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Cranbrook Herald Aug 24, 1899

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 VOLUME   2.
N |-.Miw;i;
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Geo, A. Cox, President. B. E. Walker, Oen. Man.
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000,00.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
Buy Lots
In Kimberley,
The Leadville of Bast Kootenay.
Terminus of Nortli Star branch of the Crows Nest Pass Railway
OVER 200 MINERAL CLAIMS are situate within a radius of
three miles.
Supply point for thc rich upper St. Mary's River district.
Ureat Water Power.   Sullivan*concentrator will be located here
Sole Agent
Via Cranbraek
Hotel 3 3
Guests Comfort a Specialty
Qood Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railroad and depot.    Hns accommodations for tbe public unequalled in Crnnbrook.
(j)» ........
- ®
% Tpnque.... ®
® -      Is lhe beat summer beverage known.     It Is*a liot weather
@ tonic.     Try one bottle nnd be convinced.
| Tanglefoot ("
Fa the only atlckv fly paper made.   We sell it and offer no   ®
® substitute.   Ply Pelsun, Felts, Insect Powder, ami all thitigs
g) necessary to make life worth llvlug, :
(.   It Paya to Heal at : : :
Beattie's Drug Stofe     %
Postoffice building, Cranbrook    ®
At the Toronto    lothing Store
A Snap..   A line o( Boy's Suits bought for cash at a sacrifitK, will be
sold while they last for
$2.50 a Suit
Don't ml
.....Reid & Co.
These suits .ire well worth $3.50.   Don't miss them.    They can't
last long. *
Fire!    Fire!    Fire!
Attention C.P.R. firemen. What
is the use of burning your hands
and wrists when you can get a
fine pair of cordivan asbestos tanned gauntlet gloves made especially for your purpose. The price is
, all right. dt dt
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.
Cranbrook ar- Fort Steele ** Wardner
The  Work  Tells
the Tale    jt    jt
Jas. Greer
II.is done n vast amount of w. rk in
South East Koolcnay, and bis woik 'S
his recommend.ilion. II you iuicnd
l.uilili. )-, lie BUre ami nee him.
Jt    J.    B.C.
Parrott Bros*
...Dealers lu.,,
SS Feed ss
Farm S Produce
The beat of.-	
Hay^ahd Oats
Oii hand at al) times
Call and. see ua	
Van. Home avenue, between
Commercial and Royal hotels
1 Cranbrook
Corner Jtnkr-r street
and Hansen avenue
over poslonice	
All Sizes of Photos up lo 11x14
Finished in I'latino or Polished.
Views ol Cranbrook and Other
Points of Inters! In British Columbia Will Be on Sale	
dt Prest & Co,
l-'itf of Tomato
Contractor >•* Builder
rliolo rantcmplallnfi Imtiillne will do well to let
llie ii;;iii. on tin' culitracla.
Cranbrook. British Columbia
*a ttytfi **•) *p n*i fiftf) 1* m m m m i>i" m m m m
55 Planing Mill
ava, °
;| «->«Sash and ::
55 Door Factory
...Manufacturers of...
Sash   jt  Doors  jt Mouldings
jt   Frames   jt
Band Sawing  .«* Turning
Job Work dt
Herald Office
G. Johnson....
W Assayer a.
* Metalurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
North Star Slock is Now tteinj; Placed
on th: Market.
Good Progress in thc Winde-mcre
District—General Mining
New:, -i Interest.
Offering the Nortli Slar Stock.
Tlie treasury stock of tin* North Star
Mining Company, Limited, tbe compauy
organised by Mackenzie & Maim io take
over the North Star group near Kftuber*
ley, is now beiug floated In Toronto, An
extensive prospectus has been issued hy
lhe company, from which il is learned
that the company is capitalized witli
i.Soo.ax- shares of *i each, of which
amount 1.040,000 were given for the
property nml 460,^10 placed in lieasmy.
Ofthe treasury stock 203,OOD shares hnve
already been taken and 260,000 are now
offered for sale lo provide working
capital for lhe company.
The directors of the new company are:
I), i). Mann, president; A. A. Thribac-
ileau, Montreal, vice-president; Charles
ti. L. Porteous, Montreal, secretary anrl
treasurer; ti. S. Holt, Montreal, ami
William Mackenzie, Toronto.
The prospectus sets for 111 the following: The quantity of ore blocked out In
the mine ready for extraction amounts
to 23.500 tons, lhe nvcraye contents ol
Inch per tou are 39.1 ounces of silver
an 1 52.4 per cent lend.
At this rate the ore in sight has a gross
value of f.61 93 per ton, equal to £1,458,-
355; which, after deduction of cost of
mining, transportation, duly and treatment, will yield a net profit per tou ol
$22,21, or n grand totnl of J521 935 available for dividends. This will enable the
company to pay 1 per cent per month
on $1,300,000 the present issued capital,
for a pericd of over three years from ore
in sight alone.
Arrangements have been made with
lhe Canadian Pacific railway to construct a branch line to lhe mines, which
will probably he completed hy October.
The company will contribute $50,000
towards the cost; but this amount will
he refunded by a rebate of 33 Jj' per cent
of all charges on nil freight going over
the line until the $50,000 is fully repaid,
wheu the railway company will own the
The Union Jack.
The Union Jack work is progressing
steadily, and-the showing te very Balis-
factory. At ths depth of thirteen feet
a seam of laic, carrying lead carbonates,
cut the vein horizontally, and beneath
the talc a notable difference in the ledge
matter occurs, the quartz being much
softer and more easily broken, and showing [considerable galena and copper at
thc bottom.of the shaft. The walls continue true, and tlie width,-*-1/, lhe ledge
holds well. On Monday Messrs. Mclnnes, Ryan and McVittie drove out to the
shaft with;Mr. Saucier, who is well
known as a mluiugeugtneer of the Rossland camp. Mr. Saucier stated'that the
property showed every indication .of becoming a mine and expressed himself
generally in favor ofthe prospects of the
claim, stating llial Le thought a large
body of ore might be. encountered at
a slight depth.
A Strike On the My Hull. ;
A welcome strike was made al the*
Pay Roll mine last week in the main
ledge, a body of exceedingly rich looking'galena ore being brought to view.
The shaft is down now about forty-live
feet below the floor of tbe tunnel, nnd
lhe \al'.ie of the ore across lhe ledge is
now such that shippiug will be possible
as soou as snow allows of raw-hiding the
ore to the railway. Considerable work
has lately been ''one ou the small leads
which tap the big ledge, and on the
dump many1 tons of ore, which carry
high values iu telhirides, much of it going .into the thousand dollars per ton.
Mr. Vandecar and his associates feel
highly pleased with tbe outlook, and the
town of Cranbrook can be congratulated
on having one more shipping mine iu its
N, C, Mclustrey has gone to Kimberley lo commence work on lhe Big Dip
per group, that lies west of the Sullivan
group, nnd was Blocked recently in enst-
crn Canada.
The Hastings syndicate has commenced work on tbe claims between
Mark creek and the North Star.
The Kimberley Consolidated company
is placing its flrst block of shares on the
market. Work has been shut dowu for
a short time, owing to the inability tti
secure miners. Mr. Kstiucre, however,
while in Rossland, made arrangements
to have a gang come here to work.
A force of men are at work on the
Black Bear, the property under bond by
Chas. Iistmcrs.
Chas. Kstmere eame down from Kimberley Wednesday, bringing with hm
some fine specimen! of ore from the
Black Bear. They created an immense
amount of favorable comment.
Promptly Attended tc.
re, and 1 vet cenl ol n : ■•■ .* ■
pound'., in 20 pounds. Each per cent ul
•opptr contained iu the ore is equal It
is man) unite. Ore carrying 50 per
cent ot copper (or 50 units.) if copper,
for example, is quoted at f) per ioo
pounds, is worth So cents per unit, and
fifty times eighty equals $40 a ton.
•'For each decline or rise uf 5 cents in
the quotation, a deduction or addition of
l percent should be made. If the quotation* is $3 95, then 1 per cent from the
price (Socents] should be taken, making
79 cents tbe settlement prii e, and so 011
down to whatever the quotation mny he,
"If the oie is quoted, for example, nl
#3 75. 5 cents from 80 leaves 75 cents per
unit, aud ore carrying 5° l"r ctllt cnP'
per would amount to 50x75, equalling in
Value $37.50 per ton.
The following mining news from
Windermere is taken from lhe Nelson
K. R. Bruce is working a force of
twenty men oil the Silting Hull. Preparations-are u .w b ing made for a win-
lei* camp,
It is reported that James Farrell, B.
M., the well-known Amerlcau mineralogist, has been appointed superintendent
of the Red Liue group by the Mackintosh syndicate.
Work hns been resumed on the Del*
phine mine oil norlh fork of Toby creek
under the personal direction of George
Stark, one of the owners and a mining
man of many years' standing. It is the
intention of lhe owners to make several
shipments before December.
Preparations ure now being made for
n winter camp nt llie Pretty Girl, situated
on Law creek and owned by the New
Golden syndicate ul London, ling. Tills
property will be worked under the personal direction of Tom Jones.
West and Washburn have started woik
on the White Elephant group, situate
near the tied Line group un McDonald
Superintendent Banuellnse, of the
Swansea mine, situated Immediately
cast of Windermere, reports lhe mine as
looking heller than ever before. It is
the intention of the company to rawhide
the oie during the winter months.
ti. A. Mullhollandetal., uf Rossland,
have purchased the Delos, situated on
Boulder cieek,
F. M- Chadbourn, representing the
Hall Mines smelter. Nelson, returned to
West Kootenay on the l6lh instant,
after making an examination of several
of the promising properties of the district,
The latest discovery hy Messrs. Fred
West, George Scott and V. A. Van
Com Hand oil Horse Thief creek, is one
of the greatest* strikes ever made in the
I). R, McLean, the well-known mining man, is making an examination of
several propositions situate ou the notth
fork, of Toby creek.
TheC.P. R, will undoubtedly build
into the Windermere district within the
next eight months.
Sinclair Craig lias uncovered au immense showing of high grade silver-lead
ore on the Christina group on Boulder
J. R.*McLcod is working a force of
men on thc Caretaker group, situated on
Boulder creek.
..The Fraser'& Chambers syndicate will
probably make several shipments from
the-Dividend and Paying Teller groups,
situated oh Law creek, before December.
A tiial shipment will be made from
the Mi*Leod group, situated on Boulder
creek, wilhin the next eight weeks.
Edmund T. Johnson is working a force
of men on the Virginia group, situated
on Horse Thief creek.
A large.crowd of prospectors came,
over the trail from the Lardo-Duncau
nnd Trout Lake country during the last
week. _
The St. Eugene* -, -,
Moyie Leader: Some twenty-three
carpenters a*id laborers are now' employed 011 the St. Eugene concentrator
building, and I. L. Cole, the superintendent, said yesterday that il lhe machinery arrived on time and nothing unforeseen happened the work wonld be
completed in another month, aud six
weeks at the outside. The building is
now all enclosed and arrangements are
being made fur putting in the jigs The
Huntingdon mill and one of the crushers are iu place, and the remainder of
lhe machinery can be installed Immediately upon its arrival.
Quite a force is employed excavating
fur the foundation of tbe air compressor
building, This building will likely be
stalled within lhe next three or four
weeks. This will be a ten drill plant
ami will be fitted with two boilers. The
conceutratoi building will be heated by
steam from the engine room of the compressor building.
All lhe derricks for lhe Sl. Eugene
tramway are up, and the cables and
buckets can be put up as soon as the terminal at the concentrator is finished.
II. C. Riblet, who hns the contract for
doing this work, arrived here from Nelson yesterday morning.
The Unit of Copper.
In response to an inquiry as to what
constitutes the "unit" of copper, the
Denver Post prints lhe following:
"The unit of weight is 20 pounds,
avoirdupois,   It is 1 percent of topper
Mr. Porter .was ver) favorably In pressed
with the outlook iu that district.
The first machine drill operated in
Bast Kooleiiay was ou the Lake Shote
property at Moyie last week.
R. O. Jennings was in towu Saturday.
lie says that be is meeting with goud
success in gathering specimens for lhe
Spokane exposition.
The work on lhe New Voik Jewelry
Shop at the Perry creek falls is progress.
ing and GUS Titles is confident that he
h is there a Treasury Box.
The Kootenay 8t Algoma company are
arranging a bund on a valuable gold
jii.nl/ property on Perry creek, whleh
»i!l give the company a new opening for
the energy of its management. The
quartz shows fiee gold in lhe panning-.
•kill almost certainly prove n dividend
winner for the Kootenay St Algoma
stock. The final papers will probablj
he signed this week.
Messrs. Porter and Hamiltou, prominent mining men of Spokane, visited
the Perry creek camp last week tinder
the guidance of R. O Jennings nml expressed themselves as very highly
pleased with the outlook iu that district.
They are interested with Mr. Jennings
iu some huge ledges of auriferous quart/
on lhe creek, ai d probably energetic
developmeht work will shortly be begun.
J. ti,. Saucier, of Rossland. who has
spent a few days looking over' the mining prospects iu this neighborhood, U
very sanguine as lo tiie future of the dis-
tllct. He examined piuper'-ies 011 the
St. Marys prairie aud afterwards visited
the Union Jack ami lhe Pay Roll and in-
lends returning shortly tu louk mer var
ions mining propositions in co*operatlon
with Messrs. McVittie aud Hutchison,
with lhe object of introducing South
East Koolcnay mines-to the outside investing public.
Messrs. McVittie ami Hutchison have
seemed lhe Badger group of claims on
the south fork of the St. Marys river
Irom Fred Ha/en, and a company will
at ouce be funned in  1-lnglaud lo pro-
ed with the development wuik. The
group eutisists of six claims 011 one ledge
which runs throughout ihe whule length
of llie pioperty,   The ledge is over
twelve feet tu  width and  uu the surface
consists of magnetic iron carrying good
values iu gold and silver. The bead*
juartera of Ibis company in ihe province
will be, of course, Cranbiouk.
A number of new mineral claims have
been staked out lately iu the vicinity of
the Big Bear mineral claim, about four
ur five miles due south of the town. The
ure is a mixture of galena and copper
aud looks very similar to the Union Jack
ore, The number of promising mineral
claims now located within a radius ol
eight miles from Cranbrook is remarkable, und it is almost a certainty tbat a
fair proportion of these claims will be
developed iuto mint:* which will, for
tiian'i" years lo cume. draw their supplies
from Craubrook. .   .
Marliti O'Toole Uses Nimble Fingers at the
Last Sunday Martin O'Toole stepped
iuto the looms of Elmer Musgrave and
1*;. II. Small, proprietors of the Cosmopolitan, taking a waleh beluuging lo tbe
(ormer itiid'*f5') in money from the htler.
Mr. Musgrave had left bis room only a
minute, and during liis biief absence
O'Toole took lhe watch frum the table
lie got Mr. Small's money while that
genileniHirwas asleep. As soon as Mr.
Musgrave missed diis watch, having seen
O'Toole hurrying dowu the staus, he informed A'ij-Ju Watchman luster, ar.d
within fifteen mtmltes the thief was in
custody Monday afternoon he pleaded
guilty beiore. Magistrates Leltcb and
Moffat to taking the walch and money,
declaring, however, that he only got $W
He was sentenced to six months at .Nelson, and Constable Morris took him to
nis future residence ou the evening
iraiu.          -
F. VY. Frith Will Embark In Business la
sthe City of Moyie.
F, W. FHth, Chief Clerk at the Cranbrook hotel fur the past lwo years, has
purchased McCracken & Moore's lease
ot the Lake Shore hotel iu Moyie, and
will tuke charge at ouce. Mr. Frith is
well known lo lhe traveling public and
lhe people of Soulh Eslt Koutenay, ond
uo man stands better in the opinion ut
all. That he will he a luccen iu his
new field goes without saying, and The
Herald extends ilj best wishes, for if
theie is a man who deserves success il ll
Fred FritU.
Mr. McCracken wi'l engage in the
produce business in Moyie. His exten-
ive acquaintance and personal popularity will insure him a profitable business.
Mr. Muure has nut yet made up his mind
as to what he will do, but he will remain
In South East Kootenay.
Muyle's Payroll for July.
Leader: Ah near as can be calculated
Moyle'S payroll for July was at leatt
$ 10,000. Uf this amount over $*kj:)o was
pai.d out by lhe St. Eugene company.
The balance of *f4oco is easily made np
from lhe payrolls of the Lake Shore,
Society Girt, and Park, Mitchell St Co.'i
snwmill. Thus It will be seen that
Moyie has n payroll backing her that
few towns in Enst' Kootenay can
boast of. _
Mining Noles.
Messrs. Hamilton and Porter returned
last Saturday from their trip up Ferry
creek, and lefl tbat evening for Spokane.
ll BruaU All i'r^ioiis Recurds andCre.
ales Sad Havoc.
Kruger   Declines   to   Compromise
With Chamberlain-Dreyfus in a Bad Fix.
Winnipeg, Auk 1; —i>wing to the re>
cent beavj rnins in uoi ll em Alberta and
in the mountains, the Saskatchewan
liver has overflowed, having risen 40
feet in the past 24 hours. The historic
steamer Northwest has been wrecked
and the liver is full of miners'shacks,
cordwood and lumber. The electiic
power house at Fdmonton is Hooded,
and the people llvinfi iu the lowlying
parts of Edmonton are preparing to
move out. The river is four feet over
the piers ofthe new government bridge,
\ Mining lawn in Ruins.
The business portion 01 Victor, Col.,
was wiped out by flames Mouthy. The
'.us*, i-. estimated at $2,ooo,ooa
Leeks I.Ike Var.
President Kruger bas refused to comply tu tlle demands of Mr. Chamberlain
ior the appointment of a cuuit of inquiry. It looks now as if the crisis
would quickly developc in a declaiation
of war ou Huglaud's part.
Dre>fu-* Seems Uuumefl.
The pioj-refs of the court mortial in
the Dreyfus case lends to show the pro-
nouueed impartially o:" the judges.
There is little show for Dreyfus under
the circumstances. ,»> it appears to be
the determination l-i lhe couit to find
h:m guilty  regardless uf the testimony.
AH Trains Delayed.
A washout at Pincher Creek, where
aboul six miles of liaek are rendered
Useless, has caused serious delays in
trains. The passenger arrived lasl night
about 11 o'cluck, lhe first one 111 4S
hours. It is necessary tu transfer at the
break until a new track is put in.
Ollpln Was lhe Man.
G. H. Gilpin has supplied furniture,
enrpets, bedding, etc., used iu Wellman
& Hniel's new holel al Kimberley, and
ateo ior the Itoyal holel in Ibis city. He
bar, the only complete line of ftirnihue
iu East Kootenay.
Ujiliam  J. Wood«ard  Commits Suicide la
William J. Woodward, well known in
South East Kootenay. committed suicide
iast Thursday at Spokane. He was deliberate in his work. He put on a silk
nigctgowu. got his clothes in older, took
the morphine, folded bis a-rns and died.
The Spokesman-Keview has the following:
J. V. McCabe. a friend, said that he
waa in good humor when he saw him
last He had lost $So that day, but that
would not bother him, as he had often
lost more than that.
On a sta::d was a magazine and on the
top sheet this message was written:
"Spokane. Aug. 17, '99.—Friend McCabe: Well, my troubles will have
closed when yon read this. I have nothing to say or isk but one favor. Do not
let anvone know who I am. Your sincere fiiend W.J. W."
Lowpr down on the same page were
two words written in a more wavering
hand. Th*»y were the last message,
■■Good bye."
Sunday's i^sue of the Spokesman-Review had the following:
The loneliest of funerals, followed by
the dreariest of butials—the cervice
where none is present -ave the minister
and the undertaker—was held yesterday
fioui the undertaking room*; of Smith in
Company. The funeral was lhat of
William J. Woodward, of Nelson, IJ. C,
who committed suicide last Thursday in
the BelleVne house by swallowing morphine. It cau scarcely be said, even,
that a funeral was held. Canon I'errine,
of All Saints' cathedral, spoke a brief
prayer at lhe chapel, and the casket was
borne lo the hearse. The forlorn cortege—the hearse and one carriage bearing the clergvman aud the funeral
director—moved to Greenwood cemetery.
Here the coffin was lowered into a
grave made in an out-of-the-way Spot, a
spadeful of earth was thrown 111, and lhe
cation from All Saints rea I a burial service. Not the burial .urvicc of lhe
Episcopal church, fi.r that is denied a
suicide; bul 1. service made for the occa-
ion.    Theu ihe grave was closed, and
the flowerlees mound was deserted.
A First Class Enb-rlalrtmenl.
Prof, Paul Bonlon, with bis entertain*
I, appeared at Miner's Bill Tuesday
id Wednesday evenings The professor is a whole show in himself, and an
artist on musical instruments. There
ems [lo be no limit to bis ability in
lhat direction, and bis Chinese character is limply superb. 1 eter Itrady, the
comedian! is one of the old school. His
Irish and Dutch characterisations are ex*
iremely funny, and his singing catches
the audience. A. W. Lambert added
very materially to the enterlaium^nt
with his phonograph and shadowgraphs.
The show is a clean one in every respect
and those in Cranbrook who failed to
see it missed a treat. The three members
of the compauy are thorough gentlemen,
and will always get a goud house in
Schuol Supplies.
The p'ace to buy school supplies is at
Beattie1! drug store.    He  keeps  u  full
Ore  l-Miihii.
The present season hns brought about
aome wonderful developments in the
mineral dc|>osits in the country tributary
to Cranbrook. The Herald would suggest that each merchant in the town reserve a space iu a window for making
exhibits from the best properties. It
would be one of the best advertisements
they could devise for the country. CRANBROOK  HERALD
THURSDAY     AUGUST 24. 1899
i*. !■; SIMPSON, Bailor ami Mnoniwr.
ii:i;>is OV SUUSCltHTIONi
The HeraM dealr
itlstili-t.    If you kiii
s tn Rive tin wbo! tlio
\  any alintil your town
■I... scn.l It to this oOtco,
Last week a mining towu iu Idaho was
destroyed by tire. The report of lhe tire
contained the following paiagiaphr
The town hat) no ure protection ami all ilie
water tlmt COUld be secure-.! was rrom walls.
The hall burned like tinder ami In a short lime
the are had spread to adjoining buildings*
Wlthtn thirty minutes it wa* like u furnwe
Everything bulog wooden, the bullitlnitB furnish*
ed excellent fOOil lor the lire, which nut prae-
iieahy no resistance.
If a tire ever starts on the principal
business street of Craubrook, the story
cau he told by printing the above. The
result would he the same, ami Cranbrook would be wiped out before her
people could realise what was the matter. It is time something was done.
Don't wait until a tire ruins half the
business meu in town. Act now, before
it Ib loo late. Fire protection may prove
the financial salvation to a lot of people
in this town. You are all taking ton
many chances.
This hotel has just been opened to the public. The building
is one of the best in East Kootenay. The furniture is new
and the table is first-class. We have every facility for pleasing
lhe public and we propose to do it.
Lilly Langtry has married again, and
tbis time bar huibiud is a young man of
twenty-eight years. Well, if they are
satisfied, tbe chances are that the world
will have to he.
While the editors uf eastern Canada
are junketing over^the country in'palaee
cars, their more unfortunate brothers of
British Columbia are bustling to keep
up with the growth of their country.
Dan Godfrey's band is getting atl immense amount of free advertising
throughout British Columbia. If tbe
band is as good as its press agent, lhe
people will enjoy a rare tieat iudeed.
Some of the politicians who have been
so active in their persecution of Joe
Martin are now tike the old man who
caught tbe bear, aud are crying lustily
for some one to help them let go.
British Columbia exchanges continue
to refer to new school houses in the various towns. A close reading bas failed
to discover, however, any reference to a
new school building in Craubrook,
Strange, isn't it?
The Prospector talks about Port Steele
thirty years ago. The Herald prefers to
confine itself to the future of Craubrook
and South Kast Kootenay thirty years
hence. Look ahead, Grace. Don't
keep looking backward.
John Houston, of tbe Nelson Tribune,
is an eccentric crank, but he edits one of
the beat papers in British Columbia
Everybody likes to see what "Old John-
will say about anything that turns up
and wheu he says it, it is generally in
the Houston style,
A number ot one -ti.ii.n- collate] felt btlii
reported to lie in .'beillation In tint east and thu
Miuer is re.iue.ited in muke a note ot tlie fuet.--
Ureeuwood Miner,
That Is the denomination the newspaper man must be wary of. He never
would be caught on a counterfeit twenty
dollar bill, for llie best of reasons.
The Herald stands for the prosperity
of tbis district. It believes in this district. Its publisher has all of bis interests centered here, and he is of the opin
ion that the best way to advance the interests ofthe district Is for al) to pull together. Tbat is a winning policy every
The Herald wilt make Ihe prediction
that tbe new scheme adopted by tbe
Provincial government to shut out
Chinamen from working in mines will
prove abortive. An educational condition would act as strongly against a vast
number of foreigners beside Chinamen,
•nd if enforced wonld create no end of
difficulty for tbe coal mines of the Province that have nothing to do with
Chinese labor.	
A gentleman who bad visited Fort
Steele last week, stated in the hearing of
The Herald editor that the merchants of
that town were enjoying a good trade.
Tbat Is good news, but what Is better,
that town will enjoy an increased trade
is tbe mineral properties tributary to It
are developed, Fort Steele, like Cranbrook, Fernie, Moyie, Kimberley and
other points In South Kast Kootenay,
will be a much better town two or three
years hence. The towns In Soulh Kast
Kootenay are alt right.
Cascade people are wrestling with five
evangelists and a new railroad.
"Nelson mining record office had receipts amounting to $4000 in tbe month
of July.
The Cascade Record says It is a poor
sort of a Boundary town nowadays that
can't trot out a smelter story.
Greenwood has building improvements
laid out now that will aggregate over
$150,000. Greenwood seems to be all
Hon. F. 0, Vernon, late agent-general
fur the province in London, has gone to
Cariboo to look after hydraulic mining
there. He recently formed an English
company with $350,000 to prosecute
hydraulicing there.
J. H. Todd, one of lhe old residents of
British Columbia, and propsbly, with
the exception of the Duusmulrs, tbe
wealthiest man In the province, died on
Thursday last at Victoria of cancer, at
the age of 72. He was the head of the
firm of Todd St Son, grocers and
canners. '
Warmed Throughout by Furnace Heat.
Rates, $3.00 per day. r     L     f    "Q  i*"-
Short orders day and night.       t-ranDr00K, D. K..
B. C Furniture &
Undertaking Co.
Manufacturers uf all Kinds of
Upholstered Furniture and Mattresses.
We Sell Retail at Wholesale Prices.
Undertakers S and S Embalmers.
Perdue Block, Opposite Canadian Bank Commerce.
East Kootenay
3 Hotel 3
T. T. Richards
Proprietor  ;::
This holel has been refitted and refurnished.    The table
is the best.    Satisfactory rates given regular hoarders,
$ Baker Street       :-:       :-:        :-:        Ganbrook. B. C. j
...HILL & CO...
Now Have thc Best Selected Stock Ever Carried in South East Kootenay
Men's Shoes That Will Please
Gents' Ties, Fancy Shirts, Summer Underwear
Ladies' Pique Shirt Waists and Skirts, Collars
and Cuffs ********
A Full Line of Groceries on the Way
HILL & CO....
.*      Mclnnes Block
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,
Fort Steele,
H. L. Cummins, C. E.
I will deliver daily in any
quantity pure, clear ice to
any part of the town.
1 also have a regular
milk route and deliver
night and morning.
Spokane Falls & Northern Ry.
Nelson & Fort Sheppard Ry.
Red Mountain Ry.
Tbe only rail reute wl.hau. estate ol cars
between Nelion and Rualand ft
Spakane and Roaaland.
Leave c(20 a. m.  NRr.SON   Arrive em p. m
12:08    ••    ROSSLAND      ••      11.20   "
8.30 a. DI.   gl'OKANti 3.10 p.m
'i juiu tout leave. Nelion atS.Ma, ni wake,
(■In,.- eniitiei'tloiii al Sijnhmie for all 1'aulOo
Coaat point..
Pa.senaet, for Kettla Itiver ana li.niiiil.tiy
Creek oounect at Marcus .villi Minor dally.
0, 0. DIXON, 0, p, JiT. a„
S]i iKitu.., Wll.lL
NelWD,J), 0,
Canadian Pacific Railway
 New Fast Dally Service...,
with Kxttrea. conqeelliuj
Service To and From tlie
atake. Time I'oeiiuulled
Vancouver, 45
Toronto, 75
New York,  91
Victoria, go
Montreal, 70
Winnipeg, 35
rhroniili llr.t.clai. Sleeiuvr dally fiom ami
to Kootenay Landing. Tonrlal ear. 1 un Modi,
cine Mat dally for Ht. ranli Friday, for Mmitrca
ami llolloni Sunday and Wodnonitay, for Toronto
9'3i «rr Cranhrook....urr. i7;is;
vi« Ive Cranhrook....Ive. 17:25
FaHl-liouad Train, make. elo»e connection, at
Medicine Hot wiUi "Imperial. UinIM ' for all
pnlnl. Kail nnd Soiuli-Knal,
WeaMiannil train make. eloaiieonneclloMot
Koolcnay Undine, for all.Wait Koolonny polnlrk
also I'oelllo Coast and MiUn Line point, via ltev-
eUtok.. ,-—..
For rate* llckcl.oml full mrorinatlon address
nearest local oio-at or
F. M. MKIIIirilHT.Aueiit.
Craabrook, II. C.
NclKna, II. U,
K.J. COVI.K, A. II. I'.A.
Vancouver, II. 0,
CRANBROOK, - British Columbia.
C\D A IVRDHiOI/ Is the divisional point of the Crows   ,,-,
Vl\J\iy E>l\\JKJIV Nest Pass Railroad.
Cf^tlhPrink Has a io-stall round house, large machine
^* -M-llUI I/UIV shops, expensive railroad buildings and extensive railroad yards.
'    Cranbrook *s the natural and commercial center of South East J?|
| Cranbrook *s the headquarters for wholesale houses and corpora- J
tions of South East Kootenay.
H Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in |
South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and Her population is increasing week after
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps arid prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVES1T.ENT, AGENCY,      C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
W. F. OURD, B. C. L.
B»rrl«ter, Solicitor, Etc
Craabrook, British Columbia
w, It. Rosa, II, tv. hkhchmeh
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries Public,
CiiANnii'ioK t'runUrook onion
ami F out 3TK«|.K.      la und 111 llanuni Mock
©..... „„n,,,,,,i„,,,i,„i,,,,,„
T. A. Creighton,
The Grocer.
Have you seen his stock ?   It includes the best ol everything,
fresh and up to date.
Notions, Furnishings, etc.
Fruit, Fish and Oysters.
The housewife anil the bachelor should deal wilh him,   It will pay Ihem.
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
Tba Central Haiti is open both day aud   f
liight.   Tbe bar gooda are Aral data,   J
and tbe dicing room is in charge of   ■
Thos. .McCartea, and. la second lo none
in the Kootenaya.   Free sample rooms
and the beet and quietest bedrooms In
tbe town.
Tht North liar Hotel is tht large and
magaincent hotel al Kimberley that
It just Sniahtd atul It furnished new
throughout. Kverytbing in connection it Brat-clam When you visit
Kimberley, don'l forget Tht North
Slar Haiti.
California: Wine : Co.
....NEL.S0N, B. C.
Best Brands Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing: Mills
All Kindt Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
i*******«***********t*****a\et**«****^^ *,
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
 AU,   KINM   OF	
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
I Dimension Lumber,
Shingles and
Commercial Hotel...
...J. P. * 0. JOYCE, Proprietors
Biker Street, CrMbrook, B. C.
Conducted on the European Plan
Best  Wines  and   Liquors  at  the  Bur
Fort Steele u£GV
Brewing Co/s....   Porter...
Best on Earth   «•*' '
in wood or Bottle*       Jas* Kerrigan, Agt.
Cranbrook, B. C.
V**i*****2*SV8*#*f&a :
Ban-later, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Physician and Surgeon.
CRANBROOK,   :   :   I   t   :   :   B, 6.
The Ileal Stock, llie Meat Satisfactory Prlcea, and
Bral-Class  Work.      Ktnalrlni Neatly Hueculed.
Sashes and Doors
At Cost for Spot Cash
The Cranbrook Hardware Co. THE   HERALD.
CKANllkOOK.   H. C.
Princeton la tu huvo n proreswr ot poll-
Ilia An Obio'oollege would think stum a
Uttoharaoporlluaus.--rPlttsburg -Sows.
After tha primaries hnvo been reformed
tf-metntng might profitably bo ilunu in
tlio wny of reforming mon tlmt do not attend tho prlmnrlos.—Detroit Tribune,
Admiral Dowoy thinks tlmt politics Is
largely n question nt geography, It eer*
ndnl.v keeps a goud umny pnlltlaii.ua
guessing whoro they're at,—St. Louis Ro*
Thuro tiro n grout mnny statesmen who
would bo in n bnd wny If It wero not for
ihi-irrti.il friends b'ool friends iimnngo
*ti arulmilatua great many mistakes.in tin
ouurso of a year,
Emperor William lias sent President
Mi Ki.ii.-y n cnudeusetl stury of Clirlatlnif-
liy li ihls William's method uf rulloot-
ing mi Mm tumluiiulus of AmurleaT—86.
ICinnorui* William will havu a grout deal
of ayiii|xithy In thc Un I led Htitttw.   Thu
A rli'iu imlillc hut Imd  I III lull wid ox-
IKirltiioo wlih ihe com lowing as nn luatru<
i tof torture    ItoalHwtur Dumuomt
i im
i wiuii Cogli
ni m
thu Union Lungiiuclnb m "nusslltnu di
weliiImiim " That's hlmplv nwful. If
UighlHIi actually was guilty or It, there
luuius tm wny of gutting rouiiit a erlsls.—
hi. I-on IH Itrpilldh-
If tho wireless telegraph will Insure tlm
linrli'Mdlfiimteh, iherewill Iwtigreul gain
Wlrobws toliigmphy mnv hu tlio first stop
to communicating with Mars.—Xow York
Commercial Advertiser.
It doth nut appear which wo shu 11 hnve
first—u wireless tulcgrtlphy or a stftlUplosi
telegraphy.—Detroit I'reo Prosa
Minimi's I,minimi Cures IM|'thciin.
4 F>«- Mpiirk*. Prom ii WlrelohH Trl-
(•Kl'tipllii-   Ollllll.
We tall;   ul t lhe (lights uf   fancy,
nut fancy doesn't Ily- it hope.
Freedom id' thought doesn't injure
he world Imlf ns much ns froodom of
Strawberries mny lie too few tu the
quart, hot thev uro strawberries just
the sumo.
People who nro tno tired to lie agreeable ought tdlie too tired to be disagreeable.
Tbo woimiu who wears No.-Is always likes to tell that when sbe wus
May queen she whim No. 2's.
Wo don't relish advice because the
people wbo offer il always have so
many more faults than we have.
The people who applaud brevity are
often thoso who want a chunco to say a
good ileal themselves.
Thu average man thinks the meanest
tiling bu cull nay of u woman in lhat he
ia {.tad he isn't married to ber.
Spring fever te the small boy's feeling that lie doesn't wire whether he
gets In.mo in time for dinner or nut.
When a bridegroom has rice thrown
after liim. ho wishes ho eould return it
in the form of n big, moist pudding.
Some women are like tlio ostrich.
Tbey think a gay list will divert the
public mind from » frayed skirt binding.
Tbe average woman ban an id. a that
she ought to be afraid to many a man
wbo admires Napoleon Bonaparte,*—
Chicago Kecord.    	
Minimi**-) Liniment Cures Distemper.
St-iiiUi-t*' Sense or smd).
Stmkofl have the sens.* of smell It ts
difficult to obtain food for the rattle-
(makes and coppei bonds out at lhe zoological park. The keeper bas been trying (belli on tbe house rats and mice be
bus caught about tho building. He
would leave them iu the snake cage overnight and through the duy. They wonld
Mill over tlm snal.es wilh impunity
Tbo snnkes would pay no attention to
tbem, but when bo happened to secure
•some field mieo ami put them in the
cage tbo snakes ate thein nt once. Ho
put in several rats and mice of the ordinary house variety that were liviin*
out of doors finder the sidewalk, alld
theso wero seized by the snakes almost
as readily as the wild spe. ies.
Tiie keeper then conceived tbe idea of
milking an enithimx to keep Ihe ruts In
im* awhile before feeding, uml he found
that   if   lhey were put   in   there for IH
hours or bo before they weie given to
'lie snakes thev would be ealeii. Tliu
only apparent OXplHlintlotl is that tbe
imet! uf ihe i-aiih is agreeable to the
Hliil'.-s, and ttint the smell Wllicll lhe
animals a.'.iniie about   bnlldlnga Is ob*
MI minis 11 n linen I ('iirrsTt-nVircl I in own
I'lliirta hi   tlio I I ■■•if lllni-.
Tlm niieiir of Prinoo (lliikn, h   Milou ef
III uhl RoumnnlAU family, is a lumawhat
loiinokiible one.     I hi' PrltlH Rl an early
age nhi»weil n marked tendency in Dolto
mtiiii uhioi. Before Attaining hu major-
Uv he emancipated himself from parental
iiiiiiH'infi umi iiiiiri ii'ii n olroui artist a,
lie wnr ilinowneil hr hin father, hut. on
milmeipiently Inhwrltlag the family estates
lm t-. .lily run through in'  mobey,   Ho
then   look   leSSOM   from   hte   wife   nnd
obtained au  engagement  In  the olroui,
Ho Un* uow batterod hluiitU hy obtain-
liitf llio po*>t of mtui'igtir
All iininii Itciiil to (Im* OreaanmUeri
Mr. llnrnbtll—Do you know, dnrllng, I
OOUld plok you out of neiowdof  w en
Just by your Style I
Mis. Horn bill—1 don't wonder, and me
with this same old dress for thu last twu
Sato Hail Insurance*
Tbe Manitoba Farmers' Mutual Hail
IuHuranee Company, with its bead ofllce at Winnipeg, Manitoba, Is an organisation every fanner should Investigate, as every farmer needs safo and
reliable protection to bis crops from
tho destrnctivo hail storms. This company is incorporated under the laws of
the Province of Manitoba by somo of
tbe leading farmers and busiuess men
of tho Province * Tho Company issues
to its momburs ft flve-yenr policy with
protection of $800 ou n quarter scolion.
Kvery policy bolder is a member of tho
Company and eligible to tbo election of
ofllco at the aim mil meeting. For
further information apply to K. A.
Taylor, f»o;i Molntyro Block, Winnipeg.
I*, ll.   OltAUl it   I JUT.
J". ID. O'ERiEisr
148   1'rtmt'nn St., Wlunlpeff,
Private wire connection witli all markets
C-rruin bought uud curried on margin
Correspondence solicited
Alloway & Champion
I.Mill   Slotfai  bo-light, -"till, Iiml cairrrled
nil  luurf-lll,
Write ui if yoa wish to oxaliango any klndol
monoy, tn buy liovi-nimi'iit or L'. N. W. »Jo.
Landa, or to uud mousy anywhere.
Hi-   IVhh   lilinl, Imi  fthe  Wiih (li'ver.
She in a clever wonitin, a pnst matter
in tho art id strategy. So agree all wlm
rodo down town on the street ear Ibe
othor morning,
She gut on n HOU til bound Clark nlreet
limits train nl Balden uvonno.   Every
stmt wiih taken, and iiluii-nl every Rll'ltp
had ii man or Woiutin suspended tnun
il. Sho looked ubout hesitatingly for
an Instant, bul every man wiih wonderfully interested in liis puper. Then oho
took bold of n Blrnp almost in front of
u young until, a very yonng man, wlm
was blushing guiltily an lie pretended
to read.
While the young mnn blushed and
tbe Woman tlum bung herdiniidlierrhief
fluttered, accidentally hy nil appearances, to tlm Iloor. Tho young man
looked up just then and saw the while
bit of cambric. Tbe feeling of chivalry
which ho evidently wns living to stiiie
would not be stifled longer.
Ho arose and stooped for the handkerchief. This was tbe woman's opportunity. While his bnck wus tinned .she
gently slipped iuto his sent- When he
turned about aud saw what bad occurred, be almost collapsed, Hut the
woman did not. She took her handkerchief out of bis hand, smiling innocently.
"Thank you," she said sweetly.
"Yuu ure very kind."—Chicago .lour-
MIkIiI Derrtrnr All 1,1 fo.
Iu a signed article in Tho Electrical
Review Nicola Teshi describes some of
his experiments in tbe Iim; of electrical
currents of high voltage and gives details of the coil which he used. "Tlie
discharges of snch a coil," he adds,
"when of an electromotive force of n
few millions of volts, excite powerful
affinities in the atmospheric nitrogen,
causing it to combine readily with the
oxygen nnd other elements, particularly
in the presence of aqueous vapor
"So energetic are these actions and
ho strangely do such powerful discharges
behave that I huve often experienced a
fear that the atmosphere might he
ignited, a terriblu possibility, which
Sir William Crookes, with his piercing
intellect, has already considered. Who
knows imt snch a calamity Is possible?
And who can tell with certitude that
periodical cessations of organic life ou
tbe tflobe might not be caused by ignition of the air and destruction of its
life sustaining qualities, accidentally
or as ft consequence of  Home accuuinla-
tlve change? A lump of coal will lie
fnr centuries unaffected iu contact with
oxygen, but. the com bust foil once started, tho process continues as long as
thero are elements tti combine."
it luu loin* Ih-.'h rocognlied '■>* meUii al
rtcleutlsti throughout the wmld 111.11 nature
lm* •ii-.j-iied uii crrr:i(ii,*i with sunn- remadj in
the vegetable ot mineral kingdom wherewith
all forms of ftUnieiits can becurett, bui 11 «*•-■
not until the dlwoverj by Stanley $1 the iron
tlerful  Kola ijluiit ilium*   lln*   Culig-J River in
Attica that tuthma wu* permanently curable,
in luct. it wun not until Iho Investigation!
mode by Dr. Clarke tome years later that this
dlBense was found curable; he found thai by
combining the extract of Kola Nut with other
vegetable extracts thai Ihe compound •iitialned
would permanently ivtreaathina. CWrkrt Kola
r ni|i tiinl was then fried 1 u over 1'" caaei tn
d ti»-r. in innt.iinl,, -with ibe marvelous rwull
Hint over OS per eetil   wen- •..■riii-Hieii'lv cur-*il
In lev than n*a' 1 rentment,    Ulai kS'i Kola
Comp a la now lec-LguliHl to be lhe -..ly
iii'i'iiiiiiieiit I'm, k,i tblaureadeii dliease. Bold
hy all ilrtigglHla Fi'-' -Hiiii'b- bottle lenl to
niiyienuir. Mention llda paper. AddreM The
I'rifflLli*-A- Mji>-iiIi< is-.ti fu , K'l rln.uh sir. i-i.
Tniimt.., or Vfturoiiver, B.O., sole Canadian
Tbe Winnipeg Industrial Kxhibition
bas mnny ends and purposes nud not
the least of these is to mako ft great
provincial holiday for nil sorts nnd
conditions of people, Whatever may
have been the case in old times, or
what, may uow be the case iu other climates, ceriain it is that sloth nud laziness is not one of the prevailing vices
of Anglo-Saxon civilization in the centre of theX'irth American continent,
ln tbis country the danger seems all
the Othor way, and that men and women will go at their work so energetically and stick to it so persistentiy as
not to give themselves a ehaueo to live.
This is particularly true of the summer
and fall whieh for th ' farmers of Manitoba and tbe west is a bnsy and rushing time. Between tho time however
i.f piilling iu tbe last seed and taking
oil' Ibe first thing toady to harvest
ihere is a breathing spell of two or
three weeks duration, and fortunately,
so far as Manitoba is concerned, this is
at tbe timo when there is usually idcul
Weather for holding a great outdoor
exhibition liko tho Winnipeg Fuir. In
other provinces (here may be miflioient
breathing spell after harvest, but in
Manitoba, the harvesi and threshing
whieh follows bard upon it llll in all
tbe time till the season of wet days and
cold nights. The limn has been selected then because il is the right timo, I
aud lhe success which has attended lhe
Winnipeg Kair. shows that it is tho
season when llie people nf Manitoba
want and will take a  little relaxation.
The people of Manitoba then, with no
ghosts of unlluisbed or neglected work
to worry tbem, como down to spend a
day. throe days, a week at the fai.-,
and (o thoroughly enjoy Ihomselves.
It is n provincial gat In ring of the
clans, uvoryltody meets everybody else,
and whether they bo interested iu
stock-raising, lino »rts, poultry, pigs,
ladies' work, horso flesh or business,
thoy can get moro In this week than
nny other six weeks in tho year. The
big fair, liko n grent college, offers
optiounl courses to nil its students, nnd
anyouo who objects to or who hns no
iutorost iu any ouo department cau flud
plenty to occupy bis attention in the
-wring ii' tho sky
i- mul  moAdl ngln*tf * lib
Onlyablrdl   I
in woodland
Nn room wns tin vn r«tr oongst-ra blithe '<> ty
Whore prlnOM ban made mock of Idle ivlJg.
oniv ii bird I   Thf prison ban wore ien*
Mv ihi'UIy s<. i'li-at nml lull nm! itrOttg
Tin- Jwdoiis, free hud nlilrped in discontent
And Ih-il |0 Imlc tin- forest >-liiiden an «.
1 inly a lit rill    D-iUii emiio iiim-iu* pur gTOUp,
■ Am! ore we Bpuko the "Mirth loetirih"*galo
We Uhl! to Ring U l.viii 11 In give un hope
Ami comfort iii tin' thrill v hour nf pal 11
Twaahul u bird tlmt put uaull toaltRinn,
Tlmt inns nt pouoe uml hope. Whon loan
made dim
The printed words, a Rood of mauic enmv
Proin  feathered tlironb  und God's  voice
Hpuku through Ubn.
Only a blrdl  Yel ohlldlah eyes am wel
Now that the Btiltg is eung, the Hlngor (lend,
And oldor folk bIuiIi mourn the feathered |«-t
That, thnorouBi from their caralean lundi
has ft-tl.
Only a blrdl   My lips thn prayer repent,
"Whim death tears down my prison bars for
Tlio aong I've sung may eelui just n-i riweet
And tlml like flavor in the night Of llieel"
-Joseph Duh&oonihe in Boston Transorlpfc
A I)elli-uie ami iiiiiiui-i-diih Operation
liiiert*Htiiiuiy Deacrlhed,
The cobra Is passionately fond of music
and is no mean orltlo thereof. As n rule,
it only hours tlm bagpipe, but if ther.! be
any Instrument which ic loves more than
another it is tho violin, lt Is this amiable
weaknessthntsometttnes renders it a posl*
tivo danger to tbo unislciil householder in
India. Uy a reciprocity of causation this
lovo of music in the cobra works fur Its
own destruction. For tf a cobra takes up
its abode lu tbo neighborhood of a dwelling houso it is customary to send for a
couple of professional snako charmers.
Ono of thuni strikes up a tiiuu near tho
placo where tho cobra Is supposed to bo.
No matter what tbo creature may he
doing at tho thuu, oven if it bo out visit-
in;', so to speak, at somo neighboring;
house, it Is soon attracted by tlm music.
It emerges slowly from its hiding place
nnd strikes up an attitude In front, of tlm
player. Thoro it Is kept engaged wilh the
music till tbu other man gradually OrcopS
behind with a handful of line dust. At a
convenient moment, when tlio cobra ia
standing motionless, this man Biiddonly
throws tho dust over the head and eyes of
tho snake.
Immediately the cobra falls its full
length upon tho ground-— for one brief second, but that second is enough. Liko a
lightning flash—nny, with ono and the
same motion with which lie cast tho dust
-—ho seizes tho prostrate cobra by tho neck
jnst below tho bead. In tierce anger the
Blinko Winds and winds Its body round tho
arm of its enpior, but to no purpose It
CAIIIIOt turn its head to idle. If It be do-
sirahlo to extract the fangs nt once, tha
captor presses his thumb on the threat ol
the cobra and thus compels it to open   its
mouth* then the fangs nro drawn with n
pair uf pincher!-. if, however, iho operator
desires to keep the snake intact for iho
present, the Into musician oilers bis aid
and, forcibly Unwinding the coils, places
the body of thc oobrn in a basket, all but
the head (which Is still hold by tlie Other
man), and presses down tho lid to prevent
tho cobra from wriggling out Thcnstid-
denly tho captor thrusts the head In aud
bangs down tbo lid.
In tho above description two men are
needed to capture the snake, but a vory
expert channel- may do tho foot single
handed, though it  is hlglily dangerous,
Tliis ts the meth.il employed: While playing wlih one hand ho thfOWS the dust
sideways with Uie other and captures tho
niiuko with that baud. Of courso Iho
whole notion is liken lighi mnu Hash, ami
half a second's delay ur tho merest bungling either in throwing the dlUtorln
catching the snake at llio proper place
may prove fatal to ibe operator.—World
Wide Magaxtuo,
In llonht.
"What is thut bit of furniture to
which you cling so closely?" asked Ihe
tout 1st.
"I don't knew exactly," answered
the Siiinoiin. "I'll have to wait till this
trouble is over to bo suro whether it is
u scepter or a piece of kindling wood,'
-Washington Star.
cuimi) wrriuiu'r KtHIU OR im.ahtub
077 Nii-ii-ii-nii-iii* s<, Toronto.
gOme   UlH'.'l'    Ifl-tllt-.ttlCi-   Clll-Paa.
A good story Is told of a U-lting man
who was In ihe habit of regularly purchasing a railway lusurimco ticket, whenever
lm went ou his travels.    OlICB ho fulled so
in do, ami his train was in Imminent dan-
gar. His dlsgufit know no bounds, "Hero
havo 1 beon t>eithiKoii tills coming off nil
my life," ho said, "and now that it has
I'vo not got a bet oil I"
Thenr is uno sadly drainalla history as*
soolatod wlih iiti Insurance ticket. A gentleman purchased one prior to starling oil
n journey, and, as is frequently dono,
(Misled It homo lo his wife from the departure station. The ticket was dollvorcd
simultaneously with an Intimation frum
iin- railway company announcing that ho
had lost his lifo in a railway accident,
lu the case of the Tay bridge disaster
an Insurance tlakot wan discovered u'n>n
tho body ol one ot tho victims, Tho ticket
hnd been reduced to absolute pulp by (he
notion of tho son water, but under a ml-
crosconc lhe prim lug could still be traced,
'lhe   company   thereupon    admitted  thu
olnlm and duly paid over tho amount ot
l ho Insurance money.— Hallway Maga/.lue.
ilntv Bniery l» Umirrlcd.
Emory comes from the inland of Nnzos,
iii the eastern Mediterranean, whence it
has boon exported for tho lost two centuries
or mure Tho betls aro In tho northeast
of tho island. There aro about .mo men
engaged lu Ihu trade, all of whom have to
bo married Is-furu they are admitted to tbo
fraternity. Tho material Is much too
hard to bo dug out or even blasted. Grout
fires aro lighted around tho blocks till tho
natural cracks expand with tlm heat, and
levers aro then luscrled lo pry them apart,
This system la continued until tho blocks
nre reduced In atzo to masses of a cubic
foot or less, and thoy are then shipped as
If thoy woro coal. Thero am said to bo
■20.uno.uno tons yet available at Naxos,
and tho last reported year's export will
8,960 tons, It is one of tlm hardest sub*
stances known.—Ironmongery,
TnkliiK n  llinl.
How long docs It lake somo people to
tako a hint? A young nmn says that he
has called six times on au Atchison girl
tuid that her Hlstcrs still stay <n tho room.
Ho says that by thu time a man makes a
HOCOIld call at a Topeka homo tho family
have decided which gll'l ho wants, and atl
the rest inovo out and glvo him a
Atchison aioho
11 In   1'iiviirMe.
Tlm Infant Prodigy—What shall I play
for you tonight, Uiiclo Uoorgof
Unolo (icorgu-.oh, go and play dead for
hwIiIIu; that's it good girl,— Onloago lu-
Mlirtl   IrrlliiK*..
"How did you feel when they read
your letters in courtT" uked the friend
whose intimacy was great enough to
warrant Impatience,
"Well." said the young muu who
hud jast emerged from a breach of
ptomtee suit. "I was divided between
chagrin ut   the asiuiuitv l>.' the   ideas
uij-d admiration fur the lit^rury stylo."
-—Indianapolis Journal
r.»|M-rt  Oplnlou.
Student—These college atitborities
aro idiotic. They want to know whether ihey should drop Latin und Greek
from the conrse.
Student—And lhey consult tbe professors for advice! Why don t they consult the students':—Lo M..ude llluMre.
Debate M«y lie Warm.
"What! Vou have taki-n lo practicing fencing t"
"Yes; ymi see, I've been appointed
tu tnko part in the discussion ut tho
universal dliarmnment conference  ut
The Hague, nml -well, it is impossible
t.( tell, ul conrse, jiut what may happen." -Chicago Record.
St. Martin, Que,, May 10, 1886.
C. O. Riohards & G.    .
(•leiitletncu,—Last     CCovomlier    my
child stuck a nail in his knee earning
Inflammation so severe tbut 1 was advised to take him to Montreal uud have
the limb amputated  to save his lifn.
A neighbor advised us to try MINARD'S LINIMENT, which we did,
and within three days my child was
alright, and I feel so grateful that 1
send- you tliis testimonial, that my experience may be of benetlt to others.
Louis (lUgnier.
In  Ibe  Home  of  tlie   Muii*.
"Things are beginning to look brighter, Molly," haid tbo poet. "This spring
lytic will bring breakfast, tuts summer
pastoral will certainly secure dinner,
while this quatrain will supply us with
"And have you nothing for lunch,
deui V" asked his wife.
"Nothing I"
"Well, be comforted. These oJd shoes
of yonrs will certainly comuiuud a cabbage, when the truckman comes, und
we'll feast on cold slttw, if 1 can just
swap your last summer's hat to the
grocery boy for a loaf of bread to force
it down I"   	
When the aotion uf the kidneys lieoomes
Impaired, Impurities lu the blood are almost sure to follow, nnd general derangement ot the svsieiii ensues. I'armelee's
Vegetable Pills will regulate tho kidneys,
so that they will maintain healthy action
and prevent the complications which certainly come when I bero Is derangement
of these delicate organs. As n restorative
these Pills are in the first rank.
A I.lttle Too Previous.
Chairman (at concert)—Ladies and
gentlemen, Miss Discordant will now
aing "Only Once More. "
Sarcastic Critic—Thank heaven for
that I
Chairman (coming forward again)—
Ladies and gentlemen, instead of singing "Only Once More,-" Miss Discordant will sing "Forever and Elver."
Collapse of S, C.-—Answers.
AbNolalelj- smv.
"I wonder how Sindbtid the Sailor
came to tell such outlandish and improbable yams," suit! tbe man with
the practical mind.
"1 suppose," said the muu who wus
reading tlio newspaper, "that ho wanted to mako sure lie was on s-ife giouiul,
whero thero would be no ri.ik of Huyitig
anything undiplomatic/'—Washington
There aro so many cough medicines ta
the market that it is Miim-tlnies tlitlioult
to tell whioh to buy; but if we had a
cough, a cold or any allllotion of the
throat or lungs, we would try liickle's
Anti-Consumptive Syrup. Thoie who
havu used It think it Is far ahead ut all
other preparations recommendctl for suoh
complaints. The littlo folks like It as It
aa pleasant as syrup.
Wh* HarHKCKl -Owtff \k**.U.
(i. W, Stevens, wbo I raveled extensive
ly iii India, tells the following lutorestliig
story: A Pathan was being banged, wlinn
the t-opo broke, Tho warder bade bim ftn
up on to the scaffobl ngalll, but he object
ed. "No," ho said, "1 was sentenced to
tm hanged, and hanged I'vo been."
"Not so, friend," argued ihe warder,
'you were sentenced to bo Imaged until
you were (bad. and you're not deud."
lt was a new view to  Ibe  Patlllitl, and
ho turned to the superintendent, "Is that
right. BHhllif"
'Ves, that's right."
'Very well. 1 didn't understand," and
ho weni composedly up tbo steps and was
h-iuj-rii again lil.ua man.—l'lltsburg His
The Beit
Remedy tor
•print Weather
'    Weakness,
The Blood Is the vory essence of life.
As it courses through the system il carries
witli il, if pure and rich, nutrition to every
cell in the body. If Impure- it spreads
disease. If thin und watery, it fails to
nourish, hence we have weakness, debil-
iiy aiui decay.
It is tho wonderful power il.H.ll, lias
In purifying impure blood, making thin,
watery blood rich nnd red, that Is at llie
bottom of its marvellous success in coring
Those who nre pale, thin, weak,
troubled witb blotches, pimples or eruptions of any kind should take B.B.B.
It makes the pale cheek rosy, tho skin
clear and smooth, and infuses new energy
into weak, worn, run down, shattered
Skin "I beg to state I have used
Clear. Burdock Blood Bitters for impure blood, pimples on Ihe face,
&.O., and derived groat benefit from it.
My skin is now very clear and free Irom
all eruptions, I only used four bottles of
tbo B.B.B. und can strongly recommend
il to any person suffering bom impurities
iu the blood or eruptions of the skin."
Mrs. G. R. Ublmorb,
Spence'a Bridge, B.C.
"T have taken  B.B.B. every
Spring, ipiing now ior somo years, I.
purify my  blood  and  keep my
system in good order, and can honestly
say lhat I do HOt know of its equal
anywhere."     MRS- A*-"-"* BARNES,
Lunenburg, N.S.
Refreshing Sleep
Milburn's Heart
and Nerve Pills
E. Gartly Parker "S»f«™
Miss Margaret Brown, 0C7 Colborne
Rt., London, Ont., snys :—"My mother
bus been afflicted with nervousness und
general debUity for a long time, who
Buffered a great deal with insomnia, und
found it almost impossible to Bleep,
" I went to \V. T. Strong's drugstore
nud got a box of Milburn's Heart nnd
Nerve PlllS, which she took, mid derived
so mueh benefit from ihem that 1 bought
nuother box for her. They have done her
a wonderful lot of good, making her
nervous system much stronger, giving her
restful sleep, nnd removing many other
Bymptomi which previously distressed
" I enn truly say that these pills nre a
great remedy for any ons Buffering from
weak nerves, general doblllty, Bleepless-
iif-i or heart trouble."
Milburn's Heart and Nerve fills are
60e. a box or li for.91.25, atoll druggists.
'•foruiu ftp ring, i it* in.
"Folks never knows w'en dey 's well
off." said llm old cnloied citizen, "l
was walk in in de bresli wid Br'er Williams vestiddy en whnt yon reckon
come ter pass V"
"A rattlesnake tpringed his rattle
right at us, on Br'er Williams wns so
confuse be didn't know which way ter
jump- so be jumped st'iiar' in do river,
Into do month er a ten foot alllgatorl"
"En what did you dot"
"I jumped in do river, too, bnt de
alligator didn't bother uie, kaze he had
all ho could do ter BWttller Br'er Wil
Hams. Wid hlm bit wm*s 'fust como,
fust snrved!1 "—Atlanta Constitution
und Dandelion aru known toonirt a powerful Influence on thu liver and kidneys,
restoring them to healthful action, imincing a regular tlow of tliu secretions and
imparting to the organs complete power
to perform their lunations Those valuable Ingredients enter intu the composition of Parmolee's Vegetable Pills, and
serve to render them tho agreeable and
salutary medicine they are. There tiro few
pills so effective as thuy lu their action.
The Liipifti-tiuii Feature,
"I don't mind digging up yonr flower
beds, Harriet."
"Well, what in it you nro making
snch a fuss abont V"
"J don't liko your standing around
boflsintt* uie."—Chicago Record.
Friendly Ann lata nee,
"Can I help you to anything?" asked Hoarder No. II. '    *
"Yes," replied llio newcomer at the
oot of the table. "Vnn might give ine
a cine to this hush. '*— Philadelphia
North American
Wlm)  He Henll)- Owed.
"'Doctor," snid the grateful patient,
seizing the physician's huml, "1 shall
never forget thut to you 1 one my life."
"Vou exaggerate," returned the doctor
mildly "You owe mo only for IB visits
That Is tho point which I hope you will
not fall to remember,"
A ('rent. I'littiiiiiiiIf Kininly.
Mr. II. ti. West, Water St., Vancouver,
writes; "1 had been Buffering fr-omavery
painful attack nf rheumatism in my
right shoulder, und cuitld not attempt to
raise my arm, so ^reut wub the pain,
(■rlftiths' Menthol Liniment was applied,
and In less than four hours the pain entirely left It, and I could use iny arm
freely,   lt Is truly a wonderful remedy."
('iiiiilltlt.iinHj  in Favor <if It,
"Yon entirely misjudge me," said
tiie street railway manager. "1 am not
opposed to municipal ownership."
"You're not''" tbey exclaimed.
"Certainly not. Indeed I may say I
am heartily in favor of it conditionally."
"What do you mean by conditionally.'
"Why. I nm in favor of it if llie
municipality will buy me ont at my
own figures."—-Chicago Post.
Pleasant ss syrup; nothing equals lt as
a worm medicine; the name is Mother
Graves' Worm Kxterminator, Tho greatest worm destroyer of the ago.
Poison Bottle Ornnmeiilii,
At thu Metropolitan Museum of Art, In
NeW Vork city, there is a great culled ion
of ancient jewelry, much of lt in gold
richly adorned with precious •-tones, Jew*
elers lu tho metropolis frequently visit tlm
museum for tho purpose of obtaining suggestions, This collection at the Metropolitan museum Is Inflict tliu finest assemblage of antique objects of personal ornaments In existence. Somo of them date as
far back as 000 B. O. Those of them
which aro mado of silver have been prut?
tlcally destroyed by oxidation, but the
gohl ones being cleaned aro us bright and
new looking its thoy wero 0,800 or 11,000
years  ago,    TllO  jewelry from  Cyprus li
ibe wink of anclout Phoanlchiiis and
ouu thing very noticeable is the fro
('tiettoy of tiny gold bottles attached to
object's of jewelry derived from those an-
iicni times. All evldonoo points to the
conclusion that they weiv employed to
hold pnlsnii. fur lu those days life was by
no means secure, and at any time an
umorgcucy might nrlso whoro a man ».r
woman would ho glad to ond existence
promptly totnenpo lifelong Imprisonment
nr Indescribable torture by tbu horrible
moons H-ed by ibe auolonts.
WoeS   Ot   Mlllliiiiitire*.
Aii Kngllsh millionaire haa Just been
adjudged incapable of looking alter his
property. He Imagines himself tho Prince
of Wales.
ttnuo years niton rich merchant took
the Idea that be was penniless. Ills sons,
to stop his worrying, assured him they
had rescued his busiuoss aud was to continue It. 'Ihey offered llim a clerkship at
a small salary In Ids own ollice.    Ho took
.t and kept at work nearly SO years
When he died, he left nearly |ID,000,000,
Two Kngllsh millionaires were noted
for their parsimony. Dim plckod up ami
smoked olgar cuds. '1 he other, after Hue
receptions In his houso, would go around
carefully collecting candle ends to be usod
again. Neither of these men was Insane
Unlh were shrewd In business.
Another millionaire Imagined fur aeon*
sldcrablu time (bat bo was a squirrel, and
would cat UOthlllg but mils.
Another was too parsimonious even to
bi'V.'mself a warm ovoreont, Home of
hh' friends made bim a present of one,
ami h« promptly sold it at Hooondhaudnnd
pocketed the uuuiey.—Si. Lnuls 1-ost. Ills-
[Must have the
genuine, The
imitations look
very nicc> but they
hurt my delicate SKIN-
Tj'*"' AiucflTTeiLET£-o»ti Ccv. \
#1* *l* *l> /.> *>.\ *I» *,% •**> <l* #;^I* --!wll%*»IwiwJ*JC *tV*Iv *Iwi'w!'» *l» 'a** ''j*'
1 EDDY'S....
FIRST in 1851.   -»-    FOREMOST in 1899
for the Least Money.
^i?*i^ii^i;i,*iwi*rviwi*t**i»**i'' eh ~'i- *i»»i** */i*» *•*■■> ♦i***** *i"»»*'i^iw
It's no Trick
liKlit mul niiuls
It l«  UIIHIirilrtlieil
U AllStlMTKI.V   FtKE,
■nd LOW IM I'KtCE.
«,*tiS&.v       alwara oa   I1.1..I  ul
:*».r'^"****j*j    mi:. riiiMKiiv
*-*-,'* iVl   .MATKItlAI.    AM,
il.'' m -**".,,rHI-NTKK»-    MA-
is the kind that housekeepers who want only the
best always buy. Packed
in pound and two-pound
tin cans, it comes into
the home with all its natural aroma and strength.
Protected by our Seal,
the consumer knows that
its purity and strength
have been untampered
with. Your grocer sells
this kind, but be sure our
seal and name is on the
can you buy. c£"
J3R    nn.l
CAttn stock alao anpplled on abort notler.
Northwestern Branch :
"Tlie cnsliier informed me," Bflid tlifc
president, "thnt he wns strongly tempt*
ed to skip With   the fmid*i. bot tinit he
locked himself tip with them nnd prayed
over them nil night nnd overcame the-1
"I know it," piiiil the chief director, j
"I had n detective at bis door, one nt [
each window nnd one en the roof—at |
the chimney line—whilo ho was pray- j
In tnrh.tone »: 1 " .
Iih tbt*f hart no equ&;.
Uorretv-jaJ-nts wmt*iJ tn every town toac:
LUCAS, gTEtU k BBWC   Circle Tan.
Importer, of Orocri.1     fclSftgSStt
fntllS, lliuiiIlton.Ont.    LtSatftlltSploea
"Whero do uctresses j?et nil their
pretty little tricks of high bred manner V
"They imitate the society girls in tbe
"Ami where do society girls get all
their fnscinnting little ways':"
"Why, they imitate thu actresses on
the Btnge."
LurrlMic*--,   W.-ti:i.ti..  Ii.ut>t\»..  \t li.iliiilll..
BRITANNIA, BEAVEB and BUFFALO are the finest India and
Ceylon TEAS packed. Put up by
MacKENZIE tt MILLS, Winnipeg
The Pboonii waa tlie name of tlie first
firo compuny in Bnglnnd, and it waa
tat n bll abed in ltlS'2 At that time in tbe
towm sqnlrts dr syrintta-i were nsed f"r
extinguishing fires, nnd their length did
not exceed two or three feet, with pipei
of leather,
FOR NINK YK A US. -iir. Samuel
Bryan, Thedfonl, writes; "for nine yeurs
l suffered with ulcerated sores on my Isgj
[ oxnendotl over >loi to pbyslolnns, and
tried every preparation l heard "f or saw
reootninended for Mich dUtase. imt cnuid
K'*l no n-lipf   l iu lust wn< i immanded
to givs Dr, Thomas' Boleotrlo nil a trial,
which bas resulted, after using elghl Inii-
Ues(uslng it  Interns! I j and external)y)i
in a complet-- otUft    1   believe   It Is tliu
hest medioine in tbe world, nnd I write
this io I. ;  others   l.miiv what It has <'■■ n-
for tne."
Wiiuliln't   lii'-rhiiliiiilc   Mllllielft
"Why didn't he get ont of tbe way V
Indignantly demanded the scorcher who
had been arrested for running down a
"Did you rinjj* your hell':" asked the
•jnst ice.
"Sure." answered the BCorcher.
"Beforeor after yuu struck me." inquired the victim meekly.
"I decline tu uu wer." said the scorcher, wlm luu] nut read uhoiit methods on
the witness stand without learning a
tiling or two.— Chicago Post.
fitve HnllOWay'l Corn Cure a trial. It
raiuDveil ten oorns frum onu pair of feet
without nuv pain.   What It liuit doiiu once
it win dn again.
the Manitoba farmers'
loaaraa it, memben .a>litat Iom or dam,g.
from halt, and ttl-n. prompl n.tjii.,ttii,iii and
p.y. all i - in full.   Addreaa
K. A. T.tvi.iilt, Katutfri
Bo-,* and o»» them ml
viu will be d-.lijhlei
with retain. If not
Mtlttledmoticr relied-
MAJTTT0B1 DEPOT. 113 rrlaccsi ".tWlHlfSf
Alk your deiler lur GRAND JEWELS,
Tin* Word,
"Du yon moan to toll me," said tIim on*
fortunate litigant, "that tbo whole property In dispute huh been wnatori lu oostsr"
"i Haiti it bail boon absorbed, my frlenil,
not ffastod," rapllfd thu lawyer who got
till     III'!   <l     Of    It
Bteunirs Ksenort, Bdas Brydges, city of
The Bteamsr Keflnarawill Itan it.it Portsgs
every Monday, Wednoaday and Batarday at 9
p. in. fur F"*i France*, Mine Osntra, una nil
polntii.fi Knlnv KIvit Mid Kainy !.nki*.    For
ruteji,ei».,a|iiily t'» any**Oanadum Ptoiflo Hy.
agtn or w-  ^^^ a, OBAHAM, Manageri
it«i Portage, OnU
LKST VOU POItOKTi—Writs f"T Prion
mi (jriMin BMHiritors, Gasoline Bngipw, Tnad
Powers, una everything used in iii« Cheesa
factory,Orcnmery or i«.iir.-.  If you hare ten
r..w- : ,-nr lJiatlSqinr.ti.nl WILL i-.\VK
lln COlt tin* flrat >f.ir.
tf.a LLi&v>-(p°&t:
Wi v. v, m \
1.0,0,P.   kcj Cit> Lodge
No, i.'.    Meets ever*.' til-
gifajr ijmp   daj uli-lit at Iheir liall on
Baket street,   aojourulu-i
Odd Fellows coidUlly Invited.
K. E. Ileallie,     F. K. Slllipsoa,     1'. C. liiuiKla.
N. (!. V, U. Sei-'y.
I     LOCAL   NOTES     |
Picked  Up Aboul Ihe Cily  by Asking
Uiicstiotis of Many  People.
Read McFarlnno'i new advertisement
Mrs. George Taylor is very ill with
General  line of farm machinery at
A. McDermott. uf Port Steele, was in
town Sunday.
Mr. Archibald is buildiug a drnn store
in Kimberley.
Mr. and Mrs. John Hutchison visited
Kimberley Monday.
School opened last Monday witli a satisfactory attendance.
Hazelwood Huiter at the Port Steele
Mercantile company,
Mr. Tuttle, of the Royal hotel at
Ferine, was in town Saturday.
The government lockup is under headway, uud will soon be completed.
F, I. Mooie, the Moyie postmaster,
visited in Cranorouk two days hist week.
An Odd Fellows' lodge will be instituted at Fernie some time next month,
S. I«. Cmitf, formerly of Fernie, is
moving iu a stock of goods to Kimberley.
G. II. Gilpin und wife, of Kort Steele,
were aiuung the Crnnbrook visitors Sunday.
Au immense line of fall dry goods und
cloaks will arrive at Gilpin's in a few
Chas. Estmere und wife relumed from
Rossland Friday and lelt that day fur
James Greer has been al I'ort Steele
the past week, where he has contracts
fur several buildings,
Mr. Sheridan, lhe baker, has closed
out and gone on n tour of investigation
through west Kootenuy.
II. II, Wilson aud family have moved
to Grant St Shady's camp ou the North
Stnr branch for a few weeks.
A. Campbell's new store building in
Kimherley is about completed, and he i:
tutting in his stock of goods.
Parents, send your children to Heat
tie's drug store for school supplies. His
stock is complete in every respect,
Hazelwood Butter at the Fort Steele
Mercantile company.
A pair of eyeglasses have been lost by
a resident of Craubrook. Finder will
please leave them at The Herald ollice.
Canton, Muck Diamond and Jessup
drill and pick steels. Also full line of
miners' aud builders' hardware at Gil
The Cosmopolitan hotel is doing t
most satisfactory business. Messrs.
Small and Musgrave believe in pleasing
the people.
A person feeling like having the fever
should lose uo time in trying one of Mc
Farlaue's vapor baths. They will dispell thut languid feeling and give new
life uml energy to the system.
Wellman St Ilurel's new holel at Kimberley is beiug inclosed. The proprietor are not sparing expense in making
It oue of tbe best in Kast Kooletiay.
Don't forget that the Commercial
hotel Is one of tbe best hotels lu Eaat
Kootenay. Joyce Brothers, the proprietors, are making a great success uf their
Joyce Brothers, of Fernie, have shipped tbeir grocery stock to Kimberley
ami opened up for business. They have
gone to a good town, and the town has
secured a good firm.
The wagon road was begun early l'i is
week for the new bridge over St. Josephs
creek ou the Mission roud to Uld Town,
Terry creek. Tbe work is in charge of
F. LeClerce.
You should see thc new porcelain bath
tub ut McFarlane's barber shop. It is
the only one of the kind in East Koute-
nay and tbe best equipment for heating.
One can enjoy a lialh with such modern
George R. Leask, the contractor, has
commenced work on a new residence for
Thomas S Gill, a C. P. R. engineer. It
will be 25x36, wilh au addition 16x19,
which makes it one of tbe largest residences in tbe city.
The Kast Kootenay hotel, under the
management of T. T. Richards, is a very
populnr place. Those living ihere are
loud in their praise of the dining room,
und Mr. RichHrds' regnrd for tbe comfort of bis guests, makes many strong
frieuds for the hotel.
Pusto, thc Italian convicted of killing
Edward Ryan iu this city, and Jack
Lerone, convicted of stealing nineteen
cases of dynamite from the C. I'. K
warehouse at Fernie, have been taken to
the penitentiary at Victoria. Pasto goes
for life, and lerone for two years.
Hazelwood Butter at the Fort Steele
Mercantile company.
Mrs. Mursbalsca has been appointed
local agent for the Dominion Kxpress
company's money orders, which ate advertised far and wide as the cheapest,
safest aud uu st convenient way to send
money to any point iu Cuuudti or the
United States.
N, Ci Mclnstrey returned from Spokane lust Friday, accompanied by his
bride, aud lelt that day for Kimberley.
Tlu- bride ..:t-, formerley Miaa Agnes
. Line, of Surnio, Ont . uud '.In- wed.
liLg took place on tbe 71st of last June.
They will make tneir home in Kimberley fertile present, where Mr. Mclustry
lias extensive mining interest:*.
Night  .Vatchmnn   Foster  arrested a
man 111 ont- of Uie h-nises on the row last
Tuesday after 1 desperate struggle It
::-■ iu; posed tl' u ilie man entered tlif
pi ice while ibe inmates were absent.
I! ■ wis evidently deaf and dumb, bul it
i learned thai ho bail been known by
tbe name of A. Dummy, He wns re- >
letsed with orders to leave town at unce.
I. W. H. Smythe, managei ofthe Canadian Hj.uk. ut Commerce, will leave this
wtek tui au extend d trip to lhe Windermere district in the itilereuts of bis
bank. Mr. Smythe. aa lhe head ut lhe
Cranbiook brauch of one of Canada's
largest   financial    tns'.itulioiis,   is   ever
alert to the growth ol the country, aud
never lets an opportunity pass to keep
111 close touch with its progress,
Men Wanted.
Men wanted lo cut about 20,000 cedar
pos-s.     Good timber.     Price 3 cents.
Further particulars apply to
11. Pollurd, Goalfell. B. C.
Are You lliintirv?
Just received, a ear of Ogllvio's flour.
It lias the strength of Gibraltar, llun
gartati ami Glcttora in sacks, half sacks
and quarter si ks. Rolled oats iu K",
40, 20 and 8 pound sacks. Wheal meal
in H pound Backs at     1'. McCotmell's.
tie reports the prospects lu thai district
rapidly improving, several flue ledges
having heeti struck during the last ten
C, It, Palmer left on Tuesday f»r a
trip : 1 Torouto, Ottawa and other eastern points.
i 11 Williams moved bis family tu
towu today rrom lhe Bohart ranch,
where they have been all summer,
fake Berkman spent Ftlday audSatur
day in Peruie,
School re-opeued a week ago, our former teacher, Miss Tibbats, having been
secured lor another term.
' U
G Ii Gilpin and wife, Al DoyK A K
Watt. J Spellman, J A Harvey, A U Mc-
Helmut, Geo McDeiiuot, Miss Stella
Sopber, UB Williams, Port Steele; FI
Moore. Chas Kaulfmaii, Chas Farrell,
Victor Desauluier, Moyie; C I> Porter
Jas Hamilton, W Wellertoti, Spukane,
Wash; Fred Parkeuson, Chas Estmere
and wile, J W Gordon, J A Shaw, Kimberley, T Cavan, Dave Meur, Macleod;
F J Slattery, Toronto; Prank Collell,
Windermere* J Iv Saucier, Rossland; J P
Noble, Geo Pushee, Macleod; D 1,0 we,
Montreal; II Uunlet, Field; Paul Botilou,
J W Lambert, Pete Brady, San Francisco, Cal; W K Kllir, Nelson; W It
Wliinister, Fernie; 11 McVittie, J F Arm
Strong, Fort Sleele.
Mrs. Cronin and children relumed to
Spokane yesterday evening.
Moyie's population is rapidly increasing, and people ute Hocking iuto the
town every duy.
Eighteen expert machine men arrived
here Ibis week from Rosslaud »o take
positiuns in the Lake Shore mine. i
M. Mclnnes and wife were out to
Moyie last Sunday. Mr. Mclnnes will
butld a new meat market hele iu a short
OCO. R, I.eask, uf Cranbrook, hus been
awarded the contract for putting up G.
T. McGregor's 30x40 bail ing on Vic-
turia street, and he will begin work on it
next wet k.
Yesterday the large llag which was
presented lo Muyie's new school by Mrs.
Matlin Foley was hoisted. The flag
was a handsome and worthy tribute to
the Hew educational institution.
I,ist Tuesday I). J. Elmer sold bis
bouse ami lot iu tbe Lak« Shore addition tu Slen Malison, recently from Montana, for $1000 spot cash. Mr. Elmei
has purchosed another lot aud started
ailOthei residence th's uflernooii u shott
listauce from bis foi mer one.
11 J Sullivan. C F Thompson, Toronto;
Geo Guiding, Jas Johnston, Fernie; M
McFadyun, D I, McGregor, Moyeije;
F Slager, Fort Steele; J S Cruig, T J
Smith, Fernie; B C Clarke. K G Rykert.
A C Beach, A C Brock, Montreal; Frank
Low, Winnipeg! Jas Balfour, Lennox-
vllle, Que; J P Mellon, M Peters, Macleod; P MeDcrtiiott, Bouuers Ferry; A J
Chesholm, C Hanson, FJ Moore, Movie;
D II Rutridge, Granby, Que; R C
Churles, Nelson; W West, Adams Ranch
N Ci Mclnstrey and wife, Spokane,
Wash; W Wade, Colville, Wash; M II
Doble, Rossland.
B O Williams, Fort Steele; DKolberk,
Cranston; W Williams, Murry Phillips,
Macleod; C Laderante, Armprlor; T J
Maugan, A Lesser, J Gnlipcan, John
Rochelle, W \V Tultle. C W Sucll, P
Callins, P MeKiltrick, Jas McGuey, J M
MeCurtin, Ferule; Wm J Melnnis, Grav-
euhurst; Geo Huscrolt, Port Hilt, Idaho;
Neil McQuarry, John Ross, C McNab,
Kimberley; P O'Brien, Warduer; Kd
Lynch, Orillin; H Broadhurst. Field;
Gus A linker, Crcslon; Levi Swain,
Kemptville; BcnLcgasse, Sudbury; Thos
Chrislie, Jaffray; Thos M Charles, Salt
Lake City, Utah; Ben Murphy, Moyie.
Hast Kaiik-iiuy.
S Carman, Langley; p I, Buckmaii,
Vattcotivei; P 1) Sauford, M F Doyle,
Nelson; Dan Bickford, Sirdar; R G Wet-
man, G II Andrews, Medicine Hat; F I)
Chalmers, T11 Chalmers, London; S K
Browumuu, Picton; Thos M Charles,
North Star Mine; W Claliuan, Ily Nelly,
Dan O'Brien, Ottawa; Andy Howard,
Reler Weller, Newfoundland; M H
Thomas, Calgary; Thos MeKeiinon;
Capl C II Milford, Moyie; P Clitlb-d,
Bargain List.
Brick yard cheap for cash.
Four  roomed   furnished  house  .villi
stable. $550,
Three roomed hou-*e, ft 25.
McVittie iS: Hutchison.
August 17.—While trying to ride a
stubborn broncho without a saddle a few
days ago, our popular townsman, H. W.
Woodford, was thrown. Thc result is
Mr. Woodford is now nursing a sprained
ankle, and frankly admits be is not a
rough tul.'t.
Frank McCabe returned from a week's
trip to Gold Creek on Thursday,
James A. McBeali, of Sand creek,
spent a couple of days in town litis week.
Pineal Ilatll  Rootlia in  Kast Kootenny
Don't (let Bald
Try His Dandruff Cure.   It Cnre9,
Chas. Estmere...
Real Estate,
Mining Broker
Black Bear... 2%e   Empire  5c
Kimberley Consolidated, 5c
Kimberley, B. C
Via Cranhrook
Solicitor, Gup-.,
Hunk at Commerce Md* uitAMiiioOK
iu« reduction in
iilii (Iratio Movements,
A ale.-line of ...
HnKSfEemeat and Wedding Rings,
Brandies, Bracelets, Chains,
Blouse Sets, l:k .*
W. F. Tate
lllli'lal Wiili'li
1 Neil lirauWii
McVittie & Hutchison
Mines and Real Estate
0   iQ   Cranbrook, B. C.
"The S Emporium^
Sherlock & Bremner.
Choice Fresh Fruits received three times a week.
Oats, hay, iluur and Feed.
Our grocery stuck is complete and fresh.
dents' FuruishiitKs. a good range.
Boots and Shoes well assorted.
kVilnri'fl cjilp nf Ladies' Blouses, Ladies' Dress Skirts
Keuuixu "sdie 01 and Ladjcs, |jn(lcrskir(s
The Black Bear Mining Company, Ltd.
Capital $500,000 in 2,000,000 Shares of 25 Cents Each
1,000,000 Shares ol Which Will Be Held M Treasury Shares for Working Capital
This company Is now heltiR organized for the purpose of acquiring and working the BLACK HEAR AND MABEL
Development work consists of various shafts on thc vein for it distance of of 3110 feet, all showing ore. Thc
vein Is 6 feet wide, with 2 feet of solid galena ore,
Samples of ore ean be seen at the City Hotels and I'he Herald Ollice.       Promoters stock Is now on the market tit  1'/,
CENTS A SHARE.     For further particulars inquire of
J. W. H. SMYTHE, Manager Canadian Bank of Commcrcc:
Via Cranfcrook.
Stationery Store
Stationery, Novelties,
Cigars, Tobaccos,
Books and Periodicals.
Cranbrook stationery store, Aacats
Lowest Rates to Any Point in Canada or
....United, Stales....
Kootenay and Algoma Gold Mining Co.
^^^^^^^ LIMITED
Head Office at Cranbrook, B. C.
Capital Stack, 1,000,000 shares at par value of SI each, NON- 1 Incorporated under Ibe laws et British Columbia with non per-
ASESSABLE. sonal Liability.
President, A. Leitch, Sr., Esq., J. P., President Craabrook Lumber Co.   Vice President, M. Mclnnes, Esq., ot M. Mclnnes tt Co., Cranbrook,
James Ryan, Esq., Cranbrook; (targe Bremner, Esq., Cranbrook; J. II. King Esq., M. I)., Cranbrook, J. R. Costigan, Elq., Q. C, Cranbrook;
T. T. Richards, Esq., Craabrook; I*. E. Simpson, Esq., Cranbrook; John Leask, Esq., Cranbrook;
Hugh D. Henderson, Esq., Moyie; A. J. McArthur, Esq., Paisley, Ont.
Solicitor, J. R. Costigan, Esq., Q. C, Cranbrook, B. C. Bankers, The Canadian Bank ol Commerce, Cranbrook.
Opposite Cranbrook hotel.
McVittie & Hutchison, Official Brokers.
John Hutchison, Sec'y-
Now developing the Union Jack and the St. George claims near Cranbrook, and the Kootenay and Algom. j
claims near Wanita in the Trail District.
The London & Liverpool
Mercantile Company SS
We are, now selling; men's straw and canvas
a..n/\ 1 deea
At a discount of 20 per cent, or if you want
a good felt hat we will give you a bargain.
Stores at Cranbrook, Pincher Geek and Macleod
Pioneer Hardware Store
Wc heve a few..
left.   Will give you a bargain in them.
The ilies are here and the season
is well advanced.   We will sell
Screens, Doors and Windows
..at cost.
S S G. H. Mine*
*>•**■ »«««i»fi m-* **■***/•• • a *••**••****•* •*■*
The Empire Mining Company, Ltd.
CAPITAL $500,000,  IN 2,000,000 SHARES OF 25 CENTS EACH
s  s
This comnanv is being organized for the purpose of developing and working the EriPIRE
m|„er«U.a?rESyerknown as the FAHOUS A1AJOR STEELE PROPERTY, situated on Sand
Creek, two and one-half miles from the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
25-foot vein of chalcopyrite, assaying from 8,36 per cent
copper, 9 ounces sAver, trace in gold, to 23.79 per cent
copper, 37.6 ounces silver, and $4.90 in gold.
The comply has a strong treasury of 7So,ooo shares. Promoter's shares are now placed
on the market at» Cents per share
s  s
For further Information apply to
^ CHAS. ESTMERE, Promoter
Kimberley, B. C.
I J. W. fi\. SMYTHE, Trustee
Manager Canadian B link of Commerce, Cranbraok, B. C.
Via Cranbrook


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