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Cranbrook Herald Oct 18, 1906

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Array ' ' H  Library
April 31-
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Paid-up Uapital. $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
9. t. WALKER, General Manager ALEX. LAIRD, Am!. G«.1 Utn*,m
I general Banking business transacted.  Acc.unl. mav b. ...aa. ... e....ria. tf
mail Witt) .11 branch.. .1 thi. luk.
Dcpo-it-. nf .Sl nnd up wards received, and interest allow-f**l at
current rule**.    I lit* depositor i*> subject to uu delay wlul*
ever in the withdrawal uf the whole or uf
portion uf the deposit
Cranbrook Branch,     -      P. C. MALPAS, Manager
; Capital I'ai I Up S'.2S0.0O0.0O
Rest $1,280,000.00 1
* MEAD OFFICE   -   -   TORONTO, |0NT. J
I D. R. Wilkie. ('resident. Hon. R. Jaffray, Vice.-President 1
* *
S Branches in Provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Sas- *
4           kalcliewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec *
4 *
* Interest allowed on Sivin^s accounts FROM DATE OF DE- 1
J   P Ji'. f r . r' ■■'■- ■ .'"ii: ri:s. ail cj n iilthl hilt   yearly. J
* a,
*   *
J t
| I. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.     jjj
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J.  D. flcBRIDE
(Victoria Times.)
During Hu* present mouth lhe representatives of iii- various provinces ol
thr  Dominion  W|i|     meet   at   Ottawa,
representatives ol the government ol
Canada lot the purpose ol discussing
llie prcnut status ol the confederation compact and tie tutiiro tlnaiielal
tolal luns .ii the provinces wnh lha
central government, Tho contervneo
»ii! in' n very iinp.n t.mL one, ami it
practical results are to follow, lho
delegates, it is scarcely necessary i<>
poiui out, must emlcftvai lo cleai
ih.'ii tiiittiis ul .ill --.'iii.mai proiutliceH
.unl in eontddci the .nrlons BtibjecU*
in .1 tiiu.nl. Illn i.ii .unl tolerant
Urltisli Palumliln has long claimed
llut   llii'  trims ul   lllV 111111111.   111     Hir
light ui experience, luw uut proved
l nib If in thell rrmiK Tlio gvlev-
was i.i I. rn np in ilu' ilisi in-
t'i' li) repreiu-nt all ves ol llw Lib
paii), wlm, ,iit.'i ,i careful anal)-
nt    hucIi data as   was available,
ii.-i.l iii.it ilu- ease Nil "heller Lornis'
Imd Inin sik'li US in inli lui   all in ves-
11 gat ton. Thr t'uiisi'i \ at Ives w oro
very discreet in their nlliorunccs until
alter t lu* advent id iho government ui
sit Wilfrid Laurier, when tho light
begin, to percolate and ihey llnally
.inl pereelvu ihal thero was sonic*
tiling in the demand lot moro liberal
iiii.uii.ial treatment uu tlw pail ot Uc
Dominion. Now it lliaj be .said ibat
tin* province is practically unanimous
nn ile subject, lu fael, lho present
government ol lliiiish Columbia may
lie fairly doscrlbed as "rampagluus"
in its demands—so utterly unreasoning ami un reasonable lhat Its loading
organ has gone the length ol publishing wlal may be described a.s a
'"travesty" ui "burlesque" uu lire
political history ol tbo province In
ibu evidently mistaken belief that
thus it. was either establishing a
strong case un Iwhall ot .Uie provln-
i tat government or soiling tip some-
Uiing thai iu sume mysterious waj
would pi .-Ac ihe undoitig of the Dominion governmeul in ease il turned a
deal ou iu mn supplication.
I'reiiiiei McBride will, We iindor-
siaiiil, be uiu' ui Hie representatives
ui tlw province al the meeting sbort-
i) lo be held at Ottawa Lu eunsldei
uie mailer uf '"belter terms." Be-
iun* laKiug lus iiepariure wu would
exhort Uw Premier to clear his mind
ui all ibe arguments his organ has
advanced in support ol ihe claims ol
niiiish Columbia, because we ean assure lllll), ul' lie ean assure himsell bv
an examination ol documents in lhe
archives ai the government buildings,
thai ihey will uui bear Invest Iga I loll,
and* If ih.'y are put forward live)' Will
siii'el)* prejudice his entire ease.
Tlu- cost lu lbe province ul Ute construction uf tlw E. A- N. railway, for
sumo Inexplicable reason, has bent
Hindu ibe principal plea fur amendment of the terms ul union. A tew
witKs ago the Colonist said;
"JnsL wfcftt it cost Hriiisb Columbia lu gel the E. A S. railway, wbieb
.-h<.nlil have hem buill without cost
iu us, is a liiile dlllicult to determine. Al current governmenl prices,
ihe land in Peace River, which is
among the best in ihe province; is
worth J.'i.iiii au acre, or $17,5110,1)01).
it could bo sold in block to-uuy io a
syndicate for ihal sum. The 2,000.-
1)00 acres of land un the Island—laml.
Umber and cual—is worth, or would
be worth to-day al leasl $12,500,000,
So thai in round llgures we gave up
assets wuii-b tStl.uTI(J.IIO0 for a lailwav lhat cost less than $3,000,000 to
build, and wbieb wo were entitled lu
receive I'm nothing—for a railway
which cost the Dominion, Including
what was paid in connection wlllll Lho
tlrydpek, ahoul $1,100,000. This
bargain was forced upun us as a coti-
Heiptetice of uur necessities at the Lima
liy a parliament ignorant uf Uu* slliin-
li'iin in, and resources of, llritish Columbia, and naturally unable, to foresee .the developments of the luture.
It wus a bargain made in defiance uf
the Carnarvon Terms, which hail boon
shamelessly violated. Tbere is nc
lioulit ihal Canada repudiated a
solemn agreemenl entered into iu
1871 ami afterwards made us pay leu
times over fur a railway llial under
those terms belonged tn us as a right
without expense on uur part."
.There is no doubt lhat lhe province
paid verv dearly tor lbe construction
of the tv .V S. railway, but it is n„\
apparent that We are goiiiR lo strengthen our demand fur A revision ul the
iei ins nf union hy exaggerating the
.prodigality ot former rcurescitvativcs
nf British Columbia or magnifying tbe
land lust bv former representatives of
ihe Dominion, The lamls ill the
Peace liver' illstricl may be worth
(intn fifteen in twenty millions uf ilullais. but ihey were not exacted from
the pit \ im-e us    p.n 1   iif   Ibe price of
const ruction of lhe K. & N. railway,
nnil   when   anv    newspaper   spreads
abroad such a report it is helping    tn
create a misunderstanding   wbieb   is
ifii likelv tu be conducive    tu    go( '
feeling n'l  home imr in mill unvihii
in the string-Ill    of uur claims upi
ihe Dominion.       Comments llluslr
live nf nm meaning have already hei
made by mainland    newspapers upon
this mlslcn-dlng article.
We find hj an examination of ihe
legislative sessional papers uf 1881,
whefi Ilun. Oeorge A. Walkcm was
premier of lhc province of Hrilish
Columbia and Sir John A. MacdoifnTfl
was ai the head nf ihe government ol
ihe Dominion ihat Mr. Joseph
Tri.lch made a demand upmi the province      With   respect      lu   the grant   Of
land, forty utiles in width, and extending from the eastern lo the. western boundaries of the province, set
aside as Hrilish ( :duinbhi s contribution iu the cosl of tlte construction
nf llie C P. ft., hut for which wc are
receiving, and will continue to receive, a quid pro quo In the form of
n    annual subsidy of    ono hundred
al lhc liuu ibe province was admit
ted into tiie cotifi-ilf rat mil, which u.i
that the lauds pi .posed tu be 11,Uili I lul t,> ih.- Dominion should he laid
uut an i sold lu aid in the constitution ul llw road."    Then quoting   n
siitiun ui    I bi'     "Ter ins    an I   I'midi-
s" bearing un lis contentions
which will in- waged throughout    ihe
province     shot tlv    .met  the adjoin n-
mi'lit  of   the  ne\l   sittiltg  ,,f  the  loglS-
laiuit'.    There i** always ware oi less
questi UtiM bed It   reports concern
big political linos su i.n m advance,
but ibe general tenor m feeling here
is ihal  ibe eampuiioi ti io be waged
behalf ul the Dominion government J ttl,|, a Qerccness and Intensity mi all
j Mr. Ttuicb goes un: "lu view oi lbe J St(lt.s thai bids Iai) lo cause UM>7 to
staletiiei.i made in the preceding pata-t],,. remembered a*- a noteworthy u-ui
graph, it iiuw becomes necessary ihai- m political annals ol British Colum
an understanding be arrived at   wiih  |11;l
the governmenl  ol  the province    by J   y-,u,  ,j,js    statement is warrautod
which the Dominion may receive    Minwv ut. understood whn ii is learnol
equal area ol lands available for farm-    „  ■ auihurit)     lh.0 R. O. Moo
ing ui economical purposes lu lien "f i  hl.IS(1l is LU„siiU*iinK resigning     hia
those which, uu investigation, may be! '..„,, ,„ ,in. nlim,n,on house and staml-
uiinl   lU   l'i
i ail able wlthiu
g uu
uum   a Vancoiivei
tniu milo belt, and the Dominion gov-  ciHUotucnc)   lo lho pioviiuial house
t urgently request the concur-1
itnee of 'i"' corernment nt British
t'oliuiibin in ibe [ullowinc arrango-
itienis, ir, Thai such territory situate wiihin the forty mile bell referred
in in the seelli u ol Toiut,-. and Conditions' above quoted as m.u bo
i.mini < n a ili.iimigh examination ami
Investigation uwless tm (arming oi
uiini valuable purposes, m.i\ nul bu
i.Taubil as  ptup.-ih   tut uii tig pari  "l
ih.' land lousideia l,   h. be received
bv   the  Dominion,   hut   Uiat   Hu* sat
in tbe   bell   nm
lie eliniin.it, d   liuu
described, and thai .in equal
land suitable foi t.u nun:; m oil tei
valuable purimses !».■ Kcleetwl else
while in ib.' province in Hen t-hereol,
Tb.- .nea t(. be selected outside ol
ibe heit mentioned should, m addl
Inn, include a quoiilll) i.l land lu
lepreseiii that iu the Fraser River
vallej and elsewhere nlmig ui in the
Vlctnll) uf the railway line which mav
he found lu have bi-.n already dlspos
ed uf by lbe pluv ime, m wilh regard
to whicl   valid claims imi\ be nrefcr-
teil as alsu to niii'l' the di'lichlicy
caused by tlte internal ti. nal hminlaiv
un llle mainland anil lhe roost line nu
Vancouver Island respectively falling
within the forty-mile belt." '
Thr reply uf t.he Walkein government in tbis demand was written un
Uw lib of May, iwtu. H vvas practically a refusal Iu consider lhe matter, alihuinib th' Dominion govern-,
nieni was requested to "define the
ian is which ihey mighl consider
valueless Ior agricultural or other
economic purposes; to indicate tho
lauds whieh thev ml**bt desire lo secure iu lieu thereof; m state bow thev
proposed to deal with such lauds if
ceded to them, ihe committee deemed
it essential I Vat ibis should he done
in order to prevent, su far as possible, an extension i.f ihe serious Injury and luss already sustained by the
province by the withdrawal from set-
llemenl since .Inne. 1873, bv special
roquesl of ihe Dominion, of a valuable trad of 3,2011 square miles nf
laud mi Vancouver island for raiiwav
Ibu v'.w Walkcm government passed
ami mie less careful of the Interests
of ibe province succeeded It, The demands of the governmenl oi Sir .1, lm
A. Mnedotmld for lands "valuable tor
agricultural and economic purposes'-'
iu lieu uf '.'valueless" lands in tlto
original railway bell weie conceded by
the Smythe government ol the province iu ihr vear 1883, when alt act
"for the purpose of settling all existing disputes and tlllliculUes lielween
ihe two governments" was passed.
One uf the sections (o) uf ihis act
"The government of Hrilish Columbia Bjfcvll obtain the authority of tho
legislature tn convey to ihv government of Canada three and one-half
till 11 ion acres (of laml in tho Peace
river dislriel nf Hrilish Columbia, in
mie rectangular block, east of the
Kueliv Mountains, ami adjoining the
N'uititwest territory of Canada."
Thus the Dominion government goi
niole Ihan it claimed iu lieu uf tbe
luuis in the railway Mt that were
alleged to be useless fur agricultural
or economic purposes, as it has never
to this day I'cconveycd I o lho province lbe lliree and' one-half million
acres id land within Uie lorly mile
lailwav bell thai weir alleged tu be
valueless. Vie are uui aware that
ihere Is any disposition al this late
dav tii sit in judgment upun tie acts
oi the Suivlhe government. It enr-
ii<d ..ut ilir vvill uf ihr people wlm
placid it in power. If is perfectly
itppnrcnl imw thai it was tu,, prodl-
L-al with the lauds uf Die province.
Hul we must nut misrepresent il bv
distorting or falsifying the facts of
y&tory. We cannol strengthen our
case for heller lerms hv resorting to
stub tactics. The land's conveyed to
'hr Dominion governmenl un account
nl the cuiistruction of the E. A S.
raiiwav are specifically defined in the
Act nf 188-1, wbieb savs:
"There is hereby granted to the
Dominion government fur the purpose
i.f constructing, ami tu aid in the construction of, a railway between Esquimau and Nnnnimo, and in trust to
be appropriated as Ihey may deem
. dvis.ible iimi save its is hereinafter
i xenpted) all that piece or parcel of
laml situate in Vancouver Island
desci ibed as follows' Houndivl oi
ihe so itli hv a slrahdil line drawi
from the brad or Sannlch Inlet u
Unir Creel, on lhe straits of Fuca;
on the wesl by a straight line drawn
from Muir Creok nfoiemcnlioned to
Crown mountain; on thr iiorib hy a
straight line drawn from Crown
mountain lo Seymour N'arrows; on
ho easi  by  the euasl  line of    Van-
 ver  Island   in  the puinl  of    ecm-
inciieeiueiii; mid Including all cnal,
• nal nil, ores, stones, ela)', muriilc,
date, mines, minerals, ami substances
whatsoever th.'i.'upun, I herein and
i hereunder."
So ii uill he mi-dol'slootl lhat while
ihc province pail -dearly enough fnr
ihe construction of the E. A E. raiiwav, it would imt he fair, and it
in fell I be inisi hievmis, tn permit the
ridiculous stalemeiil in go uncontradicted Unit ti governmenl of Hrilish
Columbia wbieb was principally an island government, recklessly seques-
traled assets worth t'hlrly inllHnns o(
dullars   In   senile   tbe   E.   A    N.   line,
Besides; snob au "argument" could
nol have tte 'easl virtue in stronglli-
ening our case for "'bt'tler terms."
Om demands must ho based on somc-
Ihlng substantial and tangible, having reference- lo fuels as revealed by
I wen I y years' experience of lhe workings nf the confederal inn compact and
by the possible accentuation uf such
facts in the future.
In the even I of bis i icclion and     the
siteeess ol his pally il I- Uhdi-islnod
tl at In- «, iii.l receive a poi lloltc
iimlei  the admiuist rat Um.
Amithet  piubablllt)  whieh will    in
Interest Mie Vuntouvei public is   iha'
Alderman T  S. Kaxlei will w mu
in  Ku'biiinnd as  lbe oppum nl ut   Ilun
K Cartel Cotton Mil Raxtei wa ■
fu sl appi uncled lo Klontl iut u \ uu
eouvei    seat, but      the arrnugcmeiil -
weie nnl ,i.',i,-,-.,i le i.. lun,. Ii.-ncr be i
ideiinn olhei  llebl        \h   V
(itll. ,i Squnmi h, .. h i   i
North Vnu vu. is said lo be iniolb
el   I'll lid III   lul   Ihr -  field
The Vancouver l.iheral date as 11 in
now   .uiau ,nl    ti,< in.i,'.  ibe names   ul
It      1'       M.I.. itii.lli,   piesld.lil    ui        lh,'
board ol trade, V. V  Wade, K C . and
I    V. Si,danils ,,s leusonahle certain
lies,     li Mr, Macplwi  dniul I ... leu
iu -i.n.l. Mi. .McLennan would pro
bablv nul be in tin- Held The lullei
iia-- n.i strung desire lo t ntei  piov in
rial   politics,   bul   is   umielsl I     Him
yeai to ho In n more lecepiivu mind
nn ibe point Ihan evei before.
Km ih.- Imlaii a ol liie Vancoiivei
tickel, a section m lhe part) is pres
situ mr the naming ut iwu laboi cm
dulaies. There is, however, llw
strongest kind u1 opposition to this
move, and n is possible ibat a tlark
horse will develop alwrllj  who    will
the Young Liberals.
from ihc uppi i countrj comes impoi i.iui news in ibe effect llial lb.a
Iticbard McUrlde and Holt Charles
Wilson havo     ma ir up tb li    recenl
liii.-inii'i's  nnd      will    -land   togelbet
.■M  vet
for coughs and  colds
Ior sour stomach and slugxisf liver
Donl   Accept substitutes  when   you   can   always   get
tlu-m at  uur  slore.   Do.it   be  lakid.
 ■ I
I'llls c.
Inl in
uln thiough tire
ili.n bolli iiiirlii-s m-i. Inilil- Soi-illlisls ill I-',-niu-
wliii-li v.milil make tire »i
('.uuu.,. smls iiii[i.-i.iii.,-
Iv   Mr. lir.-.ii vmi> slawl
Sl-s.    iluu-
■ is s.iiJ iii   Ua.
ailc.  lire ri'iTii
lion,    li is   li-l
m.l si„
.1 in
.ll s   III
111!   11
ilu ili.u Ire »i"il'
in., liainls in Ivailo
ii"n.->- tiii-l-i..i.i.-i will ,i,',,i lire li»ls
li,,„. Mr, il. Hi i.l,- .nil also -i.m.
iur election in llc...lirey, lire exp«.-i»
lion lieing iiul ire »ni caiiluro Ih.ii
 s    nans naiiiiB   il',' »ii)   lor   il.i
Vox   FIRE,   LIFR  and
Plume No. oo. REAL ESTATE Insurance
i,',iili,-i ,ii lire liyi-eleelion. il,,u. ii,
Wilson is ui,,ui;iii iu Ire lire best luai
;,, nut i,,i u.it.i in fai ih,,,, .,-, In- ii
well Known llirotigliout lire enure sec
A   .ll'!,'
iiill Ire
,,,,.'.i rn,,
[irevenl lire reliiriiiiig oi n.iu
iiuiii!, ,,i i iiiii, I,, Lire house. I!
colleagues i,,iii„I inin .1 ilil u,,.-'.i.'i„
,.us last session, ami wll.li Uiu etc
nuns are declared Mr, Schoiielit, ,
Trail, will |.rol.alil) be leader uud.
the l'u ns, 'iiiiiii,' banner. Un il
oUii'i I .....I n is i'X|iecliil Uuu .
-•"-I lli.ine, ol Nelson, will be u
Liberal In
.I.iui bearci
lii. 11..I1,
»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ^ ♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ v»
Wo huve just put in stork the finest lot
uf iliiiinoiiiis ever bi ought into the country. W'e picked out these Btot.es while in
the K.isi. from w pnpkage of loose stones
viiliii'il nt $160,00U ami we can guaruutee
overy stone to be a yyiu of the finest wnler
It is not to early to have one luui aside for
W. li. WILSON,   The Jeweler and Optician
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-Isnll,     llllS   illllMll
been noii.in.iinl b) Ure UlK-rals Io
Ui.ii rifling .uid will .ilnii.si cerUilnl
In- .-li'i'i.'ii, reci'ivins lbe sii|,|„,n ;
lho ilniisiuii I'linservaUvi's as wen a
bis own parly,
Tho Uonser.-allvcs count
lent ul .1- It. Ur. »'» "'
liy Ure .Socialists, Iml lire l.lbenils ap
li,' .1.'-
ill,I,'111   ul   ill
II.   It.   t'.ll
ulii-i   In
..■ily principal
.i seliool, Vi.iii-i.ii'
will accept Un- Conservative iiom
lion in riiilliivm'l, should ll
nude bim.
in the Silttllkaiiii-cn ii is report'Cil
ilini Smilh .lulls will oppose ilr.
Siiaiiuiil al lire polls, ami m K.uu
limps it is regarded us certain Unit
Ilun. ilr. l-'iiliun will In- opposed In'
llr. Wiiili'.
All ol which nliuvi' notes slu w Ural
something stirring bids [air lo bo
duins in political circles nexl year.
l.u'1-sliri'wil    liiwyi'i's   olten liunisli
iln'ir    adversaries '   wiili    weapons.
"111.1 mu see this tree Uiat haa been
mentioned by the roadside';" an advocate ilii|iiireli.
"Yes, sir, 1 saw il very plainly."
"It was conspicuous,  ilu-n.'*'
The iiiiiM'ss seemed puzzled by   tlto
new  iv,>nl.      IU- repealed Ins lortner
"What    is   llu'    ilineri'iirc," Mii'i-icl
ibe lawyer, "between plain and   eon-
thousand dollars,   '   It appears    the     Tiu, Vancouver     Province publishes
» KEKfi TAt moSies;l;"« *** ****?>**'"1 Tt
and desired to amend it. Relerrlng '":■; Irom Its special correspondent in .
to this Mr. Trutch wrote tr. the at- Victoria- The province has all aIoli£ I
torney-general    of lhe province, Mr.  Riven thr.  McBride governmenl loyal *
Mm I
•i ca
with   his own
lunoccnlly nns-
ico you phi.uiy, sir, amongst
lawyers, though you are noti
it Uii conspicuous."
In another iiistnnce, n blow directed
againsl the cbaraclcr ul ii wlluess for-
cihty recoiled.
"Vou were in the compnii)' o£ these
people:'1 he was aski d.
"in two friends, sir.''
"Krlends? Two Uilcves, I suppose
you mean."
"That may bo so," was lbe diy retort; "they arc bmh lawyers "
The blow thai destroys ibe effect "f
lv mon' Ihv resuli id acciiliin than ol
conscious cuui'i. in a trial, not lonig
ago, a very simple witness was in tbo
box. and after going through his oi
ileal vvas rt-iidy to retire. One nues-
liuu remained;
Now, Mr. , has   nol an nl-
tempt been made lo Induce you to idl
the com i a different sloiy'.'"
"i\ different story to wCtal I havo
t«ld sir'.'"
"Ves; Is il nut so?"
"Yes, sir."
"Upon your oulh, I ilenii n I lo
know wbo the prisons are who have
attempted this."
"Well, sir, you've tiled ns hard as
any   of     'cm,"  was the   unexpected
Automobiles are Popular
Rut at this time of the
year one must think of
STOVES. That cooking stove could be replaced by another that
would save you fuel and
make you money. And
as to HEATERS, we
have a stock that will
meet your needs. Snow
will soc n be here and the
price of wood has gone
up. Call and see what
we can do.
M. McCALLUM   A  CO. mh'i?cdhwXes
Wc hnve just received
Two Cars Timothy Hay
A I Quality
Also on hand large quantity Oats and I ml
in-: vni oi,' s wi junks.
WAS    llllilKUAUl)     lllll Ml
ri:i.i:iii!.\Ti: ins fifty-
IIUIII  .Uld   III   II   Il'l!       IIIIIUlll-
p-lisl lirvnli.nl lus |„nl.
Was    I'lnliiilni.il     ,,,,,1   „,,.,
I'm I,-isi ill,, i.l, j si nllenioon.
A I'llUFHHKM'!•: I.N \ .ill: nM.\
WlnnlppR Free Pit
:-TIio il.iiuil.u'
irers' assoeiatloii lias a perleefc
ijrlil, ui course, to advocate lhu
re-lion of ii innil wuii ul prohlhlliiu
It ended llie exnnilnalli
,-r Herald,
-Uocl.es t-
ilKKTIMi OF (). II. C.
1 Walkein;    "There is reason lo believe supporl und it is Iclxc iissunmi that ,           ,,   ,    ,„         ,, ,   ,,    .,.,„.
, tlrat ih,- I'liuiaci.-i ur the land lor  a its   euries|>onil.-nt     al  least   knows I   St.   Paul,   n inn.,   Oct. lOi-inreo
Ivfif-y bonslderahlc distance along  the something 61 tlte plaus-ol the   uuv-   hundred ileloptes o    '";.'"
I lint' ol ihi' Cnmulian Pacific railwrn. ernmenl   party's organisers.         Tbe   fUAlimwl    loiiductors  a    now urn  .«
, as located    in Hrilish    t'olumbia. is Prortlice dcspalcli reads:                      mcennr; lu-re i.m ny.      .''',     'r', V"
such as In bo altogether unstllterl  lori Al tho presenl momcnl lho capital   rcrpi-osoiil 31,'divisions o the ordo   n
nsrlciillnral    purposes, ami thototoro city is iiii will, gomlli us In llie pos-   Hie I mini SI ules ami Canada,     llie
! valueless iur lbe object contemplated sibilities    ol the   political campaign   meetings are secrel.
I.inli-   Hurl,. Oct.  IS.—Uev.     Sam
.tones, iii,' .veil known evangelist   of
i'm imm. ill,-, u.i., dliil early  lay ul
liearl failure In a sleeping car ou    a
l',l, Island inin near Perry, Ark-] heiKhi. llm when tiiey try lo pr>
Mr. .luirt's bail been coniluotlng a most teiul llml ivbile doing ibis ihev are
siiiTi'sslui reiiviil in Oklahoma cily »' , lt» same tlmo iipholders of lho
and left Ihere lasl nighl tor Ilis Ih.....'' preference Won, Ihey are only making
in Georgia, lie decldeil In a-lli'iul a1 tnemsolves nlisii.it. Unless Hie illnni-
Innilly ro-unlon lo-morrow, il beingi facturers' assoeialion is proparril lo
ihe nil lh anniversary of liis birili. Mr. announce ils ennsenl lo such red'ic-
-luii.-s and liis ilnuglilei's, Mrs. Annie Umis in lhe present actual duties on
I'vn.ii and Hiss .liiiin Jones were Hrilish goods cnlet-lng I'anada as will
wllh-Mm when be nasscl awav. Mr. j resuli in largely Increased British Im-
.liines arose Irom lus berth In lbe ports min this country on present
sleeping ear aboui 5 o'clock and com- nes, the sllveC-lorrgiied orators ni
Iiiu n.'il „f nausea,    lie drank tt glass thai orgamlKatlon wnuld do well    lo
uf water  I Immediately afterwards refrain   Irom   any    mention ol thi-lr
collapsed. Hev. W. llnleon.b, who devotion lo lhe principle 6f giving
bad lieen assoiialed wilh Mr. Jones ureal Britain a preference in uur uial-.
Ior years, took the dying man in his   kct. THK   CRANUllOOK.   UKl'AI.I)
Undertaking and Embalming
Funerals directed from   private houses, churches or our
own parlors.     Kirstd.iss undertaker in attendance *0 ***
CranbrookGooperative Stores
ram ji 3 iei mild lOHHHHHHHiKHgs
Wi- Imv.- ill.- besl facilities In the Kootenays for
during the summer weather.   Wholesale and retail
Am.R.RR rji jmR-Jvimmmmmmm
j|i S B HI SMIlHHiliraMp
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
The New Managers.
H Drop in and see us any time.    We are on deck 25 hours
JJ/t .nil of the 21
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<♦♦♦*€♦♦♦♦♦««.
t clothing tliat is "Gilt Edge" in name,
♦ "Gilt Edge" in material, "Gilt Edge" in
t make call and see the new stock of Ready
* made clothing just received.    All Union
X Labor.
%i******** ****************&
*      __^^
•rtpinufn. Hirers of J JL
Rough nndjdreised    • |t
Also  all   kinds of
• w
* 4*
®**###**#** ip '**■*•*?*****»#»*#**'
jJCV .'./«..« y.^'
• l.-itTrnv. Hyatt nml
Cranbrook, U.C.
Hcail Olllce, - Cranbrouk
Xcabfno Business
Udouscs of ilDat^s*
vi11c  tl)C -'||K'11C'' tf|u?-
Miirynvillo  has
inin,' inl,, Iter own.
'I'ln1 town mnv Iiiih
ii |,,'iiii,'iiii'iii pay
roll, The Hornlil
,','i n lioartily on
dorse lln- followiiiH
The leading ho-
I Central Hotel te> in the st.@
H    HANDLEY £ COLE Proprietors Marys valley. H
ffl Dining Room service lhc best.       	
55 The place to slop when visiling Ihe Smeller City ™
1 The Royal Hotel     .
® A. P. Chenette Proprietor                      j|
S Has heen recently refurnished and is now one of §j
K lhc hesl hotels in the district.   Headquarters for ffl
I the people.                                                      |
| Marysville Drug Co.     §
JgJ Wc carry a complete stuck of everything in the |j|
i5 DrtiR anil Stationery line. No need to send away 13
B foryour goods. ®
Rambling Reveries
llmv often |; a fini nature warped
a i.'.illi u-oud disposition spotted bj
lhe omission o! a lew timely
ft'oixi - ,,i ci i uragemi nt, A cliild
receiving nothing but blame nod con*
slant scolding, in Line become*- deal
lu ciirn-cii..ii, mil Uii and defiant, and
tu th.- end one ol those chil Irra who
tu iihi't    licars noi   beeds.      Un the
Othei li.iH I a child thai  It. occasionally
encouraged, Is proud ol pleasing
another, consequent!) is plca&ed with
himsell and ugvd i,. rent** exerthms
I,, luu ., repetition .'i Uui praise *.■■
.1, .U     1"    Hi,'        Mm,..,     I,.-.ill,    Ih-    lh.lt
liearl j ig .i old	
S,,I1H   men ale  l.... lm  \   to  give itliV
lime tii iln-n wives, and children
'l in*) leave li nne earl) in the morn*
in,.. .i.n awaj ..ii da]. and < ume
Imi i. .ii nighl lilled »lth worldlj
..i . ..   in,,i,, .   ,in,i  uncommunicative
li ii  it, et     ed  lo lIhin   ihal
ili.-» .in-    doing    wiotig, lhe) Justif)
llieilist'he.s ull ti,v i'h.ni,.I lii.il it i
nn , , an   ],,i   ih, in   i.i  iii.ii.v  a  living,
.unl  Uut   ilo.. It.n.-:   ihem liy    time
lm ••Hei i     ull) Uie plea ti
without   luun'i.iii'iii,   toi   ll i     noi
■ilffelv   a I'll .il'le  living  Uui   Ihej
ate seeking   allei   Iml  lhe ai i umula
lion  ol  heedless  vvr.ilHi All)   man
Uial is ion bus) ilo he ,, gentleman in
hi* manners and ,. t'hrlstlan in lilt
sini i within ilte circle ol Ins own
Iiuine Is bnsiei limn he ought tu be.
\\ \\in:i;i\(i iuiv.
"lib   wheiu    is  111)   wandering     Imv
to nlgl  lias been sung Ino-isamls <ii
utiles will wonderful tenderness ami
pathos, hm hovt iii.itiy ul the singers,
Of Ileal els, e\ei gave heed to the
perlllienl eliquir) ul llw sun-;-' Statistics ate Iretjtieiiily published showing the greal major it) of our boys
spending then uigbis away from llie
better inlluenecs of home. As they
grow into youth and early manhood
Ihey  seem    to  gl'OW     into  Ute  world
and worldly ways. If the singe
plaintive quest lon could be answered
publicly in .my ordinary meeting
where the song is sung, it. would
cause a ttemen urns si nsation, and
many a heart would how down in .sorrow and pain. Vol some reason it
is Jusl as well thai the nightly haunts.
uf "llie boys" are not specifically
mentioned in local public meetings,
and yel, the matter is one of common
report. The boys are loo often oul
of home, oul of tho church ami Sundav school, om ol organizations of
moral character, and inlo lie world
"for all it i.s worth."
How niiiiii better in use somo ol
the good things of life as we go
along, io make our humble homes as
cheery and bright as possible now.
Mo uol starve lo-day, cither body,
mind or soul, thinking that [loverly
will knock at ymir door to-morrow.
Don'l ho.iid and scrimp through all
llie best j,'iit's of your life Ihal you
may he generous in your will. Life
is uncertain, and n is better to make
tout children happy while Ihev are
under the Inline roof; in call to the
homo everj agency ih.it will malic
Iheii lives sweeter and better, than
in deny them these ili.it ton mat
leave ihem n IwfiC account when voii
are gone li will be loo late toi
ilietii to return kindness t.. you then.
Don't keep lhe parlor sit it up ami
live in the kitchen, unl -ss yon want
lhc bovs und girls lo be anxious    Lo
Some a yeais ago, when I was   a
yotmgstei about  16    : ■■■     d age, I
was in the bahil "i Bpen
-ii  two every summei    visiting    mj
brother In-law, who had   .
'I housand Island Pari. 'I bou land   Is-
iail Is,   '.i>s    a     Wlt'.el    ;
t.vii\ da) wa   ipeiil I ing.     li
we could     im'      ■•' j '-■-' wenl
alone, and it su    bftppi
da). mj   broth r-in-law, b ailed
la A Iban t  >-ti businv is, 1  lm .
..Ion.- n   j      «,tiil.t| ,,:,', ,i    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
■lav.       I gol out    llu     I.,., ■. bai ,     "   ": :''   "! I'lHerlainmelil which .\|
tackle, •■'! , and stalled foi  i   - ..- ! ullurdeil  Uw  \ pi,.     ,,j
i lound   ne   bole    u   liu.      11 algai) ,    i, imprulrahie    ihai
n/bere ihi   w»lei  i ■ ....        ..   ,  ;. ■ .i,   "''J   i  ■■      nl   nunc    entertalnnieul
 Wi leel     deep,   Utopp  I
i ill    \msiu:\ n>.
The popular Claude Amsdcti's cotn-
nati) played loi the liist ume m Cal-
-,in lasl night, tc probably tlie laig-
,'i wliieli has visited ihe Lyric
theatre during ihj last    year.    ' "ihc
iruven ii i Wife" was productive    ol
eujoymeni and     laughter foi A    good
.'.,. lumi-. to ib.-    appreciative aud*
,.,. im: the honor ol success Is due
aliim.t  soiel)   i" Mr,  Amsdeii and his
- ippoi u rs   and   in no great measure
tin   abililv   lisplayed In tlte three
,,. i . .mn tlv itself.
I 'j,. K|ieeted Olaudc Amsden
h ..; I and scul of everv act
(luvi rnoi " lie bad but lu
twiddle his thumbs to make
It and tu see the Ituiuol ol
- iiiiiinonplace.     .Manv '■'"
•Sixty daj s alter dali   I
appiy   iu    ilu
t. omuiist-'onei of ud U
\ Kti'i.a lot      pi .
die lulluvt it.^ •■'
in South  '-a i  '"
Uommi neni..,    al
collier ul   .-.J   «■''- ■   - ,
• t3W
li.ill   .
.-   Mill      Hull   1     lllllll
anv where   bm lo
nl.it   sell,
inher    v
weie young ' nee yourself. Do nol
ask ihem In walk two miles to a
singini! Dl lei lure altei Working hard
all dny, when llierc are two »>i three
horses in vour liaiit llml w„n|,l eniot
'It trip as much as tliey. l-'ot God's
sake show i.lniii yon think as much uf
lihem as vou do oi yum  beasts It nol
'iiioy the society    ot
,|)evially   lhe ioni|i.in
imiship ..( your children; it will onlv
be a few years at the hesl i-hai thev
will be with yon, and these ought to
be years ol happiness to both vou ami
i-hem. Would you not rather have
li'in look back when out in the world
to ibat blessed home (though il may
nol lave been a mansion) where thev
received more  juj   ami comfort  than
ihe woild can .ill,.id. than to have
them forget home in a week and bard.
it return to torn burial'.' If wo are
ovei happy in Ihis life we must enjoy
whal every day brings We would
he grateful and glad lot air tlie good
Ihai comes Into out lives, anil patiently beat om trials, believing that
ill things il righll) used will lit us
ini ihe enjoyment of perfect happiness
,, happl
lead of
■ llile
ih,' lu
well to remember Unit tlte tlnio never
will iiiiiii-, tu N'.iis woild. when we
•hall have eveltlluin we want ills'l
where ami when wo wanl It. The
oni) wu\ to he happy is to enjoy al
wo havo lo Iho tilmosl as wo go
along li is right to lay up Inr old
age m youth; righl lo preparo for a
rainy day. Inn II is noi right lu bend
all ou energies lo this end and pul
oh imiii ihe hi lure the happiness we
mighl I'tijoj evei) day It is very
common in sec people working and
saving, denying Wtemsclves nil recrea*
inn and many rommrtn. to lay up
inonej in Imv more laud, to enlarge
Iheii slock do save for limit children) thinking Ihai when thev have
accomplished Hns Diet will he happy
nnd    bog n    to lake   comfort.    The
hoped fm      i il    m.iv  never    be at-
lalncd, or if ii is, sickness or death
may have coma liisl and the dear
ones whom we expected to be happy
wilb may be gone forever.
Boys, don'l hang around lhc corner
of the streets. If you have anything
io do, do it promptly, righl oft, then
to home. Homu is lho place for
hots. Ahoul the streel corners tuul
af tlie stables Ihey learn lu talk
slang, and they learn to swear, to
smoke tobacco, and lo do many othei'
livings wliich tbey uiighl  nut to do.
Do your business and tthen go home.
If your business is play, play and
make a business of il. We like to
see boys play good, rattiest, healthy
games, if wo were lhc city council
we wnuld give the hoys a good;, spacious playground. It, would have
plenty ot green grass and trees and
fountains, and htpad spaces lo run
and jump iimi play suitable games in.
We tvotiul make It pleasant, as lovely
as il could lie, and wo would give it
lu the boys to play in, and when the
game Wiis ended we would tell them
to go home.
tlUllIllg   sptii li   OVI i Ill
bad   .i ime    luuske    i:
tiulliug   around    u.i' i  oi  ■   ■
!, IiIhi uol  iuu, 1 becoun
ged up mv hue, with uut*
m)  wrist, ami laid down   .
..in, ul the boal  lu '," i
lluw long 1 slept I know n      imt j
awoke wnh a stai', and
uue was   puiimg ui) arm uii
length,    realizing lue   condii ion     ol
limits, I made a nial» ful the
uegan io haul      SVhaluvei il
Was a  wliuppei,  and ju i   ,t-   I   ;.■
coining   lu   Hie   lop   ill   liie   wain        il
dint itiiuiigli the watei .mt wln//e,i
.itei my head hack into ihc- water on
*.ie othei side ni the tinat. in turning quickly lu see whal I had hooked
i got entangled m Hie Ime, lost mj
ualaiiCQ ami ovei I went. As I fell
mt sell going 1 made a grab mr tlto
side oi the iioat, iiiit instead ui catching the side I somehow grabitoil the
iu ut fid iit'i <>( loose line lying in tin
.mat and gut all tangled up with U,
so mueh so thai I could not use mj
arms ur logs, and fell mysell slowly
going down without being ab'e iu lml|i
.tiler I had gone to lhe top twice
I fell ni)sell going down Ior the Hunl
time. 1 knew 1 was a goner ami
•jtrugglod anew t,, iiee myselij hul
rtilliU'il success. Jusl as I lia,i
about given up all hope 1 fert a tug
glng and a series ul' jerks iiu tie line
11qui above, and realised thai some
une was pulling me up. Soon I savt
the   bright sun through die    watei
in aliotliei few .seconds I was at 1..H-
lop aiid r gin alongside ul n.t boat,
iteing drawn closer and closer, ..in
nol a soul in sight. 1 couldn I
iiudei's'lauil it, Iml losl no lime on
ihal account, and managed to raist
ulie arm high enough tu grasp ih,
side uf the boat, and filially L,ut mt
..iiife out of mv pocket and set myself frit*.
There in the bottom of the Imai was
a huge water snake, all coiled, Wi.
.he line wound .ilinui lum like a
thread on a spool, h seemed It wai.
Die snake I had houktd whicli slmi
over lhe boat, Inn must have dropped iu when I lolled uut, and tn lis
exertions lo iree Itsoli li.nl lolled
irotiiiil in the boat, rolling Itself up in
.tie l.ne and hauling me to the lop.
The snake was ,i feel T Indies long.
I still hate its skin, which has been
•Huffed, and is now in mt den. Any
uio can see il.
I'll i'l.l
•lASK 1
k in
■ ti :i;
t'l lull!
iiiic     ii
llil-ll   ll,
,'  Wi-sl
1      A till.
■i   Cliv
si'lit I,.',
i' i,n Tl
r  Hi
ui      III
■       i'l I'S
, Is ,,
ol      Slll'l
.111.-1 .'Sl
• lll'lll.ll
fill  i.m
Slccs i
.ml I,.
im ili-rii
I'M'll    ,1,
III   Mllll-I
..Ot t-
I'art -Song—"The Dance" ...
I'he Gentlemen    of lhe   Westminslei
(idee Party.
Glee-HTho   Hells of  St. Michael's
Tower"   Ktliictl
The Westminster nice Parly.
Duet—"1 Know a Bank"  Horn
Masters     Albert    Hole   and    Haloid
Scotch Song—"My Ain' Kolk" 	
  Laura Lemon
Madame Marie Hoofra.
•Song—"Dennis Lighih.-art" 	
 Slellldale  Beillietl
Mr. T. C Slerndalc Bennett.
Musical Sketch .,	
Mr. Harry Ivnney,
vt.cal    Willi/.—"0   Coine and    Join
Our Dahee"  Dudley Buck
The Westminster   Glee Parly.
Vocal   Polka—"Come   Away Pretty
Maiden"   Sihai'el
I'he Gentlemen   of the    Wcstmlnstoi
Gleo Patty.
Song—"Swallows"   Cowen
Master Albeit  Hole.
Solo (with   vocal   accompaniment)
"Thinking .,f Home" Millard
Mr. Kdward Slranscombc.
Old Knglisli Ballad 	
 "The (Ud Couple"
Madame  Marie  lloolen,
Old English   NiiiseM   lihtmes 	
  T. V. Slemdalo Bennolt
(Accompauled by ihe Composer.!
I'he   Hoys uf the    Westminster Glee
Musical Sketch ...  Mi.  Harry   Limit
Plan tii I ii.n  Song—"li uud   Night"   ...
  Scotty Gall)
The   Uesllliillstil    Glee   Patlt.
God Save He King,
K.   I.
Al s N. tt. u>nii r,    ..
i-ll.iili.i, liiuie ui
uver,     ih mtj bu   i
iiuiii rivei,    fa utt tu    -■
tiieiuo iu ciiam-i    iiuj th io putui    ■
-oUiiueiiceiiKni;   il  .. ,
i-tt acre**, mute ui li. .
John   >■    vi    ■
•).  i;    .
Septem her  ta,   : mu.
i i.vtiii'.f: M.rj u ,,.
Notico is in ti ij
da)'b ai tei date tve HucUil
ihe Can i i oiiiiiu** loin i ... .,
It II! liS   lul   .1   -,'■
.,iiiy awa)  i im 	
I1-..I  i 111. ,1     laill.l
i omiueni Ing at a posl
ehains n.ii Lh ol   lb.    u
Ul   lol   '1-i,   glOUp   ■     ■
chains,   ihi ni c   nui ib
.hi'iifc wi -;   !'■ , .
li.u chains  io  ii.'' j-,.,   ■ "i
conlaiuing Itib aci	
The Stand, id   i     .   Co.,   Ltd.
Local wl  thc   ill
A. li. ttillfl.
I ION   At 1.
irom lus acling than last nig*tt.
itnsH im/.i Davenport, uiso popular wnh i algal t ilieatre-guers, at
Mis. Jullyiuail, flowed that ltd
Liu-rg) uti-l vim sliil retainwl then
wonted liieicli.tii'iahilily.
iiiil.n liul've) was a whole en let
ta.n.iiiiil as .tiiiiiiscu t'reseudu, tin
exuaoidiiiaiy nitistc master.
ill.- singing Ul .Miss Bessie TnCQli
.is ii;, Una, ami Waller C, Wilson as
end Hell, was highly appreciated   as
.-nd. in id  tit   l-ae    repealed ciiculcs.—
Ualgarj Herald.
i uis cuuipaii) will appear at the
Cranbruok opera house Kriday and
Saturday, Ocloher 111 and au.
(Vaiii'niiui Province.)
A new wage scale tuiecling the men
ueb.iiging in the Allied .tieetiauu-s
iratics ..nd ihe nlacksitiltlis employed
uy ihe i aiiudian Paeilie railway uu
,n,' Paclllc iiivisiuu is now ueiug
.ii.iiiia, and ii i.s reported ibat the
imn wul receive more money.
.tn. liianl Mall, id Winnipeg, assist imt superintendent ol lolling
atocn t.u itn- i . P. H. western lines,
is now in Vancouver conferring with
.lu- men ut the trades meiiUoiwd. ies-
L-ei*day iur. Halt imd a meeting w.th
ihe .tilt, .1 Met hatitcs, and lu-day he is
iiat.ii.; uue wnh the blacKsmiths.
Just whai it.w udjustmtut will bu
effected is nut known at present, and
.i is l,keij thai inluiinalioii will nul
.ie at,lllaine nil lhe new sclicdulu
is approved hy ihe management ul Uie
.aiiw.it ul Mm,ileal.
t'ui some lime ihe uuu ul Ihese
.annus ir.i.lcs employt*d on the Paci-
.te divisii-n have beeu in caihinunlea-
iiun wilb the company ulhbials, am
ihc conferences with Mr. Grant Hall
.ii this city are the result,
The dealings being euiidueted iu
v'oncuuver will affect all tte-men cm-
ployed hiitvctii this city and Lnggau,
ho eastern   end ol    the Pacific divi-
Kernie Free Press:—The Cranbrook
iose race has been "seltlvd" to the
evident satisfuclion of the Cranhrook
.jioils eoniinil tee. The eotiiiiiitleu
has decided that lhe race was iL tie
and the) ordered the race lu he run
again within thirty days. Muyie
naturally refused, and according to
the terms of lhe ultimatum issued by
i'he committee llu $1511 prize goes to
Cranbrook team, who were a quartet
uf a second li.hiud the Moyie bovs m
lire raee mt Labor Day, The Cian-
tiionk coniiiiitleo has shown a very
unsportsmanlike spirit iu ihe disposition of this regrettable Incident,
whuh may eusl them many limes tho
prize thai they dislike so mueh to relinquish
1 have a large quantity ot    above
io sell al foil wing prices:
Per ton
No. 1 Timothy, f.o.b. Cranbruok     J18.50
No.  I Upland, f.o.b.    Cranbiook  * *.,     11.00
All orders prumpily attended to.
-in-1f       I.  Del-'ehr,   Diilnbuiy,  Alta.
Ihal strikes the eye and wins the approval nf all .nn customers for
is, ilu- acme of style   and finish    in
cry d.iaii.     Perfectly-fitting shoul
ders, the most
i*ful  curves, every
Siinimer.side,  P.     K. L, Oct.   11.
A   terrible lire .swepl 0ver lho   town
early this morning, doing damage iu
Hie extent of $200,1100.      The   insurance only amounts    to $r»u,Ouo     The
cctiri house, jail, electric light    station, lifty houses   and three churcli
are gone.      The lire is supposed.
have lreen of   Incendiary origin.      U
uegan in a railway shed and was fan
tied by a heavy gale.    The town had
only* two hand onglnos and one .steamer to lighi tte lire.    Firemen antl an ,
engine Hum Oharloltclowu saved   the  ^H put on for use ami style—a coat
Presh) terian church. Und entire suit  that  speaks volumes
(SummorsideJs opposite Shcdlac on f|hl  a   dlailnollve difference in    any
the west  euitst  of Prince Kdward  Is- ....     . , ,_..'
land and according lo lhe last census nmviL     Hh>  h,,-v  "-eady-mad.* cloth-
has a population     of 8,000.       As a   ln- lll;"  NEVER KITS, when, for a
farming and industrial    center, it is  slight difference in price, wc can mn
one of the busiest cities on the island   yo,,    clothing thai  KITS \ND KITS
and is well up among iis superiors In  ',,,-, , .,    ,. , , .
lhe way oi possessing many'valuable   UKM'      Lome '" atld lt't "s sll,',lls,;
buildings.     It is connected daily    by  yon with our reasonable prices,
ferry service, with Shcdlac anil is on   wtm    CXA/C' **_/Al
important, station on tin- Prince. Ed-  /
I ward      Island     railway. I
i'l BL1C NO'i ii i.
Tu    all holders ol land within     lh
limits ui Lot 1, Giu ip 1,1.
Disiriet, ami lu .... huldi i   ul iUIi
Kecurds on j., . pita  I'.,,.11,   t lech
Appllcatii is Ioi    be appi   *. .   .
jf part ui  ine iiiii ,..>  •.
,ioiii said i ini. in ut,., il in fa
luini T. Ualbrallh ou   h   aiid   iia]
ui May, 1873, and lol  pi ■ u
rhfliige    the point ui dit i     .    an
he course ul the ditch ior i
ion ul pail oi  sa.ii  water,  will     Ik
Heard hy iuc oi mj  11 i ■.   ■.
iiiih day  ul OcloUer,   Llitlb,  ...
O'clock   111   ill,'   IO.. I.nun,   lind. .   ,t	
ily  uf .Sections  1U,   ill  anil  -,   ul   lb
sa d Acl.
Ohji'i-tiuns should be filed with in.
on ui belore lhe Ui-nd day ul Ui i
l uuu,
Doled at   Craubrook, the 17th daj
ul SepUiulier, l'uui>. -on
J. K. Ai instfoug,
Assistant Commissiouei ol LaiiUS u
ttuiks  lul   In.'  .bo,iiiu.ti   Di.isiun  Ul
Kasi Koolenay.
Thirty days alter dale I inl n I li
appiy iu iiie t hiel r oium    iun i i
i.aiitis ami     ttuiivs,   v....,.'.,  u. l.,
iur a special liccunu lu cut  	
uriuud laml-. siiuati I  in i	
Lominenc ng al a P  ■'   P'.Ji
ihc bu.iiii-L.i.-)L     tui ni-1   ■ ■   lot     i
ilunce suuih ■•:> it..i	
tu  the noilli-tast  i	
iiieiiec wesl l-o chains, Uiuii     .   .
lu ihe noith-west cornet ui i
thence uurth -in chains, u. ,
tu the south-west cum I  ...
thenee   easi   do.bi    ;.,	
iess, thenco souih 0 •.	
iess, to Hie suiiin-w..-: .■.„■. ; lu
oa^i, ihence east 8U chaius, mure oj
less,  to the piace ul ,..'.....i.n  ni
J.    rt.    I'A.::.
Dated Sept,  1, luuii.
..i  REGI LAT10NS.
Any    available    Domlatoo    Lands
vihti  the Kail way  Belt  in    British
.   i.  .     .,   b imesteaded    by
who is tbe sole head of a
oi  any male over IS years of
ige,   to  the    extent    ul une-quaiier
iun    fl ifl   " ri >, more ur ness.
Knl  ■.   i     il   be made personally at
■   foi   Uie district
land is situate.
. i Is i quired to pet"
rm tl coum cted thero-
b .    o ie ul   the    loilowing
li ■
sii m ii ihs' residence
tion ol 'lie land in
nee years
 , (oi mother, il the
: the hoitiestead-
:. in the vicin-
I entered    Ior, the r*>
.    .      ■   uny    be
ri iding wilb
..     ; molher,
■ ■ tie)   bu   his pi-rma-
i    i ■   upon (arming land owo-
il I..,-  Ui nut)   ul     bis
tie  requirements as    to
sail Oed hv  icsi-
nol ii e    rn    w i Ring
b-iuld .en li    he C .mmisbioner
at Ol awa ol   m-
[ur |
based at (HJ
coal .aid $80 for
;h.iu ;iju
i be acq lired     by one indi-
     u     . ;..       UoJ'ally at  Hm
rate of I . ol 8,000
iuds shi tod on lbe gloss
ty of tbe Min   ter ol ihi Interior
hat  thil ty
lays after datu J I    taking   ap-
tbe Chief
La   Es .....i    Works
i eui ..;..i carry
.. tbe lands situate
. i. Last Kooto-
- south-east    ut
.   and  being iut 6313,
ip I, lv lislrict.
J, Hau   ...
K       .  :. Agent.
i  ■ . ..  i      ;: i., Aiigiisi nth,
luOti. 'id-bi.
Sot Ice j given   that sixty
■ -- ate J intend to  ap-
.;. -    Hon.   C tumissioner ol
purchase     ihe
LtiUs situate    in
Kasl    .'■■■       .;•.     on    lbe   .Spokane
miles suuih ol
Litth  Moyie Paver:
| osi  marked
itake," tbence
iorth C.   P. R.  tracks
iest lorly  t-iuj
... sixiy   (.nui
. ty  140) chains
. ut   and    said
.  , ...:. li ed 1*100) acres,
D. Muir.
at   I ut .'■■:..   B.C..  tn  Kast
i u   . iy,  August  lath, jsuti. Ji-Sf
Nutice is hereby  given  th      ihii
days alter dale l inieu.   Lu  .     ..-
ihe Chiei Couimissiunei oi Lai      i
Works al Viotutiu foi spet    n
iu cut and carry away  i uu   .
the   following     described    	
.Suuth Kast ivooteuay   Usui t:
1. Commencing al a pi ■- .■-.'■-' ■
about eiglu miles north ol lot -.j--.
and abuut forty chains north ol thi
.\, K. eornei ui tunbei license numbei
1073, theuce easi tt'J chains, lh nc
nortii 11) chains, ll n a. wesi ltii
ehains, theuce suuth lu chains to tbi
place of cummeucemenl.
2. Comiueiiciiig at    a posl  plant'
at lhu   north-wesl comet ol   ■.. .-,
luues' No. 1 appllcal on, I noi .
lu  chains,     llience   e;      ll      ......
thenee suuih -Hi chains, llience wes
IUU chains lu ihc place ui commence
3. Commencing at a post planted
at the uuiib-west coinm ol M. Ale-
Inues' No. i application, tlience north
IU ihains, Uienco easl lull (bain
thence suuih lu chains, Ihence wes
ItiU chants lo ihu placo ui common t
4. Commencing at a post
.a the north-west cornel ol ll Mi
Inncs' application No. i, ihcnu n ■ I
IU chains, theuce cast ll»U chain ,
ihence suuth -iu chains, thence wes
ItiU clains lu lhe place of tui,.., nei
5. Commencing at a posl   pi
at lhe iu lei sect ion ol tot 458B, with
the ninth fork ol Michel creek an I
running west luu t hain , ih tin i noi 11,
■iu chains, Ihence easi IBO i hains,
Ihenee suinh 10 i hams 10 tho placi
uf commencement.
fi.  Commonclng at  a posi  planted
IU chants [jol lh ol   t-lli   III    i
the noith boundary ol lul i■-- with
the nm ih lurk uf Michel Creek
thenee running west Kin i hain , ihena
north -lu 'hau . thence ea I Hi'
chains, ihenco III chain i lu the placi
ul couuneiiceinelit.
7. Commencing ot a post plantetl
al the south-east eornei ol E, \
Thompson's coal license No. 1007,
thence running noith 160 chains
tlence west a chains, thence norll
80 chains, thenee ea i 20 chain
more ur less, lo timher license No
1066, theuce .south iui chains, Uionoc
west la ehains, mure oi luss, lo Hit
place ol commencement.
mse  No. 1073,
,   Ih.-nce    wesl
8.   Commencing at
seven in.les nm tli of i
mile west of Umber li
theuce nut th 80 eh.m
81) chains, Ihenee sc
theuce cast 80 chains
!). Commencing a' a post planted
seven miles north and one mile west
,,f Umber Hern ;e No. 101 I, th ncc easl
80 chains, tlu-nce north 80 chains,
thenee west 80 ctains, ih nee south
80 ihains tu ihe place nf commencement.
M. Melnnes, Locator.
Dated loe 23rd day ol Augusl, A.D.
.    :. ihat   thirty
nd lo apply io
he Hun, Chiel I ommissioner   of
s,  '. Ictoi ia, B, C,
i to cut aiid carry
.    .   the loilowing des-
.     in S >utb East Kool*-
... . ... C:
..   ;..: at  a ; ost planted
.bout a b :.     ....     south     and  iwo
L tbe d il th-west corner
I lot 2 16(1 chains,
:. . ..     | id . tin ncc  ea^t
-north  40    cbains
"...   point i    ■   ..    . ■■ I
: i,   C .:... : ..'  a post planted
al o.: -   |..-.   .  ul a mite soulh aud
fo.: il    the north-west
..:.■.,;.      2316, ihen e west     su
chains, tbence
noi lh 80 chains
t somm ncement.
.     :  Co., Ltd.
Lo . ,t   26,   LOO,. 23-51*
ixty days    from
la  ■     i      Intend        to     opply     to
b . . mmi isioner      uf
.... I        li'oi ks     at     Vlo*
: u  to purchase the
11      I      .    ;     lands in   South
....  •   i.   oil :-■-.- -
Commi    al   a  post  planted   at,
;- ■ '   cornel  oi  lot  2593,
-  .;i'-„ii McHugh, Ihence
to    chain ,     ii.ei.ee   north 40
chains, lh .. 10 chains, Uience
-outh    lo   place    ul commoneemeut.
Hugh McHugh.
Kernie, B   (   , A .;. 11, 1606, 21-81*
.,, UK i nl UT, BRITISH   ' "i..   tiiliA.
No ice iven that on   the
,   1006,  ii   was
i     bVil ioi,  ISsquire,
aid court,    that
i,.        Im u   Arm trong, iUncial
I   |W|   ,uii of lhu
lu led in    Um
i' -   .      if I i anb rook     bu
ralur ol all and singula!  the
■ ■I      William     G.   Oliver,   of
>■ ,i imbi i man,   deceased  intes-
n .  le ted to the   said
tti-i   , ....',,  make    pay-
■   he i.n lersigned.
Evcij I ■■ ■ ing in possession
■ i  the deceased     is
required     foi tl with    to    notify  tbo
. . igncd.
Evei y credito oi other person bav-
,, upon or inieresi in tie
listributlon - lhe ei late ol the said
deceased Is required lo send before Uio
fin ■ daj of October next, by rojjls-
tered letter, addressed to the under-
iigm .1. his name ond address and t-he
full particulars ot his claims or in-
lere d anil a stalemenl of lus ac-
counl and the nature of ihu security;
[it any) held lit- lum.
Aftei Un -aid first day of October.
nun., the admini trator will proceed
will- the di iribulfon uf ihe estate
hav nr. regai d lo those i hums onlv ol
which in- shall have had notice.
Dated al Cranbrook this 20th day
of September, 1000.
.1. I-'. Armstrong,
27-31 Official Adiuiaislraturk THE  CRANBROOK  HERALD
Bv tbe Herald   Publishing Company
l/fc     />JXmm+m_,'*.S0**m4^*^
Editor and Manager.
49$* 90-00 *» M MMM *fr«*«fc
!!,,,. |a a ,tory tlmt contains sunm
historical locts thai will prove of
general interest throughout Uus pn>v-
,.,,,. Tbo Herald has maintained
from ihe lirsi that tho question ol
Ui-iiet terms from thc Dominion gov-
,., luui-j.t ful llritish Columbia was mm
a uuliiieal question, bul on the con-
taar) thai politics .should never on-
ttu mio the consideration uf the mat*
i.-i. Premici McBride, when tho
time came foi ihe conference ol the
premiers of th,- Dominion at Ottawa,
evidently did n.ii take that view uf
ihe matter, hut llioughl it would be
an exeellilil   lime  lo  put   luiusell     to
the limit ..:, the champion ul ihe
tight.s ot the people of lliiiish Columbia, and in tins wav make political
capita' fm his m-xl campaign. Tin
1,01x1 knows that McBride, Green, et.
al., need iii.liiie.it capital, bul iu tl i.
instance McBride ovei readied him
self, aul although besi tight hy hi;
follow Conservatives in the conference
to remain in ilu- hod) and nut .make a
fool of himsell and The great province
ihal In- tepl'i'sciiled, In- quit like a
spoiled child and hv this action will
iu all probability lull all chances for
the ptes
hel   (Illi-
play of
set \ tie
ern mi'iit
lhe OVO!
■ni tm  tits province to    gvt
11   will he useless lot   Mr.
tn come hack tu British
i .md make a grand stan*d
heroics, claiming that he
i;i f.u thr t ml ts of British
a and would have Ihal ur
11 will he senseless fur llle
otitis ol the McBride gov-
lo billow any such lead, (ut
agr individual knows thai iu
conferences of Hat nature, il takes
i.iei. bruins, diplomacy and common
sense. That is whal Premiers Whitney, nf Ontario, and Itoblin, of Manitoba, holh Conservatives, endeavored
to Impress upon lhe mind of Mr. McBride, hut he would have none of il,
and left in pett) spite, or like one
wholly wilhoul experience in matters
t.f such moment.
li mat noi in- generally known that
al the time lh,,! Un- matter came up
iu de house at ihe 1 liofi session, a
cave fot British Columbia had been
prepared [or llm governmenl by an
attorney named Cowan of Victoria.
This was literally picked to pieces hv
ihe aslule mind .,( .1    v   Macdonald.
aw Hie
e.l  hv
his arguiiv
ml a  statesman
I'eakness uf the case prepal
knew ilnii if the resolution
d by 'he house and went lu
would defeat the object in
Dice.        Still Mr. McBride,
pallisan than a statesman,
m speaking on tho ease pre
Mr. Cowan and condemning
iib.n government to clinch
In tie meant ime Mr
busy preparing his re
solution along llm lines that hod been
talked over between himsell and Mr.
McBride. This resolution was placed
un the desk of Mr. McBride hy Mr.
Taylor, the Conservative whip, bui
Was eilhei overlooked or intentionally
Ignored hi Mr. McBride at lhe time.
When the latter gentleman had ceased
speaking he retired tu thu lobby and
Mr. .Maul.maid rose to speak on his
rsolitt-ion, Ile referred to the resolution lhat he hail prepared and after
some discussion, moved its adoption
In lhe meantime Mr. McUrldo had returned to his seal. ()( course the
motion ot .\ii. Macdonald as member
i,f the opposition wiis bound to meet
defeat. Anil to avoid this ami give
ihe people ol the province the benelii
of a resolution that would provo beneficial if properly followed up, Mr.
.Macdonald staled on the Hour Uiat he
would be willing to withdraw his motion if the prcmlei cared to move the
adoption ,,f the resolution. The
premici readily acquiesced and moved
the adoption ol tlte resolution calling
Ior hetier terms foi British Columbia
as prepared ht Mi. Macdonald, leader
uf the opposition. This was promptly seconded by Mr. Macdonald and
carried unanimously. And this is
the history of ihe action of the house
In its ai tempt to secure what everybody admits was jusl and right, butter terms foi ihis provlm
I lament uf ihis province
tain concessions from tl
government, and these rc
emlmdioi In a resolution
tho leader of  lhc     uppos
puree r-
lliusts were
prepared by
ition, which
id.pii-d in pl.u-c ,,f ihe resolution
prepare,) for Ml, McUrklc and presented b) ihat gentleman. Vei tho partisan germ was working and v.:,en
llie resolution wenl to the King's
printei n was so jockeyed tlmt it was
not shown thai Mi. Mi-Bride's resolution ha,) heen withdrawn and the
resolution presented hi Mr. Maedon-
old hod been unanimously adopted.
.(uhu Olivei discovered this vn the
first of March, 1005, and bad the
standing orders suspended, lie then
made  a   motion,      seconded   by       I>r.
King, ol Cranbrook, thai the votes
and proceedines ol February Uth, Uw
day lhe resolution was. adopted, be
amended so as lo make-it plainly appear ,,n the votes and proceedings
that .McBride had withdrawn his resolution in favor of the resolution presented by Mr. Macdonald, and
had accepted Mr. Maodonald's
resolution in place of his
own, In the        face       ot
ihese facts, which are ,1 pari of the
record'; if lhe house al the last SCS-
t mu preposterous for Mr.
or any paper supporting tbo
'iruen combination, to come
out and make n political plav on this
matter? Such fl move would be as
silly as Mr. McBride's withdrawal
from tho conference, against tho protests ol his Conservative colleagues.
.Idei, Star has about hit   Uie
n   tbe  folluwing   statement:
,\n editor we know personally figured out that any time yuu see a man
finding fault with his local paper, the
chances are 10 to 1 thai he hasn't an
ad. in it; 5 to 1 be never gave it a
job of woik; d to I he does not take
the paper, 2 to 1 that if be is a subscriber be owes for it; 5 to 1 thai he
never does anything to assist the publisher to run a good paper, -10 to 1 he
is the most eager to see the paper
when it comes out. It's the printer's
lut to lake the kicks ol tbe town and
yel be expected to write tlowery obituary notices."
The manner In which the newspapers of St. John are wot king to
secure   what  that eity  thinks anils  reasonable    demands upon the
Dominion government    is a lesson
to the press ul some ulher places
lhat   we Could name.       Political
differences are   lost sight ol, and
all   labor   for    the same    object.
This is how St. John became   the
winter putt  ol Canada, and it  is
how    Victoria   could    accomplish
much     The trouble with us here
seems to be   teat  it is -easier to
find fault with each other than   lu
assist    along    any    greal   public
movement.—Victoria Colonist.
No, the trouble has been from    the
start   lhat   the    McBride  governmenl
las tried lo  make the   better terms
proposition a politieal scheme.   There
has been no    lime   that Mr.-McBride I
has shown a disposition lo co-operale
witill   Mr. Maodonald in   this matter
cxeept once, nud Uial was when    he
adopted   Mr.     Maedonald's   resolution
at ihe last session instead of his own,
simply because the former was   much
the'siruiiger and better.     If Mr. McBride had  taken Mr.  Macdonald with
him to Ottawa be wuuld have bad the
counsel arrJ advice of one of the veiy
best    lawyers in    the province,    and
what  is    more,    would unconsciously
have    made   a great'   political play.
But Mr. McBride insisted by bis   actions    that    the   ijuestion   of bet ter
terms was a    political, question,   and
ihe Conservative   papers throughout
the province are following the lead nf
the premier.    This is unfortunate lor
bhe Conservative party and doubly unfortunate for the people uf tbe   province as a wliole.     Some men    would
insist t.n only members of their party
being    pall    bearers   at   their    own
funeral, so blinded are they by partisan  prejudice.     This ease of    better
terms [or British Columbia, and    the
way it is lifting handled, reminds one
ul the pall bearer illustration.
The Liberal press through,,ul
Canada chortles in unt'oly glee because some Conservative 'member*'
of parliament hove been apprehended in tie heinous offence of
making money out of a deal in
western lands and British Columbia mill property. The gentlemen who ate responsible for the
histrionics uf the Toronto Globe
and all its followers in Canada
would be amusing were it not that
they have become so palpably
hypocritical. They attempt to
make their readers believe that a
few Conservative M. P.'s who
buughl western railway lands hoping to clean up some prolit by the
rise in values, or who took over
the property of the Kamloops
Lumber company trusting that
they would be able to sell it at
an advance, have by so doing matte
rascals and grafters of themselves.
We fail to see why Messrs. Fowler
et. al. were not justified iu asking
an advance on lhe price at which
they secured the Kamloops Lumber company's property. Business
men who are acting as middlemen
expeel to make something out of
every deal ihey put through, antl
Jjri.OOO was not an out-of-the-
way commission ou a transaction
of tbe si/e in question. That they
were not swindling the I'nion
Trust company ia values ls very
well shown by the fact that the
company has recently sold out the
Kamlunps property at a furth.-r
alivance ol $7-'),U00, _ very satisfactory profit on tiib.tititi. The
Liberals we know are at a loss tu
lind something, anything, which
they can use to draw public attention away trorn the .scandals
whieh have disgraced the present
administration, but they must he
bard up indeed when an ordinarv
business transaction is made the
medium of a scandalous attack
upon a group of private members
who happen to he business associates.—Kamloops Standard,
This is partisan madness- to the extreme. There are organs ol the
Conservative party that have been
li.de bound enough tw keep silent mi
this distressing incident, but none
except the Standard have been si,
servile, so loyal lo party as to defend the actions of the participants in
this disgraceful deal, simply because
Uie men involved were Conservatives. Kastcrn Conservative papers
are condemning the action of the
combination in using lheir political
standing in parliament lo work both
Sir Thomas Shauj-hiicssy, of ine c.
P. IL, and Mr. Mann, of the Canadian
Nor them, for inside informatiun.
They are also condemning thc combination for using the funds of lhe
insurance company in lhc manner
thai they did. The Kamloops
Standard is deserving of praise for
its courage, even if it does display a
lack of wisdom and judgment. But
it vvill fail entirely if it expects to
foul the people by its platiludes, and
is surely derelict in its duty as a
m*wspa|M*r when it condones' a wrong
doing for party reasons. Such
papers, are a curse t-o anv community. ^
For the benefit of Mr. Blakemore,
ol the Victoria Week, we might mention that there are some things in a
man's make-up worse ihan bad grammar—and he knows what they are as
well as any nianJn H. .<"'., and so do
people whu know Mr. Blakemore.
The Conservative organs of this
province are getting in line in Iheir
condemnation of the Socialists. It
looks as if Premier McBride was prepared to carry out his programme of
publicly breaking away from Hawthorn ttwaite and his followers for
political effect.     Tlie scheme    won't
The GREATEST SALE that has ever yet taken place in Cranbrook will be
the one we will put on AT ONCE. Nothing reserved. Our carving knife
will cut to the very center. We cannot give quotations on each and every
line, but we do the best we can and quote prices on a few lines which will govern
63 Pieces Double Fold
Tweed Dress Goods
Regular price 75c
Sale Price 371c
Ladies and children's
Boots and Shoes
at exact Wholesale Prices
The balance of our
Ladies' Hats
will be sold at less than wholesale cost
Men's and Boys'
"and we have this line by the cord,"
at prices that will not fail to astonish
the purchaser. Ask to be shown this
20th Century
will be slaughtered while we
will sell you a
Suit for $5.50
the regular price $10 to 12.50
Wt have 700 pairs
Hen's Pants
tocletr at extct wholesale
^sk to be shown our Men's
Hats and Caps
Mitts and Gloves
at exact wholesale prices for
Nothing- will leave the Store at these Prices but for CASH
work, F,,r Hirer J'oars McRrlrie anil
ilawlhoi'iithwaitc Lave been cheek by
jr.vvl In llu, house, and tbis lit tie
by-play won't itn down with the
liiinkiiig people of tbe province.
I). V. Molt, nf the Fcrnie Ledger,
is now giving Ills readers a Niiv'n
t'aii each week. Thai is an offset to
Hob Edwards' Eye Opener.
(1. II. Thompson ami 0. T. Rogers
uie looming up us non-working t-aii-
illdalcs for ttho Conservative nomination. Neither Harvey or Cavcn have
as yi-l given lheir consent.
Poor McBride! lie did not, savoy
well enough to late tbe advice of lis
Conservative Iriends in ibe conference
,,f premiers, ami therefore made a
laughing slock ol himsell and Hrilish
lolumbia, (loud looks don't go very
far in a gathering ,,f brainy men from
all over Canada.
Water. Cranbrook grow,
Tbe Dominion ,.l Canada is to-day
ilie besi country in the world lo seek
a fortune.
Tliere is an,ilber II iel in,,ml In Ihe
lielil. Hue lu the shades ,.1 Harvey,
Cavin, Rogers and Thompson, Victor K,ill,,,m ,,[ lbe Cranlirook holel,
is reported'as being a receptive candidal* fm* the Conservative nomina-
Uon, Mr. Itoliins was lhc manager
of lb.' Cavin campaign lhree vears
ago and at thai time made a reputation as une ul lbe most astute campaigners uf tin- whole bunch. If this
rumor proves well Intituled (hero will
lie I run Wc in Hi,- camp, for Mr. Rollins bas a slrong following in his
own parly ami would make things
lively lur all ol the rest ul Hem.
-I. A. Macdonald is nut a ward politician, (in tin- contrary lie is a
man wliu lias lhe qualifications of a
statesman,, and Ihal is what Hrilish
Columbia lias needed for a lung lime
Kaslu and Xclson arc making a big
mistake. Bolh luwns arc surrounded by a territory that is especially
lilled fur fruit raising, and unfortunately i-h,-y bave become Involved in a
controversy almut the respective
merits ul Hie products uf ihc two
sections. What Ihey sli„iii,i dn is tn
gel logelher and boost both places.
Thai is whal is needed. Not peltv
strife and local lea-lousy, II, i.s
strange that such iwn good sections
would lose lheir beads in thai   manner,
ff. fl. Ellis, nl lbe Tornnio University, is the firsl victim uf football
ibis season. And yet they will spend
thousands to cunvicl murderers.
What is tu be done witli Hie strike
question at Kernie'.' II Is not a local
question, 1ml one Umi affects hundreds
ul men outside of lhc local mine
strikers. Not only dues it affect the
working men bin it has a mosl depressing Influence ,,n business over a
vast territory. Under conditions
like  Ibis   tliere should   lie  some  rem-
It'nle !,I-'I'I":E''. i,'"1! *  JA    WaS  ''uv:  S^'d teailli. secured in the La
sipl)  ih,. rcsiil   ula peltv idea   nn   ,,,1,1.,    bell „1 the   north.    Wc   are
Tliere is ton much at stake, and if.
Mr. Sherman ur Mr. Lindsey refuse in
aid in Hie movcmcnl uhcy are doing
wrong. What the people want is
peace and a chance io work.
Tills is Thanksgiving. Well we
are glnd 01 ii. Wc arc thankful wc
are alive. Wc are thankful wc live
in Canada. Wc arc thankful wc live
in Hrilish Columbia, Wc ale thank,
ful llial. we live in Snulli Easl Koolcnay. We are ihanMiil that wc live
ill Craiilirc.uk, the best town iu tlin
best districl, in lhe best province, iu
llu- Dominion uf Canada. W'e are
thankful that we have sn many good
llii lids.      Wc  arc   tl.ailkf.lt  that     we
the part ul Mr. Sherman? Look
what one man power dues with a vast
number uf peoplo, Not less than ten
thousand men, women and children
are affected bv Ihis strike, Did Mr.
Sb-rniaii have lhe righl tn place Hint
manv peuple nevi lo He dour ul poverty? H there was n principle involved ii,,,) meant better times fm
the fuiure, wc would sav, slav with
il until the whole bunch could ride
through had,
I'rWn a vital principle Involved? li I province*, nit
Hie eommunlcnilon nl lbe ex-p.esl.lenl vrlll gel $215,1101
I lhe iiiiiicrs' union at Ferine, a man   sl"' how receives.
lli.in.fn] llinl we are editor of Hie
Herald, lie must widely lead paper
iu tliis purl of the country. Wc are
thankful fnr many things and we arc
nol ashamed nf il. Let us all he
Oltawa, <>ii.     l.ri.—The   Dominion
ill havo in pay     $2,87-1,008, under
nn  lhc i.e.    Hm is Hie new subsidy arrangement t
lliiiish I'ulinnbi.i
inuallv  uvo  wlu,I
who has belli Hi,,    posllion fnr
lime ami hence mnsi have Ibe couth!
encc nf ibe people, is based un fads
Ihen Mr. Sherman is     in the »
The olllelal records show thai il.e
extra subsidy to Bt'itlsr. Columbia
was voted after Prcmlei' McBride had
left the
and the strikers have heel, made Hel Premier Dublin brought him back,
victims „I ,-, man uinvnrlliv of 1),,. Inn be refused lo negollalo and lefl
position nf puwer that be holds. This fur good-
is nn lime fm- strife nr foolish pre-' 'l'tl1' cx'rn subsidy was given British
iiidlce. Neither is il a tlmo Inr' Columbia at the request ol lhc Pom
working upun the feelings nl 11,,. inioii ministers,
worklne man. lt Is, however - time McUrldc was asked il he wnuld an
fur calmness and cool lodgment copt $311,000 In perpetuity and $10,000
There is much at slake. If lhe com-1 annually Inr ten years, as something
pany is at ta.ill, Ihen il is llm iinm l" begin with, sn that conference
In call lhe company. If the men 'could ileal Intclllgenlly with the mii-l-
or rather Mr. Sternum whn .-ave nr- "■'■ '"" '"' wnuld mil consider the
dors in the men, i.s wrong, then    Ira proposition.       The only  proposition
—— Mr. Vi.     .1. Robson,     Hie advance
Mr. Charles Kdward Buck, ul this agenl for ihc Westminster Ahby
city, and diss Kuplcinia llawman, oi choir, was in lhc cily a lew davs ago
Oolllngwood, mn-, were united in on liis wav west. In conversation lie
marriage lasl evening al llie residence s-aid: "Wc are looking forward .villi
ul .Mi. and Mrs, Krank Parks, ltcv. pleasure to our visit to your pretty
Wcslmaii ofllcialing. -Miss Margaret'and progressive citv on Thursday
McKichnie, ,u Uollittgwood, was'evening, October 35th, and nntieipalo
bridesmaid, and Mr. lluss Carr, Uio being met .villi .1 crowded liouse.
best. man. The house was beautiful- Our party numbers eleven people,
ly dccoralcl ami lho marringo core- some nf 'Hi.' in,,si famous artists iu
liiuny was performed under an arils- England. Our company is composed ,,1"
lie anil al llie Will ol the parlors, hm adult ipiai Idle, ' Madame Malm
Al bile close of the ceremony ihe low Hooten, contralto, and llcnrj Ivimey,
Iriends present extended congralula- in musical sketches, and different
lions and  then  lhe guesls sal down soloists,"
to a mosl appetizing wedding dinner.,  +	
I'he hand appeared nu lhe scene   and     1,1 lll-:ti \I.S WANT Till-: TR1 Til.
played several selections.
is engaged in llie wholes.'
tail candy husiness in lln
Mr.   Buck
London   Advertiser:—Ily all
I , iei. iiiere ne a mil una ,00,pel, III    111-
i„ij,„i,,i .,   ., ,,-,.,1, .,,. 1   , ssiul asivesligallon ol Hie charges ,.l wrong-
a business iiuiii and lis Iricnils    are dning in Hie London bye-clcclloii.     n
legion.     Tlie bride lias been pi,mini- anv portion ,,( Iho Indictment Irani
eni iu social circle* in licr own home "i. Uio story lold   by Jeremiah I,
and ca.no I" Cranlirook nc. ipanled U"8 >s In'md lo be true, Iel H
bv Miss McK 1, lime, who will remain tenUor be punished.    II any |i-
II nf
sliniild be called. Men arc men ami which McBride laid before coitlcrencc
wages are wages. Tliere are months was llinl in regard lo arbitration,
I" fed nnil clothes In buy, and Low , "I.iih ihc prnviiici.il premiers voted
can this he done if work In lhe var- i down U lu I. Anything else .said or
inns Industries has'been stopped (rom done bv him was ol an Informal
Michel in Phoenix? Docs Mr Slier- character. As Whilney said at the
inan realize Hie orient nf the dcoros- conference: ...
sinn awl woe ih>l he has caused liv1 "McBride was neither frank nor eaii-
hls little order? It not, he should did. Art. trillions are fnr scltling
Vie have been a union man all our disputes, 'There vvas nu dispute in
life, hm wc do nnt believe in blindness this case. What was wanted was
in Unionism, nr misery and sulTering some nne to negotiate."
brought upon Ihe laboring man hv, Prom tho proceedings one would
lbe pelly iileas of one man Icmpnr- think thai McBrldo preferred his
nrilv in pnwer. The Fernie strike- grievance In cash and when $1110,ihio
hould be sellled and settled without 1 was moved lor by Whilney, he    dis-
tor a while   I,, visit   wnh Mr.    aud
Mrs.  Hud,,    Who     will liv   Ann
strong avi      'I'h,' Herald extends
iis licariicsi  congratulations.
Married, al ilu- residence nl Mr. and
Mrs. II. Sicvvaii, vVodnesdn)' arming,
llelubei 17111, Mi. Paul ll.ir.cn. „f
Wilkes,   ami   Miss   Matliia  Olson,
Norway, Uev. Kuril nicliillng, The
bride had jusl arrived Irom ber uativ
country and ilu- husband is. iL pros
porous fruit grower at Wilkes. Tli,
Ilernlil wishes Ihem all kinds nl Imp
piness and prosperity.
the story is found lo I.
.till lie another   ease loi piinlsliinei
ami il will In- lhe lllll)' nl lb,< .mil,.,
ties   in   ascertain     whelhet   Colli
alone is responsible.
Tile  time  to do It is    Uow.   appeared.
Toronio Tclegrami-Tho Ideals nf ll.
L. Horden arc not. numerous or ex-
ll'cnie, but these ideals are right and
li.... I \ lielil. The .real aim ul It. L.
Hnr.leii's public Iill- is mil   Ir, till    his
own pocket, Hul why dues nut, Mr.
Hui'dcn surround himself with men
who share his Ideals and cherish liis
aims? If a leader is tn be judged by
ihe company he keeps, what will lii,
the judgment recorded in the case of
ll. L. Horden In- lhc company he kepi
nn Ilis historic Ir.iir nl the west'.' The.
appeal nl ll. L. Borden (0 tte west,
was that ,,[ a pnlriol statesman, and
why were ihc patriots and missionaries be look witli him io help regenerate the country sn busy looking fur
hand-outs frnm Sir Thos, Shaiighi.es-
sy ami Mr. Donald D. Mann?
TIIK    CORPORATION    OK    nil-:
CITV OK i'l! .Milium.
NOTICK     in     DRAYMEN      AND.
Numerous coinplnlnls have been
made thai garbage and olhel n-'usn
is lieing dcpnsll.il oulsldn Hie limllt.
,,[ ilie nuisance grmn-.l. Signs hnvo
now been placid directing Hi'' road in,
ami lhe limils nt lbe nuisance gi id,
which can he npinuarlird uver Mr.
Sl. Minis' nr Mr. Ilrriin.m's budge,
from llience tn lb' old fori Steele
trail and Ihenee lollowlng direelion
posts up till- llill.
Tlie police have insi I nel ions In
prosecute nny person ileposil 11 r refuse oiilsulc the limils ol 111' nuisance ground.
Thus. M. Roberts,
no .'Hv Clerk.
Maternity     cases    11     specialty,
Gneral Diliirery Cranbrook, B. C
An extraordinary opportunity, because of the reductions which hue taken
place. It's hard to portray to you the unusual Suit values awaiting you—
C3:ne and sec them.   The following will give you an idea :—
Men's   Suits
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Boys'  Suits
jiii.oii One-third off Regular Prices
$5-95 Boys' Blouse Suits
Men's   Suits
uhu Price tlL'.uilaml -.15,00
: price
Boys'   Boots  an.l  Shoes
N/.- ll. I:'. I:    Knulai  I'riit II . i and I, M
$9.95    Sale Price
i-nSPa.-.lifKT, •: -: JSR.VJ. it*" ' "*S tSSBSJH
**************,******,**********************    \ _&*——teJ»*',lMli^2j£ttMmm\_
In    handsome    bottles   with   glass   top  25    cents
4    |
Per  bottle   25 cents
Pipes and
Tobacco Pouches
G»Tn      T_ . Kniii'.v mnl Staple lln rlos   1
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Jusl Arriml, ■Sit nur whitlow ilis-
j'liv. WV Imvo |twt what you want
in c'liiiii. Come in ami inspect our
tluliglitfill ilisplivy, '-vt'ii though vmi
im not buy.   <hir   uric .a tiro   right.
C. E.  REID& Co.,
Druggists, Stationers
Phone 7.1. Dispensing is our specialty
Campbell & Manning
One Night
Tuesday, Oct. 23
Will presenl I'lolow'a
lirati.l Open.
PRICES $1.00,   75c
Tickets on Sale at
To Whom it May
A A  fl'"   Wish   lo notify   thc   people of  Cranbruok
*   *        that WC are now in  a position   to look .liter
all their wants in  the Upholstering  and Fu mil urc
Repair Work.
ll you wan) .t Mattress specially made, ur repaired
or anv piece ol Furniture re covered and made tu look
as good as new. iust leave your order at our Store,
ur ring up rdephone No, 9. Out team will call at
your house lor foods nnd deliver when finished Iree
ot charge.
The Cranhrook Cooperative
Stores, Limited
Ke.l.l   Wilson,
1.   ,1. Johnson
Ed   iv.,.- ,,
lille Pritla}  In
V   11   Het'irll
11, Hi.- cltj  Uo
,\. L'arnry,
jeweler's, ml
itnl Elko lbe past
npnns   at Cran-
'I 11. -il.n,   IK-lo-
rlown Irom Marys-
ol Haynes lake, i.s
Ineial liinlier
MiW TOWN, PINCHKR        ■        ALBERTA
Beef, Pork, Mutton,
Chickens, Geese,
and Turkeys
Special Attention Given to
the Mountain Market
Order Your Turkeys for
Thanksgiving and Xmas
V p. Chrnettc, nl Marysville, was
ut tt vmi Insi Tuesday.
Cleorgc HoRiwrMi .m.l T M, Roberts
speiil Smulay .11 Perry Creek.
David Khun, ilu- I'hi.u rustler ot
\\o\ le,  WHS  in   town  V'-sli'iiliiy.
\l Doyle return, il yesterday from a
uili i" Lethbridge rinil Tabor,
Wis Whitehead, of Mnyie, was
shopping in Cranbrooi) Monday.
WANTIOD—To buy pullets. A. 0.
Plggotl, Cranbrook, ti, V. 27
I.. L. Langln ami \. M. Ellwood,
nf .Jaffray, are in tho city to-day,
P. I-:. Carman, of Sirdar, was tbo
guest ni   Mr. Brkgs   ibe   past    lew
■ ti\s.
Hosclan Opera company at Cranbrook opera bouse Tuesday, Octobei 23.
It. II. Wobart, of Wardner, made bis
weekly trip to Crnnbrook nn Tuosday.
WANTEn-At lhe Crnnbrook hotel,
;i chainhennaId. Apply at onee al
lbe hotel.
WANTKD-A number of .small tie
contractors at Marysvlllo. Address
Drawer No. 2. 30
Young ninn if yuu have serious Intentions, see Wilson, tin; jewelers'
.stuck ul diamonds
Mrs. Lester Clapp and children vis-
Mid witli friends ai Wardner nn Kriday of last week.
G-eorgo Geary, of Kurt Steele, Wns
In town Tuesday. Mr. Geary Is
looking much better,
Uosclan Opera company at Cranbrook opera hotlso Tuesday, October 2d.
Francis    Mel'nntiell      was up     from
Uayires lake a couple of days this
Dr. I,, V. nishop, of Marysville, and
Herbert. Clark. ()f Kurt Steele-, were
ut tbe Cosmopolitan Kriday.
The new crussiargH are being pot in
over 'hi* eity which will hv greatl)
appreciated by Uh public.
'lhe Iloag brothers left Tuesda] lol
Bakfi where ihej will wmk for the
Standard Lumbei company.
lb- King I.umlier Mills company
will have tlrt-ir null at Yahk completed within about tour weeks.
A. C, Bowness made a trip to Elkmouth this week. He says Mat Mr.
UcCool is going to have a n-,.- be el
TIk1 business nun ol Cranbrook are
doing a H'M*1 business ilns fall, which
speaks well toi she surrounding country....
Tin.' ul.l timers say that game ims
nevei been so scarce as it bas been
this tall Thete an* very tew birds
.iiul nu (bei  as. yet.
Mr. and Uw. J. li Henderson and
bah) returned tn-daj from an extended trip in lbe im*.' Tli'i reporl n
very pleasant time.
v Leiteh has gone tc Manii i on
iMi.uii*ss, and while there bo mil toko
in-, .itnuiai goose hunt, In which hu is
invariably sucuesstul.
Every hat, coat and shirt will be
luld at ilu- exact price they cost us
an.l malt) line-, below. lllll A Vo ,
(Cranbrook's Greatest Store.
Mrs .J. 1*. Kink 1*1 improving nicely,
but it will    be necessary iui her  to
go to the eoast lor a tew months as
sui-ii as she ia able to travel,
Miss !■:. Newman and Miss \i Mi
Kerhnie, ul Cuiiingwuud, Out., reach
■sl lhe city Tuesday and ao- among
ibe guests ai tho Cosmopolitan. '
Conductor Ira     Aid rich, whu    has
been  stationed  al  Frank   foi      st
in..ii ihs,     was  Shaking    hands    with
Cfunbrook friends Sunday lasi.
ll. ll. Gllmour, of Vancouver, the
British Columbia reprcsouialivo ol
ire Wa-teruus Euklne company, was in
Cranbrook several days ibis week.
lie*. Fortune was in Kort Steelu
and Wardner last Sunday last Sunday
.md Wardner lasi Sunday dispensing
tin- sacrament of ihe Lord's supper.
We will sell yuu a buy's heavy
tweed suit for Vi'im, Regular price,
$-5,1111, and they  are     tills   season's
gOOUS,     Sizes up to dil.—Hill Jc Co-
Mrs. Chas. Levell, Mrs. Tims. Kcn-
wicK and ehi;dmi, and Miss Rlehard-
s. n drove over from Steele Monday
a iui spent lhe day shopping in thi.1
W. A. Hamilton, ol Kernie, .1. M.
Colgin, ot Uiimipeg, .1. 1*. Mcintosh,
ol 'toronio, reached tlie city Monday
and are registered at the Cosmopolitan hotel.
•Inhn and B. V. O'Caniina, of Bradford, P. i}., are in the city and are
guests at the Cosmopolitan. They
are looking over the uii lands in tiie
William Grow, who has been braking on i Ik- east end of lire Crow for
several months, has been spending a
lew days vacation In Cranbrook the
past week.
Mr. and Mrs. Fortune will leave for
Ked Deer, Alta., on Kriday, November
2nd., Mr, Fi.rtuiie having accepted a
call at tfrat place.
WANTED—Position as engineer by
man of years of experience with certificate. Applv to E. II., care Herald. 2!)
Mrs, .1, Harris will receive on
Thursday, November the 8th, afternoon and evening and aftei wards on
ihe second and third Wednesdays,
s. ,1, Morrow has taken Ins old
place in the Kink Mercantile company
store, ami bis many friends are pleased lo see lim back tliere again.
Pauls! Pan tall Pants!'! Did any
nne say pants'.' Twas wrong.
Trousers tor either men or boys at
half price and we have Tuu pairs —
llill A Co.
TO LET—Bedroom with board; every convenience; English people. Apply Hox "A". Herald otlice.
William smith, the C, P. It. gardener, has planted in the garden this
week abuut 1,000 bulbs of various
kinds, ami next spring the plaee will
Ive a beautiful sight.
A. W. McVittie, who is nuw localed at Medicine Hat, spent Tuesday in
town. Mi. McVittie bas been in the
Boundary country looking after some
valuable mineral lamls.
Engineer Palmer returned this week
from "Spokane where lie has been for
a short vacation, Mr. Palmer used
in live in lhat city and while there
lie saw many uld friends.
Mts. A. W. McVittie an.l children
passed through Cranhrook veslerday
evening for Medicine Hat, whore they
will juiii Mr. McVittie and make lheir
home tliere for the winter.
Kev. Fortune will conduct the services in lhc Presbyterian church the
nexl two Sabbaths. The Sacrament
nf the Lord's Supper vvill bo observed
at ibe morning service, October i'drd.
The people in Cranbrook who are
anxious tu beautify lheir homes should
arrange to get trees like ihose in the
C. P. K. gardens. Tbey are rapid
growers and make a hcautiiul shade.
Rosclan Opera company at Cranbrook opera house Tuesday, October id.
There has beei, some weather the
past few days lhat could not properly
be termed "banana weather,"j^t it
has nol been so bad. Now it Ts delightful once mure and everybody is
DeVcrr Hunt received a letter this
week Ihal had been on tlio road [rum
Dublin, Ireland, t0 Cranbrook, only
eleven days. That is pretty quick
i raveling and shows lhat Cranbrook
is very mueh on the map.
.1. S winner ton was up frum the
Houndary line on Tuesday and says
thai 'business is goi*d in that ]>art of
the country and lhat they are going
lu have a town down there before
they get through.
Rosclan Opera company at Cranbrook opera house Tuesday, October 23.
Dan Abbott, of Marysville, P. Mc-
Klnnon, ot Movie, K. B. Durrani, of
Perry Creek, ti. P. Cook, of Kort
Steele, E. E. .tones, nf Kimberley and
N, Heron, of Kernie, were among the
guests al the Cosmopolitan Saturday.
Hill A Co. will make dresses in
their dressmaking department frum
S5.nft a suit up, while the sale lasts
and guarantee satisfaction. No garment will leave" tbe store unless -the
purchaser is perfectly satisfied.—-Hill
A. Co.
Hill A Co. appear to be going to
Hel-ena with their stock. But before going will do some sacrificing
lhat must appeal to the people ot
Cranbrook and district. Imagine a
shoe sold anywhere for $5.00 they will
sell at $2.75. Call and listen Ui Carter sing his little song, either iu
English, French. Irish nr Chinese.
Hill A Co., Cranbrook's Greatest
Miss Margaret llillier, Miss \ n-
i(itu Hillier and Miss Sinclair, who
ha.'e been spending Ibo last t vv-,. weeks
i-mi. ying u"--dv>or li'c and the beauties of Sirdar, as the guests ot Mrs.
Doolan, returned* t« Cranbrook Saturday.
Jus. Goupill, ol the Manhattan
hotel, Movie, whu bas been in St
Eugene hospital a couple of weeks
suffering Ikhu a broken ankle,
tinned bome on Kriday last, having
recovered sufficiently to be around on
c. Hambley, whn is engaged in the
mercantile business at Ktugsgatc, has
been in town lbe past leu days on
business. Mr. llaiublev says ibat be
Is doing a g«*d business and that
Kiugsgale i getting to lho front as
a prosperous place.
w WTKD—A position as setter in a
s.iw mill. Have bad several years
i-x|n-ii,>in-e. Ih-si of references. Ad-
dress V. T., care ol Herald.
'i'he furniture in the bouse formerly
occupied by J. Downes, was sold at
auction last Monday. John Hutchison was the auctloncei and everything brought good prices.       It was
the first auction sale tu Claiibiuul-
undei  a cit)   license.
Koscian opeia cumpany at Cranbrook opt'la house 'lues-da), Octobei as,
WANTED—A competent man to act
as caletakel ol lhe Curling Km* at
Cranbrook B. C. tor Uie season of
iuui>—.. Applications giving references and eta ting experience and sal-
ary expected tu be made in writing
to a. C, Nelson Cranbrook B. O,
Lethbridge Herald:-'!'. M. Roberts
has peon appointed city ciers ol Cranbrook. n»ai city will never regret
uio choice. AU. Koberls is a type oi
ilu progressive ambitious westerner
anil will giu* his new position all ine
attention it deserves. He nils tiiu
mil us "the right man in Ute right,
Attention is drawn to the special
service in the Methodist ehurcl. next
Sunday evening. The occasion being
tne aiuilversaiy of "Trafalgar Day.
I'he paniciiiai suoject ol address will
ne "Men." Mtis c iu keeping with
the occasion will be provided ior thu
occasion. All are invited to attend,
For Sale—20 acres of first-class
fruli laud, two miles west ot Ores-
ion. Apply ii, iiicLcuboUiuui, Craubrook, li. 0. z\i
Harold .larvis, the famous tenor
singer, w.ll appear in UtutworKa ball
un uciober uisi, Tne eastern papers
say "Like a King was Harold .Jams
received, The crowd was spellbound by his wonderful voice. Mr.
Jarvis is one of nature's grandest
products. ' All Craubrook should
near this talented man.
lames Arnold received a letler from
J. lt. Staples, formerly manager for
Keid A Co., staling that he had
bought an half interest in ■_, dry goods
store in Indian Head aud was doing a
tine business. Mr. Staples' many
mends in Crunhrook. and that {_
eluded all who knew him, will Ire
pleased to bear of his good fortune.
Mr, Slevens and wife came in with
a pack brain last week from Banff,
having crossed lbe mountains and followed the Kootenay Valley down to
Fort Steele. Mr. Stevens will be remembered by ih.' old timers as tlie
former paymaster on the Crow in the
time of construction. His party was
taking a pleasure trip through the
Mr, Wallace Graham, who accompanies Harold Jarvis nn his western
i, is a towel of strength. Tte
Winnipeg Free Press says: "Mr.
Graham is pleasing hi manner, graceful in gesture, gifted with variety of
vocal expression and is einincntly
satisfactory as au entertainer,"
Wentworth ball, October 31st, with
Harold Jarvis.
Ladies corsets at the exact whole-
sole price, which means a corset al
75c, regular price $1.25, A corset
at $1.10, regular price $1.75, etc.
We Intend Ihis will be the sale of outlives and will only let up when the
Jews are called home. See our dress
goods move out. A regular 75e. line
al 37-Jo. See our ladies' and children's slices go. We will forward to
anyone living out of lown only goods
on approval.—Hill A Co.
On and after the 1st of December,
1006, C. P. K. royal mail empress
steamers and "lake" steamers will
sail from West St. John to Liverpool
instead of Montreal and Quebec as
previously, the winter service then
taking effect, At tile same time
il has been decided that our "lake"
steamers will nut carry cattle this
Winter from West St. John to Liverpool .
Vic Rollins, of the Cranbrook hotel,
says that he has never seen as many
travelling men in Craiibrook as have
been here the past two weeks. It
keeps him busy supplying sample
rooms for the different number, and
many times he goes le bed wondering
what he will do for room the next
Two-thirds of your life is spent iu
vour allocs. Then for Carter's sake
buy what will give you comfort, We
carry in stock most of the popular
lines: Frank Slater, The Eagle Shoe
Cu.'s "The Walkover," etc., for men.
And we will sell them all at the
whole-soul prices and we den't think
there are manv who buy below us in
prices.—Hill A Co.
Mr, McKenzie, of the Robinson-
McKenzie Lumber companv, arrived
tbe lirst of the week from Ked Deer,
where lh.- company have a big saw
mill plant and are making a great
success of lhe business. It is Uie
lirst time that Mr. McKenzie has Invn
in Cranbro0k since last April, and Uio
longest time that te has been absent
from this town since he came here
some nine years ago. The many
friends of that gentleman were pleased
to see him, and regret that his duties keep him away from this city.
"Jack" Carter, who was in Wardner the other evening, tells a good
story ot lhe experience that several
of the people of tliat town had vvith a
111 Me furry animal, generally known
as a skunk. The animal had got his
no.se caught in a tin can, and John
Ryan and Mr. Brown, tlw hotel keepers, were aroused from bed to see tbe
sight and also lo participate iu lhc
slaughtering ot the innocents. It was
a beautiful night, Mie silvery moon
was rising over the range et the
Rockies, the rippling of the swift
flowing waters ot the Kootenay was
like music to the ears ol man. Tt©
little odoriferous animal was laboring
under a bad handicap, with his head
caught in lhe can, yet there was
strength in his defence, and wisdom in
his tactics. The animal is dead, but,
there will be no "monument erected Ut
his memory. Ryan, Brown and Carter jusl how to each other as they
pass by, and when the story'is told
in Wardner it is told in whispers, as
no one wants to abed blood,
Patmore Bros.
Best in the Land
Al.   Pull   and   John   Pi ingle visited
Moylo Uus week.
It. I-:. Deatlio visited Nelson tins
week on public business.
Ilativ Sitiitb and Miss Pearson,
barbers, oi Moyie, were in town last
WANTED-Posltiui as bai tenJci
ur some    light   job,     Appi)  Herald
oilier. 3U-1,
Mis. V. V.. llv.d uud daughter went
to Edmonton this week to usit .with
'lho board of Trade leld a meeting
last uvtiuug to diMttSi, laiiwu) rat.
Mestlaiiii's Mannig, Hope and M.u
donaiJ, of Moyie, weie L'ranbroow
visitors last Thursday.
J, Macdonald, whu is now at the
Manhattan holel in Moyie, spent a
lew days in lown tins wcu...
Thero was a meeting las', week ol
ihe Electric Light company ami the
iesig'imtion ul W, V, uum, ns director was accepted, and A. Leilch was
elected lo succeed bim.
Special evangelistic service .u the
Baptist church next Sunday evening
'Ilie subject will In-. "Ambition
in ihe evening lhu pas lot will preach
upon: "'Hie Secret ol Success, Appropriate solo ai night. All made
Mayor Rogers Informs the Herald
that tlie governmeul has ttu-t the de
maibtls for the difference in the ecst
uf the eity and provincial building
and lhat a special meeting of the
council will Ih.' held Friday evening lo
let tho contraci for lbe remainder ul
the building. The work on Uie contraci for llie basement and first story
of tho building will be resumed tomorrow morning.
Tte Herald is opt up to its standard this week, as it was necessary
to rush filings so lhat the boys could
get mosl uf lbe day for an holiday.
When nun work steodilj week in ami
week out they are entitled io a vacation onco in a while, and the Herald
regrets Uial it could nut give lhe futile day to ihe start, which they de-
servo for their good wmk.
Keid tv l'u. have had fcdio very up-
to-date windows the past week, and
the manner thai they tave been gotten up displayed a master hand, rhe
beautiful fabrics, latest In bats an.)
ihe best in buys anil men's clothing
are shown in a way that attracts
attention, Mr, Bryant, the new
manager, is a genius along this line
and lie is never satisfied unless he has
something lhat vvill mcel with the
approval of the people.
Tom W.ii'ltiun and William Neai returned litis week trom England with
lheir families after a pleasant vlsil
of ibree moiiUis at their old homes,
lt dues a man Sf^l u< listen to
those whu till about Ihc good times
they had while absent, and if there
are two men nu earth who are tim-d
just right ta enj-y a trip ot iiiai
kind, ii is Ward man and Neat.
Tbere are men In this district who
are willing lo get thp best ol it.
Those men will have the opportunity
it they visit Ute store of the Kink
Mercantile cnmpany next Saturday.
That cumpany are selling a lot Ol
stuff at prices thai are su low that
tbey seem ridiculous, If you want
detailed Information just read their
ad. on the first page of itis paper.
It will pay yuu to tlo this fur there
is money iu ii, aud big money, lou.
Medicine Hal News:—lt is wllh
deep regret that wc announce t-he
death of Mr. W. .1. Anderson, for
sume time chief despalclicr at Medicine Hat. Mr. Anderson had been an
invalid fur a lung lime, suffering frum
tihat dread disease, consumption, but
was able lo be aiutinil until quite recently whn he took to his bed and
gradually sank. Mr. Anderson, who
was only 38 years of age, died on
Saturday morning and leaves a widow anl' two young chlldfeh with
whom great sympathy is felt in their
Last Saturday evening William C,
Marshall, bookkeeper at Hill A Cu.'s
met, with a bad accident, lie jumped over a low fence al his homo and
slruek on the ground In such a manner as to break one of bis legs. He
crawled quite a distance before he
was found by bis brother and an
examination showed that he had sustained a compound fracture, lie was
taken to the St. Eugene hospital and
is gelling along as well as could he
expected under tho circumstances.
Mr. Marshall has had ;i lol of bad
luck within the pasl six months and
tbis lasl accident seems to cap the
Percy Gnodenrath, nne of Uie best
known newspapermen in Bril sh Culumhia, and nne who is heller posted
on the upper country than any or all
of lhe coast writers, has been in
town the past week in the interests
of the Victoria Week. Mr, Gooden-
rath is an old timer in Mils province
and has written miles of good siufi
about the possibilities nf British Columbia. If there was such a thing
as a man getting a Hrilish Columbia
medal for the good he has done tho
province, Mr. Goodenrath would be
one of the first lo be decorated. As
a representative of lho Week, the
paper edited by Wm. Blakemore, Mr,
Ooodentalh is'doing excellent work.
He Is nol out grafiing the public fot
paid writeups, but is simply travelling to write up the court-try and increase the subscription list of the
paper. Mr. Blakemore is well known
as a mining engineer, r mine manager, a platform speaker, ami a versatile and interesting vvtiler, who always uses the Jiesl of English and
never allows a etude expression    to
appear iu  the columns of the paper.
It. M Kelly, ol the Home Insurance compan) ot New Vork, is m
town looking ovei ib.- field with tbe
ioia'i ag nt, il   11   McVittie.
Mr, Klele.ioi. ol Marysville, and
Conductoi .i.u i •■ i.. ..i this city, attended the sale oi lots at ibe new
town oi Hosmvi lasl Monda). Tbey
.say that theie vvas a big crowd tliere
aiid ihat the lots win! oQ like hot
cakes at very fan prices. Each of
iho gentlemen named secured a lut in
l go,ut location. Ami ng tlie pur-
■haseis weic P. Burns a i o., and
I'lites-Woi ,1    Co      it piomisos
o be a good  town, a I     P. It.
.re developing theii coal mines at
bat point, and in lime Uicre vvill in
tl prohahilii) be as many in n working at : ba .. • tliere has been
.ti Kernie, Man) ol lln I ■ uio
pt ■ pie .ven . . pu - ■ asei s,
Vll. !■ leti hei . . ;
aftei he property ho
could havt old or a very nice advance.
h is itrangi thai lln pi ople in a
'own as Iai „.■ ,ls Ci . ... .nut one
.■I   -'.i :,     .:. pott. ..       :   gel   reli
abl information at' I tin ai i ivals of
train . Dui.;.- th past week a
...:. at   un u\   pen] beei   sa 11)
u.i i-i.'. ii   ii'i   lb) '.   '  Uiat   tlio
boaid a' tt< stai.- :, anm un ed a certain time for llie arrival of tlw
train, but lhe train failed to come.
Some   n,' ; ci - n ■ thai  stai   in
ki ev\    whei « aikl arrive,
bul the public was kepi in ign ranee
il i- ihe i' ibl c thai nays lhe coin
lo lhe C. P R., why th -n should the
public not ■ n iv v ■ ■■. trains are
to arrive-.1 It wou i be so easy for
some mi - -'; ihi i../ y mi n enipl yed
around ll     itatloi ;■ the public
pi •'■■:. Thi - is an important matter
ami iti-';:.- ■ ■ me one in author-
it v .'ti the road lo lake it up.
The am i -. ry setrices ti, tho
Moil ndist cl rch last Sunday were a
sin ^ ■-- in every : •; eel. Disappointment prevailed ■ ■ having been
able to ■ ■ in services oi Rev.
Jam s Tun but -.-. large aurl-
iences .;■-•■ I pasloi ft 'te
erthin-*. 11 aii placed In every
available jpai ■ - ■ greal v. as the
crowd. On Mi ; ine a ban-
quel w.- - held _■. mnosium.
This was ;■ La lies Aid
and was one musl elaborate
display - evi - ■ I al a banquet
in this plai ■■
The toasi li was very interesting,
the addresses were excelleni and right
to the poini      Following Is lhe order
,1 a.i
Si:.,.. 1-
:   Reid.
~i,:    t ,.
. \ ,tiil>,'< ar.
ti ii
: Rogers.
M.j.— \
-I. A   lla
arl .n the
,",.-  ..:
gene ..,
1    •-..,'
.., ■
., ! ■
T. Reid,
. Miss (
ly, Mr. S
. and Mi
-   .1
; -,,ri
resl ing
,,:„     was
,.,..-- ■
was  reqi
by the
i. hut when be announced
as th■ rea ipl ■;..■ large audi-
■nee applauded heartily and then loin-
■d iu singing "Ood Save the King,''
and left i..: ! nmc feeling they had as
i congri -.i'i in mm h to Ik be lhankful
in the
j! « Th.'   It  ..ml   Fireside
is iiii'i' these coo] eveninfrs,
l.ut it's not complete without SOIIll' of
The Palm
Phone 111.     Cii.s. lv Buck
I'.S.    Agenl for Webb's Chocolate. THE   CRANTSRUOK7 HERALD
. e--.-t6-5*st-6-e,it6-6tjt»e>se'6«,fi6fr**eits-e>e- MA fa
(From The Frank Paper.)
Julius Wolfl Is quite seriously ill at
the hospital.
General managei il N. Galer ui
the International company at Coleman, returned Friday from Spokane,
aud u again av\a>, Uus lime to Winnipeg.
A.   ll.   Povah,   iu..ibei of    Frank
i'ovah, ul lbe Coal C I'aiiy, at Cule-
niaii, whu holds a positiou in the gold
commissioner's otlice at Dawson eity,
visited    Aii. .nei   Mis.    Povah this
vv eek.
The neu mountain cnglno of the
Fiank and Qreasy Mountain taiiioad
wa*. derailed laio Satunla) night ou
Uie switchback up Gold LreeK gulcii,
The engittfl was re|>laced Sunday
morning without sustaining auy damage.
A V. P. It. gang, iu charge of Mr.
McRae, LuudbrecK, has stalled frum
this point tu complete ihc fencing of
ihe railroad to Crows Nest. Workmen aie. also preparing the gioiind Iol
lhe removal of lhe .station lo Mio
east end ol tbe cut.
.1. Uerawick, llremau for the Coal
company at Lundbreck, met with a
serious accident Thursday while out
hunting. Tlw gun slipped through his
baud and ibe hainmei striking ou a
plank exploded ihe gun, taking on
bis thumb ami forefinger,
John Nelson and Mart llolloway,
the original locators of the coal
property oi ibe Alberta Coal company, ueai Lundbreck, weic visitors
in Fi'anK Alonday. Tliey .staled Uui
it is ibe expectation 'hal the Alberta compan) will begin active development in the vcrj neat future.
Two Italians, A. Vanning and P.
Zactanaio, were buried beneath 7u
tuns ul cnal SalUtdii) in ihu UftiiK-
bead mines, ami it was two hours
before the lact was discovered, tiau^s
oi men wonted all night and till i
o'clock Sunday, before ibe lust body
wxs unearthed, the sccund being dis-
covered two hours later,
W. T, Watson, founttei ui the iww
town ol Pluclloi station, was a vislloi
iu Frank iIns week. Mr. Watson
stales tiiai .in American syndicate
is putting up a big store bullulng at
lbe new lown and will put in a large
stock uf general merchundlso. i it
asserts thai the prospects of tbe town
louk exceedingly  eiicourngiug.
There were doiiigs. Sun.lay morning
aiming a numbei ot Italians living cm
the gulch road. Picks, shovels and a
knile figured* in ilu- ruction aud as a
consequence Met. Luvaen was before
Magistrate Ueacb Monday chargetl
with stabbing Uavenuo and his wile.
He was ordered committed for trial.
Revenue ami his wife vveio nut seriously hurt,
Mrs. M. N. (Jaler, who sustained
serious injuries some weeks ago ui a
runaway accident al Coleman is si
lar recovered as to be able to be
about again, greatly to thc rejoicing
of ber many friends, Miss Powell,
who nursed Alts, (ialer, expects lu
remain in Coleman U.i the annual
ball, and will return lu Vieloria al
the end ul next week.
Two well known young people uf
Uie Pass were made happy lor life
Sunday when ||. r. Lancaster, formerly oi Fiank, and Miss Florence
Uourtenay, oi Lille, were inarriod at
Lille at the residence of W. A. Jones.
'I'he marriage took place al d o'clock
in the afternoon in the presence ui a
few intimate friends, the Kev. R, A.
Robinson olllelnllng. Mi. and Mrs.
Lancaster will reside al  Lundbreck.
The newspapers ni Calgary ami
Edmonton, in their news column:,
art* dealing extensively these days
wilh the subjecl of a prospective coul
famine in those cities. The coal
dealers tailed to stuck up during the
summer when offered an opportunity
by the different mining companies
along the CiuW and the result is that
nuw that the demand fur coal
greater than the supply, Ihey cannot
meet the wants ot the towns they
il. L. Frank, president of the Canadian-American company, arrived ir
Frank yesterday morning from Mun
lana. Mr. Frank is just nuw a cou
spieuutis figure in Die political cam
paign that is on in Montana. Six
years ago Mr. Fiank was the choice
ol a great majority of thc democrats
of Montana for United States senator
but was beaten out through the
machinations of V, a. Helnze, A
senator is tu be elected again this
winler and .Mr. Frank is once mure a
candidate. I lis opponent this tune
will Ih- Governor J. it. Toole, and as
holh are very popular in lie slate Mie
Content is certain in be vet')' close.
A new meat company to operate in
this section oi Alberta has boon or
ganized, Ii is in be known as tht
Western Meal company, ami will bave
its headquarter!' al Pincher I'rwk
The organizers aro Georgo A, .lack
sou, formerly with lbe P. Burns com
pany as manage! of tho Pass district;
(). I-: Baililc, rancher of the Noith
Fork aud license commissioner foi
ibis district, ami Charles Smith, of
Summer View. Mr, Jackson will be
lbe manager of the company. Tte
company has secured quarters al
Pincher fm its (Irsl bulebei simp and
will do iis slaughtering at that
piace. The Pincher market will opei
about the 16th of this month. It is
the intention of thc company I
tend its scope of operations through
the Pass as fasl as circumstances
Frederick B. Lynch, lho St. Paul
capitalist, wlm is promoting the
movement toward extensive development of lbe coal held of the North
Fork passed i trough Frank the lirst
of the week en route from the west lo
Cowley, where ho mel V. ti. Kenas-
ton and 0. 15, Robertson, other St..
Paul and Minneapolis capitalists interested in Uu- undertaking. At
Cowley the party outfitted for a trip
up the Norih F((rk.to examine tbe
property that is being acquired in
that territory. In this connection it
may be stated thai tbe stalemenf
published twn weeks ago in this
paper to the effect that Mr. Lynch
ami his associates bad laken over the
Northwest Coal company's property,
giving twenty-seven shares of lho
iiiock    of Mn* new company for
[ roneous. The Frank Paper is authentically Informed that the Lynch syndicate   has bad     no dealings whatever
[with the North Fork people and is
acquiring iis property direct Irom the
(From the Lethbridge Herald.)
M. Freeman's new automobile made
ils  appearance    ou  the streets     this
(i.  li.  Mayuard Joined  Uie stall   of
ibe Bank of Commerce tins week.   Ile
will act  .ls s-teliogiapher.
The briek walls on lhe C, IV R
round bouse are almost completed
and roofing will soon be commenced,
(). Thompson and Anna C, lligihu
both of Leavings, were united iu marriage Monday evening by Rev, A. M.
Wm. Cousins, well known in Lethbridge, has announced hlmse'l as a
candidate for mayor tit Medicine llat.
Ilis opponent is Aid. Henry Stewart.
There was a Hungarian wedding
last Saturday morning, the usual festivities followed the event, Including
the wedding procession through the
The funeral of the lale Win. Van
Horn last Friday afternoon was well
attended. Rev. A. M. Gordon ot-
flclalcd at the house and grave. The
pall bearers were the three brothers
and Wm. McAdoo, Patterson and
Harry Waller.
Rev.     Win.  Reid,   ol limisfail, has
been appointed to succeed Uev. Char's Pad ley as pastor of the   Baptist
lurch.     Mr.  Reid was in the    city
i Tuesday ami will come here In re
ide early in November.     He has been
in luulsfail one year.     Prior lu that
lie lived iu Scotland.
it is proposed to erect a curling
and skating rink in lhe cilv and lhe
Herald trusts it will meet with the
support of lho citizens. Tie idea is
to put up a modern rink, thai could
iie used for skating, bockey aim" curling, i.u lhe a-caletic grounds, It
would Ix* buill su that ice would be
assured most of the season. A rink
is badly needed in ibis city. The
long winter evenings cannol be spenl
better by onr young peoplo than iu
sni-li healthful a pastime as skating
and hockey. The cullers will suuu
have to vacate their old quartets and
will requite new premises, so a rink
seems absolutely necessary,
(From The Feinie Ledger.)
Miss Jennie Palmer arrived    homo
last week looking belter lot ber trip,
Postmastei Johnson awl Mrs. Johnson arrived lo-dn>   from lheir   vacation trip lo Uie eoast.
Mi. W 11. Moore left last Friday
tor NcNon, It V., bo represent the
socialist pany ui Feinie.
0. A. Ruber Uon, president, and F,
B, Lynch, secretary, ol the Elk Lum
bet company, are in ibe city lo-
J.ilm lluiiiei. who used 1,. tie al ibe
Waldorf, is m.w to bo seen in the
Hotel  Ferule,     where he is   looking
allei   Ibe comfort  ol      the il.ut/ctis oi
ihal hotel.
Mi-o K.lna Hnwev has taken a peal
linn as nighl
Tuoiitn and Hamilton. Dui
iui hti absence the Union will be In
charfio nl GroT-p Taylor.
The big machinery plant Ior the
nrw planing mill ol the Crows Nesi
Pass l.iimiici company is being received in.iii ih- manufacturers and it is
Imped ih.ii sometime in December it
will all be Installed and ready for
npt'ifiiinu     Tho machinery includes a
30x1*1 lumbei si/et, two turn matchers, two moulding machines, and
baud, irs.iw, ripsaw and cut ofi saws,
anl a picket machine. It [storing in-
Dialled bj He Berlin Machine companv and  the    Watetous   Engine coin
pany is supplying lho power plant.
Full i.
nt   ti)   lb,
io central
i rendered
i Miss  F.
lm    the
\U    \lu
ol   U.c:
ley, long connected wllh ibe
i    depailimul     ol   the   Coal
leaves Fertile iu a tew davs
u, reside permanently In Seattle.
Mi ami Mrs. .Mauley leave many
friends in ..in citv who will wish
ib, ut well in U.eii new home.
Wot J has iust be n received here oi
the death ol Jas. Buchanan at Greenwood, B. c, last Friday. Particulars are uol lu hand, uuly lu say lhat.
lie Was killed in lbe smeltei at that
place Mr, Buchanan had been iu lhe
wesi fur ovei Jo years, coming from
Parkhill, um. lie and bis brother
Dan lefl Fcrnie abuut twn weeks ago
F. li. Keniiesioii, a millionaire manufacturer, ol Minneapolis, and whu
is hcavii) Interested in the Elk Luiii-
uei company, lhc Tabor mines, antl
lbe new acquisition ol cual lauds nn
iia- Kingston river, is in ibe cily witli
Mi. ti. A. Robertson and F. 11.
Lynch. The oMier gentlemen
president and sitielary
Last Friday afternoon Dr. Bunnell
received a telegram containing Uie
saw news Ui.ii Ins little daughtei
uonstaiice, now with her mother in
si. Stcph«ns, N. ti., was sulToring
iioiu a dangerous attack oi diphtheria
and he at onco started easl nu the
easlhound C. P. It. express. Evcry-
nody is anxiously wailing for news ui
nuw   site is geil'iUg along, and hoping
that she may recover.
Wednesday night, iu .Miners' Union
hall, a meeting was held by Organizer W. T. Trotter, uf Winnipeg, which
was largely aiien.h.l. Thus. Mgss
occupied ih.- chair, and au ante address on trades unionism was delivered by Mr. Trotter, afler which il was
aeciued to organize a Trades and
Labor council tor Fernie. Provisional delegates were appointed from the
mine workers, brewers, carpenters,
cigar makers and pt inlets. These
meet lo-uiglil, elect olllcol's apply for
a charter, antl when it arrives, thero
probably will be "somel-hing doing."
(From tbe Moyie Leader.)
Thos. E. Kelly, the retiring secretary tif the Muyie .Miners' union, was
given a fitting send-uft prior In leo,v-
ng for his ranch in Alberta. The
token was in the nature of a smoker,
which was held at the Central hotel
Monday evening. Business men wish-
ed to pay tribute as well as the working men and in this way it was a
well mixed gathering. F. .1. Smyth
was chairman. To bis right sat' Mr.
Kelly, the guest of the evening, and
to his; left R. 0, Patterson, as secretary. J. L. Gibbons olliciated as
vice-chairman, and Hairy Poison as
pianist. The tables were nicely arranged and the spread was all thai
could be desired.
Following Is the toast list ami
thixse who responded:
l.-Tho King.
2.—Presidentiof Ihe United States.
.(.—Cur Dominion—A. P. Macdonald.
■1.   Tlie bachelors—Andy Jolinslon.
5—Sung, in wiaicfc all took part.
n,—Does unionism help llu* working
man?—Jas. Roberts.
7.—Our American euusins— E, U.
Kamm and W. .1. Williamson.
H.—Our guests—J. L. Gibbons.
!).—Should tihe shoemaker stick tn
his last?—R, A. Smith.
Hi.—Hose races ami slop watches.—
C. A. Foote.
11.—Our town" its future— Rohl
I2.-Minlng.-W-. P. White.
l.'f.-The lodies.-R. O. Patterson
and L. E. MaeOregur.
14,—Mine host,—The chair.
Auld Lang Syne.
There were manv expressions of
regret at Mr. Kelly's departure. For
two years bo was secretary of the
union and was a faithful, painstaking
The committee in charge ol the
banquet ilid their work well. Il
Wafl composed of Arthur Danduraud,
James Grant ami George Whitehead.
Mrs. A. P. Macdonald and mother,
Mrs. Manning, spent Thursday in
Mrs, Mc Kin non has returned from
Spokane and is again employed al the
Central hotel,
A diamond drill outfil is here, and
some further prospect wurk is in lie
Inne by this means.
Mr, An Winn! and family relurmii
Monday from their trip lo Winnipeg
nul miner ManiU-ha points.
Mrs. Ri.beri Campbell ami daughter
Ileli n were visiting with Mr. and
Mrs. A. 0. Cook at Ryan ibis week,
Rev. s. J. Thompson, of Victoria,
whu has been lo Cranbrook on a
visit, passed through Mnyie Tuesday
on his way home,
Wednesday was pay day al the St.
Eugene, which was probably the largest in the history of The mine. lt
amounted  to %'di, 01).
A. B. Cooper, manager ol the
Second Relief mine, near Ymir, came
over to Moyie this we^k iu company
with Chas. A. MacKay, of the Black-
MacKay Mining company. Mr. Cooper was well pleased with the looks of
things here.
Maurice Ouaiu, of tbe Cranbrook
Electric Light A Telephone company,
will Im* in Moyie next week, wh:n lie
will endeavor to arrange for a local
telephone system. He will need the
promise nf about ten subscriliers, and
t is to Ih* hoped he will 'Iw successful
(From the Fernie Free Presi )
Mrs. Lindsey 1,-11 over ihe CL N.
R. on Tuesday to join Mr. Lindsey,
Who is al the' coast."
Alex. MeCocl's hotel at Kiag, near
Elkmouth, is going up rapidly and
will he ready tor occupancy in a few
A. K. Ingrain, ot sheep Mountain
ranch, Elko, was iu lhe cily th.s
week. .Mr. Ingram lately returned
iiiiiii a visit tn his former home iu
Kansas. lie was accompanied on
lis ret ui n by his father, a bale old
gentleman of seventy-six.
W. v. Hamilton, who recently
male a Hip tn Kdmniitou, has decided in locale iu Ihal citv aud be has
Icascd'one of the liucst stores in the
city, where he vvill open up a units'
furnishing business on the lirst ui
next  month.
(From Tbe Blairmore Times.)
Thursday over l,8tlli tons of c
were min.il, screened, picked ;
shipped froln the Coleman mine.
John Brooks, an old-timer here, has
accepted a position with the North
Star Luiiiber company at Cranbrook
The new station at Oileman lias
been completed and' is as neat a sta-
Iiiou as can he found along tbe line o
ihe Crows Nest.
C. II. Robbfas, the noted trapper
of the Flathead reservation, the man
who ran a bear tu death in fnur feel
nf snnw, was in Blairmore Monday.
T. Stewart, who has ihe contract
for supplying lime rock for Lie Raymond sugar refinery for Uie refining i.l
their sugar, has already shipped to
.hat place some 3d carloads of rock.
This week I). C. Drain, Ihe enterprising proprietor ol the Itlairmori >.,
pul ati up-to-date pool table inlo
commission in his hotel. "Rastus'1
is surely thero iu providing 'imuae-
ment and comfort fm lis patrons.
I-;. I-:. Orohard, wlm has in-<n
exploring the mysteries nf Seattle,
Vancouver, Bulkley Valley and otbei
iiil-of-lhe wav places for the past
few months, returned to Frank last
Last week a hawk captured a pig-
con and flew into the II  al market
to dispose ,,f it.      Warren  Mllchol-
llee. the leal culler, while short of
poultry did not tike the looks of his
u.-w i-i.tiict s-i. ai lesled him ami now
bas lum on exhibition in a box in Lis
Tbe new bai Iny ot coke ovens al
Coleman Is rnplilly iicarlng completion ami will be tciidv lo lie put into
operation by ibe middle of next
month. \t presenl ibis company Is
turning out daily 1211 tons of lirst-
class eoke, and when the mow ovens
are fired up thev will bave a coko
making eapaclt) of fully 200 Ions nt
coke per day.
Tin- lown is ernwdrd with ex-em-
ployees nf ihe ('tows Nest Pass Coal
compnii) seeking employment in ihe
lumber camps [or the ' winter. The
lumber company has laken on some
l'i men for this class of work,
Good progress is fifing made on the
building nf the new C. P. R. depot
wiieli^ will be completed before lbe
snow (lies, and wil! prove very welcome fnr the travelling public, and
also for the hard working station
J. Brown, proprietor of the Union
TIIK    l.l.SIUKVI'N     tiF    SIRDAR
ll v\ t: HUi EXCITEMENT.
Tin penp.e nf Sirdar have been stii-
nil up the past week over ihc depredations oi ,i bear, ami following ate
the three versions senl lo ihe Herald
by special .ones .dents:
(Spinal   In   lhc   Herald.)
Sirdar, B   C , Oct,   13.—A  lew   days
ago     a    heat   h.-longing       In   the  Ineal
hotelkccpci, J. MePeak, gained its
liberty, and having once lasted the
sweets of freedom was nol to be In
gulled back io the bondage oi chains
despite the c taxings—ai a distance—
uf a I alt dozen or  sn whiles and      a
couple ol Indians. One ol Mu- lattei
in lad kepi watch I luu ugh the
vveaiv nighl which hi uiu spent in a
tree, the desire being nut tu kill, bin
to re-capture, if possible.
During bis rambles Un- animal dis
covered the larder of Mrs, Laity
Doolon, of the Cassiar hot.se and enter-.
ing through an cpen screened window
made nh wiih a line roast uf lender
pork. Manv uf Uie weary C. P. It.
men can testify lu the hue disi-riniiu
al ii-n tise.l bv his bruins-hip iu selecting bis boarding bouse. Emboldened
by bis success the hear returned lu
the cellar Friday morning about L3U
a. in., where he was discovered by
Mrs. Dculan wlm undertook to scare
blm by shying a tin of milk in his
direction. ' i'he uproar awoke the
household, Including three young lady
visitors from Cranbrook whu, by the
wav, camped out in tents until Uie
local terror broke lunse. Seizing a
ii Winchester the heroine nf tiie slorj
boldly advanced Into the dim collai
and by a series nf shots ended tbe
career'nt a bear wbieb had ambitious.
'lhe dating "Peggy" is now being
congratulated ou ail sides fur hoi
success m securing the laigesl bag nl
Uie present hunting seasuu—a beat-
in a cellar.
Sirdar, B. ('., Oct, 12.—Al the early hour of I a. m. ihis morning lire
peaceful sit. Iicrs of ibe inmates ul
ihe C. P. It. boarding huuse wero
disturbed by lhe news oi the presence
uf a bear i'n the cellar. The alarm
was given by Mis. Doolan, the proprietress, win was fortunate in smiting lhe .services uf some uf the buys,
who, wiih the aid uf a rifle, succeeded in pulling the nocturnal visitor uut i.l business.
It   is   believed   thai   lhe   hear     was
tbe property uf Mr. .1. MePeak, .it the
Hotel Sirdar, who, inr some time
back has kept them as a source uf al-
tractlon for tourists. At various
times Mr. MePeak has bad the misfortune lo lose liis bears and it is
believed lhat litis one is the last oi
the collection.
The populace nf Sirdar are lu be
greatly congratulated fur having got
rid of 'his menace to public safely,
Messrs. McKay, Reid and Dennis
proved themselves lo be past masters
at marksmanship.
Sirdar, B, C, Oct. 12.—A couple uf
days ago the hrown hear owned     by
J.  MePeak, our  worthy  hotolkecper,
took to Ite tall limbers, keeping   the
.suburban   community in    a stall
constant excitement.   About 1.30 this
morning a young lady, who is visiting
Sirdar, was awakened from her pene
ful    slumbers by a  noise  proceeding
from    lhe cellar     ol  the    U. P. R,
boarding bouse.     Upon Investigation
she found the   mi.ssing hear in     the
act of doing     the disappearing trick
wilh a quarter of beef.        Her nerv
never     for   a moment     desei Ud her,
rushing into the room she grabbed
small rifle and ran for tte cellar vv
dow just in time tu cut ofi the
Ileal  uf     lhe intruder.     Taking    as
good  aim  as  the  light   would  permit
she 11 red killing lhu bear instantly.
London, Oct.    l.l-ity lhe death lo-
dav nf Mrs, ■Sam" Lewis Hill, t!„.
well known money lender, about $15,-
000,0(10 will be distrfliutcd in charitable bequests.
In accordance wiih the will nf
"Sam" Lewis, who <'i<d in 1001, Iti-.
vvhnle fort tine was bit to bis widow
foi hie, besides whal sh;- was given
nun mlu. %',, Wl 0,000, most ni which
presumably will ■-.. tu ter second bus-
baud, lieutenant llill, of ibe Scots'
Guards,     The  King's hospital     fund
will e  in    ini  ,i large sum      tiv
si;le> ,i  (Specific     .iim.mil,    $1,2.10,000,
ihe hospital tuml gel i about  I I	
liuu mil nt ilu-     residue ni Hi ■ e I ite
Almut   in, ,000   Rl.es   In   esl.il.h   llill ■
dwellings he i    Hi i.OOO Ih de '
voted lu Un- rellel ..t Ihe .levvi .1, \	
.m.i   .I.-well   hospltalB,      ami   &8, O	
goes in othei hospitals,     \    number
uf oibei charities  [el -.-. I legacies.    \
Lewis was the most famous in.ui In
England m lu- business, Ihs trans
ael Ions were enormous, and his clients
were among ihe blghesl personages In
the land. ' lie was shrewd ami hard,
hut absolutely honest.     He used   lo
sav      lus   motto    was "I  lend  lo lbe1
Imd ami glvo In lhe |i ."
Ii is now claimed Mial his princely
bequests seem in prove iti- truth nf
lus words.
Only part of the wheat
berry is tit for food. Yet
much that isn't often gets
into Hour. You cannot see
it or taste it, but its there.
It is simply a case of thc
miller getting more Hour
from his wheat anil your
getting less nourishment.
Royal Household
is si. milled (lint nothing
|uies into it except tlie part
nt' tlie wlieat that is food.
You £.-t just what you pay
for—tlie best ami purest
Hour made, li goes farther
because it is all Hour. Vuur
grocer .'an supply yuu.
0giUie Fluur Mills Co., Ltd.
.56 Montreal.
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors.
MBMBHiOBfcaMa i.a.lt.Ma
Chicago, Oct, 13.—A dispatch t0 the
Till,um- Irom Hock Island, III., says:
1'l'cscncc of mind in clutching and
holding in ilu- siniilii'siat-k nl an engine yus-tiTilay savril Munis Her
Dran.lt nt Edinglon, 111., from bring
ground in nieces under ihc wlu-ds uf
ihr imiii ai Milan, 111., yesterday,
As ii was In escaped wilh a bail
shaking up uml sume tins an.i h-ruiscs
Mr. Ili'llilaiiill was ilrivin^ a tram
hitched to a iai in wagon. Uc did
11,,1 sec ihr naii, nml the hurst's were
nn llu' track before ib,- driver noticed
bis danger.
'lhe wagon was struck squarely and
dumped to nn.- side uf the track, llei-
biittili was thown 20 feel in Ute air
and turned over and uver. He (ell un
tup of ibe boiler ami managed io
embrace ite smokestack and hold 011
Ull the train was brought lo a
share uf the Northwest stock was cr- Drug A Stationery atore..
mpatiled hv his wife    aud
in .siri.rinfi at least this number. Tlw*  family, is oft fur   ;l six months' holl-
one central oflice will     be in the Moyie  day t    Ilis travels will embrace    the'wurk in making improvements to the
Kuvslaii-d. II. V., (let, l.'l,-The effects nf the strike uf lhe enal minors
uf tbe Crows Nest I'ass Coal company is beginning to be fell here in
ihe reduction of shipments which this
week are the lowest in the vear, The
Trail smelter has notified tlie Le Hul
company that il will receive no mure
me from lhe Le Uui after to-day and
ihe smelting plant at Trail vvill close
down to-morrow ur nn Monday. Tlio
Le itni, however, vvill ship its ore to
Northport for a considerable time yet
and store if in the bins and yard
then- till a supply ()f cuke can be ufli-
The Le Rol So. 2 is taking advantage i.f the lull lu repair the shaft
and I,, break down the ore. The
t'eiiU'i* Star will for a considerable
period keep Us forces nf men at work
iti developing and in Installing a new
hoist and compressor plant and in
other work, while the Trail smelter
iitcnds to keep most of its men   at
insisting of 3HI aerea of magnilleent land, sll tinted In the best
rmlug b.ealitvio be found in Kast Kootoimv, being 10 miles
mn utoro and postollliw. Tin- ICootomiy Central Hallway
nvey traverses tlm nropurty. It Is bounded on one side by a
rge -dream which ntlunls luccollbiit trmit ami char iu>iiin&
irrouiuling the property ti a country capable nf grn**.itin many
iiii.lrc.l head nf cattle and many promising mining prospects
e being worked in the 11 oitrli boring mountains, ami apart frnm
fining this property r*houLI sbnrily bocomo very vntuable for
her purposes on nccounl of lbe naturally central uobIUoii it
uus with regard to tlio surrounding country, 250 nereB of this
mpcrly can be brought niulor cultivation wilb ease ami there
-0 nlrinulv iin aeies in mixed erop. 70 tons of hay are cut
uiually ni'f this land. Tliorutiro suitable buildings for all purines ami mi Irrigation ditch bus been constructed whieh will
trnlsb water for Irrigation mul domestic purposes. Kor further
——    pimieiiltirs apply to   ———•—
leal Eslate Agents, Cranbrooi
ami If it Is uotile.'.lriililc Lo purchase tin- property In ono hirgo
lilncltllci.il he I'lIT I'l',111,1 DIVIDED Into B.naller parrels
uf III, '10, 10, lun acre.-., or otherwise, lo suit purchasers.
T II ll   T I T I, li   1 S   I N   I' E 1! F E 0 T   I' I) X 1. 1 T I 11 X
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*«♦•♦♦*♦♦♦ »♦♦♦♦♦< >»<,«>♦«♦♦♦'>'>♦♦♦♦
. ,i.
.,. i
... i
. ,i.
nt thr
20.000  ACRES
rv pick of ih,' Bolecteil Inmla in the beautiful Koolenay
iust K. nay, H. ('.. exlonillng trom Canal Flat to
■ ,,1'li'icil tor sale nt Irom t'l to 111) per aero.
The Kootenay Valley is of Unsurpassed Fertility
Matchless Climate and the Most Picturesque Situation West of the Rocky Mountains.
The lauds prosnnl nvery feature ,if usefulness, Including lim-
i,l meiulow.   The
lamls consist uf deep, black
ly Inuni, Bplemlldly adapted
my lm necessary on Die
rsh, p.
bered I dies, brushy Hals, i
brushy Hal-, ninrsli 'nml ine
loan. | the bench laml being
fur fruit culturo. Whoro in
benches, wntor enn belui.l inn
llm Uoekles Inlo the Kootenn
vrveil ami Bomo of tho lots 1
farms nf al,,,ul 80 nr.roB ouch.
The purchase price will in,
by the purchaser will t an;
royalty. Thettmbor will in mn
clinso price, and wlllll...lloasu
vested,   bogsenn be driven o
es every lol Bave one.   The main wagon rodil through lho valley
passes over or rinse to euch lot, ami tiie proposed Kootenay I'rn-
iral railway will parallel the wagon road.    Thu U. I1. U. is quite
convenient to the lnmls.
For lurtl.er particulars apply ta
Or to Joseph Ryan  Cranbrook, B. C.
iiuilulain ,-rerks flowing from
river. Thr lamls nru fully sur-
ave been sub-divided Into fenced
Iml.. llu' timlier, which ean bo snld
liulilllty to government or other
iy rases inure iliun realize the pur-
materially recoup the amount'in-
itha Kootenay river, which touch.
<„ .
I ,< I
,., >
\ is now located in its comfortable and attractive new quarters in thc Manitoba Hotel.
This institution is just up-to-
date and is modernly equipped
to do just the best work iu all
branches ol the tonsorial art.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
B. C. Livery and Feed Stables j
Blacksmiths,  Woodworkers and Bicycle].Repairers
MlLtuJfhttn C.rri.jcs jnl Dixrinir Implements lor Sale
4     Shop Phone 50 P.O. Box M'l
Q** •*•*•*%•»•»'•*. •*>•«,••
Barn Phone90    }
««»§S%«**.% •••*•»*•*•»*••.*%•*%♦•»"*•,'**» *J
Cry  a   Case  of
Two   Dozen   Pints   $2.50
Equal  to GninnesB'   Thu Finoat boverago   on tlio nmrke
for family and  lablu hb<),    Imports vigor ami
hcnlth, iim] tiun'B up lhu Ixxly generally
uorilicrii   part ol Alberta ami as lar plant,
I • I Notice Is hereby given that fid days
)| alter date 1 inlentl to apply to liie
))  iluu. Chief   Commissioner   ot Lamls
II and Works, Victoria, 11. V. ior prr-
■ 1 mission to purchase the lollowlng
l» lands situaled in Suuih East Koolo-
•'  nay:
11 Commencing at a llost planted at
*   the southwest corner ol  Lot    2:111,
thence running west B0 ehains, thenee
running north 40 chains, tlience running east GO cliains, tlience running
south 40 chains lo point ut commence**
9'^.M^M-m.Mm*'      M. M.9.M~.     llf_/l\nUl/   Cranbrook, September 17, 11)116.   2li-»
Brewer, Crnnbrook   B. C
When You
Come to the Metropolis   tay at the
Palace Hotel
Stephens & Rockcndorf
Opposite C. P. R.
$1.00   PER   OAY
Calgary, Alta.
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory
All kiiuls of linisli wurk in
wny ot doors, windows, transoms, etc. Kiln .Iri.si lumber
for inside work, (lur work iu
guaranteed and our prices nro
satisfactory.    Screen    doors
Rough and Dressed Lumber
For Sale
%\       nON'T        I
it please you to have the
photographs ul yum relatives
and Iriends, possibly sume yuu
have uut seen in years?
Now, what about yours?
We hmw yuu have not
thought much about it ami
youi attention to a duly yuu
are neglecting. Cutuo up umi
in good lime for Christmas.
U-lli.ili-'IrWrilr'Ir'Ir'Ir'Ir'Ir'li-'Irlr'M'lr'. ,.- ,.,|,.,|,,l
l'i   cod cam:    j;:j
l'i Do yon wuul n I
I Cninlirook unipurly,     I will jjj
[,'1 null  iny  litisiiii'Ki. luun.,' mul i,'i
LJj lot oiiuosltu C I'. It. di-pot !J|
\A l'lll'll|l.  I'uys H'linl fl'lll'i   ll'lliii f'l
t'l invcBlniuni,   AddruBS i'l
&    Gum Lee, Cranbrouk, B. C. |
1 Or.T, A. Ilnrvi'v           18-121 1
fjl                          ' ul
t 1 a
Notice is hereby given U»l H'irty
days alter date 1 inti'iul ... apply to
the Honourable the Chlel Commissioner ol Lamls nml Works f,,r u special
license to cut ami carry away tunbei
limn the lollowlng Uescrilml lands
situate in the distrioi ut K.ist Kou
l. Commencing nt a post planted
almut ti-n chains trom the mouth nt
Prospectors' creek up llu- Ver-
inflllon river nml marked "ll. Howell's north-wesl corner post," lb,iur' 'hi' place ul commenoament.
K .mli   in   chains,   Ihence easl    lun, William W. Laurie, Locator,
chains, Ihenco north 111 chaina, thenco    Located tho   Uth uny oi   August,
wesl    luu elinlns,     tn the place    oil WW.
commencement. , 	
I Iimi, y Howell, Locator.        M>   Commencing at a pust pUutiil
Located   the lllli day   ol August, uorth ul aud    adjoining Uiihaiu   tt.
iiiih; | i-u..n-'s    north-east cornel pout   ui
William Vi. Lauiie and Hi'n.y lluwcll,
Located   the   lKtb  day  el   Aujust
li. Commencing at a pust planted
uo.il. ul and adjoining .lauu-s A.
Laurie's north-easl cornel pnsi oj
location No. 13 and on tin. l-ui.1 bank,
ol the Vermillion river and marked
"William tt. Laurie's soulh-east mi-
ner jiust," thenee nuitli nu chains,
hence west t>u oha.ua, ilu-..".'  suutli
I liuu.
'.: .',,nun,-n, ui- ,,i a in..t planted
snulli ul ami adjoining lleiuy Howell s wi uili wesl nun.i |i,,.i ..I location ,Ni>. ll nud marked "William tt.
Laurie's   nurlh .vest     curlier post,"
tl, - Koull. in chains, Ihenco    easl
li.u ili.i,,,., ib ure    iiullli lu eltalus,
il,,- <    wesl  mu chains to ilu- place
III inlnllli'lli 1-11,,-lit.
William W, I lie, I...... l....
Located Hi.- I.il. da) ol August,
3    Co
8 li
i   » |„,,i  planted
..•,.,,.....   tt     W
li-weel   I'" i ot said lo
,,i,-l   in id ".lana* A.
II, wesl    .'.iiii'-l     I"1 '■
ii',',m,'r Kuu.il  I" ihains, lli.'.ii'.'    '■■'''
!....!...'.... «■ , """V",i„ ;,,';:,-
thence west   loll chains lo Uu   plat,
iii cumiuehcemi ll' •
James A   Laurie, Locator,
ft"  W.   La.uicaml   ll-   lowell.
b. uce west 4(1 chfciis, Ihenee    south
iiiii uiiauii, to Ult place ul Commencement.
William W. Laurie, Locator.
Located   IK-   Utb day ol August
28. Commencing at a post planted
east ul and adjoining Willum ff.
Laui ies south-east cornel post of
lhe la^i uieiiuoncd locaimn and mark-
ed "Henry Howell's suutli-we»i coi-
  — __  , ner    post," th nee   east 4ti    chaina,
Wl chains, thence east Mi chains lu ti.cmv north 1611 chains, thence west
lu chains, th nee south 161) chains lu
ilu* place ot commencement.
lli-ni y  Howell,  Locator.
Lucaled   lie   Villi    d..v  ui August,
'i'd.   Commencing at   a p08t   plalileU
east ut and adjoining Henry Howell's
south-east   comet    post ut   ihe last
tin-ti l uiiifil       tui al tun      and      mai nod.
".lames A. Laurie's south-wost cuinci post," thence easl 4U chain.*.,
tiieiiei' north it>o chains, theuce west
III ihains,      I In tut   ...ii iii   lt.u     CbalOS
tu tin- place ni commencement,
James A, Laurie, Locator.
William W, Launu and Heniy Howell,
Located  lhc   lllli   day  ul    August,
III Uii,
ted il,,'
lllli   day ul   AugUBl,
■i.  i
i,->, ii,.,,
ne, at a posl plantod
us uum Un- moulh ul
,-i-i, „i> the easl bank
ul Vei
tiM-r ami inarke.1 "J
ihuiioe"north H" chains, thcuce east
55 Saffs, thcuce south 40 chans
tliencc wesl luu chains tu lbe place
W. w. Laui
Laurie, Locator,
an.l  11.  Unwell,
Located the 18th day ul August,
5. CominDnclng at a post planted
north oi anil adjoining the north-west
cornel post ol said location .Nn. I
and marked "Henry Howell's south
west corner post," thenco north 411
chains, thence east IHO ehains, thence
suutli io cnains, thence west UO
chains tu tho place ut commence*
un ut,
Henry Howell, Locator.
lau-atcd the 1Mb day ui August,
0. Commencing at a post plante!
north ol and adjoining Hcurv Howell's north-west corner pust ul loon
tinti Nu. a and on llie east haul; u.
the Vermillion river and marked
"William Vi. Laurie's south-west corner pust," thence north 40 chains,
thcuce cast ItiO chains, thenco south
4u chains, tin ncc west ll.ll chains to
tlte place ol commencement.
William W. Laurie, Locator
Lucaicd the 18th dav ut August,
7. Commencing at a posl plar.it it
north of and adjoining W. tt
Laurie's north-west t otner pust ol
location Nu Q and marked "Henri
Howell's south-wesl corner post,"
thoncc north 80 chains, thence easl
Mi chains, tliencc smith 80 chains,
thence west 80 drain* to lho place ol
Henry Howell, Locator.
Lucated    the   1Mb   dav   ol    August.
8. Commencing at a post planted
north ut and adjoining Hentj
Howell's north west   eornei  pust   oi
at bank    ,.f  Uu
mnl marker! "lien
."    Den
st  80 cl
 .. mi chains,     thenco,  west      8U
chains to the place ot commencement
Ilini)   Howell,  Locator,
Located   tho 18th    day ol   Augusl
9.   Commencing  at   a  post   planted
Hul lh        ol    and      il'lmniin, 1llftl)
Howell's iintili wesl cul nei post ol
lucalion Nn H .u d on llu cast haul.
ul the     Verinll    i i I marked
"William W. Lo west tn
nei post,"     lh        ■      mini
thenee easl   BU     al i e   south
su elm ns, thence « I Bl chi Ins U
the place of romi   i  i
William tt   i aurie, 1 ocator.
Lucated   the   I8lh daj  i'i   Vu e,u it
in    Commencing at a post plantod
ul t ten chains trom Un- month   o
Prospectors' creek up llw Vermllllm
rivei and < ti ihc '-ast lunl, ihereol
and marked "William vv I onrlo's
nortii nisi cornel post," thence suutli
lu i-'i.uii., th ho? w -i u.u chains,
Ihenee imiiii in rhains, thenco easl
tuo chains tu ihe pluce ol commence
tt th,!
t.-.l  the
i,ih daj
l oraloi
ut  August
location N<>- ii and ou the east
bank oi the Verniilliou river and
marked "James A. Laurie's south-
c.tsi cornel post," thonce north lou
chains, thcuce west in chaius, thenco
.snulli Hill chains, Heine east -111
chains to lhu plate ul cuiiuiience
.lames A. Lain ir, Locator.
William tt. Laurie and iieuiy Howell,
Locattd   the   1Mb day    ui Augusl,
iii. Commencing al a pout planted
ahout unu mite Iiom ibo head ui
nm.ci creek ami about twcui) uliaius
...ii ih tliurcui and marked ' Wuuain
u. Laurie's ninth w.m. cotuei pust,
.n.tne east um chains, thence suuth
iu chains, thencu wet h.u cliaius, |
iliencu north m chains in tlw plan ul
ttilliam tt. Laurie, Locator,
Located   Liu   ..mli   day   ui    July,
iv.   Commencing at a post   planted
illuoul Mi chains east ol   William     VV,
uaurio's uurth west cornel pust ut
.ueaiiun last mentioned uml marked
Hint) Howell's south-west comet
,'osi, Uieuce nui tu «tu chaius, ih.-iac
, asl IliU chains, lln-iicu south 4u
lla uis, thencu west IUU cl ailis to the
place ul cumimiiceiiicti'L.
Hi uiy liuvvell, Locator.
Located    the   JiuU    day  oi   July,
16. Coilimoucllig at a pust planieil
.ibuiil luiiy chains east ul Ueiu)
ilo well's north-west corner post ui
.ocaHull last   mentioned ami markoa
'Wuiiam W. Laurie's south-west corner puat," Uience uurili MJ chains,
iiiiiiiL' cast MJ chains,  lUeneo    south
-u ciituus, thencu wist t>u chains    tu
hj  place ul commencement.
ttilliam tt. Lauriu, Locator.
Located   the   iiiih day    ui    July,
10. Commencing at a pust planted
ahout lu cliaius nurlh ot William tt.
uaurio's nui'ih-eU'Si corner pust oi the
■ueaiiun last mentioned aud marked
'lleiuy liuvvell s norUi-wusl cui'ue
post,    theuce    east an chains, thenc
iuu.li &.U chains, theuce west bit
liains, ihence north 60 chains to th
I'UCU   Ul   CUIIllllCllCClllL'Ul.
licury lluwcll, Locator.
Located   lhc   aist      day ui    July
20, Commencing at a pust planted
about lhe chains, nortii ul Henry
ilowcll's north-east corner pust ui
uile last moiitionetl location au.i mark
,d "ttilliam tt. Laurie s north-wus
lUitici post," llience easl IliU chains,
thence suuth 4u chains, tlience wesi
tiiii i hams, ihence north 4U clains lu
.he place ul commencement.
William tt. Lauiie, Locator.
Lucated   thu   31st   day    ui     Jul), j
21. Commencing at a pust planted
a lhc muuth ui the suuih fork ul ihe
Simpson river and marked "William
IV. Laurie's north-west comer pust,'
thence east 40 chains, ihenee soUlli
imi chains, thencu wesl -iu cliaius,
ihence nor th lut) chains to the place
ut commeiiceiuent.
William tt. Laurie, Locator.
Located   the Ulh   day ul   August
ii. Commencing nl a posl planted
east ui ami adjoining ttilliam tt.
Laurie's north-east cotnei pust ol the
lasl  mentioned location and   maiiuM
il.my Howell's northwest cornel
post, ' thenee   east SO chains, thunu
Willi Mi Chains, theuce west bti
chains, ihenee nuitli mi chains to Uiu
plai u ol couimeucemenl.
Henri   Howell, Locator.
Located the    lath   d.t) ol August,
::i Commencing at a post planted
at tlu- mouth ut the suuth lork nl rhe
Simpson rivei and marked "Henry
i lowell"s nut'ili-vast cotnei post,
ihenco wesl 40 chains, thenoe snuih
Uili chains, thence cast in chains
tlu-nce north lt.u chains tu the iilaee
id thu
u   Howell,  Locator.
13th da)  of   Augusl
I ...
ti Commcm inn -l! a '""' planted
abuut nn chains Irom the mouth o!
I',.- p.-. tors' . reek up the Vermillion
Hvei nn the en H bauli thereof and
maikco 'Henry Huwell's south east
eornei post, ihem o nut th 10 drains,
thence wesl 160 .1 .uus. tlience smith
W chains, thenco easl 1011 chains lo
the place ..[ commencement,
Henry  lluwcll   1 ocator.
I ocaled the   IStli day ol   Auj ust,
12.   Commencing al a post planted
norlh    of     and    adjoining   Henry
Howell's north-easl   eui tier iposl    ol
lucalion No.  II and on the west hank
ul   Vermillion   rivet     and    marked
"ttilliam tt'.  Laurie's south-east curlier pust,"    thence norlh    to chains,|
thence west  Uio chains, thence south1
■in chains,   lb-nee east   160 chains  lu
the place of commencement.
ttilliam  W,   Laurie,  Loealor.
I i.i.,1 the 18th day ul August,
Ll. Commencing at a posl planted
norlh ot and adjoining ttilliam W.
Laurie's north-east eofltoi' pust ot
location Nu. li and mi tlio east bank
uf the Vermillion river ami marked
"James A. Laurie's south-east curncr pust," thenee north Mi chains,
thence wesl 80 chains, Ihence south
80 chains, tbence east 80 chains to
the place of commencement.
James A. Laurie, Locator.
ill. Commencing .it a I'osl plante
wesl ui ami adjoining lleiuy
Iluwell*8 north wesl eornei posl ul
'in- lm,it mn (asl mentioned ami mark-
■tl 'ttilliam tt. Laurie's norUi-east
eornei post." thence wt-st 160 chains
hence south 40 ihains, ihenci: east
itiu chains,  thence    north -in   chains
.. thc place ni ci in ncemenl,
William w   Laurie, Locator.
I ncaled   the   Ulh daj   ol Auguat,
36   Commencing al a post planted
wesi    .,1 ami adjoining   William   tt
Lauiie's   norUl-WCfft   cniiier   pnst,      ol
ihe last mentioned location and marked ".lames A, Lauiie's north-east
cm nei pust," thonco west kii chains
ihence snulli   HO chains,   tbence     east
80 chains, thenco north 80   clains t
Hu* place of commencement.
■James A. Lauiie, Locator.
ttilliam tt. Laurie and Henry Iluwell
Located   thc   Mih day   ol August
26. Commencing at tt post planted
at lhe mouth uf lbe .Simpson river
and un the east, hank of th? Vermillion river and marked "-lames A
Laurie's south-west corner post,
thenco norlh HIO chains, tlience east
Hi chains, thence soulb 160 chains
ihence west 4(1 chains to the place o
James A. Laurie, Locator.
William W. Laurie aud Henry Howell
Located   the   llth day of   August
27. Commencing at a post planto
east of and ad'oining James A.
Laurie's south-east corner post o
the "ast mentioned location and
marked "William W. Laurie's south
west cornor post," thence east 40
chains,   tlience   north     160   chains,
BO, Commotio ng at a PobI planted
east oi and adjoining .lames A,
i.aiuic.-, butith-east cornet post ui llie
last ilu-iiii.miii location and mailmd
"William iv*. Laurie's south-west cuinci post," thencu cast 40 chains,
thence north IUU chains, tlience west
lu chains, Uieuce bouih 160 cha inn
io ihe puce iii commencement.
Junius A. Laurie, Locator.
Located tm- nth iia) ul Augusl,
31, Commencing at a pust planted
east    ul    and   a.ljmtung      William  W.
Laurie's soulh-easl corner post ut
ihe lasi mentioned location ana
marked "Henry Howell's south-west
curiier posl," llience east lt»U chains,
thencu nurlh 40 chains, theuce wesl
imi eliains, theuuu suuih 40 chans tu
ibe plaee oi commencement.
Henry Howell, Locator.
Located   the   Mill day ui   August
32, Commencing at a pust planted
about iwu miles north ui the mouth
ui ihe Slmpsun river and on lbe east
bank ul ihe Vermillion river ana
marked '•ttilliam tt. Laurie's southwest corner post," Ihenee east IliU
chains, ihence north -10 chains, thcuce
west 160 chains, thence suuth 40
chains to tliu place ui commencement.
William   tt.   Laurie,   Locator.
Lucated   the 16tb Uay   ol   August,
'd'd. Commencing at a pust planted
noith of and adjoining ttilliam W.
Laurie's noiih-west curlier post ot
thu lasi mentioned location ami
marked "James A. Laurie's southwest comer pust," rhvnce cast Uio
chains, ihenco north iu clains,
Ihence west ItiU chains, tbence suuth
io chains iu the place ut commencement.
James A. Lauiie, Locator.
William tt. Laurie and llcni'j Iluwell,
Located   the   15th day ul   Augusl,
34. Commencing at a post planieil
north ut an.l adjoining James A.
Lauiie's north-west cut ner pust ul
lhe last nn til iiitted location ana
marked "Henry Howell's south-wesl
corner pust," theuce north in chains,
thence east 160 chains, thenco suuth
iu chains, thence west lul) chains to
ihe place ut commencement.
Henry Iluwell, Locator.
Located   the   I5tt da)'   ul  August,
35, Commencing al a post planted
north ol and adjoining Henry
Howell's nmtih-wcst coiner pust ot
the lasi mentioned location and marked "ttilliam tt. Lauiie's so uth-west
corner pnst," thence north 40 chains,
il.. tne i.ist 160 chains, Iheusc snuth
40 chains, thonce west UJO chains,
to the piace ol commencement.
William tt.  Laurie,  Locator.
Located   the   I5lh   dny   ol August,
36, Commencing nl a posl planted
north ol and adjoining ttilliam tt
l.auiies north-west cotnei post of
ihe last men In,iitil Imai ton and
marked "James A Lauiie's south-
wesl eornei pust," thenee north 4n
chains, thence east leu chains, ihence
south tu ehains, thenco west Hid
chains tu the place ot commencement.
James A. Lauiie, Locator.
Wtlliam tt. Laurie and lleuri Howell,
Located   the   1Mb .lav    ul Augitsl,
Commencing at a pusl planted
ten   chains west ol .lames   A.
Laurie's   north Wesl   cut net   pnst     of
In- last mentioned location and
marked "Henry Howell's south-west
uin.-i post,'1 thence north 160
hains, thelice cast 40 chains, thence
..uih      Kill chains,   thence  west      40
hains to tht! place uf commencement.
Henry Howell, Locator.
Localed    tte    15lli   day nf  August,
'dH. Commencing at a post planted
wesl nl anil adjoining llenrv Huwell's
south-west corner posl of the last
mentioned location an.l marked "Wll
liam W. Laurie's, snitlh-easl coiner
post," thence wesl 4Q chains, tbence
iinilb 16(1 chains, Ihence east, 40
chains, tliencc south 160 chains to
ihc place uf fniuini ncomont.
Will am W. Lauiie, Locator.
Located the lutll day uf August
30. Commencing at a pnst, planted
nurlh nf and adjoining William VV.
Laurie's nurlh-wcst corner pnst ol
the last i n en I oncd lucalion and
marked "James A. Laurie's southeast corner post," tlience west 80
chains, tlunce norlh 8(1 chains, thence
east 80 chains, thence smith 80
chains io the place of commencement
.lames A. Laurie, Locator,
William W. Laurie and licury Howell,
Located the lfith day of August,
40. Commencing at a post planted
sixiy chains west of James A.
Laurie's north-west corner post of
the last mentioned location and marked "Henry Huwell's smith-west corner post," Ihence nmth 40 chains,
Ihence east 160 chains, Ihenee south
4(1 chains, Ihence west 160 chains to
the place uf commencement.
Henry Howell, Loeator.
Located the lfith day of August,
41. Commencing at a po^t pl;.nlcd
twenty cbains ten ut Heniy UoweU'i
nuitn-west comer poll u. the .as-l
Ui.tiHuued location ami maihed ■ v\ilium w. Laurie s   Miuih-wesi cornel
pust," tlience noitb 4ti cliatuis, inelice
east IliU vhaius, theme .south iO
cnains. tbence west luu chain-, lu Uw
place ot luiomeucemciii.
uuium vv.  Laune,  Locator.
Lucaleu   tlie   Ililh ua)    ui August
42. Commencing *i a post planted
abuut bWOfitJ iluiUi west ui iviiuam
tt. Lauiie I noitli-west cornet pusl
ui the luiaiiuu last mentioned *uiu
mailed James A. LaUlle g aouia-
wesl comet post," thrnce a ill >
cliains, llience east luu chains, iheuoe
suuih .ti chain..'-., in n.e neai lou
chains lu   ike    place   ui commence-
James A. Lauiie, Locator.
ttilhaiu tt. Laurie ana iiciui uow ell,
Lot ated    lhe    Iblh    day   ui   .vugu.sl,
4d.  Commencing at a pust planted
abuul  iuii)   chains wesl ul JalOes A.
Laurie's nuuh-we-ii euruei pu^i ui
ihc last mentioned location and math
iii iiciuy iiuweii >> south-wust corner pual," thence north IU chains,
tlience east lou chains, theuce souio
iu thai us, llience west io" chains tithe plaee ui commencement,
Heniy  How cu,   uucatol'.
Located   the   lulh   day ul   August
41.  Commencing at a post planted
nuitli ui .uili adjoin mg lu-ui)
iluwell'*» uorth-wesl cuinci pust    ui
Lhe      lasl    meulluued    lucaliun     auu
uiaikcJ "ttilliam tt. Lauue-, southwest corner pusi," thence nortii   4u
ih.n:i.),   ihencu east  lou ilunu, Lhetice
utb 4U    chains,   thcuce      west     Ihti
chaius   lu lhe    place    ul uoiiiiut'Uee-
William W. Laurie, Locator,    i
Luialed   the   Uilli day ul   August
43. Commencing at a pust plautixi
abuut iuii) chains west ot ttilliam tt
Lauries uurih-wcsi comer pust u
the last iiiciiiiui.cd location ana
marked "James A. Laurie's sou Hi
west comer pust," thelice uui'lh 4u
chaius, llu lice east luu chains, thcuct
south 4u clains, thenee west Hm
chains lu the place ut coin men cc-
James A. Laurie, Locator.
William W. Laurie and Henry iluwell,
Localed lhe 17tb day ui August,
46. Commencing at a post planted
abuut tody mains wesl ut James A.
Laurie's north-west cut ner pust ui
ihe last mentioned location ana
marked "Henry Howell's sunih-west
corner post," thence nurlh 40 cliaius,
thence east IliU chains, thence south
10 chaius, thence wesi liiti chains tu
Lhe place ui commencement.
Henry Howell, Locator.
Lucated   the   17th   day ul August,
47. Commencing at a post plante.;
almut twenty chains west ul Henry
Hu well's north-west corner post oi
the last mentioned lucaliun and
marked "William W. Laurie's southwest corner pust," thence north 4t
cliaius, thelice east tiiti chains, lucuct-
suuth 40 chains, ihence west 160
cliaius tu Uie place ul commencement,
William W.  Laurie,  Locator.
Located   lhe   17th   day ui  August,
1906. 24-«t
Fernie,   Oct,    15.—Though   nothing
new has   transpired   during the last
few days tu i.utwaidly alld the aspect uf Uu* strike situation, tlh- pub-
ltcat .on ol several letters hy members
ut ihe union in which ihey openly express then disapproval ol the action
..i ihe district president in calling out
the men, is not without sigiutiiauce,
and would appear to Indicate ilai
ttre men aie far from being unanimous
m support ni tb.- course pursued by
theii di.si tut ollieers. The statement ol tt M. Dickens, president uf
Ferule local union, expresses the opln
i.n i.i the miners, wliu are beginning
u. realize thai II a blunder has beei
committed it is tune the responsibility tut  the present lamentahie  stati
nl allalts lie placid   <Aheic it   heluitg.s
At ,i meeting nf Un- union held sun
sequriil io Lh.- appearance ul I'resi
dent Dicken s statement m Uie Frei
Press,   Dlekin    resigned and tt. ll,
Iill his placi1
Take notiee that sixty days aftei
date I Intend to apply tu the Chiel
Commissioner ot Lauds and Works at
Victoria fur petmissiuu lu purchase
the following described lauds in
South Last Kootenay:
C'omumnciig at the northwest corner ol lot 2501,
ihence west 40       chains,
thcuce north 4U chaius,  thence   east
40 chaius,  theuce suuth 40 ohains, to
place ul couimeuciiieiii, cuutaiiiiug in
all 160 acres, mule ul' less.
21-91* William   Love.
Nutice is hereby given that thirty
days alter date 1 intend lo apply tu
ihe Chief Ooinmlssttorm oi Lauds
aud Wurks at Victoria fur special
licenses lo prospect fur coal and
peiiiolemiiuver the following described lands in South East kuoieuay district:
1. Commencing at a post plantod
six miles north uf lot 4586, and at
the north-east corner of coal license
No. 1062, thenee running north 80
chains, Uieuce west Mi chaius, thenc
♦mult 80 chains ihence east 80
ohains to lhe place uf commencement,
C. Melnnes, Locator.
Dated the 23rd day ol August, A.D.
HI _
2. Commencing at a pust planted
six miles north ol lot 4588, and at
the north-east coiner of coal license
No. 1992, Uience east 80 chains,
tbence north 80 chains, thenoe west
80 chains, thence south 80 chains to
the place ol commencement,
II. Melnnes, Locator.
Dated the .13rd day ol August, A.D.
1606. 34-tt
Sixty days alter date I intend tu
apply to the Honorable tbe Chid
Commissioner ol Lauds and Works at
Victoria for permission to purchase
the following described lauds situated
in South East Kootenay:
Commencing at a Pusl adjoining S
E. corner ul Tracy townsite ami
marked J. S. J.'s N. E. corner,
thence 4U chains south, thence 40
chains west, thence 40 chains north,
tlience 40 chains east to pnint ol
commencement, containing 160 acres,
more or less.
John S. Jones, Locator,
J. IL Edmundson, Agent.
September 12, 1606. 2561'
Notiee is hereby given that CO days
alter date I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chiel Commissioner of Lands
and Works, Victoria, B. 0. for permission to purchase the loilowing
lands situat«d in South East Koote-
Commencing at a Post planted at
tlie southwest comer of Lot 2311,
thence running west CO chains, thence
running north 40 chains, thenoe running east 60 chains, thence running
south 40 chains to point ot commencement. ..   „   „,
M. B. King.
Craubrook, September 17, 1606.   26-8
pio um.
Dickon will meet a committee uf
the union on tt'cdncsda) to explain-
Will he cairns iu Issue a statement.
Wm. Dicken was m lus second term
ol nllice as pu-sMent ol Gladstone
iKt-uuc) Miners' union aud was only
recentl) nominated by this local Un
national board member, ni tin- dulled
Mine Workers ui America, ilis statement, (lie publication cf wliich lias
causi-d his resignation, is given in (ull
Fellow Workmen: At this time ui
utu present trouble, 1 feel lhat I can-
uui refrain (rum acquainting you wllh
ihc facts abuut llw. mis-U\uiiug notice
which was published in reference to us
SflAing non-union nun seven days'
notice thai we Intended to cease
working with them. I might state
here the reason that I am glV.ng this
lu the press is un account ol statements made to the effect that we,
as the local officers of Kernie union,
are responsible for this strike. I vvill
give an account uf the strike from Us
For Ue last iwo or three months a
number of men have notified the company's clerks at Cual Creek t/.ial they
wished to have their names withdrawn from the cheek-oil book and
wrote statements to that effect and
signed tbelr names to the same,
wh ch meant that ihey did not wish
lo pay any mure dues to the union
Now complaints were made ahout
these nun doing this and after we
had eudtavuitd tu lind out lhe reason
why these men had withdrawn their
names, we found that sume had
grievances against some ot tte union
cfllcials and nthurs were going to send
their reasons in writing. I always
,ionsldered that when a man signed
ihe check-off book, he ought to have
stood by It until the end uf the agreemenl, without lie lelt the camp he-
lore the agreement expired. I say
that il was a mural right but I can-
tint say he had a legal right because
the law does not compel nlm unless
he signed for it to continue until tlu
expiration of the said agreement.
This 1 do hold, however, that any
man receiving the benefits which have
been gained through the efforts ^f organized labor and will net pay his
dues comes under tie head of those
whu receive goods frum a Store and
will not pay for ihem or one whu
will cheat a widow and rob the j
orphans, ami is not lit for the society
ol honest working men.
Nuw afler this had been thoroughly discussed in uur local, it was decided to put il intu the hands of thc
district officials. 1 don't know what
the dislriel did in the matter only
that President Sherman waited upon
lho management with myself, about
fhis question, ami were informed that
Mr. Llndsey had gone to Victoria the
night previous. The president, then
told me thai he was going to write
to .Mr. Lindsey about these men wh.>
had written on the check-off book,
declaring that they no longer -belonged to the I'. M. Vi. ot A, This I
think was in tie lirst week ol September. No reply arrived that I am
aware of and Mr, Lindsey stated that
the letter had followed >hltn from cue
place to another aud that was the
reason he did not reply, Well, after
this President Sherman, national
board member Sharpe and our secretary, Mr. Biggs, waited upon Mr.,
Lindsey at his office and Mr. Lindsey
stated he would semi his reply in
wriling to the union. A special
meeting was called and statements
made by Pres dent Sherman and,
board member Sharpe in reference to
their conference with Mt,. Lindsey and
alter waiting Ior the letter in reply
lo tie conference, it was suggested
ihat a special committee lie appointed, including President Slier man, to
gu and see Mr. Lindsey and ascertain
the reason why the letter had not
been sent and President Sherman refused to go and on his suggestion a
resolution (which has already been in
print) was passed stating that we
would come out when called upon by
the disiriet officials. This wus sent
to Mr. Lindsey by uur secretary and
in replv Mr. Lindsey sent luck a letter with part of the minutes of the
conference which drew up the present
agreement, stating tihat our representatives at the conference gave
iheir promise that then* would be no
discrimination against non-union men;
alsu the reason that it was lelt out
of the agreement. Alter it was read
to the meeting Iti was decided t-o call
a special meeting fur Mr. Sherman to
explain what was nnt iu hy Mr.
Lindsey, and as Mr. Biggs was une
of the members of that conference, he
was asked if the statements made hy
Mr. Lindsey were correct. He said
as far as he could remember they
were, but- one word altered would
put a different, face upon it. President Sherman was in town after this
special meeting was decided upon but
tliere was uo special meeting held to
explain this or that, but a special district board meeting was called and
Mr. Sherman chiwe his own man to
represent the men ot Feinie and we
knew no more until the notices were
posted up, which read as follows:
"Acting under Instructions of
President   Mitchell,   we   hereby
give all   non-union   miners nutice
that seven   days   after this date,
we will cease to   wurk with ncn-
unioii men.
II, M  W. ot A.
"September llth, 1006."
We, acting under these instructions,
ceased to work at the end of seven
days and the President, well knowing
that these notices were pustwi up because they were put   up un the Fri
day, and he l.-ii fut \ Ictorhi uo    Uw
Saturday night following, and    uover
unm*!    up umil   ih.'   Tuesda)  night
allei we Ud ... n uut lhr« da)
ami wliui I .i-.i.-l I.iiii tbe reason h
was out here when 'in* notices expired, lu- .said ihat h- nevei expected
US lo In mg i.n a sl 111 ■ Now , I .fl.
all intelligent men. ^vbat di.l n ni.-.tii
when be instructed om sectetarv to
put up these notices,    tte ihought we
weie acting uirdei   lhc instructions of
President Mitchell hut imd out Uial
we have Iwn ti h-uled and sadly fooled
and I am honeslly convinced That hat
we known what we kno*a' now, there
would have been no strike or stoppage of wmk and, moreover, had wc
known nf tin- promises thai were
made ,,ul th,, w,i\ ihat Ihis aiian
Imd bem con lucted, we wuuld never
have llioughl une muimni ui ceasing
wmk, because I believe that when a
promise is given bj one ui qui officials, li.- ought io' stand hv it uml
lace ih.- iiiu-ii, wl.-ilur it is loi him
rn against turn, because If u is known
thai officials ot iht- I M U ul \
make promises, wbethei verbal or in
print. and tli-'ii ih nj ihi ut, a will
liting discredit in uui organization
and holies) imn will tun sh) n[ hav
mg any tiling to do wnh us.    u   wo
lltf-VC   In  gel   wiial   solllU claim   Is    mu
rights by ileccptmn and tooling, 1,
for one, don't want .uo ol it and 1
lh.uk 1 am Voicing the sentiments ot
a greal numbei ul mj fellow-workmen. 1 don'l ihink thai if President
Mitchell knew the true stale ul affairs, he would evei liave scut the
telegram In* did.
iwn again, Mr. Lindsey has re
q tics led tu meet thai conference committee before the imn .md prove his
siaiiinuus aie correct and even challenged ihe president h\ lettei whul
Sherman was verv loud in stating
h~ would accept I .tin
never intended tu do su,
are men     whu were   pn
0\ Kit   I RUN VL Of  I.AM
Va uver, Oct. 15.—When the En>
; - lapan   .ii rivi d in   i- i' tliis
ii 'mi having 110 Hindus ou board
na • mel at I he whurl by ehiel iii
police Obis hoi m with a lorce ol  con-
« ,. L'efusi i to allow Uw im-
... •.. leave the wharf. Thla
as the i -"It i i the agitation
..-..i.u-i Hi .,...,■ ion whv h bas be-
. ume inteu ;e, i u 1 tut na ting in Uio follow ui.: Iel '• i in ing sent litis morning
i|  ■     en I nl  Mai pole by
. ■ :.    .
■ citv iiiiii ia)
■'I   ,iln   iustl
u* led to request    that
le ail   ,i .  East  Indians
this p,,rt on arrival
I li
u, because ihei.-
present ai Uml
cu ue iv uce, holiest enough tu confess
ihe truth ut ihe statements made
there and I Ihink tlio reason this
challenge i* nol accepted, is obvious
in all unbiased minds, i think thut
when President Mitchell sees Uus, ti
will demand a lull investigation intu
this strike and tihe can-,- dI it, and
why ihe president lelt lus dutj lo go
to Victoria, knowing that these
notices were posted. Lul me sa)
again ihat I have im use tut a nonunion man and if it was understood
that every man was expected tu imn
the union*when Uie agreement was
signed, whv did not oui high officials
demand it al lhc start and then wt
would have kiiuwu whai ue were do
ing. Now we Imvo ceased to work
with non-union men and we uw lol i
that the agreement has luvn brqkvn
by allowing men to lake tin u names
il Uie cheek-off. li the right course
had hem taken, ii would have been
settled now and 1 believe that iu
body ol men have n righl lo be modi
the calspaw ol an-, man As th
days uf feudal wars are past, when
men wlm felt burl al Iheii neighbor's
'uudtict called all th.-u soi rants to
tight for their own selfish nils, su l
believe Uiat we as men
out own personal oplnh
led blindly, tte have a
.ill that is being done
aud tu demand tn Imve
letter sent tn Mr. Mile
the cause of sn misleading and mysterious a telegram being sent. I
could say a great deal more that 1
know but vvill withhold It for the
present. One thug I will say, that
alt I have said heiVis only thad tin
fellow workmen and tthc public might
know the true slate nf affairs and put
the saddle on the right Worse.
Nuw, il is evident llat we, as miners, have some grievances against the
company and thai the management
have some against us, but what is tho
difference? Ham' we no remedy an!
have thousands of men. Women anl
children to suffer without any attempt mode to have these differences
put righl'.' Surely in this, tbe 20th
century, men can meet together an-d
have clear understanding and make
strikes a thing of the past. Wherever the fault lies, let M he brought
to light and as one whn believes in
conciliatory measures, I would suggest that a board uf Inquiry he appointed from the two locals 'to enquire
Into this trouble and demand that the
two parties involved, explain their
position. If either of these panic-.
are afraid to agree ti) this course, we
can come to no other conclusion (hau
that the party who is afraid to do
(his is in the wrung. I.i-t nn one be
led away by sentiment hut plain facts
and let uur motto lie as one that
adorns many ol the trades union banners, viz:     "Come, let us reason   to
night i.
s and
Ight u
ell whi
gelber," and by so
may be   done   aud difficulties    ovi
come,   and let   us   stand   tor   nu
whether ii is lor or againsl us.
(Sg-iD W. M. Dicken.
President Fcrnie Local t'nlf
A meeting representative of the
various italics unions in the town and
district was held on Tuestlay nighl in
I he Fi reuieii's ha M, to i "gan Ize a
trades and labor council. The meeting was addressed by Mr. Vi. It. Trotter, organizer for lho Trades and
Labor Congress uf Canada, who gave
a review ol smne ol the congress'
work ami spoke of various matters
affecting the Interests and well-being
of trades unions.
lt was ultimately decided to form a
council, and a provisional committee
was appointed wh.i elected temporary
ollieers, These will appeal to Uie
various unions asking ihem to send up
tlv.'ir regular delegates lo a meeting
to he he'd nn Kiid.iv evening, October
26Hi. when ihe permanent officers and
committees will be elected, and .i
charter applied for from lhu Trades
Congress to ln-giii t'.ie husiness of a
One of the mombcrs present, speaking lo a motion, staled thai it was
evidence ol the interest that Uio congress wa*- taking In the'trades unions.
that nu organizer should Ire sent over
this province and cause the laboring
mm to feel lhat they had a part in
the great labor movement and would
put themselves in line with every
other union in the Dominion.
The uui. ns Interested are the Firemen's union, Machinists, Railway
Carmen, Railway Trainmen, Maintenance of Way Employees, Blacksmiths,
Boilermakers and Carpenters.
Mr. Trotter returned to Fcrnie yesterday where q council was organized
last week, and will stop over at the
larger cities cn his way east.
Charters have luvn Issued by lhe
Congress during the last three months
to trades councils al Vancouver,
Hevelstoke, Fernie. Edmonton, Leth-
hrtdgc, Regina and Brandon, and in
the west some fifteen local unions
have been chartered hy Uio International organi/*tions.
until -u.i,     Ume as Hit-
shall receive di Elniii   and factor)
assurances                   will uot become
a charge upon the i mnmuuity.
"i am furth ■ rue ted  lo   state
ihai piiidii .. h    as-
wan the oil j pulh c ha I motion - ■■) pn ■•■ nl an) i»ueh Ka •'- Indians leai ni. lbe deli n ...
"AiMiui  McKvuy, Citj  i
There tl u ne i     to be tn
lbe vvharl tot a lime as lhe C P. R,
claimed that the lueal police bad nu
right  ti thi  Hindus at! i    they
werr p.,--' i ■ -. .: .migration olllcer
Munro,       This .. llii iai dually
solved  ■! ■■   Iiiiii illy 1   ih wu
iiu- whole !■■■ i.n the ground that
thev wen' liable to I i ami ehai gi s un
tne e-jiuiiiunii i. The whole crowd
are nuw in the deli nt ion -:. I
guard I uless tin ordei is changed
.ill will have lu be si nt bas -. un lha
next  steamer.
Publii inti ■ ... lhe qu ••-■ on 1 eru
is ai while ti. ai and a public meeting
has bei u called lot to- nu I row night
in the ciiv hall b)  Mayoi Dusci rune.
Vancouver   Oct.    15.— Voting undei
nisti in-Hot.s    hom    Mav ui  Bu - i tibe,
\ anci uvel poll ■ ling tho
Uoiuin "ti  gov. :  me  gialiou
detenu.'i, -li' i on the ■> aierfrout,
io pt.*.i nl   ■ . i liudus
now  held lh ie       l:..    ,■. al ■ ion
Ln III.   lliLiiii lllllll - ..' .'1
■ lm ,r lie stage      '■  au -■   ■ in-*
,i,i: lo Uiat which marked thi ( ;....•.*
nots several years agu is aitticipat-
.,1 b) man) people The mayoi has
.... iti.ij ihe i I'. It. a 1U1 rilies Uml
ihe    ciiy will an) ad-
u I. nal L'last Indian*. - .. - 'b-- ikj-
tciisiu ce is     re
ceived that       i* wiil uol .v
charge   upi n ll       - it)      Thi
sa) > In   iu li alio - fot  aid
irom scon i        h ire
,,n 1 whu ai    n a starving
1 In.-     steai Japan
ght Hindus after-
no in, none 1     g ;      ■■■ ed to Iai -
bos lo
■ ■ ■ ■• ;ei y Ik ie subject ul -.«■. vers) but as
rnig ' .-■.- -■■'
io the i
...,. •            ■',.;■ bo
tt J that 1      act   leciares    that
h        w il bin i ko veais
\\   ■. . ■      : ...!...:... in i anada,
-  a ■ h. _■   on lhe community,
person may   be deported.   How-
it 'id     that  to become    a
the comm mil) the people.
ted musl first be allowed to land,
acl   -,.;. in .._■ nt  persons  .ne
admitted,     oui it is said that
Domini I   al   hi alth  officer,
■ city, ti appointed lo pass
;. ■■
to I)-
Ott-a iva i" ■ 15.—The lepartment
-.: ■:.. le an I immerce received tola) ,. mplaint from the colonial of-
- arded them liuin
British Columbia, against the inllux
ol Kasl Indians.
The i oil ■•.'. : ol cu itoms at Vaneou-
vei  .:.:■ : mod the depart ■■.. ol  tl al ar-
Liv.il     ■ .   ;..'.■  ;.-.:..:.■ i-l   :.;■-■
St. John's, NIUL, (.
ton desj atches received bere st
ihal thc British and American governments have arranged a modus
Vivendi ro*gulatii i hen ing fishing in
Ihese waters ai I giving what are as-
sumtd to be ihe correct terras of tho
agreement, evoke hittkr criticism on
uie part of ihe press and public.
It was reported that the ministry,
following lhe rceenl example of tim
national cabinet, .n'enl-i to re ign as
a   pruto; against    the     temporary
li 'le  United Slates by
:. hei ring fl bermen se-
conlrary to Uw laws
ii Newfoundland, though the report
lacks definite confirmation Both tte
ministers and assemblymen hfscussed
the most effective metlif-d of expressing the sentiment of hostiHt) toward thc Americans.
It is declared here that ihe Imperial governmenl championed the col-
uny's cause though the eorroapoudonoo
leading up to the modus Vivendi, but
abandoned its position when it came
in giving practical effect to Uie colony s mi' ntions.
vhieh Am
jure prlv in
London, Oct '' -!■ '•,:■■ ■■■■ - - b*ad
d the Newfoundland newspapers,
wl ost o] in j. 11. lhe mod is vlvendl
have li vi     .     \t me ol    the
■■■ ei ing papers here pronounce the
agn enn r.' as a i n ■ I led bargain11
liei'■'.- n In l*i lied States and ureat
Britain The latter, however, it is
pointi ■! ■, ade every effort
to -.-I ure ' n   nl to  an
equitable agreeiw nt. fin at Hti'am
wav iv,i.h ,, rnrtnig.it agu to Conclude Uie agreemenl tu signed, he-
I lev ing M to be the fairest, hul waited until the lasl moment for New-
loi'n'laiid to accept tthc statement
whieh was considered necessary in
order to prevent trouble on tine fishing grounds.
L, nloti, Oct. fl -The Pall Mall
Gazelle says Unit the modus vlvendl
concluded hei ween the Imperial government and Hie Cnlted Stales regarding the Newfoundland li-heries, is
one more sacrifice of a British colony
in the cause of Anglo-American goodwill and "uit.eli as wp value tho
cause, i- is painfully apt to work in
a one-sided fashion, with .ill the bci-l-
ness on one side, and all the sentiment on the other—and mean enough
sentiment, too, seeing Hat it is indulged in at thc expense of a weak
rtiitd party, whom wc are professing
lo protect."
The CHobe '■ays* thai hardly a pre-
tence is made of mutual concessions,
and that ihe oldest British dependency is treated with absolute contempt in a mailer ul vital moment t^
its chief Industry. TIIK   CRANBROOK   I1KKAI.O
iiniimiiiimuiH-l; gSBiHaaffl m »*■■■•
..... ^./..,.,'f....   iirmr   - •■'' '"'"'"'• in ll»> name,
OLD COUNTRY NEWS I i    ■ -^ ■
INTERES-raO ITEMS.     | Ma4i|,   ,.„, „,.— ., ,,„,,,
I I Cranbrook   Foun-fl
t'l;- 51 ' ST   LotMl
Cranbrouk. H. C.
Meets every Tuesday .it B p. m. at,
New  FiAli'iiiily  Hall.
T. M. Roberts, K 11.A.S.
.1, A. Arnold, .'..'.
Visiting   brethren   cordially Invited I
to attend.
1.II.II.P. key lil. Lod|«
No. 12. Meets every
Monday night a.
New Fraternity Hall. Sojourning Oddfellows cordially invited.
Mmi, iii II     I'hlrd Deere.
K. 11. McKay, W, T. Haynes,
N. O. Sec'y,
             tuir         1    •             CL           i  -.|,K;«jar.,»i«"'<<r»':»:«.»I» «,«:•>.' -     i-aiiSlH     lol   Iiiu purposes
„.,. \„ .,.,      tMachine  bhopl"1""' ■•   '«<
PYTH1AS|$ T     """•-   '"'     "      l'1"-'    ""'"""."'   1 c il'o.uwall) lislwrmau   ..,.lii,„
McKinnon & Johnston
lranl)ri„iii,l.,iilRe, Nn. J,
A. P. 4 .. «.
Regular meeting" on
Hie third Thursday
ol every  mouth.
dry and
:i: 1
... w
.1. a
Wi- nro prepared  b>
.1., nil kinds of repair work lii-iivy nml
light, in.-iki' castiiio*,,
turn shafts. i't,-.
Scientific    Horseshoeing   a ]
Visiting oreti. en welcomed.
S.   li    11.,skins,  Sec'y.
M. A. Heale, W. M.
Cranbrooli Aerie 967
Meet every Wednesday evening   al
s pill   in 11. ol 1.   Im li.ill.
Hr. f v lli li Aerie I'll) Ician.
I'. I)  llox 28.
C.  Ross Tato, W.P.
.1. Urcckin, Secretary.
Visiting brethren eoidially Invited.
Meet nl ll. ,,l L. F. Ilall 2ml   and
•lib Saturday each month.
Visiling brethren always wei,-,une
T. Boyter, .las. lv Larrlgau,
W. M. Sec'y.
Barrister, Solicilor, Etc.
Barrisiers, Solicitors, Lie.
Hazell Bind. Cranbrouk
St*****.****************** 1
C, H, DUNBAR        .
Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary    *
Public. Etc. »
3   Cranhrook,     -     -    B. C.    ,•»
Livery  S
Teams mnl driven furnished for mi
polnl in tile tlistriet,
A. DOVLB, Manager
Receives both ladles  and gentlemen
.1, It-: nl.-nt nl as dav .stud.'tits, lias
a complete commercial ui business
com ie. Prepares students tn gain
Teachers' Certificates ot all grades.
(lives ilu- fnur vears' course lor Uiu
li.A, degree, and the liist year nt the
school    of scit ihv   course, in aililu-
lion wllh T nln univei nv.   Has nl
special  "Prospectors'    Course"    furl
linnets who work in B. C.
Instruction  is given in ml,  mnsi
physical culture and elocution.
Term opens September  Utb, inn
For calendar, eli-., nddress "Collll
hia College, New Westminster, B.C.
1 A carman named Krank Cook, bathing ui ihe Mound p md, nn Claplum
i-omii  swam againsl the den I bodj
1 ut  ,1   111..11 —lal, r     idcnlilli d .1-. a   Wa\
' whi il, paintei named fane.
'i'l - Unci ii an ci ti ul al Ti i ste ha -
1 ---ii, d a wai i.n:., tu tourists lhat thu
Monti ii,-.'i m govern nl  lui
.-.I jit, 11. in ■ :..i: .',.11:1:1 \ 11.nn currying llli'.i: Hi   ui  ■ ■■ i -■■
l-'u'ir    l.iilj      11,1 v- mn 11 le 1     ni    '
Church Mi isiou.il v      >lj  .,. .1     1 n
men nn , tj n u 1.-, Irom tbe Wc leyau
Foreign Mi iiuii commit Uh* sailed
it' !,i   l.lvi i[itm nil)     fni   vu-si
Alt ic,1.
V.uiu, mill v.. lm. iin >u commltteo
li.u,- directed tin- heat! leai tern in tho
public schools in w, 1 di .in 1 un.1 ire
ilu- 1 Inl.Inn ni certain slntiilartl ., id
also to repot 1 nn iheii eyesight.
A haskt t , ] second-crop gaosober-
1 les, [ileki I in VI id Sussex, was leeched recciith bj a West Kn.i friiltoi
er. Tho Unu was ol gUOtl m/e aud
llavur, and was ul tbe curl} solphui
A woman visited BaHcrsen mortuary and identified a body lying Un re
as iliai nl her huslmud, Soon atti 1
wards she sent around word in the
coroner's olllce tbat lier husband wus
111 custody.
h ■  boats thai  have been on    the :i., iwenij minutes ftltei
rivers ami broads ut Sur folk this sea    wards iu Uitow it into the sea.    To
sun  annlers have Uol iiad such   good   ■*« ^urpiibu tho jaws opened, and tlie
. lishs sharp uvili closed un lus luie-
~!'"n as Lsua|- llliifger, battlj lacerating it.    The Ilsh-
■ ■; in.in : .1 i uuv. Lo eari'i bis oi tu in a
"Halt the   time ol    Ox circuit   is
lu ■  in Uie lalk ,.; advocates,     ll   I
1  trie) u   wu siuli be slti tug
un Suuda),     -.inl iu Ige li.ui-> liainil-
. •.i.uid.iy   al   Ula" i 1  UOUUl)
1 uui;   :,i .1 Kolieitm   whu liad uontin-
.   .    . .-,,... 1   ;. in     ■, , .   ilod    ,,.
1 .ui evidence.
I l.ni)   Mei ry, .1 groi et ■ ■' isi .Unl,
■ 1 Coal*. Ub . in -ii A' li-), was
. . -i  ,  . 'till)    to     two     in,,mi>    ■ 1 il
lubui t,.i rubbing his employer.   Mi 1
ry, vi i ■- uutli tl tu    I' ram a, 1 om
Ij ul lhu Vu tioii pt 1101 ,
vh , b< alh*| wl, In- wu treated like
u dug loi   ■■■ days,
A ghi) it vviii' Ii 1. i..nil ol children
ha-. 11 1.. sat.1, taken poi ■>■ dun ut a
Iai in in ilie I'otchel itroom districl .>i
;..r 1 ransviuil. li thruwa about Ll-
it.iiiitiiu, il.n.1 - .m.l pinches the
adult member*' cl lhe family aid
visitors, un l ti i ;hii ns Uio animals,
Imt 11 uev 11 mules I'S ile children.
Asked whi Un 1 he was musical, a
candidate i,,i th.- mastership ut Lho
South Molton,  Devon,  workhouse ro-
plii il ll .it li,- collld lead Uie suiLji..;
in ihe workln use chapel, and bhould
be pleased to lead Un- lessons .mil do
anj h ii; in Ihal way. li the Vicar
v,,;. i.l  he would lain- his place,   and
A   pi
ale:   at  Wale
nle  11
simp ni.
has    born
i buys luu-
> rest ut
1 nun.
ed tne p.
Physicians and Surgeons.
OlTice at Residence, Armstrong Ave
Forenoons - - - - 9.IHO to   11
Alternooni - - ■ - 1.30 to 8.30
Evenings « - * - - 7.31) to 8.30
CRANBROOK ;:    :;    ::    :;    ti. C
I to 12 a.m.
1 Lo   tl p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Office aud residence on Armstrong ave
• to 13 a.m.
j to   1 p.m.
1 to   fi n.m.
Oflice tn new Ileid block
Repairing Promptly Done.
Footwear to Measure a Specially
Geo. R. I.eask & Co
Onr work if our ixlvortlsomont, Iml \n
pill tliU.ul in il„- ll,',,il,l,i,i
Near Lower trmstrong Avenue.
A. W. McVittie   \
Dominion and Provin- t
cial   Land  Surveyor, j
H. H. McVittie   j
General Agent 4
TIMER, MINES   and j
CRANBI'OK,    B.    C.   j
* 4
I will liavu my  winter supply
,,l' ('mil in ii r,'«- days, and  um
l'i'llilv lo  ink -ilns.      I   will
lianklio.-iil Hard Coal $8.73
Solt Coal S0.75
Lust winter !  wus nut  uf  I ',,;il
pari ,,l' li     This yi'iii'   I   pro-
|i,,s,' t,i keep 11 good  Bupply on
[mini, and will soil
Alter bciug closnl lor soinc lime,
i„- lln.ipl.ulcl, .,1 Uovcr, ,1 well
iiown olil coacliiug llu.tsu, i> at in,-
,-ut unilergoing t tie uuecssarj altera
i,,,,:. 1,1 converl il Intu a utitilic in-
uits1 school Ioi Hir- Pier district.
In consequence ul disagreement be
ween liie rcului >>i u,-si llorsley,
linn'., uiul mail) ol his earisl'ioners
,, I'niuiliir ol lhe lallei have decided
lo hold .1 harvest rhanlisgiiing servile
.,1 in,- I,,inl putilic house.
Uoalmcn at Aldehiirgh, ii, Sufiulk,
are uiaking some line hauls ol salmon
ir,jiii hy nii'iiiis ai drawing-nets along
Lhu sli,,re, as lii.in. .is .1 score being
iiii.i'n in uue night. Uue weighiu
11^' pounds, anu others dawn iu a
(Ileal numbers of swallows ure no.,
migrating across lhe Channel. A
sirismg .M-^lit was wiluesse.1 .,i Uovei
one 111,, g recently, when hundreds
„i these bit .i.s were swaru.mg on
large huilulng, resting pr.oi  to   11
K.iinl cries proceeding imuh
,,11   tte tarni ol     Mr.    Ken
lain, 11..11. led i" the stack I
im'IIM-.'ss UK uiu-:   pRoM BRITISH I'U.i Mm \   MiM.; rx-
The Au.11 iniiiil, .Monlaua, Standard
• a recall dale has the lollowlng to
sa, ,,1 il„- Krao mine at Ainsworth,
It C., which was sold hy A 1>.
wiavl.-i 1.1 llut te people:
"Carl 11. Hand and Walter C,
Covis 1,'i,iin,,l yesterday Iron, a trip
to Ui,- Lia., ninn-. two and a ball
mil,-, ninn Ainsworth, H. C, bringing
.'a,a pounds ul silver-lead oro thai uill
i.n    il„-   product ,,1   the rich sllvoc
1 . 1,1 i!„ Cobalt d siiiet. in tl„-
sl,.,,,,- Messrs, Hand and Uwis
Icariied ,,f lhe Inan not lung agu, Ils
-., .,,!.,nil showing lm.mg tiei'u piacod
before Ilieui   iu such   glowing terms
lll.ll llll'l tlr.'i,li'd lu Visit ll and I'll.'
II ,; Mi, l lii,,-,l II „l lolllld il to be as
■ 1 riviltg  i,l    Auiswuilli     ll„-\
prui., led 1,,  il,.- property ami lound
\   11  IVheeler, ihe owner, working il
u,   vthcelc]. wis, is a 1 1 man  and
aiong 11, ...ns, was willing
1,,      11 Ur   property,   lie said, ami
placed   ii|  a    valuo ol HUli.UUl),
iiuiwllhsluiiiling iin-   tail  iimi     I1"'
Inn un ,1 Is iiiii leel deep aial llw
levels ami r.lher openings aggregate
onlj aboui luu i,-,-i moro. Messis
1 i.a, 1 ind Lewis examined lira nunc
ciirelldl)  ami ton nil thai mil.  half   ol
IK   W,,l, -lllllll    sli,lies   ,.t      ll.ll   sllvi-l
lead   k.,,1 1 1 sei Iorth   lu Ihem
i\ lhe ,,,,,- win, interested ilii-tn in il
I'he) lound a wide vein literally  lull
ol 11,,- rich 111,'t.il in III.' ll.ll ...111 ,,t llll'
shall, and ill .1 dull  Was aliutlif! vein
llllll   nu,,' 1,-,'t   Mule.
" \ ilml mr Hn- purchase nf Ihe
propert) was rinsed without delay,
lhe bond being laken iu ilu- name ul
Hi Lewis and a payment nl $i'J,.Illll
I,-,,,., 111.1,1,- un Uu- purchase price.
Tli, i, ."iim pounds of Uie ore—more sii
eel ,h.ui 1,„-l,—was gathered up, sacked .m.l hroiighl i„ lluiie. nm. how
ever, before .ismiis had been made ni
lie material iu diltcrenl pails uf llie
l lull.
uh Innocent ,,f crime, l'iivat
rtarber     pleaded   guilty    a
il stealing   can Iron. Franc!
"The ."an, pounds consist ot cliunks
eigli iu from ii.', lo I'm |„>in,ds,
liih arc practically lull ol sliver ami
...I   smaller   pieces Uial will assay
.,1,1  2,llllll   In   ii.IIIUI  and  li.11(1(1 ounces
■1  i.ui lii silver,    aial lino material
1 per eenl. silver. Tills aggrega-
oii is un exhibition in ihe office ol
ie    Xaiionnl    Mining & Investment
       impan)'    in I In mil t....    slleel und is
1,1 Francis  lhc greatest in lhe lino lhat has evei
In*, s cur- been seen in iliis   cily.       Tho silver
,1,-siie to I appears in all    shapes and forms evil    linla e.-|'i     ilia    actual   coin itself—wire,
hanged lus, moss, llak,-, ruliv ami everything dow
\.*4ry.*> JL
1' ■, *ft'' "W*   1
•~f llsvH^,'
•Iiiii? ■_,
Founders in Canada of
Hand Tailored Garments, completely finished.
Fall Weight
Serge Suits.
Yon know what attractive summer
suits Fit-Reform Serges are.
We luui :i special lot of verv fine
English Serge made up in Lil! weights,
Can't imagine what stunning Suits
these are, until you see yourself in one.
Both black and blue—and, of
course, the colors are guaranteed
ns well as style, lit and tailoring.
? 1S. an.i -A20. °
n,mi.     lie was discharged.
Michael llmich, ., had case ol disor-
,1,-rlv conduct, whn was asked at the
N'oril. London police court whul he
had to say for himsell, pointed to tl ■
nniipnn.nn wh.. arrested llllll, and ri
treated     ...
said tho ma,',
is things
t meal."
Eitipross of Britain   .     Oct. Will
Luke Chunipluin  Oct. &7tli
K.upress of Iri'liiinl    Nov. 2nd
Lake   Krie        Nov. lUtll
First I'aliin. i?'i."i und upwards,
according to steiuner; one class
simmers (intorinediatej, $12.50;
Second Cabin, 8-15 ami upwurds;
Third Cluss, $2(1.50 and $28.75.
Apply ul onee for our il lustra liil
Booklet doacriptivB of our superior
Third Class accommodation.
Luke Mioln'Rnn        Oct, ITili
Third Class only, 1211.60
.Montrose   . Oct, Jlili
Carrying Second Clnssonly, l-IO.OU
Special Limited Train
p6    HOURS
OCT. lntli und NOV.  12th
For detailed it.formation nud
berth reservations for train or
boats, apply to loeal agent, or write
D.P. A„ A. Cl. P. A.,
Kred Qrlmwood, a Colchester Blue-
runt School buy, uvelve years old,
was prcsenled reeenll)' b) Uie Alayui
ol Colchester with ilie' Koyal llu
10.11.-- Society's certillcate and a
su.ereigu tor ins gallant.) 111 saving
two Inne chlldreu irom drowning 11
lla, I'nllie river.
Iii a ease heard al Uuiiisborough 11
was stated thai ,1 laboroi was engag
cd I,, worn un a (iawihorpu iuiui   (li
l,,i> barrel ol beei al harvest, lid pel
couple Iur ibe poultrj ho reared, and
Id pel suae nn ins eggs.
A tramp giving llie name ,,i Wil
Ham Hook, alter setting lire to a
hayrick, value £1311 (which was totally destroyed), the propert) ol    I I
tiuiuli.i..,, ai Beacunslield, nut uui)
raised un alarm, hut aUerwards went
in iin- police slat-ion ami gave liimsell
The mayor ul llornsey has opcnei
Uie new hospital buildings, buill     lu
11, ivoodgreen council at Korlis
(lreen. Tin- buildings ii.iu- been designed willii-.iil an) inlerior corners
or ledges. Everything lias been
rounded nil. so thai Ihere is 11,, placi
I,,1  disease germs In lodge.
nitli named   Austin, cm
al b) lho Urigg inagisli
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made'new.   All kind),
of repairing,   (live me a call.
lining coliulerleli coins, wild il>,,i lie
first-got   ill,'  a',a   Hi -in uld  Illaga.'.llii'
dusciTning ile work of bogus emu
makers. '
A boy named Busby, ol Wycombe
(Bucks), while playing   wilh a   th1'"'
inch Iml im, ,1 1 ing 11 inlu In-.
in,,,iil, ii, nnii.ii,, .nicking 11 clgai
ill,-. 1,-1 ,1 .In, down Ins llini.il bend
lii-i The parenl - -,„i liu n doclor,
and il, - pin was remuvi-d wilhoul 111
iurj  to iii' boy
"How    lung   liaie .,,u   luui    Uui
watch'; '   asked    William    v. Is al
Towel  Bridge police eourl  ol a man
Ing his watch. "Thirtj Iwo years,'
was ilu- reply.     "Then I think 11 ,
  I 01 someoi Ise had il,"    10-
lorled Woods; "you have had il long
, n nigh."
The lollowlng noliee has been postal
un nn Hi,- shore al I.vine Regis: 'll
is earnestly requested llial dig
owners will exercise control In lire
eenl ihen dogs continued harking on
lliis pleasnnl .linn-, lo lira ruin uf tho
quiet aial i-iiii-l discnmlorl nf Ihose
who nie hero for health, pence nud
The Mauritania, which shares with
ler sister ship the distinction of lieing the world's largest ship, Jier tonnage lieing :i.'-S.-i. 1... wus launched on
Thursdav al Wallsend-on-Tyne. On
lh,- same dav lhe new White Slar
liner Adrollic, n">.umi ions, and the
cruiser .Sbnnnon, Iii,:5."i0 tuns, entered
the waler.
■■line ui  III,' I
is lu drink   ten
Mii,I l'i. Drought at .,11 Inqu 'si ai
Hackney. "Tea checks lhe flow ,,l
•astric uiili- which is necessary     1,1
digestion,     Watei  wnh  Is, or, ,1
one has the wickedness lo drink ii.
beer, is far better than lea. Tea is
all very well as relrcshmcnt between
in tin- Holland division uf Lincolnshire, ilu- milestones ate being
:,run.Jit inlo ;i slale ui truthfulness
ami r.'-lelti'i.il. One nu lhe ehufeh-
i.inl wall ni llolhneh, which a meiu-
lei ol ile-    , ny cuuncil told     the
',,;iis ami bridges conimltlcc conhain-
.1 -ix llisltuel lies, is nul In la- al-
tered—perhaps because it cstaWishos
.1 recurd.
Wlien tie Modllorranean (leet wa
nin- Flume recently an Austrian
,,-prdo hoal sleam.sl alongside the
nl's flagship and returned a
.....lu whieh had lain picked np by
h'liiien 1.11 the shore .a Paolo
i-somc. H was lu.l liy lhe des-
uyer Albatross is monUis belore,
any miles Irom the plaee where it
is found.
Since llie liner war the number of
mui discharged from Woolwich Arsenal has been hi 1 ween 8,(100 and 7.unu
anil mil lli.llllll or 11,0(111, us has been
staled. 'I'he slateiiii'iit is made locally ili.ii a contractor was permitted to
witness ei-i tain work in llie Arsenal
.,n,I ih.- knnwledgc thus obtained as-
-isit-.l him in securing a contract.
At ihe cily summons court, in giving evidence againsl u custer wlm was
find [nr obstruction, police constnbi
Kemp said:
"A i.m .nel liis barrow wero stun.lim
ruining uui trallie proceeding west,
Kor   fnur minutes   he was stnnding
While   I  walked    up   frum   Ludgate
An nltPiidanl al llie new open-air
hnih uu Tooling common wns lined
Ids ii-ci-uilv tnr assaulting a non-
balher win, lelused lo :n outside llie
gale. Th.- .lelendanl said lhat, niim-
r.iiu. cnmiilainli i ai ing been rccolvod
,1 ha Huts' wal.-l.es .ml money having
 'li   -inlen fnen  ilnii  clollles,     the
alleiiilnnl   lin.l   ill-let orders iml,    lu
iiilliili imn-liitlhcis.
11 .1 111'
,1.1,>  ,
a Uu
• Rye Board ol
w.,s decided   ',,
.-...it iii,t,<
. ,, in.ni
mi d 1
nil all
.lllll III
.1  -iiuii
ml .:n
1   a
ll   li
.,■' ,,f :is i, week
Uv, ami was su
ing his occupa-
n wilh an alli-
■iai  Iin,'.,.
,   leg   will    ensl.
I.V whul,
1,1  in  Hi
ll -.1
lhe r
,, yeai
s    If
ler-. would ev-
Ulll relief     wus
T(» oi'i'iisK kiim.him;.
lliilii.iv, ()it.    l3.-l)r.  K.   C. Wcl-
ililll, 'i.-;in uf l)illlliilts;r law si'llmil, null
I'.iiiiii'i' M.  IV im- Allit-rt, N.  II., lias
Iliu I,(Uiiiiiiii.'.I    liv  Slirlliii; nr l,hl tii's
I'niiM'rvaliVfs tu njijiose Umi. \V. S.
PiHfllitg in Uu; Iim- I'lir'ii.n tm Octo-
In-r 31.
Tnke nnlire Uml sixtv days after
ilale I Intend In apply to lho Oliief
Commissionei of Lnnds an<l Works fnr
ppimlssioii io iiurcliase the following
described lamls in Souiii Mast Koote-
Commencing at a post plantod at
llie north-east corner of lot 325,
Ri'oiip 1, thence enst eighty chains,
tlionco north forty chains, llience west
eighty chains, tlience south forty
cliains lo    place of   beginning, hclng
  I lut numbered 7319, group  1,   Koote-
Ine following notice was poslwl  on   nay district, containing 310.20 acres,
lie ilnor   nf ii bouse in     Long wood, I     ' Ellen A. Darling.
intl.sbiii', by the    outgoing tenant:      Daled this    lOUi   -day ol October,
'Cau-Uoii.—Tonant   leaving    ou    ac-   lflOOj 29-0t
ll.e line.
"Mr, ll.,ml took some samples from
a depth of 'in feci and bad Ihem as-
saved, witb the result llial they averaged i'l.lu ounces in silver per ton
uiul 21.fill lead. Two samples returned in.in- than 1,0011 unices of silver
mi I 10 ;..'i cell I ■ lead and IR7 ounces
silver and 10.20 lead respectively.
Tins was only common ore. One
tb-iiik weighing "i'1 pounds is more
ihan two thirds silver, while another
sliil heavier, need.-, only the application of a government dye lo make It
a i. in besides whuh i( stiver dollar
would be like a Chinese penny.
"ll Is tin' intention cl the owners
te organize a company at once, sink
b- shaft 200 feet deeper ami open tip
lhe veins. The property is only 15
miles north ol Kaslo, and is so near
Kooteuay lake tlul the ore can bo
shipped lo tlie smeller in Nelson wilhoul much     trouble and at little    ex-
"Messrs. Hanil and Lewis are greatly elated over their purchase, and
consider it the best tiling in lbe way
(,f a silver-lead property tbey havo
ever seen or beard of, Cobalt not
"W. K. Zwicky, formerly of Butte
and one of the best mining men in the
country, who is now managing the
property of thc RninMer-Carlttoo
company in thai district, will have
charge of operations at bhe Krao
mine, acting as consulting engineer.
"Mr. Maud sins a tunnel can be
driven Into ibf properly and the veins
lapped at a depth of MOO foot, hut
nothing in this line will be attempted at present. He says also that
the Krao was located before the present inlying laws of Hrilish Colurabh
became effective, and tbe proposed
company wiH tterefore have lbe bent-
tit uf extra lateral rights."
Hotel s S
fluents Comforl a Specialty
Uood Stabling in Connection
Neu'ettt to railroad ami depot.    Haa ftccomutodn.
lions for Uie public unequalled iu Cranbrook.
Mut and Cold Balhs
Hoggarth & Rollins J
 Prnnrit't... ^ >
W, Whyte, vice-president of lhe ('.
IV It. in n recent interview at Winnipeg, said:
"A great deal of coal consumed tor
domestic purposes in the west has
come from Lethbridge mines. As
ibe pitljllc aro aware, the mines there
have been clnse.l since Ibe 8!h of
March, due tn labor (roubles.
"Tbis mine bas been iu Ihe habit nf
shipping coal throughout uho summer
season, storing il up in every inch ol
available space, and wo arranged this
as far as our Influence could gn, si
(here would be a supply in plenty fot
the winler season, and iu order thai
llieie should be sulUcknt to store to
enable us to withdraw part of our
eniiipmenl from llial service for the
wheal movement Ihis year.
"This year the shipments have been
small, aiid this stocking up did nol
inm ml ai Uu' same time, su llut tbe
company, dining the initial stages   of
Hi,'  vemeiit nf lhe crop, had      In
divert cars lo take care of cool requirements, io endeavor to placo tlio
public, as far as il lay in our power,
in llie sniue position iis tbis time lasl
V'.ii, wiih lespecl In llmir domestic
fuel supply, as I have personally concluded ihiil  lbe comforl of tbe people
was nf   in  Importance   Iban     ibo
mere adding In lbe tptatitily of wlcat
llial   we could gel   |.o  lbe lake   flolll,
as compared wilh similar dale lust
"In the band I Ing of this fuel supply we liave always figured on equipping out flat cars', employed in lm-
provemenl service spoken of, wilh
sides iimi ends, 'but in Ibis also we
have been hampered, because we found
ii Impossible Ic. gel mills in thc wesl
in deliver lhe material to tis as fast
as we can put them into such service,
Ihe mills being overtaxed and so far
in arrears with lhe business on
For particulars call "P 'phone   No.
08 between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6
p.m., or   'phone     No. 60 alter olllce
hours,        All    orders   will   receive
prompt, attention. I
i'i C.  J. MANSFIELD.   '
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
»*»*»••?•••■ !|Mf*#SjFggggSSggjjSjj >
,i„^,|..|„t..t".t''|.i"|.',..i'.|. i,.i.,i, i,.i,|.,|l.ill|.^-i.,i.lt„i'i..|"i..i.,i.'i..i ■! 'i"i"t 'i~.-.-M~|.
The Cosmopolitan 1
Manitoba Hotel
Headquarters for
The Manitoba Is centrally located and has ono of tho best dliilngn
iu llie city.   Tbe bur iti supplied with the bent of Liquors and Ci
The place where a
man will return after
stopping once.
t ' Z.
 "-W-M-M-I-I -M-I


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