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Cranbrook Herald Nov 26, 1903

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NUMBER   8tt
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Head Office. Toronto.
Hon. C.ko. A. Cox, President
Pall ll,.   Capital
Talal  Rcaoarcca
II. 1-. Wai.ukk. Gen. Man.
,.,., .„..,.,.   h.mmnoo
Deposits Received,   licner-il Hankin'- lliisincss Transicled
StVINIIS II INK DEPARTMENT   DtSUItl Received   Interest Allawca*.
IIASKINli  11V   Mill.    |li*|.44-iH 4,4411-Ik-11411,1,-41,141 ivilli.lniwi, liy n,nil.
 '' - ——,lvo 4-i-i-iy ntii'iitiiiii. Uuininunlotttloni addressed
iiiinniii, i.niiirii will I......in. |inn.i|it attention,
Out ul nmii a nuns I
tiiili iiiiii*-.-!- ol tho Ci
F. C. MALPAS, Manager.
^OOOOif !«<*<«.>. Mitt Sii 111 f*.OOiOO**S«<010S*SS«Ot*i>V
m Capital, Paid Up $2,983,8% 1
$ Rest $2,636,312 J
S T. R. NIerritt, Pres.   D. R. Wilkie, Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager j
J        A general banking; business transacted.    Drafts sold availa- *
* Ue in every part of Canada, United States and Europe.    Special *
* attention to collections. F. H. MARSH, Manager.     *
%-i-MSM ((Ctatftftttt (f (tt.ll.KKIiddlll'I'aKHl**
Hence you need something to keep warm. 5
We have a fine line ol |
The goods are thc best and the prices are right %
Fort Steele I
.Mercantile Co.
East Kootenay's lii-* Mail Order House. Limited |
t|titiM*i«i*-i<t!4i«>i«,i-t>i«if I i*i-»i«i«i«i«i«i*i*i«i*t:ii|t
*»l»l*l»M*rl •■:•;■•!, i ■■! •  •   .ii.i •'!*• i*!*!*!*!*!*!.!*!*!-!
I * I* j * I * I
. ...... I.. ,
In which to purchase your Xmas -rifts. Come early when
you have a good assortment and lour lines are unbroken. It
you wish you can have the articles you want laid aiide until
Xmas.   It won't cost you any more.
-,.Htl-(i*l-K!VK.V-^HiV-»MS>-,.-|--(44V-(.>-. .   _
t^-tS-CiHS^Gl-®-®-®-®-®-®-®--® ®-®
The baniimi weather has none.   You need
Weather Strips and Coal Hods
now as well as heaters.   You will
find everything of the kind at
the big; hardware store.
1,9 9-9*9 Ma4*-WMa>M*a4*a**MMe-j,
*>!» 9*9*9 3 9-9 9-9-9 St6-Otf- IHIWII'
Iln ynu take The Hernld? If not
n word inielit set your mi'id think-
iug along the riglit line. There
art- IOI rensotiH why you td.nuld du
ho. First, if you live in t'raubna.k
nn.l don't take it, yon an' au ox-
ei-ptiiiu. Seciind. if you want the
newt, of thia district, you muni
read The Herald. Tliinl, it you
are interi-ati-d in Crtinbrt-ok or the
district, it is yunr duty to la- a
Silbeorlbor to Tlm Herald. But,
what ia the une of t-nuincruting the
other UH reasons. Any one ia sufficient, If you don't want to take
it for n year, try it for Bix months
If you read it tlutt long, ynu will
want it each week afterward.
And, we might say iu this con-
ni-ctioii, that aa a subscriber to
The Herald yon will not always ba
8iitit.li.-d with what you reud. We
don't aim to please everybody. AVe
know o[ 17 newspaper publishers
wearing away their lives in insane
usclums because they Attempted
to do thnt. We have our own way
of doing and saying things. Sometimes it may please yon, and many
times it won't. That is not our
fault, neither is it yours. It is the
fault of the Creator, who failed to
mould thu human family ns one.
Hence thu differences of opinions
and ideas. The columns of The
Herald are open to auy fair discussion, no matter, if the writer agrees
with us or not. As far as wu are
personally concerned, we propose
to keep riglit along on the same
lines. In fact, we couldn't do
otherwise. We nre neither snint
nor devil, and at no time a hypocrite. We try to lie fair and
honest, and pay our debts when
we can. We concede that it is
the right of any man to bo our
enemy, lint We nre getting two far
along in years to cherish fancied
wrongs. We like our friends, nud
dislike to liuve a friendship broken.
We are criticised, unmercifully at
times, but we are used to that
and have censed to lose sleep over
it. This personal reference is unnecessary to those who know the
Old Mau, but may explain somethings to tin-Be who don't kuow us,
nnd as publisher of The H.-nd.l. a
wonl now ami then is not amiss
to offset criticism.
Dr. kill Callers With CoattltiKOls.
llr. J. H. King. M. P. 1'., left
last Sunday for Victoria to assume
liis duties as motiiltcr of the next
hnnsc for the Cranbrook district.
I luring the week previous to his
departure he visited the different
towns in the district, uud was met
by the citizens who expressed
their views Oil the needs of their
particular localities, so far as legislation is concerned. Mr. King
liiml.- the trip as a nonpartisan ..ml
representative of all the people,
stating thnt now as the election
was over, it Itchoovcd all to unite
as citizens and work together for
the benefit of the district as a
whole, He was well received at
each |Kiint and thu conditions of
the district were dlscnssetl in a
friendly and iut.-llig.-ut milliner.
Chidfe lor Constables.
The Fernie Free Press says that
the provincial government hus
made a change ill the police force
of thnt part of the district. Four
special constables, Messrs. Tranter,
Henderson, Dow nn.l Faripiharsou
have been put ou the permanent
force of the province. Special
constable, E. Kuiuiner, of Fernie
has lieen laid off, aud the government intimate their intention of
getting along with four officers in
Fernie. The salary of a provincial
policeman is MO per month whilo
specials get $2.50 per day, It will
be seen from this that the change
will mean a leduction of from $5
to $7:50 per month per man.
Mlftit Try It In Craabrook.
Fernie Free Press: On Tuesdny
Geo. Hunt and John Payne were
ordered lo pay a fine of $10 and
cists or spend two weeks iu jail
for residing at u houso of ill-fame-
Nearly M Citizens Discuss Import
aat Oncsliuos.
A  Large   Committee   is   Named
to Secure Information on
thc Question.
Nearly 100 representative citizens of Crnnbrook gathered nt
Wentworth hull Tuesday night for
the purpose of discussing matters
of interest to Cranbrook and her
people. No definite statement
hail been made iu the call for the
meeting that the question of incorporation would come up, but the
general impression seemed to prevail that that would be one of the
important matters presented, nnd
such proved to be the case.
Owing to the sickness of W. T.
Reid, president of the l-ourd of
trade, M. Mclnnea was requested
to preside, and W. F. Gurd, officiated as secretary, The chairman
opt-ned the meeting by stating that
incorporation was generally behoved to Im- a good thing in towns like
Cranbrook. and that the subject
was open for discussion by the
meeting. He called upon .Tames I
Ryan, who spoke in favor of incorporation under certain restrictions, nud emphasized the fact that
thai 0 .-operation of the 0, P. R.
should lie secured ns they were the
heaviest land owners in town.
.Tames Gill, of the townsite
office, stated that at the present
time, busi-d on the list price, there
had la-en 8100,200 worth of property sold in Orniibrook, and that
there was UN'S,400 worth of pro-
perty still owned l.y the 0, P. R.
He expressed himself as satisfied
that the 0. P. R. authorities would
be pleased to meet a delegation of
Cranbrook citizens tu confer on
the matter.
F. E. Simpson favored incorporation, the co-operation of C. P.
R. necessary, was of the opinion
that most if not all the peoplo were
iu the dark ou the tpiestiou ami
suggested the appointment of a
committee to take charge of the
W. F. Gurd spoke iu favor of
the movement, and stated that Dr.
King, the conl member, intended
to secure information from the
goveriiinent nnd see what legislation might Ih' secured.
G. H. Thompson thought partial
incorporation not possible.
Devon. Hunt favored a committee, as he said many feared incorporation ou account of increased
taxes, nnd that tht- ..eopli. wanted
full information.
.1. A. Harvey thought Craubrook
ripe for incorporation, and that
with a wise council there was no
fear of inert-used taxes, He was
uf the opinion that it would la. a
benefit to Orniibrook, but he favored full incorporation.
.Tallies Greer favored incorporation, as he thought the liest interests of the town demanded it, ns
n water and sewer system were an
imperative necessity.
W. A. Cory moved that a vote
be taken to secure the sentiment
of the meeting which was seconded by M. McEuchorn.
A. Moffatt moved ns an amendment, seconded by M. B. King,
that a committee consisting of F.
E. Simpson, J. Rynn nntl L. B.
VnnDecnr be named to select n
general committc to take up the
question of incorporation. After
considerable discussion the amendment prevailed.
The committee retired for a few
moments nnd then reported the
following names: A. Leitch, M. B.'
King, M. Mt-Iimis, W, T. Held,'
D. Hunt, W. A. Cory, W. F. Gurd, |
J. A. Hnrvey, .T. P. Fink, J, Gill,
G, T. Rogers, -T. Greer, L. B, Van- ■
I Decar, -1. R. Downes and F. E.
On motion of <T. W. Robinson,
seconded by M. MoEaeherau, the
report was adopted.
A memorial to I>r. J, II. King
the lucid member, setting forth
the needs »>f Cranbrook, was read
and adopti-il.
Then followed election of new
officers for the ensuing year, whii-li
resulted as follows:
President, tl.T. Rogers.
1st vice-president, .1. I). .McBride.
2nd vice-president, .1. P. Fink.
Secretary, T. Rola.rts.
Treasurer, J. tlreer.
On motion of .T. Greer, seconded
by tl. T. Rogers, the annual tee
was made $1.00, uud a recess was
taken to receive the same.
J, D. McBride and U. T. Rogers
were elected delegates to the meeting of the Associated Boards to la.
held at Rossland next mouth.
The meeting then adjourned,
nfter fixing December 10th us the
late for the next meeting.
Thu incorporation committee
met after the adjournment uud
.■looted M. Melniiis chairman, and
I. P. Fink secretary, and agreed to
hold their first meeting next Monday night nt the office of M. B,
King over the post office.
Tbe C. P. R. Withdraws.
Fernie Free Press: The suits
brought nt the instance of the
Columbia and Western railway (0,
P.R.) against the holders of crown
grants, coal and timlier licenses.
Lot 45114 have la-en discontinued by the plaintiffs.
The C. P. R. presented their
action with tlie expectation that
the Dominion government would
disallow "Bill No. 1(1" of the local
legislature, and as the suits had no
slntus iu law from their inception
the company took the only course
open to it in withdrawing the
actions when it found that the
Dominion government would not
interefere with thc act of the local
The names of some of those
against whom action hud been
taken nre.
W. S. Keny—erown grant.
S. F. Wallace—coal license.
A. .T. Farquharson -timber
G. H. Scott—crown grant.
J. D. Quail—coal license.
D. V. Mott, Son & Co.-timber
lease and crown grunt.
Bently, Kniiouse and Graham-
crown grant.
Wm. Fernie—crown grant.
Fernie Manufacturing Co.—
erown grant.
C. H. Levers—crown grant.
Kootenay Valley Co. crown
Gcotge Walker   crown grant.
M.icdon.-lt & Foss   crown grant.
A Oretl Concert.
The musical concert given last
Friday evening by the Cosgrove
company wns nn artistic bucccss.
Cranbrook people hnve never had
au opportunity to listen to lietter
music, antl from the tint number
to the last, the large audience
evinced intense enthusiasm nnd
deep appreciation. The orchestra is a strong one. each instrument being play.il by a master
hand. The violin solos by Miss
Torgorsen displayed ran. ability by
the young ludy, and a delicacy of
touch and depth of soul thnt appealed to the musical nature of
everyone present. Mr. Hawkins
ns the trombone player, although
a young man, showed what can be
done in the way of producing real.
music with nn instrument that is
too often played by people who
fail to understand the benuty of
its tones. Tlie imitation of the
village orchestra was neat piece of
musical comedy that pleased the
people, as it was realistic iu the
extreme. The only weak feature
was the singing of Miss Slosson.
Although bIic has a pleasing voice
that might do well in a parlor, it
is totally unfittiil for hall or
theater, us it lacks in volume nud
range. The fire boy s, under whose
auspices the concert was given,
realiz. .1 alaiut $00 as their share.
C. P. R.'s Spokane Branch Will Be a
Big Thing.
It Will Make This Town a
Important Railway
The rapid changes in tlm railway conditions of the west leave
little room for doubt that tlm 0. P.
R. will surely seek tin entrance into
Spokane, The invasion of llio 0,
P. R. territory hy the .Iiui Hill
system of roads renders it imperative that the Canadian transcontinental line must protect itself, or
stand a show ol losing its grip on
a certain porcontngo of western
business. Spokuiio is a strategetie
point, so far as the ('. P. R, is
concerned, and by reaching there
with a direct line, the C, P. R.
places itself iu a position to secure
a vast amount of through traffic
that is not now available,
It is well known that the surveys made for the Turnor-Cor-
ban line from Spokane east to the
Moyie river in Idaho, and then
across the Boundary into British
Columbia and up the Moyie to
Tochty. is a 0. P. R. project, The
building of that line is probably
the most important movement in
the immediate future, so far as
Craubrook is concerned. It must
mean thnt Cranbrook would la- tin-
British Columbia junction of that
line, and that the heavy traffic
from and to the south,, both pas-
eengor and freight, must pass
through Craubrook. It is easy to
see what the effect would be on
this town, as it would greatly enhance ^importance as a railway
The Spokane Review, in referring to the matter one day last
week, says that it is reported that
on his return home this week Ex-
Senntor George Turner will announce the immediate construction
of the Turnor-Corbin railway,
which is to give the Canadian
Pacilic an entrance into Spokane.
D. C Corbiu. who is aBSociut.il
with Judge Turner in thu enterprise, was asked yesterday as to
this report and snid: "I have heard
nothing of it. Tlu-re in nothing to
lie said."
It has been generally believed
that Judge Turner would take advantage of his presence in London
as a member of tke Alaskan boundary commission to interest English
capital iu the proposed railroad.
It is reported that his efforts have
met with success and that it is his
purpose to make such announcement on his return to Spokane
this week.
The proposed railroad will connect with the Crows Nest Puss
branch of the 0, P. R. It will follow the Moyie river lo its junction
with the Kootenay river; us far
west as Hoiiu.-rs Ferry, there
strike southwest and reach the
Northern Pacilic near Snndpoint,
Idaho, and follow the general line
of the latter rond into Spokane.
Surveyors have been in the field
for a long time and are said to
have definitely located the lino
along the route above indicated.
It is known that railroad contractors here had expected that ere this
construction would have lieen
under wny. Beyond a positive
statement some time ago that the
survey were aliout completed, and
that railroad would surely be built,
Judge Turner has made no public
Feel flood at Bonncri Ferry.
A despatch from Bonncrs Ferry
dated the 10th, saysj "The Si*o-
kitnt. & Kootenay railway (Tur-
ner-Corliin line) survey, which has
boon under way all summer, is
ab nil completed through this seo*
lioii.tuiil will nu doubt pass through
this city. The surveyors havw
three different lines, bm all pat,*
through here. The surveyors have
established their quarters •» Mo.
ravin, four miles west of hare, for
the winter, and it is prcsum.*! that
earth will l«. living at an early
dnte. Tin- Imsiiii'ss men's committee or this' city feels highly
elated over the prospeoti of having
u.miller transcontinental lia»
through iln- place,
Aa Indian Mtrriafe Ocean il lm*%
Reported t.j I'r.a >...
Tin. following social ,,at tAat
took place recently uuar hwa will
show lluit we arc right up to dn'.#,
with New York "400." In tk«
typical picturesque vill&geof Squaw
Town. Siwash Flats, four mila-a
northwest from Roosville, Tobewoo
l'lains. 11. i'.. ihe marriage waa
on Sunday solemnized of you..*;
Chief Standing Hull, eldest bob of
Bobtail Wolf and grandson of tlm
Famous Old War Eagle Chief
AlwayB-ui-Tronblo, with Mist
Amelia Son of a liiin.lualmother to
the big Hull Klk. The weather
wns delightful ami tin- village looked its K-st. As the bride. left her
teepee on the arm of her father,
the sun shone brightly and they
were respectfully greeted by the
rest of thu Si\t asl.es thai lined thermite. Tin- congregation which
tilled every available seat in the
pretty little church assembled to
the strains of Mendelssohn*! favorite nir. "He'll -^t-t what's Coming to
Him Now." The bridegroom ac-
oompnnied by Ids brother. Yemng
Chief No-H.iir-On-His-Tail. aa
best iii.in. slood by the sanctuary
ns the dashing bride walked witk
her father up the isle. The aervice which was fully choral waa
conducted by 11'nl Father-Smile-On
His-Face. Tin.' hymns were "She's
the Warmest Baby in the Bunch,"
and "You Told Me You had Money
in Your Buckskin Shirt." and tke
parties left the church to tho mush
"We'll Drive- the Yankee Cattle
Fmm the Plains", (march). Tke
floral decorations were exquisite
and the occasion mode the happiest
possible. There wore three arches
with cauliflower ferns and ttring
beans. A laree bridal bell covered
with white clover and timothy, a
back ground banked with huge
sage brush awl stock thistles. Tha
alter wns covered with lady's
slippers nml old shoe t.losioms aad
wus bank.il on either side with
pie plant. These were the leading
features of tin. decorations in the
church. The bewitching aad
charming bridesmaids stopped ent
from behind the rhuliarb, did a
brief war dance nnd walked down
the aisle to meet the bride, who ie
said tohave the most beautiful and
costly troussean that haa been eem
since the day cats were created.
The bride wns charming in a handsome gown of gunny-sack silk, jack
pine brocade with panels of rJedoT
lace in Roosville creek gold, and
n black hat with Snurkraut valley
foliage. Her bridal <reil waa
caught with buckskin string! aid
pine burs and she carried a
bouquet of early radishes. After
the ceremony the guests were an.
terlJiiutil nl dinner in a spacious
teepee of the bride's tinole, Old
Eagle Feather, which was decorat.
eil inside and out. and Miss Millef
No-Eat-I)og received the guoot*
and dished the mulligan ont of •
big fifty shilling pot. About 4
o'clock the young conple left
SquawTown amid roundsof cheers
for the north fork of Flathead
river where the honeymoon is te
lie sponUiuiiting moose ond fool-
hens, going via the Booevllle
boundary line trail.
Conservative Meetiaf.
There will be a meeting of the
Conservatives of the Town aad
District ot Cranbrook on Friday
the 27th dny of November 190s,
H o1 clock ].. m. at tho Wentworth
Hall, Crnnbrook B. 0.
Important matters in connection
with thc pnrty will be disouooed
and all Conservatives are invited
lo attend.
G. II. Thompson,
Secrete***, TIIE   CItANBItOOK   Ill-:l!AI.H
Fill tor -ni Proprietor,
im m- oi' -. Bsoairriosi
,'l> l Vl'I'll'lW     IIK1! VI II efforts us mi-uiberaof tin* Vancoti-
lkA.*,l..*l--*i\   lli'.it.viii' rt>rWottnid(J _ ,„.,,„,„ u.o
lili, r.ils  lion: numiiialing a cnndi-
j/J     rt tltttc,   There wasolso the trail of
the Martin serpenl to contend with.
li is appun id thai Martin  is still
nn important  factor among Van-
"leouver  liberals,  nud   ii   is   also
- taoo noticeable  thnt  "Joe"  is sti*J*a
Msmontlia '■   11 ai.(t *t-friend lo Iluiiseinirisin llinu :
■Mi- llernl.1 -i-.ii- i" givo Hi** ncwaol iiml       , ,.  , ,   ljlK,rll]j**m,
.IMUI.  u .... mi-., ....v in )*....i .....ii 11" tn '■ '■■•-' '" ';,";'.     ,   .1
,,iiri,iii-„ij-mi- M-..J-, - i a a.Hit-*.in....   Or  ,.,„,|.,4,. ti,,. McBrideiles look
cv.-rv iidvniitiiKe.   They were well
before Mr.  Wilson's tipitointineiit |
to  the  nttoruoy-gencmlship  wua]
British Coliunbin people niv
clamoring forfreeoil nnd a tariff
on  lumber.     II  gives twig-Ill  tu
the state nt nude  by   Uenoml
Hancock,: Idi. r of ri nowu hul
:i  novice  iu  stiiii'smniiship craft,
ns democratic  <■ lidiitc for  the
pivsideliey    i'l'   HlO   I'liii'-'!   Nlil.-**
soine twimtyfour yenrs ago,  when
ho said "the tariff i-n locnl issue."
Joe. Mnrliu li..-. I.roughl n sail
I'm- liU-l ngaiii .1 the writer o[ un
tirttt'le iii n Vaiii-nliter in n- |.u|ier.
.Im- -. bound I*. I-.- kepi in lhe
Inn.- liulu ,,f publicity.
ll .loin, II..I...I. nu boplacnU-tl
now willi il;,*s|.,'.il,. rship.lui ism.I
the John Houston ivc lake him for.
Is "the Stiieh in Time"
when epidemics of any kind
prevail; when changeable
Weather' "mates " cafchin
cold" easy.
At thc lead siijn it"
orgn'uixe.1 nnd rendy for tho fight]  fj   fatigue,, chilliness, or 'y-.G k ':<_%~~~^
r.iiiitiie.,:, take a cup of   /.-'.'^'"-   ~'..tmft~'—"*\
Tin- Vniiconver liberals lo
foreign   isi b  instead of
ones' in iln- t-ecenl ilest.
.1. Hull's -I   ivns defuiited  ill
Iln- Vancouver eh-ctiun.   Tl inn
wlm purls lii.- uiilu.- in the niiililli-
nnvel- .Ii.i   sliind   liiucli   slmw*  in
Tlm people of lhe Cl-lllllll-ooli
dislricl, irrespectivii of imliti.-s,
linn- i-enson In feel proud of Iheir
n-presontntive in lhe local liotiBe.
Dr. Kim: in recoguizeil ns u ninn
ol' ability nml In- will m.-il.e n
strong reprrsfiilnliie.
Wind   British Cohunbi Is
is u liscnl policy llml will place
the pi'iivin in n sound Imsis.
Tin- Phoenix I'i nicer is five
'years old, nml is one ol' lhe liest
papers published in Western Canada. W. B. Wilcox, Ihe Founder
and pi*.'SenI proprietor, lins done n
lot, of hard work on the paper, nml
hns been   o I'  the important
factors in iln- upbuilding of the
town, iiml tin- Boundary district.
II. is lobe hoped llml In- is r iv-
' ing some rewind for his lnlior nnd
liis loyally,    11 will nut  I ueh,
as nny  newspaper publisher well
'known, but In- is entitled lo whnt
little may come liis wny.
Aslr'oniiiu.'is .-ire united in saying
■tlini   there   is  evidence ol' Mars
signaling lliis world nl tin- present
linie. Tin- astronomers nn* nits-
''tuken.    ll is tin- .rl s ol' .lohn
lloiislon's i-.-ninrks on the cnbinel
Unsleni papers sny llml llriiisli
Columbia must, inaiigni'atea system
of retrench nl.   Nothing ol' the
kind. A growing province like this
cnniiol roli-onch, What Ilu- government should ilo is lo iniri-nse Untile revenues l.y insisting on nn
.ei|iiilnli]e nyslem ol' taxation. Retrenchment melius retrogression.
.llul. if every corporation uml imli-
vidua! pay jusl luxes, thoro will he
revenue to look nller tin- mistakes
ol' the pnst uml provide for progress
iu lhe future,    Alula- everyone pny
their shui-e.    ll will ink,' nei'v i
the pari ol' legialnlots wlm have
been influenced i.i corporate inler-
i>gls, bm ii is British Columbia's
only salvation. Don'l i-olreuoh,
but let Ilie. money expended he
itpciit li-iiiiimii |y,
..Hosslnnd Miner: Tin- resell ol'
the bye-ell'el jell ill Vancouver City
yestenluy is nol surprising, excepl
llml Mr. Wilson's majority is con.
siili-mlily Inrger than anybody
niilieiputctl. It is evident that thu
opponents ol' the McBride government conducted u liidf-henrted
campaign. There cnn In- no doubt
thnt, they were Bomcwhal discouraged nnd heavily handicapped.
Inllueiucs wi-rc brought to bear
tlmt wero decidedly inimical to tin-
causa of good government. Tn Iln*
first plnco tin- 0. P. II. newspapers
did iheir utmost to discourage
Cnplaih Stiun-I nn.l his supporters,
and it. cuiiiiol. In- denied Hint lhe
ell'ect wns I'm* reaching. Then,
too, a cliqhe composed ol' holders
id lurge ai'euK ol'Innil,  looking  fur
a i-iniliiiuuti 'I'  Iln-  present  in-
cquitnbla system ol' taxation which
rolioyos   them ol' heavy ye!  just
Hindi* public,   The liberals were nl
a disadvantage from i-vt-rj   stiintL
In mn  "i i.  the crowning
mistake ot lhe op| mils of Mi
BrideIny in tin- issues tlmt  Ihey,
failed I., mine during iln- conical.
Th,-, i..*n I  lh.-  iiml questions
,.f the ilny for mutters of only pass-  •
ing importance,    Th.-  Fernie ro-l
 ii wns iiuui.' n- proniiiienl as.
nny fl'ltlure in Ilu- I'llllipillgll. Such
matters ns thonnmiiddellcll otludti
ll  million ilollnrs:  III itrngeoits
mniiit.-iiiiiii f reserves on  crown
Inmls I'm- the beiiolll ol' rich specu-]
Intors nml I., tin- detriment ol' the
hiiinlile   pioneer uml prospector;
tin- li slmus   sysle I' nsst'SS-
ii4. nl thnl allows men like lliins-
■ iiiii, mul other large Inml holders
lo p'ay ii inerely uominid Ins while
the mining iniliislty nnd Ilu- struggling iiierchiiut uml prospector are
harassed for every cent thut can
in- extorted; the muluiliuinislrulioii
ol' tin- several public duptirtnieiits;
the robbery ol' Iln- people by pre.
lioslerous i-nilwny Biibsidies; the
,-i lui in li iiitiiinl of nil |iublie works
In* onler of MaBridu; ilu- refusal
ol' Ilu- .1 -1111 i 11 i :.l i.-i I ii ui lo nssisl iu
lhe ileveiopetneiit ol' new districts
on nn intelligent nml busini-sslike
linsis; tin- wrelclicl condition ol'
the provincial credit nt homo nnd
nbrond these ure n lew ol' the
issutia that should hnve been pre.
senled lo tho electors through the
press uiul Iiiiiii lhe platform, bu!
whicli were, for Ihe most part, relegated to the background,
Tin- manly and Btatesui-iiiliko
nrse pursued nil through the
ntest  bv   Mr. Mnedonnld,  tin-'
hot BOVRIL.- It will
give instantaneous
vigour un.l lasting
U>OVl*.lL is just n-s good as a preventive
as it is as a rusturative.
J®?% WW
New Dairy
linmk witli a lim-liiu-of milch cows
ami will open a dtiiry. Those do.
sirin-' Qiat-duss milk ulioulil boo
liim.   He will suit vim.
"Vancouver; TkTfSsft~ Columbia
5^,    I0.0.H.     Key City Lodge
*fr*~JK]v*k   No.*Mt  Mt-i-lM-vpry Moti-
U;iker strt-i'l.    sojinnlii^
Odd frUowsMrdlaUylavttsd,
J* Miiunitijr. w. N.Ui.rk,
W.  (i.
Iriibraok LoJ(C, No. 31
A. F. & A. M.
itiVulur 'inrt'llims oil lilt'
llihtl 'linnMluy nl tin1
III! ulli.
Utlt'lllll -ll.
\1 A. It» ai.i.-, 8M*jr,
A'lriRlioJaW |..h*.t,- hfinhllng suhoul tor
l....->..full..I-i"..    lt....|„i.h S,|.t.*u r Mlih.
SliiniK^li.ftt.l 1,'iitlii-iH l,iili',.iii/v,| nt i|„.
I>, sl (.iniili. H.    'i lir wlitinl li..*. Im.I n-im.iLi-
Iiii- mivtm, I ii luuu IUI nl "Olil H.,.»" nn.
tmw iiiiimiiii ni iii imiv.'i'i-ili.K, l.i.tikn. Im.
Hn- urm.v, tin* navy, tin- civil Ki-rMr-. nu.) hi
llii'inil,III.'l.'inl Wi'lltl. Alliuiiu tin- iiutt-ntiH
uii,I ii 1,'ti 11,-i-H in Vaiii-tiiiviT mi1:
Tl.- Lurd IIUI uTNiwWfHlmlnHlwr.
Awlidwicoii'otrliluiubln       l'" ,wlt '< "• "• ,    H youm In ironbk- wlik yoor ci|lie to
'l'li« Ilmi. It. Mi Iiml,- I'liiniii .,(it c. noy way or your boiler in Iciktoi or utei*
ll. Mitrnnli'-Kw|. I'liciDuSiiiil nt ilu-i-. 1' It.  watibliix ncml forme.    I hive ■ fore: pump
I,{nut.. lot. T. v Hm win. and lull net of looUlur duluiall ktodH ol tn
l.i.ni i„i WinnwiiniH Klncond billcrrcpalrli.t and tleantoi rl--hf al
ii*ttiC y»iirmlll.   Callomendoiardl..
fiildrtKHitio "K '"',''      ,"I"M",;' ,,H
RBV. C. J. HKI-NTON, «. A.. (lead Mank-r.
It.i.ln K.-tirnill.i' du Illliill   lull,<|j|| mt ilihli
iiinil Llto tlm hIhivo uml niriijr fnmi mruil
Timber Notice
A   Farmer
"The Berliner Gram-o-phone
I ! in lit of j -:i v.-.r. a God-scud during tl*-- long cold
whiter cf List y.nr, 11 cheered us und made ns glad
nml happy. I would n >t put with it for ten times
what it cost if I full not get another," Wc have
thousands ' f similar loiters telling of ilie pleasure and
entertainment derived from th-- Berliner Oram-o-phone,
11   4' ill   >
-4* 114-44141. or ion*;., 4-r r.ti,* fnr 4-111 to iliiiicp nny
40 4i'Mii4iiiUi     11 ..ill i-nlcilillH ii"' etillre ^iiiily
C.l-I.l t.llr t4V-.lli.-lll   4.S   lll.l.-ll  41-  41   ..1*414 4   IH   Q. &,„,,
i ..i.i,- viiii.-iy tuul iilttasure,   "A --.144.1 can u^cinle
ci>*r.fl*.-!ew:i:. li tVocprds M5*1-' *V> «P*f-i»
i     Salt, on eaa-r monthly paymonta If dcsli-Kd.    Write
for pni-lloulot-8, Ciit-lo-iu--- nud list of U.icorda.
M.-iiiiirncluii'il l.y
E. RERLINEn, 2315 'Jl. Cat'.isrl.ia Str.'at, Minimi,
Ton SALE at
The Herald (lives lite News.
Land Notice.
.v,i-i,-i.iKli.-i,-l,vSiv.-ii llml alilyilnyanltar
llaln II. M. Aii.lirn.ii ..ill ni'lili* I" Hi" Iliii'l
C111.1lnl1.tl1l • ill Lnllila liiui Wiiii-. Vi.-lniltt,
louder ol' the oiipositiou, is di'Borv- for p,.i*int>aliui...,.taa• i.r.-.-11,.- rnllinvti-g
111;  111
,ng of tho highest winiio, but iin-S:;,t,;l!;'i;;!„t k „„.,.4,.  ,..,„
hurried  naiitro of tin1 enmpnign' iiimnniii ni-*i curiMr t«l L»i -'
mul htHolovGiitli-liouraiJiJoinluiQut "^V.t^Uo'NtVrrh'sI^Tr'I!• «Vi"i!"hiVwiivjthonJ-o
lu tin- Iraili'i'ship ol' Hit-parly mini-  pmidi niitdi>tl,r I."n'lmtoH nun-out' hm lollow'*
mizt'il liis si.l.-iiilitl .'ll'orls l'o aavol,n« ' ■«'" ,,f w,,y ,,f K!,i,i Vlti!"7 ",' !'"'
1 „ ,     1H1. MtirvH jlviin lliuncn HrHli-tly  10 rliultiB
tin- country Erom tin- iiggrogatipn i)IUlh,,.,.] hH foiiininu iin-st. Mui-v'h liv.r io
whicli now nml mis thuik'-atijiios of i'11'1111 uf fonimi-in
Britisli Columbia.   Wc know ilml  i>*it ii Nov*tiii»-i* Oil! ioort.
It, M.Aii.lt-i'.-im.
Timber Notice
j tlllll Hill-ly ilny:'-nfliT .1,-tli* in
Mi*. Macdonald did raise- imtny
burning qiiosLiona and lu- has-gained golden opinions and unstinted
respect for tha honesty, steadfast- . ;,',lk«Bn,,™'»n\",,rf.diT'l,r,!*:
' ' 4   lllttMll   III  41ji|llV   III  Illl' I  llll'l '  IIIIIIIII44-4	
I ii MS uud high order ul'  Sttltcsmnil-   Liunln ami IVurka fnr ii *JI ."'.ir li'.isr t.i
ship thnl. In* lins su Inr displayed; l™l^Sr",'|J '' ' "'" '"""""
Uut tvliul i-iuilil In* expected other]   i-.m,...,,..,.tup  ni n |inat iilnnta.! m iini
llinu defeat   whon  Ilu- cniididnto  """"" ",S|X M- ""*!il>« mining In n
  ,        ,. .,   ,    'tliii'iati'iljtlliralltJiiiiiiSiil.itMilriarli'1'r
mul most ol Inn supportei-s  finletl  i,iiiioi'iiiiii,iiiini',ii*uii.iiiiihvii}*,a™»iliii,.i,i
In l-i.,,- tu tin- level of llu-il- leader's ' lll'"'li •""'■•"i llirarninniilngaonHinlong nnlil
T.  I'    11. till.* ll. II 14.4 4,1   44 1, ,.   il ,.,,„■«•» 1', ll-.V
.'I Ll I I I! I-II-I  lllll* llltll-i lill-lll'l- llllllll   I 4411
iiiIIi-h: llii'i nal In Six  Mil.- 4-44-41.: n,,.,,,.,,
ni.l-tli i.'.-.li.i-l.r iIimii Sit Mill' mi-I. n> ] niin
Jinilsmnc I....I*!*.' tiirnilino,
.   ,   „ lli.li-il  S.inlli   I--..4.I K.4..I- iin.v. X.iv.,,
citllCO file now ..Insulin* linll   .vnu  t.Ii. lllllll.
I'limpli'teil   Ilu- mi-mlii-rs  ul' Unit. :" i..™-t:-....iiiii- ,„„>■
I'rnti'i'nily in t'l-nnliruuk hnve been
wnitiug niixiuusly fur the arrival
of lhe lodge furuituro that hnd
leas nml ideals?
Timber License,
In tI.i11V- iln.**. I  iiil.-n.l In n|i|ilv In llii'
,       ,   , ,    .      ,, , l.'lili-tl'ii.iunl««liiili-r .if l.illnla hull'IVliillB, ill
1-lloretl through Ilie Maceoll-   Alrlurl.., Il.tl,, tun a iwr.nl -nl nn.l.i-ni-n
noil l-'iirniliir impiuly,   11 nrriv-'"""■' ll1"1"''.' '""» "'" i"'i"»:"*i 'l".'■'■	
i,    ,        i       I,       ; i      ,' |irii|ii-rly, r in.-in in-.. UUOi'linliiBBiiiilli nml
nl Insl week nnil lins  been   placed   io,-i„,i,,hi..,hi.rr.,m il,--» I. ni»l. i-orm-r nl
in  pnsiliiin.  mul   il is stilled  by! Ill",'«IM '" *■' ;'"*' lc «■*.». tt,
,   ,      „      -       ,, :   ii .utsnciii.li.->,ti ii4--iiiiii.sii.-iiiiii.-,
sororiil   travellers from II list, „ ,.„,,, N,,., „, „„ „,,„
Ihut them is not n lliuir or butler niiniiai.,i.:i,.|iii,ro„i .um-iuw	
"luilUK-'dJInso hall In On.intln.fSl '''I.^I.^llr^ZiMt.n.
Tin. furniture is polisht-d untii|iii
nml covered .villi leather uf
thi' legululion liliu-. It is imissive
in make, richly earvinl nud uxcet-d-
Timber Notice.
N,.liu.i«lit*i<>l..v glvi-n llml ullliln Iiiin.
il.i)» tt, I-I, Una  ..Ill iiii.I,,' tu llin I lil.l
I'l.iiiiniiHi -..I l.nli.l'nml Uml,-. 11,-I.mn
room is In be covered with u heavy  loivinti .lca<-.ll,--,l l„„,U r>« IVri-j- I'm-kln iIn-
"'"»   ™i'"»*   inaiinfnctured    iui%l?,Xt&*^\tmZ
[•illglfllld es| ially   Inr tin-  room,'nml T. (>.   li,in*i|ulitit»iiiirH  llmlior llinmi,
and will ad.l comfort ami  beauty   '"v,?" ,l,"i,,M ll"";llli """,:',, 7 ,,,"lil",
■    .  .  -, •    »'i-«l;  il.i'in-i* sn ''imliiH mm th] tliriico sn
In llii- in I iTKir.    Cl'anbl'OOK hlasoiiB   nlminit wwl tu |mlni (ifnunitni'iit'i- ii.
have reason to foil proud ul' their iwniNov«ciiu.rnMi,lou»
l.nl^'i' room, and Cranhrooli likewise has reason  In  fell  proud nf
tho energy antl liberality ot! (Vaii-
brools Masons.
Timber License
In ihi;i.f dnyn I IiiIhiiI to nji|il,v to l.li.i
Clili'trotiimiwliinpi-Df Umlfl uml rt'inkH nt
Vii'li.i'ui, li.r.ili.rn j.fiinil hi i-iil. initl t-iirr.v
invu.v I Iini iit imin liiu foltoWii'iH tli'M'fi ln',1
|irn|in-l,v, t'iiuiu.cmiiiK ono liuntlrpil uml
ttti'ti(.v L-lmiliH sniiili ln>m llif Hiulli tviHt
,     ,     . , ,. ,   ,, .''.nmri.F llloukHlll hi South Hunt iContfimv
luiliol.iuut.vi.ml t.f Konlenny.l.n'dmnt   H   ,... Hlcll?u .„ ,■,,.*.,„ ,„„„,. Mll,ini 80
.,   ., .   „   .      „  _     i'liiiitnrii.l;tli,*ni'« Mil I'lnriut n.rtli: llii'ii,'.!
(..'..rK..M.Jl,-.im.y.of Sinlnr. M.I'.,   80), ,1H h-0hi lo |il.uo of co-nimcncoruDLt.'
Tlie Otli dny of Noyjttibor, i\m„
3 loin in Moult-, t;runli;i-t'k, It (-.
I'm I Sii'i'lr,
II..-H Kl'l-IHT, I'l.'lilll.ll.
flHw.-i-ii'    Vfl.
Land Notice
Timber Notice
Nntli-plfl li nliy H'vrti tlini nilliintliin.v
iI.hhW.I:.  Runti»n  will npnljr  lo  tliu I'liliI
tomnilnsloiM •)' I. imi i nn I M ofkit, Vlulri in,
f.n'ji Him'in I llei'imo in mt. timber on tlm
fn!l.Mvii'(>'iK-M-ril>iil IiiuiIh, on 1'i'rrj* cm-k,
in S.jiiHi Kust K.ioit'tiu.v: nommem-lug nl llio
huiIIi \< i nl I'oru. rot \\. Dutiton r.ml T. 0.
l''iiii|iilinri-;iiii'h tinilu't* HcnUBu; tlii'lii'.' nulilli
llllllll milt-; llii'h.'i* wtht two lililf-Pl t lu in <<
uurlli Iniiin nii'i'; tliptipeenst two mlloa,
Dule.1 Novi'iiiWrHili, 1003.
ilu U'. 13, Buflton,
Timber License.
Inlliii-ly iIjivh ! iuli'imI lo npply to tin-
Cl.ii f l.'ottmiinHlonor nl I-hihIh uml Wurkn. nl
Vii'liii-.'n, II. I'.. bin I'.-ruiit totiiLii-iil .urry
n«uy tunlii-i* from Uiu following ilim-rlM
[iioporly! i'nuiim-u.-iuK iWO rlmlnHHOiilli frmn
Hk miiiIIiw.'-,! i-urii.-r til Illoi-k.'CU iu Soiilli
Musi Kooli-nny, U. C; tlnm ID uli'iltm ousl
LliPliou   Ml tliniiiH houIIi; tlit-titw HO t'llttllli
wp«I i 1 lii'in*!' so iliiiiliH nm I li; i lii'iiti'-l 0 pIiuIiip
ensl i ii plnco ul t'oiutupm-ptiii'iit.
'Pirn Dili ilny id -Novoinbur, lOOfl.
Jlo        A.i\ l'li.ii|iu-tli', (ninlirook, B.C.
Timber Noticet
Notion In l|t*iuli,v givdiitlmt I liuve flppjlotl
In   Hit. ci.i.f r'ontinlHHl -i* nl Umlfl nml
WoHoi, Viiltiriit, forti Ki'i'iinl liivtiN) lo nil
nml rnir.v MYtiy tlllllliT from tin- folloiiiiiK
ilpfpi-llii-il IiiiuIr Iii tSoutli Kusi KQotoniij:
r-iiiiiu, in inn'nt. n POHl pluuli't) ul iln-mirlli
Iiinil or lol 111?, lir.iup I, mill mi tlm wtnt.
niili-nfiin-t ron'hNiHt I'nm ICnilu'iv Itlglit
nf U'iii; I In tint tt <M i luilp iiiiiii- DitiNH In
tii" nnil. Imiikor ilm KonlHiuy Itivcr; llii'tii'i)
i.'ii (li nloi'n suiil lunik om> mile morn or Ip>h
In llio h li liniil iifluCLM fitniip 1; llivnou
DtlBt 'Hie milt' moruor loflfl lo tliRrfglil of wny
of ftiiil niiliuiy; ilit-lui-Himtli llloilg On- onitl
iinlil of iviiy oui' mil,' imnv nr Iphb to the
pIllPU ni llPgllllllllgi lOlltllillillg HlO ui'ii'-t
IIHlli' III' li-M**.
Hu 11<< I ll,in Ollldny ol Nov.'iiihfr, IIIIKt.
Ill Mnltnlin lliirle.
Timber Notice
Noliii'in lu'M-liy Riven llml llilrly iln;
ufi.'i* tlm.-,  I liilpiiil to upply in ll,.- I'liiti
I' fniiMi.tii r nt I.iiihIh uml WnrkH, Viiloriu.
(nr pi'iiiiispinii in rut. uml i-urry iiuuy lim Iht
[mm llictollouliigdPnorilK-il IrnoLollnml iu
Ilm l>mlin I ofHoulll IJiinl Kootoiiiij:
I'lllll illi iu llig utu poll) I i-iulityrliniti.-i uorlli
nn.l l".,riy . Iitlluspntll til tlie iiurllii-UHhurii' r
of Iforlii-rly'M I'M'-i'iiipli.iu h! lnul oil ou |i**i*tf.
cry int'li; llii'ii -Iglil-y t'tllllttB hchI;  (llPllt'fl
t-lglily pIiiiIiih hi.nlli; llitin,' olghty clttiliifl
nml; llll'tll'iii'ltflily ollllllia lioilll It iiiiue iif
:i I I). K. NVwi'tl.
Timber Notice
Niiliif  Ih lii'M-liy glvril  llml. Ililrty ilnyH
nfter ilnld I liiti'tid lonptiiylo tlin-Ulilpfl'nnf-
iuiMiitiii.<r ni l.nmliH nml WnrltH ul Vii-luri{i
for pprmlfflloii lo int nml ctirry nwny
tlm Imr In,in tin' follnwlng .li-H'ti licit trml.
otltimlRltiiulPiltiii Mr.-iii'iy tnokitiflm UIh-
Irirt or Suiiili |'*nut Kootniiiiy:
Cnmmnticliignl n polnl (oily olittiifl went ol
l1mtiorlli(<iiHt.,'omi'iof.l.T. LlllillttlV-'H Hill*
lim- liniil; llu-lli-OPlglllj iliiiiliH uorlli; Ihciu-.'
ci^lity   I'lutiiiH   wi'ttl;   lli.'iiii- eighty   ulllllllfl
hiiuiIi; lliuiioui'lglilj*clintnif pout to plfu-u of
ill DtiviilOrlffltli,
I i..m;.-,ii.'v, ivii'ii'i.iiit.
Po ... .1, (litllny, tlm llliovo tir I tlcli'ii.lnnl:
Vnu mv liiTcliy mitili.,1  Hint tlio ttlipyo
iiiitm-'l piiiiiiiifi', Iuih .'ouitiii-ii.'i'il nn tiPtiuti'    Nnlii'i' in l.orpby gi'von tlmt fllxly ilnyn nf-
nga'tiKl .i.>*i  in I Ma ootirl for tlm Pit in if tor <1 .tc   I  Intoilil lo npply lo I'm (*!,i f vuhI
|I)!t,70 for liounl nml lodging furiiin!.i'.I hy 'CoinintHHlpurr ot I.f|ndH and WoiI-h, Vitiorln,
liim in .vou. . Inr    pprmlffiotl    lo       puri-liiu-','    Ilm    fol-
Aii-l Inka nolii'c. tiiut, iiulfKH yi--.ii onimon ;l6Hlii^ik*«i;rjl)od l.Uidn, In South RjttKooto*
illFpuio no'n to I nti-ml for jou nttliO nny:
,,ill i',.Mb" rrjrjHti-hr of iliiu ootir't nl I «ni Comui iinng ul u yo*t   plnntfil nt' tlio
Rii*.In, niit.ii. Mi<f.-idii.vH of lb" foiiriliitiH"!*- nni-lli mul <* hit of l.oi. ^177. flroiip nfio;1
t ( IIiIh mli.t'tirinuii'iii, jml-rtmiil mny l.o IlioiifoltoiUi Ml i-liniii*i)1i ,'Uf,'fnnl L'Oi-liuini-:
ciilit'. .1 fignliiHl vuii liy llii> | .litltl HIT. Iln Ilm foil 111 80 elinl h; tliniM'O ii.-sl. JIIuIuhiih
hi.li-ihti i rui.brimlt, Ihlri '3,ird dny or No- to iln pln-n nl Itt.gl.iiinfg, ciirttnnifi'gJtlli)
votnJ)i'r,.1{llia.                                           G mTi-jLiiii^oitrWH ; . ,,{„ .,,.*-    ..
, W. I'. (luni lint*il lli.- llllli .Inv or Vovi'inbi'l', HUM,
UBBOSSIIIOIlt, Woro BtreinioUS in thoir I      ;t'i II MollpHorfor tho I'lulntlff ■'•"• M .rjuvill" l,nmborCo.p Ltd,
Timber Notice
Notii'.*iH lii'i.by vivi-n Uiul ivlilitii thirty
dny* It, M Ami" boh will upply to tlieOldel
Coiumiattioimr of l.nmlH mul lI'otkH, Vlctorln*
for iK-niiiHHion )., riii. utid'oarry awny limber
from Iho following <].Hrrlhi-d IhihIh
n ur Mm Sl. Mitrj-B tlver In South
ITtiet Knut.imv; t'oninii'iii-iiignt the flouth
nr of IIiiiiII.iiiI'h timlier HcOnsb nn I
J. I'  I'M I UN. Vla.linii-I. fianhraiik. II. C.
|  John Ellenberg,
* Pioneer in the business and
* his work always ranks with
$ the best. Call and see him.
J Repairing boots of all descrip-
«. tiops, Irom a cork sole to a
lady's lines! slipper.
Harvey, McCarter & Dunbar,
llarrislcrs. Solicitors, Ilk.
Ilaii-ll lll.ul. Craubruuk, H C.
Nilllro iali.-nilij-niiii iiiil,,, iliiilv
ilnja  ll   It. Mnraiiall   ..ill  n||.ly   lo llio
t liiil riiiiiiiii.Hiiiiii-i- uf I.iukIk iiiiiI   Willi.*,,
Vi. ll,lill,ll,l|l|,|H-lillllil-. IIH|i|lll<lll   lillllll-l  |.|,
llli> llllli..iin-; ili-.i.-lili -lllllliil iinir I., u Ih ir.-.-k.
Sniiili tiaal   Kiiiili-tiii.v iiiiiiii|iiiii<r ii. tin.
IIUI-I lll-ll*-!    ,4111111'   Ul    1.411.    NO.     I'lllll.    Ill I-
iiiiiIIi nm- tnili-, iii'-l .iiii' ...Ilu, Hinilli nn,. mil..
in -' .mi.*i..i-'ii..-..i ,..*,*„„*,,i. PROVINCIAL LAND SIRVIIVOR
Mor.-wl.--r 1, litlUll. :i:i
Timber Notice
Ni.iii,.in i,>.iii,.r jlvi.ii tlini iiiiiin iiiim-
ii.rnll.lt. .Miir.liiill uill ii|.|,l.v l„ I...., Ui.I
Ciilillnlaatiinar al l,an*l,i>>i*l iVorka, I'i litrln,
liiriia|ici'ltil tii'i-ii in lliiila>i Ilia Iul.
I.M.iii-1 ,lii.ii-il>i'il Inlni mur Lull-la ,-r,,-l. in
Snutli IJiinl Knytimi.V:   I* Hi ill-, nl   lli,i
tlll|'lll44l>Ht l'4lt'tll-l' III   l,Ot    1*JUT    Ill.-IHI- IHU'lll
Iivo mlli-a, rnal linll n intla, t.inlli tun mllca
mill weal l.nll a nilta.
Xiii.'liiliir I, ll.lll. .-Ill
Timber Notice
Nnlii'i inlii<ri*li-r -.iii-n .lint  ilillllti llilrly
Ill.Vtf.l.'I'tll-IIIT Hill   ll]l|>t.4   til   llli'l llii [I'lllll
llll.-li ■ 4,[ 1.4414.1-llllll    W.irliB, Vllllllill.tlll
II R-ltVlllI li  M<> In ,111   Iill 4   Illl lll.i liillnn
infill in nli.-il Inml inmi- l..-i4l> 4ii,li,s,,nili
I'ltial Kiiut.nn.l1   Collllm.icill'-'iai-fly i-linin.-
 liniil HI.4-..M1  - > nl Lol l-'.iT
llii-lii-.. I...rlli In., uiilu'. iv. -.1   linll n  li,il-
.lllllll   .1411 lllilli.4 llllll I-IISI   llilll   II  liiill*  III  |l|||ll
iif I'lllllllli>llr>-llll'lll.
Niiriiiilii-i' I. Illn.'l. na
Timber Notice
Ni.li.*.* ia lii'Miy Rtvi-H llint ivitliin lliii-l.v
till* a .I. Tnni.'i' ..ill ii|i|.l.v In Iln-1'liii-f rum
nii-i iimi-rul Ltlllila mul tVin-k.. at Vi-tniiii
turn ii|.i.i'illl lii't'llH'tu rut liiiilii'i-.in III," fui.
li.ti iill. iji'tn'iilii'il luni iiiiuiii.,'-ii-i i-nk. Sun lli
I'liial Kootonay: ('.iiunii.iiriii-. luttt n mi'e
mirlli iilllii'lu.I'tll.l'1'.t .'i.l'tlcl' i.l I...I 1-liis,
lljnuco ni.i'lli l .to mllui, wwl lull! n mil,-.
...ulli tivu iiiilii-iuiiil ii.-.-l linll ii mill-In (In-
|il;u>- iif i'iiinmi>iii'i>uii'til.
N„v.ni.l.i-rl, limit.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
...I Iii 13 ii lit.
1 to i*. p. m.
7 lo H p. 111.
Land Notice,
Nulii-i- ia lu.r..|.y -livun ttuil iiitli u ll.i.ly
ilnja IJ. Mnri-l.il! nlil n|i|ily null* rim ir.mi-
mtaaionar.it Lnmla mul »'urla, Vialotln, to**
llH|lirilll  lil'UllHI- llll'llt lilllli'l*   Illl llin llllllll,
iui; ilisi-tilii-il intnli. mint- l,a,v.ta ii It, Sniiili
IJilsl Kiioti-llii.v: 1'iiulllli'lii-illK ..In'nml n llilll
inilri, uurlli ut Ilm nullluvi-nl i- r ol Lol . -        ■ *    •
laiiiIiniili'nuilli i  mill*, iioal mn* mil.*.   "Illl Willi-,- Ulnimi>'tn [linns.
Hinilli i mill'iiiiiI .14*1.1 um- mil.- In Iln
nl i'i!iniiiii|ii'iimi'!lt
Niivi-inliur I, I mill..
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Snllcllur (or the Imperial Baak of Cauda
The Colonial Invealmeat anil Loan Company.
Cranbrook, B. C.
The Contractor
Who (jets Contracts
if vim wnnt tu linild h*t mr know
I will In- iili-nsi-il In furnish you
limnlcs nnd  mny  ln<lp ynu uut
John W. Wolf
Boot. Shoe and   .
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing.   Hive me a call.
lia.st Koolenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The molt
Economical wy to handle it.
DRS. KING & tiRei-Nr-
Physicians and Surgeons.
Office at Residence, Arms.roni Ave.
Forenoon.,   ....   9:JA ,. ||  ,
Afleraoons   ....   LjOtoliM   '
Rvenln«s   •-,.-■    7.J0 to SJ»
CRAMIKOOK,    :   :   :    :      :   E. C
j Vroom & Dezall
j    Blacksmith^
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing and
General Jobbing....
Outiidc Orders Promptly «
Atteaded lo. :"j
Timber Notice
TukiHiDlW Hint thirty dnyfl n/ler tlnti'l
I liiteml i<> niM'l.v io lite i"liii-f Cnmmittftlt
nl l.nmlH tuul WnikK, fur a KiuH-iul \huum- to
i-iil. nitil .jury invn.v Ilm Iht from Ilm follow'
in-; ilu*,T!l"'.i InnilD, in Stiiitli l*:.iKt Koote*
iin.v: .   .
I'onininnnhiff nt Hn- norllnvi'sl portmr of
Tli.m.   LfiirfH  |.i ipflon  mi   tli» ho ii tit
I,link of St.Mtir.VH frlvnr, tlliinc-d huh lli I'i
rliiiitlH, tli.'tii'i-Ui'hl ID L-lltlltlH, tlliiltl' noitlij
I JO i-ln.iiH muri'ur l"nnlu Mint in UoHtlll'H
uorlli piibI iui ii.i* nt St. Miii'.vh river, tlii-m-p
lit mil f-hrjllll lu ill.* jn lilli ol Vulllllli'lli'illli'lil
i;ulil;iiiiiHp ilBfl iiitih mur.1 nl* I.'hh, ; .
Dutt'il nl (Vniiliruuk, It. I', lli.- (Ir-ili '!"Y ol
Nuv*.'Mih,'i,.ltio.,l. .lo'-m Aiiilcrnoii,
Timber Notice
Tiikoiiuliivilinl-liiirly i'iijh iift.-r .Inl.- I
illh'11,1 ro "J'p'.V tn tlii-riiiiffnllllliifihiniiri' nt
Liiiiili. nn.l Wu.k nt.-.Victuiiu (or; njn-rinl
lii-iiiHt- lu int iiml riirry nivny Jlmlirr from
llii' fi.lluiCiiitiil.'H.'-iili.'.rimt.iit.niiitiii'iiiilifr n:t
n rout ulii-n* Hm -Hinilli niil. rniiiii* of l.ut
-IDI iiitiTMi'i'lH tin-nuilli Iiiiiiii liy pf l,nl i-3t
(ri(iii|. uiit- Kui.l.'iifiy i1tnliK<t thi-iiii' i-ii"!
Hlli'hiiltiK lo. litirMictiHl cniiiiT- nf hii'iI l.nl
■l.a.l, Iln i.i*.' north NHi-liiiiiiH,lln*iiii> ivrdl HO
.iiniiiH, th.it.'t- h< ml li nl n\g .nsl. rii lioiiinlry
ofl,ut-|-_>l io pliir.' of Hl-tiritiig roiitnhiltifi
ii Hi u.'it'N iin.iv ui li'i-f.
,1.   It,   D.MUI.S.
* 0,10111*1*, Int. lima. ■   :i:i
Land Notice.
Nutii'i-iK hi-roliy iitv.ii Unit, vtlllitli rtlxl.v
ihi,\H troth ihiti- I itili-n-l In M|>|il.v lu Ilir
Chhl i'otiiiiii->finiii-i- nl I.ih.iIm nml Wurkn,
fur I'l-rmieHinil tn |l'lirt!|lllHM Mm- lolloHlllg lie*
Hiil..i|| hiiin-ri'iT.Vf'iwk ill  i-'nilt'l Kn-il
ii.iiiin.'ii.-iiii', lo.hiiinH.-iHl nf (Iuh TIiIoh'
|in*i.|ii|,iin!i H'luiil Nn, frill,, H.iiithn.-Hl, imn-
n; tlid mhiiIi  Hi I'lutiiiH; tluiin- nml <|tl
rliiilhuiuorlli-10i-riuliiHtiiid wnl In diiiliiN
to |.lfii't'nt liegliinluit. "*.       ' ■
Dati-il ih'H Tin ilny ulN'.n Inr. IDQA,
ill Oliver A Ilin^e,
. . Notice.
In tin'iimlli'i* uf nn ti|>|ili<-nlinti fur n iliip|\*
fill',.t,it n Ci'llflrilte ul Till,' lu Lnl .-10,
lllu.-K Kl, ill Iln* tuivil  nf ri'iiltliinnk (Uli\t
omi). _ , ;
Nutiii- Ih,Iii'Ii-Ii.v given thnl. il. I-i my inti-ii-
lion in |fh«p nt tin' ox|iirntiotr ul oin* trt'oiilll
fiuin llin llrnt [liilili.'iitiiui ImtcuI a ilii[»liniti*
ofllioOerllllPtvtMof 'Iill" in t,'hei|liovi(nien*
lioi.i-il I,ni :m, lllot-k'43, Tottii'ol fit-mi*
brook < Nt ii |»(HlO), in Ilm mime nf.I oho I'n il
ViimliiHeii. wlili-MVrlilleiileiailiitM] tin- I it til
tltiy uf' UeeeiulH-r, -11100.' mi.i niimliei'1-.l
lllKiSK. H, l-\iMtuiIiCodf
District Ili-giHii-r.
faiitni n.'Ki.-ir.v nfli,r.:N inuu; ii. r;   '
4jihii,*i..tn'ivimw '■_■ I ni __
Timber Notice
NutiriiiHhi'ivli.v'nivi'ii llmt' tlilr'ty iIujh nf-
on IhiMivHl l.iHimliiy of)'. K. No. 7HH; theme t.-nlulot liiteml to upfil.v lo Ihe Chief rum-
ttoal "'■> elinina mot* or It* h Id t'e north enst [■ mm.-iiuiit'i' of JiUiiilH ntnl )Vuii_H, Viulcii tu, fur
r.irncr uf llnnlfiii'il'H Nu. 3 lii-t'iiH.'; tllenee' puimlHulon to cut nml i-nrry invny timlier
won Hi one-half mil,-.In tlie north-liqmiiliu-y of from ,11m fiilluwiii-j; ileccrlbocl .trmt nl html
Cmik'ti tlniher IIcpiibo; tlioiiroeast 71) olinlim jelhtntwl on Brewery tlnah in thu.l>i*trii:L nr.
moieor li'HH to lh><tiorilii-iiHt roiilRrutf'iick'H Sun Hi Kiu-I* Kunlnmiy.
liiiil'.-i- liii-iiHc; Iln unt mhiiIi one'mile; thnn-u     (luinmeiieing nt the -timlli *ivitil. corner ;uf I)
enkI    Iinlf mil.*: tliemi- n rth out-- mill-;   K. Nuffel|'i) Uiiiliirluiii^ji imi; tlun i- t'iyli.Ly
th.'tii'n ttehl one-liiilf mill', llieneo iiorili In -i-luiltm librllii  tlienen  elgfiiy  ehuiin wu
|iln.,vul Ill-gill lit 11 tf, tit ".llii-lii'dii'igliH* rhiiillH- HtnilU;   Uii'tii-e i Ighl.v
Ilnleil N'ovetiihei'Uml I0OU, i-IiiiIiir ennl lolilneeolpomtiumenmniit,
U& 11. M. Aiiili-i-.oii.    | 111 .1. T   l.ni.lliiv.
Livery 3
Proprietors ** j* **
Teams nml ilrivers furnlabeil lor an)
point in the ilistrict.
Manager   j«  j.   jl
I'ormerly Motel Phair
B. TOriPKINS, Manager.
I'llill   liotl'l   in   HIII'  .if tl..'   la*Ht   i.l
British I'liliniiliiii nnil iin.to.dnti
in ovory r.-H|a-i-t.     Well lllllliil
Bltltiplo riiiilll;,.
IO. a a a a-aagiaaiaA ***** . . a . . a .«)
l*n>|>ileliir of (lie
Candy Kitchen
rnrrlea n en.i.|.tale hiih.1i i.r
Candies,'l-ruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
TobacCOS. aire «b a call
A Large Stock in Caskets and
Robes,   **,**.
Phonejn^htjan^ day 77
•"• »*♦••••
Perry & Fitzgerald
If you want your hauling;
done promptly and right, give
me a call. •  ■
Sole Agents in Cranbrook for
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
lt is Healthy
It is the Best -      !
Ft. Steele Brewing C6.
Surveys 0)	
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract
P. II. Fori Steele, 11. C
. — —L_l
TO AND 11)11*1 All. ■
Great 1
St. Paul, Duluth, Minneapolis,
Chicago and points east
Tliroiitil. I'nlnre ami Tourist Steepen.
Uiuliil: mul liiiiii-i Uinqklng ..llirnry car,   ,-,
For llalos. Folilora ana l-'nll .nferma-lon
cull on or atlilrcai, .     * - .
H. T. LANDECK, AgeiK, ,;
tlateway.  .
Q. W. P. A., Scnttle, Wash
■1 £fb
*************************************************** ►
***»»»*»»a.»vvvvi*.iv. .    . . . .•.•..**********************4*
|   . IN TWO      |
SS   .We are offcrine; this week the balance of our * I
Ladies' Fell Outing Hals j§
H   .it exactly
I     ■
JJ   These noois are seasonable and up-to-date.    Co
***   and be convinced ol the excellent values ollered.
Half Price
REID & CO.   j
****************r'**~****.■********************. 9
?*******<: ***i *************
''MADAM" jjj
|., ' Iho English m I'iil.v journal has this to say 0
iiIhuiI Jneoiis' biscuits- 0
^> Uninly iiuvellios fur nl'torneon leas. Ladies whu _A
«Q like tn li.'iv.- something . In.in- null appetizing In nll'i-r their jaw
(a-visitors should try bouio cf tin* following hiscnita iiinil.- l.y 0
Wi',V.iuu\ii\ Co., Dublin, trt'lnntl, \i,-..: 0
m      Walnut Cream, Kill Finger, At Home,       jjjjj
U      Reception,   Five  O'clock   Tea, Puff        0
Sti,,i, Craekiieli-i, Windsor Wafers, etc. ^
j-rf Any i.f tlicsc choice biscuits ciin be obtnineil nt 0
I Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery %
B«it-iiA','* Cranbrook, B. C. 1
'* A
R-W*««i £*•£•>* •V*-*V*> ♦ *>-*-♦-*>■» *» *>{»yV» ♦ ♦ *• AAA *-*-*> A AAA AA • • •*>*>-*>*><*)
I      1  1/ M .' . •
If \-tni '-pi.v iiii oxhoi-bilntlf price for n suit PART of your
in nii-y is wasted, in. innljor how gootl tin- gnrmeiits uro.   If yon
In y ttv^t* mt sniiili a inii.i-fur a  btftl  suit Al-L ymir money is
w; stt-il.   If you buy n good suit you  inii-.it pay at least a  fair
pi ee. ami thai is all yi.ii will pay tor a suit iniiile hy
. i . ■
C inbrook Block '   ' Cranbrook, B. C
******** .... .... 4. • • •  • I®** •♦•♦• .......**.*.. ****<£)
*♦(    *********************** ************************+
It is a gudrautee of J
"Satisfaction"    I
If wejdo your work. j
Pliiiiihin.it.  Heating  .'ind Tinsmithing.        1
« i...i-,.*,i.  ,1 it   *.   . -..  ,.-■ | . | |*. 1t>|.»i,->i*i«.i»i ai,«iikiVTSTj
'**  flcndt-Ttini-tcrs for llilll Class (londs for La- (*
l.i.i    5 I.i
cw' dies and Gentlemen at  the lowest possible ,.
'*"'. prices. .*« .<   Sflficlal I iiiesjiist now, Cloth- 1
co-v ,,   '      •   ; ®
,.,,.,  Tii.u; for WijmT Nyeat. §
fi.i    i
.. i.i
'•"•*% 14-41 »  A | A I..-. i . ! . I 4 ; . ; 4 , .41     .     .     .     . : . , . : . | . j . | ; | . |
..-1 -.-1 •■■ I -• !*( I 1 m , I •     •     •     • . ■ i • !   ' •     . , . . , i . i . ; . | . | , ,., |.s |
• II
mm\wsLW*.i • !ii:i;i ••! • ^eiiiiiiiaaiiiiiiiifflfflim
i.i...   i i
f 'Vou Need a New Suit
11 tlini i.llie ni...-. yon sl I.l 1,.,-.ireful in tin-
mW.I.'.-Ii.i.i.    We .an give you um- tlmt will bo sul-
isl'iu-liirv- in   quality.  workmanship anil  priee.
|1 Drop i'n ami ...-.- nur stock,    Onr clothoa nro
iiiniln in Cninbrook by.Crnnbrook people,  Thoy
ale Sllili. Ilial nnl
, . Leask & Hend erso n
The Cosmopolitan
J. R. Dowries, Proprietor
•   Cranbrook, B. C.
Two well lighted and furnace heated
sample rooms. A firstclass hotel with
-firstclass service. Popular with the
•public., ■.       i i
At ioc, 15c, 20c and 25c per
DOUBLE ROLL Former price
3SC to St*-
Welted  Up About tke City  by Atltlaf
guealiona ol Misy People.
(Tbo Harris .V .lollilfi' sausage
0, M. Keiil visited Fernie one
ilny last week.
Andy tliiliiisuii. of Moyie, was in
town Molality.
Miss (iill hus returned to her
Iniiin- in Pincher.
lt. K. Bllattie visited Nelson
several ilnys lust week.
Fr.il Hasten, of Murysville. ap.'nt
11 few days in town last week.
Mr. Wulliugcr of Fort Steel
wasa Crnnbrook visitor Tuesilay.
Miss Titnuh.iuser visitetl her
parents at Fort Steele last Sun-
The Elet'trie Light company has
ordered n number of meters for
light iialruns.
.1. Hutchcroft nnd F. Bownoss,
of Wardner, were Cranhrook visitors this week.  '
Tii-kets etui I*.- secured for bol-
ance of Uth. of Prof. Hepburn's
■dancing elass for $.*..
Maurice tannin is ill town again
doing some expert work for the
Kiel-trie Light company,
Harris iV .lollitl'e sausage makes
an ideal breakfast.
Tom Welbnaii expect*, to leave
in a few days for Sat. Franeiseo.
where his stalil.- uf horses are now
iu training,
Miss l'liul. of Yorkton. Assn..
hns accepted the position of sti-no-
graphor wiih the linn of ltealo it:
Georgo Hillh-r. despatoher at
Calgary, has Ikhmi visiting his
father. Station Agent llillier, the
]iust week.
A. .1. Mi-Lean, a lending cattle
man of Lethl.ridgi-, anil an old
frieoil of .1. Swiuiierton, waa ill
town Mondny,
Mrs. Whitehead, of Moyie, anil
Mr. ami Mrs. MoTavish, of Kiin-
borloy, were Qraubrook visilnrs
the lirst of the week.
The town is full of men seeking
work. The closing down of several of the mills has deprived
ninny of a position.
A silver tea set is a line adornment 011 auy Inlile. tli.ess 011 the
lieans in Tale's window. You may
la- lucky anil get the set.
(I. II. McLeod arrived last week
fruui Dawson, Alaska, and joined
his family in this town. He will
probably remain iu Oranbrook fur
the winter.
William Tattle, of Fernie,
passeil through Craiilirook Still-
day lo see the lamt l-ctwccu Carrie
nml "Dummy" Itowan at Nelson
Monday night.
Have you seen thut lican jar iu
Tate's window? You should take
a guess on the nund-cr of l-oitus.
It costs you nothing and mny bring
you 11 silver tea set.
Dr. F. E. King willl visit Moyie
next Friday to attend to dental
work for a number of people in
that town. He will have rooms at
the Kootenny hotel.
Nothing but pure and wholesome
ingredients iu Harris it .lullilfe
The bean guessing contest nt
Tate's jewelry store commences on
the 24.li und closes on the 24th,
ofDtcjinber. It costs you nothing
and you may get a tea set,
A, L. McDermot saved the day
for the fin> department, He started out at SliiK) the afternoon the
Cosgrove's wen* to uppenr, uud !»'-
fore six o'clock had sold 84 tickets.
Guess the Number of Heans and Oct a Silver Tea Set
\V. F. Tali*, tie* jewel, i*. proposes to give the peopl
liruiik anil vitiaitv sum.- lun.   He has a jar of beans in hi-* window, nnil the one who guesses the closest to  the number will receive .1 lim* Bilver tea -■ t for a Christmas present.    The contest
doses ..11 Dee.-uilii r i'l.
His stuck uf ■_*..!<I and silverware was never so large, anil
iu the way of jewelry he has surpassed all his former efforts. If
you want t.i select a Christmas present that will please take ,1
look at his stuck before buying. He sells only the best, anil his
prices are surprisingly low,
BUCCI Bgful    ill
■|>uiiiiii\" Rowoj
Currii' wn
-meeting witli
net-sou lual Monday night.    Tho
t-oiit.-Ht ItisLwl   twenty  nnunls  and
thf division  w.-is given  ta Currfo
nil [mini*.
Mr. .tntl Mrs, .1. Bnvktmrkl0
left yesterday for Bnnlf, wheii
Breokenrklgu St Lund havo n yiew
of railway work todoforlhoO.I'.H.
They will In- gone aboui six wooks
nr twu months,
The Odd Fellpws hatl n must
Interesting mooting Inst Monday
uig[it. Noxt Monday thoro will be
wurk in tin1 lirst degreo, and re-
frfslimt'iits si-rvtil after tlio oloso
of. tin- meeting.
Tom Proctor, 'the Nulson pro-
moU'r. was in tuwn Saturday. Mr.
Proctor is onn of t.lto tit-st known
operators in the Ulterior of Britisli
Columbia, nntl can count his
friends by tho hundreds,
0, H, Pollen returnod Inst week
from Ottawa where ho has boon in
the interests of tho Kootenny Control railway. Ho loft this woek
for Victoria whore In-will oudenvor
to secure provincial nssistnuco for
tho enterprise.
Tho Indies of Christ Church
Guild will hold ii sale of work and
dance in Weutworth hall, on
Thursday December 10th. Ton
nnd coffee sorvod from •! to IJ.
Dancing to begin at 'S-.'M p. m.
Tickets 50 cents.
Mrs. L. M. Mansfield returned
Monday from an extended visit to
her former home in Newport,
Vermont. She was accompanied
by Miss Mansfield who will keep
house for Clnudo Mansfield in the
Georgo Forbes' house.
Mrs. Brown received the sad
intejligencc last week that hor
brother, Mr. Ritchie, of Winnipeg,
had beon killed by n Inil by which
his skull was fractured. Tho
deceased was the father of Miss
Bitchie, who visited in Cranbrook
several months the past year.
The sacrament of tlie Lord's
Supper will lk« observed in the
Presbyterian church next Sabbath
at the morning service. Preparatory services will be held on Thursday evening at halt* past seven,
when the new members will bo
received into full communion,
The new town of Lubrock is
named nfter Peter Lund ami -lohn
Breckenridgo. "Lu" is from Mr.
Lund's name, and "Brock" from
the tirst syllable of Mr. Brcekon-
I'idgo's name. The station is ou
tlieir new coal property near
The Jeffries family are surely
most unfortunate. Twice they
havo been in quarantine on account
of two of lhair children having
scarlet fever, and last week, after
only a few days escape, the baby
was stricken with the disease and
now they are in quarantine ngulu,
\\\ 0. Johnson, for some lime
accountant ftt tlio Cuuailini limik
of Commerce, will leave today for
Ornngovillo, Ont. His depnrturf
will In- sincerely regretted by his
Cranbrook friends. Mr. Johnson
will bo succeeded by R, T. Bryuor,
of Bolloville, ( hit,, who arrived tlu
lirst of the weok,
Marysville hns a debating society
that is a decided success, Lust
Thursday the lirst meeting of the
society was held and the Grand
Trunk question discussed. Marysville lias some excellent debating
talent, and the debate was a vory
interesting one. antl augurs well
for the future meetings.
Mills Shut Down.
Owing to tile sudden nnd extreme
cold of last week it became neees-
ary for a number of saw mills in
this section  to close down.   Tlu.
. mills at Warilner.Fernie. Klkmouth,
, Palmer liar and the tie mill at
Ryan have closed for the present.
The mills that keep their logs in
the water found  them frozen solid,
thus making it impossible to continue work.   Moat of the mills will
J will  resume as soon as logs are
ready to haul ou sleighs.
tG%"-r-    \ Gi,   'yMG^GG^GG'i^W&
.-jj* '■'" cli i ;. .iin p. iT.iin.i Block ivcoffer
S SOc per ounce perfumes at 2oe
/Si; per ounce perfumes at SOc
tf This is au offer of arstoluss perfumes at a red d price not #
tjf inferior goods; we don't keep that kind. Quantity limited   C
<K Con nrly and get your choice _}
9 Ageul for Moore's Kon-Lcakublo Fountain Pens %
# J
•I. Breekonridgo travelled u,
Kitchener by No, il un Monday.
Mrs. E, Bennett of Sinlnr wus
iu town for a few ilnys Ihis week,
Mr. anil Mrs, W. |„ Hurling
paid a living, visil lu Kitchener uu
Conductor O. K. Noble, of Crnnbrook, went to Medicine Hal on
Saturday for a brief visit.
Itri.ke.neu T. Bailey of Oranbrook, left town ou Thursday for
Medicine Hat to which section ho
has been transferred.
Foreman P. Roddick is making
slow progress towards convalescence, and it will la> some time lie-
fore ho returns to duly.
Operator Ones Dulglo has heen
transf.-rr.ii from the main line lo
Warilner. where he succeeds It.
At. Reid, ns night operator,
Superintendent Taylor, who was
at Yahk at the timo of the Kilelie-
uer slide, hurried to the scene immediately iiiHin hearing of the
E. II. MncGrcgor of the resident
engineering stall', returned to town
on Sunday after a long spell of
work iu the vicinity of Frank and
Brakeman A, 0, Ohoqitottc, who
sutl'crcd u painful accident tit
Crow's Nest hist week, has made a
rapid recovery, and expects to resume duty shortly.
W. R. Drew, chief clerk ill the
freight office nt Nelson, passeil
through Craul.rook on Thursday
on his way to Fernie to join in u
hunting excursion.
Inspector W, A, Muckinnon hns
left the l.ridge and building department at Alncleod to take service under C. S. Dontiiss. chief of
the irrigation works at Calgary.
Monday's west-bound train lunil-
od a curious cargo iu Cranbrook,
iu the shape of eight of the finest
deer seen in Fast Kootenay for a
lung time. The venison attracted
the immediate attention of u number of bystanders, whose interest
dot-ponded considerably when three
Indians came forward and t-l.iiiii.-il
it. For quite half an hour after
the departure of tho train, the
Indians, or rather their prizes.
woro the centerpieces of a throng
whose admiration was only exceeded l.y their inquisitivouosB. The
laconic Indians stolidly ignored all
questions; they liuil come to trade
not to talk. When this became
known the venison soon changed
owners, the high prices notwithstanding. Later The Herald mail
learned from one of the Indians,
Ambrose l.y namo, that the vonslou
was shot on Sunday, not two miles
from Wardner station. Cranbrook
sportsmen should lake the hint
and uot neglect such a promising
A rather extensive mud rlido
occurred on the 0, V. R. near
Kitchener on Saturday night. Although the accident fortunately,
ontailcd no casualties, it delayed
the eust-la.uud train oil Sunday
for a iioriod of live hours. The
exact scene of the slide is mileage
57 reckoned from Cranhrook. A
Bteam shovel had been nt work all
the week excavating clay from an
immense hank for the purposes of
Ailing a bridge nearby. Ou Saliirday evening, shortly after the men
engaged iu the work had ceased
tlieir labours for the day. the hunk
collapsed with a loud crash, overturning the steam shovel, and
covering the ruilwny track with
debris for a distnnco of 100 yards,
and to the depth of several feet.
For 24 hours HO men worked
strenuously to clear the truck for
' the passing of No. *1. but it was
not until I! o'clock on Sunday
evening that the line was sufficient-
My free to udn.it the passage
1 of the train. The slide is sii|.|his.
' t*d to have beon cnusiil l.y the
sudden thaw, which set in on Friday i-veniug.
*   '   *   *   ■'- *   Bl®l»l IfflltSlfflltBllBltSltSltBIOlffil® .*,.)
iSuccessors lo G. H. Gilpini
Just received a big assortment uf
[indies',   Quilts'  and Children's
i Price*, lo Suit All
Call and Sec -
I«I<»I«I*»I<>I«I«I<»|-»|<»|«|-»|<)I«>.»>I4   ii.i..   n»>uj,,j".
****************i $>-m i-^e-tsfii
H A. 1.. rkllcrmot ..\. c. Bow new     '
Kj Wholesale   Wine   and   Spirit  Merchant!*
S3 SchitU n«cr The Highest Brands Tiie Larjeit aad
y" Z'"",u" of SCOTCH and -"-«l  ''•■"'mata.
BuSta.Sloa.   I IRISH    \VMI5kI!.S [_£»"
fv A complete stock of Cigars, consisting of the
«}■! "Pharaoh," "LaPortuna," "Irving," "Uar-
<p rlster," "Monument," "Hilda" antl others. -:i
i-£ Mail Orders Promptly Attended to. Telephone it \a
Sj Write for Prices, CRANBROOK, B. C. H
Agents for T. l.ebel & Co., Hav and drain.
| Yes, We Have Them.    What?
J Why only the PUREST Drugs nnd chemicals.    N..th-
* ing goes inlu slock until WE TEST IT to see if it isas
j; represented,    Vour prescriptions nr impounded with
«■ with lhe same care, therefore your sir's ones nro safe
* when wo dispense your medicines.
Chas. E. Reid & Co.,
ok, B. C.
«S Druggists nud Stationers Ci
|jj        When you visit Cranbrook stop at the
gj None Better In the District
B Rates j5i and up.   Short Orders and Oysters
served in any style from 8 p. m. to 0 a. m.
The table is the best, the roams are unsurpassed for clean
B liness and comfort and the bar is supp'-iei with the best brand
0 of liquors and cisrars.
An Observation
* Miule iu the store this morning: "This is tie- only placo in ti^wn
« tlmt I can gel decent sausage
Evoryono that eats uur snus-
•jJ ago knows that statement to be correct.   Ring up Phono 57 for
S a sample pound,
4************** ***********■**************************'
Hotel 3 3
Guests Comfort a Specialty
Good Stabling in Connection
N't-ftrt-st tn r.iilionil am] ilepot.    Has arcf.ninio'lrt-
Uoilfl for the puljlic unef|tinlle,l in Craul.rook.
Hot and Cold [laths
)****• Mill ».»*«M*»-I
• «.a a..a-flM...... a
O. E. GRIFFITH, Proprietor.
Well furnished comfortablo renins, good meals.   Slop
here win n iu town THE   CItANBROOK   HEUALT)
in .ill the
Towns In
A \
P. Burns & Co
W hall-salt- aad Ketall
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Fresh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
We supply only the best,
trade is solicited.
I—wssm imm mwm warn wmkWkWM
.1. is, si-i:i'iii:ss
Fort Steele
Slop ill flu
Hotel «*
N't-w nmmigrmoii
mailings,   No CI
t.   Now Cur-
Saw Mill riachinery
Pinning 1*1111 Machinery
Iron Working riachinery
Mining riachinery
Aluchincry fm* all Purposes
All of very hest makes.
J. L. Neilson & Co.,
602 Mala St., Wlnnl-ics
J! NOW i- tin- bent iinn- in
*      v-       '"   '        "  9
4   yunr Xiuilfl I'lmloa.   Tins
_ aura way of having-1	
J" full lor them when s-oit tint
■II tin-
is tin
We have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting: chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
Christmas Goods! |
* Iiuvi* ii lar-a- Btock nf
Itllllia 'I'dvs ami l-'uii-
,aala wlii.-li  tin will
.mt ut cur prices
UH   It'll   Ull-  uol(Ig  nut   Ilf
liiisiiii-.-s. Kveiylliiu-- fnr
Ulirlatiiais, Tuva, l-'mu-v
., Coiilui-lii ry ni
Mrs.   Lacey's |
Can  always   supply siimo nt
right prices,  Strangers jilonso
givo rofovoncoa.
We are not superstitious, but we believe in
advertising. We want the people that stay at
hotels to know that we are in the hotel business,
and we'll accomplish that purpose il it takes the
rest of our natural life. When you arrive in
Morrissey Junction enquire for the "BIG
WHITE" HOTEL. You cannot go wrong;,
there is only one "Big" hotel in town, and that is
Morrissey Junction, B. C
Stephens Bros., Owners and Proprietors
II. L. Slephens, J. E. Stephens, J. I awson. M. Rotiltcndorl
We »re not mind readers, but we know what
you are looking (or you are looking lor a good
hotel. That being thc case, don't allow anybody to look you right in the eye with an owllike expression and tell you that there are other
hotels just as good as the Alexandra. People
who talk like this are interested parties and
you cannot aliord to take their word in
this matter. When you come to the thriving
town of Morrissey Mines, keep going till you
get inside of the Big Alexandra Hotel. We'll
give you a "Highland Welcome."
Stephens Bros. 4 Co., Owners and Props.
Slab Wood and Fence Posts
Wanlner hotel
Have Van Any 1'ai.illn-t la he llnne?
Do. Any nl Vour Umims Need l-aperlng?
Estimates f-iven on largo contracts. We ilon't waut, tho
earth. We want to please
you with the work and receive
reasonable pay,
Royal llr. tc I. Cranbrook
Yes. ami the CITY BAKERY is the plnco loud, n nice
wetltling ealii- anil ornaments
in the latest style. Why solid
your oriler out of lown mul
perhaps have the lettinghrok-
uu by shipping. Prices right. I
I'Iiiii c 51 Oppi site M. I!. Church  t
C. W. Wil SON,      I
►flj-^SHSHB-®-®-®- *•> ft *®-®-(j)-®
Notico is hereliy given lhat the
halt yearly  oting of the Bonrtl
of Lieense Commissioners, Fort.
Steele license district, will be lieltl
on Tuesilay the 15th, day of
December 1008 at the hour of ten
in the forenoon ut Crnnbrook
when the following application for
liquor licenses will come before tin
I mar. I:
Geo. II. Seolt. Central hotel
-Tames    Brown,
hotel. Wanlner.
Archio A. Cttrrii1
A.   I..   McDermot,    wholeBiilt
L. II. ViuiDecar, Royal hotel,
'I'. .1. Wcllmitu. Mnnitobn iiotol,
Han Mi-Doniilil transfer from T.
.1. Welliuaii. Manitoba hotel,
■Tallies Ryan, Craubrook hotel,
.Ins.       Hi
Nils    Illinium,
lintel, Craiilirook.
M, .1.   Mel'.-ak,
hotel, Cranbrook.
Rollins & Dickinson, Wentworth
hotel. Cr.iul rank.
l'eter Mathison, Imperial hotel,
Calgary Brewing Co., wholesale.
IT. W, Drew. North Star hotel,
.1. E. Angers, Royal hotel.
John McDonald, Central hotel.
Finch & Jones, Fulls View hotel
(liiver Burgo, l'erry Creek hotel,
l'erry Creek.
Edwanl Walls, Wiittsl.urghotel.
Palmer Uur.
.1. II. MoMullIn,
Chief License Inspector,
Fernie. N'ovoniher 21st, 1003,
ull,    Canadian    hotel,
Kust Kootenuy
Cutting! Tret's by Compressed Air.
A new  my has invaded the
great forests of the Pacific slope.
(Irent trees    thr..... live, seven   feet
In diameter   that have ull "but tlo-
I'l-iiteil the slow work of the woodsman who with uxe und suw tm
shoulder murchod against flu*
forest giants, are falling before the
modern engines.
The axiiiiiu is doomed lo disappear from tho forests of lhe const
range, The new "lumberman,"
in tlie form of u pneumatic engine,
has como into the forests mul is
displacing scores of tin- brawny
wielili-rs of the ax. Tl looks no if
thnl. laid and interesting class of
hardy 111011, who are rnn-ly if ever
heard of outside the timber belt,
and who live a life distinct and
apart from all other westerners,
must exchange their crosscut snws
for picks und shovels und forsake
the woods for the mines, or be
contont to go into the cities, where
they may Hud work to do.
An Oregon railroad man, T. W.
Younger, has invented the pneumatic saw, which does the work of
ninny men. and which is one
month clears the trees from many
ncres of land.
Several of these engines arc now
in use in the forests of the south
nnil it will lie hut a short time
until they will lie used in British
Columbia, Each crew of seven
men does the work Unit formerly
required 25 woodsmen. Each
gang lins a traction engine which
carries u compressed air reservoir.
Long rubber lubes load from the
tank to that, part of the forest
where the gang is working. To
the far end of the tubes are attached pneumatic engines which drive
great crosscut saws at a terrible
(luo of these saws will cut
through a tree live feet; ill diameter
iu live minutes, wlii-rous the sumo
wnrk done liy two men (-0113111111-11
at least one hour. When the trees
have lieen felled two or more of
tlioso pneumatic snws are set to
work eutling the trees into logs,
ami work that woodsmen could not
do in three hours is now 1I1.11>. in
15 minutes. Two men with one
of the saws call easily cul 75.1HHI
feet i.f logs iii a day.
Al S2 per day, the wages of the
liii-i. in a gang is Sll. It foriuerly
«-ost Slill lo do un equal amount of
work. While tho lumber companies nre profiting Uy lliis innovation
the woodsmen feel the dire effect
from its introduction, But the
companies do not count that. This
is simply another instance of the
winning of the west to machinery's
uses. The mines, the fisheries,
the road building, nnd now lumbering, have been taken from the
hands of men and given to the
chains and levers of machinery.
The engines have lieen taken
into the wildest part of northern
California, Not a wheel, except
those of the stage coach or logging
wagons, ever ttirue.l among these
trees before, The pneumatic
engines are used nit, along lor
lumbering purposes, but for cut,
ing fuel for locomotives, conl wood
and railroad lies. The engine
complete weigh., l.ut 511 pounds
ami   is  curried    uliout   on    tho
shoulders of the lumbermen. It
constructed entirely of l.rnss
and iron tubing, It makes 150
strokes per minute without stopping for rest, while two men do
not drive 11 crosscut saw of the
same size more thun 110 stiokes
per minute.
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
The Canadian Pacific Railway company control a large area of the
choicest forming and ranching lands in the Elk, Kootenay, Columbia
mul Slocan valleys in the Kootenay distftct nn.l iu the Kettle river aud
Okanagan valleys In tho Boundary district.   A large majority of the**
lauilsiire readily nccessil.le l.y railway.
The aggregate amount of proici'tiil and interest, except in the case
of Ii.iiiIs under $2,511 per aero, is divided into ten instiilim-nti* as shown
hy the ti.l.l,- below; the lirst to la- pin I nt the time of purchase, the see-
.nnl one yenr fro... dale of pur.-lu.se, thu tliinl two years, nntl so on.
The following Inlile shotvH ll.e 1.mount of the uiiutiiil instalments uu
lllll ncres ut ilitT.-r.-ut prices under the abovi ntltttoilB!
10O ue. at $8.60 per ac. Istiusiul 1 $ 611,01,0 equal Iuslal'ls off 50.00
KI0ac.nl  11.00(tertie, 1stInstiduieul    71.00,11 equal i.mtnl'lsof    110,00
IflOue, at ».fl0 per ue. 1st Instill 1    B.1,00,0 uq«nl Inslal'ts of    70.00
lOO1111.nl ■i.00|n-rm-. lul Instalment    06,86,IIequal lustui'taoj   HO.00
1110 lie.at   1.50 |a*r i.e. 1st instalment   107.86,0etpilil lllBllll'tlof    00.00
Kin in-, nt 6,00 per ne, ht instalment   110.85, UiHpinilnstoruof  100.00
Lauds under $2.50 *n-r ncre ure 1...I.I on shorter time.
If Inml iti [laid fur iii full nt tin- tilllO of puivlmtK--, a mlurlioii frum
tin* priiT will Ih' allnwiil oq. a' to ton uer eont on tho -amount paid In
OXCOBfl of tho usual rush  in; Iti'mriit.    Iiiti-tvst at nix ]n-r ivnt will bu
charged tm ovtmluo Instalmoubi,
The company is also interest.-d in the following tnwnsitcB: Klko.
Cranbrook, Kimberly, Altlritlge, Kitchener, Creston, Proctor, Neb-on,
llerrnnl, Lenionton. Cnstlegar. Cascade City, tlran.l Forks, Eholt,
Qreonwootl, MiiKvny, Nakusp, Arrowhead, llevelstoke, Donald and
Kamloops, Terms of payment lire one-thinl cash and the lialuuee is
six and twelve months, with interest.
For further particulars apply tn the h.llowing lot-ul agents:
W. M. Frost. Gateway, Montana     .1. A. McC.illum, llrand Forks.B.O.
R, R. Bruce, Wilmer, B. C. (I. A. Keiuh-ll, Eholt, B. 0.
V. Hyde Baker. Craubrook, B. 0,    A. Ferguson, Greenwood, B. C.
From tin' Il|i4*,.itcli.
11. Hirtz has given tip his general slore business at Swintun uud
moved his slock to Elko.
Postmaster Patmore has installed fifty • new lock boxes in the
office this week for the convenience
of the public.
The recount question was
brought up at the county court
silting at Fernie on Tuesday be
fore Judge Forin. Mr. Alexander,
the returning officer, produced
letter from the provincial secretary
to the effect that under the election
net it was impossible to return the
boxes, His honor declnred a further adjournment until Jnnuary of
next year.
J. R. Martin, provincial timlier
inspector, has advertised the sale
of two lumber mills for the royalty
dues. These are the Carbon Creek
mill at Michel nnd the Cedur Valley Improvement company's pro-
porty at Fernie. Tlie latter company owe over $000 on this account
but the mortgagors refused to
acknowledge the claim. The first
will be sold on November ilOth and
the latter on December 18th.
Two loaded ears got loose at the
tipple on Monday and made a flying trip down the loug steep grude
tn Swinton. They kept the truck
all the way down and narrowly
escaped crashing into the Great
Northern train which had just
pulled oil' the mainline into a siding. The cure ran two miles further, where they Dually stopped,
owing lo the steep grade leading
to the tunnel nt thut point,
rroin Itn- .Muvle Lciiler
W. F. Gurd wns up from Orull-
bniok Sunilny.
Mrs. A. P. McDonald spent Sun-
lay iu Cranbrook.
Felix Desiiuliner has la-en in the
Cranbrook hospital the past week.
The Presbyterians uiul Methodists of Moyie hnve decided to
unite in giving 11 Christines tree
and entertainment.
The Moyie Lumber Co.. hasquit
sawing for the winter, but the
planer will lie kept running for
some time yet. The last work wus
the tilling of a onler of 80.000 feet
of lumber for the Sl. Eugene, tube
used for building purposes in the
Somewhere between Tate's jewelry store aud west part of town, a
lady's Bolid gold neck chain. Return to Herald office anil receive
For Sale.
I have the following in use i 11
my sawmill nt Blnirinoro. which
will Ik- for sale nt end of sawing
season, 1st December, Two boilers, 50 ll, p., on skills, with 50 feet
of smoke stuck, also one Mac-
Gregor, Gonrley & Co. pinner nnd
matcher with double cylinder, nnd
one Economist planer.
Particulars cnn Im-hnd by writing
,  . Peter McLaren,
Macleod, Altn.
J. D. Sihl-nld, Revelstoke, B. C.
Thomas A Uriel, Nakusp, B. C.
F. .1. Fulton, Kninloops, B. C.
I. T. Burgess. Kitchener. B. 0,
E, Mallanilaine, Jr.. Creston. B. ('.
(1. K. Stocker. Cascade, 11. 0,
F. 0, Elliot, Tmut Luke City, B, C.
Or J. S. DENNIS. Land Commissioner for British Columbia,
at Calgary, Alberta.
Frum Ilie ri-,1- 1'r.aa.
Thomas 1 lardy has secured a license for his new hotel litXkilemnn,
having bullion the townsite company in ils attempt lo prevent him
from selling liquor 011 property
purchased from it,
At Klkuioiith, B. Con Wednesday, November 17th, Lucy Gertrude, daughter of R. M. Fiillerton,
was married to Daniel Hayes, of
the Hayes LiiuiIht company, at
the home of the bride's father.
The ceremony was perforihetl :by
the Rev. John Robson of Fernie.
Chief Constable McMullin hns
notified the prostitutes of the north
end that they will not be allowed
to attend concerts or any public
meetings until provision is mode
for tlieir special nccommodntion.
This is the result of the habit
these people hnve got into of taking
prominent seats in different purls
nf the hull. This step is made iu
the general interests of tho town
and it can not fail to meet the op.
pro! Iltlon of the public.
Stock Quotations,
Furnished by Benle, &  Elwell.
brokers, Cranbrook B. C.
North   Slur	
Sullivun  *,
St. Eulgaiifl  -til
t'ujiii.  Ul
War Kuala t'oiiaolltlatad  lu
1'IIJ    Holt  1
An.orir.an Hoy  llii
(Jiilr-iuila  is
Cniiva N.-atl-ii.il •IIIII.UU
St. Ei.|p.ne Ut.. Minna  11.
(Inn. Oil unit C1111I MiniM Mil  ll.-.
Alln-rlu ('.ml iiuilt-iik..  f:t.fiO
Kual I'riiwa Ni>a*.C,ul  75
I'uliniliiin (Inlil l--.4-l.lH  Jl
Sullivun llli,ll|i Mi.li.IK I'n. lunula tlllll UU
By the Herald Ollice,- a Ihij- to
learn the printing trade. He must
la. intelligent and energetic and
mean business. No trillers wanted, and worthless kids need not
IN TIIU CIIHNTV .'(.HUT .11-- K.llll't-JNAV
—In  I'l-.iliulii—
N..U.I. la lil'Mi-.,- -.Ivan Unit un lli..*Jlllliilny
ul October, lllllll. It una lirilcnil l.y J. A.
Knrln, Eaq., Juilan nf , lie n-,1,1 I'tuirt, Um.
Jnuica I'-irau-nii A.iiiMli-iiii*r,0llti-iul A.ln.lu*
iHtrnliir nl llii'tliilllity nt Kwili'liiiy, la* ml
-nlnintriil.ir ul till mul Hinanliir tin. mtata uf
I HA A. FINCH of Hi.rjavllli., Imitbalmnn,
il.il'l HHlll. illll-Hllllli.
Evt-ry iH'1'niiii inili'liliil In Ilm >iuii] ilirnniu'i)
ia r.'.|iiii*i'il lu .nuke |u.y Incut lull In, illi I.i I In*
iKvery peraon bavin*-* in tim-at-aaliHi t-tl.-,-l«
liclunuili*. tn llii' ili'i'i'iiHi'il ia ri'i|iiirinl turtle
.villi tu niitify ,liu illiili'iainlioil.
lively creditor, ur (itliar pt'raon, bavin-,
uny t'luiin ii| nn ur liiti-ri-at in tliuitlatrlbntiun
uf till'luilHiliiil cHlnlii uf llif Huiil dt.cenBe-1 fa
require.) ivill.in llilrly daya ul tlila ilule tn
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rmlii i, IIUUI.
Janli'H IVi-i.iHnn AriUntri.na<
luit Stole, ll.C.
St. Eugene
Mines, Ltd.
Its property is located on the St. Eugene Mountain.
It has the St. Eugene lead.
It can be bought at 10 cents per share.
It is backed by mining men, not mining fakirs.
It will increase in value.
To make money in mining buy good stock low
and sell on the rise.
Beale, Hutchison & Elwell
Cranbrook Agents.
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Dealer in
Poultry, Fish and Oysters in Season.
We have moved our office to upstairs over Beattie's
drug store where we will be found for the next two
weeks and would ask anyone owing us to call and
settle their accounts within that time.


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