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Cranbrook Herald Apr 25, 1918

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THURSDAY, APRIL 26th, 1018
ckemtin mm
Tlie charge against J. Brault, proprietor of tbe Canadian Hotel, "by
himself, Iiis clerk, servant nr agent,
keeping for sale liquor" was disposed
We learn that ihe Membership Committee of the Board of Trade is about
to make n canvass of the city for the
purpose of enlisting member--, aud cot*
Tliu City Council held a apodal
meeting on Tuesday ovcnlng, BtVrcl
Inn taut.
Tho estimates for the year were
passed, amounting iu all lo 178,808.711,
this total being made up ;ih follows*.
Finance    $15,772.08
Fir* Department
His Honour Judge Thompson 1ms
now  handed down  Judgment   lit  the
nine of McGltllvrny vs Staples l.um
0,810,001 1,,r Company.
Policy        4,800.00
Works and  Property   ..
Health and ttollof 	
Sewerage    *.,.
School Board	
Debenture Kepuyments
in Hits action the Plaintiff sued tor
wages, ami the defendants maintained
Ihat  lie was only entitled to an hu
(■reuse hi  wages provided his stayed
through tiie season.
His Honour has given judgment for
of by Justices of the Peace H. White' lecUn6 »•>• aunuaI wtftcrlptlon fee of
and N. W Burden on Wednesday, nve d°n«8* Th. Board of Trad*, is an
when the case was dismissed. Mr.' "■■*■■■"■•«'• xlia» deserves the lotyl
J. Spreull prosecuted and Mr. A. B. •,",,K)rl of ugl oul>' tllj ■>«»»»•»■ ■»<■'■•
Macdonald appeared for Mr. Brault. j b,lt of otner vla'iWS ot mPn* wll° con-
The facts brought out In the evi- 8ld" t*Mnie»vM OltlMll of the town
deuce which was heard some few «&•• who have the wo|ftre of the com.
weeks ago, were to thc effect that' munU? "l n8ftrt And when the mem-
Mr. Braulfs bartender had had eer-l ^er8ll,p ('nn-mittee pass.-* around wu
tain transactions In liquor with var
ioUB men staying al the Canadian Hotel, but It was not shown that Brault I•atere8''
had anything to do with these transactions. Mr. Brault went Into the
witness box und denied all knowledge
: sincerely trail thai there win be no
. slackers, However, do not let your
the  Hoard  of Trade  end
with your subscription, The Hoard
■■ needs   your   moral   support   as   well
as your financial support and you can
81.878.78   the
| lus week, and which was adjourned
. in order that there might be a view
Plaintiff with costs.
(■. .1. Sprout appeared for the plain-
Total  $78,203,711 ■ tiff.    A.  B.  Macdonald appeared for
The Kato by-law was passed, fixing! thQ defendants.
tho rates as follows: » # #
School   Bate—six   and   seven-tenths
School  Debentures—one  and  seven-
tenths mills.
Health—one mill.
Debenture   Repayments-fifteen   and
two-tenths mills.
General—seven and eight-tenths mills.
Total—thirty-two     and     four-tenths
mills on the dollar.
While the rate or tax-.tion is slight-
ly higher than last years rate, which
was twenty-nine and six-tenths mills.
It should be borne in mind that whero-
ls in past years thc cash discount was
small, the allowance for payment ol
the current year's taxes on or before
June 30th amounts to one-sixth of
the  total  amount  levied.    This  discount  should  result  in   taxes  being
paid within thc time limit for taking
advantage of tho discount and rate-
payers making settlement In this way
tated that lie had I'
to   his   bartender
of the matter and
given Instructions
not to sell liquor.
The case for the  prosecution  was
that it was of no consequence whether
* » j Brault    had   given    instructions   or
The fa«e of Jones & Doris vs J. O | whether his bartender was acting with
Ingham which was before the Court | his  knowledge or consent.    Numerous cases were quoted to show that
the occupant of the premises are as
of the work done, has now been settled out of Court.
W. A. Nlsbet appeared for the plaintiffs; (I. J. Spreull appeared for the
The Regular Monthly Meeting of the
Retail Merchant's Association was
will find that the ratepayers of taxes' held in the Council Chamber at the
actually payable will bc less than in I City Hnll last Friday evening.
; A communication from Mr. J. B.
i Henderson, postmaster, to the super-
j intendent of railway mail service,
\ Vancouver, In connection with the un-
give this by attending the monthly!
meetings held In tlie City Hall on the
first Tuesday after the first day of |
each month and take part in thi
discussion of the various mutters
brought to the attention of the Board'
for the welfare of thc Community.!
The officers alone cannot conduct the
affairs of the Board of Trude success-1
fully. They must have the support
liable under section 88 of the BritishI0' the bl,s,np*s m™ ot ""- town so!
Columbia Prohibition Act If anyone tlint 1Uh u'] t0 ***ou Mr- Business-man
in his employ or who was suffered I "nd Mr- ntfzon t0 Shoulder the re-1
to bo or remain on the premises com-! s,,ons!bilUy of mflk*»F &* Bonrd ofj
mitted an offence against the Act.    ! Trade a 8Uccesa or a f,iihire-
The defencee took the ground that.' —.-.-...
the ordinary rule of law should prevail, that anyone could not be found ■
guilty unless a guilty knowledge or!
Intent was proven against him.
The prosecution replied that thc
knowledge or intent was of no eon-
Written arguments we,re submitted
by Counsel on Wednesday morning
and the point having been raised for
the defence that thc accused was before the Court without any warrant or
summons having, been issued against
him, thc magistrates adjourned to
give the matter consideration.
On returning to Court in the afternoon the magistrates decided against
the technical point raised by the
defence but acquited the accused on
City Engineer W. H. Hassle has tendered his resignation, and nn advertisement   appears  elsewhere   jt*   this
issue catling for applications  for  a, Hfltlfiractor>.    raa„    Bervice   between | the  ground  that  they   considered  it
sujeessor to Mr. Eassle. Cranbrook    and    Kootonay    Central I necessary   to   show   that   there   was
Tho Council decided to call for ten- j ,lninlfi waK r(,nd bv tl)e Socretary aiuij «ome guilty knowledge or consent
; was the subject of considerable dis- j on his part and sufficient evidence
i cussion, This matter has been taken had not been brought nut to prove
! up with the post ofllce authorities at | this.
ders for painting the roof of the
City Hall and renovating the Interior
of the building.
In connection  with the ^JjPjSg   Q ^ ^ ^ RflM Ma|,,
memorfal to (ranbrook men who ifflv*  Service o(ncp J £JJ£ and Vancou.] u,
laid down their lives in the Great War.
it ls desired to secure a complete list
of Cranbrook men whose names
should be placed on this memorial.
Many Cranbrook men enlisted at various points throughout the Dominion
nnd the relatives and friends of those
who have fallen are .requested to
communicate with the (-Ity Clerk In
order thut the record may be complete
vtr. by the Cranbrook Retail March- CASE
ants Association, thc Cranbrook Board '
of Trade, tlie Windermere Board of
Trade and our local postmaster, Mr.
Henderson, and in spite of our combined effort's to have the present rot-
system remedied,   the post office I -W»« on TueH(la>-
The annual meeting of the ('ranbrook Tennis Club was held In tht
City Hall, Tuesday evening. April lfith
which was well attended.
The Secretary presented the financial report for lust year, which showed thc Club to be In good standing.
The election of officers for the ensuing ye:*r was as follows:
Hon. President—Mr. R. B,  Beattie.
President—Mr.  N. A.  Walllnger.
Secretary-Treasurer—Mr. A. Ha*
CommltM*— Messrs. Burgess, Puley.
and I). Kay, and Miss Muriel Walllnger.
Ijidios Committee—Mrri. .McKowan,
Miss Woodland, Mlns McBride, Miss
Hamilton,   Miss  Cartrrlght.
Among  other  matters   brought   up
Y. M. V. A. MAY 7. 8, fl.
Remember your boys on tlie above
dates through the Red Trinaplt* Fund.
l*t your donations be large and generous. Cannda is asked for $2,850,000
on these dates for Y. M. C. A. woik
overseas. The Crows Nasi District
(Crows Nest to Kootenay Landing)
Is apportioned $10,000. Yen will
shorten tho war by putting heart Into
your boys through the home atmosphere carried by the Y, M. C. A. right
to the front line tranches We imve
the highest testimony that no other
organisation In tlie army has* steadied, stimulated, -and "put efficiency
into the men. as lias tlie Young Men's
Chrtsilrn Association. Lieut-Col. tier-
aid 11 Dirks, the head for this great
V. M. C, A.i Army organization, is now
In Canadr. thrtttlng men und women
wRJi hhi stories of the heroism of the
hoys at the front, and the devotion of
his association and stuff. Now is the
time to hearten him and send him
back to the boys with a message of
(he  devotion   of  those  at   homi   and
its capacity to greatly extend  tho
Y. M. C.  A, army enterprise nt the
1*. Lund a Son lias purohogod the
Lumber yard and premises formerly
owned by tho Partners Lumber Co.,
The property Is located at the corner
of 3rd Aventto nnd 17th Street, Loth*
bridge. This Is one of the best appointed lumber yards hi the West.
The firm has nlso procured a trackage
site Immediately north of the yard for
unloading and storage purposes.
Mr. Peter Lund will now make Lethbrldge the headquarters for his many
ten i
officials still remain   impassive   and
heedless to our earnest solicitations.
It was decided that the   Merchants'
Association and the Boards of Trade
persist  in their   demands    nnd   the
Secretary wns instructed to tnke the
matter up with l>r. S. Bonnell, the
Federal  member  for  Bast  Kootenay.
with a request that he personally interview the Postmaster General with
the object of having the mail service
between   Cranbrook    and    Kootenny
Central points placed on a more sat-!
lafactory basis;  and the only satis-;
factory arrangement would be to have
all   malls   between    Cranbrook   and
Kootenay Central points conveyed dir-j
ectly in and out of Cranbrook by t hcl
Kootenay Central trains.
Mr. Archie Rftworth introduced a '
subject which in the opinion of all
present was very opportune and one,
that demanded the Immediate attention of this Association nnd this was j
in reference to a certain element a-
round town known as knockers. These
peopl-3 although getting their living
In iti  ■*,. were con rmally knock!
lug !'     UifPrc IS no dou!t tha! ther'
was a 'v.in oi pesslml
to 11 iii.ri'*'* ii' air aro nd Cranbro-)!- I
The adjourned hearing of tlie charges against Joseph Buchanan, proprietor of the Cross Keys Hotel, and Wll-
helm Llnd, bartender, came on for
The point woe
raised that
Under the B. C. Prohibition Act, thf
police have power to enter am. search
without a warrant, but a warrant It
necessary before making an arrest
and charges of having liquor for sale!
for discussion was the question of
holding Saturday afternoon teas.
After much discussion both for and
against, it was decided that the ladles
should supply refreshments consisting of tea and white and brown bread
and butter only.
The  courts  are  now  In   excellent
shape for play and prospects are good
j for a successful season.   The Club Is
I making a special effort to obtain new
members this year and anyone desir
ous of joining the Club should inter
view Mr. .A. Raworth. Secretary.
in these two cases were withdrawn by |
the  prosecution.    Incidentally  there
after   charges   were   again   laid   and I ■-■■■■■  _.j
warrants sworn out.    Buchanan and) Singh vs. Staples Lumber Co. I would
Lind were therefore arrested, formally released on the necessary recognizances and the charges will be
heard on Tuesday next. Mr. Spreull
Is rcprcsentliiK the City authorities,
and Mr. W. A. Nishet is Counsel for
the accused.
have arrived at the same conclusion
thut His Honor Judge Wilson did.
This case, however, materially differs
from that of Oddum Singh vs. Staples
Lumber Co. In the latter case the
evidence of the witnesses Davis and
Crosby was clear and distinct as to
the terms of hiring. It was a positive
statement made from memory nor
were they In the slightest degree
shaken iu cross-examination. In the
case before me I believe that both the
plaintiff and Mr. Elmore Staples were
telling what they believed to be the
truth. Neither one was shaken In
the slightest degree in cross-examination. Mr. Staples, however, says very
frankly   that   he  did   not    remember
.i >n'it a ivfli-i or ten dtiys   ago
pn m'1,1. i \  to ttie unexpected
ti'    «v;ii   ijiicI taken, hut it appeared
■■ 'lav*   rfi"lc-d some /topic to t'.
extent of knocking 'he (own.
it was decided that an anti-knockers
campaign should he Inattguratod, and
some means adopted to educate the
people to do a little hnottlng. The
secretary submitted the following letter us a starter along these lines:
"If you live and do business in a
town, for heaven's sake be loyal to it.
If the town furnishes yon with food
und shelter, boost it; speak well of It;
stand by It; and stand by the Industries It represents. If put to a pinch,
nn ounce of loyalty is worth a ton of
clever knocking.   If you must vllllfy,
W. A. Nisbet for plaintiff.
(>. J. Spreull for defendant.
This is an action for wages.
Thc Plaintiff was employed by the
Defendant Company at thc rate of 4f>|ni) tho conversation, and I concluded
cents per hour. Sometime early In from the evidence he gave und from
i that seem .1, ,*,f moM\x 0f June he spoke to Mr his uncertainty as to thc conver.sa-
Elmore Staples, manager of the De- tion that his statement is bused not
(endant Company, demanding an in j HO much tiyon his memory as upon
crease to -tH cents an hour. This wu> deduction that in as much as it was
on Saturday.   Mr. Staples told him to j the rule to give a bonus provided th«'
activities. He has now under con-1 condemn and eternally disparage,
struotlon a commodlus resilience on .pack your trunk and got out, and
lhe corner of i;th Avenue and Kith when yon nre on the outside knock
Street South. ' to your hearts content.   But as long
The lumber firm ure opera tins turn-' ns you arc n pnrt of this community,
her yards at several country points i bo a real man; do nol condemn It.   Ul very slmlli.r.   He also tefora ml)
s  "'
wait fe-r two or t'.iree days and he
! would decide the matter. On Monday
they met again. The Plaintiff sweare
that Mr. Staples told him that ll was
all right and he would get 4H centi>
an hour from the 1st or June. Mr.
Staples swears that m herease to 48
ceuta was given provided that Plaintiff sti.yet'. until October. The Plaintiff was paid for thc month of June al
the rate of 48 centi ;■« hour. Ho lefi
prior lo October and now demands:
pay at tha rate of 48 cents. The Defendant Company tender payment at
the rate o: 46 cents and countercla'm
by way of dumnges for over-payment
for the month of June.
Mr. Macdonald refers n.o to th j decision of His Honor Judge WHfloii in
the ease of Odium Singh vs. Staplos
Lumber Company, which Is a case
with Head Ofllce ami general ells-' you do you are loosening the tendrils
trlbutlng yard at LoUlbridge, This'thm hold you as part of the corn-
firm is ulsio operating a 1500 acre farm niunity. and when the first high wind
near Conldale, which la being managed' comes along yon will he unrooted and
by Roger C. Lund. Mr, Lund's eldestI blown far away; and probably you
eon, Arthur A. Lund, left for Overseas W-H nfiVpr know why."
last fail with a battery draft from The Secretary was Instructed to I fact should receive credit In prefer
Calgary and Is now at the front, Mr. I have one thousand of tho foregoing ence to those who testify to the nega
Peter Lund, Ihe senior member of the, printed  In  circular  letter  form  nndjUve."
firm,  divides  his  time  between   his; Riven to tlie merchants for dlstrlbu-      With my decision In Standard Ltim-
rancbing operations tn H. C. and the  -Ion. |ber Co. vs. Lesert, I still agree and
Ltthbrldga atfict. i (Continued oa pa«* burl wtra I ilttlng m tha ease at IHMu*
my own decision In the ens? of Standard Lumbar Co. vs Dexert, where I
base my decision on ills authority of
Le Felimtis-Um vs Bc-iuriuin, 28 S. C.
It. 89. "The testimony of a credible
witness  who swears  positively to a
employee stayed until a certain fixed
tlm'\ some agreement must have bi en j
arived at at the time when thc |
Plaintiff was given thc raise In wages, ■
The proof of the positive statement Is'
not clear fend distinct, but. as I be- j
lieve, based upon deduction other than
memory, and Is therefore clearly dis-'
tingulshtible from Oddum Singh vs.
Staples Lumber Co. I
1 atiggested at the Trial that some
simple form of agreement should be
entered Into between the Company
and the employee, signed by the employee at the time the agreement as j
to bonus Is made. This would obviate any question as to the terms of
tho agreement. •"•'
It Is unfortunate thut thc evidence
in this case was not taken down by a
stenographer as the notes of evidence
may not clearly show upon what I;
base my finding that Mr. Staples';
statement Is hased upon deduction i
rather than memory. 1 make tills
finding, however, upon the evidence;
given by the witnesses.
I direct-judgment to be entered In
favor of the Plaintiff ln thc sum of'
One Hundred and Seventy-three andj
13-100 Dollar;; (9173.12), with costs to
be taxed.
A list of gardtn plots available for
cultivation has been prepared. Anyone Wishing to secure a garden can
obtain particular? at Beale & El well'8
• * *
Miss Hayes expects to reach t'nui-
brook on Tuesday, May 21m. Arrangement-- are beins made for a series of lectures anil demonstrations on
the date named and following days.
Air, w. c, Adlard is organizing a
Garden club, the members of which
are scholars of the Methodist Church
Sunday School.
* * *
The Canada Pood Hoard is in receipt of a cable from Lord Hhondda.
British Pood Controller, in which lie
"We cannot achieve victory without
Food. There never was a time when '
It was more needed."
Messaues nf this character should
result in every householder using
every available square foot of ground
in his garden for tlie purpose of raising food-stuffs.
* t *
"It is no longer a question <>f des-..
troylng Prussian Militarism . but'
whether Prussian Mlllltnrism will do-1 '
stroy the Allies and dominate Kurope'
and Asia."--Viscount Mtlncr, British
War Cabinet.
The answer to this question is the
food produced lu North America,
♦ # *
There was a well attended meeting
of the Cranbrook Food Conservation
Committee on Thursday last. In the
absence of His Worship tho Mayor. ,
the chair was occupied by Mrs. H. A
McKowan am) considerable business
was disposed of during the evening.
Mrs. j. W. Burton, Mr. C, W. Hatta-  '
more and Mr. M, A, Beale have recently been elected members of the Com-   ,
mil tee.   Mr. Fl. S. Shields' name was M
added   to   the   Labor   Sub-Committee
ut tlie meeting.
A supply of bulletins giving in* ■ J
'tructions regarding preserving vegetables, otc,. also with regard to war-
meals, substitute foods, etc. ure being
procured aud will ho available very;
shortly. Literature on small gardens
can be procured from the Secretary,
on application,
• t *
..„    THPSE.HK^S     .        ,
Scutch   Scone*
One .'.nd one half cups war flour;
one cup mushed potatoes (these seem,
better when used while warm); one
third cup shortening; two teaspoons j
baking powder; one half teaspoon
salt; one egg; bake in a quick oven,    i
Oatmeal Bread.
One cup oatmeal cooked in two cups
boiling water. When conl add one
cup mashed potatoes; one teaspoon
salt; one naif yeasU-uke; one tablespoon shortening; two tablespoons
molasses (or not. as preferred l: war
flour to stiffen.
* • *
Not Charity   II  I» War.
This is not charity, this thing. Food
Control. It is war- The Allies have
a right to demand it. They have a
right to resent the offer of only what j
Is "left over." Those who are fight- j
ing a common buttle for civilization
and common protection have a higher
claim than Lazarus had to only tin j
"crumbs that felt from the rich-man's
table." The Canadian people must
get the right ethics of wartime Pood
Control—K. B. Roberts in "Food Control or Famine."
• • •
The following Is contained in a recent Ordcr-in-Council. copies of which
have been received by the Mayor.
Police Magistrate and Chief of Police;
"The wilful waste of any food or I
food products where such  waste results from carelessness, or from the ;
manner of storage thereof, or is due
to any other avoidable cause, Is here,
by  prohibited.    It shall  be  the duty
of each municipality in Canada to en-1
force this regulation within its municipal limits."
That this Ordcr-in-Council  applies
nol  only  to  stores,  warehouses  und
similar premises Is evident by the in-;
elusion of the  words "private residence" In  the regulations.
Further, the Canada Food Board i>-:
given power to prescribe the qunnti- j
ties of food or foorj products that may i
be purchased or held by any person
and may seize any food or food pro-
duct thereafter purchased or held in j
excess of the amounts so prescribed,
nny food so seized being forfeited and
disposed of as the Board may direct.
* • *
Tn Pred :m,MUt Soldier*.
A careful computation of the reduction In the consumption of beef, bacon
and flour, by means of tiio compulsory
regulations of public eating places In
Cangda, and voluntary co-operation
tn the homes, shows that the amount
saved Is mifficlcnt to provide these
foods for an army of MtO.fififr men.—
Canadian  Food Bulb-tin.
| lm   1A"*  "^'xi-INw irftf^sa **\sftm mt^immm>%M>—d^Mlfl
Provincial Lltmiry ot
unit,,:. , .nimbi-, au? a-is
Special display of
Fashionable New
Hats on Sale at
$4.00 each.
McCreery Bros.
t Dry Goods and Clothing Store I
i1 ii*Hii>^|,i tulip »»«A» wi^smQ
0"*»V mft' —*V
Fishing Tackle That's Fit for Fishing
Th,' f'lm-st Slock of r'l-li Ing Tackle o.r slinivn in (run.
lirimk.   Tu sine .Ural i-   I'utrloli". use niir 'Isliiug tnckli-
CraBbrook Drug & Book Co.
I'linni- :,.  Niaht Phonp?. ,11 sod 396,      ff. J. ATI KlftHV Hiuccr.
1'iin'l nail until the <i<i|ihcr* Inni- (Icntrofcd )mir (*ro|,-i
—Vim drslni) the Gopher lij ii-iiiir
"My Own" Gopher Poison
Absolutely guuruntccil to kill.     Price ...  ,ir |ier packet
Hi- linve also a large stock -It anil I" GOPHER THAI'S
"O. H. Thompson,
Horn*? BritiHh CelaMbU "Why*."
Th* foliowti| qiicitfnnrt from a Van
couver newspaper Indicate an Increasing realization iu British Columbia
of the need for Increased food \ reduction:
Why. does British Columbia have to
rat Alberta beef for .six months of the
Why is 80 per cent of British Columbia's bam and bacon Imported from
Alberta,  Toronto  and  Seattle?
Why is no per cenl of British Colum
bin's lamb and mutton Imported from
the United Stntes?
Why Is most of British Columbia's
supply of turkeys, gecac, ducks and
chickens imported from tin. pralrlos,
Ontario and tin- Culled Stbtos Middle
Why does British Columbia semt
U.oiki per day to Alberta for butter
and eggs?   Canadian Food Bulletin     !
M.  C,  A.   WITH   TIIK
The Italian Army Una been the last
of the great fighting forces io offer
tiirir camps to the Young Men's Christian Afit-OCtatlon. During tlie last few
weeks JH,000,000 lias been appropriated by tlie International V. M. 0. A. for
work among tlie Italian army, and
joo secretaries sent lo Italy to give
overnight to that work. During the
coming campaign May 7. ft, 9, for the
purpose of raislnc in Canada $2,2r*n.-
000 for V. M. C. A. overseas work our
Italian Cltisoni should have no hesitancy In subscribing liberally to this
Bed Triangle fund for relief of their
fellow countrymen In tlieir untold suffering in defending the noble traditions nf Italy. PAGE TWO
THR8DAY, APRIL 25th, 1918
A. Beale, Editor and Secretan
I). A. Kay, Maiiagrr
Cmnbruok, B. »'.. April 9ftth, l»ls
may com*: from a variety of causes
usually sewing or tasks that require close application ot the eyas
on any Particular object. 3ome-
tiuies li comes from tryinpr to read
iu an imperfect light. No matter
what the cause, we can cure It by
the fitting of correct Glasses to
children's eyes. But—don't delay!
Bring them here at once.
Raworth Bros.
Next to Post Ofllce
V. V. ll. Watch Inspectors,    Opticians
The following "Tin Ways to Conserve" ure suggested by the staff of
.Macdonald  College:
1—Cut the bread at the table and
as required.
2- Save the crumbs from tht bread
hoard. You will be surprised to see
how  many  there  are,
;i Take a little lea*- butter than
you thiult you will need- U will probably he the right amount,
4—Eat   one   more   polato  and   on
less slice of bread,
u—Eat one more teaspoonful of por j time to
twenty-throe long years, He held
western Europe from the Mediterranean  to  tlu   Baltic.    At  one  time, and
that when Napoleon was strongest,
Britain had no allies. Russia deserted her in 1807, Her tuxes were crushing. Her people complained of famine. Croakers talked of n hopeless
struggle with ruin at the end. Compared with those dayo ours arc bright.
The great nation against which we
contended a hundred years ago is today our ally. France Is with us In
this war to crush military tyranny
and will be to the end. The United
States with its boundless resources
j has come Into the struggle and her
military strength is only beginning to
| be felt. We have on our side, two
j other great powers. Italy nnd Japan.
' In men and resources we are vastly
i superior to our enemy. It will take
itrlke effectively but nothing
ridge aud half a slice less of toast,    j like the time it took a century ago,
0—If you need (?! sugar in tea ot I To our ancestors this would nnt seem
Tilt:  110311
Kullt. Frame, I'rou.
i-'ri'sli Brood,
I'nkt'K, I'll'*
mul I'
Pilous 37
Norbury Ave.
Opp City Hall
Meets In Maple; Hall second
Tuesday of every month at 8
p. m.
Membership open to Brltisn
Visiting members cordially
E. Y. Brake.        J. F, Lower,
President. Secretary
coffee take what is required to sweeten it. Do not leave a spoonful in the
hnllom of your Clip,
7—-Fat  Is  scarce  today.    Do  not
leave the soap lying lu water.
8—Do nol eat more than yon need,
Kai  what you require, you will fool
better and do better work.
9—Leave a clean plate.
10—Eat  slowly.    Food  well  masticated supplies more nourishment to
the body, consequently less food is ro-
j quired.
| Add one of these suggestions to the
| various ways you have of conserving.
Never lose sight of the fact that It Is
I the individual who must save the sit*
! nation.
like a long war.
Our danger Is lest wc grow weary
by the delay. We owe a stern tenacity
! In the fight to the men who con-
j fronted trials heavier than ours. At
1 last they triumphed. We, too. shall
! triumph If we but continue strong.
I and resolute.
0. A. building ln the Empire so situated—makes its service of inestimable
value. The men do not always wont
to run up town; frequently they cannot get leave to do so. Here, close at
hand are fine, large, beautifully furnished premises giving them free privileges that many of thc most exclusive
clubs afford. The place Is doubly
attractive to men due to tbe fact that
no irksome rules and regulation! are
Imposed. Thc boys are free'to tOffet
such arduous duties as coaling, ditty
weather, long watches and clos.*, un-
comfortable quarters.
As a <hiss naval men are highly
educated and accomplished, every ship
having its quota of talented musicians and entertainers, One man In
particular who ia employed on a mine
sweeper Is ex-organist of an English
cathedral. Others are former "foot-
light" favorites who are in great demand at the various entortalnments
and concerts conducted under the
auspices of the "Y" secretary. Many
of the men who have Joined the Canadian Navy, Imve done so as a means
of dolna their "bit." They were unaccustomed to the discomforts of a tea-
faring life. To all of them the Hut
Is a great blessing, a buffer to counteract the hard knocks of their tot and
u place where thoy can retain their
boyhood and strengthen and develop
their manhood.
The disaster which laid waste such
Meets In the
Parish Hall
(Irst Tuesday
afternoon of
every month
at :t p.m.
I'res., Mrs. W-
B.   McFarlane.
Secy, Mrs. J. W. Burton, P. 0. Box 621.
All ladles co-dlally invited.
MUM.AW \ m:\voLF
Civil mul Mining Engineers
li. C. Land Surveyors
If vou want satisfaction
with vour washing
send It to
Knt'cial prices for family
A retreat Isn't nearly so bitter i
pill to swallow when it Is merely tin
preliminary to an overwhelming ad
vnnce.   And that Is what everyone Is! a large section of the City of Halifax
expecting for tho Allies on the west-[in December last, did not spare the
ern front, i Y.  M.  C.  A.   Hut  ln  the  Dockyard.
  > After being opened for only a fort-
No w that the new ordcr-Jn-council j nIS,lt- *t was educed in the explosion
Is In effect governing unruly tongues  to   ft mass of    Quivering   splinters.
and pens for thc period of the war,
Henri  Bourassu  might  as   well   fold
Up his tent like the Arab and silently
With Russia crushed and helpless 1 «lwl ow°y *nt° the northern wilds of
t the Teet of Germany and Germany |■■•« niUlvp province.
on dinting a  great offensive  on the —	
""" '■'" "'" u      In Australia u company of six htm
passing  through
i dred women have offered to enlist for
fighting service, If tlie authorities will
i take them. Of course It will not be
i permitted, but what a slap in the face
[ their offer must be to the Australian
I slackers who defeated a conseriptiou
I measure!
trying days. But a century ago Britain had days even more trying. Wi*
hink of Trafalgar as a great victory
.vhirh gave us mastery of the sea for
i hundred years.
Do wo remember what happened
iust after Trafalgar? Al the very
tnomenl of the battle Napoleon was
leading an army from France to at*
Mick Austria and Russia. Oa December 2, six weeks after Trafalgar, he
defeated   Austria   at   Austerliiz.    By I ~
he end of the same month lie had! While much has been heard of the
iceuplod Vienna and dictated terms of1 war work ot the Young Men's Chris-
peace to Austria. Austria down, he [ tian Association among the Allied na-
threatencd Prussia aud when, at lions and their soldiers right from
length, iu October. lM)ti. Prussia dt-'ihe period of enlistment, through thej
lied him, he smashed her completely I training period, on the fighting front]     „?[   „!!!._
WHtlng to the Y. M. C. A. naval sec-
j retary a short time after the dtsasetr,
! Admiral Sir Charles E. Klngsmill, Dlr-
'• ector of Canadian Naval Service at
! Ottawa, said:
i    "It gives me great pleasure to be
' able to say that the services rendered
j by the Y. M. C. A. to the men of the
I Canadian   Naval   Service  at Halifax,
have been inestimable and tt was with
; regret that I learned that the Hut at
j Halifax had been demolished by the
i explosion In the harbor on December
il.    I am sure that anyone who has
knowledge  of the conditions at that
seaport,   will   understand   the   great
benefit   the   petty  officers  and  men
! of our patrol fleet would derive from
! such a building."
Memorial  to  Fallen  Soldiers
fl is desired to obtain a complete
list of those soldiers from Cranbrook
{not necessarily enlisted from here)
who have made the supreme sacrifice
during the present war, so that their
names can be recorded on the Temporary Memorial adjoining the City
The undersigned will be pleased to
receive this desired information from
the relatives or friends of such soldiers,
Cranbrook, B. C, April 24th, 1918.
Thos. M. Roberts,
17-21. City Clerk.
Objections to the application may be
filed with the said Wator Recorder or
with the Comptroller of Water Bights,
Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B. C,
within thirty days after thc first ap
pearance  of  this   notices  In   a   local
newspaper.    The   date   of  the   first
publication of this notice Is April 25,  A
0. B. GARRETT, Applicant.
Black Knight
Diversion and l<se
Take Notice that C. B. Garrett,
whose address Is Cranbrook, B. C,
will apply for a licence to take and
use one second foot of water out of
new lake and dhksoti creek In Lot
8914, which flows north easterly and
Kinks. The water will be diverted from the stream at a point
at lake ln I., HHIli or at spring In L,
8914, and will be used for Domestic
and irrigation purpose upon (lie land
described as western half of h, 5248.
This notice was posted on the ground
on the 24th day of April, 1918, A copy j
of this notice und an application pursuant thereto and to the "Water Act.!
1914," will be filed In Iho office of the
Water Recorder at Cranbrook, B. C
Easy to use—and gives a
brilliant polish that lasts.
Apply with a cloth
to either warm or
cold stove. Black
Knight will not
burn. It is dustleas.
wc rr.Muev cmpomumi i<*
I.O. O.K.
Meets   ever*
Monday night
„ at Fraternity
Hall.     Sojourning   Oddfellows
cordially invited.
B. II. McPliee      W  C. Adlard
Be.cj. N. 0.
il Jena and was in Berlin Ity the end i and in many other soldier activities,
if tlu' same month. Here he Issued ■ comparatively little has been heard
■he famous Decree clostnR practically of what the Canadian "Y" is doing
ill tlie ports of tlie continent in Dr!t- j for the sailors who are training for
(HAS. S.  l'AHKKlt
Forwarding and Distributing
Agent for
Lethbridgti nd UreenbJU Coal
Imperial Oil I'u.
Dlstrbutlon Cars a Specialty.
Oraylnir und Transferrin)*
Qlven prompt attention
Phone 63
isli ships.
When Russia still held nut, ho nush-
id eiistwnrd. ami in July. Ifift". forced
llussia to sign, at Tilsit, a pence
vlili-h made tiiin master of all west-
•ni Europe. Ho curved up I'russiit.
is Prussia Is now carving up Russia.
Out of Herman territory lip created
i new kingdom of Wtstpltalla with
Ills Brother as king. Me set up a new
Poland. And ali these piled.up victories within a year and n half after
mr triumph at Trufulgur!
Pitt, wlin had vowed iliat England
the war theatres. Shortly after the
helpful influence of the Association
Secretaries had been noted among
the soldiers in the European camps,
by the army commanders, similar en.
couragement was given on the part of
the naval officers and eventually the
ilgti of the "Red Triangle" so familiar
to the ovoirsieas and hjome forces,
found its way Into the Halifax Dockyard.
The stern reality of sea warfare has
created a revolution in the Idea ot
naval values and a modern fleet is
Wives and Children
Who Refuse lo Serve Invader are
Set   to   Starve.
would right ou till France retired lo | not what it was some years ago.  Toller own territories, died In January, day it is realized that the battle Is
Drs. Green * MacKinnon
Physicians and Surgeons
Ofllce at residence, Armstrong
Forenoons  9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons 2.00   o   ,.00
Evenings 7.30 to   8.30
Sundays   2.30 to   4.30
The Slioa Specialist
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Headquarters tor all kinds of
Plume II.VI
Norbury Ave, nejl In Clly Hall
•Jim Metropolitan llliliu
Day Phone, Seymour 4462
Night Phone, Falrmount 3010
Head  Office, 813 lllhnen.liiine
Building, Victoria. II. ft
Ph»:ne 3412
Montana Itestauraut
Meals at All Hours
Cigars, Cigarettes and Candy
Opposite the Bank of Commerce
folilln* ''111 for U'ttmi'ii ('. it box or tlirra tor
||0. >"M it all Drni: r-1n-(i. nr tni-jln. lo tn?
tddnuon rcrUpts-f |>rli-c. Till BoorfM,'. I»i*«
Co.,gj CnHmrlnm, Onnrln. .__
VU*m*/;for Ntrre m<1 Bmln: IncnuM-'mr
■»«•»'':» TonJr-wll I hutl-iyoil lip. fl » Ml, of
two tor 16, it drujf itorei, nr hy m-.ll on (Mflpt
ilprlrr" TUB SOAilU JiRUV Co., P' "-"■----—
| isoti, heart-broken because his coun*
I try seemed to be ruined. Tin* outlook
j remained black for yearn. By 1S0S,
Napoleon bud occupied Portugal He
lad [mi bis brother on the throne of
Spain. Another brother was king of
Holland, His brother-in-law, Mural
was made King of Naples. Napoleon
himself was king of Italy. Europe,
Napoleon, once said, was too *mall
for him. He would reach out io Asia,
<o Africa by way of Egypt, even to
America. He bad had plans io con-
'luer Canada nnd had thought it could
Ik done by sending a force up the
Mlssissipi and taking Canada In the
From 180!, to 1813, Britain bud
dark outlook—seven long years
agony. We all know the famous poem
"The Buriel of Sir John Moon,1
kind of dirge for Britain's fi'llure In
Portugal In 1808 and 1801). Lisbon
was the only great port fn Europe to
which Britain had free access and in
1810 and 1811 Wellington was able to
hold on there only because of the defensive lines at Torres Vfilr.i*. which
protected the seaport.
II took the British five years to
flghl tlieir way across Spain nnd get
Into Prance. As lute as in 1811' Napoleon was certain of victory over all
Ills enemies. His soldiers still believed that he was unconquerable. Sidney Smith was not ashnmed to say
publicly In 1807 that Britain could not
win, that the blockade wr.s iisqUsb,
and Ihat a French army would probably land in Rnglnnd, Eight years
were required to prove hlni a false
prophet but Britain fought on and won
lu 1814 and 1815.
The first blow which struck down
Napoleon's pride came from his own
ally Russia. He made Russia suffer
bitterly by going to Moscow. Bul he
could not hold his conquest, When
Russia struck, others plucked up
courage to strike too. Prussia rose on
his retreating armies. So did Austria.
Even with this menace he would not
make peace when he might still have
retained both his throne and the old
frontiers of France. At last, all Europe saw that Its only safety was his
complete downfall nnd refused to
treat with him.
Wo need to remember today that
our fathers went through darker
hours than any which we have yet
faced. They made one great mistake.
In 1802 they signed a premature pence
by compromise—and In the following
yenr were again nt wurl They fought
Ihe would he conqueror of Europe lor
not always to the strong nor the
race to the swift. Tbe smaller boat,
rhe transformed trawler, and tbe converted tug, have come Into their own.
Their work of sweeping the seas free
from deadly mine and lurking sub
marine ls no less Important than the
more spectacular mission of the
mighty armadas with their shell and
In this very modern and up-to-date
spnse, Canada has a navy and If
its coming Into being has not called
for Imposing and sensational programs, Its quiet development has accomplished a magnificent work In
the training of men. The mother ship
of this fleet and the training school
.Natives of every country forming
part or the Entente, who have succeeded in escaping from either Belgium or Germany, liavo given conclusive evidence r.s lo the lamentable
I'oud dift imposed in every German
depot, Jail and camp. The reason for
ihe Herman's actions in this line Is not
so much the actual scarcity of foodstuffs as their wish to be revenged,
and, as far as the Belgian working
men are concerned, their desire to
conquer and subdue a patriotic mind
resisting with success to all other
means of coercion.
Tlie evidence is plentiful, but tt may
he sufficient to recall the famous poster, dated October 20, 1(116, and set
up In Antolng (Hatnaut), informing
the public that the refusal to work
would be met by starvation. (B.X., 1215
December 12. 1916.1
But the Germans were not satisfied
at thnt and they have even gone further. When their inhuman and unlawful measures against tbe Belgian
workmen do fall, they apply them to
the wives end1 to the children of their
victims, by culling off all relief and
aid of any kind that might reach
them, as was done, for Instance, In
the case of (he families of the State
Mechanical Engineers, who resided In
The Mr.estriclit dally, "Les Nouvel-
for Canada's future navy ls the fam-l les" furnishes another proof of this
ous "Niobe" which is credited with the I Teutonic cruelty, under the shape of
capture of nearly 70 boats carrying! a poster set up in Menln, not for from
contraband-of-war since the war
started, and with the training of no
less than 30,000 men for the Canadian
and Imperial navies, and her services
In this regard are only beginning.
The visitor to the Dockyard at Halifax cannot fall to be Impressed with
the general air of bustle and activity.
Near the coaling wharf Is a trim,
snug, building of the bungalow style
bearing on  Its  front elevation  the
ine firing lines. This poster, printed in German, In Flemish and In
French, hears the date of June 14,
1917.   It reads ns follows:
"From tills day, henceforth, no relief shall be given by the city except
to the destitute families and children
of the labourers who are regularly
working at Iiu military works or at
other imposed Inbors. All other working men and their families shall not,
sign of the Red Triangle.   More con-1 hereafter, receive relief in any form
genial surroundings might have been
secured for the Y. M. C, A. Hut, but
none more convenient for the use of
the men for whom It was built. Like
a (rue home, the real environment of
the "Y" but are Inside the building,
not outside.
Those who may have had the experience of carrying coal for a period of
ten hours at a stretch at the conclusion of which ablutions were conducted In a small bucket wherever It could
be found, may appreciate to the full,
the luxury of a hot shower bath such
ns that to be found ln th? Y. M. C. A.
building at Halifax. Nigh- or day
there Is always a plentiful supply of
piping hot water, a concrete bathroom
where the boys can splash to their
heart's content, a comfortable commodious dressing-room and an ample
supply of towels and soap.
Adjoining the bathroom is the canteen where hot drinks are served.
Bathed, warmed, and refreshed, the
sailors can enjoy the attractions of
the large central room where piano,
gramophone, billiard table, games,
reading matter and stationery are supplied without cost, for their use and
The fact that tbe "Y" Hut is located
inside the Dockyard- the only T. K
or manner.
"Major and local commander"
A   Constitutional   Remedy
That We Guarantee
Lagrange, N. C—"For years I
suffered with ft chronic cough, so I
could not sleep nights and continued
to lose flesh. My druggist asked nu
to try Vinol. It cured my cough, I
can sleep nights and have gained
twelve pounds. Vinol is the best
tonic and tlasue builder I hava ever
taken."—W. D. Ren, Lagrange, N. C.
We guarantee Vinol for chronic
coughs, colds and bronchitis. Not a
pstent medicine. Formula on every
bottle. Vour voney back ii It fails,
Cranbrook Drug ft Book Co., Cranbrook, B. C, also at the bast druggists In all B. C. towns. „_
Office In Hanson Block
> to 12 a.m.
1 to   i p.m.
Private Nursing Home
Licensed by Provincial  Govt.
Maternity and General Sinning
Massage and Rest Cure, Highest
References, terms moderate.
Apply Mrs. A. Crawford; Matron
Phone 259 P. O. Box 84B
AddrpsR. Garden Ave. Cranbrook
Al'RI) & 81'RKl'l.l.
BnrrMers, Kfc
IV. f. Gurd        G. 1. Spreull
Craikreok. B. C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. In
the Fraternity Hill
R. C. Carr, C. C.
C. H. Collins, K. R. & S.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited to attend.
Lord Rhondda Cables:
"We Cannot Achieve Victory Without Food."
" Canada Food Board,
" Ottawa
" In these stern days it is inspiring to learn that Canada is tackling the
food problem with redoubled energy. The terrific pressure on our
military front makes it all the more imperative that those behind the
line should strain every nerve to defeat the enemy's avowed object of
destroying the British Empire.
"Germany hoped first to starve the Old Country by the submarine
campaign and then to smash her land forces. She has failed to starve
us and she will fail to smash us but we cannot achieve victory without
food. Then .-ever was st time when it was more needed.
"The Canadian farmer and the Canadian farmhand now have the
opportunity to make an effective reply to the enemy's present
onslaughts by bending their undivided energies to the increased
production of those food supplies for which we depend to such vital
extent upon your great Dominion."
London, April 10th
The Prime Miniiter of Canada, in
a call to Greater Food Production,
says: "The crieit Is grave and urgent
beyond possibility of exaggeration."
Our Allies are depending upon
Canada to produce this year more
cereals—especially Spring Wheat—and
more meat—especially Pork.
The world lhortage will inevitably
continue for yeara after the war—with
this continent the nearest source of
supply for the 200,000,000 persons in
Europe who will be clamoring for frod.
(Signed)      "RHONDDA"
Measures have been taken and plans
have been formulated which, on the
authority of the Director of Agricultural
Labor, will provide help needed for
City and town people who cannot
go on the farms are helping to feed
themselves by growing their own vegetables, so that the farmers may grow
more food for export.
The food crisis calls for the utmost
effort by all the people of Canada, because, as Lord Rhondda says, Food is
essentia! to Victory.
In co-operation with the Provincial
Departments of Agriculture
W7 THRSDAY, APRIL 25th, 1918
Only One Remedy
Often tlie strain of seeing
with defective eyes, inflames
them and they become 'blood
■hot' or watery and sensitive. If the eyes are malformed 'drops' and drugs are
useless, glasses nre required.
Detective eyes are responsible for most headacheit and
a host of functional derangements and nervous breakdowns. Glasses ore the only
remedy. See Wilson and
you'll SEE.
mi-u optician
^t,^imlTOMil>'M.niy-.*l''4j"i ui...u",.i J d
DocatiBo tills Ib the placo
where I make money and thin is
thi- place I" spend it.
Because my into rests are here
BooauBe*. Itolleve In transact-.
Ing business with friends.
Because 1 want lo sec (lie
Because I want to Kit r/liat 1
pay for.
Because tlie man 1 buy from
stands back nt* the goods.
Because * sell what I produce
hero nt home.
Because the man I buy from
pays his part of tho city nnd
county tuxes.
Because the man I buy from
helps support my school, my
church, my lodge and my home,
Hardware & Mill Supplies
Cranbrook     -     B. C.
Can you think of any reason why
than should not be one in your
W.    Doran,    Crnnhrnnk     Agent
Kilby frames plcturtb.
Mrs. J. N, Parkin of Toronto is
visiting her   sister, Mrs. J. Coutts.
Whist Drive and Dance at St. Marys
Hall, Wednesday, May 1st.
Mr. C, 0. Staples went to Calgary
on Sunday returning Wednesday.
Mr. Fred Dennison spent a ftw days
this week at his home here.
Mrs. Willis of Toronto left town on
Sunday after visiting her daughter.
Mrs. W. A. Nlsbet.
Judge Thompson and daughter
Phyllis Spent n couple of diiyn In
Nelson thin week.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmore Staples aud
family  returned from Californifl on
Card party and dance ln the parish
Hall, Monday, April 29th. Cards S to
10, dancing lfl to 1.
Mr. Fred lloo of Elko motored to
Cranbrook with friends on Wednesday
nnd paid the Herald a friendly call.
Judge Thompson left for Nelson on
Monday In connection with appeals
under the Military Service Act.
Mr. M. a. Beale left on Sunday!
for Calgary, and will be absent from!
the clly for a week or ten days.
Whist Drive and dance will be held I
every other Wednesday at St. Marys
Hall, commencing May let.
if you ure having difficulties with
the Winr Flour, consult Mrs. McGoer
at Uttle H Atchison's.
Say ! ! !   Everybody's going to thej
big   dance   at   Wardner   to-morrow J
night,   (Friday,  April  26th).    Better;
I come along.    Parker's Orchestra.
j Mr. Jack Braithwaite of Wardnor
| spent a few days in town this week.
' Hi leaves to-morrow for the Coast
I to report for military duty.
j Vou are cordially invited to attend |
[ Little & Atchison's store and see a
| demonstration of yeastless bread
; made with war flour and substitutes.
Car owners!    We have Installed a
, Vulcanizer;  it will pay you to have
your tires repaired; all work guaranteed.   Agents for "Firestone" tires.--
Cranbrook Saddlery Co., Ltd.      l«-2t.
Tho    Secretary-Treasurer    of    ihe'-—    .
cranbrook   Branch   of  the   St.  John D^W*
Anihulum-e Association acknowledges
with thanks a donation of $10.(10 from
the  .Maple  Leaf  Hebrkah   l/irige  No.
1!).. I. O. O. F,
Bread   will  he mixed  between  the   J t
hours of 10 aud 11 a.m. and 3 to 4 p.m.
Cook books and recipes will he given
[free   with  each  can  of Eggo Baking'
Highest prices paid for Hides, Furs..
Metals. Scrap Iron, Bottles, Old Mach*
incry, and Pipe.—Western Hide and
Junk Co.. Ltd.. Calgary, Alta. Reference, Merchants Bank.
Sample Mrs. Greer's war-time *Eg-
go" cookery and help the Women's
Institute yarn fund on Tuesday afternoon at Little it Atchison's store.
Tea served threr to six AdtriUalon
The following letter has been re* ■
celved in acknowledgement of a donation of $34.00 trom the "Cranbrook
Herald   Halifax  Belief Fund:"
The Executive Committee acknow-
{ ledge   with   thanks   your   kind   nib
scription  to the  Belief Fund of the
City of Halifax.    Treasurer's  receipt i
Is enclosed herewith.
(sdj B. T. Macllreith,
Knox Church fs to be conpratuhteil.
in her possession of so many talented*
singers   who   vohmt-.flly   pivc   their'
servicer. In the choir.   Under the nbte
leadersM.. of Mr. W. H. Wilson the
choir has gTOWfi in members and i>ro-
I ficlency until today it is equal to many
i found   fn   larger  cities.     Praise   en-
! riches   ar.d   onbancej;   worship   and
■ Knox congregation Is happy iu her
possesion of and grateful to nil thore
■ who thus contribute so worthily to
make the services of pn i.-.e and wor*
ship a success.
The wedding look place at tho
bride's homo, sinter vi lie, on Wednesday ovening*; of Miss Charlotte, daughter of Mr. aud Mrs. John Leask, to
Mr. John Edmund Braithwaite. The
young couple were supported by Mr.
and Mrs. Harry Caldwell. Rev, Mr.
Pow officiated. The "Herald" extends congratulations and best wishes.
Mri .1 W. Burton. Beerciary-Tr&a*-
liror ol lhe Women's InlHtutflj iB In
receipt of a Cheque for $85,86 from
Mrs. J. J. Filch, being part of un
amount raised by re&illenta nf Movie.
This donation is being placed to tlie
rredit   of  the   Institute
Just one more week of tne great
Sacrifice Sale, a sacrifice that has
really benefitted many. Out* Ladles',
Misses' and Children8 Boots and Shoes
will be sold at '■ off lhe regular
Standard Prices. Coll and he convinced that when Hill puts on a sale,
it is Genuine.- -W. n. mil.
A meeting of tlie congregation of
Knox Church, Cranbrook, will be held
on Sabbotn evening next, April 28th,I
ot the hour of half past eight', for
thp purpose of considering and voting
on the question of promoting" closer
relations between the Methodist and
Presbyterian Congregations in Crnn
brook. All member.; ami adherents
of Knox Church, Cranbrook, ure requested t- be prese'it at this meeting,
The following donations were omitted by error from the list published
last week in tne account of the entertainment given by the W. A. to tbe
G. \V. V. A.: Three bedspreads, four
cotton sheets, on-e pair flannelette
sheets, seven creams and sugars, and
one sugar bowl. The following donations have also been received since:
six pillowcases, one carpet, one bed
and spring, one dresser and commode.
one quilt, two pillows, one desk. The
excellent remits of this shower make
it possible for tbe Association to entertain with the hospitality due them
those returned soldiers who have no
and consolation prize to Miss D. Chal-
liomo here.
,     Mr.   ft.   Wright   with   Iiis   wife  and I
j two  daughters   arriu>d   iu   the   city I
ia-t Friday from Dldsbury, Alia., having made tlie entire journey in  wag-1
| ons.    They  left Dldsbury on   March I
I 23rd and Mr. Wright states that during the early stages of lhe trip they,
experienced considerably trouble with |
j snow storms and  roads,  but  during j
the last two weeks of the journey the
i roads were fine and the weather ideal J
| which made travelling all that could i
be   desired.    Mr.   Wright   who   is
j farmer and rancher Intends to loca
In this district and is looking up land
in the vicinity of Fort Steele,
An exceptionally large crowd
attended the whist drive on Wednesday night held by the Women's Auxiliary to the Great War Veterans'
Association in the Association rooms
at the Boyal Hotel. All Lhe tables
were taken and keen Interest in the
program of music and tiie card game
was shown by all present. The program of music consisted of several
vocal and piano numbers all of which
were much appreciated. The vocal
numbers were rendered hy Mrs. C.
Lafleur, Miss Frances Drummond,
Mrs. J. E. Kennedy, Mr. A. Parker and
the piano solos were given by Mrs.
It. W. Edmondsnn and Mrs. j. White-1
house. After a delightful supper the :
prizes were awarded as follows: Lad-j
les first prize, Mrs. G, Smoke; gentlemen's first prize Mrs. F. Dennison,
Rev. Hlllls Wright, Minister.
Servicte at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sunday School at 3 p.m.
Young   People's   Guild   on   Monday
nights at 8 p.m.
Strangers and visitors to our City
are   invited   to   make   Knox   their
church borne while in our midst.
Seats are Free
Everybody made Welcome
Cllj   (Engineer  Hauled
Applications for the position ol
City Engineer for the City of Cranbrook will be received by the undersigned not later than noon on Saturday, May 4th. 101S. Applicants will
please state experience and salary
Cranbrook, B. ('., April 24th, 1018.
Thos.  M.  Roberts,
17-2L City Clerk.
Tenders for  Pulutlng,  V.tv.
Tenders for the Painting of the
roof of the City Hall and for renovating the interior will be received by
the undersigned not later than noon
on Saturday, May 4th, 1018. Further
particular!; cun be obtained upon application. The lowest or any tender
not necessarily accepted.
Crnnbrook, B. C.( April 24th, 1018.
Thos. M, Robert:!,
17-21. City Clerk. I
On Friday, April Ifltli, at tlie home
of the bride, George Park was United
in marriage to Elizabeth Watson of
Blatervlllo. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Hlltis Wright.
I urn prepared to receive tenders
for the purchaso of the lumber yard
and premises of the Farmers Lumber Ctmpany Ltd., located at the
corner of Third Avenue and Seventeenth Street, City of Lethbrldge,
Alberta. The property consists of
eleven lots, large and commodious
ofllce, with large double vault, also
two large warehouses three lumber
sheds 90 by 40 feet each, comfortable
stables: premises enclosed by 7 foot
board fence, water and electric light
Farmers Lumber Company Ltd.
IMt. P. O. Box 189, Lethbrldge
Large    shipment    of
Men's and Boys' Suits
Latest models and designs.
Excellent Values
!*•   Dliun.
I ll i:
Spokane, WaHlihiRtoii
This house hns tht
happy distinction of being the favorite stopping place In Spokane
for the people of British
Columbia We appreciate
this patronage and do
everything tn our power
to make you comfortable.
Our location Is eicellent —
clone lo Great Northern Station
and O. W R. & N.-Mllwauke
terminal, and within a niiiv.te'6
walk from the principal business
houses and places of amusement.
S#-h  Slt-aiiiniiln  on   Roof
Mrs C. G. Bennett of Creston lias
been the guest of honor at many In-
formal parlies this week, among her;
hostesses being Mrs. W, II. Wilson.!
Mrs. Beale. Mrs O. H. Thompson. Mrs.:
Miles and Mrs. F. V. Harrison.
Make your summer clothes—Dress
Making Classes at King Edward's
School every Thursday evening from
7 to 0. $8.00 per month, payable In
advance. 16-lm.
Three Pair of Ladles' Hose iu black
or white, regularly worth 45c per
pair, for $100. Only a limited quantity nf this line to dispose of (for
Saturday only). The early bird gets
lhe grub.- W. D. Hill,
Ladles ! No need to go without
Skirts, when a sacrifice Is being offered at Hill's Dry Goods Store of \,
off (2iV,). An eight dollar skirt for
six; n fouV dollar skin for three, etc, I
v ipocial meeting of the Methpdlall
\ Ladles' Aid will be held at Ull home I
J of Mrs. Powell, on Monday evening,!
| April Slid, at eight o'clock sharp. AI
full iiMrBdnnee is urged as a matter of j
1 Importune* has io be decided upon.   |
I The Kuskanook chapter, I. O. D. E
| gratefully acknowledge the receipt nf
i |8IU5 from Miss Fitch of Moyle, this
I amount being half nf the proceeds of j
I a social given by the Moyle ludies In
i aid of Bed Cross work.
A thing of beauty Is a joy for ever! |
Our Ladles' Suits and Dresses have
met with the approval of all. We
have yet a number to dispose of, but
they will move out if prices count for
anything. Kindly call and be convinced that this is a Genuine Sacrifice
9a1e.~\V. D. Hill.
There will be a patriotic afternoon
tea at Little & Atchison's store on
Tuesday afternoon under the auspices
of the Women's Institute. Mrs, Greer,
demonstrator, has promised tn donate
samples of war-time cookery and all
the proceeds will be devoted to the
Institute yarn fund to provide materials (or aocks for soldiers.
■-» >W ■ n-fl) '"-VI*   u .tV mAfi ii-V^i mtftt ii^n^i    i^ftn 4^ ty** *ym  ty,*  ^m   ym   ym   y>«   V ■»   yiwi^
Which Must at Once Appeal to the Purchasing Public
Sever More have we been to heaillr atorked with wu,,aMt n-aVchnadi-e. Add I* tkll •
$ti\fi0» slock which we an noting froa, the Okanagan Store to fraabrook. Xerehaadlse that
ha. keen bought right, paid for aid h sin lo do with what we will. We ka.e a eonple ol doiea
Ladles' Coats tklrtjr.foar Ladle, Soils aid one kindred and forty-two Ladle. Oae.Pleee Dresses
la all the latest materials and shade*. E.err garnenl guaranteed to he this season's atodel,
bought by people who understand their business. Follow ns closely and note carefnll. the
saerlftre la prices:
Regular Price
Regular Price
Regular Price
IIJ.S0 for *li.»5
22.5(1 (nr 1.1.»S
27.10   for     IMS
Women's nr Misses' Coals In Donegal Tweed nr English Court Cloth
A hunch ot Misses Check Coat- at IMS.     Ileguar 118.30
We believe today we have the most up-to-the-minute styles in Ladles Spring Suits
in the Kootenays in all colors and material.    Note carefully the sacrifice on this line:
A $17.50 tor
A   22.50 tor
A   27.50 for
A    37.50 for
Now we will quote prices on a line we aie extremey proud of, viz., Ladles' One-Plece
Dresses.   They consist of Serges, Poplins. Taffeta Silks, "Crepe" and Crepe de Chene.
ladles' and Misses' Dresses,   regular price           - - "$12.50 for I ",»;>
"          "                - - 18.50 for
- - 22.50 tor   15.95
                           ....                 _ 2Uft for   ,g_8J
" " - - 35.00    for    SM5
Almost ull the above are individual models and will at once appeal to the woman
who knows values and is conversant with thc prevailing styles. Coupled with the
above, wo will offer one quarter (•;,) off.all prices of Ladies', Misses and Children's
Shoes, Dress Goods, Flannelettes. Ladles' and Children's Hose, Curtain Scrim, etc.
We will attempt to reduce our stock at least one half ln the next two weeks (if n
saving of 25 per cent counts tor anything). S
The Great Sacrifice Sale will commence on •<
and will continue tor two weeks only. .Not nn article to leave the store on approval.
Nor will we exchange anything once it leaves the premises.
Ladies' Misses' ond Children's Wear Exclusively
aaavtr «•« nmtll I
|>j .■....» j   ..»   ,,,.«| ^ ft ^| ft_—Yfc-" ift  Y ~  Y"   ¥   Tr~~~"lf—TT~  H-i"   IP ii   mm   pi-   V
THURSDAY, APRIL 25th, 1918
A social, snie of Ice cream, ami
whist drive was hold oh Saturday
evening in thp Presbyterian Church
building her©, in (.Id ot tho Red
Cross. Prizes won Cor tht whist drive
as follows: Mrs. A. Cameron and
Clms. Peterson. 1st; Mrs. Montpeller
and Oscar Burch, consolation. Louie
Desanlnier anil Kdjiar Montpeller
were awarded prizes I'm- selling tickets. Nearly all the residents helped
to make tho entertainment a success
and the sum ol' $60,00 was realized,
James McNeil who four years ago
was road foreman is employed
foreman thla year, ami lias a gang of
men repairing and building the gov
eminent road between Moyic and
the (llauville Ranch; In' was success-
ful in fluditig water at the Bonnotl
Ranch last tall al a depth of 180 feel:
Mr, Mitchell made many friends while
here las I summer ami we are pleased
to have lllm wit hns again.
A. (i. Juntos, tin- instrumentalist,
lias been engaged to supply the music
for tlie Kurt Steele dance on May Rrd,
Mrs. COHOVer of Meadow Brook was
visiting wiih her parents at the Broad
View Ranch on Monday.
The big dame and basket social
given by Hie Red Cross in I lie Club
Hall. Prldny, April 19th, proved lo be
successful,   a largo crowd at
Biting i
tended and a good tlmo V
by all.
Mrs. Gene Stone Bpon
and Sunday in Cranbrook *
Mr. Jack Brnlthwallo left Tuesday
for VLeloflu Whore hi' will appear foi
military training on th,. 2iUh of thit
month, lie will spend ii few day.*
visiting in Crnnnbrooft beroro his de-
parture ror tin Coast,
Miss Anna Anderson of ihe Valloj
was iu town nn Saturday ou a busl
Ucss trip.
William l.iask of Wasa was a vlsli
tvn   I:'
Born to Mr and Mrs. Charles Maui
Tin, n 2Mitb baby girl, Monday. April
Mr. ('. Brown, Mr. J. B. PoldhaiiBen
Mr. Geo. Tlssloyoung and Mr. V N
Poldhatisen motored lo i-Vrnk bisi
Monday evening,
Watili til lo column f.,r the nex
play to !»■ given by the Woidnoi
Stock Company In about thveo weeks
A surprise party and dunce wa*
given to Mr. and Mrs. T. K. Inmmi a
the dining room nf lhe Imperial Hole
last Wednesday. Many purl Sloelltc
turned out for the dance, and thos
who could not dance soon learnt. Mr
T. G, Inman. who is station agent a
Port Steele, and lias been with (IB f«l
nearly a year and will leave us soon
his destination is not yet known.
Arthur Tracy who has been Borvlni
witii the C. K. F, lu France where hi
was wounded. Is In town.
Miss Thco Pen wick of Fonwlck wn
visiting iu town Tuesday and Wednoi
Billy Anderson has left Port Steel.
for Michel,
Mrs. iteid has purchased it. T. Rich
artisan's residence nt Port Steeb
where she will now reside.
Mr. Wm. Stork who has linen trap
ping on  While  River all  winter, n
turned  to Fort   Steele  with  bis  win
tor's catch, a  while  back.    He ha
ten   lynx,   two  coyotes,   six   marl in-
one   wolverine,   one   cougar,   thirty
wessles,    und    three    minks,     Bill,
stated thai  ho saw two bunches i
Elk.  twenty  In  one  herd  and  thin
In   the  ol her,   mountain   sheep  ft D d
goats are  also  plentiful.    Mr.  Stork
and Julius Queen liavo gone back I
Wllltrt River: Queen Is after beaver.
Benjamin Keer returned on Sundi
after spending the past week visit ii
With Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Doyle t
Paul Hnndley was a Wasa visit-
on Monday.
Miss May Barclay underwent *.
'operation for appendicitis on Prid.
last, and wo are pleased to hear si
Is nrogresslng favorably.
Mrs. J. J. Dickson entertained
party of friends to a musical evenli
on Saturday night, when a very ei
loyable thnt was spent by all pre -
ent. Musical selections were glv- u
hy .lames' one-man band, assisted by
Mr. J Dickson, Sr., slide trombone;
pianoforte selections by Mrs. Dicks*.a
nnd Miss Nellie Hundley. Miss Hand-
lay also favored those present with
several songs which were render.d
very nicely: the Invited guests wore:
Mrs. Glunvtlle. Mr. and Mrs. J. Mile i-
ell, Mr. and Mrs. Ci. James, Miss Ni I-
lie Tlnndley, Miss Sylvia ValeqitOtiO,
Lester Vuh-nueU*. Mr, A. Fredorlcli-
son, Mr, I,. McLeoti, Miss Morrlsi i.
Mis'* Hlnnev Mr. A. Johnson. M'fl.
Wilson, Mr Ed. Frieake. Pred and
Alf Bhlder. ull reporting a good time.
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell of Victoria
arrived in town this wook, Mr. Mttrh-
r.ll Is in charge or tin- Gnvernnv nt
Arlesluu Well outftl now operating at
An eminent physician declares that
two hours of sleep before midnight are
worth more--than six hours after thai
hour. Nonsense, two hours, yes. even
fifteen minutes after you are called,
are worth more than all the rest, declares Jim Thlstlebeak,
Seven well filled automobiles from
Pernie passed through I'-Iko on their
way to Baynes by the lake, lo see
what happened lo Jones last Friday
Dr. Garner of the Fernie Hospital
uli(l a port}' of friends motored to Rlko
Saturday aud visited the Palls. The
doctor makes fast friends while some
people would be getting acquainted.
lie's like Pal Murphy, sure g.it ll nice
way wid him.
You're iu the Army now,
You'n   not behind the plough.
You'll   never get  rich  by  dlgjlng
a ditch,
You're in the Army now.
ti.   Fred   Itno  of  Roosviiie   passed
through  Elko on his way to Willows
Camp,   Victoria.   Saturday,  and   was
outertnined to a farewell dance nnd
| supper nl the Roosviiie School Honst
\ Thursday night and the recipient of a
handsome Meerschaum cased pipe
from the ytiiing men of the Valley. He
wus Paul Revireiug behind tho plough
when he received word to report.
Mrs. J. Dorosiers of the Meadows
Ranch and family was visiting her mother nt Roosviiie last week.
U thu :i. c. legislature wuuM ge*.
down to business and make it Impossible for ile.r. Jay wire Lumber "til-
ins pay! lit, .li 'heir pniployvcs w tl
worthless t*l ■' it.es. they w iti'd Im < nm
hiff n little 'i' 'he tax-pa-*»,**■ i a.-!i t*n \
ore getting h: the way of Hilar?,
A grocer lu Claresholm, Alberta,
sent bis Swedish clerk out to do sonn
olleeiing. Wlion the clef.; returiic.'
from a fuUla trip lie reported "vo*
Yonsun says hi' will pay v-:, he n:|,
him hogs. Vim 01 esc ii, he whl pay
(. sells him wheat and i btp
Yen sen he will pay in February.'
Well." said tho Boss, "Hint's the firs'
tfim Pete ever set a date to pay. Do'
he really say lit. would pay in Febl'li
uryV" "Veil, aye tank so", said thr
clerk, "he say il ban a dam cold da*
you gel ihat money, I lank ihat ban in
Mrs. A. P. Kiapfel and son of Medline Hat, were the guests of Mr, and
Mrs. R. Hlrtz last week.
The Calgary Bye Opener says tlnu
T, w Crothers, Minister of Labor,
should he fired. Thai he Is no good
Jim Thlstlebeak says that he is no<
the  only one.
A. L. Carr. Military Service Department, National Council. Y.M.C.A., was
in Elko this week organizing n committee for the big round-up May 7th.
sib nnd 0th and appointed Jim Thlstlebeak, Corral Boss, who will visit every
log shack and Trail Blazer's Cabin In
the District, for the benefit of the boys
over younder, und he don't want anv
bibles, albums, nickel-plated photo
frames, nor pickle dishes, but cash,
aud lots of it. Be good to the boy-
who are fighting our hnltles. and
vour feet will never he blistered on
tbe pavements of Hint southern cltv
made in Germany commonly called
A little girl In Elko tbomzlu It
strnge that her pet cat should get
Its back up at n young lady from Pernie who called to see her mother, but
U was not so strange after all when
It was discovered that the lady wore
i mouse-colored suit and had a rat In
her hair.
Mr. and Mrs. George Rosa were F*t-
nto visitors this week,
Lillian Russell, the great actress
who might visit Elko this summer,
says the immoderate eating of sweets
causes watery and puffy eyes. Young
mon who have been In the custom of
sending the telephone girls boxes of
bon-bons should make a note of this.
Mrs. Hurry Edmunds und children
Bpent several days In Fernle this week
visiting friends.
Miss E. May Roo. chief stenographer
for Jim Thlstlebeak, returned from
Roosviiie, where she has been visiting her mother at Elko.
"Y" route lie daily tolled first up the
Vermillion River to its junction with
the Simpson River, the forks of which
union made the branches of the "Y".
This was a tramp of some thirty
odd miles and took two days on snow-
shoes in the heavy snowfalls of last
winter. The days would be spent in
examining the traps and skinning the
victims nnd the nights were put iu in
the solitariness of the wooded wilderness with no other companions about
llim than the large game which inhabits those parts. A small hovel at
the end of the "Y" branch covered
him and tbe same at the junction of
the "Y". His food had all to be packed on bis back save such game as
might fall to his rifle. Returning to
ihe "Y" junction tlie day following
the tramp- would be made up the
Simpson River which would take a-
hotit the same length of time as the
former walk. Then n return would
In made to the base shanty for a further supply to be varied on the following day by a trip to tho Southeast
along the rippling waters nf the Kootenay River.
The days were short and the nights
and the days were both cold, but bun- j
gry, wet and tired, ihe time Bllpped
by. such being the doings of a trap-;
per's life. Ills heart, however, was |
gladdened at Iho finish by his good
bag. which on  reaching these pnr.s
resulting spirit of friendliness and
co-operation would create an asset of
the first Importance to the underwriters and would through the popular effort to reduce fire waste, end
otherwise, put British Columbia on
tlie insun-.nce map as one of the most
progressive communities on the continent."
The Secretary was instructed 'to
communicate with the Secretary of
the B. C. Manufacturers' Association
with a view" to obtaining further information in connection with the
above matter.
Amongit all the societies that are
doing their bit hi this war. none surely, can claim a better object than this,
tbe dissemination of Christian knowledge throughout tho world by menus
of thc sale nt cost price nnd giving
away to those who are too poor to
buy. of bibles and testaments.
This society has already distributed
hundreds of thousand:; of bibles nnd
he was able to dispose of for a sum of I testaments to the men nt the front
money well over one thousand (jol-land every person in Canada should
lars' see that this society obtains sufficient
Mr. Conovor Is rich In bis lore n-  help t0 enable It to continue   their
bout  game Hie and the   wild animals
which   especially   delight   in   making
the upper roaches of the
whatsoever, when be does awake, to
his not unjustifiable flow of language.'
Each captain in command of a company has his own Individual runner,
who carries all bis messages, and ln
each platoon there Is a runner who
serves the platoon commander ln the
same way.
In the trenches, or on a battle front,
whenever an officer goes round the
company positions his runner accompanies him, and such circumstances as a dark night oh a front
where the company positions are scattered and isolated, not infrequently
shares with him hours of considerable
anxiety and danger.
good work.   Unfortunately in the past
kootenay I Cranbrook has not Cully appreciated
for sale.-See Binning. 14-tf.
1VANTEB (ilrl or older!) bid) for
general housework, good cock, Apply
Mrs. J. Wi l!;ley, Box 11 r> or phone MO.
WASTED   Man with Heme lumber
experience for retail y nl In Southern Alberta.    Write  I'. O.  Box   180,
Lethbrldge. Alberta. 10-81
FOK SALE-flood buggy and saddle
horse 5 years old, weight about 1000
lbs; also for sale, harness and buggy
in good condition. See or write.—Nick
Marunchuk, Wycllffe. 15-61*
MEN     WANTEIi-everywhere,    to
show samples for Large Crocery Corporation, All goods sold at factory
prices. Agents profit $1.60 on every
$2.00 solo Sample case free.—The
Consumers Association, Windsor, Ont
FOK SALE—House on llurwell Ave.
6 rooms end bath, turrtiCQ heale i;
monthly pi ymentB or onus to sull
purchaser; for further pnrtlculnn
write John Bennett, !)2S f.th Ave., W.
Calgary, Alta. l"-2t
LOST—On Sunday morning, April
14th, Pearl Sunburst Brooch, one
pearl missing, between 112 Burwell
Ave., and the HnptlHt Church. Finder
please return to Mrs. Jos. L. Palmer,
112 Burwell Ave., or Ibe Hi raid. Reward. ll-2t.
Invermere, B, C, April 10—A special emergency meeting of the Win-
lermcre District Board of Trude was
li, d thi? afternoon for the purpose
if meeting Mr. A. L. Carr. or Fernle,
B. C, connected with the Dominion
vide campaign by the Military Ser-
*ice Branch of the Y.M.C.A. lo raise
$2,260,000.00 for work In connection
with the war.
The sum of five hundred dollars has
been pledged from this part towards
lhe fund, the campaign for which
commences on the seventh of .May.
, R. Randolph Bruee was appointed
chairman of ihe Executive Commit too
' with B. (.1. Hamilton as Secretary aud
George Allan Bennett as Publicity
Manager. Persons to take charge of
the canvassing were chosen for tbe
following parts: Jos. Lake, James I..
McKay and Chris Kemprud for Athalmer; B. M. Sundllands, Harold K.
Pursier and Arthur Taylor for Wilmer; A. M. Chl'iholm and Frank Jones
for Windermere; A. O. Cuthbert, O,
K. Pui'hum und P. C. Stockdale for
InvOfmore; T. A. Pope and Norman
M. Maples for the Benches; J W.
Crawford for Fairmont Hoi Springs:
Douglas Qratnger for Canal Flats and
David Lurmour and J. C, (lonimcll for
nidge water,
Invermere April 19.—Hunter guide,
miner und trapper, but of laic chiefly
the latter. Henry Watson Conovor. of
Field. B. ('...recently trailed his
weary way hock to civilization with
his winter catch of furs. He bad
gone off over Into tho reaches of the
Upper Kootenay River on the first of
November nnd was only now back
for the first time to dispose of Iiis
furs and to hear the latest nnd the
last about the world's groat war. As
a result of his winter's wandering!
be brought bach with him the pelts
of thirty-one lynx, eight marten, one
wolverine, one rod fox nud thirty
weasels. He had also been successful fn bugging two golden engles nnd
had killed a cougor but the Intter had
gotten away. Late In the fall he had.
packed his winter's supplies in to his!
"shanty" by pack horse following thej
route of the Bnnff-WIhdermere auto-
mobile routo, up Sinclair Pass, over
the divide and down lhe other side to
the crossing of ihe Kootenay River.
Here be lifts n pre-emption nnd bore
he made bis base for the next five j
From bin base shanty standing »i
tbe foot of what might be termed u
River in the fastness of tbe Rocky
Mountain ranges their home. He says
without doubt that that Is the part
where the largest varieties of large
game is now to be found in South
Eastern British Columbia barring
any game preserves. There arp to he
bad the elk, tbe moose ,tbe black-
tailed deer, black bear, mountain
goats, the "Big Horn" nnd the far
famed Orizzley- The winter, of
course is not the time when these animals ure to be shot, nor are many of
them obtainable, but now, after a
snort r-'sl he is off again this time
with a puck on his back, to the haunts
of the blneli bear, who awakening
from bis lung winter's sleep is about
to start off on a hunt for some food
to satisfy him for his long felt want.
The. territory where Mr. Conovar
has been bunting is tributary to Ihe
Banff-Windermere Automobile road
which Is the still uncompleted link
on thc great national highway which
In time will bind again the prairies
witli the wild innermost recesses'o"
the mountains. Part of this road hfti
for many yenrs to be completed bu
there still remains a stretch of gladoel
forest ami rolling hills of some forty
miles in tho valley of tbe Kootenay
River still as yet untouched hy the
axe or the spade of man.
(Continued from page one)
In connection wit ha report emanating from Vancouver regnrdlng the
rates of Fie Insurance applicable
In British Columbia It wns pointed
out that tne rates here were considered higher than in the F.tist.
Mr. F. Clement Brown. Insurance
expert for the B. C, Manufacturers'
Association addressing its members
recently delivered some criticism
against the rates In effect in B. C.
Despite the fact that this province
had an envlnble flrt record nnd that
the climate is mild and moist and
ideal In comparison with the East,
yet insurance wns 15 to 20 per cent
Another outstanding fnel Is that
fire insurance rates today In Canada
and tlie United States are not based
on the merits of the risk, but are bT
ed also on consideration of expediency. In other words the politics of
fire insurance piny ns large a part
and sometimes, alas, n larger part
than tbe merits or demerits of the
fire hazards themselves.
He advised that it was a great mistake to reduce the tire fighting force
or equipment below the minimum ot
safety. All the cities should aim to
have tbe best fire protection they
can secure leaving the matter of hotter rates to be worked out later,
"There is no doubt that In due
course the government will come to
see tho i dvisiblllty of re-creating t
strong insurance department at Vic
tor In.
It is wedl known that al the pros
ent time there is a very largo volume
of potential fire business In British
Columbia as soon cs rates are lowered.
Tho people nf this province ns e
whole nre n reasonable people and
tf thoy are first convinced by practl
cal cqncCfir-lottB, that the insurance In
tere.il wish to work with them, In
stead of without  them,  1  believe the
the work of this BOCtety, nor tbe very
Interesting and instructive lectures,
aided with lantern slides Illustrative
of tbe subject, thr.t have been given
In this city by the Rev. Dr. J. Knox
It Is earnestly hoped that on Friday
the third day of May at 8 p.m. in the
Presbyterian School Room, where Dr.
Dr. Knox is giving nn illustrated lecture on India iu the interests of the
Bible Society that everyone will do
their best to be preoent and show
their appreciation by helping the
funds of tbe society. There is no
charge for admission nnd everyone Is
In battle, where signallers are
usually not available, the runner Is
often tbe only means of communication. Knowing this, the good runner,
given an important message,thas only
one aim—regardless of his own life,
or the life of any other man, to get
his message through.
If wounded while carrying a message, the1 good runner pushes on. If
entirely Incapacitated he finds some-:
one else, nn officer If possible, and
hands aver bis message to be carried
Always, as long as he can, and as
far us he can, often over well-nigh
Impassable ground, at times for long
distances, usually under heavy fire,
shelled, sniped, a target for machine-
guns, the good runner, with a battle
I message, carries on, walking, running
from shell hole to shell hole, or
crawling on his stomach, until his
goal is reached, and, thoroughly ex-[•*■£■
batisted, he hands over bis precious,
mud-stained, and sometimes bloodstained, missive.
It Is ln these circumstances that
the runner often wins recognition for
gallantry, and well-deserved medal
ribbons come his way.
For Bilious
Tiiat heavy headadi •, torpid
liver, sick stomach, bitter taste
in mouth, furred tongue, dull
eyes and muddy skin, all come
from a poor supply of bile.
TJjese unhealthy conditions are
promptly corrected by
which stimulate the liver,
regulate the flow of bile,
sweeten the stomach, and
renew healthy bowel action.
A household remedy approved bysixty years of public service.   For every-day
Bodge Brothers
Where they so disposed, Dodge  Brothers could not lower thc quality
of this car.
They are no longer free agents, because public opinion has established
a standard for everything bearing their name.
They dare not fall below tbe high estimate that has been formed of
them as motor car manufacturers.
The American people are quick to detect deterioration.
And what is much more Important—they expect the constant improvement of any product in which they repose complete confidence
They would be slower to forgive a fault ln any cur Dodge Brothers
might build, than In one they esteemed less highly.
Kvery dealer in Dodge Brothers cars knows thut tin* customers who
come to blm, come with tbe highest possible expectations.
lie knows thut the thing he is selling primarily Is Dodge Brothers
word and tlieir good name.
'He knows that he Ih not merely dealing tn motor curs, but acting as
custodian for Dodge Brothers reputation.
Naturally, tills knowledge of what is expected by the buyer breeds a
di ep sense uf res)K>nsibillty.
In lhe works, It has the effect of inspiring Dodge Brothers tu a con*
itaiil personal oversight eif all Ihe manufacturing operations.
The entlro institutleui is honestly permeated with the Idon thnt -inal-
iiy and performance nre parameiunt and all important.
Aud so, a .standard which was naturally high, lias been made  higher
still, by the bestowal of complete confidence em tho iiartofthe public,
li is a mutual contract which offers con st ant Inspiration to the manufacturer and constant Insurance to tlie e'tistomer.
With the Interests of buyer and seller ho closely knit together, the result, everywhere Is what might have been exported,
It Is Impossible for Dodge Brothers, with nil their gro&t facilities  to
build enough motor cars to satisfy the public. ,   «
The Kootenay Garage
The one thing a runner seldom does
at the front Is to run.
Ho walks.
Very often he crawls.
On the messages which tbe runner
carries frequently depend the entire
success of an operation and the lives
of many officers and men.
Both in billets and in trenches, the
runner Is excused all other duty.
In view of the speed with which he
is supposed to travel, and the long
distances he is often asked to cover,
the runner travels light. In billets
he moves about in loose dress, without belt or sldearm. In tbe trenches
he enrries a rifle and a bandolier, but
no equipment.
An accomplishment they have to
acquire is the faculty of penetrating,
at any hour of the day or night, Into
the most jealously guarded billet or
dug-out, waking an officer from the
deepest sleep, and paying no attention
liiilirineil Rred-to-lay Single Comb
Pen howled by male bird iron-. Ferris.
iB.IM per Setting.
JOHN' JOHNS,   Bo* 26::.
12-10i* Cranbrook B C.
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada. Limited
Ofllce, Smelting and Refining Department
Skin Sufferers
You will sigh with relief at the
first magic touch of D D D, the soothing wast of oils. Many of our customers thank us for this advice. You will
too. Try D D D today. We guarantee it.
  ri ■ \w*
The Lticcuidwoall
Cranbrook Drug A Book Co.,
Cranbrcok, B. C.
Notice 's hereby given that on April
9th, litis. It was ordered by Ills Honor
George H. Thompson, Judge of the
County Court of Kast Kootenay, that
James A. Arnold Official Administrator for that portion or the County
of Kootenay Included in the Electoral
District of Cranbrook be Administrator of all and singular the estate of
Jonas Krlekson, deceased intestate,
Kvery person Indebted to tho said de-
censed is required to make payment to
Hit undersigned.
Every person having in possession
effects belonging to the deceased is
required forthwith to notify the undersigned.
Every creditor or other person having claim upon or interested In the
distribution of tbe estate of the said
deceased Is requested to send before
the .list day of May, 1918, next, by
registered mail addressed to the un
derslgned, bis namt and address and
tbe full particulars of bis claim or
interest, and a statement of his lie
count and the nature of tbe security
(If any) held by him, Aftor tbe said
last mentioned date tin Administrator
I will  proceed with the distribution of
I the   estate having   regard   to   those
| claims only of which ho shall have
I bad notice.
I     Dated ut Cnwihrook this 20th day of
| April. IfltS.
! 17-1 Official Administrator
Scaled tenders will be received by
the Mlnlstrr of Lands not later than
i" on on tho Utn '.ay f May, 131*
for the purchase of Licence X 95, to
out 1.217,000 feet of Kir, Tamarack, j
Yellow Pine and Spruce, and 14,000
Fir and Tnmiirnck Ties oi, Lot 6245, [
Hand Creek, near Jaffray, Kootenay 1
District, Two (2) years will be al- ■
lowed for removal of tlmbot, Further |
mrticulai's b'f the Chief Forester, B.
C„  or  Tl.r.trlct  Forester,
D. C.
"ranbrook, t
Notice    is  hereby    given   that    I
illnesses, Beet-ham's "Pills | ■*£.«• #^ta^£ffl
I at tlir Government   Office   at   Cran*'
brook, hold a Court of Revision un-
i dor  the  "Provincial   Elections  Act" i
tor the sold district. j
I     Ii.-iImI llils »th day of April, 1918.
HtttLtrw of Totait,
I'.rutwMk Bteelenl DUtrlrt.
are a tested
•I Sria of Arty MidiWne tn (Im WwU.   '
StUmtrskw*.   In Iwut, Ufc
Vast Issues Depend Upon
the Welfare of Our Men!
Cheer Up end Thanh God for the Y.M.C.A.
V'Y to picture youMli in the muddy cold trenches after
exciting days and long nights of mortal danger and intense nervous strain. Hushing "whiz-bangs" and scream-
"coal boxes" are no respecters of persons. You arc hit!
But despite shock and pain you still can face thc long weary
trudge back to dressing station. Weary, overwrought and depressed, you are prey to wild imagining: :>f that other coming
ordeal with the surgeon, There are other "walking wounded,"
too!   You must wait, wait, wait.   And then—
Up comes a cheery Y.M.C.A. man, the ever-present "big brother"
to the soldier, with words of manly encouragement. Close beside the dressing station the good generous folks at home have
enabled him to set up a canteen. He hands you biscuits, and
chocolate or coffee.
e Fund
lay 7,8,9
War Work
There arc:
—% brant-hes of Canadian
Y.M.C.A. in France,
—79 branches in England
— Doifriis of Y.M.C.A. dug-out*
in forward trenches under tire.
—Over 120 Military Secretaries
—300,000 tetters a day written iu
Y.M.C.A. overseas buildings.
-1133,000 n. .'.Ird for olbletic
equipment,    (Helps morale of
—Y.M.C.A. saved hundreds of
lives ul Vimy Ridge bycaring
for walking wounded.
-Over  100 piano* iu England
and France, also 300 ijramo-
oliones and -7 moving picture
-Y.M.C.A.   lieliM   boy*   in
—More than 00-.000 cups uf bot
tea and coffee di->ti ibiued dady
iu France—free,    l**-timated
coitfor 8 months, I4S.000.
—150,000 magazines distributed
freeevery month.   (Intimated
cost 115,0011.)
-1125,000 used iu 1917 to build
lints in France.
—Concerts, sing-songs, good*
night services and personal
• interviews energetically conducted. Concert's, lectures,
etc., cost $5,000 a month.
—Thousands of soldiers decide
for the better life.
—Y.M.C.A sells many needful
things to soldiers for their
convenience. Profits, if any.
all spent for benefit of soldiers.
—Service to hoys in Camp
—Red Triangle Clubs for soldiers
iu Toronto, St. John aud
Montreal. Centre-tin l*amand
London for men ou leave,
—Out of Red Triangle Fund,
$75,000 to be contributed to
"In thousands of cases," writes an officer, "it was thai first hot
cup of coffee that dragged the man back to life and sanity."
The tremendous helpfulness of the Y.M.C.A. as an aiil lo the
"morale," or fighting spirit, of the soldiers is everywhere
praised. No wonder the Germans make every effort to smash
the Y.M.C.A. huts out of existence. •
The Y.M.C.A. is everywhere. You first met the helpful,
manly Y.M.C.A. worker in camp, then nn train and bout, at
camp iu England and in France, close to thc firing line. Often
be risks his life to reach you in the trenches. He has won the
warmest praise from military authorities, statesmen—the King!
Have you a precious boy at the front? You cannot be "over
there" to guide bim away from fierce temptations of camp and
city. You cannot comfort him in his supreme hour of trial.
Your parcels to him are necessarily few. But the Y.M.C.A.,
thank God, is "over there," going where you cannot go—doing
thc very things you long to do—doing it for you and for him.
Will you help? This vast organization of helpfulness needs at
least -12,280,000 from Canada for 1918. For your boy's sake be
Ileic's your chance in tlo a fine
stroke Millie big war I llrlpthr
Y.M.C.A. tn liflp yoiit lli" tiro-
tlins overseas liy Joining iu the
"Earn and Give
Six thousand Canadian older
boys are invited to cam and
live at lea-M Ten Dollars ($10) to
tbe Red Triangle Fund. That
inruns $00,000 in all I Splendid I
Five thousand dollars will be
used for boys' work in India and
China; another $5,000 for tbe
National Boys' Work of Canada,
and $50,000 to help big brothers
In Khaki. Ask your local
Y.M.C.A. representative for In*
formation and pledge card.
When you have subscribed one
or more units of Ten Dollars, you
will receive a beautifully engraved certificate.
National Council, Young Men's Christian Association
Campaign Directors for Western Canada
British Columbia,   J. 8. Rankin, 607 Beard af Trade BM(„ Vanceum
AlbarUi  Jaha Henna, City Hall, Calgary
Saskatchewani T. D. Patten, Y.M.C.A.. Regina
Manitoba, J. H. Cracker, UN McArthir Mi., Wlmlfeg


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