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Cranbrook Herald Mar 1, 1900

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9-lT)9 ■>■»»■»■»♦-»
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Gj»o. A. Cox, President. B. K. Waikkr, Oen. Mm.
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000,00.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
I. W. H. SMYTHE, Manager.
First Class Dry Wood,
Fir and Tamarac.    «?&!-£»
From Litigation.
As KIMBERLEY is bound to be the MININO TOWN
OF EAST KOOTENAY, being situated in the center of the
strongest mineral zone in British Columbia, containing such
mines as the North Star, Sullivan, Quantrell, Buckhorn, Stem
winder, Black Bear, Kootenay Consolidated, etc. Now is the
time to purchase lots, as there are only a few left, and as the
C. P. R railway arrived in town this week, a rush for lots will
leave somebody in the cold.
Bu?buy!ybubyu,yb°ufr' Lots from $125-$400
Apply    Fort Steele Development Syndicate,
N. A. Wallinger, Mgr. Fort Steele, R C
if grand'
w AND -
I Ofton Imitated,
■ Never Equalled.
Every Stove Warranted
Best Cooker,, Strongest He.ler..
La., Longeal. Use Leut Fuel.
Made only by
MILM-f, CO., LlmlMd,
Pioneer dt Hardware
The largtst stock In But Kootenay.
The place to buy stoves.
The place to buy tinware.
The place to buy granlteware.
The place to buy metal roofing.
Q. H. Miner.
Hotel 3 3
Quests Comfort I Socially
Qood StaMiag in CmncIIm
Nearest to railroad ntul depot.    Hns accommodations for  the public  uneqa-dled  in   Cranhrook.
• ***•••••*•••• •>*•••-•• 9(f)   '-tW* ••••.,-> •*•
 Proprietor      ji
Big Clearing
To make room for summer goods we will sell our
entire stock of
Rubber Foot Wear
AT C05T.
These goods were bought early last year before
the advance in prices. We will give the public the
benefit of these low prices.   We have a full line of
Men's, Women's, Misses' and Boys'
Hen's Heavy Mackinaw Goods,
Will all go the same way.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co LW
Cranbrook and Fort Steele.
Tk fever-Mr Decliies to be Advised
Aij Farther ty Senlii.
Some Interesting News From Vic
tori* Anent thc Contests
in thc House
Victoria, B. Cm Feb. a8 -Ueut.-Gov,
Mclnnes hu declined to be furtber ml
vised by Premier Semlin, and announced
that be would seek new advisors It is
still a question wbo will ba called in but
rumor has it tbat Dunsmuir or Martin
may be selected. Turner, Baker and
McBride had made overtures for coalition, and nn thia question Dunsmuir and
Baker had a warm altercation in the
lobby after tbe session.
Victoria, B. C, Feb. 23— Precisely as
indicated in these columns a week ago,
the * Scmlln-Cotton administration has
met its defeat at tbe hands of tbe people's elected representatives on tbe floor
of the legislature, being defeated this
afternoon on the motion for second reading of the Redistribution bill, which tbe
members of the ministerial party had
unanimously agreed would be tbe best
legislation (carried or defeated) upon
which they couM appeal to the country.
Although looked for for days, the collapse of tbe government when it did
come, matured in somewhat unexpected
manner to the public, Victoria's third
member, Mr. Richard Hall, having, the
honor of touching tbe button that exploded the opposition's well arranged
It wu after the second reading debate
had been continued by Messrs. Higgins,
Neill, Booth, Kellie, J. II. Martin, Pooley
and Turner—the general discussion beiug ao dry as to invite the match which
Mr. Hall held ready to apply according
to tbe systematic plan. His speech in
doing so was neither loug nor pretentious, though fruitful in important result*.
"I move the previous question," he
said—nnd even the gallery understood
that this was intended as the motion
tbat was to put tbe struggling government out of its misery. All parts of tbe
aaaembly. took on an expectant and suppressed excitement, while members hurried in from restaurant or library at the
summons of the divltion bell.
"The previous question has been
moved," said Mr. Speaker Forster, "are
you ready,for the question?"
"Aye," shouted the opposition.
"Aye," said tbe government rauka
quiet ly, realising tbat the end had come
at last.
"Shall the motion carry?"
"Aye," again cboiused the triumphant
Tbe "noea" were manifestly less vociferous.
The 'ayes' have it, I think," said
Mr. Speaker, while the members of the
opposition raised a cheer in which the
galleries joined enthusiastically.
The bill is lost." said Mr. Speaker,
as the division was calculated and recorded, 19 to 18.
'So is the government," called out
someone in Mr. Martin's near neighborhood—it may have been Mr. Martin bimself—and then the pent up enthusiasm
broke forth, tbe speaker's call for order
in the galleri s being utterly unheeded,
while tbe rattle of desk lids on the left
the clapping of bands eyerywhere, and
the cheering of members and spectators
attested the general feeling of relief aud
-atUf action,
A lew brief moments psssed, and then
Hon. Mr. Semlin rose, and with very
evident agitation, and a somewhat
pathetic quaver ia bis voice, said: "In
view of what has just occurred, I think
it is only right lo ask that this house at
its rising do stand adjourned until a
o'clock on Monday next."
The honorable gentleman was proceeding to elaborate his reasons when the
opposition leader interposed a suggestion
that Tuesdsy be named Instead.
The premier, realizing that be was no
longer leader of the bouse, acquiesced
immediately, and the house adjourned
thereafter, Mr. Turner having expressed
the hope tbat tbe government would arrange to have pending private legislation and' noii-cootenlious public business disposed of previous to tha termination of thc session.
Tbere Is now a total suu of $34,50a
sought to be collected In the courts from
Hon. Dr. McKechuie, for illegally having occupied a teat and voted in thc
house* since disqualifying himself by accepting money for traveling expenses.
C. Wentwotlh Sarel has been making
a particularly poor showing in his defense of tbe libel case brought against
him by the attorney general's depart*
ment, In connection witb the gross insults offered in tthe Kamloops Standard
to his honor the lieutenant governor
It is even probable that perjury proceedings will follow, Sarel having gone so
far as to swear that he did not know
whether he had written thc "copy" prosed in court; that be did not know
whether the handwriting wu his or not;
and tbat he could not remember who
wu or bed been editor of the Standard.
Whatever the outcome of the present
political puule, it is understood tbst
Hon. Mr. Semlin contemplates an lm*
mediate retirement from politics, to ac
cept tlie office of provincial ageut getter
al in I.omlon.
A Ureal Mis Up.
Victoria, B. C, Feb. 24.—The lieutenant governor has nothing whatever td
say on the political situation. Throughout thc city scarcely anything els- ii
talked bIhiuI. Names of prominent men
are freely mentioned as probable sue
censors to the present premier, it being
freely rumored about tbe streets mul 111
the clubs lhat James Dunsuiulr will be
called in.
Coalition is, of course, also suggested,
and the name most frequently heard in
connection is that of H. Dallas
Helmcken, wbo it is thought might be
able to form an administration from the
present membership of the house by
bringing Cotton or some of tbe present ministers into the cabinet. Thi:
would tide matters over for the present
at least, and obvi tie an appeal 10 tbe
This morning the hur most freely
coupled witb the leadership is thai of
Joseph Martin. It may he of considerable interest to many to learn lhat
Edgar Dewdney, the late lieutenant
governor of British Columbia, is also "in
the air" to a considerable extent, while
George R, Maxwell, M. P., is also meu
It is generally understood that the
bouse will continue business of tbe pri
vate bills next week.
A Canadian government though defeated may carry 011 business of thc
country with the consent of the opposition and as far as cau be gathered today tbere will be no objection to this being done.
One ef tht Boys Writes ol Life at the Bai-
racki la Ottawa.
Special eormpniident to Tbe Herald -
The barracks,
Ottawa, Feb. 20, 1900.
At laat we nre settled down to barrack
life, and most of the boys are getting
used to it, although they found it a 111 tie
difficult al fi st to accustom themselves
to its restrictions. Tbe men are very
comfortably quartered In the cattle sheds
where two tiers of bunks ate arranged on
either side, upper and lower. We have
great fun over our respective names, our
barracks being labeled "Holstcins," aud
nf course we are getting to be known by
that name now. Tbere are other mimes,
such as Herefotds, Devons, Shorthorns,
etc. Some of tbe boys have become
great ladies' men since tbey got down
here, especially Harry Melton. It is becoming quite a by-word now, "Have you
got Melton's address-*"' I think he gave
it to everyone be met between Cranbrook and Ottawa.
Tbe boys nre anxinurlv awaiting the
arrival ofthe Cranhrook Herald.
We procured two large streamers at
Winnipeg, tbe full  length ofthe car, on
Inch we had painted in large black letters. "K. K, B.C. Troop. Strathcona
Horse to Sleele (steal) Pretoria." According to reports from tbe front it don't
look as though they are going to give us
a chance to do anything like that.
'Old Bobs" and Kitchener are beginning
to play their bauds, and I think they
hold wieners and will take in the main
Saturday night we enjoyed the hospitality of tbe proprietors of tlie Russell
theater, and saw Dicken-s Old Curiosity
Shop presented by a very good and well
balanced company. Tuesday night
Lewis Morrison presents Frederic the
Great, and Wednesday night The Master
of Ceremonies, to be followed later ou
with 1'uddin' Head Wilson.
Evenings and Sundays we are beseiged
by curious sightseers, especially ladies,
who are exceedingly eager to see the
wild men from the woolly west."
We are getting excellent board—no
delicacies but good, substantial fare.
Uniforms issued this week. Horses not
here yet. We have had our final medical examination aud I think alt have
passed successfully.
Kind regards to all.
W. N. Clarke.
The Flra el McVittle ft Helchlsoi Is s
Hustler for South East Kootenay.
The overage man in tbe pursuance of
his business fails to realise sometimes
what his neighbor is doing. It is the
privilege, and in a sense, the duty of a
uewspeper to comment on matters of
this kind, and that in why The Herald
takes occasion at this time to speak of
the untiling work of tlie mining brokers
firm ol McVittie & Hutchison in spread-
lug the many good things about South
East Kootenay to the four winds of
heaven. It is true it is iu their line of
business, but every man they attract to
this district adds so much to the opportunities of IboFe already here, for the
new resident brings with him more or
less business. They are helping Cranbrook and every other town in tbe dis
trict by their woik. Tbe boys never
grow weary of well doing, aud South
East Kootenay Is their prayer, their
creed and their dream. May they prosper in their good work.
Forced to Give ap the Figbt by
erf s Terrific Onslaught
The  Good   News  Has  Brought
Happiness to England and
the -Colonies.
London, March 1.--Buller has
entered Ladysmith with his full
force amid great rejoicing.
London, Feb. 2j —The war office has
received the following dispatch from
Lord Roberts, dated Paardeberg, tieh.
37: Gen. Cronje and all of bis force
capitulated unconditionally at daylight,
and is now a prisoner iu my camp. Tbe
strength of his force will be coinmunlca
ted later. I hope that her majesty's
government will consider tliis event satisfactory, coming as it does on the anniversary of Miijuba. On Saturday Gen
Buller faced the strongest position on
the road to Ladysuiith and hard fighting
Iihs been in progress. His army is 'in
three wings advancing steadily toward
Ladysmith. The Boer general at Colenso
sent IC Miner a message that his com-
maudo hud beeu smashed by Duller aim
recommended that peace overtures be
started at ouce.
London, March 1.—War office has re-
ceived following dispatch from Gen.
Ilulhr: "Lvltleton's headquarters
March 1. General Diindonahl, with the
Nuliil Carbineers and a composite regiment, entered Ladysmith last night
The country between us ami Ladysmith
is reported clear of enemy, lam moving on Neltrope."
London, Match r.—Gen. Ilullei's dis
tiuct success in storm Pieters llill.hrnigs
rescue of Ladysmith near, hut the war
office intimated last evening thai an
immediate announcement of relief need
not be expected. The going to anil
from the war office at midnight of officials and messengers, suggested that important news had beeu received. If
thiH were the case Lord Liusdowue oh
viously desired to sleep ou it, before tal •
ing the public into bis confidence.
A Successful Dance.
The dance at the Cosmopolitan Tues
day eveuing was a most successful affair,
There was a large crowd present, many
coming from Kimberley, Moyie and
Fort Steele, The music was fine, and
those present had a most enjoyable
time. One of llie amusing features of
the evening was the cake walk, presented by the irrepressible Pieper and inimitable Pushce, and the gyrations,
gymnastics and gtsceful evolutions of
these two devotees of Terpsichore convulsed the people with laughter. Mr.
Small, the proprietor, was complinu n
led by all ou tbe success of the event.
London, Feb. 27.-—Secretary of state
for war, Marquis Lansitowue, announced
in bouse of lords this afternoon that
prisoners captured with Geu. Cronje
numbered 4000 men. Gen. Cronje will
lie sent to Cape Town. Later this afternoon the war office received tbe following detailed dispatch from Lord Roberts:
Paardeberg, Tuesday morning. From
information furnished daily to rue by
intelligence department, it became evident lhat Geu. Cronje's force was becoming more depressed and tbat discontent of troops and discord among leaders
were rapidly increasing. This feeling
was doubtless accentuated by disappoint
ment caused among Boer reinforcements
which tried to reteive Gen. Cronje, 011
being defeated by our troops, February
33 Therefore I reaolved to bring pressure to bear npon enemy. Each night
trenches were pushed forward towards
enemy's laager so as to gradually contract bis position, and at tbe same time
I bombarded it heavily with artillery,
which was yesterday materially aided
by arrival of four sit inch howitzers,
which I had ordered from Deaar. In
carrying out these measures a captive
balloon gave great assistance by keeping
us informed of dispositions and movements of enemy. At 3 a.m. today a
most dashing advance was made by the
Canadian regiment and some engineers
supported by the First Gordon Highlanders nnd Second Shropshire.-;, resulting in our gaining a positon some .six
hundred yards nearer the enemy and
wilhin about eighty yards of his trenches
where our men entrenched themselves
and maintained position, A gallant
deed worthy of our colonial comrades
and which I am glad to say was attended
by complete success and slight loss.
This apparently clinched matters for at
da-light today a letter signed by Geu.
Cronje in which he stated he surrendered
unconditionally, was brought to our outpost under (tag of truce. Iu my reply
1 told Gen. Cronje he mint present himself at my camp, and that bis force must
come out of (heir laager after laying
down tbeir arms. By 7 a.m. I received
Gen, Cronje and dispatched telegram to
you announcing fact. In course of conversation he asked for kind treatment at
our hands, aud also tbat his wife, grand-
son, private secretary, adjutant and servants might accompany bim wherever
he might be sent. I reassured bim and
told him bis request should be complied
with. I informed him that a general
officer would be sent witb him to Cape
Town to ensure bis being treated with
proper respect enroute. He will start
this afternoon in charge bf Major Pretty
mau, who will hand him over to general
commanding at Cape Town. On all
sides tbe gallantry of Caii--.di.in-- * ire*
much commented upon.
sou is among the Boer killed.* Mr
Chun lull thtn proceeds to describe
heavy lighting last Friday in which the
Inniskiltens approached within 500yards
of the summit of .1 rocky IJoer position
and then gallantly charged in face of a
huil of bullets.
London, Feb. 27 —Timeshaa following
f om Pielermariitberg dated Friday Pel*.
»3—"The Dublin Fusiliers have again
distinguished themselves by volunteering to take Qobler Kloof which tiny
■lid. This gallant battalion, which began the campaign 850 strong can today
be snid lo muster on parade only between too aud 200 of its origiual members.
Loudon, March .1—Winston Churchill
in a dispatch from Colenso dated Tie -
day says '*'l li * condition of tbe woui ded
who are unattended on the bill sides Sun-
day was so painful lhat Gen. Buller sent
a flag ot truce to the enemy and it was
irranged that throughout Sunday military movements should continue vn
both sides, hut these should be no shooing,    This triue terminated at dusk.
New Buildings doing Up In Craabrook on
Every Side.
Nothing can stop tbe building in
Cranbrook. The weather got pretty
■•old for a few days, but still it kept on
There swiiis to be no let up to the
progress in this town, Prosperity is evident, for ihere is always money being
expended iu new bull lings, and Improv*
men is on old ones People with money
ire anxious to invest it here, for tbey
can easily see Mini lhe investment is a
safe one lhat will bring good returns.
Tbe carpenters, plaster*, bricklayers.
paperhntigers and painters are atl busy,
md that spenkfl well for the town this
lime of the year.
A. I*). Wait Ins Muriel on his new
business block just west nfG II. Miner's
•.tore! Il will be two stories high. The
lower floor will be occupied by W. F.
Tali; lhe jeweler, and Harry McVittie.
wiih ;i cigar store and billiard parlor
The second story will be occupied by
the new club.
W. F. Tate's new* residence on Hanson
avenue is now framed and work is pro
pressing on it ra, idly.
Mr. Miner, brother nf G H. Miner,
has built » cottage on Baker hitl, and
-.vill bring bis family from lhe east.
Mr. Presl's new building is nearly
Thc new slore room beiug built by W.
T. Reid. is now being plastered,
Work on Ibe Interior of the Cosmopolitan 'lintel is progressing, and a great
change is being brought about.
James Ryan's new building wilh sara
uie rooms and ice bouse, is now completed.
Greer & Co. have the contract for
building a residence for Mrs. O'Dell on
Hanson avenue.
Col. Henderson, who has bought the
property just south of P. McConnell'S
place, will have an addition built to tlie
bouse and the whole place fitted up in
good shape. Greer & Co. nave the contract.
Miners May Secure Licenses ind Record
Claims in Tbis Cily Nov.
Constable Morris has been appointed
sub recorder for tU*is portion of the district lying within the neighborhood of
Cranbrook. Hereafter those desiring
miners' licenses or to record claims may
do so in Craubrook, and save the extra
drive of twenty-four miles to l-'ort Steelo
and return. This is one of the things
thnt The Heraid has contended for during the past year, since it meant so much
to the people of ibe district. With sub-
recorders at Cranbrook, Moyie, Kimberley and Fernie, tbe saving in time and
expense lo the miners of the district will
be Incalcunble. Now, when action is
taken to give similar conveniences to the
people of the district in court matters,
Ihere will be no reason to complain.
General News.
General W. C. P. It reck en ridge,
Kentucky, was the principal speaker al
tne Anglo Snxon League dinner at To-
rout6 iht* other evening He delivered
a most eloquent address, and received
an oval inn that any man might well be
proud of.
The Rowland Mii.strel company
played lu Spokane one night this wrtk
to a crowded house The proceeds went
to the fun__mc ibe families of soldiers,
Mr. nnJ Mr*, (taker nl Hume.
Mr. V. Hyde Haker and bride returned
home Inst Sunday in brill ng having
stopped several days at Montreal nml
Winnipeg, on their way from England
Mr. Baker, after an absence of seven 1
months, was pleased to see the great
growth that bad tnkeil place in Cranbrook during that lime. He said that
he knew by the reports lhat lhe town
was making most commendable progress, but he had not expected to fi
such nu improvement as he did.
London, Feb. 27.—Mr. Wins'.on
Churchill in a dispatch lo tbe tbe Morning Post from Frere camp dated Sunday,
says*. "The idea thai the Uoers nre raising (he siege of Ladysmitb is prematui c."
The advance ia being pursued in the
face of most stubborn opposition and of
heavy losses.   President Kruger's grand-
First Ore lo flo Out Over the New RaH-
way to Kimberley.
The Properties in This Part of the
District Are Looking Very
North Slar Shipping Ore.
Frank Robbins, managing engineer of
Hie North Star mine, and Neil Mcl.eod
Currau, financial agent, left last Monday
for Trail, 10 arrange for tbe treatment of
North Slar ore. Tbe railroad has beeu
completed to the tramway, and last Saturday two carloads of ore was shipped
to Cranbrook and on to Great Falls.
This is the first ore shipped over the
North Star branch, end it was most appropriate lhat it »hould come from the
Norlh Star mine. The tramway is now
ui working order, and everything is
ready for regular shipments. And within a few months, when the results ofthe
•shipments become known, the North
Siar mine will jump i„to prominence as
one ot the be>t lead mines the country
has ever known. ,Thc management of
ihis property have had little or nothing
to say, but month after month have in-
rested thousands of dollars in maohtn-
7 and legitimate development Onder
the direction of Superintendent Parker
the workings have been enUrged and
lhe development earned forward in an
intelligent manner, n.mi now the mlue
is in a condition to -show by daily shipments what a wonderful property it is.
A party of four drove down to Inspect
the workings on the Theo property on
Monday and were delighted with'the
showing of ore Mr. Wickstrom is in
charge of tlie woik. aud when the
'•whim" is put in place for hoisting purposes work wiil proceed more rapidly,
fhe ore nt the bottom of the -shaft contains copper pyrites in such quantities
that it would pay well to concentrate,
nut there are good reasons to expect
much richer ore near tbe footwall toward which a crosscut is uow being
driven, there is already in sight a width
of over live feet of concentrating ore and
still no sign of a footwall. Wheu tbe
size of the ledge has been determined
ihe shaft will be continued to a depth of
nne hundred feet, the ore taken out during development will be stacked ready
tor removal to the concentrator so that
there netd be no waste. Every day's
.vork but strengthens the opinion already expressed by many mining men
tbat the Theo property will be a large
copper producer. Its proximity to the
railway makes a fair grade of ore very
trainable Fine simples from tbe bottom
of the shaft may be seen at the office of
McViltie & Hutchison.
Sl Marys' Mining & Mitlioi Co.
Mr. William Townsend, of Rossland,
ind A. W. McVittie, drove out a few-
days a ;o to lhe Carrie Lee claim on the
St. Marys" prairie, which is be ng operated by the St. Marys' Mining & Milling
company of which Mr. Townsend is president. A new shaft has been started ami
is uow about twenty feet deep. Specimens of the ore were taken from the
shaft and carried off to Rossland by the
president for exhibition. Enough work
will be done at once to cover the assessment !or the three claims aud operations will then tease until lhe summer
opens np when moie thorough development will be undertaken.
Black Bear.
This company has Issued a comprehensive prospectus showing the position
Of affairs, both financially and as regards the development of tlie mine.
The eleven assays given show an average
value of *f*y 25 iu silver and gold, or an
average In gold, copper, silver and lead
of U3 5tJ. which certainly looks like
profitable ore. Tlie prospectus run be
secured at anv mining brokers office and
is worth reading.
Hone  Shoe.
The shaft on Ibis property Hei about
half a mile Wilt ofthe Tneo shaft and i*
about IOO feet higher up lhe hill and
shows a remarkably strong ledge of copper bi-aiiiu (-Hurt/* the ihalt has been
well limbered and as the ladders are left
in place the mine is worth a visit. It
can be reached from Cranbrook in half
au hour's ride; ten minutes more will
reach the Theo, and we recommend Ibis
excursion to our citizens who wish to
see promising mining properties.
Tlie Fin* ftrlgnde.
Al the meeting held Monday night nl
Forrest hall, the question of the organ!
zation (f a fire brigade wis generally dis
CJSSi-d. It wns finally decided to select
a chief and ns-.ifit.-int chief, nnd let those
two pick their men for the brigade. J
H. Pink wns named ns chief nud Matt
Rockendorf ns assistant chief, and they
will take steps to lorm n good working
brigade US scon as possible.    Mr. Pink
wns formerly a member of the Spokane
pnid fire department, nnd his experience
hi handling fires will prove valuable to
the people oi Craubrook,
Pay Roll.
Tbe work at tbis mine is now being
confined ton drift ou the ore chute al
the lop of the inclined shaft, A slrenk
of galena ore here is being followed
north along the ledge about 50 feet beneath the surface and the pay streak is
increasing in size and seems to be leading lo a considerable ore body.
Thinks Well of Britisb Cnlumbla.
J. W, Robinson, who bas just relumed
from a trip through lhe east, says that
the people of Ontario mid Quebec aie
having n goud deal to say lhct*e dat a
about British Columbia, nud that many
be met will invest money in enterprises
in the province during the coming year. CRANBROOK  HERALD
THURSDAY,   -   MARCH 1, 1900
V. V. SIMI'SON, Killtor an I Malinger.
TliltMrf OK SUmOlltlTIONi
ono year «•«
si\ mouths lM
The Hernia desires to give tlio hows nr the
district, if yoa know any about Jjfmic town
your mine or your i«ople, semi it to ttit> ofllce.
A flash of blue and a guttaral cry.
And 1 see a kingfisher dashing by,
A sudden splash and a surge of foam,
An<i he bears u ftsli to his sand-bank home.
Listen again fur that loud, harsh noise,
And watch him over a calm pool poise;
Then  with  a weird, enticing serL-am,
Beckoning on for a raco up stream,
Through tin* mists whero the cascades fall
The halcyon luroa with his (earless call,
And then he laughs from a willow bough.
As mueh us to suy:    "Where aro you now'.'"
With  hla  breast  of whin- and hU belt of
lie awaits an admiring glanco from you;
Then off and nway with ji mock ing cry—
A it Huh of (]-;■■ on uu April sky,
—Henry Kalloch Rowe.ln Demor-aat's Mag-
I    A BOY HERO.   |
"rpELL ue ii Btory, grnnd-pRr—aBlor;
I    1   Pto«»lM
Hwussiitiii* blue-eyed Sadie who mm
the request, na slw climbed up to In
seat of honor on, tb** old man's km*
All the children, with eag-er face
crowded round hla choir, for they knew
tlmt grandpa would- ref UM-his littti
favorite nothing.
"What kind of a .story, iny jK-t V" be
said, gently stroking ber golden* ci
"A dofcil story."
"Soon-til Mug* nbout plntt-eflt" cried
Ralph*, tbt* oldest-, who dild not bel
in fairies or ghosts,
"Or luiliuns! Ob, do tell iih a I rue
story a-bout tmlhuia, grandpa!"
claimed George, "Mamma wkl tlmt
you oould i-i-ll us sometJiin-g wonderful
tlmt happened once, If you wished to—
•omethlng renl true."
"Very well, it shall be-about Indians,"
rnitid jf.i iinsw i'i*i*id; "and my In iro te
only nino years old—about your ago,
As t hi* i-bi Id re nd ri* w lihelroh-nlra nearer io li.-iii'n. tilicy mnde u very pretty
picture In thjit cozy, llrelit room,
"Many ymra ngo," grandjpn began,
"there lived a family of English emigrants on the western frontier. Tlvolr
home wus nol ns comfortable ns thi-**.
for the house was simply a log cn<biu,
without curtains or carpets, anti with
loopholes Instend-of windows,  Vel Mr.
Murtin and his wife we're very happy
hh loop as tihey were itn-tou-cli-ed by Indian!*, who were very fierce atul powerful nl tho lime 1 speak of.
"The husband worked nil day, cutting d-own treea In Uie neighborhood,
Sometimes he took witb bim his little
son, named- Georgto-* who -looked very
much like the Qcorgiciwho is Hartenlng
ut me now, The boy bad large blue eyes
und lone yellow curls—Just like yours,
my child.
"So they oil Hved happily in this
stranige, lonely home for about a yc-atr;
until om* dark, moonless nlghlt a party
of Sioux Indians, on tho warpath, sur*
rouod-ed l.he cabin, and woke tbo In-
mnt-ea wiih a {earful wnr-whoop.
"Mr. Murlin, springing onl of bed,
eeize-d -his carbines and. lwo trusty
pistols, and prepared todefentlthowifc
uml child whom he loved so well.
"Georglo budd (lie weapons in ro-ndi*
ncjsfl for bis father, wliib* Lhe mother
loaded them. Hoon, alas, n bullet fired
i>y l Ik*1 Indians passed througln thc
loophole, killing InsUvntty the coumge*
ous Mrs, Martin'."
"Qramlpa, you are cryingl" Sadie in
terrupted, loalking up lato thaold man'.'
"Hush, d-flrilngl" he answered, brushing something like moisture from hte
eyes.   "Let n« lell you nil the rest,
"Then M.r. Martin lost all hope; but,
for tihe soJto of Ms-child, heinndcagnl-
bint struggle. The Indians, nfli-r six
of their nurnlM'.r had becm slain*, burst
into the iMibin*. audi one of the foremost, with ii single blow of bis tomahawk, killed the heroic l-Jnglishrann."
"And what nbout Dorgle?" Sadienska,
with breathless interest,
"The child fired tin* lasl loaded pistol
at the savage who had murdered bis
father. The charge took effect—tho
Indian was dangerously wounded; but
a dozen weapons wen* Immediately leveled at the boys bend. By thc Interference of the ohlef, Georgia wns saved
from deiith, und carried away ns.ii captive.
"The Ind bins luid two ol her prisoners
besides him —men whom 'bey intended
to torture on reaching home.
"Afler two wenry days of Journeying
over the prairies, the party nl length arrived at a s;oux village.
"Crowds of old women and children,
accompanied by barking curs, enme
forth to meet tbem, and especially to
jeer tho helpless captives,
"The next dny, amidst grent rejoicings, the hitler were put to death nl llie
stake—according to tha Invariable custom of the Bflvngos.
"Georglo was turned over by the old
warriors to be tortured by tho Indian
"Imitating their elders, these little
wretches tied the while child with
leathern thonga to a stake driven firmly into the ground.
"Before piling ihe brushwood round
him, the Indian children, with much
yelliDg and confusion, retired to the
distance of about SO paces, nrmlng themselves meanwhile with light tomahawks nnd with bows nnd nrrows.
"They Ilrst drew n line which it was
forbidden to puss. Then onch one in
turn stepped In the front nnd shot nu
arrow, trying how* close he.eould come
to the boy without bitting bim. |
"George felt, the arrows whiz pnst bis
bend. He wns loo much Interested, or, I
I. should sny, surprised by the terrible
ordeal through whieh he was passing
to feel afraid.   Bul he grew verv angry I
when one of Ibe mlSRlles. heller aimed '
than (ho olliers, carried awny" n lock of
his golden bnir.
"Thc young Indians yelled (heir np-
plause nt this line shot, and some
squaws Standing near by aeemed to pn-
Joy the sport Infensely, for they encouraged the children to continue.
Do you want
Good lob Work?
If you do come to The Herald
office. That is the kind we
do.   Try us and see.
"After a few more trials they grew
tired l! this kiud of archery, so tbey
proceeded io something more dangerous uud exciting.
"Each iu mm, exerting' nil his
strength. Hung a tomahawk St the little prisoner. Oh, il wus piteous to see
the child, with  blight bine eyes, nnd
yellow curls boating on the wind, standing there a helpless targel for that
crowd of young savages,   Ves, his hair
wus golden as ibe sunlight   -look, my
children, how mine is grey!"
"Ves, ves, grandpa I Please go onl
Tell us whal happened next!" the listeners et-ied, impatiently
"Well." the old man continued, "Georgie was in a terrible state of excitement, while, one by   one.   five   boys
Stepped lo Ibe from, uud live shining
weapons  bnrely skiinuicd by his bead.
"The sixth young savage wns the
sinie wlvo had made the good shot a
few minutes before wilh bow nml ur-
"Ile now poised his sharp loiiiuh-iwk
in ibe nir. took u long, deliberate aim,
bent bis supple body forward, threw
nil bis force into ihe effont, then sent
iht- weapon flashing through the sunlight
••li grnzed llie linle captive's head,
and wink into tbe stake to which he
wns bound.
"This was t-x> much fur Georgle'a
proud spirit.
"lie would not stand to be killed so
shamefully! lie would tight for his
life, as be bud m.ii bis (lather dol
"With nil bis strength, he lugged at
the leather strips which held him, and
—oh, joy ut joys found one umi free.
Ile uttered a cry oi' triumph.
"Grasping the  uihnwk above his
head, he wrenched il oilt of lhe wood,
then quickly liberating bis other hand,
he stood armed rendy lo die like a mun.
"Brandishing Un* weapon above bis
bend, Georgie rushed (award the astonished band of young savages.
"They had not expected Ibis. They
wi re not prepared for such an action on
the part of iheir captive. They were
•lum founded -terrified. So they turned
mhI ran.
"Willi n shout of triumph, tUie white
child pursued ihem. On, on lhey fled,
and Georgie after them! A crowd of
braves intercepted the boy. IU* would
hnve been speedily killed, but for the
Intercession of a squaw, who bud witnessed lhe whole affair. As i he wife of
tin bend chief, she bad greal Influence
wilh the tribe. Sbe bad lost her owu
child during the preceding week, and
now, ns n special favor, begged to be
allowed to adopt Georgie, Her prayer
was grunted.
"And ithua ilu; boy hero was saved."
"What became of bim afterward?"
Itnlph asked, as grand-pn concluded bis
"I "nt i I he was is yonrs of nge, Georgia
lived with the tribe. lie learned their
language nnd gradually forgot his own.
lie could ride his mustang, fling the
lasso and kill the great buffaloes of the
prairies as well as thetnositexperienced
"lie acquired such Influence over liis
red brethren thut, when the chief died,
he was elected ito lhe vacant place.
"At lasi ii happened thai » party of
bis warriors, against bis strict orders,
nttacked a frontier rlKnge and bore
nwny us captive u beautiful white girl.
"Georgie. an I coll him still, rescued
her from danger, liecame urtleil'tly attached to her, and she returned Mb affection. By hrr efforts-she hronghl him
back lo civilized life. They were married, nnd, ns slnries say, everything
'went merry us a marriage bell,' My
dear children, that is all."
"Xo—-not quite nil."
Sadie nnd Itnlph und ull lhe children
slanted, for the voice \v«s that of their
fut her.
"Boys nnd girls," he said, "do you
know when- 'Georgie' is now?"
"Xo," thev nuswerri'd, iu chorus.
"Where is her?"
"There, in that armchair! He told
you bis own story,"
"Whnt!" ihey cried, in amazement.
"Grandpa, ore you Georgie?"
And grandpa answered them. He
"Yen,      I    urn    Georgie!'"—Golden
A  llnrt-ir In Melons,
The melon crap was short tills year,
and a southwest Georgia farmen who
luul practically "cornered" it In
neighborhood bad suffered seriously
from tin* dc-prooallonsl of some of the
hungry colored  brethren-.    So be gave
out thul be bad poisoned Ida melons,
und-lifter i.hc mnvs wenl forth he
eooaed lo miss I'hetn.
Nlghl after nlghl an old' negro who
lived near tbe finest melon patch had
gazed at (heir green sides with hungry
e.\«s.   but   the   thought   of  the  poison
k.-pt bim hungry still,
One moonlight night, however, his
appetile gol lhc best of him, He
hwiluwl iu tbe direction of the melons
long and etirneslly; then shouldering
n .-nek. h« started off.
••In d«* name of goodness, Rufun,
whuryou gwlne?" nsked bis wife,
The old man turned, pointed to the
melon patch uud suid. slowly and solemnly!
"I'm n-gwine. whnr dem melons is!"
Are you going to build?
Greer & Co.
Are prepared to furnish plans
and specifications for ull kinds
of building.
See us for Prices.
_•«   .*    11. C.
G. Johnson....
\V Assayer
^ Metallurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
I The Cranbrook
i Lumber Co.
I        Saw and Planing Mills
| :::AT
-AU.   KINI'S   OP-
l.siie of I'lir-into
Contractor •»* Builder
Tlinse conlcmplallnR building will rln well to let
uu- ii..;ii[i. on ttit-aontrnals.
Cranbrook, British Columbia
Canadian Pacific
Railway Company,
Soo Pacific Line.
••Hill —.!«-.v-k p'laojHdl"
"I know dt?y Isl lint I'm (.-wine lor
wkoniyilWHIi. I'ruy 'ermo!"—Atlanta Const Itul Ion.
The Ainortoun Hotel Hr.tem.
Proprietor (Average, hotel)—Very non
ry. sir. Inn you will have lo leave thia
limine ill once.
fittest—Goodneaa me! What have I
Proprietor (solemnly)—Yon said
somethloir to n waiter whleh has rlis-
pleased lhe cook.—Yellow Book.
Worl, for III. stiiiiiiK>li Teeth.
Mamma—Tommy, you must not
swallow your food whole ihnt way. II
"ill nol digest utilr-N it is chewed up.
Tommy -ITtihl What'-. Ihem atom-
noli teeth or mine—tlmt j-ou'ro talking
al t—for (hen?—Cincinnati Conttnct--
(lives the only direct service from
To all points
East and West.
PlrsKliss Sleepers on all Trains
Tourlit Cars pass Medicine Hat, daily for*
St, Paul, Sundays and Wednesdays
for Toronto,  Fridays for Montreal
and Boston.
I#V 9:10 a in Craobrook Lv i;y.Gi p tu
Connection in-weekly at McUoil for
Calvary atul Kdinonton, and daily at
Medicine Hat for all points Kast. Connection daily at Kootenay LfliidlttR for
all point a in West Koot«itny, Slocan nml
Boundary Districts, nnd for Pacific Coast
and Main Line points via Ue vel stoke.
Through Tickets Issued and Baggage Checked to Destination.
For ml en and futl in for mat fait address
nearest local a-gent, or
ti, M. MEDHURST, ARt., Craubrook
W, !-'. Anderson, T.P.A., Nelson, II, V.
D II, J. Coylt, A.C.l'.A , Vinic iivit, II. I!
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber,
Shingles and
1 flouldings.
Fort Steele  Beer
Is the best.   Patronize
home industry   dt    &
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
AU Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Refitted Throughout
One of the Most Comfortable
Hotels in Knst Kootenny.
Newly Fnniislii.'il
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Crnnbrook, 11. C.
When in Cranbruok
Stop at the   :   :   :
Forrest House,
Proprietor.   :
Commercial Hotel...
...J. F. & 0. JOYCE, Proprietors
Baker Street, Cranbrook, B. C.
Conducted on the European Plan
Best  Wines  and   Liquors  at the   Bar
TJc Beit Slock, Ihe Molt Sollsliclory Prices, nnd
Firil-Cliss  Work.      Repairing Neatly Euculed.
When in Kimberley
Stop at the	
Wellman & Hurcl, Proprietors.
New Building, New Furniture, and Every-
thing first-class. Our object is to please our
Ml,,,,l H^-.
T. A. Creighton,
The Grocer,
Have you sun his stock ?   It includes thc best of everything.,
fresh and up to date.
Notions, Furnishings, etc.
Fruit, Fish and Oysters.
The housewife and the bi.chclor should deal with him,   It will pay them.
Certificate of Improvements
I'AY   It  1,1. MIKK-nAd OliAIM  (X0.-MM)
Sitillltl!  In till'   Port  Btl-elO Mil.in:: DlVlstflll 0
Smilh i:hiI Knoteiiny illHtrlct.   VVIioru to-*
nitoil -l.ylnn north nt umi mljuj n tlio
I'liyniiihtiT, miXiuuiTcri'iik.
TAICttNOTlOKtliiil J, Archllinlfl W, MoVIl*
lie, In-i'iiiliii'i'm'i'iilllnilir So. iilWTii, uclinit as
Agent Till- tin* I'ay lti.ll llfllll .Mlniii;; ;,,,! .\llllln,•
cnmimny, limiiod, 01 nranbr '«k, It, a, ttre
iiihier') oartlllCHte No, imwi', Intoml sixty'itoyn
rrom Mm iluto hereof, tn umiiy to 1 in- mining hi
ooriler r.ir n cartltlwite cf liiiitrovementi, for im>
liiirpoiQ »r iiiituiniii-4 a orown itnuit of tho Hhove
Ami fiuiiier take notice thai action, imilcr
Mellon B7 must lie comini>iii>i*il l)L*rnn> tlie 1h-
■iiun-00 «r sucll certltlcaie «r Improvements.
1 inicit this 3ml ilny of December, is n,
Certificate of Improvements
1, nu, sow)
siinaio In the     it t-teele Minlns Dlvlilnn ■
South Knst luiotoiiiiy Oistiici.   Wlwro loro*
ted—On Nlufior oreek, about one mile from
TAKK NOTICK tli.it I, AKhlbnUI     .AfoVit-
tii*. free miner'n cortJfloute No. iiwto, wtlna m
uncut for ihe i'ay Roll Gold Mining ami Milling
I'-mnmiy, llmltflil, of Crftnhrook, it 0., freoinln-
ore eortlHcnto No. bmto, intend, slxly duya from
ilu* itato hereof, in apply to llie mining re nrdor
Livery 3
Proprietors J* j* jt
Regular  Stage   to   Kimberley
Tramn anil ilrivern fnmlalwil for nny
piiinl in lhe dislrict.
Manager   .*    ,*
W. F. QURD, B. C. L.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Cranbrook,       i Brlliak Columbli
II. L. Cuininins, C. E.
I'ort Steele, 11. C.
\\, IU ItOHS, 21. W. IlRltCMMRK
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries o '-lie,
Solicitor, Etc.
iHM-korCommcra* HKls,
House and Lot in Cranbrook
Five rooms, pantry, cellar antl larjje I
a. l. hiuliard;
I'lMMtiainn,-      General  .>
CRANBROOK, B. C,     '
for.i jeillllcati :f Im'provonunu' ,„'  ,'"pTr' 9,1Bd' r"r ""''• r1-' por monlli. or fo
liosootolwalnlns a crown grant, or mu abovo I ■"■«•  tss°. Us. c-nnn, balance J15 pe
"15.S*-* - iMl, iWte.^^,s^ysr-
sriilon ii;. n i,.t un onmnMlu-eil liero ., ■ ■,.. 	
suiini'iKirmoli ll«o;iiminm|,r„vi.|ii,.,.:v        ' Sl-'i'le or Knnlicrley, Ior rent nr pnrchm
AIHMIIIIAI.il W. M'Ml 1 ,l(   lo,. unsy lerms.   Apply    P.O. lio* 11 s
'Crnnbrook, 11, C.
mtp<i Hiis 211,1 ,iuy ,11 Uaooiiiber, lew,
nwRSKsnoraNo,   MINING work
-promptly Attondod to.
B. C. Furniture &
Undertaking Co.
Manufacturers of til Kinds of
Upholstered Furniture and Mattresses.
.We Sell Retail at Wholesale Prices.
Undertakers S and S Embalmer-j.
Perdue Block, Opposite Canadian Bank Commerce.
East Kootenay
3 Hotel 3
T. T. Richards I
Proprietor  ::: «
Tilts hotel hns been refitted and refurnished.   The table
is the best.    Satisfactory rates given regular boarders.
-Baker Street
Cranbrook. B.C
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,
Fort Steele,
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The Central Hotel is npeti both day and
night. Tlie bar goods are first class,
and the dining room is iu charge of
Thos. McCarson, ami is second to none
iu the Kootenays. Free sample rooms
and the best and quietest bedroom*; iu.
3 The North Star Hotel is the large nnd
magnificent hotel at Kimberley thnt
Is just finished and is furnished new
throughout. Everything iu connection is first-class. When yon visit
Kimberley, don't forget Thc North
Star Hotel. THE   HERALD.
EnglandV oltiuinte victorj is certain*
predicts the secretary of srnic fin- India,
But it begins to look ns If there would be
truth, too, in Kroner's prediction that the
priii* would stagger civilisation.—Buffalo
Euglam] is jnst learning (hut Oorn
Paul lind dhignowl Ilu* situation clearly
nml cleverly wln-n he satd thai crushing
t)n> Dutch rciuihlte would lie Hoeiirctl
only nt snch terrible cost us would make
h lllll tl iiity.      ".\ii*.'lo-Sii\niis"      iinlnil.il,
shudder,—YoungBlowti Vindicator.
British   marksmanship   seeing   io   be
qillle itp to tin- stiunliinl »f Alfred Ann-
tin'. ppoti*y,—Baltimore American.
I.ndysmlth Ik still the cynosure of all
e.vi--. iis It were. Shu looks qtiltu copti*
viiiini* iii ilie oiiemy.—Bostou Hui-al-J,
h  nppenrs tlmt tho Boera I list I hi led
the in* ine In process before the Britisb
v-vera ready with thoir basting ihreuil.-
\V ashing!on Post,
In Boillb Africa tin* seat of wnr in not
unl, 1,1* iimt of n iiiiiii who sits on a pow-
dor keg wlillo another horoa into it wiib
red Imt iron.—Philadelphia Times.
A  *->•".*«   ItiNlriiiiiciit  nt  i urr-rolloa  lu
Thi* Ii>   Ir-tncc.
Home of tlio French uowspauera have
boet) telling about ihe new method of
whipping 111tu whk-b hut* Just been Introduced e\|ni iiueiitally Into some of
tin- iH'iilteuiiai'les nnd colonics of
Kiaiiee.    The    instrument    bears    the
plonslug iiauie of "The Electric Oat,"
ami li'Hh'i'trleleit expresses tbu scleu
title optulou thnt it Is a great Improve*
m-'iit upon the ltnssian knout uud the
cm ii' nine tails, which. It says, "still
unfortunately Uguro In many penal
colonics ami iu the penitentiaries of so
called civilized suites."
Tbe method of tills new whipplug
uiik'lilue is very simple and business*
like. The culprit who has been sen
tuneed to undergo the lash is tied to n
post lu the usual manner. Behind hlm
is a wheel, driven by an electric motor,
which goes round and round with a
velocity that Is unpleasant for thu vie
tliu. Tbe velocity may bo regulated,
how ever, according lo tbe severity of
the trouncing to be administered. Attached to oue of the spokes Is a whip
which swings nrouud tbe circle, and
the culprit is placed nt such nu angle
with relereuce lo tbe Instrument of
flagellation that every time It comes
nrouud it nips hlm squarely on the
It Is claimed fnr the uew Invention
that it dispenses justice Impartially
nml equably. It hits no nuimus against
tin* prisoner, Its blows are given with
equal intensity, and It better fulfills
ihe idea or even banded justice than
manual tlogglug. which Is likely to dis*
tribute penalties very unevenly.
Don't Waste
Yonr Money on
Catarrh Cures.
Mid 1* tho
The proprietor*-, of Japanese Catarrh Cure an
(Ully receiving manv toton ©f gratitude from
thecntarrli-aflUfU'A In all puts of Canada.
Daring December ami Jaouiry wo sent out
over three th-utsniulfreo sample boxes, nml In
DO percent, of th: fuses the peoplo tell in that
even the small sample Imi iione ihcin more K-ood
than many dollars' worth of so-called caret,
Japanese Oatarrh pore la the result of a pre-
■wrhiUiinpfTli-i'ti-'l by venrs of ixjievimiiHiil
Btudy by  one of  America's  moat  Blioaessftll
speeluutaln treating this disease*   It Is a
noiuath- prt-pnn*il lr--iu Kin lull-*-** eom|>i*\indi i>[
lwllni* mnl Kf-wiitlal or Volnlllw olK Th-
natural hwii of the hotly melts,It) imd tlio very
act of breathing carries it to the dinoaw*-ii inrtai
It reaches ovviv ill*«easi*il portion fnnii the
i-rilU*oof the no-Ve to the hiiiiTinoM mviwea of
tho middle ear, i-imnittiivnrtnlilv all forms <>(
catarrh of Uie inu-cmid ihnml, ami nil  forms ef
•adirrhfll deafness.
Sold by nil dragglats. Price, 00 cents: ilk
bottlei,n.Hi,  A  i tamplc lont to any net*
drest. Knelt*-*-* ' 1*1*111 stamp, Aildnsi. Tht
UrMlthift Mim*| Ill-Won ''"-. Ul Clioreb Street,
The Kiilr-H   Miifllinim-r.
The IHUe repiiblie of Switzerland is
noted for ii» democracy, [or iis pmiuo*;
lion i.f the rights nf nil its people, and
yet -."tne of tho customs wliieli prevail
in this Alpine bind nre ludicrous 10 (HM)*
pto of other contltrles because or the total
di-uc-inl of lil-eriy.
l'ur ln**tnnt*p, there are no laws re
■{(tiring an I'ipiitolilu examination Itefiiro
Ineareeratlitii a person for Ijiwittiiy.
All tlmt ii necessTiry fu rid oneself of
dlsiiareenble neighbors—to imprison an
enemy for life perhaps—is to secure tint
written assertion of any doctor thai llie
objectionable person is Insane, This eer*
titii-iite of a physician is sulfide]) 1 tn have
illiy person seised and eon titled in nn
u,\\luin Tor tin* Insane.
Of courtet if the accused lias money or
friends, it la not ditllcult tn seciire con*
trodlclory nioilicnl statements, hut it
BOlneilmea happens tlmt the innocent uu*
justlj siiiYir.-l.iniil.-n Chronicle.
( H-dtlloN,
The term "cuddies." or "cadies." or
"on wil lea," is akin tn "end" nnd "endet"
nnd menus meweugers or muiitm-h-H
initlt* setvnnlH. CaitdlM, in fni-t. wire
originally a class ,.r men; found in every
Scottish town or nny stsc, who were ut
the beck mid call of eveiybody aim
Wanted mt odd job dono. Hence lhey
were nt the beck and call of everybody
who ivns starting for a game ot golf, and
now. thanks to the nrganlsnlion of lalmr,
ihey an* employed solely by tlio golfer.-
I.omlnn dem,
fli'lleelloiie (>r m  llnebt'lor.
-lu- hasn'l anyiliim; to ciy
It a winiinii can'I iiml anything claa
lo be proud 11 bom her looks, sin* will vo-
juice that she Isn't knookkueed,
\Vhcn an engaged gill plans how sha
will mt tiflii Bhe is married, she think*
uf liersplr, queenIj and stately, descend'
ing lu tlu* hall  tu greet hei* husband
When 1)0 comes hot ind letting hlm kits
her nn the forehead. What sbe doesla to
Vail down stairs and then cry on bli
A Vari at Hie Coat,
f\« il-i-Ib.i'ioi- I wish you'd make ont
my bill
J bn tiir-| I hough1 yuii wei 't rofldy to
pa) It.
Oyellsl   I'm   Hut a fellow to whom
I'm Imping in fell my machine asked uie
whnt in? Weyelo cost me, and 1 enu't tell
him until I heav from you.
from lhe Kinrt.
Attorney—\Vlien did your huthnltd iir-*!
show tt|nis of iusnuliy. uiadntn'r
Wife—The dnv be nntrrleil tue. I thou
discovered he was makluif nnly IU) a
wwk.—riiiladclpbl* North American.
Af-fi Readily Removed by Our
lunitltutitinal Treatment Without tho Necessity of Operation,
Many pooplo are afflicted with lumps or
tumors in vtirione nurts of the body that do
uot Hc-etn to eauao tliein much pain ur incoo-
Venlenac, Tumora, It must not bo forgot ton,
tiro r-vriour-, and should not Iw neglected for
►*■ vend tvnsutiti. In Die ilrst place thoir
growth may involve or impair somo vital
port uf tho body; In llio second place they
constitute a drain on thu system, and in tlio
third placo they frequently devo np into
panoerfli as uny phyBielan will subsiantlato,
K-w people caro tn havo thoir growtlts r*-
moved by thu Burgeon, ns they dread the
imiii uf tlio operation. With onr pleasant
nomu treatment it is different. You simply
take the remedy Internally. It goes through
the System! searching out and neulrnti/.tng
iiitd dettlroyin^ thoso iKilsuns from which
tiniiiiiii nnd cunecrs uuvolon. Vou have
nothing tu suffer aad nothing to droad.
After a time you will nut lee tlio tumor leason-
intf In ulzo and gradually dibappcarlng till It
is completely onred.
Send twn Btnmpt and we will mall you our
treatise and testimonials, Siorr A Just,
Jjowiuanvlllo, Ont,   Mention tWs paper.
\ ti I dm til i-    I n (or 111 Nil 011    l.ir    1'i'rirm*
Wlm llouille Mnull Hn«0l«,
The weights <>f American coins nre im
portnnl Iblnga lor nny ono tn know wbo
luis tho hniidlii-v of nny meal quantity
of coin, for weight la om* of tlu* heal
ways to detect counterfeits. It Is very
difficult for counterfeit era to net the
wi-lidda of their spurious coins exactly
iu line with iim legal weights of the gin
nine coins,
Tin* weights of Ainericnu colua now iti
circulation are as follows:
I iold Cuius.—Tbe $*JO goldpieco, or double   eagle,   weighs   51(1  grains;   the   $10
goldpieco, nt* eagle, weighs 208 grains;
the S-u goldplucci or half eagle, weighs
\'2'd grains; the ?8 goldpioeo (authorised
Feb. -Jl, 1858, and discontinued Sept. 11),
1800) weighed T7.I grains; tlm 92,50 gold-
piece, 01' quarter oagle, weighs lt-4.5
grains, uud the $1 goldpieco ".authorised
March li, 1840, ami discontinued Sept.
nu. ISW) weighed ifo.s grains.
Silver Coins,—Thc silver dollar weighed originally 410 grains, uud then it wits
reduced lo its present weight of 412.5
grains. The trade dollar (authorised
Feb. 12. 1878, mid discontinued Feb. 10,
ISN7> weighed -TM grains. The silver
half dollar weighs 102.0 grains; the "Colli tn hia n" silver half dollar weighs Iti-.U
grains; thc common silver quarter dollar
weighs 00.45 grains; the "Cnluuibinu"
silver quarter dollar weighs IKi.-ITi grains;
llie silver 20 cent piece weighed 77.10
grains (authorised March :i. 187'*, and
discontinued Mny 2, 1878*; tin* silver
diuit* weighs 118.5.S grains; the silver hair
dime (authorised April 2. 1702, discontinued Feb. 12. 187;U weighed lirst 20,8
grail-*-, then chnngeil to 20.<i25 grains
and timilly to 10.2 grainti, and the silver
3 cent piece taiitlinrized March B, 1851,
and discontinued Feb. 12, 18731 weighed
flrat i-% grains aud then 11.52 grains.
Nickel Coins.—The "► cent nickel piece
(75 per cent copper and 25 per cent nickel,' weighs 77.1U grains: the I! cent nickel
piece (authorised March 8, 1805. and discontinued Sept. 20, 1800) weighed HO
grains 175 per cent copper nnd 2-"i per
cenl nickel); the I cent nickel piece [nu*
llioriked Feb. 21. 1857, and discontinued
April 22. ISO-t) weighed 72 grains ISS per
cent copper and 12 per cent nickel).
Bronsa or Cupper Colas.—Tlie old fashioned copper cent (authorised April 2,
1702) weighed tirst 204 grains: ii was
then changed tn 20S grains, then to 108
grains, and its coinage was discontinued
Feb. 21. 1857, The copper (nr bronze) 2
cent piece (authorised April 22, !8tU, nnd
Discontinued Feb. 12, 1873l weighed 00
grains t05 per cent copper and 5 per cent
liu and sine); the present copper cent
wns authorized April 22, 1804, and
weighs -18 grains, of which 05 per cent is
copper and 5 per cent tin and **lnc; the
copiwr half cent (Authorised April 2,
1702, and discontinued Feb, 21, 1857)
weighed origlunlly 1.12 grains; then it
was changed, lirst to 104 grains and tiual*
ly  to 84 trains,—Burton T.  Doyle in
Leslie's Weekly,
||y bain-!
in !■■■ th
keep en
l;: I  for
ai for
ThB Tnrkey and tha Pen-rock.
"1 have always believed," the colonel
said, "that animals have fnr more intelligence than tbey arc Commonly credited
with. I am sure they enn talk to one another. A rase in point: Von see ilint tur
Ley gobble! and ben out Ihere: Let mc
1 ell yon au actual fact a)mot them. Last
summer Mr. Johnson presented me with
a very handsome peacock, lie was a
splendid lard, ami the beauty of bis plumage was the wondrt- of the nolghlr-orhood.
"Om* afternoon 1 "aw him strutting
around nud makiug a mnguiticeiit display of bis gorgeous tail feathers. Mrs.
Turkey looked nn admiringly for awhile
and then trotted over to where lhe gobbler was quietly napping under a peach
treo, They were engaged for a moment
In earnest conversation. Then Mr. Gobbler straightened himself up, stiffened his
wings, guve a Strut, nml proudly spread
his tail feathers.   Madam gave a con-
leinptuous toss of her loud nml evidently
laughed at hlm. I could sec the tire iu
tlm gobbler's eye, ami told Mr. Boubcl,
iny ougiqeor-i alio was with mc at the
time, to look out uud we would see some
fun. nud we did.
"Thut gubbb't- inarched straight over to
Where the peacock was, still pirouetting
and Admiring the glint of the suu on his
Iridescent plumage, pounced on bim und
never let him up until be bad picked onl
the lust feather of that gqrgeotta tall.
Tbt pour peacock afler the loss ,.f bin tall
(Ook 110 more interest in life, but pined
away and died In leas than a mouth."--
Galveston News.
A KM mo ■■« Ink Spot.
Gorman papers say thai additional precautions have lately  been  taken to save
whal remains cf tin- famous ink spot 00
the wall of lhe "LutliersinlM*," in the
War I burg, When tlm rcformoi* hurled
his Inkstand nt the devil, w* had no con
icpiloii  that he was supplying food  for
tbe relic hunger of thousands of Fngiisb
and American pilgrims. It lit now no
longer pos»lb|e to scratch thu plaslo)*
in order- In get possession of a small
portion of dark colored dust, lint for
this protection of the material and visible record of Luther's .spiritual aud invisible conflict with the evil one there
was a likelihood (hat (ho entire wall
would iu time hnve been carried away.
The Iron hand around thc reformer's table iu the same room lias effectually saved It frum penknives of devnilt Protestant pilgrims; otherwise the table, like
his bed and his chair, would have been
frittered nwny Into chips nml distributed piecemeal into ill (junctors of the
Trliiln of Autlioralilp.
Again tbe dilllculty of controlling tlle
characters we have created lu uut' story!
We nre marrying Fiustus Thruckuior-
ton's only ilaughter tu an adventurer.
Naturally Throckmorton Is angry.
"Carumhn!" wc manage to Induce hlm
to hiss, although he much prefers his
uniivu Onigue, bul further than this he
will concede unlhitig.
For instiiiM-e, when the time comes for
the daughter to elope, Throckmorton is
very hnllhcaiUil, He persists In discovering (lie pcrlidy of his child the lirst
thing, compelling us thereby to huiTJ
lhe nelion and tn omit anything like un
ude(imitt) description of the youug gill's
ruuutag away gown,
fmm Impure hu!
I rum V, ry ! nig
Good s.-.il-d t
during the Hr*-i
ways the best  f,
nnney dew ,-
■mills, bm i- a -
eel'lttlu periods -
lb-crease the
lhe hives n- imiii
over, li will In
ul ihis time
To Introduce
hiv. put her in
nith uugnr pnst
111g.11  and. lindi
her nt once.
All unflulsl	
sl Id  be enre
111 vol nud plain
clean und bright
Uula .Republic.
The great lung healer Is fouud In tbnt
excellent medicine mid as Dickie's Anti-
CotSulitptlVQ   Syrup     It  soothes   and
dl ml ill-lies Ibe sensibility of tbo mem-
lirane uf the tin unt and air passages, ami
is a sovereign remedy fur all ouughs,
colds, lioarnnaaa, pain ur soreness tu tbe
chest, bronchi ti-., i-tc It hits cured many
when supposed to be far advanced In cob-
A Solid
iuto a
en ver
ni iht)
otu lhe
nd kepi
When it comes to healing* up old
running sores of long standing there
is no remedy equal to Burdock Blood
Bathe the sore wiih the B.B.B.—
that relieves the local irritation.
Take the B.B.B. internally—that
clears tlie blood of all impurities on
which sores thrive.
j     Miss  D,   Melissa Burke,  Grind-
■ stone, Magdalen Islands, P.Q.j says:
"It is wilh pleasure I speak in favor of
H.H.H. which cured me of a running sore
on ray leg. I consulted three doctors and
they gave me salve 10 put 011, but it did no
good, Finally my leg became m solid
running sore, ln fact lor nearly a month
I could not put mv foot to the floor.
"I wu advised to US« B.B.B. and did
so. Three bottles healed up my leg entirely so that I bave never been iroubU-d
with it since."
So Mary June  lloittiB Had  lo  Br  Verj
Nature cold uot have been much un-
kinder iu withholding all beauty mid
grace than she luul been in tbe case uf
Mary .lane Bogga, the woman who washed aud scrubbed for ihu Martin family,
It was conceded by all who saw Mary
•lane that n lanker, sallower- more gro-
tesiiucly homely woman of 45 years could
not have been found in :i day's journey.
ltut she worked bard and faithfully t
support not only herself but also n trilling
aud good for nothing husband,
One dny Mr. Martin chanced to go
down into the cidhir when Mary .lam*
Boggs was ni work in the laundry. Stopping nt the laundry dour. Mr. Martin wan
asking Mm)' how she was gelling along
illld if she had regular employment, when
her shiftless husband appeared, ami Mr.
Martin went up staba and left the pair
A week later Mury .lam* was ngnin at
iin* Manhi home -mil again Mr. Martin
chanced tn slop nnd speak to her.
"Is yonr husbaud doing anything uuw.
Mary?" ashed Mr. Martin.
"Su, sir; nothin but set nn uuss his
"His jculnusyr
"Yes, sir. He is the jeulousest man
ynu ever see. sir."
"Of whom is be jealous?"
"Well, sir: to tell you thc honest truth.
he is jcah.nsei- just now of yuu nor of
any one else, I know that you ntenn
well, bin |t',| be better Cor Uoggs' jealousy li" yuu look less unt Ice uf me. A
body run'i be ton careful nowadays anv-
THE PUBLIC should bear In mind
tbat Ur. Thomas' Eoleotrlo Oil bas nothing ln common with the Impure, deteriorating class of so-called medicinal oils.
It Ib eminently puru and really efllcaclous
—relieving pain and lameness, stiffness
ot the joints and muscles, and sons or
hurts, besides being an excellent specific
for rheumatism, coughs and bronchial
Once Wan Rao-nub.
The young man who waa trying to
Make the St. Joe boat wits about two
mill tit OS late as he tore along Itiver
street. He could see the steamer bands
casting off tbe ropes as he drew nearer,
and, bumping nmnml citizens out of
his wny. he rushed for the dock. The
guuirphiul- had been hauled III, nud thc
nose of the steamer bad swung six
feet ont Into the river when be finally
reached the water's edge. But tbnt
did uot defer hlm. He wns going to
spend Sunday III Michigan or kuow
with n giant switiR he losswl bis valise n boa id ami 1I0-11 jumped for tbe
steamer. He ell tight n rope nnd it post
ami held fust. Kvury officer on the
bunt expected to see hlm drop Iuto the
river, nnd bells intigbii noisily ns the
captain peered mer tbe side Wben tie
saw the intrepid passenger was nafo,
tin- enptnln was twice as mad as if be
had dropped Into tbe water Shaking
hts list nt liim angrily, bv yelled:
"Here, yon, by jlinllty crickets, dou't
j' 11 ever do thut ngain'"
Thc passenger hnd baillcil himself
aboard by this time and. turning a
look of scorn at the enptniu. said.
"What do you ihluk I'm gulug tu do
—jump back aud try it overf'-t.'hlca-
go Chroniclo,
An Hni|ilo>n I Printiiiy.
"Is your new unrseninld Intelligent?"
"Intelligent?   Wc um nowhere,   You
jit-M ought (0 hc-ir her rattle off the
names Of the new germs." —Uetiwlt l'rco
Women nre eo-a*
Ing   to   i.r..'rr>t!ind
Uinlllio Baokaohei.
,   AlleaanoboB, Tired
1-.1V Hy/' >''"ii»t-»■■'"> «■>*
5fty~ii--viJ>H"i' •■"■I"-""'""»wlii''b
,vi'u.^^yj u-i*/""i'-'"i0,|"0
.y-'Tlv''"!-/^/'   to wronff notion ol
the khtm...
Tho poimtii that
ought lo bo curried
off nro sent back
Into tho blood, taking with thom n multitude of pains and aches.
DOAN'S Kidney Pills
drive nway pnlns and aches, make women
healthy and happy—able to enjoy life.
Mra.C. H. Qillesple, "Hi Britain Street,
81. John, N,11., says:
" Soma timo ago I hnd a violent attack
of LnGrippo, From this,, seven* kidney
trouble arose, for which I doctored with
a number of tho best physictnns in St
John, but received little relief. Hearing
Doan's Kidney Tills highly spokou of, 1
began their use and In n short time found
them lo be a perfect cure. Before taking
these pills 1 suffered such torture that I
could uot turn ovor in bed without assist
onee. Doan's Kidney Tills havo rescue^
um from this terrible condition, and havs
removed every pain and ache, ___
Work while you sloop without a prlne
or luiin, curing DyspOpBlri- Hick Headache
am! I'oitstlpitiioiti.int t* s-ku you ft el Letter
tn the Horning, l'riuu 'Jou,
The bead of Ibe tree should always be
>ut hack iu correspond with the roots.
Handle the fruit Intended for loug
keeping as little ao possible, inking care
not to bruise it la any way.
Tin* cleaner and neater the appearance
of the pncltage and fruit the quicker It
will catch the eyes of the buyer.
Oulnus will keep amch better If tbey
cun be spread out in a thin layer where
there is good ventilation until tbey are
weil dried out.
So im* as can be done, nuthlng shuitld
be left on the ground in the garden or
orchard under which insect pests* can
harbor during the winter,
If there are fruit trees that arc uot
hearing ns they Bhould, stir the soil thoroughly and apply u g 1 dressing of well
roiled manure, prune, well, cutting out
nil ihe dead or dlseusod WOud.
GIKS.— Machinery nut properly euper-
vised and left to run itself, very soon
shows fault Id its working. It Isthesame
with the digestive organs. Unregulated
from time to time they are likely to become torpid and throw tho whole system
oat of gear. Parmelee'a Vegetable Pills
were made to meet such oases, They restore to the full tbe flagging faonlties,
and bring Into order nir parts of the
Ilu,   It tun, uu   v bt.
A gentleman wns riding
the    conches    ill    tbe    Trnssuchs    o(
Scotland, when the driver    nAi>\    t<
biiu :     "I've  hud  u  coin   guv   mc   tti
.lay 200 yearn old. Did yuu ovor sc
u coin 1't.io yonrs old ■>"
■"b. ye*?,1' was the reply, "l hnvi
unn myself 3,000 yearn old."
"All," said the driver, "have \.*?'
And be spoko no mnro during tin
rcsl   ut  the journey-
Wben tho conch arrived nt Hm den
tlm,inni Uie driver mine up tu tht
in ni b. mu 11 with nu Intensely seh ■* 1
llslivd  nir nud mimI :
"1   told vnu as we is
I  had a  colli 200 yen
"And   vou said   to   1
on*. a.i'OO years old."
".Yds, so I havcV
"Xow1   vou be u  linr !"
"Ulna do you moan by tliat?"
"What do I menu?   Why—Ib'a onlj
ISt'P  now |"—London  Answer.
nne tilonft i- m
en old."
Important to CycllMn and La-cro-we Uoya.
Mr. Mack White, the well-known
trainer of tha Toronto Laoro-ase Club and
Osgoods Hall Football Club, writes: 1
consider (Jrltlith's Menthol Liniment unequalled for athletes or those training. 1
have used It with tbe best success, and
can heartily recommend It tor stiffness,
soreness, sprains and all forms of swelling and inflammation. All druggists,
From tke IVbltaetf Coorler.
We taken two subscriptions and a
three mile walk nu Tuesday lust.
Hus Nobles ban shaved his beard and
two notes for 80 days.
Aunt Polly Williams died lust night.
Aunt Polly was as old, tf not older, than
the oak tree wblcb stands near the town
It iii Green laid a ten pound catfish on
our table yesterday. Thanks, Bill! But
wherc's that beef you promised us?
Justice Long cume up Tuesday and
disposed of seven ensea and Id watermelons.
SUFS-RR NO MOKK. There are thousands who live mi-ii.iblo lives beoause
dyspepsia dulls the faculties and shadows
existence wlih tho cloud of depression.
One wav to dispel tho vnpors that beset
the viotlms of thi-) disorder Ih to order
them a count) of Panne lee's Vegetable
Pills, whleh are among the best vegetable pills known, icing easy to take and
are nioit etllcaelous In their aotion. A
trial of them will provo thla.
Mr.   M-reklo-a  Trlea  tUrd   to  Ple-M*
Hla Wife.
Mr. and Mrs. Meekton hud been very
tjulct and amiable for a long time. Bulb
had been reading, aud neither had said a
"It's beautiful!'- she exclaimed.
"Is ItV" Inquired Mr.  Meckton, who
seemed to feel that something wss ex
peeled nf bim.
"Might 1 lm*uire what it is that yuu
consider beautiful V" he continued, with
the nir of a man who was willing to buy
anything lit reason.
"The etiquette of a century ngo. Ths
courtliness and grace with which men
behaved. They knew how to pay compliments in those days."
"People would be complimentary uow
if they thought you wanted them to,
"Of course—In the clumsy, unoriginal
Way characteristic of the lime."
They returned to their books. After s
time he remarks:
'Tlcnrlettii, I have changed my mind."
"Wouldn't you," he inquired, after a
pause, "wouldn't you like to kuow what
I have changed my mind about V"
"I have uu objection to hearing."
"1 want to give lip those Islands over
lu the Pacific ocean; 1 desire to relinquish ali claim to them nud withdraw (he
troops and apologize to Aguinablo for
any trouble they have made him."
"What do you mean?"
"I'm iu earnest. You've beard nothing
all these yonrs hut Uncle Sam. It is a
slight to our fimihiinc population. Let
uk hear about antlcxpiuislou Tur awhile."
"Lcouldas! What on earth are you
talking about?"
"Why, don't you sec? Uncle Sum-
Aunty Expfttisloti-1 wns trying to say
BOUIOtblllg that would please you, Men-
tcttu—something that' was nut clumsy
and unoriginal, you know. But 1 guess,
uiii.vbc— thnt Is to miy"—
And bU Wife nimply gazed at htm,-
Washington Stut.
Till'  l*»aalUM  t.l  tt MliVheetl."
Wbo does not know bun. w lib  his
(onHike beard, hi  wtspj halt I
. lines"   uf   hoinel-i   , m,   his   truusei •
!  •vulvod by tin- - .min- tttd .1  ll    ■■;-./
: iiiw. his voice of uu Impossible nasal
ty. tils speech uucoutb, his gestures
ingaiiil.v, hte grecnuoai atunsiug'i Wbo
aiis 1101 seen lum un tbe stage of the
vaudeville  taive or outlined  by   tbe
t overworked caricaturist!   So one.
We are ftiuiillur with blni from nb*
I -turd hat  io ludicrous footwear, and
: OftVe beetl lor years.    Wbo sees him on
■he streets of northwestern cities to*
lay?   No one.
In u modified form be exists in tbut
i nnrt of the tuttlou which Bogtouesc nre
wont lo cnll "wny down east." He
I also exists tu sotae extent in llie New
, England thai is nearer Boston thnn
Maine, while from New Vork nml New
! Jersey he Is not altogether absent.
■ Wesi of n line drawn north nnd south
, through Chicago hu is rare—at least as
! nu Indigenous variety,
I   The passing of the "hayseed" is de-
{ slrable. Ah tin* farmer becomes more
, like hint of tbe city be and bis children
j will cure less for ibe su called delights
I of metropolitan life, will recogalxe bis
> Innate nud Indestructible Independence
I and will be better satisfied with his lot
j    Minneapolis Times.
want PresttleiH Was Tblaf
one duy u president of lhe United
j Stntes scut fur me. He bad been elect-
wl iu that high ofllce, but bail not yel
been Installed.
"I heur," he said, "ihat yuu bave jusi
cume back from Washington."
"hid yuu go tu the White Uouse'i
Ymi did? Well, [dense nit down und
tell mo all about it.   What sort of a
house Is It? Huw Is It inuiingcdV Huw
many rooma are iu It? Whei'unhouts
dues tlie president do his work? And
bow did you got In Ihere- bow du vis
Itors manage to see the house while u
president uud his family are living in
'Why," I exclaimed, "you have often
been lo Washington!   Have ymi never
visited tlm While tlotlSC?"
"Xo," snid he, "I have ouly seen the
outside of It. 1 have never even seen
11 president or, lu fuet, uny grent mnn
[ am au peculiarly constituted that If 1
knew lhc greatest man In the world
COltld be seen by walking lu the curlier
I would uut walk there, ltut now
thul I um nbout to muke the White
House my home, I should very much
like to bear nil Hint yuu can loll me
about It,"—Julian Itnlph In Snliinluy
Kvonlng Post.
THE INOENlOU i J  "  "*   il
II.iv, 1 lur Jan Saw  Ho   trail,   In IT a  II Mil
Uul  -e, ,1.10  Mi.  II ,8Cflj(t
The Japanese ave -.-■ 1 ><| *,.|    theli
presi .  mlml nml
adapt 1 bllity,    I'm thirui   In a   tight
: place,  v. here most, othor men would
■ be stuck, and he will      readily    Hnd
means to get out
j One of theru rccentlj came to
| America tn visit bis friends. Hp could
j not speak 0 word uf English. Trnv-
I oiling over the Lehigh Valley road be
wenl In f'u* lunch m one *-i the Bla-
Lions whero the train bud tu v.ait a
: few minutes,    lie left a    vnllse,    in
Which be carried alt tho monev be
' had, nnd muu- valuable papers! luu
'   inibruUu   and   coal   un   thu  seal     he
;.; 1 0 cuplcd in the curriuge. lie wns
, .1 In He nervous while enl lug his
j lunch, aud roso once to sou II the
1 train was not moving dui but bo-
i ing   reassured    from   •>"■ im      .1   Bill]
■ th *:v,  he continual    hte   ul     Thi
next   timo  he  looked    it    vns    gon ■
Wh it wns the poor :■ Haw 10 da '
' Mo coul i not sp >nk English, nnd
i therefore could not make anyone un
'. der-1 mil thnt  bo wanted a  lolegrnu
■ 1 nt  tn the  itatl m to st  ure his
]   -.I.:* age there     lln therefore trii d a
■ o..V"l ii,.-..! b li, \*...- an nrtiitt ><-
I curing n piece nl pap< 1   li o\\    tti
i picture >*i n mnn mil Inn     *     I    tun ■
.,1 ;i btnilmi   with ..  ir.ni, btauding
; outside     Tin* no\i  pb 1 ui 1     uh    nn
[ tihou ing thi   gi em  couaii 1 uni .* 11 1   ii
1 ensued on thu man's • otitbui  to    the
I door und so-Miig bis  ir.nu In tb- dls-
■ inrc     \.*m  rauie u  drawing of   hb
M.m iu the i.iin..u*.  vith i.i-
' umbrella aud lug, age      rbeu he com
pit led his [ib 1 ire Btorj   he dn     ■   *■
gni| h pnlo   v\ itb uu nm-rntor at  the
-ov    I
r»r nil, ami
•\t station
I'll, III
UM   1
1,1 imiiliall.
liinil In hin
1 lllilll.
,,1    i
iililMtly   11
Iin .in, 1
,. Uh,
ii,,.. 1
11 in, li
,  i,.
,ilp^ l-.il.,.
ej   1
11 111,1 lu
IIvIhjj i.i .
11 fit'l hill.'
No, tlie trltllomilre did not wish to
learn tn play goif,
"I haven't time!'' he protested. "It Ib
a disgrace to die rich, and it will keep
ine very busy all the rest of my life get-
ting rid of my money!"
But it was presently made very plain
lhat ho wns not sincere in his profession
of a desire to he Impoverished, for when
tbey submitted to liim figures showing
how many balls are lost hy the average
tyro nt golf, he still replied tlmt he did
not care to learn to play this uoblo
game.—Detroit Journal.
the J
All   I
I  lm
AiU'i bn
I'ruiit 11 fiimll ln-otlicii i!ior«;
An, Ihttugll I'm i-c-,to ilretl,
There's a Iut tl i-oiiH-lution
In knouiii 1 wai in Soo Vork
To Dowcy's M-lt-tirnllQn.
ltartbj, hold the unibercll,
Ymi, Silas, lake this grip,
An when tllO ti-nrn glU st-irted
nt lell j'uu 'bout my trip
rrom poilunk to ilie t'ity,
Where 1 went to help the union
Greet die hero ot Uanlller baj-
At Davey's celebration.
Ther tolks coulil nol bv, (uunted
Tlial itootl nl oui: the strw-l
Awallln fer oui Cousin Qeorge,
;oin ii> areet.
Even u,
Aii full ol espcclflllcn
A-wai, 1 in 1. r tin- Imntl to come
bi'iiiiii: Devrcy'i i-elebrallon.
An when I heinl the nmslc.
Heard the horai un tiesrd it"-* dnun^
I recognlxeil the lune lhe) ■■ijj**d--
"See, the Cwiqiicrtng Hero CoriiM."
An the litili* innkri run up my tmck
Wlih d 111 Ighl) queer unsatlan,
Au 1 shoot; no nmbcrell an jelled
At Dewcy'i rob-l.nirton^
I didn't buy in, -gold brick,
An 1 k,'H clear nft llie gnui,
Though 1 paid u Relit ten dollira
To see Hie admiral pom
Uut 1 don't tiognidfjr the money,
Fer Ub dalmetl lo be relation,
Did the nun who »td ihe tickets
To tha Pewvj i- Irbraiinii
There wai quid j loi nl [n-ofile
Kicked iiB"iii--t t IK*we> day;
Bald tii-ii-.iu wtu hi- lil-tncn,
Thai's why In ilivw Ida pay.
But his Annafi'll-i 11 iliilti
Ad his goMrniiici 1 educalltM
Didn't seem to tnterlere
With the Dewej ctlriifitlon.
Aa now I want a good iquart meal,
Wlih no hllilL Iliheti
Some ham an egj*i in > •■ «I an milk
la all your um-li wltlioa;
An mikfl an Mil] In your dl'ry
Ter ihe [ntnre generation
Uon your t'mte li
Saw the Pewcy e
! There never wan, mid never will be, a
\ universal pnnncen, in om** remedy, for alt
! din to Which flash te heir—the very u»tnr*»
* oi many curatives boing suoh that were
the gorms of other ami differently wated
diseases rooted In the system ot the pa-
: tlont—whit would relieve one ill tu turn
1 would Hggravnte tbe oiht*r. We havp,
1 however. In Qulnlnu Wluo. wheu obtain-
: able lu 11 Bound, unadulterated rut'e, a
j remedy for many and grievous ill-*. By Ita
1 gradual and judicious lite the frailest sys-
I teum are led Iuto convalescence and
; strength bv ihe Influence which Quinine
■ exerts ou Nature's own restoratives. Il
I relieves tho drooping spirits of those with
I whom a chnmlc state ol morbid despond*
i enoy nnd lock of lu teres t in life is a die*
: ease, atul. hy tronqnllislng the nerves,
dlKpime-j tti sound and refreshing sleep—
Imparts vigor to the action of the blood,
which, being stimulated, OOUrses throughout the joins, strengthening *.!■■- !.-■ ti'hy
anlnml functions of the syitem, tbexetnr
i makiug activity a uecvi-ary result,
! itrengiiiening tlio frame, ami giving life
to the dlgffittve organs, whUh naturally
demand Increased substanci-—rt'salt, Improved appetite. Xorthrop and LttnUI, of
Toronto, have given to thu public their
BU[>erlor Qulolne Wine at the usual rate,
; ana, ganged by the opinion of sclentisu,
1 this wine approaches nearest perfection
of any ln tbe market.    AU dragglits sell
Mow to Stick In ll ,*i-ii-*.
With Iho bnir dressed low, an ela-.- '
lie cuu be Mib-dinm-*!: but in thc case
of a coil worn high np, two pins'
must he used. Let them.be of moderate length, nnd tnko the trouble 10
mu them in among the trimming (A
feathers, so that a raro bit of straw te
not damaged ami K*ft exposed Io view .
another time. The point should jaiss
through tlio bnir on the top of the
head mid just penotrnte the opposite
.-iile of the hut, .so that it is fixed firm-
ly. though tliu pins remain invisible.
When ihe bnt or bonnet is lavishly
dimmed tliis conrse is easier, natur-
nlly, bur u sailor bat, with its plain
hand,   can   bo  treated   in  the same
wny, th(- pill   gif'iif?   ncross just above
the ribbon.—Woman's Life.
A Hnir Raising Bxperteaee Ot#v tb*
Old loltn lido < 1,-u r ( ri-i-L llund.
It ii related thai > llle Qrant was
ouce ti traveler ever the old Columdo
Clear Creek road, now ruined ami fur-
gotten, It wn*=—so run-* the story told by
the old timer, who acted as guide daring
n recent visit to tbo spot—in the early
seventies that she mode a western tour
thnt Included Central City among the
places visited. The driver ot tbe stage
on Which she was a passenger wn*> so
overcome with the honor ot ploying
coachman tor the president's daughter
that he imbibed deeply from a private
flask, until when he ur rived nt Uk* sum*
Wit of lhe hill looking to the canyuii he
was, to use an expression "f the dny.
much more than "half shot." Feeling
thnt uothing was too good for his fair
passenger, he determined that her rids
down the hill Bhould exceed the experience of all others. Grasping the lines
'irmly, loosening the brake with liis foot
and cracking bis tong whip about the
1*111- of the leaden, tile descent was begun nt it lively gait, which soon became
It did not take thc president's daughter
long t" grasp the situation, Nervousness
wa* succeeded by fear and fear by positive [error. Protest waa followed by re-
munstronccs, to be succeeded h) femlnlns
sin it ki and prayers tn the driver tliat lit-
stop and allow Un- to walk.
llut her Appeals fell on deaf ears. The
driver was determined that bis wns to be
the ride of all rld-a—that UO honor wai
ton great for the president's daughter,
ih- only reply was ■ •> loosen the brake
and a renewed cracking of the whip,
[•(■wu the hill ihe stage Uew, rounding
thc curves with ■■> wheel liangh 9 ovei ths
precipice, graxiug (be roekj side of a cut
It] a huir's breadth. The road, liberally
besprinkled with rooks and furrowed
with washouts, was not exactly the
1 mrsc 10 he selected for a record breaking race, nod ih'* progress of the stage
seemed a succession of huge jumps from
une Itowhler to another. The unhappy
passengers at Mich Jump soared toward
the .■■«>f and wheu falling wen,' met by
ii.. i, scats rising on another tremendous
bound, so tlmt they literal)] made the
ni|i in the ai
But there is an end to everything, au-J
Qnally the stacc rouoded the last curve,
ami with n whoop nud a yell the driver
guided his foaminc team Into the nartpw
but level canyon, In in a meat state ot
elation, the fall Nt ic In a stale ot wl*
later, which tad- ! dnring lhe drive up
I- i', 1 ml City, v. -, -.,- the miners outdid
ibcnuclves t" do bn honor and where
■die na kt■! Iuto Use Ti!'<i Douse over
gidd bricks placed upon the steps.—Den-
VCI    l*..-t.
\  ■   ■ Uermnn scioatlsi luts
ro .**-s roi
like   ov-
A   lU'lti-ctliMt  no   rtu-  .Intine.
Iti .iu address before the Virginia
Stnto I'-.n aswwlatlnn .lames P. Harrison . t tlie Danville bar told this story
of an eminent Judge In Virginia, who
sat -m ihe bench with his feet up bo-
fore liim. showing his soles to comi-
sel and audience: "The defense had
offered u little negro as a witness for
tbeir client, and Ihe commonwealth's
attorney challenged *!k- witness as i-ju
yonng 10 testify. When the pickaninny l-ad been sworn ou the Holy Evan-
: : -'-. he was asked by the commonwealth's attorney what he bad done.
" -\i ■- n h     ■ 11 happen t-j you now
t yoa tiit a ii**V' the lawyer roared.
"*My i.i.-ui.-uty. she'll whip tne.'
•■'I.s tlnn :,ifl' Insinuated the defend*
ant's attorney.
■*'\'-.. Bah.   !>t debble, he'll get me."
"*.\ml then '--•. Judge look Lis feet
dowu. and leaning over the bench with
menai Ing finger aUX, 'Ves. and I'll get
you. too, sli r
"When r)ttlck a- a flash came the
hoy's rea j r»p!j 'Boss, dat's Jess
what I done -rd ' "-Now Vork Suu.
A woman with pale tar-- can be safely <u-t down as one whose heart is hard
tu n-ai-b. -■ vi-- Rhe n bo« ears nre pink
along il"* ciirietl rims nnd downy tones
i- a ercniun* *>f Rymiuitheiic aud re-
«pom< ■■• lemix*mm-nt.
I-'or m Uutl   ippelll-s,
"Is Hint your fniher's grlndsione?"
Ves, sir. He's a grlndei ami sharp
"Oh. he Is*. Is lo*.- Well, can he put
ait edge ull a dull ilppetlttr?"
"Easy, sir. If yon'll turn the stone."
-Cleveland Plnlu Dealer.
. ALOG  OF     irvnrt
[SEEDS, EK.1900
Fans and Oarden
J. M. PERKINS, Winnipeg
Su I.imikt D*Mlr«bl«,
"We ahull not Invhe Mr. Towjwr 11
dluner ngnlu."
•■Hues In- lell old utor'esr
1    "So; bin   he  has quit  laughing al
! Ueury'a old stoilo-*."
j Grain, Provisions and Stocks
- .■ ■! Plain ii,'.l*f.
AQwtrn Wastud t* 1',-mirsuivnD Di-mticif
Mmmite-rt tttmn. Bat]  Jt. W. T.
WrIUi -)• for fun infortoBUou.   Voa
'.in BATH SI ONI. v.
H,   H.   SPROULE   b\   COMPANY,
Kelt H.tate tuti Pin*»cl»! Hroktri,
375 Main St., Witiniptg.
ratiently Bore Disoracefor Year-;
M-itkrl*1.  lirnii: !ir.,lS*t-iiritlu*liiiii|fIit,	
1 t'-trii-ii. 11 Miira nn.  v  r-BDondeaeaeal'olted,
I Hrivuto Cypher Coda fnroUbed uj-cn \jndi 1
i    118 FrincesB St., Winnipeg, Man.
I*. ». lXtAWI.lt l«8t,
Pay In BOR IP (or Dominion Laudi and
Save 20 p*jr Cent. Discount,
D-U-HhC'-.   9/OtOt,.,   H»rn.wi, W IiidillIflii
**.   CU( KHHLTT  I'l.O W CO., Hlntilf-^f.
Ktir full Information api-ly ■
"I had for yeurs patiently borne the disgrace, Hiifcriiitf. lubici-y nnd prlviitlonn due
to my bunbniura ilrinklii-- habit*, liearlu**
of your marvelous remedy for tbo cure or
drnnkenneUj which 1 eonld give my hue-
band secretly, 1 decided to try It. I nro-
cured tl piickiine mnl mixed li In hii loud
nnd coffee, anil, bn tho remedy wns odor-
loan Hnd tastnlesa, Ue did nol know what It
wai thnt no (piickiy relieved hla cravlaa for
liquor. He norm bOBfin to pick tin llcsti.
hin aptwllte for solid food returned, he
stuck to his work regularly, nnd we now
hnve u happy homo. After be wns completely cured  I  told htm of the ileceptliui
l hail practised on him, when be scaa-awl-
ertged thnt It hntl been hla savlnft Us he
hart not the resolution to break off of bla
own sceord,   1 heartily advise all women
nffllcted na I was to give yonr remedy a
A pamphlet In plain, sealed envelope,
«ent free, giving testimonials nnd full In-
fnnnaibiti. with directions how to tuke or
nil-minister Hamsrln Prescription, ("orre-
flpoodenrc consldereil mn-redly confidential. Addresa The Samaria Itcniedy Co.,
-aa Jordan-street, .Toronto, Oat.
Alloway & Champion,
Or lo nny ofllce ol Ilu MEItOBAKTS' DANK
CANADA in Manltobn nr tho IVcrt.
-.v.. i.»,i, -ik„rii,„i„l, uii lln.lnwi M,i..
[cot. innl T..|...ri,,i|ij. No II..11.lit,. i,t
Xiiiii. Iiiiluliliuil lii.lrii'lii'ii. Btml.iiu*
mny rnt.-r i.t nny timo, II, t l-„,ll, ul.r..
ti. W. DO-..-.I.I,, Boo,
IDCli. VtSil t IUS701   ('irol. t...
}'''""' •""*»"•■  tlftE?"-***,-,.
THU 51. «»mllu,n,Oi,t.     I.l.On.pk..
w, n. r.
Oil  &»4o etfyiCo   *t^-0 AMs<b ft™**
$ilAl<WeV /*v^ do 4, /N*n/*rfi*riif.
tj/ry, ip ttyLA/ hs Ctrtvtn^tx^r*i,a Drugs
Books, etc.
Beattie's Drug Store,
Post Office Building.
The proper place for the government offices of South East
Kootenay is in some town on
the railway.
A, D Grant visited Pernie this week
Rend tliL* change In Gtetr it Co.'fl ad
Mr. ami Mrs. Ross, of Fort Sleele, are
in town today.
Miis Racket, of Swansea, is the guesl
of* Mrs. Mii(*H«*
Read Itobson St Uogers' new cartl in
tbis week's imuer.
Hurry McViltie came over from I*'ort
Steele this morning.
New dress costumes ntul dress patterns nt (1. II. Gilpin's.
Another ear of furniture arrived this
week nl G, II. Gilpin's.
Collector Hill, of Port Hill, was a
Crniibronk visitor Ibis week.
J, G. Patterson nml Col. Hemictson
visitetl Fori Steele Ibis week.
K. J. Higbye, better known ns "Jumbo," visitetl Cranbrook this week.
A. Archibald the Kimberley druggie,
was a Cutubtook visitor lust Tuesday,
T. F, Forrest, of the Forrest house,
has been quite ill for a wi*ek or more.
Fresh e^gs, 3,ic 'rer dozen; new case
eggs, 25c per dozen at G. II. Gilpin's.
Mr. Taylor, chief dispatcher, is iti
Calgary this week on   railroad business.
There was a social bop given al the
home of Miss O'Dell last Friday evening.
Messrs. Ryan nnd Mclnnes have llielr
ice houses filled with fine ice from Moyie
G. II. Miner went to Movie Tuesday
to Lake stock in Ins branch store at that
Robert Cos is back again at the Cosmopolitan looking after the comfort of
Messrs. Benllpy. Medhurst, Heat lie
nnd   Simpson   visited   Fort   Steele   last
For bed room suites, m-fttrestes, pir
lor suites, springs, easy chairs, go to G.
II. Gilpin's.
To tel—one unfurnished and two Ittr-
nisheil rooms, apply opposite McFar*
lane's shop.
W, F. Gurd went to Nelson Tuesday
where be is engaged in an important
mining suit.
J. W. Robinson has returned from the
east, having enjoyed his vacation to the
fullest extent.
German Sot, Rubbers nml Macklnawa
going at cost, at tbe Fort Steele Mercantile company.
VV. VnnArsdalen, of Fori Steele, has
gone to Nelson lo look afler some milling litigation,
C. M. Kdward-i went to Moyie yeste*-
day to assist iu invoicing ths Maggs &
Hughes stock,
George Ptishee, Barney McGouIrlch
and Harry O'Hagati lefl for a brief visit
to Nelson today.
Harry lieiitley. one of the leading
merchants of Ferule, spent several days
in town this week.
The Fort Steele Mercantile company
are selling Rubbers, Muckinaws a-jil
German Socks at cost.
Mrs. Edwards ami baby have gone to
their home on the ranch. Mr. Kdwards
will follow iu a few days.
The license board will meet tomorrow
to consider lhe application of Mr. Ittault,
of this city, for a license.
A cost sale of Rubbers, German Sox
ami Mackitiaws now on at tbe Foil
Sleele Mercantile company,
Father Coccolo has  returned from his
trip to Windermere, ami tliis iweek tins
been to points west or Craubrook.
Charlie Kauffuinn was over from
Moyie Tuesday, ami attended the dance
nt the Cosmopolitan that evening.
J. H. Scholield, of Macleod, has been
In town thc past few days looking over
his business interests in Cranbiook
The Misses. Wellman, Mm. Tar king
ton nnd Miss Tnikingtoti. ot Kimberley
went to Fernie today to visit Mrs Tuttle
A cinder path has been laid from the
depot platform to the Cranbrook hotel
corner, which i-i n much needed itnprov-
Tom Wellman nnd the Misses Well
mau came down from Kimberley Tuesday to attend the dance at the Cosmo
D. W. Moore,  who  has been looking
after some mining interests in this se
tion for some lime,  returned to Trail
last w.ek.
Harry McVittie, of Fort Steele, will
occupy one of the rooms in the new
Watt block with a billiard parlur and
cigar store.
T. II. Hill, brother of lhe Hill boy* of
this city, left for bis home in Van
Tuesday after a visit of several  days in
p, Matiahau, who run on the Crow for
a long time, but who is now working 01
tba Robsnn road, is in the city this week
visiting old frlenda.    Pete was snrprlsed
at the growth oi Cranbrook during his
Mr. Leask, who has quite a (lock of
chickens, starts » record tliis year with
seven young chickens hatched out yes-
j lenlay morning.
F. W. Pelets, divisional freight agent
of tlie C, P. R. with headquarters at
Nelson, was iu   town   this week looking
over the situation,
Harry Drew, the popular landlord ol
the Norlh Star hotel at Kimberley and
llie Central at Fort Steele, was a Cranhrook visitor ihis week.
The St, Marys Mining & Milling company will n it be resp ttsiMe for anv
debt incurred wt'hout the written order
of their duly authorised agent
George l.-itch visited Nelson last Sun
day to see his parents and brother
Archie, who are among tlie victims on
the quarantined steamer Moyie.
A handsome Krag-Jorgenaou ride was
raffled nt the Forrest house Monday
night, by Finiik Palmer. Ed. Orelmtd
was the man with the rabbit's foot.
Wattled—a partner to buy or renl half
interest 111 the Sulphur Spring Sanitarium, address,       H. J Tinney,
Blairtuoie, Alberta,
Charles Hslmere, of Kimberley, was
in town Salu 1 day 1 Mr. Estmere his re
tirtd as agent of tbe Kimberley townsite
to devote his tine entirely to Ins mining
Those entitled to huve their names on
the voters' list Bhould see Dr. Ileli, John
Hutchison or R. K Healtie. Iut lit r of
the gentlemen will give the necessary
Then* in a good market for Ferine coke
acroil thc line, to the -south, but the
trouble is ttial the company can not
cater to the market ami bitpply British
Columbia besides. As it is more than
likely that before very many weeks have
passed by the mines to the west will all
be running again, the cessation of work
at Fernie will tbeu only be of short
He Tooled Thc Surgcoos.
All doctors tohl Renick Hamilton, of
West Jefferson, O, after suffering 18
months fiom Rectal Fistula, he would
ilie unless a costly Opeiatlou was performed; hut be cured himself with
Buckleu'-i Arnica Salve, the be*-t in tbe
World. Surest Pile cure on Earth, 25c
a bos, nt Beattie's drug stoie.
C. P. H. Immigration Literature.
Tbe Canadian Pacific Railway Com
pany line just issued two excellent iin
miginilon pamphlets fir 19 ,*u— "Westeri
Canatl 1" ami "Hr tish L'obimb a"-whi-,h
contain a great deal ol useful and ac
curate iiifoiuiuliou about tbe country
west of lake Superior, ntul are of special
interest to those who contemplate set
tling either tu the Canadian Northwest
or llritisb Columbia. I,urge editions of
Ihtte pamphlets ate distributed gratuitously in (treat Britain and lhe United
Stales, as well as throughout the Do
minion, and are eagetly read by those
who are seeking a new home and tlesiie
to kuow something of the beat country
in .he world in which lo fnul one.
Gus Beckett, who at one lime last summer had charge of the Craubrook barber
shop, but later of Sird.tr, is buck in
Cranbrook  and  is  night mixologist  at
Hie Commercial.
J. F. St. G. Joyce Have a contract for
700.) telegraph poles lor the C. P, R.
George Joyce left Tuesday morning for
Coal   Creek   where   he will  establish  a
'amp for llie work.
It sounds harsh, but it serves any one
right who looses bis property by lire,
through neglect io Insure, wlieu he enn
get snob cheap insurance as we offei
McVittie & Hutchison.
The Joyce brothers bave secured an
interest in a small siciuncr and barge ou
Kootenay luke. and will do general transportation business along the line nf construction of the Hal four extension,
Mr. and Mrs. Leitch and son Arch it"
who have been quarantined on the
steamer Movie on Kootenay lake, will
be released today ami be permitted lo
continue their journey to the coast
There is uu opportunity for some one
of our good, reliable, pushing citizens to
ure the agency of The Imperial Life
Assurance company by appbing to the
Provincial Manager J. W. W. Stewart at
Piest St Co. have some excellent views
of South Eail Kooteuay's contingent of
Slratbcoita's Horse. Those wanting one
should make early application and every
citizen should secure one ut a memento
of 'lie occasion.
R, ti. Sherlock, tbe Lethbridge inrni-
her of the firm of Sherlock & Bremner,
has been in town several weeks enjoying
the evidences of prosperity on every
band. Mr. Sherlock is a gentleman of
pleasing personality, aud thinks Cranbrook is all right.
James Lawrence and daughter, of Nelson, were the guests of U. H. Bamiier a
few days last week, Mr. Lawrence is of
the Lawrence Hardware company, am)
was one of the visitors lo Cranb'ook a
year ago with the West Kootenay excursionists. He was surprised tu see such a
wonderful growth in the town.
Tom Kookes is now head clerk at the
Craubrook hotel, aud it goes without
saying that he is a good one. Tout
knows every body iu liast Kootenay and
New Jersey, wilh a legion of friends in
Montana, Idaho and Washington, and a
personal acquaintance with every railroad matt from Winnipeg to Vancouver.
New School Facilities.
Mr. Ross, the new principal fur the
Cranbrook schools, arrived in town this
week ami assumed his duties this morning. Mr. Ross comes from Cardsimi,
Alia., and enjoys the reputation of being
a first date teacher, liis assistant, a
young lady from Pilot Bay. will be here
next week to take charge of the primary
Evidence of Rapid (irowlh.
Father Oitetletle, iu speaking of the
growth of the Catholic church in this
city, said tlie other day that llie population of Cranbrook was increasing so rap
idly lhat it wonld be necessary lo enlarge the church in lhe spring. When
the building was put up lasl fall tbey
thought it entirely too lnrge, but now it
will not accommodate their congregations.
Port Sleele News.
Fori BtOfllo I'ni-ti ecltii--
R. O. Jennings came dowu irom the
Quant rei I, on Saturday last, leturnlug
011 Thursday.    He says the  properly
looking well considering the amouul of
work which has been done.
Some good ore has been encountered
In the new shaft of the Esteltn, Vhat
the new owners propose doing with the
property cannot be ascertained,
The Golden Five group is being developed systematically.
What's Your race Worth?
Sometimes a fortune, but never, If you
have a sallow complexion, a j iiiudired
look, moth patches aud blotch-tit on the
skin—all signs i f Liver Trouble. Hut
Dr. King's New Life Pills give clear skin,
rosy cheeks, rich complexion, Uuly 25
cents at Heattie's drug store,
The Coke Business at Ferale,
Mcleod Advance:—Mr. F. C. Potts
late of lhe Winnipeg Free Press ad
vertlsing department, but now manager
for the Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company,
of Fernie, dropped in upon us on Tiiurs*
day last, having arrived from the west
tlie night before. We learn Irom this
gentleman that owing to tlie closing
down of lhe mining properties in BritUh
Columbia, the demand for the Fernie
coking and other coal has almost en-
liieiy censed. The coking ovens are not
producing a great ileal of coke at the
present lime. They are not closed
down altogether, however, as the frost
would injure the fire brick in the
ovens, but the fire is kept slowly burn
ing iu all these cyudtical mounds and
about four ton ot coke is turned out of
each    even   every   seventy-six    hoi
HcMullin & Taylor,
Cranbrook, B. €.
Contracts for all kinds of brick work
Liven prompt attention, brick for suIq.
Those in need of brick or work should
see us.
fDA MRDnni/ ,s the divisional point of the Crows
•WK^l>OKU-UiV Nest Pass Railroad.
CYi\flhmnk ^as a I0"sta-- round house, large machine
•wl llll Ul -UUIV shops, expensive railroad buildings and extensive railroad yards.
Cranbrook ,s the natural and commercial center of South East
I *9*L
\% Cranbrook Is the headquarters for wholesale houses and corpora-
j»f| tions of South East Kootenay.
gj Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
Por further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTHENT, AGENCY,       C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
Ndtiic is hereby given tli.it nn thn 1 ith -lay nf
i-eiiiiiii■■*.*, ituu,it ua* tinier ii liy .1. a. lorn,
i-ii]'., jniiKf'-rt H-sii-i cnitrt, mat Jumes Perjni-
sm Arms ro-iitf, om-.ii mlml iicri.tor or tl,e
cm ily n Iimt in), n.*a-in <l tra nr - a' a tl
Kiiptfiil*'! -liic i.1111,1-1, i-iMitMt .ui i credit ur Hor-
run Keli'fw.nf i.iiltt*. In IJto-Uttite or Muu
l.v-jrj ,. -jo- iii 1
iiiiiii-1 In ui'il.i* |i,iy;
Staled, Kv-ry i*;*il
lllty -nliillll llpt'lt, i*r 1
-1 I it.--
i.eil.u ..iilil..-cc.isc,| 19
unit fortHtt'ltli to ilto
■ tn
t 11 I ia
t in? es 0:11 esia'o uf tliu wi 1 tlewisctl. is n-
t|iil,*eUw.tiiln li.ityiltjMul (ni iintu, to neat!
by rejjMercil 1 tin* lultlie.-aud to tlm under*
nigtieil, ins nnnio 11ml tiddn ss, a nl the tail uav-
ticu'nrs of tils riiiim ur Interest, uul a st itctiiont
ii' IllsHccoiint,an.l tic niitiireoftlie s'.tiiiiy lit
any 1 Held liy film.
Afier tlieex|»lmtl n of tlie sain thirty ilnyi,
the Administrator .wilt nrooeed ivitli the dlstrl*
tiiltt n of tin? e-tuti*, Imvliig regard to ii.o-.i-
olalint only uf which lu* shall have luul nntlce,
imted nt Port Htvie, thla Mill day of Februa
ry, rjj
OIII1.U AduiiiiMialnr.
1 ♦!♦' **X*Xr*s
Pursuant to "Creditors Trust Deeds Act."
Nntlce is hereby given that Clement Maggs
tuid Prank \v. Hugli->s, trading under tlie name,
Style and llrm ut .Mn^s *. Hughes, in the towns
(If frutibrook ami Mojle, 111 the province of mil-
Isli Columbia, bave liy deed bearing date tlm 8II1
day of Felimaiy, A. !>., I00O, tu-tlitn-sd alljtlielr
iiiiisonai estate, credit-*) and etfeels, wlileli may
be sci/cil and sum under execution, and nil Hi. Ir
tieal estate, to William It. Itnsa, ufibe town of
Kurt .Steele, in tbe said province of llrltlsli ("ol-
Hint-la, liaiTl-ter-at-law, iu trust for the general
benetlt of {their ereditms. The saiil deed wn*
executed liy llm >ald assignor on tlie t-tii day i>r
Kciiruary, lixju, and Oy tlie said iwslg.iee on ibe
ll'tli day of February, iwju. j\ij persuns, (irins
ami corporations having claims against tlie sunt
Magg-i a Hughes am require 1 tu forward tn tbe
uuderslgued full partlcidars of their claims, du.y
veil lied, and ttie ualiirc of llie securities, If any,
in-ill uu or liefore.lhe soilt day of March, iww.
And notice Is hereby given that nfter tin* snid
untn day of .March, it*i, tliu asslgneo win proceed lo dlstrlbittd the ass 'ts »t ti e Mate among
tbe iia-tie* eiilitlcil 'lien-In. fctvlng ngird only
in tin* cltims nr whleb ihe said aislsttieesliull
II11-11 have Imd notice, nud lint the said as-lgnei-
will tint in* responsible fnr tin- assets, or any
part thereof, s ■ n strlbutcd tu any -icr-mi or
jier-ion', llrm nriui|iiir.iimi, of whose debl ur
rial 11 he shall noi then have bad Notice,
- A meeting of the rredliors ami tie said as-
Blgiior will in* held al Uu* ulil -e nf r. ,\l, Kdwards
ia tlu* said town if lianliinnl; r,u Sii'urda.-tin-
iTtii day ot Pehrnaiy, uw, nt JJ o'clock In the
Dated ibis uth diiy nt February, innt.p
WI Md A.M it. miite
Notice Is hereby given ihat ihe f llowlngnp'
pliant loos fnr 11 llccnsejto retail liqunr, will be
oousltteroil, at tin; noxl meeilng of tue l,lccn<*e
Conimlsslnners or foiith Knsi Koolenny, tu be
ncId In liaiilirunk, Murcli :'nd, lumi:
ilosupli itriuiit, Canadian hutel, Crnnbrook,
ctiief I .Iconic Impcetor for fjotitb Hast Kooie*
Notice Is berctiy given tliat thirty dnys utter
iintelintemltoinaku npilleritton to tin- chef
Conunl-aloiior of Ijinds mid Works fur iwrinls-
sinn tu plirclllUKi l!X liiimtrcil ami fmly m-n-snf
and luneiieiui* al a |m«l marked II. 11, »cHt
of 11* river,nml ruining nnrlli ciubiy olmliin,
'ilu nee west eighty chain-*, ttieuce south elglily
chains, 1 hence east eighty i'lmins tn ihe point uf
columella 1
Pate-it 111 Fertile January -f. IW,
Snt'ce is liereliy given tint thirty ittiys alter
date I Intend loinnkeSupplication tu tlm rider
Coinnilsslnnon cf IjihiIs and \VorKs fur pprmis-
sliiu tn imrolnt.e six inm hod mid foity acres nf
land, cotnnienclng at a p ■; marked 11. B,, about
three miles west of h'lk river, and riiuuln-j nnrlli
eighty uhiiiiis, tbencc west eigiity obnluS) I hence
smith eighty chains, thence cast elglily chains
tn |inin uf commencement,
Dated Fernie, It. ('„ January'±', 10011.
JOHN. 1*. ,1A It VIS.
Take notice that one month nftor-date 1 intend
In ai'i'ly (o IbeCb erCuiiiinhslonnr nf Uiids und
Works fnr permission tn purnliase tho fo lowing
described lands: Cunimenolng at post piauieii
im yards north of the talis uu tho right bank or
the Upper Moyie river, near Nigger oreok,
ti.enQo east m chnlns, thenoe north-lo olialns,
thence west iu chains, llicnou smith m chains tn
the placo of hcglnuliig and cenlnluliig 100 acres
more ur lens,
Dated bis -'Glli dn; of Felirmiry, mo.
CRANBROOK,    -    B. C.
Olllclal Walcb Inspector lur C. P. K.
Get Your Freighting
Sam Hitchell
P. O. BOX 25
James Kerrigan
Wholesale Grocer
General Agent
Whiskey     Wines
Ale   Stout
Rossland Beer in Kegs
But to have it pay
properly, you must
get the value of your
money in paper, and
then have the paper
put on by workmen
who understand their
business. Any man
can paper a room and
any man can cut a
head of hair. But,
the question arises,
how will it be done?
Do you want your
paper to wrinkle? Do
you want a botch job
No, of course you
don't. You want
good work. When
you are ready, see
Pieper & Currie
Physician and Surgeon.
CRANHROOK,    ::::::    II. I
11 iiii'h-t fi*ii 11 ■ii*r'ii'i»ii*>>'f'--i"**n"f<'i*'*i*i
Planing Mill
'Sash and ::
Door Factory
„,Manufacturers of...
Sash  jt Doors  „•*  Mouldings
jt   Frames   .*
Band Sawing  „•* Turning
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning.
Chas. Estmere...
Real Estate,
Mining Broker
ck Renr,.. 3j*fo   Riiiplre,..
Kiiulioili-y CoitflotltlnU'di
Kimberley, Ii. C
Via Cranbrouk
After Xmas
Everyone has pl.lures or photos
thai should be frame*.
We have a
Of Ready made
frames in slock
sizes and mouldings to make up
for all sizes.
With the latest machine in lhe market
for making frames, we feel confident any
orilcrs you leave with lis will (jive you
Satisfaction ami he appreciated hy us.
Prest & Co, Photographers
Over pnsiofllce, Cranbrook.
Robson & Rogers,
meat market.
Tour lots north of llie Methodist church.
Wholesale anj retail dealers
In all kinds of	
Fresh and Salt Meats.
Oysters, Fish and Game in Season.
^tmtfUrders called lor ami promptly delivered.
He is coming from the eastern
markets with a magnificent line
of Dry Goods and Millinery for
his new store. Watch for his
ad next week.
"The S Emporium"
Balance of Furs at reduced prices.
Some snaps in remnants.
Ready made clothing, odd lines, to clear, at 20 per cent
A few pairs of boots, both fine and heavy, to clear cheap
before stock taking next month.
Stock complete in every line.
Heated by hot air throughout.
The dining room Is first elms.
Every convenience for travelers.
Hotel S S
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
The best of liquors at the bar.
All the rooms neatly furnished.
Rates, $2.00 per day.
McVittie & Hutchison
Mines and Real Estate
INSURANCE        jt j*        Jt
. Q  B   Cranbrook, B. C.


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