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Cranbrook Herald May 4, 1905

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Array THE
II.UMK  8.
OllAMlBOOK,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA,   THURSDAY,   M A V    1     1905
.KM ffl
SS. iiinutM ffl
"   '       *. v.
Tweeds f.
l'i..11..un.i.l pattcins, i,». -broad
shaded stripes ;,i„l finely uinrkcd pin
stripes, l.niys .iml gray effects .iiu
uIn,, proper.
I'ii-Rtjfurui Trousi
:rs are poems in
doth,    Suns'; mid c.i:.'
,• al  the hips- -
just the right " hang '
at lhe knees—
jusl the right "set" al
ilu ankles.
Beautiful English
Tweeds, woven
exclusively for Ifit-Rel
Some  elegant   W
t I   of England
Worsteds to go with It'
a k coats.
■uial  welci    i I eccp- G-****-*-*-*******-*-***^'*'. •*.*••»*»■*
*""■■'■   !1, ,:i":" ; -wee McGregor"
in lhc ih,in. t, having kept c«.ii'.i..I
.. lai ,   ll i. ■ tarmln, land,
pjpjOnly one Fil-Refoi'm Wardrobe in tliis city— ___
■Strawberry plants lor
ale al   l'i
1,,\\ I, III'
!•'   J   Watson,
i,mi yesterday.
1!   Hint, ol li
vara trains last Friday.
John McDonald, ol Bayard, «
mu several days this week.
James llcl'hec, oi l.clhblidge, is in j ^aine resulted
[own rounding up the people on insur-
1 JI
Robinson  returned  last   «
loag trip through the To
The    dance given by
lellc St Xenli ..( lho Fi
ills   \ loll
el,  at   .Mails,ilia,   last
grcal  success an.l  wi
,s largely
aial, ,i by many people
(nun lho
minding towns.
The picked lenm ,1,.,,
weal in
is,,ll„     tu   pin)    ,,...
llinll    got
.gainst ., lough ptoposi
tion and
1.  III' Siilisllail  w111, a  1
ie.   Thai i
,,' Marysville must Im,
e some
..ill artists who can g.
i some.
,.iuio resulted ono to o:
c. Sweeney, ol Vane.
in ai, tuul.
.1 tho Hank ,,, Montreal
. was In
.■'.   Friday   Mr.   s»
.'imv bad
,,,at iii Cranhrook fot
..    lillllll,af
ears and be ivas surprl
ised aial p
,t ai the groat advance
iiiii,i mad
0 1,1
he unu.    He wns som
cwhal an
lowever, over lho lact
thai llie
tough! bj   his bank  i.i
.ua was first pui ,,it 11
lio raarkei
ft.ii ,,     .,,,,,     n, ,,   untiTH ' Ju.il received a consignment ol _ <,-*.'i^,*
OVER    40Q0    PER   MONIH j McGrcior'i high  |rad< con- J ^»
Sh     i   bm    urctj   the   ulincrlpllon { lections.   ^ j Y_W&
I,.,i ui ,,„. ii(!llM i,„   „.,.,„     ih t Huelwood Ice Cream j feiL?
i youi  mi il now  ti i   above   the
l ii.    I... i   week  there    were
printi i l.oio Herald . : ■ ■ ■■ ,;
before 1,005, and this woek th
I e .1 iii .11' ti.' Lease. There ari ierj
i.w w, .i.l;. ii, u pap ■ ii w ■ n
Canada thai i ■■■   liow as large
and in a luwn like Cranbrook with a
iparsolj lettl ,i i ountry aroun i the
tlie town, the lis*I Ir as   urprii ing as
II i. i.iiiu ing in ihe advertiiei In
ihe Hit.itil this nnnouna nu nl w it] .,■
a lource ol all Iai tion. He gets
value received lor his mone) A lis1
of L 000 means that al I a I '. iOO lo
4,500 people read the paper eai i wi ill
li also means ih.it no man advertising in ihe Herald can allord to overlook his ads. it will pay to give
iiiui. ih,- closest attention each week,
The Herald guarantees a circulation
at this time of limb per week or the
uiuiicy paid for   advertising refunded.
Two O. P. R. employes wore killed
and live pas&ongeis injured in a
wreck which look place at Downio at
7 o'clock Saturday evening. No. I
transcontinental .had a head-on collision wiih a freight train which was
holding the main line, and both trains
were badly shaken up.
Reports on tho collision are not complete as yet, bm it appears that the
freight was out from the siding, and
ii is supposed that ii Was there contrary to orders,
Duwnie is merely a passing track on
the line between Urillin Lake ana
Cralgellachie, some twenty miles west
of Revelstoke. Tin- two engines came
Loguther ai a fail late t.i speed, and
in ihe   smash
J on Friday
f)     CHbhl NO    78      ARWbTDONu  At, t       '
Livery Ham Under
New Management
Wi- desire to announce :■■ the
puhlio thai we bave purchased the
McKiiiBtrey livery barn with liorsi *
.unl riyfl, and will have cliar^u ut
lln- BUme in the fniiirc. Il will In*
our iiiui lu give tin- people ul' lhe
.lisim-t ilu- very lust in this line at
reasonable prices. We wnnl your
patronage uml we propose to uioril
it Ly the best of Befvioe,
■ liienieli
e engine, r
atelred, b,
n.l I:.,
Don't Pay Rent
Build a House
lil.t beCol'0 lluilii; su see .fniins
t ire, r. tin- contractor.    Bewill
I,,- able to lilep you with sug*    i
gestions that will prove v.,1-
James Greer
Contractor and Buildur
Cbc tieralo
oflice is equipped
for doing
the best class of
Job Work
and at prices
that should keep
all such work
In Cranbrook
Cranbrook Sash
and Door l-actory
\ ol finish work in
„:,, , ij do, r . a. i,i,!,,ws. Iran-
■",!, ■ el, K ..n dried lumber
for inside •' a! I Mir work is
.,,,. leetl 1 eui prices are
: ...      S. i. .a    .1. ajrs
Rough and Dressed Lumber J
For Sale }
m: »9SMh
jf ler be Bahama 1
Mi. Sweeney expressed the opinion
iliat Cranbrook would have a good,
hcalthj growth a;,a become one ol
'I.,-     very   best towns in the Kooti
11   i'  Chenette had recovered Birffl-I
[jiently on Tuesday to leave the hos
Fred Drew has sold his Intercsl In
''lie Royal hole) .it Marysville to
3eorg« Wales
Strawberry plants foi sale at Fink
1, ll VanDecar has been confined
|iio his   room    several days ihe post nayS
eek by illness. James Greer,  lis.* contractor,  . ivi
W   CUno, ihe hiUbei, will move bis the    HenvW   lltri [oitowtng bunch    ol
simp   lo  Uie  room  vacated  by W.   K  ,iUl[i!||lfi m,us Ul|S wri.k   Coci|   poo[.s
Tale   and   fix   up   *   modem   tonsoriai .^^    ^     i.|1.ll}li|,,.,,       M,       Urt,er.8
hulls.' across the creek is now  readj
i. i  .,,   j, .. \      *.\     l     Kei.l
- -..I,   \i iti i.(    read]   i"*. businew   in
,,',,,111    -.i\    weeks      Work   has been
    li    Leah ^   i o*«
I,,.:    across   the *>sin i from .1     K
Ufiwi rw.idei.ee        I..    Pat
ii,'t\ house iv 111 he I this week
ih,   i.i.i luui home Is being
.ind will in* occupied h.  Di   Coi
Hi    Mi iggs  i-. ua,\ m i .. i ul tagi
\h    curt   ,il-i    ...i I  that I
,.i i oiu iderahle i uildli    in I i.,
lil    '...I i
was pinched Iwiween Lwo tors ana it
i:- Lhought thai he is •,. ..in Ij injured
on si. Mali LOU .ts io
i abundance
is  Mo
up  Hi.
\|.  Roberl
-. lui.iu hu
.  thrown oi
.,.', mil  in Ai
i aod family ha"
m alien I "*■ Idt if u ■ n
thru! miles vn  i ol
in had one ol hi
\hv othei da> b)
ol .i wagon «Mb
us Morrison's
wlterry plants foi
j  ivu, i leaves !
nd .is .i
ni ahull I  l\\
l-.ii   Sale   >
U'ttVOB   '.bis  w<
eluguiu to Ihi
He t'spctis  io i-
m\   loom.   Iwo
l   I ml.
ck lul
i) li
be ah
house cast ul the
light and water, on *m *,   lerm
ply  in Jam.". Ureal
\\   ii   i ushliig .a Calgary, i
ol lhe big sash and dour faciuvy
thai city  wan In  town
If   way   In   tin   COftSl
y    Tho  hif,  tn.-   wall n
f   Hold   &    i i.   . slore is
pl.-ud    h ih a bl   pieci
Will  be
dai  on, his
lo   U     I
ilv   com
.III  I   111
T,,\|oi  an l II  u
\l. i, Uighlon & K el I ball will
h,i\. ,i Une eBtahllshmem when they
gel iheti new place fixed up Thcj
will pul in billiard and pool labh -
Mi- T Wlielaii came down from \
Pernio last Saturdaj wnh Mia. Cha* i.
nette and is upending lho week wnh -.
ilu* i.tuci at Mhrysvlllo. i
i:s   GOl nsruL \m    HOI I l
It     DOffXI   -   111 YR   PRETTY
IHS l UK 1   HI SOH'l   PROM
J AMI S I'll Mil
i \ letoi I., C'oloe
Tin   popular i".. IhoiitiG an l Biimmei
re .ii  known as lhe Gol.lsireiun ho
le]   conducted       u     mci    I
n   man]  \.-ii •   by   Jn m■   Phmi.   has
1  chtti     ii and    Ml   I'liali  retli
|S.  give ottenii u Iii
.    ■  ■   ;      He li   lu  hi       ■
the   proprietorship   and mu
i>\ .1   |{. Downes, late ol Cranhrook,
a  gentleman «Ith n w Ide expel ient,
m Hid holel   business   and a caterei
who lias made himsell populai   with
avcling public wherever he has
ocatcd.     Ho  was particularly
.inl with ins hotel venture   at
rook and  ihe ptcii ol  that city
.1 M, Robertson received word on
Tuesday from Mrs, Stlnson, sister of
Mrs Koheilson, ihat her husband had
did thai dny   There were no
expresses regret at ihe departure   ol
himself and .Mrs. Downes lor Victoria,
He conntcmplatcs a number of Im-
furth- provementB and changes in the hotel
ei pnr'lrnliirs and the relalivrs liei
nr l." -. •. inii'h in ihe dork, Tl
case i« a sad one as the couple ha
been married only n few weeks. Mr
Stlnson has the sympathy ol this oi
tire community in ber bereavement,
at Coldstream and promises to nuke
n one of the rhoBt popular resorts on
the  Island.   One of his first Innovations  will   in' the arrangement of n
flrstclass bowling green.
The Cioldstroam house  has  always
^^^^_^^^^__^^^^^^^-, l»wn a favorlle resort with "\"is-1uri-
.1. Swinnnrlou and Harry MbVllUe ans and visitors to the eity, an.l, he-
arc  in   Hamilton   lliis  week louklhg Ing    modernized    and placed in lirst
over tho future boundary metropolis,  class condition ll is bound to become. h .  ,   p   . D        o[
William Cameron leaves this week doubly so iu the future. It occupies U^sville, intend 'to apply to'the
fur BtifTiilo lo attend the annual nuvl- a most Ideal situation, not only from I Bdili'il ol License Commissioners ioi
hm or the mmd lodgp of. Ti. of IX. T. ils charming scenic surroundings, hut Cranbrook district, at the first 'neet-
There will.be vr.O gram! lodge officers because it is coiiiparailvtly easy ol inff held 80 days after the first^u^
and delegates iu attendanee and ii is access from the cily. I trom"myself to Qcorgc l'i. Wales   ot
estimated that Lhu total number   of    Though   surrendering   bis Interests i \]xc license to sell Intoxletitlng liquors
railway men at the meeting will    he in the bold property, Mr. Phair, who]at the Royal hotel in Marysville.
over 2,0(10. has a host ol friend!, who will missi   Dated April 34th, 1005.
ned by the undersigned
p till the luth i ha] 1005 al ni on
ioi tin ■,.'.,...:..,.:. hoisting
shalt to o leptl ■. three liuudred and
ixtj ■ .     mon   1'.   less,    at
Lundbr«:cli mines, located al I uud
ai.'.k. vile Plans and >pw ideations
.. ay   - e   si en   eithei al  i ho olliee ol
. e   ],;, ,■' i ;.;; ; v   ,\    1 Ulld   Cool   COIU-
panj,   Lim 1    dbreck,  Alta.,
ir   at   tin iho i rows Nest
Lumber i      ■■       l.l lited,   al
,   . ti.    i copies o!  lhe
to   -i.i'ius-
, thli
. ,   - by tl   n ol Ten
llol alS     ' ,-   ■'.'  to be leUiud-
-i ■ ,■ mj   on receipt   oi
*■ : .   ■
Che I twcsl or any ten ler not necw ■
triij    ,, epti .1
Pi bi Lund, St nretary,
Notice  •■   hereby rn*, ti that M  lav>
afli i  date I  will apply  to lho ■ tiiel
■ ■■■ :■ ■ - im i ol Lands and Works i -i
,■ ; .   Ion to |   ■'',..■ 'l-i' folio v'ng
ties* iihed land In South I'n 4 Knr -.-
Commcm Ing a1 a. post plait tod
•■ h'-U' tho <.i.i lioundaij  ol Lot il'il
■ ■■ "■ ica tin i thorn hound ai :■ 11 the
1 , ■ '•'■ i Pa* s railway, then .0
..mill 10 (hams, more or less, io rho
Moyiu liver; thenco northerly ilo.ig
hi   Wo) in 11i*i i  in tho i Ight of way
ol the   aid in lwa| l Ih tn i along tbe
aid 11 ;.' i.f " ly In .. noi thwesterly
direction to thi   place ol commeno
men i
18th  Vpril   1005
■i"     Cftvea,
II. it   McVittie, Agent,
Take notice tlml the executors of
Hi.* late L. mv Sago will rrII by lender the following valuable property
in i'ianbroul'
11 )   Lot 27, Rlock Dl, Plan ftftfi.
(2,)   Loi Ll, Block DO, Plan 081).
This property is on Hanson avenue
in the business [tart ol the lown. C'n
Lot ll there is a Btore now occupied
by .lames McArlliur.
\ll tenders must be deposited with
the undersigned on or before 12
o'clock, noon, on Friday -Mny 13U»
The lota will be sold separately or
together to suit purchaser.
Tho highest nor any tender not necessarily accepted.
Terms: $50 deposit with lender; one
half In len days, balance in hx
months, secured by mortgage With interest at S per cent.
For further particulars apply to the
Harvey & McCarter, Cranhroolf,
r,-2t Solicitors for Executors.
Dated April 25th, 1005.
Send iii your order to
Tbe  C'ty   Bakery
Ready for delivery e.trly Good
Friday moting
,;■; The genuine always boar lhe ti|* S
M nature, Jos. CsBdC, on the'boi 5
■'■'■ Iiim-i on gettinu iho geuuine. >'i*r w
g sale at all hotefs. J
Cranbrook, li. C. ;>
s-.;t--.i^.. -.. : -i'..-S-V-i-6-ttf*'
lVams aial driver. i„r„ialii',l for a,r
,„„, In llle tllBtrlvt,
A. DOYI.B, Manaster.
Rcp.iirina Promptly Done.
rootwear to Measure a Siieciully
Subscribe for
The Herald
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It Is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
J. Johnston.
Nineteen shares of the East Koote-1 Thirty days after date I intend to
na\ Lumber company. See J. Ever- apply io Uie Chlol Commissioner oi
L*tt Fenwlek, near Cranbrook, or Lauds and Works at Victoria, U. t' ,
wiile Dr. J. II- Ryan, Sussex, N, IL, lot a special license io cut and carry
Canada. -away  timber irom the following de-
_  .,, ..  . I scribed lands situated in the dlstriot
I of Soulh Kasi Kootenay:
........ j   Commencing at a postplanted about
Mmuv 'one and one-halt miles ca^t ol Toehty
Notice  is hereby given  thnt    iwo Siding, ou the B. C. Southern rail,
months alter the first publication ol way,   thence north 40 chains, thence
ihis notice I Intend to apply lo, the west   lUU   chains,   thence   south   40 i
Com miss loiter   ot   Lands   ami WotKs chains, mom or less, to the right oi j
lor permission to purchase the follow- way  uf  the  B.  C. Southern railway,
ing described land: j thence   along   said right oi way    to
Commencing at a post planted   at place   ul   commencement,   containing
ihe southeast Corner of John Alotl's uiu acres, more or less,
purchase, LoU7tjQH, near Elko, ti. ''-,    Dated April 5th, lilba.
thenco north 40 chains, thence east 8U    4-jt
cluiius, thenee south -IU chains, thence  _ .   __ 	
west along the north line uf Lot 3.47 iirvnl.r.   nv ,-,.,.
and Lot 3054 and railway to point of SALE   ti\    ILNDLR   Ol  VALUA-
commencentent. BLE HEAL Estate.
Dated April 18, 1805. I     , ,        if     _.      t. .....
4„*jt Rcgina Mott.       Take notice that the administratrls
'of tliu laic Thomas Kennedy will sell
by tender the lulluwiug valuable
property; being lot iu, blutk uu, i
Cranbrook, according to registered
plan 080.
'lhe property is situate on Hanson
avenue in     the business part ol the!
town.   Un the lot there is a boarding'.
house and large warehouse,
All tenders must bu deposited with
tho undersigned on oi before 12,
o clock, noon, ou Friday the Zklh;
lost. The highest nor any lender not
necessarily accepted,
Terms; iitti deposit must accompany I
the tender; ihe balance musl be paid
within iu days from acceptance.
For   further     particulars apply to
the undersigned.
Harvey & McCarter,
Solicitors for Administratrix,
Dated April 12th, 1805. U-Ut
Formerl) Hotel Phair
NELSON,   b. C.
B. T0HPKIN5, .Manager.
fhia hotel is one of the best in
British Colombia aud up-to-date
in evei} respect, Well lighted
sample ro i ■ i
Take notice that thiity days after
dat« we intend io apply lu tne Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
Uu a twenty-one year lease and permission to cut and carry away limber from the following described lands
iu South Easi  Kootenay;
Commencing at the northwest cor.
nor of the Grant limit, about on
lhains from the west line of t'hasf J,
Armstrong's purchase, near Lake
creek, running thence 20 chains south
theucc 80 chains west, ihence 20
chains south, thence 40 chains west,
thence 105 chains south, thenee 100
chains wesl, thenee 325 chains north,
thence 2!i0 chains easl, thenee Hti
Chains south to northwest coiner of
A. E. Watis application for timber
Dated this fiih day ol April, 1005.
The Wattsburg Lumner Company,
3-Jt A. E. Watts, Agent.
Fred Drew.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
ol repairing.   Qtve me a call.
Thirty days aftei date I Intend to
apply to liie Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works lui pi rmi ion to
CUt and eairj awaj i Imui i from lho
following described lands In South
East Kootenay;
Oommenclag al a point one-hall
mile West ol the northeast corn i ol
.■'rank Armstrong's pre-emption:
thence wesl to the easl limit of
Qrant Leiauf.ee a pre omptii a; Lh ■■ o
iiui ih to the not th limil ol aid preemption,; thenee we i tu the • a l lim-
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
alter   date   I Intend to apply fo tho
Chlol   Commissioner    ol   Land*; and
Works, tor a special    license to cul
.iiih carry away timber from the foi.     _      i   _	
lowing described lands in South East'j It   ol tiogan's timber Itcer e   thenci
Kootenay: [north to the noiih limit oi Bald   11-
Commenclng at a point 20 chains cense; thence west tu tho east limit
west of the east corner of Lot 7101, |o| Clubb'a pre-emption; thence north
Ci. l, thence wost 40 chains, thence to a point dlrootly west ol the south
south loo chains, thence east 40(limit ol the Marysville Lumber Com-
ohalns, thence north 160 chains io pony's tlmbei license (produced);
place of commencement, containing-! thenco east to a point one-hall mile
040 acres, more or less. west of the southeast, corner of said
Dated this 28tli day of March, LOOS license;  thenco south 80 chains more
4-5t C. A. Paulson,       or less to place ol commencement
Per, P. A. Paulson, Agent.        Duhd tins 11th (Jay of April, A. D,
iJ-5t John C. Porter,
60  YEARS'
Notice Is hereby glyen that thirty
days after date 1 Intend to apply to
the Chlel Coinmlsi loner ol Lands and
Works, Victoria for a special license
to cut and carry away Umbel from
the following described land in South
l- .i-i Koolenay disttict:
Commencing 20 chains north if tho
southwest coiner of Chas. J, Armstrong's pun base, m ar Lake tr- ek,
running themo 80 chains west,
thenco BO ch tins north, il n • 50
east, Ihence 80 i hams o tli lo po 14
ol commcm 1 nn nl
[   Dated  this l.th
Fancy Box Chocolates
al the Candy Kitchen
Alio Rol ■'■■- I I."i'y'«, both
in ' "X- - und ::'.-: We \>,v,- orrt
1)4 tout) ot ::-  "'■ -.a tbe
»Mj    Ti utmi :-■"■ ■ ,-:■!- I'd
nor! rmm.   SEE t    -- 23   MIXTURE
fm tli" <',;. -...,,   j, m   good   HI
jou ■ "ii l buy lu Special
attention ■j.'.-ii ■ tn tli onlm
G. .P TiSDALE. «
"Pretoria" mineral claim, situate In
the  Fort Steele Mining Division ol
East Kootenay district.
Where   Located:—On   a hill west   ol
Swansea   station on  the Canadian
Pacific Railway company's line be-
.. tween Cranbi       a d Moyie.
Take notice tha! I, Harry II. Mo*
\ it tie, free mlnci s certificate B73487,
acting as agent for John Porter It alley, free miner's certificate H731S7,
intend, sixty days after date hereof,
to apply io th recorder for
a certificate ol roven enta lor the
purpose ol obtaining a crown grant
of the above 1:
And lurtbet take notice that action
under Scctio l be 1 ommeoe-ed
befoie the I ich certificate
ol in,pi"- ei 11
Dattd this 1st day ol April, A. D.
a) ft   IL McVittie;
Scientific American.
A l.nml nmOIr IllmtnUad wcUl*/.   Lnraoit <;lr.
nil.10  .  imt -1 iiiui" Ji.iirtnil.    'I "rn,-, tin
>.<,.: |...iriiiu.illi..,*l.  Hi.UlUji.il I).'«-,,l,i,U'ii.
aj ol  Vpi
A.   E,   Watts,
Wattsburg, B   C.
"Emma Fraction" mineral claim,
situate in the Fort Steele Mining Division of East Kootenay District.
Where located: Sullivan Hill.
Take notice that I, William J. Langley, free miner's certificate B73410,
acting for myself and agent for Jud-
son ti. Langley, hee miner's certificate B734J.1, Andrew J. Devlin, fee*
miner's certilieate B73412, Charles
C. Farrcll, tree miner's certificate
B0OG76, Walter C. Burchott, tree miner's certificate 1173451, Edwin C.
Smith, free miner's certificate 1173479
and Robert L. T. Oalhraith, free miner's certilieate No. 1173434, Intend
sixty days Irom date hereof, to ap*'
ply to the mining recorder for a certilieate ol improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant ol
each ol the above claims.
And further lake notice that action
under section 37 must be commenced,
before the issuance of such certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 27th day of February!
A. I). 1005.
49-Ot W. J. Langley, TUB   CRANBROOK   HERALD
Bail} iill Mr. 15th
Low  Settlers  Rates
I'll, i.M
Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec,
Maritime Provinces,
New England,
United States Points
-  TO
S,M„1 f.ir your Erii'nila while lov
rates aro in , ffeef
Prepaid Ticki ta ili'liveriil I.y mail
,.r telegraph witliemi tultlttiuitiil
Leave Montreal Sundays and  -Thursdays
Uivc Toronto Tuesdays and Ssiurduys
Leave Sl. Paul Daily
For rail's, tli'kt ..> tonrUl sleeper
berths .-iml complete inforinutioii
apply to local 'infills "i' write
(j. Wilier, Agent, Crantirunk.
'll $oh printing ie an Uvtsss
A Dollar in Value
For a Dollar in Money
The Herald Practices the art.     You can get only one kind of  jsj
Printing in this office.     That is the best.
St Krintmcr tn rnis nTtti-p.       1 tint is ihp hest. St
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>>nn|'si-  nf Kkj,e!-:t.
I.--.1IS   -ill   Ollllllllll.il    LlilllS    III     ,M,1,llllll*-.I. -, _ , -1 .    .,   . r
Ih: >ufiii**c-.i territories aad lbe Yukon A    j       ■     -A  j
.,..:   .■-.., i..tii-i.i.,\ '.',,,i,n.-",;,ii -in,.-I  Uy C. B. Lewis
UUIU ,.'!   v-ll , nu .in .   '.,i   lul    it ill I..|i',11'        \   i
IIIUI     li i ,    .    ,i.',.-' "H   ""' '   i'i    """     ll
.   I Ill\
aa: .a: suppressing :
, A l
|f M;
■■■'. i   ■ ti'i tht
.'   ■  ..   . ,    .,
,    t    .   ., ,,',i   ..-ii-
UlWU.Hi II   "1 11      I
IIIKl   ■
■    -  . .j
.-i.i.   lit
-> «
*****    ♦*♦*♦    ♦♦•>♦♦*•*>    •
1 tu* l»rl« Mnry Ann Janes hnd been
sailing   between   Providence nml  lhc
UV.-l    hi,-   fi i'   l|    ROI 'I    irin.V   J'i'HI'a
n hen t'aptnln .lonea dh d,    li - n i.-.
ai'!. •: win .n thu brig wua mimed, hud
.■nya bi lied n Ith blm, ui d she could
•"■ -n't '" i w irry yourself, l hain't
advtrtlt.it]' foi n liosi.an.l."
■ I'.ut l'i i coin' in be en].iniii of the
M; i \ An-i, in d ynu euii bank on tliat."
"Ni I whlli l ■.". Jed Pursuits. I'm
purty busy thla evenlu*, aud you'd bet*
ler luke youibcir uff."
s.i .!.,! took himself olT. nml In due
time tbe bilg Uulnhed loading for Ifun
duras ond |iul to ion. Luck ill u idi -1
her n-.'tlin Hint Is. Jed willed ii mil-
n. ■ ii p ilu ring luu watches nnd luek
during thu widow's, uud he'd have civ-
en ii iiuiiith's wages ha.I tin- ernfl lp»t
oi I her masts while be wua n*. w»p
In Ida Wttleli bt'h w. Nothing Uiip| id,
however, nnd alto reached port nnd bo-
gnu the dl i In i - of her cargo. When
din* waa ready to begla taking on, tlio
widow enme oul of the cabin nee ti
i trick at ihe wheel. Work "iii un    i„ff tQ ,1,^1 tlll. .„.,;,. iouh^uh ou tho
T^?tow?&X^ ffis^"-5 *■ ^ ^<c\:;::\.;.u-nuiu.., n*m »*
had been Capla.ii j, ne* lirsi mute for, | ™£ ™* m mea»ln8 „r .„-„,., , Ui    Rollins, o. the Cranbronh   ho el
live years, and when death overtook \ ,hedemanded ns she looked around.      |°»« <>•»' tI,is ^ anjL. „? 1  -
D.P.A., Kola
.l'..\. Vn
the shlpunisti r Jed untiirnlly ex pet led
thut the widow would nettle down
iimi.m'l* uud aak blm tn t:.. as euptnlu.
In this he was aiidly dlsitppoliited,
"1 don't en re to stop ashore," ex-
philned tho widow, "nnd there's no reu-
boii why 1 shouldn't go as captnlu ot
tlie Mttl'j Ann."
"N'lii.>iiy ever lic-nrd of n womnn be
Ing t'lipliihi of ii ship," replied Jed. "It
appears at 'In iuiiui''. It's like a man
n j In'  to sew eurpet rugs and  uitiko
"li. -i'i you worry about thnt, Jed
I'-i:-. : s,    Vou nre a purty suinrt fel
rn i
it*., it
m hi
1 J":
Ul I'l
l.l' '
. »l..iijr na first
.l.-.l ili.ln'l rofllf
tint,.'. Imt li" curried a si.ii'inii I'.,,','
«Iiii" th,. I rls wn. loading nml wns
I'..'.- -\ Mi, m„ protlictl, na lhat t!..' Mnry
A an Jones ivotilil never enter „ dome
a "'I   11.;;,ill.     \\ lull   slla   WIIB   na.iv   la
mil, be went nronnil nml ostentatiously
St. I'niil, Chicago, New Vork
AS,,   ,11,    I'OINTH  HAST
Panne anil Tn.irlFI Sleeper... Bullet   Library j
Car., Modern flay Coaches, Dining Car:., j
.Mcala a la Carte.
t- Bast and Wesl Daily «<
Special excursion rale.- tn World's l:air, St. j
Louts,     Your cliolcc „f route,
Fur rales, folders nml lull Information
regnrcllrig trips, fall on ..i uilJrosB
8, li. VI'.liKKS, 11, 1: an I,r
,1. W. I',   I, C. P. A T. A ]
Seattle 701 ff. [livursiilu .\v
M'nsh, Sjiokaiio. Wa.-li.
—Jf Columbian College
Founded 1802 New Wcslinlusler il. C
Incornoralcd 11'i.i
Dntli soxaa, ut modoriit a.   II,.an in..,.
,ir„,..,',v aliias I",' junior -nil ',,,8, doing alia
ili-il  I'lll'lla a.'l.ool ii-ot'k.   I -Illeli.-al	
work, oolilora all llml   .,: I f,;,i!.a-. ,1
nrannroa fortoonlieraoitnlnti utlona. Teuelie,
all liranclioa ol .. I'llACTH.'AI. IIIWI.S'KSS
COURSE, aial ni...- ,|i|,l,„„ ,..   Gin., a III,
mnl In tlie Ludlaa Colloiio taairao loi M. I.'. I
aiitl.M. I.. A.   In DiiiTonlry work ,-„n ink.
■luilmila tbmngl, II."' I'l'1"   Aria a >..,
anritliedegr tl: A.en,, tn>DlitnlneilIrom
Toronto University,with ,.:...I. tli llaaa.-
In full afnlatlon-   I'..,' lullei inlonuu, ml
t.rm. write to
R.v W. J. Slpprell ll. A. !)■ D. Principal,
or Rev. J. I'. Bowell, llur.-air.
'!«M,.:-v-;;.a;:-    ~':AA  'X
^!i- ^.Zftmt,
A^AAWAI  \f-
.■A ki',■■'■ :V'A    *• '
"Mutiny, ma'am," he brletiy replied,
"Mutiny about what J"
"Luis of thlugJi.    As there h
sailor t" bo hired ashore for iove or t
money 1 don'l see how wo nre to get
out of bere for a mouth of Sundays."
-■What's this i bear about mutiny?" |
asked the widow jus she went forward
among the sailors. "Will Perkins,
you've been Biilllug on the Mnry Ami
for live yeura Speak up and tell me
what's the trouble."
"it's ihis way. ma'am." replied I'er-
kins   "wo Btnnds by the mnte."
"Vou Btnnd by him In what'""
"LHinno. but we stands by him. Bet-    '
ter nsk him, ma'am."
"Jed   Parsons,   will   you  explain?" j Hi
asked Mrs. Captalu Jones us she went ! Ilr
hack to him. p|:
'l will, ma'am, f want to marry you ;.,,
That Is whal every man Asks for iu this world, nnd self protection and
sell tntere&t wai rants i|ie demand. The retail buyer demands tt In his
purchases, and tho merchant who tails to give "a dollar value for a dollai
in money" vi all soon be out of buslucss.
The retailer, in turn, must seek lln: dollar value iu all his. purchases.
Advertising i .1 pari "l his purchases, It is a recognized factor in build-
in-; up .iml maintaining a business in Cranhrook, ns well as in other towns.
Results have demonstrated lhat the judicious advertise) has lbe advantage
ovei the iluu nli,, [alls to advertise.
Therefore it bel ves tho business man to got his dolfcu value In buying
rhe Cranbrook Herald charges   $l   per inch pei month
and IU circulation In the country tributary   to
  „ - ,. dollar lu mine I.n over) dollai expended,   Anal
»«  """" ■•■'"'M'"h"- ri«ftI  •""l! veUlseme.  th.   H„,i.| brings results    T .a. been proven bj all «ho
try It, iltnplj because tho Herald k read by tha people who patrunlu thu
Cranl k merchants   The basis pttcn by    newspapoi   expert   as lo tha
tiiimbci ol readers ini each papei printed is Ave On thai ba la tho M.i
.il.i would have nearly 4,000 readers in the territory tributary to Cran
brook,   Mm (lit that il,.wii tn 8,500, and that is tail and legitimate  That
meani thatevorj issue ol  the Herald Is road  hy   2,fi0tl | pic who, during
ihe je.ii, make purchases ol Cranbiook business men ih.it Is whj Ute
Herald can give the dollai value foi -veiy dollai expended Tho Phoenix
Pioncii l& one oi the best papers in ihe province, but as an advertising
medium i.n Cranbrook merchants its spate would not he worth live cents
pei Inch Tlu- Golden .sun \s anothui excellent papei, but Cranbrook merchants could not aiiord to patronize iis columns for the reason that il has
no circulation in the territory tributary to Cranhrook. Neither of these
papers could give the Cranbrook merchant  the circulation,   Circulation is
! \\ u\  COMMKRUI W. MLN    KI
111 n:s \i \iitl*K COMINC1 Tl)
ItltlTlSH UOLI Min \
The hill |i,iv:el h>  lhe last leglslo ' his advertising,
Hue Imposing .. «,.s ol $100 ,.,. com : ,,„ ,,, ^vortWni spac
mere la I travelers, anil au extra Li\ *di ,.     .
' rani i, guaranteci ■.
— Mm
whoh ale     li.|n.'i    I se« Is alieadj
li.iMtu'  ,i had effect  nn busl .s i-m
no Ij   as lhe nunibri  thou.', bu ;im   i
in the in", iaei   Is greatly deereai eil
I.' peelallj   Is this  the ease Willi the
im 'i ri prest m Ing Calgai y houses, who
eame wi ■ ■: mil) a ■ Ini as Mo'j le, sell
Ing f i tu i, eigai s, etc., on com ml n ion,
ind th.it is where Cranbrook iiiHei ■
ormntion on the subject so lar    us'
the hill iffected hotels and other lines|
t a {ol business In Crnnbrook.
or I   "ii.u-s ii aficct hotels and bustnei
r-euerally?"     replied     Mr.     Rollins
'Look at thai register nnd Judge for
ourself. That page should he nearly •**- basis ni value in estimating the worth ol advertising. The Herald has
the eiteulaiii.il, and, what Is more, lis lists are open to inspection by its
advertisers .it any lime The Herald is not asking loi advertising on the
basis- nl friendship, but simply (rum a cold business standpoint, Irom the
standpoint ,.; ,, dollai value im a dollai paid- The Herald circulation Is
not a pig In the poke proposition. Any advertiser can satisfy liimscll by
tho subscription bucks, and he is r-'LHegcd to visit the press rooms and
secure the pioof by watching the lounter as the papers aie turned out.
-\ dollar value (oi .. dollai pad Is the pollcj  ol lhc Herald, and   no
Cranbrook advertise! can ah..id to overlook the tact.
Editor and Manager.
inli today     bnt
slopping   oil'   at   l'i
id  right   through
lirst  place iu the
lead nl  the ho)s 1
brook  the> paai
t..wn  lor    the
territories     01
it won'l he so had later In tho
r and (all.   The act is now he
forced and is catching a L'i ol
rs  who     w, ut  iu by  the mam:
[nstead ot paying $50 for    the
L\   months   they   are  not   stop-
i British Columbia but return-
si     and   will wait until their •
uml become captain of lho Mnry Ann."   ,,)A,   lrj,, ,([|]| ,, lV  jgjj lMl.  ,|,(,   |Jlsl I
''B«t J refused you only two or three  R|x  |nonths    nm|   ,.      to work    thp
weeks ago, _^_^
"You did, mn'am, but 1 didn't hnve
nny mutiny to buck me up then, Looks
! whole province on thai one   license.
I The old time houses with rcgulai
nn If you'd have to go ashore uud let salaried travelers will ol course pay
tbe eousul marry us if this brig la | the lie. use and mark up all the goods
ever to sail into Providence harbor
a j,**'in."
"I'm a pood mind to-to stand out
W. lY.riiliv
, or tl,.' Mlulilei ollliolnl
 9 j Dominion and Provin- '
[lrnthi>r«      I I cial   Land Surveyor, -
li. H. McVittie
|   A. W. McVittie   j
! Dezall Brothers     . ; *
\ |    li. id. McVittie
Blacksmiths        Qe,,cral Agcnl    j
H»^n CI,«aSn«   I  ' TIMBER, MINGS and
j     Horse Shoeing j ; LANUS j
j CRANBROOK,   11.   C. J
. . •** »»»•
j Oul.lde Order. Promptly t     - __
: A"fnJtdl- " J.0.CUMMIN0S
{ Carriage Repairing and
I Qcneral Jobbing....
V ! ; ■  .   ■       iV
Purchase Price $3.00 ,-1 month
Allowance made for old machine
.■..-ii-i, -.   Tim
,'.|ni|'ini'iit- in
al mil' 1
a Ii.iMm
11. r. ,
ma,,,' ii„
lllll  IVO a
■ limit
atiially ,,. 1.11-i 1
When von „■
Wi- ninkil I, a .
'.villa.,,, rink.
anl il   1
Also Ii,
IIOVOll   -a
,' nml lu
,1,, ll,,,
im,li.,|,l i
It 111i-
Perry & Fitzgerald
Cranbrook Cartage
and Transfer Co.
Office Opposite C. I'. H. 'I'lill.M: da
bade everybody and everything a last
farewell, and he called ut the postoflice to Bay:
"Uncle Ben, If any letters come fur
me you can make pipe UpbtB of 'em,
for I shall never see old Providence
"(doiii1 to be drownded this vyljje?"
naked tlie old postuiusler.
"I'm Bure to be, with all the rest.
Cau't no wldder woman on tho fnco of
ibis earth sail a ship over six miiiutea
without sendin' ber to tliu bottom oi
the sen?"
" 'Pours that way to me," mused ['n
ele Ben, "but I duniio. C'ap'n .lones'
wldder Is a puny smart woman—n
purty emnrt woman. She may bo uble
to dodge through by the skin of bci
teeth. However, I'll bid you good-
by und hope to meet you In heaven."
The Widow Jones was not y.t forty
years old und In the best of health.
When tbo voyage began she stood
watch nml watch wllh lbe mate, uml
when the brig rencbed u porl iu the
West Indies .led PnrsoUB bud to admit
tliat her seamanship hud been us good
us Ills own. While Jed admitted thin
much to himself, bo curried tho Iden
lo others ihat nothing but nn ovemil
tug providence bail kept the Mnry Ann
nfloal ou tin* voyage out. nnd lb,it ulu1
musl certainly go to the boUom on the
run home. Much to his surprise, lhe
brig reached her home port without
the slightest mlshnp.
"So yon got ba.]- alive nrter nil?"
queried Undo Ben na .led entered the
postollice h'ukiiig ruther »hiiiiierm*ed,
"Yes, Uncle Ben, I have," replied (lie
nunc. "I've benrd About the Lord
spnrln' certain people to do ecrhiln
work 011 earth, uud 1 guusa Unit's m\
nnd   let   tbo  old   brig  sink   at  her i man
anchors." ! iLlju,
'Mutiny Is u terrible thing—a lend- | m . ,
hie thing," replied Jed as be looked as i
"V-e-s, I know, but I'm not afraid. If j ;,ih"11
It wasn't that I wanted to gel loaded
us f-oon ns possible und get back to
market  with  the  logwood,  I'd  keep
right on Bnyln' no."
"But as it is. mn'am?"
"As it is, we'll go ashore In the yawl ;
and see the consul, and if be thinks !
this mutiny cau't be suppressed In any ;
other way"—
Tbe eousul thought It couldn't, nnd
the Mary Ann bad a new captain ou
the homeward run.
I iu British Columbia to meet the
y   in   lhe  province.   A   traveling
from the easl is a mighty a I
rtlsemcnt lor British Columbia,
omes in contact iu the east wnh
o; capital .nnd naturally he talks
i the opportunities offered in
Again  at raveling  man
c. o. o.
,a,;as   about  three towns a week  t
I liia expenses nie ni least $10   a  ^>—
A carload of ham and bacon just receiv-
d*     .«     ed  from   Chicago     <.*«     <M
jr.   Then
i  and   tli
i   here e
FvonUa of Flarnrua.
Some person of a mnthemntlenl turn
of mind has discovered that the multiplication of 0S7O54821 (which, you will
observe, nre simply the figures 1 to
!), Inclusive, reversed) by •!.". gives *M,-
■1-1-1,4-1-1,145. Reversing tbe order of the
digits nud multiplying 12345G7S9 by 45
wo g»t a result equally curious—vl2,
5,655,855,605. If we take 128450789 as
tbe multiplicand and, Interchanging the
figures lu 45 so as to make them read
54, use the last number as n multiplier,
the result will be 0,000,000,000. Returning to the multiplicand DS7Q54821
nnd taking 54 ns tbe multiplier again,
the result will be 53,833,883,834, nil 3's
except the first nud last figures, which
together read 04—tlie multiplier. Taking the same multiplicand nnd -7, the
half of 54, as the multiplier, tho product Is 20,000,000,007, nil 0's except the
first and lust figures, which together
rend 27—tho multiplier. Now Interchanging the order of the figures 27
nud using 72 Instead n.i u multiplier
nud 0S7054321 us the multiplicand we
get us a product 71,111,111,112, ull 1'a
except the first uud last figures, which
together read 72—the multiplier.
! | Cranbrook
! Hotel S S
iiui***!.*' Cunifurl a Special!)
Ouud SiBhlinK in Connection
"Shool Shoot" continued I
"The Wldder Jones knows h
that brig us well as her buyout- nose Is out of J'int bet
didn't get to bo en plain.   !!««
e   Hell
i.i suli
nl did.
Tin* Nun'-. Dlntanoo.
In order to calculate the linear velocity of lhe earth lu Its orbit we must
lirst know Its distance from tlie sun.
If wo enn measure iho earth's velocity,
the sun's distance can be computed. If
the velocity can be determined with
great accuracy, the resulting value of
the siiii's distance Is proportionately
precise. The methods of spectroscopy
have boon so far Improved lhat we are
within measurable distance of determining tlu. solar parallax by speelro-
scoptc observations,   If nny slur near
the Zodiac be observed with lhe spectroscope ut the two seasons when its
longitude differs from that of the sun
by uo degrees, wo eon deduce uot only
lhe velocity of the slur, but nlso tho
mean velocity of tlio earth lu Us orbit.
Spectroscope observations of stellar velocity In the line of sight are now so
good thut the value of the solar disunite which may be bud ou the principle described la al least of tbo sumo land abounding In interest. ,t
order of accuracy ns values derived require more space than is li
from older methods.—Evangelist L.jj
I of t
ire from 150 to 2Uti trav-
aming lo British Colum-
; means a lot of money
h year.   With  Uus    u\
Ihere is ho 1  lo bo a big dropping
"fi among lliose who nre classed! as
i ommissinn men as they may not be
able lo figurt out how the) can paj
the $100 tax and make the trips pay.
h is estimated, 1 believe, that the
las would raise a revenue o( $25,000
lo $30,000 annually. Even if n did
this tho province as a whole would
hi the big loser. When we fall to
have the traveling nun stop here naturally .'iii* business v.ith the lu.-r
chants of the town drops ju-1 Mini
much, and in the en.I all are losers,
1 don't    like lo -see a law lhat will j ■•••■•»>»«*«•>♦»•»»*»■■■«■••■-.•>.«■.
keep anv class from coming to Brit- '       ™
iai, Columbia a„,l to Cmnbrool,   Tina £ aSIIKSIS^SIMffi
Is a new province and the more peo- rffi
jile of the cast know of its posslblll- ^
ties    here the better will it be   lot  V
Nearest to rallmad and depot,    lint, sceomtuods.
tluua  loi   the public uut-qualled  in Cranbrook,
Iiul and 0.1,1 liith.
Hog-garth & Rollins;;
 I'ri'|>ri*. to. k       ' J
When you visit Cranbrook stop at the
C. IV 11. unices, 2, Kire Brigade.O.,^
The Olllce team scored a decisive *.
victory in lhe came of Wednesday of MM
last week. The win was well deserv- ty
ed and showed the result ol the frequent practices engaged in during the
tew preceding weeks. The winners
played a close checking game, always
covering their men, and working well
in unison and it was due to these lac-
ties that the game was won.
Tho teams lined up as lollows:
C. 1*. It. OIIlces-Goal, Ur. Bishop,
hacks, Pail.ui, Ed Home; half-backs,
Henderson, Black, Kyekinan; forwards
Walsh, tlallon, Captain Wilson, Kelly, Klwcll.
I'iie Drlgade-Qoal, Johnston;
hacks. Allridgc, Bennett, half-hacks,
<;reel, Captain stark, Orlmmond;
lor wa ids, Ilai ring ton, l.id-licuat,
Nicholson, Graham, Haines.
Town Team, I. C. I'   I!  OHlo.cs, n.
li ,i.i, a iv,-ll known facl llial when
Hit's,' loams „,,', „„„„', liinu; cspnolnlly
a„,,:|   IVOIlM   lia   il,   "Mia Ill   >,,      ||,„
ta melons spoelnlors ,,,,', , ivirv, I
I., ilu- r.'crt'.-iiii.n Rt'onn li i ' i.im'i.v
nlglil was affo a.1.1 nn ' \<u i ti tn i
fiioltiall ri'iilali, in startling iii-.i.li-t.l-,
None belter In the Illstrlet
'Rates Si und up.   5hurt Orders and Oysters
nerved in any style from 8 p. in. lo 6 a, nt.
***'        Tht: table is the bist. the roans are urmirpasted lor clean A*
4? lines*-! .in-I comfort and the bar.is supplied with the best brand nj
i'* ot liquors and cigars. c$>
S L B. VANDElAR, Prop. <$
; ^IS^SlLlllMSlSlilll^ltiSiliSiaSEaffi
The Wentworth  I
Drop in iiiiil sec us any tim.:.    Wc arc mi dak 25 hours Ljh
mil nf lhu 24 '
Clapp & Rollins,
The New Managers.
TIMMKII MiTU'lv laces nl littt.l more oi I,
,!i,',' ihal  t Iii ii i- ilnys attar     Datcil  April -in,   lOlia
■"i  I'l'l, im .,  s|ieo|al|   ii.,1 ,\   llogari
.in ninl i-nriy iiwni  iiiiiln'i
.,  vi.nii.it Hi. invalid, |  ', ■' "  '""•'    """   '"--| from tlio following ilcscrlbcti Ijimls In TIMUEIt NOTICE
von can't lie caiitnin um- ivuj ffi,] I    In  ohroolo  liivnlidiain  tlio patient   I"™1   MllUmil    ilaslios   ol I lie   lor- son. li i'lpsl  Kuoleiifij Taltii noiloo llial  lliirlj  ilajs a
  ■       ■ i contact  Willi I ward line i.l ilia Town loam mcl   nnil     Commencing al     a ppsl pltil,tc,l nl  tlalo I il,tend t" apply loi a   s|„
1 Llie iiiii'Hii'
convoy   an   adequate
nnlily ul t|ie play.   The
Imt' I
don't you iry t'ul          ^^^^^^^^™^.^.^^.^.n.                   nHnH.^n^^.^^^^^^
"How d'yon in.an';"                        | lives unbounded i.y  four ivtilla, witli j ropttlseil hy llie strong illvlsiuns ol Ihoi ,
"If you  marry  tlie wldder,  you'll | people living normnlly, with Interest.   Ofllccs kepi   ll." ...i...,a  ,„. Il.!'"1"'1  ...
nlookors in
I corner of .1. If. Sperices  license to pul antl etiri
im', \... limn, (iriinii   i. fiom tlie fpllpwlng lioscrilietl laml
,  ,   ,     ,       ,.,,-,, ,.   ' I thoiico in chains south; lliepco 33.18,Soulli Kusl K-■'	
marry the brig at tbo same time, won't I ot others Instead  ol  1,1s own petty | tlnual slalo of cscltcmenl nml of enn-1 chains easl;  llionoc nm th along   the
wesl 1...initiali    i.i 1{. K. Jamtcson'8
linltis,   in tin, iiiirih
i!h it I round, is nu emancipation. | jccinre us lo Ihe oulconie of lho ,,111110
I ^.^^^Vl^V^'Vy.,.*!,*%..-V.1J.i.l.t'.';itr..?^ .*.*;'!?!,!it iJ■*i!"' T<|»"'""" '■"» orainot
the win, inn llio Olllccs carried lionor
wllh lheir rlefenl,
yuuy   Some folks can't see till
hole In n prlmisliin."
That eveniug Jed Parsons put on his ' event 	
Sunday vest and Hindu u cull at the ' lut n careful guard should In, kept nut
widow's house. to overtax, either l,y length of stay or
"(lulu' to turn prcacber, .led?" she by effort to keep up the conversation.    [    'no line-up of ,1
asked ns she looked him over. |    In the slow, tedious iin.iiilis or year.   Inivs:
"No, ma'am, I ain't,' bo replied, "I'm   of hopeless Illness a e effort should i   c, p, ji. Offices—Coal Dr. Bishop;
lookln' for n wife." | bo made to bring lu people,   Uuninn   ,,.„.|'s   patton, i:d Home; hall-liacks,
"Well, I biiiu't t'ut uo girls biildt'ti nature needs Its kind, nnd seclusion   ,,    ,'          ,,,'   ,     ,   ,   ',,  ,,.,
away bore." j force, the tnlutl I 'oodlng,   This Is   lloni»rson, niack, Jaok Meroer; for-
"I didn't s'pose you bud.   I've come often forgotten by tboso who surround   »'»™s.  ""■!    ",,lsh'    I ommy Gallon,
lo nsk yon." 0 pntlent srdTeror wltb ovory physical   Captain Wilson, Kelly, A. Elwell,
"If you've come to nsk me, I shall -milfoil nnd cure, Imt ivlio do not reitl-     Town      Team—Goal,      Edmonson;
K„y 'No.'   Wlmt do I iviint lu ujiiny Ize wlmt ,1 breath  from tbe outside   hacks, Oliatmers   Haltlwln- halfbacks,
you or any other man for?" world would do for the mind wbieb  Worllilge    Brumwell    Captain   O-iltl-
•»l'o got a biaibuud," Mbarly replied bus grown se weary of tbe dally rou-   ffln,   [ot'waraS|   runm, ' McLaren,
I O'Neill. Kerjjuson, M, Dick, I
boundary ol lhe lands Included in salil
license; llienee eiiat nlung tiie said
nnilli Inn 111,1,111 of said license 411
ins was as Iol-1 chains, in 1I10 soitlhwcsl corner of
l.ut fiiiSii, (Ihiijji I; thence north
IJ.'i.lll chains; Uu nre west lllll.Id
cliplns in ilia oast boundary uf preemption Nu. iiii, tlieiico spilth 2.11
chains lo ihe north side of G. K
Jlarcli '  '
10 tha
1 lino.
(Ij Commencing at
chains south and m, chains oust .,1
Ilu- Boittliwcsl cornel of Loi .nil,
Orouji 1, Koolenay tilslrict; llience
suiiih mt chains; tlipneo wesl m,
chains; tlioncu north 8(1 chains, llu-uoe
oasl tin chains to the point ui commencement, containing (140 acres inure
ur less.
(2)  Commencing    al   a point    in
cluiius ensl uml 411 chains south ol Ilia
-— ,      . soutlicast corner of 11. Arnold's  pit-
tlioncc east 20 iliniiis ompt'ion, l.ut tans, liroiip 1     thence
of the said G, suiith 80 chains; lliepco insi aO chains
K. March's licenso; th.nee smith   40 t-lienco north 80 citaiiui;"r"tli
t'hniiis along the east boundary of llie 811 chains in llie point Hi rommence-
said G. K. Mai'cli's   licence;     thence monl,   uoptaiijitig  040   acres   ,.1 laitJ
east   (10     chains;     Uteiiee    south   80  inure ul  liss.
eliaiiis. ihence west 10 chains to the    Dated this Isl day ui May, 1005
place   ot beginning,   containing   1140;   6-st, juim Leask THE   CllANl'.ROOK   IIKIiAI.ii
t. a
The Big Sale of the Morrow & McFarlane Stock
closed Inst Saturday nifcht with a full attendance nf the town folk, railway men and
camp men from every quarter of the district. The sale was a jtreat success from every
standpoint, and we heartily appreciate the liberal patronage accorded us, and trust that
none will regret having left their money with us. I he remainder of the stock has heen
removed to rear of the Cranhrook Cooperative Stores.      Ihis building has lately under*
Rone extensive alterations, and for the next two months, the Gents' furnishing department will Ik- carried on here, everything has been neatly arranged, and we are now ready
for business. We invite you to call and see our new quarters. There is an entrance
from the Main Street and from both sides, come in any way that is most convenient for
you, some one will meet you with a smile. We have a number of what is known as
silent customers which we will place adjacent to our store, don't ask them questions as
tliey are strictly forbidden to speak, but just follow directions in which thev lead.
Cranbrook's Co-operative Stores, Limit
Mayor may nol be a good thing
time will lell
lime and experience have proved
thatG, I. h*. tea is just the very
best lea thai can be bought.
j    ^  T U p    tt    4
The most comfortable house and the best
table in the Kootenays
Apply for terms S. G. Hoadley, Cranbrook
4k-.rn.rn. A
- "ir**!   / ■  ■ *,,     JL
'":-«.-.-, A
S Much d* fi
Medicine \
A \
A is in.t neet'ssnry if Borne is
*1* taken  before  lhe ailment
•ft gets u bold mi tl ystPiti.
***     Ono dose in tim.' ia U-l
*h l.'l'     llllll;
* later.
***     This is the lime to lake soinethlng for tho blood.    (liie of *T*
niuii  bottles
can   ivi'inimn'iii
**l slitiuM be taken.   Glenn oul the body before the hoi weather. *
A Then vmi can stiiiul it better. A
* DRUQQISTS  .. .-. M- ^
C. E. REID & CO.
'I'hoite 71
|  I
ffi We have .said %
ffl I
ffl We  now say Sg
I Wc Have Sold the Earth 1
ffl 1
3.is In lots tn suit ihe buyers ffl
ffl 1
ffl 1
jj^ We hhve said M'c want to know yon, nml linvinn i'"t isg
ffl     Iol iv y„u, wo want yott U) drop in and see ua in  onler [jj*j
Picked  Up About lor City   by  A-tklnf
fjuemiunh  id  Many  Hruplc.
A    It    PeQWtclt     was   ii,   MWn
Miss  Walt  has Accepted  8  I"1
in ihe poetofflce.
Hoi ii.  ou  April  98Ih,  tn Aii
Mrs. It   P. Multatt, u son
Wanted—FlAldltta general lervnnt;
highest WftRes paid    Mrs.T   W. l,ea.*.K
j, Switiiiartoii reiuntcd this wttek
from a trip lo Maclcod,
J. A. Harvey paid a professional
visit to Moyie last .Monday.
George Watson, ul Pert Steele, waa
in town several days this week.
James Hyan and wife are exported
hack lioin California the lirsi ol the
Mr. and Mrs. L. M, Mansfield visited friends in town several days ihis
For Sale or Rent.—A 5-rooined cottage on Hanson avenue. Cheap lor
cash.   Apply to .1. J. Kennedy.
Mr. Qoldie, of the government offices, has been under lhe weather the
past week.
Mr. Sylvester Tryder, representing
the Record Foundry, Montreal, was
in town a few days the past week.
Dr. Cross Is out of the hospital
after a serious siege of sickness. The
doctor looks a little the worse fori
wear. j
An excellent Japanese cook wants
a situation in any hotel or camp.
Charley   llano,   care Saratoga Rest-
"*'■•»**»* ***************
wln-ii people wi h to remember bomb friend with Borne
token of ■■•! eui they naturally aspect the moil etuit
able in ;i jtwi!:'.   h ire
ll.*i',iii*..\ ui... here else enn they obtain such dainty ivhii'lulu,.ie-.-- whicli appeal to tbe artistia sense.
Uur Block is ul way a ready to thu point of complete,
turn We rcqui ui an examination of it when interested in preBcuts. ua matter for whal reason.
•**^ ** ***^***^**%%*»%©^** •»*•»****»•*•*■%.•*•%»•».•% •%-»-%,'%*0
My Lady's Jewel
certainly odd to her attrnct-
ivenes. The poet who wrote
that "Bounty unadorned is
adorned the most" probably
Itm] no dollars. Ilf certainly
showed little 80HB0,   And if
lady love litis booh our display of DAINTY bROOCHES
slu* would imt hnve believed
liim. .lust come in nml Bee
how in noli more we could
have said about them.
Ofiloial Watch Inspector. Crows Nest Pass Division, 0. P. It.
Messrs. Let tell, Fenton and Gurd
were in Nelson this week attending a
meeting of the Mountain Lumucrmens
AI ihe Sunday evening services in
the Baptist church the subject will be
"A Voting Man's Vision."' All are
cordially   Invited,    especially   young
ten and strangers.
Wanted—A flrstclass sawyer to run
circular; one accustomed to handling a "nigger." Apply at the Herald office, Cranhrook. 5-'Ji
Wallace Tannhauser, of Porl Steele,
visited J. Bardgetl lasl week.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Watson have
have rented the Oolpman homo on
Uaker hill.
Wanted, good gill for hotel Wages
$30 per month. Address "A N."
care of Herald.
I Dan McLeod has gone to Yahk to
make an examination of the proposed
route of the Corbln road
M. B. King's horse ran away last
Tuesday. They caught the rig but Up
to date ihe horse lias not been heard
Mrs. C M. Edwards nud daughter
left yesterday for Calgary and   other
Miss Hutlcv, who has been visiting  points in Alberta where ihey will vis-
her   brother   here lot the past   fbwjH with relatives and (rtends   for ilie
montbs.lett on Monday for Edmonton  next two months,
where  she   will visit friends for    a     William    Hayward    had his tight
tune j thumb badly injured while working in
Mrs, D. Burton and baby, with her the C P. H. shops one day last week
sister Miss Ityckman, have gone to and will ho incapacitated for work
Creston     lo    remain as long as Mr.  for a lew weeks.
Um ton is on the work train at the
west cud ot the road. i
The charge against Mis. Mrs. Mc-
Penk and Mrs. Uillier, ol Sirdar, of
an attempt to defraud creditors has
been wUhdr&wn, the mallei having
been amlcabl) sen led
fhe ball lo be given on May 83rd
is un.let lite auspices of the c P. R.
Quadrille olub. It is to be a charity
ball and the ladies In charge hope
thell patrons will make il a llnanci.il
success for the good cause it is Intended tot.
(1. P. Tisdale has moved his candy
I Ititehen from its former location opposite the station to the loom vacated by Monow & McFarlane, where he
is littmg up handsome quarters.
John Russell,    a painter employed
Itiy Mr, Short, fell Irom a ladder last
Monday and dislocated his nmkh
' was taken    to     the St, Eugene
|   W. F. Tate, the jeweler
his stock to his new quarter:
rooms   how   occupied by M
j Kell-.aH the lirsL ol next
show you \\ Il-ll we have for sale
I   Hutchison  &  Black   i
1      The   People's   Brokers       g
ffl CRANBROOK, B. C. |
ffl SB
ffi     Phone UV P. O. Box 74     ffl
is nil i in |» >i-tii in for tin' well-dressed
man. Let ns make yon n suit to
itii'tisinv, iii 11 price Iml little more
Ihnn llir ri'iiily-niiiili'. But, oh,
whul a difference in the fit, style
mnl general iipjienratice!
Come nml see our new stuck o£
materials—tho choicest tu be
I'liiinil. A million dollars and a
Iml„,,t liny niuy la, equally worthless at doomsday, but, our Made to
Measure Suits arc living epistles,
jjontl as n<,ld.
i.imI Monday evening ut tlio rrj511l.11
aitiiiR nl Ilia  1, 0. I),  tf. lodge AI.
innings   was I'li'cti'tl as delegate
,  the grand lodge which meets
ailvsinllli     some
11 remove
a   In lho
I,ton &
■I,.  Mr.
proved quar-
Tate will huve greatly
: ters in  the new store.
'   Airs. Vi. t'oljunai,   eame   itji    from
in  U'tl,bridge, last week tn arrange sonic
time next iiiuutti.   hiisiness matters regarding ilie home.
us The little liny was left in Letlibrtdgo
and is greatly Improving after a ser-
inus illness.
Hi. P. E, King and wife expect to
move Into their handsome now nouse
on Armstrong avenue lhe latter j-art
Of the month. The iloctot will move
his olliee Irom its present loeatios to
to the residence.
it is stated   that the ('..iliin road
will   leave    lhc Crows Nc«t branch
p   E. Simps,,,, will also attend
grand wanlen
The brewers of llie Crows Nest
Pass went ",,1 ,'„ a strike the first
,,, Hie week, a,„l the movement 111-
iliiileil the employes nl tile Cialilirook
brewery. They remained out here
i.iily a slum time nml then returned
to wmk Willi ihe wish i.i a final adjustment.
John Fink leaves this week lot New
yVcainilnslel as delegate to the grand about two miles south „l Uhk
],„lK, a, 0| |.    Mr. Pink nill go  will prove a ilisnppoiiiltiieu
'" ilellingluilii when, there is lu ho a' who hud
'ounteil ou Ute road branch'
trig meeting" ot members „f tlie urder ing oH right at Vuhk.
,,, lake the higher degree.   Alter   u|   ,st.1TU.,,s   |n   lhe Methodist church
visit     In Seattle    anil Spokane Mr.  Ilcxl   suiulny   at   the     „ mil hours.
I mi. »iil return to Cranbrook, I Morning: Annual rally oi church nom-
Mis Norman Hill nnd lmby lefl on hers, with the quarterly sacrementol
Tuesday fur Seatbrth, Out., to visit the Lord's suppor, Evonlng: ''Have
an iiitleliniie perlisl witli relatives. Our Human Catholic Follow Citizens
Mr. lllll will leave the latter part ot a Right to Separate Schools in Brit-
the week lor a trip through tlie Oka- |sh t'olumhia?"
mignn   country   and   perhaps to the!
oast wiih a view of finding a place' "cattle * Atchison, the druggist ,
that suits him (or a permanent loea- took upon hen.seives the esponsl'
tTn 1 billty   of   editing a large portion   of
the   front page of the   Herald   this
Bradley    & Co. have their   hands
week and they have done it in a style
A letter from Thomas McNaught, of
Halcyon Hot Springs, informs the
Herald that a South African bar
medal of the Strathcona Horse has arrived at that postoflice for S. 11am-
bly, formerly of Cranbrook. Mr. McNaught WQiild~like to have some information of the whereabouts of Mr.
Ilainbly, or he will send the bar to
the Herald where it cau be had by
the owner.
Cranbrook last Monday evening
showed up as a typical western town.
There was a very pretty display of
broncho busting and at titties there
were about 150 people watching the
performance. James Kennedy and
Sam Neelands were the stars of
the performance, and after many tii-
als the raging broncho was tamed and
was ridden to the stable as docile as
nn old Missouri mule.
N C. McKinstry has sold his livery barn to the Uezell Bros, and the
t of the summer he will devote
his time lo shipping horses north.
The De'zell Hros. will give their attention to the stable although they
will continue their blacksmith end
wagon shop.They propose to give the
people of Cranhrook the best to be
bad in lhe line of livery business and
hope iu receive their share of tho
The final meeting of the Methodist
church official board was held last
Monday evening with a full attend
ance of members. The pastor submitted the annual report of membership
showing a net increase for the year
of Iii and a total of 13(1 now on the
roll. The financial statement of the
treasurer showed the church to be in
a healthy condition financially, there
being a balance on hand of $111 after
all accounts had been paid. The total
expenditure has been $2831 for the
year ending April SO, 1W05.
Mr. IV. T. Keid was elected lay
delegate to the annual district meeting at Fernie.
The board bcariily and unanimously
endorsed the action of the February
meeting In a cordial invitation to the'
pastor lu remain in charge for thej
fourth year. Afier the business was j
finished the hoard was entertained |
wiih refreshments in the vestry serv
ed hy the ladies of the church.
{ 50 VARUS ONLY, twtH.*.l dress Roods suitable for In I   -'
J or   ohildrens' dresses in green,  \pey   and  fawn
$ shades, regular price 50 nnd 60c, Satui ;. j  . 25c
J 50 YARDS u\LV all  wool serge, 38 inches  wide  in
j brown ami navy, regular 80.and 35o, Saturday price   25c
| is LADIES  PRINT WRAPPERS in -     ,
0 colors, regular prices from $1,25 to $2.2*3      1.00
The Best is Always
the Cheapest
and when you can get the best at the same rr'.zcs that
ferior quality is sold for, it is money left in your p^
That is the situation with our
an  racket
Carpets a
We have the best stock ever brought into the Kootenai
lish wove and the most attractive patterns
s, En (j-
H1U & CO
P. S.—Just arrived, more Trunks than can be fDjnd in  any
other store in eastern British Columbia.
Bold •*
full tlmse days with painting and Pa- cnaractcrislic 0, that enterprising
per Hanging. This firm is giving such f|rm Tllc>. are rupidl-,- gottiim their
..■niiiiL'iit satisfaction that their' husl- imroensl, st0L,k ,ln shapo and arc now
Hess is increasing in a most satlsfac- prepan.d to meet the demands ol the
lory manner. Good work always pub|lc wlti, tjle Dcst in their lines,
counts and Bradley It. Co. will   not, ..„„..      ,    ...    , ,, „ ,
let a Job go that Is not flrstclass.       , Last Smi'y, f0"1 'ort>' °dJ F,°'-
" I lows    marched Irom the hall to the
.lames Findlay and John M lligan Methodist cllurdl t0 ltaleB to tha
returned yesterday from an extended anniversarT aotmo„ preached this year
trip to the coast. They visited Van- by Rev Thompson, Tnc, s„.„,0„ was
couver, Nanalmo, Victoria and beat- wdl Itxemi nnu the 0,1,1 Fellows,
lie and had a most enjoyable time. Mn their return to the hall passed
While out there they .aw Tom Well- a resolution thanking Hev. Thompson
man at Vancouver and "Salty" Mc- t0r his exccllcn t address and tlie
Kcnzie at Seattle, and found both of choir lor the music furnished on the I
the gentlemu happy and prosperous.' occasion.
A Short Drive
From Victoria
Gbc =-
(Branfc * IBotel I
The (irand is to be headquarters for all B. C.
people visiting Spokane. All II. C. papers on
file. Newly and completely refurnished and
refilled. Every modern Ciinv-iileii.c. fiurup-
ean plan. 50c to $3.00 per d.iy. i;rcj bu.. to
and from all stations   ::;::::::
E. E. PHAIR, Proprietor   1
Late of Hotel Phair, Nelson, B, C.
People of South East Kootenay who visit Victoria should
ot fail to visit Goldstream. .*
It is the tourist's paradise.
Everybody Wants New Goods
That is why wc keep buying, because the demand for our !
class of goods keeps us gulling.    We have a car of new goods in, '
and two more coming.   When you want new goods that are the
latest and best in the hardware and tinware line, call on us.
Garden Tools
Ice Chests
Oranitc Ware
Made from the best malt and purest water, it is
unexcelled for quality.    AsK for CranbrooK
Seerand insist on Having' it.
Cranbrook Brewing ®. Mailing Co. Ltd.
Also Manufacturers of svll kinds of Aerated Wa.tcrs.
CRANBROOK, *   *   *   British Columbia
<qiliin»liiii'l.li nil)linilllii|ilii|'|ifail'»l'»i|i'liliirininfii.iii|iinni n r rr n r
J, B. Stephens,
H. L. Stephens,
M. Rockendorl
J. i jusuii,
Morrisscy Mines is still
turning out its usual quota
of coal. The bis Alexandra
hotel is still the best conducted hotel in East Kootenay. Your money's worth
at all times.
Stephen. Itr..s. k Co,, Owner. aiul.Proprk'lors,
Morrissey Alines, B. t.
II. I. Stephen.
. Slepbena
Morrissey is the place to
take the Great Northern
train for Spokane—the
time is 12 hrs.; 24 hrs.
to Seattle; 32 hrs. to
Vancouver dt d. dt dt
Stephen. Bra.., Owners and Proprietors,
Morrissey Junction, B. C.
Two cars of Seed wheat
and Seed Oats unloaded a
few days ago and are going out fast. Order early
if you reguire any   :   :   :
HARRIS  BROS., Meat Market |
''f> + !'--*-''**'«f» + *».**.»J('***#»«**###*»#***«»#*
...Manitoba Hotel...
(Under Now Manageinont) J
I). A. McDONALD, rianager X
Th'*- Hotel is in the center of town. The rooms are X
comfortable and well furnished, the dining room is first- J
class, and the bar is supplied with the best. When you *>
want a good place to stop come to the Manitoba. X
mm TnT
CHENETTE & NEAL, Proprietors
J St. Marys valley. ..* Commodious Sample Rooms.
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company
offer timber lands comprised in British Co-
umbia Southern and Columbia & Kootenay
Railway land grants for sale and to lease on
favorable terms.
These lands contain some of the finest
timber in the Kootenay District.
For'terins. maps and further particulars npply to the following
Ior.'id land agents:
V. Hyde Tinker, Cranbrook, Ti. 0,
I. H. Wilson, Wanlii
R. R. Bruce, Wilmei
ir, B. C,
li. 0.
E, Mnlliinduino, Jr., Creston,
H, & M, Bird, Nelson, B. C.
13. C
British Columbia Land Commissioner,
Canadian Pacific Railway Company,
Calgary, Alberta
illy bright children villi
iur   vision   often   appear
nod inaltent-ve— nnt re-
tug word, quickly,   Tliis
wh remedy wiih glasses,
11,   ,.
.t deprive your child *.f
of-sihle vision.
Cananian Booklet!
Canadian   Views i
Prest Photo Co.
When You
Clean House
Bring; your curtains and
carpets to us for washing.
We limki* a sppcinlly ot wishing C. P. R, overalls.
No Chinamen  employed
Crows Nest
Steam Laundry
SUM & McPHEfi, Proprietors  7
nro all ri(_'ht to watch,
drive,   The horses wu
but not to
>.:si' in our
Hro selected for service us well fli
show, They are yowl lively road
Btors that will carry you safely
there mul back. Kor a drive or a
ritle wo can supply you with a yooil
horse and a proper carriage.
The Itamlley Livery Stables
(Krem the Lender.)
Dr. Kinj;, M. P, 1*., was In town
Monday on professional business.
Itoss anil Fred Tate, two ol Cran**
brook's leading young men, were iu
Moyie the first ol the week on a boll-
.lames Wright and Miss lAz/.ie John-
sou ol Moyie were married last Tuesday in Ci.uiliumk.
M. A. Boole, of the (Irm ol Heule A
Kiweli, Cranbrook was in town  during the week hustling lur business.
tieo. Staples, assistant at tin- C.
p, it, station, was in the Cranbook
hospital this week. He was threatened wiih an altaek ot typhoid,
John McDonald, the boatman, will
leave next Tuesday tot PCtttioton
He is taking seven ol his boats with
him, and tbe remaining ones be has
disposed of to a local party.
James l.eiiiinoii bas been elected by
lbe Moyie Miners Union as lhc dole-
gate lo the annual convention of the
Western Federation of Miners whicli
will be held in Salt Lake City on Ma)
Tbe Moyie water company is laying a water main from Queens avenue
south on Tavistock street so as to
be able to supply water to tho residences of that vicinity. This main is
being laid deeper than any on the system, the ditch being over live feel in
depth. The system i.s in flrstclass
condition again and all ot ihe patrons
are getting water.
The regular official meeting of the
trusties of the Movie Methodist
church was held here Tuesday evening
and presided over by Hev. S. J.
Thompson, of Cranbrook, the district
superintendent, The church has hnd
an exeelleul year. It now holds property to the value of nearly $1000,
with an indebtedness of only $200
against it. The receipts of the, year
amounted to $652,90. The plate col
lections amounted to $198 aud $31
was donated hy Cranbrook friends. A
resolution of thanks was tendered
the Ladies' Aid for their generous
support during the year, and also ti
Mr. Louis Thomas as a mark of appreciation of his services. A resolution was passed asking that Mr.
Thomas be allowed to remain in
charge ol the Moyie church for aupth*
er year.
J. A. Harvey, of Cranbrook, solic-
poi'ted to the mine inspector, who iu
site, was here yesterday conferring
with ti. J. Elmer, the local agent,
on matters pertaining to the town,
li is understood that Mr. Harvey has
no ti tied all squatters on land adjoining the townsite that tbey must either
move oil or pay ground rent. Another order has been issued lo thu elicit
Lhat the red ligbt district is to be
confined to that portion of the town
up next lo the base of the hill, aud
that tbe houses down ou lhe Hat are
not to be longer used for immoral
Six muckers, F. Kelly, Fred Ege,
I1. Hartigan, Chas. lidding, Olio
Wester and R. Sheridan, employed at
the St. -Eugene mine, pleaded guilty
and were each lined $2.50 and costs
yesterday for violating the Eight
Hour law. The case was tried before
Lewis Thompson, justice of the peace
Thus. Morgan, the mine inspector for
Ihis district, intended to be present
hut the train was delayed aud lbe
trial was over when be arrived. Ou
the 8th and ittji of March these men
were working iu the shaft level. There
was a rush or work and they were
asked to work over time in order to
have lhe muck cleared away for the
shift following. The mutter was
ported ta the mine inspector, who in
turn caused the arrest ul the men.
There is also a heavy line lor a com'
pany violating this law, and the case
against the St. Eugene company will
come up for trial later on. Mr. Cronin is not in town, so it is not possible to give his views on the matter.
The Moyie Hoard of Trade had n
well attended meeting In Eagle ball
last night, and considerable good wok
wns accomplished. The new set ol
by-laws were adopted and lhe com
initteo was thanked and discharged.
Tlie (piestion nf having the small
debts court re-fstnblishc In Moyie
was discussed, and the secretary was
instructed to communicate with Mr.
J. F. Armstrong, the government
agent, on the matter. The deplorable
condition of the streets and the roads
in the vicinity ol the town was
brought to the notice of the board.
It was pointed out that Moyie was
contributing heavy revenue to the
government and that in return the
town was justly entitled to a fair appropriation for public improvements.
The secretary was instructed to write
the government agent voicing the
sentiments of the board and asking
for a liberal appropriation. After
touching on the sanitary condition of
the towu the meeting adjourned.
signed n. T. II. Whsla
The Whclau brothers
_ ~4%  ■J'5W5)_a'y~..£WtY - iy—.Jw -v«)- '•)— -.
ietved word
from NapaneOi Oat., of the serious illness ot their lather, Pat Whclan left
on Sunday rot Napaneo.
L, P. Eckstein, wife uud daughlci
went to Spokane early in the week,
The little giil enters a convent thero
to continue hei studies and Mis. Eckstein remains i» Spokane the guesl
of friends there.
F. I., Rhodes, ol lho Hank ol Com
morcc   staff,   loll   Ioi  \ Ictoria   this
week.    "IliM)" during his   IWO yeai
ii'sidciicc in Fernie made many trleuds
wbo regret his dopaiture.
Judge Forlii will bold eourl In Pel
mc on M.iv null. Both «oil and
criminal cases will bo heard
Tomorrow  is ibe drat anniversary
of the Feinie Hit' .unl UlO BCCOIld Mini
versary of  the Frank Slide.      li  will
probably be an earthquake tomorrow
Government Agent Armstrong  was
in the city   this   morning uud made
ihe government selection ».f ono quae
to. ni the    it.is    in ilu* new Annex
townsite.      Next  Saturday  the  Coal
company will bold an auction
its remaining lots.  The upsol
will  run from $150 upwards,
inpany will reserve four full
for   its   employees.   This will
less bo a good opportunity to
cheap lots.
The Hank of Hamilton will bereadj
to do business in Fernie nexl Monday
II. A. Aytwln, Inspector for theb
arrived on Monday from Winnipeg an,
since that time he has been cm
leally at work with tho result
tbe bank will open a branch her
the aho\e date.   The Inspector
no time in gelting un the ground. II
only heard nf tho opening last Thura
day and   on   the    following day
stalled for Fernie.
Mr, \v. J. ll, Murlson, managot
lhe SiiskiUoiin branch,   will  arrive
Fernie on Sunday to lake charge
the Fcrnie branch,  Mr. Murlson
had many years1 experience    in
banking business and lie comes
the best recommendations,  a sa
been wired for from Moose Jaw
other necessary equipment will l>i
to open temporarily un Monday.
Miss Edith .Macdonald and Mr.
Sherbrooke llcrcluner were united in
marriage on Wednesday morning at
the home ol Aid. 11. W. Horchmor,
brother ol the gioom, The marriage
was performed by Hev. Father Cocco-
la in the presence of the immediate
relatives. .Miss Macdonald is a daughter of Mr. John Macdonald, ot.Llud-
scy, Out., and a sisler ol Mrs. 11. W.
Herchmer. She has resided for some
time in Fernie whoro she has made
many friends. The groom, who is a
son of Col. Herchmer of Calgary, has
lived in Feinie for several years and
he has steadily climbed to an enviable position in the legal profession as
the junior partner in lhc firm oi
Herchmer A Herchmer. The bride and
groom on Wednesday morning left for
Spokane and other cities to spend
their honeymoon and upon returning
they will make their residence in
(From lhe Ledge.)
"Getting Even" is one of the most
popular pastimes in Fcrnie.
The business men of Cranhiuok
should build a wagon road up the St.
Marys valley. It's building would
mean a good deal lor Cranbrook.
Joseph Nixon, of Maclcod has heen
made a governmenl immigration agent
and will be stationed at Fernie to look-
after the actual settlers on their way
in from the Stales to Alberta.
It Is reported that Grace will move
bis paper from Fort Steele to Cranbrook. If he boosts Cranbrook as
much as be has Kort Steele and the
mining resources of East Koolenay,
that city will have uo complaint
against his advent, although he has
a strong competitor in the Herald.
Simpson hns done a great ileal lor
Cranbrook, and his paper never misses a note when il comes to blowing
the bugle for thai unofficial cily.
Willi ?wo bugles Cranbrook will h.i\v
a regular nowspapor brass band. May
they both prosper and never ilghl.
Ch: Cosmopolitan hotel
A. Fir^tcl.iss House Centrally Located
I". 11. SMALL, rianager
Fine Sample Rooms in Connection.    The bedrooms
are airy and comfortable, and the table is the best lhe
i i market affords.
I ! •
. .. ,., ,..
•        .    ..    .    ,.    .'    .'   .«'.   ,.-.    •    ...  ...    .4
..   ...   ,.   ,.,  ,..  ,i- ..-.   ,.   .,    .    ...    .    ,.-    .■
P. BURNS C& CO.   1
F.J.Bradley & Co.
The Modern Laundry       W&U
Discard the use of leaky wooden wash tubs, quit carrying clean
water in and wash water out, by lining your Laundry with
4Lf3ite,    'c^tattdard'
Laundry Trays
If your Laundry is not modern,
don't you think It should be? It'
you make it so, the household duties will be pleasantly performed,
ami in case yuu wish io sell vmir
.'. J'\f "TNt new wm" llome i( wi'i Increase the sel! ng
*~r value. Let us give yoii | rices.
Plumbing, Roofing,  Heating & Ventilating Engineers
•r-j, ihf \tjt  r
\''^:..|, I *)£>
~r-7£, ~^Z&JZ^&^2£3ZZZT>
Robinson*McKenzie Lumber Co., I.Id.
Saw and Planing; Aii lis
All Kinds Ol
Rough and Dressed Lum her
(Fiom tin Free Pmi.)
O   Dtmaurti,  Jeweler, bu
Aollvo operation! will i
Ilia Hull Hi,,', puwoi |iln
May.   During   li,,'   mm
Mli,inn ami  I'owe |m
ntn.ll „t n„ll river, aa ml
.,i Fori Sleel
ol pjonoratiiiK 10,000 Itoi
,,,,1,','s ,.( Iliill river, which em
Ini.. the Koolonaj river, mil he
i/r.| ai ,. point, Jusl alia.'! the
|,.„.|, hrlilee, ivhcro hj limning n
in noarly 800 feel antl a proBati
nln.„t      175 polllltls ,'.,„  he itlitu
Ills oxpeotot] thai the company nil
commence active operations in place
mining as .iuoii as the tluin now
der construction is compleatctt,
(Froni the Prospector.)
Mr. nml Mrs. J, F. Armstrong wore
at Steele Tuesday.
Miss Wiiii,iu Armstrong and Miss
Wilmot, of Cranhrook, were Sloole
visitors on Tuesday,
Mr. nnil Mrs. A, I.. MoDci'lttot,
CranlirooK', were Steele visitors Sunday last.
Mrs. M, MoKnchorn, Mrs. .1. Johnson, Miss Mcklachern and Miss G.
Small, Cranbrook, were guests at
the Imperial Sunday last.
A. Ingram, J. E, Hayes, F. Stewart, W. Matthews, J. O. Lcadbeater,
all of Cranhrook, and Leslie Fox, ol
Wardner, were guests at the Imperial
Sunday last.
The Kootenay river is rapidly rising.   On Friday it was Ove f,
low water mark. ^^^^^^
Mrs. W. Small, Miss E, Small, Miss
A. Elliot   and Mr. F. Small, Cranbrook, were registered at the Impel- j necessary equipment
lal Thursday.
I early In
mm Hull Rival
conipnii) "Hi ii,
::.: miles sottlllesl
ii ei planl capable.
1 power. The
Steady ringing ul n„- bell, Hro
down town tlisti lot,
Ringing ni tha imii inn.
Tho Bi'cokcnt'ldge & I.und Coal Cu.,
limited, ol Lundhrcck, Alta., wish to
announce to Un; iniblie that uo further sales ol   shares     in  the company
!"'">',""'Iwill he made at sixty.live (05) .wit*
ect, above p0r s|iare,  Ample arrangements have
been made lor the Immediate require- .„,-,---:-■","■,""»....,,,.,,«..;..
mciits of the company, in prosecuting ""l,',™'l',»
the   necessary   development of their|     $3.00 WORTH FREE
mine,  and lot  the installation ot tlio. Don'tdelay.A postal card will bring full tufot.
icessury equipment. "■'»»""l«wlUu.tratrte.talogu»I.
4-4t Peter Lund, Secretary.   ">BNVE»SEBO*PLORALCo..DM.v.r,c.i»
ir,5l  .tents' a,"uaremore fully matured Hint, those dap
'    h.„?   ''"".'"P™, "..ur..  Tb. forniar baa rnonsh
bave  cnnuiiil with without  triu.lui, lo poor an
the niunC'liute require- J^oj.oo.ti.,Mnftrojh.iiii.o.,rly ,l..va]..i,oil pond.


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