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Cranbrook Herald Aug 10, 1905

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Array ' '   ■'  "  Mr
'"   -'I I,.,     '",lir",
'""•'.   Ill
I no."..
MUM 15KB  20
Paid-up Capital, $8,700,000        Reserve Fund, $3,500,000
t, I   WALK! It.
Itneral .!..„ „-.■,■        MIX  I MHO, A»t
, I Manager
!5 und undei
Uvn    *■ *i und nnt r
"     *VlU
"  $30
ii.* Payable nt Par
pled), and -ii "n- |>i hi
3 cents
•ding $10   ,.,     6 cents
$30 111 cfiili
$50 13 cents
any office in Cnnttdn ol
Chartered Hank
i[i.ii liaiiikmi: po
. in the United Slates,
They form un e_c< Ileal method o! reraittlna small sums *
a( iv .nut <ti hiinii
i money
F. C. MALPAS, Mgr.
* "
* *
;             CAPITA!. PAID UP   -   -   -   $3,000,000 |
J REST $3,000,000 I
* *
2 T. R. Merrttt, Pres.    D. R. Wilkie, Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager *
- 5
5 A general banking business transacted. Drafts sold availa- *
I ble in every part ol Canada, United States and Europe. Special *
5 attention to collections. I. P. M. PINKHAM, Manager.     |
4*4 ^
% .»->*-«-»< •*»•/§ ***»*» *..*«-_*«*•**§**« *ti I'M _*••*§*•■** •e'*^'
■ J,.?. 3s©_4=a=**i4=*iW
Real Estate Agents
Cranbrook, B 1
ti.St&S.'J (M •Zti-X-'SS * 8 8>_*J 0s*»8=-il --
. I'r,.,,
Ihal,,'    I
Anv .
■ ft',,, li
Many 1,,11,'I.a. I,,'.' ill-
. 1 r\ i.l.'i,-,i,,t: ivmi'in
wm  litem  whethi r
1. in goods will bear
UliUon. tbe Jeweler
the salt of'the earth If you will only
'believe it yourselves. Looh at tlio
' way ymi have wrestled with misfor-
On Sunday a!t< rnoou at 5 p. m.
PKRNIE HAS BEAUTY, WEALTH .„,,'. [n -,\,, ...  •    n . ■. baseball nines ol the Standard     and
\M) A GREAT FUTURE [tion,   fires   and calamities   Adolph Lumbei  cotnpanys met In an
■.,.',' raves'     arts wllh exciting Btrugi le ti 1   supreu acj   1   I
Wore ynu    evei in Fernie in    the forebodings   and hesitation    but ynu
inrnfng when the bub rays art strufl llU, ...-_ ,-.,,. , .i,  a gut
to    penetrat-e lhe   mltty haze lha, metM nothlnjs hirt •
llnxers    along   Hie   mountain haU. Bjj0Wn .llL, Mll.j yQU ,:   , .
you  have    missed 1 %Jtt_ ffon   ..           1
Su 1 touudod .is It Is lfl :\l)ia.     You have Ihi
tops ? II tint
anl iiul sight.
bv biRh mountain*, whern iht-tt' is ,i
treasure hurled thai would make Captain Knul ashamed ol blmsclt, and
wealth so Rieat that Monte CrlSto'fl
fortune would Inn), like Mia historical
thirty coals, Fornle fiom a scenic ba-. Its rtgli
point of view is one ol tlie most ai- has its rigbu
tractive lowns in nil ol British C01-
iiiuliiit. Mnnnt Foriilo, ufii'i whom it
is alleged William Ferule was named
soon alter cumins io East Kootenay,
is a great sugar loaf of nature's own,
corrugated with Utile valleys of
green, whore ibe veudura is kept
illicit in the summer by the flow nl
countless rills, and live iu the winter
by 10,000 feet of snow on the level.
Watching ovei tbe destinies of this
historic mountain are the Three Sisters, whose chilly outlines and unattractive laces remind us of three last
chance sisters wc know In the slate
of Kansas who used to pray all night
Inr husbands, and strive all the forenoons to take 25 years off from the !
age   that llie good   Lord   bad givenj
them. Then thero is Crows Nest1
mountain,   that is generally  pictured  ml,,
by a hunch of sticks and a bird sitting on a dry limb. The bunch oi
sticks is supposed to be a representa-
liim ol   a crow's nest,    but it looks
more like lhe load of stove wood that
ihe dying   philosopher had his sevtin
sons   bring to his   bedside to break
before they broke him hy squandering
Ins tainted hoard, while the crow thai
the artist has placed on the limb has
more of the appearance oi- a Louis-ana
10011 that gives the superstitious neg-
loes ol lho south Uie honors by   lis
grave yar.l wall as it (lies along    the
bayous at  the uncanny hours o£   tbe
night. But Kernie on a bright day
a beautiful place, eitliel at ihe iu*
; bi the   sun or   when it suddenly
drops from sight behind lhe mountain
ptaus at night,     And tht*n after the
tttuulH, ol   night   have laileu 1-unite
prcseuis a weird scene with us rows
mu  blast belching m*ltse cr**a
with the advantage gained
town as a corporation is entitled
under statu.uiy and moral laws to
every liberty that the people and the
Coal company can concede. The lown
lhe loJ. con.puny
tne two woi king in
harmonious unison can maM. a great
industrial center, where both corporations and Individuals will garner a
gieat financial harvest, lhe great
army 01 laborers now employed will
be increased luo lold within a tew
jcais, and thai is the bubi*. 01 prosperity iu any community on earth.
The boys wiih thu tin biiCMSls are lhe
laekbone 01 ihe financial universe,
t.iid when they are prosperous ' then
all th.i world is prosperous, I ndor
lavorable   circunistaiieesi Kernie   win
t.e   a great   town.       Uilli mans     ol
trade teeming with humanity, with
givat Industrial unierpiiscs, with nie
coal ana coke busintos going aiu-aii
nt a rapid rate, the commercial centei
ui tne lass Wiii meet with a success
uut will gladden evtrj htarl mat is
tt-d 111 the luiuru ol Lbe town.
HAS I' htUOTENA*.   HAN Sl.t-.V
A1 mm,-.
s   aie
on Lauor
lllll it
charge   a
ie    1
llial will
t in
g Ute
> <l
great success, 'lne sewviary is receiving woid from the neighboring
towns to the effect lhat won*, will be
suape_4ed tor that day as tne entire
populace are coming 10 Lranbrooa to
have a day 01 enjoyment. Tins sentiment seems to ue Universal iluougV
uut this portion ol the district auu
thai means that un September *l
traahrooK will   Le host   to au    inv
ol   COW   o\e
101Ih gieat
iiBj.i up the t
-'Hole town w
uojiug coiiiin:
uiu oi a mat
freely of   the
ot i.u
ihat Tne business men aie now getting
         ki   „ t,iiQ read^. Iuc Uieir noats aa-i are   uomg
. swepTiu a glial nt-->- some'tall  thinking as  to ideas  that
.ration,    ihe story   is may   prove   original   and attractive,
who had imbibed   loo An   attractive   lioal in that  parade
liquid lhat Intoxicatm wil1 Le ucU l0 an ild   lu llUi herald,
as well as uxhiliratcs and watideiei for success 1
Irom the street to the coke ovens it- £• Btalti.
uefora it was dark. Attracted uy
ibe pleasing warmth of the ovens lie
dropped down to pleasant dreams.
Along in the night be awoke by the
rumbling of a passing train, and railing up he nibbed his eyes and looked
about him The buuuug tires, the
increased heat, ihe brilliant red
heavens, combined with the lingering
oHect of Fernie whiskey, gave the
poor man the impression that he had
died and gone to hades, and a night
worker was astonished lo hear    the
man if mark as he (hopped back    to
sleep    again,   "Well, I knew 1    was
going to hell and 1 have got here al
Fernie is   destined  to be a    great
town.       It has  the basis of    great
wealth,    an    unlimited   supply     ol
coal.     At present thero is only thu
one   company    operating   there, but
this   company, lhc Crows Nest Coal
company, has spent millions In    developing lhe resources ol its Immense
coal auu1'-    ui course there is    the
cry nf "one company town," but too
often lhe conditions In cases like this
aie exaggerated       Every  town   has
iis   agitator,   and   one good healthy
agitator, with little at stake nnd the
ability of the average man 111 his line
ol business, can make more tiuuhle tu
The most comfortable house and the best
table in the Kootenays
Apply for terms S. G. Hoadley, Cranbrook
,11 advertising     way.
jf ilcattle ec Atchison, said this week that lus firm proposed lo take advantage ol Uie opportunity offered, and lhat thej
would have a tloat lhat would in a
measure represent the big business
they were doing. Held A Co. will
put in a tloat. The L'o-Operative
Stores have signillcd their intention
to have an attractive creation. Kink
Bios, oi couise, will have a dandy.
W. 11. Wilson, who took the piize
last year for the best individual llnat,
will be on hand again this year. W
F. Tate & Son arc getting ready foi
the occasion with something attractive, V. Burns A Co. will be ihere,
antl it is quite likely that 1_ M.
Small, of the Cosmopolitan hotel,
will be there like a duck. There are
a number of other business men who
will no doubt be in but all of them
have not yet said so positively.
valuable silvi r cuj    ioi - I  I I
F, W. Adolph     The game wa
outcomn of the summer's rlvalrj
tweea the two carapi an 1 thi
ran high     Every man was Able    tc
atund, Including the managers of the
Adolph company, Mi K W Adolph
anl W II Griffiths, as also
were all the ladles ol the Junction, A broad stretch of praltie
above thu Standard camp afforded a-s
Cm;, a giound as can he found In
British Columbia. Th;' game itaull
was a magnificent one from a spectator^ and also a baseball fiends standpoint, and the opinion is expressed
that the victors would hold their
own with any team in the Kootenays
The game vvas called at 5 p. m
sharp, Mr. Wm. Oliver acting as umpire. While his decisions were absolutely impartial, still feeling ran
■.0 high that he was several times the
center ot a threalen-ng and pugnacious group. 'Six innings were played
replete with fast and clever plays, the
Adolphs winning hy four to on 1,
They had their balling eye with
them and tit on the ball tor 3 runs
in the first innings, while the Standards were shut out four successive
linings, though the bases were lull
several limes. Only the perfect
work of the Victors prevented a
score, Kor the Victors Collingliam,
catcher, and Harry May, a curve
pitcher ol no mean ability, were lhe
tais, though all played well. Lack
if practice caused the downfall ol
he Standard team. After the game,
he players adjourned io ihe Royal
hotel, where refreshments were indulged in, Alex. McCool, the host,
doing   all    he could     to please  the
The teams were composed as follows :—
Standards—"Short" Baker, pitcher;
Myers, catcher; Ren. Smith, 1st base,
Mont McLellan, 2nd base; Baker, 3rd
base; Lewis, short stop; Campbell,
center field; Taylor, right field; Dull,
left field.
Adolph—Collingha'm, pitcher; May,
catcher; Fred Lewis, 1st base; Petli-
jrew, 2nd ba^e; R. Clayton, 3rd base;
McDonell, short stop; Clayton, center
field; Laner, right Held; J. J. Jeffreys, left field.
McDowell's coaching was a feature.
Mrs. Deacon, of Cranbrook, was
It is estimated about S_00 changed
hands, the betting being even. Bill
Oliver won $100.
A return match will be played soon.
"Fred" Adolph is a happy man.
He says Sunday ball is O. K. when ft
comes your way-
It is reported Mr. McNabb has
placed a large side bet with F. W.
Adolph on the next game.
.1 S. Carter, district passenger
agent, has been in town Ihis week
arranging for the special train service on Labor Day. lie met the
committee and finally gave a 1-1'.' ol
a fare and a third from Creston,
Kimberley and Fernie and intermediate points, tickets lo he oil hale
September 3rd and 4th, and good to
return up lo September 5th. These
lhe square Inch than the meeting of C(,miltiolls m very liberal and the
the opposing forces In the Russia- raie is very satisfactory nnd will to*
Japanese war There is no real need suit in bringing out a large crowd,
ot any internal difficulty it. Fertile. I A special train will leave Ryan at
7.30 a. m., fare,   $1.05; Moyie, s. 15,
The future "I Fernli
lure of l'itl.shuig \
Ihe people ul that lev
and drill and take ad
glorious opportunities
is like the fn-
?ars ago, .nnl
u should gel in
milage of    tho'
that   lhe-Lord
Che Size ol the Glasses
can only be determined properly
by experts in audi mutters. Let
us (...amino your eyes and we
will guarantee to give yon satisfaction. Our line nf OPTICAL
HOODS in very complete antl
we "tu, provide you with just the
gloxaes to lit your particular de-
f,;,',t in eye-strain.
fare $1.10;' arriving at CranlvrooK ai
8.M a. „,., a„,l leaving Oranltrool. at
9 p, 1,1. for tllr rrltun trip.
A Bpoclal train will leave Kimberley at '.'IO a. m., [arc. SI.211, Marysville, 8.15, laro, 80 cents, ralli„s al
anl man have sprcail out fur tin»_c Porteous, Wankiyn ant 1'ayiliil.
in Fcrnie win, have got llie energy, I From the east'tlic people will cnn,»
Intelligence ami savoy to grasp then, en lhc icgulat arriving in Cranbroolt
at 10.10 a. m., anil ii Ihere is a nig
crowd a special will lake Ihcin bad,
lhat evening.
tclllgcncc is     a Ian   criterion, ]uilic-|   These arrangements will give cvery-
iously mixed with a standard ot lion- one an opportunity to fret  to C'ran-
esty and morality, hearing in   mind liroolt tor the day and return home at
at all times that no man Is rospoa- " "Wonable hour,
sible   'ot his WH1>, and   tlierelore is1 y n00Tns
not entitled to any credit tor the B1»B ^ ^^ „ ^ ,,a„or
lame ol lus ancestors or deserving ol D * c,lehtll|on committee to charge
censure for their shortcomings. Don t a (Cc 0f $__,oo for the privilege ot
Knoeli. That is a poor business. II selling cigars, soli drinks, ice cream,
ihe other fellow makes a dollar, tako etc., on the grounds on Labor   Day
Cut out the tactions.    Don't lay   so
much stress on class distinction. In-
Pete Bach, .our popular sawyer,
and his bride 'arrived from Ottawa
this week.    They will reside here.
Britt Clayton had a narrow escape
irom seri6-,,s injury Saturday. A
eoard .broke while being cm and iu-
'iictid-a nasty cut over Britt's eye.
Two new houses are In course of
erection. Some of the boys have
"contracts" to fiil them when completed.
H. Jovce reports a fine catch ot
trout iii- the Kootenay Saturday.
Twenty-six • trout I Thirty-five
lounds !
The Adolph mill caught fire al
noon Monday and only quick work on
,he part ot the men saved the building
Night stiilts arc being run or, ti
planers at both mills.
Indianapolis, Ind., Aug. 6.—By a
decision ot tbe supreme tribunal of
lhc Knights ot Pythias to-day saloon
men hereafter will be barred Irom
membership in tlie order. The case
came up on an appeal fiom a Chicago
lodge, where a man named Clayton
had entered Ihe __',con business since
becoming member. He was expelled
upon the decision ol the Illinois
grand tribunal.
■   ■   ,   ■   .
... a   ...   .   .... j   ...
i   .   .
Only 10 Days
iiiiul,' further reductions in some
i mul hnv,.' added some new line, at
prices.     Don't fttil to see them.
Che Best flsbiita
Season is now on and we have THE BEST
FISHING TACKLE in the Kootenays. Lots
oi dealers say the same thing, and all we
ask oi > oil is see the other fellow's and then
see ours. We are willing to take your verdict. Talk is cheap, but good goods at
FAIR PRICES always count.
and to let booth now on grounds by
oil your hat   and cheer him on.     *, . . ...
will he your   next turn.      And over xirrc sealed   bids will be received
and above all   things, stand by your by tbe undersigned tor rent ot booth
town.   It may be in hard luck. Busi- on grounds   on   Labor   Day --"'  '
ness at times   may not Kb all    that °'clock V- m
you wish.    But when talking to
on August 22
II. White,
unt il
Wm. F. Tate & Son, oRADDAV^omouss
Offloial Watch Inspectors Crows Nest Paas Division, C. P. B.
stranger pass up that pan ot the
proposition. Why, Fernie has enough
good things now in sight to keep a'
human gramaphonc singing nothing
but paeans of praise Ior ten years
straight without a single discord ol
grumbling.      You Fcrnie people are.
Admission to grounds, men, 50c,
Dovs over S and under 10, 2'.c.
Admission to grand sland, _5c.
I nill'S and children free.
No entrance, fee will be charged Ior
aay event.
y H. White, Sec'y.
. E. Simpson. Esq., Editor aad
Managing Director ot The Cranbrook "Herald" Co., Cranbrook,
Dear Mr. Simpson,—What has hip-1
pencd? That great moral weekly o'|
yours must have got lost in lhe
shuttle somewheres along the line, tor
it has not found it's way to this
office Ior two weeks or more. Just
as long as I was on the delinquent
list, your journal always reached here
on schedule time, hence I would prefer to have you return Ihe S2 and enroll my name (lhat is it I cannot get
the paper in any other way) amo'ig
the delinquent subscribers. Wishing
you "the best in the locker," I .a-
main, very sincerely yours,
M. McDonald.
the suceessfiil weather expert, predicted exceptionally
during the coming month.   The danger ot
will thus be greatly increased. We strongly urge nil property
owners to look to their Fire Insurance and to look to us for
the lowest lutes.
PHONE   99
r pnli„y ti, », Into n slnn. and \
blue a anoddy piece <.t cloth !,<■• tt
,. la a little lower than thai i.n good material.    That *
■■■>Tfco -lob Printing.  Aa a prngreaelve buatnaaa man yoo can- ».
.1 inferior Btationery nnt of vo„r utile.   Ynu don't .,'.t»t any- J
rlv nrlnt-d or ol antiquated atyle    .on reqotra something; nl t
ih—..al that', what ».m get Irom the Herald,   iu prov. thla £
impori.o,, wltb m.tropollton work.  Ever; pleo. ol Job Printing *
turned looaolrnmthiaolllcatalka. M
UOt ilini'
thing tlin
bright nn TUK   Cl.AKI.IIOOK.    UEliAl.l)
uH**«««»«(ieMW««*»«««M«^ |    gambllnz  Reveries
NE1WS   OF  the:
%$.V3*a->-5*i->-.-) s W»* »W9*«M-IW»«^8©*9W^9*'WW«M'*1
no vie.
(From the Leader.)
Mr   and Mw   P. •'   McMahon   lelt
jestcrday on a trip to Manitoba.
I*,  r.   Smyth  anil   wtto  roturu-tl
Monday iiom their trip to Portland
Next  Thursday will hi' payday   u.i
the mint' and $29,000 will Im- disburd
At ihe trap taut Wednesday R
f'ampiM'ii broke a pigeons out »>t 2"*,
.ind Hugh Cameron Hi ..-it oi 85
Moyie bas a iai- batbi-i Ml** Ida
I .ind ell, oi Spokane, i biihlliiR a poa-
Itton in Jew Baker'h nhop on Victoria
street. * -.*•.
The Lake Shore shaft Is to i><* pu
down another 100 leet, and an im
tnensQ amount uf otbei devolopmen
work is planucd lor,
'i'he July shipments from the Si
Kiiftem. mine amounted to 8700 ton
uf concentrates, all of "hub went ti
the Nelson and Trail smelters.
Tbo now compressor is nmnlni
steadily and lour new machines lu*ti
been added. Tho ucw machine
drills will nol bo here loi thrct
weeks ur « month jet. Some chair
gt-s have lo bo made on them before
tliey were shipped from the foundr]
at, Sbcrbrooke, Quo.
Q, A. King, ol the St Eogcne mill
Is drawing the plans for the concen
tralur at the Molly Gibson mine oi
Kokanee crock. A sawmill has been
hauled tu the inine lu nit lumbei fa
ihe mill. The building will be for
lbU tun mill, but the machinery tu l)
mslallL-d tu begin with will only be uf
50 tuns per day capacity.
The Cranbrook party of campers o
the west side of the lake aie haviii,
•a jolly time, and will regret when th
time comes for them iu break camj
and go home. The weather has
been good since Lhe) have been her
and they were able in he uut ovci'J
day. livery tew
up frum Cranl ro
11. Dunbni was
Swoyn, Mas Mvti
tune visited tin camp this wc
There an: Uvu guvetiunent olllcials
whu visit South liasL Kootenay qui
frequently whu seem to be just the
right men in the right places, and
both hail frum Kaslo. We refer to
G. O. Buchanan, distributor ui the
lead bounty, anil Judge Carney,
government timber Inspector. The}
are capable and pani.s-ial.ing in their
work, and are affable and eourteous
besides. Both are Iree from the
malady so prevalent amongst government officials—the "swelled head."
friends come
asl Sunday C
,1 it. J. Mc
and Miss For
(From Free Press.)
Thus, W. Letcher has been appoint
**d fire warden ior South lilast Koolenay by the provincial government
His territory will extent! from Crows
Nest to Kootenay Landing.
It is believed active measures will
bv taken, if Uiu deal goes through
for the development of the property*
which includes 17 square miles. Air.
Corbln also was looking at Mr, Ale
lnnis' coal claims at Crow's Nest.
A, J. Mctluiie A Co. whu recently
purchased the Morrlsse) Lumber mill
and timber rights an* making preparations to start the mill aL once. Air.
MeGuire was in the city this week oil
pMJtlucss connected with the mill opening. The mill manufactures lumber
and shingles and will employ about
30 men. This will make business
better at the Junction town.
U. C, Corbin accompanied by _. -I
Roberts, the superintendent of the
Corbln road, passed through Forme
00 their way lij Spokane this week.
They have been spending some little
time looking into some Flathead properties belonging to Langley "Bros.,
A. J. Devlin aud others. It is said
that. Mr. Corbin nnd his experl were
favorably Impressed with Lhe properties and thai a deal will be made if
a suitable lease can lie arranged with
the government.
The flrst storey ol the ateel tipple
at Coal Creek was connected from
bank to bank early In the wit-k. It
speaks well for the engineering skill
of fl. L. Manlcy anil foi the care
shown in lbe Pittsburg Bhops that the
frame work built up from the outside
sides met perfectly in tho centre, the
last bolt fitting into thr hole drilled
lor it in Pittsburg. The work is still
handicapped for the want of material
delayed in transit, but Mr. Wiltshire
expects to have it ready for shipping
coal in two weeks.
The Slavonians upon the hill had   a
big time at a   christening last Sunday.    The alTair ended in a big drunk I
and a free for all fight between   the j
two   religious   factions.     The    chief
fight    centered   around two married!
couples.     Each woman attacked   her]
rival's husband and one used a club
quite effectively.    Later the men got
at each other but the greater damage
was done by the women.    The pollco
were summoned and    the disturbance
was quelled.      The    next     morning
charges    and   counter tha rges galore
were laid by members of each faction
and all the lawyers in Lhe city hive
been retained. SUty-liureo witnesses
have been summoned and at the usual
rate these will require a month ui
two to give their evidence- Soiui
hiiienity was experienced yestcrda) lu
securing an interpi. ler
On Monday three mountaiu sheep,
one ram an.l two ewes, were seen m
iht- lumUr uud-. ut the Feinie i.u.u
bei compan]. M Berrlgan, the
blacksmith al tlie mill, got his rid,-
and laid  the  ram  low   with a singh
Iiul. Th.* m..\t iU,y he paid a Une
ant the sheep was COnttSCttod by liu
governmenl. .Mi. Heiiigan probabl]
enjoys    the    first ineliuli    of  being  the
only man who even killed a mountain
-ditvp in a lumbei yard. These am-
mats are remarkably shy and are
rarely got hv hunters uftei days ui
Vancouvoi Province; The devol
uplueut oi coal measures at Calgar)
and of ml deposits at Edmonton lie
diiatc ihe importance and variety oi
ihe resources of the country in tin'
eastern shadows ui the Kocky Mountains. Fur live hundred miles noiib
ward from the Inter national boundary
hue \o beyond Edmonton and ea.-..
Hutu tlie loolhtlls lor nine biintlii'.i
miles to the limits ui Ontario tsu
agricultural potentialities of tht
county have already been domonstrat
ed. For UK- growth ot when*, and al,
tin* more important cereals, foi
stock-hi ending and the general pro
ducts ul the gntdtfl and liie Held lit.
oroad prairie stretches of Western
Canada are admitted tu bo titirlvaicti
un the globe, To the attraction^
which aie drawing lu that UOW, au,.
as yet hul sparsely occupied laud,
millions of farmers ui the urn Work
and of lhe long sell led areas ui
America, are. nuw being twidoil yei
inure alluring oues perhaps in Ihi
form of mineral rosourves which givi
promise ui outrivaling any hereloion
discovered uu this continent.
ii is now soveniecn year.*, since j
special committee ol tne Cauadiai
Senate was appointed under Uu
chairmanship of ur. Sehultz, sub
uequcuLly LiatenanirUovei'lioi' of .Man
itoba, tu take evidence ami make in
quiry inio Lhe resources of Nocth
western Canada from Slave Lake U
lhe Arctic Ocean, following iu a gen
eral way the progress of the Aiackcn
/.ie Kiver, 'lhat inquiry necessaril)
involvud evidence regarding tlie Northwest as a whole and il was then pre
dieted that not only would ihe grain
growing areas ot the country bu tht
future home of many millions uf prosperous people, but the northern
stretches, tlien known but Lo a fott
adventurous spirits, would ultimately
become the greatest mineral-producing fields ol the American continent.
On the testimony uf missionaries
both ol the Koiiiun Catholic and Protestant churches we learned, although
we then hesitated to believe, that
almost all the minerals Known t
commerce are tu be found thare auu
many of them m almost Inexhaustible quantities,
The dream ol those early pioneers
regarding thy agricultural districts ui
the country is now rapidly being
realized, and already the energy oi
adventurous capital has been directed
toward the development ol the rich
deposits of the nurlh.
And su goes on the nation-building
in the Dominion of Canada. Sir Wilfrid Laurler in a notable speeeh some
nine ago expressed his confidence that
during the twentieth century the progress aud development, In population,
industry and commerce, of this country would parallel that witnessed in
the United Slates in the ninolcciitk
century, and already there are assuring evidences thai that prediction of
his will be fulfilled,, When we re-
nembrr ih.it the Dominion lias heen
n existence only for LhlrLy-oighl
years; Lhat the Norlhwe&l at the
time of Confederation was ihe private game preserve of a great company
aud for many years sltbst^toiit il was
regarded as of little value except to
lhe hunter and trapper, thai long aft**
the province of British Columbia
had become a member of ihe federation it was characterized, by the
leader of one of the great political
parlies, as a sea ol mountains from
whieh nothing was to be hoped for,
we must realize that an immense
change has been effected iu the condition and prospects uf Canada. Thai
change, however, has hern .simply the
result of discovery and one of preparation. Wllh our knowledge of the
value of our possession and pf the
use which can he made of ii, we are
now ready to build up a great commonwealth, and it is the fertile soil
and the hidden riches of the West
which will make that commonwealth
Nothing permanent was ever gained
in business, friendship or love bv insincerity of word »>r act.
Not    Infrequently   we see mothers
who menially ami physically antagonize then daughters, hut there Is a
Spiritual law, as well as the law ol
;, cl lasle, whieh should compel a
daiightei   lo he respectful and  indite
o in i     niutlier,   even if she
[h*e hei love or ad ml rat lou,
Marriane is ■
h.dy  v.liii,
and peace an 1
ihe hvaribsiniie
v aim. M
We wottder bow many parents real
it ib.it th, tr ehlld Ik ., I..ml. of blank
papei in which uliall he recorded the
record ■•; Iheii »wn lives. Bo care
ml therefore, ahal yuu have written
there fm  ihe a uri l will rviid It,   All
youi   ..,vi.l    thought*   the eh.Id      will
try to ivrit-i
The propel i
ull.- ul   tbe  111)*!
pr se;,i eeitturj.
mure than a sue
deserving ol mn
is a civil   .in I  pn
religious preblem
women euiisLKuli
charms antl bene)
she who iai m..
eharaet. r tu sod
have hv.ii cntrus
■I  the
illi   g
tani i|n. shun.-,
11    is sum
■lal preblem
N.si   ihoughls.     li
ililical, a moral an..
The presence o
i.. .me nt the chi.,
liis uf s.niely. It i:
>te than man gives
Iel J - Into her ear.
the nation's iu
I    Hy tbe jiKlgment uf Justice .Martin
[in re Baker ei. al. vs. Smart, a sei-
|t lenient has been reached oi a    loiifi-
lstand ■difference as tu th.- extent   ol
j the coal mines    act, respecting proi.
peclors   and   locators'   rights, which
has    worked   much confusion in thp
East Kootenay fields.    Ity  this jiidi*.-
meiii il.e most Important principle ol
stabiliiy ..i lute in llritish Columbia
mining el.ums,     a Btttblllt)   ihat   I: I
distinguished    lhe    mineral   laws     ul
this  province above   perhaps   those ol
any other political division ot North
Anieiica uud lui above lhe min'".'
laws of some nl lhe I nihil States, is
sustained, This stability of title >■*
chiefly Contained lu lhe principle thai
ihe original loon tot uf a claim, whn
secures a certificate uf location, has
an unf|UB8ltonahll right io the claim
In contradiction of this principle Ihi
lands and works department at \ u
tuna has issued licenses to almost
all coiners who desir.d to register lu
cations in the famous oil and coal
reginii of Sfiiith^iis-i Kootenay, n.
gardless of whetltei certificates had
already bow issued fur ihe same
gimind ur not, and when lhc conlu
sion became thoroughly confounded
after lhe notorious reserve ou bloCKs
4,503 and -1,5111 was raised, the gov
eriuiient practically Ioltl the locators
to fight u uut aiming themselves. Tin
positiun thus takin by the govern*
ment, thai ii could issue any nuinhei
ul licenses and collect the fees, leaving the holders to shut tor themsei
vt-s. has been completely upset n;.
Justice Martin's judgment. The position thus taken says plainly thai
1.1k- commissioner lias no right tu issue licenses for identical arias ami
not only must the treasury give up
iis gains so gotten, but, what is oi
profound importance, the rights oi
ihe original license are upheld nnd an
easy matter of chronology puis m.
end tu the confusion in Kasl Kootenay. Incidentally iht* jurisdiction oi
ibe county court is thrown out am:
the whole result would appear to bt
that a great deal of expensive litigation, hy which a poor locator might
be lind out of his claim, is rendered
The Baker-Smart application, ii,
which this judgment Was given, rilffni-
ed from ihat uf Leckie el. al. (adjudicated upon June 3), in that
all concerned hold prospecting licenses under the act for lhe same aria
..f land.
"At the outset," says Justice Mai-
tin, in a long and carefully elaborated judgment, "it is tu be remarked
that although Baiter and the five
others, whose petitions art* Identical
with his, allege that five other license holders, including Smart, arc applying fur leases, yel it. is nut al
legid that Baker et. al. are doing so
the petitioners ask thai the opposing
licenses lie declared void and no leases
be granted thereunder because oi noli
observance of statutory formalities
and that tlieir own licenses be deelar
ed io he prior io all others.
"It seems necessary tor a propel
understanding uf the subject lo decide
whether or no the chief commissionei
is empowered hy the statute to issue
more than one license for identical
area. I am of tlie opinion that he Is
not, and that the intention and effect
of the acl is thai a license shall confer upon the holder thereof exclusive
righls, fur the purposes of the act
io the area covered thereby. This is
shown hy all the relative sections."
Precedents, authorities and parallels
are cit-cd at. length In the further
progress of the judgment, under whicli
it will be nLeessary fur the provincial
treasury to refund the amount received for several hundred prospectors
licenses at JIOii each, which it is now
determined should not have been issued. The Immediate and direct el-
| feet uf the judgment i.s the ruling that
(Carlolon  Place Canadian.) the county court bus, on the face of
Dispatches rcccnliy reported the tbo petitions, no jurisdiction in the
capture uf a $3,000,000 contract from premises, and the order nisi is there-
tlle C, P. It., and a $7,000,000    from  fore made absolute.
the   Grand   Trunk    Pacific,     hy  tlu)  +	
Foley Brothers ul Si Paul. These
brothers are natives uf Lcnnrk, having been burn in flailing. There were
four—Timothy, -Michael, John anl
Hi. hard The lost is dead. These
brothers   began life   iu lhe humblest
tine staiismen, those who souii art
io I'e eluihi.l with authority and lu
make laws ior Lho greatest nation oi.
the globe, as her education becomes
a civil and political problem, liu
gentle presence as she heads over Lln
cradle and the sllcnl Influence of h.i
dally lite are. .shaping lhe en tin
mural character ol the coming gen
eralion, and thus hei education bt.-
cuincs a moral ptoulem, No one i.-
more load of music than the writer.
Kui life is too short fur uur daughter.-,
iu spend years at ihe music tabu
and ili. ii aliei ail their culture ti,
discounted by the ordinary canary
bit J. livery girl should be given a
good practical education, a home edu
oath n, bin Ihal docs not mean how
io us,: ibe dustpan and broom. 1.
means mure ih.ui the dally routine oi
housekeeping, ''i'he whole mind must
be e\piiiit-d and disciplined ■by ltl
study ui  Ndtme iimi  lur laws.
Mothers can find rest and recreation fur themselves and make lasting
impressions upon lheir children b)
taking them mil. in the twilight the.-..
sultry summer evenings and show
tu them a sky besprinkled with stars.
Hy what Inconceivable power does
that aged star, which is sinking, fa
tigtted and burning in Uie shades o
the evening, reappear ul the same instant fresh and humid wllh tha rosy
dew of Lhe mornipg? Uo out beneath the arched heavens at night aim
say if yuu can "There is no God.'
dreadful blasphemy
ime yuu will approach the unbroken darkness of youi
Intellect; every voice that floats upon
the nighl winds will bewail your utter hopelessness. That there is a
God all nature declares in a language
Lu plain to bo misapprehended. It is
written over Ihe face of the whole
creation. You see It in the lender
blade just starting from the earth in
Lhe early spring and in the sturdy oak
that has withstood the blasts of four
score winters. The purling riverlct
meandering through downy meadows
and verdant glens and Niagara's tremendous torrent leaping over its awful phasm unite in telling us of a
God. Show these beautiful arched
heavens to your children and explain
lo them these points while their young
minis nre so tender and easily impressed.
Pronounce   rim!
and   each sLal
Chicago Journal: Jimmy Click bos
departed for lbe liearl of Africa uu ,
strange mission. Jimmie is n vol
cran animal eatcltoi toi menageries
and know-, ihe African jungles llut
this time he is nol after anv runrlint
Huns or stealthy risers ui sk) scraping giraffi s, Jlmiii) has gone tu
Wiiea iu catch n flea.
Ilarou lUiihsehihl, tho London mnl
li iiiilln.iu.i -.    ha.     a     iMtili.it      i.nl
lie has Hi. :_i,.it. .i collection ol fleas
in ibe world, i le has spent linmi use
•.tuns in aoquli ing it    Iml  n  Is    not
yel  quite c plele,     Thero is    still
.me ura) Ilea nml Itoilucchild mil
nol i-e happy llll ho gol i II
We envy lhe rich, eel this inulii
millionaire is longing foi ono ilea
ih.it. wilb all he. mon.",, be has been
unable heretofore in buy
Scientists have searchi I the world
ovei fur n. An expedition wmi lu
Alaska seeking il      Ami nuw Jlmmlo
Click    has e    to take the jungles
around Lake Tanganyika with a fine
tooth comb, The ran- mil elusive
Ilea is known ,is the "sininn " Fifteen thousand dollars is ihe price
Rothschild has offer.il for It.
The il liu .cully In catching n ilea is
proverhi.il. flu I lhe sending ol an
expedition to Iho Arctic, and Africa in
search of it is something new. Generally ihere is no objection to a flea's
staying lost.
Hut Rothschild has- money enough
in excuse any peculiar fa ti and fancies he may enter tain, No one will
object to his harmless occupation o\
catching ih as-. Many mighl even bo
willing to dispose or some to him al
bargain-eouifter prices,
Here is a man with money, ran!.,
education—all lhe elements commonly
>uppused to constitute happiness. He
has all that th' ordinary human mind
can conceive as necessary to content
Hut he is pining for want ol a Ilea.
A popular clergyman saw a In I;
about to call, whom he was anxious
not to meet. So he said to his
wife, "I'll run upstairs, my dear, anj
escape till she goes away."
After aboui au hour he quietly tip ,
Loed lo tho stair lauding and list, n
ed.     All was quiet below,     Rcassur-
,-d, he began   to descend, and called
out over the balustrade :—
"Well, mj dear, you got rid of thai
old bore at last'."'
Tbe next instant a voice below
root.d him lo the spot, h was the
voice ol the callerl '1 hen came a ic-
. spouse    which sounded   inexpressibly
sweet to him. it was the v.dee ul
bis wife:
"Yes, dear, she went away ovei an
hour ago; but here Is our good friend,
Mrs. Dlank, whom I am sun- you
want tu meci "
Xeabirto Business
fxmses of fltet$8»
wi\{c   Z*K Smelter city...
Marysville has umie
intu her own. lhe
town nuw has a permanent --a) roll and ti
the gateway ol tbe St.
Marys valley. *.* The
Herald can heartily
indorse lite following
business house.-.
I f*  ._. - 1    14 ~J. ~ I   The leading ho- "
1 Central Hotel
Iel in  the St. ffi
k\ Johnson, Proprietor        Marys  valley.
!_$ Dining Room service lbe best. 	
s The place lo stop when visiting the Smeller City ti
ffi-,-     ~        ..... i
...                         — nj
fil               V. Angers, I'ropriL-lnr J;?
ti Ilns been recently refurnished ami is now nnt- ui ti
ti the besl hotels in Ihe dislriel. Headquarters for ti
I Ihcrcoplc. gj
is ffi
I The Royal Hotel
| A.   M\zLLOR   Mr- Mellorcarries a gen-
ffi   GENERAL  MtHCHAN I     eral slock ol mere bandlsc _
'ti His prices are right.    Prospectors tan find what tbey g
Et waul, save freight and transfer by buying in Marysville ffi
ffi "  ' ' n
ffi "
H _________■__________._________________■__■ ___H^____________.
ti dress qodJs, men's wear and modern novelties.    His ti
ffi guilds arc rinhl and prices attractive. ffi
ffi " ffi
. sproulb r::::,I
. _ ,     ....    ._,.__   ... IS.
I Marysville Drug Co.
m " u      .... ffi
£5 Wc carry a complete slock of everything in Ihe ffi
ti ''rug and Stationery line. No need to send away S
ti lur your goods. ti
H   S "
CHENETTE & NEAL, Proprietors
imitnii r
.lame-, I
they we
the limits of Mr. Mali- of
They were bom wiih au
tlu Ihitifis on a big scale
Belleville, Ont., Aug. 4.—Yesterday
afternoon William Urilfon, a well
known butcher of this city, iu a lit'
of coughing threw up a lizard eight j
inches long. The reptile was alive
and started crawling away. Br It ton
was never bothered before but is now'
ill in bed from the effects. Supposition is that Die reptile was swallow-'
ed in drinking water some yc&rs ago. j
Persons who wish to exhibit at the
Spokane Interstate Fair, which ppcm;
this year October II, should send at
once to Manager Itoht, ii. Cosgrovoj
for a premium list. There are plidily I
of chances tills year for persons    Hi
.,'"" ; ". ".""0 '"'.*"! this part of the country to win preiii
Murphy   knew   ihem when!        ' / ,
In   Ihe   chrysalis or    )liei'»ms in one or mure dcpiulmenls.   Il
ialc-15  years   ago.     Ill    ails WpW that l«re Is a larger de-1
momcl ol blooming ambition he ao- ^ ',il1'    !iHtiA  for   "»o  piomlttm
copied a pusi.i  the camp wll,,rc   's<^ ^hml. already are running short.
ihey    were engaged,     lie saw   Tlm Mi,ll>' cwtern vm°;B wlU 1>e ftt lhl'
and M  wielding il.e cant hook and faIr this ^'flr ttml lhis <libtrit't sl,mi1'1
the hand spike. Tim especially was""1 on|V fftkfl a ,lis,rii;t t"chibii [,,r
powerful in the art of log-rolling; i„J which a lilH-ral prize is olTered, bill
deed, each tossed timhci with skill individual farmers and fruit growers
and alacrity. Mr Murphy was not should capture as many prizes as
enamored of that, sort of life, having kosslble.
something safer at home, and lefl inl	
few dins; hut his memory repaints -t   ■
the   seems   wilb colors   that  enrich AS THE CHILD SAW IT.
their tints   with ago.    Ihe brothers
hitched their chariot to a star, which]       , "      '    ,
dropped in St. Paul, where Ihey took| A ia<ly and her little daughter were
deep root ami began to spread wllh a'walking through a fashionable street,
rapidity almost sensational. Each la when tliey camp lo a portion of the
a m llionairo and each   Ives n a man-.,,     ,    ,„ ,        ,,   ,, „,, ,
sim, i(l,„s„ taut? „„,! equipment an, !i,ra|' strewn will, straw, so nf to
bi.jimil Hi,- dreams „f an Oriental po- deaden the noise of vehicles passing
telltale.    .Mrs. Murphy, when in Sup-1 a certain house. j
crior some lime ago, called on hurl "What's that lor, ma?" said the
husband s youthful friends, acompan- -, i](l   t    mh ihe   molh lki
inl hy a sistar, Mrs, Cardigan,    who ,,'     .,.'.,', ;_ , J
also   knew   than,    in   those   .isi,.,,.'"That lady who lives In that house, ,
days.    Timothy Foley married   Miss my dear, has had a Utile baby girl
Guthrie, nt Darling, ,i„,l she, witli tier sent   her."     The child thought    a |
husband, cave the Canadians a royal moment, looked at the quantity    of I
greeting.     'I. Foley lives in a home   ....      .     ,,   ...wfullv well naek-
nen that ot James .1. Mill, the noted  M,'     ' a?    i ' '      ,,,.„■' ,
railway magnate.    The biolher John «'. ™sn't she , ma? '-Ladies  Home
is at present visiting in Europe.       [Journal.
.^___ ffi
| MARYSVILLE, B. C.    n,c'"«"' -",d ^ S
ti equipped   liutt-I In  tbe **4
w St. Marys valley. .,* Commodious Sample Rooms >■.-»
ffi ffi
19Q5      NEW      1905
One of the bust boy's boots
solil in Canada
Boy's ii n d youths r o x
chrome leather boots for wet
weather wear. They are nb-
soluU'ly water tight, timde
over ii lit form lust mul buve
n soli* llml wi'iirs like iron.
Yontlis's sizes, 10's to 1-3'b
Uoy's sizes, l's to 5's
J. Leckie Co., w
VANCOUVER,    -    B.   C.
*  The most attractive line of >£
Wall Papers |
ever shown in Crnnbrook .j.
Pressed Goods         Stripe Effects y
Varniahed Tiles for Bathrooma X
Mouldings to Match ul] Papers .j.
F. J;Bradley & Co. I
^^^  .1
Ejpimlnotlnn of the eyes
Is a hobby willl MS.
\Ve examine free nml only
make modest charges when
tl_is-,L-M are nqiiiml.
Kta/,"n monntltiga help
us to t'i'.e (.aiLifttctiup.
I      W. I'. TATE fi SON       1
11 Need the Money j
X      * r Y
.1, So I am soiling some nice s„,,,„,ai weight  worsted suits Ior  US 'l(l t
.'. Il,-i:i,l.„  piiee f,„„, tjiiim to J.'i.'i.ou.  Call  mid   oxanilno   these lot X
V yourselves X
y   i
.^.;..:..,'..:..:.-:»i..:..:":">.;«:.-!,.:,.;. •;••>•!•.>•:•'
When you visit Cranbrook stop at lhc        J?
None Better In the District &
Rates (t and up.   Short Orders and Oysters rjj
served In any style from 8 p. m. to 6 a. m. ■£
The table is the best, the rooms are unsurpassed tor clean ffl
Itnesj and comfort and the bar .is supplied with the best brand jfjk
ol liquors and cigars. M
L. B. VANDECAR, Prop,       <§ I 111:   CRA> BROOK   HERALD
II. I. Stephens.
SI, Rockendorl
J. i a«-,.„,
. I. Stepbetu
Morrissey Mines U still
turning out its usual quota
ni' coal. I lie big Alexandra
hotel is sliil I iu best conducted hotel iu Hast Koolenay. Your money's worth
at all times,
Morrissey is the place to
take the Great Northern
train for Spok.*in:-the
time is 12 hrs.; 24 hrs.
to Seattle; 32 hrs. to
Vancouver .**.*-! << ■<
10  PAY  THE   PENALTY ' '".oaton hotel and several oth,
  that ..[  ;he man wi,,,  a
.. . .     nil       -.,'    ■                 n; While in Edmonton.
.   ■                              .,,,;, i    I'■" ashes ol the On wl  n
  i     .,   ipi.ii,,:l,   ui   a, .ir
, Jul.                    ih pet rets, button     hot and ey,
a. lim     trees     net
ii I 'h : ! ol
,-ward,    al
M.|,l,.u. ll.... In, ,,,..„',« anil I',„|,.,.•,„,..
Morrisscy Mini's, it. t.
llll  Bill \s nil I   mill I
li   i   fWepheat, Uwnei nml Hnprlelor,
Horrisac) June lion, It. _.
I*.*.***- v^__r_jav,».i*a* ^*\m^m~**.v9Mm
■ ■ idi m ■■  ■
Kin      mil-;    have built  In
I th   vie tin
>^RS ;   !f lou Smoke
i'i, mi i.i: s I'Miii, ",- i
ill    PROMISES  .\  II till! R  .
Al til ST FOR Till: .VEST
I Hole! S
u ...llr.a..I ..„,
lliie.ls Cunllnrl a Special!)
,,„,.,, Siabllag ni Connection
I!,.I ami .,,1,1 Balll.
.If 111
koilitts ;
SISSlM:i'.,:a.,a, _K Sill SX&SSSEBS
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
The New Managers.
l limp in anil sec ns any lime.    V, _ arc on dak 2,i hours
"S out ol the 2-1
WmWmsLWB^wsm ■   ■ mmmmm^m
■l-l-H'-l-I-I-l-l -l-i-i-i-J--I-I' l-M-l-1-1-I-'.-I-I' 1 -!■ M-1"l-W -I-'I-I--I-I-1 -I-l-l-l-
•l-M-H "l"l-l-1 -I-1 "I-I"! "I -l-l-l-l -I- ■! -I -I-I I "i I -I-I I "Il-ll' 1 I-I -I-I-l-l -I-1-•_■
ii      lust See How it Feels
lo be Satisfied
Stop at the
E. II. SM '.l.l., 'lanager
Take  notice   that  sixty  days  at!
.late I Intend  to apply  ;,. tit,   I I
Commission ol I Midi and Works • n
permission to purchase the toll, win
described l,i,„l_ ,„ South East  Kool
enay :—
Commencing .,i the s,,„tt, west
enrnei ol l..t tu. ii.,,.,. easl lorty
chains; il,.,,.'.' s-oiilh twenty chains
llience wesl forty chains; thence
•ioi tl, twenty chains to plate ui beginning.
.1   Ilaiv,-)' Staples.
Dated Juno 87, 19(15 t..',t
Notice Is hereby given that slxt;
days alter dale I Inteml to apply t,
the Chief Commissioner of Lands an,
Works for permission to purchase th,
following   described   land   in Soutl
as,  Kootenay :—
Commencing al a post planted a
liie north-west coiner ol iol Ilia
thenee m.iil, 13 chains to lot 1142
ihi-nco west ". chains to the hank ..
ilie Kootenay river; thenee f..ilo,vn„
sa,<l bank down sua,,,,, t,. ttie p.,in,
ul commencement.
James Ward,
Haled .lulv srd. ihn.i 15 nt
ti ,
it    Foi
. .
i     .        . ,
holds ti
. '.   .
t of u
di 1	
.    ter stout,
lightly ro, I,
.... took lha
part ol a     ...      tut 11-d   p,     I
pets, . .    liay-
ward „ wa. an
Englii ......:    t, : 1    1.. .. build,
bulli, malLi       .    making him
do all the   , nop d ti .    and culling
h m ti lil . .:      It is supposed
the strailei men lood it a, long a
a ' 0,11, .a d in a m ,: ,1, od, 1 manner ,'   it.d I       .,   ; unit,  and slim
J. J.
J. J.
, t
i-i-i-m-111-1 -i-i-i-i- 1 -t-1:1 •■: -h i i-i -i-i-'-;-: i-1 -! i-111-1-1-i-i-i-m-1
•l-l-l-l-I-t-l"I-l-l-I"l-l-l"!"l"l-l-:-l"l-t I-l-I-I-I.|..i-i..|..|~:-l~.-M-|..!-t-!"S-H
vv   you safel.
...Manitoba He
*   ! ilu n   mul back.    For a drive or i
##*#»*<.*•<•••*'. ***********, *&***
1 rid, wo tin, supply you with a Rood
I horse and ;t propel carriag,
The lliin.iicv 1.1 very Stables
,1   o.lml   Xl>w   Man.'..'.',!,",,!. I
D. A. McDON \l n. "lanager
IT'1' I l.iicl is in il,.' center ol  town.    Dne  rooms are I
J comfortable and well furnished, the dining room Is first J
. class, and the bar Is supplied with the best,   When you »  ■
J want a good place to sto| I   the Manil ba. t ||Wflll    PJCtUTCS 1
j WE QIVE Vol   MU i' VIC-NITS WORTH j   '
C'OOooo-:,ocm^ 000000.000000
iPrests Studios
A l*-   I'llll   0(  IK'W 5
\ Silent Salesman nt-
tached io each.    Von
arc I uui iti! io Inspect.
<.*>ik?i •'* ' 9i 4 ' ' i *■'«•■-""'•"»< J:-«. *-t> '0000000000000000000000
' When Vou
When You Buy Liquor
Buy tlu- Best =
it, nr, in ,',,', iiii i I                   :   .in tin    ii, , ,'. ill Uii J
|,.rv     li ■   i 'in   I '   II                 from u  di, iiii iunl  |i .inl I
jnsi lho thin ■     Wi  'rvlliin   iu   tin   liquoi  and    B   !
lit,,, _
\\ iiniiN.iL lit iiii ii I iquors, ml liniits
s*-> 0*6 r-rr :, ■/■>  .   •  - r .-  .   > .- -v ■■ ■■ I   ,  >  .- r
j  li C. Livery and Feed  Stables
I'lM.i .! i' -. Hiii ■ M,', nml •,". Hi h (eamB, Drivera
nn.l |..,,'k I,,,a., a [or iinj point in the district
Blacksmith .in.) Woodwork Shop
Same old Bland opposite Btation
Clean House
Bring your curtains and {
carpets to us lor washing. /
U b make n Bpociolty of wash   _
iug 0. P. B.overallB, *
Nu Chinamen employed (■
Crows Nest I
Steam Laundry $
SLATER & Mcl'IIEE, Proprietors   -
^^**t,m.** 4, **.*.*. *m-m.*m.*4
■*,-*_    ft*1 *•***'%•*■***■**■%■%'%*'*
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Ol
Rough antl Dressed Lumber
Take n ridu tu
tind  Porry C-ruolt nud slop nt
The Perry
Creek Hotel
0. BURGE, Prop.
Placer und Hydraulic Mining
right tit hand. • A Beautiful Drive and llie plane tu
spend an enjoyable day.
- , run'   oi
'Iaa      I1i.1l
■ ...     men,
: les   King
.     ■.: re .i.iai.il
!..,!,, and camp d on thi Sucke, Creek
Indian n  el
The lo ■ : a , ! Ira 1 Hay
w ird v eni to .- ii Indian woman's
I, use ami   a ■    .1   li.r two boys u.
unl  i'.on   .. and lhe I lion In. morn
.   . ,        nu      ...      lo I lay. aid
-1  |„
„ ai
ay,    and
lhe 1
. 11 pic!;
led    ih.
1 lo
Ilesh aa.l
1 suspie-
0!     the
at   Sla,e
in »
'.h   some
he 1
d the old
t look a
Lake, and who wai
that daj In ci nae
ilighl ... 1 anion
.; ftded by t
aid an.l an Id Han tl
.    :..;       I  .......        I'he
spade and -lug in tho ushes of the
i.r: I'he digging* brought to light
numerous small pieces oi charred
bones and burned flesh One oi these
witness too,; to he an enure heart,
nnd among other portions he believed
were the liver and lungs
King, In the meantime, had gone to
the Indian village ai.d -old his outfit
to a French-Canadian, lie remained
at the village t< I several days.
On Sunday, Oetobci 'J, Sergeant
A,,T,: on, accompanl d by Constable
Lowe, went to the Indian village and
interviewed King, who said' he ha.
no partner, but lhat a man had
caught up lo him al Swan Uflls
traveling with a pad. on his hack.
King said he had allowed Lyman,
be It. called the stranger, to pack his
I,,,,:, n hi • hoist nud they traveled to th,. I., ive to ;elhi i, Lyman remaining one n &ht and going iu Sturgeon late nexl morn.ng.
'ih, lollowlng ii. ;, An i.i'Mi. on the
ii, 1, ih ol lur the t lufor uiatlon,    decided to arrest King; and sending   a
patrol to Sturgeon lake to Hnd    tli
11.an Lyman, he arrested King.
'ihe following day  Anderson,    Willi
Com table    Lowe   and three Indian:
aga.n  searched   the    lire place   aud
slough near the camp.   Moosloos, one
W, L; ■•, ii   n   C    Julj   'i
Quilrtin    • ■■   .   et    t ol
1 .    1
1 ,i-       lo August -1
1   • .:' &i       v ,11   1 ... h Pacilii
■ .  cl   1  ..I  I   greai i nti . ■
leys t to 6, i a .■< rn   tatei        Warn
'....' e   will crosa    a   l   ol   11
about 2. 11 ..t a nli J wall •■    I
lern   latre II     (ool wave      I
'■'.■  t  ol  Ri ■ ,.' ....■ ;-  ■   :
tral v.iii. ya ;   easti rn  itati    0
This diaturbance will ; . .
average Intensity throughout Its
course across the contln nt Tropi
cai storms will bejj'n to 'how in-
creas n^; force and cm ol these south-
nn dl8turl>ano;8 will probably Join
the transcontinental disturbance
a1 out August 8 ia the northeastern
states, causing unusually rough
Second disturbance ol August will
reach the Pacific coast about 8, cross
west of RocUr:s hy close of 9, greal
central valleys 10 to 12, ..,
states 13. Warm wave will cross
west of Rockies abou£*8, great cen
tral valleys 10, eastern Malts 12
Cool wave will cross west o! Rockiei
about 11, great central valleya 13,
eastern states 15.
This"disturbanoe will nol he so rad
leal aa ihe preceding.    Tempi i r-i-.-
will {.u io the extremes, very low ii
ens-tern states about  15.
August promises to be a ninth coo!
er month Can July, particular.]
cool   west   nl' the   Mississippi River
Soulh ol tlie Ohio and Pol ac uv
ors, ami ensl ol lower Mississippi,
and wesl ol lhe Rockies about noi
i mai temperatures will prevail Rain
tall ol August will lie excessive from
Mis: i sippl valleys      in-   m western
, Texas      About average   rainfall    in
Xorthwesl and Manitoba; dry in north
eastern states and eastern province
|   Most severe storms ol   Uigusl   nol
far from 15, lfi and 30     An electric
disturbance about 33     Wn
iods not fai from 7, 13 air
The civil engineer is strong in hi-
legs, and the compass finding favoi
with him must be able to stand alone
Dynamite in the system has wreck
cd many homes.
The summer girl has much to do In
making matches, as anyone can see
when she sallies forth
The superior woman looks over tht.
head of her escort
It is distressing to have one's too
tied upon and not be recognized.
Girls who are not particular with
their orthography are never without
One of the joys of living is to have
association with people who know
how to tickle you.
It is poor economy to buy a cap
one's wife regards as becoming to
Some men are carried oG their feet
hy a puff.
The business of proving the guilt of
another begins early in liie.
9 ™
One means of getting a vacation is
lo lock the front dooi, folluwed by
the sweet sorrow ol not having beer,
found at home.
Tho. mosf-ulto will sit up nights Ioi
A vacant chair appeals to the ind.v
idual, but a vacant house goes to the
public with Its trouble,
Some proplc would rather go a-flsh*
ing than catch anything.
Dare arms ate popular with young
women who want H understood that
as yet  they have nothing up     their
Asl, r,,r o Pharoiih, Chamber-
l„in. h".i,,_ Ltpton or
General Brock and
,    ■■, b smoke
Suppli, I toi i i otelB by
Wboleute Wind, Llquori ami Cii'ra
LK-WIMllih. B. C.
«'.'.._..■ u'2 MJMlKja^K,! nm x. «>'_.,"«»■     m . u_t ■IS'MJUWEIWM
ss_=_DR1Nfe 1
■■';>:.ubfQGk ;;;■•;,:r! j
I . le Irom the besl malt n\l the purest water, Il Is unexcelled lur quality. „-t Ask (or
Cranbrook Beer and insist on having it. .<-•«
The Cranhrook Brewine: and 1
I   Malting' Company,   Limited 1
*tin manufacturer! ol all klmls Ol AerrlcJ ViahTi S
iH] ^  jS
There would be less objections to
vacations for the preachcis if thev
had the strength to cut out the fish
stories when they come back.
Swelled heads benefit the hatter
but sizes are not apparently affected
ttt * ^n^^
II <$^^ i
**: (2^.K.LCo.S&
'. '    X    Ctr....,^.-^ JSStW
lurtnol j,
1 .      , .n.t dressed -Jl
Ll ll I';.• and ;-Jl
Also   .'ill   kinds  ol    ;-J«
Mot 1.1,in ii.      ;-j«
MILLS u ;-Ji
J ffi ... Iii ■" and   .'♦
, rat     ok, Jl C,    ;-J_
ll.aJ Oflice, ■ l-.cbrook    ' -J*
fflw V -•_* w *y«j? # 9 * 9 V VW WW'i'-WWig
*•*•*♦*<.♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ »♦♦♦♦♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦««<4**^1*****4444
1 - - 1 1
X   • ^5£V\ * KEQUUR
iJ '.ail:
:* :-.|
gV\   J REGULAR   ,
•      '.'•   m'i \    2 IIII1CT *"'
,-;•;;..Vv. \ ♦ ROASI ,
,,'    . ..'••',''V \ 1 Panic-
•■'■'.' ',,*'.'**s\'i>a'    ♦ '   '   ' ' *      ' ' 'a"''liar
i I                 ,-' .''■',:.,','l\»iSi\\k   ♦ '■' ' quality of
4.   I                      : ' .   \.     | uf,I'.!Hlfl W I *      ■' ' * "■'   '■1'i
• '. "    ..'ail   ;']'(|     \   * ;
*          ...    ', '.- ,       '"'!.   '    ""   VI',   '   ♦ ■    . • :■■:
i. :;:'\   AuW. nw0l--/ X "■''"< ■ "" -
0 ' - -  „ :~>  f      4 9
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company
offer timber lands comprised in British Co-
umbia Southern and Columbia & Kootenay
Railway land grants for sale and to lease on
favorable terms.
These lands contain some of the finest
limber in Lhc Kootenay District.
ol   the   Indians,    found a piece ol   a
needle in the lire, and another Indian
searching the   slough   with his baio
ieet brought to the ban!, a pair    of
miner's boots and two odd soles. One
of the boots was laced up tight auu
contained a piece oi cloth lu    which
was wrapped a pair ui miner's scales
and weights, a guld pin, part ol    a
needle, which   fitted the piece taken
Irom   the fire, a gold-lilled   souvenir J   The prudent   man at the breakfast
case, a sailui s hewing palm, several table will try lo get through without
buttons and two cartridges, one emp- admitting that he has a headach
ly and the other snapped.
During ihe trial Henry Hayward, a
brother of tlie missing Edward   Hay-
ward, Identified   several of these ar-     An Ottawa dispatch says:   It    bai
tides, and swore to them as having now |)eeil ttefinitelv decided  ihat   Sir
'belonii'.d    to   his    brother,     Edward ...... ... „,    . ,.    .    ..     .
..     h   .     .    .   . .        ' . Wilfrid Lauricr will visit the North-
Hayward, who had been a Bailor and
lain a trapper ami miner, and tvhom;WBt in AuS"s' ""'' a"™'1 the lna"«-
lie hati last sain at their homo in'ural proceedings in connection with
Mumlham, Sussex, England, aliout'tj,L, two new provinces now bccoining
two yeais ago. Mr. Hayward pro-,,, part of the Canadian Contedera-
ducod a photo ol his brother, which. lion, and to be held early tn Sept.,,,
was iduiliiicil liy the manager ol the hel.
F, :■ terms, m ipa and further particulars apply to the following
i .     a,is:
,' I!,:-  Baker, Cranbrook, B.C.    E. Mollandaine, Jr., Creston, B. 0,
I, Fl. Wilson, Wanlner, B, 0, Et. & M. Bird, Nelson, li. 0.
';. i:  Brace, Wilmer, B, 0.
British Columbia Land Commissioner,
Canadian Pacific Railway Company,
Calgary, Alberta
1 oti e Is hereby given that sixty
"t,'. aftri '.■■. I ii tend to apply to
ihe ''In i C'oi ■ Isi ioner ol I.an,Is and
Works for permission to purchase ihe
following il scribed land South
Easl Kuoten -v :—
t'oinmencini   al a polnl where    the
fast boundai [ of Iol " 102, group one,
, ;,,   ,",    the   Crows     Nesl  Railway,
south  forty-one chain-:,,  more
; :       to the wesl hank ol the .Movie
l |vi r;   th nee    follow ing  the     Movie
11\i-i    ii. , n    i asterlj   dlreotlon    up*
sir, am   al ■   I     iwenly-fivc     chains.
more 01  li ■ i, '•■ the right-of-way   of
tl r    Crows   Ni  '    Railway;   thenco
the    said   right-of-way a clis- -
'ii-.' f-  ol' "■ - ._,\    Chains,    more    or.
less, to the plat e of beginning.
Thos   Caven
■ Pei 11   11   McVittie, Agent. |
July fith, llibo.        • l6-»t
Thirty days after date I intend to
apply to the Chlel Commissioner- ot
Lands and Works at Victoria, B. C,
for a spicial license to cut and carry
away timber from the following described lands, situate in South East
Commencing at a post planted at
the souih-wcst corner of lot 6484,
thence west forty chains; thence south
Cu chains; more or less lo the northern boundary ol L. Cahill's timber
license; thenee following said boundary east to the right-of-way of the
ti. C. Southern Hallway; thence following said right-of-way in a northerly direction to the southern boundary
ol lot 54fi4; thence west to place of
commencement, containing u-io acres,
more or less.
W. N. Clark.
Dated June 3Uth, 1005, M-H Till. CRANBROOK   HERALD
a Her
Bv Tlie Herald Publishing Company
' Limited.
Editor and  Manager,
The Herald is worth $10 a yc.iv,
costs   only    $'-■   Nn   man in    S „
East Kootenay can afford tu he without it, and everyone living -outside of
the district, who is Interested in lhe
progress ol this section, Bhould read
it. it publishes the news while u is
news. It Is controlled absolutclj b)
the puhltsh.'r. No clique, party or
individual dictat-s its policy. It
don'l try to please the people, li's
desire is to pubiuit a uewspaper thai
will he h credit t.. tlie community
Send in your subscription and you
w.ii be thankful ever afterward,
Advertising tales Jl pit Inch, rti [le
column, pet mouth, ii.- mori ai : :"
Heading mattet l'i i■ !.'■ in i line
to non-iiilu'itiscis ;  In cent line
to    regular    aUvettlt.cn       I     inesn
L'Cab five   cut-, pit   lim* each lusei
It you di aire 'o I'.n-h the people ot
South Easl Kootenay you must ad
vertlso in The Heral I
Th*. Herald has a first-class Job
plant, and its wort Is ot the besl
The Herald don't want charily ll
wants a suiiitt'' dcnl nit your job
work, if wo can't hull you In quality and pure, kick, anil si n 1 youi
Work to some t'hpap John liouso In
the east Ihal nevei spends a i-.-nt lu
li is announced that a do* of gas
has been suurt. at Edmonton. There
is no news m such an announcement,
_as has been   flowing   at Edmonton
■ vet sfneQ tt became affected with the
■ .tpital microbe.
W. .1. McLean, memhet from South
Vork and proprietor ol the Toronto
World, has made the grand Stand play
of his lite. When the hill increasing
ihe indemnity of members to (4,000
was brought up, Mr. McLean's clarion
-oiee was not beard, hut after the
measure had passed, the checks
drawn and all was done, "Hilly, th.*
uetormer" spurned ihr money, and
declared Ihal it was t-si-nlcd, etc.,
and then with a b\\ n -d ivd i.ie and
blare ol trunipeta studs $1,000 to the
'iiiltlivn's hospital in lus riding, Hut
west, Mr. McLean, **«: would call all
hat cheap horse play, and the people
would not swallow it-    The tacts are
dt.   McLean   is     tli.h dVoniig   Io   take
advantage ol Mr. Hordon's acceptance
■ ■I the measure. Mr. McLean, like
Croniwelt, Uas ambitions, and bv like
from well, has forgotten that "b\
ihal sin nil thu angels."
there will be little ...   no friction ta   tf***********-**********^ 1  ^w*W*>«4«a»>_«a«_»«ft««^   |
that town.     Acting togethci  means * i       -      n i | |    OBSERVATIONS   | 1 SOCIETY AM)
rapid advnuccmeni     1'uUina -X cro.-*« ■ ■      *      n ..i,.,-_. ivii ..si
purposes means stow growth, dissat ,~
Isfaction aud in many
The growth oi such a i
company aud anti-coal
eases [allure
ding as (
that town is   b mighty big mistake,-"	
and it permitted io go on will bring   ***•
all kinds of trouble upou the head., ..r
those concerned.
S McVittie & Laidlaw,
*   ,. UV J IIC HI.I' MAS ■"■
t, ■ a.- j,
*',   ~*e4*B6SS istf&itwssseseses,"
Editor Motl will lind unlimited ,.i>
I   Ilia   pi
best known   oi     liu.;ni-i.,d:;,M,nlt ,ii>:ol,-,|
!    Drnnk wbiskev b.-i eaeli night,
loneei con- ,
■      * ktiitls iti  the mo) nlug,
A limn,;
younger members >•.  ....  *•  ..v..
liii-eiit  in South Kast  Koolenay    is     ,
.Eueas 11.   small, who lefl  the .'rail.LUl" ,1""1 ' *''  UfL
ponunitit-s mr galulng knowledge the ft , ,   ,11,- diheml  In the evening,
*«*< ^ -'■■""■   . laud  when he wns sixteen years of age .  ^ ^[ ***  "C MT
 1  •  lliilil lie loot, a howl ,.,  two—
.,,..1 mined Ills lace toward tin   set ,   „„, „„ „,      , ,h(. 	
EAST      KOOTENAI [my sun. arriving .it Oolden In 181)1
Mining Engineers
antl Surveyors,
Oiu__i.Es.-r Lotion No Si
KNIQHTS   of   PVTIIIAS ni««. t. AicviTTiE, i' t. s
Cranbrook. B. C.
.1. T. LAIDLAW, lil   K
l-OHRI I'flnV
MOK.1-    I HAN
1,000 a, Week
Th«t I* t»
CI re ul till I
br.-olv   II.-
:. otihm Crun-
ttld    &    &    £>
Press room ami aulwcrip
Hon Hutu open to Investigation Ly ii.l'.eip.-eis at any
The Herald gives n dollar
in value for n dollar In money, The atlverttMir hns Hm
right to know wlmt Ih- Ir
receiving lor his money,
The Herald w one paper
that noun- iin-e*ililgntlon.
Uh.ii a quiet, ^l_i*t place Nelson
would be tlmuid John Houston die ot
move away.
\ uewspapei editor haa a pleasant
mini* in this world. He is cussed and
discussed fm whal cut he nta> do.
Faith in Cranbrook ti evidence vi
The Leilue Enterprise tells, an hnr
rowing story about a citizen ol that
town swallowing his false teeth,
That's nothing tor that country. Tlu
people oi southern Alberta have swat*
lowed i»u many things, politically aud
otherwise, that H set ol teeth more
or less, is immaterial.
The  Herald  will be found un
sale at the following places:
i ► Marysville, Marysville Druj; Store ,
< | Wardner, 0 Donahue's Store
I ; Moyie. S. K. Marvle'8 Dru* Slore ■
< » Ryan, K. P. Hnlay
< , Fernie, Purdy's Book Slore
J J E ko, llulbroiik's lldiik Store
*' Cranbrook,  Beattie & Atchison's
< i and C. L. Keid A Co.'s
K10UT l* KH.illT.
H is hard to expeel ihe people in
u town to spend money In public repairs and public Improvements, when
oiler l h  iin
the government that
anda of dollars in taxes from Hn
community each year won't spend u
cent. That is the Ox Cranhrook Is
in at the presenl time. And yoi
there i.s little or no kicking. Whal
iu ilu- mailer ? \rc the people
afraid ol their own souls? There is
not a business man in lown who
would stand the same state ul affairs in his own business. Lei a
business man ol Cranhrook pay out
money fot goods to an) Institution
und if there is nol something coming
back pretty soon, how long will he
stand for ii ? Not very long. Wi
are paying out big money In taxes in
Cranbrook, nearly twice as much lhu
year as last, and whal Is Crnnbrool*
getting in return . Look around
your streets and sec. Kl le over ilu
roads, trails ninl bridges of the district and Sec if you can find any
evidences ol inonej being oxpentlod in
the way ot Improvement. Take the
St. Marys valley. There Is a rlcli
district. There are many valuable
mining properties and the oiituers art
now anxious to develop ihem slnci
idie Marysville smcltei hns been completed, but can do nothing as then; is
no wagon road up the valley for thi
transportation of supplies. Whal is
bum,; done ? Nol a thing. Mr. Mc
Kay, the govi rnmcnl superintendent,
is expressing hope Mr. Armstrong,
the government agent, can as yet
make no promises. Tliis is on the
second week of August, Hood
weather lor work is- slipping bj.
The government have the thousands
ot dollars paid hy the people of this
district in taxes, and naturally tha
people, arc wondering when ihey are
to get any returns, Government
means for the people and hy the
people, Men who pay taxes are entitled to just treatment, no matter
whether they bo Conservatives or
Liberals, That Is all lhc people of
the Cranbrook distrhl ask for.
This is not a question nf politics
It is a question ol riehl between th,
people who pay the taxes and the
powers that be. The prnplc wanl to
see the district go ahead and with
out a single exception thej objeel t.
any unfair handicap being pine d upon this section.
The Herald, published at Urussols,
Hnl., has suspended publication and
the editor, in his valedictory, makes
the following statement:
"Tht* facts are that the Conservative party in Kast Huron Is evidently
not strung enough to make a Conservative paper in Brussels a paying
un est men t. Had the paper hceu a
paying proposition we would Imvi
ion tinned Its publication."
Thai is the greal trouble with loo
many papers in Canada. Tlmy are
published as citlier Liberal or Con
scrvatlvo papers Instead uf being published nn newspapers. Thr people tire
of polities a« a lone diet when hiking
a newspaper. They want the news
ihe community and they want ii in an
attractive manner.
Personal and political abuse, bjxo
phancy and political misrepresentation never made a uewspa'wr aud ncv
er will.
To publish a paper and depend ior
support on the patronage of either
parly simply because the paper happens lo be an orgnu «f that particular party, foccs-hndows failure at tne
start, and that very policy has seal
more papers to the journalistic graveyard in Canada than any other one
The new chief of police In Chicago
is named John Collins, lie should h,
popular in ihe morning, anyway.
Don't forget the Labor Day cole*
bration. It will be the warmest
'lung on the docket.
The Herald said at the time tb"
licenses were being issued in lhc Flat
Head country that tho governmenl
was wrong in issuing licenses regardless of location and calmly announcing lhat lhe people could light their
own battles as to title. It did not
seem r:glil ihat the applicants should
jive np MOO and get in return a pice
of paper that guaranteed nothing. H
meant 1I1.11 lhc government was taking money lor any number of licenses
on the .same ground, which was nol
fair un the tarn ul it. Hy a recent
lerlsimi of a mosl sweeping chaiuct-
,r Judge Martin has declared in
favor of the original locators and al
Lhe same tlmo said that Hie govern
ment has no right to take money for
several licenses on the same properu
The practice would Iw about like n
man owning a building ami Icnslnjt
ihal building to a do-vn or mori
panic'' lot a yenr, collecting all thi
rout in advance and then saying, "I
have lhe money, you have join n-
ccipts, fighl it oul between yoursclvw
for the occupancy uf ihe building.
Nelson Nvws The Houndary i reek
Times makes a serious charge again*)
iih- board ol Iicciims eouiuiisbioiii is fm
Houi.ddr)    disliict      in  elUi t    Hu
Times ull ■■; that thi cuiiiuussioni i •
ba\e h-e:, .u in net I bj corrupt mw
lives in ihe ishiiai Cv of Iimi i> In
stances ol Illegal iit-okid work arc
.it d au having uccun. i in eimno lioa
wiih llie kfcsiuuu'c ul lie uses ai t'.i.
cade and Midwaj Willi i.,,.u.l lu
he Midway lieonsis the runes •..!>.:
'Twq liquor liceiHiS weie grnuli tl
lur hotels     i.u I    ..i |u)  .,, exl lenee
The 1-ail could lia\i  uiowL-ilge ol
ihr clu.-s ui hotal lul which lie. i
were hi Ing gram .1 and lhe) could
not possibl". ha\e a repoii oi H«* iu-
spectot as Is roquircd bj law, slqec
ihe iiispt'i'Uii could not reporl t.-
gaittlng th* condition oi a building uf
wbiih ihe fouiHlatlon had not been
laid; bill the licenses were granted to
i loyd \ Mnnley and anothi i, acting
loi Mauley, for im othei reason than
llial MonU-y Is head ol the ring to .lu
whose hi Whig ih.* li..,mi i.f lic-ii.-e
commissioners of Houndary district
lives, moves and lias Its being." li
lhc (acts he as- slated In Ihe Times,
the Issuance of these licenses was
clearly illegal. The Liquor Lieetpe
vet provides for the issuapec of .1
license fur a building either m course
>f construction or to hu constructed
inder certain coiidilious, but those
conditions liavo nnl been complied
with and the liccnsi! fJummtssytogers
a[4»car in huvu been actuated solely
ny the desire tn secure to certain
parlies a practical monopoly ol iin
saloon business in what promises to
c a very busy railroad lown, h ti
iuidei.sto.nl ihal the government havi
been asked lo Investigate the fitets ii
* his ease and this request should cei
talnly h- compiled with iinmidiatcly.
It is well known thai there were similar canes ui ''bleeding" In tlie Kiui
Koottnay anl L-rtinhronk lleetistug
lislricis and il is up lo ipe govern-
ment- to Rtninp out ibis sort nl thing
wherever occurring, wtWintil delay ana
regardless of whose les are trampled
is were full oi ihciimatii-,
'outrat v to the   general impression
;"■• S!"-k" is ""L  ,h;;""1t!'     lr;|    m *mM* was slack;
land, but .'« bom a   1'orl II.lto.il, „„    ,.,„, ,„.,„,.,.„ ,„:
,V ,s"■■»'""   "  ' ''     S  """m   fhills ran down Hi, 4
till  1,1, ,il,  t,,,\Vt'\|.|     lis |.al. Ills  lu.,,.,1   ,, . ,
,. , „      ,      , ,   ,        ,,,',• a,,,,"',    „l,li   III'..II,I.,a,
to KrnsitiKlon, I'    i.   1 . .,,,,1 i„ „li,
Intcnti and  pawn. Mr, Small is J   M "' '" '"' cmlM" * M'"""''
lie  M.al   il   IVI.S   Itlll  , llll . '.'   -
11,11   lla li,,,',' 1,1.,,,,,'J   Ml,- 1,0,
•i alt ili.-   .'l.iiii-l,   Ming lot thus.!
who hall ''uur. thai distant land, ntul
!l„. <l,'.|» t,':i,..t !..,.' lot  thi- ul.l  il	
and  tlu-    numerous   relatives   who.
Ills .-..„ Mm,a,, \,.m ,.,,, ..,,„„.
Al I.'.,'.,. that's wlias ho   .,,.1
many   i cs    would   lake    sevetal l!    ''     " ''   ■''"ll"1 '■' "1,ll!l''"
.heels   ..,   papei  lo   1, ,11.      lln ean     \nd ho olten had swell.d luad
ihen-lorc lie lermeil "., snei'i'sslul Is   He liul.lc.1 beer,   ivine   ,.,,'.,
lamlei   al id "      l.el  a  man have     K;l "' ',l1 > rtlUn'l fuse,
l„. I„,„„|   1'    I'   I   In i.m malti up   "'' llli,m"1 'l '" 'l)'spepsi«-
 I he ean always ,■„.„„ „., .,   „.,..!     ""' I" "''"'« 1';"""1 l1"' l"'""''
Iriind in   Mr.   s II.      When   .a,:,
twelve rears ol aitc Mr. S II    em   "° '•"il '"' l":1,1"'' sU''T ';      "
lmil , , l,i, .■„„„,„„ i.,i career '■■ '   A|M| alv"u> l'1'1 '"'' 1"'eams'
e,,i,','i„5 tlie euiptov  ..I Mia   Iiiui
Kenslnalon,   ....
Ile thought it was malaria,
Meets Slid and 111, Tuesda] at S p.m
,,. Iii o.l". hall.
.1. A. A Id, Kits
.1. u   Brenner, CC.      I
Visiting   brethren   cordially Invited   PROVINCIAL LAND SURVEYOR
,.. attend.
u»M,.n...k  Iiuiii Union I'll oi Hit United j
lli..ll„rl,....J .tl .iir|>.nl.rs ami Joiner,
ol  Imcrlcl,
'litis local n,a<'!a over) I'liday even- I	
Ing al 8 p in. in L'.L.U. ball I j
visiting broiii.li eurdiall) luii,tat   j .   ,',.,.„u..,,,-.|.   c.l.
.i.a  Landry,        J   ll   Mc aid, liaillllllOk  NISU
i.n i
IJ     Mails
'■K *\*~'m*   ,i..iai.,,    night
lheir I.„ll ,.,. I,,,1,., slreet.   Sojoui
Ing Oddfellow, cordially Invlled
ll   s   M, Donald       Pbatles Binltli
N   ii Sec'y
i  KtVciiyUHini and Door Factory •
It, Tuplin «\   Co.,
He claimed he always laid awake
■   Till early sunrise beams.
;      \ll kiuilnuE lluisli work In I
, WH)  "I'   lIlHtra,   H illtloWB, tl.tti J
» huiiis. i>t_*    Kiln ilrinl liiNil.tr |
•   Krjj .r,       uranhnioii Lod|«, No. U   1 for iiisiilo wurk    Our work ii J
*.r.4A.M j Lu.ir.iii.'.'l .u. i i.i.i prie.a nro ,
''■;.,■        -. i ( an I is fnc lory      Sen fii    (loon J
V,' —    '-        Itt-gulai meetings on   I •
/ '■ v-*   the  third    Thin iday    i ,
*■ .- »i everj month       j Roii}«liand Dressed Lumber 1
\'lsltlti|   hn thren wttcomeil I J | ,,r ^n|c *
L   Patterson, Sec'y.    It * \
he   munificent     i
tore, drew mnlasi
in tho back  m,
Irom the lish ami
rally iifiefpl      H)
I'*'1     Alas! 'twas but a ruse;
';'.  lie blamed it onlo c\ r; thin
all'el     Mat he never blamed the bt
om Mu* I
the ^^^^^
l' hiiuscll gen-  |1(s liVl.r ncrttcd scraping
\u! his kidneys had n
IU* swullowrd lots ol bitters
Till at last he cleaned' Ham
I lis legs were swelled with di
Till he h.i.l tu cut his shoe
Ile Mginod it on the doctor-
Hut lv nevei blamed thi  hi
up to the point  wli,ii  he was d'aw-
iifi $2(1 ;i month,     Uut ihat watt the
limil. and people iu those days looked
upon him as lho coming J, 1). Kockc-
ller of that community, and lho old
ladies nl his circle of acquaintances
ivondercd   what In lhe world a    boy
lould   do with   so much money.   Mr. !Thcn to had {hc lrwnenS(
Small was infected with the microbel   Atu-*. h(, ^^^ 1VlIS and
if am->itinu, and hr had heard Ihrough  pirKl |u, h|,., .|i;i tovpr
1 llistfllU relative of a country calledI   n n h(l 'n(ld ;ll(. hh^es.
■ u last he had a funeral;
And the mourners had th;
■ And lhe epitaph carved lor
Ile ii'\ei blamed the boon
What Cranhrook should have now Is
a government building, nnd what It.
more ihat i.s Juki what the town will
lie granlod nt the next session ul
parliament.      The   Cranbrook   posl
(lice tu-.Iay does nunc business than
any other town in ihe Interior with
the exception ul Nelson, and that ti
'he basis on which appropriations ate
made for new buildings.
The great crop of the prairie country means a lot for ihe lumber districts of British Columbia.
(Haws, n Dally N'ews.l
Civil servants yf Yukon no lougei
will be permitted to meddle in politics.
(.'i\il servants all along the Hue to
attend to business only.
Yu'ou council personnel will hi
People to have more representation
n council.
Constitution ol Yukon council lo be
Future elections in Yukon will be
conducted so as to be above suspicion.
Annexation to Uiiiish Columbia not
entertained iu slightest at Ottawa
aur desired in llritish Columbia.
Dominion government prepared tu
do what i.s necessary to bung about
dtnolopiiKiit Yukon s fcivnt laitenl
Strong and business-like representation oi Vukou's ileitis should lie made
•o Ottawa, whicli government feels
Aili bring lhe water relief needed.
Indications thai Ottawa will do a
much or more tor Yukon as site did
,n giving *.2,.riiiu,unu to develop tin-
ish Columbia lead proUucUon.
Strife reaped on Yukon has -sei
country hack leu years.
Strife must be cut out,
New coiiimissioni r will nol m
party to petty s(|tinbbles, (Meaning
doom of pull-Heal jobber)  in Yukon.)
He comes wllh no obligations in
-strings, and witli lull power to do
tin* right ihiui. fm miner and Yukon,
Pernicious panics have caused
V'Ukoti in Ih- viewed outside with
alarm by capital.
Spell  llllist he vamiuish. .1.
New tlovernoi will take lulvontage
of Liiintes ol pas!
Future brlghlei (ban past, and
every thing lo he dune iu make Yukon
grcal lodestuiic capital and the ener
getic pros|}ector nsslsttd.
Pio.-ip.eioi pru-lstd above all othei i
Laurui, tllivrr ami Thonipsoi
Oliver may vlsh Yui-on this sum
All Yukon should pull logcthei
Dr. Thompson unreservedly Indors
I.    0.    E.
\\ P s .1 Uorrow, \\ S A
.M Black, Aerie meets at 1.0.0
K. hail 1st and 3rd Froday
t'l; tNUKOOK, li C.
tleets every 2nd and 'ith Tuesday   In
"Good Templars Hall."
Visiting brethren cordially invited.
A. McCowan, t U.      J. Sims, Sec'j
1.  O.  G. T.
Meets everj   Fridaj  iiiglu above Patmore .- Store.
Come and join lhe Happy Band.
or in
a re
ENEAS 11- SM\l-L
British   Columbia, a    strange    land
enveloped in the glamour ol romance,,
from which tales were wafted of men age illliviiIual :
ul with a spirit <j
lion and reverenoe, Too often, such
l<eople feel ns f the) must give ex
1 rcsslon lo iheh feelin s, and instinctively turn to Hie columns of tlu-
lirsi newspaper, with the hope llml
theii dream nl nature, which Is reall)
.. horrible nightmare ol poesy and Ig
imranco, will bo given publicity anl
ihtts form as a descriptive writer a
foundattf.n of granlto, The Calgarj
Herald has had some experience along
ihis Une nud the latest Is n wild
ecstatic, delirious conglomeration ol
words, nieunl to he an artistic description ..I the beauties of Banff.
Here is one paragi
.nd  thai
nough ior   the stomach ot ui
vho found yellow guld, of lauds lad-j
ned   with heavy  limber, of valleys;
Overhead, as il blossoming frum
stalks of sulphur, great popples of
red light nodded and swunj.   Over
rich in agricultural  possibilities,  A. .     . ,
though only a boy in years he stur,l-| ^^AA. r.iS",l°
ily set forth on his Ions journey,
reaching Golden in safety. Fropi
there he went io .McKay's ranch nt
Sinclair, In the Windermere country.
Perhaus it was nut the golden land lie
had  dreamed   of,  and  in-ilups      thnl
1   The new editor o( the Golden fSlai
has evidently h;- n  in the newspap
very 2ml Wednesday and 4tl
ut h   o'clock In Oddiellow:
«KS III ini'. Ic.ilicrottli. Pianoforte
nique, phi
asins anil
lo touch,   teach
grading ot stud
Kur j'.,,,
Co.'s Iiiui
.1. lllal'S .If
.ply ,'. E   Reid .-.
.lolm W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe .ind
Harness Maker
(Mil shoes made new.   All kinds
nf rcpairius;.   (Jive me a call.
i'ii .N'HROOK,  11   U,
i Cranbrook   Foun
dry and
Machine  Shopt
McKinnon & Johnston j
wiiril dawn was
of color, slrennis ,., lh.,rn-rt-d
water wimpltng thrott.h thlds of
ice-grccn air; tlie lorest-sea looked a loamy ..li,,'.
.iiuaniiL' \u'ht received ,i  sever.
.ack in his estimation, but be a..    ..,     ,        , ... ,,„„..,
.1 for    tu„' i.ti-siitj-MS tor some   tunc, as ii sbowi
sliovcl, worktd in tlie .^.u
dishes in ui,- kitchen, nn.l in liis spatu
imiiiiims fished an,I luii,,,,I ami picked
may, lit- „,nt '„ „„i'a an., to,    i„.» -     -.,,,.     ,       ,.   	
years   he labored   .villi a pick    and "'""' lh' l,,l!mul,S ""'" lu* "i"'" '
.. .....   .... ..., ,.. ,, ,•,,..„   wa.hcd     ■'  ""'" ;n •' ne'S'i'iorliig town   sa:
the   other day :    "Ii   the newspap :
n an I.n vv how manv knocks he geU
up li matio,, ot Iho , ir b.|W.iu,l    I-   tad.   he    «'o,,ld   adopt
s,„l„,l  ilia ways .,,,,1 habilH „t    Ihe another calllnB."     Bui ho does kneni
,1 has learned    to expect It.     I labia he v.,-,,'. to Windermere, iluingInjwspnpei    man   who Is a successful
level  !„• could   und pari ol    the editor is cordially   haled by    ever)
tine   working al 'odd   jobs toi   the hypncrilc in his lown and locality,
roverntnr-ut under li,•..,',,,' Goltllc, now -
„ thu L'ranurool, gove. ul ullioes,    «t«n the alitor ut a newspapet
astei tor    that WamKl Ior Ihe uon-appearanoo ol an
..,-■   imm Item ol news iu lhc paper.   Some In
I. itisutcl dividual will see thai  some menthol
il  i„   the devel- ot bis lamily    has heen   overlooKcu
„i ,,i :!,,• euumry ami will al onco jump i„ lho conclu
ivho   was then   payma
ilistricl.     In  18115  lb.1
ii..1.1. n   io   lhc   fori
was greatly
upnicnl oi ilia
1 Mj|  sion thai the editoi has done i,   tic-
J()      j  ,'.,.,se I,a haa some spile against tiiln
years'Thal    is ,, big   mistake.    No   real
ace newspaper ciitertulus (eeling ol spito,
I-'arni.' is bound ,„ be a la,^,; plnr,,,
and what Perntti needs jusl now is
,„<trc ot the Kernle spirit air.-t less
.'>f the individual. With a big company
like the foal company in char.;,* ot
th., chlel Industry, il is an easy matter lur kickers to arouse uureasonat,!,'
prejudices among the people. The
Coal company is Interested in tin, development „f Kernie lhe same as the
rest „f the people, and if the management act wt'h common sense and
tact, displaying a willingness to deal
fairly with ilie people, and the people
are willing lo concede that corporations that have invest,d millions also
have rights thut should be respected,
Murk Twain was visiting II. II
lingers, who ltd tbe humorist ir,,., itie
"There," he said as he pointed lo a
bust of white marble, ''what do yuu
think of llial?"
It wits tlie bust of a young woman
coiliiiE ber hair.
Mr. Clements looked at it for a moment, and (tu n said :
"It isn't true lo nature."
"Why not?" Mr. lingers nskrd.
"She ought tu have hel „,_uth [ull
| of tuiipiua."
I Ur. Small boughl lh,
llolel „n ,1, i'. Itiirifl., \,
pa, ,11.1 nl l\. ('a,1,1, ul I!
ilie  tunnel's ilvalli.      Im
nml ,, half llr. Small mad,     ..
lot llie stage a most populni one, hutm warns lhu news ami in ease wli
the oponlng ul il.e .- ,  line lo the „ ,,,,„ „, „,„, ,,,„,, nol appear,  it
si,uili and lho plain,a, ..I a boat    ..,, ""'"-'"
lhe K naj ehniigtsi Illlous l» »"»P'I' ""■""-■   ll0 ,"1""1 1,a*"   ""
in that country. Mr. Small disposed hoawl ol It. We have been I'oastcil
ol lus Interests iu bis hotel to John many lim.'s for this, whan the lanli
Hull,,,an.   piesaiii   g.,ven,,,,, nl   agcul »',,« nol uurs  hut lhe mbe, fellow's
al Golden, and went to Holden lo, .,  , ' „    ,„„,. ,,„,    ,, ,..,   .„a
short visit, and then slatted foi I',,,, I"1 a iiewipapr-i have the ne s, and
Steele uu lhat tup he met W. T, il »'H I"' I"•'"■ '■ l'"» l '" '""''
ltei.l, and as a rosull went lo Wanl- and nurse youi wrKlh and say, "Oh1
ii r and opcni-ii a store loi that s.i. Itlil [_n0w „.,„liln't print anything
llenian. Later Ilu Weill tu .Ilo)',' , ,„„„,„ ,,. „,,. (,„„,,,, ••
and look charge ol a hraneh store lie- 'l""" "" "r '"> '-""")
longing   lo   air. Held,   where hn   ,.-' 	
inainisl until hr. eame lo Cranhfook.     ll has   been so hut  lh,' past    tow
Sunn after his arrival here be    look'||a.._ nm. _von the Herald devil l,.t
charge „f a hraneh store lhat    had .  '   ,.,,,
just   been oprned   by tl.   II.   ailpln,]"00" K,° mB'
wilii whom he remained until ho opened the Cosmopolitan hotel in a now     Tliere are a lot ol people on    Hits
litoek thnl had   been erected   a short rurlli   who are no B',>-'i   when    nun
time   before   by N. Hanson.      For bH,ttll30 ,|,.y Wrro neglected hv   their
Ihree    years   Jlr.   Small   made lne ,  ,.„„,,    ..,.,,,, ,,■„„
Cosmopolllan a most   popular host- |,'"inls -IS <"lMle"'
tery.    lie  retiretl   from ihe Cosmopolllan   and   a short     lime after ho     It is very funny  to the nowspapcr
opened a holel iu Marysville, hut lhe puhH.het' to have some man slop an
[allure to build tlio smeller at   thai   fl      , ,,„,„ „   tttout llle rason ,or
tune made, the move a„ unprofitable       . ..       .        ., ,   , ,,
ono. In December, 1002, Mr. Small s" ll0-»;' oomeliines it looks as it
was appointed customs oflice, tor moral courage is a scarce article
this  district,   whirl,   olllco   lie held with some people.
from January t, IHOU, to January I, 	
tfinr,, when he resigned, having again ~:— ,., ;.,-,,,,,,, t
secured control of the Cosmopolitan A» '''"'"' '" Manitoba lell dead of
hotel, which he now manages. Mr, heart disease tlie other Jay. One of
Small bas always been popular in his subscribers. l„ok the trotthlo lo
Ibis district   and in Crnnbrook, ami Ciln „, ,hc 0rnM „„,| l]auk Mm (or ,,
W. I-. GURD,
B.irrisler. Solicitor. Etc.
Barristers, Solicitors, lilt.
lu.eli block Crnnbrook, II. C,
I       C, H. UUNBAK       j
u   Barrlster> Solicitor, Notary    «
t* Public, Etc. }
j;    Cianbrook,     -     -     li. C.     1
4 it
isb9 *t:9 »*ji ♦ 9 9 ♦i ♦+♦ ♦ * * ♦ *.•*•» * tr .I
lilts. KINO & QREEN,
Physicians and Surgeons
Oflice al  Residence,  Armstrong Ave
Forenoons - - - . 9.80 ,.,   II
Afternoons 1 3H to 3..10
Evenings 7.3U t., s 30
CRANUROOH ::    ::    ::    ::     H_ C,
I, , . | „    ...    ,.   ..    ... |.. !..., ., |.,, | 4 ,,.
Dr. Connolly,     -j
5    Physician and Surgeon    :
S Office on Armstrong Avenue   ■
.'   Hours :—0 to ll a m , . lo I   S
J   p.m., 7 to n p in.  'Phone 108   £
,.',,','.l   lo
la    Uf    IV-
r w.
irk In
•,,,, und
,1. ti
•£ Scientific     llol'St'slliieillg    n j
4 'lhe Leading Store Foi t
l>R     P. E. KINO
I, l„ 13 a.m.
I i„   i; |. in
7 In    8 ,. in
a an I residence i.n Annslroiu
ukaMii;ook, k. c.
ITlllM-.RV   .
HAKELWDOD 111-: CRIi \M   4
Prompt Hainan .
A R M *, I H O N 0
Roiel *
). R. DOWN1.-S,
A Short Drive
From Victoria
People ol Sunlit Last K,,,,1-
enay wlu, visit Victoria should
mil l..il lo visit Goldsti'i-.iiii. .-*
ll is ilie tourist's paradise.
•j; J. Edgar Davis |
Fiiriin,'.', Boilor, 1-tnngn
no man   can name   more   nr betlci ...  ,        ,     ,,
Iriends.     lie Is married ami has    a "'"/""'   ,u"
iil.asant homo   where ha   lives with shock was loo   much lor the cJ,t'
his wile and one child. and be dropped dead.
II to 12 a „..
I to   li p.m.
7 to   8 p.nt.
Oflice in new Reid tiluek   »*,•
CRANBROOK, B   V. X        All descriptions of atone, f
-__. -.... X work undertnkon. I Irtlora lefl -,-
... and _*i.eplfiOG w,„'k :, Bpeuiitl- ...
X iv x
T1IC   llOHSt'S   PLEA
Up hill urge me not,
Down lull imt me nut,
Ot, the plum spaie me not
.1. 1). MoBilIDE'8
And iu cnse'ol sickness call-up -^ will reeelvu prompt nttonllon  -J-
DR.   CROSS     VBTBWVAHY   StIKIl.ti.N   ..
'   and ItllRSt DliNTIST       A
CRANHKUUK. II I'. 'Pkun. 7.   •!•
I'. O. Box 851
<^>-:-<'<~>^^->4^..}^..>.>.x--:--;-4! TUL   CBAKBBOOR   HERALD
CL   +3
? a
tu     W
•■fi   K.
° -8
*-< «j
fl     1-1
ej    C
*« £   +■ O   0   **
>* y
rt   **
*^     3
s >-
B   c
n  3
r1   a,  t.
8 *3
S   2
B   S   2   |   6
8 ^
Q,    w
-n OO
.5   PT
'9 J
C  Ui
,a S3
|  J
ui   J3
I   I
« £*
^3   c   B
—- C
£ I
rj P*
W 4-1
U 3
■Jjm^—_*»«»*-*»?***'**«a«XT7_yy--acya»- g--'   -'*TKM
1 new Stationery«
I, yi,,,,  who is on the Staples
lug  train, broke a linger the   othei
! day «li lo connecting a,, all brake.
mi   i nil.',,n Is ,„,,, „, charge   o,
* I ibe sl, a en .in" on lhe Staples   log
.lust   X'
,.,l   ii,.n, the mam,-
new  lln   ol papei
shades and shades
. ami envelopes     I '..
nil papettes   35c
i;t:l'.\1  SN ti'
: Beattie ^ JHtcbisoti j
_ *
J     See oar Jr.,; a.i. 01, 1st page.    *
* *
t Aed  Up Abuut lhc City   by  Ashley
Questions ol N""' ''"'i'1''
_. i
Lei let, is
town ttus week
C. Gerottx, ..
town this weak
Mi    and   Mr,
Bayard last Su
Miss   Armsti
at Klmberley
w   V.   Oui
Bake, hill is
v.   .1   Atch
sp,,.,  las!  Su
rial.,i.e Darling spei
last week With tl i.'Uils
Wanted—Position as
Aj.ply lo Miss Diet
Woods visil
is \i.ltiu,
,,.1 ,'   Ross
I Bull in■',
,;,,.n'. - s. l.-.l dayi
as   Btcn„apliet
bos 187,   Cranbrook.
Two liont offices, second floor Watt,
,.! VI
id  M,
Ilea la  .1
torla, was th,
Westman lh
P..'„f       ,»
he ,...,, cone
block, loi
ll   McDonald
guoBt ol Re.
past  week
William Small
.■uasl'i'.i a lime
iu locate there
John McDonald, ol Bayard wa li
town yesterday on bin tness i onm i'
...I with Ins hotel
Mi:, T. T. McVittie, "I Fori
si,, le, was visiting Iriends ,,, , ,a„
bro k nevtral days Ibis week
Don McKay says he „
tietor,   I ..
lias       I'll -  will be a help
i a. annual Sunday school pi,, i'
ol ihe Pre bylerlan cliurcli will >!
I., l.l ,n Thursday, Ait| ii ' I
Miss .1,, .ie ll.i, ill, ol ,„im<>' Col
» .. vivltln. I.--, m, 'I-'. Hi • Oil.
Wl ,n,   ol IVnrilni i   lasl week
Hi,    v   Hyde Utilel   Ravi   .
shot,   Tu,   la,   ifl .a"' "    ihal  prnvri
11   Html   llllll   I'laaaa;   al,    aim
M... «.,,,! ami 111 - I'ot'le bave r,
Intn ,1 Irom Slrdai   wh, ,c  Ih ,   Imv.
le ll      maail,, II      I, ,     'I     Pa«l       Iel
SI '
at, I
Hie I    i tlit.
,.      ' .
W    11   Wilson
, and rl.il lien nil
tnl I Sit Iai l„
tetuiiie,) hot, .■   la, ■
ml    I
I.S.l      Ir,      .
,. V.'l    I
Mia   (li
ha', a   ton
ll,,'   |.a.I   I... l.ll
Ilall . la,
\ McCallum
have be n cam|
.-, Mnl ys ,,,i
Saturday lasl
S llliharils la building ., conilori
aide luhlit on lo Ins hotiie, which \, ,1
l„. used lot a dm lie is having ,
, re place put In
M,ss King, uhu bas i„.„ vlsllini
liIotKls at Cranbrook Ioi soma ttma
1 it Thtiisday on hei return to he
home in M,,,,,,.,I
Hiss 1!   Nnwbui
In n is
i.o'.. but
,  paid a vi,
nejw   mm,!,
lit   !., Cranln
\      Hal
It, whu t,r
legs al
•pit.il I
.MIS  able
nel to
a, unlay
„I In
I Im, ,
I he  I,
Mrs. DoVerc Hunt, who ba
vlsllitig   points    along   llie
coast, retuutlng home I
iiiuiii |,ie.is,.l wllh her trip
Mis  t'  lla,.'.ill, ol Klmherlc;
,u !..„ n   lho flrst nt the week
nlends   lo leave her    tiv„ girls    in
lown In ".. in school here.
., s Carter, district passenger
atiut t' r the ,-' P It . was In town
Tuesday ami Wednesday arranging ioi
.peeial trains lor Labor Hay.
Tha authorities should put a stop ti
last riding on the principal
the town.    Su.ue time sui
[tl burl by this reckless practice.
.1 Choi llteh, ,,,' Vancouver, arrived
ii i'i„,,.i',a.l, Thursday. Mr. l'lu.,1,1
[toh lias accepted a position as uon
..,1 nllal clerk tor V. Hyde Baker.
t ne ni our alarm clocks is sine lo
iwak.it \,„i Out ui 20b clocks suld
n, ilie v.as detective. Pretty gnoii
Wilson, tbe jevveloi
ii   head    ..1    work
■cts ut
e will
i.n I. .-h '
w    ,',...
.jises,    WCl,
or further
ivlte Hi   ,'
rook, It  C.
A. Sullivan.
t Rei    Wesi
ie ks, ri turn,
o   prepare toi    the op ning ol
The iimily ol Sim Barnhardl
,ive lu-m visiting Toronto and
asl. rn poin
who h.i-
I'JUO  to  IC50.
call  on o,
, VS., Cran-
men the e,ues!
he past    le,,
■ on this wee!
,1 l„
hist  Oi
net With a s,
b.  having ,,
Pan haa
ol hard luck
,l'e eKp.Cl
„ ptemt ei
1).,!,     Hi,
accid nt la
bis kiie. s ,
having   bll
,.ast  tew la, ,,;!,'
.Miss   Heme  Williams,   sistet   ol   M
.Villlams, assistant managci ol th.
Royal hotel, pass,,I w,ih high honors
,t the examination ol teachers hel,
ecrnlly al Victoria
Here is a new one George Hog
..ih ..iis that a bunch ol sweet pes
.„ s bung n, a room Will iline evei;.
;, out 'll.e remedy is a simple on,
nd i.u: '■ <• easily tn..i
ll,n 1 nal cul 1,1s I a a, last S.,111,
lay while taking ., stoppct oul ol a
• „.!•!, ol me.il. lne The aecldenl
nn la D ,. ■■' Indlgnnnt that he
vou!,,. :  lain  lhc mcdii n..'
Hiss 1 ox, ol I man. Ont . stopped
.fi nt i ■. ii i . ., ■ Saturday on he,
return Irom tho cna I to visit Vlctoi
nil William Rollin who were lot
rwrly i     lent   ol I.ueai
I, ihluiil . is pre| ior a    hie
tll|      :    ; ,     lla , 'ml,'   1
,       rO.lt      pi, 1, |'l    !'■'!",!     a  al    111
,i   a   are , I      "   ' ■       ■     lo al
ilely eomp.-tition
\     1      \\,.t ,    a    lip   IM,,.1   WalM
.   I      S'.„   ..1 I.m,        I,:    .,   1 I'M     -l„V    „
,,«,:      M,   Watt!  saj     :h."  hn	
,-M  „  ■!, till       '!',!,',   tits  'a,11  I'
tepl a,,... ' .parity
S.,\    take a Imdl am "i -I  '-.a,,  slot,
,  im i|. na ., a   ,,    | then, Is   un
pap i   straw    "i  oil,,',   Inllani
iht,   main Inl     I 111    v eaitu i   I   dan
■ ,       n ., ,- "      .a, i a,,,,,aa. sboiil,
10   Ilk. Il.tl)   , M I M'l a
The    llll.,1.1     waa   lOld       Ihi,   IM"'
■bat Tom Hi.lav .a.,"hi n trout ,,
<t  Marys lake last week thai weigh
■ I :,i pounds, I, was ... lame and
,0 game that i, had ,.. be shut l.e
■nre ii .,'oulil Le landed
II. Ai„,st,,.„i„ whn hu ben, vilit-
Ing at lv iml,,', ley lul tbe past two
weeks returned home yesterday [ ,p
Rev. Westman went „. Hoyle yesterday tn nl,end „ business meeting
,il tin, Mettiodist church in lhat town
Peifect slith! ,s a ,p,est,on oi pei-
ect sdjustmrltt, a mechanical process
which we accomplish withs^lasses.
We would lie pleased to exanone vour
yes it they annoy you at all- Win.
R Tale It Son, Graduate Opticians.
A a Richardson, "1 Vancouver,
Insurance adiustir, has been fixing up
[he loses ot the recent Pcrme fire.
He stated to the Herald the othei
lay iTi.it there were twenty-four insurance companies interested, and
that 'ill policies weic involve:! ill the
Harry Drew, nt the North Star
hotel, Kimberley, was in town Tuesdav cvcnini: attending a meeting of
iho Royal Arch. Mr. Drew remained
over Wednesday looking after some
msiness matleis. He says that it Is
till quiet in Kimberley, bm then
hat is nnl news.
Word from Mr. and Mrs. Rogers
.nd Miss Dclahayc is to the cflect
■hat the parly are having a f,n,: time
,n their trip to Portland and Intermediate points.
Rov T, Allien. Moore, secretary oi
ihe Lord's Day Alliance, will be In
Cranbiook on Tuesday, Angus! 15th
['here «i',l !„• a public meeting in tli
Baptist church at S p ,,,. that da]
it which Rev. Moore will spenk A'l I
hose inter, sted in :1m mainta ,,,,,", ot
he Integrity oi tins sacred ,la) lie
nvlted to I e present
Tho members nf the Raplist rhurcli
;ave tii.it iiiuia.il picnic I.m,  Tbnrs-
Last Fiidny evening atou*. 7 o'clock
an alarm of fire was turned In lion,
lhe .' P It slalicn, and within a
few minutes tin' volunteet company
had a stream ut watei in action The
lire was in one ul lla office rooms on
,t,o _i„iii„l Huni Una had been vacated ioi rcpalis, and u ia supposed ihal
some iuiK,n thai had been placed ui.
the eeilinn to pin n.i It" loose plastering Irom tailing, had I'm" 'U'^
ay a,, exposed electric light wire.
Some uf ib,' railway employees at
,h. station hail a hose cutiiicctcd vet)
quickly iu ibe lap used to luraish
water tu the passeiiget Hams, and
his aid an.l ilie local hilg-
wcrc very sum, eMiu-
„l .1,1.1. Alio Chlel I'il.» an.l As-
ula..l Chiil Bradley «'"■' sallslied
li.it llture was uu mure .'"■
iusc iM,a tolled up uu ll"
;ak.n back in lhe i'"' '"
rigade had lunl') t"1'""
nt another alaim .,' "'s
rum ihe l„,l and ll was
n. ui ihe   residences   „ a
,.le  ll.e   na,,,-
In a flash Ihal crov,
wera  uut oi   lbe  bm
1 ol
111  llle
ind on the .mun' 'or Hi'' acw
lisaster     And u surely loo
leaping up
lhe t..si   i'
I was .,..1) a
an! .
,1.1 be seen
,i some u,
anal'.lv il
ip, bill ,1.11
,ui 1 the
■i spoils were indulged In and every
.iu- reporis having !,.,:! a „.»>.! '■»"<:■
Mr anl Mis John Scott, ol
Dauphin, Man , aie visiting Mr. an.l
,li. t has Magce this week, They
have Just returned Irom a \isit to lib.
parents at the coast. Mr Scott ,\a.
onnerly a dispatchet here ami hm
,.etter hall ,s an old Cranbrook ci'i
.■a Consequently, they have man)
:i, ■„.!. here who are delighted tu
ien w  iluu  acquainlancesblp.
Charlottetown Patriot, August lal:
Mr. Mttrdock McEaehern, Cranhroos,
!t. t'.. Mis. McEaehern an.l daughlei
.ini,.-.! here by last evening's train
Mr, McEaohern w.m (ormerly oi Ll
iuii, Bellast, and is „ brother oi Mi.
'i.n li McEaehern, \,ho is superlu-
tending the laying ol ,.,ils tn the
Southern Blanch railway Mr. Mc
la'a.heru lias teen absent iron, the Island lot sixtem years, eight nf which
be -pant m lliiiisli Columbia. He
,,i..;„,s.'s spending a month visiting
friends on tbe Island. Mr, McEaehern expresses bis pleasure at seeing
so many Improvements in Charlottetown since he hit hero 16 via,'.-, ago
.1 I. Brown, ot Kamtoops, was in
lown yesterday ami went up to
M.u,s,ilie this morning. Mr. Brown
'us the advantage of representing
Kuril  &   I'n .   ,!„■  filial'  mamifaetiii-
,.l    in
I,   tne
Miss Hans
Mrs. F la
f,u Vancouv
:n Seattle,
Salt Lake
„. wbo has hern vlsfttnl
Smip'on, let, vesti'iil.iv
r She will visil fiirnla
Portland, San Francisco
,,:,!  Denver before  ret ill, i
to her home al Sioux I'll)', la
0,|1   a  "la
meeting with
lal i and lhe
brallis, "Knit.'.
ner," nn.l "Kui
.,. I e, nmlng I',
nut ibe Kooten
pure Havana
more are n ar.lt
ialio,.      Su. I,
the approval of the
'onsumer, The three
Own," "Kurtz Plon-
i/ Spanish Blossom"
eat lavnntes through-
iys 'lhe cigars ale
nl,:...,, and what is
by ll,,,i,h Columbia
a cigai     uml sueh
company ate entitled i„ tlie snppoit
ul Uu, loieis nt cigars and these
[acta, coupled wllh Mr, brown's pop-
ilal.ty whaleiel he goes, will soon
make Kurtz' brand tlie leadci In lbe
HIE   C, 1'   li. OFFER   SPECIAL
' again the value ol tin dernWtment
has been lully deiiiom.ua.ed and the
willingness with wh,.!, each ...ember
work, when ihu.' is any sign ui
.ian.er. On this lasl occasion several
,,i ihe boys gut thoroughly soaked
,vuh wait, and oue oi two suns oi
clothes were damaged. And yet one
.oul,! heal no kicking, no complaints,
only ihe expressed satisfaction ou
Uie pail oi nub thai they were in
time to prevent any serious damage,
Now here ,„ al! oi Canada is tliere
a better volunteer lire brigade aud
nowhere is there a bumh oi boys who
are so willing and seil-satriflcing.
The Herald fuels calkd upon at thi.
:ime lo say a word in regard to the
caiil.ss setting of lius in the lown.
iiieharj St.wait, who was responsible lor tbe big busli lire in a dan-
.eruiis locality, secured permission oi
Kite Wardens Kink and Ryan to burn
what be called a small lot of rub-
lush. With a wind coining up suddenly, as often happens In this sec-
lion, in all probability one oi mote
line residences would have been des
troyid by fire. Such carelessness i:
criminal an.l should he slopped. There
is too much at stake and the law Is
strict enough on matters on ibis kinu
lo meet all emergencies, Tlie fire
wardens will give no more permits
unless tt,,,)' are assured that tliere is
no danger, and if permits are secure!
by misapprehension in the future there
will be trouble lor the guilty party.
At the nm ting ot Cranbrook Aerie,
No. 1170, F.O.E., on Friday night, the
inli.,wing new ollie.'ts wire. Installed
to   supply   vacancies :   Past Worthy
ill. TELLS OK 'llll. i'i.,a  ,
Ld.iui lletald :—lu reply to your
iequui lur a une!   ace.unl ui    luj
iLit-iil   Mall   lo   liu   i'lall.a   I'll	
. semi )ou the luli.wui. :
Leaving here uu .Luiiu.iy, Jul., .. i ,1)
when ttie su,. was bcauuug .to..,, ,u
;iu degrees iu the a..«,.., i talht.
..■area l would ha.e a "nu. lime'' ui
a, bui reaching Pevniu I tuund that ..
,„cc lam siorui luu __ui.\i ttie at-
ulUSphel'o and alsu ll.e dual, a.u ilu,,.
ibete uu ibe trip was eeriuiiuy ue-
.igtt'ltul,  no dual tu bothel  Iiul heal
a, UlaeuUltOl't.
To say I was dollghtod will, what I
saw ,s io sijuak miidl). in lbe a^-
rieuliutai pans ,.t the praino iltcu
were signs ol great acuitt) ....
prosperity. All uus lite and uu.
noticeable feature in tiavelling was
ue guai uuiiiuer u, young n.en „,.,,
vile lu ne lui.Jul all ainl.f, in, li.a
us y ,e,v eldel'l) people were ,„ ■".. i
nee.     un ,11a mam iin,- u,  ,,.,- ,     ,
i   iinm   illoose   ,i„,\  ana,,, iluu Mt,
,i,ll.iii   Head   anil   aa   lal    ...   11, ,,,. i
leautnul bclds u! grain, II.m.im
pent my bu)ln,uii days un a la.i.i \
out, a deep luletcst m a,I I eoule
ee Rescuing Brandon 1 inquired _.
o crops and the repl)  was    "ii a,
lime throe w,vl,s more good weaUie.,
will not know  vv La i iu .1,.    will
uur money." How 1 siglie,, a. ■ i
ali.ed 1 iial only   twu week   lioli
Jays and 1 woulu uut be there
ihow them what iu do .villi ,,   Uu,
iuch an introduction, I started  ,.
perhaps a Iii lie delirious, bui i   uo
-allzcd tlie truth ol lbe statcnieni.
in,    every side    was   wla.,,, gooJ
can    stlaw,    line     head   ai. I  iii,,:..
well        1  stuud   an.l   looked  ,,l     i;
Down iluough ilie Souris district,
Inn iu tiariney, an,,ss iu Elgin, ut
vest in Alameda ami all through ...
ection there were llie bright, i proa
.ecis.    Su fai  the)  were tree    uu..
rust   and   ilie general vetdlcl    v...,
"this Will be a Ueulll huai.el IJ,
On my return 1 visited lhc Brandoi
exhibition, it was huge s.ieci-.,.. Th,
machinery   d.pattiuiiit   was   perhap
the    best.       All  Uu- Lit
uitnis weie exhibited iii
Tlie stuck was excelLnl and there
was a luri;e exhibition ot It. Una
noticeable itaturc was the B. C. ex-
Inblt, It might have heen lai_ar but
.t was large enoiiab arm! _u.:t caou_i,
ior many piople to say to me, " Ue
wish we woe there." Then I gut
home stek and left, r.r.d was not sorry when 1 had a sight of the mountains once more, and above all when
I reaehad Cranbrook which i; "ail
right" or will be when we are incorporated.
.1   P   Westman
cm-jo.-,-: ..-.Avvot.Aovooooooot'C'rt'-..":"-"   :   ::  • 'r-ooocxioo
'•.^■ovvOvo.o.ooo.oovOO':"-■•:••.• .•.     :   : ar.ooooooo
% ''lliMMAm
Of    dullars   worih of    •'■
u .. :.t   h d   (or our :. .     .
: a  ■ ro 'in for all  i-i.*^ goo 11
are off- ring
l.a:i'es hats at half price.
I adll S'   'Ui'Ssib 3i l-'i  ;;. i   .
Ch I'lun's dtestses 25 pel c*nl
>. n'a >tr^"'  hats  a; aln
ov.'n price.
Sx.-e u^ tot hot weathei go<
A '
a..,so.:..'..':'i',';.oovo,:'OOOOOoO'-/C.oooO':'''. •••'.-■: •:c":>'>oooooo<»
.,0^,e,,..,;,,;,e,^,^,;,yO00,,-i0«0OO0..->'JO0vC'.: .■:•: C'r'svOvO.C'.O.O^.
. 110NERS *
\V.- hax-e never i-ni.l much about our ii?!
lockle, I.ul" ii  l.as Leon Belling st, ... ■
nuuimer just the same,    Now we want I   lis
[.use of the balance so ur- to make room for
.au fnll stocks, which nre'nlreody .".i thi    .
That it why we offer you SPECIAL  i.m;
hfMt Split Bamboo Rod $2
We 1... rn dozens  <.f ,'t!."i"  , I '• ,   illy low
pt'ites,     COME AND   Iii. CONVINCED
C. E. REID & CO.
I'i.UiiGlSTS -!
'hunt: 74
is   OUR
We are now in u-c
LAR SHIPMENTS c! blueberries arriving everv other day, thus INSURING FRESHNESS. When the market warrants *,';.:■ :...; :. ■ ... -.:.! a
limited qua.-.'..*.;. ::: prea :■■.:.- Send
In your or.trs now to avoid disappointment.
town for a coiiplo of   weeks vlaillng
Uii inn    Holllns,   James   Henderson
Hid o'ht-r uld time pals.
A small dancing party was given
Tuesday evening in honor of Miss
Juiiii s.-n, nl Calgary, ami Miss Han
u.'ii, ol Sioux .Ity, Iowa
i\lr and Mi** Alex, McW'.f.latns nnil
snti have been lh" Riicsts of Mr .iml
Mrs A. Leiteh this week on their
way home Irom the coast
The west hnuml passenger train
N'o. 3, struck a mud slide 3 mile*
?ast of .St. Marys, Alberta, Inst
Snttil'ilay, ninl threw tht! cngliH) wl
Ui^au;i! car of! fie truck, and in con-
-.eqiionce was al'.out eight hours late.
A well known citizen of Cran.iroi'.t
made a vigorous protest to tlu1 Her'
aid this work against permitting
ripo-nli' of a shady character io or-
- upy Imiiscs in the rcBpectablo part oi
ihe lown. Within the Inst month
two or three dlltercnt lamlllca hnvo
hetn aroused in the night hy drunken
Individuals who Were si-archlng for
ihese shady nsorls. There is surelv
some way ol stopping this sort ol a
1 thing.
President, S. J. Morrow; Worthy
President, .1. Edgar DaUs; Worthj
VlOfr-Presldcnt, Hul-.-; Talc; Worthy
i. h iplaln, A S, B.'nn 't l, Worth)
Tre-Mitrer, 0. 1*;. Morlltt; Worth)
Cundiiclor, Dr. C'ross, TrustceB, S. J
Morrow, I.. Theohaltl, H Rabl
chau.l. Two candidates Wero '.nltiat-
ed, and a p.ca'-ant hoar ol social in
un'ourse in.lulged In
At this meeting th.. Aerie ilei'iilwl
to suspend its meetings for a cuupli'
of months during the hoi weather
The next meeting will he held the
fust Friday evening in October
On August 2-1 ami 2;. and September
16 ami 17, ihe Canadian Paeilie railway will sell at Nelson, Rossland
an.l Trail BO day round trip tickets
to Winnipeg, St. Paul, Dulutli, Fort
William lor $32.50 and to Chicago REG IN A LACROSSE TEAM COM-
$84.00. Corresponding rates will be ING.
made from all Koohnay points. j — ■
Through round trip ticket., will be1 The Rogina lacrosse team is making
sold on the same dales to Toronto, f (our ot the west, and arrangements
Montreal, and all points in Ontario, >v* beer> completed whereby that ag-
Qtiehcc, Maritime Provinces, New' gtegation will mix it with the Cran-
vork nud New England states, good hroolcs on Wednesday
on all rail or lake route, at special August 16th.
exclusion rates. idecid.dly last
For lull particulars, first class,
of next   week,
As this game will be
a good demonstration
of lacrosse is guaranteed und no luv-
tourl&t sleeper reservations, apply to e^ of^ a
J. S. Carter, D.P.A., Nelson.
afford to miss It.
old national game can
Senator Tcmpli-man stopped  a',
Cr.in'.uook last Monday i'n .i day
iii:. return irom Ottawa.     It was th
Senator's     liisi    trip   through    tit-'
Crows Nest Pass, and he tool." ... ■ ■■■
sion to vir.it Frank, Fernie and Cran
brook       Although   keoplng in i.u, h
all the time with the development ol
British  Columbia,   yet he   waa -a.i.
prised at the evidences ol matei Ul
ad.aiiccment to be seen on every ban I
.luring liis Hip fiom Crows Nest    to
Cr.inl.iook       I.attr in ihe yeai Mt
Temple man proposes io   arrangi
business   mnttcia bu   that he will he
able io make another tup into    thi
part ot the province anl wsit all   nl
Uie   industrial   c.-ntn-s U Uu- Koote
nays.     'Ibe :-.*smoii just closing   ha
betti a hard   on.- on those n
who have business interests at hon e
bince thoy were kept at Ottawa    foi
about nine menths.     The Sonatrr i.
ilu   oontrolling   spirit ot   thi;   Dailj
Times, of Victoria, and naturally in
does not like to be away from hoin.
■xiK'h a long time.     Speaking of com-l
in;^ legislation, Mr. Tenipleman   ^nil
that   the   commission appointed    to
take evidence on    the larill qu-'-.tiiu
will visit British Columbia within   a I
short time and    tliat the lumbermen
.should he ready to present their side
ol the question.     The object of this
commission    is to gather as far    as j
possible the true status ol afiairr. rt> \
garding taritT in the various parts nl t
the country and use this informatririj
as the basis    upon   which to act  in j
making any    changes   in the present'
unit schedule.
Cranbrook's Greatest
Invites yoj to call x.\l inspect
lheir $5.00 Suits
S.iing is believing   j* **   Come and see
|Aai^4.VJ,«,.",»*.*.Mt»#*-'>*S.''^**''"*'  *t''**'?*»*S
Oor tin shop is fully equipped Eorthemanu-
i icturing of nil kinds of Tin. Iron uial Coppersmiths' work Also Air Pipe and Rootling.
Get onr quotations on all furnace work. *Ve
call and be convinced	
us a
McCallvm's Hardwaret
LK;**^»»v'i****v**»****«'*'»»'**»*w TIIK CHAM BROOK   lll.tSAl.t)
We Will Do
t Your Draying
m inauuimierthatiu-
Xp* siircs     sutisfai'tloll.
: s0SHHss«HSHS^KSKssatia i-.„.•>,•., '„.• A1,.,.„tm0x•*
J  « , , , —. £5   i INCORPORATION*.
IS Job printing is an &rt^&at
That is ,.„r Imsi
liens Wo want tn
please. We run wll-
li„m to labor ban) to
ii,'.oii,|,!isi, thai oh.
j.'.t. That iswltyour
Lusini'ss luoqieii
•njttii.ri.-i'j noven nl the
Mt.-oo 4 k'l-.ti I'l.iiiu-
The Herald Practices the art.    You can get only one kind of _\
Printing in this office.    That is the best.
A. W. McVittie
Mere Valuable Thar) Gold
A Miiiir\s   Engineer   Searching British Columbia
and the Yukon Territory fot the  Precious Metal
Notice is hereby given that after
one month from the date ol iho first
publication b reul application will be
made to ills Honour the Lieutenant**
GoveruoMn Council lor incorporation
as a city municipal it) undi*i tiie corporate ninn' of Cianbrook, uf the nn*
>ncoriiorat«d locality located in lho
Province ol   liriiish Columbia,    des-
* i Ibod a.s follov s   -
Commencing al a polnl In l"t
iv.iiily-nine iii)j Group One, Koolenay t>. iti nt, it, ihe Province ol
Hriiish Columbia, where ilw norther-
li limil ..i Harold Streel, as showi
I'akc notice sixij days aflei date I   "'-   L pl' ;-   ,lM   '" '!"' u,lil ,c«is,1">
secure.!  „,.iu>   unique ill,..,,.,;,,,pl,s
Hie   Canadian  Roekles ami  tlie   S,
kirks     Then lie lust  look wilb    . mt^u li^'ftuTu^'VL'
view lo giving   unlrnvclled aiicctors  ,'  ,   ,.  ,:!,,,.   il .       I ,i ' '    »* >>■<■<'■<    '"'    >"' "
.1 mining eompanlis an lilea uf    Hie   Via, , ,',„     ...... £,,,,. ,',,',,      (000) pr.»lii tli ttherlj
eountry in   which various pr riles  the lollowlng described |, beginning iV"" ■ °'v"'.    .',   " P/'h'*1    "'    !!"
im      Son., time ago be gav, „   ,„- «. £.»«■. *J east bank of iloyle ^rt\M_ A'   AiAA' _
lure before the American Inslltuto ol ',',,,.'.,,I,   ".tt ,,, ,     ', ,       ,,,'  '-  Plan nurabei  m, tlii-w-e   aoitth
,.       la...:    .   ..      ......... ..'.."..'   '"""'    „' „',    ',''.     im.i.,1,,     ,, „       ,.,   „,..,„.,,	
J Dominion nn.l Provliv J
1 cial   Laml  Surveyor, _
H. H. McVittie
Qeneral Agent
{TIMBER. MINES and   ,„„_  lor flve ,fa,
J LANDS !   scrutinizing lbe main ranges
More valuable to-day ih.„, gold, nl
much more praotlcal iai,,,- than Bulil
i win, h ,s chiefly held In a kind ul .,„
; tin lal esteem,   platinum bus    '■:
i i-\, r.ii years been the objei, ul iys*
trmalle  search   by  pow'erlul   n u.n.e
, ami Industrial i p.u,i,'s.    At    ihi
, ll,,1,1 Vancouver is a gentleman »'lw
I,.',',. ,'IU.t i, 1     ii
4 4
m+*.~-*-**.-***.*-~f*******.*.9 Uii ver   platinum
■ quantities, says the Vancnuyct World.
" : ||o haa also paid ., giaul i'eni "' "'
' tonllnn lo the Cariboo country, In
' ,ha gravel deposits ..! which dbtlrici
|,l,,,ii„„„ has been liiuiiil assuciated
with placer gold 'li,,' sullied is ol
; .ini in,,-us, to Ibis province be
, -ausl, ii is ,,, um Mb Columbia1!
Ar gravel ncposlts lhat those hi
trtcslcd   !""k   l"1
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
ll is the Best
hu .'.tli   parallel, In an effnrl    lu
ppiy "'
Mi. I Inward W. Dubois, n    mliiln.
engineer   nl    wide experience ami    «
I member >.!    Uie engineering (Inn   ol
. -       Dnlloia 4 Mixer, of Philadelphia anil
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.halt Lake < .■>. im*. i™ ■-««■ «"■*
past made   „ specialty ol lbe platl-
—       aum question,  which has become    it
Jit/.     nCDD burning >.,„', an<t at the Hotel  Van
.   1V1.   Utlnn, couvci   on  b'llday night,  lu responsi
to tb,- request ot .. World reprcscnt.1
BOOT AND SHOE MAKER.      tlm, he ven kimllj eunaintal lo tall,
at considerable length on his lavorit*
Repairing Promptly Done. subject.
Footwear to Measure a Specialty   Piatim.n. is „..»• «..,,t, i,i„«,t *■**
an   ounce,     having risen u is "'.■
  . _   hnst lew   months.    This   is a hlghci
valuo than that ol gold around the
l.ri.-a .,! which' plalluiim has been hov
ring lur some time, Two reasons
■mnliina to make the white ,,,,'tiil so
.expansive,   oui' i,s scarcity and    Ih,
Ll _        oilier is great and practically Indls
\"\TC**I*V        -mE,        pansable   iiuiuslriul   usetulncss.     At
lVtly «r^»       I'iironht tho supply Ior the world    I.
i practically conlrollctl bv Itussia,    ii.
GEARY & DOYLE j „ i',i,.|i  country    lhc  only   platlnun
in,nes of consequence an, located. Tin-
recent rise in lhc price ban been   ac
Team, and driver, furnished for any | counted (ur by   the Russians on  lh.
' .round Ihal ibe war has robbed thou
'     th,
Cranbrook IE
ivery S
p..Hi, in tht' district.
A. DOVI.E, Mamiiier
Hand Store
We carry a complete
stock   of   housenold
goods, and have a lot
Shoes at your own price
Jas. McArthur
Sages Old Stand
of many mines ami s„ llmll
output, but there an- suspicious peo
pic wh,, an' more inclined to regard
the war scarcity cry as evidence thai
the Russians know tbey huve a good
thing in tbelr monopoly iin,l desirt
to make the most ol it. Two in.lus-
triiil uses alone consume an enormous,
value oi platinum each year. Mr,
DuBois states lhat ho mice Inquired
from oue of the largest ilental linns
in the United States what its annual
consumption *»f platinum vvas, ami the
figure given was $800,000,
When   it 's remembered that plati
nun, is only used in dentistry [or fastening false crowns into au old root,
some id. a may be lorntetl ol the  ex-
1,nt ..I Uial one brm's business.   The
sun,,, linn slated its annual consutnp
purposes al
mill    ami,
_.     .,   ,        .. Ins Mr. I'uBois has no reason tu doubi
Blllld a   HOUSe liim h*gurcs ,!,-■> i„..m.U,1 irom bin.
lhe natural remark thai the large
But bofort, tloitig so see .Tnuies oemeiurles would be the nest iniiilii.
Ureor, tlio contractor.    U,' will      proposition ol  lhe luturc, as    then
1«, ublo to hlep yon will, aug.    i ""' "'IW* "°"w '"' n,,i.iVi","' "";'"'*
' guld and platinum associated, as lhc)
now iie,i„enily aro „, tbe piaccrs. So
scarce lias platinum in-onie thai uev
IqmpsfirPPi*'1'"1 i"'lllsUi''s '"' ™'""1 "'   "isi
JtllllCB Urter : ,1,^,, ,i,-],t-i„i, .t on being able to   gel
Don't  Pav  Rpnt Uo»ol Knld "" ilc"la'i"
LSKJll   t.     I   Cl_y      nCI It   jrom  j;t|000,OIIO    to $'1,000,
goslioiiB that will provo vnl-
Coutraotor and Builder
metal at
■ the white
Tho second greal use ol platinum,
a more important one 'ban thai of
: riveting false crowns lo old lectli, li
I found in lho electric llRlit, fur wltlclt
1 it  i» .rn absolute   necessity.     Plati
■ iiuiii is   iho only   known metal that
possesses lho Batne cocIUcIpiiI oi ex
; piiiisinn as glass and is conscqucntl)
'llie only uialcrial that enn be used to
conned  Ibo   fllnincnl with tlio   mir-
: rent,
-_       .       f *    r\ i   Hlntlmim was  llr»l discovered,  Mr
Portland  and Return; Mois states, in u» latter pan ot
: ilie isili century and was lirst intnod
30 Day Limit '" "'" United States nl I'oliuiihi.i in
i ilu- oarly pan uf tbo tt'tli centuiy. li
Choice ot routes, h11 rail via Sumus \m then callod "while gold"   Irom
°t' j ihe similarity of its occurrence  ami
Sg*    *-, , t r, ,     scarcity, ami  was manufactured into
. b. rnnCeSS VlCtOna: Hie coinage ..I the country.   Alter ,,
itiine Ils value rose so much that the
VANCOUVER   TO   SEATTLE colnogo all dlsappoarctl and had to hv
VIA   VICTORIA replaced with silver.
VI**.   Vltitunin .   Besides platinum   itself, there is n
ThrmiO-h   fstppnino* "'hol°   Bfoup ol   platinum metals of
I lirUU^II   ^_>ICCpill^|iVhich Iridium,  which is very scarce.
lis almost as importaut as platinum
liiself quite as much so tor dentistry
j because   it is    the only   known substance l,y which platinum,   which
-iiiu  to    'i-' itium Itself,  Mr.
Dullois    repn .1   verj    strong
conipan) ui «i ■■ ■ i i'..n '■>- has been
si'iu. li.n- i.' tbi 1. iturul alio) t'hia
eonipnii) ti 11 - 1.1. ■- hi liu trial or-
ifuiii/uttuti   ll ul   bai   1',-iiii'it ,1 a    ni'w
in-,il.i,' 1 nt lau p, ii. llltuiu ni in
ivhivh 1 nm I. nl osmium. The flla-
iii,nt ..: the unl hi u 1 t'lci trie lamp
is made ul i ith n cu lioiii/i .1 bamboo
it. mui ■ ., i,. rail)   I uowii   ol a com
ini-.it  .ii,.; it  i- claiiin il ioi      Uie
osmium ni.iiiiiiti thai II will last
hundreds uf limes lougei' and give a
far brighter llgltl al tlm expunilitun
ul about nu,- It,ill ih.- current i.u tin
•lame candle powei Mi. DuUois
*ta-tes that the ih.i-iiu.it Is a perfect success and the light given Is as
tiiucli superior tu llie present artlch
as the W'clsbftob mantle, thai hat.
11 iv .n electricit) mii ui many places
n the cast, is in tlif ordinary elei
trie llghi ih.n looks yellow besitlo it
iVhlle Mr, UtiBois is nol allowed to
llvulge th.' identity of cltliei of tin
itti'it'St.s hf tcpiesenls in bis dual
ijnest, In* st*le'il thai the osmium
llgltl   im.jiI;:   u.i.' practically  identi
The important ("uui of the question
s ih.it- platimiui is a necessity for tin
widespread anil important electrical
industries, an.l osmium, which it ti
hupul iu gel from Iridosmium if tin
latter is discovered in sufllclcnt yuan
iin*, ia au absolute necessity foi th.
new light, ii the lalter is Lu be an)
tiling Luui- tliaii ,i curiosity ol tin
.abomtory. Ho scarce is platiuun
oecoiuliig and so great is the threat
.lut important industries will cunn
io a standstill for wanl ut it, thai
tost year the (lerninii Kelchstag pas-
led a law forbiildiiig llie sail.- or th.
aieiai iu photographers mi.ler pains
and peiidlvies. Tin- liaugei' ovidentl)
"rattloil" the tlcriiiau legislators toi
(he quaiitiLy uf plaIUiuiu Usui in
photography is Infinitesimal, bm Hit
argument used was that it was u-
rocoverabie, This applies to thai
tiscd in doutlstr), but the liermain
in not seem tu have though! of thai
yet, unless iiiiterd the) eutileinplnti
if-riinisly wjial Ur. Ouliuis sujge"sle.i
ii joke. Sn valuable lias platinum
iccomc iu lhc United Slates thai tin
u.d lamps arc iK'ing bruhen up aim
the extremely small bits of platlnun.
isc;! in each saved.
Prior lo lKOtl the Slmilttainceu pro
■lueiil platinum. The annual vaiut
renebed f2tl,(100 at one time, but when
the richer deposits were exhausted the
iack of means ol communication cnus-
.(I the worltin-gs lo be abandoned,
lhc deposits in the I in ted .States oi
Col u m hi a have been left un worked,
after several efforts 'u develop them,
on account of the deadl) climate and
ihe weekly revolutions, that, handi-
oapped mining operations very seriously,
it is here thai British t'olumbia
comes in. While the search is being
pushed all over the world, ii is from
ihe grenl gravels of tins province
thai ne supply is ii osi likely li
-■•mi-. Platinum has never been
iouji I in commercial quantities except in ploeoi Iinm and It i-. vurj
(requeiuly assuciatwi with gold, than
■vhlch metal it is sligbll) heavier.
Mr. DuHo's stales that the Caribou
gravels, carrying low values in gold,
may become au important source oi
supply uf platinum when watei is s<
cured an.l   h)dranlic   operations eai
Mining  Engineers,    using a   lantern marked it. r. Sl   Clair's muth wmi
rtith slides pripai.it from Iii- photo  corner post; thence north 3(1 chains;
graphs   ami   m.-si boaulWuliy   llnlwl  Ihence east 3U chains; thenee soulli
by an arltsl  friend   who had accom-
itiiii-d him on some ol Wh excursions,; aeres, muro oi less",
but whose name is u.u im publication, as ii is lufifi dig, lur noted
artists in color lantern slides Tho
li-ctuii- ami Illustrations created mi.1i
a sensation thai he hnd to yield lo
numerous requests to repeal it an.l
he was finally Byndlcatid as tho
"American Wonderland Series" hv the
lltdpalh Lyceum ol Boston an.l Chicago. The World man saw some of
lite colored slides and the Lints wero
is beautiful nnd as Irtie I tt urc as
I the photography was ^underfill. DuBois, the mining engineer, must be ip
Linger of being overshadowed by DuBois th.- skilled photographer ami le
ii i lv .iimi . 'h -   ,ii,i product
the northerl)   11 i il  ol  llamM Streel
.mil .<I i>    iho   ,ii 1 i heil)  limn of
•■■ ■■ ■ i»'-ffi2 - 'aa;Ba,
/Vvenue as shown   on mU\ plan 009
llience sotitheil)   almin  lho mud r.i-
Svnopcia ul KcKuldIii>ns lor disposal nt Mli-
crals un llomiiituii l.niiu*. in ManitiitM,
Uii NtrlbWMt rerfttorki anil the Vykua
, iluu.
I.IKK Hi.ij "e |nti. i, .,*■ ,i m , j.j j,B.,
ikUain   *.*" f-'.  ii-U.i.t.'.ie.    .V.i
- ■ui.'-'.i.i'. tb-n Iml bj ,.H. ,ii
IIIHU..I   HI    l'l.|tl|.,tl|).      I ,i  .| n    ;,l    ,{,,.   r:,t,    „f
I l-i. ul   . UU|KlilU   > -'.it.. I..'.'..|l.-.l
II I..I.1.
I I'll
.11.1- - I
iUIIM ■'
iiiii|...II l'
Imn ti.
nt aver
ii,ui, r h
chains;   ihence   wi  I   _ltl . halti
it, 01 ii  r. si   nan
Vahk Station, June ::.., 11105
Take notice thai thirty tin; - aftei
dale wo Inteml to appi) to the Chlel
Commissionei ol Lands and Works
.1 ilu t.i.le.ti mu,
l..). il'
ili.i-.i- .in i
I'.-i I
UlB  I	
special license lu
telly line ..i said I utn',,ten m. nu.
Its  Inlei ei iin w iih  the  nm tbeih
llmll ol Kilwnid Street ns shown   uii
said l'l.ii ,  lh ni. r.i i. ih  ulnns    lh.
•iii.    •'.   . | of I Iw ird Streel
t" us mn i  iii n   ,.i*i,  tin- ,'.!■,i, ih
limn  .■:   Van Vvenue as    show
away limber from the following de
ci ihe.l lands situate in Knsl K< ott nai
Dislriel, n c. commencing at th'u
iiijiib-w.si corner ol King Mercantile
id caii) ' on plan • i Dd   Rlitl   m ibe  said Land
llegistij tH .-■ n ihr 25th da) ol
Janu in Iimi, lh n. ■ souther!) aloi ■
Ihe i.i- li il) ..,- let!) limil nl said
N.t;. h -*   V. ■ nue ai   • hovvti ou     said
■vVediicstljiy       (TriUny
very soft .tiid wears easily, can     he
hardened     Platinum   v\ i H si and   ihf
action of the most powerful acids and
For full  particulars,  first cIhshor declines   to    fuse   except at a most
tourist aloepfir reservations, apply enormous   heat, but, like gold,     the
ta local agents or wrlto "   pure metal    is   very soft.     Another
platinum metal thai has recently been
(J. Wilier, Agent. lri*ibr*i..li. discovered,    bm    nol   in commercial
quantities, is iridosmium, an alloy of
J. S. CABTER,      H. J. COYLK,     tWQ   pial|num motals, indium     and
D.P.A., Nd&ua. A.O.P.A, VincoHVWi osmium, and in addition to bis   mis-
,'litl   ,11   Ull   11   lill'ltl
,.,,„•     Tills will
Su done wlnii lha
countiy yci.s iiuiti
railways,     lie ills
, looks lotivaril tu
.1.mai,,|,maims   I,,
bis ilii.cliuii Iluu.
the    upening up
,1   the Nicola an,.
Siinillieinaii,  i.illa',
■ by lho c   H, It
iai! Ureal  Xorllw
, railways,    Ii it.
hero Ihnl   ilu, un
,,   i,„,i prospcetoi
•li '' kei-P Ms ''.,
,» open      In    tin
'.,»,    I,,,„e    quail!
ii s   ui    plattnutn
lave been Ihrmn,
IM,,    ll,'   lilt'   |,lllC,'[
111,..',    ulu,   luu,   ie
anletl it  is as .su
much "blnck   laud, ' valuable only
an in llcatloii ui Ihe proliable prose
ol gold m ih.- hi reams where tr   was
Mi UuHoIh will siav liere to meet
ihe engliui ts ul the American In
stitute, who arc due tn arrive hero
lo-moriow mornin uu the Princess
Beatrice, and will accompan) Ihem Lu
Laggan. Hcluming io this eltj lu
will go north on Lhe u m hoal and
will spend some time in birth Yukon
territory and Alaska Ncvl year he
will visit Sihcrla in his untiring siiH
hunt, fur platinum and associated
metals. lie is among lhe sceptics
who doubt the Russian hnpolcnco tn
supply Ibo market wiih larger quantities nf this valuable metal and is
disposed to regard il as a piece of
fate's irony thnl Russia, ihe leas!
advanced of modern countries and
consoqueiitjy lho leasl in need of
platinum for its own Industrial purposes, should he in a position to enn
trol tin* siTtialii.il foi the countries to
whom us Industrial grnvM) is greater . v. n than its specific.
As ;, Hide Inn-' Mr. Dullois has
drifted Into lecturing In his live
years'   pursuit   oi platinum he     has
Mr. Dubois is a keen eyed, clean
-haven, well featured man ui middle
height and excellent physique, a good
uxample of the best type of American.
Of   sciKViiKlr INTEREST,
The largest copper mine ol Nurwaj
s the Sulitjolma, north ui the Arctic
■Irclc, o|nn.d in 1R87, and now own-
d by tlie Tharsls company of Spain,
the ore runs -t. VTi to *L5 per ct-ni.
cupper. It ia smelted raw, Lhc ore
as charged running s per pent, copper, 32 to "il per cent, silver, 'M to
ii; per cent, iron, and 2 lo t po
■tui. -alumina. The Mug is auotlioi
large mine, at Roros,
The term bituminous rock is applied
iu both sandstones and liiiicslon.:s
impregnated witli asphaltuin. Bituminous rock ti sold jin-i shipped with
.mt previous iTllniiig, and is consnm-
d chielly ior siren pavements, b^lng
generally mixed with other Ingredients at the place of use. An incon-
liderahlc proportion, however, is
treated for its asphailie contents, lhu
product being sold as refined or gum
The boiling point of mercury at the
standard pressure of (17tl mm. is H.17
_!fi degrees 0., Atove this temper-
nue ii becomes a transparent, colorless vapor, having a density of between ti.7 ami 7.M, referred lo aii as
a unit. The density of gaseous mer-
•'Ni". compared wiih hydrogen is
100.112, and as its atomic weight Is
lint8, this element iu a gaseous form
consists of monatomlc molecules.
Uercury gives off vapors of all temperatures. This may lie illustrated
by suspemling a piece uf gold leaf
above the surface of mercury iu a
stoppered bottle; the gold leaf will
slowly assume a white color from lhe
formation of gold amalgam on the
In order to prevent a great amount
of copper from being tied up in the
furnace bottoms, ii is suggested that
the furnaces be built upon brick pier?,
covered with cast-iron plates, on
whieh the bottom ir. laid. The hitler should be made of two courses of
12-inch silica firebrick', laid as an inserted arch with 12-Inch spring.
Brick is chosen for the reason that
t will imt absorb and luck up so
much copper on account of iis grcat-
t density as compared with sand,
This enlist ruction allows of a fie.*
circulation ot air underneath the furnace; the air cools the botlom and
thus checks Iho penetrating tendency
ol the cupper.
In smelting practice in the soft lend
llslflct of Missouri the nre is roasted
In reverberator)- furnaces in the pros-
nee of silica, followed by treatment
mi stack furnaces with lime ami scrap-
iron. The maltc made in Ihe stack
is hmp-roasit-d wiih \\nu:l. and the
resulting iron is recharged in the
stack, lu the plant .if the federal
Lead company in Illinois, near St,
Louis, .Mo., hearth furnaces are sub
stilt.Led and a hog bouse Introduced
io save the funics. This plan is not
follow, d by the other properties,
mainly b cause of the high enst oi
ihe installation.
io "s South African Land Grant | plan 8(10 to iis intersection with th
(Trooper Hammond) running west 80 southerly lmil ni Kaln streel as
.hains, south Ml chains,'cast BOlshoun nn the said plan (169, Ihence
chains, nnrih .su chains i.. point of wester!) along the southerl) limil ul
eommencment. Ka'd  streel ., ■   shown on snld    plan
The King Lumbei Mills, Ltd,   [flBOd and on the plan Oil He   and flftflb
tiled In tlu  said Land Registry Office
!..   the    inli rseetion of   said    Kaln
wnh the   unrthcrh  l
18-M ,\l   li   King, Manage
Thirty days after .late I will appi)
tu lho Chlel Commissionei or I ands
ami Works fot a special license to
cut and carry awav tlmhei from th.-
following described Ian Is: Commencing at a post situated on the west
hank of the north fork of Michel
creek, opposite I). McArthur'a north
west corner posl on the trail running
io M. Melnnes1 mine and running fm
chains norlh a tons hank nl said
cr.ck; th.nve 80 chains west; thenee
80 qhftlns south; thence 80 chains ensl
thence 20 chains norlh fo ihe plai
of commeneemi ut, containing Q lu
acres1, more or less.
17 :.t \\   li. Gibson
Van Hornc Street, thenco northe
erly along the northwesterly limit
Van Horn? Streel     to ihe polnl
i ■  Iiii! t" i Ml   .It'
(i   T. Rogers,
\\. I*'  Ourd,
.1.   \.  Harvey.
F  K Simpson,
P. DeV, limit,
.T. i*. Fink,
\\   T   Reid,
.1    li   McBride      It-1
Dated Ibl*. 28i|i day .-f .lulv,   -\ 1
tt'.  J.  MASSICY, Plaintift
l-l 1 II.
.ih-   .
I.KII..I   [Ol
■ t.i,   t, ,
-' l"'l
■ i t
■'" '"
t i .i ooui ptuif
ll.i, III
,1, all.l
.-1 iiiiQtn
\i.-.. ie.
1   III
iwiiiie wi... i. ,.
.; a |hMtn, i
.' .1
II .'ill ll
n-i mi   On
.ill Iw
Kimtn m
1. 1.   IIII
-> ni .i un
' It,
U>   Hll.llVI'.
il.-ll          111.
mil ...
, \,'.   Hi)
1 nn Hi« .
ii I., ii.
' 1.. lllll/
,,..l,l.'. Ill
i. n
'    '" •   ''
».ni <
.1. . ,1 I'l
 M llllll.
. nl
, .,., .
 |.>l,l .n.l   ,..l',|l
ii. ..I
I     „'    i '
ii .lmil nr.
. .li-
\i n
M              |||
ll,.-   N    VV
IK..II   1
I-.',          ..,
H ■
. il
..        11
II     1
.i. It
, vt. 1
i'l   III.llr.
lln- lui i*
III    1     I.'|
i       ..      In
III   ,„  1
v     ll
..    1      ,
Mil,   UUtltll
,'      ...
k  ..[    Vl.i
Ilu  ll  ..l.l
.   i-l|.i.l>
- V
. Ul)   .   .
.0-    til   !,,.
 II  .1
i lln   .i.-i.i o:
U.    ill*
lit. 1   o.
..!,.       1,.   ■        «
,.    1*1.1
■ i     ill   111 IMJUt
in iu i.
i' ,■    i
l.ll.   ^    (Ul
Thirty days aflei .late wc inl i I yAV  |>|. \ii.""ti n.i.li:)! and .1
apply lo the Chi.-l t'oniuussi ii      „    RICHARDSON,       llclcndani
l.anils „ii.l   IV..ris,    \i,'l,„'i.i.    rot .1   IV,  Way  I;!,.. I. Clllller, of Cranhrook,
special Iht,,,.,' In out and early awa) I      fl. t'.
umbel   iiun,   ihe  Inlloiiini; ij.MTibed     Take nntlcc ,lint a plaint has  been
liin.ls situated    in Hnnilt ast   K, •   eni i .1 and a stiiiimons Issued agtilnsi
nay :— ,-ou   ,i the above Countv Court    In
t-iuiiiiien.-iiaf. „, ., p. i planteil al IW. J. Masse) ol Vancouver, ll. C„
it,,. south-enM .-.iii.i, ,a -i Cabin's I loi lbe sun, .,: I1U5, being lot i;.,oii.s
I'lmher Licente, thoiiee running norlh -oil and lelii'cre.1, and .,„ order ha.
Sfl chains; ih.-nee east lllll ehuius, in n made il.at the publicnllon of .i
more or less, to a point due n,.,'ti notice ol ihe .mv, ol such plaint in
ol the south-vesl corner ol tot 61(11; jlhe "Cranhrooii Herald" shall he
thenee south to an,.! south-west cor-Ideemed lo In senlce of the suininoiis
n i nl Iol 54111; thcuce Mast, 40 chains    upon you
thence s..„ih Hi ,h.,iui. more or less, And take notice n.«t the lime with
•u It. C. Southern Hallway, Ihence In »'l,i.i. vou shall he a liberty to
followiitg riitlit-ot „,iv uf sa'ui H. C.'enter a dispute :.. this action si,..11
Southern Railway Inn south-wester-i be ivltlilti elghl ilavs alter ,l,e 17 th
ly .lire.,ion (10 eii.iius. na,,, ,„■ les., day ol ..ugnst nest
in p..im ..( i-oiuinciiceiiient, contain- ■' !■'■ Armstronj.,
ing CIO acres, mure ui less. Hegistrar
The King Lumber Jltlls, Ltd.   I   Hated al   Cranl ik,   II   (*.,   tins
li.,l,,t Jul) a",,!,, uu,.-,. |!i.5i   ,:.,!, daj nl July, \ I), 1805.     18 It
13 - DA
Word has bien received from Ottawa that W. IL fttgalls, Hie famous
New York zinc expert, lias heen retained by Hie Dominion government
to report on Iho /iuc resources of the
Kootenays. Dr. Hoanol, ol the dominion department of mines, will obtain
ihe. services of a. local mining expert io assist Mr, Ingalls in making
iii;; Investigation.
The announcement hulk-ales that 18
llie dominion government, has recog- o
nlzcd ihe urgency of the zinc question IS
in ilritish Columbia aiid is prepared
to abonl assistance immediately,
%.w\ '—-■ - - ===
$   Ijiirgftr uml liuttur than ever.     Everytliint! now .•,„.
rl""]'  tlatf,   All kiiuls of opon nil- nttmr.lio.is,     Euch dny sorat-.
:M'M  thinu inti'ivsting.     Ynu will mt'el .,1.1 h'innila there	
- 3
I- 4vl'*hH"!mi'•(•+-ImI-I- •!•■'•-+ -I- UstiHSH •
..|..|.i|..H:'.|..| .,..,..,,
1 Dominion Exhibition 1
IS 1905-September 27 lo October 7 1905
I'lKll.r tht. llUBJli
.',,,.1 Intliistrlnl !
..r ti..- it,,
I New Westminster, B. C.
X Stupendous and comprehensive  .irr.iy of Kx-
o hibitu representing1 the resources oi all Canada
| $100,000.00 'AN^%'m,^N% $100,000.00
o Enlarged fl rounds, New, Handsome, Spacious 11 Hidings
X Lacrosse, Horse Racing) Broncho "Busting," fUUtary
O' Parades ami Exorcises.
i- \ riii-.K      coccola    IN     THV SS ROYAL IRISH tiUARDS ami other Famous bands.
NORTH.                       gO -GRAND WATER  CARNIVAL    Parade of Frazer river
Hev. Father Coccola has liecn aim* | XX fishing fleet, patrol  honls, H.  M.  warships, Indian
by lho order of (he Oblatcs, to    'hcjOy war canoe , etc.    Indian Sports.
ZAAtiA'mTttrZi ^nXm   e«r;,.li„f,„-,n,„i,.„ writ. W. ... KBARY. Sccretnry and
lie win pass, ou   business in cornice- SS mul Manager, New Westmlnstep, Fi. C.
Hon wiih the society in anticipation .-v'v
if ihe building of lhe second Canadian &8$ff£^^
traiibcoatiutntal road , maSXXO^^
. ti »-
St. .'nul, Chicago, New York
fuiim' -tn,) TdiiriNi Sleepers, Bulfil   Llhmry
um,, iMoilern Onj Coachei,  iimi.^  Ciri,
;Mmi»«in Carte.
*-  East and Wesl  Dally L
Special excursion ratta lo ft'orld'i uii, si
I null.       Uuir choice iif mult
I toe, lohlum nn.l u.u ii uatii I.
regarding trips, call on oi address
S, ii. VKItM'..-, ll. It .n 11r
«i  W  V   v. r |. t ,-   j
Hutiulu /oi \V, RI van Ide \Vi,
Ua*-!.. Binlmna, Waah
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days after dale 1 Inleml to apply tu
ibe Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to purchase
three hundred and twenty acres ol
laud in South Kast Kootenay, described as follows :■—
Commencing al a post planted .it
the north-west coiner of Iol No, 35,
thence north forty chains along tlm
east boundary of lot 3005, thenee
east sixty chains, more or less, to the
Wild Horse Creel;, thenee following
down tho said stream to a polnl cast,
of lhc initial post, thelice west forty
ehuius, more or less, lo th,- plate ot
Sarah La Hup (Jalbrailh.
Duted at Fort Steele, ti C .>th
July, 1905^ 1&.8I \l
iTwisi-B*r.-u*.-*irif.fw—* ■,-/■,;■-.•»ri"J -i'lMUUitWll"—
■ trgiwxr*^!>'^(Wi ira*—— Ti'av vr-tin--a*
■«■•»■*■ *-*»—. (cr-*rw9i«
.v,^» _j
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦+♦♦ ♦♦♦Q+4^^ ; v'..,
_ritfiiiiifT-liitil'iiig__imTn"- it r"      r ■' vr-i-fi -t-jtw
«__*aa^Manim-w. _t.v^^a-^„-, - ...__.,n^TT_tTr-.
K—— .V'____.. _._      tt__ii .'_.-.__«_._
*W?IW»,*WF«!r,*.-*i-*i --*?*«_.:*-!-»«"-MM,
~—,* rvKm   i- s-«)w--«n)nwt*■»•■ m h_u-i ■*■**»v—^w»ir>
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦*4< ♦.•-•••«**•. ^^•♦^■{•^♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦■♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^
w 1—i*
* ■. I -K-i-.-iii Miwnw
♦ •>♦♦*♦.* ♦♦•*>•* «*.1 -v. *<•-<•$♦♦<• .<-**CV i ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Iw-MHUt-hlar   »._...'*.     '
_*„?_' 5*G__i W5M ITi"
g| Best Union Float    .    .    . $15
ll Best Merchant's Float .    .    15
igp Best Lumbermen's Float       15
Bif Union with best general ap'
10   A.   M.
Best Driving Team
Best Draft Team    ,    .
Best Dressed Team
Union  with largest repre
. $ 5
L r     mm _*____ ■
Winners for Wet Test 2 Cups and $50
*************<>* ■»$■**?<:t**>+**'>i4***********<*}************444* V^**vC
Winners tor Hub and Hub Race Cup and $25
The Harvie cup goes to winners of wet test.    Races to take
Ws£   place after parade on Hanson avenue.
■>>./•       a.w_^K_MIMH___B_i.MiiHMaMii
First   Sec'd
Will be Run from Every
Point in the District at if
Half mile dash, open, horse race     $40      $20
Half mile pony race (14$ hands or
Indian pony race	
Squaw race  -
Chopping contest	
Tic making' contest	
Sawing contest	
Loading logs	
Drilling contest (open only to miners
of East Kootenay)	
Running high jump «
Running broad jump.	
High pole vault  -
Whining team* trap shooting	
First   Sec'd
100 yards, open  $20 silver cup     $10 medal
Hall mile open  $20
Boys'race, under 16 years  6
Boys'race, under 10 years  3
Girls'race, under 16 years  6
Girls' race, under 10 years  3
Union men's race, 100 yards, 20 to 35
yeais  10
Union men's race, 35 to 45 years  10
Old men's race, over 45 years  6
Fat man's race, 200 pounds or over,.., 6
Pulling 16 pound shot  10
Tug  ot  war, on cleats,  10 men on
team, open to East Kootenay  35
No second prizes without three entries
00 IN PRIZES $1200
Come asd Enjoy Yourself iSIM
i? t<m *<i Wi.; crtt j,«<7;p-!. Mil*
■•■cas-v-r-yvT?- •■■•>-.. T-r-.'j^r'Trr.*^ **-•«•»«-•-«>«'
r_—mmWmpm—i ■*■ ■ ■mr-~ mlw m*q—«. - *..<. __ i*     -rrnirf naam—w-TaTaTaT*™*"-^ttt—^___■___—.■,., n_i^wi______t
J.   P.
\1K, President H. WHITE, Secretary
S. M'DONALD, vice-ch'R'm
VICE-PRESIDENTS: J. F. Huchcroft, William Oliver, G. A. King, Robert Fincllay, H. W. Drew, I. H. Wilson, J. Austin, A. K. Leiteh, F. Becker, I. J. Baxter, Glen Campbell, Samuel Speers, R. A. Fraser, Oliver
burge, N. Hanson, E. C. McPhee, Thos. Young, George Leiteh, Thomas Moran, W. W. Tuttle, C. C. Farrell
*i^jfJlr_.__Si'_.'__i .'>'>_ .--trfcrJ/. -3 ~-'UifAUttaTt.m\
mm Till:   CBANBaOOK    HBBALD
ol  III,.
ill ,..\,,.
ill toll,,
i neiv
Alex, ft ran
11. A   Alios, ol M,
lliis iveek.
ll.    McMillan,   ol   Movie,  waa In
town Tuesday.
Ton.   Ilea, ut    the   Wardner
.pent Sunday in ,",,„.
The Imperial l,.,„l. has ,'!'• '"•!
tuanch .,, Ridgeway, Ont.
M. Mclnnis came up Irom Elkmouth
this week I.u a tew ,la>s.
11. II. James,.,,, ol Viotoria, "if «
visitor in Hm city Tuceday,
p. J. Suiyih. odltoi ol tl"' Moylo
Leader, was in town Mondai
Dr. S. K. Hani.', „f Moyle, «„s .,.
town Tuesday and Wednesday.
f. fluni-ti.', ot Marysville, returned
t..s, si„„la> Irom his trip easl.
Ceo. A. Laurie, „t   Creston, rait,-
tared at ttie Cosmopolitan Tnesiluy.
Peter Halter has rcturneil  '" Bay-
anJ allot a week i Inilidaj  i„   I'mu
The North Star mill v. ill !„• rood)
to resume work witllin a week or
ten days.
Chas. McEaehern has a
position wiih tlie East
Lumber company.
It. .!. <-'ai,n, of MarysvlU,
.,t music, was'in towu llii
in;; an engagement.
Chas.   Rouleau,   son .,1
Judge Rouleau, ,.( Calgary,
ing friend's in Cranbrook.
Itoss Rounds, millwright
ers Lumber company, regis
lhe Cosmopolitan this weak.
.1. A. aoufilll, proprietor ..! the
Manhattan hotal, liny,,', registered
at lha Cosmopolitan Monday.
James Ryan and I' n. McNab, nl
the Stand.,,,] Lumbei company, visited Elkmouth Ihs first ol the week.
Mr. and Mrs. David Walker lift, yes
terday lot the coasl alter a pleasant
vis-it with Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Rel'I,
Jas. Neill, ot ilia hi,,, ot Chenette
A Neill, Kails View Hotel, Marysville, was in town a lew days lliis
week on business.
lhe Misses Pulljan.es, „l Kernie.
arc in lown this week visiting ll„'i>
brother Charlie „
cento!    u
, professoi
week lill-
tho lal.
is  visil-
at Ci
Miss Prest lell to-day l„l a trip to
Portland a,,.l otter i""u!- "" l1"'
Mis. Vi. E. tVerdan has sone to Cal-
.:a.iy and Uantt fo, a visit with
1. Dunn, ol Mayook, was bronghl
into the hospital this week with i
.mken leu.
Mr and Mrs. Otis siapl.-s lell last
Sa,unlay tor Portland and othei
coast points.
J Pollock .,,,.1 v Mm/., nl Kernie.
ate in town to-day looking, „), business in their respective lines.
|ir. and Mrs. Qreen, 0. Hungcrloril
Poll.,, nnl Mi.-s limn visited Gov.
Hanson  al Wasa  last Sutttla)
Conduotor Mhl.Kik. „,„. ol the r»-
jular passenger conductors -in in.'
Crow, was in town Wednesday,
James Hates. Prank Clapp
Prank Dlckison l.'U to day for
UU e.cursion to St. Marys lake.
.1 \l Agncw, manager of Hie North
star mills in this district, oaiuc
lown Irom Elko Baturday loi a Ion
lu, s.
.1. E. Hieksou. ol P. Hums ,v fo .
made a business trip lo Moyie this
week, lie was accompanied by Mrs
Rlchi.nl Hamilton, „' 1'iothei's
mill, fractured his right knee-cap one
lay tliis week and is now eonlui-
od lo tha St. Purine hospital.
James Clrocr returned tn-,l.iy Irom
a trip thinner, the prairie country
far as Winnipeg.     Ho
thing   in line   shape
Mtll says  Uial   ii  the
ucs favorable  tin
Miss Ruby Jamieson aud sis,.',
Ma/y "ill leave lo-tuorrow lor theii
home i„ Calgary after an enjoyable
visit wnh Iriends in Wat-duet and
Charles  I..
dberg, lorcman ou
strueii,.,,. was Injured la_i week
having il„.'i' ribs brokeu.    tie
taken  I"  lh"'
Craniiiook f.
St.   Kugene hospital a'
tieatu,. nt.
lie ptoplo ..„ construction have had
considerable trouble about freight being carried Uirough, owing to the
similarity botween the names ol
Spokane and Spukatto Junction. A
oai loud oi potauus hilled i"i Spokane .luii,,,..,,. Ut llMulquarlers (or
coustructiuii, "as earrlcd Uirough lo
Spokane, Wa n , lust week, the name
Spokane Junction.is i„>, down .a, lho
map and mai I-- «hal maki
■   Hal
on, o, Craubrook, has
lieen h le
oi   ll
. post two weeks anl
ail.ee lus .
l'i iv a
Hi.i, bus been iiul,'
»>! uu Im
long ilia iin-'.
lllill section
liltlirl   t'Olitill
ch harvest  then
John Uuvi.-tii'ii^.', u( tin- contracting nun ui Uieciieiitidgu .\ Lumi, has
arrlvod   an.l    will     reuiolu on   the
round   pushing along   Lhe work    oi
Otto uf lac dilllcuUles that the contractu!.; have iu contend witli nuw ti
the scarcity ol wen. Harvest is now
.ni in the 1'alouso country antl as tin
the Cosmopolitan
It is rumored ihii n » -II known
tonsorlal artlsl nml n |iu|iulni young
Crannrooli Iml) arc uhoiii i» depart
this single life ul bli-sscdiicw..
Ordors have "been received from tin
authorities at tho coasl to postpone
the opening ol tin- schools until lhe
2lst, owing to tho hot weather-
James Nell, wlm arrived Irom
Marysville, reports that the Marysville hose team are doing good worn
in proaprlng Ior tho hose rare here on
Labor Day.
Mr. Wilson, of the Cranhrook band,
desires any band man In the town
who would he willing to Join lhe local
organization to communicate With
bim or call at his slore.
Tom Proctor, one or the best rustlers in the Kootenays, was in town
Tuesday. lie had a fishing outllt
with him, but there is no telling whal
kind of game lie was after,
There is already talk of building
a rink lur ihis winter. The people
interested should gel together at one-
as Cranbrook should not go through
another season without a good rink.
At the ritlc range yesterday A. B
draco did sume excellent shooting,
making twenty-throe points out ol a
possible ol twenty-live, being the
highest score made so fai this season.
The Cranbrook hand is putting in
some hard practice preparing fm tin
big Labor Day celebration. Anolhci
addition has been added In the person
of Frank Dlckison with tho snart
Fernie Is very anxious to have Lh.
lAthbrldgo and Cranbrook lacrossi
teams play another match In Pornli
at some time in the near future anil
are willing to "put up a purse of $21)1!
or $300,
There have been several ruin
plaints lately because the C, P. li
does not pay mora attention to ha*,
ing its toilet rooms in better condi
tion. These complaints come Iron
strangers as a rule.
James   Batca   was   at     [-Tamiltoi
Tuesday   fishing.       Mr.    Bates Was
successful in bringing a live pouudoi
to the top uf the water, but owinp
to the grass being slippery was unable to land It.     Nexl
Jn the Methodist church next Sun
day evening, Ihe pastor will speak ot,
the third In the series of charactei
sketches. This week the subject will
be, "A Great Politician." All an
invited to take part in the service.
To-day the surrounding country ti
filled with a haze or smoke. As
there arc no bush fires yet in this
district it is generally supposed thill
the smoke comes from the fires now
raging In the timber about Salmo
and Ymir.
Miss Jennie Richards will go l<,
Grand Forks next week where sb.
bas been engaged to teach one ol the
schools in that city. Miss Richards
has been very successful .since she
took up the work of teaching and her
services are in demand,
There is every reason to believe
that llie crank military regiments of
Kernie will come to Cranbrook on
Labor Day and participate in the
parade. There are about 75 members In the two companies antl tliey
would make a good showing,
will be an enormous yield.
Tho Trltes-Wood company, of Kernie, are putting up a magwlficcni
brick and stone building on tho 'Ji'i
nl lheir former store that was burned last year. It is a two storey
building Willi a frontage on lhe main
sLri.ii ol u'n.*i> loci and a depth ol
111 leet.
\V. K. Tate & Sun. jewelers mid op
tlcians, have just issued an atlracllvi
booklet lhat gives some valuable Information regarding eyes, ami also
ihe purchase oi anything In the jewel
ry line. H you have not .eonr-d tne
o! the books yuu should ilrop m and
get one without delay. '.'hey will
prove Interesting and prolltable.
William Each wig, of Kernie, pro
prlctor of the Northern hotel thai
was burned in the recent lire, is nol
wailing fur something lo turn up.
Before the smoke hud quit rolling up
from ihe nuns Mr. ISschwig was
hauling in rock fur a, new foundation.
He will build a three story brlct
strut-lure and when completer*! il will
be one of tbe best holel buildings in
Hit: Kootenays.
George Turner, K. CIcndeiling,
manager of the Sullivan Mining com
pany, holh ol SpqkiTne, and Mr. and
Mrs. B. Lt'igbtou, of Washington, I)
r., arrived in town Tuesday morning
and left Immediately by team fur
Marysville. The party are all interested in lhc Sullivan mine and smelter and arc making their lirst trip
to the property since the completion
of the smelter at Marysville.
Fred Hav.cn was in town last Saturday, having come down to arrange
fur some supplies [or his work on tin
Graphite claim owned by Mr. 11. K.
Beattie and himself. The property it
localed about five miles from Marys
ville, and a tunnel has been run ovei
130 feet. The lead is a strong oiu
and is over four feet wide. The work
the past week has developed favor
able showings of iron and copper,
"Any news, Mr. Cavep?" was ask
ed oi the well known conductor by a
Herald representative as that gentleman was going to his hotel on hi;
return frum a trip to Sirdar. "Yes.
Chief Baron, ol the police forco on
the Corbln line came up to-day aim
Constable Routh arrested a man ii.
Moylo because he refused lo eat and
brought him lo Cranbrook. That i.
all 1 know," and be gently faded from
Hubert Haines, formerly manager
nf the Cranbrook branch of lhc Cana
diau Bank ol Commerce, and nov,
holding a similar position in Trc
heme, Man., arrived last Monday In
ioin Mrs. Haines who has been tn.
guest of her sister, Mrs. A. C. Sel
son the past few weeks. Mr. llaiue:
resided in Cranbrook for about two
years and he has a host of old friends
here who were pleased to see bin
The Leiicb family camping party re
turned Irom Moyie last Monday alter
a most pleasant vacation ol tWn
weeks. 10. Patterson, whu was one
uf the party, says that if people had
to go by pack train an.l climb over
mountains and sufTcr all kiiuls of d's
comforts in reaching there, nothing
could keep them away from
Moyie lake in the summer. But be
cause it is convenient to reach, hand-
to get supplies, and right in close
connection with civilization and ye*
far enough away to get quiet ami
exclusive, no one thinks about golnjj
The Kernie hotel at Fernie, which
is owned by S. K. Wallace, is one of
the best hotel properties in the west.
urop is very n
mg paid iu ii
As   a result
through and v
.iiij une place.
vy big wage;
■ care u[ the
re be
ih nut remain long
oi-wav   will noon
i«l  \e
Midway, Aug. B.—ll will be soun
days yet before actual work on lb
roud-bed of the V., V. & t- l;
started but contractors Welsh am
Stewart have a large force of mt
misily employed in dealing a sit
ior boarding bouses, warehouse an
stables preparatory lo grad
work ou the righl
be iu lull swing.
Grading lor tho Midway
nun gas been commenced i
scale and witlnu a montl
pei'itd that a big cohsuui
will he at work,
Naturally Ui.s oiice peuci
is now tlie sci'in
Hotels fitc crowded, new u
mg rushtd up, business mt
mg up eui.'.. nit in premise!
ing sites upon which lo It
a j ear or two at leasf M
be a big pa) roll town and thero i
those wbo believe that this place
destined tu be a permanent center
industrial Importance. Prospects
a smelter and railroad shops loom
ibe distance.
great act!
Miss Mil.cod, oi ibis ciiy, returned
last Sunday (row a trip t.i Portland
where she visited a sistei and alsu
the exposition. While at Lho grounds
lhe lasl day she was in town slu, in
uompauy with lur sister, Mrs, Geo
Mtnielv, bad occasion to visit the
wash room ol the Oregon, as Mis..
MuLeod   was Buttering with a scum
Headache abd Wished tu balh hul
ii.ad iu hopes ol gelling relief. Ai
.she stepped up to lhe wa-.li stand she
noticed something shining ami .v.i.
.surprised to Hud tout ui live baud
.sume rin^s, two ut ibi'tti being lal'tJi
Inane diamonds.    Thinklug thai u
.is Btraugti  Ihal SUell valuables   .-.civ
it in such a careless manner, situ
picked them up and looked around the
room lur the owner, bui there vnvt
no one else presenl aside Hum Inn
-.isi.r, and au elderly lad) uear the
.toor. Taking the rings she w-.nl lu
.he administration ui ihe exposition
grounds when; she. found a young man
,n charge. She stated tiro circum-
.-.luiiccs and kit lhe nags, but was
not favorably impressed with the
[treatment she received at the hand's
of the young man. Passing along
the grounds a little later she saw the
.sinn, "Exposition Police," aud .he
went iu and tuld a ilelecll vo all
about her experience, lie accompanied her back tu the oflices and u,
.minded the diamonds ol the youug
man who gave them up reluctantly,
lhe detective told Miss McLcod thai
she was one in a thousand, and that
the loser mighl well feel gratified
uver the return of the lewelry. Ly
to the time of Miss McLcod's leaving
lhe town she did nut know whu owr-
,-d the diamonds, nor did she leani
tint il shown a telegram in the Van
couver World by a representative oi
ihe Herald, where it was stated thai
Uie diamonds were the propert)
Miss Highlower, of Omaha, Nel)., i
newspaper woman who was visitin,
ibe fail. When given back the tlia
monds she was hysterical and becalm
sick afterward frum the excltemeul
However, .sin* bus failed up to tl).
present time in acknowledge ilu- i!'
.■eipt uf ibe jewelry or in any wu;
shown her appreciation of Miss Me
Leod's kindly act.
The Lethbridge News lakes umbrage at lhe i.'in,it fi the lacrosse
game in last week's Herald, and intimates ib.ii Cranbrook is not con
stituiid right io take defeat. The
Herald would ask 'he News il it
thinks thai Tli.* Cranbrook players
wen' treated right on the ground by
the police interference nut threats oi
ih- sauie 1 i'l:.- lb laid never ha.,
uph Id any home 1 am when u vvas
tn ib,; wrong, bm [1 hates in nee
evidences <■! p. it) meuaucss in any
game, and some of tho Lethhi 11, ■
boys and the police surely dl: pluj il
those characteristics In tho lust
game, Whal has been said by my
Cranbrook people was along the in.,
of   just criticism   ami not prompted
by a lei ling ol nori u    ■      i raiibl	
has ncvi i ii.-, n a "sore" Lown 11, i
pi oplo ai,' ii '!■■ spoi;" ':-1 taki ..
, ictorj li e ...'Li i mi n ami di teal liki
pi inues. Ul\o i laubtuok .« i.m I ..;
.iui >on ■;dl always lind hoi boj i
i in- i mg, no matt11 whal the n il I
may be. Tills has bet n deun i
time and again in ever) Iin ol
.n ib.s town, and will ne attested it.
by teams frum every town along lhu
aw,  Le.h.iM.lv Hot i m .pud.
il i
| / ^ i
Grand Forks,
died here lasl  i
illness.    He lea
Judge Leamy
tiling altei a long
;S a widow and two
sons,     'lho luneral will take
here on Sunday morning.
W. 11, P. i lenient, the well knowi
lawyer of this city, who has beci
acting for Judge Leamy (luring hi;
last illness wi.l probably be confirm
ed in Ins appointment.
bee about
studying law
came  to 1
in New Wcstn
iu ihe bar h)
Leamy wi
, his na
i L'oluir
, born iu Qui
ago.       Alto
iv,- country he
Ua and settled
ffl v^.
act of
the le;
actico ■
are look-
or locai
Iti.     Km
way   v.ill
ice is
Edmoniou, Aug. 1.—Col. T. li
I'racey, consulting engineer of Vancouver, B. C, Is in the city. Tin
ihing that must be dune now, h.
ih.nks, is tu get lbe peuple of Van
couver Inleresled m gelling the G.l.
p. to ghc a direct, eoiinectlou wilii
the Edmonton district, lbe V. W.
and \. railway company is al present
surveying a line north from Vancouver along Howe sound and the vaile)
of the Fraser river to Kurt George,
if connection is made in this waj
with ihe G. T. P. it should bring lhu,
country within abuut two days u.
Vancouver, and what they need ii.
British t'olumbia cities is lo get an
easy route lu some such produotlvi
farming district as that aiuuud Ld
mon ton.
Ottawa, Aug. 5.—The Grand Trunk
Pacific have called tor lenders fur 27i
miles of line from Portage la Prairii
westward and the plans tor the loca
tion ol tliis road westward were approved of by ibe cabinet to-day.
From Portage I.i Pralrlo the Imi
will almost parallel the line ui thi
Canadian Paeilie to a point a littli
west of McGregor. Then it proceeds
in a straight line west iu ibe Asslua
Una river. It runs about half wa)
between the Manitoba ami North
Western anil the Canadian Paeilie I On
some distance wesi. oi McGregor, li
is located betAvei it 12 nn.l N mllcfc
norlh of Brandon and a littlu south
of Rapid City. There
line to Brandon.
The Grand Trunk P.i
Arrow rlvi r aboui Cm
to Asslnaholne rjvoi neai
Krom Crowe it runs due
townhip 26, range 18, and
the second meridian a little i
islature, and re
In 1807 be re
i,l    Uie follow
lie was appc
bench in 1(101, j
wanted     for   Marysvill
Appi)   lu Marysville  '^-\ic
Livsville,  It. U. in ,
to Green
iwing \'iw iuuiu
ith J. P. Myers-1
uud tt, lhe CQUJtty
■ill I
ill ci
west ti
lullll    u
Last Monday night Engineer
man wns seriously injured in
yards at Lclhbrldge hy being
on thu head while leaning out
of his
window. He was backing his engine down to grl water and a freight
car that bad been pushed iu on a side
track was lefl loo near the oihci
track and caught Mr, Watdniiin. Thi
The rooms are light and airy and thej jaw on holh sides was broken ami
furnishings are what might be ex- his bead and face badly bruised. He
pected in a larger city. The dining I was brought to Cranbrook Wednesday
room is one of the attractions of the j morning and taken to the St. Eugene
hotel and the meals served arc he- hospital where he is doing nicely. It
coming famous from Vancouver to'was a narrow escape and mlgbt have
Halifax.      Thomas   Rookes,    tor    a easily resulted fatally,
long time in charge of Ihe Cranbrook!  >	
hotel    in this* city, is    the managrr, | OATS KOR SALE,
and be works about seventeen hours; The undersigned lias several cars of
a day to see that everything is all good feed (>ats for sate at $2fi.5tJ pei
right and lhat, the public arc proper- ton. K. O. B. Olds in bulk Wm
ly treated in every department. iDean. 20-tf
At last lbe doubling Thomases ai
being converted, regarding the futui
of Marysville, by rrs*Iis just as gen
iiinely as Sullivan ore is by lhc Hn.i
Iin-4lon-HeV/rlnn process, and thos
who u'ways hoped for the best i
spite of disconrageim uis arc realizing
the fruits of tlieir patient waiting
and working.
This week the Sullivan Group Min
ing iV Smelling company imidc a
shipment of bullion which brought its
total up to about 25 cars.
Number 2 blast furnace at tru-
smelter Is doing welt, answering to
every move of the operators an.l,
though dilheultics have been and pru-
ha'bly will be met wiih, still success
is assured and all obstacles peculiar
io smelting will be overcome in the
near future, if we may judge by the
patience and untiring ell'orts of the
The citizens all unite in wishing
success to the smelter, fur such means
a great boost for the mining interests of Soulh East Kootenay.
One of the things Marysville larks
is a suitable sellout house. We need
une badly and if parents of children
uf sehuol age here are lo comply with
the I»w in this respect they mist
have a larger building at once.,
mediate action on the part of
local government is essential.
Imilding used Inst season for
purposes was built and paid for by a
few pull**ic-spirit.-:l cili/.ens and it was
a credit tu iheir loyalty tu iht-ii
children's Interests, but unless a
larger building is forthcoming right
away the old one will stand as a
monument to the incapacity of tin
local government and a disgrace to
ihe supporters of tho same in this
dislriel, fur upon those wlm dit.'d
ihe adininisliatioii of such nfialra lie-*
the responsibility,
Between thirty and forty of Marys-
ville's children are in need of a scluijd
house" right away. Will tbey gel
iL? We are paying our share of llii
revenue All we ask [or is a square
Mr, D. MacGilliviay, who has beet
lo the llaitf. hot springs for treat
meul, returned lost Sunday evening
and is receiving congratulations upoi
liis much improved health.
Tlie many friends uf Messrs, \\
MacKenzie and R. Mnnioii ate pleased lo learn thai they are recovering
at lhe Cranbrook hospital.
P. Cheiiclte, of lhc Kails View
hotel, returned hist, Sunday from a
trip lo Montreal an.l other eastern
points. Apparently he has enjoyed
the trip.
one lit'i
ed   io
onto H
d un or
ie premises
nimal away.
1, tlie undersign*
intend to apply ii
license for the I
Steele Junction, I
lbe next meeting i
mlssioners for Ci";
.,  Ba
.   B.C.
Editor Cranbrook Herald :—
Di*ar Sir,—Permit .mo to cxpres
through lbe columns of your paper
sincere appreciation of the kindness
shown by the citizens of Cranbnmk
to my mother In her recent surrow
and bereavenmit.
Especially    to lhe   different lotlces
who   did so   much     lo lighten    her
burden by their care of all details of
the funeral of my brother Ernest.
Yours sincerely,
Wilkie J. Browne
New York, Aug. 2, 1005.
4 ••"•--•-'•--••••<-«->•'-•■'••-•---••••*-•->.'•'••"•"•'•«-+
is now located in its comlort-
abte and attractive new quarters in the Watts building, .*
' This institution is just up-to-
f date and is modi rnly equipped
t to do |ost the best work ia all
• branches ol the tonsonal art.
^ .'-••••..•■••_•-•"•"•-»■•»•••"•■■»•'«
H.adqtinrtere for olioicr ■
limners tor cnoice i
iry ami fruit.   We I
nts bore for tlu- f».
mous ti. P>. Chocolates so
well known hy nil lovers ot
iru i. J sweets. Shipments
niudo so us to huve nothing
but fresh stock.
U ..Macconnell
Boot and Shoe Maker
Hanson Avenue
iippitsifc Mctttlinr'a Second-Hand store
If ynu tin
won'l lil ni
trial. 1 hn
ii'i't Hint store shoos
nml t'iis>', Rive ma ..
I...ft n Inrgo ami varied
England ami Canada.
Or if vnu llavc a pai, of old
llml lira nil',' „,,.! easy, Iml aro Ri'l
uur tlie worst t.ir wear, tion't tlirow
then, away—living tliein t„ ,„„ antl I
will liv tIiom lur yon, so llml you
can lie I'omfn, talile lliis warn, weath-
m.i kcpfltrlo, Nintly n„d Prootp'ly Uone
Formerly Hotel I'hulr
NI1LSON,  li. C.
B. TOHPKINS, M.initRcr.
Cilia hotol is nue .,_ the i,oal in
l-iritisli Columliiii ond up-to-date
in everj respect, Well lighted
oanipln rooms.
i %mm®mmfflffl.mmmmfflmm
I'm1 ln^iinnii'c
L'ndi rwritew
We write nur
I dot. lines nt
Lloyd's, London,  I nglond
Jo!i!i Hutchison & Co.
What Bo _ou Want?
Wm buve ii i, il is i,, ilio general
hardwtirt' I'm.'. Tliat isont, beauty
oh..ul our iiiimptisestock. We meet
il-„. nm.'.ls ml' iii.' people, both in
tM.'.is. quality an.l prices	
do not weal clothing turned out M
the thousand 'Ihey want their apparel to belong to them and show it
for ihe best dressed men iu the tuwu.
They wouldn't think oi going el-sc-
whme. They have a leason, of
course. Wc will tell it to yuu if j'uu
will call here.
A Mark of Refinement.        vilMP'if
Cleanliness a( \-:\sc.n h one of the ^^\a_
mot  distinguishing  marVs ui  rclmement,
commands .it a" times the hlgltest respeel
and  \V
lo   promote cleanliness,   install   m  your    : j
■ -*■.■,)-- jlecj'ing apartment or „rc-vinjj ruom .i snowy-
''',■'    tv-^-f**   white, one-piece  "^antlwif  Porcelain Enam-
■ }A  3  *      cled Lavatory, provided wiih an abundant flow
i j.r'-  \ of li.it an.l culd running water.
,"; A " Our plumbers are skilled mechanics and do
i-i,'..\.y-~J satisfactory work.     Lot u> quote  /ou  j-rir
PluniblnK,   Ui.uiiii(j,   Ueatinir  ond Veuiil.lii.y Kng-nwra
^.": i
Include everything tlml appeals
to the critical in music, nud to
those who Uimu the nature ul piano construction, A third ul a
century haa firmly entrenched
them hi the hearts ol the people
of Canada.  Before purchasing see
\mm $ Riscft Pianos        '' 'y    ' -'""; 1
/*    i:    it..i.i   t c.     <•_..,..I...,.oi. j*..1  >:A*t'J. h
C. li. Keid & Co., Agents, Criinlinnik
,1. fi. Whilcacre, Western Mniiflger,
Hox 615 Nelran
"'^ *: *-f; L< .
1! m 11 v i' /' ■ m_ mmMmmmmmwmw&
/ ^ /^t^^s Wl,„le»al.' and Itelall
*>''i'Ji,'/(<__??[''    Fres''    fish.   0">nc   and r,
'" ■ M tMHJj Poultry. L'
SSgai K     Wt unt'Ply only the host     Vonr
i>\ - -
lo BrlllBb Coliininla F
trade la sotl.lled
Market. In all the |,rl,..l|,,| to«ns (.


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