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Cranbrook Herald Dec 28, 1916

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om: moke bhajd <>>' "is string without end
Tiiere sits Father Time, forever stringing his beads, the Infinite years*. And theie stands the young man, watching the bead-stringing—each bead
a year of his'life. '.. lmij h'afl gone to tako its plaee on' tho string or things gone forever 1917 Is just starting. It Is a serious moment for the man
who has any seriousness in him.
Man In Camilla will liave « Card
'                                          to fill onl ttpQn.
Vitrst' Pttrker Die*, as ResilK nf Bums f "_	
from Co.Htume('ftlclii|iK>'ir*K*VWl«*    ;     National  Serviee  Week  Is drawing
Aetjng us Sunta C.laus,'      J\\ very near and the fart thnt the first
. _ week' of  tlte   New   Year   bears   that
The merry-making aiul fstLvitles Mm° '» something In which everyone
St. Kugene  Hospital. Christmas Eve,   '" '        '""
i in Canada lias ;in interest.    The
much   time   had   hem., sppnt
*•*_,__-__-__-__-,,    B
Christmas pre-pnralionfc this.year.   The
Hevernl floors Imd be-hn apfroprjatcly
decornted. nnd ChrlstmhB Tftes filnced !
in view of the occupants of the various !
wards unable lo leave their beds.   One!
of the nurses in training, Agnes Pearl'
Parker, a bright lively young Kirl of
nineteen   years,  a   favorite   with   thfl
patients ami with tlte Sisters, had been
chosen to act as Santa Clans tills year,
and had anticipated the ovcr.l   wltli
much' pleasure;   Her last letter to her
mother  had   been   fall  ef the C( ming •
ChrlBthias treat lor tin* patients, and
of thb'pari sin   was in take in il.
While In tho midst of her work of
kindhftss and goodwill ia endeavoring
to bring some of the Christmas spirit.
and joy to tbo paln-strlckcn nnd af
flirted patients, the Ihflamablo material of her costume caught fire from tiie
candles on a troo as sin* brushed
against it. in a moment tho costume
was In flames and the poor girl ran
nmilly down ihe corridor to the stairs
where she fell [n a heap. Others proa-
enl rttthed to hor assistance and loving hands extinguished the flames,
but not before she was terribly burned
both externally and internally. Jles-
plto aU that could he dons Tor her she'
passed to her heavenly reward tho foi-.
lowing morning at six o'clock.
Bister Anne ami Tony, an Italian J
orderly. Buffered severe hums on tho;
hands and arms in putting out the'
flames. The Mother Superior and Sis- j
tors were ovorcomo with grief and sor-
row over tho sail event, and lho on-;
tire community sympathizes with the
bereaved parents in their affliction. I
Mrs. Parker, the mother of the unfortunate victim, arrived Christmas night, \
having got up from a sick-bed as soon
as word of the accident reached tier.
The deceased. Agnes Pearl Parker.
was the tliird daughter of Mr. nnd
Mrs. Chas. R Parker of Eureka, Mont..
and came to Cranhrook In July last |
to loam the nursing profession at St.
Rugene'llosnltal. She was of a bright
and cheerful disposition, and much beloved by all with whom siie came in
contact. She was nineteen years of a«e,
and Methodist Ip religion. Hey.^Mr.
Keyworth Is expected to conduct' the
funeral services?
I authorities.
I ed  because
1 ing invited, in seeing that tlieir men-
! folk attend td this important duty. The
children are Interested because tlieir
il to tliem
were Drought to^«i?4*ai»ii-tenjitmiUgn ar° lntested because it is obligatory
when the Santa■•tflt.titifGmrhe' wo>n' I u*'on (,***-'h ofc^'nj between the ages of
by Nurse Parker caught fin\and .bUrut 1 ,,i.,fltld |6 J'.™™, to fill out one of the
her so severely that death ensued | cnrdl- whI,'h '•■■" Government is send
Christmas morning at six. o'clock. * :i.-n6 tp. tliem through, the Post Office
It has been the custom o> thoWJ •■"■™-«™*- T"" wtfman arc Interest-
pltal every year to give tl.e patients!"" beca«80 lll,ir ''""M-ration Is be-
confined there a taste of the Christmas spirit by having a Christmas entertainment and Christmas Tree, and .    , ,
school teachers have exp
the meaning of National Service and
j the way iu whicli father and the big
j brothers at home have to reply to the
' various questions.
To write in the answers and return
the card promptly is a good New-
Year's resolution for every man
throughout tin* Dominion and It has
tho advantage of being easy oi fulfilment. It only mean a a few minutes-1
careful  thought.
National Service means that we are
to get Into that frame of mind which
Will cause ns to think of the needs or
the country, lo realize that the interests or the State have a greater claim
on us than our self-interest. This
applies to everyone, from the highest
In the land to the lowest. The Prince
Of Wales' motto "I serve" may well
be tbo motto of every citizen of the
British Empire at this time.
There are many ways nf serving
tlie nation besides going to the front
The man on the rami and the mechanic in a workshop may lie serving lhe
nation as usefully as llie man in tlie
trenches. K.very man should be doing the work which represents his
mosl efficient aervice to his country.
..AskN Canada for Every Man Thar Can
be Put In the Field- Borden\
Sir Itobert Borden, Premier of Canada, has received the following cable
message from Hon. David Lloyd
George, prime minister of Oreat Britain :
"On taking up the, high office with i
whieh his majesty charged me. I send I
ynu, on behalf of the people of the old
country, a message to our brothers!
over tlie sea.   There la no faltering in
cur determination that   thc sacrifice:
wltlch we nnd you have made and have j
still to make shall not be ln vain, and
tliat tlie tight that we are waging together for humanity and civilisation
shall be fought to a triumphant issue.'
We realize that we shall still need every man we can put ln the field and
every  pound  sterling that  rigid  private and public economy can provide,,
and every effort which a united people
can put forth to help in the heavy
tasks of our soldiers and sailors.   Thr
splendid contribution to the common '
cause already made by the Dominion
gives me sure confidence thst yonr
determination  is no  less  than  our
own. aad that however long the patt<
to final victory, we shall treat It side
by side."
In answer Premier Borden cabled:
"WY can reply that, Ood willing, we
shall do our duty In thia struggle to
the end. No sacrifice on our part
shall be spared to make trlumpaiit the
great cause for which the allied nations nre contending"
be leaching us. great lessona. Terrible
as are its effects, those who have faith
in Canadian manhood hope and believe that the nation will emerge from
Hits experience a stronger nnd a
war is teaching us. or should | Ivlltr people.
Flngitonc House  Destroyed by Fire
and Three Small Children nre
Itescm-d with Difllculty
(Spectal to thc Herald)
Waldo; Dec. 28.—A somewhat disastrous fire occurred at Flagstone on
Tuesday afternoon*which burned the
bouse of Mike Rosier to the ground.
Tiie house was occupied by Rosier
and a hush foreman of the Rock Creek
Lumber* Co. and liis wife and family.
The mother had gone to the post offlce
In quest of mal] leaving three small
children at home. A rancher by the
name of John Peters happened to he
passing tlie house and on hearing
screams rushed over and discovered
thc house had caught fire. He immediately entered the house and res-
cud two of the children and It waa a
fow minutes before he ascertained
there was still another Inside. By
this time the fire had made great
headway and with great peril to himself he again entered the burning
building and carried out the third
li was just eight minutes from Uie
lime the fire was first discovered
until the house was burned to the
ground. Rosor lost $350 ln cash which
lie was keeping in trust for another
party and also several hundred dollars worth of vegetables, together with
everything else he owned, and lt has
lefl him practically destitute.
Tlie origin of the fire Is unknown,
but it is presumed that an overheated
stove, pipe was the cause.
Shortly after the Hosier flre, on
Tuesday afternoon the house occupied
by Marvin Malin, a rancher near
Flagstone also caught fire, but fortun-
ntely It was got under control and
the only damage done was that the
roof was  severely scorchJd.
To be frank about the matter the
attendances on Sunday and Christinas
Day were rather disappointing But
Uie.il it is difficult to tell the way people's devotion will carry tbem nt
Christmas time! Doesn't do to worry
over much: just hang ou a while und
In place of Uie usual form of service
on Sunday evening, the rector gave
u reading from Dlcken 'a Christmas
Carol, and a number of Christmas
carols wcre sung. Such a rending
was n distinct innovation and wus a
' pleasant relief from a sermon.
AlUiough a very happy note dominated the services, the "feel"   of Christ-1
i mas whh not a tittle helped bby the
( care with which the Church bad been
decorated.   The thanks of the con
grcgatlon are due to those who gave
[ so much  time and trouble at this
| busy season for the love of their little
! church.    Tbe  altar   waa  beautifully
[ adorned with white flowers.
The special music at Knox Church
on Christmas Sunday proved must enjoyable and added much to the services. An orchestra of nine pieces
under the leadership of Mr. R. W. Russell assisted very materially In the
musical services of the day. In the
morning the orchestra played as a
prelude "March Romnlnc" and "Star
of the Bust". A violin solo by Vincent
Pink, "Adoration", together witb an
anthem by the choir "Sing, Ob Sing,
This Blessed Morn" were all much
appreciated by the < nngregatlon. The
pastor's morning subject was "An Old
Tims Hymn."
The evening service commenced at
7 o'clock with a half hour musical
service, the orchestru acquitting themselves most creditably wtth a number
of selections, and Mr. Percy Parker
giving a Cello Solo, Shuburt'a "Serenade", In bis usual accomplished
manner. Mr. Thomson in his evening
discourse on "ChrlBt, the Prince of
Peace", took occasion to denounce
tn strong terms President Wilson's
bungling attempts at peace-making.
Preeldent Wilson's statement in bis
note to the powers at war that all
the belligerents were fighting for the
same object, was an Insult to every
British mother who has given her
son to the cause. The Entente Allien
are fighting for the principle for
which Christ died—Christianity conserves the weak, whereas Germany
and her Allies have from the first
endeavored to annihilate the small nations altogether. That a nation which
has allowed the atrocities and outrages of which th* Germans have
been proven guilty tn Belgium, not
to mention the other small nations,
Serbia and Poland, should be compar- j
ed to the British, and that a person |
(ConUnued on page four)
Tho ^business done this Chrlsimas
season'by the local storofl lias fur sur-!
passed * 11*sH, pxi^pftftj^otih/ ;' All 'the;;'
stores nre well satisfied with the volume of business and many of them
nay their cash receipts were tho largest In their history.
On Sunday afternoon, December 31,
tlie Kev. W. K. Thomson will address
a meeting for men lu the Railway Y.
M. C. A., at 8.16 Pacific Time. As
Hev. Mr. Thomson is leaving early
next week to reside in Edmonton this
will he our last opportunity to hear
him in tlie Cranbrook Association. All
the men of tlie city are cordially Invited to be present at this meeting on
Sunday  afternoon  next.
-Klrliy, In the New Veerk World.
< Tine Montana Ke'eetiiiirant waee tie,'
acenc eef ii aangutnary ronfllct Sun-
, day morning which fnr blood and
Keer" uml tmiki'ii crockery lookted like
nil iiHsiinlt eef llii- (ieTmanie nn a de-
foncelOM home, -i Petereon and C.
Thompson woro tho eerfe*nriern and as
|)<*r llHiml nil nvrreiiesi' nf John Barloy-
reirn the cause. Aftor roiifeiderable
reinstalled Iht'y wore gathered In by
tlie police nnd spent Christmas In the
' rellH.    On tho Mill they were fined
1 '.Mm nnd 18.60 each ™tH for broken
crockery, which thoy paid. o. Johnson wns nisei up on the' 23rd for be-
Ing drunk ami disorderly and ossess-
I ml a flni> of $6.00 anil Chegan Singh
for thn same ofTenree nn the 2t»th drew
thn same amount.   Iloth MM **■
Kor the Montii of December
Division I
Angle Davis, Helen Worden, Ida
Johson, Marlon Macklnnon, Edith j
Cummlngs, Irene Beech, Irma Ward,
Perfect attendance—Irene Beech, Ivy
Bidder, Annie Blayney, Oda Brown.
Edith Cumming, James Cassldy, Angle
Davis, Milo Drummond, Annabel Hallet, Ida Johnson, Harold Leask, Russell Leaak, Mary Mann, Marlon Macklnnon Hugh Simpson, Violet Simpson. Clifford St. Eloi. Crossley Taylor
Irma Ward, Helen Worden.
K. S. Shields, teacher.
Ill,l«l„n i
Nina Belanger, Norman Beech, Malcolm Belanger, Allan Brown, Donald
Dallas, Marlon Drummond, Otto alii
Hugh Hannah, Ing Wai Hoy, Bruce
Laurie, Erie Macklnnon, Margaret
Morrison, Annie Parnaby, Mary Pas-
cuzio, David Reekie, Alma Sarvis,
Violet Sarvis, Edward Taylor, Garfield
Taylor, Keith WaBso.i. Evrett Will-
lams, Inez Wilson, Llllle Lancaster.
Enrolment 40, percentage 95.2.1.
A. Woodland, tearher.
Division 3
Honor Roll—May Brake 78. Reive
Parker 77, Winnie Phillips. 77, Ignore
Hill. Roblna Somervllle 7.1. Jack Stevens, Harold Kummer 70, Paul McNeil
69. Mabel Cameron, Edna Sanderson
08. Percentage 92.32, enrolment 39.
Perfect attendance—May Brake. Freddy Brggs, Christine Carson, Mabel
finley, Arthur Olll, Lenore Hill
Jack Kirkland, Harold Kummer, Martha Messenger, Paul McNeil, Reive
Parker, Winnie Phillips, Muriel Reade.
Annie Shaw. Roblna Somerville, Jack
Stevens, Norman Wasson.
E. M. Bechtel, teacher. |
Division 4
Perfeet Attendance - Dorothy Bas-1
sett. Elsie Black. 1-,-na Brogan, Vera
Baxter, Robert Eakln, Bessie Hallet,
Eneas Hogarth, Thomas Hogarth,
Oertrude Hopkins. Stella Johnston,
Wilfred Jolllfe, Mark Kirkland, Heigh
McDonald, Erma McNeil, Donald Morrison, Harry Musser. Eunice Parrett,
Thomas Reekie, AgneH Somervllle,
Raymond St. Eloi. Verne Woodman.
Percentage 94.
S. While, teacher.
""     (MBtliroed on pago *m)
Provincial Library of
Brltiah Columbia
New Felt
Skating and **
Outing Hats
just arrived.
They come
in Rose Shades
Paddy Green
Saxe Blue
** and White,
at $1.75 each
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods snd Clothing Stores
Do You Like The Mechanical
Tone of The Talking Machine ?
If the talking machine satisfies you. we liave nothing to •-.*/
However, w*> feel confident .hat it does not. and accordingly, we
cordially invite you to come to our store and let us give you an
Edison Muaicale, played by the Official Edison Demonstration machlnt
A shipment of the latest Diamond Disc and Amberol Records
have just arrived.   Come In and  bear them.
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co.
W. J. Atchison, Manager
A Happy New Year
to all our Custrmers
and Friends. : : : :
C. C. S.
Beautiful Chinese Goods
Silk Ladies Waists. Clowns, Kimonas, Fancy Mandker-
chfs., hand painted f'liinawarc, Tables, Chairs, Baskets
All kinds of Chinese & Japanese Goods imported   direct
Ij'irick Avenue, al r*ar of Methodist Church
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada. Limited
ODlca, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold. Silver. Conned aad Lead Ores
THtTRSDAY, DEC. 28th. 1916
Issued   Weekly   by   Tho   Cranhrook
llerald, Limited.
T. IL Kay, Editor and Manager
(ranbrook, B. C, Dec 28th, 1916    ;
In hla speeches during the recent
tour iu the interests of National Service Premier Borden reflected tho
spirit and determination of Canada in
this hour when lie quoted the words
of Abraham Lincoln, uttered in 1864
in the midst of tho American Civil
"We accept thia war for an object,
a worthy object, and the war will not
ond until that object is attained. Under God 1 hope it never will end until
that time."
"And we", solemnly continued tho
Premier, "we, In Canada, accept this
war for a cause which we believed to
bo Just and righteous, And under Qod
wo hope that this war will never end
until the purpose has been fully anil
completely accomplished. Wo are
fighting In thia war, not for an Incon-
clusivo peaco truco that wlll mean
fighting tt over aga*n. Wo aro fighting for the assurance that Germany
■will never undertake auch a war of
devastation again."
In which they are now engaged, nnd
I pray them to aid still more in every
Hold of national service for which
they may feel themselves fitted.
"Let us never forget the solemn
truth that tho nation Is not constituted of the living alone, There are
those ss well who have passed away
aid those yet to be born. So this
great responsibility comes to us aa
heirs of the past nnd trustees of the
future. But with that responsibility
thoro has come some things greater
still, the opportunity of proving ourselves worthy of it; and 1 pray that
this may not be lost."
By H. T. GadBby
Another act of grace on tho part of
thn Borden Government would be
to say to all the non-combatant officers In handsome uniforms in the Pay
and Records Offlco at London, "it's
your turn at thc front. Fight or go
home." The same thing could be said
to the stay-at-home brigadiers on this
Bide of tho water. There are enough
urgers In Canada, husky fellows who
keep egging thc rest of the people on,
to make a couple of regtmentB. Everybody would bo glad to Bee them get
their chance in the fighting line. Another regiment might consist entirely
of tho honorary colonels, with which
Sir Sam has beBtrewn thin huppy
Joking aside, the Government would
do well to get after the four-flushers
who strut around In khaki but have
no Intention of getting nearer the
front than Piccadilly or the Strand
Make them wear the red and gold and
feathers of the ante-bellum days. That
would cure their prancing. Let khaki
bo the real distinction. These morning glories who take no rlBks should
be placarded some way or other, if
they were, recruiting would get a big
boost among real soldlero.
Another thing that would help re
crulting woud be fair treatment for
Major General Lessard—a man's sizr
Job at the front for which .this fine
soldier has been yeaulng ever since
the war started. The Government
probably thinks It would have too good
an effect in Quebec, where it has n<
real desire to recruit for fear of offending Its Nationalist allies.
(Trail News)
Even though tho allies look askance at tlie German proposals for a
peace conference, the fact that it has
been suggested by the kaiser haB naturally attracted world wide attention,
Undoubtedly, like the gentleman of
Hebrew extraction, his asking price
and his taking price are two entirely
different  things.
Division "
Perfect attendance Hoy Beech, M.
Beattie, Clifford Blaynoy, Evolyn How-
ley, Kathleen Dallas, Margueritte tlod-
derls, Henry dodderls, Jas, Gormley,
Fanny Hop Chanay, Hazol Jackson,
Lorun Jordan, Robena Kelly, Harry
Kemball, John Mitchell, Margaret McDonald. Kenneth Parrett, Gertrudo
Patmore. Margaret Parr. Arthur
Shankland, Kathleen Strachan, Robert
Taylor. Elate Willis. Bernard Wilson,
Fred Stojack. Honor Roll— Class A:
John Mitchell, Artlmr Shankland. H.
Godderis. Bernard Wilson; Class Ii:
Kathleen Dallas, Evelyn Bowley, Elsie
Willis. Fred Stojack. Aggregate attendance 559, percentage 87.34.
E. McK. Fisher, teacher.
Division S
Perfect attendance—Helen Brown.
Graham Hale, Allan GUI, Jas. McFarlane, Mary Mitchell, Jack Swan, Wll-
llnrd Simpson, Lillian St Eloi, Evandi,
Young, Ernest Greenwood.
Division 9
Perfect attendance—Jack Atchison,
Orvllle Bliss, Helen Briggs, Marion
Carr, George George, George Kimball,
Tom Marshall. Frank Martin, Kathleen
McFarlane, Margaret Stewart, Bcrnie
Strachan, Marian Williams. Honor
Roll—A Class:Tom Marshall, Orvllle
Bliss, Ray Brown, Byron Haynes,
Aubrey McKowan. Evelyn Ward. Class
B: Jessie Brown, Frank Martin, Melville Reade; Class ('.Mary Genest, J.
Beattie, Kathleen McFarlane. Percentage attendance 86.8
A. McLennan, teacher.
ty In the city of the assessed value,
on the last municipal assessment roll,
of one thousand dollars or more over
and above any registered Judgment or
charge, and wbo is otherwise duly i
qualified as a municipal voter.
Qualifications for Aldermen. Tho
persons Qualified to be nominated for
and elected aa Aldwmen of a olty
•hall b» aufih. persona m ant main
British subjects of the full age of
twenty-one years, and who are not disqualified undar any law, and nave
been for the sag months next precead-
lng the day of nomination the registered owners, In the Land Registry
Office, of land or real property In the
city of the assessed value, on the last
municipal assessment roll, of five
hundred dollars or more over and
above any registered Judgment or
charge, and who are otherwise duly
qualified us municipal voters.
Qualifications for School Trustees.
Any person being a British subject of
the full age of twenty-one yearB actually residing within the district, and
having been for the six months r.ext
preceeding the date of nomination the
registered owner, in the Land Registry
Office, of land or real property ln the
City School District of the nssessed
value, on the last municipal assessment roll, of five hundred dollars or
more over and above any registered
judgment or charge, and being otherwise qualified to vote at an election of
school trustees In the said school dietriet, shall be eligible to be elected or
to serve as a Bchool trustee in such
city school district.
Given under my hand at Crantrook
B. C., this 27th day of December, 1916.
Thos. M. Roberts.
52-2L Returning Officer.
W. B. Sherman preset**
The Popular "Klck.ln" Cofcpu*
PRICES $1.00,75 &50C
(Fernie Free Press)
The Provincial Government was out
with the axe this week. Every road
superintendent in the provlneo was
canned witiiout notice. Dan McNelsh
did not even receive his pay to the
end of the month. If the government
think tliat sort of thing gets them
anything with the general public they
have another think coming. No matter how unpopular an employee may
be he should at least be extended the
common courtesy extended in any business when a man Is discharged, ot
giving him a certain amount of notice.
(Westminster Gazette)
When the French In 1870 complained thnt Germans fired upon the Bick
nnd blind in tho Blind Institute, Bismarck's reply waB that he did not
know what there was to find 'fault
with in that. "You do far worse—
you shoot nt our men who are in
sound and vigorous health." Women
and children, who In thick weather
find themselves In little boats after
their ship has been sent to the bottom must console themselves by remembering that they are, after all,
better off than German soldiers on
tlie Somme or German Zeppelin crews
at Cuff ley, nnd that International
law never says that they are to be
In the Inspiring addresses recently
delivered throughout the West by Pre
mler Borden and Mr. R. B. Bennett
an ecctlve and convincing appeal has
been made to the manhood of Canada to assist  the  .National  Servk-
Commission by answering and returning without delay to Ottawa tho carts
which contain a number of questions
which all men between  the ngeB of
16   and  65   are  required   to  fill    ln.
There  ta  nothing  in  tills  effort    to
regiater the effective nrenglh of oui
population  that can  in any way be
termed as an  approach ti conscription, and the least that any patriotic
cltlzin enn do Is to promptly comply
wtth this request.
In dealing with this subject Premier Borden recently said:
"Our strength can be most effectively thrown into this conflict by
utilising, in all our national activities
for sustaining the agricultural, Industrial and commercial stability of
Canada, those who through age or
by reason of physical condition are
not available for service nt the front;
to the end that we may place ln thc
battle line the greatest posstblo proportion of those fit for military service. With this view the Government
has asked the Director General nnd
the Directors of National Service to
undertake duties of the highest importance and urgency. It la Imperative that the men and women ol
Canada, individually and through
their various organizations, shall
serve the nation In those capacities
In which their services may be of tbe
most value. Thus, it is the urgent
duty of the Canadian people to Join
with the Government in organizing
the full power of the nation In terms
of tinman energy.
"Under the responsibilities with
which I am Invested and ln the name
of the State which we are all bound
to serve, It is my duty to appeal and
I do now appeal most earnestly to the
people of Canada that they asaiRt
and co-operate with the Government
and the Directors of National Service ln the endeavor for this purpose.
To men of military age I make appeal
that they place themselves at the service of the State for military duty, Tc
all others I make appeal that the)
place themselves freely at the dlaposl
tlon of their country for snch service
at they are deemed best fitted to perform.
"And to thn women of Canada,
whose spirit has h»«n so splendid
and so Inspiring In this hour of dn
to tlon and sacrifice, ] bid God-speed
In the mantmid works nf bnefleanca
Capt. Quinn has gone overseas with
a draft of dental surgeons.
Lt. Milliken Is in charge of recruiting Now Westminister.
Lt. Burgoyne wears a happy smile
It's a boy.   God bless him!
Corpl. Charles Percy has been appointed ofllcial postmaster for the
A battalion dramatic society haa
boen formed, with the aid of New
Westminster bells.
hi, C. J. l-ewls Is now ln command
of n draft to reinforce the IrlBh Rangers at Montreal.
Lieutenant's certificates have been
granted to A. 11. Glddlngs and D. W.
G. Coley.    Congratulations.
"Biddy", the bear mascot of the
172nd overseas Batt., has been removed to Stanley I'ark, Vancouver.
Sergt. J. S. I'yc nnd Jock Mclkle-
john, transferred to tho engineers,
havc left for England.
Lleuts. Brechin and Hnrrls hnve returned from Winnipeg, where they
took a course In bayonet fighting and
physical exercise.—Morrlsey Mention.
Province of British Columbia—department of Lands,
1. WHEREAS the Elko Water,
Light and Power Company, Limited, Is
a company incorporated under the
"Companies Act 1897", its objects and
powers ns set out in Its memorandum
of Association published in the British
Columbia Gazette of tlie 20th January,
1910 at page 405 extending to nnd Including the construction or operation
of works for the supply or utilization
of water.
2. AND WHEREAS the said Com
pany Is the holder of Water Liccnscb
Nos. 1588 and 1534 issued by the Water Commissioner for the Cranbrook
Water District on the 21st day of
June 1910, both of which provide for
the diversion of water from Silver
Spring Lake, a tributary of Elk River.
3. AND WHEREAS tne said Com
pany has, after due notice by Petition
filed on the 7th dny of March 1913
petitioned for the approval of its undertaking,
4. AND WHEREAS no objections
have been filed to the said Petition.
5. THIS IS TO CERTIFY that t'.ie
proposed undertaking ot the Elko Wu
ter. Light and Power Company Limited as set out In its Petition for approval of undertaking dated the 22nd
day of April 1912 and filed on the 7th
day of March 1913 {In so far as sucli
undertaking relates to the diversion
carriage and use of water for watei
works and steam purposes) is here
by approved subject to tne terms anil
conditions of the "Water Act 1914".
and to the following terms and conditions:—
6. The said licenses shall, notwithstanding the issue of this certificate
be subject to readjustment by tlie
Board of Investigation.
7. The amount of the capital of the
company which has been subscribed
and paid up Is deemed sufficient for the
purpose of the proposed undertaking.
8. The construction of the works
for the diversion, and carriage ot the
water shall be commenced on or before the lBt day of November 1916.
9. The territory within which the
Company may exercise Its power.-, so
far as the same relate to the undertaking hereby approved shall consist
of the northern halt of lot 227, the
eastern half of lot 3054, Group 1.
Kootenay District and the lands covered by Sliver Spring Lake and the
lands over which the water is to be
carried from the said lake to the said
lot 227.
10. This certificate shall in no way
be deemed to be an approval of plans
of any works covered by the proposed
undertaking or to authorize the construction of any such works, but shall
have the effect only of a certificate
issued under the Provisions of Section
81 of the "Water Act, 1914" and shall
be subject to such Provisions.
19th day of October, 1916.
WM. R.   ROSS,
52-lt. Minister of Lands
a Court of Revision and Appeal, under the provisions of the "Taxation
Act" and the "Public Schools Act" respecting tbe assessment rolls of the
Fort Steele Assessment District for
the year 1917, will be held at the Government Offlce, Fernie, B. C, on Monday, the 29th day of January, 1917, at
10 o'clock in the forenoon; and at the
Government Offlce, at Cranbrook, B. C,
on Wednesday, the 31st day of January. 1917, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon.
Dated at Cranbrook, B. C, December 21et, 1916.
Judge of the Court of
52-Dt Revision and Appeal.
an band
Season Tickets — same
price as before.
Warner and McKay
We Thank You I
For thc splendid business you
have given us the past year and
wish you,
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd.
Services on Sunday.
8.00 a.m.—Holy Communion.
11.00 a.m.—Mattlns.
7.30 p.m.—Evensong.
11.15 p.m.—Watchnight Services and
Holy Communion.
W. H. Bridge, rector.
(continued from page one)
Division 5
Honor roll—Margaret Cnrr, Reginald Parrett, Alex. Cassldy, Delia Baxter, Eva Cadwallader, Olive Simpson.
Perfect attendance-Delia Baxter, N
Finley. Hay Hill. W.mg Hum, Marlon
Henderson, Murray McFarlane, Alexia
UoHenger, Reginald Parrett, Rosa
Pascuito, Olive Simpson, Helen Somervllle, Mary Snmervllle, Ernest South
Joe Stojnek, Hope Tnylor, Helen Mueller, Alex. Cassldy, Jnck Cassldy, Eva
Cadwallader. John Cadwallader, John
Lancaster, Evelyn Greenwood. Percentage 88.70.
M. L. Cartwright, teacher
Division (t
Perfect Attendance—Eva Armstrong
Alway Bliss, Eddie Bliss, Joo Brogan, Meryl Carson, Jack Dixon, Dorothy Dufour, Marjorie Dufour, Frank
Hawksworth, Lillian Jackson, Ralph
Ladda, Elvln Leask, Cyril Leea, Angus McDonald, Dorothy McKowan,
Orey Moseley. Norman Parker, Frank
Roy. Willie Stewart, Willie Taylor,
Douglas Thompson, Jean Wnrd, Edward White, Daisy Whitbaker, Jean
Wilson, WilliOlmlno Woodman, Andy
Cassldy. Honor roll—Angus McDonald, Jean Wilson, Dorothy McKowan,
Doris Parker, Joe Hrogan, Cyril bees.
Percentage atteodanee ll.M.
Improve Your Complexion
Get your blood pure, keep the liver active and the
bowels regular, and disfiguring pimples and unsightly
blotches will disappear from the face. For improving
the complexion and putting the blood in good order
are safer, better and surer than cosmetics. They
eliminate poisonous matters from the system, strengthen the organs and purify the blood—bring the health-
glow to uie cheeks, brighten the eyes, improve and
Beautify the Skin
hr Thonai Baaeham, St Helm, Lancaalitra, Entluid.
in Canada and U. 5. Am.rico.   lo boxes, 25caaU.
We Still Htve Plenty ol Ctotct
Poultry for New Year
Also Christmas Beat Prime Quality
Fare and One-Third
Ticket, on sale December 28th to
January let, 1917.
For further Information ***\j to
any C. P. R. Ticket Aejont, or write,
District Passenger Afent,
"Eager Heart"
la Oa Paris* HaU as
Wed. 3rd Jan. 3 p.m.
(Spatial far CUMm)
Thur. 4th Jan. 8 p.m.
Wedaesday Kef CUMm Ito.
Tknraday ft} CUMm 1**.
Sapper* tUa aal<pw affect af Cm*.
break CUMm aad ftra you-aelf ft
treat tete tke kargata.
PUBIC NOTICE ls hereby given to
tho electors of tho Municipality of
Cranbrook, thnt I require the presence
of the said electors at the Municipal
Building, Norbury Avenue, Crnnbrook
B. C. on thc Bth dny or January. 1917.
at twelve o'clock noon (one o'clock
City time), for the purpose of electing
persons to represent them In the Municipal Council as Mayor, Aldermen and
School Trustees.
The mode of nomination of candidates shall be as followB.-
Tho candidates shall be nominated
ln writing; the writing Bliall be cub
scribed by two voterB of the municipality as proposer and seconder, nnd
shall be delivered to the Returning
Officer at nny time between the date
of the notice and two p.m. (3 p.m.
City time) of the day of nomination;
the Bald writing may bc fn the form
numbered 5 In the Schedule of this
Act, nnd shall state the nnmes, residence, and occupation or description
of each person proposed, In such manner as to Identify such candidate; and
ln the event of a poll being necessnry
such poll will bo opened on the llth
day of January, 1917, at the Municipal
Building, Norbury Avenue, Cranbroolt
B. C, of which every person Ib hereby
required to take notice nnd govern
himself accordingly.
Qualifications for Mayor. The persons qualified to be nominated for and
elected m the Mayor of any city shall
be nny person who la a male BrltlBh
subject of tho full ago of twenty-one
yearn, not disqualified under nny law,
and hns for the bIx months next proceeding tho day of nomination been
the registered owner, In tha I .nnd
Reaiitry Offlct, of land or real aeoptr-'
Prices are steadily advancing on all
lines of paper and are bound to go
still higher.
Your envelopes and letter paper will
cost you more today than they did six
months ago, but we advise you to order now for future needs as prices will
be higher next month.
The Cranbrook Herald Job Department THURSDAY, DEC. 28th, •Jit,
one and all
and Friends
Bright and Happy
New Year
Yon cannot fret better BEEF
than ive are cutting Ju»t non. It
has been billed for four weeks
and Ik non tn splendid condition,
tender and Juicy. Try a Joint for
next Hundley's Dinner.
We have also all kinds of
The choicest of
fresh killed
We are satisfying
others and can do the
same for you-
City Meat Market
W. II. BLACK, M(rr.
I    HOOKS    WEST    OF    OLD
Milk, Cream, and
Delivered anywhere
in the city.
Sweet Cream, h vi.   16e
Whipping Cream, extra thick half
libit     !0c
Buttermilk .delivered, single qt.
  10c, or I pt milk ticket.
Those who wish buttermilk only
nieey buy a sheet of milk tickets at
tbe regular price nnd take* advantage
of tbe special rate nf 1 pint milk ticket for 1 quart buttermilk,
Cranbrook Butter
Tha Nf.ul Treatment ls Indorsed by
Business Men,, Bankers, Clergymen,
■nd Physicians. Jimt auk your doctor.
Write for booklet, Neal InatUuU, Crnn-
Klllij Framei Picture*.
Wlien Bain Cleans It, it's olean.
Phone 1&7.
Mt. py», ot Waldo, *»uft CkrtftOM
at nla home here,
Wa are carrying a tall line ot boots
and a&oei.— Oranbrook fixebange,
Armstrong Ava.
Hn. Bremner and children, of Lethbridge, are raiting Mrs. M. McCreery.
Deposit Vault at Beale * filwall'a.
Deposit boxes to rent.
Miss McLounan Is upending the
racatlon ln Nelson.
Mlsa Fisher le spending the holidays
with friends In Lethbridge.
Mr. Lome Langln of Yahk spent
the  Christmas  holiday  In  the city.
Mr. Jim Contain, ('. P. R. electri
clan, spent Christmas at Calgary.
Book yonr steamship passage ta tha
Old Country at Beale ft Elwell's.
Miss Olive H. White, of Nelson, Ib
spending the Christmas holidays at
her home here.
Mr. Alf Palmer, of Nelson, spent
the Christmas holidays with bis parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Palmer.
Wa are carrying a fall line of boots
and show.— Crnnbrook Exchange,
\roMtrenf Ave.
Miss J. M. Richards, of Radium Hot
Springs School, Is spending tbe holidays at home with her parents.
Mrs. Stewart, of Belleville, Ont.,
is spending the New Year holidays
with ber daughter, Mra. M. McCreery.
Mr, Charles Girling of the Bank
of Commerce staff spent the Christmas .holiday at his home In Balfour.
Miss Doaglas, of the Bank of Commerce staff, spent Christmas at her
home in Bull River.
Mr. Jimmie Doolan, of Corbln, Is
spending the Christmas holidays ln
tbe eity.
Dross-matting done at reasonable
rates. Work guaranteed. No.206 Van
Home Bt. East. 51-8t*
When Bain CleaM It, it's clean.
Pbone 157.
Mr. W. D. Hill left Wednesday for
lifs home in Armstrong where he will
spend the New Year holidays.
Mr. J. A. Tupper of Michel! wbb
visiting his sister-in-law, Mrs. Joe
Marapodi for the Christmas holidays
Mrs. J. 8. Taylor gave an enjoyable party-at her home on Wednesday
evening last.
Bandsman A. E. Parker, Sergt. J
I-rPOflb, PtPs. Wm. I#wtR. W, Lowder
imd a number of other boys of thf
2rftth Batt. eame home for Christmas
MIps Muriel Wallinger Is vlrltln-
Mrs. Pf. Cornon of Pernie for a few
Miss Bertha Oil] ha* returned homr
from Morris. Man., where she was
visiting her grenirparents.
MIps elUruirl Smith of Nelson spen- j
'hristmss with her sister, Mrs. T. H
Muajsr Jimmie Oreaves, who Is un
forgoing medlenl treatment nt Spo
kane. is spending the holidays at hlr
home her*
The hockey mutch on i'hrlstmap
ifternoon between the All Stars am
the Wonders resulted Id a tie, six all
The game wa* very evenly contested
Mln  iviin Oreaves, of the Hoi]
Names Academy. Spokane. Is spend
ing the Christmas holidays with hei
parents ia town.
Mr. and Mrs. Oeo. Nutt end daughter
Miss Alvyn, of Hosmer, spent Christmas holidays the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. mil.
Fr. aud Mrs. Cartwright of Creston
and MIks Cartwright, «f Baynes, were
guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. McKowan
over Christmas.
Mrs. N. W. Burdett and daughters
Winnie and Mfldren of Marysville
spent Christmas the guests of Mrs. K.
A. Hill.
The Udles Aid ot tho Methodist
Church will hold their monthly meeting on January 3rd at the home of
Mrs. Wusson, Norbury Ave., al 3 p.m
Rev. W. K. Thomson will preach
his farewell sermon on Sunday evening, In the Knox Presbyterian church.
In the morning the Sacrament of the
Lord's Sapper will be dispensed.
Mrs. R. P. Moffatt and little son
Ronald left on Tuesday for West Parn-
ham, Que., where she will spend the
next three months with her slater,
Mrs. John Stott
The annual "Community Dinner"
was given In the Parish Hall on
Christmas Night, followed by a dance
the Cranbrook Orchestra supplying
the music,    a most enjeyable Une
Cranhrook baa heen experiencing
the coldest snap of tho winter thin
week, tin* thermometer registering 29
below two nights lu succession.
The Band will play at the King
on Friday evening from eight to ten
o'clock, and arrangements are aow
being made for the band to play regularly* every week either onco or twice
a week.
Mr. R. J, Binning left on Sunday
for Calgary where he spent ChrlHt-
mas with his brother, and the following duy left for Ontario points. Hla
photo studio wlll be closed until hit
roturn ubout the first of February.
The I. 0 .D. E. wlah to acknowledge
tho receipt of $20 for patriotic purposes from Mrs. Fred Ege und Mrs.
Uaiublo of Kimberley, tbe proceed)
of a raffle for a set of pipes, and alst
tho regular monthly contribution of
$16 for Ited Cross.
Mrs. J. S. Brake on behalf of tin
Daughters of the Empire wishes tt
acknowledge the Bum of $18 received
from Mr, J. R. Wiseman, Sullivan
Mines, the balance from the Christ
mos Tree Entortalnment, to bo usee
for tho Bread Fund for Prisoners o:
Kor the forthcoming conference or
"What Shall Replace the Saloon"
ideas are wanted about thc subject
Information regarding experiments In
other countries; cuttings or article)
from the Press; communications
should be Bent to the secretary oi
president of Christ Church Social Service Council, Cranbrook.
The accidental death of Geo. Mead
on Saturday afternoon rounds out n
total of five demises at the Creston
Hotel within a year. Paul Bunion
expired suddenly just about a year ago
yesterday, and the late Dan Cameron
less than a month later. J. B. Moran
passed away the latter part of June.
Mrs. Moran ln November, and Mr
Mend this month.-—Creston Review.
If Creston does not have a considerable-sized mining boom in thc very
near future it won't be the fault of
local mine locators. Within the past
ten days deputy mining recorder
Forrester has issued no less thun IT
licenses and recorded 14 claims. Ten
of the former were taken out on Saturday Inst, and 12 of the 14 claims
were registered the sume day.—Creston Review.
The annual meeting und election nf
ollicers of the Women's Institute
will be held in the Parish Hull at 3
p.m. on Tuesday, January 2nd, 191
A full attendance of members and
friends is requested, as n full stab
ment of the year's work Will be given
hy the officers of the various depart
ments. and new officers elected for
the coming year.
Congratulations are due this week
to Mr. John Martin of Martin Bros
on the occasion of his marriage ot
Christmas Dny to Miss Ethel McDon
aid. teacher at Kootenay Orchards
School. The wedding was n surprls1
'o ull his friends, no one having an?
nkllng of tt until after the even'
ook place when letters to his friend
n town conveyed the news. Th.
•eremony wns performed by Rev. Dun
*.ld McKinnon nt the home of Mr. an
Mrs. Edwards. Hall, B. C. Mrs. Ed
■vurds being n sister of the bride.
A pretty Christinas wedding tool
ilneo on Christmas Day at the horn
f Mr. and Mrs. Carapsell when thei
laughter Evy Catherine was unite
in niarrlugc to Mr. Clark Bruce Wai
ace, Rev. W, K. Thomson being th'
ifficiatlng clergyman. The groon
was supported by Mr. Alfred Parke?
vhlle thc bride's sister acted as brides
maid. The bride was given away bj
her father After the ceremony thi
^UQStS to the number of eighteen sa'
lown to ii delightful wedding break
fast. The house waB prettily decorat
•d with evergreen.
Leslie Mclntyre and W. Kossoff
two Inds who have reached tie ln-
luisitive stage, started some thl Lg on
Saturday morning lust when they unscrewed the bung nnd dropped a lighted firecracker into n barrel half filled
with gasoline. In the vicinity of A. E
Ferguson's plumbing shop. Luckily
for the boys, the explosion, which
shook the whole town, tore the end
ont of the metal tnnk, sending It n
thousand yards Into the air, Instead
of blowing it nil to pieces, or they
would have been Instantly killed. The
fire which followed was finally subdued without doing serious damage.—
Fernie Free Press.
Next woek, tho firct week In January. Is "National Service Week" in
Canad., and every man between the
agcB of 16 nnd 65 years Is required
to fill In and return one of the cards
being given out this week by thn post-
office authorities. Postmaster Henderson has received an adequate supply sufficient to provide ono for every
man In the district, and nny who hnve
not yet received a card are requested
to nsk for one. Tho purpose Is to
obtain a census of the mnnhood of
the Dominion with a view to mobilizing it to cope with Industrial conditions now existing. It has been
contended by eome thr.t this In a preliminary step towards conscription,
and though the Premier has refused
to give his pledge that conscription
will not be enacted, a general response
to the request for information is more
tpt to delay conscription thnn to hurry
Mint courso, .They are, ns a matter
f (net, Intended to render a resort to
On Wednesday evening at the Masonic Hall the members of Cranbrook
Masonic Lodge presented Rev. W. K.
Thomson with a handsome Seal Lion
Travelling Bag as n token of their
litgh esteem for him und tbeir appreciation of lUs assistance to the lodge
during the past four years la the capacity of chaplain. A toilet set Id morocco leather case was also handed to
Mr. Thomson with the request that
he present it to Mrs. Thomson and
convey to her the best wishes ot tbe
members of the lodge. After the presentation was made by A. C. Shankland,
Mr. Thomson very feelingly thanked
those responsible for the gift and expressed his sincere regret at having
to leave Cranbrook where he bad so
many good friends, The large gathering rose in a body and sang heartily
"For He's a Jolly Good Fellow." Mr.
Thomson and family will leave Monday next 'or his new field In Edmonton.
After a period of freedom from
alarms the local fire brigade have attained a new record ln having no lesi
than Tour different alarms of flre tn
as many days. On Thursday they had
to attend the flre at Mr. McLean's
house on French Avenue, mentioned
In these columns last week, on Frl
day a run was made to Mrs. Bidder's
houso on Pooley Avenue where a flre
had started in the wallB of the woodshed. The water pipes had been frozen
up and in thawing them out flre got
in between the walls and but for tho
pronlpt arrival of the brigade a serious blaze would have resulted. The
hose was put down between tlie wall*
and the fire extinguished with llttle
damage. On Saturday a burning chimney at the Wentworth Hotel gave the
brfg&de another run but fortunately
their services were not required. On
Christmas Evo an alarm waa turned
in from the Hospital on the occasion
of the sad accident there, and tbe
brigade turned out but did not lay
nny hose.
The Fink Mercantile Company's annual event "A visit from Santa Claus
took place on Wednesday evening
'he 20th Inst, when standing loom
was at a premium In their big store.
Iust nt eight o'clock, as stated by
Santa through the Columns of this
oanor laHt week, the much loved old
TentJeman came dashing up Cranbrook
-treet from the direction of Fort
Steelo. lt was evident that Santa and
tils driver hnd forgotten the location
of the store aw they drove a considerable distance up tho street before
they discovered their mistake and retraced their way. Santa entered the
store just an the big clock on the post
office wan striking the hour of eight
-Santa Is always punctual and want*
every boy and girl to be. He waH
greeted with hearty cheers by about
r,O0 children. He passed through the
store and took his place on aa elevat-
od platform where he could b# plainly
ieen by all. This year he gave away
■-tory books which were appreciated
by all. The Fink Co. hopes to haw
fhe pleasure of another visit from
Santa and hope that he will bring
more good presents for all.
lt is a distinctly ambitious under-
nking on the pnrt both of the promoters nnd of children taking part,
'.o stage n miracle play in Cranbrook.
The scenic effectB are difficult since
'he play calls for three stages, action
;iking place on all three at the same
'.line.    The scenes represented    are
Eager Heart's dwelling and a star-
| it plain, upon this later the shepherds
| meet around their camp fire.
»    The chief persons In the play art
I 'Cager  Heart and her   two    sisters,
I Kager Sense and Eager Fame; a poor
I family,   shepherds,   kings  and  angel
choir,,    A great deal of trouble has
been taken to provide costumes appropriate to the oriental setting.
Although the play Ib produced by
"hlldren and can be appreciated by
'hem. It Is a play of deep meaning
ind will be appreciated by all who
care for thlngB beautiful and true.
2c per word for first week, and lc par
word for each week after.
FOR   SALE— Enawl   Bed   aM
prings, tn good condition, will sell
cheap. Inquire at Herald Offlca or
hone 18. 47-tf.
MIST   Small gold watch, between
Baptist Church and Post Offlce. Finder
return to Herald office, reward.    62-lt
Three Special Lines at
the Ladies1 Wear Store
Have you seen Hill's large stock of Ladles' Skirtst Tliey are equal lo the show,
lags of any large store hoth as regards price und runire or selection. Vou cannot do
lietter than buy here.
All onr remaining stock of Ladies' (outs arc offered at prices that will soon
clear them out. We hare sold a large number this season but still have some really
good ones left. You'll have to hurry though to gel in on the best values as at the
prices they will not lasl long.
Every lady who has Inspected our splendid showing of Blouses has been surprised
and delighted at their beauty, utility and economy and we hnve lieen complimented by
scores of ladies on our enterprise In putting in such u stock. IV e are In business to
supply your needs nnd we are glad to be able* to satisfy onr customers. Call and see
them if ynu have not already done so.
Ladies Wear Specialists,
Armstrong Ave.
Prince Albert is
such friendly tobacco
that it just makes a man sorry he didn't get wind of this
pipe and cigarette smoke long, long ago. He counts it lost
time, quick as the goodness of Prince Albert gets firm set
in his life I And P. A. can't bite or parch I That's cut out
by the patented process by which it is made I Prince Albert
has always been sold without coupons or premiums. We
prefer to give quality I
Get on the right-smoke-track soon as you know howl
Ask your dealer for Prince Albert If he cannot supply you,
ask him to secure it through his wholesaler. Quick aa you
can, understand yourself how much you'll like
Fringe Albert
(A* international joy smoke
It stands to reason, doesn't it, that if men aU over
the world prefer P. A. that it must have all the
qualities to satisfy your fondest desires?
Men, get us right on Prince Albert!   We tell
you this tobacco will prove better than
you can figure out, it's so chummy and
fragrant and inviting all the
time. Just realize that you
can smoke all you want
without a comeback!
Prince Albert is eold
througltovt Ctmssds, g.n-
.roll,, in tlm ■*..». tist, red
tin, mtsso in pmssosd mnd
hail'-pound hmsnidmem.
WsssMtss^amlssm. N. C,
U.S. A.
THII CARD Mian M rtu.to ex aMO "WOaaFTt. flfTUMNio a. all auLB KTwiee*, tm. sasa o. \s .NO a. ,aKLU.Ivt
KA8Y MONEY buying fur
for mc, no experience needed. Write
now for particulars.—M. P. Maesuere,
02417 Hamilton St. Spokane, Waah.G23t
| Forks, aawmil, full running order now,
complete every way. Electric light
plant. Logs delivered mill. Winter
time 15 per M. 14600. term* suit right
party.    Dox 27 B. Herald. 4«-8t
Sealed tenders will be receive* bf
tliee Minister of Lands not later than
noon on the 20th day of Deeeobw,
1910. for" the purchase of Licence No.
1114, to ent 1,too.ooo feet of merchantable* timber on an area adjoining S, L.
IG of L. 4091, Nr. Peavlne Creek. Koot-
nay District. Two (2) years will be
llowed for removal of tlmbor.
Further particulars ot tht CM*i
eirester, Victoria, II. ('.. or District
'Htatk, ft ft IMt
t. What it your Ml nv-*«i
2. Mow o"* IN r«u )    .          mi
3. Whorg do you tivo?    Provine*    ,    ....„.,
ft. tn wmt country   1
*■ Hunt ot eity. town. |
»"'»(• or Pott CM'M j
1 In whit Country III (
•our father born?   |	
7. rn whit country wit 1
10. How much term r,*vt you loir i
in i.tt 12rnont*.|fr*jmt.tfcnMI? j
Of your irtgM?   .  	
8. Win you horr i Bntiih r*vbjM(7	
9   IF not. 111 you nituriliMd7           	
12. Ol your H?*i7   ........    tj.
14 Of your holing 7
IS Wh.tV* iro you —rmrno-J, 1
lingle or i widowir?       /
16. How mi'ii M'lon* -Mt-dM |
rourMll do you *n*w>r\ > \
17. Whit ti* ,ou working it for i IM
*j*    _ ._ „    ,
II. Whom do you work for?
19   Hl«*« n I 1 Oti* O/prrjttll'-*"'
21    An **N working now*,
20  II to. whit 7            _
Ti   II nol.wt>y?
23  Would you bo willing to criingi ,«
2*1  Ar8r*w*»iH.no..l your nilwiytirt
I'Hlr.l well i',e Mtir nwtMir, w,k ,| e., „,, H, ^M() „„ ,lr ,                    	
i M<d.toui.* ■*'*(•• ,ou now Nvo, ind go ti MfMOUwpMl »m Cinidito do truth work »  .
crwtrr Tfxi* uilaiiM
Write^your Answers on the Card
\ $likJ\you will -shortly receive
J^feturrv Yro\xt^\sItis^bmatorMf
nformation! PACiE FOUR
THURSDAY. DEC. 28th. 1916
I. O.O. F.
Meeta every
Monday night
at Fraternity
Hall. Sojourning Oddfellows
cordially Invited.
Secy. N. Q.
Cranbrook, B. C,
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. In
the Fraternity Hall
R. C. Carr, C. C.
P. de Vere Hunt, K. K. & S.
P. 0. Box 622
Visiting brethren  cordially  Invited to atteud.
Meets in  Mapli*
Hall second
Tuesday of every
month at 6
p. in.
Membership open
to   BrltlBh
Visiting   members   cordially
E. Y. Drake.        J
P. Lower,
Meets ln the
Maple Hall
Ilrst Tuesday
afternoon of
every month
at 3 p.m.
Pres.. Mrs. W.
11.   McFarlane.
Secy, Mrs, John Shaw, V. 0. Box 442
All laelles cordially Invited.
The Hlioe Specialist
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Headquarters for all kinds of
Ladles and Gentlemen's Hats
Cleaned and Blocked
Phone 204
Licensed by  Provincial Government.
Cottage Hospital
Terms Moderate) Pleasant .Situation
•nd well equipped. Write for Pros-
pectus   to
MRS. A. SALMON, Matron
P. 0. Box MS Telephone ta*
Hospital Address, Ml) Garden Ave.
Certificate of Improvements
Mtzpah Mineral Claim, situate ln the
ort Steele Mining Division of Koote-
ay DlBtrlct. Where Located: On
.ark Crook, about twj miles wt'Bt of
TAKE NOTICE Ilea1 Elgin E. Jcnes.
roe Miner's Certlfc .to No. B79736,
itends, sixty days fi\.m the date t.ere-
f, to apply to the Mr Ing Recorder for
Certificate of Impr evements, for the
urpose of obtaining a Crown Ornl.t of
above claim,'and further take notice
hat action under section 85. must be
ommenccd boforc the Issuance ot
uch Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 1st day of December A. D.
916. 48-9t.
Sealed tenders will ho received by
the Minister of Lands not later than
noon on the 20th day of December,
1916. for the purchase of Licence No.
767. to cut 2,124 cords of Jack Pine
Mine Props, on an area adjoining Lot
796. Aldridge, Kootenay District. One
1) year will bo allowed for removal
of limber. Further particulars of the
Chief Forester, Victoria, B. C„ or
District Foroster, Cranbrook. B. C.
GURD & sphei 1,1,
Barristers, Etc.
W. r. Gurd        G. .1. Spreull
lilts. KING & GREEK
Physicians nnd Surgeons
Offlce  at   residence,  Armstrong
Forenoons  9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons 2.00   o   4 00
Evenings  7.30 to   8.30
Sundays   2.30 to   4.30
1)11. F. 11. MILES
Offlce lo Hanson Block
9 to 12 a.m.
1 to   5 p.m.
MateniKj l.e I General Nursing
Garden Ave.
Te,ms on Application
Mns. A. SALMON, Matron
Phone 259 P. O. Box 845
Civil and Mining Engineers
11. C. Land Surveyors
liny Phono 238, Night Phone St
Norbury Ave, next to City HaU
Mr. and Mrs. Gus. U"lck left town
on Friday to pay a visit to tholr old
home across the: Une. Mrs. Quick Intends Btaylng aoiiic time but Mr. Quick
Is returning in a fortnight.
Thursday saw the departure of
Frank Taylor, the* Company's stenographer, for his Inline in Spokane.
Mrs. s. Staples aud Mrs. F. Davis
maele a visit tee the city In search of
Santii Claus, on Friday.
On Thursday night Hie schetol children held their Christmas entertainment. Tho kiehlies performed very
wel! and every one had au enjoyable
Mrs. Foster and chlldron paid a visit
to tlie city lust week.
On Friday, Mr. Evorltt Fleming loft
town for his home in Kelowna where
ho expects to spenel a Bhort time with
his parents before Jieliiinj* tin1 cc lorn.
As yet the* se-lioeil board has not sue1-
e'ee'iied in "landing" a new toachor
hot they expe'et to elo so shortl;;.
diiy looking liko Bometlitng tho dog
hud dragged in.
A big band of Tobacco Plains Indians
passed through Elko on their way to
the, .St. . Eugene Mission for their
Chri.stmas duties.
■JilBs'Lynn of Fernie Is the guest
o'( 'the IMat'aes. Sylvia and Esther Scott
at''the''040. E. Scott Ranch at the
International Boundry Line, Rooae-
vllle Valley, this Christmas.
Ignorance may be bliss, but that
doesn't keep a woman from opening, her husband's mail.
Several of the business men in Elko
havo Bhftv'ed their mustaches off, so
thtey can smoke their cigars shorter.
Messrs. Richardson and Hnrmour,
Game Wardens, were down In tho Gola
Creek Country nnd Tobacco Plains
last  week on business.
The Hawk3hnw of Waldo was down
to. FlagHtone Saturday.
An Alberta syndicate ls looking
eever tlie lloosvillo Valley timber with
the Intention of putting in a mill.
Jim Thistlebeak Is spending his
Christmas hollelnys down on Tobacco
A largo band of Pelgans pnBseel thru
Klkee een their way to Tobacco Plains
to intend the big Black Tall danco.
Phone 414 P. O. Box 33
Professor ot Music
Studio: 106 Armstrong Ave.
Miss Conrad is visiting friends ln
Missoula, Mont.
F. G. Wrightson returned een Saturday rrom Cnlgnry.
James Ayre spent Christmas with
his family In Femle.
Messrs. Taylor, West and Hollanei
spent the holidays Willi friends in Kimberley.
Harry Dlek visited in Cranhrook
Mrs. T. H. Milne ot Vernon, on her
reteim from n visit with hor friends
ln Goderich. Out., spent Christmas In
Moylo tho guest of Mrs, W. H  Lairel.
T. Farrell of Wallace is here spending the holidays visiting he,,  •>ieitlH*r.
Miss V. Martin ot Wardner visited
friends In Moyie the first of the week.
Mrs. James Whitehead and daughter
returned   from   Crnnhrook  Thursday.
Misses Lewis nnd Bilker left on Fridav to spend the holidays, Miss Lewis
going to Field anil Miss linker to
Thirty school rhilelren totek part in
tlie entertainment held In the Methodist Church. Thursday evening. The
sum ot thirty five elollars was rnlsed
by Ihe sale of tickets and semt to aid
the Belgium children.
Midnight Mass was held in thc Cnth-
ollo Church on Christmas eve.
ltuliL Frame, Prep.
Fresh lirend, Cukes, Pies
nnd Pastry
Phone 37
Norbury Ave.      Opp  City Hall
If vou want satisfaction
with vour washlne
send it to
Special prices for familv
Forwarding  and  Distributing
Agent for
Lelhhrldge Coal
Xl.lt* Powder
Imperial Oil Co.
DniyiiiL" nnd Transferrin,;
Given pro.upt attention
Phone 63
Profession*,! Maternity Nun*
Apply—Box  3,  Creston, B.  C.
or Mrc. TIsdale'B Cranbrook.
General Merchant
Employment Agent
P. O. Box 108 Phone 244
Spokane, Washington
This house lias the
happy distinction ot being Uie favorite Btop-
Iilng place fn Spokane
for the people of British
Columbia We appreciate
this patronago and do
everything in our power
to make you comfortable.
Our location ls excellent •*-
cIobc to Great Northern Station
and O. W. It. & N.—Milwaukee
terminal, and within a minute's
walk trom the principal business
houses and places of amusement.
See  SteamsIilD  on  Roof
un.uetAn arncn-unriLLObiAKe*
{ulrttliiK Till lor Women, jr, k box or three for
iu. pol'l at nil DniK Htonit. or nulled to any
aiidrm.Jii roflfllptof prloa,   Tm Booiltt DIDO
Co .ttttUUmriU'd. oiiUiHu.    _       ___	
phosphonol for Men; 5S
Vitality;f*>r Korro ami Xraln; iiii-rea**''•--«*•
mntliT '"ftTotilr wlll ■■,... ymi up, 13 n ■.to*, or
two f"r JV nt (Iniff M..-"> *>r hv mall onroMlpi
ofi" "    l ii.: 8uo), i; ...... i>i ,.*■,[. c»ili«rim«
Mrs. Oo. Shlpman and family nnd
llie Misses Winnie and Mltdrer Bur*
dett of Marysville, are visiting with
Mr. and Mrs. A. Dryden and expect to
spend  several  weeks.
A very successful dunce with given
in the Waldo Hotel on Monday evening by the proprietor, W. McKay.
There was quite a large turn out and
everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
Mr. Harry Jones ot Dorr spent
Christmas in town.
Mr. Pye, manager of the Waldo Mercantile Co.. is visiting with his family
this week iu Cranbrook.
Miss W. Hamlll, school teacher
here, spent Christmas with his sister
In Fernie.
Ben. Palmer staged a turkey shoot
on Christmas which was largely at'
tended by the local nlmrods.
Mrs. Ducklow of Dorr spent the
week end the guest of Mrs. A. Dryden
Mrs. Henderlck and daughter of
Whiteflsh, Mont., are visiting with Mr.
and Mrs. h. M. Smith of Krag.
Mr. and Mrs. Jones of Vulcan. Alta.,
accompanied by Mr. Jones, sr., aro visiting with Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Ross.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Skllling speni
Christmas with relations in Fernie.
Mr. A. dimming, Secretary of the
District Patriotic Fund, was a Waldo
visitor this week. Mr. Cummings is
touring the district with the view of
lining up al) the post and logging
camps and having them pay their ro
spective shnre towards the fund, as
there are several camps ln the district
who are not contributing.
Quite a llttle excitement was cauS'
cd in town on Sunday morning when
one of the houses belonging to tht
Hoss-Saskatoon Lumber Co., caught
fire, and whieh was occupied by V.
Divers, planer foreman. There was
a strong wind blowing nnd It was
feared that the other houses In the
row would also catch flre, but willing
hands with buckets and flre extinguishers soon had the blaze under con
trol. It is thought that a defective
flue was the cause of the blaze.
The concert given In Ross HaU on
Thursday evening laBt was a huge success. The largo and varied program
was well received by those present.
The play "Not a man In the House''
was carried out by the different members of the cast and was a real tickler.
The real hit of the evening was made
by Mr. V. Divers, who sang his numbers in appropriate costumes. Those
who took part were Mrs. Hobson, Miss
Bell, Mr. Hobson, Mrs. Beattie, Mtt).
Madden, Miss Thompson. Mr. Divers.
Mrs. Sunnier. Miss Turner, Miss Hose,
Mfss Hamlll, Miss Hoss, nnd school
The Sunduy School Christmas Tr*<
was held in the opera house, Hlrtt
block, Klko, Dec. 21st. The house was
crowdeil with the parents and friends
of the participants of lhe tree and
other donations from tlie. business
men of the town. Rev. Mr. Mclnnes,
Presbyterian "Skipper of the Heaven
ly Seas" acted us chairman, and his
opening remarks paid many compli
ments to the children's ability, artistic, and dramatic. The musical feature of the evening was u duet by Mr,
P. Brewer, Elko, and Mrs. Waters of
Saskatoon. The children's programme
was curried out without a hitch and
sustained the chairman's remarks. The
hall was beautifully decorated by tlm
ladles of the church, who acted as
waiters und Baw that every child got
a present.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. Bare of Cowley are
spending the Christmas and New Year
holidays with Mrs. Bnre's parents, the
1/etchers, Square Deal Ranch, Roosville Valley.
I. M. Watson, J. M. Watson and J.
P. Stocks of the 225th nre spending
the holidays at their homes, Roosville
MIhs B, B. Paterson, school teachel,
Uonsvllle, left Dec. 23rd for her homo,
Port Haney for tho holidays via the
Great Northern.
Jim Thistlebeak sayB, just because a
woman Is married anil has to do her
own housekeeping Is 'no reason why
she should no around the house all
Tobacco Fund Subscribers—Chns.
Malr, |1) H. Kershaw, |1; R. L. T. Galbraith. |1; O. S. Bukor, fl; A. May
Bate, BOc; Elinor Curley, 50c; Stella
Mason. 50c; Ella Fenwick, 50c; Wm.
II. Monk, Mobile, Ala., fl.
W. Turpln of Calgary wns in town
on 21st, nttending to the unloading of
the two horses for Mr. Doyle. The rest
of the carlond were for the Staples
Lumber Co., at Wycliffe.
Every week there are from 15 to 20
carloads of lumber shipped through
Fort Steele from nearby mlllB. Mr,
Hayes 1ms shipped two carloads Irtoly.
The school closing and Christmas
Tree on Thursday was held In the
school house. Many of the parents
wero present and nearly nll of the
younger generation who were Invited
'n come, nnd enjoyed the tree and
trout. In both rooms thero was a large
"tree" with many good things upon lt
and the children hnd the annual wonderful day which the school children
if today always share nt Christmas.
There wns a short programme of nult-
able songs, patriotic nnd Christmas-
tide, aftor whioh the prizes were
awarded and sweets given out. Mr.
Galbraith, secretary, s ioke a few suitable words. The children then gave
•liree cheers'for their teachers. Mlsfl
Stella Mnson. and Miss Maye Bute
which Is the children's wny of showing
enthusiastic appreciation. There were
ilso given throe cheers for Mr. Galbraith, our alwayR popular chairman.
Miss Ella Fenwick was Inst week
'he  guest  of  Mrs.  Pym,  Cranbrook.
Miss Stella Mason left Friday last
for the coast, having resigned from the
Fort Steele staff.
Miss Maye Bate left Friday for Kaslo
where she will spend her Christmas
"acatlon with her aunt, Mrs. M. S.
Mr. Bridges nnd son were In town
luring the week en/1.
National Service cards nre beln*
1'strlbuted nbout town. The teachers
■■nd ministers of every town hnve been
asked to help and eneournge the Iden.
Skating was nt Its best on the river
•nst week and If the snow does not
become deeper thnt healthful exercise
vill be resumed. A large crowd will
ho nt the rink Christmas week.
Miss G. Attree entertained a few
-onne people at her home on Friday
Mrs .Galbraith. Miss Blair. Mrs.
'ann. Mrs. Attree. Miss B. Cann, Miss
'!. Attree, wore visitors in Crnnbrook
*nst week end (23rd nnd 22nd,>
Subscriptions to the Rod Cross Fund
Mrs. Gnlbraitii, 25c; Mrs. Cnnn. 25c;
Mr. Galbraith, GOc: Chas. Mnir, 50c;
Mrs. Richardson, 25c; Miss A M Bate,
?5c; E. Attree. 25c; Chas. Reynolds,
"5c; Miss S .Mason, $200; A. Doyle,
"5c; T. McVittie. 50c; B. Werden. 25c;
Mr. F. Blnmore, 2t-c; Mrs, Blnmore,
'1; Mrs. Crowe, 25c; R. Crowe, 25c;
B. Crowe. 25c; J. Tannhauser. 25c;
W. Tannhaucer, 25c; G. Baker. 25c;
■I Kershaw. 25c; G. Watson. 2!ic: J.
Walsh, 2Bc; W. Davis, 25c; W. Carlin,
''Be. Subscriptions at Wasa; J.
Knowles, |1; J. SUk. 25c; Philip
Hoskoh, 50c; Frank Zubnl, 50c: C.
Weston, |2; A. J. Miller, fl; Lee Roy,
50c. '   ■
Brakeman W. J. Skinner, who Is
alleged to have thrown the switch
which precipitated the head-on collision between the two Crow ex-
ureaseB at Chin, was arraigned before Inspector Chancy at the Mounted Police Barracks, Lethbridge, the
other day and was committed for
trial on a charge of criminal negligence resulting In tho death of E. E.
Parker. Bnll hns been granted nt
•UO.000, and an Skinner hns been abli
to secure bondsmen, he Is now free.
Vancouver, Dec. 22.—-The election
vesterday was in a wny without excitement, although before tho close of the
noils between five and six thousand
electors had taken ndvnntage of their
franchise. Tho vote shows that Mr.
Macdonald has been elected for the
third time within less than a year In
the city of Vancouver, although In the
election of yesterday ho was over 2000
behind Mr. Smith, but this Is easily
accounted for as there was no fltfit on
Mr. Smith. The result was as follows:
Smith, 7,40(1; Macdonald, 5,061; Mc-
Taggart, 3,908.
Ottawa, Dec. 26.-—Sir Robert Bt.rdon
flately refused to promise to the labor
representatives that there would be
no conscription In Canada. He told
them that the national service registration had not as Its ultimate object
compulsory military service but ha
refused to pledge himself or the government for tho future. The labor
representatives are confident that a
satisfactory agreement wlll ho reached with the government and that It
will permit them to asBlst In mr.klng
national service a success. Another
meeting will be held this afternoon
and n statement by the labor representatives Issued tonight.
S We Thank You! *£
For the very excellent business given us at all
times especially during the past.
Last Saturday was really a "hummer" the largest cash receipts in the history of the store.
It has been exceeding difficult to procure many
Hies of merchandise yet we believe we succeeded fairly well as we were able to supply the requirements
of practically every customer and our stock is still in
good condition.
This week Ladies' Evening Silk Dresses at
half price, only a few left.
Are You the Man?
Are you anxious to identify yourself with one of the biggest, livest and most profitable industries in the world?
Are you willing to work hard, providing your efforts yield a
greater return?
Are you eager to establish yourself in a sound, growing and
money-making business?
Are you thinking about a business that you can build up, that
will provide you with a real income, and that you can hand down
to your son?
Have you a good reputation, a business training, selling ability,
acquaintances and some capital?
If you can qualify, we want you. And we can submit a proposition that you will like. The possibilities are unlimited for a live,
hustling business man.
We are at the present time without representation in this locality.
We must have a dealer at once. The demand for Maxwell Cars
is insistent and we must make arrangements to satisfy it.
The Maxwell Company is one of the three largest automobile
concerns in the world. The Maxwell Car is famous tor its durability, economy, comfort and good looks. It is without question
the World's Great*** Motor Car Valut.
If you are interested (and if you are the kind of a man we want,
you will be ) write, wire or telephone at once to
Maxwell Motor Company of Canada, Limited
Touring Car
F.O.R Windsor
One ChassU
fine Body Style*
F.OR Windsor
All Model* Completely Equipped—No Extra* to  Buy
(Continued from page one)
In President Wilson's position should
Intimate that both were fighting for
tho same object, was an insult and an
outrage, and could not be too strongly resented.
A pleasing feature of the evening
service was a splendid soprano solo
by Mrs. It. W. Russell, "Hark, lurk,
My Soul" nccompanled by violin,
.■■■lin nnd clarinet obllgato, and a
bass solo by Mr. Ilussel, who gave In
good voice that ever-beuutlful "Nazareth", with orchestra accom pan I ment.
Tho anthem "Praise ye the Father"
was rendered in good voice by the
A quiet enthusiasm, typifying the
flrst great Christmas, was the spirit
that pervaded the services of the entire day at the local Methodist church.
Willing hands had been busy in preparation tor the services, as was evidenced by the oxtremely pretty decorations which Included three beautiful
stars—the largest of which was so
placed as to suggest a natural position
in thc firmament and of course representing the Star of Bethlehem. The
congregational singing was especially
hearty, everybody enjoying the old
Christmas songs. Thc anthem "Christians Awake" was well rendered by the
choir and enjoyed by all at the morning Bcrvlce.    ,
The pastor told tho legend of Robin
lied Breast and the symbolic fitness
of evergreen decorations at Christmas
time, ns his story theme for the children, and then passed to his announced topic, "The Unspeakable Gift".
Everything else being equal, a gift Is
measured (1) by Its Intrinsic value,
(2) Its potentiality, <3) Us power to
express the sentiment of the giver,
(41 its personal element. These qualifications were aptly Illustrated by an
appeal to life and then the application
of thu theme mnde. Apart altogether
from any strictly religious aspect,
Jesus Christ has been the greatest
blessing to the world, even as an historic fact only. The potentiality of
Christ's iiinming to thc world Is more
apparent today thnn ever as we realize
that all It has meant through MOO
year*-) Is ns nothing to what we feel He
Is yet to mean In mental, moral, economic, social and spiritual emancipation uf all mankind.
Tho evening topic "Will Christ ever
come In the flesh again?" was anticipated by a good congregation, and
while the topic Is of such a controversial character yet many expressed
themselves In grateful manner for the
way the question had been simplified
for them. Ir. support of a spiritual Interpretation of such return, Mr. Key-
worth said, a physical appearance of
Christ was too material altogether to
fit the spiritual significance of Christ's
kingdom. "My Kingdom Is not of the
earth," said Christ," and It cometh not
by observation, but Is within you."
A physical re-appearance was often
looked for by -many as the only wny
ln which sin would be finally overthrown but the pastor maintained that
the spirit of Christ's teaching entirely
contradicted this leda.
The servee wV-s wonderfully enhanced by two lovely anthems by the
choir: "Thero were Shepherds Abiding" and "A Light to tlie Land Immortal." while Uie vocal rendering of
"Tha SUr of Bethlehem" by prof.
Nidd to tba aeco»Psnfaai of Mn.
Trappers, Farmers,
It doM not cost you anything to
on your furs.   Kitenew, thtem to ua
over a to.00 valuation.   Wo make
you our offer
for your reply, returalns them
If not uurchased.   Try Ul
In Business Sinee 1888
Bend for Prloa Mat.
Special prico paid for Dark Martin
Mackay & Dippie
2188th A-fenoe. Calgary, Alia.
Ira Manning was greatly appreciated.
Prior to the regular aervice, In an
organ recital and later aa an offar-
tolre, the organist gave a splendid
program of Chrlatmaa Carols and selections from musical msaters.
At the afternoon aeealon of the
school a choice program of choruses,
duetta, soloa, etc., wu given hy the
scholars, but not many of the parents
seemed Interested as few beyond regular attaadaseta wet* innat


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