who thoroughly understands bis busiuess. ,
Prest & Co. have gotten out a combination view picture uf Cranbiook that is
the best In tbat line tbey have yet produced. If you have not seen it you
should cull and do so.    lt  is a most in
terestiug combination.
Iv I*; Wiight, of Fort Steele, spent
Several dnys iu town ibis week. "Dick"
says his uame is not Richard, and that
we have never printed his name right,
This is au error on his part. The Herald always prints it Wright.
Tom McCarsbn, who bad charge of
lhe dining room ol the North Star hotel
al Kimberley, arrived in towu last Friday. He left the next day, presumably
for tlie States, and now there are a number of anxious Inquiries as to his whereabouts.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Frel Fti'.h, and Mr.
Fritb's toother, came up •r,■■,• Moyie
Monday and spent Christmas with Mr,
Ryan at the Crailbrook. Mr. Frllb and
wife relumed Tuesday, but Mrs. Frith
will remain and visit with Mis. Mu'
phy for ii few dnys.
The Catholic euucerl will be given tonight ui Forrest hall. This is the lirst
entertainment given by the ladies nf ibis
church in Cranbruok, and ihey are entitled 10 a large attendance, Rvery ar-
railgement is being made to give everyone present an enjoyable time
Considerable trouble was experienced
along the line of the Crow last week
owing lu the thaw ami many mud slid
In consequence. Most of the railroad
boys bad anticipated a little pleasure on
Christmas day, but instead weie work
log iu the mud try ing to get out.
Frank B. VanDecar is agent for the
Theo Gold-Copper Mining compntiy in
llie sale of shares lor this district. The
company is preparing to woik llie Excess
ami Copper Crown claims near Cran*
brook, two of the belt prospects in Uie
district, and work will be continued all
J. K. Musgrave and W. Herberts left
for tbe east last week. Mr. Herbert
expects lo telurn in a few weeks, 'out
Mr. Musgrave goes dltect to Detroit to
join his wife    He had not determined
on his plans for the future at the time
of bis departure, but will probably go to
tlie northwest iu the spring.
Frank McCabe came up from Warduer
yesterday and wao n wslooiilo culler ut
Tbe Herald office. .Mr. McCabe will be
in charge ol lhe Central hotel after January 1, Berkman & Kpstein, the owners,
having arranged to open nn hotel in
Phoenix, Mr. McCabe is one of the pio-
neei's of Wardner, uud says lhat everything looks as if there would be a good
movement in that town dining the next
Dr. King expects to leave in a week
or two for New Voik city to take a special course ol lectures, and will be absent
about two utoiuhs, We may be violating llie ethics of tlle tncili-.nl school in
saying so, bnt yet feel constrained to remark that this desire on the doctor's
part to improve liimselfwill only lend 10
increase tlie almost unlimited confidence
the people of the whole district have iu
his proiessional ability nt the piescul
.\ Nt range Phenomenon Observed hy
u   I,over  of   \1tU1re.
Did you ever see 11 frozen breeze?
You might havo Been one if you had
gone with ine into the country ono winter morning, saye the Country,
l'tiiu wns the wny it cmno to be
frozen: All night, long the air hodbecn
laden with mist. Over the fields, in tbe
hollows, nil through the woods, even
ou top of the hills, the fog hung heavily. All lhat lime the wind blew steadily, bul not fiercely, from uomo northern quarter.
At nightfall tlio mercury fell below
the freezing [mint, so thut this mist,
ru* it drifted through the trees, was
frozen upi-n their branches and twlga,
Thu elma, lln* oaks uud the other leaf
Ic-hs trees look their lco coating quite
evenly, but the  thick,   Impenetrable
masses <»f the needles of tlio pino trees
were covered noticeably only uixin the
sides toward tbu north or northwest,
from which tb" wind came, The strong,
sternly breeze lien! the brunches to lee-
ward while it was lolngthem.nnd when
the wind enme down in the morning
lhey remained jltat I here, leaning to the
southward, Iced nnd   fm/eu   to   Immovability, but looking ju«t its if Unwind wen* still steadily blowing,
Rven iu the afternoon, when the rain
llQgnn to full mul the wind eame from
quite another quarter, Uml north wind
of the night before sim remained whlto
uml frozen over Ihe piny woods, tho
pale, rigid corpse ofa thing onee keenly alive.
rn»ii-iiitii« People i-'imi Wo Onnven*-
I * nt  tlie  Hotel*.
In Grecoo the hotels or tho Interior
follow nne gonei'iiI type—tho Italian,
Tin re is no common Blttlng»room, snys
the Atlantic Monthly. Why should
thoro 1)0? There is no ollice', but that
doe-i not Hoein to Interfere wilh the
presentation of bills. Theirrnuii.l floor
is given up to a enfo or restaurant, if
lhe Imikropr gOOS into thai kind of
bus! 1)0*1, Very often, however, the
uiasier of the Apollo bus only rooms to
let. The Bleeping npurtments on the
floor above are often iippi-oiivluil by
an outside stairway, and, as is to be
expected in n southern elirao, they aro
se.intiiy furnished, Over furnishing is
a vice anywhere, Under n southern
sky it, Ih 11 crime of whieh the Qreelu
nre not guilty.
There is usually a mirror, though
that tribute to human vanity is sometimes lacking, and, like the Turk, the
solitary Turkish towel bears no brother
near his throne. The bedstead is Invariably of Iron. As in primitive United
States within my memory, single rooms
are rare. Two, three, four, five beds
un: put in one room or strung along
the corridors. A fanUdlous person who
desires to occupyaroom alonehaatopay
ior nil the beds therein, Iu some places
special charges nre mude for sleeping in
tliu daytime, and I here is u fixed rate
for sleeping on the floor.
A change
H. L. Cummins, C. E.
Fort Steele, 11. C.
Certificate of Improvements
8II1111IO In tin* Port Unolo Miuln: imhl-n nf
Sou h Kast Kootoiitiy tlhirlct.   Wh-r-i l.n*n-
leil—On Nlmtor el'eek, ilbtn.t etiQ in le tmni
TAKK NUTICH that I, Areblbn'il W.flleVlt.
He, live miner's eertlliOiUQ No. u.i-.n, a inn as
agetil for lie: I'ay ltolidi.ld Mining ami Milling
e in may, limited, of Criuihriiok, 11 0„ bvi'inln*
oni enrtillcute No, iiuoio, hitenil, slxiy ihiyit from
ilu*data Iwicttf, to mi-ily iu iho mttiluj rreordur
foraceitdlentuof Improvements, fur tlu* pur
post! of uli.aiUiii-* a «-i*o\\ 11 tu'.uil of tlie alum*
Ami farther tnku imt leu thnt tictloi idor
Beet I nil 117, inn-t tic coiamuiica.1 Lofoifl tlu- Is*
Huiim-tj uf si.ol) ivituii- lie or im,ii'.,u-in'.'-.is.
fuit-ii tiih Jiul tiny of Dootm ier, law.
Certificate of Improvements
PAY   It' I.I,   MINIMAL  CLAIM   [NO. 8562
K.tuati* In tlie  I'oit Steele At imiu Division if
Smiili Hast Kuotonaj district.   Wliuro lo*
cnteil-lylitK in.nn «t umi mljdttlng tlio
1'aymasti-i', in Niju*i'i* erouk.
TAKICNOlIi IK tlmt I. Aichlliild W. MeVlt-
lie, free miller's e'.'i-.llii-uli* .Nn. UD&TO, notlllK us
agent fnr the I'ay Itoll fluid Mining ami Milling
aumpniiy, hmilc.I, _at cranio ok, 1:. c, freo
minor's eertltletito No. i-n:-;,*, Intern! sixty duya
from the (lute hei e r. tu apply to 1 liu mining ro
carder for a oorlllleutocf liiijiruviMioiils, furti.o
purpose ef ohtaltiftig a crmvii grunt of di ■ ithove
Ami  fuither t I.i* notlco tliat artina. iimlei'
seuttnn 87 must in* rominonnnl before tlio Is*
Kiitmco of such ccrt'lleatu o( improvements.
AiiriiiiiAi.n \v, M'Vlii.ll*: .
luied this -.'ml day of December, ifi 'J,
Certificate of Improvements
Situate In the Fori Stee'n Mliiliin division ol
Simtii Kast Kootenay dtsiilot.    Where loca*
lal-Uttuntcil on Nigger creok ami Joining
TAKK Mnn Bllmt I. Arclilbiiht W MoVlt-
lli*, Uei) miner's certlllcilte No. IW87H, acting ai
ugent lor the Pay itoii iiol.i Mining ami M lllng
COtninai'tilllllltflil, nf ('r.iiiln-iii. 11. ■,-., rue ill n-
er'suurllflodte N'n, j-ovto, Intend, HJ days rrom
tin- ilme Imreuf, io apply to tin: mining recorder
'ura ourtllloaleof ImproveiiioiiU, for llio pur-
,oso uf ohtaln'iij a urowu gnmt of the above
Ami further iake|ai<llce thai notion, nailer
section 87, musl in, commottced liorura ihe Is-
suiinee or sauli oerilflcatc uf impmvoments,
Altt'lllllALD V\. .M'VIIT.IC
Dated litis 2nd dayol December, 18B&.
Certificate of Improvement
HltllntQ Iti lhe l-'ort SlootO Mining Division of
Kail Ko.,ipimy District.    Where lurntcit-
Nnrth ol and ndlolnlnii 1 tio * Wok e" on
the smith slue of tlio we«t fork of St. Marys
river, sbntit live mllos frum Sawyer's Vain,
TAKK NoiJCKlhal I, a. IV. MoYlttlo, Imi
Miner's leilllleaie ims'ii, net lag its agntit  f.11
Arllnir I'lulllps.  !■'  MlllPr'l leitili 0 Ml,
ouu. imi*.1,1 sixty iiiijs tr ui tin* date hereof to
apply pi the milling record r for ii cerllfleii 0 of
Inipinvemeiit for tlm pitrposii ol obiahilng n
(teivu 1.rant of lliaahoveclnlm.
Ami further tnkeiiutlou Ihal moHuii imilorSeo-
lien 17 nm-1 ho coninicncud i»fm,* llm Isium-cu
«f siieii i<"iiiiieiiu* 01 lm|iroveinein,
1 mieii ims 1 ;.ih tiny af .Mi vein ber, ism.
Certificate of Improvement
Biti'atk tn tiih I'out s'im-ii' Minimi Di-
viRina to hoi ni Kast Kodtkna*.
Dihiiiii r. U iikiii: i.-i, urn D.1 lltVK*
. > til it it v Dn.1..
talk NOTIOB, Hint eto,
Walter \'nn Artdnl a, I'ree Miner's reitln-
cate, Nu. 11 i,n:.i
llobert D'-miisey,* proa KLier's Certllloale,
luvnt N'owelt, Free Miner's CertiHanlo, ni>,*"ts,
1 h:in K, dimes,  I'm* Miner's  CetilDoitlo,
AS0*TS7, Intend, slsiy ilnys fiom ilia ilnia tiaroof,
Intippl) lo Iho Mining Maoortler font Corllflonlu
of ItiipliueilieiiUfor Ihe plirptMO nl .lUl.ilnlllg 11
Crown Oram of the show claim,
Ami fuither lotto untii'i* ihat nol Ion, under
leelton it', must im aoaiine nod heforu  the
listmnueofsiii'lt OertllltMlool Iinirovemenis,
1 Dined this ;tli day uf November, im,
Btgneil   WALT HII   VAN   AltSDALBK,
Certificate of Improvement
ENTER I'll 18K MINKltAI. CLVIN, |N". 8560,1
SI nnte In the Port Streln Mining Division of
Fast Kiintenay Dlsttlot, Where locaioit—
8011th of ami niljolulng ilu* "Wolcoino" rn
tho smith side of thi west fork ot St.
Marys rlveMbottt 11 vo ml:csfroin Mawver's
TAKK NOTICK Mint I. A. W.McVittle, Free
.Miners Cenl flea 0 uih-tu, aciliiu us ugent ror
Win. MllllCl'lO,  Free .Miners (eilillfuie ltlU,110,
ami HilgbMeCnui, Free Miner's Certificate as,-
470, Intend slitj days from llio '(hue horenf to
np-iiy in 11 n mining recorder for a eertillonto of
linprovemeni ror tlm piirpaae of oUniniiiK a
own -{rant of ihe above i-lalui.
Ami lunher take notice that notion under*
Hentmu HT. musl in* commenced k-furo the is
suiineo nt siu'ti rerllllonte of Iinprovomi m.
Dated iin-. i.*,th 11 ay ur November, ibwj,
A. tt. M VITTlKi
CRANBROOK, - British Columbia. I
of the Crows
M Crflnh 1*001^ ^as a ,0,=s,:a'* roun<:* house, large machine <|H
M ^/1 **>alWJl l/vliV shops, expensive railroad buildings and ex- fc;
M tensive railroad yards. "
M Cranbrook ,s the natural and commercial center of South East
S Kootenay.
© Cranbrook Is the headquarters for wholesale houses and corpora*-
to tions of South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
l*% South East Kootenay.
I  Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after
S week.
I Crailbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
i$ manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTHENT, AGENCY,      C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
(J*' a
Buy Lots
In Kimberley,
The Leadvillc of East Kootenay.
Terminus of North Star branch of the Crows Nest Pass Railway
OVER 200 MINERAL CLAIMS are situate within a radius of
three miles.
Supply point for the rich upper St. Mary's River district.
Great Water Power.   Sullivan concentrator will be located here
Sole Agent
p. n„ KinithMLY.
Via Cranbrook
Are for those who know a good thing when they see it.
A Snap....
A man's Black, Heavy Weight, D. B. Wool Suit, $10.1111
Don't 60 around shivering when you can buy a suit of
Reid's warm, heavy underwear for $1.50.
Christmas Neckwear, Handkerchiefs, Scarfs, Etc, at
"The S Emporium"
... Wishes All a ...
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
We have a complete assortment of Choice Groceries, Peels, Cleaned
Cu-rants, Seeded Raisins, Salad Dressings, Relishes, Sauces* Nuts, Tabic
Raisins, Fancy Candies, Etc, Etc.
Just received a lot of Fancy Goods for Christmas Trade See our
Furs, Caps, Capes, Jackets, Collars and Collaretts, Etc., new Gents' Furnishings, Suits, Ties, Collars, Etc, opened this week. Staple and Fancy
Dry Goods,
Yours for Best Goods at Right Prices
Sherlock & Bremner.
The Work Tells
the Tale   jt    *t
Greer & Co.
Estimates given on all clasflesof woik
in our line. If you Intend to build, see
us,    It mny nny you.
jl   Ji   B.C.
Lull' of Toronto
Contractor ■■»■ Builder
G. Johnson....
\V Assayer and
* Metallurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
Those ciilltomiilllMlIf; llllillllni; will ilo well tn III
1111' llnlm-on Ilu-contrasts,
Cranbrook, British Columbia
«* Teaming
Wood and ice For Sale
Get Your Freighting
Sam riitchell
P. 0. BOX 15
************************ *
W. F. GURD, B. C. L.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Cranbruok, :        British Columbia
11. W. IlKlinlMKIt
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries ublic,
Physician and Surgeon.
ll|-|.-IlK-SilEUI.OCK   11I.0CK.
JRANBROOK,    t   -.   :   :   :   :   B. C.
Solicitor, Etc.
Ittink of Coniniprco niilg.
House and Lot in Cranbrook
Five rooms, pantry, foliar nml large
bed" for rent, $12 per month, or for
ale, ^550, $25 casii, balance $15 per
uotitb Advertiser will rent houses or
itoresin Crnnbrook,*Moyie Ferule, Fort
.Steele nr Kimberley, for rent or purehnsc
011 ensy terms. Apply, P.O. boa 115,
Cinubrnok, 11. C.
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning,
Livery 3
Proprietors j* jt *t
Regular  Stage   to   Kimberley
********************** .-a-.-
Chas. Estmere...
Real Estate,
Mining Broke
Black Hear... 3#c   Empire	
Kimberley Consolidated, ioo
Kimberley, B. C
Via Cranbrook
Every Evening
Except Sunday nnd Tucsdny,
Our miiilio will be open fur Inking
Pictures and the sale of view.t, tu
send to your frinds At Christmas.
Always busy
tbelsst few waeki boforo Ilia bolblflj
sessoti. We wuuM cmphsbtQ Ilia iyis<
ilnm of i-nmiiijj NOW.
Yours, for n happy Xmas ami n pros*
per out) New Yeur,
I Planing Mill
li »'Sash and ::
S!     Door Factory
Crniilmrak, British Ciiluniliin
Teams mnl ilrlvers furnished for iny
point la the district.
Manager   Jt   Jt
...Manufacturers of...
Sash jt Doors jt Mouldings
jt   Frames   jt
Band Sawing jt Turning


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