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Cranbrook Herald Jan 22, 1903

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The Canadian Bank oi Commerce.
Head Office. Toronto.
Hon. tin.,. A. Cox, Prealtltiit.
Paid Up  Capital
"_,    Real   	
filial   Koiai-a-H
II. li Wal.HHK, 0.
.    .   MM.OOOIXI
Deposits Received,   (icneral llankin-- Itiisine ss Transacted
SAVINIIS BINk IIII'VU tlNl    |lrlii,-,||a IttCtlVtt   l.lcnal Allowed.
This Means any
$20.00 COSTUME $13.50
$15.00 COSTUME $10.00
None have been in
stock over 2 months
For ut,v tin.! nf nieicltiniilise .
colli*, -n 6llpltl'» Ilrsl Wc lla*e
all ynu wanl ami ll will .ave j
tunc to gel nil in n, t- pli.ee. If
,011 hav. fiiil-.l to fiii.l what
•ou «anl TRY GILPIN'S and
•nut trtulilia mt over.
We do an immense business because our prices and goods suit
We never lose interest in the watch that goes out of
this store. It's daily deportment is of as much concern after the sale as it is before. We have a nice line
which we are offering at very close prices. You buy
Wilson's guarantee with every watch that leaves this M
shop. M
Black Prince   Hand Made       Lippencutt
We Invite Your Inspection.
Han't think you can Ret better prices away from
home. Our stock is up to date and we sell it
just as cheaply as eastern jewelers.
OHicial W.itch Inspector Crows Nest Branch C P. R.
Wc wish all our numerous customers and patrons a J
Happy New Year
and are sure 1903 will be your most prosperous year
it you trade wiih the
King Hercantile Co.
•■■* • ♦♦*■,•) •*■•-•■ ♦ •••••••A*******-***-***-***-.*)
Reduction in Hardware
Prior to annual stock taking I will make a
big reduction in all lines of goods for cash.
This wilt give an opportunity for bargains.
G. H. Miner.
The Pioneer Hardware Store.
Him   The   Great   Mian   Was   His
Th« Man Who Located it  Also
Discovered The North
Star Mine.
K S Topping in Spokesman Review-*
Your issue . ol January i contained an
Article on lhe LeRii by Colonel 1. N.
Peyton, wil cli 1 Trail Alth great lt-
terest. Th** nccotltlt ia truthful in tbe
main, but in s me minor details approaches near the verge of fiction. 1
was iu the game at ihe opening of ibe
jack pot and was tiie recorder for the
■listiiet for never-*! 1 year", and perhaps I
am in a belter posiiinn than any person
to give tbe facis.
The first location In the country was
railed tue Lilly Mny, made by Newiin
Hoover and Oliver Bordeau and staked
in iBSft The second was a claim called
the Annie, located by Newiin Hoover
Tor K S- Topping, at the east end ofthe
Lilly May, slaked in 1888 In June, 1890
Oliver Bordeau and Joe Morris went
from Nelson to the Lilly May to perform
tbe annual work required With tbem
was Joe Bourgeois, whose obj ct wa' 10
look up the-cbance for marten trapping
anil incidentally to prospect. I do not
think that Mr. Bourgeois ever did a
day's work for wages in his life. His
waa a unique character and a few particulars regarding bim may be of interest, lie put in the earlier part of his
lite as a free trapper aad kuew every
trading post from Quebec to the Eraser
river. Soon after be came to British
Columbia, about 1865, he commenced
placer mining, and with tbe exception
of an occas'onal trapping trip, he followed tbat occupation with varying success
until 1890.
My Brat acquaintance with him whs In
the spring of 1889 at Nelson. He spent
about four moulha that fall pocketing
and rocking on Forty Nine creek and
did not do so badly, for 1 bought from
him 17 cunces of gold at SiS per ounce,
He waa naturally observmt and had a
tenacious memory. These traits gave
him the greater part of tbe nice little
competency wltb which bis mining
career ended, While ou one of bis
placer hunting trips in Bast Kootenay
be rati across a large cropping of sume
kind of mineral and after be lnul acquired some knowledge ot minerals und
lode milting he 15 years afterward went
back and located lhe N >rih Star, u well
known silver-lead properly in Kust
Kootenay. Joe. though ratber inclined
to be frugal, would open bis purse
strings occasionally aud treat the buys.
Tbey had lo drink though, lor ll one
clied tor cigar he would say in his
quaint French accent: '"I buy tobacco
lor no mans."
Uourgeois cleaned up from liis Rossland and Hast Kootenay properties prob
ably about 135,000, which was pretty
well for a matt who bad never driven n
stake on n lode claim until he came to
Trail creek.
Joe Went to the Territories anil acquired a large tract of land, bought himself
1 fast u-ntii and tiiartied a young wife.
The horses were too fist,for shortly after
they tan away, breaking his arm, s- me
ribs antl bruited him up generally. He
recovered, though, and ai lust accounts
WRS enjoying the rest Unit be deserves
Iter Ins arduous life.
While Mortis atld Ilnrdesu worked at
tbe Lilly May, Bourgeois, tramping
around tbe country, (omul tbe large
croppifigson Red mountain. He indue
ed Morris to go over, aud they located
four claims, thk War Hagle, tbe Centre
Star, the Idaho aud the Virginia. At
the time there was uo limit aa to the
number rf claims one might locate, but
under the United Slates law you could
have but one location on the same vein.
In 189*3 lhe law waa changed so that a
person could locate but two claims In a
After a few days of prospecting the
two returned to Nelson, and before
speaking to any one of their And they
assayed hut one piece from the Virginia
which ran a fraction less than f u>. This
was the only assay taken at the time,
and of this I am positive, for I was quite
Intimate wltb Mr. Kllis, the assayer,
who was afterward appointed provincial
mineralogls', but wbo died before taking
c.large ol tbe office. With Bourgeois
content, I had-the pulp run through,
with practically tke same result. Considering the lack of transportation and
the supposed refractory condition of the
ore, both of thc locators were discouraged, but after a talk with me they
Agreed to go back and shoot Into some of
the large showings, and I, on my part.
agreed to come down three days later
and sample the properties.
Tbey had put one stake on a claim to
the West of the Center Star—an initial
post—and called it the Louise. Bourgeois made the proposition to uu* thai
if I would pay for recording tbe claims
lhat they had located 1 ** and Morris
would allow me to stake t*.*e other l
ol coarse accepted, and p. '■) lhe fio to
Mr. tsiflin, the recorder, ami upon tnv
visit tn tbe nt-rt camp I 1 .I .mil ti .tin i
tin* Le Itoi without help 01 suggestions
ftom any one. and even then considered
tlmt I hud tlu- liest claim in Ihe camp
I took samples renin old workings nn
the Ue Roi (ol which mora anou) from
theWur llaglesnd the CopireStai The
results win* l,c R 1 * 17 Wu lfagl« fa,i
and J-.'S from tbe Centre Star. These
returns caused quite a ruv.li tn tbe camp,
1, oi course, weut wltb th-.- ruth and located the trou Mask and two other
claim-,, then returning to Ni Isou sold
out   my  little   atOlfl »Bd   moved to   the
mOUtb nl Trull creek, wlteie I bud local*
ed 343 acrei ol ground, now tbe city ol
I made a cut or shall un the Le Roi
which showed >i width -.*i-.|7 fefct of ere.
No une in ibe country <*ou..l tell the rich
ore from Ibe poor, and the assays run
from nothing to a blgb figure Of four
samples taken at this time (n tu across
this rut ilie lowest ran 810 and Uu* high*
est 5911.
During the (all of 1890 I tvenl to Spokane with ore samples, assay certificates
etc., to try to place tin* property. Slop
ping over at Colvllie 1 mnde uu assay ut
the oltl smelter thai ran over f2n> in
gold. When resuming my trip to Spokane I became acquilnted with George
Foster, to whom I showed everything
that I bud connected with Uie mine and
gave him an idea of the price. He formed the company uiul 1 made the sale at
the rate ol $30,000 for the mine, with
$3,000 down and So.ihxi to be expanded
within eight months, when ihe option
Tiie new company soon commenced
work ami continued under diilleu-ies until June, 1891, ai wliich Unit.- the payment was due. Tlie shall bad been
sunk for quite 11 depth arid there was nn
ore in the bottom. The company wus
discouraged and nil of the members
composing it were broke and if 1 bad
insisted upon the full payment 1 believe
that tbe property would have been
thrown up.
I had other large interests dependent
on tbe success of the tt". Rul und I sold
entirely out to the compauy at u nominal price. 11 was found under another
and later management Umt tbe ore body
was continuous and Lhat the shaft hud
paralled Ibe ore.
Colonel Peyton states thut there was
an attachment issued on the Le Roi and
that I hud lo go 10 Nelson in midwinter
with money furnished by bim 10 save
the mine. This is entirely Imaginary,
as tbe mine was never attached or In the
least danger during mv ownership.
Tbe colonel Is wrong again us to ilu-
wagon road, Dining the summer nf (893
Topping & 11 an mi, at tlu-it omu expense
built ; i*a miles of this road and shamed
the government into appropriating
$1 500 und completing It, and if my
memory serves me rtglil ilu* l.e Uol gave
hui 810a towards u.
In the tunnel Uu- colonel speaks of as
being run in country rock they crosscut
11 four foot vein which assayed Well with
me (i kept run of values though not un
owner) and torn which there hits been
■'hipped within the last six months several hundred tons of the highest grade
ore ever shipped from tin- i,-.* Roi to the
NorthpOTt smelter.
The management at the time said that
this was run by Peyton's directions and
it is called the Peyton tiinnel today.
The Spokane owners encountered
many il tlicullies and einbatrussmenls in
making this mine ami several times
they were near the limit ol their endurance, but their preseverance achieved
success und they fully deserve lhe prosperity lhat ciuue tu I hem. Il Is haul to
discriminate where all did so well, bat
it is my belief thut Colonel Peyton's per*
sistent l.iith and financial ability were
the strongest factors in making lhe
great Le Roi,
1 spoke of some old workings on the
Le Roi.    There wis  a  shaft  about nix
feet deep iiii iii 01c. We also found evidences of work on tbe St. KlUlo. the
Coxey antl the Iron Horse, in a hr le
on what is now tiie Giant we found a
shovel ami pli-k ol antiquated type,
probably it railroad pick.    The following
story came from Colvhle and 1 heard it
related at Nelson before Bourgeois hud
located ihe big properties on Trull
It appears that there is a locally credited clairvoyant ui Colvllle. Wash, (,1
have lieatd Ibe name butCflllUOt now recall it ) A pnrly ol four, Including her
husband and sou, wele going out on a
prospecting nip, and wishing to know
where lo go induced her to go into a
trance and give them instructions, She
ilidsoand tiiude a chart, showing the
trull to the Columbia river, up It, leaving tbe river at the mouth of Trail
creek, and finally Red mountain, There,
she said, Is a mouutalu of gold. Tbey
followed her Instructions) came to Red
mountain and dug into many of the
cropping*, perserving for six weeks,
then,finding no gold, went away disgust*
ed, not even taking samples for assay.
This was in 1SS4. Their report gave
tbe old lady's prestige a setback, but
the developments since 1890 should raise
her high on a pinnacle of fume.
Many amusing stories of the ramp's
early days could be glve.11, ami at the
risk of encroaching on your space I will
give juti one.
Sum Creston, who afterward made
his little stake and went home to Denmark, where he is 1101*,   a  lyee, owtu-d
onethtnlol ibe Gertrude,   He worked
at ll until disgusted and   then   sold  the
interest la BUI Sprit get Im ibiee gallons of whisky. Bill did nut waut it and
turned the bargain ovei to Topping \
Banna of the Trail house. While ou a
trip to Spokane Topping) aftei Hue,- or
lorn day's dickering, sold tbe interest to
a secondhand man who would m**ke an
elleron anything Irom a rbnrcb to a
box ol iu iti lus. 1 he consideration wus
>.15 iu money, u gold watch, u sewing
machine and it,000cigars. The cigars
were taken to Manns before th j were
opened and tboy nioved io he sucb uu-
mitigated ailnkers that they were tiui
woith the Canadian duly charges
Shortly afUrwatd a few thousand
mysteriously appealed at Trail und were
uved up after a while by llinse doing
p nance.
Judge Turner was not very particular
when out on a trip, but slept anywhere
or ate anything without u inuiinur,   hut
In cigars he was fastidious to a nicely.
Tbere wus a boi 11 Havnnas—35 centers
—always kepi for him at Uu* Trail
house Just after lhe job lot appeared
tbe judge came down Irom the Le Roi,
hungry lor a smoke, and asked for an
imported clgur. A box of the new lol
was opened lor bim and laying down «
dollar, he says "Foui?" "Take five,"
was the answer, in a generous, whole
SOtlted manner,    The judge III one, blew
n pufT, looked nt it nnd drew another,
und said: "Where in  did you Import tliis from?" Tiie answer came,
"Marcus " Tiie judge saw Ihe point
aud culled everyone up to drink. Then
of course, lie was given the rlghl cigar,
1 imagine that the senator rt members
the iinpre-sioii thai thc judge's palate
Mh- Pioneer Hotel (iocs lip In Smoke
Saturday Night.
Large Lamp Was Knocked Down
and the Flames Spread
They're Alter Them.
Chicago, Jan, 10.—A true hill wai returned to-day by the grand jury agalns|
4."j coal dealers, Including corporations
ond Individuals, on the charge of con-
■-pirli'g to do an illegal trade.
lu addition a report of itSOQ words was
presented 10 judge McE ivan recotnond-
Ing that stringent measures he taken
against the men who brought on the con
f..inlue and ihe resultant suffering,
A gigantic combine existing between
coal dealers throughout the wist will
be shown up, It Is promised, ami tbe
effect of this combination will be startling.
The 40 true bills are against cithers
ofthe various coal firms which have
conspired to form ihe combination,
The Indictments are returned not
only against men in Illinois, bill even
against residents of other stales.
The vote on the Indictments was
The report which has been prepared
Is very severe and wiil censure the rail,
roads for being passive conspirators.
However, It ts said on good authority
that only one railroad man is among
those wiiode have been Indicted,
The main features of Uie report are ;
The local COltblfle has beeu planned
to make millions of dollars by their cor
nerlng of tlie bituminous ami anthracite
coal supplies. Tic railroads are res-
pot rVble for permitting the coal to be
s'aelteil up on the tracks. The small
dealers have entered Into the general
c nsplracy and have formed a conspiracy
within a conspiracy. A committee of
rt lief should l>e Immediately be appointed by Mayor Harrlsson. The fed-
etal authotitles should seize all coal on
the tracks aud distribute it to all tae
cities In whose vicinity It was found,
The government should eventually control the mines.
Some  Interesting Figures.
The Nelson Ne-va inan interview with
Ji lin 1,. Relallack quotes bun as follows:
deferring lo the smelting rates now in
force in Canada und the United States,
Mr. keutllack said that ii was general!)
supposed that the Canadian rates were
excessive lie however, gave the foi
lowing comparative figure:
Iu British Columbia thete whs a rale
on 511 per cent lend ore of S15 fot   freight
ami treatment. There wus also a marketing charge 011 the lead of fi per 100
p 'iiiuls on 911 per cent of the lead contents This would amount to, 50 per
cent ore. pj u ton or a total charge of
fj\ per ton.
The price of lead iu New York Is 84 10
per loo pounds, nnd Ihe price  pud   the
producer li $3 50 pet um pounds. There"
fote the marketing charge in the United
States is fo per ton.     The   freight  and
treatment charge 011 50 per cent ore is
{19 per ton, making n lo ul ol $><■■. per
ton, or $1 per ton greater than in British
Mr. Retallack concluded by saying
that the facts aud figures us given above
were not generally ktiuwu and lie believed their publication nt ilu* moment
was Rpporluue,
Belter Service Wanted.
A Cranbrook man wishing to go lo
Spokane 011 business connected with a
mining properly located in the Windermere district wrote to bis partner at
Wilmer for some d-ita, lie waited fourteen days for a reply and gave il up nnd
went 011 to Spokane and transacted bis
business the best that he could without
the required liiformnlion. The day
after his return from Spokane he got bis I
mail uud received the letter thut he bad
wailed so long for. It hud jnsl arrived
that day.
Morrlssey, IV C. Jar.. ».—By Herald
Special Correspondent —The Pioneer
hotel lu Morrissey, owned by H, A.
Uunmise of Pernie, und under lease by
Andrew Johnston, was completely destroyed hy fire at 11 o'clock Saturday
night, and one life is known to have
been lost in (be fljliiea.
The fire originated in the ban00m ot
lhe hotel, and was caused hy a large
Rocbeslei lamp being knocked from its
hangings timing n friendly tussle among
a crowd uf miners from the Morrlssey
mines, livery cfT-jrt was made by the
bartender, Cole Sedgwick, to smother
(he 11,ones when the lump hrst dropped
bin in lhe excitement of the moment
some party kicked the lamp toward tbe
dour, and before those present fully
realized (he danger the ii nines commuu-
icnled nUb the wall paper and Ihe room
was a seething mass of fue. Mr. Johnston, the proprietor, had just stepped out
of the bar and reached the top of the
stairs on (he second ll >-u when be heard
lhe cry of tire, and hastily going down
again met the mimes In the hallway.
Mo lushed hack upstairs and gave the
alarm to the women employed in the
place, who had lu lunaleiy not retired
lor the night, mid with the assistance ot
one or two men they were safely got
out. So quickly did lhe flames spread
from the barroom to the other portions
of the building that in less than five
mi miles from the time Ihe lamp diopped
the entire place was enveloped and al
though il was known that at least one
uiuti wus in the building it would buve
been suicidal for any ooe of tbe large
cowd wbo responded at tbe first alarm
10 have attempted au entrance into tbe
building, ami they were compelled lo
stand by in spee.hless horror while
death in its most repulsive form was
claiming a victim.
Within twenty minutes from the time
the alarm was given the building, one
of the largest in town, was burned to
the ground, and the citizens were anx-
loUsly enquiring for those known to
ha\e Leen in tbe house, Tbe only victim who was positively known to have
perished was Herbert Marriott, a young
man who until two days previous 10 the
fire was employed as dishwasher at the
Australian hotel, but had quit his post
tion tbere and at the time of tbe fire waa
asleep in the Pioneer. He had come to
Morrissey about two montos ago from
Phoenix, and was known to tne old time
residents of Wurdner, where he formerly worked In the same capacity at tbe
Wurdner house. He was a native of
Ontario, where a father and one sister
mm reside. It is the general opinion
Ibal tit least one aud possibly two others met death in the ll nuts, as evidence
given would Lend to the belief that tbere
were one or iwo men ln an intoxicated
condition around the premises, although
Mr, Johnston says that to his knowledge
uo others were iu the rooms upstairs,
Willi, tbe exception ol Marriott, who
had retired about eight o'clock a little
ibe worse for liquor. Several parties
who had visited the scene of tbe fiie
later in the night say tbey distinctly
saw tbe skull of 11 man In a different
portion ol tbe budding from where Mar-
riot's remains were found but search af-
tet ibe debris bad cooled (failed to sub-
stinitiate Uie report.
The coroner, Mr. Trites, at Fernie,
wan notified while the fire was ia progress and Monday he arrived iu company
with Chief Forbes and Constable Mc-
Mttllen. A jury was at once impanneled
and several witnesses gave evidence,
which, however,waa of such a conflicting
nature that no conclusion could be arrived at. Owing to the absence of important witnesses the inquest was postponed until Tuesday, the 27th, when it
will again be convened.
Marriott's charred remains were identified by several articles known to have
belonged to bim, and luneral services
were held Tuesday afternoon.
The Pioneer was lhe lirst hotel built
in .Morrissey, and wiih ils contents was
valued at about fi 500, partially covered by Insurance.
Review   ul   Years   Work  of   ihe Caaadlaa
Bank of Commerce.
The Canadian Hank of Commerce is
oue of the strongest financial institutions iti Camula, and for that mailer
upon tbe American continent. Recently the annual meeting of the bank Mas
Held In Toronto, and an exhaustive report presented hy Mr- K li. Walker,
tbe general manager, tbat should be
read by evety one Interested in tbfe
material prosperity of British Columbia
and Canada as a whole. The Turonto
(ih.be, commenting upou tbe report,
The head of a grist financial institution like the Bank ef Commerce is generally too deeply immersed in the immediate duties of his position to saw
business affairs tn the broader light of
the economist. But Mr. Walker Is a
student of fiscal, commercial and industrial a Huns from the standpoint vf the
economist as well as of the banker, and
his address at the annual meeting not
only sets forth the general condition of
trade and productive industry throughout the Domiuion, but gives a clear
idea of the hearings and relationships
ofthe forces lhat make for general prosperity. The banker is best able to guage
the preseut ami prospective financial
strength of every line of commerce. Ou
the soundness of his Judgment In such
nutters depends his success, and the
continuous investigations and inquiries
be is called upou to make keep htm constantly Informed us tu shifting trade
currents and the causes of expansion
and depreislon, Mr, Walker's declaration that the basts of our largely in
creased trade Is sound should bave a
reassuring effect on ull who have felt
anxiety at tbe unusually rapid development dining recent years.
The delicate question of joint stock
flotations is touched, and a bint given
as to the possibility of extensive flotations using up all tbe supply of money
available to cairy the shares. There Is
a suggestion of the lean years certain to
come, however long delayed, and a note
of warning as to Ihe ability of the
country to sustain some of tbe extensive
industiies established on the basis ofthe
country's p.esent cousunilng power.
In the more minute review ofthe different sections of the Dominion there is
much valuable luformalion, and the
general trend of the facts presented is in
the direction of an assurance of continuous sound conditions so long as the
yield from the farms, lhe forests and tbe
mines are well sustained. The financial
report of ibe directors whs eminently
satisfactory. The profits for the year
exceeded a million dollars, and, with
tbe balance brought torward from last
year, was sufficient lo pay two half-
yearly dividends at 7 per cent, per annum anil transfer an evt-n half million
to the rest account- In addition to
this, a balance of 810.2,S:>i has been
canied forward to the next year. Tha
bank bas opened during the year no
less than fifteen new branches, while
one In Ros^laud, B.C ■ has been closed.
This shows a determination to keep
pace with tbe general business of thi
community aod to share in the benefl l
of an era of expansion.
Pre sen led Wllh An Apron.
Al the Inst meetiug of Cranbrook
Lodge N'o. 34 A. F, and A M. the mem-
bers presented all upron to A. MofTatt as
a token of their appreclutiou of hia services io behalf of the lodge aud tbe
order iu general.
Claim They Were Defrauded.
Denver, Jan. 12—Through Attomej
Harry II. Lee the Stratton Independence company, limited, today filed in
tbe United States court a suit for j-6,-
000,000 against the executors and
trustees of tbe Stratton estate, and also
against I. Harry Stratton, heir at law.
The complaints alleges that at the
time the mine was sampled, preparatory
to concluding the sale, which bad been
negotiated through the Venture Corporation of London, the samples were
"Salted" so tbat the amount of ore estimated on those samp'es was valued at
•7,000,0 o, when in reality the ore in
sight was worth only $2,000,000, or less,
It Is alleged that the sucks of samples
were opened and quickly but thoroughly
sprinkled with rich,ground up silvanite.
The Venture corporation will also
bring a similar suit, claiming that its
expert, C. A. Rickard, was deceived by
the sailed ore, aad tbe individual stockholders wilt bring actions for the return
of their money, alleging that they were
induced to purchase stock at f> $10 and
$!'•, when in reality it was not worth
such prices.
l.e Itol Profit*.
Rossland, Jan. 30-Tne Le Roi mine
earned profits of **4,s.""■* in December
during which month approximately 13,-
500 tons of ore were shipped. Mr. John
II, MacKenzie, general manager, stales
that he bas not been advised of the appointment of his successor, andtbat be
will not leave Rossland for a month at
least, although his original arrangement
with the directors was to gel away lie-
fore tbe holidays. He will spend some
months in California, after leaving Canada.
Nice Place to Live.
Toronto, Jan, aa—Assistant Police
Magistrate Kinsford has fined five hotel
news agents for supplying guests o'f tbe
hotels on Sundays, and notice bas gone
forth that berenlter not a postage stamp
newspaper, cigar or anything else shall
be sold nt hotel news stands on Sundays
under penalty of J411 line. CRANBROOK HERALD
1%^ /Si^^.
F.litor and Proprietor.
The Il.ral.1 Jf-.lres t„ elve Ilie new, ol II..
...trie' 11 ,ou tM" "»> •""'"• "'""' '"""
,uur mint or foui ptoplt.«"" » i" -*'■» <""•
II la now about settle.l tha' lh' -10"*"
will meel In March. Thai l» a l!°o-l
mouth, lor il la jual ai sure Ihnl the
■jovernmenl will march soon allor lhe.
„„loi. I. called.
"Hilly" McAilam. ol lhe s-iuilon 1'ay
■treat, bas .licovere.l a new use lor
Cnioaioen In the reanlt ol lhe |.ow.ler
mill e.ploslon at N jnalmo. He My. thai
ihey make noo.l vlcilms.
Do You Take The Herald?
You should if you don't. It gives tiie news of
the district. It works for thc district. It is
owned by the editor and not by any clique or
faction. It is v.-orth $10.00. It costs only $2.00
The man elected lor the la-jlslainre
In the l.-ranbiook district will have lo
b. . hustler.
The Prior (-jvernmetil has ordered
sessions ol the cnunly court lo be held
at Ferule. Thai Is the proper thing for
that end ol the dlalrlcl. At tills, end
lhe people are sllll compelled to allenil
court al a town located eight miles
from the rallrnad. And simply because
Cranbrook did not caal Its vole lor a
liuuamulr supporter. Thai may be
politics, but ll la an Imposition upon
every man In the illslrlcl except those
who live In Kort Steele.
Monhsey .Miner
K. B. Olttti of Carberry, Man., a
brother of Jack (Hills, arrived in town
Friday morning to reside in future.
Mr, GllllS, Is a practical jeweler and
optician and will no doubt open a store
John Kenbus, a miner was badly injured at the mine yesterday by being
caught In a rope at the entrance of No
1 and thrown between tbe coal cars
Both of hit legt were crushed, and he
was taken to the Lethbridge hospital
last evening far treatment.
Charles Libra and W. Anderson of
Macleod, were In town last Sunday.
These gentlemen are old time residents
of that windy burg, and tell a lot of
good stories about the time when Fred
Kauouse and ••Baldy" Morris were
counted among the early residents of
tha place.
A. Sheridan has bis new bakery in
full running order, and with his trade
at tbe mine and here In town Is doing a
nice business, Sam Keyps of Elko Is
associated wllh him In the business and
will have charge of the bakery, while
Mr. Sheridan will bring bis team up
from Elko and engage In draying and
tha wood business.
Harry Chapman of Michel, was ln
town last Saturday oa his way to Spokane, for treatment by nn eye specialist. Mr. Chapman, who Is master
painter for the coal company at Michel,
waa the victim of an unfortunate accident one night last week which may remit lu the Iomi of an eye. He was entering his paint shop, and In groping
bis way In the dark his head came ln
contact with a jigged piece of glass
which entered the ball of the eye. The
wound Is a most serious one, and It was
In tbe hopes of saving the eye that he
went to Spokane.
Prom The i-enili- free I'ress.
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Henretta return-
td yesterday from a tn o months u lp to
KossTate, of Cranbrook. was in town
on Tuesday and went down to Macleod
on the evening train.
K. M. Fuller ton, of Brantford, Ont.,
bas purchased an Interest In the Hayes
Lumber company, of Klk Month. The
price paid Is 88,0UO.
A. C. Cowan, wbo Is engaged In tbe
photo enlarging business, went to Cranbrook on Thursday, where he Intends
remaining for a month.
The board of trade has received a
communication from Mr. J. F. Armstrong stating that a regular sitting of
tba County court will be held In Fernie
on Feb, SOtbi Judge Kudu presiding.
Tbls It the first County court ever held
Mr, J. II, Tonkin, returned to Fernie
via Nelson on Wednesday. He had a
flying trip lo Pennsylvania and other
points on business matters connected
with his company, one of tbe most Important of which was the purchasing of
brick for ibe coke ovens being built at
Morrlssey and Michel. Mrs. Tonkin
and daughter remained in the east for a
more extended visit to friends.
From the Prospector,
Mr. and Mrs. E A. Elton returned
from as extended visit to Pincher creek,
Saturday last.
Chas. Armstrong rode over from
Cranbrook Monday, to swap stories
with Harry lieinemsn.
- R. L. T. Qalbrftlth, Indian agent, left
Thursday on an official visit to tbe
West Kootenay reserve.
J. W. Robinson came over from
Cranbrook Monday and attended the
tnieruluuiem at the Opera House.
■ tlu*
i- Ilu*
.a  Hhn listli
till awn
orld    riurt
The rl.
1,*U   i-
i and tin
t    tttt'.-U'',
1 If
.   Wlli.11'  I
til Illl t
III. K lit.
i-e vi
Itti  ti.
or Muhl
tut: it
Mill    Ut'VI
tt> lit,
ii. It
> I,. m i
f  1
rntti iui'1
It i-H <
til.'    Hill-
v tin-
g< hi- er
■ ii
a tii.-
HrituB i.* * lluij I aiiaiMau Wh« <•••■«
Flatting (ur llioualtit.
The timidity oi our flnhwiuon about
their html th gives us mi Insight into
their phlloauplo Wu have loug buen
pi-rsiuidi-d that Lnul* Will ton could
never have written his "Compleat
Angler" if his thoughts hud beon
continually distracted by Wt-w.
What tituik wanted wus dream fishing. Ho wus mil for a niiiul drowse
on bunk or In boat and iho cod,
and Iiin- wore only e-xeiiMos. When
thore came a tug nml thu ovldoncu
was Indisputable that something hud
been hooked, ihe dear old philosopher took another swig al ibe bait,
said "Dear mel How annoying I"
mid then got out i,ti'l lii'd his line lo
it troo, It's n mighty strong fish
that inn pull it true up by tlio mots
although, if wo bellovu whal the fish-1
eruiuii sny, such tilings havo litippen-
od, At any ralo lauak Waltnn
novor run agulnsl u fish of that |
Bort, or he would have put     it   on
This, wt> may inko It, wns the true
Waltonltui way nf fishing, aud ii hnd
this advantage-1! I didn't Intorfore
wuh his thinking. Tht. Walton style
is still affected by tho great majority of fishermen, who hellovo that
the fish ure lt secondary afTalr, so
long us u man can catch a lew comforting thoughts, What, pray, ts reflection Bave fishing for happy Ideas?
Pishing for ihvfB )* much plousantor
Umn digging rop Vlieni nnd sweating
for them, us many slaves jof thu
lamp have to do in ibis uny. And
tho thoughts thai aro fished for ate
sn much bettor mid brighter thnn
tho other kind. They nre redolent
of nature, of blno Bkles, and ruth
suns, mul burnished rlvors, und whispering verdure. The other kind have
lhe murk of the pick und the eurso
of gold on them. But fishing ! What
is more delectable than to stretch at
full length on Um bottom of your
skin, with the tented sky overhead,
und the wlinpltng waters around,
nnd tlun to dream? What a keen
senso of detachment from thc world I
What it lotos drifting witli thc tide I
Bui you need warm weather for that.
lli« Welsh Frum I'MtnfunU,
W. L, Griffith, Canadian Government agent for Wales und secretary
to the Welsh Patagonlan Committee,
responding to the toast of the committee, ut the Liverpool banquet,
stilted Unit, the following message
hud been sent lo York House by tho
Colonists' Committee: "This committee acting on behalf of the Welsh
Settlers who have to-day arrived on
British soil after a long sojourn ln
the Argentine Republic, hereby express our heartfelt satisfaction and
pleasure ut being once moro within
thu dominions of II. M, Edward VII.
Wu alsu most respectfully tender our
sincere thank's to IIJ1.IT. tbe Prince
of Wales for ihe interest ho bus taken
in, and the asslstunco he bus rendered to, the movement of our repatriation. Wo look forward to becoming
tliu centre of a numerous Welsh settlement in the Dominion uf Canada,
assured thai Uie exporlenco gained
under an alien Government will tend
to increase our loyalty to the Uritish
Tho following reply bus boon received: "Prlnco of Wales has received
with much pleasure the resolution
forwarded by you from Uie Welsh
Patogonlans. II.11.11. desires m<- it)
convey to tbem his congratulation^
on their being again within the
King's dominions, mid to wish them
happiness uud prosperity in their new
homes In Canada.—A. Dlggo." Sir.
Chamberlain hud telegraphed! "1
wish Welsh Pu tn gun inns every suc-
cess in their new life In Canada."
Sir John Llewellyn, chairman of the
Patagonlan Committee, 1ms also sent
a message of congratulation nnd of
good wishes, nml au interest inn letter hus been received frum putyn
Kbiill, tbe patriarch of the Patugon-
luli  colony,   who expresses  bis wiirin-
est approval ol the movement. Mr.
Griffith added tbat, frum an experience of fifteen years In Cunada, lie
wus sm-e there were bright prospects
fur the colonists in the Northwest,
und that ultimately Wales would
have a chance of Bonding her anus to
sburi! in tbe prosperity uf tin* now
Culture of a certain kind as well
as Invlgoration and Improvement,
goes, as was said before, with all
hit-.li knowledge. Culture In the
sense of taste, goes with literary
Studies only. Tho student of Practical .Science ut ihu university has
lhe opportunity of coupling with it
SOine literary studies, at all events
he breathes a liberal uir. Hn may
to Mime extent imbibe the literary1
spirit and acquire u liking for general reading. He hus stimulating
companionship and he may form useful friendships.
In England, thoro is a large lelsurt
class, larger than In America, Aca-1
domical institutions, like Institutional
generally, must adapt themselves to
the general demand.
The classics seem  under u free system of choice to he finding their proper   place.    They urn worth nothing
to any but tlie genuine student, while
to Uie genuine student   they are     of,
great   value.     The   smattering   acquired by the mass of the students at j
Oxford  and   Cambridge     under      the
compulsory classics system, was   totally worthless.   To the contents   of i
the proso classics,  though  not     to;
their beauty uf fof'in or their aroma,
there    Is now access through trans
latlons.—Goldwln Smith,
"   liy BPBS W. lARGEXT
Copyright, IHU, by k. w, Bargent
Twice the bugler had warned those
going ashore that their time was short,
and the etowd on the Upper deck of
the Kaiser Wilhelin bad thinned per*
ceptlbly. The port rail wus lined with
passengers provided with Hags and gay
hued handkerchiefs for waving faro*
well tu their friends who thronged the
end ut' the pier,
Vet amidships, at the head of the
companion-way, a group of men still
Clustered round Enid Ash burton and
her aunt. Miss Winter. Miss Ashbur-
ton had come Up from the southland
eight mouths prevK hud taken
the northern city by storm,   Attentions
IMng-pong  bulls are uiiulu uf xyle-
ftit-/,   „
sufficient to turn any girl's bend had
been showered upon her, but Miss Win- I
ter had guarded her with Jealous care.
Particularly hud she warded off eager '
Sllil ui'S.
"Walt, Enid, my dear," Bhe had said ;
in warning tones, "until we've been
a I m uid ut least once.   See more of life ■
—nnd men.   Don't establish an Ideal
too quickly."
Enid bad dutifully tnken the advice
to heart, showing favor to no one of
her numerous ndmlrersj so lt happened
that uo less than a dozen were waiting
j'nr n last word.   Kach cursed his fel- I
lows, the bugler antl the light hearted
throng.   Each, hoping for n chance fur ■
the lust tender word which Bliould be '
cherished us the real farewell across
the ocean's leagues, was unwilling to
move uud leave the Held to another.
The situation wus rapidly becoming '
tense when Harry Bronson set the example and with a  few well chosen
winds took himself off, the bend of u
mournful procession.
Just ti hint of a frown appeared on
Enid's brow as he bent hi perfunctory
fashion over her hand. Harry noted
the frown with a smile of triumph. As
he descended the stairs he looked anything but desolate. His jaunty carriage so increased the frown on Miss
Ashburton's fiice that little Freddy
Henderson wondered what there bad
been lit his own blundering, harmless
speech to anger her.
They wero gone nt last, and, lennlng
over the railing, Enid scanned the
faces gazing up from the pier. There
were Henderson, Smythe, Cullon, Dunbar and the rest, but no sign of Bronson. Doubtless he wns half way to bis
ollice by this time, wrapped up In stock
reports and utterly unmindful that the
Kniser Wilhelm wns hended for the
harbor, Vet of oil her admirers during the season he had been the most
devoted, and It had required nil her
finesse to prevent his making the
dreaded declaration. Many times he
had found his best maneuvers flunked
by the sudden appearance of the kin
dorgnrtcu-aa he contemptuously termed
the younger lads who worshiped Knid
and who In return were utilized by the
girl to ward off older and more a^rlotis
buI tors. '
The crowd on deck became silent as
the city line grew vague, Some were
quietly crying. Euld herself felt a
suspicious moisture iu her eye. A deep
flush mounted to her temples. Her
aunt, every one In the party, must
know that she cared nothing for New
Vork, Uf course they would guess the
truth. She turned abruptly and
Stepped Into the deserted library,
lu the farthest corner, safe from prying eyes, stood a tiny desk. She
(.Tossed her arms upon It, her bead
drooped lower and lower, and the tears
enmo unchecked, Not since the day of
her mother's death had she felt so utterly alone In the bright, gay world.
Penitently she recalled certain pus-
sages nt arms—Bronson's futile efforts
to tell of his hive and her skillful parrying, Had It been done entirely In
deference to her aunt's wishes or In a
spirit of sheer coquetry? Perhaps he
had tired of It all, and bis curt farewell
had been the outward expression of
bis disappointment In her. If be hnd
even tried to speak with her alone or
there had been anything more than
cool good breeding In his last hand
eltispt Oh, If only be were here now,
bow different—
Sho started guiltily as a light step
sounded on thestairsoutsldc. It seemed
almost us if she hud been thinking
ul..ud and had taken some stranger Into her confidence. Tbe steps drew
nearer. The stranger had not gone on
deck, but wus coming round the gallery leading to the library. Hastily
drying her eyes, she rose, gave u greut
gasp uud then dropped back Into her
chair. A figure stood in the doorway
so like Brouson'S thut she thought it
some trick of her tired, nervous brain,
She ClUtCbed the desk to steady herself, hut there was no question about
the Voice, Thut was real, uud It was
Bronson's. She gave a glad little cry
and held out her hand. He took it In
both uf his.
"Miss Ashhiirtun Kuld forgive uu*,
but 1 wauled tu be the lust lusuygond
b.v. even if I hud to   well, 1 couldn't
talk  wiih  that  kindergarten about
I've been trying to get u moment nlune
with you for weeks, but you've always
had tbe little fellows about as fenders.
They ure all behind now.   1 counted
'em on the duck as we slid by. 1 gave
tbem their chiilue, and nuw I wuut
Ull lie."
Hold through force of habit looked
round helplessly for some avenue of
'•Don't look so desperate," Bronson
murmured whimsically, "I'm not era*
By—at least nut lu the way you think,
lint 1 am very, very much In lovu wltb
you, aud I think you love mc—a little."
He Ignored her gesture of protest. "I
loved you from the moment I met you,
but your aunt has tilled your heud
with this notion that you ought to
have your fling before considering even
au engagement Kuld, if you love me
half us much us I love you you would
not keep me waiting till you've stud-
led the genus man as he Is in Europe.
And 1 love you too well to let you go
over to Europe nnd buy a title Just because some silly women tell you It's
the proper caper.
".Maybe you don't know that you
love me. The social puce has been so
fust you haven't hnd time to think.
In ten minutes they will put off the
pilot. It*b my lust chance togo ashore.
Do I go with htm, or do I proceed to
Europe as your fiance?"
For the first time he looked straight
Into her eyes, to meet an expression he
bad never seen there before. He held
out his arms, and when he raised his
bead ngnln he whispered tenderly:
"You do love me, sweetheart, and
now—you know it."
She looked up, her face aglow.
"I knew It when yon said goodby—
He held her close and murmured
something thut made her start back
"Ob, you impetuous boy!"
"Do," he urged, "I have captured
you fairly and aboveuoardl"
She glanced shyly into bis strong,
eager face. Then she smiled saucily.
"Indeed, sir, It's u good thing for you
that we are still in sight of lund, or
this would be piracy on the high sens.
Still—as you Insist—and only for that
reason, why"— Her voice faltered, and
her glance fell. "It happens that Aunt
Betb's favorite clergyman is on board,
and If you are set upon saving expenses and making this our honeymoon trip"—
Another kiss checked tbe laughing
words. Bronson's eyes were dancing
with mischief, nnd he spoke incautiously.
"Yes, I know he's on board. Fact Is,
I paid his passage with the proceeds
of a little haul I mude last week on
the street. I thuflght he needed the
vacation, nnd I had an idea he might
come in handy. You see, I am a moral
pirate. I believe ln carrying a chaplain."
Enid pulled herself free.
"Do you presume to tell me you were
so sure as thatV" she demanded. There
was a flash of the old spirit. The battle bad been too easily won.
"My dear, I did not presume," he
said humbly. "Dr. Burton knows nothing—of this. It was simply by the
force of my great love thut I hoped to
win, and with Cupid and a chaplain"—
The vessel wns slowing up for the
departure of the pilot. Bronson turned
uervously, but a hand was laid gently
on his arm, and a tender voice whispered:
"With Cupid and a chaplain! Oh,
the combination Is too strong. Will-
will you tell Aunt Beth? I can't."
So the pilot went back alone.
Queer Fish,
Which fish have the power of float*
ting and swimming back downward?
This peculiar property is possessed
only by the diodou und the tetrodon,
two allied families of tropical tlshei
which aro popularly known as globe-
fish. The tetrodon is also found off the
coasts of Cornwall and Ireland. Tbe
faculty Is due to the fact that thc skin
on the abdomen of these fishes is much
looser than it is on the back, and they
have the power to Inflate this loose
skin by swallowing air through the
gullet. This of course enables them
to turn over at will, uud, although tbe
great French naturalist Guvler did not
believe that when In this position they
could swim ns they pleased, Darwin
corrected him and proved that they
could swim both forward and backward In this position.
It Is of course well known that tbe
shark aud the dogfish, owing to the
peculiar position of the imderjnw, nre
obliged to turn on tlieir bucks beforo
they cun seize their prey, and while lu
this position they nre able to swim for
a very considerable distance. This,
however, Is done by the muscular force
of thc fins and tall and not through
any special apparatus, sue* ns the
globe-fish possesses.—London Answers.
Mohnmiiit-d'a   Vacation.
Mohammed, when asked where he
would spend his vacation, replied, "Mohammed will go to the mountain,"
Upon counting his change, however,
be found thut he was short, so was
compelled to stny his two weeks' vacation In thu city, Later on he made
capital out of the saying and was also
enabled to take u trip to the seashore,
—New York Times,
Got Atvuy Clear,
"She says she won't mnrry becnuse
she's never yet Been her Ideal."
"Maybe It's because her Ideal saw
her flr»t"-NoW York World. i
Prom un- Mafia ltmiIbi
Thc Park Mitchell sawmill is being
torn lo pieces and moved to Yahk.
M, A. Beale and Dr. (ircen have returned from their visit to the const.
The Moyie Lumber .v Milling company bas purchased the tract of land
north of Moyie from Messrs t; jibraltb.
Gratsick and Pempsey of   Port  Steele
The work of enlarging the Moyie
Umber & Milling company's plant ha*
begun. Over jfJii.tinO worth ct new
machinery li on thc ground and la being
Installed ai rapidly at men can do the
ai the meeting of ihe Odd Pot lows
lut evening the officers  for the new
term were Installed hy W. F. Tale of
Key * 'll y lodge, t'ranbroek, BCtlng
under Instructions Irom ihe district
deputy, Matt liooltendorf, Thev ire is
follow!" A. n. Drummond, Noble
(Irand; t\ A. Fooie, Vice Grand; I*. D
Mope, Si-eieiary; f. j. Smyth, treasurer,
Land Notice
Notice Is hereb) giveu that ilxtj ilnya afiei
dale i inii-ii'i tuaiipli to the Chief (knniululuiiei
of i.amis ami u oriii for pennls-don lo sun huso
ntiniil llfty acres of kind shunted on m. Marys
rlvor In tae Houiti-ern Division or Smith Knti
Kootenay, described us follow si
Commencing nt ihe northwest eernor <>r
Kugene UCIea's pie-eniption, thenco e. at in
chains, tiit-ace a..iiii io ilu* st. Marys rlvor,
thence following the uild river un stream in a
1'iihil ilue llnr III ul Uu- i'i.Iiii ut I'l.inmi-uri'ini'iit,
thence south io the nolnl ol < ment 'lit,
I im en nt Craubrook, it. a, Nnv. mini toon
Kltll'.NK UCUltC
Land Notice
Notice h hereby given that sixty ''ays afti
date I wl I npply tn the rtitel rominiulniiei t
i.iui siu.ii Works for |ieriiils*4i)ii in iitrclms
uie following described lauds in Smith Im
Kootenay i
Commencing nt a posi miirked 'Muliii inn
southeast corner" iitniitwl at K. Campbell
soulhffo I corner and one mile iiorilt nf Hi
iwriliensi turner nf |,oi nisgruuii one Knotimu
district, thence north bo clinln-t, ti eV >v si t
cliahis, (heart*smith SO olillltH, thOce east •
I'litilus, tu the place of beginiiiuif, cmitaiuliiu oi
lilies more or less.
I uttt'il this siii Ueei'tulii-r I'M
i in
Land Notice
Notice Is hereby given that sixty da)
dale I Inteuii n>a|i|ily inilieiiiii-fi iiiiiin
uf Idiuilsnnd ttorki fur iwrmlBslon in _•
the   following   lii-si'llneil  lands In   Hiilll
Kootenny i
Commencing ntn post iunrki*tt "A, o
nor.heust corner,*' i-luotedui the suiilliw
nerof VY. U l)i rllag's iiitroliuse, at Uud
thence wait sn clmlns to the east limit ut
itroup one Knoteuay district, tin s
elintns, tlieuce east M chains, thine.• n
Olltllns lo the plAlfe nf beginning, I'O.il.llli
acres more nr less
Dated the sih da) ut December UNU.
as -a. 4it.ni
Land Notice
Notice is hereby utu'ii.'ihai sixty
date 1 Intend toupidy totlmCliletCa
nl Limits mul Works for |iemilssfnn
u ear
lhe  fallowItlB described  lauds  in
lout It
t nnuiienclng tit a put m-ivked -,i<
hn   A
son's northeast corns ," (illintetl on
ofthe n irthetiat rumor of uu sis in
Kootenay district, thence wast mi oh
ll,H t
i -aid
hdt318,  thei   snutli aloUj-  tlie  ei
Hi   Mu
II of
said Lot 318 Stl C'uil is, tlieuce east Ml
r huh
s, lu
the suutinvfsi corner of w.  |„ |)n
oliase, thence north b-i chains in the
ginning, containing ma acres mure n
Dated this rah iiayof December in
3ti                                 John
Land Notice
Notice la hereby gtveii that sixty tlnysafter
date I Intend toa|i|ily lotlie Chlel Cotiualss	
erof Lauds anil Works tor |iermlsslnii lo |mr*
chase the f.illuwlug ilaierllied lauds:
Coma en-rlng ai a post planted on Die ensi
hank of the Kootenay liter in thu rtlRli'lel if
Rast Kootonay about .tu elialns below Jim,
Urown's apiillcatlmi for purcluue, tlieuce mn
niim sunt h ii-i oluilns following i iver down slreitm
theiicaiast'.hi chains, thence north 00 chains,
tlieuce wesl m ohalui in place ,u( oomiueiiee*
uii'iit ouiiiiuiiu ■ sn acres more or lens.
Dated this -.'Dtli day of i Ictober, 1WB,
A. Hood,
37 Dau Hayes, Agent,
Notice Is hereby given that thirty
days after date we Intent) to apply lo
the governor in council at otiawa
for approval i f pans foi Improvements
on tbe Koolenay river In the cnunly of
Kootenay, British Columbia, under flection 5, chapter 02, revised utilities of
A copy of plana and desciipiion of tbe
proposed site of tald Impiovenu-nts
have been deposited with the Minister
of Public Works at O.tawa and In the
office of lhe registrar of deeds for tie
county of Kootenay at Nelson, Britisn
Thc CrowB' Nest Pass Lumber Co ,
44 Limited,
Dated at Fori Bteele, Jan, tTili, 11111:1
Land Purchase Notice
Slsty days after date 1 will apply to
1 lie chief Commissioner ot 1/iinis a rul
Works for leave lo puicbtise the following described piece of laud.
Commencing at the initial pom placfd
at the northwest corner of block 391
South Kasl Kootenay thence north ';u
chains more or less to the right nf wav
of Ibe British Columbia Southern rail-
wiy along na Id tight of way westerly
to where it intersei is the south line ol
Arnold's ni mors pre-emption thence 33
chains more or less to the east bouiul-
ary of block 461H, thence south Ull
chains, thence easi 33 chains more 01
less to pclui of commencement, contain
ing ltd acres more or less,
44 Hubert Itobsotl.
Da'ed at Craubrook, Jan., II, Hiu3,
I Vroom & Dezall
Horse Shoeing
• Carriage Repairing and
General Jobbing..
Ilulalde llrJtrs Pranplly
tllrnJed la.
St. Paul, Duluth, Minneapolis,
Chicago and points east
hlirmigli l-iilaceami i...iii.isi,--.|„,,,
IH.,1,1-1 an 1 iiiinei.-. tii,H Libriir, rtrt
ml   lull .lllt.il llllt l„||
H. T. I.ANDECK, Agent,
(1. W. P. A., Seattle, Wash.
Canadian anil American
Saw Mill Machlaery
Mania** Mill Machinery
Sash and Hour Machinery
I umber Dry kilns
Mower-, and Exhanat Fans
Steam and (ia-iollne Englnea
ll.iisilnj; and Elevalln, Machinery
Iran VVorkliix Machinery
Aulnmalic Saw Flllla-. Machinery
Shurley & llielrlch Mill Saw.
Everylhlnx lilKh xrade
Mrlle ua
Wlaalpef, Man.
Burristtr, Solicitor, Etc.
* •?
!        F. C. BENJAMIN        i
* I * I •*• I * I * I * I«I ■*• I»I <?> I <S> I <M ■ j. 1
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anr-ina.pn-lliia n.krt*.h nnd rtccrlpllnii m.y
*l„l,-*il, n*,.-ur,Hl„ our niiliitnii It,,. *.lii.|li,r hi.
ii,v,.i,n..,i ,.., [iKiimiiiy |,„t,,„i,,i)i„. r.iiii„iii,ii<.„
ll,„,...ricllyi-i„liiii,.iiii„t, II„n*lt,ook,„i|.Hlni'a
-.-in In-... ..Iill-.t „i,,.||,.,' t'luili.iil..
l'dt'iiil, tnken ,l,r,,u-.-li Hiitin A. r„. rccul.e
qweuunolle^ wi, limit clum**-, In the
Scientific Jlitiericait.
K hniKlmiiii,.]*' Illiintmloil w-nfikly. 1,nree*it nlr.
riilntliui nf uny nrlnnlltlc. Juiiriml. 'rnriim, III n
fosri I'.urt Nim.SI. thitil bynll ni'WHUi
MUNN& Co «••-** New York
Biuuch OIHcb, m V BU WuhlDflon, 1), 0.
I.O.O.F.     Key City Lodge
No. 4*.'. Meets every Mon
day night at tlieir liallu ti
Dakar street,   fctojonrtng
niM Fellows eorillnlly Invited,
a. Li-tti'li.Jr., M. U, Billings,
Ntl, Heev.'
I have good wood ot all lengths.
Leave orders at Townsite office receive prompt attention.
Richard Stewart
0. H. THOriPSON,
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Cranbronk and Maryivllle, H. C
I'liiprli'lnr nf the
Candy Kitchen
curries itcniii|i1elestiwk nf
Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
TobaCCOS. Ulve n ■ call
Land Notice
. Notice is lioroby given thai sixty days Hft^r
itnte I Inientl lo apply la tint (liter (Jonnitls-
sioDi'f of Lunits nml Wnrki fur HrinlBsion to
iiiiri'iiiisi' tin. following deiiorllie-1 imuis in south
Kust Konteiniy!
(oinnii-iicliiij al 11 post IlliirkPd "II. Mnrrl-uin l
iioitiii'ii-t rorner," plnnioil m the northwest
wnerofP. Limit's piirelmia ui i;.n-k Cn#k,
tlietiQn wesi BflvhnliH, ilieima smith no ehiilns,
t.tllioiHiitliwi'sl niimir nf |.m ia*groU|l unu
Kootenny lilHlrlnl-theiiri'i-usi 8I>ohalllB, thence
iiiii'tiisiii'iiiiinstiiiii.-iihc- «r beglntiiRg, con
tiiinliig ttWaoros innri' <>r leaa.
Dated lins «lti Dereiuber, IW2,
i 80 -1 IL Morrlsuu.
Why you should buy
Because it is tb. bwi qmitty-
Because u it th. moti Uttiw chew
Because it it tue u«mi bit'*, f.-i.
lu or ,5,* puj
Because tht ta**» trtttiutbit r*»
prrllmim. .till Jt.. I, IMl
Because *e gutrttttet every plug
Because ,-■».., .i...,i*-, i. wniim,ii.,i i,,
l,*l»".l     V".,11     ,I...IH*V     I   ,,„,
^tfttt ftftt <>.,.,, .......1,.
_\       WiTI-lr MATMIiSllN. Proprlcltir. ^
$ ->*M*M*«4*)-)*)Mt*«t*«ft*<-i
J When you arc liungrv antl waut j
* » giiinl 11 im 1 go to (be K«st $
JJ        Kootenay, 8
J When you  nrr tirrtl ami wmt a S
41 good rest go to the Kist Kim- -
J ten ray.
5 When you are thiraiy and want a .
m vood drink   go  to the Kilt m
J In fuel wb it ynu are in Crsnbrook J
m stop al the Kast Koolenay. m
la   ?
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing.   Give me a call.
lloae oa aharl nolle, al Ihe Home Sbotll|
llep.il op-uiHe Deary * Doyle', livery alible.
Prlie witter tl Territorial Fair, N. W. T,
.a hane aboea Paleal Ctlllvtltr Maker.
Plowa aad Maehlacry Repaired Prtaplly.
Dive 01. . trial
Spokane Falls &'
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Ft. Shephard R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain   Railway  Co
The only nil rail route between all
points Liust, West tori South to....
Intermediate Pointi.
Connet-ting at
SI'OKANK with th.
Oreat Northern, Northern Paclllc
and O. R. It N. Company.
Conne, la at
Nelson with Steamer for Katlo
and All Kootenay   Lake Point.,
Conueet. .1
Myers Falls with Stage Dally lor
Republic, and
Conner!, daily
At    Bossburg   Stage  Dally  lor
Urand Forks and tlreenwood.
It. A. JACKSON, lie., p.... A|l,
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes,  iders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
Economical wy to handle it.
Physician and Surgeon.
Ollice at Ceildeuce, Armitrotf Avt.
Fareaaoaa,   -   -   -   •   9:M It II
Alttriooii   ....   n*t|eJ:Jt
Evinlm   ....   T.M to S.-M
CRA BROOK,   : :   B. C Printing is Our Business....
When you want printing done right, that will
please you and your customers give your order
To The Herald Office
'.'■•i/piu'i*. nt't,(<u .1. a ftlchardion
"Dully, tbere if* no uso worrylnit,
*1eur." I put my iirtu about llor wit Int.
"We'll bv ull t-ik'bt in nnothcr week'a
time,   ril draw my Ural I dred tlul*
bus then, u|itl you shall bflVU il nil"
Bhe wiped tin* tours from her eyca
and looked bravely at uie. i kissed ber,
"Cheer up, little wife; It's roollBh to
worry so. Now i must oit to work, nnd
in in* home early."
1 iiml more Until ii iiiUi> io gn to the
-wiirfhuuHe aud lnul to walk every step
ot the wuy. Not a penny dill 1 liuve tn
Uiy uuine Hint bud not bud for three
weeks.   Thut Is why Holly wus crying,
It Is true thut I was holding a position at a nullity of $100 pet* month, but
then 1 hud been employed by Simp*
kins & Co. only three weeks previous*
ly, and prior to tlutt I hud been out of
employment for two solid mouths.
Dully and 1 were living lu u fairly
good section uf Harlem when 1 was
worklug for Him U Bios. & Co., Hiid,
like most New Yorkers of my class,
lived up to every cent of my two thou*
suud a yeur. When u receiver stepped
Into the wholesale tiriu of lllfit'l, Bros.,
1, with others, stepped out. 1 bud one
w nek's sulary coming to lue, nnd tlutt
was all Dully and 1 owned lu the world
besides our household goods.
So for those two weary months of
uy idleness we kept up appearances
by Dolly's able management of my
lust |4U sulary, but the climax hud
come. The lundkird, to use an expression of the street, hnd beeu milking Inquiries and wus "getting wise." He
wanted hia rent for one month nt least
and that at once. I hnd been engaged
by tbe month til my new position, uud
lt wus a hurd and fust rule never to
allow the employees to draw money
before their salaries were due.
I bad tried to borrow a dollar or two
from some of the others, but 1 soon
found thut In thut establish ment na
one toward the end of the month had
anything to spare. Hence my financial
embarrassment and Dolly's distress.
1 could not see the house ug. nt. she
suld, because I bad sueh a "horrid,
nusty wuy of losing my temper." So
she undertook the straightening out of
tbe whole finuticinl tangle.
"Well, guile," said I when 1 reached
borne that night, "did you fix him, that
fellow, for the rent?"
"Yes, dear," she replied; "but right
in the middle of It up enme Dr. Temple from the lower flat to see If I was
1 bUT OUT A vki.i, ami I.KAPK11 u Hill
Ul, not having noticed me go out for a
day or two, uud, oil, dear, 1 do believe
be iH'iifti thut beast or an agent lulling"
"Never mind. Dolly." 1 sitld .heeling-
ly. "The doctor will never whisper it.
He's ti good fellow, mul I bellevo be
bus Inilf «u Idea that we are u little
down ou our luck, He's got UioUBOndl
and to spare. Hung It, be might
"Oh, Ueorge, bow could you?"
: "I never mild anything, dear."
"No, but you finite very near n |ug*
fftillim Vim know you wouldn't take
a cent of his money." And ns she
•Huigiiteiieii up hit little frame proud-
ly 1 smiled mul drew ber to me.
"Nn, di'ut*; you are right However,
whut was It the agent Bald?"
"Oh, It was horrid,   He has n voice
like a bull, and he culled out as he left
tbe room, 'I'll cull Monday for It, inlitd,
aud 1 expect to get It,' uutl just then
Dr. Temple came around the bend In
tbe stairs."
"Never mind, dear. What's for supper V"
Tbere was very little; but, then, we
were both used to thut now,
Huturduy bad come. Here It was nl-
most midnight, and I hud not yet left
the warehouse. It was the usual busy
end of the month, and we were all
Working overtime. Early In tlie even-
lug l sent Dolly a note telling her I
-Would be late and thut 1 hud received
my salary. I would not intrust lt to
tbe messenger.
In half an hour we were released,
and I hurried home. Dolly wus sitting
pp waiting for me, and on the table
supper was prepared. Bob, my big
Newfoundland dog, greeted me ut tlie
0oor. He, too, seemed *o be aware
(hat tbe father of the house wits coming home wltb $100, and he hud Just
cause to rejoice, for Hob's meals nt
home bad been cut down for the post
We were half through supper when
my wife asked to see the money. I bud
kot offered It to her purposely to teuse
her. I could not keep from a little
Joke, so wltb malice aforethought hud
left the money iu my overcoat pocket.
I told Dolly where to tlud It. It wui a
one hundred dollar lull, ami ut tbe
Office before 1 came away I hud folded
II as  small  as possible  anil seuled  il
up niter Milling it iu a loug narrow
strip of that waterproof paper so much
used In lurge wholesale dry gondii
bouses for wrapping purposes. It
iiiuile a bulk about half the ulm of uu
Dolly limited and huuled, but to uu
avail.   1 sitw she wus limiting worried.
"I'llere is nothing here, lieorge, hut
this old piece of wrapping paper," she
BllId.  "Surely you haven't lust It.   How
cureless of you to curry money lu your
overcoat pocket."
I winked ut Mob and tossed I lui a
crust of bread, He cuugbt It uud wug
ged  Ida tall Willi aiitisfuetlon.
"It's there, dear," I said, "lu that
very pocket you ure rumbling lu how."
"No, It's not, I suy. There Is only
tbis," and, us she cutight me luughlug.
she threw the small lump of wuter-
proof paper coutuiulug tbe bill aeruat
the room ut me.
Hub jumped lu the air aud, heuvens
above, cittight the package In his great
Jaws, rave a gulp or two and stood
wuggiug hia tail.
1 let out a yell aud leaped at bim.
He bolted around the room, out lute
the hull uud down the stairs.
"He's swullowed the money," 1
shrieked at Dolly as 1 rushed after the
dog down the long stairway. 1 heard
Dolly scream; then tbere was a loud
bark and a growl from Bob on ahead
of me and almost simultaneously a
Dash and u sharp report from a revolver. Before I could reulize what lt
meant 1 felt a stinging blow on the
side of the heud and went headlong
down the stairs on my fuce. For a
second I waa knocked stupid. 1 remember a gruff voice cursing me aa
the huge form of a man sprang over
my body and ran for tbe street.
The whole household was aroused,
Dr. Temple came to my aid In a few
minutes, and I was lifted up bleeding
and taken to bis oltice.
"Faithful brute, that dog," 1 beard
Temple say. "He's lying on the landing below. Those burglars nearly did
for you, Mr. Moore. They were robbing my offices when you tackled tbem.
Lie quiet, my inuu," he went on aa 1
attempted to rise from tbe couch on
which they hud placed me.
"Oh, burglurs be hanged!" I cried.
"The dog, doctor-the hundred dollurs
—whore's Dolly V—the dog—the mouey.
If there is any burglar, it's that miser
utile dog. Muke him give lt up. Doctor, let me out of here!" 1 yelled at tbe
top of my voice as they again tried to
force me buck.
"His head," said the doctor to my
wife as he moved to get a fresh hold
of uie; "that blow was a nasty oue, hut
he'll be all right in a little while."
This wus exasperating to me. "Oh,
tell him, Dolly, quick!" 1 cried. "The
dog—Bob—tbe hundred dollars. Hung
it!   (Jet the money, l say—get It!"
"The dog's dead." said the doctor
quietly.   "The burglars ahot bim,"
"Well, get the money! Do you bear?"
I continued to shout
1 suw Dolly look at me appeallugly,
then whisper io the doctor. He glanced
around quickly, picked up a mini 11
satchel and rushed from the room, foi
lowed by ull except my wife, who
came weeping to the vouch where 1
lay, She was telling me of uiy narrow
escape when the doctor returned luughlug. In a silver Instrument be held up
to view a small package,
•Doily, it's the hundred dollars!" l
veiled itysterlcally, ami fell back Id a
faint front sheer exhaustion,
IU  Ha* ■  (lose Call.
1 wits silting by ibe redbot atovs lu
a New Ellgluild village inn when a
citizen who bud beeu out west und relumed u week or ao before my arrival
entered the office aud waa ut once asked to relate noiue of bit adventures,
He soon -.tinted off wltb a story about
nu avuluiirhe sliding off with a mountain and burying 10,000 head of cattle
under the stones und dirt, He wsa
there uud saw It ull, and he waa the
one who curried the bud newa to the
owner of the cattle, Tbere were looks
of doubt un the faces of Home uf his
listeners when he concluded, and one
uf them finally naked of me:
"Stranger, do you think such a thing
possible F'
"It la not Impossible," I answered.
"Hut wouldn't Ht leust one of thoae
cuttle bave got uwnyV"
"Not necessarily so. Their tails might
have got twisted around the bushes,
you see."
"So they might. Did you see any
twisted tails, Hiram?"
"Hundreds of 'em, but I forgot to
any bo."
"Then tbat makes lt all right, and I
hope you'll go ahead and tell us about
In Jims."
Next morning the story teller paid
uie an eurly call, and, after shaking
bunds, he said:
"Stranger, I want to thank you for
twlstln' them cuttle's tails around the
bushes In the way you did. 1 got too
big an avalanche and too many cattle,
and If you hadn't chipped In as you
did 1 might have been turned out of
the church for a liar."
The PlKhtla*  McLooka.
The McCook family was well represented In the war, and tbe members
were generally "bunched" as the "fighting McCooks." General Alexander McCook had as one of his staff officers
Adjutant General Dan McCook of Illinois. Other members of the family
were Captain Edwin McCook, who he-
longed to Logan's regiment; Lieutenant Kdward McCook, who was lu tbe
regular army; Major Auson G, McCook of the Second Ohio, Captain Henry McCook of Illinois, and Sheldon McCook, lieutenant lu the navy. They
bore themselves bravely and woo the
title "lighting McCooks" where the
buttle raged fiercest 	
mountain climbing.
A Tonutlv Lad**'*   1 ii-vtltu.ri   Hoth Plo-
turfique »uit S'uuaj lu B.C.
A Toronto ludy who recently made
tt tour of hrltlah Columbia thus describes Mime ol taw experiences
(1 lacier is a delightful stopping
place.   The hotel Immediate!) at the
Million  is ut'uut   fully   minutes'  Walk
to tbe Great Qlacler There are two
good ways ol soiling the glacier one
is tu climb io the tup ui the observatory from the hotel verandah and
look through the telescope* the second, uud, to my mind, batter,   way
is to walk  through  lhe Woods hy  lhe
hide of the tumbling, rushing glacial
st renin.
To tho right ot the glacier rises
Mount     Sir     1 aid,   u   miked    und
abrupt pyramid, us the guidebook
points out Some enterprising tourists ei imbed it, und recorded the fact
proudly to the hotel register, adding
that tbe view well repaid the exertion, hut to my mind ts much mors
moderate climb eon give you ull lhe
view _ normal person's desires crave,
The climb to the siuiimit of Mount
Abbott is what the Swiss guide calls
an easy useeut. You can decide that
by your own et ndition after you have
inadu lt, but ut ull events try it If
you uie iu the wuy of mountain cMlulling. The mount, one oi the shoulders of Boss Peak, rises behind the
butel. You climb the hillside, .is
steep as u stairway, through the
woods for an hum* and three-quarters,
wheu you reach the snow level, Ih-J
guide giving u helping hand wh n
needed till you reach the summit, and
countless snowclud mountain peaks
are in view, with the valley below,
and i»s we caught sight ot the train
it ap] eared like a small black snake
wiggling through the water.
We saw sume red suuw. This Is
quite a curiosity. Thc guide iold us
it is quite common in the Pyrenees—
I um not sure at.out the Alps, It is
a fungus growth, and looks ,ss snow
would wllh blond sprinkled on the
surface, Wheu you crush it a ml
inky matter remains un your hand.
From Glacier we went to Field,
spent, three days there, und were disappointed not to have hud more time
amongst our contemporaries, the tii 1-
obites. and such like of the fossil bed,
The Voho Valley has lately been
made accessible to the tourist. Field
is the starting point fur this trip.
Those who mude the journey, and
have also seen lhe Yosomlte, say it
Is quite as itn-?. Unfortunately that
was one uf tbe things we hud to
h-ava fur next time.
We left Field with regret at our
enforced short Hay. and took our
way to Laggan. This is the most
unique spot in uur travels. Arriving
at the little station you are, tu say
the least, not impressed with the
prospect. It is about as unlikely a
spot a* could well be Imagined You
take the buggy Bent from the chalet
to meel you aud drive to the small
0, P. R. hotel. Arriving there, such
a wonderfully beautiful panorama
opens to your view.
Tha hotel or ch.ilet is built un thc
edge ef Lake Louise, which appears
vory diminutive owing to the vast
surroundings, On one side is rt high
mountain, sloping gradually and ending about the centre of the lake. This
slops is thickly wooded, and rising
on th* opposite bank is a rugged
rocky (race, with scarcely any growth
Then from   the  centre of  the   lake,
where the slope of each mountain begins, th* Victoria glacier rises. I
could  not picture  the effect    of   this
beautiful lake, six hundred rent deep-
Its  color   a   deep   emerald,   nil J   ns   tl
were a snowy mountain rising out of
it. I *at on the verandah all afternoon and watched the wonderful shadows gather and creep down gradually, d-r«i*miig as the sun sank, and
ihanging front Mtu***. to greens, un.l
hyMing up in sudden and quickly expiring splendor us the last rays reflected from tbe bare rocks were
caught up by the shadows on thc
The next nn ruing WO started un
ponies to see the upper lakes, Mirror
fine Agues We rude through the
woods up the side uf the mountain,
pretty sleep in places, till lhe three
lakes hecniue visible at once. \
gentlelnail who hud visited the Alps
said the night reminded him more of
lhe scenery there than any purl of
the    Koekies
I must confess tho-t our outfit,
from - a spectacular point of view,
wm more ludicrous than picturesque.
We all aat our horses astride—no
hide-saddles available, the impression
being that riding astride wus safer.
1 did nut stop tu think how l look-
id, simply adapted myself tu the necessities of lhe situation and got on
a pony of huge girth, with u Mexi-
ain saddle and dilapidated bridle
thut had a decided tendency to come
up int. The pony Wus so steady I
made up my mind thut should thu
bridle full mu 1 could buld on by the
pummel,* W'e got pretty well on uur
wuy up. the moin'aln when we overtook a ludy who had mounted the
only pony she could get nt the station, miuus a saddle. She was doing famously under the circumstances,
but her plight- was rather startling
us we came upon her in the woods.
She had slipped back and hack ns
she ascended tke mountain until
when we saw her she was almost over the tail of the horse. By a dexterous move she leaned forward,
caught the animal round thc neck
and pulled herself Into position, I
heard her remark as I came up "I
don't thin', that lady's saddle is
very safe." I could not help saying,
"I don't feel I am taking moro
chances than you are, madam." From
a gentleman who saw her as she
went down the hill we learned that
she sat as nearly over the ears of
the animal aa the had over the tail
on the way going up.
From Lttggti" we went to Banff,
and spent three days most delightfully. The air Is delightful, and one
marvels that one can overtake ao
much with sueh slight fatigue.
Union mt Health and Wealth.
Mlas Mlllyiln—-One can be very
happy In this world with health
and money.
Dead Broke—Then let's be made
one, k have the health and you have
tae mouey — Illustrated Bits.
Canadian Pacilic Railway Lands
Ilu- Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area ..I the choicest farming and ranching lands
in tht* Kootenay District. The prices ranm* from Si.no to $5.00 an acre, the latter being lor first-class agricultural lands.    These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
Thu aggregate amuiml of principal and int rest, except in the
case uf lands under 5.' .ill an acre, is iliviili-d into li-n instalment as
ibown in lhe lahlc below; the firsl to he paiit at Ihe lime of purchase. Ine second one- year from dale of lhe purchase. Ihe third in
two years and so on.
The fnllimini* lahlc- -hows ihe amounl of Ihe iihimi.-iI instalments
on 11,11 acres al ilijlerenl prices under lhe ,-iln.u- conditions:
loll iicrs 1,1 SZ-JH per acr, 1st instalment $.*.''.'J.*.   <> ciiiial inl.-il'ts nl Sail
Kimbcrlcv <s <H|C husiness and shipping point fur lhe
* North Slur and Sullivan mines.
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsile Agents.
Crnnbrook is ""■' (--v-sio|,i*1 p°'n| o| ",c Crows Nest i'ass
Railway and lhe commercial centre of South
Hast Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, ownsile Agent.
For further Information apply in agents as above «r la
A. TAYLOR, District Land Agent, Nelson, It. C. or
Lino's under 12.50 per sere ire sold
on shorter tine.
II the laad is paid lor in lull it the
lime ol purchtae, ■ reduction Irom tbe
price will be tllowed equal to ten per
cent on Ibe imounl paid in excess ol Ibe
usual cash instalment.
Interest il alt per cent will he
charged in over due instalments,
The Cumpiny baa also Iota for tale
In Ihe following town sites in Fast Kootenay: Elbo, Cranbrook, Moyelle, bitch,
ener, Creslon ind Klmberley.
The terma ol payment are one-third
cash, and Ihe bnlince in si\ and twelve
Kitchener is in the center of the great
Iron range aud the gateway to the White
•Grouse copper fields.   J. T. Bl'RliliSS.
Townsite Agent.
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
"This Guarantee Label'
which Is placed
in Ihe left hand
or overcoat in
- f Lioyal Brand.*
"Royal Brand"
is not there for Ornament.
It is a guarantee that" Royal Brand" Clothing
is—Tailor-made, manufactured under the roof of
E. A. Small & Co., its owners.
The label also serves to distinguish this
clothing from other makers, and prevents your
purchasing Inferior Clothing oft times sold as
" Tailor-made. "
Such Clothing, has a " sightly appear-
rauee" but is of little value, inferior workmanship
and poor materials being employed in its construction, it therefore does not hold its shape, nor
give satisfaction.
A, a Safe-guard look for the Royal Brand label in the pocket.
li Reid & Co., Agents Por Cranbrook
In south America and Australia pasture is abundant and
oxen of the finest quality are plentiful. Bovrll is prepared from
these oxen and the supply is so considerable as to enable the
manufacturers to use the best materials at a nominal cost. It
Is prepared by a special process, wliich ensures the retention of
both the stimulating and nourishing properties of the beef,
thereby differing from ordinary meat extracts or bed tea, which
merely stimulate without nourishing.
and Builder  *•*.
All work guaranteed.   See us before
you build.   II will pay ynu.
Crnnbrook, It I.
Surveys „,	
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made hy contract.
p. u. -.,,-! 5D)ii, a. s.
Livery S
Proprietors ***■**-**
in all the
Towns in
P. Burns & Co
Waoleule aad Retail
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Fresh
Pish, Game and Poultry.
We supply only the best.    Your
trade is solicited.
.♦.»-• ♦,!*
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kindt Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
n° Empire Restaurant
Mesdames Shaw & Campbell, Prepa.
Meals and Lunches at all Hours
Home Made Bread, white
and Brown. Buns and
Pastry of all kinds.
Next Door to Post Office
We have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
Tenuis ati.l ilHvera furnished Tor any
point il) the district.
Manager   jl   j»   jt
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college of   D. S
Office and store, Aiken Mock,
near Canadian Hntik of Commerce. Cranlirook, It C.
llphnlslcrlnj. and dcaeral l-urnllure Itepilrlai
Will Httenil to nny work In the district
Agent for the Brandon Marble aid Qraalta
Work*.   Tombstones, Headstoaci, etc,
Sensible People Travel by the C. P. It.
The above three words furnish the re.
soo why the C. I'. R. is considered the
best roa.l across the continent.
Leave Cranbrook 3:10 p. m.
Arr. Winnipeg 2d day N:50 a. m.
Arr. St. Paul 2d day 6:40 p. m.
Arr. Chicago .Id day 9.30 a. Hi.
Arr. Toronto Ith day 2:45 p. m.
Arr. Montreal 4th day 6:30 p. tn.
Arr. New York Slh day 8:55 p. m
Cloic Cooaectlooa lor All [.astern Pol.ta
of this company are models of clean
neas ami comfort  antl are in charge of
porters wbo endeavor in every way to
make Ihe journey
These cars leave lor the east as follows:
Proa, Daaraorc Juaclloa dally for SI. Paal.
Fran Kooteaay Landing Taesday and Sal-
■rd.y lar Toronlo, Moolreal and all Ka.tcr.
Further   Information    regarding   the
"Only Way" c.n be had on application.
Gnu. Illl.i,ikk, Agent,
H. J. CoVI.K. Cranbrook, B, C,
A. G. P. A., Vancouver, B. C.
J, S! Camkr, D. P. A.,
Nelauu, B  C swBrmwv/- v,v,-, v,v,-- ■ - ;•
Stock Taking Sale Specials! |
$10.00 Men's Suits $5.00 1J
ISc Cosmopolitan Patterns each 5c. Jj
$1.65 Fancy   Flannel Shirts, sale |
price $1.00. |
All Ladies' Trimmed Millinery at fi
half price. %
10 yards fine quality gray sheeting §
! for 75c. ?|
•K    $1.00 Ladies Puritan Corsets, 50c.   |
New February Fashion Sheets and Delineator now In. I*
G. T. R.
Westerners particularly are much interested in the
proposed new road to the coast as planned by the (1. T. R.
••It Is a good thins," everybody will admit. It will open up
new country. It will benefit the Dominion and he a boon
to the west. G. T. R. stock is a Rood investment. Wuuld
you like to be a speculator? We have been fortunate in
securing a quantity ol tl. T. R. stock and will dispose ol it
at thc regular price of 50c. It is done up in packets containing o and 16 ounces of tea that will yield you 1110 per
cent more satisfaction than any other 50c tea you can purchase anyw here.    Sold only at
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery
Ell   \l>    OfPtCK:    TtiKONTO
Capllal *VutborllC<]           S4.IHHI.000
Capital  I'uld Up Z,f.h.l,*)J2
Rest  ...      . 2,4-M.SM
A pair of new bobsleds for sale cheap,
G, li. Miner,
For Salt :-C.ooil coal stove
lor sluirk or room.        !■'. 1*.
I. It. Mr
Willi uu III
rltt, President; n
Willi;:!!!    lt;un>;iy.
nillli'. T. Mlllietliili
Obit  .l;i
McSweyn & Griffith, Tailors
We keep a firstdass stock of Tweeds and Serges. The
designs are kept right up to the notch. The quality is
always the highest. Every bit wool, pure wool. People
like goods of that sort.    They ought to, it pays.
Cranbrook, B. C.
We Sell
Schlitz Beer
Fernie Beer
Guinness Stout
Bass Ale
Agents ior
T. Lebel & Co.
Hay and Qrain
Wholesale Dealers In <^
A car load just received and we are
able to meet your demands in our
line. Mail orders promptly attended.
Just a little worn, eh? What you need is a new suit. One
that will wear, one that will look well at all times, and
that will not cost too much money. We can fix you out.
We have a line selection of suitings to choose from and,
what is more, you can depend upon the quality.
Leask & Henderson
The loth Century Tailors, Cranbrook, li. C
Dealer in
Poultry, Fish and Oysters in Season.
6) •-*>-> n»«*m.
Hotel s &
»-*•—> ■»♦♦»>»> ♦<■)  {!>•-♦-*>-•
fluenta Comfort a Specialty
(loud Stabling In Connection
Nearest to mil mail ami depot.    Han accommodations for tbe public unequalled in Cranbrook.
 Proprietor      {
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Tuesdays antl Fridays
■      BROWN   BREAD
T       Mondavi, Wednesday, Saturday
\   Cakes til all d esc rlpt inns always un
•   hand.    Special Orders promptly filled.
|   A. R. Gibson
. i. R, WMkle, Genital M-.ttut',-t
. Hay, Assistant Ueneral Manage
\\. Moffat, Inspector,
■ nt.m, Pontius la I'ral
ua, Itevalituke, sir
 Sela bergubai
S.i.ii.-*.   K.Hlk     D-iiitl
P. II. MARSH. Manajter
Picked  Up About (he City  by  Axkinx
Quesliom*. of Many  People.
jatufs Greer  vlalted Morrlssey  tbli
vet* k
hi> viilifil Penile Thurs
Rev. Auvn
lay Inst,
Horn to M
Mr. nml   Mm
ami  Mrs,  J.  Sproille,
W.  Barkley, a
f Moyie,   waa  in  town
bouse, I41M1.     Call  at
of   .Marysville   was   in
Clins, Farrell t
on Tuesday,
Fot S.ile, a uev
Herald ollice.
Herb Sawyer
town 1I1U week.
N, C. Mclviitstry of Marysville, was in
town on Tuesday.
A very lirj-tvy fall of suow visited
Cranorook on Tuesday,
Miss Dudley, operator at Kimlietley,
was In town over Sunday.
Miss Small of Marysvilit*, was visiting
friends in town litis week.
Miss Bret bar, school teacher of Kim-
beiley, ipent Sunday in town.
Miss \\\ oils of Cherry Creek, was in
town last week visiting friends.
Clias. Finch,, late of Pinch it Jones
of Marysville was in town this week.
A second hand cutler, in goad shape,
for sale cheap. O   11. Miner.
.Mrs. William Small of Marysville,
spent a wt***k wjtli liu-iiils in town tins
Wi F, Tale visited Moyie Friday lt»st
ami installed tbe t Hirers of .Moyie Lodge
I. U. O. F.
11 D McMillan nf Cowley, Alberta
was town this week. He reports business very good-
M'. McArtbur, who has charge nl lhe
work for James Greer at Morrissey was
in town on Tuesday.
Archie Campbell, who Is employed hy
P Hums & Oo. was taken tn the bop-
pi I al last week with fever,
\V. li. Mc Paris ne whn has been in Hi
hospital fer some lime is improving a
he to he able tn walk around.
The Klectrlc Light company have
been Installing quite a number of new
phones during the past week.
Ross I'jlmer and R. Roberts are
spending a few days in Marysville and
Klmberley this week on busintgs.
The Ktitre Nous club dance heir.'
on Friday evening last wns a sneess
Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.
J A, Liurie, of the Lturie Lumber
company Marysville, was in town thia
week doing business for tbe company
The Royal hotel has p'aced a very
attractive sign over the main entrance
nf the hotel. Mr. Beijumiu did the
just   right
The lumbermen arc now complaining
ol too much snow In tin* hush. The
depth interfere* wiih teaming autl soon
wears a burst* down.
J II. Scot! aud Mrs. Scott are eipect
ed tu arrive in Cranbrook on Friday
from Rat Portage where Mr. Sco.t has
been despatching f^t C. I'.R-
Services in the Methodist church Sunday next at the usual hours.   Subjects—
UOrulUg! "Men Who Move Mountains "
B vetting; "National Prohibition."
Dr Qreeil arrived in town nn Tuesday
from the must, where he has been visiting hia old home, Dr. reports times
very brisk at the coast, and alio that
ihe political stantliug is O, K<
Dr. Bell has returned from an extended visit In the east and saya be had a
pleasant time. He saw O, II Rlchanl-
ion while in Ottawa, who wUbed to he
remembered to hia Cranbrook friends,
A  Kerrigan who has been switching
in lhe yanl here, has resigned his position here, mul experts to leave in a few
days for Tacoma, Wash., where he has
secured a position with n railroad company of that place. Mr. Kerrigan's many
friends w'll he sorry to see him leave.
P. W. Mitchell of Marysville, was In
town on Tuesday hnd stopped over
night, He also went to the rink uud
had a skate. Mr. Mitchell remarked
while skating that it reminded bim
when he used to play hockey wiih the
Minborley News.
Mr. and Mrs. Mackenzie Wen "JCCotd-
ed a most enthumasiic reception '-'■ere
on .Monthly night when thev gave their
eiitiiuinmeui in aid ol William Cheg*
widiiui, who lost his eyesight recently
by the unexpected  explosion ol a blast
at the North Star mine. The Capacity
of Harry Drew's timing and sitting
rooms were taxed to their utmiMt capacity by a sympathetic nnd delighted audience, who came from ad around the
district, Fori Steele aud Cranbrook being well represented, These two artists
have won the hearts oi the people of
Klmberley and should they ever return
ihey cau ii st assured ol a bumper bouse.
$30,000 worth ol the best selected stock of Hen's Clothing, lien's
j Furnishings, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Ladies' Suits, Skirts, Dress
I Goods, Prints, Zephyrs, China Silks in all shades, Taffeta Silks,
j Duchess Sal ins in cream, white anJ black, Embroidery, Insertion,
Cretonne, Fancy Flannels, etc. We quote a few prices which will
! govern the Greatest Slaughter Sale that ever happened or will hap-
j pen iu the Kootenays.
Jns. Beinngee has succeed d A. McDonald as yard master at this place,
Mr. McDonald having gone braking
H.   Round   returned last week from
a trip to Moose Jaw where he went  with
a car load of horses which were  ilispns
ed of at once.
There will be an emergent meeting of
Cranbrook lodge No, 34 A F, and A
M. at their hall ou Thursday evening
January 29th.
Key City lodge No. 43 I. O. O F. will
give Iheir annual ball ou Monday evening, February 9th,   The Invitations will
be out In a few days.
The Cranbrook Ci izens band desires
the services oT a bass and clarinet player.
Applications for the positions may be
made lo tbe bs ml master,
R. Dudley of Fernie, was in town on
Sunday last, on n visit to hia son Lenard
who bas been in tbe hospital here for
the past eight months.
Fred Hax-Stl of Marysville, has quit
development worn on his mining properly tbis winter and will work with
Doyle's logging camp.
The Biliisb Columbia Interior Tress
Association held a very profitable meet
tig ai Nelson last Sunday and inaugurated some good moves (or mutual benefit. Oflicersjiwere electPtl asifollows:
K. Jj D *an, president; P, E, Simpson,
vice president; P   McNaught, secretary,
Six Months In New York City," is
the subject of a popular lecture in the
Methodist church next Tuesday night.
The lecturer Is liy Rev. W. W, Baer, who
spent six mouths iu the great metropolis.
The let"ure will be illustrated with
Bternpllcnn views. Admission ascents.
Come and bring your boys.    An evening
Prospector: .limes Nelson, Frank
Williams and Hnoch Johnson are making extensive preparations for working
ibe H .li Hoy group of mines which are
sliunled in Isidore canyon. The pro-
peity consists of the li >b Kiy and.Copper Belt Fraction. The qnari carries
copper and go'il, Supplies left Fort
Steele for tbe mine Friday. Work will
commence Monday,
Professor Paul Sn.'ety, the celebrated
Hungarian violinist will give oue of his
high class concerts iu the Methodist
church Thursday evening (tonight) Jin.
jjud. Owiug 10 M', Sigety's brief stay
in town no earlier nonce could be given
or a later date fixed upon, The music
loving people nf Cranbrook will appreciate this entertainment. Admission 50
cents ami children 25 cenls. Concert
will commence ai 8,15 o'clock.
I.eslnck Forbes has been appointed
Government Agent at Fernie, and will
bave cba-ge of the Fernie district.
Chief constable McMullen will probably
he appointed chief of thai district, and
one will he appointed for tbe Craubrook
district, This will without a doubt go
to F. K Mortis, the present consiable
in this town. He deserves it and what
is more he is au efficient officer who
would be a credit to Ibe position.
The people of Craubrook will regret
to hear of the departure cf Dr. Barber
and wife, The d ctor has been a tesi-
dent of Cranbiook for several ytars.and
has made many friends by his professional ertjcieticy aud pleasing manner
Ms, Barber wiil he sadly missed in
serial aod church circles, where she was
always a great favorite. The Herald
wisher them happiness mid prosperity
in their new home at Fernie, and trust'
lhat will bave tbe host of strong friends
that ihey had iu Cranbiook,
The Ministers' A.ll'ance held a warm
meeting at the Baptist church Monday
evening. An address on Sunday observance was made by Rev Fortune am] Ihe
question of Sunday closing was discussed. It was arranged lo appoint
spies fre iu each church represented tit
the meeting to visit the hotels Sundays
for the purpose of catching an j one violating the law. -The spies are to be appointed secretly by the ministers so that
no one may know. Another meeting
will be'held soon to prosecute the work
of reform in Crnnbrook.
Social Gatherings.
Mrs. M, B King entertained a large
number of lady friends yesterday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. P. Lund will entertain
a numbet of friends this evening.
Mrs W F Tate gave a pleasant of
ternoon yesterday,
Mr. and Mrs. O, T. Rogers entertain
ed a number of tiiemls ut euchre Monday evening.
Saw thc Fernie (Isme,
Quite a number of the Cranbronk
hockey llt'iids went to Fernie Saturday
night tn witness the game between
Medicine Hat and Fernie. The latter
town got it badly. The Crnnbrook
visitors lined up ns follows: R. J.;.
Beattie, A. K. Leitch, J. J. Miller, J,
McSweyeu, II. M. Patterson, S* A.
Clancy, O. A. Mason, C. Prest, Ross
Tate, II L Dowsley, A. L- McDerniot
and G. Pushee. Cecil Prest acted as
May Make Trouble.
It is said that the water right for
which the Marysville smelter people
hud to fight last year, has lapsed bud
taken upagaiu by G. Boulange. This
will place the smelter people in an unfortunate position and may necessitate
further legislation.
Far Sale.
The furniture, stock   and   business of
tbe Homestead house.    For particulars
apply to Mrs. Patrick Nevin between
the hours of 3 and 5 p. tn.
®~® -©■ *®-©-®- ®-®-®-©-®-©-a>-
ii-:   of instructive entertainment   is pledged ' keep aud for this notice.
Take Notice.
There strayed on my premises about
tbe middle of  Nov.mber   lasL a black
sow.   It has lived on ray place ever since
The owner can have  it by paying for ils
Mr.   Mackenzie handed ovet    to M
Parker, the Mipfriiitendetlt  ol IheNoilh
Stat mine, the sum of 950 [or tbesuOer*
er, Mr. Chegwlddin This was guile
fully acmiowleilgeil   by the miners, who
held a special meeting to convey theh
thanks and appreciation   for ihe kindly
act. a dance followed, ol course, Mi.
Drew wub his usual liberality providing an excellent suppei frw,   Mr. Canu
supplied Outclass music dining lhe eve
ning winch addvd   much   to the general
success. ■,"
Csrnhal At lhe Kink.
The carnival given by tbe band boys
at the link on Monday night altnn-ied a
large crowd of spectators, and, while
the number of contestants were small,
the costumes   were   such   as   to evme
praise from all present.   Weather per-
mitliub another carnival will be given
on Wednesday, January 18th iust. Following is a list ol the prize winners and
pti/es and the names ol ihe dnnois:
Best dressed gentleman, T. Sinik, pair
hockey shoes, Fort Steele Mercantile
Com pony.
Best diessed lady, Mrs. !•' Bryans,
llower stand, G. II. Gilpin.
Best comic gentleman, F. Di mors,
hot cigars, McDermott .S: Uowntss.
Best dressed giil, Stella Shaw, fascinator, II 11 & Co.
Best dressed boy, Fred Small, fancy
sweater, Belli ik Co.
Best comic boy. Norman McLeod,
book, R   Iv Beattie.
Dr. Barber hoes to Fernie.
Dr, Barber re* timed last Tuesday from
Fertile, and will remain in Crnnbrook
until lhe end of lhe month, when In*
will remove to Fernie with Mis. Bit Iter
to remain permanently, The doctor
desires the Herald to thank the people
of Cranbronk for Ihere patronage accord*
ed him in lhe past, and to say lhat there
are a few unfinished j dis of dentistry
in the town thai he wishes to attend tu
before bis departure.
Ne* Masonic Hall.
The Cranbrook Magnus will bave tie
largest and heat hall in this part of tbe
province when the plans now prepated
are earned out. It is the intention 01
John Leask the owner of the build np,
to build forty feet more onto the real,
and fit up the second story in a manner
tn Btiit the local lodge, When completed it will he furnished in ti neat
sumptuous manner, an order having
already been sent to England for theli
rugs and cur pels.
Cranbrook Lodge. Nu. ,H
A. F. ft A. M,
lif i-iiiai meetings an Hi
third Thursday ct th
\ isitiuu bretftern welcomed,
into, a, Mutch, Sec'y,
Plasterers, Bricklayers
and Stonemasons..,.
We are ready to furnish estimates
on any work In our line anywhere
in tbe district, Address all letters to Cranbrook, 11. C,
Fire Life
Accident     Sickness
Palmer & Arnold
For Insurance
h    PUEST'S STUDIO    "
will be closed for a few weeks. (•)
<i> Will be opened in February.... f
to ull.
Juhu breun-iu.
1 have openul a
anil am carrying a stock of
hay, oats, chopped oats,
bran, Bhf-rlB, wheat and potatoes. 1 also' have a stock
of fbur made from selected
Manitoba bard wheat.
I also have n frerh shipment of butter each week,
Fresh eggs and poultry.
t'rices are riglit. Give me
a trial.
Men's Suits,
Men's Suits,
Men's Suits,
Huy's Suits,
lints' Suits,
Boys' Suits,
regular $20.00
regular  15.00
cost $12.00
cost   8.00
Ladle's genuine nil nwil. heavy
5OC1 now Igci Other lines  iu  proportion
wool Sox $1.    I'inhi Spools Cotton for age
ribbed Cashmere Hose, regular
Six pair Men's heavy all
Herman Sox and Rubbers we will just ml Ihe price in Iwo.
"leu's Mitts, 0loves und Underwear Ihe same.     We will sell every-
Ihlnr* In our store AT COST but lor SPOT CASH oni.v.   No goods
will hi- chargei 1 or e\-.-luin-red.
Ladles nml Men, we thank you for your liberal iiatronage In the past.
Cranbrook and Moyie
g The "Money Back" Drug Store j f
W*.' do not want to have a single dissatisfied customer. We would almost rather have anything
happen than have you feel that anything is not
right. If ever you feel that way come around
and tell me about it and I will make it right.
You will feel better, so will I. Everything must
be satisfactory that leaves this store or I will
make it so. Yours for a bright, happy and prosperous New Year.
Beattie, The Druggist
ll Hring-ing-ing-ing    "
I i HELLO-O-O-O-0-0-0-0
J} "Hello Sam, have you any of those hockey shoes left?"
j J "Yes, Jack, we have a few."
, t "All right, I am sending a friend of mine oven you can
J J fix him up."
[ J "Oh say, Jack, how are your weak ankles since you tried
,, those hockey shoes?"
!! "Why, they are just fine; I feel as if I could skate forever"
>'•>•♦*>•>*>■•■*>•>*•♦•>••-••>♦•>•♦••>•• **••>***•***•***••**
® « ■ ,■	
J® 1(5)I® I® |® I® |®d®J®j®J®.ItS>IS> I® I® I® 1 © 1 S>l-tS>l*tS>J*tS»l--S) I® I® I® I $
* l * i ■*• I'«- I ***' I <!• i v i •» i <$> i <s> i <$ i <i> i <¥*■ i ••* i **P I 'J' i * i cj> I 91 **> i«?- i 4> l <8> I «> l <f» I ^I
-<*■ -®
I.  beg to call the attention of the public to the fact that they are *g
% now prepared to act as CUSTOM HOUSE BROKERS for lg
:*'.% thc Outport of Cranbrook.    They have had a supply of the *^
:*,  proper forms printed; these forms cannot be obtained elsewhere. *g
1~TYt¥nti on I
J. R. DOWNES, Prop.
Heated by lurnace.
Comfortable rooms.
Convenient location.
The bar is supplied with only
the best and wc keep a complete line.
f .J None Metier In the District
When you visit Cranbrook stop nt lhe
Kates Si and up.    Short Orders and Oysters
served in any style from 8 p. ni. to 0 a. ni.
vJ The table is the best, the rooms are unsurpassed for dean-
G liness and comfort and the bar is supplied with the best brand.
f) of liquors and cigars.
@ L. B. VANDECAR, Prop.


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