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Cranbrook Herald Oct 12, 1899

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Obo. a. Cox, President. B. B. Waikbr, Oen. Man.
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000.00.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
1*\ *^++ a *>*>-*>-m-m-a met »•»*■• ♦*»♦•> ♦♦»•*■(•) 99999-* »»«»*«-i«»««*t»n' *>t?>
DhLA 11 ID        Itpaystotradewithhim
Thc finest stock of stationery in Kootenay.
Buy Lots
In Kimberley,
The Leadvllle of East Kootenay.
Terminus ol North Star branch of the Crows Nest Pass Railway
OVER 200 MINERAL CLAIMS are situate within a radius of
three miles.
Supply point for the rich upper St. Mary's River district.
Great Water Power.   Sullivan concentrator will be located here
1    Sole Agent
Via Cranbrook
Hotel 3 3
Oacats Comfort ■ Specially
Qood SUMlif In Connection
Nearest to railioad and depot.    Hu rwcommoda-
tlona for the public unequalled in Ctanbrook.
Sherlock & Bremner.
Miss Cardiff, our dress maker, has arrived, and
will be pleased to see any who wish her services.
We can confidently recommend her to give entire satisfaction to all who may entrust her with
their work.
NEW GOODS constantly arriving;. Ladies and
childrens' Underwear.   A fine line of Ladies'
Kid Gloves and Gents' Gloves In all qualities.
For a good tea try Tortan, Ram Lal or Kolona.
Toronto Qothing House
We are full of business but can attend to your order. The
latest in Suits, no better made. Boots and Shoes, the best in
thc market. Underwear, Rubbers, Collars, Ties, Shirts. In
fact, everything a man wears.   Come and see us.
 Reid & Co.
In Car Load Lots
We have just received several carloads
of groceries, glassware, and chinaware.
These goods have been bought right and
will be sold right. Call in and see them.
They will do your heart good.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.
Cranbrook «r* Fort Steele ** Wardner
It la a Ureal Success—Ths   Editors  Had  a
Warm Time.
The Spokane exposition, which optn.d
on the third, is a greater  success  this
year thnn ever before.    The exhibit! ire
numerous and well displayed and tbe
music furnished by the Canton band is
greatly appreciated by those futtuuate
enough to have heard them.
iMt Saturday was editors' day and the
Nortbwestern States niid British Columbia wftB largely represented. Thc Spokane Press club and the exposition management united in giving the visitors n
day's entertainment tbat will go down
in history nn one ofthe warmest times
ever experienced hy the guileless pencil
pusberB. lt was one continuous round
nl pleasure from n a. m. Saturday to
6 a. m. Sunday, First came the trolley
ride around the city, then the spec Itl
entertainment nt the exposition, followed by a theater pkrty thnt evening. At
II o'clock llie visitors were escorted to
Davenport's celebrated restaurant where
oue of the finest banquets was spread
tbat was ever Riven in the northwest, lt
was a magnificent collation, ratij«in>;
from the daiitlest of dishes lo wines ol
various colors antl strength. The theory
of expansion became a favorite one, and
at 2:30, when the last speech had been
made, and the last song sung, there was
only a feeling of joy nnd thankfulness in
the hearts of the visitors, and pain lu
their digestive organs as welt. The rest
of the entertainment was lively and to
the point, Spokane newspaper boys are
princes and Manager Bolster, of the exposition, can d:aw on us when be gets
broke. He thoroughly undtistauds the
art of entertaining.
Speaks Well Por Craabrook.
The following is the report of the customs collector for the outport of Cranbrook, for the month ending September
30, 1S99:
Valua tf Imports dutiable  $71)03 00
Value ot Imports freo   asB fl'i
Duty collerttnl.
Going Out of Business.
Trail Creek News: Messrs. Kaake and
Williams have determined (o close out
their hardware business at Trail nnd de
tote their entire attention to other pursuits, principally mining. They have
extensive interests III the Big Bend,
north of Revelstoke, where placer mines
have recently been-discovered,
The Work Tells
the Tale   **    j*
Greer & Co.
Bitlmates given on all classes of work
[11 our line.     If you intend to build,  see
us.    lt may pny you.
ji   Ji    B.C.
in: rrittirtloi) In
hi .ii tirade M-ivi'ini'iits
ttflKSgement and Wedding Rings,
Brooches, Bracelets, Chains,
Blouse SctB, lite	
Wuii; nml tioodi (iimrantced
tn (live Hatluf.ictIon.
W. F. Tate
Cranbrook ...JEWELER
(im. inl WatHi InapMtor fur crowa Noit bmnoli
John Dull Orotip.
One more id thing property on the Sl
Marys river will soon be added to the
list ol producers* nnd shippers. Messrs.'
McVittie and Hutchison, act Iny for j. 8.
Saucier and his associates, of Kossland,
have closed a "deal" with Messrs. Bradford and Tracy for the John Hull group)
of three claims oil the north side of the
St. Marys river, at the meadows a couple
of miles above the lake. There ate several ledges on the property, ibe principal
one having a tunnel run in on it for over
sixty feel, which rhows ore from mouth
to face, tlie fuce now being in eleven
feet of copper sulphides of a high grade
The facilities lor working the ground
are exceptionally good. A tunnel from
tbe ltvel ofthe Pilot Uay trail will reach
depth of a thousand feel in a distance
of less than five bundled feet, the ledges
all running back into the cliff at un
angle of about 70 degrees, 'i lie ptoperty
at present about   fifteen  miles Horn
lit, but the day te nol far distant when
the great mineral development in the
St. Marys river district will etisutc a
railway for the marketing of the ore,
and that railway will be located withiu
a lew yards of the tunnel trite on the
John Hull group. It is proposed lo organize n joint slock company to operate
the mine, and The stuck will be shortly
on the market. The first block should
be a good buy if the properly te in good
The Jobs Bail  W\\\ fo  Developed
This Vi inter.
Mining   Interests  In   the   District
Were Never In .1 More Prosperous Condition.
North Slar Tramway.
The right of way for the North Star
tramway is being burned oil' and tbe
tram will be built aud put in operation
without delay. Tho system is to be tbat
of wire haulage with suspended ore buckets running by the force of gravitation.
Tlle length of the line will be about one
and a quarter miles, and the lower
terminus will be about a mile above
Kimberley. Willi the North Star branch
in operation and the tram delivering ore
steadily, the North Stnr will be one of
the largest shippers iu lhe province of
lliilisb Columbia.
Tbe Excess Mineral Claim.
The Excess mineral claim, which lies
on tlie Crows Ni'Sl railway about five
miles from Cranhrook. is iu a particularly favorable position for economic
working. The southwest corner qf tbe
claim crosses tbe railway, but the tunnel
site is about half a mile therefrom by
road or tramway route. Tbe prospect*
lug shaft U within 150 feel of a fairly
good wagon road, and follows the lode
to a depth of sixty-five feet. The owners have done considerable prospecting
work. At llie surface it was difficult to
decide on the exact position ofthe lode
owing lo lhe broken surface, copper being found in small masses nud in string
vtius ever a width of about forty feet.
A shaft was started at one side to allow
for the dip. passing through the hanging
wall at about twenty leet in depth, file
shaft was then turned aud run down on
the lode, keeping the banging wall for a
roof The foot wall bas not yet been
found. The ore shows in chutes of
different widths, witb horses of diorite
between, and sometimes disappears almost entirely, but a distinct improve
ment was observed for every fool gained
in depth, until now al a depth of sixty-
five feet, there is a good three feet of
well-mineralized black quartz with cop-
per sulphides, but it is evident that the
tiue ore body is not yet reached. The
present ore body is fully five feet below
thc hanging wall, tbat five feet being
filled wilh couutry rock and seams of
quartz, and it is probable tbat lhe bulk
of Ibe ore is still nearer tbe foot wall.
(Hence iu a thoroughly practical manner.
Prauk VUleneuve is doing the assessment work on ihe Lake View mineral
claim, about three miles south of town,
and has brought in louie specimens
showing native copper in small, sb< t-
like iiiiis-es.    If lie can develop nny con
Blderable  body of ibis  ore  he   hrs s
bonanza, mid the town will be to much
he richer.
Mr. Saucier, of Rossland, is expected
lomortow morning, and it te reported
bat he will ut once Inaugurate woik on
ihe Pay Koll gionp. Active work will
iDtlitueall winter, which will, of course,
necessitate a sleigh road being built. Ii
is tu be hoped lhat Ibis road will not
have to be buill at the company's expense, for there are Innumerable owners
uf miniug properties In that teg ton who
will he equally neuefltted,
Promptly Attentlod to.
,_,   permission In •HirHir.sf* tliu fnllinvlili' ilo
•eritifil naiKfiuill-Mi Drown land:
CuiiiiiiHii'ltii- wIiitii lln- Initial I'li-H kit born
pUnti'il nrtmit imi'-liiilf inlln west 11 tin* miulb
nut nf Jimmy mh.Ui lnke. tli**u< *> whiHi -tu
chains, tlient-n west W r Imi in, ili-n nn tli m
Hmliti*, tlii-iii!!-* i-iihI 411 clialiis In |ilfirn nT li, j-lih
nliiK. loiilaliiliij- iMisrn*.
JOHN mm-lll'ON.
Dilril at 1 raulii.niu. It. (]„ Hi>j>t. I, Ihim.
Tiie Remains of James Mills and Clior'es
Crstnc Interred.
One of lhe largest funerals ever held
in Rust Kootenay took plncc In Cran
brook Friday morning, when the re
matnsof Charles Cralue nnd James Mills,
th» two unfortunate men who were kill-
itl in lhe Lnke Shore mine Tuesday ol
Inst week, were interred in tbis cily.
The remains were brought   in  on   the
morning train, accompanied by aboul
seventy-five citizens of Movie, sixty-sis
of whom were members of the Western
federation of Miners, with lodges nt
Gem nud Burke, Idaho, of which the
dead men were also prominent members
Crnlne belonging la the Hurke lodge and
Mills to the Gem lodge. Mills' body wai
taken   iu  charge  at   lhe  depot   by   the
Cranbrook Odd Fellows. The remains
of ihe two men wen- taken to the Presbyterian church, where funeral service)
were conducted by Rev, Young. After
the services thc prneesMon was formed
and a line cf march taken lo lhe ceme
tery west of town, where the remains ol
boll] men were interred. Alter the close
of lhe regular services the Odd Fellows
performed the Inst pad riles over the
grave of tbeir deceased brother iu nr
cordnnce to thc solemn ritual of the
Mrs. G. A. Jennings, n sister of the de*
ceased, her son Lester Mil's, of Pernio,
and William Mills, a brother, of Moyie.
were tbe relatives present.
One of the Finest Houses In  li.i-*i  Kootenny Ready for Business.
The opening of tbe Kimberley bote!
lasl Friday night waa a glorious success,
and one that reflects great credit oil the
proprietors, Messrs. Wcllmnu and Ilurel.
These gentlemen hail free conveyances
at Fort Sleele and Cranbrook, ami a
large number from each place availed
themselves of the opportunity to see
Kimberley and enjoy a pleasant outing.
The dance opened at 9, o'clock, music
being furnished by I'rof. Shaw and Miss
Soper, villi F. F. I'iepcr ns master of
ceremonies. At 12 o'clock the guests
adjourned to the dining room, where a
magnificent repast had beeu spread, to
which the guests did ample justice.
After supper the dance was continued
until 4:30 In tbe morning. It was a mo«t
auspicious opening of the Kimbcr.ey.
and the many guests joined in wishing
the genial proprietors every success.
Mining Notes.
Work will at once be commenced on
the Carrie Lee group, on Luke creek,
and development work pushed as fast as
Mr. Robblns, consulting engineer for
tbe MeKenzie St Mann properties, arrived in the city yesterday for a visit to
the North Star.
It is slated that Gus Titles. Ims another
contract to extend the tunnel in the
Treasury Hot, the property owned by
tbe Mcintosh syndicate.
With the growth of development end
the consequent   employment  of  many
iners on the various properties lately
taken "p by joint stock companies, and
tbe payment of wages and purchase of
supplies here in Cranbrook, we shall
soon realize that this is n mining center.
Mr. Fruzcr, of Silverton, bas returned
for a week to lhat town on business, but
Intends to he in Cranbrook again at thc
end of that time lo continue his examination of the mineral claims of the district, lie is very well pleased with the
Terry creek district and its possibilities.
The Morning Slar group of claims,
which lies about six miles south of town,
is being developed by Ivd Little ond
others.   A ill aft is beiug sunk on the
I' property nnd work wi'l be continued all
winter. Mr. Utile in confident he has a
world beater, and be Is showing his con*
A Pine Hotel.
The Kimberley hotel, which has just
beeu completed, is one of the most attractive and comfortable hotels in Etail
Kootenay. Messrs. Wellman and FTurel
spared no expense in making it first-
class in every particular, and lhey have
Tbe barroom is 24 by 60 feet and finished iu artistic style. A tamarack
wainscoting, oiled and highly polished,
is surmounted by ingrain walls of a delicate hue with gilt mouldings and pi-
crusta coving worked oul in old metal
effect, topped with gilt border. The dining room, 24 by 3s feel, bas n wainscot
of while pine highly finished. The walls
are covered with high-grade gilt paper,
and the ceiling in panels. Tbe bull ai d
office is decorated In keeping with tbe
other large rooun. The second story is
devoted to bedrooms and parlor, and is
furui-hed in an attractive aud comfort**
ble manner. Tbe kitchen is equipped
with n French range and all modem im-
ptovements. All together the hotel Is a
credit lo tne district and to A. D Grant,
lhe contractor, and 1'ieper it Currie, the
firm wbo did tbe interior decorating,
Many I'cuplc Coming and Going in
(lie Metropolis.
VH tii  News   That   Show the
Progress of Cranbrook for
Seven Days.
HOLD   HER   IN   lllttlf   BSTBBM.
The Friends of Mrs. A. Leitch Regret Her
Departure Frum Osk Lake.
The family of A. Leitch, Sr., will arrive
next week from Oak I.uke, Man., and
will make tbeir home iu this city. The
following from tbe Oak Lake News
shows with what esteem Mrs, Leitch is
held by lhe residents of her former home :
On Saturday afternoon, September 30,
thc home of Mrs. W. C. Burns was the
scene ol a very pleasant gathering of
ladies of tbe First Presbyterian church.
In honor ot Mrs. A. Leitch, vice president
of tbe Ladies' Aid, who expects lo re*
move next week to ber new home at
Cranbiook, B. C, Mrs. Leilcb bas been
Identified for eleven years with the Work
of lhe society, and the esteem with
which she is regarded Is a filling testimony to tbe position she has occupied in
the affection ofthe congregation. Aftir
an hour spent tn social intercourse, an
Address, expressive of regret al Mrs.
Lettch's departure, wai read by Mil W.
C. Burns, while tbe presentation of a
handsome water pitcher and vase in rut
glass and silver, was. mnde by Mrs. II.
R Sharp. The wholfl affair, having
been niauiiged unknown to Mis. Leitch,
was quite a surprise to Iter, and ilie expressed ber deep gratitude foi the kind
UCIB mnnifesled,
Caleb Ames was up from Movie Tues
A no'her car of fundi u c just arrived a'
I>. J Mi Donald, of Marysville, was In
the city Sunday.
A B. Grace and wife were over from
Steele Saturday.
C. Maggs made a business trip to
Moyie yesterday.
Vim can get both  cook  and   heating
stoves nt Gilpin's.
J. Leask has gone lo Spokane to st-
lend the exposition.
Julius Hurel, of the Kimberley hotel,
cnum in lasl evening.
C. ICnuR'mau, of Moyie, was a Cranbrook vim: 01 Tuesday.
II W. I'nrrott returned Monday from
a two week;.' prospecting trip.
Constable Barnes, of Fori Steele, wa-
over 011 official business Saturday.
F. M Medhurst will leave ibis week
for a tiiji tti the Boundary country.
Rimer Musgrave, of the Cosmopolitan
hotel, went to Nelson Sunday night.
W, M. TltUS, of Fort Steele, spent a
few hours in the metropolis Sunday.
The first snow of thu season fell Tuesday, completely covering the grouud.
For enamelled and brass beds and upholstered ] arlor suites go to Gilpiu's.
A. L McDermot and J.G. Patterson
were visitors, iu Sleele last Sunday evening.
Misses Durlck and Soper. of Fort
Steele, spent Sunday With friends ia
Mrs. J ick Sjiellman has been coufined
to her room with sickness for the p.si
The wife of Fiieman Killer* was taker,
to the hospital  Monday, sick with  tbe
Mr. Telford, the road master, bas
moved hts family from Moyelle to Cran
Miss Baker, Ibe nurse, well known in
Cranbruok, lias gone to the coast for the
George Leask went to Moyie Tuesday
night to look aftei ibe building contracts
he has at that place.
The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. T. T
Richards was christened last Sunday at
the Catholic church.
Writing desks, book cases, card tables,
oak and   mahogany rockers, springs aud
mattresses, at Gilpin's.
ti ti. Carr, formerly of the B C. res.
tauiunt, has takeu charge of tbe Commercial hotel dining ror.m.
The Fernie lodge ol Forresters will
give tbeir lirst annual assembly and supper on the evening of October jt.
Robert Kellock, well known iu Cran*
brook, was on Monday of last week, at
Macltod, io Miss Lucy McClusky.
A.   ti.   Watt  and   son   returned   this
morning   from   tbe   Lardeau   country
where tbey have been all summer.
Mrs. Van Decar, Mrs. Miner, Mrs. Mc-
Mullen and Mrs. George K. Leask re*
turned this morning fiom Spokane.
Mr. Morris, manager of the Canadian
It ink of Commerce at Vancouver, was in
towu during the  early part of the week.
Mr. Gill, lhe engineer, has moved bis
family to Cranbruok an I will occupy his
beautiful residence that he has just com
Bert Ross, brother-in-law of W. F.
Tate, was taken to St. Eugene hospital
Sunday evening, suffering Irom an attack ol fever.
Mrs. L M. Mansfield, of ibis city, and
Mrs. Ncltsel, of Moyie, left last eveuing for Spokane.
Rev. Duncan, formerly of Fort Steele,
but now of Fernie, conducted services at
the 1'reshpierian church iu Cranbrook
Sunday evening,
Mrs. William Grant, of Brandon, arrived on last night's trait, and will join
her husband who is employed at the
North Star mine.
Mr. Monkbouse, formerly employed
by R Smith St Co., hus accepted a position with Maggs -St Hughes, til tbe furniture department.
A. Newlngton, postmaster at Creston,
and ti,. Mali ndaltte, townsite agent for
the Same place, were in the metropolis
on busiuess lust Sunday.
A meeting of the license commissioners was held in this city last Saturday,
and a liquor license was granted to T. J.
Forrest, of the Forrest house.
Mis. Sylvanus Richards, of Armprior,
Ont., will arrive this week to join her
'husband, who is millwright at Crau-
I brook Lumber company's mill.
The C Pi R. machinists all over the
I system from Port Williams to the consl
j are out on strike regarding the readjust*
! ment of the schedule of wages.
Prank Rankin is iu Fort Steele Ibis
I week  relieving  R  Wright at  the  Fort
Steele Mercantile company, who is via-
idng  the Spokane  esposiliou.
W. A. Simpson, of Calgary, brought
lown a carload of sheep for M. Mclnnes
it Co., last Thursday, and has been
ipeudtug the past week In lhe city.
Mr. Lel'an, of Woodstock, Out., arrived tbis week and will take 11 position
in the branch of tbe Canadian Bank of
Commerce to  be opened at Fort Steele.
J.G. Patterson, ot*lhe bank, got an
upper cut from the rear end of a frac-
ious colt last week, which lauded on hia
face i nd fractured a couple of his incisors.
Don't forget that Miss LaDell will be
at the Presbyterian church next Wednes-
liy evening. Her powers as an elocutionist are praised by all who have hea d
James II. Wilkty, of London, Ont,
arrived in tbe city last Friday night atul
will make his ho:n. iu Craubrook. He
will be employed i.i Miner's hardware
The Forrest house, one of the finest
hostelries in Fast Kootenay, will open
the first of the week nudei the able management of T. F. Forrest, formerly of
Frank Dickinson and W. Lamb returned Tuesday from 11 hunting trip to
tbe head waters of the St. Marys. Tbey
report a very pleasant trip but a great
scarcity of game.
James Greer and George R Leask intend to put up a skating aud curling tiuk
for this winter. The building will be
75 by too feet, and fitted up iu good
shape for ihe spoil.
The Herald was in error Ust week
when it said lhat Mr. and Mrs. ti,. Carr
were the happy parents of a lOj*\ -pound
boy. The baby was a girl, bul they're
happy just the same.
The first fire destroying a dwelling in
Cranbrook occured on Monday night
last. Insure your dwelling against fire
with McVittie & Hutchison. This bouse
was Insured with them.
Dan Home returned from Macleod this
week. He says tbe remains of one of
tbe men lost In the big landslide near
•he loop last spring were found ou Monday on the opposite side of the river.
The Herald job rooms have been
crowded with work the past week, for
business firms in the surrounding towns.
The business men of this district appreciate goal printing, and lhey know
where to get it.
Maggs 5c Hughes have purchased tbe
Warehouse just across the track, from R.
Smith & Co.. and will use it as a furniture factory. Suitable machinery for
tbe plant has beeu ordered, and will be
here in a few weeks.
The Winnipeg Free Press says: "The
entertainment was beyond criticism.
Miss LaDell is ih- best elocutionist that
has ever appeared on the course." She
will 1* at the Presbyterian church next
Wednesday evening.
The Hal.fax Recorder says: "Everybody was well pleased. Miss LaDell
fully sustained I'm high reputation she
has earned, both as an entertainer and
as an actress" Presbyterian church
next Wednesday evening.
The North Star restaurant, next door
to The Herald offi:e, is fast gaining in
popularity. The culinery dep-rrtment,
under the skillful management of "Teddy" Hawes, is one of the best, and tbe
price of meals is only twenty-five cents.
The bouse belonging to Mrs. Donahue,
situated in the southeast part of town,
was entirely destroyed by fire Monday
night about 12 o'clock. How the fire
originated is a mystery, as no one had
occupied the house   for a week or more.
A harvest thanksgiving will be held in
Christ church Sunday. Special choral
services will 1* held both morning and
evening, in which members of tbe Fort
Steele choir have kindly consented to
assist. A cordial invitation is extended
to all.
Rev. J E Coombs superintendent of
Baptist Missions, of Vancouver, held services in the Presbyterian church Sunday
afternoon. He will also deliver an address in the same church at H o'clock
th:s evening, the subject being, "The
Messrs. Maggs and Hughes, of this
city, will shortly open a branch store at
Moyie, and put in a large stock of clothing, men's furnishings, ladies' goods and
furniture. Thes gentlemen are up-to-
date, and we wish them the success their
business ability deserves.
J, M. Hedley,'of the bank, returned
Sunday evening, from Toronto, where
be spent bis summer vacation, and in
glad he is back. He reports business in
all lines in eastern Canada as improving
wonderfully, and says thegrain croo tbis
fall surpasseis all expectations.
Hugh Cameron, who has been running the water wagon in this town for
tbe past year, has sold his business tn
Charles Parker, late of Macleod, and
will probably locate in Moyie, "Scotty"
was a familiar figure in Cranbrook. and
will be missed by every resident of ll e
Miss Moffat.'after a long visit with her
brother Alex Moffat and children, left
last Saturday for her home In Pembroke,
Ont. She will stop at Lethbridge,
Portage La Prairie and Winnipeg to visit
relatives and friends. Miss Moffat's departure is the source of much regret on
lhe part of her many friends in Cranbrook wbo hope to see her return.
Another Investment Company.
The Birkbeck Investment company,
one of the oldest and best known loan
companies in Canada, have established
a brancb in Cranbrook, witb a local
agent and n local advising board. C. M,
Ivdwards has been named as the Cranbrook agent and W. F. Gurd tbe solicitor. Tbe railway men are largely represented Mi the local board nnd the com*
piny is now ready lo recolvo applies*
lions for building loano. CRANBROOK  HERALD
THURSDAY,       -     OCT   12. 1899
i   i   siMlv-tON, h'dltoi ami Manage
ll,,.Lit iwlres to ulvo the nowsut tlu
li run atwtt  any nbout yuur town
o or y -iir ■itui.-U*, Boml n to thla ollice.
Do you want
Good lob Work?
If you do come to The Herald
office. That is the kind we
do.    Try us and see.
The editor of ihe Fort Steele Prospector Indulged In n pipe dream last week
over the fact that Borne gentlemen in
Colorado found a map without the town
of Cranbrook printed Ihereou, anil went
into ectnslcs of delight over tbis overwhelming evidence th.it Cranbrook wns
n rilling. The people of Craubrook
nre not any more) responsible for tbe
mistakes of map making than they are
for the foolish breaks made by the Pros
pecti r. They are too busy with their
own prosperity and the prosperity ofthe
district to piy any attention to such
childish prattle.
As lo tbe outsiders, lhe men wilh capital to invest, and railway managers,
who are building railways 111 South ti.nst
Kootenny—they evidently are using n
different map, ns they do not experience
any difficulty in locating Cranbrook*
As n result tnousnnds of dollars are beiug invested in permanent Improvements
and already two railroads have been
built to the town. Business blocks ami
resldeucofl are going up on every side,
and one of ihe strongest loan companies
in Canada sent its manager lo Cranhrook to investigate the town ns a field
for perm ment investments. The maua-
ger came, nnd after a careful investigation said, "Cranbrook Is all right, her
permanency i-i assured ami our company
has thousands for Investment hera,"
A ilot cm ii map lines not stand for
mnch, but a town like Cranbrook, with
every advantage ofa being centrally I oca
led, anil enjoying railroad facilities un
equalled In Fist Kootenay, with thousands of dollars beiug invested by capital
ists and home builders, blessed with
abundant and growing prosperity1—such
a town speaks for itself.
Get in Iin*-'. Grace, and net your editorial contributors in line. Use the columns
ol yuur paper for the good of the district
us a whole, anil not for petty'spite work
against growing towns in the diistrict.
Vou are injuring your lown by such a
Our Italian climate has taken a vacation. 	
Thnt yacht race is gelling a trifle
Cranbrook has arrived at tbat stage in
her prosperity where oilier towns begin
to Ihruw mul halls.
Peace may yet be declared iu thc
Transvaal. Vour Uncle Paul is playing
a deep game, and his bluff may win de
Hired concessions. But be is monkey
Ing with n rapid buzz saw.
Cranhrook today is better than ever
before. Mer growth is a surprise to ber
most ardent supporters, and there seem
to be no let np. Location i.s au Important factor in the building of a towtr
ami Craubrook is enjoying the benefits
of hrr good fortune.
If n personal attack on Tbe Herald
editor will do the Prospector or Fort
Steele auy good, we arei perfectly willing to let her go. The Herald stands for
Craubrook and South Fast Kootenay.
It has nothing lo say against Fort Steele
or any other town iu the district. It is
doing all il can for the district, and for
the towns iu the district. That is why
it is getting business from all parts of
the district. Hs position is appreciated
by the people. 	
An editor of a newspaper has responsibilities that should he sacred, and be
should always hear hi mind that individually lie amounts to very little in the
progress ol ilu-community iu which h
lives. He is simply one of many, aud
his demise would not change conditions.
Some one else, perhaps ^better and
stronger, would carry on the work. Too
inaiiv newepaper men claim for themselves whit is due lo the ue-vspaper.
The newspaper te simply the public
medium for Lhe people, or at least it
should lie, mul imi ihe vehicle for conveying lhe personal feelings of prejudice
and spite ol the editor. It is only on
such a basis that a newspaper-Jean he fair
and honest with all.
HiilMIng Nates.
Mr, Latnourie'-i house is about ready
for occupancy.
N. Hanson is building a large addilion
to the house occupied by W. S. Keay.
G. II. Miner's new residence is well
under way aud will he completed in
about three weeks,
The new school house is rapidly Hearing completion, and will he ready for occupancy ibis month.
Fngiueei Wiudeup's new house ou
Hiker hill is ready for the paper hangers
as is also Conductor Lowe's,
A metal roof has heen laid on the
Methodist church. When completed
lllls chinch will be one of the finest in
South Fast Kooten \y.
P. McConnel is building a large stable
in thu rear of his place of business ou
Armstrong avenue.
Tu Be Married Next Month.
The following dipping from an Fug-
li-.li paper will explain itself: "Amir-
ri-ufi- hai been arranged, and will take
glace in November, between Valentine
Hvile Hiker, son of Lieutenant Colonel
James linker, of Crnnbrook, British Columbia, and Ida Constance, second
daughter of ihe Rev, R. M. Marshall,
ficior of lledenham, Norfolk."
I've battled thr-utn adversity when skies
wero bluo an bright
To win of tickle fortune but a feather III
till: tight.
An' I've never felt a Hurry nor tha smallest mite dlalressed
Till Sol had sunk iu slumber In tlio cradle
of tho west.
It always seemed that even, with its darkness an' Um dew,
Brought forth ti host o* pygmies, air these
little troubles grew
Till,  like Qulliver,  they  bound  me, an'
wln-n hope had nearly gone
I felt a peace come Bteullng through the
gateway of tha dawn.
I've lulu awake so troubled, an' a-toaaln'
thruu-'li the niniit,
A-hopln' I'll be guided in the paths   o*
truth an' eight,
A-wrcatlln.' with my conBclonce over somo*
iiiin1 i luul done,
Or etee a-plannln' duties with the rlsiu' o'
tin- suu;
An' I've conjured up tba Borrows that ii
seemed woro sure to fall
upon mo an' to wrap ino In a sort o' sombei
But tin- ills have always vunlstn-il when tin
morning cried! Begone!
• An- a dream o' peace came stealing through
thu gateway of the dawn.
An' so 1 say to atnncrB, an' to ualuls who
strive as well,
The cares thut came upon you when the
similes o- sorrow fell
Wilt vanish with the vision of u BOUl-en*-
lightenod day,
An" Qod will wipe the tear-drops from your
swollen oyes away.
The host of littlo worries that beset you
tliruiifili the night
Shall steal In ateulth au', liunished, shall be
frowning  In their liight,
An'  the rest will he lhe sweeter fur the
lib you've undergone
When   that   holy   peace    comas    stealing
through the gateway of tlnn dawn.
-Hoy Parrell Greene, lu Leslie's Weekly.
It was two years since Joe BenUey
md left hia home in a .quiet little Ohio
town to seek his fori une. in the west,
for two years eotlll working dny had
found him at. hte desk in n large mer-
•untilc house in Chicago. He had been
forl.ii mitt- iu seen ring a position at onee,
throiigha brother of liis town postmaster, who win* now chief olerk in tho offico. Joe will never forget lho.se two
years—lonesome two years they wore,
tlie more lonesome, perhaps, because he
hud never been nwny from homo and
ithong stir-angora before.
When he ilrsi eame lo Chicago the
world's fair nnd other-attractions made
the city a wonderful place for theeoun-
:ry hoy, Imt these soon paled or passed
rwny, ami the loneliness settled upon
iim aa he felt himself u stranger in a
itrango hind.
For n time he attended ebiireh.ashad
lei-ii his, habit, at home, but lhey were
iticli large places, und the oongregn-
ion and young folks dressed und'neted
to difTisrenlly from the church folk td
tome thai, he li nn Ily got. in the hll hit
)f Staying away.    lie sorely missed his
own acquaintances, the com pun iim-
ihip of his .sisters and brothers nnd the
•right smile of Cousin Pan, who used
io pop In so unexpectedly and leave
inch a volume of sunshine In-hind her
wben her father would come to town io
In Ids marketing.    The   girls   with
Whom some of his fellow clerks nssoci-
iteil, and with whom they tried lo make
aim at home, somehow failed fo (ill the
lilf. Somehow il didn't seem righl for
the fellows to groel them on the -street
with a fnnjilinr slap on Ihe shoulder
md ii "Hello, Kit, old glirl, how you is?"
nnd in spile of himself he fell too mueh
>f an aversion to them to enjoy himself
>r make himself entertaining, and
Imppcd Ihem.
At hist a change came—gradually, to
ie sure, sri slowly thnt .Ior* hnrdly
knew there had been a change till it
i\as then*. For .several days the seal
It. the Opposite end of the talile in the
-est a ii rant where Joe ale lunch had
beep occupied hy a modost-appearing
Utile woman, whose long limbos fringed
he   darkest  of   blue eyes, and   whose
illghtly pouting tips and rounded
iliceka glowed with the natural health
whioh can never Ih- duplicated by urt
tnd which only country nir enn give.
The iu-\t day she Willi Ip the same seal,
ind Ihe next, and the next, ami Joe soon
•ame to look forward, linthlngingly, h>
iee tllO brlghl face of the unknown.
(hie day the chair was vacant, and
Foe, with n sense or deep disappoint-
ment, luie-w why It was he looked forward so eagerly to the noonday meal,
I'he next, noontime he took particular
pnlns with his toilet and was so Impatient tlmt he wns nt lhe table five
minutes before his nooustomed time,
-ilie waa not there, and his henrt sunk.
\ minute inter it Ijounded again as he
iaw thowcJI-hnown llgure coming down
he aisle. As she pulled back her chair
preparatory to taking her scut, somehow or other, Joe never quite knew how-
it happened, the big blue eyes flashed
for a moment Into his and ho was on
his feet, bltiatilngnntl bowing.
This was the beginning, and tt be-
■ame cuslontary tn liow, Inler to ail side
hy side mul tnll* during lunch, nnd, if
lime permitted, to walk with lier as fnr
is t.he Monndnook building, where she
was employed. He had vainly tried to
discover her name, hut when he had
naively informed her that, it was awkward to call her "Say," she had asked
iim lo call her Blmply Miss Margaret,
Sliding thnt this was what she wns most
irenerully called and was most ne-
i-ustnmcd lo.
This went, on for sevcrnl weeks and
foe had several limes been on the verge
:>f naklng for her address, that ho might
.-all, or asking* her to accompany him
:o the theater, but he Itepl delaying, fenr-
ng- that lie might rupture the growing
friendship aud he left tlgahl to himself
and the lonesomeness of feeling Unit.he
knew almost no one.
One noontime (and Joe will always
rcjiicnilier it) she was not. In her accustomed place, although the day before
she had been speculating whut' lhe bill
of fare would be. ITc nte ns slowly na
he could and spent his whole noon hour
hi lhe restaurant, but when be lefl Uie
chair wns still vacant.   The next, dny
the sau xperienee.   Ile reproached
himself for nut. finding out more about
her— perhaps alio was sick ov hnd met
wilhuuaeehkuU At any rate, who knew
his name uml address-—why didn't sh
ut leu at diop him a I'tne.',' Surely it uu
cruel to leave him in such uncertain!)
He brooded over what might pusslbl;
hnve happened to her, till hts health he
gun to tall, lie never thought the dull;
walk of R few bloi-k.s eould mean »
much to him.
Several weeks passed by and thechai
still continued vacant. On the very da;
his lwo vein-, w.t^ tip Joo muciul.erei
that she had spoken of Oeonomowoo on
dny In eouncctlou witb her family, lb
would ash for a few daya' respite fron
work and yo up there. He hod novo
asked for u vacation and ihey surel;
would nol refuse him. Beside*, il wu
not fui' from i bicngonml many Chlengi
men went up Saturday nights lo spcm
Sundny with their families wlm imt.
Stopping Ihere.    Anyhow, he would g(
for the reat of tbe week—possibly In
mlghl see her or hear of her and th.
change would do him good even if b.
Tin- next morning, Wednesday, hi
Blurted. He-eould only be spared fo
the L'osl of the week, but what mlgb
not happen in four whole days? Whei
lie iu rived ut the depot of (he pretty lit
lie Wisconsin  town he found  blmsel
Anxiously looking around, though lu
condemned himself for his foollohnesi
in doing so—u hy should she be arount
the depot if she was in lhe town?
Afler he had (registered iit-u hotel hi
wandered aimlessly about, the town
admiring the handsome houses nud tin
beautiful twin lakes, and watching thi
launches, filled with happy campers
darting to and fro. In the afiternooi
he hired a hout and tried to lish, bm
after a couple of hours' effort, whei
ouly a couple of slekly-looktngdogflsl
rewarded bis efforts, be gave It up ii.
disgust nnd returned lo the hotel.
Al dinner >t)iut evening he was mudi
aware of the fact, that a circus was ir
town by a couple sitting across tin
table from bim, who had eotue In fron
lhe surrounding country and were fro
Ing. In the barber shop also there was
nothing talked of but the circus. It
mnde him feel quite at home to see tin
enthusiasm created by ithe mere fnctol
a circus being In lown. Mow different
from Chicago, where nothing seemed ti
be able to command but passing III
I e rest.
Then he remembered that at homt
everybody went to tbe circus—win
shouldn't they do ii here?-—and perhaps she might he there. He would gt
to the circus.
It was a in ile Into when Joe reached
ilie tent, lie hud not calculated on
how many would be abend uf him fot
ibe single bnrber's chair nor how long
it would take iiflie holel bootblack tu
imt. a satlsfaclory gloss on his shoes.
As he entered the lent he went down
I be open space lo I he ro|ws ami starting
ai one end gluaccd ns critically at each
luce as tlm Illckerlng or tho gasoline
lumps would allow. Of it sudden he
stopped, rubbed his eyes and looked
again, Ves. surely thai was Margaret,
looking fairer and more winsome than
ivcr, appearing qnile oul of place nraonn
the rustics who surrounded her—nnd,
" ondcr of wonders, f here wus mi empty
sent beside her. in a. matter of Um
minutes Joe Innl forced bis way to
where she sat nnd found himself al lier
side. She appeared glad to see him ami
loe felt supremely happy as explanations on both sides were being made—
Ibotigh he thought it st range thnt she
assigned no reason for her sudden do-
purl uro from Chicago.
All things must, huve an end and the
'iitcrtaiiiment came to a closo, doe's
request lo "see tier borne" hnd been accepted and he seemed to be trondingon
air as he lell the tent with the little
hnml resting lightly on his arm. As they
were uenring a crossing ami Joe wns
opening up the subject of carrying on
a correspondence a woman's form came
under Ihe light across the wny. Mar*
glirel half turned around to go back
with a "(iriieious, there's mn!" Joe
looked more closely mid SOW u midille-
nged womnn wiih u determined-looking fnee hurrying toward them. She
look Margaret sharply hy lhe arm and
drew her to one side ns she said:
"I've been hllllllng for you everywhere—what made you change your
seal'.' We v.oii'l trouble this young
man for his company any further"—
with a scathing look at Joe—"I'm
ashamed of you, out with a young man
mid your wedding only three days oil'.
I'll he L'I in I when Frank has you to look
after instead of me."
And as Margaret was being hurried
away from him across the street, Joe
cntighl ihe gleam of the ring on the little hand that, was surreptitiously waved
tu him,—Chicago News.
Law ns She in,
Lawyer—Vou say you saw Ihe prisoner, my client, commit the murder'.' He-
member, you nro on your oath. How do
you know you saw him?
Witness—II saw him with my own
"Did you hnve on your spectacles V"
"I never wear spectuc! •."
"Vou don't'.' How do you know you
don'l need them'.1 How do you know
you don't see Incorrectly? Answerthat.
Did   you ever have your eyes    examined'.'"
"Only onee. 1 applied for a position
on a railroad, mid was refused because 1
could not lell au olive-green zephyr
from n sen-green one."
"Ah, hal (icnilenienof the jury, the
witness ndmits that he is color blind,
nnd yet he .stood up hero nnd perjured
his soul to injure my client, when his
own testimony shows he can't lell u
white man from a negro,"—N, Y, Weekly.	
au no t'onld i><i.
"Your buy Is-Blinply n depraved boy
Mrs. Bronson," said lhe physician.
'You need a doctor nf lhe soul, not One
of my profession."
I didn't, know, doctor," anld thc tired
little woman, "bul what you might help
me a little with ndvlue."
"No, madam, Mm- only thing I can
presoHbo for liim Is a mixture ul
strychnine nud prussio  aeld." — Bay
** i
Corner linker street
ami UonBon nvouua
over iiostolllcc	
All Sizes ol I'lmins up to 11x14 j*
Finished In Plalino or Polished. '
Views  ot Cranbrook  nnd Other |
Hulnts ot Inters! In  British Col- j§
umbia Will Be on Sole  If
dt Prest & Co. I
11. L. Cummins, C. E.
I (HIT STl'KI.K.   i   ;   lirtIT18II C0LUMD1A
...CRANBROOK...       !
Stationery Store
Stationery, Novelties,
Cigars, Tobaccos,
Books and Periodicals.
Cranbrook Etntloriery Store, Agents
Lowest Rates to Any Point in Canada or
■    ■ Uultetl Stntes....
I The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
Opposite Cranbrooh hotel.
Physician and Surgeon.
tIPFlOK   MIKIIi.oi K   Ill.tlC'K,
11. G.
McVittie & Hutchison
Mines and Real Es
INSURANCE j» jl jl
fi   M   Cranbrook, B. C.
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
| Dimension Lumber,
| Shingles and
I fiouldings.
Commercial Hotel...
One nf tin- Must Comfortable
Hotels hi East Kootenny.
Refitted Throughout
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Cranbrook, n. C.
• 0<
Newly FnmUhed
T. A. Creighton,
The Grocer.
Have you seen his stock ?   It includes the test of everything:,
fresh ana* up to date. j
Notions, Furnishings, etc.        j
Fruit, Fish and Oysters. I
Tlie housewife and the bachelor should deal with him,   lt will nay litem.    <
Central Hotel North Stsr Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop,
The Central Holel is open both dny and   £ The Nnrlh Slar Hotel is the lnrge nml
night.   The bar goods nre first clans,   jjj magnificent hotel at Kimberley tbnt
anil tbe dining room is in charge of   jjj is just finished nnd is furnished new
Thos. McCarflon, and is second to none   jjj throughout,    Everything in cornice*
in tbe Kootenays.   Kree sample rooms   J}J lion is first-class.     When you visit
and tbe best nnd quietest bedrooms iu   * Kimberley,   don't   forget   The   North
the town. $ Star Hotel.
California : Wine : Co.
....NELSON, B. C.
Best Brands Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Fort Steele
Brewing Co.'s   POftfir
 AI.I.   KINDS   01'-
...J. F. & 0. JOYCE, Proprietors
Baker Street, Craobrook, B. C.
Conducted on the European Plan
Best Wines and  Liquors  at the  Bar
The Baal Stock, tha Moat Sallalaclory Price., aad
Flral-Ctaaa  Work.      Repalrlnf. Neatly Executed.
B. G Furniture &
Undertaking Co.
Mn im torturers ot all Kinds of
Upholstered Furniture and Mattresses.
We Sell Retail at Wholesale Prices.
Undertakers S and S Embalmers.
Perdue Block, Opposite Canadian Bank Commerce.
I East Kootenay
x T T     f
3 Hotel 3
T. T. Richards
This hotel haa been refitted and refurnished,   rhe table
te the best.    Satisfactory rates given regular boarders.
w       !-t       Ganbrook, B. C.
t Baker Street -
...HILL & CO...
Now Have the Best Selected Stock Ever Carried In South East Kootenay
Hen's Shoes That Will Please
Gents' Ties, Fancy,Shirts, Summer Underwear
Ladies' Pique Shirt Waists and Skirts, Collars
_ and Cuffs j* j« ** J«
A Full Line of Groceries on the Way
.     HILL & CO....      t
jt      Mclnnes Block
Best on Earth   ,»> .:,>•.
m wood or Bottles       Jas. Kerrigan, Agt.
Cranbrook, B. C.
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Ferrtie, Wardner,
Fort Steele,
Pcfii'I nml onyx make a very effective
cptublnatton in chalus.
Lm-ge nml handsomely cut crystals
form some of the newest oruumeuts for
men's fob chains.
There is n rumor of an oddity iu earrings consisting in tlie weariug of rings
thul do not match.
Ulil borate silver gilt frames fm- richly
bended nun
nl  eli.'itel-iii
h turquoise, nmcthys
k, etc.
Stylos in eve
selves tu the ni
dn-i coiffures adapt thein*
e ni' tinras mnl orqniuents
for llie top ul llie lieml, mnl those form
une ni' Hie most striklug und COSlty dis-
X>Xay* nt fust elnss jewelers.
The royal purple mnl rich violet BbndCS
nf lhe amethyst greet one on every side.
Tbere te hardly mi article suBcoptlblo or
the em ploy moii t of Jewels tu which tliis
beautiful Ktono is uul nppllod.—Jewelers'
Jerome K. ilcroino has written mnl
published Ui novels in 11 years.
Miss Knelino Beverltlge, the sciilptress,
has lieeu Beleclod l.y the Hawaiian club
or II.m.,lulu t„ mold the bust (T the lute
FrlncoBs Un in Innl.
lliihm-d Henry Stoddard Is writing u
book   ut   i-cmlnlBcences   of   Ijhnorsou,
Holmes,   [liiwllioine,   Lowell,  Snxe  mul
oilier American literary  n with whom
he has heen inliiiiiite.    The work has to
lie entirely dictated, as Mr. Stotldnrd lost
his sight some .vears ago.
Some one told Mr. Whistler, the artist.
that he
reply wus ehuraeti
mil-; who sny that
" " ud tlmuifl
at i
if extreme ymilli.
nit ti
iging rapidly.'*
stie: "It ia my one*
They bnvo retained
years tlie ingenious
Ask for Miiiard's aM late no otto.
How a Drunken Itusbnnt! Was Made a
Sober Man by a Determined Wife.
S**,6-writes:-— 'I hud for a long timo been
thinking of trying iho yuiimria Prescription treatment mi mv htisbnnd fur his
drinking habit*, Imt I was afraid he would
aisaovee that I was giving him medicine,
and the thought unnorvediua. I hesitated
for nearly a wee'.;, bur, nne duy when he
camo homo vory much Intoxicated nnd
hte week's salary nearly aU spent, I threw
off all fear and determined to make an
offort to savo our home from the ruin I
mw Opining, at all hazards. I sent for
your Samaria Prescription ond putirtn
niscoffeo as diiveu-a next morning and
watched mul prayed fm- the result. At
noun I gave him more and also nt supper.
Ho never suspected a thing, and 1 then
boldly kept right on giving it regularly.ai
Hind disfloveral Bomothlllg that Beteverv
berveln my body tin-ding with hope and
happiness, and I could boo a bright future
Bpreid ..ut Mors lue-a peacoful, happy
home, a share in tiie goad tilings of life, an
attentive, loving husband, emnforts, and
.everything elso ilea* to a woman's heart,
for my husband bad told mo that whiskey
wasvllo stuff and he was biking a dislike
to it. It was only tn.) true, fnr beforo 1
had given him tha full nv.rse lio had stop-
ped drinking nltogether, but I kept giving
tho medicine Till it was gone, and thon sent
for another lot to bnvo on hand if ho should
relapse, as ho had done troth his promises
Mom He never his. and Iuinwritiu,
you this letter to tell you how thankful _
am- IJniiiusrly Mlevo it will cure tho
worst casis."'
A pamphlet; in plain, sealed envelope,
■ent free, giving testimonials ndfull Information, with tliiwtlimo h«.w to take or
administer Samaria Prescription. Correspondence oonsldorcd sacredly confldon-
tlal. Address The Smmria Ueiuedy Co.,
Jordan street, Toronto, Out.
A KISS. ***
A klttl A kiss! What It » klnt
A wraelhlng li;-lii ui air or Lliuiight;
Tun rare Tur linii-h, (or toatvl tou «u(t,
And jet witli more thin wuidt 'til fraught.
Oil, delicate*, UqUllitl thing,
Subtle thou art at radiant ll-flitl
a iWHt, untattii)1ng mj-iii,
Thuu mocking, ta Mali-Jim* iprlte.
1 knuw not why It li w« kits:
Some tliinKH there are we never know.
Nor cart to know, il only true.
That ever it iimii Juit tie su.
"I'll love'f own Ungual*i', low nnd iweet**»
Friendship'! content with other iili-**—
The i-las|i ot hand, the greeting eye,
llul unly if we love we Mm. 14
a moment trembling into lite,
A thrill bewildering, and "tin done* *j
Like all tiling! fair and lov.-ly here.
Almost hrfure il It. 'tis gone.
One I tilt ant liti(*i i.ii.- on Ihe Up,
A ijiell It rwee|H through heart anil ■>•*,
I'ervatlH tin* four- ethereal «if
Ami then in iweetcat myatery illei.
•        •••■■>•
Sweet iplrlt, all too tranilent here,
Await in in the rcallM of llim;
Lite'! ai-usim tiast, from ileitli'l told aleep
Awake ua, aiigola, with u klaa,
- Mis! 1). li. foulkca in Current Wterstutt.
KiiKlirali Girls tlronta-g Thinner.
It bus been milit-ed ngnin um! again
thnt the type nf tingll-di girl seems nlter-
Ing. She iti urowiim taller, slighter,
lltlier, iinire Ihm-nngiihretl in looks nnd
gait, nnu by it nubile kind nf sympathy
nne is bIhhvIiih in the -mil- n preference
for n linm- ihnl piiTwi-KseH very much her
own elijiiiii-leri>tiii     I iindiui News.
IHPDDlillDL1 Iim in equal for sore shoulders
ULbtiUjMJulJ iaj» malinger of Grqimvay farm
There is now hardly uny part of the-
gown  where  lace in  considered  out of
French designers continue to make nil
soils er pretty effects In the use of i.tuek
velvet ribbon.
All Bit ii Job nf yellow Bccm to guiu nne;
eiiil favor ns the scns6n advances, partlc*
ularly in ilie realm uf milliuerv.
The   very   fashionable   Improved   prill*
cess style is much  used  tills sensnu  fur
llllilorsllps,  tills style n|   unilerdress SUV-
lllg nil tlie rare nf lull adjustments uud
Tnile, whleh is n new kind nf silk nnd
linen fabric, very cool, sneer nnd soft
nml very popular in Paris, makes pretty
deiniiliei-s gowns, hyacinths und bluebell
blue,  pink  und  ecrtl  being the  favorite
The new silk and Inco Kecks uie mi ex-
tromcly dainty nnd comfortnble fashion,
fur in hut summer dins even the  must
rigid ilovotces uf tnllor styles is glml
eliuugh   tn  substitute  them   fur  (lie  slid
linen collar.
hare wuh never more popular than ll
te today.    Formerly it supplied '• **'!m-
initig   only;   mnv   It   also   forms   gowns,
jnekeiH, overdresses,  polonaises,   waists
nnd gowns entire, which constitute the
most bcfuillful mnl costly of fashionable
Suei-etn uf hii   Amri'leiiii   AnmtfUr In
■ South Ami'rlenii Jail.
A member of the Cuuioiu club tells
with Home pride nt nil Incident whieh
bappouod while ha was traveling in South
Anieiirii und  points oul llie result uf it
us u (Humph fur photogpnpliyi
"It wits in ouo ut lhe I'ities of rem,
and un Amerienn acquaintance of miuo
who was there temporarily on business
was trotting me nrouud among the sights
uf the town. After we hud visited most
0( the show places he snid oue duy:
" 'Now, 1 want you to see the uld dungeon uf a prison Which they have here,
hut it is a place where you eau't take
your camera, The rules ure very severe
ii gainst thnt. 1 wish yon eould, though,
fur you would get some mighty Interesting pictures, These people are unrelenting jailers, and some of their treatment
of the prisoners is pretty mediaeval iu its
character. Why, they have au American
there now for some alleged insult to the
government, nml he Is kept incomuniendo,
us they call it—that is, in n cell removed from those of the other prisoners
—mid is so strictly guarded tbat ho
can communicate with nobody. They
don't care much about having visitors see
him. but us you pass his cell, If be bap-
pens to be near the front, you can sometimes catch a glimpse of him through the
bars. His friends are trying to get him
out, but none of them has been nble to
see him, and there is some difficulty In
proving thnt the prisoner is really their
" 'See here,' Baid I, 'this is a chance for
me. I hnve a small camera with me
whieh folds almost flat—it is a device of
my own—nnd I will guarantee that 1 cau
get it by the guards. When we are drawing nent' to tlie American's cell, you give
me a sign aud I will lie ready. Perhaps
link will favor us.'
"Well, smuggling tlie camera la was
easy. Kven if those keepers had found It
lhey wouldn't hnve recognized it as one.
As we eame near the 'ineomtmicado' cell
my friend nudged tne, nud, without attracting attention from the accompanying guards, 1 prepared the machine for
nn exposure. A moment mure and 1
nearly jumped nt our good fortune.
There, a little distance In front of me,
sin-id my tmfui-tumite countryman, leaning wearily Against the burs of his cell
nud looking full nt us. Tbe guards, seeing him at the front of bis cell, seemed
anxious to hurry us by, but they did not
do so until nfter my quiet and unobserved
little snapshot wns made. And the best
pint of tlie whole story is that the muu
was actually released by menns of that
picture. When developed nnd printed It
wus an excellent likeness, nud through it
his friends were shlc to prove his identity. Within a short time tlie Injustice of
his arrest was established iu spite or llie
authorities, nnd he was free.'*-—New
Vork Tribune.
Tin* Inclined Kiev it tor,
•'Wilhin tbe next live years 1 fully
expert to sec ihe Inclined elevator in
geiii-iiil use," remarked a prominent
New Orleans Architect "U Is simply
n moving Hoot-, set at nn easy angle,
nml tbo principle wns adopted years
ngo In ttio familiar 'endless belt' curriers for grain. The movitblti iloor Is
In two sections, one going up nml one
coining down, ami all thnt Is uecessnry
Is in--step on bonrd. Of course, it Is
not an fast as the modern passenger
elevator, but, on the other baud, tbere
Is no waiting for ears, so practically
there is very little difference.
Its grent advantage Is the Impossibility of n fall or other serious ueei-
dent, something fbat haunts most people lu nn ordinary lift Moreover, It is
much pleasanter. A great many per-
boiis, particularly women, aro seriously
distressed by the sensation of being
Whirled straight up or down, nnd sometimes it produces nausea. The Inclluo
Is free from tlmt objection. It Is already coming into use In tbo north
and litis been ou trial for Upward of n
year lu France ami Germany. Ah soon
as Its advnutnguH are better known, I
look lo see It become as common as tbe
telephone."—Npw Orleans Times-Democrat.  	
Spirits Hetpeil  Hlm.
Ole Bull) tlie celebrated violinist, believed that spirits helped hlm In his fiddling, lie composed his most famous
tune. "Mother's Piuyer," under the "iu-
Professor J. Jay Watson, who traveled
nil over the world with Bull and was bis
devoted friend ns well ns companion, tells
of the night when, nt Mrs. Williams', hi*
played for some l!U frieuds on tlle old
Cremona violin that the muster had giveu to him. Lucie Bull, n daughter of Ole
Hull hy liis lirst wife, n boautiful young
lady who died years before in Norway.
ntaterlallked in plain view of llll present,
took the violin from Watson's bauds, rev*
erenily kissed it mnl returned it to him.
On another occasion Watson was playing un a guilnr a piece he had frequently
played for I.ucle wheu he lirst visited her
father in their Norway home. The girl
again mnterlnllsetl mid, crossing the
room, touched the strings of the Instrument Revertil times.-New Vork IVi-as,
wimi Learning t'ovl mm.
Hilly'h father writes hooks, trliil, although Hilly would never admit it, they
lire nut at all the suit of houks Hilly
likes, lie knows, because he hns tried
to rend thom. Not long ngo he heard
that u new hook' was forthcoming.
"Is it like the others, pupaV" he uslteu
"Yes, my hoy."
Hilly sighed,   "I suppose you have to
keep oil writing llietn, don'l you, pupil?"
Hilly sighed again. "I suppose il is the
only kllld you've got in yuu," he said
kindly. Put as he tinned nwny he added
B0flly, "I almost wish I'd never leuim-d
to rend."-Youth's Uoinpitlliou,
nonlirni-'« Humor.
Mile. Rosa Biiulb'itr iRhsn stood fur
Rosalie)  wns not   will t  a  sense nf
humor, so ii is told ol her thai when' presiding over a mIiooI ur design in Puris,
the pupils being girls, the artist was disgusted  Willi   the elilss  [ I (Villi SI',   illlil lit i V*>
ur their tcni'licr. the young  w it luul
cut their hair "hurt. "Ornnd Oieti."
cried Hnmi Himlp-iir, "how horrid yuu
all look! This is nm a class of hoys.
Yuu'willy creatures, lei yuur I mir tihim*
and du your best so as io iviuiu nil tiie
advantages uf yonr n-x."
It has been slnted I lui I tlu* ibtllger to
trees frmil UghInitig th'pi'liils nol only on
tlicir bright. Imt ills i llieir coudiirti-
Ml ity. resulting frum more or less rich-
uess of stii).
Some people waste su much time that i,
makes them tired, mid die remainder il
required fur relit.- tlulvWtmi N,,w*,
To have what we want is riches; to
have wiiut other men want is power.
Alloway & Champion
Llated Btoeks bought, sold, suid carn-lo*
on margin.
Write ub It yoa wlih to «ichatin any kind of
oiiBy, to buy Oovornimnt or *"" "~
Lands, or to tend money any win
nge any kit
A Mi Ail Gun
CUrka'ft Kulrt Couiiiouml Curei.
Souit* yeert uift* tliis would liave teen MU*
aideri-d im impo-wibiltty. but Dr. Clark* 1ms
uwlTed tht* problem etiice .--jmnletlng his oxj-i-ti-
IticliU rt-ltlt ll,..- '.v.lij.-r*'.]   Eol-l   lili.tlT   lu   F..D|f
limd. In December. UH be *\,uuii tbtt by
cottitu-Jng t.\tracf from ibe ull with other
ertrocts mnde from ths (irandolki plant which
gro-wein Cnllforiila, that the i-omj.uand would
cure the nverw cat-en of uBtlinie.. UMI) experimenting In ono el the leading London
hospitals he found thut 05 p**r cent, ol tha cases
ware cured ln from Ob to no. days' treatment.
Blnce tbe Introdnotlon of thin remedy into
Uamuhi In ISHttWfl liuv.- btMO ofor BOO CUCS
eured Iri annus stone. Mr. K. Bf, Hume 0, V.
it. engineer. Western Division, writes' '' have
been a great BUffenr front aithina hi It** worst
form forever iwi-lve vi'uv.iinil nevi'i Hiim-i'il'-il
lu setting anything to help ins perii»ni-uti.v
until tin* 0. !'. It. doi-tor iirewribed Uluike-
Kiilii Oinpiniiid for me In Di-iembir lWKi, "h.-n
twoliollli'Hentlrt'ly curi-dine; ;il bant 1 have
not Bluer had any return uf the tu-llim-i. 1 am
|-ei'flonnll*f acijUiiinteii with ut le-un fix iut-om-
who tuivi: lieeu i-uroii from aslliina by Clarke'n
Kolii('oiii|iouiiii,iiiid f...l it niyduty to.r.-cnin-
ineml It to aUVho'inny ui trouhtod with t»i»
A free Bltnpla bqttlo IVlH he seul lo anv \*r-
aon troubled uiili ii-nlimu.
Addresn tho Orlfflths « Maophcrson Co, sols
Oiiniiliiui nr.ni- i2l i luu. I. itreet, Toronto,
Ontario.   Sold by nil druggists.
Others tuny rellcv
■i.'utul t'iJi-.ustl|ji'U be
i.ib out
A VluillelUe ItfiHlle. '
The rer-ilehnn-L' Is I'utiliil ull llio la-
Iruida ot Mui'tlnique nml Santn Lucia,
where thu llfttlves eutinteiuf-t Its virus
witb u decoction ut junglo lioralock,
nml the biiKiMuflis gLOWSOlfie reptitu-'
Hon Heeliin lu be thu fact that It does
nut wain llie.intruder--- ol its haunts,
lifter llie milliner of the cobra or lhe
rattlesnake, but flattens Hh colls uml,
Willi slightly vibrating tall, ll waits
If tlie unsuspecting traveler should
show no sign of hostile intent, be may
be allowed to pnss imlmrmed withiu
two yards of the colled mntndore, but a
closer approach Is apt to bo construed
its u challenge, nml tlio vlvorou, suddenly rearing Its ugly bead, mny scare
Ihu trespasser,Into some.motion of self
defense—he nitty'lift bis foot; or brandish bis stick In a menacing manner. If
ho docs, he Is lost. The lower coils will
expand, bringing tlie business end,
ucck.and all,-.a. feyv,.;f.eot nearer; the
head "'points" like a leveled rlflcl' then
darts forward with electric swiftness,
guided by nn.unerring instinct foivtlie'
selection of the least protected parts of
the body.
And the vindictive, brute Is ready to
repent its bite. For n moment It rears
back, trembling witb excitement, and,
if felled by a blow of Its victim's stick,
will snap nway savagely at stumps nud
stones or even, like a wounded panther, at its own -body.—Popular Science
A Silent Rebuke.
A curly haired small boy sat In a
Fourteenth street car Just at thc time
of the dny wheu tiie curs are most;
crowded uii Thursday afternoon. A
worn looking woman, evidently his
mother, sat beside hlm. At Fifteenth
street a particularly buxom woman of
middle age crowded Into the car. Tbere
wns no seat for her, and ahe stood glaring at the boy. Later ber dis ideas it re
vented Itself lu words, and Bhe expressed herself freely to tiie woman who
stood next lier about women who let
their children occupy seats while ladles
are standing. The worn looking woman flushed, but made no move to have
the boy surrender his seat. The buxom
womnn still glared and still expressed
herself willi extreme frankness. The
boy sat still. At N street the mother
rang the bell. As the-car stopped she
put her arms around the ooy nnd lifted
him lo his feet, half carrying him to
tbe door.
"Won't you take this seat?" she said
to the buxom wouiau. "liiiii just tub-
Iiir him homo frofn'the hospital,"
And ns tlie ear roiled ou the buxom
woman looked warmer tba'n'the weather w:irnintcd.
He Slmiil-r Conldn'l   I'm-noo   mu i»-
herlu-il Teudeuej.
Fate, wiih wonted levity, bad thrown
tin: sour nud indium mint Iuto the
company of the talkative citizen iu the
railway car.
■That wus quite su Interesting game
of baseball, wasn't It?" said the batter
a*, he shoved a newspaper Iuto the inside poeket of his com.
"1 never tend nbout ba.-=eliall," was
tbe Boleuiu reply. "How true It Is," he
ndded almost tearfully, "thnt this
world is luu a lleetlug show."
"Of eours.
nu: ut it.    I
myself. Hu
Are you pi
llUKtllllg an
any lieller'.-'
' -What's i!
"Well, yot
tug you.   Mi
as tt Ih-ellii-
manager, n
thing iu the
uu-. Illillg lu j-el i
did your'
"Cerittlnly tm*.
of look-
my life
ill Hull u
uy ilbuilt It
leittfk i"i
in your
iiiMii-v anil
id iiintu
nils world
miw mc i
ir question
.i ilu- world
'.    I'm   i
ii luurai
•-il in auy-
lln...   N
,i\-. 1 notice
iih; Iimt
10 (U| oul
• wi)- llm
1 nm.   The
It.       Vol!
illdn'i |iaj
i.i il.la Ui
niii- allow.
the old, ulil
I never In
lillnml n
hi wasn't u
frosh or old wcumlein
.I'UHt.   It Ims im ciiul
Auy I'llllor lu Any   Vol Lor.
Boll mt' the ulil, olit story,
Tlie olil lamiliur ink-,
The iiiK-ii-iit pint an.I lioaiy,
n uu dale;
Bell i
i the
a aid i
Tor I forgot so Boon,
Atul what IVM <-lii thin ni.tniiiiK
ly new .this altiinoun
Bt-il ma the ohl, ohl story.
Tint reader Luo«s w woll] t.
Yon 0,1.1 ii nil liefure lie
Came here U-h.iv io dwell.
Bell tut- the nlory often,
You huve nut used lietore.
Roll tne the story rvtr,
.liist as you ajwnyi do;
Um other names, hut never
Write «liytli!nj[ tliat'l new.
Cotitlriiially we eliu'iior
For ihlngs original,
Rut thut, ymi kant*. it luuikum,
Thut wouldn't ilo at all;
Save the Babies.
Thousands of them die every summer who could be saved by the
timely use of Dr. Fowler's Ext.
of Wild Strawberry.
There ii not a mother
who lovoa her infant but
should keep on hand during* tlie hot weather a
bottlo ol Dr. Fowler's
Extract of Wild Straw-
*V  berry.
There is no remedy so
sale and so effective) for
lhe diarrhoea of infants,
[\ and none has the t-ndor-
satiou of so many Canadian mothers who have
proved its merits, and therefore speak
with confidence, One of theie is Mrs.
Peter Jones, Warkwortll, Onl., whosayai
" I can give Pr. Fowler's Extract of Wild
Strawberry great praise, tor it saved my
baby's life. She was cutting her teeth
and waa taken with diarrhoea very had.
My sister Bilviued mo to get Dr. Fowler's
Extract Ol Wild Strawberry. 1 -;ot a
buttle and It cured the baby almost at
Sane of SiiiYlm.* Says.
A proverb ainoun tho poor has It that
the rich mora often reckon pence than
Wheu a man Is told to mlud his p'a
ami i|'k, he feels peculiar.
QoBStps cau't really belittle a groat
muu, nud with a small oue the process
Is superfluous.
The pedestal of fame is a very slip
pery superstructure.
ohl fashioned girls took their spin
ou the loom, but thc modern damsel
prefet'R hers on n tandem.
People who talk for spite are slow to
give their hearers n respite.
There Is uhvays a grent deal of railing about political platforms.
The man with a surfeit of yarns is
nlways anxious lo unravel mysteries.
Such In fashion's Hurry that us soon
ns n style soeuix becoming it In going.
The worst about a villain with a
smiling cheek is thnt lie has so uilteli of
W, N. U.   284
I.KST   VOL   l-i)t',('|*T,  ,i,,tu tlm
Butter, Cheese trail Kreali Eiunroreji
we luuidle Qos-jllno Bngliier-aail Hon
ami tlnn out ••Alexandra" nml ->
Qreatn Separators are the it'&t in tha
Corretpoini'iiicfl loltoited.
CC. tLiiU-vV-bfeUt.
" What's in o now,' ?   A rose by any
other name voillit smell as sweet."
Importers of Groceries
Write US, Hamllton.Ont,
i in-if Tens
i...s. & H.(c,rr.,ri
I..S.A: II. i:\ti hi-ti
1..S. if M. Spices
are   tliu   Ihu
HKAVKlt  unit   IIIIPPAI.0
larrlitKui.,  '
te.   CU* KSIUHT
., nuK«iiN,' llui-niws, '.Vhiiluiilli, Uf _hm_ I n L
KS1UI 1   PLOW CO., Wlniili..'g.     WW ■■ I    I ■&
That  iiit-iint h Kuiivitiitic nf I
Therefore, when up
&-1I iiii* thut nld
It dotlj enrhniil th
it you're telllnf,
V ou need not oough nil nlgtitand disturb your friends; there Is no occasion
for you running the risk nf contracting
lnllnuimatlon oi the lungs or consumption
while you ean gi-t Blpklu'H Autt-Con-
■umptlvo Syrup. This jiu'tllcini- ourea
coughs, colds, liiilununatiun of the lungs
and all throat and chest troohles. It promotes a tree and. easy «*xn'-duration,
Which Immediately relieves tho throat
and lungs from \isold phlegm.
Dirt For ihe'nirly Ones, '
"In several of the provincial towns,"
writes Mr. Hansoim*, "one tiiuls hotels
said to lie conducted, on the foreign
principle and certain Japanese hotels
Inivt* n foreign side. The European accommodation in such places Is, as a
rule, terrible. The rooms nre dirty,
Um beds' are rickety, the bedclothes are
iipiuifcntly seldom washed and Iho tables and chairs ave seldom callable of
staudlug onr more than two legs at a
time. •'   '
"When I- first went to Japan 1 could
not uiule.rsfand how, ou the foreign
slik* of the Japanese hotels, the aecoin-
uioihttious could be so Inferior, when
the Japanese pot'tioii was kept scrupulously ' clean. Oue would uaturnlly
think that a people whose houses wen*
so spotless would rtfcolt.a't lutvitig n
portion of their pr^pilses iu if filthy
ooiidilion. t1    -
"nut, fli explained to me by the landlord of oue of these, liylu-hl estalillsh-
n»Mit^t T-'oroigneni at* dirty hy nature.
They go nbout their houses lu their
U-oiHf and coii^cquenily they cannot
wish to hnve their rooms kept In proper condition,'"—Literature.
A Broad Minded Sulfur.
"Yes, count," she snlij, "I will be
yours, but I will tell you frankly that I
do not love you with all.ihy henrt.''
"Oh, zat Is nosslng," he replied. "But
Ke keevestlon is, Do you lofe uie wis nil
your— whnt you call hlm—purse?"—
Chicago Times-Hera Id.
A Wonder.
"Every tli Ing rusher puts his hand to
seems to turn to money."
"Yes. Why he could write poetry
and make It pay."—Philadelphia North
Canada's   Greatest   l.lnlment.
Griffith's Menthol Liniment 1« tlm
greatest curative discovery of the age. A
liniment which penetrates muscle, membrane and tissue to the very bone, banishes pains nnd aohes with a power Impossible with any other remedy. Use It
for rheumatism, neurnlgln, headache*
and all soreness, swelling aud iiillamma
tion.    At{ druggists, SScts.
Tha Poet's Thonitht.
A poet sings of tlie "unseen spirit In
tha trees." Evidently they were apple
trees, and he was thinking of the elder
thnt was latent iu them.—Iloston
Ofllce Cal tare.
"Are you worried by tills new spelling reform, Bilker?!
"No; my typewriter girl has always
nued It''        * i
A OLKAU, H.-.AI THY ,-K X. -Krnp-
tlons of thni hktn a- ii trt) Llatuhes which
h'emlsh hetut   ar  the r-su t nf hunttra
blood  ciun-il   Ik mill it I (tl v mtlo i • i lhe
Liter '.in Kiiln y, In tornotlng ihls
unhealthy u ii.in nnd res orlng hno gaits
ti t!nli' iu nn l iiin.tliluti, I'liriiii'ltiu's
V. getahlu Pit s wil nt ilu sihu-j time
(-h-anse the hi cd, Mid th- ho li s nml
thi 'th ns wi I Ulsjppi-ar without lenving
any trace
He Kni'U   Ilia HiikIik'*in.
The Coustitliuiil- How would you
like to be Dewey',
The Statesninn-Aml have everybml.i
wnh'lilitg every move I uuilmV I hnve
euough trouble of thai kind mm. In
diamipolls Jourtiiil.
l'ruitucl-t of Invention.
"Have you ever seen tii'llllclnl conl'''
"No,   but  I've seeti  urtlllchil  coal
I was cured of  Acute Bronchitis b
Bay of Islands,
I waH cured of  Facial Neurulgia hy
Spviiighill, N. S.
I wus cured of Oaroulo Hheumatism
Albert Ou.,N.B.
And   llie   1'oor
,.„„„„.. Th.. au,-1 WHITE STAR BAKING POWDER
fprril a Hard mow.
"Thnt rein I nils me," said a Chicago
man In u romlulscout group last night,
"of an old stuiy thut Is good euougli to
I'i'peai. Some years ago three book-
mil Iters put up at u hotel at iijy home
and handed a large package of inobey
•o the chief clerk. They' lold hlm that
they would leave it with hint overy
night, und were particular iu saying
tbat it was to bo delivered only iu the
pt'CBeneo of all three,   it wits evident,
/on see, tlmt thoy didn't quite trust quo
another. —
"Well, a week or so rolled around,
nnd mu' morning otic of the trio eame
down i-nther early nud called fur'the
cash. Without thinking of the coii-
dlllons of delivery, the olerk hnudetl It
over, mnl ihe bookmaker promptly
skipped. Ills two part tiers were furious innl brought suit ngiilnst the hotel
lOUtt  l.lM-rlti .
TRY    IT.
nr $-.1,1101
I til,' hi
lo   Hike   the  ilel'i-ii*..-.   whleh
lui-tieys frankly i-ugnrdeil as
Wlieu the trttll enme off he v
ill the bookinnkers hnd Biibi
llieir ovhlencu, nml ihuii aro
largu biiiulle lu his imtid.
" 'We stand ready,' lie said.
the letter of the agreement
Just proved. Tills package
.*?'jr..fMHi in cash. As booh us
owners apply for it togethe
prepared to turn It over.'
"Of course the third man couldn't be
produced and the case Immediately collapsed; Tlie parcel really contalued nn
old pair of pants."—New OHe-aba
... ruien
m hnvd
ie three
wl* nre
Oue of the greatest blessing*, to parents
is Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator,
It effeotu Ily expels worm* and gives
health in a marvellous manner to the
little onu,
fob the Printer
IIII/O M"l' hi th" f«l.l'r»t*l firm
111 f\0 °' A;l1' 4 wil»ig.
TYPF    *"'" '*'I", *""1  "*"■
Unequalled by Any other in
CaQidft, in mttter, f*per and
All Kinds for Printers
New*. Jli«oeiliny,
Serials, eu\   Best ia
the world.
Cut by tha "Gat-
Umr" Procesi. Tha
only plant of the
kind in Canada.
Of all makea and
kinds— newand •<*•
co'.d hand.
Trna to III* I'rlnciplea.
The exhausted traveler, fainting and
hulf dend from tldr.it and all uuused to
thc cltmnte of lhe tropics, lay gasping.
They brought him u cocoanut.
.."We will crack this," tHey said. "The
contents will revive you."
".What is Inside of It?" be asked.
. "Milk."
"I won't touch li!" he said hoarsely.
"I'm a vegetarlanl"'
'Mir- Bar>erWkia All niitht,.
"AfTter'boibg «htivt*d inii- Chicago hotel burlier Shop,'1 an Id- the man from
South He ml, "I walked olit huil down
ilu- Street ami entered another .shop
and took a chair. 'Che barber lathered
iini) nomped mo wllhtu'ii A wolt,,'and
1*> iiiinulcs later 1 submitted myself tu
a third, lie lathered 'aftd rubbed nn
If 1 hnd uut been shaved for a mouth,
and Just as he took up the razor I
" i'liln't ^-on notice that 1 .had been'
sliave\l twice already this morning?'
"'Yes, sit-,' he replied,   ;
; "Mint yo* are golfigt-ta '*shkve me
" 'No, sir. I supposed you came In
here to get tlie skin taken off and pnrt
with some of your cheek!'"—PUtsbiiL'tf
(Msphtch.■■.'■"   \  j'%.
Vaccinated liic lllflr-i.
Orders thnt were Issued by the German West Arricitn officials tlmt nil
fli'oni'ms.in tlie hands of natives should
lie * (-tamped hml ''reglstoreil aroused
much discontent. Lieutenant loggers.
In Imnuifalaud. however, got along
with no trouble. He had luoculated
(•utile for the.rinderpest-three years before, nVtho Damarus B'aw. with good
results, lie therefore announced thut
he wns ready id. vaeeimttiV their rifles
so as to Insure their shooting straight
nml doing no hurt to tlicir owners and
the !>.:innmh crowded to him to get
tliulr guns stamped.
■tli Share.
.fudge-Was tbo stoleu article gold
or only gill?
Prisoner—It wns silver, sol*. Tho
guilt wai all me own, yer anner!-
Jowelers' Weekly.
I Belleville Lady, Whom Doctors
Failed to Help, Dared at
Last by Doan's Kidney
No 01)6 -who has not suffered from kidney
.disease can imagine the terrible torture
those endure who are the victims of some
disorder of these delicate filters of the
body. Mrs. Richard Rees, a .well-known
and highly respectedlady of Belleville, Ont.,
had to bearthe burden of kidney complaint
for over 20 years and now Doan's Kidney
Pills have cured her when all else failed.
Her husband made the following' state*
ment of her case: " For 20 years my wife
bas been a sufferer from pain In the back,
sleeplessness and nervousness and general
prostration. Nothing seemed to help her.
Doctors and medicines all failed, until wa
got a ray of hope when we saw Doan's
Kidney Rills -advertised as a positive cure.
"She began to take them and they helped
her right away, and she is now better In
every respect. We can heartily recommend Doan's Kidney Pills to all sufferers,
for theyseemtostrikethe right spot quickly,
and their* action is not only quick but It is
" I cannot say more in favor of these
wonderful pills than that they saved my
wife from lingering torture, which she had
endured for so years past, and I sincerely
trust that all sufferers will five Doan's
Kidney Pills a fair trial,"
All  Uowit.
Mrs. B.—.lust look, Oeot'ge, at these
beautiful pillows I bought at today's
Mr. B.-But really, my dear, I think
we have plenty of plilOwS now.
Mrs. B.—Oh, but I couldn't resist
buying these. They wore nil marked
A Pence Plan.
"Strife," bo said as be finished reading the peace conference report, "Is a
"Not at nil," replied Henry Peck ub-
sen My. "There's no law compelling 11
man to mniTy."-PhiliideIphla North
Only those who have find experience
onu tell the tirturo corns rnUBO, Pain
with your boots on, ,-.■■,in with tbem off—
pain night antl day; hut teliof Is sure to
thosn who use Hoiloway'S Corn turn.
LAXA" Cure constipation, biliousness
sick headache and dyspepsia.
LIVER ■Every P'1- guaranteed perfect
1 ■■ and to act without any grip-
•Qn g A ing, weakening or sickening
rlULS effects,   ajc. at all druggists,
The Sex.
Mrs. Puekinliniii-Whnt
thiug Mrs. Ingleswllcli is!
Mr. Puckluhain — Why? Has she
been snylng things behind your buck?
Mrs. Paekinhaiu—1 don't know thai
she bus done anything of Mini kind. Imt
site looked tue right in lhe f.-ice wlieu I
called ou her this morulng uud snid she
was glad 10 see ute. She wns till ready
to go down town, aud of course I kuuw
Mr. I'ncUlntiam — Thnt was rather
barefaced. I suppose you set her 0,
good example then by telling her you
hud Just called for the sake of appearances, ns you lold me Inst nlghl you
would have to.
Mra, Paekinhaiu — John, you're so
eont'su sometimes!—ChlcagoTlmes-iJer-
Check eU.
"Pn ymi km.«-,'' In; nuked ns he fnm-
bled around in his cunt pneket, "Ihnl elg-
tuetle   Htniike   will   drive  nwny   itiosi-iii-
■"Perhaps it will." she replied, "imt I
prefer the mosquitoes."—ClllcilgO Times-
Hicks-Whut a talker thai man
Hrown lsl I nlways regarded hlin as
such a gloomy, reticent fellow until
two or three days ago.
SVIeks—Yes; I understand that his
lilt by has begun 10 laugh for the lirst
Mine ln&t week.
Connfe I.'p.
"My dear," he said, iu n mildly reproachful tone, "1 have 110 doubt ut all
thnt you-ure it goud bargain hunter and ,
tbat you always get really excellent
bargains, but you get too mauy of
them."          '
THK WMV.-Thutl k 111 11 ■ in « for re
lief, Imt h- uUUktfl >e ding Ir lid doc- "
tor, which meant l 0 ties n| dr uk never
ojUBitraed. I1m tum 11 it th* u-so'titton to
load hi--.ciimich with 10111 Oi mis which
smell villainously ami tut wot.-. Bnt
if he hive th-- w II 10 ihnl h ms-1 w th
his ailment, wh dem w ll elreoi hii atten
tion to Parmel e's Vogi-tahh Pill*.
which a- a ip olflo for ludlge'tlon and
dl otd'i-s of thu digestive organs, bars
no equal.
IrrealMllile Attraction.
"What nre you stopping for, John?
If   we  dou't  hurry,   We'll   miss  our ,
"You can go on if you want to, Maria. I'm going to see bow they get
tbnt balky horso 'started;"—Oblong*)
175   OWEN   STREET,
Hea-i Office:   Toronto.
Pacific Coast Branch:  620 Cordova
Street, Vancouver.
♦♦♦»»♦♦♦♦♦»»♦♦♦♦♦•» ♦•>«•♦»*•
Very Rare.
Adallne—When I marry I shall select
a iituti who resembles nn nre light.
Mae—Gracious! lu what way?
Adallne—Not go out at ui-jht aud
never smoke.—Chicago News.
A LIPK SAVED.—Mr, .Tames. Hrvson,
Cameron, states:   "I was ooriftried to my
led with iiilliinniiiiii in uf the lungs, and
was given up hy the physicians A
neighbor advised tne to try Dr. Thomas'
Eolectric Oil B'atlng that hte wife hnd
used it for a ihroat trouble witli the best
results. ActlitKon hlsadvfc-. I procured
thu medicine, hi d less than a ha f bottlo
cur. d uie; 1 u-rtainly believe lt saved
my life. It wan with Muctanco that I
consent! d to a trial ns 1 was reduced to
such a sttt'e thnt I doph id thn power of
any remedy to d j mu any good."
Tell In Why.
We ace llie fli'l-ler on Hie plot
Cfttch every whining lull;
Iliffli ball, |.,w l,ul|. -{roumkr Imt,
He'll c-it. I, 'em one ami all.
But then It'i itrange, we do deelirt,
Tliis -ii-lNjme Mtchlng nUr
Will rli.iiv hltilMlf full Imlf ■ st-iiare
And fall to catch a car.
—Chicago Now*
An I ndenlred Ally,
"How is Mud SI ill KlliU u'liint; lo side In
this rnCe? Is lie fm- ynilV"
"That's whnt'-" worrying tne." replied
the candidate fnr nffloe, "if l Ihnughl he
Was gnlng to he against me I trntilil feel
suier of elecilon."—Qolumhus lO.l Stale
IIIABD'3 LINIMENT Is used by Physicians.
In  Ony  Pnree,
First American—BIcyelei and nuto-
moblles! What show hns the horse
here In Paris? Voir seldom even seo
hlm ou ihe boulevards;
Second American (who hns just din-
etli—So, he's iu the soup.—Chicago
Ureal Thl-m* mid Small.
"Women are very hard to understand," he remarked sententious)*/,
"Well," she niiswered. "men' have
their curious ways too. 1 have known
some uf them to ngtvc perfectly about
bow the Alaskan and ' Venezuelan
bouudnrles ought to be settled and then
get hopelessly Irascible over a party
wall." ••*■•■   •
H» l)n«lit To.
After a man gets tu earning breqd
for n lnrge family he doesn't often notice when his wife wears a piuk ribbon,
A Hlutty Htialneaa.
"This car Bcopis awfully sniffy,"
"Yes; Mint fellow on the front scut Is
a big sausage manufacturer."—Olevt*
uiml l'lnln Dealer.
It is the coffee that
never fails to give absolute satisfaction.
The seal which it
bears, is a guarantee
that its purity and
strength have not been
tampered with, and that
it surely is
Chase & Sanborn's
Seal Brand Coffee
! The Pay Roll
d Mining & Milling Co.,
Of Cranbrook, British Columbia.
The first block of 100,000 shares has been sold ior 5 cents
and the price is now 10 cents till further notice.
The St. Marys Gold Mining; & Milling company, with
properties on St. Marys Prairie, will be the next. ** Look Out
For It.
Maaaier Caaadlao Baak Commerce,
McVittie & Hutchison,
T Farrell. Chas Parrell, P McMahon,
lieu Murphy and family, J J Murphy,
Joe Shay and wife, Vic Desaulnier, Wm
Mills, Miss Farrell. Mrs Neidson, W K
Neidson, A K Hocking, J J Campbell,
N Mel, Curtail, North Star; Gus Tliits
Frank Coulet, J Robtuson, Al Doyle, A
II Dunce, A II Grace and wife, H W
Barnes, Miss Durick, Miss Soaper, Gil
Gilpin, W K Ross, R G Shier, Fort
Steele; Mrs Jennings, W Trott, Fernie,
John Campbell, Sandon; Percy Irwin,
J C Keuncdy, Knslo; Roy Turnbull,
Golden; Thos C Gray, Rossland; T h
Smith, \Vinuip*g; K Howenstine, Chicago; Jules Ilurel, Kimbetley; N Han-
sou, Wasa.
Y.sst Kuoleosy.
Cbas Parker, Macleod; Ud Mallan-
daine, A W Newiugton. Creston; Tom
Rader, T Farrell, John Day, F J McMahon, D J Rimer, C Kauffman, J J
Murphy, A R Hocking, 0 Rollin, Moy if;
Percy Irving, Kaslo; Frauk llnlm n,
ti. 11 Rbuda, Nelson.
Mulh f.n* ilestiatcli are closed as follows:
Fr.r 1'iistt-rn points at «:*W a. at-,   luudsya,
Thursdays and Saturdays, „    ,
For nesiern lmhits at 4iB0 a. ro., Man-Jays,
Wi'ilnesihtys ami Fridays, „ ,    ,
Fnr Ht. Kittens Mission at Ul a. m., Hatwdaya
Malls nrrlvlntt At tills Ddton are rtueas follow!:
From eastern ptilllls at fr.W a, in., Uoaduytt.
Wednesdays ami Fridays. _    .
From western poluts at U;30 a, tn., Tuesdsyi.
l huriiiliiys ami saturdnyi.
Fm .1 »t. Kuxsne Mission at io s. m.,.SJtardaya
11. K. HKATTIB, l\ M.
I'oatottlce at OrsnhrooK, li. 0„ Jane n, tm.
I.O.O.P.   Key City Lodge
No. i'l.    Meets every Pit
•£J day iiiKht at Uislr ball oo
Haker street,    Uojournlnx
Odli Fellows t'oidl'illy Invited.
F. B, Simpson, F.C.-BanWa.
N.ti. tee't<
(j)9 IM»MH»«H»«H»«»tM»
A large party of pleasure seekers came
from the south to tbe falls north of town
last Sunday.
Knos Campbell brought down a party
of miners to work on the Independent
mine south of here.
J. D. Gordon is building a palatial
stable back of tbe government house for
his thoroughbreds.
Several mining experts from the south
hnve been here lately, and made offers
to the prospectors for their claims.
Now harvesting is about o«r it is expected Ibe band boys will get together
and give the citizens snne music at least
once a week.
Miss Dunlop, our popular school
teacher, is busy after school hours training J, D. Gordon's flyer "Brownie" for
the November races.
Tbere is a reward out for Dr. Bell and
Gold Commissioner Armstrong. Both
are wanted down heie, and can depend
upon beiug well taken care of when they
People can travel now from Elko to
Kalispell by stage. Arrangements have
been completed between the American
and Cauadian stage drivers to rush them
The flrst mail left Phillipps Monday
at 14 o'clock for Elko. Quite a crowd
watched the departure of the stage,
decorated for the occasion. Several
shots were Bred while driving past the
government buildings, and the stage
driver felt ss proud as a peacock.
Hotel arrivals at the St. Louis hotel:
Prof. Robinson, Chicago; J. Bonanda,
Windermere; S. Burns, Fernie; Hr,
Fawcett, Pincher Creek; A. Gordon,
Paris, France; Mrs. and Miss Cameron,
San Francisco, Cal.; J. Mott, Rev. Bain,
Elko; W Stewart, Cranston; F. Sherf,
W. Potts, Geo. Miller, Sauerkraut Valley* 	
Pert Steele.
J. Houghton, until recently superintendent of the Sullivan mine, is seriously
sick at the hospital.
The government bridge across the
Columbia at Athalmar will soon be completed. David Bale is superintending
the work,
W. Robinson, provincial jailer at tbis
place, has resigned bis position and gone
inlo business at Elko. He has been
succeeded by Mr. Doyle.
II. W. llarnes has leased his ranch on
the Kimberley road to Grant Boulanger.
Mr. Boulsuger will open up a first-class
stopping place, aud have ample accommodation for the care of horses.
A formal challenge has been seat to
Nelson football team to play a picked
team from Cranbrook aud Fort Steele on
October 28. It is thought the challenge
will be accepted and the game will be
played on the Fort Steele ground.
Mather St Rememan have purchased
the stock aud fixtures of George Shier,
now in thc Mountain house. The Mountain bouse will be closed and everything
moved to thc Windsor hotel. What
business Mr. Shier will engage in has
not been learned.
Freo I'resH,
One hundred and eight coke ovens ire
now in full blast and In a short time
another hundred will be ready-
Laboring men are scarce In Fernie just
now. This seems to be the way all along
thc line, aud in several Instances employers have been unable to secure all
the men Ihey require.
Knglue No. 29 ran off the track, or
rather off tbe "points," on the main
line on Wednesday morning while on
llie way to Sparwood with a special train
containin- severs! C. P, R. c metal*,   A
switch had been left open, a v.-ry dangerous oversight on the part of some
one, especially on the main track, and it
was 11 o'clock before tbe engine was got
on again.
On Saturday evening Isst when Mr. ll.
Graves, section foreman, and his gang
were on their way home they almost ran
Into a small "covey" of bean. So close
wu the handcar to them before they got
off tne track that brakes were put on
and the men commenced yelling to scare
them. There were four in the group,
three large black fellows and a cub of
the ssme kind. Hunters were after them
next day, and although, they ran 011 to
a couple of them, did not kill any.
There are at this time no less than ten
store and residence buildings iu course
of construction in Moyie,
The Lake Shore mine has been closed
down.since Tuesday night pending the
funeral of Mills and Craine.
Editor Smyth, of the Leader, is in
Spokane this week taking in the exposition, and incidentally taking a much
needed vacation. He left bis office to
the tender mercies of a ' 'Lake Shore savage," so look out for breakers.
Tbe ballast train has beeu makiug
things lively in the vicinity of Moyie the
past few days, and judging from tbe
amount of noise it has been making aud
the amount of gravel it has been moving, the C, P. R, intends to put at least
a portion of their track iu first-class
Moyie is going to have a creditable
postoffice at last, aud it will be occupied
by Postmaster Hope next week. The new
office will be supplied with fifty-six lock
boxes and many other modern facilities
for handling and delivering mail. It
will occupy the corner room In Farrell's
new building, on the corner of Victoria
street and Queen's avenue.
Solicitor, Etc.
Hunk of CoiimiiT.V ItlilK. CUANBIiOOK
Crant Belortfije and wile, Marysville;
J Rauton. R J Henderson, J A Cameron,
D P Dickson, T D Hayden, A n McRae,
A N Mount, S D Stewart, A F Jaffrey,
T McKee, Winnipeg; W A Simpson, T
GWtuleaa, J Cardell, Chas Plowman,
Calgary; A J CliUiolin, W L Reid, Jaa
Cronan, J N McCrackin, Moyie; H G
Pooler, A M Padycn, H K Udoul, T
Browndon, R J Walker, F W Sterling,
Chaa Thompson, J M Young, W A llicll-
ardaon, A A Ireland, S P Bell, W W
Armstrong, Toronto; D O'Meara, Albert
Derate, Montreal; W G MeKenzie, G il
Ramsey, Oscar Book, C A Carman, Vancouver; Geo C Giavea, Orange, N J; A E
Calllck, Silverton; V W Polloway, Lethbridge; Mra J R Costigan and family,
Mra Dowling, Jaa Montgomery, N N
Smith. J W Aahdown, Macleod; J I, Parker, A P McMillan, J K Patton, Richard
Marah, C H M Comer, Rowland; HGow-
en, Quebec; J C Coulon, R H Jameson,
Victoria; H J Turner, Swanaea; D H
Pawcett, M McKay, S Hammond, A II
Clement., Thoa Parkinson, Nelaou; K B
Fraaer, Silverton; D Welsh New Westminster; W S Lanktree, Wardner.
W J Maasey, Vancouver; N Burton,
W H Dickson, Paul Baker, H J Balmet,
Medicine Hat; W A Simpson, Calgary;
Chaa Pales and wife, Miaa Jessie McMahon. H Kuest, Moyie; W S Cowie,
Lethbridge; G R Sanding, H Johnaon,
Reid'a camp; Chaa McNeil, Blakely McNeil, W II Fletcher, G 1. Kaulbeck, J
McConnell, R J Simpson, Tom Wilson,
Winnipeg; J Wilkey, London; R A Red-
dick, Macleod; Chaa Quam.trom, K B
Rhodea, Nelaon; John Nichola, F H
Burnett, Fort Steele; D McGregor,
Maryaville; A T White, J Jardln, Fernie;
W Tri'ea, S A Tritea, W A Whltmore,
Kimberley; Jaa Gibba, Jaa Lindsay, Toronto; M B Gannlcan, D M Law, Elko;
R Fitzpatrlck, North Star; C G Johnson,
Kaslo; W H McKee, Lardeau.
Roy Campbell, W M Cambell, Edward
Little, T M Cbarlea, Palmer Bar; Wm
Anderson, Colltngawood, Onl; Clias M
Maaon, Jaa lohnaon, Loop; J D Coinp.
ton, Uabridge, Ont; Chaa Campbell, Juo
Greenwood, Duluth, Minn; R Venables,
Sirdar; F Deaourcle, Montreal; w II Burton, Medicine Hat; W II Nlckason, Sun-
drldge; Peter Berg, Ole Oleson, M Nugent, Kd Wergen, E S Kelly, J Dowser,
W W Krgen, Joseph Norris, Chaa Carlson, Alk. Vukenavlch, J H Kerr, E P
Vlrden, Jaa Malheson, D E Drain,
Moyie; Peter Wendfeldt, Warsaw; J B
Emerson, Prank Jonea, Victoria; R
Sedg.ick. K Sedgwick, Toronto.
V  W  Ilolloway,   Lelhbridge;   W J
Campion, Macleod; O Rollin, IIJ Elmer,
Chaa Kaulfiuan, G Campbell, T Roader,
I'lncst Balh Rooms in East Kootenay
Don't (let Bald
Try His Dandruff Cure.   It Cures.
W, ll. lions. ll. w. IlKRcimsn
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries Public,
"Handy Harry."
Does all kinds of work, Cleans
yards, digs cellars, cuts wood, etc.
Leave word at McVittie & Hutchison's or The Herald office.
Yours for a full day and honest
W. F. GURD, B. C. L.
Barrister. Solicitor. Etc.
The Black Bear Mining Company, Ltd.
Capital $500,000 in 2,000,000 Shares of 25 Cents Each
1,000,000 Shares of Which Will Be Held at Treasury Shares for ""vorking Capital
. . This company Is uow being organized lor the purpose ol acquiring and working the BLACK HEAR AND MABEL
Development work consists ol various (halts on the vein lor a distance ol ol 300 feet, all showing ore.    The
vein is 6 lect wide, with a leet ol solid galena ore,
Samples of ore can be seen at the City Hotels and The Herald Ollice.      Promoters stock Is now on the market at 2*/*,
CENTS A SHARE.     For further particulars Inquire of
j. W. H. SMYTHE, Manager Canadian Bank of Commerce,
Via Cranbrook.
British Columbia
*■"■ Teaming
Wood and  Ice For Sale
Cranbrook, British Columbia
G. Johnson....
^ Assayer »»d
* Metalurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
I have a regular milk
route" and deliver night
and morning,
Chas. Estmere...
Real Estate,
Mining Broker
ninck Hear... 2#c   Empire  5c
Kimberley Consoliilateil, loe
Kimberley, B. C
Via Craabrook
■ **
Everything first class. Rooms newly furnished, well
lighted, will ventilated, and heated by furnace. Conveniently
located, and ranks with the best.
First-class Dining room and best of Cigars and Liquors,
Rates, $3.qo per day.
Short orders day and night.
Cranbrook, B. C.
The London & Liverpool
Mercantile Company SS    ~
We carry in stock a
Mule Skin Glove
Wnich we do not hesitate to guarantee to the
public. It is specially adapted to railroad and
construction use. When you are buying gloves:
don't overlook this one.
Stores at Ganbrook, Pincher Creek and Macleod
Late of Toronto
Contractor««« Builder
Those contoraplallaR butulliiK will do well lo let
1110 figure on tut) contracts.
Cranbrook, Britisli Columbia
Planing Mill
il ind Sash and ::
Door Factory
...Manufacturers of...
Sash  jt Doors ,*» Mouldings
jt   Frames   jt
Band Sawing  jt Turning
Pioneer Hardware Store
Three Bicycles at a bargain.
The season is well advanced and you will soon be in
need of HEATING STOVES. We can give" you what
you want.
All kinds of HARDWARE constantly on hand.
TINSMITMNG of all kinds on short notice.
Roofing, Eve Troughing and Furnace work a specialty
S S G. H. Miner
CRANBROOK, - British Columbia.
•mamma********** mato************************
•PDA MRDAAL' Is the divisional point of the Crows §j
CKAIM DKUUiV Nest Pass Railroad. f
rt+as+Usr+raralr Has a 10-staU round house, large machine &
V* CtflUriMIK shops, expensive railroad buildings and ex-  £*-.;
tensive railroad yards.
Cranbrook I** the natural and commercial center of South East
Cranbrook Is the headquarters for wholesale houses and corporations of South East Kootenay.
Cranhrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and -prices of lots, apply to
B, C. LAND INVESTnENT, AGENCY,      C, P. R. Land fgj&tom
V. IHYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
Vf) -®


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