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Cranbrook Herald Feb 12, 1903

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Head Office. Toronto.
Hon. t!«o. A. Co», Prrni.lent.
B. K. WAt.iaa.Gcu.MaD.
Paid Up  Capital     M.H..IM M
;     Rial    2.5N.SNN
T.l.l   icarcc.   U,*M,*M.M
lleposils Received.   General Hanking Business Transacted
S.VirtllS IUN. IIIP.II MKNI   DtHalla Hccclv.J   lal.real .ll.wc.
• |*H-H...|*l*l.*M ift|.»|
f   We expect to rebuild larger and better than ever.    A
x   lot of goods slightly damaged by fire and some turn- It
bled up by our hasty removal will be sold at very low
: i prices.   This includes
.|*l*i »| l-i I- I-a If i*l*l*l*l»l*!*l**|»| +
I   ••!  -I  •  I   |-< |-f-|*!*|-!.|-!>l*t.|-t.|*l*4l-»|.,.|»l'»
Ladies' Suits. Silks
Shoes of All Kinds
;        Hats, Clothing, etc.
(i Our Furniture Department still doing businese.
§y is the time to buy and save money.
i > Undertaking given prompt attention .
....AT GILPIN'S,.,.
ii'«>i-»i*!♦ I*>l#i«>l»l-*'ll»l*lf I l*l#l#ltl*l*l#l#l
<j> I * I * I * I ■!>: * I * ! * ! * i * 1 * I * I * I  I « I <!> I « I «■ I ♦ I <i> I * I * I
Simply a reminder of the fact that we have a nice line of
watches which we are selling at very low prices. You can
buy them here just as cheap as down cast. Come in and ice
for yourself.
We are still in business.
We are doing business.
We are giving regular prices that please
the the people and our business is constantly
Everything in Haid<vare,
Tinware, Stoves, Etc.
la one of the grtnttst blessings that wc can enjoy. No one can
realize this so well as those who have suffered from defective
sight and have had their eyes relieved by properly fitted glasses.
We do not charge lor examination,
Official Watch Inspector Crows Nest Branch C P. R.
Are you in need of
either wholesale or retail. Creamery Butter, Dairy
Butter in tubs, boxes or bricks. Eggs in any quantity and of best quality. Best Ontario Apples in barrels. Cranberries (Cape Cod) the best in town. We
have a good supply of the above and invite inspection.
King Hercantile Co.
■/The Pionecr Hardware Store..
A Sbou>d end in thia store
Useless to aeek for stove■
SEARCH better or lower priced good*
elsewhere.   The heat aiove.
are offe ed an 1 lowest prlcea made here.
Our new line of
Coal and Wood Heaters
Coal and Wood Ranges
and stoves of other varieties ia complete.
The designs of theee stovee are very
handr-o re aud tbe construction Is perfect. They vive lhe moat satisfactory
resulls with least con su nipt ion of fuel.
Tiafer Liarif fcgilaliaii Not Stable
Its Abolishment A Help To Bri
tiih Columbia   Lumber
Interests Prospering.
William Shannon, a well known
lumberman of Vancouver, arguing that
there should be a change In the timber
la we of thia province, to in au re stability
for the encouragement of capitalists,
"During the last season a large number of capitalists visited the province
with a view ol engaging In this industry
but after becoming acquainted with our
timber lawa.aud su1. milling the same
to some of ths beat legal advisers In the
province, they came (o tbe conclusion
that ihere waa.not sufficient security to
warrant then in Investing Urge sums
in the industry.
There are two ways that timber can
be acquired from the government, one by
lease for 31 years and another by special
licepce running from year to year.
'On the leasing plan the timber is put
np. for competition and aold to tue
highest bidder. This might appear fair
to tbe person not understanding tbe
position of affaire in pur country, but
to a person acquainted with tbe circumstances it is evident that lt works a
great injustice, as a man m'gbt bave a
gang of men out all summer paying a
large sum of money to cruise and locate
timber, only to have seme one who baa
not left hia office bidding against him
for the same limiia. Therefore the lease
law la a dead letter, and there Is no
Umber betag applied for under the leas
ing plan. Io Ontario and other countries
where tbe leasing p'an is adopted, the
government finds the timber, cruises
and surveys it, and then leases it to tbe
highest bidder who can aee its eiact
location on the map, Tbe other plan
—special license—by which ftioo a year
is paid for one section a mile square,
haa proved in measure satisfactory to
tbe government and local loggers with
email capita).
The last year we have had more than
three tines tbe revenue we. have ever
had bafbie from our timber owing to
these special licence* being taken up.
A great deal of thia land taken up under
licence is producing a handsome revenue
to the government, but is really worthless even for timber or anything else.
Tbere must be fully 50 per cent of al
special licence claims that are useless.
Still, if these persona are witling t° p**y
the government under such conditions.
It is their lookout, and it ia certainly a
revenue producing proposition. These
licences are renewable from year to year
and to us wbo ere e*q*iintcd with tbe
country, ll is satisfactory that it should
be so. Capitalists, however, are not
satisfied, and the intercuts of capitalists
should certaiuly be considered in opening t«p the timber claims.
'The contautlou of tbe capitalist operator is this; A man take** up a valley aa
a logging claim and installs machinery end build a railway costing from >jo,-
aoi) \a f35,000. and is not assured tbat
the licence will not be raised from year
to year, lie does not know, In a strictly business sense, whether he may not
be frozen out. If be could have an as-
su ranee from the government that for
twelve years' time hia licence would
not be increased to more than at least
laoo during that time for each section,
it would 00 doubt be satisfactory. It Is
thought that the government should
emend the set In such s manner as to
tnske it binding on tbem to renew the
special licence from year to year fur 1
apace of twelve years snd during that
lime the government could not do more
than double the licence,
I had an eiperleace that justifies me
ln Mjing thai s very Urge amount of
cspttal wss driven out of the country by
capitalists declining to tnveat Uat season
after looking Into titles end guaratces
given by the government on special
licences. Another reason why thia additional security should be given is tbat
banks-decline to advance mane* on.
special licence propositions. Thus many
men without Urge meana are prohibited
from engaging in this Industry.
"Those wbo are Inposseaslon of crown
granted properties, and have the. location! on the waterfront, which enables
them to take out their timber easily,
have ao great advantage over holders,
of licences tbat the latter cannot compete wilb them all, and for this rest on,
if tor no other, new enterprises should
be encouraged, Another matter that
abould be attended.to by tbe government is lhe appointment of men to see
tbat Ibe wood U clean .cut. tor- in too
many cases fully one-third oi tbo timber
la wasted in the woods."
Usltta- Statu Tariff es Luraksr.
Tacoma, Feb.  9 :   Lumbermen, and
shinglemen here are getting scared
over tbe prospect of i repeal of tbe
latiff on lumber and sh'tigles. Henry
Hewitt says the repeal of the null! on
conl was the entering wedge, and that
it is only a question of rime when Ihe
latnbertariff will he eliminated. The
tariff iu %2 per M. on rough Itmiber, $2 -
Super M. wheu auifaced on une mile,
ami $3 j'l-i M. surfaced ou two sides.
Northwestern lumbermen are vitally in-
teteiteil it) the continuance of I lie latin"
ott account of lhe near pioiluiily ol ths
vast forests of Urhish Columbia. At
present tbe tariff is practically prohlbl
live, only a carload of shingles crossing
le international boundary line into
America from time to lime. Utile tariff
is dune away with, the lumber and shiu-
glemeu will liuve a vigoroua rival from
a country heretofore so handicapped
that competition was ii ipossib.e.
Prank  u   Cole, editor ol the West
Coast aud I'uge! Sum d Lumberman,
bas sent out acures ol letters in arc
endeaver lo organize the lumbering Interests to fight for tbe taiill', antl if need
be, send a lobby to Washington for tbe
purpose. Today be acknowledged tbat
he bad received few replies to bis
letters snd little encouragement. He
believes Jtbe tariff will be eliminated
some time neat year. While in the
Beat recently, Mr. Cole interviewed
numerous white pine lumbermen relative to tbe tariff, and they declared
tbey would not put up another dollar to
fight for the taiiff or to support to fight
for the tariff or to support a lobby at
Washington. Tbis leaves tbe entire
queation with Western lumbermen.
Mr. Cole says Canadian mills are having all they can do to supply tbe home
demand, and for a year or so their competition would not materially cut in on
the business of the mills on the American side of the line.
Mr. Hewitt and others believe that
the repeal of the tariff would mean tbe
immediate establishment in the timbered regions of the Dominion of Canada
of numerous modern sawmills, cutting
hundreda of thousands of feet of lumber
dally. Thia would be flooded on the
American market and wonld produce a
big decrease In preaent prices. Anticipating tbe elimination of tbe tariff. Mr.
Hewitt haa purchased large timber bold
Ings In British Columbia and other
American lumber men are following bis
Lam ber Business Is tbe Stales
Tacoma, Feb 9: Lumbermen here
aay 1903 will be the biggest year for the
industiy the state basever seen. Orders
already in sight overtax 'he capacity of
tbe milts for tbe coming spring, summer and autumn. The demand for
Washington shingles is proving unparalleled. Eastern shippers are already
placing large orders, aud as aoon as
spring opens a great increase in tbe demand is expected from the Mississippi
valley states. Tbe demand for lumber
Is being augmented in a great degree by
the ceaseless requests of the railroads
for siding, bridge timbers, loug timbers
snd other rough lumber used in the construction of railroads and rolling equipment. Henry Hewitt, of tbe St. 1'anl
and Tacoma Lumber company-, said today that these railroad orders were be*
Ing refused in great numbers by the
mills, which were nleady finding it impossible to cut sufficient lumber to supply more pressing demands of corporations aud private customers. Mr. Hewitt
ei plains tbe big Increase in the demand
by increased building operations iu tbe
cast and by the fact tbat Washington
timber ia invading territory tbe patronage of which has heretofore been held,
by ahippera of southern pine aud other
southern timber. Year by year Washington fir and cedar are crowding
southern lumber out of the Central
Mlsslppl valley states and driving it
farther South. At tbe present time
cedar and fir from the Northwesters being shipped direct to St. Louis, which,
but.a few years ago, used tbe southern
timber almost exclusively. Tbe red
ceder shingles of Washington and Oregon are also driving out the express
shingle in territory which it has held for
years. Unite a few cedar shingles are
now being shipped into Oklahoma and
Northern Texas, which are practically
tn tbe back yarda of the southern mills
cutting tbe cypress shingle. Tliecypresi
shingle la fully sb lasting as tbe cedar
shingle, but it weighs two-thirds more,
and this militates against Its aale,
Frank D Cole, editor of the Weat Cosat
and I'uget Sound Lumberman, aald today tbat the number of ahlngle orders
already placed was surprising, and with
tbe present high prices of the product,
pointed to a most prosperous year lor
Sawdust Pointers. .
George A. Murray of the California
Saw Works and Richard Church, of tbe
Gorbam Rubber company, both of
Seattle, were In town this week. They
are young men and hustlers, and made
man) friends during their brief stay In
A. Park, who was a member of the
old firm of Park, Muir & Co. of Moyie,
came to Cranbrook laat week to attend
the annual meeting of the Bast Kootenay Lumber compauy, and bns been
here ever since. He brought a fine
bunch of stories wltb him,
.0 Muir, bas beeu practicing on snow
shoes lately—-In the Cranbrook hotel,
and has become au expert.
Craabrook   Plays   A   Well   Picked
The Battle Raged Fast and Fur
ious With thc Odds Against
the Home Team.
THK     IMAM     AS     IT     WAS    PUVED
James II. Schofield and bis faat gang
of puck chasers arrived in (own Tuesday from Pincher Creek on their way to
Rossland. Arrangements had been
made for tbem to stop over to play with
tbe Craabrook team, and aa a result a
Urge crowd turned out Tuesday nigbt
to witness the game.
Mr, Schofield's aggregation ronslats
of the following players: Rev. Grant T.
J. Moore, Milt Kastoer, II. II. Gunn, C.
Turnbull, G. Turnbull, H. k. Sharpe,
Wm. Fair, J. Jones, W. L. Dobbie,
Prank Boyce, James Poote, R. Cooper,
W. H ReidandT. A. Danby.
The players lined up as follows:
dues not travel either way to any
account, supposedly disgusted it takea
wings inn! lands in the audience. At
ilrnw, Turnbull secures puck and shoots,
Duck blocks and lifts to Mallinson wbo
makes offside. Faring off, Turubull
passes to Moore who rushes and scores
4 to 0 Time B137, Some good work
was done on home forward line after
facing oil, Mtilllnsuii and Jamieson both
shooting on visitor*! goal. Puck takes
an air line trip to Cratiluook goal, Turn-
bull nnd Moore lies ring down upon Ita
si-nmmage follows iu whicli Duck makes
good use uf litis lime, secures puck,
paaaes to Jamieson who makes a splen-
uitl shot on goal, puck returns, shooti
again but happily for the visitors lhat
man Sharpe was iu the road again.
Pot some little tfme the game did uot
show either way, until Gunn securing
the puck made long idiot aud scored 5
to o.   Time 8:40.
Facing again Turnbull wins draw pass-
Ing to Moore. Some lively work ou behalf of both sides follows. Motherwell
playing a steady strong game Mslllnsou
and Jamieson makes some long passes
Puck then travels to Craubrook goal and
a succession of hot shots rained upon
the home goal. Pieat does some good
work and breaks away carrying puck
well into centre ice. Then comes Mai
linson, Motherwell and Jamieson all
shooting on goal but failing to score,
Fair at last rushes puck Irom Pincher
Creek coal aud passes to Turnbull, wbo
carried It close to Cranbrook goal. Jamieson tries rushing up side but waa check
id by Fair, Moore and Turubull then
do some brilliant passing. Blocked by
Prest puck the passes Into Moore's tender
Miners, Engineers, Carpenters and Laborers at Morrissey, {
Michel and Fernie Oo Out. {
Morrissey, Feb. tl.-Special to Herald.  A strike including J
j   Morrissey, Femie and Michel was inaugurated this morning and
not a man is working at the Morrissey mines, all carpenters, laborers and engineers going out in sympathy with the miners.
The same rate of wages is asked for here as is in effect at Fernie,
the present rate being as much as 20 cents per ton lowee in one or
two instances. All three mines are closed and unless concessions
are made by the management a long strike is expected as the
miners are in good shape financially.
w^wV*V***-wwW******-****** *********************9*9*h
Cranbrook. League Team.
McDermot goal Sharp
Duck point G. Turnbull
Prest cover point Gunn
Motherwell centre .Turnbull
Jamieson right wing Moore
Malltnsoo left wing Fair
Time was 8:05 when referee J. Swin
net ion blew hia whistle to commence
Motherwell draws the puck at the
face off, Jamieson carries puck but Is
blocked by Fair. Fair passes across
rink to Moore who loses to Malllnson.
Puck passed iuto Flncher Creek territory-
is met by Gunn, who takes a long shot.
Frest returns the puck passing to Moore.
Moore does good work and passes to
Turnbull, Turnbull makes use of bis
chancea takes long odds, shoots and
scores, after two minutes playing
Puck faced off again, Motherwell again
wins draw. After aome hot work Turn-
bull aecurea puck aod shoots, but Mac
saw it coming. Fair tries to break
away but loses to Jamieson who passes
quickly centre. Scrimage in which
Turnbull again breaks, and shoots, but
falls to acore. Referee blows whistle
for lime to replace broken pad on goal
man. Time 8.20. At face iff puck
passes to Fair wbo tries s pass to Moore,
but Is picked up by Mallnison who pusses
to Jamieson, blocked by Gunn who
makes a long lift. Puck soon comes
back in Plucher Creek territory and tries
a rush along tbe side, paasing to Turn-
bull who makes a hot shot on Craubrook
goal. Motherwell takea a chance at
rushing the aide but Is blocked by
Moore. Scrimages emuea from which
Moore breaks nway and is blocked by
Prest. Duck and Frest get in some good
work and succeeded in clearing puck
from Cranbrook goal. Gunn secures
puck rushes and passes to Turnbull who
does the trick again. Score 2-0 Time
8:27 Pnck faced iff again is lost in hot
scrimmage from which breaking away,
Gunn makes a beautiful pass to Fair
but this is too good to last as Jamieson
soon breaks iu upon this "combo."
Passing to Motherwell who ru-hea and
makea a good ahot but fails to pierce
that man "Sharpe" who is well named.
Some lively work follows in which both
teams have hotioia. Prest makes a
good rush up side but fails to pass Gunn.
Scramble from which Ihe visitors break
away In good form playing fast combination Ihey aucceeded in scoring number
three, Turubull doing tbe trick again
Time 8:32,    For a short time the puck
care wbo finding Malllnson upon bim
passes to Turnbull, then to Fair wbo
takes a chance at n side shot and scores
6 too.   Time 8:48^.
Turnbull winning draw the puck
quickly travels to home goal and Moore
takes a shot at tbe net. Prest does
good work and relieves puck from
Kcrimmnge, But offside whistle. After
tbe draw Jamieson makes a splendid
rush upon Pincher goal and somo good
passing between Motherwell and Mall I o
son follows. Scrimmage. Fair makea
offside just aa half time whistle sounds.
Time, 854.
Referees whistle to resume play sound
ed at 9
Motherwell and Mallinson tried rush
Ing it but were met by Gunn wbo
secures puck and lakes a long lift,
which was blocked by Duck who also
lifts. Turnbull securing puck from
scrimage ru-bes it and scores. Time
9:30    Score 7 to o.
A period of lifting follows face off until scrimmage on forward line in which
Jamieson falls. Motherwell passes to
jamieson but iB blocked by Moore,
puck passing inward Cranbrook goal, Is
met by Prest wbo mskes a full length
run snd does some good dodging. Some
pretty combination on the part of tbe
visitors follows in which they score 8
to o, Moore shooting. Time, 9:03
Playing resumed, scrlmmges and long
stinis were the order for some time until
Prest again made a rush. With this tbe
vi-itors warmed up and again with
Moure ss star scored one more. Time,
9:08, score 9 to o Scrimmage. Fair and
Jamieson a>e sent to fence for small offence at 9:10 Motherwell and Mallinson then excelled themselves and with
some fine fast plays bore down on
Pincher Creek and scored. Time 9:10,
making the score 1 to 9. Scrimmage
again in which Malllnson worked hard.
Jamieson and Fair on ice again 9:11.
Prest and Duck both make runs with
some success Long shot by cover followed. Breaking away, Mallinson and
Motherwell did some fine goal shooting,
offside. Fair shoots, Moore breaks
away with puck and rashes, checked by
Mallinson who rushes and makes a hot
offside. 9:15. Scrimmage at Pincher
goal from which Jamieson shoots. Moore
and Fair get in some good work but
lose to Jamieson wbo loses to Gunn.
Gunn makes run and is blocked by
Prest. offside. Fair secures puck does
some good woik on side, makes hot
shot. Scrimmage in which Motherwell
breaks his skate
From this time on, although there
were severs! warm mixups, the play
was uot ro furious. Two more scores
were secured by the visitors, making a
total of 11 to f in their favor.
The Cranbrook boys demonstrated
the fact that they bad the right stuff in
them, and aa individnal players were
strong enough, wllh practice to piny
anything in tbe league,
haa Of Reorgaaizalion Is  Suggested
To Stockholders.
would  BOMitow   mm   MOItE
Assets in Sight Figured   Out   As
Over $2,000,000 on Conservative Estimate.
Local holders of stock iu the Sullivan
miue have received a loug circular letter
tbls week from President O, 11. Turner,
who urges certain steps to be taken to
aave the property from the burden of
debt now banging over It, aud secure enough capital to finish the smelter
at Marysville and build a lead refinery
aa well, Mr. Turner estimates that with
200 000 tons of ore in sight, carrying 30
per cent lead and 14 ounces in silver,
valued et S20 40 per ton, would bring
the gross value of ore in sight up to
$4 000,000 London quotations, ut $j.2;S,.
000 net, based on Hong Kong prices, aa
that would be the market for the Sullivan product. Mr. Turner's results are
based on the following figures:
Oue ton of ore carrying 30 per cent
lead contains 600 pounds "of lead. An
allowance of 10 per ccut loss in smelting
reduces this lead to 54a pounds. This
lead at Hong Kong prices Is worth 2*4
cents per pound, which makes the lead
value of each ton of ore $14 85 The silver value of 14 ounces ot silver at 45
centi per ounce is $6 30. The Houg
Kong value of our ore is (21.15 per ton.
It will cost ua to mine, roast ami smelt
our ore, and to refine ami market the
product approximately the following
Mluini*. per ton 11 00
Koatiin-j. tier ion    -j r-u
HiueMm*. (jer ton...    if w
Transportation from nine to welter ...    w-i
lU-nuliDJ. 6W pounds of lead ore at eust of
tsperloq   1 35
Trans orutlofl   -i*.- pound* nf lead from
smelter to Hung Kong at 11*240 per ton   3 81
Total    (11 UK
Value store 21 15
Cost of smelting and marketing 11 UK
Profit tio osK
Mr. Turner explained that the bank
indebtedness of *•**•..■■■-. at lhe time the
$100,000 were raised to build the smelter
was paid out of the smeller fund, leav*
ing $80,000 This was spent and debts
contracted amounting to $38,000, making tbe cost of the smelter to date 1118,-
000. It is the intention to raise $100 000
ky a second loan to be expended as follows:
Payment unsecured debt 8 38,000
Completion of smelter    40.000
Building lead refinery     15,000
Sinking working shaft at mine.     7,000
Tbe heavy stockholders have agreed
to the issuing of $200,000 in bonds secured by mortgage on mtoe and smelter,
one half to be taken by makers of first
loan, the other half to lie placed in the
east by aid cf a bonus of stock, if not
taken by stockholders. Small holders
of stock wbo do not care to take a small
proportion of the loan are requested to
surrender 20 per cent of their holdings
to give aa tbeir part of the bonus.
Tbis plan is feasible but must be acted
upon at once, as tbe holders ofthe indebtedness are pressing for a settlement
and there is no time lo lose if lhe stockholders with to save their stock.
Two Mfhts ot Drams.
Wllaoa's big company is coming to
Wentwortb ball next Monday and Tuesday evenings presenting on Monday
esening the ever popular Uncle Tom's
Cabin, and on Tuesday evening tbe great
temperance drama "Ten Nights in a
Bar Room." The company travels in
tiro private cars aud is the largest one
that ever visited lhe Northwest. The
McLeod Advance nays of a recent performance:
Wilson's company of talented artists
Presented "Uncle Tom's Cabin" to au
appreciative audience assembled in tbe
ball last evening. AithotiKli the play is
a very old one still it never falls to draw
a crowd, especially when played by a
talented company such as Mr Wilson's
people have already shown themselves
to be. Frequent encores during the
evening greeted the performers. Two
little tots, Baby I.oii and Master How-
ward Wilson, the managet's children,
sang "The Holy Cl'y" iu a manner that
brought forth the plaudits of the
audience. At the conclusion of the
play a vaudlville program of seven
pieces was put on. Nearly everyone
atayed, as is invariably the custom when
a deserving company appears.
Pertinent Comment.
Nelson Tribune : Last week the
Tribune announced the arrival of three
youngsters in Nelson, and made a mistake in each case. One wns announced
as coming two days ahead of time; the
second, a day behind lime; and the
third was called a boy, when she was a
Nelson has three kinds of Socialists.
One kind divide all they have with
their neighbors in Nelson every month.
Another kind divide what they bave
regularly with T. Baton &. Co. of Toronto. Tbe third kind—the self-cou-
acioua kind—have nothing to divide.
Pay Up Your Subscription. CRANBROOK  HERALD
Editor and Proprietor
Tha Herald desires to |lve tha new o! tin
district ir you know anj abuui your towi
■JouVmlnsoryour people, sendU to tldiomce.
John Houston has again formed
another Trloune company, and la now
preparing to install a ne« plant and In
all probability **iaiL another dally in
Nelson That menus the asms old storj
too many papers and more lal.ures.
The Toronto people refused to accept
the profiortd gift of Mi Canute Thev
did right. The money Utile hy Mr. Car
negie was made hy lavouie legislation
and the grinding Of workmen, ami what
It more his lihiary gifts are based 01
the condition that the people he heavll}
tased to maintain Ull gifts. Toronto h
all right.
The Herald Is not averse to any mln
Ing association If li is formed In propel
lines. Those in charge of the formation
of the provincial organisation now being
formed were placed In the humiliating
position Of confessing thai the promoters
are not mining men, and In consequence
must necessiarly made a few mistakes
The small towns in the province are
just begenning lo learn the lesson. They
tlnd that It Is necessary to economize to
meet expenses
Do tbe people waul io know what It
the key note to prosperity In this province! Do thoy waut to know what tl
tbe basis ol success or failure In every
Industrial proposition presented? If so
let them study the transportation quei
lion. Artificial prices in any national
product may be forced but permanent
prosperity depends upon a natural mar
ket, and the law of supply and demand.
In a country like tills, transportation Is
the key to the sluutioti And yet a biy
blow Is made ahotil the need of associ
atlons, free passes are Issued galore,
and the delegates discussal length prop*
ositlooa that have little or no bearing
upon the question at Issue, Get down
to the milk ln the coconut, gentlemen,
and you may accomplish something
You're aiming your guns too high.
Lord Roberta is president  of   a   se
teetotalers' association, the pledge be-
ing not to drink liquor except at meal
Spring will soon be here, and wiih it
will come the geeu gr,is*-p the suiting
birds and H. C, Kilk-n, provincial road
ami truil poo bah, * No wonder tin
people of the Kootenays welcome the
dawn of spring
it it -it
Which end of the telescope is I'rcmiet
Prior looking through when he gazes al
his own red cllon, uml which end do
the people use in looking al him. Win:
can solve this puzzle?
Premier Trior has intimated that
Craubrook need not lonk for anything
uutil the people of Cranbrooli exptes
a willingness to barter their political
preferences. Well, Cranbrook is used
tn getting tbe worst of ii from the
Provincial government, nnd can Bland n
for the short lime that I'rior will have
anything to say.
'it 'it 'ii
The Rossland Miner liasan editor who
Is talking of the C. P, R, reducing
freight rules.    Thai editor Is developing
the Symplons of a humori-l.
it it 'it
Sir Thomas Sbaughnessy 1ms rootle
public  ii  statement that  he did   uol
believe lu subsidies for ruilronds. And
yet no one bits accused lllftt gentleman of being n joker,
.j . * a
The Wilmer Outcrop is feeling good
over the establishment ol the mall route
between Unit town mul Crnnbrook, and
lakes lo itself all of the credit,  nny hip
that The Herald and Port Steele Prospector were too slow. 'J he Outcrop did
gold work, find since its editor says he
Is it, we readily acknowledge lhe corn.
•it it it
The Canadian government bus pro-
hlbiied Lowery's Claim the use of the
malts. There were many good reasons
for this, but while the government is
working along that line, it might read
a few copies of the '-Pink Un," published in London, I'.y comparison the
Police Gazette is n Sunday school
Sun hen n, while Lowery's claim is
a mild nnd moral family journal. It is
well for Brother Mulock to be consistent In his role of press censor.
There Is a man in this town who hnd
an unfortunate experience during the
recent cold snap. Some friend, who
was a practical joker, advised liitu lo
put mustard in his shoes to keep his
feet warm, Tlie chap did this, nnd
when his feet got perspiring, the mustard became thoroughly soaked through
his socks, and formed a first class
mustard plaster, II's feet became
warmer, and when he got io a place
■where he could lake off bin shoes, he
tiad an elegant line of Jointers.
Are You Going to Paint?
or have .iny Papering and Interior Decorating done? You will be well pleased
with the work if you have Benjamin do it. House Painting, Decorative Painting, Sign Painting, Hard Oil Finishing, either polished or plain, Papy Hanging,
Tinting, etc.   I am not superstitious, but I believe fn signs.   Yours Truly,
lukimt oft Him uo Coal in the United Slates
iioud fur ihis District,
When the Untied States congress took
ufl the duty on cual ior one year, few
people slopped lo consider that sucb ac 1
tion would have a very beneficial result
oil business in South Ba*l Kootenay. Yet,
this  is ibe case, since ii will be the
cause   ol   Increasing   lhe   conl    out
put     Ol     lhe     Crows     Nest     COllrlSS
to    the     full    cipacity    during    the;
coming  vear     This particular  demand J
will have a direct effect upon the Mot* ;
rlssey mines, -since ihe Great Northern !
extension gives direct transportation
between that mine and the nnin line of
the Great Northern lu the stales.
The amount of coal fiom the Crows
Nest Pass fields going to the United
S'atiB, through tbe port of Gateway,
over the Cie.it Northern's branch from
Jennings, is 300 cars, of twenty ions
each, uday.au increase of fifty cars since
the repeal of lhe duty on foreign coals
by congress a few weeks ago. All this
fuel is fur use along the line of the
Great Northern, and according to statements given out iu Seattle recently,
within a short time tbt- imports of this
coal will be ai least SoO cars per day or
iii.ooi 1 tons.
Al lhe time the duty was taken off
coal, ihe Great Northern was paying
jitlo the customs department 83.350 a
day in duties a' 67 cents a 'on. Ou the
amount exporting at the present time
it is saving ft 020 a day nnd with ihe
Import increased to 500 cars a day, the
saving in duly lo the road, by the act of
congress, will be $6 71m a day.
"When the Jennings branch was opened." said a well-posted official recently
"the coal imports ofthe t'.reut Northern
railroads were twenty five trainloails a
day, each train having len cars of twenty
ions each. This amount was wholly itt-
sulliitent for ihe needs of the road, nnd
it was the intention to increase the output of the mines ns fast as possible so
us to double it, Tli's was being done nt
the time congress look iff lhe duty 011
coal, and, of course, thisuiadeit possible
to increase the output in more wa j s than
: "The mines ut Morrlssey are now
working night and day, and cars are being rushed in as fast as tbey can be
secured. To meet the demmid for cars
some of which have been engaged In the
coal trade of the road in Montana, are
being taken off lite Montana and sent
to Canada,
'•The force at this mine has been in
creasnl uud will be kept as Inrge as lhe
capacity of the mine can be wo- ked fo.
the next year.
"The amount of coal which tbe Great
Northern is bringing in at the present
tjtiie may seem large, but it is not nearly
enough to supply ihal road alone. It le
the intention of the Great Northern to
finally develope the mines at Crow's
Nest I'ass until the Northern Pacific
and Iturlingtoti can be supplied with il
on their mountain divisions, This, how
ever, will probably not occur this year,
or while the duly Is lA" for the reason
that at the present time the Great
Northern has no way ol delivering the
p'roduct without a long round about
haul of tunny miles. It is an almost
settled fact that the woik will be extended from Morrissey to Ferule the
entiling year, rm that the (.rent Northern
can tap the Coal Creek mine."
and like all tbe rest he hnd a good
word fer the place. He says the losur*
ance business Is Improving wonderfully I
since thc recent firea In Morrlssey and
Cianbrook, and the people are beginning
to realize the danger tbey are tunning
in not protecting themselves.
One of the latest Yankee Inventions
Is a pocset caah register, that can be
carried tu the pocket without, incon
venience. This new machine won't
bother us much, hut the fellow that will
Invent a pecket mint can talk business
with us.
Prom tlie I'nisiH'itor.
J, A   ll i> vey leav-s for the   coast  on
Sunday    IU    will   be gone about  ten
Barrister Thompson, Cranbrook, was
was In town on legal business Thursday.
Mesdjmes V. II. Hiker, 11. McVittle
and Miss Crlckley, Cranbi-ock, were
visiting at Kot Steele Thursday,
Penile, Wardner, Cranbrook, and
Marysville were well represented at
the dance Thursday evening.
From the .Movie Leader
Dr. Sawyer  and   Hairy   Fairfield  if
Cranbrook were In town yesterday.
J. II. Hawke & Co. bave cut loaded
and shipped about fioo tons of ice to
Cranbrook so far.
Rarrlster Morley of Oabrook was In
Moyie this week looking after the
Morley blcck.
A public meeting was called last evening for the purpose of dealing with
the proposed mining annotation which
Is being formed at Victoria, It was
decided to await furthur developments.
James Pjrk and,0, R. Muir have relumed from the east and are making
there headquarters fn Cranbrook. Iloth
are directors in the East K lotenay Lumber Company. Mr. Muir will tn all pro-
babllty bave charge of the Palmer liar
mill during the coining season.
•*• By R. O. Ackley «.
♦ Copyright, mn, by It. u. Ackley ♦
*■*•*•*■*■*■*■*■*■*■*■*■*■*■ +
it wus one cold night just two years
ago Hint l first noticed bim. l didn't
leu nr his mime until Infer. 1 was deal
ing roulette nt that tnlile over thero, the
tmuio ua now, uud hud hnd a hard day
of It—a tot of plungers playing the limit, scattering bets nil over the table, nnd
the worst of It the bunk wns losing
all the time.
Well, tlm crowd hnd pretty well
thinned out—It wus aloiifi toward morn*
Ing—whon in walked u young fellow
and staked a iiirr bet. He was well
dressed, tall and slim nnd tine looking
any way you'll take him, but I could
sec by his face and by the way he handled the chips that he was In some
kind of trouble. We get so we can read
a face pretty accurately—it's part of
our business—and I felt certain when 1
first looked at that young man thut hia
closet contained a pretty big skeleton of
some kind.
He playei for 11 couple of hours, scattering chips all over the table, never
counting a bet, and half the time he
would have played against himself If 1
hadn't Interfered. What's that? No,
sir. 1 can't sit and see a man place
bets that are bound to lose for him,
and then I believe I took an interest tn
1 The I-(.■rnle Free 1'r
Morrlssey S r
The Ice crop Is nearly   harvested at (I
tho supply of Collinses next summer Is
now nssurul.
The west bound passenger on the C
I'. K. has been running on Its old schul
nle time the past two wieks—-two to
seven hours late.
James Murphy, the young fellow who
recently   fought   Madden in this town,
has signed si tides for a rorsp with f\
I.f-wls of Fomle, to lake place In thai
lown lu lhe near fill ure.
Cole Sedwlck returned from Penile
ihis week, where he has been for treatment of the severe burns sustained at
the Pioneer hotel fire,     lie is rapid!)
recoveilng ami will soon be himnelt
again, but he had a mighty narrow escape.
Fred Kanouae Is figuring on rebuilding lhe I'loneer hotel, and putting up a
much larger ami handsomer house than
was the one that burned down. Fred
has too much contilence In the future
of this place io lei the recent fire ells
remain him, and he won't let his lots
remain vacant for long,
N. Hanson, g vernor ot Wasa, was In
town Wednesday. Mr. Hanson has
lived In ihis district a good many years
and says th Is ts the most severe winter
experienced during his time, with the
greatest fall of snow. He says lt Is one
of the exceptions where it is necessary
to feed stock, ar.il that he Is feeding
300 head rf cattle besides his numerous
hois°s. The winter will he an extremely hard one on lhe smnll rnnchers who
only put up a limited (jiiintiiy of hay,
and the death rate among the horses
will be large.
fi'iss I'iilrn t, the insurance man of
Cranhrnok, was In town yesterday. It
was Mr, Palmei's first vi»H to Wprrlisey
Mr. John Watson, first assistant of
lhe Cranhrook school, is visiting In town
this wees. Tbe school 1b closed In that
town owing to the prevalence of dipt,
t tier I a.
Mr Tonkin and daughter arrived home
last Saturday night from Pennsylvania
where they were visiting friends. They
were accompanied by Miss Pry, Mrs.
Tonkin's sister, who will visit here lor
a time.
A man named J Scott was injured
while engaged In logging in the woods
near McDmgall's mill on Monday afternoon. A heavy log rolled on him causing severe bruises to his thigh. He was
brought to the hospital were be was attended to by Dr, H'gglns. His leg Is in
a serious condl'lon, the main artery
having been i jnred. U is feared tha
tbe limb may have to be amputated.
J. I, Gates, the ginlel proprietor of
the Victoria Hotel, returned from a
live weeks visit to Ontario 011 Tuesday
evening. Mr (1 ites found many changes
about the home of his youth In Harris-
ton and he reports having a very plea-
vani visit, He was aocompled back by
his sister who will visit with her brothei
at the Victoria for Mime time.
tUisiSf> *>&
.' V\lVMfcjSr
*U»I viNiwHS
New Appointments.
Fernie Fie-» Press—List week's B. C
(11/"lie cntit ui ns the ofllctal appoint meni
of U. It Porbes as the government agent
of lhe electoral district of Fernie, I
read as follow*.   -
"Lestrak It. Porbes, of Fernie, Kiqulre
to be:-
Stlpendliry Magistrate for he county
of Kootenay, Collector of I'uvincial
Iteveiiuc ant Revenue tax, ami It *glstrar
under the "Marriage Act" for the Pern If
({lectors! District;
DdpUty of the Fernie Electoral District, ofthe district Registrar of Births
Heaths and Marriages for the Sonthern
illvlslon nl H ihi Kootenay.
Deputy Mining Recorder for that portion of the Fort S eele mining division
known as the Fernie District, comprising
the drainage area of the Klk river, north
nf the south fork thereof, wltb sub*
recording office at Fernie and
Coroner for the Province of British
Mr. Porbes will assume his new duties
as soon ascertain paper and Instructions
are forwarded to him,
Mr. J. H. McMullen, Provincial police
has received an official notification from
the Provincial Secretary of his appointment as C'nlef of Police for this district.
This appointment will doubtless give
general satisfaction as Mr, McMullen
has shown himself to be a capable and
painstaking officer.
S, P. I'arrtsh, M. K , has been appointed manager of the I.r-Rni. He Is
at present manager of the British Columbia mine in the Boundary, Hnd Is a
Colorado miner of many years experience.
thnt young fellow right from the start.
Anyway I rather wanted him to win.
And he did win. No matter how reckless he played he didn't seem ablo to
After that he dropped lu pretty regular, always playing in the same llstleai
way, not even looking up when the bull
Ktopped and, the strangest part of It,
hardly ever losing a bet.
It ran along In this way about six
months, and although he didn't show It
much each day 1 could see some fresh
Indication of the fust life he was lead-
lug. And it worried me a good deul,
Not that it's an uncommon thing in
this business to see a young fellow going down the Hue, but somehow this
young man seemed different; Just slipping along so quiet like, down, down,
all tho time. The worst of It was he
Heeined to realise It himself, but didn't
cure, and then any one could see that
|io wasn't made for that kind of life.
He hnd always come In alone, undone
night I wns surprised to see tbat be
was accompanied by a young man
about his own age. They both came
over to my table and bought n stnek of
chips. For some time they played In st*
leuce; then tho stranger said abruptly,
"Hy the way, Allen, I heard something
the other day about thut pretty Borates
Arthur you used to be so intimate
Allen's face turned a shade whiter,
but he answered quietly enough,
"What Is It?"
"You haven't heard? She's to marry
S fellow by thu mime of Franklin—Immensely rich, they say. The wedding
takes place this full."
Allen's face had grown as white as
chalk, nml his hand trembled an he
suddenly pushed his whole stuck of
chips over ou the red. 1 spun tbe
wheel, and he lust. And when lie lost
that bet, sir, although I'm not very superstitious, I felt sure his luck would
change for the worse, and it did. Moreover, from that ou there wus a marked
change In the man. Ho was dissipating
moro than ever.
lt was the last night of the carnival
—they hold a street carnival here every
full. The play had been pretty heavy
all day, but about 8 o'clock, when the
crowd bad thinned out, Allen walked
In. He laid n $100 bill on the Mark and
In n low voice snld: "My last dollar.
Black I live. Bed-well, why not?
Chance has decided tho fate of fur
greater things."
1 rolled thc wheel. Tho little ball
rolled nrouud the groove. We both
watched It ln breathless silence. Knowing the man as I did, I felt sure his life
tiling on the chance. He hnd come to
the cud of Ids rope and stnked all. Suddenly and with a sharp click thc little
ball struck the diamond, bounded and
rolled off, struck again, then glided Into
tlm black, only to be thrown out agnlu,
roll partly nrouud the wheel, then settle down, "Twenty-one, red." He bud
For a moment he stood there, looking straight ahead, then, with n laugh,
turned nnd walked down the stairs.
In my life I have played for some
pretty high stakes, hut never before
have I rolled the wheel when I thought
a human Ufa was at stake. I followed
him, resolved If possible to prevent his
Land Notice
Notice Is hereby dvan thai sixty ■
Uate 1 intt-ii.i to apply to ihe 1 iiiei
MtiR'T nf Lands un.l Work* foi pern
purchase tlio Mlowluii doseribetl land
Kasl Kootenny;
1 i.tiiuif ncim- at a post marked "it $
uorthea-4 corner." planted at ilia
corner of I*, Lund's ptirotmse a) Ittx
thence west so chains, thence south 1
to tha northwest corner of Uu I8|
Koottanj district, thence east n oholi
north so chains to the place ot begin
tainiuB ttQaeras more nr le*}*..
anu ibis -il. December, Isw,
3'-' II. Mm
• Vroom & Dezall
• ji
Whj |f0U should buy
HorseShoeing  I      T0BACCQ
j Carriage Repairing and '•
J General Jobbing.*.. '
* I
» Outside Orders Promptly *
♦ Atlcntli-d Iu. I
doing himself any harm. Tlm ntreeta
were brilliantly lighted- a procession uf
gayly decorated Boats was passing, Kvery one whs merry,   liut Allen walked
on, to utl appearances uucqusolous of
hi** surroundings,
Suddenly a squad of ununited officers
dashed Up,   "Stand biti'k!" they tried,
forcing tlie people on to the sidewalk,
By this time I found myself standing
next lo Allen. Our way wns blocked
by the crowd, so we stepped forward
to the curb. Dowu the street ibe city
lire department liosa curt uml all was
tinning at full speed, mtlkilig au oxhl*
Imioii run.
Suddenly n slim, girlish figure darted
forward directly iu lhe path of Die oncoming team. The next Instant Allen
bad dashed foi-waid. seized ilu- girl by
the waist, lifted ht>r bodily ami tossed
her full Into the urn is or the startled
One second Allen Btood there, a smile
on his lips, looking square at ihe oncoming burses,
"Jump:" I cried, but ho did nut move.
The crowd lield it> breath. Then tlie
plunging horses were upon him. When
they picked hi 111 up.a moment Inter, n
mangled, bloody foi-iu. be was unconscious, but still alive.
The following morning the papers
contained a full account of the disaster. Allen was still alive, but In n very
precarious condition. The name of the
young lady waa Miss Bernlce Arthur,
and Allen's fatal pause alter .saving
the girt wns ascribed to momentary
"Miss Arthur." it whs further slated,
"had suffered no Injuries uml when
seen by a reporter was apparently us
well ns usual, Acting on the Impulse
of tho moment, she had started to
cross tlie street, not seeing the approaching fire team until so unceremoniously hurled from ber perilous situation."
On the society page appeared it notice of the postponement of Miss Arthur's mnri'luge, which was
tuken place the following tin
reason assigned was tho unsettled condition of Miss Arthur's nerves, due to
her narrow escape.
I visited the hospital, but could not
sec the patient His life could be
saved, but be would be a cripple for
I didn't call again uutil I learned by
the paper that Mr. Allen was able to
receive visitors. Then I was rattier
afraid he would not carb to see uie, but
he seemed glad to have me there. Ilu
was sitting propped up lu a clinfr, looking pale and thin, but remnrknbly happy. Around the room were arranged
several bouquets of fresh cut flowers.
The way they were arranged wus
what first eatight my attention—a
touch here uml there that makes iliu
plainest kind of n 1-00111 take ou the
appearance of u home, nml that toucli,
sir, can only be given by the hand of n
loving woman.
We chatted on different unimportant ,
subjects until I rose-to go, when he put j
out his hand anu, with a smile, said:
"You remember tlie last bet I made?
Well, I  think chance decided  iu  my
favor after ail."
I didn't kuow what he meant Just
then, but later, as I came down the
stairs, I met Miss Arthur just going
up, her arms full of Bowers. Then 1
Ves, sir; he married her, though must
people say that she married him., At
leust, ns the story goes, she proposed.
If you're watching out this window
about 4 o'clock, you'll see them drive
by. He can't walk a step, you know.
SI, Paul, Diiliiih. Minneapolis,
Chicago mul points cast
- hrbiml, I'aliiPD a i*.t Sl,-e|.urj
l-*,.l- Iti'lm. lii:,l,T» an,I  Hi I  In..., ma „,„
Cllll ra.l.lirs*,
H. T, LANOECK, Agent,
0. W. I>. A., Sealtle, Wash
Because » .** th. i..-«i qtuHlty
ltcc;inso 11 i*. the ..."-' I.-.in-* cllex
Because .. .*. nn- i,..*...*-i hithgr.d«
11. nt ..51* ,,lii|;
Because th. ...i-« an- vii,, ,i,,o -„r
|,..*..,.    until Jan. I. IWI5
Because ■>■ i-iu,.,,,.,-,- ,*•..-,> plug
Because ..m,1,1,1,-,.„i,iiii,,„</,*.i,„
Mil I »|-Iiti; TOBACCO CO., IK.
» ..).j*.-)i<,......,.....,, J
I PETER MATIIESON, Proprietor. $
£ <*..4,*..-,,,»tttt,tt»<>, J
J When you are liiingiy ami *.til !
i» .. H-....I 111,-ai do in ilu* rtaat «,
J Kaoletm-,                                   m
J When vim  are lirril nml -.ant h  J
a.        11 1 real u.> lo lhe Real Km,- *,
J i.n.1)                                    *
^ Wlii-n Hiuiiit* tlii,si v ami want a 2
II -.i.ii.l .Ir.i.k un Iii Hie linsl *
jjj Konteuay. *
,, In fnct wh ii yniinrein Crnnhrooli S
« alopal ilu, Kust Koiiienay,       *
fi* i .ff f f »C(H.,*I,,.,,.,«..V
Canadian and American
Saw Mm Machinery
Flaninc. Mill Machine,)
Sash and I.....,- Machinery
Lumber Un kilns
Blowers and Bxhanal Cans
Steam ami liasolinc lim-'n.-s
Ooisllnj. nml Elevattns Ma hincry
Iran Working Machinery
Aul.imolic Saw I ininj Machinery
Snerlcj 4 Dietrich Mill Saws
Everythln*. hlth grade
Write us
Wlnni-H**.. Man.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Hid shoes made new.   All kinds
ni repairing.   Uive inc a call.
Barrister, Solicitor. Etc.
S^v    l,ll,(I.F.     Key Cll> U-Jgf
"■*'"■*'■"     \,,   ....   Ali-i'i-i-wn M-.ii
(111) lilulil at Ihcli liiiliu ,
tl-tkui siieet.    Kojiiiiiliijj
Dihl I'olliwscnitllullyiiiviteil,
A.UHtch.-tr., M. 1>. UlllliijM
Geography Wllh n H-rrolvcr,
"While I was dining at a London
club," said n traveler, "I hoard a Sun
Francisco ninn toll a fairy tale about
revolver practice In the west tlutt wns
swallowed without n whimper by our
credulous liogts. It Bturted by his bt>
lug asked If it wns true tlint all westerners were natural marksmen.
'■ 'Not all,' answered the iiitui from
the Tactile slope. 'Shooting, you know,
Is taught In our public schools.'
"'IndeedI' returned the Britisher,
'And bow do you proceed with sueh ln-
" 'The teachers combine revolver
practice with geography/ calmly ex-
plained the cluTi'l'ii) llnr. 'You see,
they have a big map of the world hung
on a schoolroom wall, and iu ilu: lower clusses a small boy Is asked to locate Knglntid on the map, The hoy
doesn't sny anything', but Just' draws
his six shooter and puts u bttllet In
the middle of Ktiglaiid ur any other
country that happens to be nsked for.
"'Among tlu.' more advanced clusses
the scholars are required to pick out
the cities and towns as well. If any
one falls tu puncture the right spot mi
the map, It's a sign he doesn't know
his geography; Ilitit'B nil.' "—New York
He WanH't  I'liiili-il.
A good story has reccnlly boon revived of u once famous publisher. Ho
was u man well acquainted witli general* literature, nnd It was ol'leii said of
bim that he never failed to name tht'
author of any given passage. A would
bo wit, thinking to have a little fun at
this gentleman's expense, told his
friends at n dinner party beforo the
tin Id publisher's arrival that he had
himself written soma verses In Imitation of Southey, aud that he Intended
to puzzle old K— with tho question of
their authorship. ,
Accordingly, later In the evening tlie
wag quoted his lines and, turning to
Mr. F—, he said: "I am sure they are
Houtbey's from theirstyle, but I cannot remember where they occur, Of
course you can tell usV ■
I cannot say I remember them," replied Mr. F—, "but there are only
two periods In Southey's life when ho
could havo written them,"
"When were thoseV" asked the joker,
with a wink nt his friends,
"Either In bis Infancy or his dotage!"
Was the quiet reply.  ,
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Solicitor Iur tlif Imperial (lank of Cttniiiki
The Colonial lnv-et-.inu.nt and Loan Cnmpanv
Crnnbrook, It. C,
Proprietor of hip
Candy Kitchen
rarrles a poinpleie stock of
Candies, Prints, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
Tobaccos. aivc us n ciii
•i*» • • • • •-* *>■*>*>■» ■»»♦*» •••••••■
CKAM.H   Tl'.MiHH. iinliiiHi'il   'Teiiilr-i  f..i
° I'nml khe I.''will l.u ieci'lu'.i h> 	
nnil,'i Hii-iii".! ni> in Mm.fi i>r ,\i lay, (lie lotli
l-'i'liiuiiiy. iik-.'i, fur (hit i-h-itltii I mn pi-1	
ni a i im---I ») mid l| mi in i run In oak Hclaini,
traol Hia) linwi u and nftoi iii-'.v.i i ,-i.,,,
at'), i!»..., iii tin'Hia,-,-or tiie tint in,-i,i ,\ ,.N|
l-*,*vt merle.
Teiulura mil net l ai.lil.'i'i'il nidi sn niuttr
upon iliuprlutQil riiriim unity led Thi ilm paipum-,
 I tllOllg.ei'lHi'lll In i'\i'i'iilc,i   I |||| imiili'd
inn'tiir iilins.-li.tinl in hoi  r --iiiii.il. ,• tm\
ilenlsnfllia I'ravimu m tue pi>mu ninuul fimn
for Iho nitlifiil p< rftiriimni f tlio wurk.
Tliu lowtMl ut any teinli-r uni ucoohmirllj ac
Di'patv Coiilin asliun-iiif Lmnis uiul Works
Unj8j.uiJ JVorKH iii'..iii'iiiu- ii,
\i.-ttiuiC ll, c„ iMth tltuumry, loon,      loan
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ao.
Anrnnnst-iiitlrij* n rUc*rh,und itrHcrliillnn mny
(liili'Mly iisi'i-i-i.-iin tuir imui froo wIihUht un
iiiv.'iillnii ii i.riil.iihly ]■ iliiilulili'. f'i,iiiii.niilf.*|.
tlniiHHlrlL'tlyMiiillilciitliil. lli.iiiliiixikiml'nii-niH
-i-iit fri'ii. iiMi-nt jii-i'ui-v li.r»t.(.|iiiiii:iuiii'nii,
I'i ""* ':i*-"'« MiriiiiKli Mu i it j .v (\i. n-ci'Ivt-
tptitiun-Hut, witlnmt ohnnte, In the
Scientific American.
A lmildmunoly IliuHtrnlnd wppkW.   I.nriiPfll Clr*
niliiil.iii ut uny rii'lt-iiitilf hmriiiil.   *l'crii,«, *:i n
ii.:ii ; li.iirnioiitliH, ft. Hol.lttyull *iriVNili>iili>rii.
MUNN S Co.38"3""--- New York
Urwcb onie*,. IBS If 81., Wa.l.ll'iliii it u.
HORSE SH0EIN0 and        £
Oont on slmrl ni.llcc* al the llnrsc Shuelnr
llcpi.l nppusllu licnr> « llnylc's livery stable.
i'riic ninncr ni Territorial l:alr. N. W. T..
in nurse slincs I'nlcnl Culllvalor Maker.
i'l.ms mid Miiililnery Kepaircil Promptly,
(live mc a Irinl
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & I'l. Shcphard R'y Co.,
I Ked    Mountain    Railway   Co
The onlv nil mil unite lielweeti all
points Un«t, Weal and South io ...
Intermediate Points.
Ci.liiic-rlin*. nt
K I'l IK ANU »illl Ihe
'ir*.-.-il Niiiihci-ii, Nurthern Pacilic
arid 0. K. & N. Company.
C.IMIII-, Isnl
Nelson with Steamer Iur Kaslo
mil  All  Kootenny   l.nkc  I'nlnts,
Myers Palls with Slant- Dally lor
Republic, and
Conotcli doll*
Ai    Hosshiir**.   State  Dally  lor
tinniil Porks and (lreunwood.
II, A, JACKSON, lien. I'n... A,l.
liasl Kootenay
llolllinji Co.
Aerated Waters
Of nil kinds.
Syrups, Champagn es,  idels,.
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water In  siphons.   The most:
Economical wy to ha ndle it.
Physician and Surgeon.
Ollice al I'eslilence. Annilrnnj Ave.
Forenoon,.   ....   0:30 to II   -
Allcrn.ii.iis    ....    |:.IO|„J:30
Cveninja   ....    7.3, t0 j.jj
CKA   1IKUOK,    :   :   :    :       1    B, (J Printing is Our Business....
When you want printing done right, that will
please you and your customers give your order
To The Herald Office
,1 oil 11    Nntil,    ietlre.1    iiii ji. I lit. i*.
PlM.V IU.- •..at*, old nml itippusetl to l>e
■till iii pour-sal i nil Ills simibus, did
II must fouliBli tiling.    I   hail I n Ids
law*, ei- for kI\ or dull I .veins, bill without nsklUR a wind of ntlvlee he ivll Into
tin- hand-, of a Kliiiiper. When he wns
iippioiirheil !•> a pninioh-r who WUS
-striving to llonl a Bold mine In a South
American Btnta nml noiHlod tin- Itillu*
once nf tils iinniP, tin- old man wnq Hat
t.ii'.l and list >l to the vow of Hie
tempter,    'lhe  shnrpri-  pi'eteinled  lhat
liodld not wnnl any money rrom Ntish,
The ititiiie of John Nash on a prospee-
tun as an Investor ami Bliiirohol()cr
wuitltl he a gunnilitee in others, His
first aim, or eoin-se, wns lu convince llio
old man Unit lhe mine in question was
H uMHid thlllg. He <lid this liy lies,
I-'i'WJil reports ami false documents,
Tliir:dli|ilii<iiy eoiiUt have lieen exposed
mid the swindler sent about his Imsl*
in ss had Nash eoute to me gi* any other
lawyer, but he determined to aet ou
hia own jiiil-s'tnent.
lu order to give matters a business
Kmk, as tie ptlt it. tlie promoter, whose
name was Phllbrlek, passed over 10,000
shares to Nash at $.'» per share and in
return required a promissory note duo
in six months. Then an agreement wns
drawn up to the effect that the notes
ssbould lie invalid. This was to bllml
(Other investors, ln plain words. John
ps'ash Bold his name for those .chares
land was assured over nnd over ngnlu
.that his annual dividends would
amount to nt least bKi per cent. By
this explicit statement 1 have published
my client not only ns a fool, but us the
"Willing confederate of n swindler, yet
1 have laid to give facts to make my
•story cigar.
Nash wns mnde to believe that no one
pise would sutler if he got this stock
gratis. The agreement was of course
made out lu duplicate, and ihe old man
deposited his copy In the safe. Phil-
brick saw him nt Intervals, always
making the most Uatterlng reports
about the mine, and everything went
smoothly for a few weeks. Then, six
wi'uks after tho agreements were
drawn up, on some excuse or other
they were compared. After the comparison Nash returned Ills copy to tho
■Strong box, and that was tlie last he
saw or tliQught of it for ihe next three
or four months; in fact, until Phllbrlek
"vvalkfil In upon him tine ilay antl asked
•whether he would be ready to pay Uie
note'nt maturity. Then it transpired
that the supposed contract was no contract ut all, but a vastly different docu*
lite. Both were too surprised to move
or speak. The Stronger was the lirst to
recover, nml bo wiled out:
"Well, I'll be hanged 1 Say, now, if
I'd known It was you I'd have kept
i-lear of the place. You bet your lite
you're the last until I'd want to rub."
"So you are here lo rob me'*" I until
ss I looked liiin over.
I "It looks like 11. eh?" be laughed as
he pointed lo Hie Imiulle,   "Say, It's all
■ mistake, mr I'm sorry."
.    "Who are you?"
I "Don'l you I'ememlierV Take a phh!
|00k al me. Lord, bill J'OU did melt the
Jury hi thai speech of yournl"
*   "You are Jimmy Jimmy"
* Jimmy Itlakesly, uu' they'll have
glVOU uie ai least live years hi the Jll||
If you lindll'l bundled my ease su well,
I paid you roi- it all right, but I've always had a fei-lln' of uriitltudeover Uie
May yuii talked lo tlie jury about  my
old mother air because uf ibe tears you
shell. You worked lhe emotion racket
till you had the crowd ciylu'."
i Five years bel'ure 1 had defended
Jimmy itlakesly on the clinrgo of burglary und wot him -It. If the press was
unanimous in saying tbat he ought to
have been sent lu prison, that Is not my
"And In return for the emotion, as
you call it, you come here to rob me," I
saitl, Bitting down.
"Hut i told you It was all n mistake.
Mow wus 1 to know you lived here?
Don't make the mistake of thinklii'
Jimmy Blakesly's a duffer. I'll just
put everytblng back ss I found 'em an'
say good night, au' we'll let it go at
that. What's the mutter, governor?
i'on're lookln' worried!"
You will think it a curious thing thut
I did, and I agree with you. Although
I hud caught Jimmy ml banded, tlie
idea of giving him over to the luw never
occurred to mo. I wus worried over
Um Nash case and felt like talking to
some one, so I invited the fellow to sit
down and told him ull about it. He
caught on lu great shape, and when I
hud given hint al) the points he said:
"Why, governor, tbe old man ought
to be In a crazy bouse. That mine
sharper has got him dead to rights.
No such case bb mine wns—no chance
to wurk in a poor old mother on a jury,
no tears ner emotion. You haven't one
chnnca in a hundred,"
"Not one iu a thousand."
"That is unless"—
"Unless what!" I asked.
"Dunno, but—hut if you'll excuse me,
governor, I think there's a little business wait In' for me down street. On
the square, I didn't know this was
your Joint. tS'long."*
Hi* took Ills departure by the door Instead of Hie (Ire escape, leaving niu
dazed and speechless. Next morning I
was an hour late nt tbe oflioe, and on
my desk I found n Inrge envelope
which had come by messenger, It con-
ti1' icd not only the copy of the agreement thut had been filched from Nash,
but bis promissory note for $50,000,
Tbo afternoon papers came out wiih
glaring headlines. Phllhriek's oflli'e
had been visited the night previous,
his safe broken open and valuable papers carried sway. Nash wus never
called upon to pay for his worthless
Stock, and 1 haw not seen Jimmy
Blakesly since that night. If he ever
comes around again, 1 must warn htm
that he Is clearly In Hue fur u scrape
where i'mo I inn will not save him.
"1HIN  I
Vol'    1.1 Ml M Ml;
i 11,
*, t mi:
nii'iit. In a WOftl, (tie old iiian had
beeu UlUllinmined, ll was then ho
mine to mc to help him mil of his trouble.
That Phllhrtck wns n plotting rascal
needed no nssuranco, it was a put up
job from begin ulna to end to raise u
slake at Hie oxnenao of Iho old man,
Yoll may say Dial as lhe alluil* was a
"plant" .ami a swindle it would not
hold lu law, bin uufortunnlelj it wus n
legal transaction, Phllbrlek did have
n mine. No maiter tl' ll was not worth
a cent, Uie old mini lnul taken shares
nml given  his  lioto,     lie might   plead
that there hud been a wrlltou agreement, but wliere was his copy?   If lie
said II had I u mislaid or stolen, that
was no excuse, As a matter of fad. if
be referred lo tlm agreement at ail he
would he convicting himself of bavins
engaged tn u Bwludle nn ihe public,
Phllhi'ii'k Uml him fust, uud thore
were but two pinna open to mo. The
first Was to bluff Phllbrlek and tlie second U> set lie on the best terms BGCUI'fl-
ble, I nt'btiee sent for him ami .tried a
bluff. It wa» no go. He tlt'ticd nie uml
laughed nt me. As to n compromise, he
Mould imikf none, lie wanted ¥50,000
or nothing. The note would be bntiked
ot maturity uml If not paid would be
protested and sued. If Ills mine was
jiot the Qolcoiida he bad hoped for,
that wus uo crime on his part. If It
was a; dead swindle, us l contended,
then my client bad stood in with him,
and the public should Icaru the fact.
Mr. Phllbrlek clearly had the best of
us.    .
One .Might n week before the notes
were to be presented for payment I returned1 from u Into supper to tlm! u
strange man in my bachelor apartment.
He hnd effected entrance by the lire
escape; There was not much worth
stealing, hut the fellow was about to
take his departure with some clothing
and brlc-o-Srac when I walked In on
hJm!■■•Tfitte *wa« -n tableau for a mln-
A High Toiti-d JftNltor,
Cleaning anything  was apparently
the last Idea of the janitor of Dane
ball, Cambridge, This functionary for
a generation or mora wus uu extraordinary Kptviiueii named Sweetman, Horn
and bred for a piM-t-h priest In Ireland,
tn' had come to this country atld fallen
upon evil days, being glad to get u Job
nt street digging. President Qulncy,
passing one day, wus mini zed to see a
red head emerge front n treiuh mid
quote In excellent I,alio the lines from
the "Bucolics" Voncornlng tbe pleasures
of the husbandman. He took ihe orator into ids own service, but, finding
him perhaps too much of a handful,
turned  him over to Uie law  school.
Here he hivume an nut«crul. Ills pro
fessloual duties, lis popularly under
Stood, he limited to opening the doors
ill ths morning uud Im-klng them at
night.     He   was   deeply   aggrieved   If
asked even to replace library  books
li'll on the tflblei sud, seizing on the
maxim su frequently used in torts,
modified it to suit his own purposes
thus: "Sic (Here Minis ut luu tion
liedns."     Hut   he   Invented   other   uud
higher duties. Uo attended all the lectures ami subsequently gave the speaker the benellt of tils criticism on both
delivery and doctrine, He exercised a
general supervision over ull matters
connected with the school and In Ids
Inter years became a terror to every
one iii or near It.-Samuel F. Butehel-
der In Atlantic.
At I ml  Your On n II ur.ln •»••■.
An old custom once prevailed in a remote place of giving u clock to any one
who WOllUI truthfully swear that he
hud minded Ids own business ..lone for
a year uml n day ami hnd uot meddled
with his neighbors, Many came, but
few if any gained the prize, which was
more difllcult to win than the Duu-
inow ditch of bacon, Though they
swore on the four gospels mid held out
their hands lu certain hope, some hitch
was sure to be found somewhere, und
for all their asseverations the clock remained stationary on the shelf, no one
being able to prove his absolute Immunity from uncalled for interference in
things not In any way concerning himself.
At lust a young man came with n
perfectly clear reeord, and the clock
seemed as if It wos at Inst about to
change owners. Then suld the custo-
diun, "Oh, n young uinii wns here yesterday uud made mighty sure he was
going to have the clock, but he didn't."
And why didn't bu get It?" "What's
that to you?" snapped tbe custodian.
"That's not your business! sad—you
don't get the dock."   '
»iu-t, •( tha CUrk mt th* H*ui.    *   H„,,t
n«b is follow-Hew Ctrtela 0-atUUM.
Hac«|t*l-«.*1 at Imiihii.   "Ut," Um*m
Ui'OWf*,     1|     -tiuu-,4     UlfB   -   roiM-.-,••
Wl-ds Ks-swltdg***f ■ t»wl*l *■■**.
There were great men befqre Aga-
iiiuuiiiini,  mul g i fut  men „it,-,     hi in
bill   what   will   Ihis  count is   do   When
Sir John lioiiiiiiot passes iu that
bourns whore everything is inanagtd
suiouthl*, without purllamontary procedure? asks the OttuWu coj'ivspoii-
deiit of The Toronto Star. tiuine*-
where or other in Ihlfi vast Dominion  there .should  be u      young     limn
i numng  for  Bourluot's shoes,  They
HI'S  hard  shoes  lo  till,     lhe     wimivi
must have pari lumen tory .-lore, constitutional law. historical research,
ant iqttut'ian   /est, emu illness,     ccn
tuilil.v, uud a lull measure of dignity
lie   must   know  his  book   tu  the   last
Inlliiiteslmal sub-section uf a subsection. Hi- must bu ready ><* apply
ou the Instant the exni-i Information
thui -settles u knotty question tie
must keep a tool hentl. Hi*-, duty being tu smooth the troubled waters,
his cru.se uf oil, like the widow's,
must never run dry. As Clerk of tbe
House uf Commons, Sir John has
built up a tradition oi office which
his successor will tind hard to sustain,
To see Boiirinot ut work is a continual feast. The House has opened.
There he sits in his massive chair,
on the table a studious litter of papers, a fow cnlf-lioiind volumes, opened learnedly. These be the law and
the pro] bets ol Parliament, the holy
writ of procedure, book-marked at
the lesson uf the day, The green
baize table carries one of these pagoda calendars. At the far end re-
puses the itiace. To Bourinot.s right
is his deputy—a stocky little Frenchman, who docs ilu* vocal port of his
business, 'When shall this bill be
read a second Mine?" intones La
Piunte, No one wuuld expect Dour-
hiol to nsk such u question. For
doesn't he kuow beforehand? - -Jt
is his role to sit there at the head
of the table, surrounded by the emblems uf temporal majesty, und to
confer by his very presence a dignity
on those emblems which Intrinsically
they do not possess. Hut Hour mot
is not idle—fur from it He is jotting down memoranda on a. paper
clip, he is arranging motions and petitions, his fingers nnd hls pencil are
Hying at a rule thut makes even a
Hansard man gasp for breath, It is
a marvel that u man can he so busy
and so stalely ut the same time, L*n-
dei all this hurry und bustle lies a
method so deliberate, a decision so
quiet, that it leaves no room for
pause. Bourinot, performing**he duties uf his office, is simply light mn..;
working under well-contrived rules
uml regulations
It happens sometimes, when thu
House is in committee, thai Bourinot must shut his beat to the left i'l
tbe lug table. When he does that
the majesty of the House shirts lhat
Way likewise     Uln-rever Hoinitio'  Bits
that is thu head uf tin table Still,
ins right place is tiie (jreen chair,
with its high back and Hiatal ve carvings He alone nils it with Ins presence     He gives  U   the alt   Ol  a CUrUlc
chair,, the amplitude of • throne- He
alone has the knock ot it, And why1
Oittsidi the essential dignity ot tho
man, there is his manner uf sitting.
Other ociiipaiits rest pi unuusiy i ri'
the edge, with a tnu gap yawning
behind. Hour)nut sit*, well back.'wiiu
nothing tu suggest that the-chair of
Slate  has  nut  gruWii  up urouiul liini
lie his it as if he were poured    Into
it or carved out oi it Me bolongS to
ibe chair, und the chair beltings to
him. Tho two are- us Inseparable (is
faith und good works, the Siamese
twins hot Scotch and tbe lemon
peel, ur (he Mitiduitt-.n mid the cherry Anybody who has scon Bourinot
in the chair carries thai picture with
.him for life, No matter where Dbur-
iti.it   may  be,  tlie phiinloin of      that
-.(.-.ii accompanies bun it is us por-
sis tent and Inevitable ns the nreho-
types that Plato mentions. Sir   is-
aac NeWlOll, we are told, nifihlv
gii-rei' ut the sun with his nuked eye.
und for many years was hnuntod liy
n gbos'l u( the sun on his retina
Thai is what happens to ibe Ulan
Who bus seen lloniitiot in tiie insignia of ofllco. Tim after-image rem.tins
to Inspire him rorevor.
Then there ure Hum hint's rubes —
■uiemn, sable, swooping, a aombpr,
appanage ut constitutional splendor
Uourlnol wears them like thu bieru-
phiwit With him each session of Hl0
House Is n high muss Flippnncy cannot breaths long before Dourlnol ami
bis robps levity must hide its diminished head    TllOSe rubes nre lliugr
teal garments, clunking their wearer
with all the gifts of lhe spirit. nn
Elijah's mantle of power and loft;-/
purpose, Touch the hem O', groping,
purblind dabbler, aud get Wise! No
WOndei' Bourinot has it greut respect
for those robes'of office, Not that
he believes in clothes any more then
Oarlyle did, but clothes, diligently,
worn, must borrow Dome ' virtue
from the man that wears them. Besides it is r it seemly thut a Clerk
of the House of Commons should
shed his skin each year, like the hlrtl*?
uml reptiles. If u garment bus memories and associations, who " would
care to moult it? Qnfortumitoly, the
House of Commons has no minifies
where the official vestments mny le
preserved. Each man takes care of
bis own, and whut do the moths
know of dignity?	
Sam« Yrtwnl-*r v-trftnolri
There hiis been of late quite au
outbreak of criticism and admonition
of the press nf t'unud.i, Bays Printer and publisher. The givers .of
advice have not born newspaper
workers, but clergymen, college professors, und btfitar worthies. There
a'*o just now several newspnpers offered for sale, Why do not the cr'i-
tb's talio ft.liuud In tbe KOiue they
seem to know so welt?
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Pacilic Railway Company control a large area ol the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the kootenay District The prices range from $1.00 lo $5.00 an acre, the latter being lor first-class agricultural lands.    These lands are readily accessible by lhe Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The annrc-raH' aitinunt nf principal and inl rest, except in the
case nf lands under SIM an acre, is ili.i.k-il inln ten instalments as
slumn in the table belli*.; the Ilrsl In be paid at lhe lime nf pur-
chase, me second nnc >ear frnm dale ni ilu purchase, Iht- third in
two tears and so un.
I li. lull..*, in*, table .hows ilu- amiiunl ol Ihe aHimal Instalment,
un liill acres at different prices under thc- above uiiuliluiii-:
11,11-nr- al 5.'..Ill per acr. Isl instalment $S1.n5    i> equal inliil'ls at 5511.inl
Killlberlcv *s ^he business and shippins point for lhe
•*  North Star and Sullivan mines.
BEAL & ELLWULL, Townsite A-*ents.
Cranbrook 's ''"•' (''vis'onal P"*"' "' ""•*- Crows Nest Pass
Railway and thc commercial centre of South
East Kootenay.
V.HYDE BAKLR.ownsite A8ent.
For liirllicr information apply lo am'ills aa above nr fo
A. TAYLOR, District Land Agent, Nelson, B. C. nr
I ands under S2.S0jier acre are sold
un shorter time.
II the land Is paid lor in lull al Ihe
lime ol purchase, a reduction from Ihe
price will be allowed equal lo len per
cent on Ihe amounl paid in cut-as nl lhe
I usual caah iaatalment.
Interest at sis per cent will be
char,ed in over due instalments.
The Company has alsu loll fur sale
in Ihe fullowln*. town sites in Bast Kool
enaj.: lillu,, Cranbrnok, Movellc. kil.h
ener, Crestun and kimberlc-y.
The terms ol psymcot are une third
cash, and Ihe balance in si, and twelve
Kitchener is in the center nf the great
Iron range aud the gateway lo lhe While
Qrouse copper fields.   .1. f. BURGESS
 ,. ...,.:SS,
Tow nslte Agent.
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
The CooK's
Best Friend
Bovril is invaluable in the kitchen
as by its aid rich nourishing soups
and  tasty gravies  can be prepared
in a few moments.    It also adds flavor
and strength to stews, hashes, ragouts
and every other dish for which it is employed.   No cook who aims at culinary successes, at a small cost and at |
a short uotice, can do without
Land Purchase Notice
Sixty il?v» after iliitc I will apply to
•he chief Commisslotiei ol Lamis anil
Winks for leave to purchase lhe following describe,) piece of laml.
Com in enr I rig ai the initial post plan**}
at'the northwest corner nf block 391
s.iutii Kam Kootenay thence north 211
chains more or less to the right of wav
of the Iliilish Columhla S illl her tl rail-
■viy along salti light of way westerly
to where'll Intersects the sniilh   line of
Arnold's »i nlara. pi*e*e(option thence ;i:t
rhains moit* or less 10 the cant bonnil-
ry of 'btoc'k 4MII, thenre south SO
chains, thence east ;i3 chains more or
.ens to point nf rommencement, contain-
mp fill acres more or less,
■ll Robert tlnbion,
Da'eil at Cr.iti.bronk, .Ian,. 11, 1008,
I have good wood of all lengths.
Leaye orders at Townsite office receive prompt attention.
V   Richard Stewart
Land Notice
Notice |h lieroliy given Unit sixty ilnyanfl
ilnto 1 Inteml toiipplytotliuOhlRfCiimitilialniier
i.r Liiui-i ami Winks Mr permission to imrelntse
itliinil llfty arrainf liinil Sltllltteil on  St,  Marys
river in tiie Bmilbom Division or south Kasl
Kwiienny, ilesurllied us fullttwsi
Conimeiicliig at ihe nmtliwisi comer or
kuitene LiTieic's iira-pinptlon, tliimco e.isl m
chains, tliMion nmtli 10 tlie hi, Marys river,
thencR following thu stilil river mi stream in a
I uiul iiii'- 11..11I1 nf the |ioliit ut I'.iiameiii'i nil tit,
thi'iiee snutli hi the point ol I'liiumi'lieeii'ftil,
Dated nt Cranbronk, 11. *'., Nov. aiih iikm.
KUUKNK l.i'CI.Klir.
Land Notice
Notice li hereby
given Unit sixty days
(Intel Ml I.i].1
.ly 1.
1 tin* cliler ram
er or
Un sand ff.
lor iiermlMsjon
io iur
lhe fo'lowlliji
: described lands In
loin iiiem-lii)' al
11 i»oht marked
II ill's
southeast em
'  planted at  K
. Ciunii
MHillnve-t ro
ami une tulle 1
llll'lh     II
f the
norilii'iiil tori
ner 11
f i.ot aiRgroiip'-n
district, iheiK
:e nn
ith HDi'lnilns, ilu
•nee  w.
■s|    S
Chains, Uienei
> sou
III Ml ClllllllH,   tl
ell 1
1st   Wi
ClllllllH, to tllO
i' of lieglmilnu.C'
m um
mres more 01
imti-iM iiis Mh 1
eci-uiiii'i' IBna
BO -
olin in
Land Notice
Notice ts hereby u.iv«u tli.it sixty dnys nftoi
dale l Intend In npidytolheOblefCnmmlsslonei
<>r IjuiiIs and Works for iwrmlisluti lo 1 hnse
the rnlloivmn dtMcrlbml lands In Bnntli Kasl
roiiiiiieiii'iiii; ut 11 iiosi marked "A, iinnriey's
iiur.iieasi comer," planted 111 thosiuilliwi'Sl mn
ner of W. I„ Dai linn's ,,nrel.ase, m Hock freek
tiieii.'eiM-Hi bo clinlns Id llie*ensi limit nl l.oi ill
a |)   Kooleiuh   district, llieiii'e  lOtllll  II
i-linins, Hii-fii'i- i-asl UU clinlill, Iiii l)i'.' lint til  **>
nbiilni to Hie pin.',- ill iieiti k .il tliihig 'if
aen-s moie oi less.
Imii'.I Ilie sin da) "I Ui'i-i'iiil'i-i IWW,
an A (loin lay,
Land Notice
m> ilnj
Nntleflli hereby given Ui
aale 1 Intend tn apply lotlie'Clilett'i MM 1
ut Lands nnil Works for i-ennlsMnn lo pnrclmx
the followIllR itiwrtbflil  lamli  in H h  Kns
< mn 'I'ih-Iiiu at ft pn*it marked ".lolin Ander
sun's northeast cmne1," plnnteil one tulle eusi
ofthe northeastrurnerof l*ot3ls in group oni
Kootfiiay district, thence, west so oiinlni to sain
hut :ns, thenei- south iiimi:: the east limit nl
suld Mt aw do ohnlns, theftee tmst m elmlns, II
the southwest ciuiu'i' nf \v, L Darling's im -
ehtisd, th-'iice norlli wiclidtnsio tho plneeof h
(■iinniii:. eoiita ning ni" acres moro or less.
Dated tbls sin iiayof December I'-hi.'.
an John Anderson!
Land Notice
Notice Is hereby given Dial sixty days aflei
iiutel htentl to apply lotbo dlilefc Isslon
pr of Lik ills ami Works lor permission to pur
chase t ie ftdlowlng ifescribed Lands;
rum ■ enrlng ai a post planted.on llin ens
hank of the Kootonay river lu Ihe iltstrlot ol
Rast Kimleiiny nliout :Hl ellftlllS below ,Inu
liiownsapiiiii'uiioii Iur purchase, thence inn
uim- south iKiabnfns following liver down strenin
HienceetistSfl obalns, thenco nortli 00 cbiitns
iiii-ni'e Westell ohnlns tu place ,ol ooinmenee
llietit eoulllinili.* SO acres re ur less.
Dated Ihis 'Mil day of uctoher, IWB,
A. liiKHl,
a7 Dftullayet, A^ent,
Robinson=McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Ol
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Surveys „,	
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract.
P. tl. Fart Steele, H. C.
We have a stock ol
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
Undertaking And
•rnilnnte of Champion college of   V. S
Office ntnl store, Aiken block,
near Cntiailuui Hunk of Commerce, Crnntironk, II. C.
Upholstering and Qeneral Furniture Repairing
Will .ttteiol to any work In the district
•.gent lor Ihe Brendan Marble ui llrinlle
Works.   Tombstones, Hei-isluaes, etc.
and Builder   •*,
All work du.r.aleed.   See us belore
yoa build,   ll .ill pa) -ou.
Cr.-itihriKik, li C
Livery  &
Proprietors „•* *•* „•*
Tennis nml driven furnished for any
poiul in the district,
Manager   ji   J.   J*
Notice Is hereby given that thirty
flays after date we Intend to apply to
the governor In council at Ottawa
for approval cf p'ans fot Improvement*
nn tbe Kootenay river in the county of
Kootenay, Brltl«h Columbia, under rec-
tion 5, chapter 03. revised statutes of
A copy of plans and desrrlpiion of tbe
proposed site of salil iini'iuveriienis
have been deposited wllh the Minister
of Public Works at Oitaw-i and In the
ofllee of the registrar of deeds for the
county of Kootenay at Nelson, Uritish
The Crows' Nest I'ass Lumber Co.,
4-1 Limited.
Dated at Fort Steele, Jan, iTth, 1908, -«H5--*S-«)
""  a n P'*-*c*-s New sPrin«wm' ll
fr Al I   i.'*..-* •»■•*-"■ *Mi>""* -mf-** ,T*M,M''""     '   '
, j.     *+l     I n_..UI «»liu  hi  i
Pieces New Spring Print
Itol-. Itluc-i. Aniline.. SirlpM,
wl.Uln.    S|eclal price |ier van'
pietes New Spring Gingham and Chambray
In Qreaoa,Ploaa, nine,. Linen., Red., Stripe, ind Check.
Prices, 12'ac, 18c and 20c $3
■ftf i-\   , T • ■_,   A beautiful range of Ladies' White <!'»
M Uainty Lingerie w<.ar just pasa<i i„t0 stock, skirts, m
«i> Corset Covers, Chemise, Night Dresses and Combinations. <U
....March Fashion Sheets Just In.... §&
CrpllaUutborlKd S4.000.W0
l*spltsl Paid Up  2,*2J,MI
Heal _ 2.4A5.Z88
T. h. Menitt. President! l>, it- witkie. vice
I'i-'iid.'iit \\illl;:iii Kamsuy, Koh.-it JaRray,
Williain H.-iidin*, T. Sulherliiu I Muj tier, Ell»<
ll. K. Wilkli, lieaeiul Mauser
E. Hay, Aishiatil l.eneral Malinger.
W. Moffat. Inspector, m
A Qeieral Baiklif. Busloesa Trfasaclcd
of tl ami iiptturit-i rweivnl ami Interest allowed.
Aaeniiin ureal Britain■■ Lloyd's Hun... Ltd..
Tl t.- lut.anl St.. Lt.ntion.   with Miom money
F. H. -MARSH, Maiaier.
Miafti n.ilil aniilal.le In all  parts of Cauaib
lu tt'J stales ami Kurove.
After the
There is nothing so invigorating, so refreshing,
so soothing as a cup of
G. T. R. TEA.
Just a little worn, eh? What you need is a new suit. One
that will wear, one that will look well at all times, and
that will not cost too much money. We can fix you out.
We have a fine selection of suitings to choose Irom and,
what is more, you can depend upon the quality.
Leask & Henderson
The :»th Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C
Dealer in
Poultry, Fish and Oysters in Season.
McSweyn & Griffith, Tailors
We keep a firstdass stock of Tweeds and Serges. The
designs are kept right up to the notch. The quality is
always the highest. Every bit wool, pure wool. People
like goods of that sort.   They ought to, it pays.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Hotel s S
QueatB Comforl i Specially
flood Subline lo Connection
Nearest to railroad und depot.    Has nrcommodfl-
tlnns for the public  u tie. ■ mil It*. I in Crantirook,
Iftonday and Cutsday, february 16 and 17
The Biggest and Best Production Ever Seen in the Northwest
unison's mammoth Spectacular
Unci* Corn's eabiniCen nights: Bar Room
Two special 78-foot private cars required to transport people
and seenery, j> Concert Band and Solo Orchestra. ..* Big
FREE STREET PARADE on the arrival of special train. *
"The best production ever seen in Brandon"—Daily Sun.
Don't be deceived.   Come and see for yourself. Popular prices.
etiwal Admission 50c, Reserved Seats m, Children 25c
Seats Now On Sale At Beattie's Drug Store.
ftcke»4 Up AbMt Ibe City  by Aiklif
Queilie-M ol Many  People.
This is llehle to he a wet spring.
R.J, Peltier returneil from the met
IV Hunts, tlie meat Magnate, wm In
town Wpiinemlay.
UttCle Tom's Cabin, Went worth hall,
February ifatli anil 17.
The bat* he lorn ball at Fort Steele waa
a pronounced success.
For Flour, Feed and Produce see John
Hrennan, Hanson Avenue.
For Kent—Five nicely furnished
rooms.   Apply at Herald Ollice.
P. Nev.n came up from Macleod this
week for a few days visit at home.
Some Interesting news from Tobacco
Plaina country will be published next
The Prospector says that Fort Steele
is growing. Good, The Herald ifl
pleased to hear that.
Dr. Sawyer has opened • veterinary
oftice in Fort Steele where he will be
three days in tbe week.
The old setters of the this district are
arranging to bold a reunion at Fort
Steele Id a short time,
Harold Jamieson, of Moyie, and Geo.
I.elub, of Jaffray, came lu Monday to
attend the Odd Fellows ball.
A cbinook wind struck this section
Sunday, and in a few week;* \be banna
season will be upon us,
H. Darling goes to Wardner next
week to work as assistant bookkeeper
for Breckenridge & Lund.
L, M. Mansfield baa bean In town
several daya tbis week arranging tbe
changes in tbe Laurie Lumber company,
T. M. Holbrook the well known
merchant of Elko, was in town Wednesday.   He is greatly improved ln health.
Miss Beatrice Rownn, of Morrissey,
waa a guest of Miss Kate Peveri) Monday,    She  came down to attend the
AMu'zof the Fort Steele Brewing
company, bas purchased half interest in
the Frank hotel at Frank, Alberta, for
84,000 cash.
Rev. Auvache held servicea at Fernie
last Sunday. \V. D. Lees had charge of
the services at tbe Baptist church during
his absence.
It Is reported that W, B. McFarlane
is no better, and tbat serious complications have developed that render his
cane more serious,
G. G. Moffatt came down from Morrissey last week to assist at the bead
office of Beale, Hutchison & Elwell for
the closing of tbe month's business.
Paul Handley and George Joyce, of
the Marysville Lumber company, were
in town Monday and Tuesday on business connected with their company,
J D. Sullivan, the new Instructor of
standard rules on the C. P. R. waa in
town several days this week interview-
ing the despatches of thia division.
Rev. H. F. Stillman of Fernie will
preach special sermons In the Methodist church here next Sunday. Collections in aid of the educational work ot
tbe church.
II. L. Stephens, proprietor of the
Australian hotel at Morrissey, will give
a masquerade ball on Monday eveulug
the 33rd. It promises to be Ihe big
dnuce ofthe season.
The C. V. R. is getting ready foi
spring washouts, All the bridges ate
being strengthened, and hundreds of
piles are being cut and placed beside
the track ready for use,
Tom Chrlstsin has secured tbe contract for the new Masouic temple that
is lo lie erected in this town, He also
tuts the contract for two large cottages
011 the Leask & Slater addition.
Tbe net loas above salvage at tbe G,
H.'Gilpin fire was $15.7113, upon which
Mr. Gilpin received $10,276 insurance.
He hah not fully determined wuat
courrse he will pursue as to rebuilding,
but will know ln a few days,
H. W. Barnes, formerly chief of police
of thiB district and the official poo.b.b
of this section, is now living in San
Francisco, It la reported that he is
now conductor of a street car. How he
must long for flesh pole of Smth. Eist
Gentlemen having sock* to be darned*
or other articles of clothing to be mended, can have them neatly, and expeditiously done by sending to the Junior
Guild or Christ church. Socks darned at
5 cents a pair, (other mending In proportion ) Parcels can be left addressed
/Junior Guild" at G T. Roger's store
or at Mrs. Rollandson's residence acrosa
from Catholic church,
The famous English basso, Walk iu
Mills, is coming to Cranbrook in May,
probably about the middle of tbe month.
This will likely be tbe only time Wat-
kins Mills will ever visit Craubrook, He
is now singing in Europe and expects to
stop off on his way to the Pacific slope
in tbe spring.
Tbe Ladies Aid society of the Methodist church are giving an "At Home"
at the residence of Mrs. W. T. Reid on
Saturday afternoon, St. Valentine's day,
from 3 to 6 o'clock. A cordial invitation ia extended to the ladies of Cranbronk ts attend. A charge of ten cent*
for tea and cake will be made. A most
enjoyahle afternoon ia expected.
Frank Sentiuel: C. E. Reld wbo is
down with an attack of rheumatism waa
taken to the Sanitarium hotel on Thursday where he Is taking a scries of the
famous sulphur baths, Mr. Reld la glv*
lug the baths a fair trial snd already
feels so much improved thst hia tuauy
friends hope to aoon see him back to
work in his drug atore.
United Stales Senator Turner, president of the Sullivan Mining company,
well ktiowu in this diatrict, Is lieing
mentioned ss one of the probable members of the Alaskan boundary commission. Senator Turner is recognized aa
oie of the leading statesmen ol the
States, and his reputation for diplomatic Intelligence end wide learning
would add greatly to the degnliy and
worth of the commission.
James Ryan returned from San Francisco laat Thursday, looking aa though
hia trip to the land of sunshine and
oiange groves had agreed with bim. He
saya that California is a nice state to
visit but that he prefers to live in South
East Kootenay. He left Tom Wellman
and George Wentworlh feeling good
over their horses, Mr. Ryan's return
was a source of much satisfaction to the
people of Cranbrook. As G H. Gilpin
said, "We miss him when he la gone."
He has been so closely identified wltb
tbe growth of tbe town, that it bas become natural to get "Uncle Jim" to
help on any proposition that may come
Electric Light Aioiial Mtetlig.
The annual meeting of the Cranbrook
Electric Light company wss held Tuea*
day nlgbt at tbe company's office. After a general discussion of tbe company's business officers were elected aa
J. H. King, president.
I. B. VanDecar, vice president.
M. Mclnues, secretary.
J. Ryan, managing director.
New C. P. K. Eaglets.
Montreal, Feb. 6.—Twenty new C. P,
R engines are ready for shipment from
Glasgow, 2u more are almost ready for
shipment, and the company has ordered
ao more to be built as quickly as pu.-
Arcbie Campbell, a young man employed for some time as driver for P.
Burns & Co, died Tuesday, February 3
of fever and erysipelas, after an illness
oftwowceka. Rl| brother bad the remains forwarded to his old home at
Kmtvllle, Uut , on Wednesday of last
• ••>••••*
Take Netlct.
Tbere strayed on my premises about
the middle of November laat a black
sow. It bas lived on say place ever since
Tbe owner can bave it by paying for ita
keep and for thia notice.
John Brenngn. .
Stack Quota!loss.
Furnished by Stale, Hutchison & El-
well, brokers, Cranbrook, B. C.
North Star      lojf,
Sullivan       3^
St. Eugene...-     40
Cau. Gold Fields       _%
Crows Neat Coal .$125 00
Cbas. VroDua aa Meats .Crisis. .
Cha'. Vroman baa been to bla old
home In Windsor Oat. He made a great
impression and they are taking off their
bats to the Monte Crlato of British Columbia. Tbe following from the Windsor
correspondent to the Amberstburg Echo
ma; be read wltb Interest by Mr. Woman's many friends In this district:
C. D. Vroman, who has 'been called
the Monte Crlsto of WlndsoV, came back
to this city two weeks ago with • pile
of money he bad accumulated in British Columbia during the laat live-years.
Before going out west he bad.been a
butchers clerk In Windsor. It la said
tbat he made hia money out of mining
and bote) property. On bla return he
established himself In the meat business
and took In aa a clerk a yonng man
named Frank Penman, who worked on
the same meat block wltb him five -years
ago- List Friday evening Mr, Vroman:
called Penman into bla oftce and. Bald-
that be waa going away again, tbat
Windsor waa too alow lor him. "Here,"
aald be, "you can have tbla meat market
rnn it for yourself, and here." digging
bis bands Into his pocket, "Is $loo be*
sidis." Mr. Vroman bought a Ucket .for
Winnipeg yesterday and left on Ue next
train. It is supposed he Intends to re-
torn to British Colombia. It Is not
known bow rich be la, but Wlndsorites
are ready to bet money that be baa
enough to keep the wolf from tbe leor
-for many yeara to come.
A ProaperoHi Church.
The Pretbyterlan church Is now enjoying the pleasing sensation of owning a
church building and manae entirely
free from debt, The mortgages were
paid off two weeks ago. aud the organ!-
zatlon is now In a iu .st prosperous condition. Over $1 auo waa paid off the
piat year, and the total revenues for the
year aggregated $2,700 Rev. Fortune,
the pastor has reaaon to feel proud of
tbe record of his congregation.
I. 0.0. F. Ball.
One of the most et jo-fable social
events given in Crsnbrook tbe past year
was the Odd 'Pel-owe* ball held last
Monday evening by Key City-Lodge No
42 of this town. Tbe hall was decorated
In a most artistic manner with bunting
and tapestries, and when lighted at
night by the many electric tamps presented a most pleasing sight. The
grand march, led by A. L McDermot
and Miss Flossie Magef started at 10
o'clock, and from then until 4 o'clock
next morning, dance followed dance,
when tbe ''Home, Sweet -Home" waltz
gave the signal for the close. Lunch. .
was served during the evening. In the
balcony card tables were placed for
those who did not dance and whist and
euchre prevailed tbere. It was a happy
evening for all snd added much to the
reputation of tbe local lodge aa enter-
I tsinera, ® si ■»■»»■»♦«
The Grand Trunk will Issue ||*000,«
or •Iu.uulmnio lu new sleek.
Kalpb Smallle was elected Miyor of
Greenwood by a m*>j irlty of four.
It. G. McPhersiui, liberal candidate
for the Burrard district was elected la»t
Wednesday. Chris Foley, the labor
candidate was second, while KsLeluten-
aut liuveiiot Mel unci the conservative,
lost bts desposlt.
'It is better to have it always and not
need it, than to need it mice and nut
have il. "
"Wives and daughters all remind us
We most nuke our little pile,
And, deparring, leave behind us
Cash for them to live in style."
Are you adequately Insured?
If Not, See
Palmer & Arnold
Phone 99
Proprietors ol the
Dray Line.
All orders will receive
prompt attention.......
Coal and Wood
Delivered on short notice.
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
will be closed for a lew weeks.
Will be opened in February..
Iraalrook Ladfe. No. 31
A. F. * A. M.
R ,*iiilar Juectliiita on th
third ThiiiMlHy or   III
-Vl.ltlBf br.lbr,D w.icomt.cl.
MA. BKA1.K. He,.'*-.
and Stonemasons....
We are re.dy to furnlab -ulim.tea
od any work In uur line anywh.r.
In Hi. rll.trlrt. Aililr-raa all I.I*
t.r. to Cranbrook, 11 C,
TatUaya aa*l PrMa>a. T
Maaiayy, WcdHaday, Saturday      ,_,
Cakaaof all description slwaya on *i*
band.   Sac-Hal Ordara promplly filled. T
A.R.Gibson   I
f?v>-**.*>.*»-»*>» »♦■♦.» •>'»*>■>.■■>.*>■•>»>'■»
I have opened a
and am carrying, a stool* of
bay, oaH, chopped oats,
' bran, shorts, wheat and potatoes. I also have a stock
of flour made from seeded
Msnttoha hard wheat.
I also have a frerh shipment of butter each week.
Fresh eggs and poultry.
Prices sre right* Give tue
a trial.
*-»•-•*»•»♦•»-»*>-**>-♦*»•»'*''> wtHwesi l
Hill & Co. are still after the dollars by
selling at paralyzing discounts. Get
your goods cheaply while you have the
• ♦-* • •»■•» •»-•> • •»-• *»
• ♦•VI
Do You list-
If n it will PLEASE antl PAY you lo
sec thc special lines of thc	
J. P. FINK, Manager.
Do you want to build a home or other
Do you wish to borrow money on a
building already built?,
We can lend you money at reasonable
We Sell
Schlitz Beer
Fernie Beer
Guinness Stout
Bass Ale
Agents ior
T. Lebel & Co.
Hay and Grain
Another car of that FAMOUS SCHLITZ .
BEER will be here this week.  We carry ,
the LARGEST  and  BEST  stock  of!
LIQUORS and CIGARS in thc Kootenays.    Send in your orders and be convinced.
J. R. DOWNES, Prop.
Heated by furnace.
Comfortable rooms.
Convenient location.
The bar Is supplied with only
the best and we keep a complete line.
************** **************************** HH44-A
When you visit Cranbrook stop at the
None Ik-tier In the District
Rates Si and up.   Short Orders and Oyttera
served in any style from tl p. ni. to 6 a. in.
The table is the best, the rooms are unsurpassed lor cleanliness and comfort and the bar is supplied with the best brands ■
ol liquors and cigars.


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