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Cranbrook Herald Mar 24, 1904

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Array J'-'.u
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Head Office. Toronto.
.Ion. Oko. A. Cnx, President
PalJ ll.i   Capital    .
B. R, W»..KKR. Oeu. Mar.
Rest                                          ... .1.0110.1100 «i
Total  He.nurtcs No.. JO.-0J UIKKl.tlUO110
lljpnsils Received,   (icncral HaiikinK Business Transacted
StVINliS BANK HHP*illT*.KNr   Drpoi.ll> Kttelve-1   Interesl Allowed.
RANKING BY MAIL   |ii-i»i»iis muv Is-iiniili-uiul ■liiliiliimu liy .nnil.
..uiul iii-lu aeenunta roeelvo ovt-ry uin-iiium. t'omtnttnieiiltoiia adilreaatHl
..liiu- iiiiiiiti-ii-i ol llio I'ii.iilui.il. iui.iuli will rorolvn |.mm|.l illtoullun.
t«llll„,,l„,„l,l,«, < <HHIII<„<,l,«lll«!'i
Z Capital, Paid Up               $2,983,896                      S
J Rest                                   $2,636,312                      J
Z T. R. Merrill, Pres.   D. R. Wilkie, Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager J
*   *
Z A general banking business transacted.    Drafts sold availa- *
m ble in every part of Canada, United States and Europe.    Special *
Z attention to collections. F. H. MARSH, Manager.     J
%«•*»«•»*» *»»»»*»»•■ *H/»M»»**r»«***»MM»M»t»*«tt*-
, ************************ ************************
I *i***i*********************i'**************'*******(.
Red Hats,
Blua Hats,
White Hats,
Grey Hats,
Brown Hats,
Black Hats,
Large Hats,
Small Hats,
Hard Hats,
Soft Hats, Canadian Hats,
English Hats, American Hats, One, Two,
Three, Four, Five, Six and Eight Dollar
Kvery hul worth moro than w'.iut we nek I'm* it.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.
Thu Herald hosiUwiiysniaiiitniii- |but il \* \> «Hihlf thnl n number >>f
,,l il,,i stitiiit'i'iir later th* V.   I'.  '",,:,M~"
must    bocui
.    l.nv   th.*   fiiml   locution   is  com*
nnoctiona    with    ,     . .,
Kpokunu  to   protect  its   Byste -c;ill ,,,„■   .,,-,   anythintf nboul
Limited f j
ugainal tin- t'iii'n.,'„'liiii nt uf .lim
Hill mi th>' Canmliiiii territory thut
iiiiiunilly belonged to thc former
compnny. At times peoplo have
ridiculed tin* iiiin. others hnve
Uvken it lightly, and n few hnve
expressed tin* hope that tho rowl
might In- built. Recent develop*
incuts, however, deuioustrate tlmt
Tin' Herald hns been right in its
predictions, and tlmt now there
exists littlu doubt but tlmt th.* C,
V. H. will havo connections with
Spokane within the next year,
This statement is based on thr interview with 1>. C, Corbln, Uie well
known railroad builder aud capital*
ist. in n rect nt issue of the Spokane
Spokesman-Ro view, which is printed below, Mr, Corbiu is n man of
few words nud Btrong action, nnd
when ho says ho cnn or will do ;i
thing, it cnu be depended upon ns
a positive fact. He Ims stn ted lhat
he is willing and ready to Iniilt n
mad from Spokane to the Inter-
nationnl boundnry line nt n point
enst of Bon tiers Kerry, it' the poo-
pie of Spokane will provide the
right of way and trrmhiitial facilities in the boundary limits of
Spokane. Further interviews with
the solid men of Spokane show
thnt they are a unit for the new
road, and rendy to give their money
to secure it.
Now, tlie people of Crnnbrook
hnve reason to congratulate themselves 011 the progress of this
movement. Tliis road will connect
with the Crows Xest line at Vahli.
and Cranbrook will he the British
Columbin terminus, This means
that this town will be the distributing point in this part of tho province for all freight and passenger
traffic of this new road from the
States. And, furthermore, this
means that the inipoitani'col'Cniii-
brook as n railroad and commercial
center will be vastly enhanced, It
ncaiis  that   within  two or thr
tho proK'ible route?'
■■Tlu rond would m i easterly
Eroui Spokane to n |K>mt near
Ruth-dram, Uhtl - It is likely
that it v,* uii diverge there, luit the
exact i".it' i ii >• 'I* torn hied. Pro*
hiM;. it. rond would strike the
Kootcni) rivi r nol far hum Bou*
nors l*''i I' T ie -ni'vi-y as now
made i - nloiig the Vuuk rivor, ti
Bt ream flowing into th, Kootenay
above Bonners Ferry. M follows
the valley ol the Vntik t »thu international li mndury line, Tho road,
if built, will connect with the Canadian Pacific railway al iin* bouialary.''
Tariff Arrangement Willi C. P, R.
"Is the Canadian Pacific railroad
back of tlii.. enterprise in any
"The lino fr   here to a con-
uoction with the Canadian Pacilic
railway will be a Spokane road,
controlled by uu*, nnd would run
through train;- in connection with
the Canadian Pacilic and Soo line
to St, Paul. If built, lla- road will
be operated in connection with and
under a tarilV arrangement with
the Canadian Pacilic, Ves. I
shall submit this proposition at
once tn tlie business men and pit),
ucrty holders generally of ^P°-
This is the road for which Judge
George Turner limited- incorporation papers over n year ago. under
the corporate name of the Spokane
& Kootenny Kail way company.
It is nol probable, however, that
tins name wiil be retained, nntl it
is possible thnt a now company
will bo incorporated, ns it is deem-
ed thai thd'old name hardly indicates the tnir scope of tin'' outer-
prise. ( hie name now under con*
siderntioib ia tlie "Spokane-tntor-
lional.1'   The  rond  would con*
ct with wh.it is known as the
Crow's Nest branch o£ the Citu-
linn Pacific, which leaves the
Canadian Pacilic trunk line at
Medicine Hal. From Spokane to
Lhe uuiG.1 liutj of 'j,,* Canadian
Pneffic tlie nnl w .uiu penetrate a
country of greal resources,  hiclud-
;  coal,   timber,   minerals,  live
Is a Great System.
is   one   o
*4$t«:5*ss»t:5S*t«;:::5ssss:5tJJS5ss:::s:::::s::-t: •/««• Gnu.!**** «m -»«, B mm. ,*,.. ,,.,,„ mi.™.! -,•-,.,.,„.. „r u„
. • I I ie I -. I * I * 191 * I -S IVI *l * 1
* | , | ^ ] I,1 .4' I ,' I ^* 4 ^' i ♦ I *f* i -!    * ■  !  i   I -,  I *>  IVIVIVIVI,  l-I  IH-I*,!-.!-,.-.
iit ft
Jl Dou you want a good investment? ||
• i Do you want to buy a home or a lot ||
It that will suit you? t
1\ We have several splendid bargains n
ll in the best locations that cannot be du-ff
Jj plicated.    Call on
Beale & Elwell
It will save you a
ij and see their lists
II, lot of trouble hunting for yourself
i.i a
We're Not Ashamed I
Of any iliilementa we umke iu our iuIb., for wn are prepnntl Bj
to back everyone of lhem by actual facts.   When you buy an |
article from Wilson you cnu rest assured It's all right.    Vou U
need nol lake our wonl foi* it.    Ask others about ns.
lotion of ."i.lKXt to ti.tKHl people, nnd
will lie permanently established as
nn.' of tho very U'sl towns in the
interior of British Columbia.
This new road, with lhe many
other Ihiugs eontribnting lo thu
prosperity of Cranbrook, hns given
new Hfe to the town, uiul   inspired
the | pie with confidence iu  the
future. It is no wonder lhat real
estate is nctivo and that peoplo
outside of the town are hiking for
investments iu the leading town nf
the Kootenays, Conditions nml
circumstances have combined to
bring success to Craubrook, and
nothing can stop her advancement
ll.c New koad.
world, l! op,.rates nearly U.000
milesol railway. In IMU had
7 i'i locomotives. M2 passenger
cars and iM.loU freight cars, besides thi*!'i' lake steamers, JO river
steamers, two ferry boats and six
steamships, li has also a line of
stenuibhips on Lln* Pacilic from
Vnueouvur, \>. C, to China and
•Tapnu, The company hnd on
.limi' :il>. \lM2, l8.tiU;i,U2y acres in
The company was incorporated
mi February ' 17. 1881, under a
charter from' the dominion of Can--
nda. It receivi d from the govern-
in, 'ii $25,000,0110 in cash ns it subsidy; also 23,000,000 acres of laud.
The goveriiinent also conveyed to
lhe compnny free of all cost 71H
miles of road, including Wo miles
Irom Winnipeg to Uiko Superior.
The h ln.'l!; nf ilie IIUI)II   illlf.   fl'tHU
Montreal  to  Vancouver, is 2,905
1). C. Corbiu is prepared tobuil'l   mil
Spokane railroad to a connection      Sir Thoniiis ' i. Shnughuessy is
with tho Canadian  Pacific.    The  presidenl of tho compiiuy,    The
lily condition is that the citizens
of Spokane shall donate a right of
w.iy ;ind lhe necessary terminal
grounds within the city limits.
Mr. Corbiu. who recently reliirneil
from New York, hist night author-
lizod The SiKikesniaii-Kevi.'W to
make the following announcement
' is iiaim
ilireetora nre: Loril Strntheonn nntl
Mniiiil l.'miil. LiiiitliiniMi-Willinm
('. Van Ilorne, Riehnnl 11. Anpis,
Sir Thniniis tl. Shniiulmessy nml
Clinrleii   Ij.   lIoBiner,    Montreal!
Wiln'mt D. Mnttewa  I   I'JImnntl
It. iislm*. Toronto; Sir Hiinfonl
I'lemiiiL'. (lllttwn: Tlionms Skinner
I I Inn. KiikIiiiiiI. mul  tl.-m-t.-i'   It.
'-If tl iti'/eiiH of S|Mi]4iine nre 1 rturi'ia. lloslon Mtiss.    The gi-oa
snlliiiently int.-r. Ht.-.l in  the  innl-  etniiii.u*- "l 111 iptlliy  tor the
ter in Hi'i'iiri' for me n rl(-hl of wny  flsenl yi-nr IIH11.02 n*i*ru$fn,i'i0B;0flil
nn.l in ■.Bury terminal gronnils, 11 mul the nel earninua were $15,0-1-1.•
will ni\e lhem Ilu- nasurnnee that I IIIIII,     I'resiilenl   SliaimhneBB)' is
I wiil Iniilil   nt  ....•-.-  n   Btantlnitl   now in iOnglmul,  Inil  is exiieeteil
Washing Machines
Make Washing
a Pleasure
This is Ihe best
and it is sold by
Call and see them
.,'tin-re, Hrat-olasB railroail from
Sinikiine to a coiineotion with tbu
| Ciimidliiii Pnolfio nt some lJoinl be-
Iweeti Kootonny hike nml the
Rocky niininlnius.
"If built, this rnilrnnil will he ns
short n line between Spokane nml
SI. I'niil ns nny other, mill ils
equipment nnil service will be
ei|ii,*il to nny other."
Would Build II in a Year.
••How long," nak.-il the reiiiirter.
"will it tnke to complete the road?"
"It is liunl tu tell exactly, ns
there is n [^oml deal of heavy work
nn the enstern end, but I should
sny if I went on with the enterprise thnt 1 woidd hnve it completed within n yenr."
"Whnt would be the probable
"Neni-ly $4,000,000 for construction mid equipment-. Its length
would be about 1-10 or l-l,"> miles."
"la tin- lino located?"
"Preliminary surveys have been
,nnile the entire length uf tho line,
I in April,
Air. Cirliin's Career.
Mr, Corbiu, who propoaes tin
building nf the new road, is nne of
the lies! known men of the west,
nntl wherever known liis word is
considered ns good as it bond. He
enmo to Montana in tin- '70s nntl
for some timo v.tis enshier of the
First National Imuk of Helena.
Itiiter lie returned to New York,
hut subsequently came back to
Montana, wliere ho acquired interests in mines nud sinelters.
In IrJSO In* Imili the lirst rttil-
rot.il into tlio Coeur d'Alenos. This
road run from tbe mission, nt the
head of navigation on the Coeur
d'Alene river, to Wanlner. Wallace
nnd Burke. At the old mission
it connected wiih steamers and
barges, which ran lo Coeur d'Alene
City. Under tin urrtitigement with
the Northern Pncitic, Mr. Corbiu
Imili tin- thirteen miles of railroad
 iccting  Ilf Northern Pacific
liuiiii liiu; with Coeur d'Alene lake.
Inllie fall of I--- he Bold ou
lliis Coeur d'Alene systi-m to tli
Northern Pacific,
lb-   cam.'   to    Spokl    in   tin
s|iriun-il 18tftl, ami thai v.ar Iniili
the   Spokane   Palls  -V   Northe
r.-..in this city to Cnlville.     l.ut
I xtended this mad n.  R.isslnnd
and N'l'lsini. in llriti-.li Culunibin
Several years later he Bold the S
P. & S. to th. Northern Pn.-ilic
which afterwnnl snld ii t,4 th.
Ureal Northern, lu 181111 he Imili
;t  large  beet   Biigar   la.-tor)   tit
Waverly, S|niktui tinly,    This
iui|«ii*inni i-uterprlse he siill uwna
anil mminges. lie is a large owner
nl' local really, and has a palatial
resilience at   SeVl'lltll   an line   ami
Stevens Btreet.
44,5, .*.-*. >s > s-99 .i»»9 .-ii ■ »e-sep
i        r.v thr or.n man        .i
».»:MafS>»33M5&SS*.iSi 9 S 9 M --t:^'
The Xelson Ecouomisl snys that
Canada, f'nnii hev earliest history
hns been proud of the tucl tlmt lier
people have never reached the
deplh.-i of humanity that woulil
prompt them to resort to lynching,
so provident on thu other side, hut
aids that if "I'n.f." Ffeplmrn per-
sisls in putting on a second
dramatic performance in thai town,
the people may forget their guud
record of mo many yenrs.
A serious danger menaces ('ran
brook. That is the "clique habit.'
Nothing is bo injurious to a towt
as "cliques," political, social, o
otherwise. A growing town needs
unity of notion to produce bene*
field results. Petty cliques an
always had fur II community ns a
whole, as well as fur tin* individuals,
who are mixed up in the lnisiness.
Cut out the cliques nnd work together. We nre going to have one
of the hest towns in the Kootennys
providing we all wotft together,
•jft :iS <t*
One or mure individuals have
been industrious the pusl two
weeks circulating a report nbout
the liiiaticinl standing of Tho
lleruld and its editor. When \^r
heard it we were reminded of a
section of country in Illinois, near
where we were raised There were
skunks to he found in the snndy
region along the .Mississippi rivet*
aud sume people were foolish
enough to hunt them. W'e never
did. The scalps were worthless
and close contact with the animals
left nn unpleasant sensation ou
the olfactory nerves. Knr the
satisfaction uf our friends, however,
we will slate The Herald is all
right financially und there ar.*
three menls a day iu sight for the
editor and his family for some
time to come,
m (H i%
Following is the address oil a
postal card received in Craubrook
lust week from Coventry: .Mr.
Clem Mills, can- (1. IV <>.. Craubrook, Crows Xest I'ass. The
Rocky Mountains, liriiish Colmn
bin, Western Canada.
It gut here.
■u at ui
Tu the east there is a movement
on fool to amalgamate the Presbyterian, Congregational and Methodist churches, That is a good
move, only it should include somo
more denominations, -lust think
what a combination like thai would
mean fur Crnnbrook! distend of
rival churches, and the term rival
is used advisedly, tin re would be
one large tubornucle, with n great
membership, n minister receiving
a guud salary, immense attendance,
.-nnl peace aud harmony, with uu
trouble nbout money to keep tho
institution in first-class financial
condition, The salvation of souls
and the uplifting uf the moral eon-
ditiou   of  the   coinn iiv  is. ur
should    he.   the   Object   Of   church
organization. Christ talked harmony ami material evidence of the
christian spirit. Gondii nations of
churches that have creeds in which
there is little difference would accomplish wonders, ami give greater
opportunity for exemplyfying thc
true christian spirit.
Today The Herald is si** years
Tn the average  individual .who
leads  litis,   thai   does   not  mean
 b.   To iln- publisher, nud to
those who have followed the varied
fortunes of The flerald since ils
birth, it means a greal deal. Six
yeai*. iii an old country is Imt a
brief span. Pill sijt fears in a
new tiiiil growing i-nirliii-y menus
failure or fortune! it means lil".- nr
death; il menus happiness or deB*
pair; ii means the making or uu-
iiiakiiie of mail) human beings
Those who halt- lived *.i\ years in
Crnnbrook, have witness,*.! many
changes pass before tbeir eyes
Tlu-y have seen a hamlet nf Imt
a few buildings grow into a pros.
perous ami promising town. Tlu-y
bave seen men who started witli a
dollar tlcvcltip,* into substantia]
business men with bank accounts
thai would Biitisfy most anybody.
They linve Been liftle lnisiness
enterprises di ni I, ,[*,; fnto important
en wild institutions with ample
capital ami a trade extending over
a large territory. Tlu-y have seen
a town wiih a few inhabitants
grow ii.'-. a lim- resi leutiul and
coinniefeial center, They have
seen n plan ■ with nothing bill trails
anil rough wagon roads for cum
iiiiiuiculiiin. blossom forth as the
railroad center nf Ensl Kimiciniy
Tltey have seen all  these things
ami  iu coiiscquci  nre  inspired
with a hope ami faith in tin-
future, which tlu-y have every reason In believe will 1..* brighter and
more prosperous titan any period
iu tin* past.
Tliu Hernld has been a pari and
pan-el nl' this growth. It has
lirenthetl and lived Crnnbrook'B
failures ami Cmnhrook's prosperity, It has had tun- hope, 0111
ambition, oue desire, und that hns
been Ilu- sin-cess nt' Ornnb'rook nnd
Crmibrook's people, it muy bave
made mistakes in the past, because
it wus Iranian, bnl any errors it
hus mnde were nol from the heart
No man lives today who can .-it.
ii single Instance when The Herald
has not been ready at nil times to
spend money and tune for the
advancement of Craiilirook and
lu-r peoplo, Tho paper has been
unselfish at all times, never tie.
mantling a cent I'm- its loyalty, annual article which is extremely
never consenting to tnke a cent inlpereonal, we desire to extend
linrity, always doing lnisiness on thanks for favors receivi.il. and
business principles, paying its wish one and all every prosperity
lobts and asking those  who owed for the future.
it to pay what was coming,
During ull these yenrs we have
written much. We have written
of joy anil of sorrow. We have
said a word of kindness nnd en-
couragemont when we could. We
hnve end.-avur.il to give the history
of tlu* town uml people, week by
Week. without prejudice. We
have mnde enemies, un.l if we had
imt. we might well cnnsi.liT our
career in Cranbrook a failure. Hut
with every enemy we have made,
we take great satisfaction in tho
knowledge that we liuve made tifty
or more good staunch friends, We
have never tried to publish u puper
to please everybody. We nre to
old fnr that. Wc publish a [nqx-r
tn please the publisher. So far it
seems ti. have pleas.il the public,
if we eun judge by the generous
response given in a business way.
But iu pleasing ourself, we have
never infring.il upon the rights or
pri. ileges of others. No mnn hns
ever been able to secure s\mee iu
The lleralil to give vent to petty
spile. And we hnve never used
the columns of our j4n|ier to play
even witb anyone who lias given
us tin- worst of it in the every day
wrangle for existance. Life is
short, nnd our nitn lias lnvn and
will continue to Iv. to do the
sipinre tiling by everybody no
matter what lln- result may be.
We love Crnnbrook and her
people. All thnt we have is in
Cranbrook tuul tliis town we expect
t4> make our home until denth
takes us to our eternal resting
place. For six years we have given
the liest that was iu us for tin- upbuilding of tin* town. We have
wnrkul for the town and the individual, tuul although there are
some who forget uow and then the
muny wonls said for their advance-
inei t. we will continue in the sume
course, doing all we can for Cranbrook and her people.
Six years is a long time. Six
yenrs ngo there wus little to Cranbrook nr little to The Herald.
Many changes have been wrought,
and 1-oth Cranhrook ami The
Herald have grown. Today Cranbrook is the best town of its size
in liriiish Columbia, and there are
many worse pajxTS than The
Herald.       And   in closing     this
Zinc Smeller Io b: Built Njar the  Point
of Supply fur Fuel.
Nelson March 15. Tit-- Crows
Nest country is to net tin- zinc
sinelter tolie erected in this country
by Belgian capitalists. Tin* visiting representatives took a triii tothe
Crows Nest to lonl; up a site and
lliis is what they told Ilm Nelson
"W'e lun.- just returned from a
week's trip over lhe Crows Xest
liiie.duringwhicli we visitetl Prank,
Ferule ami other places. Our
iliject w.-is to Iiiul. if possible, Sllit-
al.ii- sites I'm-ilu- location nf a lend
mii -Iter ami a -slim smeller. We
w.-re ,,.,i.-]l Btrtick with tin- enor-
mt ills i put I iti ties nf coal to lie ft ill ltd
in ihc mountains of tho Crows Nesl
I'ass. aiul lhe really good quality of
tin- fuel produced, when compared
wiih ilu- usual American product.
We fully i-e.-tlizi- the fad that it
will always In- an available nml
cheap source ..I' fuel for the
redaction worksof Kootenay. We
linvo decided toereel the smelter nt
either Pernio or Frank, W'e can
only decide on whi.-li mn-of these
two points it will be nfter our return from a trip to Montreal. We
will leipiiri' from Jlil'.o -111 acres for
tic enterprise. The initial cost of
ho shaved off his mustache, "line." the enterprise will be $150,000, and
looks like his brother "Doc.,'' tlio -1 will employ from (10 lo 75 persons,
real   If.   1'.  P., still  we did  not with prospects of thnt number bo-
think he would take bucIi nn ad- big increased to four or five ti s
vantage nf lhe ivsciiililance. I ii as many by lhe cud -.1' three years,
this province. "*%ic." is known far Our iden in locating the zinc
uud wide us a rustling lumber. smelter where cheap I'inl can Ik-
manufacturer, bill it Bi-ems thnl Iiml direct from the mines is that it
when In-goes to Alliertn In- has' is cheaper to haul the zinc oro and
additional honors tjirust upon him. tin-zinc concentrates to the fuel
M. II. King. M. P, P..
Uritish Columbia legislatiu
the city.   Calgary Alltertai;
Of course, we all know that si
than it would lx- to haul the fuel to
where the zinc is produced.
"As for the zinc enriching plant,
it is to be located at Rosebery, ou
Slocan lake. Work on this plant
will be commenced just as soon us
the suow is oh* the ground. Thu
pluns and specifications ure all
ready, and will be the first of our
plans to take material shai«-. although the zinc sinelter plant will
In* construet.il just as sum us we
can arrange aliout the site.
"Wo failed to get the necessary
contracts for lead ores to keep the
proposed lead smelter supplied
with ore. and at present we tin- not
considering tin* scheme. It might,
however, lie taken Up later if tliu
conditions justified it."
Odd Fellowi. Reupllon.
Key City lodge,T.O.t >. P.. u-nve a
reception lust Monday night to
lln- members and their friends.
Pedro was the program ami those
present hud a very pleasant time.
After the game was finished, re.
frcshinents were serv.il, Tt was a
Int.- hour before the guests departed, and all joined in tin- statement
thut tin- evening hatl been a plea,
sunt one.
Cart! ol Thinks.
Editor Herald:-Would you
allow nu- space in the columns of
your valuable i«.|K-r to heartily
thank tht- many who aided in contributing, such u large amount to
me, und which was a great snr.
prise. Witli Thanks,
Hugh Mt-Innis.
There bus lx-en collected for Mr.
M.-Innis, SIN2.00 with some to
hear from. W.C.Oliver, Till*.   CIlANI'.liOOK   II Kit.AMI
-,<*r. .GLG^sfi*-**-^
EJditor and Proprietor.
Tl     Sloe u   Drill snys thai it
I tii nt   to   nin   a
new-nil-,!*. There   are   enough
i;. graves     in     liriiish
Col di uionstrato this fact
r - ins ni In- iiii organued
mov.-menl to dump Duusiuuir's
i : lilway onto the  provincial
gov.-rtimetil for u million or tvn
l.m ll    lllllll il COSt.
': t. law providing for com
missioui rs ii t - gotten the govern
iin-iit into all kinds of trouble.
dominion      government
sl       .   pi,ilitle   regulations   that
in, ti : prutect the workmen on ll
consti ictioti ol  tin- lir.iinl  Trunk
A hoosl for Cranbrook is n boost
forever) man living in Cranbrook.
Tlie t'niiiii Jack is the proper
flag for public buildings.
Craubrook's lloanl of Trade luu
had the breath of life infused inti
it, nnd now the Inwn can look for
results from its a.-lions.
l.nsl week, tor tho lirsl   time  in
the hislory of  British  Columbia,
attorneys  attended   n   session  of
U8si'/.es courl   iviiliniit   wins.     Tl
sun tl i move,
The llmt. dill'..id Sill minis-
Iur of the inlerior, litis issued u
book of .-a rim .ns iu color thai will
I i-jvi .-- niv,-.I nil for Camilla, ll
tells the story ill uu interesting
manner, un.l uill nttrncl ilm titton-
tiou ni1 Ihousniids In lln- opportunities in tin- new Canada.
Tin- annual report of the interior
department ol' tin- government lias
a mo I iulurestiiig nccounl nl' thu
l-'rai 1. • li !-> -. iih tt number of ex-
uell   ■' ilftotu-B giving an accuratu
.\   i '-■: ij-aihi   fruit   grower has
evolved   a   seedless   apple The
average legisln lure long ngo pro-
dn ed bruiiiless politicians.
A Word lo Ihisincss Men.
'lie- Herald pays out in wages
lienrl) t'-.-'.iiii tt year nud ovory
cenl "i thnl money i.s spent riglit
in Crnnbrook. Is it fair for any
nicrchnnl tosend for printingdown
ettsl where printers receives less
wages, and not a cenl of it. spent
wiih the Craiilirook merchant? W'e
don't usk I'm- anything unfiiir, but
wo iln usk I'm' ti sipial'e deal nu
printing. When ymi want printing, give Thc Herald a chance to
figure on it. Don'l gel uOOor 1,000
letterheads nl' us. and then give au
order nfterwnril in tin- custom
liouse running up I.. 5,000 or in.-
(mn iinpn isions, ami limn criticise
Th"   lleralil   I iiuse   il  chnrged
ymi inn:,-. 1,4-t us figure nn your
big runs, mid llinu if tho r-iinlity
of iiiii* work ami lim price is nol
anlisfnctorj kid;. Imi don'l tin il
ln-l'i j-'-. li' any inerchnui will show
us where a  Jfoiitrenl,  Toronto or
Winnipeg printing eslablisl ul
ever boiiglil a dollar's worth of
g Is in Crnnbrook, ive will  have
lintliiii"   In   iny,      Ami   ye)   tllL-re
lias  1  a   good many   thousuiid
dollnrs of Herald money spent in
Cranbrook, Neither tin- proprietor
ra* tin- employes buys anything
ouisiil" nf town, antl what is more
The Herald has refused a good
many dollars for advertisements
thnl asked people In trade with
eastern Iioubcs.
Tims,- ideas lun.- lieen presented
no n straight business proposition
lor uii) in -i-i-ii.-iiit lo consider who
has I it Bending away for printing Ian1 should have been done at
A Suites-fill Year.
Mr Melville Parry, general
ngent. Confederation I.ii'-* association, with head quarters al Nelson. |
I'. ('.. has Imiii visiting Crauhrook :
ami district fnr tin- pusl two weeks
together wiih the assistance of
local ngent. Mr. Elwell, of the linn ]
of Beale & Elwell. nnd bus secured ■
u good volume of business.
'I'lu- past year ol the Confedera-
tion Life lias beeu one of progress.
Tho association 1ms over 837,000,.
000 ol insurance in force in Canada, wiih assets i.f lii-arl) $11,000,"
000, tiiiil with a totnl surplus'
security lo policy holders above
all liabilities of $l,78fl,894. The
ii-Jnil annual reixirt is one of which
lhe llinut.geniel.t feel justly  proud.
The policy of tin- association is tn
sell insurance, and nnl to purchtisc
it. as is so often done nowadays
amidst keen competition iu life in-
surauee. thus securing I'm-its policy
luililers economy in tin- association's management.
Tin- policies of the association
are the most  up-to-date contracts
and truly, as thi'  literature of the
association tells you, as free from j
restriction. As tlie nir you breathe
Those contemplating insurance
would do well to get particulars
from Messrs. Benle .V Elwell, nl
Craiilirook. *
J. .'.  G Uc&i i\, £d|  A
,. •. ■-. -^ i& f\J$ M ,lf MV R
/.j-'.'-i^  \&§s     "'^-GXggZ*
"Exfcra Special"
Old Scotch Whishy
■:.: itli i i- ell that 13 finest in whisky. Its perfect
purity—v., A delightful flavor have made " Peter
DawsonV famous wherever "Scotch" is appreciated.     Smooth—mellow—delicious.
The Kootenay Central.
<\ H. Pollen, wlm is tlie chief
promoter nf the Kooteutiy Control
railway, returned last Sntunluy
IVum Vietorin. Naturally Arr. Pol-
Icn is disappointed over the tailuro
of tlie provincial goveriiinent to
provido some measure of assistance
for tlie road, lie did not ask for
anything unreasonable, as his requests were extremely modest ns
compared with tlie demands of
some of the railway promoters, and
should not have heeu placed in the
same class.
Mr. Pollen leaves for Kn^lam!
this week to carry on the work for
lhe road, and The Herald joins
with all the people in this district
in wishing him success.
London and Lancashire Life Assurance
It is a pleasure to notice from
our advertising columns that tlie
above well known company Imvc
decided to open up an agency in
this district. This company has
had au experience of over forty
years in Canada    and although* Ml
English company, its Canadian
board of dtrectors, consisting of
such men as Lord Strathconn. 0.
M. Hays. etc. have full control of
its lnisiness in this country,
Steadily progressive since establishment it has gained a reputa-
ion for equity and liberality surpassed liy none.     They offer ex-
cptioiijil advantages to policy
holders in the way of rates of
premium, privileges under policies
ml prompt settlement, •Speeinian
policies, estimates and prospectus
can lieolitaiiied.ouapplication from
Arnold & Roberts, district agents.
Stuck Quotations.
Furnished l.y Beale, &  Elwell
brokers. Craubrook B, C
North  sim*        1
Hullkun         fit
Sl. Hiiu-pim  -Ji
Wn.- j:
1-44 1-     it
Crown .',
1 (',
Kl      lilt.4
Cnn. O.I
ml .Mil
•*. I.i,l.
.M    14,11
'In. Im
ni., f no on
,111,, in
Mil',  III
2,000   North
lil in*.
Let Ihc People Know.
Crunlirook is overlooking n splen-
litl opportunity for advertising
when it neglects to place an on'
i-nliinet on tin- depot platform wiih
i itiimlier of important points of
information printed on a placard.
Thousands of peoplo from Hastem
ml Western Canada, lhe United
Slates nnd I'higlund will puss
through Crnnbrook the coming
year. The trains slop nt Cranhrook leu to fifteen minutes, nnd
most of these people will lie out on
Ilie platform looking I'm- information, 'i'lu- Crunlirook Hoard of
Trade is derelict of ils duly if il
does not provide lhe information.
It will he inexpensive nud proline.
live of much good to tho district,
The Wentworth
Shelton & Clapp,
The New Managers.
Drop in and sec us any time.    We arc on deck 25 hours
out of thc 24
O.O.I*.     key til. I „il(c
Nn. 13. Mm, ii Mon
• I 14   IH44I.I   14.   llllll   11,11  ,,||
Itnket street,   s,,;, itiliir
n.1,1 l--,-ll,.iis,-!„,lii,l|j,„,„,,,.
M,    I' Hi-Hi.*;.. \v. II  IU,K,.rl	
N.   It.
Lriitibroiik l.i.ilt.i*. No, J.
A. F. 4 A. M,
1 McVittie & Laidlaw,
I'mi-rleior i.r tht*
n.Ti't.ir ine.tln^ nn Uu
third  TlnirKltti uf tin*
M  A   tli A,
Ulli A. I.. II, Nine;
M.-.-I-   ,-i.4i   Siiliinln*
iiielu   in   I   o   o   l-    1,4,11
VUltl-if Brethren cordially invitee- lo otlend
Residences For Sale.
I will sell my Iwo houses on
Hanson nvenue, now flaying SUD u
month rent. Cheap for cash and
security. I hnve other use for the
money, VV, B, McFarlane,
Mrs.   Elsio   .Toseplieiie   Hrouu
having left my bed and hoard, I
will  not  he responsible for any
debts thnt she may contract.
Dated 20th Murch 1004.
Albert E. Brown,
t")2tf Wurdner, B. C.
Business Block for Sale.
As I intend to erect a new ollice
building for Tlie Herald on the
Main street, f will sell the one now
occupied by the paper. It is in a
line location, plastered throughout,
two stories, with u full lot.
V. K. Simpson.    I Hmell Block
The Dominion Will .Make a Flue Showing
nl the St. Louis Exposition,
Si. I...nis. March ISlli Five
carloads of exhibits from different
parts of Canada have tu-rived in St.
Louis. A eal-of I'niil litis also been
placed in the cold storage awniling
shipment. Tho exliiltits already
arrived include the pick ot Camilla's
agricultural, foresl and mineral
wenltli. Commissioner General
Win. Hutchison is utithority for the
statement lhat tin- Canadian display a I tin- St. L mis exposition
will he far alietnl of lite former
efforts of lh • Dominion, Thu gon-
ei.-il policy is lo give  prominence
10 tlie it,-nis of natural wealth
peculiar to Cniiatla. or rather those
not found in tin- other countries
making cxhvbits. For example, in
minerals,Canada's almost exclusive)
resources ol' nickel, corundum,
chrome iron. p.-til uml asbestos, are
to In- featured, The displays will
nol lu* confined to show eases, but
unique nnd striking displays will
also be mnde. Sepnrato pyramids
of asbestos, tnicti anil nickel are to
lie built ami pluceil in prominent
positions in tin* Canadian quarters.
These pyramids wiil illustrate
Uu- processes the ores undergo
iu the transition from the crude
state to the finished product. Tho
nickel pyramid is to bo 20 feet in
height. The ore. tis turned out of
the mini', will form the base, above
il will be a section coiitaiiiiiig the
nickel product nfler the roasting
process. Above it ,-main will lu* a
section containing tho copper und
nickel matte, and the npex of lhe
pyramid will iit- finished in the refined nickel, Surmounting tlie
pyramid is to he a statue mude of
lln- refined nickel ami truly Canadian in design.
lu lln- line of precious metals
Canada will not he found wanting.
11 is Ilu-  int,-iiii.ut   to pit    in  n
commanding position a trophy
bright with gold tuul silver. In
tigriciillui'iil | rodiicts tin- exhibits
will In- superior to anything yot
shown, llriiisli Columbia's -,-iuiil
woods exhibit will he greater than
has   1 it.      Ill slitill    | tuple   will
strnigten up trail stare when they
gel inside tin- Ciiiimlimi sesliotis ut
the universal exposition.
Commissioner Hutchison, Sect-clary Williain \. Hums, W. M.,lull- -ii. Ilu- liorlifiiltiirisl ami
ai-chitecl I,. L-Vnniiigs Tnylor have
Imui ai tin- World's Fair grounds
several days innking ready for tin-
reception ol' Cunnila's exhibits
l.t.lliil  l,urivc.
Will I'ni in steam Lutindary.
A   company   has  been  formed
under lhe name of Ilu- Crows Xest
Steam Laundry c puny,  for the
purpose of pulling in n flrst-class
sh' laundry plant.   Ground has
1 n secured in lln- north  part ol
low -Ill-Ilie resilience of  T.   W.
Lcnsk, and Ilie building is already
under construction. Tho company
expects lo have lhe plant installed
nnd ready I'm- operation by the lirsl
of  May.      A    first-class   steam
la lry is something Hint is badly
needed in Cranbrook and tl iti.
Kins should see Ihut it is properly
3. H. THOriPSON.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Solicitor for Ihe Imperial Bank ot Canada
Tin; Colonial Investment and Loan Company.
Cranbrook, IS. C.
Timber Notice
'Inln* notico tlini thirty <li.ya niter ilnte
I illti'inl tti npply tu tin- i-liii'l .-I....iiiIhhI,,]n-r
nl IiuiiIh nml iiiil'liH ill Vietorin fur 1114] 4i''iill
llii'lise In i ut uml i-urr.4- ..wily llmhtir off the
fi.lloi.llig ili-M-riln-il Innili. in Snutli Hint
I iilllllli'llrilll*  111   a   pnl.lt    10 I'llllitlH Hlllllll
nml -10 t'lii.iim i,int ul tlm 4 inili- -msl ur
niuek tv.il iii Smuli .Just Kiinli'tiii.v. ttn-iii'i'
t-uht hii chalna, thence imili HO chtiina.
thonce ive.1 SU .-InilnH, then e Booth sll
i-htilna tn iln- place -if lipgiiniln-r, eot.tnl.iins
Hin nt- en, .iiiit-t- ur It'i-H. ilns, Greer.
1 ninl I'Vlirlinr** IU. lllll.. 4!l
Timber Notice
Tnke notiee that thirty ilti.vs utter .Intel
Intend tn apply lu Hu* chief oamntlaalonor nl
Imiii*! mil worka ul Vii.titiiu for u B|.-einl
lieeuaotoe.il ...el curry nwny liinln-i-i,ff tin-
14411,4.41414: .I.aeilhul luuda in Suutli Enst
Ciiuiini-iii-iiilCtil tt Hluku |iliiiil il lllll i'liiiiiin
Hiuiili o[ tho am. lii-nnt. corner of Lol Hilt, in
Siiulh I'JiihI  Kootenny, Ihenco   aouth -to
iliuiuH, Hi *iiHt loo ■•liuiiiH, tlieneo north
iOi-liniiiH. tlieneo weat Kin clmina to the
pli.ee ul bi-Kiiuiiutfi contnlnin-, O.Oncrea,
 I'ui'l.'HH. T. w. L-nak.
Duted IVlirwirv .'•!, llllll. 4-.I
t.\ tiiu small injurs court op j. p,
AIIMSIIIOXU    not,DUX   AT   ! K.I.N"
I Levi II. VunDocnrnt Crnnbrook
II. t'., hotel kieiiir, plnlntllt,
lietween   j tuul
,1. (Iiiii-liiiiioiii. formerly- nf the
I   Hilllll, |i|l|   |>, lllflillllllllt.
T.i.l. I'liiirl.nii.iuii. tlie di-li-.iilu.it:-
Tttku notice thut the above named plniiitiff
hue i-utiitiii-ni'iiil action ngninat .vnu liy nu
tiriliitu y anm.no.ta for f •JiVl-a fui- board tuul
loilgiug liiriiiHlu.l to ymi nt .he plultltiff'a
hotel nt (-riiiili.-n.ik, tl. I'., und tnko notice
tlmt by uu iirilur dated tin- 30th dny ul
li'liruiiry. lllll., llio abovo niitneil mngla-
trule gave liberty to «4'rn' ymi, tho above
iiiiuuil defendnnt hy piibl ablng notico nl
Huiil ni-iliT ill lour eOlineCUtivn iNHlli'H nf tin-
Crnnbrook Hi-ri-jd, puliliahed nt Cranhrook,
II. I-.mul that the time *.illiin wlieh ynu
muy enter n dlapnto .tote tn anid elnfm ho
ivilhln fourteen daya from date uf aervieo uh
Aud tnko further notice thnt, iiiiIphh ynu
enter hih-Ii diaputo nun- accordingly, jiulg-
'4i--.it uill be entered uguinal ynu, in vnur
Iintiil nl rrnn'ironk, 11. C, thie L-ud day nf
Uar.li, 1001.
W. I-. 0IJBD,
"i" Hnllellor lor t ePInlulllf.
Timber Notice
Tuke notice that thirty duys after datall
Intend tu apply io tho elite! roinmhmlnuor nf
IuiiiIh mnl ivnt-kK ul Vietorlu lor n .-u-riiil
licetiae to cut and carry nway'tlmlier off the
followiltg  lli'Hi'lilii'd   IiuiiIh  ill  .Snutli    [JiihI
i'„ nclng at a point uuil nhaina aoutli
uiul -III ehnliiaeuat ul the aouth i-iihi comer ul
I'.li.,-:,     lllll     in    Snulh     KilHl      Kunti'iiny.
tl    Hiititb   so   cliulna   11..,..-.,   i'iiiii
sii i'Iiiiiiih. the.  north so clitilna, thenco
hi'hi SO chulua lulbi' plueuof beginning, eoll-
IllilUII-t Hit) lll'.l'H mon-ur Iihh.
.1. II. Spin,',..
Doled l-'i'lituiirv lu. 11)01. l-.i
Ciii:-ui:\r I o: X... ::::
Cranbrook, It. C.
M Ull.l llllll     III,    TlllH.ll,     411     *,    ,,      |„       ,„
I o o I   hull.
.1. A. Aiisiii.ii, K II s
T Itoi.KBa, I*. ('
Vl.lling lln-llm- ir.lliillylnvlleil tlel.il
Repairing Promptly Done.
Footwear lo Measure a Specially
\v hen passing our studio come in
and see the new
Prest Photo Co. Studio
s      BUILDER
     ■»» t ■*»<—■»•
Cranbrook       *
Candy Kitchen:
nrrifs u eompltu itock uf
i -
j Caniiics, Fruits, Nuts.
; Biscuits, Pipes and
UI.e uaacall
Mining Engineers
ami Surveyors,
J. T. LAIDLAW, M. li.
'Ihc- Cm,tractor
Wliiidci, Contracts
II' ion mini I., l.itllil l,-i in,- know    ■   ,       ...   ,,,   ,,
i «, ri,- ,i I,, nimbi, v„„ John W. Wolf
e-ilillllllfS   tiliil   uiav    lu l|i   yu.l mil I
__^_ i'Ul|""""0i'1'11"'' Boot, Shoe and
THF: Harness Maker
STR ATHC0NA ow 8lloes mn<lc ncw' Ankinds
r..r.„i-riy Hotel Phalr        j,,f rcl"li'i")!-   Olvc mc a call.
NELSON, 1$. C. ~
l(. TOriPKINS, Mn„aKer.       j EflSt KoOlCIKiy
I'llia   liolel   is      „l'   ||„,  l„,st   in I Bottlillg   Ci).
Britisli Colnmliiii nml iip-to-tlnlol
Aerated Water?
in overy ivs]*.*.*i.     \V,|| Hghtud
sitniplt* mums.
Men, Women and Children's
Nol til cost tint at a bij,' uroflt.
Cull uutl
for vou.
ivli.it   I
Ncw  Line  of  Cook  Stoves
Just Received
Synopsis o[ Rt){ulm:«ns tur disposal of Mil.
crals on Dominion Lands In Manitoba   CRAMJROOK,
th? Norlhwcjt Territories and lhe Vukon
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders.
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water In siphons.   Thc mosl
Economical wy to handle it.
Physicians ami Surgeons.
Office al Residence, Armstrong* .ve.
01 ilvli HOURS:
Forenoons,   ....   it;,io *„ n
■Vflernoona  ....   I:J0 lo3tja
l;vcnltlS4l    ■    •    -   .     7.J,) |„ (|:,||,
« 'nn He ttcq.il
i*. -I i-i-hi.-i'ii ,'i'iirs
iiiinii os holiIlllM ft,
I>1,illl I'lillV luiil Illli
A Large Stock, in Ciskets and
Robes.   ■*   .*
Phone night and day 77
Harvey, McCarter & Dunbar,
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Arnold & Roberts
Monthly Payments.
TO   Al.l.   I'tilNIS
thlnl for ono
A f nv
I'lii.-i*.   ij
.■luu. slmll i... rea r.i.-l hiiIiIn itrtooi
l-fiiti'il ..iiiiiu i,>n ml lui „i !, miiiiii,
•iv. liii-i-. <>iiciiiiiiimiuiiitn uiU.wi'.i t,.
"l«NI.«iiiillMhiiil.'-.i| li-a.'lu.n.    TL,-  r,i
Hi,- lull'
•or, intii.* iuktiu ivi'i'iiuiy.iit ai
u|>iiicmr r it mli in. in'onilon Flmll inovliU
I..' li:i)lli('ilt nf rmi<ll>iittlii*iiili>i>r--'>.  I i*l
.'■r! M.\.Vtiil!,,'Vi'*!i!illniM,.?ilhiliii.. n. w-ff
litliiKtiio ytikotrre.iltory,   \hm uililiij
iwui'ivrull, ni'.-iini f,-..[ s.|iiaro; t-mrv li,,-,
DllownlilO.J'paily, nn tin* Nmlh S-'isliat
I1U   I'l
llllllll ll
i tuili's l.av .ln;**||i-.*.  In.l .-M.-mls i.'Wt,, I,',',.
huso of ilio lilli ur Imui,. l.i.i ii„i,.\, Ui l u
U-i'i.     \\li i.'sl.am |e.H,|- H tis.-a, -.*liiiiiis -M,
r,',*l wide mnv In1 ntilaitit'.l.
Iireiliilitu In Hit' ii\,*rs .,f MiiiiKiilm iiii.I Hi.'
X. W. 'I.. -\,-i|Hin- lln. \ tilciti IVrnl.Tv-A
in*.* miii'-r ii ;iy nlitnltii nly l«o least's of live
nil:,**. I'i.i'li fniil ti'lin nf trteiity vcjirs, relit «-
til)1elnttlGtlis-Ji(!tli)ii.,lili<< .Minister nf thf In-
;h| ft contlnoil tn llio siili
; Vroom & Dezall    :
j t
Horse Shoeing |
; Carriage Repairing and      |
I Qeneral Jobbing.... {
j Ouleldc Orders Promptly ,
• Attended to, J
,1 •
109-9+****^** ....,,,, ***^* 9.f
and transfer Co.
Perry A Pitmen Id, Propg
Agents for (Salt Coal.
Qeneral freighting fortius
part of the district.
Piano and furniture moving a specialty.
Calls answered promptly
Phone 6j
In rruliiito.
X..l;.*.'iM ]ii*r<*'l*.v Klrt'ii Uml nn tlio 1-1 tli
• Uty -IMiirHi. Ilmi, it wm. nnloroil by J, A.
I'l-rinJlKi). lonal judgo of lltitmiid court, thai
liiitnr, I'lTijiiHiin AriUBtroiig, < fflcltil ii.lmiii-
latrutor in ninl Inr tlmt portion of tho
nmni.v nl Koolomiy mn  Incttitloil in the
ili'il.mil (liHtnotHol Itovolrltokfl uml Culiim-
liin In- ii.Jiniiii.itrutor oil all nnil Hingiiliu* lln*
I'Hhttu ol  <.\It|,   HAND  of  Cranbrook,
Uro\vt*r tti iiHril. intoHtiiio,
llv.TV |ll'lr>..ll illilllltl'il I,) 111,' HEtltl .It'tl'llM'.l
Is wqulrt'tl to iiinko puymoiit torltiwlili to
tin* utnloroltftioti.
Evory puraoii hiivlng in p.iHnom.i(iri (-ff.M-tH
bolonglngto he tluceusvc] iH requirod forth* I
niili oi.utif.vtiiaiiniiorBigiioiJ. I St. Paul, Duluth, MinncaFoli«, ChicaRo
livery crediioror otlior poraon hoving nny .„.. ...   v„lK.ri. ,,.-,„
olulin upon or Interest In the dUtribiitioii or I
Mioentuio oftho nui.I det-enaed In required Ssalllc, lacumn, Victoria, Portland,
within thirty daya of thin dnto to buikI by
rt'giat(*rn.l letter, uddreaaed to tin* under*
atguedihia nuuio and nddreaa and tlio lull
pHtticitlursot Ills claim or interest, ami a
Hhiti-niont'Of liiriaocounl ami the nut tire of
tlio seen:Uy (if any) hold by Inm.
Aftor Ihet'jtplrttdon ol the anid ttilrtv dnyn
tho administrator will proceed wiih tho distribution of tlio I'Mttitu bnving n-gai-d lo
Uiohi'.'laiaiH only of uliii'h lie ahull buvo bad
Dated nt   Kort Btoole tbix lilih duy oil 	
March, 1004. H ,■   vri>u*P^ n   I'I'ivi.t
,1am m l-Vrgiwon ArniKtrong, |' ' U"rJ \\*   ,,   A ('  }•'  V; T   ^
Oltl.ial Ad.nini.trator, Sl).;U|0   ' ' '   :iU W, UlvorsUlo Avu!
522                        PortBtoclo,B.C   ' Wat-1.. Hpokuno.Wftsh.
Through Palace and Tourist Sleepers
Dining and Bullet Smoking Library Curs
mite loiiit-lii
lh.' lessee snail imva n driilge in oiionitlon
«illill :i>nM inuu lln* ilule nf lh-. louse fer
I'U.-li liv.- n li,-i Let whoroa p.-nan i.r i-uiuiiiiin
litis olniilliwl innri'tliiin uiu leu-.* une iheduo
ron-ucb IK •■•■ii iiiil-i ur iniciiim i-siulld. nt
llentitl.Siui'er iiiiiiiini fm' eni'li iiiiic ui river
li-a-fil. Hoy*. Iv nt llic i:it.* ufuvn iin-l ;i linlf
por cenl .*" kuieil on tli.' "ii'piit nficr il c\.*i-,-,|-;
Iinilix'nuIn Hie YukonXcrrltory.-siN lensai
»r liv* mil.s null mav 11,' jji'tiiili'd li) ;i Hvo
m-n-'i -fm a lenil uf luciity years alsu iciiow
Tllfllosscc'silalit is rimdnt'il tu lie siilimorjf*
eil lied in* i'ni- im Hi.' rlv r h.-luiv low waiei
inn,|{, tblll lniiiu.lary In bo ll\'-<l liy n- i-osllltili
mi Un* Is, .lay of Augual In ihe year nf tlio dale
The les-.ee shnll Imv i cue droduo la oiierulloti
wllliin t^n jciira limn Hi,' ilnte i.r ii... i.-nsi-, mm
nn ■ iiii'.i *. fnr eueii live miles wllliin Bin y *
IS,i§i»^ Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
I'.'lieral     llll.-.i
v lilili linliu Iii
 iiMircil < n
 f the i-i,
■h ar kiii* ii. th
foet,    Allallie
1 nnlitistiro in
HlllpnsK  "ll*  N
ll Itt 1
len miles ur iiii
.lay a lowed f"
'II llitJS, II   Hi'
I'ili-ll  IHllll I III
(llllllll  it  wlltlll
•III''.',     MIIU.'Mll
i.ii ion an os in
lllilil ,'l lie.' 1.111
 nm st;.:
i sceiilncnto,
r oin now mli
ima (■•iiiin inns
'is i-iilllli-.l la i
uonslstsul Itt,..
i-ui»r »iii,iiii.
KlI of the l.ili l
tic.i frmn ilia \
( uinptroller.
-iiv.itn -.Imli
uiiiiu.u-v i lull
l(»yi llyutlll
i mi Hi.' value
bo I'lmrged, Ilu
> rule af two nii'i the »a, ip
0 he raid lu li'-
mn '
<>r nn
'III,'   IT
ereek or gtllol it Ilm
i.uv liiinn-i'i- or rli.lnis hv  | 'liiiN>,  nml   frc
mlii is nmy wni-kllica-i'lalais In mntu.-i--.liH> l.y
ii tin:; imili'.' ami --a-,iim fee of iti. a claim
amy |,o luuiil-ii-il, nml auullicr uhlii.ii.'il ua ti-c
Mime ci." k, (jtilcll or river, ny gtvlliu not luu ;;n I
UoiK musi I.i' il-.nc mi a rtiilm uach year !••
tli,-vali I at least t'JOU
A nvtllii'j'ii' lnul iv.uk hashoea dutio must In-
nh aim'.] e;i.li j-ciir; If nut, llio .'Imui nhall l„
il'i'incillo lioiiiiiiii'lnneiljia.l upeii iuoc. iiiuiIIi-ii
iiiiiI emry hy a rr.-e miner,
Tlie liouiiilaiK'*. ni ji cliilm amy hoilellue-l a1-
M.luh-ly l-y liiiiii'K a sin voy mado nml 1 uhluiiu.-;
imtl.-es la Uif VllhliiHIllellll Ull/I'tto.
r.-iroli-um. All unaaproiiiluted Dominion
1,,-ml-l-, .vault,-Im, lhe Sinilhwest Teirll.-rles
ami wiilini thu Yuki n Teriliury nru «,,,„ \„
|,|„ |i i'iiiii,' fm* I'clinleiim. anil the inlnl-lcr
may resolve fnr aa Imllvhimil or cumpiiiiy Imv-
1111; iniu'liiiicry mi llic luml lu he "iHMpei'tod, Illl
-'"■to ncres,   Sholitd tlm croatieaior ills
For t-iiti-H, foldcra nnil full information  f.'stM',',,Th s 1.,'.h ^lI'^olwyiVm »ro!!ll«fiSeimtlS
regnrding trips, cull on or tuiilrcsa
ll  Ml.*ll  'IIS,
I'-III ni'l'es. ii.ciintli.i* llic nil Hf! Inllll  Ml.'ll nllier
land a.stnay hedeterniiiicil, will Im nold in Uie
illscneier nt lhe rale uf *>i.iki an tu'ie, salijeel
liy nl Sllull rntu as may he Njieullled  hy
liepariineiiinr t.ie Interior, Ottawa, Sopt.,
!>. put) or iin* Minister ur ihe Interior.
wn u.i, rnixTH in i i-1i-ii\
CAN \n\ ixn i \ui.n :■ 1'atijs
Sciiiilc. Tacoma, Victoria, I'nrllaiiil,
New Wcsliiiinslcr, Vancouver.
AMI  M.I. I'lt'll 1(1  ('CIAS'!   i'Ol.N'TO
Tliriiitsli lllncra, I'olace tuiil TourU. Slt-tptra
Vill Bon I'ti.t. IJ.iiil,-
Sl. I'niil l-liii'ttM,, St. I.nnis
s. s. Service Inia. Vancouver
Al.iakn, llnwiil, Ghltin, Ai.H.i-aliu,
Tlu'ongli liookingato Bnglnml nnil the
Ciiiiliiii-itl vitt till Atiiintii* S. S. lint-a.
For Timo Tnliles, Rates, Tlclcots, nnd
full liifonniittnii apply tn local ngitnta.
(il-0. III III int. .,1. Crtinbroolt,
It. J. Coyle,
D. V. A
Vancouver Illi:   CBANBItOOK    HERALD
*i   *.   AAA.4%A*t + AA + AAAA + AmA + ++&ZA** + + + * + + A + AAJ + A,AA,€.AJ*A*,AAA4   •*
** »ny»tvi'»»v»i*tf»»»»f»v*v'i»»»»»»»v»T»?»»*vv?»'."iT»»vj *
* *
< >
l|MI!1ifiery Openingjj
Friday & Saturday If
< i-
March 25 ami 2d
_\ :y'
% The Choice of a Druggist
a*. .„.
Tl..- best iloi-li.r will, n .lis   -;.
Wi- Btnkt' --in' i-- imlt.li. ,i un 5
,.yo"u.   WE DOX'T TEST "IK IJRI.'CiS. &
% v.l  !:• V n;n'ii it *rsi-:si I'TESTED REPUTATION   -f
1 c S
V      ' ]„.*.\.*l*il'
: .    '
Did Vou Ever Think
1 >*
•iff  Ex'x-rii   . ■ in Ilu-drug business.     Wi-lmvi- *jf
j     ij^   .HSIH'II III   l-l.llbj    .!     UV.-r    I2.UOI)   |.h'Sr|'i|ili<>IIS. till-IV tll.'ill    --J-'-
Don't Vou Wish You Were J nil tin   Irugghstsii   >'.   I Ws X.-st lino in llritisli Coluuil'
■   -  ■ ■'■■G-i,-:^^;*g^G\G:\g::.:    -
Do E^eolasses Injure?
-■-'   ■       :  ..pi-think t-i.,.,, nr.- injurious !„   .
'     '    * !   i - m li" !'-■   i!.-|ii-l|.lfll!  .HI til,-in.      Tl
«  i'i-    ■ lit!   I   pnii  of glasses  removes tin- ,   i iin
jR   -i-   ■        yo, therefore i,4. ii„,e should I.,- I.
ii- ll---!"- .   Wegu rautee comfortable visi
Official TOatcb Inspector C, p. v.. Ctows nice; Strist,
Ill jF. Gate, Jeweler anb Optician
.{ Pattern
H islli.-1nrg.-Hl nntl iiiih -Iti-iv,
J { tm* Cmnlir , ..i -1.-.-c....i.   Ti,,'
JJ uf -Fnsliion*8 Pnvorilos" in
4 *
4 *
4 »
i »
H.- lmvi- Iii ri'tofo
lisplny will iiiiiin
Dress, Picture and
Ready-to-Wear Hats
i-lin- ilnti-
44 I    L'l'llll.
t'riilttv tuul Sttliii'iltiv i.f ll
l.ril'.r nnlers I'm-   millinery   til   Ilu-   I'lll'lil-St   possibli
insnn* litui'lv delivery.
4 -.
4 %
i tiiiiiiiit-i- <»
, »
ih *s
< l-
ti- «»
« ►
« >
<   . ft>f*>»¥»tV»*>»vrvV»*9¥1'i'f'f'»,»JI - vTVytnafTfVfVVfTVfTV ti" >
Reid & Company 1
* 0
I   Ogilvie's "Royal Household" Flour   |
ra ft
>!> This Hutu* is sniii ttiliiy as supplii-il t.i II. R. II. Prince of 0
9 Willi's, nml uf which shipments tuv sunt i-t-guliii-lj- to lln- Hoy- 0
|«ll»il.i"*si..Ei.gl I. '    |
W\        It is tin cxeellonl brail Hunt-nml iiuikos the linesi pnstry. 5jj-
i^\ Acknowledged to lu- tin- highest grade ll-un- iiiniiufni-Iiiivil in Ji
9 c'""m1"- 9
g     Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery     y
9 Cranbrook, li. C. E3
-1 " <;>
0* '***'***** ******* *9**** **'*
Millinery Opening
ICH 25 arkd 26
Wc have aaUed to our premises something: over 100 feet
wliich will be utilized as a Millinery showroom, where will be
placed tm exhibition the Grandest Display of Millinery ever
placed before the people ol lh: Kootenays.
We invite you one and all to visit us, when we will do
our besl to entertain you and show you goods at prices that
will surprise you.
To the people i'l Moyie, Ryan, Kimberley, Marysville,
Fori Steele, Wardner and faffray we not only extend a hearty
invitation but will refund in CASH
li.viylii/   \v'i),: Cis'.i purchase  amount  to Ten  Dollars,
which  purchase need not necessarily be  in  Millinery.
.A /, + *• A *-» »  W.*-   -■■'.. ■ •'.*-'   AA ■*. *•*.»   |P«'lti>«<i4*>*ilf>A->,4a>44**A*,«««
...Manitoba Hotel,,.
il'mliT N.-vv Muiiiigenu-ul)
D. A. McDONAI.I), Manager
This Hoi el is in tlie center of town.   The  rooms are
comfortable and well furnished, the dining room is firstclass, and the bar is supplied with the best.   When you
want a good place to slop come to the Manitoba.
The Calgary Cattle Company,
' a Baby again, so you inl-glrt
Ride in one of our
lii\,* yotir l*.ili\ BoitH'tliitiH you
ih'Vit i'mjovihI vmirwlf iii atyti1
KJiiifort innl tiitH-. Wi* have tlu-
wn |M>rftHati»ii nf iln- umki-ra skill
thi'*; Sacconnell
furniture co.
Cranbrook Collage Hospital,
'nrn.-r Arinatrong-ivcnnonn.1 LuwIaSt.
l-'»i- full tmrtici Mt.|.|.lyt„
riiss Moss, - Matron,
U.   I.ult.-V litis|.Iliil. Vnu.
•Jf Whyf    i..,,-titi*-i- tin- |4.i4j,|., kn..« ,vt- nn* i-xnerit-ni-iHl uml do t,'.-
if ti riglit.
i 1
Wc employ no Jlmatcurs   |
G  L::?,%¥:^^^^%%^%^^^^-%''i;,sc.'y'.
, ll. ('.
Picked  lip About lhe Cily  by Anking
(.liu'sliiins of Many  Peonlc.
Illl' ll'nilt -Jl'llSllll is mum-ou.
l-'liiwi-is tut'lili.niiiiiin tit Siitliir.
A.   I'.,   l-'niuii-l;   wtts   in   town
Ono wi'i'lt from ni-jst Sunilny will
..- Ktist.-f.
Appk-s Sl.tX), Sl.iJOnml  SIM n
nix til ti. Tt liiyri-'s Cfiift-rv.
Mr. Al.-liiw.il sl.-i-iwovor >tlruirslon*.    All Mi.liT $?
jl'ALLSnn   I'l.'-"ll'TI.V   \.\Ml KHI.D     [{„ is tin i*X|«*r.
Jf i- .,,-.*.j .-..,.! ,-. ii.-.I.I.*  .lit-iii-iisi-i*.     Uou't luki-il elm your #
il5 I.l mi- Iln night. -tf
■^ Look iiirniii* littiiilliillsi.il Sjititnliiy noxt.  It will [mm- -J,f
_t tin- <>l<l guying, ll I'nya to l).*ttl ul
I Beattie's Big Drug Store
linn M.-L.-.»l.i.f U'tii-iliii-r. wt.sii
•wn Momlny,
Dttvt- N.-wi-ll. of t'orl Sl.-t-li-. w.t
i town Friilny.
Ilon'i risk yum* livi-s l.y drink
illg li.ltlp'I'tillS Wtlll'f.
l.ut,! wi't'lt llif days iiiiiI niglita  to tliu puhlie,
Wl'l l't-i|lllll   ll'llgtll,
I Mini.-i- .linns, uf Wniihii
stii'iil Siin.ltiy in town.
II. I,. Sti'|>li.-tig wtis up fro
Morrissoy Tiiesilny.
Thi- fliirks in town tin- tno, ii
for six o'clock closing.
Mrs. (i,-4.i-M,* Powell litis I,.-,
iiiiii.' ill tin- ims! week.
'f'.viistnii-s for stili-mt Vrinstroug
Avi-i        if       II. A. Lncey,
Inexpensive tiiisii'i- itiils of fresh
cliiii-nltiii-s   itt  l.tin.ls   Imskfts.
('. I-:. Kt-'nl ,',(',,.
Rot-y Loguu wiil opt-n tt u.-w
tailor sltn|i in lln- l.uililing Ihnl is
being put up for Mr. Lupier on
Armstrong uveuue,
Miss Pnul, vvini litis lii'in eui-
ployeil us sti'iiogrnplier in Heulu .Ij
Klv.i-ll's   ulli,*,*    fill-    Si.lll"    nun,ths
li-tivi's for Winnippg toilnj.
Ciiseeggs i'IUo, N'uw Itiycil eggs
Id.- iK-riloz, til (I. T. Rogers.
The Slnnitohi liolel is nmking
sonic chnnges in  the interior nr-
I'tlllgl-nii'llts uf  the   1)111-   ttll.l   ulliiv
llml will prove unite Biitisfnctory
Mrs. Arcliilml.l is visiting her
sist ■!■. Mrs, S, .1   Mon-ow.
Mrs. Joe, iTuckson lefl ycsteiilny
r it visit tu l-'.n-t Willinui.
Mrs, Kutwiftle nml ilnngliter nre
c guests of Mi-. .Innii's Hreer.
t' (' Mill-ma tuul fnmily spent
severnl ilti.t- til l-'.-n Slcele Insl
S|..'.'i.-il service [or rttilw.-iy men
i.-\i Snniliij evening in till" Mi'lho-
list church!
Mrs. •' A. Hnrvey, who wns
teriouslj ill Insl week  with   piu-u-
Mis. .Itiiiti-s (Iill ,ni,l i-hililivn
ire sojourning nl Sinlnr. Mr. dill
spi-nl Sunilny with them.
'I'lu- tni'.'ii markets i it tuwn will
close nl si\ o'clock excepting Snt,-
imlny nights nfter this week.
WebVs Cliu.-ulnli-s. fresh ami
il.'lifiuiis.   I'. I-'.. Reid A- Cu.
A. .1,,Iliil',* wetii tu Pincher Crook
Monday to purchase a cur uf cattle
lu. tin- Harris •» -lollill'.- nuirket,
March came in like ;i   lion, nml
s Loon iliaplaying tin- king uf
lii-nsls churnctoristies ever sinn*.
W. A.  Wnlliligor  lias  1 u up.
lii.t.-il nsaiiyvr nl tin* Norlli Stnr
initio, tuul li-l'l fur thorn Inst Pit
Work is progressing rapidly tut
tin new Iti-ewei'v, anil lhe null-hill-
cry will In- in plnce within a  short
Rev. Hi'tii'hiini nml bride returned last Salurihiy, nntl received a
cord inl greeting from lhe people of
Tiiere are somo big real estate
ileals on just now that illustrate the
confidence of the people in Cran-
brook's future.
The Fort Steele Mercantile company's slore is a beauty. Tin- Pink
boys are mil nfter the business and
every one wlio fails to see their
store will miss something well
worth seeing.
Mr. Peters, who has ehnrgo of
Ilu- liiilli.i department of Western
Canada for the C. P. |{. Wa„ jM
lown Moiuluy mul Inula short conference with the lumbermen of
this district.
The Chinese population ofCrnn-
brook is I.,,. I.i,-.:,-. Wltttt this
town needs is n Hrsl-elass Btenni
laundry nml tin- devoliipinonl uf tt
pntriulii-white spirit tu -ntruiii/.e
Tin- subscription lis! of The
Herald is ^niu-iii:;- inure rapidly
Hum til uny time in llio history uf
tin* piipi-i-. Vet, tiiere nn- a few
who are not subscribers Hint should
Mr. mnl Mrs. I,. M. Mnnsliolil
uml II. Mi-M.-tlii.ti. uf Mui-ysvillo,
fm-uislioil lln* music fur the I.i-;
tlnn.v nl iln- Alexandra hotel nl
Morrissey .Min.-4. lasl Tluirsduy
Tin'  local   d nnd   I'm- lumber
will be gi-oater lliis si nor than
over before in lliis town. It now
looks ns if tin- building improvements this yenr will In- four ur live
times what it litis In en during nny
provioua yt nr.
The shoes are going fusl nt I-'.
Conruyt's cosl price snle. He will
exletid ilu- snl,-  until Murch ,'Hst.
Any,-in* who it Is a good pair ul
shoes  cheap don't delay  luit give
nn* n call before the end   uf   lhe
ninth. Working shues u spoeiulty.
Reading tin- reports uf police
irittls in Morrissoy Minis tuul
Ferine is like rending iln- particulars uf the Russiutl-lnpiiuese
win*, l-'ur instance Allosbiski and
Macrowkenski uf Muiiis.-n-y .Mines
were arraigned Inst week fui- fight-
Dave Anderson, um- uf lln- besl
-.-liunii-s nnd engineers in lln-
district, ivns In lown Snturduy nml
liruiiglil joy iiml pencil In The
lleralil ollice by making smite
iii'fi'essiiry repairs lu oi
•   i-.G^-^^^^iti^e^^i^uH;, -. .-.        'T .
if        Tin- ti"» -tm.'.    it is .loin*-.. It'-rlii-si -., ,,.,
j£  iv-- I ■ -,- . ' I il. ■ !>*';■!■■ want i  Im.-.
% Cot Flowers I'riJay Pretty   Plants
^1,' J^ee those liiill and liiil) p|pes
Ambrosia Chocolates Fresh Vegetables
1  """""' i"'>-1''
j        DAWSON & WEBB
-        We will Meet All Competition
.-nnl ure in Crnnbrook t.- stn,.
There will he regular si*nii*,-s nl
Christ church Friday uvoning nml
Sunilny morning uml evening,
Okauiigon potatoes $1.00,  Ash
crofts dry white ami   uiy  S1.S5
fm- liKJllis.. (i.T. I{,,u,.|--,, Clrocery.
(loiiu-r .Tones, deo, Donnhuennd
llgelll Wilson of Wimlliel' win- in
lown Tuesdny nighl nml were in-
itintiil inlu till- K.uf P.. big..,
II. A. King, tin* principal uf the
public schuols, was taken ill this
week ami is now in lln- Sl. Eugene
huspitid with a severe nllueli of
.Mrs (,',-,,. Tedlueli left Wulllll-S-
d.'ty fur nil est.'tilled visil nt   North
Ilay and olheroaslorn points.    Mr.
Tedlock nci pitnied herns far its
\\ iiuiijii't:.
Extreme measures should I"'
taken i-i'gui-iliiigsunitnry conditions
in inwn. It is reported Hint refuse
iniitter Ims lieen dumped within
dnnget-ous disliineo uf  roBidencos.
Tliis should I'i ive lln- inillli'ili!ile|
nttoution uf Hi.* authorities, nud
the guilty parties should In- given
iheir just deserts.   No town should
lake t-lii es un  matters uf thit;
kind, antl it is liuie tluilCruiihronk I
was aroused to the serious nnluroof
tin- dangers lhat meunnce hi i-
lienllh.   ' 	
A Successful Parly,
Mr. uml Mrs. I.. II. VtniD.-ini-
gave a must successful parly lasl i
Thursday evening in lhe handsome
parlors of the Roynl hotel, ll wns
ii rei-ord breaker in the Bocinl history nl' Cranbrook tis over fifty
guests were present. Pedro wns
the programme, nml tpiite nu tini-
nintod si-cue was presented where
twelve tables, were busy scoring in
Ilu- favorite game for gatherings
like that. It wns nearly ]i o'clock
when the 'ast llllllll was played, anil
nfter the prizes had been delivered
to the fortunate ones, the guests
arose, anil headed by Mr. uml Mis.
VniiDeearproceeded tothe dining
room where uu elegunt collution
hnd beeu prepared. It was nearly
one iielui-k when the guests started
fm* home, ami all expressed n wish
for continued prosperity uud happiness fur the liust ami hostess.
Druggists and Stationers
■•AluiiM-il,,, Mi,si Rcliabl
vi-js'v**.*****®<****** ,- y§ >■.- ■■  ■
'f$«**9 ^O**0***?i-'yJ* *  4  i   ■■■*,
\-' A. I.. ricDermot a. C. Bowneis 9
V^'hok-sol-.-   Wine   and   Spirit   Merchants, m
y' s.iiiii. iin-r The Highest Brands iin- i-. ,m .,„j  v-
V BM.ii  " of SCOTCH and ''■';   '-    *™-*>f ffi
9 Km. stool   :       l«"SH   wiii5Kii:s :;:;";';'        |
9 A tomplctc stoitk of Cigars, consisting of iln- *v-
•I'llar.-.nli."  --I.til'iirtuna."  •Ir
rlster," ".Monument." "Hilda"  uiul  others
10 Mall OrJcrs Promptly Attended to.
S3   Write I'm* Prices.
Tt Iephone \~
i^. Agents for I'. Lebel i*,- Co., Hay and Qrain.
■ir * ^>t»- r'r .r********* ****&* t r-y 3-4-:
^GG:GGGi:GGr^MiEmMMG£GGi. .. . -.11 §
When vou visit Cranbrook slop at tii.*
*v- * 0,
^> None Better In the District
s'i> Pates Si and up.    5hnrt Orders and Oysters 0
<";■ served in any style from 8 p. m. to 6 a. m. <£
Ih-J table is the best, the rooms are unsurpassed for ci.*an A,
V liuess and comfort and the bar is supplied with the besl bund A,
<}:> of liquors arid ci-jars. Bj
*m* L. B. VANDECAR, Prop.        .4'
9mm£jmmao3±GG[:G±GG :-gg,g. gg±
jj Cranbrook
il Hotel 3 3
Hue*;!?- Cnmfcrl a 5p*2cioHy      J J
Good Slabiin? in Connection       I
| * Nf*!in>!;t to railffind and depot,    Has »ccommod«*>
tt i-bm-; for the public tmequaVic'i  \i.  Cranbn
llol ami Coll] l);\&.<
 Proprietor       i .
*lf*f *♦**.* * i/-* »
Curlcy Won.
Tin* ''glove luiiti-st" lit'lwi'i'ii
Jack Curtuy ami JnckTIionipson ;ii
Wi'titwurlli hull Insl night wjis won
by Ciirli'v  in thi'   sn I   round,
TIm* in.-ih'li was I'm* $5(J0 ,*i bI(1(> nnd
}<nU' n ipts.    'i'lu* t'onti'al    was1
dguvi-fw-d liy sirai^lit Quci'imbury
ruloB, liitlitijf Jioing nllowcd in tho|
rliiirlns. ami   ilislt'llil   of    i-i i
<4 ..
t We.ure still jn business tlllll can qmtii J'O'J   '   ■ t
i pii.-i-*, I'm-'i'iiiiuiliy. Mi-tnlnw Ittty. lit !t (truss.  (1
I 1in-.ii, Shorts, Wheat ami Ogilvit's Flour. »
%i,***,******************** *********** ****'.**? ****** *
...... , ,    iiiitiiiis.   iiiiii    inou-iui   ni      i.i-iii^ ,i
etii-ine, i-   Hi      in-   r. -Illi-llll n'1-4-4 .     .... i-i-.- i- ,i i
.  h, ., scientific exhibition ol llio "niniil)
iu tho prayers ot Thu Hurulil stall
t'ul* 801110 lillle In I'tillli'.
Dr. (ireeu lefl Moluluv I'm'   New
-t" iiroveil In be ii shigKllin, nmii li
I'riinillie stiirt with tin- slllggillg till
mi nne side, Thompson wns clcnrlj
fork, where In- will  Ink,, n  post outclassed mul iifterpiiiiisliing liim
1      I
rrutlunl iirse in une nl' lln- h-ml-
illg llleilie.'ll  Sellutils.      Tile   llnetnl
is'n pi-ogrossivo phj'sicittu tuul 1
progressive iilens in liis profession
The course is lln- s .- llml   Dr
King took ti vein- ngo,
severely with  shortin-ni  blows ii
tin- wind nnd kidneys during lh
clinches Curloy fiiiislinl  the light
in   keeping in touch  with   in the second round with ti terrific
riglit In tin- jttw. scoring tt  clenii
knockout,   ll took severnl minutes
nfter tlu- decision In bring liim i".
llill-U'ii. linvo,-iil.lotl n millinery  -liln  Burrows of Pt-rnie wus the
show room to their slore  uml wiil i referee.
hold their spring openingon Pri- [tia ,l"' K0"™1' fonsensus ..I'
ilny nnd Saturday, Mtu-cli 25 nml 2(1., opinion Unit Crnnbrook .lues nol
Tho displny   wiil   consisl   of the ! need uny more nll.-g.-.l "glove con-
finest exhibition ul' inilliiiery -j Is, testa" uml thai th • "pn^s"  would
ever shown in lhe Ivootciinys. nntl'll" "vl1 '" m<k """''' ,il'1'1--
it will be iii charge nf t npetenl i
ltttly who will  ink,'  i.l.tt ■-   i„! Baled Hay lor Sale,
displaying this choice line uf milli-j    Qnod upland liny.   Applj t".
nery.     Ladies should ronil   their! Walter Whitney,
"nil" iu another coliiniii, '    i'.i 8t Ijcthliridgc, Altn,
mM^i^GGISMMMiamGEGG-G.'    \
That New Spring Suit!
s.,,,, 1, 1
Ves. you wnnt ii now.   Tin- rush will  -   -
nn.   Si-li-i-i your cloth  while yuu have n larire
.ij variety to pick from.   Tin- llnesl Block  in tliu [-^]
j to****!*, I
1 OUR  SUITS  IIT Till-:  MAN j :
Leask & Henderson   U
I i
...   In lln-ei-u.-lo-n lim-.   ('till uml let lis slmw ymi uur complete T
;   stock.    We I,im- just received It large shipmenl ul' Hi" In', sl nml :"
llltist llll-to-illlle Will
Remember Us for Groceries
1        MANNING &l LACEY I
(i« I-•.!'• I-! :■£■! • : . :*, t • I; l-M.!-l'}*»l»ltl*lVl* 1*1*1'* IS>l*l-?-l A, \]
I            lr>,44i pnj .in exhorbiUiul price h-r tt suit PART ol your
j money is W4I-I.-.I. i mill r how gooil the garments tire.    If ymi
i pay ever so small a price for ti  bad suit ALL ymir money  is
wasted.    If you buy a good suit you must  pay ut  least u fuir
pri.*.*. nnd thai is nil you will puy for a suit mude by
Cranbrook. B. C.
•  Cr.\nbrook Block
Til- 333S[IS3Era».IH
I P. Burns & Co
Markets *
Wholcailt aad Retail
& iii all thc
31 Principal
Towns in
| Meat Merchants
0  Fresh and Cured Meats Frtsli
&      Fish, (lame and Poultry.
m ******
.t,        We supply only the best.   Vour
trade is solicited
Saw Mill riachinery
Planing mil Machinery
Iron Working riachinery
Mining riachinery
Machinery tor all Purposes
All nl very best makes.
J. L. Neilson &. Co.,
till' Main St.. Winnipeg
The Herald Gives Ihe News
Cranbrook Methodist Church.
Corner ol Hanson Avenue and Louis Street
Wc have a stock of
Com mon Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting; chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in thc brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
j  Hove Vou Any Painting to be Done?
*   Uo Any ol Vour Rooms Need Paperlnt?
Estimates given on large con-
trncts.     Wu iiuui want the
iiiiiii.    We wnnt   to please
\ you with tlie work nnd receive
Knynl tlniitl, Cranbrook
A,* • ............ .'. . . . . • • • •
•r®-®-®-® ■ ®-®-®-®~ ® -®-®-®-ffl
f -v, i
f     narnage
f      V,s.tni,l Ilu- CITY  BAK-
<B KliY is tin- place togetn nice
i wedding cuke und ortunuents
I in lln- Intesl style.   Why send
T your oiilt-r mil   ,,l tuwn  nnd
<f perhnps have the i.-eingbruk-
Q en by shipping.   I'riees right,
t-J Hltonc .Si Opposite iM. li. Church
<•>      C. W. WILSON,
CRANBROOK,   -     -     ■    B. C.
Safe Horses.   Good Nigs.   Comfortable
tUuiiiunii.itr.i'.ii-.   Drivers and Rifts
Ior any part nf District.
Paul liandley, = Prop.
.Wu rigs, good driving
unci 8ti(l(lIo horses nt
iv;i-t.n*!li|.* r.iti*. Our
; i nVill In- to give gootl
('.in* In   III]    horflOS   sl;i-
li'il wiih nn,
N. C. McKINSTRY, Prop,    i
..11 A.M.
...:.\ r. m.
Stiinlii.v Seiviivn:
Divine \\'ornhi|i	
Bnmluy Hrhool	
Wvine Wuralilp 7:*lli r. m
Tui.h.Iiiy:    Epwortli   Letignu  ul  Clirlntin
Kmltmver Hi1, m
Tlt,]i*n.lii,v;   Wtwkljy* l'liiycr Mwttl1K....H I'. v
A   conlliil  invttntinii i« cxtentleil to Hi
I'liNior, S. -1. Thompson.
Cranbrook Baptist Church.
Tlio following ia a Hat ol Hi** N-rvlcea hi'M
in tlio 11 up lint Church:
Siiuiln.v 11 am. mnl 7:.'10 *i
Siind'i*** Si'IkuiJ :i p. in
V'ouiig Penplea H ji. m. Tucniliiy
rrnycr Mwtir-K H p. ni. Wmlni'H.liiy
Tlie public mi' t;unliiilly  iiiviti-.l lo attend
nil n i.i'I in rm.
I'lintur. P. W, Aiivticli
Crabronk Presbyterian Church.
Sabbath Bi-rvicfa: 11 n. m. nml l.-w p. m.
-^utidiiy Htlni.il mnl niblu cIbkh -i p. iu
i iiiihiiiiii Endeavor, Tumiduy N p. in
Tin- piiblii* ore cordially invite.) in attend
nil tlu> iiii'i'iiiiuH,
Pustor, tt'.Q. W.O. I\irinneii. a
Kin; Mercantile Company Limited
Notice Ih horoiiy given Hint tin' King Met
1'iuiiile iiiiii|iiiiiy Limited, Intend to   uppl;
tnciiiinge tli<> iiiiiii.'uf llii-i-iiiiipiniy. tu "Tli
King Luuilier MIIIh, Llmlteii."
lulled HliH INlli..lii.vnf,Iiiiiiini.v 100-1
411 W. I". liunl.
Solieltor Fur Hieeoinpauv
'.I to 11! .. til.
1 to ll p. m.
7 to a p ot,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Livery 3
Wc now represent the London & Lancashire Life Assurance Co. • .-/ho issue some very
attractive policies- Here's an example;-A joint Endowment policy covering two lives-'.uistand
and wile or two members of a family, under one policy.
Our joint rate is only A FEW CENTS more than such companies as the New York
Life, charge on one life.
Send to us for Estimate forms, or give us a call
Morrlssey Junction. B. C.
H. C. Dtp-ton     3. £ lltlMM
Australian Hotel
This man i» Inking
solid comfort    he
kllOWB when*  to gO
In- goes to tlu- sol ill
comfort hotel, Iho big
the Junction whon1
ho is glvon tho freedom of Iho oily.
Australian Hotel
Stephens Bros.
Ownen anil Proprietors,
Morrlssey Junction, B. C.
J. li. Stephens,    51, Riickcmlorl
H. I.. Stephens,   J. Luwson,
Tho Alexmulrn Hotel lui
tho ropu tn tion, mul it Imi
built up tlmt reputation 01
merit, It is tho lnr^es
nnd best equipped hotel ii
tho districl. Yon got you
money's worth.
The Alexandra Hotel
Stephens Urns*-. & Cu.,
Owners and PniprMir-
Morrlssey Mines, It. C.
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company
owns large areas of choice agricultural lands
in the Kootenay and Boundary Districts of
Southern British Columbia which are offered
for sale at from
$1 to $5 per Acre
on easy terms of payment. S Timber leases
can also be obtained on reasonable- conditions.
Proprietors ******
Teams and driven furnished for any
point in tbe district.
A. DOYI.E, Manager.
Undertaker ami Embnlmer
CiiBketa trimmed anil shipped al sliort
notice ami reason a) >1(> prices
Will re.elveaiul hold remains lu ("Impel
at a small cost,
Agent for the
Nehon Marble and Tombstone Works
IE we have not yot whnt. you want
wi- nuiy be ablo to net it for you.
W'e aru ulways rea ly Hay or Night
I'nini tlii* rriMi'L-ctor.
I). Pnterson, Crnnbrook. wasa
jjjuobI at the Stmlhconn WetlncBtlny,
Chm'los Lovett who has been at
Banff for the ptisi three months, returned to Steele Mondny.
Constable Hoskin-a, Craubrook
was nl Steele Mondny on official
Junius Lttrson, an old time prospector of this distriot, who has been
at Klk City. Idaho, for the past
year returned to Steele on Mondny,
He says that Steele is all riglit. nnd
looks tfood lo him.
A meeting held on Tuesdny
evening at the residence of Mr. A.
B, Fenwick. decided to reorganize
the rifle club, which had been
organized over n year ngo. Mr.
Fenwick was appointed Captain.
It was decided to send for rifles
mid ammunition and prepare for
a match ou Empire ilay.
Prntn tlie Fm Prvm,
A meeting will be held at the
Muskoka hotel next Fridny for tho
purpose of reorganizing the baseball club, A large attendance of
enthusiasts Is desired as an effort is
to be made this year to get a good
team together,
Mrs. II. W. Herchmei-and baby
returned ou Saturday from a  visit
to friends iu Ontario.
Some of the young men of M ioliel
are talking of forming a rifle association at that place. The government allows LO rifles to a corps of
■10 members and 100 rounds of
ammunition each per yenr. The
new Militia Act being introduced in
tho Dominion House may alter the
present act governing rifle corps
mid militia companies,
The light between .Tack Curley
and Billy Burrows on Monday
resulted in a victory for tlie former
in the fifth round, Early iu the
round Burrows weut down to the
ninth count. He renewed the
attack but another blow put liim
out of business. Burrows was in
excellent form ami put up a good
fight. The preliminary between
Sealer ami Slavin was won by
Sealer iu the second round.
M. Bollock, of Portland, Ore.,
arrived oil Wednesday oil a visit to
his brother .1. It. Bollock. He may
decide to renmin here.
Special representative in this and
adjoining territories, to represent
and advertise au old established
business house of solid financial
standing. Salary S21 weekly, with
expenses advanced each Monday by
check direct from headcpuirteis,
Expenses advanced: position permanent.    We furnish everthing.
Address The Ci lunibia. M0
Motion Bldg.. Chicago. 111. -l.Uit
From the Movie I-euiler
Joseph Xiederstadt is   planning
to give adnuce shortly after Knster.
Last year the ice on Moyii1 lake
did not break up ami go out until
about the 20th of April*
Mrs Xiederstadt left for Spokane
Wednesday accompanied by her
sou Norbert, whom sho is placing
in (ioii'/.aga college.
11. H. Diinmock is iu town from
Rossland, where he is now in
business. He will go to Hayden,
Mont,, before he returns.
Al Richardson, one of the old
timers round Moyie. returned this
week from South Africa, where he
has been living for the past three
years. Al served through the Boer
war and then went farming. For a
long time nothing was heard of Inin
here and he was given up for dead.
He says that the crops were very
light for the past couple of years
and this coupled with the ravaging
of the war has put the country iu
bad circumstances. However he
likes tho climate, and he may
decide to dispose of his property in
Moyie and return there. He is
now in Spokane on a short visit.
For Sale,
One of the best residences in
Cranbrook; 'id feet frontage. For
price and terms npply to
tt' \\ Lund,
Cranbrook or Wardner, B.C,
Collision on Great  Northern.
Monday evening of last week a
collision occurred on the Great
Northern near the entrance to the
rock tunnel about three mill's from
Morrissey Junction. The work
train which had been employed at
the big slide, was backing up to
Elko for the night and just as they
emerged from the tunnel they met
the express, consisting of three
coaches and u supply ear, Little
damage was done to the express
excepting the engine but three of
the bunk cars on the work train
were completely domolislutl and a
fourth badly shattered. Most of
the men on the train were in the
iKjarding car next to the engine
and thus escaped but quite a number were in the other bunk curs
and of these one man. John Leo,
was instantly killed and nine others
more or less injured, The Inquest
ou the Imdy of John Lee was held
at, Swinton, Friday evening and
the following verdict brought'in.
'John A. Lee. hdxjrer, came to
his death Marcli Uth through a
'oil isi on on tlie (ireut Northern
railway about three miles south of
Swinton. and that the said accident
was caused by a confusion of orders
if officials, owing to the imperfect
system of giving train orders on
this branch, and tlie jury recommended that the telephone system
be abolished and telegraphy substituted."'
immense mass of snow in huge icy
boulders would have extended
across Klk river and dammed it
up. As it is the slide extends half
way ticr.iss at one point and the
railway track was buried in places
50 feot for a distance of 1,200 feet
in all, there being three divisions,
the slide down one ravine having
divided into two parts,''
Mileage and Cost of the 0. T. P.
The following estimates of mileage and cost of the Grand Trunk
Pacific are based upon the calculations given to parliament lasl
August by Hon. W. S. Fielding:
Ciililtnl uost of FnHtmi illvlslon-
Qiielie-uto Miiiictiin 400 iiiiiV-. ui
25,000 iht mil.' $10,000,000
Quel to Wititil]ii'K i IT-- inlli*
ni .J-JS,000 iht mlli! 41,1100.000
Pmpnrtli t tlu'dndiii' liriiljjp..  2,»00,000
Total *i:i,.-1111',nne
IntiTcwt on money --xii,*u.l.-1 ilnr*
inn I'uiiBlriii'iion   11,11011.1170
Total -Kin, iti in, iit 11
Cunt i.i country of Basterii ill vision*-
Seven yearn hitpivst on Rastnrn
dtvitiloii t11.*HlS.0!12
e.'V.-ll  y -   ilili-n-r.1    i,ii   QllMlIX'
brlilRc       120.000
Total i-osl ot Bunt era wvilon lo
Coiit'ltiHPitl Liability tor \V«*hI
.-i-n miction—
eminent niiitnuilee jut mil--.   ■*      1,'t.oo
Mountain section IHO miles, Government iiiin mat ee 7i> iiercent.
ot        r.o.nn
Actual linliillty foi-WpHtern ilivWon -
ceat.oftl mi <>f Hi.' Mom,-
tntn wctioii •? !t.tlil7,.*0
CobI of Hie Bsstern division .Jll.RS'.Oi)
Cosl of the Western division    !l,l)J17,."i0
Total e
tl-  ii
1*' ro it. tliu Ili-.ji itfli.
L. W. Pi.tuioro Ims rotnrnp'1 Eraiii
Michel. Ho roportB uvorything
humming ilown flieiv.
A -jnrt",- of Spokfitie pc-oplo w.-nt
into the Plntlieml from Morrlssey
Mines this (Fridny) tii.ii'iiiii-^.
\Y. Forrest lins ri-tiirtH-il I'l-imi n
visil to Ltosslnii.l. Glllticl Forks.
Greenwood nnil other bouiuhiry
points, He states thnt imllciilions
nre ^...al for n progressive y.-nr nil
ovorthoso purls. There Is no snow
in Greeuwoofl, nnd plough ing could
la* .loin- now,
Snowallde at Morrissey,
The big snowslide on the Great
Northern nt Morrissey two weeks
ngo   wns   cleared   Monday    and
trains are again running on that
rom]. The Morrissey Despatch gives
the following account of the slide:
"Thesiiowc-ame down two ravines
o'V the mountain, sliding with ever
increasing velocity from au altitude
of over ilVK) feet, at an angle of
about 70 dogrees the greater part
f the distance,   Had the momentum been the least Lit greater the
Money For lliiililing.
Those who di-sire store IlltildillgS
on Baker sl.-.-t will do well lonppTy
to Box .S care of Hernld Ollice.
stilting size of room required, nn.l
rent- thoy will pay,
******************* *******
* ======== *
* *.
J Locals in this column will be J
J charged at the rate of 5 cents J
j per line each issue. J
Fob S.m.k—lli.i-ii-il   I'lyroonlli   llnrk
t-gga from pure, large, vlorotia l.lnlfli
-to-tf A.C, I'l-jolt,
(Ji.iiifi)i'tiilili-, ftirnlalicl iiiuiii ti, lot.
Apply at Hernlil office. in if
If yon wan tnioili-i-n joli work ilono liy
inoili-i-ii   printers, cull .it tho llomld
Only lirat-rliiHs joliwoik done at Tho
lleralil Ofllee.
KiiHtt-i* ia the dent tin... to have your
picture taken. 1-reat I'l.oto Co.
Your frlen.la expect yon to huvc yoni
photo taken thiB Faster: I'.cat.
For Maps and furlher particulars apply to Ihc following Local Land Ajcnlil
V. Hyde Baker, Crnnbrook, It. C,    11. ,1, M. Bird, Nelson, Ilf.
It. K. Brace, Wilmer, II. ('. .1. A. MeC'idlunt, It rami I-'.-iUIU*.
1. 11. Wilson. Wardner, B.C, I-l. Miillniiiloiiic*. Jr., Cn-ston, IV 0,
W. M. Frost, Gateway, Mont,
Or J. 8. DENNIS, British Columbia, Land Commissioner, C.
P. R., at Calgary, Alberta.
St. Eugene
Mines, Ltd,
Its property is located on the St. Eugene Mountain.
It has the St. Eugene lead.
It can be bought at 10 cents per share.
It is backed by mining men, not mining fakirs.
It will increase in value.
To make money in mining buy good stock lo.v
and sell on the rise.
Cranbrook Agents.
Robinson=McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
AU Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Saw 1 Planing Mills
Mnmifncturers nf Rough uml Dvosaod
We do all kinds of scavenger work, such
as cleaning privy vaults, cesspools, and
carting away rafuse matter in yards.
Satiefadion guaranteed. Office at Wentworth Hotel.
Cranbrook Sc        ~ "
D. H. ricDonald, Mgr.
1 i


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