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Cranbrook Herald Nov 23, 1905

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Array THE
■-" •'■: '.'...ii*
-   ,.   '■    p q.
Paid-up Capital, $8,700,000 Reserve Fund, $3,500,000
n i*. WALKER, i; .,i Manager       ai.i:x. LAIRD, Anl, Oen'l Manager
$3 md undir 3 t».nu
Ovrr   $5 mul not U»ttdlR| $10 6 ctntl
"   $10     " "        s.io 10 centi
"     illi " " $30 IS trtilii
lli*.*-..- Orders an Puyiiblo at I'm* •*< nnj offlci   In (.'flmiUuof ftChnrtewl Hank
(Yukon Bzceptwl), tnd .n the principal Iwnltiiig | ta in tliu United Stutoa.
Tho) form an excellent method nl remitting small sum*, of money
with Mil I*   .unl ut •"(iiiiil cost.
lue to ■ :
T. C. MALPAS Mj;r.
i I
; S
J Deposits of $1 and upwards received and interest ai"
I lowed from date of deposit at highest current rates and
J! compounded half yearly.
I. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.      J
Will .,*ll you ji ivsiiii'ti,*.' in a
n good locality upon small
rush payment nnd. n.y monthly payments for the bnlance,
which you wiil nol feel nny
more then yon would paying
a litm-a i *.-,.:, '
tl    I    Rl , WOll    ,*„,    ,,   *
"'   A '• ''''■''■■ Greer is a   pioo .1 in    Cran
* *
THE VO 'li
■ w
vote.      '<■■        .: a.!'
G, T R ■
A. Moilat
0 mo for   1
J, I'.  Fink
IJ E. Murphy
J.lti.  Guar
11. Hlckenbotham
G, P,   1, I
Joseph   Jackson
J .lbe I M.i 1 ri
P, D. limit
J.   Rya:-
TOOK Till   ,
: ■
112  hotel    ledge M
110 rhe I •"
Mayor-G, T. Ro ■■■
Aldormon-J. P. Pink, 11. I*: Murphy, James Greet, 11 lln .-iiiiolli.iin.
tl. P. Tisilalv nn,! .1   Jackson.
Cranhrook's firsl city clr-ution passed 11IT quietly. Thie iiiia 173 ba.l
lots cast out ,.{ nn even 300 names re-
Call and Sec Us for Particulars
I JEarlv   Selection,!
mm We wish to suggest the advantages ol the early se N|
■Ju lection ol holiday  Rills, nol only because it ensures a Sj
■?' more complete assortment, but also because it affords -
^u sulli.-i'iii time  In satisfactorily carry oul the wishes ol u
Cl ...1..,,,..    ,.     <>.»r» .....      Kaill.    ...li.t-1 .'i.u,       lllrt   _....ai.l   /,..Ai... -•.,
ficenl linii-  to satisfactorily carry oul the wishes ol 5
If* patrons as regards both engraving and special order S
f. work. I
■ W   H   Wll SON     •" \vi;i.i:k and j&
m V>.  II.    WIL-Ull,      OPTICIAN   .<  jtW
.* .* T li E ** ..*"
The most comfortable house and thc best
table in thc Kootenays
Apply for terms Mrs. Holford, Cranbrook
be n -i 1 .-■
..'  the lire hall.
Christmas China
Have you looked over our stock of Christmas China yet ?
Our selection this year is the finest ever shown in Cranbrook!
lI'I'I.Ir.WT*:   IM: OFF I   i.
Tb...  arc nam    , ■ ,,, ttppi|
,.u,M lot office ndei lhc .;■ iin.in
istratlon, For Uie on 1 clt;
clerk T. IU, Roberta ..; I I « Pal
11, are understood to be in il„* running. Foi city soliiitor G II,
Thompson is tb onlj can It-late thai
tbe Herald n,v- li .ml ol. I*',,i cbiel
ul police Bert lll.nl,, ll tlcUuiu ,,:, I
It. S, Ilaron arc In the Held.      Tli
iaa;.'I     llll.l     COlllU'lllllCIl    llill   l|,j|,|   i
caucus lo-morrow evening when then
mai 1,'t*a will be taken up and probably settled.
Fine Japanese Ware, Edgewood Pieces, Scotch Motto Ware,
Limoges Tea Sets Imported d'rect frem France, and Belleek
direct hum Ireland, lhe first ever shown here and the prettiest
ol the lot.
We have arranged our display in this line early this season
su you may have ihe benefit of choosing, early.
And don't forget that we are here to Sell Goods and our Prices
Are Always Right.
111.11.   1005.
, Tliiiiiuis M. Roberts, returning
rn*, lot* the s.ii,l elcel n,u, du
1 .v\ declare that tin* number 01
les oast Ior lhe several candidate.
l-'OH  Ai.l.KI'i.Mla.N:
I Fink, Jacob Pius, Merchant .
I llrccr, James, Conlracior   ....
I flams, Jelicz, Merchant    .
I Uickenhothain,  Harold, Carpel
; Hunt,    I'll.n a-  IX-vcre,   Kali
Rvan, ,1
lanlel Ed,
ies 1;. ti -1
Icorgc Pre
Close Inspection
rovcali ilif true character of nn article'
Thero are many pretentious piecea of
Jewelry to whicli dwiiiiico londaenchant-
Mii'M. Wo hnve another Bort. The
more closely yon examine them, the
mini' you will appreciate their RICH-
XKSP mnl LOKTKK. Thla la OUR
KIS I). Wo sell nothing else and onr
Jewelry has tho true and lasting brll-
llunce Unit ■.'nes with genuineness,
gistered. The vole was larger than
ilu- majority ol the hi it
would be, 15U bein 5 ll tavorit* es
tlmate mi tlu* total. What Is more
ihi* vote was En early, In fai t most
ol the ballots had ba :i cast by one
o'clock. It was ., :., ■■■ I s I to sec
;li:- la lies voti . bui to ll 1 credit
it i-.ni be said Uial Uiey east theii
UUI.us like veterans, and noi ,1 single
one was Uuofl n out on aci u ml ol el
race foi maj 01 was prcttj close, and
when Mn- counl w as given 1 ut .1111 11
was learned thai Mi Rogers had just
twice tlie votes 0 n nt, Ml
Moffat, ',.',, iri foi .ill
Jacob Kink led the pi 11 with 112
votes, It E. Murphy bring s leond
w ith 131. J.i! in Ryan . ci ived the
least number o( votes, ■'..■: ting onlj
81, .in l tbo oth 1 twi li vi on s were
IteVerc Hunt, witli £ nn i Jabc-z
Harris with SI respd llvelj.
'lh.' polls rloi I at : o'clock and it
was .1 hi Lie aftei five when tho result was announced Tho 1 onU sl
throughoiil v .1 l most fri :. Ilj one
.iml M,.i. wei ■ ir bitti'i ■ ■, Hugs or
wranglin - throiigli il lh ■ day, In
fact   11    wi thai     iti-
peoph :..'i it well feel prowl
of. its H   v nl from
bogh  to ■:, I.    Naiurnll) the buo
i'.'S.Iii;   r, !, II lal   s   wn     ■ ■ .,       till -■'  i
bj th n linn! , and th :■ ;■■ Ivod Lho
honors ol lh fi new po It li 11 «lib
becoming n ■ ' '■'
Tin-; .\i.\Mn: wn COl wn,
Ocorgn T Rn ,1 ■ . in* 1 1 in ii0
mercantile liusini .., an I hn - been a
resldenl ol Cranhrooli fot :)i- past six
years, having come hero from Elk-
horn, Man. In bustiici 1 Mi Ro 11 1
h,is boon very sucee nful and personally ho is very popular. Jacob P.
Kink is a pioneer nf Cranhrook, ami
is engaged In thc mercantile business,
being a member of tbo ruin of Kink
Hros. "Jake,*1 as bo ti known all
over the district, is popular with the
people as his big vote goes lo show,
D. E. Murphy is an engineer on the
C. P. K., and one of tbo hest known
men on the Crow, and one of lho
best liked. Mr. Murphy gave Mr.
Fink a big chase for second place in
the si/.c of the vote. Harry Ilick-
enbotham Is a t\ P, ti. employee,
having a position in Uio ('. P. R.
carpenter shop of tho company. He
fame to Cranbrook about seven years
ago from Winnipeg and is a man who
Sera   dui)
.r..|.l llie
■:.. Daniel
Bton   Tis-
i.tt     ilu
22nd da)
s,i;i Oeorge Thomson Ro
elected   Mayor, and   \\ sal
Edwin Murphy, Georgo Pre
dale, duly elected   Aldermen
;aid Municipality.
Given under my hand Uila
ol  November,  1005.
Thomas M. Ri
Victoria, Nov. 15.—John Houston,
in letters to friends here, contradicts
tho statement that be bas forsaken
liri lish Columbia permanently. Ho
nol only reiterates bis uu.-11111)11 ol
retaining lis legislative duties, but
Indicates plainly his intention to return eventually to this province.
■'While 1 hnpe io catch on here and
marke sufficient to do things when l
return to British Columbia," h 1 says,
"it 1 urns in British Columbia," he
- tys, "it "ill bo hard work and no
end ol hardships before 1 gain lhc last
Tlie lone of Mr. Houston's letter is
indicative that ho retains his appreciation of humor even In aitycrstty.
Speaking of liis present place of sojourn bo says:
"Qoldflelds is on a desert; has
■..iimi to 8,000 people boused in tents,
:-,n.i:l substantial stone buiklings, I;
good substantial stun-' bulldln ;s It
1ms every modern convenience, Including orchestral music at dinner,
and faro bank and emps after dinnor-
and breakfast—and lunch "
There is a touch of pathos in another paragraph:
"I i-ame down hero in tho hope ol
catching nn anil went to worl; as a
printer. As my oycslghl Is vcrj ba 1
ami I bad done no woil> as a printer,
to speak of, lor 17 years, II was a
frlilu trying; but I gol along, an 1
fm a while worked day and night,
helping in pet out a '" 1 a 50 special
edition ol a t( column newspaper in
an office that has haallj enough material to got out (our pages in good
shape. But the paper was got out
aud it was not so bad, either typographically or from a journalistic
Of Goldflclds, Mr. Houston writes:
"Some of the mines have yielded rich
returns Ior the labor rtono, and a
good shale of the returns went to
poor men. The camp has yielded
$5,000,000 since May, 1003, the. deepest working is less than 450 feet,
whieh shows that the mines are not.
WAM   CARS  IN  TRANSIT   FROM    eHn^»^mmHmm^^«)C&--i'.':'«^-.,-^»M
Spokesmau-Roview: "I ivocivod ad
.Iced to-da) mat in carloads 01 steel
rails for lho Spokane-lu lor national
railway were in iiansit from Fort
vVilliam, Ont., to tlu- point on Lho in
tfi national boundary line where tbe
t-'anadion Paclllc will join oui road,"
..n.i 11. u. Corbln last night,
■■Tl..1 entire 17,0U0 tons of sleel required foi ihi' Spokane International
together Willi Lho neeeittury fasten
nigs, have beta delivered at Fori Wil
Jam. Wu have about itiu freight cars
,1 lhc same point and these «ill be
u.a.i, il with our own steel for ship
ment west, When mloiuled the cars
will be employed on couBlruction
"The delivery ol steel on the Spokane International has been postponed
iiy delay in tfto construction of the
oiinecling tin!, between the Canadian
i'acllic and our system. This Is rapidly nearlng completion, however, and
1 espcet that within 00 days all lho
steel awl fastenings anJ the const mo
Lion eats will he delivered.
"We also have two locomotives al
lho manufactories in Pittsburg, I'a-,
whieh will be dellverod sunn. Th.*
main contract Ior engines and equipment generally calls for the delivery
iif lu.- material next spring.
"Bj January l wo hope to haw accomplished mueh toward Uie completion of the Spokane In ter national,
i'he grade will be completed from lhe
northern terminal to Bonners Ferry,
llib being 1 lie heavy wmk on the
road. With the exoeptlon of ihe terminals at Bonners Ferry wo will also
haw ibe grade carried souih to Saiid-
polnt, Idaho, nnil possibly some miles
further south.
"It bas been nu exceedingly difflcull
"ear to make progress In railroad
work because of lho remarkable
shortage of labor. 1 don't remember
any year when labor wus so hard 10
gel as it has heen Ibis year in the
Pacific northwest,"
If you want
♦ lil'Y
X fiivictus Fine Shoes
X Leckie Lumbermen and .liners' Shoes
I Daj foot's Miners' and Railroad Shoes
i Stub Proof Rubbers
X Carss' Mackinaws
X Eilis Spring Needle Underwear
% Stanfield's Elastic Underwear
! H.B.K.Co.'s Gloves and Mitts
♦ These iiooils nr..- soM under an ABSl 'I.i 'TE
RETURNED it vmi nre not satisfied,
s  '    m* '*,    .-.1
' A.A
t- Se I'
I'liin-ui-i, An/... Noi. in,-An enterprise whicli aoonia almost a*, fantastic
aa tlie fimiiiiig ot 11 company Ior
working '-Solomon's iiiiin-.s,'' litis liccn
I,mm Iiul In Now York. A company
un.1.-1 ilu- hiiiiic nl Uu- Standard Iron
i'n , ol New   Vork, has been loruied
i.ii  Uu*    purl  "i iiiii'.niiuiii:    and
.in.ilt.iis .in eiiormoua meteor, which
lias Inui.-il at Diablo canon, 11...1 tIol
brook, Ail/.uiu. This metoot sti uok
ilu* i-.iiili probabl) many itenlurlca
.u.u aa tlio Iiullans win live In tb.u
loffion havo no legend In regard lo
ilu* ii*..11.Imliil event.
Tin- location ui tin meteor is marked liy i> Imlc in ilu- ground, about
Ihrco-Iourths ol a mile 1"HB and 00
Icel deep, Tbo surrounding co-niiy
fm* (1 distance ol several miles In .il
lesiil lo be covered by ihr Iragmcnls
of that heavenly visitor. They bavo
[urnisi-od muoh interesting material
im* investigations hy mineralogists.
Sonic, ot the IraRincnls weighed many
tons and broiti;lit rich returns ot
silver, gold anil lead, when shipped to
llie smelter. All of the fragments
lhat have been analyMd run high in
lead, silver anil gold.
I  Am Elected
To continue lo Give Value Received
in lhe Hardware Line.
. iS.!33Z£BE_nW_l
inttcb more than prospects.    Real es-     Th_ Ho    Ai Bi Aylcswotth won ini
lale  is lllill    ami    mils   are almost   .-,,..,. -   ■        , .„, „
prohibitive when viewed by people North 1 ork by a maiority ol 501. J
who have lived lor long In British In West, Lambton, Pardee, Liberal, I
Columbia,      Ofllces,  2Hm:iii, on    lhe'was elected, W'
,has a host   nt Iriends and admirers, j main street., rent for $200 a  month;     -„ ffcntworUi, Scaley, elected    by S
JBWEI.ERS AND—in. p, Tiaiaio  is a  „„.,,.„„ and a,and 2-rpomcd dwelling shacks Ior S2S,.
Now is the time to have your
Blower Pipes put into shape.
We make a specialty of this
line, and we have the best
equipped shop in the district
for doing heavy work,   dt   dt
•"""'■a™"mouNs'mu-WoTas-ca._aaa■hi,:iy;™'tnT^^Zt^'^~^caiga.y,*iv_so-kjPATHORE BROTHERS 1
I ti     _-..lf tin the-   h     in . nn nf r   1 il A^^iT}^AA—\^—t—\HMt—t—t—t—\At—tAt—*\^—tMt—lA\AiA^AA&i^t—imn\&AAAH^^—tA*\
Wm. F. Tate & Son,
Offioial   Watch  l-spootors,   Crows Neat    Pubb   Oiviaiou, C,   P. K w\t since coming   to Cianbrook and   Columbia.
I ing a majority ol 45. i ii i  CUAXBUOOK lll.l. ti.i.
\mmmm i. • s^_____8__1SSkS 1 I^^P^K^^fe
*   ■■.fc.*...*»BP"tl'.V ....    i.S*-**   *t_- «   >.s-*ll'*'W_u-|i_^_^-*i._A_UuJ^
The first few days of Our Great Slaughter Sale
demonstrated again the mightiness
of our organization
class merchandise at the lowest prices ever known makes an irresistable combination
a combine the people like, judging by the crowds which visited our store
since the opening day
r* ski
why?   Because they bought Clothing, Dry Goods and Shoes for less
money than they had ever dreamed of
Thursday, Friday and Saturday
The lust three days of our Great Sale.   We will again use our knife and cut prices still lower, in order to reduce this
stock "by that time.    For we positively close this sale SATURDAY NIGHT, NOV. 25th, at midnight.
Again we say buy your Clothing and Dry Goods now, for never, no never,
will you have an opportunity like this to dress your
whole family at such trifling cost.
Ladies' Department
Ladies' white hemstitched Handkerchiefs, only 5c
Ladies' Skirts, worth $4.50, this sale only                            $ 2.45
Children's Jackets, irom $4 to $6, only 1.65
Ladies' short Jackets, worth from $5 to $7.50, only 2.45
Ladies' cravanette Coats, worth from $i0 to $15, only 6.65
Ladies' flannelette Waists, worth $1.50, only 75c
Ladies' Corsets, worth $1.50, only 65c
Ladies' Slippers, worth $1.50, only 95c
Ladies button and lace Shoes, worth $2.50, only 1.35
Ladies' ready*to=wear Hats, worth from $1.50 to $2.50, only 95c
Sweeping reductions in ladies' trimmed Hats.
Men's Department
Hen's white hemstitched Handkerchiefs, worth 15c, only 5c
Men's Overcoats, only $4.95
Men's good Suits as low as
Men's Shoes, worth $2.50, only
Wool Hose, worth 25c, per pair only
Men's working Shirts, only
Men's heavy fleece Underwear, worth $1, only
Men's work Pants only	
Full line of mackinaw Overcoats at greatly
reduced prices.
All Carpets and Rugs must be sold.   Prices no object.   See them.
Now is the time to lay in your supply of Blankets and Comforters.
We bid Cranbrook good bye forever Saturday Night,
November 25th, the
The World's Greatest Bargain Givers
C__it——-l&l*. THES.CE Vm.I: i'iK   HBBALB
$-*S&#_<$^^ IMPROVLMtNTS "      	
sag ^        -v rawing importance.    1: was ,.
;£' | 1 SS capital   uiini.   um-,
,'jj'  ii.j-.i.iini. in in: EXP1 MiKU    (
3fc       THK CRANBROOK lil*. IS10.V.
Will take .ui AuciioiwcM-'s Licence as soon as one
can be pro;urcd Irom llie Municipality.
Phone IW P.O. Box 76
'In* C. !■   R, spent J30U, .- during
/?c  Lhe current   yea* in makiug ooncret*
Jfgj waterways undei  the     roi Ibed
fjjl providing permantaii  coucrete [ouuda*
j»u   lions   iui  the   bridges between l..-ii-
;^  bridge aud  Kootenay Landing        I'he
95  object of Ihis considerable expei lit
iw  Is ;,> secun   perinam no
Jrjg; :i"i,   im   ..  pciitaiM nl   km i    tu    *)u'
l-V I • .1 -•'  ol   llii'     .Willi WU, cul vi I
hs the) will provide a llowway l"t Uw
nj* waters coming Irom Uie highei
jji "i ilu.* lim* in Hi.' lowei Th ■ mai
SE erlal i»I which tbey are made, and the
/W(M'»lv "f I'liiistiiKUu!! iii mi's thai
\jsi, 'lii-y will be more than adequate toi
2* the work lot which the) are Intend
{H Mi .ml so prevent ibe possible wa**-li-
yj-v mi; nut of tdr tim- n. very rain)
» weatbor, Tliey wilt never iimi lo
H Ih replaced, and tlu- more weight of
|B[ ballast, etc., Imposed nn them tbt-j
wl strong?) they brace ibaaiselvii.
m\against the load. The bud-."' found
*"" iiifoiis air meanl to be used when the
present wooden Bt mot urea have about
ja.reachrtl the limit ul theii useluliiess,
Sfc .md an* replaced by steel bridges a'
gg|all point a where tin- old style worl
I in ■.,-.• mountains into a ?■■■■        - al
1 mini
. vapit—   winch   devel )ped    --  ,
qjj  ..:..i   many   other -■ oi i
1 AltoU'.      <i.      guidei
:,* SU .■ a-
Capital ■■■ .■..;■       i
ii.. i   on    ...iViuU,.,....      i'i1. ha)
maj   ■■■■   that the pi lift    ■ ■■■     -   ■
.   i,, iin .     in
:     ' .....
land   have    grown
Frankenstein   ■   ■  i ■
:•■■■-■ .,   .     .
spurio is  ■'■ - pe
11  : i    ,i.     i
it- if   .ill-   li- ; ti   ,n   pleiltj    h}l
mining   bu_.nn
lets for tin nu's     in
- - in- ut ol   apiUJ.     Uaybi, -     ..-
♦ ♦♦*>*>♦<»♦♦••♦♦♦♦•*> •*•♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦->♦♦->♦*♦♦♦♦**>♦
tt ♦♦
BijjSaleln Oriental  Novelties t
This is  A  (ireat Opportunity  to yet Xmas Novelties tl
'   i   0 *
£g!h.is b. ,n adonied   \ very consldcrabl
fl$i ji.ni of tins important work was oar
I 1st I tied out    under contract  with     tb.
 I S?!(\ I', ti.   bi  Mr.     W. W. Hegeinan.
JtSpje.  h. , of   Cranbiook,  iflho, ainongsl
JS^****^^ by°hta, IM,',?,' 120 rata oi „.
-  —  11). ti. A 0., and mad.' It! miles    ui
ilu1 famous Urolou water works.
Hi'sidrs iht; expenditure on culverts
ami bridge foundations the C. I'- Ft.
during thi' past summer spent J'iX,
nun on ballasting lhe lim*; $80,001
on widening thc embankments; Si),out
on taking down and removing loosi
iml from ihe sides of rock-cuttlngfi
and such places as there was a lia
bility uf ihnse masses falling and oh
st nie tiiu i ii-* line and piidang*erfnE
life. A fmibt-r sum of SIH.UOii was
spent on cloarlng the right or way.
malting in thus., departments alone dti
outlay of SII 11,(1011,
$■116,000 ti a very pretty penny indeed, to be laid oui on one section of
one line, bin it is only a bogatelh
compared in what ti determined upun
for next year, Ii is decided that thi
fiilire 211 milis of line from Leth
bridge to Koolenay Landing shall be
relaiil wiih new stool, Each mill
will lake niboilt 125 Ions of rails, or
say 2fi,:i75 ton.-; for th.1 entire distance. Each ton of rails will cosl
(exclusive (if freight) $33, or $8iiti.-
175. Labor will com abonl ^IJu.uim
md the ballasting of the road for the
new rails will mean an outlay oi
$311,000, Extra expenses of oni
kind or another will exhausl thc appropriation of $1,250,000,
'iiu* effecl of the improvemenis will
in be make lho road from Lethbridgr
lo Koolenay Landing identical in
permanence and genera! equipment
with the C. I'. It. main arteries
iv bile the object is to secure that the
running conditions over the Crows
Nest division shall be as good, safe
and comfortable as those whieh exis
between Spokane and St. Paul
.Minn,, via the C. P. It and the Soi
Line system.
Frum  tliis  j*   ..in  bt> seen  thnt  th
D. I*. R.   means lo sl
Wong Hong, who has a store on Armstrong
Ave., says that his stock is too big. He has
just returned irom China where he bought a
big stock ol oriental novelties, silk goods, brass
ornaments, etc., and he must sell, no matter
how low, to raise the cash. He will have
some great bargains the next two weeks.
Remember the place* opposite Imperial Hotel,
Armstrong Avenue:
«*♦   tt
4494449044490404444944 4994444444900044400000
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
The New Managers.
Drop in and see us any lime.    We are on deck 25 hours g§
out of lhe 24 ll
i.t*d a lesson [row lhc exp   " '''
..I  otiii j  plai ■ \ I  ai j   -.'        lh
lays ol Uw wild cat a:< gon ■ Thi
uxploitei ui iin wild cat is an w. i
fume   amongst   us ns a iiuyoie,  uu
 ie. but    hi 1    likely, ■ o_»tdi iatu)
It   cornea    to   this   Cranbi	
bound .•■■ be a greal railwaj niei
and ii is jii-.Miu that the Kooteuay
t innal -*ili touch it s;.ih. ienllj
closely io une us a direel In ten I in
ilie Windermere and tkddeu countr)
it may Im* loo, tliat a line of iai!.-
«ill follow the scenic route up tin
valley of tbe St. Marj . Rlvei and
.md an outlet un 1 'iiui Bay, thi
smeltei town ahum tu lie i.-. i-ili, i.
by ilu- Canadian Metal Co., ol h'laiii
liiat extension is ine\ital le Thi
limber and mineral resources ol thi
-.alley will in no greal time compel
il Therefore, there will be a com
■ nc and a going of pcop.c, an Interchange of Uiought. Thc prcgnani
steed   ol knowledge  of uur resource!
Will   be  SOWIl,  and  Clalibluu1.  and    Iti
people, both destined foi a greai
.uture by virtue of m nt and
itrength, will reap abundantly of Lh
iingalncred harvest yet imliorn, hui
living, in the womb of .uur splendid
country. This is tb ■ doctrine th
Herald has ever preached, the pispe
d working, and hoping that worl
•ill bring its reward. Time was
not so long ago either, when (hi
town was packed full ol nrssim stii
diilosopbi rs, in-' liasl Koot-i naj
variety of the original Knocko th
Monk. The Herald now fairly sub
mils that some of iis propheslo
have come true. The day in Cran
brook has never been dark, far fron
it; but a still brighter one is dawn
'ng. it is ih- reasonable fruition ol
thc doctrine of working and hoping.
C1KI0AT   ZINC PROPK'HT^    \i:\l.
B C. Livery and  Peed  5tables
l-'irsl cliiss Rigs, snfi' .■nui stvlisli ti-.-iitis. Drivors
mul  pack horses  for-any L»mt in  the district.
Blacksmith and Woodwork Shop
Sn mo old stand npiwsiti* station
| Cianbrook 3«sr!
* Made Iiom lhe best mall .mJ llie purest w.U-
•jj. er, ii i.s unexcelled lor quality.   .*   Ask for
.'. Cranbrook Heer .ind msisi on having it. j*.*
I   The Cranhrook Brewing and
Malting   Companv.   Limited
i .crated iiuiu.
I., i-i. i
., al,.
ml In ,
lilt, I,'
mi! '
 Uf)     llll-    I ■   -.ll,   I   t   .   ml     I.M'     1. ||., I
in mul ivoiilil mnlliill) Milii'il nil) ri'Biil
•nil ur Hi'iitl for n siuii.ili, ,,r,li*i* i |i.*ii*iii*i
llllll Ulllllillilti's 111-. i;,„„la a,l|„*l|,,r I,, 111
Tl,,- |,iiiiii,* uiv r,",| ilnlli i'i>,'iit-_liil I
Hit, ixiioda in Hi,- lin-i.uv.
••    •-- "" •!
5 Clean Clothes"
It is easy to havo clou
i-lnllii'S wlii'ti 11 h■ n• is ii lli'fc
cliiss Iniitulry in town, Yo
ciin'i ulWil to ptiironi'/o ehi
ai'sr when you can #«'. yon
vurk iiuiii' hy white people i
i while way and ut prices thai
o will appeal to anyone win
■ wants ^ood work
Crows Nest
Steam Laundry
Cranbrook. It. C,
dry and
iMachine  Shop:
Mekinnon & Johnston
N'orlt   U.-st   Stale'-'to "^llli
[eastern sea board. It may nut In
, general!} known, but ii is the fact,
1 ihat   the actual   distance  from     Sl
Paul via North Portal, Moose   daw
Medicine Hat ami Cranbrook to Spok
.Hie is shorter than an} route which
can be followed entirely on tie south
side ol the 'tilth parallel. An actual
saving ol time will also be effected
by the adoption of tins new route.
Another aspect of this most important mailer is tbe coal business
whuh will be created between Uie
llosiuei coal mines of the C. P. li
and the city and neighborhood ol
.Spokane when ' the Spokane-International is completed, When the charier of tlie it. c. Southern railwa)
was taken omi bj Uie c V- K. thai
compan} was expressly debarred from
opening i.-i operating coal mines oi
n- own until Uie year 1007. This
i,.ad.uon muds them to a certain
extent to Uie Crows Nest Pass Coai
V bui recently it got possession ul
lbe lb.suier tlelds and lune developed
: hem in readiness to star! opera iiom
the moment the conditions ol Iht
ili.ntei per nil la litem to do so. Some
people statu that the C. i\ R has
contracts nuw practical 1} closed to
detivei 100 cars of cual a day Lo
Spokane as soon as the Spokane-International is completed This maj
or um). mil he the ease, one lamih.it
with conditions -saul thai with regard le the grades which will have
to be encountered and dealt with between Kosmci and Spokane Junction,
thai ii is merely a question ol pro-
- idiiig ,i few big i ugtiies to push bm
Irolns up hill at ibis side ol Want-
i.. i. and Hi.it lhe) will have as much
ji.'Wii as Mn*  maj  wain foi an*, and
I emergencies.
The C P. II Iiuiii--. un lhu Crows
Nest wecHon alone, ovei SIB.Obll
worUi of cual per month. Whal a
-..iiim:  il<• operation ul Uii*   [losiner
mines will  mean I.n   Hie COIIipnnj   can
Iw realized from this one fact. li
In llkelj ili.it eokc owns will go in
ai Hosmer, and thai from them the
Trail smeltei will be supplied in tho
future If thai comes Lo pass m Is
merely a reasonable surmise on Lha
t of ilie Hernld) it will iml t.>
Iccrcaslng the smelting charges    all
Coming down lo the natural query,
whal will ii profit Cranbrook lo havo
all Uus railway business roaring past
ns doors, or halting at its railway
yards, il may be said that trains,
fur one thing, cantinl be run wi-thoul
train crews, thai cars and engines
cannot be run wlthotil wear and tear;
linib ni which   faots   will lead to an
James A. Ttyo,
Miner of Kasl Ko
our most experieni
been in Cranbrnoli
".cii-d with Hie di
■■ny known as t
group, situated .
aliotit five miles e
if Sirdar, an oh
eiiay, and onu n
I prospectors, ba-
mi business con
iosal ol lus prop
■ Morning Stai
Duck   mountaii
.  t of Sirdar.     A
•.i.u-idei.djli' amount of work has been
lone bj Air. Tiyo un tti- gru -n.l. lbr«
tunnels having been run in direi i on
the lead wlHch is no leas than 3(»i In i
,n wid.Ui between a hangii % wall ol
Hurtle and a fool wall of -idns\
liu gauguc mattei ol the \ ni i.
■piaii/. carrying large quauiitii's u,
.Min-. lln best point aboui th. oris ili.ii it contains no lead, and runabout iu per eenl zinc, with iti pel
.1 in. Iron and .-.now., $-1 iu tin   Ion in
-. * both nf which   fads   will le,
T rVinkrnnlr     FntlH- T '^"ased number of men bei .,
.. \w-railDTUUK.     I UUil    j. ployed,     and    proportionately    moro
*!* ^^^-O   '•^-^o ^* money spent in the city,
At present, if we are not actually
cut oIT" from .Spokane, we certainly
aie not Within convenient reach of it.
Wo do not under lake the journey with
the readiness we manifest if uur trip
is to -Medicine Hat. So loo wilb the
Spokano people. Thc conditions cut
both ways. When the new road is
completed one may sit in the same
coach for the cut Bi' journey, and if
'be  Herald  be not  mistaken,  through
\\'u are prepared to
do all kinds of repair work heavy and
liylit, muko castings,
turn sliults, etc.
Scientific    Horseshoeing   a
n.t to carr} l pei eenl i : magn ttti
The property is most admirabl}
tuatid, being wJthili a m>lc oi Ult
U. P. K. tracas and aboui a.SOO i.-. i
above them, so that an aerial tram
an tun the ore down to the railwa}
cars direct from the bunkers, lu ad
dition tliere is a very line watei
power convenient to the tunnel, sulti-
eietit to nil i Id inch pipe an.I having
a vertical fall ol over Ud feet. A
much higher head can be tia.l foi the
watei il necessary, and the supplj is
unfailing in the driest seasons, then-
is a line cabin on the ground, and it
is an Interesting fac-i llial Mr. Tiyo,
who, by tbe waj, i> ol French and
Scotch extraction, has grown all
kinds of vegetables and flowers at the
mine though at an altitude ot l,SU(l
■'eel above sea level, so genial is the
Innate down by Koolenay lake.
.Mr. Tiyo has given an option at a
long figure on Uio property to a
gentleman from Denver, Colo., and
has no doubt that tbe deal wiil go
through. It Is sincerely to be hoped
thai his hopes may be realized, for
lie bas spent fully $3,000 in work on
ihe claims, and has stayed with them
whtu the name ot /,inc was enough,
;1 more than enough, In damn any
properly in Uie eyes of a prospective
purchaser, Howovor, should the
present deal collapse frum any cans;',
Mr. Tiyo maj depend on II lhat he
will find un trouble in disposing of a
proper!} presenting such strong wai
rants lor consideration.
Mr, Tiyo thinks that the part} to
whom he lias given tb:* option represents the Kansas Klnc operators, whn
arc scouring the enllrn of British
Columbia toi /ine ores, '/aw is
wanted, Tin- .loplin fields .uv being
rapldlj worked oul, and there is no
dislriel In lhe I'uile I Stales able to
,1'li'ipiatWi supply Mm demand, notwithstanding tin* facl ihai lhe Coeui
il.Metirs an- being culled .md (heir
resources in Ibe metal drvclnpid in
lhe full. We have llie /ine m Brii-
istt Columbia, nud lhe buyers are
coming in lo look fm it In competition with tin- Canadian Metal Co., al
Krank. What tt thorn in the sides of
the Kansas /.iuc crowd tliat Prank
mcein is, only those whn know the
true facts can realize.
Noliee is hereby given that the
above mentioned party has tiled a
petition, dated the 2nd day of October, 1905, amending liis former petition dated lho Bth dav ol November,
100-1, by showing that the lands referred lo therein are on Alumina or
Kishcncnali creek, running from    the
,     ..V um im.-niim-ii, i.iiimigii; iviHiicucnan cree*.
L coaches will ply between Sl. Paul and Boundary line to aboui four mile
U Spokane. It will mean that the norih of it, and not upon Oil or > ag.
pui* Dutijfode UMMfoq uojjoauuoo creek, and His Honour, Judge Wilson
Cranbrook will be as Intimate as Uie by order dated the Nib day of Nov
relation which existed between Spok- ember, 1006, 1ms ordered thai ihi-
ane anil Rossland. It should never, advertisement be published in glv.
be forgotten that ti was the conitee- notice of tho said amendment.
tion, or business relation, established Paled November llth, 1005,
by the fl. N. R. between Spokano and .1. F. Armstrong,
Rossland which converted that crack     35-it Registrar
IT    WILL    BE     BETTER    TH1
E\ l.K   Mil-  VEAR
It was admitted   thai   the   Herald
Annual ol  1901   wa,  tin- ftn<
duction of a like i ba racier ■ vei   a
tempted uy _, wet•■■'.; papei in v.-   L<
Canada.     The    Herald  sel   Ll -■
ta   :,.: !  to reach, a    hard
\ hm   real,    born
record   beater, Flanagan    thi
tluowor from Kilmaliock, Iie-
..• tl   reaehe   ,t pre-emini uue h heri  he
no i        :. brea   ■■■■
::        Tb *.•■   le    Set -  alKlUt      llll*
, d li in   time to time
ch, a foot   oi ., j ard, maybe, to
ul   li    ■  rid * undei ing whal raannei
 .' I--.     I hat is exacth
hi  position oi tbe Herald—it has n.
recoi l 'H iht'-a". bui lt-a own, but i;
Aid beat It.    Tin- Annual ol the pri
dui  ...ii   will be Issued on the I5th
.i I'rt-t iiiin-r, uud will give ad ver Us I
i., ttie benefit ul its circulation    in!
nine   fur Uie    Christmas    an i New
i -,u b trade.     In sine il  w ill be   IJ
IJ    in   mi In s,     oi   about   UU'   si/i*     ol
be Ladies' Home Journal. Thr size
■dupivd    las;   yeai;      was   too  large,
■tiiiilh'i.s.uiii' and Inconvenient Tlie
tlerald admits thai thai waa ilf
only spot on the sun. Tliat Spoi
-vili  be eradicate*!   this  year
'I h:* cover has boen specially di-
rigncd in coiurs by Uie celobratul
house of Stovel A Co., oi Winnipeg,
li will be the mosl oxpensUe pro-
iuctioii evei called tor in Its own
lass from the eminent house which is
iow engaged in turning it out. Thu
leslgn is allegorical, with emblematic
iiedallious representing the various
udusiiies of tde Cranbrook district,
umbering, mining, railroading and so
orlh, The Annual will consist ol
iiiout rdi pages ni original reading
natter, and Uie articles will not de(ll
.ii so much detail with the varioui
nines, saw milts, etc., bnt will hi
uore general in their scope thai
hose ol last year.
Three thousand copies will lie is
Uid, and ii the Herald can judge bv
lie rush of 1001 there will not be one
d them on hand by tin* Ifltb of Deo
iniii-i. Lasl year people eame teal
ng into lhc oflice on the dav the An
tual vva> issued wanting tens, dozens
ifteens to send here, there and to iht
Md Country. If thev do not want a
iish of disappointment let all havi
heir names recorded for their suiit
lent number ol copies in advance
•Jubseilbers will receive one copj
lee, but all copies after th.it om
■vill cu-.!. ii> cents each, just as ih.'}
.ill to ihe rest oi the public.
A word about ibe advertising
pace. The prices will be for a fuh
lage Jib, for a half Patfe 825, aud for
i quarter page Mj. a page will,
bereiiue, cost nn a circulation ol
I.OU0 copies the ridiculous sum ol
uu}   a cut .Lint  one   I bird   ni   *i  eetu
ier copy. Take it ihat only 11 v.
Hople are shol by the advertisement,
ind theii memory rendered radlo-ac-
Ivo b) the style and general oxccl-
eliee of the get-up, why then lhe ad
ertiseinent costs nexi to uothiug, in
ail. So with smaller spaces. li
be lleiajd says it in iis own favor,
i will be agreed thai it can ddivvi
die guo,ls when il is a question of
ising type artistically.
—_ _4_	
Washington, I), C-, Nov, IH —Last
bulletin gave forccoMs ..i disiiirbanci
iu cross conflneiil In lo li'. warm
wave 15 Lo 18, cold wave III Lu 31.
Soxl disltirhance will reach Pacifli
coast aboui II), cross wesl uf Uockles,
by close rn' 20, grcal fenlra! valleys
2i to id, easiein siaies 31, Warm
wave will cross wesl uf Uucklcs abonl
pi, great central valleys 21, eastern
states 23, (tool w#ive will cross wesl
.d Rockies aboui 22. great central
valleys 21, easti rn states iiu.
This disturbance will come with a
genera! average nf moderate tempera
lures. \ veiy considerable warm
wave will inaugurate the disturbance
as it passes eastward, and then a
^n-at fall in tempi-raluics Ihal will
cause the lasl week in November in
lie unusually cold with snow storms
in latitudes where these sometimes
An astronomical event of unusual Interest vvill occur November 23, when
ihe earth   will  pass between  Jtlpitel
and the sun, tile former pas.sing about
one degree   north of a straight   line
drawn from the sun   to Jupiter.     I
expect  this to cause an electric s_iock
io  Ue earth  ihai  will affect   telegraphic   and  telephonic    eommunic.it inns
un this continent, but  I am not now
■iivpard to locate these electric dls-
iroances.      Two dates of electrical
mtact should In* noted, No\ 22 ami
i, and then watch  lie weather   effects during   the following three    or
font days,
I expect Dici'iuber to come In unus-
ally   cold   on meridian im, a   Utile
L-arlici  wwii,   a little   laler east of
Uml line,      Following November   is
•le ntmnsnhero   will  Iw     recovering
from  Die cold   wave,  and a  fe«  days
nf Indian    .summer,   frosty mornings
and warm during mil-day bunts, ma}
lie expected.
Alton] sutisi-i Jiipitei rises nearly
m Uie east, and Is in n small cluster
■ if stars forming Uie lellei \. >•>
\ . Mars and S.i i ut n appear lo be
near each oilier and set about » p.m.
Tbey ran be Been iu Un- SonUiWeal in
ilu- early evening. The other planets
arc nut favorably located f«u  iibH'M.i
imn. The moon will appear lo bo
mar Mars Dec. 1. Saturn Dec. 2. and
Jupiter Dec. IS. The seven siars are
a little above or west of Jupiter. Ail i
the planets move around the sun from
west In east and nearly all the moons
move, around their central orbs in
similar directions, Our sun is also
moving around a center, supposed to
be lln* seven stars, making the revolution in about 35,000 of our years. The
center around which our sun is moving probably revolves around some
olner grcal renter, while the great
center of all is unknown to astronomers. It is my thoery thai each of
these bodies is a magnet and that
tbey affect each other, as ileir distances change, in accord with magne-
It's as  mucli a part of  tl i
Kit-Refurn. business to
CREATE new .styles, a.s it is
to tailor garments.
When we say "the new tilings
in Overcoats are here," it means
exclusiveness and irreproaeh -
taste, as well as novelty.
Medium weights and medium lengtl
As long and as heavy as you wi
In patterns to suit every fancy,
$12, $15, $18, $20, $25 and $30.
I tut I mar mm ult-n-
tiii-*i **«iy genuiH      Kgr    r^j
n, FWom ,.„,»..    iH?Krol,wja
  Tha only Fil-Bthra Wardrobe here is ai
RE1I) & COMPANY .  . C
* •..
^e,jcas%a(&ss___s_ss___Ei tti m
I "The Best What Is"
i In  Liquors
V1 Thai ti what you want whon yon buy Ltq y us
4)» and that is whal wo tfuarantee yon    SI
As I'slWini'ti. Liquors, M cra, oto., nre coi
^ wholesale honsn.   Whon von buy liq
J- Wholesale Dealer in Liquors and Cigars _
S!E^»3_S-_3E__S-__E3 .
*   *: .:.,: our
'l.il. TV.
IMIMimilHIMMMt 999999 999—*J 99 —f——
j HAMS -,rvd BACON *
HARRIS BROS, are nnloading this week
] ; the largest consignment of smoked meats ever ;
i brought into Cranbrook, 30450 lbs. direct from '
Armour S- Co., Chicago.   The name :sruaraiit,.es
the quality of the goods.   Place your order with ;
Tor Tamily Use
Try soint- of our  Bxc
Thoy lira Unequalled, I
J\, L IftcDermot
iro Unequalled, L'ne.v
celled ^__^^
-«_!_ -
I Wholesale Olitte merchant   ^Af,
Phone 17, Craubrook,
... — „,	
y .ma ;
A with its price
THE   LEAD-  *
MR   t.'OltUIN'S  ROAII.
Spokane, Nov, 18.—A |_,_00,000
mortgage ivak rilp.-l in the county
iiii.litoi'.s olllco to-day, drawn in fav,,r
nf ih,* Knickcrbocket Trust cnt.i-
luiny, ol New York, .nul covering all
the property ,,f ilia Spokane k international railway, which is to con.
nri'i this rity uilli tha Canadian Pacific railway _ystcm. The bonds are
fur fifty tears ami are Issued at the
rule ol I'm, ...1. ter iolle,
Before you make arrangements for
your fall
X    sec us for ideas, designs and stoc!
It may be mutually profitable
F.J. Bradley & Co.
Artistic   Painters  and   Decorators
-v '.*
iialt-fr-C**I*•!**!•*_!*•!• *I* 'I* *•**I* ••"I**1- -*!*!_:C*i_irsfe***_ *•' *Z* *i* *I**I* v %* ■. ^"I* "i* •*' v*_i UUC   CRANBROOK    11KI.A1-0
i *»•■
i ■—i tm. m i mi i; y-jwr".- -
,,.**T*~V.. -ar.  -
kNE mighty movement of all goods. We are ready and willing to demonstrate to vou the
purchasing power of the almighty dollar. We ask those who have visited our stores.
and there have been many during the past week, have we disappointed you? HAM: OUR
dollars' worth of goods have moved out during the past week, we have still many thousands
left. We wish to draw your attention to a few lines that we consider extremel) right, and
which we will clear at the exact wholesale price with freight added
That dues not fail to make the most "onery" look like the Princeol Wales, Presldenl Roosevelt, or even "Ben Pujcli."
riios. uii ui
That cannot help but make you feel a Caven or an Edwards.
At prices never before heard of in this community.   Imagine a first-class Soil ol'
Underwear at 90c per suit.   All sizes.
A few more Suits at half price
A few more Shoes at half price
A few more Shirts at half price
A tew more Pants (ladies' and men's) at half price
A few more years shall roll
LADIIfS and GENTLEMEN: As we have a large and well assorted stock of Ladies' and lien's Furnishings, Boots, Shoes, etc.. etc.. ii
would be impossible to give quotations on all lines, but would ask that you call and compare our prices with any house affecting lo
be selling or sacrificing. Ask to be shown that line of Flannelettes at 8 1-2 cents. Ask to be shown our Ladies' Dress Goods at from
15 cents up. We have today nearly three thousand dollars' worth of Carpets imported direct from Thomas Tapling & Sons, England, ml of
which we will give you at the exact wholesale prices. Anyone contemplating the purchase of Carpet will notice very materially the purchasing power of the ail mighty dollar in tliis PARTICULAR line.
All Must Go-HILL & CO.-All Musi
Uy  The Herald  Publishing Company
Editor and Manager.
The Herald Is worth $10 a year. It
eoBts only (2. No man iu South
Kast Kootenay can aflord to he without il, and everyone living outside ol
ihe district, who is interested in the
progress ol this suction, should rend
it. It publishes the news while i
news. It is con trolled absolutely by
the publisher. No clique, party
Individual dictates its policy. It
don't try to please the people. It's
desire is to publish a newspaper thai
will tiu a credit to the community,
Bund iu   your subscription and    you
Will ue th.inl.lul ever altilWaid.
Advertising rales $1 per Inch, Single
column, per month, no more and   uo
Reading matter IS cents per line
lo non-advertisers ; Iti cents per line
to regular advertisers. Business
localH live cents per line each Insertion.
1( you desire to reach lhe people ol
Suuih Kast Koolenay you must advertise in The Herald.
'I'he IJeiald bus a lirst class job
plant, and ils work is ol the besl
The Herald don't want charity, Il
wants a square deal on your job
work. II wi: can't suit you In quality and price, kick, and .send youi
work to smne Cheap John house In
the east that never spends a cent In
A co-id LESSON.
There arc still people in the land "i
civilization who pretend that ihey believe    in tho    old, exploded  theory,
th.it     Uie    foreignei     pays    lhe     lav,
when it comes to tin.' question ol
higher tariff, i'he Canadian Manufacturers' association publishes a
mag a/. 1110 io advance iis Interests, and
it is always cry trip; fur "adequate protection," which means a higher larill.
Manufacturers are never satisfied with
existing tarilTs. They want, more and
more, to satisfy their rapacious desires. This organ of high tarid in
Canada loves to dwell on the theory
that the foreigner pays the tax, but
recently, in an article on tie outrageous tax Imposed by this province and
Prince Kdward Island on commercial
travelers, it grows indignant and forgetting its past teachings, delivers
itself ot the following:—
"Perhaps tfoe people of British
t'olumbia and Prince Kdward Island
will he more willing to accept this
solution of the difficulty when t-hey
will have realized more fully than
tliey do at present that it is themselves as individual consumers who
are In reality paying the tax. Its
immediate result is to restrict competition. Many a firm has already!
withdrawn its travellers from    these
lirovinees purely on account of the
lax. The few who remain have a
clearer held to work in. Tlere is
nol lhe same eager rush to secure
business, and consequently ihere is
raising of prices. Tne retailer is
unalhle to derive as good a bargain
as before, so he just adds a little
more to the selling prices, and ultimately il is Uie poor consumer who
pays the piper."
Can any person ol good common
sense see any difference between this
case and Uie high lari.i.' Will nut
the consumer have to bear tlie burden in each instance'. In fact that
is where Uie burden falls al all times
when legislation or combination increases the priee ui lhe necessaries oi
111 polities, an.l publish an independent paper, il would grow into a big
success in this province. But so
long as it goes on the theory that
any one party whose cause it espouses can do no wrong, just so long
must, it accept the name oi being
narrow and contracted. The Week
has alblHty hack ol it and there is a
field if the proper course is pursued.
Im Dallj   T
ilium;, ol Nelson
a l
last readied
ijuji, -
,1.       Altai*   1
la   ll
inarluro uf
USlMII      il.,    il,
, Uteri! ivas
use Ioi Hi..* 1
ilia Tl'ilmni
i in'
blakemore,  with pi
iUcal ,is|,n.
iy, aUetnni
.1   lu
ll  Ula .sliui's
Ui.it. had been dr
course   lie i
us ton   uras
I 111.
i.     II,* had
lis nud inan
lllalll,   lllll  111
a Hue liiuiiil m
ll lt
111 ii-i enemy
strong Ui
character   i
around him men of .Ml parties who
weie attracted lo tin- man. IJIalu!
iriore had none oi these characters-
Lies ami he, as a novice in Uie newspaper business, imagined Uiat ., newspaper was simply ,t vehicle iu convej
all fueling nt spile ami animosity and
io land sell hy references to the glor-
loua portions nf a pa»t career, The
people .sum, nnd ui Blakemore ami
Uie Tribune an.l financial collapse waa
hound to follow, The Tribune is
dead, bm ibe momory of John Houston Uvea iu ihe hcai is of iho people
"i N'l -"ii, and vvill continue Lo do io
when ihf name ul Blakemore i- tot-
go! ton. And in this connection there
la ,i pretty story afloat. It is in the
eflect thai John Houston has met a
friend lu ihe wilds of Nevada win.
Went there a lew years ago a pool
man bill has fa-lured much ol tl.f*
virgin gold and is to-day a rich man.
He was a friend of John Houston's
when he was poor, simply because
John Houston was a friend of his.
Wealth or position never governed
Houston in his friendships, and now
it is told that perhaps Houston will
come back with thousands to pay oil
bis indebtedness and tu rehabilitate
rimself in the newspaper and political
field. If he docs it will he a sorry
day for the grafters of Nelson hut a
grand Uiing for ihe people as a whole.
And what is more, it would be a
romance, as it were, that, would
please the people generally of the entire province.
The Victoria Week will in tht future issue a Vancouver edition, If
Uie Week could cut out its radicalism
W. K. EsIIng is back in British
Columbia. .Mr. Ksling is the man
who published a real newspaper in
I Trail, something that lias not been
, done for several years. Now .Mr.
Ksling is back as the publisher of the
Kussland Miner, he having secured
control of ihal paper. 'lhe Herald
wistes lum every prosperity foi tho
reason thai he deserves ii.
Political cliques will he a detriment
tu Uie welfare i.f Cranbrook. Thu
■ mayor and council will find Uial uut
iu Lheir cost if they adopt sueb a
policy. They must beai in miu.l
thai they represent nil of Ue people,
uot any particular party ur faction.
Political oblivion can be found
quicker by municipal ollieers
permitting themselves to be led
"•'m. along lhe paths of political
preferment or personal direction.
We have incorporation, we have a
mayor and council, nuw let this town
set an example to all ol Canada as
lo vvh.it an Intelligent people can do
in the way of self government. it
is a glorious opportunily tor Craii-
brooh an.I it i.s a glorious opportunily
foi tin- in-vv municipal officers,
through the municipal campaign, at*
tending strictly to his own private
business without one or two cayotes
snarling at bis heels and making false
statements ns to his attitude. Not
satisfied with Ibis the same ones had
to state that Simpson was preparing
to leave Cranhrook as he had acquired interests "elsewhere. Fortunately,
perhaps, the ones who have been so
Industrious along these lines are men
without standing in the community,
whose words go for naught, who
never spenl a dollar fur Uie advancement of the lown since they have lived iu it, and who never did an act foi
the benefit ol the community ihat was
not prompted by a personal selfish
"«VVVVVVWV*VS*^»VWVW AA^A*v*V-^/./.AA-v^y\AAAA^-^ ,*.»S^AVvNAi»v*.AiNA^iA^iAAA/V>-»
a    1
the  veteran editor
■ Vancouver World
1,1 I   ,
hg in big luck thesi
There have been many explanations
"' "ir hllld III,- In .\th,''i la, but tne
mosl nf ill,'in ovcrlooli the fact Uiat
the people wanted peace nn.l prosper-
"} ralhoi than juir.. uf litigation
i\nli nothing tn gain iu lhe end.
The Canadian Northern will he completed Into Edmonton within a few
weeks. Already McKenzie, .Mann A
McKenzie have a system of railway
Uiat ranks third in Canada and it
has all heen built with very little
fuss or publicity. In another five
years ibis road will reach from ocean
to ocean and also lo Hudson's Bay.
'lln* demand for the Herald Annual
is Increasing at a rapid rate, and orders fur advertising are crowding one
upon the other. The people appreciate a good Uiing.
His worship, Mayor Rogers.
The Herald has always stood up for
Cranhrook. it has worked for Cranhrook and ils editor has spent his
time and money for Craiibrook. And
ybt he could not be allowed to   puss
Ynucouver Province: In a common-
iind \ sense article in our local contempor-
thejnry, to-day, tbe absurdity, from a
The business point of view, ol crowding
lhe newspaper field beyond Ihe ability
of the public to lend reasonable support to daily publications is dealt
with. Tlie recent suspension of one
of tlie two dally papers iu Nelson was
lbe text of the article, and does indeed furnish an excellent commentary
on lhe disposition to overdo tliis particular class uf enterprise. Nelson is
now and has been for some years the
largest and must important cily iu
the interior, and pussesses a thriving
and Industrious population. Like i
those of other communities which enjoy the advantages of being the com- j «
meicial distributors for a Consider- J W
able territory, the people are thor-j jgj
oughly priigressilu* in tln-ir methods,
and Lheir oily and disiriet oner excellent opportunities lo properly dlr-
eotod newspaper enterprise. Tie'
field Is a guud nue fur une dally
paper, but il Is neither large enough
nr rich enningh lo support two nxcepl
by unnecessarily laving the purses ol
Uie citizens. This was demonstrated
le.iily enum-h in the financial vlcl
Mayor Rogers and  Aldermen   Fink
Murphy, Creer, Jackson, Tlsdal
Hlckenbotham should  sl art   nil
ship nf     slate in good   shape,
people should get together and do all
in their power to assist   lhe new administration, and in thai way assist
It i.s a pity thai a friendly election
like the one of yesterday could nm
bave been carried nn without lbe gossip monger getting in his work. There
were statements made bj sume individuals that should have caused
them io hang lheir beads in shame.
With all due deference to those who
were elected aldermen, and they are
good men, yet the Herald feels that
the people could have honored themselves hy electing James 'Uyan The
odltor of the Herald has worked wiih
"Uncle Jim," as be is familiarly
known to everyone, an.i there is nol
a man in Cranbrook  who has   given
more money i.r more nf his time inr twdos'witlch attended tin- career nf tl
the advancement ul the town. Iluu j Tribune and which weie brotiglil tn
ost to the backbone, conscientious  Inld'nmx by   Mayor   1'
every  acl.  loj'ttl   tu  lhe   LoWll  ami    ll
%Ci*olt\Q Business
'Ibouses ot" fli>arv!s-=
ville, i
Smelter ut\\.
Marysville has come
into her own. 1 In-
low a nuw has a per
manen( payroll and la
the gatewfl) uf the St.
.Marys valley. ,4 The
Herald fan hcarlily
indorse thc following
business  houses;
ft ™—, _	
1 Central Hotel r:.::l
R. Johnson, Proprietor
ft Dining Room service llie besl.
Mans  valley, ti
'   ft
Hie place In stop when visiting the Smelter Cily ffl
I The Royal Hotel
w -■ _>'
people, never using his power or inlluence fm personal gain n1 lhe sac-
rlflce of the Interests of the people,
enUuislastlo for Cranhrook and Cran-
hrook's future, Mr. Ityan has been an
ideal Oitl/cn and would have been an
ideal alderman.
No man with interests in Cianbrook
should ever be heard to say a word
against the town. And there there
are some who persist in doing so.
It is now a city with city dads.
of lo
f ihe field
ipllig    his
Let the merchants equalize lhe resulting profits of Christmas buying bv
placing lhc prices of their goods al
the lowest possible flgii_\"i.
Let the gift giving be more equally
divided. Where is tlie good uf exchanging gifts wilh those who have
an abundance of those things, while
others with generous hearts arc
yearning to give and receive, but
have not the ready means to do so.
Don't be selfish. Life is very short.
And anything that you can do for
vour friends after they are dead and
limied don't amount to much.
and complet
and  Ihe lmi
paper any longei in evist,
I wn daily papers in the Iii
ch.,nls wlm supported lin-i
serinlintis were alike Imp!
If both were lit live lhe support g
by the community must he duplicated ,
If it were simply divided, one or holh,
must fail for laek nf nourishment Ono
of them, therefore, was simply a u ■ ■-
less burden, and il could only be a
matter of time when the public would
become weary and refuse it further
aid. In the ease of the Tribune il
came with startling suddenness,
What occurred iu Nelson is quite
likely to occur under similar conditions elsewhere. The millllplicnt.on
of newspapers beyond the needs of the
public in any one locality Is a useless!
burden on Ihe wlnle community; il is!
unfair fo existing enterprises, and iti
is a drain whieh is likely lo end in,
disaster on the purses of those guileless persons who have heen induced to!
contribute lheir money for the pur I
pose. In the newspaper Industry asl
in any other branch of business true'
enterprise is not displayed in existing
on crowding into a Held already fully I
occupied, where injury must result to
existing institutions, and disaster
must finally overtake the reckless intruder, but in seeking a field where
it will satisfy a legitimate need and
meet with the cordial welcome of
those it designs to serve.
A. I'. Chenette Proprietor So
las been recenily refurnished nml is hum one nf ti
lhc besl hotels in ihe dislriel,
die people.
Headquarters for
1 Marysville Drug Co.
We carry a complete slock of everything in the ft
Drug and Stationery line. No need lo scud nwny £-"t
fur your goods. ffi
e fter&ia,
A Year .*.:;"*
■ * - -Mi*.a
We Have a Number Specially
R.cgular Prices
$30 ».nd $32
Will Sell ivt
F   (A
1) 11
3 «
73 .,
_ o
w.-***M_*.i-*-i''.y.t. -i!yjum; fiian~rr-r*y—'v:: --.
*_«"»-, iT»C;SJBf"S:•.-.: * .*'?«Jj
We have been asked, why the only BARGAINS in Cranbrook are
to be had at our stores? WE know the reason. The PEOPLE
know too. But to advance these reasons is entirely unnecessary here.
The GREAT FACT remains today and all the time, that for the
Real Bargain you must come to the
Wf will ced.i'., iliem      - ft
the following ■■
All penwuiN over I.i -■ Im
able to '•■ I all about 1 i*x eek.
.All pernum* l"-! ■•
havu .'nu-.iin raigi .   . . mother
or ifUAnliiin, and   In*
_*eii'-i;tl idea "i w 11 it vi   ..•■  -. .
ibis week.
All |n-'-nl:- UlldOT LO 111
mother ur irunrdi m wii
Uupims Musi \k Presented Within One
Week After the Issue of this Paper.
. Address
November U, I OS      >
Cranlirnok U operative Stores   >
Limited i
r k j*&Kaa®—rszaam
... -j,;:m_5c___;a."C4_*w.ri_^. _ ... ti-,•■'-■■'irrmea
m*vn-i.       . r;--^«**__.
In A Few D&ys
W. will have on exhibition our Christmas
display ol china and glassware, suitable for
Christmas and New Year gifts. A little
early but you get first choice.
Mi '1 lav.
1 .1 1 ■!■■   soap 3j    Ih   hi
f .      'inh—H        ' A
l'   1.   Hcattlc has been un the sick MINERS' UNION DANCE.
!,■•! loi  sevi ral ilai s 	
l.l.a.l  l„-  1  1,',-'
Chatelaine Leather Bags,
Purses, Etc.
We have them in any style Irom
$2.50 to $25
A most stylish Christmas Gift.
C. E. REID & CO.,
>I\l!OMKS y
in wllliou*
1 present thin
1 P< Mir
Vmi will
Mon la]    w here li ■ liaa   some Umbi i
i    Kinli Hros.    have pu
. J1 _li■  in lheir stoic ii.,-;       p    *..,■■       1-..;   Sale.   House and  lot   nn     lhe
Archil.   Smith ;      .   : to    IhelBlKJ1"*1 uI ■Uill)'M,Uu«     AW'Jy '
l-.o pilal      Ihis     ■■•■■• ' t!
a  uji 11 im llyuii lasl   IT   WAS    LARGELY   ATTENDED
hi 11
I rouble.
lal .
Otlo    Hough,   Ilia     Cl
1.1„... un. iii lown lasl
this lino llm licul ii. iliuilUrict.
l, ol nnr I,."I liliiil, in Policy
M   m.     I'ainit   Leather,   lain!' #1
ill  Mi     u.u,,!a  Dai
..lends. I   ui.M INE      SHELL     CASTILE
l.ll,   M.MullHl, vhi.l ,.- --.  .-     „:   AyvAAAAiAA,{"- ""
at*   lu  la*  uill
l.aallaa uial IHn-ll W.kbI l.ill.lillgf
allium full lo |.l'a-" you.
Beattie * Atchison
Whore it pays lo ilai
See our drug ad. on 1st pane.
a y.
x     lii.il,i   Down ng,     the   well ktu
q i In.:, I proprletoi' ol .luliuti,  was
II i,*
,u I it l.-
ii in  l...a  Kp.lll
..Ull   Until)    fill
al  il.  T.  11. a
Wil.I.   Ul'lll
vs.   It   lu'al
One Night Only
Friday Nov 24th
A Roaring  Musical   Parce
Corned) nnd Vaudeville
Attraction Introducing
and a hlg uniformed con
cert band and orchestra
20   PEOPLE   20
Watch for Street Parade
Luui' apples ai Smith's, opposite ill.
lioss Tate, nl Tula a Son, lius l-eei
in Michel lot sevii.il days on hiuin.ii!
lot tlie Unu.     He gol haul, uu   IVitl
S. s. Taylor, one ol the leading al
lorneys ol Nelson, passed Ihrougl
Cranbrook lli iii Iai iiii his iui lo l-'.t
********************** ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
I        IF YOU WANT        :
I clothing; that is "Gilt Edge" in name, ♦
♦ ''Gilt Edge" in material, "Gil. Edge" in **
X make call and see the new stock of Ready $
** made clothing just received. All Union %
i Labor. ♦
Picked  Lp ".bout the Cili   by  Isklnj
Question- of Hani  People.
list S.i '.in
,* Junction
lima l.l
i.lihl.ilUl,  „i  Fl
lasl  Monday
See   Our   Stoves
m  .'..i.l nn.l W !  Bum.-™ In *      i       - *
.■Urn I,rn*     Also Conl   mnl   \V I  I'll
a. i up In --nit )  jutri nn nl. ul
InlHovvlii'iT     Ainu i oni   uuu   noun  riirnii j
tn i up i" null ) -"I n ijuiri iii< ulu "I I
I   McCallum & Co.
J I I.r. I V ..,.* M. I. 1.:..,!- i
1 - EQffiEEHBEEI-3SE9--S Hfi_-________
1 _   P. BURNS & COMPANY  *#
Wholesale and Keiall
Fresh and Cured Meats
Presh   Fish)   Game  and
We rnipply only the besl.     Vour
iridic In solicited
Markets hi ull Ihe prirn.lp.il -own*
In (Irlili-li Columbia
John Ryan ..: Wardner, was a
i-i ji,l,i,,..1. ilsitoi  lasl  Monday
li   is   Vatos, ■'•' .lu.nl al Staples
mill, uas in lown lasl Monday.
l*,,i tonl, two unfurnished rooms
.■a;  business center.     Apply Ilctaltl
Al Doyle and E It Small visited
Kmii,.iI.y Insi I'l'iirsdny nnd l-'n-
Wilson, the jewelci hns jusl roccli
,al a Hue In,,* ,,i storting siliei  toilet
m  IS
Two ll'i'lll offlO-8, see..nil floor Watts
block, loi tent.     Apply  In Uealo ,S
l-.luell. 1-11
Ml nn.l Mrs. Taiiliaie.el. ot Foil
SU-ele,   lleie   I'liilii li   VlsltOfS   We,l-
s,,i Sale.-ii.tu.iiaiij urRO.it, piano
case, hi octave, price Ifill. Apply
u, I hi ulil olllce, u
.1.   Im   I'rlnglo and    wile   enn p
luun   Vlllll,   llle   lllsl   id   Ilia   ivael*     l.l
.I., aiiiue shopping,
Washing aiul eleniiiiii; .lone In lho
ilnv. Apply lu Miss Thome, care ul
Mi's. .1. T. 'liiillietl I'.'
Mrs. Atchlhald retutned to her
Inline in Nelson lo-da) alter a visit
uilli lier sister, Mts. S. ,1- Morrow.
Mr. Meacliam eame down Irom St.
Marjs lake, lite lirst ol the week to
Itmli alter some business in Cranbrook.
James Ryan i
i* ; alter his llll
er.rn to t'liinu
II. 11. (iilmoiu
big limine I i
Waicrotu I ii-i'
Paul Paupliet,
ai, was 111 Uraul
,ni Uie business
... nc    .lal.
s   111, ia  III
lion, ol lhc Hei
iu um ii duting
di ne quite a Iol
week,     lie I
wort on lhe claims recently.
tuiiii.n wine Irom Stoke-on-Tienl.
Exquisite little models ol thc Portland vase with the Canadian aims In
colotod design al tl. T. R.'s.
Liquid i*i :imt lot pianos an.l all
:* .,i lutnltutc al Hcaitie <
.tchison's.      Tual holtle  10   c ins
a Uuui Nel
id   thei
Lean in.iktiu lim Usual  tin's
neatly done wilh lus im.iI: i
Judge Wilson came ovei in
sen last   M,.n.l.ii  ami   li ll
iM-al i.i Fctnic. Mis Wi
companinl tin* iu Igc.
i'i,mli   ei,,lis, salt netting,
oysters,    i    ii.. I.li -.      '
Hash salmon, sail salmon,
suliiioii, ih,* same In halibut,
kippets, all ai P   Dutns ,*. r
Don'l  holher ahoul  that sn
Clary's all  tight  wood han.,: ■ stovi
.■an give ii cards nn.l spa les  a, I nil
i.m th,* maximum Balisfactlon -Pat-
mote lllus.
N a,as  pudding islliluil   I,a mala  i Ith
iiiii lha ingredients. (I. T. II. has
.ha ii,'tv linil, nan peels, nen very-
thing ii.t ihe fasihe ami gay plnni
pudding.—Cl". T-  R.'s.
ti. T. R, has again btoken tli
a: a •;. ol jugs, leapots yon saw in his
nii,duns. '    They .in* going, and ml
nl Ihem he must  he.     Price i on
wideialion.—O. T. R.'s
li i.s only now ihe real wlnli i I. on
,l.el. See lha llmll ' Mcl'laty'i
I'anani.s sloias ean knock lllll   Ilia cold
every round. McClary's Kim ....
Range ia .un leader. M.u,' "I Ihem
sold Hun .mi  .'iliai -Palmnri' Hros.
M     PhllllpS,   III'*     ".ll   1,1 'HM    . melt
ei, was in lown Ttiesdai 'I; Phillips is una ,'t tlia ploll ,1'   "t  ll ■   Cotm-
iti aii;] ha always tuci: • ., i.m . n.l
nf' fii. mis wlirn In- comes lo Cran
hi null.
James Bailout, the populai Insurance man, returned- in Cranhrook un
Tuesday. Mr. Ballour is nun* general manager fm* his company in lhe
west and his hosl ul Iriui'ls in Criiu-
hrook are pleased lo learn nf his pro*
unit ion.
William Purlin, of Porl Steele, wns
in ihe cilv on Wednesday. Things in
lhe lumher line ate Renins busy with
Tha Ladies' AU ,,! Knox ch ireb will
hoi' ., sale ,,f useful and Iai . art i
.,a lit Knox ch.iti'li ..a Thursday,
Sovt'iiib_r    ::"ih, uoui i p. u,   lo '■'
p,   11, Kefleslunilils   will   ha    I. IM .1
an.l ail .ire Invited.
I,ai..,mis warned hv Wesi Kouletiaj
Powei  .i   I.i.J.l compah)  m  IJ„i ig
iun Pulls, neai Nelson; sl ad> win
lets work l"i Boo-J uieu; wages W.5II
a day; moderate climate. 33-11
A. llut/.. llie u.an who has lnaih
Pontic tomous wiih his heer, was in
lullll   111,'  lllsl    nf   lha   weal,   on  lllisi-
ne a      .Hi.   Mm/ has tiie reputation
..I hams 0 ha ties! hustlers tilling
lha liu,* ul lhe Crow,
1'. Chenette, ul Marysville, was in
tuwu several dais this' week on husi-
11 ss. Ml*.    I'ii. llflle's     III,lal,      lha
Koyal, is crowded lu tlie rool thesi,
lays, anil he i.s finding it extremely
lllllcult tu liike iun* ui th,* big rcs'a.
Hid lull sae A.   Is.    lain':  '.' ten   III.
arrived fintu Jaflray last Tuesday'!
lie had a growth ul 'alp'..alplia un his
line Unit starUctl llle natives. It
mis of a hrlghl ctlmson hue an.l BloP'
ped ihe clocks alung lhc street a1
Mihie came up Irom ihe depot.
i* 0. l-lohson, i.f \allium, i i pre
nting ilu* London Mutual mil Ottawa fire Insurance cnuipnnies, nu*.
.ii luun lhe firsl ui tie in.'' adjusting iha claims of Messrs Pinch and
Jones nn the luss of 111:' Kails View
hotel al Marysville, Uirough lhe local
agents, Messrs. Arnold ,v Roberts.
The Kootenay club opened ias dot is
this weik in the Fulljamcs house. The
place is nieeli adapted fm cltth pur-
s iiii.l Is Iiirnishcil in a musl   at-
1 In- Klmberley Miners' untuu gave
iheli annual hall last Thursday even-
lug at the North Star lintel iu Kim-;
h.i lei. This event lias been one nli
enjoyment in ihe pust, and tu coiisoq-
uenec ihe people ,,i Unit pun ol the1
distrtel look forward lo the hall \
a.eh yeai wllh pleasant anticipation.
lh,.. year, lo htlt.-i insure a carelul
anl aiti.Mi, attangcniont ui the uun )
"i details, th,* suppci anil lhe sccur-
IM ml ihe music was left In 11.1111
Drew proprletoi ut thu hotel, ami
iiuiii i.jMillv Unl hi* acquit himself ol
:n responsibility placed upon hi.-.
Iiuul lam.. Taking hold ul lhe ta.t
v.uii energy, aul co-operating with
tlia committee, he secured Uie Ctun
brook orchestra, ui live pieces, and
prepared a repast Uuu will be talked
aboui uu mouths lo come. A special train na. chartered, and in con
sequence there w.,a a large delegation
Irom Cranbrook, Bayard aud M.irjs-
iilla. li was ihe largest crowd thai
had gathered in Kiinhetluj lor some
iiiua, au.I n.'i.i weie tisilois hellei
entertained rhe Intel nexl to the
Nuiih Slur, ulucli is vacant, waa
secured lui lhe dancers, and the dining iniiiil was pi el lily tleeofated tot
Uio occasion, It was about u o'clock
when Uie strains oi lhe first wall,:
uus heard, and lhe lloor was quul.h
lilltd wiih the devotees of the light
iiiniiistie, and with only lhc interruption ul supper, one dance followed
another until a o'clock In the morning. And that suppet! ll was a
magnificent spread, with all lhe delicacies Uial could be Secured from
ihe unit and vegetable canters like
Spokane ami Vancouver, lhc table
decorations weie artistic in the ex-
ueine, and everyone had words of
praise ior the successful manner in
which -Mr. Drew had prepared this
pun of the programme.
The members ol the committee oi
the Miners' Union who had charge oi
the event weie Barney Qalliger, Ed,
Tallin*, (liulgc Thleslicl, E. Ilalii
chatid and Chatles Mitchell, and tley
deserving ol gieat credit lor the
poses ami '- »' »*; '," .;':,':;.";., „-:  I exeelleul  mtiiinef "in which  lliev   dt.
ractlve manner      lh• ,,..• ml,e   l.ip  s
large euuitull HOW   In insula  Ilia   Mil   i
'■ess ul the   organization, nntl    irom  ♦*	
now on lhe members will be al I e qoLD AND SILVER MEDALS FOR
lo their ft i, nils.                                   I           THE SCHOOL PUPILS.
Brcckcntidge A* Lumi are insi clou- 	
■im AtAuA'lnAinAAZ: «. 11. Wilson, jeweler, has donated
zi'iuline Irom \M< io ilk- boundary a special &oUi medal Tor competition
im,. Tliey vvill n«» acroKs the Unu amongsl lhc pupils ot thf* CranbrixA
Rnd commnico wiirk, as kn-y havo WjQ SL,h(p(i|(_ This pri/(V g0 Prja.
two miles in luiil.i on Wftl ww, ana ci|ja| Mil, ,„.,, ,.UH| wiu bi, _jve|] (ij
thej have arraugetl lo lake Uie i oui- t|li> [)t|[MJ ffho'achieves U|fl Hghw1
in into the stales wiuie uifj no un avt.ruge in general school subjtjots
i'i11'1' "I work. Utic average "ill appear at ihr* elos-
Sale—*\ complete logging wrop](i*g pxerclses at  the beginning ol Uu
cation    ol   11)00.     To    thi
him mnl his partner, Al. Doyle. T
have splendid limils and an Ideal mill
Charles   Armstrong was up    frum  si1.- near the     outlet  ol St,   Marys
Moyie Inst Monday.     Charley i.s iln-| lake.
lag   well In the   holel   business    In     Constables Morris anil Baron   were
Movie. to-day under the weather.    They hnd
Miss Peltit left   last week for   the tm work    to do.     The keys nl    the|
cast.    She  expeots   lo  visit friends police cells and ih
.....m, including kitchen cookery.   In- j
quire at herald oflice. '-1"-1  | pupil ohialnlng    lhe   second highest
Henjamin Cloodflcld, ti. \., wilt average in general school subjects a
preach next Sunday in the Baptist silver medal, also ci^er. Mr. Mr. Wll
tliiirefi. the Riihji'Cls being us follows: (.son, will he presented.
\forning, "Christian Missions;" even- This action on Uie pur! nf Mr. Wll
m* "Is' Tlit-rc a Pului'e l.if'*''" This son is one oi those practical, common
i-in.M lopic ti lhe most significant j sense moves in the righl direction
problem 'influencing human thought, which sel people wondering why it
Ml who arc lull-rested In n discussion was not thought oi before. The idea
•if Uiis important rpicstinn are heart- is sound. It is n practical stimulant
ih  invited lo allend ■">  lhc enlighlcnment   uf lhc people
Patmoi ■ Urns tht! well known Some om has said with all truth tha-'
plumbers, furnaecmen and sheet metnl II n country would progress it must
workers are turning oul some hcavj
blower piping foi the Uobinson Mc*
KeiiKle Lumber Co Thc Ilini nl I'at
im • Ilros. Is well known ihru - in ul
;!u-  iistiict for high
rk which they Inslall. Saw mill
men in tt.-. I n| anything In ihis line
tt-lll 'in well I., see them ul i ncc
\,i man 11 "Jd occupj a posiiir
Lhe publli ■'' lee lhat he i anim
to the Hati Iai Hon ol the people
■hild ean maintain peace al n Sunda
lucate, I- Is evident llinl our triem! Wilson took this
axiom to heart, and had the will to
:.i.l a way lo help the work go fur
wui 1
Now that ihe way has boon shown
in ihis regard, tliere is very lil-tlc
ii ulil inn that oiling will see thr
pre-eminent good sense of ihe thing.
l.o I an.l will follow suit, nlong ihe. same,
■ ii somewhat analogous lines, for the
principle is capable of v. ry wide and
h n iiriitl variation.
A   LONG   1 : ..:■.. MIL
LING   (jl Uii.     ■■   ri.i'.i:'i
i Ul UK,
Whctevei  plai  -.
tlicru   atwajb han ..  ... cndcavoi
ma.k*     lu U—cuvt't \w..if  ;..i- leotfa
L-M.-i ii.nii    .,..:  come.
ui Lho in... -.--.: lho ■-  soar-
cllcs have  :        g tui
•.uiaU; \i i.:i . ,.  ... iui    ..... ........
ill   uu*   .... .-.  Ill     llie
case     ul .,*.,. uj  Uus
llifl-i     Uu...      i .    n       WOUlU
a|ipeat    u.„.    ut,
i'it..'.i   UK   . .-    ... ■                    H.iu,
AS  i..   -*.  ... .   ....   1,-j.,,   j,
iuii..;-. i    ui    q . loci             along
l'ii.>   Urttuv,  ..: ■ i ..         - - -      Uw
lua&i R  ..- the i'..ii-.'
cia.ii.ii siluali.. .. .      ■> aoove
Ultl   luwu-     .Ut.   ... tual  ,-e
a.ul   i ii   .,.,     | -   , „..    ; 1*1 II  stTlp-
ic*i ioi ii v.i im ., ,-.*.■ . , wiinout
ue walls bei g i It pro*
Aiuij  •■*. ... it  .. ;-   leet oo
Uie bines.     In tne i   | oi •
iiou Am....;      - i. . .it   ID icev
iu depth ...'. ■ ft hat    en-
bOiuaigvd Lhc pu ......      ol itte wow
na-  that   Uili q        . surface
a'.tiUbs-j    »*,...    i iilliug
golU.     lij   ;... -.   _\
buid is meant guld ■  can be wu«
irom Uie i)         ug    und*r
aiai.il;-   aul  running     ;.   put-
.clu.a ruck <j.,.. --.,,..  .-- es faced
witfi    *iuteu  ■ a   ■>  latter
uui..-r..i    utt     =' id    particles      aio
caught,     U     ....   ai laigai lotion
wi—i   the   uitrcurj.     ......:;. stamp
uiiutng practict        reduced Uw    ex-
pcu i   ".    . ...   - .     *   - tn extent
tibat on the    Earn   a   Uea iwell mine
on    Uougta       ...     ....,    uk _.
which l;l- mu .. .          i'i io tha
^uu in Iree .           d a', a
constderaJ.   ,   *..
The sutfact   ....        *. the L-vza
were tetoartablj .-   ..   Amongst nica
ace .-■.■■:.   .:    ... .  d ai  with
iree milling   pro]    . . ns     it is laid
down us an a      ..-*. a lead four
feet vw.ii. which ■... a erage, un a
strict free milling .. :. A. to __e
tun across the face and along \a.
illrection ol ihe strike oi the lead
will command a ,... of HUO.UUO
..put c-aih. On th , . however,
the values do nut stop ... ;;, Ior   ia
Lhe bottom oi th .  is ail
in ore, i:.;  gold val tti   (12
to 110 U) th   Loi statement
ui Mr. Thcis be * _\ even  par
tially,    by   Lhe ..... ntal    tests
which   a:.    In   i .. uasei   will
certainly applj to tfi (ore buy
ing, then : ■: _.■ :. aid Llial most
certalnJj  a big ill will    be
certain to attra Hon    of
the worl 1 to lh ... ..... be established on a Arm basis.
About ;_,"-■ . .*
work has been d a< ...  Dore, and
it ma)   be mentioned U at Mr, Theis
.-nni his partner \\   ..;  S   illings, who
was for.:;...:. during -,. on
on   the Pcrrj     (re.;. Hydraulic property, an   ..... -    ■        m on the new
strike '.o worl  ... be!  devel
opment .•;" Lhe gi ....    .... during   'ne
present  winter.
The Dore adjoins the Red Mountain,
which was sold al ■■ n i , years ago
for 812,000.
I« is report* : thai i pai v back
east has an o - oth the   Dora
and the Red I mi ... There is
reason    to is   a man well
able in inli icm . api all ts in
such a ii!", ■ ■   -.',,.*
cd,     rhere ai    *    . therefore,
ihat     he may 1 ake    tho
leal go through . bej ,d perad-
venture will can
fully   if   the |   Mr,   Tbeis
be verifl -.!   -:.  ■ \,, .... , baate.
■fl    I*-* '■   'i""'";-,"" ;;V    !"-"  tlm        Macnctl I. pl«u*d
' -   "    ' .,     """;,': „"':''     ""      'h'S   no    express   his   el,,!,,,,,   at      th,
acton   i" quL-ll   u   ilinlurtianue    oi     .' ,      ,    .•.,...,....   „■,,,.,,
I'Hclaomc   iiouIiI-Ijc I HUomt  H : <..,,,[ ,'», Ai'DIAAS
'« ""' %l*' ' ■   '       ,    ',;"'  ;'"'     '!'■  children     He s.,v. Hat he   %
"  ""'  I"""".'-,1  !">'■" ■   I' "   "'  „„ means    stiitgcslnl   the matter lo
ilarisiil.e .m-i iMiiaeiiei. ,M|     wilson, to   whum ho gives   the
Ilai* .1. I'. Woman, il"* !•■''■'"• uhu'e ei* <l,l. i„,t ,.l.,|i„ lui* the dun.-i
will have charge .,f lu.th services in n01l m„ tor cnnrrTvlnR the ilea an-.l
iuc    Methodist   church next Sunday,  putting it-Into practice.
Horning  subject,  "Tho Ureal   I'ownii  .	
in Christian Wmk."    livening subject
uill be an address to voung men, lhe I TIIK LATEST CUNARD
members ol the new cite council arc' LEVIATHAN
Invited to nil.ml in u body.   Special 	
music uill be provided (or this ser- There has uisl been added to the
iiee. All aro invite;! as the pastor Atlantic fleet of the Cunard company
has some Important Items to present the latest leviathan, which will be
io lhe audience. ■ known us the Caronla.    A gno.l i;lea
1100.00 cash nnd $25.00 per month ol the size ol this magnificent vessel
liiivs a nrat cottage close lu ihe husi- can be gathered lo slate that the
ness center ol the town. This is the area ol her plating is approximately
best tiller Beale & Elwell have placed three acres, thai her weight when
before the public so Em Call and launched iva-s 13,500 tuns, that h-r
see Ihem Ior particulars. 33-tI  gross tonnage is 21,000 tons, ami ber
Innies   I!   Murdoch    fourth vice-  'Hsplacement 30,000, uhicn allows ap-
.'■ keys nl    lhc j ,■.,_■:„';\t lhe II  of li. T  has la'n,  proximately Ior 10,0011 ions ol cargo,
Ihfr iiislinia ol Visiting   Bttcslcy   Lodge No. 585   at cnl'1 an<1 storcs
In   Winnipeg,   Toronto ami Montreal power   were   hnnded     over   to    'In
for lhe nexl few months. i mayor.      But tho loughs   and bum:
Shales—linker's     skates,       Ai-iuo  laid low all the sin
Cranlirnok, lha enn lllion nf which]
lodge lie declares to be hotter lli.ui'
nny in the system. Mr. Murdoch has
been all uver Canada making like infections at all points where a branch
K'ill SALE,
ib.*   handsomest and hot
les,  Mic-mac skates.       Lots   nf,    P. .1. Nuisiniih, of Lelhhrldge, pas-
Ihem.    AU sizes.       Prices Irom   75  sitl through the cily yeslcfilay.   air.   a| , 	
eenls to $5 a palr.-Mcl'iilliim St. Co. Nnisniiir.,. is at lhe head ol the Ilif. ol llie organization exists, and the. furnished humus in lhc city, i.rcat
Dan McDonald arrived home Monday Irrigation company and railway at I scope ot liis duties with the D. ol II. bargain Ior anyone starting house-
(ruin Dotroit, Mich., whoro he bus Lethbridge thai has done moro foriT. lakis him Into part „i ibe United keeping Also three (ur coats, one
been the past lew ninn I lis [or his Ibe ilovelopmcnl ot Southern Al-1 Stales as well as Canada. Cran-1 set of slonc marten, one sot of badger
liealth. Kan is looking ivell and was berla ihnn all othor agencies iu that, brook lodge ileseives lo be congralu-, [urs; as good as new. Apply lo
pleased to get back to Cranbrook.    i country combined. I laiwl. [Mrs. Wm. I'ctteL 3-t-U
Moyie Lee lei      I'he Sl   E  tcne is
being   pul ii, . .,.
tlons  as   i.n, J1*. 'I li.-ro
are now i *. *.  ,.in,i
this nun!   |    »ll| ,,,, r,._s.
."!  t"   300 ..*   .mi       1 . | ,,     „|
these men an up        . There
wiil h<- moro m iel ing   than
ever, thirty-,,tie In all m i '!. mini'
will be run on i i: ■„ |, :,.,,.. extensive
.eale than before the fin Tl mill
is bcm*. over-hauled nnd tte lasts put
on anl everything will I, running in
full blast by December 1st.
The new shaft house and callows
frame are much !ar_ r than the nl
ones. The shaft hous is 210 leel n
lensth ..nil over 10 feel In width and
the gallows flame house is lun icet
in height. Work has been commenced on the Framing h I v.li.li will run
parallel with tho Shalt house. This
will be 35 feel in width and ion leet
in length,
There is no belter evidence ol   tho
faitt that the company bas in   their
mine ilmn by these new bti.ldlngs and
the other Improvements made. Everything is ol the most substantial nature and has   lhe apperancc of   permanency.     Q,  A. King, supcrlntend-
i eni nf ihe mill ami of the building department, is lhc Iimi,'st man   around
. the works, and il is in a large measure due lo his strenuous efforts   that
thc. mine    will be in position to   resume active   operations   at such aa
jpt**^-*^ftffr*iW'fi**tf-fr#ft*tf;#ti^*fi'fl*©W«*W ■--■
i 5 ;-;■■:■ i-s-t-ft*-,. Und thai in rael he did not know   ol
2: any otiwi   fiuil   country where    thi-
SI percentage   ..:   failures   was sn low,
SI*».   K imp ton is \ery sanguine of   ihu
.ibilitiet. nl  this valley as n fruit
;: I countrj and as lu has by fai the larg- '
.  ■ aniuiiiii ..  capital Invested m tlie
Siindustn here ih.n is no one who has I     A SONG  Foil THK WEARY
,;   ., beitei    righl   io express his views I Life is but a world of battles
ti   and n is uood to know that
ii   '   he iv so   hopeful ..ml    well satisfied
^frMBiMttMWfl^ e-9 ) iti   - will ■   nJertaking.       Wishing
i                                   , ..                   Mi    K,   pton .ill   Uie success he caul With Lhe idleness tint prattles
I meats In the vicinity "I Moyie.   -    -   i
DISTRICT    _       _
Rambling  Reveries
Vou must   fight   tliniii   would
Let us liefcin now to make tin1 best  <*-.-..
[use oi the ii-ui.iiii h-i ol thc old yen   •>
cordially   extending the gand    ol
D .-__-__.
forgiveness to anj who may not oc
ciipy a warm place in oui hear
Phere is no act so noble and ni
■i.s this, and it don't cost much neith-
w Just mli oul ,i little stubborn
tridigity, atnl in ils place draw .t
iun warm benevolent luun. and youi re
■-..id will ne n.l' -\   Rradn
HcnilqimrlorB for rhuii
(From the Fernie Ledger.)
\v. w. Tuttle, who has beeu confined to his house i.u several days on
account oi sickness, lus recovered so
.i. to be able u> come tn down again
Mr. Beys ton, of Nelson, was in
town usl week, Mr. Beestou is one
ol the old time Hudson's Bay men
whu worked foi that company when
Lord Strathcona was plain Donald A.
tt". ft'. Leach, late of the engineering
Mart, ui the Grows Nest Pass tvai
Co., left for Blairmore Monday even
;ns. when) he lias acccoicd ihe pusl-
tiou ui chlel cngineci loi ibe West
t ai.adi.tu collieries.
Ctarloy Farrell, oi Morrissey mines,
wa.*. in luvvu yesterday. Mr, Farrell
reports businoss prospects a*, bright-
cuing up a tittle in consequence ol tie
mcreasod -output oi ioai, but ne keeps
huhiiig tur boltei times,
lbe stork left a buy baby al the
home uf Mr. and Mrs, L. l'. UcKsletn,
early thi-. moruliig, and they are
lunuuig a counter attraction in lbe
concert line. Mother and son are
doing well, whilst Eckstein bas nu
sleep to sell.
1 "aul Gaston and wife, ol San Francisco, arc in tiiu city, Uu* guests of
Mr. ami Mrs. J. ft. Pollock. Mrs.
Gaston is a sister of Mrs. Pollock,
They have been on an extended visit
to the eastern states and are return
iij_ to San Francisco.
Tbe Utile daughter ot llobt. Shearer, ol Coal creek, who was sevorel)
burned, jus mentioned io our I'o.ii
creek news, died last night frum tin
effects of ber burns. 'i'he funeral
takes place here on Thursday, undei
the duct-iiuii of Scott A itoss, undertakers,
Have Moore, foi several years ore
buyer for the Trail smelter, has severed his connection with that institution .unl will soon leave for Japan
iu embark in business iui himself.
Dcnuls Lynch, foreman, and Frank
McDevllt, shift boss, al thc upper
workings of the St. Eugene, ba\
sevi red lheir connection wnh il c
company. Hart') Thompson is nov
filling ihe position humeri* occupiw
b) Lynch,
Kev. .1. 1*. Westman, ol Cianbrook
preached the annivcraar) sen ices ii
the Moyie Methodist church last Sun
da) evening, and llicu again ou Mon
.lav evening delivered a lecture ou tli
iubjeel ■■ Vou'rc It." Mr. tt'estinni
i*. ^ pleasant, euteitaiuiug speak oi
anJ In*, audience enjoyed it thuiuii^li
I possibh wish for himself and wnh tht
'kindli ' ii-i'luu The Outcrop wuuld
have   him in future    known   as the
■W iui uiu ii- Apple King."
'Ihi' othei da) a man brought
anothei man in Cranbrook a .-ample
ol ni.- in .i imn. i.il in which Uie
i r.inhi. nli man was interested The
lettei \ will express the lirst man .-,
name as tit lingl) as any other. Ml
\  .„iu   ,,,. i Filiation   a**- lo where
i.iU.l    ihal
would pa)
B  lu |1
(From the Fernie Free Press.)
Miss Porl, whu has been nursing li
Feinie for some weeks, returned t*
Craubiuok yesterday,
David McCltment had his leg brokci
in llii1 mines at Coul Crook on Mon
day. He was coming unl of the mine
and got his foot caught in a rope,
lie was taken io the hospital foi
To-morrow is pay day for the employees of the 0. V P. Coal Co. The
following is the pay roll:
Coal Creek $73,533.25
Michel   10,426.1)5
Carbonado   15,743.9(1
(From ihe Times.)
Monday evening Fred McL'onnel, ai
American laud-seeker, was killed n;
the east bouud express at Cuwh*y.
The Crows Nesi Jobbing Co. ari
closing then Ulairmore store on ib.
20th .uid move ibuii stock to Colemai
this mouth.
Thursday at Maclcod thc much lall.
ed of trial »»i A. MuLeod lot perjur)
wus tried aini Archie was buuuurabl)
acquit led bv   ihe jurj.
ii is oui .-.nl dui) this week to re-
•ord ihe death uf Jessie Utficaii .Sim
itrum, the tiiii.l son oi Mr, ami Mis
Andrew Sunsirum of tliis place, 'lln
Jeaw.i was caused b) .ui accident .ii
lho McLaren saw mill on Alonday nl-
lernoon at about live o clock ' Tin
accident was caused h) liie carrlagt
Linil conveys the log*, io ilu* saw gci-
tiug away and wlucn crushed lhc leg
of Uie hoy. The mill men did an
ihey could and Hit- unfoi tunate vie*
tim of the accident was at once con
veyed to the Frank hospital where au
that medical skill could do was done
for liim. As lucre was small hopes
lot his recovery Hev. Father de Wild,
was summoned ami was with lum to
the end which look plac. .Horny
tore unu' the same evening.
,i  the     i ranbrook
down ,i *  fctUU, ;
a iiiitmi bin  iititi
him where li.1 tlhe C
could slake tluee ela
uiuuiituiti oi this ole.
ue suitable, Un- siatci
\  .iuiiIiI show
k pai i) i
on a   small
lhe ou-  ma)
'1   X   llial
ue aoumi as proofs oi hul) writ, aim
the whole thing may ue entirely aii
ughi, but it occurred to the Cran
biook fellow 'hat if he parted with
ins money un suet a statement, be
might go tu slake ground already occupied 'Ihere was ihat possibility
as the case was put to him. At an)
i.n,- \ .ml uui gel the $101).
The maiiei is referred lo as a very
line illustration of iho way bow nol
10 handle ,, mining deal.
it now   nm
Fi'iuail,   jl.,  c.
ago, he made
most piomisii.
■peni ih,
ut that whin Mi
ovei a week or si
examination of a
K property some
lose to Cranbrook
Fort Steele side eiih
ui horseback away fron
outherly direction an
ire day on the ground.
Totoal  $130,701.10
Alfred Davis, a miner in No. H
mine, Michel, was Inslaiitl) Wiled In
a fall oi rock at 3 p. in. Mr. Davis
wa., working at the Uce when the
wall fell In on him, crushing him underneath three ions of rock and cosl
When extricated it was found that hi*
hack had been broken, causing inslu
taneous death.
Bernardo Cortcse, a native of Sunn
Italy has decided  to start  up a goi
ranch near  Kernie.     lie has puicua
td some   land between     Fcrnie    and
t'okato and in the spring he expect-
tu import Til head of goals foi    do
mestlc use.    He Intends lo sell goats
milk in the city ami vlciuily. Goals
milk is mueh rellshod bv  tho Italians
and by some authorities it Is claimed
to be superior to cows' milk.
The skating rink, which is neaflng
completion, promises Lo be a great
success, The rink measures 150 bj
nn feet and is provided with two snug
rooms for warming purposes and ar
ranging uf skates, etc. It is io be
lighted by two rows of electric lights
down the center and a light al thc
front. This enterprise Is due to the
energy of Dick liehiiu ami Billy Mcln
tosh, who have not spared trouble in
making iheir arrangements, and ii
now romafns for Uie frost to do ils
work of completing a great source oi
pleasure for the skaters of the town.
Sarah, the little two year old
daughter of Mr, and Mrs. J. .shearer,
ot Coal creek, met with a horrible
death on Tuesday of this week al
about _i o'clock. Tho little tot,
wllh two or three other children of
about the same age, were playing in
tlie wash house of the Shearer board
Ing house. Suddenly a cry was raised and a moment later lhe little girl
was found in a blaze of flame, her
clothes having caught lire. 'the
dames were quickly extinguished but
not before lhe little victim had received fatal injuries, and she died the
same evening alter suffering terrible
agony. It is not known how the fire
Ignited as the little playmates weie
unable to explain It, bui it is suppos
ed iiul it was caught from the stove
or from a lighted match.
(From Uie Frank Paper.)
Proprietor 11. Keeves has ihis week
ns lal led an elaborate set of bar lis
urea manufactured bv tho Brunswick
l.alkc   company,     a'l     Uie  imperial
hotel,     li is n handsome laj oul.
\\ Itankw arrived irom lYiu-iipei
yesterday to take Lhc position ol eoiti
inspector for the U. i'. It. at Un
Frank mine. lhe C. P. It. now has
au inspector stationed at each of tlu
.). L, Murphy, formerly day opera
Lor here, whu has been relieving agem
Loin.-, Dtinl, ui Blairmore, the past
iwo weeks, left for Coleman Ihb
morning to relieve Agenl T. II. Smith
of lhat place who mis n vacation
Th.- funeral of John P. tt'llloughb)
who died ai Pincher creek hospital
lasi week, was held Saturda) ni
Pincher Creek under the auspices o,
Lbe Masonic order ol which Mr. WU
lotighby was a member.
The Pass power -.v Lighting com
pan) has Installed a number oi
'•goose necks" in front of businesi.
places in Frank for street lighting,
vvhen ihe lights an* on at night thej
give Dominion avenue quite a ci tilled
Hints which may he ol use in prospectors enabling ihem lo recognize
ihe rare minerals are always as welcome as they are interesting, A
-.hoi i time ago two men went up
Lake erect opposite Poplar. The)
goi into a most awful country, being
.ilile to make only four miles in lluvi
.lays so sleep were the mountains
and deep canyons.     Up   against   tin
slides in some bieak-lieck cliffs the)
found a lead of deep black looking
mineral of a bright canary yellow,
shading to u light orange. In general appearance It greally resemble,!
lead carbonate, but was not su heavy.
They too.*' down a lot of it with
ihem, It was subsequently Identified
as being autunile—one of ffie uranium
ores, whieh derives iis name fron
\uiiii iu France where il was first
Hscoveii.iL Cranium is the |-rimt
iourcc oi the magic metal radium
Of course, the men thought thoy lia,I
t fortune iu the iimi, bui were no;
too sure of ih' Identification oi th,
mineral. A friend of theirs sent n
(ample to one of the highest ■■.ul.nri.
ie.s  in  the   *
a? ing   ihm
ad   been  ma^
nice all  the
of autunile   ■
however, In- -
iulphide calh
n   dissolved
whereas nutui
lhe point ol
mineral nuswi
nf mist   as
let hini try
it melts tiki-
Victory has never been:
Then why should you be complaining
li  ir, nue attempt  you fail.'
Each endeavor gives you training,
Till at last you should prevail.
Suggests of success aie lying
Underneath hies tuggid road;
Dig and dig and keep ou trying
Till you snike the precious lode,
Skies above you will he blue)
A.s along the way you tread,
Friends around vou will he truer
So Ik- bravo and go ahead.
rime is  Heeling   to lie doing
Any task then* is for you;
Vou are stronger, while accruing
Oaln ut good and wisdom, too,
lie not  with the d roues and shirkers,
As through life they Idly stroll;
Victory belongs to workers,
Strive and you will reach the goal
When wc come to Uie end of lite
it is nol the wisdom we have acquired, or the wealth wo have gained, or the fame we have won, that
we like to remember but the love we
have given and received."
The object of liie is to learn to
live We are at school here, and
shall always be at school until we
are dismissed from earth's classes to
be promoted intn Heaven. li is a
pity we do not learn our lessons, li
is a pity if we grow no gentler, no
kindlier, no mote thoughtful, no more
unselfish, no more unworldly, as the
years pass over US.
As a rule the children's progress at
school is regulated by lhe Lome attitude toward school. If parents are
indifferent children are also indiiTer*
parents arc interested in
school work, a new impulse is given
lo the children's interest. Parents
should strive to understand lie teach-
,'f and to hold her at the highest
standard, No teacher can do justice
to herself and pupils if she is made an
objtvt of constant and severe criticism; expressions of disapproval should
never be made in the presence of
children, antagonism between the
home and school des.troy.s lh.- value
of school  to the children.
.She was just an ordinary woman;
without much time for culture. She;
did not know the differ, nee between
.m Ionic and a Doric column in architecture! and she was not up on China
painting or Roman emporers, hut she
brought up her three children to tell
the truth, to love God, to love their
brothers and to do honest labor with
their hands and not be ashamed of
it. ttTeii she died the papers didn't
notice it.  hut the    Recording Angel,
I'oiifocii.im'iv ami fruit,    W.   -»
iri tin   ■ - uta In-." for thu fa- i
mun. (i
i'n ami fruit
nis her
li.* Cl
Cranhrnnk  I'resbylerian Chtin.li.
Sabbath Services 	
  It a.m. and 7 30 p m
Sunday School -A Bible Class...3 p.m
Christian Endeavor, Tuesday ...8 p.m.
The  public are cordially  invited   lo   ******
attend all   ibe meetings,
Pastor, IV. IJ. W. Foilune, II A.
4) Wl '
4 um..I    sweets.
J mail.- ,,,    . tu   !
* Iml fresh iti*„.
I  *
Shipments $
ii  nut Ii iun  t
Cranbrook Method)*. Church.
Comer "t Hnnmui Annua ami Louts Street
Sunday Services :—
Divine Worship - l) a.m.
Sunday School  3 p ni
Divine Worship   7 80 p m,
Tuesday :— Lpwotth League ol Chn
tian Ehideavor     ,.fl i» tn
A cordial Invitation is extended lu
the public.
.1   P. Westman, Pastor.
I'ranbimik H-iiui-i Church.
The follow mg is   a list ol the sei
vices held in the Baptist church:—
Sunday    11 a in. and 7.30 pm
Sunday School  d p in
Voung Peoples H p.m. Tuesday
Prayer   Meeting ... H p in. Weduesd.iv
The public are cordially invited  lo
attend all  the meetings,
Pastor, Benjamin Good field, B \
! cum:
, as he took up a fresh
ilural ne lain ' over to a clean page:
IdeniPlcatlon, i * queen is coming,
characteristics •■''■ ready her throne;
•nl      ti   \ is she hath wrought nob!
i fjnn of it oni She cared foi her owi
ud  tin.
' in hi
Uid   Uie
ill ;
ih having
li one finds
'■'in-; lo the descrfp
iven iii ihis parag,'
■ H iih boiling water
sugai. it is uiisy, if
be nul unite
nillv analysed.
(From the Wilmer Outcrop.)
Neil McCnmmon left for the south
on Uie Cianbrook siage Tuesday, Iti
may not return until spring.
It is stated that Hard wick Gralngei
is improving his ranch at Tliundei
Hill and intends purchasing several
hundred bead of cattle and embarking
on a large scale in that business.
W. Harrison was in town on Monday and slated lie has a contract
with the C. R. L. Co. to cut lies on
his ranch west of Canterbury, which
will keep him busy this winter. He
turn engaged four nun and will start
work at onco.
Mr. K. L. T. Oalbrallh, Indian
agent, spent several days in litis vicinity during the week uu official bus!
ness. He was accompanied by Di
Watt, of Foil Steele, who stated that
he had made the trip only for the pur
pose of seeing the country and now
regretted that he bad not made his
firsl trip years ago instead of al this
late date so pleased was he with all
that he had seen of the country,
It, A. K Imp ton spent lasl .Saturday
afternoon in Wilmer and in Hie course
of a conversation said his big orchard
at Windermere bad dune remarkahh
well for young trees ilie past season,
and that he was Well pleased wiih lln '
results as a whole. lh> said thnl
after this year no fruit should be
shipped Into this . "'-v from the out-
.side as local orchard Is i will be able
to supply lhe entiie tlenm I in
and (hut it would nol be long until
lhe supply would     exceed  the present
local demand and a market Bought on
the prairie Mr Ktmpton said he
had himself sold between Hi and Mi
boxes ol apples thi,*. yeai, besides having plenty for his own use, and thai
by nexl year -he expected to bo able
to sell a great deal more. Speaking
of plaining fruit, trees Mr. K imp ton
said Hint [f was his experience—having planted over Hi,mm trees—lhat it
was very easy lo make them grow
provided they were properly planted,
hul  that  if trees   were nol p**"""-1"
planled it Was jusl as easy ti
a grand failure, lie had learnoi- .mm
things by experience since he starte
in the business ihat are peculiar t
this country and climate and he wn
si ill learning more, bui there was on
The Slocan Star at. Sandon has
iust paid a dividend of a per cent on
ns capitalization of J500.000. This
sum of $25,000 was very largely eon
ttibutcd to by the sale uf the zinc
concentrates which are now shipped
to extensively from the mine, it is
another example of the necessity of
keeping a sharp look-out for lhe occurrence of this mineral.
Zinc is not all black-jack. On th,
Victor group on Marcus creek it as
sumes a silky, greenish yellow hue.
As a general rule ore of Ihis eoloi
is much mure free from iron impurities than its darker relative, and nls<
runs higher in zinc. The ore from
the Victor assays about li.'l per cent.
■.Ine, Walter Van Arsdnlen has some
d the ore before the Canadian Metal
Co   people a' Frank at present.
to   the
the  Don
Cn-ek placei
leads  out   of
lion is called iu aliothoi ph er
mdd strike on Perry creek on
The gold in the Perry
• came down hill. The
which il eame must he
up hill, and there is no reason why
Ous Th.'is and his partner should nut
be the men in find where some uf the
gold, at any rale, eame from. Now
that Ous has committed himself (u a
positive statement it is up io him to
■mike good on it.     No doubt he will
 u uuHUb ne win
lo so. as his reputation stands high.
Failure in that regard means a loss
all uuui I foi  the repute of our coiin-
(From the Moyie Leader.)
A son was burn to Mr. and Mrs.
K. J. McMahon on November Uth.
Miss Lindell, Moyie's lady barber,
was in Cianbrook lhe first of the
Miss AI wood has gone to Spokane
to visit with Mr. and Mrs. W. It.
Hoy Chillier left Tuesday for a
visit both in eastern Panada ami in
Uie States.
Assessor A. 0, Nelson, ol Cianbrook, was in town Tburadnj on oRi*
Clal   business.
J.  C.  Drewry    intends  remodeling.
his big hoarding bouse and fixing   Itj
up for a hotel.
The Moyie Miners' union have announced that they will give a ball on
December J3th.
"Hutch," one of the leading insur
ance men of the district, spenl yesterday in town.
The 200 feet of new hose and the
new nozzle for the Moyie tire department have arrived.
C. Ross Tate, uf the firm of Wm.
y Tale _ Son. Cranhrook, was here
this week on his regular weekly trip,
The Methodists      * ' "    '
of Moyie are join
ing a   Christmas
Abe Liggett,
Moyie.  where
years ago, was married Uie other dayjuou mure trees    and after that    ., |Rvi<iiiig me mack sand from the cold
in McCabe, Arizona. I would buy no more trees, as he would   and winning the gold from it     when
I>on McKay, superintendent of thereafter have plenty of his own to separata). One would think that
roads, trails and bridges for the dis plant. Speaking of i.he loss of trees' magnetic separation would effect the.
trict, i.s here with a small force of planted. Mr. Kim pton said that the one, and ordinary .smelling the oth-J
men   making several needed Improve- percentage was     very   small indeed,  er.
aboui  fo.
whieh sh,
should ca
pei vnluei
-v-takad loi
done mi
onlv Hi., o
fact fibnul
iron niei.'i
beside the
verv like i
nn Wild ll
' s ntteni
is a copper lead situated
1 miles south of onr cilv
'w* home really fine dial-
ih ;i quartz gangue. n
i) some gold with the cop.
11» wound has not been
g ''ii'-ngh 1" have anv work
■Ji " having been rrrorded
"!'■',dav. The remarkable
ii li thai it shows some
streaks of ore in n„. vein***
"ipper This nickel is so
hai from the Grace Dore
irse as to at mien attract
"on. ihe magnet at once
P  m  the powdered  form.
of lhe grainiest institutions known
to mankind. Whal would be any
nearer to heaven on earth limn o
hippy home, with a loving father and
mother, wllh their Iii lie family?
When lind created man he said it
wasn't guod for man to be alone, so
lie made iiim a helpmato, not a slave.
Hut men dun't seem to understand it
that way. If the wife shares our
.sorrows and trials, she should also
be partaker of uur joys,
If she asks you about your business
dun't snap ber up aud tell hei it is
none of her business. Always speak
kindly. Kiss her once in a While,
and tell her she is pretty, for no man
who loves his wife can fail to see
some pretty trail about her. If you
haven't done this, try it. Nothing
would please her bet ler, and she
would repay you a thousand times
for it. When she is feeling badly and
worried show a disposition to sympathise. And the wife shout l do the
same (or her husband. Nothing
would please him more when he comes
in after a hard day's work than for
her to meet him at the door with a
loving smile and a kiss. It makes
him feel that she appreciates what
he has done for her. Nothing can
make home more loving than kind
words. Wo thought the loveliest
homo that we ever was in was when
ttiey spoke to each oilier, it was always father, mother, son or daughter
and it is like that old darkey once
said, when another called him a black
African- "It's not so much what you
say, as it is the way you speak it."
Maple Leaf
Miiple Lent Rubbpra
iin- nm.!,. from 1'niv Pnni
llulilmr, ovi-r nil  styles anil
si/.i's nf .uniform lusts:
11:11. WELL
Aw Stylish, mmi uml ilumlilu
j ;
- U now lew at,,! in its comfort   .
. able -Ulil .lit! litii'i* new qu.l.
J ten in the Wait, building, .*
I rhls Institution !_ lust up to-
, date .ui.! is modernly equipped
J to do [usl tin best work In all ,
. branches ol thi tonsorinl art. 1
^ •■ •"••'• ■••'•  ****.*■*■*,,.*.■*■■*..*■■*■ *.**}
—C •• -8O.M0WMMHW
•   Burning your smoke is   »
. Burning a smokeless coal «
is |
BETTER      1
Burning .i smokeless hard J)
| coal Irom Bankht ad Banll f
t'or Snl,. I.v nil
.mii.1  shoe
J. Leckie Co.. Ltd.
Selling Agents
Z      1 huvi
thi' sole nt-eili'.
1 Cnniliro,
it  Distrii'l nml'
S iver li  I
,  for Sh 75  per
i c. ti. ii
Weight     mll.'ll'.'tl
_ on my oi
ii pilbiie Sl'llles.
I T.*,l*„r  S
."I t'm.ii m; ;:,
1 """"l C'
1' ll
('iti:_r.:NT I,,,t,i,i. Mo. HI)
Cranbrook, II. C.
Meets Uml anil Ith Tuesday nt .1 p iu.
,li 1.0.0 K. lutll.
J  A  Arnold, K its
.1, IV. Iiivii i. C C.
Visiting  brethren  cordially mut-d
tu attend,
Cranbrovk Local tlnloa 12,1 of lhc United
Brother-owl ol Carpcnlen and Joiner.
nl ..ini-riio.
Meetings every Thursday evening at
I. n. il  T. half, over Patuiorc In,...'
Visiting iji.'ilii.ii cordially Invited.
llml    . uill, lal nal,I   I',,,,la.
liar.-Sn-. President,
i.e..i.l-'.    Ki-i iiii i„.i(.
No   1*1   .\l,*,*i. every
Mnllll.IV      lunlll      at
thell lmil nn Baker st t    Sojourning Oiiiir.iiti-i.s cordially Invltod
IV  s. Mali,malil      Charles Smith,
,i.i k Iodic, Nn H
I. I. a «   .1
Rogulai meetings un
twev-, \    ""' """'    '''"I'*'1""
« \P&  v •    "' ''"'''   ""
visiiing hretnren welcomed.
li). 1'attrl.suli, S_,''y.
F.   ().. E.
Meets   1st and .ird Fridays   al    I
■'clue'  |i. in , in ilu- 'miiis imii ling,
ing   iiii-ihn-ii   are invited    io
.1.   Kdgai  Davis,
A. M, Ulaek, W.
It    i
% Expressage iinA Draying i
| VV. I!. W0RDEN '
j Phone 86 |
Geo, R. Leask & Co.
Meets every ind mid  llh Tuesday In
"linoil Templars Hall."
\'isiiiug brethren cordially invited,
A. McCowan, C.R.      .). Sims, Seo'y.
lliAM'.li'OOK       I.ODt'I'.
I. O. C. T.
Meels every Friday iii.ltt above I'at>
' iiiiiit's Store.
Cane ami join the Happy Band.
Visiting brothers always wclci
is every Hud Wednesday and -Ifli
Saturday at i>   o'clock in Oddfellows
4 Tho I.oitditi^ Sti.rr F.ir
,   Halani llrap.'s
f     Faniy Cnliliiriila Naval 0raii.es
Cliiilic Banana.   4
0     PHONE  NO     TS AHMSTflON.'i   *Vt      f
this   season  lor   Xmas   gilts $
are potraits in sepia platinum with a very artistic mounting,
which is entirely
Prest Photo Co g
\,-i   I...vi   \...,-|.,,r,'-   Vvbiiiip.
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors.
.1. T. LAIDLAW. M. R.
Her motto is: "Do mitn others as
you would have them do unto yuu."
THie real queen of tlie roscliuii garden
of Kills is she wbo scatters kind
words, kind smiles and sweet oourto-
sics along tlie way who remembers
her friends at all seasons wltill equal
A00thot chanicterisHc ol the model
Kirl is quiet dignity.    It Is the per
feet   virtue  that   results     from  the   -
mingling of    gentleness  and  Boll-re- J
.iiH*ct wiih an uioin nf ciutsldcralion   ■
thrown in to make the dlfTerent parts
mingle perfectly and make a delight*
ful lype nl girlhood,       Her dlgnltj
dilliises  itself like      the pprfllinc of    a
rosoi you dellghl in It na much as vmi
respect it.
I'niieinv, si'lf-criiilrol, kindness an.l
ceraeltj also characterize the model
girl, She hears in mind |<',i'tt "Koine
nui built in a .-lay." and
I   A. W. McVittie   J
j Dominion and Provin- \
4 cial   Land  Surveyor, j
j    11. H. McVittie
' (ieneral Agenl
VN'liL-n You
Come lo lhc Metropolis 5tay at the
Palace Motel
Stephens* Rockendort
Opposite C. P, \i.
$1.00   PER  DAV
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Barristers, Solitiiors, Ilk.
Haiell Block Cranbrook, B. C.
1 C. H, DUNBAR       t
2 Barrister, Solicitor, Notary ■»
Jt Public, Etc. {
2   Crinibri.uk,     -     -     li. C.    1
************************* *
Physicians and Surgeons.
0/Tirc at Residence,  Armstrong Ave.
Forenoons - - - - ..SO to   ll
Afternoons - - - - 1.30 t..» s.ao
Evenings - ■
i * I * 1414141
7 .'HI to 8.311
■'■'    i:    ll  c.
—   ■It;*
Calgary, Alia.
Dr. Connolly,
5    Physician and Surgeon
*' Olliee on Armstrong Avenue
I S   Hours :-'J In 11 a in., 'J to I   »
I -  iiiu , l to 8 tiiu.  'Phono 108.   -.;
!' I * I « I ■» I «' I « I * I * I •*> | «'
I     ...
■S- i * I *l
me very"JLSn.1 i,'_llrJ"l,r    h\Hc ","!'■' "'" '" '"" *' '«"•> when
for a,'nn i, .        borseshnn magnets any object    Is    lo lo   accomplished
h*   m-iaiia     , S'"1'1 imost- Self-control is   ilu- husa „i    all vlr-
Ifom   n,i     in"'""1 •,."' R0|;I lata toes,      Character exhibits itself   in
iiuii,. ai , i,.   ' i ,""'  f'nwss   is I emu nil of speech as much us in ..ny-
i|"in   Miii|ili'.     |„ KUC1 . ,..,,„ ,, „„,. ,,i,i„. „,..„ ""'
.moral renin
'usual, it  Im
ft IT    holllg
In such a case If anv
- behind with lhu ;-„l'|
ha assured thai it be-
through  with  tli
ts    and  Presbyterians thing le was uulte'certain of and lln n,?fs  '"   "'.''   Pln-tlnoirl motals.     In
mins this year in glv- ivas thai there is no place rte re frt'l in ''"""V"™   ! ",av '>'' ™'>>'   tha
as   tree and entertain- trees could be grown easier or better ?    ! ', A"- Nnv Zesilanrt rapccial-
tlian righl in ilns valley, with prone, e-oid        '"' ,!i,",,ls l"ro v"r!" "Ira   In
a miner well known In panting to atari    wiih.    n,.   s,i I m„. t,       "'"J ''"""">' Um govern-
ho   had   lived a   few that nenl spring he Intended to plant Bitll. "" r'"'T-! ri'w'"ni »' B»0.-
marrlcd the other day "50 more trees    ,„,.i ,i„„. ,„..,'   ,._, '...'""  .'""' satisfactory means    ,ii
    ...nisfacliiry menus    of
I c aci ilna ih,, black sand fr.
thing else
Thc crowning virtue nf the minlcl
girl i.s charity. It pervades her
whole life just',is the fresh mints of
the trees fills tho air with it thousand sweet .scents, li makes the word
thai she says better, lhe deed that,
she docs worthier, ami permeates
every act of her life, so lhat i„ ilie
world at large she seems an outward
signal of goodness and kindness,
Truly it is a beautiful thing, the
possession of this virtue. Faith and)
hope, stand beside it, but Iol it is the
greatest of all. Let us pray for it,
so that life may become more beautiful.
{ TIMLER, MINES  and i
t CKANB'-JOOK,   15.   C. }
4 4
1 We Will Do
i Your Draying
in n iiiniinor I Lal in
silivs sill isfni'l inn
Thai ia uur bnsi
ni'.s. We wiinl ii
plunse. Wo Jin. nil. 'ff,
ling tn labor hunl to *J
cconinlish that nl.- SJ
ji't-'t. Tltjit is why our   t>
nltSllieBS j.i'iisjji'rs :
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy,
It is the Best
H In 19 ii in
I  In   II |i in.
; in   8 p.m.
itniie ami resident n Armstrong are
Div'. P. B. AIM.liS
li ti. I- a in
1 lu II p.in.
7 In   8 |i in.
I mice In new  Held  hi,all
Repairing Promptly Done.
Footwear to Measure a Specially
Authorized movers uf Ihe fj
Mnaoo & Risch Planna  *|C±   C_       I     I-I * C
People whn want job work done
cannol afford to pay for poor work.
That is why it pays to get work
done al the Herald olliee. No complaint is made of thc work tunienl mil
here fur llie reason tliat it is up to
date and the work of up In date
printers. That makes a diffcrenca
wilh any individual. TH     ■   . i ....
. ♦
To read the local paper that
gives the news, while it is news,
all the time; because it pays to
keep posted on the doings of
your district, and the doings of
the surrounding country.
No person can afford to be
without a
Home Paper
that tells of home and home
people. •** Human nature is
much the same everywhere,
and we like to know what is
going on about us.
Therefore, to read
The Herald prints more matter
than any other paper in East
Kootenay. It publishes all the
news of general interest from
Fernie, Moyie, Fort Steele,
Marysville, Elko, Morrissey,
J affray, Kimberley, Blairmore,
Frank, Windermere Country,
Golden and in fact every thing
ol interest from every part
ol   the district.
$2.00 For One Yea^r
$1.00 For Six Months
E. E. SIMPSON, Manager
^hUH   .7'"' "*""**   ,1   [MiC '•'     •
'     ...   , , . -     i   lata i •■ o applj
Ut; NorUuml IcrriiQi ti uid i".. k'tikui ....       ■    .. [I
lerriliin. , „  .;   .;_,   *\        ...-.,.      i
;....;        I W lor the di
.    :
■ ■     ■ -   .       ■    .
I n ■•-..-
t »tl
■        ■    :
,,  -    u
■    a
,i .■
■    i   ■
1 ■
■ lilt.-*-!'**.] '*
■     ■     •
.1   ■   .      -
•" .   .
■    ■
.       .
. .
■ ' ■
Ih ■   .
.. '■'.
III    :, I
.1     . II    till
..... .      *
I        | -    ..                          I    ,
in.' iii u .- iuvih  ii   '.i.i ilu m nail tin
I,.          ■     *    .11       UlU     '■„,. ..     :     I           .  ■   -
,,   IIIU       ill       ll    lij .,-,,!     lit!
i', lui ii term  -l  Ivo if
, ..
,   UlO   Iii
Publishing Co.
.   : .      Kootenay I     a liei
.,. .    aud    ■ ii ,    oi lh    .i-.
..   tti ;■;., . ptopi ■'.  .*■■;
*  .   : ■ ul fro   b Nes l
■ and   i
,-.'..-.      I       :.       '..      , , ■        U.I.J..
. . .   U ■   i di Col
1 COl .'■!-..     • .   po ■   | !,■:.*•■'
at tl    ■   i   .  ,i ..,..*■■
pa      -   Ua ttisi    Lemma**.
. tit tti tc I, nn  a.. Ihem i
eight)     i ha n■ u u   h■
'    .      :,,. Its,     ■..,.■        lull tl   --,. | ■ J
■:..--..:       ..,'-,
.,   -      -.:-,:. '...... ■.
■ .     .
UattlsU Lemorax, Locator,
liai tiht* ' ■-■ u ii tx,
Loi at-od . ■ pti uber 2511    I "•■>.
2 Con mew li_  at a   po I  [dui li
th ■   outh ■ a I   eonier ol    i Una
, ,...:..,    ami    i ■•..    Im .. it
, ■      il i'l na   Hal in • ■ \ iim and
..i >. il i , m.i     Marliu, theii e    wesl
■ i.... j    i hains,   in. nee noi Ui    i tglit)
chaii        L-tii in i    ■ .i it   ■ igbi i   . lia in
Lhi ..■       ouib   eight) chains, to    thc
place oi     beginning,   containing   040
acres, more ui less.
Clina Martin, Locator,
Halt isle Lemorax, Agent.
Located September 25th,  l«'»5.
3. Commencing at a post planted
ai thc smiiii west corner of John
Mills' claim, same being the initial
pu ■ ol John .Mills nnd marked John
Mills, thence north eighty chains,
ihenee east eighty el-ains, ihence
south eight) chains, thence wesl eigli
iy chains to lhe place of beginning,
eoaiaining 040 acres, more or less,
John Mills, Loealor,
Haltisle LemoiMV, Agent.
Located September 3Mh,  I "•:».
l. Commencing at ;
al lhe north-west c
Mills' claim, same hi
post ni Klhra Mills ela
hlliid     Mills,     thence
post planted
irner ol Klbra
m; lhc inllial
in and marked
easl    eight)
liains, thence south eighty chains
icuce west eighty chains, thenci
mill elghly elinlns lo the place o
. ginning, containing Ull) acres, mon
Klhra Mills, Localo
llal-liRte Lcmorax,
ated Septembei
Take notice thai thirty days allei
ilatc I liiteii.1 to appi) to Uie Chief
Commissionei of Lands and Works lor
permission lo eui uu I carr> awaj
timber from the folluwing dcscriheil
lands in South Mnsi  Kootenay:
Commencing al a point hvout)
chains wesl of the north-cast cornui
ni loi O'lllO, Group l, thence norih oue
nvile, thence east one mile, Uienci
ainili one milo, thence west one mile
to place of beginning.
J. Smilh.
hated this 23rd day oi October,
I BUS. .it-lit
Notice is hi-if-hy gh.-n Uml thirty
lavs allei date I, Cecil li. Winter,
nine! to apply to lhe Chief Commls-
,imur ol Lands and Works lor Kasl
Koolenay tor a license to prospeel
or coal and petroleum on Uie following described land:
Situate about two miles Irom
moult ami about one font tli of a mile
west of small stream runulhg north
erly iniu the Flathead river and ahout
two ml,es easl oi C. V- ti- linti as
surveyed, South Kasl Kut.tc.iay, ti.
ti., and lies adjacent lo _. _. L,
Dewdney's claim uu lhe cast. Comincncing al a post planted at the
south-east corner being the initial
post,"'thence running north 80 chains,
Ihence west Mi chains, ihence south
80 chains, thence easl tm ehains to
place of commencement, and contain
mg ti-ll) acres.
Cecil II. Winter, Locator.
James Fisher, Agent.
Locale;! this 20Ui day of September, 1UU5. 31-51
-.. re!»j given thai ■■- da ■ i
--,.   I,  .luii..*    Ki--.ii> i	
Chiel CouuuissitHu i
is a   I Work:   uid thf   I  ii
ul Land ■ .u.-i ff. rk   foi
h     ■. a)  Ioi  a license to prus-
i "... and peUoli Uiu • ■:.     li.-.
■ i j!..-.i laud; Sr.:,.     an I
.    be easi  to Ute (.. ti. K
i :;.  lim  .is surveyed aud   about
tnurths   ol a    mile    Irom   the
ii   he suuth   loth ol Ute Kl.n
■ ■ i, Soulh East Koolenay, U.
imn cueing -■. a post planted    at
'!'■ uorUi-fte*>t corner, lying r,.>nh oi
Ijoining   I-:.  !•:.   1.,  uewdaey'i
being the Initial po.-:. and  ad-
to the bouth west cornel    ul
Nellie II. Plati s claim, ihence south
81)   chains,     iheucc   east    80 • bains,
Ll    BU chains,  Un uce west
ib chains t»i place   ol commencement
    UIO acre.
Li catvd  ■!.,..   _v,i   j;,,   ol September, A. 1». IMS.
James Fisher, Locator,
Notice   la    hereby    give Utat two
mith.s after dale I iiu.-iid   to appi)
i tlu- Cbiel Commissionei oi   Lands
and Works inr permission to purchase
ihe following described loads in Kasi
Kootenay district:
Commencing at a post planted at
lhe northeast corner of Lot '.lit;,
Uieuce north tiO chains, thenoe west
rJO chaius, thence south 80 chains,
ihence east 8U cbains along north line
of Lot 73ic to place of commencement, containing -iho acres more   ur
Hated at Elko, B, 0. Oct. 2, 1005.
28-ot Catherine Mills.
Notice is hereby gi\i-n  that sixty
days  after  dale  we  Intend   tu  applj
the Chief Commissioner ol Lands
and Works al Victoria ior permission
o   purchase the following described
i omml'iiclng at a post planted   at
he northwest corner of Lot No. 54*17,
Kast Kootenay disiriet, tlu-nce north
.ighty    chaius,     Uience   cast   forty
chains,  ihence south eighty     chains,
ihence west forty chains t-o place uf
ommencement, containing 320 acres.
Itobfson McKeii/.ie Lumber  Co.,
27;0t Limited
Cranbrook, September 25, 1005.
(Form K.)
TAKE NOTICE thai L Nell Mc-
l.eod Curran, Free Miners' Certificate
No. D73008, inu-nd sixty days from
tie date hereof, to apply in il.c Mining Recorder, foi a Certificate ol Improvements, for the purpose ol ob*
laining a Crown Grant ol the above
And further take notice that action
uider Seci ion 37, must Iw commen-
jctl before issuance of such Certificate
•f Improvements.
Neil McLeod Curran.
Dated ibis l'Jth dav ol October,
1005. 3Mt
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
. Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kind,
oi repairing,   ii"*.e me a call.
Livery  S
Tcini. .ml drive - tarnished for .ny
aunit iti tlit- ill.trti'.
A. DOYLE, Manager
• Cranbrook Sash    :
j .
i and Door Factory
All 1-
IV,M   Of
SO,US. '*
,    ,    . .v, ,rk in
I'" ' I, i „*s. trnti-
Kilti ..ii.*.] lumber
for inside work. ' 'ur work is !
minriititi*. .1 nnd our prices aro ','
Balisfnctory.     Screen    il.mrs   J
Rmnili and Dressed Lumber j
Lur Sale j
alti i dale we m'..*tid
'o aiii'lv ',. tte Chlel Commissionei
ol Lands and Works, Victoria, tor a
Special License lo cut and carry
awny timber Irom the lollowlng de*.
crlbed land In Soutli   East
Kootei at
Commencing al  a  post  planted  11
inili-s, more in n ■*:; ol Uie nor-
Ihern b mn y e ol Lot "313,
Ihence ru ni : *■ -" Rtl chains, titence
north   80 *        "'.*:  e   cast    f-0
chains,   tt 30   chains, to
iniiiil   nf containing
.Hi acres   •   re i    I -ss
Thc Kinc 1        ■:* Mills, Ltd.
Dated Nov.   * * ■■".      34-St
INSLiH '.'■   ;   '   - fAKES.
To Si-null' and Vancouver.
TWO   MlilllS
To Winnipeg and Sl   Paul.
I*',,i   Chicago, T nl,.,   Montreal mul
ALL POINTS   EAST    .Nl)   Ul-.ST
Acetylene Lighted Cars
Family Tourist  Steep, is
Palace Sleeping Cars
Dining Cars (Meals ., In carle)
i.ilnarv Ohservalion Cars
Tin,mull tickets ninl liaggnge checked
to all polnls.
I-*,,i   tickets,   maps,  berllt   feserva-
iii.ns mnl complete Inlormalinii, call
i.n ,,i address
i.MIKS   SLOAN, i\g m.
I'KKMIm ll   i'.
S   liy
In the matter ot an application Iol
a duplicate of ihe Certificate oi Title
[or the south i of Lot 18, Block I,
in tin- Town nl Kort Steele i.Maji
113*1.) N,jiirt> is hereby giwn thai
I is my iiiltlilliiii lo issue at tie ex-
piration ul thirty (litis from lhc Ursi
publication hereof _ iluplicate "I tlia
Certificate uf Title to the south '. ol
Lot IK, Block I, in the Town ol Fort
Steele (Map iill) u. lhc name ot Robert II Kiu.iiufslv winch C.rtificat:
i.s dated thc 3rd day of June 1808 and
iiumbored sr.iiK.
II. K   MacLeod.
District Registrar
Land Registry OIIiit, Nelson, It (**.,
Sovcmber Hid, I00S. :i'l-;'it
13* €dgar Davis
X       BRICKLAYER and
X. Furnace, Boiler,  K.-u.l..-. .-.
i .1,
X. iiiiiI Piroplacu work a spocinl- .j.
| * |
•>        All descriptions of stSne- y
... v
't' wmi undertakon. Orders lefl •;•
X al %
X       J. I). MiKI'lDl'S 'X
i. X
•j. will lv.'ii'V,' pronl].! attention, .j.
$ in,,,,,,, no, i'. n.i:,,. s.-,i. ^
9 A
Notice is hereby given that Unit;
days after dat.- 1 intend to apply to
tin' Chiel Ciiiiiiiiissiiiiu'i ol Lands an,I
Works Ior a special license to cut
nnd carry nway timber irom the folluwing ik-.sii'ilii'il lands situate in
Suiii.1 East Kootenay:
Comincncing ll.'iii ihains east ol
the norlh-iiest cornel ol lot 0,41)0,
i;i*iiii|i nm.'. Koolenay District; tlence
north Hit chains, ' Ihence east sn
cliains, Uience snulli su chains, thence
west 8.1 chains, lo the place ol beginning,
Agnes Elwell,   per   Edward   Elwell
Located this 23rd day ol Oi-inbor,
10115. 31-5t
Notice is lii'icliy given that 00 days
Iinm ilnte 1 inleml to apply lu ilu*
Chiel Commissioner nf Lands nnd
Works to purcraso tlm following dis-
.siTilnsl lands, sifuali- in lite district
ul Soulh Easi Koolenay:
Commccniitg at Uio north-east corner ol lot 11237, group 1, Koolcnay
division, thenco north 10 chains.
Ihence wesl 40 chains, tlu-nce smilh
-III chains, Uienco east 41) chains to
the place of commencon-ctit.
Allre.1 .lolliflc.
Local,*d tha lib day ol October,
3l-0t Cranhrook, B. C.
Noliee is hereby given thai 30 days
in apply to the Chief Commissioner
ol Land's and Works anl the Assistant
Commissioner of Lands and Works tor
Kast Koolcnay lor a license to prus-
pcel lor coal and petroleum on the
lollowlng described land: Situate and
adjacent nn the cast lo the C. P, It.
boundary line as surveyed and about
Ihree-toiirlhs nl a mile from lhc
mouth nl ihe snuih lork nf Uio Flathead Kiier, South Kast Kootenay, B
Commencing at a post planted at
ilie south-west corner, being the initial posl adjacent to lha north-west
comer ol James Fisher's claim and
lying west ol the Kitty Thompson
■lain,, Uience tunning nortii SO chains,
hanee easl 81) chains, ttence south
it ehains, thence west 80 chains, lo
plaee ot commencement, and containing (110 acres.
Located ihis _Mh day of September, A. D. I'm"..
Nafiie II. Piatt, Locator,
.las. Fisher, Agent.    33-5t
Notice is hereby given thnt GO days
Irom dan- 1 inicn.l w apply to ihe
(hiel Commissioner ol Lands and
Works to purchase the lollowlng described lands, situate in llie district of
Soulh East Kootenay:
Commencing al a post plantetl on
the west boundary of lot "loo, Uwnce
nest 80 chains, thence north 80
.liains, thenco cast 80 eliains, thenco
-uutli 80 chains io place ol commencement.
Ottn V, llminh.
Daled Sepl, lain, 1005, 29-111
Thirty davs alter dale we intend
lo apply 'o tte Chief Commissioner
nt Land's and Works. Victoria, lor a
SdHvinl License ui cul and carry
awaj timber from the full.,wine, described lands situated in South East
Commencing at a post planted -j
miles, moro or less, mirth ol thc
northern boundary line of Lot 7312,
thence running north 40 ehains, Uienco
wesl so cliains. ihence soutli 80
chains, Uienco east su chains, Ihence
lli 40 eliains to point of commencement..
Tin- King Lumber Mills, Lid.
Dated November 3, 1005,      31-5t
how much   It keep a.   horse
ar... carriage.    C i afl rd it  for
Just ocea ional    -      Whether >ou c^a
i.s better, anyway, By it you have
all the pleasure ol driving; none ol
the bother of keeping a horse. Aod
if expense is nr. object our service is
by far the more economical.
The Handle;   Livery Stables
Winter Schedule
Double Service Main Line
Kootenay Section
East and West
Imperial Limited
KI:.- I.KU I. Ill l 1 LSTOKE
I'AII.'i   KOR
Seattle and Vancouver
DAILY lul.
Medicine  Hat
Connecting  Willi  I'm- for
St. Paul. Toronto, Montreal
riiltll.-'l -I KKI'I.I;- LEA. K MKDI-
aii„* lint w,'In,-'lay- and Saturdays
for Toronto; Mondays and Fridays for
Montreal: Kit.lav- for Boston; 'daily
for St, Paul.
Noliee is hereby given lhat I intend
lo apply to t.lii' Board nt License
Commissioners for the Cranbrook ills,
trict nt ilia regular meeting to be
held 30 days frum date, lor a transfer
nt my hotel license known as the
Slriillieniia holel, Knit Sleele, II. 0.,
tu ClOlirley and McDonald ol thc same
Dated lliis 16th day ol November,
It.   A.  Krasel.
Atlantic S.S. Agency
Through Tickets to and from Knclnnd
and tho Continent.   A-k for Christ-
mas sailings.   All lines represented.
For full particulars, first class'.
tourist nli'i'pi-r reservations, apply
to local ii*-i'iits or write
Q. Hilllcr, .n.nt, Cranbrook.
J. S. CARTER,       E. .1, COYLB,
D.P.A., Nelson. A.O.P.A. Va_«F«_, THE -..'Ran .-1.00k HERALD
j 5 a. _*.*_s*a*J Will J W»MOT**»
X Seven Years Ago ]
! in Cranbrook .*-• .** ;■;
X -I
J.   HERALD    OF     THAT    DATE J
%*tfr*s-6--f s-fr ;«« i-s-scs-iai-f e-te-c<*
The question *■*•**£$   S
offlolals. yet .' » ^od »-,n be
slood,  tl'al    M      ; „nl,l Uie wolk o!
time,   «■»  uu        ..     vcWI1Uiii is   at
aa-H; •"»;.-. i i-*-
,ulu and his ilnnied PfomotoJ'
belns received with great la\oi aioni
DooaM division, will be anM"1 «£
Wlntendent, and John Lard- l<i
merly locomotive loreman at Uuiuw.
will 'be master mechaulc
Chiel Engineer Mcleod, icwP
W by Mr- Erlckson and Mr. I troeii
arrived In Cranbrook Monday eveuin
on tt» regular and Wt Utter to ;
night ou a special lot■ ttai «rt enu
to look over tho wmk and [itogress.
at that end ol the line.
The depot al Elko ia about cum
Paymaster Barnhnrdt and his assistant, Mr. Latter, expect lo clow
up their work ahout Decerabei 1
Tbey have been at Maclcod loi thi
past lew weeks.
Tbe turning ovei ol Wie Crows Nesi
line to the C. l\ It. Ust week   **aj
duly   celebrated   at   Macleod   hy
large number oi people whu had he
connected with the construction coi
pany in various ways.
A complete Invoice ol everything
along the lino ti being taken by the
C p. K. and the construction coin
pany. Theodore Knowlton, lorroei
fy storekeeper al Wardner, rojiresonu
uie construction company in thi
work. They will be in Cranbrook Ii
;i few days to lake stock here
Hugh McCoU, formerly customs ui
heer at Marcus, In the Uoundarj
country, ti in the city.
Mr. Sherlock, ol the firm ol Sher
lock A Brcmner came up from Lethbridge this week on a brief visit.
Miss Grant, assistant postmastei
in the otlice at Macleod, is visiting
with her father, A. I). Grant.
A. lUo&att has gone east lor bis
family. They will return in a lew
days and will occupy the residence
that is being built tor them.
Druggist Beattie returned Irom
Lethbridge on Monday night. He had
live teeth pulled while away and is
now trying lo get lat on an oatiuea
Tho school, Miss Maud Keay a?
teacher, is progressing rapidly. Tin
number of pupils bas increased to hi
teen with several more to enter in
a short time.
G. H. Miner is now spending his
Kpaie lime trying to figure out passenger rates from here to OttaWf
and return. lie expects to make j
trip during the holidays, aud in all
probability he will have to pay mure
Uie on the return trip.
The ladies of Fort Steele gave i
dance last evening, and like all othe
entertainments given hy the ladies o
that town it was a pronounced sue
cess. Thoso attending from Cran
brook were Mr, and Mrs. J. Hutchison, Mr, and Mrs. S. E, Oliver,
Misses Keay and Baker, Messrs
Smythe, Herchmer, McDermot, Patterson and Morell.
The opening of the. Presbyterian
church, Cranhrook, will probably taki
place on tho second Sunday in December. An Invitation has heen given
to Itcv. Robert Frew, ol Nelson, to
open the church. If* he accepts, he
will give one ot his popular lectures
on the Monday following the ehniel
opening. Judging frum present ap*
pearancea the building will be ready
Iii good time.
(Chicago Journal.)
Men with lair prematurely gray are
victims of their own mistortunes in
being rejected for positions Uiat they
were entirely competent to (111, When
a rule becomes dependent upon a little hair dye it is not much of a rule.
Forty-live years has lung been held
tlie prime of liie by those who make
the condition of tho human frame
their particular study. It is a lime,
perfcaps, when there i.s not tho same
ability for spasmodic labor, the same
powei for recuperation after severe
strain, the same, ability to work
without rest or sleep (or a spurt, lhat
there was In early youth. But 'here
are steadying qualities that should
fully make this up—aud there Is greater wisdom.
"Wait till you come to forty year!"
sings Thackeray, and makes an earnest plea for the knowledge of life, ol
tine world, and of its people, that
comes only in mature years. One
begins to live in another and a better
world when that time has come. The
understanding of the duties and responsibilities of man to man, to the
community, to religion, deepens and
broadens from that lime on.
OUicr things equal, the man on the
far side ot forty-five is capable of filling a long list of responsible positions
in a manner denied his younger competitor.
Youth is heedless—of itself as well
as of others. Age is careful, painstaking, conservative. But youth Is
a mere step toward age—and the1
young man of to-day Is the old maul
of to-morrow. j
Those who boast themselves in their'
strength now should take account of;
the future. Especially ir they are in
places where they can extend a help-!
ing hand tor—for the sake of justice,1
not of charity—let them do as they
would be done by.
Kan  Cranbrook, cltj  ol om fondest
Nestled among ibe mountains ol the
Hope of   tlu-   past that   now we see
We long to see you,  Craubrook,  at
your best.
Fondly     we now   repeat   ttie   magic
"City ol  Cranbiook,"  loi  not  long
This was a wild  and  thickly  wooded
Where uow   Uie homes   oi hundreds
Wilb   the bright     fires   ol patriotic
Kindled by love of country and   oi
Hearts brave, .md loyal to out city's
Striving   to   do our best wo   uo«
would come.
Ob,   may we ever   strong supporters
Firm for the right, stand, making
this a place
Wlii-u*   wrong   meets judgment,   ami
where  truth
Aud   purity   uf life  meet   lace   to
-c. J. Mansfield,
A. F. Soety, ol Baiker, visited Cranbrook on Saturday last,
J. L. Cartel was down from Marysville on Friday Igst on businei ■
Pete Roscntliol, ol Marysville, was
In evidence on Wednosdaj around Uie
A. F. Kraptell, of Elko, was rceis-
A. C. Cook
..ii Wodnesdaj
is busy with
the   Craubrook  during
of    Mr,
ii. II
: Ryan, was wit
He says Uiat   I
luiiLk-r piiijinsii
I,   mih.i, infant
... John   Duncan
ar rower,   of
comparing notes as
town and Cranbrook
G. N. Tomliuson,
ihe Klmberle
Milling Co., was in
Cranbrook on Sunday with chas.
Spilstcd, jr.
ft*, ll.iiiraliau, ol Marysville, was m
town on Saturday. He believes fully
m ile future ol Marysville. Things
nre good there.
Ed. Congdon, the popular meal
eiilk-i in Harris Bios, market, Is
spending a two weeks vacation to
Calgary and vicinity.
Lost—Ladies gold watch and
locket; Initials "_. A. P" on waloti
case; photo in locket. Reward ior
returning same io Wcntworbh hotel.
John Sullivan, oi -Moyie, paid a
visit to the cily on Saturday last.
ile reports mueh activity on Uie
Aurora property on the other side of
ihe lake.
W. N. McCrlmmon, oi Wilmer, was
in Cranhrook on Saturday. They are
in good hopes up there of soon seeing
the Kooteuay Central pushing along
lor Wilmer.
George Laurie, of Creston, who was
in town for some days has gone bach
Lo Creston to look after the getting
oul of tlie Lies for llie 0. P, it. contract in bis bauds.
A. E. Watts, of Wattsburg, has returned from a business trip iu the
Calgary direction. Mr. Walls says
he nod a look at some coal in the
mountains while be was out.
The Ladies' Hospital Aid society-
will hold a meeting next Monday a--
Lernooou at -1 o'clock at Lhe home oi
Mrs. _. 11. Small, and a lull attendance ol the members is desired.
Mrs" F. Bremner, Mrs. E. J. Cann
aud Mrs. Lucas, all of Fori Steele,
paid Cranhrook a visit during the
week. They were attracted hy Uie
hig sales now in progress here.
James Chalmers, sawyer of tbe
Kimberley Milling Co., was in town
on Saturday, and states that the
members of the mill crew who were
so ill with material fever recently are
now all progressing finely.
Quite a large number of young men
eotiie lo Cranbrook from points in
Ide wheat belt where they have been
working getting in the harvest. Tliey
arc now open to work for Uie winter
in the woods or mills.
Charlie Finch, ol Elkmouth, who
has had as many experiences ol the
vicissitudes nf fire as the nexl man,
was in the city last week on business
nol unconnected wilh the Insurance
of ihe late Falls View hotel, Marysville.
J. H. Pearson, of Pearson A Jewell, contractors, of -affray, was In
Cranhrook this week. Those gentlemen have the contract for the hig
rock cut for thc C. P. R, near Swansea. This work i.s now well advanced.
Miss Emma Yeandle, ol lllrllc,
-Man., who has been visiting un the
coast the past two months, arrived In
('ranbrook Wednesday for a sboii
visit wiih her brother, Engineer
Chas. Yeandle. before returning lo her
James A. McKay, the secretary*
treasurer of the Selkirk .Mining Co.,
ol White Fish creek, has heen in
town. He was accompanied by -las.
a. McDonald, who is largely interested in the Solklrk property on which
a deal of work is now going forward,
James Fin nemo re, of Klmberley,
has been in town making a final payment on the ranch which he and a
brother-in-law o( his have taken neai
Spruce lake, south easi of Edmonton,
Alia. The ranch is 330 acres in
extent and the land of splendid duality.
Thomas Leask returned on Wednesday from Spokane where he was engaged in purchasing the machinery for
his new saw-mill whieh is going in at
Goat river bridge close by Lhe 0. 1'.
R, tracks. The limber will nc cut
off the limits belonging lo Messrs.
Leask & Grady. 2,000 acres when
all the large timber is removed a il 1
he cleared by the Kootenay FniMlau.l
Co., and offered for sale, iu suitable
lots for fruit growing Lo settlers
and others.
No mineral claims recorded,
No transfers.
Certificate of Work.—Dore on Perry
Creek, to Ous Thcis.
England's population at the time
ol   the Coaojucst dui    not exceed i,,-
000,UUU all  toil.
I., an l ---lips dot the coast
ol Ureal Britian at the rate of one
to every (ourti - a miles.
The total pensions In connection
wuh Allsopps wliiih ii is proposed
to compound, reaeh to £8,000 a year.
Durtoj lasl yeai ,17 warships, with
a displacement oi 127,175 tons, were
launch.d iu the United Kingdom.
No (ewet than litty-seveu British
■nils li.ne no heirs to succeed them,
thai number of titles is likely to bi***
cumc extiucl on the death of iheir
presenl holders.
li is noticed in England as a curious fuel th.ii most ol the Jewish sol-
djeis wii.i died m lhu Boer war, and
in whtisi in,linn-, a tabid was erect-*
ul recent!) in a Loudon synagogue,
belonged   to Scottish regimeiiU
This season there has been a woekh
average ol iliiii.uuu picture postcards
i.,,-,,.1 ui Blackpool. In 1U02 tbe
.iu i.i.,,-    was   _il,uuu I ll.-   Weekly
average receivid in BlaoUpuol is 0U,«
imn, as compared with IUI600 in Wi.
The death look place on the 35Ui
ult. ot Mr. Alfred Waterhouse, it. A ,
ihe eiiiiu.nl architect, lie was large
iy employed in thu erection of publl
uuildiugs all over Engl and, Among
his moat famous designs are Ul.
.Natural His tor) Museum, SouUi Ken*
siugloti, MuiiUieslei Town Hall, Bai
nui College, Oxford, Cams and Pembroke colleges, Cambridge, and the
new  Si. Caul s schools,  Loudon,
Maedesfield, once the center of Un
silk trade, bill now a Lown wnh many
empty mills, Is buoyed with a hope oi
renewed prosperity. A syndicate has
lisitod the place and iuiimuled Us
project oi erecting three large cottoi
nulls, which would nu an the cxpeudi
lui «* rn hundreds oi thousands oi
pounds and the employment ol many
luindrwls ul work people.
Greal Britain s yearly imports o
(lowers, nn.l and vegetables are val
iu .1 at over £3,nOU,UUU, apples alyii.
accounting tor  1*3,000,000.
The Duchess of Somerset is i
Scotch woman, anl began lite as Mis.
Susan Mackinnou. tier marriagi
was in 1877, and lor 17 years she ami
her husband remainod Mr. and Mrs
Algernon Maur. During those earl)
aajs they travelled in many illsian
lands, and once explored the wilds o
Canada, where inn-*, are unknown, an.
where they were obliged io sleep on
the ground. The Duchess is a woman
oi many interests ami not a few ac
The Irish town of Little Bray bas
been flooded, and many of the inhau-
Hants rendered  homeless.
Tbe death" is announced of tbe Rev
Charles Edward Tisdall, D.D., Chan
cellor of Christ Church Cathedral
"How far can a horse swim," wa-
a problem that almost stood to be
settled ofihond ai Dublin on ihe 35u
ult, Ram wasted the annual shov
While out shooting nt Diiumoyle
near Ballygawley, County Tyrone, on
the llth ult., Mr. Justice'Ross recelv
ed a numbei 'of pellets ol shot into
his hand, while others graved till
The Duke of Connaught, while oi
his visit to lbe scene of the cavalrj
maneouvres on tbe Shannon, was the
guest of Lord Cosleinalnc of Moy
drum Castle. The castle stands on
the W'estwealh side of Athlone, and
not far away is LIssoy, "Tbe Deserted Vintage" of Goldsmith,
A public pet al Dover, a large Irish
terrier named "Krugcr,M has jusl
died, after a dghi with a bigger dog,
"Krugcr" was always tho first acrost
the gangway of the mail steamers oi
Lheir arrival, and, being a most intelligent animal, had attracted the
noliee of thousands of passengers.
The funeral of Sir James Haslet I,
\l. P., took place on lhe 32nd ult.,
aini.'l universal manifestations of dee]
regret. The cortege was the largest
seen in Belfast for many years, all
Lhe local public bodies, political ai
s<.ei.)lions, philanthropic institution
and the Ulster Parliament uy pi.i iy
being represented,
Certain of the Marquis of ['own
shire's estates iu Ulster nave heel
ollered for sale to  the  tell nils.     'lhc
agricultural rental is about £70,000
and tin* value over one million and a
To be thc possessor of a distinct
peerage In England, Scotland and Ireland is a rare honor. Only three
nobles can claim it. One of them is
the Duke of Ahercorn, and the others
are tho Marquis nf Lansdowne and the
Earl rn" Yerulam
Thrillim. escapes from fire occurred
nn the 3-lth ult, nt Dunfanaghy,
County of Donegal. A new public
hall was being opened, and during a
concert the heal from a lamp ignited
the pilch pine boarding. A panic
followed among the audience, who
hastily escaped by tho doors and windows.    The building was destroyed.
Movie Leader: Walter McKay and
Uiehffr.l Wilson, of Portland, Oregon,
were here this week to examine lhe
Aurora property on Ihe west side of
Movie lake. Yesterday Ihey were
sSswn around hy Michael Sullivan,
ihe manager, and ihey are leaving for
home to-day. Messrs. McKay and
Wilson have an eighteen months1 bond
on thc property.
"Wlr are very well pleased with the
showing already made," said Mr.
Wilson this morning. "Wfl shall continue work through thc winter about
as we have been doing, and early ie
the spring if the Indications justify
it we will hraneh out and work on a
much more extensive scale."
Work is now going ahead in thc
raise from the No, I to connect with
Ihe winze from the 50 foot shaft
level. Between these two is a distance of 230 feet. The raise is in
annul 280 feet from the tunnel, and
the winze is at the end of Uie 70 foot
drift from the shaft level. The men
aro working on a good strong lead of
The Dominion Fair nt New Westminister has come and gone, yet, had
not the exhibition been officially endowed with an interproviueial character, says the Vancouver Province, a
person bent on remembering the past
and desirous of seeing the founders ol
liiiis great land properly houoicd,
might feel disposed to regret that a
slfi.eiidid occasion io celebrate a most
iiiij-uiiant provincial anniversary had
Lieui auowoi  to pO*»s unnoticed.
liow nun) oi Uie visitors io the
Domiiilon Fair beUiought themselves
ot the lact that, while Uiey weie admiring Uie rcsulte of the Canadian
husbandman's Industry and persevei
auce, it was, month fot mouth and
probably week toi week, a century
since the flrst settlomeut was made
iu (be um th oi British Columbia,
which witnessed the beginnings ol
ibis province- history, and whore representatives oi the Anglo-Saxon race
lllsl snuggled against odds which uue
must see detailed m works such    as
Father    Mm ice's     Valuable  and   uuly
fascinating hook to realize fully tho
extent ol ihe achievements to lhe
credit ol British Columbians within
lhe iast hundred years.
Perhaps the thought ni that important centenary uceutrod to some
of Uiat author's readers; but one may
not he uu as tra) in surmising that
the public ai large did not grasp ihe
signiflcuuee which might have been attached io this last national evcut.
Sir Alexander Mackenzie had indeed
crossed the Rocky Mountains in 1703,
and various skippers had also cruise,
along lln lish i oluiubia's beautiful
shores in quest ol furs or geographical data before and immediately alter that date; but il was reserved for
Simon Fraser. who was soon alter to
pass at the ver) fool ol tho New
Westminster exhibition groi.itds in tho
course of that stupendous journey
which N.l Imn to ttie ocean irom lho
wild North, lo superintend the building of the lirst habitation ior peopli
of the Anglo-Saxon race within th
limits of whai was to become knowi
as British Columbia.
This first post was called Fort Mc
Lcod, and it has stood cvet since
where Its founder, who was indeed tho
nrst British Columbian, placed it m
October, 1805, some eighty miles east
oi an Important lakp to which Fraser
was soon alter lo give the names of
his chief companion, John Stuart. As
Father Moriee stales that the former
returned in No vernier—leaving a little
garrison for the new posl—lo winter
at the foot of the Rocky Mountains
where lie had previously established
a sort of supply house, it may be ln-
ferreiPlhat the first British Columbian fort was approaching completion
exactly a hundred years ao. By the
middle of that winter the trader sent*
a subordinate of bis, James McDou-
g&ll, io spy out lhe land west of Fort
MoLeod, who went as far as Stuart
Lake, whicli Fraser was, shortly after, to explore and take possession of
in tbe name of the then reigning monarch.
The contemplated railway developments in lhe North are bringing to
the notice of tlie public at large those
important lakes, McLcod and Stuart,
by the shore of which the panting of
the iron horse will soon perhaps replace the hoots of the o#l and lhe
yells of Ihe redskin. This leads one
to the belief that such readers of this
article as have not yet in lheir possession Father Morice's delightful history, may pardon the reproduction
here of the page wherein he records
the discovery of the kilter body of
water. It is only necessary to promise that J. McDoeljall, to whom reference has just been made, had a few
months before presented a native called Toeyeu with a piece of red cloth,
as a means of securing during the
projected trip the good will of the
tribe of Carriers settled on said lake,
and that the latter practiced crema-
matlon as their national mode of disposing of the dead. The following
quotation is from The History of the
Northern Interior of British Columbia
(p. 61);
"Tbe 2Kth of July, 1806, was a
rather windy day on what lhe Indians
then called lake Na'kal, lhe surface
of which was ploughed into deep furrows. Tlie soap-berries were ripening, and most of 'Kwall's people
were camped at the mouth of Beaver
Creek, to the southwest of the present
Fori St. James, when what appeared
lo Item two immense canoes were
descried struggling agalnsl the wind,
around a point which separated them
Irom  the outlet of the lake.
"Immediately great alarm arises in
the crowd of natives. As such large
canoes have never plied on Carrier
waters there is hardly a doubt that
they must contain Toeyen's friends,
Uie Wonderful strangers Irom 'the
country beyond the horizon,' he had
been told to expect back. Meanwhile the strange craft are heading
for Beaver Creek, and lo! a song the
tike of which has never been heard In
this part of the woild strikes tho
native ear. What can this mean''
Miffllt not. this be a war party, after
' 'No,' declared Tocycn, who, donning his red piece of cloth as an ap-.
ion. seizes a tiny spruce canoe lying I
on the beach, and fearlessly paddles
away. On, on he goes, tossed about
by the great waves, until ho meets
the strangers, who, recognizing him
by the badge, bid him come on board.
His fellow-tribesmen, now seeing in
Ihe distance his own little canoe
floating tenant-less, take fright.
"On landing, Fraser'a men, to Impress the nalives with a proper idea
of their wonderful resources, fired a
volley with their guns, whereupon the
whole crowd of Carriers fell prostrate to the ground. To allay their
fears and make friends tobacco was
offered them, which, on being tasted
was found too bitter and thrown
away. Then, to show ils use, lhe
crew lighted their pines, and at lhe
sight of the smoke issuing from their
moulds the p«op!e began to whisker
that Ihey must come from the land of
the ghosts, since they were still full
of the fire wherewith they had heen :
cremated. Pieces of soap were given
to the wofnen, who, taking them to ho
cakes of fat, set upon crunching them, |
thereby causlbg foam and bubbles In
Uie mouth, which puzzles both actors
and bystanders."
Soon ttereaftcr, however, even the'
squaws took more kindly to the tobacco than to Uie soap. I
The fun makers, Patton and IVny,
will offer that funny farce comedy
and vaudeville at tract ion, "Jerry [
From Kerry," at ihe opera house on
Friday evening, November 34, This
piece of comedy is considered by
press and public to be the veiy besl
on the load. The* company numbers
80 people, anl among Uk* ton liners
will he seen thc lhree Pattens—John,
Eiin.ee and George—in their comedy
act "Jniy From Kerry;" Campbell
and Fletcher, tte comedy acrobats,
in many n.w acrobatic feats; the
Perrys—George and Jennie—in a re-
lined sketch, "The Newsboy;" Major
Caillouette, slack wire at list an I
Juggler, who rides rt wheel on tho
wnv; Mr, Dick Mitchell In a new rube
act, entitled "Mr, Rube From Vermont"; the Florence sisters, Lizzie
and ll.i.el, in an up-to date fencing
and singing act, and Ibe tunny sketch,
•■'An Editor's Troubles," which introduces all ol the companv Tin.
Company also carries llieli own sup
el ior      uniformed    concert   hand     anl
orchestra.     Watch fin lho street pai
ade.    Reserved  seals  on  Balo  al   P.O
l-l-l-:-:■•:-: i !• i-i-i-i-i-i-1 i-i-1-i-i-i-i i-i-m-h-i-i-i ii-i-w
-i-i ■ 11; l. 11-11-i-i-1 l-l-l -i- -i- -i-i -i-1- m-i-i-i-i-i-i-i -i-i-i-i-i
The Cosmopolitan
Strictly Flrstclass and U.-to-
Date in every respect. The
b.ir is stocked with the best of
Wii.cs, Liquors arid Cigars
and the Dining Room service is
■ : : ; ..M..........M.-.j..;..|..< m-h-h-W-I-W-I-I-F
* M-I !-! ! I*l-!-.|-i :■:•!■!• I-1 v-t-M-l !■-!"'•■!-!-■-!-|.
Mis.   .Mary   MaCtlOD&ld,   lii'lts   to  nn
iioiiiii'.  thnt .slu- has started bus	
us dressmaker nml general seamstress
ilo out daily it deslrod. Address, „]i
inisiie Cuius Nest Laundry. '_a-i.Lv
■'. ■■
Quests Comfort i* Special!)
Quod Stabling m Connection
I wish to thank the people ol Cran
brook [or the generous support thai
ihey pave mo as a candidate for al
dermaii. and I will do all in ni)
power to show my appreciation b)
striving for Uie best loterests ol
li   I-:. Murphy.
1 desire to take this method to extend my thanks to those people of
Cranhrook who showed lheir confidence in me by their ballots lasl W I
nesday, and 1 will as then representative in the cily council do all I can
for the advancement ol lhe city's in
I!   Hickenbotham,
I desire to express my thanks lo
the electors who supported me by
their votes in the recent election and
regrel for their sakes thai Uv result
was  not   more   satisfactory.
1 would ask their support for the
mayor and council cl.ct.-l. in i : n
efforts for the advancement and progress of the city,
Alex Mi Ul
November 23.  1905.
'  '"      Ul  "'1 ini'."   I' UOt.      Hun .leeimiiii.ulu-
pu die -1 ii ,lulled in Cranbrook.
I   Hoi ;. td odd lln^
Hoggarth & Rollins |j
 Proprietors       J J
• ♦
frff _-.--.*.      i   .*       i-|lM»*.UJilk4.il|r<i*4
lanitoba Hotel.. 1
11 wler Ne« Miiiiiikp mi »
I). A, McDONALD, manager .
J Tlv- Hotel i.s in the center  of  town.    The  rooms  are I
*■ .
« comfortable and well furnished, the dining room is first- {
3 clas*:-, and the bar is supplied with the best.    When you »
J want a good place to stop coai: to the Manitoba. J
* •* * ? r \- - »■•*•*. f v *c v >
t»f¥f**»*fi>f tf*it
We desire throueh the columns ol
this paper to express our thanks to
the many kind friends who have ex
tended to us their sympathy in th.1
loss we sustained hv the disastrous
fire of the  Iflth  inst.'
We also wish to plaee on record oui
appreciation of the prompt mannei
our claims against the London Mutual, Uie Ottawa, an.l the Montreal
Canada Fire Insurance companies
were dealt wiih and adjusted in oui
complete satisfaction by these companies agents, Missis, Hobson A
Co,, Ltd. of Vancouver, II. C, anl
Arnold A Roberts, of Cranbrook.
Finch a Jones.
n- I'* i ' i     -.     ^*___ «_■«**•*?£•=■
S'-.K.Llo.oo «32s
*****"•■   i*~   . --*-*f*i:i*''
I MuilutailuriT. nf
knit a h.-i.til tlressetl
LUflBER nnd
Also ail   kiiuls
1   1*
i *
■   *
■1^.9'^ . #**MP****######**"fr#*#!l.
UUI S   ll
• l.'tti'rilV.   iiv-aii   a
Craubrook, ll.i
lli'tnl Office, - Craiihn
Leckie Boots        j   LUMBER
Defy the i     Robinson Mckenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Roughest Usage   n    Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Ol
Rou&h and Dressed Lumber
They  an*   the   Btannch   [j
friend   oE tin* logger,   pro:
peetor, mul miner, nntl   il
arch   enemy ni' the   custom  j!
Li' relied upon tn stand the
st'viTf.st strain thnt shoelonth-
er is ever put to. They never go back on a prospector or
miner when Tar awny from
the busy haunts of men,
How Much L ECK I E
HOOTS will snve you wc can
nnl say; wi* do know however,
that they wear twice as long
as some bonis ami a great
deal longer than most bunts.
Ask for LECKIE bnrds
your dealer 1i_ih them nr can
aecuru them for vou.
J. Leckie Co., Ltd,
—— _____ x
We havo .'iilar,-.' I onr qimrtor, nntl nnr stock vrry con- X.
a*i, l*'l* ib'y of 111,- und rjiii supply l!u- uaiiils   nl' ilu*   public ill .!.
liny liu -.    A!:ii*iii_'!i wu sail at custom prices tt-c hnvo nntliim' V
sh ill*, to slough otf,    We guarantee ..ur goods for wiinl ive !'!
sell tli*.:n  for      Lum'-oriniin's mil  prospectors'  supplies  ti v
Bpjciiilty.    1, a na,uiilii y.ni.   We hnvo soum new nnd second |i*
hand  furniture, stoves, ,'ti'.. i,, m.i nt  renl  bargain prices, -j-
Corilwood ii.r Sale,   Employment Agency in Connection. f
Jas. McArthur, lhe Second Hand .Man 3:
Mason & Risch Pianos
Are not  simply  nicch.inii
|    .structures nude nlonj; certa
A child who Is old enough lo
study is old enough to wear
(-..asse-i. On nol cln-uce marring
the life of the child hy neglecting the sight, Eyestrain always
renders slndv difficult and ulti-
mateltf iniurcB both body and
miiul C-ijssi's ttie uot ex-
.   well delined lines, lliey are lhe
product of genius.   Theculml-
, * nation ol the siudy of two cen-
j,    turics is contained in llie
, mason Si Risch Pianos
. P, inic _ Sun., Agi'iiis, Crnnbrook
ti. tviiiit'itiri', Western Manager,
llm l.la Ni'l.n.
1 Order Your Annual I
|J So that you will be sure to get one.  fe
I —
ft   T*


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