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Cranbrook Herald Apr 26, 1900

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Oao. A. Cox, Prciidcnt. B. B. Wauis, Qui. JUtt-
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000.00.
A Oencral Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
9*9 »*»■»■"»■»'♦ ae a'e aa a-a sitSlmim'm »-»■■>> u«V-»->*-»->-ii-i.->-)M-)i*ffl
Central Restaurant
Just east ol depot Proprietor! Jt jt Jt
"Nothing Succeeds Like Success."
Our Millinery
Opening S S
Has been an unqualified success. Every week
we are adding to our stock the latest novelties.
If you have not already selected your spring
1    hat call and see us.      .**       **       **     .**
& & r Rdd & Co.
Hotel 3 3
Oettts imttitt t SmMi-f
(kwd StaMtaf li CmwcIIoi
Nearest to rallioad and'depot.   Has accommodations for tbe public unequalled iu Cranbrook.
6)»» ■»■»■>■»•«■»■»■» »»>si-><tg)..g>->->*»<t
I To arrive next week—
J        Drea Good's, Linoleums, Carpeti,
| Fancy Goods, Men's, Wsmsn's
| and Children's Rubbers, Cnxkcry
5        and Glassware.
it Now placed in atock—
5        Ladies' Gents' and Children's
| Bo»ts.andSI»es,'jertin-ma»ket
j See our Ladies' Bicyle boots, Ready to
Bremner & Son,     _ We»r clothing, large and choice stock,
r>_„„.:..*...„ S value the best.
Proprietors. J
m Calitornia Butter, Oww-jaW Um-
* ons. Something new—Banana Marma-
£ lade. Full line staple and fancy groceries
... 1116...
Giant      Giant      Giant
Powder    Powder   Powder
We have just completed a.powder magazine in
Ganbrook and have -just placed a carload of powder in
it; you can get alt your powder here now, at a minute's notice. Wc arc agents for the Giant Powder Co.,
consolidated, of California, a branch of which is at Victoria, and will carry a complete line of their powder,
caps and fuse. We are also agents for Wm. Bennett
Sons & Co. of England, who make the best fuse in
the world.
Do not forget that we also have-a complete range ]
of Men's Shoes and Furnishings, Groceries and
Fort Steele Mercantile Co., Limited
East Kootenay's Big Mail Order House
The OitsMe World b Tmiif Hs At*
lesliM This Way.
That Is the United Production of
Three Mines in This
fi H Miner Xhe Fms&r
VJ-s A a*   XT Kill VI      HARDWARE STORE
Just Received a
arl oad of Windows and Cedar Doors
Oi all kinds.   Now is the time to PAINT  YOUR HOMES.    Wt
have the paint to do it with.
BICYCLES in stock and more-coming.
ROOFING TIN and painted metal.
Ail work in Hn shop first-class and prom#ly attended to.
-Cranbrook -and ftoyie
The Herald & Printing
That the mines in the vicinity of Cranbrook are now developing Into greal producer*, aa waa predicted by the Herald
nearly two years ago, and attracting wide
attention throughout tlte mining world
is an indisputable as well ns gratifying
fact. The combined output of the North
Star. St. Eugene and Sullivan mines will
now approximate 15 car loads a day-
equal to a full train-load with the light
engines in use on the Crows' Nest line.
Superintendent Parker, of the North
Star, was in Rossland, recently, and was
interviewed by n representative of the
Rossland Miner, as follows:
" Mr. J. L. Parker, superintendent of
the North Star, is ln the city on a visit,
and will remain for several weeks looking after hla private business. The
North Star, which be took charge of
last October, bas been shipping to Great
Palls, Mont., for the past two months,
He said: 'About 75 tons per day ate being shipped. The ore averages about
$63 to the ton. It Is a silver-lead ore,
averaging 55 per cent lead, and the balance of Lhe values In silver. The wine
is now paying a handsome profit and
will continue to do so, as there'is 16,000
toss of ore in light. The-eastern and
western boundaries of the ore shoot are
not fully determined. There ia a strong
probability that the new strike will contain more ore than the old one. which
was considered good enough to capitalize the company at 11,500,000. Thevalue
of the mine has, therefore, been nearly
exactly doubled by the new strike. The
possibilities of finding other ore bodies,
in following the plans of development
since Mr. Frank Robbins took charge as
manager, are boundless. I consider that
the North Star is one of the beat proper*
ties in British Cola-mbiaj and I doubt
whether any other mine in the province
has more ore actually In sight than bas
the North-Star.   ....
Mr. Robbins,who bas been the consulting engineer of the company in the past.
has now assumed the actual management
of the Norlh Star, and now resides at the
thine. While being the consulting engineer, he has really been Uie manager,
although not In fact until-receutlv-
" The w»g* -scale was recently raised by
the management of the North Star, and
is the same as in force and effect in the
Slocan. Tbe miners are pleased with
the advance, and mutters are running
along'on a-satisfactory basis at the in ine.
In fact we -sever have had a-a-f labor
troubles Ihete.
' **. A five drill compressor haa been installed and is giving gootl satisfaction.
The air is used for three drills and also
for the pump iu the shaft.
"The Sullivan, which la about four
miles from the North Star, is being rap-
Idly developed by the old LeRol crowd.
They have aboat fifteen men at work.
There is a great showing of ore on the
"The Black Hear, at Kimberley, is being developed by Mr. Charles Kstmere.
This property is reported a good one.
" There Is considerable talk about thc
St. Mary's-country. ■ In fact, most ofthe
men winking at the North Star have
prospects there and work during the winter and look after theirclaiuisdurlugthe
summer. I have talked with these men
and from the great faith which lhey
'-show these properties must be worth
looking Into, ot lhey would network the
way they do in order to hold their
"Mr. Pollen,sLondon man,has bond*
-ed seven or eight claims up there, and
has been working a force of men this
-winter. He haa been tbere the past two
years and is a good mining man.
Some of the meu have claims in the
Windermere country, and acem to think
■well of them.
The St. Eugene ia now employing
.150 men, and la oue of the great properties in the vicinity of MoyL:. A 35» ton
per day concentrator has been built,
nnd Is lo be operated shortly. Messrs.
Gooderbain & Blackatock of Toronto,
-and Mr. J. C, Drewry of this city, are
largely interested In the St. Eugene. It
Is considered to be a very large and a
promising proposition, and the parties In
control are pushing ita development with
a great deal of energy.
"The snow haa been on the ground
•vet since I have been in Kast Kootenay
and tbia limited my observation, but from
what X have seen of It I consider it to be
a good mining country."
Another ''Labor Knocker."
The Le Roi, In West Kootenay, Is operating a limber leaner, which is something of a wonder in ita way. It does
the work, it is claimed, of about 12 timber (ranters, (men). Tbe timber is put
in the framer-f and in an incredibly short
lime it has a nice tenon upon it Tbis Is
UhefiiBt machine of the kind ever used
>In  British  Columbia.    It costs  about
St. Eugene siding ready to be shipped to
the smelter. Thia is from the first ore
pnt through tbe new mill. Tbere are
tome changes to be made in tbe siding,
but the work of a few more days more
will finish this job. The mill is being
run at nights for the present in order
thnt the carpenters may woik on ll
while it is shut down during the day.
The mill now runs at its full capacity
and grinds out 125 tons of ore during lhe
13 hour shift. The electric lights are
working Bplcud-dly.
Norlh Star's New Superintendent.
Mr. C. K Brown who Iisb succeded J.
I, Patker b* superintendent ofthe North
Stnr mine, ur lived lu Crnnbrook Suuda)
last, going up to the mine the day following to take charge. Mr. Hrown fm
some lime past has been lifting in Ibe
eapari'y of agent for tbe company al
Grenl Falls. Montana.
Wu Succcsilally Orfaaiitd With a Good
Membership Tuesday Night.
Tbis association completed its organization laat Tuesday evening and elected
the fottowing gentlemen as officers:
President, Dr. J. II. King} vice president, A. W, McVittie} secretary and
treasurer, John Hutchison; governing
committee, R. K. Beattie, J. W. II.
Smythe, Dr. P. Green and P. Rankin.
The club rooms will be on the second
floor of the Watt block where ample
room will be afforded for the purposes of
an organization of this kind, as well as
being situated In a most central location.
The advantages of an organization of
this kind ar? too manifest to require elucidation.
The club started out with a membership of 35 which will soon be increased
to 50 persons. The club rooms will probably be In charge of Charles Kates, who
haa had much experience in that Hue,
and is unsurpassed in this section of the
country in ability to salUfactorily fill tbe
A Cat-aatropfae levolvlog Two Pels, Wherein
ths Cat Didn't Come Back.
Tom Wellman has a dog—so have
others, but it Is of this particular dog,
Barney, that we have to relate. Tom
swears by Barney, possibly At him sometimes, bnt others do the most of the
latter. The other day Barney came
home without his collar and wearing a
kind of fatigued expression-«-all the
same tome men wbo have been attending
a late session of the "lodge" or " club."
Tom missed the collar and arrived at
the conclualon tint someone had separated tbedog and the collar with felonious Intentions, so he offered up prayers
of thankfulness for the safe home coming of Barney and -invoked—'1 invoked"
looks better in cold print, you know-
all aorta of maledictions upon tbe head
of the cbllarer of the collar.
Time squares all things, and it was
not so very long after thia little happenstance before Barney returned- one day
from a round of social calls, and was
-again inside of his collar. And firmly
tucked between the collar and his neck
was the following neatly written notelet:
Cranbrook, April 19.
Will you please keep this dog at home
as he killed our cat, and I do not want
hlm here any more.   Resp'y Yours.
Owner of the Cat.
Is Rcceverlig.
Mr. William Wilton, who unfortunate*
ly cut himself ou the knee with a broad-
axe several weeks ago, is the. patient
whose leg Dr. King amputated at SL
Kugaue hospital recently, instead of an
Indian, hs unreported- in the Herald
last week. Mr. Wilton Is the father of
Mrs. A. Sheppard, of this place and
highly esteemed by his acquaintances,
whose sincere sympathy he has iu his
great affliction. Dr. King, who performed the operation, says that Mr,
Wilton la convalescing.
The Losl Wasn't Losl for Keeps.
McCtclIan. the tie contractor, who recently disappeared bo unceremoniously
from Jaffray, hus been seen, it is alleged,
both at Klko and Pernie,-all right and
apparently a very much alive corpse. It
is also alleged that he told au oflicer at
Ferule that he would return as soon as
he could straighten hit financial, affairs.
For ■ Church Bell.
Father Ouellette will solicit subscriptions to aid in the purchase of a bell for
use on St. Mai) 's church. There is not
a church In Cranbrook lhe happy possessor of a belt. In addition to being of
use for devotional purposes, it would be
of great benefit for sounding an alarm
in case of fire.
The Premier Teatfftt.
The premier of British Columbia, the
Hon. Joseph Martin, aa previously an*
nounced, will address -the citizens of
Cranhrook at Forrest hall tonight.
There should be a good attendance, aa it
is only fair to hear MnMartin's side of
tho political battle now being waged.
Evidently a Gang Who Have Been Operating Along the Une.
Had Broken Open A Sealed Car
Loaded with Merchandise
ior Kimberley.
Last Saturday night, as Tom Rookes
was pensively sitting in liis. pen in the
office of the Cranbrook hotel, rehearsing
his "gags" for Monday night, a man
entered, and after peering cautiously
around very confidentially asked Tom if
tbe house did not want to buy a case of
eggs; he said they had bean picked be?
fore ripe and would keep, intimating that
he would make lhe price ap low that the
Craobrook could set 2 bit meals at an
enormous profit. Tom, smelling a rodent instead of eggs, lold the fellow, iu
that hypnotising manner of his, that he
would take an invoice and see how eggs
panned out; if he would return in about
au hour negotiations might be
resumed. Au hour elapsed, the fellow
returned and brought the eggs; Constable Dow was conveniently by ahead of
him, however, and in dne lime appeared
ou tlie scene; he told the fellow the uight
was chilly and Hint the Hotel Morris bad
an eggstry room on the ground floor that
would be placed at hia disposal; he accepted. The CouBtable then went to the
yards nnd found that a sealed car containing merchandise for -Kimberly had
been broached. Little had been taken,
although three men were concerned;
the plan-was to-sell the goods, then get
and deliver them. It is thought they
otepartof a gang who have been operating along the line. Monday the prisoner, who gave the name of Alexander
Fraser, was sentenced by Judge Arm-
strongjto six monthsin the jail at Nelson,
Numerous SUMlog Affrays Among the Slav
Miners Employed la and Aboat
the Fernie Ml mi.
A Farewell Party.
The Misses Susie and Mary Richards
were given a farewell party last night at
the Forrest Hotel by their many young
friends. The Misses Richards are very
popular young ladies—a characteristic
which-seems to be a family trait.
Moyie Under:   There  ate now two
carloads of couceutrales standing ou the ' Dated this 35th day of April, 1900.
Dissolution of Parlaershlp.
Notice is hereby gives that the part*
nership heretofore existing between M,
H. Parrott, of DcWiutou, Alia,, and H.
Parrott, of Cranbrook, B. C, doing business under tbe firm name of Parrolt
Brothers, bas this day been dissolved by
consent of' both parties,
M, II. Parrott
II. Patrott
The following excerpts from .the police
court reports of the Penile Free Press
will give people an idea nf tbe class of
laborers—a new and undesirable class—
which will henceforth be in considerable
and incieasing evidence iu the labor and
also criminal affairs of British Columbia.
It is no exaggeration to make the broad
statement that no more -objectionable
class could -become established in the
province.   The Freo Presa says:
"The stabbing affair reported in the
last Issue: was ventilated. In. the police
court on Wednesday and Thursday before J. P. Armstrong. S. M. Mr. J. II.
Harviy, of Port Steele, appeared as
Crown prosecutor, while Mr. II, W.
Herchmer defended the prisoner. The
case took up a lot of time aa all the evidence had to be gone- over through an
interpreter. The prisoner, Zebih, waa
sent up for trial, but the magistrate in
committing him Beverely censured Hume
lor his part in the affair, for it waa quite
evident that  he   was  very -much  to
Another of tbo flame.
" Ou Saturday evening another cutting
affair took place in a shack near the coke
ovens. In this case the troubleseems to
have arisen out of the strike at the coke
ovens. John Solus, a Slav, was oue of
the strikers but had goue to work again,
For so doing, he claims that Mike Dor-
kin, another Slav and a striker, started
abusing him. During the wrangle Solus
had beeu cutting tobacco with a pocket*
knife, and claims (bat Dor-kin struck at
him ond he threw up his hands to de
fend himself, when Dorkin received a
gash about seven inches long In the left
forearm. Dorkin, on* his part, claims
tbat Solus made a thrust at him with his
knife and that be put np bis arm to
shield his breast and received tbe blow
in the arm. Another Slav also swore
that Solus struck at Dorkin with a knife.
The magistrate considered tbe evidence
sufficient to convict, and sentenced Solus
to three months in the common jail at
Nelson, with hard labor. Mr. Hatvey
also prosecuted in this case.
Still Another.
On Sunday night a third case of stabbing occurred this time up at tbe mines,
Thia one seems to have been -over 1 a
woman. Frank Brisco, a Slav, has been
living with a woman who is not hia wife,
John Batsho, another Slav, wanted the
woman. He went to Brisco's on Sunday
night, found Brisco in bed with her, and
at once started to carve him np, but was
too drunk to do much Injury, the main
cut being alongside the right eye, about
two .inches long,-with several statelier
gashes on tbe body. Bateho, on the advice of hla counsel, pleaded, guilty and
was let off with two months in jail wiih
hard labor. Mr. Harvey prosecuted and
Mr. Costigan defended.
Aa Attolaltlea to Be sleue Circles.
Harry McVittie, for a long time assistant postmaster at Fort Steele, is the latest acquisition   to  Cranbrook busiuesa
men.   Tbe name McVittie is a syuonym
for "hustler"—That being the case
Harry could not. slay away from Cranbrook and nest Wednesday nigbt he will
open a cigar store, billiard and card
rooms in tbe Watt block. That be wit]
make it a popular resort goes without
A Craabrook Weddlag.
Invitations have been issued to the
marriage of Miss Sadie J. Fletcher to Mr.
Walter It. McFarlane in the Methodist
church in this cily May 2. Tbe ceremony will take place at 8-.3o p tn. and
will be followed by a supper at tbe Co!>-
mopolitau hotel ut 9:50.
Miss Fletcher is a well known snd
popular young lady ol litis lown, and
Air McFarlune is one of llie most favorably known > ouug busiuess men of Craubrook. The good wishes of their acquaintances will attend.them iu Iheir
new life, whith U to be hoped will be
long and happy.
The Father ol the Town Arrived Recently
From Victoria.
Hon. Col. Baker, lhe pioneer of Crnnbrook, and ex-cabinet official of Brituh
Columbia, arrived at home a lew days
since. The colonel is uot enjoying lhe
best of health at present, the past stormy
session of the legislature uot being ol a
nature to keep auy of its members in the
best of spirits, physically or mentally.
However, the colonel is the same genial,
well-preserved old gentleman that he
was during tbe last campaign, and
showed lhe effects but little ofthe try
ing times he has experienced in Soulh
Kast Kooteuay from the time when he
entered it in its wild, uncivilized condition, many years ago, dowu to the ptes-
ent time of its prosperity and growing
importance in tbe commercial world.
Speaking of politics, Col. Baker said
be was out of politics and would take no
active part in the political arena agaiu.
lie bad no unkind words for Mr. Martin,
although agreeing with the premier in
nothing, He was of lhe opinion tbat
Mr. Martin would be defeated, although
tbe di-iunited and leader less conditiou in
which the opposition is now in tended
greatly to strengthen Mr. Martin's fight,
yet be felt certain that t>uch would not
be the case to tbe extent of Mr. Martin
and his supporters being returned to
The colonel will depart for Wasa for
a few days,-where he will be the guest
of Governor Hanson at bis delightful
place.       _^^^__^^__
Bat It Is Whal Tbey Oflea Have to Eocoaa.
ter In easiness Life.
Clothing prices cut squarely in two.
The man who is unsuccessful in business
is obliged to see some one else almost
give his goods away, and. the buyer is
the one who profits. In addition to their
own large stock, Hill Bros, are placing
the Maggs & Hughes stock of clothing
on their shelves, and they can't afford to
let it stay there. In consequence men's
$15 suits go (ot $ 7.50; fio suits for $5 00;
$2.75 boy's suite for ft 37^, etc. Odd
pieces at any old price. These proportionate prices will be made on alt clothing. Rather tough, but the dealer, who
acquires too large a stock has to stand
the consequeuces, and tne wise purchaser reaps the benefit. Sacrifice clothing
sale a feature with Hill Bros, the coming
week, and all other goods at very low
prices in the meantime.
A Lou to Cranbrook.
The departure off. T. Richards from
Cranbrook is a matter of sincere regret
to his many friends in this place. Mr.
Richards, during his connection wilh
tbe business interests of Cranbrook bas
proved a public spirited and valuable citizen. The best wishes of all will accompany him to wherever be may cast his
Tbe Town Cemetery.
The town cemetery, west ofthe roundhouse, has, uutll the present, been neglected and fallen into sad condition,
Being un fenced, stock roamed over it,
trees had been felled and dragged over
the graves, and other acts committed
which were altogether disgraceful. V,
Hyde Baker has bought tbe tract and
will have it fenced ond maintained In a
manner according to civilized notions.
Harry Cummins bas surveyed tbe plot,
ami laid it out for the purposes intended.
Will Probably Become One of the Great'
est Silver Lead Alines Discovered.
Forty-Six Feet of Ore and But One
Wall Has  So  Far   Been
Losl His Qood Rl|ht Hand.
Last Suuday Brakeman M. French,
while coupling cars at Fernie, met with
the misfortune ol having his right hand
crushed. Dr. Bunnell, of Fernie, as*
sisted by Dr. Oieen, of Cranbrook, amputated the injured member at the wrist,
and at last accounts Mr. French was get-
ling along nicely,
All local labor onions are invited t0 -attend a convention for the purpose of
political action in the coming provincial
election. Every union will be entitled
to one delegate for every fifty members
and fraction thereof. This convention
to be held under tbe auspices of tbe
Western Federation of Miners at Fernie,
May ist.    	
It Waa Appreciated.
The Home Minstrels were held up ju*t
outside of Fort Steele by Messrs.. Sick
& Mauu, on their way into that city last
Monday. It is hardly necessary lo say
that the hospitable brewers did not have
to coerce the buys very hard; but tbe
latter had a harder time to get awa).
Everything in the house, so lo speak,
waa theirs, and when thoy departed lhey
did so witb lhe best of-wishes for the
continued success of lhe Foit Steele
There can be little if an? doubt that
iu a short time lhe Sullivan, situated
northwesterly from Cranbrook, iu the
North Star district, will become one of
the greatest silvei-Iead mines in British
Columbia, if not on the continent This
conclusion a Herald reporter bus arrived
at after au Inspection of the property.
Nobody can see iulo the ground, hut the
fact tbat tbe formation at present is perfectly so'.id and thai tbis mammoth
ledge—asit now appears io be—will " go
dowu" eventually, is evidenced as «i r-.
proceeds by lhe fact tbat it shown a disposition to straighten up, the dtp now
being 45 degrees as compared with 20
at flrst.
A Massive Body ci Clean Ore.
Ore, ore, ore—ote everywhere. Fifteen
meu, not five.as erroneously reported in
Rosslaud, have been at  work  all winter
u the Sullivan on development under
the direction of Supt. Birds-all, a practical as well as theoretical miner, who is
apparently the right man in tlie ri^ht
[place, a loug experience in the mines
of the United Slates, as well as other
countries especially fitting him to cope
with the somewhat unusual conditions
prevailing in the Sullivan.
In tbe north drift the miners are completely enveloped by clean, solid galena.
At a distanceof 65 feet iu lhe drift un
tlie No. I level, it is still ore, 6x; feet,
and how much mote is as yet undetermined. There is a backstope of from
300 to 400 feet, solid ore to the apex;
lhe width of this ore body bas so far
been demonstrated to be from 7 to 30
feet of clean galena, with but one wall
encountered in a distance of 46 feet; in
ibis distance there would remain from 16
to 39 feet of good concentrating ore.
The clean ore in itself, however, is a
body of mineral wealth equalled by bnt
very few known to ibe mining world.
In the No. 4 shaft a depth of 60 feet
has been attained; work hid to be discontinued for a time, however, on account of an inflow of surface water; in a
short time it will be resumed. In tbis
shaft there is seven feet of clean ore at
present, and lhe end not yet found. The
ore lies iu a monocline or terraced form,
and has an average dip of about 40 degrees, and as depih increases inclines
more and more to the vertical. It is the
intention of Supt. Birdsall to go Ihrouj-h
this ore, siuk a sump, and then follow
tbe ore, which has a northeasterly dip.
Shipments sad Valaes.
The management has mvle a contract
for hauling tun tons of ore to the railroad, to go out at lhe average rate of a
car-load per day. A siding is being
pnt in on the North Star branch, and
Supt. Birdsall says the C. P. R. Company
is showing a disposition todoeverytbing
reasonable to facilitate the shipment of
ore from tbe mine.
The average value of tbis large, solid
ore body is n bout f-45 per ton.
An Air Compressor.
In about six weeks a 7-dr.ll air compressor will be installed. This will insure much more speedy development,
and the North Star branch will be kept
very busy hauling ore before lhe clow of
Ibe summer season, wiih iwosuch mines
as the North Star and Sullivan to supply
As has heen reported, the "Old he
Roi crowd," or a portion of it, is developing the Sullivan. Those knowing the
mining history of that crowd, knows
that any proposition taken bold of by
them means success, it the ground holds
the inalen.il   to   make   success  out of.
That crowd made a mine out of the
I.ekoi under very adverse condiiioni,
and the development of tbe Sullivan in
comparison will be as child's play for
The Sullivan compsny have been of
substantial beuefit to Cranbrook also,
arid benefits from that source will continue to increase and accrue. Kvery-
lllilig possible to purchase at Cranbrook
to be used at the mine has been bought
bere; hence it follows tbat tbe immediate vicinity as well its Ibe entire country
will profit through tbe Sullivan's becoming an additional producer.
Real Estate Sales
Made by lhe Cranbrook Townsite Co.
from April I, to April so:
To William Simmons, lot 21, block 34,
To Mclinnes &   Murphy,   block 34,
To J. F. Armstrong, lot 20, block 37,
To J. F. Armstrong, lot 14. block 30,
To Ii. A. W. Piggott, lot 32, block 32.
To Peter Woods, block, f2,ooo.
To Mrs. Morrow, lot 13, block 42, -fioo.
To Geo. A. Lam ier, lot 5 block 38,
Board ol Trade Meeting.
A meeting of the board of trade -is
called for Tuesday evening next in Foi-
rest hall at 8:30 lo discuss tbe celt-bra*
lion of the ist of July in a fitting manner. All - Ulceus ate requested to attend, CRANBROOK  HERALD
A. w. M'VITTIE, H.I..S., I-.I..S.
rauuyDAY, - April 26, 1900
rauis oi1 suhsuiui-tioni
McVittie & Hutchison
...Dealers tn.,.
Mines, Mining Stock, Rea! Estate
•'""*   '■-<■■-■':-'■■     •-■■-<■   '"bllC    t**^***********************************************^
The Cranbrook
ulv<: lliu HOWSOl th**
uy ulioill Jyoiir town
lenillt to tills ollke.
The Political Situation.
■ Politics in lhe western puitlon of British Columbia uie Retling beyond the
luke'varui sla^e, and il will he only a
matter of two or tbiee weeks wheu the
builiiiH point will bt-' uttaiued.
luSauth Kast Kootenav everytbliiR is
quiet, not even tt riffle appearing to disturb the placid surface ol ihe political
sea.    Is il the calm preceding lhe storm**
it is thought by some that there is a
"hen on.'1 it so. whnt will be the
hatching? Ia it setting on a lien's eng,
duck's egg. goose, or simply a china
'■juestegg "
So bn Fort Steele has proclaimed no
candidate for the legislature, 'i'he saute
Condition of nfTnirs e\islH in Cranbrook
Still, it will   not be an "aivhitnatioti'
proposition, as suggested by ihe Free
1'ies-- regarding the candidacy of Mr,
Fertile; that would be a pmcecding altogether loo limit*. Nay, nay; there aie
others somewhere  in  the  background
. 0. 0. F. Block
Mines and Lands Surveyed
Fire, Llie and Accident Insurance
Money to Loan
Cranbrook, B. C.
Alex. H. Watson...
Fire, Life sad Accident lasursnee
Accountant, Notary Public aud Conveyancer       ::      ::      "       "
Accounts Made Up
Ollice over Heattie's Drugstore
r\cMu11in& Taylor,
Cranbrook. B. C.
Contracts for all kinds of Itric-k  work
given prompt attention.   Ilrick lor sale,
()n jetting your contract
until you have scut
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
Those* in need of hru*k
see ns.
or  work shouli!
it due
i lhe political horizon
■er the outcome, let us hope
ill redound lo lhe credit and
r nf Soulh East 1-Iuotenay.
The Herald {n*ktiowled|;c*s the receipt
nl a lillle volume <>n government ownership of lailroads, through the courtesy
■<f the Hon. Smith Curtis.
'<-.-¥ „ i > <"lC**>M:-*
he Moyie Leader Iiiih entered its third
year with ti "prospect developing" f«r
many years of lile and usefulness to
come. Hope the "pay ore" will come
with it Hrcr. Smyth.
A correspondent writes the Herald that
he read iis editorial on the pineapple
belt of British Columbia, and wauls lo
know if lhe fuels are as therein staled
The Hetald never lies, bul lays claim lo
a certain nntcunt of license—something
similar, but different tu a poet's or pharmacist's license, yon know—when eti-
IhnsiiiK t.ver Ihis beautiful land. No,
we haven't not lhe real pineapple of the
Halianins here, but we have ns a matter
of fact the hi st and must substantial part
of that delicious frui;—pine; several of
litem, in fact. The tipples j-etterally follow in a refrigerator car, express freight,
at owner's tisk.
Moyie Leader: Since it baa become
known that J, C. Preivry of Moyie wasa
possible candidate for the legislature
from Soulh Mast Kootenay, the people
have become neutrally interested in the
mntler. They recognize lhe importance
of having a candidate ftom Moyie, and
believe Mr. Drewry to be the right man
Mr. Drewry will return lo Moyie about
Mny t, when in nil probability he will
decide lo run. If he decides to run
there is tin question but Moyie will go
solid fur liim and he will gel his share of
tlie votes in the other portions of the
disliict. Drewry isafHvorile wilh the
people nnd would ht* a winner. A large
number of the representative chizeus of
Moyie, consisting solely of voters, nut
this week for lhe purpose of,selecting a
representative. Mr. Drewry was believed
to be the most suitable person, and it
wits decided to make evety effort lo induce him lo run. Drewry, it is believed,
will favur the retention of ibe eight*
hour law, and will in every way represent the people of" South East Kooleiiay
fairly ami impartially if elected.
'Tiie Ferule Free Press says tlmt lhe
people of Hast Kootenay are not solid
for Ptemler Martin. Well, who said
tbey were? The Tribune, in commenting on the delegates to the convention
said the delegates from iuist Kootenay
were solid for Martin, and so they were.
Southeast Kootenay had one delegate iu
the convention, and he veiled solid for
Mm tin. "-Nelson Tribune.
Wrong again, South East Kootenny
bad three delegates at tiie Vancouver
convention—one from Cranhrook antl
two from Ferule, and both ihe Fernie
delegates voted .solid—against Martin.
The Tribune shouldn't be so cocksure
about things it knows nothing about.—
Fernie Free l'ress. '
Hewitt Bos toe k, M. 1'
elstoke last week.
arrived in Rev-
y  licftiit-
Qo vol* ii-
lii appealing lo yoll ill
nl tin* I'rnvliice, I   beg
von ilu* platform of ilu*
nienl iih follows:
1, Tito abolition <>f Hie $200 deposit
for candidates for tlio legislature.
2. flu* bringing into force, as soon
ns iirrmigpnieiits can lm completed, of
Um 1'orrens Registry sydetn,
'A, Tbt1 Hcdislrihiltlon nf llteconslit-
iiencies ou the basis of population, allowing i" Bpnrstdy populated districts
a proportionately birge representation
than tn populous (Hetriolfj antl cities.
■1. Tlm eminlmoiit of nn accurate
Bystem of Government Bcnling of logs,
nnd its rigid enforcement,
5. Tbo ri'-onnetiiiif'tit of lite distil*
lowed Labor Itpgnlalinn Art 1808, nnd
a'soall tlmstiitiilcs of 1800, cuiUnln-
ing nnli Monfiollnn (rlaiifes if dh-
allowed ns proposed by tin* Dominion
li. To lnke a firm stand in overy
other possible way witlni \ low nf ills-*
conraging tbo spread ui Oriental clionp
labor in Lhls Province,
7. To provide for official ius|iocii.i
nf nil buildings, machinery and worlo
witb a view io compelling llmnilnpiio
Of proper safeguards'" 'if'1 and Itenlili
S. With regard tn tho Kigbt-bour
Law tbo Qovernmeut will continue tn
enforce tbo law as it slnuib-t. An jin-
medltito omjiiiry will bo nintio by the
Minister of Mine-t into nil griVOIICPS
pul forward in roniuvli.ni witli its
iiperatinn, with it view of bringing
about nn nmicnble settlement, If no
fletllomont Is reaelied tbo principle n
tlio rcferamlum will bo applied nnd a
vol-" taken nt tbo ■general election ns
tn whether the law shall be ropealed.
If tbo law is siiK-ainid bv tbe vote il
will bo retained upon tbo statute bonk
with its penalty clause. If moibll
cation can be made removing nny of
the friction brought about, without
impaling the principle of the taw,
lhey wil1 be adopted. If tlte vote is
against il the law will bo repealed.
!•   To    re-rslnhlirdi     Ihe       London
Agency of Hnti.-li Columbia, and to
lnke every i lleetive means of bringing
before tho Britisb public the advantages of iis Province, ns a place for tba
profitable investment of capital,
in. Tlie redlining of tbo resources
of tbe Province as tin asset for the
benefit nf tho people, nnd taking cfi'eo*
live measures to prevent the alienation of tbe publio domain, except to
net mil Millers or for actual bona fide
business, or industrial purposes' put-
ling an cud tn the practice of speculating in connection witb tbe ■same.
11. The taking of pctivo measures
for the systematic exploration of the
12. The borrowing of money for tho
purpose of providing roads, trails nnd
bridges, provided (bat in every case
Hie money necessary lo pay the interest nnd sinking fund in connection
with Iho loan ihall bo provided by additional taxation so ns not to impair
llio crotlit of llie provfnee.
13. Iu connection whit thn eon
slructUm ol Government mails and
(rails, lo provide by ibe employment
of competent civil engineers and
otherwise that the Government money
is expended upon somo system which
will be advantageous to the general
public, so lhat the old system of pro.
viilhig roads as a special favor to supporter-' of tbe Government may be
entirely discontinued,
14. To keep the ordinary nnnual
expenditure within Ibe ordinary
annual revenue, tn order to preserve
intact tbe credit   of  the   Province*
which is its best asset.
15. To ndopt a system of Govern
ment construction and operation of
railways, nnd immediately proceed
with the construction on (he snutn
side of ihe Fraser river, connecting
the const witb the Kootenay district,
with the understanding tlmt unless
the other railways now constructed in
the Province will give fair connections,
and mako equitable joint freight und
passenger arrangements, the Province
will continue this line to the eastern
boundary of the Province. Proper
connection witb such Kootenay rail
wny to be given to the Island of Vancouver. Will) respect to other parts
of the Province, to proceed lo give
every portion of it railway connection
at as early a dale as post-ible, the mil
way wben ennstrti ited lo be operated
by tbe Government through n Commission.
1(1. A railway bridge to be eon
structed in connection with the Koo
ten ny railway aetoss the Froser river
nt or near New Westminster, and run
ning powers given over it lo any railway company applying for tbe sumo,
tinder proper conditions,
17. In rnro it Is thought nt any
jme ndvit-ahlf in give a bonus to anv
railway company, the pamo In be in
i nsh, ami not by way of a bind grnnt
111,(1 no snch bonus to he grunted ex
i opt upon Ino condition tlmt a fair
ntnount of tbo bonds or slmres of Ihe
company bo Irnnsforrod to the pr
i ice, iti.fl pflloliva means token
glvu the Province control of (be
freight and passenger rales, and pro*
vision mnde agnlusl such railway Inning any liabilities against il except at
actual cost.
18 To take nway from the Lieutenant Governorin-Connell nny power -tt
make substantive obnngos in (be law
confining tbo jurisdiction en'holy to
matters of detail In working out the
bf.va enacted by tho legislature.
III. Tbe establishment of nn institution within the Province for tbe edu
cation of tbe Deal nnd Dumb.
20. To repeal Iho Alien ox-dnsion
net, as tlm reasons justifying its en-
i oclment no longer obtain,
I 21. An Amicable settlement n| iho
dispute witb tbo Dominion Govern
ment ns to Dendman's Island, Stnnlej
Park nnd other lands, and an ntrnngo
ment wilb Mr. Ludgr.ie, by which, if
possible, a sawmill industry may be
' established nnd cnrrWl on on Dead-
man's Island, Undor satisfactory conditions, protecting the interests of llm
I i!2. Proper means of giving loebni*
eal Instruction to miners and pros*
ban* i>r roronto
Contractor >«< Builder
-Al.l.   kin us   OP
Hon. Joseph Martin.
niUIIng will il„ well i'> let
Cranbrook, British Columbia
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber,
Shingles and
} riouldings.
Physician and Surgeon.
CRANRUOOK,    ::::::    It. C.
G. Johnson....
\fr Assayer
'♦v Metalurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
Arc you going io build?
Greer ol
Are prepared to furnish pinna
and specifications for all kinds
of building,
See us for Prices.
Jt   jt   B. C.
Ah Quai k Co.,
We knowledge in Kootenay.
Best Laundry man t [ound.
Contract any kind job, house
cleaning or cooking,
AH QUAI, Chinese Agent
Canadian Pacific
Railway Company,
Soo Pacific Line.
Gives the only direct service from
To all points
East and West.
PI rat-Class Sleepers on all Trains
Tourist Cars pass Medicine Hat, daily fur
S:. rani, Sundays and Wednesday
for Toronto,  Fridays for Montreal
and Boston.
hv 9:10 n tu Craubrook I.v 13:01 p 11
Connection tri* weekly nt Mcl.eod foi
C lg ry mid Udtifotiton, ami daily nt
Medicine Hat for all polutB Ji.tsl. Connection daily nt Kootenay handing fnr
all points in Wc-.it Kooleiiay, Sloctiu nnd
Boundary Districts, and for Pacific Coast
and Main hine points via Uevelsloke.
Through Tickets Issued and Baggage Checked to Destination.
For rates ntul full Infoiuiatlou address
nearest local agent, or
F. M. MEDHURST, Agt., Cranhrook
W, I*\ Anderson, T.l-.A., Nclsnn, It. G.
d B, J. Coyle, A.G.P.A.t Vancouver, I), t*.
Nottoo m li
niii- y days n
ClilpfComititflslonerof 1
at yours lenw nr 10O aci*
four inilns west nl Witril
I'iihs nillriKiil.   ciHiiiiii-n
1. i»„h, i*: "iMtior..
li-ui'il M.nvli ,'tli  I Mi.
•by given tbnt
The Manitoba (foimerly thc Commercial) is now
tinder the management of two of thc hest known
hotel men in East Kootenay, and it will be tlicir
airn to make the Manitoba the leading- hotel of
Cranbrook, The arrangement will be changed
.and the building remodeled and renovated,
We have just received by express a large assortment of the latest       .-«       .-<       .-i      .<
Call and see them and get one of our silk SOU"
venter flngs FREE. Buller, White, Roberts,
Kitchener, Ladysmith, Kimberley, Victory.
Wear your favorite.   We give them away.   „-*
Fort Steele  Beer
Is the best.   Patronize
home industry   dt    dt
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
When in Kimberley
Stop at the	
KiriBERLEY Hotel
Wellman & Ilurel, Proprietors.
New Building, New Furniture, and Every,
thing first-class. Our object is to please our
T. A. Creighton,
The Grocer.
Have you seen his stock ?   It includes thc best of everything;,
fresh and up to date.
Notions, Furnishings, etc.
Fruit, Fish and Oysters.
The housewife and lhc bachelor should deal wilh him,   It will pay them.
Livery 3
Proprietors «** j* j*
I'ej-ular  Stage   to   Kimberley
Tennis nnil drivers furnished for nny
point in the district.
Manager   Jt    Jt
W. F. GURD, B.C. L.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Cranbruok,.      : British Columbia
II. L. Cummins, C. E.
I'ort Steele, II. C.
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries ublic,
cniiiiironk nmoo
l.", nml lit llansnn Illnok
Solicitor, Etc.
Hunk of Cominrrco I!Mg.
Undertaking An**
Cranbrook, B. C.
Cirndunte of Clinmpion college of U. S.
Successor to Maggs & Hughes in this
lino. Will nttcnd lo nny work in tlle
Robson & Rogers,
meat market.
Four lots north of the Methodist{church.
Wholesale nnd rclnll dealers
in nil kinds ol   .   .   .   .
Fresh and Salt Meats.
Oysters, Fish and Game in Season.
£,^rOn]ers called (or ami promptly delivered,
Central Hotel
North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one of the best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
Refitted Throughout
One of the Most CpUlfortahlo
Hutuls iu K;isi Kootenay,
Newly Pnrnished
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Cranhrook; B, C.
trS3L£ar-*H^ ;..ir...,i;...i;}>f.-;;fA:
The Rest Stock, the Most Sntisfnctory Prices, and [r
First-Class   Work.       Repairing  Nunlly  Executed, jr>
| East Kootenay
3 Hotel 3
T. T.
kicli'iids >
ThiH hotel lui,; heen refilled nud refill nislu'd.    I'lic Initio
is the best.   Satisfactory rated given regular bouidcrs,
{: Baker Street       :-:       :-: Cranbrook, B. C    I
Promptly Attended tc.
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,        Fort Steele,
Cranbrook, Moyie. THE   HERALD.
ri!wniftoK. B, 0.
In t|,500 Vears Onr area) Cataract
Will Rave Vanished.
According to Ralph S. Tnvr, In 11 paper
on the physical geography ot New Vork
at nu-, printed in . tlio bulletin of the
Aim licnii Geographical society, future
generations will know of, tho ma-gulD-
oenee ol! Niagara falls only fru'm tliu do
BCi'iiitlon handed dowu to them nml from
phutiigraphs and pnluliugB,
Artei* describing the changes that havu
tnkou placo in tin* falls during tho patl
"I'pon tin- assumption thut tin* eondl-
Huns nt present in existence nre t n
thine, it --teems evident thnt in thm tin*
Aiii.-ilr;in rails will be robbed by the
Ca nnd luu imd thnt Uteri- will In* another
drj platform when* now tin* water
riiihcs t.. th.. i.Hnk of tho muuIIm- rail.
"Moreover, whou tho cataract roli-tiiia
up h(roum au.l reaches u reglun where
ilu* Ihnoslmio becomes mueh thicker, He
tnii- nf nn,nt will decrease, nml tlnnllj
lln- entamct will probobly el ie tn .1
series ni' rapids, while Nlngnrti falls nil!
4^ "ltut thoro uut)' Pe lonio Interference
wlih this normal future, heaving out
of the question what mnn may do, it
te hy no moans Impossible tlmt the wator uf Niagara may bo ontiroly with
drawn tnun the present rivet.
"Tli,iv is evidence onough tlmt the
lot el of the laud in very fliisiul-h- uud
iimi Hds vory in stul ill Ily bus provloindy
canned tin* withdrawn! of Hie water
frtnn the Nlngarn channel hy oponitjg
11 lower outlet tor the grenl lakes,
"Professor Spencer brings forward evidence iimt the region nent* thc Niagara
river 1ms been recently changed In level
and coucludcs thnt ihere Ib nn uplltt still
in progress nt tlm rate of about ono and a
quarter feet u century. If this into Bhould
' tlnno in tbe future, as Spencer be-
Ileus it has for Ihe past 1,500 yean,
thu great lakes will discharge Into the
Mississippi past Obicngo lu about 5,000
yonrs from mnv.
"Professor Gilbert bus more recently
reached a similar conclusion, As ilie result of n very delicately undo survey he
liiuls thnt thoro bus apparently been a
change in level in the time since certain
bench ■ murks were located tieur the
shores of the great lakes. This recent
change amounts to six inches u century
nt Dttlutk, nine Inches at Toledo und
nine to ten Inches nt Chicago."
A  Sieimmiiiihii*   ]U-pnt-t   of  Iiln   (1#-
mnrl.-t  Wlieu   Drunk.
"There goes n young mini," suid a well
known court stenographer, "whom 1
saved from going to the dogs through
drink. It happened in this way: lie is a
tiptop fellow 11ml lias no end of ability,
but four or live years ago be began In
let rod liquor got the best of htm, .He
luul 11 Iim*- position nt Hie time, uml 1
don't think he exactly neglected his work,
but it got lo be a common thing lo see
him Btandlug nrouud barrooms in tho
evening about two-thirds full ntul talk-
lug foolish, A fow of bin close friends
took the liberty of giving bim a quiet
hint, nn.l, ns usual In such cases, bu
got highly indignnnt ami denied point
blnnk thnt he hnd ever been in llio lenst
under tho Influence. All tho same, be
kept Increasing the puce until it became
pretty easy to predict where lu* waa go-
ing to lund, nnd it wns at that stage of
ihe gamo I did my great reformation net.
"I wns sitting In n restaurant one
evening wlicu ho came iu with some fellow and took the next tabic wlthont Bee-
lug uu*. lie was just dnnil; enough to
lie talkative about bis private utVairs,
ami on tlu* impulse of tbe moment 1 pulled out my stenographer's notebook nnd
tool; a full short lm ml report of every
won! lie said. It wns the usual inumllit
rot of your good fellow hulf sens over,
i-thndlng off iu spots to boozy pathos,
whero both gentlemen wept in their beer,
nnd including numerous highly candid
dr,ails of tho speaker's daily life.
"Next morning 1 copied tho whole thing
ncjttlv on the typewriter nnd Rent it
a rou tut 1-1 his office. In less than leu
minutes ho enmo tearing In, with his eyes
fairly hnuging out of their sockets.
'Great honveus, Charley!' lie gasped.
'What is 1I1U, anyliowV
"'It's a stenographic report ot your
monologue at —'*■*. last evening,' I replied nud gave hlin a brief explanation.
••■Did I really talk like tliuiV Ito naked
"i assure yon it is an absolutely verbatim report,' suid I.
"Ile turned pale and walked out, nnd
from that duy to this ho linsn'l taken
n drink, liis prospects nt present arc
splendid hi fact, ho's ono of imr oinin-.-
men.    All tbnt bo needed  was ■■«. b-nr
hlmsolf as others henrd him,"—iKw Orient Times Democrat.
PlDtlOll ntul Hi*nl life
"Tuill  PutofT,"  it  w'd\ lie ivuieiniieied,
treated of tho disappearance of a muu
in Constantinople and tho ulttmntolv successful search of hts CrlomK In tho
Btory I'nni Griggs brings bis Influence to
benr upon the private Rcerulnry of the
Bidtnn, with the result that nfter a long
ntiil arduous aonrcll the mlrtlng man is
About n year after the publication of
"Paul ruioii" Mr. Marion Crawford,
who is pretty generally known as the
Paul Qrlggs of hll books, had a friend
visiting htm ut his hotito in Sorrento.
The fiimd In quoitlon went thoneo to
Constantinople and sucll afterword dis
appeared myBter lonely. Tho story told i»
the novel «as ployed out delntl by del all.
Mr, Crawford secured the nsalslauce of
lhc original of tho sultau'i secretary in
Ilia book.   T-hcj followed the an  plan
nnd had Iho -■ auspicious,   Tbeie was
bill cue dilteiru.'c.    li wns tlml in actual
lifo Hit* muu wus never found,   Book
To It ol love ttnrnn,
Kor burns nothing is better than Hip
white of 1 m benteu lo a foam and
mixed with a tenap ful of lard.    I'he
drops <>f cnrbollo acid uinko it better,
A droBsIng that will prevent aenrrlug
and glvo I m mod into relief is one drum of
bismuth snbnltrnte to uu ouuco of vm-so-
line, with live drops of Cni'hotlO arid.
Before applying this wnsh tlio surface
with a Dolntldn of one dram of common
Hodn to it pint of water. Squeeze lids
(1-0111 a cloth upou th-a burn, then apply Hie dressing.
la the Chinese luorgtto onu of the
a!range sights is a number of lifo si/e
thills which 1110 burned to nccoiopuuy the
eorpscH us thoir aervniltS to Ihu next
world. They nre doubtless u rollfl of tbe
time when bumnti betngs were thus burned us companions of the deceased.
Fish with white flesh are more easily
digested thnn lish with reddish He-Ji.
exolnient of a pill Is tho subBtunco wbloh
enfolds tbe Ingredients and inukos up the
pill inasfl, That of Puriiialae'B Vogotablu
Pills Ib ho compounded ns to preserve
thoir moist urn, und thoy cun be curried
into any latitudu without impairing
tbolr Btruugth. Many pills, lu ordor to
keep them from  adhering uro rolled In
SowderB, wblob prove nauseating to thu
Mite. I'linnalt e's Vegetable PlDs are ao
prepared tlmt they an agreeabls to Ihe
UlOit delicate.
Point tug  tin-  Por-eft nicer  i'imi-i  the
itiuim- Qalakly nud Accurately.
When I wns u young man over 4U years
ago, pistol Bhnotillg wan otic of my moat
admired sports, and 1 spent hours anl
duys in practice to become proficient. For
u loug time 1 followed the usual practice
of 'sighting1—that Is, looklug over sights
placed ou the barrel, bm one day I. or
many would sny, accidentally discovered
bow tn take aim without sighting and to
shoot accurately in any position, and it
Cnuio uhout iu this wny, I bhw a red
aqulrVel a short dlstaucc awny. dowu by
the side of a fence, nud. my iimllur being with mc. I calh-d |.t] alientluu to it,
but n,s it  wns nenrlj nccnti-d  In  tlio
grass she could not see it. so I said, 'Now
look  along iny  linger,' ut  the --nine  ih,*.o
polntlng with tho Index Dugerof my right
hand, und she, ns reqijeated, looked along
I my tinner na you would in slghlluij n pis*
.' to), wheu sh> remarked, 'V v point-
' ing illicitly ai it.'
"I Immediately caught it ns hv Itmplrn-
lion Him then* wns ■ thin- wortli ro*
meiuberlugi ami the next duy I put the
idea into p raid let 1 1 ,'. I inyailf
an ox-pert in necurnc. 'Ih,- method I
punned wna thla; I used n single barrel
platol of fair wclglll and length, nml,
grasping tin* atock flrmly in the baud,
 -I  Ilia second   linger on  tin* trigger,
plnelng the Index finger along the ihle ot
the bnrrol  I uscil thai for pointing at
the mark, it taking iho nbico of sighting.
I   soon   found  l.y   prnctlre that   I   could
sl ( from any position Ir I could only
got a cliniuv io point nn Anger nt Ho*
"To assist mc lu holding by finger directly lu line with the hore oi' the barrel
until I got .familiar with il I fastened u
loop or guide ior the linger alongside the
bnrrol, hut I oul) required this n abort
timo. The idea is Hint if you point your
Index linger ul any object you will litol
the range accurately, nud pmotlco will
Improve your ability to point jour gun
where you wnnt to plnCQ the shot.
"This is one of the Brent secrets 111 rapid ami accurate pistol shooting, for you
can lake aim ns quickly us you can point
yonr linger, nml it docs not require raising the uiin. Let the ami rest by the
tilde nf thu hotly, heud the elbow, point
your linger, and you have an accurate
uini hy practice. This Is ouly one of the
ninny positions, but gives un idea how it
Ib done. I prefer a single shot pistol Hint
pulls fairly easy and is of good, fair
weight. If yon use a cylinder pistol,
then you must protect the linger from the
escaping powder funics between the barrel and cylinder by wearing a thick leather finger guard.
"If any of your renders lias never tried
this method of shooting, ho will be pleasantly surprised nl Ihe results accomplished in a short lime, but of course systematic practice is required to become proli-
elent,"—Washington Stnr.
Tlierc Are Xo Word* For WlC-e  nnd
lliiiiu! In Tli nt I.niiu'iiuice.
I.ifc is saddn Persia, especially the woman's life. The law of Islam allows euch
man to have four wives. His wives he
mny divorce at wilt. Cur word "bush" te
the Turkish word by which a Moslem divorces his wife. It doesn't count if he
says it only once or twice, but if said lhc
third time the woman must go, nnd there
ts no recourse. There are no words for
wife and homo in Persia. There are nu
homes and few wives. It ia curious lo
heat* a handsome woman sny, "I have
told my husband if be marries another
wire 1 shall poison him, and 1 Intend to
do it." Or 10 ask a wouian about her
home life aud get the answer: "Love my
liuabandV Oh, yes, I love bim. I love liim
us much as u sieve holds water."
tu the cities the Moslem women—and
all hut uhout r-O.UO'j or so of the -1,00*1,-
OUU women of the land ure Moslems—never appear in public save dressed in black
ami heavily veiled, lhe oyes looking out
through a small meshed space of tho
veil. Custom, fear of men and not modesty impose this dress. The poorer women or lhe women iu lhe villages wear 110
veils, or throw the veils buck and leave
Iheir faces uncovered, unless now and
then in a coquettish way lhey draw a
fold of the dress across the mouth.
'1 he lire worshipers or (itiebrcs nro but
few in Persia now, though it is lhe laud
of their origin, but their wolnen cun be
picked out ut onee in Teheran or iu tbe
few citlea where lhey an* found by their
dress, Outside of Teheran is the tower
of Silence, where, believing neither in
cremation nor in burial, the lire worshipers expose their deud. Frum the hillside
it looks out in solemn stillncos over lhc
brood, dead plain, even as the dead of
this dying peoplo look np iu solemn ■till*
ness from iheir nhustly burial place to
the nnauswering sky,— Hubert ti. Spoor
in Leslie's Monthly,
Trivial Innno uf n Bloody Hur,
In the yenr 165*J a Polish nobleman became ODOOXioUB to the tawi of his country by reason of bis having committed a
'■riim*.     lie  tied  to Sweden,   whereupon
John Caslmlr, king of Poland, wrote to
Charles Quatnvus, kin*,' of Sweden, de*
ninUdlug the surrender of the criminal.
The king of Sweden un leading the dispatch, noticed lhat his owu name and
titles were followed by two "et ceterus,"
while the name of tlie king of Poland
wns followed by three, Thc missing "et
cetera" so enraged the king of Sweden
thai he ut once declared war aguilisl Poland. The wnr wns carried on with great
bitterness until 1000, when a peace wiih
signed ui Ollvn, near Dnntxlg. A contemporary writer (Kochowsky) poured
out his lamentations on the war iu these
"How driir has (his 'et cetera' been to
us! Willi how many lives have these
two potentates paid  for these missing
eight letters! Willi wnnt streams of
blood hus the failure of a few drops of
Ink been uvciigcd:"—Collier's Weekly.
« .,11,-1:,-
01 Commerce,
n can he loo well train-
II trained
■*-s mnn Is
No business n
No bualnets can have too
workers in lis service.
The best training for a lm
the ability to think,
It is usually Impossible to doterinluo
in nd mi net* what business a mun iu col-
lego will enter.
It is therefore usually wise not to emphasize strongly the element of mero
knowledge In   preparing for a business
If one hnve a Well trained mlml, he te
prepared to team any business with ense,
so lhat he enn conduct ft with whatever
success il Is in him to make.
The plan for the establishment of colleges of commerce is in peril of substl-
tullng knowledge for power, Information
for ability to think.—Professor Thwlug
In Independent.
Wmiimily still.
"Sim's very inn seui ItH1, Isn't sho?"
"Oh, I don't know, She Is and sho
"Why, you used to consider her extremely nmnnlsh."
"True, but one day I nsked bet* why
sbe wns so, ntul she simply snhl, 'Keen use,' "—Philadelphia Press.
Tlio Modem? of 1 frit o ranee,
"I Hue that Ctirnlus iMirun will not
palui a porlrnli I'm- less limit S-l.dtiO."
"I don't believe I eotiht paint one for
nny less tlmn Hint,"-Cleveland l'lnln
A S©!
When it uomes to healing up old
running sores of iontr standing there
is no remedy equal to Burdock Blood
Butltc llie sore with the B.B.B.—
thnt relieves tlm local irritation,
Take the B.B.B. internally—tbat
elenrs tli*; blood of all impurities on
which sores thrive.
Miss D. Melissa Bnrke, Grindstone, Magdalen Islands, P.Q., says*.
"It is with pleasure 1 speak to favor oi
B.B.B, which cured m« ot a running sure
On toy Irjif.   I consulted three doctors and
thoy gave ine salve to put on, but it did no
good, Finally my log became a solid
running soro. In flict for noarly a month
I cotllu not put mv foot to ihe floor,
"I wai advised lo use B.B.B, and dh
ml Three bottles boalod up my log en
llrely r»i ihnl I have n^vcr been tioublei.
with ii since,"
'I'll,'    I   '      \,„!'|„, -ITI,     ,11,'lVHSi
aifllinll.il  11.li.  1..1   Sl.i .iu	
.'"J U «'UMI   ulliill   Ilu   \l,|]l„i|i- 1
111   -Jill
Dr   l.iili Alnjiiii.lni Hnralt. for mnnj
frau- .i » Inl lii-.ii-ispi.ii in Simiilsli nl
ih.* 1'"Hce ' Hi" Cily „r v,v Vnrk.iini
!wli-lli'<l   l>,  ilri-i'|,l   lit,.   |m,|-,'>M,is!ii|,  of
RllBiMi 111 llii' Unlvfrall; uf llun	
1:. L'liiiiiliin lllui'li. Hu' iinv I11111I of
HiiKloll niilu-lvllr-H KimlMi ili-imilllirat,
mm 11 mini of llr ,l„liu Hrown, ilia- fn-
in<>ti„ miili,11- ,,r "Unl, mul uu I'lii'inls."
11 rhiHiiuiii. „r ll.lnl,. 111 |-illnl,iir|.-li. 11
frli'inl of KifVfiiwu nml Crm-lii'll. nud
iflt'i'wtiiil ,' ii'tfnlr.r 1,'iiiirt'r nl llni'Vnril
There nro no many tonirli meillellii'B In
the ninrkut thnt lt in tioinctiuies ilillKiult
to tell whioh to buy; but If wo had a
oough, n cold or uny aflllotlun of tbe
throat or luuga, we would try Hiokle's
Anti-Consumptive Syrup. Those who
have used lt think lt Is far ahead of all
other preparations rocoiuinenilnil for suoh
complaints. The littlo folks like It as 1,
as pleasant as syrup.
\„ I'lMtct Hrla-nde Slumlord.
'I'll,'i,' is no absolute slniulnnl for tin'
Ml-fUiflli of a bl'lt-nde ur illvlnlmi of
troops mu'Ii ns there is for Ilu' ynnl mill
rn iii,' pound. A. lirlRUlo nf ii.rmili-.v
however, mny be tnklin 10 mum ,1 1.... 1 >
of four luiii.iliiiiis or iM>™ ollicers mid
i,i, n, or ii lillle over ll. A division is
rornli'd of twn such briajildos uud mny br
in lm
ir IS
A SMALL I'll.!.. BUT I'lUVKlil'l'l,.-
Tliiv that judge <>t lb,' powers "I u pill bv Us
si/.,' would consider Pnrmi'lu's Vi-uetiililo
fills lo l,i' Ini'lnlm. ll i' ii llltle ivoniliT
among pill-. Whnt II kicks In Blue it mnkca
uv ii! potouoy, Tho rotuedtoa whloti ii enrries
mi' put up in tins,' .mull doses bccauBO llu-y
art' so noworhll 1li,il onlysinnll doBos nro
required, Tin'lull strength o! Ihe extmots
lssooured in Ibis form nml do ih.ir work
t*i en era t?v,
a test Seed House"
This picture {printed in beautiful colors) may be seen in the
stor-ej' of ie^ding-' merchants from the Atlantic io tiie Pacific.
When buying mosl articles in commerce, iheir quality and value may be
ascertained   hy   examination,   hut   With   GARDEN,   FLOWER   and
FIELD ROOT SEEDS lt requires a season's growth to
prove their worth.   Uow necessary is II then for the planter to buy his
seeds from the most reliable sources known.
Where is ihe economy in buying untried or "bargain " seeds, for a possible
small saving in first Cost, *-vitl] the added risks of losing your labor and crop ?
idrei -..*:.•■ Ilan annually in testing:
nil seeds they supply, thai
The Sleele, Brigf-s Seed Co. expen!
and proving* the growth and qualll
tho purchaser and planter may obtain the
If your merchant cannot supply yi u with Steele, Brig" Seeds, refuse substitutes, and send your order direct to lhe! I.
Catalogue sent free ior the asking.    Address
The Steele, Briggs Seed Co., Limits
Ill   1-.t,r<cit.
titithev (n rnw yuiirs heur-Pl-No, I'll
newr eotisent iu your iimiTl-ipe with
yotttlR Sa[ilio;nl. He's ns yoor us .lob's
Dtiuchtor — Why, lie hus n whole
tmtkfnl ni' ntllrotld stocks, nnd yoti
rttt* only u ml I road brakeman.
l-'aiher—Yes, but bis stocks pay no
tllvlileinls. ntul 1 got gootl wnges.—- New
York Weekly.
Then; never wu**, nnd nnvrr will he. n mil.
wersul patiiiecni In otic remedy, lor ult ills to
whieh flf-sh is hei**— (In* very llllluro of many
■curatives iiu'inir Mieh dint tvero tho germs ol
other and difforoutly sontwl diseases rooted
in the Byslom of tin* patlont—whut would
relieve one ill In tUM would UggniVnto tlie
other. We have, however, in Qultllno Wine,
when obtiUnahlo in a sound, unadultoruloa
-lnte.it remedy for many (ind grievous ilia.
By lie gradual mid Judicious use tho frailest
syfitonJB are Kd into convalcsaonco nnd
■itrenBth by the Influoneo whioh Quinine ox*
ertc on nature's own restoratives.   It nlieves
the.drooplng sjiirits ot those with whom 11
ehronie Estate of morbid despondency mid
.Hckof interest lu life is a disease, and, by
'rimquiliKin-,' tin* ncrvei*, disposes Io found
und refreshing sleep—imparts viyor to the
action of the blood, whlchibeing stimulnted,
eourses throujihotil the wins, strengthening
the healthy auimitl fuhclfonsof Hie system,
thereby making activity a mvess-iry result,
strengthening Iho trunw. nnd niv.ng life to
tho digesllTe organs, whieh ntttorally demand inereased BUb.ttancfr—result, improved
appetite. Northrop A Lymuii. ot Toronto,
iavo.gjven to the public their superior Qui.
nine wtno nt tlio usual rnto, and, gauged by
the opinion of FeienlHts. thiw wine np-
proachos nearest perfection of any in the
market.   All drURRtst* «Ij it.
A Side Slmiv.
Tlie 'jentleiiieii I'Dgtlgl'tl Itl Rpre;idln*»
at ktiuwictlgo of tlie I'll li Aitiei'ieita i»x-
ItOKlllou In llulTnlo In the yenr Uml
taw leriitiuly a snitlcleut Idea of its
imifioi'tniiru. They spenk of the cilia
ra-pi ol Nlttgnrtt as an "nceessory in-
lnt-eiloii/'-Chirago   VVeslerii   l-lleetrl-
A tirt-ui Itheuiuatta tt-*»n*iiy.
Mr. H, B, West, Water St., Vnncoiiver,
writes! "I had been suffering fromavary
painful Rttaok ol rbeumansm ln my
right shoulder, and could not attempt to
ml so mv arm, s.i gront was tho pain.
Griflltlu;' Menthol Untment was applied,
and in Ion than tour hours tho pain entirely left lt, nnd 1 could use iny arm
freely.    It Is truly n wonderful remedy."
Willi tiff, imt Not Ready*.
Tho red nosed vngrnut stopped the
preoccupied citiaoii nt tbo Btreet corner.
"Bog pardon, sir." be said, "but mny
1 ,'isk"-
"Yotl may 11.-.I; if you wnnt to." inter
mpted the preoccupied citizen, "but I
on n't tell you, I don't kuow -whou the
blamed cemury begins."
And ho huri'li»iinn.—ChicagoTrlbuno.
THKRK IS Nt)Tiimo'eilftii*,'orout»olas9
uf dltnrders tlmn thoso whion affect the
breathing organs, Nullify this danger
•wiih Dr, Thomas' Boleotrlo OU—a pul-
nionle of neknowlo-dKed tlbiuicy.    ll euros
lameness nml soreness whou applied externally, hh well .is iwolled nook and
oriole In the baok; and, as nn Inward spa*
ellie, pOUABSW mosl, -siibhdantlal elatmu to
luiblle ooi'ifldonoo.
'i ti.- Crucial Moment,
"Would you mind tolling mo bow
you hccnnio n Biiceossfnl inatiV" nsked
ihe visitor.
"Why, I couldn't talk abuut thut
now," answered the mnn with a •worried look.   "it'H too early In life."
"Hut you hnvo mnde 11 fortune ami
engineered ureat ontorprlsoa nud ae-
eured the confidence and applaiisc of
your people nnd"—
"Oil, yes, but tliul'fl nil in my regular
work. Haven'I you heard about what
wo'ro doing uow?"
"Why—er—I cau't miy that I huve."
"Wo'ro !-;i)Iiig to give n party. It'll
lie ono of tho blggost ever given, nnd
you'll huvo to wnlt llll my wlfo sees
bow l behave before It's decided whether I'm a success or not."—Washington
naiiRtTona firo noil.
"What's this?" askod the German
"A century plant," answered the royal botanist. "It is on record that it
bloomed at thc beginning of the nineteenth century. So of course- It will
bloom ngnin at the begbmlng of the
twentieth century."
"ll'in. Well, It wnato to look out. If
ft doesn't get a bud on Itself and bios-
BOm before 1001, lt'<3 llnble to get Jnto
Jail for lezo inajesti'."—Washington
"We're nil equnl," said tbo enrneat citizen. "One iuiiii'h vote doesn't count
for nny more thau uiiother's."
"Of course uot," answered Senator
Sorghum. "That's the grent principle
that enables tm to keep tbe price down
and uinko tjunntlty tatEO the pluco of
quality."—WoBjiIugtoti star.
Ask far Mlnnrd's annate no other.
No Viilffnr Unite.
Mlfitress-Dulin, I don't like to speak |
to you nbout It. but you're too loud of
sleep.   You don't get up earl-
Cook—Shnro, nui'am. I'm uo fonder
nv it than Ihu next wan,   It's only Hiol
I do Blnpe slower ilutn mosbt.—■ I'll lln* !
•rlelplitn I'ress.	
Tho HiugBton-fimlth Arms company
have offered tho Winnipeg Industrial
Biblbitiou association a Parker haul-
metlesa gnn, valued ut $130,00, to bo
competed far at tho traptihootiug tournament, held under the ausplocs of the
association during fair week. Thn
Hingslon-Smith Arms company havo
suggested that tho competition for tbis
gnu take pluee under tbu following
conditions, but they stato in their letter thnt they aro open to suggestions
from their friends thioughont the
country, uud will bo glnd to heur from
them on the subject:
Holes, Parker gun competition, on
the grounds of tbo Winnipeg Industrial
Exhibition association, .Tnly, 1900—
Professional experts and uuiuufadorers'
agents barred. Contest shall be at 75
blue rooks per man, thrown from um-
gautrap: rapid firing. Entry $3, which
includes p:ico of birds. Competition
open to all individuals nnd gun clubs in
Manitoba Northwest Territories British Columbia and Ontario east to Port
Arthur. Competition is open lo ull
individuals not members of gun olnbs
and gun clubs will be governed as foi-
low?: Between May 10 and July 31
inclusive tho highest averages of any
fifteen regular club i*hoots will decide
who ure entitled to take part in the
final shoot for the Parker gnu. In clubs
tbat do uot shout at regular intervals
the highest averages of thu number of
shoots held betweeu said dates provided
the numebcr be not less than eight
Bhall govern. Clubs of 40 members or
over entitled to 8 highest averages;
clubs of -30 members or over ontitled to
(I highest average*-* clubs of 30 members
or over entitled to 1 highest averages;
clubs of 10 members or over entitled to
8 highest averages.
-fetid &wfu- ft/mi- .
W. N. U. 263.
ifnrani*bejel.   "fK-ffl^..
IlDparfotl of (-.rocfr.f--"- LA* b. Extracts
fnilU. llRniiltoD.Oiit.       I ..-.4■ U. -i-U<*i
■L»rrli*et". Wa*on*i Barrom, vt tnd ml tit,
*c.    COCKSKUTT   PLOW   CO..  Winnipeg.
j Grain, Proviswns tm Stocks Catholic Prayer n^.^-^.
A l.„ul.y \\ „,„„,,.
Mrs. lli-nlnlc— Afli-r lull yt-ara of nmr-
rlpil life my htishand still Buys I'm nu :
Montreul, Frc« Hus. Au.
I*. IIM up.  E. 1*. 11.00 ta.
Friend—Docs lit- moan It?
Mrs. Ilrnlnlo-Of cdlirse not, but I ■
llilnk I'm llllghly lucky to linvo n Ims- i
Irauil wlm [u'cimids io inonii It,—Now '
"nil- -A.-.,(iti-:	
imARD'S \S\Wi IS usiil ty I'Msimiis.
Alfred Ausiin's i„„-n-.v scent, io bo
qiilu- up lo tlio Hluuilurtl ,,f IliiiUli;
1 'ksiunnsltlp,
Corbott snys lio i.- iirhin i„ sttiiirlsoj
somo |,c„l,lo. Ilo cult oually du tl If lie 1
will just stop miking-.—fJli!i-nif<i (tt-ciii'tl.  !
Lord Dolicrt, Is not wiyliw nnicli f,,r j
publication tlii'so days, but ilid'n is ri-n-1
1:011 10 1,,'liovo llun lio is doini; s.iiut-1
mlijbiy liord IlilnkliiK.-Pbllndollililn llul-
Tito Oouuteis do OuBtollnno la sour,,,
ly ,lis|,os,',l to feel any oxiiltallnn over
tlio r.ioi iloit sho lias ono of tlio most ex- !
iHiisiv,. limb Is In iho ll,i,-\VaHlilu«
ion Slur.
I'mperor milium I- ncllna like thr bud
l,„.v irbo visit, Itl- ijrnnilnintlicr, mul lhon >
lltrow, Hlnlic nl hor pnrlor win.loirs ho .
oiiiiso bor dinky Jnr Is oiiipl.t.-lluliiii,„r,
Illclianl llnnllim Unvls bus siarlcd for
iho Transvaal us n war com'siiniiilenl.
Aflor ho P'l. thoro Iho Drill,!! no -nisi
ulil nm siiliiir nny Iniuicr for Im-k of «. j
licrl ntlvlcft-lloBloit tllnbc,
\„t Dlllloiill l„ I'lou.o.
Wo'vo liennl 1 r iho unman who bought
Iter I Us -,\i:lt roi'oioi.io to llielr bind-
lues mu! retain] I., allow Iho noil;, of
Kluikwiienri' n place In hor library bo-
ennse llielr .'-.vors did lint ninlob llio wall
pil|.er. Well, nllnnsl ns erllleill i, porsuil
nu- iu 1111  Ilnllliuiire's simps „!■,■ ,|uy.
•I   ,,.',111  11  sol  of hooks l!:i~  oi.lo und
l!,i-  hicli." olo- siii.l  I'lilnily.   111 ing
Willi hor lmti.Is iiIh.uI lino,",) tors ,n„|
elii-lullf 11 luul.
■•Winn aniliorV" imbed Hie rnli'Miuiu
|, Oil.'I.i
iiinvioiu'o 1 11
Miiik.l.. Gralusiul-^curitlMb-juBbt.-iolfU
Cirrteil, 11 M.rgns.   0 or>.nono.<-nco-silicL.!.?'i
Prl-/4te Cypher CM. Furclsbwl ui-on Appli .
118 Princeu St., Winnipeg, Man.
I*. O. DKAWI.K I'is-;.
Do Not
Pay Cash^
tlab  rii-rsr--*-
.1 i., THOS. ii E, ITinnlpeg.
•Then die doctors git.- you uj. try uur
Oijdonor. It i-- belter nod cheaper than
goiDit to California, a- it furtii-h* - ntiie**. of
Oiyatn t<i therj>tem bynattire'i 1hk-.-.H.-<-
cnvf-rcil by Dr. S;-r.eli<-. Sab-dealt ra -tranled
in «-acli town in ilunhiiUt. Addrew W.T.
Gibh,.n-'. (indn Eichan*}-;-. Wir.n:*f*K. Mr.
.John Butier, W'tinii^-gf^-ir. writes: "Your
ALL0WAY & CHAMPION, WINHIPH I <JiyJonor Uawonderful tUn« ur.d li-tf made.
1        a new man of irn_-.    I  have aUj curtd  ono
man in ■**.- «ht hour-J (>f a hiid CsiM.- of lumbago."
We hive d-t%t-na of eimilar testimonials,
If you liare pnyiiK-nt.-* less ti.an PO to
make at tiny Dominion l.*iii'i-" kY--- -.end as
the amount, lesa 20 pet i-'*nt..and we will
mako thc payment ami rotors the Land
Office receipt to you. Writo for prices for
luryc payment-*.
Hani lu I'lt'QH-p.
Mc.Ilggcr—Jonea and hla wife Imve
quarreled ngnin.
Tliluguiubob—Wlint was the trouble
tills time?
Mc.llggor—I believe sbe g"t mad be
cniise he wns so qtiit-1; nt remembering
hor nge.
Thingumbob-Thnt's    runny.     Bhe
I qmirrelt'd with bim the first time he
j f-niise he forgot her hlrthtlny.—I'hlla*
; ilelphla Press.
->l I
ng t.
■■:' iht*
t'.u it.'
I -I.*
till-   ■
-li ymi i-utild uh<* m<* -..un- idea -
son ..I' I I. you \ 1.1 Hi..*. I nm -
cutild milt ymi." -.ii-: iin* pour .lui,.
tin;.- hi- liniw In n dininiMnl finhlm
"Well,  I think Mue wuiihl hi' i»
dnn'i  v.mV" sho ruki-d hlnndlj	
mi |i| hu dhl and forth with m*iiI Iici ■
Viiliimi's in her nrin.-, al) oi n <ir< i'
lent] ll nt.—Baltimore New*,
Are w^sitiTely (fui.ntr.t--.-ed I'ure Havana
Filler, end will p!-s;a.->e the most
fasliiiiou^ smoker.
The yearly laereaao of roea [ir^ei ta
appreciative public.     Manufactured only by
QEO, F.  BRYAN  & CO.,
A Well-known Ciitiiutliiti Notary riildtc
Sun'tircil fur aii \f.ni I'lriiiHiM-utly
Curi'il by Clnrkti'M Knln VotDiiouiiU.   I
it. D. pllt, E«q., Kamloop*, writes: "I hadi
nntTerM for at least -MS yenr* from the Kn-at'
..i|.l>i'.*ssivi'iii--i of ii-iliimi and shorlneis-l of ,
lin'.ith. 1 hnd ilurimt Ihcso years consultf*d
iniiiiy |)hynlcliii)!i ami tri-nl nil thn remedies, ua-
til tl(« doctor told mo I might get tfiinporary re.-1
lief, hut 1 would lie always trouliled. I tried Dr.
Olarkn's Koln Compound, and afler luktr-K llio
first bottlo 1 l*i'i*iiiiio gri-utly rolltvi-rt, and tlirrc
lioltlii-t have ci .in ol ut ily cured uiu. 1 can now
lircntlioiwimliiriillviHi-v-nr. and aslliuiii doej
not Irottblo ma hi tholen-jt, I fool It my iinty
toliciir icstlnmny to the marvellous qttflilt this
reinedv Iihh luul In iny ense. and woulil umo all
f?uffcrliiK from lht«t diwme to try Clarke's Kola
Ooiii|i*tuml)a-i nuly tli<>:-<> Who have milterwl all
tlie-w yeur-r us I have con apiireeliitn what a
bli'H.-tnn: tliip remedy niunt provu to hiuti-n-rs
from uHihiitH,"
A free -mmiplcs bottlo will lm sent to anvjwr-
son troubled with Mthraa. Acuress tbu ('rlitlthn
& Ma<*|itu>r*<ou Co., 181 Church street, Toronto,
mid Vftnoonvor, H. O., lolo Canadian OKcutn.
Sold liy all ilrtigKlHt-i. When wrltlnif for samiilo
mention this paper.
Olarke'i Koln Oompoutd l* the only Derma*
mint euro for (islbmnt li now lueeansftilly UMd
tbriitighoui the lendluR holplUU In Knilend
end Camda
Henri. 0. O. RI0HARD8 Ss OU.
Varinnuth, N.S
(Jciitlciin-ii—In Jaunnry IfUt, I'ruuuiK
Loolatre, oue of the men omployed by
me working in the lumber woods, bad
a tree full on him, i-rn-liing him f-.nr-
fully. He was, when fonnd, plueed on
a sled and tukeu home Here gruw feurn
were enterlnined for hin reeovery, hii)
hips tieing hndly bruised nnd hin body
turned black from his ribs to his f<*i*t.
Wens-fid MINARD'S L IK MIEN T on
him freely lo deaden the pain, und
With thu us'* of threo bottlea ho wns
completely eared aud able to return to
hte work.
Klgin Hoad, L'allet Oo , tt>m*,.
May 2Uth, 1808.
■lf''i  \\\ V-'l reallnga ana we
SiXv^hliA^l Snell" fl"m whl
4-Kf}\:    OV   tl.- v s..!T,r in.- t!
Women nreeom-
in-; to nadentand
that the Backachta,
Headnehei, Tind
Peellnn and Weak
" h
THE          —
tMD-n a I'olley ttOW to lit-'irn..
Ttthf  tlm-  (lot   >OH.
Hares, Robinson & Black, Managers.
ft Shookcd Her.
McTlgger—BiitiKle't* wife goes In uo
strong for theoaophy, I don't see how
he suitiii; her.
Thingumbob—Uo flnda hor chnrmlng,
Imt the life is hccouiliig Intolerable tn
her. Yon boo, he's lorevei* bumping
himself nr barking bis shins, uud he nl*
wnys loses hin lemper 00 fltieh oeen-
MeJIgger—But, Btiroly, he's not mueh
of n gentleman lu Hwenr In her presence,
Thingumbob—Of course. Rut, then,
you Uttutv, nhe'e it mlml render.—I'hlla-
delnhla tires*.
into tho bin
fTt*r ore due
to wrong nation of
tho kidneys,
1, taking with them a mnl*
^'■/;>--VA      Ti» Huml Hi
N li* »   olT   mi-   WM   In
-MI.NMIl.l,. MIX.
tituile ol I'uiii, nml aoliei,
DOAN'S Kidney Pills
drive away pains and nches, make women
benltby and bnppy—able to enjoy lifo,
M«,C, II. Otllssple, "JU-i liriiain Btroot,
fit. John, X.B., noysi
" Borne time ngo I had a violent attack
of l,n Grippe. From this, severe kidney
tronhle arose, for which I doctored with
a number ol Ui« boat physicians In tit
John, but i*. Ived littlo relief.   Hearing
Doou'i Kidney Pills highly spoken of. 1
began their use and in a short time found
Ihem lo bo n porfeot oure. Before taking
theso pills I goffered such torture thnt I
JOUld not tin n over ia bed without assist*
siioo. Doan's Kidney Pills hnve rescued
mo from this terrible condition^ end have
removed every pain and ache.      ___
Work Whtlo you lleejt without a gripe
or pain, curing Dyspepslitj Hick Heodaene
ami Conntlpntlonnnd mnl o jou feel hitiei
in thu mortilngi Pries SOo,
A |*r*l>ii"
friend, fo-r |l
af a uenalj i
III  tliu head la kt flmt n
lunilnit >.f lh>* i-iMirnft'-h
IM th« warmng i-a
Catarrli of  Heed and Throat,    The
huad nnd thro.it i«come dlHaied from nut-
lMtedeojcUeautlag catnrrh when theeou*
(iitloa  r,f   tlifl   blood   tiretll*r,o-»e*   t'»  this
Oatarrh or tha Stomach. Thla OoSdl*
tion mny r -i.i: from KV-ntl .-■■.., ■ „-
the iiHitnl cause la Catarrh, thn mucus
dropptngdown into ihu ihroat. ^nrt i^-inir
Catnrrh nf llronclilnl TnbfM, Thl-j
cniittioi ofttn reenlu from Catarrh extending from tlm head to throat. If loft
unchecked it extendi down the windpipe
into bronchia] tuiics.atid in time attack!
thi- lunge. ,
INDIAN <AT.H-.KII IIKI: jo-itivelv
nml permanently cares •rerr form of this
itK-.n-tliiKitl'.-ftS*'.    It i. c.'.li. and ilT-uctnal.
iNiiUftln-nioiK-isoiiom oplatee. Bold every*
Ante j onr ihftlcr fnr It or Kcrnl direct io
The raiJIAN t ATAititu ODKB CO.,
i-id Bt, Jamra si., Moniroal,
John HtafcOr Ar Co, PBOFbtBTORS.
Write for Munplebox.  Price,w«i>crhuii
fl iM.jtci fur UM, |n.nt i.uld.
Bee thai JOHN HIS I,up iri on every peek*
Urge wunpio bos hk*. prepaid, p-ea-^     I. O.O.F.   Key Cily Loo's"
>-Si,.„w«   Nq &   Mcoll.very Friday niRhl ni lln-lr hull ""
linker struct,    -tojouroluil
Oil.l l'cllowa corillnlly InvltLil.
Jat„es Ureer,     J. r. Pink,   A. I,. MoDermot.
N.ii. V. II. See'y.
...Fishing Tackle...
...Tackle Beattie...
Post Office Building:.
I     LOCAL   NOTES     f
Picked Up About thc Cily  by  Asking
Questions of Many  People.
Is Hint Green, cr Keay ?
A. V. Ilrt-uiiier, ol Moj ie, was in Cr.iti
brook recently.
There are a few eases of a mild form of
Bcarlctlno in town.
R. P, Tolmie, of Nelson, wns at th
Craubrook yesterday,
A. P, JefTery, a drummer from Winnipeg, was iu town yesterday
Messrs. Costigan, Wellman und Ilurel
were in l-'ort Steele yesterday
Neil McLeod Ciinnn, of the North
Stat mine, was iu lown this week.
Superintendent Cameron returned on
Tuesday from his trip lo Winnipeg
Hrown Leghorn eggu for setting from
prize stock. I\ McConnell,
Mm. Hickenbothem, who has been
long and seriously ill, is slightly better.
Tim Parrel) passed through Cranbrook
Tuesday, enroute to Moyie from Fort
Ernie Brown departed early this week
for Revelstoke, where he will visit his
John Breckinridge, the well-known
contractor, wan up ftom Jaffray early in
the week.
Khaki note paper nml envelopes at
Heattie's. This is the latest and strictly
up to date.
Mr. and Mrs. Prest an 1 Mrs. Reid at
tended the entertninnient at Fort Steele
Monday evening.
C. M. Keep, formeily banker at Fort
Steele, passed through Cranbrook for
Fort Sleele Monday.
Rev. Smith departed Tuesday fur Nel
son to attend the district meeting of
Methodist minister!
Mrs. J. h. Parker, wife of ex-Snperin-
tendent Parker, ofthe North Slat mine,
left Tuesday for Winnipeg
For Sale Cheap—Self-binder and sulky
plow, both iu good order, cheap. Apply at Townsite Co.'.-, oflice.
Woik on the new sawmill is progressing rapidly. The boiler arrived this
week nud is already in plnce.
Contractor Oreer is building n hand
some cottage opposite lhe Methodist
church.   It is fur Mr, Mnuniug.
A brass band of 15 pieces has been
organized in Nelson. What's lhe matter
wilh a brass band in Cranhrook .'
B.McLeod, one nf the railroad "boys,*
wns made happy this week by the arriv
al of his family from Revelstoke.
Contractor G. R. (that's Good Rustler)
I.eask received tbis week his fifth car
load of shinnies.    He's onto Ins job.
J.T. Arundel, of lhe C. P. R car service, was in Crnnbrook Tuesday and
Wednesday,    From hete he went west
Rev. Robert Frew, of Nelson, well
known in Cranbrook, has taken his departure for Scotland in search of better
For renl—one large, furnished room,
suitable for two gentlemen, inquire nt
the residence of Mr. howe, on Durick
Messrs. Fuie Small nnd John Noble
aud Mrs. Taikingtun end the Misses
Wellman attended the minstrels al Furt
Steele Monday evening.
Mrs. O'Dell is having her a-story rcsi-
idence finished,   "Long Jim" Oreer is
ibting the woik as wtll as working on n
culture for the Durlck estate.
G. II. Miner is having a substantial
picket fence constructed about his home
nnd also building nu addition to the
bonce. Contractor Greer is doing the
Another addition to thc population cf
Happy Cranhrook arrived in town lust
Salurda) ; it is a bouncing boy, nud its
father and mother are Mr antl Mrs. O
Mr. Walt is completing his two-story
building just east of lhe depot. Il will
contain i'i rooms, and on the first Iloor,
on the corner, will he a restaurant to be
conducted by William Button.
Tate, lhe jeweler, has removed his
slock to the Watt block on linker street,
and has opened out a fine line of silverware, B. C. soiiveniers, and chinaware
painted with national emblems
Geoige Cormack, formerly proprietor
ofa livery stable at Warduer, died at his
home in Greenwood one day last week
Irom causes not at this time known to
us.   He leaves a wife aud child.
The new Walt building, on Biker
stieel, is nearly completed, Mr. Tate,
Cranbrook's enterprising jeweler, will
occupy one side of the lower floor, which
ia divided into lwo salesrooms. The
olher side will be occupied by Han:
McVittle '
billiard hall.    Tue Cian
brook dub hns the reco'*d floor, nud the
ib nl isr-Aiil unoccup ed.    It will proba*
bly he used tor rOOttllug purposes.
There w II be a salt: uf conglomerates
at Gilpin's soon, Yuu ought to see it.
The goods aie the remains of a carload
which weut through a high treslle, and
hnd been cousigncd to Mr. Gilpin-
Contractor "Jim" Guer always hns a
joh on bund. This time it is another
■u 1.tract—a two-story house for Arthur
PlggOtt, 20x34 feet, to lie erected near
thc Cranbrook Lumber Co.'s mill.
ontraetor G R. Lea-tk is about to
buil-J au udditioa iu Dau Wiodcup'-i tes-
IdenctJ it Will be l6x**J feet. In addition
to this lit will com pie e the main build-
inn which te in an tiili n shed Btaie.
Messrs. Qualn anti Wert were iu from
the Palmei liar district this week. The
hoys hives.ruck something uew whith
ay develope in'o a good thing--.   The
u fait Indications are very f.i\urablo.
The t ranbrook Hot e M ustrelfl gave
a very creditable perfoituauce lo a fair*
s'ted audience nt the opera house iu
Port Steele  last Monday  ni.lit,   under
■he auspices of the Port Steele band.
The meeting lasl week with a view of
taking steps toward incorporating the
town learned tbnt it wns necessftty to
serine the consent of the townsite coin
pany In lore anything In lhat Hue cuu be
1/nsl week O, II. Miner caused his nd,
to announce that he had yuu received n
carload of door; and glass. On one d <y
soou alter he sold 50 doors, a large number of windows ami is htill keeping up
the pace. G. II says his Moyie branch
Is doing welt,
Time-Honored Privilege, Neglect In-
suritlg your home if yon want 10 but it's
like carrying money around iho slrecs
on a platter; thieves and tires ate very
plentiful Better Insure uow. McVittie & Hutchison.
A steam roller passed through Cranbruok this week foi Nelson. Pieper says
many a man knows to his sonow thai
the old system of rolling" by hand was
too swift and 1 ff-clual, but doing il by
Steam is altogether too fust. This was a
load roller, Mr. Pieper.'
M. K Hughes took his departure for
Greenwood Monday, where he will enter
the undertaking and furniture business
with his brother Prank Hughes. Crnnbrook citizens will unite wilh The Herald in a heartfelt wish that success ntul
prosperity will favor ihem in their new
George Hilliard received the sorrowful
news this week lhat lis father, a resident of Carlton place. Out., whs nt the
point of death. Later—George has just
received another telegram to the effect
that the old gentleman had fooled the
ohl fellow with the scythe—in fact louk
a full out of him—and is improving.
Big, genial Judge Sheady' came up to
the metropolis ftom Moyie last week to
have a little fun with the boys. Judge
Sheady is a learned exponent of the intricacies am] intellectual diversion afforded by the mysteries of *olo—heart
solo especially—ami give L'ntle Jim n
number of pointers while here.
"There is what I call good soil," said
Sally MeKenzie the olher day as he was
showing Con Davidson over his Pincher
creek ranch; "we can raise anything in
that soil." ' Humphl I Bhould siy it's
good soil lo raise a disturbance on," paid
Davidson, looking around nt the haul
heads in every direction, "Don'l see
what else ynu could ruise successfully
A. M. Mordeti, a prosperous Pincher
Creek rancher, was in town this week,
on bis first visit to Cinnbrook. He ex
pressed great satisfaction with whnt he
saw, nud said that Cranbrook nnd this
portion of Soulh Fust Kootenny is benefitting the fanners of Pincher Creek
greatly. By the way, he swears by Mc
limes the butcher; nialte no mistake—
by bim—not at him.
The  Crowd Are " Up Against" a  Oiganlic
iimi*; nf drafters, Hut Being Mlssouriaus
They Wont Take the Worst ot It.
jl'.om tho Prospector,]
Dearth of railway news is naturally
discouraging, We can only say keep up
your courage, develop the mines and
lure the capitalist in to unenrth lln*
wealth whieh lies hidden iu lhe mountains.
On Wednesday last considerable alarm
was fell as to lhe whereabouts of P.iliick
Boy! . He left town at 2 o'clock ou
Tue day afternoon for his home by way
of the (old. He did not reach hume
that night and fears were eiileitaitied
,hat he had been drowned. Ou Wcdues-
lay afternoon runners were sent out and
on their return they reported finding the
missing man camped on the north hank
of the river. It seems that the tongue
of the wagon was broken and one hone
hnd lo pul (he wagon oul. Safely over
he encamped for repairs.
C A. Klingciistnltli uf l-'ort Steele is
11 gieat luck, 1. ist January he became
tiileieslfil wiih Dululh men lu the Thunder Mountain Consolidated Gold Mines,
near Weiser, Idaho, his interest being
one twelfth, Recent development on
the propeity has materially Increased
the value of his holdings. During the
present week he was offered $30000 for
his interest in the property. Thc Weiser
Signal regards it as one of the biggest
gold propositions in the world, and perhaps lhat the Alaska Treadwtll will have
to take a hark scat.
Spreads Like Wildfire.
When things are "the be-l" lhey become "the hest selling." Abraham
Hate, n leading diu-gist of Belleville,
O , writes; "Electric Hitters me the
best selling hitlers I have handled in 30
yeiiis. You know why? M"sl di-cns*cs
begin iu disorder-*, of stomach, liver,
kidneys, bowels bbod mid nerves,
Hlectiic Bitters tones up thc stomach,
icgulnies liver, kidneys aud bowels,
purifies the blood, strengthens the nerves,
hence cures multitudes of maladies. It
builds up the entire system. Puts new
ife and vigor into auy weak, sickly, run
down mini or woman. Price 50 cents,
sold hy lb a-lie, the druggist,
Seattle, Wash., April 16, 19.0.
Dear Ohl Herald:
Well, old bird, I miss you Weh&v
bad good times together, and many an
hour's pleasure I have had conning the
sawdust in my cranium for something to
fill yuu up with, while Matt wus cussing
h's luck nt the job piess or kicking
Moocher for barking Ht a Chinaman.
But, you are in good bunds, and join
treatment under Went worth Sl Rockendorf will prove generally beneficial to
you nnd your read eta. Itul I am auxinuf
lo see you ami know if B:iitlic, Medhurst ami Keiiy ate well, Doble bat
been wotried UVttt their weilfne since
saying goodbye to them in Nelson.  But.
In the language of my friend Medhurst,
"I'm no knot ker," and therefore prefer
to refer biltfl) to lhe kluducrt and consideration of ihus-i- gentlemen iu arrnng
ing matters so as to say goodbye lo Dobli
ami myself in Nelson, so th it the people
in Cranbruok would be spaud the pain
0! t eir tenra.
Aiiei spending two days very pleasantly in Spokane with oui good filendfa
Mr. ami Mrs, Hrown, I soil goodbye to
my family and entile ong o Seattle, the
nn ecu today of all Noumea. Here 1
found George ShUr and Doble wailing
me, nml wiih them whs George Watson,
ol Port Steele, who is going to Ihe While
Horse Rapids country to prospect tor
copper. We spent two dnys sizing up
the silualion, and enjoying lhe town
As 11 ciiy Seattle is the dirtiest, helllest,
husiest cily 1 Imve seen for many a day,
and a firm llial has not a fake for Cape
Nome to sell you don't stand well.
There uie all kinds oi ruckus to woik
the sands of the leach nnd t-eme weie
patented and made by people whose experience III mining has been confined to
WOlklng a gullible public. But. us we
are nil from Missouri, lhey don'l bolber
I have met J.ick Latnont and Harry
Dunbar, and both intend to go to lhe
new gold diggings. Lauiottt is contracting here, antl Dunbar is bend salesman
in. n large clothing store. I nlso met
youug man who was wilh Venosta at lhe
headwaters of lhe Teace liver lasl season,
I lold him I heard lhat Venosta had
struck it rich, and the young fellow said
"Rich ! I should say he hod. He bus n
wealthy English company that will back
him for anything."
By the way. I saw hy a Seattle paper
yesterday lhat M. D McCall, one of lhe
men whu pul iu ihe saw mill at Wardner,
died last Friday ut his ohl home on the
Our crowd is pretty busy these days
get'ing quotations, ti u ing on stud's,
eb\, but we will be through iu good
shape before our boat sails. Then for
the long trip, and Irom what I can learn
the sea Is roufch enoitgh in upper Alas
kan*waters to make a man sick enough
to think the ^morning after a Craubrook
hat-qiiet is a picnic in comparison,
With kindest regards tu the people of
Cranbrook, I am.
ti. ti. Simpson
Miss Tlbbats has tendered her resignation as teacher of the Moyie school, lo
take effect May 1.
Rolu rt Campbell received the sad
news this week of the death of his father
iu Ayrshire, Scotland,
It looks us though there would be
some new valuable discoveries the present year iu the Moyie camp.
The section men's strike is off. Tbe
men submitted to the cut nnd and are
now working fur ft 40 per day.
An election of fire wardens was held
ou Thursday, resulting as follows: J. P
Parrel!, Geo. Bit ley, J M, Lindsay.
The owiters of the Lake Shore hotel intend enlarging their building, ti, W.
Priih is doing a big busiuess and is
crowded for room.
A. Leggatt has returned from the St.
Kugene  hospital, ami is   getting   along
nicely.   Mr. Leggatt is loud iu his praise
of the treatment he received at the hoi
A real estate deal of more than ordinary importance wits made this week
wheu J, P. Parrel! purchased the lot ou
the southeast comer of Victoria and
Queens avenue and paying therefor the
sum of fi.'ioo in cosh.
During the month of March L- AI,
Mansfield C, P. R. agent, sold tickets
amounting to Jjsy 55; forwarded 13 tons
of freight amounting to FH2 45, and re-
celved m6 ions of freight, amouutiug to
£17 i'i ■*■■>. This is nearly double the
business of February,
The Home Minstrels .of Cranhrook
gave two successful enleilainmeiils in
Craubrook Monday and Tuesday even
ings. The boys, though amateurs, per
formed like professionals. Their work
wns clever, and their dress and makeup
generally was perfect.
Milliims Given Away.
It Is certainly gratifying lo lhe pub-
lie to know of one concern which is not
afraid to he generous. The proprietors
of Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, Coughs and Colds, have
given away over leu million trial bottles
and have the satisfaction of knowing il
has cured thousands of hopeless cises.
Asthma, Bronchitis, La Grippe nnd all
Throat, Chest and Lung diseases are
surely cured hy it. Call ou Beattie, lhe
Drtigg'st, and get n fr.-e tri.il bottle
Regular size 50c nn:l Jt.oo, Every bottle guaranteed.
The steamers  Koknuee nnd  International, 011 Kootenay lake, are having ex- j " ■*,.1i,.,i [jjf,
Sit mile on Murk creek, in lhe Mining Division
OfttUUlll Kiist Konti'iiay-
Tuio! nolleo thai 1, James Ityan, Proa Miner's
C'ertlllcato No It OTsnliitotitl, ouilnjH from the
data hereof, to amity to the Mining Iteaorder
for a Certlflrale nf liitirovetnenis, for tne pn*-
ose ut obtaining nCiown (bant ur the above
Ami further ttVto notleo Hint notion, tintlnr
seetlnn ■'". musl tic cntniuonceil licfnro the Ib--.ii-
if -mill ('crtlHcati! «f liii|'iiiu*iiie;it.,
g races
ist daily.
Aft) "la> nl .Marcti,
Big General Store  i
Farm S S
Just to hand, a Carload of the celebra- *
ted Deering Farm Machinery, consist- *
reasonable prices.   We arc the pioneers of this district in these %
lines, and have invested a good deal of money in them. '»
z 1 '»
Opp. Bank of JAMES GILL        I
Commerce .-* Manager 1
A Great
American Oil Co.
Imperial Oil Co.
Kimberley is Relieved
From Litigation.
As KIMBERLEY is bound to be the MINING TOWN
OF EAST KOOTENAY, being situated in the center of the
strongest mineral zone in British Columbia, containing such
mines as the North Star, Sullivan, Quanlrcll, Buckhorn, Stem-
winder, Black Bear, Kootenay Consolidated, etc. Now is the
time to purchase lots, as there are only a few left, and as the
C. P. R railway arrived in town this week, a rush for lots will
leave somebody in the cold.
iKXTJr Lots from $125=$400
Apply    Fort Steele Development Syndicate,
N. A. Wallinger, Mgr.
Fort Steele, B. C.
Heated by hot air throughout.
The diiiiii;; room is first class.
Every convenience for travelers.
Hotel S S
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
The best of liquors at thc bar.
All the rooms neatly furnished.
Rates, $2.00 per day.
The pulilic are ret-iiest-*?--! to see they
are supplied with Conl Oil nf the first
grade. "T. & P." American 0;1 com
puttj-'R product, 'nr superior to any other
brand (11 the market,   To be imd frum
all stores In Cmibrook BUll tinal Koote
James Kerrigan & Co.
llll pot ten nml
Selling A-u-tnia
Craabrook^ It. C.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   Thc most
economical way to handle it.
Planing Mill
>nu Sash and ::
II     Door Factory
...Mniiufncltireis of...
Sash  jt Doors jt Mouldings
jt   Frames   ,*
Band Sawing  jt Turning
Chas. Estmere...
Real Estate,
Mining Broker
ltlack Hear.., 3j-jjc   Empire.'  9.
Klnthcrley Consolidated, 10c
Kimberley, B. C
New Stand
New Skylight
New Scenery
Better Work
Picture frames in stock. Sizes
always on hand, and a good
stock of moulding to make any
size.   Give us a call.
Prest & Co.,
gj^.'hrev doors east of Poslolfice.
CRANBROOK,    -    B. C.
Olllclal Wakli laipcctor lar C. P. R.
But to have it pay
properly, you must
get the value of your
money in paper, and
then have the paper
put on by workmen
who understand their
business. Any man
can paper a room and
any man can cut a
head of hair. But,
the question arises,
how will it be done?
Do you want your
paper to wrinkle? Do
you want a botch job
No, of course you
don't. You want
good work. When
you are ready, see
Pieper & Currie
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning.
Better Subscribe I   $2.00.
-^^-^*r^iy^zr-\sr~^/~-sr^^r^^^'v^isKi^^v^a^,v^is/ A-y^is*—*a  ysr-vms—i?j-^-^j—ijy-njrj~T*ir^£r~iv~i^ ■i/-^!/—iar~.sr-\!^~^-*\-irTsrv
CRANBROOK, • British Columbia
fDA lMRDtfiAl^ ,s the divisional point of the Crows
VI\/\1>I DKVVilV Nest Pass Railroad.
Sf Ct**atltlVCsiCmXc  Has a ,0"sta-* round house, laige machine
hi ^* dHUI UUIV shops, expensive railroad buildings and ex-
|| tensive railroad yards.
M Cranbrook 's tne natural and commercial center of South East
H Kootenay.
Pf Cranbrook 's the headquarters for wholesale houses and corpora-
pi tions of South East Kootenay.
[Ci Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in  }♦[
H South East Kootenay. M
M Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after jjj
to week.
||j Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
•»!> manufacturers and investors. i*,
® • V
ft 9
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to p\
L. A. HAMILTON,        II
B. C. LAND INVESTHENT, AGENCY,      C. P. R. Land Commissioner,        '^
n V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.        ?*J
«"®T ~ « « ~ ~ ^ ,-
T—W—®—®- -®- 0 --®---<^®H^®---<»)--^®-*^
(i«j*T^X* I''" i>1 ^I^I-H-H^ 11*1 1 *? (•'' I,:' I ■" I ''* I '• (■*'{''- {-)■*■■ I <•' I '•> I ■*> I *:j *!* I * [-H*?'T*-M'*' I ■H'S' I * [^J^I.fl^I^I^I'^I'^I^X^'A^


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