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Cranbrook Herald Aug 22, 1901

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Array 1
M'.mi'ki: 2:1
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
ll. li. WAi.KRK.Oon, Man*
Hon. l*.|.n. A. Cox,
I'niil I'p  Capital    88,000,000.00
Hist 2,000,000 llll
Total Rcsoureca  f..i.,i:i:i,01l;l.lll)
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents -Tlte Bank of Scotland.
. i: wiiwiiik BRANCH. HUBERT HAINES, Manager.
It's the Furniture
As much as ftic house Hun appeals in the lover nf
ilu.* perfcel home.
Ilft.ivy white enamelled lull size iron beds, Irom $6 up
Hard wood beds (nun $1 up,
Dressers, large German bevel plate glass, from $9,75 op.
Rockers, Irom $1.25 up.
We have sold a lot of CARPETS this season and have
just received about another ton, beautiful styles and prices the
lowest ever named in Cranbrook-. Call and see how little it
v/ill cost you to supply your house furnishing needs.
Sales running wellitr, on
[try Goods
Wall Paper.
if you want perfect
Trade at
Ladies  Blouses
At Half Price
....RIED & CO.
&:<-* i000.4>.0004®O< r>0,0044&M0JkW_
Are You
Looking for a pack
We have  them.
outfit? *>
Saddls H
THE IRON DEAL IS A G0l;:n,,le9orso ttD lhattherel l
Montreal Syndicate Bins the KiKbe
ncr Properties.
One ol the Most   Important Mining Deals Consummated in
British Columbia.
Kitchen-pi is fi name io conjure witli.
Tliu transfer ofilie iron properly In lliHt
district from C. 1*. Hill hid) others tu a
strong Montreal syndicate last week,
innl ihe progress made in satisfactory
development ol copper nml galena prop.
eiiii's has marked Kitchener and surrounding territory us a section tlmt may
rovoluiimii/.'! (he industral conditions itl
British Columbia, and become a potent
factor hi lhe iron ami steel limit of the
world. When nu'ure placed such a
magnificent coking conl ut Fernie, it
would surely he a practical demonstration of tlie fitness of things if there
shou (1 lie developed at Kitchener, only
ioo milts away, one ofthe richest and
hest iron deposits on the continent.
The Herald man vUitid Kitchener last
week and Ihere saw evidences of" that
town and section's coming greatness. C,
I' Hill had jnst returned from Nelson,
where tlie hig deal had been consutuat-
ed; nnd he was feeling gooil over the
outcome. He located most of the property in 1893, long hefore there was auy
railway communication in this part of
the country, and since that time he has
I iee 11 working lo bring abuul what was
accomplished last week, "There will
he 110 startling developments this summer," said Mr. Hill, "We will go
ahead to determine what we have, and
see if the rich ore does not extend along
the leml to a point much nearer tbe railroad than where we have it now. I believe we have the real thing, and the
syndicate, acting under the advice of
Mr. Blakemore, a man who must be
thoroughly satisfied before he will allow
himself to admit anything) evidently has
ihe some opinion, since ihey bave put
up lhe cash. We are not saying much.
We are simply going ahead. Au iron
properly is different than a silver, lead
or copper properly, ll is worked on a
different plan, ami naturally Ihe preliminary work differs very materially,"
, ance of limestone for fluxing upon iid-
! joining property, it will be »een that
ihere te nothing to prevent the ejiabhsh-
ment of sleel works if the pro- erty
should prove to be of sufficient extent to
justify this step. In tlie opinion of r lod
lodges such expectations ate not thought
t>> be too sanguine, anil the effect upon
the province in the event of such being
done would he relatively as gieat iv- lhat
produced by lhe hpeniiiK up ol th, nl
mines nt i-'emie aud the Introductii 11 "1
cheap coal and coke. Pig iron is v, irlh
t*o per ion today in British Columbia
ndtiril section steel rails sreworll : |o
and light mine section steel rails }'•■ 1 per
ton. Pin iron can be maiiulactni, '1 at
Kitchener for fio per ton which would
give heavy sleel rails at lio aiui 1 . lei
sections at %!*,, and castings am) machinery used it) the province WOU id he
similarly affected nml a great saving
thereby made in the outlay for . mining
plant. There is also the further pos-
ihility of an export trade, as then tne
10 steelworks upon the Pacific coast
nnd no other depotlt of iron ere discovered, which, without admixture, would
produce similar metal lo that of the
Kitchener deposit.
"If, however, il should be found that
thu property is not extensive enough to
justify this program there is still an important aspect in which the whole smelting industry cr Britisli Columbia will be
benefitted in ue provision which Ihe
property will made of the highest quality of iron ore for fluxing put poses.
Hitherto the ore available for ths purpose has been of an inferior quality, and
lias to he brought at considerable ex
pense from great distances. To Illustrate this it might be said that the Hall
mines smelter is now procurirg its sup-
lilies from Kamloops, It is also a I at* I
worthy of note that Kitchener is near
enough to uie smelters ut Great Kails
ml Butte to bring them within lhe
range ofthe Kitchener property's operations for this purpose.
"As to his present intentions
Blakemore said the program ot
Montreal men would he to tlevol
next year or two to development woik
before deciding upon the larger scheme
to follow. Meanwhile preparations will
be made lo ship ore early next season tc
the various smelters for fluxing pur
I lie Sullitan IVopli are in Favor ol*
Sucll a Move.
and canvasbags; also some 4
halters.    These are all go= 4
, 1       , 1
mn af less than cosl as we m
■ *
Steamer Islander   Wrecked and Fort) U
People    Browned.
wish   to
Call ami
close   them
examine them.
ij Fort Sleele Mercantile Co.
OUt 4
r y* *   ,  r' 4   rtrrf r44 r4-*4440
sm ■ mas]    -j^-iiiiHaaaaffl
Plumbing and Heating:.
Nnw is the lime to have mum* furnace pul in,
and gel read) lor lhc winter. ESTIMATES
Rifles and Shotguns
Buy  your sup-
Sliiiiiiiii!! season is at hand
plies and amuiiiliiin from
Improving On Nature
Is one of thc functions of the tailor. By his art he makes
up for deficiencies ol shoulder, chest, etc. It is our business
to do that, and more. We not only make perfect fitting
garments which set olf a good figure and improve a poor
one, but we put material in our suits which some tailors
would not think of selling  at  less than double our price.
Leask & Henderson
Tlte iottt Century Tailors, Crnnbrook, li. CJ
The Deal Put Through.
The Rossi nnd Miner says that
\V. II.trt-McU.irg of Rossland returned
yesterday aftei assisting in one of the
most Important mining deals ever consummated in Nelson. He acied as solicitor for the purchasers ofa group of 15
mineral claims on ihe well known iron
ridge constituting the divide belweeu
Anow creek and (loat river, in the Host
river mining division. The property
was owned by C. Plummer Hill. James
J). Sword, Frank \V. Peters. K. J. Matthews, j. Rodiick Robertson, S. M.
Bridges and others, and ihe consideration was $So,coo The new owners ntt'
a syndicate of Montreal capitalists, pre
suniiilily in close touch with IheC. P.R., '
mul represented in this transaction by
William Itl'ikctuoie, miuing engineer.
Mr. Hart McHarg's examination of the
titles to tlu* claims was the final step in
the consummation ol the ileal, which
was negotiated some time siuce.
Referring to the matter the Tribune
snys: "The importance of the deal, Mr.
Blakemore snid, was r,ot to he measured
by tlie money consideration involved,
although il is ii large amount, hut rather
by the elTect which tlie consummation
nt the ileal is likely lo hnve upon the
lutuie developments of the province.
Tlie reports ol the experts, the assays
mnde mi the Ore anil lhe woik dime lip-
on the properly, which consists of 15
claims, Imve disclosed the existence of a
continuous body ol high grade hematite
iron ore,   The actual width and depth
ol the ledge hnve not heen determined,
hut sufficient work has been done to
show thnt the hod)' of tjunrl/ite itl which
the ore occiires is from 100 to ai>o feet in
a- (1th, nml the geological formation lav-
irs the conclusion that there can be 110
loubt of its existence at considerable
lep'h. The polity of the ore is oue of
its marked features, Ihe hest assay showing ob per cent of metallic iron, a per
cent silica, ,03 per cent sulphur and a
trace of phosphorus; and the average of
20 assays taken from different parts of
the property gave metallic iron 55 per
cent, silica to per cent, sulphur .05 per
cent ntul phosphorous .01 per cent.
From these figures it will be seen that
the iron is al least equal to Lake Superior hematite in matallic iron, and lower
bulb in phosphorus nnd sulphur.
Whether the pioperty will develope into
a proposition large enough to justify the
establishment of au iron smelter for the
production of pig irou and sleel rails for
local consumption remains to lie determined. The quality of the ore is admir
aide for this purpose, and wlieu it is remembered thnt the best coal and cuke
luu the continent is produced within a
Victoria, August 18.—The steamer
Islander, the crack passenger steamer of
the Alaskan route, operated by the C.
P, N. compnny of this city, struck au ice
berg off Douglas island at 2 o'clock mi
the morning of Thursday last uud went
to the bottom, carrying from 65 to So
souls, iucludiug passengers and tueui -
' ers of the crew. Some of the survivals
arrived here this evening by the steamer
Queen. They report that as the hoat
went down her boilers exploded, causing
lhe death of many who might have heen
saved. Captain Foote was on the bridge
when the vessel struck and stayed there
and went down wilh his steamer.
Among the passengers lost ou the
Islander were Mrs. Ross, wife of Commissioner Ross, of the Yukon territory,
her child and niece; Dr. John Duncan, of
this city; W. J. Preston and bride, Seat-
tel; V. Mills, Mrs. J. C. Henderson, W.
II. Keating and two sous, of this cily
nnd Los Angeles; J. V. Douglas, Vancouver; Mrs. Phillips aud child, Seattle;
Mr. Hell, Mrs. captain Nickersou, Mis.
W. -Smith, Vancouver; J. A. Blelhen,
Vancouver; J. h. Wilcox, Seattle.
Perry  Creek   Is   Destined   to  Become the Gold Camp of East
Kootenay District.
There seems tu he little doubt uow
tlml there wilt he a smelter built iu
South Kust Kooieuay within the next
eight mouths, A resolution was adopted
hy lhe hoard uf directors of the Sullivan
mine, in Spokane last week, authorizing such a movement, ami it is dm-to
this fact tlml Sullivan stock, that has
been lying dormant for the past live
mouths at six and seven ceuts, bus taken
a jump to 12 iiid and 15 asked.
The location of the smeller has not
heel) staled, hut there is every reason to
believe (hat il will be built ut Marysville, where there is magnificent water
power uml a splendid location for the
shipment oi me from the North Star nnd
Sullivan properties uml the entire St.
Murys country.
The building of a smelter in this district wilt go n lung way to settle the
vexed question ol transportation ou
Soulh Mast Kooleiiay ore, and properties with large ledges but low grade ore,
that ennnot be worked at a profit, and
hence have remained undeveloped, will
now he pushed to a ; ayiug basis.
The building of a smelter will also
revolutionize the mining industry in the
district, und will be the cause of muny
properties undeigoing active development, aud revive the miuing industry
from Windermeie to the Boundary.
obtained fiom the ovens ol lhe Crows
Nest company, an industry should be
established which will do more to de- j
velopment British Columhia than all of j
her mines of gold, silver nnd copper."
Asked   about   the   lend   question   Mr.
Robbins replied:    "The lead question is I
simply out ol supply   and demand  and
we can no more regulate lhe price ofthe j
metal ihnn we can  that of wheat, beans
or peas.    Lead is lower than usual in the I
world's natural  market, but it has been
lower than it is.   It is worth from /'u I
to /'17 per long ton in London now, but
it has been as low as /y per ton.    Last
yenr we wire getting as high as 1 iy per   George Miner and Jake Fink Out
ton for it.    The result of the  prevailing I
e'.  will be lo cut dowu the pro-
a, Leitch Makes a hv. Ilbsenalioii
od Immigration.
Ioa prices
duction of lead ami when the reserve
stocks are consumed the price will go up
again.    The price is kept up artiiirally
11 tlie United Slates by the lead trust.
"Solar as tiie   freight and  treatment
diarges on silver-lead ores are concerned
they are higher than they should be
when the low price of lead is considered,
but perhaps these charges aie not great'
er ill.111 the exigencies demand in .1 newly settled country where the traffic is
not large and where hig profits are ex-
peeled from both railways and smellers.
These matters, however, will rectify
themselves In time hy means of competition. When Jim Hill completes the
branch road from tlle uiaiu Great Northern line, naturally he will erect asmeller
at some advantageous point in East
Kootenny, just ns the C. 1'. K. has a
smelter ou its line at Trail, and this
should naturally reduce the freight and
treatment charges to a natural basis.
While I believe lhat the railway coni-
p uiies charges too much for haulage
and the smellers for reduction they are
not bo extortionate as other places uu
der similar conditions, have been in the
past ami are really inclined lu he almost
(air in their treatment of the miuers,"
concludes Mr. Robbins.
on a Great Hunting Expedition.
A I.eitch returned last Friday from a
visit to Winnipeg ;ui) other Manitoba
points. While there lie said he met a
large number of people fiom the States,
who   are  111   Canada looking   for land.
'They  are of  tw
0  clai
said   Mr.
Leitch      "Une  is
the  :
r from ihe
middle  or   eastei
n   -t.i'
es h
Ull   .1   tew
thousand dollar**,
ng 1"
r loom tor
expansion.   They
■ money m
Mining Sutes.
orlh $240 a pom
1,1   Bllv
Vancouver, August 19—The steamer
Pantlton arrived at 110011 today from the
scene ofthe wreck ofthe Islander. The
official statement of the number of
deaths is now 42. Twenty-five men of
crew and 30 of the Islander's passengers
came by the Farullon. There is 110
change iu the condition of affairs al the
wreck. Siatemeiits ol the passengers
show that Captain Foole did not commit suicide, hut wns exhausted and compelled lo let go his hold uu the tail to
which he had been clinging. lie threw
up his arms and his lifebelt slipped
he sank. Some of the passenger:
dare iiml there was no justification lot
the Islander to have been ruuuing at full
peed through a thick fog. She was go*
hig i.s,-'; knots, and when the passengers
got out 011 deck Ihey could nol see more
than a dozen feet. Then it is stnled thut
If lifeboats had been better directed ami
stood by the result would have been
different. A boat which was built to
carry 45 people lelt nnd went ashore
with as few as six or seven persons , another with 19, when there were still
many men iu tlie water, who were so
badly chilled that they sank aud were
drowned.   Men were unable to endure
the terrible exposure.
Trade   Displays.
The exhibition management arc arranging for room for trade exhibits from
any point iu the district, and wish to he
notified as Boon as possible as to bow
many will want space. Merchants, manufacturers and others who desire lo tnke
advantage ot this opportunity will confer a favor by sending word without delay. There is no cost for the space, and
everything possible will be doue to lie-
commodate those making displays.
A Ureal (iold Camp.
"Perry Creek is destined to be a great
gold camp" and the man who made the
statement is one who should know
whereof he speaks, since he located the
first claim 011 that uow celebrated creek.
It was John Sherwood, and lie has been
digging in on the rich bearing rock of
Perry creek since that time, "The
whole creek is not a mine," said Mr.
Sherwood, '*but where anylhinghas been
found, and work has been done, it has
grown better as depth hns been secured.
That is the case with my property, ami
il is the case with every other property
on lhe creek. Uu my lower claim, just
below what is known as the Young property, I huve opened up two feet of solid
ore, next to the hanging wall, that will
go as high j.'oo a ton. On my upper
claims, 1 find that the lead is widening
out and is just as rich. Tnke the Young
property. They have done an immense
amount of work aud hnve a rich thing,
and they know it. In their tunnels you
can knock off rock anywhere on the fuce
and it will pan out gold. Tbe time is
coining when Perry creek will be heard
of as a gold producing camp. The evidence is growing stronger each year that
we have got the stuff."
The St. Mary's.
Pred Hazen enme down from the St.
Mary's country Saturday, He says
everything in thai part of the country is
looking fine. He aud Dob Dewar have
increased the size of their lead lo five
leet, and are nol across it yet, Tbe
properly is looking fine and values Increasing with the work doue. They
have also been doing work on the Air
chum, one-half mile further up, and have
shown up large quantities of grey copper
and galena. Un his owu claim tbe
llanlsscrabhle. he is nearly through
with hit* -Ho loot tunnel that will tap the
bottom of the shift "We have a great
country up there," said Air. Hmeii,
"and the lime is coming when it will
have a grent boom, Meu with money
an* looking lor jusi such showings us we
have there."
Tbe North Star.
Mr. Prank Robbins. manager of ihe
Norlh Slur mine 111 Kast Kootenay, was
iu the cily yesteiday and lefl last evening for n trip to Kootenay lake, says
the Nelson Miner. Mr. Kobbins enjoys
the distinction ol being the muuuger of
a mine which has paid live dividends of
fVj 000 each, or a total of (195,000, and
which has oie enough in sight to pay a
good mnny more. At present, he says,
aboul looo tons of ore is beiug extracted
per mouth, und half ol this is being sent
to Ivverett, Wash , and the balance
divided between the Hull mines smelter
iu this city and the C, 1*. K. establishment at Trail.
In speaking about the conditions in
Bast Kootenny, Mr. Robbins suid:
"There is considerable activity ulong tlie
St. Mary's liver in the way of prospecting and developing inu smnll way, and
the section gives considerable promise.
If the iron deposits 111 the vicinity of
Kitchener develope the way it Is thought
lhey will, and it011   and steel works are
established there; as there is abundance
of coke for making iron and steel to be
Some fine specimens of copper and
galena bave been fouud 011 the range of
mountains where the Kitchuer iron
mines are located.
A. K, Watts, til Palmer Bar, was in
town this week Ile leportS matters
quiet in a mining way iu that locality,
but Bays thut whal work has heen doue
shows (he value of the giouml,
James Kyan hns two met; thing assess
ment work on his claim on Matthew
W. I*. Tale has an attractive window
filled with ore from Fred Hazen's claim's
on the St. Mary's.
their smaller farms at home, and have
ben attracted hy the knowledge of large
tracts of cheap lamls iu Canada, are
■.ending representatives to look ovei tht
Held. I talked with some ol these delegates and learned lhat the) were enthusiastic over the prospects Tlie»
theie is a another class—the land speculator wiih money. The are hurrying
through ihe couutry and buying up large
tracts of laud for little money la hold lor
the raise 111 price that [1 bouud to come.
The fsct is tbe States ire gettii g crowded. That country bas beeu the dumping
ground for immigration to tbis continent
lor years. The) bave got good, bad and
indifferent people, and now Canada is
getting the best class ol emigrants from
the Slates—men with mooe) and intelll.
gence, who will make good citizens and
become 1 potent power in developing
Canada's undeveloped resources."
Don't brag about catching trout that
weigh from two lo three pounds and then
open the sack to prove it.
The largest fish is the one lhat got
The weight of a fish is difficult to remember.
If yon catch over iu it is easy lo say 35
Tbe man who catches two little skinnv
trout after seven hours' hard work is the
man who did not feel well euough to fish
after he gol there.
Il is easy to tell how yon got three at
one time after you get home. They
won't know any belter,
A dollar rod and fifty cent reel often
catches the biggest string.
Learn a few fishing phrases. They
will come handy when telling of your
If you have visited a stream and are
telling  about  it to one
j. C, Drewry, tlie well known mining
■ perator, was in tov u Sunday un bis return from up the St. Mary's where he
visited the Dane nrciip of wblcb be has
secured control. "I im positive I have
.1 mine there," said Mr. Drewry. "1 am
now driving a tuunel in solid ore, copper and gblena. I believe, however, lhe
galena will play out and copper will predominate. The next big boom in mining in South Hast Kootenay will be in
tbe St. Mary's district. Tbe ore is there,
and I bave every reason to believe that
development will demonstrate this fact.
Cranbrook and the rest of ibis district
should took out for tb.it section and lend
every assistance pos-iiole to secure belter
roads and trails connecting that locality
with tbis part of the district.''
1   tbe
ho h
been there, be sure to dilate
hundreds of fish, no matter if tbere are
none. Your listener may go also and
be caught the Snliie as yourself,
fleer is not necessary for bait, and
trout cannot read labels.
After wading for hours waist deep in
cold water, and crawling over drills and
brush piles, kick it \ our wife nsks you lo
bring iu wood. Il shows yon are n true
The trout you caught two years ago
is nlways larger than any you will catch
this season.
technical knowledge of flies,
lOtt't know one from another.
Last week J. P. Pink and G. II Miner
visited the Boundary country and spent
a day with Fred Roo. who has an hotel.
general store, ranch, berry firm, /ooiogl-
cal gardens, skunkery, fishery and a
slight ntonopo:>* on scenery in those
part*. They returned Friday and are
telling some great stories about their
shooting. They also brtught back a
pelt, not of a bear or deer, bu: of an
animal that looks like a cat and smells
like a Litnberger cheese factory. For
fear that they might get mixed in their
stories, Roo sent the following note
which will explain matters;
Dear Fred—I am enclosing skin of
wild animal shot by George Miner. He
llso got two nr://.-;.'- >ad brown bears.
I am having these tn urjled. J.ike Pink
said he wasn't much with a 22 rifle but
he'd take a water hose and net more
game tban Miner any day. I have quite
a hig hunch of-Mid animals that I am
keeping for your inspection and cartridges.
Yours truly,
111 never lie about fishing
will   believe  yon   but   it
even Ifyc
Swear that y
trips. No one
will sound well.
Don't tnke your wife riding over the
lusty roads On Sunday. Leave her
al home and go fishing, returning looking like a tramp hs tlie neighbors nre going to chinch,
If you cast n line all day atul return
with a sote back and aching arms, scorn
the idea ol heating a carpet for your
wife, and put up a plea of physical Inability,
It Is not absolutely necessary to be a
liar if you area fisherman, yet many are.
To fish nil day in ihe bridling sun Is
sport.   To rock  lhe baby 20 minutes is
submission lo domestic tyranny.
"Baldy" Morris is one of the best
know men In the district. In former
days before he bet nne so corpulent* Mr.
, Morris w«s n member "f the mounted
j police in the territories, The story it
: told that he with others were setting
! some posts about the barracks. It w*i
new work lo "baldy," but after seeing
'bow it was done he dug half a do/en
1 post holes, bnt forgetting to put in the
I posts, filled them in witb dnt and had
: each one tamped down before he dis*
1 covered his mistake.
Fifty   1
Hoard fj
Wages   11 5(
Methodist-* Meet.
The annual Financial District meeting of the Methodist chinch. Kootenay
district, was held lu this city Tuesday
and Wednesday Ten ordained ministers were present ami several lay delegates. The financial condition of the
district was shown to be satisfactory,
several new places becoming --elf sustaining. Tuesday evening a meeting was
held led by Rev. S J. Johnson, of Kaslo,
and addressed by Rev. T, li. Wright, of
Michel. The attendance lor a week
night service wns large.
The visitors expressed themselves as
greatly pleased witb the hospitality of
the people of Cranbrook and with ibe
beautiful town and Scenery.
n   day
A Car of Oats.
A car of oats due to land
Place your orders early,   M.
liext   week.
-.   La^^to-**-^
I    »pi lei   i
il     \i - ,.r SI I'. t'illl'th'V:
'i lie Hern I i tn -..■ tlie n *n i ol the
dlsti If yuu     i >■■■   .i i\ ii'1" ii  yuur town
yuur nihil' nt v i ir   eupl *, sen,I ii to tills Ollice,
■Success depends upon  a liberal
patronage ol printing ollices.—John
Jacob Astor.
There is one thin] '■ onilar
•land,   aud that   Is ■   ,! at   the
n ■ j    i | ■ ■' mada,
.    .:, bro  i; ill bye     Uut Here
ther towns I (, so we
to a.1 ■**:'    III :' '"-,|^*
I   ,*IO*|.*l   llj   "III  tl  ll.'
Sn    *    IU -    I "" *.. i||,   y,.t,
.lu Iglng by tht c rcu irs sent out by
.-1 aid set in that ihat town
h anxleui to add i" the brilliancy of Its
rei   pil iu in ii.e i; iyal parly ai the ex-
, of Llie IiueiiJi- t. .
George Laurie has wood
of all lengths. See him
hefore buying.
Ilia.,; Tail
M         . III ri
M        iin l.ii.n
Cenlei Sl ..
Crmi   Ni sl  1
Norlli Slni
1    •*■'
K.-i'tv indication points to the fact
thai   Sooth K isl l\>n-i :ru   is ,i ills , let .
■ if   boundless opp irtu .iii,"..    it   wtttld |
n» e   any. n i   o  lUu-e   i ui  a  better,
l>lace  tn  ! icatq  t >r  i iture pn Rpetlty.
pil   m  n h ia stays  with  tlie tils rlci is
ig to ue thankful llut he had enroll  ti -.     e
Mini   ilie   u lui nmii'vvlll   IIIiIck.
I'umi     I   bird    i-   I ha
Hi Iv
The Cosmopolitan1 ln "ab!ed Story
A A  „,il-! U„ !....:.._ L1-.....I :..
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
Oneof the best equipped Hotels in the Koot-*
enay. Centrally located and heated throughout by hot air.
Cranbrook, B. C.
ri red     with  in.",.-1,1
Canaita'a ,
A wild boar was whetting his tusks against the trunk ol a
I Ire.    A   lox passing bv asked why lie did  litis,  seeing  that
neilher hunter or hound was near.   "True," s.iid the boar, "but
when th it dinger do:s come, I shall have something else to do
than to sharpen my weapons."
Putting on fire insurance i.-, sharpening your weapons.  When fire comes you can't do it.
III.   tlif
Hi.-  liuui'f    f. i   IKiW     Mh
l'rU«lpHl  i Mill i-
(S|„*,*iai  i.y  Slnrttin  Cralf.)
te|tarl >•■ lho llu-,-mi nl MIiipi toi I noil
-t.n mi   I tpniiRiaii iii li..u lllniiitf   Vh'l
|.,i   I |ii|    llu,*.*  II	
J,;,l.,l  Miih   Ih.,i  ..I  tin- Wllulfi of 1000
 *  h,i,i,-.ih,i: l luurvi.
Nu  hi'.iiifh itl  Industry  Iiiih     inndc    ii,„hm|i
lldcs        n,       Ihis        pfo-     lloWli     11
W Ii In ii a Inea developing a lev*
miles to the wet;, i smelter a rew miles
to the north, a r.ew- railroad coming Into ns from ilu- soulh new coal Beldi
oi-enlng np i i e east, with new lumher
a lls ou ■ rj side Cranhrook ns the
n tun I and railway center of all ihes,
li.dustrlal mnv* ments te bound tn reapa
rich hai vest, aid experience a nurvel
Oils growth during the next live years
Whenevet a railway is hulli up the
Kiotenay valley It will touch Craubrook. When tho Crawford Hay road
U built it will comii lo Cranbrook
There is good rea on Mr this. Cran-
brook is now t",' c immerclal center ol
thi district, as la demonstrated hy hei
tnde. She U the railway center, as U
■hown by the roads actually built, s e
Is the mining ,*• nter, aa is shown ny tbi
f.::i that more mining propertlrB
throughout the dlnrici cm be rea lird
with greatei ease from Urat book than
tli in from any other point In South Hast
K lolcnay The conditions In the dh-
it ci arc charging, ami i-ach change
Blows to a better advantage for Gran-
br ink, thc only town mat te Bosltiiaten.
th it it liiv.in.ihlv pro Ills hy lhe pros
perlty and advancement of any othet
M vn in '1,1- ti irltory.
.\i we have remarked  before,  Cran-
1-IHroRlAt.   NOTRS.
M .'i to prusperli)' That mrim?
•■Houth Kisi K mienay la all  right."
fn, man wlm shows little rnnfi lence
In S utli Kmi K lolcnay theie days m
b'i i-l lo opportunities.
Th.* mh lug filHlie of tlii* dislricl i'
all tight. The men who know mine-'
win*'. lbej *cc il.ini .'imi enn proper!]
T.ilnu a well developed prospect, al
u ke In saying that ScmliKist Koale I
nny te a di-itric'l w tii wonderful mineral
r sources.
i.i-i        tew    '•■
Am. in*   iht'
b\   I'ntl    \   r
lll.ll   111.
■ •■ ■"   ■*• w11r• iin iiiiii*.'i*   Ln*
*  '"'' '■   iVflfd   ■  -.It'll   IVi 1.1    fU'lll   ll ■      Ulill
1 'III ■ I   ' 1  Ill,- I'llt-illl- llll'l llll   I ll
"' "■  ' ■■■■ lint ish   Uh-s,
,i        ,ii      llm
mil  hi-i*k
lt   ii ipmtfi   v,*,.,,t,
,.i,i v"""
llle,    io >"'■"       ,lmn       "",l
him   ii  I,* mh   erosnwtei;     ,s '"'   '»>   ""'  "'Ctf   Info
I .,.,.11, ill ivssilih'  iim   Ui   Lite  lui'u
up trill   ol  the vtts iiTtil  i.-uiin*,-, ,.i    ,.„„(,,,„ „(■  ,ilr   |-llU,,    [I,,
■ "■     ■■    ■ '■"      "I   n   htoUiui \'**.\     ni,;.hi,,    whieh  iiwull   ili'Velop-    wliicli      In-    rompnres   il
''     ■ ■'-    ■' in nl      li..- i ■ I „f ihe \ms\ yeur's   Hirm-tim-    ol  ■	
NmvIim" l"',)lf'v*s '"  ""-  ""l ■""    ,ll'l"ll-t-   ," ,ih "'■,| "' Mh'bitf'"' ■
llV-rn'II*  ' "ull'n"  this    ""'ll   M'1""1     '"   ;ih'   niirwiH o(   M -    '' I"-"1'"'! '■"      I"»*!**-■    m
  I   n.iui-ntilly   ,""1   '*   wblrh lma jiiM. I n   pub-    ':'' ''"': '"  ''- M,|'' " ''"'"
i lnt I, in   lishwl    i
""I1'"    ,,ll,li'   ""   ;'   "  ""'>' co.u|.ivli.'..sivL. tn* Ml  ivpuii   sftti.ig ;;r'uvi'.u-'.'.'   Ano'llifr short   imp
" *n " '"" ,l"'l(1 sl""li,*s     ' I'" in- mnl,   Hi,.  ,l„, |{|>   .,i •tispeel.s      of ;,i.  ,,.*.*..um   ol     lhe  im|'oi-luii
''"' "'",l      ' .'..-ii   hriiiieh  ol   uiitiiiiif,   |>> .-]■., i.-tl    hy perfofiiifd   ul   Ihf   1'rnvliii'tnl
''    "111-*1'1'' Mi*    r    \\    tlilisiin     Iliifi'ttH-of .Mines, Ulllee.   Ilellfvillf    In   uhl   ol   llm   pn ,,
pul   nf the    \i'.,i,  ih,* volume     com- Well  uiTuiita'il  uml eiir.'fulli    iiuh-xi-d ,
|,M-,*- .i mi ml ier of special report.1* Ny nnd emiluilis    niiiiifi'oiis ilhisitiit imis „
ill'* iuspeetiir.s mul papers l,\   uilliei'ii- of mining    li   wiii  be fotintl  nf   prnc- . |„lM. i(il||     |,„
limlrnl experts id iiincl rest      to ileal  value h>   all coueertmil  in    u in- i-inhs,     ,,\
cpilaliKta  mul  prosuw-tors. Ing or metal-working »pi-ratlmiB. tiles,  shovel   I
i / ^.r- jss<11Aug. 6 iuuI 20
l^SEBBB ^u—"^ I  K' ^fcl Sept. , an.! i7
„i .,,!.■ .,-1-.  ... ..,   i:.,fti.,„   »«;,,,«»,.    » i- >»>•„ n     ii,|,|..i /     > I
There arc n lew points lo      Oct. I aiui 15
,11.11 .«„»-   Ont.H'i.i    l",i 1 .il.uit,   I   ii--  1 i ni . I""!   I'.l.v.'l   "i   inni    I  I
Blum* un I...'.-.-...-..- li  Sl  .I.:;,.'!., Ht'Vt'iili  ycin-j.,  if   11   .'ft '■ "1
Sl.KIUl.nl.*,    .villi,    ll...  iM-ii.l.l.-,  Mi.in- ■.   I  I: I.ii    ...,|U 1
lliitlll'ill      i.i-       1 " lln*   "I"!'..''. Willi   ill,    . .ulI-.-i-     luifti ll.-    I
1 c cmisiilcrcd iii building.
Good w irk. Good    Material
 ||* 1 .I'm  Mm,   , , 1
1,. 1 1 1 r imiu ,,1 i.iiiitiuii. .iik! tlu' price<
,11 Illi"   ll.Uft   .1    lu       ll !.-
Will issue
An   111,11. Hi   1.I.1
-,,   mil     mnl
u!m„sl   Itxi.-h
Inu.I  n,.,|il,ft   n-aln  I
a*,-!-     ih in.   1  I,
M. in.     mill     in,
il*li*.S,       ftll.ll       ...
xi-. \
■ fai** - f? '*
;*     #      , ■ £"&*§  iV-Ti
;. :'*.  ■"      -iftl.•vr,'"i„-*--'H
Vim    American
ixcursion Tickets
.LJ  e* -a -&- -*i t
I.inl    Htlh
^f:!:^*l#|jj    60 Day Limit
,/i*,i*taSj'-SfL  i
■.•-...";*.-ftx:;W^ 1   Choice oi Routes
iu.. iin
ft   11: I
1,1,ft      Tl "inn   1
,,,,,-   huil   n     1,,inl
11,. 1 iiiiiiiiiivoiK*ni...,,, inii'iiim? AM rail, Lakes, Soo Line,
c<  1,1,1  .'. i-i.- i.r Ic! in,.' sec yuu.   II .....>
ilu ,1: ii, ii, ..i.i.il.
Iin Sl l'uul „r .1
tl..-1'.-.lN.,   HI     III   |'LM'   IVI.I
III    lilMIIILI    IS'.I'.I .Vllicll
iiiui ,•! ,|,l,,.i,.,l iiuft     10.- i*"1     ■'
ims,, ,,i '.1 iht cunt,    mul tlii-lnm-l
,,.,!.I   in   iluuvft.   SII.Bllll,- ui'luj
.,,ft    ,.-, ,».,' ,■,•„.„.,.,■ Hi",  'I'
I i„„,    .1,     ,,m
,  1,  Slulluil   II ,1,1
fi    P    I l*\*>k'      Through Sleeping car Koolcnay
Landing lo Ttiroiilti, one change
Contractor.    :i» liulfalo.
A  Siil
lh„ slum-    I"* !
Moiisi,  .In
„l  |,i
11,. is I5il.viml  ll<
llu, llnlnr 1   '., .Ins   uiili  iin
in*!i     siinimi r     in  Ihnl   •■ n  wns
I I1I1   1,,11,,11, ,1  hi   ll.fi hlnrkn ss i,f
.-—I.,.ji.    'Il1.1i   ii.,ft  ilu-  •sun rluss
[•HI'.'       SlH,U    1*1.1 ft"I    l.illllll-       ill
..    mi,iiii    .lui,,'.   1,1   Hi,'  iiiiilili,. nl
1'ii'iifti   II   w.is  ;i   [nnl   in  ili-plli.     nml
ruin ili„ 1,1.1 full in .luu,. linnl Hi,.
,11,,wnn; fti'iim     il..- ■..niii  I'l-nminnil
in.li-r     ll v.-, - .   ,„   iii,'  wintry
ilililliill  li.    llu- Illiuii-'ll  .Minn   Mm,
ili'i'.'.is,.  in   ih„   Villi I   |.|-il,llll'lilMl ''"'"-   "'"'■•'■>   '*"'  "
III llu- -l,i|.|,. limns.   I'l,..-.- now inilus- :lr'7   I'.iiiiul'-.   nml   sliiuils
lri..s nplu.'ui* Inr iii,' lirst  liiiu'in the tun iiii'liis   'I'lii- yiniiiK ui
uml sl.-i-l. ;,ll n's v,u  nl cuiil-EQ In tho " I'''-   wh"  is  ■'   '"""'l
iiifiin   ftl.i.;,.   Tliu  ml I ih,. si,.,.| n ur 11,.us,- .Iiiw, nml wli
.III,pul   viift  .slll.lls'll  mill  lluil   i.f  llll' '""      ""'>'     ''*"'   l'"-'1      ,''"
llll',-..  ,-, iiii.ill,,I   S,-,7..'ISM.   In   llll.lltll.il huiuln
tu llu; lim.'.s fur Hi,' I'usi  1 • p r-       Mr.  IVnupr,..  tho I'lilur.
Uul   Slul  slir.    rollltlllK   In   llio   I. -. • .I, I li'"   "'ill,   .mil   llll'   lllll,U'   I'l
pruilui-tiun l'ur llio nisi  iinv,. uu Mils "f nrilliiii
nf   I! ill   nru  ulsu  u.v.n  ,n i.i     wliicll 'v''*-     '""
11   iippuurs  ih.il   Hi,, iiinvM     suusoii wo"  "'" >"'"'"  "'",   "'"
is lil.i.'v lu llirnw 11 I'olisliloi'nhlo lur- h*»    riipi.1 urnwlh  .Int.,
Hi r    iiioivnsu In lho Vulinno uf |irn- "roilo"  Hi" ruiW! until
„,    hup- 1 Tli
His >■■"
mil     ul- lift
Win.     Fi
ipiilur i-.iii
11    I.   Ih
fur (imv lilhk'S nml lull iiiiui nullum,  lull nn
1 ..  *.  , .   I "... .', ....  .   &   t-..   I"r ''""■ liltilos nml mil i .1 lit nn
James Kerrigan & Lo|»n t.'59,Mraii,.< K„i.
I,    ,.,,| wuiuhs 1 tion ol Ilmiiiliun.
.lusl 11 wur.l nl ,
lalli-r: li wn> il
Ail,vn     11011,villi-   II,.
vninlL-s.il,- ilcnlers In
mnl  iiml     K.lwnr.1
11.   lai'iio 111,ni      hi'
ol  mill enppor mil
lull,.'    ON,|,HI     ui
TllO   totul
llniiL'   111    llu
ul.   111
-iluy, lolio.vil
ki-ll   Hum   sl.i
iiih  Hi..,,, u.i
lho lust  i„n  yonrs llns lookoil    ,,f
cultlo fi      tliu soul   uf 11  iIori'u
pnri'il      wiih    i'oiinu    Houiipri, is sl
.nil.llll,   lho  yiolil  ol tlio     suino    nml   woll   |iro|
luls for  111,10.
L   nl  ri'nps rollinii'ln j ""' •'"" <>u„».t.
WI1.1I   ilui  I pin  llvo I     A  vory   .hlo iiilviilli'o is rccord-
oul   uml   li-li     Thoro   oil in ouniui'lluu with Iho iron   mill.
M"-. mul  111.1,.    w.is    in,,,  is llluir Industry which muy
mul     lish    lo s..iil I., huvo o 'oil upon i, now
I Hi" Bosh   iru  in nu s,.|ii,uu f ihu   .pulling uf
hus yot pruiluooil.
I'lrMl    Ilillll    Will,    M:U,„lli   s,	
I'h,.  -hi-mikt   1.1,1:,    ,'hmiililiiiii.    th"
;.    lii'si l.u.n from l.n,t|„„,| i„ hu (llloil
with wiivl,.—•     tolopriiph,  nrriviui ut
Soulh 10 j -.. KuitL-iiay with a smeltor,
I. ,11 in'liL..-. iimi mines, loail am! silv,'.
11111"-, (lolil mli.t's. litiiiilrL.it. of citce
ovens ami several prosperous lumbet
m il- looks like a -.'uml tlilnj, toany man ! ,,,, ,i i0 i,
ol jii'iu'tient. Hoys, we have the tlclieBt ill l-uko I
d.,niLi In Uanada.   Sny wuh It.
ill    Kill   Ol
ftft.Ll   .IW.l
roil   ,11,llu,      I"" lho ltu.,1   II,'I,ui mill" in ih" Mi
' 11 11.11   ■     ii'l union  ilivisiou oououriilnu  tin-
Inl I    not t o s    ol   wllirli lull  inform i'h
"il'"inu, sprltiR, Kiviui.   Hi" 1 .inl  proiluctlnn o
il Ul" li,,11111    ,,f    mil   nl   .si 1 I sn;,    'I'i,,.   ii,ci-u.il)
ul.nl,  hull   just ,H" pluvious .vuur   wus 711,11111      -	
'llio omplii'.vi'S nilnihero'il  'IWuiui tl.e   -■'■' ,"' I'11* *':! '" 'IBIt*r <*o:iipnny
Kn ". pi,hi  .luul'" ui,-tl  -:o7.;,s;!. us    "I   t'npluin  Sluwnrl,     sinime  siiii".
..-. mpiuvil   Willi   III" lill'll mill Sill).700    Poslllon ..I ship   sl.ltu nl Iliu wuitlll-
Iju.-I    .Inl.   ii.   1001       All
urns ,ui  hour.!    Hi,.  Lft-ii'ut'-st   iiilun -I
1,-,, v inu    Liverpool     mill   whul]   nl	
rut null's frum  llolyliuuil,    ,,:,. nirit-
tion      mis  ,slnl,li-1,,.,1,    mnl     wllilsl
,,,.;  ta    ui   18!,!!.      Tli
nu   ll,"in I hit,     ir.,ti     on-  OU.US
111   m-ullKClll
11,"   111
mors    I'lnu-u will     likolj
j I e  ii   linn,,   whon   I Ile   Wenlli,-r is ver-,
wuiui,   Hml   Hi"  luiss  ClUillOl     I,.- se.
Tho chronic kfeker  will be oul of a   inruil,  llnui  I lie n   will >■<■.,ft" ,,i,ei
j   i in a few months, ..linns.     AIIuroiIiim   llu;  liupurlinunl
l.nl.u Ij'!, to the vurliiu-l inl.oul wnt-
I'tu-ru will tlu ninuy lieli mon In Suillh    , ,        ,,    ,},,.   provinou, mul u-  imiu.
Kist Kootouay In a lew years, ami ttiey ;  ,,■     will ho plucu.J in lho strouln.
w-ll make itiuli money by staying witn     '■" luk"-. ol  Uio province bul  ilu
ll,; r ttry, I ""■'"'  •="»"■•"
If Ii idea is  holler than sonic nf ihe
w.'iiLiii-i 1 \|'tMi .-ir,*-:! ttiis mi miner every
m ,11 -linnl,1 He unto some religious be
Ih ; without Ions uf time.
rhe Lirdeaii Higie charactertz-aii ihe
editor of the Itosslauil Miner as a literal / prostitute.
-Rngllsli an  slie is i-rake" -till  pn *
V   iU ,11 suuu; ul tin- DeWSplllierfl Ml  lltil-
t& I I' I ll I
I to la talli ul Mi Adam, Of lhe San
don I'jystreet, hecoming a   member of
the     . ii   l -•■     Well,   if elected  he
w mill imi  prove a  political nonnenliy
1; nwitiR pi "■ ■■■ ■ .nt im iiuiii! bridges,
routs or trails, Vhe N'icioria push
in )uld appi 1 Late this fact.
1 ■ Chicago, snys tlmt
si rlhcs will il ■ iv* be .1 partial failure,
si ii*-- -ul: in ■/'■■I labor cannot secure a
ni 'ii i|i tiy "i theh product, lie »ug-
t> sis mat unionism should be directed
t,. -v,trJa the i> ills and the election ol
in 'ii .vim will legislate more In favor of
tti asses   and   l.'ss  in ravor oi tin-
c ifcses.   And lie is abont right.
Canada has set the yue in the yacht
r-ce    Will  Kigland be aide to do as
»qll '
It itish Columbia has many pretty
to-vriH and localities, bin noivliete can,
ti eie be I* 11 ul Mie thai Burpasies
'•lleaiitlful I'l.n.iiici, It" ,a evenlngtlde,
b tin tl in ih,' lingering rays of a Mim-j
n ■:! sun. I is .i 1 in ure for tlie tye of |
a 1 artist, and a source of joy to all who 1
tiijiv the beauties of nature.
Iviitoi Hi,', 11 tbe OrandPUks news, ■
says that a newspaperman who is n>
s itlslled siii.niii slim up shop and get out.
There are seme newspaper publishers
In 1; : -I. r ilumbia wlm would bf glad
to ii.. thai il lhey could.
lniiKltiitf. '
Ami      lb"    In'iiiln 11.   1.1 .1. I* ".ii,.lm-
mil   In- s| h.   miirvi Inl i;r.',iH\     nl
hte tt rill wli' .is iin ■•   ilruuKi-i] Iilm to
ili<- si.iU,* ntul burmtl liim.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
01,1 shoes made new.   All kinds
ui repairing,   (iive me 11 call.
Nu, :-■
Ccrlllkntc "f Ihe Registration nl an I \ini-
Provincial  Company,
I li 'i-plij rnrttfj (In! tl loyoi (.nil Ml iIiir
■ 1 -I  sin
non nl of tin'ni
divided Into I,:
 1 \\ iislilnjtti
pttttl nfllio 1.11
end ■ iti*" "I iii«
■  1.*i.i|.;..i,   ml
,     \\ ' iil'I'IS.
11,Ily, I,ut iivv-
sliulil l.illiim ,....., 	
Inq lo Hi,- ci.nslil.-rn  Inmnuu     In   t-'lmmplnln M
Iliu |ir ru,    thu ml ,,i„,ui,iiii„     i„    li"'"1 Hiuli .'"ii
-IlIT.iul'.i   III  I'M S   III
li~lii.il     .villi   llnsHlul'i'.   ivlii.li  is  lhc
1,-11 . - cl
iu,.    Musi   ,,,    "''■'"
,,'tu.l   Irom    "'   'I
AII    llll'llllull    III,'   lliulit
t*l i„,ftih,in   of
rruiu. "liulnit    [rolil" liiltiirlo    t-l»«  -»lll|»:   ulsu   pussi iikui-s    inusfnuus.
Willi  tliu »|...|.lllll  ui  «  III     K""" "r"'r I'""—"1- ') n,ln,v"   '""|-
   ,,,„  ,!,,,.„,   „. .,.      .,,,    mui on    ..us     ,.ftl.,l,li-li,il      .villi
,'1 kliuvpii Ai  this sl..,Ion.    Hu'
lusl   in  I ruuluil,   Mr    tlnn     I
his nsslslnnls luul ■■•-■■■ .vnilinq ll,,'
Ilrsi i-iill oi Hi,- I.11I11, fliuin|i|i'ilii As
soou us Hi,, survli-u mu! iirivnl,. inus-
KV11II.1I I ■.   ill"  |ir..|,«,'ll I     i.i
or,' s Hull   is  q-roWillK  sluiulily lul'R.
,t -unl tlurlnq thu lirsi  tin.-,-   luonlli,.
Ill   I!    luul   lis    Ill   I'ftl'      colli.
'I'll., uiiuili'i' i.i iviirkinui, .'iiiiiImi'uiI iii s,u"- ''u'l hum wni n surlus ol   in  r-
1I1    Musl   iiiih,il,'ft  hist   yuur  ivtis-illl '"*' ".»   "Xl'vrilnunts   ivuru- ,'uri i, i!   nn.
;l^iu'!l''lii"i'Ulu,,!,''!l!,|SsTo'sii     "," nmrwll,..,-. iluvuhi'i'.m, ni  nl Ui"s"w,n.-
ISim.    Thu    I'rovlnclnl   (lovurninuiit '!"*" I»v..„,i...,.^ tt'huu oil Ihu   i',,11
i'.'i'k'iIu.i'o.H  ■!.\i!i"l'vu''orcl"r,,''s'0?0.'-    *•"**.• ' »"'"'*•  " """""■■    »H
7117 In II  ni.,1 ilia i^ffrupilc |,     »""     »'   ""'"""  " -"" **"'"™l
,I,nil,11  Hi,   lusl   iiv,, v„u,'s      -jlll,-    l""s*"U,*s. onu lo thu l'„ Ill Uiftl.lliu
711. Tlio tlisrovnry ol il i.--.-.  ol l'"" " I'1*'1**"1"  '".'uu**.
tl'1'  "-'•"- ""'K  ri'Klon   .vli.-'i ift  nnw llnmiiml Ciiuiiluni , II.
I in.un to Inrluilu 11 litrtru r.r..-..    rust
,„'  l.uli,.  \,.|,iu VM-ullllR 11    r,„l<       '"'- oIMnqslnn. On,., 11, ink
I ilul  ftiinilir Iii tlml chuructol'-    ""'"' ""   '" ' ""' ' '   '"' "I
Isllc ul lliii Iron ivkIiiiis tn 111.'small "»   ""' '"U'lni'iii.  ns  lur .,-  iiunirnl
lnt..||     ,-M,|,,i. ft   ivhlch  lira   llolllK "l""""i   I"     I'l'iinmli    ilusurvuil,   Jiiys
, -i m.uisivu sruiu    in    I   I'nrluy All™ In lios uns   	
Ihu liol 1  loi'ullliH  ,lu|i0Hlt«   wl,ii-li    «'*   '- » I '   ;'*' J    '"   l"l"'
  .vnrliuil  In ullvitnlniio        Tlio     ' -**1   "■'!"'"'  Hi"'   Hlvpr  M
I.ll,,-rulu-u   Im-uIiis.   unit   l|llll,,       ill ■
IV,,I'll     Ift    ,'  IllftUl,
uxiuullll'll       l.v
1,,,, Ui.vur on!    ,11.1111-uul
1 mis Tl ft,,11,    Ih1i.ii.Ih     Tin. viuw
Slrkrl   I   II	
A   vrt'y    siil ftliit,tlu!   ntul nncollrafi*-    ||(l. |,.,v'
I'll I	
town tu Km-	
<*l-|*l n, o|.|.or inu-   ,„,,   ,,,,.   ,,,„
lillrlii.li   is slniwn.  lusl   yrur's nk'ltul
ul |,ill   I i-itii;  It .', Ill liuift,  vului- 1-71,1'.-
t.-2 1, us ,■ pnrcil .villi -2.f.'2    ions,
Wi 1.I1  s   : ' UH   in   18110, I  -i r    ||.. ij,....',,
i . 1,1..,1 ll.nn-l inns   vuhicd nt $11111,-   i,,.M
1181,  lift  ,iunin-t   I! -HI   I,,lis    ,,,    llu, |.,,||
viiluu of siriiL'ili*, lor the    I'f'ii iiis tW(1|
yuur. TliuHO inutulH uri' uxiiorlui!     in |„,n
Hi,,     i,ll III     in   lll.ll I,,   to   I ilinuil
usl    |u
;:?.;;' SJIi General
:::"r::''r;: Merchandise
uiiii.liy     or rt,Iiiih.  hj   I ru     lln  ,,
liuu.l uml  tliu ulln-l  .1 il,„|.li   li-.lt; 111
„1   oil,,  Liu!   ,,11   1! ,■  sillus  lliuru   is   :
un.l   Hi,-  protty   luiliiiii  i ,   Xulioi
Tln-n,   is  also  „n   inl.,ul   n.l[.l isiiu
I',,ul       tii.i.lti    I,\   W     11    MorKi.il     <»!/-..  •
iiiiiusviiiu, um'. uiii.h is ivoriiij oi Oivcn   special   attention,
Mr,  II,,,,Hi.  lli„ Iiii.ilii-r i.inu o! in- 1 "♦*
Grain and
.. li. I'.   V iRl'lll.
V'nncniiicr, II.I. Cranhrook
J. S. CARTL'R, P. I', v.. Nelion, II. C.
I'll,.  Ill-
, wi,,i,:,',''1',;',.',..';.'.'',i'',,',;;;:'jCar lots a Specially,
,.. nn.l silvur hirrli ' J
yulloiv  birch,  nml  block  bird,     Mil
ilii'll   11ms..   llurkl'V .   Unl .   Imvu
ii  uxhlbll    ol  li. riim.ml   lilrcssuilj
I'   Lnlly, Cornwitll, Unl . Ims n v.-i
iillrncls no 1  nil 'lition   Thu l.in
l.us. t'oiniuiny. 1. n. nut . hnvo au
rxhlbll nl linnl raopk' si,,,.- inula. Ill
tliu hni'l.'.r,'luul   nl   Ihu r-i..'.M   is ilis-
lilityuil nil iliu il, in   mu Is •,( I -
bur  Iiml   Kro.vs   in  Unl,in,,,   sli,rami;
uiii'li i i* In tin-.',, ililturuni >';«., »l
 Hii,     Tlio lowur  porl   is Mini I.
|ili 1.  llm 'vii'r il. nml  111,. l,,p
hit-lily polishvil. Tlmru nro in till
lu.ui.v    siini|,li*s,      viz ,   vim,,   pin.*,
Kivull   linish;   ivllllo   pill,..    n... I   1.11-
i-li.  whlto Infill.   II.iliu,il   ll,  ivl	
siirticu. iiuiiiral linish; ruil biri'h, nu-
liinil linish; uhuslntii, iiunirnl linisli;
l.nssiv,,,,,!.    nultll'ill   linish;   bun,.iiiui.
linluml linish; syen ru. .pinrtur rut;
I-...I piim. iiuluriil linisli; clii'iT, . im-
li.nil ui.-li. In...1 lililplo, n.in,inl linish; hard liniplo i ■, ,. .,..inn.I linish; linnl inuplu qilurl.-r nil, nutor.il
linish;     I,-,I   blrrh. inuhngi.^   linish;
I,lllll,    IISll,    llllllll'ill    1:111-ll.    UlllIU    I'llll.
Wl.lll.ll   li ll.   I-Ull   lui, ll    mil innl   linisli, nml busswuoil, ,'iiitiiil,. Iloish
Tlm  ft,!n.s     in'  ,lohn   !',    Smith    .V
Sons, 'I',,mm,!, in.' . is , |„,„.,i ,,,'
i     vory   linuils.u,,..  , i,i   nil   onk |
nuwol posl. ..no
Crnnbrook, It. C.
s—**--,        I.O.O.P,   kLi Cll) l.ndKc
'   .-^   X„   I-'.     M,.,.|sr,t.,J.p,|.
Illll-Ll   .IlLLl.       S llllil.:'
I   .  I.,..'      ...   ,ll:llj   IIIUIL'I
lutl i: 'iiilurl I', li. -it,i|i	
N. II. Si-,.'i.
uk L.
liljc, N,
l, II.
\ isii
II: In. 1
l,*, ■,iim
in.., I
injjs nil
,lu>   „l
W.I', 11 S,',
Solicitor, Etc.
:i'i£S;ii|Perry = Creek
Oliver Burge Proprietor
ol birch,  I ih mul linnl iiii.pl.., ,
thn*  Mi,-I  il.mis.    u! which
qu.irt,-r c k  uml very hnndsol
Tlw   North      A ,,,.,11   Hunt   III
Coiiipnny. ,Jw. n Soiin.1,  hnvo n  v,
iho I'luurii    Tlm iim usiiii.ii is ti.,.   Good accommodations lor ll,c pub-
' Soiillmrluild  I s I'oiiipiini,   I'.I    |jc,       \'„   t   „|   liquors   ,,nd   civ>,trs
(.'lititl  nut.   wIki Imv.- lu'un I   -   r i ■•
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson .*< li. Slicphard R')  Co.,
I.'i'il   Aliiinilaiii   Railway   Co.
Tim,,nly nil mil .
poinis Host, U'l.i
belweeu nil
Soutli lu ..
Inlcrmcdiatc Points.
SPUKANI*' "hii Iho
Orel NorlliL*,',,. N-iillii'i'ii I'.-tcilic
llllli 0. I^. ei N. tw,i,ll|i;illy.
Coitiiccts nl
Nelson   with  .'"-IciniLT  for  K.-tslii
.-uul  All Kootenay   Lake  I'ninU.
Myers Tails with Stajje Dally for
Republic, anil
Coimecis ilnllv
Al     liossliuii;   Stage   Daily   for
Grand Porks and (ireeiiwood.
II. t. JACKSON, lieu. Pits-). Atl.
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
lite, made by contract.
P. II, l-'nrl Sleek, 11 l
in   I
Tin-}   I
Cii.ii.'  and   xx  the  famous  IVrry
I'llll.     Wllll'll       'I'.:       ': li
; <",'.       bn.'.vl   ::.,,.
'Hi,.   Mu,nnn   Cm,i,   ,
, ;;,    , " I   ",' ir„.i, i-, •.   n    ,      a   i   ' |A. I). GRANT
1"  t"l ims.   Hick  jist.iLt.    ytiart;  .tnd   placer
'I'l'i'liniiniu'lk •?I','* 'm'ning.  8 miles Iron, Cranbrook.
s i'i'vL."f",'.'i 'i„n',ii-| Contractor
  !■:   II   IC.I.I.v
iini'i' i.f n   lurllllcil ' Imvo      su...plus
II." 1'iiu- i.ro.in- ! brown,    nml nhil,
ml  Uu' iisyluin Inr   I il    in	
Clias. lisliiHiv
Real Estate and Mines
Kimhcrley, It, C.
ol tlin ,'iti.  Hi.-  Miliiur.
Ih,. nlhpi I'xln-lii.'. .mil li,- '
llM','11   111,Un    tl.,.   hll'ffU   III.luls.i 'LV '
hull    nml      l,,u 11„".     nil      prusml     u '
Rrnntl iipputirunru Irom tl.,' lui,,,  Tht. ]
iiln.ml. uml llm viilui'S ol tin* linish-    visitor tu iim I'nn-A ricun.  ul-'
ud  inl    uro consider,,!,!}'   tfroiilur.    i,.t.    „■(,,,,.,.    },,.'   ,m,,„.s i
Thu   work n   uiiiplnyeil    nuinliored   „,,,   ,.,.,,„.„  t,,.,,,,.,. p„yim
oil       I'.'l'i     iu 'S.      Thoy
'  1,1 I Illl.'l'l'l.l
In*}'   iii in ill. i. lur.'  iriun   |... 11 ]
I.I 11 ..I whom ".."-il were I'lit-ugml un-
ili-ruriiiiiiil     Tlio}'     r ivi'd     wnui'S    tn  ,.,[,,,      n,     nn   |-
 llllilt to S7!!R.n40   hi l.M'.l'.l   Miu       Kinusi.'.t.     Is ll pi
til    Mlu   Miirle  I'ulp    uml
inni} hnvi. n bin -.1111111
I,,nil,I     ol   pillp      us   il    is   llUloi'O   I,   I''ft   inml.'
nm |.np
w. r. ourd,
Barrister, Solicitor, F.tc.
Cranbrook,       -      i        llritish Columhia
iimiiii or
nplnyud w.is    8110,   r(.n,t,..    h is ,,„. „,.,„
Ccriilicuic of Improvements.
I'll""       I'"  liol      (nil        'Iii..   SI.,,i.Innl   Clio 1   ('nlnpilll.V
i ' Imr llMoronln.     (Inl .    Imv,    i,iin|ihs ,,.'
I i.'i'i.iv erudu nml 1','litiftil wood .tlcoliol   w. ...I
,   ..,,„ ,_,, - ' 'hum's tur.     Iron    Honor,   lur    ml   v.,,,,il
"»«•*   M4a.8.0, r,„.,.rs,iy.   nml   ,!„'   I I Priori, pitch, , hur,	
in.* i*""'i JH'ii.u. pul (iiuiii.     ii wldoly-Uuo,, it ol       lli,. roll.,- i ill stinted nninii-.il. is
The proilucllon ol cold hns   some- loll,-™.       Nonr  horn  .ho Inlo tlrnnl nls.,    won ll}'     inliuti,   hotnu   a«
whnt doc!I I.     owIhr to tho cosnn- Allen wns horn, nnd llllhori  I'm-kor, Inllnivn;    One     moos"   nil   Irom lho                           NOTICB.
lion ..( work nl suvorul inltiea.    Tho   l,llc* ""''•' v'*lis|.  '■'»- ""'" u rosl- Atennqiiin  Nnllonul  I'urk,  one rorl-     Tninnvm Ml ion! ,-liliu  -it,,, n,.i.*,,.
yield lor Inst , ■ Wus IM.T.17 oui.ivs 0™l  "' •!'" '">'■ bn ml.     lira  sl  .-v„r ,M,tl„l,,i. Ini,,':!!,.,,''!,,  . intoInN^t !.!,u,„!> un," I
worlli *?ll!»7,!-l,ll, llmt lor I8IJ0 buiiiu frmu    Mr. Newniuii I,   Slumur,    lhe     \"' Ini-iiluil  u,soutli si,l, „rMurk e It
27,fllM  'us,    vali IHIM,IIII8. " '*"""* "!l*' II *nry (* iIm.1 r lor (Inl,  I   TW ,.,.„ i. .i„„„, i;,.,„.  Miner.
Tlu,    v.'ur's miimit on mu from     IS nrnwii - "Whnt's u,,t  into   Wol- one voiins door,   liv,   t    in„,i.   onmciiin s... n ia.:in. Inb-wi. -duly dnya rrom
ir,,|„.,i'„'s ,-, iim; Top  n     nml   "'•"" '"'"'*■■ '« 'I'*""'* moro    limn olehl r bonds, me w.ld s.vnn ■ "'* ""V" "I'V *':'" i,,,"l> l"11''***"1"""' '*'• * '
lhe wanes pnid uguroKilllllu     S,*l.",o,-     '"."  ""'    l"   S'" * * '  "Vt'"i '"'"' '"ll' i"1'1 """ """ ud, Irom    ™„"   "I";,'1 '! '"'"I"""** "" I'm-
li'.tl   A iiroinlsliih- « - "ring     ro-    " **    I'l"    I"""    «» ■ >"» I »" Messrs. .Iohn tlldj  k Co.,    N,,,|.   ..",,, '  •"""='"1™ "'"""> totm
Kl.iu hns lioon discovered nam- Stnr- "rawit ■    "Ills    little wiine? '    sic- bury, Onl.                                           I   Aiullin f lakennlleollim netin. in rs,,,.
tiou,, Luke, whom i'i  u"ld bus I i   I'1"'"" "   "i"*- "" '"'** """* '■"  I i>      'I'herc is n  line sperlinon nl    run-  tlnn,.7,mit-il I in  I.nr..n,ll'...Issiim.oo
round   'I'liu vl.'lil ", silvur is Incnnu- l"*lj1"*" "' l>y the In.,   sos    II,, hupoa „,|i„„    ninol,     llinvor nnd u  silver nf ■nell C-riinml I ,„,.	
nm ,,s lUO.nia    oiiucos ol lho value   "'"' "  ""*'* woman will     ninny birch Ion partly pru| ,i, oltltor loi .lA.Mlis iivaM
„l f*iii:ii',7. woro tul.ou oul, u.'. emu- l"'" '" roloriii hlm," „ duiii or a benvor hut.                   , "■.'•',il..--*'ii>.luy nub.... »,"».
 Builder **
iiiiiCrfliilirnnk, II C
2 Bs
Beauty and Bargains
In Oil Paintings friuiicil
...At Prest'*
and Builder   j*
All inirk KiuiriititL'i'il.   See us tulnri'
yuu hiillil,   ll ..ill |.n, ynu.
Crnnbrook, ll C
Get your Job Work
al ihe Herald office The Besl of Joh Printing
Will always be secured when you get
your work at The Herald office. Try
it and be convinced.
:-'    si
;■'    :«-    3
..*     . ,     m    .,..•
,    ftl'.l.l-  Will]   I' ft  ,1.11   ,,, I1R|,|,
li,l >o',l,
U„l -.„;<.
rtiliin .-nnl even lonebed together. There
I woro un Imt nurds' or 1 1 volees.   At
11 ml .-I' nbonl uu In in it uns seltle.1
Two men Rniod ut tl.,' - tr sump ..ar
''hal -'"'"I  dune,    llu- win,] hud       ti,,,, k.u.n  „„, tumuKi, ,,„. „„„,.
I! .1 not, nml lho wn wna en lm. nn.l    One mt  a » us «.n,i mm,
l,l      l.fts   ,,ml,I   ho   r
nud in i-.-i i in ti'i.ti	
Ami   -lui,,I   Hi,-   l'Uis.,3   Hut','.
Iii,lis „i Hi, .viielila wore t -l us so.'-     A ,„. ,,..„,,, „„u,|lllll. ,,„.,,.,,„.,,
I.liiis ns  fm- ns III,'..' could,  bill   il   tills I  I,,,,   [In, ftuM, „f „,,-
t„'i   I"  lm ;i  duel mi  I -I  ,,f ellher
vii'iu.   When nil wna ,'oudv, eneli prlit-    *'  "f ,l""" *«■ n<* •""' P'on*
ohiill  oilier lis oul  null „,,,• "    I I'l'  «"'""l   '"'  '««*
■    •    • ■■•■•    •■   •■   •    •■   •    .    *    • ,   ■    .    , .  ...   .    .     .    ,,,    .
■:■:■:■:■:■■ l
'■:■; Canad an Pacific Railway Lands If
The Canadi.tn Pacific Railway Company control a large area ul the choicest farming and ranching lands
In the Kootenay District. The prices range from $1.00 |.. Ss.oo an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.   These lands are readily accessible by thc Ci >.' s Nest Pass I'ailwa..
In,IUu-     Nl.lll-    «lt   ,,   nulul   ,,1   Mjlit,
IlIll.lV    ..li'i'li'.l
,,,,    -I',,,  H"* "i'i.I ''I-'"' ilir.-uL'ti tin- awaylng xni-t
""■     .'        i i ,,	
Terms of Payment
The aggregnlc amouni of principal nnd int n-sl. euepl   in  die
iuse nf lands .in.lir S2.SI1 ,*,n acre, is tli.iilctl inn. len iiisinlm ni- as
I   red ntul st; :	
,< ".ul; list     na
I" in.HI, ,1     *i\ illi n	
sin   In,I exeruised in lull
li.ill   tin,in   hftli.ft   Until
Ami mi.' I,:,!,- I. .nm..! ntn.i,i ,1,,. iruwil
,, ,u|,l;,.tis Inl- u>||1 1(0Hu|    w]i|il| hs j ^
I,:,,    IXil
I'luvUiuii. .inu,' t». I I s,,,,,,i, Kurlui
I di"- | t..,- .. I    s,.,.,,.,   Suture'!
played >'"'.   ih.' eliipnineul  il nine, '                    Ui>ii<l*rr»l Morlta.
1 hm li.-™ lot* Milli-r i       lint;      urnaa ,s     mull..-'*."      . k.  k!
 ; I  ttllllt 11 apeelillor. nnd It    .mis. uul    ,, Il.s. like    Urn   •    . .   .        "
win. n  .1  tin, I    lm . i Miiliti.'.l poor     Ily,     oro killed  b>   lhe IroBl         '.       '
.i ..:.!,      ' ii time. Alilllona     ol okk»  Innl  lm-n hidden,
.,       I'lti duel win  ejii ne iIIiik io lho however,     in llio ([round, or in lb-
7    ,    !,■     tin. ,„-li„-l„,.u «-,.,-,. «„,-,    iim     1'url.s  .,.'t a lu lurnlah tho suppl,
• •'     s ,A -1"1"11 I" Hm i.'dii' *■ low: tin- iir-i lu In- n.iiil ;ii  llio lime nl |nir-
• . •'     tfAAS chase,  ine second une year from date of the purclioae, lhe llilrd in
• -,     , -. ■ iwu years and so .,i' .
.,'.,  ** ■<
94 Die following inble shows lhc amniituuf thc i unl Inslnlmi'iitu     »    -*
4*i nn 160 ncres nl dillerenl prltes tinder lhe above condilions- •-, 0
*•   }     ll.ll ;n r- nl '-'.ill pel It iii-l.-iluioiil
i- uii.... nml
lm   |i|s|„|s
1.  tl.O
. ii   Al llm lust
in,   lu iilm
' nu,It
All   ul  lh,-.o lire oui-    |- J
0   bull,,,    ,v '  is  os-   <'..*•>
sl.'t'it   e.   il,   ri
al 550.00
nil llll
iii, .sj
"i' nn
bill  ni  Hm -.   Sm il    ,vol„|'.r,ui  "iiMiiiot   in ,'niiii'  i',r il, ir   T-T
'■ml.   His  y «ns inUeii    i„,|„|usa ,.„„',.,     Amonir corialn bdu-  *9 *-? k I 111 hl>I*11*V  •■   llu' Idisiness and shinning ni.illl l'ur
 I..      innl   I ..nil,.,...   Llin I '*' I l\ lllll / W  I     I V*    T . - .i.i i	
"'.".•    i'i"- „  bull  "i     llin  mulorlul   lur    i, .1. -'    *M,r|l| Miir illlll SlllllWIll IIMICS.
HEAL & ELLWaL, Townsile Akciiis.
Ullne i luls) ntul Imd loll*,'
l'nyi Iriilinn,    nml
1    l£hf:              .:•'   i}3 i   "•'-s                            ' i                    '.-.".-.'.'••        k imlltTli'V  '     '■'*'>"-iiK*>- and -liippini*  point I'm*   ilie
sill in,tin,,l Ida nit.' llim her iiin-innotir    i i .s
Imd rnllon.   I Iiln'l rojnloo. i sh ilmo    u, iH-nvldliiK ill thu aprlng ,; .
iliilii'l   mini awny.    Aa n ooiillomini,    muuuihiiu.   to onl   ouur m   I tor T-»,
llmuift'li he luid boon wroll*.-oil. It was Ills thu   vornoioua   uppotlte  Uml   clinruc- '•"■J,          ,,           .             .     .    ,.      , .■■■,•           .,    . ,,
limy io i im mi., nm smio „t inr  torizoa un, i no I...... ihu .-nut. us (I.i''      CranbrOOK IS "*e uivisional iiniiii ni the Crows Nesl Puss
llmioees nnd nak ns lo her rtiltlre, nud    ll™   Inniiors    I iv very woll     TboTrS) I'llilwilV (lllll the I'lllllllicrcilll CCHlrC Ol   Smith
"     ,1   It.    Sim ili'siiL liiii'ii   lo bnr.vil'K    '"*    aoxtini   beetles  deposit ®21
I.  ..Mm! und hor  onla, und It wna 'll"'r    '■"-**  ,"'      »'"  '""''**'  "' 'l'*"*l (i«*l
aminp..i .nm si,,, sh.,,,1.1 do ao.   a   b"'"s <" '"■ :'•„ ''"■"•; "."V" L?
•  col.tle-    n.lBl.1 have *i, n it.*,, ly not for Sv ,1Xl,ed"be• o   '"""'" "",',' ""f jlf
ru.   mil  this story    Iho liualwml to liiivo Invllod lier nhonr.1 ,,,,„    ,„.„,.,.'„ ,, rorotiimiKht    lliitia "' Irk     '"r ",a',S '      IlirtltCr illliil'lllllliiill lipplv III AjJL'lltS IIS IllllltC ul* III
'• "■'Itti'll >r 01 f    ":   llis """ ■,;"'1"  '"'■ ""-* "■""■"   "''I'* Slnre     ol lootl   .ralllnu  hlin whon  iu ",'V.i
II ui i.is stiinilliiii.    bl" l"-* Inll1'1' "' |,'*,',"i "• "I t'lllier Um spring the sun stirs the budding (-rei
; ,;! ;,, iove    did be Willi  l'„r Ihe liiti'inl Li'ii'iniiiiii'S    Hi,. ;  bj   iis sii'iiimo nli'liotiiv bids l./p
,       ,             nf lhe muu who Iiml fnllt'ii by Ida linnil. It como forth     liutt.-rilles un.l miiil.s "* *(i)
'" n     li" iiuulo Iii- wny i.iilI, Iiuiii.' ntul upon aru victim*, ol iim Ilrsi (n.st.    Both ®®X_a __ „ a._^_a, «,
r",r   "* "'»■    Ins arrival gnvo ,■  his imomlon lay egg* In a suilahlo feeding gronod i.A?.'",",'." &&?,['.'".
--■■'" t'J* thnn sho    u, seeltre it divorce nod rolulod will t    during    lho    enrly     -un, r      Tho ^i.-®-®-®-i)-® ■'•> L,
ua In no sense netti-    exidinilol, or exlriivngimee the fate of liiitebi.il    lurvo     or   eaterplllar cats
inntlvos.   The girl    the  lllllll   ivho  Innl   ivi-nogcd  liim.    II vorneloosly,  gorging  Itself  until     it
he .lui
lillSI Kiinlciiiiy.
V. IIYIli; HAKER, Townsite Agent.
I .'niii*- uniler $2 50 per ui re nre sold
mi slitirtci lime.
If  Ilk' I.Mid i- p.-lid [nr ill lllll    .'it    Ilk
Unit ni j nrclmsi. a reduettun from tlie
prki will be nllowed equal lo len per
cenl rn iii a mon ti l paid in excess oj lhc
usual i,i I instalment.
Inlcresl .it uh per cenl «ill in,
charged in over tine instalments,
The Compnn) has also luls tur sale
in ilu following im-.ii site*- in Rasl knot
enny: Elko, Cranbrook, Mi.ullc. kilch
uiicr, Creston ami  Kimberley.
ilk' i,nn-. ni payment are one third
cash, and ihe balance in si\ and   iwehc
mini   s
nti I
111. '
Hi,'.' .-
Wns .
iliiml.t i
bnve i
Willi bl
•ami .mi
bee, i ii
ami. II
A' . ii
foil  ill
till]   ... :i
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
- •.' -. •■ •.) ..I -.1 (•>-<•>■ i	
llpi rdelnl, imt ns    w*as
tluwdler iiml  n    I'l','"!* li"!'*;
„,„,..„   .,.          1.,'l'ilTnl	
"Aw. lo bo s
.bibs iim.,mtii'i'.l us "n    ''"" ■'■" "", ';*     Fbiully II spins a   Kt*************************-.***•*...******...***...**,  ,,„,„.„...
,... ,, ,., ,, ,     cocoon uml mnkes really Inr wnter,   -J- 1 IXi.Wx- .
■euro       ,o '1'"r""""      ' •««*»»      5      *—.^ >   \,L±J..
3 ■-.'inml.i'ilniiL-iit. enlly slumbers in ita aniig quarters,  2    T^l       _      fO S S * \:\
i The Cranbrook    i
s lull a
oxnoelod   un   olllior  sido. *,',  ,'"' '*""'*,*' ,' '".'","    noiirialtotl by    i> tiiul store    „r
,„,.. .,„,„.. •„„„.,„„    mulli innu is ii Kotilloin, eenwltl bo ,„„,|     „    ncconmlnled whon u cnter-
t.li.3  .mu   .imlli   linuenca .,.iyl„„iv else,  ye soo.    Ves   nn*   dem     pillar.   Al lhe pro • time it emerges   *
■■Ilia t.rnlinin inlglil Imve pretty littlo llleldenl, and If il wusn't us u gorgeous'butterlly, rondy to bo   *
in '' and liiiliiencc, tbat I am always so doni seaslclt when    tho   olo m    ol     bounty it over is   J
■   ;.' ; .nnt ■   ;t dawdler, n I go lo sea I should like t.i huvo been    among Ihu su r Holds.
,  gentleman,    lirst,  lust there, ye know." Spidora aloro n,vn3  no rood supply
lm, :    v.". I gentleman.                          for lho    winter,    liuutilities of eggs
,.i   i" i Uvea -siiiioi',1 nlsn I                ,,,,„, '"'■-  l.ii.l     ntul    arc  carefully stored
'"    '        ,--,.111,11,1   IIISI,   ,                         ||, 1«.-s.   I',.,ol  ' ,          .           *
"'"""•"•|) '"'■ b°* ■ "-■-       '•--"*"' ««• ;::";„;:' t:;':;;",,:;;"'^',,,,.^;;,""; i
wenthor. nnd eminenlly snug    .vim.   *
there hua boon no excessive cold, i S
his repiltu- ; colli discussed II
. .. ' mtiinttiliibig it ill;
I sitbuillleil some |
tr.    thy    coilslitutloll    looking    lo    the      Um.- Srtii'ov Flil.er nml Uunlfth Oalrt.
elllnllintlon o! slavery, without which,       Tho Hon   Sydney Fisher's  Ibjoct
I he said, "the rebellion could never havo    ennilng to ll  - c itry on his pi
' oxlatod."    Ilia  lllllll  uns  In  |
I Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
s k
»   :
in all I lie
Towns in
P. Burns & Col
1      M. Mclnnes & Co..
« link■..,!.. ind ktlail
fnr ;
linn na
1 lltNll    TO
-., mi, ti. in II wna "ith l';iy-
cou lirnlinin -   .. Il'e.    lln wn- also ;.
(lnii.' ,.    .,  iltuuty   I ;i  gonllomnn.
'Jl, .   I) Inpao, uml be
lived i" tigrol ii.   Wh,
•ell  in line will wire nml
retail 1,1 ili.il I anil, tm
mi,,i il,,. | ....    Where
Ills in- urn-il '.iilm;  in
lm.      ■ i .
loll   ■
boll.il -i Ilia ,lm,' t"
rem ■ i
li,,       i nml   Tl over nn i lope
m, tu ,    . ml, bin ii ,i ii ",
l.l.l lb.*   dis
eon , , ,
fin |i      ll   ,'  i i'  lilt   .
lb,' ■ dllll 11,1111 111
li,., II   I,
dm all oalml) 'I"", n
ami acid,  ," i-i ;i I  lie,     ll I
1„  i - loses  ll
Ornl nnl II inn
(jou ii    ll,- ivns nl ,, :i ui i i own
.'I I'll WO.I
In . .1   i"    l»Ok   I'l'
I 1 I'ruvltlence wen
nit ■    . ,.     tu     Wnirord
1.. tti ■! ii i ram un,
1.1, .,:,!! i|l  nl   :l I
y, in
fi  I.i
oiniinelpntl.ni in ;t period ol .;, .vours.
nml lm o red Inlo no elaborate iiiui*-
in.ml t.i show Hint this would bo  '0
piiidi'iil uml ci'i.iiuiuii.il lliaii tn continue the wnr. Tills led him lu I'liioi.'ist Jj"
tl.,.  probable  Increase  in   population, ,,.,',
which bo believed would continue ttt |...
its normal n li u  .;      ,.    Ile said;
"A, tbo -.nn,' rail r, ns, whleh i •
I'min our Ural nnllonal lliisiis, in I7IH), Is
lllilil Ihnl ,,l*   Isiiil. wo sn,.ulil in  100,1 Hn
have n popnlnl , r in:; - ,*-.. ll.".. mnl "'"
.\liy mny wo not continue tlmt ratio ***''1
fit beyond Mini period! - ' ' Wo hnve ['
i     .   .    nlliea   tare mile,   why ,„
pen tin- eyes- if eueli *
■ ,■    - ol tl... English *
i-i,.in. snys tlio I...ii- J
nt   of   Tho    Toronto ♦
,!,s I'aondn tb
thing,  uml  i,,
.',' I..'ing *
rtalttex- *
succeeded   J
-Al.l.    KINI..S   01'-
1 Meal  Merchants I
;~i Fresh and Cured meats Fresh .3
ra Fish, (ianiL* and lJ,mlir\. g|
0 ******          ' B
*J   al           r^-7 r^
^"^           V'J We supply i-nl\ lhe K>t.    \<.ur [Q
[?] trade is solicited. P]
•]S1[HE!ESE3[SE; *    13  1 *.'•: 33 * 33131313
8 E] Britisn
* I ■ I
y ii*;: Columbia
» ltd
?  B
;,. ns  mnny,
.uns nre ah,;,,
llmeaver-    ,;,i ,.( m;t    -..,,■,,.
nl or our    in, no "i .     il       good
I nvi in,:o.     sli .l     ii..,1   the »
... , in as    ol 'i'i murk ■
,1 ■!.   I . sl  yenr nl	
In    pms     line	
mummied lo ovei   I ll
orgeat  n, ihe «.
.. ,rly Inprea- J
Is on I     by J
Who     solid *
,,t butter   Ior
.-omen! In Hen- «
1.10.1131   •>
Robinson & MeKenzie.
iiu nii'i ni iin- I'li.i-iii'.
 "'" "    "'ui' m.lk"
lho nnrlh not        e nt       iv.-lc.ine tl tin    ,,,     ,.,,    ,
-: ....    ■       I
-   ' ti,.       1*1     •
tl tlu  tnt'ltlb oln cave, l.olng   nrierwnrda  atnmped  nccordll
I                               i-ielnity ol  1.11 in lu ,|im ...'      -"  Ihnl   the     pilrehas.
 niot'e knows exnctl.'   whal  lie ia pnylng to
lied pints the excorslonlala     wo
,  s sui'l.fisod   Ul   receive   |,|',„ • mill lleltli,
opt when
lit*. us
,    :„ : 1,.I 11 111 »t.    lift colillillng
3^; Rough and
.......   j......   * '■-
Dressed Lumber, \
I Dimension Lumber, fi
Shingles and j    Saw and Planing Mills
j mouldings. ||
1 Rough and Dressed Lumber
.,',! I'LL.     .
.00.000,    tho   J
igiiilo     the   Jj
w   be honied
ThC.. h::;!::StS:r  ::     The Prospectors' Izxchanjre     \\
grout rn
nnl cot  wnn   llj   ii  Is seldom
,!        lusl      Ii   breeds   throll  I ho
sll., turns     nt      tlm   It,
1 ■   thill   iiniili   (111
lor  which   In  Ihis  cot
is  consider Ill
Ihere silccea mil)   Ini.te.1 nnd cured.
No.4 K-W.-C. Block, Nelson, B. C.
Koliilrd Throughout
Ni-wly l-'nrtiisheil
!|^ iv-.;'',l,';v,' ;„;.:': '.■,,
pn iirnpcrty r«r»aie«rei ip\a*it 11 ■
] r.'.J i.ii n    We i!mIp t iii ..1 I, mi
i^i Itr.lMi niimiiiila    IT.»i-ti.. .
I   Uie KM tlAS't E.    I i'l 1    Mir     *,^*
if llll ■'..!•        \   .-■    \ ,.-■'
Craubrook, H. C.
\ .1..11 u ui  sirii..-.
In Min ' Wesnage ol Clnrt-la" .1 man   L. Ii. VllllDecar, lTO|>
und   wlm 1   Kotilli   Atlntitlc    wuh itivert .1  U-tioi   In ilrllvcr to the'
■  -'iv   '" *'" "     "' "'"•"' '"' *■ L'i ,;l11' I   .... ;
in   .    umi nor- '■  "i »•-><  '- * 111-,::
roo.1.  No
ph.elii       11   Is  , i-lil,
I      flu's    I'"' nil)     l-Ollll.T    till       iviliu )        v.mn'l     ln,'lii|„'.|-,-ii "   ti.V
nimiber 01                           I     trdrn 01       ,,, „,, ,,., ■   ,,,   rnrimihis, or "mill |,|, ns Ibo blnla oriell   II nnl nlwaya, vioo        II"     wna  given  Ins Job nnd
1,,,,1,1 1  ti year, and eaeli bi I ti.hl ,.. dn II, uml nllowed to do It. . .
,, 1 1., 1.,ii, „i„M .i,,.    ni - rrom rmir in si. young. -Un      Nil" n In'i  be enrrled loo lar In-, ]
\t?3 (*,„,■,■-(,,.,,I-t,,',-soil,-,l.-.t     Ann,.-       roi     ,,, .„-;.,
II A fl   E'i Andres. F. Rosenberger, Nelson, li. C.   ",i
not el i-'*' --"■'■     a
• ••1 ivivi r-igaiisai^^ifaiBjEas       mmm&imm
......t;.   pjie  Western  Supply   Co.
,     y      11.1111 1   mn 1   liim.   or  .un   olliiT thiiin. I if l       -— *t vi * * m    a      tt*
„    ■■ '"" *0,1 win n.,-    j r* f*n**W1*kry.(\\ * ',; Late Hill & Joll
1    liii.'m,".,,1    .',",',,"",, 'ir'um'mnn'si;:   VlClllUl Ul) »V       0nc»l8 Cumlnrl I Specially     J j   Wholes.,!..* und Rdail Dealers in...
I Hotel ** dt
linnil Siahlinn in Cuiint-tlion
S'llil I   Willi   Ibo  il,
ovei      led    Su '■ mh 11 an " hu ■ lopi -
Willi   .      libel   (mill's   w   II  IIIIISl   Bl'l'll   1"
Bl,,,: n In 11   . '.li   ovi 'limit,,I
mnl .. ,1   .vita .1   itelllli ui'iii   1,0
fallnil) wnliotl ror oi.iiis 1, lake Iheir
comae. I'orhnps lhe loss ol aoine ul
Ills spins hi a nurtii. ihns kiirliin libit
nub. 1 hull) crippled, aided hlm some-
•fl'lllll in lii'lm.' 11 |,hil'is,i]ihor.    As ;l itotl-
lloiii.it 1 .'tn Injured husband li was
Oral urn's plnce lo uinlte lhc Ural cnll,
■ml he did il. lie wns rowed iill lo
Bl.-il.-.i'l'-i rnelil in his mu. nud ns ho
Wenl 11  alilekc was reeelved will,
«|l due respect. Ills wlio bowed ,u
-bim. Klnirnnl lined Ids hal nn.l hopoil
to was tv. II.  1 11  lhe sailors had
toon loolillij* lur n brawl lhey were
disappointed l'i,loss n Bonilrninu's
Wits have boon ilrlvon mil bv wine, nnd
tbnt occnslonnlly liappona, lie dnos nol
roll 111 llm Hind  in 1 lio.    The wile
tad nu tiui's. livstorlis or exelisoii, and
Blut'lmil lllll imt pill liu'WUl'il nny re
groin ovoi   Ills oollllllol     1111  liis  purl
Graham did  isl, why Hu- ni why
thai nml Hum pull a tlitimi'l llllil lull
Ills *.
II  waa all very nuloily nml nln I)
trn.nm.1.   *l*he Iiln disoLiul.il lo Ihe
...    „ mn   1 ,1	
1 1 was     A„«   ■
I'ivorv  house hua  ii a
loins'  IhlllKS, nud every j J
„, ,,,, ,„„, , "" .*■*" """"   "luls ...11   whut
N" hus, ImoNs ,,.„„,,„ pie, Min.   J-,^ £;,™' ^™^Z
ll... world  ims  iu  lho Inlenl  ul some    I
Ile lapurlly, even bntiBlily. lam not   ,  „,  ,,„.  , ,,, u,.,  r„|ks   „.lu,
Neiiros, 1,1 rnllinad an.l depot,    lias «, con In-
llona for thc public tinc,|„ollc,l In Crnnlirnole,
llo lias big, sloop)
Mine nre
.ull   du      1 hit,us.   nml   I Inu   lot   Uinn
I il in. alone 11. ilo ih
Jl"  hns p.'iws soil  its velvet    Thill ]
nml ti'cinbllin* niliie.
A. T. Vroom,
llo sun..Is rond) lor n linlio. I've nol       Jnclt t'lllvor, f,,riuorlv rlorl, ut  tho
,„. ru nu    I'riiiilom.c,    Qtlehcc,     whu j
llo' bus repose.  Worried am I. ' "•'"' "' ""* w'"' "'i'l' the Ural Cniin-1
He ia   in s *t, big 111 eatillfnl, •'■•'" C"ntiiinotii and wns woaaded „i
,„„,, _' 1 mi,,,  rni  1 line  whkii   H"  ''""' I1S *'"'  ""''''• ,vr"10  BlacksmithlnR,
one,  mm...    rpnm  ni,„.,„,„„,,,;„.  Wo|,    , ,M,1    m-l
!! Cattle, Dressed Meats
j And Provisions.
; Head Office, Cranbrook. E. JAMES, Manager.
 Proprietor      ;,
  Win- Matheson, Proprietor.
rrom  nhmmfuiiloin.  Well,   I did    gel
I in mu umi never can no. (  (l( ,h„ bun||H U|]1|  Krug0,, i„ik,.ii
Vol we live llio sumo. ' nbuul     yuu   know   whon   lhe      ,)i l
Ile hns no ndvnnlngo. st.,,t  ii„. clinlculuto to thu    in.ups.
The suit..-  house shellera ns.    W( |{ruger Hindu lhe renuir*, that     tho
hroiiiholho sniito nir,   \Y tl llio mini tjuoun eould sund thom chociilnte und
r 1 tie lingering rondly over llll suvt hu (Ivruger) would give us     henna.
mill I'lutrsos. being ospoolnll)' ilovnleO Well,  I g u tlle loll  leg        It
lo rife, iiillli, 8oii|i, ment, oil and vego wenl    In tho Ironl ot tbo cnll    and
tables.    Wo even sit upon tho saint '"' '  '" "
Wagon Pinking,
nml  I'ninliii'..,.
The hotel hns been reopened niid is now rciily to eater to the
public. First class dining room service. The^besl oi wines and
l.,|iiur.s.*it the b.*,r. ROI3BK1 SHAW, Mnimgcr.
We have .1 stock ol 	
Common Brick, j |)() You Sell Liquor ? ? ? ?
Pressed Brick, '
l:ire Brick
and Til*.
1   did    not.
li   iho    bono   It wns just    umi All kinds ol work  given  prompt
'","1*'',    ,,,       ,.., ,,,.,         ft             wool, ue,, tn-duy I wns sho, uml     I ,,          .         .„
So why ihls nwiui .nil. toiuo;            cimnol sny iimt  l hnvo had    moro attention, and we will guarantee Those wanting chimneys, fire
mlvu'tiiage'ln i'h,'' 'I'l'uii'ter' ul*"h„,!rd am    ',!'"'.'. I!"!'.,!!.'.11!.,1."."'''!?.!!!"" .'.'.'.'..'.'.f.'i"";','.      satisfaction to our patrons in .ill | places, boilers lined, or any iob
lieep. t horo Is one grent din*,*, col   I
duoa mil work holui'oii inouh,.   I'blla   und my log is rittbut' stttl, but other
dol , Kli'iu.I.
, 1,11111,11      Bliy     I Nil I       I      Mil \ I       I III'I IIIUI tl ** 1   " " - D  *   ,,«Jv    ni.. f.   - - j ..,   ■■■
tlinn iiiie-L.ilf hour's im... uliugi'ihor.       satisfaction to our patrons  in nil i places, boiler;; lined, or any lo
111    It  is ii nice clonn Mnuaer w I.   ul , „ . , ,,,,.,,. ,,
11.   o,,„,so   in,,  gel  ,1 hed yoi      we do. Yours lor trade.      work in the bnck line call Oi
a. t. vroom. Geo. I-t. Taylor.
Wfflu u ia all o. JC.
until you mc.    I   LiLI ICK   Sou III I nsi Kootenay.    Write inr Price I
Cranbrook, K. C.   •"   *^   *^:
PELTIER is also agent ior
This is lhc supply point lur South E.isl Kuutcnay.
I 1*1*1 1*1*1	
'II   I'.llS  I ,
We opened up Monday morning, but all of our stock has not arrived yet.
But we have some nice things in the line of CHAIRS AND TABLES. We
are now in shape for business and would be pleased to have you call
and see what we have. We do not think it trouble to show goods.
If vou don't give us trouble we won't have a job.
.1. tl. King, Pres.
W. T. Ried, Vice Pres.
.1. I', rink. Sec'y,
Kootenay Furniture Co.,Lf
Bremner's Old Stand
-SKS-® .  a .. p-®-®-®^®^-®-®^-® •■ •• •*
•; i	
•   .   • ■
J      LOCAL   NOTES      I
A *
^letted  l'p About (he City   hy  Asking
Questions  nl  Many  People.
*************  ready   foi   busiiiefts  in tlu- Cruubrook
hotel block,
Secretory  McVittle ways  tbnt  every
tliiiii; looks favorable fur » successful
Uenil John Wolfe's new ml.
Fresh fruit arriving daily nt McCo
: A small whirlwind thai swept over the
I fair grounds )ilKt Saturday lore down
[several yards offence,
Two -'5 cenl novels for .'5 cents at
The wife and children ol Art Jardine
arrived from Lethbridge last week and
will make their home in ibii ciiy.
whs in  town \    D.m'l
M. A.   Ilealr,
'J'wo 25 rent novels for 2$ rents at
For rent—Two rooms, inquire at the
Herald ollice.
li my Drew, of Kimberley, was in
town Sunday.
Milkshake, tbe great summer drink,
hi Mrs, McConuell's.
i i.ink McCabe, the Mayor of Warduer,
was in town Tuesday.
Best on earth—) Igilvlefl flour. We sell
On other.    G   T. Rogers.
Bran, shorts, chop, feed and wheat.
Lots of it, at O. T. Rogers.
Mrs. Krickson end children hnve returned from Mediciue Hat.
R, R, Beattie and John Hutchinson
visited Kitchener Inst week.
A. Ii. Watt is now clerking at thc Fori
Steele Merciiitilc company.
Two 25 cent novels for 25 cents at
A little rain hns visited these parts tbe
pnst week, but, oh! so little.
Tlie Misses Magees have returned from
a pleasant visit to linnil and Field.
It breaks sometimes. All crockery
does, replace it now.    G. T. Rogers.
C. 1). McNab, ol the McNab Lumber
compauy, came up from Jaffray Friday.
For sale—Lot and  two room shanty,
ueai C. ti, K.  shops.   Apply lo ileiakl
Miss Rachel Oswell, of St. John,
Wash., is visiting her sister Mrs. Lester
Dr. King and Mrs. M. If. King ami
bah) left the east yesterday for Cranbrook.
A, it. Grace, of the F'ort Steele 1'ros-
pector, was a Cranbrook visitor lasl
Fishing continues to be the great sport
these dny.-;, and some good catches are
Pieper & Currie do the best painting
ami paper hanging lor tbe least money
Try them,
I'ieper isn great talker, but he is a
good painter nud paper banger, Try
bim mnl be convinced.
].,]■,,1 O'Connera, one of the old lime
Ireigbters of this district, spent two days
in Crnnbrook this week.
Two 25 cent novels for 25 cents nt
Miss I lolly Wilt leaves today for
Morrlsey, where she will visit with Mrs.
Breckenridge for a week.
Mr. nud Mrs. C  M   Kdwards and Mi
Stewart,   of   Fort   Steele, were vMtitlg
Cranbrook friends Monday.
For rent—furnished or unfurnished
room 111 comfortable residence on Dnkei
bill.   Apply at Herald office.
A, W. Miner returned from Blairmore
Sunday to lake charge of the Kootenny
Furniture company's business,
Misses Watt ond Jackson and Messrs,
Glllis and Morrow enjoyed a Ashing trip
to St. Mary's river last Monday.
I'ieper & Currie carry Ibe largest stock
of brushes in East Kootenay. Their
price*- are living prices.    See them.
M. Mclnnes, wife aud baby left Monday for a trip to a ranch north of Wasa.
They will be absent a  week or ten dnys
Tbe Pan American circus lhat is now
showing in Manitoba, expects to show
iu Cranbrook some tune next month,
M (1. Simpson, C. P. R. agent at
Oriswold, Man , slopped olf last Sunday
on his return east to visit wilh friends.
Pit-per -N: Currie carry the largest Block
of room mouldings in the district—too
) trge. Tlu-y arc reducing. Now is your
K. C Willsoii, the new druggist, has
opened bis stock nf goods and is uow
hospital The nisi Hut ion may be the j bnir, The j ir was sealed and rem 11
means of saving his life, next week, so for n week until Sunday at 12:3a.
next mouth or next year. The least he at lhat time the hair been tne anion
lo is to contribute bis mile to the Wesley CHiie wns to carry off the hi
supper next   Wednesday night.    It
duty he owes to himself
Next Wednesday evening the Ladies'
Aid of St. Kugene hospital, will given
tea iii Wentworth ha'l. A cordial invitation is extended to the public. Tbe
hulies nre engaged in a noble cause, and
the people of Cranbrook Bhould turn out
that evening mnl participate in the lunch
they will provide.
...   1       Father Ouilette went east Inst Tucs
get tbe Imsi.mil supper wed-
v evening     The price   will   be  50 * ,1"y'    1Ie ^'l " "iesSflRe fro,u Fer,,ie t0
nts for odultsand 25 cents Tor children   mm« al °"ce and did so.   It is the first
\ lime for a long while that he hns left his
V.   F.   McCrnry, M   1'-.  nnd  former (Union   in   Cranbrook.    He   found  tbe
f Winnipeg,   was   In town   tills j C«tllolic association   of  Slavs   holding
their niiuunl fe.isl celebration.    He performed two marriage ceremonies, baptised n child and illi] a  great deal of other
work, being kept busy nil thc time while
he wns in Ferule,
f 15, and if not the bet was to go to S A
S.-oti. As the hair refused to move Mi
Scotl took the money.
■*, k       He   is   taking   a trip  through
1.iilli Rast Kootenny.
The owners of mining properties 111
tbe neighborhood ol liitchenei will send
up Mime line samples of ate loi the min-
Xhibit nl the Ini
r.  11 Gilpin wns iu Moyie Tuesday.
Mr. Grant, father of Sam Grant, man
nger of the Moyie Lumber company, i
in Moyie.
Mr.   Denny,   of  the   Sl, luigi-lie. wei
West the lirst of the week.
Get Re
■ p
.   looks
^ id Pencils
ft<     Slates and Sponges,
Scribbling Pads, Etc.
R. E. B<
•1 Druggist
Visi   <       lues
To make room Foi    he, gi otli .   .it bargain pries our
whole stuck ol
Crockery ant: Glassware
$16 Dinner Scl *>7 piece:   ;'i ..'*<i 15 Dinner Set '17 pieces,    $12.(1
1,1          1.5(1 I           •        ••           8.50
5.5(1 Ten Scl 11 piece ,   3.50 0 50 Tea Sei II pieces,     4.50
8.50 Tea Set il pieces    6.110 I      icce colored toilet scl 2.75
Six piece colored loilei scl 2.2,*
Wc have a lot ol odds and end ( ckcry and glass that you
probably need. Prices of everything in this department will
be cut down.    Drop i i and see.
F. Rogers,
Fancy and Stapl es and Crockery.
For Particular
That's our bread. Its
wholesome and made
with Ogilvie's hest
City Bakery.
Our buns, bread, cake nnd tickets Inr Bale at
ti. T.  Roger's grocery Mere.
Maintainancc ol   Way   Employes and Othi   n
Nulla* Es hen by • en that on
and after th, i ightc, nth oi July,
in l!, ■ yea, "I , u, i.ord One
Thousand Nine i kindred .md One,'
lhat this company In reby agrees lo
pay .,11 EXI KISS i.iiv.s Iron,
polnl ol shipmenttoany EXPRESS
office on the line .'I thc CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY, and
ed Clips and saucers I .III) furthermore, lo STB K.E Irom ihe
list any AGEN I who willfully refuses to guarantee > saving in
WAGES to all buy rs ol Crown
Tailor Made Clothing.
The Committee Blame Chairman
Montreal. Aug. tb —The committee of
conciliation whose services were nccept-
ed by tlie Canadian I'neilic Railway
compnny mnl the committee oi maintenance of way men to see if  seltlt ment
Georue Hoggattli, proprietor  ot tliel.j
Ik hotel at Klko, was in town Monday. ,| Tl W     S~\     \T     T     T^ J ^present strike could be brought about
e reports business fair ill that town and U JV1     U       I       I     C |  b/ ,ll,,tUil1 con«a>io»' have given out
The Weather is E
The pasturage is ; it do not think the
Feed is gone, 01 let . airy or cattle shrink,
or hens or chickens go    .   jry, lor KING has
just unloaded a .\v: o{ } lour, Wheat, Wheat
Wil '«|Chopf Bran, Shorts, Graham Flour and Oats.
The above can be had in any       ntity.   Don't fail to consult his prices before bu
Call and
See us
Unite an increase iu the population.
Frank Hogan, the well known mining
man of Spokane, pasBed through town
Wednesday on his way to Fort Steele.
He will return to Cranbrook Saturday.
Mr. and Mis, P, I,nml have returned
from their trip to Winnipeg and Dakota
points. .Mis. l.un.l will leave Friday for
Spokane, to remain until alter the lair.
Albeit Mn:/, ofthe Fernie Brewery,
was iu town Wednesday. Me reports
business verv good, a tact that i
94444444 *********** ****** *
9 *
|  News Nates From the Mineral City  |
9 *
944*94*4*4 ****************
Till*   NKW  S.VW.MII.1,
Moyie's new- sawmill, owned hy the
Moyie Lumber company, is located on
the narrows which joins the two lakes
about a mile from tlie tow'H. The mill
has an abundance of permanent water,
i-1 the narrows being open during the wln-
llif following report:
Queen's hotel, Montreal, Aug io —To
tlie ollicers and meuibeis of the It of 1...
O. R. C is* of I* IK, B. ofR T. and O
R. T., of the Canadian Pacific Railway:
Dear Sirs and Brothers,—The uudei-
si^nei! general chairmen herewith submit tbe following report for your consideration. In compliance with request
of members of our organizations we uiet
iti Montreal on Thursday Aug. 8, igui,
to renew the efforts which some i l the
general   chairmen   had   made   towards
denceof the excellent qualUj of iheir
Miss Emma Leitch. who has spent the
summer in Manitoba, joined her brother
George at Winnipeg, and went on to
Ottawa. She has greatly Improved in
W A. Simpson returned ruesdny from
We-M Kootenay. He left Wednesday
for Klko, and will look after the sale of
meal along the line of construction on
the new mail.
1. A. Hamilton, (orutei C. P, R. land
commissioner, and Commissioner GrlOiu,
have left Winnipeg for nn Inspection of
C. P, R. lands in llle west, They will
visit Cranbrook before their return lo
the east.
The Kooteuay Furniture company
opened up lor business last .Monday in
tbe Bremner store room. A large stock
Ins been received aud more is on the
way. Already they ate making a fine
Two 25 cent novels for 25 cents al
Wilke Brown has returned Irom his
visit lo the Buffalo exposition. He had
quite a lour while gone, having visited
Buffalo, New Vork, Chicago, St. Paul
Minneapolis, Salt Lake, Denver. Seattle
niid Spokane.
Ctnrley Long Tour & Co. and Quong
Lee CIlOHg hive sol.l   [heir hollse,   lot,
grocery and everything lo Yont Wing.
Anybody Charley I g  Tong &   Co. or
t^nong Lee Chung owe can't grl money
from Voot Wing.
Mr aud Mrs. A I.-iieh relumed latt
Friday from their vUll with relatives iu
Manitoba. They were nccompnnied by
Mrs. Malcolm Lellch, ol Oak Like, a
nisler-itidaw, and Miss McTuvUlt, ol
Manitoba, a niece.
Tlu-Cranbiook Lumber com pa ny hint
closed down its lower mill, owing to the
difficulty of securing enough men to
work. Several of the mills along the
line have been compelled to run wuh
hall'a force tor the same reason.
A card from Rev. I lot ford announces
the fact thai he will not return before
the end of lhe iminlh. as he must yet
visit Rosslaud, Kamloops, Trail and
Nelson iu fulfilling the duties assigned
to him at the Baptist convention.
George Shier and J, II. Fink returned
from Dawson on the previous down trip
ol the ill fated Islander. Mis. Ross,
wife of Commissioner Ross, ol the
Yukon, one of tbe victims of the wreck,
was a cousin of ti, II. Small, of this city.
The Strathcona dunce next Tuesday
eveiilug will be under the auspices of the
hoys who have been cheered Itom Crau-
Inook lo Kruger's Pust, ami from Cape
Town to London. They aie nivm^ a
dance lor a good time and the people of
Cranbrook should see that lhey have il.
1-,'i'iy man iu Ciaiibionk without a
home ho. reason lo feel lliaiikful lor the
, . 1    - ,    ■ -, ,       obtaining   the  consent   ol lhe  <niiip;iiiy
ter, outl is connected with the railvVay by      , .        , , ,     ,
„„     ,   ....     . .    ,".  ,   1 and the maintenance ol way men lur the
a spur,    lhe but Illinois two stones high,
and 1S0 feet long  by 32 feet wide.   The
mill will have a cutting capacity of 40.*
000 leet of lumber per day. being run by
a Wateilurd engine ol   125 hurse power.
It is filled with the  very latest macliin-
ry, and is supplied with a gang edger.
a moulding and lath machine and auto
malic carriers. Already an Immense
number of lugs bave been cut and the
compauy has thousands of acres of tiui-
getieral committee of the five organize
tions, to act as conciliators in the pre
sent dispute. Our services being accepted by both patties we lookup tin
duties of a conciliation hoard. Aflei
several Interviews had been held he
tweeti the board of conciliation, iht
company and the committee represent
Ing'.he trackmen, we succeeded tn ol
taming a basis of settlement,   which w<
.       ,      ■ -ri       -..     ; I believe to be reasonable  and fiiir  1
ber   laud   111   reserve.    Hius Moyie now
1 the present conditions of the Btrlke
hus a mill which may be equalled but
cannot be surpassed by any in the
ation, and recommended lhat it be accepted by the trackmen, explaining to
I them   that   the leiiui submitted  were
Tin*: sr. ruobne I equal to those obtained by nny oilier
Abou1. the same uumher ot men are at! Organization in their first efforts to ob-
work on the St. Kugene and all kinds of tain recognition. After the tenns ol
rumors are atloat, some to the effect thai settlement had been fully explained lo
ou the   loth ol   September   sbe   would * the trackmen, and a vote taken by thein
open up In full force. But to tell the
truth, uo une knows, although the closedown will nut be a long one in all prob
ability. Men are now at work sinking
the shaft at tbe mouth of lhe Lake Shore
tunnel and are alieady down some considerable depth. A number of men are
slill employed un bulb shifts, there being altogether about too, and within a
short time it is likely that this number
will be doubled and the mine be iu full
Dan   McKay   met with a very painful
accident   last   Friday   afternoon   while
working ttt the Moyie Lumber company's
mill, lhe null bad only just started
and Dau was at worn on the edger when
he got his right hand caught in the saw
ntul lost lour of his lingers. He was
brought into town ami Doctors IIlgglllB
mid Greeti dressed the Injured tne tuber,
lie was laken to the Craubrook hospital
lasl Satiuday where he is doing as well
as conl I be expected.
Tin*; 1  0. ii  i'-.
There was au important meeting of
the Odd Fellows held In their hall last
Monday evening. Charles Cahlstoii was
Initiated into the order, and then 11 recess was called for the purpose of fate-
welling Dr. Higgins, who leaves for Fertile this week. A large number were
present and a very enjoyable evening
was passed by all.
Last Wednesday evening a banquet
was giveu by the citizens of Moyie to
Dr IHggins. At y o'clock a large number of guests sat dowtl lo the sumptuous
repaBt provided by Mr. McMahon, proprietor of lhe Holel Kootenay. Aftdr
the inner man was attended to, speeches
were tlie order of the evening, all those
present rising 111 turn. The evening was
oue to be remembered and we only wish
that the doctor will make as many
friends in Fernie as he has in Moyie.
tin. iiAin didn't wir.r.u;
In  Reid,  Campbell & Co.'s window
last  week was n glass randy jar filled
with water, ami In   lhe   wuler  a  horse-
the following letter was presented lo the
buard ol conciliation by the chairmen uf
the trackmen :
To Mr. Charles Pope, chairman conciliation committee,—The terms of
settlement proposed by the general
manager of the C. P. R. company
through your committee to tne committee representing the maintenance of
way men are not considered n fair basis
of settlement. We believe a board of
arbitrators composed of fair minded men
Would render a decision more favorable
to the men we represent than has beeu
proposed by tbe general manager.
Therefoic, we will request the members
of the conciliation committee to recommend   that  the   matter  be   settled   by
arbitration. Hoping u will he consistent with the views ol the tueiuben ol
your committee to comply with tins ie-
quest, ami lb.inking yon lor lhc ill.iis
made to bring about a propel understanding and a lair settlement, we are.
Very truly yours,
J. Ll'.NNON, Chairman
A. F. STOUT, -Sccrelniy
We ns a hoard of conciliation consul
er that our duties as meditators have
ended ami that nothing further enn be
done by us, unless President Wilson ol
the Brotherhood of Railway Truckmen
of America will agree to leave the city
within twenty-four hours and not to interfere in any wny with ellher committee
and will give authority tothe Track-
nieu's committee to declare the strike
off, when in their judgment a reasonable
ami lair basis of settlement can be
General chairman, Brotherhood of Locomotive Kngineers.
General chairman, Order Hallway Con
General chaiiman, Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen.
General chaiiinnn, Brotherhood of Kail
wny Trainmen.
General   chairman,   Order   of   Railway
Bcsl vramicrv buller in stock
k Nay
Get reai       r your fall \vall=
ipei vVe will sell wall=
cheaper   isn it has ever been
sold in the district
Hoyie's f     Hotel Kootenay
I «.      ^ ; / ■ st of accomodations
LCading" A for the traveling public.
H/-|fpl McHAHON  BROS.,
I IUUI Proprietors.
j New Drug Store
Has just opin.'.l in thc Crai
with a full stOftk of
,'k Hotel block
• Drugs, Druggist's Sundries and Stationery
.      Open Sunday from 10 lo :i *. m, 3:30 to 4:30 and 8toopni
j Prescriptions Carefully (7   f   Wjllo,-.,,
t Compounded *-** *<">   WlllSOn
jJEast Kootenay'j  First Annual J
Mine ra 1, .A ^cultural
|    and  Industrial   Exhibition
^Cranbrook, B C, Sept. 25 to 27, 1901*
W   1
% Three Days ol Instru tion,
and Enjoyment %
The best program ever seen in the country.   See
if posters and circulars for further particulars,   Specially «s
•fflow return railway fates Irom all poinis. $
1 A. W. M'VITTIE   1
M ■ iir
■if Secretary jM*
v 1
ii. U. Palmer, l<l. Crow
Kimm .1. I'. .1. Rulldli.g
tailoring Co.
An elegant line of
Ci'anbrooli   Souvenirs
High Grade Watches
Choice Seicciion in
Reliable quadruple plated
silverware, clocks, specta-
cleware, etc.
W. F. Tate
OUIclil Walcli Inspector for C P, R.. Cro»a
Negl I1"-.- Dlvlsluo,
Livery  3
Proprietors Jt .* j*
Tentim nml ilrivers lui nisl.oil for any
pniiii nt lhe tlistriet.
Alanagei     ■*■   ,.-*   ,*
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
-*       -9r-
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales. Etc.
Sod.i water in siphons.   Thc  most
econoniic.il way lo h.indle it.
11. .' I'MI ■——.IH. :';      ft!      1
Undertaking And
.1  r
Upholstering ond flenen
Will .ii.ii.l i v  a  <     ■ llu .h uicl
Drink Slits: Beei
It is I'iiiv
It is Healthy
It is tlu* Besl
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Saddle Horses and
Sale Stables  t .«
Stable .Soulh ol Herald Ollice
Chas. S. Tripp,
Craubrook, B. C.
J. 11. KING
Physician and Surgeon.
Ollice nl Residence, Armstrong Ave.
Forenoons,   -   ■      ■   9**0 lo II
Aflcrooons   - l:*0 lo 3:30
' Evenings -    7.311 to 8:30


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