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Cranbrook Herald May 24, 1900

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VOLUME   .*!.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Geo. A. Cox, President B, ti. Walkhr, Oen. Man-
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000,00.
A (k-iK-ral Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
'Nothing Succeeds Like Success."
Our Millinery
Opening S S
Has been an unqualified success.   Every week
we are adding to our stock the latest novelties.
.    If you have not already selected your spring
hat call and see us.       ********
& sp jf Reid & Co,
Hotel 3 3
Nearest to rall-ond ami depot.    Has accommodations for tlie public unequalled in Cranhrook.
®. .....n-mmnii^a
i® ®a-a-
Special This Week in House Furnishing Goods:
Sheets Sheeting Carpets Linoleum
Comforters White Bed Spreads Table Linen Napkins
Pillow Slips Table Oil Cloth Colored Damask Rugs
Cir. Pillow Cotton Grey, "White Cotton House Lining Etc Etc
....G. BREMNER & SON....
Shoes   Shoes
Shoes   Shoes
The finest and largest assortment of shoes in Kast Kootenay. jt jt jt
Fort Steele Mercantile Co., Limited
East Kootcnay's Big Mail Order House
fi H   Miner    The Pioneer
VI.  II.   J Tallica       HARDWARE STORE
Just Received a
Carload of Windows and Cedar Doors
Of all kinds.   Now is the time to PAINT  YOUR HOMES.    We
have thc paint to do it with.
BICYCLES in stock and r,u>re coming.
ROOFING TIN and painted metal.
AH work in tin shop first-class and promptly attended to.
Cranbrook and Hoyie
The Herald Job Printing
A Bod*/ of Carbonates and Solid Galena
Das Been Opened in the Drift.
Three Carloads for Great Falls Yesterday, To Be Followed by an
Average of One per Day.
Practical prospecting of lhe Payroll
group on Palmer mountain is revealing
the fact that the probability of that illy
treated property making a good mine ia
very strong, The Payroll waa always a
good prospect, but thc work of the
"grafter" aud almost wanton and useless expenditure ol money oa alleged
development work without securing
substantial results, as in such cases is
always the outcome, served to give the
property a "blackeye" and bring it into
Recently work was recommenced, and
starting from the bottom of the 70 foot
shaft a drift waa run for a distance of 25
feet, the face of which shows a four foot
ledge between two good walls, and
carrying ore all the way, said to be
three feet of carbonates and from 8 to 12
inches of clean solid galena, giving values aa follows, according to assays by C.
Carbonates (three feet,) gold, $10; silver, $1.32; lead, $8.24—total $19 56,
Galena (12 inch's) gold, $600; silver,
$19.98; lead, $63.40; total $89.38
Anew shaft has been started 120 feet
furiher along on thc ledge which is reported to be six feet wide at that point,
and showing concentrating ore clear
across, which is expected from the showing in the drift fiom the 70 foot level,
will later on reveal a considerable body
of clean galena.
The < irectors, who most of them hitherto shared in the general disappointment Mt by investors lately mnt.lt- a trip
to the Payroll, returning in a happier
mood then they had ever experienced
over this property.
Tbe Payroll has always had the earmarks ofa probable mine, from the first
lime the Herald spoke of it—over two
years ago.
But it has been made (he subject of
gross mismanagement, as has many good
prospects in East Kootenay, with the result that (he couutry was given a black
eye from which it is now recovering. It
is high time that investors or mine man
agers learned that nothing but the
t-ervices of intelligent miners or mining
foremen in the development of properties is the most economical in the end
Money uuintelligently expended is more
aggravating tnan money burned.
Aad Will Coafliue to do so Slcadlly-Chnm-
pagae Flowed la Honor ol the Event.
The Sullivan is now a shipper in fact
as well as theory. Henceforth ore will-
go out at an average of a carload a day
or more.
Last Friday was in a measure a gala
.lay at Kimberly, the citizens of that enterprising little towu feeling that they
too, in a large degree, were to share in
the gootl fortune of tbe Sullivan Miuing
company. On that day the first wagon
load of ore for shipment to a smelter
was hauled from the mine to the railroad. The citizens of Kimberly made
the occasion one of jollification and upon
the precious freight teaching the car assembled in numbers to indulge in
christening" ceremonies, breaking a
bottle of champagne to lend zest to the
occasion, and in otder to make it more
binding disposed of n case before concluding the ceremonies.
Yesterday three carloads of Sullivan
ore weie shipped ta Great Falls, Montana, for heat ment This marks a second epoch in the history of Southeast
Kootenay as a great mineral producing
region. Were no other mines than tbe
North Star, St. Kugone and Sullivan to
be developed iu this vicinity, they alone
would sustain a large population. No
other class of metal mining iB moie reliable lhau lhat of srlvei-lead.
It will be bul a abort time now ere the
compressor plant ordered some weeks
ago for the Sullivan, will be here and
installed. This will be followed as
speedily as money can accomplish it in
proper shape, by a tramway on the
uerlal system, which will enable more
rapid and economical transport ion of ore
from the mine to the railroad. Thc
railroad company Is i-Hording every facility on Iheir part for shipping
The outlook for "Happy Crnnbrook"
and all South East Kootenai was never so
bright as at the present moment.
Kimberly Has a Postmaster  ao-j  Pciiollke
Without ■ Mall Service.
Kimberley is having the same unfortunate experience regarding (he
securing of a mail serv'ce that Cranbrook bad two years ago. Although
possessed of a number of business houses
and a considerable population her righls
are ignored by the powers that be, and
the securing of mnil is accomplished by
sending a messenger to the nearest post-
office, which chances to be Craubrook—
this, too, with a regularly established
postofliee aud postmaster in Kimberley,
Tbe board of trade at Nelson, it seems'
is going lo see If It cannot do something
tow aid helping Kimberley out in tliu
matter. Regarding ' the po&unnster nt
Cranhrook," Mr. llcattie wns asked hy a
Herald reporter "how about it?" He
replied that he had no nuthority to do
otherwise, uud with linn it wns a matter
of self-protection, Iu the -meantime lhe
business interests t,l Kimberly suffer
much delay and serious inconvenience,
The Nelson Tribune of n late dale snys:
The board of trade will at their next
meeting take up the question of improved postal facilities for Nelson, uud
one of the features to lie discussed te regarding the service to Kimberly. I'util
the North Star branch of the C. P. R
was built to Kimberly the mall was
driven over by a Stage iliivet fiom Craubrook, who received lhe princely remuneration of six bits per trip, but made
a living out of passengers* When the
railroad was opened passengers no longer used the stage and the driver stopped
carrying the mail. Residents of Kimberly then had tbe mail sacks brought in
by the C. P, R. trainmen, subscribing toward the cost of this. The railroad hud
no contract or agreement to curry the
mail and wheu a registered letter bag
went astrny for a couple of weeks the
railroad management threatened its
trainmen with discharge if they carried
another lot of mail aboard the train.
To cap the climax the postmaster at
Cranbrook refused to hand out auy letters at his oflice addressed to Kimberley,
and a pretty kettle of fish is the result.
Residents of Kimberley are lighting for
some arrangement whereby they can
get mail, and iu the meantime are hav-
iug their letters addressed to Cruubruuk,
and sending twenty miles for them while
their own postoffice is deserted.
A Football Team and Daseball Nine From Ibis
Place at Fernie Today.
The Cranbrook Football team which
is at Fcinie today contesting for athletic
honors, is composed of the following
members, unless changes have occured
since this selection was made;
Goal—Frank Rankin.
Backs—Vic Rollins, John Hurley.
Half-Bncks— George A. Leitch, A. K.
Walt, II. Parsons.
Centre Forward—Hy Liddicontt.
Right Wing—A.K. Leitch, J.J. Hunter
Captain—A. K. Leitch.
Players Wbo Will Struggle for Cranbrook's
Supremacy oa the Diamond.
Tho following is a list of the Cranhrook baseball members who are in
Fernie today buttling for the supremacy
of their town iu their brancb of tlie field
of sports. It embraces n number of
quite clever players, and it goes without
saying that Lhe sympathies of all Cran-
brookers unable to leave their business
—and there is quite a number of them—
will attend them 011 their trip.
Catcher—N. Alt-Crank.
Pitcher—A. McDougail.
Shortstop—G. Tedlock.
First Base—A, Mallinson.
Second Base—B, J. Cranblett.
Third Base—H, Nevin.
Centie Field—J. Bennett.
Right Field—A. Mclntyre.
Left Field-A. McLeod.
Manager—E. H. Small.
Tbe Cranbrook Hang Sailed From Seattle
Yesterday for Nome City.
The following card  received at Ibis
ofiice today from Seattle explains itself:
Seattle, Wash , May 22, 1900.
Dear Boys:
We're off! We sail tomorrow morning at io. We will he a long time away
from ditt. Good luck to you. Pray for
the Artie circle crowd; they'll nctd it.
Regards to all. Address all mail to Seattle, care Brunswick hotel, aud lell
others. Yours
Tbe R. aad A. Association.
The Racing and Athletic Association
ia materializing in a most satisfactory
manner. The cash subscriptions now
amouut to -fj.ion cash, without applying
to small subscribers. This money, as
heretofore announced by Ihe Herald, will
be largely devoted to the Itnprovemcut
of the giouuds, offering prizes and race
purses for thc Dominion Day eclebra
tion, etc. The temporary board of
management convened on Tuesday
afternoon and elected Atchie McVittie
secretary, and V. Hyde Baker treasurer.
It is stated that by the first day of
July the grounds, buildings, etc., will be
In complete condition, surpassing anything of that nature iti East Kootenay.
Running wnter will be biought to the
''Happy Crnnbrook" can congratulate
itself ou tiie fact that it has as enterprising citiz ns as can he found in any
town which it approaches in size 011
this continent.
Died At Tbe Hospital.
On Tuesday John Howard, well and
favorably known in this section for n
long time through his association wilh
survey parlies engaged in the construction of the Crow's Nest and Norlh
Star branch lines, died at the St. Eugene
hospital. He had been ill for many
days with pleurisy, and a great sufferer,
so thnt death came ns n  blessing.
His father wns with him during his
last moments. He was 24 years old and
waa last employed with Breckinridge St
Lund, tbe contractors operating near
Jaffray, and was highly esteemed hy all
who knew him. Hw father departed today with the remains for tiie young
man's old home in Collingwood, Uut.,
where tbey will find a last resting place.
Il is Sliil Somewhat Conglomerated ia
Southeast Kootenay.
Mr. Fertile, at First Apparently Passive, Now Has" Political
Blood in His Eye."
The political situation In South East
Kootenny has changed hut little if any
during the past week. It looks now as
if the fight will be a triangular one with
the possibility of a fourth candidate appearing on the stage—Elmer, of Moyie
As it now stands there are two opposition candidates—William Fernie of tbe
town of Feruie, aud John R. Costigan of
Craubrook, Tbe government, or Martin
candidate is Iv C. Suiitb of Foil Steele.
Singularly, Mr. Smith is not receiving
the support of the political warhorses of
that enterprising town,—such prominent
and able men ns Attorney Harvey,
"Billie" Ross, Messrs. Galbraith. Grace
and others— their support going to Mr.
When Mr, Costigan announced himself
as a candidate Mr. Feruie, accompanied
by his political agent, Mr. Harvey, and
Attorney Ross, appeared very soon after
in Craubrook, and a consultation was
held by the two wings of the opposition
forces. It appears that each candidate
claimed that he wus the one having the
mouoply of certain outside influences es-
seiitiul to success as nu opposition candidate in this riding. During the first
portion ofthe week the wires between
the coast and Craubrook and the latter
place und the east were kept warm with
messages Hying back and forth and consultation after consultation was held
between the two factious during this
time, hut without avail, as neither one
at the present time bas seeu fit lo withdraw from the race. Costigan bas entered upon a warm campaign aud is
throwing hot shot into the enemy's
camp at a rapid rate; he has lost uo time,
but is makiug every effort to capture the
elusive voter before his opponents can
secure him, and his methods and talk
from the platform show that he is a
veteran campaigner, knowing full well
the better method of vote winning.
As before stated, Mr. Fernie spent a
large portion of Inst week iu Cranbrook.
If he did any woik bere looking toward
the securing of votes, it was done so
quietly that uo oue found it out, or even
suspected him of the act, Mr. Fernie is
either a very smooth politician or a very
poor one, from a standpoint of modern
political ways and means of wiuuiug
elections. This does not detract from
his general worlh but does take a great
deal nway from bis chances of success at
the polls. If his present tactics—as
they appear on tbe surface—are those he
proposes to use throughout lhe campaign
he will certainly poll a very light vote,
even in his owu town of Fernie. But he
may be working a still hunt, which is
sometimes very effectual.
E- C. Smith, thegovcmmentcandida'.e,
is in town occasionally. Unlike his opponents, he has issued no platform, or
ppeared hefore a public audience with a
verbal declaration of principles It may
be, luwever, that betakes Mr. Martin's
platform to be sufficient for bim to
stand upon.
! siderable applause, especially when an
auditor attempted to 'talk back," an-1
refused au Invitation to come on tbe
plalform. The Irish in Costigan then
cropped out—for hia repartee was of
that Irish kind that always sets a crowd
iuto hearty laughter.
It was quiet evident that Mr. Costigan
will be a formidable opponent to meet
on the political stage in discussion•
The speech of Mr. Costigan v as taken
in shorthand hy tbe Misses Wellman,
nud kiudly furnished by tbem to this
paper, but hs it occupies much more
spice than the Herald lias been devoting
to such subjects, it could  not be und.
Forrest Hill Wis Fairly Filled Lasl Thursday   Evening.
J. R. Costigan, tbe second opposition
candid-te to come out for election to the
legislature from South Kist Kootenay,
made his first address in Cranbrook as
.1 candidate at Forrest Hall last Thursday night.
He had been announced for the evening previous, hut owing to the inclemency of thu weather making the hal
untenable on account uf its unfinished
condition, a postponement was necessary.
Mr, John Hutchison wns president,
and Mi*. Cosligan first remarked upon
the presence ofa number of ladies which
was an entirely uew feature iu political
meetings; he was pleased to see the
ladies present ami thought if ladies were
to he more in evidence at political meet-
iugstbeir influence for good would there
be as widely felt as it uow is in other
causes; it would have a tendency lo curtail the acrimonious,—and sometimes
worse,—features often attending political
Not having reported olher political
addresses, il would be unfair for the
Herald to do more than it has done
heretofore—simply allude lo lhe personality ofthe speakers; and, it m.iv be,
some of lhe leading incidents of the
Mr. Cosligan is evidently a "stump"
speaker of experience nnd certainly of
ability. There te no amhiguausucss
about his sentences, no mistaking his
meaning. He "dressed down" Mr.
Mat tin and his platform—as the opposition lo.ik at it—in a nie-cih ss manner,
contradicting cither in an argumeutntive
way or hy sarcasm the various claims
set up by Mr. Martin for reinstatement as
premier ofthe province.
It was mostly smooth sailing for Mr.
Costigan. His audience seemed to be
mainly wilh hi"*, and be received con-
It Addressed a Qood^Slzcd Audience In tbe
Opera House Last Evening.
Messrs William Fernie, J. A. IJarvev
and "Hilly" Ross addressed a large audience in Fonest hall. It was late before the crowd began to gnther, a patent
medicine fakir holding the crowds until
some oue kindly suggested to bim that
if be would jar loose tbe political speakers might accumulate au audience—and
the fakir j:u red.
Mr. Fertile'fl speech was all that could
be expected of liiscnlibre—a calibre tbat
is of large enough bore, if it was intended for political watfare. In speaking
this way the Herald in no way wishes to
be understood as wishing to disparage
Mr. Ferule's intelligence or abilities, for
he is possessed of both qualifications in
a large degree, but unfortunately not of
the kind m-ccssary in tbe position to
which he aspires. In addition—the
Herald hopes it will not beconsidertd
unkind, if it speaks from u cold-blooded
business view—what a country that increases its voting population three fold
iu less than two years ueeds in tbe legislature is virility, to keep puce witb a
young nnd growing government, and not
senility—the nccompaniumeut of dying
Mr. Ferule's address was a brief com
petidium of dry facts—mostly facts;
there was considerable humor, too, attending Mr. Ferule's talk—but the humor wns always furnished by "billy"
Rons' " partner," Hen I'ugb, who seemed
to provoke laughter when it was most
inopportune, (.hie could not help feel-
lug sorry for Mr. Fernie, who was manifestly out of bis element.
Regarding tbe speeches of Messrs.
Harvey aud Ross, it was a case of the
stars being the stock, aud tbe stock starring. Referring to oue remark made by-
Mr. Ross—that it was only a matter ol
a few days before there would be but two
candidates iu the field, and theu the citizens of Cranbrook would be at liberty to
vote for Mr. Fernie—would give color
to the trulbfuluess of the report that Mr.
Jaffray has hastened all tne way from
Toronto iu order to ''induce" Mr, Costigan to withdraw. Mr. Cosligan beingab
sent, Die truthfulness of this assertion
cannot be affirmed or deued, but hia advisers and main supporter iu Craubrook
say: "Nay, nay, Pauline; not on your
Costlgin, Smith aad Fernie it Moyie.
Tuesday uight Messrs. Costigan and
Feruie appeared before tbe Miner's
union of Moyie in their owu behalf as
aspirants for tbe support of tbe members
ofthe union at the coming election.
Each candidate was giveu twenty minutes in which to state his case to tbe
auditors and theu they were called up
together. It is reported that there wss
quite a warm time of it between Messrs.
Feruie and Costigan, and tbat Smith
contented bimself with beiug a listener,
for the time beiug at least,
IL is also related lhat Mr. Smith will
soon spring a surprise, aud tbat he will
have a double.edged political sword
flashing through the air in a few days
tbat will mow down all opposition candidates like grass before a prairie fire.
11 Is Believed in Organlied (Jang Is Working
Between Kooteniy Like and Fernie.
Several horses have disappered from
this vicinity lately, and euuugh has been
learned of late lo lead to the belief lhat
an organized gang is at work between
Fernie and Kootenay lake, and it may be
a more extended field.
Contractor Greer's horses were ridden
away from town several days siuce and
this week he learned tbut one of them
had been killed on the railroad near
Moyelle. He went farther down lhe
road and heard of the other horse, in the
meantime finding Customs Collector
Keay's horse, which had been taken
away several days ago, tied to a tree
near the railroad track. There are
other recent occurrences in the immediate vicinity which lead to lhe belief
that au extensive and completely organized gang of horse thieves are operating
In the southern portion of East Koote
Dan McOllviry Is Dead.
Everyone wbo was in this section of
the country during the construction
days of the Crow's Nest Fuss railway
will remember genial Dan McGilvary,
tbe bridge contractor. Like " hilly"
Reid, another one of that crowd, who
was killed by a falling tree near Cranhrook about a year ago, poor Dan has
met an untimely and sad end. Mr.
McGilvary bad been engaged for some
lime on au extensive contract at the
"Soo," Lake Superior, building a breakwater, when be was strickeu hy smallpox, dying Tuesday uight. Details arc
unknown bete. Tbe news was received
through a telegram to Malcolm Mclnnes.
Didn't (let His Vacation.
Ernie Hrown has returned from his
vacation and visit lo Revelstoke; he
reached his destination all righl but Ills
vacation consisted principally of firing
over there, there being a shortage of
' men, nnd he was "collared."
He Leaves lhe Bachelor Gang to Work
OpI Hs Own Redemption,
The Boys "Dropped/* Thought It
Was a "Dirty Irish Trick/'
Although They
"Bert"   Beattie,   a
pioneer   among
Cranbrook bachelors, aud whose heart
was supposed to be armor clad agninst
all attractions offered hy matrimony,
has falleu a victim to Cupid's shafts,
aud became a benedict by this time.
No one knows jnst how the play came
up that caused 'llcrt" to cash in at the
bachelors'game and start a uew dealOU
au entirely different system. But he has
done it, aud although he tried to fool
the gang and slip away and get married
without tbeir knowledge, keeping thein
in ignorance of the fact until be returned
with bis bride ind was safely installed
In his home over the store, which he lias
t>eeu preparing ou the sly for sevciai
week?, he got fooled himself.
However, ll before stated, the "gang"
got outo the deal he was giving them,
and Un Saturday morning, thc day
preceediug bis departure, went to woik
and had the Cosmopolitan prepare an
elaborate banquet wuh -5 plates, in his
honor, ns a last token of tbe esteem in
which tbey held him, and also to allow
them to bid him a last (earful farewell as
he was about taking his final leave from
tbeir ranks, and tbe councils of their innermost circ!e,
The party, with but few exceptions,
were bachelors, a few benedicts being included just to lettd to the party something
ofa governing or controlling influence,
and keepit within due bounds.
Mr. Beattie knew absolutely nothing
of the event until but a few moments before its opening, 11 p.m , Saturday night,
wben he was captured and brought before
bis late associates ic numerous festal
Thetoastmaslrr nasF. M. Medhurst,
to the manner bom. assisted by Dr. King.
The toasts and their respondents,' were
as follows; the Ht raid regretting tbat
space does not permit reproducing the
responses which were ia a happy vein,
although tinged, at times, with a regret
at the lossin the future oi 'Mr. beattie by
the "baclii."
"TheQueen"—Responded toby W. S.
"OurBoysat the Front"—By W. F.
"Our Guest"—Mr. Beattie.
"The Boys He Leaves behind"—G. H.
Richardson, Matt Rockendorf.
"How I Like Married Life"—Archie
"Why I Ought to be Married"—W. S.
"We Knew Him in Oak Lake"—Archie
"Thing's Better Left Alone"—F. M.
"Home,Sweet Home"—A. D, Parker.
"Why I Like to See People Get Married"—Dr. King.
"The Pioneers"—II. H. Wentworth.
"Tbe Ladies"—Mew rs. McDermot,
Rankin, Hurley, and Hunter.
"ThePress"—Matt Rockendorf.
"Our Host"—Eme Small.
At the conclusion of the toastmaking,
which was interspersed with singing and
repartee, the boys old and young, hade
Burt God—peed, and alt kinds of joy in
the new life upon which he was about to
W11 Married Monday.
Mr. Beattie departed for Nelsou Sunday morning, and, so far as cin be
learned lefl therefor the "Reclamation
Farm,"just over the line near I'ort 1Jill.
where he was (juicily inarrie 1 to Mis.
Georgia Henderson, of Oak Lake, Man.
The ceremony took p'ace at the bride's
brother's and km originally Intended to
have occured several weeks ago.
Thc btide is spoken of In the most
complimentary terms by former residents
of Oak Lake.
One of Crinbrook'i Brightest ind Best Hoys
Dies Very Suddenly.
Yesterday forenoon, after but a few
hours' illness, Frank Johnson, aged 14
years, son of ti. W, Johnson, foreman of
the C.P. R.shops in Cranbrook, died of
what is said to have been malignant scarlet fever, aud was interred during tbe afternoon of the same day.
Frank wasa bright, intelligent boy--a
good boy iu the better meanings of the
word—beloved by all who knew him;
woids can scarcely express tbe severity
of the shock inflicted upon the parents,
the violence of which has already been
attended by results placing thc mother in
serious conditiou.
Iu this connection, the Herald feels
called upon to say a few words—more in
the future, if necessary. Jvvents of the
past few weeks tend to prove that Cranbrook needs a thorough purification in
many spots, where there are filthy and
disease-breeding deposits;lhis towtlisnot
incorporated but Ihe provincial oltieers
have the authority to act iu the premises,
Many lives may depend upon prompt action. CRANBROOK   HERALD
sk months	
The llcrahl ile»ln*i t
district,    if i" i !•■ ■
your 1111110 oryotu i-**, l
jfjjj* "■>■"-          1
The government r
agister shows  that
Craubrook town bdi
jj vote-, more than
Fort Steele, und   So
more as Ineln iing
parts n*ij iceut    The
e figures are up to
dnte, nml are notexll
uned from lhe cob
web covered post.
\\   -1 Mint.. IM..;,, I'.LS. -UIIN HUTCltl ON  Nolur) Poblli
McVittie & Hutchison
When In Kimberley
Slop at the	
.«.£ IW I __!__,..»
Mines, Mining Stock. '.:-::' Estate!   is
■rtlncs aad Lands Surveyed
Fire, t.:t'.* and Accident Insarflacc
Money tu Loan
I, O. (>. F. Block
Craubrook, 1>. C.
mi; II. L. Cummins, C. R.
Fort Steele. B C.
■ prea I'i'ms, Mn   I-**
Wellman is Hurel, Proprietors.
New Building, New Furniture, and Every-
thing first class. Our object is to please our
Open Day and Night
.Best of Table Board
Ol lettl-*]* y, ur contract
until you lia-.c seen
,   A llrst-class took lias charge c,( the culinary department and the
J ' loilivinK accommodations are not excelled In Cranbruok.
(i). ......
J ^,»AA4»A,«.«,.c
Tlle Boer peace commissioners, win,
were deputed by tlle Boer government m,.i: b, Cnttrcll left ou Thumb-
to seek the intervention "t tbe United utonittiK for Crntdirook. where he will
Stntes in brluijilig to nn end the ivnr nssnuic tlte position ol train dispatcher
between Great Britain and their nation _r u ,.. Cutlibcrt durlnu the past
have been politely but Hniily infoiined Kveelc lias been stiowltiK some lino bmne
that the United Stales government In* grawn ibuhnrb—Hint Is It was grown nt
tends to do nothing but maintain tlu I'obncco Plains. Tito stalks ore not
strictest nciitriililyiii llie affair. ■ large, buttheflavm Ir the II i esl we have
  had lhc pleasure of enj-i) Ing for n long
time.   When Mr. Cuthhert luu a roi ,1
Today is ilie birllulay "i ihe greatest | Ul;H!, ruo nlways reuiembers lbs press
and best queen of lhe days of modern and
possibly  any earlier, civilization.     The
editor iff the Herald Is llie i e forcibly
reminded of this fuel by p;tizlii|! out ol
the towel mi the Herald block and view.
ine, six flag-poles,   every  one of   them   Kafispcll tlller-1.
conspicuous tlli„ngli tbo absence of the : ,.,,„| |,,,vt, |„.,.„ hroilgnl'to Kalispell, and
nntioiuil llaB    "God Save the Qlieeu." . as sm„i ns llie-oil now in lhe coal chutes
  is used up tiie Crow's Nest coal  will lie
Tlie news of tlie relief of Mafeking I used on the engines and given a thorough
^^%4<a ;1 East .Kootenay ,., r    11
■W%v!'ir *-■"•-«•<>■■'■.'Hi'.   /_*-,    \*                                                I liintli Cameron »\m
\Ws*»*\     ^;,5"ii*-#5\                    .*       "i   T      i.     f           -» Proprietor ::, .«     ||
Sn? w li  3 rlotei 3 II
ng on
Tlie ('.real Northern 1
extensive test <■! the Ci
with Ibe Intention ol u ing ii Instead at
Ihe Sand Coulee article 11 il proves u, be
1 ns It Is claimed in be, snys llie
,'illernrs nl   llie
This hotel lias been refilled and refurnished.    I'he table
is llie hest.     Satisfactory rates given regular hoajilers.
* "The Earlv Bird Catches the Worm" S
The " Early Closing " Storekeeper %
Should Catch Your Patronages** _
*'f; We can "suit" .vou, "hoot" you, and "outfit" *',
■jjj;  you in a strictly up-to-date style. Come early jS
was received willi llie wildest enthnsi-
lesi, which will he mmle tltylcr llie  per*
Usui throughout Grenl Urltalii ami nil he
colonies Inst week, Everywhere through-1
out the civilized world there was greal j
rejoicing, and enough powder was burned j
in tht* shape of fircvioiks to curry on
I snn it directions of  a man dli
uu- "i r-amnto
1 Contractor ™> Builder
lioso tonU'rajilitlliiK bullittim will Uo well to let
nu- ilKiiro on Ilu cnntracis.
Cranbrook, British Columbia
Cranbrook, B, C    \i
£ Baker Street        :-:        :-:
K ►
•»•."•» wv*V-!*?V*>T»*»rwvv-»»vv
Again llio happy tlmt is hero
small-sized war Tor many months.   The | Whll|1 B0U)B'wtth work distressed,
millrriit men wlm fought so long  anil Enjoy, with naught to interfere,   ,
, ,       ,    r     .,       ,          r n   i Thi'lr Klml vacation rest.
stubbornly fur Hit* glory of their  country, enduring lor months the blller pangs ■''■'l*"i1 nI1 lllh,cftre,sr' th° yty dl'lldge'
of starvation, should live forever iu tin** Ami eighty-seven mill ; will trudge
hearts of their countrymen.   It nppears 1''"1' l)|caBurt- every day.
as though the BoerB arc in lhe "lost The dry goods clerk will daily broil,
ditch,"  and  as  if  that invincible old oismissUiVcv'-^ryUiough't of'toll
hero "Hobs"    has  got  them "dead to| lie does a century run.
rights."     ___________________
Tho pali   bookkeeper, ioo much worn
To foot up hi-3 accounts,
Win foul ii now from early morn
Up nil the steepest mounts.
Tlio ofllce slave will now dovoto
j     A week lo restful rounds,
The mines of Rossland have started up   And day hy day will row a iioat
' wi-ijtliH nine hundred poundB.
Robert Charles-a Nelson miner died iu
the hospital of thai town.
The C. P. R. is now reaching into
PluiMiix with its Boundary branch.
The Roman Catholics arc building a
handsome new church at Silverton.
The mines aboul Phoenix in tbe
Boundary district, are all resuming
May Christian Maslottka, 10 mouths
old *vuh killed a few dnys ago  in  Nelson
by a wagon box falling upon her.
An Italian, named Joe Bruno, was
attacked by a companion recently at
KamloopB, who cut his throat and
robbed him of $115.
A death by drowning is reported tn
have occurred at Leancboll recently, A
young 111:111 working with a survey party
■while overturning a lnrge   rock  lost  bis
-balance and fell over a precipice about
twelve feel and rolled into the river, being lost sight of.
- 11;:; w'x
Will llnd their 1
^•>r "restful riiro
At homo would
Vo maku -■ ni" gi
And try lo iii-iik
pleasures" whioh
•Ive us mad,
.1 <ii.1 farmer rich
vve'ro glad.
• those who roam
lent when
th "resting" and conn
'• again.
In L. A. W, Bulletin.
Notice U hereby ghon tlml I, (inoriie lllllinrdi
thirty days ufter data, Uiteuil to apply to the
elder comuilsslatior or laii'ls nml works for per*
ii'is-.nii to iini-hnsi* *K0 acres ol unsurveyed
luiitl hltua'tul about win anil mio-Iiiilf miles west
or crmibrobk, luljulnhig Wales an-l Pars m's
pHi-ehiiso on ikcwest bUI-d, commencing 11111 post
plant-Lit at Um- northwest corner of Wales nnd
("arsons pnrehnsa, theneo running south 10
chnl,is, 1 hence west so clmlin thence nortli 10
clinliM, ihviicc enstuochnliiB to alartliig |m;iil
i;i:n. 1111.MAHU.
l!iii.*.i,ii frnnbrook, .May 11,1000,
To the Electors
Of Ihe Soulh I:usl Kuulcnuy Bfcctoral
Gentlemen: I am a candidate for your
suffrages at lhe approaching election of
a representative lur South Bast Kootenay In the Provincial Legislature, and I
make my appeal for your support as a
candidate in opposition to thu present
Martin Government, While I expect to
hnve tlie opportunity from time to time
before IhegtbofJudeofdiBcussing the political situation upon ilu* public plalform
nud of clearly defining my position upon
nil questions of Importance arising in
this campaign, it is perhaps bul right
that I should take this earlier opportunity
of announcing my platform upon the
more prominent questions of the hour.
Therefore 1 Will Advocate 1
1. The active development of all Ihe
natural resources ol the province, not
merely in proportion to actual annual
revenue, but, il necessary, by pleilglug
the credit of the province lo lhat end,
and not hy increasing tbe burden of taxation, as suggested by Mr. Martin.
2. A government system of exploration
of tiie natural resources of the province
with a view of ascertaining their locollty
und extent, ami lhe publication ol full
periodical reports of Mich exploration,
wiih maps showing trail, railway, and
water routes fuf the information and
guidance of prospectors and public generally.
3. A generous policy of encouragement and assistance to railway construi -
tion throughout the province by
cash subsidy, surrounded {,by such
careful legislation as will cflectunl-
ly safeguard the interests of the people.
The necessity for railway development
throughout the province is apparent to
nil; but under the present conditions anil
limited revenue of the province I decline
to commit mysell to a policy of provincial government construction, operation
and ownership of railways I shall have
more to say upon this important question
from the public platform.
4. The establishment and maintenance
of a technical school of ini lies.
5. Am end ment of the mining ads;
particularly with reference to Ibe inspection of mines and their greater safely;
and with reference to assessment work,
claim-jumping, etc , and the ohviatiou,
as fur as possible, nl the necessity of litigation in connection therewith.
6. The government of British Columbia by and for the people of British Columbia; aud the fair, impartial and hou
ora'ilc administration of ihe public
Wotks   and   olher   public affairs of the
1 province, irrespective of local or political
1 prtjndice,
I -,-. The exclusion of federal parly lines
[ from British Columbia politics until the
j impossibility of stable government upon
I such a basis has been clearly demon*
! Bt rated to both federal parties.
s. The encouragement and develop-
j ment of farming, dairying, stock-raising,
; and fruit-growing in thc agricultural districts of the province.
1 9. The establishment of a Bureau ol
Labor nnd Mining Statistics, under the
1 control of a competent official exercis-
! ing the functions of au aibitialot in the
! ^ en lenient of issues nml disputes midait-
jgfting ih? pence, progress and commercial interests of tho community; thus
'avoiding, as fai as possible, the delay,
annoyance and expense of piolraclcd
j 10 Greater expedition in the Issue of
Crown grants, and prompt departmental
settlement of disputed claims.
n. The exclusion of Mongolian labor
Irom competition wilh white labor wilh
in the province hy nil constitutional
means; remembering nlways that we are
part of a great empire whose sovereign
is entitled to our loyal support in the
mighty task oi that empire's government.
1.'. The district of South linst Koote
uny being essentially a mining district,
the eight hour law is naturally a suhje.t
ol vital importance lo us. I have given
this (piestion a great deal of careful and
conscientious consideration, nud I nm
convinced tlnl justice and the best interests of tlle country  demand Hint with
reference 10 tliis law it must be a case of
"HANDS Ol'l-." If elected, 1 shall
strenuously oppose any attempt to interfere wilh the law as il now stands (except, perhaps, so far as to exempt from
its operation a prospector personally doing assessment work on his own claims )
until such time as mine-owners and
mint-workers unite iu a formal appeal to
the legislature hy it resolution of their
respective associations, for a change in
the law. It such united appeal be not
made, then, so far as my vote and influence can prevent it, no change will he
If honored witli the confidence of the
electors of South Kast Kooleiiay on the
ythofjum*, nevt, I shall faithfully endeavor to discbirge my duties'as representative of lhe district hoiiestly and impartially, and unbiased by local prejudices or political or sectional affiliations,
ami beg to remain,
Vour obedient servant,
Cranbrook, II. C, i.ih May, 1910.
When you can get
A pure, delicious
Geo. Bremner & Son
Arc yotl going lo build?
teet & Co,
Are prepared  to   furnish   plans
and specificatioua for all  kinds
of building.
See us for Prices,
«.-*    jt    15. C.
Bakery S
Chnrtrand Bros., Props.
We have just moved into our new bakery on HailtiOU avenue, an.I wilh the
largest and most modern brick oven ill
East Kootenny are now prepared better
than ever before to turn out first clai
woik.    A full line of
Graham ant! Rye Bread, Pics,
Cookies and Fried Cakes
linked fresh every night.
Orders tor Wedding aud other Pancy Cake:
will receive prompt attention,
Physician and Surgeon.
CRANBROOK,    ::•:•.:    11. (.'
VV, It. Hoss. II. IV. IlKllcil-,111
Barristers. Solicitors,
Notaries ublic*
Solicitor, Etc.
.MISS M. flcCALLUn...
Graduate ol 911. Sinai Hospital,  New York
.Apply at McVltlte & llutcliliion's
Ur at J. Hutchison's Residence
Saddle and-.*
Pack Morses
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
T. A. Creighton,
The Grocer.
Have you seen his stock ?   It includes the best of everything:,   [
fresh and up to date.
Notions, Furnishings, etc.
Fruit, Fish and Oysters.
The housewife anil Ihe bachelor should deal wilh him,   It will pay Ihem.
0%;'OV:'A-UU-.;,  :.',.>-:.    W:    ..    ,¥WW&Q
Four lots north of Ibe Methodist church.
Wholesale and retnil dealers
in ull kinds uf   ....
Fresh and Salt Meats.
Oysters, Fish and Game in Season.
£_TOrders c-illed lor nml promptly delivered.
Central Hotel
North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one of the best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
Undertaking A"d
Cranbrook, I). C.
Graduate of Champlou college of t1. S.
Successor to Maggs & Hughes in ihis
line. Will attend to any work in the
Promptly Attended to.
Ah Quai & Co.,
Wc knowledge in Kootenay.
BestL.-iundryman I lound.
AH QUAI, Chinese Agent
Proprietors j* jt jt
Regular   Stage   lo   Kimberley
Tenuis nml drivers furnished for any
point in tlm district,
Manager   „*    jt
VV. F. OURD, B. C. L.
Banister, Solicitor, Etc.
British Clilumhln
Alex. H. Wats rn...
Fire, Liic nnd Accident Insursiicc-
Accuuntnnt, Notary Public and Conveyancer      ::      ::      ::      ::
Accounts Made Up
Ollice over Denltle'a Drugstore
....l'ur Snie or Kent
Atufstrong .ive, Opp. McConnell'S Store
G. Johnson....
\V Assayer ud
^ Metallurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
Canadian Pacific
Railway Company,
Soo Pacific Line.
Gives the only direct service fiom
To all points
East and West.
rirsl-Clflss Sleepers on nil Trains
Tourist Cars pass Medicine Hat. dally for
St. Paul, Sundays nnd Wednesdays
for Toronto,  Fiidays for Montreal
ntul Iloston,
I,v 9'iun tn Cruubrook Lv 13:01 p 111
Connection trl-weekly nt Mcl.eod for
■Cr.g-.ry fl|M] Kdmoiilon, nnd d.ijly at
Medicine Hat for all points Ivnst. Connection daily at KootcHay Landing for
all points in West Kootenny, Slocan and
Boundary Districts, and for Pacific Coast
nud Main Line points via Ucvelstokc,
Through Tickets Issued and \\a\x-
gage Checked to Destination.
For rates nnd full tnfoitrmtlpii address
nearest local agent, or
P, m. MEDHURST, Agt,, Cranbrook
\V, l*\ An 1 lemon, T.l'.A., Nelson, ll. 0.
D li. J.i'oylo, A.ll.I'.A., Vaiiemivir.il. IX
£   £ lite/* -9 -9
One of the Most Comfortable
Hotels in Kast Kootenny,
Refitted Throughout
Newly Furnished
©.oo©©: m:: 0 < 10*000000000:0000
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Crailbrook, B. C.
Q__ _:::." __z_____H
I M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,        Fort Steele,
Cranbrook, Moyie.
I The Craebroo
I Lumber Co.
I        Saw and Planing
; Rough and
I Dressed Lumber,
I Dimension Lumber,
I Shingles and
I flouldings.
Fort  Steele  Beer
Is the best.    Patronize
home industry   dt    dt THE   HERALD.
Spr-oej-** Fearfnllj- iiml lark With
the cuMtutiittnit of nu Books.
Franetsque Barcey hu-J n splendid library , of which lie was very proud, and
there are mnny stories told lu Paris about
tin* singular rules, comic mnl tragic, tlmt
overtook tliu librarians who successively
lookod after tlio Into critic's books.
Tlif first wns a released convict, wbo
pleaded tlmt to he much among good
t Uh would reform liim. Saicey, pugnacious in pHnti was tin* kindliest ot men iu
lirnetlfo, IL* yielded to tin- plen. Unfortunately his protege carried tlie ethical
cure ton fur, fui- ouo day ho decamped,
taking wiih hlin tho best of M. Surrey's
gaud hooks.
Tho second wns a distinctly minor ilmiu-
ntlBt, Dobrll hy imuio nud debris by nu-
tm.*.   Ilo had worn himself in n Id*
CUI'oblo  llioliinchuly  hy   pcnlsteill   iiilillo-
tioa  lo tlm hu rlst   vnudevlllo bnblt
Barcey saw iimt abstluouco from turllior
 n linn I tin 11 could »nly be secured if tba
in'in had soma liuhi occupnllou wiih n
living wage.   Do established liim In iho
van y h*lt l.y (ho Convict,    A low dnys
I ii tor hh tho otitic, returning from tho tho-
uii r, drow his cnrrlago up before hte iloor
In* board a smash of shivered glass abovo
him, followed a minute Inter hy whnt ho
tn. loiiKor ilaio.l lo mil a dull thud on the
-mvcinciit below. The woebegone librarian, wearied of life, Imd thrown himself
out of tho window. With his lust breath
ho cursed Snrccy ns his murderer.
Third in order wns ono Bornni'd, a
gladsomo youth, whose blithe temperament promised relief from tho gloom cast
by his predecessor, ln the height of bin
glee he pulled out nil thn hooks, so us to
renrrango them in moro logical order on
tho shelves.   He stacked them In cruggy
pyramids nil over the Iloor. Uut it happened to he the special dny of Iho week
whereon Sarcey wns wont to have n few
of Ute theatrical friends, male and female, to lunch with him. After lunch a
dnnco followed ns a matter of course.
Nothing could dismay tlio librarian, lie
whisked the pyramids to four walls and
joined in the dance. Next dny he asked
permission to ko homo and see liis moth
or. lie never returned, 'i'he pyramid*
had to ho sorted out hy Sarcey's man-
servant and put pcllmcll on the shelve**
The Inst librarian was Mile. Blouskn,
an elderly Polish maiden, who proved 111,
Invaluable assistant until she perished
miserably in the lire nt the charity ball
in Paris.—Philadelphia Times.
A noma n el ii •; lie porter Wbo Wai
Finally Pound nut.
"The most incorrigible fakir that ever
spilled ink on a daily paper is nt present
n director in a hi-,* trust in the northeast,"
•snid an ohl reporter inst evening. "The
way he got out of the newspaper business
was rather peculiar, nnd ns the story is
now pretty generally forgotten ii mny be
north telling.
"He hnd persuaded one of lhe big
northern dailies to send him on n trip to
Hawaii to write up the sugar industry,
but nfter he arrived nt Frisco he concluded it would be foolish to make a long
ocean voyage when there were so many
good cyclopedias at hand nnd proceeded
tu grind out his letters from n room iu tho
Pnlnce hotel. Tho correspondence attracted a good denl of attention, and his
descriptions of island life were generally
regarded ns the most truthful and graphic that hnd ever been penned.    .lust how
he arranged about getting liis remittances
I don't remember, but he Hied it _oiiio-
how and kept the tnhig going for several
"Then he was supposed to return and
nt last reully took the train for the oast.
En route he got broke iu a Pullman car
poker game. It was then he executed his
great coup, lie got off at a little town in
Arizonn nud telegraphed his office: Must
hold up by train robbers. Ool nil I had.
Wire uie $250.' The oflice answered:
'.Money sent. Rush in full account of
hold up.' In rcspouso he promptly wired
a lurid story of n train robbery on the
Great American desert, which his paper
printed under glaring headlines next
ninriiiug, and when n few western correspondents denied it later on they weren't
believed. The superintendent of the road,
however, was very sore nn.l took the
trouble to send u liutieh of affidavits to
llio merry romancer's editor.
"When tlie young man waa confronted
with tlio proofs, he said calmly that a
ehnp on ibe Pullman bad bold a BCrjUCllCO
Hush against his four noes, and if that
didn't constitute train robbery bo would
like to know whnt did. The argument
tvus Ingenious, but il didn't save him. He
was tgnomintously fired, and now. as I
Fiild before, he Is n bloated trusl magnate rolling In riches. 1 always thought
lie would CODIO to some htiil end."—New
Orleans Times IVuioernt.
A Detuoorritlo Marquis,
The Into Marquis of Winchester, wlm
was killed In the Soulh African war, was
very popular with Ills soldiers. There
wns ono duty, however, in connection
with the Household brigade which be
positively detested, nnd mnny stories are
told of the innii.nli1 stubborn protests
ngains) going .hi bank guard. The staff
tiunrlors assigned iho officers in Thread-
liee.lle Mm-l wore close nud sillily, ntul
the nmrtlllls invariably lefl them with ti
Violent lieiiilnehe. Oure when gnlng oft
duly he suld to the sergeant! "This job
always mnkos mo wish such n commodity
us filthy lucro hud never hrru Invented.
Then Ihere would be no bank giinrd."
"Unl, my dear lord." came ihe reply,
"you wouldn't tiavo hnd un Income ot mi
many thousand ii yenr. That might not
have been Very pleasant eillier."
"t>h, sergeant/1 rejoined the marquis,
with a Htnllo, "it Is not the first time in
mv life iimt 1 lune wished I hud heel)
born plain John smith, without n six-
police In my pocket unless I hnd earned
Tlio Age of tb« Knrlll.
Ho fnr ns 1 have been able to form an
Opinion 100,000,000 years would suffice
for tbnt portion of the history which is
registered iu the stratified'rocks of the
crust, ltut If the paleontologists Iiml
such a period too narrow for llieir requirements I can seo no reason on tbe
geological side why they should not be nt
liberty to enlnrgo it as fnr as they may
Iiml to be needful for the evolution of organized existence on the globe.—Sir
Archibald (-eiklc.
A Deeply i.nld riot.
Mrs. (iood—Why doos your daughter
■weni' your diamonds whenever she expects Mr. HlcbmnuV
Mrs. Wise—Ob, he's a Jeweler, you
know, nnd would be ashamed not to give
her larger and better ones than be thinks
the has.—JeweloiV Weekly.
At llio Iiiiiii illni;   lloiiau Table.
"Some of tlmt UnizlN'iu Infected coffee. Isn't It, Mm. Unshorn?"
"Whnt do you meuu by that, Mr.
Chuckles ?"
"I menu It's bo wet,"
•'Yes. I'm Bitro tbey muat have turned the doctor's boso ou it."—Cleveland
Plain Dealer.
A   Mun   Mil)-   Busily   Mnltc  *  Mil-hike
About iii-. (hvn.
The general opinion is thai It Is an easy
matter t" identify n signature, nml there
nro few people who w.mld not say witb
posiliveness thut they could Identify their
own signatures under almost any conditions, A discussion by some lawyers Iht
other day makes it appear that a person
cunnot ut all times be sure of his signature, hocuse of the nicety to which the
forger has brought his art.
One of the lawyers suld thut no mau
oould safely go upon the witness stand
nnd swear that n signature shown him
wus his signature. Ho claimed that in
the identification of n signature a person
was largely inlliieueod in his decision hy
iho quality or the puper im  which the
signature was Written und by whal pie-
ceded oi- followed tho sigu.ilure If the
name was written on u blank -.lieeo of paper, liko that in common use, the lawyer
claimed thai a witness could noi Bwenr
wilh any degree of posiliveness that llm
signal mo was or was not his own.
lu support of his argument lhe lawyer
mid lhal handwriting exports claim llial
in. person can write his name twice exactly alike, aud thul in nny litigation
where Blgliattiros are In dlspUl id tWO
signatures appear thnt ure exactly alike,
the exports -.till pi < oe one of thein a
forgery. It may he line lhat In general
conformation two signatures may he
alike, hut in Baying thnt no two signatures wore over tua.le alike, (be experts
mean thai the loops of (ho letters anil Ihe
distances between them will uot he the
sumo, distinctions whieh can hu determined only by tl system of close lueasuro-
im-uls. In support uf (ills theory the experts take tho ease of u fminer whu la
iu Ihu habit of going from his house to
his burn nf nbout llie usual time every
morning. 'Thoy say (hut uul onee in u
hundred times will he walk iu exactly the
same trucks.
Another lawyer told of nu experience
he bad in llie I rial of u ease in Tolland
county 25 oi* -III) yours ngo. A note was
in contest, innl a question was raised aa
to the genuineness of the signature.
Georgu P. Blssell was called ns a kiiud-
writing expert. He testified that tho
signature on thc note wus a genuine signature. For the purpose of testing Ins
ability as n handwriting expert whilo on
the witness stand ho was given n piece of
paper and nsked to write his name three
times. A blank space was left between
the signatures. Mr. Bissell did not know
for what purpose he wns asked to write
his name, and ufter the paper had been
handed lo the lawyer who examined him
it was given by the lawyer to nn expert
with the pen. Tho expert wrote the
nnme of Mr. Bissell on the paper three
times, and nftor this wus done Mr. Missel! wns recalled to the witness stand,
aud the paper continuing tho six signatures was handed to bim. Ho wns asked
to point out the signatures that ho had
written. He endeavored to do bo, hut
not one of the signatures ho picked out
as having been written by himself wns
his writing. The three selected were
written by the pen expert.
Reference was mude during the con-
versntion to n trial which occurred in
Washington, where a will was in contest. Several experts on handwriting
who testified at the trial claimed thnt the
wilt was in the handwriting of the tesfu-
tor. It was proved, however, lhat the
entire wil! had been traced. One of the
relatives of tlio deceased had found many
of the letters of the deceased. Words to
put into the will Were taken from the
different letters and by-n chemical process reproduced in the document which
made the will. John Sherman's mime
was signed ns one of tho witnesses of the
will, uml it wns nlso proved that the signature had been taken from n sigunture
which Mr. Sherman had placed to nn article in Oeiiernl (.rant's "Memoirs of the
Tbe conclusion which the lawyers came
to when the discussion ended was that it
Is not such nn easy matter .to identify
signatures ns mnny people imagine.—
Hartford Cournnt.
Knurl Gnm.
New Zealand is a country rich iu the
grent variety of its forest trees—most of
thom useful, all beautiful, but none to
compare with kauri pine either for stately beauty or Commercial value. Tbia noble treo attains n height ot nearly 200
feet and a diameter of 15 or more. Its
stem, or barrel, as tbe busliinen call it,
rises from '30 to 70 feet without knot or
limb nnd then branches into an even head
of dark green foliage. At the place
where it forks lhe stem is almost the
saute in circumference as it Is six foot
from the ground, and as ii has a bark colored in various shades of red or brown it
gives one the Impression of a beautiful
pillar nt tbe entrance to some woodlaad
Kvery tree is surrounded by n mound
of fibrous soil consisting of decayed
leaves, bark. etc.. the aeeumulatiou of
centuiics, for the kauri is cxtwrnoly
slow iu its growth. These mounds rise
froth i we in six'feet in height, according
to ihe age of the tree. Put the most re-
markablo thing nbout the knurl is lhe
quantity of resinous gum which te shed
rrom every part of il. This gum hardens
rapidly on exposure to llie air, eventually
becoming clear and almost transparent—
i.ik« u Miracle.
A writer sayst "I happen to know s
ease which Illustrates forcibly how easy
an accident might hnve affected the whole
course of history. A tow engineers, of
whom Sir Borons LOdwords is the only
survivor, composed tho parly which blew
up lhe docks at Sevastopol. There was
a -shall BO feet deep, with a gallery ran*
nlng borliontally from it.
"At the bottom of ihis shaft, jusi in
side tbo gallery, Btood one Gordon, afterward of Chi un and K luu in m, with a
lighted candle lu his hand. The powder
was lowered lu Hour barrels, and oue of
these slipped from Iho slings, fell to tbe
bottom of the shaft and broke up. so Ihnl
Gordon was left standing up to his knees
In gunpowder with a lighted candle in
his hand.
"That thoro was no premature explosion WflB a Miracle, and If that mirnclo
bad not been worked tbo odds are (hal a
different dynasty would ho ruling in China ami that Lord Kitchener would never
have had the opportunity of mnking his
famous inarch to Khartum."
mother's Last Words,
Suuday School 'Teacher—Como nnw,
Arthur, mirely yon can tell me what a
hen,diction Is. What ia the last thing
your mother asks when she goes to bed
ut night?
Arthur—She nsts pa If be is sure bo
loek-ed all the doors and windows down
stairs nud put the cat out.—Chicago
Do Not
Pay Cash__>
A vory largo saving ean be made.   We cun
(nrnhh tho exact amount for any payment.
Write for particulars nnd prlco,
ALLOWAY A. 0HAMPI0N, winniph
A Solid
When it comes to healing up old
running sores of long standing there
is no remedy equal to Burdock Blood
Bi tiers.
Bathe the sore with the B.B.B.—
that relieves the local irritation.
Take the B.B.B. internally—thai
clears the blood of all impurities on
which sores thrive,
Miss D. Melissa Burke, Grindstone, Magdalen Islands,P.Q., says:
" It te with pleasure I speak in favor ol
B.B.B. which cured me of a running *,ore
on my leg:. I Consulted three doctors and
thoy gave tn*** salvo to put on, bnt it did no
good, Finally my leg- became a solid
running-sort*.    In fact tor nearly u month
1 could not put my loot io tbu floor.
"I wai advised to use It.H.I), and *.!.-'
so. Three bullies healed up my leg* entirety SO that 1 have never been troubled
wilh it since."
Wiuiilptg, April —A meeting of
ti-u board id' tlm Winnipeg Industrial
exlnbi ion was held Monday attcruom
at 4,_0. Tlu pto-U'int, A J. Andrews, cieiupuil Ih: chair ami the inl-
lowing dlroofcors were present: A. B.
StDvH, T W. Tuylor, it. ,J M. Power,
Geo. l'\ Unit, D Mnnroe, J. M. Bosh,
Aid. Rn- hy, Juo. Arbutlmot, G. J.
Munis n, F. W. Drewry, Wm. Brydon,
Aid  Spieis aud J. A. Mi obeli,
Letters wero ro.ul fiom his worship
Mayor Wilson and Hou Hugh J. M c-
do.iald accepting ibo position of honorary directors.
Reports uud estimates from printing
and advertising coinmitt'O w-tro read
and adopt d.
Tbo tender of tbo Stovel company for
tho lithographing of ihe new poster
was accepted nnd tbe printing and Advertising committee were authorized
t_ decide npon a suitublo design.
Tho groauds uud buildings committee were instru -tod to advertise for
tenders for fonr uew horso stables to
be similar in cnarnotor to tbe present
The plaus for the uew grand stand
wero submitted by tbe chairman of lhe
grounds and buildings committee aud
he was instrncted to advertise for tenders forthwith. A sab-com^ittee consisting of Messrs. Wm. Brydon, Juo.
Arbuthnot, Aid. Barclay, J. M. Rosa
and the city engineer were appointed
to look after details
Tbo manager has just received a letter from Montreal, from L, A. Hamilton, land coin mis'* inner of tbe Canadian Paeifi** railway, stntiug that the
corapiny have decided to offer special
prizes for competition in tho Shorthorn
clnEses, a condition being that the
animala should be bred in Manitoba.
Northwest Territories or Briiish Colombia.
It is likely tho exhibition association
will mako a Kpeniiil alat-a na follnn-n:
Special priass offered by the Canadian
Pacific railway coinpauy, for Shorthorns bred iu Manitoba, Northwest
Territories or British Colombia, winners in regular Shorthorn classes, to
be barred:
Bull, 2 years, $30, $18, |8.
Bull, 1 year, $15, #S, $.5.
Calf, under ono year, -*l 2, *8, $4, $3,
Heifer, 11 yoars, $30, $12, $8.
Heifer, 2 years, $90, $13, $8.
■    Heifer, 1 year, $15, $8. $5.
Under one year, $12, *?8, $4, $3,
Herd, two years r.ud under, $20,
$18, $8.
Bull, any age, $10.
Cow, any iige, 110.
As thn competition iu tbo imported
elapses will likely be very keen, tbis
geueioas contribution on behalf of the
Canadian Paolflo railway, will be very
mueh appreciated by tho Mauitoba,
Territories and British Colombia
lion   Time  In  ItCRUlnted  In  Iho  Ilo-
niat-ni of  lluil  I'oii-nlnte.
Robert -fifawfoid of Chicago spent a
number of year, wandering nbout lb In
globe and  iu the course »r h
ii 7,e
ex pn
 --- In speak
, tbere Mr. Uraw
"Zuiuibnr, yon know, is n small Island
on the east coast or Africa, uhout ball
wny between the eiitranee to the milt ot
Aden and Delngon bay. While I win
there I became veiy friendly with Uu
Bultnn, and day ufter we bud becomi!
well acquainted, when I was culling un
him, he led me to a loom iu n part ol I In
palace in which I bad novel' before been
laying we could talk more quietly there.
"We uei.* enjoying u tepid ■"•■>: when
clucks began milk Ing in an adjolnm*.'
npaitnii'iii-find n sharp tlngallug, tbeu
nu alaim wont olf, l hen llio hooiu, lum in.
of « hal ei.old only have liOell grandfU
Lliel'l clock, l-'lliully I eould lliiud il no
longer an.] nsked lum Willi I il was. 'llim
I no-..*!* kIk.wu you my clock*'/' bo <|iies
tiom-d as hi* race Ml up with pleasure.
Uo ted mo ii tn Iho ucjtt n|iiliiment.    The
iv a I In won* literally lined with clocks of
nil Boils, t-ixi'H nml descriptions and ul
every uittuufncturo. America was ropr-8*
■ented, und su, too, wns every other com.
try, All were licking merrily, but no twn
kept the same lime, uml so I asked hlm
why he didu'l havo thein regulutcd.
'"Oh, I do lhat on purposo,' lio airily
replied, 'Vou see, some days when I rise
late I nm sorry and want It earlier, and
vice versa. Then I come In here and
glance at one of my clocks (hut 1 know tu
he either fast or blow, mid there you are.
The time Is us I wan* it. You see, I reg*
ulntc lime like oM-ryihlug elite lu Kunxl
bar.' With a dazed reeling tbnt I wus in
Intimate cull vomit Ion with the Uei)
QlU'i'tl in 'Alice In Wonderland' I help
lossly asked him what he meant hy regu
lot Ing ilmo for the Island.
"lu Zau/ihiir the olllclal lime Is (niton
from a cluck on the lower opposite the
palace. The sultan uskfil uie whin time
I would like il to ho, llllil upou my siiylnt*
8 a. m. lie led tho wny in llio porch, gum*
tunned the olllebtl timekeeper and inidi
'It is mnv H In lhc morning. Act aeeord-
lllglyl* Ami ia a few moments I'm blessed if the hands of that illiiy old clock
woron'i turned back to S o'clockI"—New
Vork Tribune,
A   l.ut-lij   Duff,
"What do ymi feed yuur dog?"
"He lives on the  fat of tbo land.
Nothing that the iiolgbliurs can furnish
Is nny ioo g 1 fur hlm,  Tbe fact Is bu
lives bettor thnn  we do."—Cleveland
Plain Denier.
"Canada's Greatest Seed House"
This picture (printed in beautiful colors) may be seen in the
stores of leading merchants from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
When buying most articles la commerce, their quality and value may be
ascertained by examination, but with GARDEN, FLOWER and
FIELD ROOT 6EEDS lt requires a season's growth to
prove their worth. How necessary is it then for the planter to buy his
coeds from the most reliable sources known.
Where \i thc economy tn buying untried or " bargain " seeds, for a passible
: mall savir \; in first cost, with tho added risks of losing your labor and crop ?
The Steele, Briggs Seed Co. expend hundreds ef J dtars annually in testing"
and proving li]e growth and quality if all seeds they supply, that
the purchaber and [ lanter may obtain tbe very
If your merchant cannot supply ynu with Steele, Brl-ggl S<*ols, ninm iuh-
stltutes, and send your order direct to tbem.
Catalogue sent freo for the asking'.    Address
Th© Steele, Briggs Seed Co., Limited, ro*°~ro.
Host a'r-iNu'f it li lo slutul when ihidei aro fr-r-e—
Loosed Irom lhc li^ht that -huliiL'tl them litre
anJ there.
To hold thoir huslied deminlon everywhere—
Fo stand an.! commune witli lliein silently,
for one was bourn! by daylight*! tyrant ulure,
Tlio i-mlilul follower c{ a cur to be.
Ami one was forced—tight (ctlers needed lie-
To wail alt day upon a maiden (air.
And cich wore tlien tlie shape ot lovo or liitV.n**"
HI him whom duy tluir daylong master made)
Now ull havo dolTcd iheir loved or hated clothing
And mingle o'er (he earth in shapeless shade.
Ami w-e,   when death shall  loosu our souls from
Shall shudder to have served so foul an elf.
—"Mlnuscula," Francis William Uourdlllon.
fiidt*. but young lives cndiiuucnd by BOVOre
c-ouhIis nnd corns may he preserved by Dr,
Tluniins' Eeleetrie Oil. Croup, whoop!ub-
ci*ugh. br. nebitit—in plu>rt, nil uireetlona of
the throat nnd lunus ure relieved by tbis
Bterllng ptepamllon, which also remedlos
rheumatic pains, sor s, bruise-?, piles, kidney
il.tlii-.iiiy. nnd te most economic,
TijIiik In 111k IP Tr-oBble.
Oniimlsl — Diin't yon thoroughly -en-
Joy tlu-si' prosperous times?
Pessimist—No; they make me awfully s:ul. Vou know very well tbat
when wi- bave ^'uud weather it always
means tlmt sootier or Inter wo ure ro-
ing to have bud wonther.—Chicago
So rapidly does Inng Irritation spread
and deepen, tlmt olteh In a few weeks a
-.Itnpli) eotigh cul ml nit.s in tiibt'rcolur
t--ii-uini'tiiin. Give heed to a cough,
there Is nlwn.vs danger in debiy, gut n
bottle nf ltickle'a Atitl-t'oiisuinptlte
Svrup, and euro vt*ur.-elf. It Is a medicine unsurpu-r-ed fnr all throat unl lm *.:
troubles. It Is ci mpnunduJ (rem .event)
herbs, raoli nne cf which Btnnds at tbe
head uf the list ns exerting ii wonderful
Influence In curing consumption and nil
Ultlg (llM'Jl-e-.
Tlicii  She AnI.h, "*iVliiil'H Trump*t"
When ii woman hns ou her lic-d suit
nml Is experh'tielua thrills in n contest
• i en ids, she thinks to herself: -Thi- is
ile.    Ai lusl I um llv!ug.---AU'lilsoii
The  Kent  Spring Medicine.
Dr. Arnold'* Knt|li-*h Toxin l'illscleur the
blo> d of dlsetiso serins lis thoroughly us no
Intense frost clears tho nir of mints.  No
boils, eruptions nor ekin diseases, no dys-
popeta, i*our stoiuneh. depression, sick   or
nervous headache, nor female wciikncs., cun
exist when Dr. Arnold's English Toxin Pills
nre need. They uro the most perfect spring
medicine known.
At u'l diu-u'i*-'--* l;ir_i* box, 75c: small
box, 25c, nr postpild on receipt or price,
from the Arnold (Jhcmicnl Co., Limlttd,
Cuiuid-i Life Bulldh g. Toronto.
A Will-mil* I'lin.
"1 see tbey have been Issuing a re-
Btrlctcd ration to the British soldiers
along lhe Modder."
"Eucournglug Modder-ratlon In appetites. I suppose."
Itnng!   ItnugI—Cleveland l'lnln Deal*
Miiiard's Liniment Cores Diphtheria.
It hero lelenOe Cnmi-s in.
"An Inventor la n man who discovers
something new, Isn't lie?"
"No; nn inventor Is a man who gets
a patent out ahead of nil the other men
who Imve Invented tbe same thing."—
Chicago ltocord.
Miiiard's Liniment Cnres Colls, Etc.
Cou Id u'l Suit ll-iil h.
Mrs. Spiitus-Yes, 1  wish to hire a
icmttil girl,   l»o you like dogs?
Applicant-*-No, mum.
Mis Spliil;s-Thcn you won't do.
Applicant- I'leitse, IIIillii. when I (old
Mi- Spltiks I lulled dogs ami ml like to
kill them every one be suid I'd Just
illll -New Wk Weekly. _
Kinaifs Liiiimciit Cures Disleuijcr.
Due io iRnornnot*
"Up thinks he's riinmtts."
"Well, lie never wu- much of a nun)
for m-ipiii Iiik know ledge."
"Whut Ims thill lo ilo with Itl-"
"Why. be prolmbly never Ims consulted ihe dictionary nnd hmrneil the
d I (Terence liotweeu fame anil notoriety."—Chicago I'UHI.
Thu Important (l-nestlon,
"Say, do you know I lender-sou Is a
fellow worth It no whig Y"
"Thnt bo? Mow Hindi Is ho worth'--"
-I'hiliidelpiiia North American,
Minard'i Llnlme&t 'cures Girtet ii Con
There never wiih, nud never will he, u unl.
vertiiil imniicea, In onu remedy, lor nil ill.- to
which flesh Ih heir—tbe very nnture of mnny
curutivea boing such tlml wero llie gorms of
other and differently seated diseases rooted
in the sytttem of the patient—what would
relievo one ill In turn would aggravate the
other. Wo huve, however, in Quinine Wine,
when obtainable in a Hound, unadulterated
etuic, a remedy for mnny nnd grievous il!n.
By ita grudunl and jiidiuinuaiiHe tho frailest
systems are led into convalescence imd
strength by the influence whieh Quinine exerts on nature's own rest oral i ves, lt relieves
the drooping spirits of tlu»o with whom n
chronic flute of morbid despondency und
lack of Interest in lifo is u disease, and, by
tranquilizer,; tbo nerves, disposes to sound
and refreshing sloop—Imparts vigor to tho
nctlonof tho blood, which, being stimulated,
courses throughout tlio v- in--, strengthening
the healthy animal functions of iho system,
thereby mnking nctivity u necessary result,
strengthening the frame, nnd giving life to
tho digestive orguns, which nuturully de.
mand increased substanoi—result, improved
appetite. Northrop A; Lvinun, of Toronto,
havogiven to the public their superior Quinine Wine at tho usuul rate, und, gauged by
the opinion of scientists, this wine u\t-
proaehes nearest perfection of any in the
murkst.   All druggists bell it,
ihmh ti Kvrn
Mrs. Sinm-iii-I I bough I you wero to
take yonr medicine before uud not
after mollis, Mr. Starbord7
Mi*. Sin ft lord—Welt, ma'am, I guess
It don't make much difference,—Philadelphia Pivss.
Dear Sirs,—This is to certify that I
have been troubled with a lame back
for fifteen years.
I have u*:ed three bottles of your
MINARD'S LINIMENT uud am completely cured.
It gives me grent pleasure to recommend it ami yon nro   nt  liberty to nse
this in any wny to further the uso of
your valuable medicine.
Two Rivors, ROBERT ROSS.
Iiiinm-i   of n  nunlnesi Britten llun.
"This lovo letter that you wrote io
uu1"— she snid nnd then paused im*uir-
"Well, whut of It?" ho asked.
"I notice," she answered, "tbnt it Ims
been manlfoldcd."
'•Ilitng li all!" he exclaimed as he
Jammed his hut down on bis heud nml
stinted roi* the door. "1 never did believe lu giving woman a business odil*
i*;ili(jii."--<'l,h :iLn l'«i--!.
A MAGIC PILL,--Dyspepsia is a foe
with whluh men are constantly grappling
but runnot esterinlnnto. Subdued, mid
to nil upi-earaiii*'- vnuqiilshed tn one, it
mukcHlts appear-in en In another direction. In many the digestive apparatus Is
as delicate as tlm mechanism ot a watnh
•ir n fiolcutlllc InstriiuiL-nt In which oven
it breath of nir will make u variation.
With suoh parsons disorders of the stoin-
ooh ensue from thu most trivia] causes
and cause mueh luffertng, To these Par-
melee's Vogfltablo 1'llls uru .ecummended
as mild and suro.
Montr-mil. Free Bos, Ara.
P. 11.50 up.   L. I'. tl.Oo tt. I
A Mire   l,'*1.
"Are you sine she is ns gentle nnd
pntlc-nt antl unliable ns sin* sei-ms.
itMkwi Hm- ■■■■!..o.i
"Nol qtlile stliv." answered the
young mull wtio ts In love, "but I in
going to Iiml out."
"liu going to got hor to call somebody tip over n long distance telephone
mul then watch her."-Washington
Onreful observation ol the effects of Par
melee's Vegetable Pills hns shown thai
they act Immediately on the diseased or
gnns of the system nml stimulate them to
Foaltby action. There may Ih1 eases in
which the dl*ease has heen long seate*
.uul does Dot (n-dly field lo medicine, but
even In such cases theio pills have hte;
known to bring relief when a'1 other ■•'■
willed remedlos have failed. The.-- aaser
tlons can be substantiated uy many who
have used tbe Pills, nnd medical men
spenk highly of their qualities.
2SQ   i t e—180 undor crop:   g-.od frame
-■■ I   _*.    nge  frame horse   and   cuttle
. -   _ --:   ■■•'..:  :-,oj ir- Elation, school
*.*...    '.._:   .■   • -    ..._■_. ^ -•: district;  only
i_.:.*....-- I:   :.   \\ :   •_*.;-■.•-$. O.U.
VI laulptg, Man.
USB, Yrinalper,
A I'ltiiiiK Name.
"And what do you coll tbnt wheel
whizzing nrouud there?" inquired n
visitor lu the mnch I tier; department
"South American republic, sir." answered lhe *_ui.le.
"Thai's odd. What do you call It that
"Owing to the number of its re vol u
(tons, sir."- Detroit 1'ii-e I'ress.
I iilil.e th.- Feminine I ten.Ier,
"Mr. Pin ui beaux, Imve you nny spc
cinl methods lu writing your novel*;7"
"Yes; I genornlly try to begin ni the
beginning nml wind up ut the und.1"—
Indianapolis.Ion mnl
When the doctors give yoa up—Try an
Oiydonor. It is bittor aad cheaper thaa
going to California. ._$ it fartdsbes purest of
Oiycen to th-; system by nature's laws, di*-
covered by Dr. Sanche. Snb^eslets wanted
in each town in Manitoba. Address W. T.
Gibbins, Grain Exchange, Winnipeg, Mr.
John Buller. WlnnipeKons, writes: "Vour
Oiydonor is a wonderful thing and has made
a ne*** man of me. I hare aUo cured one
m-in iu e'ght hours of n bad casp of lum-
bago," We ha*re dr/z.ns o! Bimilar testl-
Catholic Prayer ^.__STJ25:
alars, K* Il-.-.x, 1';* *.ur? I tmtxnwyttV—Cmiutms
ceiTepromptau-jn'.i'-u. l,^\ tftfflffjtl!>.,llltlttl
P*r-*m ->ntitl(r4
i-r expecting to
Inh-nt m.n.y or
MUt-ss left in the
old Bonntrlea
.*..•! know IbAt
m i ll 1 n ii *   await
bdrs *>f tt"-ir de*
■oendaota in this cooatjj. Book of:..::..:- uiit
wi rtodpt of 10 •-ni-s.
lis l*r,. Trur.,N.S..i*n»(__,
Took llio Prescription,
Poor Patient (after nn exnmlnntlon)-
Doctor, Is there much the matter with
Doctor—Nothing but the effects nl
cart* and worry. Von musl reduce yotu
expenses so us to llvo within your lu
Patient -I'll begin now. Here's 10
-.puts.  (Inod day -New Vork Weekly.
'llie DrenittB of Infnoli,
The Iden has hmg been entertained tlml
babies do not dream, hut it seems tltui
tills is n mlsluke. A few weeks nfni
they ure born and while asleep signs ol
lUCttoo, smites nml laughter hnve It-reti
seen. No ilmibl but thul the remein
biiiiiee of dreams only occurs when u
child begins to talk and lltldenituiiill
whnt te said to it, nnd thnt is the reason
why our recollections do nut go inurli
further back thnn the time wben we wer*
5 or t) years ohl, but that we dreiim long
before that nge ihere Is no doubt, ul
though the range of onr drc-jiii* Is until
rally circumscribed by the element a r;
sensations we experience. And iimt ii
why In reining children nor mn Ily or uh
normally formed it Is most essential i«
Watell over them  while they sleep nml
try  tu  gaii-.'e  tho  Blgniticunce of  then
It  Is n  fnct medicully (idmltled, sayi
(he eminent psychologist M. de Mnnu
celue, who HU|i|ilies us with thin luforuin
Iimi. thai lhe henvy, troubled dreams Ol
Infants Indicate approaching Illness, li
ilny awake wiih a start, begin tu civ and
are nol easily  soothed, then  reeniirse
ibtlUld he made to medical ndvlee, for II
in ii sign thnt llielr nurmul eijiiiiibiiuui Is
Women sr* eon-
In(T to understand
thnttbfl I-Vaeknehes,
Headoohes, Tired
Feelings nnd Weak
Kpeliu from which
tbey sutler ore du*
tu wrong action of
the kidneys,
Tho poisons that
A ought to be carried
" off are Bent back
Into the blood, taking with them a inul-
tltudu of pains and aches.
DOAN'S Kidney Pills
drivt-1 away pains aud nches,-make women
healthy and happy—ablo to enjoy life.
Mrs.C. II. Gillespie, .04 Britain Street,
Ft.-John, N.ii., inys:
" Soma tinn ago I bad a violent attack
of La Grippe, From this, severe kidney
trouble arose, for which I doctored with
a number of tho best physicians in St.
John, but received littlo relief. Hearing
Donn's Kidney Pills highly spoken of, I
began their uso and in a ubort time found
them to be a perfect cure. Beforo taking
these pills I suffered such torture tbnt I
SOnld not turn ovor in bed without assist-
UI0O, Doan's Kidney Pills have rescued
uie from this tsrriblo condition, and hava
removed every pnin and ache.	
Work wlillo J'"i sl'i'P wMiout 0 K'iin
of pain, ciirliia" Djtspepflii Biol Hm,!,., in
snd Coii»ti|,»tii.i,<, l'i I. nl_ you <••! littlfl
In tit* -MMDluff, 1'iii-o 89o,
I . ... I ... \ 11. ( .(T^.
Importers of (,rc*er,«        uu ii. Kitr_u
fnllU, H.mllton. unt.      1..-..1-It. spt._
emDE  P10WS,   SEEOINO   MtCHialt,
I....,   t\HL.'„n.,  ItHrr.iM*.   UiN.lmlll.,
*r.    COCKSHUTT  PLOW  CO..  Wionlp.f.
Arc Furo Havana Filled
They're mnde for men who enjoy a fragrant find sweat smoke.
Ublninnble nt till K--"d dealer-, everywhere,
Shoe  Dressing
L. It. Packard A Co.
W. N. U. 267.
According to The Hawaiian Oazctto,
Ihere tire ordinarily from 30 to 40 vnrl-
■tips of lish lu the Honolulu market. A
largo percentage of the natives mska
heir living by fishing.
There nre no Rtlcrobej on thc Swiss
inountnlus nt nn nlthiuU of 2,000 feet m* * * t*\ * ■*. * * *i} *****■* * * ** ** ■* ** ** ■
I     LOCAL   NOTES      ...
**■ '* I i *■
11 j roperly be   pur-
It  is  alleged  that
e ;   r based it  inui
Picked  Up About the City  by A.kinR
Questions of  Many  People.
A nice lot of chickens for sale at Me
All kinds of fruit, confectionery, etc.
at McCotineli'i.
Mrs. Harry Reineman of Fort Steeli
was in town Tuesday,
J. G Whlteacre, of Toronto, wns 1
guest oi the Cranbiook yesterday.
Work on tbe Presbyterian niRiise i
beginning to make a showing.
Rev. Hal-ford was u visitor In Fort
Steele Tuesday nnd Wednesday.
Rain, snow nnd wind Tuesday, emblematic ofa political campaign*
Beattie, lhe druggist, has a fine slock
of new style b iby pieauibulatorsln stock
J. R. Costigan appeared at l-Vrnie lust
night, stressing the voters 61 lhat place,
II, A  Woodford, of Waulner,   was «
gu-_-_t of the Cosmopolitan on Tuesday
J, Cowdry, the well-known Macleod
banker, was a guest ol Ibe Cranbrook
Mra Ilstley and son, of Movie, were
visiting in Cranbrook Monday and
"Billy" Ross, the Fort Steele attorney, was again iu evidence in Craubraok
this week.
Gold Commissioner Armstrong was a
visitor for a brief lime in Cranhrook
The Crow's Nest Pass railroad is apparently doing a larger business than
ever before.
McVittie, the tolmcconist, keeps the
choicest brands of tobaccos and cigars
iu the market,
R. llarrou and wife of San Francisco.
were guests of lhe Cranbrook Tuesday
and Wednesday.
James Johnson, superintendent of the
Fernie coal wines, was a Cranbrook
visitor yesterday.
Archie McViltie is building a handsome cottage on linker Hill coin nm mli un
a good view of the town,
Mr. Will Hill, and family, has removed to his handsome new cottage
home on Hniison avenue.
The genial physimnhogaiiy of Hilly
Cariin, lhe old Fort Steele merchant,
was seen in towu Tuesday.
Norman McConnell is the happy pos
(lessor af a genuine cowboy saddle, which
he secured an his recent trip east.
An innocent, harmless amusement te
billiards. McVittie'a billiard rooms,
Tear of tobacco store, Watts' block.
Mr. Betitly, of Fernie, was in town
yesterday in the interest of his town's
celebration of tbe Queen's birthday.
The Cranbrook footballers have two
injured members, Leitch with a lutuc
eye, and l'arsous with a sprained ankle.
Norm nu McConnell has arrived back
from the prairie country with a shipment of 4 cows, 500 chickens, and 06 hogs.
The plans for the new hospital have
heen prepared, and in a short time will
be submitted to the contractors foi
A freight train in the morning and
passenger iu tbe afternoon on the North
Star branch is the way it is being bnnil
led now.
John Piuk, the head push ofthe Fort
Steele Mercantile Co , attached hi* autograph to lhe Cosmopolitan register last
The Fort Steele Mercantile Company
and ii. ll. Miner have as yet beeu tillable to secure satisfactory sites fur their
Tuesday's west-bound passenger contained all thc legislative candidates en
route to Movie for a conference witb the
Miners Union.
The I.eask Sawmill Co. is now shipping lumber to the St. ICitgenr, at Moyie,
tor construction of tbe big flume aud
other purposes.
Knie Small, host ofthe "Waldorf of
Cranbiook," was a visitor Tuesday to
tbe "I.i'Bilville of British Amcicii,"
which is Kimberley.
J, lt. Costigan, opposition candidate
for tbe legislature, has established head-
(juartersollires in the Baker block, near
the Central testaurant.
J. Mddhoatt, thc boot and shoe repairer, is now occupying a portion of
George flask's shavings factory ns bis
shop; it adjoins the bicycle stables.
Mr. William Wilton, the old gentleman whose leg was amputated some
weeks ago at the St. Hugene hospital, is
making slow progress toward recovery,
Mrs. Anderson, wife of Contractor
Anderson, and who has been visiting
Cranbrook friends lor several days, relumed to her home in Pernie yesterday.
"Jim" Kerrigan, the wholesale grocer,
Is a reputed single or unmarried man,'
still he has been maui'esting a singular
interest in the stock of baby wagons iu
J, \V. Robinson, of Cranbrook, delivers tbe address al Moyie's celebration
today. Mr. Robinson is spoken of by
those wbo have heard him as beiug a
very interesting speaker.
Services will be held in the Presbyterian church, Cranbrook, every Sabbath
at 11 a. Mi. and 73a p. 111. Sabbath
School 3 p. m., Pruyeiineeting Wednesday at 8 p. in. Rev. W. G. W. Fortune,
B. A. Pastor.
The stnrv is often told in fronllrr
countries of o man selling to its teal
owner 11 horse. A rase of this kind is
alleged to huve OCCtired   in   Cranhrook.
chased fiom Tully
Tu I*. claims to hu
Uarles S. Tripp
George Lei-cli Is wearing his left eye
111 h sling, resulting from sawdust or
other foreign Bubslancc lodging iu it at
the mill, Hope it will be nothing more
tha 1 temporary inconvenience und
pain George.
w. G Jaffray, of Toronto, connected
with tbe Feruie Conl .Mini.ig coiup n*.
was iu Craubrook yesterday, His ap
pearancein East Koottoay Is presumed
to be du* to political ^oodiiious, Bud
be in the Interest of Mr. I'err.ie.
Q H, Miner's men are putting a tin
re of on Charlie tis mere's new tv.c-.uoiy
38x50 building at Kiinbetly, lie also
h's a contract for coveting the cellai
wih corrugated sheet iron, and covering the subs witb Inillaliou l rick metal
the Are brigade might as well begin
preparing for trouble, ns Kit0 Chief Pink
e pj-t* t»1 ave that new h se wrgoujln
active service before iituuy days Iinv
elapsed, and tO put the boys iii u cou
ditiou lo challenge any hose com pan
i    lhe Kootenays.
Harry McViUic was buying cigars, etc
for ihe boys recently, nud seeiiud tpllle
elated over something, as. he htepjed
uiMitd town with hi a.l high in the 11 r
ItKiuir) by a Ht-iiilil reporter leVeahu
tbe fact that Harry has a new boarder
at bis house Jl is another b.Iress totbe
McViltie fortunes.
When you want to buy sugar yon go to
the groceiy store to buy it.   When you
waul to buy a cigar or choice smoking or
chewing tobacco the tobacco dealer's is
itmuilestly the proper phice to uiaki
your pin chases. McVittie, iu the Wall:
block, is the only exclusive tobacco
dealer iu Crnnbrook,
Rev, J. W. Roivering, of Carmen,
Manitoba, who, it was thought would
come to Craubrook as p stor of tin.
Methodist church, has been induced by
bis parishioners to remain iu bis present
charge, consequently Cranbrook Melbo
dists will have to renew tbeir quest of a
minister capable of filling their pulpit.
Superintendent of the North Sinr
branch, Tom Cnvati, says that Hue is be
ing put in Excellent condition aud tha1
now that the Sullivan is a steady shippei
a tremendous tnilbi* is expected. His
private car is being Gtted np with nil tht
late cbroinos of celebrities, such as Corbett, Jeffries and other patriots who
01 copy tbe public mind and are the re*
cipients of the hero worship of llie day.
Sam Mitchell will resume the management of his lestsutaut—the Central
—W. E. Grant and himself having failed
to at rive at an understanding regarding
1 be sale of the properly, as contemplated
!a.~t week. Iu the meantime Mr, Grant
will probably go to Moyie, where
tempting business proposition nwaits his
acceptance, leaving his family In Craubrook if lie can secure a residence
Jake Fink is wearing a careworn look
these days, and bis hair is turning gray
over troubles in his capacity as chief o
the Cranhrook (lie department. A I "fill
wagon to be used as a hose "cart" bai
been wanted for sometime, aud it was m
first expected that one could be secured
in llie local market, but disappointment
followed. After trying various places,
Mr. Fink finally told G. 11. Miner lo fill
the order f.oui Wiunipeg, and iu 0 week
or two it is expected th have the fire apparatus in order for service.
There was a case of assault Tuesday
mottling upon the person of Charles S.
Tripp by oue Tully, which may prove a
serious affuir for the latter. Tully w nt
to Tripp's abode 011 that morning—It te
alleged ihere were two of the former—
and an altercation ensued resulting iu
Tripp's face being oul titled with anillus-
lr..tion of kopjes and spruits of South
Afiica, iu addition to having a thumb
chewed up. Tully was arrested on a
warrant by Constable Morris nt 10
o'clock that morning, audjater was fined
*5 nud costs.
Viiimii Ladles Seek a (illmpse   ot tlie   Future by Dreaming Over Wedding Cake.
Il is related of two ol Cranbrook's pop
ular young society ladies, whu aie devout
believers in omens dreams, etc., tha*
lhey tried the obi plan for gel ling a
glimpse—or rather a revelation as to
whnt he looks like—of their future lord-
and musters.
Accordingly a t r lhc MeFarlane-
Fletcher wedding dinner each one saved
11 generous slice ofthe bride's cake with
the avowed intention of placing it under
their pillows that night. The scheme
might hnve worked all right bad not
llieir appetites got the better of their
judgment and induced ihem to eat the
cake Just before retiring; thev compromised the matter however, one saving a
piece ofthe icing ami placing under he
1*1,low, and tba other a rnisi 11,
The next morning at the btenkfnst
tabic, oue of Hit 111 seemed somewhat
oppressed, nud finally conGdeutlnlly
told one cf the circle what she had done;
she snid, "aud what do you tlrnk I
saw; I saw a man all right, but such a
monster, a giant, with busby red hair,
red eyes, a nose lhat looked more like a
gigantic beak tlmn anything else, and
be was chising me all atouiid in the air,
on tbe earth, through lakes nml rivers,
threatening to kill mc if he caught me,
until I at lust awoke wilh the cold chills
chasing up uud down my back, and enveloped in a cold perspiration—oh, I was
so thankful to find it was only a dream—
I never—never—never want to get married, Her friend consoled ber with the
remark that the laie dinner had caused
an attack ol indigestion.
The other young lady bas been quite
reticent over since, but it is remarked
that sbe has been doing nn unusual
amount of sewing of laie, though this
does not necessarily indicate tbat another weddingls approaching.
I. O.O.P. Key City Itnlg-:
Nu. *.'. Meets every l-Vi
-JayIllfltlt al their ball on
Itaker sheet,   sojourulni
a. 1. MoUermol
..All Kinds of..
Post Office Building.
when they are called up on the "■
pet,*1 or "mat."
The change Ua sensible one, as is aho
luu in thecliiefilispalc'iei-Volii e,<\bi h
has also been etUOVed from tin* secoi tl
s'ory to the huge n-om fronting tie
tracks utt l recently occupied by Cm
lotus Collector Keay. The customs t
lice and euulueei.-s ollice have le n r
moved to the rooms on lhe second fh-rr
vacated hy tbe BU pes! lllll udent und chief
The large room on the first flior, n
cently occupied by lhc engineers, "ill 1
used aa a Indies'waiting room, the ii
ct.eased passenger Irs flic calling for more
space for this purpose, und also demanding that there should be a separate rot-in
fer ladies while awaiting the arrival and
departi r. of ttalns.
Who Have Been Doing lliislncss In Cran,
brook This Week.
W. A. Gordeu, of Toronto.
J. A. McBain, London, Ont.
D. W, Moore, smelline, Trail.
G. F. Hurnett, insurance, Toronto.
J. D. O'Neil, insurance, of Calgary.
J. Taylor, boots and shoes, Montreal,
Geotge Lindsay, groceries, Winnipeg.
J tmes T. Gates, mining supplies, Nelson,
W. A. Richardson, hoots nud shoes,
W. It. dialling, s.ish, doors aud blinds,
Thos. Bh'I nnn, representing Winnipeg
A. W. H. Ma*kley, representing the
Confederation Life, Calgary.
George Tunstall, of Nelson, represent
ing the Hamilton Powder company, lie
was accompanied by Mrs. Tunstall.
A Woman's Awful Peril.
"There is only one chance to save
your life nnd lhat is through on operation," were the startling words beard by
Mrs. I. 11. Hunt of Utile Ridge, Wis ,
from ber doctor after be had vainly
tried to cure ber of a frightful case of
stomach trouble nnd yellow jaundice,
Gall stones had fanned and she con
stoutly grew worse, Then she began tt
use Electric Bitters which wholly cured
her. It's a wonderful Stomach, Liver
and Kidney remedy. Cures Dyspepsia,
Loss of Appetite. Try it. Only 50C.8,
(Junranteetl. For sole by R. ti,. Beattie,
Change In Office Rooms.
Superintendent Cameron's offices Imve
been changed to the first floor ofthe depot, from the second story, where he has
a nice little suite of three,  with smaller
Not lung ago   a   man named Tully sold ! looms—something like closets—that the
to A. Eti Walls a horse, whirb Mr. Walts   boys say are to he used at swcatbo-.es In ' livery bottle guaranteed
later OU discovered, or believes lie did,   which  to immure   obstinate offenders,   free at Beattie's Drug Store
Mrs. Smith was in Cranbiook
this week.
II Pollard, the whole works of Goat-
fell, was stinking hands with his many
Moyie friends this week. He reports
politics jn Goat fell red hot.
II. Butler nnd Miss Mar tie Oulgon,
hoth recently from Feruie, were uni.ed
In marriage Monday, May i.pb, tit the
Catholic Church by tbo Rev. Father
Coccolo. They nre mnking their home
at the Moyie lintel.
Last Friday night a lodge of the Inde
pendent Order of Odd Fellows was
Instituted in Moyie liy the members of
the Key City lodge No,42 of Crnnbrook.
The new lodge starts out with a membership of .7, Following Is a list of the
new officers:
ti. S. Pollard. N G.
J. N. McCracken, V. G.
F. I. Moore, R S.
R. A. Smith, F. S
T. S. Kennedy, Treas,
After the initiatory ceremony the old
members nnd ihe newly initiated ones
repaired lo tbe Knst Kooleiiay hotel,
where an excellent spread awaited them.
The banquet hall wan artistically decorated for tlte occasion, and the menu
served, it is sale If) say, wus never nir
pussed by any Ihing of its kind ever
given in South Fast Kootenay. Muci
credit is due Mr. and Mrs Currier, who
had charge of this portion ol thc pro
The new lodge will be known ns
Wildey Lodge No. 44 It will meet every
Monday evening iu McGregor hall at 8
The following are members of the
Cranbrook lodge who assisted in instituting the new lodge; J times Greer, J. P,
Fink, F. C. Rankin, 0. II. Richardson,
C. A, Dow, P. E. Beattie, Matt Rockendorf, F. l-i. Pieper, A. L. McDermot,
Robert Cox.
....G. H. GILPIN'S.... I
...Just Receive-.,., *
Two Carloads of Groceries |
...Of the Finest Quality,,. *
A small assortment ol BABY CARRIAGES, well selected nnd |
handsome, from $12.50 to $35.00. jt Jt ,.* $
To ihe lndy residents ot Crnnbrook we desire to call Attention f
to the fcict that we hnve Just opened up a splendid assortment it
of the celebrated .1. 1). King & Co. "Footwear" unequalled Kir 9
fit mid style,   Inspection invited. JJ
_.__ _
t   Opp. Bank of
8   Commerce .-*
i-va-v* v.v.i-witiv
JAMES GILL        ;?
Manager 5
iiiteley is Relieved
From Litigation.
As KIMBERLEY is bound to be the MINING TOWN
OF EAST KOOTENAY, being situated in the center of the
strongest mineral zone in British Columbia, containing such
mines as the North Star, Sullivan, Quanlrcll, Buckhorn, Stem-
winder, Black Bear, Kootenay Consolidated, etc. Now is the
time to purchase lots, as there are only a few left, and as the
C. P. R railway arrived in town this week, a rush for lots will
leave somebody in the cold.
Lots from $12S-$400
App'y    Fort Steele Development Syndicate,
N. A. Wallinger, Mgr. Fort Steele, B. C.
Buy early, buy often,
But buy, buy, buy.
Heated hy hot air throughout.
The dining room is first class.
Every convenience for travelers.
:el S S
R. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
The best of liquors nt the har.
All the rooms neatly furnished.
Rates, $2.00 per day.
Is the Staff of Life
lhc Edmonton -vtllllng Co.
Ht'K to sny Una nil tlicir Hungarian
Patent is tnnnufnetured from lire choicest No. 1 hard wheat procurable in llie
uorthwcht, ao they ran [guarantee the
quality to be second to none In tlie market
To ti? convinced of this fact yon enn
procure n sample bnK of 15 pounds free
nf all cost from the selling agents.
To be hnd from most of tbe stoics in
Cinnliim.li, Port Sloelc, Mojle, etc.
James Kerrigan St Co.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Cliampagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons,   The most
economical way to handle it.
Whol snloOtoccr
mul Selling Agents
Cranbrook, 11. C.
Planing Mill
li eet Sash and ::
Door Factory
...Manufacturers of...
Sash  j* Doors  jt Mouldings
jt   Frames   j*
Band Sawing  „* Turning
Chas. Estmere...
Real Estate,
Mining Broker
Black Pear
5#c   Empire.
Kimberley, B.'C
Vln Crniibrcok
New Stand
New Skylight
New Scenery
Better Work
Picture fromes in stock. S'uzs
always on hand, and a good
Sock of moulding to make any
size.   Give us a call.
Prest & Co.,
__T- l'liree doors east of rostollice.
CRANBROOK,    -    B. C.
Olllclal Wnich Inspector lor C. P. II.
But to have it pay
properly, you must
get the value of your
money in paper, and
then have the paper
put on by workmen
who understand their
business. Any man
can paper a room and
any man can cut a
head of hair. But,
the question arises,
how will it be done?
Do you want your
paper to wrinkle? Do
you want a botch job
No, of course you
don't. You want
good work. When
you are ready, see
Pieper & Currie
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning.
Belier Subscribe I   $ 2.0
ANBROOK, : British Columbia.
Tortured a Witness,
Intense suffering wns endured by witness T. h Martin, of Dixit, Ky., before
he gave this evidence: '*I couched every
night until my throat was nearly raw,
then tried Dr. King's New Discovery
which gave instant relief. I have used
it In my family for four years and recommend jt ns the greatei-t remedy fur colds,
coughs and all throat, chest and lung
troubles, It will stop the wor.-t cough,
and not ouly prevent but absolutely
ures Consumption. Trice joe nnd $1.00
Tiiid  bottles
CRANBROOK ^Xt'&S0'"' °'the Crows
(Zmtlhr-n-fbt Has a I0°sta-1 rouncl house, large machine
Wl dllLFl -Ul/Iv shops, expensive railroad buildings and extensive railroad yards.
Cranbrook 's the natural and commercial center of South East
H  Cranbrook 's the headquarters for wholesale houses and corporations of South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTMENT, AGENCY,       C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
■®--®-®-®-(ii-®-r.> ®-S) ®- ®-®-® ® -® -®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®--i,
®-®-®-®-®-®-®-4i-4> ©-•}>-_-_•■<••-® w-m ®-:.;-®-®- »-»-»-;•)- _-_-_■<•
-® ® -'£•- a-il V-®-®-®-®2®-(


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