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Cranbrook Herald Jun 8, 1899

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VOMJT-IJ-   2.
ni'mim.i* ii
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Geo. A. Cox, President, B. K. Walker, Geu. Man-
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000.00.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
Just Arrived.
Fresh Stock ol
...Prices Right
Choice Confectionery, Fruits, Etc.
Cigars, Pipes, Tobacoos, Cigarettes and Smokers Sundries.
Compjtte line in Toilet Soaps. See our line of Silks, Ribbons, Laces,
and Trimmings. Everything in Ladies' Furnishings. A few ni« Dress
Lengths.   In Gents' Furnishings we have everything.
Remember the slum*,   l'nkiu block
Two iloor. Rust of bunk
 Laronde Bros.
Hotel 3 3
♦®®***>-* *>*>** »•>-*>•>■>*>•>• »* *>'*>-*-**®
Quests Comfort a Specialty
Qood Stabling in Connection
Nearest to rnilioad and depot,    Han accommodations for the public unequalled in Craubrook.
Flies     :=:      Flies      :-:     Flies
I     ^	
® We have received the largest stock in East Kootenay direct
®  from the manufacturers in Toronto and New York.   Wt can
®  satisfy the most fastidious.
Not House Flics, but Fishing Flies
 ,       Reels, rods, lines, worms, froge'es,
and everything necessary to insure a good days' fishing.
It Ply, to Deal al :
Beattie's Drug Store
Postoffice building, Cranhrook
Official keport ob That Part of South
East -Htmy.
The Strike on the Slocan-Scale of
Wages  in   thc  Rossland
Important, if true. j
Any store news we may tell you may be re- 5
lied upon as perfectly true.   And it is quite ;
as important as it is true.   TRUE  IT IS, 5
there is no place in British Columbia that 1
does more to win trade than the TORONTO '.
CLOTHING STORE   Our large and increas- ',
ing trade shows the people appreciate our 5
efforts, our goods and our prices. j
Yours for your good and our own, j
 -  -®
Do You Wear Shoes
?     ?
We have lull received the lines! assortment of shoes ever
brought Into East Kootenay. We have them in Black, Tan
and Chocolate colors, and all the latest shapes. We also received a very fine lint ol Men's Underwear for summer.
Call and examine these goods and be convinced that we
arc selling them at prices lower than you ever dreamed of.
Our Motto is
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.
Cranbrook tv Fort Steele & Wardner
1*1. A. BEALE,
Commission and
Insurance Agent.
Farl Steele,      -
nriltt.li Columbia
McVittie & Hutchison.
Bishop (Iroup.
Owners, Bishop Bros., Wardner P, O.
Elevation, 3,000 feet. Situated about
half a mile up Sand creak from iheC. P.
Tossing and tb< town of Cranston.
The claims in thia croup are the Jessie,
Margaret, Little Koy. Dottie aud Rob
Roy. Development haa all been confined to the two first mentioned claims.
The rou 111 ry rock consists of hard stratified shales and slates.
At the time of my visit, Juno 33, the
development consisted of:
1. A lower tunnel started near the
creek bottom, cutting into the steep
hillside, N So degrees K for 50 feet.
whero a turn was made to the right (S
65 degrees ti) and continued for 20 feet,
with work still continuing. This tunnel
was being run with the intention of cutting two or three quartz veins, which
had been exposed in the upper tunnel,
some 200 feet vertically higher up tbe
hill and further to the south. Tbe owners calculated from the dip and strike
of these veins that the lower tunnel
would cut them, but so far the attempt
had been unsuccessful and tbe work
only showed slight mineralization, chiefly iron pyrites.
3. An upper tunnel diiven in near
discovery point, N 85 degrees H, for 55
feet, then S 55 degrees K for 25 feet,
Near tbe mouth of this tunnel a quartz
vein of some 15 to iS inches was cut at
an angle having a strike about S 45 degrees li. Again, at about 50 feet in a
similar vein was cut, and in the face of
the tunnel, to the left hand aide, another
Beemiugly similar vein was exposed, all
three being nearly parallel as to strike
and dip.
These quartz leads rut tbe formation
and are fairly strong, but seem to be
frozen to the country rock. They might
be expected lo continue to the level of
the lower tunnel, but from what rough
calculations I was able to make at the
time I was of tbe opinion tbat tbe lower
tunnel had been driven loo far up stream
to catch them, even if tbey did continue.
There is little chance of following the
leads nn the surface, as it is covered
with heavy rorkslide and earth. The
driving of the lower tunnel was attempted on very unsuflieieiit data obtained iu
tbe upper tunnel.     As exposed iu tbe
ppw tunnel these quartz leads contained copper carbonates and sulphides,
with some iron sulphides, and occasion-
.-illy galena.
Entire Mineral Claim.
This claim is reached from Cranston
by a good pack trail, fairly level for the
fust fonr miles and rising rapidly for the
lust two miles, approaching the claim
from the north on the easy slope of the j
mountain. To reach the actual work- j
ings, however, one has to go around the
very steep south face of the mountain
for some too yards on a trail existing
more in name than in reality, witb nothing but a very insecure foothold on ths
upturn id edges of outcropping ahales to
save one from a rather suddeu drop of
BOme hundreds of feet,
Tlie country rock seems to lie chiefly
slutles of a dark gray color, locally much
Hltercd aud distorted, and in the immediate vicinity of tbe vein much crushed.
The general strike nf Ihe rocks would
socm to be about S 45 degrees Ii, and the
dip about 45 degrees iuto the hill to
N Wi The claim extends dowu the
very sleep hillside from No. I stake, situated near the summit of the mountain
at an elevation of about 4,800 feet, to
No 3 aii.le, at an elevation some 500
feet lower.
The most important development
work baa bt au done at an elevation cf
about 4,650 feet, and consists uf an open
H-foot cut leading to a tunnel which has
been driven in 10 feet; both ou Ihe lead. |
This lias cut through a so-called''iron
capping," which omul on the surface
at this point, having a depth of some
two to three feet, and a width of about
30 to 40 feet, laying conformable to slope
of hill. The quartz carries copper pyrites, occurring iu small stringers aud
pockets, but so far as exposed, not ill
very great quantity. A very rough sample across the face 0. the tunnel gave uie
copper, 460 per cent, and silver, 2,25
ounces. The iron capping, from samples taken by me, contains no values.
About 150 feet vertically below, or at
an elevation of 4500 feet, there is an
"open cut," and a ceiiaiti amount or
work done exposing iron capping—here
about 25 to 30 feet wide and about three
feet thick—showing underneath it the
quartz vein similar, though somewhat
narrower than in tbe tunnel above.
Still furiher down the bill some 150 feet
vertically, and near the No, 2 stake, lhe
capping has (.gain been exposed hut not
cut through.
in the Empire probably continue through
this claim. The "iron capping" before
mentioned, tbe general trend of which
seems to be ubout N S5 decrees W, mag,
has been exposed in ibree or four open
cuts, and is practically tbe same in charter as higher up the hill, although not
showing up quite a. wide, being probably beie not over 15 feet, The quart/
vein is again exposed, and is almost the
same as above, carrying copper aud iron
pyrites iu stringers.
Mouoiiln Mineral  Claim aad West  Exten*
site ul Same.
Title, location. Owner, Alex Mclleati,
et al. Wanliitr P. O. Elevation, 2950
feet. These claim*, are situated on a
suiall hill using out of the plain and
separated from the main range of mountains, aud are about three or four miles
to Die west ward of Sauil creek and about
five miles S 6u degrees \V from tbe Empire mineral claim. A fair wagou road
from the property connects with the
main government road which runs from
Port Steele to Elko.
Tbe country rock ia composed of .dates
and shales, laying comparatively regular
and little disturbed, dipping S 15 degrees W at angle 15 degrees. Somewhat
above the present workings there is
what appears to be an igneous dyke,
some 14 feet wide, across the measures
and running N 20 degrees E. So far aa
I could see, however, this had no connection with the mineralization as exposed in the workings, nor had it caused
any mineralization in its neighborhood,
Tbere does not appear to be any regularly defined vein on these chiims, but
there are liuestof fissure filledjwith alternating hands of quartz and slate, the
bands being a few inches wide, amounting in the aggregate to some five or six
feet. The lowtr tunnel follows one of
the banded leada for some 50 feet in
direction N 65 E. In it was obtained
some very fair ore, copper pyrites, with
some carbonates; and the amount found
seems to have been fully as great near
the surface as farther in. The ore is in
stringers, which, taken together, across
the exposure in tbe tunnel, would aggregate somewhere about four or five inches
of solid ore. There are on this same
lead two pita showing up almost the
same condition of affairs, Iu three additional open cuts two other leads of a
similar nature are expored, not so heavily mineralized; but all leads more or
leas parallel.
Waterfall Mineral Claim.
Title, location. Owners on record,
Langley Bros, et al, Fort Steele. Reported to be now held by Robert Demp*
sey and John Grus'ic. Situated on the
main mountain range, some five miles
west of Sand c eek, at an elevation of
3900 feet, or about 1000 feet above level
of plain. Trail leading to it from the
wagon road at Mountain mineral claim,
is fairly good until it reaches the foot of
the hill, after which it Is practically im-
passable for horse**, being a zjg-zag over
a shifting rock slide.
The country rock is composed of greyish shales and slates, dipping N 30 degrees E at angle from 28 degreca to 30
degrees. There is an open cut of some
five to 10 feet leading to a tunnel of almost the same length, following a quartz
vein of from 12 to 15 inches wide, which
runs N 25 degrees W, cutting the formation. The dip of the strata on right of
tunnel is 38 degrees, on left s8 degrees,
the change in dip causing a fissure,
which dips nearly vertical as it cuts each
layer of abale, shifting a few inches to
the right on each bedding plane. Thia
produces the efleet of a stepped fissure
with a general dip of about 80 degrees.
It stops and is cut off at the roof of the
tunnel hy a '-slate capping," which does
not appear to have been broken.
Tbe fissure is filled with white quartz
containing pockets of copper pyrites and
galena with some iron pyrites, giving
samples of six and even 13 inches in
diameter of clean ore. but not as yet in
quantity. The vein is exposed in the
Boor and face of tunnel, but I could not
tract it on the hillside below.
Pais. Sentenced to Death for tiie Murder of Ryan.
Phillips is Declared Not Guilty of
Murder, and Bruno, the
Italian, Goes Free.
Most of ibe Mlaefs Hive Slakes.
Ne.-ion Tribune: David W. King, purchasing agent in the Slocan fur the
American Smelting and Refilling company of Great Palls, arrived in Nelson
yesteiday. He reports that the majority
ofthe mines in the Slocan have already
suspended operations, and that today,
with tbe miners who have been discharged aud those who will quit work, I
there will be over 600 idle miners in the
Slocan. Of this number fully 60 per
cent will go out prospecting or working
claims of their own, until tbe matter in
dispute in regard lo the eight-hour law
la adjusted, Ever since the Klondike
boom the uiinera hnve been saving their
wages, and the majority have now a considerable stake with which to go to work
on their own account. Of the balance
he thinks about ten per cent may loaf
around tbe towns and thirty per cent
leave for other mining camps. Business
in the Slocan towns, especially at Sandon, is practically at a standstill.
Mines and lamia surveyed.      Insurance
The trial of the Italian Paist, who was
charged witb the murder of Edward
Ryan in this city on tbe night of March
27, was concluded at Nelson last Saturday evening at 8:30 o'clock. The Nelson Miner, iu its writeup of tbe case,
says tbat Justice Drake iu charging the
jury at 5 o'clock was clearly against tbe
prisoner. The jurors retired at 5:45 and
remained out oue hour and three quarters. They returned v ith a verdict of
guilty. The prisoner wns then ordered
to stand up, and through the interpreter,
Alex. Ruzzetto, was asked if he bad anything to say why the sentence of the
court should not be passed upon bim.
He then commenced a recltul of the
events which marked the night of the
murder. He began by saying he was
not guilty; that some men. probably
those witb whom he had the row, followed him home. He was proceeding
with bis narrative when his solicitor,
John Costigan, Q, C, interrupted liim.
He [said that m view of tbe fact that he
would apply for a aase reserved upon the
question of the adiiiissablllty of the evidence hearing upon the prisoner's alleged
confession, and also upon the court's instructions to the Jurors as to the law of
homicide, he would advise bfs client to
make no further atatement,
Justice Drake then proceeded through
tbe Interpreter to pass thc death sen
tence. He said: The jury, after a long
and careful trial, have found you guilty
of the murder of Ryan, aud it is a verdict
which I do not disagree witb. I have
now only one duty to perform, and lhat
is to pass the seutence|that the law prescribes for the ciime of murder, and before doing so I entreat you to look for
pardon from Oue who is a greater judge
than anyone on earth. Tbe sentence of
the court is that you be taken from
hence to the place front which you came,
and to he taken from there and hauge I
bv the neck until you are dead; and may
God have mercy on your soul. The execution will take place on Thursday,
August 10,
Phillipps Acquitted.
Nelson Miner; John Phillipps, the
halibreed son of M. Phillipps of Tubac
co Plains, waa acquitted yesterday of the
charge of murdering Edward Bawlf, on
the line of the Crows Nest Pass railway,
near Elko, ou the night of June 4th, a
year ago.
There will be few people who will disagree with tbe verdict which was rendered by the Nelson jurors. The evidence went to show that ou the night in
question the prisoner, in company with a
full-blooded Kootenay Indian, was herd*
ing horses for Egan & Co., contractors
employed on the construction of tbe railway. While thus engaged they were accosted by the deceased Bawlf and
another man, who demanded the use of
horses to go to a hotel for liquor, Bawlf
secured tbe horses upon agreeing to pay
fifty cents. Wben he returned several
houra afterwards he refused to pay aud
an altercation ensued between Bawlf nml
the Indian In Phillipps' company. The
Indian retreated behind Phillipps and as
Bawlf approached with hia coat off ready
for a fight, Phillipps Lit him over tbe
head. Bawlf was stunned by the blow,
and .being taken to Elko died tbe next
day from a frrcture of the skull,
The prosecution endeavored to prove
that Phillipps hit Bawlf wilh a revolver
which he carried. Two witnesses who
were with Bawlf testified to this, hut
Phillipps aud the Indian Paul Lane
swoie positively that tbe blow was given
with Phillipps' band. The medical evidence put in hy the crown assisted the
prisoner. It demonstrated that the
skull of the deceased was an abnormal
one, in that it was less than half the
ordinary thickness. There was likewise
nu abrasion of tbe scalp over the fracture, such as might be expected bad the
fracture been made wilh a .revolver.
The skull was, in the opinion of tbe
crown's medical witness, so thin that
the fracture might have been occasioned
by a blow from a man's hand.
Everything   Looks   Bright   for  a
Grand Celebration.
Excellent progress is being made with
the arrangements for the Dominion Day
celebration in Craubrook. The various
committees have been deligeiitly at
work, and everything tends to show that
n most interesting program will be presented on that day.
Information :s being received daily of
the interest manifested by tbe people of
the neighboiing cities in the celebration, and there is reason to believe that
■here will be a large attendance from all
over the district. The people of Cranbrook will exert themselves to give the
visitors a*i enjoyable day, and it Is to be
hoped tbat everyone who cau will be
present. '
Negotiations are still pending for tbe
special train from Fernie, and tbe probabilities are that it will be secured.
Arrangements should be made by llie
itizens to secure flags and bunting for
decorating that day. It should be made
u grand gala day.
The Sports Committee.
A meeting of the members of tbe
sports committee was held last Friday
afternoon at the townsite oflice. Tbere
was a large attendance and great enthusiasm was shown in llie work.*
On motion by O. II. Miner, seconded
by J.Joyce, J. II. Laidlaw was appointed
1 hairman.
On motion of J. II. Laidlaw, seconded
by J. Joyce, O, 11. Miner w«s named as
Moved by J. Hutch (son 1 seconded by
T. T. Richards, thnt the secretary of tbe
meeting wrile to the secretary of the
Athletic association asking him to ar-
range for a g line of football and baseball
on the morning of the first of July, such
games lo be finished by 12 o'clock, the
sports committee to give the winning
teams a prize, and till the arrangements
regarding these games to be left to the
Athletic association; also, asking them
to please communicate with the sports
committee,   Carried.
Moved by J. Joyce, seconded by J.
Hutchison, that J. H. Laidlaw, C. M.
Edwards nnd Thomas YYellman look
afler tbe horse races.    Carried.
Moved by J. Hutchison, seconded by
J.Joyce, that O. II. Miner, H. H. Dun*
bar and E. H- Small look after bicycle
races.   Carried.
Moved by M, Rockendorf, seconded
by J, Hutchison, that J. Joyce aud T. T.
Richards look after foot races.   Carried.
Moved by G, II. Miner, seconded by
T, T. Richards, tbnt J. Ryan, J. R. Costigan and A. Leitch, Sr„ be appointed
judges for the sports in the afternoon;
also, that C. M. Kdwards be starter and
J. Hutchison clerk of tbe course. Carried. ,
Moved by J. Hutchison, seconded by
J. Joyce, that lhe meeting adjourn until
Tuesday evening, June 6. at 3 o'clock.
Fernie aad Cranbrook to Play Ball.
Arrangements have been completed for
a match game of ball ou Dominion day
between ibe Fernie and Craubrook clubs.
The following letter shows that the Fernie people are interested in the celebration uud the game:
Fernie, B. C, June 7, 1S99
Mr. M. Rockendorf, Cranbrook, B. C.
Dear sir: We accept your challenge
to play a game of ball at Cranbrook on
July 1st, and if a special train can be
procured for the day we will do all in
our power to induce people to make the
trip. Yours truly,
A. C. Liphardt.
Five Railroad Men Heel Death From
Macleod to Kelson.
Thre* Run Over and Two Were
Drowned—The Accidents Unavoidable in Each Case.
Last -week was nn unlucky une among
tbe employes of the Crows Neat Pass
line, as five of them met with sudden
and unexpected deaths,   Two men weto
run   over   by   a  train   at  Moy if. while
eeplug off the effects of a spree on the
track. One was accident ally knocked
off a car ai Macleod, while another was
Irowued at the Landing bv a canoe cap*
sizing, and it is supposed tb.it the fifth
met tbe same fate
killed Wlille sic.
Two men named [ante
s Stewart and
Michael .1. Redmond. 1 m:
lo.id ns labor-
ers on the road at Moye
tie, met «nli h
sudden and painless death
at l  •.■■Snmli.y
morning.   The men had
been drinking
heavily all evening «t Ua
\ ie.   and aboul
12 o'clock started for the
u boardiug car
which   is   located-  at   M
oyclle.     They
reached llie  track   and   '
.valkid   only   »
short distance when lhey
laid down iu a
drunken   stupor   in  the
center of ihe
track   witb   then   hen Is
lesting  on the
rail, where tbey were sit
nek by the east
bound train tlm passed at 12:30, The
bodies were found about an half hour
after the train had passed, aboul 80
yards apart. Redmond's bead was
crashed to a pulp while Stewart's bead
was almost severed from his body.
Coroner Moffat was notified and visited tbe scene of the accident Sunday.
He found that there was no question as
to how the unfortunate men met tbeir
death, anil did uot consider it necessary
to hold au inquest.
The remains were buued at Moyie
Monday. Slew-art had been on the road
since the beginning of construction, and
had a father living in Dnudee, Scotland.
Very little is known abont Redmond,
Both men were about 24 years of age.
Drowsed While Canoeing.
A, B. Neville, a brakeman for Conductor Becker, on Uie accommodation running from Craubrook to the Landing,
was drowned last Sunday afternoon
wh.le r.ding :n a ranee with the operator at the Slip. They were on the Kootenay river, and the canoe capsized. The
operator was. rescued, but Neville sank
to the bottom. His remains were recovered Monday and brought to Cranbrook tbat evening. A casket was prepared here and the remains were forwarded to Winnipeg OH Tuesday morning's train. Neville was well known in
Cranbrook, and bis father is a tie inspector on the C. P, R. neat Winnipeg.
A Lineman Missing-
One day last week Rolert Fletcher,
the lint: repairer in charge of the telegraph   line  between the Landing and
Nelson, took hi*; oulfit and started to
look up his lints. He can survey much
of it by traveling along it*, a boat on the
lake, but at times be has lo leave tbe
boat and climb the bills. Dp to last
night no word has been heard of hi in,
although the canoe had been found
floating in the lake.
Blue (irouse Mineral Claim.
Owners, Langley BroB., Fort Steele.
Klevation, 4300 feet, Tbis location la an
extension of the F.mpire, extending from
No. 2 stake dowu tbe hill aud to the
Miners Wanted.
At the North Star mine, three or tour,
j westward, and is a full claim, 150U hy (Tbey must be good men.
11500 feet.   The conditions which prevail I North Star Mining Co.
Wages ol Miners at Rosilsnd.
The following is from tbe Rossland
Miner, and can be accepted as correct:
Per siim
foreman or ahl t bosses, clay $3 00
penman or shift tanses, night    4 go
Engineers      a so
Fireman    3 00
lllarksinittis    -100
nttfkimUllB' lielpers    3 00
t!ar|isntar*    « M
Per shift, 8 hours
Miners (band drill) W uo
Minors (Hand drill) hi shafts    8 50
Miner-, (liiurllllie drills)     a Ul
Miners (lilR"li:nt* ill HI**) In shall-.     *U0
I'lim-mif-n, timlienneii »s out" -I oo
Carmen, shovelers, nippers,,
Messico Escapes.
Messico, tbe Italian who was arrested
with Paist, and held on the charge ol
being an accessory after the fact in the
murder of Edward Ryan, was allowed to
go free. _
Cleared ol Ike Charge ol Murder.
The case of Bruno, the Italian charged
with killing Puerto, another Italian, near
Moyie lasl summer, was dismissed when
called at Nelson last week, the crown attorney stating that be had no further
evidence to offer than wns produced at
the last trial. At a former trial the jury
failed to agree, aud now Bruno goes free
ItmiBlaiidiits (surface)...
Per shin, io hours
  I*. M)
A Bold Burglar.
List Tuesday night some one took n
railroad pick and opeued a window in
the office of the Cranbrook hotel and entering, broke the till in thc oflice. Mr.
Ryan bad left a ten dollar note in the
drawer and this was taken. It was a
chance thnt be was not caught, as some
one [is generally about at all Utiles of
Winnipeg Free Press: In connection
with the new changes to be made in the
train service ofthe C. P. R. the sleeping
cars will be run to the coast in thia
order: A sleeper will be run from the
Soo line from St. Paul and Minneapolis
to Kootenay Landing so that connection
with the "Imperial Limited" can Iw
made at Moose Jaw, where passengers
frmn tbe east for the Crows Nest Pass
and Kootenay will connect with tbe local
train running from Medicine Hat at
I hin more Junction. This train will be
wailing each day for the "Imperial Limited." Those wishing to go direct to
the coast, continue, of course, on tbe
Dally Passenger Service,
Commencing on thc iSth of this month
the C. P. R. will put its new service into
effect. This will give Craubrook a
through transcontinental daily passenger fain each way. The train will arrive from the cast at 5:15 p.m., leaving
at 5:25 for the west. The time between
Craubrook ami Kootenay Landing will
be reduced to four hours, and the time
from Cranbrook ito Macleod to
about eight hours. A through sleeper
will be run from St. Paul, Minn., to
Kootenay Landing, and the Crows Nest
Pass train will connect wilh the Imperial Limited nt Dunmore. A buffet car
will be run on this line, and all passengers for the coast will have the choice of
taking this route across the continent at
the same rate. This will give lhe people in tbe east and west an opportunity
lo pass through the gold fields of the
Kootenays oh their way ncross the*continent, and will prove a good thing for
the country in many ways.
Brakeman Killed st Macleod.
A brakeman named Bssery, wbo runs
on tbe mixed train between Macleod nud
Calgary, wns instantly killed last Saturday at Mack-oil, The train was liBcking
up to the coal chute, and Basery, who
was on top of a freight car, was struck
by a board projecting from the coal
chute ond knocked down between the
cars, several passing over his body lie-
fore tbe train was stopped,
Estra)  Notice,
Strayed frnni tbe ranch of the undersigned at Swansea, on the 27th of May,
one cow,  ten years old,  one horn somewhat shorter than the Other; had when
she left Swansea a small new bell
attached to neck by straps; color, light
red. Any person harboring the above
animal unless advertising the same will
be prosecuted,
II   J   Turner.
Koolens)  Illustrated.
Arrangements have been made with
tbe B, C. Review, of London Bng,, by
which the July Annual of the Kootenay
Mining Standard will I.e reproduced 111
the   Knglisli  metropolis.    This  will   be
tbe greatest advertisement the Kootenays have ever hail 011 the other side of
tbe Atlantic, from the fact that the
Standard is fully endorsed by the public
bodies of tbe district, and that its contents, so far as the rending matter is
concerned, nre not dictated or paid for
by any corporation or Individual whose
property may be mentioned In its pages,
Undertaking and Hmbslmlng.
The British Columbia Furniture compauy will do undertaking and embalm*
Ittg,   OfflCO  for tlie present at Maggs.*
A Reslaursnl fur Sale.
I have a fine restaurant building and
business which I will sell at a reasonable
price. It is located opposite llie station
and is doing a good business. Call uud
see uie for lerms, etc., or write,
John Willis, Cranhrook, II. C,
Buy your Sash a
ml Do
ora direct from
the   manufacturer
•ave  yourself
THURSDAY   JUNE K.   '1899.
. i. si.MPSON, KiHtnr nnd Mnmuu-i
ri'i.'Ms ui'* sPiwoitin'it)-
Tho Herald dodres to nlve the new. nl the
iiistiii'i. ii yuu know any aboul your town
y.nir mini- or your iieojili*. send u to Mils otilee.
su.- uu
i   ll-.Miu- •
■ i ii '•Prlucesa*-
iMiiin "Mra."
It w«_, recently ri'iSficil b$ *sst*a
thut Prof. l)r. von Bamorch and iu.-
wife bud celebrated their silver ***-.-
ding, Before she mtUTled fee M^tea
plain Mra, von lCsmarah W Prlimas
Henrietta von BchleB\vlg*Ba4gteln-s8!.*
dwburg-Auguateuburg. 'Uk* iH-enenl
etnpreaa ol Germany comes from tbe
same family aa it. hei niece, Dr. Von
Uiinmh had lor 43 years puat been
director of thu surreal ellulo "f thc
Kiel university, uml his prominence In
the scientific world la explained bj the
fuet t.h.ii in* is on.- of ilu- musl  mm*
(.i-M,fni surg is oi (Inrnmnj to-day.
iu his cllnicul d<-lain in* tn iilone he has
performed i *•■ limn Wi,uimn|R'railons,
which do not Include his brneflwnl labors us conaulMng surgeon and fhii-f
of thi* military hospital., at Berlin-hit"
ing Uu* wars of ittfW ami |«70«71, Ills
luununsQ |io|iiilur'n_v throughout tin'
many te not only dtie to Ills ability na
u surgeon, but iu hla thoroughly organizing tho Society of tlio Ited i'i-oss
Although 74 years old, ho is physically hi jn-rk-i'i heal Hi, and Ida aluitwl
youthful elasticity la quite surprislug,
He Is a puns ate hunter, nud forsev
eral weeks every siummer gws into i he
hunting reserve.) of tin* Ihivnrlun frontier hunting for chamois and other
mountain gmnu,
As Uu- wlfu nf Prof, vnn Ksimin-h
Prli ss    Henrietta   has   undci'slood
llioal  ailintralily how to maintain    her
relations to the highest clrclea, and nt
tht* same time   utku for   herauir
an honored position among the friends
ami associates of her husUiud at Kiel.
The empress of llermany calls her affectionately "Aiini.ii1 Doctor," *-
Udw  War  at 'I't-lllnu 'I'IimI  m   >luu la
l_4-.ll.IH     (llll.
' "There nre many signs Indicating
thut ulil nge is coming oh a mun," remarked au uk iii guntlemun ton Wash-
lugtou Star reporter, "but otw uf tho
surest is when his finds tlml hte suspenders have a way of slipping olT the
shoulders, Al firs! ho thinks there i-
something wrong with the suspendurs,
and he tries to remedy ii by tightening them up. Por awhile this -*ii*v-
the trouble, but in a lllllu while thi'iv
Is more -flipping and he gels a new pail'
of Biispendei's. Even they Klip off mid
make hlm'fuel uncomfortable. After
awhile be discovers tlio Irouhln i.s nol
with th**. suspenders but with himself.
Aa years roll on a man begets mon*
aiirl mora round shnuldered, and unit's*
lm hns  his siiflj Ii-i-.s hn d up b\
connecting tlnriti with a baud isdilml
the shoulders hu eaiinol keep lliom up.
1 remember, some years ago, licmlm;
the fiifi Hint tbey were getting old.
One of them was at thc 1.1 tim vice president of tlio United SUiUw iiml tbo of her
was a lending senator. 'What makes
you think yuu nre growing old'" one
of them aakerl i»r Ibe otber.    I f I
it out,1 waa tin* reply,'assoon ns I-lis
tiovered ih.it. my suspeiidiirs wtmld nol
stay up.' 'That hna been my experience
also,' i*ame from tho iiuenMoiinr. N'olth-
-•!■ of the gentlemen referred tn had yel
reached his seventieth year, hut thoy
had both discovered they were growing
old by the same hmident In their Uvea.
I have never Known il to fail.   After
0 man ii'.ii-hfs sixty his slioiildr-rs grow
round steadily, and hy tlm time he is
seventy-five his shoulders haw losl nil
their original Blze and formation.*'
Did IK- Tuke tlu* Ktri-iiK-T for n Hn.-
1 It needed  xporl il eye io do
termlne that he wns distinctively rural
says tbe Washington Slur, Tlii've wm
hayseed In his hair, his Iwola bore tin
sign manual of the farmand ho hnndlet
knife and fork with the vlgorousskllloi
one accustomed to the dully useofaliav
el and hoe. After watching memsusoti
mv meat with a judicious <• mini ity ot
tobason curiosity got the batter of hte
"Stranger, is that there stuff good to
put on ment?" lie inquire*!.
"Yes, Indeed, if one likes seasoning,"
1 replied. .  en
Ilu appeared satisfied wiih tht* Information and proceeded to try the condiment, ■ '., t
Wiih a reek low liberality, ngalnal
Whleh I should have warned him, he
1-ok tlu* small butt It* and shoo), out a
quantity upon hla plate, He out oil a
large mouthful of moat, rolled it nlwut
in the n-d liquid until thoroughly no titrated, |K»ppetI it into lilt, mouth and
bolted It.
What followed mny to wifely left to
the Imagination,
When »it la-it tin- power of B|«euh re*
turned lo him be turned tome,
Then* was moro of sorrow thuu finger
in his mind; his fnee wna innocent of
frown or- smile, und there wna Impres*
stro compassion In the tunc in which lie
"Stronger, wUeu yer time cornea an*
yer glta ter the hot placo, yer'll think
yer've struck a suow hank,"      .<*,.
■— -    ■   -■■- '^MjS
IdKhthonse in n (Jhareh. ***
A large-slxed ami perfeel model of n
lighthouse was bulll inside the parish
church of si. Mary's, nl Whllklrk, not
far frum Leeds, li wus erected ns ihe
most tilting monument to the memory
of the eminent civil engineer, .John
Smeoton, ont* nf whose grenlesl works
was th.- erection of tho BaMy stone
lighthouse. The lighthouse is hulll
within tho ehnnoel, and Hie roek on
Which ii stands boars the Inserlptlon:
"In raemony of .John Smenton." When,
iu 1321, Abbott Simeon rebnltl the Norman tower. 170 foot high, PHycnlliPrlral,
In the form of nn nclngon, lie crowned
It with u lofty lantern, loguhle Irnvol-
nrs arrow the fens, needed rapealnJIy
when tbey were undrnlnedi nnd under
lhe restorations of this elittreli this
lantern has always been retained, uml
forms one of Hh moat distinguishing
The Herald
(i. R. LPASK
Has the bcsl equipped office in the Kootenays.
Its facilities, for turning out first class Job|Contractor > Builder
Printing are complete.   Send in an order and ap«
become convinced of lhe fact.
■ orten ne* im.i cursed the in tiu-b irate h \ _n « h
»^*_»_^***-***^*****±^^^   threw aim within hearing- distance of I Lf*_fl lihrOflli
| fl mill and tbe Way.if ^ •'^:^:;;,it^^:_',, ' ™* '       ,   .
1 -       Ikx^L.0,.1 ...,.,,Bakery S s
Jf   lire upstuh'8.   Wlieu ,vou wuni me you I
  j    "The- -what  is It?—quartermaster?
EXISTENCE under tlie guardianship i Too quartermaster mightn't like me tu
ol souie one «li" Is dniug his duty : wear out Ills celling."
b,  v..ii Is not au   u Ixed   pleasure ,    "Vou flatter ma by Ilia Implication,
Nils.  Uradloril'a .later, Mrs. tiallntln,   Mlu Bradford.     I'll settle with tlie
ivn» dolus her ilut} b} Miss llradloril. iiuurtermnster ii you will ouly pound.
The roruier «u^ mil al ull pretly. The For Instance, will you pound to-night
luttcr was very, vcrj pretty wlileli Is when yuu nre rend) for the hop, to which
so much inure -liarmlng Ihnn being It Is my dearest wish lobe permitted to
>,.n verv bciitiilliil.   Uul Mrs.Clnltntln   escort you?"
wii> married nnd Ml»» Uradtord was I    "I would b ly too delighted, If ii
i,ul    This enme of tlie fuel Hint Mrs, ' were not i lint I have already promised
Riilinllii luul visited in Fori Preble and , '" "" wilh i i lae."
I„„l ,..||,i,M.,.,i a dledged lleiiicnnnt      "Wliy, who ou earth can have asked
by miinciivrlng nnd n miracle, nud thnt   you already?" he cried.
Nllss Itrnil'iml luul speni her Sl years      Miss Bradford had ncool llttla north-
iu u aniiill Maine town, ! ern nir, whenshu liked.   She considered
nm-a In ilie village li.i.l  li In love    tin mill's ipies in bad laste.   So
ivilli'Rpsalo llrndford, bill slic luul uot   -1"'  raised her eyebrows uml   smiled
1 |, I,, love wilh llieui, nml she had,    ""l"1 "weelly.   "I shall hope to have a
moreover, u decent appreciation of her   dnnce with you, Capt. Soutter,"   alls
own value and knew she was far  "■»''"•
.; f„r such n« thev.   There had been I     "Mlghl I hope io be accorded the aec-
,, college youth, nlso e: bill he und i 1 "nil llfth nnd ninth, Miss Brad-
she hnd ii'nnrrelcd before Ihe end nl liis , lorUV" he asked.
MM| ,. visit. And now UeBslcwusonc-      "Ohl   thank you," snid Bessie.   Kb.
and-lwenlynndllief yworried.   It, wns grateful, mnl he was   qulta   ap-
I Itself Into a stale when
Nuv. Miss Bradford was a success.
Si,,, innl whal is Known as ii beautiful
linn- lor ilii  whole immllis.   Nn girl
«as remembered ever to have received
altogether su much attention. She nl
wnys Inni lovers-and the two don't
always go together.    Capt.    Soilttei
loved I  so did Lieut. Paxton, and so
did young Mllford. Heaslc loved vonuc
Mllford. A girl who prelum "clt."
clothes to u uniform is pceullnr, to say
the leust, Bessie didn't sny or show
whom she loved, except to Mllford. Shu
Imd mid him. She refused Pa_ton, and
she was wanting lhe enptnill olT. llm
the lust she could not do much longer.
The captain huil a rood opinion nf him-
sel r.
lie also had u dignity which was nol
tn be trilled with. Mrs. Onllatln wai
by no means sure of Mies Bradford. Sn
one i]ny she spoke lo her. The process
of being spoken lo can rouse the worst
lhe raising of ii mortgage on tbe home
,11,1 nol seem Ion grenl n Ihing, if it
wnnl,I Inn Insure her mnrrlugc, With
Hi., money llina obtained she wns sent
iiituss tl,.- i tin,-nt, wiili Instructions
to gel herself wedded before she eame
buck. Those things are treated as
business in Nnw Rnglandhninlcls, Sim
was nihl to mnrry a general if she could.
If nol nnylhlngdown lo n second lieu-
tennnt. Bill rank was to he the primary
eonsldrrilllnn, Miss Brndfnrd agi I.
Sin- picked oul a very nice general, menially,   lie would he   aboul    llve-and-
Ihlrly, and hnndsntnc    I   ilnslilng.
Thai years wenl with rank wnsoneof
lhe liiitigs the civilian novels nf nrmy
life she Innl rend hnd not Innghl her.
Besides, she wns romantic- as a very
pretty girl should he, So she promised
Hint grade should govern her choice.
Then she departed to visit her sisters at
the Presidio,
Incut, nod Mrs, Gallatin lived In the
building known as the "Corral." If the
Corral were in ihe eitv, it would lie
.■alle.l a tenement. lint ITncle Sain
doesn't quarter.his oflieers In tenements. The liallntiiis were cramped
for  room   very crumped.   They   had
tin hildren and second lieutenant's
pay. So they were poor. Therefore.
InklngMIss llrndford in was'not n pleasure. It was n duly. And Mrs. flnlia-
lin would in.l have been a New Kng-
Inndrr If she had not done her duty.
But Bessie fell the unpleasantness of
Ihe situation the verv day of her arrival.
"Cnpl. Boulter Is going tn tnko you to
llie hop this evening, Hess." Mrs. Ilnllii-
tinsniil: BcbbIc was culling pnper birdcages for her niece. Mrs. Ilalhilbi wns
men,line a pinafore.
"I've promised lo go with Mr, Mllford." answered Miss Bradford, stopping and hulking tip from tlle scissors.
"Mr. who""
"Mr. Mllford. Col. Milford'ssoii.whu
lives in St. l<Mlis."
"Where hnvo   V, et   him?"     The
"hlm" warned Bessie thai she was running on rocks.
"On Um train. We gol acquainted,
ll.-'s hi business In Si, Bonis, nnd he's
coming in visit liis people becnuse he's
in bad- health.   ITclsu very nice man."
■'Mnn! Be musl ho aboul El, \ perfeel hov. Audi Ms business is being n
briefless hnrrisler.    Xow, lei on- lell
vi ne Ihing, Bessie.  Vou must learn
from Hie first Hint the elvlllnn win of
nn officer is nohndy at all in u garrison, Ynu will hurl'your chances badly with ll fflcers bygnlngwll.li him.
Bon did In- know there was lo be a
Bessie finishedopenlnglhecnge.gave
it In her niece with a kiss, gathered
the scraps of waste paper in her I I
ami threw them Inlo the waslc basket,
clasped her lingers' behind, her curly
hrown head ami answered, leisurely:
"lie dldn'l know there was to h	
ti'night. He asked me Iii go lo the
first one there should he after onr arrival."
Mrs. Onllnlln thoughl how very, very
pretty Bessie was und wondered! If hor
husband cntitnist.nl them.
"He probably wi'l never think of ll
ngnin. Cnpt. Soulier is going to enll to
nslt you this afternoon, und you'd better accept."
"ran one go with two men out here—
"Don'l lie vulgar. You needn't eon-
alder tho Mllford boy."
"llli, bul I must, Genevieve, you
ik.   I promised."   Miss Bradford's
in ti girl. But Bessie was in u broken
ami contrite frame of mind, she tint!
voting Milford had quarreled, nnd she
didn't eare what became of her. She
might ns well marry any ohl man and
sncrlflee herself for her family, She
made a most affecting picture of herself ns an offering nn the altar of matrl-
mnny and filial duty. She would pirn-
awav picturesquely In a vear or so. nnd
Will Mllford—well, perhaps lie would
go to the devil. She hoped so, It was
under this pressure that she solemnly
promised and swore to Mrs. Clollatln to
mnrrv Capt. Soutter if he asked her.
What' Miss Bradford proi_-'i_d uud
swore sho never broke.
So as soon us she and young Milford
made it up she sei about wondering how
Cnpt. Soutter was to he.kept from nsk-
ing her. Yet she could not arrive tit
any plan. The captain wns nu impetuous southerner Bad he was neither over
well-bred itor nlee'.y discriminating
Bessie wits worried. If it bad been
thnt she hadl promised ami sworn anything lo young ,Mil*onl and. had had
to choose whleh vow to break she would
not hnve hesitated. But she had tensed
him and hud only answered "maybe."
For which .-he now suffered.
Bul fat,' ,-atne tn her aiil- -as il always should, ntul always dou't in the
ease of a very pretty girl,
She was going to another hop. and
she was going wiHi Capt, Soutter. Be
had Invited her at the time thut she
was proctlelllff for llie nuirtvr role. As
site couldn't therefore go' with Mllford, she would wear the gown he
liked, whleh was while silk. For II she
had to have white gloves, anil her white
gloves were soiled. Therefore lhey
must be cleaned. Miss Bradford wane adept ut cleaning gloves. She prepared a speeial mixture of a number of
ohemicnls and powders. The mixture
had to be whipped up—ns; if it lonl been
the white of eggs—very tight and
frothy. It had u most tiup'ensaiit odor,
bill it was pretty to look upon. Because the odor was bo unpleasant Miis
Bradford opened the door Into the hallway and stood jnst within It, beutlng.
There was air in the hallway, and
there wns none In the lial'utlns' quarters, as Hie baby luul a cold. Capt.
Sootier .bad u enlil. too—a frightful
inie. If he luul i,„I tin.1 he woulil huve
noticed the smell or Mis- Bradford's
mixture, lie enme through ilu- ball in,
his way to liis own quarters on the
floor above.  Col, Mi'foi.ii was will, him.
Tl nptiiin dldn'l like tl loncl par-
iteularty, mi account of his being his
son's father.
•Ah!   Miss Bessie!   Whin a pretl
hi ihe
big gray eyes were guilelessly earnest,    housewifely picture we mi
"I've no doubt Hint pose is taking   cnptoln,
wlih the men. But youeaii'i iiinli.- \onr.     Bessie smiled encouragingly.
devotion lo ivnmlscs snei I. with me,      "Whnt an- w,-   doing?    Whipping
dear.   I know you too well.  Icnn'l ro- ] cream?   How good It looks,   If Hebe
member llm! lhey worried you wilh lhe    would bill feed us with ambrosia,"
boys at In.me." I     Th hiiirlsinellcil the ambrosia, but
"This promise don't worry ine,  .Vot   |l(. held, his penee.
n Utile bit." |    "cji give v  taste, captain, If you
"Well. I should suggest Hint you take   ,vnM, it verv. verv mueh.  Open vuur
my lidn-ico and be less flippant. Ileeot-   w)Uti, wl-l-ile.   Shut your vies.""
et  that you were
nt 'way out
'mini's and
She pin n limping forkful iu  hi
mouth.    'I'he horrible taste
here to flilt with peniilli1
"T,1,1 ,'T'" ,        ■,           •„         '.gasp.  The gasp made hlm swallow tl
"li  I forget, r ind uie, will vou?   .   '.    -	
I'll main
iSiti't'cssurs In P. S. Mi Neil i
We lliue the i.nlv l.ii.l
one in Crniibrnok lion
Ul   "I en n I    llle
quality ot oui bread is
 .lass.   Will deliver
to anv part ol tin town
Give Us a Trial Order
Promptly Attended tn.
,., I.n.Mill;: Will ilo well lo let
e nu the contracts,
Crnnbrook, British Columbia
Parrott Bros.
...Denlein In..,
Farm S Produce
ni.. i i ,,i
H.xy nnd Oats
1)0 band al all tin
Tall and see us    .
Vail Home avenue, between
Commercial and Royal holds
'ak tl,- Unit
keeper*, ri the tnwm ■>! ttimliiernmirawinle.      Freighl and baggage hauled to
'!,rl.;._V"iV_t1-.l.V."sfV..'"m*1'ji'^f^! .'j!li7!*" '.'.V^.'TV!!j;!A"^ffom an? Part °^thc city'
"'tii.' i>iiMn"is will bern-iliuiieill-yc:, .1, re* '     Teaming   of    .ill    kinds   given
storm, wii.ni. .linnsill)llnMliilflsnf imi'iju-rslilii   pmmpl attention
mnl ti-wlmin nil ttebis tine iiih |i*iitiipmliiiiimisi
lie pftld,
at ei-niiM-f-.v<
, IM   . Mill
.ll I, ISO
u, Y .
lull n5nii,
i . .1.
1 . 1 .
Mult 1
. !■; suu,,lm.
Paper Hangers
Decorators   *
Mutlern Work,   Eattflialcs Fumlslicd,
Dealers in Wuii Paper anil Mouldings,
If yuu intend in paper ur patnl your
building let ib figure nn your contract
Spokane Falls & Northern Ry.
Nelson & Fort Slieppard Ry
Red Mountain Ry.
ItH' only mil route witliuut change ut car*
between Nelson and Kinsland and
Spokane and RnsslwHt,
. Iv. TAi KAMI 11Y, Au
Commercial Hotel...
Baker Slreei, Cranbrook, B, C.
Conducted on the European Plan
Best   Wines  and   Liquors  at  the   Bar
Hie Ileal Slock, ihe Mosl Rutlafnclur) Prices, ami
rirst'Clnss Work.      Hepalrlny Ncallj  Executed,
. froth.  Col. Mllfonl Inugtud,   DutCopi.
.   -        iitiii'n'lisi.iiiinir. if ymi   Soulier went to his quarters without v.
ki-.   I,'im miil.i' Imps.  I iiiinli' niii- u-
.. f:, i r nt linnic iiiiri'.   *inn m ffhl ilrnw i    „    .        .,,.,,      .,  .    ■ i.
.. , , ,......,   i, ...,.„„      Bess e wi'i    in   ic huii t iut n ffht
il fi'inii vuur linsntn nml M'tivp it when       .., ,,.,,     ,     ,, ,      . ,,
,    , , ,- ,.    ,     ,    with young Milford.   Afterwnru, w.lli
vim see nu' iiliniil I,, run nil thp truck * . . °
ynu hau' so kllftll)' nml llllinrlnnsly In III
for nm In run ni,,    I'll leni'li ynu the
she nml her sister until Went. Qollnl
were hlivlnff their putipel' uf hi innl
nK Mr. Mllfonl nml fsliulleil thctn
ckers mul cheese, Miss Bradford told
th, in iimt
going tu mnrry tin
I Royal hotel,
from Hie lmel< nf mir sleeper.   I Ihink
lliere's some une ut Ihe door, slsler,   '    r
,l,.nrj„ •• i    "Hut how  iiliniil   Cunt.   Soutter?'
It w'ns nipt. Soulier ne lo formnl- ' wuileil Mis. Ci.lhilii,
',»■ Hi.' 1  iiniiii.™      ns.-.l.- Z»", ,"'•',";"",' """r'V""-  k° '"'
vlouslv, verv |-l„,l  thnt   In- Iiml .'iiln.'. nwfilll.y ufl'lii.   hell lil'vei'slieakln in,
I'nr  Miss   lii'ii.lfnnl   wns   protty-OSC-   ,l.«111"'     Aml '" ver ,l,,l.-hn.i !■ ran.
ti- , Ily pretty. (Cisco Argonnut. ^
"I um linppy in iii'ilii' u neiir neivli- ',    CDANRDflflli  Kt
bor nf vi,ui.   Mi » lii"„if,„ii" l„. told  Iner somellmcs sweeps up a   J    IwKAINt.ikUt'K Ol
her.    lie forgot   na  ' „   will   huw   fortnnelnlilsdu-t-pau.-Chlcagoyew-. ||^ti ,„
j   Finest Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
First Class in Every Respect.
| T. A. Creighton,
The Grocer.
J Have you seen his stock ?   It includes the best of everything,
J fresh and up to date,
t Notions, Furnishings, etc.
j Fruit, Fish and Oysters.
1 The housewife mul Utc bachelor should deal wilh him,   It will pay litem.
J. »
1 The Cranbrook  !
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
Al.l,   KINDS   OF-
I Rough and
| Dressed Lumber,
\ Dimension Lumber,
j Shingles and
I flouldings.
3 IN   STOCK till MADI. Tt) OKDEH. fi
Arrived this week at..
"The s Emporium"
...A Carload Of...
Ace our E. & l>. Wheels.
Till-: BEST.
New Raymond Sewing,*!
Machines always in _*u*
stock     _*     _*     j»     ..•«
Another Shipment of Dry Hoods.
Ladies: 'Houses, Belts, Blouse J,
Sets, Skirts, Undershirt., Zyph-
ers, Dress (iuods, I'rlmmingsjijt
lies, Kugs, Squares and Carpets
 Sherlock & Bremner	
California : Wine : Co.
....NKLSON, B. C.
Best  Brands Wines,  Liquors and Cigars
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention
\ Crows Nest Pass
I $5 ton Coal s Coke
j        J. H. LAIDLAW,
| Ajjent for East Kootenay.
j   TUNING BROKER. Cranbrook. B. C.
f Port Steele LIW-SI
| Brewing Co.'s    Pofter
5 Bcsl on liar, h   „<
^■iiWooiibrBoities       Joe Mitchell, Agt.
Cranhrook, II. C.
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Pernie, Wardner,
Port Steele,
Xo Eye Vnr Art.
A certain county court judge was
nuted fot lila dislike ot' those fearful
rmisnnces wbo go from bnnso to house
pestering prople to boy pictures ami
oti-CV things they don't want
It) nn action which cnuio before him
the claim was for £10. the alleged value
of two picUiri.*", nml the defense was
that, they, were not worth tlmt amount
"Biing thein hei-"," snid bo. "How
can I decide without peeing them?"
A<..'orsingly nt tho Odxt Kitting ths
pictures were produced
"Whnt do yon call UiOtuV' Iin in-
quived of the pluintitv, after carefully
(.t'litining thom
"'Peaco' mnl 'Wur.'yonr honor.'
replied tin- peddler.
"Oli, .indeed I Well, mm-, which is
'Peaco' mnl which Ib 'Wart' " iiHked
thojndtfe. witli nn appearance of tntio*
And a verdict  tor 0 Bllflltpn eneli
after thnt ristonialtcd nobody.— Nng-
A IIIIh'I'iiIiiii Hurl.
Ithmlbiviitixi'd for llio Friday morn-
big lu llm evouihg Terence O'Hourke
vucouutered his ought tn have been
uutugonist, Mnrtocli O'Doghorty, in the
itreota ot their nntivo Limerick, lie
"Morty,.Imi't yeisthtaiuorniuan yes
WIIKIl't  tlHTIll"
"Sure, twns meself that dune forgot nil abont ut "
"Well. Oi'li meet yez tomorrow
iininiin whether ye'ro thera or not!"--
Pick Mo Up
Mlaari's Liniment the Lumbermiu's Friend.
OtipifHNlOH  »f till'   Itll'b.
"(.•See, fellers, dis puper says deer
goin to ring in dat income tax' I. boo
dis gang's flniah 1"
iiiiiiiim n Cotvurtrl tn Douvor*
A wild young cowgirl who came frou
the ranges to Denver bnt two months
ago to be cdncatetl nnd refined is making remarkable progress. She enn already step from a moving street car
while facing in the wrong direction and
polish the asphalt with her shell-like ear
ns gracefully as many of onr gifted society women do
Ol-Jet-tuil to Nolao.
"Who is thnt man nronnd the corner
who complains thnt the baby waked
litm when it cried for n few minutes
Inst night?" asked the little woman.
"Dou't yon know*" ber hut-band responded. "Ho's boon working in a boiler factory for tbe last llvo yours. "—
Washington Star
Ask for Ms Liniment and take no outer.
Trj Iim to mariner (hi*. Rearmn I-'or
thc I'miii} Tnftte.
"I have cooked a little surprise for
you, dear," snid young Mrs. Honey-
Iride, "nn almond souffle for after dinner. I not the recipe from thnt new
cookery book that came na a wedding
present, nnd tlie Instructions are most
clear. Handy, isn't it. a book like Unit?
I'm snre the thing will turn out. a success. ''
Edwin smiled a dubious, sort of AbVB-
Blnian gold smile and temporUed abont
the success ns he looked at the BOiiftta.
"Cau't sny I liko it." he said after
iho first mouthful. "Sure you got tbo
instruction* right, darling! It tastes
very funny."
"Oh, yeai" responded Angelinn with
tears in her eyes, "I can sny them by
henrt   from   the bonk     dust henv ine,'
And she reached down tin* volume.
'Take halt n pound of grated aim*
"Quito right." Interrupted Edwin,
following with iiis tinner.
"One ix>t.i)il of castov sugar; mix
well with whiten nl three fresh eggs"—
"Correct." snid her spouse asslie con*
tinned breathlessly:
"Add two ounces of while pepper" -
"t'eppeii Great goodness!" said the
nnhnppy mun as bo turned over the
"Two large carrots chopped into dice,
n spoonful of mustard, four chopped
onions nnd"—
"Htop, stop I You must bo wrong.
I'm suro Why, my dear, [ thought bo
Von are muddling tip almond RonfHo
with Irish stew. You've forgotten to
cut rhu leaves .ot this blessed cooker;
Keen piiird'8 Liniiem tn the Home.
No man can correctly estimate tno
true value of u WOtnatl tn* u gold mine
but thousands of meu have, gono brokf
trying to find ottU— Chicago News.
The Stick—I think yon'ro looking
ever so much better.
The Umbrella—Oh, yes, I'm completely recovered, thank yon I—Punch
A   BfilEF     ESSAY   ON   THEIR    MANY
luit-ndluu tu Ileui on I u-utt- That.
While Theie May Ut* Womc Thine*.
Than Postomuc Penn. lt Wlji Not
De r.ttay to Find Them.
It comes as a curse and a terror tn men.
That hopeless, nnsteakable poatoSlee pen.
Life in a postoffice is not a very mirth
provoking occupation. Ou tho contrary,
it is warranted to try the sweetest temper to bursting point. Anybody can
lend tho average thick beaded yokel to
tho counter, but ten men can't make
him understand the simple intricacies
of signing a postnl order. The employees
endure tho stupidity of the customers
with Wonderful patience. Their tempers, considering all things, are simply
nngeliCi und they are not devoid of humor, whioh takes the form of n penm-
nial practical joke at tho expense of tho
When you havo oecusitm to sign u paper at the postoilice, you unsuspectingly pick up a pen reposing on u mutilated fragment ol whnt onco was blotting
paper Then you say something rude,
for your lingers am smothered in u black
fluid, or H'-iuitluid; hut, ns there is uo
other pen to lio had, you dip it into h
pot of clotted tilth, supposed to be ink.
and try to writo.
Tho composition of this ink must
surely bo a state secret, for its like is
never met witli, tluriik goodness, in thc
ontsido world. It was probably invented
by some villain wbo had a grudge
against his species and who has paid it
and will pay it with interest so long as
tho postoffice endures. As to tbo pens,
it Is suid that a small boy is employed
specially to make tbem incapable of
writing. Another story is that tbo authorities buy up all tho wornont nibs
nnd blotting paper from tho national
schools. If there be any truth in this,
it is a matter for congratulation to tho
ratepayers that thn scholars aro not
wasteful in these items. Tbey use them
down to tho bone, so to speak, before
discarding them.
Your attempt at writing is a miserable failure. Tho first stroko drives a
hole in the paper, spurts a shower of
ink in all directions nnd inscribes nothing but n large blot. You examine the
pen, thinking you may have used the
wrong end, nnd try again. Perhaps you
nre rather proud of your signature, as a
rule, but the fearful scrawl which yon
manage to produce, after much bard
labor, looks like tho efforts of a confirmed lunatic at his worst
Tho clerk examines it and suys calmly, "W, Smith'."
"V. Saugzure, if you don't mind,'
you reply with some asperity.
Hia mistake is hardly to be wondered
at. An eminent nnd universally respected divine once submitted liis signature,
donewitb n postoffice pen, to a professor
of graphology, whoso delineation was
as follows:
"The handwriting denotes a depraved
and untruthful character, tainted witb
insanity. Thero are strong indications
of cruelty and low cunning, a total lack
of reverence and fidelity and unmistakable signs of intemperance. Your course
in life is likely to be marked by the
wrecks of those who trust you, i.nd
you will probably end your days in
Truly, tho postoffice pen is mightier
than tho sword.—Judy.
Asthma Cured
.tter    Twelve     Win*-'     »um*rlug«To-
i...ii.,   I'brrriuUui AiI.Im-iI   Leavlna
.I.-.'      Uuuit.    to   ii"    I"     MiHlltol'U---
i. I.irl i■'• Kuin   Compound   Cured.
yit-  MVFfcgt&rt   tu   VaDtiuJio   it    Ti_r
•.■mo. %r\ixm \  ' I have boon rrouid'-d  with
tiV'l'iJiii. arnlb'i-.ncliltls tor tw«lVi. yuan, nhli-h
pvdwlty'vr---* TOMe tech year in spite of thc
liiuittrMsof ilul'ai-* mv tuni-and tiai luent wiih
moral dw.i-.r-. and itmort mry moody we
iiuVr.l,rii'r'r:.']'l>i'.V..,M-:ir-'l'.   'iM •   *' I ■ oil
lie—1 cannot tell you how much 1
love you
Sho—I'm highly pleased, I'm sura
Ho (delightiHl)—Hoally?
Shfl—1 miiin I'm pleased that you
can't tell tne.—Das Kleine Witablatt
I In- Slum- Finnic.
We havo known a man and woman
to marry from mercenary motives and
he quito as discourteous to each other
us n mnn nnd woman inarrlod frcm motives of sentiment.
ii i uie ii it to Decide*
Tho Caller—1 would liko to seo something in tho wny of a check
Tito Tailor—Escubo mo, but nre you
a customer or jnst a bill collector!—
Von Iters Statesman
Immiiiiimi) .
"How does Wiggins succeed in looking so natty on his siuull salaryV lie
must practice economy."
"Only tho second syllable."—- Indian*
epulis Journal
Impart Ions to iivut.
New Tenant—This tint is fireproof,
isn't it?
Old Tenant—Vou will think so aftei
yon have lived here for awhile.— Brooklyn Life.	
I -until I-v Hie Cm*.
"Do yon liko popular songs?'
"No," answered tbe perfectly candid
man. "not when anybody except myself
sings or whistles them  ' — Washington
Hnd m Conscience.
Walton (to fisherman)—Just throw
me Imlf a dozen of thoso trout.
Fisherman—Throw them?
Walton—Yes; then I can go borne
and tell my wifo I caught 'em. I may be
a poor fisherman, but I'm no linr.—
Women Need IE. Gartly Parker
Mot Suffer
i..'  imd a mil
f Him lime wo
mi i
Marked llown From Thirty-nine.
"Whilo woman may have her faco on
tho dollar," said tho corn fod philosopher, looking thoughtfully at the coin,
"yet, to tell tho truth, sho Is more apt
lo have her eye on tho UB cents."—Indianapolis Jonniul.
luMiiu-li. .*
. is.'d in--1-. K'" i.i Mmiliiil.it or -uiu-tli \ •■iii'i-in;.
W'tihwtnloi i i:nk.--K<"i*   I'',''»"t liehwo
cure rorniibm i and i re tnklns thli remedy
iimdj  -wrtra) in..min- from Iho*- whti  had
liikiii O, ami in i tl li i-.i-i   loOltll  Hi''  ■'••'llll  si
piitWuctorytluitwi H-..iMii i" try It. Attn
lal'ini* MieBMl  littl.   I  l.'.-Hiii.' i.nt'-li Itt'tUT,
ttiiti began to lltttli 'i.'ll m nlslilS     Mi  talc-
In* tbe nurd bottle 1 hnve not Wt tlm illir.ituil
r-yinntoma ol u*i former truiil-lo. 1 have, during ih ■ itnai »i\ uiontlu galiif-d ncarlj flip finds
in t|,-li mul fi. I i-i-rrertl) lienUhy In **very way,
[ cam nature «wntmi i fttlhlnnl! lu mr l-owi-i
lo imiii.-.- ;in.v HiiiN'i.i hmn ilni lerrlbli dtiesw
"a'ni'iii-d uorrett by Peter MoTaitgnrt, Pro
prletor of Toronto Dairy Co,
A \.iiml Melee.
Going np mi n Cedar avenue car the
other night tlio paesongorfl were much
entertained by u verbal spin between u
sinall citizen of Gorman parentage uml
h tall native. The trouble all originated
from   the   fact   that   tho  ear was very
mueh crowded, so crowded tbat the
two disputants were brought face to
face iu such close proximity that they
couldn't make n gesture.
"Push up ji little, tran't yon?" inquired the tall man in an irritable tone,
Several people wero pnshing bim, and
his irritability was quite excusable.
"Veil, no, I can't," replied the little
mnn, "and. vat is more, I don't lief to.'
"you're not much of a gentleman,1
said tlio tali man
"Oh, 1 tout know!" said the little
man airily "Veil I vant an opinion on
clientlemen, I go to some fellow vat
has gut a leetle knowledge of der sub
"You're a very funny boy. "said the
tall man iu a tone of deep sarcasm.
"Veil," snid t*io littlo man. "I may
naf some senses of humor, but I'm not
su hart hearted lis to laugh at der foolishness of one idiot "
"Do you call me an idiot?" gasped
the tall man.
"As long as 1 ton't know your
name," said tho littlo man, "I couldn't
make der identification any moro gom-
Pretty soon tbe car stopped to let off
half n dozen passengers, nnd when
things finally settled dowu the tall ono
and tho short ono weie separated by a
dozen seats.
inniMii iniitv croonN>
Immortality or fume is (something desired by many, but attained by few.
says Dr. .John Fiske in Tho Athmtlc.
Physlcal immortality te something
which hns hitherto been supposed to be
inexorably denied to human beings
The phase "All men are mortal" figures
in textbooks of logic ns the truest of
truisms Bnt WO have lately been us-
sured that this is :i mistake, it is only
an induction based upon simple enumeration, and tlie first man who escapes
death will disprove it.
So nt least I was told by a very downright person who ailed on mo some
years ago with a huge parcel of manu
■script, for which be wanted mo to find
him a publisher llo hud been crnelly
snubbed and ill used, but truth would
surely prevail over bigotry, as in Galilei's caso I took bis address and let
him leave his manuscript. Its recipe
for physical Immortality, diluted
through 800 pages, was simply to learn
how to go without food!
Usnully such a regimen will kill you
by the fifth day. but if at that critical
moment, while at the point of death,
you make a heroic effort nnd stay alive,
why. then you will have overcome the
king of terrors ouce for all 1 returned
the gentleman's manuscript with a
polite note, regretting that bis lino of
research was so remote from thoso to
which 1 was accustomed that I could
not give him intelligent aid.
A iiii'liiiiH   "in Iin nil ('uatniu,
When children are born in Ashnnti.
tbey are at nine rubbed all over with n
mixturo of iii and red ocher, this being
repeated every two days. Their months
tire washed with a fiery concoction in
which red pepper is tho main ingredient, and u crier goes through tho town
proclaiming tho new arrival nnd claim
ing for it a name and a place among the
living Home ono else In a distant part
of the village acknowledges tho fact
Hiit) promises, on llio partof tbo peoplo,
that the newborn babe shall he received
into tho community Tho townspeople
then assemble in thn streets, and tho
baby is brought out and exposed to
A bnsin of water in provided, and the
headman- or chief of tho town, sprinkles water upon it, leaving it a name
and invoking a blessing upon it, such
as, for Instance, that it may havo health,
(■row up to manhood or womanhood,
havo u numerous progeny nnd possess
riches. Most, of thoso present follow the
example of the headman, and tho poor
child is thoroughly drenched before the
ceremony is ended. Every one who par-
tidpatOS in the ceremony pledges bim-
self to bo a friend to tho child.
lll<!« on a Ih-trclvi- nf Tlili-vea.
Not being able to trace anything in
connection with the loss of tbo 2,000
rupees from thu cash safo of tho Suratl
Bazaar company, the directors havo re*
sorted to astrology nnd finally sorcery
Every employee of tho bazaar wns given a mouthful of rice to eat which had
been previously put through some magic preparation, the belief being that if
the person who had taken the monoy
uto tho rice some very great misfortune
would befall liim. It is not recorded
that any of the employees have yet met
with a disaster—Rangun Gazette
Mrs. Crimsonbeak—Which do you
consider tho unlnckiest day of the
Mr. Crimsfftibonk—Lot mo see—I forgot on what day of tho week wo were
married. —Yonkers Statesman.
Tbe Poet—Oit. spring, Bpriug—
Tho Native—Thar  ain't  no spring
hereabout, Btranger, bnt thar'a n well
at the foot of this here hill.—New York
-Pannelee'B Vogeublo I'liis by acting
lniitllv but thoroughly on tho secretions
of tbo body aro a valuable tonic, ittmu*
laiinir the lagging orgaui t<i healthful
action nml restoring tbem to full vigor,
Tbfv cun be taken in graduated doses
and so used thai tbey oan be discontinued
at any time without return ot the all
mente whleh they were used to allay.
Kvorl) ii- iiml.
Mabel- Hav. y- p ever lilssed a war
Madgo— No, but 1 ouce made a spectacle of myself hy stepping of! backward from  a  moving cor.—Chicago
rum- iin):
Tired Mamma—Win.t on earth are
you crying about now. Willie?
Tired Willie (between subs)—Well.
whnt else is thero to do?—Yonkers
TOTAI.17V DBAP.—Mr, S-KOrandell,
Port Perry, writes: -I contracted aievtro
oold lost winter, whleh resulted In my
becoming tocally deaf In onu ear and partially so in the other. After irylnji
various remedies, nml consulting several
dootors. without obtaining any relief, 1
was advised to try IHt. THOMAS' BO-
MCOTHIO OIL. 1 warmed the oil nud
poured a Httlo of it Into mv ear, ami bo
fore   one-half   the   bottle Was   Used   my
hearing was completely restored. I have
heard of other imscH ot deafnssB being
cured by the use of this medicine,"
A t'limitioii Bxiicrlence,
"Wiggs, do yon believe that gold
ever grow-v"
"Of course When I have any, It constantly grows less,''—Chicago Record.
PnMte Tliii Iii  Viiiu* Hal, Villi lift .tlnn!
He—I would lay down 10,000 lives
for you.
Sho—Yon would do belter to lay up
$10,(iou.— Indianapolis Journal.
Cholly—A penny for your thoughts,
Miss Sharpe.
Miss Sharpe—Tbey aro not worth It.
1 was thinking of you.—New Vork
llDBId'S LlBlBJtH II UM M PbyiiciBBi.
Pour 10(11 tti I
"Why is Edith crying so bitterly?'
"She went to a tea   party tbis alter*
noon and nobody noticed her engagement ring "—Metropolitan.
lt may Iw only a trilling cold, but nog*
Wet tt and it will fasten its fangs lu your
lungs, mid you will soon bo carried to an
untimely grave. In thla country we have
luddon changes nnd musl expeot io have
roughs nml colds. Wo cannot avoid them
but we can i iiVt-t a einr by using Dickie's
AntbOonsomptlvo Syrup, the medioine
thai has never linen known to fail In curing coughs, colds, bronchitis and nil
affections of thu throat, lungs and chest.
one Comfort,
An author complains of an editor
who kept n story of his eight years beforo publishing, but he ought to he
happy in the thought that he didn't
keep it eight years before returning it
-Atlanta Constitution.
l-'vcry I ihUH).
"Is ho a person of much refinement?1
asked the yonng woman.
"Necessarily," replied Senator Sorghum. MHis family io In the sugar boBi*
tu'fis and owns at least half a dozen re-
I- there iinwh.iitf more aminyiiiK   thai)
bavins yuur com stepped upon? Is there
a11viM1 ■ ,; moro ii-'ii::iiinil limn gettlup
rid u( It:- ll'ilbiway'.i Ourn Curo will do
It.   'fry It ami tie convinced.
A U UuuiiH-r.
Sutler (finding himself in front of a
cavalry charge)—.And tbey call that a
standing nrmyl— Fliegende Ulatter.
A Wide CireulKtlou,
An editor announces that "ns we
were going to press with our previous
issue a cyclone struck us and scattered
the sheets over ten miles of territory.1'
Now there's n paper with a wide cir-
cnlqtlon I—Atlanta Coiistitntlon
Cure of
Salt Rheum.
The permanent cure after permanent cure that is being published
week by week has placed Burdock
Blood Bitters far above all other
remedic-i in thc estimation of the
sick and suffering,
Even 1'ic severest and most chronic diseases that other remedies
fail lo relieve yield to the blood
purifying, blood enriching- properties of B.B.B.
Suit Rheum or Eczema—that
most stubborn of skin diseases,
which causes such torture and is so
difficult to cure with ordinary remedies—cannot withstand B. B. B.'s
healing, soothing power.
The case of Mrs. Jas. Sanderson,
Emerson, Man., shows how effective B.B.B. is in curing Salt Rheum
at its worst, and curing it to stay
This is what she wrote:
*■ Burdock Blood Hitlers cured me of a
bad attack of Salt Rheum three years ago.
It was so severe thai my finfier nails came
off. I can truly s.iy that 1 know of no
moro valuable medicine hi tho world than
H.IMi. ll curod me compUtely and
permanently, us I hava nevcrhad a touch
of Salt Rheum since."
From those terrible Bide
aches, bock aches, headaches ami tbe thousand and
or.'^otii'.'r   iih which mail?
life full of misery.
Most of these troubles arc
duo to Impure, imperfectly
filtered blood—the Kldneya
are not acting right and in
,. oonseqaeuee tho system i*-
belng poisoned with Impurl-
are daily proving themselves woman's
greatest friend and benefactor.
Here is an Instance:
Mrs. Harry Fleming, St. Mary's, N.R..
Bays: "Tlie use of Doan's Kidney PIHb
restored mo to complete health. Tho
first s viii]>f(ims I noticed In my case were
severe puin-i in   the   small n'f   my back
ond around the loins, together with
general woakuesa nud loss of appetite,
1 gradually became worse, until,
bearing o( Doan's Kidney Pills, 1 got n
box from our druggist.
1 ma pleased to testify to their effect*
lvenesa in correcting the troubles from
whleh I miff.'*-,.,!.
l um o-Oferiua lorna utu-actlvo uign-ru inaklug •taclujiut uow.   Jt niii ut too io
keep in lutuli with nu-.     CODESi    tl-'iirunl "iliNeillV Clough1**, SuuvlUa B MmIb.
Alpha Separator Shaft Breaks and
Plays Havoc.
A frlghtfol accident ocenrrod at tho
Elgin Creamery, at thin place, last
Wednesday morning, whioh, by good
fortune, caused vory littlo dniiiage,
considering the oironmstanceB. lt
seems almost a miracle that uo one was
The separators had been stalled for
tho day, and had jnat gut under full
motion, when Geo. Segar, who wus attending to ii bolt near by, noticed that
uno of tho beparntora was making a
peculiar noise and was not iut ing just
right, and he called lo liis brother, J.
VY, Sognr, who was in tbo \voigh*room,
Tho latter thou started from the weigh
room to tho floor whioh tho separator;:
were OU, and had no inure than reached
the bottom of the stops when tho uii-
was tilled with all Kinds of flying iron,
sheet steel, oto. Sumo of the missiles
struck J, \V. in tho head, and inflicting
several wounds and bruises and knocking him seuBeloaa. Ho was Immediately taken to   his homo ami t Ileal
aid summoned, A careful examination showed that tho wounds were
nothing of a vory serious nature, although tho side of his faco and his
bead was quite badly floratched and
The dnmago was caused by the
broakiug of the shaft to tho separator
close to ihe bowl and leaving tho bowl
free whin.1 revolving ut the high rati; uf
0,000 per minute. It torn ihe easing
ami covers nt the separators iutu small
pieces, and it was theso which did the
daningo. The bowl jumped around
tho room quite lively bi-furo it stopped
and left its marks good and deep wherever it Htmek. Purls of tlio casing
woro found imboddod iu tbo walls all
abont the room,and soveral pieces wont
through an inch door near at hand,—
Dairy report, April 7,
Alfred A. Taylor, of Margaree, says:
cured a swelling of the gamble .ioiut,
and saved a horse worth $110.
Thos. \V. Payne, of Riitburst, saved
tbo life of a valuable horse tbnt the
Vet. had given up, with n few buttles
[Must kavethe
cJenuine, The
imitations look
-«vnicc> but they
hurt my delicate SKIN ♦
I AuaTT«LcrS0«P Ccv.
RESUSCITATES worn out Lands. IMPROVES Good Lands
nnd makes the Best Lands BETTER.
. '"   Cheaper anil be ier Ihan Bluer.tone as a preventative of Smut and Rum.
beside, .nireasing the quantity and   rnprovlnej the quality of the Crop.
Dri'ttr   ItruoiRI, <
Householders will havo to make up
tlmlr mimis to pay more tor their brooms.
On aocouut or thu Bhort crop of broom
oorn last full tho prlee of the article has
soared up until It te now SOO per oont
higher thnn n was live months ago. Wire
anu twine, which nlso figure tn the oosi
of brooms, havu advanced In price. Man-
ufaoturers of brooms hnvo already made
three advances in iiricv-* -tnco ,lannar*f
Ub last, and tho prospects aro that ihs
end Is not vet, There is a Bhortigo "(
over 15,000 tons of broom oorn ami until
anotbor harvest! say ECov. 1st next, tho
price ol ihu article will bo very high.
N'ntloniil Hinder Twine.
Ih-Af Sir*,- I   r
its* i o ,Tou
With tlntiiK-.    .
Brat ifola-p.
lira Huh
(il'-.nl.'ilK WAUOH
The winners nf thu sewing maohiuos la
the Hoynl Crown Soaj) Co.'s oompeUtlon
for thu w.i-k eudlnu May iiih nrv as (ol
Idwh : win nip"';, i.i/./iu Andetsou, :>'.'
Qwendolloo St,j Mauiuilia. T. Mutrle,
Maedonald; N w. T. Mr.-. Frank IVrrv.
Vfhltowood. Thi- com pott tion will En
dlscontluuetl nfter the SWtbof this uumtii.
when the Inst drawing will take pla«v
All petfions having coupons ami wrappers
must hove them in before that dat*-.
■Oa^fitAjs h^X4Jib4jia-^tO*uj
ilu iiml hin Do ti til a,
"That's a line, solid baby of yours,
Mlddleton," said a friend who was ud
minn;*; tbo first baby.
"Do you think be'a solid?" naked
Mlddleton rather disconsolately    "It
seems tu me as it ho were all boiler "■—
St my Stories,	
Children'**. Setine nf I'll-**.
One of tny granddaughters, suid the
Dnko of Westminster, when about 5 or
6 years old, burst into tears on passing
a blacksmith's shop, and ou her mother
inquiring tbo cause suid, "Oh, mummy, they are nailing the donkey's bouts
Bore  HiM-k •
■ Sliln
Is promptly relieved of all pain by ui-
ug Grlfilths* Menthol Liniment, This
etnedy Immediately penetrates to tbo
Mlnlul parts, relieving lu a fow minutes,
.letithnl Mnltui'ut Is superior tn plasters
if auy kind for Inmo bank, pleurisy, cold
m chest, t;tc.   All drngglsl-S, BSotS.
I uiif*:i-uhil.
"Mike," wiid Plodding Pete, "did
fer henr 'bout AlaskaV
"Lots. Aro yer t'inkin of de tripf
"1 dnnno. I'm told dat daylight lasts
24 hours nt a el retch. Ef 1 could git a
job in dat locality us night watchman,
I dnnno bnt I'd bewUltn to work."—
Washington Star
ntiii, Indeed!
"This na remarkable pleco of gold.'
"In what wnyi"
''Because it actually belongs to ma.1
To kkpknt.-A little modlelne In tht-
shape of the wonderful pallet! which mv
known ns Pnrmelsc'i Vegetable   Pills,
lulinini-itTi*;! at the proper ttme uml wilh
the directions wllim-il to often prevent a
-erlnii.-i attaok of -irkni -s and save monoy
which would an u> tin- diictor. lu all Ir-
regularities ofthe dlgOStlVO organs they
uru   an invaluable oorreotlvo und   by
cleansing the blnod tbey clear tho skin ol
Imperfeo tlons.
A Slanilernui Tali.
"BriggB is awfully hoarse this morning."
"Yes. You know bow damp it was
last night? Well, Briggs nnd his wife
stood on tbe comer waiting for u street
ear. nnd Briggs1 wife started in to say
something, nnd Briggs stood there fur
fully a half hour with his month open
trying to get in n word edgewise
That's whero ho got his hoarseness."—
Cleveland Plain Denier
Worms caoso fcverlshnes*-, moaning and
restloHiness during Bleep, MotherQrovos1
Worm Bxtermlnator Is 'ilensani, sure and
elfootual, tf your druggist has none In
stock, get hlm tu pmoure it for yon,
(lelilno; Rvo».
"It's mining, William You mnat
take yuur nrabrollo."
"No, I Won't. I tarried it yesterday
when U didn't rain. "—Chicago Record.
Mii'ltt With   •tIAMTOHA
-«Ta«BB»Tj—  LXKSEBtl  OIL.
For iuside aud outside Hons-e Painting, Floors, Ceilings, Walls, Roofs,
Elevators, Granaries, Metal Or Wood.
Reliable Paint for all purpose*.
Sold by UP-TO-DATE Hardware
Initructton g'ven Uy mall to lb ' —
not uti-;inl pall e ■    Fu l n i-tlculan ■ ■ ■,. .*■
Mlluii lo (i, W. DON Vl.li. sec.
IVIiini]-.:;  Ifuahir-u L'allose.
l urrtiiKi-f.   nUt-i-ii-, It w-,  *t\iiiiliii[lla.
Ae.   CllCKSlllIT PLOW CO.i U liiiil|«».
BRITANNIA, BEAVEE and BUFFALO aro the finest India and
Ceylon TEAS picked. Put up by
Ii) touch, tons aiui ftn
ti>h they have i.'-wjuai.
CorrMponilflnti w-Rnti.il In every town toac*
IlBIt) IlltOSs. 961 King BU, Weal.
Can't Get Away
And you fiili'l >;■■! A\my finm
Il Wliul Vim OUGHT t» »*« 111 CAI SK nl
25   CENTS   PER   LB.   CAN.
R. A. LISTER & CO., Ld.,
838 Kin-,' St.. WINNIPFK..
tlil.A.M   BEPABATORSt   Wilh one of out
Hejiarit-n yoa m ki - • to n ti butler tr'im
ts r.,«a u vou 0 n Ii   :n  1 ■ W  13 "-'I'll >nt
on»-nudtelt Iretter r sr bettor calves, ena
ut« a Rreat ilul of tirao and UV.ur. <*ur
SefAratori it ml twice the wear ind t«-*r
..[ anj "-li r - paratoi 11 : ■■■•< Ug <■$ the
(lA-ni.IM. llMilM- ,!T'iril all iheconvrj.
. .,,-. u i: iwor i:' ■■ Quiry placea tliu
eleetlieity &<*« in cilice, wo tr-ndl- ih<-
l-x,t mnl moal moderate In prli ■■ aiui Inatall
them with onr ov experti I pacUleelto
K Hat* P tt i.
TRRAD POWKIMi  We are vfie tfrmti for
ih- s- Ali<»M- ":i H- rM. I' iWHm k. j.i In
st--k 1.'i thai hT'i pony do tho Mparat;
ir k. • liurnifiir Midi pamplng sn<l yni ulil
live lo .-: J      ■
rAOTORV ll ItiriSUINblli Chnjroi  Ilulter
Workon. Hotter Botua Ui n x*v Kkk
Gum Color Ban■).■-•■■ BiwDalrf Salt,etc.,
atO.   S'Vtnil r.ir loMI J»*t .irrivi-O.
tar Writ* r-ir prloee ami partloalart,
LDCAi, STEELE 4 BBBtOL 0Im1« t™.
Willi tl. llnmlllon.Oiil.    I..«.i B.8pl«0.
W. S. 0.
i c- m—    [awotrepermiuetitlyall
f V Sf_\ ,li.f.,TM-a iiecullai lo women.
audi us dlsplacemcnli, in-
flammatloni nml ulceration
„      _       cf womb, painful, lunprei*-
Inl innl llteipUl nit-iiMni'ilt-m, leUCOf
iicn.etr   WHITE ram FREE BOOK-
_n Jul.i II K'[UrJ,t«W.»'.-'J"I.Qi-i
1 m.i.1.) Uii- Wfjon fi
ui p. n Manila H
k r..r Prlou lint] I
impleit   Spa'ela
i ii-
.lu. til. I.i .
irioad iiiijtr-..
M,itil hi   atul
n.lrr   Till mil
Ropfl   .»f   f.erj*
DAHRER SHOPS rf« l*tUl Tmt.
■i-it."k-.t-. ti"-i I'mtu •ii-wurt. il oo,
h'.in|,|fl ■ Hh l-«ikl«l „„ Ul l*a.r. KM ■■oaH-
J0H ES BROS. & CO . Toronto. |»44i■.*,.*•***••*•'*■*•*■'*■r',***
J      LOCAL   NOTES     j
Picked Up Aboul the City  by Asking
Questions ol Many  People.
Don'l forget tu decorate on Dominion
,l ty.
j. !'. Parrell, of Moyie, was ia town
There will be a paper chose next Saturday night.
Willinm Rscbwlgi of Ferine, was it.
town Saturday.
II. W. Retell mer came down from
Fernie Monday night,
\V. it Donald has commenced a fine
residence on Hanson aveuue,
Father Coccola bus vaccinated nearly
4ou Indians the lost two weeks,
\V. 3, Morrill, of the Moyie Clothing
company, was in town Mouday,
J.N. McCracken, of the Lake Shore
hotel at Moyie, wai in town Tuesday,
Gel yon 1 Screen Doors nnd Sash at
the factory, T. W. Leask.
James Oreer and  A.   I),   Grant  have
hnih bulll additions tn their homes this
The baseball players will meel on the
grounds tonight for the purpose of form*
inn an organh itioil,
There will In; b football game Saturday between I'd 1 Steele nnd Cranbrook
on the Cranbrook grounds.
The town of Republic, Wash . was
neatly destroyed by lire last Snturday,
The loss ii: estimated at $71 u on.
V, Desnulnler, of the Central bote',
Moyie. was in town Wednesday. lie it-
ports business improving in his town.
CoL W. N. Brayton has opened an
ollice iii Kaslo in connection with tin
laml department of the IC. .V S. railway
Charles Lewis C. !'. R. lineman, Ims
returned fioui Calgary with his bride,
and they have taken rooms at the Bast
Kootenay hotel,
James McKvoy, u member ol the government geological survey cotps, is in
town, nnd will do some work in South
Kant Kootenay this sensoti.
Tlie people who were summoned as
witnesses to attend the trial ofthe Italians, Paist and Messico at Nelson, returned lasl Monday night.
.Mr. Joyce, of the Commercial hotel,
has completed arrangements for the ie*
turns (of the Fitzsimmnns-JeltYles' prize
fight) which conies olT Friday night.
Mr. Rpatein, who is interested in the
Central hotel ut Wardner, was in town
several days this week. lie Ims jusi returned from Montreal ami New Vork.
The Herald is under obligations to ti.
j. Smyth, of ihe Moyie Leader, for Information regarding the killing of the
two men at that place lust Saturday
The Calgary Herald has a notice nf
the marriage of W, A. McKtntioti. of
Cranhrook. ami Miss Elizabeth 1- Mc
Phee, of Calgnry, winch occurred mi
May 2'),
M. McGlnnis returned lust nlghl from
his regular trip 10 Alberta, looking happy ami contented. I'15 s'1>*k 'bit business is good and that South Hast Koole-
nav is bound in he a big winner.
Nnw is the timo to insure ngninst ly*
plioid and mountain fiver; $3.00 a year.
$15,011 11 week indemnity; also against
accidents connected wiih railway and
stage. Write for particulars to M. A.
Ueale, Fort Steele, B, C,
William Johnson, after a week's visit
wiih his friend J. W, II. Smythe, left
Tuesday Uiomlllg for Winnipeg, mid his
home in Orangevllle, Out. .Mr. John-
sou made many friends iu Cranbrook
who would he pleased to meet bim ngalu.
Mr. Carson has purchased the stork of
the Grady Hardware company and wil!
continue llie business under the name of
the Cranbrook Hardware company.
Cecil Prest will he In charge ol ibe store,
as Mr. Carson leaves in a few days for
Manitoba where he has some interests
that demand his attention,
II. II. Dunbar, who ojiened the Loudon & Liverpool store in Cranhrook for
Schofleld & Co., has severed bis connection wilh lhe company. He left lasl
Tuesday fnr tlie I/irdean country to look
np a location for himself, During bis
residence ill Cranhrook Mr. Dunbar established a reputation hs a hustler, and
mnde mnl y friends who will regret to
see him leave the town.
The Venerable Archdeacon Pcnlrenth
of Vancouver, arrived iu the city yesterday iu company with Rev. Proctllller, nf
Furl Steele.    He is visiting lhe Inwns in
Souih Kast Kootenay to look over the
work or the Church of Bnglnnd, nnd
Wednesday evening held services Unit
were largely attended. The OrrlldeocOlt
is a great  fa vol lie in the d-OC0B6 und is
mnst cordially welcomed wherever he
I.nke Shore Urnup Suld.
Moyie Lender, June 3.—Yesterday the
Lake Shore group was bonded to J, C.
Drewry of Kossland, managing director
ofthe Canadian Gold Fields Co., limited,   for   a consideration   nl' $,125,000.
The bond covers a period of nine months,
A cash payment has been made, and the
next payment will be made July 1st, at
which time Mr. Drewry will tuke charge.
The other payments will he made sis
and nine months fiom date respectively.
The former owners retain tbe management ol the property until the first of
July, although the receipts of all ure
shipped between now and ilia', dale will
be applie 1 on the bi n I.
The L ike Shore [group consists of the
Lake Shore, Menlick, St. John fraction,
Dude fraction, Jameson   Trade Dollar.
Lake Ww. and a COUlrolHug interest in
tlie Uultlinore, All the claims, wiih ihe
piiin ui one, ihe Baltimore, lie immediately to the south ol the li wu of
Moyie, and skin the lake bearing the
same name. The Hallimore lies just
east of ihe St Huge tie.
The I. ike Shore was located July 15,
is.j.) hy Charles Farrell, Tom Ratter ami
ti. J Johnson. Johnson's share wns
shoitly afterwords purchased, and Martin Foley, John Day nnd T, 11. Murphy
became interested. The other cbiims in
the group were located during the past
live years.
"it is our intention upon taking
charge of lhe properly on July I total'
mediately install a 7 drill air compressor
plant, and within 60 days of that timelo
have between 35 aud 50 men employed,"
<nld Mr. Drewry to a Leader representative lasl evening. "When sufficient de
veloptnent woik is done it is nu inten-
lo build a concentrator, A new tunnel
will he starletl just below the nre bin,
ftcr which we will begin sinking 011 the
Mi 11 ins Notes.
Frank Rabbins, of Phoenix, IV C, arrived in towu Mmidiy night and left
Tuesday for the North Star mine in company with J. II. Laidlaw. Mr. Robbtiw
is one nf the mining managers for D
Mann and his associates, and is in charge
of tbeir Greenwood camp. Me is a well-
known milling expert and is here for the
purpose of making an examination of
the North Star and adjoining properties
owned by the company.
James IL Sullivan, a mining expert of
Chicago, arrived Monday night and left
Tuesday for the Sltllivatlgroup, in which
lie ts interested. lie will make an ex
'-.munition of the property for Lis company*       	
hope in a few days, with the good
management of our popular ferryman, to
have it in running order again.
J ike llerkniau spent Friday and Snturday last in Steele. Pbisto,
At Cranbrook
Will be
A Hummer.
M«*»» ■»■■*. HUM •••••»••>•«-•«-
Sash 'uul Door Prices,
your doors and sash nt the factory.
0 0. 2
fl 6x6 ft 6x1 H-        fl 7°     each
11     2
fi 8x6 ft Bxl-H-.-.    1 80
"     2
ft 10x6 ft lot! li,.    1 90      "
ash. glnn&ed      1 25 per, pair
"               1  V
"             1 bo
"               "            ' 6"         "
Strike ut Fertile dial Mines.
The coal miners at Fernie went out on
a strike last week, hut agreed to resume
work again Monday until tbe points in
quesliou could be sealed and llm ty days
was the limit named for adjustment,
Orders for llauliii]*.
Orders lefl in box at Reid's Clothing
store for I*'. II   C'ossley will be taken
up nt 12 and 4 o'clock and given prompt
attention, !■. II. Crossley, Imp,
Por Sali-.
A tobacco business at. a very reasonable figure, in consequence of the owner
wishing to occupy lhe whole nfliis time
with Insurance, Tins [a n iirst class opportunity.    Don't  ini.-i.  11.    Write at
OUCe lo A. II   Ctt e,
box iji, Fertile, 11. C.
Interesting Services Meld at the St. Hu*
gene Mission.
The services at Sl Eugene Mission
last Sunday were the most elaborate ami
successful observance of lhe day held
there since the Mission wns organized
thirteen years ago, Il was tlle tlrst Sunday after Corpus Clnisli, and a large
number were to have been emili rued,
but [bishop Donteuvitle, coadjutator of
New Westminster, wan unable to be
present owing to lhe sudden death of
bishop l'nul Durleu, bishop nf New
Westminster, nnd the confirmation ceremony bad tn he postponed, but the
sacrement ol communion was ndminis-
teied to all lhe Indians and many white
The day was a grand one, and the
Mission, with its beautiful church,
school buildings and hospital, atul ibe
tepees of the Indians, nestling in a valley of brilliant verdure, presented a picture that was appreciated by all who
were fortunate enough to see it. There
were many visitors from Warduer, I'ort
Steele, Moyie and Cranbrook. Some re-
rnnlned for the morning service only,
while others witnessed tbe three services
held during the day. Altogether there
were about 400 Indians present, end they
came from West Kootenay, Tobacco
Plains, Columbia lake and Windermere.
The Indians showed by the earnestness
of iheir aitiius, thnt lhey appreciate!
the solemnity of the ceremony which
was carried oul as smoothly us if the
participants had been white people instead of members of Indian tribes,
Father Coccola celebrated. Father
Walsh preached the sermon and Fathers
Ouellelte and Milter assisted. Tbe
children wim took their first communion
were each present ed wtih a neat golden
cross, 011 which Iheir name was inset ibed, in commemoration of ihe day.
Take notice tlmt n meeting nt t'e Board of
l.M'iinsi'riiiiiini sinners for Hon liKus Knotenay
ivlll lie in-ill at the Onurt House tn U e town of
Part Steele 011 Hie isth nay ot .June, iww, at th
1 nmi* nr ll o'n'ock la the forenoon to ciiii-iUit-r
tlie following ii|)pllca'lon*i for liquor lloiiumi
■lamas Itynti, CranurooK ho:el, Cranhrook,
tintiii license,
Mrs. Mury I'niiahue. Kast Kootenay hotel,
1 raiiliioik, hotel Ih-omo.
!■:. 11. Miuili, Cosm-nolllan hotel, Cranbrook,
lintel license,
Levi 11. VanOeoar, lloyal hotel. Cranbrook,
liotol license,
It, W, HA UN KM,
(')itt-f I impt-ctor.
CRANBROOK, • B^JpJujbia.
CT) A lVRDn-Ol^ ,s the divisional point of the Crows
•WiV*r\l>l DKVV^IV Nest Pass Railroad.
II  frUflHrftflk ^as a ,0*sta-" roun(* house, large machine
•K?  ^* dllUI UUlV shops, expensive railroad building's and extensive railroad yards.
Cranbrook ,s the natural and commercial center of South East
Cranbrook 's the headquarters for wholesale houses and corporations of South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTHENT, AGENCY,      C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
Canadian Pacific Railway
Tlie New and Direct Route from
East Kootenay
Toronto, Boston,
Montreal, New York,
Halifax, Philadelphia,
St. Paul, Chicago
„.AND ALL...
Eastern and European Point*.
Pat lb*  Coast, China, Japan and Australia
Warduer, II C, May 29 --It te reported Hint several well known mining
claims on Sand creek are about to be
opened up ami ore sblpped from the
Masters Johnnie, Charlie and Clarence
Martin ami James beattie art- spend ing a
few days at Ibe Mission.
Some ol our cblzeiis took advantage of
(be lint; weather last week and ••■nde a
Ashing excursion to Little Hull river
where there is nn abuudntit supply of
fine trout,
An extra work train panic in town tin-*
morning with nbout 50 men ami are busily engaged in putting rock In tbe riers
at tbo bridge.
Ilob Koratofsky, of Fort Steele, wan in
town Sunday tlie guest of J. berk mnn.
Messrs. Dougta*), Stewart anil Watt
c.iuu* in Irom Sund creek today.
Wnrdner, June 5.—The old town is dull,
but wait until we get our new smelter,
Juliii Pink and W. ti. Johnson, of Port
Steele, paid the cily a visit on PHday
Inst; retu 11 ng to Steele on Saturday
James A, McBane, Uu* popular miuing
nnu from Suu) creek, paid Wardner a
visit on Thur-diiy, Tlie Sund creek
properties arc looking better every day.
William Rschwif, of Fernie, wns a
Wnrdner visitor ou Saturday aud Sunday.
The Kootenny is stead ly rising, nnd
much driftwood is coining down A
Urne tree struck the ferry last Sunday,
causing one of ihecnblupnlliea to break,
lolling Hu* cable fill into lhe river. -This
will be n difficult matter lo repair, but
....First-class and Tourist Sleepers..,
-TIUtOlHlll   KltOM-
nit via KOOTENAY LAN 1)1 N»,
Travi-liiiK Plliti'llger Agent.
Nki.hon, li. 0,
v.. .1. UOYT.K, Dlst. Passenger A«t.,
Vancouver, B, c.
I will deliver daily in any
quantity pure, clear ice to
any part of the town.
I also have a regular
milk route »nd deliver
night and morning,
lllft reduction In ~»
HUH OriUlfl .Mi'vi-mi'iit*   ~
A lltCP line of..., ■*•»
linf-flKemcnt and Wedding Rings,
llrnoilies, Bracelets, Chains,
Rlouse Sets, Etc	
Wiiik nml linnils f'liaratiteeil       ■
to nwa SntlBfaction. J z
W. F. Tate
Craubrook ..JEWELER
This space is reserved for
Tbe Hook Hardware Co
... Dealers In
Hardware, 3 Tinware,
We keep all kinds of shelf
and heavy Hardware, Paints
Oils, Glass, Sssh and Doors,
Etc. Also a nice stock of
Screen Doorss and Windows
Copper, Agate, and Tinware.
Tinsmithing in connection.
Qoods delivered to any part
of the city free of charge.
...HILL & CO...
Now Have the Best Selected Stock Ever Carried in South East Kootenay
Men's Shoes That Will Please
Gents' Ties, Fancy Shirts, Summer Underwear
Ladies' Pique Shirt Waists and Skirts, Collars
and Cuffs j* jt jt jt
A Full Line of Groceries on the Way
HILL & CO....
.*      Mclnnes Block
w. il. itnsa, »• ***• in-"**""*"
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries Public,
iSi Am' STEMX       **• »»1 '< "»'""■ """"
H. I.. Cummins, C. B.
Physician and Surgeon.
OFF1CK-SI1EM.O0K  Hl.ori«,
CRANBROOK,    :'.::::   B. 8.
G. Johnson....
^ Assayer *«*
* Metalurgist
Moyie, B. C.
Are You dt dt0}
Going to Build •
Contractor and Builder
He is a busy man. because he pleases
the people, hut he will furnish jou plans
and specifications, and give you estimates on any building Idea you may
jt   jt   B. C.
I Cranbrook
Corner lltikor street
ami Hansiiii avenue
over postoffloe	
| All Sizes ol Photos up to 11x14 |
| Finished lo Plallno or Polished, g
Views  of Cranbrook and Other g
Points of Inters! in British Col- |
umbia Will Be on Sale  |
dt Prest & Co. |
HH "MIHHi 1*1* tea* tarn,- m\*a **■ m.—m\
is .-Sash and ::
Planing Mill
Door Factory
. .Manufacturer* or...
Sash  .*  Doors jt Mouldings
jt   Frames   j*
Band Sawing  jt Turning
The Cranbrook
Stationery Store
Carries a complete
Hue of	
Try our sc Cigars.
Opposite Cranhrook hotel.
Eastern Store       Eastern Prices       Call and See Us
Clothing,   Boots and Shoes,   Millinery,  Silks,   Etc.
First class Dressmaking Parlors, We turn out work on very short notice. All
lirst class ami up to dale.
Call and see us before you make any purchases on Clolblaf, Bonis, Shoes, Willi*
■ery, Silks or Dressmaking ami we will convince you that you can save 39 to 40 per
cent by making your purchase with ua.   Call ami he convinced.
Owing to the increase of our business we shall put more hinds on and make
the interior of our store larger lo meel the demand. Ask our customers what has
cuiised this. They will tell you low prices aud strict attention to onr mail order
MAGUS & HUQHES, Opp. Bank of Commerce, Cranbrook
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
Tbe Central Hotel js open hoth day and
night. The bar goods are first class,
and the dining room is in charge of
Thos. McCarson, and is second to none
in the Kootetiays. Free sample rooms
and the best antl quietest bedrooms in
the town.
The North Star Natal fa the large and
magnificent hotel at Kimberley lhat
is just finished aud ia furnished new
throughout. Everything iu connection Is first-class. When you visit
Kimberley, don't forget The North
Star Hotel.
This hotel has just been opened to the public. The building
is one of the best in East Kootenay. The furniture is new
and the table is first-class. We have every facility for pleasing;
the public and we propose to do it.
Warmed Throughout by Furnace Heat.
Rates, $2.00 per day. /*-*     l     t    v>  r>
Short orders day and night.        -^ranbrOOK, D. \j.
East Kootenay
3 Hotel 3
T.T. Richards  I
Proprietor 81 :::
This hotel lias been refilled and refurnished,   fht table
Is tbe best.    Satisfactory rates given regular hoarders.
Baker Street       :-:       :-:       :-:       Cranbrook, B. C   ;
***************************************************** ',


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