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Cranbrook Herald Jun 28, 1906

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L 3   1906        I
r-,     C *   v'
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
9. E. WALKER, Owuml Muiny.1 Al IX. LAIRD, Aw. Crnl M.n.fa,
A gtntril Binhlni b..lti.„ Irani,i Inl    Ai'i'ouiiK m.i, bl opened and tenducM If
mill »illi ill In,in Jul ol tin, Bulk,
DvpuMlu iif $l ami upward* received, and Interest ui lowed at
eurrcnt rates,   ihc depositor is subject tu no delay wlmt*
ever lu  the   uiilulraw.il ul  lne   whola  or any
portion uf the deposit
Cranbrook Branch,
P, C. MALPAS, Manager
I Capital PaiJ Up $3,900,000.00 Reserved Fund $3,900,000.00 t
f 0. R. Wilkie, President. lion. R. Jalfray, Vice.-President 5
4 *
4 Branches in Provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Sas- *
* katchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec *
s i
? Interest allowed on Savings accounts FROM DATE OF DE- S
* POSIT at highest current rates and compium-led half yearly.   _
4 S
4 __                                                               *
4 .
J. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.     §
Buy Vancouver
Real Estate
Are offering same in payments
of $io per month
********************* %*****4»»*****44444***
Wedding  and   Anniversary
Those who aro looking tor present, for Biunuior weddings and
Wedding liiiniii.rHiirii1- will linil n litiiiilrnl ninl ono suggestions
in StorlingHilvor, FlnoSilver PlaUi, I'm Ulnss. Clocks,oto. Our
stock in vi.riiil in utisnrtiiiriit ninl Hut. in quality, ninl uur prices
uro nn luw un wtniiil lh> imki'il  niiywhoro tor L-i'mit, uf liko gmde
W.   H.   WH   SON,   ______ Optician
Keep Cool.   Don't
Worry.    Buy   a.
and  enjoy  life
J. D. McBride
Cranlirook, li.r.    H.UllilVAltK
Lasl Friday evening t h** closing
exerolsos ot tin public schools ol
Cranhrook    wen* iiiiii at Wmt-worth
liall  ami   tln*ie      was  a   large  attend
ance, in tacl every available spa**
in ilu' lull was laKui Mi Mtonetl
and Hie othei teachers had worked
M-iv hard lo make the closing exei-
oKi's a success and Hiey are deserving of a Iol ol credit for Um tiuinici
everything was carried out.     Time
was    a dearth      ot monotonous t'XiT-
rlses, there was :, i>lvusitig plentltude
nf appropriate talks, time were a
few national songs by tin* children
lhat   Warmed   thi' cockles around   ihv
patriotic heart, fot there is noihing
iiuiii' appealing than a national souk
hy ihr children of the country. W,
T. RoW, J. A. Harvey, Mr. Macnell,
Rov. Llewellyn, Rev. Fortune, Rev.
Westman presented the prizes in talks
that were appropriate and interesting, showing a proper appneiation of
thf importance of school work, The
gathering was a great success from
the beginning to the end, and showed
that there had been most excellent
work done by tlie Cranbrook teachers during the past vear.
Subject-History, Donated by ,1.
A. Harvey (gold). Won by Louis
Subject—Attendance, donated by
W. T. Heid (gold). Won by Louise
Subject—General proficiency, donated by W, 11. WHson, gold and silver
first. Louis Stewart, second, Aleck
Subjeot—Essay on Canada, gold and
silver. First, Aleck McCallum,
second, Ruth Harvey.
Subject—Highest aggregate in
year's examinations, gold and silver,
First, Olga Wigcn, second, Delia
Subject1-English literature, donated by Beattie and Atchison, First,
kodak, DeMa Drummond, second,
copy of Tennyson, Charlie McCowan.
Subject.—Arithmetic, copy ot Abbe
OonstaiH in. Won by Charlie McCowan.
Subject—Grammar, copy of Rusk-Ins
Pearls.    Won by Gladys GaskiH.
Division L—Boswell's Life ot .lohn-
m (ti volumes). Won by .lean
Division II.— Longfellow (3 volumes).   Won hV Kathleen Bridges.
Division III.—Poems of Childhood
Won by David Reid.
Di vision IV—A Search After
Christmas. Won by Itoss Pnsscua*
Division V —Pearl     handled pocket
knife      Won hy Willie Moore.
Essay—First Vanity Fair. Won hy
Tannls Held. Second, Poems by Elizabeth Browning. Won by Maud
Attendance—Louise Rollins.
Deportment—Daisy McCallum,
Proficiency—Louis Stewart.
Attendance—Winifred Deacon.
Depot tment—Frank Pyatt.
Proficiency—Joseph Bourgoyne.
\ttendance—Arthur  Fowler.
Deportment—Magloire Brault.
Proficiency—Melva Oartwright,
A I tendance—Lottie Leask.
Deportment—Wanda Fink.
Proficiency—Percy Bard get t.
Attendance—Norman Fowler.
Deportment—Oracle Iliggins,
Proficiency—OHve Finch.
From    Intermediate    io   senior:—
Joseph Burgoyne, Ruth Harvey,
Kathleen Bridges, Gertrude Macdonald, Wilbur Hill, Frank Pvatt,
Bella Taylor, Sybil Write, Jessie
Kenncdv, Florence West, Edrth Hall,
Kthel Culver, John Wood, Helen MeKillop. Lilian Leask.
From      junior    to     Intermediate—
Mclva Cartwrlght, Carl McNabb,
Josephine Druiuiuond, Georgiua
C'arlwriglit, Katharine McCallum,
Lizzie Walsh, Charles Morrison,
Florence Wood, Bertha Nesbitt,
Madge Robertson, Margaret Corbett,
Rachol Bardgett, Albert Bamhawlt,
Harold Hickenhot-ham, Arthur Fowler, Dave Reid, Jessie Murgatrovd,
Bertha    Murgatroyd,     Lillian    Mc-
Tlml in why wu Insist Unit our reimlrlng .Ir-pnrlinont in u gooil
tiling for yon,   We ran Itamlle ynur repitlra, nnil <lnili.ni
right,.«..   Vo tnnly suit' li.."', which Is money tb yon,
Imt yon novo money nl the su  tlmo.   .'nn ynu beuto.
proposition of tliiu kliui V   Let iih prove ii to ynu.
Ottawa, June 15.—Tho lull respecting the Lord's day, as amended la
the special commiWee, has been reprinted and u is now possible lu
gather a clearei conception ul tin
provisions than was possible In the
lirst rough draft The exemption
clause Is ol lotereat to man) vallingi
and industries, a"d  Uu-u-  ll   -'i-
uon which provides anions othei
Uringfl ihat a domeellc servanl wlw
is employed on Suudaj i1* to have •'
day oil during the ensuing week
Sections 3 and -1 read as follows:
3. Notwithstanding anything here
in contained, any person ma)' on ii"'
Lout's day do any work of utveuiil)
or merc>, and for greater certainty,
but not so as to restrict thi Unary meaning ol the expression "work
of necessity or mercy,'' ii is hereby
declared that It shall be deemed to
include the following classes ol wmk:
(a) Any necessary or customary
work in connection witli divine woi'*
(b) Work for the relief of sickness
ami suffering, Including the sale ol
drugs,   medicines  and   surgical   appll-
Official Watch Inspectors torO.P.K. Crows Neni Pass Division
anccs by retail;
(c)Keceiving, transmitting c
•ring    telegraph or telephone    messages;
(d) Starting or maintaining fires,
making repairs to furnaces and repairs in cases of emergency, ami doing other work when such fires, retails or work arc necessary lo any
industrial process of such a continuous nature that it cannot lie stopped
without serious injury lo ils product
to the plant or property used lu
process, or if without the doing o)
such work on the Lord's day such
process cannot lie carried on safely
during the olher six days of Kit'
(p) Any work, without the doing ol
which on the Lord's day, electric current, light, heat or gas cannot bo
continuously supplied for lawful purposes;
(U Thc conveyance of travelers and
work incidental  thereto;
(g) The continuance to their destination ol trains and vessels in transit when the Lord's day begins;
the Herald, .ind can't
know    Cranbrook,
audi! you don'l know
Cranbrook you surely don't know Canada. Let us tell you that our sales ot
INVICTUS SHOES are increasing every day and we seldom have a complaint.
If you want the best value buy the Invictus and get style and comfort thrown in.
fl 1 1 ll
Every pair "of INVICTUS guaranteed to give satisfaction
Our Goods are
IFm&MP3=^ ,F Y0U ARE
I take occasion to thank all those
who par l iei pat ivl iu, and all those
who assisted by their presence the
school exercises of -last Friday night
I Kliank Mr. F. R. Simpson (or free
programmes particularly, as K was
necessary, owing to press of business
for some of his staff to work after
hours to complete the work.
A. A. Macnell, Principal
As a post script I might state
that if there I are any who are not
satisfied with the res'ults of the
examinations from ihe intermediate
to ihe   senior    grade of   the school,
that, they shall have the privilege,
they wish, of seeing flfose papers.
A. A. M.
(ti) Loading and unloading merchandise at Intermediate pa^ntju on or
from passenger boats and passenger
ti) Keeping railway tracks clear of
snow or ice, making repairs in case
of emergency, or doing any other
work ol a like nature, wilhoul tin-
doing of which on the Lord's day
the trallie on tho transportation lines
cannot l«- safely carried on;
(j) Work before six o'clock in the
inoi ning or eight o'clock in the
afternoon of yard crews handling cars
in a railway yard;
(k) Loading, unloading and caulking
any ocean going vessel which otherwise would lie unduly delayed alter
her schedule time of sa ling, or any
vessel which would othei wise be in
mmlnent danger ol being slopped by
llie closing of navigation;
(1) Caring for .stock and perishable
products arriving at any |Hiiul during
the Lord's day;
(m) The operation of any ferry boat
authorized by any competent authority to carry passengers ou thc Lord's
tn) The hiring of horses and carriages for lho personal use of the
hirer or his family tot" any purposo
not prohibited hy the act;
(o) Any unavoidable work after 8
o'clock in the evening of the Lord's
day In the preparation ol the regular
Monday morning edition of a daily
(p) Any unavpluable work after -1
o'clock in the afternoon of the Lord's
day for or in connection wilh the
setting of baker's sponges;
{()) The delivery of milk and ice
for domestic purposes and tlie work
of domestic servants.
in The operation of any Canadian
electric street, railway compatij whoso
line is Intel-provincial or International, ol its cars for passenger traffic on
the Lord's day on any line ol branch
now regularly so operated.
Clause 4 says: It shall noi be lawful for any person to permit any employee other than employees on bonis
which do not complete then regular
trips wiihin 21 hours to do on
the Lord's day any work within subsections (c) ami (ii) Inclusive, and subsections (q) and (r) of section ■'• of
this act or incidental thereto, unless
such employee is given (luring the
six days of such wwk i\ consecutive
hours without labor.
All kinds of excursions are stopped
hy clause ii, whicli reads: It shall not
be lawful for any person on lhe Lords
day, to run, conduct or convey by any
mode of conveyance, any excursion
on which passengers are conveyed for
hire and having for ils principal or
only object the carriage of such passenger for amusement or pleasure, and
passengers so conveyed shall not be
deemed to be pasengers within tho
meaning ot thc aet.
Clause 7 says: It sliall noi lie law-
ol lor any person on the Lord's day
open to the public any park or
pleasure ground or olher place maintained for gain to which an admission fee is charged directly or indirectly, or within which a tee is
charged for any service or privilege.
Hunting on Sunday is aimed al by
clause ll: ll shall not be lawful for
any person on thai day to shoot at
,_ny target, mark, or any other object, or to use any gun, rifle or oilier engine tor lhat purpose.
Clause HI is of interest to newsdealers: It shall not tie lawful for any .
person to bring into Canada for sale
or distribution, or lo sell or dlstrib-j
Ute within Canada ou the Lord's day
any foreign newspaper or publication
classed as a newspaper. i
Anv constable is given authority
under the act to enter suspected:
ueiu ses other than a dwelling house
Nexl week will ho a strenuous one
for the people of Kasl Kootenay.
Thero Will be opportunities galore
Tor a good lime, as both Movie a"d
Kernie are going io Indulge in celebrations, Moyie, as is her custom,
will observe Dominion day on llie
iiai, and the committee have prepared a most attractive programme.
On the. eighth page of this paper the
programme in detail can be found,)
ami those who read il will be Induced lo go, for there they can surely
have a good time. Aud then Cranbrook should go to Moyie for Moylo|
never fails io turn out to Cranbrook, H might be well to say ibis
is Hie holiday week ol tho year, the
chance lo make good to our Iriends
and neighbors. Husiness wil( not
be rushing next week, lb never is
lhat time uf the year. Let us get
oui and show otir neighbors whal we
can do iu the way of making good
fellows of ourselves and at tlio Same
lime have an enjoyable day.
Fcrnie will celebrate un ihc 3rd and
llh, under lire auspices ol the Eagles
and i hat is a guarantee of a gimd
lime from start to finish. The coin-
ii) i it ee demons t ral ed ou I he s ta r t
that tliey were not chuhbci's ami hung
up prizes that would make Spokane
or Vancouver ojien up their eyes.
There will be foot races, lacrosso
matches, football matches, in fact
all kinds of sport. On the eighl
page will be found a big a<i. telling
what the committee have in store
for you, a carnival of glorious fun.
Thc people ut Cranbiook cannot
quit husiness altogether on these|
days, bul. they can divide llu* thing]
up so ihal lhe lown will Ih- well re*,
presented at both towns, .lust slop
and lake ibis into consideration
then pul a couple of bills In your
pocket ami hike for the Main with
the idea that you are entitled to a
giMKl lime. That is the way to havo
it.     Ain't it the truth.
Weddings and Cut
We have the finest display of
the finest cut glass ever
shown in the  Kootenays •** **
* R^4i
Telephone   N i net y-n lne,    Craiibriiuk, li. l,
Hnve several
Houses and Cottages for
either :: :: Sale or Rent
ittle Sip of Pontet f
net Claret or Viu    ?
Canet <
St. Tlichel j
llill  l.ll   lln-   Inl.- nl   tli.-lr  lily
.Viii.-i nml l.i,[imr- nltliP -I ii-,li->l
I,luini..   m-ln>lr,l    liy  i-llllllnl m  '-I
wi'll known
■ inli
Wiinl,...,I.. Mini. Mm,luini
Ori.nl.rnnk, III. Pli 17
, THE   0BANBROOK    llKI.'Al.U
MR. JAS. H. MANNING, who has
had ten years' experience in the leading
laundries ol Winnipeg, has purchased
the Crows Nest Laundry and will
adopt new methods and place the
institution on a sound business basis
A careful system of handling work has
been inaugurated and in future there
will be no confusion in returning
laundry. We are here to make this
laundry the best in the interior of
Western Canada   ** ** ** .* ** **
Don't Hesitate to Send in your Work
in Future.    It Will Come Back 0. K.
Mr. Manning appreciates the fact that Cranbrook is a splendid
location for a laundry, operated by a practical laundryman who will
put forth every effort to please his patrons* Mr. Manning is prepared to do this, and asks the people of this district to give him a fair trial
Hereafter all work will be done promptly.  All work will be delivered
promptly.   All work will prove satisfactory.  All prices will be fair.
N. B.-Therc nre some goods here badly mixed.   Those having laundry here can get the
same  by calling  and identifying it.   The management will do all it can to assist  you
Imi-I    Itoo,   poet,      philosopher,   hu
morisl and merchant, ui Roosvllle.
has wm len another of ins rare Indian descriptions lot the Tubuccu
Plains Journal ihat is unique and
laughable. The llura-ld lakes pleasure in reproducing tlie sume:
'lin-i uas a notable gathering al
the pretty Indian village situated a
shorl di stance Irom Roosvllle, Tobacco Plains (-lhu land ol sunhluc,
fun l, and flowers), on Saturday, J Uile
ilu.i, in celebration ul lhe coming ol
age .a Voung Chief Mighty-Rolls-tbc-
Lavish arrangements had been made
lur .Saturdays celebration, and dozens of Indians, wnh then squaws,
and papooses, being Invited lo Lho
lostivlXles, a large company assembled.
All the cream-dc-la-sklin were there
fi nm distant reserves, and the proceedings, went along smooth like n
prayer meeting.
The chief event on Saturday wn
Hn1 prcsentalIon in young ('tm
Might) Ito I ls-t he-Thunder with a Iin
running horse, bought hy subscripllo
among ilu- braves Happy Krank
"Tin- .lolly Dutchman," president ol
ill.- Sailer Kiaiii valley Ting Pong
club, made the presentation.
Voung Chlof Mlghty-Rolls-ttw
Thunder, who was erected with ap
pl.iusc, spoke with Indian directness
,md brevity in expressing his thanks
lor the gilt and appreciation ot tho
good feeling thai had been shown.
Like .. clash ol Ibundcr that Iol:gws
thi' lightnlnlng lhe militia asm bemui,
aul he received an ovation which
might have gratified the lasl ol the
Caesars and he went around shaking
hands like a president on parade.
Prominent among the visitors were
Black Kettle,  Bed Moon, Stone Call,
1 e    Wolt, Hole-in-lhe Blanket, Bin
Moon, Iron Tail, Paul Prairie Chlck-
i'ii. Mmi in-i he-Eve, Afrald-oN Bear,
Plying Bird, Running Wolf, Three
Weasel , Black Rabbit, Yellow Shirt,
Little Raven, Painted Horse, \sleop-
Mhc-Sun, Ragle Feather, Yellow
Tail and  Afraid-of-His-Moccaslns,
The proceedings look place in lhe
village square, when- ,i suhsianiial
repast wns provided for tho visitors.
The banquet was held in the open air
and the menu was as follows:
Mud  Turtle Soup
Highballs     and     Snowshoe    Babbit
Rawhide Roast Boiled Beaver
Grizzly Bear Turnovers
Moccasin Shorl Cake
Weasel  Wafers
Tea, Codec and Buttermilk
The banquet   was  excellent and   the
lea, coffee and buttermilk beyond reproach,     and   the  braves and      their
squaws and papooses went after   the
good  things  like a   Kentucky colonel
after corn juice, and never blinked an
Tiie flunkies were a miracle ol speed
and politeness.
A variety of outdoor sports nntl
amusements hnd been arranged and
was carried out without a hitch
Wrestling un horseback was won by
l'lying Bud captured the dtiti yard
horse race.
The men's foul race, ltiti yards,
was won by Running Wulf.
Sally Two-kclUes look tlie squaw
poii)  race by  a im.se.
'lhe squaw miming race, two miles,
was won pantuigi) li) .Millie Moccasin Siring.
The thrco-legged race went to Yellow Sllirl and I'a.utid Horse.
The village band, which consisted
of lirsi bass diiiin, second bass drum,
big iliiuti ami lltl'lu ilium, played selections of music between Uiu events,
making mi elegant combination oi
Gloriously fine weather favored lhe
occasion, lhe sun sinning dining thc
whole ol lhe festivities with all the
warmth and brlghliies possible, The
village was gall) decorated wiih flags
and bunting, Kind I v lent ior tlie occasion by lhu BuosVillc ('ash Stoic.
Tlie braves Innl ou iheir best elolhes
.mil enough face powder to raise a
Mini" dough bannock;
The squaws were dressed like New
York society ladies, with u slight
ililiereiice, and looked as proud as a
drove of peacocks.
In lhe evening Miss Millie Bull
Trout, lhe "Spc'klcd Beauty," sang
several selections by request, nml
was accompanied hv Gall-in-lils-lland
on Die tom-tom.
She was veiy .stylishly dressed in
.iii exquisite, verv short skirt, of Tobacco Plains shcephcrdcrs plaid, with
mud dols and green goose quills. A
Squawlown opera shawl covered hei
classic shoulders ami was fastened in
front by a very pretty barb-wire*
plaited fence spike, rainbow colored
blanket hose ami the vcrj latest Parisian ball slippers. She' had a ring
wilh a diamond in ll as log as a
hickory nut, and when she funned
Iu-i sell Mm wiiiil'd iliiiik slic had
bought mn some [ewcler.
Hei ban, black as lhe raven's
wing, hung down her back m cowtail
plaits, ami hei general appearance
would make Cleopatra look like lhc
.unset   blush on  a  snowbank.
She Kiuia "There's Life in Iho <Hd
(Inl Yet." to the lime of lho ".Manic Leaf," and in ,, stylo that- would
make Adclinn Palii ashamed of herself ir she heard  it.
The applause she receiveil fairly
■*l I. ihe mi lains, and for an encore she sang very feelingly, "I'll be
Your Dewdrop."
The crowd  dispersed  singing     the
"  Auld Lang Syne,"
great Irish-American ballad—
The game is very much different
now from whal It .Wns in those early
days. In the fust davs il was fleet?
ness uf foot lhat counted. In Montreal tho lirst combination was attempted and ns lime has shown it is
national    game   for   less than    fifty   \\K most successful  game.
years.    To the general run of sports-      Nowadays it is all combination. In
been      Canada's
San Francisco, June 20.—With the
ssertion/that members of the finance
oinmiltee of tlie citizens relief committee have entered into a conspiracy
to make improper use of the relief
funds tinned over to their care, proceedings have lieen begun in the superior court by a certain number of
refugees, The suit was filed by
Alva Udell, William Howard and 0.
F. Pearce, who allege that they represent 10,mm homeless persons in the
relief camps of the cily.
men this statement may seem Incredible, but il i.s nevertheless true.
While it, is impossible to go back
lo the Inception of the game, the date
of its adoption by the while man is
not far distant and is indelibly
stamped on the memories of not «
low Canadians.
Ottawa can possibly lay the best
elaim to the birthplace u( the game.
Here il was a committee of citizens
conceived lhe idea uf entertaining tin
Prince of Wales, now King of England, during his visit to Canada in
18.10, by arranging a lacrosse match
between the St. Regis Cuughanawag-
ni Indians.
The move proved a pronounced success and so great was the royal inlerest thai thereafter the white man
began to play the game.
The Indians were possibly not. the
•Icasi honored by ihe occasion. Forming the point of a V. shaped parade
Ihey paddled down ihe stream in
their hark canoes lo mecl the Queen
(Victoria, the vessel conveying His
Royal Highness to Oltawa, followed
hy the nyrtads of craft manned by
[the longshoremen and lumher jacks.
In ihis fashion the prince was escorted into ihe town, the Indiana
with feathers Hying from their heads
nnd in their mocassins ami rustic
garb forming an uninvited guard of
honor for Ihe prince, and soldiers
found their posts filled when they
landed, and the pride-filled aborigine's
swept on jealously guarding the royal
equipage and  LliefI   subsequent  king.
Next day saw lhe battle royal. It
was not without some concern that
the entertainment committee awaited
Hie prime's reception of their novel
form of amusement. They could not
have shuck on a happier thought,
The Indians put up one of tholt
greatest games, and his loyal highness
seemed lost in interest. The game
was rough and an Indian dropping
down beneath the stroke of one of his
compan mis wallops was no uncom-
IllMi   sight.       The   flcetncss  of  foot  of
Hie players and their dexterity ii
dodging opponents appealed lo th
prince, while their peculiar shouts
and calls lent to the whole a wcird-
noss that  was almost, appalling.
The adoption of lacrosse as Canada's national game dated from this
The same year while men began to
play the game, with some modifications from thai played bv the Indians
of course. A little, later the same
year a meeting was held in Montreal, at which a league was formed
composing teams in Montreal, Ottawa, Cornwall, Prescott and lhc
two Indian cluhs which plaved he-
fore the prince.
With this league established the
game spread and sonii it was being
jilaycd throughout the east and west.
To the late Dr. Beer, Hie first president of the league, belongs much
credit for the adoption of the game,
and by many he fs regarded as the
father of the game in Canada,
the olden davs players were allowed
all suits of liberties mi tho Held. If
a player could uu from one end of the
Held lo the olher with the hall, it
was his duty to make the attempt.
Such a thing as playing in a certain
position was almost unknown then.
To-day everv man must be iu his
position. Thai is one ol tho firsl
essentials of the game.
The sticks used in Ihe early days
were much the same as used at the
present lime. There liave been some
Improvements iu them, hut in the
main they are the same.
The game is not nearly so rough
now as it was. The lime is passed
when a player had nlmosl lo he a
prize-fighter to slay in the game and
players being laid out were no uncommon     sights. After  mie   ga	
alone no less Ihan twelve players
have been known to visit the doctor
to be "patched'* up.
Winnipeg, June 20.—Tho committee
ol c. i>. R. trainmen which has been
in conference -with llu- head officials
For .scleral davs have completed lheir
w.-rk. L, L. Peltier, ol Fori William, chairman of Die Order id
Raiiwav Conductors, was directing
ihe delegates during  lhc conference,
and   "Cully"  McNeill,   of O.-k-arv,    a
leading representative nf western in-
leresls.   There   .vi ighlcni members
of ihe committee. and ihey represcnt-
Nl the trainmen from Fori William
to I/nggan, on the summll of lhc
Ru.kies, The schedule which has
been in force for four years was not
opened, and thai question was not a
siibicrt of discussion, Some rules
Whicli time had made unwiel.lv were
i lined and Chairman Peltier remarked hist nighl in closing up the
details that lhe relations of the men
wilh ihe company were quite satisfactory. He Is direct,im the affairs
of ihe O. IL 0. fmni Montreal to
Vancouver. Among Uie men in the
city representing lheir different divisions are some of the best known conductors in the Dominion.
The shade of lhe beef packer was
ushered  in at  the portals.
"I presume you have a place reserved for me," Ire remarked arrogantly.
"That's whn I we have," replied
the shade in charge.
"Where is it?" queried the packer.
"Right over there by that extremely warm and prosplrlng individ-
''But he is a stranger lo me."
"That's nil right. You'll gel
acquainted because you engaged in
the same line of business. He's
Herod the Great, the fellow who
slaughtered the Innocents two thousand years before ynu began. He'll
recognize you, for he has been Jealous uf your -success for a long lime'
Montreal, June 2fl.—Canada's newest cily—lhat is yet lo lie—Prince
Rupert, is expected to be the mosl
perfectly laid out and must beautiful
ciiy of the Dominion. It is being
laid out under conditions llut are
practicably impossible with Uio ordinary city which starts wilh a lew
hel erogenous buildings and grows on.
Prince Rupert is foreordained to he a
western metropolis before a foundation is laid, and its whole site is
owned by ihc Grand Trunk I'acilic.
The company has not hem slow to
s.-e the opportunity offered lu make
ii the Washington of Canada, and Is
proceeding accordingly. Nol only
are expert surveyors now at work
planning the streets and parks and
oiher features of the city, but expert
lnndsenpa gardeners have luvn cngag-
etl who will he sent out-to see that
there will ho n city beautiful in its
general ouHinc, as well as one wilh
brood streets and all the requirement
uf a modern metropolis.
During tlio present year after the
surveys are completed, the delails of
the company's plans for starting the
new cily on its way will be perfected, and hv next spring lhe lots and
building siies will probably be ready
foi sale. The town will probably he
well iiiuler way before the Grand
Trunk I'acilic is complotod, as it |&
situated along the line of coast, Iraf-
flc, iu the midst of sume of the must
wuml.-iful scenery in America; Ihere
will also l.e a rapid giowlh of trade
caused  by   the settlement   along      the
line of the road, and the immense
number of men nud amount of supplies used on iis construction, which
will havo lo pass Enough iho terminal cily. The Grand Trunk Pacific
officials expeel thai Prince Rupert
will mil onlv be n great trading city
hul will speedily become a headquarters for tourists.
(Moyie Leader.
"Tliere is now more ore in sight in
the St. Eugene mine than we have
ever hnd," .lames Cronin remarked
yesterday, while in coiivcrs.it.oii with
tlw Leader represenl.itive. "True,
we are cutting down lhe grade and
shipping a lower quality of ore ami
concentrates ihan we did some lime
ago, but this is made feasible by the
plant owning Its own smeller.
Heretofore we have boon shipping only the higher grade stuff, hul
now we arc pulling through the mill
everything lhat carries values. This
is operating the mine a* it slwuld be
operated and it- will make it bolter
all around."
Win. White, whu arrived this week
from Bishcy, Arizona, has been made
superintendent to fill Ihe position until recently occupied by Geo. Clothier
Mr', While was one of the lirst miners
ever employed al tlte St, Eugene and
worked there wlun he and Mr. Cronin constituted the whole force. He
sneiit two years in Colorado ami
three years iu Smith Africa since
leaving hero six years ago. "Billy"
i.s a miner of the t'u:i rank, and a»
all around good fellow, and the
Leader is pleased to boo him promoted to his present position.
Philadelphia, June 111.—Twenty
years of solitary confinement with
hard tabor, wus the sentence pro-
hotfncod lo-day on John Joseph
Kean, the abductor of liiile Freddie
The enormity of lira man's   crime,
which had aroused    the     whole cilv,
stirred  lhe ollieers of     lha law    to
quick   action. Kean   was  arrested
yesterday   al   ahoul    the lime    ihe
(oiiris were rinsing.     Promptly    at
In   o'clock     this   morning he     was
photographed and   measured hy    the
BerliUioli method.     Twenty-live min
uies later he h.ni been arranged   It*
fore a magistrate and committed   to
court   without, bail.     The grand jury
,.,. |    ,,..   .......,..-,,. ..    ,,...,      ,,.,,  quickly found a true hill ami at 11.2(1
HILL  IS'III J. ERRED    RACK     IO      m    |k)  Wn(f  ,,.   ||h, vrimiwt    mil
COMMITTEE BV HOUSE OF       awaiting   his turn    to face     Judge
COMMONS. Sirlsberger.     Shortly afler 12 o'clock
  | lire judge passed sentence upon    him
Of lawn, ill  2L—Thfl private bills njjfl at 12,8(1 the great  iron doors ol
committee of the commons the oilier the penilcptlnry closed behind him
day threw mil the divorce granted l« bis quick irip from liberty in the
lo Eileen Mackintosh, wife of solitude of Terry Hill, no friendly
Charles si. Lawrence Mackintosh ami b..nd or voice was raised in the
now the commons has referred back prisoner's behalf. If he behaves him-
Ihc report tor further consideration s<'-f his sentence, under the law, will
Hon. Mr. Aylesworlh said Ite never he reduced to 12 years and 'd months,
saw a plainer case where divorce The court had lhe power to give him
should  he granted.   Life  to  the wo- a life sentence.
inan, ns now lead,  would he intoler j . a ,
able,   ilie  minister of jiisit.ee added.
The applicant  had presented evidence SAFE.
thai   induced   the   senate   to  dissolve | 	
the marriage she contracted seven "The work vou are called upon to
years ago with Charles Mackintosh, perform will require a strong con-
soh of ex-Governor Mackintosh.     A st Button "
million for reconsideration was pass-     "That's ail right," said the    aped on the assurance that the attend   plleant, "I've lived on canned   meat
mice in    commit tte last week    was for the past sixty days."
- small and that the case was disposed     There being no better proof the ap-
'  of without time for due con&kleratinnj plicgnt was immediately engaged.
Grand Forks, B. C, June 22.—Tlie
West Kootenay Power A Light Company is experiencing greal difficulty
In securing stonemasons lo work on
its substations at Grand Foi lis and
Green wood .^and although the company is paying *li a day it is forced lo
work slim (handed. Tins compan) Is
constructing a model pule lm,- from
Rossland io Boundary Falls, R distance of sixty miles." Us power is
carried by thrco wire cables about
half an inch in thickness, the combined capacity of the three cables be
ing no thousand volts, or lhree times
thc capacity of the Cascade Power -v
Light Company's plant under the
present charier. The West 'Kootenay
Company can only go as far west as
Houndary Falls, imt expects to secure a further extension of Its charter at tlie nexl session of the provincial Legislature to enable it to operate anywhere in llie county of Yale,
when this tine will be extended further west. This companv contemplates supplying power to dozens of
mines in addition to the \ irious
towns for domestic use. This line of
sixty mites will cost half » million
Seattle, June 22—Lumher rales
from Pitgel Sound to coastwise points
are on the Increase The rate from
Washington to California points Is
now higher Ihan it has been for
years, and shippers stale tlml tin v
expect   lhe  piice  to Continue   ■ ".n im'
Shipping tuen State Ihai  ihr udv-n	
in price is occasioned hv n bIipM-uko
ol vessels In take Cargo Ifl Con Itti 0
ports. Praclii-tillv ,,11 ,.[ th,- ,',.,,,i
schooners operated from San Frnueij.
ro, whidi handled ihe large p.m m
the trade, have lieen lied up.     V.-.
sols now on  Ihe inn cannot   |>.    hi
handle ilie ninniuil ,,( I umbel , i	
Mills willed have been s. nlin. huge
ipi.niiiiics iu foreign poi li   an-   not
ifieeled.   hut   Ihose  in    Miei-dccii   hi I h,
hat vicinity, which denrnd i.n ■■ ti on
nasi im. trnde, have dithnilt.   m      i
ing rid of lheir output.
The    following      f      lhe   Pun bn
Creek Echo, edited bv our old friend
Si Saunders, shows ihal he is pros
poring in Pincher Creek, a facl llml
will please all or h s friends through
out lhe west, and be has manv ..f
Mr. E. T. Saunders his siait-d
work on an addition to the Echo
office fo make room for his rapidly
increasing business. It will he lii
x 21 on the east side of his presenl
building and will be used as a press-
room. When completed he will hiatal a water motor am) also a new
job press. He also has under con
struelion on his residence lots ou
lhe north side of the creek a 211 x 21
ft. stable with accommodation fm
lhree horses, carriage house ant harness room and expects in the couise
of a COUple of weeks to begin wmk
uu a stone cottage uu same lots. THE  CIIANBHOOK   HERALD
•"pi IE cist of living is
•1 na important thing
in must homes. You
may huve to tit-nre closely in these matters. A
little extra on a barrel
ot Hour nay look big to
But there is a dirTer-
ence between spending
money wisely and spending it foolishly.
Sometimes it is economy to spend instead otto
sin e. li is in thc case of
Royal Household Flour.
'I hose tin extra cents
a  week,  that yive  you
Royal Household Flour
in preference to inferior fluur, buy health,
Nuiliiiig contributes sn much to the food ynu
eat ns flour, innl therefore nothing Bhould In* more
cureliilly bought. Ogilvie's Royal Household l-'lour
is the whitest, cleanest ami most nutritious llmir that's
milled, li istheonly flour
thai is absolutely pure.
Ask your grucer,
Ogllvle Flour Mills Co., LM.
"f\.|lvi,*'H   ll..,,k   l„r  a Cili,"
f Iiiiii.   lm  lum.   ..I   unllilit
rcclpia, HOiiiii lie... |.ul.li.il.i*.l l.u.
I    Vour ei i* can tut) Jul.
Ii-u* to get II i'ltl.6
For early fruits and vegetables write us
for prices. The cherry crop is shorl gel
your order booked now.
Undertaking and Embalming
Funerals directed from  private houses, churches or our
own parlors.    Flrstclass undertaker In attendance J> .*
Cranbrook Cooperative Stores
clothing that is "Gilt Edge" in name, |
♦ "Gilt Edge" in material, "Gilt Edge" in |
t make call and see the new stock of Ready |
made clothing just received.    All Union i
Xcabtno Business
DOUSCS of flbav^s*
Villi*   Ulu- Smciu-r iluy-...
Marysvillo   Ims
I*.*  inlu lii-r.iivn.
Tin1 i. ii ii now lum
,*t ix'rnii nt pn.
roll      Tin* llrn.l.l
.-.in  I nlv   i-ii-
ilore.. tlm following
In.Bill.lBS III H1S.-B 1
ICentral Hotel
I lu . lending ho-
I'. Handle., l'rop.,|S. J. Morrow. Manager
Id in the Sl. ffl
Mans   valley. S
{•J Ili.iiiiK Km.in scniic llu- Ik-si.
|j The plate to stop when . [siting lhe Smeller City |S
<*** wSft
iThe Royal Hotel     _,
ffl A. P. Chenette Proprietor                    ^
S Has been recently refurnished ami is now one of s
ffl thc best hotels in the district.    Headquarters for 25
ffl lhc people.                                                      jg
| Marysville Drng Co.
& Wc carry a complete stock of everything in the
Bi Drug and Stationery line. No need to send away
\tii foryour goods. jjj
Rambling Reveries
From  shadow-land  of  memory
a golden draau comes unto on.
In nacy I am back among
The happy (hours when 1 wrtf young.
In vivions yet 1 sev lhe day.
When 1 had been a year away—
.My tirsl year—and" 1 nought once
Heart-soil- ami siek, my faihei's
Ami as 1 dimlitit thv winding road
I |i the last hill, a something glowed
Wltibin my tKUOm like a flaiue,
An eestacy without a name.
Kor    there,     acroBS    the     evening's
I  saw   the old hai D darkly  loom.
Ami  past it,  Iiom lt  window   tiiigtit,
a swoid oi glory pierced the ntafit*"
'the light ol h.iiui*.     As Irom alar
The    Wis-e     imii saw      tue heavenly
So thai  sweet light, unto my eves,
Seemed leading on to 1'aradise.
Again, in fancy, I draw near;
Again l Uirough the window peer,
Vgaln I pass ihe open door;
Vi'.ain 1   ''leal  aiiuss   Ihe llmir,
Vgarlfl 1 clasp my mother's form;
\garlu l feel hei tear drops warm;
Vgain l grasp my faihei's hand;
\gain I iifi uiv heai t expand
inio that overwhelming sense
ui my too deep tor utterance,
Hul 'tis a romance oflon told,
A story Ihal  is sweel and ulnl,
\ i.iii- that's found Un- world'a heart
wat "i
Since Jesus gave it deathless lorm;
Ami   many    a heart    with Joy has
Above some prodigal returned,
Sn sweet  Uut scene was unto me,
lt sheds a halm through memory,
A sort ol kindly influence brought
To touch and ylariden every thought.
That night I slept within—0 joy!—
The room I slept in when a boy.
A golden dream eame unto me; j
1 thought the    whole world was    a
Whose breaking waves rose fierce and
Beneath a Mack, tempestuous sky.
And many ft H'e 1 saw go out;
And   many   a     wreck    was   strewn
But, safe amid the rush and roar,
I stood upon a happy shore,
A  land that shone  'neaHi   Heaven's
A sunny, green and peaceful isle,
On which the old house reared    its
An ark of safety in  the storm;
I stood, amid the breakers' foam,
Secure upon the Isle of Home.
If you will learn Uie seriousness of
life, and its beauty also, live for
your husband; do like the nightingale
to his domestic life; be to him like
the sunshine between the trees; unite
yourself inwardly to him. bt guided
by him, make him happy and then
you will understand what is Uie besl
happiness of life and will acquire, iu
youi* own eyes, a worth with God
and wilh man. Woman is designedly
ompanioit and helpmate for man
She can assist him In t-he afiairs of
a humble home, or in the duties of
public. She is no less womanly
when she enters the various arts,
sciences, trades and professions than
when she graces only the domestic
ole. Successful men in public or
private -life often owe much of their
success lo the ass si ance rendered
bciii by their wives, mothers, or sis*
The lirst word a child utters is apt
i lie "Mother." and the old man in
is    dying    dream    calls   "Mother:
Molher1"       It matters not whether
d;e was brought  up  in the surround-
ngs of a cily and in affluent    home,
iml  was dressed appropriately   with
reference to tti' demands of modern
life, or    whether  she    won- the old
ne cap and great round spectacles
d apron of    her own make,    and
kn 11     you    sock s    w i lh     her    own
needles, seated bj the broad fireplace,
wilh great  black  logs _,bl*\i-. on    a
tei  night.     It  mailers uot   how
iv wrinkles crossed ami reorossed
hei  face, or bow much her shoulders
iped wiih Un- burdens of a   long
life,  ii vou painted a Madonna hers
ih! be the lace,     What  n gentle
bund she bad when we were sick, and
what a voice to sooih pain, ami  was
ihere any one who could so till up a
room    wilh    peace   ami  purity    and
light?     And   what a sad   day    that
is    when we eame   home and she
uld greet us not, for hei  lips were
loi ever still.
We have seen signs that Indicate
hat gambling in various forms is
gelling a foothold in Uie eoiotnunity,
.lice the elYect of lhe crime upon
domestic happiness. It has sent ils
ruthless plowshare through hundreds
.1 families, unlit the wife sat iu
nigs, and the daughters were displaced, and Uie sons grew up to thc
same Infamous ptaolTces or took a
■.boil cut i<i destruction across    bhe
iniirderei's- Scaffold. Home has losl
:ill charms for tbe gambler. How
taine are the children's caresses and
a wife's devotion lo the gambler!
How quieily  ihe   lire burns on    Ihc
 estic hearth!       There  must     be
louder laughter, and something to
it and sm ne th nig io lone araieiotte-
....•iit lo drive Uh- heart tauter and
Warm the blood and lire the imagination. No home, however bright, can
keen hack Uie gamester, The sweet
all iif love bounds back wilh his
mi soul, and all the endearments
ie consumed m the llauie of his
We saw a picture of content'    the
other   morning—a   happy hoy about
II years old, who was driving a
dirt-cart along the slreot.    The lines
p secured between his knees; the
horses were jogging leisurely along;
the sun shone pleasant lv; his coat
was off, awl his calico shirt looked
clean and cool; his hat was :tipped
hack upon bis 'Intnl. and he had two
pebbles lhat he picked up from the
dirt, and these he was tossing,
Ui rowing one up as tho other fell,
catching each In his turn, and on his
face was a happy, boyish look of
content, that any world-weary man
would give a fortune to wear as his
own. Looking at him, we thought
life is pretty much what we make it
after all. Happiness does not spring
from wealth or leisure, but (rom a
contended mind. We doubt If there
is a happier heart. In our city than
was 1b|t of the hoy riding upon his
dirMaden cart, tossing his pebbles in
the sunshine.
wife and mothei bi ii"' oul) a ver it-
able haven of rest, but tin safe bar-
bor wbo.se beacon light will guide bei
bread winneis safety past all rocks
and shoals with unfailing certaintj
Tbe woman whose cheerful sp
lake tiiat   brave  altitude   toward   life
Uut enables ber to bear courageous!)
Uie inevitable burdens of hw
MitHHiietit,   that  su, ngthi ns hi
terminations   not     to tret or worry
those wbo. for her sake, ale fighting
Uie haid bat'les m tie- world, baa
reached that altitude thai proclaims
her piie** above rubies, and her Influence and example are not fell
only within the limits of the foui
walls she has made the unassailable
bulwark ,.l state and societj. a happy
home, bm reach to those she kuows
not of.
McVittie & Laidlaw!
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors,
THOS. T.  McVlTTIR, P.  L. S.
J. T. LAIDLAW. M. !•:.
I Seven Years Ago {
j in Cranbrook .* jt j
j ITEMS CUI.l.ED lllnM Mil. ♦
I illKAI.Ii Of lll.l imii I
\»*HC»;cc.;c . ;. . , i .-*. .   >'■
J   First-class Work by Experi-   ■■
enced  Hands.
I    The Cranbrook Hotel    1
..   Facial Massage a Specialty   ',*
£ T. E. SOUTH, PropV. I
Robinson a McKe
then    nuibuit'i \    in place
stait to .saw lln- lusl nt Hi
• -♦ •	
'WW?*;'*--*. •
♦■»■■ ***t
Wardnei had Another lire l.i i week,
The   bouse of   .lolm   Suck-.iini li      was
bmiied and quite a Uu  ul l 'hold
goods destroyed.
The Cranbrook hotel has Improved
the appearance of ils bar by adding
three large heavy plate minors. A
man can look at himself now when
he is trying lo stand Pri tli .md Mc
Millan oil fot* a "Collins."
I)r. W. S. Bell, Dominion veterinary
Inspector, is now localed in Craubrook. It is is his duly to Insnecl
all dairy cows in this districl tool.
after any reports of diseases annuit
domestic animals.
T. A. Crelghton hus a curiosity ii
store in 'the sluupc of a wfcro hu*h
heavilv laden wilh ripe cherries. It
has attracted a Rfcal ileal of alien
tion and many people marvel at the
wonderful freak of nature. Tbe secret of this peculiar growth Is known
to Mr. Crcigbloii ami those who desire to cultivate cherries in Ibis manner would do well to consul I him.
Captain Miller, sn well known on
the Kooteuay river, attempted lo
take the steamer Gwendoline l"1'0111
Llbby, Mont., around the falls by
train, a distance of four miles, ami
place her in the river again Ior use
on Kootenay lake. The boa I was
successfully loaded on three Hat cars
hut In rounding a curve she toppled
off and fell into a ravine, turning o\
er and lighting on her smokeslak and
making her a complete wreck,
i.s now located in its comfortable and attractive new quar-
t ters in the Manitoba Hotel.
t This institution is just up-to-
* date and is inodmily equipped
| to do just the best work in all
t branches of the tonsorial art.
»■•■■ ■ i *4)
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days after date, I intend making ap
plication to the Hon. The Chef Com*
m-issioner of Lands and Works for a
Special License to cut and take away
timber from the lollowlng described
1. Commencing at the south-east
corner uf Lot BB76, near Yahk
Slat ion, Soulh Kast Kooteuay,
tfcence running west ill) chains, south
Ub chains, cast SO chains, north BU
chains to place of commencement.
2. Commencing at the lirst soutliwesl angle (rum the Moyie river ul
the King Timber Lease (Lot 1897)
Soulh hast Kootenay, Uienco run
ning east 81) chains, suutli su chains,
west 80 chains, norlh &u chains, lu
place uf commencement,
3. Commencing at the south-east
corner of No. 1. thcuce luiiuing west
80 chains, south SU chaius, easl SU
.iuius, uurth SU chains, tu place ul
Utttud and staked May isih,  11)011,
J. Hanbury,
»-5t Klku, ti. U.
Sixty days after date I intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands ami Wurks to purchase the following described lauds .situate tu
South Kast Koolenay, B. C.
Commencing at a post at the S.
K. corner lot uiM?, group I, thence
north SU chains, thence east 40
chains, thence south UHl chains,
thence West 20 cliains, thenci! north
iti cliains, thence west 2ti chains tu
the place ol beginning, containing 3U
acres, mure or less.
Dated Ihis 8th day of Mav, HUlli,
7-Df Roy C. Myers.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
7/t Buy and Sell on Commission
WANprED:~-Western Oil and
Diamond Vale Shares.
Waghorn, Gwynnc &
The home that possesses * cheerful  f«i
Any available Dominion Lauds
within the Railway Belt in BnUfh
Columbia, may be bomesteaded by
any person who is lbe sulc head ol a
family, ur any male over 18 years ol
age, lo the extent uf one-quarter
section ol Uiu acres, moro ur ucss.
Entry must he made personally at
the local land otlice for Lhe district!
iu which tiie land is situate.
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected there*
with under one uf Lhu lulluwu.gl
(1) At least six mouths' residence
upon uud cultivation of ib<< land In
each year Tot three years.
(2) If the father (oi molher, il lhc
father is deceased), of the homesteader resides upon a farm in Uie vicinity or lhe laud entered loi, the ro-
qiiiremcuts us lo residence may he
satisfied by such person residing with
tbe father or mother.
(3) if Uie settler has his permanent residence upon farming laud owned hy him iu the vicinity of his
homestead, the requirements as to
residence may be satisfied by residence upon the said laud.
Six months' notice in writing
should be given to the Commissioner
of Dominion Lands at Oltawa of intention to apply for patent.
Coal lands may be purchased at $10
per acre for sort coal ami %iti ior
anthracite. Not more than 'dm
acres can lie acquired by one Individual or company. Royalty at Uie
rate of tea cents pcr tun of 2,UUU
pounds shall be collected un the gross
Deputy of the Minister uf the Inlerior
N.B.—Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will uot be    paid
When You
Come to the Metropolis Stay at the
Palace Hotel
Stephens & Rockendorf
Opposite C. P. R.
Si.oo   PER   DAY
Calgary, Alta.
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory
All kiiuls of finish work in
way of doors, windows, transoms, ole. Kiln ilrii-U himlmr
for inside work. Our work is
gunrfttitcod ami our prices arc
satisfactory.    Hereon    doors
Rough and Dressed Lumber
For Sale
>»ii »»»♦««♦( i
The Cranbrook
Dye Works
Over Calfiry Butcher Shop
Geo. B. Powell* Proprietor
For high class work in dyeing,
cleaning, pressing, repairing uml
French Dry Clearing a Specialty
Wu do all kimla of ladies' work
' rS ■—-»™i.tM___________--____«
!  \
Then. i« loubl iimi Cranbrook iwople  like _	
doieiil ol laillea wyinii every .lay to tliell (.lends, " W   ■■
llurrii Bro-V" end they a inliij.   We handle tlie	
 try.   Special price, lor 25 and SOU., I„.».
Our l-jijflish Cured Hams
and Boneless Corned Beef have gained a reputation second to none.
I ml hand ever. dny. . lylllt. nn.l -
Qfifffl&QSQffiKSftfflffifitiafiffilSE «Sfi S Zfflffl
I       PANTS OFF       1
| ffl
ffl our shelves must move. We are filled up with              ffl
ffl od_  line, that we offer oi  absolutely    COST              ffl
ffl MARK. ffl
ffl                                  . ffl
S, Working pants at $1.75 _
■gj Dress   pants   at $3.25 _
ffl ffl
I Cranbrook Cooperative Stores |
B C. Livery and Feed Stables   i
4     Blacksmiths, Woodworkers and BlcydejRepairers     i
McLaughlin Carriages and Deering; Implements for Sale 4
4    Shop Phone 50 P. O. Box 144
Barn Phone °J
a**************** ******
|f- *«•___________________ ^flnulailuf.-r. id
Rough and dress.
ALso atl kinds
Jalfruv. Ryan ,-u
Uraiilirook, B.C
head Olllce,' Cran.ru!
"  :*
,   *
S***#****** ******#*****»i«*#S'
I **    COLUMBIA   HOTEL    # •
I Otto V. Hough, Proprietor '
| Newly furnished throughout.   Best of dining rootf '.
I and comfortable rooms,    When in Elko, call and bi ■ ns ®
" ' 4>
******■-. i.i t t,****^***^44,99999999^i^.'l . . . . . . ; ; , i,
Robinson=McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kindt Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber THK   (IIIAMIIIIKIK    IIKHAI.O
Uy the ihralil   Publishing Company,
*fc /d^^}^^-^
Editor ami Manager,
The Herald is worth %tii a year. H
Costs only 12. No man m South
East Kootenay can aflord tu lie without it, and everyone living outside ot
the district, who is Interested in tha
■progress ol this section, Bhould read
it. lt publishes the news while ii is
news, lt is controlled absolutely hy
tiie publishers. No clique, party o
individual dictates iis policy. It
don't try to please tbe people. It's
desire is to publish a newspaper that
will be a credit to the community.
Send in your subscription and you
will be thankful evei afterward,
Advertising rates   n per inch, pei
month, no more am! no  less.
Reading mattei l"> cents per line
to uon-*dvertisers; in cents per Hue
to regular advertisers.
If vou desire to reach the ■  ol
Souih Easl Kootena) • • musl advertise in Tbe I lei .iiii
The Herald has b Hi t - Is '-;
plant, and Its work is ol tbe best,
The Herald don'l wanl charity I'
wants a square deal on your job
work. If we can't suit you in quality ami price, kick, and send youi
wmk to Borne Cheap John liouse   In
the  oast  tlt.it  nevei   spelul-  a   cent   Hi
public ami private life. We bn-
in*it tint the depai * rn* Iii ol
la il l works Is beii i b in
littered ttrlcUy acroiding to tbe
1,1 h without fear oi lavor. We believe thai every person who has
business wnh the departmenl is
getling ;i "square deal
II we ini nol believe that lobe
true, The Col..nisi would nol sup-
pi.tt ihe government. Those who
have ->ii opposite opinion, or are
anxious to prove the opposite,
have an opportunity to make
iMi position good by any facts
within their knowledge. The lack
of such proof is demonstrated by
ii.i- campaign of lying slandei
which is being indulged In.
It is to be hoped that this
statement of our bel iel respecting
the present political situation will
be regarded as satisfactory.
Mori:   ihan
1,000 zv Week
This Is lho gunratitcoil circulation ol tho lli-iul.!
l'u--... room.iiii.I _iih_crl|i-
Iimi lists open Iii hivci-limi-
iimi liy -iilvortlser. nl uny
Tlm lli'iulil gives a dollar
in value Ini* :i ilnlhi in tiioii-
.•y.   Tin. ii.lv....is,-, Iw- ih,.
right lu know wlmt In* is
receiving   for  Iiiu   money,
The Ilernlil  in  one  paiier
Unit courts InvestllignUon.
The Herald  will be found on
, sale at the billowing places:
»   arysville, Marysville Drug Slore '
\ Wardner, U Donahue's Store
* Moyie, S. K. Harvie's Drug Store '
f Ryan, R. P. Flnlay
Fernie, Purdy's Hunk Store
Hike, lloibroiik's Ilnok Slnrc
Cranbrook, Beattie & Atchison's <
andC. B. Keid & Co.'s
\\ ui ll! VQE ON DECENCY.
Paris, June 11 —Mrs. Quggen-
Mm of N.-w York spent il ,0011
.rn the wardrobe ol her lavot lie
Pomeranian dog last week She
trdered twelve new costumes foi
inm, each one for a different time
.-I ih,- day. There was an automobile coal, a coupe COat, ,i  VIC
loria coai, three batbrotite, a
traveling coat .mil a ra-tn coat.
une oi ln> automobile coats cosl
$75. ll is einh'roidered heavily
wiili seed pearls and wilh it wenl
a new collar with a real pearl
li is this kind of damphnolei'y ihat
makes a lot ol people on earth dis
satisfied with life, discontented, revengeful and mean al h.-aii and low
in spirit, There -tire thousands needing fuml in lbe world, and yel hero
Is an idiotic woman spending money
like a illunker sailor, mi a poodle
dog. There are millions in the
world who have nol proper clothing,
millions of human beings, ami yol
ibis pampered canine is paraded about)
iu purple ami linen, li luiilly seems
[ioshUiIo ihai God would create such
a creature wbo would Haunt her
wealth in ilu- lace of ihe poor in this
manlier. And whal is more this
wealth was wrung from the people
in the unlimited possibilities of lho
smelter trust. When thc millions
were being piled up to buy $1,000
outfits for a dog, there were honest
miners in British Columbia striving
their best to secure a fair wage for
i inking iheir lives underground shift
after shift. There should be a law
nl some kind that would restrict
such an un jnsi accumulation ol
wealth aud another law where justice
tomperod with mercy and sympathy
could he administered to ihe distraught brain that would indulge iu
such crazy ideas as is Illustrated in
lho ahove announcement.
Tliere is considerable discussion
these days as to wbethei' or not there
is to he an eleclion Ihis fall in British t'olumbia. And in ihis connection
is Ihe rumor thai Chief Commissioner (lreen is to be rellred from the
government. The Victoria Colonist is
the governmenl organ at tlie capUal,
and the readers ol the Herald may
he Interested in knowing whal     the
Colonist has lo say on these two im-
iuipni taut questions. For thai reason the following statement is print
The Colonist is asked to slake
its reputation for veracity by
making a statement, as to whether
it is not ibe intention ol Premier
McBride to ask the Lieutenant
Governor for a dissolution during
the present yeai, and also as to
whether il is nol the intention to
di op lhc chief commissioner from
the government. The Colonist is
not called upon to speak for the
premier on questions regarding
which he is fully competent ami
ho doubt prepared lo speak for
himsell. lie is the mouthpiece of
iho government,
Tlte Colonist, however, has mi
hesitation In affirming Its own belief. If it In- any satisfaction to
(now our muni, then- is m. human
probability ol the premici asking
lur a dissolution before the expiry  of   the     tei m   of   lhe   present
parliament. Nor, so far as wc
can see is there any reason lor
hung ng on general elections. The
country is well satisfied with the
condition ol alta Irs politically,
and only a few professional! politicians with visions of office are
worrying aboui the matter.
We may also slate thai there
is no grounds for tho .supposition
that the chief commiss oner of
lands and works has not tlte entile confidence of his colleagues.
He bas been Ihe subject of a great
deal of persecution. It is a homely old saying that the good apple
trees in an orchard may be told
hy Ihe number of sticks and
stones lying underneath. The bitter attack being made upon Mr.
Green is a tribute to his merits
as a member and an administrator.
We have no hesitation iu expressing the fullest confidence in
the honesty nnd honorable dealing
ot the chief commissioner, hoth iu
Frank Oliver intends lo go to England (his summer to clear the trouble
aroused by the Atlantic Trading
William Whyte is so strong in his
advocacy of exclusive rights for the
C. P. ii., that he has inaugurated a
hitter word warfare against Hill anil
what he terms tho "American invasion of Canada."
What Canada needs is more reformers and less agitators.
The members ol parliament will
get away from Ottawa weather as
soon as possible, but many of theni
will find wanner weather at home
when they face their constituents.
When you see a mun very busy
nowadays it is safe to gamble that
he has Just come home from a vacation ot  is getting ready to take one
Aldermen  Kyan and   Murphy   have
gone to the coast to compare Solicilor Thompson's sign bye-law with
those in operation at lhe coast
Look oul for the fireworks next
week, Don'l let a foolish idea abonl
patriotism or youthful pleasure bum
up the town.
li is a tar better Idea fm '-very
Individual   lo   talk   happiness The
world is   sad enough   wilhoul    your
You are after the
Dollars. So are we
Let os get together on a business proposition and divide the prolits. ;Yoo need
clothes. We sell clothes. We handle the
20th Century Brand
and therefore are able lo Rive you value received for
every dollar you spend in our store. We don'l want
exorbitant profits, nor will we take them, We have
been in business in Cranbrook for eijjhl years, and
have lollowed one policy In business, " Fair treatment
to the people." We want a profit and must have it,
but we are satisfied with a fair profit, and wanl to give
you the best of goods for your money. That Is why
we sell the 20TH CENTURY BRAND
of clothing. This brand is unique, Inasmuch as il (ils
like a tailor-made suit, wears like asbestos, and il
looks right until worn out.   .*   j*   ~-     --    -*     *
But, clothing is nol all we sell.  Have you seen our
Stock of Furniture
It is the best in the district. And our Dry Goods Department is complete in every respect. The best and
latest in designs. No lady can afford lo miss the opportunity of saving money that we offer in this department
Greatest Store
Clean morals are essentia!
husiness, and it is well fo
business man lo ln-.n   ibis i
Tlli'lr  Is a
mini in New
Villi,      lllln
LIS 11 I'll It'll
76,(1110 jiilu's.
Tlioro is ii
llllll    ill    I'l.!
1.1. I'l'l'll 11
liuiui,   iiii..-*
ulmii. In.*
Tin* .lays
..*.. getting sl
..ii...    mnl
I..- nlglila a
o Ki'lllng lm
mi   liver)
n.m   limilil
m.il.i* liny «1
Ir   Ihr  sun
Tlio Siiiulii
will    puss
V     IlllSITVillllT
lllll   tll.lt
,il,m        Illi.
niiiul ly liael
III   111,*   ll.ll s
ill   illl|tlisi-
illll   llllll   lilt*
llllll*  Laws .
1  I'lilliUTli-
cul. Tbe Herald trusts Hi.it it vvill
pass in the severe form ibat il W&8
presented,     as in that way il    will
leach the people what I rue liberty
means. No man who is a radical in
any way should he permit letl to dictate for the whole people. Sunday
is a day thai should be observed and
every man should have one day a
week for rest, iml  lhe people should | fi
an.l ihe woods, the streams and lho
lakes. Liberty is a great boon but
fanaticism is llw curse of modern day
Time is money, and Ihere are a
few peuple around Cranhrook who
shnuld haw all kinds oi lilotiey ll
lhat is the case.
The cily council will soon pass a
curfew by-Jaw and a belter thing
could not be done. There are loo
many young people in Cranbiook
running wild and a curfew law may
have the desired effect.
The more that British Columbia is
Known the more the people feel ibat.
ii is the banner province of the
Do in nion.
There is timber enough around
Craubrook to keep thc mills going
fm lhe nexl twenty to thirty years.
Ai least ihis is the opinion of lumbermen who ate thoroughly posted on
lbe conditions.
The man who cannol honestly say
a goo.) wiinl tor Cranbrook and   ibe
llislrlct musl be a pessimist ol lhe
worst Lind.
li looks as if ibe Koolenav Cen*
n.ii charter has been extended
aiiolhei two years', If this is iruo
ii  is a mistake,    The raid    should
he huili ami al ojtcu. The eoiil.liy
Ill-ids   lhe   lian.spoiialii.il  and   lbe  ie-
soum-s ot ihe 1,-llei are willU'lenl lo
insure paying tonnage.
The Herald is   growing in cl renin
1,tlloii ami business eiei i moiltCl, an I
Uns is tine to lbe people, .They can
make or break a paper or any oiher
business, and Ihey have evidently determined that the Herald shall forgo
ahead. The management of the
paper are doing all in tbelr power
in give the people value received,
Where   mnsi   weeklies  are  publishing
a  foil!'  page     papei   lln-   lln.,hi   pnuls
au eight   page paper, and an    eight
page   paper eosls    a lot  nioie >nioin y
I-..eh month.      The large circulation
rnjoywl by  Ihc Herald gives lo   tho
er    value received  for     the
ie pays for advertising in ibis
paper.     When a   man pays,    money
dverlising he has  the right   tn
have we have got, and what we have
every advertiser gels the benefit of
it. That is why it pays to advertise in the Herald. And yet the
people are the ones who have done
ii all. They have given Lhe Herald
iis circulation, they have given the
Herald its advertising and they have
given the Herahl its immi use ainounl.
of job work. The Herald's hal is off
to the people.
The convention of locomotive firemen was opened at Ottawa Tuesday
last. Ai the meeting ol Ihc Cana-
a.iian I ii toll, Eugene A. Hall, ni
Brant-ford, fourth    vice-grand master
calloused heart.
Taking livings     easy moans a hard
selge of paying.
of    lh.*
Urol bei'liooi
Those who many for nioiiev a'ni
.variably earn It.
ll  is a wise father who
hinges of Du- front gate,
The really     self-i
m.i-is of his makei
The man     who lives hv Ills    wil-
Usually   dies  a III lllsl   WOI'S.
false friend can
Worry than
llllll-    SI
rn    1 i"!      1 h.il      IK'
i Iiii
,'l   lll.l	
III.'    Iml    [ill      .mmi
Hi.llll   III
nil-,   II iih  lilli.i/ihii   i.i
I i
iin* ih
.,1 III III,
•   Willi;',   I'.l,lilll.ill*   iml*
1   I'lltisll.i
lllll   lirli'l   ill*.mm   ll|.*
-i'ii u*
I'S   III   11   |i
Irs-i   lum.HI   In      Ml., 1.,-
1,111111 II.
Some men never toaiti
for reform until ihey are
pirn-bid hy lhe evil.
be allowed  lo choose  their way      of j know    what   be is     lo got  for    b
resting, and  the poor who spend six money, and any advertiser has     tho
days fl week slaving lheir lives away privilege to examine the subscription
in the hardest of toil should have  a books of the    Herald or watch    thc
chance on Sunday lo enjoy the beau- Papers as they are printed   and keep
ties of nature and all that (iod   has his eye on  Win     automatic counter,
given for the benefit of the rich who There is no pig in the poke    about
can go during the werk to the parks tbe   Herald circulation.      What    we' mud pics.
A   whole  lot    of
ereilil for being gre
imitating lhc ways
I men hv
i.f really
Some people claim credit for self
sacrifice when they uiv awav some
thing Mini is in the way around Ihi
The man who loses and smiles l.<
a better man than the yue who win;
and boasts.
We feel profoundly sorry for llu
Mid that is never allowed to malt.
chairman, and Oeorgo K. Ward, oi
Toronio Junction, general chairman
of telle brotherhood on the Canadian
I'acilic Railway system, was elected
secretary, About 160 Canadian delegates aro In the ciiy and mil) inn
from lho different parts oi the States
aud Mexico, A greal gathering took
placo in ihe Russell theatre, where
addresses of welcome weie delivered
i,i Mayoi Ellis, Hon. Messrs. Em*
mel son nud  Lemieu.v.
linn. II. I!. Emmet-sun, minister uf
railways and canals, saul thai there
wcru man) reasons why tlie Interna-
mm Brotlrarhood should convene lu
Canada, and in lhc capital ot Can
.ula, and nut' of ||i,m was Ibat. I lie)
would have a larger idea ol lhc
duties devolving upon ihem as an
mm national organization. lie
spoke of iin- largo amount of railwaj
const ruction now going on In ihf
Dominion wuii a \u-w i„ opening up
ilie Northwest, ami oi making pcoph
realize the lasl extent an.l boundless
resources ui the Dominion, llr in
scried ihat hi' bad hem foi man}
years assoolnlod  with railwaj    men,
an.l   ihal    ll t"H'   he   u.is   nllll      In
know  ,mil eHlliiiale then  worth lli
paid  inne io tbe heroism <i,s
pi,md   on   frequent     occasions by
engineers,   conductors,   'firemen and
0.   A.      Wilson,  vice-grand  master,
Spokfl      of    Uie  loyally   ol   llieli      who
woik on thf' rallrodds iu exposing
themselves lo daily danger and said
Ihal while seeking Io legislate foi
ihe liiiii-itiieiii of themselves Ihej
h,nl in view also lhe protection ol
lhc public who ride behind Ihem on
lhe trains.
R, l„ Horden expressed Ills pleasure lo be wilh such a body of loyal
an,I wann-heartei! men. He said lhe
day was now past when Canada was
not given her due by the United j
Slales and oilier nations, and referred to tho improved labor conditions of the present over those of a
few years ago.     Ho wished thfl con-
only hoped the
vent ion.
During    the  course ol bis nddr
Mr. Borden made n pleasing refer,
io ,1. Harvey li.ill. legislative re
sen tat ivo of  the railway unions
Ottawa, praising bis energy   and dl-l Augusl
plomaey, and crediting him with hav-'lowinS nmn,h
■ii of puili. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
, Medicine Hat, June 20.—The hearing of Quo. P. Sanderson, ol Wetask
iwiii, former Union Hank employee,
charged    wilb    embezzlement    opens
Tuesday   morning.      Sanderson   moVwl
fiom Medicine Hal to Edmonton lusl
d lost bis position ibe fnl-
llo has hem cngag
, ..I  hi ihe  wheat  husiness in  Wetnski*
g    accomplish.\|    much In securing win    all spring,   nnd Cromplon     is
jislation  for railway  trainmen.       known to have been with bim
llmt.  Rodolpho   Lemlctix   extended],
led slat iun   for   raiiwav   trainmen.       ' '(
Iiiih June.     Certain discrep
the books have heen  revealed   in   the
good wishes on behalf of Bhe premier,! search which is now going on     und
iiluis,. legislative uuiii, ,l,,l „,„  ''rr-A'AZXArti^AiTA,'
l is now stated will run un inio
BgislatlVC nut ies did nol    per
mit him lo be present, and in hehal
of himself as postmaster general a"d
minister of labor, lie spoke of the
progressive labor legislation lhat had
been enacted by the Liberal govern
nieiii, especially eulogizing, Mr.
Ralph Smith, member for Nanalmo,
for his work iu this connection, lie
had high words of praise for lhe
brotherhood, ami declared lhat he
would he willing to meet them half
A. Champion, second vice-president
uf the .Machinists' union, did Ho I
thing that either ihe American m
Canadian govornmenl were doing all
lhat tbey mlgbl in tfie Interests ol
labor, but had hopes of bet tei things
in lhe near future.
.1. ,1. Hanr.ih.in made a stirring
address in which    he reviewed    the
Work of lh gani'.itioii, of wbieb be
is    grandmaster.    Ho pointed    om
llial sinee lis esl.tbl sbmenl f8,7fll,
nun    had   been      paid   in   benefit*,   and
that     iis pieseiii    membership    wn ■
."iS,.'illll. "I.ahol is heie lo BlflJ
No   powei   on   I',Uili   i.iii   ll(Wll'li)     oi
gnnlzed unions iu Canada ol the ( ml
,.l Slales l.ai.oi iod... is nirona
er Ilmn .-v.-i 'before, and lieforu   lo
labor will seleel ihe pre i ol Cn
ada ami Die prcsldi'lil of lbe I nm-.l
Slates."       He said      tlinl   President
Koosf.clt      was    a     iiicnibe he
brolbcrl d. ;iml thai  be knew     Ml
Kiiiiin ison was in sympnlhj Somo
ila\. be said, if the govummcill
Would give , ihem a square di-jl be
mighl call upon the minister of labor
for lhe purpose of adjusting a se.Je
of waives. He thanked the chairman
or the evening and the entertainment
committee, ami ihe mayor anl
people of Oltawa, which he declared
lo he an ideal convention cily, ft
lhe cordial ly of its reception.
thousands and the word
cleverly covered that bm for Cromi
ton's sudden disappearance ii migli
not have been discovered foi year.
Tbe defalcation on the bank date
back to 1003.
I'm* Clerk I'ti'st     uill l,,v|i    it
.■I.il. s.   uiini*    .mm   Salni'iln)
lllllil  li-ll o'clock  Iol   llu* m'l' iiiii.I
Iiiiii of ihnso   nlm Liuiui' nei  in I
Inn* in imi   iiiiii mn   lasra     Tli
■ whn li.
nl  in i.
Imi ilisi  nml ll
l'i    IHU    sl |||   ,|,,|
.'anli.gu „i ii
WINXIPKH'S    I'lll'U.UIir.     liu
lllllll   rnmmis'Sinni-l's   |i
'llliinl   l.isl   llll'lll,  Rlln.l
I'i'|iiiI.iii..ii  in l,i.   mi ns;
Hl.lllll   Ull'   srliiuil   ,||,1,1,,,
•'   '    I.IH.'   l n.      ,-.
'sn  il I   . |,1     1   m	
| lllll
-         I .11
Li'llililiilfic, June 211.—Untiling    lhe
lirst. crop ol alfiilfii lius begun, and il
veuliun ..(teens and dcolai'etl that lie I is an excellent yield.
si Mini: I'M'i UHKINH I IHT
Tl,,'   r.in.i.l     I'm ilu*   li.ifi' lil.ii'ii
nn ii.ili*    ul   nil    Kiuilru.i.   iniiiil*.
...... I.-:.   ul   lull*     l.lll'   Hull    ii.*l.i*i
i.i various i>!isit'iii points,    'llu* Inl
liiuilit.    liilrs ,i|,|.!y      ll   lln    Liiul
Trail, Ni'isnn nnil common i is i
New Haven, Conn., aceoiuil mit-ltiitf
KiiIrIiI.s nl Columbus J.i.i i.ii, milling
dales May HI. 'in mul 30,
H i peg, Port A i Iaiiii. Imii I William, Duliilli, Sl. I'.iul, Uiini,Mimli.
$52.60; Omaha, S55.OR; Kansas I'm
J_8.-5; St, Louis, $(10.00; rhir.ii*..
$0*1.00. On sal.- Juno *l, II, V. 2:1,
35; July 3, 3; August V, 8, II; Hcpl,
», lu. On same iluii'.s Uirongli u.v-
ctirslcm turfs will In- quoted in nil
points in Ontario, Quehco, -.larllhnu
ProvincoSi New York and New l*'.ni*
land. Tickets are (Imti-olass, lim.
llll days liniil lor return mul are siib-
jeet lo usual variations of route, are
also giiiul in nne or both directions
via Uiu Great Lakes, including meals
and liirihs on hike steamers. I'e-
laili'il information on appllontion.
.1. ,S. Carler, D.P.A.,
tl Nelioii,  11.  C THE   CRAXBHOOK   HERALD
Crash and
** j»*
(rom j*
in Print, Lawn, India Linen, White
LiiiL-n ,iik1 Silk, nicely trimmed with
Lace   .ind   Kmbroidery    Insertion.
Prices from 75c. to $15.00
Ladies' white
and colored Shirt
Waist Suits, in
muslin, linenand
silk. Prices from
$3.50 to 20
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦««♦♦<■♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Mr. Wijjens writes under dale 25th of June i
" Am sorry to reporl that heavy rains have
done considerable damage to the berry crop.
'I'he crop will fall short ahout one third."
Orders received this week  will  be filled at
$3.25 per Crate
G. T. Rogers •sffiS'^H
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ««•♦•«.♦♦*♦««««.«.««««»->«
Just   What   You   Need
Just   Now
or Health Salts
It will give renewed life, clear
head, better appetite
Druggists, Stationers
Mioiif 7(. Dispensing li our specialty
Wherever men Dress Well      \
. nil  lllli  liilil llllll llll'l   Llll   llml   . lllllll   .   .mill
us.    II you .vuiii Kiirtu.'i.U Llml urn n ipri'i -m*
nl nil   that's  sin.'iri   in   I'.isliii.u,   M,ii.-miiI.
'l'u 1 I 1. r i 11 11 uml   l'u.   u.<  Imn*  tlimn  i
lttC$WeyH, thg CeadiijflCailor
Ciga.r Store
C rra. ven
Sii Philips
S.J. Mighton
** ** T H E j* .*
The most comfortable house and the best
table in the Kootenays
Apply for terms Mrs. Holford. Cranbrook
85c. buva a boys* 11.35 wa>h suii al
Held A Vo.
Miss Agnes Elliott has pun* to
Port  Hill lor a visit.
Miss Atlwood, of Movie, was in
town Saturday visiting friends,
Government Agent MeMullin, ol
Fcrnie, was in tuwu last Monday.
Harold Darling uas in town lasi
Saturday on a brief business visit.
Mi. and Mrs, Bohart, of Wardner,
spenl a lew days in town this week.
Harry White, custom officer, made
ati official \isii to Movie lasi Satur-
Nearly all ol the mills around
Cranbrook   were    closed   on    circus
The new- subscribers beep coming In
tor the Herald and ihat keeps the list
Mi ami MM Nell McLeod Curran
in.i ilautrhiet Agnes were in lown on
Mr an.l Mis McMahon an.l chit*
Iren, ol MarysvHIe, visited Iriends
in town Uns week.
It was |us| a year ago last Monday when Rnglneer Caslake ran Into
,1 rock slide and was Injured.
Mrs (1 II Bremner accompanied
Mis. Loesbv to Sirdar yesterday and
will visit there lor .1 week or moro.
.tunc weddings! For a nice as-
sortment ol English and Canadian
nn iflass, see ihe show eases at 0.
r   Rogers,
V .1. Smyth, or tho Movie Leader,
I'.iuic up law Mondav to attend bhe
■Ireiis .m.l look aflei business at Ute
same tune.
Mix* Rhode Fletcher, of lite Cranhrook hotel dining room, loft lasi
Tuesday foi Lardeau where she will
visit  fur a month,
.1 W Robinson came down from
Red Deer ibis week and reports that
the futiiM' for tin' companv and the
country is exceedingly bright.
The Kmihi'ilev (rain made a quick
run last Monday, li was ntreus flay
nitfl everybody was anxious to gel
I., town and see ihe inn elephant.
DENNIS BROWN-Waltlng von
ii-iMiiiislv Write or wire cure Win.
Copley, General Delivery, Post Ofllco,
Toronto Junction, Ont,—Harold
Brown 2-.1t'
Mrs Dan Burton relumed lasl
Snhtrdnt fiom Biuiff wliere she look
hei tiioihi-i Fred, who is the victim
nl a severe attack of Inflammatory
il ma-Ham.
L 11 VanDecar returned from Cal
gnry and Band lasl Kridav. Mrs.
v':ini>i**'.|i remained at Banff and will
rn frnm Ihere lo the onost for Au
extemled visit,
Uanied—Conlraelors     to cut     and
iiraw logs,    Address Dtp Bend Lumber Co., Arrowhead, B. c. 13-St
Alex. St.  Blots' new residence    is
abonl completed,
The hotels of Craiibrook have been
crowded the past week. People from
all over the world have been at the
banana belt center on business, pleasure and sight seeing.
Tlie ladles of Cranbrook should
bear in mind thai lhe Herald is prepared tn print the latest in ttie way
of calling cards. There is no need
to send out of lown tor anything of
the kind.
Tlie employees of the Crows Nest
Pass Lumber company haw organized a reading club at Wardner and
raised quite a large sum for Ihe purpose of buying literature. The company has turn shed the bovs a room
and Mr, Lund, tlie manager, headed
the list with a donation oi Via.
Dining room siil wi nt< tpply
Canadian  hotel 11*
V.  Desauloier,     ol   Movie, visited
Ci an brook Sunday.
Boys' linen and cobtoa wash mih*.
1-J olf-Henl A Cu.
J. Caidell. master mechanic of tb
c. p, ({., arrived In tbe citj yesterday.
Saturday b the lasi day to sav
your discount m paving yout city
■J. F Hucbcroft ami Al. !'.,•■ ol
MarysvHIe, are taking in the sights
of the eity this week.
The bride will appreciate your gift
il it   is genuine cut   nl.i*-        Sm ■;   ,1-
ls   Mllli   by   (i     T.    Rogers
Mr, and Mis. W. Mitcholl eame in
to the city Monday to Bee the circus
and   registered at   lube Cosmopolitan
Thomas Hickey and family ami
Miss Elliott, ol Mary vilh. lefl on
Saturday foi Creston where ihey will
reside in future.
Tbe front "I tin- Canadian Bank ol
Commerce is being da orated with
two handsome lamp posts, ..ne on
each suit- ol bhe entrance.
Who said ihai nn*. wa _ dry
'"imiii ■ There baa been enough
uui the pasl month to ati Ij lbe
m..si ardent wlahei [<<i wei weatbei
(i    T    Portsmouth,   wb,,  has      been
working on the new hotel nt Baynes
lake lor the past few monih returned lo the ciiy the lattei  parl ol lasl
Mrs ll 1. Adolph and \li Frank
\doiph, of Brandon, are visiting Mi
and Mis I Iai r v (iiittnh. .,1 this cily
Ml II L, AdoijrJi is expected in a
few days.
Oeorge   Beattie   left   lo dav     f.
Kfngsvllle to take oharge ol  1]	
flee of tin- Kings Lumbei mills M
Beanie is ;, man ol aliil tj mid wl
make good in ihai position,
.lames MeNeelv. who has heen
visiting hfs son al lYycliffc for a
couple of weeks, lefl Monday tor
Minnesota to visit another sun More
returning to his home In New Bruns-
_ That man Blaine, you know who litis now, is working up 0 ureal business in ihe cleaning ami dyeing line.
His place nn Armstrong avenue is
crowded with work bin th.it Is what
Blaine likes.
The C. P. R, will have damages
for broken limbs one of these days
unless more room is furnished for
unloading trunks on lhc platform.
There have been several narrow escapes lately,
There is considerable improvement
going on about town Uns summer,
and to-day Cranhrook In Ids thr
prmtd distinction of having more
beautiful homes ihan anj town ol
tho same size in the Interloi of lhu
Mrs, Keay returned ill's week from
Nova    Scotia      where   she   has     been
visiting for some time to be presenl
at t-he weddlm-j of her daughter Miss
Keay, who will be married on tlm
tenth of July to Mr, IV. C. Hodges,
of Vancouver.
William Hayward expects lo tal_e a
trip east next month. "Billy" lus
not had a layoff for seven veins and
he arrived at the conclusion thai one
was coming lo him. Mr. Hayward
will lie sadly missed in (he fire department during his absence.
Hev. B. Ooodfleld will lake, charge
t Uio services in tho Baptist church
ut  /en-
Boy-.'  bol    weather  suits
prices -Held A Vo.
Frank Deroeiet was in .,
Saturday   hum   J affray.
P. Jensen, ol Wasa, cams in to •■
the elephants Monday
John McTuvish and wm-, ,,f Moy
were Crnnbrook  visitors .Monday.
Albeit Mutz. of     Fernie, was
lown tins week looking after the t«
business. 2
Mr, Campbell, of Fernie, is in the j ▼
city figuring on the new building f«>r(T
the Fmk Mercantile company. 9
Tbe Canadian hotel is being paint-1 2
ed by W. ll Bnlion, who is making ♦
ihe well known plate shine like , new x
hotel. ft
W A. Taggert and wife, ..[ Win- X
dermere, registered ai the Cosmopol- $
it-an bote! the latter part of lasl I ♦
week. : t
B P Co..ke came over from Steele
th.- Hist ui ih.- week to see ii ihen
was anothei lacrosse match with
Mis Wilson and Miss MaDfian, <•!
Marysville, registered at ihe Cosmopolitan Monday, The ladies wen
here to do some shopping.
Engineers T. Douglas and V
Umil.-i of Moose Jaw, came in yet
tenia) to help out ou th.* Crow on
account ol Increased traffic.
Sam Sneers returned yesterday
from .1 trip Uirough the Boundar)
country and reports things progressive in ihai icotlon of Bnlish Co
Preserving sealers-
Phi ts
Hall gal
c, 0. s.
Loyal Orange lodge recently received their new banner, and il is one
of the liuesi owned liv anv lodge in
the province. Thev wilt attend
church iu a body. Sunday, July 8th
General SuperIntondent Jamieson.
ol Calgary, was in the city this week
llavIng Come over in his private ear
He was accompanied by Mrs. Jam
ieson and both of them met many
good friends in Cranbrook.
N. C. McK-lnstry, of the smelter
eitv, was in town yesterday. Mr
McKinstry has just, returned froni
tho Windermere country, where he
purchased a big hunch or horses foi
C. A. Foote, of Movie, who was
operated on last week for appendicitis is getting along nicely. Mrs
Koote came up and remained until
Mr. Foote was declared oui ol danger,
Mr. an.l Mrs. Otis Staples relumed
veslerday from a visit to Stillwater,
Minnesota,    accompanied     hv   Miss
Cranbrook Bowling Alley
One ol thc best, and on. ol the most popular recreations in
Cranbrook. Open from »a m to 12 p ni. Open lor ladies
Tuesday and Friday alternoons.       .*        ... ^ 4
R. LASTIRI    -   -   ■   Proprietor:
| Armstrong  Avenue |
nn.l a slstei*   nf
iifxi Similar, morning ami evening.
In the ninmiiiE llie ordinance of bap.
ti.sin will be iiiliiiiiiisif.i*i*il \i lhe
close of tlit* evenim. service llw sne-
rameirl ..ill lie celebrated.    All wcl-
Tlu- Knights ol I'vlhi.is nl .'nm-
brook attended llu' Methodlsl church
in a body Sunday evening, ihi-ri" lii--
inn hi-'ween thirty uml fnrlv in Hit-
line nl march. ' Rev. Westman
preached the sermon ami it wus well
received by thc members oi the order
The plans of the new building fnr
the city and province have arrived
.nul Mayor Rogers is ilolng all in his
power in push lorwaid tho work.
The season is going rapidly ,tinl Mr.
Rogers is anxious io have tho work
started sn Unit ll will be completed
ht'litre fold weather sets in.
Mis. Brock, Miss Springer and Miss
Lewis, alt teachers lasl year in the
Cranbrook public schools, left last
Satin-day lor tbo coast. The ladles
wi 1 tlien 1-0 mi tho tup in Alaska by
Lhe inside passage, winch is cbn-sldcr-
ed llle lilii'st nip nu water ativwliele
nn the shores of the mnl hem' continent.
Misses I.on anil Kiln I.i'iti-h, bave
linisliisl lheir year in school al Calgary anil Ihis week an* visiting a'
Banff, Thoy will return to rulKuiv
Incomplete tlu-ir examination work
and Mien come homo about Uu*
second vn-rit in .Inly, wiili their
nu.ihei wlm will i'ii in Calgary from
Manitoba in meel her daughters ut
s. .1. Mii;liiiin .should be a proud
man. Lasl Monday tliere wen* u
great many peuple from other tuwus
in lln* cily and a largo mftibcr ni
I'liem vlsilcd iii,11 I'l'li-lnuti-d tobacco
emporium uml left .villi words nl
pniise fm- Die man wlm wnuld carry
such a slnrk in a Imm nin* size n'l
Craitbrook. All Uml inn be said in
praise nf Mr. Mlghlon's slore is coming in him Inr Th,'.*,- is mn auolhoi
like It Mils side of Uie coast.
■lames Manning, lormcrly ol Winnipeg, whoro he wns conneelnj wilh
ilu- loading laundries nf thai city lm*
u number of years, tins purchased tin.
Crows Nesi Laundry .md changed the
iiiiiiii. in ilie New ' Method Laundry.
Mi. Manning proposes in give Ins
personal allenllon in lite manage
llll'lll nl thi' '.nnillil*. mil I mm, llml
hy carelul wurk, fun trcnitncnt ami
promptness he will mcrll Iho esteem
mnl patronage nf tin* pcoplo nl Mils
district. Vnu slu,ulil read Ins ml.
nn page Iwn in this issue nl Uie
Who is lllu-ine'.' Tlw i is easy, II,-
is the luun wlm has opened lino new
cleaning and dyeing eslnlilisbmetit nn
Armstrong aieiii... nml is* giving
such good sa'tisfneiiiin. There is nn
use ol throwing ynur clothes away
as long as Blaine is in lown. Hi*
will make them like new fnr lil lie
money. Blaine is tin1 ninn ivbo dims
things and   does    them  right,     Sis*
Blaine anil wear clnllim Mint uie neal'duvs wilh liie    main* contracts that
and  natty.      Blaini'   will   lie    your he' lias nn hand.     Mr.  Bolton is
clnt'lres friend and for Utile    money
Thai    dollar   ynu    wurk sn hard for
can Ihi made bv letlinii lllaine .save it
,—        _>.__-- ...nl  	
I'l.ieliu*. Miei
Miss   I'liH'tni.   who  lias  visited
mi iniiner occasions.
l-'inl Dinner wanted in safl--.lv liis
ill-she fnr Uie hcsl nf lea all.l mildly
purloined u lea pul trom a Chinese
iislauialil lasl Monday. Tlm t'hinii
mun could mil sco ll thai way ninl
(lln/.er was given SKI in* Ihlrly davs.
Mr. ami Mrs. I). Murpily left lasl
Sunday fm* Banff where ihey will remain fm* ihe purpose of giving Mr
Murphy llie benelii nf lbe hallis I.
relievo his rheumatism. Prom Banff
Iiii'i* will uo In lhe coast lm* an ex-
tendi'd visit.
llill il* I'n. are moving Iheir big
linniiine slock from tile Cranbrook
hotel block in the new location fm*
llu* furniture   department nn    Arm-
Irong avenue.    The new s-inre r	
will give l-liem an opportuiiilv of
matin*; an eftcett.nl showing.
Have ynu heard lhe new Svren
ii Insi le secured by the fire department, II has lii-en lesled aud i.s mil
Iii satisfactory working order, irtii
will he sonn and then when .here is a
lire il will 1«. possible lo hear thai
whistle in Mnyie and Marysville,
The regular public pieai.liing services wHI lie held in tin- Melh,,<list
iliiinh next Sunday as usual. Sunday iM-iiiK Dominion dav ihe evening
service will he pati'lotlo. Subject nf
address, "Our Oreal Heritage."
Mush* in keeping with the day. All
.ue inviled,
Mr. ami Mrs. .1, Kennedy and twn
boys led last Sundav lor a lun
months Irip lo lhc easl. Thev will
visit New Hampshire, and also' Montreal, Oltawa, Toronto and olher
eastern points. II is lhe first vacation Dial Mr. Kennedy has taken fm*
nulte a number ol years.
Some of Ihe young men driving ile-
ivery wagons and riding horses will
badly injure snmebodv one of llm
days. The same might In- said nl
Mie young men who ride sn fast
Mie principal streets. A tew arrests
mighl tench lhe guilty ones a little
I'uiit.iiin and common sense.
Bowling continues In he as poptilai
as ever, in fact more so il anything.
II is natural Mini this should he lhc
case fm there Is nnl a nicer spnrt
nml Mm bowling alley nn Armstrong
u"'i  is operated in a manner Hint
will meet with the approval of Mm
most particular individual.
It. .1. Murphy, of fleorgetown,
Poineo Kdward Island, arrived in ilu*
iiii* yesterday. Mr. Murphy came
direct frnm his native count ry and
sins Hint hundreds ,,f Islanders an
leaving fm* Mm west as lhe resuli n
pmliihtiinli Iielng declared on the is
land.     He will locate iu Crnulirook
• Inlui Kelly But to reaching last
Monday evening in Imitation nt  Mn
celebrated linss    nt tl Irrin side
shnw. But unfortunately lor Mr
belli In* reached In Inr us his* arm
weni through a window a-l nne nf
Mn* houses in Mi,, red Inrhi dislriel
""I wlnn ii was withdrawn there
uu* un article nt wearing apparel
attached in his (ln«er» Cold fuslicc
remanded him Im trial nn the
'■I'.iii;.. ul  rjluiy.
Tin* secretary of Kev Cily Lmlcc
No, 111, I. O. 0. !•'.. received word
Ihis neck Ihal Thus, Lewis. a C. I'
It .*iu'ims.r. lormcrly nl Cranbrook
hm now nullum a passenger train
['ul nt Brandnn, is again al wmk,
having recovered frnm Injuries re-
icnisl nn lhe 251h nl December last.
Mi Lewis hns been verv unlucky lhe
pasl Iwn years, this being the second
time during that perinil Ihal he hns
lii-en iniured in wrecks, and hnlh
linii's it was al Ural thought thai
his injuries would prove falat.
Vi. tl. Bnlton, the painter and dec-
iH-in*:    kept    husy     these
arts a
aif Ga
3 E
Judge Wilson is lioliinii; court In
Fernie this week,
rinl Clienelti! raiiie down Irom
MarysvHIe to-day,
(leorge Watson visii.il l-'oii Steele
a few days this week.
Tlie 1 id   i.i  trade wilt Imld     a
special meeting Un* evening.
li. It. Vales, ..i Um Iiii.-, was In
lown several days this week.
'Uii- n.'W ail.liiiuii in Un' tjueens
hotel is Mug imsliwl rapWlj turwaixl
hj Leask A- Co.
Mis. Malpas .md Miss JafTaires
will leave Un- lirst uf iin- week i.n
Sirdar io spend a weet or more ai
Unit popular resort,
w. i. i-'oi-v lias charge ot Krank
(;(1.Id.'in-, barbel simp while .Mi
(m.l.iwit's ti absent mi ins trip lo
his old h-jliie in Uelgium.
M. Mrlnuts w.is ai the Ci anb took
yesterday. -Mi- Melnnes say.-, the
mills in Ins section ol the country
arc doing well this season.
It, ll. Ihn.slick, ol Mayook, was iu
town yesterday. Mr. lienediek -ay>
thai ' his null is now ready lor
business, as all llm Uow maohlncry
■iuis bii-u Installed.
A. W. McKenzie ami E. .). Kelly.
i>f Spokane, top resent Ing sa^ mill
sup|ily companies, wen.' i„ town tore-
gatliering with the .-aw mill men this
week. Two bt'Ui-i fellows never
carried a tup oui Uie iud*J-
Linn Mammoth Imperial IVkm
Ducks, bred Irom slocK heonng     iui
an,I 'JX pollita. Drakes, Mi.jU, Uuck.i,
*j.uu. trios, *J.uu. Orders promptly
lilted. Mrs, U. I*'. Doran, three
miles west of Cran brook, ii-ii'
The Herald '.us received word Uiat
Mi. ami Mia. Lowe-., ul K.-i.uia.
Alan-, have lost theii young son, Inward 'llionias, a^ed .sii >'*ai-, due
tu ealillg a large quaiUlli ul OicK-
ory nui-. and tomentiug in hu
stomach, 'lhc hoy was uteu with
cunvui.siuii-s mid died in a short Lime.
A .special Ham will leave lui
.Moyie uu .Mon.lay at 'J u'fiock, ^jj
ilns will make il very convenient
lur the people uf this lown. i^uite a
number ul people will no down .Sunday air.l ejijo) a day un Ua- lane and
remain over ior ilk- celebration.
There is uut a nicer plaee in Llie
Kooiin.iys io enjoy a day than ai
MoJ'Ie, and as Uie iwu day.s come
together Uus year ii afluiu.s a j^ieai.
opportunily iui a gtuA  time,
The lire department hoys will run
at Moyie on Monday ami at Kernie
mi Wednesday,    Tliey have been get-
I'lhg    lu    .shape alt.l '   -.Uml      a £<x>d
chance of carrying ull the pnzeii
ottered in huih towns. The lacrosse
buys expect iu play Krank at Kernie
on Tuesdav, hul Uu- dale may be
changed to Wednesday. .Most ol
ihc people iu Cranhrook would   like
to   sec   ihe  dale   changed   to   U.-.lut'.s-
dav su that iiiu teams In which
Cranhrook is interested w^o'ii contest uu Un- same day.
Who is Blaine? Thai is t-asy. Ho
i.s Uu- man who has opened the new
cleaning an.I dyeing establishment on
Armstrong avenue aud is giving
such guod satisfaction. There is nu
use oi throwing your clothes away
as hniji, as Ulaiin is in town, ile
will make Ihem like new for little
money. Blaine is the man who dues
things and dors ihi-m right. See
Blaine and weal clothe*, 'hat are neat
and natty. Blaine will he your
clothi-s tu,n,l and tui little money.
That dollai you work su baid l6r
'.in Im- Hindu by letting Blaine save ii
loi you. Ulaiii'' will save )uii many
a  dollai    if   you  only givg    lum   a
chance. See lllaine. lllaine is thc
man. Th,- clothes man, Uiu man wlm
will teach you economy, Where,'
.\i Un- CosmopoliIan hotel oi ai his
place ot husiness uii Armstrong
a-venue     Don't overlook Blaine,
Mt. Honor Wilhelm. ..f Seattle
odlloi ui "The Coast,'1 a magazine
that has made great headway Uie
past year ol two, is al Uie ' t.'ran-
br.iuk wilh his wife, Mi. Wilhelm
i.s making a nip through this part
of  ihe country  im   the purpose     of
a lew
.iaint*s    -V     Mai li ;. j ,.,h
l-i'idt-v,  thv architect,   ,      ,.    ,0Wn
lasi  week looking ,,:■,-.    . . s ,,„
ihe Kink  Mercaniile co
Ml    an,I   Mis    ]|    |>    \[   \;    .
Cowlej. came down lasl \\ ■ '...
Mr. Mi Millan returned itn next hi.
bui Mis McMillan remained to vis i
wnh friends in Uu* ciiy.
Harry     Drew, of ihc North
hotel,   at   Kimbei le).    spctu
days m   Cranhrook  Un-- week
met  many ol his  good   Irii
Harry lias a bosl ol them here.
Tin- government olh '■*• «
next Saturday al noon, s.- if you
want io sa\e your disco mr. ofi youi
personal '.i\. ^ i»- sure ,,": . ■" youi
moiiej  in    Mi   \. ison -   ■ ■ '.-. !,,■■,.!,'
Uiat  tun.-.
.tames Pettlgrew, ol Newton
Stuart. Scotland, arrived this   weeii
lu \isit wnh Ins si*'.-:. Mis. Tom
('"le. Mi. Pettigrew \- very inurJi
taken wiih, British Co bl
ihuiks Uiat Cranhrook i
Miss Smrh. ..( England arrived
!.i-i week to visii ;.-■; brother, William Smilh   "t thc C   P.  ll.     Miss
Smilh    s'  irnej   very   well
and    Is     ::;•'-'     -,-;■■ i rablj   Impressed
»iUi  Cranbi  .-i,I     \i^-  sunound-
ti 11 Small has i ba -." .'. the
hose team \tif-. is in training tor
Uu* liir,*- races that are to take
place a' Moj an. .L"' rnie, -"^li.
Small is devoting .. great deal uf
his time tu the work and a better
man fur lhc position could not be
I. V. SuHiran, the erudite and
faithful mauipu.atoi ot the type
setting machine ... this office, went
iu Lethbridge last v.-- -. ■.. put Uie
machine in ihe other Herald in
shape. Mi. Sullivan speaks well ol
the praii.-- metropolis and says ihat
I/ethnrldge i-. the Ciai.bro-jk uf Alberta.
for you.     Blaine will save you many
man who takes special pride in his
work and is anxious (o give his pat
ions complete satisfaction. He personally    supervises alt work in his
dollar   if  you  only glvo    him   a charge  and is   careful-   to see   that
chance.     See Blaine.     Blaine is the I nothing     is slighted.        Tlie    large
man.    The clothes man. the man who amount of work     that  be has done
will    teach   you   economy.     Where'.' since     locating in   Cranhrook is
At the Cosmopolitan hold or at   his preltv strong recommendation of the
plaee    of   business    on    Armstrong quality of work that Mr, Bolton
avenue.    Don't oietluuk Blaine. turning out.
Keiiin.n material for bis magazine and
he say.s Unit he inupuses to give
Craiibrook a Iwnefll. This is not
om- uf ihese "sn much a Hue"
sohomes hm a straight literary propositi, ,n.      Th,- Coast is a magazine
Ihat      should     be   in     everv   western
home.       li   tells Hie story of     the
Western suies and Hniisli Ctflumbla
in   a mosi    entertaining stvi,*,      h
beautifully    illustrated    and'     would
prove an educator in anv home.   The
people of  Cranlirook  could  nol   do   a   "
better aet than rIvc Mi.  Wilhelm   a  t
goinllv   number  ot   subscriptions      in   f,
return  for  the attention  that       the  ..
magazine   will    give in hhis   town,
thai   is providing  ihat   the neni leiilan   '"^ d
Mr. Philip P. Dingman and Miss
Henrietta McLean were united in
marriage at  ti..-  . I     ■■■  bride's
parents, Uednoday Juni 27, al i "
p. ui., Kev. Westman * ■'■ iating. It
was a quiet wedding .... •;..- immediate relatives -j. : ends bc-
0;=; present. The bride was given
away hy th.-> father, Mi. J. II. McLean. W. A. (i"-:-.;, officiated as.
best man an 1 Mi- - Lil
er as bridesmaid The hi. wore a
while .silk organdy with trimmings
ot valeneiennes lace and carried a
bouquet of white carnations. The
bridesmaid won* a figured silk m-
jiandy and carried a bouqm pi .
carnations. Aftei ceremony refreshments were ■■■' veil \e I
ami words of congrai I poken
for the happy pair, "i h bl ide
goim-; away i_<»wii was ol navj blue
cloth with hat to match, ' There
wen- many handsome and expensive
presents given as ontrocl ■;.-,
parties wen- very popular and bad tt
host of well wishing friends in the
community, 'i ;.■ j ■.. the aftei
noon train for Ue coasl cities wJm*ii*.
Kiev will vlsil foi -• ■■ w«k
Mi Dingman is a luctor on lhe
Canadian Pacific rail* .t--, sn'
Is     well known     along the    Cro«
where    he has      won .        ." .■ ;,■!
Tin- bride Is     we :.    Craii-
, brook where Bhe I i  | ■   ilar i
I social     and      ehtll Tli--
Herald ev'-r. Is ft
I wisfc.-v   (,.i   ihv  if-  '       ::...; tied    pan
and uus'- lhat 1 ..-.  m life
j w ill in- a|1 ihat peopli ie h com
memlahle qualii ies ol charai :«i     de
-'"•    —+—
The   N'i.ii is   and   Huw   ci:' 'i ■     li,,,'
showed luii- lasi Monda) was a success in every   feature.     Considering
lhe   fail   ihal     |t     w,i-    showing      III
1'iwns ilu- size uf Cranhrook, ll was
a great demonstration, Kurthermore
it was clean clear through and ih.-ie
was not an objectionable feature in
ihe eni ire programme. Whencvei
that circus returns i.. Cranhrook it
will have a   mueh largei crowd ihan
had las'
How.- havo
ik .ml
fin* Clerk  Pres!
li-rli's   olllce    open
mnl len o'clock lor
n "f  Ihnse    who i*
e   In   pay   tin-it   i
will   keep      Mil*
Saturday night
lie .iriiiiiiliiii.la-
liiint  eel   in  lic-
i.ivi-s.     Thai
is nln
las-l    iluy nl grace In save the
mint nnd Ihnse wlm have taxes
subscriptions, which is iiuUe ,n l"1*' should not tail in take    a4-
probahle and legitimate.
vantage oi it. THK   CRANBROOK   HERALD
V «**«**«■«■ tft»8*»i-tfra-t*«*»t-.?»g'S<»gtfr'i*tg>«*s»^»g«*^*mj
m — ■ —, A
%MMM -MS 3 3*5 3 M-.-36MMS-3S .»-MM*MM«-«-i-S-«.l-li-M-
(From the Mnyie Leader.)
llamlil Attwood and »ile ha*'« "
turtitit finiii Spokane.
Hugh Cameron now makes regu
lal daily nips between his ranch ami
town iu.bts new gasollue launch.
I*' A. llill w.ls in I'laiiliiinik llll
week *t lhe bi.li.id,- nl his broil*-,
tt ll. lllli, who Wa* iiluiileil "':
lhe iluu Club held n
yesterday.   The highest
,vkl. sli.nil
in- was 11
ai one lum*
did good sen
llll*   ll.l.S   l.l   I
„ui ol Hi, the lowest -1 out ul    -J
birds.   Tiny will have nn '' *->"""
i.n Tuesday'.
Elliott Crowe, wli" *a« attending
college at Ne« IVrelmiusVor, reluiii-
,*,! h.iuie last week lu spend 111. '■'
The old st.jini'i tcho i* now in*
menu, seen at lhe ,»)«• *»*:
51„  null "a.    raised and ix-rigged
Uiu, and Hm, Bridge. Ihis spring and
ll,,.)   an*  nuw   Usui*;
leu...  The boat "-'
pride uf .liuin* ami
uii ilu* lain** ilm mn
Mlu l.ulu Brunlon, sormerly assistant teachut in Mn- Moyie schools.
Imt laiel) a Bludenl .u lhe Normal
sebool at Vancouver, has jusl secured
■t Jili* certificate. Thlrly-seveii caiw.-
dales succeeded in securing cerlillcales
lalid lul llle, hut ul Ihese .ml.' """
passed Willi hunuls, ami Miss lliun-
tuli  wa.s one ut   Hit-  imn.
.1. s. MacEaclii'iii wns lavoraibl)
Impressed wnh ilu* Alberln couirtrj
uu liis recent vlsil there.     He   Was
UVfl   lu  l.aciillllie   I'l   I'.sil   in* slnto.'.
whom he had nol seen lot suveriil
years, lie wns as Ini mirth as M-
muiiiuu ami inspected lhe cou lit I)
generally, The rapid progress a"fl the
attendanl prosperity ui the various
luwus were uuuil graild titan in* i
(From the Kernie Free Press.)
Provincial Constable Drummond is
laid up this week will, acute   In
.Inns,.   Constable Uu.v, ul Klku
bete L'ullevlug ior him.
Tin*     hum* nil ime at Kernie
July   Uh    will prove nn  liitie.ua
affair.   -I.     C. Kenny is getiimg
Kernlo ii-uni ii.j_i-ili.-i iu compete, lt
is expected Mint learns will in* prcseuii
Hum Moylo and Cranbrook.
Hi. Collin, nl ..liinin-.il,  nml
of Cranbrook,  is assisting l'i
san dining Dr.   Bonncll's absence
the coast.
An application lor a posloltlco
llusluei   has liel-li selli   lu  llu' guv
.neni.  The Kernle Libera! association
has taken Mu* umii'-i* up .unl ii
petted  ihe. nlllie will In- established
a. an early date.
Thc i'. 1'. lt. recently Iel ilu* con-'
tract to Uroley Urns, lm* seici.il
buildings at Hosmer. The company
now Iwis a lorce ul men doing development work und overy-l'liing points
tu lively operations ai tJ.nl oainp
during llie presenl season.
Eight gentlemen from Cranbrook
registered a>l Mie Kernie lasl nighl as
"The Cranbrook Minstrels." Tbey
weie P. 13. Wilson, V. 11. Baker, .1.
K. M. l'inkhnm, K. Mallandaini*, M,
11. King. V. A. Iliillins, W. S. Hell
and James Ityan. The 'last named
three went down in Seattle In ni-
irnil the races, Messrs. llaker, I'uik-
tiain, and .Mullaliilaine wenl down lu
KlklnnllMl   nu   husiness.    .ludge     VV11-
s..iu and Mr. King are here on hitsi-
In IMi
Thompson ascended
rivet in its source,
mountains       hy
Pass, and descended
s junction wiih the
i   ilm llin.l      He it
il lhe i*alil|l mi Pais "Boat Encamp-
crossed Mu*
i.;ie Athabasca    1
Vi I  iiiei   l" Us
Columbia river at
lias ihii cslahllsln
mn* iin*. known
Iluhl.     tt'inlii-lil
hunl lul     Hiiikh
stated lie is tn take i
K  Knisier's mine, .h
dale, wlm ii is under
uu here i" Like his
ns loremau al lhe PU
A gond demand '"'
11,-is is certaiu in this camii
\lu-nili ii Is ii-iy difficult i
.in I i|iiiit' a f''vv could now
There nn- imw six mines
in ilns camp aud everyone
mil in- shipping •
T.il IN* .ll.i
iim business
li-n  mi Sunday'.
I'ltv, where it l>
eharge "f Mr. II
,iiv Frank Slock-
usl,iml  is return-
.  Inimel   position
tnlgan mine.
\]ii'iieiu'isl nn
is still iu Mie I'tnnuil
iiiinin iu ilns clipping
.'uiguiv papei. "M   McDonald
all' this. llliillllliK tm l'inrlii-1
I'teek ami .illt'l conferring mill the
iniinii ..I Mint luun will award the
■uiiiiniT f,,i the Immediate construction ..I ,i liuin mill, elevator and dis-
ninn mn warehouse. The lluur mill
,u:i be built according lo lhe latest
mproved plans, ami will have u cumuli ul 78 barrels per dav. The el-
valor will Imvo n capacity nf 30,01)1)
u.slu-ls and is In lie modem in every
espect. Tlu distributing warehouse
will he nue nl llu- largest ul ils kind
Min.in.  The dimensions uie 30x
(Kelliii-  Free Press )
Tin-Ninth American Land and Lumbei Company, Limited, is Mu* name
nl a new   lumber i*itin|i.ui.   \. Ineh was
recently organised in Kei-iii-. Mr F.
II Hale, wlm came ill here lasl year
ami purchased Mn- .'dar Valley Improvement Company's plant and limits was largely Instrumental in torm-
ins lhe company, ami with Inm nie
associated several wealthy «u»lera
capitalists.  The officers i.f the com-
linliv   aie    .las.    M    Vi-   Hall,   pi	
■  i
Well mi
anl   A
A   llnl'.  vice-presiili-n
m neral    manager am'
s. T. Alexander, seer*
iii-i-ininie Includes    tht
insi gentlemen mil P. H
.   .Ins.  It.' Hull, A.  K. Ames
K.  Hale
.Ilipuill's  n]l.'lutinlis  for      llu
llimil  lu llle pl.lllt
tided Hie w.n meant efforts nl this
as well as the other branches ul ns
employees.  One "( Mn* cbiel objeets
nl itn- iiiuiiiiil il Is tu raise    the
character uml increase the efficiency
t.i tlie carmen by mutual Interchange
nt nli-iis upon ihe    best nntl     mosl
ism leal methods ol labor. And iu
ilns ilu* c. I', ll. hns ever been ready
In assist.
ir Valley, tv
Tins |,l,,iil
addition nl i
nle  lllill  and
Th,.   1*1.1111
largei pin
U   llllll'S   Slllllll Ilf Illi
will he Improved b;
planing mill and .
otherwise Improved
In ill el el,   hav
i view an-i il will prob
nil* nl  the  lalgesl   luiii-
ifui-iuiiuj. concerns in tht*
Kootenays. The. have recently ac*
t|iuusl large limber holdings nu Ihe
Kootenay rlvei near Caual Flats und
Mu*. will pui m ,, large plant nu ihe
The company bus opened an nllice
in this eii., upstairs in the Crows
Nesi Trading Company's block
Hale,  sou nl   F.   II    I I.il.*
uiiiiiiii  ati.t has en
lhe ut
ul  11 llm
torla, .lum- 23.
mih, lieutenant
.h Columbia, win
iteresis in i-lie Colon
Iflishiug company
rein nl liiiin ihe presidency
company ul Wednesday's tin*
ihc   directors.     The stock
held by Mi. Dunsmuir hn*
chased by a syndicate nl ret
Victoria, (in liis retirement
presidency   nl   ihc   co.np
I'niiliv wns elected in Hi
Notice is hereby given that thirtv
days all.-r date I intend tn anpiy u,
tin- Chiel Commissioner ol Lands awl
W..rks at Victoria tm* a Specie!
License In cul ami carry awav lini-
her frnm lhe following described laml
In Snuth Kast Koolenay District.
lliiiish Columbia: s
Commencing at a post planted at
th.' south-west comer of Dan Ilealy's
limit; Ihenee raining 10 chains west,
thence I uu ihains north, ihenee .0
chains enst, thence 160 ona-lns smith
tu tin- place ul beginning containing
■s, mini, ur less.
..ui pur-
..lenls ,,I
f.i.iii the
v c.   i:.
ik'esinall-ltev cw —l.ni*
men aie becoming Interes
tiiibt between lhc Cnitail
and lhe Iliniul Trunk im
in llntish r.ilumlnn
ceneiniiv underslood i
circles Mini Mm Iwo lines
might lm close compel lln
ness ill .-In- ensl, would
tlieir rivalry ns fnr wesl
ciiic ocean. Mm Him.-
have     been   unaled    liy
I been
lllll ail
Hated Ibis
linh day nf May, A.D.
.1.   .lucgf-nst-n.
I Id
Kh.ni niln r
ii ihal Hn' IMnohe
es.ilved  lo loan  -J
man  win
this sum
esl t'apiiii'l ii
"Utile Mar'
deserves all
ing bis way.
sources it Is learn
i   Creek eOUllOil lia
h   McDonald $10,
to carry out in
Mi is   is   llu-   sain
es lu vlsil  Wil me
i liis besl to Interning in tins camp.
great hustler   and
ccess that is com-
iSS A    MAClmSKU.   (.ETTINti
(Kaslo Kootciialaii.)
Last VVetlnesda) there led Asherolt
fm  Bullion by special stage, -Mi.   •'■
ti.   llobsoii,   manager ol   the Cariboo
tlold Mining Companv, his engineer,
Mi.   I,.   V.   Wailier.   .Ml.   (i.   O,   Koss,
ol Koss A Macdonnell, the Nicola
railwaj contractors, and .Mr. I.'. S.
tlrouskl, t'lieir engineer,
Koss a- Macdonnell have under consideration the closing of a contraot
with Mr. llobsoii to make ihe new
canals for the Bullion mine and   Mr.
V\v.-:.;s   trip   is   t::   talililiall/e   himself
with loeal conditions, While nothing
definite is known ihe Impression pr
vails  that   Koss  A  M unto mi ell     wi
shortly move    t'lieir out tit ot
horses' and tools to Bullion.
(Krom the U-lhlirid^e Herald.)
Uev.   a.   MeKillop,   of   Raymond
will take a  trip iu ihe old Country
next fall.
I). M. Young, [orinerly of the
Inm Works, has now a position Willi
lbe Krank smelter.
Hon. Krank and Mrs. Oliver and
Misses Oliver expect lo leave alter
tlie session (or the uld country,
W. 11. Kaiilield ridicules the idea
ihai his strawberries are ripe, lie
savs Ihey are coining alony line but
they will not be ripe for a time yel.
C. II. S. Coniiel 1 has relurneil trom
a surveying Irip souih of Tabor. Ho
savs quite a bit of land is being taken'up ihere by American peoplo.
|{.  II. Owen, ol the O, W.     Ken
Co., Informed   the   Herald   yesterday
Unit coal   had     been discovered    iu
large quantities near  ihe new fcown-
siie ol Warner,   ll is of g-ood Quality
'lhe    lacrosse team played   leagn
[ttmes ul   Cianbrook aid  Krank   ibis
Keek,   ai Uranbrook on Monday they
ivere beaten by a score ul 18 to 1.
\l Krank on Tuesday ihey fared bet-
t-r and  won by :">  lo -I.   Tbey    were
liiigllly used at Cranbrooi.    but   ale
mi whining about it.
((rieenwoud Times.)
A brutal murder occurred in Ferry
last Tuesday when a woman connected with one of the dance balls there
was kicked and beaten to deait-h by a
saloon frequenter and blackjack gambler known as "Kid" Rogers. The
began quarreling in the Kerry
llolel and lhe fracas ended iu the
dealb of the woman and in the villain giving himsell np to Deputy
Sherifi McGregor uf Kerry. An inquest was held Thursday behind closed
doors and the murderer taken lu Republic Kriday where lie will he tried
belore the county court
Feeling in -Midway and Kerry ran
high ami ihe people openly threatened to take lhe law inlo their own
hands and lynch the criminal and for
a time it' looked as if the threai
would be carried out. lawless disorder wa.s prevented, however, by the
prompt an;! decided action of tJie
deputy sheriff, who stationed himself
belore lhe prison door and with loaded rifle guarded ihe prisoner from the
vengeance of the enraged populace.
foi   hitsi
ol     bum
Hie    I'fl
lu- Grand
l'i unk Pad He asking froin ibe Dom
itiii.n government perm sslon to build
branch Hues Into Vancouver and Victoria, B. c.
This is an Invasion ol Canadian
Pacific territory, and is laken hy
loeal men to mean ihat the two
load'', ale lo be healed luals Iluiu
east to wesl. The application of
lhe (Irand Trunk Pacific for the two
branch lines is a retaliatory acl on
its pail againsl the oilier road making a move io hivadc Ms territory
farther enst.
Instead nf ilu* Cau.nli.in Pacific
leaving ibe (Irand Trunk I'acilic m
undisputed possession of tho northern
part of llii1 province, the Canadian
Pacific has projected a line of iom-
ninnii'alion which will cross the province froni Yellow Head pass in the
Roekv Mountains lo Hutte inlet.
Wiih ihe branch lines which must
follow ihis. the territory which is to
be opened hv ihe Grand Trunk Pacific wilt he well  invaded.
In retaliation, the (irand Trunk
Paeilie lias asluil for rich Is of way
into Vancouver and Vieloria. Thi'
latter calls fnr a blanch -SllO miles
long, and llie other 390 miles. As
might be easily Imagined the Canadian Pacific is fighting thfl granting
of lhe applications al the hands of
the house of commons at  Oiiawa
Notice is hereby given tliat two
in. in I lis after dale I intend lo apply
to ihe chiei Commissioner of Lands
mid works fm permission to i
i-liase ihe fi.lli.wing described lands,
stiuale in Soulh blast Kootenay dr
Commencing at a posl located   <:
the Koolenay  liver,  near   Ihe north-
we.t cornel posl of Humphrey's preemption,    No.  la. Ihenee 30 ' chain
east, lb.lice south 10 ehains, tlu-nce
easl Ml ihains. Ihence noitb ail
ihains, thenee west (ill chains, thCfiCO
north so chnlns, thenee west in
chains, mole ol less, to the Kootenay liver, tlenii- along llu- Kooteuay
river in a wnilh westeily direction lo
the plan* of commencement,
John .)   Grady.
D.ileil  this  Ulh  day of  Mav,   A.I).
1000, Mt*
Cbesobnt Lodob No. %\
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday at li p. iu. at
New  Fraternity  Hall.
J. A. Arnold, K.R.S.
George Thompson, 0.0.
Visiting   brethren  cordially tivtted
to attend.
Criibrouk  local Union 1241 of Ike Uiltttf
Hrolherhood ul Cirpcalcn nil Julnern
ol Aincrlci.
Meetings every Thursday evening al
I. U. U. T. hall, over Patmort iiioa.'
Visiting bietbi.'B cordially Invited.
Kred  Yuill, Kdwaid Foote,
Kec, Sec. President.
I.O.O.F. Key Cily l.o4|f
No. 43. Meets every
Monday night al
New Fraternity Hall. Sojourning Oddfetluws eoidially  luvlted
j (Mu* force pump, two awuings 1
\     \\\ f.vt in width, b
1 Twn ^Uiss t'ruiit office doors.    I
I One fl foot ottii
It. J,
(Krom the Ledger.)
R, L. T. Galhraith, government
Indian agent al Fort Sleele, was here
last night.
C, D, McNab, manager of Ihe Haker
Lumber Company ai ISlkmouth, is a
Feinie visitor tuday.
Mrs. Di. Bonnoll left for Missoula
Munday evening lor a iwu week's
visit with her brother.
It. Joyce, accountant for the Standard Lumber Company, Fort Steele
Junction, is in the eity.
F. C. Malpas, managet of lhe Ca
nadian Dauk of Commerce, Cranbiook,
was a Kernie visitor Thursday,
('. (i. Bennett, uf the Canadian
Hank of Commerce, Cranbrook, arrived yesterday and will take the
position uf teller al I he local branch
o( the lank, Mr. K. (i. White hiking
the accountant's desk during the ab
sencc of W. v. White.
(Krom lhe Outcrop.)
Last week Jos. Lake and Charles
Caitwright visitod Uie Black Diamond mine on Tohy creek and came
back delighted Willi all they had seen.
Kour men are at work taking out and
Backing ore under the direction ol P
.Michi'lson. and one man in a day had
iiiiiu*d and sackiil M sacks ol ore.
A great amount of development woik
had pi ev lousl v been done oil I he
property, and besides various open
c ills and other surface work twt
tunnels were run to crosscut the lead
In both of which over a toot ol soliii
me was found, carrying good value-
iu BHvet and lead this ore is now
being  mined  and   is  to  be  shipped     In
the smeller as last »s it is possihh
to do io.
Geo. Scott arrived Monday from
Cranbrook and has since gone with
his partner, John Williamson, up No
_J creek to do some development work
on lhe Steel group. They already
have a fine showing of silver-lead ore
on the property in a tunnel, where tho
lodge is aboui 'three feet wide. This
Judge has been traewl on the surfac
by numerous culs across the group
and is the same bilge thai crosses
the Lead Queen group, which it adjoins. Mr. Scott has not been here
since 1001 and finds many change
made during his absence, and express
(The Frank Paper.)
Galhraith, ol Lundbreck, expects to shortly open another mine al
iliai placo on i'he coal property owuM
hy Inm adjoining ihe Hmkcnridge A
Lund properly. Last week the C. P.
It, had engineers un the ground laying o-ti side tracks to accommodate
ilu- business, and .Mr. Gatbrallh slate
ihat he expects tu have the mine in
operat ion very soon. The ground
will be worked by a slope sunk just
north of ihe Breckenridge A Lund
lln- business, and Mr. GalbiaiMi state
lie will put in a gasoline hoist wilh a
capacity ol 200 tons a day. As the
mine is already developed and ready
lo begin producing, having been
worked in a small way for some ye
Mi. (ialbrailh expects to put coal on
the market al an early day.
Kit AN K
[a One H) find galvoiiivox] imn \a
W     chimney top. !
I AH in goal romlitlon,  Apply |
|   P. Ii. SIMPSON, I
'I Herald Olliee I
1 i,'i
I|..ii3!m'r':i-*li"li-'[.~;ri,'':.*l.*" T,*'l»l|i>l,.'li*l|i*_.'lii!
II    Mih.iy
N. U.
II    llillii.-'.s,
if.iihrtiiil. I.u-ic Nu. J.
A. I. 4 A. M.
Ili**;ulai liiei-liii^s uu
tbe ll.iid linnsday
ol evi-.y uitiuih.
Nolleo is hereby given thai thirty
days alter date 1 Intend lu npply In
ihe Honourable the Chiel Commissioner uf Lands und Works at Victoria fnr a special licenso tu cut and
early anal' tinilier Irom tin' lollowlng
described lands in South Kasi Kuo-
Uoinmcncins nt a pust planted at
the north-eastern corner nl Lot .'i-u.
liiniili nne, Kunleiiuy district; thence
uurili 111 chains, thenee east hu
eliains. tbence smith -in ehains, thence
west HU attains tu tin* place ul bc-
Dated this 241<b day ul May, A. U.
Hint Harold Dnrllnj*.
Visiting tnell. en weleumeil,
S. II. HnskiiiH, St'c'y.
M. A. Heale, W. M.
F.  0.  [-.
Patmore     Hall
0. Koss Tate, W.
A. M. lilack, W.
Meet   in
Halifax, .June M.—The provincial
general elections lo-day resuit-i-d in
lh.1 return of the government. The
opposition, which had only two members in Ihe last house, will apparently Im1 heller represented in the new.
The returns Indicate the eleotlon of
six members. Mc.MiHcn in Inverness,
Tanner and Bailey in I'icton, Landry
in Richmond, Wilcox in Hauls and
Campbell (-independent Liberal) iu
Two members of the governmenl,
Wickwiie and Patterson, have been
(The Krank Paper.)
The Lethbridge and Frank lacrosse
teams met Tuesday iu a league uiai'"li
thc former club winiima uut by a
score of live goals to four. Naturally this game drew a guodty crowd
and much money was placed ou the
result, A little more than ordinary
interest was centered in ihe match as
lhe result would give an inkling of
an idea ol whal club is likely to win
out ihe division. Tin' day previous
Lethbridge and Cranbrooi. lined up.
ilie former being defeated by a soon*
<>t ia to l. Perhaps Frank counted
too much on au easy Victory, alter
lieai itm of the result. Perhaps many
considerations were nuule a feature
..[ the contest. Perhaps a Judas
r.iin.iid among lhe boys. Perhaps it
was l.iel- of practice ami acquaintance
dlip with each olher. Whatever the
cause Frank lost, and under conditions thai disappointed many an
The gaine started out in great hope
in favor of Frank, lhe lirst game being scored by tin- home team in almost no lime. Let bin Edge scored
next ami Frank again came to the
foie,   the   Visitors   ball  coining  in   the
fourth. From then lo lhe finish it
was up and down uut I time was called, when Lethbridge scored a wlnuner
hy a majority of one goal.
The besl work on the part of the
home team was made iu llie lasl half
of ilie game when good combination
work Was pul up. It was a noticeable feature of the contest ili.il many
a goal that should have been scored
simply went   hy default.
In connection with Ibis match the
Frank Paper attempts no mention of
good work on the part of individual
members, bul would Jusl state that
lln- hoys on the square played t-o win
es his firm belief thai this camp wlll|an,| |,ad full support been' fort-boom-
yet Iw a g^at mineral producer.        i |„g Krank would have won out.   |)ur-
The first man to traverse the   Co-  ing the progress of the game player
Ittmbta river from its sourer al  Ca-j after player was laid out, the doctor
uai Flat (then known as McOitlvray'sj having   his hands    full administering
portage)    to     its mouth was David   relief io fake and real lay outs.   The I the date of
Thompson, an employee of t_he North- game was quite largely attended, ami   witli the C. P.
west     Fur Companv.   The  trip was lhe gafe receipts must have been more I been a benefit hoth  to its"members
undertaken   in UHU,   just Itiit   years  than respectable. and the company, which has always
(Vancouver Province.)
Labor ball was the scene of mirth
ami merriment lant night when tti
local railway carmen entertained th
nineteen visiting delegates to the
convention of the joint protective
board uf ihe C, P. It. members of
ihc brotherhood. Fully sixty uf the
one liundred and ten members of Hie
local lodge were present to greoi
lheir fellow workers here from all
parts of lhc Dominion, Ihe guests of
the Vancouver carmen and of lbe
ciiy fur the next four days.
Although the brotherhood's grand
chief, F. L. Honeimis, of Kansas Cily
had noi arrived (he is ex peo ted today) the second vice grand chief, L.
L. Hannah, the chairman uf llie
hoard, Vice-Chaiiinan .lames Hill Is,
of Winnipeg, Secretry-Treasttrer Char-
liaiwl, of Montreal, and President
McVety of the local hraneh of Hie
Trades and Labor Council and other
prominent members and ollieers were
present. They guve and received a
treat, intelleclnal and physical. The
liquid refreshment provided was not
however, of an imported and bottled
variety, Jl was purely au Informal
social event iu wh ch local lodge No.
.*»« gave ils visiting brethren from the
east a sample of Vancouver hospitality.
During the afternoon the delegates
luid l»*en welcomed by Mr. McVety,
to which Vice-Chairinaii HiWis, of
Winnipeg luui responded. The board
then iu secret session—all iis meet
ings being held, of course, behind closed doors—proceeded to the first worl
of lbe coiiveiiiioii, appointed comm.l-
tcos and routine.
Last night was the regular fort-
nighlly meeting of the local lodge
hut the members merely met and ad
joiirncd to meet again wilhoul leav
iug tbe room. The second vlco-graud
chiel of the loin! protective boaid
Mr. L, I. Hamuli, Vancouver's rep
n-sctitative on ihe local board, then
Icil m the visiling delegflles and two
hours  of eiijoyineiil   followed.
The convention will resume its do-
liberations today and continue its sessions until Thursday or Fridky. Saturday the members will lie shown the
chlel pofnts of inlerest of ihe mosl
progressive city of the west,
It is Hn* tiist lime the convention
has over lieen held west of .Manitoba.
The delegates mel in Winnipeg last
year. They will not choose their
uexl meeting place until Friday.
The delegates present ale Mr. Hannah, city; James llichardsoii, Nelson
H. Doniian, Bholt-; A. Shankland,
Cranbrook; Geo. Nicholson, Calgary;
.1. Wannop, Medicine Hal; C. Clark,
Moose Jaw; 11. [Vane, Brandon;
James llillis, Winnipeg; Win. Neil
Kenora; E. Grey. Kort William; V..
V. A. Ealey, North Bay; Thomas
Broad, Ottawa; James Phillips, Carlton Junction; David Scott, Windsor;
James While, Toronto; A. Chartrand,
Montreal: J. Malloy, Farnhum antl
Dow Hoome, Macadam Junction,
The brotherhood is international,
wil'h 'headqauarteis in Kansas Cilv
and a total membership of forty Ihou-
sand. It includes practically all the
employes of the ear departments of
lhe various railways. Since IflOII,
working agreement
R., the organization
San Francisco, Ji
surplus of (lour sen
sympathizers has I
finance committee
ling company.     Of
00(1    pounds   sold
> l-s.-The heavy
here hv eastern
■n sold" bv llie
i Die (Mi.lif Mil**
thc lot, 12,000,-
I J.'tliO a barrel
and 1,500,000 pounds at $-"!.lii.
The committee reserved 7150,000
pounds for relief purposes, which,
according to the present demands,
w^ill last more than six months,
When the lirsi sale of this flour was
contemplated, a hid uf tU.ln ji
barrel tor the whole lot was rece;
ed. This was rejected by General
G reel y, who had been au titer zed bv
the (bianco committee to sell it.
The committee considered that the
supply was in excess of every possible need and, a.s there were practically no warehouse facilities, it had
lH*en stored on ibree army transport's,
Its removal from thc transports had
been ordered and, rather than pay
storage ou.it, the committee decided
to sell the (lour and convert lhe
proceeds into other and more pressing forms of relief. The entire Iol
will be exported,
City Scavenger
'I'he City Council
have appointed
R. Stewart
? the official .scavenger;!;
* of the city of Cran- 5
*i* brook.    Parties   hav- *|*
.-. nig closets   to clean,.-.
't* refuse matter to haul'!'
.j. to    the   City   clump .j.
X grounds
VisiUug brothers eurdially invited
"Cranbrook   Foun-::
dry and ::
Machine Shop:]:
McKinnon& Johnston
Wo nru |irt.|inrist tn
iin nil kiiuls nl ro-
piiir work lieiivv nml
light, it.iiki. (mBtln_ta,
turn hIiuI'Ik. t-t■ ■
Scientific    Horscshueii.K   a
!   A. W. McVittie   I
i $
t Dominion and Provin- *
Illeet at U. ul L. I'. Ilall 2nd   end
4th Saturday each month.
Visiling brethren always welcome
T. linyler, .las. 1*1. Lankan,
'"   It. Sec'y.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc*
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
tliiell Block Cranbrook, B
Barrister, Solicitor, Notary-
Public, Etc.
Cranbrook,    -    •    li. C.
hould leave X
•;• orders with him. The -|;
X city must be cleaned. X
,x 111.1.
" boast
Veil, Hi
n."     i
had a
look a   vaea
■d  the man o
it's abonl all
-plied    lhe tn
business expo
ion iu
you ll.
I) whi
Miss Mansfield will do fancy typewriting for afternoon or evening enter tainrneiits at reasonable rates.
Guess work questions supplied, or
typed from copies. 4,ri-tf
Take noliee thai thirty davs after
dale I, the uiidersigmd, intend to
applv to ibe Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works at Vieloria, for a
special license lo cut and <*;i 11 v away
timher from (he following described
lands in Kast Kootenay:
Commencing at n post planted  at
llle soulh wesl corner id lot Iflfi-I (W,
Hamilton'.. pwM*mptlon), thence sn
ohains west, Ihence III ehains soulh,
llience Mi chains east, Ihence -III
chains, more or less, to the point
of commencement, cotiiainlnK 'dill
acres, iiii.re or less.
Geo. A. l.ritch, Locator.
Dated this 2nd   day of .tune, A. 11.
moo. n-iii
Notice is hereby given Ihal- sixty
days after date, I inleml making appi leat ion to the I Ion. The Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for permission to purchase Uie fot
lowing descrilied lands;
Commencing at. a post planted at
lbe south-east eurner of lot No. li-'tla
Sand Creek, Soulh East Kootenay
thence running west 80 chains, .south
15 chains, more or less, lo lot No.
121.1, Ihence east 80 chains, norlh 15
ehains, more or less, to place uf
Dated May 31st, 1900.
ll at        John Hanbury, Elko.B.C
for a particular purpose is easy for
us. Because we bave them (or all
kinds uf use.    Naturally our
is far superior to that of the horse
which lias to cart coal during the
week and carry his owner to a funeral
ou Sunday. If Santa Claus saw our
horses be would pension off bis old
reindeers, chop up bis old sleigh aud
hire a rig Irom us. You should do the
same when you require the services of
a horse and carriage for any purpose.
Especially ns our #'ale of charges
makes it really chenp transit.
The Mandley Livery Stables
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing,   (live me a call.
Livery S
Teat... anil driver, luml.betl for *tty
pnint lu the tllntr!et,
A. IHIYU., M.nag.r
Physicians and Surgeons.
oflii. at liesltlenoe, Armstrong Av.
OFKlCt. HOllltS :
■ IHU to   11
Forenoons -
Alteruoou. -
Kvenluio, - *
. • I 3(1 to 3.30
• - 7 30 to 8.30
I to I. an..
1 lo   II p.m.
7 to   8 pin.
Office aud residence on Armstroug av,
OFFICE iioims l
• to 111 a.m,
1 to   • p.m.
I to    I I..U1.
Office Id new Reid block
Repairing Promptly Done.
Footwear to Measure a Specialty
; Daintiest Yet
Our New Photo
Picture Framing a
Prest Photo Co
farm for Sale |
Situated on tlm Kooteimy y
rivnr, on.' inili- from Miiyook,
containing lllll ucrus; 90 ncres
I iKittnni laml; 50 uuri'8 ui..i<ir
^. cultivation j new U-room nuxl-
X em cottage, Alsu Hi", head
A of eattl" ami live hows, with
y nil luini iin|ili.mi.|its.
X For particulars apply to
cial   Land  Surveyor. *
H. H. McVittie
General Agent
{ CRANBROOK,   B.   C.
Pete's Barber  Shop
Has removed from the Wentworth
hotel tu next door to A. V. Uuw-
ness' aud opposite new bank building. I invite everybody. My work
will give satisfaction. First class
barber shop.
P. J. Leithauscr, Hgr.
*w**w™w**1**4* '•* *•* *•* *•"•* *»* *•* *•* *•' *•* *** *•' *•' **' **' *•' '•'
13- €daar Davis |
|       BRICKLAYER and       ;!;
?     contractor     :!;
X !'!
A        Furnai't', Boiler, itniigo, ,i,
X iiiiii Fireplace work n aimi-iul X
All descriptions nf Btono. *
work undertaken,  iinlnru lift
at |
.1. II. M. lllll I IK'S
* will rociovo prompt attention,
l'liune lib. r. 0, Iin. 801. *
Qeo. R. I.eask & Co
Our work is our advertisement, but
. put tliis ad iu tlie lleral.l.to
eniplmslzu it.
Near Lower \ rtii»lionu Avenue.
Notice is horoby given that thirty
days after dale we Intend to ftpply
Ui lhe ('hiel CotmiiissioiitT ol I.amis
and Works at Victoria, for a special
liconso to cut and carry away timber from off the following desenbeil
lamls In South Kasl   Koolenay;
CotlttnoUOlng at a post planted ill.
the sou Hi.east eolnei ol Ihe (Ico
(Jailer luini, license No 06-11, Ihutico
rUnnlM M'  chains    easl,   Ihenee   tun
nog sn chains north, thenee running
kii ohains wesi, thenoe miming so
chains south lo pom I, ul commence
Dated this Oth day of April, A l»,.
11. II.  Itoss,
.lus. W. Itoss.        :i r.t
TIMHKU notkm:.
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days after date wc Intend to apply
to the Chief Commissioner of Lull da
and Works at Victoria, fur a special
license to cut and cany away timber from off the following described
lands in South East Koolenay:
Commencing at a post, plantetl at
the north-east corner of Ihe lien.
Carter limit, lionise No. WMI. Uienco
running 8U chains cast, ihenci. nm-
uiug 80 chains nurlh, thence running
80 chains wesl, tliencc tunning 80
chains south tu point ol commencement.
Bated this 9th day of April, A.D.,
H. H. Koss,
Uoi. VI* Roa,        mi TIIE  CRANBROOK   HKIiAU)
Flannels and Serges
Fit-Reform Flannels snd Serges are
just abuut thc coolest things yuu can
put un.
Have practically tm linings or padding—nothing to l.uUl the heat uml
add weight.
But—they have the Bel ami hunt;—
the jaunty elegance—the perfect lii -ul
Tweeds and I tumespuns,
It's the tailoring thai mnkes permanent shapeliness—and I'" Kerorm
tailors lime brought these Imt weather
garments to perfection.
2 piece Suits—fio, fn lip.
W nili-siik* and noil
Fresh and Cured Meats
Presh   Fish,  Uame  and
We .apply only the bell.    Voar
irade I* solicited
Market* In .11 (lie prlnclpr  towfll
In ltrili.il Columbia
/ / NOTICE !! |
bugs to notify tin- residents of I. mt Kootenay:thnt he Ims i
added tt MINERAL WATER FACTORY to his estnb. 1
lishuient and would cordially soliait uny resident or travel- z
er to call or send for a sample order (particularly by the •
trade) and guarantees his goods suporior to nny in lln-dis- I
trict.   Tlin pni.lii* nre respectfully requested lo visit tisalul X
sumplu the goods at the factory, j
I ft———————■—
Robert Toiulini-on, who recently resigned from the head of the South
Notts Hussars, has served lotty
Loch Lomond and the s-treauis connected with it have been it-stocked
wiih 812,000 young salmon, sw trout
and  trout.
A western Australia 4*t blue stamp
wuii inverlrd center Was !>ol<l at auction in London lot  -8400 by    BteSRtS.
Veiitoin,   Uull an.1 Cooper.
According to a home office return
I.HKl! persons paid £89t?lB in belling
lines during 1805. There were ti,2ti.i
convictions, and one man was con-
vtoted fifty-four times.
The (ilads-tone memorial, ihe work
of Sir William Richmond, to beeicet-
cd in llawaideii church, is completed,
and has been    placed in tbe shrine,
11 will he Unveiled un July iH next.
Mr. T. W. Openshaw, of Oswald
iwistle, Lancashire, ims just retired
from the pos lion of choiriuastei at
thv Koxbtll Hank I felted Metbodlal
Free church, arier holding thai office
for fifty years.
Mr. ,1. V. Sharpe, steward of
Christ's hospital, at Hertford, has
received a letter which was posted
to him fourteen years a^o. No explanation was given bv lhe postal
authorities concerning lhe delay.
A crpche at whieh only a pennv a
day will Ire charged is 'to lie opened
in Crlasgow. Another plan under consideration In connection with the
Creche is to provide halfpenny dinners
for the older children of poor parents.
The parish of St. Oorge's-in-t-be-
East, Stepnev, appears to have the
h'iflheBt birthrate ih the kingdom. According to the report of the medical
officer of health for the last fortnlg-hi
the rate wa.s 57 per 1000 annually.
Thomas Howarth, one ol two men
who were charged with begging at
I.ytham, had a bank book crediting
him with tli7. He also had enough
loose cash lo pav £4 (is in tines ami
costs for himself and his companion.
The Bishop ol Norwich, speaking &(i
a ilciiioiisiration of churchmen againsl
the Education Bill, said the State
would take away the church's oyster,
swallow the succulent bivalve, ' ami
hand hack the shell to the Church
Mr. W. Simpson Cross, of Liverpool, despatched from his zoological
park at Southport, on Saturday, tlie
hu.ldog, Duke, which lie is sending as
a present to t|ie Emperor of Japan
as a memento of the Japanese sailors
visit to Southport.
Sir Willoughby Wade, who up to a
few years ago was a well known physician at Birmingham, has died at
William Keeling, two years old,
was accidentally hanged the olher day
at Leicester ori thc back of a chaii
on which he had been laid to rest.
Mr. S. H. Butcher, M.I'., lale professor of Greek in the University of
Edinburgh, is one of the members ol
the Koyal Commission which has
been appointed to inquire into the
management of Trinity College, Dublin, and the University of Dublin.
The Ipswich guardians have deeid-
il io purchase a yacht piano for ilte
inusement of the workhouse inmates,
i suggestion was made tliat a har-
iiiiiuim should be bought, but .t was
tated thai the old people were veiy
nnd of comic songs, which could not
he suug to ihe harmonium accompaniment,
BOSH ffi
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
The Mc« Managers,
Drop in and see us any lime,    We are on deck 25 hours
mil ol lhc 21
Hotel & S
Questl Comfort a Specially
(Inud Stabling Ml Imiuitlltin
Ni-.n.'Ni lo railroad nn.l depot.   Mun aepominodn-
iIoiin tm  iht- pul.In- unequalled in Cranhrook)
Mul and Cold Hilhn
Hoggarth A Rollins
I-H "H-H-l I1 I-I 11H I H-rM-|* I Wl I I M-I -M-H-H-M-M-H*
| I tl I III I I I 111 H | 111 lt|-ri II H I H^ H4--1I I H I  •
Y * >* •
|| The Cosmopolitan |
l H. small       The   place   where   a ;j;j
■■wiw    I   man will return after
stopping once*
a  ,4^^.|MH"f*l-H"H*f-IMtfHli
HI 111 lllllllll llllll IW-H|}||||*IPIIIIIMI4
The Hev. U. T. Sauler, vicar of
Moiilslhini, has accepted ibe living of
Wll Ungate Doe, Eseex. He will be iu
iin- lumsiiai position of having under
bis charge uut churches sbanding in
om churchyard, This suite ol afiairs
was brought adopt hy a ipianvl he-
twecn two sisters, who each presented lhe parish with a church.
Mi John Kitby, of Khepshod, Leicestershire, has served t*ne iiiui continuously for seventy-seven yeais. lie
uas born in 1880, and started seatn-
ing stockings tor Messrs. Cartwright
a Warper, hosiery manufacturers., before lh- was six years old   At eleven,
be   began   w::lkir|g      a   plain   slocking
machine, .nnl continued al  >l|e   saup-
post imiii Ootplicr 1, \n.\.
A combjnatioii of hlftSK Mxtati thnt
might im ipiite equal to bringing
down the walls of Jericho will In*
In-aid al a tide to Iw given at (lov-
eiiiuicnl Mouse, Aldersliot, on July
|ii and 11. All Uw hands of ihe Al
tlerslHit Army Corps, drawn from
lwenly-seven separate regimenls, and
comprising nearly fifteen hutidrod
M-parale instruments, are to play to-
HelluT This will torin one »f ttie
mosl gigantic orchestral combinallon
pver attempted. The act tin) numlii-i
or Instruments engaged will Ite 1,4.17.
A hoy, twelve years old, named
Siaplcs," who was Chastised for taking some sweets frnm a shop at
I'attiswick, near Coggeshall, disappeared, and was found drowned in s
pond shortly afterwards.
A tfilvcr medal has luvn awarded
by Ute judges at Hm International
philatelic exhibition to the Prim* of
Wales for his collection of Hong
Kong stamps, and a broiiM medal for
stamps of -Great Britain of King
Edward's reign.
A laborer, who wad charged at
Harlow with stealing four fowls,
said that he had been punished once,
as lie ate a part of one of the
fowls. "It was like eating wood,"
he said. "I have not been well
since." He was sent to prison lor
twenty-one daya.
It has been decided to Md a pageant next monlh at Burleigh Court,
Glastonbury. Scenes In toe history
of Glastonbury and the district, from
the coming of the Phoenician traders
down to the trimcR which immediately followed the battle of Redgmoor,
will   bo   presented  on    an eiatiorate
Tlve Marquis of Himtly appeared be*
ask that a commit im tit ,n,|,*i j-*
favor of a ten ot dreeauakei tor
£1W lor dresses for his Wife   should
be set aside.       Thv Marquis pleaded
tlul  Ire had    no    im-au-   ■•!   his  ..wn.
bui   lived with Ins wile,  who had   an
income of £4,000 a year.
Alice Wesl'hnry, who was indicted
at the Mudilesex M-ssmns i..i ai
templing to commit suicide, refused
to plead and ihe jury wa^ asked to
divide whether Uu- refusal was due
to malice ur to the visitation ot
God. Thc jury found that Bhe refused to plead out of iiu-liee, aud convicted hei on the mam charge, and
she was seiiii-nciHi io twelve mot ba'
imprison merit.
The Liverpool detective police are
invesitKaung a siiiinj;e slnry of the
di^ppeamiice oi ancient Egyptian
treasures. Kour pure gold cupa were
uneaiihed six months ago during investigations al a mausoleum near
Luxor. Thi-y date owr various
periods to about 2000 It. c. and
were bioughi to England wnh ., view
to sale. While the .sale was being
negotiated ihe treasure myatci iuu ily
Tlie list ti it Stands In il.i.. 1 us
.1. A. HARVEY,
W. T. ItKIli,
HU. Vi. S. llll.l.
JAMK.s imi.i.i:,
T, M, IlllllKKTS,
J. U. AkUllllll*:,
S. J. M1QHT0N,
W, F. OUItU,
0. E. KUll),
E. 11. SMALL,
1). J. McSWEYN,
Furl Stoolo
W. F. TATE __ SUN,
11. D. CURTIS,
B. J. ELMER, Moylc.
It. II. BENEBltIT, iMiiyim
F. J. SMYTH, Moyie,
Kurt  Steele,
The provincial library in tbe Free
Reading Room, Watts block, is free
to all and contains ono liundred volumes, all new, on the following
topics, viz: Social science, natural
science, useful arts, literature, description and tt'aveJ, (lotion, juvenile
hooks, biography liml history, by
some of the best authors ol the day.
Any resident of Cranhrook or vicinity is entitled to the loan of these
hooks as long as such person complies with the rules, having first
signed the agreement, which will be
presented by the librarian. Below
are a few of the rules tu be complied
Books must be handled with care
and leaves must nut bi* turned down
Two volumes may be drawn by each
reader and retained fur Iwo weeks.
Tlte line of five cents shall be paid
for each book kept over time, and
no books shall be lent lu any one
to whom books or an unpaid line or
fines are charged.
A reader desiring a hook not al the
time in the case may have it reserved (or him for forty eight hours alter its return by giving not ice to tbe
I Hirar ian.
I    A reader returning a   hook,   which
| is not reserved may   renew it    lor
Tenders will be    received by     the
undersigned up to noon of Wvdnesda)
the -1Mb, of June, ior t.\,, Reel
Sited?. Plans and specifications may
Ite seen at ihe City (Merit's office
l- City Clerk.
Man to   ship and take charge
ROM. Stewait,
China Creek Lumber Co., Ltd,
8 China Creek, 11. C
Take notice that two months after
dale I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Worki
for permission to purohase the ful-
lowmg described lands in Souih Kasi
Commencing at    a point   marked
"James   Ryan's     noith-east      eui nei
post," planted at the south-east coi
ner of Lot 2BG7,     Group 1,   thenc.
lOUtb  five chains,      moic ur  less,   lo
the north bank of st. Marys river,
ihenee westerly following the sani
mu ih bank of St. Maiys river Kb
ehains, more oi less, to the   souih
easl    comer  of    Lot  litil»7,    Group   I,
tbence northerly along the easterly
limit of said Lot BOOT, fifteen chains,
mote or less, to the southerly limit
of said Lot 3807, thcuce easterly
along the southerly limit of said Loi
M87, eighty chains, more or less, to
the place of bcglnuiUg, containing 77
in ies, more or Risk.
James Ryan.
Dated at  Cranbrook,     u.  0., thli
30th day of April, 1006. 6-IU
For Firnt-ckiss  r\us\c
l'i.i i-m,.io_i-ini.ilih i.itli.-i'in Ferule or nulidih'
polutd   Apply to
1'. PASTA, ftoxtao. Kernle. 11 r
A Six Roomed Cottage
In first class repair, two lots,
stable and hen house, on one
of the most attractive streets
on Haker Hill, lacing St. Joseph's Creek. Reasonable price
aud favorable terms.
Fred    Dumont
I will sell my two lots facing <
the station, with building, or <
will sell lots alone and move '
building. Trice, $1501), one J
half cash. All cash, better <
price will be given. <
Call on or address j
STRIPE duck;
t,i ii li iill oolfira nil
1, I'l I .I.J.I, ,111
llll. tl, 111'.
II.I fllililll
i.V nr.liTiliK* Ihlll)
Is the purest furm in which cane su^ar on
be made. Every grain Bparklea w.th brilliancy, the result uf perfect crystalizatlon,
Yuu will be pleased the moment you open
a box. You will b; delighted after ti . ing it
in your u-j or cuifc-e.   Sold everywhere in
*' lb. sealed packages.
M.l UFACTUR   D t.
The B. C. Siiijar Refining Uo., Ltd., Vancouver, B. C.
Manitoba Hotel
dan Mcdonald, proprietor   cranbrook" h. c.
Headquarters for
in tlie ri
mnl lui-nin- nf
with the besl i
!,.■-! ,lllllll}.!.HilllS
mil Cigars
two weeks,
lu addition to this library the room
is supplied with the loading newspapers from the Allan lie to thu
Pacific, also magazines and periodicals.
The room Is nicely furnished and is
a comfortable place to spend your
spare moment?, and is not run by,
nor in the interest of any church,
party, or clique. Everybody welcome. Remember the place, second
floor, Watts block, over Mlghlon's
tobacco store. Baker sfrcot.
Vancouver, B. C, June IK.—All
records for large trees in British
Columbia forests have been broken
by the felling of a gigantic Douglas
fir at Rook Bay, British Columbia.
•flho tree measured 00 feet in
length when trimmed to lumber size,
its diameter at the tfutt was 11 feet
6 inches and its diameter at the top
4 feet 10 inches.     The tree contains
yo day round trip
Winnipeg, Port  Arihur,   Duluth,
Sl. Paul.
Through Excursion Rates
Toronto, Montreal, Maritime Pro
vinces, New York, New
on Application.
Dates ol sale :  June 4, 6. 7, 23, 25.
July 2, 3.   August 7, 8, 9.
Sept. 8, 10.
Tickets subject to usual variations
ol route and include meals and
berths on C. P. R. steamers on Great Lakes.
Full particulars from
Oeo. Hillier, Agent, Cranbrook
Has iust discharged her cargo at our
 _____^^^^______    warehouse   which
consists of Portland
cement, iron pipe and liftings, putty and g!ass, oils and
paint, in fact anything lobe found in a first-class hardware store!
ricCallum & Company
-nsisting of 381 acres of magnificent land, situated in the .-■■•
■iiiiii^  locality ta be found in East Kootenay, being Ji
nu   Mon-   an.i   p09to.il ce,   Tin* Kootenay Centra) f tail way
iv.*y trnyersos ibo property.   It is bounded on one a le
■go stream which affords excellent trout and char m-miii.
ii-oiiii.liiiu' the property is a country capable nf graziui
nil red head ni cattle and many promising mining j :■
• beingworked In the neighboring mountain!-, an I ..;'■ iri from
tiling this property Bhould shortly become very te  *.
ior purposes oil  n nil of the naturally central position il
ura with regard tn the surrounding country. 250 acren ol ihic
ip'-rty eau In* brought under cultivation with can; and there
• already 20 acres in mixed orop. 70 tone of bay nre cut
iiually oft tin- laml. Tlien- are suitable building* for all pur-
■■ri- 'in.i un irrigation ditch has been constructed wl*i *■■■•
rnlifli waioi for Irrigation uml domestic purpose*. I'oi further
————   particulars apply to   ———_
ii i:-iuii-
llill-   to
.nnl", Cranbrooi.   -
•I'"-" the   .,*,i,
ami ilil
liloi-k it ran I..- ill I'l-mill |iIVIHI*:ii Into small,
nl in. i'ii. Ill, mil ncrefl, or otherwise, lo mil im
T II I'l   I I Tl. i:   I s  I N   I- K It 1*' HUT   CO N 6
lute Mr. Justice Blagituo. recently to' 18,500 leet ot merchantable lumber.   I
J. S. Carter, D. P. A.
Nelson, B.C
♦ ♦
20.000  ACRES
lll-l    Iv
OlOCtOil In
11,   ('..
•.I li.r-nle lit In
1 IS I.
iniiiil l'l.u lu
brushy Hau,
♦ 4
♦ 4
The Kootenay Valley is of Unsurpassed rertility
Matchless Climate and the Most Picturesque Situation West of the Rocky Mountains.
rhe lands present every feature of usefulness. Including tlm-
brushy flats, marsh, prairie an.i meadow. Tim
iar.-li ninl meadow Iniul*. consist nf deep, bla'i U
loam l tho bench land beina a Bandy loam, splendidly adapted
for fruit culture. Where irrigation mny be necessary on the
benches, water can be Had from the mountain creeks Howing from
the Itockieii into the Kootenay river. The Ian.If are fully sur*
veyed and some of the lots have heen subdivided Intofenced
farms of about 80 seres each.
The pnrcbnso price will Include the timber, which can be snld
by the purchaser without any liability to governmenl
royalty. The timlier will in manv Cases more than real!
chase price, and wlllinallcasesmatorlally recoup then
vested.   Logs enn bo drlvon onthe Kootenay river, wl
es every lot save ono.   The main wagon road through
passes over or close to eaeli lot, flii'l the proposed Kootenay Central railway will parallel tbe wagon road.    Tbe O. I'. K,|sqnite
eiiiivi-iii.-nt io the lands,
For fm tluir particulars apply to
Or to Joseph Ryan Cranbrook, B. C.
eh to
llllt* THE   I'R.YNr.l.'OOIC   IIE11ALD
Qet in line when the crowd starts
to go to
Don't get left behind.   Will sur=
pass anything hitherto
The Gorgeous Coronation of the
Carnival Queen. Hagnificent
Pr_ze==$ioo.oo Diamond
Ring and a purse
of Gold
Nothing omitted in the line of
Horse Races, Baseball. Lacrosse,
Football, Log Rolling, Log
Loading, Boys', Girls'
and Ladies'
,.m)M«ux;««iKstt   111-In ol j.11 .mil happiness dune mil
I    ORSFR VATIONS    *' "f l'K'" '■>'"*    That memory ol child.
^»* *-*>»*** wte* «-*•«-****"
Following is a poem that ti one of
the most pitiful iu expression and
mental agony evidenced ever written,
It tells the BOrrowtld tale and emphasizes ihe unjust conditions t-hat
prevail in civilisation—man is tree
to sin ami sin again, while woman,
poor woman, is condemned by In other and sister alike for a single  falsi
Sitting ahme hy  the window,
Watching the moon-lit street,
Bending my head to listen
To the well   known sound ol your
1 have Keen Wondering, darling,
How I can bear ihc pain
When  I  watch    wiih   sighs and teat-
wet  eves,
And wait for your coming in vain.
Kor I know ili.it a day approaches
When vou will tire nf me;
When liy lloor and gate I will   watch
ami wait
For a form that 1 will not see;
When a love that is now iny heaven,
The kisses that  make my life,
You wlH bestow on another—
And that olliar will be your wife.
You will grow weary of sinning,
(Though you do not call  it  sol,
You will long tor a love that is purer
Than the love that we here know;
God knows    that    1 have loved you
Willi a passion s*trong and line,
Rut you will grow Uml and leave me
Though I gave up all tor you.
I  was as pure as thc morning,
When I lirst looked upon your race,
I knew I could never reach ymi
In your high ami exalted place;
llut  I looked, and longed, and    wo:
As a (lower might worship a star,
And your eyes shone -down upon   mc,
Aud you seemed so far—so far.
And then?   Well then you loved mc,
Loved me wiih ail your heart,
But we could not stand at the altar,
Wo were .so far apart;
tf a star should wed with a flower
The -star must drop from the sky,
Or the Dower in trying to reach it
Would droop ou iis stalk ami die.
And you said you loved me, darling,
And swore hy the heavens above
That the Lord and all His angels
Would sanctum and bless our love;
And 1?   J was weak and wicked,
My love was pure and true,
And sin itself seems a virtue
Ii only shared by you.
(Iod says, "Love one another,"
And down to the depths of hell
Will He send the soul of a woman
Because she loved and fell?
I know that my beauty is fading,
Sin furrows ihe fairest brow;
And 1 know   tliat   your   heart will
Of the face that you smile <i)i now,
You will take a bride to your bosom
After you turn from me;
Vou will .sit with your wife   in   the
And huh! her babe on ymir knee,
Oh, God, 1 never could bear it,
It would madden my brain I know.
And .so while you love me dearly
1 think J liad  better go.
It is sweeter to know, my darling,
To know as 1 fall asleep,
[That Miuie one will mourn and mis
Then some one is left to wcop.
Than lo die as I should in the future
To drop in iha streets some day,
Unknown, unwept, and forgotten,
After you cast nie away.
Perhaps the blood of our Savior
Can wash my garments clean,
l'eioliaijce I may drink of thc waters
That   flow    through    the pastures
lu the olden days personal attacks
by an editor on bhe head ot tlie opposition sheet were frequent, and always bitter in the extreme. Here Is
a sample taken from an Indiana paper
years ago, and written by the celebrated Editor Kudil of Sail Hock!
'Did any reader ever tax the editor of our esteemed con temporary.'
Take uii eight-bushel sack about as
long one way as the olher. Fill it
with bran. Hit both ends heavily
with a club, so as lo swell it out iu
Hit* center. That is our friend pJiys
ically. .Now take a ha.f-witud, well
fed Hottentot. Inject into bim the
lhc largest possible amount ol conceit. Extract from bim lhiee-foun*li.s
of his brain and all his moral principle, and beat him over the head 'until
he has forgotten wliai little he ever
knew. And, Ihere you liave our friend
men tally."
Say, Mr. Knocker, you cannot saw
wood wilb a hammer. Just bear
thai in miml.
| hood .lays
is a great thing and none
V j of us   would   give it   up  for  all      the
*   ' -lobes tm earth.     That is one thing
we  like almut   a  circus.      ll     brings
to miml so vividly the days ol    tbe
A Nelson man stepped into Wcs.
(Tine's barber shop ihe oiher day
and getting into the chair asked to
have a hair cul.
"How will you have your liar cut
sir?" said ('line to the victim in the
"Minus couvcrsatioii.il proxHHy,"
replied ihe patient,
"How's lhat  sii'"
"With abbreviated ot lotallj eliminated narrations."
"Will 1   effervescent  verbosity,"
"Let even diminutive ctrfloqiij hr
conspicuous by its absence."
('line scratched his head .m.l weld
over to .lim Bates wbo had [usl lell
the chair and whispered:
"This man in ihe i-h.iir Is a lunatic
or a foreigner, .md l can't (Ind oui
what   he wants "
Then Bates wenl to lho winking
customer and said politely;
"How    WOUld   vnu    like   yotll      li.u:
cut, sir?"
"lu silence."
Holh ('line and Bales collapsed.
i.ihlv thev return with a report that
meets wnh the approbation .»" their
hllow workmen and also of the com-
Thc two young sons of John
i'riiide. of Marysville, (*ame down
lhe liist id ihe week lo see lilie cir-
eus. On Monday they went to the
show and had a BOW time. Tliat
night ihe ehiei of the two, Simon,
was taken sick and the next dav he
gradually grew worse until evening
when he became unconscious, uml K.
It. Small ami Al. (Malt took him to
the   hospital   and   sent   wold   to     his
rather to come at once. Unfortunately Mrs. Prlngle was sick ami had
been confined to her luii for several
days, hut when she heard that belli..v vvas in danger she got up and
n.de through the hard storm of
Tuosday night from MarysvWe to
Cranhrook. .1. II. Huchcrofl mel
theni at th,- Mission wilh a fresh
learn and rushed ihem inio town and
lo  the hospital.       The hoy  was     nn
conscious wlien thev arrived hut the
nox I day recovered to a considerable
e\ieiii .md was a'lle to recognize Ins
parents     Tiwlit) he is getting al >,
n Icel J   and   llii'l.-  is  el ei\    teason      Ui
believe thai he will recover,
Miss Peterson, of Movie, registered
at the Cosmopolitan Monday.
Wanted—A furnished room centrally
located    wiih    a   telephone   m   Uw
house. Address X., care of the
Henuld. H
Preserving scalers—
Half gal.
c. c. S,
W. D. Hill, who had a serious sick
Spell lasl week has recovered Sufficiently lo he able lo gel out and attend to business again, hut shows
tlm effects of his attack.
M. ll. McMahon,' father nf Mr. McMahon, of Marysville, Mr. and Mis.
McFarlaiid, sister and brother-in-laW
nf Mr, McMahon, arrived yesterday
from Port-laml, ore., an.l will vlsil
iu MarysvHIe for some time. Mr.
and Mrs. McMahon met the visitors
at the train and look them to iheir
home in Marysville.
Here is something for ihc mil*! men
to cogitate upon. The Herald got a
message last evening thai King's
No. 'i nt ihi had made a cut of "iii.liiii
feel in a day of ten hours. Thai ti
gelling there and lhc hoys of thai
mill are now wailing Ior some other
report ihat will touch lhat iu a mill
of the same capacity.
Arthur Bradley, one of the clerk's
in the Fink Mercantile Company's
slore, had a narrow escape oue day
ihis week. He wa.s handling a new
hunch of bananas and a 'tarantula
jumped out and ran across his hand.
As lheir bile is as deadly as Ihal of
a rattle snake naturally Arthur WnS
a lill'le rattled, Imt be' recovered iu
lime to capture the insect ami pul
him to divitli.
The fact that lhe merchants ,.f
Cranhrook cany the best stock of
goiuls to be found between Winnipeg
and Vancouver was demonstrated
last Monday. Among the hundreds
of strangers who came lo (own Micro
was one thing that they agreed upon
unanimously and that was the superior elans of goods carried hy the
merchants of Cranhrook. Many
people who were in town dropped in
ihe Herald otlice and without atl exception Ihey all hail something io
say in praise of ihe town ami lhc
Cranbrook merchants. That Is whal
makes a town, and the Herald has
always maintained thai the merchants of Cranbrook have done a
power of good along this line by
carrying the up-to-date stocks they
Who is Hlaiiie? That is easy. Ihis tlie man who has opened tlie new
cleaning aud dyeing establishment on
Arms i rung avenue and is giving
such good satisfaction. There is no
use of throwing your clothes away
as long as Blaine is in (own. lie
will make ihem like new for Utile
money, lllaine is the man who does
things ami does Ihem right. See
Hlaiiie and wear clothes thai arc neat
uud natty. Blaine will he voin
clothes friend and for little money.
That dollar vou work so hard for
can he made by Iel ting Blaine save it
for ynu. Blaine will save you many
a dollar if v<>u onlv give liim a
chance.      See 'Blaine. '   Blaine   is   lhe
inan. 'I'll,- clothes man, ihe man win.
will teach you economy. Where''
Al the Cosmopolitan hotel or at his
place of business on Arms
a-veimc. Dun't overlook Blaine.
.John Simpson, principal of
public school al Movie, was in lown
l.isi Friday and Sat unlay. It was
Mr. Simpson's (Irsl vis-it to Cranbrook. Ile came doubl ing and returned charmed in the extreme degree. "I have seen the motinUtlns all
over ihe Norlh American continent
and f.u enough south to sec ihe
Andes, hut in all ol my travels I
have never bcoii a moro beautiful
view of the mountains than ymi liavi
hem in Cranbrook. II is delightful
Then von have a pretty town ami t
Hue class of people. Cranbrooi. has
a right lo grow, for the reoftm Ihal
she possesses every advantage," Mr.
Simpson is a cosmopolitan gentleman, a man of line education and
one who has stored much
biaiiiery hy Intelligent travel, and
therefore ho is a most Interesting individual wilb whom to converse.
A. .1 Martin, represonting the 0,
IL C, and DeVero llteut, representing the B. of It. T., returned lho first
of ihe week from Winnipeg where
ihey went tn meet wilh represenln-
. lives r.r the 0. P. K. and adjust some
differences that    had arisen "■-     **-
Did  you go lo   the    circus?    And
say,     did    you   not   enjoy  it?
Sly0,!'.',"'!■  „."'' "" ,cU   llk»r°row.      Those     gentlemen      gave
Killing out.inlo Ihe street nnd    [ol- e.-ldencc nl Hie wisdom .llsplnycf in
lowing   up ihe   parade and    il was "'I''1' selection on such an Importnnl
j only hy a supreme eflort thai we .11.1 '""""""■ »*s t,!M->'   sctlled every ques-
«n opportunity to carry water hy the men.      Railway    men   show  grcal
pmi lor the sake nf scouring a ticket, Jwlffiwnl in   matters nr ilris   Mmi.
How a circus brings hark Hie lialinv ''''"'■' ''""'  K° nl" as "Kit"-''"*   hul
davs of voiil.li      I. «... i... .a ""   *•"' i'1'lilrai'V  Ihev  nn  mil   In     a
Z hZT    ,        ,              '""' "la" """'"« ol this   kind   wiih 1,1,0 Idea
.... hcaid a dozen last Monday   lell- thai ifcy  will seMc    anv grlovS
ing wilh great giro Imw ho used   In "ii a basis Ihal  is fair boll. In    the
work his way into a nireus when lu- "h'P'oyeos and In lho company.   The
was „ buy.    And aa ihev told i. Urn P , ""'n    ""' llhv"l's S1,111 "ii     a
a     j             a., mey told it tiho missi,m 0, mB fangtat and Invar-
Till    I'leil,    I'l.-st        Hill   keep       Hie
clerk's othee open Saturday nighl
until im o'clock Ior 'be accommodation id ihose win. cannol gel In before to paj   their citj   taxes.     Thai
is lhe    last    day of graCO lo BaVC thc
blg discount and those who have la*es
to   paj   Should   not   fail   lo   lake     ad-
ntage of it.
Oltawa, Juno 2ft.-Mr. Fielding
gave notice lo-day of a bill to repeal
lhe act of lasl session, granting a
pension of $3,500 pcr annum to e\-
lahinet ministers who have previously held a portfolio for five years.
This is the sum total of all the
wrangling which the cabinet has bad
upon Ibis question since lhe opening
or the session. At one time it was
suggested that thp governmenl might
propose to parliament to accept tlie
llritish plan, whereby ai. ex-cabinet
minister who declares thai he has
not sullicient income to maintain
himself and his family iu comfortable
circumslances, is placed upon the
pension 'ist. The matter is i
entirely between the British prime
minister and lhe appi cant, although
the number of grants each year Is
limited, Sir Wilfrid, however, declared a Tew weeks ago, wh n this
question was under discussion, lhat
he would nol assume the responsibility of deciding who should or should
not among ihe ex-cablnet minister!
be the recipients nf the pension
Since ihen the cabinet has been n
peatcdly endeavoring to lind a satis-
faciuiv solution or thr problem, hut
without success, until finally it has
heen determined to wipe out tbe pension system altogether,
Bcoks kept and balanced by first-
class accountant. Mcrch tuts ami
others who have not sufficient wi.rk
to employ a regular clerk can have
their account kept from f10.00 a
month up. All dealings Crintly
con Aden Hal. Other points in East
Kootenay Visited, Write or call cn
II.F,K.,'"The Wilga," Cranhrook. B,
O. 18-St
Notice is hereby given that (10
days- from dale I intend to apply to
lhc Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, at Victoria, for permission to
purchase Hie following described lands
on lhe raiiwav from Cranhrook to
Klmberley, in" lhe Fast Koolenay
Commencing .it a post, W. II.
Moore'.s N, E, Coiner (and adjoining
W. Love's N. W. cornet"), thence west
in chains, Ihence south to chains,
thcuce cast -10 chains, thence north
Hi ehains to point of commencement,
consisting of 100 acres, more, or less.
W. H. Moore.
Hated June lClh, 1906. 13-flt
Sixiy days after dale I intend to
apply to lhe Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works, at Victoria, B.C.,
for permission In purchase the following described lands in South Fast
Kootenay, B.C.
Commencing at a post planted at
lhc \. 13, corner of Lot 2'biS, firoup
I; thence -0 ehains west, thence 20
chains north, tlu-nce 40 chains west,
thenco im chains north, Ihence 40
chains east, thence 40 chains soutli,
thenco 00 chains east, thence 4(1
chains south, Ihence 40 chains west,
to place of commencement.
W. C. Hodges, Locator.
Dated June 10th, looii. 13-01
Ask Your Deeper For
Kurtz's Own
Kurtz's Pioneer
Spanish Blosssoms
Union Made By
Kurtz Pioneer
Cigetr Factory
118 Cordova Sl., W.,
Vancouver   -   -   B. C.
• owing to arrangements to engage
■ in another Hue of work, we will ♦
Our Business ::
[ at n   m o h t reasonable   llgure * *
R. N. FINCH <* CO.
NrrrTioNi-* Pno«r132   ^
July 2* 'o6
Speech by J. H. Hawthornthwaite, H. P. P.
The sports of the day will begin at one o'clock
sharp, and will run as follows :
Children's Sport.-., prizes
i. ioo Yard Foot Race
2. Broad .lump
j. Sack race
4. Fat Han's race, over 200
5. Putting Stone, 14 Ib.s
6. Potato race
7. Hose reel race
8. Log rolling contest
9. Walking greased pole
10. Shooting Contest
11. Rock Drilling Contest
12. Boat race
13. Tug-o'-war
..           »
nl prize and prize
• lbs      5.00
Campbell Cup
Committee of the Day
Caledonian Sport, E. A, Hill
Hose reel races, Dr. Harvie, C. A. Foote
Drilling Contest, P. Bonner, John Itakke
Boat racing, A. P. Macdonald, F. .1. Smyth
Log rolling, etc., P. F. Johnston, (i. W. Orchard
Shooting Contest, R. Campbell, H. Cameron
Tug-o'-war, Jack McTavish
Children's Sports, J. H. Hawke, John Simpson
A Special Train
will leave Cranbrook at 9 a.m.
The Cranbrook Band will be in


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