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Cranbrook Herald Jun 21, 1906

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'•- -in,' -">t
OBANBBOOK,   llltlTISH  COLUMBIA,  THURSDAY,  .ll'NI-:  91,   1900
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
11. li WALKER, ...ii..,..i M got Al i-.x. LAIRD, Aul, Oral M.n.,«
A gen,ral Ranting bu.inr.. tr_l.ll.Ud,   Aee0UI.ll may I.r op.n.d and fiontl-ct.4 iv
in.ll »llli ill Iiuii, I.m ol Hit. Hank.
Depoalta ... *l ami upward* received, nn.l Interest uiloweil al
CU.-.-U..I totes,   lhc Uuptwltur Im H.ib|c«sl tu uu delay what.
eve-  ti.   Il.c  .. illtili-.tui.l  til  (nc   whole  or  any
portion ..1 .he Jepoill
Cranhrook Branch,     -      P. C. MALI'AS, Manager
£ *
5 Capital I'ai I Up S.I.'HIII.IHIII.IIII   Reserved hind $3,400,(100.00 If
; HEAD OFFICE   -   -   TORONTO, ONT.             1
§ I). K. Wilkie. President, lion. R. Jalfray, Vice-President I
j *
* llraiitt.es in Provinces of British Colmnhiii, Alberla, Sas  •
* kalchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec 1
9 *
4 Interest allowed on Savings accounts FROM  DATE OF DE- £
£ PJSI I' at tiigluit current rate, anj compounded lull yearly.   J
1 J. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.      I
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lut .18 Imvn ii look nt il, .insi ti short lime at u few cunts
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Ollli-lal Waiuli Inspector, lur C.l'.R. Orowa Neat Pass DiviHion
lln* long toolnd (nr and much
talked . i lacrosse niaU'ii bvtwwn
I.riliiiinini* and Cranbrook look pl*w
in   lli<*    Cttftbrooll     Allilfhr   [TOWUtl
iu-i Monday iiitfimn»ii, June 1Mb
botora Um largest crowd ol W_tt>
t-a-tora wbtofa ovei toned out U
Craiibrook to mt a ItonnM match
Tin* iun olubfl ar** old rivals am'
;is tlif teams wi-ii* report*! to i»
..-iv i'vi*iiiy matched, almost ewry-
ih.iIv oxpeoted u> we a hot and oloj
,. Mm- li was hoi enough but Loth
iMiiii'i- certainly will have to Import
-f.i-ui nt'w men to play a olose game
with Cranbrook,
Ten ni lasi yi-ai's cbamplonfl were
mi iiu* ooal town lineup, ami Ute two
t.fw imn held tbelr own with the
rest of their team males, but they
tlul noi appear to be able to star]
;L combination Uiat Cranbrook oould
nui iirai. Willi tin* exception ol the
insi quarter ami tor a few minutes
in the iliinl. the game was very onesided, Cranbrook brins quite willing
to let Uol nin Wge play the old game
which never wins—take ilu* man and
never mind Uie ball. Io the third
quarter Lytlibrhlge tried the Indian
game and this resulted iu their lone
On tlw Cranbrook line-up were
several changes (rom the team which
played on Mav 24th. J. Miller,
Irom the C. I*. It. station, was in
Uu- nets, and although there was not
much demand for his services, lie had
a chance to stop some hot ones, and
look It. l'ortfi.us, who played with
lethbridge against Tabor on the 21th
of May, was on the defense field.
Matthews, who played goal three
quarters of the first" match, was at
Inside home, and Sandy Cowan was
on the home field. These changes
greatly strengthened the team, hard
practice hnd worked up a fast aod
sure combination, and the result was
that Cranhrook has the fastest aggregation of lacrosse players to be
fnfiiil between Winnipeg and the
It. .1. Black, nf Feinie, was the
referee, and both teams unite In saying 1 hiil his decisions were fair and
impartial. He probably allowed the
[Mayers a trifle loo much latitude,
bm, as in- remarked himsell to a
player who was kicking almut rough
play, "Lacrosse is no ladies game."
Cranbrook scored in one and a
quarter minutes after the draw. IV-
Heck lining the trick on a preltj
smooth pass from Jameson, Then-
was a lot of goixl fast lacrosse pl.ty-
ed by both teams all through this
qua iter, with Cranbrook having
slightly the best of it. Near the
end uf the quarter Williamson secured the ball in eenlerrtetd, and passed
to Cowan. Sandy ran in on lhe
nets anil passed io I'atlon. who
scored. Time, lfi] minutes. After
t-he draw Lethbridge made a fierce
attack on the Cranbrook goal
Staples got thv ball ont of a scrimmage, r.in down the side, passes! to
DeBeck, he passed to Matthews and
Billy slammed the rubber through.
Time, ik minutes. There was no
mure scoring in this quarter, aud
I.eibbridge were apparently played
oil  their leet  at  the end.
Tbe second quarter was Cranbrook
all the way, and it was where the
fireworks rea'ly began. Four goals
wero scored by the blue and white,
and all of them were scored by beau-
t if nl combination play, lVBeck
scored the first on a pass from
Mai thews Time, 12 minutes. For
the second goal the Cranbrook home
.hew Lothbndge defense out and the
ball passed from DeBeck to Patton
into the nets. Time, JR. minutes.
One minute after Cowan got in a
pretty run. passed to DeBeck, and
while lbe read and white defence were
cheiking DeBeck, Miller scored. For
the last goat ol the period it took
the ball nne and three quarter minutes in travel all around Hit Cranbrook home, and Cowan put it where
it belonged on a pass from Matin llie third quarter lethbridge
changed their line-up somewtiat in a
desperate effort to score, but it was
n i list-. Towards the end of the
quartet tiiey succeeded in notching up
iln-n lone score, but that was all.
Crnnbrook scored three goals in this
quarter. The firsl was scored by
Mul thews on a pass from Miller.
Time, l>4 minutes. The second by
'i.wati. pass hv Millet, in 6j mimics Cowan repeated the dose in ime
iiniiie nn n pass by Jameson. Jusl
efoie Ihe quarter ended Itipley made
long throw in an endeavor to have
In* play slutted to Cranbrook terri-
oiy (low secured the ball, passed
o Stewart, nnd Doc, scored amid
remendoua applause, Tltno. -I.1. minutes.
Three quarters of a minute after
the (Ii,iw in lbe fourth quarter I'at
lon passed lo DeBeck, and Warren
scored on a long and last shot.
Aflei n rjerimmage around tlie Lelh-
hridge goal Miller secured the ball
(rom Barney Scott, passed to Fallon
for another goal. Time, lij minutes. Jameson scored the last goal
on a pass Irom Cowan. Time, fi
For KelhtirWge defense Barney
Scolt and Ritchie worked hard, and
fin the home Mollis ami Skeith, appeared to be in better shape than
lheir brothers. On tbe Cranbrook
line-up no individuals .can lie picked
out for their superior playing. They
played together as a train, a"d no
Individual playing was attempted.
Combination, and head work makes
lacrosse one of the most exciting and
pleasant games to watch, there seldom being an "scrapping" or dirty
playing, while a couple of individual
players can catch a place on a team
anil make a lacrosse ground 'look like
a battlefield. Monday's game was
remarkably free from dirty nlay
Tliere was plenty ol bard checking,
but it was lair and clean, and almost all of tbe good natured kind.
The line-up:
Cranbrook—Oral, J. Miller, point,
McLean; cover   point, Matheson; 1st
defence. Staples, 2nd defence, Poi
leous; :iid defence, Williamson; "i
iei Jameson. ;.ni home, Cowan; _tn
borne, W. MHler; 1st home, DeBeol
,(inside home, Patton; lusWe boim
Lc-t bin idm—(mai,   Fraser;     polnl
Olarke;     covei      point,   B.   Scot.
1st       dil'liee. KlUhie -Ii.i 1
tenon, ODonael; Srd defence, itipi. >
center, A. Seoti; 3rd borne. Hot lii
8nd boms, Robson; 1st home, stew
art. nutsKle home, Ski-nb, imiili
boms, Oow.
Keleree-R    I   Black, ol FVrnfc
Scored by Tune
First Quarter,
Patton .   ...
. Matthews
Second Quarter.
Third Quartet
. Stewart	
Last Quarter.
Patton ......
.Jameson    .   .
i ;...,i
Moot imm.
"(live it   lo Freddy."
"Shut up."
"Show me lh.it man"
Unlucky thirteen CO
lethbridge are importing new men
They certainiiy neni  Iluiu.
Rvery man in the Cranlirook home
"Scotty" Williamson wore bis
big smile from Ihe sl,_ri ol tho game
to the finish.
One,     two, three, four,   live,    six,
seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve,
To ston the seining in the last
quarter the Lethbridge goal tender
donned his overcoat, Tliey will
probably petition the Lethbridge citi
council for permission to erect a high
board fence in front of their goal
when Cranbrook does down on July
In fie lasl quarter Joseph Ryan
Was sent to the fence for the resl of
tin* _mmc lot allowing Harney Scotl
tn clieck him  too heavily.
Lethbridge manawr said ufter lhe
(fame that the referee was fair lo
both teams, aHhotnjJ; he did nol
throw anv bouquets ai "is team.
Tbe only kick he had lo register
against him was in ordering Mat he-
son on the fence and then recnlllni.
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fTORPI*l*i3¥€V$,4f<t^ ti i tii 04\OW
Wihner Outcrop:—Many rumors
continue to reach here nf the progress
being made In the const ruction or
the Kootenay Central and out of th.
many the facts are gathered that th
work has been continued past tin
first ten mile section and ihat Chief
Engineer Black and his survey party
are cross-sectioning a considerable
distance ahead of tbe riglit-nf-way
force and it is understood has instructions to complete the survey to
SpiHamaehene. Contrary to some
reports none of the big outfits of
horses and implements have been
taken away bul are actively engaged
on construction.
It is believed Ihr good work will
not cease, anl il is pointed out that
clearing the right-of-way and filling
in many of the sloughs the line
crosses can be done to much bettei
advantage in the winter Uian in
summer. The Golden Slat is responsible for the following:
"Eleven miles ol lhc right-of-way
have already been oleared along the
line of the Koolenay Central railway
and preparations aie now being made
to establish new camps. It i.s understood work will not cease Imt will
Im* carried on continuously throughout the summer, while it is also said
that the winter's operations have
already been mapped out. However,
at the present time Ihen- docs not
appear to lie any abatement in ib,
progress of the work as men are
still pouring in from all points, while
a few are leaving periodically."
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»^»-»,»^.-».*^^»».»<»*»*»-*»»<»-»<3. <»-»<>.<r »o*».-»*»4- <•- -r;»"r vooooi
.he new course at Belmont park.
I'Tniu Ihal lime on Sysniiby went
through ihe racing season without
meeting a horse that could make lum
■xHiid himself, He was the most
anlliani performer ihe American lurl
ii.ul known in years.
The inli   was    sired by  the famous
Knglisli  stallion     Melton,   who     was
and lo the mare Optimo. Mr. Keeno
nought Uptime in foal for $4,2011.1
slu- was brought Lo this country and
taken to Mr. Kcenc's Caatlcton stud
(arm in Kentucky, where Sysouhy
was loalcd. In his two years of
racing Sysonby won more than $181,*
Uim in slakes.
The horse will be buried at Shceps-
licad Bay, but later iu lhe season!
will be disinterred and shipped Lo
Uaslluloi) stud farm an.l biinctl beside Mr. Kcenc's other famous Domino.
OWNER REPUSEB  llOll.fiflO    Foil
New York, June 17.—lames lt.
Kcenc's famous I year old coll
Sysonby, conceded lasl year to In-
the besl horse in training in Amer
ica. died to-day in his stall at thc
Sbeepshead Bay race track of blood
poisoning. The horse had lieen ill
for a long time with a skin-disease.
Mis ailment had necessitated his
withdrawal from all ihis year's big
stakes, including the Suburban and
Brighton handicaps, in all of which
he was the future book favorite
Sysonby's death to-day was sudden
and occurred, strangely enough, while
Mr. Keene w«s maklm* his dully
visit to the Sheepshead Bay stable.
Tlie hcrse dropped dead while Mr
Kecne stood be»idc him.
As a 2 year old Mr. Keene was offered and refused j;inn,000 for his
colt, whose onlv defeat In his racing
career was in Hie Futurity of 1004.
Sysonbv was tbe favorite for t-he
event, bnt was not in the best of
condition and was beaten at the fin-
ish by Artful and Tradition.
Sysonby made his first appearance
as a 3 year old in the Metropolitan
handicap of 1905, when he ran the
famous     dead heat with   Race over
Nakusp, June 14.—A most disastrous tire raged hero to-night. u
started at i> o'clock from a spark
in tiie sawmill ol the Yale-Columbia
Lumber company, totally destroying
UMilr plant and entire stock oi lumber iu the yards.
The entire water front was iu danger of being gutted for several hours,
many families moving all their household goods to places of safety, momentarily expecting the flames to extend to lheir dwellings.
The C. P. It. shipyard, which ad
joins ilu- mill, was also almost iu the
grasp of the dread flames. Fortunately, about i o'clock, the wind
changed its course and Willi lhc help
ol the pumps from ihe C. I'. It.
steamer Miuto, which was.gut under
-.team as quickly as possible, the lire
was confined within a certain area.
The lug t'olumbia later arrived and
is throwing a stream of water on
the fiercely raging piles.
The steamer Rossland has also
been hurriedly seal for to protect tbo
company's properly.
The C. ti. 11. has lost Ihiee box
ears and one Hat car, but saved sev*.
oral others.
The entire population is working
haul lo confine lho (lames to tlie nun
and made many fruitless efforts to
save some ol the lumber piles.
The mill bad a capacity ot ."iii.iiui,
feel a day and thc loss on the plain
is ab   199,000,     The raids     cun
tallied nearly Iwo million feci ul.
lumber. The whole is covered by insurance, but  tin- amount Is unknown.
Unless ihe wind changes ns course
during the nighl all out side property I
will lie saved.
The company's ofilces, stores, and
look b.mses aro Intact,
DotWCOil 50 and 00 men wero em-
ployed at the mills.
Stop anfc Zhinh
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help you oul r     LOOK AT 'I'M is ■
Cranhrook, U, C, June oth, 100-fl
Messrs. Arnold & Roberts,
(ientlemen, I beg to acknowledge receipt ol cheque
value of $260.00 in full settlement of my claim against the
Dominion of Canada (iuaiant-.'c and Accident Company, lor
sickness benefits. I would like to convey my appreciation
of tlte courtesy and promptness you and \ our company have
dealt with mu in this matter,
Yours  truly.   CLYDE HANAHAN
We have policies suitable fur nil, Give tie a call ami allow
ua to explain tin- conditions anil terms, We nre confident we
can show to vmir satisfaction tin- value of earning an
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slil.l   IIS
l'llit-1  ot  poliCO   lliuiili   li.is
in siiggcsl ili.<iii!'li our columns in
the merchant, mul slorckccpers of lire
i*ny. tho advisability nl seolng that
back ilmirs nf HiiMi* premises an-
linKiil while the cln-us procession Is
011 ibe slreets next Mcnilay, ns ii is
mi occasions of this nature, when tlm
attention of tbo people is naturally!
illvertcd to the front streets, thai
ihe hack iliior sneak i-hii-f gels in his!
Cottage for sale in Lethbridge, new,
wiihin five minutes walk ol staiinii,
close to business street, only $1,000
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donBiiHol Indies saying every tiny tollieir friends, " Why .l.m'i ymig" lo
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Tin-    following     [li.ill       Illi   Ton.nt-.
Olobe contains >otu<    olid ad\ ice an 1
is characteristic    >.i the man     who
1111.-1 eil it. .uiil,  in .1   w
, ib.- lorcsoc-lttg gi nins «tii< h lia
'nl t.i make lire .1 coiiimeri    I   ucei
for .1. J. Mill.
In the course ol a practical speech
before the Canadian Club Saturday
afternoon al Ottawa .Lum'*- J, llill
gave ;i strong cndorsal ion ol the
Georgian Bay canal.
Unl;..ut any attempt .11  lorj 1 1
picturesque language, the Ureal
Nor them's preside nl kepi hi - In .1 1
on ih*' alei: to catch everj Word.
His fullness .,[ knowledge, hi tei e
epigrammatic st) le nn i tlie sincei \
ol lus manner—but above .ill. hiS
breadth ol view—worked .1- .1 charm
In listening 10 In- vvouls, iIiomj pre
sent fell ihal I..- had in hi ■ mind'
eye lhc whole ol lhc North American
continent, choosing here and there
the   tl. tails he    desired Ioi  Ulu lia
I jii.ii being im iml 1. il lo Ihe gath
cring, whicb was une m the largest
m the club's lnst.il>, Mr. lllll w.is
given a Qaljering reception. The
applause w.is .,s 1 n illusion I le .is n was
sincere, and \li Mill's lii -t scntciu
ivas to express bis pleasure al  ll,
"1 wns Imi 11 in (.in.ul.1," li,- wi nl
mi, "an,I 1 hope in go l-hrough tin
l.'U years I lu.,- dim me, bj grace,
in the luture, as 1 have In tho pasi,
without pulling .my Idol upon this
1,ui country ul Canada. I will s.i>
thai u ivl-ll he nn > years uexl Jut)
thai I lirst wenl lo the Northwest,
Al tlmt Uuu- Canada had no Northwest, and young Canadians mul tu go
to other fields. Now you have ..I
most all the room there is lefl. How
man) llmusamls-yes, million -..1
Canadians have gone lu the Slat.
In some census figures the oth 1  day
I saw  thai   there were 200,1  Cam.
ilians in Massachusetts alone. Uui
urn bave in irust pmciicallj ..!. 1
laml that is lefl. S.-i tleuu;i: ii. tlu
States has extended from 1 hicago lu
the Pacific, anil thirteen greal stales:
have heen hnill  up.     During the pasl
II n years lhe volume of peopli  1
ilia, in has Increased
will be nu difficult)
"Don't I"' in tuo great .1 burn
settle men upon youi I.m.I. Se
your population, t Appla' »c.) \\
ever the sun shines population v.
.mt land is a mob, and Luui will
population ti a wilder
quality of the sni! is oi luss iinpu
ance than the man who lives on t
"Now let mo tell you: Keep
high, clean business integrity. Ki
up vour standard, and hohi your lu
for those wlm will make Ihe besl 1
.if it. British Columbia can suppi
a population of a million, bul >•
Canadian Norlhwesl can support
ihii 1..11 .,i  12    tn  1.'. mil)
W.i   ii    'i , r    V   ..I
i.r. been
) .   .,ii-
'i.1 expel inn 1 ll       leans
underfill i a pel -
il 0       -       ■   ■      *    . -
ivi          heal      wlul
Ku                 i nd,     whtel   ui, '■   tu    ilW
..:                      ii* bas
he. n     I'.., 1!.;.     lo speak
. .: , (    j    .
1 in,-       111*1 rutin ni.       called "thc
nvention -l. ti.
i . .                            Ore.     n Im
been l                       ... 1 n.i.1.' 1
Si:'tAA^Si$A j <*   P- BURNS & COMPANY      1
Wholesale anil Detail h-jj
_        MEAT      pi
—1__^  -imruAai-rc 0
iiii.iiii.*i,.,ii  i, i„. i„,i   „,„ jijj
•'-'  ■' crowd ol boys al an   allc.   53.
entrance,    ami     llii-v    mt,.  shoolini      **-,
Among iii. 11, w,,s ,i„ii„in   -a
,Hv. 'lln
Hum    I*,
and 1.
il can
...   *    . .,,1.,.:, IH'C,
Tt,,-  pn : i r.i j... 1  i    lati-ul ■       I. .11
issued   1       11  I!,.*  -.i.iiii I
iun    1.1
!':   ■      111      I..* II.   .1   .* • .i.i iun
II   1    .,!     II ll.i. ll l!'. IUII]
nd t-iiiliill)      I'..
l„-    ,     ,     .villi a    ii
lm *        * ...  .1 li  ■
Vl.lll    llllll .1    .Hul    IU   I       i. li I
tll.Ull    I ■  i,      in
Tin* li*l III
11 n 1 *,. 11      ul Muilcn
m iui  .1 lu- lllll
,    .    .  :     Lllll   l.l. |i|l,H|i, I ll.    ,'       III
.1 ii *    1 i.i*  mail. 1 ut i .1! nm
nl   a   I'm 1-')     lut.. in*,   lal   - .*. .,■■■■
. 1   .
1.   I .    ,.      ,...',..    ,,!    , -,,
.... I ul   Ua
lil.ll    I'Ulllll . ill     .11
iVilllUUl .. 11. I.-I,
ill e)i '■* iplc lele-
. tltlltclll
11     ly i no
■Vlsil      Lu    L'i     Lll.ii nu, ,im.
Uill   Illi    lllllll ,   1   .
111..ui    In    llu*    hi.-iii,-. It     iuii
_iui|ility  ilu*  l.isl.     1.1   Hi,. In .1111
ciiuri.iou.dy,     Mi,-  »,ii  ii,. aMc    to
i, IJ   lllll   ill. Ol   . illil   Ilil   provi-
011       illlil    lIU till    llill :   •:,    11..1 III
I* lm*"*       I In   1 ill    ill ml: Imiii tin
I-      ■■:..:■      1   irn I,*     Hie
.1    ';      iiiiiI say:
11 m  * ,.    . .     nt    in*   U.i,I.iiii,*"'
in        . .   '        .  . .   Uiat.  il.,..
 lne mil in.i
"      "     '.ni     I'l'vsical
:.. . 1    li    will liu . n   llm
1 * Iin   1   ;., ] m.i   Jl  Hi-  .inli  111
     It    UU    Ill'l    illspCC-
Tll.1l .-hi' liill call  tin' I111I1I11T   ninl
 prime i.m nt    bud.
Smith, Un* iiiiirt* boy.    Mi. straight
'I li.iit 1.llill gtVCO li'llllliy siillitil .,,|
inr, iiiiiI liir knowledge ll,,, 1 Juhimv
li.ul   l.illilt   111    Illi.   U.U sl.Ir   n,,,,!,.   \|,
sn.nj.H. inl vcrj liailly.
Allei itiini iun 11 uu*. .11 liis private
uiiiri*   Mr.   Strnightly ilriulril    ihai
.1,'litiiii  must  tn- uum aiiuilii-i iniinii
1 lm*.*     an.!   ilisctiargwl.       li
know  yi
.'ill   null"
.*.* Ui.* Ii.iliit ul
lllll   lliill'l   In*   i<
' lln
Ihnn 11 u> l'i null s, Ihoro    wo ill
111'    syine      touching  ul      L'HloWS  .ill.
people     ivnulil  In-' gelling a    lull'
"Noting lln* change in Ottawa   in
iluv.     I remcmlicreil Ihal
.inn I
V llll   I.u
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦< »♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
20.000 ACRES
ul llu* vi 1* pick ..I' liu' selected IiiiiiIii ill llu* Iioillltlllll   Kiiiiliiiiiv
t     Valley, Eust K iii.)', II. .'.. iixlo.uling (imn Ciiuid Hat lii
offered fnr lalo III I
I III lllll	
jx The Kootenay Valley is of Unsurpassed Fertility
_    . _     .-...-._    ,_.  ..    w .. mm. pm.aam   , cruiliy 2  2
** Matchless Climate and the Most Picturesque Situ-     4 +
♦ ♦ ation West of the Rocky Mountains. ♦♦
11 Tho InndB present every liialure ni iinil.il.i-Mi. including llm- 11
XX I'l'iml bunches, Iiriiahy Hats, in.n-li. prairie ninl inoiiilniv. Tin' :z
** l.ni. In* llnl-. iiiiii-h ninl inoildniv Inii-I- i-.ii.hIhI nf deep, hlllnll
ft loam 1 lhe bench laml Imiiin n -nn.lv liiutn, Hiileiidldly ttdiipicil
♦ ♦ Inr Irull culture.    Where Irrlgnllon i.iiii- lie nereiniiiy on lhu
♦ ♦ lienehes. water enn beluid front Iho 1 minim- b lloiviitg I	
♦ J the Bookies into tlto Kooteimy rivur.    Tin* hunl- are fullv mu*.
JI voyed and Home ol ilm I.m Imn. I  mih-dlvldcd Inlo liuiced
Z* lanne of about su m* eli.
** Tin. 1'iimliii-" prico will include tin' timber, -filial, can lm wild
♦ ♦ by the uurchu-or wltlio.it any liability lo govern tu nr olher
♦ ♦ royalty. Tho tlmher nrlll In many noma mora tlm Iimi lhe imr-
♦ T .1,'iMi. '..ri n.lwilliiinll.*ii-i.-iiiiil|.|i.illv 1* 11.11 tho iimnillit-lii.
^5      "".'»•     I'-S'.*:*'li In   I"'-*  I-   h  iinv iiu t* nlui-li 1. :i I
ul through iho valley
.(.om'fl K nny Cou
Tin. ii. I'. II. la unite
t     chue'i
5     voHted,
I     i*-i-vt-rv lui huvi. nnt..   The malt, wagot
Z        l-ll-i-nli'lurri'i-.' In i-.lrl   lot, mill llll
♦ tml railway will parallel the vragon rum
♦ 1 l-eille.it to tho landfl,
♦ l.'or fnitlior |iariicular« apply lu
Or to Joseph Ryan  Cranbrook, B. C.
99 SI
Strathcona wllh rcgaril in lhe l'i"
chaso i.f Uu1 Nurlh Sli""' line ul Que
lice. Sn ymi see llial while 1 nm .
straager in Ottawa, you cannol
charge me with being a stranger n
transportation mailers,
■In tin- luns mu 'In' counti) 'lm
lias ihe (111*111 Iaiiii i.s the country Umi
w 11 succeed. Farming lhe land Is .
inure patriotic nceiipallun Ihan an)
other, li is tin- same when we in*"
il from a lini-il iiu.iii*!* basis, ' In Mi
ni* man, I've forgotten jusl whicli
when Napoleon n.is safely housed ii
St. Helena, (Ireat Britain slatted 1
period "1 commercial expansion
Shortly afterwards tliere followed lln
building nf steamships, niiiiii save an
ailileil advantage in the ability ti
colonize, anil now, as the ulil saying
sues, vnu are never mil nl sipiln ot
the ulu led Hag, anil ilie sun nevei
seis nn his majesty's domains. Thai
i.s till line lo the in.ill un lhe suii. II,
is lbe slieel anchor and mainstay ul
iiiitinnai! prosperity. Vou linn* -'
great ii.lifirit*anco in tin- Northwcsl
Save il fur the iiuiii wlm is. going ii
liie 1111 it.
"Now in regard tn a railway. 1'
is designed fur whal il lias to tin—
in overcome the law nf gravilalion.
The nearer level il is lho bolter. Tli.
grade nf your railway fixes ils abilil)
in earn money, Y,,u can never 1 x
peel 1.1 Iniiiil up 11 steal cnniuii rcia
edifice bused upon tlie principle   lhat
s -body is going tu lus.- m.umi nu
\..ui benefit.    It musl bo able tu gel
i e Inl* its dollar  linn  il   lulls iiiii.
in lliiiish Columbia  we Imvo     been
Irving in gel a luw grade economic
enough     tu enabl - in handle    il.
low grade ore .villi n profit.   Ue lm|
-nine   lime  in      llie  [ni'ite   In  li I
III.iiiui inns uf il in it day, Nov li
me ask mu ihis: II ., rnllwa) cm
nul live by transporting tie* natun
products nl tin* count ry tlin n.
nli eli it     passes,    Imw can 11  liv.
The producer nn.l llie t.nli ler 11111-
prosper together 01 fall lugeHiet
That's wlmt in* expeel lo dn iu Hi
west in tin- euunlrj bi-lweni U'innl
peg mul tlie Hooky    M mn,       U
liii|li< lu illll'l II ill sun:, ., 11,11 1, '1
gel ,1 ileal lllll*. lui we lll.l Illlil
il    Williulll    lluliii-.
"Tin* man wlm owns   tli.-    produe
lulls  llii,'"*  ll   will  em      II   in   un."I
l-.iiiiiilii.  in* e.iifi come ,111.11     will
more 1I1.111 our lunch.     Vilim w	
thi* produce in Wiiiulpo" Hm (I. T, 1:
nr the C. I'. II. imii* lake it. «■
sliaH in- i-.iiii-i,i uiili either charm
The I'. I'. II. lius _,_00 miles ..
railway in tlm t nihil stales.       li
will even    lip   things  jl  we (.-'*'      thill
amoi.nl nf "mil in Cnnada.
"II ymi wen! tu give away nny
tiling, give away money; don't givi
awny your land. Keep that fur 1,11
people wliu will live un it nml lil] II
ninl make ynu 11 nal inn. Tlie mall
who1has his im,is in the „„|| is your
slleel anchor, nnil you cannol do tun
lillllll fnr liilil."
The western maid was showing her
Boston cousin through tin* wild
"And uver Uiat boulder," saitl llie
former, "you will see a specimen ol
President Roosevelt's favorite game
a genuine bobcat."
"A bobcat?" repealed lhc Boston
maid,   in horror.     "How unrefined
iii il
.1 asl,    lii
11 .l.iiliri,
nn  dear
■All right,
In,nn*   lu
.11,-n   V. ill
1  think I enn
titer nil," and
1 Iiliiini   In  lbe
I   In   lell     lhe
111.111  nit     lhe
mil  ilenlm
linils il
:ili   1..
Tlm ealiincl   emhodvl
coil anil  lv,,1 1
1 machine,
ie luis employed
ies   nre     li*.ui-t
I.*,   illlil  nu    VttI
When the tele
1* fellow will tm
bim  in  lbe eve
unexpectedly be
prepare his pre
t Hie rccelv
inralus ut Ui
Is merely at
:v lelephoni
and book in
■ wholly dis
extra Indue
batteries ii
in many   re-
a camera lens   am!
11,-mii led     in    U.uii
Tin' disc Im*    trans-
e-thal   i-,  llle glass
ilnced Hn- person ...
'"'.I .11 Hn* ui -ii,*
- ahoul .-ix Inches
the receiving plate,
lilted image is tlis-
ly about une     anil
iches in diainclc
be eves upun thc 1. lis wltere i
nl Hi'' image of Un* person n
her en,I ,,i ibe line nml at  lb
il .mil  the  1,'lenln
al.     'tlie tele
.ime   In*   lln
i.s held
I I.ui-.l    In
11 uf a beau
11,nihil, t   iiii   Iii   I.,11 Iiiii   such   .1     Ii.ii
\i, 1,1,lui ii  J0I1.1.0  n.is called in
1 mn    i.n ry   in   learn, Jolinn)
iimi  iun  bale beeu gambling.     Vou
line di ii* nub il  mv advice anil    111
iuii 111 Hu* sin ol gambling."
"II n.m lusl a little g.lllle bit a
|i.*lilil    .,   Shot,"   lllllllll 'I   ''le      Inn
"H'ui 11  was   gambling,   Johnny.
.,,,.1 Mi .".!;..! bill, ".nil llial I llill
nut   11 Iill.uiee. Will   lll.l)    gn    lu
the 1.1 bui .unl :*i*i what's ei.iniug
iu i.ni We 1 annul kn|i mu in mu
nnplny, I.m tihis be a lesson tu
mn      I li ,|ii   iun iiiii never gamble
ii *. '
11,,-ie lime le.its iii Mi. Straight
li 1. ii,- ns .Inin,ni wnlkeil mil nub
iliniin.tsi eies, .unl lm several Illn
incuts    in-   grcal   di alei   was ovei
11.n.i*       Hul  lie lilt  llml be bail lu du
11. Finally lu* I1rac.1l i.n, called 111
■iiiiiiiii" and asked tu be conucctoi
n Mb lus broker.
Unit Mt. Sltaigblly pini*enle,l t,
sell winat .mil eon. llml lie nevei
ll.ll.c.1, .m.l Inne pull, .unl laid Ihal
lm.I  IICVCI   exi.sleil.
Tin* list .is it stands li. day, in in
,1. A. HARVEY,
I-'. I*:. SIMPSON,
W. T. RRII),
in:  W, s. ilt'l.I.
H.   I'..  HKATTII*:,
.1 \ UIIS   (IRKIilt,
.1. II. .Mf II1IIIU*:.
A. Vi. McVlTTIE,
s. .1. MIQHTON,
W,  F. IILUI),
W. I), llll.l,,
I'. 10. RE1U,
1*:. li. SMALL,
Vi. 11. WILSON,
ll. .1. McSWEYN,
Fori Sleele
C.  A.  COCK,
J. 1'. FINK,
11. .1. JOHNSON,
11. WHITE,
.1. F. M, PINKHAM,
I'. 11. DUNBAR,
(LAPP it  1101,1,INS,
(J. A. 0ASK1LL,
11.  J.  ELMER, Moyie.
ll. H. BENEDICT, Mayoo
F. J. SMYTH, Moyie,
Flirt,   Sleele
ll.   E.  Ml'HPIIV,
Fresh anil Cured Meats    K{]
Fresh    Fish,   (lame   and
We utipplv unl> Iht-   ht-sl      Vmir \JSl
irnitt- Ih lOllClted j ,)*j
MflrkclK in mil llu-  |uiiui|i.il l..*n- [,.'(
In Hrltlrh Culumhia |.T
:», -ll^PV^'^ia^inmiavii^iwnrap^
.1«mi4G     tMMNMNNI
»y» 900$)****	
..ii..iiu tin- ivii I. -iits nf Risi [Ciiotonuy ;li;ii  In- Una
.■ni ,'iinj wouhl fonliully solicit imy ronklontor truvt*l
■ In rail nr st'ihl I'ur ;i ;.;iinjil.-  ..r.li-r  l|i;irtiiiil;uly   Uy   llu*
.i'ii') aul .:iiaraiil.-<-s Ilia ^nint-i Hiijit'i'iur tn any in thu ilis-
j0 iiul.   Tli.- [ml ilie iir<< iVHpi't'irullv ri'i|ii('sl.i-i| in visit us tuul
fff Biiniplo tho goals ut tliu factory. xx
— —— — — »^^^»^^— _______^__________________l_______l _^_%_^_*_^*^_^_^_^_9_t_^_^_^_^*_t
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
m 'Hit' Nttv Managers.
1^ Drop in mnl see us any lime.    We are on deck 25 hours
out of Ihe 24
I ,W_BilB3HS-lllS^MfflBIHl^ESaHlffil
I Hotel s s
UueKiK Cumfurt a Specialty
tl'iud Slibllnx in Coanectlon
Nemrsl tn rail road ami depot,   Uai nccommotlii-
tlmiN fnr tlie public uh equalled lii Crauhruok.
Mot and Cold Balha
hoggarth & Rollins ]
 Proprietors \
&************* *** ******** ri i
_L    • ■> •     -
in.i.     June   11 -Wlul iiinini
llie ..-in       * ,   .I,,, Itisl
l.l    III,
*   **    COLUMBIA   HOTEL    ** I
Otto V. Hough, Proprietor %
*>   N'mvly  fiii'iiislii'il  throughout,   Host of dining room service &
fy , <**>  ,,    ,,|,ui„.,,, |„....,   ,,i   eiu]uu.        cv.iyui/uy      wei-
3>       iiiiiI eninfiirlulili'riiiinis.     When in Elko, cull and gun ns, «■   I    "A-liobcaH" repealed  Hie   BostonI missing'.    The storm extends west to  oomo.    Remember-the place,   second
J , *   ' niiiid.    in horror.     "How unrefined I  Medicine Hal,   and norlh lu Snsliii-  floor,    Walts block,   over Mlglrton's
»J-! iii! ij • ii-i i'i,'. Hi . 5 »♦*♦! *■**-* i t-fit-vt tii:i. i-**     Why do you mil say a HnbeiT oat?"  luun tobacco store, Baker street.
il.. il _...__
 "I'''* me      nn
lire   mnl u li      lln* .- lis efforlS
un ''in part id ll.e n.llle.i.Ins will
"■.ml a calamlly.        Tlm mammoth
iim,   linl    id   Hu*     MuPllen   ,* pall)
iias Imn in -luuis by Hi,, wind and
Hi   blinding min which ivas falling al
Hi*    lillio,     eie.Hed   exclleillClll   alilull*;
Hm audience,    and in llie panic llial
"i- 1.    hundreds     nf people    were
H pled  in   Hie    mini  and  in     many
i    :■    .V-li*    sei'iillsv    li'llllcl        'I li:i
eni was crowded in* annul a tbou-
-,iii;l peuple, moslly women and
liilihin, and Ihe scenes which resuit-
■il were indescribable. Children wero
tu.bed miller lbe seals, and women
.iiiiiid. Many iverc seized with ler-
ur aiid fled.. A large slafi nf men
ii- clearing awav the obstrucllon
ml seai-Hiiii" 'nr any uhu may   he
in. bid   III lien 111      llle  debris,     ' Tlm
iin]  is ahaliiu sninciili.it, and    .jig
n. inbers  nf  llie eity  (ire dcparlitnent
listing in line wurk nf rescue.
*:,"■•' *-,,"',:, "  "' 'ii.'"'*-    1 ""»    '"   ine  iniercsr    ot
Many, small children   are reported  party, nr clique.      Ever
Tlio provincial Mlnary in Hit; Frer
Heading Itoom, Watts block, is Iree
iu nil and contains one hundred vol-
cle-lumes. all new, ou lhe Iollowln«
of a I topics, viz: Sncial science, natural
science, useful nils, liloralure, do*
scrlntlon and l.ravol, lii'iinu, Juvenile
■books, biography and. history, by
some ol Uio best authors ol tin- day.
Any residi'iit nl Cranlirook or viein-
ity is ciitithd lo tin1 loan ol these
books an long as such person complies wilh the rules, having first
signed lhc agreement, which will be
presented by Uie librarian. Uolo$
are a few of Ihf rules lo be coiupl
Hunks must he handled wilh care
and leaves musl, nut he turned ilowli
Two -volumes may he drawn hy eaeli
reader and retained for two weeks.
The line ol live eenls shall he paid
for each hook kept over lime, and
no books 'shall he lent lo any une
to whom hiintis or an unpaid line or
fines are charged.
A reader desiring a hook nnt at lhe
lime in the case may have it reserved lur him fur forty-eight hours after ils return by giving nutice to the
A reader returning a buck, which
is not reserved may renew it Ior
two weeks.
In addition to this library the room
is supplied with the leading newspapers from the Atlantic to the
Pacific, also magazines and periodicals.
'i'he room Is nicely furnished and js
a cuinfurtable   place to spend    your
spare moments, and is  not run    hy.
nor   in the inlerest   of any   church,
'""   ""'   " "      '   '      wel-
Manulai-.urcrs nl J J*.
kuugh mul illcsseil     ! ff
l.lirutllit and
Also all  kinds nl
■Intl'my, ....in mnl
I'runliriHi-, ll.i'.      .-.
Head Olllce. - Cranhrn.tk     tj*
_. ., ^ _ J9
Robinson=lVlcKeiizie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing: Mills
All Kind, 01
Rough and Dressed Lumber THE   OBANBBOOK   IIEBALO
S.ll ■»  'in   -m,l|.„!-,„r. I,v ,11 1 ;•■■""".
llal    11,111  '.in   rqu.1         -I""™.'
Tin fl. C. Sugar Refining Co., LtJ.
For early fruits .md vegetables write us
(or prices. Tlie cherry crop is sliorl (jet
your order booked now.
Undertaking and Embalming
Funerals directed from private houses, churches or our
own parlors.    Flrstclass undertaker In attendance ** «.*
Cranbrook Cooperative Stores
B C. Livery and Feed'5tables j
Blacksmiths,  Woodworkers and Bicycle Repairers 4
McLaughlin Carriages and Deerlng Implements for Sale f
CRANBROOK,   B.   C. <
Shop Phone 50              P. 0. Box 144              Barn Phone »0 '
V, clothing that is "Gilt Edge" in name, |
I "Gilt Edge" in material, "Gilt Edge" in |
make call and see the new stock of Ready ♦
nade clothing just received. . All Union i
Labor. I
Xeaolno Business
Ifoouses of Atones*
villc  Cl'c £"ia'11'-'''t-1".'--
Mnryevillu  Ims
i  intn hm mill
'I'ln* l.ni ii Inm
n   I'-i I'liiiu nt   pay
mil      Tlu* II,rnlil
uuu    lusirlill     I'll
ilnrsr lln lulliii. um
liiisini'HM Ikiiisi-h:
1 Central Hotel
The kililiiij; ho*
Iel ill  the Sl. EJ
Marys   valley. 2
lhc place to slop when visiting the Smelter Cily s
ft   mm* m W-*. _.      w  W. .     * M
I'. Iliiiullc., I'riifi.. S. .1. Morrow, Manager
llinini; l.<min service llie best.
iThe Royal Hotel
A. P. Chenette Proprietor
Has been recently refurnished and is now one of
thc best hotels in the district.   Headquarters for
ti the people.
| Marysville Drug Co.
 ■ fit
£K Wc carry a complete stuck of everything in the gg
fit Drug and Stationery line. No need to send away 53
*g foryour goods. |3
Rambling ReverieTf|
Good :.-s(.liiti» ns n«il more winding "I' th.ui .ni .>ii^>t-<iay clock.
Tin* best way Ui keep the Imys a'
Iioiin* is lo make it an object lot
iit<*ni uol it go out tu seek anuiM--
inortts,    l"i      Hi.se lliey      will  liave.
Every [arm oujgbl in be nud.* a vexy
lu-aven on earth t" ii^ toraa-tes. Nut
altJtK the faim home either but all
the hniiM-s in tlie lain! Leain wh
child's nature, ami Unu work sume
home charm t.i keep mm In youi
uchecked will, aftei
n          t hurricane.  Child
•I tulame       will   UH' w   up        '»'*
ntsanthrop)      Childish re-MHon "**»
|--.i-l..p   int.i   lhe tawle:
mi  s.-il. I um       11 >"" '
Ol     in.
nl.i imn th
lUncc to ins everj cupiice and
im  Willi confectionery,      lieltii
.- aware nf ll  thai boy "' "i
will ku down     Uie ->ii«---'
ti ins in.miii  and ready on au
   wnh ii.*. comrades t*> eomnai
IMw.tii.lie attainments 'lhe pai en
who allowi Hu- child to grow up
wilhoul ovei having learned 'he
Rreal ilmv i.i obedience an.l sulimlR-
sii.n has prepared u cup ui burning
tall lm his own lip*, ami appall iim
deal ruction f'» his descendant.
Ever) fai hei ami mother who read
ilns paper and have a child In the
h.imi- liave enough on haul A
throne, a crown, a scepter, a kingdom un.lcr iiuine Uc ugrtiU) how
vmi siuke inm across the head jar*
rinn the liiain. What imn say to
lum uill he cinlcniiial ami milieu-
uial, and a hundred years and a
thousand years will not stop tlw
echo and re-echo. |)o nol say, "It
i.s only a child." Rather say, "It Is
only an Immortal." It is only a
masterpiece ol Jehovah. 1' is only
a being tlml shall outlive sun and
moon and stars and apes quadrlllcn-
nial. (ind lias infinite resources and
Hu can give presents ol prettl vain-,
hul. when lie wants lu give lhc richest possible gilt ti. a household He
looks around all the World and all
lhe universe and Hun gives a child,
'rhe greatest present llml God ever,
nave, our world lie nave over nineteen
hundred years ago, ami he gave il on
a Oliris-tuuts nigjit, apd it was ol
such value that Heaven adjourned for
a recess and came .lown and broke
through the clouds lo look at it.
Yea, in all ages Gi»;l has Itonorcd
cMWhood, lie makes almost every
picture a failure unless there lie a
child, e ther playing on Hie lloor, or
looking Hvtough thc window or sii-
linn "" ttu*- lap, gazing Into the lace
of lhe" inofher.
What absurd little things people
(piarri'l about. Whal trivial matters
cause ill-feeling in families. The
mutton being roasted too little or
ihe bee! tco much; an opinion ahout
ihe temperature of the house, tin-
style of curtain that ought to be
bought for tho front windows; the
definition of a word, its pronunciation arc things that might be argued
pleasantly almut, hut surely are not
topics worth a quarrel when peace
.iml good will arc ot sn much Importance In the home. A Utile ill-
feeling is like a seed that may grow
into a large tree which will shadow
thc whole house Many men and
women  mittl   look  hack   wlttl     regret
on the hasty word or the cold reproach whicli was the entering wedge
thai split the household in two. and
yel how few make a point ol utter*
m; the soft word that turneth aw.iv
Your wise molher is not given to
worrying over trilles. She does not
expect perfeoMcfl m a day Ami sin-
has pul [torn her, as lar as the east
is from the west, llie ^lastly possibility ol setting vanity up in Uie
room ol love. So she does not begin uiih exhaustive attention to ihc
mulutude ol etiquette, knowing thai
waj lies the danger ol making hei
bo>v prigs and Iter girls self-eon
seious society misses before they are
in their teens She lavs down us
lit,' laws ol her household thr broad
principles of respeel Inr elders, re\ei-
ciice lot women, kindliness for all,
and she permeates the home atmos-
phere with the finest conceptions ol
ihc deference and sympathy due from
soul io soul licr children very
early dollglrt to place a chair toi
grandmother and to save lal hei
steps They learn to be proud ol
Ibat restraint whieh enables ihem lo
keep self in the background, and to
deici lo brother and sister. Ii
never enters their heads that, servants are less worthy of respect
lliati   other   people Tliey  nre     lln-
.iKaslntl in the presence of wealth
ami power as they are to lender toward suffering and poverty. When
--he leaches Ibein from lime to Mine
licr code ol manners—and she is carelul io peifecl ii according to her
best judgmi ni—she ttyohes it "for
lioliie use, and il lieciuiics tins! hy he-
.o.ning natural.
li Minis a pity lhat Uie young
woman who is almut to establish a
home anil has ihe money to spend for
us garnish ng can nui lu- persuaded
from laylns it mil all at onco. She
rohs herself of so muoh future enjoyment. The spick and span sets of
furniture which are carelesslv ordermi
I nun an upholsterer, and carried
home ami stood around Iht f.irlors
hv lus men, will novet afford her hall
thc satis-faclion she ean get in (i
room m which to-day, she buys ft
chair, and next wi-ek, seeing 'there
must he a table to accompany lhe
chair, she siarts on a fresh shopping
excursion, and Units a table which is
exactly what she is looking for; and
in anpther month, discovering the
need of a lHiokca.se or screen, she
has again the delight nt the hunt,
aud the gratil.eat.on of obtaining tlm
prettiest screen and Imokease in Mie
Such a room is a growth, a gathering together: nf household treasures
little hy little, and piece by piece
Kach article, bought only w'hen the
need arises nr when something is
happily found to just meet t-he need
will have a family history which
makes it an entertaining as well as
a valuable possession. Each couch
and footstool is an aehieveinent; each
rug and curtain represents a triumph.
Such a home built up gradually,
wiih careful planning in each part,
wilh tuought and loving eonsideta-
tion in all ils details, acquires a
meaning far deeper than could be
purchased by the longest purse from
the most fashionable cabinet maker.
* Seven Years Ago j
m 4*-
1 in Cranbrook -j* j* S
in i.
be yards
lop of in
j  ITKMH  (TU.Ki-   FROM
S  HERALD   OF     THAI     HATI.  «
**»*»*«*> ttfrf-tc-z a tr ********
Last Sunday at •'» 15 p.m. lbe iust
train undei the new p..*-ii^'! --i
vice arrived in Cranbrook tcoin the
east  promptly   on  nine A   large
crnwii liad gathered a' the station
d'Hl n was wnh coustderable interesl
thai ih -y watched     the lii
pasNcngei   train  ihat   liad   "■•
the line Come rushing inti
The schedule .illow.il fm ,,
muiiiies I..i i-h.uii;inn engim1*! Aflei
i)»- couplings were made Hn- coudut
ioi cried all aboard a'''1 awaj da-slted
Uie nam tm Kootenaj Landtng :-
moke connections wilh ibe leainei
fm Nelson and all pointi weA, A
representative <.l ile Herald made
iih- irip io th.- I.an.in,.-, reluming
the next in..mine a«d be .wis great I j
sunn is. d      to lui'l      ihc i.iai Iii d     ii.
wen an .Mlllint condition, and b
iravcllei from Un- east laled tli.it
Ihere was main old run i llml were
imighei     1 Iiuii litis one Splendid
tune wn-. made ami al every station
ihe arrival was according i.. tht
schedule Then* is no longei anv
doubt bIkiiiI the bulldlux ol uw Sorll
Sim Iiiamli and what Ik more n will
be built lumi Cranbrook tins ti
authentic Work will he Inaugurated
in two m tln.v weeks aud will
he pu.sinil vigorously forward iu com
pleiion. The local authorities re
celvod word Irom tho cast a feu
days ago in have theii plans read>
as operations would he coiiiiiniir.il al
tors on their wa) hero to hid on Ihr
Samuel Speers, of Toronto, is iii
towu visiting his friend,  .Mr.   .Money*
James Hyan relurneil fiom Calgarj
last evening, and although he hay
twin absent only a few days everyone was glad in sic him.
K      .1. Iltgbj'c, belter known    ni
"JumllO," mn- ill lhc most   successful
prospectors in the district, has opened an hold at Sheep Creek, crossbill
on ihc Windermere road. The patrons of his house will get lhe lies I
in the land.
Rev. George K. Smith, of Hamilton, (Uii-, has been assigned lo this
disiriet hv lhe Mciho.tisi eoulerenci
and has Kort Steele .nul Cranbrooi
under his charge. He will use lln
Presbyterian church for ihc present.
Constable Morris has returned fnur
a brief vacation at his home li
Trail. While in route from Koolenav Landing to Craubrook he fell
asleep anil awoke to lind a man with
his. hands in bis pockets, Koi innately he had spenl his money and
therefore Insi nothing. The man escaped.
M. Melnnes relurmd from Calgary
last evening. The funeral nf his sun
Archie was held al thc Presbyterian
church in thai citv lasi l-'hilav after
noon. Hev, .!. ('. llindm.Hi officiating. There was a very large attend
ance nf friends and acquainlances nt
the family present. Mis. Mclnni-
anil tlie children will remain in Calgary tor the presenl.
Last Saturdav a bttbv boy wa.'
bom lo Mr. and Mrs. CD. Gougeon,
and molher and baby.are Imlh ilolu(!
well. The baby weighed eight and
Uiree (piarter luiunils and when the
weight was announced the falhcr tipped the beam nf 300 pounds. Km
two nights he has had his head in a
rain barret calling sadly lo himsell
"Papa'  Papa!!"
One day last week lhe ('. P. R
saw mill at Coal creek, an immensi
structure ihal was buill during con
structiiii al a cost of between $200,
000 and $300,000, was almost entire
ly destroyed hy a rise iu the Klk
river. 'I'he dam thai was pul in
caused the river to overllow it.
hanks and sweep around the s le of
lhe mill, cut'tlpg nut ihe foundation
and making a complete wreck of tlu
building. An at tempi was made in
save lhe mill hy blowing up lhe dam
with dynamite bin ii proved futile as
the force of the current carried
everything before it. As a resuli
two of the boilers and a portion ol
ihe building was carried down lln
stream, the bin I'ool broke in two
and . ne half was left hanging ovei
thc stream. Views taken of tin
wreck at different stages were dis-
played iu town last evening hy Or.
H.-li and they excited coiishlcrabli
ExceHent results have followed tin
wmk dotie on Ihr Pay Roll, lbe prop
eriy located on Nigger i'reek, nnd
owned hy Messrs. VanDecar, Qnain
anh others, They are iu HIS feel
and have drifted 30 feel and are now
sinkiiin a shaft. Numerous Iteavy
veins of galena ore were encountered
dropping off Into kidneys weighing
itt or 3(1 pounds. The ledge has increased now tn li feel across and
both walls are well defined, Khi
men are al wmk ami mora rapid
progress will be made.
real eh valiun of ,. shin waist—a
provoking pearl button ihat u-iiised
t" budge Mi.- sixteenth "I au melt
norUi ni s..i,ih wit. I.- pink ilugi i ,
were j,ia*imi;j, frantically aftei it—
bruunbl more grief t„ ' Miss Annie
\\t is. iiiioin  Hm ti alt  Hi.' peep    botes
in   all   Hi.'  "peek-a-boo"     waists   hav-
brought   to all other    girls in      the
Stale ol   IHllMUs
Miss Weisenborn is carrying h.-r left
aim in a sling. The bones in it are
broken. The shirt wajsi is m a
bureau draww ami 'he button is still
unbuttoned. Ilerealter Miss Weis.n
born will evince a haughty disdain
[oi anv decree of fashion whieh says
i'.   shirt  waist  opening must be    in
. bai I h is ,, front ingress an l
egress In neefi.rili or nothing.
Miss Weisenborn was alone whn
the im imi la-n, u in misbehave, sin
was due   foi    a party at  s o'clock
i IVe] - n.' -.'ntnl In w» nl a while ai m
It       was   in.   use. Over   llle   OtllCI
-Id.ui i.-i went anolhei aim. Th
fingtu up*, in-.t touched lire edge ol
ihe button. She ti ul limn th
other .imje, working from a low has,
d • rn.-i, in. .it up wanl Sh.- Btralmd
Iwistetl and grimaced. Al eight
• ' clock -li.- mail., a mighty effort
there was ,, snap nt bones, a shriek,
and tlien—the victim fainted.
\l\ ■■ Welsinlmrn did not nn io the
parlj      Instead a doetoi was called
TIIK NEW   \\l>    GREATER  M'l!
i;is ,\  mmi-:   CJRCI s uus
TIM KS TO   W»li Tn lis
One ol the mosl interesting ol
natural history exhibits is the real
lv iin.' collection ol rare wild am
mats wilh thc new and greater Norris A Rowe circus ihis season Manj
.if these animals have licccu taught
to accomplish nicks for at Hie win*
iei quarters of ihe show is a regular
school for animals, ll has its hours
d work and play as strongly defined
is lh.' ehildrt ns' classes and once the
iininals understand what is required
.[ litem ihey enter heartily Into the
-piril of what Hiey consider fun
However, Some of tlte 'boasts nle lm.
fierce to train tuul these are ihr
•.uperb specimens of Hie roval Bengal
tiger   and tigress; lhe   African I s
and lioness, hyenas and leopards;
a*lid cats, tapirs, pumas, wolves.
Ir„ hul Hu- llamas han- been
laughl tn drive In double harness,
:h.' camels the zebras, dromedaries,
•tc, w M dn vai lolls stunts; ihe
lien*.- Siheii,,!! hi ais will do several
hard tricks hut under constant re-
i.'llimi; llr* elephants arc lhc most
locile and do all sorts id seemingly
impossible reals; sea lions will go
hrougb their performance with ihv
hope i.f lish at lhe end and tlw hi
nakes do noi show much resentment
liter ihey Imvo become acquainted
.villi tho one person who handles
them continually, Norris «.v Rowe
had a splendidly profitable tour last
icasOii and in line wilh lheir avowed
benefit in a larger and better show
i hau Hiey ever had before and we are
.tminisi'il ;1 complete new circus when
Hie show exhibits here Mondav, June
Tendei    will lie     received hv     the
in ilei  i ■ - :    ■   tu i  "i U. (hicsdaj
ih,-    2UH .ri, ,  (or    iw.. Reel
S|,.Sis.        PI ;.., ltl..|'l..||s   in,,.
he s.s u at  the i'ii v Plerk's ..line.
IJ City Clerk.
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Min inv; Ifngineers
and Surveyors.
THOS.   T.   MeVITTIE,   P.  L. S.
Man to   ship and take charge    ol
Robt. Stewart,
China Creek Lumber Co., Ltd.
$ China Creek, li. C
The story of Hie man win
.une iradid a pair ol boots for a
dear title to one-half ol Texas—if
uc had heen the owner ot a pair ol
.not.s— is familiar in all. Everybody
.ias    just uiissid, al sonic I hue    oi
rlher, o elnii.ee to do HOmel-lung bljj.
It i.s the old story over again. Hu.
(..re is a story llial wilt appeal In
every lover ol rod and reel.
A Lincoln man went down to Texas
,n search nf health recently, and ft.i
three months lived ami loafed and
fished along the null. Every daj
found him out in a nnplha launch
wil-h a friend, fishing for tarpon,
shark and Jackfish. The lasl day ol
ins stay he and thc friend took Hit',
launch and went out for a final fish,
lhe invalid wielded lhc nut and line
and lhe friend gave attention to the
launch, Their luck was had, ami
after .several hours living, tlto invalid said:
"Well, let's gn in. You lake the
md ami I'll make Ihe final trip al
ihe rudder."
Thc two changed places. Before
lhc invalid had held the rudder ten
seconds a furious strike greeted lhe
man who had jusl taken lhe rod.
Kor forty minutes he worked like a
nailer, aiid finally landed a l.iuklish
thai weighed fifteen pounds, the third
one of 11w species ever caught
gull waters, and Ihe largest one
' "If I had only held nn lu that md
a minute longer!" sighs the relurneil
invalid every lime he thinks of it.
Furnished liy Beale .-.* Klwell,
ers, CraDbruok, 11. C.
W.-*-...-.ii llil ,v Cnal
Inii'iii .in,n.ii t'oal ninl I'.il.i*
Sullivan (Iiuiii' Mniiiii*, i'i.
Micoln Coal    Mines, Ltd	
S'orlli S.ai
Rambler t'aiil	
li.'in Silvei   l.i*.i.l
Canadian Smelters
1 .'l.i llll
ll.iil.i   ilmiiii.iiii "il
Sullivan H Is
im in
Diamond Vale Coal
.    .20
liiiiiiiiniiiii' a  i.ui.ii Coal
s.ii.s -jniiii Sullivan;  .'iim li
il'l n.i
«-$**$-$••• -5-5 i i ~. -i<i<s-i&$<&i-fr»99
First-class Work by Exptri-  *
enced  Hands. 5
ii. t*
:;;    The Cranbrook Hotel    |
S   Facial Massage a Specialty
I T. E. SOUTH,  Prop'r.
For r.r-(-^tass  riusic
iii.-ni- either 111 I'.-n
i|.l) i„
1' I'ASTA, Hum.''.*
A Six Roomed Cottage
In llrsl class repair, two lots,
si,ilite anil hon house, nn nne
ui Uie mnsi attractive streets
mi min*. inn, lacing si. .In-
Bcph's Creek.   Reasonahle price
uilli lav.il.ilile  tei ins.
Fred    Dumont
**^*'¥--i'^-* i
iove f
one §
> I wiil sell my two lots f.ioin?
> Uiv station,   wiili building,
> will sell lots   .ili.ne and   nn
' building.      l'i ne, tl.'iiiu,    one ...
I toll cash.       All cash, belter X
, price will lie given.                   *
• Call mi nr address f
-i&d&i-i-i ii-i ii iiiiii-i-ii
I   | III  llll  -l.l I,- llll.l  .Mllli*.
l.ntcil.-li  all enlow  ... liniU-
ill_.H. lllllll.- till Hlllirl   I.I'll.rill
SjiiikmiD or t'BlKiiry   prim.
'I'he nohlc youth wllh the biilglnp
brow had read a grenl dral aud wa*-
prepared in prolit hv his rending
When he started nlil to look for a
job he knew iust whal io do. Seeing
a sign. "Hoy Wanted." be took ii
down, tucked ii under liis aim and
went  in to Interview the manager.
"What do vnu want, j'Ollng fel
low?" growled lhe manager.
"I want a job."
"What have you got that sign
under your aim fnr','"
"0, you won't need it any more;
I'm the hoy," said the ynnib with
the bulging brow.
Then he waited for the rest to
It happened.
"Well, this firm don't wanl ! anv
smart Alecks. Vou hang thai sign
right hack where you got it and
don't forget lo close the door after
you when you go out," said the
Realizing that something had gone
wrong, and not knowing just what
it was, the vouth wilh the bulging
hrow wended his way home-want tn
read Hie storv over again.
Belleville, 111 , .luiifl n.-f>ne Hi lie
button clear nut of latitude and longitude, ia an lnacesffible spot on    u*
Any available Doinutiou Lands
wn bin the Railway licit iu British
Columbia, may be homosteadod by
any person who ti lhc sole head ol a
family, ni any male over IS years ot
ago, to Hie CXtcnt ol ouc-ipui iel
section ul lull acres, more or ness.
Entry must he made personally at
the luual laud office toi lhc ll lair let
in whieh tiie laud is situate.
The homes lender ti required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one of lhu following
(1) At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation uf ihe laud m
each vear for tin re years.
(2) if ihr lather (ur mother, if thc
father is deceased), ol the homesteader resides upon a farm in thr vicinity uf the land entered for, Hie requirements as to residence may be
satisfied by such person residing with
ihe fai her or molher.
1.1) If the sel tier has bis permanent residence upon farming land owned hy bim in the vicinity of his
homestead, the requirements as tc
residence may ho satisfied by residence upon the said land.
Sii months' notice in writing
should bo given to the Commissioner
uf Dominion Lands at Ottawa of intention to apply lur patent.
Coal lands may be purchased at Jin
per acre for soft cual and $20 for
anthracite. Not more iluu 320
acres can bo acquired by one individual or company. Itoyalty at the
late of ten cents per ton of 2,01IU
pounds shall be collected on the gross
Deputy of the Minister of thc Interim
N.B.—Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not he paid
go day round trip
Winnipeg, Port  Arihur,   Duluth,
St. Paul.
Through Excursion Kates
Toronto, Montreal, Maritime Provinces, New York, New
on Application.
Dates of sale :   June 4, 6. 7, 23, 25.
July 2, 3.   August 7, 8, 9,
Sept. 8, 10.
Tickets subject to usual variations
ol route and include meals and
berths on C. P. R. steamers on Great Lakes*
Full particulars Irom
(ieo. Hillier,  Agent, Cranbrouk
J. S, Carter, D. P. A.
Nelson, 13.C
is now located in its comfortable and attractive new quarters in the Manitoba Hotel.
This institution is iust up-to-
date and ti modernly equipped f
to do iust thc best work in all
branches ot the tonsorial Art.
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
'X"c Buy and Sell on Commission
WAN.TED:—Western  Oil  and
Diamond Vale Shares.
Waghorn, Gwynne &
When You
Come to the Metropolis Stay at the
Palace Hotel
Stephens & Rockendort
Opposite .    P. R.
$i.oo   PER   DAY
Calgary, Alta.
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory j
All kinds of tiniah work in
way nf dimrs. windows, trim-  t
soms, etc,   Kiln dried lumber
for Inside work.   Our work is
guaranteed and our prices are J
satisfactory.    Hereon   doors
\ Rough and Dressed Lumber
For Sale
The Cranbrook
Dye Works
Over Calgary Butcher Shop
Qeo. B. Powell, Proprietor
Fur high class wurk in dyeing,
cleaning, pressing, repairing ami
French Dry Cleaning a Specially
Wu du ull klllda uf Indies' work TnE  CRANBROOK   IIEHALO
K.   llie Herald   Publishing Company,
Editor ami Manager.
The Heialil Is wm Hi Sl" a year. U
costs uuly fl. No nun in Soutli
Kast Koolenay t-.it. attord to lie wilb-
out il and everyone living outside ol'
llu. district, nl." i* Interested m tlia;
progress ui this section, Bhould read
it u publishes thc news while it is
ni-K-s. I. is controlled absolutely i.y
ilu- publishers. No ilium*, party u
mdiiidual dictates its policy. 1.
don't try to please the people, li s
desire is io publish a newspaper Hut
mil lie a credit to the community.
s.-nil in youi subscription and you
will lie thankful eve. altera-anl.
Advertising rates   n I1" inch, pel
month, no more and no less.
Heading matte.  15   cents per   line
in non-advertisers; 10 cents por
in regular advei Users,
II vou desire lo roach thc I>■ *■ I''
Soutli Easl Kootenay yen nmsi
vertlse In The Herald,
The Herald hns u Orst-class i
plant, .m.l us work i* of the b
The Herald don I wanl charily, it
wants .. square deal on ymir Job
work II we r.in't suit you in qual
Ity ami price, kick, iiii.i send youi
work in some Clicap .lolin house ii
tin* east tli.it never spends a eenl li
Cu nli rook.
1,000 a Week
linn llslBop.
Iimi I.y ail.',
Users ui
1.1 gives
n .li.llni
- In
in mlu..
ey. The advert
riijlil l<> Ilium ivlnii I
receiving lor Iiiu mi
Tlie Ilernlil  Is  mn.  I
1     The
X sale al the tulliiwin*; places:
The Herald  will lie found on *
ale al the tiilliiwin*! places: J
T      in..    II.. *.i...   I...... Ci.....   T
arysville, Marysville llniK Sliire
Wardner, (i Donahue's Store
■ttuyii'. S. k'. Harvic's Drug Store ♦
Kyan. R. P. Flnlay
I'ernif. Purdy's lliuik Store
Klk.., Holbrook's Bunk Slore
Cranhrnnk, Beatlie * Atchison's
and C. li. Keid & Co.'s
Tho Crnnbrook Herald .
week points oul llial i
ubuitdanl gmul Cuusorvati.
tonal aiiuliiil Cranhrook
which lu selecl a I'"' *-"'
hatter Hu* opposition in ih
election, lt menlluus Ihri
Iiuii persons, elih.i of
would imiii'* un eflieii'iil nml
popular Conservative iiicniber lur
Hut eonstiluency. Hm when tl
comes in discuss U.u prospects
lm tin* Liberals, mih iun* llnllle is
submitted as among Uu* possilile
candidates. In. King is ,i good
Icllow, Iml ' tin* Conservatives
Ki.u'l il„ ,i thing in Imn il In*
runs again In. llu* Imiii Iiiiiim'.—
Nelson Canadian.
Tliu   above    article    demonstrate
lhat  Rev. II.ii-i, i-iln i Hu*    I'.m
ailiali. is mil wrll posted "ii politic
in llu. Crnnbrook illslrlct. It i
generally conceded I" people here
regardless ,,1 pnlilical alliliations
Ulnl Ihere is mil a man "i 'hi' l'"n
servatlve party who can ilefeal Hi
King.    This ilislricl Kill do as     i
llill   al   tin*   lasl   election,   null    In     ,
much larger majority, .nul will mim
llu* advantage "i being wllh tlu* nm
ernmenl nexl time. .1. A, Macuon
nlil will In* tin* iiiM premie. ,,[ Iiiii
ish Columbia.
their pn] II-
' columns nl
ml Hu- Van
Outsiders ivti'i t
il pabulum Ir	
,. Victoria Tlm.
live.  Wm lil iiiu-
nf all predictions '" Uu-
contrary,  Hon   Richard  MeRrlilc,
premie i.f limi-li I'nl ina I
linn 1! F (lii-iu I'lni*! C'nmlnis
■iiuii-i i,l Lands ami Works, hnve
li.'.iiil.-il ilu* Imn in hi- ilm    nml
still survive.        I'm  sn     lbs
in. have been t..lil Hul lheir
,,li, nalions lunl hllid tin* Province .villi such Icellngn ..1 resenl
ini-ui ami hnslllilj Ihal Ihey dnro
imi  show tIn ii faces nn anv ptili-
lie platform, Ihey dare nol    f;	
Hieir deluded ronsllluouts nml
nliiivi' nil tlii'i* ii.iii* nm .,il.'mul
. in ileli'iiil lheir nefarious transactions in connection with land
ilrals. In language more forcible
Ihan nnlUc il was declared Ihal
Kaien island, Uu* Columbia anl
Western granf, anil "fncilus de-
census" Uu' Pendrnv soap tnc-
lorv deal (Uie Inllei* in particular) stank in Hu* nnslrils of nn
offended electorate, ami if tin-
ministers ventured mil inin Un*
counlrv an irate people ivnulil
tear Ihem limb from limb. Well.
Uii-v have venlurrd nut on the
platform at Revelsinko, flolden,
Nelson, Kaslo, Crnnbrook Pernio,
Miohol, in sav nothing of Vancouver. Uii-v liave sinnil nn in he
liunettcil, hut alas nn Iroltetler
artpenrert. The same sound ami
forcible nrguments which prevall-
i-il ivilli Hie loral leglslalnrc bave
carried conviction iu tlie country.
has Iwm un uj.m.1
.m-i*. |ui|.i.'.u,. shrieking
i.-un.Mii ■■ ti it even a ■<*'kiti
pfisitinn 'lln* In.mui mi.
il,,,,,, its wurk. Tin* I'"
1,,.   -h iwii Ihal  ii i- n»l '■
i kinked by bogus charges, '"
i, ntcd bv cunning .tint salacious
nnui,,ns verging on hysteria
I'ln* .-.m-iiiuii..nal -i.ui.i laken In
Hn* Premici in Hu* lm"-'* has heen
iii.,iiii;iiiinl in ""■ country. II '*
i-ih/i-.l   Uai   ilu-     Kaii-n Island
,1. :.l   was g 1 husiness lot    Un*
I'mi um* -Victoria Week.
William Hlakemnre, Hie si-nil
srrvltiu nl Hu* Conservative pain,
i.lit,,i ..I U;.. Victoria Week, is re-
sponsible tnr Uu* ahove elusion
!:.... nlm liv,* in thi- interior can
luili appreciate Imw rank ami rotten
are Hn* statements made, It i* true
ihat Mr. McBride ami Mr. (lreen
invaded Hie "enemy's country," nml
iu Borne plan's liii.l meetings, but
Uuv were nnl public meetings in lhe
. ii-u llml Uu* i pie were Invited '"
participate On Hi.* contrary, ac-
cnrtlln: '<■ lbe stnit'tnen! mane In*
u... premici    In* "a- suiiiih   making
a Inin nl llu* l'i..I ini*i* a- .1 tmliislel,
ami in.'    as a  politician       Vol     In*
 de   -nisi In*-   as   a   pnlllich...,     ami
in in..-.. ,i Hi.* I,miis iisil.il lii-
liilil private meetings wilh Uu* lea I
ers .,f itii- Conservative party. Thi-
Week is going In Hu* 11.1.11 nf I'nli'i
. ul -mi iiiii   nln ii il  Indulges in Hn*
.i.ili-mi ills pi mli.I aluil.*. lor II
-In,uii!  km,lv   Iluu   in a   tuul   nf     that
kin,I ihere     was  Iiaiiii* for    the
mmiisitii ii tn s.n ., innil Ii there
hail luun. neilhel Mi Mellrhlc ol
Mi (invn would lum' followed llu*
lm.' . I argumenl Unu Ihey did. Thej
were perfecllv sale in making Hu- de-
i.nii- Uial lin-i iiul. as il could unl
!>- controverted undei Hi.- clrcutn-
lanees Itm if Mr Mcllrhle ami
Hi (in-i-ii will come in Hn- iniiiis
llml tbey visited mi ihvii* last trip
nul open Hn* plntlorm tn all speak-
rs Hni nil! iimi ihal tbey will not
mi' .-.n.l. smooth Balling. Tliu
icople ni Hi,- iiiii'imi as well
s Hn- people n! Hu* consl are imt
nllsfleil wilh Hu* Knlen Island ileal
ii iiitu-r moves made hv Hie govern-
mm. ami Ihey mil imi lie slniv In
inying sn whi-n Uu- opportunity is
it hakes  \ difference.
Tin- Nelson News hits Hie nnil nn
lu- bead iu Uu- following eommenl
.ii Uu* --itua.inn in the province .iml
ll.'   I> ini..!:
lln- Tmv newspapers nie very
amusing I'm months pnsl ihev
have In-, n Indulging in wholesale
alius,. ,,f Sn l\ Iniil Laurier nud
oliiei leading Liberals nl Ottawa.
"Laurier um! I.mi." has heen the
Vieloria Colonist's text fm* Hns
luii- while bnek nml iis load has
heen followed liy lire smaller try
Ihroughni.l thu province. Now
(here comes along lliis Pendray
laml deal in which 1 li.u. II. F,
(lreen, cbiel commissioner ol lnmls
nml wm lm in il,,- liisl Conservative government British Columbia
ever tiail, is Involved, ami because
Liberal papers express approval
nl Hn- soinewbnl belated determination nl Un* government in Inves-
ligale the mailer, ihese Tory
papers raise a howl nf iii<ligna-
liiui. It's nil righl in cry
"Lnurier am! loot," hul totally
Intletenslblc fn suggesl "Green
uml graft."
n! Uu* Jews
massacre nf the .lews in Russia  j*. n hi..'  upon  Hi (Helicon uf
civilization. England ami Hie I nit-
nl Stales, ns tin- advance ngonls of
.nglo-Saxon civilization, should lum
thell bin wai ships loose ami sweep
Hie Russian savages from Hie lace of
Uiu earth. And until this is done,
imiii England ami lhe United Stales
musl suiter Hi., burden of blame for
negleel ng in protecl  humanity,
"llieli" Mcllrhle is a smoolh politician, anil the luun whn puts him
'liiiin fm* nnvfbing else, is mnking n
iiia mistake'
lliiiish Colimtbin is prosperous today, uml yel the party in power can-
imi iininl' lo a single nel nf theirs
ili..t  contributed  in thai   prosperity.
"■Iiiu" Cronin is going In lulu* n
vacaliiin ul several months. No man
in lliiiish Columbia is mine deserving nf a rust than ".Iim" Cronin.
lie has done inii'li fnr ilie province
nnil   fmluiiatelv   miH-h    fm* himself
Crnnbrook was nevei* boomed, but
vi-i sh,* is Hu* besl known and mosl
liiclilv praised limn nl the Interior.
Wnil, lm* Cranhrook, talk fm
Cranhronk, swear lm* Crnnbrook if
Tin* man whn cannol enjoy a eiieus
lias mi lieeuse tn live.
"Comrade" Hawlhornlhwalle Is
coming in ihe Inlerior. Mr. Ilnw-
Ihornlbwaife is Uu. genllemnn whn
said ihul labor unions were a larce
ami iniiiil men u fi.ili.ro. Mr. Hawlhornlhwalle fm lhe pnsl three veal's
lias lieen Hm main supporl nf Hie Con-
-''iviiiiiu p-nrty, nml willimii ii
li.ulit his mission In the Interior is
in encourage Hu* plnelng nl Boclallsl
".mini.ilm iii di,iiliiini districts
When Hu- gentlemnn visited Cran
brook n few vents ago he cut un
again'*! I Ih- real Ihlng, Iol* in Hus
il-ll ii*l      he   fniiml   Hint   lie hail       In
ennlend againsl Hm mosl intelligent
'lass ul lulini im: iik.i it lmil lieen his
misfortune in nu-ei. nml in consequence he lmil n luini time nf it,
William .Jennings iltvaii seems    in
in. Uiu coming    iiian'in lhe    rnifeil
Slates at  ihis Hun..     Mr. Bryan is
king a Imn*    nl th,- world,    ami
■iiiiii- lie is  alis'-lil   Iinm  liis ei.iiiii iv
le    ailer slate hus declared     fm*
him as the democratic candidate   fnr
tklcnl, nml ninn he reaches  home
In- will receive llm grentesl reception
uver given tn ,1 man sinre lhe    time
if Oi'nnl mnl Lincoln.     Bryan    wns
huail nf his lime Khun he fll'sl     ran
u*   presidoni, nnil   was termed    uu
nnrehlsl.    To-day he is locked upon
s the righi man, and Hm verv things
Uial  he ailvni-ateil  nm!  was eonllcmn-
I  lm*   President   Rooscvoll  i.s piisll-
I"   In   Hie  lulu.
Tlie release nt lhe scoundrel Binlli-
er in* tlie department of justice of
In* Dominion government was a hint
in lhc gninl name nf Canada. The
ni-iiiher   ol the    Liberal pally who
You are
after the
So are we
Let us get together on a business proposition and divide the profits. You need
clothes. We sell clothes. We handle the
20th Century Brand
and therefore are able to give you value received for
every dollar you spend in our store. We don't want
exorbitant profits, nor will we take them. We have
been in business in Cranbrook lor eight years, and
have followed one policy in business, " Fair treatment
to the people." We want a profit and must have it,
but we are satisfied with a fair profit, and want to give
you the best of goods for your money. That is why
we sell the 20TH CENTURY BRAND
of clothing. This brand is unique, inasmuch as it fits
like a 'tailor-made suit, wears like asbestos, and it
looks right until worn out.   j*   .*   j>     ,**    j-    „*
But, clothing is not all we sell.  Have you seen our
Stock of Furniture
It is the best in the district. And our Dry Goods Department is complete in every respect. The best and
latest in designs. Nolady can afford to miss the opportunily of saving money that we offer in this department
Greatest Store
was guilt v ot tlu-l act should he
iiiinii'd and 'hlamed, and Uuu ostracise-
ul in.in Hu- party und tlcccnl people.
Tin- Herald believes in placltiR the
blame where it lii-longs for any ael
uf wrong, im mailer wheUier ii l>.
Liberal or ('< tiscrvatlve. Justice
uml riglil ti \.bai wo want in tin*
country, regardless nf politics, and
lli.- man wlm would hide a wroj$
art in savu a party nr a politician
is iiiii salt' lo trust in any capacity.
Turn the scoundrels uui, no matter
wb,it politieal brand they may wear.
Thai ti lhe way t-o make a clean
'I'uuiiiry and a twll'or government,
grift"    Is   a   (aVillt;
i     British    Columbia
There is talk about "Hub" Green
briuK dropped from tin1 government.
Don l believe it. Tbe Herald will
make tire prediction riglH now tliat
"It.ib" (irei'ii will remain iu the governmenl jusl as long as "Dick" Me-
Riide does. The nun who are on
Hi,' inside know llial what tbe Her
aid says i.n this is right, and tliey
know why.
If tliere is tn he an election this
lull   there is a ehaiiee nf getting thai
bridflc over Hie "St.  Marys,     Otherwise there will he none.
.1. A. Ilarvev is looking after bis
fences -and stands a goixl ehaiuv of
sinning ibf nomination for parliament if au eleclion ti calltMl this fall
Mr. Harvey has been a hard worker
in lhe (Ynsi'iTative party and hi
may reap lbe reward Ibat is coming
,il   lhe uexl   eleetinii.
■ i.i.l'■■ Uils,,n h.mdttl down a ileel
mmi iii tin- ease nf Manners .s.
Qreer, ibis wed., nml gave a judje-
ini'iii in favor nf Manners Ior
$231 nn Tb s was u ease in which
Manners sin d flreer fnr money c
r.l in be llut- fm lumber taken and
sold and ni.i luily accounted for.
I'h.- case allrncled considerable Inleresl in Inwn nud the result was
waited for bv the people with no
Utile anxiety,
A .session nf eourl Was held by
Judge Wil'in lo-day uud several
cases were beard and disposed ol bv
his hi'imr.
1',-rkin Ronknul was eharged wiih
assaulting a little girl eleven years
..bl named Carrie Monro. Tin-ease
was a hud ono and the IcRfimony
was ii'vnliing in the extreme, Thi'
ileii iiilaiil was found giiiMy nf common assault and ftne<l J20 or one
month in Inli,
Minnie Morgan, nf Marysvlllo, wb
al'templed tn take the quick route
In kingdom come, was found guilty
i.f iittiniplid suicide ami given a
suspended sentence to be enforced if
be again   indulged     in the   beverage
\        UV THK OLD MAN. &
^l!fl.SSI.-Sa»9,Ba «66tefr:-5i& ££&*>*?
ll i.s bard In gel down to daily
tnil after wandering around Inr two
weeks and living mi ihe fat of ihe
laml. Mut ii musl be done, no mailer Imw painful il may lie. Vet cno
is Impressed with the Idea that the
job nl spending a good Income twelve
months iu tbe yeai musl he a pleasant nne. Really that is jusl the
kind ,*f a job we would like. Tbe
old saying of a champagne appetite
and a lager beer Income just about
liis our    case. We like Ihe      good
tilings nf life, we like 1-n see. tbe
beauties nf nature that are revealed
hy traveling through tlie mountains
and ner lbe plains; we admire the
art guthries, the architecture of tbe
cities, ihe ocean and ihe sleamcrs, in
facl all ihat is grand and beautiful,
an.l if we had Hit- money there is
untiiiug on earth tbat is'interesting
mentally helpful, that   wnuld
111 111
lend to broaden' Hi.
food for though!  t
see. Travel is a greal edin
we would like lo Iw cduc
way. To know things
things, ;|iul l.i secure a I'
proelntion of whal is going nn around
us we must come iu eoniiicl wilh
ihe ouier world, That is why
(raveling is beneficial Hn ihe road
my friends, keep your eves and ears
■pen and don't lie afraid fo ask .pics-
tions Whn yi ii iel ui n ymi will In'
i bet ler and a wiser man or woman.
That is progress.
And   siicukim. of  lhe  beauties      of
nature, we d< i believe thai there
is   a   Inn  iiii   Ihe    Vmetieaii  eonlllieilt
that   will   excel   ll ne   from   Cran-
'ilont'   up  the  lakes  In  I.eVelstnl... ,,,-d
''v the main line u, Vancouver,
thenc io Victoria and on In Seattle
md bv daylight over the Oroal
Northern to Spokane and KlLo home,
there nn- lbe changes from the   ears
'■I the bonl and from the boal lo tho
'.us. the  mountains  and the   water
fal!s.    the    shore   scenes    from    Mm
'ioiHs, ih,. sunsets „„ tlit* sen, the
treal gorges, the wild streams,    tlm
rural scenes with wealth of orchards
md lin'.ls r.i grnlti, cllles that arc
'mblemalleal of growth and pn.-gress,
where all  llial  is new and up-ln-date,
"an    be seen.       Il   is an  int.-restin..;
'lip. an educating trip and ope thai,
he people nf Cranhrnnk. when llirv
ne   ecu f omnia ling a rest, a   change
'inm the daily toil nf life, should bv
■ill means take.
people who wero strangers in tbe
lowu could see where Hie Herahl office was located. Itm as the council, through their solicilor, Mr.
Thompson, bad seen fit to pass an
nrd nance compelling business men tu
lake down the signs that tbey ban
paid   su   much (nr.   we  were  perfecllv
satisfied, as we believe in obeying any
law ihal may be passed. And we
fell good uver lbe matter after visiting such back woods towns as Nelson, Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle
and Spokane. In all of Ihose towns
they have all kinds of signs ou tlie
streets, extending ten and fifteen feel
oul over the sidrwulks, uud tbey ale
so fur behind lhe 1 mes that the pool
deluded residents live under the Impression that they arc all right. Viv
told smne of Hie people that thoy
should come to Craubrook where thej
could see a real live city, a city iif
progress, a ciiy where ihey had a
solicitor who believed iu being uj
witb the times, yea, ahead of Hu
times, and one who drafted by-laws
that load the people to the swi*et
haven of progress where they coul'
turn aud look with pitying eye upon
Hie denizens of such towns as- have
been meuli..ned and polnl wilh pride
In whul we nf Cranbrook have done
and aro doing.
Everywhere one ean go in British
Columbia nothing ean lie heard bui
goiwl words fnr Cranhrook. While
wo wero at the coast we bad the
pleasure of meeting represi'ntalive
citizens from every part of the province, and in no instance did we bear
a word againsl Cranbrouk. On Hie
contrary every ono bail a good word
fnr tlu- Invvn and her prospects, And
nne feature that especially Impressed
ns was ihe comment nn ibe citizens
of Cranhinol,, as words of praise
were spoken al all limes fnr Hi.*
people nf this town. One man said,
"I like the kind of people you have
there. Tbey nre not knockers. Tliey
havo a good word Inr lheir own town
and fm their neighbors. 1 |iav.> yet
tn bear a Cranlirook man sav anything iig.iinsl the lowu or' the
people. Tbey all sveiu tn Inlieve in
their place, and they are not jealoill
of anv man who is making immcv
That is Ihe spirit thai builds up
prosperous communities."
The mother whn raises a daughter
inlo a [iiire and noble woman u u
son lo u ble manhood has dune bei
work on earth, and the hat of every
man should come off when her name
is spoki n
Hypocrisy don't pay. The game
so ii is known, Tak-p It righl here
in Cranbrook and bow have the
hypocrites prospered. They may
make money, They may fool th.-
penple     fnr    awhile.     Hut not    for
candidates,    the retiring grand mas
.  i ter. ll. K. McKenzie, and T   V. N.v-
excurslon   to Elko   Thursday   amls( °' Vancouver, Hie formet  he-
last ruder the auspices uf tlm Knights, '"K l'lfrtctI'	
nf     Pythias   proved one of the most!     r^AL ESTATE TRANSFERS
enjoyable events    nf Hn* season    to] ——
The following are tho transfers   of
real estate effected bv Heale A     El-
well during the past fortnight
Sarin—Hopkins, residence,
Hambrick—Harris, residence
Pyatt—Leslie, farm.
those fori una ti' eiiongii to part iei-1
pale in it. Although Hw weather
looked rather threatening i» Hie early,
morning ahout two hundred Cran*
biookites tnnk advantage of tin* occasion to secure a pleasant outing
and this crowd was considerably I
augmented hv citizens of Wardner and;
.laftray. On their arrival at Elko
Hu- excursionists Were escorted     to],,, ———
the   falls   hv the     Cranbrook band.  ( KANJH.OOK   PUBLIC SCHOOLS
which, under the leadership of B.  II.
Short, enlivened the day   throughout
h a iili'iiiiiiule of excellent music
Ailer viewing thr falls and canyon
ihe crowd returned lo Uie town ami
after luncheon tiie programme oil I.
s|iiii*is as arranged hv the commit-
was proceeded uiili, wilh     the II
Innec.     Kiervlimly gels nexl.       Anil
IVo are inure convinced Ihan    ever  I'lni.     llu- hypocrite is the hiitt     ol
'hui   Cranlirook   is    a    progressive ridicule   unit     llu- objrel uf    scorn.
liiiin.     Recently     we    were   served   If vnu (Inn'l  lietieve Ihis s-top lor n
wiih an order hy t'lie chief uf milieu  minute and con over :n vour    own
in lull ilf of lhe city council, ordering1  mind   any   hypocrite in    Cranlirook,
ns tn iai,*e down our   siirn   thai    ex- Size liim'up.'   Figure him out.   And
lended out over lhe sidewalk.       We  Ihen decide for .'oursclf where he he-
lli.il  exhileratrs    as well  as lntoii-1 Imd jusl had ttie sign put up, and Iti longs.       Ynu know where you   will) The     Vancouver    man    won.      For
cates, was put over the sidewalk so    that put him. grand representative there were  two
following results
Hoys' raee under K.-A. MeCullhi
lirst; .1. MeKee, second.
flirls' race, uuilri Ki—Hiss Todliun-
ler, lirst; Miss Short, second.
Thiii* legged hut—.1. Unit's an.
!•'. Pallon.
Sack rac<—A. M. Black.
Hi;!', step anil Jump—I. Hrcckili,
Running broad Jump—P. nleConnelt,
lim yard race—F\ ntcConneli.
Putting shot-.i. Brccken,
During Uu* ntiernoon those who desired lo irip tin- light fantastic weir
i-iiiili'led to ilu so ai thi' pavilion, Mm
Pernio orchestra furnishing ihc music
lor ihc oci'iisiun, while many embraced llie opportunity of Hying lo coax
the ivilv Innil from the depths of lhe
Elk river.
Taken all together il was- ono   nt
the   must   sliecesslul   excursions*     I'.'.'!'
conducted Irom Cranhrook, and the
i* .iiiuiii    iu i Imim* Is entitled    In
liiuh pinise lor the manner iu winch
ih.'t handled iiu* nn.ni uui the cm.its
Ihev     pul   lullll   |„ keep   llieli   I'lN'sIs
iiiuiismI anil llml (hey Biiccecdod in
Ihis was amply proven In Mm- happy
lliropg uhu voiced their approval on
'heir ri'luin lo Ci.iiihioiik nt lllllll
Ihal evening.
TIIK lllll. I.'KI.I.OWS.
HKSI'I.T       OP     KI.KCTIOV     (IP
(111 W'll   OPPIC1RRS   Poll
  The Land ot liie Ua'ple
Ad'liyss   and   I'resviilali.iu    ul
Rolls ol Honor   Mayoi Rogers
111    Rl>ng   The Maple Lim!
IV.   Presentation   ol lhc   MoBrlde
Prizes lor Honest Endeavor
 I. A. Harvey
V   Flag Song  Ilini,..' Pupils
VI. Piesinlaiion   ol   Medals    lm
Highest Aggregate	
    Rev.   Plcueliilh.,
VII. ProBcntation ol   Medals   lm
I'.ssay on I'anada 	
 Rev. .1. P. Wesiiiiaii
Mil.   Presenlalion   ol Reul Medal
fm AI tendance	
■ Rev. IV, (i. W   Foiliinii
I.V    Presenlalion ol Harvey Medal
lor History      Rev, Ctoodllolil
Prcsoolatl ii Prizes,
liisl Save lhe King.
A   rollccMon will  he  taken   lo
liny the expenses ol lhe mi
Victoria. .Inne lii.-Thc pennd lodge
I. .1. 11. P. eleclion of ollieers Ior
li * ensiling year resuilted as lollows: (Irand Master, P. [■: Simp*
son, Cranhrook; depuly grand mas-
ler. T. Emhleton, Rossland; grand
warden, II. T. Pullen. Lailvsiniih;
grand secretary, Fred Davy,' Victoria; grand treasurer, Wallace Law,
Vancouver; grand representative, D.
I*:. McKnizic, Neiv Westminster. The
onlv offices for which there was any
conlest were those of grand treasnr-
iiiul grand repii-sontalivo. Fot*
former oflirc Micro were    lour
candidates, three Irom lliis cily and
oni- from    Vancouver,  Wallace Law
MiiIii.u.     .I.i.ii,. 'ill-Wmi, „| I.u,	
steel mi the V V. ,. E , Irom liern
■ii'si ciimineiiceil    i„d,iy, the i,,,,*i,.
Ill) llll!  Illiieliille ulnl siilne 'Hi  men  he
in.: employed,      u is repoMed liern
llial the V , V  A E   win lie   i -
niTieil mih rirmwood ami Uui con-
siiiii-iion wmk on ihis extension
will he ii.iiinieiiissl shi.nli* Th,. v .
V. A* E. peoplo have pnrchftt.nl :iti
lots hun-, pn-stimalilv fm rnllroiul
iilliees m simps ul «onio kind
Nol ice is hereliy given thai i.il
days Irom dale I Intend lo applv in
the Chiel Commissioner of Lands niul
Works, al Vieloria, lor permission In
piiiih'si- lhe lollowlng described lnmls
mi tho railway Irom Cranlin.dk In
Klmberley, in llie East Kootenay
Commencing at a post, Vi. II.
Moore's N. E. corner (and adjoining
tt. Low's N. W. eornerk Ihence wesl
in drains, thenee soulh III chains,
thence east III chains, thenoe norlh
10 chains to point nl commencement,
consisting ol I HO acres, more, or less.
W H, Moore
Dated In*,: 16th, 1906. u-H THK   OBAXHROOK   JIEKAM)
15 per cent, off our Home Spun and
WHY : The summer so far has been too
cool anil men have been hanging on to
tlieir heavier suits. Hot weather in
coming. Make your choice before the
stock anil sizes become broken.
_•••••»«•»»«•»<•*••«*.' e mi
♦♦♦.♦♦♦♦♦♦.♦♦■♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦««»♦♦♦♦♦»♦»♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦
iicw'spiipers liavi' (lone
, iii* in ispiisiiii; puokill_|
ii'llimls.     Moral i     IV
ul lu
Ciiimilii.il tliu
l.iil_li_li 'll.miii
Irish Hull
Ai I'   I In. k. 1    in litis
Oinrk'a   Wlu-lu   t'lii.-lmi.
mill,   im* 111,'Iiiiiii*   	
C'li.rl.'a   Lunch  T1.111.11e
M.l mi*    Urou,    Toronto
liiiin,  per II.
. *1.7".
Working Men's
Working Boots
Mini's Tm Kip r_1nn.ii.rg      12,25
Men's ('In'..in,. Iiul     8.60
Men's I'liiii.*,* Blue-tier     :i.7.»
lf.'iiliiiai!i*id Mull- Congress t. boot
in- ...ii.-ii-.-iiiIi-i- iii give Biitiafnotion.
II' yuu Iimi ;mv tl.iw wi- will give
you :i new pair,    Prico    $'1,25
G. T. R.ogers
I.I t
********************** *********************
Drnnitm I	
Uhilll.il.    nil
 !„      Wl* 11
piuiiil,. ll,,*
. s'lltri u.Hin, .1 iiuiiiiiii'il, pli'.-isanlly
1 <lni.vs. nm ii|i,*iiit this in i*tt*i*n.*il Iit'i- ill tlu- .-li-nia! lilll, .,-, llllsillPBS,    Wo
hammock, you'll  Imve tn tlo the rest,
ll.i.  ui*,* ih,  prices
S.i oo      .*.; 5"       <i""       Ss."0
tS ;;.. So no
C. E. REID & CO.
Druggists, Stationers
I'll.mc 74, Dispensing is our specialty
************** ******* 4 <,4**4*****************
I Wherever men Dress Well
Vou uill llml iliiii ilm, lun ll I,.iii,.,, from
ii*i.    II vmi u.nil mu ul*. Ihii un* i-.pivssivi.
i.i nil   tlinl*.  sin.in   Iii   Iviuliiiin,   Mnlerlnl,
'I' n i 1.1 r 111 :: nml   tit.  we hnv.) Ilu-iii nil
IftCSweytt, t»K folding Cailor
«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦?: ****** ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»*>«*.««*«««««««4
.< .* T 11 li j- .<-
The most comfortable house and thc best
table in the Kootenays
Apply (or Urms Mrs. Holford, Cranbrook
30 Colored Stan, headed by that
tunnies,  oi lunny fellows,
Mirth, Music, Melody,  Sweet
Singers, Funny Comedians,
Pretty Octoroi ns, Splen- ,
did Costumes
Mahara's Challenge  Band and
Orchestra will give a street
parade at noon.
Prices 75c. and $1.00
Wh,, ti Blaine ?
.1. Cohvoll, ol Michel, was a Cranbrook Visitor .Saturday.
Mis, V. Hyde Baker is visiting
friends hi Nelson this week.
W. It. Itoss, of Fernie, was in the
city  to-<iay in  legal business.
Hoy Clothier caino uver froni Nelson Monday to attend the lacrosse
Mis. Dupont, cl Windermere, Is
spending a wivk in lho cilv visiting
li lends.
Nothing hut Inn. Where? Why
at Mahara's Minstrels, Saturday,
J tine 2,'lrd.
.1 V. I'inkham and V. Hyde Baker
It'll to-da>* for Elko and the new mill
ai Elkmouth.
.1. A QoupIH, ot the Manhattan
hotel, Moyie, was a Cranbrock visitor Monday.
Vvw as good, non*1 bettor, Wlgen's
berries tor preserving. Order now.
—i;   T  Rogers.
Judge Wilson has returned from
liis trip to Golden and held a session
nf eourl  to-day.
v tv McK-lnstry, of Marysville,
was a Crnnbrook visitor ihe latter
pari nf last week.
Tho Lethbridge lacrosse tram re$
Istcrod at ihe Cosmopolitan during
their stay in tihe eity,
Mike Durick and George Lomprey
eame down from MarysvHIe Monday
to witness ihe lacrosse game,
For Sale—Timothy hay, in lots ol
two carloads and upwards. For particulars apply to V. Vi. King, Calgary. 12
Nut Darling, of Vancouver, one of
ih.* most popular travelling salesmen
in llritish Columbia, was iii town
Mrs r. ft, Kiinoke, who bos been
visiting with her husband al Macleod tlio past 1-wo weeks, returned
tn lhe city Tuesday.
Wlm is Blaine ?
K W Wallace. W. T. OulHtord, A.
it McOuire and V. H. McOuire ao-
compaucd ibe Leihhridgo lacrosse
(imiii to Cianbrook Sunday. All registered al l:hc Cosmopolitan.
Don'l lorgol ihe school concert to
he heSd al Went wort* hall to-morrow
nighl. A splendid programme has
been prepared and the entertainment
will prove a most enjoyable one.
The mleft'st in howling is in-
creasing and tho alleys me occupied
ovory     night.      The   score lor last
week of the high ones wns as follows Arthur Goodwin, ill; J,
Kelly,  I.M;  Itoberl   Aiken, 137,
Mayor Rogers received a telegram
lo-day from the govern mie t to the
effect thai lhe plans (or the basement
and first slorey of llie new public
building bad been prepared and for-
wardtd, and tlw rest of the plans
would he ruslied forward as rapidly
as possible,
Regular public preaching services
will lie held in the Meftiotlisl church
next Sunday. Morning subject, "A
Proof That we are Mvfng." In the
evening the local order of Knights of
Pytidas will attend in a body and
llie pastor will deliver nn appropriate
address. Special music will be furnished by the choir ot twenty-tour
voices.    Alt are Invited.
Who is Blaine ?
Everv trailer of tlie Herald should
lend the ad. in this week's paper
about lhe bin celebration to he held
at Fernie by the Eagles, July 3rd
and 1th, A special tra is will be
run from Cranhroflk and the hose
team and lacrosse boys will po out
after the prizes that nave been cfter-
ed in this line ot sport. Cranbrook
will send a big crowd.
Whu is Btaini S
Laugh and now fat at Frank Mahara's Minstrels, Saturday, June
D. J. Klmei, of Movie, wai in
town several days tin- first ol the
Mrs. Rogers and Miss JaRaires
have returned from their, uutiug At
Warned—(inl to assist in bouse
work and nui sine Applv to Mis.
ff. F. Gurd. li*
Mis. A, J. Balmenl lell Tuesday
afternoon for an extended visit in
Beavcrton, Out.
Miss Francis Cllne and Miss (iil-
christ leimnifl from their Winder-
mere   tup   to-day.
V W Burgess, ol Wardner, visited
the city Tuesdav and registered ,a
ihe Cosmopolitan,
John Leask and Dan McDonald
have gone to lhe LordfRU country
to look ovei theii log mining properties.
w u Floweis left Sunday lu • ior
his old home m England i ailed
there by ihi- serious Illness .»l lus
.1 Kii/.|.atrt.'k, ol bhe Sullivan
smeltei, returned Friday aftei pending three months at his home iu
H   ll   Angers, of    the si   Eugene,
ti.  in   the  eity  having  a   week-,   v.n-..-
tioii. and is stopping at the Cosmo-
pohlan hotel.
T Ii Staik and Win F Tate left
Monday foi  the   coast,  wliere    ihev
will attend lhe session of M.isolit'e
grand lod-t-e.
Thos. Proctor, of Nelson, was in
f'rai*irok Saturday looking aftei
the interests ol tlie Kootenay Valleys company.
Jos. Walsh, Oeorge Watson awl
Wm C.iiliu. of Fori Steele, weie Interested spectators of the lacrosse
game  Monday.
P. Burns A Co., have given    lheir
wagon a new    coat of pnint   nnd it
looks as nice as a new bat   iust  out
of a hand hox.
Wlm is Blaine ?
T. Martin, the popular C P. R,
divisional engineer, with headquarters
at Calgary, spent a few days in
Cranbrouk  tlie pasl   week.
James Ityan and Vic. Rollins lefl
to-day tor a trip to the coast. They
will visit Seattle and watch lhe
pottles go and also go In Victoria
ami Vancouver,
Fred Smyth, of the Movie Leader,
passed through Cranbrook Monday on
his return from Victoria, wltere be
had been attending the session or the
I. 0, O. F. grand lodge.
Monday is circus day and lhe lown
will be full of people. Norris A
Rowe give the peoplo a run for their
money and no one can afford to miss
ihe chance of attending.
'llie sacrament of the Lord's supper
will be observed at the Presbyterian
chinch next Sunday im.ruing. A
preparatory service will he held Friday evening at 7.30 (o'clock.
.The members of ilie Cranlirook
lacrosse club wishes the Herald to
extend their hearty Hunks to lhe
Cranhrook hand for turn'sblng music
tor the game on Monday last.
Messrs. Hoggarth, Uow and Ward
returned from the ccnat lasi Monday. Mr, Hoggarth said ihat lie
would not bave missed thai lacrosse
game if he had had to hire a spec a I
train to get there.
T. M. Roberts, of the (lim or
Arnold .V Roberts, real estate and
insurance agni's was called Lo Fernie
Saturday In^t lo adjust ilie losses
on a couple of houses, whieh wen-
destroyed by tire recently.
.1. J. Wort h, of Ca 1 go ry, representing thf Calgary Milling company, was registered at lhe Cosmopolitan this week. His firm Intend
opening up a branch feed store in
Cranbiook and will handle all kinds
of Hour an.l feed,
Rev. Bast an, who was rector at
Christ's church tot some lime has
bad a c.ill from Wantage. England,
and will go Ihere in a few days,
lt is quite possible lhat Rev. Bast ian
will stop oft at Cranlirook for a few
days on his way across the continent,
The berry crop along Kootenay
lake is light ami no berries vvill lie
shipped from there to Cranhrook this
year. Creston will SL(>ply all they
can hut thi' demand mav he more
than the yield. Wlgen's berries are
coming daily and are belter than
ever. For preserving
You can procure Wigcn'
at  (1. T. Rogers.
Who is Blaine ?
C. A. Foote, i.f MoyU
to   Cranhrook     t-o-dav
ttaiii  and   laken  to  tlie  ..
operated  upon  for append
King went  to Moyie ilnsl  night   and
with Dr.     Ilaivie'broiighl  Mr.  Foote
back.        The Odd Fellows and      the
Knights of Pythias, of  wh ch  orders
Mr. Foote is a member, ordered   the
special train, and 11  was ihis    that
saved his life,  as his condition   was
such   that   any   delay   Would    have
proven fatal.
S. J. Mighton is making a special
sale of cigars ihat should prove attractive to the smokers of Cranhrook. II might be well for you to
read the ad. lie has in tills issue of
the Ilcraul, It will show you how
you can indulge in a luxury and at
the same time make money. The
lover of a good cigar vvill appreciate
such a condition. If vou don't
smoke don't read lhat ad. Mr.
Mighion is a peculiar man. and he
would prefer thai you would not
waste your time rending bis ad. unless it will he a benefit lo you.
Now remember this and kindly oblige him by nol reading bis .id unless
you want to secure a big hnrgnln in
A. O. Blaine, one of ihe best
known rustlers in Hie elollting tine,
has taken a grrat fancy to (.'ranbrook, and looks upon  Ibis town as
good place to enter Into business.
In consequence he went to Spokane
and seen ml Mr. fi. 1\. Hall, a man
who is an expert in the line of
cleaning chillies and household goods,
id has opeiml a place iu this cily
...I Armstrong avenue, just north of
Harris Bros! meal market. Mr.
Blaine proposes to ci\e bti attention lo this work and see lhat his
patrons get Ihe very best service
possible. In addition Io the cleaning department Mr. Blaine will also
attend to the tailoring business, and
with Ihis idea'in view will carry a
full line of samples for suitings Unit
aie made hv custom tailors in Montreal and not hy tho sweat shops of
the ensl. Mr. Blaine is well and
favorably known in Ibis district ami
will do'a big business, (or the reason that lie can be depended upon,
and what he says Is as good as a
gold bond.
,  i.
i  1.  l
,  ,.
,  1!  1
1.  1
I   I'
I   1.
I   ,.
order    now.
,   ln-ITil'K  OUI.
. 1111.1 lirriiKlif
liy a special
hospltul ami
Some men entertain the idea  that
it costs too  much money
But I am making a cut in the prices of cigars by the
box that will show how badly they are mistaken.
I have 40,000 more cigars than I should have. I
must reduce my stock. To do that I will give my
patrons the benefit. Don't buy one cigar; buy a
box and make money. The best of brands at a
price that will surprise you. You can afford to
smoke a cigar if you get  it at the  right price.
By the way, I keep everything in the way of
Pipes and Tobaccos. ** No more complete or
better stock in the province. ** Cranbrook, B. C.
A. Pratt has returned from his
trip to the Edmonton country.
Col. Henderson and wife, of Fort
Sieole, were in town to-day.
(ieorge Beat tie arrived from Revel-
stoke Tuesday and is visiting in
.1. G. McCallum visited Sirdar last
K. D. Johnson made a business
trip tc Wardner last Monday.
(Uio Hough has been in town several days this week nn business.
"Salty" McKenzie, of Saettle, is
spending the summer in Cape Nome.
Miss Cole, sister {if the late Mrs.
Austin, bas accepted a posit ion as
stenographer in Ihe olliee of'W. F.
James Biirketf, of Sparwood, was
in lown this week, having brought
a piece of machinery down to have
repa red.
Syl. Richards came up from .Jalfray
yesterday for a few days at home.
lie is feeling considerably under the
"Scotty" McArthur had the mMor-
tune to fall and break his leg last
Tuesday and is in the hospital now in
Tha work of making the concrete
foundation for the new building tliat
is being constructed by The Fink
Mercantile company is under headway.
Tom Wellman, proprietor of the
Lcland hotel at Vancouver, is doing
a big business ami enjoying a comfortable seat on the sunny side ol
easy street.
W. D, Hill is very ill to-day and
his condition is coiisidei til by his
physicians as extremely serious, lie
was taken with a severe altack Ibis
morning at an early hour.
.lolm Manning returned to-day from
the coast where he went as a delegate to the grand lodge ot Otlo
Fellows, Mr. Manning reports a
sphndid time, which was coining to
him, as there is not a harder worker
in lhe Koolenays.
There was considerable husiness before the council last evening but none
of much importance. Dr. Connolly
addressed the council on the reduction made in his salary and claimed
thai it was hardly just since he had
purchased instruments tc, carry on
the work of health officer. He also
added that if the council did not leel
as if it could afford to pay a proper
salary he would place tlie city on
the basis of his poor patients and
do t'-ie work (or n.Tth'ng,
Mr. Long, manager of the water
works, appeared before the council
and explained about the prices charged hy other companies for hydrants,
shewing that the charge made by
his company was very reasonable
The price named, $2.75 per hydrant,
waa accepted and the deal closed.
|H)3lSE[£5EJEi!S5S'SafifE(BSSKa IS ffl ffl ffl fflfflffl
our shelves must move. We are tilled up with
oil lines tint we offer oi absolutely COST
Working pants at $1.75
Dress   pants   at $3.25
I Cranbrook Cooperative Stores |
Cranbrook Bowling Alley f
One of the best, and one of tiie most popular recreations  In      ♦
Cranbrook.   Open from 9a m to 12 p m.   Open lor ladies      1
Tuesday and Friday afternoons.
Armstrong  Avenue
Proprietor t
•«♦♦♦«♦♦♦♦«-.♦♦♦«»«♦««• ♦♦♦♦♦-.♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•««»««4
Little Sip of Pontet J
Canet Ch
St. ,
ulil 1,-1!   ll	
.Vim*, nml I.l,ii  -
ii.ll kiniuii i.
.in.i-  »,. wll
.'riiiiliriink. II •' I'l i:
sasa»sj_s_rv-is__N_r*B ai-^--b ^isnsa^ THI   CRANBROOK    HKKAI.lt
jmotMM tc-.ii- ******gw-jgtgggggggggggggggggg*^
DISTRICT     **        **
(From Uie Mnyie Leader.)
\'l    .ill.llllii*llli*Illi-   li.Hr   I-'*' 'I
liU-tcd ini  iii.* Brawl l»"ni'i"""
celebration al Movie .11 M'MKl'
.luh 3ml. .'vi i-inlii h'lndrcd ilnl-
l.us* have lufii subscribed '" '" ''"
n.iifil ni prim Tin- i'i...ui"""* »>''
coiisisl i.i imk iiiiiii"*- .'"iii'**'*-. ""-
,„lli„...     Uo   ni.iknu .unl   .Imiii""*-.
hose reel    i.i.*'*-.   -I ""- "i-i"'1"'*-
um-.ii-ii.ii. .iml .i mil programme ..i
r.,l,sl„i,i,,i, -|i...'*        Tl"* committee
ni i-li.iui* jn- l'-i-in- iioMilnj mnl *
i„ make  a) a  eomplele *'""*--
Special rai« "" '•"' rail"™1 . "".
In im .i liinte nuinbei li""' ' '.mi"""''
ami "'1 * 'e I"""'*   ,*'' '■"'.'' '"'
iii- .i -I'ifiiil attraction Inl .i :■"■'■'
numb,., „l "illsi.l.-i* The -I""1* nn;
|„    luinlllilc     Willi    .1   il*'""'   HI   '*''-"
lull ni iiii* .venhtfi.     The riiinniiu.-'
,,„i i'IIUwis .ni* ili'ii*iiiniinl In nl.i'*.*
Ill,,     llll.   .1  KIHTl'SS    .iml   I"      si*""
imilnls lluliii* sail
Ih'IIi'I*  li""*."
li.i.l .i
Tli,. ii-li'ln,ili.m ruiiiiiiiliri* have ile
ciiinl lo nm* Sinn h> pri*™ "" '"''
Imw reel race.
Albcrl  Lumi,  who «-i- s.i "Mil up
In ,i     iiMiuiviiv .irii'li*'"  "'   ,'""
months   ur"   .vliile tlrlvitin «     "-'
sinllli- s,   .ill.i.l I     IWll
rk,  ulnl.* In i mpl.fi  m ' "' *SI,
I-*,,**,-,,..,   i_ mil   nl   il"*  li.-l'".'1     •","'
will sunn In*  ■ '" "■"'"' I" "'"''■
Albeit I.a.l   ,i his broken ami    »»«
nilii'iiiisi' IiniImiI up.
Mrs i',,ii,..|""i lell "" Monday I".'
Denver, n.l. where she wll lake an
*,-il\.iui .--I i.'iiisi* iii siiiftinp al llie
conservator" ■'! music. Mis. I'alre-
iniii: N.m .in • _cpll.nl voice uii'l 'I Hue
ill.  ,„,-,, inc. iiiiiI v.i* Imiii lm' ureal
,in her ui Hi.- [iiiiiii-     She
Mill I'.
iii,.1 ni:
si nail.
liiii-n  I
cmil-ly inisscil In* her   man)'
.mil iio.piaiulai.ces In Mnyie,
hv iuiui)' nlm were nol p.-r-
acqt.ali.lnl  «"!' I"*'■     '""
i   lln.ill-ill   Ilt'l   silWillK.        "Ii
blacksmith shop tii be shad, \.h. n li
lui.ill"    11 l_iili*!ini.   nillsnl   1,,   |„-     U-il
.lll.l   klrk.il  ,|I   llllll.
The imii.lli uf April was th.* I,aiim*i
iintiiili in tli,* output ill iiii- mines an.l
Ihe payroll is correspondingly Lira*?,
exceeding the lami'.-i previous payroll In ali.mi a thousand dollars.
The  [..lliiiiin**, an* the liu-im-s
.-...il Creek * s.....__.. SO
Mi. h.-l             55,581 .V,
Carbon-art.   ...       .     1,306.60
Hi:, .ill? n.i
Tin. |i.n loi il>-' iminlli ol M.i
i i,i,,I in tl 13,705 u.i.
Messrs, lllitfiy   .v Wnlille,   c.iiii.ic-
lors,  ii-.n-iil.iv  received ni.nl    llml
ili.i   li.nl   rtve.1  Hn* contracl     loi
il,, i„-u >' I' II ,I,|inl at Hns plan-.
The) uill commence the work ut
mil"   Tin' n.ii .I. pui mil hi* lim leel
Iiiiir  I   i_ [eel null* ai  Hn* eenler
M ll.*,* nil- il will la* I'l fivl iiul,*
lli,- lirsi   ii,,,,i    mil comtlsl nl     Hn*
..il    Ii.iii*i.ini* roi.ni, express   room,
l.i.In*-' ami mmmi imn urn rooms,
.ml lavatories, ami a ciimluelorh'
lobby!     Ihi* second lloor will have -'
mil sel  nl Iiuii*. Ii s ami  llu- he.1-
 >>..     'I'ln- lmil.Inm uill In*   steam
Heated ami  ui'll  lii_lii.-.l  In   electric-
in 11   uill   li"   limit   in,   a       BOllll
ciiuctple liililKlalliin innl .ilium Him
uill cosl Hi,llllll The iii*ii depot
iiill li,- Iiiiiii just si iiiii nf th,- present lm Ming, ulmii will In- iniinii
.mai llm'  liiimlnsl  .mil   liu*     feci
lm _   mil Inin*: iin* -mill I    m-ii
ilmn, in Un- corner nl Hanson slrcet,
n-c was issni'd vi*s-
T. llulisi* anil Miss
•i.v. Imiii   uf   Coal
Sunda. ruiiins .-in* sans i"" *-''"*-
in Un* l'ii*slnt. li.m church, "lhe
Hock Tli," is fllghei Tliiin I," anil
"Saved In (Iimi-," ami all wlm heard
hei tell son') it was her last appearance in Moyie us ,i silly;''!.
Charles MiicKiiy arrived In lown
from Nelson on Thursday, awl will
remain liu ahoul a week.
A. .'. llowncss iiiiiI A. I„ McDermot, nl Cranhrook, were hero on
Sii-pliui Darby .""I Don.il.1 Sullivan
wmi ihe Morris lui which w.is raffled
lasi Tuesday nighl nl the Cnsninpoll-
laii hold,
The new trap Inr ilu- Mnyie tinn
eliil. has arrived ami now thero is
m, excuse lm* llie local sporls ""I
turning uut fm* practice.
Charles McDonald, whn li.ul n narrow escape Irom drowning n week
ago Sunday, went in llu* hospital i.i
[.■laiiiiiiii.k mi Monday. Ho Is
troubled wiili rheumatism.
K*il llallelll* liv linil"*. Imi only
known i" Hie public In* the snlirlipiel
„[ 'Sociply lied," ninl nne ol lhe
hest fellows mi earth, bus null mining and gone to railroading. I 'e is
now lirakinii mil ui Cranhrook.
(From the Kernie Free Press.)
According to lbe presenl plans    ol
lln*     Ciiiiiliniiik Electric I.inl"    and
Telephone company, Ferule will soon
he connected .villi     nn outside telephone    sysi        This will lie R""ii
news   In    the business    men nl this
Mr.    Malcolm     Melnnes,
mouth,  line ul   Die  six   directors      nl
llie Ciauliimil.* Electric Light A Telephone company, wns iu the cily yearn.lal awl in ansiiei tii inquiries by
a Free Press representative, he "iit-
limil sn  nl the plans ul bis company. "Yes," s-iiil Mr, Melnnes,
"we are nuw cxlcnding nul line lu
Klliini.ui'h by way nl Wardner, llie
poles aie already up ami tbe line will
he iu operation in a shnil lime. This
line will he extended In Ilai lies ami
mi iu Elko wilhoul ilnliiy."
"llmi* ahoul Fcrnie!" was nskeil.
"Well, we aii' nuw building "I' into
the Windermere country, and we aro
also extending our Inn* wesl from
.Mi.vie In Vakil. The Wesl Kniili-tiuy
eiitnlmiii* are now Ileal* Cestui,, su
that there is ven* liiile separating ns
fi ..in ibat hi*; system."
Ml Melnnes dwell upon llle allsol'-
llle neeessilv nf a telephone al 131k-
iii..ii.li       Thev li.ul     im connection
tliere    whatever     with  ll (aide
wm hi, uml ,> telephone would In* a
great  boon in Ihem        11,* regarded
I'll 111<    IIS   all   llll|iul la"l    |     ><>     I"'
Inlliii'i'till   ll|l  llllll   ill.-II   lines  ami   lie
believed Hie other directors look the
same view.     If the   presenl plans nf
Hie ri,Iil|i.il,i   lii.il.-l i.ilim-ii   Die)   iliiillil
hi- iii Fcrnie this vein.
telil.ll   tu   .1
Hilda     Am
.lilies Enrol lla- in llie iill ml
MllllllaV.        lie   sals   llml   the  fishing
ni lliismei is cxcellenl this year ami
ihai s ,■ very gin il catches are inin*  i.iaile.
We rcgrcl tu reporl Unit Mr. Hen.
.'In.le. ul ilie Feinie hotel, is II al
lhe llalei. ii llnl springs. Mr. Clnde
we.il  Hi, if l.i-t  week lui* relief   frnm
li'.ieilllia I islu
Mis. Stink received a nil'* 'lus
iii..inin. conveying the sail Intclll-
g-riioo nl Hie death ul her father,
Mi .1, lu, Parkinson, whieh occurred
-mi.Imii yesterday al his homo iu
llrniiifiiiil.' lint. Tin* deceased gentleman   ii.is sen-nil   veals nl age.
II." Wallace, son ol S. F. Wallace
relumed ihi- week Irom Winnipeg,
whore lie has been attending school,
tu spend Um holidays at home, lien
is making rapid progress al Uie Deal
anl lliimb Ins-Unite and be stands
iiiiiii in his class.
A pelitinn elreulalnl In* the Kniglus
ul l-yihias asking Hint Thursday be
aiipi luted ii iii ie holiday llml' Hit
eft. uiini" inin Cranhrook in the
K. I'. excursion lu Elko, failed In
ils purposo. Tin* mayor held that
ii was imsitilieii'iiilv signed and thai
it was Impossible li; Rive chough
lie.* rn' a civic holiday, The nearness
tu payday was another drawback
held by' some nl lho merchants. The
mai ui fauns smne day early in
A'linist [ui* a enn* holiday and' he
sins Ihal sillliclenl iml in* uill In
unni tu satisfy all parlies, Ihai Ihei
mai maki. thell* plans In conform
iv lii il.
Mis. .1. E. lingers, uf Maclcod,
while nn a visit ii) friends in this
imiii. i.ul, suddenly 111 lasl Friday
ami was laken lu Hie hospital, where
she has since successfully undergone a
critical operation. Mr. Rogers
wine up mi Hie (Irsl train after learning nf his wile's illness, and remained some days. Mr. lingers is in bus-
itess in Macleod ami is doing well.
Mr. William Warren, nl ibis city,
anil .Miss Ellen. Hill, nl Neireslp'r,
Kin; , wen* quietly inarrlnl in ibe
inirlui* nl ibe Clark liiiai'iliiiR house
mi Sundny morning al 8 o'clock, Tlto
ceremony ivas poriormrd hv Rov, Vi.
I.. Ilall, pastor ul ihe Methodist
churcli. .Mr. I,. Ward was best man
ami Miss Patterson acleil as liriiles-
niaiil. Mr. ninl Mrs. Warren havo
laken up lheir residence nil llowlail.l
lllel       The   Flee   Press joins   lheir
Hi, tuts  in extending eoiigriil illations.
(Frum lhe Outcrop.)
ll now becomes very evident' Ihal
Hn- Plarmignn mine Is in In- opened
up and ilevelnpnii'iil wmk proceeded
uiili. Fur sume lime a lew nun
have been at  wmk repairing; Hie mad
In  Hie  t ,li'd during Hie pas-l   lew
days largo qiiniit ilies ni supplies havo
gone up mnl several miners anil
lemiisieis have hern offered employment hi* Hu- manugor. The le-upei,-
ing u[ ibis mini, js regnrded as of
paralnounl inleresl In Hie entire dis-
iiiei ami every person hopes the company will In* It-warded lm lho great
inlerprlsc Umi lime shown in 'Die
p.isi   I   iibiih thev mi much     ile-
At a leiini Hireling   nl the    local
Krrlglita nf  Pythias     Hu*   lollowlng
ullu-t-l .   Hell-  clCClnl     fill'   llle eusllln^
Iel In:
i'   i' —i   s. Volume,
v. ['-He,,. Clapp,
M   nl F.-W. A. Wilniul.
M   of K.—II. (1.  l.nekliail
K    nl  II   A   S.-F   Hi
M. at A.—Wm. Mills.
Prelate-Win, Sent I.
The olhel oulcers     will ho eloelcd
at lbe nexl meellng nf lhc lodge,
A   ten-year-old   hoy    named    Williams,     whose    homo is in ilie-oid-
n-ek This is one nf the ni"st ).ii'-
lillesque lamlies in lbe valley and
ii.nl-.iiis a b.i  ul tin- u-il   besl   laml.
Kiaid Anderson and John Peteis.ni
started lm Hm Paradise mine las.
Fu-la. iu pui everything m abape tu.
slil|i|iilm mc ntsl iai li nnl "li lllllliel
i!el.-!u|i!iii-!|]   wmk
(From the tluhlen Star.)
All Hi.- hotels in Golden ban- been
filhsl .n their in musl during the pasl
week nub tourists and liau-Heis.
I'ln* inin tst Hade, su lal as llnl,len
is concerned,' fna) be said lo have
iust commenced.
.;. A   Kisdei. ill N.w West-minster,
ll.ilinuiuli  giiiellinn-iil   VH*lneer,   ealne
mi..    Unl.lin yesierdav morning     tn
.ns|H-i-t Hie work   recentl. completed
un lhe Kicking Horse, lillllll Hie sup-
eivision ul James Noble, whu .u-liil
iiii ins.t...-.i. i.s ami specifications supplied 111 11,11 I* W llllliel Ml
hei-lel Has Hell salislntl llllll the
li.u k .1 lie anil piuiiuilieist il sub
-l.llli nil
lbe   |i" lie
.Mine Cameron
buili  ibe    govern
l.'n.liiii: fi.n.. .Ins plaee tn Hu*    impel       uiiiiiiii    lllli.isl   ill   .iiilliili        nn
Thumb.) ini'ir r ami altei spemllinj
a dm hen* viewing Hi.* presenl di*
i-clop iii ill    (in.iiii. lelt yesterday
I R   Inl     Mil,illn.-I    In   visit       Ills
ii.*l*li *ii Constable Colin Cameron, lbe
provincial police eliiei tor Winder-
re ilisti'iei Mr. Cameron sits
rii-.ii i-Ii.iiircs iii lhe dislriel since he
lelt   ben* many  years ago and  is lullll
iii lus appreciation Since le.iilng
heie In- has spenl several veins lu
KI, nlil,,- nno wai' an.l an il'hel anil Is
mm a lestilenl nl the eapit.il cilv.
alier au nidus!iinns career, Mr.
Cameron wa" kepi busy while in
luun  inn.'wing uld acquaintances.
Elevin miles nf Hie right-of-way
ive nlrea.lv been clcnrnl along lho
lim* uf ilu* Koolenay Central railway
mnl preparations are now being made
in establish nin* camps, li is un-
,1, isi.mmI wmk will iiut copse hut will
In* carried on couHnun.is!y throughout lho slimmer, while it Is alsu said
Ibat Um ..Miller's nperatlnus have al-
leailv been mapped nnl. Howovcr,
at ibe presenl lime ihere dues nnt
appear in he anv abatement in the
progress nf the wurk as men aie sliil
[inuring iu from all points, while a
fen* are leaving periodically.
Wlien we sre sn many young men
uilli tbeil hair pallid in llle nmlilli*
and hanging (lown over their lore-
beiiils so as In i.liseine every Irace uf
intelleel. aiid sn many vpung women
With lheir linil nil tri/zly-tlnwslv
.md Hupping ai'miml over lheir face's
iu liliy different direct inns, wo are
nnt surprised that the followers uf
Darwin are now positively sine that
mankind descended Irom ibe monkey.
It. li. Hri.ce, manager nl the
Pnradise mines, came down from Wilmer i.n Muiiilav lasl pel sleamel*
Ptarmigan anil led Im* Un* easl that
• I. Peck MncNiinlu. poet, pllilnsn-
plier, printer, hobo, boozologist, etc.,
etc., lefl im Sunday's s-lage Inr the
upper country tn spend a short time
at Fttli-moni springs, after which lie
will proceed tn Cranhrook in act
as Inlnr In the •■Old Man" nl tile
I'rniilmuik. Herald.
the COtupat.y has just clnscd a iihi-
tiael fin Hie binliliiig ut 111. ..lore
nuns These, when completed, will
increase the capacity of Uu* battery
In lllll ovens, inasmuch as th.-lc anal present  nm ovens in active opeia-
Willi sorrow the many liuii.ls will
learn "' ''"' di-aih ui Nina, beloved
wife nf .lulu. D. McLean, whieh sad
hm nui unexpected event oeourTed un
Mondav lasi. Deceased bad been a
resident nl Frank and lllnh inure (or
some years, and was ven* highly respected. He! Illness lias nl several
months, lm"'R a patient in ihu Fiank
hnspiial Deceased was called homo
while in i In- lulliu-ss iif womanhood,
thing tnciiiv-luiii years nl age.      A
liusliaii.l ami I.i mil v ii ii •he -loss nf
a faithful wile and lining mother.
The funeral took place mi Mondaj
ai Blairmore.
Thv P. Hums company is putting
in a innikc! al I.llle, and alsu a sausage plant ai Coleman H is lihe Intention ul llie cniupanv In supply all
lis    lu.nkels  in     Hie Pasl   f I   Ibis
new  pi,ml        I'    E    l.l   I*",nil.iiii     has
lieen appointed ninnag.-r.
iin Tuesday last ihe Rev I! A.
Robinson, rural dean, was united   in
mall inn,nl.,I  I Is   In  Miss  M.u      E
ll.ll I.,n ilaugblei nl lbe lale Frederick .I, nes Harlow, (' E„ nf Sheffield
The ci-ii-nii in   look place al (.Ids
It. siivu-s. iif ihe Imperial, Is making exlenslve improvements in ibe
hotel, Large new sample moms are
bring Imiii. nlso uuv dining lull
When finished tbe Imperial will he
siTimil iu none in the Pass
nperatiiiiis In earnesl.     The question
..I shipments will **,delayed umil n
Is sis-ii   what   ilevel.ipmeut   reveals
Mi. .'nm a was m ib,- city yesterday ami leaves ful Mnvie ibis nn in
ing lu look nvor ihe-st. Eugene.
Archie Cameron, id Victoria, ai'i'lv-
il by last steamer al HTmlcnnora in
visit    lus nonlieiv,   Chlel ('.din Cnin-
1"".       Ml.   (ill nn   is   line   nf    'llii-
lll I mors iu ihi- valley ninl il   Was
e   111",   had   clmrge   n[   the   culisllllc-
" I Uie iii  nag i,i,i through
"'is   valley     ft   (Inl,In,   |„     Foil
ele.      Mr.   l'i mu nmls miti,lem
lul i-liani-vs winiiglil  here since     lie
lell ami has lieen kept liusi Kill, his
iilil friends, Uhu ale delighted lu sop
bim enjoying heollli .md happiness,
Ii is staled that Hie eon.|ia*tiy ilmt
lias  the   oplhlll  nn   III.uuu  acres     nf
laud adjoining Wlliue d extending
liuin Boulder creel, in Dutch crock, is
making good progress inwards financing    Hn* big Irrigation solie      H
is expected Rial Hn* wmk uill bo
sorted shnitly mid employment given
tn several hundred men. ' Wlien cnni-
Pleted II is estimated Ihal lln- area
Irrigated will he capable nf siippott-
ing ufiwa'rds of I.nun families.
.A. -Winter, wife and child arrived
"s. ,„  i,        •',,   R'"!V J''t"11 hy    F,*>''s     l't""»iR"" .at WindcV
?  JJ   i.,u',.  ,'" , '"' . '"";'"■' '     1?" I ""'M' '"'* tm  upon   Hie  beauties      ul
'-•seb,   uas lemliiiRmllm   nail...*,- as*, it  appears in  this    valley.
ed  ill   the   |.|i'c   Press   (l,i   Tljesday      Ihev dinieut,     llurie
  'ii'tl'-'l jintn   Thief crrek In gel' a rlnser view     nl
m lu- , i ?J *i*n-, the, mountains nnil cnoyfeamp life
mg be was tie,, home, In" as a Tlivv have a well-lillnd up ca ,ne i,
small piece of hone was [olfnd In be I whieh Ihey ...lend tn gn dmvn th
missing and unfavorable symptoms nl river i„ (;,,|,|, „ Mr Winler li s, i
brain   rouble developed ,l„- boy was   ,  J   \"J,A   i anuf *   ,     A
tt it is ArJlAA fe I'ArT"an" '•'"' >'is ""^
nnofaHnn"mi?>,if»™?„r,i "'"' I""' "," I    ''R  ' "nMl>-'    p*'■ s *    last week
operation may lave   o be perl I. • complect  the survey nf It  s    fiaj-
'the buy was lalung llu- horse .,, the   lop's _, „.„. rancil ,,„ ,i0,se Thiol
(Frnm   llie    IHail'lnnie Times.)
S. Manahan nnd 0. Lalei, nl Cnli*-
"inii, paid a visit In the Suuih Fink
un Tuesday. Thev returned with
tales nl wno about a pack-horse, had
nails mid a surplus nf fish stories.
Mrs., Dina McLean, wile of John D.
Mel,ean, nl Ibis place, passed away
nn Monday morning, June llib, at
lhe Frank hospital. Mrs. McLean
bad Ihii, serious).' ill and ap inmate
il ibe hospital fm tin* lasl four
mun Ills and In.'t lit lie hope fnr ber
recovery was held nut by lho physicians. Mrs. McLean was burin!
Tuesday afternoon, the funeral In-iiig
atieiiiliil by :i very large number ol
friends frnm Frank, Blairmore and
Coleman. The body was taken from
the family residence tu Mission hall,
where a funeral service was preached
by llcv. T. M. Murray, and frnm
there tu the cemetery where the lasl
sad  rites were perfniiiusi.
Work wns commenced this week
Upon llu* race Hack nf lhe Pass Turf
association, wh ch is situated alnivc
town. This Hack is being put in Inr
Hie benelii uf ibo whole Pass and il
is Imped Ihal all will take all Interest in il.
Claude Campbell, who has had
charge nf the P. Burns * Co.'s simp
al Coleman, has been transferred lu
Frank. Normnn Law, whu fnr ihe
Pasl year has had charge of lho
Frank simp is nuw in charge nf lhu
company's new shop at. Lilh1
Tin- matched nice in be run shortly between Lynn's black marc and
Pollock's hay horse is arousing considerable inicrcst, Coleman sports
ale  backing   lhe  hav   lu   will,    while
Iiiui! le stands |0 go broke nn He*
black. llnih horses aie now in
training and amateur Tod Sloans are
grenlly   in evidence.
Tuesday 'wcnlng, al the residence
ni liibii F. Wilson, ill Ihis place, a
Illllel .raiding was pei funned hv the
Itev.  T.  M.  Murray, when he ' lied
Hie knul   thai  h i.l [,,i  life Mr.  Fled
Thompson and Miss Amiuv On imih
nl Blah-more. (Inly a tew uf lho
friends were presenl and I'ae sister
nf ilie bride, Miss F. On, acini us
bridesmaid, while Hie brother i.f lhe
groom, ll. Tliompson, was besl ninn.
The happy couple will lake up ilmn
residence in Frank ulnic ihev will
he al homo 11 iheir Iriends iii a lew
days. Uuth th,, In nle and groom ale
well km,ii,, hen. |„ |,|re |.Uss, where
Ihey ate ven* popular and have a
Ims! nf friends. Mr. Thompson, lhe
groom, bas been in business iu    the
Pass lm   lie past  |   years lu the
merclimil  tailoring business, and    is
lo-day uui* ii	
business mm.
(From Uie l.i-Hibiiilge Herald.)
I*:. I' llilanils has returned Irom
a Hip In Winnipeg. He was held up
lm* Iwn dais al Maple Creek, owing
in lhe wash ml at Walsh. While
Winnipeg be learned Ihal   lhe   wnrk
nil lhc Inn!) level bridge was tn he
eiimmi ui-eil Ihis fall. The appropriation Iiii'i lu'in passed by lbe dll'CC:
tins. The bridge wit', lie built al-
inosl straight across iho river Irom
lbe A.  It. St  I. r idliniiso      ll   u
he llllll loel high, and a mile lung.
Mr. Itylanils fniind a very lavnrahle
Impression nf the futrrc of Lethhridgo
exisling in Hie minds nl Winnipeg
peuple ami the pmlieiion was fre-
ipiully nffei-i-d lhat Lethbridge
wniiiil siun* have a population nf
An exlleinelv sad death was lhat
nf Mrs. L. N. McEwen early Monday
morning. Sim had lieen quite iii,
bul her dentil was nol anticipated
hi her husband and family, and her
smldi,i demise was a lerrlble blow.
A hiving mother anil trie helpmate,
her ileaih leaves a young lainily
wilhoul a mother's care and aftec-
liuii. There are three children, lhc
voungcsl being hut a tew days old.
Sirs. MeEwen's maiden name was
Mary Cecilia Clare. She was mar-
rinl abuut seventeen years in her now
sorrowing husbanil. ' Her molher,
Mrs. Clare, and a sister, Mrs. Vi.
McAdoo,   live    In lho city, The
funeral took place nn Tuesday atter-
iii'nit. A large number nf friends
gathered In attend the obsequies.
The (loi'al tributes wore lieaiillful.
Messrs*. McNabb, II. Mossop, W.
Olivei*. Vi. Henderson, O. II. ,1dm-
str-u and W. Mnrris acted as pallbearers. Uev. A. M. Onrdnn conducted the service at the house, and
Rev. C. MeKillop at the grave. The
Oddfellows attended in a body.
Mrs. Mill/., wife of A. Mill/., nt the
Furl Steele Brewing l'u.. Feinie, 11,
('., accompnninl Miss.Louisa Sick nn
hot* trip tn Germany,
Mrs. (len. n. Mackay held her
post-nuptial reception at Hie homo ot
her sister, Sirs. F. Colpman, last
Wednesday. A grout many ladies
called. Tbe decora linns wore American beauty ruses. Mrs. Mackay
was assisted by her sister and Miss
Vrooman. Mrs. Lethbridge and Mrs.
Robinson poured lea.
Hon. Dr. DeVebor has informed
Secretary Barnes, nf ihe Roard nf
Trade, that the provincial cahinel
has not decided lo lake over lbe
Dominion building here, It all depends upun the valuation placed
upon it by the Dominion government.
If the building is taken over, Hie
senator promises tn advocate for all
In- is worth the erection nf a coin
leiiid poslofflce, customs and lands
The police airosle* lhree men wlm
were selling knives ahout the eitv nu
a charge nl vagrancy. The men 'wen
1. aili-il up wilh knives and weapons
nf ;_!! kinds. The knives liore lhc
name uf the (Ileal Falls Handware
i'n., and Chiel Parry has written In
Hint, concern tn ascertain if their
slum bad been robbed. Two of'ihe
men wore sen I enccd hv A. E. Humphries In serve a month each in
gaol. The olher fellnw gnt seven
Tlio pupils nf Ihe Central school
responded in a fire alarm in lightning
stile mi Monday, Trustees Flret-
wiind mid Johnston wenl up lo lhe
school in ibe morning, gave an alarm
nnd   in   .ill   sooniKls   all  nf   the    pupils
had marched mil on the gmtinds. This
is a tribute lii llie iijining thev have
li.i.l in the lire drill.
Mi irislinni, N. .1., .luui' 17—As
lhe result nl having Miss Murray,
wlm tips the scales at .iill thumbs'
fall upun him while he made her a
siK-ial call three weoks agu. .lames
('nlidtmi. nf Summit, died in Hie hns-
litlal here In-dai   nl a  ken neck.
Wll,ii Cniidrnn called, lhe girl was
up stalls, so he sal dnwn in a chilli
a! tin* Iml Imn nl Die stairs Miss
Murray tripped un her dresb upon
reaching the bottom nf ibe landing
Seeing she u*as falling 'Cnndinn attempted In get up hum his chair In
....i.l.-i assisianiT, but was knocked
down, and Miss Miblay liimli-il on
bis neck.
Rilling Irom Imr victim, the girl
found  Inm unconscious.     His    neck
bad   been   bl'ok.ll        lie   uas     g||l
limil   Slllnmll   In      Mie   bi.-pilal   heie,
Iiiii   lbe  surgical   aid   l.i I I'd   In   sale
his life      Miss  \l n   i.  plnsltalisl
mel   lho aOaii'
 , 4	
Piiisbiirg, I'a.. .Inne It.—Hoggs a
111 Ill's, iiloparl inoiil slore is badly
crippled because So 'youutt-'woinen cm
plnu-il iii Hi., various departments
bale silocliil lhc iiinulh „l Julio lu
...a I.v.
The rn, lunate lining women who
an* guing in quit presiding nvoi  uh
Inns    and   hosiery   ami look     , i
living beefsteaks foi a husimnd never
lilnuglll  nl   llle I hie  [lie.   ueie gu
ing  tu make lm* liieii employees.
They ke|H nihil secret pieiry mueh
tn ihemsel.es mid began al noon vos-
teiday in inform tbo managemonl ul
lheir inti mini retirement. They kepi
it up inilil closing time, and then an
ei™ iliicc dor.cn nl Ihem had anil-
eipai'd iheir retirement. Few o|
Hicm will marry  clerks.
Ckescbkt LdiniE No. :!.'!
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets eveiy Tuesday at 8 p. in. at
New Fcaleiuity Hall.
J. A. Arnold, K.R.S.
liourgc Tbumpsun, CC.
Visiting   brethren   eurdially Invited
to attend.
Cranbrook local I nl™ 1241 ol tbe United
Hriilhirtiiuul at Cirpeslera ud Jolsen
of America.
Meetings every Thursday evening al
O. tl. T. hall, over Patmore llm...'
Visiting Ineihi.n cordially Invited,
(red  Vuill, Edward  Foote,
Rec-Sec. President.
IMM,    bey City l**l.
No. 42. Meets every
Monday     night    al
New     Fraternity    Hall,     Sojoui
Hig  tlildlelluii.s   ci,ul,,,||y   lnvi.nl
F.  II. McKay M.  D.   Hillings,
ir.tttifni.t, I oil,.. Nil. J.
A. 1. 4 A. M.
Ill 'HEK.i-HIFH.UONR   (lllllll'    IN
N'clsiin     News,   Juno   10—Another
Slocan properly, [imn .uhrnh  eh i
Imped lm has slarlcd up work, ami
before very long somo good news
may ho loosed lm* as in discoveries
Manager James Cronin, nt the Cum
siilidalisl Mining A Smelling com-
pany, went up in Snndon un Friday
last, gol some men IngcHter and yes*
lorday pul a force nl five mon at
wurk nn lhe Eureka-Richmond group
nf claims near Sandon.
The claims adjoin the holdings   of
the   Slocan  Slal*  pontile,  and     were
formerly    owned by lhe War    Eagle
I Flunk's lead ing young  e"1"!""')'.     coming inin lho Oons.il I-
"   dated company ill   the  time of      the
general transfer,    Crown grants have
bis-n    obtained on all the claims but
np In    the  presml nnly exploratory
wmk    has     boon done,   Nuw regular
regular    develnpement    will  bo eom-
i     ,   :„,, ,       , ,, , ,   menced and continuously kept up, the
As an instance of the rapid .growth   p*,,,nl iree being Inci'ase,  wlion".-
nf   lhe many industries in oporation  ierossarv ' ul
"i Hm Pass, special mention Is made     Beyond    saying   thai   there   .vote
(From The Frank Paper.)
Diogenes was si ill engaged In   his
search for an hdnesi'-mnn.    Pointing
a magnificent building, he Inqiiir-
"What building is that?"
"That's the building where the
nal inn's lawmakers meet," replied
the nne questioned.
Well," sighed Diogenes, picking
up his lantern ami shaking ii olose In
his ear, "I'll have In go over there
anyhow. This lamp nf mine limls
sume more nit "
Itiiili/.ing thai his search would be
prolonged lbe nlil philosopher lelt
Hie necessity uf preparing for lhc inevitable,
;;€ity Scavenger
i     The City Council
;!;      have appointed
1R. Stewart
i 9
X the official scavenger -j-
a of the city of Cran- !•!
? brook.    Parties   hav- ;i;
A ing closets! to clean, X
* 'f
J refuse matter to haul;.;
A to    the   City    dump X
t V
grounds should leave X
orders with him. The -j"
city must be cleaned. X
Address Box 105.
for a particular purpose is easy fot
us. Because we bave them fur all
kinds ol use.    Naturally uur
Is lar superior to that of the horse
which has to cart cnal during .Lhe
week and carry his owner to a funeral
on Sunday. II Santa Claus saw uur
burses he would pension nil his old
reindeers, clmp up his old sleigh and
hire a rig Irom us. Ynu slu.uld dn lho
sume when yuu require lho services nl
a horse nud carriage fnr any purimso.
Especially as our /ale nf chargoB
makes it really cheap transit.
The Handley Livery Stables
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kind;
of repairing,   (live me a call.
n"ni '"mJlo '.','"' fl""i"'!"S A\ """   •''™iinab)y the steady, g^ average
in   -nne, l, already large   prices fnr   lead,  have imlucod      tlie
naat,    operated.      As  an  instance,  Consolidated   compaay to commence
Livery &
Team, and drivers famished for suy
point In the district.
A. DOVI.R, Manager
N. II.
Regular llieellligs uu
the Hunl   Thursday
ul every iiiuulh.
Visiting liretl. en welcomed.
S,   11.   Huskies,  Sec'y.
M. A. Heale, W. M.
F.   (I.   E.
Meet    lu     Pat mute     Hall    ever,
C. Itnss Tate, W. P.
A. M. lllack, W. See'v.
Visiting brothers eurdially Invited.
Meet  al  II. uf L. F. Hall .ml   and
llh Saturday each month.
Visiting brethren always welcome
T,  Hnytel", .las.  E. I.aliigali,
W.  M. Sec'y.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Ilaiell Block Cranbrook, B.
s §
|j I Ins force pump, two nwuings I
pi     lil feet ii. width.
I       " p
m Two "lass front office doors.    I'j
H tl...- li foot office window.        g
pj One  10 fta.t ui.lvui.i7.isl iron ja
^    chimney top. '
[jj All in ig.Kxl condition,  Apply j$
|   F. E. SIMPSON, |
] Herald Office I
Ill-Ill lllll I-M 1111 l-l-l-l-
Cranbrook   Foundry and
_j.Mach.ne Shop|
McKinnon & Johnston
Wo nre pri'isirisl tn
■ In nil kimls iif ro.
pair wurk In'i.v.v ...ul
Iiiiiit. ...like I'listin^s,
tun. shafts, i'ii-.
11 Scientific    Horseshoeing   a \ *
j   A. W. McVittie
! Dominion and Provin-
cial   Land   Surveyor.
H. H. McVittie
{ General Agent
iCRANBR0K,     B.   U
I      C. H. DUNBAR
*   Barrister, Solicitor, Notary
J; Public, Etc
\    Cranbrook,    -    •    B. C
Physicians and Surgeons.
Oflice at Residence,  Armstrong Avs
Forenoons - - - - 9.30 to   11
Afternoons - - • • 1.30 to 8.31)
Evenings 7.30 to 1.30
CRANBROOK ::    ::    i:    ::    B. C
I to I. a.m.
1 to   « p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Office and residence on Armstrong avt
I to 1. a.m.
1 to   I p.m.
7 to   I it in.
Oflice In new Reid block
Repairing Promptly Done.
Footwear to Measure a Specially
The Daintiest Yet
Our New Photo
Picture Framing a
Prest Photo Co
| farm for Sale
X    Situated on tho Kootenriy ?
.j. river, one mile from Mnyook,
<,• containing 81)1 acres; 90iiore>
I Iwttniii Innil; SO ncres under \
•j> cultivation; imw (1-rooni mod- .
X mn cottage,    Also ll". head ;
.j. nf cattl" uml five horses, with !
X "11 farm implements.
X. tor particulars apply to
X   Samuel McLean, Mayook, B. C !
Pete's Barber Shop
Has removed (rom the Wentwurltt,
liutel to tit-xt duur to A. O. Bow*
neS8' and uiipusile new bunk building. I invite everybody. My wurk
witt give sat is [aet iun. Kirut-class
barber shop.
P. J. Leithauser, Hgr.
13. €dgar Davis
A Furnace, Boiler, Ki.uge, '
% ..nil Fireplace wurk u specinl- ',
Y All descriptiiins of st.ine-
X work undcrtuken. Orders left •
| ut |
X       .1. D, MoBKIDE'S
y will relieve prompt attention, •
V I'limie 115. 1'. II. llm 851, '
Geo. R. Leask & Co
One wmk in nnr advertisement, hut wu
put tii i.i uii iii thu iii*iitiii;in
nin pi ut size it.
Ni-iir l.iiwi-r -irmstroiiH Avenue,
Nirt/U-e ts hetohy givru lh.it thiily
days after il.iie we inleiul to upply
Ui lln- I'liiel ('iiiiiiiii-sHiiiii.'i til Lft lul a
und Works ut Victoria, (or a Hpecial
lieensfl to cut uud oariy away (un
Imt (rom nit tho follow I tig dimorllnnl
lands in Suutli Kasi Kuolvnay;
CointncDOltlg at a post planted at
tlie   snuMl.mst     isnnel   nt   tlie   (Jim.
Carter limit, liconso Nn. 01141, tlietieo
running hu ehuius oast; Uienco run-
ii iik Xli rhains north, llieiue riltilllllg
so chains   wont, Uienco running    ho
nliuins BOUtll lu lininl. uf cuiniueiii e-
n.iied this iiiii day <K April, ah,
II. II. Ross,
Jos, W.  Itnss. 8-Bt
Notice is liorohy giveu that thirty
duj*s after date we Intend tc- upply
tu lhe Chitd Commissiuiit'r of Lands
and Works at Victoria, (or a special
li«.n.se to cut and cany away timher from off the following described
lands lu South Kast Kootenay:
Commencing al a post planted at
the north-east comer of the Ueo.
Carter limit, license No. 0541, thenco
running SO chains east, thence running 80 chains north, thence running
8(1 ohains west, thence running K0
chains south to point uf commencement.
l>ated this 9Ui day or April, A.D.,
II. 11. Ross,
Jt* M. Hom,
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦*♦*♦♦**♦♦♦♦♦♦*••
E- a^M_Hn____H__MBMRnfi»V
To read the local paper that
gives the news, while it is news,
all the Lime; because it pays to
keep posted on the doings of
your district, and the doings of
the surrounding country.
No person can afford to be
without a
Home Paper
that tells of home and home
people. ,* Human nature is
much the same everywhere,
and we like to know what is
g_>; ng on about us.
nriTnti«i.iffnnTT"-'--r ■"-- -t
Therefore, to read
The Herald prints more matter
than any other paper in East
Kootenay. It publishes all the
news of general interest from
Fernie, Moyie, Fort Steele,
Marysville, Elko, Morrissey,
Jaffray, Kimberley, Blairmore,
Frank, Windermere Country,
Golden and in fact every thing
of interest from every part,
of  the district.
$2.00 For One Yca,r
$1.00 For Six Months
iHerald Publishing Co,
F. E. SIMPSON, Manager
!()!.!» country news!
♦   ♦
High Rooli I.-   Essex,
i      in    '        ;.*;
',        .   which is appeal ing in The
' rans
lapled      I     'In*   Ann 11-
lihs parci.j depart-
11    cheat • iral	
.'ii imi.
A fieri dentist, , evcral
expcrli cal
.. ■ It
irreni ul  I  ■■■
I     'Hi. Killi riiitl   ii   lim
,.'  ill ..I
i   iu   en
tit I - .ini ii*ci
...       llll
ii.*, n    known lu can       .,
*      live miii ,*    ii. .i nighl
Hi   British Tra 1 mpnnj hat
close its simps .ii Siii,,l,,i -
: -i :, i I,. .* in i he 11 iientlntii,
ul   - i ll       holders.
i    ... II     House,       I lm,i ingdnn,
iiliieh is Innil on    Un* mi* ui     lhe
.  ■ ui Oliver I' u,ll, is   iu
In    ,. i    ni   auction     .ii  lhe Slarl,
i ,,<, nn,UI-.1- i.ini, on Jul] .1.
H'hili   in    ii..  .ii .i cr.i*i-i*l pavilion
s.*s- was ordered three i lbs' bard U(»u
in   for    subsequently   tlghting _.   police
tin- man.
re-arranging Uw parliamentary
*ion so that it shall , limine,,it
Novembei and end m June, **.n
in.eresls .,t the  die generally, and,
especially in   'hi*    interests ol     the     A    man was ronvioled a f,*iv days
holiday making public .mil uf British  agu al  IVo-dbridge iKuBolk), ol lak
,lnt,ii   lr-,nl-. , un   |l.illllllg,*'s  mn-    II..in   ,   !,, .1     ,,,
April, 1888.
uus slruek lull neighboring r
ut m'li lheir h.i
.i i'ieco ol i	
IV,Iinm,    Jul*	
Ili.nl His. recentl
striking Harry li
niiiiii h.> had di
poetry uml imiiin
plumber, wa.
I.    r. Wood, known   as
"0. (i.    Jl,  i.i Agrieul
111        nli'lll,Unl   1»S   Mill
III    I'llt.'ll'll    II|ki|>    IliS    Mill
at ,,(    Singlelon,    neai
ul tlie Dim
"Cl older,
; nlmh   inti'
il.lun unl i'ilsui.
*.i   tin occupying
■ Hi'.I     lu    111'    lllllll
! While a lire was in progress at a
i sbop in Mi'inv street, Portland town,
. nt iv, il became known Uut five
1   hihlrcii named Abbott  were in    the
, in upstairs. Several men gal-
' ■-. nilv rushed .■■p lhc stairs through
! iho smoke anil n-scu.-.i tli,- iitlle ones.
Ipswich town council, which carries
hi a lunatic asylum, has received a
.iiiiiiliiiiinn   nf' £1,500    from     ilu*
lum profits Ior lhe past -year    in
ii,mnl  is promised tn be paid   ovei'
ilnshlro) County
The Llndsey (L
'ouncil  Education committee, us   ai
ii enlive    iu agricultural   education
..I.-! Ing  scholarships,  giving     :
\-..'    course Of Instruction    ii
■ i .   pi riculluie     al an affficut
rill IV
il hv Ihr
io show
1 mil contribute
supporl ni their father
Is. a week was mad
oi ilu-iii, ilie summonsei
k. n served in the    Iw.
in .unl imihiiu very cxtrai
lie was a horse."
i   Paris   l"! a series of
in.linn ovei ilmn years,
i m hv wiih h he was   i'iii-
lis "savlngi mu  nf    a
L^l'li  ,i   i.mi   an' al    liasl
I in- p. known lo Imve in
li'  .if  in..ii>  Uiau   UIIO   a
Leeds pol.cc court was enlivened hv
a sim-i musician playing un a penny
nn wWatte "The Lost Chord/'
(.'barged wnh taking the bai round
alter playing m ihe street, he pleaded that iin- people got th.*n money't
worth and gave ilu- magistrate prool
uf n.     lli- was discharged.
A      water lia llill,    giving    evidence
againsl ihe Eppiug rural district
i.iiiu. il, which was lined £35 (<u
pollullng    wuii    sewerage the Rlvw
sii.ti, n,ini in- was examining the
; .ink (through u Imii i In- sew ei age
passed    when   tie lell   m, uud nexl
i.iiii. . I   liiinsi'lt     in   Dii*  i mi—.ui     un-
pleasant hm conclusive way uf prov-
. n. 'I..- lack oi treatment,
( Ujilaiti  Scigisuii,  late uf  lhe Scuts
Guards, speaking at Burgess Hill nn
he siri.ji-ei ii miniature rlllu ranges,
..ml li.' Uiougbt kmI.s would lake   to
Un- i nle as readily ao boys u given
In-ilnii'.-     Hi. Boimvla limit (vioai
• it  Burgess  Hill)  said    in BUpfiotltug
uile sh "Min- li.- luui- lus siaml on
.rn- ui  Um- lasl    iii  Un- Thirty-Nine
Ii was stai.il ,ti Snuih Stun.-lum
I II,on   ictvi.H)    Ihal   a  P< lislolHil   Htflfl
wrgeaii'l named lloyne, who lunl been
■.nil from Net-ley to Uio workhouse
Iras £1,7011 in an Egyptian bank. II
alslf jmsM-sses twelve jnirtma.iitimus.
.hi,.n ui sixteen suits ni clothes,
and a .Masonic apron and jewels.
Tin- body of Zachariah llobbs,
■ighly-folir years old, was carried to
ilm parish churchyard ol Little
siiiki-iiv. mar Huntingdon on liis
twn don Key-bar row,
John Rclchless. ol Wisbech, who
tl tallied liis Iiimii i ed Ui liiiilul.iy ou
May Uili last, was found dead a few
lays later al his bedside, in au    at-
Itudc nt prayer.
Mr. Lloyd Oeorge, speaking al the
.Vei shim-rough of Nevin un Saturday,
•aid nolliinK struck him more when
.isiting small towns on ihe coat lull I ihan thai in England tbey were
much behind in tb.' common endeavor
0 brighten ibe I fo of the gn-at
masses nf the people, We had not
yet leal mil lhe art of liie as some
'•..nt im nlal nations bad.
Near Nauxhall Bridge lias just boon
unearthed om- nf tlie old wooden
water pipes once widely used. Those
pipes were formed of three trunks
Hollowed and fitted into eaeh oilier.
Suuih London a eoniury ago got Us
water supply from tho Thames al
\aii\hall Bridge. Hie waiter company
.-stali'Iishiil in 1801-5 coming lo Iw
Known as the Vauxhall,
A farm hand, who has lieen for
twenty-two years on tho same farm,
and is now thirty-seven, has written
iu ihe Northampton Guardians: "1
hear lhat you have one or two widows on tbe liooks, If so 1 am in
want of olio for a wife. One ibat is
hi iiiil-relief would just suit me. Am
(laiilv deaf, hut earning good wages.
Sin- musl he clean and active and he
a good wile to me."
Chinese witnesses who gave evidence recently at the Thames police
eourl as to a disturbance in a Cm-
nose boarding bouse at Limebous-
causeway were sworn by breaking a
saucer on the edge of the witness
.nix, witness at the same time say-
ii.f "The saucer is cracked, and my
,,iiil will be cracked like the saucer if
1 do nut speak the truth."
Marshbill-which is 300 years old
ami a former rendezvous of Dick
Tiirpin—was decided by the North
London magistrate to Im- a "new
street" within the meaning of the
local management acts, having been
Widened and houses built on both
sides. A number of ".frontagers"
were, therefore, held liable fur paving
A firm of fishing tackle manufacturers were summoned at Bow streel by
the Fishmongers' company-4>r "selling fresh water fish during the close
season." The fish were bot-Hed dead
minnows ami gudgeon preserved iu
formalin and sold for bait, ami the
defending counsel argued that they
were mummies rather than "fresh
water fish."    Decision was reserved.
Six months' hard labor was the
sentence at Marylehone on .lames
Ward, a "dealer" for wife assault.
Instead of eat'itig bis Sunday dinner
lie hung up the meat and cabbage his
wife had cut for him hv pieces of
cotton ill the middle of the room and
threw the crockery at it. He then
got bis wife in a corner of tho mom
ami struck her ahout the head with
his fists,
When found out hv dcttfotlvos after
stealing £14 from Mrs. Morion, a
bov of eleven, named Um. Guides
said: "I took il, thinking to hel)
my molher, who is a little in debt,
Iiii'i I was afraid to give il to her.'
Told be must go to the polin
station, he HI on his knees, and
lifting bis bands in Mie attitude o
prayer, exclaimed: "<>h God, d.
help me through this great trouble,
He was remanded
Bridge court,
An Aberda ri widow.
in recelpl     ..( rellel from
council   has    Unexpectedly
who had been
tlie paiish
at   the
Mi    li.  PUvIe, nf   Greal   Tolham,
Essex,   bas   shot   1,030   Wood   pig. uns
iiii bis farm this seas, n. and 1,003 in
lhree seasons.
It is estimatid Ihai the quantity
ol fishing geui whuh was I on I in the
Firth ..I Forth ti\ the recent gale w li
amount tu £1,000.
The Manor House farm, Weal Deep-
inv, Lincolnshire, whieh brought
fcl l-t au acre, whin it was sold ,t*
erown I.n,.I ,, few years agu. btougli
i uh   £33 an in ie al  a  lei-nit  sale.
Tho LlanlnllcUi colliery strike haa
been    settled,    a-ftei lasting    eleven
month*.       Fifteen hundrwl workmen
were idle and lhu loss in wages wa
The King has Informed ihe regntti
'..ittiiiln.f ol Sl Hal". France, lira
ie will give a cup iu be competed fo
ii a yachl race from Sl, M«lo i.
ihe Ish- of Wight,
Miss .Mansfield   will   do  fancy   tTM-
wiiting for alter noon ut eveutog wi-
tertainments at reasonable rum
Oness work questious supplied, or
tyjii-ii from copies, 45.y
-kill    !„
county emu
igrec to Hie erection
of a loiiiuiemuialive tabid al 88
Mile End road, once the residence ol
Captain Cook, the famous explorer.
"Englishmen had the   whole world
in sport," said the Hungarian   home
seeielaiv    lo    the   Newcastle    I nItcd
Football dub, whd, thev visited him
in his nlhcc al Budapest the othei
Work ivas entirely susp
llinl ,,i   lh,
IN iiiliyn   quarries   in deli
ii'iin*   lu   a
superstition    thai   work
,01      Hull
I'lnusiliiv, ,is ascension ■
l.    IS   kllllll,
locally, Is    always   all
iniisl   III      .1
(iiiiil incident.
The    wedding look phi
v ill  11,mi.
lull™ iliiiiili .,1    Mr  s.
mil.*!   IH.,111,
and Mis. Urookcs, both .
1 11I1. Ill .11.
more   than   seventy yea
s   nl.i.   an.
Iiuiii nf whom have been
till!*!'       111,11
rii.l previously,
Tin* Km-. E, Sinker, chaplain
lhc I'm I ul 1.uml,.11 laid the I'l,.
and Lay Kvangellegl Conference
Sniithporl, ihai his palish uas
ty miles Inns, and llhal he had
Hshops In obey, as it i.n in
dioceses nl cWerhury l,oi
Siiiiiliiviuk, Rochester and Si.
hn ns.
Nutice is hereby given lhat thirty
days after dale 1 inti ml in apply to
llu- Honourable ihc Chief Commissioner ol Lands anil Works at Victoria Inr a special license to cut and
carry away timber Iron, ihc following
described lands in .South East Kootenay!
Commencing at a post planted at
the north-eastern curncr nf Lot 32n,
Group nue, Kouicuay district; thence
imrth to chains, ' thence east mi
chains, thenee south 411 ihains. thence
wesl 80 oilains tu the place ol he
Dated this 21th dav of .Mav, A. I)
lost Harnld Darling.
Notice is hereby given that two
months aficr date 1 intend to apply
to ihe Chlel Commissioner of Lands
and works fnr permission tn purchase the folluwing described lands,
situate in Snuth East Knotenav disiriet:
Commencing at a post located on
Ihe Kootenay river, near the northwest corner post of Humphrey's preemption, Nn. 15, thence 10 ' chain
east, thence snuth .0 chains, Ihence
east 8(1 chains, thence north 20
chains, thence west 60 chains, thence
nnrth 80 chains, thence west 10
chains, more or less, to the Kootenay river, ttence along the Kootenay
river in a south-westerly direction to
the place nt commencement,
.lohn ,J. Grade.
Dated this 14th day ol .May, A.D,
1808, 8-5t*
'In'   i i--l.au   I'.-.- ,,.i- have placo
■ rn -uii*   ai all   Koolenay pomis
seik-s ul i,,n*   I.,;,, incursion ticket
lo  lal,in.i,   _a_ll :,,   ;'...,,-,.-,.        1 |K.   ,,,1
""•'"s   rat, Horn Rossland
iian, .\,-i ,i i. , ■ common p.nuts i
.New llaitii, I..,.,,, account  mi-eiu.i;
Kb'ghls  u.   Cul ,u    !*,.,.l.    still,,,
d.i,c» May 21. ti, ,„„i ;,,.
winuipeg, i* it            .     Fort   nu.
I'."". '""'.'I.. ' ..: anolis
'■'-■'".  "<"■'■■■       " ' '.   Kansas  City'
■'"'*■-■'' St. i.  ; i bicaao
•..in,,.    ,,,, ,_ 6| ,  Sj
J.i,   JulV   2     1 ,    i,    s,,,,,'
<.   1".       '"'     ■ ■  .,,    ,-i.
""'on lares  •■. ...  ,„    all
'" '*     n Uniai   .        ,.,. Maritlaw
1   . New   i-rn. and New   l*.ug
land. ,,,,.,;. ,,,, ui .1 i.a .,, b,ar
Jo days nu.,*. ,,, ictuii and art tub-
Jt'L't 10 Usui ,     .    . . ;. , ,-. ,,;o
alsu goud ii, ,,.... ui both dire. Ions
.ia ihc Greal i... .», iiu(tiJi.,_, u..-.,..
and lui'i.. ... eatuers.       lit-
laiu-u Information   i. appllcalion,
J. .-s. i a; cr, O.H.A.,
1 Nelson, b. c
Ni   , Il'i.,
S!X1J    '■■ 1   inl.Hit     tu
aPI'ly   lo lhe Ch      i mn,ner   ul
Lamls and U  base ihc Iol-
lowing   desen   .: .-.mate    iu
•Siillll.   1...       I,              i i;    ,.'.
Conimeneiug .,    .,  p .,*,   ,|lt. s.
E. cuitu-i     ... .    i,    ,|„.„^
Ilnllll   .SU     ,1  ,■„ ,t       |u
ullaiii,,     lta.ee i,   ,-haiiis,
ihence iv sl   . nee norlh
lu chains,    th t hains   lu
ihc place ui begi ini, . uing :iu
acres, iniiic ui im*
Dated tins sih day < I v.i   1806.
• -"i- Lui i. Myers.
Nutice [s beri bj   ... :    hal   tin, ty
days altei  .:..   . 1 intend i ing ap
plication tu in Iluu. The Ch el I'om-
nii-.-iiyu'i ui Lands and Uuiim f,,i a
special License to cul ami lake away
liiutK-r fiuui  the  following described
at   the south-cast
iicai    . alik
l mill:.,    i
corner   ,»f   Lot
Station, Smiih East Koot,
tbence running wesl SO chains, souiii
ao iha,us, easi mi chains, north mi
chains to plan  ol  i 11 ment.
- Commi I...:.. ..- ■':.■ ■;*.! south-
wesl aiuili.* iiuii. ;:., Moy.e river ..1
tlie Km. Timber Lease (Lot 1887)
Snulli East Kootenay, Ihence running t-a.'t 80 cbains, south 80 chain..,
i 80 ohains, : i •■< chains, iu
place ol corumi:- em
3.   Commencing    .,: the south-east
corner ol No. 1. ibence lunning west
10 chaius,  ,.-.^1   an
hains,  norlh   ill  I ... :,-.   lu place   ul
mil tnenci-l,nut.
Dated ami staked May  ISth,  1806.
J. ilanliuiy,
B-6t Elko, B.   C.
Take notice that Iwo niunths allej
date I intend tu apply tu ihe Chief
Commissioner oi Lauds m.d Works
lur permission : * purchase the following described ..... i ..*. .souiii East
Commencing at     a point    marked
.lann-s Ryan's north-east comer
post," planted al :■ south-east cor
ner ul Lot 2967, Group 1, thence
south five chains, n.m. ur less, to
the north bank **    Marvs river,
thence w isterly . log tbe    said
north bank o: si. Marys river 80
chair.-, more or less, to tbe southeast coiner of Lot 6667, Group 1,
thence northerly along the easterly
limit ol said Lot 6667, fltteen chains,
more or iess, tu ti, - southerly limit
of said Lot 2867, (hence easterly
along the southerly limit m' saul Lot
2O07, eighty ch.iir.s. more ..r less, to
the place uf beginning, containing 77
acres, more or less.
■ lames Ityan.
Datwl a- Cranhrook, li. C, this
3(ith day ul April, 1006. 6-91
ESectire, Sunday, Jan. 21st,   tol-
Nnlice is hereby given  lhat   sixty
days after date, i intend making application     (o Ihe    Hun.   Tin.   Chlel I lowing   changes in passenger    train
Commissioner nl   Lands    and Works I    ,   , ,    .,     . , „   ,    . ,, ,.*
du  permission tn purchase the    Inl-, schedule: No. 3 leaves I'.cilurd lu.ts
lowing described lands: | a.m.; Bonners  Ferry 1.30 p.m.;    ar
.heSKii^r'lXinr'^ll'lt-'   ^'^   "«  ^'  '«*"  '""
Sand Creek, South   Kast  Kootenay,  p.m.;      Adrian     9.10   p.m.;   Facilie
ihenee running wesl  Sll chains, souih Avenue 5.40 a.m.; Everett 5,-tu a.m.;
15 chains, more or less, lo lot     No.   Seattle 7 Ull am
(12*13, thence cast SO chains, north l'i
chains,   more nr     less, to place    of
Hated Mav 81st,  KMfi.
ll-fit       '.John Hanbury, Blko.B.C
Tninrm notk'R.
A medical   witness   in Hie  Shor
dlteli county eourl spoko learnedly of
rtl'tlm cross-examining counsel, "that
1 1    So-aiui-so    wnuld  be  suffering
['ii.iii haeinaioma, and -lack Jones of
Hoxtoii Would have n black eye."
Disappointed    al    imt   winning    a
prize at school, a Grimsby girl went
10 a shop an.l secured three pans of
boots "mi approval." She pledged
the boots, and with 'be proceeds
boughl    some     hunks,    which     slio
11 inmplianlly exhibited al home as
school prizes.
Lowestoft town council has nasseil
a resolution urging Un: necessity for
A man who stiit a l>i'llI,:
auctioneer's for sale with a rcscrv
prico of i-i, and who only received
iliis, recovered the balance in thc
<'lei Ken well county eourl. Defendant said the Instrument dated from
George IV., and there was no music
in it. There was a part cular piece
.if wood in this class of piano whicli
cahilietniakeis liked  to get   hold of.
Mr. R. (I. Sinclair, Lloyd's aKent
.il Berwick, has received a post-letter
ftuin Madrid which Is bclisvod io be
a new development of lhe "Spanish
treasure" frauds. He is invited to
pav costs of Ihe writer's proceedings
iu bankruptcy trial, in return for
Which he will receive one-third of
B50,(HH)i whicli is in a triJik detained
among the writer's other luggage at
au English railway slation.
('veling ah ng Mile End road, the
Kev. A. E. Datton, rector of Stepney, saw David Tnomey and another
man fighting. The rector separated
them, Another man engaged Toom-
ey, and lhe reelor again separated
the fighters. Then several men attacked Toomey, whereupon the reverend peacemaker "went for the fellows" (as he said in the Thames
police oourt afterwards), and got.
Tt.uiney away.    Tbe unlucky Toomey   lflOC.
Notiee is hereby given lhat Ihirfy
days after date I Inteml in apply tti
ihe Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Woiks at Victoria for a Speri.il
License to cut and eairv away timber from the following described lamil 9.30 a.**..', Wenatehee do', p.m.; Ad-
No. 1 leaves Rexford 1.00 a m-;
Bonners Ferry 'i.'dti am.; amvg
Spukane 7.00 a.m.; leave 7 15 a.m.;
Adrian 10.-JO am, Uniatchee Ufli
p.m.; Pacific Avefl '-■ 5 43 p.m.; connecting with Nn, 278, KvereH 5 Cr*
p.m.; arrive Seattla Ada p.m.
No. 2 no obangt.
No. 4 leaves Soattle 8 no a m.;
Everett     9.10   an,.,  PftclOe   Avenu*
in Snulli   Easl    Kootenay     District
British Columbia:
Commencing at n post planted at
tbe south-west comer of Dan Hcaly's
limit; thence n nning *<l chains west,
Hunce IHU chains north; ihencp -111
chains east, Ihence Ififl chains soulb
to the place of heginning Containing
6-HI acres, more nr less,
Dated this 20th day of May, A.D,
11 -fi t J.   Jorgen'-en,
Take notice that thirty days after
date I. the undersigned, inteml tn
applv to the Chief Commissioner nf
Lands and Works at Victoria, fnr a
soeeial license to cut and carry away
timber frnm the following descrihed
lands in East Kontenay:
Commencing at a post planted nf
fhe south-west corner of lot IHM f\V
Hamilton's pre-emption), thence Rf)
chains west, thence 4(1 chains south,
thencp 80 chains easl. tlu-nce 10
chains, more or less, tn the point
of commencement, containing 3-0
acres, more nr less.
nan L5H pin., arrive Spukane 8.25
p.m.; leave 8.-10 pin., llmmtii
Kerry 12.25 a.m., Kexlunl 5 02 a.m.;
Nu. 250 leaves iieVluld 5.20 a.m.
connecting with Nu. 4 .Swinlon T.J4
a.m.; airive Fernie 8,00 a.m.
No. 340 leaves Fernie 10.00 p.m.;
Swinton 10.2U p.m.; Rexford 12.10
a.m.;    conne cling  wnh   number   1.
Through sleeping cars operated between Spokane and Fernie. -S.etper
fare   between   Spokane   and     Feinie
Fernie to Vancouver 2't huurs and
45 minutes, connection being made
with No. 272 al Pacific Av.-uut..
Extra iucal trains Nos. 2ii5 and 2ti6
will he operated be! ween .Spokane
and Leavenworth, leaving Spokane
4.00 p.m.; Wenatehee 10.50 p.m.;
Wenatehee 13.03 a.m.; Spokane 8.U0
a.m. Buffet sleeping cars will be
operated between Spukane and Leav-
enwuith, trains N'us. 265 and 200:
also extra train between Seattle and
Skvl.umish, leaving Seattle H.'-ib p.m;
Everett 8.10 p.m., 1'acjfie Avenue
8.15 p.m.; Skykomish 10.20 p.m.
Reluming leave Slcyknmish COO a.m.;
Pacific Avenue 8.09 a.m.; Everett
8.23 a.m.; Seattle 10.00 a.m. Local
train     being operated   between Bou-
Oeo.   A. I/eifch, Loeator.    .
Dated thin 2nd   dav of June   A. D. I ners Ferry and Spokane will be witb-
ll-fit 4»wo.
_ THK   I It AM*. HOOK   I1KHAM)
Get in line when the crowd starts
to go lo
Don't get left behind.   Will surpass anything hitherto
The Gorgeous Coronation of lhe
Carnival Queen, riagnificent
Prize—$100.00 Diamond
Ring find a purse
of Gold
Nothing omitted in the line of
Horse Races, Baseball. Lacrosse,
Football, Log Rolling, Log
Loading, Boys', Girls'
and Ladies'
Nelson News—The details of thi
iut pul Ior the week and the smeltei
cceipis are as lollows:
Mm,*—                           Week.
(liaiiliv                         .  is.'.Tti   392,835
llr.itiklni      -      Stt'in-
ii„„l,*i                            3,333
Sims-. I                mu.
Kaal.de        330
Mountain Hose        60
I'tullll. IHI'                      11
Othei  (nine- 	
Tolal        21,881
-,T*i, inm
llnssl. \\l> SIllI'MKN'l
Center Stat     8,311
l.e llm             3,253
i.r Uui Su  i „           mil
.lllllllll.                     .   .   .        lull
11 lilll
I'tullll   1'nilil                               I 1"
Other  mines	
Total     H..I27
Siilllian                     500
Ili.i. milled         2.11.
Km              03
SI    Kuioiif          .11-
Hunter V        52
Ninth   Still                802
Mountain llu.*          1
fork              i M
Arllnglon,   Kile         2"
ll'i 1
..incuiiicl           HI
I.n Plain         IS
Suiiiil.iril          In
United            00
Olher mines 	
Total     1,7112
The iuiui shipment., from nil mines
in ilu* above districts  lm* Hi
u.fl, were HH.nw Ions, nnd
ur   the
if.it In date 7n7,illl tons.
(lltANI)  .'(IliKS,  ll.C
(iinnliv     18,0-70
Kliinui          432
-liiuilin          100
oilier mines 	
Tolal       10,508
Molher Little 	
ll'R Coppei 	
Ill, nklyn       -      1
Mountain Rose
other mines 	
.1,llllll     00,005
llllll       7,1011
0     nil 1177
(lllll     30,5311
IVhn is 111., im- '
II.  II.  Ross, ut Klku lh.
limn .'inlay lasl.
ll.    It, Whcelei   was il.nin
i.lfliOf   l.ml   Kirk.
Harry Drew was down Irom   Kim
berley '.'inlay lasi.
I. \Y, McNichlil came up limn
l.i ihlu iilm* Saturday.
iluu  oiillaii.l. ..I Fernie,
Cranbrook Friday last.
(i    \\    On-'i.iiil.   ul   Mum*,   was     a
Cranbrook visitor Friday lasi.
Mi an.l Mm T T. MiVillic were
over trom Fori Kiei-h- Monday.
I,,lm Tfidi ami daughter, ul Fcrnie, spi-ut Sunday in Cranhrook.
.' II. Powell a"'! F, li. llc.1,,-1. ui
Calgary, urn* m Cranhrook Friday.
li 11 Hau uu ..I Selson, was reg
isieicil at the Cranbrook hotel Sunday.
Win. Wanl, nl K.l.-li mi. was transacting business in Cianbrook S.i. ut
II vmi believe in laughing sec M.i
barn's   Minstrels,    Saturday,   Juno
i'lni.- Maii.ili.ni and Samuel Speers
nncnl a couple ul days in Nelson last
ii t-i-l,.
I*' lln.iiil mil T W, Phillips, ul
Pernio, wfic Sunda) visitor", in
i'llllllll, Ilk
ll   ll    1.,* Inl,.  iger ul    Un*
Mav, uk [ .iii.iini company, Bpcnl Sunday in lumi
Otto 11.null, proprletoi nl the
Columbia hotel al Klku. spent Monday in Cranbrook.
Constable A. \. Wanl, nl MarysvHIe, attended "if lacrosse mun.* in
Cranbrook Monday,
It K. Green, ol Vancouver, supor-
iniiinlfiit ,,t Itiilinii schools, was in
Cranbrook Saturday.
Who Is Blaine '.*
Mr. ami Mrs.. Vi. Vi. Tuttle, ,1
Ferule, spent a couple nf days in
Crnnbrook this week.
Mr. ami Mis. ,1. I*'. Prlngle ami
mui, nf Marysville, attended tin
lacrosse game Monday.
W. 11. lliiKlluid, proprietor ol th.
WyclllTc hotel, sucnt ,1 few ilaj's in
lown Uu* pnsl  week,
Georgo Itoggarlh arrive.1 home
,rolll lhe coasl in time tu witness
lhe hicnissc game Monday.
Mrs. II. Mi-llnltltif ami llbtll
tlnughtei* lell Sunday for an extended visit in Ontario and Quebec.
C. I). .Mi Nnli, manager ul thi
Standard Lumber compnTiy, was un
Iinm Elko ihc firsl ul tin* week,
•lames Ballotia* was in town a le\.
days the pust week linking nl
Tin- i niii-il Garment Workers ni
America will hok) theit convention in
Toronto ilium*; exhibition week.
Thf biscuit makers nl Toronio have
been organised hy Mr. John Flett as
a branch ui the Confectioners' International union.
A number nl ministers in Birmingham, Ala., ii is announced, will soon
become members •>[ (he Birmingham
Trades Council.
Bellcvue, 111 . sin-i-i car men were
receiving ai ilu* time of organising
several years .mn ahoul  12'. cents an
hnill.      Al   Ihf I'l,*MIH   Ilini'  llii'l   aif
receiving 18.15 for a nine-hour il.n.
Thus far tins villi tin- rceettl
strike at Winnipeg has. been lln- oni)
  in iiimii Kir Amalgamated assn
n.iii f Sireel ami  Electric Rail
iiai* Employees ,.l Interim has cn
Thf      ('11-
 I,   has   li
ii   leml   tin-
llli.ll.fls'       I li I.>| n.ii i,
del iHrnshlernlli n a
surplus 1 Is <>t  ih,*
Center Slur  ...
Le  Itni  	
Le Uui Nn. 2 .
Crown Pnint .
Snowstorm ....
Inm Mask 	
North Star ...
St. Eugene ....
Providence ...
Mountain Uny
Other mines ..
2,2*11     77,11111
3,853    50,105
51111     1
il.mill   105,81'
NELSON,  11.  C.
Arlington,  Erie ..
La Piata 	
Hunter V	
Other mines 	
Total   ■      537     V,
Sullivan       ™«    H.M"
We  tot-iil  receipts reported    iron
local and foreign mines for Uie wecl.
were 'diJilH Ions, and (or the year ti
tlale  IVi.b'-in tons.
'I'lie license commissioners (or
Cianbrook district mel in Cranbrooi.
Friday last ami the following license?
were granted:
,lames Hrown, International hotel
Wardner. .     ,
ll.    s.   Mather,     Windsor     hotel
full Steele.
Nils Hanson,  Wasa hold, Wasa.
It, H. HohaiL, Wardner hotel;
John Kyan, Central holel, Ward-
McDonald A Ooiirley, SliaUlcona
Iml til, Fort Sleele.
Cbas. E. Kineh, Falls View hotel,
A. I'. Chenette, Koyal holel,
Oliver A, Burge, Perry Creek
hotel, Perry Creek.
Alex. Mcl'ool, Royal botvl, Fori
Siccle Junction,
K.rheit Johnson, transfer to Paul
Hundley, Central hotel, Marysvlllo.
P. F, Johnstone. A, Stepb.-n, F. M
McMahon ami .1.  A. Cloupill, Moyie,
J,   F.   Prlngle,   Spokane  .Iiuiii nm
J, S winner ton, K Ingsgalc.
Tine application of James Carrol
toi a license for the Ontario bouse ai
kimhei ley  was refused,
The famous Mahara Minstrels announced for Saturday, June 23rd, is
a superb combination of the best and
iiinsL popular features i>f opera, travesty and vaudeville, with largest
and best colored chorus in America.
The performance abounds in catchy
music, snappy specialties, beautiful
costumes, novel dances, funny comedians, special scenery, striking electrical effects, pretty octoroons, picturesque ensembles and all the latest
song hits of the east. The entire
performance is presented by a metropolitan organization of foremost colored singers, comedians and specialty
artists of their raee in America.
More hifght music, entert-aining
vaudeville numbers and hearty laughter is offered in the two and a half
In.urs of Mahara's Minstrels than
would supply half a dozen of the
average musical farce comedies. Mahara's famous challenge band an.i
orchestra will give a street, parade
in Craiibrock at  12 o'clock.
er tin
ian v.
f the insurance
John   Suiiuiei tiiii     \vas   up    from
Kingsgatc ntlemling ihe meeting   ul
ihe    license commissioners     Friday
A. Moffat, treasurer of Mie Kasl
Kootenay Lumber company, made a
husiness irip tc Jaffrav Sat unlay
1*!.  A. Hill, the Moyie member    of
lbe license hoard for Cranhrook dis
trict, was attending the session    of
ihe commissioners in Cranbrook Ft
day last.
It, .1. Black raine up from Fcml
Monday to referee tiie lacrosse game,
having been appointed to that position by Pres. Lang of the Crow:
Nest  league.
C. (i, Bennett, cashier nf the Canadian Bank of Commerce, len Monday foi" Fernie where he goes to relieve lbe cashier ol Feinie branch
for a few weeks.
Wh,. is Blaine ?
Mrs. S. W. Smith, who has been
visiting her brother, Rev. W. G. Vi
Fortune, the past two weeks, lelt
for Vieloria Monday. She was accompanied on thc nip hy her sister,
Miss Fortune, and Airs.  James Keid
Mrs. Robert Martin left for her
home iu Moose Jaw nn Thursday
last, accompanied by her sister, Miss
Jennie McDonald. Mrs. Martin has
been visiling her sisters, Mrs. John
Robertson and Mrs. Malcolm llorie
for the past three weeks..
Mr. J. Hanbury, nf Brandon, was
in town last week Inspecting his mill
property here and at Elko. He wai
accompanied on the trip hy Mrs
Hanbury and twc little daughters,
and Mis. Fleming and Miss Irqiilurt.
The party left for the coast Saturday.
A. C, Manahan and his sisler,
Mis. I{, J. Elliott, left Tuesday
afternoon for an extended vlsil
Kort William and other eastern
pi ints. Mr. Manahan's many friend,
hope ibat he will! soon return ti
Cranhrook   with   his health   entirely
Mr. and Mrs. J. f). McBride left
for the coast Mondav last, when
Mr. McBrldo goes fo attend lhe ses
sion nf the Masonic grand lodge
Their daughter, Miss Edith McBride, who has been atlending college at St. Thomas, Onl., the pasl
twn years joined them here and ao
cnnipaiii.d   1 belli   mi   I lie   Irip.
Whn is Blaine?
Bcoks kept and balanced by first
class   accountant. Metcli mIs ami
others who have nnl anlflcent work
to employ a regulai clerk can buve
lheir account kept fiom fill lid a
month up. All dealings -'.nelly
coiiiiihiitial. Olher points in East
Kootenay visited Write or call on
II.F.U,'"The Wiliia," Cranbrook, B
C. |3-8t
On Sunday morning last J. f). Mi
Bride started with bis automobile for
Cherry creek, accompanied bv Wesley
Cllne, Flank Parks, A, ti. (irace anil
Gunge l.e.isk. All went well with
tin- party until within about a milr
of R. Mather's ranch, when Uu- automobile collided witli a small sapling, breaking a spring and twisting
Ihe axle of llie machine, Fortunately im nne was hurt hut Ihe party
were compelled to secure a rig from
Mather's ranch tn bring them back
lo t. wn. Mr. McKlimon, of McKiu-
iirin A' Johnston's wenl- oul Monday
and repaired lbe machine and
broiigh)  it into town.
When the farmer wants a bountiful
harvest, he is particular to sow:
good seed. And be carefully watches'
and works over the crop until harvest-time. Same in the heating and
raiimi! business. The dealer who
wants to reap the greatest rewards
must sell a thoroughly dependable
apparatus. The "Sunshine" furnace
and the "Kootenay" range come
under this class. They will give
vnu the maiimum of satisfaction. j
Patmore Bros,    |
im tin- purpose of   building Itomcs i
stalling  m buftlnefii..
The   siili-.iiIptfon taken   up   nmoi
Un-     members   ol   the Hookhindei
Iiilliili   f.U    Uie  iel ej  ul   MloW   IlielllliV
o!  S;iii   Fi.incKco  union   who      wv
iffeiels   hv    lhe    lhe   .nitoimli-d    lv
ii-ks ago io St ,070 15.
4 _	
Manitoba Hotel
dan Mcdonald, proprietor,   cranhrook. a. c.
Headquarters for
tiinill-. luiMie.l nn.l ban one nf lbe hem .lii
HU   i       "i        ,   i   ..ill, the I'.-l  nl   l.i.,ll'"-.
lnc.il  of  th
The Toi
f uti cents a meinliei 'in  aid of
Igarmakers of s.m Frnneiseo.
Melal  Polishers1  mini  also  senl
irfhscrlpti [ $11  to S.m    Fi
The annual conference hel ween i
presentnlives id ihe stove Foundi
men's National Defence assooiath
anil ihe Iron Moulders' union
Ninth \merlca, resulted in n suit
factory settlement. Friend!v iel
lions between Hip two nssnclalto
have existed for fifteen yens.
Tbe Merchant Tailors' association
of Davenport, la., is licensed hv the
union of Journeymen Tail,,is "with
preclpitaling a strike In refusing to
deal wiih Uie tailors us ,, n: ,,.,
organization. The trouble started
several weeks ago, when Ibe union de
niaiidcit a 1" per cent, wage increase,
Tbe Carnegie steel companv oppose
the eight-hour hill now before congress, on the alleged grounds that
"eighl hnill shifts" don'l pay. Sev
eral large concerns in the iron in
dustrles have tried the elgbt-houi du\
and have reported thai they wmil.l
nnt go back io Un1 fm nu i system.
The voting id ts- operatives cm
ceriied in Un* agitation for weeklv
pav on Uie Civile. Scotland, show's
the enormous majority of I*'!..'ill in
favor of a slrike. The numbers weic
For, lfl.Oflfl; against, 3.73S. Bul
there will be no cessation nf work
at present. ;)s lhe men have agreed
to wait the employers' answer, to be
given shortly.
A p-icturesipie figlll is in progress
at Sout..i Mend, Ind.. between the
Vmalgamated Vssoelnflon nf Streel
Railway Employees of America ami
ihe Souih Bind Railway company.
For two years ihe union bas tried to
compel the railway authorities to recognise their organization. Now
Ihc union is running twenty automobiles which were purchased especially
for that purpose in the streets ol
South Bend in opposition lo Kip
trolley cars.
There is great act'lvilv at the Portland Cement Works on'Tod Inlet, V.
1. Tbe capacity will be doubled,
and work in Ihis connection i.s now
being done. This will Include a new
rotary kiln and the necessary machinery. Contracts have also heen
let for the erection of three new
collages for employees, and R. I'
Bntchart, the managing director, is
building a large residence mar Kie
plant. There are about ITS men
employed by the company, nnd iis
pay roll reaches In tlie vicinity ol
$f),O00 everv month.
warehouse   winch
consists ol Portland
cement, iron pipe and fittings, putty and glass, oils and
paint, in facl anything to be found In .1 lirsi class hard
amiy storel
ricCalltim & Company
fcS3!saSa8s..._:*r. _&£££&£
Sixty days after dale I inleml to
apply to the chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works, at Victoria, B.C.,
fot permission to purchase the following descrlhed lands in Soulh East
Koolenay, B.C.
Comincncing at a post planted at
the N. E.icorner of Lot 3068, Group
1; Ihenee 2(1 chains west, thenee 211
chains north, tbence '111 cbains wesl,
Ounce 00 ehains nortii, thence to
chains east, thenco in chains south,
Ihence B0 chains easl, Ihence 40
chains south, llu nee 40 cbains west,
to place of commencement.
IV.   C.   Hodges,   Locator.
Haled June IDth. 1006. 13-91
.'ill*.  Ill   illT*lll*.|.|ll|.|ll- 111.•Ill!*l*.'!*   4
I llll'l*    lilll'   ill   IH.ll,. Ill* lllll   J
Sell i
ii  Our Business  ♦
- - ut n in
I s t     l'(lll_
llllll' 111
I!       R. N. FINCH & CO.
it   Cdn'i r 11 o n r n Piiiini  i;i;>
The is nu simile Iti equal
Kurtz's Own
Kurtz Pioneer
Spanish Blossoms
I'n lon Madi;  liv
Kurtz's Pioneer
Cigar Factory
148 Cordova St., W.
v» J
iifiniii,   Im-iililv i  Iniinii  ii  Ki-i Knul iv, Mug 111 miles
1 ••'•'    -'     nml    1 Iiilllee.    Till'   Kootenuy ("'eni Nil   lllliliviiv
•'moy  n.ii. mm  the  |.i.,|.,*iti*.    It ie IhiiiiiiIuiI mi nno siile liv n
'..•  'Hi-inn iiiii ii ..ii.ii.l- i.\e Ileal limit uml rluir n.l.iin.
":'" 'Ii"t   '■'■'■  : ..'I'.iii i-n iv mil > y |.|.|niliii. nigi'iixing ninny
nre i-ni_- u.u l;i-.| in tin. ii..i-.'lil,i, hig t inliiiii.. nml uiinrl (nun
tunning llii"  |ini|ii't'ly  sliuillil slmrll)  I mn veiy uilnntili, (nr
"llii'l l'"11 '.*■'■- "ii tli-.-iiniil ul tlm nmninlli ii-iiiiiil |„,-iii,,i, it
1-imii iiii ivusiril in lliesiirrnniiilinii ,.,iniilii*. 230 neres ot llii.
!'i..|i"iii i'.iii '- lironglil miller elllllviltloll .villi .nine nml there
ui.. ii1'.'.i.iv :'.i mu*- in mixeil moil. 70 lima of Imv urn ent
..muni!!** ult iiii- Inii.l.   There nro -niiulile ImikliiiuR lor nil nnr-
l-m uml   m,  iriigntlnn iliteh husl i eimslrileliiil whieh ..ill
' i lumi.*! tin irrigi»in.iu«il,l„».ivl!.i|i.i oi,   Kor fnrlher
 •    iwrllrulnn. u|iply lo   ■
i:-i:it,. .lumit*. riiini.i....].
mul if il ii not .1.-ii,ilil.-  to |.iii,.|i:i-i.  lln*  |iro|ierlv ill one 111	
liliH-kUi-i.il   he I'll' IT  1 D1V1IIKI.  inm -in'iillei  ihihvI-.
rn'   I".  SO,   I",   lim mires,  or nlhenvlse,   lo -nil   pnrel rs.
T ll I',   iiiii;  is  i N   I' i: ll t* EOT  i'n N H 1 T I.. \'
,<;    THE ffl   •f^^-rirV*?.'^^    .''Jfc 7
~^Ai TSSfifaaK^
fei A&M "■ "'--ARxRi, '"
***ii^.i.>-'-" ■-: i- l'4jfJsaw'3
.R<i.\U-'\ \- ff-lK-
v ■ \ J -^     r Nl      ■■ ■ i ft
jA S00-Circus Champions and Celebrities-100
22 Vamouo Equestrians II   Aroblan   TurnblerH
tO AooilrtoM^OtftfA   Rider* 23  Wo/VJf  Mirthful Clownm
7  Huaoian   OossAOks 0   Connalional   Equihbnut:i
...^" .-t"~"""*~*^^ *',, Aslonishiii(|  Arrulnit*.
,     ^s. A Complete Japanene Cittm*.
i     ,V ^           *\        Supsrb   Carlund   Entroo
V1,*;        i  '   \, Sooresol Trnlnod Wild Bonat*.
Hcrti* ot Pitrformti.fi l tephanti
\     Camels, Llnmnfl nnd Bos [ndlcus
I   EdUOfttad   CoqIq   and   Sou   Lionu
y     Hlghesi   JLimpIng   Hors.es
Thundering Roman Chariot Rnces
/     .'I-.*
V'SPL/ V'V (   T-O     Trained Imported Atabian Stallion*
Only Lady Jnpnnose Artists in Amerlcn
tOO Shatkmtl Pony Ballet
Coke   IA/diking   Horse;
ArAA-\^\J<\   Marvelous Picards :::.;::
( I   -'fe^de,,^'Stirk(10)Family
^ \*'•■■]£ 'ii »••'""'"" t-e FlOUr Troupe
m*^. v^i \ " i i  r.
t0SM: fp Grand Sheet Paraded
Performance at 2 p.m. and 8 p. m.


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