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Cranbrook Herald Oct 25, 1906

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Our Goods are
WILL    END   .
There are lots of Big Snaps left yet, so do
not forget to come in, or you will be sorry.
^444444444444444444444*4444444444444444444*449999 444444444444444444444449449444444444444444444444444999444944444444494444444444444444444444444994444444444444§^
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
«. E. WALKER, General Manager ALEX. LAIRD, Aa... Gent Maiugt.
A gen.ral Banking Dullness transacted.   Accounts may b. opened and etndMM by
mail Willi aii branche. ol this Bank.
Deposit-* of  $1  und upwards received, und Interest allowed at
current rutcs.   The depositor is subject to no delay what*
ever tn  the  withdrawal of the whole or any
portion of  the  deposit
Cranbrook Branch,
F. C. MALPAS, Manager
: Capital raiJ Up $4,280,000.1X1                 Rest $4,280,000.00 |
| HEAD OFFICE   -   -   TORONTO, kONT.             J
J D. R. Wilkie, President. Hon. R. Jalfray, Nice.-President |
4 *
* Branches in Provinces of Hrilish Columbia, Alherta, Sas- *
J katchewan, Manitoba. Ontario and Quebec             *
4 *
4 Interest allowed on Savings  .recounts FROM  DATE OF DE- S
J POSIT at highest current rates a id comr.ounded half yearly.     J
:   i
I. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.      i
Live Stock
Such .is Teams, logging and
otherwise,   Dray  Horses, etc.,
against Death (rom .my cause.
A Word
A Pearl Brooch, n Pearl Ring, or n
Pearl and Diamond Rine, is always n
wi'IciMii.' addition to a lady's collection Of gClllS.
Wi* Imvi. ii linn selection to choose
President Dicken Is Call
ed Down
B. R. T. Switchmen Demand Eight
Hour Day on Roads Entering Chicago
Fcr-nlc, Oct. 23.—Tho press commit
tec or Pernio Miners' union desires t<
make the lollowlng report to tho
"tin Oetolier Ifltli, .1 committee
was appointed to investigate certain
charges mania liv W M. Diokcn, tlien
local president, .mil published In the
press. The committee met nnd
spent manv hours making lln* investigation. District Prcstdciil Sherman,
tt. M Dicken, ami tlie local secretary,
Thos. Biggs, were called belore Mn'
committee and closely questioned nt.
-nine length, every opportunity being
given to VV. M. Dicken to prove Uis
statements, winch be tailed lo do. The
committee reported to lbe local union
meeting on October 20th, a.s lollows:
'• ■ l be repoi I ol youi committee on
this case Is Uut we find brut hei VY,
M Dicken bus violated (he principles
ol qui crgaitizatiou bj publishing Ids
I.-u.-i in ill.- press and that  we    nd-
Irom all t>0» iai pt sit ions lot lho period ol six months; and furthei, tins
ommitlec wishes to say thai il   lias
Icni Sherman.'
■■I pon tlie reporl ol the invest lent
il an.l ran ml unnnimousl:
"Kirst, that the repoi I
md filed fm (tttiire refereni
Second, thai tt w Dicken stands
under suspended sentence loi an Ink-finite period.
"Third, that the action ot tlve I..ral
ution in dealing with W. M. Dicken
„■ Liven lo U.e press.
■ Fourth, thai a vole of confidence
be placed in Districl  President Slier-
"Tho miners ot Pernio desire lo
,-,■ lue press give Uns reporl Uh
aim- wide 1'iitiln m ns ll gave- lo Uie
also charges made bj ex local Presto-
nt Dicken.
'Feinie Miners'   I  u.  N<i.  231 I,   I .
M    tt    ,,l   A."
i  VPT     DENNY,    WELL    KNOWN
iJhiiiHiiuii. Oct. 18 ~(l;i|H. i*. Don-
ny,  • ui tl Ideal members nl tho
it   v u     vi   p.   re .nl Monday
nighl fuun foil Urahnm mi tin- Kn,
lav   river.     Captain  Dennj   lefl    K<l-
 lon in May, I QUA, with lho Peaop-
Yukon train pai ly, under Inspector
Richards. He bail charge of the pack
train Uut forwarded supplies in tho
liir (tail parly consisted of 20 men,
and has succeeded in cutting a trail
eight Icel wide hum Porl St. John,
ibe   Peace river,     flo fastened    two
Capt. Denny speaks well i,t the
country, a large pari of it being covered willi Jack pine, lie has several
specimens of minerals which he intends to send lo an assay olficc.
Capt, Denny lefl Port (traham a
month ago and travelled alone by
canoe to Rocky Mountain Portage on
the   Peace   river.      lie  fastened     two
pine logs mi eaeli side of the canoe,
and was able to make the journey in
safety. The rapids at this point
forced him lo portage, fifteen miles
across to Hudson's Hope, a trading
post of the Hudson's Hay company.
Leaving his luggage, Capt, Denny
trudgen across to Uie post in .net Uie
loan of the factor's horse. When he
reached thc post he learned Uiat tlio
horse lunl been killed by wolves, tin
his way back   he found an old wheel-
hairow that had been used by n Klon-
dike party, lie used the wheelliar-
I'nW in convey lus baggage, which
ir.nk four days..'
From Hudson's Hope ho descended
the Peace river on a rafl, as far as
Peaco river crossing. From ihis
point he crossed the country to Lesser Slave lake, where'he look one   of
lire Revlllon boats to Athabasca
Tin* members of ihe trail party
have gone io Fori St, .John in order
to winter lheir horses, and will sol
mil agnln nexl summer.
Chicago, Ocl, 23.—Tho Brotherhood
of Railroad Trainmen on behalf ol
iis switiihuicu in-day presented dt
mantis to all the railroads cntcrin
Chit-ago for an eighl hour day. Th
luotherhoivd's action follows lhat of
lira switchmen's union, which present
nl similar demands some lime ago.
iml the two movements are umlcpemi
ml. The move is lite most exten
sivo attempted by Uie railroad organization in many yeais. Every
railroad west of Pittsburg and Buffalo
in tbe United Slates is Involved, In
Chicago the twenty-three trunk lines
and the short belt lines and private
roads owned by corpora lions are called upon h; comply vvith the switch-
mi n's reiniesl. The brotltorhood's
demands were presented to ihe railroads simultaneously in a dozen large
Books Were Systematically Cooked
Court Cranhrook, No. 80-13, ol" the
Ancient Order of Foresters, held a
very enjoyable open meeting on Friday, October 10Ut, and invited thell
wives, sweethearts and lady friends,
to co-operate with them in welcoming licit1 high court olllcer, Brother
F. (i. Butt, of Toronto. Urollrer
McCowan, chlel ranger ol lhc court,
presided and after partaking of a
bountiful repast, welcomed in Ins own
inimitable stylo, all the invited guests
in true Forest ic style. Songs were
given by Miss Hill.itn, Bro Uarshall,
Bro. IL' Sims, Bro. .1. Sims, Hro.
Henderson, Bro. McNeill, Highland
Iting ami hornpipe hv Bro McCowan.
Mrs. McCowan kindly presided nl lhu
Bro. Hun, in a few well chosen remarks, expressed his pleasure al lieing present at such a gathering, and
explained tlmt bis object was in stmp-
iv viewing this great and growing
and, with a view of putting in force
a system of organization tor he fuiure. Tin- ordei lo-day had five
thousand brandies in all parts of Uie
world with an annual income ol oA'ci
$0,000,000. In Canada alone during
ihe pasi year 10,788 applications foi
sick pay, and the sum of $201,UUU
was [uid nut iu sick and funeral 'bine-
its. In Ms Insurance branch,
i might certificates are offered for
straight life. Pay life and endowment all the privileges nl a live
ompany with fraternal advantages,
Mayor Rogers also spoke, and as a
nine! endorsed all that was said in
egard to the moral and financial ad*
antages in connection with such    a
Rov. Mr. Westman congratulate*, the
our! upon ils strong, manly, live
.iietiihi'isbip. "Make tho foundation
firm, ami the building will he secure.
Societies such as Ihese elevated man
ahove his own selfish instincts, and
made him, a heller citizen, and a bolter Christian."
Dt Connolly expressed his sentl-
icnls, in true Forest ie style.
Tie Chief Ranger, Hro McCowan,
has every reason to be proud of his
oourt. Moving to Cranbrook three
years ago, be as a Forester Instituted and organized it, und has been the
chief moving spirit ever since. It
numbers flit the presenl lime sixty
i.f the town's citizens, and ii knnvyn
fnt its progresslveness, and for ils
In-nevolitit purposes in earing fnr lie
sick, comforting the mourner, and
protecting lhe widow and the orphan,
Games and dancing was Indulged in
till tho wee una' hours of lire morning.
At ihe regular session of the eourl
held Saturday evening, eleven new
members were Initialed, and excm*
plication of tlto secret woik was gone
The formal npcninL; of Ihe gymnas*-
iuni for the season will take place on
Friday evening of this week This
season promises In he a bright one in
all litres of work In Urc Imilding. Tiie
parlor is an attraction for tire bovs
and is much appreciated. Mr. W. IL
Wilson is presenting a handsome cup
lo ire competed for in a series of
luskel ball games, which will add Interest in thai amusement, The series
will he arranged shortly ami work
commence. It Is expected there will
Ire six teams this year.
Will Put in Machinery and Work
Stemwinder to Fullest
Toronio, Oct. 23.—Investigation nt
the honks of tire Ontario bank, which
is being proceeded with, has led to
some further disclosures of rather
startling nature regarding the manner iu which the affairs of the hank
were conducted by Uie officials responsible, li is alleged that assets
which had actually no existence, were
carried on the books nl the bank, giving tho Impression that thc bank was
iu a much stroiigot' financial position
ilun was really tlto ease.
There was, tor instance, an Item ot
$778,000 carried under lire head nf
"Other Securities," which securities
were not in existence at all. It also
appears that a loss ol $185,000 ac-|
crued in stock transactions carried on
through Ure agency ot a prominent
New York agency.
To protect the Ontario stock in Ure
open market thc bank, at different
limes, purchased $220,000 of ils own'
.shares, which it now holds.
This, of course, would reduce securities tu creditors in case the double
liability of shareholders is called upon.
It is pointed out in financial circles
that such stock could not have heen
accumulated. Losses by speculation
In Minneapolis and St. Louis Railway
.stock are understood lo have amounted to $170,000. These four items
give a loss of $1,053,000, whioli deducted from lhe paid up capital ol
$1,500,000 and $700,0011 reserve,
leaves hut $537,000 of a margin
wherewith lo bear anv possible loss
upon $12,000,000 of discounted paper
in thc hank.
Items tinder lhe head of "Other
Securities" and lost margins in
peculation through a New York
brokerage firm it is said, have been
ried on the books and in government returns as bona fide assets for
nre years.
Wear a Frost and Wind proof Chamois
Vest   and
50 to 60 Million feet Lumber
.,i.i. Acre well cultivated, including substantial dwelling
and outbuildings Easy distance oi Cranbrook. Terms
to suit purchaser.
Phone No. 99. REAL ESTATE Insurance
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ?♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»
Nell McLeod Curran, who has made
ueh a success in prospecting for
further ore deposits on Uie North
Star hill, returned last week from tliu
east, wlrere he went to arrange for
ihe working of the great showing he
had nude on the Stemwinder property. While in Ihe east Mr. Curran
formed a company for operating this
properly, and after lie had made his
statement ihere was no 1 rouble about,
either company or capital to carry on
lho work. The work ol taking out
ore will go ahead and everything will
be put in shape for ihe Introduction'!
of the necessary machinery lhat will
bo brought in early in tho spring..
This settles one (act beyond question,
and lhat is Ihal Mr. ('urran's efforts
hive placed another shipping mine on1
the list in this disttict, which means'
much lo Ihe districl as a whole aud
io many people Individually.
W c have just received frum the Swiss Factory u
nico [ine nf Watches'. One line is a Hi sizu Water-
proof Oi.se with I'd Jewel nickle movements. Wn
guarantee these-td give perfect satisfaction, Call
in uml have a look at them,        Jt        ji        j,
W. H. WILSON,   The Jeweler and Optician
N. A. f'haput, of ('ranbrook, and
Miss Francis ('line, of Pincher Creek,
were united in marriage at tire latter j
place yesterday and are expected in I
Craiibrook this week, where ihey Will
take up their residence in the cottage
on Hanson avenue which Mr, t'hapnl
recently  purchased.
Tbe gfoom is one ot tbe most popular engineers on lire "('row," and the
bride is a most estimable young
lady, who, during a two years' residence in Cranbrook won for herself
a large circle of friends, who will
gladly welcome her back to Cranhrook. The Herald tenders- congratulations to the happy CoUplc and
wishes them many years of wedded
life and prosperity,
'IN- /
D li
53     _^*i       Al   ilu'   top   nl   il..-  liill   tliey I I
_S   j=r |ilui 111  inn,.11-   Iill    ' j I
=^ ■ 11... i.m
ilu- I.iii
Why   mn   famous   Aim, Ilo.
uiul    Liquors
WI.olM.nle Wine Merchant
Omnbrook 11 tl, Phone 17
t « e-fr8-sa)frt>ct«»»;.;}fr^g8<t>t<i*^«>fr.Mi^t-e>twfr^^^
Hand TaiWd Gaimenti, Completely KiuwheU.
Tight fitting Body Coat
The aristocrat of
winter styles. The
personification of
grace and elegance.
In rich gray
mixtures and I jack
A Series of   Articles   Treating   with Conditions   as   they are
Found at the Different Mills of this
'I'll.-      .'..mill
any hail nr. sooner star hod tihe Bi
Perfect Comfort
in five minutes.   It will take
just about that time with a
Fireside Souvenir
We  have a   fine range to
make a selection from ....
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
The New Managers.
Drop in und sec us any time.   We are on deck 25 hours
out of the 24
Automobiles are Popular
hut at this time of the
year one must think of
STOVES. That cooking stove could be replaced by another that
would save you fuel and
make you money. And
as to HEATERS, we
have a stock that will
meet your needs. Snow
will soon be here and the
price of wood lias gone
up. Call and see what
we can do.
1 acres nl mngnlficent lumi, nitnated in the heat
y to lie loillld it. Kiint Knoii'iiay, being IO uiiltjH
ml 'poRtolllco. The Kootenay Central Railway
on tin; property. It in bounded on one Bide hy a
'lileji affords excellent trout and char nulling
I.* property ti a country capable nf grazing many
nf cattle uml many promising, ml ning prospects
<l in the neighboring niountaiiiH, and apart from
operty should shortly become very valuable for
mi account of the naturally central position it
r.i \n tlm suironmling country, iui) acred nf thin
brought uiitler cultivation with ease uml there
acred In mixed crop. 70 toim of hay are cut
9 land. There are suitable bulldlngR (or all pur-
irrigation ditch litis been eonstrueted which will
ir irrigation and domestic purposes. Kor further
——   particulars apply to   *——***—***———*—*•
me hciii
innl if il ism
block it can be CUT UP a
of 10, 20, -tl), 100 acres,
T II 10  T I TL E   I S   I N
Rstate Agents, Cranbrook
■chase tho property in one large
nl DIVIDED into smaller pan-els
or 'itht'1'wine, tn suit uureliiiHorH.
nber mill In the Cranbrook locality
than Thomas W. Leask, having previously secured considerable limits to
lbe west  of  lhe St,   Kugene hospital,
launched the liisl sash and dour factor)) over operated in the Crows Nesi
dislriel. ll was evident bo hun
llut il there was a large profit In
shipping lumber in the rough, "i surfaced on one side Ol four. tllOW
should be a biggei profit in advancing
tin- luauuiaoluru n stage ot two
lurthei and selling tlio material In ihe
lonn oi doors, wainscot, window
dames, band rails, bannisters ami the
thousand uth.-i things turned out b>
aueb establishments Having "'en
own limits the inm had lumbei at
tbe lowest possible figure ol cost, so
that what Uw raw material cost and
what ii sold ai ui the market as a
iini.sh,il product represented a most
attractive    margin ol profit,    it ti
now glowing un Baltic ol our local
ui.ii that there was a deal In Mr.
Leask's point ul view. Imitation is
saul to be tht moat sincere lonn of
(lattery; tho surprising tiring is that
the Battery was not lu public evidence
long ago.     ll is coining, though.
In lime Mr. Leask .sold oul of the
local sash and door concern, which
has maintained Ks career of prosperity and continues lo extend Its
operations even till to-day. But to
live a lite uf what has been called bv
some master dlalectatlon "Innocuous
desuetude," was an impossibility lot
him, then-lore, lie sought and found
au outlet lor his capital and a held
lor his activities in the lumber areas
around Creston where Ite secured
some thousands uf acres of excellent
limits consisting of fir, bull-piue,
while pine and larch.
Coming easi Irom Nelson the entrance, or vestibule, of the home ol
tin- great lumbering Industry ol the
Crows Nest district is marked by
cars loading a I McNeelie. siding vi
ihe C. 1\ H. wilh lumber from
Leask's new mill which is situated
abonl a mile to the south-west of
ihe tracks. McNecllc is about three
miles at Ibe Cranbrook side ol t'reslon in the middle nl thai wonderful
fruit growing land which is now attracting such an amount ol attention
from horticulturists all over the country. When the limits now,being logged over by Mr. Leask are cleared
tbey vvill be divided into convenient
lots for those who desire to invest
n fruit growing laud, and ibis intent imi was Kept steadily in view
[rom the time lhe ground was acquired. Some two thousand acres
vvill be available for ibis purpose.
The mill is equipped with two engines, one of 12 x lfl ineh stroke, the
olher being llxlfi. Krom these two
units the entire plan) is driven and
ihev furnish ample power to produce
from 35,000 to 80,000 feet of lumber
every working day of ten hours. The
holler is nl greal pi wer and alone supplies holh engines. Natural draft is
used with automatic feed from thc
saws and planers. The automatic
feed is shut down al night bul the
watchman sees to it that pressure is
kept on the sleam pump and Uiul
ready tor the morning's work. Large
1-litre is a sullicient bead of sleam
circular saws are used with the lop
saw. The carriage feed is at present
of tlte Soule pattern but this will be
soon replaced by a gunshot feed.
The four saw edger is supplied from
live rolls with a right angle shift to
the trimming saws. "The carriers
operate under the main floor of the
mill and cany the limilter direct to
ilie sorting "tables right at the
back of Ihe two large planers, both
of the McGregor-Gourley make.
Slabs, wasle and edgings go direct
from the live rolls to loose rolls
along which this material runs by
gravitation and falls into a deep
gulch about a hundred yards beyond
the mill where it is burnt wilhoul
any possibility of danger lo the
buildings or piled lumber.
Advantage is taken of a mountain
stream al lbe back ol the mill to
carry a Btlpply of excellent waler to
the mill premises for domestic and
sleam purposes. The flume is ear
tied right into the boiler room and
liy means ot a powerful sleam pump
placed in that apartment thorough
protection from fire is provided for
all parts of lhe mill buildings. In
all parts of the mill cau be seen
evidences of Mr. Leask's well known
mechanical ingenuity.
Adjoining the mill are the mens'
shacks, quite patterns of what those
structures should be. They are ol
sufficient solidity and thickness to hi
cool In summer and warm in winter
Near-by are thi; cook house, black
smith's shop nud office.
The lumber goes to McNoclie siding
by wagon over an excellent road with
a slight down grade all lhe way tu
tlie tracks. This road vvill soon lie
provided with rails over which much
larger loads can be hauled with
greater speed nnd at less expenditure
of energy. Nad rails heen procurable when Uie road was being c,,n
stnietcd llicy would be in position
As iln> Umber is all close by the
mill the logging is iM'iiifc dime vvith
horse 1 rucks. I/,iler in the season
when lbe snow anil ice make lhe best
nf logging mails and alelglie will Input iu rcqui-iitioii to get in the main
supply of logs. Hel ween mill and
woods employment is given to about
forty-five men the vear round, representing a pay roll'of almut $2,01111
per 111.(iiiii, exclusive of lhe cost nf
provisions tor 11 bands and ihe keep
ol ibe horses.
This concern is ihe latest addition
lo lhe lisl of shipping mills and belongs to the iiiusi approved class ot
money-makers. There is marked
economy all round. The owner centralizes in himself the ofllces of
manager, accountant, mill wi'iglit and
general superintendent. With his
intimate knowledge nf the lumber
business in all its details, from the
logging tii the saw and from tihe saw
io the market, such a combination of
diversified responsibilities come easily to him.
A special* feature to be noted Is the
while pine lumber turned out here.
Leask's is the onlv milt in the Kast
Koolenay country    where it. can   lie
Lumber com- market. The (ireat Noi Ihem branch
t between Bonners Kerry ami Kootenay
Landtag in quite convenient to the
mill, being as near, 01 nearer, thin
the C. V. ti. Advantage can be taken ol this fact when market conditions warrant It.
Darwin, the greatest uhllosophot of
modern times, conquered the mystery
the    genesis   of   species   by virtue,
Inly,    ot tie   homely maxim'"Us
dogged as does   ii."    Perhaps   the
driving   principal with T. w. Leask
i.v not huve crystalUed itself into a
ixiiu 01 a set foim ui words, but
his   luohve    powei   is   having   a   lived
polnl and a   fixed determination    in
net   there. Me   gels   llieie,     while
nulieis, logs happy, an- content to bo
experts in discovering the line ol
hast reslstenee, In- lakes all things
Ihal  cross    1 is line sini|il\   as     llicv
conic. Tin- llttlo difficulties an- over
run, ibe lugger ones give wav. n is
a ease of ihf mnveable object meeting ilu- Irresistible tone
UUI     (iKI.lUNti     CHOPS THREE
New York, Oct. 16.—Rosebcn, D,
C. Johnson's gchllug, son of Ben
Stroine-Kosclcaf, proved his right to
the title of champion sprinter of the
world here this afu-rnoon, when he
slipped three full seconds off Uie
world's record lor seven furlongs over
a circular course, aud eclipsed by one
and twu-tilibs seconds the record that
.ias stoiHl for ilil years for seven fur-
tongs straightaway.
lie covered ihc seven-eighths of a
mile iu I.ii, carrying 12(1 pounds ot
.ead and Jockey Willie Shaw in thu
-middle and defeating the onlv 0titer
.nil')' in the race, Ucaucaire, exactly
one sixteenth oi n mile. Incidentally he won fur his owner, "Plunger
liavy" Johnson, $30,000 iu bets, despite tbe fact that ho ruled a-t odds
uf irom 1 io inu and 1 to 1000, wiih,
of course, no lakers in ihe    big ring.
Kosebcu was dropped Inlo a condition race under the lightest weight.
ue has in a spring ibis season and hi*
scored out 12 of lhe 11 entries. In
the clubhouse before the race Davy
Johnson announced thai ihe big
iirown fellow (was in tho best shape
.hal be bad ever been and thai be
would bang up a new Hack record.
Uut lhe club house commissioners
doubted this and they Iaa Johnson
$10,000 ihat tbo track record of
1.25 2-5 held jointly by Uruuildalc
Nymph and lhe two year old Newell
iVOUid not be eclipsed.
Johnson ihen announced that he
would wager any part of $10,0110
more that his big sprinter would
■■qual oi" heal the world's record uf
1.35 flat. 'This being taken ho bet
Hilly Dubois $10,000 additional thai
when the time was hung oul il would
ue faster than any other horse had
ever covered thc seven furlongs distance over any kind vt a track,
straightway or otherwise.
When Trainer Frank Weir gave
Shaw bhe leg up on Rosoben be told
liim to rale his mount fur a quarter
■ if a mile and ihen to come on home.
There vvas no delay at the barrier
and bulb horses were aligned as
Starter Cassidy pressed the electric
OUt-ton and lhe webbing flew up. That
was lhc only time in the race that
Beaucaite was ever near Kosebcu.
In three jumps the big sprinter-
he weighs 1500 pounds—was half a
length in front and the further he
went 1 he easier he wenl. Shaw Hied
vainly io hold him back, but it was
like trying to .'■weep back the ocean
with a broom and vvith mighty leaps
and hounds Rosoben plunged on down
ihe back sl retch and aruiibd lhe lirst
lurn. Shaw held him close to lhe
rail and it was not until he was
straightened away in tbe long Belmont stretch thai lie started to urge
Rosebcn responded nobly and under
a strong hand ride he came home
alone, Beaucalro passing ulie sixteenth
pole as Roscben's hooded head
caught tho judge's eye. When the
time, 1.22. was hung uui it was
■yreotcd with wild applause and the
nig horse was given an ovation when
Shaw came back to weigh out.
Rosoben pulled up hardly drawing a
long breath and cooled out in condition tc start tomorrow should it
Tie necessary. Ilis figures of to-day
are apt to s 1 and f 01 many
years, as there is no other horsi
either in this country or abroad cap
able of lasting wilb him from uui
jump up io seven anil a half fur
longs, his distance.
The besl previous time was 1:21 4-5
held hy Halifax, around lbe turn, anl
ihe straightaway was held I.v Del,
B, L2.'t 1-3, made in 1800 ai Mon
mouth, HoseiH'ii probably will be
sent againsl the mile record Friday,
which is held by Salvutor of l:3fti
over ibe straightaway course at
Monmouth in 1H0",
SHUTTLE   PEOPLE Bl'Y   $(150,000
Seattle, Oct. 80.—A ten million
dollar fair three years from now—
that's what the town ol Seattle, the
stale of Washington, and the Pacific
North west! are looking forward to.
The start has been made, a wonderful
stait, by tbe raising of $1)511,000 iu
one day through the sate of stock in
ihe exposition corporation.
Octobox 3 was a gala day in Seattle
the biggest day the Washington
metropolis evei had. lt was known
as Subscription Day! the mayor, by
proclamation, made il a holiday, ami
ibe si,,gaii "Everybody Helps,"
adopted in Will ll. Pany, chairman
ot the ways and means committee,
was made a reality. There was a
const an I How ol checks and gold up
the elevators to lhc nini-nth story ot
the Alaska building, when the lem
pni.iM headquarters ol the exposIttlou
have lurn established,
The lau already gives promise of a
scope yet uiiatiainetl liy western en
tt'ipriscs. Tbe name, Alaska-Yukon
Pacific Exposition, contributes an
Idea oi tin- general nature of Uio
show. it will be primarily an
Alaska fan, held to exploit to the
world lbe resources of the liltic-
known norUilauit, and iu this connection will Ih* gathered the most remarkable mining display ever shown
at a world's fair. Tlie cold thai
made the country originally famous
will be told of through specimens and
photograpts ami machinery, and the
other ores more recently discovered,
will have proper representation. And
more important, the agricultural and
Industrial possibilities will bo effectively exploited,
Besides Alaska, the great Yukon
country vvill contribute samples of ils
Untold Wealth, and the islands of thi'
sea will show their marvels. Otto ut
tb,- principal objects of the exposition
vvill be to bring together In trade the
shores of the I'acilic. With a population ten times as great as the United
Stales, occupying a territory three
limes the size of Uncle Sam's domain, Asia and Oceauica produce
enormous quantities of wares which
Americans mighl use, while on lhe
other baud, they need millions of
dollars worth ' ol goods made,in
America, To bring the two together,
through th,- medium of exhibits, will
Im* lhe object of the Seattle fair.
State participation in the Alaska-
Yukon-lVilic Exposition is already ,,
certainly, and the United Slales
government is counted upon to pui up
a building or series of buildings, and
make a display worthy of the richness,
of the land. The Western States
learned through the Lewis and Clark
Fair h'ld last year, the advantages to
be gained through generous participation iu national exhibitions, and can
he counted upon to make even better
displays Ihan those which helped
make " the 1(1(1.1 show attractive.
Oregon ti. certain to have a fine building, stuffed 1 with products, and California, always a good show state,
vvill be Ihere. Idarc, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado and the other
states, and well as the British possessions to the north, will In- adequately represented.
With nearly three years remaining
before the exposition, the beginning
of preparation bas already lieen made.
The Wash ing ton University grounds,
comprising 355 acres, bordering ou
Lake Washington ami Lake Union,
have heiti chosen as a site, and landscape gardening will soon be begun.
The site is situated twenty minutes
ride from the center of the city, ami
is in every way adacpted to its purpose.
Vancouver, Oct. 18.—The provincial
labor convention which is to he hold
ben-1,11 October 20, commencing at 10
o'clock in the morning, promises- to
be of much more inlerest fiom a provincial standpoint ihan was the Dominion congress at Victoria a few
weeks ago. Already 12 delegates ale
assured frnm Vieloria, and Nelson .and
New." Wesi minster have promised
strong delegations. The local unions
are all Interested aud although only
four have as vet announced tho
names of their delegates, it is fully
expected thai Ihev will all be represented.
A real good time    docs not suffer
Irom age.
Young people are taUgtl to go it
alone, but iheir preference is to go in
Stage kissing may look good, but it
is nut the real thing.
It is Impossible to bring salary lo
a parity with wants.
The man who ti easily won is the
low prise iu the lottery,
Wleii tho shirt is new ami the lillj
gree wmk the latest a day without a
breath of air is clearly associated
wiih conspiracy,
Somo times a mustache serves as a
barometei to tdl when a storm li
Spokesman-Review:—Tte announce
ment has been unofficially made that
the lirst train ever the new Spokane
Internal tonal road will react- this
city about November 1. Information given out by officials of thc company states that a freight train will
leave Minneapolis October 25, via the
Son line mid Canadian Pacific, and
vvill enter Spokane over the Corbin
road on the Spokane A Coeur d'Alene
Temporary traflic arrangements
have been entered into between the
two local railroad companies, whereby
the Spokane International is to use
the tracks of tte Craves road pending the completion of its own to this
city. The latter is now this side of
Atnol, Idahi, and cons!ruction work
is being pushed forward iti this cily
It has nol been made known whet
the two lines .will meet,
Tha statement made a few days
ago by (Ieneral Superintendent E. J,
Roberts ol ihe Spokane International
Uml that road would enter the cily
will-in 20 days was evidently founded
on the arrangement just, made public. ;
As a filling celebration of the opening of service Oil the new load lie
private car of Division Supeiiuteiid-
eni Erlckson of the Canadian Pacific
at Cranbrook, B. C, will be attached In the freight train when it
reaches lhat ciiy, and ii is expected
a number of prominent citizens ,,f
Crnnbrook will come through t.«
Spokane on il.
Judge P. T. Wilson, who will in-01m
of Ihe parly from Cranbrook, stales
that lhe new line will do a big
freight business and will be invaluable iu the development of the country through wliich jl passes.
Albany, N. Y., Oct. 11 -The North
British Columbia Development company of New York city, with a capital of $5,000,000, was Incorporated
here to-day. The directors arc.
Clarence 1). Simpson, Louis A. Wallers, Henry H. Brady, Jr., Scran ton.
Pa.;   Henry   C. Davis,   Benjamin S.
At the regular monthly meeting nf
the contract holders held at the
head olliee, 536 I tastings St reel,
West,   Vancouver,   contract     No.   0t
     „_.wns    drawn.     The   owner Is Vi. II. | Harmon, New York; Sir H. Monague
depended on lhat one will find this | Brown, wiih the real eslate firm ot; Allan, Montreal; Frank L. Whitney,
most oxcellent class of finishing. I Mm ie A Brown. Vancouver. K. W St. Paul; Krnest II. Kent, Grand
Naturally it is much sought after Long i.s the local agent for this Porks, N. I)., and Chandler S. Ed-
dinl commands a fancy figure In    tbe firm. 31"   ' wards, Layvtlle. N. ti.
Ihal    when
tcks go  ami
hule themselves.
Men before the)  arc married   ma'
go fuming, bui after   Iheii marring
theii  business is in nil   ball.
When men aro up on a flimsy step
ladder ii is foolish foi  them to    get
Women think Ihey
baby looks like beto
11   lell   who     i
it  looks    lik>
Any available Dominica Lands
wiihin the Railway Bell iu BiiiisU
Columbia, may be homesteaded by
auy person vv'.iu is lhe sole head of a
family, or any male over 18 years ot
age, lo the extent ot one-quarter
section of 160 acres, mure or ness.
Entry must he made personally at
the local land olliee lui Uie district
in which the laud is situate.
Thc homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected Uieie-
wnk under out ot lhe following
ti)  At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation ol the laud 111
each year tor three years.
(D) If lhe lather (01 mother, it lho
father is deceased), of lhe homos loader resides upon a (aim 111 Uu- vicinity ol ihe land ni 1 ci til im, the to*
qutieiiienls as to residence may he
satisfied by such person residing with
ihe father or mot her.
(3) 11 the BOttlei has bis peinia
neni residence upon tanning land OWJ>
11I by lum in the vicituiy ol lus
homestead, Uw requirements as in
residence inn)  be    satisfied by real-
deuce upon lbe said land.
Su mouths' notice iu writing
should lu- given lo Un- Commlssiouui
oi Dominion Lands at Ottawa ol m-
tni 1 tun in apply lm patent.
Coal lands may he purchased at $10
per aero foi soil cual and $811 lor
anthracite. Not mure than 320
acres can be acquired by one individual 01 company. Royalty al lbe
rale of leu cents por luu of 3,000
pounds sliall be collected on Uu- gloss
Deputy of the Minister of lho Inlerior
No name is good enough for the
baby ilalll lho 11.une has been attached io the baby.
plants do not
themselves    up
The dearest lu
know enough, to 1
when ii is cold.
The girl  who hasn't  ber new cloak
eady is subject to headache.
The sweat hns is n hot place in any
.it ('In
treat 1
slians, as may In
lent of one anoili-
illleltv    of    111.'
tb,- sweel Lirl 0
ecu iu
A man with a bank account needs
to live the heels ol his shoes lie-
quniUy renewed.
The shame of cut glass is in ihe
nicks of Imitators.
Some women would enjoy their
hats mote if it were fashionable to
wear Ihe cost mark.
(lirls tin unl sec why anybody
should I'e.'i sonv for ,1 speculator whu
has been squeezed,
The sun las a very happy way ol
wailing until Ihc clouds roll by.
Venus has ils best time when the
moon is late.
A soon as people get married they
become a ways and means committee.
Much of the value of a college education is iu the pride of it.
The devil is so irresistible he is received jn the best Society.
If a man knows bow to saw wood
lhe. chances are he vvill make im good
Cold as the woild is, the snow
manages to be introduced as a novelty.
When a man holds his head high a
turn-up nose does nut add to his* attractiveness.
Widowers and widows as a irulo appear to have short memories.
People who go to church early, if
tlieir eyes are good, do not like' to
sit too far forward.
There is a lot of gamboling at the
popular playhouse.
A man whe l:as lost a suspender
button cannot escape the Impression
lhat everybody knows it.
There are many devices for saving
coal, and the use of them operates indirectly to lhat end.
The Intelligent book agent does nol
travel in a rut.
He has achieved success who has
laughed often, and loved much. \
has left the world better than ho
found it, if only by an Improved
poppy, a perfect home or a rescued
soul. Who looked for the lies! in
others and nave the hesl he had, who
never lacked appreciation of earth's
beauties or failed tn express them,
whose life was an Inspiration nnd
memory a benediction,
Pittsburg, Oct. 17.-Sixteen mora
awards of funds or medals were made
today by the Carnegie hern fund commission lo individuals llial have saved lives and whose deeds of heroism
have been broughl in the attention uf
the commission. To-day's awards
include a bronze medal to Snmiiel S.
Pesherblnlu, 26 years oi ago, a Jeweler
id Lnnghnm, Sask., who rescued from
drowning ou Augusl 33, 1605, Alfred
Biiinliam, a carpenter.
Fernie, Oct. 18.—DifttrHH PrcnWcnl
Sherman confirms a report received
here that the non-union men working
at Lethbridge have milt bOcatlBO of an
attempt on the part of the management l-o reduce tlieir wages.
Sixty days after dale I intend to
apply io the Honorable lho Chief
Commissioner ol Lands and Works al
Victoria for pei mission 10 purchase
the loilowing described lauds situated
in South East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post adjoining S,
E, corner of Tracy townsite and
marked J. S. J.'s N. E, comer,
tbence 10 chains soulh, Ihenco 10
chains west. Uience 111 chains norlh,
thence 10 chains cast to point ol
commencement, containing lou acres,
more ur less.
John S.  Jones,  Locator,
J, I!. Edmundson, Agent.
September 12, tihui. *   2501*
Notice Is hereby given that 00 days
aftei d.iie 1 intend to apply to lho
lion. Chief Commissioner of Lauds
and Woiks, Victoria, B. C. for permission io purchase lho following
lands situated iu Soulh Kast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted at
the southwest corner of Lot 2311,
thence running west ou chains, ihenco
running north -to chains, thonco running east 00 chains, Uience running
south 46 chains to point uf commencement,
M. B,  King.
Crnnbrook, September 17, 1006,   26-9
Sixty davs afler dale I inleml to
apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works at
Victoria for permission 10 purchase
the folluwing described lauds situated
iu South Kasl Kooictiay:
Commencing al a post at S. E.
corner of lot 0621 aul marked J. A.
wesl hank of Kootenay
Ms N. W. corner, ihence east 00
chains, more or less, to
river, lb.nee 00 chains south-east
alung rivet, Ihenco fill chains west,
thcuce -10 (bains north lu point of
commencement, ihe whole containing
320 acres, more or less.
John   S. Machray, Locator,
J.  K.  Edmundson,  Agent.
September 12. 1606. 25-6t*
I have a large quantity ol   above
to sell at full wjng prices:
Per ton
No. 1 Timothy, I.o.b. Cranbrook    $18.50
No. 1 Upland, f.o.b.   Craubrook  v..     11.00
All orders promptly al tended to.
20-tl       I. DcKchr,  Dldshury, Alia.
Hint strikes ihe eve and wins Hn- approval ni iill om- customers mi
is,   lhe acme of  Stylo    anl   fill Nil     iu
eveiy d.'i.ni. Perfeell) lilting shoulders, ibe mosl gmepful curves, ovory
lapel pui mi I.u i.m- .unl slylc   it coal
und ruin
iii   Um
speaks  vuluiu.
eruwd, Why buy read) made clothing llml NEVEH FITS, when, Ioi tt
slight difference In inne, wo can mako
you clothing ihai FITS AND kits
WELL? Come in .mil Iel us surpilsu
you wiih oui reasonable pi Ices,
Tal..' nolleo llml sixty days alter
iiuii- I inleml l„ n|i|ily in uV I'liii-f
Comn.tsi.lnnnr nl l.mi.Is an.l Works tor
tinrnilsflion lo imrclinsa llu- lollowln;
described lantls in Soulh blast Koolenay:,
Commencing at a pnsl planted nl
llie north-east corner nl lot 82fi,
group 1, thenee    east   eighty chains,
CORPORATION   OK     TIIK, tliciicc norlh Inrty chains, thence iv.'sij
CITY OK CIIANBHOOK. eighty    ohains,     thence south lorly
  chains to    place ol   beginning, being
Notice is herehy given    that    tho [lot numbered 731!), group I,   Koote-
Curlew Bell will ring at 8 o'clock in-  nay district, containing 810.20 acres.
stead of ll, from the 1st of November, Win ..nlil Maul, lhc (list, 1HII7.
81 T. IU. Huberts, City Cleili.
Ellen A. Darling.
Dali'd  Ihis     Ullh    duy  ol (Iclolicr,
mini. na-m TH E  Oil AX BROOR | II Kit A I.n
Undertaking and Embalming
Funerals directed from  private houses, churches or our
own parlors.     Firstdass undertaker in attendance ..* ■**
CranbrookCooperative Stores
ot_____js!__ma3ii aiviisi^vEiEKi'Miiiiiaiiam
li'j   Wc have the best Utilities in tlie Kootenays lor   9
i ■ 1*3
supplying **>
during lli.- summer weather,   Wholesale .md retail
ininni ra 3 im sm mmmmmmm
I Dominion Meat Co., j
\Y7" E wish to announce tn the people of Cranbrook
that vv. have purchased the business ot Harris Bros
and wc ask tor A share of ynur patronage. Our prices
will be right, quality the very best, we realize your
wants, and arc here with the goods. Call and see us or
phone No 57.
I Dominion Meat Co,,
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦* *♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
I clothing that is "Gilt Edge" in name, |
♦ "Gilt Edge" in material, "Gilt Edge" in !
♦ make call and see the new stock of Ready t
i made clothing just received. All Union «
I Labor. |
************************************* 4444444
p,i******** *****************
Manufacturer, nl
Rough mul dressed
LUMBER nnd        J
Also  nil   kinds ol     t
M0ULDIN05        '
• l.-ill'r.-iv ,'l'lvv;iii and     J
Cranbrook, B.O,      !
Heftd Olflce, - l'run brook      ♦
IrCnoino Business
IfoOUSCS Of npar-JS-
VlllC    tlH' Smelter iim;...
M.'irvsvilli'    Ii ;i sr
i-m  i'llli. Ilrr nun.
'I'h.- lown  now Ims
••'   I"■.'".' "I   I'llV-
roll Tlio 11,'ml.l
cn n heartily en
'I "i-i- ilu- following
1 Central Hotel1™"1
I.V & COLE Proprietors
tei in the St. ffl
Marys   valley. S
ffl Iiilliili; Kiiiini service the best. ffi
iS The place In slop when visiting llie Smeller Cily £*;
| The Royal Hotel     1
A. P. Chenette Proprietor ^
Has been recently refurnished and is now one ol s
the best hotels in llie district. Headquarters for S
the people. $
I Marysville Drug Co.      |
S3 Wc carry a cutnplctc slock of everything in the gg
& Drug and Stationery line. No need to send away \\%
j* foryour goods. m
« (y m
Rambling Reveries
\   good i i.   ami a good woman
an- I'M-, li. M things Ioi those who
know how io appreciate their value.
There are men, however, who it-tye of
both Irom the beauty <»! their oover-
Tre quotation'    "You have flowers
t"i im- seal lei theni in my pathway
uInli- I live iM.il I may enjoj tneii
beauty ami inhale    iheii   tr-agrance,"
Miiunti. a beautiful simtlmeut, nnil
cei lain ii is ili.ii we are apt to loi-
p»t ih.- living, and keep oui aQectioua
[m-iiI Up lo In- poll nil tint ,,nly alter
.I.miIi.        l-'.u   Ulow ili.n  liavi-    g«me
I Seven Years Ago |
I s ]
. in Cranbrook ** ** *
$   liKKAI.H    OF     THAT     DATK   J
\a i « mot 4 wnm oooooooa^ai**
II L. Stephens, (ormwly ..f tJip
Wardnei hotel at Wardner, and one of
Hit* best boys thai evei pioneered m
the country, arrived in Cranhrook today, dlreot trom Dawson Olty and
Cape Nome.    Mr. Stephens is l-Hiking' due'
Apropos f't tha splendid positide
wtriob the Boundary district occupies
bo-*day m (inaneial circles as a most
Important producer ni copper ami a
record breaker lor economical extrac
tion, ii is not inopportune to recall
■sutiiu of the vicissitudes t/hrougn
wbieb that tamp passed before the
grim Bpectre of possible failure was
bruKhr-d aside, .nor should it be amiss
to "give honor to whom honor is
in ascribing credit io those who
■!■ M'■ !■»! -H-l-i-H-.- :-.r**H-H-l".-I*   •
'Cranbrook   Foun- J !5oai:iv
dry and ;!;
Machine  Shop"|
McKinnoi; ee .lohnston I
\M> ■
i.in ii.i
nl min.
.III llll lillllll.
..t   III,- Jmlig
.. ilun
1    lllll
il got toquftlr.tr
i-il      w
uh   ii
ii  inm  parents
llu-   |..i
; .1 '
It.,  mil   .Ml   lit
l-.li-il  ilmi^  anil
.III   Mil
li iin-.
ll.  ulu!
I- V
mil  ili-.il  liiulll-
n   |;i.i-
.... 1     VI
III,' 1.1
,    llllll
III    Ull
ill,    III
.lut it)
. lll-lp
<|\,   ii
il   lln- lum .   .ill
niii girl iu  ilu
going   uilli     ,i
Ii.i Ml.',
1,1,1    |
i.il   .Un
1   It
ll.ll,   lll.ll      vmi
Kills n
lit.    Ul
Ml    Silt
esses, i-lc.   i.U,
Vi I.m
I     llll LS,
is.    tnlitls   ulu
ili.n i>
.I-- i i-.i
1    iiii'i
Mil    In
It    IllVlllf,   Ill'JIl
ii, imn hearts
Uill   ,|l
V. lllllll
liiM'll l
..'lillO  1
lllll III
lllll llll
-In- .um
mil.   i
m.l lie!
nil lu
lllll   l
.   lilll   U
MI1H'    1
ifil aa
ir li. i
kiss hillings  .
Uuuil ii mother.
i Bhe would ut'
ri lnilt.if. Now
III   II t.u, jusl
Ilil 'it'll Ilt'l  III
take u    walk
III lllll
iill,   lll.ll      VOU
Uill   ll
■t-ii In.i
im'   all
il sri' li .slu- would
llllll.   Il|
i nii,l
i)   il, Bills!
If   I'l
i'iv I'll
nlil nu
In1 properly iu-
iiitiriiily   anil
11 ver
ii-vv {generations
tll   III:
iiliiini ilu- iinl-
li luiiili
11,   llllll
il Ihr
iiirilii tii mn ul   a
J,  1'lll't'
lllill,   1
mill In- ul   llie
affording lo all
iiul h.-
II    lull
unit's tor inno-
well ami brings back favorable reports ot his experience in tin- northern
country the past year. Martin ('rattan is ia ('ape Nome and Tom Uralian
is ui New York 1'iiv, wbrire Mr.
Stephens will join hun. They .ne
largely Interevted In mining enterprises and art working Iwo claims
ihii. vvinier ou (luntel and Victoria
creeks. He will leave foi New
York to-morrow oi Balurda)
I'ovtiiusii'i   Beattie
anotbei row ot Vale lock
bu li
i tu the
postoflice,    Cranbrook is
inate in
hav mi, & pi st-mastei IiIh-i
al in
ni6h lo
Invest ihe moJiey necessai
V   lo
overy convenience io ihe
ins    ol
the utlit'o.
cent enjoyment, what ;i merry millennium il would hi'. That being out
of ih.- question, lei ns do tlie best we
can. Awn\ wllh the tribe of hum-
hugs wh.i put children imr. straight
jnckets—who would train them in
school ,iii'.l make automats of Item
out of It. Teach lhc children wln-
ningly. Make knowledge attractive
to them; let them frolic unrestrainedly*
Apgus Morrison has returned from
a trip through the boundary country.
He .saw a number ol tonnei liast
Kootenay residents. Among them
was VV. T. Kaake, who is liinluTnj-, a
hotel at rht.tnix, one ol the coming
towns on the llobsoii road.
F. W. Frith, ol Moyie, and Miss
I en nle McAllister, of fc-dmonlon. worn
■n- i'ii iin- united in marriage lasi Phursday at
^ ■ ■■' Nelson, Rev. Akehurst, o! lhe Eng-
M:h church, ofllolatlng. Mr, Friths
mother was the only relative present.
Hoth the bride and groom are well
known in ('ranbrook, where they have
a host of friends. Mr, Frith i's now
proprietor of the Lake Shore hotel
at Moyie. The Herald joins hia
many Iriends in wishing him and his
wife every bappluess possible- in this
bore tin* hiiitii and look the risks at
a lime wh.ti all others would stand
Irom under,
it has become a populat pastime to
upbraid Canadian capital, and all poe-
SMSors nt, ioi laik nt enterprise unti
lat- oi confidence iu ihe resources ot
tne country, as shown by the tenden
cj displayed to hold Uui. wnllc the
rtobesl plums fell into the Jap of min
iiiii invaaun's liotn Um I nlted States.
Wline this tluige is in a great moa*
suiu Hue, n must nul Ih- made Uio
sweupiug, ioi there aie great anu
notolnle exceptions, and the maker oi
tin* Uoumlary is one. lu Boundary's
lull oi i.uii.ii no name stands like
thai ot S. 11. 0. Miuer, a Canadian
wtm possessed ihai i^ie. comblnaliou
of olwarness i>i vision, dauntless courage and prompt Initiative which, by
loading ihe way, has accomplUheu
Uus great ibhiiig, Neither is u in any
Uvgrui uispaiu£iug u> i*Lhcis iu give
iu .ui. muiut uus hith place; iui
whtiv. oih.i:, line Jay I'. QiUVcS, dm
much in their own wa), there was
no other uiau living, whu, al lhe
niu..L critical period, wuui.i navu lilleu
the breach, h-al Miuur either laltereu
ui fallen ny ihu wayside.
stocks were begin-
Wb are prpiwrwl to
do all kin.ls of ro-
pair work heavy ami
fight, make eaatlugs,
turn shafts, et<\
E Nu. 33
Cranbrook, B. C.
ts every Tuesdav at 8 p. m. at
rnlty  Hall,
'.i. Roberts. K.It.AS.
i     \   Arnold, C.C.
biethren   cordially  Invited
His name is not Solomon. There
are many things that he does not
know. Remember that he is only a
boy. You was a child once, Call lo
mind what you thought, and how you
fell, (iive thai boy a chance, Keep ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
near to him in sympathy. Be his I --• ■—
chum. Do imi make toe many easi' ^ork is progressing in a most sa-t-
iroii laws. Utile with a velvet'land, ^'■ory manner at the Pav Roll.
Help Iiiu* with a "good time." "bo buildings are nearly completed
      uestions.    Be' fti™ within a few day       —"■•
uheu Kossland ._.—
iun1, tu attraot attention ail evei
Uiasier-n Canada, Jay l'. Uraves, o.
bpotaue, was ia Uie gian-i Wttll'i WlUi
unier promoters, uuu California ana
t-u^ Turee were ciaimanis lor puniu
la,or wnh other stock propositions
on Red .uouuUUi; hut among Ins more
modest llotatioiis was one called uiu
Ironsides which was not pusiictl tor-
ward because in those days Boundary
crees vvas noi yot a name lo conmrc
Uy, and some mocks of ironsides
co.iid in* bud in brosers' offices in
arnes  Toronto al    seven eenls per    share.
. n,    court  Tliey wore   lucsy ones   Indeed     who
bin the defendant  vvas missing, having   '
I The case against Walter Turnbull
charged with taking $100.(Hi from the
slocking of one Pearl Hanson, f,f this'
.city a few month; ago, was tailed in
Kelson last week.    Constable
had the complaining witness i
; Scientific:    Horseshoeing
Livery  S
»\      I.O.O.F.     Key
18. Bteeti everf
  Minulay     niulit     tl
Frati rnlty   Ilall.   " Sojourn-
mil*.- owi cordially Invited.
Vint, in lh   I   ■■! Degree
T   Haiufs,
TeniiiH ami driven famished for vu
mint In the illstrlet,
A. DOYLE, Manager
discovered that the climate of South
Kast Kootenay was injurious to his
health. He rod given bonds to the
sum of S.'itifl.dO and Ihe court held
his bondsman for the amount.
his jok
foolish   i'ii
wuii uis pranks. Laugh ai
ts. Sweat over his conun-
Limber up your dignity with
a game of hall or a hall day's fishing,
Ymi can win his heart utterly. And
imld liim stead*. In ihe path that
lea.is InJiri up, Thai hoy has a
soul, and a destiny reaching high
ibove the mountain peaks. 11
ih a million tunes his weight
iheir :
isies and
iy save
n stiaii-
put ti tl'
, ol con-
m^ foreth
of the pleasures of
e depends upon n
• of tin-    little court
!S nl llle, Too ma
.-ectcsi smiles and
n.l nicest attentions I
nle their friends are
- most meager crumbc
m and politeness.
is nothing hut a mi
noting, ami whoever assumes
is bound to be found out
ii later, li is in the home
thai i- hest iii life should be
There should be kindness,
ncc, gentle manners and lov-
,hi. Noi io strangers,
mi and dear ones should
of hfe he distributed,
one goes out Into ilie
h^ own natural self.
; a noble deed, or gives
uiing thought, he
ui to a nature en-
the pure
hut  gives cx]i
riched bv Llie cul ti vat
.md good and true.
Depend upon it ihat there is lnit.it
in manners as well as In tastes and
morals. One eaunol lu- a boor at his
own ft reside and a gentleman al his
neighboi 's. t>nc cannot bo a tender,
charitable,      sympathetic      woman
ihio.nl if she is
at ii
mi holm-
n., m.u know thai iht- world is full
of kindness, Ihal never was spoken,
,uid j,>lial is not uiiii'h better (ban no
kindness at all' The fuel in tte
stove makes th,i room warm, but
Ihere are piles ol falling trees lying
on rocks aial i.n top ol lull where no-
boti) ran get ilu-iii, these do not make
anybody warm, You might treezo bo
death tot wnul of wood in plain Bight
..f these fallen trees it you bad no
moans ol getting tlio wood home ami
making a lire of ii- -lust so In a
family; love is what makes parents
and children, the brothers and sisters
happy. But if thej take care never
io say a wind about it, if ihi-y keep
it ii profound secrel as if it were a
crime, they will not he much happier
bhan if thero was noi any love among
ihem, ihe house will seem cold even in
summer, and if you live- there you
will envy the dog when yon call him
I i fellow,
..., ! everything will
he ready for ihe winter's work. Eugene Cr'oteau, of Ymir, will he superintendent and he lias eleven men tit
work now and the force vvill 'be iu-
creosed as soon as the nun can work
to advantage. Tho government, will
build a road tc the railroad and next
week the property vvill he surveyed
preparatory to securing a crown
grant. Pay Roll stock is in htfi'J
favor these davs and last Friday 20,-
000 shares were sold at Hi cents,
which is an Indication ot the confidence of the people in the propelly
that is well known in tr s disttict,
J. E. Saucier, managing director, hast
been looking over the work and
well satisfied witb the progress
Afler November 1st llie post office
vvill uot bt; opened on Sunday, Postmaster Beattie says that sn days in
one week is enough for any man.
Fred Ha/cn received ofi sick benefits
the sum oi $150.00 from the two
organizations to which in* belongs
for the seven weeks he vvas sick with
the fever.
T, Drummond is feeling good over
(ihe arrival of his wife ami family.
They will commence housekeeping in
their new home ou Baker Hill.
.lames Liddicoyt and wife, of Hel-
tor, Man., arrived this week, Tbey
are tlw parents of Mrs. George Leask
and will make Cronhroi.k their home.
F. M. Medhurst returned to-day
from a pleasant trip throughout thu
'.oiindary country. He reports everything lovely over there.
G. H. Miner vvill let the contract
for a store building iu Movie and
when it is completed he will open a
hraneh   ,in that town.
A. and J. I^ea-sk returned Tuesday
from Spokane, where they were attending the fair.
Cranhrook has over 100 children of
school age and onlv one school rr.om
and one teacher. It is an outrage to
permit such a condition of affairs.
The pay rolls in Cranbrook now
aggregate, over $15,000. That Is
a pretty good item to carry a town
through' the natural dullness of a
winter season.
Following are two recipes sent in
for the benellt ol tlw lady readers ol
the Herald:
One pound finely chopped suet, one
pound raisins (stoned), one pound
currants, half pound Sultanas, i ozs.
blanched almonds, quarter pound candied mixed peel, two pounds tine
bread crumbs, live eggs, well beaten,
one pound sugar, bait pound Hour,
lialf o'-. pudding spice, one large raw
pot-aloe grated, half large carrot
grated, lalf teasnoonful salt. Mix alt
well together with milk, will take
ahoul half pint. Grease llie basins
well, iill and tie down in the usual
way. Boil or live hours at once.
One hour will be sullicient afterwards. The above quantity will
make three good-sized puddings. The
flavour is wouderfully improved it
they are made and boiled for five
hours, about a month or six weeks
before required.   '
One pound raisins (stoned.), half
pound Sultanas, half p0uixl currants,
one pound sugar, one pound suet
{finely minced), quarter pound candied peel (mixed) (also minoed), half
oz. pudding spice, two lemons, (the
grated rina and    juict!, four pounds
   ™»6*«,       *..*, .,«»»«  apples     (peeled and minced), mix all
vvill have charge of the Canadian im- captain has not been heard from, and well together, place in a large jar
migration work fn -the United the police and military authorities are ' pour over a wine glass of rum, and
Kingdom, antl vvill he known as chief without any clug whatever as to his. keep air tight lor a month before
immigrant ogiait- iideulitjr. uslftft,
Berlin. Oct. 16.—A unique and daring robbery was committed at Coepc-
niek, a small town several miles* east
of Berlin, this afternoon. This robber, in Ithe uniform of a captain of tho
guards, met a detachment nf. 12 men
on a street In Berlin, who were returning from target practice. He
produced a forged cabinet order
aiithorwing him to take command.
The men recognized his authority,
and he then'ordered them to march to
Cocpcnick, Upon arrival there they
proceeded to the town hall, arrested
burgomaster and the treasurer
and took possession of the cash,
The robber det-ached several c.t his
men to conduct the prisoners to head
Ottawa, Oct. 23.—J. Bruce Walker
has been appointed to take charge of
lha Canadian government immigration service in Loudon, replacing W.
T. R. Preston, who has undertaken a ...
commercial mission to the far east the
to promote Canadian trade interests
in a field whose future is almost unlimited.
Mr. Walker is of Scotch family and         ,  __
lived fer a numlber of years at Brant- quarters in Berlin and ordered the refold, where he was attached to tho mainder to hold possession of tho
stuff of the Expositor. For some , town for half an hour. He then rode
vears he lias been Canadian immlgra- off in the direction ol Berlin with the
lion agent at Glasgow, in which posi- money. The burgomaster and treas-
tion he has had a splendid opportun- urer were greatly mvstifled at the
ily 6f equipping himself for the larg- meaning cf their arrest. Upon tiieir
er field. i arrival in custody at headquarters in
The commtsslonershtp of Immlgra- Berlin they learned that the nstensi-
tion, which Preston held for some bid captain was a fraud and were im-
ve.irs, has been     abolished.     Walker mediately     discharged.      The bogus
botiglu the stoch al this price ami
held on, but they were luckier still in
ihc fact ihai in his stock operations
in the province uf Quebec, Mr, Graves
succeeded in interesting men like Mr,
Miner. Of course a dotation modelled on the lastiioitaole basis of thai
wine where three-foiirlhs ul ihe slock
was vendor's and promoter's, and lhe
remaining onc-tourth was treasury
stock, slaughtered at a few cents per
stare, could have only one end, unless some public-spirited bolder oi
gromoter s stock, both willing and
anle, should hold the slock up, ami
this is what happened to Ironsides,
the stock ol which was kept around
thc dollar mark all the summer oi
lHll'd. Next year, however, came Uie
killing frosl when slock bubbles were
bursting on all sides, and Ironsides
and Knob Hill, in spile of a strong
hand behind ihem, dropped in sympathy to '10 or thereabout and stayed
ai Unit for many long months lo
follow. Bul work which in tin-
nineties was more or less tentative
and haphazard, especially in the earliest stages, was never allowed tc
cease, Mt. Miner's dollars supplying
the sinews ot war.
Thv advent ol the railway brought
the. turning point, in this sense, that
they must either quit or go on; for it
was up to them now to either shoulder lhe burden of building smelters or
throw up the sponge. Organization
and re-organIzation became necessary
to finance lor altered conditions and
graver responsibilities, and Granby
Consolidated was the "result. Such
affairs are generally attended with au
alarming shrinkage in the holdings ol
the little stock holder who paid his
ten cents a share for original treasury
slock, 'bul to Mr. Miner's credit, be it
said, there was no snuffing 0m of the
little fellows and purchasers of ten
cent shares in 1896, who stayed with
it, ate holders of Wi stocks t^-day,
without paying a farthing ot assessment.
What with the labor strikes and
the low price ol copper, those early
days of operation of the one and two
furnace smelters, were the days that
tried men's hearts. Ninety-nine out
of every hundred men possessing Mr.
Miner's wealth that had been made in
oiher lines of industry, would liave
concluded to throw no more good
money after bad and would have quit.
Had he done so at the most critical
period, the blow to the Boundary
would have been so great that it is
doubtful whether the B. C. Copper
Co. would not .have gone down in the
general wreck, and Boundary's busy
hills would have remained silent for
many long years.—Hedley Gazette.
Receives bolh ladies and gontlemen
as resident or as day stud.-uis. Has
a complete commercial ur business
course. Prepares students to gam
Teachers' Certificates of all grades
Gives the four years' course for lln
B.A. degree, ami the firsl year of the
school of science course, in affiliation with Toronto university. Has a
special "Prospectors' Course" for
miners who work in B. C.
Instruct ion is given in art, music,
physical culture and elocution.
Term opens September Kill, 100(1
For calendar, ele, address "Columbia College, New  Westminster, B.C."
liv   wuilrr sn;
III lllll
I   will
'I will lm.
jot Coul iii
ready to l
' have
Bankhead Hard Coal SS.75
Salt Coal $6.7S
Lust winter I  wns out of Coal
part o£ iiiii...   This year  I  ,jr..-
posn to kern it ^itotl  supply uu
liiintl. i.nil will Sell
Empress of Britain..
Lake Cliainplaiti
Kniprt'ss ui' Iri'liiml
Luke Erie	
First Cabin, $(io
iicoor.li.ij; to steam
strainers (intertnei
Second Cabin, $45
Third Class, $211.501
Apply lit
Booklet descriptive
Third Class account:
.    net. inti.
Oct. 27th
.. .  Nov. 2nd
Nov. Huh
.unl upwards,
sr; mie class
i.-ili-i. fft'l.iil):
nml upwards;
fur onr illustrated
n Imi.
Lake Mii'liiuini ... .
Tliir.l Clina only, tSII
Carrying Socourl Claw
Special Limited Train
96   HOURS
Oct. I Till
Oct. 24th
nly, fill UH
T, 15th am
. 12th
ttion. and
»   for
train   ur
apply to lot:
it. or write
P. A„
. P. A.,
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing.   Qive me a call.
Lra«;>r,.-.k M. |. .   su. J,
*■ F. * V «.
Regular racttlun uu
the ii.ini   llnumU,
ol e.t-ry uinulr..
Visiting .'irtrti. en velcomed.
8,  II   Hosktns, S,-.-'y.
Sl, A. Hi'.ilf, IV. M.
Cr&nbrook Aerie 967
firing   tt
Meet every ffeilntsday
S p.in   iii II  ..I 1.. I-'. Ilall.
Pi. Cylliii Aerie Physician.
' P. i)  Box 28.
C.  Ross Tit,-, w P.
.1. Brecbln, Set retary.
Visltiag brethren cordially Invited,
I.UVAI. 0RA.N0E I.IIIH1K. NO.  l»;l
Meet at B, ol L. P. Hull 2nd   and
ith Saturday each month.
Visiting breUtrcn always welcome
T. Uu. ut, Jas.  E. Larrikin,
W. .\1.
VV. F. aURD,
Barrister, Solicitor. Ele
Barristers. Solicitors, Etc.
Hattl! Block Cranbrook B.C.
\       C. H, DUNBAR       %
4    Barrister, Solicitor.  Notary    *
J Public, Etc 5
*_    Cranbruok,     -     •     B, C.    |
******** *****%
Physicians and Surgeons.
Office at Residence,  Armstrong Av.,
Forenoons - - . - t.ait to   11
Afternoon. - - . ■ 1.30 to 3.30
Evenings 7.30 to 8.30
CRANBROOK ::    ::    ::    ::    B. C,
I to 13 a.m.
1 to   8 p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Office and residence on Armstrong ave
DEM 15
• to 13 a.m,
1 to   8 l in.
I  In   1 tin.
Office In new Reid block
Repairing Promptly Done.
Footwear to Measure a Specialty
Geo. R. I.eask & Co
our rulvortiaement, 'mt we
ils oil in llu- lit-ial.l.to
empliiuiito it.
Near Lower irmstrong Avenue,
A. W. McVittie
Dominion and Provincial   Land  Surveyor.
H. H. McVittie
General Agent
(«%«««»«««««««««««« THE   CRANBROOK   HERALD
Till:   IWI'1'11   THAT   IS   READ   HV   THE   PEOPLE
Bv lbe llt-rild   Publishing Company
y^~ /lz~*-sfa~**9\
Editor and Manager.
The Herald Is worth S10 a year. It
costs only fl. No man iu South
Easl Kootenay con afioril to be without it, and everyone living outside ol
llie districl, who is interested in the
progress ol this sce-tioti, should read
11. It publishes llie news while it is
news it is controlled absolutely b
the publish.'.* No clique, party 0
Individual dictates iis policy. It
don't try to please lhe people. Its
desire is lo publish a newspaper lhat
will be a cnili. to the community.
Send In ymir subscription and you
will lie tlunkliil evr allrrwnrd.
Advertising rales 11 per inch, pe.
mouth, no mure and no less.
Heading matter 15 eenls per line
to oon-advertloors; 10 cents per line
to regular advertisers.
II you desire to reach the people ol
South Ensl Kootenay y.u must advertise in The Herald.
'lho Herald has a llrst-cliiss jon
liliitit, nud its work is ol lhe hest.
Tbe Ilernlil don't wanl. charity. It
wants a square deal on your |ob
work. II we can't suit you in quality and price, kick, anil send your
work to some Cheap John house In
tlie east that never spends a cent In
1,000 a Week
Thla in ilu1 guaranteed circulation ul tin' Hernld
linn lislH 0|IUJ1  tn invoHtUjn-
Uon liy mlvortlaerB nt any
Tin' HernM gives a dollar
in vnlno fm- ii dollar in money. The advertiser Iiiih the
right tn know wlmt he in
receiving for bin money.
Tin* Hernld la one |ni|iur
thai courts. ItrVraUligation.
The  herald  will be found on
, sale at the following places:
pivlll!, Mi-.svillc   Drug Store
Wardner, (i. Donahue's Store
Moyie. S, K. Name's Drug Store ■
■ Ryan, R. P. l:inlay
Fernie, Purdy's Bonk Store
Elko, Mnlbrook's Book Store
Cranbrook,   Beattie  & Atchison's •
and C. I:. Keid A Co.'s
A«3>9$$g a 3*3 9*9$$e&S6:6r$Gti!4fe
*••*. A<*-
Uli.il a lul Gilbert und Sullivan
could have nni'do wnh a. comic opelu
if limy bad li.ul tin- Hun. Mellaril Mc-
Brldo'a trip to the conference nl Uie
premiers in llicii time. Ins heroic
declarations ul loyalty to his prov
luce, lus Hpectaeulai withdrawal and
hm majestic utterances ol standing
by his country uu ill the cause bad
been carried to lhe fool of tbe tliroiio
for justice. No sucli material was
offered m Lhvii time because- men of
thai iiiiii- occupying pos.tlons like
iJi.ii lield by Uu Hon. Mi McBride
were statesmen,
The "special'' telegrams thai lilled
the Conservative papers ol British
Columbia almost from the Lime that
Uu* Hun. Kirli.inl McBride stepped oil
lb.- ;i.nn ai Oltawa, Lelcgrams that
teemod with fulsome praise uf British
Columbia 8 great statesman, gives
list- tu tlie impression tliat Mr. McBride ,i« u-il wuii greal shrewdness iu
taking wilh Intu that well known
newspaper correspondent uud editor,
Mr. Uos-ncll, lale of ihe Victoria
Colonist, Instead «>i Ml .1. A. Mac-
ii maid, ieadei ol Lbe opposition.
Ti.t- i Ity police .in- to he commended en tlu-n work in ridding the lown
oi such displeable characters us tlmse.
miserable whelps wliu refuse t-o work
lun live ..ti Uu- wages ol stn turned
over io iluiu by unfortunate women,
ihit whv confine these taids tn Uie
white people'/ Wh) nol take in the.
■Japanese"' Tin- police know that
light lieu- in Cranhrook tin-re exists
u damnable system of woman slavery,
u svsii'in by which Japanese women
are huiull.-d us human chattels,
women whn have no rights of ih.-ir
own, who aie controlled body and
soul for ilu- financial benefit of a
hunch of paralstes whu ur*' living on
the best of tin- land, wliu wear tho
hest of clothes, ami wlm collect from
their -slaves tin- money innde as regularly us rent ti Collected by the
owners of property. I.i-l lhu raids
extend lo all colors nml all nationalities anil make a clean sweep while
ymi arc ul it. Make no discrimination plains! the whites. Alt-hough a
while men wlm will live on Ibe lm-
molality  nf it  wmn.in  is su Imv  Mial
i yellow d.<s is a prince in Campari
son, yet the svstcoi uf human slav
cry carried on by the Japanese proprietors of the bouses in tlu* red light
district is a thousand toW worse.
Nest year is going to be a hummer
lor Cranbrook.
The next municipal election will
be lhe hottest of any ever fc*ld Ittl
There    vvill be no polities in    the
next     City  election.       Vie  will  hot
ioney on that proposition.
Mining iu Soutl  Fast Kooteiuv wih
ake advancement    next    yeai  ihat
will prove a great advertisement tor
the    mineral     resources   of  thi*. disiriet. j
If all men engaged in ihe theatrical
business in this part of the count rj
bad as much pride in their work and
as much confluence in the country as
William Cranston, manager of the
Hosciau Opera company, anl at  bho
nine time were willing lo give    Ihe.
people such magnificent  returns - lor j
the money spent on tickets, what   a
dtaiige there would be iii a low years.
Mr. Cranston told the people ol Cian-]
brook, as well as the peuple ol otbei
towns,    when lu* returned iiom    t-he
it Iwo years     ago, ehai he would
give tihe  i»eopie of    Western Canada ]
only liist-class attractions,    lie has
more than kept his  word, and to-ilav |
ilu- name  ot   Cranston iu theatrical
hues stand* higher in Western Can.Ua
than   lhat of   any     other    manager.
Again, in his treatment yi the peuple.
Mr. Cranston recognized ilu- fact that
in  Uie   west   tlte meat  majority   are
men   and   women of    discrimination'
and good taste, people of Intelligence
who have lived     in  the populus ecu-1
ters  uf  Eastern  Canada,   Lug-land or
the     States, and who appreciate    a
good presentation of opera.     It    is
these qualifications ihat are   making
Mi. Cranston ■_ groat manager and tt
favorite  will)  the people.     Tlie Herald  wishes  linn contiui.od prosperity,
Hev. Fortune, the retiring pastor
nf the i'resbyterian church, preaches
lus larewell sermon uexl Sunday
evening. Mr, Fortune, during Ins
seven years in Cranbrook, has mode a
reputation for being a powerful
speaker, and lis sermon uexl St.n.lay
evening piomiscs to be one of thu
best, il uot the the best Uut was
ever heard in Cranbrook. 'lhe departure of a man from a pulpit,
alter seven years of service, is a
great opportunity iur a masterful eflort, All who can should be at the
I'resbyterian church next Sunday
We were worried when Jim Kyan
luld us thai Vie. Rollins Lad gone up
to the Windermere country. It looK-
id as if be was oul fixing his poll llial fences, and he would go clear to
ihe Norlh 1'uU- if lhat was his business, providing Uial it would do auy
£Ood. Uut two days later Line
Small took his trail and some of
those rails will'be pulled down again
The Herald would like to see lie
eity council take up lbe proposilioa
that the Herald has advocated for tlo
pasl four years, and thai is io prepare a handsome case [or exhibiting
lhe products ot Uiis district, an 1
have it placed in a commanding position on the C. V, ti. platform. lu
thai case should be a complete selection of ere from the properties of
this district, showing where located
aud how far from Craubrook, sample*
of lhu St. Eugene, Sullivan, North
Star and Stemwinder ore, wiUi brief
description of the properties, samples
ol placer gold irom Perry Creek and
Wild Horse; also samples of fruit
when possible, grains, vegetables,
etc.; samples ot some of lhe woods
of this district, those susceptible of a j
finish so arranged. Wilthin a monlh
there will be through Uains running!
from Sl. Paul t-o Spokane, iu addition to the regular service now iu j
vogue cn tte C. P. R. These trains
will all ,st0p at least ten minutes at |
Cranbrook and there will be thousands of people each year passing
through Cranbrook who would in this
way have an opportunity lo learn
something of the resources of this
wunderftit district. It is now time
for the people of this eity U, wake up
to the opportunities open for advancement. Build up the district ami
in this way you will lay the foundation for a greater Cranbrook. The
time to act in this matter is now.
It might cost a couple of hundred
dollars, bul it would do thousands of
dollars worth of good.
A meek man of Calgary was asked
by a friend how he and bis wife happened to meet. "Confidentially
speaking," said the meek man, "We
did not meet.     1 was overtaken."
The Herald's suggestion that
.lames Ryan lie a candidate foi
mayor seems to have taken hold with
quite a numlbcr of people, judging by
ilie comment') made.
It is understood that Mr. McCowan, who was defeated by Mr.
Baker, and Mr. Morton, of the C. P.
It. shops, are contemplating being
candidates for aldermen at the next
The more that one reads the Conservative papers the more apparent it!
Ihat Mr, McBride looked forward I
bis play at ihe conference of
lhe premiers as the big political play
of bis life, and if successful, just lbe
issue for bim to go to the count ry
in. Tte Literals would not ask for
i belter thing. j
We hope that every man found
pilty of giving a bribe'or taking one!
in the London election will get the I
limit of the law. That is our way
d looking at monkeying with elec-
linns, no matter what the politics of
llie guilty ones may be. A Literal
thief is as had as a Conservative
thief. j
The Kootenay Central will come to
Cranbrook, as through trains will run
Uirough this eity from St, Paul to
Spokane.     It looks tike this town of
The GREAT SALE Still Continued
THE prices at which WE have been selling merchandise has certainly proven irresistablc and satisfactory to the sensible
purchaser, and in a great many lines whicli we yet have to clear we intend to make lhe figures even more so.   But
altogether there will be one mighty movement of all prices.    Ladies' and Children's Boots and Shoes, Hose, Dress
Goods and Coats will be quoted at such prices tliat will compel you to wonder where wc gol Ihem.
On SATURDAY */t will place belore you in particular GIRLS' and BOYS* SCHOOL SHOES, and we will here
quote you two prices which will largely govern :
now nntl IN It IN MALIK, sizes rang
ing   from   1  in
nriiu) $2.00, nt
... regular   $| 35
(URLS'   BOX CALK SHOES, siz.'s   11
In '1. ill S. 25. reg
u liiiiifli im olenr,
Ilnis.  Iml   iml
liar prico ii'lUU. ninl
*•<' 75c & 85c
in   heavy   nr lielil
woiirlil  leathers,
$1 'In tn $1.50,1.1
regularly  sold  for
75c to $1.00
Vie have nl Hi" 1
niiilli nf SI s,
Irwihriiiik.     llm
resent time tl.'inu
nul a. manv hearing
an any Iw. Inium* In
Kit    11111,1    lllllllll 1,
lliuy will iuiui'.
11..I move ,|iii,'kly.
We "ill s.'il ymi :i Suit of Clotliosal
$!l.lll), a heller nne Inr $5.00, ami uur ulil
reliable line, viz..
The 20th Century Suit
ai from Smmi lo $<« <«>. These prices
menu in ninny eases lens Hum Hie whole-
sulc brims. Hot i" this line we liave
mil less limn $20,000 worth, whieh is
tm eli I'm- Cranlirook.   See our
All will lif si.1.1. anil we mean husiness.
We have llie
THE   EAIil.l-   SHOE,
its well nn 11 tltizeu other makes. We
will sell you a Slice, either patent nr
Ims inli'. regtilnr prlcu $11.00, for $1175,
.nul a Sli,,,-. regular price $1.00, ai $2.(15,
ami we have 200 pairs to clear al $1.75,
I'iihiT in Congress or Hal., regular price
from $2.50 to J-l.iKl. These are broken
Our Carpet Section
We leel .ve Imve more Carpets ll.au all the
other Iioubos in t.'mnl.ronk comblneit. We will
i-ttll you Uy tlie van! nr in Bi.iu.res, bought
fro... lln' renowned iiiiii ui Thus. Tooling l'u ,
Imii.1.11,.   Kiiulninl, at tliu  t'Mii-l   wholesale
[uiii's uiili ilu- enal ut llw Ireighl a.i'le.1.
And Now About Dress Goods
ltememlier, while lliis Sale lams, nnr Dressmakers uill make ynur Suit fnr lii.llll up.
Th.' Dress tlooils Department Is one ttenurl-
1ne.1t we are pt.rtieuli.rly proud ul, ami wo
Imvi' to-tiny ilie eholcost lines ul
lie liave ever shown, tn In- sulil HI lliese prices,
A lino worth 60c Inr  2Sc
TSi-lnr    *7'.c  I  fl.THor    «0r
f 1.00 [or      50,' I filKlfnr  $1 25
Cill i:n,l ask to bi shown thrsr lines, for WE DO
Ladies and Hen, We mean business, and we invite you to compare our lines,
values and prices with any house effecting a sale
Cranbrook is to he a railroad center
uf importance before the railroads
set through.
President Roosevelt is yelling for
some one io hold him rrom running
lor a U inl term.
It ti hard in tdl yd whether it
will be Cavin, Marvcy, Thompson or
Itogers. ihu- prominent Conservative said recently, of Uu- four Thompson ami Rogers an- the only twn win.
have noi been nut iu tlw open
working hard, and vet Unit the
nomination siuihI lielween tlmse twn.
We are often condemned for whal
w-f miv nml tin fur Cranhrook.     li"^
lhat hurts us
ahoul as much  ns
...in falling on a- duck's hack. The
Herald has always worked for Cran-
, brook nntl lhe district.
I Tin' roads in this district ure far
Irom being in good order, and yel
then- an- few districts in which such
a large amounl in taxes are paid.
Hut if wlml should lie done fnr    the
1 people who pav ntieli Inrge sums in
taxes was done l>t. King might g«'t
ibe credit fm it. Km' such narrow
political reasons a"- lhe lax pavns
uf tins itislrlel condemned tu punishment.    Itoi uii such polities,
Hull      K.Uanls has     slatted  tu at,
tend prize fights, Thai set Men the
Kyi- Opener,
Lei in all hoosl Cranbrnok,
Wlul .1 , vmi ti.inli uf il.- exhibit
idea referred to in anolher place in
litis Issue?
Mr, Baron nml Air. McLcnn, if ymi
eteau oul ihc pimp parasites in fills
town, nf all culms, blnek, tun ami
white, yuu will bave made a good
stall. Tbe people nf Ibis town are
nrous'oil nml insist nn this scum heilifi
wined out nf Cranhrook. If vnu dn
not -do il there h sine tn follow a
sbiikeup in the pulice force.
There is still lime fur lbe Conservative papers uf British Columbia to
Kivc tbe details nf Mial Pope, Powler, Knstet-, pt. al., land deal. Honestly, now, good peuple. whal do vou
think nf a newspaper Hint refuses' to
Rive yon news nf rascality simple because tbe guilty ones ute members of
the Conservative pnrty? Are such
papers tn he trusted in anv political
st-i-tetnent'? It k no wonder that a
lot, of peuple in ibis province are be
ginning in wonder what is tbe matter, Whal lbe people want is an
honest administration of the afiairs of
the government, no mat-tor what
parly is in power, and an honest exposure of guilty ones, no matter
what, party   thev   belling  to- Nine
mm oul oi len will lell you thai.
Tbere is going to be a big surprise
fm the confident Conservatives at the
next election in this province.
Tb.* Magrat-li Pioneer says that
there are but few editors hi our
province wbo have nol made a vigorous and continuous fight against Uie
eity mail older house. This has
been dune in the interest of the home
merchant, and without price. II the
ifdllors nf the land luui received regular advertising rates for all tbey fcavo
iiiiil against these enemies of the
country merchant they could now Iw
wearing diamonds. Now the department stun- man appreciates advertising space anil is willing lo lako
all tlu- averago country editor has
fur sale, and at a #>"d price. What
.I'iier class nf business or professional men wnuld refuse business tc. help
lheir friends, especially as many of
ibe said iriends never seem iu thu
least disposed tu return iht- compliment nr even appreciate il.
Feinie, c.-f. 2I.-W. M. Dicken, former   piesidejit of Pernio   local    has
issued ihe following reply In lbe
• taieiui'iii sent oul yesterday by the
"Dear Sir: I notice a report put
iu hy the press committee of the
Kernie Miners' union, dealing with
certain charges made hv me. First,
Iel me say thai llial committee ilid
nol deal wilh any charges that I had
male, but wiili Uu- charge made hv
Piesid.ni Sherman, charging me with
breaking my obligation as a incinber
nf the K. M. W. of A. Therefore, if
ynur readers read the findings of Uial.
committee they will nol find any false
charges made.' I was never cpies-
I lo'iwl upon any false charge made in
my letter; only to answer t-he charge
made againsl     me and I    challenged
y com tui I Iw or comniit'tees to
prove that I made any false sta't*-
ments and to take a ballot of lhe
whole uf the miners employed at
Cnal Creek whether there was any-
Uiing false in my letter cr not. The
only thing thoy have    against me in
reference to my action is pulling it belt, the basso profundo uf the coin-
in the press and I question if it is pany, sang the pail uf "Plunketi''
constitutional or not iu suspending in a manner that every nne in tbe
me at all. At the meeting when the crowded h.it.se applauded, while the
charge was made against me thei work ol Miss Winifred Crowley, in tie
truth of my    statements was    never  ingenue pari nf "Nancy,"   the wailing
questioned as the majority of the men
present know that they were correct?,
The report iiever mint inns anything
tbat is false not where I have (broken
any obligations and if tbey desire 1
can repeal all that I have already
said and lake a ballot on the truth of
my letter as a whole and not in
(Sgd.) "W. M. Dic-kcn."
maid, was altogether delightful and
made a must favorable impression.
Her contralto voice is rich, sweet atul
well cultivated. Mr. Carl lloliiiian,
the baritone, had little tn do in lhe
pari of "Lord Trlslafn Mickloford,"
but did that little well. Mr. J0hn
Dewey, as ih,1 sheriff, created a laugh
whenever he appeared, ami proved a
great favorite. The churns wmk was
well dune, considering the drawbacks
of the staj,;e. The audience was
large ami appreciative and will give
lhe Uuseians a hearty welcome upun
their return to Cianbrook,
Cranbrouk people a$ a whole have
reason to congratulate themselves on
(hit appearance of the Koscian Opera
company at Wentworth hall last Tuesdav evening. A town situated as is
I Cranhrook, so far off a paying theat- CREDITORS TRUST DEED ACT,
I rieal circuit, has Utile reason to hope j 1901.
for the 'betler class of theatrical prn-l    Noliee  is  hereby given  that     John
ili.ctinns im I i I the pc.piilalion through- Fletcher Cringle, of Marysville, DC,
oul the territory along the C. P. R. hotel keeper, has by deed,  dated    the
I in this part of British Columbia ami   Will day nf   October,   A.D. 100(1, as-
I Western  Alherta will warrant     the signed all bis personal property, real
| presentation "f high class companies, estate, cnvlils and effects, which may
The     Roscians   were both a surprise be seized and    snld under execution,
antl a   revelalion to the     people, for   to     Albeit     Mul/, uf Feinie,  B.  ('.,
such musical ability was entirely un- brewer, iu Irust  fnr tbe betielit of bis
expeeled   ami iinbmked fur.   Manager  creditors,    The said thi-il was oxecufr
Craustnii has galhered about bim    a'ed     by    the    said    .Inbn     Fletcher
number    of  artists lhat will receive-, Cringle un    tin- I Bill day nl OcU/be]
the praise uf llle severest eri-Ui-s
Uie larger cities of Canada and the
United Stales. Those who have been
fortunate enough in the past to live
where tbey    had an opportunity    to
j hear the best in opera, were delighted with Uu* preseiilatinn of "Martha."
j lasl Tuesday evening, and tn all Uie
work of llii- artists in lhe company
Was a delightful dream uf melody and
I aci'iuii frnm lie lirst rise of the
curtain  to  the close.     To tlmse who
j failed to be presenl it will no doubt
cniitituie In he a    matter of regret,
| fnr never More was Cranbrook favored witb such a deligblfi.I entertainment. One remarkable feature cf the
company   is    the fad  thai it is so
( evenly balanced.   Every member is ;Lu
, artist, ami the   leading   singers   as
[ well as the members of the ebortis,
never al any time gave cause fnr ai-
tistic dissatisfaction. Miss Lucia
Xnla, the soprano, sang the part of
"Martha" charmingly. Iter rendition
nf tbe "Last  Unse of Summer,"    In
I the third aet was beautiful ind-eod.
Mr. Frank Wallerr., sang the part of
j "Lionel," afterwards Karl of Derby,
and bis tenor voice in lhe solo paris
and tbe duet work with Miss Nola
was very (lite.     Mr. Milliard Oamp-
A. D. 1000, aud by the said Albeit
Mill/, on Ihe 32nd dav nf Oetolier,
A. I).  UHlfi.
All persons having claims against
lhe said .lubn Fletcher I'liugle, uiu
required nn nr before the lirsi day nf
December, A. D. IllOfl, lo send full
particulars of llu- same dulv verified,
together with the particulars of thu
security, if any, I'cld bv litem lo Um
said Albert Mul/., at Fernie, B. C
Afler the lirst day ..l December, A.D.
111(10 Ui- said Trustee will proceed tn
distribute the assets among Ihose
whose claims have been lodged with
him, and be will nol be responsible
aflei the said dale fnr the assels so
distributed or any part thereof In
any person nr persons, firm or cor-
pnrallon of whose debt or claim ho
shall nol   then have received notice.
A meeting nf the cieditnts of the
said John Fletcher Cringle will bo
held at the office of the Cold Com-
missinner in the Government Ofiiees
at Cranbrook, It, 0,, un Wednesday, I
Ihe 7th dav (,f November, A. D.
IROfl at lbe hour of 2 o'clock in tho'
afternoon. '
Dated at    Nelson, B, C, this 2lib
day of October, A, D. IDIKi.
Taylor A O'Shea,
Nelson, B  C,
Solicitors     for  the a'oovo Trustee
Albert Mul-/. ;u 11
Notice is hereby given Uial    tb
days after date  1  intend  matin.!.
plication to lbe Honorable the   <
Commissioner nf Lands and Works
a  special   license     to cut  and ci
away timber   from the lands sit
in tbe district nf Smith  Kasl   Ko
nay, about two miles southwest
Jaffray    Station  and being Lot
6216, group 1, Kootenai' district,
'.1.   Ilanbiit
Dated    this    22nd   tlav  of Octo
A, D. OOO.
Vi, F. Gurd, Solicitor, Cianbnn
Miss A. \i. Hlllam, twtclwr ol
tin* piniiufnrlt' Titiiih mode nil
Armalrong Ave     Crtvnlnu<>l*
MnttTiiity     ciisoa    ii
Atlilrt'HH :
General Delivery, Cranhrook, 11, C
I hnvo tin- lineal Ini nl'
Wood ever put, in this
section, Any longtli,
will deliver on   ordot\
Anything in Stoves nntl
uny olil thing to fix up
your hoiiso.
Carpets and Floor Coverings
We nre busy now wailing on our Customers for CARPETS, RUQS,
unusually brilliant line 61 patterns in RUUS, AXMINSTER and BRUSSELS CARPETS al prices particularly low.
We are prepared lo supply Ihe Underwear needs of all CRANHKOOK.
We have superior lines of Ladies' and Children's al prices very low.
Ca rtadian
Wc will htlVC ready lor delivery on Tuesday our
t       *
t   b
Grown in Cutuulii, inspec.
.1, st'impeil uml gnutoil, mul
iimi 1 tree from .lisrasr
.- ii (1 oven.ment olrlcii.1.
Tlinl ..nnii' ou .. hox is n
gnnriiiitee nf  Porfe.it   Fruit,
full   weight,  overy apple  i.
gooil ii|.|.le. nnil every tier ns
gooil ns tlu' tup ti.-r.
Varieties:  Spys, Kin?;, Pcwaukees, Russets, Greenings
G. T. Rog€5rs
Kitiivy ..ml si.,,.i.. <:,-. t-i.-M
nn.l i'r iiltmr.MIMa, uluvna
I la,' SI  riiiiilir.iiik
.Insi Arriveil. Sen nnr window ilia-
pluy, Wi' hnvo jusl ivlinl you wnnt
in tiliiii.i. Come in .tml ius|n'i't our
ilolighlful ilisplny. i'lni though ynu
ilo not buy.   Our  prices lire   rifrlit.
C. E. REID& Co.,
Druggists, 5tntioners
Phone -j4. Dispensing is our specialty
Campbell & Manning
Just Received
We have in Stock a good range of
Morse] Blankets. Prlcas in all sizes
According lo Quality. $2.25 Each,
J1.75 Each nnd also $3.50 Each.   j»  j*
The Cranbrook Cooperative
Stores, Limited
NEW TOWN, I'INCHKR        ■        ALRERTA
UNE UNE ill'
Beef, Pork, Mutton,
Chickens, Oeese,
and Turkeys
Special Attention Oiven to
the Mountain Market
Order Vour Turkeys tor
Thanksgiving and Xmas
.lack Mulligan came down from lbe
Sullivan mine Tuesda).
(ieii. Mender was up trom Jaftrav
a few days the past week,
Alls. Wm. Ulcavj .m.l Mrs. Lcslci
Clapp visited Fernie '1 tiesday.
Hi. Bishop, ol Marysville, w.is a
Cumin.n.k vlsitoi Miu.i.i)  last.
lieu. Beattie. ol Kingsville, spent
Sunday wilb 11 ii n.is in Cranbrook.
M. Durick, ui tbe [-'alls View hotel,
Marys.ilie, was in tuwu Sun.lay.
Mr. and Mis it. It, Benedict, i,l
Mayook,  visited  Uraubrook  Tuesday.
Iia Manning, ni the linn ol Camp-
hell ,v Maunlng, visited Kernie Su.
K. A. Macconnell, ol Wardner, was
transacting business In Cranhrook
Rom—Al Wyelilte, Kti.l.n, October
18th, 1900, to Mi. an-i Mrs. Frank
Burdett, a son.
W INTKD—A nnntbei . i small lie
contractors at Marysville. Address
hi.uici Nn. i. .-
Born—At Marysville, Friday, October nub. 1001!, in Mt and Mrs. Wilson Cross, a son.
V .!. Pearson, of the firm of Pearson «v Jewell, t-i Jaffray, was transacting business m town Tuesday.
Conductoi l-.i Aldrieh letl I'uesda)
tor an extended visit at Minneapolis,
Chicago ami othei eastern points.
Archie Leiteh, .it , managci im bite
Kast Kootenaj Lumber company at
JaHray, spent Sunday in Cranbrook,
I' Woods, ui Cherry Creek, lefl
[•nesdaj '-1 Calgary, wltere he has
gone   'i.i   place    his    .l.mjit.-r    in
.tlio. I.
\ Mut/, iin- genial mnnagei t.i tho
Fori Sleele tiu wing company, at
Fernie, spent several days in    town
tbis  week,
David Breckenridge, uf iin- Crows
Nest I'ass Lumbei company, wm
transacting business in Cranhrook the
litst nf Hu- week
WANTED—Al tbe Cranhrook hold,
,i chamhermnlil Apply nl onco at
the bntcl.
Larry Doolan, who bas been con
lined in Si Eugene hospital uu Borne
tunc, is mil again awl i-- rapidly re-
eoverlng from Ins reconl Illness.
A. Price, nl Winnipeg, superintend-
.-nt ot iiianspiiitatiiui, and Omni Hall
superintendent nf motive power, made
an olllelal visit in Cranhrook Monday.
lliakeiiiiiu P. Carrulhors, wlm had
tin- misfortune in break bis arm, by
falling frnm a train, about ten days
oeo, left Tuesday lor bis homo in Ottawa,   wllPIC be     will  v1b.II   until able
to resume bis duties.
WANTKD-Tn buy pullets. A. (\
Piggolt, Cranbrook, li. C. 27
.1. Kerrigan, ol Fori Steele, bas
been vlsltl-ptf llii-ii-ils In town tlio
pnsi few days, lt is .lack's lirst
visit In town fnr a long lime and it
is needless to say bis many Iricnils
were pleased In see bim.
Tin* wurk nf clearing the land back
nf SI. Rligeun hospital fnr lhe sit
nf the* new mill nf tbe North SU
Lumher compgny is about completed
and the erection nf Mu- mill will I:
commenced within a few days.
S. Macdonald returned from bis
trip t-n the coasl Tuesday, and has
resumed bis duties at tiie C. P. R.
shops. Mr. Macdnitalil rented a
house in Victoria and Icfi bis family
there fnr the winter sn thai his
children could attend lho Vieloria
A telegram was received in Crnnbrook Saturday last stating that
llalpli McLean, formerly of Ibis place,
had been accidentally kilted at Kl>
glna. No particulars have yot been
received in regard 'to the.accident.
Mr. Mclean was a member of Key
City Lodge No. 12, I.O.O.F.
11 Johnson, was up frnm w >) ie
\   Leiteh is mi a bricl hun tli
neai  Edmonton.
Al. Munsnn was up from Jo    - -
irw ilays ilns week
.1 k. Ilui'liciuit was down from
Marysville Tuesday.
.1. A. Laurie was over from Nelson
a lew days this week uu business.
A. P. Marshall, ol   Uoyie,
lest .'i iin- Royal hotel Sa-tunlaj
Petci   McLean and  a.  P. Cl
wen  do* n    Irom  Uai ysville Monday
; ■ ■
lm.  is a    hule Wlsteii   i"'
-i-o.mi i ron ot banauas, but still   not
ll liiUS,
.1    A.   Mai lonald   ol    iel
iransat'ting business     in    Cn
hi   week.
Mi.s. James Durick, ol Vancouvei.
in 1-..H    Steele ..i.u     i MiilnnMi.  in.
] .1st    Wlt-k.
I.....-I, ni   pearl jewi - ;•
l .lie .\   SOU   . in,.- ..I...,.       i;
ad. this, week.
.Wis. Uiu. '1 li.,j|n  .u.i da iglttei
i\.ii..t.i, were guest*, ul
,trin hutel Saturday,
Tho new l- mi. Mi ri ,...■      	
Boiug i" l'i; a handsome biruci ... and
.t great credit la Uw town.
Airs.  li.     K,  'la>uji   .m.i i.    .
iMiii.M-ilcj, were    guests ot  Lhi   Cos
mopoliton hotel Frnlaj last.
.V C. Mckmslry, ut Marysville,
.v.is transacting   nu^ ness in     i i.m
.iioiik  ibe lirst nf Uie week,
tale a Son aiu allowing a liuu
it'lection ul up-to-date pcau jowelrj
ti. uiuuehes, niitis, e,le.
Judge Wilsou ,u,d \. A. Uollius &ru
enjoying   a    lew      da)s   Vacation   tats
At,,, in tiie Miuderuicic country,
Uwiug tu the aosenee ol tii.- righl
..ml m on an. U.uu-i has been un
amu io use his autoliHwilu lately.
ti. li. 1'atei, mauager ol the Staples
Lumber company, was dowu tram
ivycliuo a couple ol davs tin.-, weei
S, -l. Morrow. Icit yeslemaj after-
noon inr Uayncs lake, whero 'lie has
acit-pttil a position wnh il.c Adulpn
;.iitiiiiet companj.
Flunk DlcHlnsuii returned Tuesday
tii.iu a nip i-i Spokane. He was
accompanied uii lus return i>j ins
little  soli  UuorgO.
Warrcfl DeBeck, W. 11- Wilson's
assistant m his jewel!') store, lefl
Saturday tor a well earned vacation
ai lus homu in New  Westminster.
M. Melnnes was up from KIkiuciiUi
ihc lirst uf ibe week in al tend a
meeting ol the directors ol the Uran-
urook   Electric   Lighl   company.
.Mr. and Mis- W. II. Wilson have
been very busy tbe past few days
yelling 'moved inin their handsome
ii.w  residence nu Batter llill.
Airs. B. nt, tuns,-, makes a special!)
t.f maternity cases. Word can be lefl
ai the. drug store of Beallio a Atchi-
i-ion. 31-tt
Parents should un: miss thai
children's shue sale at llill .v Co.'s
nexl Saturday. Watch M.-u windows and remember ib.' ilny.
Dan McDi naili, proprietor ut the
Manitoba hotel, wh., has been' quite
til ibo past twn weeks. is butler ibis week and is now aide ti. be
about again.
A. T. Vroom 'eft lasl nighl with a
ear of lioi-scs which In- wa, shipping
i,, liis iamb m-ar Alnmum -Mills,
UU. Mi. Vroom will i. main al
ias ranch iur some time.
For Sale—2u acres uf first-class
fruit laud, two miles west uf Creston. Applv 11. Uickciiboiham, Craubrook, 11. 0, 2!l
Lasi week thc Herald added is new
iubscribers in iu list wilhoul solici-
latiou. Thai cannol Ire dime in a
district like ths unli-ss ih. pnper is
I!e\ Fortune will adminislci lhe
sacramenl ol the I.nrd's supper a' the
morning st rvice next Snnit.i\, and lie
will be pleased tu see .ill 11n- ineiu
hers of tlw church present.
Fred Ryckman, w*ho, !..r several
months has been RUtTcriny from a
severe attack i.f rheumatism is slnw-
lj  Improving, and was abb- to    get
lip   lown   llle   Ills!   ni   Ihc   Week.
The Fink Mercantile companj stiii
retain a good!) portion of ibe froni
page nt tins week's Herald. Tbe big
sale is still mi and Ihey are offering
some exceptional bargains up in
Saturday next.
lit. Wan. win. has charge nf the
medical work among i io Kootenay
Imliansi and P. I,. T. Clalbralih, the
:ov.'iiniR'iit Indian agent, wen- iu
own yesterday shaking bauds wilb
leir many friends.
The curling rink is going ahead in
a mosl satisfactory manner and will
'ie completed within a week. It uill
lie niie nf lbe best in ibe Kootenays
iml will prove a grenl I real tn tho
iiiieis when tliey meet here inr tbe
F, ('. Malpas, manager nf the
Canadian Bank nf Commerce, re-
■tiiu-il liuin the coast Friday, after
an absence of two weeks. Mrs. Malpas and tie children, wlm have been
spuiding a couple nf months at thc
eoast, retiiiiieiPliuiiie wilb Mr.   Mnl-
All persons"  enMllod in have their
names nu the inters list fur the city
election slim.|<l remember that they
must make tbe necessarj d win rations
before lho eitv clerk bv" Uu- fJlsl October In enable Ihelll in vole at Iiiiii. \i election-
Claude Vroom, who was recently
appointed as a substitute mail earlier, passed through Cranhrook yesterday in charge nf tb,- "Crow"
mail. Mi. Vroom may he placed mi
the "Crow" nui pel mam lit!) in th
near fill Uie.
U.u Moore, nf flu- (', p, p. l.ui.l
department, Winnipeg, arrived in
Cranhrook Tuesday and lefl tlml
afternoon for a tew davs Inspection nf
lln- lauds up the Knotcmi) valley as
far as Windermere, lie was accompanied < n Hi- trip by K. II.
Small, nf the Cosmopolitan hotel,
Tliere are many Inquiries fnr lauds
in this nelgliliorhiiod tin- pnst week.
Farming nf certain V"ds w'" '" •■"'''
In- made a great success, in ibis dis-
liicl, and lien there will be a lot of
fellows whn will realize how foolish
thoy have been not lo have secured
some of the land when ll was dirt
Frank Angers, well known through-
nut this entire district, has jusl relurneil frnm an extended visit to tin-
cast, bavin.; been gone mosl of the
pasl year, but will now remain in
Cranlirnok or this neighborhood. Air.
Angers is one of llu- best Frencfc
lalkers in lhe wesl, and wln-n on the
platform, can, by bis manner, hold
the attention nf a man wbo does not
understand a word of French for   an
liuin or two without any trouble.
.luini    S winner ton,     ol  KingHgattt,
ras iu town to-day-
Um, Ross, M I' i>, 0f Fernie, was
ti  -"wn ibis inoiiiiii^.
Mis. j. w. Bennett, 0f Marysville,
was chopping in Crnnbrook Tuesday,
Ahs. P. Lund and Miss Cousins, of
Wardner, were Cranbrook vi.sit-ois tv
Mis. Northey and daughter, ,,f
Wycline, were shopping iu Cruobrook
WANTED—A position to do house-
work. Address, Mrs. Cameron,
Herald olliee. 31-
"lh.- Bank of Commerce has now su
f-tatnhes wesi ut Port Arthur and Tti
■ asl nf th.it town.
Hen Puss was up fium Sirdar ves-
lerdaj on business connected wnh his
work at- that point.
an     i-. j. aie.u«wuii and Miss Ait
■■' "■,    "1    .UoJK',   Ht-lli   tut*.lb   ul     Lu,
- luiituooi. i.uiei yes tei ua).
Ui ii. ii. Aa .uiu- and chlldnn
i«-lui neu   Uus muiuiug Uum a   ...-.n
...il itul.u-.. aL  L^niiontoii.
. .ui.luw.i, avcuWiluui **i Hit-Can
..ii.iii  i.ain.  Ul  tuiuiiuue,   ia  .u      Lia
.. "jN.t. », uh ,m mjnteu eyu
A A. i a) loi, wan lus speut lln
mi nnii. i   un in.i taiiu in.u   uuicU,  -ii
J. iiaiiuu, ul Loiigdun, .\. ti., ffai
.u i.u mj  nu- m.si yi uu* vveet* loon
..!<; auci .sonic imuici liialli-is.
n.i.s 1 l-.li—rosiliou  as  ciigluci'l   b)
..ian ui yuais oi experience wuu uui-
.uiLat-j.     appi)  iu v.. ii., caic llur-
rareuts should not miss ihat)
clwiMuu a siiuc sale at iiiu u. Lo. t
..cm oaiuiuuj, hatch licit win
auwb uuu teiueuibei lhu uay.
l Inei iiaiuu tells lho llciald tbut
aucuiij guuu results aie louowiug Uie
ui^atntauuu ui llle ciiit't ui poiicg as
•ucidciuU at -Su-ibou a short time
inspector J. D, Q-lbbs made bis
lU'sl .isil Lo Uie Uianijiuoiv SCllOOli
.ins wees ami expressed hiuiseii as
a uii pteased wna thu result oi hu
.vu. lucintosh, who has been con
iiecie.1 whu uuuijer coui|iuiiies in tiie
.slates ami Cauasa, is now m ciuirgo
..I lhe olliee woik ior the king Luiu-
.icr Alills, Limiled,
i-.u-iy license Holder in Cranbrook
i.hj is \uiiiiB on stub license jv.ioitld
not lull io luu lhu iifcessaiy ailidaut
ivilh tne ciiy, cierk before the cud
of ihe lliolilh, il be tvuuis tu.\ute at
ilie next cit)   eleclion.
.Messrs. AlcKen/.ie and Uobinson,
Abo are operating a large saw mi.I
piuul ai Ked Doer, were in lowu a
uouple of days last week looking
aflei: ihen Interests here and eou-
icrring wiih AianaTgor Dulmage.
•I. II. Scott and wife arrived last
week irum Winnipeg and will once
mure reside in Craitbrook, much to
ihe doUghl nf tbelr man)' trlcnds.
Mr. Scotl Likes Hie place ut Chief
Despatcher UnUoil who was com-
pelled io chniigo uii account nf ill-
Tom Armstrong, the tinsmith, has
gone tu Staples mill at Wyelliic,
where In* has a contract to pui iu a
complete new blower system for the
iilauer plant. Mr. Staples is greatly improving this plant by Uie addition of new planers and olher iiiidchi-
ii.-ry ihat will be modest in every
i lias. Fyfe, day operator at the C.
i'. R, station, whu has been visiling
ill llle east for some weeks past, ie-
ttnii.d home Sundav and has again
assumed his duties. ' R. Rogue, who
has been tilling Air. Fyfe's position
during his absence, left fur Sirdar
Monday, where lie will be stationed in
J. A. Ferguson,, returned to Cran-
uiool- Monday after a mouth's ab-
ivei.ee iu ihe east, having visited Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto and Hallux.
While in the latter city he took iii
ihc Dominion exhibition which is be-
ing held tbere this year. Mr. Fer-
^usuii was much pleased with his irip,
uut was glad lo get back io the
mountains again.
WAYl/KD—A position as setter in a
saw mill. Have had several years
experience.     Best of references.     Ad-
A. A. Macnell, who has been principal uf ude Cram-rook schools ior the
Past two years has Lendercd his
resignation and will leave in a few
days Iur Seliiirk, Alan., where bo has
been tendered the position ot principal oi the high school iu that city.
Aa. Alaciicit has given good satisJac-
'ii iu Lraubiouk and has dono excellent woik, and his departure will
nc regretlod by bolh tin* pupils and
tlie people generally.
Kd. beagan, who bas charge of tlie
logging and tit* business for the
Clows Ncs't I'ass Lumber company
ul Marysville, was iu lowu Saturday
last. Air. Feagan slated thai it Was
the Inleirtloil ol ibe company to push
iheir legging and tie work iu liie
vicinity ot Alarysville to the fullest
extend the coming winter and that
heir operations would only be limited liy ihe supply of help. At tho pie-
sent lime tliey are badly taiidicappeo
n ibis respect, especially in the line
if suh-contracturs fur tie work. Tie
contractors out of work would do
well to communicate wllitt Air. Fea-
gaii. Addiess Drawer 2, Marysville,
li. C.
on the lath insi. tlte meat market
and grain .md feed business conduct*-
cd by Harris Bros, was formally
transferred io the Dominion Meat
company, whose purchase of the same
was nieni lunod in these columns
.sume wechs ag<». During the four
years that they have been in business
in Craubrook the Harris Bros, bave
bull up au enviable reputation as
business men and have dearly demon
straled what pluck and close attention to business will accomplish in
this district. Cuming heie poor men
and straugers tbey started business
ou a small scale aud by their integrity ami accommodating manners they
gradually increased their trade until
tlieir patronage and standing iu the
community was second to none and it
is Willi regret their many warm
friends and pal runs see them retire
frum Ibe business arena of Cranbiook
Mr. Jnbej. Harris will remain with
the new firm as manager until the
lirsi nf llu* year, but is undecided as
yet as to his future. Mr. John
Harris leaves* this week for the
Boundary country, where he will
probably locate if he finds a suilable
WANTED—A competent man to act
as caretaker of the Curling. Rink at
Cranbruok B. C. for thc season of
PJUli—7. Applications giving references and stating experience and salary expected to be made in writing
to A. C. Nelson Cianbrook II. C.
"Belle Oak"
Just the Stove you
Patmore Bros.
Agents McClarey's Famous Stoves
Tom llic.e) and lamil) weie U|l
Horn Poll llnl tin. nisi ui uw
I u
... L
J. s
waul tu in
be well lm
a ie
\   dollais
cad ili.i
it    iviiubc
i. .i
dh, .-.Ua),
i a
uOlUl'lC,    Wli
u    1.
I ll        l,|-
Ok,    .,..(■! lie
LUU   I:,   .
■* '^  H-l'l*! t
A   1
i a
s     should
1   n
iss   lhat
j  Sliuu  s.ue
U     V w. .-
LU   i
Uii   VV1II
a ana luuiL-uiuet
UlllllOi,   wu
j it.
s   ia
U   Mllli t
wuii iiiuuuiailsi
li.u.,...l     auU
'    W
L    SO.
main sume  nine  llle ^uesL ul  ilel  bull,
■I. i-. li. Allies,
.vu pusuis   .iiiiilid  tu have  theii
lames ull uw Uu.-is nsl Iul llle tit)
llCCllUII bhuUttl leiili m„vl Uial ll.e)
iiusL mane lue li.ces.sai) itictaiailuh'.
.einie   lie  Cit)   tlClh   iu    uie  oial  ik-
owei to iname theni tu vole ai Uie
icXi eiectiuii.
Reguiai  public     preaching sei vices
viu ue ileid in ilu- An-iiiotii.si cuuicli
next sundav, wnh Uev. J, r. i\cst-
maii in ciiarge. v.\ 111111^ suujcci.
■ 'Unat All the   uuilii is     becKing.
Ibis service follows in uttici an.i
last sitmiay s uiscourso un man. ai,
aie invited.
A. h. Uaits, Jr., and his sisters,
Airs. Kelsall and Aiiss Nellie Walls,
who have beeu eonlllied 1.1 int. Luguinj
hospital with severe atlachs ol t)-
|.b-nhl     have     lecoveieil   ami   relumed
10 lheir home ai Wattsburg. .Uiss
tlrace Uaiis, *Atiose liu- was despair*
d ol for several days, has larfen a
change tm     the betlei  and is    now
uiivaiescing  rapidly.
Harold .larvis is the star si.lnisi un
llie road lo-day. Wherever he g.tvs
lie ubarms Ins audience aud Ua* encores are numerous, lie is frequently
recalled iwu ur lhree times aiiei a
number, lie will appear in Wentworth Hail on Uetimsday evilting,
wctoiier alsi., accompanied by Uai-
lace lirahatii ihe icadci ami Impersonator, aii should Lear ihese talented
Waller Lalllg, the barber, desiring
10 lie up-ti>-daiL' in lhe loiisutial line,
has secured the services 01 Alls-.
I'.diih U, Pearson, a lady barbel ui
Chicago and Spokane, whu now has
charge ul lhe lirst chair. The youug
lad) took a llioi'uuj,h course in Chicago, aud alter working iu seveial
01 the leading slops ol lhat cit) accepted an oiler to take a chair in one
ol Uiy besl shops 111 Spokane. She
is an accomplished artist in ber line
and leas the ability iu give eiiiiueni
.satisiaction to the patious ot Air.
Lang's shop.
The automubile purchased by Drs.
King and Ureen arrived in-day in
charge ot -Mr. Clodc, the expert, with
Dr. and Ahs. Ureen as passengers.
Tbe machine was brought, out irom
Spokane about seventy miles un a
llal car to a mill siding, where there
was a good mad on Uirough the
country to Rexford, Gateway and
Craubrook. Dr, Ureen said Lhat tho
trip was a must delightful one, ibe
weather most of lhe time ail that une
could have Wished foi, and lhe scenery impressive and pleasing. Several deer were seen on the way and
other game, hut Lae doctor bad no
desire io frighten ibe machine. Under
the skillful management uf Air. ciode
riding was made entirely Iree of
fear, and at -times they enjoyed some
exciting bursts ui speed, The irip
irom Hex old lo SiapUs mill was
made in one day, and thai is going
rilK   WELL     KNOWN    JKUKLKl.
W. II. Wilson, the jeweler, has made
another step forward In his business.
Some time auu liu contracted fur the
building formerly occupied by the
Canadian Bank of Commerce, and as
soon as the final arrangements ..id
completed Mi. Wilson will have the
front torn nut of ihe building and a
larce double plate ^las:. windows
with a central door pui in. This
building has a verv high coiling nn.l Is
well adapted in make one of tin- finest)
jewelry stores in lhe wesi. lu connection wiih ibe building is tin- large
brick vault used bv liie bank, which
will prove just llie thing for Alt. Wilson as the place In slore his stock in
safety, as ihc vault is absolutely lire
and burglar proof. Alt. Wilson'is to
be congratulated mi this move and on
the progressive spirit  lhat  prompted
illl.Ki:     is     SOME    TROUBLE
Wi.rk i.s not piogiessing uu tbo
basement and flrst siotey ui ihe uew
public building in a manner that Is
ilitilel) satistactoiy lo Alajui Rubers, representing ihe city, aud J. V,
Uuistiuug, representing the pruwu-
1 iai government. This contract is
i.tild by lhe firm' oi Ken a Campbell, and it is mui thai Mr. Aim-
strong has notified the Ilun Uui il
beltel ptogiess is noi made Un- city
and province will have to lake a baud
in iJle mattei. Tilts same lum lud a
.nd iu on the resl uf the building,
nut the contract was sevuied by 1'.
.1. Johnson, whose bid was iui
Mi,luu, not including Uw electric li^M
wmk, winch was jusl a trifle lowei
hau thai of Kerr tv. Campbell, li
is said ibat Kerr »v Campbell do nol
feel very good »>vet losing Hie balance
.ii the contract, and u is further al-
leged that they have intimated tlut
ilie council did" ihu in-.it them right.
Mr, Johnson can do nothing with lus
contract until ibe olhel fces Ikvh
completed, and lbe delay places htm
111 an awkward position, especially as
.uid weather will soon Ih- here, and
the difficulty of concrete woik is
vastly increased, It is to be gieiUy
regretted Ui.it tbe work i-n tie hui.il-
ing has been sn badly delayed, as it
will prove a greal disappointment to
ile peuple who so iiceiy votfd iba
bonds i-u  ibis improvement.
K. T. Marlon, the C. C. S. under-
taker, is showing his superior knowl-
edge id '.be business by the very neav
.t:',i up-U -date manner he ti airangin^
lhe n w paiiuis on Armstrong Ave.
Mr. Marion comes tu Cranbruoi. with
years of experience with the best
undertaking institutions in ttie stat«
ol Washington. He has mastered
every detail .d ihe business, and is
thoroughly competent to manage tins
liiamh of tbe business, whieh wih be
attended *.. and properly hamlled.
Next Sunday Oct. 28th
■•Wlml tin- World iB Seeking"
Come Early and Join in the Song
Service at 7.30
In the Wentworth Hall on
Wednesday Oct. 31st 'Oo
Mayor Rogers will endeavor to in-
t-eresl a number of tbe leading citizens wit Ji lbe city council, In take
ibe trip to Spokane on ibe first train
tbat leaves Sl. Paul, fnr a run over
tlw Soo, on the Crow tc the boundary line and tlu-n <.n the Corbin mad
In'Spokane. lt will be a great trip
and there is nn doubt Imt that
a large number will gn. The train
is expected in Cranbrook about the
end ot the month.
The Home und Firesiile
is ninn these cool nveiiintts,
Imt it's uot complete without some of
I'lioiiL- 111.      Chas. K. Bitk
P.S.—Agenl for Webb', tho.ol.lt. TIIE   CRANHROOK    OKRAl.tl
tM «• t-6- « ee- :-»*> j-tut j** :■*«■ j**<c-e-g-cc get.-,.
'Krom the Moyie Leader.)
..Ill-; (inKS TU ILLINOIS.
ST.  i-:i UKNE   is silli'l'lN.i   TO
Till-: STATES.
A special representative ot Joan
Mitchell, iiu-siilt-m ol ilu- United Mine
Workers hi America, is daily expectr
nl .a Ferule. It is unrlerstoud Uui
ibis special representative mil l>f
empowered lo llnnoiifclily init-sligaU-
thi- local situation mnl UUw such
steps .ii. In- niuy deem nt to bring *
settlement oi .ill mailers ot dispute.
Tin- siin-ii,-i. .,ii- holding ui.1 iieLU-t
iluu uus .i. lirst expected. At last
report. Mn- smelle. al Urand Forks
was cl ill runningi and the Hull nun.'!,
smelle) ul Nelson h. gell'lng iu» .sup-
mi I- uuui tin- oolllerios ai
The Trail smelter is closed
his action in g""'g it to the public
ius veiacit) is uui serious!) iillack-
The uiuuu Officials bave let- c^n
Liacts lot lhe supplying ol loyd du.-
.ng Uie StrUe, Man) uieu ale sliil
leaving the camps and u is not im-
I'IoLmuIi1   lhat    lout   oi    live   bundled
aave already gone.
The c. p. r. aie bringing in two
uiis uf cual pet da) loi coaiing put
poses. So ur ilit-iv has noi been
any serious shortage Foi domestic.
purposes, but bbere is no certain!) oi
-tk' supply keeping up.
Tbe lii ant)) smelter, winch helo'c
the    situc wa.-. securing (com three
lu tour bundled Uiits ni COKQ daily
irom lbe C N P Cool cumpany.
>viii not W forced to close down, as
Manage! I Unices has aiiaugi«J [oi a
supply oi coke fiom  Uie iniue-. u.   the
I'ass aud iiom eastern companies mui
ikicut io keep ihe smelt*, i ruuning
lull uiast. 'the m^b puce ol ooppei
enables Ibe compan) lu pa> the extra price loi euhe,   lbe COUOllIonu be
mg much moie favorable Uiau durlug
the last Keiuie stake.
temporarily, but ihc cumpany is using
over) eii.ii-.uni ii, sLcuie sufficient
cuke in mie them over. They will
ii-iaiii near!) all the uieu [or uiakiuj,
large improvements.       The refinery
will   be iiiii  lull   blast,  and wlUl     the
addition jusl completed, will produce
lead un a lalgei  scale tlnui e\cl.
The si. Eugene mine is running in
lull blast,  mu      is ilu-ie auy  indiea-
boing   aliened     by     the
lions m
11 ales
mi mi
id is li
The   lllgliei   £iadc   cuuceli-
are hem-; shipped to the    St.
Smelling A itellutng Vv.,   _t
i ilie, Illinois.   The lower Bra-do
ng to Trail
(From The Ulairmors Times.)
demand .a Uu
mt Kernie Thurs-
me international
lilook on  Ue.lU.s~
went 11
li  All
k innate to*
. ana wis. il.
Hugh Uct.ai
bom to Air.
1)   ihuii.ua>
c alleged murder-
c), neai t lesion,
lias lecelVi'i a sentence ol three yeai*.
imprisonment. He was tried Iol assault, and was given the maximum
penalty, Bruce i.s a shoemaker by
trade, and worked iur several Weeks
in ,viu)ie belore going bo Creston.
Ahs. Max Scbul/.e, ul Elgin, Ore.,
is lime on a vlsil with Air. aud Alts.
P. V, Johnston.
Alls. Uhitelk'ad and Airs. James
Whitehead were in Cranbruok ihe lirst
oi   the Week.
J allies t louiii, aftei spending a da)
ui   two   iii   Aloyie,      left on '1 iiuisda)
morning's train ioi Kossland.
Au enjoyable Thanksgiving dance
was given ii) W. .1. Williamson at the
J.ake Shore boarding bouse 'inuisday
.1. L. Murphy, relieving agent Ioi
thu C. P. K., uas gmic Ly Loieuiau.
lie wa.s here looking after the Aloyie
sLatii.u     during Air.    Aiiwood's   au-
A brick liie wall 'M ivei high and
it) leel in length is being buill Ih**
iween lhc boiler room aud the C0U1-
pressor loom at lbe St. Eugene.
Joseph T. Kciuglia, of Aloyie, and
Miss Ethel Alotilimi, a recent arrival
iiom England, wen- married Tuesday
morning in Nelson by the Hev. Jr. ll.
Uraham, pas lot ol St. Savior's
i huicli.     They left Nelson the follow
Coeur d'Alenes, where
ilicir home.
K. I). Stlnson and
md tu Aloyie last
Chlcagoi where they
l visit lor the patfi
bad a splendid Hip
uld    Iriends and  tela-
uig day
ihey will uiavt
Alt. and Alt,
children retui
Saturday fium
have been on
iiiunth. Tbey
and met many
Sam Wormington's bull dog had _
tight with a porcupine Thursday. The
hull dug succeeded iu killing the
"pork," bul iL then laid dowu and
died. It is thought Ibat some of Uie
quills entered the dog's brain through
iis mouth.
(From the Feruis Free Press )
The strike Is nuw at Uu- close ol
lis fourth week and lhc end is nil
in sight. During ibe past week the
situation has changed ver) llttlo,
anl notthlng ol an Important nature
has occurred Win. Dicken resigned
his position as president nf the local
union owing io tlie agitation ol Uw
radical wing against bis action in
showing up PrcsTdeiil Sherman in lhe
public press, hickcti's plea was tbat
lie bad been refused a bearing at the
propel   lime   and   place and had     to
bave tecourso in other means. W. 1)
Moore, leader of ihe Socialist parly
in the city, was elected   presilient in
bis place.
President Sherman has imt yet taken the public into lus confWence in
denying nr discussing the charges
made a^a-insl Inm by Dicken, and considerable disappointment has ln*en felt
by his friends lhat be should allow
the opportunity nf vindicating himself
to pass by. Another mailer which
is the cause nf much speculation on
tbe part nf the public, and no doubt
on tint part of lbe miners as well, is
lhe apparent apathy of President- Mitchell. Has he been fully acquainted
with all ibe tacts connected with the
strike and whal is be goinp to do
about it.'' are the ipiestinns frequently
asked. If Sherman lias been indiscreet in railing this strike, as the
public (generally believe, he. would
naturally want tn bide bis error from
bis chief in lhe vain hope that a
settlement might lie made before it
was discovered. In the meantime
Mr. Diclfen's slutement is receiving a
pood ileal of consideration, and
whatever may  he lhe opinion as    to
A unci bul very lulere.stilr-; event
took plaee iu lbe Kouuu I'alhollc
church on Tuesday uioiun..,, when
Air. John datum and Aliss Lola Ala)
Market 1, both oi Michel, weie united
iu marriage. Tte wedding was per
formed b) Hev. Father Aieissnei, assisted by Hev. Father Taveinicr.
Only a lew'Intimate iriends, including
Air. and Mrs. Klauer and All. ana
Mrs. Amneiy of this city, were present. The happy couple left un the
evening nam un a luncyiuoon tup
east, and upuu their return will reside al Michel. The groom is a
nephew ul Mr, Thomas Orauaii, proprietor of ihe Michel -hotel, and he is
assis-iam manage! ul ihal nue hostelry. The bride is a daughter uf Air.
M. Alatkell, ul Hamilton. Out., and
Iur a lime was slcuugrapher in the
Tritos-Wood company store. Both
are populat at .Michel, where they
have a host ol friends who will give
Uk'iu % hearty welcome upon ibe.r t
The marriage ul Air. VY. W. Lead'
and Atiss Jean Johnson was solemnized at St. John's Presbyterian
Church, Vancouver, nn Wednesday,
Oct. Fi, Hev. Mr. AlcOillvray ollicial-
,n^. The bride and gmotn are well
Known in Fernie, the latter having
i-aught school heie for a couple oi
years and the former being a valued
member of the engineering stall of tee
C N. P. Coal Co, Mr. Leach is
now on the geological stall of tbe
l>omiiiion government, where he
stands high as an authority on geology. Mr, and Alls. Leach vill reside at Ottawa.
s. A. Skead, of Calgary, the head
uf tbo firm who have taken over the
Hosmer mill, arrived in the city lo-
Judging by the manner the lots in
the new tuwu of Hosmer were snapped up last Saturday when the sale
ujH.*ued tlie public must have a goo*i
deal ul confidence in the future u.
ihal u.wu. Nhie thousand dollars
woi Lb was sold the first day and
since then the sales have run up yvei
ni Uvu thousand dollars, une man
nought a lot on Saturday and sold it
on Alonday at au advance of * 1 uu
Others have been ottered good margins ou Uicir cost prices but prefer in
bold ou. Tbe plau of the company
io put fete lots on al a low price to
•uaule others to speculate appears u>
be appreciated by the investors.
Most ot tha purchasers so far are
Fernie people, and this goes to sliow
nbai those who have the besl opportunity to judge the possibilities- of
the town bave plenty of confidence ui
il. P. Burns A Co- bought a sixty
foot corner and will erect at ance a
business block in which the post office will be located. »Mr. Fletcher, ui
Marysville, bought a lot ivr _ general
store*, Several other purchasers
propose building this year. A lumber
yard will likely be established there
at once. Jus. AteJIu is applying for
a wholes-ale liquor license and il successful bo will build at once. Tbe
The Paeilie Coal company are progressing favorably in their development work. The big tunnel is now
in nearly 100 feet and when the compressors are at work it will go much
faster. A lot of work has been done
in grading approaches, roods, etc.
Mr. Oeorge Dinsdale, of Coal Creek,
and Miss Alary Copping, were married on Tuesday evening. The bride
recently arrived from England.
A marriage license was granted
this week to John Bastk-n, of -Michel, and Mrs. Maggie (kirmai, of
E, VV. stees, a capitalist from Saskatchewan- passed Wirough Fernie yesterday in company with Air. McKenzie, of the Hobjnsnii-McKcn/ie Lumber company,.at Craubrook and Keel
Deer. Mr.'Stees, it is reported, is
negotiating for a large interest in the
Considerable dissatisfaction is felt
by many of the Fernie people over lhe,
apparent neglect tbat is shown by tlio
department of public works at Ottawa towards the Feinie governmenl
building. Tenders were called foi
some time ago, and Mr. Campbell's
tender, Uie only one received, was refused on the ground that it was LqO
high. It i.s claimed the tender was
about $j,o(M) above the department's
estimate, Since then tlie matter has
iM-m at a standstill. At an executive meeting of lite Fernie Libera] association hold last Friday a resolution was passed urf-ing W. A. Oallf-
her, M.P., to make ropresentfl'tfons to
tbe department to have new tenders-
advertised at once.
Government Agent MeMullin has received the appointment of stipendiary
magistrate for the Fcrnie district.
Mr. MeMullin for a time will retain
his position as chief of police for the
Dr. Corsan reports that he has
twenty cases of typhoid on his hands.
Asked as to the probable cause of the
outbreak the doctor replied that it
undoubtedly was owing to the unsanitary condition of tne town. Dr.
Corsan is of the opinion that there
will bo more fever unless something
is done. It is up to the city health
board to clean up the back lanes and
improve the present unsanitary conditions so as to reduce to a minimum
the danger ol a furtker epidemic.
k   A. llill, general uutager,    and
li E. Wil Ise, st-cii-iaty-tteasmei of
the Cauadiau Aineiicaiv Cual cnmpany, et Fiank, have resigned their
posllion  with that  company.
The people of l.luiiiuoic will sue
have a rink this yeai. A. A. Sparks
is contemplating putting iu a rink
70x1711 un the island, which will be
managed hy W. Hev in. D, V. Drain
is also figuring on putiiut; in a 'ink
50x100 on the eoiuei of sixth avenue
and state street.
The glove ci litest pulled oil tele in
the upeia house last night between
James Hmiows, ol Coleman, aud T
McCiinc,     Of Pel mn,    Alioh.,  was     a
inst-eiass null. Through it Burrows retains his title ul middleweight
champion nt the nuiihwe-.t, he pul
ting bis man     down and nut in     lhe
third ii.uiid.     Altei tin- preliminary
bout between Kid Foley and W. Ale
l.ellan, which was tut points aud de-
claiid a diaw, the two principals of
the main event entered the nni
Hoth men weie Hi gntM Condition ami
looked veij even I) matched, AlcCuuc
being the lallct ol tin- two, but the
local Sports kiuw llut Jim bant the
-..iiul as well as the Wallop and hack
ed him as against ibe favorite of lhe
Calgut y and Fciuie sports, VI, W.
Tut lie, of Feinie, who acted as
icfcicc,      made a speech to the   large
audience saying that the contest was
to he nil lhe square, that u< favorltr
i would be shown and ibat it Was
. Im- tniight undei Mainpiis ol Queens-
bury rules which allowed uf no striking in clinches. After the lirst mo-
men t uf tbe lirst round it was apparent thai Jim was lbe s-hiftiest of
the two, especially in lhe clinches and
although McCune drew lirst blood
Rurrows had bis man going. In the
second man Jim had decidedly the
best of it, sending bis man down for
the Count twice and while in clinches
severely punishing McCtue with body
blows, in the third and lasl round
McCune did his best, but he was all
ni, being sent down once and finally
knocked out completely by a Jol
undei  ihc chin.
ttt  Irhi ll.iitn-s mine,  wilh lhe op
Haiti, n engine to haul the coal
l,eihhiuh;e.       They  also   have a
Mi nt   the  Itiissel  mine at   the   Pot
Messrs.   Lclhngwell and Egan bave
takiu up theii   residence at Warner,
Thev will conduct a real eslate and
livery. Alt. I.elhnovell bas Imiii six
years sheritl ol Benton County, Minnesota, and his time does not expire
until the end nf the year. Air. Egan
has been county auditor. Hoth
giiiiiemen ate brimful ol energy and
Warner will be kept booming as long
as Ihey have anything to do witb it.
(From The Frank Paper.)
,. t. n. Ooddard, nf Blalrii
has   i el ut innl
to her old hut
Saturday wi
Canadian Ame
(From the Outcrop.)
The returns from tlio hist carload
uf ote shipped to the Trail smelter
Irom the I.lack Diamond mine, situated on Toby creek, bave been received
and- proved quite as satisfactory as
was expected. Tie smelter returns
show that the carload netted over
tla'700.00, ut about JT5 u> the ton,
lhat Is, $75 per ton after deducting
the freight and treatment charges.
Frnm tlie many assays previously obtained it was expected the ore wnuld
run higher iu lead and less iu silvei
than it did, yel the total values of
the two metals proved equal lo tl'e
lotal values obtained from the assays. The returns from another carload shipped a few weeks ago have
not yet been received, and it is not
li-kely llial tliu* third shipment fur this*
season, nuw al the Wilmer landing,
will Im- got to Golden this fall.
A man, who las just returned from
Vancouver, states that seeing a sign
In the window oi au employment
agency in   that    city us - SUII
railroad graders to work a-il winter,
liis cutinsity led him to apply, aim lit*j
learned I llat the graders were wonted'
lo work at Golden for i'i per day,
boaid $-1.50 per week and railway fare
paid bolh ways, provided he would
work all winter. Thus il appears
quite certain tliat construction work
on bhe Kooteuay Central railroad
will be continued throughout the winter.
During bis recent trip up Uie vallev
Mr. II. C. Pollm, president uf the
K. c. H. Co., called at The Outcrop
otlice and spent an hour explaining hm
position and eonnecl-ion with tte Kootenay Central. The interview was a
lengthy and important one and we
very much regret Uai it has been impossible lo gel it Into type, owing lu
the accident which befell us a couple
of days afler. Nevertheless, it will
appear in these columns as soon as il
is possible to put it in type.
The steamer Ptarmigan left Wilmer
.Monday on her lasl trip for the season, but ii is intended to make one
or two trips mote up the river as far
as Pirlamls. She took down all the
ore at the landing, save about a half
a car of Black Diamond ore. Tbe
water in lie Culumhia has remained
higher than was expected, and navigation is still very good below Fir-
lands. Capt. Ariiisiiong stated tbat
when the steamer last lelt Golden
ihe freight that had arrived there
up river pnints was taken. The
Ptarmigan has bad a very successful
season's run, yei il is very evident
that the freight teams will have
steady work from now on.
Last week The Outcrop secured tf.io
services of a printer, but he proved an
ohl friend of Joo Seagram's aud Jim
Lambert's and the latter seemed
think be had moro use for the printer
than we had ami look bim oil lo hi
ranch. Well, Tte Outcrop is up
against bard luck, but we will uol
forget/ our kind {'.*>) friends when our
printer arrives from lie east.
A.s last     week   we were tinabt
print our full edition, we may     explain  lo  those     wlm did not  receive
The Outcrop, Uai the proprietor fell
from ihe hurricane deck of a cayui
ami dislocated his right shoulder.
in an extended
in England,
pay day   with
iu '   and   West   ('ana
nes companies, and a largo
listiilmle.i  among   Uie    clues ul the iwu companies^
-   Clark, ihe colored man    who
st-iili need   to   two   yeals   in       the
penitentiary ahuul a yeai a^o ou  a
irge ut  having caused   the death ol
met   piupliet.il   Steele ul   the Cnh-
u hotel, has beeu released nu parole
h)     older      ul   lhe guvciiu'i   gillcial.
Clark hit the (Ingci ol Steele during a
light iu ibe Coleman hotel. Steele
died some weeks later, and Clarks
was held responsible foi Us death
Much sympathy was expressed lot
Clark, owing to Sleele having been
the aggressor, and cttortB lo secure
his release have been under way ioi
some lime.
Walter Gardner was iu from the
North Fnrk lhc last ,.[ ihe week. Mr.
Gardner is in charge ui ibe prospecting wort heiiif, dune iu the Not tli
Fork country hy the St. Paul-Minneapolis syndicate, headed by K. ti
Lynch, which has acquired huge holdings of coal lands in lhat section.
Air. Gardner stales Uuu Messrs,
Lynch, Koiinstou, and Robertson,
whn visited Ute piopi-n-v the wi-ek before last, were greally Impressed
with it and that lbe company to be
formed by them vvill figure conspicuously iu the coal mining affairs of
tbis part ol Alberta iu the near future.
William Sommerton is building a
new business bulldmg >.n Dominion
avenue, on his lul adjoining ltris-
laiu's barber shop. It is to be occupied by li. Sommerton as a jewel-
ery store.
Several slicks ,,t dynamite were
found mulct Uw Lille hotel Tuesdgy,
supposed in have been put there lor
the purpose of blowing up the house.
The  report   is      llial   the  puwder     is
supposed io have been put there by
Italians whu felt grieved because the
management declined to permit    the
celebration ball to be held iu lhe diu-
.n-;-iooin uf the hotel.
Capt. V. A. llill. general manager
of the Canadian-American Cual and
Coke company, has sent iu his resi^,-
nalinti, which goes inlu effect at once,
tleo. E. Wiltse, secretary-treasurer nf
ibe company for the past four years,
has resigned also. Mr. Wiltse will
remain al his pust until lbe end nl
lbe monlh.
H. 11. Bum drove Mr. Fnntaine iu
from Gilllnghaiu Saturday moiiitngt
en mute lo the Frank hospital,
where be will Iw operated ou.
lh.- instruments fur the Coleman
band arrived during the week, fifteen
in numlier. These, with the insttu-
ments owned by individuals, will
make up a Ifud of ahout twenty-two
pouces. The band meinliers met
Tuesday evening tu chose a leader
aud hold Uie lirst practice. Moat ol
the members are old players and ibu
band will be able to appear in public
iu a short time.
F. 11. Lauderotile, father of Chas.
LaudoroutQ of the Coleman hotel,
Coleman, is in town from Dawson
Ciiy on a visit to liis sou. Air.
Laudeioute just came irom DaWson,
where be has extensive interests. lie
states that olio season has been a
feoud one in lhe Yukon and that conditions in ibat territory aie very
The Hev. H. A. Robinson departed
lasl evening for his new charge
Lacombe. A farewell meetiug t
held at St. Alban's church, Coleman,
Tuesday evening, at which the congregation lestiiied to the esleem ii
which Alt. Robinson is held hy pre
srfiiliiig' him with a well lilled purse.
Chicago, Oct. 'ii.—Does a married
man know how tn kiss better than a
single man'' Can you tell a married
man hy lhe way he kisses?
These Iwn questions were answered
hv Airs. Karhyn Docile, tbe pretty di
vi*ar nld widow whn is suing Frank
K. Dooi Ing, a Springfield politician,
for $xnn which she claims she lent
bim. and kisses which she confesses
blushiiigly site gave bim on I right.
"Few single men knnvv how to
kiss," declared ibe prelty widow,
"i shnuld have known Mr. Pooling
was mai lied by lbe way be kissed
nu*.    Married men know how to kiss
bel lei   than single men.     Their kissi*s
are longer and mere heartfelt."
This little disipiisitioti eame nt the
end ol a session in Jusl ice Steven's
court, where she told ber stmv of
the JSilll aiid kisses.
Mis     ll.elle   is   t.be  widow  of  .lullll
Dnrile. formerly n controlling fnctor
in lln* Illinois Mnnng .V Milling emu
puny, she mot Dooi Inn nn a train
going tn st. Louis last April, Ho
siruci. up an acquaintance, and Mis
Dnelle deelaies bim  to pnssess a must
fascinating   personality.      \ I though,
h- savs. she lent him $siHi at dif
leicnl   times,   and   Uw   gay   politician
is now     under     Indictment   on   the
The consequence is that tbey verv
thoroughly strip the wine frum ail
the districts ihey overrun. Pot several mouths past ibe passes through
Un- Rockies leading ttom Alberta oi.o
Noi theusl Kootenay have been patrolled    by deputy     game wardens,
WhoSO Instructions were In keep the
Stone) Indians mil ot British Columbia. Lately, however, tlh- watch
kept on the most northerly passes
was relaxed, ami il is supposed the
Indians have taken advantage of Uns
fact to enter.     Came (<u itn- eastern
slope of the Ruckles ia scaice, and
the Indians have nn this account   luvn
forced io turn their attention to Uw
bum mg grounds of this province.
* m female
Die     lull ,
aid all  Hie
' i
n Sal
iiii oa.ir.lv,
II,'   iv
mill it 1,
ItllllV   III
fit Nit'
haik In
Mil ill
. Il.ii-Mi'. in
-.1 nil mr ii
1 in
i.i my   ilu
<  mil
iiin-tl ilti'in
i- lissi-i
1 mi-
said lif h.i
lit- lunl. mi' In a inti- lm dinner, llr
tuul, ini' l.i see 'Thr- Collage Widow.'
Hi- liollfflll iin- i-.tndy ami ice t'rr-ani.
Hi* said I had a lovely disposition.
lh' pi'iti'd nn' when I was homesick,
llr borrowed" money ol inr.
"After th> ir^it my iiiimt'i- In- did
nut seem so fuml. aiid I was afraid
In- innil 1 forget nn'. sn I sent my
lirntlu.r-li.-taw, William I.lnvhcrlcllcr,
in S|irinirlii'ld. In lint! m.l whero lie
was. Tli.-ti I discovered tliat Dool-
Inj; had heen married al] lhe time ami
had liit-ii nnyirrg my money to another
"Sll   NiHV
.iiul I wish
I want ilu-    money back
I hadn't Id liim havo llu
IlKI'llliTKI. Tll  UK Sl.tnillTKH-
in. ii
.-ai i
nl    i
■i |i.
i lii-ir
■.ninl iiiiiiin
Inei' iiii' in., il.n-
ml   win,  i'.  a   I	
I... I.l.i    iiilliili
in. a Hull
id li yeai
-. a ml l.t\
mil Ii.i-; i.
ilu- iniinii
nl .lanital
Mil..Ml  I
I    ll
•I'- -ll
nl   Hi tnllit
( as  lii-ran
 ". ..im
■i it ,iiii,i-i
■ I an-    ii-
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors,
J. T. LA11.I.AW. II   E.
L. S.
is now located in its comlort
able and attractive new quar
tcrs in the Manitoba lintel.
This institution is just up to-
+ date and is niiidernly equipped
to do lust thr best work in all
branches ol thc tonsorial art.
1 \l c
, III'.
is heielii  Riven  thn
Aecnrdiih,'  tn
Stniii-y  Indians
cn throup-h the
are at present
east   Knntenav
slaughter,     i'ln
the coast papers the
nf Alberta have brok-
moiiutains again and
racing through Norbh-
.u a carnival of game
vinii received woid of
(From Un- Ulhbrldgfl Herald.)
a terrible accident happened noi
Cards ton last week. A farmer di
covered a ho ise lying dead on tile
prairie. Going over to it, the body
ot ,i young man was found beneath it.
His 'horse bad stumbled and broken
its neck in railing, it covered the
young man wlw proved to be Forest
Lyman, a sixteen year old boy, and
be was unable in extricate himself
though the marks uu the ground indicate that be made a terrible
struggle lo pull himself from under
Kie horse, The aecldenl is believed
to have occurred a week a^o Inst
Sunday, hut Uu- lifeless body was not
found 'until Tuesday, Tbe Olh.
News reached the eity this week of
the death of Ed, Oallivan, who
cenlly left here, with his wife and
eh Id, for bis old home in Kiiifiston,
Ont. Mr. Oallivan had not been ir
good health fur Some time. He was
well known here and was at times
employed in ihe customs and V. P. It,
freight ollices. He was a brother of
Dr. M. Oallivan.
Mrs. \V. a. Hamilton returned from
her visit to Saskatchewan on Saturday morninp last.
J. W. McKeafl and Mr. Ules bach,
of Tahei, holh practical miners, have
be raid Mr. Williams, the provincial
game warden, has left Vancouver for
Wilmer.    Krom ihere be will proceed
in pursuit of the Indians, in an effori
hive ibem   nut nf tbe country,
hast  year these Indians crossed     the
Rockies and o nducted a number    ot
huge £,iine drives before the authoii-
es were aware nf their presence and
itild  take steps to     drive litem out.
With  these      Indians  the hunl  is for
fond, and everything in Uu* twme line
meat for the winter in their eyes.
half thai
I went v i
half ehai
twenty i
at a post planted
.rtb of the noiih
1.. McVillie's tim
-, tlunce fifty-three and .
-: wesi. one hundred and
ains north, liftv-ihree and a
i cast, an.l one hum!ml aud
ains south lo the point of
(■'.) Commencing .
corner of mv No. 1 t
dale, Ihenee north
cast one mile. Ihriu
tht nee wesl one mil
■I   the
tc the
pnint of
corner of  lol
west   Su    tb.ij
cha ns,   thenee
n.illll SO chaii
Hated this
W. V. (lunl,
:!   al   the   soulh-easl
1, group one, tlience
Ihence    south    su
■•I  nu rliains,  thence
o ibe point of colli-
■inliii Hanbury.
i   U iy nf   October,
licitnr, Cranbrook,
toootitiiiiitiiattttt ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
%y ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦< •>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Ottawa, Oct. III.—To lie consistent,
it is thought here that Premier McBride will rclitse all increased .subsidies voted Uriliiih Columbia. This
means tliat lhe 11115,11011 spccillu subsidy and Mini,mill Ior len years, cr
what waa a bettor oltci', ol as good
as .vi.si'i,ii"" in perpetuity, which was
made liy the Uomiulon ministers, but
which McBride retused iu return to
conlercnce tu negotiate, will be declined.
Tiie specific subsidies will new
stand as lollows:
Province of Ontario, $3-10,000, Increase {100,000,
Oin-bcr, IS 10,0110, increase $160,000,
Nova Scotia, $lii0,000, increase
Now Brunswick, $180,000, Increase
Manitoba, $180,000, Increase $180,-
British Columbia, (l.lli.oilli, Increase $115,000.
Prince Miianl Island, $III0,IIII0, increase $70,(11111.
Per eapila  ta* subsidies
(new subsidies):
Ontario, $1,740,857
.'Ill-bee, $1,810,118,
. be
inireitsc $1121,-
increasc lllill,-
$307,850, increase $17,
$3111,8011,  increase
increase $81,-
Nt.iii Scotia
New- Brunswick,
Manitoba,    $2ii.i,'.i57
lliiiish Columbia, $141,025, increase
9Ul, Jttl.
P. E. 1., $82,1107, increase $4,055.
Total  increase, $1,258,8:15.
The presenl (I!I(I2| subsidies arc:
Ontario, $1,110,872.
Quebec, $8811,252.
Nova Scotia, $3211,000.
New Brunswick, $257,1110.
Manitoba, $123,004.
British Columbia, $78,538.
Prince Kdward Island, $87,202.
Thus tliere i.s an increase for
old     provinces of $1,107,0(18 on
capita    subsidies   and nf $005,0011 tm
specific, a total    increase ot $2,1111 -
, J" lhis wiM havr tn l» a<1<|erl $100-
000 special grant Ior British Columbia
and also tlve increase for the twit
new- provinces, which will ho $130,000
each, nr $200,000, making a trnnd
tolal ,,f    $2,371,008, which will havo
tion ol buying.' Tbey ' are" going'to I'oZ paid XTSom, pTovtoce^
20.000 ACRES
ot the very pick of the uelecletl hiiititi in lhe beautiful Koolenay
Valley, Kant Kootenny, B. 0., extending from Canal Flat tu
Klko, are offered fur sale ut from $;i to $10 per acre.
The Kootenay Valley ia of Unsurpassed Fertility
Matchless Climate and tha Most Picturesque Situation West of tha Rocky Mountains.
The lands present every feature of usefulness, Including tim*
bored benches, brushy HatH, marsh, prairie ami meadow. The
brushy HatH, iiiiusIi ami meadow lands consist of deep, black
loam; the bench land being a samly loam, splendidly adapted
fur fruit culture. Where irrigation may be necessary on the
benches, water can be had from tbe mountain creeks flowing from
the Rockies into the Kootenav river. The land-' are fully surveyed anil some of the lotB have been nub-divided Into fenced
farms of uiuuu 80 acres each.
The purchase price will Include the timlier, wliich enn bo Bold
by tbe purchaser without, any liability tn government or other
royalty. The timlier will in many eases more than realize the purchase price, andwilllnallaasesmaterially recoup the nmount invested. Logs ean lie driven otithe Kootenay river, which touches every lot save one. The main wagon road through the valley
passes over or clone to each lot, ami the proposed Kootenay Central railway will parallel the wagon road. The 0, 1'. II. is quite
convenient to the lands.
Kor further particulars apply to
Or to Joseph Ryan  Cranbrook, B. C.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
B. C. Livery and Feed Stables j
Blacksmiths, Woodworkers and Bicycle.Repairers
M:Liujfhlin Cirria *es ani Dieting- Implements ior Sale
Shop Phone 50 P. O. Box 144
Barn Phone°0
H-11 III I l-l 111 HI 11 |,iH,|.|.M-.H-l-l-I-M-t-H-M-H-I-;-l-
Try a   Case ol
Two  Dozen   Pints   $1.50
Equal to Guinness'   Tlie finest leverage   on the nmiki-
for family aud table us-;.   Imports vigor nud
health, and lones up the body generally
Brewer, Cranbrook  B, C
■i-H-Hnt-MI ||.| 11111 IIMI fffffffl
Drink HomeBee r
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
When You
Come to the Metropolis tay a t the
Palace Hotel
Stephens & Kockendort
Opposite C. P. R.
$1.00   PER   DAY
Calgary, Alta.
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory
All kinds nf linisli work in
way of tlours, windows, transoms, et.-. Kiln dried lumber
for inside work. Our work is
guaranteed nml »>ur prioi's nru
satisfactory,    Seroun   doors
Rough and Dressed Lumber
For Sale
it please you to have the
photographs of your relatives
and friends, possibly some you
have uot seen in years?
Now, what about your.s7
We know yon have not
thuii'-Jit much about it and
your attention to a duty ymi
iin- neglecting.     Como up   unit
see ouh Styles, ami act
iii good time tm Christmas.
in in 1
1 ..in i
PJ l>"  yoll   wiinl   ;i   In
ja Crnnbrook properly
l'i m-II  mv  linsiiiiisB lions.) uml
P lut opposite C, I'. II. ,l,.,,„i
pi tilicau, I'liysgnod rent,  Tin,
Kj investment,   AiIiIivbb
Gum Lee, Cranbrouk, 11. C. |
1 Or J, A. Harvoy 18-121
For particulars call op 'phone   No.
118 between the hours ot 9 a.m. and 6
p.m., or   'phone    No. (id afler olli.-a
hours.       All    orders   will   receive
prompt attention,
m t**tj, /"'HALK dust is fine and
*l '•    V*\ ***    white, but it won't
^\   R.  U   \ make good bread.    Fine,
y'Y   Je" / white flour i.s all right as
fig        !
i \    cernei
•Vai uOUS
for ns it goes, but it it
links nutrition its other
.I u.i I i tics a iinniii t tu in ttli ing
is  lar  as  baking  is am
is not only the finest and
purest of Hours but also
lhe most nutritious, li is
milled bv a process v. hich
gives \.ni all ol the nuiii-
liinis properties ol the
» ln-.it in tbe best form Inr
your u I-. Vmi .'an get it
Ii nm ymir grocer.
OjjIIvie Flour Ulills Co., Lid.
"Ogilvie's ll'mk for n Cook," eon.
tiiiiii i-,n ,....mm nl" excellent recipes,
t ever liul'lislietl liefore.   Vmir
Hi iter can leli you liowtoget i.l-'klili.
Hotel s <&
Quests Comfort a Specialty
'mud Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railroad ninl ttopot.     Has aceommoilti-
tioiiH for thi* public un squalled  lu Cranbrook.
Hot and Cold Baths
Hoy-garth & Rollins
RobinsoiiiVlcKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kin Ks Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
* *************************
Manitoba Hotel
Headquarters for
The Manitoba In centrally local.'.] ni il Ims one ol Hie I titiningmomi
In the eity.   Thebni Is supplied nitli the beat of Lk|..orsand Cigars
*ie*ieX9999Y99V. 99 V**?**********
■M-H-M-H-H I I I I I I I -I I I I I I I I I -I I l-l-l I I Hffl-l-l+H-t
The Cosmopolitan *;
i- « SJUU.
The place where a
man will return after
stopping once.
.H-+i'.r-M-l-.| l-l-H tl-t l-l-l-l 1 M I-I-M-IH-I-I-.I |..|..|-|..|..n-l-.|-|.+
4-|i|.|'i|i i ■! ji i .| 1.1 i m i i !■ i !■ 11.41 .i.i i i-i 1.1 .| i|..|ii|i.|.).|.i..|i,|.i.|i.|i
ilu- tJastiK'j    Barracks,  Portsmouth,
IS   III   III. ..111.
John    dames,   BiXty-tWo   years old,
.i coal   merchant, ul Swansea,    was
lound   drowned in a cask lull lull ol
The mustard beetle has attacked the
niustaid crops .1! Sunk island, un lhe
Iluinber, Serious results Aie appro*
Ninety foreigners received British
naturalization papers last month,
ihlrt) His being ftussians and twenty-
lliiiij Germans.
A t-.iiis.s snake - leet : inches ions
has been billed in Sacouibc Park,
ll, nt,mi dilre. The Bpecies 1, prat>
in .iiii, unknown In thu country.
II,.nn- grown tobacco, a now item in
the inland Revenue return Issued last
week,   1 1 lout    yeai £730 in duty.
Crewe bas a surplus ol about iM,
nut  tin- electric light undertaking,
and the nuance committee havo    de-
ciditl 10 invest £3,000 ot it in some
sai.- security.
Tho Harp hotel, Hover, one ol   Uw
[.Ideal coai luui; houses iu Kent, after
being closed sume months, is now being converted Into a public eleraen*
tary school,
"Did yot. see ilelendanl use any
threats?" a witness was asked at
Brent (oni police court. "No, sir; the
buo 1 was on Uu- other hand," was
lhe reply.
While a wake was being held in a
house in     Pocock    street,  Liverpool,
the place was found lu he on lire. The
collin with the body was got out just
in time.
Twonty-threo gypsies, with seven
bears aiid a number ol monkeys, who
arrived ni Palais and wished io cross
tu England, were refused undei- the
Aliens Act.
Rev. Prebendary Hutchinson, vicar
of Blurt on, Norlli Staffordshire lhc
oldest clergyman in active work in
England, has ust celebrated his
iilnoty-slxlh birthday.
A Chatham youth named luce, who
committed suicide by hanging himself,
left a note to tis molher staling that
it was "all uver a dug lip"," bis dog
having It,lied another tlog,
Six of twelve jurymen at a London
court recently could nut sign their
names to th,1 verdict ihey bad return*
ed. Asked by the coroner as to
iheir nai.ii u.ilitv, they replied Bus*
sinn Poles.
Tliere being tt,lllll) motor cars in
ibe London district  wilb the   letter
"A" .mil U.BIH) wiih the letters* "L
V." a regulation has been issued to
begin a new sein-s uf numbers witb
Ll-e letters "I.. N."
In I.mibut 2.31!) births and 1,5811
deaths were registered last week. The
births wen- DM below ami the deaths
jus ,ilmw Uu- average numbers iu the
ror respond ing weeks of the previous
four years. Tbe annual death rate
irom all'causes, whuh bad been 18.3,
1: i. .11.,I 20 'J pel 1,000 iu the preceding three weeks, fell List week lu
A haskel <■[ second-crop g.xisebor-
rles picked in Mid-Sussex, was a
lorlnighl ago received by a West End
finiMe! Tbe iimi   was of     good
si.-.- and flavor, .md was ui tie Earl)
Raffled inr at Twickenham Inr the
itcneii: .-i a local hospital, a but with
which Or. W. G. draco scored over
l.ioii runs and which was inscribed
wiili the nnmes of seventy leading
cricketers, realized £14 Ss.
A North Nml. Ik volei sleeps with
!;is bead in une parish and bis feet in
another. He has got ibe vote allowed ioi the district m which bis bead
lies, ihoiigh ihc barrister remarked
Ui.ii In- mlglil turn bis head round.
It w.t
1 hv Sir .1. ll. Kills at
i.f ihc Mun.np.it Tram-
in at Leeds that lie
ele un  the I'Ve uf great
inncctton with employ-
A romantic carcei hns heen closed
In ib,- death uf Mr. Gdwnixl Amuil,
one ui the largesl colliery owners in
South Wales Ai nne lime he was H
humble miner, hul bv energy, rare
husiness ability, mul slrewtl specula-
iinn he became une nl lho richest men
ui the principality     Somo years ago
!lC pinch.ised [nr £10,000 Troy house
ami estate, the aiici-slf.il home ul the
Beauforl  family.
Tbe corporation ui Tunbrldj*o Wells
has taken extraordinary precautions
in ensure Uu- safety uf tlie Nelson
relic wh cb was bought for £1,000 hy
CouncIHi 1 ll M. Wn,,11,111 and pro
sYnit<d in the town. Thi- document,
which contains Instructions iu Nelson's handwriting fm the comhiob of
the b.iiiie ,,f Trnfnlgar, will be framed .mil placed in a heavy sleel safe
It 1 inlu a concrete wall Tbe room
in wilier visitors will view the relic
gas been provided with heavy iron
bars across Uu- window.
Tho weil-preserved remains <>f »
largo Roman villa were recently unearthed iit the site of the ancient
Roman selllooicnt at Cnerwent, on
the estate i.f Viscotinl Tredegar, wbo
was present. Unlike the Roman villa
residences at Sllchcster, litis great
bouse bad rooms abut ling on thr four
sides of the courtyard. Two quite
perfect bypocausts. or heating devices, were found in the basement in
une of whieh some exquisite Roman
pavement and lb.1 blue tile for conducting lhe heal In tbe upper parts of
lbe house were discovered.
Mr. R. Trumbull, of the. Edinburgh
Walton club, witb a caleh of six
trout weighing 5 pounds l\ 07... won
the Lnclueven angling championship,
A gang of men tinder llie superintendence nf Mr. Myres, R.I.B.A.
Edinburgh, have been engaged pre
serving Ue stones of Bioadar, Ork
John T. V. Cray) thirteen years ot
age. son ol a shoe maker, 13 Nntth-
II* M Place, AlK'iJeeli, was accidental-
l> hanged while at play huuselt n
tu.s father's bouse.
(iiasgow ma«le a batidsoine start
wtib its response to ihc appeal 1. 1 ,
the sufferers from the earluquokes ur
Hull. The pielimuial} list ul sub- ■
scriptions lau io over i-I.MHi.
Alter a lung lllRCSS, Alt. Oeo. 1
JobnsUme, hus died. For nearly
twenty vears he Was a meittbcl ut Lhe
lown council, ami iui two l*-im> he
acted as Provost.
Lord Dun lonald, In a lettei to the
secretary ol ite Dundee Highland •«>-
ciety,   says the necessity a    getting
the people  back   to   lh-  land  should he
pari ol ihe creed uf all wh.. have
Highland blood in theii Veins,
The new East Bay esplanade al
Dunoon wa.s formally o|iened bv .Mt.
Thomas Shaw, Lord Advocate.     The
esplanade  is   |iail  ol  a  scheme ,,t   i in
provements which ate estimated     in
cosl   Uie  hill gli   V'OO.IHin
Among tin- points of Interest In the
report ot l'i   Wrigni Thomson on the
eyesight ot tbe children in Uw* Ulas-
gOW   schools is a ni()liimeiid,li|..n   Hull
sewing should bv absolute!) prohibit
ed in Uu- Infant departments.
Practically .ill the Industries upon
which the people ol Lewis depend
have tailed them this year, and   the
outlook for tlte winter is black.
Numbers ol the men have, however,
been engaged t-o assist m the con*
struct u.u oi tin' transcontinental
railway fn Canada.
Major Matheson, proprietor of ibe
Lews, is to preside at the annual
gathering 61 tho Glasgow Lews and
Harris association, tu be held iu the
ciiy hall, (iiasgow, on the Mh Nm
ember. The StOMOWay Gaelic choi
(ladies) will assist in the musical
The death is reported ot Mr. John
A. Simpson, cement and coal mer
chant, one uf Greenock's best known
citizens. The deceased was priuei
pally noticed tor thf keen interest be
displayed in volunteer matters, and
for the prominent part lie took in
local political afiairs. He wa
ardent. Liberal and une of lhe most
strenuous workers for the party. M
Simpson whi; was only 50 years of
age, took a chill while on nu aiitiunti
holiday sail.
There was a large attendance ot
tit-legates at t-he 21st annual meelin.
of lbe Bums Federal ion, at Kilmarnock. Mr. David Murray, rector of
Kilmarnock academy, presided. The
question of the "Aultl Brig" of Ayr
was under discussion, and on the
motion of Mr. Jeffrey Hunter, Glasgow, it was agreed that the Federation recommend all Hums clubs and
Scottish societies throughout Uu
world tn support a scheme for it,1
preservation, first by promoting dis
trie! concerts; second, by issuing subscription sheets; third, by appeals at
anniversary meetings; and fourth, bv
making as' large as possible a donation frum the club funds whore these
are available.
(hi the eslate of the Rev. Dr. Mont-
ray, Auglmaeloy, the tenants have
agreed to purchase their holdings at
-ix shillings in the pound on lirsi
term, and foui shillings on second
term rents.
While bathing in Ute River Fovle, a
boy of abuut thirteen, named Haunt*
gan, belonging to Deny, was drowned. A companion, whn was in the
water wiih hun at the time, uar-
lowly escaped a similar fate.
The new curate of Armagh. t,re Rev,
Hubert Walter Scott Malthv, B.A., is
closely connected with uld Protestant
families in tho south, ilis uncle.
Sir Join Harley Scott, .1.1'., uf
Ktiockrea House, Cork, has heen recognized as one of the leading churchmen and strongest loyalists iu Cork
inr many years past.
The Lord Chancellor, has, on the
recommendation of Sir H. Hcrvey
Bruce, D.L., appointed Mr. Thomas
Graham, R.D.C. foi^Maghera, to the
commission of Hie peace for the Alag-
bera divisi;n, County Kerry. Mr
Graham is a well-known .gentleman in
the district, and is chairman of the
Magberafelt  Hoard of Guardians.
The otits-tan-ding feature uf the great
burse show in Dublin was the remarkable increase in tbe number of
buyers for Continental governments,
who were active at lhe show, purchasing most of the good young
mares, and thereby cutting awav one
f ibe principal sources nf supply on
wlieh the war olllce relies for remounts.
Mr. Bryce, chief secretary for Ireland, pursuing bis tour of' lbe congested districts of Ireland, travelled
irom Falcarragb to Burton Port,
County Donegal, where he received a
lepuiation urging government assistance for the construct ion ot piers
and lhe initiation of feianite quarrying
and oilier industries. Mr. Bryce expressed himsell highly interested in
tie granite industry, "and promised to
call altention to thu existence ol
granite in Donegal.
''Things are not always what they
seem." Among the subjecls of rent convictions for food adulteration
were: Milk containing til grains of
boiacie add at Wil leaden; butter containing «.r) per cent, ot foreign lal at
Willesileii, milk lacking RO per cent, of
fat at Greenwich, and coffee containing 40 per eenl. of chicory al Greenwich.
At Un- annual harvest home riven by
Mr*. Alfred Simon ou bis Berkshire estate, near Newbury, recently, to bis
employees and some personal friends,
each guest was presented wilh a
pound of tea in ornamental canister,
a silver-mounted pipe, a two-ounce
tin of tobacco and a case nf cigarettes. Half-crowns weie given to
llose who produced the cluireltwar
dens' pipes they had preserved since
ilie previous harvest home.
Bloominglon, Ills., Oct. 1B.-A
cable despatch to Ferdinand Trapp,
announces Uie death of Lord William
Scully In London, England. He held
16,000 acres of land in Central Illinois, 00,000 in Nebraska, 50,000 in
Kansas and 40,000 in Missouri. He
owned a house in Washington, D. C,
and bad lately become naturalized.
Mr. Trapp was hti agent.
Washington, B.C., (let, in — The
tropical hurricane which wa.s swepi
iiom Cuba to the llah.uiias, now appears tu he ragiiif, with full force
ahoui ihti miles out m the Atlantic,
lis olilv  shuie ellewt tu-night  has i„ ,-n
a felting barometer and _ US mile
wind Moving oh  the South Caiotiua
Miami, Florida,    Oct   19.—Captaia
Bta.o savs lhat he anclmied on Uw
leeward side of Elliou key, ia mllest
south oi Miami, yesterday moiuing.
and Uial Boon altei a tidal wave engulfed   llu   island He  says     tlieie
were tweuty-the residents on Uie island, all ul whom weie lost. The
Si. Lucia was crushed by tbe same
wave, ami ui tbe hundred persons on
b.,atd twenty-five weie killed. Captain Htaio was seriously Injured, A
barge containing 1 imi peisuu-. is  saul
lo   Have  been   blown  away   luini     ils
mooring at Elliot) kev, and aflei
wards puked up neat  the Bahama is
San Salvador, Oot, IB.—A tempest
ins raged    incessantly ioi uu   days
throughout   the  irpahlic,   Hooding    liie
rlcb .alie>s, principally that oi Ma-
jadea, aial resulting '■• greal loss ut
life and destruction ol cattle and
crops.     Tl)-. Salvadorau mau-ot-wai
l/ale was lust al AeujutUi. The lolh/-
guiph) ui various dcpai Hm nts ha>
been changed, Buildings have fallen,
burying their    tenants in ibe ruins,
aiid lue luidges over Uie principal
rivers have hem carried away.
Up lo Wednesday 15,000,000 tons ot
water had     fallen.       The   a-quiiluct
and electric light plant at Sonsonate
and     Salvador have   suflercd     heavy
To-day lhe storm Is abating. The
railrcads, telegraphs aud commerce
are paralyzed, but trallie if lieing restored in some towns of the republic
The water mains at some places have
disappeared. The rivers are bringing down Uie bodies of persons drowned in Uie storm and llle carcasses of
animals, and Ute. sight of these tends-
iu Increase the terror ot tbe people.
The losses are incalculable,
Jacksunville, Fla., Oct. lfl.-Passen-
gets arriving here from Miami tonight- report that the damage there
by the hurricane was nothing like as
serious as at lirst reported. All tbe
east coast hotels at Miami and olilier
east coast points escaped damage,
ihere being nu damage of consequence
a-nywherc north uf Miami. At Miami
lbe greatest damage was to small
bouses and fences.
New Y0rk, Oct. 10.—TclographU
communication has been re-establish-
cd with Havana. The Havana telegraph office reports that the storm
there was very severe. Much damage was dune to shipping in the harbor and tiers were uprooted.
Mobile. Alta,, Oct. :>2.-The Mallory
line steamer Colorado, which arrived
to-day, had as passengers Joseph
Mels1.11, Charles Olsen, Charles Anderson and Oito Brink, who were
picked up at sea Saturday morning
'Mi miles off Key West. Metson says
be saw seveiity-nine men drowned
from a houseboat whieh was wrecked
oft Lniig Key, Ala., in last weeks
storm. The four men, when found
hy lhe Colorado's crew, were standing cn a raft made out of six logs
and were in lbe waler waist deep.
Melson said he and the others were
at Long Key in a houseboat when a.
huge wahe struck litem ami carried
tbe boat to sea, It soon went to
pieces and of the 125 una on board
7!t were nrowned belore his eyes. The
others have Knee l>een taken to Jacksonville. The men suffered terrible
hardships. They say that the loss of
life was heavier at Long Key than al
any other pnint. The men were employed by the Florida East, Coast
railway, on the extension work
through tin- Florida swamps from
Miami to Key West.
Spokane, Oct. 20.—Tbe quarterly
meeting of the directors 0f the Sullivan Group Mining company took
place at the offices of Hie company in
lhe Exchange National hank building
Bruce (Teiidenning, the general
manager, had recently returned from
the mines and smelter of the company at Marysville. East Kootenay,
B. V, He reported that everything
was going on satisfactorily; that
there were several thousand tons of
ute broken at the mine ready to be
shipped to the smelter, aiid lhat
enough was delivered at the works to
last for some time. He said the
coal strike at Fernie, B. C, will
cause no shi.td0wn of Ute Sullivan
smelter for some time »t least, as
Uu-re is sufficient coke 011 band to
keep the furnaces running until the
last of November. It was also said
that should it be necessary to cluse
tbe smelter for want ot fuel the
mines will In- kept going.
The foundations for Uie new Heber-
lein roasting furnace and tho new
rock breaker are in, and soi.n Ihese
necessary addilions to the plant will
he in commission.
Regarding the depreciation in the
price of Sullivan stock, Hliete ate Iwo
stories in circulation. One is to tin-
effect that Ihere is a liearish movement, being dclllwratoly engineered,
and the olher Is ihat speculators will
nol purchase the stock as long as He
outstanding bonds are not paid,
An oihcial of the company remarked yesterday that less th.-n 25,000
shares are on lhe market, and that
more than one broker was short nn
orders. He also claimed that- ah
stock was being bought up by people
who were on lbe inside.
Behille Ontario:—The withered leal
falls to the ground Unnoticed, Like
ihe leaf, old age, uu atiei how
beautiful iis crowning, often ends in
oiiawa   Free   Press;—There is   n 1
doubt thete will be lutiliei ivamlal
lalk whn parliament reassembles in
November, but il would appeal that
Ueorge Eulas Fosu 1 will hg iro .1
Un- accused rath -r that, the aci usei
bearing in mind tis remarkable admissions belore the iusuruuee commission regarding 1 uiou Truat Company
A CANADI VN rili.runi.
BrockvUlu Tuni's:—According to tlie
Kingston News, soiuu     ul Ue    ilued
Vuiiili   ul   Uiat   \. ti  I,i..ie   lOWll   UK       -i.
U,e inililt     <.i  ticqueiiiiiig     Uh
JUUl   ot   thc  King* mui  ..p- i.i  1 uUsti    in
oi.i.-i 10 ogle ib.- ,ii.,,,i-, girl?, and sou
incites  vmi-i,  ih,-v  emctgu allei     UlU
•huw.     Ktii^si,.!, , ..    in .., ,.,,
11 icugu everj uay, nm t t
I'l \.
Tui. uii. Telegram;-Judgei. and
oilui ih-,iiuaiic.s weal names Uial
ih.-> have in part earned toi litem-
selves, and 1h.11 au- it, pari Uiu gin
01  Ibei I    cutmm >,u u tli] ..   u 11
should Keep iheii nanus uui ul uirw
luiuaips inal 111a) cati) lees, uut a&
s..n.1,j ti.iM- n.n caiueil all) a«ie-
qba-tv .se.ir.e ui respoiuiibiiii) to u.-
tciiplcnis ul these fees.
Winnipeg     Free Press;—'Hie Mauu
laiiuieis   association  has  d     purieei
iig-ui, 01 euu.M', it a-uvocawj Uio erection ui a lariu wan Ui prun-iuiuve
htlgul, luu when mt) li) in pie
iin.i ihal wmie doing tins i'ne> an
ai Uie same lime upnolUers ol Uie
plelcience  ulea,   ll.e)   a.e ..ni)   making
themselves aosuid. Lnics.s ibe atan-
uiacuncis associaiiun is prepaiod iu
..u.iui.iice its consmi in sucn redm
nous in the picsuil actual uuiici on
nruisb gu-ds eniering C."aiiada as wn.
result in hugely increased British imports into this countrj on prestnt
lines, Uie silvei-longiuM oiaiois ui
ihai organization would do trail to
refrain Hum any ineuiiuii oi then
devotion io the principle ot giving
Great HlHain a |u eii-tenee in oui
Halifax Mail-Alt.  ,1.   R.  Boilgall ol
Montreal, speaking before ibe Metho
nisi conference, made a it-m.uk about
prohibition which u, being noted with
favorable comment, lie said ibat
what is wauled is nni a prohibition
law, bui a prohibition peoplo. The
phrase may obtain quite .1 vogue. Nu
out- can deny ibat n contains an important truth.
east mist WAKE UP.
Ottawa Free Press:—There can be
iiu doubt the. provinces nt the easi
maj prulii hy ibe expansion 1-1 lhc
west if the) resolutelj .-, t out lo
capture Uu- market fui iheii manufai
Hires wbieb is legitiiiialel) theii
own. By doing so the east will bo
keeping slep wilh lhe «,-,i in !!„■
march of progress.
Caiiiphellfunl Herald:—The precautions taken in the early spring tu discourage farmers from feeding lurnips
seem tn have borne fruit. At the
Cheese hoard in Tuesday the salesmen
were asked as to whether turnips
were fed in the various factories, aul
it was found that only five factories
out of the twcntj'-nve which hoard
checs-e here fed turnips. Several factories which I'ave used turnips fm
feed have stopped the practice, and r.
is now generally understood that tin-
buyers will cut prices vvlcre tbe tui-
nip flavor prevails. Jt is, therefore,
to the advantage of faclorymcn ni t
to feed iiunips, leaving out of consideration altogether the damage tu
our reputation as a dairy province.
Revelstoke, H. ('., Herald:—The
time seems to have arrived in Canad.
for the Intervention of the Canadian
government through a cninmission appointed for the puri'0-.e of .ihr..win:
all possible light on ibe series ol
railway accidents that have created s,,
much uneasiness in l-ho public mini.
Such an inquiry might usefully he
conducted without the least prejudice
to the railways, Indeed the motive
would be tn assist them by bringing
to light remediable conditions, not to
convict Item by expoaing negligence.
A precedent fur such a commfssTon ti
lilie une appointed tu Inquire into 'he
working of out life insurance companies.
Vancouver Province;—In Canada we
talk glibly of national sentiment and
aspiration, but if our governmenl will
insist nn enenitraging Ibe Immigration
of the Worst elemenl uf the Italian
people, Doukrobors, Gallcians and
Uie scum of southeastern Europe.
national sentiment vvill disappear, anl
national aspirations be smothered beneath the incendiary nut breaks nl
mobs wliu cannot even speak our language, and whose ambition is to live
.chiefly by violence,
Montreal  Herald-There used to be
a popular idea bhal members of    tha
Opposition were always honest because tbey bail neither opportunltj
nor temptation tu be anything else
But il seems natural enough 1l.1t the
member of an Opposition whieh has no
particular pollcj ami no particular
responsibility uf its members uue in
another should be able to ofTcr a belle? return fur tin* favors of railroad
magnates Iban a supporter of a poll-
eied and organized government. If
Mr. Borden bad been able to impose
himself on bis party a little more, il
Is doubtful if his followers would have
been so sought afler and so tempted.
London Free Press:—We hau- a flower dav in Ue public schools—why not
a bird day" There should be a special dav nf drawing attention of the
youug to the harm done by the wilful
and wanton killing of small birds.
It is with anger ana resentment thai
intelligent peuple learn that our feathered songsters and Insectivorous bird
friends are served up in icsluaiaii
Is this the meaning nf gunshots that
are heard in every piece nf woodland
round ilImhu in ihe autumn season,
continued without abatement in this'and in which yr.itng girls have been
section to-day. About a foot of j said lo participate? Appo.nl a hird
snow bas fallen and all trains have day in ihe public schools, and en-
been delayed. | courage oui naturalists to gtie talks
Dallas, Tex., Oct. 22.-The wind is
blowing nn null's an hour to-night and
sweeping across the Texas panhandle,
carrying blinding sleet and snow, At
I banning a bli*.zard is raging. About
Dallas the temperature has been in
the 70s but is falling.
Cheyenne, Wyo., Oct. 22.—Thc
storm which liegan iu Wyoming on
Friday and which spread generally
over the slate Saturday and Sunday,
"it binl life, ..:.■! r value tu ttie
counlry in every way. It will be *
beneficial new depai I
Mi !■'■■ al   Stai     . be larmer in the
naturally  looking w ith    sumo
envy    up..,-,    ib ■   bumpei  grain crops
whu-h the farm 1 in ilu- wesi nets by
merely  tickling tin-   sqU,     Iti bears
nun u|i..n ibe   prairie,
■ ■■■- up .1 shae*,
putting in ,1 1 top, „n I Uen hanking
-,.'■1 b.i'-1 mou \ .M lln- end of the
yeai Bul il he would look up at
his apple liees Instead oi fai tfway
I fields, be mighl be better
employed lh patient ->!il liimrled
apple lui . .:'.:.■. L..ld for him
everj and yet he lets
a ■.;'' al sini it <•! ii ua-u- upon ihe
:■■■ n.l     :      ■"    ■   still, deleriorate
ll)   unl':- ll   l.e    would
turn bis gi Id n apple into golden dol-
lars lie would forgel to envy t-he
western tioviei   .villi bis golden grain.
\ uncouvt:        Ni n ■ vdvi:' tsei — Wa
in accord wilh    the
I ui ..ir.. i.i'-..,- 11. lis condemnation ol
.1 : Uial allows An.. 1 leans to
lake up bin.I 11. Uii- Canadian Norlli-
wesl witho ineing tbeii American vit'uei, hip ..ni LaKlng the oath
..I .ill- .iii,-, ■       ['<■ -ubjei ts.     Ws
Canad will have been
i.ie.i.i:.' .:.■ 1. ilie) heard U.e Globe's
statenienl ilu' such a practice was
permitted Certainly, ..s The Globs
tin . uthoiii ' mi 1 ■ ■ my
remiss t,, have allowed such a state
of things, .ii.i the Ottawa governmeul shnuld be made aware ol the
populai - ondemnalion ot such
methods. The Glutw has done well
In  calling   atli ... an incident
which, to in-->t ul us, seem- almost
Midland Free Press:—Instead of using up our limited store of moral
indignation on business men who aie
being found out, it would be well to
expi nd a ;n tie mi rc em rgj in leaching and , 1 foi lesson that the
only success woi .. I .: is to
be found it ximiu to Uw
U n 1 ommandn 1 nl - And pspe*. lolly
parents, teachers, magistrates a&d ut-
iitvis ol the law should h sc n.i opportunity to drive home the lesson,
hj example, It) precepl and where
tiecessarj by 1 Igid severity, Uiat
■ li.ie .- no asset llial •> >ouug man
can '■■ 1   h ith           it inlo the busi-
II v- woi Id jjiai can a all ■ ompara
,\ iih    an    » m sl Irul titul ebar-
Hastings Stai red nt  Investi-
gations wlm h bave taki n place before
Uw Royal lu iurance cumiiussion
L*au es ■■■ ■■ *■ t as t<   a*here the
■■;.:, ;,   ;:      ltd and insui once
pul ei - 1- :■■ ng •■ This nn ne) I as
liracl ::-'.iuct    ot
..:-. ring .-. . s, farmers and
,11 'i-..;,-.    and in many
,. - •  -a' ■■ :   n laid by foi    a
amy    l.i* .<■:■■    "'    -•'.'. ■■'. :.-\  ::i
ise ■      lea-lb in nesty
this gentry
.un. n; them   . Ins tea I ol   their
walk awa) lion's share, and
.. als  ■- ii. nlj     some
find out now how
ih .- ov.: - ng has 11 immed them
wlun thi ame up a', the tn-
New York, Oct. It.—Mrs. Jefferson
Davis, widow ot the presidenl ol   '-he
■.:..;.. :..;■,   :-■■;.  ..1 for   a
week ai the H tei Ma ■-' c, in thi-,
city, du-d at 10.25 o'clock to-night.
Death ■■ as : - 01 neu mon ia induced
by ,t severe 1 ol i which Mrs. Davis
■ onti..' led i| ;■ I ei rel urn Irom the
\din ndai ■.. h he bad spent the
summer months.
(J-rave tear was fell . ... the fii st
Mis. Davis'  won vi alitj   which
brought h . safelj thro igfa * similar
attack a year ago, il was hoped,
might cany hei through ■:..- attack.
Lasl :..- it   h ■-- iu      I a severe
sinking sp -II a I fri m tben hopes of
liei recovei ;■ wen ; ra a..-: given
The periu I ol incc .-■ iousness pro-
ceding hei death ton tin 1 trom early
ado Spi
at  Prin-
lallgh It-
.1. AddUon Hayes of Coloring ' Jefferson Davis
1 gran Is n -vbo is a student
i-i. n university; Mrs. Charles
son, a niece; ' Dr. and Mrs.
We ib, tho latter a grand-
. and tit'. Robert H. Wylie,
who with Dr. Webb, cared fur Mrs.
Davis throughout ber illness, were
with bei al u.ic I ime ol her death.
■I. Addison Hayes, husban-X ot Mrs.
Davis' only living child, had been
summoned from Colorado Springs and
was hurrying across the continent
when a message announcing Mrs.
Davis' death intercepted htm. Mrs.
Davis has for lome years made her
bnine in this eil \. where she had a
wide circle nf men l- Throughout
her illness solicitous inquiries regarding her condition were continually
made'al ber apartments.
A red faotd man was holding the
attention ol a little group wnh some
wonderful recitals.
"The mo I  - v Itlnj  chase l    evet
had;' ho ■■■■■■'. . appi 11 il a short
lime ago in flu -i.i. Ono night, wlien
sleighing, aboui ten miles trom my
1lrstit1.it;, n I h ii overed, in my in-
tenso horror, that I was being followed by a pack ol wolves. I fired
blindly into the pack, killing nne ol
Ihe hruies. and to my delight saw
lhe others stop 1,, devour it. After
doing this, however, they eame nn
ngaln.     I kept on repeating the dose,
wllh lhe same result, anil each re-
spile nave me an opportunity to whip
up my horses. Finally tlieie was
only one woi I left, yet on It came,
with its fierce eyes glaring m anticipation nf a good, hot supper "
licit- the man wlm had heen silling
iu the curtier bur>t f(,rth into a lit of
"Why, man. by your wav i.f reckoning, that last wnlf must have Imd Uie
rest of the pack inside nf lum'"
"Air" said th.- red faced man wilb*
out a tremor, "now I rememlier it did
wabble a Int.'1
Plainw.'ll, Mich., Oct. 15.—As a result uf being kicked in the back during a football game Satmdav, Edward Pychc, nged Hi years, may he
crippled fur life. TUK   CKANBItOOK   IIKKAM)
C \i si if COMMEN I  "\   Mi;   Mi
BRIDE s mi i;si-:
(From Un- Victoria Times.)
He    will go    back in his native
province a greatei man than eu-i."
Thus the advertising bureau refers tu
the return on uhe Hon. Richard Mc
Hi ide, premier ol British Columbia
ami premici uf all Un- premiers of the
dominion, according to the corns
pundenis   ol  his     sycophantic organ
here,  wliu     wenl   to Ottawa wilb     a
lived purpose m bis heroic mind ami
executed Uial purpose w lUtout the
leasl shadow of turning even at lho
solicitations ct those exemplars ol
noble conservative principles, Hon
Messrs. nhitnej ami Dublin.
Ilun. Richard McBride cannot be
considered Bcriously. Neiihei his pet
sonalitj imi his mentality admits o.
serious coiisidei a Hon-    He behaved at
Ottawa jusl   .is  might  luw- heen    e\
,.. t   , ,i   ,;.     ;, .,;   i.i> public c.Ueei
aud ni m ft ul tht: present position m
lhc     i'l '-1 ll,. I!   Ul       Hie   guVeiliiiielll   Ol
W .... h he I    the ut|,am. mai in-a.i.
M,. .ueBnde   went    down  to     lhu
iii,:!(.ii,..;. capital not i,.: the purpose
ul ,,-, 1,1,:, j nel tei terms lot Urilisi.
Columbia,     hm     foi   ihe purpose oi
■ i- ., i.., an i .Silo which he liclieUM
wi.iu,i  ...ei sliadutt   all  imIi.-i   issues  in
in.- appeal lo Uu- cuusLiiucncies In
had uei nied lo make ana tui whicu lit
aud his    t.iiiiiii.uii,ii loiica^tie    havt
Ii.iii   jltlpaillig   Iol    UlOIllhS.        Ill   pill-
i- nue
icsl ol thi
■ province
I nil      Inei
bj    co
uperal mg
ihe premie.
is oi    ihu
oihei     p
ini   liriti!
t ut
niigui ha
i.mlna  an
ve BCCUluU
lars a" \i
i t
me l.i
tut      1
iiiiiitil  Hn.
eu years,
usallil   dui-
lo   nlic   111
ou di
dlars, log*
•iin-r  win.
a promisi
■ i
inm i
ue    unaiu
e mtnisU-l
l.l let
uHimcnd i<
i the Uuui
llllUll   gl.V
i'liiel   lllolietai)   COU*
llni   ml
■L   lie
igof     -Mt.
■   the
ut Ins eon-
nes couid
l vu ti      Ine
iits mu
Lives wei
L'   1
-ni in
iy scuish,
nui patno-
in.     Il<
as eveiv
oiie  Inlet-
ostcd in
■ ques
li.u,  ol   lii
lie!   tellies
liai   the Ui
press oi
st, and so
llle l.itieia.
a l-so,
.uc stronglj opposed
iu an)
,ti lam
[emciil ui
me terms
u|   UlliUll
Ile  i
iiighi  in Know     thai
llle   pi.iji
■d     s-
>i iieineiil
with      tii.
i   w
tll   he
made  lie
sllll.tccl   n.
..ii .iii.n.
Iv   t
tjion I
he Uut 11 Ull
nil gov't 111
ment uy
lie        t
.e     pal i\
i ndcrstn
mg U
u>   lhc   le.
ii-i.il par.)
wiih wh
lie   is
allied wn
1 S" mt 111-
iv Ml    nn
;is m.
ttiei,   he
Ullglll       tl
have sei/
claims t,
Hie i
I coiisidei
iilri-il tun
.iinm   hav.
been reei
In         lll.l lM-
llu-     1)0*1
l>ai gain
he   sel  l
which ha
.Si llle       le;
ll III   lll.ll
him  Icrms
Ui  lit-     llll
his o
ttti   lltlsti-il
. Uunsona-
When In-, demands are uiiaiiimousi
ji-cted, in- mcludramatlcallj draw
cloak around bis   hemic figure
withdraws Irom the eonlcreiiee.
.Nuw the noble premier sigiiiitc
lingers his sword, draws up ins magnificent iJgi.ic, cocks his hal, and
beliigerenuj aiiuounces ibat in- win
lake ihc case "to the lout ol the
throne. Having laid his supplica
tion before liis majesty, whu will relet 11 in tn:-. imperial government,
which will submit it tu the Dominion
government, uur swashbuckling premici- would hnd himself hack lo lhe
point Hum which hv started, But be
has no intention ol doing anv such
thing. Ile knows be las no case to
carry before the King, even if His
Majesty .shnuld deign to listen to
blm, lie probabl) dues not know
himself, hut bis advisers would doubtless tell bim, thai Premier Walkein
actually bad a cause lur complaint
when lie appealed in the Imperial
government, Inasmuch as ibe original
let ins of union bad nut been cat tied
mn lu ihe letler. Tbe present Dominion governmenl might ignore the
demands of the provinces lor a revision uf Uie terms, as a previous goV-
erniiicnl persistent'!)' refused in consider any proposition foi- reconsideration, lim wiih au overflowing treasury Sn Wilfrid Laiiriet considered the
appeal ot ihe provinces might he
worthy ul consideration. The conference of provincial premiers took
place. Onr premier, whose actions
might he likened lo ihose of a spoiled
baby if il wero nol well known what
bis real object is, wiihiliaws and
refuses tu lake any part lu ibe tie-
liberations, The ensl In the province we have already alluded in. The
(■licet of his act inn is intended In bias staled, "lie will gn back t.i lis
province a greatei; man than ever
Immediate Me-is will doubtless he
taken here iu mounl the greal man un
pedestal.     He will Inne a    grand
reception,     followed   bv a banquet—
innli nf Ute galvanized older.   He will
ask fm- a   dissolution of the h„ts|.
tun-,     li will in- granted.     Ile   will
appeal   In  the people from   Uu-     great
height  m which be imagines be    li
elevated   himself,   and   il  ever hlltnh
uf the mnsi  arrant,  Irunsparcnl  d
dipt inn deserves tn he rewarded ,
cording   in ns    works, lhe    prest
premier nf llritish Columbia    merits
Un- ii-hiike     which is his    due.     The
outcome uf tin-    Oltawa    ciniference
demonstrates Imw utterly unfittis) he
is in overy wav   fur ihe position   iie
"M.i.i..d  It)   trpacherj   and  is sinving
in retain It) deceit.   The public ought
io   undei stand   imw   Important it is
Umi British Ci Iuinbin should have at
Um' head   oi her governmenl a    man
nm    only   lionesl and    sincere,     hut
mentally quallfled to represent ber  at
times  of ens,-,  mid,  as  those  ihn.llgll
which we have just passed.
i.. Euglaml The shallow device was
setu through b) ever) meuibei awl
aftei  three   4ivs passed in wrestling
wnh il bsireperous member, lie was
t    alone   lo work tilings oul    n<
idum    to  his   considered   scheme
lt can   scarcely he thai    even othei
hn  was wroug ami  Mi    McBi ide
'be   onlv   one    wlm    was   rijcbl lu
imposing in arbitrate Mi McBride
n.i.le    an    inexcusable   blundei        Mi
Whitney, the Conservative premiei of
tularin, said that om man was neiih-
■i fiank nm candid He nuJil have
idded ibat be was neither I'onesl nm
-.lliccre   in    his   proposal,   ful   when   he
i. Mhi ihai he preferred bis griev-
ce  tn cash, and  when  Mi.  Wlil tue)
ived   ibat   a    sum   oi    $11111,01)1)     be
Uii the province our premier seized
his lui ami   lefl  ihe   room.    "How
stands   British   Columbia now"' will
lie asked by the anxious plOVinciallst.
The answer    must    he,    "worse than
pvei "        An   oppol tumly   has       heen
spurned, a concession refused whul
ii is safe to predict, will noi Ih- repeated, Mi Meltn.le has played a
ame of solitaire with Ute province
is the stakes am! has Insi.
Nnl a single hand was held up hi
.pproval of his attitude Uis liollti-
-hI fireworks wen* quenched belore
Inv bad lime io snutlei Whal is
o be done under ibe distressing cu
umsiances' I ndouhtcdly the province      was  in blame III   placing     Mt
McBride In a position when- he could
lo harm He was unfitted mr the
lin-i* nf premier,    but an accident ol
political life placed lum In Un- position   ut   leadel   nf   tbe  opposition    all.I
alnn the country wauled a premiei
•Sir Henri July called upon ibis in-
niiipetetii man lu fot iii a government.
\ worse selection could nul have been
nade, for be was fitted in..b.i by
iaime, education noi experience for
the  pust. His   ven   first   act     in
lescing with the Socialists and
abandoning party lines showed low
Iiuie respect he bad tor pre-election
pledges. His shameful acts uf hpotl-
,iiii f the public lands and bis proposal lo vote SI,000,00(1 to the C IV
R. Co, fm ihe construction of a line
.if railway which tbe company have
built without a subsidy, arc
fresh in the public mind and ate only
referred in now as evidence ui the
sort of person the premier is and the
iii,Is in which he will resort in enrich bis poiltlcal friends and cronies,
The sum which he proposed tn give
Uie C, P. II, Vo. was larger than
the sum be asked as an additional
subsidy fiom the Dominion government, and Uu- 800,000 acres which
he gave awav to lbe same compnii)'
last session, won d have yielded ii
capital sum of (10,000,000. ' And Ihis
gentleman proposed in go in England as Waikem did in 187-1! As
was pointed out yesterday. Mr. Walk-
cm bad a violated treaty to which iho
Imperial governmenl was a party lu
complain nf. Thai element is ' not
tn evidence in the case under discussion.
Tb.- conference nn
mini, govcruiiienl i
niislv with Ibe pn
unl .seek all aibilra
itisimiMii r.f terms which Ui
-audit-Ions of ibe country had rendcr-
-d necessary. All are sa-tlslled with
tlie resuli ' except Mr. McBride, who
has thrown away the dance uf a lifetime and drawn down upun his head
the censure nf ihe Conservative premiei ol Ontario Mr. McBride is a
failure—a distinct, lament able, unhappy failure—and a feeling of relief
must have been experienced bv bis
colleagues whin the door of the audience cbainlier bang.il behind bim. 11
is impossible al ibis moment to sav
wlm will Im- done in rectify the
blunder. What should be done would
be to call Un- buti.se together as t,uu*k-
Iv as possible and turn the government .ml. What Mr. McBride is
reaching for is a tumultuous popular
endorsement of a situation that is so
untenable and a position that is su
palpably dishonest ibat it has drawn
down upon him tie condemnation of
every member id Ihe conference.
I'lenii.-t Whitney,   aftei ., lun:.
patiuit attempt, gave bim up,
ihese   w.ivs  ,,f    '1111111"    weie  u<
pared to believe thai llw pieuuei
mild earn ib.se meth als into Ihe
British Columbians accustomed to
ud.-i.ii arena Now the public is 'old
thai he will "earn our ease in the
loot ,,i th.' lluniic.1' Htitisli Columbia is als.. gravely informed that
Premiei McBride wants "peace" 1ml
n must be "peace wiih honor." This
assumption nf Un- Disrnelian role    is
n-allv lhe limit nf what would be
cotnic-opeia wen- tin- interests ill" Ute
province not  jeopardized
The Tunes repeats thai Hun Mr.
McBride wenl to Ottawa resolved not
tu obtain bettei terms, bul to frustrate belter terms. He was uol
seeking Hie good of ihc province, Iml
an election crv. In Uie hope uf obtaining Umi civ he liad already prepared In appeal lo the country lie
fore the meeting of Hi.- legislature,
and il he does nol do it will be due
to a miscarriage ol some of Ins plans.
A   eui
al lach.-s   t„    Ut.
constantly  ap
accounts   which ate
pea" Ulg   as   to   tbe endless  pice,
which .iuiui D   Rockefeller, tli
est   mall in  lhc World, finds  it
sat)   In  lake in  ni.Iel   lu  plnlcet  hllil-
scli againsl Intrusion ut attack.
Judging hj ibe safeguards with
which he surrounds himsell, lbe head
..I tiie Standard Oil companv stand
in greater feai  mi bis life than  .lues
anj othei person ..i wl i iho world
takes upio, Un- rulers of one or iwo
monarchies onlj excepted, The Kings
of England, itnlj an.l Portugal, the
Emperors   ol Oct many, Austria  and
JapOll, .Uid lhc I'lcsiilelils of Lie
L niled      .Stales,    uf     Fiance  and   nl
Switzerland use fewer precautions
against attack ol Intrusion Uiau does
Mr, Rockefeller.
Trusting himsvll noi titer in hotels
tioi public conveyances, Mr. Itockefol-
lei lias his own houses wherever he
goes, his own carriages w In n hu
drives, and a private car when he
travels. In New Vufk he has a rcsi-
diiice on I'iiiy-ioiiiUi sheet, con-
Heeling through lu tlie home ut n"is
sister on Fifty-third street; in Cleve-
miI .      It„ad, Would imt  he likelv   1.
have au inflammatory effect on en
us spectators, and so could 1..
Ic handsome with safety Tb
flrsl Hung winch Mt. Rockcfellei dn
Iter buying ins Pooantico Hills prop
em was io obliterate ihe old drive
s and build new ones. In lh
truing nf these be has taken
personal Interest, and Ins liisi m
iiuii*. aficr one oi his long absence
js as in the progress wbieb has beei
made on smne pet driveway.
Oolf    is the uue   diversli I    Mi
Rockefeller. Even when it is raining
hr frequently goes mn in the link
.nul pegs awav'at tbe hall, regardlcs
ut the weathci and as Inleresl ■ as .
farmer putting in seed nt harvesting
Hut there alw.ivs ale walclun-
within calling distance, and he i
mnsi careful m the selection uf In-
bulling guesis. Tbe latter usual I \
ate the Tamil) physician ol Die local
clcrgvmaii or some business associati
m standard oil.
li is a historical spot which Mi
Ku.kcfcllei has acquired back ,.i Tot
rytown Heie la) Hu- route ol
Washington's retreat nftei   Hn- battle
ul   While   Plains.       The   UStial   tilllliliet
..t     houses   im iwn   as "Washington's
headi| lels"  dut   Hie csl.ile ami   W
lies nf ohl iticampim-nls have been ilu-
tip  .nil        I li I'C,   iun,   wa-.   lhc  sei in
ui Andre's flight, .md his capture uc
cillTOd tieatbv.       In a      lim- uld s	
house now known as the "Rookery,"
Imiii. according tn ihe inscription or
it. in 1750, Andre lodged lho nighl he
lute    he    was      made prisoner.        Tin
Lau.liie house, where Andre is s.ml
iu haw breakfasted on ihe morning til
bis uial ai While Plains, als,. standi
mi Un- property. Still nnothoi rein
of Colonial limes is Uu- Crawfori
house, whicli was Hie official whlpphtj
place nf lhe district fur slaves.
There is a stable nu Uie estate will
about  thirty horses, Imi  Mr. Rocke
feller seldom uses anv uf them. Then
are   fnxes in   plenty, bm Mr. Rocke
feller  keeps  tin t|OgS  and   tliey  an-  lm
molested,    There an- lish and game
bill   Ihese,   also,   an-  uttdisl in bed.   Oc
casiniially—rarely—a few friends com.
up from Uie cily and arc enterlabtei
very quietly.
After spending some lime uii an;
..rn- uf Mr, Rockefeller's estates .
wonder  is bred as tn whal  sa-llsfac
lion  be  gels ulil   uf  life. Ile Slav
l.ni a short lime at each place, aiu
in Ihal Him- di.es liiile, whether i:
ihe way nf exercise, recreation, es
pei itneiital farming or foreslrv. 11
is-.safe. that's all.
.^^^^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^ ♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
■i tlitl
i- 'fl
on September nth the Victoria
Times announced that Hon. Richard
McBride had resolved tu appeal In
Ihe country before another session uf
the bouse, and ibat the legislature
would dissolve ou bis return from
Ottawa from a mooting uf the provincial premiers.
Il was also stated that the election
wnuld probably be held in December
of this year.
Immediately,upon the announcement
being made it was challenged by the
premier, and was denied in an explicit way by the daily government
organ. This denial was amplified by
those weekly and monthly supporters
of Un- administration, which entertained lively liopcs of favors bo cotue
and learned disquisitions ou the
ethics of mu* i I'i.-.'n i» men who
haven't learned its alphabet wero
written with a view of convincing tlw
premier that his lesser minions were
more zealous than shose who ure
supposed to voice his views in tbe
dally press.
Tie Times reiterated Its statement
and the events of the past two weeks
have Verified in every particular the
information available when Ibe article of Sep torn ber t~th appeared.
Al that time lbe lirst minister Was
preparing to leave for Ottawa to at
tend ihe conference of provincial premiers. He already had his plan of
action mapped mil. ami naturally was
annoyed ib.it Un- development should
be anticipated by bis opponents, lie
bad drawn up a claim for this province, which he nut only believed, hut
hoped, would he rejected by thai conference. Upon Hs rejection ho plan*
unl io return in British Columbia
and tush in the country nn a cry i.f
better terms, seeking to smothoi in
the dust of ihai agn.itmn bis record
of incapacity and the unsavory Kaien
island deal and Us brood. The hope,
of course, was thai the personal records of men like tbe chief commissioner wnuld In- lost in a wave nf enthusiasm fm British Columbia's
Valium champion nf her rights, Hon.
!{. McBride Every move he made al
Ottawa proves what a mockery lus
(From ihe vancoiivei World > fight for better terms was, and'   how
The longer lhe situation at Ottawa thinly it veiled his real object,
is considered ihe more absurdly rldlcu- namely, the obtaining of a civ nn
Inns and untenable the position which to appeal to his country. The
assumed hy our premiei would appear despatches be caused tu he sent to
to be. His attempt at heroics is sn ihe coasl were worthy of such fl poll-
palpably evident that no one ean con- Heal Hon Quixote, thev were hill of
template the premier's auths without sneers at tbe premiers excepting
eupying bis high posllion should have Roblln and Whitney, uf sinister si.g-
a feeling of disgust thai a man <>c- gestinns of connivance between tbe
placed his province in tin- unfavorable provincial liberal premiers and Sir
Hghl that Mr. McBride has done. | Wilfrid Laurier and charges of
At ibe oulsei ihis mutual announced "oajolery, coaxing and bluff" against
thai it would supporl ibe premier's mm whose reputation for at least Hie
reasonable demands ami stood ready! first and lasl of these qualities
lo give bim tlte fullest assistance in dwarfs into insignificance beside Mial
securing the success of his mission.' of Hon. Mr, McBride. If he were
When the conference mel it was im- honestly seeking to win bis collea-
mediaiely seen thai under tin circum- ffties to his side, were tltese the tac-
sl-ani-ps would Hn- I'acilic premier be ties he woMd have adopted? They
McBride wnuiii merely reflected the undiplomatic at-
sltort *>f a disrup-   tltude of British Columbia's premier
laud be has a city homo and a culin-
itv residence al Furesi llnl, he has a
hu'iise and a large eslate iu lhe IV
cuiiicu Hills; a house and au cstatu
at Lakcwood, New Jersey, and a
large resilience ai Pasadena, California.
Except   between his varin'is    homes
Mr. Rockefeller seldom travels by
tail, and at all ihc terminals he has
retainers .uu.-n,-, ihe minor olil
wlm cnrefiillj see ibat In- is pn
nl agTunst publicity. His own
i ia0c and coachman always meet
nam on whuh la- is expected. A
trusted body-guurd, alhlcllc and aim-
id, accompanies bim everywhere. Dc-
-tui) sheiiffs guard his fenced-in *s
talcs. The must complete burglar
alarm systems wb.cb can be devised
are Installed in all his homes, ami a
iiia/.e ul call buttons Ingeniously
placed ai a hundred spots give Instant means uf warning from everv
part of the grounds, It Is said that
tin- alarm system at bis summer residence near Cleveland cost more
money than the house itself.
The Rockefeller estates are nothing
more iban vast protected enclosures
where tho "ON King" can shut himself up and he safe. How thoroughly be tan dn lliis was shown wlwn
for lhree months process-servers of
the atlolliey-general of Missouri and
uewspapei reporters of thc cut tra
country tried lo learn his whereabouts and failed.
Wealth does not always make a
c0Ward of a man, but il has of Mr.
Rockefeller. Perhaps llu- manner of
its accumulation has something to do
with ihis. Jav (iuiild was a physical coward. Senator Clark, of .Molilalia, is imt. (ii.ulil an;l Rockefeller
made their wealth by cold, deliberate
scheming, In whicli tho elemental
human passions played little part.
Theirs was tlie cunning of the fox;
Clark's the rapacity of the catamount, And su while Clark builds
himself a gorgeous palace on Fifth
avenue, flaunting his wealth definitely
before all men,'Rockcfellei, fearful to
draw dangerous a-ttiniton, dweltd
secluded in modest bouses, overshadowed by tlieir neighbors.
li is the method by which his riches bave been acquired wbieb has made
Mr. Rockefeller ihc victim of bis
suspicions. By devious ways, by Uio
secrecy uf rebates and by secret conventions was ihe monopoly of Standard oil secured. Secrecy and deception were tbe business weapons Willi
wbieb be fought; il i.s natural he
should imagine that the same weapons are employed against bim.
As naturally might be supposed,
Mr. Rockcfellei s suspicions extend to
his- own household All thai he eats
is carefully prepared uml thoroughly
inspected fteforo it reaches him.     No
one has ever      in  recent   veals known
Mi. Rockefeller tn cal iii a hotel or
in any other public place or even to
attend a public banquet. The infer
incc is ihal be is afraid lhat be
might he poisoned.
In a depot   Mr.  Rockefeller    never
cn ii-i s a public    waiting-room,      lie.
will shp a live dollar bill inin soiu
body's band aml quietly take a   sini lhe baggage innm nt  In sume ollti
secluded place,     I'titil he gol his w ig
'      'len wiis recognized  when
satisfied—thai    Mr
n^rce    t,, nothi
tion of ilu- conference
Oiling,   despil
lors und uili,-
was  for   Ihal
Ins feai  ol a
of weal lb. nut be
8 il vanity, thai b
b<- efforts: of coi
llll'Ond  emplovee-
son nnd because
k by soma opponent
ol anv    pet
tdnpted ;, wig.
tml an appeal  -an attitude so perversa tliat'   even  Mr. Roclafcllers
Churches," by tho wav, arc thu
public places al which Mr. Rockefeller over appeals. He never iias bc-'ii
known lo attend a theatre, in he
presr.nl a-t a mass meeting, to ho a
gtiosl at a Imtiquel nt' a public reception, or, iu short, io attend any meal
public function whatever. When,
two vears ago, some citizens of
Cleveland wlsbod lo cumnteniorate thfl
I went y-iifib anniversary of his starting business i|, iheir city, ihey were
obliged lo do sn by proceeding iu a
body in his country borne, where from
lhe veranda Mr. Rockefeller (banked
them for their address.
At his Cleveland home Mr. Ruck,
feller is said to take the precaution
nf sleeping in a room on the lop floor.
The room is said to be quite iuacccs-
s-ibb except hy panel ng Ihmigh otters
in which are misted persons. It i.s
current gossip ihat in bis own bouse
he never sits with lis back to a window fnr fear of being a target for tho
builei nf a crank,
Nothing Js   notable   about an)'   of
estates except    the
Oconto, Wis.. Oct. 13.—Did snakes
cause the destruction of the Farm
dam ai Mountain, which went mn
lasl spring'.' (leurge Merliue, who
has relurneil frum Mountain, where be
was employed on the dam, tells a
si range story that would Indicate an
affirmative answer.
Melliue says  that  some of   Lhe men
employed in the wmk nf rebuilding
the dam were busy one day lasf week
with their pickaxes and peavlcs, when
they ran across a small bub- nol more
than an inch ami a half iu diameter,
oul of which Iwo or Uiree .snakes
were protruding their beads.
One of the men drove his pi-avy Into Hie bole, and immediately lhe
.snakes began sliding oul of it. Thi
workmen, ho says, killed thousands
of the reptiles, and it has been impossible for them lo exterminate
Ihem. Every time one of tho men
gi.es near lhe hole lhe snakes slick
iheir heads uui uf it and hiss.
The snakes may have boon Ute real
cause of lhe ilatn going out last
spring by digging holes in the approaches, Il must be interwoven
with snake alleys and .streets. Tbo
camps are located ahoul live rods
frmn the bride, and be savs it is bard
to get the men to retire at night, as
Ihey   are iu   constant    fear of being
awakened by the snakes.
Monday morning one of thc men
found live snakes iu nis bunk, and
vesiertlav another found one In bis
"itirkey.'" Ile did n it discover il
umil he had readied Mountain on his
way l0 Oconto. While feeling for
something in Uw bag bis hand came iu
contacl wiili something cold and
clammy, and be pulled it out. Il was
a snake, and be threw it un the platform.
Mr. Merline slales that the men dug
Into the river bank, where lho snakes
emerged frnm ihe hole, and found
hundreds of eggs, from which, wlien
broken lhe snakes would slide out,
curl up and hiss al lheir lormonlors.
A.s manv as three snakes have como
out uf olio egg.
The snakes are spoiled, nml 11 Is
believed Ihey are whal is known as
pine snakes, They are a menace and
a terror lo Uio men omploywl in rebuilding the dam.
Joint Piingle, proprietor of lhc
Falls View Imld ai Marysville, disappeared lasl week In lather a mysterious manner ami will in a day or
I wmi Inquiries were being made ahoul
his whereabouts, as suspicion wns
aroused hv lbe fad Uial bis wife and
f.imih lefl a few davs afterward, bm |
drove in Fori Sleele Junction lo
take Hie train  lust-end uf coming     lol
Cranl k.        Investigation      piou-il
thai Mi. I'liugle was Inwlly in vol veil
nud had left some heavy creditors -belli nd H was also learned that while J
in Nelson be had made au assignment j
In A. Mm/, ito Furl Sleele brewer, |
This week lho business was l.iken.
uver b) Mr, Mu!/. and Charles Finch,'
Hie owner of lhe building, placed in
charge. .Iuiui Cringle made a big
mistake in leaving in ilu- manner lhat
he ilid. He had lbe confidence of ah
whi knew him, and was conceded loj
be une ,,f Hu- sttaightcsl and best,
fellows in Un- dislriel. Everybody]
liked liim. and everybody bad u good
word for bim, and those to whom ho
was indebted would have done all in
their |io\\,'i- in have helped him alung. j
It is supposed that lie has gone to]
some point, in the Slates.
Fernie, Oct, 23.—A young man named John Erlckson, lately employed as
bartender al Sparks'" holel, Blairmore, commil'fced suicide at Senllnel
yesterday afternoon bv throwing himself in front of an easlbntinil freight
engine. The engineer firsl observed
deceased walking In llie ditch beside
;'"•. ",,-k and on Hie approach of Hie jf-^i
[rain deliberately threw himself underi MSft
the wheels.
To read the local paper that
gives the news, while it is news,
all the time; because it pays to
keep posted on the doings of
your district, and the doings of
the surrounding country.
No person can afford to be
without a
Home Paper
that tells of home and home
people. .< Human nature is
much the same everywhere,
and we like to know what is
going on about us.
mt*amaaaaawmaaawanm*j^ gg BHMT
Therefore, to read
The Herald prints more matter
thanany other paper in East
Kootenay. It publishes all the
news of general interest from
Fernie, Moyie, Fort Steele,
Marysville, Elko, Morrissey,
Jaffray, Kimberley, Blairmore,
Frank, Windermere Country,
Golden and in fact every thing
of interest from every part
of the district.
$2.00   For One Yeeu*
$1.00 For Six Months
Herald PublishingCo.
F. E. SIMPSON, Manager


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