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Cranbrook Herald Jan 1, 1903

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CRANHROOK,   llltl l'lsil   COLUMBIA,  THUBSDAY,  .1AM AUY   1,   1808.
MM I! lilt   II
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.    [
tit-ad Office, Toronto.
Hon. Gbo, A. Cox. President. B. K. Wai.kkk, Gen. Men
Paid Up   Capital
' ni ni  RtioHrcei
Deposits Received,   (icncral Itankini; Business Transacted
3AVIN0S HANK HI PAD MINT -DtKIIII Received   l.leie.t Allawe..
This Means any
$20.(10 COSTUME $13.50
$15.00 COSTUME $10.00
None have been in
slock over 2 months
For any Mini t.f tnett-hnnilise
come .<) Gilpin'. Hrst We nave
oil yon wri l nml It will save
time lo net nil in onr plxr**. If
yoiili.ve fnil*.(l to finrl what
yon -taut TRY GILPIN'S and
your troubles are over.
We do an immense business because our prices and goods suit
_\ to have your eyes tested. K you've been putting it otf just
£j make up your mind today. Scientific examination and care-
Q fully adjusted glasses arc what you are guaranteed here.
1        W. H. WILSON, OPTICIAN        f
Q £
Ml **,*>♦■>**-*># •*>■*» *«••»•••*•***••< *■••>•> •••>••♦■•♦♦•••»*♦• *♦■»•>•>,•
He keeps everything. Ste this list: Splitting Wedges,
Saw Wedges, Cross Ct i Saws, Cant Hooks, Ice
Hooks, Chains, Skiddi lg Tongs, Steel Decking
Chains, Broad Axes, Single Hit Axes, Double Bit
Axes, Euild ng Paper, Tar Paper, Nails, Singletrees,
DouSletrees, Axe^H.indles, Log Rules and complete
camp supplies. j*- .* > .-* Full line Skases and
Hockey Sticks.
and we have reason to be. Wl enjoyed a magnificent holiday
trade. ■**■ We had the goods ,ind our prices were right. *)• Our
patrons appreciated these lads and were liberal in their trade. J"
Wi wish all a prosperous new year, and assure you that in the
luture our slock ol Jewclcry and Silverware will always be up to
Happy New Year
Official Watch Inspector Crows Nest Branch C P. R.
Wc wish all our numerous customers and patrons a
Happy New Year
and .Tre sure I ^03 will be your most prosperous year
il you trade with the
King Hercantile Co.
Reduction in Hardware
Prior to annual stock taking I will make a
big reduction in all lines of goods for cash.
This will give an opportunity for bargains.
Q. H. Miner.
The Pioneer Hardware Store.
Tim- Ol-l Mun haa been taking a rent,
so far hb his column waa concerned Ibe
past three weeks, but doing a double
•lull on other work. In the future he
will try and be wltb you each week,and
iluiiQK tbe coning year, expects to have
many good talks with you about Crao-
lnuok. tbe people, their tine aod folllea
their [{nod tralta and peculiarities. Ilu
man nature ia l ureal study, aod yet
when It comes to giving eipreuion lo
opinion it heroines a diffi ult taak. We
ave made aeveral people indignant by
ma "obaervatioDa" in tbe past ami il
onr health holda good, and the beefsteak supply ia unilimiiiislieil we will
mn up the bile ol a few more during the
next twelve months. Fifteen yeaia ago,
we were fooliab enough to try to pleaae
everyone in tbe publication of a paper,
and we made a failure of it. Now we go
-.head regardless, trying to act ou ibe
• quart, and If wc offend ll haa to go.
There are a lot of thinned akin individ-
nsla who are tickled to death if they aee
nine one else bit, but if a left handed
reference is made ol their mongrel pup,
tbey are up in arma and want to atop tbe
paper hy withdrawing their support.
And right here it might be well to remark that ai a rule the mau who threatens to withdraw the support from a
newspaper   la   never   dangerous.      Hia
upport generally consists of an unpaid
And speaking of support, reminds us
that thin ia the first of the year, tbe
great settling lime aud we want to aet-
tie up. There are people owiug ua that
have no license to owe any newspaper
publisher. Tbey tbluk it ia a juke. But
with drafts coming due and do coin, we
know it la not a joke. We have seen
some of those chaps spend enough lo
one night making good fellows of themselves to pay us several tines and when
we ask for our money give us tbe same
old standoff. That manes us tired, and
ifter this we propose to collect some of
these bills. This new Arm of Beale,
Hutchison & Klwell are great collectors
aud tbere are a bunch of fellows In this
district that we have been very Henent
with, (hat will hear from tbem gootl
and strong.
An Iowa editor was evidently worked
up to tbe Unit when he published
the following : "The lady!,?) wbo
recently called the attention of another
to our patched breeches, whereat both
laughed ao heartily, ia informed that a
new pair will be purchased when her
husband's bill is settled. It haa beeu
due nearly s year. Don't criiiciae a
printer's dress too closely while you are
wearing ailk with nouey due ua. Tell
you husband to send ua f-4087 and save
the cost of a lawsuit. We need another
pair of pants."
We received a check for to on subscription this week Irom a belated subset ib r. Tbere are a few nore who
could do a power of good by squaring
accounis in thia way, and we want
them to do it nest month. We can't
tend tbem The Herald as a gift nor do
we propose to do it any longer, but after
sending out statements, will place the
subscription accounts in the hands of
sn attorney for collection. In fact it
Likes a lot of nerve for a nan to read a
paper year after year, and pay no attention tn statements sent. What do
they imagine a newapaper man Uvea on,
ami pays bin employe*.' Ita time to settle or quit with us, and if you want to
read Tbe Herald you will have to come
up with the coin. Aud you can't save
yourself hy having your postmaster return the pa-pcr marked, "not wanted."
That game ia too old to work on ua,
Captain MrUorrlea, of the steamer
Moyie-, vent tbe Old Man a One Christmas souvenir, It was a neat card folder
showing a group picture of tbe captain
j ml his assistants, also a picture of the
Klk river falla and a little log aback in
1 he eaatern suburbs of Cranbrook.
Under ibe two latter pictures aro appropriate inscriptions. The card is the
captain's itlea, and thoae fortunate
en nigh to receive one wil, t ea ue it
for a loug time to come,
1903 reminds ua of our bank account.
I s gone.
Increase Product el Ceil.
Montreal Star: Kites Rogers, of Toronto, h«s returned from tbe Pacific
coast, where he has been making arrangements for extensions to the Crow's
N*;si Paai Coal mine and reports that
by the' ipring the mines will have a
daily output of 5,000 tons, compared
with lhe present output of 2 000 tons,
New. I.ualter Firm.
Pinch & Jones have sold their saw
mill at Maryaville to Paul Handle/,
Ueorge Joyce and others, who will form
a joint stock compauy to be known ai
the Myysville Lumber company. Tbe
company is a strong one, aod will prepare for a big cut next season.
Will   Hate   a   Kuad lulu  Spokaiie
Means  Better   Railway   Facilities
For Cranbrook  And
This District
It is evident that tbe C. P. R. will invade the United States and Jim Hill's
territory to offset Mr. Hill's entrance
with British Columbia. The following
from tbe Spokes man-Review will explain the aituation:
"Articles of the Incorporation of the
Spokane & Kootenay Railway company,
which ia lo connect Spokane with tbe
Canadian Pacific system, were filed yesterday in tbe office of County Auditor
Hubbard. Tbe incorporators are D. C.
Corblo and Senator George Turner of
Spokane; Jacob Furth, president of the
Puget Souud National bank of Seattle;
ex-Governor John H. McGraw of Seattle
and Charlea S. Bibler of Tacoma, formerly assistirnt chief engineer of the
Northern Pacific railroad. The capital
stock is placed at $3,000,000, divided
into shares of $103 each.
The articles of incorporation declare
the purpose of lhe company "to locate,
construct, own, use, maintain, operate
and enjoy a standard guage railway,
with single or double tracks, as tbe corporation may determine, beginning at a
point in or near the city of Spokane,
state of Washington, and extending In a
general northeasterly aud northerly
direction, vii Pend d'Oreille river and
lake, the Kootenay river and tributaries
to a point in Kcotenay country, Idaho,
on the International boundary between
the''United States of America and the
dominion of Canada, a distance of 300
miles, more or less, all in Spokane
country, slate of Washington, and
Kootenay country, state of Idaho, for
tbe transportation of passengers,
freight," etc.
Senator Turner yesterday said:
"There is really very little I can Bay
about tbe matter beyond what the snides show on their face. We intend to
build the road, and will commence work
early in the spring. A recounoissauce
of the route has already beeu made and
just as quirk as the wealher will permit
we.will follow that by securing our
right of way, either through negotiation
or condemnation. We do not yet know
where we wilt enter tbe city of Spokane."
"Is thiB road backed by thi Canadian
Pacific aud does ll mean terminal rales
for Spokaue?" was asketl.
The senator did not make a direct reply* ■
"The incorpo store," he said, "are
amply able to build the road themselves
and I see no reason for tbe assumption
thai somebody else is behind them.
•'You can say this, however," continued lhe senator, "that this means a big
thing for Spokane. It means lower rales
ami the opening up of a vast teiritory
to thia city. There are ninny things in
connection with tbe road tbat I am
unable to make public at this time.
"You can say further that the company now has tbe money on hand lo
build the road. Its construction will
cost probably over $4,000,000. This
thing la gi ing through without any
question. Mr. Corblu's record ai a
practical, successful railway builder is
too well known to need any elaboration
from me. He Is to be president of tbe
company. Mr. Furth is tbe millionaire
president of the Puget Sound National
bank of Seattle aud ofthe Seattle Electric company, which owns tbe entire
street car system of Seattle, as well as
the new and splendlly equipped inter-
urban line which connects Seattle anil
Tacoma. Governor McGriw's ability
as a business man is known throughout
the state, and Mr. Bihler is a practical
engineer and has held a high position
with tbe Northern Pacific."
S-uaior Turner admitted that he
would be general counsel for the new
road. It is idled on high authority
that Senator Turner is now the chief
legal adviser for tbe Canadian Pacific
railroad in this section of the United
States. It is said that he was retained
in thai capacity on hia recent trip to
Montreal, and that when his term in the
senile expires in March he will open a
law office ln this city. Senator Turner
haa been out of the active practice of
law for several years.
Senator Turner has made several
trips to Montreal in the last year, and
those who are in a position to know say
that he has been working all these
months on a plan to bring the Canadian
Pacific to Spokane. Those who are 00
tbe Inside say that if the Canadian Pacific builds to Spokane, aa there seems no
doubt of iti doing, Its principal purpose
can be to make this a distributing center
for this section of the country, and that,
in order to accomplish this purpose and
get the business, it will give Spokane
terminal rates."
This will eventually mean direct communication to Spokaue Irom this district over a competing line, and Cranbrook may he made tbe divisional point
at this end of tht new line.
Muirliity Minr-i
Charlie Ileudersou, of the C. P. K
force, visited bis parents In Craubrook
Wednesday and Thursday.
Coiy Dow, tbe Klko constable, was
In tnwu Oils week to assist Constable
Tranter through lhe Christmas rush.
Al. Brown of Klko, waa In town ihls
week. Al. ia the mau who, nearly
three years ago, gave ua a liltic pup
thai has sluce developed Into the band-
some "Mooch" of today, Wneu we look
hack over thoae three yean and think
uf the 1 iv and grief tbe dog haa afforded us, we hardly kuow whether the
^ili was made lu a spirit of generosity
or wether Al. simply had li In for us.
Next Thursday is New Yeara.and generally apeaklug la the beginning of a
new year. It la tbe great swearing off
time, for some reason or other. Pei-
baps after a man has thoroughly celebrated Chilstmas he reels like sweating
lR on New Yeara. Well, it won't hurl,
even if you don't stick to it, and lis
twenty to one you won't. There are
tlnukarda and diunkarda. A driukard
la a man who takea a drink of liquor
now and then, and a driukard is one
who takea a drink of water now and
then. But water don't agree with some
people and booze don't agree with oth
eri. Chriitmaa comes but once a year,
and tbe nan who cau't loosen bis heart
strings on that day and forget the worries and trials of life Is most unfortunate. Some may err by becoming too
enthusiastic ln their celebrating, but
tbe lives of saints and sinners are made
up of nlstakes. So here's to a happy
New Year! May yon all be prosperous
and happy, and come to the close of
nineteen three thankful tbat you have
lived.   Drink her down.
From The Ferule Free Tress.
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Tuttle left last
Saturday for the east where tbey  will
spend   a   couple  of months   visiting
Fred Stork goea east to-night. He
-vill visit frlenis In Outarlo for six
weeks and will be accompanied back by
Mrs. Stork who went eaat some months
rl. L. Gates, proprietor of the Vic
torla hotel, leaves on Monday via tbe
Great Northern for Ontario. Mr. Gates
has not been east slnct be first came
west ten years ago.
A. Smith has resigned his position as
teacher of tbe mine school and leaves
next week for Revelstoke where be assumes the position of first assistant.
Mi. Smith's many friends will regret
bis departure from Fernie.
J. A. Motherwell, who was acting is
taller In tbe Canadian Bauk of Commerce here, has been removed to tbe
Cranbrook branch where be Is tilling a
similar position. The hockey club miss
Mr. Motherwell as he showed considerable skill In the game.
Mr. Mutz, of Fernie, wai ln Frank
during the week looking after bis business there. He te hiving an Ice bouse
built and stored with a good supply of
Ice to be used In bis brewery next summer. He expects to push his Frank
brewing plan to completion jusi.as soon
ia tbe weather will pernlt.
From the Prospector.
Mr. and Mrs. Blnmore   will shortly
leave for Moutreal.
At the Sls-nlle logging camp over
100,000 feet of logs hive been cut.
The engagement or M. A, Brale to
Mln Hannlngton la anoounced. The
wedding will take place tn near future.
Jay Usher, manager, and Alex, Wat-
ion clerk, of tbe Doyle logging camp,
spent Christmas with friends in town.
Mrs. Klton, ind Mri E. A. Hlton will
return to Fort Steele about tbe beginning of tbe New Year. Their many
frlendi will be pleased to see them back
Shaw Parker bas purchased from K.
J. Hlgbye bis bunch of cattle on tbe
Sheep creek ranch. B. P. Cooke bis
contracted to winter tbem on bis ranch
at Lost creek.
Horrible Wreck on tbe Graid Trail
Everybody In Smoker   Killed  By
Being; Telescoped By
From the Movie Leader
A. H. Trent is In Klko, having taken
charge of the Columbia hotel during
the absence of Mr. and Mrs. P. J, Mc-
Mabon, who intend spending the winter
tn California.
James Cronin la not going to Ottawa
as a delegate from the mlneowners of
the Kootenays. He baa recommended
tbat T. G Blackstock of Toronto be invited to act In his stead.
London, Out., Dec. 37.—A frightful
collision occurred Inst night between a
westbound passenger and an easthound
freight on the Grand Trunk railway, at
Wauateail, a station on tbe Sarnla
branch, antl according lo latest reports
thirty persons were killed and thiry-five
Tbe passenger train was running at a
high rate of speed. Tbe freight waa
under slow headway and was lo have
taken a switch at Wanstead to allow tbe
passenger to pass.
Apparently neither engineer law the
danger in lime to avert tbe accident,
for the engines came together with a
frightful crash, overturning Into tbe
ditch. The bnggage and expreas cars
telescoped into tbe smoker with appalling results.
The wreck waa complete. It is
thought hardly a single passeuger in
the smoker escaped injury. The other
cars of the passenger remained on the
track. The work of renoving the dead
aud injured ia proceeding.
A Deadly SiowilMe.
A snowslide at the Motley Gibson
mine in Weal Kooteiiay last week resulted In the total demolition of the
company's buildings and the death ol
several miners who were asleep in the
bunk house. Some of the miners were
thrown from Ihe buuk house out into
the moving mass of suow and carried a
mile or more in their night clothea
down the canyon. The suffering ol
those who passed through tbe ex
perlence adds another chapter to tbe
story ofthe dangers undergone by those
engaged iu milling.
Pikllc Notice.
I have given A. L. Mcllermot power
of attorney to attend to my affairs, and
be has my hooka In charge, with Instructions to collect all accounts due,
and to take legal measures to enforce
payment If neceissry.
41 Cbas. Vroman.
Last Tuesday evening, Dec. 23, at 8
p.m., at tbe Presbyterian church, Mr.
Stewart McKim and Miss Jean Dyker
of this city were united in marriage,
Rev. Fortune officiating.
The wedding was a quiet one, only a
few friends being present. Alter tbe
ceremony those present hasten to offer
their congratulations to tbe worthy
couple. Then they all repaired to the
future home of the bride and groom,
which Mr. McKim had furnished and
ready for his bride, where friends bad
prepared an appetizing repast, aud a
jolly evening waa spent by alt.
Tbe bride is a moat estimable lady,
and has been a resident ol Cranbrook
for the past three years, having bad
charge of the primary department of
lhe public schools. Uy her good work
and pleasing manner, she has made a
host of friends in Craubrook wbo are
pleased to kuow tbat she will become a
permanent resident of this town. The
groom has been a general favorite
amoug young and old, having been connected with G. T. Roger's store since it
was opened over two years ago. He is
industrious in hlb work, always accommodating, and enj >ys a most excellent
standing In tbe community.
The Herald joins with the many
friends of the happy couple in wishing
them a life of happiness and prosperity.
The concert held In Mr. Tone's ball
on tbe evening uf December the aoth,
was well attended. Two sleigh loads
came from Maryaville, through the
kindness of Mr, Bennett and the members of lhe Laurie Lumber company in
giving their teams for the occasion. A
sleigh also brought down fron thc
"Star" the miners and some of the
fairer sex. The programme was furnished by the school children with local
talent from town and Maryaville. The
Misses neunett and Mrs. Watklni gave
very substantial aid In song and recitation. Excellent music was furnished
by Mrs. Myall of Klmberley who filled
Ihe interludes In tbe programme with
cboice selections. Three girls Misses
Laura and Grade Dudley and Nellie
Hind ley rendered verv acceptably the
recitations; "A Smack in school" and
"No Body's Child", also a dialogue was
well given by Master John Mulr and
Harvey Haudley. A pleasing featuia
of the evening, also, was an excellent
lunch of cake aud coffee provided hy the
ladles of Klmberley. The pastor wishes
to thank all those who have lent their
assistance In helping the Christmas
concert, and especially to Mr. Jones for
tbe free use of bis hall, and sbonld any
one seek again a tollable band at making coffee, no mistake will be made In
selecting Mr. Carl,
Says It Wss linod.
Moyie     Leader :      The     Cranbrook
Herald's Christmas edition is before ibe
public.    Il contains eight   panes   of iu-
terealing descriptive writeupa from ihe
various portions of the district, and is
well   1 Hum mini   wiih   hnlf-tone   cuts.
Considerable   spine   is   dt-voted   lo   the
early history of the country, and there
are splendid articles from the pens of
Father Coccolo, Dr. Watt, J, F. Armstrong, Chas. Kstniere, A   It.   Grace, H,
W Ross, j A. Harvey, Mat Rockeodorf,
J. R Wallace nml oihers. The edition
is au excellent advertisement for Cranbrook and lhe whole district, and re-
flecls no small aminiiil ot credit on F.
ti Simpson, wlmwasat a large expense
and considerable   trouble  in   producing
A Creditable Paper.
Morriasey Miner : The Chtistinas
edition of the Craubiook Herald is out
and Is a dandy, The issue consists of
eight pages, replete with Interesting
articles from every section of this vast
district, excellent half tone illustrations
of different places ami people, Htid attractive advertisements. Not one portion of Ibe district lias lieen overlooked,
aud it will go a long way toward advertising tbe marvelous resotmvs of South
Kast Kootenay to the outside wor'd.
The issuing of such a souvenir edition
uieaus a lot of bustle and haul wuik,
and the Herald's Chilstmas Issue is a
credit not only to Cranbrook ami Old
Mau Simpson, but lo the entire district
ll Wis All kl-itit.
Fort Steele Prospector: The Christmas edition of the Cranbrook Herald,
consisting of eight pages of interesting
write-ups from all portions of South
Hast Kootenay reaching- this office last
week. It was all right, and will -prove
an excellent advertisement for lhe district, and should be read by every resident of the Fort Steele mining division,
A Kcprestnlathe Edition.
Fernie Free Press: We have received
the Cranbrook Herald's Christmas number. Ills a representative edition aud
reflects great credit on its enterprising
promoter. Alt tbe towns along tbe
Crow's Nest have been well written up
and the pages are relieved by some excellent cuts. Fernie his a prominent
space in a review of over a column. In
reviewing the press of the valley
Brother Simpson bas scute nice things
to say about each and ends hy wishing
bis brother editors "the rlcbes tbat csn
never be tbeir's so long as tbey coutlnue
in tbe newspaper business."
Tke Popular Mc Ken lie's.
Mr. and Mrs. McKenziehaveestaMlah-
ed themselves with the people of Cranbrook as first class entertainers. La-at
Monday night tbey gave their third
performance and never was an audience
in Craubrook better pleased. In their
songs and dancing 'xilh Mr. and Mrs.
McKenzle meet the demand (ot something good, something away above the
ordinary, and in their sketches they are
extremely pleasing, showing refinement
and ability. It is understood that Ihey
have consented to remain in Cranbrook
lo assist the local talent in producing one or two standard operas. This
will be pleating news, aa Crunhrook is
noted for the extent and quality of her
musical talent.
Masonic Installation.
Last Ssturnay evening the :.*■-.*i lodge,
A. P. and A. M., bad their newly elected
officere installed by district deputy A.
Moffatt, as follows:
A. S. McKim, W. M.
W. F. Curd, S. W.
A. McKenzie, f. W.
T. B. Stark, S. D.
J, McNabb, f. D.
J. Ryan, Treas.
A. M. Heal, Sec'v.
S. Stewart. S S.
F. Clapp, J. S.
A. Krickson, I. G.
A. Dick, Chaplain.
H. McNiel, Tyler.
Ai Unqualified Success.
Portland, Ore., Telegram *. There was
a whiff of heather aud a rich fljvor of
dialect in Ihe entertainment given at
lhe Mirquam Grand last night by Gavin
Spence. Mr. Spence la a host iu himself when it comes to -utilising an
audience, for he possesses a good ten**-
voice and has an unlimited store of
Scotch dialect stories that are new and
exceedingly humorous. Kvery story
w.ts luuuy and more diverting than the
cut and dried dialect narratives found
In popular books. Miss Flora Mac-
Donald accompanist and Highland
dancer. The concert was nn unqualified
success,   .
Good Advice.
Phoenix Pioneer: It you are a business
man, go to your local paper ami do
business with the editor, not on the
charity proposition, but on A purely
business basis. It will be motley In
your pocket if you do it in tbe right
way. and attend lo your advertising. If
he is the right mau in thc right place,
no man can do more for your town, aud
consequently for you, than the editor.
It li tbe best investment you can make
on a small scale.
Editor and Proprietor,   j
The Her&M iteitre*. to «tve tlie news ol the
-r-.tn.-i.    If you know  any about  fOOl town
your mine or your people, und n to this otHee,
One of the best resolutions you can
make for tbe new year li to pay the
newspaper wbat you owe It.
Many a good resolution will be made
Thursday that will die an Inglorious
death by the end ot the week.
Never before were the prospects no
bright for South V. Kootenay- NeXl
season wl.l he a bummer.
The Herald wishes the people of
South Kitt Kootenay a Happy New
Year, with all kinds of prosperity.
A Canadian girl In her twenties has
married a Marquis about TO years ol
age,   Tbe ptlce Is not given.
It la almost a cinch thai either the C
P. R. or Oreal Northern will comuienct
ih* building of a railroad up the Koote
nay Valley nut summer.
Cranbrook Is conceded to be one of
the beat towns In Eastern Itrtmh Col
umbla- Her trade remains strong and
steady, and her people prosperous.
W hen the f. l'. K, gets tta line Into
Sposane, that will mean that there will
be through passenger trains run from
St. Paul io Spokane* by way of Cranbrook.
There la talk of a second newspaper
it Frank, Alberta, with a tlrst-class job
plant, steam plant and real printers.
There is not room for two papers in
that town.
Tbe editor of The Herald Is under
obligations to those who contributed to
the success of the special edition by
their interesting articles. Those various articles made the paper Interesting from beginning to end.
Tke Round-Up of Plncher 0 reek ha
made Its appearance. It is neatly gotten up, contains much interesting matter and may live untll.the frost Is out of
the ground and the birds are singing
their sweet songs of spring.
i      JtAN LOUlS LEQAftB.
ValUJ atatts Saute Mas Passsi a Bill
rrsviaiag •e.eoo far tbs Belief
•f ThU Caaedlee.
A recent Washington despatch announced Unit the United States
iSt-nute had pushed u bill providing
$H,000 foe thu rollel of Jeun -Louis
JLegare of Canada, for services rendered and money exponded in procuring the return of Sitting1 Uull to
the Uni'U'd States. Mr, Loguro is a
French - Canadian, now living ut
Three Rivers, Sitting Dull huving
cut Custer's force tu pianos und escaped to Canada, rewards won! ottered by thy United States Government for in*, return. Independent
efforts were niadu to procure his
■urronder, but without success, Mr.
Legiti'*-* was hi ihuL time u trader
at Wood Mountain, south of Heglna,
und near the boundary. Ilu hud Uiul
■everal years experience In trading
with Indians. Soon after Sitting
Dull, wiiii his fuur tUutisand lodges,
hud taken posausslon of tho country in the vicinity of Mr. Legai'o's
post, a severe famine occurred among his bund, and many families
•uccumbed. Mr. Login's was forced
to supply the bunds of Sitting Hull
and Little Knife with provisions.
Aa this was not a profitable custom
for Mr. Lcgure thu puisuAHive powers ol thc under were then also naturally directed towards thu Chiefs
te re-migrate south* To this end be
Invested further provisions in several feasts und pow-wows, so that ihe
question might be mors fully discussed in Sitting bull's councils,
Finally It was decided to return
With Mr. Legure und his carts, itui.-n
with his flour und provisions for tlie
Journey to North linltota. Meantime the Chief hud also received a
pledge of amnesty from the United
States, Mr. Leguie's supplies seem
to have been most generous, for after the cavuicude g<>t under wuy
some of the bruv<>s became auspicious. They asserted that the feasts
were fur tha purpose of fattening
them to be sold to the United
States Covernment at so ni'i-h p*-r
pound. They refused to proceed,
Possibly by a reduction of their diet
Mr. Legare finally convinced them
of his good Intentions, and persuaded them io complete tbe journey to
Fort Bufoi-d. North Dakota, where
the Sioux Chief and bis followers
surrendered to Major Brother ton.
The old chief, however, demanded
that au extra di*v be allowed his
boy, as it meant the surrender of
the next generation. On the following day, therefore, under (juite pathetic cirourastpncoSj the little son
also surrendered his puny and gun
to Major Bro thor ton, This was In
Mr. Legaic, after futile attempts
to secure payment for his outlay,
brought an action in lhe Court of
Claims in Washington for tbu price
of goodg furnished and for his services. I lis evidence was taken under a
commission Ht Keg in a in the summer of 1R67, a.s was also that of
Father St. Germain nnd several officers of the Mounted Police- The
case wns soon dccldtd in favor of
Mr. Legale, who then appeared lo
be a man of about, -li) years, in need
uf money, ho claimed, for his mother,
Bills have been passed al Washington before tins present session, but
Mr fygura line no) yot been paid-
while Sitting Hull, whose return
wus procured in '79, was kilkd In
December,   lHilll.
VtaiK-i for Mar I.u>
Do You Take The Herald?
ou should if you don't.    It gives the news of
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' The
Owl inuil   Soitif.il  at   "Teal T«nb"
-a auuay ttiifii Ai'uiiniitpttiti
leieftm-The Uuee-lfae Ctalel'4 Ad*
flee—A Picailug tceee—Pupile •< St.
Peel'i iBtlunlrial kaliwul In EiarclMi
*sa Kvulutloui.
It is a charming excursion, all too
short,   (rum tha Selkirk dock    on    a
beiirtlful midsummer afternoon
al *.'d the s   s. Promier to 'Tout
Town," us thu treat)' grounds at St
Peter's reserve ure so aplh termed
in local vernacular, says a writer in
Winnipeg Free Press, The fresh
breeze from tbe lake sweeps up tin*
river, making tho sultry sun enjoyable us the steniner threads its way
between the forest-clad banks and
through tbe murky waters of the
Red, revealing at every turn a laud-
scape uf loveliness where every spot
is  fturrouniled  by  a,  halo  of  roinnmu
of thu days of tho voyageur and the
After the Confines of tho reserve are
passed the effects of civilization on
the aborlglneo become at once apparent and Impressive. The rich land of
the reserve—for it is indeed a cholco
section of the country—is dotted with
tbe comfortable, little, neat, whitewashed log cabins each surrounded
with its patch ol corn and potatoes.
They are strikingly different from the
smoke-tanned tepee of the nomadic
children of the prairie.
A trip of six miles through this interesting scenery brings the sightseer
to "Tent Town" where the dusky
wards of the nation and allies of the
King are paid according to the stipulations uf their treaty, Every man,
woman and child burn iu legitimate
Wedlock is entitled to participate if
he acknowledges the roservo as his
home and is bound by ties uf blood to
the denizens thereof. The treaty
grounds are beautifully situated un a
gently undulating slope from the west
bank uf (he river and are permanently marked hy the presence of the
council chamber, a building located
somo distance from tho water. The
sight those grounds present at treaty
time is really picturesque to those to
whom it is novel. The banks are
lined with boats, ennoes and big une,
two or even threo musted schooners
built uud sailed by the indiuns of
the  upper  lakes   who   have  journeyed
down to bo present ut the great tribal festival of this portion of thu
Crees. The grounds can be compared only witli nn exaggerated idea of
a circus or the side-show portion of
the county fair. A village uf CttllVnfl
springs up like a mushroom where
the visiting population of .several
thousand souls ure housed uud accommodated; where the noisy trader
who. like thu circus fakir, seems tu
be everywhere and always intent on
securing possession of the crisp new
treaty haul.' notes from their guileless possessors in exchange for gaudy trinkets, showy prints, shopworn, shady dress goods nml rcady-
madu clothing from the bargain
counters: circus lemonade, lunches,
fruit und confectionary, it is at perfect pandemonium, The a aricious
eyes of tlie sous of Abrnlinm fairly
glisten as they rake In the easy ducats fur the "ttttinojlds" und
It is a motley crowd tlmt throngs
the grounds.   There Itf the old  gener-
ation represented by one ur two Irreconcilable brines of bygone days
who cling to tlie customs of youth
tenaciously und scorn the finery and
luxury of civilized clothes for u
blanket, moccasins und it handful of
foul hers. The councillors, austere
nml reservedly sedate, are easily distinguishable by their plug bats and
the airs of authority that they assume, one of them particularly so
because oi his striking resemblance to
Sir John A. Macdonald in facial expression. The likeness is really remarkable. There are the fishermen
from the upper hikes, cow-boys from
the plains nnd young men nnd women fushionubly ultired. The last
ure the younger portion of the community who havo experience .the benefits of a training in the Industrial
schools. Many of them follow the
trades or serve behind the counters
and carry but faint traces of a dash
of the Indian blood, Hundreds of
children are running, crawling and
veiling in all directions. Their number Is equalled only by thut of the
dogs among which are muny
big capacious rapacious, voracious,      mondaclous     huskies,    the
tort op       of       the       stranger       and
everyone thej come In contact with
Untamable and irreconcilable brutes
tiny ure. useful onl) tor the dog
trains which supplj the outposts of
civilization iu tho long winters, or to
bring In the harvest of fish,   As pre-
datory us their kins n the wolves,
un    the    uppor    reserves n stranger
takes  great  risk  if  he  leaves  his tent
unaccompanied after nightfall. At
Kurt Alexander ihey have been
known to kill largo yearling cattle
and Father VaSBaP's lino drove of
pigs the} regard us their legitimate
Passing down the streets of tents
bv the busy traders to the centre of
the grounds one comes to not the
least interesting attraction of tho
whole—the dancing platform—whero
the dusky devotees of Terpsichore
work off tlio exuberance of youth. It
is partially covered with boughs to
protect, the "orchestra" from the
rays of the sun. but the dancers seem
tu enjoy the heal, which without exertion, makes the pule lace lung for
an icehouse. A wrinkled old half-
breed, whose white locks curl from
under his slouch felt hut nnil cluster
around his face, bronzed by whiter
snows and summer suns, sat on an
old packing case in the corner, dispensing music I'usl and fearsome from
a squeaky old violin whicli he sawed
with an industry worthy of a better
cause. His moccasined foot beat
ceaselessly on the floor uud n continuous smile illumined his countenance, but whether it resulted from
the contagion of happiness frum the
dancers who were tripping through
tke maze uf » quadrille oi hum the
Joke he was perpetrating   «
uu i  l  Left  Behind N*-," ni
be known
Tiiere were two sets on thi
dudhih young fellow acting us master
Of ceremonies and  he  was  sunn-thing
of au artist t >o, for his "calling off"
was seldom allowed to get monotonous. As tho violin tor« ott shreds ol
"The C|i| I Left Behind Mo," he
started the ball rolling by shouting;
"First couple to the right ami bat-
mice four," "Pass riglit through and
balance there and swing with the
girl behind you." This last call
was frequent 1} varied by such expressions as 'Swing the one with the
big boots on," "Hurry up Sally or
you won't get around." And Sally
ulwuys hurried.
1 watched them complete the change
uud then promenade to scuts and tlie
lemonade stands, A tew moments
afterwards the strains of the "Irish
Washerwoman" rent the air and Instantly lhe platform Was the scene of
phenomena) animation, for the real
•Tied Hiver Jig," danced us only the
Metis can dance it, Was iu fast and
furious progress, As a boy 1 have
often watched the buck dances on the
plantations of the South, but seldom
Indeed haVo 1 Seen the same amount
of energy, enthusiasm und perspiration thrown Into any form of diversion or dissipation ol the kind as
those tawny children uf tlie prairiu
threw Into  that jig.
The loud voice of an orator, for he
Was worthy of the title, addressing u
small assemblage of his people near
the council chamber drew tue away
from this scene of merriment, It
wus Chief Prince, who has since been
gathered to the happy hunting
grounds of his fathers, a towering
personality umoug his people, uud u
line specimen of the full-blooded lu-
diuil, so seldom found either ou or
oil the reserves, typical of his race
before the white man's vices corrupted and demoralized it without any
of the restraining Influences of his
virtues. Although he wus speaking
iu the dialect of the Ores it was almost Impossible to refrain from
catching some of the enthusiasm
which his wolds kindled in his people. His subject, so an old half-
breed told me, WaS'the advantages lo
be gained from adopting civilization
and the religion of the white brethren, with a linn advice to thom to ho
patriotically true to the Covernment
und their treaty. These addresses
were regular features of the program
and were delivered with all the fervor
that has mude the Indian orator
I Inside the council chamber the busi-
: ness of lhe occasion was constantly
> in progress, as members of the treaty
filed in nnd the inspector ami his
I clerks after due investigation of each
' claim und making proper entries paid
over the crisp new Dominion bank
five dollar bills. It Is a delicuto
tusk  to    perform   to    conduct      tlie
I searching   Investigations   sometimes
: necessary   to protect  the Interest   of
tho Government without giving   offence to the supersensitive redmen.
j     Towards   evening   the   strains    of
band music drew old aud young to u
] pretty spot near the inspector's inar-
! que  where  the    pupils of St.   Paul's
j Industrial   school   were   performing
their callsthenic and military exercises and evolutions for tlie edification of their parents and visitors to
the reserve. Scrupulously clean in
their appearance' neatly dressed and
showing a remarkable proficiency In
their drill tllOSe scholars contrasted
strikingly Willi the older generations
or their less fortunate brethren who
have never enjoy»d the advantages
offered by the Industrial- Bvpry turn
Ik applauded heartily by the dusky
audience squatted around the arena
uud smiles of pleasure frequently illumine countenances that ure usually as undemonstrative as the sphinx.
Those pupils by their appearance
and performance have done much to
remove the prejudices of race and
paganism, end each year make the
securing of inmates for the industrials
u task of ever decreasing difficulty,
Herein is contained the secret uf the
only practical or efficacious means of
reforming uud Chi'istlaui'/iug the noble redmen.
Wo were still Watching this Interesting spectacle when the coarse
whistle of the excursion steniner culled us hurriedly on buurd for the delightful return trip, leaving us all
utill wondering at the sights we had
seen where civilization and the remnants of barbarism commingle.
Ink* to tin* HIS* Hr.D|«t.
Lord Huudonald, says The Mail mid
Empire, has emergent from th.' cru-
olble of the Boer war a parti/an uf
the rifle, Iu his opinion, u soldier's
lirst duty Is to leuni how to shoot
Even cavalry must discard the cut*-
line sword for the ritle 'Ihis is precisely lu line with a layman's opinion It would seem to the civilian
that a weapon with which you can
hit an enemy u mile away would be
more effective than one which can
only be used nt close    range.    Cor**
tninly the Well-cuven-d riflemen seemed during the lute war lo be almost
invincible unless his Hunk wub turned by u Btiporlor force The lesson
fOP Canada is to take to the rille
ranges, With a populutiun well practiced In the use uf tlie rifle we will
need nothing but patriotic spirit to
make us u perpetually ready nnd
powerful military aid tu Greut Britain.
Stableman (who has been reproved
tor his incorrect pronunciation)—Well
miss, I don't know how you wus
taught to speak, but what I say is,
is a haitch, an' a ho, an A har, 'an
a hess, an' u hae don't spell 'orse,
I'd like ter know what it do spoilt—
A Searce at Sr*ii ■*,••».
The Gentle Optimist—Our delusions
are the sweetest things in life.
The Cynic—How about the men
who thinks he can Sing ? — Sketchy
She Teok Ml*a.
"He's a fine retriever, miss,"
■—"But I don't want a hunting dog "
—"Aw, he don't fetch birds. He retrieves piug-pong balls-"—Pick-Me-
for (Jetting a Beautiful Watch
nnd chain Free.—No Money He-
quired.-- Kvery Man, Woman,
Hoy, or (iirl has the .tame Opportunity under our System.
In order to have lh. Arnold's KntHleli
Toxin ptlli placed In the hands of all
persons suffering fiom bad health we
make the following must liberal offer:
If von will send us your name aud
addresn ai d ajjiee to sell for us twelve
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Pills at '.'."ir. per box, we will give you
■bsolDtcl> I ret t beautiful Wai.b sod Chain
In elltiei Ladles or Cents size, or yum
choice of t .veiny other pruinluins such
as tine sels of Jewelry, ltii.p, Violins,
Mandolins, Tea S.-ti, Sateen Skirts.
Cameras, etc. Uemember we don't
want any moot) until after you »ell the
Pills and yon don't have to sell anv
more than 12 boxes to get tbe premiums.
Tnis Is a bona tide offer from a reliabb
concern that has given thmuands ot
dollars worth of prem'ums to agents ah
over the country. Uemember aho that
Or. Arnold's English Toxin Pills are a
•veil known reinedv tor all diseases tf
tbe kidney and bladder, Bright'*
disease, diabetes, rheumais>m, iieivou-
troubles, and female complaints, and
are for sale by all first clans druggists
and dealers tn medicines in ill parts ot
ibe world. Yum have only to show
them to sell them. You are not offering something that the people don'i
know. Our watches are the regular
standard hIz*i for Lidles or (ientiemen
In Nickel or Cun Meial Cases with
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In mind that you will nnt be asked to
•ell any more than the 12 boxes and we
don't want any money tiuili after you havi
sold them. We bear all tbe expenst
and are only making this liberal rffei
a* a method of advertising tlr, Arnold'*
English Toxin Pills, 1) n't delay *
write at once and earn a beautiful pit-
Kent for yourself for Christmas,
Address ARNOLD MEDICINE CO., Dept. 116,
■30 Adelaide St. East Toronto. Ont.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hfieby nitrm tlmt thirty rijiysaftei
uste i iiitruit i* ttppij tu tiia chief CeiuniUsloasr
uf bauds tint Wsiks fsra special Ikvtiio teeut
and carry uway timber tttim lbs follortlugueB-
criliril lauds:
SUusied In the district of Kust Kouttuay,
cum uie uulia* ttt n i out idsuted about l jo clmlnt.
Mutli uf the south v. est corner uf un 32a, tliein-a no
olisiu* «-mtli, IlieSi-e so clutlui we.it, lln-iicr Su
oiiauis uuitu, ilifiK'SW clittliiieii-it lo place at
cum meuce meat,
timed this nth day uf September, isv*!.
31 by I'au Hayes, Axeut.
Land Notice
Notice 1- hereby ^iveu thai thirty llBJfSSWei
date 1 Intend ^Ttrtf ti>tlwT7hlitff>'mmlHl""*r
»f Uuui- mul Works for permisihw tu purebasa
about iirt> seres or land situated on si. Maui
river la tha Bouthna tHvbrioa or Boutli Bwi
Kootenay, described as toUe-ss:
ronimeaolni at the  northwest corner uf
KUISM  I.H leic'ti pie''in pi ion. thence e.ist 10
chains, theoea north to the st. Marys rtrer*
iti--ii.•'(•!:..Him iiii- -.li 11,<t up itream to a
I'olut due ui.nli of ibe point ul eonnuein« 111-MU.
theuca south 10 tbe point of wuuni-uetiienl.
Pated at CranbretK, i- < , Say, .wu 1909,
BVQKHB 1.all.UK'.
Land Notice
Notice Is hereby gtveu that sixty days after
dale 1 luteud te apply 10 the Chief Commission*
er ef Lands aud Works for [leruilsHlun tu purchase the Mlefflag described lauds 1
Com-ueni-tutf at a post pl.uited on tbe east
bank of the Kootenny river III tbf dUlrlct of
Kast Kouteuay abuut a**) chains beat** Juo.
Uiowu'i application for purchase, tbeuee iua-
iilu** soul li su chat si relit wii| 1 iver tluwa sti eaai
thence eai>t'Je ckalas, tSeece aerlh H ckaias,
thenc** west .-e ckaias (• place .ef ceiaaence-
lueut couiitialBK st acres sere er less.
Dated this 'Mtt day ef (Meter, |MJ.
A. (ieuJ,
37 Did Hayes, Ageat.
Land Notice
Notice ia hereby (tlven that sixty days after
date I Intend to apply tulheChletCoinitilsgloiier
of bauds and Works for peniiUilon tu purchase
the folluniuK described laude In Suutti haul
ConnnrncluK st a post marked "Julio a utter*
sou's northeast corne**," plaited eu*i mile easi
uf the iiiitlie*il iiuiR'i uf lot Jit 111 group oue
Kouteuay dlmlct- thence weit HCcliulna to <ald
ItOtSIS, thence Houlk hIoiij. the ea*t limit ur
tiUil l"t ji** 1,. eiiitU*,. tlit'iic.'i'itsi *o I'halun, to
the southwest countr of w. 1,. |)aiiliiti'a pui-
ohu«e. Hi iiee north i'i chains 10 the place ur 1. n
gluuuiK- nulla.am** tii" acres more or less.
Dated tnis Mb day uf December IMW.
9* John Aiidarsuu.
Land Notice
Notice Is hereby i*i*en that sixty iltiys after
date I Intend Lu apply lotlu-fhit'fioMiiiHSiuiifi
of Laud* uud Works for permission io puichosa
the fuiluttiiii: described lauds hi South Kust
Ciuiimi'iicinj! at a post miiriied "A. Gourley's
nor, lieust corner," planted at the auilll|Wi'St curlier uf W. 1,. DurllllK'l puniUiisit, at Hock Creek,
thence West Mil cllllllll to tbe east limit uf but Mn
i-niiip one Kouteuay district, thence suutti so
chains, thence east so chains, thence 1101U1 so
cliailjs tu tbe place i>f be^liiniim, coutalulllg lilll
"l.es more or less.
Dated the aih da) of December iao'.'.
aa 1. Uuuiley.
Land Notice
Nuti.-e l*> hereby _-in-n that sixty days after
date I will apply-tu the filter CuimnUiilnner of
bands and Works for periiiisslon tu purchase
tlie fo'hmhiK dcsiilbed lands In South Kast
Kootenay 1
Commencing at a post marked "John nib's
southeast corner" planted at K. Campbell's
southwest corner and one mile norih of the
[lurllicasL curlier ut I.ul :ilM jjroup one Kunlcimy
district, then. 1: north wielialns, thence West SI
chains, 1 heuce south SU chains, thence east so
chains, tu the place of begin nUiif, containing tno
acres mure or less.
Dated ibis tub Ducember \Wi.
aa John Hid.
Notice Is hereby given Ibat thirty dayi
date > lutein! tu ap| ly to the Asslltont •'•
siotuT Of  land, aiitl Works   of tbe dial
Kati Kootenay, and the t'lilsl 1 oiuinttsiu
Undsaad Works foi license to prostH
eoal on the folbiwloi described land, si
•u me suoih tide of Hie tflatbsad Itiu
iiuiiui post being about one naif mdssoutli
I'lui'liei t leek M .ill and ibOUl tWO Ittlll *» '
the boundary llnaof tha Cawull u ram
w*i» * Had "f laud, lu lhe smith east   |
of Kast he-lfiia>, pTOTlU f  Ulltlsll t
imie.i this rib day ofoc'eber, IHU.
Comiiieiielui' 0l   a   p..si   al I   kilt SSI I
east of the town of Murrlssey, being the
west cornersiljseenl to the uorthessl ■*<■
TIlollUU Cialuuis cUiim, hk  HI > liain
III, pee sn chains Mil til, thence  SI cllAIIU
iIi-ok* so * bains uoilb 1>< lhe place ul I St
contaiuiiti' ill hundred uud foily urea.
Dated tins tulli thty uf scpti'iulx-i, |Bd
11. 1.. Stephens,
by a. Uackett, Ai
Land Notice.
Thirty days after (kite i intend mskiug ap
pllralluu    lu   Ilie    Hon.   lhe   I oiniiilssiouci   <d
bauds and  Wmka for petmtss on lu purchase
ihe i oil, 1 a mt; described lamts ■.
Cumiueiici ji   a post placed at the northwest
•uiueroiboc.'sw, ia rsllarCreek, rimulng
llGUCe West i-Ochallls. smith *l chains, east 11-
-imius, uuiiii 4« chains to i<oiui it mtniuence*
neir, coutalDlngiHS acres mure or less.
Dated cranbrook Nov. 201b, \wi.
:ju j, it. Duwnes.
Land Notice.
Thirty days after Jute   I Intend lllft*tlnn au-
idicatiuu 10  the lion, the i.iimiiiisshHier of
L>ndt ami Works for i>arinlts,oit to inirchni-'
the fuiiuMlntt ileseilliett laml:
Cumnicaclug nt a post panted at the north*
west corner or pre-emption No, nn uorthcist
of   Joyce's     purcllhKU     nilllil K    thence    -in
chums north, thence *>   chains west, thence
■io chains south, theauefiOchains east, contain*
lug aao acrus.
Cruubruok November, izotli 1 *.•-■■-'.
3U A.  II.   DliH'lleS.
(*>*>'» -•>•-• ♦-* ♦"»■*> ♦♦-»■*>
Land Notice.
Tlilrtv days after date 1 intend making Bind
cation to tlie  Hon. the 1 uuimissliiii'i ul  band-
ant Works fur permission to purchase the following described bin It
t 'inimeueiii!', at a   post  (ilftlltCil half   il   lull'
west ot pre-emption nw, running thence noitl
SO chains Iheiiee west   Kl elialni, thence Slltlll
SU chains, llience east I' ClinillS tn pollll nf 0111)1
meiicemrutithls land beingil.A.I-aiirie'B pre-eini
tlun \n. ;ao, coiittiliiing 390 acres,
Cr.'iibroo-; November, BOtll )"o.'.
B9 W. I), mu.
Timber Notice
Take uolice that I  have ap.ille I  to (he <
CemmUsloaer of IjuuIk uad vv-trk* for a
clal license lu cut and carry away timber I
the foitnwltig described lauds:
Commencing nt ihe northwest corner uf
cmptloii Nn, S3! luiiulii^ llence Utirtll IHO ell
Ihem-e west W chains, thence south 100 elm
thence east 4U clialos tu point ul OOlUinei
Cranbrook November, nth ivoi
3 j. tt Dowtii
Notice is Hereby given (bat thirty days alter
-late 1 lid- id I*apply to tbe As-lslanl Coilllils-
sloaer of i.aads and Works ur Ihe district of
Kasl Kouteuay, uud the chief Cemmisshmrr "f
I -suds aud Works far a license lo pr<>s. i for
caalou the fellewitig described laml, sitmiicd
•intbenorik tide ef ihe Plathead liiver, Urn
Initial pest being about one hair mile south id
ihe I'locber Creek iiatl ami ahoul two mites
east of the boundary Hue nf the CnQU'llan I'acl
ilu railway's tract uf laud, In the smith easl
poitimi of Kast Kotituoy district) province ot
itiiiish Columbia.
Dated this Tib day of October, I9J9,
ceiiimeuciiigata post about sixteen inllss eaei
aftlie town uf Morrlssey In-big the southeast
earner ajaceut to the uortbeasl corner or
Thomas i rahaa's claim, thence so chains west
theuct W chains uortli, thence SO chains east.
i hence su chaius smu h to the place uf beginning,
coutaluiug sit hundred aud forty acres.
Dated Hill loth day uf September, Uu*.'.
Martlu Crahau
by A  HHckett. Agent,
Timber Notice
Notice is hereby given that thirty days after
date I intend to apply to tlie Cluer Commissioner
of hand aud Works at \ I'toria for a special
license lo cut and carry away timber from tiie
following de-icrlbed lands:
Commencing at a post planted si chains »esi
from lhe norlheas'. corner pust nf Frank bane's
Umber limit near Finch & Junes' mill, then, e .- >
chains north, thence BO'ehidQ*! eust. thence su
chains south thence Nichaius west, top] ice ui
cumiueaceuieut, cuulabilug (Hu acres more ur
Dated JTth.'day o( October, ItHW,
Vroom & Dezall
!     Horse Shoeing
| Carriage Repairing and       ♦
; General Jobbing.... j
! Outside Orders Promptly  I
Aitended lu. 1
Notice Is hereby glVUQ that thirty days ftfler
date t mieiiti to apply Iodic AuMant com
iiilsaloner of binds ami Works of ihe tlliti 1.1 ur
Kasi Routensy, ami the i liter Oonnnlisluiier ur
Lands ami Works for it license tu prospeci for
coal un the following described laml lUnalcl
ou tbe north side of tlie I'lathe.ni Itlver, lhe Initial post being ahoul one half nil e smi li of 111"
I'lucher lieen trail and ubnut two iniles east nf
the buuiidary Hue < r ilie l'au -di.ia Plieiflo rail-
nay's tract or land, In Ibestmih-ast pot thill ol
Kasl Kooteiia) dlslncl, province of llitilsh Col
11 in I da.
Daicd tills 7lb day ur October. I1 ml
CommenolUg at a post about llxlenu miles east
Df the town of Mnrrlasey, being ibe soutliwiut
corner utljaoeiit to the northwest corner or II.
b. Mepbeiis claim, llience *>> chains cast, Hiciice
gn chains norlli, (hence floclisliii west, thenfie
-u chains south to lhe place or beginning, con*
taming sin hundred ami fmty u'-ret.
Dalud this loth day nf September, ID01
Juhu Crahau,
by A. Uackett, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days^after
dale I luteud tn apuly tu the Assistant Cuiumls-
Btouer of 1-andB and Works of the district or
Kasl Kootenay, nnd the Chief Commissioner or
bands and Works for a license to prospect for
nml on the followln* lands, slluated on tbe
sDitlli side of the I latln-ad Kiver, the lull al post
being about one half mile south or the I'iticlicr
crcek trull and aliout two miles east or tlie
nominal) line or the Canadian I'm ilie railway's
tract of land, In the southeast portion of Kust
Kootenuy district, province uf Uritish Columbia.
Dated tills 7tll day of October, 19IW.
Commencing at a post about sixteen miles
east nf lhe town of Morr-*sey, lielnir thc north
cast cnrtier adjacent tn tbe northwest comer or
11.1„ Stephens claim, thence si) chains soiuh,
thence-n chains west, tiiencs bu clialas north,
then.-e sn chains east tothe place or beginning,
containing six hundred and forty acres.
Dated this luth day of September, im.
Thomas Cralian,
30 hy a. Uackett, Agent.
St. Paul, llululh. Minneapolis,
Chicago antl points east
htirouBll I'ltl.i.-,. un.l I M sl.-*.|.t*r*t
Dllllllll .tn I lli.ll.-l Sn.,,1,111*.* I.ilir.uy 1'ar,
K,,r ll.it*>.. |.',.:,l,'is uiul  I'uil' Int..una Inn
.-Jill  .l.l.ll'V,
II. T. I.ANOI-L'K, Agent,
O. W. P. A., Seattle, Wash.
Why you should buy
BecailSe it is tbe best quality
BeC-IlUSe 't l' the most lasting chew
Because U is the largest high grade
iu or J5v plug
BeCaUAe the  lags  are valuable  for
premiums aotll Jen. I, INS
BeCailSe *f  gUirstttW  every plug
Because ■"■■*___\ issttihorjitij io
it'hi ml    \"IM   liu'liry   I vuU
 mu s-iun <l
Drink Home Bet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co,
W. F. tiURD,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
' I«I ■!-1 * I -i> I •"* I «• I •» I * I * I <?> I * I PI
» <t
I        F. C. BHNJAMIN        i
____,    I.O.O.F.     Key Clly loJgi'
N... vi. Meet, every M.m
^^., mr ''"I l>'';llt "l "1B'r 'IH"M '
linker street,   MoJolirlliH
itl,l Pellnws Minlliilly Invited;
A. I.*""*'.. .Ir., M. li, BIIIIOHI
N11. Smv.'
I have good wood ot all lengths.
Leave orders at Townsite office receive prompt attention.
Richard Stewart
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Cranbro»k ind Miryivlllc, B. C,
t .t»SS**S«S**S*l»SSS»H»t *
i 1'irtv MATH6S0N,Prtffleier. $
Jj nillHIHMflimMIlM $
J When um  arr hnn^tv  aud  want S
m a _ooA uifiil ){ii to tin*  Kast m
J Kootenay, j
5 When ymi  are tirt-d ami want a ^
m utmil rest n" to the Kast Koo- m
m teimy. j
J When you are thirsty nml want a £
m (torn)  iti ink   go   lo the  Kaal m
w- Kootenay. j
jJJ In fact wh- n you are in Cranbrook S
ft stop at the Kast Kootenay. si
ttCMtttff tt"9**l*M S«l 4-i-B i*
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing.   Give me a call.
Uaae aa skart notice st the Morse Shociag
Uepol apposite Ueary ft Dixie's livery stable.
PrlH wlasir al Terrltsrlal Fair, N. W. T,
aa harse shots Patcal Culllvalar Maker.
(■lows aad Mat-blaery Repaired Cromptly.
(ilve nc a trial
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Ft. Shephard R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain   Railway   Co
Tlie only nil mil route between all
point-; Hani, West au.l South to ...
Intermediate Point*.
Conneellng at
Sl-OKANI* with the
(Ireat Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. R. & N. Company.
Conneita at
Nelson  with  Steamer lor Kaslo
and All Kootenay   lake Point*,
Myers Falls with Stage Dally lor
Republic, and
Connect, tl.ity
At    llosshurg   Stage   Dally   ler
Orand I'orks and tlreenwood.
II. A. JACKSON, Hen. !'•» A|t.
I'lo'iilf-ior or the
Candy Kitchen
rarrles aemnplflloatnch of
Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
TobaCCOS. (live us a call
Land Notice
Noli™ Is hereby Riven that shty flays after
date 1 Inland lo apply to the i lifer coiiiinls-
slnnar of Ijinds ami Works Tor permission to
l purchase tha rullowlnti tloserllied lands in south
I Kant Kootenuy i
1 rninmeneliiff tt a post marked "tt. Morrhuma
northeast coniar," plan cd at tlm northwest
rornerofP. land's imrntmaa at Itook (.'reek,
thence west m chains. I hernia sntitli m chains,
to tha northwest rnrner of i.nt is'grouii une
Knuleuay ilisirtcl, them-eeasi HH-lmins, thenee
north BO oliaius to the place ur lo-ifimiiutf, cuu
tuluhiK niu aorei more or less,
|    hated this nth Uectuilier, UKtf,
3*J il, Morrison.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, iders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
Economical wy to handle it.
Physician and Surgeon.
Olllte .1 Ke.Me.ce, Arailro.i Are.
Fort......   -   -   ■   ■   t:W I. II
Aller.M.1   ■  •  ■  -   l:M t. Ml
Gve.l.i.   •   •   •   •    7.Mtol*M
CRA. BROOK,   :      : :   B. C Printing is Our Business....
When you want printing done right, that will
please you and your customers give your order
To The Herald Office
lUOW NO. 5       |
§11   WAS SAVED §
o -      *>  o
o o
O     Cuprrighi, iun*.', by a. »'. Payson     O
OoOoQoO-O O' 00■ o o o o o■ o
Tho enginctrton hud Btruck, They
luid gon? out lu a bod) mid iln-y lnul
gone out to Bliiy, Iml in apltu of llii'lr
unity llio ronil iviw i>> no inoniia I led
tip.    True,  tlio  ni'ws   wi-ie  furred  to
double, nnil n o <>i lIipiii enmo from
the ollh-es, lull IIOVLTlllt'lcSB tllllHc WM
not grontly Interfered with.
No. 6, llio westbound mull, wns sahnV
uli'd to leave nl B p in, nnd to niu the
mt mill's lu two 1 ra mul three minutes. The engineer eolecteil io tnlco
l»'i out wus olio who had been employed for tlmt ilny only, but be hud
shown, even in tlmt Bhurt time, n will*
liigiiess to do tlllllga "sqilill'e."
At 1:'M he went down lo the round-
bouse.' Ills flreninn, John McDonald,
had just put the finest engine In the
aervice, No. D50, mi tlu- turntnble, uud
she wus Bwltigllig slowly iit-oiiud to her
Aa the engineer stepped near Blie
gave a slight "phut" nnd moved slowly
iff to  the  tsolltl  ground.     She   looked
faultless. Her headlight shone with
duzzllug brilliancy, she wns polished
from pilot to tender, nnd the high llgl.i
on her great boiler shone In the electric
light   which   Hushed   before   the   ilis-
pnther's olllee.
The new engineer climbed abonrd,
and when the tlreninn enmo back from
the oltice he wns Btniidlng iu tbo cnb,
•Ilently looking her over, tie rencbed
for the throttle nnd |)tnchcd It gently.
Nut for the world would he abuse this
In mute obedience the nicer started
forward noiselessly, for her exhaust
wus uinllli'ii, mul she wns not being
forced. Slowly sin gilded over the
■Witches   until   lhe  Station   shed   wns
reached. Then, dropping into the main
Hue. she crept abend to ibe edge of tlu
depot ii nil waited for her burden.
At T:4B the yaiilinaster clImbed
aboard and Introduced the engluetnen,
who up to this time lnul scarcely
ipoken n word. "John," lie Bald, nd
dressing the Qremnn, "this is \\ il1
Donobue. yon two have a naatj run
before you. No. 5 Is twenty minutes
late because of ruins over toward Chi
cntro.  Think you can make it lip!"
He whs looking at  Donobue,  win:
nodded   curtly.     "1   don't   know   mi
thing about her capacity, but she re
■ponds i|iilekly and runs smoothly
I'll test her tonight."
The ynrdmtiater looked serious.
"Don't bo too doting. This locomotive bus one btul fault. Slie can't Btop
quickly. Sho needs plenty of room
Bee that alio has it." And tie jumped
from the locomotive.
At 8:311 the Limited slid, dripping
Into the depot, tht engine, worn out
milled off to the round house, ami No
Hod glided down  Ibe Um>-■-   and   1(011 tlj
made tbe couplings,   No, .'-. was com
posed   Of   Seven   airs,   five   VCBtlbuled
Pullmans and two heavily loaded mall
cum. The superintendent, who had
come over the Illinois divition wltb
her, hurried forward,
"The storm's following roH, with a
gale blowing from the east, If you nn:
fast, you may keep abend of it till tin
IttDo'l mude up."
lie ran bttCk to the tniln und climbed
uhoard   as   Doiiolme   slid   Ills   window
■hut nml opened tho throttlo,
The iters were fading, tbe sky wm
clouded, and n brisk wind started ur*
advance Ktuir.iw of tbe storm, in a moment they were cloar of the yards, and
the great engine buckled down to hoi
work. BVOry second the speed went up.
It wus Qfty miles an hour, ill'ly-two, fifty-four. Another touch on tlio throttle,
and she wns wide open. The euglneei
put tlie reverse next to the center nnd
dropped n few bod fills of Band, lie
played wltb bet*, humored her, urgod
her ou, mid as the speed Increased lit
snt down to watch her nnd the mils
He wondered whether, If the superintendent had his bead out of tho cat
window, be would now think the wind
came from tbe east. He would wagei
anything tbat thoy were not twenty-
three minutes late now.
A star suddenly hove In sight on thi
horizon. It twinkled and grow stendi
ly larger. It was followed by a trai'
of weaker light A meteor? Nearer
and nearer It tore along the eastbouud
tracks. For a brief moment It shone
dazzling, on 050, then shot past Wil
Donobue caught a glimpse of a tlgtii-i
i In the cab, the faint gleam of tin
Plntsch burners In thc sleepers, thc
•harper lights ou the rear end.   It was
tbo eastbouud flier. They were st lied-,
tiled to puss at vYnodvnle. live tulles
ahead. The Limited wus live nil mi tee
bite. She would hv on time lu a abort
Itut (lie aky was black with threat
cuing clouds,    Kven  then,  as  lhe  engineer thrust Ms baud out In the night,
! he fell the big rulmtropa that presage
a heavy storm.    He must WAtCh sharp
now, for lu a moment (he trucks would
he   Soaked   nod   (he   wheels   would   be
As  Die  tniln  swept  round  h  curve,
bailing heavily to the left, u itroak of
lightning  Hushed  vividly.    There  wus
a unu* uud crash of thunder, mul tbe
gale wus upon tliem, driving reslstless-
ly, steadily. Iioiii the east, They were
on time now timl BOOU would Im ubeud
of the schedule.
Douohuo, remembering the wonts of
lhe yiirdinuster, rose lo shut off sn-ns
stenm. They skimmed over a bridge,
ami Will felt It swuy beneath them.
Ity the lightning bo bud anight a
glimpse of swirling waters nml realized that in another Ove minutes thut
bridge would be down. Were there
others like It? His fireman touched
his arm.
"For God's sake," he shouted, "shut
off, Hill! Waverly trestle's Just a mile
a haul, and heaven knows whether
shea there yet!"
Donobue nodded and turned to shove
the throttle iu. It would not budge!
He took both bauds to the tusk and—
failed. Again and again he threw bis
whole weight ou It Suddenly It went
homo, and he foil to the flour of the
cab. In an Instant he was ou his feet,
and a flash of lightning showed the
trestle hanging lu midair some distance ahead. They were running ninety miles an hour, with a gale to push
thom forward, slippery rails and wet
wheels for tbe brakes and au englue
which needed plenty of room ln which
to stop!
On the instant Unit Donobue rose
from his fall the brakes flow to the
wheels and sand poured on the steel.
A stream of lire fell from the drivers
ami from every wheel on the train.
With a struggle tbe engineer reversed
the engine. She shuddered as If in the
clutch uf death; she reared und shook;
she Boomed trying to tear herself to
pieces, but her speed wont lower and
lower. The brakes gripped tbe burning wheel treads with a grasp of Iron.
As she ground along her flanges somehow mounted the steel, and with a
struggle, u last terrible leap, she tore
herself loose frum the rest of the traio
ami plunged over the embankment
McDonald had jumped loug ago, but
With a cry he felt the engine thut
hud won his heart from the start, hit
love of a single night, crush off the
ties. He reached for the throttle am*
grasped It. When they found bim
buried beneath the ruins of his engine
he still clutched the choker In bis cold,
lift-less Lands. Ho hud gone down t«
bis dentil with P-JU, but the train wat
MnktiKf  "II-pUm's   Rahlrs"  Co.
John Habbcrton, the author of "Hal*
en's Babies," said to bis publisher when
the novel wus about ready to appear,
"If you want to save the cost of a
great deal of advertising. Just give me
600 copies uf this book, and I'll guarantee to distribute them so that we'll
have a success without a cent's worth
of advertising being needed." Tht
publisher, a nitie reluctantly! took Mr.
Unbherton nt his word.
The author thereupon made a list ot
all the Important bookstores lu th*
I tilted Slates ami found out the naiua
of the bead of the department of ih'
tion in each store. Now. tho heads of
ail book dcput'taionta uro all Hauls lu
the collection of lUtOgHtph first editions (bat Is, with the author's signature upon the Imprint There is scarcely tin exception tu this rule. Mr. Hub
hertoii. being wise lu all tbat concerns
bookstores, accordingly sent to each
head a copy uf "Helens Babies" (hut
contained nut only his autograph, but
a pleasant letter also that eipatiated
on the merit of the work. Tbe heads
were delighted. They Instructed their
salesmen and saleswomen In the honk
department to boom "Helen's Ruble*,"
to recommend It to every hesitating
customer, And thill the book succeeded,   though   It   would   have  succeeded
anyway upon lis merit—Philadelphia
A O..****?.**   UlHwt.fT  Whi-sh Wss   Mae*
mt Sir Jok* Sirn|.
When  Sir  John Murray   tht Canadian    nili-ntnl,     trt-guu    hia work  Ut
oceanography |0fM thitty-wght years
-ago,   idintlfie   kuiiwl-r-tlgv   ut   Ihv   *<•**
Has   meagre     uud    unsa-tlautctocjl
i Siiiin-tliiikg OVer thive-Iilths ol tlm
globe  ia    COVel I'll    with  Wat-trr,    and
there in « grealei amount ot Ufa- fur
greater   both vegvtubi**   and unm .1
. in the witler Hutu on tht Und, und
I jet Hits BtofellOUM ol wonilw- itia
great   MVui mlii-jL   sail   ol   the   world-
: tutii baeiTalmokt unexplored    Huxley
I bud   awakened   interest   lu   the    dtttl>
mvk by thu euihu.-tiuitiic announce'
ment ul hia   uumua itmhybiui iho-
lury in tbe COUree uf examining ■*
' number   of   deep-wuter   dredging*    he
had discovered traces of a grey gelatinous iii.tsfj,    sumtjwhttl ivsviribliug
' protoplasm. ThiS he Ui'&igUMt-Hi the
' primeval living slime, the uuurguuiz-
I ed beginning  oi   lib*.     H  was u a"g-
I geatlou thai caught the inwrgloatiop;
bore deep in the sea bottom, in daik-
ness and cold, flouted, ue it hud flouted Irom the beginning, tbe essence of
life from which th* whole earth hud
beeu clothed with the green of pluuta
aud populated with thousands uf
varying tonus ol animal life. Aud If
ull life on land were to be laid low
in a night, here waited the slow,
dull life-Stock upou which could be
built anew the fabric of creation*
Hut when Sir John Murray aud ths
other scieiitlstk uu ihe Challenger bt*.
gun tu study the problem, they
found tlmt Huxley had been misled
by tbo fact that.strung alcohol, such
as hud been used for perservlng the
specimens collected, will throw down
a chemical gelulinuus precipitate
Irom aeu wuter: this flocculont nmss
Huxley bad erroneously called the
Jiuthv'hius. A beautiful theory was
thus demolished, but the structure of
facts reared in its place wus quite aa
Instead uf being tbe first place or.
the earth to be inhabited, the deep
sea, according to the conclusions uf
the scientists of the Challenger, was
tbe last. As life became multitudinous in shallow water, and competition for food grew stronger, the weak
Specie! were slowly driven iiilo th«
deeper, colder, and dark-sr depths of
the sea, whet* they could live their
lives with less Interference, nnd their
bodies heroine slowly modified* to
suit the new conditions. As a consequence, life is now found everywhere iu the sua. even in those awful
deeps   live miles   and   more below   tha
surface oi the water, The entire surface of the world's oceutis, thuugh
the wuter may seem ever so clear, is
titled with life. To a depth Of -BOO
fuel there are both animals and
plants; below that plant life ceaSt-a,
and   there   are   only   animals* In
deed.the whole seu surface I" a vust,
rich meadow which supports the life
oi countless millions of animals, both
in  the   surface     waters   and  on  tbe
ocean floor miles beneath.   These animal'--,   feeding   in     their   own  waving
green  pu.slurcs.   ars  in  turn  the prey
of  larger  animals,  ami in dying they
, drop down  where tbe slow,  crawling
I creatUrei of the groat depths are ly-
I ing in wait for them     If tt were not
for    Ibis    swarming     life,   tbe  ocean
would appear n dense black, for these
little creatures serve to reflect the
light of the sun and give the appearance of color io lhe water, lu the
greater depths of the sea. ns is now
Well   iistuhlishat.     there     Is   no   light
whatever, the niys ol the sun penetrating only a few hundred feet
SomeQfthe ti»h that live here have
therefore, developed a curious whip
like projection above their heads, on
the end* Ol Which grows a real lantern, a small bulb producing pbus-
phores.ini light Most of thorn hav#
bugs mouths, and mv ttu-y swim
ah,mt through the water other fish,
perhaps some of those which have developed ei ior uiuii sly Urge eyes are
lured *>tmight into th* cavernous
month of the luutern bcare, tbere to
be digested at leisure. Other fish
thei'O ure that creep their live* out
on the sea Hour, .sluggishly taking in
the OOIS and digewtiim Uie bits of
vegetable or animal substances that
remain to U after it has fallen
through   miles   of   sea   water Sir
John Murray thinks it probable thut
fully th*tft*-.pittr.ters of tbe deposits
now covering the ocean bottom have
passed thus through tbe uliuieutury
canals uf marine animals.
Forgot Their Surruw,
In hia autobiography, "The Milking
of au Ami'th-un," .lucob A. Ulis tells uu
amusing Itoiy of a visit he once made
to the house uf three sisters wboss
brother bad been drowned!
"It was a very hot July day, and to
guard against sunstroke I hud put a
cabbage leaf in my hut. On the way
over I forgot all about It, nnd the leaf,
getting limp, settled down snugly ou
my bead, like u ridiculous green skull-
cnp. Knowing nothing of this. 1 wus
wholly unprcpnred for the effect my
entrance, hatloss, bad upon tbe weeping family. Tbe young ludloa censed
crying, stured wildly and then, to my
utter bewilderment, broke Into hysterical laughter. For tho moment I
thought they had gone mad. For some
yours afterward the thought of It had
the same effect upon me tbat the cabbage leaf produced so unexpectedly In
that grief stricken home."
The Napkla.
Nothing Is bo humorous as the writings upon etiquette by people to whom
I sueh knowledge Is a sealed book.   A
[ cookbook which extends Its branches
of Information ln many directions is
responsible for tbe following: "Always
pin your napkin to your dress when at
dinner, that It may not full under the
table.   It may be pinned so that the
pin cannot be seen."
i    imagine a dinner table full of men
and women returning to the drawing
room, each Wearing a serviette apron
which he or she bas forgotten to uuplul
-New York Timet. „,
in the mldat of an election campaign, when fervid appeals ure being
made tu the hurny-bumleit soli of toil
and tbu »til«l> y«miimii, Lhe builders
of u great p|U)VlftUI the kuvsUttie in
Ibe urrh of u greater Dominion, to
rise up in their majesty ami might,
as free uien uf an Empire on which
the sun has difficulty In retiring lor
n night, It might be well for us to
remember i hat whiW "mm ate tht*(»•>■
pie," still ibe game of life, the strenuous life of a boiuu uiuUng. nut uui-
I,uihiing people, the lite ol -Cniuid*
was not played alone. "The •win-i*
of most of those larinn," wild a man
who knew the uQ.uif.ry and theetrug-
gles of early twill anient from a hill'
overlooking one of the mosl prosperous districts in Ontario "hav# second    wives. Why?      How    la
that ?" queried hie lompanion. "Oh!
Well, the limt died in helping to
make the farm."
lu the progress of Canada. In the
prosperity that haa come, in the
great future that la before us as tbu
youngest nation of the zone that has
given the world its motive force for
much that la beat In life, the wive*
of the men of Canada have dona
their part, says The Toronto World.
Comfort and even luxury now prevail
to a widespread extent throughout
the home-farms of Ontario, but
much of that comfort and luxury te
owing to the self-aacrifico and womanly devotion of the white-capped,
white haired Canadian wife and
mother who h«i lived through tho
buttles of field, flood and forest in
the hard-fought fight when Ontario
was won. The story can be read in
their eyes and in tha knotted flngera
that once were as white and soft as
their grantHUuflktera ars, and U is
much ol tte> UM* •! ti» ntkimt ol
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
I he Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area uf the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prict*. range from Si.oo to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.    These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
Th. .|.|irt-ii«if amount ol principal aid ial rest, except in Ibe
cite oi lands unifcr J2.50 in .ere. I. divided lain len in»i«lmenl» •■
■kowa in the table below; ihe lirsl lo be paid al Ihe time ol pur-
ch.*.e, me second on. year from date ol Ibe purch.se. Ibe Ihird la
two .ears and so 00.
The followini table .how. Ibe amount ol Ihe aanual instalment.
on I mi acres al dillereal prices under lhe .hove conditions:
Imi icn al S2..SU per icr, Isl insi.lmenl J.M.»S   0 equal intal'ts at SM.Ot
3.00     •• " 7I.W •• Ml.00
l*U     " " UM ■• 70.00
<«l     " " 15.8S •• -10.00
4.50      •• " 107.85 •• MOO
500      " " IMS " I00.M
Kimberlev is ""■'l)usincss antl shipping point lor Ihe
J North Star and Sullivan mines.
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsite Agents.
Cranbrook is "*c *Jivisional point ol the Crows Nest Pass
Railway and thc commercial centre ol South
East Kootenay.
V. HVDE BAKER, ownsile Agent.
For further Inlnrm.llon apply lo a-**'nls as above or to
A. TAYLOR, District Land Agent, Nelson, B. C.
Lands uader 12.50 per acre are sold
oa shorter time.
If the land I. paid for ia full al Ibe
time of purchase, a redaction Irom the
price will be allowed equal to len per
ceat oa lhe aawual paid la rxceu of Ibe
usual ca«b instalmeal.
Interest al ill per cenl will be
charted ia over due Instalments,
The Company bas also lol> lor sale
ia the foHawini town sites in Nasi K11111*
enay: Elko, Cranbrook. Moyclle, kilch.
eaer, Crestoa aad Klmberley.
The terms of payment are one-third
cash, and Ihe balaace in six and twelve
Kitchener is in the center of the great
Iron range aud the gateway to the White
Grouse copper fields.   J. T. BURGESS,
Townsite Agent,
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
You Save, Honey
"Royal Brand"
with this guarantee label attached
to the pocket of the
coat or overcoat.
E. A. Small ft Co., IU makers, arc founders la
Canada ol Tailor-made Clothing ready-to-wear.
It has taken years of careful training in tbe
manufacture of this Clothing, in order to reach
the perfection, which "Royal Brand" has
" Royal Brand " Clothing is now reaping its
just reward by its euomious sale front the
Atlantic to tbe Pacific.
Compare Fit, Finish and Value of " Royal
Brand" Clothing with uther makes, then ask
yourself which you will have ?
keid & Co., Agents Por Cranbrook
t'-h       m-
Where 3pyy]fl^mes from
In south America and Australia pasture is abundant and
oxen of the finest quality arc plentiful. Bovrll is prepared from
these oxen and the supply is so considerable as to enable the
manufacturers to use the beet mal.-ri ils at a nominal cost. It
Is prepared by a special process, whicli ensures the retention of
both the stimulating and nourishing: properties of the beef,
thereby differing from ordinary meat extracts or beef tea, which
merely stimulate without nourishing.
UUUI ll       Strengthens
and Builder •**.
All work laaraateed.   See us belore
ywbdld.   II will pay you.
Cranbrook, B C
Surveys „,	
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract,
P. 0. Port Steele, B. C.
Livery S
Proprietors ■** * *
Tennis anil driver, fnrnt.be-1 for .ny
point in the district.
Managar   J,   J,   J.
in all the
Towns in
P. Burns & Col
Wbolcute and Retill
Meat Merchants §
Fresh and Cured Meats Frtsh g
Fish, Game and Poultry.
We supply only the best.    Your
trade is solicited.
• iii Kffl^iassiEE^ m
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumbe
lta Empire Restaurant
Mrs-lames Shaw ft Campbell, Prop..
Meals and Lunches at all Hours
Home Made Bread, white
and Brown. Buns aad
Pastry of all kinds.
Next Door to Post Office
We have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
Undertaking: And
OruiliiMt** of Champion college of   U. S
Office ami Alorc, Aiken hlork,
it-ear Canadian ltfmk uf Commerce, Craubrook, li C.
UpholiKrlni aad Oenenl I urallurt RiH<rta|
Will atteml In nny work In the district
Agul lor the Brandon Mirbl* ind flriiltf
Worfcr   ToBbilonu. Hudtteiti, ttc.
S...IH*. feople Travel by ibe C. P. t.
Tbe shove three words lurni.h the re.
.on why Ihe C. I* R. is ron.i-lere'l the
IjMt ro.d aero*:, the continent.
Leave Cranbrook 3:40 p. m.
Arr. Winnipeg 2d day 8:50 a. m.
Arr. St. Paul 2d day 6:10 p. m.
Arr. Chicago .Id day <>M a. m.
Arr. Toronto 4th day 2:45 p. in.
Arr. Montreal 4th day h:,H> p. m.
Arr. New York 5th day 8:55 p. m
Close Conor,linn, for All Baiters I'oinl,
oftbin company are models of cleanliness and roii-Iorl antl are In charge ol
porters who endeavor in every way to
make tbe journey
These cars leave for lhe east as follows:
From Dunroore Jun-Hon dally (or SI. Paul.
Fr.ll Koaleniy l..ndln| Tuesday .ml Saturday hr Toro.to, Montreal and all Faster,
Further  Information    regarding  the
"Only Way" co he had on application,
Quo; Hit.MKH, Agent,
8. J. COVI.S. Cranbrook, II. C.
A. O. P. A., Vancouver, B. C.
J. S. Caktuk, tl. P, A.,
■vets-iii, B, C il 4 REID & COMPANY .* |
We wish our many customers
A Happy and
a Prosperous
Ill-All   OFV1CR!   ToKONTtt
Capital AuthorliciJ         S4.lMMI.U0U
Capital Maid l'p     2.MJ.I32
Kent         l,m,&S
IHHKI Tolls'
I. K. Mer.Ul,  PmldtD:. 1»   It. Wtlkte, \lce
I'rpsidHtil:   William    Itamnay,   ltril>,<it .liillny.
Willium HiMiilru', T. Sutherlm. I  Mav'-er, Kliat
i). u. Wilkin, lifnenti m .ii**.'.-I
£  Hay. Assistant llKiieral Manager.
w. Muttiii. luptetor,
\->ilti-\YtM atiU British Columbia
Cranbrook,Calgary, Wlnuhwg,liiamion. k<i-
iii»uliiii. hirlagn la I'ralne. I'un.-i- Allien. Ct*
Klna,    i:.-M-i-i,.kr-,     strati ii-tiiiu.   WXiskuvln.
i i>-i- i.. Nt'Niin, Ki-iii.isnii. \ iciniia, Vaii'-niivei.
s.i\ tu-. hank    ih-i-urtiiit-tii   lii'iiosii*. ni »t
ui upvmrui received ami imprest nQowetl
|K-t»-iitillP*)    I'n.mil-tal, .Miluii-llMil and other
debeutiiren iiuntuttft
tVltnnti in Unut Itrltitlu Lloyd's Hank. Lid ,
Ti l-"ll)liaril St.. I.Hiidnn. witli wi, iii minify
may in- ilepnglietl fur traimfpt by letter, or ctule
in,my »f the Above bnuiobet,
F. H. -MARSH, Nauier
-®-©-© r•>^•v-v*--f•",-(5v--(s,
Break ln Crockery Prices
Before taking stock on 1st February we want to dispose of
some of our Crockery and China stock and are prepared to
offer same at bargains. Besides many handsome pieces In odd
china, we have" much that is wanted for every day use and
the price should be some inducement for you to buy now.
Plain white, 4 piece toilet sets, $1.75
Fancy colored, 10 piece toilet sets, $3 and $5
Dinner sets, 17 pieces, $9, $10 and $11
Tea sets, 44 pieces, $5, $6 and $9
Odd cups and saucers, colored $1 per doz.
Odd basins, jugs and chambers, 60c.
Lots of little odds and ends you want and we don't.
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery
*»*>-**-*>^ *>■*>*>■*>♦*■*>'>'>*>*>■*>■*» ♦♦H*><«y-»;«>-»-***>
McSweyn & Griffith, Tailors
We keep a firstclass stock of Tweeds and Serges. The
designs are kept right up to the notch. The quality is
always the highest. Every bit wool, pure wool. People
like goods of that sort.   They ought to, it pays.
Cranbrook, B. C.
We Sell
Schlitz Beer
Fernie Beer
Guinness Stout
Bass Ale
Agents for
T. Lebcl & Co.
Hay and Qrain
Picked Up About the City  by  Anking
(JucHtioui ol Ma-ay People.
Write it i»/>3
l.iiix-i Mi Douell ul Morttssey was in
town yc-ncr-Jay.
Read the new ailvcrliaeiiu-Mtls In  this
issue ot Tlu- Herald.
fit, Durick, of Marysville, was in town
Tiieatldy Of latt week.
tatter Clapp is the  father of a baby
boy wbo arrive las'   Monday.
K A. McDonald, ol Moyie, was ln
town several days last week.
Sain Bill bus taken a position us rut-
ter in M< McIaoU* butcher ihop,
I'. Farrell has been in town the last
few days. lie expects In visit Winnipeg
Mrs. Charles Relit experts to |oin her
husband at Frank, Alberta, in a few
Watch night service will be observed
iu   the   Methodist   church    Wednesday
W. T. Reid expects bis mother soon
who will remain the balance of the
MeDERMOT & BOWNESS....       |
Wholesale Dealers In *$
A car load just received and we are
able to meet your demands in our
line. Mail orders promptly attended. ^
J. Harris begs to announce to the public that he is now
dealing in hay and grain and solicits a share of their support. I have also a large supply of POTATOES of the
very best quality and to clear will sell at ONE CENT PER
POUND. Keep your cellars full, prices will soon advance.
Leave your orders with
Just a little worn, eh? What you need is a new suit. One
that will wear, one that will look well at all times, and
that will not cost too much money. We can fix you out.
We have a fine selection of suitings to choose from and,
what is more, you can depend upon the quality.
Leask & Henderson
Tht aoth Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C
Dealer in
Poultry, Fish and Oysters in Season.
i)*-*-*--**- ■»*>»>■»•>■>»*>*>-*>
■>■•"» «*ti@  ©*•-*■•
Hotel S s
fluents Comfort a Specialty
flood Stabling in Connection
Nearest in railroad nnd depot,   Hub accommodations for the public unequalled in Crnnbrook.
*»'ji ^}***•.•*••.
Harry Ward of Fort Steele, was in
town this week.
Walter Wilson, late of Marysville, left
for Ferine an Suuilay.
C. I*). Reld, of Frank, spent Christmas
wiih bis family here.
T, T. McVittie, of l'ort Steele, was Id
town on Saturday last.
Geo. Leitch of Jaffray, spent Christ
nuts with his pareuls here.
R* Htrtz, the well knowu merchant of
iMuirissey, was in town Monday.
J. F, Armstrong, gold commissioner of
Fori Steele, wus in town on Sunday,
Mr. Calwell, Methodist misiioueiy,
Kunberley was In town un Tuesday.
Dr. Keith of Klko, has been visiting
friends in town during the past week.
B, liurden and Miss McLean of For
Steele, were in town visiting friends on
Sunday i
Geo. Laurie, of the Laurie Lumber
company nf Marysville, was In town this
Mr. Sutherland, school teacher of
Moyie, spend a few days in town thia
For rent, four room cottage, In west
part   of  town.     Apply  at   the Herald
ollice. tf
James Fen wick came up from JnlTray
to eat his Christinas dinner In Cranbrook.
The different churches had very successful Christmas entertainments this
Wm. Small of tbe C. P. K. shops
Mcleod, visited his family in Marysville
tills week.
Rev. Fortune and wife returned last
week from their visit to relatives in
Miss Jennie Richards, school teacher
of Jaffray, spent her holidays with her
parents here.
H. J miieson employed by the Moyie
Lumber compauy, spent Christmas with
his parents here.
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon and wife of
Wardner, were the guests of Mrs. Fen-
wick over Christmas.
W. S. Keay, customs officer at Fernie,
spent Christinas with bis mother ami
aud sisters in Cranbrook.
Dan McLeod spent several of the holt-
days with Cranbrook friends, who were
pleased to see him again.
W. Clark, painter, decorator and
paper hanger of Wardner, spent Christ
mas wiih friends in town.
Mrs. Joe. Lindsay of Marysville, has
been sick In hospital for the past week,
but ia slowly recovering.
Napoleon Royal, euginer on tbe Crow
left for hia borne in tbe east last Tuesday ou a month's vacation.
Kd. Home went to Frank. Alberta.
Christmas, on business (or tbe Bast
Kootenay Lumber company,
The big furniture sale held on the
23rd, was a success, greatly due to the
seductive  tone  of Mr. Hutchison, tbe
auctioneer.                                   '
N. Hanson came down from Wasa,
last Monday and remained a couple of
days, but returned in time to eat his
CQrtstmnB dinner at heme.
George Leask and Vlnce Lldilicoat
left last week for Spokane, where they
will live In tbe future. Cranbrook lost
two good boys In their departure.
The Cranbrook hotels all made special
efforts in the way of Christmas bills ot
fare aud as a result the men around
town were full up to the neak Christmas
11. Fddy, who has been employed by
the Laurie Lumber company, of Marysville, was brought down lo the hospital
on Ftiday last, suffering from a severe
cut in his foot.
The Kntre Nius club has Issued Invi
tut ions for a  dance   to  be   given this
Thursday evening.   It will ha a special
affair, and arrangements nre lieing made
for a in ago ifi cent time,
Fred Hazen and Al. Jones came down
from their claim on Matthew creek lo
spend Christmas in civilization. Tbey
ore running a tunnel in a body of graphite aud expect to strike silver deposits
A pleasant party was given the young
folks at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A.
Leitch Christmas evening.    Of course
F. K. King, brother of Uoclor and M
I). King, is spending the holidays iu
Tom Cavin got a passenger train last
Mouday, It was from hia friends and
made of tin,
Charlie Yundel returned to Craubrook
ast week, after ruuuing on tbe prairie
lor some time.
K.J. Peltier and family left for tbe
east ou the 24 h, to remain the balance
ofthe winter.
Krnle Brown and Napoleon Royal
have been given engines. liotti promotions were deserved.
Don't forget the Scotch entertainment
at Wentworth hall next Monday ulght,
Tickets on sale at Beattle's,
Malcom Leitch ol Oik Lake, Man.,
spent a few days in Cranbrook with relatives just before Christmas.
Subjects for next Sunday in tbe
Methodist church will be "A gift to
God."    "A New Year Resolution."
Rev. S J- Thompson and Mrs, Thompson will be at home to all their friends
ln Cranbrook on New Years day from
a p. m.
The offering at Christ church Christmas morning, which it is tbe custom to
present to the rector, amounted to the
sum of $35.
Fernie is tbe sporting renter for pugilistic bouts. The pugs seem to have a
cold weather snap in that town that
beats working.
Conductor Greeves came up from the
Hat to spend Christmas with his family.
As soon as he can secure a house there
Mrs. Greeves will join him,
W. H. Griffith left for Chisley, Ont.,
today to be gone several weeks. Before
he left be was inquiring what bouses
rented for in Craubrook.
Word has been received from
lames Ryan to the effect that he is enjoying himself, aud will probably remain
in California until February.
The Kpworth L» ague of the Methodist
church will give a New Year's social in
tbe church New Y tir'a evening at 8 p.
m.   Strangers cot :.ally Invited.
T. S. Gill, the well known engineer,
went to Morris, Manitoba, to join bis
family and spend the holidays. Mrs,
Gill and the children will return with
Charles Vroman left on the 23rd for
bis old home in Detroit, Mich, where
he will remain for some time, but expects to return to South Bast Kootenny
in the spring.
J. L- Parker has purchased n fine
ranch located near Plncher Creek.
Alberta, of Paul Haodtey. It is Baid to
be one of the best properties In that
part of the country.
Mrs. J. R. Bastln, wife of engineer
Bastien, removed to Moose Jaw, Alberta,
this week. She will be much mimed in
lhe Ladles Aid of the Methodist church
of which she was an active member.
The Chtislmaa music in the Methodist
church Is highly spoken of by those wbo
bad the pleasure of hearing it. "As good
as anything in the province" was tbe
comment of a gentleman visitor from
tbe coast.
The heavy weight of snow on tbe roc
ofthe rink caused a break down last
veek. As a consequence Ihe opening
of the place has been delayed, but it
will be ready In a few days. The band
will have charge this winter,
Mrs. S Richards and daughter Laura
went to Jaffray Christmas week to attend the holiday exercises of Miss Jennie
Richard's school in that place. MIbs
Jennie returned with the party and
spent the holidays at home,
Manager Rooties, ol tbe Cranbrook
hotel, had a magnificent spread Christ
mas evening, with the tables decorated
in a very attractive manner, antl one of
the neatest menu cards ever shown on
a table in British Columbia,
The merchants of Cranbrook had
a most satisfactory trade during the
holidays this year, people coming from
all the towns in this part of the district
to take advantage of the large and varied
stocks to be found in this town
One of lhe nentest pieces of decorat
ing down this year was at the market of
P. Burns & Co. The shop had heen
painted white inside, and was hung with
all kinds of meat, and decorated with
colored paper streamers and imitation
roses. On the floor was green sawdust,
tlie combination producing an effect
both attractive and pleasing. Tbe work
was done by Manager Sterritt and   Mr
The public schools will be re opened
ou January 51b,
Not for yturs has there been so* much
snow ns bus fallen in thit section the
past Mi weeks, and the alight thaw last
ck with the freeze that followed has
made magnificent slcddit'g. It is it
great boom tu the lumbermen.
Harry Neviu who bas been nt Mcleod
fur tbe past month oversetiug ibe excavating work tor tbe new court house
and jail at tbat point, returned home
last week to spMid ChrMtii'JS. His
brother Willl-m also nccuintianicd hitn.
Mr. McNally «ho bus charge of the
construction of lhe big saw mill at
Wardner, w s iu town Christmas. Mr.
McNally has done a vn*u tun on tit ol
work in this line, tint) is known nil ovi-t
the Western Btataa ami   Brltlab Qo)um<
Mis. W. J    lletidenon received the
sad Hewn last week of tlie d-rath   ol   bet
father W. T  Rowland ol Buffalo, N   V.
Mr, Rowland whs one ol tin* laigeil cattle
ekpoiters ul that place ami wii*>   loinifi
ly of Stratford, Ont.. in which place he
was burled.
A. Motlntt, district deputy for the A
I-1. -N. A. M., went to Windermere a week
ago to install a new Masonic lodge there,
accompanied by Iv II Small. Tliey re-
pott u magnificent trip, as lhe sleighing
was fine going both ways, and they
were roynlly enleitidued nt Windermere.
The heavy fall of snow this fall haa
set those owning stock in this district
wondering what tbe outcome will be.
Heretofore it was possible lo winter
stock with a little feed 011 tbe side, but
this year tbere is no chance for them to
gt-t at the grass, and loose cattle or
horses would starve lu a short time.
Mrs. Prest left last Saturday for Effingham, Illinois, where she will take n
course in photegraphy to 1 fit ct herself
on some uf the finer dentils of the wurk.
Tbe institution which she will attend is
the best of its kind ou the American
continent, and Mrs. Prest will be belter
filled than ever to do the latest and
best work on her return. She expects
to be tbere a month and will then go
east to visit the leading galleries of tbe
larger cities for farther Information)
returning to Cranbrook iu February.
-a*. •
everybody bad an enjoyable evening for   Netterfield, the cutter, and received all
the parties at that hospitable household   kinds   of   praise   from    tbe   admiring
. ..m   are always a sucess.
■ public.
Far Sale.
Twebty-four inch McGregor*Gourley
Planer aid matcher practically as good
as new, with shiplap, Homing nnd jointing heads. Reason for selling, putting
in larger machine.
Cotlon & Foster,
41 Crow's Nest, B. C.
Take notice that the undersigned have
dissolved the partnership here*to fore
existing between them at Marysville, 11.
C. under the firm name of McNeill it
Clayton. Edwin J Clayton continues
the business, collects all debts nnd pay
all liabilities ofthe firm.
Daled this 17th, December I002.
Alfred McNeill.
Edwin J, Clayton.
Cranbrook Lodge, No. ,H
A. F. & A. M.
Hei'iiiiir meetings nn tii
tblid Thursday of tii
Waiting hr-Miieni. wf-tli-omeii.
(lK.o. A. I.kiti'h, Spc'y.
will be closed for a few weeks.
Will be opened in February.... r
When you were a tadpole anil l wusaihii
In ilu- l*aliit*.-/-*li- time,
And side hy side on the sIiikuIhIi ih'e
We spruwled thru' the ooze ainl slime—
Mindless we lived, nml mindless we loved,
Airl mindless nt last we died,
Anddt*e|)in Hip rilt of a Carudoc drift
We slumhereii side hy side.
Then life by life, mid :ove hy love.
We passed thro* tin- cycles si ramie;
Aud biemli hy bri-utli, nml dfiilh hy death
We Jul lowed tin* chain of cllllliue.
Our life Isolil-Olir l»ve Isold,
And d'-iilii shall niu if nmalii,
should it come today, what iimnstiull say
INSntAM'lvls mitnitnln!
Palmer & Arnold
For Insurance
Canadian and American
Saw Mill Machinery
Pl.nlnf Mill Machinery
Saah and Hour Machinery
Umber Dry Kline
Blowera and Exhanst Fana
Sle.m and (iaaoline Enginea
Holallnf and Elevating Machinery
Iron Working Machinery
Automatic Saw Filling Machinery
Shurley a Dietrich Mill Saws
Everything high grade
Wrlle ua
. . Winnipeg, Man.
Mo-it women would sooner In* out
ofthe world than out ol Ilie fashion.   The newest fa-hion toilay is
The newest bread today is the
It's nood and we want  It  to become as popular as the other Gibson eflects.    Try a loaf.
A.  R. O1BS0N,
The City Bakery, oppoilie M. E. Church
It does not cost anything, only a little time, but don't
bring your money with you, because if you have your
money you cannot help
Buying a pair of our shoes. It is a common expression when a new customer enters our store, "You
keep a splendid line of shoes here, the best in town.
When I want another pair I will come and see you."
We are giving our shoe department special attention
and can give you anything irom a miner's boot lo the
most up-to-date shoe on the market. Give us a call.
We consider it no trouble to show  goods and il will
! please you to look at them.
It Pays to Deal With Beattie
Now is the Time to Read...
After the rush of holidays comes the
reading; time. Improve your mind.
I have the best line of books, cloth
and paper bindings, ever brought to
this section. Call in and look them
R. E. Beattie, The Druggist C
1st $50   2d $30   3d $20
j That is the way the money will go.    You buy $5 worth of
j goods from us and pay the cash and get a key.   When the
j keys are gone you bring in yours and try it on the RED BOX
j If it opens it and you are the first, you get $50, if it is the 2d
11 you get $30 and third you get $20.   The money is in the box
| j waiting for you,   .*•   A case of something for nothing.
1 ffi I <S* i ® I it)! <S I IS I ® I ® ! ® J S I 0 ! IS I ® I © I f?.! (-5) I ® IG I ® | © | ® | ffi | @ | ® | ® I ®
wiw i vivi viwI♦ I wI wI♦ I♦ I wI♦ I <§> K*' i <*• I <i>\ ■•• I <S>I w14>\w\ 9 \-i>\<t>\ ? i
beg to call the attention of the public to the fact that they are
now prepared to act as CUSTOM HOUSE BROKERS for
the Outport of Cranbrook. They have had a supply of the
proper forms printed; these forms cannot be obtained elsewhere.
i«i *: * i <s> i «■ i»i *s> i ® i -»I <s> I«i ® i * i *s i <-*, I * i»i * i *-* i ,-.*, i ,!* i ,i, I * |,--, I <j, |,_,-
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J. R. DOWNES. Prop.
Heated by furnace.
Comfortable rooms.
Convenient location.
The bar Is supplied with only J
the best and we keep n com- ax
plete line. J
When you visit Cranbrook stop at Ihe        9
Nunc Better In the District
Kates il and up.    .Short Orders and Oysters
served In any style front IS p. in. to A it. in.
The table is the best, the rooms are unsurpassed for cleanliness and comfort and the bar is supplied with the best brands
of liquors and cigars.
L. B. VANDECAR, Prop.        !


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