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Cranbrook Herald Aug 13, 1903

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'OI.UMK  <;.
The Canadian Hank of Commerce.
Head Office. Toronto.
II. U. VVAi.KHi..'..n. Mae.
«J..7IW.II(lil 'III
.1 wiii.iiiiii lal
7J.iimi.imu im
Hon. t'.K4t. A. .'ox. l'ii*..i.li*iit.
Pal J I),,   Capital    	
Tidal  R....KC.       	
Deposits Received.   Qeneral Banking Business Transacted
t SAVINIIS ll\Nk UBPAHTHU.Nl   Ucouilli It'cclvcil   Intersil »ll«w«il.
i      IMSKIKtl IIY UIU-   I'.-i luKtnuv ■ I..-iitn.l.-.m.l tt Imta-nl.rnu.il.
I   ou. ul ii.ttu it unta lui'.t.'.t :iiiiiiiu.n   .' iniliiinilloii ii.I.I I
t      |„ 111.* .11101111.1*1  ill HlO.'HI IMlk  l.lllll.ll  Will  I.*..*14.*|.1..|I1|.I ..ll.llll.4ll.
I We must li'iivi'tlio storo very s t,   PriooB cut nhout one half, 4,1,
Cost Cuts No Figure Now        *\
(•ii We hnve still ii lol of goals on hand ull of which iniisl lie 99
iff    closed out vory quick, ff
Ladies' Muslin Underwear, Hosiery, Shoes, etc
1      *
&)        Men's and Boys' Clolliiitji, l;iirnisliinj.s and Shoes,    m
ft f\
In Hardware, Groceries, etc. . |,j,
we have still n large stock,   This opportunity won't Insl much  rT
*&(•) longur.   It is simply wiisto imt to buy hur
| G. H. GILPIN    §
4|<^|-8.|«|«1*.;*|'!..|.^|.«>|-J.|4| f-| i>|!|« I -S I *| .1-1 •» I Al A | * j * | * | A j * |  .,
«.|il>S.|**|.!*|-!-|*!*!'>!*!*l*f*|-;'-k-l  fi.'-  l*!l.-'l 4Vl*!'l*.  I •*>! *S l*ll  S-I---I-,  I &
I Capital, Paid Up     .       . $2,983,896 j*
1 Rest          $2,636,312 J
J T. R. Merrill, Pres.   D. R. Wilkic, Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager g
J A general banking business transacted.     Drafts sold availa- *
5 ble in every part of Canada, United States and Europe.    Special *
I attention to collections. F. H. MARSH, Manager.     S
§ Be Punctual
H "Punctuality is the soul of Imsiness.''  The drat essentinl p
gj is correct timo   a reliable witch.    See Wilson if you want n  gg
r? rolinblo timekeeper nt the right price.   Our guni-mileo stands q
Sb lii'hiiiil i-v.-rv one wo soil, nn.l we cnn'l nifonl to treat yon X
H crooked, forwe'ronol hem today nnd gone tomorrow.    Satis- *^
Q faction guaranteed or your inonoy Hack, we eim'l do nny more. M
1 Wilson, The Jeweler [
] • . *   - * .- -.*-  i   I   *   f -_^
l-.V  till  OLD M IN
' ,     -     -   .- :* * ■ :    - I - -
llul nl..,, ui imliil
I-,!.. Hi .'  ' an i.i.'.i"."' Ima...
\ Ill-  4,-4. ,.„,,..„.    .l4l-l'-4--
South Ensl (Cook-iuiy is a grand
pauomnin of natural Muily. Prom
the Kooleuuy, lo the oust IhruuKh
tin* Roeki.-Bnnd wesl to the Sol
kirks, Nature has ... I furth ns
grand pictures as can he found ..a
iln-   AiiiL-rii-.il tinent.     Hero
,-,-in iKiseeu heautiful InkeB, .nag
iiilit-t-nt tiioutitain strenuis, graud
IiimI,.- ilmi Iiii their heads to the
Bkies and never Ins.- their niautle
of white ilu- yenr on.uml. -I few
hours drive will disclose more of
nature's beauties to tin* eye than
can In- found in uny section in
llritisli Columbia. Sunn- linns
we think thai the people of Cran-
brook tit 1  fully appreciate the
advantages they oujoy, and how
much better olf they niv than the
pool- inoi'tnls in the over heated,
smoke begrimed i-ities, where n
patch nl' green grass is like nn oasis
in the desert, and tl ride over dusty
hills is considered n glorious outing iu the country. Cranbrook is
located ou n lint that is surrounded
by nil the lieatitics tlmt the lover
of nature holds si. dear, mul one
cnn go in any direction for n dny
and return al night hotter physic,
nlly for the outing, better mentally
for the invigorating nil-, mul liettoi-
morally for the elevating iiilluence
that the grandeur of nature iniisl
hnve on the human soul.
Among tlioso trips none nre more
interesting than the i-ide lo Pony-
creek mul return, From the time
yon leave tho limits of Cranbrook
il is .*i succession of interesting
scenes and nttractive plnces. The
road loads one through henvy limber, win-re nature litis provided utl-
liniiloit material In meel the lie.
maud of tlie progri'ss of eivilizn-
tion in the west, i nsl ilu* sawmill
of Lenskiv Slm,-I- i„ thobnnknof
lh,. St. Marys. Hundreds nf fool
below lliis stream, n raging torrou!
in tin- spring, a..tv wends ii way
quietly In tlie Kootenay, uml on the
opposite Bide their is n beautiful
plateau that stretches fo lb.* fool
lolls i.i tho Sullivan mul Novlll
Star Iiii!-. with n glimpse of the
green Iields ..1 13. ('. Smith's farm,
Al sis mile creek is ilu*  ranch  of
Two ol Ihc besl lliiii(;s tin carlli
East Kootenay's Big Mail Order
House j
-lulls wiiii piles of freshly mown
hay in front ol them.    Ami the
C. R. R. Is Prosperous,
Montreal, Am.'. In.   Ai a meet-
members  of   the    party I    Last Saturday night tin* ('run-  ing today of the Canadian   Pacific
repair i" iln-  illuing room t" meel
lis-ili-im.ml*. ..f  nuilli.-  -ifl' r  the
invigorating   ride.     And what  a
.11 i*  ii   was!  Trout, thai  Iiml
i,   ii seeking th,. shallows ..I  tin*
-.tr, ii niv ii   few  luiiirs before,
iii4 4ii k'llju-i rigbt,ycgi tables,
fruit, bread thnl rt>uiiiitl-tl you of
huiil.-. nml everything scrupulously
rl.-mi. It wns a glorious meal, and
>4-i Mrs. Uurge feared that there
might not l«* enough! After the
meal   came  n   good  smoke with
Burgo   I  'lust   Theis    tolling
incidents of il nrly days nf the
iminp ns they Iiml heard them
during tin- past few years. Then
wiiii a walk of liu- minutes, uml
wi* are casting flies in one of the
lirsl trout siri-mns in British
Columbia, lt is magnificent and
Ilu* Bporl is nl'tin- best. Hut the
Tin-is mul Thniiipsiin shaft lias to
im visited. Thut is only 11 few
minutes walk, nml we are ut a
placer mine, whero bright, glitter.
ing gold is brought up ti sliuft that
leads to the bnl rock beneath the
fhiiuucl of the creek. There were
millions taken out in the early
ilnys. nnd now Perry Creok is com-
ing inln hor own again, Before
another twelve months, within u
,*i few miles of tho cptiut grave on
Uu- hill sido whore* Hob tin' remains
nf Fruuk Perry, Ilie discover of tho
gold deposits on tlio crook that
boars his mime, tliouflmuls will
bo taken out again nml flu- town
Ihut arose like u mushroom away
out in tin- wilderness forty years
ugo. will tako nu now life once
more, If you have not visited
Perry Creek, tin so. If ynu can go
for only a dny, do that, Vnn will
never regret it. Still bettor, if
ynu can spend two or three ilnys.
Vim will Iiml n wonderful country,
inagiiitiemil Bcouery, it cordial
people and interesting relics of liis
toricnl importance,
A St. Marys Properly.
Nelson News: Charles A. Mac
Kay, uf litis oity. isBuporhitondilig
llio opening up uf iho Fuller group
in East Kootenny, tin- property of
Ilu- Selkirk Copper Mines, limited,
Tliis property, consisting of six
claims, is situated ou Whitofish
creek, a branch nf tho St. Marys
river, eighteen iniles from Marysville, A wagon rond from the
latter  lown  comes  within  eight
liri.ik conservatives mot in elect Railway, a dividend uf 2 per cenl
delegates to the convention whloh ou the rirefered stock for tin* hall'
will la* lit'ltl in Cranbrook uexl
Saturday evening. James Etyau,
T. Rookes, V. Rollins, W. D. Uill
nud li. II. Thompson were named.
Delegates won- ulso selected nl
other itniuts iu lliis ritling the
sunn- evening,
It is generally conceded tlmt
Thomas Cavon will la- given the
nomination, und it is understood
iiiul .1. A. Harvey hus retired from
the field und will not allow his
iiiiiii,- to la- presented.
Tin- lila-ruls hold their convon-
tiuu next Wednesday, .1. C,
Drewory nnd Dr. .1. II. King will
iu all probability la- tlu- unmes
presented to the convention for
After the lila-ml convention, tlm
campaign will open up, mul by tho
lirst of September it will In- under
full headway,
Political Meeting at Perry Creek.
Thc political ball wus started
rulling here lust Saturday evening
liy the holding of a meeting in tho
interests of the conservative ussu-
ointiuii culled for the purpose of
deciding on a delegate to iittlentl
tlio nominating convention to In*
hold ul I'mnl.runk un the Ifitll of
W, ,1, Nobles was unanimously
chosen to attend tin- convention,
with instructions to ..so his la-st
endeavors In Booure tho nomination
of Turn   Ciiven   as   uur stniulnril
hearer in tlm coining campaign.
The meeting wus addressed iu a
brief but earnest manner liy Mr.
Noble, advising all present tu make
a united stand in order to insure
The following resolution was
moved any carried unanimous!)!
ami Bignitl by all present! "That
tho platform laid down at llevelstoke Septenilwr Wtli, 1002, hu
adopted at this meeting, and wu
unanimously agree to support the
nominee of the coming convention
of the liberal-conservative associa-
tiuii Craiilirook district.
A Subscriber.
yeurending .Ti 80th wiisdeclun-d,
A dividend nf three pcrccul for
the same i-miml  was .I,*.-1.,,*.-, 1 nn
ll n mn stock.
Tl timings for the fiscal year
were: gross earnings, i-l'i.'.i.'.T.i'.'.iT:
wurking expenses, $:W, 120,5211; mt
earnings, $15,81ll,K*l,j; im- ,- from
other sources $1.2lUI,M2. Totul uel
income, S17.12H.I15K; less fixed
charges, S7,052,1U7; less amount
applied ngn insl ocenn steamships.
J150 000; net for dividends, $i),()21,.
After tho pnyinonuio! all divid-
ends declnred, tho surplus fur the
year carried forward is $8,1.78,1.80,
Tl umber nf lhe directors is In
be inorensed tu five nt tin- annual
meeting. Those in bo added being
Clarence W. Muckiiy, of New-York;
D. McNicoll; Montreal, niniiager
of the company; Senator Driiiu-
iiiuinl. Senator McKay ami li. ii.
Reid, all of Montreal.'
Sold to li. II. Ollpln.
Messrs. Ilaiis-.n mul Bnker, win,
recently bought Ilu-mill at Morris.
soy nf the Cedar Valloy Lumber
oniupiiuji, ami  wi'to preparing  in
operate tin* si  hav.* soil] mil In
(1. II. Ctilptn of ihi:, city, Mr.
Gilpin has been looking I'm* a loin
bor proposition I'm* sumo iinn-. uml
will devote his I in..- to lliis lim- of
business in Iln- future. 11.- lefl
fur Mort-lsBoy mi Tuesday ami i-
socurlllg a crow preparatory tu got-
ting th ill started,    lb- couteui.
plates some iinproveiuenta mul will
give the business hia personal supervision, I-'..r lb- present bis
family will i-eiuaiu in Crnnbrook.
The Herald regrets any mcive that
from here. Mr. Gilpin lias been
one uf Cranbrook's besl business
men. imul Mrs. Gilpin has been a
great favorite in the social circles
uf tlio tuwn.
Frank Leclerc, a rich plat nl laml miles uf ilu- property, tin- rest of
nt.the head of the valley that opens | tho way being truvi-lled by trail.
mn,.   Craubrook    bnck    t f   tl
................... ®... •-*•
To meet the demands of the
district in the hardware busi=
ness, it requires a big stock.
We have the stock and the
prices are right.
hospital, From here iln- mail
winds nlong tin* bank nf tho
historic  Perry   Creok.     Back uf
um  i    can   s,v   lh.*    Rockies,
while ahead through nn occasional
a iln- timber can !>.- had
lini|tsos of ih.- snowy penks uf iho
Selkirks, Down the hill nl hist
yon reach tin- Perry Creek fiat,
ami n slini-t drive through small
timberbriugB to view tlu- old lug
buildings llml are tin- remnants nf
tho big gold excitemenl un l'erry
Creek between lliirty and forty
years ago. Hero wu Iiml Oliver
Burgo nud his estimable wife, nnd
mn- feels lhat thoy havo Indeed
found it resting place nfler the
fourleen milt- drive, llul imagine!
Tin- hiiis.-s an* |ml inln ll log
cabin lhat nl one timo wns u store
in which ii million ih.liars in trade
hub taken over Iho counter iu gold
dust, f lu tin- walls can bo seen
l.ills Im- goods, ami tbo writing,
though sadly fndiil, t-nii bedecip-
hered in places showing prices thai
would cause Eatonpatrousto shiver
with pulsy. Pieces uf newspapers
printed in the early seventies aro
still sticking tbere. witli hero nud
there mi item thnl rends strangely
nt Ibis lnle day. Tt is snid tlmt
some enterprising individual tore
up the Ing floor of lliis building
nml panned out tin- dirt, securing
n goodly sum nf guid dust fur his
tliuiighlfiibioBs. Across the street
is what wns in thuse early days
(lu* Hudson Bay store. Next lo it
is ihe building used now by Mr.
Burgo fnr the hotel. It has been
modernised in sume respects but
tlu. lug walls mul roughly hewn lug
floors un- still intact, nud aro n
suiiri-e  uf  great   interest  lo the
t'he lead, which is eight feet
ncroBs, runs along tho centre of a
i 200-foot Ml uf uihu-nilizcil
piartz. This hull of low grade ore
curries a totnl viilno uf severnl
dollars in iln- tun throughout.
Tlio loatl averages Ulli to the tun,
nui bus been thoroughly tosltd.
Tlie development wurk done su fnr
cunsiiils uf uiu- tunnel in 4.0b foot,
ind another in Ho feet, There is
ulso u 110-foot shaft nn.l ten open
outs from four tu sixteen feet deep,
A peculiar feature nf tho uro is tlmt
Humorous pockets ui' unlive coppor
occur in il, mul whilst nut uf sulli-
clcnl exlenl to appreciably hit-reuse
Iho values, is Important as (lie
only deposit of native coppor yet
encountered iu Iln- district,    Thf
loud lias boon folllld In be nf the
saiiiu size nntl grade of ore throughout Ilu- propoity,
Liberal Convention at Fernie.
Morrissey Despatch: Tlie lila-ruls of the distriot will hold a convention to nominate a candidate in
Fernie on Friday, August 14th, at
S p, in. This was determined by
a meeting of the liberal association
of Fernie on Monday evening.
Tlie different localities iu tlie district will lie represented on the
following basis: Fernie five dele.
gates. Morrissey Mines throe.
Michel three, Cual Creek une. Elko
une. Elkmouth one, .Tall'ruy une.
For Sale.
Tin- .Tames Greer house, It
will bo sold ut n rousniiiihln price
iinil nn satisfactory tonus. Apply
Herald ollice,
Fer Sale.
Ranche; 12 iniles from Crnnbrook)
320 acroB; 40 acres under cultivation; house uud rniiche buildings,
implements, etc.; aliout 75 acres
well timbered; $2,000 cash.
Five-room cottage, two luts; two
blocks from C, 1'. K. station,
Apply nt Townsite Office,
Returning to Canada.
Are British Subjects Now.
Tlie following residents of this
district wen' made Britisli subjects
lit the lust session of court:
William Thompson, E. A. Hnr-
grenves, .1. A. Carlson, .T. O,
Tneiihiiiiser. E. W, Evans, C, (I.
Powell, .T. .T. Wirth, Thomas
Rooke. P. BbovI, Felix Rock, C.
0. Rubsun, A, F. Steiiike, Win.
.1. Wutkins. P. F. .Tuhiiston.F. A.
.Tones, P. .1. MoMnhon, F. J. McMahon, W. Ciine, .1. P. Fink. I-i.
Callahan, R. Sngo, Geo. Miller,
W. .T. Lamb. Win. Myers. F. E.
Simpson, Charles E. Finch, Win.
O'Henrne, .1.'/,. Sjoblom, lift- Wall
Linn nml Wong Lun Chow.
Log Cars <iol Away.
Lust Thursday three Ilm cars
loaded witli logs on tin- main line
of the Norlh Stnr branch nt tin-
top of the Sl. Mllrj'S liiil L'"t away
and slurtod uu a wild run down the
grade toward tin-St. Marys bri.1*^.*.
Haste was made to telephone into
Cranbrook but tin- regular train
had already lefl I'm- Murysvillo. A
message wus soot tu Leask & Slater's to stop thc train to avoid any
trouble, The oars wont ns far as
tho sharp curve above tin- bridge
whore Ihey wero thrown ull' by the
speed attained ami piled up into a
broken mass. Nu um* was hurt,
but lhe cars were a total luss.
W. R. Russ, the solicitor, is out
ill a letter to the Free Press of
Fernie announcing that he is n receptive candidate for the conservative nomination, H. H. Bentley
is also iu the field, and the choice
will la- between those two.
The liberals of the Fernie district will nominate a candidate on
the Uth inst. Dr. Wilson, of For-
nie, Fred Stark, of Fernie, mid E.
C. Smith, of this district, are the
probable candidates.     The   Fn
tireat F.lcclrical D.-monslraliun.
Lust Sunday evening tliis si c-
tion of the country was visited by
an unusual electl-icnl sturm. The
heavens for an hour or more were
brilliantly illuminated liy dazzling
flashes of lightning with now and
thou henvy crashes thnt seemed tu
rout tlio skies in twain. Many
trees wore struck liy lightning, nod
u number of Crnnbrook people who
were oul fur iho tiny nnd Into in returning woro badly frightened bj
Ilu* intensity nf th.- storm,
I'rinui-c.l lire Protection,
Fernie Free Press: i'n ini- r Mc
Bride whon in Fertile recently
promised In try In secure a govern-
ment grant uf HiTiO towards tho
lire protection fund nf the town,
Nothing had since I„-,*11 heard uf
it uiul the soci-olnry wns instructed
tn write tu tin- Premier reminding
him uf liis pi'niui.-c.
Labor Day.
Arrangements ure being made
by the unions of Cranbrook to have
a fine day of sports on Lahor Dny.
The people generally shoud give
tliis everyone iiiragemcnt.
Luiiilt.n AugustH.   LnrdStruth
cons is receiving congratulations Pre*" is of <■••'• opinion thut Mr.
on nil sides un his Hind birthday
yestenluy. Ho will sail today for
fm- Montreal to attend the Chandler
Smith is the favorite up to date
Wertesn Section Prairie scc-
tlon frum Winnipeg tu Rookies.
M.unit.iin Beetioii from liuokit-s tu
EartbbxSei in.s Winnipeg to
M tmi.
Dominion government will guarantee lifty.yi-nr l«.mls in three-
tpiurters of ih.- ...si ..f ilie western
secti wiih   limn uf cost Hxi.li.
The old Grand Trunk company is
in gnnmutcc n second series of
lionds to ini** tin   last  quarter of
ll st uf Iln* .■nnsiriiftiuii   these
bonds in rank second tu those
guaranteed by iin* government as a
charge mi tin- property,
Thc company is to spend S20.-
000,000 mi wpiipment, nf whicli
$5,000,000 worth is t.. bo nsslgned
to the eastern section to ensure its
ollieii'iit operation,
The section constructed by lhe
company iniisl Iv ,.!' Standard
equal in il-„* Grand Trunk lim- bo-
tweeoii Montreal am! Toronlo,
For ih.' Ilrsl seven years thu company is nol i.. pay ih.- interest on
the Mills gunruiilood by lb.* gov-
eminent for the mountain Bection.
After seven years iln- compauy
shall pay iln- interest un tlu* above
if the earnings uro sufficient to
provide tin- three |>.*r cent, interest, which ih.- bonds will Mir.
If the earnings arc unt snllicicot
lhe government will p-iv ilu* in-
terest for three years, bnl will In*
recouped in this way.
Tin- amounts s. > paid during
these three years shall In- addid to
the amount of tin- first mortgage
nn tin* road, which the government
will receive in consideration of
having guaranteed tin- bonds.
After ten years frmn lb.* issue
of th-* bonds, tie* government muy
foreclose ils inot-tgoge on tin- road
if tin* company tails tu pay interest
ai :! per cent, mi th.* l-unds. uml on
a-it accumulation of Interest unpaid
during tin* period between the
seventh an.l tenth ytars.
"a tin* prairie section the company pats all lii<> iiii.-rest frum tbe
issue of th.- l.inds.
Regarding tin* eastern section,
tin- government builds it and leases
it t.. tin* company fur tifty years at
rate of 8 per cent,  i*»*r annum on
ils ensl.
Th* rood is I.. I.* built by a commission, and in its construction
tin- company is to have joint supervision un.l inspection. This is tu
ensure economy, tho company being interested in seeing that the
oust, on whicli. whatever it is. they
iniisl puy interest, is kept down to
lowest possible point.
Fm- st-v.-n years the company ia
exempt from rental.
l*'m* Ilu* next three years, if tbe
earning are out sufficient tu pay
ilu* rental, tbe deficiency shall be
added tothe original oust uf the
road, and upon that increased
amount liu* rental uf '.', per cent.
must 1.- paid tor th.* remaining
fnrty yours.,f ilu- lease.
The l.-.-i- • reserves running
rights uver tin- eastern Bection nn
equal terms tu th-- Intercolonial,
und ih.- government may also grant
running rights In any other railways that ask fur llniu upon  pay.
....  lit      l.y      tile       enter lit      I .f    11
Running riglite ..ter lhe western
section nn* also secured tu any
railways desiring them upon terms
lu be fixed l.y ih.* government in
case tin- companies cannot agree,
Government shall have control
nf rates ..t.i* tho whole mail  frmn
Melloli.il In the   I'ai-ilio.
Guarantees nf performance must
bo pul u|i by ilu- company,
Tender., for Building.
renders will bo nskoil ill the next
week ur ton days I'm* the construct.
ion   uf  ul t  ."ill sniiili cottages,
i some located ensl of Moose-Taw, mt
An be Cream Social,
An i -ream su-inl wil! Im- lield
nu Tllesil.y evening next, the 18th
inst.. in lhe I'r sbyteriuii church
ni 4-i;.',u o'clock. Tin- Christian
Endeavor Bociety ure responsible
for tin- evening uml ure arranging
a select program of music in which
llio church choir will assist. Re-
froslllliools will lie served about
'.hall nml altogether a vory eujoyu-
b'e timo is exp.-eto;!. Admission
is freo but n collection will la- tnk-
Be sura and have your name put tin- Son line, mul others near BnnfT, I on up during tin* evening on be-
tender fool.   But il. is dinner time! of Commerce of wljjoh he is honor-' on the voter's list.    Next Thurs- Alberta.   For pnrticulnhi apply lo | half o( the Presbyterian home mis-
the lust duy. (W. Tl. Aldriilge. I'.nnlT. Albt-rtu.      ' aiuii.
Tlu* In .ism in-.: comfortablo in thoir 11 ry | resident.
duy is tlu
mm Till*   CUAMlliOOK   HERALD.
-.*£= /Lt*^i^>-*^\
Editor and Proprietor-
Tin lltiiil.l .l.*ilri'S to site Iln* nolMOt tl.e
iltslri.-t. If you kll'i.t* nny i.l.imt your lu.ui
I nur iiiin.- ni your i-cni-l.-. semi ll to till. oftl«,
Tho Herald is not taking any
pari in tin- political campaign, nny
further than giving the news, and
nilvocnting at all times the nomination mul election of men whn will
I,- a credit to iln- pouplo thoy re-
presold in tl"' legislature. The
KoIboh Economist, n coiiscrvntivo
paper, speaking nf tlu* ucixl nf
iiouiinating goal men hy both
piu-ties, lias ilu- following lhat cm
I.,* endorsed l.y .-very honest nun
who hut Iln- interests nf the pro
vinceut heurt:
Within a lew days tlie twt
parties before the people of Britisli
Coliunbin will linvo selected their
candidates, As a mutter uf fuel,
in about half tin- constituencies
liberal candidates have already
liei'ii pul forward, li must la*
confessed thai tho liberals have apparently grasped tin- signilicnnei
of tho situation nml fm- the greater
purl have placed strung moll in tlio
Hold. It now I'oiiinins witb the
consorvatives tn gu aud tin likewise, if ever men counted fur
anything in a political contest it
should In* in the forthcoming cum
paigu. In giving particular attention tn tbis phase nf the situation,
conservatives will lu- only presort-
in" Ilu* best Irnililimislnf tlieir pnrty.   Tho Into li ntocl Right Hun.
Sir John A. Macdonald, strong
party mnn though he was. always
luiil In the contention that the
principles uf tlie party wore nfter
all only a secondary consideration,
the primary thought should be to
have men true men who could
depended upon to maintain thoir
credit with tlieir constituents lit all
times mid carry out tho principles
of tlieir party. Principles without
men. like faith without wurks. art
dead. This brings us to the consideration of tho question, what arc
tho qualifications of no acceptable
legislator? Tho lirst qualification,
to our mind, is integrity, a man
who is above being seduced from
the path of honor by a bribe, n
ninn whn is ever ready to sink self
nggruudizomcul in the won! nf the
whole country. He must be n man
nf lino feelings, keen honor und
self respect, and consistent iu
his actions, A man may bo clover
in ninny respects yet lucking in the
osBcntiiil qualifications, Fur instance, il would Im.- fatuousness lo
contend that because a man is
ugilc nud can climb a telegraph
pnlo. ur walk a slack wire, that In
Would bo a shining light iii the
legislature. Suoh feats only pro-
claim ilmi man nn athlete; thoy do
mil lead t" Iln- conclusion Ihut lu
fulfills the popular idea of an ac*
ccptnblo legislator, In making selections grout cure should be taken
thai Ilu- mantle full uu the shoulders of men wbu will on nil occasions behave thontsulvcs so us to
rolled tlie highest degree of credit
mu! honor mi tlieir constituents,
Knr the representative is. nfler all.
tlio type by which the public will
judge liis constituents, und the
representative, 111 order to fulfill
the u.tpil-atitinsnf the pcoplc,shoukl
lie everything they uro themselves
in thoir dealings with tlieir neighbors. Business capacity is ulso
nn important qualification. The
mmi who can manage liis own business successfully can be safely t-n-
trustcd with the management of
the business of tin- province; the
man who cannot is not a safe man
to send to tlie legislature, and
should not be selected.   Of course,
intelligc  must  be   taken  into
consideration, imt it cnn be truthfully snid tiiut tlie itiati in whom
Ilu* foregoing qualities are combined is a person of ut least aver-
ugo intelligence. Tin- peoplo of
i.rilish Columbia are more concerned In having liu- ship of state
miinnod Ity faithful,  trustworthy
senmoli. than ill the SUCCeSS of
either party.
.\,l„|,t,*,l;tt Ut'til l,,l,4*. S.*|.l.n»..-r inn. ino
l,   Tn.it On- nmvi'iiti I'.inirin- til.- |i»l:.-)
i.i ill.- piitly in On* llllll- (- ... |.i..iiiii-ntl ,"i.'t-
444,41 mil-. On. i.i.iii*!,  ....'I c.inl.i.1 nt Mil
* ilieileii'lniwliii'.itiil tl..' inirli-ulliinil
„■„,„„•.-..iii."i't".i.i.*.* a- i.u.i down In Un*
plain n,l..|.ti*4i Iii Ootid-."-, IMa. tvlilel. I- w>
"1*44 llltlVl'lv Kill lllllll*    I Hil'lll-tlllll   Hf   Uml-
llll.llllllll.lll ll.'- 4lllll4-.4-|.414l-,l Pl.llll.ll- ... OH* I'll'-
4 in.-.- ;iuil tin- nuililiiin ..(in... ini'li.l Inmk minis
ill t.ut.ll..' ufci'-t-ity. , ,      „
"To n.l.uil tin- i4Tln.-li.l4M "I i-.4ven.ui4.nt ..mi-
ersliln nf rnllnnt- In si. Inr ns llii*i*lit*iiin.*lill'*i's
ol On* ini.tlllft* will ii.lllill. mill O'f li.lnl'.l.u, "I
tin' iTiiii'ililt. thill nn 1...I1..S sliiinlil li.-urnuti-l I"
any railway raml-aiiy wliii'li .1 its a... a te 111.,
-tuvaiaiiieiil "t Ol' |.ii..liifi-i-i...lr-l »' ratesote.
line l„,uiiseil, tniielln-r .villi Hie "I'l0" "' I""*
-T.i'ili-tl. i-:v assist by .ml. Ill-l In Hn- d.V-lnp*
lien, nl [lie n.ilenltillMl i.soiiiees nt lhe |ir„-
A sleeping car robber in the
state nf Washington stole a pair
uf imnls belonging tu nu editor
one night Inst week. It is one
hundred to one that there was not
ovor S2.ll*l in tin- pockets in actual
The Xelson Economist has taken
on now life and is now one of the
best weekly jHipt-rsi published in
British Columbia.
An independent lubor candidate
will bo put iu 111. field  ut Nelson.
Yuu may havo time lo got your
until'* un tlie list.
The   Chamberlains.
1 Iinit-innro Times: .lue Chain*
boi-l.-iin and Chamberlain's patent
medicine are now struggling I'm*
supremacy in the Canadian, press
both Inking up morn tluni their
allure ..f space.
ft a*
I utiill tin- nOl-
way polloy
bovatai r..riii
. KlVinil fri'filom
.-nam auyrovttl
il 11,11. IJIIH IS 10 1
tr ••
-.li'in Ilm. lias re
tin-1 iiu.'.i
St.U'S,   Wllh 9
u mi
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
tia.lt' .in.l iiiiiiiiieii't'. .,
iinunUlQ mliilii ttmliistry, Mi*
iir.-i.iu, mlnen -inml i im »n
1'iiiiui* on Mif not i.iiillts.
lu-tuniput uwnerililp ot W*
niil.l In- liiiiiiiint almiit in a Hist
, ,  ,i|imi of liniil..' iitlltlli-K.
ili.it.ip i.Inn or .-.it*, i.ial are-, hi-ii-atli-i
  ili-ilHiM-ilnfslimilti in-ri'-i'r\i*.ifr.iiii vili-.;i
li'iis... sn iiuu-t-iti* da-umI iiiluea mny I-** eiuiiij
uout'»isib:o, ir tlieir ii|>oiai.iin beooinu nowtunry
nl' niltls'ilil.*.
ti   iiiul in iiiii iiiiiii Iq'hI tomi* provision
-.lit.iilil lu- ina.li' for ii-fi.r-Ntluu nml Hint nu't«t
Muiiil.l i>.' tani-ii fm Hi ■ Kt-iii'r.il i.ri!M'rvallini of
f.ire-i*. l.y nu.irilliu iijsaliiii tlio waiter ul ik-Mru.-
I I   llllllH'l'. ,     ,,.
;. i imi tin-1 •K.i.i;ttiin' nii'i «"v.*Tiiiii.*iit nl tin-'
11 ,i\ I u-i- slumiil ini st-vf ti* In llili i-ltm t tn si'i-un-
lielA.-lu.iiiii.if Ailitlitwbnr. ,   „
h llul tin* ma t- rof Ix-Uot liTins In the- way
if inhtiily im.I ii|i|irti|iifaii>ilii '»■' m*» pi'i'vlnuu
.li.iitlil In- v.k iiinmly pi-esui'.l upon H»« l-"-jniltilou
K o, Tlint tb ■liver-lend linltwtrlpa ot tlio pro*
.luce lie f.wtt'ifil uiul ft ic "tinwil liy tilt* lmpiiM-
tn.nnf liii-i'.'a*,.'«l eust s   Ink's nil leii'l ami
li'iitl i.rniliii-ls itiiiiiii-.nl int> fauaOii, ami tli-iU
Um Vims-Tval*.-- ni.'iiilims nf Uih liomlni.in
li.iii.se lio nr-jeil t.i support any IllOtlOD ilitrntllic-
eil for mull n i.iiriiiisi-.
in. I hat as imfustriiil .ils|iiitfts itlnmst Invarl
al.ly iT-siili liumit li»*.s ami injury Imth io Uu-
latln-s ilirri'ih i'..iii:i'i'ii.'il .imi tt. ilu' (iiililii'. It**,-
i,l..ti.,u sliiiiilii In- imsni'il t" inovlili* means f.ir
an iiiulL-iililu ii-ljii-Jtmriil of sue.i illspiites UO*
t.n't-11 i-iii(ilipy*rsaml i-mplityes. ,
11. Thnt It Isatl.isiil.l.-l.il'iMcrtlie iniuiufa*-*-
luii'iif 111-; law inn Hints nr tin- mnvlii-ju w.tlini
tin- nruviiic! a-i far ni |ir;ti*tii*nl>.e liy ineiiiw «l
liixiitlnti nu Hi" saltl raw ii.itiluctH. snlij.'ia tt»
ri-linlo of tin- sum.' lu w lioli? nr |iait wlu-ii ma:iii-
tacliireil in lirlllili i ..luiiilun.
COLUMBIA, l'l'itr sti:i:i,i: ItKQIs*
Iii Probuta
Nuti.t' in liorob.V is'ivi-n tlmt nn llio 90th
ilny of June llitct ii   ffiU unleroJ Ltf ,1. A.
r,.iin, Km| ..In.lut- uf tbo sail) iiuiii. Hint
.liimt-H ivruiiitni Ariuntmnit, ntlLial nilniiii-
idltiitur of tin* i-uiiiit.v ul K....I i.v, bout)*
niinit-triitiH- nf nil mul r-inuulnr t ho wtttto ol
Kiif AtnliTsuii nf Ciiitil'i'.iuk ilii-fa-i'il. inti*»
Kverj petvoti Indebted u, tin' paid deeww-
i-1 in ri<|iiiri-il lu multfl pii.vin.nt f irlhwttll to
Kvi-r,v potson baring lu poMmnlon i-ff.-itH
bt-liinglug iu tin-ilr eoil ii rvqulml Imwiili
tu nuiif.v Hii> uuilonlgiied,
Kvi'i-y fh-iliiui", ur utlior i'itmiii bavlug
unv .liiiiiiiiiii.il orlntorwl in tbedUtr butioti
of tbe poreunul rauiteol thnwild ilecetiBvd i
ivtiniri'il ivitliii. lliirty iln.vn of iiiin tlutt- ll
wiil hy ten Hi.-i'.'.l l.-tiiT. ml.lwsed (oth
unilvmlguo.1, bin mum- nml BiMwi nml Hi
full purtti'utnm of Inn nlnlm ur lutvrcat nml ■
Htatcinoni uf liU ui count, ntnl tbo nnttire ul
tlii'HiH-tni.v (if unv) lield liy Mm,
Alt.-r tl xpimtlun <>( tbo suld tliirly dajB
theailiiiiniMrntiir -.iill prui-cetl wiih llif ilin-
nii.iitii.il uf Hn- iMttit.- Imv<up rrgurd iu
tbese cIuIrib only uf ivhteh bu hIhiII Intve lnul
Duted ui i oi t Steele ihis HOtli ilny of .inly
2i James Ferniisnti Artunlronn,
Ofli.iiil Adtuliilstrutor, Foil Stiele, li. c.
Alii meotlnn nf tin* t'xoi-uljvo of tlm Provlnuhit
Oms.'i'ViiliM' A-miL-iatl-M. Iii'ltl al Vane mver, tin-
iii.ivim.'i- wa. ii.vul'Mlinln tiTo illvlslnus tnr nr-
i*anl/.atmti i.iirpnsi-n, Ihu K.'iit"tiaj-lliiunilary
iliilsliiniiiii-iiii'iiiMif tliu full .wiiii; i-rivliiL-lal
fili'i-llii'i illsiriftts: Kt'vi'lsinkt'.fullinililn, I'lTilift
craiiluniik, Ymlr, Knsln. H iii-an, liraml Fiirris,
i.r Tuw.m.l, tin- i Uv nl Iti.ssl mil un.l tllft City «l
Ni-lsiui.  At the suine inectiug tut- followlnu re*
S'lliillntis witn- ailii)il('il:
I. Tliat cuiivi'iitioiiH fnr iiumlnallin caiull iliteB
for ini-iulit-rs .if tin- li^lsl.ithi- asswnuly iw mail.
U|>iir'li-li'''Hti'.i:liiisi'ii asfnlluWi:
in) In il y flc'iiiial illi n.'ts, mil- ilnlfunti' f-r
I'viuy llltvaml fiiii'iim irf lliy vuuiK poile-i at
iln- iinivlii -litl i-li'.'li.m iit'iil iu ltHiu. ami if tlie
cily is tllvltli'il liit.i war.ls, Hi - iitoiioill.'liuf ili-li--
1,'Hies fnr eiti-li wiinl shall In- lusi'-l on l!it>| vote
Iin It'll In filch wnnl at Ihu last inuiiMpal t'lec-
iiii  in ntiii'i* oliwtur.il "l itrlobii one delegate
Tur I'vi-iy lllly nr fiiutinll uf lilty voli-s nnlli'il nl
Hi.- |.rm'ili.*ia'li'l"irtnm Imlil 111 IIMl, tlii-ilclftKlies
t» l'i-u|i|inril.ui-<l In i"illlii« i'lai'i-s, nr an ..ear
llieictii ni w.l. hn fair tu the voters of lhe il.llei-
i nl inUilili.iiliU'i'li
■J. The i-h'i-li.iiinf ileleufttflS sliall 1)0 at public
iiiL'i'iiiins, hi'lil at a tii'si-niiie.l i-i-olral p'acii lu
I'Hi-li (.iillltii: uii Islmi. in* la eatli wm-il In city
el.'fliiiul ilistrk'is. ir tin- city Is tlivldetl Into
ivanli.   At such ciii'll ■ ini'i'tiiijjs .mly ttmsu whn
|iliu|u|. ti srlvfst.i vulft Iur the euii thhite or
.-;iiiiliil,itrs ct'i'tf l i.i ilu* uumhiatiiij; cnnveiitiuii
sh ill In* i-iitiili'il lu n \nle f >r ilelt'ciiles
.i. Two weeks notlou shall he given of the public ini-i'tliics at which ilfl-yat-saio to he elect, il.
and iiimiliialiiii.' cnii'.eiitluiiH sluill he he.tl iu
■ Uv cl.'.-unal ilistrlcls t«o uiys after tht- itay mi
which ili-l.'KatosariM'Ieetft I, anil '" "'her clue*
luriiluisirics sevenilavsafter. All iininlniitiiins
tiirniiKt.mil UiBuri'Vinci' mln! maile ;.t a iie.sl._t-
liati'il central lilnecIn eii'-h elo turalillstrlct,ami
on llr--a-mi iluy,
l, All un I es fllii-il.il.'.if piihlic meetltiKs
for the elect uu nf .leli-catoi lu ii nn mail in; cull-
H'lllliiiiH. tlio itpportnuilli ni uf ilfttei-iitei, ami
tlm I'lac-ami ijiite uf nuininatlii; cniivuntluns
In several cl.ctnrlil .lisiriets shail he |ir-e|iaii'i1
hy tlu> ineniliiT uf >h > (-\eeiilhe ur the ilivisl'-li
In which lhe elcctnral tlNtilcU are slliinle, mul
is ui'il i.ver lue naiueiuf  preshletit anil  Meeie-
tiny uf ihc I'rovla.uil Conservative An-iuciatiuu.
A ini-ullntuf ili.!]imvincial executive will h
lu'lil al Vancouver within a iiiuiith, uml the elate
fur Imlillii" ilislrkl iiuiiilnatiii» rniiveiitl.ins will
thun heilxetl. .iojin iiuL'.iton,
rreshl>-iii <>f Um I'ruvlnelal
I'tiiis'i'vaiiie ASSOOlUtlOl
.Ncl mi. .liliu: -Hi. llWI.
Perry Creek News.
There ure more men employed
on the creek thun there htm
ln't'11 for many yenrs. The Perry
Creek Hyilruulie company hnve £
ut present und nre rushing their
work nlong us fust ns possible
They Ktur-U.il luying their flume
lust week, which will Imi the 1/irgest
iu Knst Kootenuy, requiring nbotit
half a million feet of lumber to
complete it, und when finished it
will be three nud one-hulf miles
* hi the Bmlger group, which Mr.
Byron purchnsed lately, there are
twelve mon employed at present,
Most of them are working Oil the
ditch to bring in wuter for the purpose or prospecting the surface of
his property by wuy of ground
sluicing gravel deposits in order to
show up the lends to advantage
for future operations. Afterwards
the wuter will be used for milling
Mr. -Sherwood hus about completed a splendid trail from the
mouth of Sawmill creek to the Old
Dominion claims, a distance of one
and n half miles, where he will
build his camp and develop his
properties In a systematic manner.
There nre seven men omployed ut
At the steam shovel everything
is moving along nicely, their shaft
being down about thirty feet and
everything looking favorable toward
active operations commencing at
an early dnte on the property, on
tho return of Mr. Hanks from the
It is conceded by mining men
generally that the year 1904 will
witness quite a boom in mining
circles on Perry creek.
A Resident,
Lethbridge News: Donald Mc
Killop who hus Ikioii braking ou
the Cranbrook division of the
Crows Nest ruilwny, took through
his first train   a passenger special
us conductor, this week.
lu Probata
Niiti.-i-is her.'hj-(-ivi'ii Hint on the *J.'l   <luv
nl .lul.i liin.'lii wim.tnli'iYil hy .1. A Putin,
Ksi|., Juil-i-'ul tin- tuiiil court, lhaii -IniiiiM
I'ei'lilMili Al ltli-1 rung, nllfeinl iiiliiiiiiisernliir
o* tbe county ol Koot»inu)'tliea<1ai1ulNtrutnr
..I ull nml nin|tlur tin* nti f UiCUAtiL
ALL KM I'AUUl'.l.l.nf I'mnbraak, commercial agent dwHU-Ml, lnte»tate.
V.vi-iy poraon ladebtud to the Mid tleeeawd
[l i'..|iiin'il lu miikr I'lijin.-nt fi.rwilli to Hie
Kvery parion hnvtnn In immwhIoh olteuti
bolonslnil <<• Ibetleceasul !■ required lorwltli
i itify tbeuuderetipie 1.
Kvery creditor, or other perton, huvluB
nny olaim upou ortntcnwl in tho dletrtuu
tion of Hu-I'l-i-Huniil   i-Htuh- of Iho Mii.l lit*
reiis.il la required within thirty dayi of tlili
iluie to ni'iiil by retfletereil letter, addreued
in ihe umlerelsnedi Iii" immo nml ml.li
uml Hie mil particular! of hie clulm or in-
li'ti'Hi mil a r-lnteiiieiit  ol ilia iiieoiiiil. nml
Hie milnreol Hn- hviiirily (il nny) hold  by
After Ilu-ex (iiml inn ul UlOlotll tliirly iln.v
tl dmlntetrotor will proeerd with tin- db
tiihutinii ol Hie iHttitt' having rojinril to
Hk-hi'i-I .inix only iif wliieh lieHliull hnve Iiml
Duted at Fort Steele thiB 80th day ol July
*_'tl Jumn I'Vi'iiii-tiui At'tiiHtrunR,
otiieiii! Admliilatrator, Fort Hteele. D, C
One $20 Set of Dinner Dishes Free
Can be Seen at the Fort Steele Mercantile Company's Store
One $15 Up=to=Date Camera Free
May be Seen at R. E. Beattie's Drug Store
The Herald for Two Years Free
May be Seen Anywhere in the District
HOW?   -   WHEN?   ■   WHERE?
Let us tell you about it. The process is an easy
one. The Herald has a number of readers who are in
arrears on their subscription, And, there are a large
number of people in South East Kootenay who
should be a subscriber to The Herald, but are not,
To stir up the delinquents, and to offer an inducement to others to subscribe, we are going to give the
biYi named prizes, and there are only two conditions
First—You must be a paid up subscriber to The
Herald to enter the contest.
Second—The one who [guesses the closest to the
number of votes cast in South East Kootenay at the
coming provincial election, takes the first prize, the
et of dishes; the next, takes the second the camera;
and the third takes the last one, two years, subcrip
tion to The Herald.
You see it is easy. Any one interested in South
East Kootenay, should be a subscriber to The Herald-
It costs $2.00 a year or $1.00 for six months and is
worth more. And if you are a subscriber, you should
have your subscription paid. Therefore, by simply
making a guess on the number of votes that will be
cast in South East Kootenay, which will cost you
nothing, you may be the one to secure one of the
prizes offered. It is a chance to use judgment in
figuring, and profit thereby.
At the election in 1900 the total vote was 974 in
what] is now Cranbrook and Fernie districts, composing all of South East Kootenay. What will it be this
year is the question.
No country, no creed, no color barred. This is
going to be a big year in South East Kootenay. You
will want the news. The Herald prints the news
when it is news.
Take Advantage of This Opportunity
Cranbrook, B. C. Publisher I"'"
ix Tin; si i-i:|-.mi; ojubt m*- iniiiKii
.tll.llllllA.  IHUT sti:|-|.i;   i;i;i;is
iii rt..i.,it„
N44.in> i.llt'1,-1,4   **ifl,||   ||||,|   „4|  |||,.   _>7   ,)„,
..1,1-jl.v lliiUI il tnis ..r.l.,,,,.1 l,j- .I. A. |.',.,ii',.
Baq.JoOga nl lli,- ..ii.1 .otir't. tttttt .1
lVrcn.,.11 itraatrotw, ..llliii.l ii iDlatatmto,
ul llii- ,-uuiity i.f K.44J., y l„. ailmitij.initiii
ul till unit lingular lha latala ..( .lultv
FORI! VAX 1H.SKX ut IV,,,,!* ii, ihe Xottl..
*444.t T.'iTitorli-B, .arp-.nl i- .1" .-.-.. .1 iiiti-.-
Every nanon iii,l,*l.l.-.l lo thrauli] -IrroaacO
is rrqulml to mill..* yugl itt.il.4ilh ti, Iln.
Kvrrj,penon I.»vln-cin poaiet-alou .fli-t-is
Ulongiugto llii-il a-.-.l i. r.<!Uilv,l turn it ii
i if..- th.. leralgn .1.
Kvrrjrcrwl  ur ulhar pvrauu, li-iviafl
nny iluitii ni nt- lulor-ati in iin. iii.I,iin,
li .1    til.' |<   I.lllllll    tSlnl,.   o|     l|„.   4.;|,,|    ,|,.
4-4ll<llli»IVl|llit.-,|   44i.lll||  ||,|,|4   ,|.,,„   „|    11,1,1
ilnli-li, aentl li.v i*pgUli>rv*l lattrr, luhln-amil
Huh- uuiler.lgu.il, hia n n mil lulilmtn ;
uml Hi., lull imrlK-illan, ul I.i. clulm or in
l.'l'.'.l    llllllll   .llllllll,,|||   ,,|    |,4H    „,, 4,,|„,      ...i.i
tho inliiri-nf tin- . iii'.ii   |,i  „,u) |„|| |,.
JlfLTll npimllitnolthon  Ij ,l,i}»
tl'.-'i'l latrulornlll prorv.il tvlth Ilm ill. |
'!■". "'II .iiloliivliign-ji-nllolli I
>>' " mil* "I  'tlii.J.  ho  ahull lintii hint
Ilili-il   ul  l'„i-l   Si,,.-,. ,i,, mm, .I,, ,i
.1 ul.l* 1 -..(i.i
.Inin.-. I'.-iu I-,,,, \rni.lrui.g,
I'll lllll.inl .Vliuliilatrnlor, I'.iii M..I-. it i
iOFICE lKllR-:
'.' t«. I*.' a in.
I to .1 p. ni.
CHANliROOK, 11. C.
liarrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
S.iliiitnr Inr Ihc Imperial Itaak at Caaaifa
rbe Colonial invciltncnf and Loan Company.
Cranbrook, It. C.
nnil Builder -*>
111 milk nuarnalci'il.   Sn* ua hi'lurc
sua liuilil.   ll mil pay you.
Cranbrook, It t
OERTU-'ICATK ul*' IMI'lliiVI-:ilt:\Ts
"lllui-ktviiti'li",  "Blnckwntor",  "Jlnln-
cliitt'44- "Urlu" ml.iu.-nl cli.lma,
sitiiiitt-iliii tin- Toil sii-i'l,. iiilnlii(4i|lvta.
i..n    t.i   Uu-i     Kooloiinv  illalriiii,
Wlli-n- lui'iili'il |  On  lli,, si.   ,M  ,v,s
rlvi.c, on  llic ..(.sl  al.lo, ilLi.tf Hi-,.
aoi.lli fork I..I.1.
Tnko notlou llml 1, Fnuiols .1. O'lloilly
of Xi-lsoii,   ll. C„ ns ii..,.iii (or Homy
llroiighton 'riiiiitisiiii, fr,.,. minora' coi-ti-
lli-tlli. So,   II 7lll-.ll.  int,.ml, alsiv ,lnVS
f on. tlio .Into Itoroof, tu iinplv'tn llio
mining roconlor for cortilUtntoi «f Im-
iiiovoiiionts, for tho imrimao of obluln-
itii! crown ■ji-iinis of tlio -itavo t-laims,
An.l ini-ilioi- tnko notico llml iiollnn,
iiiiilor Boi-iinn 87, iiuisi i,o ,-,,11,1,11.1,,.,.,|
lit-foro Um issiiiini-o ol Biich coi-Ulloiitca
Of Ittipi-llVOIllOllls-.
Dulo.1 Uila 1st ilny otjulv, A. 11, mill.
20        I'li.wris J. iVliF.ii.i.Y.
Surveys ,„
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract.
P. 0. Von Sleek, II. C.
\t John Ellenberg, |
* z
J Pioneer  in  thc  business and *
+ his work always ranks with '*
* the best. Call and see him. £
S Repairing toots ot all descrip- 'J
J tiops, from a cork sole to a S
J lady's finest slipper, J
i' w
* ivv*n-»»i'i-."r*vi'»»tv(iv¥*. >
John VV. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old sliucs made new. All kinds
of repairing,   dive mc a call.
East Koolenay
Notllinj*; Co.
Aerated Waters
Timber Notice
'llii;I.v ilii.vmiftoriluy 1 init-inl tn ripply
thf t'lii.-f Comwlwiunov "f I. in Im >ml Wu
for ll BpMlul Hwiisn to eilt tuul i-iii'i-y a«
tiwlinr from tliofulluwlug draurlboil inn -
.<uiiili tJiiht Kootenny!
riiiniiii'iiiiiiBut u iioi.| (.laiitpilon tin* b
riild of tke Croira Neat I'usa rollwity riglil
way op|)onlto mllungo37a,iilioiittwo m
ivi'st of Hut'k n-i'i-k in \.a*\ Kootenny, Mi-
went nu olmitu*, ttutioo Boutli mt ckul
thonce (-net ho oknliis, ilipm-e north 80 elm
to Ike jilnio of hi'sltuiliitf, potitn'tiitig i
lll'l'i'd nun'.- nr l.'M-i.
D.it.il ui Cmilirook, Sfltli, or Juno 100*
18 Cbuilra Limli n
Timber Notice
Notice in lioreby ulven tlmt (lib
after iluto I Infptitl in npply tq tin. i'i
niiHnitiiiiT tilluiitls nmi woi'ls ill Vi>*l.
Hjieiinl lidti«n tnmi nn.l oai-ry ftivay
fiuiii lliefgllowlnfftletiorlbul Inmls:
Situated In lhe dlitrlct uf Ln-i Ki
nnd commencing nt n pout pltiiitnl
north weat corner of A. W. MeVittlo'd
li'iiHoiiunilii-i* 17iU ilii'iii-i. cn-t mi
iiioio or lens tn tho fouth bunk ol
Mnry'a river tlieneo following up tin
bunk nf tho St. Wnry'a Hv.-r lOUch ill
orlcfu to northeast eonier o( P, I.i
limit, thence ninth SO clminti m
lew to (lie northwest comer ol If. M>
lioii'or lotiHo number 1700 tlnnco i
I'hninu more or leea lo thetveat bourn
A. W. Mc-Vitlio's timber loaao 1701
mu tii -fQchnllia ninn-in- lens tu the p
commencement, coutnliiingul uut ill)
moroorlenB.        18 A, U.Cio
Dated July rtOth, 100JI.
NuHceIrlrndiy given thai thirty daya nf-
li'i-iliilo I iitMi.l In npply In tin-('liii-liuiii-
mlmiomrnf Lumis nn.l Works uml A**.!**-
I u.l < (immlsM.iiii-r ol L*ilids mul Worka fur
thoilisiii.-i hi List Kimloiiiiy, tor u lieeiimi
tu I'lwpix'l tor coul mil pulrolaitui on Ihc
SJii.ii.il iiiSinnh Kist Kunt.'iuiv went nf
Phithend river uiul seven lliltws norlh id lhe
Inlornailonul fttm dtiry commiHii-lug nl u
pn-it uinrki'il "W, .1. WllMiu'a iinrtlnmH
pint" llii-in-.- su eliulna mhiiIi. thi-iio 80
ihuiiis.'iisi, ili.-n.'i.so clulns north, thenee
Nlli'llllil S ivrst   in   ]n-.t    iiT  i-nlllllli'llfi-llli'lll,
eoutiilidug 040 ncres more or lean,
iH \Y. .1.  Wllsi.lt.   1... illnl-.
Dated (bli lmliutivnf.li.lv, liitni.
Timber Notice
Tnko notice thnl  thlity days nfter dnlel
Intend to apply to tli« Ifakr-t Cotami-Mli rof
LumU un I Works h r a spi-.-i-.l Umbel' Hcensii
to,cnt und carry away timber tiom tho foi-
luHliigdemriheil hinds in Smith Lust Kootenay, coiituiidng 1140 ueriH more or lost!
Commencing nt tin* southeast corner nl
K. M. Penwlek's limber licciiao uu thoin-l
bank ofQo'dCretk, thenco aoutli IftO ehaina,
thenco wist 40 cliulns, Oieiu-o north IflU
chnitia, theuci! ensl 40 tliiilua to I'lucooflic
j    |t.ii.di!i,*:iiddii.vuMnly. 1»0!1.
i       li John li. Letkbrid.se
Xutii'o is hereby given Ihnl llilrly tlnya
idler duie. Ilntendn|iply tu tho chief eninmia.
Blouer of binds and works un.l usnlstniil
commissioner <f landa mul works [nr tbe
dlattlct  id Lust  Kntitonuy, fur lloen-m tu
pl'uspo.'t   Im-  mil    uiul   Jiotiolllltn  uu   Hie
following diaeilbod In mis:
-Situated In fc'oulh Host Kootenny woitnf
Phillieuil liver nud S miles nurth uf tilt) Iti-
toriiuiiuiiul limiii.ijiy comuiciicliig ut u
pnBtmarked "Hyron N. Wldto's routhenflt
corner poit" Ihoi.es mi ehuins north, thenco
Hi) ehuins west, thenco mi chutliB kouIIi,
thence mi chalna oaM to posl ol "oinnioticij
mont. eu .tulniiigOlO uerea mori- nr lesn,
IH HyronN, WliHn, toeutor.
Dated thiB 10th duy of Ju'y.lllOlI
Timber Notice
Take notice that thirty dayB nOer ditto 1
Intend to upply tu the Chief CoiuuilBsionor uf
Lumis end    Wnrks ul   Vie'uiii   htr Bpiclal
license to cut uud enrry nwny IIiiiIht frum
the lolluHlng ties, illiml   luu.Is nu  lhe west
side ol Klk river in Kunl Kootenuy, 11, C,
t'liiiiineiieing nt   Nu   I    posl   lun iked   I!.
Hi hm.iti pin I ul i l  i/j [onr uud n
tpimter miles north ol Iho northwest corner
of Lol 4.V.K gimip une west  fide uf I'.lk
river, tbeiit'o wot-l  10 cha'us,   lli  sou III
Hill t'liniiis. thonco ensl    In  ehulliB, Itiom-e
north HiiiitiiiiiiH in tin-|.i ii-.. nf me •
(in-lit iitulningoiomil's in.i.ciu*lets,
Nn.-Jult.n-isi.leuIN.i. I.
Commencing at  Nu. 1  |otl innrknl It.
[tnlH'ilsun plulited nlmiil   *t   ',  lour mid li
qnarter mites -i h ul i ku i on lnroi-1 corner
nf Lul 458*1 group one west side ut Klk rlvor
thonce vtM 40 chiiinn,  thou orili inn
chains,tb 'neuat'40 ulinttiB, ihencu south
100 clinlllBlO lhe plnce nf iiiiiii iccniciil
containing (UO acres more or less,
1« ll. ItollCllsilH.
Timber Notice
Nol Ice Is lioroby given tliattbli tydaya after
date I intend to upply to tbo Ckhl Cummls*
sionerof  Lmuls   uml Works for   u B|iectnl
license to cut and carry nwny timber from
tie following  il'seiilieil   lumis on t'm west
si.lo uf Klk rlvor in East Kootenny II, (J.
Commennlng nt No. I pnst mnrko-l II. G.
Bai'iuvi'll planted ut about lir.tfn mile south
olnortlnvist corner l.ut 11588 group one un
west sid■■ Klk tlvor about quarter mil.* from
river bunk, thenee wrst -in chains, thonco
south 100 chains, thence onsl -in chalnB uml
100 chnlnB north to tlm plnce of commeiic-9*
mont. containing (140 uerea more ur less,
No, m along sido af No. 1.
Commencing at No l post marked It 0.
Burnnt'll plniitud nl about ono half mile
south of northwest corner uf Lot4fi8Sgtonp
2 west side of Klk rivet* nhout quurter mih-
from river bank thonce wi'Bb4Qrhiilns tkonco
norlh loo din I im, ihenco 40 ehuins ciiBt,
thenco 1(10ehnhiBsouth to ihe pli if com
metieemeiit   containing 040   m*res more or
Iti H. (I. Ilnrnwill.
Timber Notice
Nntiir i- Iii i-i hy given Hint thirty days after dnte I Intend in npply lo IhoCbbf t'o:ii.
■uMnilvrul Lnn.ls nml Wmks nt Vloloilu
fm-ii special deoiiBo in out and enrry awny
timber Tiom Ihu following dcscrlbod Irnds:
t'omuionciitif utn post platitcd 40 ehtilns
south of tboBoiiibw.at comer of l.ut MO."],
ihence south 80 chtiios,thenioinBi KOi-buliis,
thenco norlh 80 cliniUB.tUonettwutt SO ehuins
tu (lie point nf limi-iiivuielil.
It .1 tlds2UtdnyolJu'y, 1008.
10 A. K. Urothors.
Timber Notice.
Take cotlco thai thirty days nfler dnte  I
: ml to apply to ilm chief CommlsBiouci
of lands nml works lorn spi uiul lien,so fo nil
and carry nwny timber from the following
described lun.Is in South Kust Kootenny,
containingfl-tO acres more or leas:
Commencing 40   tinUs soitlh ftom  M.
Smith's northenat cm r post, thonco ensl
lOOohuluB, llience aoulh 40 ehuins, thence
west 100 clutliiH, thonco norlli 40 ehuins lo
place of boglniiliig.
Dated m Craubrook hi.-, loih duy uf July
10 Frank Colpman.
Notice ts lioreby (ilvHlthnt I, M. K Antiu-
lile. inleml within lhe tliuu pro-crlbnd by luw
iu npply m ih.- i'hli-1 romiiiissii ■ nr Liiiids
uiul rt'orks of the I'rovl d llrltlsk Collim
din for u liivnsf. l<> prus| t for conl uud pi-
Iroleum ou Ihu following dcfleribBdlandB:
Heglir.lngul u p mi murkod M. E. Anna-
bin's lulllal Sniiiliensl i'ost. Coul uud IV-
holeiim Claim; thence 80 chulua east, thrum
sn cii ul ns iiioili, ihonco 80 chalna wesi
thenee 80 cliulns Boulb to post of commotio
ini:: Rtluule In nilleafrom Sngncrook I ml
jiieeut to |J, |'. Killie's inirl ii»ns1 eonier.
M. K. ANNAI1LK, Locator.
lh I .Iiiin-U,I,, 1001). 10
Land Notice
Nol'oo is kend.y given thnl on daysutlei
tlnti- I iuti'iul lu npply lo the chlel cuuilllls*
sl i uf I,iimts nml worka lue pnrmlMtlou tn
piircliusu Hm   [iitlnwlug douurlbed   Imui iu
South Kust Kootennji
Commencing at a po«t   plnnloil nl the
south wesl en rof Lol Nu. U87t, llmnp   I.
Ilii'iii'.' iioiiii lOi'liuins, tin nn. m-si lo chains
lliencn  sou lh -io ehutiiH,   Ihoi nsi 40
ehuins lu pb >l hogllilllltg, coiiinllllllg 100
Cranbrook, Ju Mh, 1000,
I*.! Tims. Maycnck.
Notico is linrebyolven thai MiroQmmilhBnf-
tcrtliodiilolioioornnappllcutlou will Im Hindu
to Ilu-  Lieiitiuntft  Ouvi'llior ut Vietoriuto
cliatigo ihe name of thu Luurlu Luinbii' Company, Limited, to "dr. .Mary's Hiver Lumber
Company, Limited."
Dnieiliii Cranbrojk, ii. C, liils4lh dny o[
July, 1000.
I'i S^liiiti.i-fnrtliwApplieaiits.
Nollce Is hereby given thut 1. .Tuinos Ah-x-
miller Crydot mini, hileiid within the lime pro*
icrlbed b.v law toapply lo the Chiel ('oininis-
Bioner or Lands mid Works uf the Province
nf Uritish Columhiu fur a license tn prospect
fore ul mul pi li-ohum U\  tho lauds here-
limttor described:
Commencing ut n post, mnrkod J. A. Cry.
lloritllltl's North west. Ciiniir Poatj Iheiiire 80
chalna south, theuce mi ,-i„rtw eaBt, thenca
aOchuluu north.thenco mi ehnlnB woHt. tu
tiostotciimmoiicouientihitimtoir, miles fm t.i
mi.iii ii nf Sup-1 reek ml] ieoiit io D. P. Kni.e'i,
iiuithoust corner.
■l-A-l'i:VliK|;M\N. i.,,,.,,,,,,.
Dnleil .lilllc 0 li. IKO.'I, j(i '
Of nil kinds.
•nips, Champagn cs,   ic'tir,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Sod,i water in  siphons.   The most
Economic.il wy to handle it.
.1. II. KINO
Physician and Surgeon.
Office at Resilience, Armstrnng Ave.
ForL'nooas,   *   -   -   -   9:30 In II
Altt-rnoons   ....   l:.ll) to J:3||
Evtilnta    ■   •   ■   •    7.31) lo 8:30
CKA* BROOK.    :   :   :    :       I    E. C
Undertaking And
Gmtlunle cf Chatttplou college or   V. S
Office and store, Aiken block,
iicm Canadian Unnk uf Com-
iiicrit-, Crniiliruok, lt. C,
Upholstering ami General Furniture Kcpslriag
Will atteud to any work in tbt: district
Agent fur Ihc Ilranttun Marble and (iranile
Wotkj.   Tombfifoncs, Headstones etc
Perry & Fitzgerald
If you want your hauling
done promptly and right, give
me a call.
Sole Agents in Cranbrook for
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Timber Notice
Tako notion Hint llilrly itnya oiler ilnla I
Illti'inl In i.i.111.-. li. Iin* i Iiii.I I'i, laaloniT
ul Lnmla mul  .Vorim tor it 8'i-H.lnl iiinln-i-
liri-liMc tiirnl  Hint riiii-v tiimv tliulipr from
iiii. tullowlnHdncrlbnl lonila In s.iiuli Hum
Ki...l<<iii<v.i'4iiiliiiiiiiiii<iliiiiri,>H OII4I4. nr Iran:
.-.iiiiiii.-iii-iiiK -111 rhaliia mu I In.l I*'. Nl   l-'-ii
ittok' llitii-st nn -,nii tn'-il slili. ul liul.l
(•rook, Hii'i Miil!!iiiisiii„i,nii,-iiiiii,«ii,i,iii,
Nil. 14,4141,-I l|(t HI) (.lll'lll. .(llllll,
lliili.il ilii-:iniliil4.v ul .Ion... lllllll.
in Tl iiinnn II. Knvln.
St. Paul, Diilnth, Minneapolis,
Chicago and points cast
Tltrongli l-iilui'i' ami Tourist Sleenora
Iiliiltii: an l IliiUnt siniikin,: Library Can.
For Hat... Folders mil Kit:! Jinruriiiit loii
mill on nr inlili-is*:,
H. T. LANDECK, Agent,
a. W. P. A., Seattle, Wash. T1IK   CHANBBOOK   HERALD
A Clean=Up
mul Summer *
t in tbo comment I
Exactly Half Price
S All..ni*S|,i*i
t In In- olor.iil mil
Miss,**.' RmuIj luW.-ar
All inii-l .:■..    No lllll*
. *i,*,-s.     Sill iiiiii.-ii..-
I Kritlii.v. Aitfii.i ;. I'.m:;. iVi-nil) -bi-Ivi-hof»uuldenopiHir Uy,
* N.-t\ S.*|.it*iiili.-i liiahion sli.vii. jn* I in.
« Thiit Bali. iMiibr
*  ll-Hs: ul,
J   l*.*srlti-.l.       N,.|ml'4  lllll
all mil' I..-i.lit-.'iiixl
tin,ti-iii sl Show ll.iis.
I    4.1    ll.l>,.<    |l|
Reid & Company
m^SmmSB SHI '
I5i| ^J_>* i!: -r) H ■•■tIj^mst
riii1 "powors that bi1" linvo decreed that tho ti. T. K. system
ivill ]ii'iu'tniti' tin' writ mul reach tho Pacific consl iu U'ss than
n win jii-iii-ii-.-iii- un- woi i :imi mien inr rncinc cons! in loss in.-in k_
55 tliivt* vi-.-irs.   Then- is ai.itliii._Lf tt.it Ltii.i.1 I'm* Ilu* vest, llml iu X
_y why (I. T. lt. Ti-:i is |«i|.iiiin-.     ll is ln-tter quality thun uny- a
_2 thin.,' vim t-iiii Iniv nl anv price in Ilu- wt'sl today.  -Insl try it. \£
|        G.T.ROGERS,        £
Picked Up Ab.Mii Ihc City  by Asking
Ui.cstii.ns  uf  Mail)   People.
i-\|. il  In li-uti- s i fui* Ni.ntiin
Altn.. t" take up tlieir resident-.
They will probably Becure u ranch
iul, tn |day f'.r iln*  BeattieIready for tlieir return, nnil their|
luiany haudsouie wedding presents
.:,|,.   Seven  i i  .-.itt*,*..•. i'1-*!'-*-**'"-! ■" '■■'' borne.
lo \V. I'-ii.t.
„„l Mrs. \V. ll. I„.„nsl.,.,-v! Mrs- Smith and tlou8hter re-
luiiHsl last Mii-k fruui Kendriek,
Iiluho. They leave ttxluy for Bliit-k
Fiilds. N. W. T. to join Mr. Smith
who is in business there with S.'
W     II.    Hill    i&  i ipany nn* Mt-Kini.
making exstensive  improvements      ,. ...       T    „ .1
..,,,, ,     ->ir. and   Mrs.  ,T.  Fraser and
in I hi ir -l"ii- w in-li  uill In* i. in- i. f    .... ...... ,
. children, of Michel, were the guests
the it attrai-live business nouses   ,e,„    -  .    ,   .     , ,.     ,7,   ,
,   ,. or Buperuitendeut and Mrs. Taylor
in llic he Kootenays. ' , ,       .     ,.        ...     -     i
the pnst week.   Mr. and Mrs. Fra-
The puplic Behools ..I Cranbrook ser were former residents of Cran- :
,,|i.-iii-.l lasl Monday with Principal brook, but Mr. Fraser is now mnn-
Vroom inehnrgo,   MiasCartwrighl agerofthe Mi.-ln-l l-rnm-h of the!
will linn-i-hargeofoi rtln-r s Trites-Wood eompny, the largest
uid two new teaehers will he em- Imercnntil mpany in lite Koote.
(.!..>..I nays.
(.'. MeCnwly, the C, P. lt. tie     Henry Parksr haB sold toC.Spel-
ipertor, lins I n in town the past sted. of Rye, Sussex county, Eng-
week "ii ollicial Innmi.-ss,   It lookB land, liis home property advertised
tg   -In the lioo.11
4& ,-t bottle of
"y»"8l.o«M..otl*ewi at J
Beattie's Cream of Wilcii Hazel     €
Remarablj  i fur relieving nml healing suubuni   Splendid *£
for removing tan and fn-ekles. Sooth.-s and relievo mosquito *
bites. l-...,-,-ll, ,,i tor after shaving, ll softens and smoothes Jf
rough patches   moisten dry, harsh sj-ots; adds in restorinB fi-
the color to fail -. , |-s and when used properly is very ben- Sl
efleial m eleariug the skin of pimples »i.,l bln.-kh, „|.. ' I-.*;.... *&
2a cents per bottle at
% Beattie's, Where it Pays to Deal |
1* &
| Cosmopolitan Hotel |
| Cranbrook, B. C. |
* «$>
|_      J. R. Downes, Proprietor      f
ml *V
*S •*}
m Firstclass House, Centrally Situated 0
1 1
i Commodious, Well  Lighted Sample m
m n. *^
li Rooms A
Be In Zimc
Tin' opportunity o£ your lifo mny
In- lost l.y imt   having n  rolinhle
\vntch,    1 liuli Kriulf Wnltlimn ami
Kluin  I'.i. :>l  nnil  23 jowol movo-
mi'iiis nro fyunnintoiHl to ^ivo you
|ii'ti'.vt siitisfi.clii.ti.
iTttictal TOatcb Inspector
a. p. u., stows iici«t 5>i*=
m. f. Gate
Che 3cwclcr
(let that Spring Suit
Leask & Henderson's
The ivim.iIs will soil you
The cut will suit ynu
The making will suit you
The price will soil yuu
is wiikiie umsrn mimmmmimMm
Manufacturer of
Tents, Awnings and Mattresses
Uplmlsicrini; mid (icncral KcpairiiiK uf Furnlltirc
Leave OrJcrs al Sorc's Second-Hand Store
.Miss Edith Magee is improving
,T, C, llriwi-rv w.-is iu town last
M. Melm-.es is in Calgary this
Hi.-hi rl .loyco and wife have
inovt-il from Fernie t.» Marysville.
Read \V. B. Burdgelt's dairy ad.
He will Bull the best of milk.
Harris & Jolllffe have added n
second story to tlieir meat mnrket.
R, I.. Corey, of Pincher Creek,
Sunday in town, the guest of spout
T. S. liiil.
Pay up .vi nn- subscription an get
iu line for Unit set of dishes or the
There are ii lol of lumllli giving
properties in the Koolenay ozone
those ilnys.
Henry Parker 1ms gone t<> Mi-
eliel lorn liineloiii-l us w.-igm.isler
I't.l-llleC. P, 1!.
Miss Cardiir lefl for Lethbridge
this woek toattou 1 the wedding of
Miss MoKillop.
Ur. I'ell visited tlie Romidnrj'
Insl week ou veterinary business
for tin- government,
Full returns of the Jell'eries Cor-
lii'lt fight Will   lie   l-e.-eiveil   ill   the
Manitoba liolel Friday night.
Cecil Prest is taking n vacation
nnd visiting relatives and friends
iu Fast, rn Cauodian cities.
Mi-. I! I.. Corey, of Pincher
Creek, is visiting for u few weeks
with lier Eriend Mrs. T. S. Hill.
The numerous and heavy rains
the pas! ten days hove uiaterinHy
iiilei'l't'i'eil with the work nl having.
John li. Clarke has filled en.
gageinenls in Winnipeg IT times
nnd ever) lim.- to crowded houses.
.laiiii-- Hill, of the townsite olHcu
says thai the inquiries for Craiilirook property are ou the increase.
James Creel-expects to l.nil.l a
,,iiml,.*.* of collages for real on tlie
block   opposite   M.   Mellines   resi-
.! v.
.1. A Flnrveyof Fori st,-,-l,- will
move liis family lo Crnnbrook as
soon as In- can proonre n suitable
When you visit Cranbrook stop at the
None Better In thc District
Rates Si nnd up.   Short Orders and Oysters
served In any style from 8 p. m. to 6 a. m.
Thc tabic is the -best, thc rooms arc unsurpassed for dean- §§  |' n?*or' Cl
A brnnoti oE tho Conlml Ulwr
tTnion wiih nr-jiiiii/i'il ni Pnlnior
Bar Inel Sunilny with n largo
iii.'iiilu raliip,
Tin* ilniwiiiu' for iln' Irtdy'a 1 >I—
cyi'li' tnki'M plnco Siilui'.l:iy ovouiiig,
Aiiuusi 15th, nl 8i00 o'clock nl
Arnolds & Roberta,
Mis. W, Wtili'- kftTnofldny Eor
Iliili-ymi Iini Springs, whorj kIh*
will remain n fow weeks for the
benefit of hor health.
II. II. Rynn, a nephew of Jnuies
Ryan ia visiting his relntives in
Cmiitnook, Hi' hns just rolurnctl
fr nn n trip lo California,
Tin1 Hernld enjoys tho roputn-
titMi of ttuniug out na fine n lino of
job work us cnn bo had between
Vancouver nntl Winnipeg.
F. Qotltlerins, the bail. *r, hns let
tho contract for his new building
to Jauies Greer, and tho building
S3 I ia now under construction.
jOj       Services iu thc Methodist church
jOj    next Sunday nt usual hours by the
ordinl welcome to visitors
UOimI tn   see    -.Ma.''   aiounil ('ran
brook, as In- was a familiar Bgun
here iu tlie early days.
Originality, pathos, humor, all
the lending qualities which 111:1k
.lohn li. Clarke iln- most popular
lecturer in Cnnadii to-dny, His
Hrsl visit to Craubrook will take
pli Angusl .'1st.
"To ami Fro Iii London" is the
subject of John lt. Clarke's lecture,
iu tlio Methodist church on Fridny
Angusl 21sl. He has given this
lecture over 1700 limes. Admission "ill cents.
A gentleman took Tom Rookes
for the lleralil inuu the oilier day.
Either Rookes or tho Herald mnn
will havo lo appoligize and they
hnve nol decided which must do it
ns yet,
What is the mutter with the
Cranbrook lire company? Are
Ihey wailing until lliere is another
tiro? The people of Ihis town ni't-
neglecting their own interests when
Ihey fail to encourage n strong fire
A iiuiu1.it of Craubrook people
will go to Morrissey Mines tomorrow evening to attend the opening of the Alexandra hotel. H. L.
Stephens the manager, is making
every preparation to give the visitors a fine time,
Tin* Hernld wns misinformed as
lo tlie slntenioiit that P. McConnell has sold his dairy business. It
is a mistake. He is in the business and has not sold out. and will
continue to give liis customers the
besl of milk in tin- future as in the
Contractor Greer has started
construction on the two-story building llt.il Mr. Hazel is having
erected on Baker street next to tin
Manitoba hotel. The building will
havo two stories nnd n portion of
il has lieen leased by .1. A. Harvey
of Fort Steele as a law llllll relll estate ullii'e.
The firm of Arnold 4V Roberts
have lakon out 11 real estate license
ami will incorporate thai line with
their insurance, uml brokerage
business. The members of this
tirin enjoy :i merited degree of
popularity and are doingn thriving
I,. 1!. VmiDecar's Chinese cook
lefl for 11 visil in Chinn 11 short
lime ago, ami Inst weokMr.Vnn-
ilecar received 11 letter written by
him in excellent English slnting
thnl the writer Hnd arrived iu Hong
Kong nil riglit,
M, Mclnnes hns been elected a
trust if tin w college In Calgary, antl tlioso parents in this see-
lion who hnve boys they desire to
senil away lo school cnn get information of lhe school of him.
Moose Jaw Tillies: Mr, Child-
leigll, ('. P. I!, chief (lespncher fur
I isl ni-I No. 1. hns It-used lite reside f Conductor Thus. Battoll,
who lias removed to Brandon. Mrs.
Chudleigh and family nrrivod this
week to reside in our town.
William Bnrclny left Tuesday
for Wardner, where he takes ehnrgo
of the yard nnd shipping for tho
Crows Must Pnss Lumber company. Mr. Barclay is recognized as
firstclass man in his line of work
and liis services nre iu demand,
A concert will be given in 11 few-
weeks nt .which tho entire program
will be presented by ohildren. The
ladies in charge of the entertainment nre making n special effort to
hnve the event one long to be remember til iu Crnnbrook.
5 Mr. nnd Mrs. Art.  Shelton  re
in The lleralil lust Week. Ihrollgl
Heal,* & Elwell. The consider,*.-
tion wus SSl.UtJU Mr. Spclstcd will
engage iii the dairy business on 11
lurge .scale, He Ims his family
here and will make his permanent
home iu Craiilirook.
(I. A. Johnson, of the Crows
Xest Brewery company wns iu
town Tuesday iu the interest of
his company. Mr. Hirtz, of Morrissey, hus bought II heavy interesl
iu tho brewery, nnd will la. the
manager in the future. Speaking
of tlie product Mr, Johnson snys
thnt they nre now producing a first-
class t|iiulity of beer,
*  A. I.. ricDcrmot A, c, BownMs 0
39 Wholesale   Wine   and    Spirit   Merchants
H JtakBnr       !        The Hljthest Brands        f Tn. Until aad
The Highest Brands
uf SCOTCH nnd
liulant; s Slaul     j IRISH     WHISKIES
W A complete stotk ol Cigars, consUtin
•V "PHnraoh," ..UFortuna," "Irvine'
]/£   ll.us Ale
ii-.-)   A-snrl-ai-al  <4,
nl Dom..tlc j*.
I iijaiirs **F!
uf the
nnd others
Tailor Wanted.
We want a  lirst clnss tailor to
work on punts nnd vests.
Leask iV Henderson
Teacher Wanted.
Wanted, school teacher fur the
North Stnr mine. Male or female
holding second or tliinl cluss certificate. Apply to trustees, North
Slur Mine. Nurtli Stnr, B. C.
Stock Quotations.
Furnished by Beale, Hntchisoi
■\r Elwell, brokers, Crnnbrook B. C
'A rLstei-," "Atonument," "Hilda'
H Ma" Orders Promptly Attended to. Telep ie 17
£j ,Vnt'-' '<"• Prices. CRANBROOK, U. C. m,
M Agents for T. Lebel & Co., Hav and (irain. T
Arriving Frci'i D.*,i!y at
,Kin«: Tlercantile Co.
N.irllt  Slar	
St. Hnge-ie	
War Ki(-I. I'oilflolfduteil	
I'uy   lliill	
Amorican liny	
Crotra NaatCnal	
St. Kug.ua Ml, Mia...	
Cnn. Oil nntl Cn.il Mini.. I.lil...
Alli.'lln I'niil iiliill-nli..	
Kit.! IVlltv. Ni'Hl 1'nftl....-	
Canadian tli.l.l Fit Ida	
linessand comfort and the bar is supplied with the test brands Wl.  ' "'"t strmiwra in llii* «-Hy. |tnrm>l]  Inst Snturdny  from tlieir
of liquors and cigars.       __   ____ ^„„.„„ &\    Tiiere will be 11 foot bull mooting trip to tho const.   A  nnmlier of
__ 9.    next Mondny evening nt tho Wont-  thoir friends prepared II genuine
WMtiM&®BBBQBF3Q.&BQB@BBGsB&B9    worth hull for 111.* imrin-H.. of ri.rni-' Biirpriin-   by   having   their, house
Arnold & Roberts,
Real Estate and Commission Agents.
Houses for Rent or Sale.
For Sale
House, Baker Hill.
House. I IniiBon Avenue.
Huuse, Armstrong Avenue.
For Rent.
Cottage on Baker Street.
House on Bnker Hill.
Houses for rent or side are
sorted iu this list free of charge up.
011 application.
Arnold & Roberts
Flour, Peed and
Onts, por Ion SJ-; (Hi
Oats: per cwt     I li.'
Bran, per Ion  21 00
Bruit, per cws    1 25
Shorts, por ton  i". UO
Shorts, per cwt    1 Ho
Wheat, per cwt     1 1.5
New ix.tat.a-s. per bag...    1 In
New potatoes small  nmts
per lb  2
Creamery butter, per lb...     25
Dairy tub 20 to 22
New Dairy
W. B. Burdgett bus come to ('run-
brook with a fine Hue of milch cows
nntl will open 1. dairy. Those desiring first-clnss milk should see
him.    He will suit you.
Not how big the suit is,
but how well it is made!
This is thc question that people are mostly interestei in. and is .
thc magnet that ifi drawing them to our store, lo .1 liv.* and mod- .'
ern tailor shop, it's the store that saves you  money.   It's where •
you get value for your dollars. '.
Cranbrook Block
• •••• ••>•>'* •*,*>♦«
Hotel 3 3
Guests Comfort a Specialty
(ioud Stahlirtg in Connection
Nearest to railtoat] and depot.    Ifau nccomtnoda*
timiH for Uie public nnequallet) iu Crnnbrook.
Hot and Cotd Baths
ih _\
in all the
Towns In
1 P. Burns & Co
Wholesale and Retail
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Frtsh
Fish, dame and Poultry.
We supply only thc best.    Vour
trade is solicited.
"Beaus" Ties Knots
In the spring « young man's fancy turns to tho thoughts of
lovo, tiud ninny knots linvo boon tied liy bonus of Crnnbrook
this s^jriiig. \Vo draw your nttention to our stock of Bow
Ties ami Knots which have just nrrived Eroni N.-v Vt-ik.
The Leading Ladies' and Men'.-; Furnishers Till:   OUAN1UIOOK   HKllAI.il
l-ro.il the fra:.rar.l meadcus cf Priac.
E-lward /s.'and-U H™' "•M*-
Good Pasture,  Pare Spring W.iwi,
elimatie c.MKliti.tns, mul. * tin milk o\ r.U.l
richest anil best.   VICTOR CREAM ■
Iho water,    liquid i
convenient,    lis (lav.
The risk of lire is greater this time of the year than at any other. See that you
are fully protected. We represent good and substantial companies and can olfer
you extremely low rates.
Healthy Ci
IV.iiJ crenm lor
is something deli
i Cj.,    •
.tile. Perfect
, ihc purest,
this milk, minus
11 purposes i.nil more
Cltarloltitown, P. E. I.
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
The Cminil
iieesl ftirutin
Slocan vnll,
niingtiu vnll,
Is are rendil
ml  i
. in I
in tii
■ Railway company
clung lnmla in   '
Kootenuy ilistrii-:
Boundary district.
ol.*• hi
hi.- hy niihvii
In* Klk. Kootenn.
I in the Kettle I
:\ large uiujority
■f th
Two  Days
$5,000 IN PRIZES
Under the auspices of the Mayor and Gty Council,
AUGUST 25 and 26
PATRONS: The Brotherhood ol Railway Trainmen and Rossland Miners Union, No. 30, W. F. M.
Grand parade, InerosBO anil linsi.l.:tll totimmanU, Broin-iii'sooinpotl-
lions, lugs of wur, horse racing, boxing and wrostling contonU, atlilatia
sports ot nil kinds, miichlno uml tloiihlo antl single l.an.1 drilling, and
-l i exhibition l.y the giiiiloless wonder, Ur. Nl.; grand bull, raiignlttcc.it
liyroloelinto dlaplay antl porlormiincoa hy tin- Ros8liii.il Dramatic club.
Unllwiiy rulo leas than ono fan- for tho round trip.   Further particulars
A. J. DREWRY, Secretary
An hotel tor the people. The largest
and the best. Plear-ant rooms. The
best meal In the district.
The Col
iliil mi
Hit) lie,
lim lie.
Hill in-.
Iliil III.
Utile Itlliotllll ol |irnni|
I*, miller s-J.."iil |i,-i- ;n*iv. is ,Ii\-i,
• inlile helow! lhe Ilrsl lo lie (mi
- yenr from iltile of purchasi
lowing lulile shows the .'inuu
iii nl ilill'oroiil prices miller the alio.
.il s:!..'iii |h-i- .-!.-. Isl instill nl t 511,11
:il   IUH) per ui.. Inl iiiBlaluieiil     71 .IH
nl   ."..-'ti |H<rnc. Ul iiistulmciil     Kl.lll
ill     l.l-ll|ier:ie. Isl illKlllllllent       1I5.H
III     l.."l(lperilC. 1st ilisl.-lhtl.-lll      11,7.H
nl   .'..mi pornc. Isl illHlllllllenl    lltl.H
nils iimlii- ^ji.eti per ucre are sol.l on
.il mul iiitei-eal, exo-pl in ll nse*
.-.I   ml" ten iiiatnl nln :is shown
I nl Ilie lime of pin. Itn*..*. the bcc
-. the iiiiiii two yours, nml so on.
ml nl Ilie  .'ii ilislnliuenla on
I insl:,I'll, of S .'ill.tlll
I iiiBlnl'lauf IMLIK)
I in liil'lanl    7ii.Hl)
I inilllll'lsol'      Ml UK
i ii.8inriHi.r  '.iiuiii
Illl'tSllf     lllll.lH)
'l I"
,, 111,1
oil.'I' lie
This is thc big hotel at thc Junction,
Everything comfortable. It is the
place to stop.
nl ia puiil C
It's Coming!      It's Coming!
A BEER that will please all. It
is pure, healthful and delicious to
the tasete.   Manufactured by the
Crows Nest Brewing Co..
Morrissey, British Columbia
In The Windermere Couniry. I
Nelson News: It. B, Bruce, of
Wilmer. superintendent »f the IV
miline mine in Kust Kooteuiiy, who
lins Ihii-ii sihwUiiU Ull' -list few
days ill the city left lust night for
Revelstoke mul thence for the mine
viu Uoltlen. To n reporter of the
Daily News he stnt.-d thnt the prospects ill Kust Kootenny were very
good, Tl'l'ir property has now
11KH) ton of ..hipping oro, wlllcll is
being sent off to the Sllieller lit
Trail ns rapidly ns possible. At
the Red Lion mine there are now
aliout seventy men employed, uud
tin* property is U-ing rapidly do-
U.[**"l into ii Inrgu shipper, The
town of \Vilii|i-r is staulily Hi0"')-'
nht'iiil, lie- tivn (.rop.-itii-s nipn-
tioneil being but it short tlistiiuca
from it.
Refused a Bl( Olfer.
John Mitchell hns refused nn
offer of $50,000 fur 100 lectures of
one hour each, and travelling expenses, Tlu' illipprtnnt ft-tltlire of
i.ls refusal la that il emtio nt onee,
without asking time to consider
offer. If anybody doubted that
Mitchell has concentrated himself
to the mine workers cause, that
doubt is now diswcllod.
I.O.O.F.    Key City Luis:
I l
New Hotel, Newly Furnished, Best of Dining
Room Service.    A comfortable place to stop in the
center of thc town.
R R I C KB     Harriage
■L-r    m*V   *    ***»"   *■*■[*    Yes,anil tho CITY  ISAK-
KK V is the plnce to get ii nice
wedding cuke nud ornaments
in the latest style. Why send
your order out of town mid
IM-rlii.jm have the ieeing l.rok
on by shipping, Prices riglit.
fhoac SI 0ppi4.ll. M. E. Church
We have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work In thc brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
Livery  3
Proprietors J •** «a*
point in lit
ami driven
furnished for any
Mjuiajro-    J.   J.    J,
From tin. I'ro.iiuator,
(teiirge (liliiin and Mrs. Gilpin
w.'|... i.i llic i-ounti'.V seat Wpilncs-
C, J. Armstrong mid t''. Co-wi.
Crnnbrook. were Steele visitors
Sunday Inst.
Captain Jiiinoa Diilgarilno nud
Mrs. Diilgnrdno. of Port Townsentl.
ure visiting tliis week at the
Mather residence.
.1. (I. Cummings, P. L, S.. ro-
titfjipi] from Jnffray Saturday lust.
Mr. Cltllllllings wns engnged in
surveying timber limit*, jn
A Siinilay Mail,
Comnienolng with last Sunday
the Crows Xest Pnss line will hnve
n Sunilny mail. This has been demanded for some time by tlie
boards of truth, of the towns from
Nelson to Lethbridge, nnd the gnv-
l-rnnieiit h|'§ flt lj|st grunted the fP:
pouted requests.
Says McKay Uot Lost.
Fernie Free Press:   The executive of the Board of Trade which 12
met on Wednesday evening took #
prompt action on n rumor that wns | «,-
ii. 1*
till) in:
Oilil Follow, i-nrillally Im Iln
1-'. II. Murrln
If you are in trouble will, your engine in
any way or your boiler I. It-akin*; or neetls
washing .end (or me. I have n fore: pump
and full aet of tools for dolagall kinds nl en
line and bailer repairing and cleaning right Sl
yo*if mill.   Call of send a card t.t
l f. PATTON, 'M.clllnlst, Cranbrook. II. C.
* For up-todato people is whnt tlio   .
|       PREST PHOTO CO.       *
* will givo vim.   We mako Ihc very   .
3.. latest in Carbons nn.l I'i.uiiiitm; i
******f *********** P 7 -. V 4/.. if „
full,*it the lime o
Pi'il l 'i
ash instalment,    lul
istal nls.
I' pm-clins,
liielion fr.
..uut paid ,
-.1.   la-
v is also micros
nerly, Aldridge
l.ut. Cnstlegnr,
Iwny, Nakusp.
us of [iiiyinent
Arrowh, ml.  ii
lire one-lhil-ii
following (ownsiti
r. Creston, 1'roetii
City, llnin.l  Kort
Istoke,   Do
I tl
,-.i\ nnil twelve iiioiiths, with interest.
For further particulars apply to the followi
VV. M. Pi-osl, (iiitewuy, Moutuim' *l. A. Mi-Ci
li. II. I'.i'U.'t'. Wilmer, ll.C. (I.A. Hem
V. Ilvtle linker, Crnnbrook, ll.C.    A. Ferguao
,1, T, IliiiL'ess. Kitchener, B. C.       .1. I). Sibbi
ill I..*
: I.Ik...
.   Kliolt.
ul.l   in»f
- ini
1-;. Mallnndniue, -It-.. Creston.
(I. K. Stacker, Cascade, B.C
C. Elliot, Troui Lake City.
Thiimns Abriel,
P. .1. Fulton, Ki
Iluni, U rami Korks.B.C.
4*11. Eholt, B. C.
., (Ir.'.ltW.ieil. ll.C.
III. Kevelslolie. ll.C
I'., c.
F, C. Elliot, Tronl Lake City,B,0,
Or to ALEX. TAYLOR, District Land Agent at Nelson, B. C.
Or J, S, DENNIS, Land Commissioner for Uritish Columbia,
at Calgary, Alberta.
«. *.*.*.*,**A***.**.*******t«,*,f.J, ,
| Fruit ■ Vegetables 1
abroad as to the determination of
A White Laundry.
Craubrook offers u good field for
ii steam laundry operated by white
lnlior. The town is growing, nntl
is so located as to draw a large
trade from the surrounding territory. Chinese laundries are not
clean or healthy, The Lord know*
how ninny washings go through tin
Binne wuter. It is time Hint then
was n change in Crnnbrook,
tin* govermeut to build the
ruiiil nn |lie iiiit-t sitl-j of the 1
Ik <l»*l
to tliu I'liusit whicli Innil |n ttiit'li n
n conclusion, Tin- i-umor lnul it
that the government surveyor Mc.
Kay was SOIlt tu look over lhe unite
on the west side mid that hu got
lost. This, it was snld. led him to
conclude Hint the rond wns impracticable nntl lie decided upon
the east side. Tin- secretary was
Instructed to write to the goveriiinent remonstrating against tliis
I liuve a Kne assortment
iilwnyson hand, New potatoes, green pens, beans,
etc.     Fine   fresh   fruit.
A Fine Line of Q|agg\var-e
VfTV-VVV***'.* i
*>-+■%> mi «»»♦»<«*»«»
Vroom & Dezall
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing and
General Jobbing....
Outside Order. Prraplly
Attended K.
» .-4V-...4. .♦-•■44-.. . . .-44-.4V-. « . .Q
Proprietor of the
Candy Kitchen
< anil's u*'iiiii|il.to .lock nf
Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
Tobaccos. ■*«««•«"
I'-'-nni lilt. Fn-i> I'll*...
The pulbiinii on Thursday even
ing's express eiiughf lire west of
Cranbrook. At the time It
contained only one passenger, Mr
B. M. Hood, of Nelson, Ho notic-
ed the smoke gathering lu tlie ear
nnd seeing uo explanation for it he
went out to the front vestibule nntl
there found thnt the roof hud
caught lire mul wns burning fiercely, The train crew wns called and
the lire wns apparently extinguished, but some glowing embers must
have remained for before the train
lnul proceeded live miles farther it
was burning ns lireely us before.
Greater care wns then taken and
every vestige of tire was extinguished,
Mr. Stephens, the ('. J'. It\
agent, has lieen offered tiie agency
ut Calgary by Superintendent
Jitmicson nnd nfler some liesitntion
In. has accepted the offer, The
change may not be inatle at once.
Mr. .Stephens has worked this C.
1'. lt. office up to ii high statu of
perfection nnd all who have business relations witli the O. 1', It,
here will la- sorry to lose the most
eliit lent agent thnt lias ever lnul
chin--;.!- of the Fernie station,
Pis.p||i|iop Notifo,
Take notice that the pnr.|if|--jhip
heretofore exsisting between the
uiiilel-slgncil currying on business
under tht. Ilrm inline of Benle,
Hutchison * Elwell will be ter-
minuted on uml nfter the 80th dny
of .Inly 1808, The business will
be carriiil on by M. A. Benle nud
Edwanl Elwell under the firm
inline of Benle & Elwell. All
outstanding accounts nre to be
paid to the said firm of Hi-i.li- &
Dnti-d July 27th, 1!K)8.
John Hutchison.
M, A, Benin
Ed, Elwell,
Witness, (1,11, Thompson,
Have Voa Any Fainting to he Done?
Do Any ol Your Rooms Need Papering?
Estimntes giv
triKts.    Wf
I'lU'tl-,.     Wi1
ypfl witli tin
n on Int'go rnn-
doil't Will:! tin-
w-uii to [ili'iiHi'
work nml pocuive
iviisoiij-ihln \n\y,
\\ .n «i Mold, Crnnbrook
§)»*>"» ****** * »•>•■> **«**•••
4!************A**,t,*4,±j,A4y,i.j _
Eagle Cafe
George Paqnin, Prop.
Morrissey Mines, B. C.
The best restaurant In
South East Kootenay,
■When, you visit the
town be sun; and try it
ii************************ .►
The partnership lieretofore exist-
Inglxitwecii Mike Johnson, Charles
(Inskill, Hurry MoKoWBII anil
Edwiml Slider under the nnine
"The Crnilhroook Sash nud Door
Company" hns la-eu dissolved,
Mike Johnson retiring. The re-
inniiiing partners will conduct the
business under the snnie iinine ns
before, and collect accounts and
iniv ull liabilities.
Cniiibrnok, 11. 0„ July, 22, 1908
Mik» .Johnson.
Charles Uuskill,
Hurry MeKownn
Edwanl Sinter.
1 havo added to my numbor of cows
uiul am prepared to furnlsli \mro milk to
new cuBWtnora, |,wivu your ordpra nt
onco. Once my otmuniior, ftlwnyi uiy
iriobrook Lodge, No. H
A. P. * A. M.
Ki'Kiilar tncetlngs op tin-
tliinl TliiiiMlny ur thi'
Vlslliiit: Im tlirtm welunnit'il.
\t A Iti- Ai.it, Sec'y,
Mill Machinery
U. I'ompkins, Manager.
The Lending Hotel of the Koot-
etniys, (Iood Snniplo Rooms
Special Itutes to Coiiiin. ci il Me i
St. Eugene
Mines, Ltd.
lis property is located on the St. Eugene Mountain.
It lias the St. Eugene lead.
It cm be bought at 10 cents per share.
Ii is backed by mining men, not mining fakirs.
It will increase in value.
To make money in mining buy good stock lovv
and sell on the rise.
Beale, Hutchison & Elwell
Cranbrook Agents.
Robinson .McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Ol
Rough and Dressed Lumber
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Dealer in
Poultry, Fish and Oysters in Season.
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represent only the strongest und liest companies.
Beale & Elwell, Cranbrook
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