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Cranbrook Herald Jan 4, 1906

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Array t.f
Ir   .
•U.      ....
• la   ;i ■
Paid Up Capital $111,1111(1,(100 Reserve Fund $4,5000,000
ll I   WALKER, General Manager        A, I V I MRD, lul. Cen'l Manager
$5 unit under
Ovei  S3 and not •«
"   --iii
"   | in      "
ii.-..,- Ord
■is.in- I'uyuble nl I'm-"
i\ ui	
*<■ |"'.ii im Hi-' 1 !'
    1 cents
in,: ski    6 ,,-,,,-,
130 i'i cents
-*,„ IS cents
, ,,ui,,  in I'niiii.lii,-, ■<
iiiiking i' - in Ilia I ,
nil It.
-   Illi: C.INAIH IN IIAXK id  ( mill, Ul I■'. LONDON, Kitti.
I hey foini un ajtcallunl iiiallmd nl iclllllllllg aniiill minis of inonoy
nitli wit u .m.i nl "mull *•'"-(■
Ik'AMtl'IIOK Ilk" Well
F. C. MALPAS Miir.
^„*44,iHH*Mi,,****i4**i ****** ***,**,**11*,H*,*,j
» ,.
4 *
4 l_
* a,
* *
4 tl
4 *
* Deposits of $1 and upwards received and interest al* *
i lowed from date of deposit at highest current rates and Jt
* *
J compounded half yearly. *
4 ______ *
* .
9 til
| I. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.      *
9 Oi
9 *
l acres ni lend which can
not he cqualle I us u building siie (or a warehouse,
ice house, factory or oilier
larne building.
| The Holidays Are Over 1
jrj": And we are once n»:c settled down to work. Il your ^
$ W.itcli needs d iclorlnjr bring it her.-. We'll gu.ir.in- (S_
jrSj! tee lo do a lirst class |Ob, and you won'l gruinble.it _^f
$j our price. SB
1 W.H.WILSON,  SIci^T |
194    3>*S-S*e-S-9-»3-99S I'M
V papei read liy Hun. Louis Bet*,
i .,nn,.ii.i, si. Haul, Minn., .tl
ih.* meeting In Winnipeg ul tlie
Convention uf Hie I Irion ut Canadian  Municipalities. J
$>a ' trii'st in public affairs,
"■ j    In Bpeaking ol municipal ao  unting
u I I will not   enter   into   deti
attempt  to   recommend   -
forma or scheduii  ,     On I
we   iti-" heat ll     aid tlul
methods idiould be applied to i ublic
accounting.    Tins ma)
far ;is ilu* punctualitj
uf iiilu-. rs and empiuj
nl, but, beyoud that, '■■■
public methods in    pul Iii   ■ - •■■     \
private couceYn      I
mt I.ni Its ownei - foi Hn  im   nei n
which Its boiA    ire ■
accounts «■! .t • Ity mu
tin- sunlight ol publii
in,'- ol iill kinds mu it
plained, bo that tn after ]
meaning  can   be    en 11)
Above .ill,   a public   -
lem must In* .is mui; le b    \
;ni.I at  tho same time have tin  pro
pei  safeguards thrown ah< ■■'   i*,   t«
tlie   chance of del
(bianco and accounting Is
a lopIC uu wliul:, in lilU' ytills, a
gh-ul ileal li.i*i been suul ami wiiltrn.
ii Llm i i,ii-ii States tbo subject haa
taken tin- title uf "< ulform Municipal Accounting." This designation,
in my judgment, Inv<rtvea a misnotu-
ci.   nm, us it seems to me, no uui-
i  system uf muntolpal accounting
i.u,   exlsl  until    we   have umiuim The   more   complicated
municipal charters, ,t|- *■*■   1 B«ts out of oi        I
a vast Improvomcnl can he brought ""' ****** ''"' -nh '" -i';"'":
about in the management ol ii.ui.in-1    n» management of u cltj    finance
„.,! nnnnces, and tn tlio publication ol ""<l accounts should be central! ed in
Sampimiui1    reports    by    proper »»*•   office-the   city   Lomptro ler s.
B«jut(oii                                           I""'    l,,,Wf'i"   ol taxation should    he
Wi' often liear it proclaimed that as vested only In the general city gov-
a mnnlclpality is a corporation,   its ernment, so   that   no   board or   dc-
flnanetal management should lie    the Partmenl ol a city government   can
same as that .Vf any private corpora- have  separate   funds    and separate
tion.     Tins is an essentially wrong disbursing   officers.
view of    Hie situation.      Municipal ovcry
corporations should bo managed on an l11,SM'
iiinely different plan.       A   private fit**
vouchor nl whatever natu
through H.i' comptn tier's i
nd   musl ho signed    by bli
corporation Is organized and managed thereby making il possible at     the
to make money  lor iis stockboklcrs. '*»<' «' tho yew to Issue a clnu aw
All its   energies   arc bent in    that concise statement ol the entire   al
'                      —-v-a                            .       __    ,,__ ,.,,,■_   ,,f    „    ,,,,,, n.i i    i-                 ,,,   ,,,.,,,,,..
direction.     A municipal corporation  !"("• "f » municlpa
„n ll,,- oilii'i*   hand, is ,,I a paternal  "' »*l«] account-
nature,   tlm   funils    tUsburscil liriuB
suli'ly   fm* llie welfare ol ils    niciii-
kopl n
lie adjusted    by aud
Z wilh existing laws, antl llie
tiers.      Tlio'paramount^uty,   Then, ol tho city.      But the ultln
ol every municipal offlcor is in see to  s,llt, "' all accounting musl 1
it that every dollar expended, wlu'tli- ""■'<
or raised by   bond issue or by   tax
levy. Ininits an adequate return    in
,0lfunicC"finln % I mighl v^Jvarinu municipal 1,,,,,, n Amer-
Lho financial policy of a city, involves JfR-JftS™ S ?lif «.2n? !"i il.
an    essentially    different and    mor
published    statement
financial alTairs   of the municipality
Uniformity in such   published stat
omiii-eliensiye question than il.iit^of m||H] (  M
direction, and   Hie    public
bored    accountants   have contributed
merely keeping ils accounts.    M is a m^ch v»luaWe    Infarma-tlon ,,,    Uns
question o    Sow to raise the neces- f .'-'V-,',,,.,«,,.,,,.,,,.  ,,',',, ?
A funils iu the most equitable and 1<   '  "'    hl'  •'■- „*-"'1' •'"' ";'»"■
1,'usi    l,.,i',l,*i,s„ii.e   manner   for    th„ l-ave leeei liy  ...sl, II,,,   ,,,■»  sy.'.i'iiu
Mtatenanco of the corporation.     In °    accoutrting, witli elaborate sched-
.lie liuse cities of the world "'''»'  »«*,   "''""">' ™«*.  »'" ;"'
this has hwnf;   serious quesliou Rj f2?,)» Jto^^ bookkeepe;
ami ns statistics will show, die cost
of municipal government in most   of
Mil-si- cities   has Increased over
per cent, iu Hie last 25 years.
The lest of time must lie ,,|,|,li,-,l   I
these in find out whether tliey    are
practical.    To my mind the liu.,nei,,]
qJ report of a city 'must be issued  tor
...„. , .Ik conveniences'and benefits ;'"' "«'l"'lil "'A, ",,'f A''" '""'
derived by the citizens of a large ^-pnmt. It should he got cn up
municipality are now vastly greater " sul'h f'"'"' "»l be will understand
than  Ihev weic years   ago.     Taxes."; , ,
are accordingly, and ot necessity, rher; is nno daj In the year when
hlghei In all large cities. We want «V«J' tax-jayer roU red In the face,
ihe sir.-eis graded, paved, and   kopt »'*",af„    , ,,S°\cll,meul"
clean lhe eiiv well lighicd. and in T.1'-' Is the day on which he fays
uosseiislon of an adequate and well- '!s ,a!"'s', ,'V"1.','.''' '"'.'' ,'"" ,|,!("i.'
admlnlslered sewer system. H'e must *>•"• ,P™taw"' '" bis mind on tlrat
huve free public schools, playground, W , }K ')"' »'V '"« s" ''W''„
and pun)le baths, all lliis. a «>■ ™ «ha*t becomes o Ire inoittt"
BITlH'8C  uu,-shuns  sli,,,i,d  lh> aiswiTcii
Ufspunding to thi- call o! the president ul tlie Cranbrook Liberal as-
(((latum ovei inn Liberals met at j
Patmore hall List evening in partlcM
patv in iin- wniK ul organizing tor'
i in- new year Tin* commit U o In
i     thinking that   there    would
nul   hi*  tunli-  [hail   Iiuiii   lla  lu    Till    iui
attendance,   secured    Patmore hall, j
which   tbey conBWerod   ample iui    a\
inet'tiiiK nf ih.ii i liiii.u-h-i. Hm thej '
■.'-. N badly mistaken in tht- Judg
ment, for hy 8.30 <>vi*iy seat was
Laken .unl lbe people wore standing
ni groups in different pans uf tlio
i..iii "i sitting nu ilu. platform 01
lloor. Tho meeting was called to
m i.i i.v President w, F. Hunl, whn
briefly staled tho objeot ot the meetr
Ing, F. K. Simpson olDcIaited as
secretary. The election ol ollieers
was the first thing on the programme
ami resulted as lollows:
Honorary President—Sir Wilfrid
President—J, 0. McCallum.
Vice-President—George Hoggarth,
Secretary—Charles Abbott.
Treasurer—James Arnold.
E xci-ti i Ivo Commit t ee—Tom Boy-
tor, Dan McDonald, L. W. Patmore,
William Craig, A. McEaehern,
Thomas Stark, John Kennedy, Geo.
After the election nf officers the
inli nf Hit; association was opened
ami never before in tho history of
the Cranilvrook Liberal assocmriinn
Imve there been so many names
placed un  the secretary's bunk.
Short talks were made by Dr.
King, M.P.P., John Carter, Georgo
Hoggarth. R, E, Beattio, W. F.
Gurd, and throughout the entire proceedings intense enthusiasm prevailed.
The meeting closed with Binglng
"lUnl Save the King," and three
cheers for Dr. King, the present
To-morrow night there will be a
big meeting of Liberals at Wont-
worth hall for the purpose ol meeting with the Liberals ol ll.e district.
There will bo talks by several well
known members ol the partv and
every Liberal in tho district is invii-
itl to be present.
'i'ii-i* •-*-!'! •
'.-*. * A* *.'.** t~* i' ******** * •■•-• •<•■■ !-•■$■*$
That we carry a very large stock of
Men's Pants and Vests.
We can fit almost any man at any
price and we guarantee the goods.
M«mMMHMH«HIMI '•-•'?'
ul    Ior new conveniences
bo furnished    hy
annual report.
I recently re
id    simple way
and bel
the municipality.
Uow to supply all H,csc, essentials,        ,       .,    , ,„„
.„„1    bel leiinelils alike ami  to    keep N,,„.    v,,,5,_.,    v„l„,„e ....
down lie lax rate at the same lime. WH„,,,,.-S Dictionary.     flow
is al I he present   he |,i,,l,l,*,ii of   all t         ,,,s     , N   • v„rk    „
largo cities     II dim. taxation   be- n,,,,1,-,'.,,,,,,-,     t yen lure to s
comes too burdensome, then the city lukl,,-s ,|,l7|.n      „ |||(, ,,„„
musl ueale „lh,-.*s„„li*es ,'t leveuue. k              ,   „„, ,,„,„„„,„,   ,
II   -mould    have a just and thorough ^ '  •             ^ ,
system of licenses, but do not    pay *     .    ,( and anv vouc!
"";,"'"", ,,T'"' ''">' ?''",,"''l,',"'l,;'1! document, II  is hardly neeess
l„tblie until les, or, at least, control
,|,y  „f     tlu*
ntr,, II, -l-   ,,f
all nnmlclpal _ervlce corporations so
as t„ ^,t a good sh.tie ,,f their o.uu-
every minor tnuis
Whal   lhe people   waii
, how much money has
ami Irom what soure.
ings.     In fail   lhe ,-ilv sli,,uld    own
evcrytlilng    on   top and   undei:   its  , ,■,      ,  t „ ,
.reete, Irom lo   hue   ,, I,     in.-       expaMW   „„„ „.lu{ J „„,„
'       ' *'   low,f,T"sueh enpenditures.
.♦< ** T 11 E ** *
The most comfortable house and the best
table in the Kootenays
Apply lor lernis Mrs. Holloed, Cranbrook
The latest production of the jewelers art, in
FOBS, Etc.    We invite your inspection. **
il managed,
ux,";-    , I    The ivpoit   should begin   wieh
Only this way can the tax rate he  ^im,tl 9tatemcni of its fiscal trans-
kept down lo a reasonable point.        'actions, ami should tapet ofl witli i
As to bond Issues, thero seems   to  ,,,,,.,^^1 Btatement nf Hie several do
bo quite a difference of opinion as to  ,Mr,in(,nts,    T|,0 expenditures should
what  eonsHtutes   a proper occasion  ',„, (livj,lUsi   ill(n lhl(lt, ,^,,,^1 hoa(1]
for ilu'in, and as to the extent    to  R8 [0i|owg.
whieh a city is    justified in Issuing     j    ordinary   expenditures - boin
bonds in    pronorl on to its assessed  ,imII,,v expended for maintenance    i
valuation.       in   my opinion   howls {]n, government only,
should only he issuedI foi the f.dlow-    o    Extraordinary   expenditures   -
Ing purposes:   (1)    for remunerative (M,jn^ mom>v oxpendnd lor permanenl
■mai enterprises that aiv   nui- aII(| uomt-permanent Improvements.
!.  Expenditures   of   public tlehl
Hie payment
uf interest nml bond*
up ihe statement of tin
staining: (2) tho acquiring of real
esiate. (31 the construction of municipal hul Id in us i    (4) the construction      ,,   ,:.,, r
ol main sowers; (5) the construct mi rjtv.s oh|ji-iitii'uis, the entire intcr-
o( bridges, Every dollar In my ost-bearing debt, no mutter what its
[udgment, raised bv a howl issue llJllmTi Inllst h(. brouglit under one
and expended, slwuld bo represented he^t sn that nne may bcc al n
by ;i tangible asset. A city whieh g|at,M (h(1 ,„,,.,, UaJillitics of the
seeks to be In the swim of municipal corporation. This can he followed
progress should bo liberal in muting ,,,, hy any number of schedules show-
peri ml   iiiiiin.vi'nieiits, and should  |„- ,*||(1 var|ou8 \sMoa 0f bnW|Bi     |,
he constructed In Uw veiy best man- iK ,[„, ^.iiU.;[ ,n)ii|s nf aj| departments
net known, sn In issuing bonds to (h.lt ,,,,,,--1,. an. interested In, mt.l
pay for them. Sudi ini|iinvem*-nts ,i1PK|1 mil8) |l(1 brouglrf oul strongly
should be    constructed In the    very   in ,,„, iUIIlll.,| roporti       Nll 1|tv ,;,
best  manner   known, sn ihat    ihey  ,iny   consoquonco    should be wltl	
may last foi generations.       I     the  jll(. ,jouWo rNtl.v ByStcm ol l kkeop-
propei sinking fund is orpatod for |ngt Evcry o(floer or j0partmenl uf
suoh bond Issues, they will not he- ,,IP governmenl hawdllng money
come a burden to posterity. I be- shou|<| m.l!a, dally reports to lhe
Hove thai ynur observation has cant,roltor an,i insurer. All do
ihown ynu, as mine has certainly partmonta should make umulbly re-
shown mo, thai the cltlw having the port8 ,„ t]>r controller, bo tha-l
greatei por cap ltd bonded Imlpbtojl- ,|1(.jr accounts may bo reconciled.
Hess aie ihe mnsi progressive in thoUfld or Lho ^leiitest' Importance Is
world. | ||l(. daily balance sheet, made out   by
It is, accordingly, bard to deter- the controller awl verified by tho
mine ai what pet cent, of the us- treasurer, showing lho exacl '..nl
sessed valuation the limit of bonded I Ing nf each account on tbo lodger
Indebtedness should bo placed.       In every day.
many olties of tho United States iti EvorJf p|ty, (,r i(liv r nSoquence
is fife per cent., ami, In Bomo cities, i (bouW haw a statistician placed in
h-n per cent. I Ibink lie latler |hl, nHI||-ul|rr',s „niC0( whoso duty il
figure a very safe limit It, is not wm||(, |1(1 ,n kr(1|1 Blr,o) inventory nf
■essary to comment on the rate of  ,lM  rcft,,  a||.,,  |)(.rsnnn|  |)|1I[M,
Chicago, III., Dec. 30.—"Build an
airship, go lind the North Polo and
report by wireless telegraphy and
submarine cables the progress of your
efforts." This was the startling assignment given a few days agu to
Walter Wellman, Washington correspondent of ihe Chicago Record-Herald, by Krank W. Nobles, editor-in-
chief of the paper, awl the commission has been accepted hv Mr, Well-
man it was announced to-night. As
au assistant on this expcdi'Vu Mr.
Wellman will have the services of Albert Santos Duninnl, of Paris, who
will have charge of Ibe construction
of ihc airship and will act as aeronaut i< directcr aiul ptlc-l of the ship
The airship, the order for which has
been given will bu built hy Louis
Qodard, of Paris, under the supervision of M. Santos Dumont awl will
be completed ' by the end ol next
Vpril. No definite dale has been
sel for the start on the journey, hul
ii is expected that everything will be
iu readiness lo get away next July
ui early in August.
Mr, Wellman said to-nighti "If I
did nut believe the chances of success were gieatefthan those of failure 1 should not accept tho commission. The problem of reaching Mw
North Pole by means uf an airship
does not require high speed, awl the
present state of the art ol aerial
navigation by gas buoyed and motor
driven ships is ample' for that purpose. From an easily reached base
of operations in Northern Spitsbergen
we have but 350 geographical miles
to go to the Pule, and a like distance for the return. If we take
lhe whole at 1,2011 miles it means
but 100 hours uf motoring at 1^
miles an hour. Santos Dumont has
repeatedly made from 19 to 23 miles
au hour with small airships propelled
wilh   relatively small   motors.
"The airship in which we propose
to attain lhe North Polo will he the
largest practicable airship ever built,
It will Ik1 LOO feet long, and its
greatest diameter will be 4fl feet
Its surface will mehstiie 38,000
Bquare fool and its volume will be
220,000 cubic feet. Inflated wibl
liytlrogcn it will have a total ascensional fmcc of 15,800 pounds. Seven
thousand pounds will be Die weight
of the ship and its implements complete, leaving 8,000 pounds for ear-
go, The ship will he provided with
lhree motors, wilb a combined
energy of seventy horse power,
If the winds binder no more than
Nicy help, and there are uo delays,
this ship cau motor from North
Spitsbergen to the pule iu 48 hours.
The airship will have an endurance
capacity in hunvnncv sufficient tu enable H to remain 28 to 80 days in
tho air. It will cany 8,800 pounds
of gasolino and It's distance Cttpaclt)
during calm weather will be 1,800
miles more than lhe distance from
Spltzbcrhen straight across the Pole
anl the wli ile Arctic ocean !'■
50 Per Cent
Off on China
This Week.
Beattie & Atchison's
**$44*$-&4-$ i-'i-i■•■•■!*' j !-• i-i •'■••••••■.■'•.-•*••••! •-?-.-i4-i*3*S'
For Sale.   A Bargain
One storey Frame Dwelling 28x32,
plastered, five rooms, water intalled,
fenced-in lawn, half acre of land, just
outside the city limits.   Apply
cArnold CSt, R^oberts
CRANBROOK, British Columbia
iili'irsi or pi'iimls ol maturity    oi  |ong|„{, ((, n„. municipality, and   ti
Wm. F. Tate & Son,
r)ffiolal Wjitcli   Inspector*-,  Crnwa Nest
Pima   Division, 0. P. K.
Buy An Annual Before
They Are All Gone
lhat is fixed by exist K.(,(l[) -M Btatisttca1 work in such
Ing conditions, and I do believe that mflnner Hint at the end nf the fiscal
in all eases any premium realized on y,.ar ■•. wotl|,| take hut a very short
bnnd sates should be placed in the jjine' ,n nimpilc and Issue lhe annual
sinking fund, and if il he made pos- report,
sihle   I would      plaee  all   bowls     or  _i	
certificates witli the citizens of   live    ■
municipality issuing tlio same.    Tax WI1.H WAKE IT UP.
pavers would then be paving interest	
lo'Hiemsetves; awl in siieh a ease the' What with Hie scenic route through
size of the bonded debt would make the St. Marys valley ami lhe mining
Utile difference as regards the slab- activity now awakened il appears us
ililv of n given cilv. As Ihe ease if the long sleep of this beautiful
is now, nt  least  in' the West,   large  locality were about  to he disturbed
real  earnest.
Nelson News: The problem as l<
Hie occurrence or non-oceurrenca ol
ore under .Mnyie lake, where the
veins of llie St. Eugene are believed
lo extend, will nul have lung tn
wait for solution, Messrs. Black
ami Mackay are making preparations
tor active work at an early date.
C. A. Mackay and E. M. Black re
turned lasl evening from Moyie wln-r
tbey    went  tn   make aunt her inspce
tion    Of    their   claims under    Mnyie
lake.     Thev were accompanied by A.
Sharp.  M.E., and by   E.  A. Crease.
look  Mr. Sharp's advice was sought     on
Hm I account of bis lung connection   with
pe and  America,
sums nf   interest   money    are being in r...
sent to Eastern   money centers, and Into Ihe glories of 111.
all   moneys sn paid   aro a distinct mineral    wealth   in     Ihe   hills    all, mines  in   imii ,,,■-,
loss  to such   municipalities.      More around without bring si ruck by lho which he has bad charge of the sink-
iii.pnrfant still  a Uw fact that every enormous field   which exlsl* for the "]g o    shafts  under various c rcum-
poson    owning   obligations of    the development of the Umber n; ..ts,  stances,   P$rWctUarW   J He vicinity
iity in whieh ft livesVcomes a bet- the minerals, and the tour is I  traffic. «£"* ££*#^SlSt   itr Classing   through    this city    on ul thu house with interest.
ter citizen, and takes a livelier    in- above Meachen's ranch. |   =>«* last tvening mr. uuu     ex-  m   _n.»™*k, t, j
pressed himself as thoroughly satis- Thursday, announced that he had a
fled .w th the outlook. He saW thai railway policy which would be un-
Mr. Sharp expressed unqualified ap- folded at tho openh of the session.
piuval of the undertaking, which In Tins is good news, indeed, and will
bis opinion presents no difficulties be received with expre lorn ol glad-
ha-t cannot be easll) nvcrcomo lie ncss and acclaim hy people in all
i-houghl the prospects decidedly quartera ol the province and ol all
promising. '   parties.    Tlie countn i- Oiled   with
Mr. Sharp verified thc soundings hidden treasures. Time are moun-
icently laken by C, A. Mackay, bul  tains ol metal ami vasts tracts    ol
found even i ■ encouraging  result a  Hmbei and farming land waiting   to
.hi the dip side of the lead, when- be opened by capital and labor. Tbo
lhe greatest depth was 113 feet, kej to Ihal hidden treasure—tbe
which is t'« feel less than the maxl   "open   esan      '■ before which
mum depth along lho location line, the glories of lire rollers' cave in the
Hr advised . to Iho selection ol Arabian Nights' tale will sink into
sit'-s fur two shads, both on the In Igniflcarice—is in tho possession ot
around c vei fd by tlm Inoa-tion, Mr, McBride and Lis members. Tbo
which will -■!! iv tho convenient and talisman In their bawls is their
economic carrying out of nil present working majority in tho house. If
and foturo operations. Tlio party theii policy is clear, vigorous awl
saw manager Cronin ol the St, progressive, and, above all, compre-
Eugcne, who rxpi iscd tbo most henslvo and fair, they will meet with
friendly Interest in lho enterprise, libtlo or no opposition. Their policy
and his belief that they wore prac-Iwill in* accepted without a murmur
licallv certain lo strike either or and their triumph will be assured.
both'veins of lhe St, Kugeno. We do nol  to-^ay propose to out lino
"Ii is the iiitei.t on of Mc Mackay what we conceive should bo the gov-
and myself," said Mr. Black, "lo ernment railway policy. They aro
commence operations as soon as tho experienced enough and presumably
necessary machinery and a pplies can able enough to outline their own
be la-id down. The people of Moyie policy. We can only suggest to-day
are enthusiastic over our under tuk-1 that wo hope it will bo liberal awl
ing, In fact we have tho good wishes progressive and thai Ibis last prom-
of the whole camp. tie may not prove, like the promises
"Steps are hei -g taken to incur- of the past two sessions, delusive
pmate a companv nf which A. Sharp(and disappointing. Tbe World Is
will be the consulting engineer." prepared, in common with all    good
 ,  oitizens, to lay aside party issues and
▼ j insist by alt the means in its power,
A RAILWAY POLICY. in-lhe opening up of the country by
                         I lbe    construction   of   railways    in
Vancouver World: II n. Richard every section; hut, as has been re-
McBrlde is back again al Victoria marked, the policy must be broad and
looking "very fit" and in excellent comprehensive in conception and just
form for tho arduous work of the in detail. The public will await the
approaching   session.      The premier, official announcement at the opening
■   Iff  He! ^^^^^^
The Herald is worth J1U a year. It
coats only JJ .No man iu Soutli
East Kootenay ean afford to be without it, and everyone living outside ol
the district, who is Interested in tlu
progress ol this section, should read
It. It publishes the news while it i:
news. It is controlled absolutely by
the publisher. Nu clique, party oi
Individual dictates its policy. It
dun't try to please the people. It'i
desire is to publish a newspaper Ihai
will he a credit to the cominunit]
Send in your subscription and you
will ne thankful ever afterward.
Advertising rates n pel inch, singli
column, per month, nn more and   nc
It HI.
Heading mattei LB cents pel lim
to Don-advertisers; tu cenu pel lun
to    regular    advertisers.      Businest
lOCAlS  five    Cents  pel    lim- ,-ai.ll  UIm'I
It you desire to reach lhe people oi
South Bast Kooteuay you must ad
vertise lu The Herald.
The Herald has a Inst class jol
plant, and its work is of ihe besl
The Herald dun't want charity. It
wants a square deal on your jol
work If we can't suit you In qual
Hy and price, kick, and send yum
work to some Cheap John house li
the east that nevei spends a cent n
1,000 * Week
This la tlia g loci
culallun ol il,,* llorulil
I'nw room ami mi
Hon list, open I,, in,
lion liy -iilvortlsors.
The llorulil gives a
in vnlue tor u ilollui in money, Tlio udvortlsor has il„
, iw lil I,, know wiinl  l,„  li
receiving   f,,,*  his    v,
The Herald (Is on.-  papei
thut rn,,ins Investlilgnlion,
The  Ilernlil  will be found on ,
sale al tbe fallowing plates: j
# Marysville, Marysville Drug Store
J Warili
Hyatt, K. P. Finlay 4
jrysville, Marysville uruj; Mure 4
arilner, (i Donahue's Store J
iyie. S. K. Hume's Uruj,' Slore ♦
nn, ti. I'. Finlay +
Fernie, Piirdy's Hunl. Store
Elko, Holbruok's Bunk Slore =
Crunbruok,  Keallie  A Atchison's ♦
und C. I:. Keid & Co. s 4
A correspondent of the Nelson
Dally Mews from Fort Steele, wrote
an Interesting artiele on the Kootenay Central in a rccenl issue, and
like ill,it correspondent invaiiahly
does, beforo be closed, Indulged In
lu-. animosity toward sumcoiie, and
tins, iiuie 11 was Simpson. Tin- gen
il< man wbo wrote Hu- article always puis bis brand on bis writings,
therefore, lhe people ,,l Cranbrook
h.i.1 no doubl as 10 tin* authorship,
yel ho dtuuld know, because ho Is
old enough, that il Is considered
very dishonorable for .my individual
ti. attack another through tho col
uiiuis ui a   papct   over   a   noin    de
Illume.       "\ lalui"   may   look      Well,
bul it lho first three Iol ters wero
changed it would look bctlei .md be
far more wanly.
As 10 ihe Koolcnay Central, It
will he built to Cranbrook, since
Cranbrook is lbe distributing and
railway ccnlci ol thu dislrii t, Il
m.i\ h,< hoggish io wmk fur progress,
ami   il   thai   li>-   HlO  CUSO   thc  people  ol
Craubrook Mill smilingly submit to
1 in- pin nir charge, and Simpson u il
llngly Lukes anj hi.nne attached ti'
his   name   as ..   woi ki 1  foi     1 ran
I I-
Tha iisi ut ih.- articli  referred    to
is ua t ..
"While on thi ■ subjeel 1 would like
to coi reel an error into whicli tho
publisher ol a certain holiday numbei has fallen. The compile) of ilns
publication gi ts out a map—tor
booming purposes I suppose—showing
rhe loraiiiiii ol tho K. C. K. line over
a portion of the district which the
compiler knows perfectly well is not
nml can not he ihe route authorized
by tho K. C, It. charter and thc railway subsidy act. If this boomster
h-ad laken tbo lalesl C. P. li. foldei
and reproduced the route of Hn- K. C.
It. as tlleru traced no such serious
objection lo ii would bo made-
Hi.nigh thai even i.s iiul Hie authorized rotilc. ll will be lime enough to
publish such maps when parliament
lias consented (it il dmiild consent)
to such a change. Po do so now is
a most nnwarranlrd decepllon of the
public—a deception practiced wholly
nnd soli-K in Hn* mien .1 oi a place
which well deserves iis nickname of
'Ilogtowii.1 "
Porl Steele, Dec. 28, 1UIJ3,
The lb laid is in reeetpl oi ,, band      c~4!
-.'.Uie   ,0,(1      \.llll,it,If      pilliln.it imt   ei. k    ^
lillwl, "Mothei Kartb's Treasure
Vaults," winch is ,111 exhaustive re-
■■ ou of the mineral and agricultural
possibilities ol the Boundary, Southern Okanagan, Simllkameen awl
Nicola section ol British Columbia.
Tbo compiler is oui old tiicwl l't-uj
I-. Quodetirath, well known 111 this
district and a journalist who has
written more about the possibilities
of il.c Interior ol British Columbia
iban probabl) any othei nowspupci
iiiaii in tlie province. The bouk is a
liandsoino puce of work typographical!) and is a product oi the Victoria
Colonist's olliee. Mr, Uoodcnratb
speui several months travelling
through iin- country gathering data
im 1 liis book, which can be sw und
(i) sending 33 cents 10 the publisher 01
the dd nisi ai \ letoi ia, Those who
ijel a top) wit) md regret it, as ihe
iter) ol grottlb and prospeiit\ it
1 ,1.1   in .1   mosl    1 li.ii ming niuunei.
millglillg   the   lads   wilii   the   11)111111111'
ol llie pioncei   and Hu- beauties ol the
The Cousoivnlives of British Col-
umlrii) .ne vei) much exercised jusl
now ovei   ihe ciliinet  p.i.ssibilities in'
■ iuii- for Si 11,do]   Templeton.   Then
iuteresl    is only  equalled  by     tlieir,
hope thai hi-   ma) be turned    down.
It    is discord    in  the Liberal ranks
Ihal lltej an- I nking lor rnlher than1
Hie advancement of Mr. Temph ion.    j
lie Kernle Pree Press
uivenii edition Hns y,-.
lit  1,1 il.e publishers 1
n    . [ l-'-nue. ll   is
■ oi typographical w
b    cuts oi   liuilillngH,
1 beautiful
rk.     iill'l-
il   I..
1 n-
Ie oi the , ti,,,. can form anyI
what such a piece ol work j
m an office like Wu-" Fne
. lias had Ui occupy since the
.md the fact Hiit Hm overall difficulties shows llinl not'li-
ai. daunt   ihai  force in il.e put  !
ai.ee ot     any    legitimate
Papers    like the   Pi
powei of good ioi   tli
although   the   propliel
ss do
s will novel
gel then- reward on earth there ii
hope that the devil will deal Hell-lent-
iy wnh them.
The Revelstoko Herald and the
Uevelstuke Mail have amalgamated
simply for the reason that tliere was
not room [or two papers in that
town. The move is a sensible ono
ami will prove most beneficial to ail
concerned. This thing of trying to
build up a newspaper properly un thc
ha.sis of party Is a mistake and 0110
by which business men are made to
-.uik'!. Tlie man who believes in advertising will use'the medium thai
can give him tbe circulation so that
he    can   reach     the      people, and   the
pnper thai is alive, that gives tlie
people win! tliey want, Hi,it publishes Lhu news, ihat is not hidebound ur foolishly partisan, is tlie
paper iiuii will haw: the circulation.
I'm- merchant who advertises with a
papei because that paper advocates
ihe same political policy that lie
does, is heating Hie burden of a
part) lax that in a year amounts tu
quite a little sum, and fur which he
gets no crcdil when it comes time
10 wake campaign contributions.
Newspaper business is like any other
business, it must stand un iis merle, H may got along for awhile
hi pally  loyally awl  I lie good llalllle
f lis political friends, luu suuner or
later it must meet the inevitable.
fins was Hie case ill Kcvelslukc.
Henceforth then- will he one paper
there, and ll will he a better paper
in every way ih.ni either has been
before, and in this waj' every resident of the town will in- beucflled and
Hn- merchants who advertised in both
papers will escape ilu- extra lax paid
for   tho sake  ol   loyalty   to   pally.
Thero will bo a school trustee to
deel al the coming municipal election  awl   Hie   people   BllOUld   sec    that
,1 good man is selected.
Is your Winter Overcoat still unbought ? Why do you
wait ? Is it that you haven't seen what you fancy ?
That would mean, clearly, that you have not seen our
showing of
20th Century  Brand
This Brand is head and shoulders above all other Ready-
to-wear clothing made in Canada, and is equalled only
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worth and the truth of what we say.
AU Must Go=HILL & Co.-Afl Must Go
III,'      V.l-I,     s|l|*C,l.l     I,
I,'In      ,    1,,  ull,'II
thousands     ili,'\    hi
Mi. I1,M
Ilu* m.i.
nl lho ,
ol      III.
,1.11s In
, lo In' wi
rail n ,*h"
, nnil iipi
aprr   Ihal
II    Ull-I,.
.,1 Im ii ii.iv runt nn.l liar Inr whal ho has
-ml i,„    nn.l  claimed im  ihi- i-mn   1,111 gradual!)
ih.in .Ul ilu- his predict imis have 11,nn- iu pass,
expended  imIThree ar. people who have cursed Uu,
iroiilars,   ile.  Ili-mlil In Hi,* pasl  who an, nrals ng
ulnl ,1     H now
,11    lln*    rl
ill   Ndsi
Tin' cily i-l,'i'ii,,ii
nis.s In l,r another pnlllii
lonvol. Hut, sensible llh,
ni- keeping piililii-s 1,111 ul i
TllO   111,111   WllO   in,ill,I   USD   his   nlliii.il
posllion, mu- i„ uiini, lu- hail    heen
eioi'tiil hy the pi lo, lo play    even
unworthy uf lln- olllce.
Tho Herald Annual is conceded In
In- ilu- besl llilng ul ih,* Iiiu,I issued
in Hu- Interior ul Urltlsh Columbia.
Thai won'l Imn L'r.uibrook any.
Vol um* man would nol buy nny because he did nol 111,,- Simpson,
Judging Irom   tht
lyau ami ,\l. Doylo
king   .Lime
slanil lor ul
.1,1 turn  al ih,* coming 1n11111e111.il dec
111,11.     II        js    I'li'.ll'lll 111,,,     ,1     I,,I        I,
pcoplo    III     this town    Wlllll    to se,
Hi,,si- gentlemen elected.
John Houston has  telegraphed [or
I,,, old   1,1 il,,* Urlard hotel, ol
\ Ictorln, im   Un- coming Bcsslon    ol
lhe  Ifglsl.lllllo.       II    Is   i-llih'lll     i"'IH,^^_^^^^_^^^^_^^_
Uui   Uml    ihe  "("' nnaii    Krom!   Cu i  ihis pallllcal idiomlng
Nevada"   will ho on     hand  ko cily clcellnns and work loi  lire   li
part in tlio legislative work ,,l   the | whom you think    would servo    thc
Id,n'l forgel lhe Koolenny Central,
li will be 11 meul ail|llliel to till
prospcrit)  rn' I'lunl k.
Sh,,11 ns n hi-lii-i* town lli.in *'r.i 11
brook in ih,- Interior ol Hrilish L'u
luinhiii nn.l  Hi' will apologize.
Iluy nu Annual nti.l sen,I il us a
missionary lu sumo one in Hn-   easl
ul'   I,,   III,*   lll.l   I',,lllllll*.        II    lllll     lln
Tlio l.iiieitiis ull .nei' lira province nre organising and uill he ready
l,,t lhe eimli'st when ilm present
govci 1,iiii'iii goon iu lhe country,
They mil nnl In- cui-hl napping I lus
Seiiuiui* Templeton mny gel a
portfolio in ilu- coming change in
the cabinet, ll is coming in tho
senator und in British Columbia,
The output lor tire Boundary mines
lire past   vein* uns nearly  1,000,000
Inns.     Tlinl  is going BOlllo,
The Nelson   News issued a mining
review on lhe first lhat tanks wilh
I pie Uu- I,,-.:.     Ii mn don'l  ih, i,
mil I,,' ,, whirlwind In I'rnnbrook
some du)  thai it ill prove dl -., il reus,
I llilelll.iluh-,1   11,ul,   is    n.l   .,,   bllll    us
up,ii uml, iii ,, iii.iiiei  ,,i Uus   kind
  .i  liMl,<  win .,*      Ii   i.  Ihe    ml
iniiii'iin'1,1 ill Cranl I, llml  wc 	
nil .iiiei nml ii,,l ll,,' ,1.1\,iiiei iielii nf
,ii,y pattlculai Conservative ,„ Liberal,
Then- nit' Illinois ,111,1 llllll,,I*, those
days us In e,iinliil,il,*s fm i],,- provincial  eh el inn.      A   in.in   Who   is    in
n position iii gather pretty reliable
Information, said lo tt Herald mart
the oilier day, llial .1. A. Harvey .mil
T    ('.lllll   Hire     nu!   lhe  mill     mi'll
ivh,, nue being considered, Iml    nn
, lhe contrary llial    J, K.  Armstrong
ine besl „f anything uf Unit ...iiuie miihl ,„, ,„ ,,„. Iu.ul im] ,lls .,',
ever   gotten   up in   Canada,     Il is M.,v,„. i(ogC|-s was n prime favorite
comprelicnsivo,   interesting,   readable with unite a ntimlier,    Messrs. Cnvcn
anil reliable,    llr. Dean, lhe publish- and Harvey an' the only two gentlc-l
or, has   lhe   energy, ambition    and men al  the presenl  lime win, have a
ability In he running n paper In    a dlsllncl follnwlng, uml with   them ini
town larger than Nelson, bin ns il Is, ilu- field nl  il is an open qucstloi
f1 Wilh   III,11,1*     IIS    In      lllli,     WOllld   Will
Iiiii wllh nil;,<rs iii lln- field illation
would he badly eompllcaliil.
ll  doesn't lake lung Ior an Insincere iii.iu iu got un in [nslnccrlly.
A   new haircut    is npl In   meet n
rough wind,
Hugs hive people,  bill  nl   lhe   Very
best they wily tolerate dogs,
Th,- women ine s„ methodical Unit
ihey put their fun inlu departmental
People wmk Inud fur money    i.tul
full mu  themselves In spending it.
The .lunger nf
loo hul a lime.
i,use warming  i
A Steaming Cup or
gives the player
strength to play,
and keeps the
watcher from
catching cold.
In h.i
lllll  ,
< lhe girls stride by him un lho'subject
if he weie nothing. years,
People luu,w whal Ihey would liki
•Il.n , Ives, hm in llllllk ,,f lhe iiirh
,d other | pie i>. u bother.
Men  like  In  In-  I,,1,1   Ihey  uie  right
ived if ii Isn'l line.
Come holiday Lime ii is as    i h
iml, in spend ihe money ns il is to
'am il.
Vanity is   Incessant  wiih   ils  do-
n.unl  Im    c hul  nil*.
Men may he Bnluraled wilh lobnc-
10,   hm ihey  huie a  furnace     that
Insomnia is un uncertain malady
hul something pleasant tn Uiini
iiliiini is mil lmil.
Sume in,-,, are sn unfamiliar wilh
ihe way home Ihey gel lost,
Influence is always being petitioned
tu gel up un ils hind legs.
If Uie   language   nf tl
turkey Is understood il relates to (la
prospect ,,f n yeai ,,( rest.
lhe full ;,*;,' nf t went) -un,
uie imi disqualified underi ,	
■■""' !««', ni ue been Im lhe   Blx T||il.lv ,,.,,.,. ,.,„,,,. (|„,,, |   lnimi Ul
1 Hi", nexl  ceding   ihe dny _»i app|y |„ n,,, ,'|,i,,f Commissionei    uf
nomination  the registered miner   in Lands and   Woiks Ior a Special I.n
lhe  I.uiul   llml Hi   I ill,,-,',  nl   I., ll.i   ul ,.„,,.   |„    cut   alld  call)   lill.il*   lllllliel
l"   lhe fill   ul   lhe   OS- |,,,,,,   lbe    lollowlng ilesellbnl     l.iiuls
sess,-il mlu,'.   ,n in,- lasl  Municipal i|tinted  In Soulh  Easl   Koolena)
nssessin,nl   mil,    ul     one     thulls.iiiil ('mnuieiii'iiig    nl     a     pnsl   planted
dollars  and who ore olhci ahoul  tliroo-quartors nt n mile weil
wise duly qual I .is Municipal mi "I lhe smith wesl cnrnoi nl hu  1135;
eis." li, s   n   c   1807, c Ill,   S. tinmen south 10 chains, thonce wo (
reby given   toll.; 1003-1, C. 13, S. a. 10 c s, ihenee   norlh 80    dial
he enjoys Hie distinction to-day
publishing Ihe besl dally paper
printed iu a town lhe size uf Nelson
nn tlie American continent, The
pcoplo uf Nelson should appreciate
ihis   fuel.      The   standard- ol    Mm
The llernhl   slands fm*   Cranhrook
Public      iee _______________________.^___________» -    	
H lectors ul  lhe  Munlclpnllly   "I     The quu'lin.iiih'ni    In   law required  .V,,,,'     '.   ... _,..,„.   .,„..,.,. .',.,.'
lhe    Cily uf I'r i  llinl  I    ro- to he nossi ,  lhe  ales nu    """' ,"IS|     ' '"'"","    "'   '   ' "
quire tlio presence ol    Ihe said elool tire olllco ol   tldcrmau   aro   .,,   i I"""s,     " '''   M»t »0 chains,
uns   iii   ihe    Municipal Chambers, lows:—                                           ! ihenee suuih su ehuius in tho   phico
Leask Building, Bnkei  Slrepl, Cran     * The pen h qualified lo he noml   ,,t com ncnmonl,   mnl    conlal (
•J' '■ »* ,„'',' '"!   ,'.!"• A\ '|J*'    ,"r l1,' ,!';' "'"Iclei'led .'- 'Mdecninn ol m u,„s, „■ * les-,
dm iv,  Iimi,, nl   IJ o clock,    ii,   Ihe   (iii  -.lull lu- such persons    as   , , ,    ..,
lor the purpose ol electing persons I i not illsq fled uml, ' any   hni."''1      , ,        ,       1 ,"""1''
represent    II    in   Hie     Municipal and   have been   loi  Ibo six months,     Lncalnl Ilrcemlrel   10tli,  I00»
I'uiuieil us Mayor nnd Alilormen, ami next    |,n>,.-ilon-  iiu-   da)  id , nn
'"'     purnoso   »f eh-eima persona imn     il i,- iwnor, In  ! ..,,..,'	
In  repiesenl   Ihem uu  lhe llnul'il    nf I.an.I lloglsll)  Oflice, ol lands ol  Iml I Mil III*.
Triwinn   Im'    Hm    Crnnbrook Cily properly in lhe civ nf lhe assessed	
Sell,,.,I District. lvalue,  hr l.isl  Municipal assess |   ri,,. undorslgncd will, Huiii    dnys
The  in,tile   nf  luimilliil inn   nf   emiili-' lii.nl   mil,   ,,|   I,  ,.    ,, ,|;, I   ,1  Il.n t,  1,1    , .,        ,    ,     .      .,     ,,,    ,   ,,
dales shall ho as lollows- mm,-,    ,„|  , I,,,,,,,. ,,„,!,   nllw Halo, apply lo Ilo   .1101 uun
The canilldnlcs slmll In- nomlnaled  (l.-.l ns Mm 1 vnlen "   II   s   ll   ""■■•"■i"'i ol Lnmls ami Works hu n
in writing; ihe writing shall he sub- c   |8!I7, o,  111,    s   II; imn 1, i    Spi'i'lal   Llccnso   tn  eui    I   carry
scrlbeil by two voters of Ihe Muiiici- 13, s. .1.                                             away limber from lhe following ih-.-
pnllly us proposer  I second r .11,1 The qiiallflcalion     hi   l,,u  rnpilml crihed hinds iu  Easl   Kootenay:
I shall he delivered    lu lhe Iteluriilng in he puss,.ss,',i ni ii„, oaiidlilates 1,0     Commencing at a pnsl  planted nl
  Olllcer nt  nny lime belli 1  I'n, dale   II Hi f Seliiml  Trnsleo an-    as   lhe ilili-iseelhin uf Hie wrslem bollu-
t nhnrrassing   thing about pns-l nf lhe m,lice and :! p.m. nf (he day nf follows:—               •                          j dory ,,f Lul Nu. 8303 wilh the uoiih-
ig a pretty girl is Ihal she is sure  lhe mini llial Inn and in Ihe pvcitl ol a "In even*   Cily     School District, era limil nl lhe right-if-inn  of   lhe
ymi are looking al  her however   de-  poll being necessary, such pull   will nnt*  person  being u   householder    in  II.   C,  s.    Railway,   Ihenee   .sunih-
(enniiii'il vmi may he In exercise in-, be ope I on (he lsih dav uf Janu- lire School    lllslrlc'l,    and being    a  westerly along   sail! northern bound-
"(Ti'ivnec.                                         nry, lllllll,   between   Iho hours ol   9 British   Biibjccl   ol the full ago   ollary   ul   said   rlghlrol-way    seventy
                           In'ehiel, h, Ihe fnreii  nml 7 o'clock twenty-one i.-.ns, uml otherwise qual   chains, inure nr less, lu the northern
Many letters   Intended f„r    Santa i"   Hm after in nl   ihe fire [lull IDimI by this Acl in vole al uu dec 'boundary   uf Lot. Nn. _snr,;    thenco
Clans nre misdirected. I Baker Street, Cranhrook, ll. ('..   ot Hon nf School Trustees in Hie School north eighly chains; thenco coal nne
  I whieh every person is hereby requlr- Dislriel    uf H„-   cilv uf   Cranbrook hundred ehains, thenee snuih t<>    (he
I for a young man whn is nil  In hike nolleo   ami guvtrn Dim-, shall he eligible (,, he elected nr   to'norlhern houndary of said Loi
II   is h.i
unable tn Ond the hole in his pocket.. self accordingly, | serve   ns a School Trustee in    such 3003: thenee   west, along said nnrlh-
  I   The qualification   hv  law  required City District,"   iiui'i. c.   11, s. .*(:!.   orn boundary to the north-west or-
Youtig |ienplc in love will nnl bear  In l.e pnss'esseil   by Ibe    canilhlaies    (liven   under   my  jiRm|  ni     Cran- "er nf lot   No. 8.98;    thenco sonin
watching. i for Mayor are as follows:— [brook, it. C, Ihis 3rd day nf Janu-along the western boundary *,f  uid
..,,,. , ,   "The persons qualilled In be niiinin-1 nrv, luun. j lul tn the place nf bediming.
, ,. ,. " """'■   idiinW'      Us "lllnr   a man whn is sure he can walk ns   nted for anil elected as Mayor shnil Cecil 11. Prest,        411-51. Win. llinirins.
paper, us increasing   circulation aire  bas heen called a boomer, boomster, fast us ever he could dues not    liko   be such persons us are male British Returning nillcor.    Tooltty, 10th Dcecmhcr, 111(15. THE   CRANBROOK   11 Kii A i.n
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
The New Managers.
Ilrop in anil see us anv time.    We are nn deck 25 liuiirs ||
oul nl lhe 21
l-M-l -I-I* I -l-l-l-1* I -I 1-1 I I I-1-1 III I-I I-1-1- H-l I I-I-I-I-1- I-I-II-I
I--I--H 111 l-l-l I II IIII l-l-l-l- i-|. i-i -i-I- i-i-i-i- -H-H-M-l-l-H .|.
The Cosmopolitan |
will have one ol iii ise old time
dinners on lirlstmas and New
Years, Old timers will remem.
ber them. New comers will
also remember them.
Rambling Reveries
tiit within mi! little cottage,
As the shallows gently fall,
While the sunlight touches softly
due sweel l.ne upon the wall,
Da we gather close together,
Ami in hushed and tender tone,
Ask each other's full forgiveness
Im  lln- wrong that eurh has done.
Should vou wonder at this custom
Al tin- ending <>( thf day,
live and \one would quickly answer,
' It was once oui mother's way."
li om homo he bright and cheery,
li it hold a welcome true,
Opening wide Its doors ol greeting
i o 'he many—not tin* few,
H we share our Father's bounty
W.ih the needy, day by day, '
I., because oui  hearts it mbei
Tins was ovei mother's way.
heal Is   grow
 D R1N ti 5
! Cranbrook Beer f
Made fro:n the best malt .inJ tht purest water, it is unexcelled for quality. Jt Ask for
Cranbrook Beer ani insist on having it. Jl.*
The Cranbrook Brewing and
|   Malting   Company,   Limited
Also manufacturers ni nil ki.iJs ,,t Aeroled Waters
♦ clothing  that is "Gilt Edge" in name, j
I "Gilt Edge" in material, "Gilt Edge" in I
♦ make call and see the new stock of Ready J
♦ made clothing just received.    All Union %
X Labor. ♦
004*000*04<>0*}-***i*->99-  ' ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦.♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
f ,
I  B C. Livery and  Toed  Stables {
• •
First el nea Riga, s I, ims, Drivi rs
nml  j in- -I. liorsea  I il in  the district,
Blacksmith and Woodwork Sh.-ip
Sunm * ttion
ft. 1 ft
Marysville has com
Ifoouses of ffi>ar\>8-
Villi     c — Smelt' i i ttti
out   her   0W0,      Ilk*
1 - -. ;i no . has n per*
1. i in payroll and in
thc Kfllewai of Ihe St.
•flarya valley. jt lit,-
Herald can hca III)
Indorse the following
bu Inese houses;
1 Central llolel TTTsll
ti ll .liiliiiMin, Proprietor        Marys  valley, ti
ft Dlninji Room service lhc best. ft
9 The place lo sion whi i vlsitl ■.: lhc Smelter Cily s
1 The Royal Hotel     |
ffl A. P. Chenelte Proprietor
ti Has been recently refurnished .-uid is how one of 'ti
» till' hp.dl  hnlUk in III,'  rllclri^l       Hi.ntlntiarta.a t,,r  ft
the liosi hotels in tbe district,
thc people.
.".ilquarlers for u~
^ mc |ieo|j,e. ^^
 ■   1
&, -' §
ft We carry a complete slock of everything in thc ffl
ffl Drug and Stationery line. No need lo send away ffl
ft for your goods. ft
I Marysville Drug Go.
Sometimes    who
U r.i i \
i li  mn   t.isl, seems vei v lom;;
When oui   bUllleiH look   tOO heavy,
Vmi w<- deem the righl all wrong,
Then we gain a new, In-sh courage,
\ . w_ i |su lo proudly say:
"l.i-i ns iiii om duty bravely,
This Was out   ileal   niothefs way."
Tims we keep her memory precious,
While we  iie\ei   tease to pi ay.
I'h.11 ai lasl   when lengthening shad-
Mark the evening ol life's day,
They may lind ns walling calmly
To go homo our mother's way.
Woman lias yet to learn the purifying uud blessed Inlluence she may
gain and maintain over the Intellect
and affections of the human mind.
Though she may not teach from thu
portico nor thunder from the forum,
in her secret retirement she may
form and .send fnrih the sages that
shall govern and renovate the world.
Tbouffh she may not gurd herself fur
bloody conflict," nnr sound the trumpet of war, she may array herself in
the panoply of heaven and send the
thrill nf ' bcnovelencc through a
thousand youthful hearts. Though
she may not enter the list in legal
collision, not sharpen her intellect
amid tbo passions and conflicts of
men, she may teach the law of kindness, and hush up the discords and
conflicts of life. Though she may
not he clothed as the ambassador of
heaven nor minister at the altar of
God, us a secret angel of mercy she
may leach Mis will, and causo to
ascend lho humble but most accepted
So great is the mind of a sweet
m mleil woman on tlmse around her
I hat il is almost boundless. • It is
to her that we all go in seasons of
sorrow and sickness for help ami
comfort; one soothing touch of her
kindly hand works wonders upon the
feverish child; a few words dropped
from her lips in the ear of a sorrow-stricken sister do much to raise
the load of grief that is bowing its
victim down to the dust in anguish.
The husband comes home worn out
with the pressure of business and
feeling irritable with tbe world in
general, hul when lie enters ihe cozy
sitting-room, and sees the blaze of
fire, and meets his wife's smiling face,
he succumbs In a moment to the
soothing influences which act as tho
balm of Gllcad to his wounded spirits
thai are wearied by the stern realities of life. The rough school hoy
(lies into a rage from the taunts of
his companions to find solace u his
mother's smile; the little one full of
.Md' with its large troubles finds a
haven of rest on its mother's breast;
.md so one might go on with instance
after Instance of the influence that a
sweet-minded woman has in the social
■Ife   with     which she is connected.
It la now apparent that  A.  .1    \1,   '
Millan has whipped the oppo
his policy on the board ol the I- Ri i
company.    Anthony J. has come dui :
on tin- root, and w bile he was a< iie>
ing his    ascent   to the point ol vie
ioiy there can be   no nuesiioi
wen   -in■:,'..-'.- • imes al thc mee iiig
of t-lic shareholders in London.     V<
cording to Un   repoiis from   I
panel •    Mi Millan   stated    I
Trail      uieh.-i    was   now beii
into the amalgamation scheme     between the Lcltol, Wai  Eagli. ■ ■ ■
Star, St     Eugene and Trail
at Jl,  whereas In IU(M 11 was
on offei  at  (6U0 00G      im the diffei
eiu-e in  the pun-  $100,1 ,   Vll -I    -
stalisi   he   was   offered   (75,    ll      be
only     favored     the    amalgams 1 imi
scheme   which he   has mu
resisted ..il along      Asked bj     mnu
one preaont  who it  waa wl Hetedl
the 175,  there wai  n i ..*■  #ei
eli \*.  ma' lCl *  . Ott   -.land   it   WuU)d |
appear thai lhe oM LeH  -  I
tit-   M-lit     to   tin-       Il^t.l       about,   .nol j
ainahgainatlon, as l,n a-, thu Li Uui i
concerned, is a dead as ,i doi
It mai)  he e.u i "-'I ""' bel ween    Llie '
othei parties,
W 11 AldrWge, the head nl the
mining ami smelting enlerpi i ■ * in
which the t', 1'. It. is concerneU, was
preset!! at Hie meeting, lie is reported to have saul 1I14I l.e was
there  in   lhe   HiteleMs   ol   LUC   V ali.nl-
iaii companies, ami had imt conn-
to  the meeting   to bog anything lioiu
anyone. .Jinli-iiig from Uio spirii ol
the assembly, ihe time was not propitious tor asking tilings.
?J£I{n$flMc«it power when
nmpaied with hers      ,_^_^_^_^_m
There is no sadder si^ht than a wo-
nun who, marrying a man to save
lim. finds that she has failed in what
slu- has soitghl and lost her own life
in the snuggle, Have we imt all
seem the gradual degradation of tin1
woman who is bound to a dissipated
man' SI c loses I ope ami faith
■ a> il despair cover her as with
a garment, If she lives with bim
i; : conscience is wrung wiih the Imr-
101 of bringing foi lh children who
shall in- hke film However tender
■nl refined her nalurc, dally contact
wilh what is coarse ami brutal will
debase it II love fur a maid will
not   make .1   man    set'   Ihe foolishness
,,r sin and abandon ii altogether, love
foi   .1  wn,-  uill  nm   help him  iu    Hie
■ii   Mc  I   ,le  lee.       1
ful stimulant,      It
bod]   mind and bou]
bids   him   strive fm
III ■ .iiuliilmii,
'    Hy, il   waki
Reading U-t ween the lines, looking
at the whole affair, it iLus not seem
unlikely ibat behind the ranks of the
c.imi.-aianis on either side could he
discerned tin- outlines of the two hig
raiiwav companies inti lesied in tne
struggle, the v'.I'.K. and Uie G.a.U.,
the latter being as much i-oiieeiiie-t
in having the Leltol ores smelted in
Northport as Hie ul'.H. is in gel-'a
nng them to Trail. 11 is a very 53'
pretiy quarrel as it stands, and a SIS
would be a pity to spoil it. I ds
The Hunker   nnd   Sullivan   Mitiin
>., of Kellogg, Idaho, announces ,
dividend   for    December  ol Mini,mm
bringing  tho   dividends for Uie yea
up to $3,255,000.       Due tunnel ' 01
The Home of
The Overcoat.
You can't think ,,fa style that the Fit-
Reform Wardrobe dues imt contain,
You can't name a material  Imt  what
Pit-Reform shows.
And tlie Fit-Reform label carries with
it, tile assurance of service and satisfaction,
as well as perfect fit.
The entire range of fashion
is comprehended — from Overcoats at $12. up to the handsomest styles of the season
at $30.
tlie property is   called the   Kellogg, ^hii
and is two'miles lung.      From tins 93
tunnel train   loads ol    ore are being tg
shipped.      From the way in    whicn Jfcf
tne Alining  Uorld  puis  11,  11    would 5?*
appear that  Ihe trains back into   tne £g5
tunnel where tlie cars are loaded   di- Sto
reel from the shoots.   It is now tbo £*
biggest  lead  mine  in   Ihc world,  hut J®
is nelng worked   to its full capacity 2(iJ
uwiug in   the demand    lot metal    ■•" —
the world's markets.
,,.,    r**
,'vc is ii power-
ui'pe.ils to the
of 11 man i>ml
lhe hest. It
I urgos him    to
ami   I.eiiuliful   in" lif,,";
■ n,e iinhli ^_^^^^^_-—
li   in,,I 1   the   sll'ess and   wilh lhe lielp
,.f 11, ii emotion he does mil turn nt
1 ik .  \,\ .11; iin : usl fioii. whatever evil
1        I ■ 1 1,   in   In'-  past   life,   there  is  lui
hoite Id Imn ('tu iiiplinii has laken
Imhl nf 'nm. --in is so iiihercnl Ihal
ihe Inspiration or love cannol save
him ie" an) thin.-, else save the chastisement of God.
t The Carnegie company this week
booked the ltcav.est tonnage ol structural steel ot any week in its history, iu spite of liie lact thai it was
uitahlc to promise delivery on any
of the material before three or tour
mouths, while in some instances orders will be delayed fully six months.
The American bridge companj expects to hook enuti^ii oruers tins
week to make the total loi a hew
record. Sales of rails dining tm.
past 10 days aggregate neartj ititi,-
unu ions, a remarkable total tn view
of the heavy orders alreavi)' on liie
books. Among thc recent sales was
lf>,ouo tons to the Oklahoma Hail-
road company.
The eastern bar iron manufacturers
have reaffirmed their official puce of
U.u on tmr iron, but are exacting
premiums of from $j to nu per lou. 1
Continued revolutionary troubles iu
Russia do not furnish much pros-,
poet that conditions iu regard to the
lerro manganese will be Improved.
The market is now nominal, tun j
llieie is no doubt llial $150 will bo
paid if any were offered. j
lite buying of ore stopped as suddenly as it started, li is eslimaWd
that many eastern consumers have
not covered more than hall ui lheir!
requirements, 1
The    foregoing  extract   from      llm'
Iron Trades Review will show    the
general prosperity of tho Stales better iban the most elaborate statistical  table.       When  the business out-!
look    is assuring,    oixlcrs for slrue-'
turn!   steel and   such   like material
will  be placed  tar in advance of  ihc ,
time ol requirement so as to be on
the safe side when delivery  is needed.     On the other liana, when    the
prospects  of  business are bad,   when '■
a period of depression is anticipated,
orders for this material aie reduced.
or eni out entirely.    Thus it is saitl 1
lhe   iron   trade is one of    the surest ]
barometers  for gmiging  the  rise  and
fall of the general   prosperity,     lis'
Indications are safe for a yeai in advance, and  taking  this view of     llie
situation,  wc are entering on  a new j
year of   assured good     hope    in  all j
lines of business, especially milling.   J
The lasl quotation (nr silver mi'
the New York markol was 0*1 |c, per
of.., ihe London puce being equivalent In 05C, At i-llhel ol UlOSO puces >
the chunk of native silver laken out
of the Gl'lOUX lake dlsliiet near!
Cobalt, North Ontario, the other day!
would pay handsomely. due piece'
was 2511 pounds in weight, Ha- other
SO pounds, Counting 12 oz. to the
pound Troy (the standard for weighing gold nnd silver) the first was
woi Ih $1,0611 on the basis m »0c.
per oz., lhe second. I.M. The important poiul about the find is that
the discovery was made outside what
was considered Uw silver hell. Thero!
is greal excitement over the lind, and
when lhe snow goes off the ground il
may be expected thai the number of
men nut on lhe hills will heal the record Ior any plaee in Canada.
The Chicago Mining World says:
"A lissure vein or true vein is a
Vein  In  which  the ore and  veinslom
Will take an Auctioneer's Licence as soon as one
can be procured from the Municipality.
Phone 119
P.O. E
ox ib
Cn,, ,M  Lodge No, :«
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets 2nd and -1th Tuesday at 8 p.m.
in  I.O.O.F. hall.
J. A. Arnold, K.R.S,
J, W. Jiremncr, CC.
I    Visiting   brethren   cordially invited
, to att> nd.
Cranhi-'iuk   Local  I ninn   1241 ol lhe t'nited
Itroiherhriiiil oi Carpenters mul Joinen
ol UnerUi.
I   .Mc* tm     even lay i veiling at
1   u. <;. T. hall, over Patmore Hrus.'
[OK I      b all]   Invited.
Fred Ifuill, i   vara Funic,
Rei   Set. President,
I.n.t' 1.     ko CU) Uilne
No    l_.  .Mit-ts twry
li ;.     n ght    at
tlieir hall on Da ■ r itreet.   Sojourn-
ing Oddfel ows       ...liy Invited.
W. s. McDonald      Charles Smith,
N   ti Sec'y.
Irasbrooli Lodgt, No. u
\. v. a \. n.
ar nuvtings un
lh    third    ITiursday
^ ^    oi -.-virj   u.cnth.
Visitiug bretnren wi '• oi    :
E, Patl ■    :., Sec'y.
F,   o.   li.
Meets   1st ..:.!   ;.i Fridays   at    s
o'clacl   p. in., in il;,* IValls building,
\. il lil..:   brethi _   arc inuied    io
.1.     !:..,:    Davis,   \l     1'.
A. M, lilai ., IV, Sec'y.
riRANBROOK l.olHil*:, 8913,
Mi-els every 2ad and  lib Tuesday In
"Good  templars Hall."
Visiting brethren cordially Invited.
A. McCowan, C.R,     J. Sims, S«'y.
( KA M'.l.'oiiK      LODGE
I. O.  G.  T.
Meets every Friday night above Pat
more's Store.
Come acd join the Happy Band.
i ■■■ :;- 2nd Wt-dnL*sday and 4th
ay at S   o'clock in Oddfellows
it;g brothers a'.ways welcome.
| It is  Mete   That   Wef
Should Eat Meat
May the Meat that you eat during the next
year be tender and choice. And may the
ensuing twelve months be happy and prosperous
■•MM««««ee»oo»99ce e«
W. 1-. GURD,
Bji.isT,r, Solicitor. Etc
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc,
Hazell Block Cranbrook, B. C.
. *4***********-***********,
* C, H, DUNBAR       I
* Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary    *
* Public, E:u %
%   Cranbrook,     •     -    [j. C.    X
* *
X. we have yourovercoat and suit. WE BELIE VE %
;'; that it will please you, that you will like itb cut. iis grace X.
i. and fabric, and, withal, we're confident you'll be pleased £
*Jr* ifm" ifn ^t\\ J/k fc%    * •
% with its price.
THE   LEAD- •{■
The Herald, $2.00
A Year
'"» nro lir.-il (i,-i!iL'iii, v„„ rx.
Peeled lliis morning In Imv. mi "rasy
dav, Imi you havo nnnworcd in iho
'-ill "I "mnlhor" until lho sun is sol
nnd iis departing glory nlninm malres
u.u long lor tin' hoynml, Now thoro
nro il„- children in he pul i„ Hod.
Your limited circumstances nmy i,ot
perm 11 ymi in Imvo a nurse, hut remember, ynu cannol kcop them will.
you long nml ynur patlonl service will
 "';'>' lewui-ili'd.      n0  lovingly,
iir.iyi-iiiiiiy; ynu know nnl when   lho
lasl  Iimi' may cnino.     I>..rtlli wiiunils
1 Pjy,' oyon if we Imvo luvn kind   to
our rends,    Comb tho golden tannic, ,,    „
oareltilly, smnntli Hi,, pillow and ! n"»Py a pro-oxlstlng fissure nr crick
straighten tho little ilrenimlr.ss and '" ""' turttn, which lias been formed
laying ynur cheek rinse by your little' ''*' somo (!oop-sea*tod cause nr crust
darlings, listen In "Now 1 Iny mo " movemcnl anil may thoroforo lie ]ire-
llii'ii wail palicnlly fm* iiii, mi,.,' sniiinl tn extend downward Imtoltn-
liiis In slowly ask Ond for some I H^Y iU"' tor the -s.inio reason i.s like-
wislu-il for Iny. Kiss a fund "good '>' to have considerable development
night." In shnrt, lock lhe door of i" length. True veins usually havo
Hie dny gently nnd leave llie chilli' well defined walls nn which lucre is
hoarl-happy, Lot none of (lie shad- mm'e or less lliican or gouge anil
nws llml nunc wilii rincr years slant whicli arc ollen stiinlcil or polished,
athwarl (lie youthful Ihrcsliolil ol lbe Riving rise to whul is called slicken-
soul. The weary font lhat rocks sides. Trim veins often have the
Hi.*1 cradle mny he lulling a future or" and vein-slonc arranged in pnral-
promior nr govornor. Ttnck on lonii 161'plates or layers ca.lcd eumhs.
mother: sine vnur lullaby. o,„i na_ Exporlonco s-linws Dial Inn- veins
use for (lie trail humanity llial smlies niv mint, In Im dependi-il pn fur pcr-
in its infniil drcaining. Never let maiience iu dcptli llian other innre
discontent enter ynur hnpny home. Irregular deposits, alllinugli Um lat-
Kcep a chcerlul tone and a helpluj tor are olten highly productive for a
hand and answer thc call ol mother,   time."
Before you make arrant-omenls for    |
your fall |
see us for ideas, designs and stock.
It may be mutually profitable
F.J. Bradley & Co. \
Artistic   Painters  and   Decorators    X
1***44.*!,*<,* ____jct__afc-_-Mt--A-v':"I-^':-^,>,:v>^i;-I"Mt_-
Physicians and Surgeons.
Oflice at  Resilience,  Armstrong Ave.
Forenoons - - - - 't.'.'.ti to   11
Alternoons - - - . 1.80 to 3.30
Evenings 7.SO to 8.30
CRANBROOK ::    ::    ;:    ::    li. C.
'      •     ■     '.     I      ■     .     , •*:*,<#
Dr. Connelly,
__    Physician and Surgeon
(&- Oilicc on AnrwtroAg Avenue
r;   llnuis:-» to 11 a.m., 2 to 4
-   p.m., 7 lo k p.m.   Ttimic 10S.
OR, P, I:. KINli
ll tn 12 a.m.
1  to    ti J) in.
7 In   k p.m.
oflice and residence on Armstrong ave
DR. P. 15. MILtiS
9 tn 12 a.m,
1 tn   6 p.m.
7 to   8 nm.
Oflice In new Reid block
Repairing; Promptly Done.
Footwear to Measure a Specialty
People who want job work done
cumin! afinitl to pay tor poor work.
Tliat Is why it pays to get work
done at the Herald Oflice. No complaint is made of lhc wmk turned out
i hi-rc Ior the reason that it is up to
[date and the work of ur to date
printers. That makes a dUkiem*
with any individual. THE   OBAKBBOOK    IIKUALD
09ml*9OOm,tS*tWOi OO
t s *,' ieOt 6 $Sft©( - *W 8WW6W*M***Wfc
DISTRICT    .*        *
Notice is hereby given thai the
Elko Timber 4 Tie Company will,
:iii days Irom date, applj to lh*
Chiel' Commissioner nl Lands and
Works Im n special license to cut
timlier  ml, ,,f tin' lollowlng parcels ol land north ol Klmberley In
South East  Koolenay, via:
No. I. Commencing at a pust
planted ahoul 33 chains north ami 3
cliains east ol the norf
!%e.*98i»as«*ass -.,--*. naa-as-i &a&99eaa99aeGQ99m49999m s
i leagues to plai nfl .it tho end ol th. ,
FERNIE season   lor    Hn* Puss championship. |ol lot 3008; Ihenee wesl   Id    cbains,
[Cy.  Misnei attended tlie meeting   as j north   10    chains,   west 40 chains,
(From Hn- Pernio Ledger 1
.1. o. Cummings leaves ihis wevk
l,,r Ottawa to be absenl ,i
few weeks, Mr. Cummings Intends
to l„- present nt the lorestrj con
vention to bo held at Ottawa nesi
Mrs. Teller and Imr daughter Laura
returned l.isi Thursday irum [sphem-
slng, Michigan, when- lhe)  had 1,,',-n
.-.illisl to attend the lun, ral ol   Mi
Teller's brother, Mi   I'nscoe,
i   . .    .uiMiri    iiiiiiiuni    i in     iun i i"H     **.-*,  > • .
lelegate from Frank, and Capt.   IV. north   40   chains,   east    40   chains,
\   It,-.!,,' wenl from Blairmore.   Kx- north  In chains, easl 40 chains  and
i-i-iii nn ih,- pari ol Michel tliere was] south l'-11   chains to place ol hcgln-
ii  disposition   in I'lTvi'i   tho   dcslreil ning,
arraiigemenl  Inn  Michel relused     to 	
cl.il    II   transl il   lo the western    ,N"- , 2   Commencing   al   a   post
:,.,,,,„■       As the league ollicials lelt Planted ahoul  133 chains north   and
,,  would   he iu.1.1 i     o throw ,„,i » » chains est ol the north-east cor-
< *t,«. ■ I■.«   Sheppard   and ,1   :    I., e
\\,-iii  to Cranhrook thi
Install   llie sleam lmil i li
il„- new Canadian Bank ol ' icree
hulhllng   .it   llinl  iil.im in,'   ho;
will be gono Rcvcrnl di i
Leslie Mills, managei ol Ihe I'm
(ral I,,,i,I was distributing I'lmsi-
niiis rememhrniu'cs iimoiigst Ins
li lends,   in ilie sli,i|„' ol ,1. ,,i  easi
rani   cases,   .iluu in ,. nil,.,    ami
small     bottles    of    ( Ii-rhain    ,-.
Worl. "o l„- Joyful."
Mr.   mnl Mi ,   Mi l"vo)  1'iilertal	
twenty-four ,,l Hi,*n  iuveiiile    friend
will, a   Christmas Iut    i     In i
Saturday.     Oapl    Mi Evoj  ill I
as Simla   Claus dislrihuliil pre eni
in nil  Um children aftei   *,   ii I.   tra
was sorviil   mnl  Un- children    wenl
I,nine imii arms lull ul iliings    ami
hearts lull ol gladne
The Wlicl.m brothers held a n*
union Chrlslmas da) al the Ki.pai.ci'
Tins was l-hc lirsi lime the buys bad
been logethel Iol Iwcnly vean
Judge fflielnn nml family, ol Hal
lace, lilalin. were present, mnl Mi
ami Mis. T. Wlicl.in are returning
will, tlm judge ns far as Spukane lo
morrow.     Mis.    Whclan mil    visii
Imr auni al Cheney, while Tom •	
on (o Vancouver on ., I,,, Iness trip
'.   ,v,,ll„*,l
fur lhree
llerl  Whimslrr    lell
for   Toronto   where   I
Central   Business < ..11.-
husincss course,        ll,*
in Un-   Free Press    o
years and is    if Ferule's steady
young men.     Hi* lakes with him the
u I wishes ,,l a In is I nl trim I   an I
the Lodger wishes bim everj  success
and trusts thai In*     mil re i    lu
Fernie   nl  Um   end ol I,is mm     in
college ami lice c ,i permanent  re
llll'lll of nui   cily,
II W Iforrhmrr sliil ennllnues In
Improve mui will sunn |,.< able lo lie
oul on Hm streel nguln.
Mr. .In. Id nl,,',.  , i I'-ernle's old
tinii* citizens, i- vii Ilini! ni,nds i,
the city during tiio liolidays. Mi
Brlckcr was a menihcr nf llie Crnw's
Nest Trading company, one ul the
lirst linns in ,|„ business here, and
did nol sever liis connection wllh lln
firm unlit n lew mouths ago, He has
mil. yel decided where be mil pcr
manontly sottlo. Jo. will always
be welcome by liis hosts ol Fcrnie
(Fiom thc Free Press.)
Oovommcnl   Agent   Armstrong and
Assessor Nelson cn |> from Cran
brook lasl nlghl in hold n eourl ol
revision, bul nu account oi ilm mur-
dor i-iisc they adjourned the tevisloii
until January 10th,
Miss Iva Sheppard, who Is cm-
ployed at tho telephone central office, hns resigned her posllion, to
ink,- cffecl early In January. Hiss
Shcppani will attend college al Um
nipeg. Ihi place at lhc central uill
Im filled liy .Miss Morris.
Mr. ('. C Wright, icwcler, gol ,i
nasty fall while playing hockey on
Wednesday evening, Ilo 1,11 mi
Ins arm, dislocating lhc elbow joint.
Tlm w Hied mm was al mice attended In In* In lh un-. .ill.
Wrighl will In- unable fo alletul
Ins business     fm*   n  lime,   and I.i
lun(Imr,    15.   «     Wli.lil.   nl   Mislicllll
llat, came up ilu*, morning lu   look
alter ii foi lum.
'I'l,,* Cranbrook  Herald's ('I rlslmn
nunrlror Is al  hand      I li    n
greal     volume  nl u eful li Iiirimillon
nhotil Crnnb I, ami Hi  vi. iniij ami
it should prove a good ndverli - nl
Im Cranl I, mnl ilm II,nnl,I
 t —
(From The Frank Paper.)
Mrs. Ooorgo E, Wiltso, wife ,,l
Ooorgo 13. Win ,'. nl il,.' Canadian
American Conl Co . is hack again
Irom n vlsil in l„*i i pie in Uakulii
Mis. Arthur Ilamel, now n Ideitl
nt Lundbreck, gave blrlli ,n twins
Tue day morning, ilm ll s P, I
lotlcr, ol Blalrmoro, went lo Lund
brock t,, iiu,.ii Im,
Dtrilt'i nnl, rn Blairmore !,., bail
li,,,* |,,' 'Im pasl week .in,I ., tlu
link bai heen brilliantly illuminated
by electric light ii is nightly the
scene nf much merriment, Tho attendance i- large i,*ul.uh, the In*-,
evidence thai '"Short) i ellorls aro
A   cm*  load nf    Mils 1,11     II IV
yards Um C. P. R. mil pul in Ior
llm coal company, was unloaded on
the mine siding uurlng Um week.
J. IS. McNab, Um mil known
conductor win, was promoted the
latter part of November in !]„■ posi-
-t ion of assistant trainmaster mi
tliis division, was again promoted a
few days later ami was made trainmaster.
Jack Mart, win, is getting mil
props for the mini', has moved his
camp and crew from above Blairmore where lie lias been working, t
mil.uiv accepted member, there
u,,-. nothing tn ih, luii allow tho
plan I,, ;,, In lhe board. Thc league
ih,'lefnle iei,,,uns as originally planned, mih   l-'er     Michel, Coleman,
lllalll 0,   Pilielll I   an,I   Mailed,   III,'
ner   nl lot 3008;   llience north     -Id
cliains,   easl     III   ehains,    nnl 111       SU
chains, easl   in    chains, south    U0
chains an.l  nesi   su ehains  10    place
„l beginning.
■H-H*M*l"l*I"I"l"l"I* I-H-H-H--H-
I Cranbrook   Foun-1
dry and |
iMachine Shop
I McKinnon & Johnston ;
Wi- are prepared tn
ilo nil kiiuls nf repair wmk heavy (iml
tight, make castings,
turn sliaflB. etc.
•• Scientific   Horseshoeing   a
Nn   :t Commeni uut where a pnsl
has    heel, | lalile.l      ,il„,„l     Id   chains
lalpli    llorlh   nf llm   snuih WCSl       cine,    „l
Com    In whose generous  illun   Ambrose     Staples'    i i   In
Col II   UWt'S   III   ehiel   |,,,tl    llle
lablishmi'iil     rn     Hn-    Institutional
• Imi, I,. i> expected i<> u-ii Cole	
fill      la)     '."el,
(From  Uu- Times.)
There i*. a greal  lil"*lil ,1 nl   lhe
I'.,     towns  um connected by
an eleclric irnmway sisiem. Uurlng
•I,,- week Emesl Tuttle, an eleclri
elan, nt Fernh', ami ivlio represents n
, in nn; company, iv.,s bere looking
'li. ground ,n, i  u uh a \ leu ,.(   iii-
lallin .rn eleeti le |> mil in furnish
both i, mi ,,i„i power l„i au deetrlc
line lie leti on Thursday altei
expressing himself ns well pleased
mih ihe situation hm*.     Mr. Tun'
Iheiiee llll cliam- inuili. limn
chains easl, ihei.ee in chains nurlh
thence 101 chains west, thence 141
eh -   south, llience 11 ,*l ,s east
!,,   plaee  ,,|   begilltllllg,   being   a    ll'U*
tlonal claim,
N,, i Commencing al a polnl
■ins chains north and B3 ehains east
,,I il„- ii,.uh,sis! eornei ,,t Iol 3008;
llience one mile noi lh, a mile   easl,
a    mile  south    mnl  a    mile    Wesl   tl,
place ,,[ beginning,
Bated ihis   12lh ilnv nl Bccembcr,
I'.lllS 39-61
Nnl ice is hereby given llml we inleml i„ apply to the Board „l Licensing t' lissloners Inr Hie City uf
Cranl k  al   Um  lirsi   meeting  held
thirty days alter Uu- firsl appear-
anco nf lliis noliee fm* n translor uf
■ense   for    the   Queens hotel,
'I     el,"
,,, I,,  i*ii.,i, onli- Baker street, Cranbrook,  i„ Oeorge
Baled -Usl December, 1008.
Qoltgcon ,v    Ncllcifmlil,   per   W. F
(lunl, llieli* Agent. 30-11
I le
I ul,,, h.i-. represeliled
.Mi. \ s Maiiiifaeliiring
Aiislialia   ami     Unit  Is lhe Intention
,1 ihev proceed,    to
mil,,  Blairmore nml  Cole-
electric line, mih   lii'u.l-
i   Blairmore.
The      men  al    lhe  ('lows   Nest,  nr
,, 1 lumber camp uf il.c Peter Me-
alien I'n . were slnrtliil mi Wislni-s-
av      lllllt'llillg   ,,,    linil   Ihal    -     ni
heir number lind died during lhc
i.l,i. Wl,™ Um uieu wen- called
u     breakfast     ii   uas lotind that
i.n nl ('mills was missing and nlm
1 lhe men iveiil In call liim. Judge
f his horror when he found upon
Iteinptlng tn awaken Cmitls thai
e u,,s dead   an,I colli iii liis    hunk.
'iinnier Beach "as i lied ami    Im
a!   a   uut    nn 11, ,1  uhu  brought
i II lel.lul Ihal he hail died nf inilial causes, The deceased Was liur-
■I   in tin- ceiitelerv   here veslerdav
ft, ii.  Itev.   T.' ll    Miiiiav    nf-
ciallng al   Hn- f l.ll.
(Form F.)
Meachen, F. M. C, Nn. B73052, agenl
Im Wm. Carlln. F, M. C, No. B73763
and W. A. .McL. Meachen, Freo Mine's   I'crtiiicatc   Nn. B78052, Intend,
licate ot Improvemenis, Ior Hm pur-
puse ut obtaining a Crown Grant of
the above claim.
And [urllmr lake notice that actinn,
under section l'i, must be commenced
before 111,' issuance of such I'crtiiicatc
nf Improvements.
Dated this 2itb   ilnv of November,
A. D. 111(15.
30-9t W, A. Md,. Meachen.
Take nutice Ihal thirty days alter
date 1 Intend In applv lu the Chid
Commissioner ,,f Lands nnl Works
lor a liens,- i„ eui ml carry away
timber Irom Uu- lull,,wing described
lands in Fast Kootenay:
Cm cueing at u post about throe-
i|tiartcrs of a mile west nf Skookwn-
cliuck Creek, llience running 10 chains
snuih, Ihence -Hi chains west, llience
SU cliaius south, thcuce -HI chains
wesl, llience 12U cliains north, thence
so cliains cast, tn place nt commencement.
Sidney Jcllctt,
Agent, It. Little,
Located Ihis Bill day nf December,
le   llilleiesl     mint's   is    ihnlll      Colli-   s'x,v  ll-'vs l"""  llaU' '"'l'™f'   tO aP|llV
,l,i,.I an.l il.c sleel liii.l'.   This piece '» ""- Mining Recorder Inr a Cert
,1   I I   Is  nne ami   Ihri'C-ipiarlcl'S nf
, mile iii length ami nl lhc end nf it
icaresl ihe mine mil Im I,uill the
lig tipple. Tim tipple will he connected with il„- mine bv a tramway
 ii [,-ei iii length.
Coh-mull   is   In   have   placed   nil    Imr
.-Keels a( once live 800-caudlo power
an* lights, which mil he sufficient to
make   ber    sl reels  as   light   In*   night
as ny day.
Al Un- Sanitarium there is now
slopping a family consisting of tour
generations: Mr, Chambers, liis
daughter, Mrs, F. Kanouse, his
grund-dniighlor, Mis. Taklngton, liis
grent-grnud-daiighter, Miss Frances
Tuesday    a   f.ll.ll   aeei.lelll    occurred
ai ilu- mines nf lhe International
Coal .v Cn!,e Cn , ai  Coleman,    In*
which n Si *h minor in* •!"   nimo
ol M,nun   Mitchell met    his death.
Tlm accident      k  plaee al   llle    lace
ol lhe    mam     entry mi Hu- Nn.     I
-emu an.] v.as caused by n fall ,,t
rock Irom ilu- rool nt II o'clock in
llm iiuumi* Tim deeensed uns
.liukilii; in Ihe face uilli Flascr McKay uml  li   Livings  Iwo other
miners, ami Ihey were insi through
cleaning up ilm lace In pul in annllt-
■i .mi ,,( timber. Milchell nml Living! lune   were in lhc acl  uf helping
Imn Iliggins simi a loaded cai
ni,in llm imi- mnl McKay had    |usl
(topped down fi he bench   lo give
ihem a band when llm fall nf rock
occurred. The (all conslslerl ,,[ a
large slab or scale nl mil, aboui
levcn by len feel  .m.i some    twelve
inches   ll.nl,        ll   Innl.i   nil   I'lnm    Iho
fneo linek in llm lasl sel ,,f timbers
ami [ell directly upun Milchell    who
uas standing  uilli  Ins bad,   lo     llm
mn- pushing mi Um bind end nf 'he
..it. llinains received n severe cul
nnl Livingstone received n lev
slight im s, while, strange tu sa),
McKay escaped en ly.     Help was]
al once : nuineil ami Um rock lift-i
■ -I ,,., Hie    victim   win, was already
hel,mil   lhe  help  nl anv   me.lmai      a„i   j
I' was [uiiiul   ihai when struck    by |
HlO me!, In. hen,I bull lieeli lumi
■' '   '       Hn*  hack     ,,|   lhe  cai      ami
spill completely open, He i„-i,-i
'  .in,.1 consciiiiiHiiess, although  the
in '   park ni    lne rem I   In him
Im uiii in nn i„.i ,,'i I,, i removal.
(From Hm Outcrop.)
The building uf several new residences is being considered m Alltalmcr
mul ii is saiil several families have
expressed a desire lo locale Ihero ii
residences cm Im bad.
Tlm Windermere lake is now solid
and teams are crossing on Um ice.
II 1-:. Forster returned tn Fir-
lands mi Saturday, alter an absence
,,f aiimii tu*,, months in Wesl Kootenay.
Clean Clothes
It   is n.'tsy to hnvo flunn
I'lnllius wl  Hutu is u lirst
rlnss linn,dry in   town.    Ynu
i-iin't utl'tiril In  |,(ilriuii*/.,' old-
1108(1 wlll'll   Villi   CM, uuf    vmir
work ilotie liy whito poopln in
a while wny mill ut pries tlinl
wil]   il|,|,u;,l    I,,    iinnilic    wlm
mining I work
Crows Nest
Steam Laundry
Cruiilimok, II. C,
  ,       fm a particular purpose is easy   Ior
llm young folks nf Sinclair gather- us     Because we   buve them fur  all
* ' ii lit at   Mrs. .lames  kinds ol use.    Naturally our
iiinni    until    iii;    iiiii    nil.,     iiiiniiiii^, t        Tl    1/        '       1 i f .'.,,...>   \j.   huvi _■ ,i i .,. iii.j    ./mj
the   mountain   side below   tho slldol I*- McKays homo and spent a    lew, LIVERY SERVICE
whoro tlm timbers will he gotten mil   •'',"'•»    ",'1' K ,' -"' ll°l"  '"'lasUc. ,,,,.,,, „, .... ,...,
•.,-,.. ,i , ■   Ml  n-iini    n inilil     inn* IS  I.n   sll pel nl   in    111.11   nl   IHC  HOIa
and taken into liie mine thrniiRh one i        M'"Ml ,l "MM1 llinc- I .uilInh i,.,L    i,. .,„i   ,-,,,1  ,i„.-in<f     u,
Synopsis n( Regulations lor dismal of Minerals on in minimi Lands In  Manitoba,
th: Northwest Territories and thc Yukon
..a   t ..ni bums mav oe purciuued ut tig pei
i lor kott il (Ulil *.:" t.ir autlinu-iif.    Nut
atllODSI Hru'-i imii Iif inquired by title la
iiliiini- oompany,   Koytuty ut uia rate ut
ii'iiis|ii*ii.i,iiir :.'ihi|iiiiiii.im1IiihI tMouUeot
han/. Pi'i miiis „i. iaiiii un years ami over
ji.iin ituoh i i|HUies holUlnv Iree mloer'i
iiu-.iio maj iiht.miI'titi. lorutiiUUui Wu
ln'i'initiir'-. i-i-nitK-ali' Is urimli'il l»r una
mm- >imi>, ihjIi-\i'i-i'iIiiiu Ii-i', ninn iinyiiiciit
iiU.iiui' ul IT.UI in-1 hi in fm an lu.llvlilnui
i fr in -.iii i* »iui per uimuiu f"t a eotniiaoi
il.c niiiii'i, ii.nin- iltworored mineral n
■kiOKom ihc imnewliliualeg.il posts, Ueitr*
j Cranbrook
Hotel -3 s
ilucsis Comfort i Specially
Quod Stabling In Connection
Nearest to railroad and depot,    Baa nccommoda*
lions  for   the  jniMic unequalled In Cranbrook.
Not and Cold llaihs
Hoggarth & Rollins
• •'i)
Nolleo la in.ri») glvou thai  UtlrL)
dayi altei  d.ilr,  I  i.iiinil lu ,i|i|il\   in
the Ull ie I L'i iiisMiiiii-t nl 1..iiiii, and
Works and lo lho AnULnnl Uoiu
ini.sMniii-i ni Lands und Works
i.n    iin-   district     ni  l-s i    Koo
lili.iy, Inl a lireliM- In pl'OS|IUUt l"l
mai ami uuLloloum mi tin- lollowlng
described land, siluulo nn tin* nurlh-
oast Mu-hi-1 Crock, about live miles
north ni iin- Canadian IV lit Kail
mad, and l>mn went ul the Mfliuics
Uruup. and north ul tin- Crows Nesi
l*ass Cu.u Company's land,
1. Coitiinoticing ai a post plantetl
otic mile norlli nt a point one mile
east ut the Iiitcrscclloii ul Un* uasl
side line uf the Melnnes Uruup. aim
the noith side lino of lho Crows
.Neat Pass Cnal Company's land, said
post being the initial post ul K. 11.
LeFrenz's elaim, and marked K. 11.
la'Kiwu's iioillieast cotnei, thenee
eighty ehains wesl, theme eight)
chains south, thenco eighty chulns
east, thenee eighty chains north lo
place uf beginning,   containing ahum
ti-lU acl en.
K. II. I.eFienz, Locator.
J.   11.   Hemphill,   Agent.
Lucated November liilh,  1005.
2. Commencing at a pust plantetl
at the northeast curncr of E. II.
LcKien/.'s claim, the same being the
initial pust ul .1. T. i'din's claim,
and marked .1. T. I't'im's northwest
cornet', thence eighty chains east,
thence eighty chains south, thenco
eighty -liains west, thenco eighty
chains nortii to place o beginning,
containing about tiiu acres.
.1. T. Pclin, Loealor.
■I. II. Hemphill, Agent.
Lucated November 12th, 1008.
3. Commencing at a post planted
at .1. T. Penn's northwest corner,
said pnsl being the initial post uf
K. A. Martin's claim and marked E.
A. .Martin's Butith-wcsl corner, thenco
eighly ehains easl, thence eighty
chains north, thoiico eighty chains
west, thence eighty chains soulh lu
place of beginning, containing about
lilO acres.
E. A. Martin, Loealor.
• I. II. Hemphill. Agenl.
Located November 13th, istllj.
I. Commonclng at a post planted
at E. A. Martin's southwest corner,
ihe same being the initial post of
L'. L. Bulterflcld's claim and marked
C. L. Butterfleld's snulheasl corner,
ihenee eighly ehains west, thence
eighly chains north, thence eighty
chains east, thence olgllty eliains
souih to place uf beginning, containing about (ill) acres,
C. L. Buttorfleld, Locator.
■I. II. Hemphill, Agent.
Located November 12th, ltioj.
5. Commencing at a post planted
one mile north of C. L. Hutlerliel.l's
northeast corner, said posl being the
initial posl of Martha Corner's claim
and marked Martha Corner's northeast corner, thenee eighly chains
west, thenee eighly chains' south,
thenco eighty ehains east, thenco
eight chains norlli to place of beginning, containing about 0*10 acres.
Martha Corner, Locator.
•I. II. Hemphill, Agent.
Located November 12th, IU05.
fi. Commencing at a post planted
ai Martha Corner's northeast corner,
lhe sama being the initial posl of W.
■ I. Drain rest's claim and marked W.
.1. Demorest's northwest corner
Ihenee eighly cliains cast, thenco
eighly chains south, thence eighty
chains    west,      thence   eightv   chaim
ninth to placo uf beginning, cnulaln
ing about i.ni acres.
W. ,1. Dcmorest, Loealor.
.1.   II.   Hemphill,   Agenl.
Located November 12th,  1005.
7. Commencing at a pnsl planted
at W. .1, Dei "cat's northwest corner, said post being llie inilial post
of T, .1. Demorest's claim and marked T. .1. Domorost's soutliwesl coiner, theme eighty chains east, thenco
eighty rhains north, thenci' eighty
chains wesl, thence eighlv chain's
snlllh In place of beginning, colli a llllll g al t   IMP acres.
T   .1.   Dcmorest,   Locator.
■ I.   H.  Hemphill.   Agent.
Located November 12th, 1005,
k. Commonclng nt a posl planted
at T. .1. Demorest's southwest corner, the same being lhe initial pnsl
nf Emily Corner's claim and marked
Emily    Corner's  southeast    cornor,
1 heme eighty chains west, thenee
eighly chains north, llience eigbly
chains east, Ihence eighly chains
smith tn place of beginning, containing aboui (iiu acres.
Emily Coiuer, Locator,
■I. II. Hemphill, Agenl.
Located November  12111,  li)0,r>.
■ kLhmii imi'.r ii umil. i
>   lK'tll.Ulltt',1.
nli'oiiu'ri .a Manitoba
u-.'innu. llm  \uhuii   fer
iu> -iiii.Liii mil. i»n leases a
ii nterm »i twenti years, r
iseiotlouul im- niiii.n-i ni in
t) -
-iiiiiii Iseonlliii
i Die
■i ini.
to tue riKlits u, .ui i
n.ij ii'i'>ive fiiiiiiM I
,i. ti.- ii. llie ViikimTcnilnry.-Mix lease-,
ve lui.iM em.ll   in,.1,  Iii- tumicil lo a li't'i-
it tor a term ot twenty yearn, also retieiv
u lessee's rluhl lieonllneil in the mhinei-g-
cil ur bars is ih- riv,*r Lielaw luw w.nei
■., Dial iioiiiiiiurj lu lie !i\i"i i'i lis uosltlou
. ilu) ni Ausini li ilie yeiir nr uu* dan
ir tlie least
.iltii'iii ulu
n.(a at I
i-*a wil..
1 u pur
i> Vuruii rerrltory.-Creek,
lulini Bliuil nui exaeed itM
iiicil mil ilie base line <n
.il Itm ciei-h ur silluh.  Un
a lu .
■ led.
XV i
unsure inaikf
I'lKi, lH'UUIlt. a
ll IV. lllll   U-II ll
■tl 111
i  [eel:
hj two (gui posts ■ l B, a
in-i l-.uirj iiuiii lit- »l'-
S, il tlie ciUUii m ivtiliii.
i'ii.iU'i s nllice unei'Miu
i itiiililiiin.a .cn mi es rn
'any slu lut: a claim inusl
i'titllli-il  in ii
S'-A-I-Co. So &sk.
0-*^ ^Q   "M"'
v ^JIlA**
Minul.tlurer. itt
LUI1BBR nn.l
Also all kinds oi
.luirrnv. Uvilll nml
Oraiibrook, I', U
Ileid lllll... - Cranbrook
Robinson ,McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Ol
Rough and Dressed Lumber
aim il i
1 ullnui'
nu uij.iiij -iiiii! lie ehursed, Hi'1
ut. uniiii.iij daiii iy.
in. Koy.illj ut ilie rale ul Uui un I
i--in ou uu- value ul tue uoiil .inji
\ii,.uii territoryloliepuid io tue
dull r
-•I um i
linkiin-ii'oiiilinsin I'.uiiici-iii.j'i-i
Ulnl |iti)lus li-e o( 9a a (.'[uuu
u-ii, unu auoilier uhtuined on tue
iuli-ii ur river, ny ^ivlug uoiioe aad
boduueon u claim eaeli year le
it leilsl >.'im,
tt iii.a u,uk lius been done imna be
i year; It uot, Uie claim shall be
nuttaduueu, and open luuceiipuiMu
nd ui
iiu* ni
1 an
-iiltl   I
10 royalty nt suoli
order-In -eouueil
W. W.CllltY
Doputl ni the Minister ut Uie lutur
li i-pl, Inli liur.
Tale notice Unit thirty days after
dale 1 intend in apply to the Chief
Commissioner ol Lauds ami Works
for a license tn cut ami carry away
timber from (he following described
lamls iu East Kootena):
Commencing at the north-west corner ol Sidney .lellcti's license, llience
Ilil) cliaius south, thence -10 chains
west, Ihence lull chains north, thence
■111 chains east, to place ol commencement.
Located ibis 5th day uf December,
In  Unbelt Link'.
sklembly oE biti
any line, Ahli
shoddy to Blougli off
S'.'ll them for. Liu
specialty, Lul us oi
liitinl furniture, Bto
Curd wood for Sale.
nr^ed our qunrterd nud our stock very con- ***
nl eitu supply tho wants of the pnblio iu •*<
x\\ we sell lit eastern prices we have nothing   V
Wo guarantee our tenuis for what we
i.Tiii m's an 1 pros [i'i'tors' Biipplies a y
it you, We li ivo some new and Becoutl X
s, etc., to go at real bargain prices. •{•
Employment Agency in Connection. ¥
Jas. McArthur, the Second Hand Man :k
Our western manager, Mr. .. C. Whiteacre ,will
be with the local agenl, MtvRoss Tate, for one
week during December and will offer
Special Christmas Prices   and   Easy   Terms
To anyone desiring to pr chase a Piano. Send
your name and address  o Mr. Tate. DO IT NOW
MASON & RISCH PIANOS are used from
he Atlantic to th: Pacific, Their splendid tone
volume, their artis'ic case designs, combined
witli their great durability, have won for them
this great popularity.
1 .*   P. BURNS & COMPANY   ** p
Tako notice Hint thirty days altc
ilalo I Intend lu apply to lln* Clilcl
Coiimiis.lonoi' ol Lands uml Works
lur ii lit'i-ii.M.' lu nil iiiiiI carry away j
timber Irom the (oilowtng descrliied j
lumi.-, in blast Kootenay:
Commencing ut a post ulimii ball!
a null- cast ol Sidney .lellell's nol'lli-
oasi corner, Uienco 1 OU ulians norih,
ilu-iii'i- in chains west, thence lull
chains south, thenco -in rhains   oaBl,
tn IllaCO nf rolllllll'lUTIIII'lll.
Win.  K.illlli'lil.
Agent, It. Lit He
Located Uns .'nl, day ol December,
9. Cnmmonolng nt a post planted
mu' mile nortii of Emily Corner's
i,,,ril,wesl corner, thc sunn, liciiiu Ilin
Initial posl nt .1. 11. MompTilll's
claim and marked .1. II. Hemphill's
northwest cornor, thoncc eighty mi'ni
cliuhis east, llience eighly ehuius
snuth, thenco eighty chains west,
thonco olgllty chains iiort.Ii to place
of beginning, containing about 610
J. II. Hemphill, I.ncntor.
Located November 12th, 1005.
Take notico Unit thirl) days nl
duic I Intoiid It,  apply in Um   Clilell
C lissinui-r   „f   LondB iiiiiI   Works
lur a liconso In cut uml rutty away !
timlier liuin lho lollowlng descrlbod J
lauds in East Kituli'iiuy:
Commencing at tho nortli-easl cornor uf Sidney Jollett'a license, thenco
mu chains north, thenco -in cliains
west, thenco 100 chums snulli, tiicnco
lu chaius cust to placo of commence-
O. S. friwi-ll.
Agent, It. Lilllc.
Located this 6th day of December,
(tl    the   manual's    opcnll
in,,ni,t,,ii   *>itlc.
ii^li '»;**• I  ',",,"' 'which has   to cart coal during   the
llie.    Local ( nnsorvatlvcs generally    be- wn,k and curry his owner lo a (uncial
llevo  llml   the provincial  logistoturo on Sunday,    il Santa Claus saw our
A iiiifling ul     the   hockey   league   w II continue In     ollico tor Its   full horses ho would pension off his   old
was hold Tuesday evening al I *lu-r   l,1,'1,"''""1, '',•,",.,"',', ,',U"'1"",' "j",   '"' rolndeors, chop up his old sleigh uml
Crook, to consider the p sal    to       "' "     ,        ,       ' »"u |lllsl"ni1- hire a rig Irom us. Ynu should ,l„ the
readjust   mal/lors   with a view   ''"„,..     J   rumois io uio   con- sam0 wh|!n you toqul„ thl, sotV|cos ol
croating two Pass   leagues by ilivnl-     ' '• ■ u horso and carrlago Ior uny purposo,
ing uml having a wost end league ami      It.   S. Oallnp,     wife and   family, Especially   as our   scale ol charges
an cast, end league nnd Huts provide   lell   Canterbury yesterday Ior Cran- makes it really cheap transit.
Inr admission ol     Prank and   Cran-brook, nnd will   spend si.v weeks in
Vrouk, the    idea being for the    IwoWest Kunlctiay before returning.
Thu   Hundley     Livery Stables
Take notice that thirty days alter
dale I Intend lo  apply to tho   Chlel
10.   Commencing at, a post planted  Commissioner   of   Lands und   Works
at J. II.  Hemphill's northwest cor-   lor a liconso In  cut nnd   curry away
ner, the same being the inilial post timber   from the  folluwing described
nf R. O. Bt'lden's claim, and marked  lands in East Kootenay: i
It. O. Ilcldcn's southwest corner,1 Commencing at the north-oast cor-
thenco eighty chains east, tlu-nce net nl Sidney Jellett's No. 1 license,
olgllty cliains north, thonco eighty thonco 100 chains north, thonco 40
chnlns west, thence eighty chains chains cast, thenco 100 cbains south,
south, to place of beginning, contain- thenco tu chains west lo placo ol
ing 010 acres. commencement,
It   O   Bclden, Locator. Sidney Jcllctt, No. 2.
J. H. Hemphill. Agent. Agenl, II. Little.
Located November 12th, 1905. Located this 5th day ol Dcccmbor,
S8-5t*      1905. 38 51 the cranhuiioiv herald
•vatsgisaaiBsxrsas*..  :..£....v~'. - -
Dress Suits
Have you got one for the
I.O.O.F. Ball Jan, 1st. We
have a lot of Dress Suits of
the finest broadcloth material,
made by Campbell, in the very
latest   styles.    Price   per   suit
$22 and $27
Cranbrook Cooperative Stores L
Would be the exact term, should you visit our upstair Show R > ns, and select any of the many
beautiful things there in the Furniture Line as a Christmas Gilt I ir vour re'a'ives or friends. All
will agree lhat no present is as much appreciated as one that cm be u .ii in every day liie. Read the
list below. We arc sure you will see something that will j"M suit you as a Gift to your Father,
Mother, Brother. Sister, or Friend.
Beds   priced   Iron  $1.75  lo  $6.50.
over ill styles.
Spring!  from $3.50    to $0.50, all
M.itlrr,*.", Iron $3.50 lo $17.00, all
Dressers and Stands Irom $15 to
$45, elm, ash, oak A mahogany
Chairs, common, Irom 90c to i2..u.
Rockers, wood, Irom $2.50 to 57.50.
Rockers,  leather,   lowest   on   ll,.
Settees, plain wood, from $IOto Jle
Settees,  upholstered,  Irom $20 to
Music Stands Irom $° to $18, line
Xmas Gift.
China Closets irom $20 to $30.
Chclliners Irom $25 to $30.
Wc have |usl ;•'. ,.J
in our store, fresh and
new, a (in.- _t_ci*. t i
Xmas Groceries.
When you want *.oud
goods for Xmas Cooking call op No. o
The offer This Week the Best Cooking Apples on the Market at $1.65 Per Box
We will n iveek under
ll,, I.,!!,.mi.
Id iiiiiit lie
1,1.1,-In 1,-11 all ul.iui lllll a I. Illi! » ,.,-k.
AH I" .   i", timst
ttlier, mother
- give uh a
*- '-'I in ,v< .,,,- advertising
Coupons Must Ik Presented Within One
Meek After Die Issue •,! iliis I'aper.
Jauua y I, IWO
Cranbrooi Cn operative Siores
. i/tlc 'H&T.v'i.'JUlZi....."
* txns>. ts-.-mttem
■saesBBSM-SflssKctits. .*a»*>ir"n;',acsir*'* *.
1331 p. c, DIS
,1. —: —■	
FUR5—We have a  few Ladies' and Chll-
1 dren's Ruffs, Caperines, Muffs and Gaunt-
I lets in riink, Stone Marten, Sable, Electric
<* Seal and Orey  Lamb,  to clear at Cue Third
% Off Regular Price. •
% 24 Silk Waists in sky blue, white, and
4 black; regular prices from $5 to $12, to
% clear at Si.75 to $5.
& 25 Pairs Child's Rubbers, sizes from 11 to
|> 2, only 25c per pair.
<44-§-$-$-.-. -J*"**.-?-! » * ' •
Do You Want
Guaranteed Fruits ?
Tne C. D. S. Br mi ' litis, fellies and Sealed
Fruits in glass are guaranteed because ihey are
made honestly. Government analysis have
proven that.    We cany a full Slock.
*,*,**^*4**t*.***.*.*-      Tho volers Usl    I"!   tin   uexl   cllyl
4 4,    i'l.rt|,,11   lull   Ilall'   al	
,1 \Mi:s KIMH.A.  WATCHED.
±\    Will,,1111   t'amplicll, who ha      heen1   .lamos   Findlay,     lor a long Unu
J   superinleiKlciil al  tin- KII ill   lor superin tendon I ol Hit- Sullivan   mine
;   50 Per Cent   ;
z 1,,«u ui
4   quaiutatii
•*-. Campbell
, i\ mitiiths, has 1 in wlm resigned a short nine a^i
lasl wi-.-k reiu'wiiif ac lell litis week lur a nip in Ills uld
uill, old Iriends Mi I,"tut* in Scotland, met Willi a mosl
5 now an experience!! lum- pleasant surprise lasl Saliiiilai while
ill Iii- -..in,,-, i.i,- 11, ,1,- al ilu- uiini- lo say good-bye to lla*
11,an.l over iha district. I boys.    Ono ni tho men ca  in  Iiiu,
t- Off on China   V.eIAAA;A;AAA SLfc'irr3 ~TU ^- —
B   Imn  In ciiine   quichlv ami sec if    he
ittultl um quid mailers.     Mr. Kind-
was lay   said thai   In-   would do all    lie
..held    in ihe   Methodist church    last uuuhl, ami huirlc-d to llie place, onlj
* *•*" ♦   Sunday   evening,   when about clj-hly  ,,, tlri<1 „ empty, hut nul Ior    long,
11 people assembled  t„ devote Um last   As si  as he got .11 all nl lhe  mon
▼   lour .,   lho year   in tin  worship   „| u„, ,„,,„, ,,,„„, walking in and sur-
* """ '' "f S""KS, were *j,mK   and  rounded   hint.      Supcrlnlcndenl  An-
Uie pasl,11* gave a sborl addle s.        | dcraun led llie procession ami niih a
linn'! forget  Ralph L'onnor ,il   Uu-  lew appropriate words presented him
Presbyterian   churcli Mond v eveniim  "'"' n hnmlsumo gold  watch    Uial
next. ' lunl boon purchased nl v.. v. Tale ,v
lh*  South   wlm bus Iml rh i f s""*    Tl"' Presentation was (ollowed
ill. snulli   who lias  uu ,!„,,,   „f  b    a few wm,i|s fnim M   Ks,,,,.,,,,,,,,,
the   ( lillilrcl, s  Home  Ior   Ilu-     pit,- ,„„| 11,™ il  was up to ".lim."     I'l
vnu*,.   lias   written  Hm \\.  ('.  T.   I*. (|u,  BUfp|-iso   was  complete ami     lit.
uf    Uus   nlv,   ackiinwlivldiiB   their heart was lun full fm* his lonirue !,
donation „f   $150 ami   stalinp    llial speak, and   fur a moment In-   sl 1
the children sent down   from    (.'ran- silent.    Finally ho managed lo my a
brook aro doing nicely. ten  words     to slightly express    his
Tim 1.0.O.K.  lodge     will hold iis gratitude at the expression ol   good
next meeting in  (lie new Fraternity will uu lhe part nf the men uf    the
lull and    there   should be ,1   lar-e Sullivan mine,      Afterward lollowed
attendance.   There will hi- snme mat- a good time   and many wuj*ds   wore
lets uf Importance come un ilia!  re- said ihat    allowed   lhat,    mon loves
quires a vote nf tin- majority ■■( dm man,  that    rank counts fur naught,
lodpe    ami the   ollieers an- anxious ihai  humanity is human, and    thai-
that everyone whn cm will make it manhood stamls al pal in tho  nl
a pnint ii, In- presenl thai night, nf every true man.     ll is occasions
Tlie Herald stall Is in rccclpl ,f ,1 "' 'bis character Unit brings all men.
handsome Now    Year's mi! presum- closer together and il was well that
al.lv tlie liamliwot-k nl F    I  tvaue r >' was llie good nature, llie fairness,
a graduate uf tire Herald nlllco, Iml ■'"' excellent Judgmcnl ami the   hive
nuw nl Nicola. II. ('.     II is evident "IJ|   '-11-1  Hndlay boars liis    felluw
thai  Freddie has developed  Into    a !"■■" ,II|J|, was the   occasion ol    th,
competent  joh printer, an I he    was 'ovo least.
b 1,1 t„ ,1,, thai as h,- displayed Uie  +	
proper Instincts before    ■ lefl Cran- .. SUCCESSFUL DANCE.
♦ ♦ ','„;
♦ This   Week,   tl
JBeatto* Atchison's;
♦ *
; I
t ♦
Picked Up About Ihe Cily   by Asking
Questions of Many People.
Dmi'l f,,11.1I  Ralph Connor a!   tbo
Presbyterian   church Monday evening
Arthur   Burge lia
returned fnun
In lhe Boundary country,
Wanted—To exchange Souvenir coal
•al.'i*. ncarlj lien, fur 11. C. box
ove iu good repair. *
Horry   While, lhe   i-iislunts   officer
for   ihis pull, spenl New Year's    in
|G.   T.   RQGERSi
4 Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery ♦
4444*****4***4****4444 4***444444***4***444**
(' i
lanager ,,f ihe St
in luun two days
We Wish You
A Happy And
Prosperous New
*&     Year     S
C. E. REID & Co.
Druggists 1       Stationers
ivwvywvwvwwvww', wwwvwwvwvvvvvvv*
•MVVWAVsV.Vl','v'...-    ,S     -.*. -, ...VvSA'WA,SMiWlA»
\ Stock Now Complet-
est and Largest
We Have Ever Had
Simon's Cross Cut Saws, At kin's and
Maple Leaf Crass Cut Saws
Black Prince Axes
Will   Rollins    has   lelt   lhe  hospital
and is rapi.llv recovering Irom his
iltarl ,,f fever.
Dun't forgel Ralph Connor at Uio
Presbvlerian   ehiireh Monday evening
I.   .1,,1,-e      ami    faiitllv,   ,4   Kernie,
spi-nl    \,»   Year's     wiih  ll.  Joyce
and , Ii   ,:  Cranbrook,
Mis (Di i Hirers, ui Raymond,
Ml,, i I.i. a sister nf W II lllll. is fhe
guesl , i  \li   ..n.l Mrs   W   I', llill
il- \     Mi I.   Curran, "I   Nortii
Star, t*. a Craubrook lislloi to-
i  . ,   wlm scnl  plates will,   their
-.   , .      ;,„   ihe    I ti ll K   ami  K.ol P.
hall m.u secure them hv colling al
Iii.i, Bros.' store.
The llllll  a!   BlkO has olosed    dnwu
i  it*vv    weeks pending ihe    cold
•a,-a,I,,-!, ami ihe making ul neces-
-an  refialrs,
litliiii Bradley, wl„, has been
working al Michel Inr the past two
months, returneii yesterday aud is
now working in Fink Urns.
.I.,,,,as Steward, chlel lie Inspector
 I,.-   c   P   l(    un  lliis division,
returned     la-'   week Irom Winnipeg,
Minn*   lie   -,|i,lil    ("III isl lil.ls   llllll     l,IS
ll 1
Ml. atlil Mn T, 'I' MfYlllle, nl
Foil   Sleele. spent  New   Vein's   day
Willi   Mi .1  Mis.   II    II.   MeVlllie,
as lias liieii then euslnin Im a numbei ul years.
II,       IU i tin le   Heli'h,-liaise,      win,
,i- hleil   ai  in,-   Cosmopolitan hotel,
tl!   T dav  I"i    her Iiuine III   Ittiiis-
i.hI Mia ,' whoro she mil remain
I,. returns in Cranbrook as a
ii.i,*! (mm Ralph Cannot nl the
l'i, i'i i ii   • liiiit'h Monday evening
M ti Mm.   (i, w     Armstrong
1,-fl    Tue'ilal    I.U    llie I    llnllle
ui \l.nl.I,ile, Mail , aflei speiidlnt.'
it,,* Imltdays   wllh Mrs   Armstrong's
, 1.1   ih .   .1 pa McNab
Oct i co Wales, lire Worthier philosopher,   spenl  his holidays in    Orati-
Inn,,I,   Willi    his   fill-nils'.    OeOrgO      is
in,-mil, mih l.irgland onco inure,
ml. mm   wilh  lhe  Knilt.l Slates nml
«' - *' *«1 M
«        i,v nn*. iii.u u is
fee -. ■■ ijite , -..-. ■ - ■ ■. ■- -     ,
This Is the i  for i,,u in pay up
if im, possiblj ,*.,„. ii i ,i ,-.„ n,t
pay in lull, p.u in pan. li everj man
1,1 .I-, it '
i e Free Press.)
* ::.,* Invnse
""'uu'   i I■,:  district
"a-   bel... ,, usidei au
* " ...   i p. Uc-
1 ■■ t the Koyal hol'ol
•'■   Mill, a I-       y.       Tliis
.   al  ...,■ regula'i
it would lighien lire !,.,.! llut    ,   , '.-,,,,   b
'"'    ''"'*     '-,0 l"*1"   ' M  '''"'   '■"   I  iuS against n.
nn nuw 1,.,   wiuioui iiiiii. i,,   ., i   .,   A   h      presenl  iv, look
IMS ainiiis mmi,,I     See the man you  allei   u ., Mc»u. .Mr.
,,»,-, imi  no -unit .mn *      Ii  ...    ;...,i   ,.is
. ... ■ I,    With
if iiussi'hle. Anyhow,   g"'   log' ibei
and nial'V an adjustnu ul
Hum   long did jttti keep your    u-
Don't knock Ibis year, Ju : bo
Wuie ii IDOO.
One cesolve llial ever)   bachelor in
Ceailll I      all,ml,I      li,„„e   I       ,     ,.
main   I. ll  is not w, 11 Iol
tne a.     , .',i,l tl is a u ua.i   .
pusillo . is, vi.in iiiiii   ,t,  tue m.,i
,,1   I Ul  I,
Landing   and
■ ... i  liisianvv.
■  inice mills in ihe
ile.Sab,    Kyan
and   i  ri illing u|t' a
.. :..,    spring.
itioi submil-ted ny
■"■■■     •'■' .       a ,.,sl   ll)   .Ml.
liagshi                     ami siouers   sus-
 , Mr.   P.
I.    I   ■:   . .      ,   .-*..
Tlu hi in , ,,:    it   Ll   will  be   .. I '.
s U...I ...i l:w i.y, ocrilu ol  I ll '
A  Del ..:   1.1
UIO   (U   UUI,   ,
Por   Salc-Houso
largo   iiauiis,   plasli
cellar; city water; li
feiii-f.1,     price   12000.       Thoi
Leask,  Cranbrook.
Miss Ktliel McKay, ti ll.e Cn
hrook |,,,si„ii,,*e. -p,ni Neu Year's
h.-r former hoinc in l,.-il;lui,ke   M
On    New     Year's lllglll   lhe     new
.     .    flaleltiilv   llllll   was iipeluil   hy it  hill,
'""'   given hv  lhe I.O.O.F. ami K, ui    P.
"*   l"-,l,;is nf ihis    cilv, whu Iiuiii    (In
hall.    The handsome hall wilh    ils
rail-  magnificent     II,mr    was    a   lieautilui
,  ami ilie   few    colored decora-
wore just enough in rollovo th,
1   S e   plain     wltileliiss     uf    llle     plaslelftl
»"ll   walls.        There were uver  two hull,I
■   com-  rod peuple   presenl and novel belore
■■:   in.lll-    III     lhe     hislniv     ui    I'lalllilnuk   has
a u,H,   there been a danco where the parti-
happy i-ipanis secmeil to have such a good
one   dance followed auotlioi
McKay has heen a hard woi
comflte   In  Cranl,,',,,,!,"   an,I   I
III,'     adlllilali f  lite   em
niuiiilv In* her onergv, pli-as
ner an.l enpablllly, anl all
lie Herald  in  wishing hel
Sew  Vear.
Kor Sale.—House ami  lul on    ihe   Willi alter twelve   o'clock when
main streel of Marysville.     Applv io  Ircshmeiils were served.     Bui  lllll
Herald ■'(" "  I I!'110 was dovoled In ihis part nf lb
Tta Inv.ise    buai. Id a meeting programme, however, as tho dancer
lasl week to consider ihe application "'''"'   anxious   In gel nn     ihc Iiul ,1   C. l)rowrj lor a license lor  Iris  |>P*
AA'nAAulAAAAZ l>la)-ln« nf Homo, Swcol ll	
era In lown ihal dav as (he) aie all   wait/..      On every Irand were   liei.nl
"I'l  lij,. tAT"] V°J»- Al  nroXl'Mch aWuloa,dS
'rrr,"!;:"- iAAA*"y' ""■*«" Zr^rA^A:-
,1,1,',1   in   [eiiist    iut    nun., , .        ,    ,     ,,      , ,,
Ami iml   iiuiii nearly II,re,
ck   wuuld    Ihev   eulisetit   in     lhe
I I.i .,1.1   Annual
i,l  send    it
uut danco wuuld nut  he lhe lasl  Ihi
i,, a' ii lend,    It will ,l„ iheui  good,,
ami (lie town ami district
Oeume   Oolitic, ul lhe government OPENING OK   TIIK PRESBYTER-
,,ii,,,-. spent   liis    holiday  week    at |an CHURCH,
K„ii sieele    wiih old friends,     I n-| 	
lorlunatel)   fm*   Mr.   Cloldie,    how-     N(.xl Slll,.|.lv t]|l. „,,„. pTO.y(C|.|an
ev,*,, in-   was   suBcrtng iniiii a   nan c]1Uroh will he lormally openeil wiih
Hack of grip    during i lime  „ ,,,,„„„ , „,,'   ,„u ,.v	
nl in
his vaeath
1 ,";ls hv   "Ralph   Connor"   ul   Winnipeg
1 '''"'' This   islinVc is a crodll tn Um   con-
'"'''"■ ' grogallon and lhe town.    There lias
Buv a Herald Annual ami eni il i„,,-n nn canvass of the citizens Renin a Irlornl,    H will ilu ihem  g I,  .rally lun  next   Sunday   (he people
and ilie i,,ivn an.l dislriel good, | will have an opportunity In listen tn
Don'l lorgct Ralph Connoi al the thc eelobra-ted author and mltilsloi
Presbyterian church Momi , iveitlng .nil at iho samo tlmo givo what Ihey
next  ' think they ean fm the new building.
(I. E. Ilavwiinl, lormerlj ul tbo l',','l ',' be.,large '" small, every one
Nun,   si„i  I. ber company,    but "J""' I* "Wo to glvo somolhlng,   mil
nuw  assneiiil-.l      Willi     I      I '   I. ,   ,"  }', '•"' ""'   «",'  I'1'"'1' ,''"'"' ,1'"1"! ''
|ormcr|.   with r   t.. Held A  Co., it, billion In an envelope am  send il by
ih,- lumbei business    ul  fetmtlllim, »omo Irlond     Beni In mind llml    o
All,,,rn   is   spenvllng    il,.   week    in " j1' I" » • I ailverllnraieiil    loi
town,     Mi   Il.n»..nl   i„  lis    most '"'v l°wn. " ''"" »*'"' lo nlaee  lie
entliuslosHcall) ol lho i        ,' when prnpcMil  on a malwiallsllo basis
he ,s I led  I ".,,   Ihal tl'eyl   '"' ''     ",'""' rU'"r, '"R" A''   u
dim' oxtremel)   well line,   eui ai  ing ."J.™   °   '"', " ', /','""" "
 uslness,    ile is here     . i. »«     "•» '" "«>, l""l'!' "' R. '"«».
purpose   ol buying  , il     ri li I    ..    ,"" ",'    bonellt by  reellon    id
Two fiunt oflloos, second flooi Walls, 	
iilhusiaslie  llial!  ever     Willi   [.;|w,,|]
block,  fur  rent.      Apply   In  Ilea
Oanada, ,   I   S. .1.  Mighion, lie tnharennl i
11„- regular ehuit-h Bori-lcos in   tbo ,,,,.,,.,,;,,,. ninm     f,„- chamrii
Mclhoillsl  church will he withdrawn Jn,,1,™ o[ Ms stnro so as Io make
nexl Sunday morning and evening in CVi,„ m„n, atlractivo than " i«
 f     Ile     npenilli:   nf   (he    new
ll   is  1
linil   In lllili',*   ll,i'
Cranhrook is unim; in have a   re
treali     After lhe last n i
Ing a greal itumher nf young men ex
pressed their desire for Kev. .1. p
W'eslniui go tin wilh lhe sell!
Presbyterian church      All are nrg.,1 ii,/,,™, ,;fiw AVa'.ls Imi ;   and " feH A™ZrAAi'.
in   u,i   'ilt'l    lii'-il         iIiiili    liiiiiir.r'1               I ,                  I,    ,                ...           .                 ,     .           i IIU*    mm     llll     mill   ill   mijiii    Mllll   lil.lil.
lil   :■,, *   iiiiil   111,11         i i.l I Ml     i   I illlii' t .                   I ..],..,,._,,      I    1...   ,,,,llii,,r   ih     i    iiij.   ir I i v.c_ ....   -                .       .        ..
TMirtw.     rl.^i.-in.r   I,,     ,„|(,   „U*«»1 n.rn' ■     l?°                I   'llllll.   III   U Mall   KlftfiS T(u.   rpsu[     js   ,|1;l|    , |1(.   \V((,-k   js    „ow
■nose   (ii-Minif.*; io   lain' atUuiilatfo n0.ibc front,    ma Rivin« ln»t di f =               , :    ,            .    tl    ,   -,,
,f    I   i,.   i,i'. .fin.'   ,1    It lion I'll    .il     ll„,   i-...,.l , ,         A                                                        I        ,i K'Nllfr   I 'II    ,11111    lil    I \\ 11   \\ I'I'KS    I III*   lllll Ml
li      i III-   IM il\    IK l.l 1    llll I ,11 \     1            ('        ' Ml-         ,,.      i|ii,c       v   ,,|i'     I'l 111 Ml-:     111     I 'll'          'IV ' Ml        i                          I              n          ii         i
i                                           i ' "       Mill M     hi ill I      I l"'Iin     HI       ..i          'I    l . ..,Lr      ..-,            I..,    oliiin.ri                ().,       MnlHmV
ng room may do so ennui, dng on ni,; , a,,i     ,„„,„   win ], ml rg,,l "„;"      Imiuaiv   22nd      ,           I
Tuesday next.    Rooks mav he sccur- ....a n,,, eiilin- in.-ini .es m .1 al „„",,£'   '.,'             .,"„:     ,   '",'",
,-d  helweel,  8 null   II  o'clock Tuesday ,   -,,     nf      e I i,,l i , III i i- , Co llm- ?Ph""S      '"            '     ''"    i, "           'I
""'I !"rl.lay ovo ss until lurthei J-     ,, "\ '.    $£ R   regress Ivo and K     gTZSnv  o    he Art
'«Kei"ents am mndo                        |bcllcv„s   „,.„  „      „,.„ ,s „,,„. ,„„ ^ruAAliAAllnAA
Services   will lie Irera in llie Hap- good fur Cranlirnok, js;i(1 ^j 1(V Sg fn.t      'I'licrc will lie
Mnl clnircli nexl Snmlay iiioniinK   at,     j„|in Kw,„   of k..isi(1i 0ne   of    Hie a lar^e hall witli a gallery ami    Um
Mn* usual lioiir.      Plio onlinmicc    of ,)vilsl known   „m| i„.s1 |ji;n| llin,    j„ snm||cl.   ,.00mfl   [ot reading, wrilins
11k* Lord's   Siippi'i- will lie wlmlnls- BHMsli   Columbia, is in lown    lliis mnl ta-lilo games.
irri'il al tlio choir.     Phcre will In* no W(,,,|c (l|l t)Uslncsfl.     -lolm Kean   lias,  ♦	
servitv at all al nighl owing In the rn.ttli in Uritisl,   Columbia, alihmigli CARD OF THANKS.
opening nf     the     new  1'reshytviiiiii i,P ,,|on'|    mf0  (|10    prpsrnl    [rovem- 	
olittrcli. ment, and has done ns much :is any Mr. and Mrs. A. I*. I'henelle wish
William     Barclay   came up    from inan in Ihis province in Impress   lho in publicly  thank  thrir many    Vtid
ri.irpsbiilm,      Alberta,      to    spend people that   ihere was n brlphl   fu- friends in '('ntiibriKik who assisleil in
Phri.stmjs     with       his    Oranhroolf lure ahead.      lie i.s never pesslmls- fliwl-lllg tlnir son Laurlei* when    Inst
friends.       Mr. Barclay   Is now    In tie, always   hopeful, and the Herald between   Cranbrook   and Marysville.
cliargo nf a lumber business in    bis would like lo sec him make a   mil- The klmlnoss of lhe police and the C,
town and is doinR well, a fact   t-liivl linn as a reward for Ihe good    work I'. It. onicials i.s especially apprpclat-
.*„,——-*.*.-. ----- aa -.a.-.*.*.        m.                                                          -   »'lis  ll(,s1   °t  'rietids tbroiighout     Ibis he has dune fm   hmnaiiil v in   eeiictal ed.
•*n****AAAAAAA*AAAAAAA <WSA^V>AAAAAAAAAA^A^AA*   acctinn will be glad lo know. and British Columbia in p.uUeiilar.   K   Marysville, 11. C, January, 1900.
..mi ui a  i.
Money   i.,
Tut re ai
Ins dioiiii
di   su'iiilani
■ : '   * ....:. (rum   Ins
1    ■ tne Kouie-
na)   \...., j  g q    uig
''■■"      ... Km limay \'ai-
■■ ■        . - . ...v Aii ul
■ - IU        ..i    l_..Ii4.UOU
l*aci  i   the   iiiial
■   ' ' .-■: company
iiiui ib j      ,  a    luj
■A . ;  ■....'.    i   ,  sc    vf ^ui
; .  the ptes-
—                             ■■-                           -   ....a a    m
 a U is not
.   .   Ot   tl«  tuUIl-
■ -.   i :   pnslllull
• -'. bcueme iii-
  expenditure   ior
  .:;,   ,a,l"i.,aj;e
■    ....     i;,c      two
■ .. .
-  ■    hi
Lt u young men    In
ivho shouiu j.1 ■ i.  .. 11
ng u   tiiv-iu-wlves    lho
.....,i   ;... ,
lou  .' >   ■ i     litem
in a i i.n hulks.
u,.poUUh,tli.^   uiu   ao   ll-lUCtOUSi,   -
) iiiiii man ti*.ottid piv6i\!»i».       ii lie
llOWi   mil    Ll.clC   IS   SUUliJl.Ui.ig    ■*
■.::..:       Hi
uma.     ia a mommy n '- '-.-   ■ - ■   ' bfl«e UL'"1 lu
i.i ■■ i un              ;. estei u\,
 :..'.-   II.      il
• •   ■      ■ rtwnved the
aim ii   i.. sale to wagti   i    ■:   waa   -t
wuii himself.     Monthly,  no*   i,.-.-,   tu0 Pel tL'nl   *■-• ■   Sie*1 demand In
taso .i Miu.uc   look ai foiii eil   ..',..   For several
see ii juii have done evutymm^     lu       "         ftle remained
impiovu youi upportumlies.               i j" ''"    - '■ ;          ■.   ■•- '-'■■"£ »'«
  Itii ling ■ ; a    •:, .u.u   !)u
lli-ii- are three resolutions Uml    u I  ■                 ' -:*-*-' •"-' loaned
lii.y   wt-ie t-aheii ny eit-i>   itniividual '""";  '■'"   '
aim ilvud up to in 'au i..,..',   ii ■.,        Uon t crowd thi I    to.   bard,'
nould ehuiige ttie aspect ol ihi   w ■■■  ■ ;-'' !,'1: ■'' • ' I_
iu a vcrj  material uegreu.    i." •  aie ■■ ■   tits bans
anapLed   Irom   tlw    troin    page   'i ''"'!      ■ ■ -:   ■':',-i!'t   a
cveryood) ^   Magazine   i".  ....... I ■  •■   ■ ■■■'-i-     Hu
ami   are tho   Alpha and Umega    ■'.' "iaJ   :''''        ' I-*i '-'1|C{:
numati existence.     Uead  ■■'.>■..    ..... '   ■■ -: '  '; 'Ui'-L's   wwther
sec ii you don l agree with ua. jump.
.\n I'lA.viin  ♦	
Resolved, to become a Soldier    in     COUBIN TKA1.NS MAHCH 1ST,
t.,u     Army    ul Un-    Common Uooti; 	
iievci iu buflei graft In silence,    tiotj    Bonnei    Fei .-     II raid: From   the
endure  the acquaintance ol grafters;  bi  I  Inforn H raid can ub,-
lo etilorce Hie .-iiiMaic Ucal, ami in .di   i,.iii tl..' rail i   rtrtfl   lihe will
my relations with policies ami   guv-  not *■■•;■'   Itlore
i-iiiimiii tu remtmhci mat 1 am iust   March I, and 1 may even   be
uf all a Canadian Cilizen, (April t.     -   •     - five cars nt   steel
AM   NKIQIIBUHS j have arrivi I al E and    400
Hesolved,  in lend mj   tielghbni    in  ears more ■ ri way,     Ii    is
iin-.l a helping hand; in in- Kind;   in   reported  that material yard
jml^f tolerantly; to in- paticiil   with  will bo es lab I .     the    Moyie
ailiitiiun    ur   misumlersiai .,     tu   brl   ■    el east ol    Bonners
exiend in nihi ih iia- degree ol court-. Ferry, .i rail     reach
i-m  ,ii,,i consideration i reiiuirc Litem   lhat   point        Tin have tit-n
nn old  nn
Resolved,  i-i pla)   lair;   in    s|«',tk
hill-,   in   Imlil   h.ti I, .1   m_\    p|l il'. i .       I IJ
friendships, and mj null atmi
in ask ..- other t an I
nol i i   ^ uld not    -I" i ) elf—above
all,  e.i i     "   kl up   .'.' 'I   i,,   h.   ' i
.'....."     roll       ■     	
iii <'   . iiii i", i.ii in,- iii i liarai tel ■
'Illi: I KLEQIUI HKKS   l!-\l.l..
\.\i Fri I.n  ilir i.i,   ■    hei   ol     ■
i!row " .i1    Ivi    tin ii    1.. '  .'.- ""■'
. all   l Weiitwoilh hall      I     ■   boj
arc li lo h' tlie pi ople a
~...   ■ :.      .   :   tbey are nol    pai In
expi ■ mplisli  t-helr
ri I,-, ■ ',.      pi  : le ul   Cranbrook
should i :. ■   -.     i; i   .i.iii-   and l»-
BUre  lO . ' I   ■ '■'.      11   w ill  lie .Hi  all,ill
Ural v: i ;; . , . :i ■ there is na
iloub-l but I ■ ' : ■•' '." will have a
ni"-' ■ nj i ■, ,i . limil l, rget
llie '!..' , ..   i io tn attend.
THE KOOTE * '- .   CRNTH \ti.
I. 1
', ■' i:
i r
anl n
ily ,-
It i
ir    .   :
: .-   I ' .
r, a c
Iii.   In Jact cv
and i
inn eni       11  V
1    Will   til   ('till
in, v t'cnli'el i
i"   li
1;  between Cm
ic laboring
rybody. He
il   Jn     Vntl
A treat is in Bti re lor ,11 whn
hear H.ilpli Cutinur read bis own
laid   lo the I                      I   e, Imt
•  in ad-
•..i.1 ••!...                 point fi i fnur
1   ■
'IIn■                           based  '■;. Hie
i   1».-   il JliC.
\ i.i;i i i ; , iii;    IRISH
n   Inland,
li"    :
Des -   find   en-
<  Herald,
1'  looks
■■    .ni.■■ ml ■>( money
i   .     ■  i ■ ;. as I am
,     ■ .. •   reeeiv-
ed.     I an i ranbn ok is
ll"W    a   ( i1 -. ■    -i. :   ,,    i.,.|    |,rl-
t-i imi. iban future will bo
In Ij   ; .!> hei past,
Yours ralthfully,
John F. Adams.
Toronto, Oni Dec. 28 -Hon. Goo.
W. Kn-- cx'prcmlei "f Ontario, was
w.tiii-d ii|nijt ibis afternoon by a
large dtdegation representing puliti-
cal ,n..I personal friends, who pre-
Bented him with a purse of $35,000,
Ti..- presentation was mado hv lion.
G-eo, A. i'ox,
ivei Uiu   when
1,1 onoo."
"Mamma, did you
ai were a girl?"
"Yes, my dear, I
•■And wi'ii: ymi punished fur if."'
M  led in my mania^1 with your
Uny a Herald Annual ami send it
lo a friend, lt will do them goodk
and the town anl district good. THE   CRANBROOK   HERALD
is now located in its comfortable and attractive new quarters in the Manitoba Hotel.
This institution is iust up-to-
date and is modernly equipped
to do iust the best work, in all I
branches oi the tonsorial art. j
»».!.   ,'.'.   .'.   .11."., .,•"."."."• ,•'♦
W. R. lll'.ATTY,
i in,
I   nil
.',    1
1, ,11 s
. i I*:
, ii
sin-   li
■r idei
nli! It,
" 1
ll)' in
v for
an In
1,. 1,,,,
■   nr,
* ens
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
iml linvu  in.
Tl,,' dealer v.i,,, sells .*,
mother tl pair ot LECKIE
IP ii ITS for Iter hoy williup-
uiy llm whole family with
.uotwour itini' times oul ol
Manufactured   liy
J. Leckie Co.,Ltd.
^i'-i-e-t-^-e-tf'V&te-efre-ettt-tii-t-tti- | lhe herd have btuught hack wilh
ihem strand' companions. The
strangers an- now thoroughly ilmnes-
l mated and have become valuable
members ,,! lhe herd,
II, as i.s in,IV believed, Ihe whale
milk is of inn- medicinal value, ami
proves   to   he   a   palatable   substitute
t,,r Hie nauseous cod liver nil, il it
easy 1,, see 'he possibilities which
lie in ihe new induslry o! whale culture. The bunei and cheese pro-
duels aro said lu he ,,[ exceptional
A WHALE    |
DAIRY       I
.1 9
..-■-*, l*3-3*,S>:*S*9S3«5F
(The Canadian  Manufacture! i
N,,t   the   least   nl   llle   triumphs     ul. ....
uodeln   sclelitilh  mellinds   in   man's'dcliracy.
iiiii/aiiim ul ii„* natural resources
,s forecast in il„* brie! announcemeiil
,n,i receiveil [ruin lho Ualena wualo
ii>in*ii.s, Newiouiidlatitl, in il„- el-
leel thai I'ruf. .Mullet I,as succeeded
ut ilomeslicalnig a Held nl 511 sulphllt
UullulU cow   IU,ales,  ..ml has pel leet
,-,l aii    apparatus    tin    milking the
til   e
Mrs. Keith returned In her In,llie i
Cnal crock lasl Sunday.
.1. ('   Ileid and wile lell  lasl Tue:
day     l„l   111,-il   Inline  li e  al      Co
uon. i„ he  veber, of Lethbridge DISCUSSES PROSPECTS.
lia*    yield   nl     null'     lli'lll a     lllll-      ., ,,,..■, .,
grown1 whale is irom live lo    seven    Mrs.   I-us'l'V, "  Sirdar,   was    II,,-
nan,is   a day,   says lite   ptolossur. I."8' »   Mrs.    ""'■»'""   '"'   s''v''1''1
Hon. L. I>e   Veber, ol Lethbridge,
lilil.islt-l  Willi,,,It  purlfnlio   n the new
ministry ui Alberta, lias been in Nel
sun since Monday evening un a visit
in I,is brother, I.. B, de vobcr, Sceu
insi evening Mr. de Veber said in
reply to questions as in tin- policy
,,! lim Uutherlord government: "Well,
ne Intend   in hv a sui,-ily business
govern nl.       The   province begins
ils existence as such under ihe must
(amiable circumstances, without any
debt,   and     we  hnpe   lu  keep   il     sn.	
Wo   I,av,-   a   grcal    advantage over I	
othei provinces in Hm uiatler „[ the «»»,..»
adminlstru I    oui   public lands. iT
III course the   Opposition   donouir-'
The Best Li:;urs Sold in the
- Ittirt.Vs Own"
"lUititi 'a pioneers"
'Spanlsb t lossonis"
lur -nle Iii oil too. ..tilers
140 Co.DD,, S, . W
1 We Will Do        | "
| Your Draying      f
in,* r llml ii
^P ntiri'S     Btllisfnctiou
l'llllt   is   nu
1 .(l     in'SS.     Wu   Wlllll    I
Pete's Barber  Shop
.vi-,1     finin   lhe Wcnlworll
hotel lu nexl   door lu A, «'.    Bow
lioss'   and    opposite   new   hank   build
ine. 1 invito everybody. My worl
Mill .'ne satisfaction. First-class
barbel s	
P, .1. Leithauser, Hgr.
dais  Ihis week.
Joseph Cnrler, ihe rustling ('. I'
It. passenger Agent, was in lown a
day ..i Iwo lasl week.
Joseph Dobhs eame down Imm
I'..iiiei   yesterday Im  a day nc um
unit   l'i,mill,ml,   friends.
\   IV   Mc \ nil.-   made a    bus s-
I'he null, is ii'csh antl siu-ei ami   peculiar!) rich iii nutritive ami medicinal   .UUlllics,       II   f.  lillllll   111101.01   alld
uei.et it,,.,, ihe i- -i Jeise) milk and
possi sses a |»-1,it.it,i pleasaltl nntl
,i.s.tm in,* lUtol tvnieh those ivuu
liavo tasted ii ptuiiotuieo suporloi  lu
all)      knotVU    pn,.,ml   "I     Um la,Teal
variety.        Cl "al    analysis    h,.s trip lo Calgnry lasl     week where 1
shun ii  ihal   lite unl'.    "l  let'  sulphur  lllel  many ..I-I Iiuie t, lends
bottom i,nai.* is inn in ihose   sumo    Word has    heen received llial    H
l,,l     .,,,,!   ptoltHlh   Wlllell  give   In   end   latllCI   ,,f Mis.   It    ll,   .lailliesuli   died
Itvei    nil   iis lain,-    .i- a remedial reeontl) at his -homo iu Chicago,
1'iul.    Muller's   experiments    w!Mi| LIBERAL     MEETINO   VT  WENT
whales, which havo been earned ou iu.WORTH    IIAI.I.   FlUHAN   N Hi III
comparative      seen,)       lul      M-iel.ll   ,|,\NI   MtV   Bill
(II course Un-   (ippusiiinu   denounce   ) rw, w ry *r\   * w  m*     J
the bargain; hm   h   means a    great   4 I V 3 J   A I   ll       J
,,, ,,,;    in the   .ulu straiten   oil 1  1 vll/ ML/11/     J
ihe province.    The Dominion govern-  { ,
miiil   Immigration   'i'l'.;'""''1"  »'»   } Riwlqnnrh-n for oliuioo i
1„ nel    tm    Mhorl
Soskaleliewan.      Tn   Hm    Dominion
onell  new    selller    means  nu  outlay
ol t iey, hul il is returned lalei In
Uie increase ,,l customs collection*,
A province can get no direct return
im  money spent lu encouraging laml
■I I Iiliiini,    unless  it      ,1,--, ends
Tneel   lasalinii.      He  shall  I
years, nave resulted pi mail) remark
able ills,*,,lell, s  in   llie   line ul  null/.
illg   llie iiiu,nnl    palls ul   llie hug,
catcases winch nave ititnerlo gone u
He has devised a process ini curia
Mr and Mis. M. II. King gave a
ilcltghltul card party lasl Saturday
evening In honoi ut Mis. Keith, ui
Coal crook,
llm a Herald Annual ami send ii
friend.     It will it,, ihem   good,
.,„.,        „,. .,,,.,       I,,.,      tOUS   u!   nn.n "    H   '"I""*        ',   "'"   ""   nie",    H	
Sell '"A   2A   liAituliArRmnl lbe town and district  good,
worse than lalmnss.      lots   meat,    .1. C. Drewcry, ,,( Mnyie, was    i
wllll'l, cuinpo
unit (l.e a,-
pul uii lho
Hell      11.
ppl)   „„
.ilili   in leiiiuie town last   Friday ami   uii Saturday
u-  inel,   I'll!  sunn    lie I wen t   In  Alberta  Where lie has extcll
ma.   'lite   company slvn conl iiitori'sls,
-   mai  11    11111   in,., Little Marlon 1.1'lleb hail a birth-
lhe   ii, si  Imilait    Is- day  pall)   lasl   .'filial.     There  were
,, r   tropical eouulriiH ntieeti liiile ones    llieie and    every
ep.-n.l   l„l    1
■ Jl'1
please,   We lire nil
tig to labor linnl ti
,      fteconipllsli tlml  nI,-    i,     ;   _.      —i   . *. -
♦ ..
■»   V
* !
J   PERRY & FITZQERALD  i %      "^,TD.rTn„      X
I         Wh.rl«d mover, of Ih. i   $        CONTRACTOR        X
_ Meson * Rlscb Planus         »-.;        Pitrniiee, Boiler, Biwb», I
this  season  for   Xmas   -jilts 9
are potraits in sepia plat- Jjj
inum with a very ar 0
tistic mounting, §
which is en- 6
lirely 9
mil Fireplace work it Bpeeinl- A
All descriptions nf stone- y
.1. li. MuBRIDE'S
•J. will reeievo prompt ulteutlon. •;•
I'. 11. Ilns au.
<fOa<IX)iaa(>a9999999999999 | I
Prest Photo Co §i^^^r.
A. W. McVittie   J
STOCK BROKERS | Dominion and Provin- .
I 4
AND DEALERS IN | cial   Land  Surveyor. J
MINING  SHARES)    H. H. McVittie   ;
* (ieneral Agent J
'#e Buy and Sell   on   Commission,   f $
t Tl MBER, MINE j and J
{ CRANBWOK,   B.    C. }
4 4
0*^ ***** **************}
WANTED:—Western  Oil  and
Diamond Vale Shares.
Waghorn, Gwynne &
Effective, January Ist
From   Iti'wlstfilu'   io  Scallle, Van
Geo. R. Leask & Co,
From 11,nullum -lut,i tiun I" 'T.u.ml"
Mnnlieal-MllNllW,  'llll RSDA .
SI.  I'.uil-IIAII.V.
Standard Sleeper
Vancouver Trains, Slocan Route
Km  lull particulars, first-class   or
tourist sleeper reservations, apply In
local afieiils nt* ii lite
.1. S   CARTER,      i:   -I   ciVI.K.
D l'.A , Nelson. A.O.l'.A , Vaneouvei
Q. Hillier, Agenl, Cranbrook.
Try The Herald
for Up-to-Date
Job Printing
Our Prices Are Always Right
r work Is our ndvertlsomont, Imt in
pill Ihis ml in Uu* llorald.to
en,pl,HHi/.e il.
Near Lower Armstrong Avenue,
rmi. Mullei' has iniiiil,*.l a process
...r making leaiiicr irom tuo itcsiincs,
pleural sucks, heart cuvonngs .....i
oilier inii'iii.il membranes ul tne
imaie, which, ninn tanned an.i iiiusii-
i-d is oi greatei durability ana unci'
Sxuro loan leather,     uJsldcs    its    Vincent    Ink was six y
,),    ine  tvllolo lealhei  las'   Saliirday •and III  honor nl   tl
win I - I
Ins linli' trttjmls (ur tin* alter
luui a Klorioiis llm
11. Cameron left vest-erilay tor Win
|iok in tni'i-l lln- Hon. Di.tuilil t'.un
ciuii, mu' nf lhe principal owners   ot
lhc .Mnyie I.iiihIh'I company.
A I mil is in Move lur all will
hv.ir llalpli Connor rcatl liis own
,II|HT1H1    IJIKl
pn,!1:;";';;:;^.::;"^,".!;;^ s ixwr foroet tuk district
is i,,'s,i ,   a.iui.lii;   in   me    iiven- LIBERAL     MEETINO   AT  WENT-
to^toMftoS'ltaVtostines u, W'0BTHDJ1ALL   FR1PAY  N10HT
a lull-grown sulphur huiiuiu a snip
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors.
r-H-S-Ks-K.-S-'r-K-S'S ■■*■»■•■» •»-•-•-•-
home riade Itiead Shop
llaiisiiii Ave., - Cranbrook
.'!'.'**-•'*-*-«-'.'♦. .*..*•.'»'« ' t-if-!^
. lealiier nearly alio (eel lu long
and ,(.', leet in breadth. From nie
pleural lining a piece ul leather ni
nel in diameter ean lie obtained.
Processes im grinding ihe mammoth skeleimis im,, bono meal lot
fertilize!' and nl collVcl'ling Ute Rlislle
and earlll.t'se inlu g|UO Olid  like pi'U-
iliieis are among tliu minor Inveu-
tious ui Prat. Mullor, who lias secluded himself im ihe pasl live years  ,ti
lhe lllill- Nowfuuillllolld llslilllR village ami turned his attention lo lhe
steal) ui whales.
llm In i.n lln* grealcsl triumph yel
.iiuine.!' In  il,,* professor lies in   lhe
,l,illu-slu*,il|,..i     ul     the    enn   111,ales.
Lite nil sen i,iiiie men. I'rot Mullei
would rather conserve than dostruy.
The ul,ale ate still ahuiiiliiul in Newfoundland   llalels,   Iml   umlet   ll Id
system ol killing them Im limit' "il
and easl inn Hie carcass mil ill, 11
lias a ipieslhin ui uuly a low years
,11 most wlten Ihey would become su
ram as in make lheir pursuit uupru-
niallle.     11   mil   m'l   Te   l"l   Ute  lilt.lll
ei.,1 Intct'csl ,,( whalers to eaplur
lhe yulllig ninths ami keep theii
alive, because ni Uu- promlso gi riiTt
,*i reward Irnm ihe dairy product
lliiin ean he realized in lheir dcsli'iie
The   prutossor   lu,,l,ed    lllllllll    11 ii 1 ■ I
lie found a sullablc Inlet, a sail
,i,i I li lake about un eighth ui a
mile across, approached un lhe sea
liy a harrow strait about fill iml
across, lie arranged a gateway of
nun liars by which (he iu.et could
he completely closed. Lute in lhe
fall ah,,ut two years ngo a herd of
whales was spurting in lhe ohTllg,
and il was unlived lhat Ihere were n
number uf young hellers in tin, herd
Uy carelul work len of these bolters
wile separated front the main fiord
and coaxed ami driven through llie
.Halt inlu lhe lake.
Then began lhe wmk ul taming
ihem, thc) wero watched and sludieit
until their favorite kind nt fund was
learned, Tins was a peculiar kind
,,i kelp ur link need, which grows In
abundance along ihe coast, Large
tuaiitll Irs ni Ihis need Here gathered ami stored neai ihe professor's
,,,'ielqilal lets al lhe uppt'l eml nl llle
Twice a day Ihis fund was pul
where the young whales could gel It.
Within a  mli tliey hati learned  lo
oomo I,, ilu- .coding placo fm* theii
meals.     IVIlbln anotliei  month    Um
erealllles ll'e.e quite liitne and a
inline was given In each une. lirnd-
imlly ihe cetaceans learned lo ro
-Iiimii in thell names, and allot sii
iunnl lis nt training eould he sum
uu,nisi fmni any part ul the iitehis
Tlie problem ,,f leaching ihem    i,
peliml   II pcratlvos  to milk   Ihem
w.is  a   nil Illheult   une.      An     up-
pui .ilns was devised to ,1,, Uu- wmk,
Inn when nn cltol I was ninth- lu try
ti, ii was t*..uii.l necessary in drtvo
.he whale up nu llie Hals al luw
waiei lu ilu il,,- milking, and il   has
hi   this part uf the Work whieh lias
absorbed Uu- attention ol the pro-
lessor tm  mule II..111 n vear.
Patience in lhe lute ui all dlscour
ageinouls with a detenu Illation I,
succeed finally conquered. The Hist
captives learned gradually tn go ut
lhe i- nun accord lu Un- milking
ground. The heid has boon Increased a lew whales al a time until il
now numbers 50, ami il requires the
services uf u staff uf tu, men in ean)'
mt Um dally milking.
-Iii-ii whal lhe plans nf Prof, Muller's company are is nol mn,-rally
known, and mine nf lhe ofllcials will
say. 11 was learned, however, Uial
ns soon as (lie daily experimenting
in the way ut Iiiii ler an.l cheese making an, complete and the calming
planl is ready, the herd will he
driven down lo all inlet on the Mnl]..,
coast, whieh lias been already utied
fm* a pasture, where a dairy will l.e
Experiments have heen made re-
ntly in permitting several ot lhe
.tier cows tu gn outside (lie inlet
(leurge (leary, lhe old standby   ol
Foil Steele, is in tuwu. Mr. Goat
hns nnl been In Bund heallh ll.e pas'.
few months, a met that the Herald
The Ilernlil is in leeeipl nl a special number uf the New Zealand
Graphic sent bv our old friend Dan
Alton. Il is cviileni thai Mr. IItoi
is in foreign lands this winter,
A Ileal is in sture fur all wh,
beiil* Ralph Connor rend his own
will Ings.
Fiitt'h a* tlnites are tearing down
the holel nl Klmbcilcy thai stood
nexl lu Ihe Nurlh Slat holel ami
will lake Ii in Marysville ami re
bn,id iii place ul ihe nne burned re
eenlI v.
A I,.-at is in store Im all uh.
I1..11 llalpli Connor read h.s ..wi
II. II Kncnlg, nl ri.iieslinlui, Al
belli., was in tuwu this week look
ing Im a location. He gol ho|d ul
,, Herald Annual lasi week and aflei
reading it through concluded thai
Soutli Easl Koolcnay was tlm pine
fur lum anil look the train (he nex
day fm' Cranbrook.
F. E, Simpson has snld a hall in
leresl in Um LcUtlll'Idgc Herald t
IV. A. Buchanan, nt si. Thomas
(Inl,, whn will have charge nl lln*
business iu Hie future. Mr. Ituetuui
an is a newspaper inan nf iv'de ev
pelieuee, and will make lhe I.etli
bridge Herald one of the very best
papers in lhe provli.ee of Alberta.
A treat is in sture fur all wh,
hear llalpli Connor read his uwu
Turn Ynuiig had a bunch of money
In his pocket tlie other night anil
this flit*, was known lu some Individual Accidentally Turn changed tin.
mil [rum nne pocket In lhe other
iiiiiI while standing'In a crowd he was
touched, hul nui for ihe money hut
a box nf pills thai were wrapped up
In shape, resembling tlm mil of
('. II N. Connoll, win. is in charge
,,f the survey Inr u.e Irrigation company al Lellihridj.,., spent several
days iu lown tliis week visiting
friends, made (luring Hm oarly days
ni Wardner, when he was will, his
undo, I'huilos Garden, whn li.nl
charge ,,l oonslruoMon Iiom Klk,, lo
Cranbrook. "Herb" has a line position imn anil was pleased in find sn
many nt his ,,|,| friends in Crati-
Mrs. Eager nnd Mrs, \\.ls,„i javo ,i
sleighing party last Thursday in a
large number nf friends, thoro being
ihme luads altogether, ': •;<.• drive
was ii musl pleasant ,..ue in .very
respect and was thoroughly en,, veil
hy tlmse li.ilu.iate enough ' In
be     Invited, Alter     the    close
ol    lhe    ride     ti.e    party    wore
driven    lo      Ihe   Imn f    ii„,     iwu
hostess' nml treated In must ap-
peiiziiig rolroslimonts,    The   guests
weie lumi in their praise uf llie
altiornuon's entertainment.
Can.ula has lhc largest, while pine
areas   uu   Hie continent,
Canada's forest   products  lu Tailed
su millions in 100(1.
Canada has, It Is estimated, a million square miles of standing lumber,
British Columbia exports  130 mil
lion feet, nt lumber a year.
ana.ia    has   over   lull paper ami
4 • reel it) nml Fruit,    Wo ,
4 ,*n, -il„- in-,ni-, I,,-,-.- for tlm I'n   i
4 uioila  li.   II    I'l ulnles bo i
\ Well 1.1.1,111,   l,i   nil   l.uers  ,,f J
, n.,,,,1   sw,vis.    Shipments }
When You
Come to the Metropolis Stay at the
Palace Hotel
.•Stephens & k'.».keiulm I
Opposite C. I». R.
$1.00   PER   DAY
Calgary, Alia.
direct   lasalu.ii.      He  shall  havo   to   ,  go Ull    BWlH'ls,      Ship i,Is J
uml,-,lake smne   public works short-   {       ,   J
Ij   hm uui, I believe, a groal man)    j l"'"1' B0 '"* '"  »<''u  nothum J
Tlie   province is fairly well provided   J |,„, fl,.s|, .,,,„.* t
will,  s,T Is and  court  hunses.   Vm| J 4
'•'I"' ovei the   ii.l.i.iit.*ii.,it I jns   #.„. %%i
nl nne
"No settlement has been made yet
,s (,, ihe. maintenance .,( the mount-
d piiitee. The Dominion govcru-
neiii must retain sume (nice in collect lhe duties alnin; the bounder)
line alld in look niter its wards, llie
Indians. A Dominion lorce em,nul
eni .reo provincial laws unless specially .iiiihnrized to do so by provincial statute. 1 Ibink Unit su,,,,, a,
rangemeut will he. upule to Unu end,
In  Iel   Ihe pieselll lofCO all   I'm    the
Dominion ns nl present and also do
diitv as a iituili,iiul police lorco.
Tlie' presenl cilv linll.uk I'Slnlilish-
,„ nis will probably he abolished
uml ihe police scattered in outlying
parts where thev an* moro needed.
■•The legislature will meet iu l-'tT
iiioiilou i.i March, One of ihe ipsi
ihitigs lu be decided will he lhe permanent  location nf ihe capital.      1
have nu idea where il  will he.      The
government at Bllob will not iniet-
tcro; ii will lie decided by private
vnles. lt was thought Uiat lhe
only eonlest wuuld be between Calgary and l-Mnmiituii. but there is a
glu'wing feeling in lavnr nj llaiif,
There is no reasi.i. i, In a cummer
iiai city should be ll"' capital, and
many reasons why ii should mil
Land could he neural around BanH
trom lho Dominion government, anl
it is a beam ful siie.
"The present outlook Im* Alberto
is very Might, 'I'he people generally are prosperous. The discover)
Uui winter wheat, hard, nnd "i I
snisi grade, ean he grown as I.u
nurlh ns I'Mmonton, is ,,( great tin
imitative. li means doubling Hu
grain   crop.      Agriculture will    al
ways he Ihe chief industry uf Alhell.i
exeepl in lhe enal milling llislriet 0
Ihe southwest.
"Tim iliiei development at present
i.s Hie passing uf Hie eat He ranges
Tlie progress nt sel I lenient is en
crunching fasi mt lhe upon counti')
ninl ihe caltlemeii nro being cmwdei
mil. Ten years ng" nno could ml.
nny where neross country. Nuw ii i*
teiiced in and we hnvo lu tallow U„
roads, lu Southern Alberta II wll
mean Um reduction nt herds and tie
iniinii iii grain growing ur mlxei
farming.     Ranges will remain    foi
smne   liu.  Um Cypress Hills,   it
lhe southeast, Others may he cs
tabllshed later norlh nl Edmonton
Imi Uie colder ellmnle ami greal.*
suowlall thero will make il noces
s.ny in slore ladder tor each wlntei
"Tlie   province has receiveil    ver)
liberal    terms     Irom  the Dominion
Fm*   the    purposes uf subsidies  <»u.
population     is     rated     ai   350,0011
though   ii  is   sliil considerably   be
luw lhat.      Iii addition   we gel    n
large grant  in consideration of   out
lamls being held by the Dominion,
'(if the iin- cabinet ministers iw.
are new tn the legislature, the   rest
have been members fur one or   tw
terms.     None uf us have been cab
iut ministers hetoro."—Nelson New,
Raymond, Dec. 27.—R. 0. Matho
sun, a well known newspaper man, is
a defniiller and fugitive Irom justiev
'Tlie authorities are searching (o
him. His accounts as treasurer nf
lhe   tiiwn   nf    Raymond    are short
sn thing  in excess  nf $2,000.     Tli
lugltlvo has been traced In lliilnm
»here he letl his wile and child at
lhe town nl .Milton.
He wns bonded ill the sum nf
$.ri,iiiiii by ihe Dominion of Canada
Guarantee and Security company, of
Toronto, aiid a demand has been
made nu that euliipul.)' fur restitll
l iun.
HERALD ANNUALS FOR SALE.]These oxpori is have been peculiar-
ly gratifying. In eveiy Instance the
cow has returned, indicating clearly
her preference fm* domestic life, mul
ou   twu  separate  ueeasinus cows   ol
Canada stands tenth in Ibis respect
in lhe world.
ni Lhe 100, 62 aie pulp mills.
Their product in 1803 reached   $(,,-
Canada bus the largest pulp wuud
areas in tbe world.
After many years of Western experience in Rubber
Footwear, and with the entire field of Canadian manufacturers open fo us, we have
Maple Leaf
as thc most satisfactory brand
for both dealer and consumer
in this province.
They possess all the qualities of material, style, fit,
finish and durability characteristic ol good Rubbers,
And are more serviceable
under Western climatic conditions.
Just ask your dealer for
If In- Iiiihii'I I Iihii. he'll >i"t llii'iii if
.v.m iml, hlui—lilll In* siiivlv Iiiih Lhi'iii.
Selling Agents, Vancouver, B.C- '
Cranbrook Sash    j
and Door Factory •
All kiiuls,,( linisli wnrkin
w.*,y ,,f doors, windows, tran- 1
sn.us. ut,*.   Kiln dried lumber j
for inside work,   Our work is ,
guaranteed uml our prim-s are ',
Biitiafuctory,    Sr.*,-,-..    doom 1
RourIi and Dressed Lumber
For Sale
Livery *£
Tenuis nud driver, liirnl.lu-,1 fm  any
poini in thr illstrlet,
A. DOYI.13, Maun fer
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
ul repairing-   (live me a call.
, . if ■}-.},.
! •-<■>
-1   |,i, !„,-„.    l„v„,
,  1  , - ,,...,,—  |„,   ,
Iliad -."-Bll
, , I,,.
vihli-niFsa, ,l,„ »*,
,.n We ,h, nol  paint pictures, preach sormons nr make mouse traps. ';
.;-, nm   special!)   Is making tho best     BLOWER    PIPE    EXHAUST X
■•• SYSTEMS I,,r  PLANING   MILLS.                                                      ,;,
'•; Doing tho   BEST SHEET METAL   WlllfK,   and    i'l I ViltlSli- <l>
". lailiet  .i  pi,is,ie occupation wilh very liiile scntlmenl in il   hut il »>
J?   keep,   i„   III  M I'l Nil <*
..\ Out trade in Hns line has been very successful, which gnes lo f
,.. s!,,,n II,.,t Kmet's.ni knew what he was talking about. Give us a 'i,
*•'  '"al nn it NOW .;.
SxKixe-j.i-i '• • ^'•■•-t<K*'N-H>!s^-N'<!>'«-^s^
*-**—- "     ■    —— — — ——— — — — ——^—. m. ^.
/ / NOTICE ! I
•'■I'sii ii iiii'i ili'i-i-siil 8 of K,st ICooteiuiy thnl In
•■I'l'lu'l.•( MINERAL WATER FACTORY t., his ,
lishtiienl uu I would cordially aolieit nny raaidmil nr travel,
or tu cull ur Bowl Cor n sample order I parti,-iilurly  li.v llm
trade) um! guiimiiteus liis goods superior to any iu tlm .lis
trict,   Tlm public ur,- res| tftilly iwiuested tn visit
in Coal nnd Wood Burners bofore you buy
elsewhere, Also Conl mul Wood Furnaces
sel up m suit your reijniromonts nf
McCallum & Co.
■ llnnlivaiv Merchants I
1 Wishing You All A Happy |
And  Prosperous  New-
Wines,  Liquors and  Cigars
CRANBROOK, British Columbia
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«"♦♦♦♦♦♦♦« 4 »*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦.(.<,< .ii-i 44444* ♦«♦«♦««♦♦♦♦««♦««««•««•♦
Bijr Sale In Oriental  Novelties
1 his is A (ireal Opportunity to get Xmas Novelties
Wonjr Kong*, who has a store on Armstrong
Ave., says that his stock is too big. He has
just returned Irom China where he bought a
big* stock of oriental novelties, silk goods, brass
ornaments, etc., and he must sell, no matter
how low, to raise the cash. He will have
some great bargains the next two weeks
Rememb.r the place, opposite Imperial Hotel,
Arnistong Avenue:


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