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Cranbrook Herald Mar 29, 1900

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.     •
Hon. GivO. A. Cox, PrealiUitt. B. R. Wat«KHR, Gen. Man-    I
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000,00, j
•A General Banking Business Transacted, j
Deposits Received. I
j   London Agents—The Bank of Scotland. j
I. W. H. SMYTHE, Mannffef.
irst Class Dry Wood,
Fir and Tamarac.
See Sam Mitchell.
Post Office Box 25
Are now located in their new store and are
busy getting their big stock in shape. Miss
Watt, the milliner, is here and the
Millinery 3 Department
is open and stocked with   the  latest  styles.
The ladies are requested to call.
New stock gents' furnishings.
Dry goods are arriving.
li Hotel 3 3
Quests Comfort a Specialty
Good Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railroad ami depot.    Has accommodations for llie public unequalled hi Craubrook.
 Proprietor      j I
Bremner & Son,
To arrive next week-
Dress Goods. Linoleums, Carpets,
Fancy Goods, Men's, Women's
and Children's Rubbers, Crockery
and Glassware.
Now placed in stock--
Ladies' Gents' and Children's
Boots and Shoes, best in market
Sec our Ladies' Bicyle boots, Ready to
Wear clothing;, large and choice stock,
value the best.
California Butter, Oranges and Lemons. Something new—Banana Marmalade. Full line staple and fancy groceries
Big Clearing
To make room for summer goods wc will sell our
entire stock of
Rubber Foot Wear
These goods were bought early last year before
the advance in prices. We will give the public the
benefit of these low prices.   We have a full line of
Men's, Women's, Misses' and Boys'
Hen's Heavy Mackinaw Qoods,
Will all go thc same way.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co,,d
Cranbrook and Fort Steele.
Ih  Drops  Frum  Sight  bavins No
Clue Bshind Him.
No Reason Can Be Given for the
Sudden Action and His Friends
are Alarmed.
Constable Bornes, nr Fort Steele, has
liet-n busy tlie punt few days investigating tlie mysterious disappearance ol
Walter W. Darker, who had charge oi
the construction uf the tramway at the
North Star mine. One- the 9H1 or Will
nf the month Mr, Rarker came down fot
tlle purpose of drawing some money
Irom the bauk with which to pay off hte
employes^ Me was seen on the evening
.unl stopped over night at the Forrest
hotel. Iu the morilttlg he proffered Mr
Forrest a live dollar bill in payment ol
[his account. Mr. Forrest had no small
change, antl tultl him he could settle
when he came down ngain. To this Mr
Darker cheerfully assented and passed
out ot the house. Up to tlle present
time nothing bus been beard from bim
Two or three'days afler bis departure,
his friends at Kimberley made inquiry
as to liis whereabouts. As no information was forthcoming they berame anxious, and commenced lo investigate.
Telegrams were sent to every place that
there was any possible chance of Walker
having gone to, but 110 clue was obtained
as to his whereabouts. This week Constable flames took up the matter, but up
to the present time he hns been unable
to find any trace ofthe missing man.
It is positively known that he did not
draw any inniiv-y from the bank, as be
had intended, and that at the time of
bis disappearance he had only $20 or (25
on bis person. This fact renders bis disappearance the more mysterious, and
leaves his friends at sea for want of ;i
clue to work upou.
Yesterday Mr. llarnes started on *
search along the roadway ftom Cran
brook lo Kimberley, thinking lhat perhaps he might bave heen taken ill in
trying to walk hack, and crawled into
some out of the way place, and Ihere
died, without aid or companions, but no
(race of bim could he found.
Mr. Marker came here from Trenton,
N. J,, In charge of the North Slar tram-
consliiirtioi), and was looketl upon as a
faithful and steady man in his habits,
having earned the reputation of paying
strict attention to his business. Nn
cause can be sutmised for his disappearance, and hla friends ate discouraged
over the situation,
1, V.. Lament, of Trenton, N. J., arrived tins morning to take Mr. Hat ker's
place in the woik on  the tramway.    A
llj*ku.n representative found him in
compauy with J. I*. Morgan, who came
bore with Mr. Darker, Both gentlemen
luid known the missing man for a number of years, and are emphatic in their
Statement* that he wai a steady upright,
gentleman, wilh no bad habits, am) con-
sei-uiittly they ate at a loss as lo any
theory for his disappearance.
A Vieiidl-.il Attack.
.iii attack was lately made on C. 1-*.
Collier of Cherokee, Iowa lhat nearly
proved fatal. It came through his kidneys. Mis back got so lame he could
nol stoop without great pain,   imr sit iu
a cW unless propped bj cushions- No
remedy hei pod hint until be tried Kiec-
trie Haters which effected such a wonderful change that lie writes he feels like
a m-w.uian. This marvelous medicine
cures backache nnd kidney trouble, purifies lite blood and builds up your health.
()i\ly 500 al Heattie's drugstore,
Mil) It* Notes.
Mnylr- i.c-iitcr-
Ceorgt* Mitt ley is having bis lots facing
Railroad   avenue   cleared   and   graded,
preparatory to erecting a building.
A movement is on foot toward organising an Oddfellow's lodge in Moyie.
1). J. lilincr went lo Nelson this week
as a delegate to thu miner's convention.
Prof, Cooper, the blind phrenologist,
gave an Interesting lecture on ''Infidelity
and Fanaticism" in McGregor ball last
Sunday evening.
The Manhattan holel, formerly the
Kaufftnan house, is being repapertd and
icuovated throughout. Messrs. Mac-
Kin/.ie & Pullman are hustlers, and if
they do not receive their share ol the
patrcnage it wiil not be their fault.
The Amalgamated Order of Googoos
did a large Hue of business hi various
and assorted languages one uight this
week, and several candidates were initiated. The editor of this paper was up
against the gmye and got a touch of
high life, but escaped the Dutch flip.
Tbis degree we will take later on.
Ah Quai & Co.,
We knowledge in Kootenay.
Best Laundry man I found.
Ah Quai.
Thn Town Swept b> Firs aud People arr
Leit Destitute.
A disastrous the broke out tit Kuskonook on Wednesday of last week, whieh
practically cleaned out the whole lown
The fire started in the disuse 1 Windso*
hotel and burned every building in tin
place except the Pedro Cberbos bole)
tnd two hoi-s*s. Tbe Windsor hotel
stood in lhe middle ul the town, and,
funned by the strong brei/.e, Ibe conflagration soou become general. I*',
fraser gave the alarm but nothing could
be done,  aud  his stcre, as well as those
of II R; MecDonalttJaod II. Hoyt, were
soon wrapped iu tbtmes, though a portion
if Mr. Macdonald's slock of groceries
■vas suved. The iiiiniugfccurdei's office
was burned, but the records, which were
in the safe, were saved. The buildings;
besides lhe one mentioned, that were
saved were the Kootenay Valley Itnil
Way company's office aud a vacant
bouse, and in these the homeless citizens
congregated. Thc lOBfl is estimated ttt
(115,0^0 with no insurance. The lire is
supposed to bave been uf iticiu llary Origin.
Most of the inhabitants were left des*
lilute, and the citizens of Nelson were
prompt in taking action to fun ish relief, and supplies weie sent down un the
steamer Moyie. The I. 0. O. F. lodge
of this city took the matter up, aud food,
clothing and money were contributed,
and taken to the unfurluuale people ou
Sunday by Mr. Drummond and Joseph
Mitchell. Rev. Smilh will lake over
the money contributed.
The following telegram was received
.his week :
Kuskonook, B.C., March 26, [yoo.
Rev. Smith, Cranbrook, ll. C.
The people of Kuskonook send to the
citizens of Cranbrook tbeir most sincere
thanks for their generous and unexpected
J. C. niaudy,
Cbaitmaii Relief Committee.
Many New Buildings Nearlng Completion
and More Planned.
C. Dow is gelling material 011 the
ground to build a residence on linker
hill, just north of J. p. Pink's place,
Chartrand brothers have started woik
011 their uew bakery building.
A. I.. Walts is enclosing his new three
story business block un linker sheet,
William Miilhesojt is building a large'
barn on his down town premises.
James Kerrigan's large addition to his
wholesale house is nearly completed.
The plasterers are now at work on
Mrs. CVDell's new residence.
A. D. Grant's new cottage on Haker
hill is being painted.
Joseph Drault has completed the addition to his premises, and will open his
hotel in a few days. It will be called
the Caundian.   ■
Contractor Greer bas a force of men at
work on George I.eitcb's corner building, temodeliug the first Iloor, all of
which is to be occupied by R, H. Heattie's drug store and post ollice.
Mr. Wcitwortli  Comments on  Two
Vears' Growth In Cranbrook
Use Your Eyes
That Will Prove Interesting Reading: to Old and New Citizens
of This City,
Every Indication ol a Very Husy and Prosperous Era it Hand.
It is safe lu nay lhat there will he more
Actual mine development done in tbe
Moyie camp during the year 1900 than
there has in all ll.e time since the camp
has been discovered, says the Leader.
Not only will the big St. Kugene property be worked ou a larger scale than
ever before; but the various other prop-
Tiles in the vicinity will also be given
more attention.
Arrangements me being made to start
the big St. Kugene concentrator about
the first of April if possible. Tbe new
addition will be neaity Untitled bv that
time, or be far enough along, at least,
that it will not inlerlere witli the running ol the mil). The mill, compressor
building, oflice, asstty office, etc., will be
lighted by electricity and tbe work of
putting iu the wires for this purpose is
now iu progress. A force of men Ib
grading between the mid and the Xo. 1
tunnel ofthe Lake Shore mine for a
tram line, bu that the mill will be supplied witb ore from ibis properly also.
A new siding and spur will be built at
the mill, and the present " blind" siding
will he lengthened and counected.witb
tbe main line. M- Sbeady 1ms the contract and he will begin operations in
about a week's lime. Il will lake nearly
30 days to complete this work.
A Magnificent Store.
Reid & Co. have moved into their new
and handsome quarters on linker street,
and ure now busily engaged iu getting
their greatly inn eased atock iuto shape
Tbey have a double store room, with a
partition running  a  portion of the way,
thus dividing the dry goods and Indies'
department  from  the genii-*'  furnishing
side. The arrangement is moat convenient, the store is neat and tasty and well
lighted, and Mr. Reid IBVl that he has
mnde better purchases ihis season than
be has beeu able to do before. They
propose to carry a stock that will meet
tlle demands of the changed trade in
this district, and it will include everything in the way of gentl* furnishings,
dry goods and millinery.
Moyie to Hive a Depot.
The Moyie Leader Is feeling jubilant
over the prospects of n fbooo depot. It
ia abont time for 11 town of lhe Importance of Moyte to be properly recognised
Ity the C. I'. R-, nnd the promise of such
a building shows that the company fully
appreciates the situation.
Editor Smythe of Mny Ik is in tow: j
I e will take 1 H0I11 iu voice culture-
II. M.Weiilworlb, of Spokane, arrived
iii tbe city last Tuesday after an absence
from Cranbrook of about eighteen
months. As the former editor of The
HiatAi.n, Mr. Wenlworth bad every op-
porluuity to size up lhe possibilities ot
Cranbrook antl tbe distiict of Southeast
Kooler.ay, nud he was very much gratified 011 his return to find lhat his pre-
dictions for the growth nnd prosperity of
Cranbrook had been more than fulfilled
" What do I think of the Cranbrook of
today? Well, truthfully speaking, 1
must say thnt I am more pleased than
'.in prised. Many of the readers of 'I'm'.
lli**i'Ai,i> of eighteen months ngo will
probably remember tbe claims I matte
for lhe future of Cranbrook at that lime,
claims which many of the best friends
of tbe towu even deemed extravagant
and optimistic iu the extreme. I find
the lti.gor portion of my predictions
have been verified; those lucking are
merely incidents of the not distant Iut-
Recognize the place when I came in?
Well, yes; hut it required an effort; look
Ing from the coach window as the train
rolled in I descried the Hkkm.d office—
then I knew I was iu Craubrook.
When I think it over it brings to mind
any little incidents which, although
less thau two years old, are fairly entitled to be termed reminiscences iu view
of the fact tbat Cranbrook bas really
made ten years' progress in little more
than one.
Eighteen months ago I blew into Cran-
rook in a hack and snowstorm; landing
in front ofthe Crnnbrook holel, I took a
hasty view of the sceuery—it was the
ouly thing within the range of vision
wilh the exception of Mrs. Donahue's
hotel, several blocks east, the frame
work of the Leitch ltros.' store, the hotel
stable, Geo. Ililiiard's blacksmith shop,
aud Thk Hkrai,d office at the
lower end of tbe town. My business
was with Mr. Brown, who bad arrived iu
advance and installed the plant, so I
stepped iuto lhe hotel office to inquire
as lo the whereabouts of that gentleman;
tbere I found Uncle Jim Ryan, AngtiE
Morrison, anil "Old John" proprietor of lhe livery stable; they were
engaged In keeping the stove warm—
their principal occupation for many
dreary weeks, by the way—and indulging iu what many people who were then
living at a point on the Kootenay river
now entering a second historical stage,
were pleased tn term pipe-dreams regard
ing the to-be-in-lhe-future metropolis of
tbe larger part of East Kootenay. That
the " pipe-dreams" were prophetic visions of the ful it re is amply demonstrated
by the Craubrook of today. At that
lime G. II. Miner, the now well-known
hardware man, whs already ou lhe scene
with the fiim intention of establishing a
hardware store in a town consisting of
two hotels, n newspnper and a blacksmith shop! lie had already ordered a
otisiderabie slock of goods from Winui-
peg and had It shipped to Cranbrook
The best illustration of the conditions
of tratisportaion facilities to this point
at tbat time is the fact that, while Mr
Miner hnd been given exceptionally fa-
vornble terms on tbe purchase of his
goods, he wns notified from the house of
the maturity of bis account before a
pound of the goods had been received.
Now, I understand, he bas a branch
store at Moyie and is doing a large business; youth and pluck is a hard combination to keep down. Heattie, the druggist, was also bere, and put iu an ahead-
f-tbe limes stock of goods; theie were
uo sick people here theu aud no ladies
lo buy toilet goods, but Heatty made tbe
enterprise win, I see. Q det days those,
but Ibe few here had nerve and confidence—a combination that will always
A funny incident occurred at tbe
ollice, oue evening. Mr. Hrown and 1
were silting quietly in tlie office
whnt *he was thinking of I did not know;
but I was doing some hard studying
as to what I was going to fill the local
Columns of the next issue of Tin*; Hkk*
Al.l) with—nu mails except such as we
eould get through *> lhe grace of Fort
Steele and the Good Lord—not even a
itage making weekly or semi-monthly
trips to " iteuuii-ul Cranbrook." I was
suddenly moused fiom my reveiie by
heniitig a deep, sepulchral groan emanate (loin Hrown, ami looking that way
w bis be; d droop on his chest and his
body settling dowu in his chair; wilh
visions of apoplectic strokes, etc., floa -
ing before me I hastened to htm and
»ked him if he was ill. He straight-
ned tip, got out of his chair, paced the
floor a short l*me ; then said: "It just
occurred to uie lhat I am a damphool;
U r about 40 years I have been pulling
up slakes as rapidly as civilization overlook tne and moving on; now here I am
—no communication   witb  the outer
world Ihnl can be depended on except
my legs; liue there is a telephone line
lo a telegraph point; the former is down
most of the time and the latter works
Only when it can flud nothing else to do;
ami bere 1 am, publishing a paper jn a
country the population of which is com-
posed chit fly of coyotes and Htwasbes."
And read the prospectus of thc
Theo Gold Copper Mines, Limited.
Having read it, if you want any
further information on the subject,
call at our office. We belive it to
a really good thing to invest in.
McVittie & Hutchison,
Mining Brokers
lust then a band of coyotes that bad
been cruising "round tbe townsile all
evening broke out In a fresh serenade
with new variations—and it was thb
lhat bad thrown the '• bluo devils" about
" Brownie."
Hut  these   were   only  incidents that
went wiih tbe cloud that had a silver
lining; Incidents were succeeded by
events, and in a few months "pipe*
dreams" became realities, and skeletons
of buildings soon  became substantial! ->DK quarlx lcdg
itmclurea filled witb ample siocks 0f j ouly five m si
business men
m-ned by blight, energetic: A   tunnel  is to be
ibe kind that transform   i^dge, which is over
Mammoth and Mustard.
These claims, staked out last year by
John Hamilton and McViltie & Hutchison  are to be opened up ibis spring.
Tlie ledge is one ot the largest gold besr-
iti the country, and is
miles from Craubrook.
a wilderness Iuto villages, cities and
Hy the way, there was another little
circumstance connected with tlie  lirst
appearance of Crailbrook  that at that
time was quite amusing—at least to me
n to crosscut the
hundred  feet iu
width. This tunnel will be about bo
feel  below  the  surface   exposure,   11111
will be in ledge matter throughout, as
ou one side the ledge Sticks straight up
like a wall. Gold is fouud by assay
throughout tbe entire ledge and the iu-
It is now nearly two years since a young ' tentiou of the owners is lo decide the
e value of tbe whole width  aud
teo locate the richer streaks.
Englishman pulled out from some point
ill Alberta with Cranbrook as bis destination. He bad not then seen Till-:
Hkkai.d, and consequently was not inspired from that direction, but he had
somehow acquired the idea that Cran-! This company has issued a prospectus
brook was quite a little city. He be-1 s° that investors may iee what tbe direc-
eame au enthusiastic Cranbrook boomer ■ tofs of the company think of the pro-
ami when people along the route lold i perty which is to be developed with the*
liim theie was but three or four housesI funds resulting Irom the sale of shares,
iu ihe place—not a store, not a bakery. I The time is drawing near when buyers-
not a barbershop—nothing but twq bo-1 for developed properties will be always
tels aud a paper, he said to himse.f n" the lookout, aud by the time the
"what kind of joahers and Sons of Ana- | Theo claims are opened up and the ore
nias are these fellows, anyway." Indue ' bodies blocked out. it will be easy to sell
lime he arrived iu Cranbrook—it so for a fair price, and all who help lo open
happened tbat it was in tbe early part, up new properties are likely to reap tbe:r
of a dark night when he pulled iu to tbe : share of the rich harvest tbat is surely
■•Beautiful." He was quite weary, and coming to South Kast Kootenay. All
it was not long ere Uncle Jimmy showed who have seen the Copper Crown and
him to his bed. Arising in the morning. ■ Excess claims owned by the Theo combe strolled out on lhe porch and gazed [ pony speak highly of them, and where
on—space, principally. He didn't falni * all are agreed and there are no scoffers,
although be evidently felt quite weak;   there must be an excellent showing.
he went in to breakfast, came out again. 1	
and wandered aimlessly about the town-1 u , ,-,.*.,, . „„., -
site, visited lhe company office. Iheu , *m'" 6M Hl,"*« 4 *"** **•»•*
did some more wandering— in fact he I The gradual increase in the number of
was dazed; at night he retired again. [ operating mining companies in this dis-
had a good night's sleep, and awoke in ' trict is the natural result of the general
the morning clear-headed, looked out on . development of the company. Tne lat-
space once more, and said: " Craubrook ! est addition is the company named
is all right; it'll make a good town and above, formed in Spokane, to work the
1*11 stay with it." And slay he did. He ; Montana mineral claim in the Tracy
told me afterward that he couid not ac i creek camp. Tbe claim is on the same
count for his expecting to see so much j le-tl-^e presumably as the Minnie M snd
where there was so Utile. ' Tiger, the John L , the Golden Fleece
"Who is he? Did he succeed?' Why, a"d others, which will some time not far
I thought I lold you; I used to call him away »»ake a group of mines suoporling
" Hutch." sometimes, and at othertimes a large population. Mr. Abernetb, wbo
"Judge." Aud as for succeeding. I don't has been up at the property, told McVit-
know how you look at it, but I think a j tie & Hutchison that they bad lately let
man who builds up a good business and a contract for 75 feet more of tunneling,
acquired a nice little home, wife and ! There is already an 100-foot shaft of
heir in two years, ought to be pretty well j which tbe lower 45 feet is all in ore.
satisfied wilh himself and the world There are five feet of concentrating ore
Nearly two years ago Rev. Duncan, ol j and a pay streak of good rich shipping
Fort Steele, came over here one Sundaj i ore which consists of galena carrying
evening and held religious services in silver running up to |6o per ton. The
accordance wib the Presbyterian creed; j regular running of trains on the newly
the dining-room ofthe Kootenai hotel, I constructed railway from Bonners Ferry
was the only place available in which to j to Creston will bring Spokane within
assemble.    I  see now   foui
church edifices in towu.
I am also very glad to see the completion of the North Star branch to Cran
brook; it is another exemplification of—
" If »oii see it in Thb HERALD it's so,"
—but, better than that, it insures slabil-
ty to the place; aud furthermore it will
hasten the development ofthe St. Mary's
country; every mine developed means
increased prosperity for Cranbrook.
Would like to see mines closer in? Why.
it is nearly 100 miles from Spokane to
the nearest mine, yet Spokane reaps an
enormous benefit from the mining industry—in fact it is tbe backbone of
Spokane's prosperity. The same Condi
tiotis exist here, and as the mineral resources are developed so will Cranbrook's
prosperity increase.
It is evideut lhat Cranbrook's new ac
quisitions of businessmen are energetic,
progressive, and work in unison witb tbe
pioneers, who through possession of the
same traits were here in advance. It is
conditions of this kind lhat have here
tofore made great cities in the midst of
Future increase in population? Well,
I believe lhat in from five lo seven years
Cranbrook will have a population of ro,-
000 people, anil lhat it will for all time
be the metropolis of F.ast Kootenay.
A Sudden Death.
Last week a railroad-worker by the
name of Simon Gnffenay, was taken suddenly ill in town, and afterward conveyed to the St. Eugene hospital. Dr.
King altended tbe unfortunate, aud
fouud he was troubled -villi obstructed
hernia and past medical aid aud afler
two more days be was dead. Tlie deceased was born in Cotk, Ireland.
handsome | a few hours' trip of Cranbrook, sod we
may expect to see a considerable amount
of the Spokane mining energy expended
in picking up properties in this vicinity
tbis tear.
Thc New Millinery Department,
Miss D Walt has arrived from the
■■•asl and taken charge of ibe millinery
lepiirlment of Reid Sl Co's. Sbe is
thoroughly competent and has spent
several weeks Itl the larger cities of the
enst familiarizing herself wiih the latest
modes in millinery.
K A. Watts goes out in a few days lo
commence work with his diamond drill
on the Mastodon property on I'eny
creek. He has a contract for a thousand
feet, and as the ledge is an immense ore
a low grade of ore will make a profitable
mine, witb a large pay roll to add to
Cratibrook's prosperity.
Mining Notes.
About ioo tons of North Star ore was
brought down Wednesday. The branch
is not in the best of condition, but tbey
expect to empty the bins this week.
(treat Interest Manifested la Ike Arrasie*
m-snts for tbe brand Event.
The Home Minstrels that is to I* given
by tbe business and professional men of
Cranbrook, for tbe benefit of the fire
brigade, are very busy rehearsing every
night at Forrest hall. The rehearsals
are progressing nicely and from the interest that is taken in it tbe minslre s
promises to be one of thc best and swell-
est affairs ever given in the city. Ti.e
setting of the ffrst part consists of silks,
satins, chrysanthemums, etc. There are
also sentimental aud comic songs, quartette singing, itiniiy stories, monologues,
sayings and local gags iu abundance,
which will be supplied by the four end
men. The olio consists of such novelties
and   features as club swinging, comedy
quartette iu imitations, etc., comic musical turn, bag punching, stump speech,
cane dance and a laughable afterpiece
entitled "An Undertaker's Daughter,"
by the company. The show will lie
given two nights and tickets will beou
sale next week. Tbe dates will lie an-
THURSDAY,  -   MARCH 29, 1000
The Herald deslxon to etyo tiie news or the
district, it you know tiny about yam nmn
your mine or your i-coi'le. semi 11 to Hits ollice.
McVittie & Hutchison
Mines and Real Estate
Q   B   Cranbrook, B. C.
Next Monday Messrs. Wentworth and
Rockendorf take charge of The Herald,
and all business with tbe paper will be
transacted by them during my absence
in Cspe Nome thia summer. 1 take this
occasion to again thank lhe people of
Cranbrook for tbe klud uess lhey have
extended to The Herald ami myself, and
assure all, that their interests aud the
interests of the town and district will
be carefully looked after by lhe two gen*
tlemen in charge of the paper. Both
are well aud favorably known, ami both
have a thorough knowledge of ihe district, and are personally interested iu iis
Yours truly,
1'. ti. Simpson.
The Heroio Conduct of Blind Helen
Physician and Surgeon.
It seems that Cranbiook cau do one
thlug to perfection, and that is grow.
And Ibis it cau do iu a way that (tills the
heart of every citizen of this lown witb
joy- ___
There is more buildiug going on in
Cranbrook at tbis time, tban in auy
other place oi the same size in llntish
The rapid growth of busiuess in South
Kast Kootenay is having a most beneficial effect en Craubrook, That is tbe advantage enjoyed by a town situated as is
The year 1900 promises to be a great
one for tbis district. There will be more
money spent In development work the
next six months thau during the past
two years. 	
- Politics is warming up to a slight degree. Candidates are coining to the
front In the various districts, hut up to
the present time there is only one individual in this riding who has exptessed
his willingness to be led to the slaughter.
But there will be others. The Herald is
not in politics. It stands for what will
he best for South Kast Kootenay and
Craubrook.      ________
Joe Martin is still holding tbe fort at
Victoria, regardless of kicks aud accusations. 	
- Several papers iu the Kootenays have
ceased their attacks on Joe Martiu, but
that won't save them if Martin goes
through all right, lie is too smart for
Both Ueebeand Curtis, the two members of Martin's cabinet, are said to he
deaf. Such an infirmity is not always a
misfortune to a politician.
The people of auy town must aland
together if they would win, A house
divided against itself caunot staud, and
if a community is desirous of showing
its full strength the people must work iu
tiearis Wiahlifton Bccbc.
Victoria, B.C., March 24.—Tbe crown
Ing sensation ih the political muddle developing during the past six weeks came
today, never before heard of in any capacity by five per ceut of the provincial
population, was sworn In as provincial
secretary of the Martin government. He
Is George Washington Beebe, a rancher
of Aggassiz, who during thirteen years
past has lived a life of rjuiet industry,
never mingling in politics. He has not
only had no experience in public afTiirs,
but is totally deaf aud unacquainted with
any business save farming.
The general election campaign is to be
opened here Tuesday by Premier Martin,
the meeting being called .in the interest
of his Victoria city candidates—Ur.
Lewis Hall, John G. Brown, John Mac-
Mitlan aud W. J. Haniia, The liberals
hold a joint convention here on Wednesday lo decide whether or uot tbey shall
endorse party- lines, and whether or not
they shall support Joseph Martiu and
elect delegates to the provincial liberal
Balance Sheet of Canada.
Ottawa, Out., March 24.—The Canadian finance minister, W. S Fielding, bas
just delivered his financial statement in
the house of commons. It showed a
growing revenue, larger busiuess expansion snd a great prosperity all over
the Dominion. Mr, Fielding spoke about
two hours.
Dealing -with the figures for the past
year ending June 30 last, he showed the
revenue to be f44.741.24y and the expenditures I41.903.500, leaving a surplus
of •3*8J7.749' The increase in revenue
was $6\ 186,000.
Dealing with the figures for the current year Mr. Fielding estimated that
when the business of the year closed on
June 30 next there would be a surplus of
The important announcement was
made that tbe preferential tariff in favor
of Great Britain was to be increased
»5 to 33J4 per cent.
Mr. Foster, the financial critic of the
opposition, was taken by surprise at the
genera] program and asked an adjournment of the debate, which was granted
She   RaUes   a   Fuad   tu  E-Jscat-*   a
Pour Bey Who Like Hvriclf
Waa    Blind   and
Uelplea*. M
A little child lived in black silence.
Ihere never wus midnight su dense ua
the darkness that enveloped bis mind.
Sight uml healing were gone  Utterly
mul forever, The child knew absolutely
untiling, except thut suinetiini't* from
somewhere something pul food into hid
UlOUth, und moved llllil nbout when
necessary. Hla world wns limited by us
much of*his little crib us be could feol
witb hla hands, nnd by the touch of thia
something thnt enred for his wants.
The mercsl bnbo knows the sunlight
nnd iis mother's voice nnd face. Five
years bad passed over this littlo hoy as
be luy on bis hospital eot, but ha knew
less thnn a month-old infant—less, Indeed, than the least of the beasts of the
field. He wns completely shut up in a
living tomb of flesh, with no communication between himself and the great
world about hlm, Yet within thnt
prison was u healthy brain, open to all
the possibilities of life.
Since the terrible sickness that bad
come to him in infancy, little Tommy
Stringer bud hlin thus among strangers,
Ills mother was dendj his father could
not help him. From bis birthplace in
Washington, Vn., the helpless sufferer
had been removed to 11 hospital In Allegheny. But no institution wanted this
troublesome ohnrge, who would require
the constant -attention of ti teacher. So
tbe almshouse seemed the only haven
for Tommy. There at least he eould
find n abeltcr.
Hut It was not to be so. Light was
abend—the glorious light of knowledge. One wbo bud been similurly shut
In by tho walls of n triple affliction was
to lead Tommy Stringer out into the
bright light lhat she herself enjoyed.
It wus durtng the summer of 1800 that
the news of Tommy's snd plight came to
Helen Keller. The sensitive soul of thia
tcn-ycur-old girl wns deeply affected.
She, if no one else, would Bave the poor
Thenceforth Tommy became the burden of Helen's thought and conversation. She talked about him to her
friends; she wrote letter upon letter
asking aid for him." At this time occurred n pathetic incident that was the
means of turning toward the little blind
boy the kindly interest nnd generoiiB
gifts that accomplished his reaeue.
The pet und playmate of Helen when
ahe was nt home wus u beautiful New*
foundlund dog. Through 11 foolish
blunder, thla animal wan shot by
policeman. When the news enme to
Helen, she hnd 110 word of reproach, but
simply said, with beautiful charity: "I
tun sure tbey never could have done it if
they bad only known whnt 11 dear, good
dog 'Lioness' wus."
The story of her love was published
widely, and from far antl near—even
from across tlie ocean—eame to Helen
offers of money or another dog. Thc
little girl had only one answer to nil
these kind expressions; sbe was grateful, but she did not care for another
dog to take 'lie place of Lioness. Nevertheless, the gift would be accepted, if
the donor so desired, on behalf dt u
little deaf, dumb und blind boy, for
whom she wns trying to raise money
enough to bring him to Boston to be
In every direction Helen sent this
message, nlways in a specially written
personal letter that was marked by the
etweet simplicity nnd remarkable ability
of the author. For n long time theae
letters averaged eight u day, nnd a
niarvelously versatile nnd eloquent little pleader Helen showed herself. Rhe
also wrote for newspapers articles ad*
dressed to children, as well ns general
appeals—never any two precisely nllkc.
Helen instituted for herself n rigorous
course of self-denial (abstinence from
soda water and other prized luxuries),
that she might save money for her one
great object. The result of sll this
elVort was* the securing of sufficient
funds to insure Tommy nt least two
years of education at the kindergarten
for the blind, Jamaica Plain, Mass.—
Willinm T. Ellis, In St. Nicholas. .
The November M-rt-rora.
The time is drawing near for the return of the great swarm of meteors that
caused the celebrated "slar shower" of
18:i:i, when, for several hours, on the
night of November Ll, tliu heavens were
li]kd with Hying sparks as thick as
fulling snowllakcs, These meteors encounter the earth in its orbit once lu
nbout every 83 yeurs, nnd tbey returned
in 1H60, although the display wus not
us well seen then as lu 1833. Tbey arc
due agnin in 1800, but for several years
before nnd after the arrival of thc principal swarm many meteors are usually
visible, mid one of these forerunning
showers is expected to make its appearance the present year. According
to the opinion of Mr. Denning, the Eng-
lisoh authority on meteors, lhe "falling
stars" should be looked for in this
country just before sunrise on November 14, and a watch should also be kept
for them on the mornings of the 15th
und  10th,—Youth's Companion,
Situate on Mark rreek. In the Mining I Hvlslon
ufMiutti Kast Kootenay- I
Take notice tlutl I, Junius Ityan, Frea Miner s
(.'ertltleaie No ll 9:21 Intend, flJiliiji rrom tliu I
dale lienor, in iin'.iy tt) llie   M111I111 ItCdortter j
tors Cerilihate of liu,rovmrn s, for t ie |iii -
potts of uiiLHihii--; arrn--.il tltnnt ut tlio abuve
Abtl fur her take notice Unit mtlnn, un n*r
secihip !7. must t>« i-nnim-Miii'i'ii before tin- Issuance nf Niicii ivrtuh-uii- t,t liiiprovemeuU
imteii tiii** Sail day or Maroti, muu.
Mc-Hcviil   CuHtomi Id  Bn aland.
Some civic customs which were instituted during the middle ages still
continue in England. For example, the
crown has just issued the usual venison
warrants to the lord mayor and other
representatives of the corporation, The
lord mayor receives four bucks, the
sheriffs three nnd the recorder, chamberlain, town clerk, common sergeant
and remembrancer one each. Similar
gifts un* made in the doe season In
December,   These warrants,, records of
which have been kept since the year
1101, bud their origin in the earliest
charters of the olty, when the citizens
had their "huntings" secured to them,
—Chlcngo Chronicle.
CRANBROOK,    ::::::    lb C,
G. Johnson*,-*
^ Assayer and
* Metalurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
rtclUullin & Taylor,
Cranbrook, B. €.
Contracts for nil kinds of brick work
given prompt attention. Urielc for sale.
Those iu need of brick or work should
sec us.
Are you going to build?
Greer & Co.
Are prepared to furnish plans
and specifications for all kinds
of building.
See us for Prices.
Jt   Jt   B.C.
l.aii1 at Tomato
Contractor •«-* Builder
Those contemplating liuiMtng will do well to let
me llgure on the contract..
Cranbrook, British Columbia
Canadian Pacific
Railway Company,
Soo Pacific Line.
Gives the only direct service from
To all points
East and West.
Flral-Cliru Sleepers da all Train
Tourist Can pass Medicine Hat, daily for
St, Paul, Sundays and Wednesdayi
for Toronto, Fridays for Montreal
and Iloston.
l.v 9:10 a m Cranbrook Lv 13:01 p m
Connection tri-weekly at Mcl.eod for
Cilg ry aud Edmonton, and daily at
Medicine Hat for all points Kast. Connection daily at Kootenay Landing for
all points in West Kootenay, Slocan and
Boundary Districts, and for Pacific Coast
and Main Line points via Hevetstoke.
Through Tickets Issued and Baggage Checked to Destination.
For rates and full infotmalton address
nearest local agent, or
F. M. MKDHL'RST, Agt., Cranbrook
W. F, Anderson, T.P.A.. Nelson, B. C\
D K. .1. Coyle, A.d.P.A., Vancouver, H. 0.
Notice is hereby given that I, T. II. Proctor,
tlilr y ilays after ilute In trnil to ii|i|ily to the
t'liii'f ( isslmirr nf LamlH uml Works for a
lil-years lensie of iiw aon-fl of lund situate aboil
four miles west of Wardner on the crows Nest
Puss rallniiiil. Commencing nt a post marked
T. 1'., s. K. corner.
(Signed)     T. (I. Proctor.
Mated March 7tli, 1: mi.
Take notice tlmt one mom li after date 1 Intend
t-» apply to ihaoiiierooiiunis-iioneror Un-t.si-.h-i
Works for pormlsilon to purcliAse tho fo to.iing
descrlliPd l-imls- C'oiiuiicncliig ut post pljinteil
l>:« yards north of tlie Mill on the rigid hank of
the Upper Moyie river, near Nigger crook
Liieiiui- rust -rn elinlus. .thence noitii -to cimins
llii'iire west tn rlialiiN, llicnce ttoiuli -tn elinhm id
iht* piiuvi.r in-ginning ami containing ioo mn
morn or less.
Dated ibis .'nth day of I'ehruary, \m,
-ALL   KINt'S   OF-
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber,
Shingles and
Fort Steele Beer
Is the best.   Patronize
home industry   dt    dt
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
When in Kimberley
Stop at the	
Wellman & Hurel, Proprietors.
New Building, New Furniture, and Everything first-class. Our object is to please our
9 9-9 99**ttm*iAaa***a**a*******a ♦»»♦♦•♦»»♦•■»♦♦■»♦■♦■»■»■» »■*•■>♦■*
©■*»-» 999 -»->■» «»-i
T. A. Creighton,
The Grocer.
Have you seen his stock ?   It includes the best of everything,
fresh and up to date.
Notions, Furnishings, etc.
Fruit, Fish and Oysters.
The koBMwIle tod the bachelor should deal with hin,   It will pay then.
Si»i»,*.,m«i................................. . . . . .j 1
Livery 3
Proprietors ******
Regular  Stage   to   Kimberley
Teams snd .'rivers furnished for sny
point Id the district.
Manager   Jt   Jt
Solicitor, Etc.
W. F. QURD, B.C. L.
Banister, Solicitor, Etc
Craabrook,      i British MsaMa
II. L. Cummins, C. E.
Fort Steele, B. C.
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries ublic,
lutii'k ol Commerce lllilu. OIIANIUIOOK  Q. L. HILLIARD,
Undertaking And
Cranhrook, B. C.
Graduate of Champion eollege of U, S.
Siirc-fRsiir to Mrkks 8c Hughes in this
line. Will iiiit-iiii to uny work in the
Robson & Rogers,
meat market.
Four lots north of Lhe Methodist church.
Wholesale and retail dealers
In all kinds of   ...   .
Fresh and Salt Meats.
Oysters, Fish and Game in Season.
^Orders called for nnd promptly delivered.
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one of the best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The e r.tral hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
Refitted Throughout
One of the Most Comfortable
Hotels iu Kant Kootenny.
Newly Furnished
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Cranbrook, B, C.
When in Cranbrook
Stop at the   :   :   :
Forrest House,
Proprietor.   :   :
Commercial Hotel...
....J. F. & Q. JOVCB, Proprietors
Baker Street, Cranbrook, B. C.
Conducted on the European Plan
Best  Wines  and  Liquors at  the  Bar
The Beat Slock, the Molt Satietactory Prlcei, ud
Flrat-CUii Work.      Repalrlef Neatly Emoted.
T. T. Richards
Proprietor  ::: :::
j East Kootenay
3 Hotel 3
Thla hotel haa been refitted and refn.rnl.heil.   rhe table
ia the beat.    StUiafaclory ratea given regular boanlera.
Baker Street       :-:       :-:       :-.-       Ganbrook, B.C
Promptly Attended to. I
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,
Fort Steele,
tha Until ro Tree Vie Itl •   I boat Four
I'n.intiH t>r Hurl; Vcnrly,
Tin* genuine plantntiotis, or auitinlcs,
its they mi* called, are usually (onuJ ou
nut ill ami luiikfii inouutntu slilea nml nt
altitudes uf 8,000 ot* 4.UU0 rut above the
Bi-ti. Tht* trees will grow ui a height nf
K.ntio feet, hut lhey flourish best nt un
elevutldn of aliutit 4,000 reel, for they require ti great tlenl nf snn. ruin ntul wind
in lench [leffeetion.1
Vhm .ii tlm groves huve beeu raised
from Uu* s.Tfl. wliii-h is gntlicrcd in the
enrly summer mouths nml planted Id Imt-
liuusea. When the plnnts nre nbout nix
Indira high, they nre trnnsphinted upon
lillUhtea which hnve beeu cleared or uu.
derhnwh nud plowed up beforehand, ho
ih.u ilu* young ts inn secure tho ln-ne*
hi "i' all th. Isture uml iilant rood in
lln* soil und tlu> Iii-ut <>r the Kim. I-'or
Bhelter tbtyr nre partially covered wiih
twigs, straw or othor light stuff, which
ul-,i serves to keep the moisture uml hent
in tin* gnmml.   Aft«r tWU WIM this fillet-
Ier Ih raited nir. tho plants uie carefully
Inspected, nud those which nit* imt prom-
ikllig  nre  replaced   by   ni'W   nm*«.    Tlio
ground around thorn is kept clear <>f
weeds, mul tho youug trees are carefully
trimmed twice n year. In Jlv*.* or six
>vhis tin- tree will have reached Iho
iielght of 19 or 11 ft-ct, nn.l Uh trunk will
U' straight uml slender. It resembles the
orauge tree In bIkc uml ilinpo and the pe-
cullnr kIoss ut lis leavca.
Twu tn- three times u yenr throe or four
strips ot hiuli about twu Inches wide nnd
rrom two to eight foot long nre out from
ilu- trunk nnd thrown upon a paved yard
io dry. where, uh tin* moisture evaporates, lhey curl up liko cfnnamoii. Within u year or so nature replace*? ihe hark
Unit hits thus hoon Btrlpjied off, and tlio
ino is stripped agnlu in other places. Aa
il grows older smaller strips can be
ihl.i-11 rrom tho stronger branches, and a
mtittiro tree will produce un annual aver*
age nr about four pounds or hark.
Tho hark dries In u fow days and te
packed fm shipment in rawhide boles.
Must of ii is Bhlppcd from AHea and
Mollendo.—Lucre (Bolivia) Letter-to Chi-
cago Kot'ord.
I'lltnl lovo.
That's a pathetic story of the Gour-
dmi llslilng boat crew. N6 class of meu
f.*ioo death more frequently ihtui the
linrdy fisher toilers of the ecu, aud
among none te a genuine heroism more
fre'iinjutly displayed,
Tin* tJonnlon boat wus mnnued by
n father and bis four sous. When llio
boat sank, three of the latter went
with hot*. Tho old man got nn onr, and
soon the fourth son appeared by his
Side lint the oar could ouly support
one, and lhe lad. taking In the si ma-
lion ni ouce, bade bis parent farewell
in Un* words. "Wool. wenl. falihor, 1
iiitiuti JIrI awn'," and sunk.
ouly renders ramllltir wiih the northern dialect will fully appreciate the
depth nl kindly resignation and true
feeling wbloh the words denote. The
father endured terrible sniTorlhgs, hut
was ultimately- picked up. "Greater
love lm til uo until than this."—\Vest-
inin--lor Gazette.
Hit* Queer Vttvt ot It to Her.
I'i:*-l Chicago Girl-She wus mnrrit'i.
huil! in the Greek ami in the Episcopal
Sir.iml Clttcngo Girl-WeltV
l"i>t I'hlc-iign Girl—To the samo man
hntli times, mind ymtl-Detroit Journal.
How She Oveica-me It, and Baffled
Htr Tormentor.
Toronto, Dec; 20th —Miss Ida Hobklrk, of
IM Harbord street, ihis city, te n young lady
who \s exceedingly popular wilh u very ex.
tensive elrel - «>f friends, nil ui whom uro
it-juli'ing ovor her tea nl (p-ch*.*1 from n tcr-
r.hlc danger. Tht* story of heroxih-rionce ia
deeply interesting! told in her own straight-
forward way.
Hero is hor nnrratlvei—"In 18061 took a
position iu a down.town storo. My work
wns not u ustiuilv hard, but I soon lound t
could not stand it, and my health failed.   I
frctv very llun, It d splitting In- daohoH eon-
imially, dizzy sp lis and extreme weakness.
My tongue wus thickly furred, bar h nud
dry every morning, end 1 arose Hired and
aching. I wns dull und low-t-pirit-xl nil the
"My sister had used Dr. Am.-Id's English
Toiln Fills wilh remnrkabli*- IvOHii. ut.d I
also logtm to ink ihom, I candidly state
that lniproviinoi.t U>gan almost lmmodt-
utely. Diilyl inoiided, till today 1 am in
better health and mueh stronger limn I hnvo
been fer yonrs. To Dr. Arnold's Knglish
Toxin Pills, nml to them alone, the credit is
Ev rygirl aud womnn who Miller* 08 Miss
Uobktrk did Hhoittd uso Dr. An o A'* Knglisli
Toxin Tills.    ThOJ  will give new I to mid
Dr. Arnold's Bagllall Toxin l'ilk Iho i nly
nifitii'ir.' lhat cures (ItsodtO by killing lhe
genus lhat otiHft*- it, nn* sold by all dtuggi.-ls
nt 7Bo< a bos; simple boi Ho„ or §or,t |tost-
iMiid on reoolpl of priCO by the Arnold
Dhemlosl Uo., Limit.*d, Oonnd i Life Ilulld-
ing, ii King Btroet w^t, Toronto,    	
An Ai-tlnl  HI ■hup.
Two passenger* tm nu Atlantic liner,
one no American and the other nu Bog*
llshitian, illd not e.veltnuge the farewell
courtesies when the steamer reaehed
her pier tisiml between voyngers who
have occupied adjoining fctnloroouis
and hobnobbed during an oteini voyage. A plausible explanation was
vouebsaft'd by lhe American.
During the voyage the Englishman
pci'Rlsiod In fraternizing with the
Ameiletiii In a most obtrusive and an-
iioylug tun niter. Within lwo days of
Huston tho ICngllHlimau oue morning
limited up the Ami-iicun nud found bim
in apparent despondency, gazing seaward from the hurricane deck,
"Confounded blue tbis morning, old
chap. Whnt'H the mutter." And the
llrlilHlier shipped hla com pun ion on the
'    buck.
"Mfttter euough," growled lhe Amor
lean. ".Ship's lust; captain don'l know
wblcb wny to steer. Kprgot io wind
tho compass last night.'1
Thc Htigtishmnii listened with mouth
agape, then rustled oir to tell his friends
of the consequential mishap. Evident-
, ly the gullible Britisher was "pushed
uluiig" for some lime until he fouud
everybody guying hint.
A Dot-tun llcnti.
l-'red—Why la It you never take ft
ludy to tbo opera?
Harry1— For ihis reason: If I tnko a
lady wtio doeau't understand the music,
she will be pestering me all the evening will) her Irrelevant small talk. Ou
ihe contrary. If she knows all about
music alio will be suro to Hod out tbat
I dou't.     __   '
tp to Date.
"Illckenloopor is right up to dnt©,
You kuow tho tatla of Hint bangtalled
team of his?"
"He's bad 'em dressed lu pompadour
style."-Cleveland Plain Dealer.
I irlih I had been Bwndpa'i child,
■iiM )
Ol foiling in ii.*-*- pwl oil] iljvs
Whon lathrr wu a hoy,
por then i'.* iMifnw Wmrcr Ur
TlHin tlicy do nownJays,
Ami literally pocked tin- streams—
At leust, » tati«* sirs.
thoy never caught a looker then
Tliat dl-Jn't trdgli a mn,
And |iitk.-r**l wen longer than
a mi.iij.rti Armitro'm tun.
Tliey used to yank nut halibut
In hundredi frum uiir huys,
/.ml sliml mn up the bankl to bite—
Ai team, si father sty*.
tliouulil of uslntf Iin it
l*o luu* llio wlii trout;
icy rem lied ft littllicl bflikct timvii
Ati.l ilinjilj' j-ankcil ih.iii out,
They'd nil up lev
Ami ihuW thtlll thr
At Iran, ui huhcr
al iImvi
Iglt llie nei*,-htiorl;oo.t—
ii, they CMUgllt .*o many fl«li
'lore tii-tir ipori was ibrough
mm where Mny n-cro Ashing would
A Mr it ii Inlrrrnptlnn,
It happened ui about s o'cioek in tbo
evetilnn, jusi undor ihe Itut-x bulldlug.
it hits often been remnrked that a
crowd is ihe bust place in tlio world In
which to niiiUe love, and tho snunterer
had anipli- opportunity to verify tho
remark nt iho placo aud time men
t ioued.
He waa a tall, fair young Limn, with
Eoiuewbut senuty halt* of a tlnrk milium shade, uml u jolly, -4001! humored
faee and wholesome laugh thai would
atlniet any j:iil. She was ti pretty little dark thing, with n sort of clinging
manner* eminently proitosBesotng. She
was dressed In some soft stulf of dark
blue with white dots al) over It. nml
tbey appeared 10 be snylng goodliy.
So completely absorbed were they hi
each other that they were entirely oblivious to the fact that they were being
watched. Indeed not one of tlie thousands of Sightseers who passed thein
failed lo Hun and smile. Tbey mnde 11
striking picture,
lie wan just on the point, for tbe
twentieth lime, of releasing her baud
when nuother thought struck hlm. and
he raised his hat. ex [losing his somewhat thinly covered head, nnd bent so
low over lhc Mule baud that the onlookers evidently thought he wns going
to kiss it. Whether lie would have OV
whei her she would have let him will
lie ver be decided, for a small boy. who
bad been Intently watching Ihu whole
perforinanee. exclaimed amid ihe
In ugh ter of the crowd:
"Mil, why ihni'i yon marry the girl?"
And tiie pale Incontinently tletl.-
I'hlludelphin Impilrer.
oure Uiptbena.
French Village.
core Croup. J. P. Cunningham.
Cape Island.
tbe 1 est remedy ou e. rtb.
Norway, Me.      JUfcEPH A. SNOW.
Thi* linn im.
"Onee." said the dreamy irngedlan.
"1 loured the groat statu of Illinois iu
less than a week."
"Who was your backer?" Inquired
the press ngent,
"Hen pardon?"
"I say who backed you on this tour?"
"I yally do not Kiaspyonr montiing."
"Wbo was behind you on this meteoric lour?"
"Ob. Uu* sherlffl"
lie Cul   \ •.".■. i*m  nml   llronililf.
Hospital IMiysleitin (with a view to
dlognoslsi-Wltni do you drink?
NeM I'aiieni (checrltig up at ihe pro-
posah—Oh. sir—thnnk you. sir—whatever you—I leave that 10 you, sir!—
London Punch.
lU-Mhm tin* M11 ncli**.
When 11 111:111 Is tired, lie sireiebes bis
units and legs aud yawns. Birds and
animals, so far as possible, follow bis
Birds spread Ibetr feathers and also
ynwn. or gape, l-'owls often do this.
I'lsh yawn; tbey open thelt* mouths
slowly until tbey are round, tin* bones'
of the bead scent to loosen, anil the
gills i.pen.
logs ate Invelerate yawtiers and
Stretchers, but seldom sneeze unless
they have a eold, Cats are always
stretching tbeir bodies, legs and elaws.
a.- every ono knows who Iiiih a cat for
p pel.
Horses streteh violently when and
after IpdnlglUg In a roll, but not. as a
rule, oil all fours.
A stag wben stretching stlcki oui bis
head, slrolelies bis fore feet out aud
hollows bis bark and neck as though
trylug to creep under a bar.
Must ruminant mi I mills stretch when
tbey rise up after lying dowu. Peer
do it regularly; so ilo cows. This fact
is so well kuown dial if a cow. when
iirlsln-* from lying dowu, does not
stretch herself it Is a sign shu Is III.
The reason for this Is ph'ilu—tbo
Streteh moves every muselc of lhe
body, and If there be any Injury anywhere it hurts.—Pittsburg Dispatch.
H« r-iiPB-ui Al>out thr X It-ay.
The Professor—1 bave a new conundrum for you. Why Is ■ mouse like n
Thu Doctor—A new conundrum! That
had whiskers whou 1 wns a boy. A
mouse Is liko 11 haystack because the
cnt'il eat it. New conundrum! Ho, hoi
IIa. ha!
The Professor—That Isn't tbo answer
at all. Thc points of resemblance are
tliese: You can't llnd a needle lu a hoy-
slack, and you cau't Und a needle In a
mouse. Some people wenry me exceedingly with their affectation of superior knowledge!
In liunnt.
"I'm a Utile puzzled." said Senator
Sorghum. "The remarks which have
reached iny ears from Hint old henchman of mine have worried me a groat
"Hut he merely aald lio did not re*
gurd you as a political boss."
"Exactly. Now, what do you think
be iin'i'ltt lo Imply by that; esteem or
insubordination?"- Washington Star.
ClRrktt'i Kola Oontpuuml ofiu-iuiij
Ter.i'«.l i.y tli<* ttiiii-ii Colombia
Oovaruuianl  ul   Uw   Home for In-
rumble*, K-tinii'.'i* -. 11. (.'., Hit-
Mt'dir-il SupertmemlMiT J'nmonn*
cprt Lnnc srn-nillnc   OlSOl   Cored.
ilntiT TOtnporaty 1 elief asthma remedies
turn durii.g tho past fnW years bwn placed
hofure the puhlie. imt until the introduction te
the medical profoasioo ol Clarke** Kola Compound, nothing hi* Iwn fouud lo bave any
effert oa preventing future nttaeki. Thc
Meilkiil Buperlnt-andcnl for tht* li-me forto-
Biirablesin KtunlooM, 11 C-thashad, prohai.lv
ilu* lust-.'11111111-In Coaadn t.i ihurougtily t-asl
iin- wonderful reni-ady lor aatbma. iu* rep irte
tlmt on Un* ih ma rnse* ot utlnna where
i'tnik.-'HK.ii.ii'*iiiioui*d I  n Iri. I, in not
bed moot of the tlm   im      rlraytat prertoni
totukhiK 1l1n.11111edy.a11d leaihan lliras bg|-
ties have completol) eio.il bor. Over our yeai
Ims now piK-sed, nml time bai not been lhe
sbjjiitesi imi ten* li.11 <>t tuibuu returning.
tiver fo uAfH-n have already been oured la
-uuuda atu v hy this remedy Hold by 1.11
Hi*ii|firiM*-. Fr*e -limp].- linitle sent 1.1 rm*,'per-
full. Mention this p.j.er. Addre 1, Tha 1'iifailia
tt Mhi*i lu-r-'-ii do., 1 1 riiuieli siri.t TorontOi
nr Vancouver, DtO.,solaCanidUn ngouts.
.'ti  t.iiiiui*!*  t'rncih'-Ml  Ultoll,  Ulil   I'o
ut.-rlj   PlniilUtfll  Huil  In Do ll.
■lutnpliiK from trains te nnn
i  In
tin*  Htthoad   biiMii.*-,  In  u-
memher when u Bagman wis not couald*
ornl half a llngnir.ti tiulen In* could tuch
ti Inntern or a Bug under lib arm nod lei
himself dowu to the ground from the
high step of a onbuoso when ihe tra'u was
running nt 2"i miles nn hour. Every man
»r tlie crow did it in those dnys. It wus
ant merely no ucoompllshmoutj it wus
something they hnd tn learn, for whieh
thoy hnd une in their business every duy.
In those days n flagman practlcnlly hnd
uo other duty thnn to protect the tear of
his train. The boohs of Instructions wofe
very explicit on this point, mid the word
"huaiediately" wns so prominent iimt you
could see it about as fur ns you could see
the ImiuIi itself. Tin' moment the Black
Clinic in rtio train nfter the engineer hnd
whistled for brakes tin* Ihigmnn wns supposed to Jump off und run hack to hold up
the iu'Xi it-uiti;'nml with trains runniuR
andi't* a live minim* limit n man hnd In he
particularly nimble. While men were
in it specially and officially Instructed in
thu art of jumping nil' moving trains, still
a jirakemuu hnd no ehanco of being promoted tn Bngtnnn if he lacked nerve or
wus otherwise n'nlit for tho practice.
There are sometimes tat flagmen mm.
Thitro were none then.
Tin: block system hns boon chiefly In*
strunieiitnl io doing nwny with train
jumping ns a flue art. By ihis system every trniii is assured of an absolutely cleat1
track fm* ii certain tllstanco. If for any
reasou a train conies to n stop between
two signal points a flagman must go bock,
Imt this is only in the nature of additional precaution. The flagman is no longer
the solo protector of ii train In the rear,
nnd ihe trains are under better control
nu nceoiiiit of the airbrake nnd other appliances.
It would be hard Io any how fust a
train U mnn could jump from. In general
il depended much upon the man. Men
linvi! jumped rrom trains running ut the
rate of 35 miles nn hour, and the flrst
step lhey took when they struck Ilie
ground was aboul a rail length—30 feet
Sometimes it was easy for them; at other
Mines a depression or nu olevutlon of nu
inch under your foot would bo enough to
make cv.iy muscle in yoiir body sine for
a week, although you were ttble to keep
your footing. Nownduys, except iu rare
eases, a mnn has no business aud is assuming nn unnecessary risk in getting on
or 'iff trains ninfiing faster than 14 miles
iin hour.—Chicago Inter Ocean.
Hon KcIhHvcn Whn llnvc Never Met
Pick l*i.el. other Out In 11 Crowd,
A uinii with a piece of pasteboard stuck
in his hniliaml where ii cnuid easily be
seen attracted the attention of a passenger in the Pennsylvania railroad waiting
rOOUl in Jersey I'ity on Sillnnlny after*
noon, nml walking over to Detective Peter Morris he said laughingly, "Look nt
that guy over there with tlio price tag in
his hat." Detective Morris walked carelessly nrouad in front of the "guy." mid
wln-n he gut hack he told the passenger
tltnt he had mude a mistake, "That's not
ii price tug." said lhe detective. "It's ft
card the mnn te WOSHng in his hut  for
Identification,   Walt awhile and you'll
know mure iihmit it."
In n few mlnntes the southern express
eame rolling Into the big train shed, the
locomotive putting nnd snorting. Tbo man
wiih the tug .stood in a conspicuous place
near the is-ute through which tho passengers pass on their way to the ferryboat
nml closely Watched tho passengers as
they came along. Finally bis eye rested
on a pretty yoUltg Woman who wore a
white snlln bow conspicuously on her
bosom. She caught sight of the tag at
lhe Same moment, nn.l lhe two greeted
each other cordially, eschnn-jing a few
words, and wetit toward lhe boat together.
"There," Bald Detective Morris to the
passenger who had discovered the tag.
"we have that bere every day. Those two
are probably relatives wh& have never
seen each olher before. I'eople in lhe
soulh nml west often send tbeir children
to visit relatives in New York who have
never seen then), unr havi* the relit lives
seen the children. In order that they
may not go astray or full Into the wrong
hands   lhe   relative   sent   lo   meet   them
wetii's something ctfusplcnous like the tag
in thai man's hat, and lhe visitor wears
a fdtnilnrly distinguishing-mark like the
satin bow the yntiiig wumao wore."—
New York Sun.
l-'vohHlnn Of tlio French Snrdlne.
The visitor to the coast of Maine is
ofton amused at the surprising versatility
of the lowly herring. In ninny nf the
horrlng COOBt villages thousands of eases
of herrings arc shipped to various sections
of the country disguised ns Preach tat*
dines, brook trout und mackerel.
The herrings, when unloaded from the
little steamer which brings litem from
ihe weir, are separated Into three piles,
according to size. The evolution of the
herring then begins. Tho largest size rapidly develop Into mackerel, the medium
size are soon well on llieir way to hccoiu-
hig^hrook trout, while the smallest in the
course of a day are ready Io be sent into
lhe unsuspecting world gorgeously labeled in black and gold, "Fine French Sardines."
Home slight difference in the preparation and the alluring labels are nil that
distinguish the mackerel from the brook
trout ami lhe brook troilt from the sat--
dlue.—New I.i pi iii i colt's.
Graileil Aecnrilhm to Capacity,
The amount of beer consumed by men
who work in breweries Is little tdiort of
nppiillliig. 100 glasses a day being not
considered unusual, lu one nf the breweries up town there is quite n system in
dispensing drinks to the employees. Kr-
ery man is graded according lo his capacity, and tickets nre issued lo the men
when they come to work in the morning.
Pnch ticket Is good for a glass of beer.
Hntne men get 100. miters HO. others IH)
and so on down In llie imvlOOS, who nre
only nllowed 2"i until Iheir capacity Is tie*
curiilcly Judged.-Philadelphia itecoid.
Miiiard's Liniment Cores Burns, Etc.
Costume -■'■'.■■ and ustlu finished cloths
nre classed ■   ■ rt'd   ig fabrics for
dress) 11    ■.■■'■
Vivid I. I velt  ■•>.;■-      1 nr toned
with Rtnnditti; and Ing h tek plumes.
ere Kt for*.!* foi -ln*=-**  *ff*nrei wear.
This Is undoiibtnHrj *-- ur and velvet
season," •;'-''- -•;-!i* he :.i-**i* grades
shown in both ihrtMf •g-*i',,i-. there have
been brought mn fnvthi holiday Trade
some holiday "diipllpoii**' —i >.. inferior
grndt-s with nu nttrselive "finish."
The   new    I ne    IV       -      I.i t.    with
plaits or wider kiln witched two-thirds
of their length front till lull dowu, it*
finding great fnvnr njbmuc ihe many women *,-, li" objet led in lln  '; ii   nnnd irned,
OUdraped sheath -ki;t nf r nt universal
Many "f the hnndsdmi guimpes and
yoke--, added in the v* .i - of winter
gowus, extend over the shoulders, forming n dressy sleeve cap nnd also Imparting an a] nrauce of additional breadth.
This is a diitincl advantage to slender
Curved and pointed passementeries
aud lace BppliqnCf laid prrr sum or ■applied directly i" the dress fabric ure so
arranged on some of the newest costumes
and evening toilets n- in suggest the
shadow of a coining event  iu  the form
of panniers.
The fronts of many of ihe fashionable
waists shown by city importers ate still
gracefully fnil and slightly drooping.
There is a narrow opening down the middle, the edges are scalloped and trimmed,
and a vest of net, hu-e or silk of contrasting color shuws beneath tho opening. A
rich wine color is un h liked for these
winter waists*.—New  Vork Post.
*■ ou nmt not cough all nignt and disturb your friends.; there ts no occasion
fur ion running the risk of contracting
Inflammation of the lungs or consumption
while you oan get Biokle's Antl-Uou-
sninptivo Syrup. This medicine cures
coughs, colds, Inflammation of tbe lungs
and all throat and chest troubles. It promotes a Iree and easy expectoration,
which immediately relieves the throat
and lungs from viscid phlegm.
J till it ( binnt-itin  ni n  Wiirlonini.
When he Is paid by time, the Chinaman does tint work uiorg than he can
help. When he is oil piecework, however, his affection for tho ulmlghty dollar, developed in his race to lhe highest
degree, makes ii his tendency lo skimp
his work, nnd very Ingenious indeed enn
he his devices in ihis direction. Itmining
a machine tool would seem, therefore, lo
bu WOt'k wherein he would he most effective, bul oven tlieh ho wants a smart
shop foreman, uol "f his own race, lo sea
that tools are rn lining at an effect ive
speed and cutlers held up to iheir wilrk.
What can certainly he said ul present is
that It takes more of him to dn an equal
amount of work in n given lime as compared with'the European. It took ll coolies to curry lhe luggage of a representative of Engineering from n holel in a railway station, where one'liian and a hand-
cart would have sulllccd. This overplus
of labor and infinitesimal coinage is responsible also fnr the terrible amount of
theft of small loose putts, or eveu fixed
parts, nf the loose ot* Used plant on the
i*ullwiivs.-Undon (llobe.
liout-Nt Boy.
"I am glnd ihere are a few honest
people left.   Two years ngo I sent a
boy a round the cornet* to buy a postal
card.    1 have never scon the boy to
this day."
"You don'l enll Hint boy honest?"
"Yes, sir.   This morning I received
ii postal with this on the back: 'Dear
Sir—Here is yonr postal.   I Blurted Id
business with the penny you gave mo
and have prospered.   Thanks.'"—Chicago Sewn,
Chronic Ilnmi-liitia lured,
Mr. Charles E. Held, the leading
IruggUt of Revelstoke, li. C, says: "I
have every reasou to believe Griffiths'
Menthol Liniment will euro chronic
bronchitis. A lndy customer says she has
been troubled wlih chronic bronchitis for
years, and that this liniment has cured
ber complutely. lt alwaya gives the beat
satisfaction to my customers. 26 cents.
All druggists.
riim i
Supposing a woddi'hopper in ths
Maine fores) is (uhl to get out a mast
for u yacht, lie kimftJH ihat be must
llnd a irw which is straight for 00
feet below the branches. It would be
very troublesome to eltnib trees .lid
measure them with a tape measure,
so be. without knowing It. uses ptac-
tlcal trigonometry. lie measures jff
GO feet In n straight line from the tree,
nnd then he cuts a pole, which, when
uptight In ihe ground. Is exactly as tall
ns   himself.     This   lie   plants   In   the
earth fits own length irom the end of
his iH) reel.
For cNuiuph*. if be Is six feet tall, he
plants his six tool pole 3-1 feet from
the Tree. Then he ties down on his
bnck. with bis head at the end of the
Mtie ami his feel torching lhe pole,
nnd Bights over the top of it. Uo
knows lhat where his eyes touch the
Iree is almost exactly UO feet fro*^
the ground.-Weekly Bouquet-
Bave their blood enriched, their
heart strengthened and their
cheeks rosy by -using Milburn's
Heart and Nerve Pills.
Insufficient quantity or poor quality of
the blood is one of tho evil results that
usimlly follow say derangement of the
If the heart becomes weakened la any
way it cannot pump the hlood to the lungs
ss It should, there to be purified and impregnated with the life-giving oxygen.
As a result the
blood deteriorates.
It loses its nourishing, vitalizing,
health-giving qualities. The faoe becomes pale, thin
and waxen, the lips
bloodless, the hands
end feet oold.
There Is weakness, tiredness,
shortness of breath and palpitation. When
those suffering from thin or watery blood
start taking Milburn's Heart and Nerve
Pills they are assured of a cure. Every
dose acts on tbe heart itself, causing It
to beat strong, stoady and regular.
Evory dose, too, introduces Into ths
blood those vital elements necessary to
mako it rich and red.
Soon tho pnlo cheek takes on the rosy
huo of health, thoro Is strength instead of
weakness, energy and activity take the
placo of tiredness and Inssitudn.
Miss M. Skulllou, of) Turner Street,
Ottawa, Ont., says: "I was greatly
troubled with my heart, together with
extreme nervousness for many years.
Theso complaints brought about great
weakness and feeling of tiredness. My
blood was of poor quality-, so maoh so that I
liei'iitno pnlo nnd I'.ngiiid. Milburn's
Heart and Nerve Pills cured me after all
olso failed. Thoy built np my system,
enrlohad my blood, strengthened my
nerves end restored ms to health."
Couldn't sleepy at mg*ht
with the torture.
Eczema, or Suit Rheum as it I.**
often called, is one of llie most
Agonizing of skin diseases, nothing
but torture during tho day a:ni twofold torture at uight.
But there's n remedy permanently
cures the worst kind of Eczema-
relieves the itching, burning and
smarting* and soon leaves the skin
smooth and healthy.
It is Burdock Hlood Hitters.
Mrs. Welch, Greenbank, Om,,
tried it and here is what she says;
"H.H.R cured me of Ecsema three years
bro nnd I have had no return of it since.
1 was so bad (hat I could not Bleep at nighi
wilh h.
"Being* told of B.B.B. I tried It, and two I
battlesmadeaperfci tundpermoncutcure.' '
"W R. A. Lister * Co., Ld.
V^-iffi 232   KING   STREET,   WINNIPEG,
fftn mall to you gratia thoh r*o*x DABVS IlAND BOOK, If you
sctid yuiir oddre.s to ilium, ot sume t tu-b seating how many cow*
you Intend to miite neu t**oson,ln.'w yuu rni-j*.' yoai cream nt j-refl-nt.
mid what make of Citfim Scparutor ynu use, if vou. have one. 1 ids
little book contain-- eompk-te directions fot mukini* butler, besidei
much other us ful intnrmti'lon. Do not fnil lo procure ore while
tbey la-it. It is we I worth $*• to nny one making Uutu-r, iind coats
jou nothing, lust ihe trouble ot sending tin* information rt-o,ui>-4i:d.
Cold weather never couiructs the price
of fuel.—M.tlwaukea Belulncl.
Man now arranges his coat so that he
will get hot under the cottar.-*—Pittsburg
The "beautiful .-now" pools nro liable
to sutter with fatigue at tbo imagination
thin BOaBoii.—Baltimore News.
We have no he-ril-Minn in ntlvlslng our
readers that it is mnv Bnfe tu remove tbe
Bcreens and ont on ihe double windows.—*
Kt. 1-nul Pioneer Press.
One ean always tell when winter has
arrived by the number nf cheerful Idiots
wlm simply must gt't oil' and on tbe front
end of tbe street car.—Memphis Cummer-
tinl Appeal.
.Inst hh cold winter arrives reports of
coal scarcity are rife. It wonld indeed
be marvelous if after so many .vears' ox-
pi'lh-ltee the clever COlll iiieiilnilil could
mu get ahead nt ■th.- long spoil or mild
weather which musl have gronily in-
eiviiM'd Uu* eoiil reserved-Chicago Dally
CANNOT BE BKAT.—Mr. M: telolii
book, SSurloh. writes:—"I have used Dr.
Thomas' Uoleotriu Oil In my family torn
number nf years, tuid 1 oan safely sny
that tt Qinnut* tie bent far tbe cure of
croup, fresh outs and spralus, My littlo
hoy has hnd attoottfi ur croup several
timo**, nnd om- dose of In*. Thomas' Eloo
tro Oil wns suHlclonl for a perfect euro
1 tnl'ii greai. pleasure in recotrtmouding it
U a family tuedlolue, and I would not In*
without a linitle in tlu* homo"
A Holl el tn  HU Urn ill.
A hoBplml physician pointed mil nn
orderly to a gunilenuiu who was vlsli  ]
Iiir lhc institution recently nml said: |
"That mini has for five years carried I
around a bullet  In  his brain.   Plvo
years uro he become despondent hi* i
cause of poverty, pul a .12 caliber pis I
tol behind his loft i-ur, pulled tlie iHh
per ntul  fell apiinruutly  dead.    The
hnll made a small, round holo and te ;
-nialiu'il lodged somewhere lu his head '
A few hours after he was brought here :
be regained consciousness, and. grenl :
ly to our surprise, he made a rapid re
covery.  Tliu wound was never probed
and uu effort has been mnde to locate
the bullet.   After he wuh able to waJI* '
about wu noticed tbnt he was a trifle
Irrjitlomil—not   mud   you   know—bm '
weakiniuded.   A considerable portion
of his brain must without doubt be en* j
tlrely destroyed,   The human animal j
is certainly ihe hnnlo-t thing on eai'th i
to kill."     	
THIOl' drove pimples away.-
A face covered with plmplus is uusigiitly.
Htill-. of internal lrreguhirltio-9 wbloh
"Bhould hmg since have hetU corrected.
Tne livtr ami the ktfluoysarii hot per
forming then-  functions   in lie* health?
way they should, aad those pimples aro
to lot nm know t'lai the blind protests,
ParuieleoB V get-able fills will drive
thou* all away, und will leave tho Bkln
olear and oli-n i, Try thom, and there will
be another witness to their biooIIuuos.
<"■■     i basils of lhe longest pendulum
Id. lhe satin* having recenllv
: .■■•! i.■:. u iii the Mnaeulc temple. We
mny now exjieci to hear that thc Windy
City Is Mib-dxihigun lick.—Omaha News.
Wi-lem avenue, wlih iti 1!2 mites of
tens h irlthln thr city, is tho longest
Birr, t In t hii uro    h Is nl»o, as a con-
reqitp  iv i'":* -i municipal highway
in At r lea . ■ I probably In the world.-
i lie i -  p     :' Clen land complain that
th.ii *t.*. ■- *   ■  ■.;*■■    Here i* ill its! rated
oue of lit ' . i - bt Iween tbe people
of Clen lui ■■ and iIk.ip of Chicago. The
latter n ru»e tn waste any energy iu voic-
[ng complaints thai bring uo returns.—•
("iii«-:i.-.'o Times-Herald,
Montreal, Kree Bu-. Atn
l\ |1.6j up.   K. I'.Jl.wi «*n.
Wlmt One Heart, in tlie Telephone.
-ii Is very hard to realize that the
voice one hours out tlu* lolepbooe is
uot the voico of Um person who Is
talking." said nn electrician. chnt:lng
tilioilt (he oddities of tflU busllH'RS, "It
seems exactly like the real tones,
drawn out thin aud small and carried
from a long dlstauco hy some mcchan
lent means, bill * Isn't. When one
speaks Into the Instrument, tl little
diaphragm, like a drumhead, beglus io
vibrate, ami each  vibration sends s
wove of clcctl'lclt) over the wire. These
waves set up a ininilc vibration in uu-
other tllnphrngm nt the opposite etui.
which jars the air and produces an
imitation of the original voice.
•Thai's not ti very scientific explanation, bul it's accurate. The nolograph-
tch-grniili, whleh makes a facsimile of
hnuthvrliliig. is a tali parallel Vou
write your messagu with a pen. at*
lathed lo n special electric apparatus,
ami a Utile Ink siphon at the other end
of mo Hue exactly Imitates every dot
nml curve, The result seems like the
real llilug, hut te merely a ilrst class
counterfeit, It's the saute way exactly
with ilu* voice in the 'phono,"—New Orleans Times- Democrat
Manufactured -•> runs, li l. winni)**-*--.
W. V, U.   258
THE  ■
Mures, Robinson & Block, Managers.
l-.t.-r IHeb-.Mii. \a,„t tar Uf>n,
aiol N.W.T.
m WlNMITr.l.,   UAK,
\J South Aii lea t ur bookl ln Aiir), *n4
I>*wlsbt I.. Mooly.thi* Mnit mid Hll
Mlitlon. Be tli 11-1 l.i ill ■■••.•. i:: i ciutifulitr
Itiustrrni; <i n-liub tfebi utfttter Ilk* soma «
tli«b--..kioff-re-l furialc. Prices a*** down,
ttrras -Jxtra Ub rsl. Pr ■*.« t-.n ef tlritlookv« ,
of sn-ouil book Sic . or both ierTV ,un-ui t re-
fniiil-'-i wlihflntorderf.rAvebooki Wi;ii«.m
HrlL'O.M-Jili-'.liJt ggOfcj rub. H.uic.loionto.
(in   biB,-.   U :i-;t>n..   llHi-rnw,,   Wttulii>llir»|
Ae,    COCKSHUTT   PLOW   CO.,   Wm  ipt(.
LUCAS, STEtLLi B£ 5T:i.     Clrclei*.-.
sr-lEHi ii.iiiiut.ii-, dnt,     i.s.* n.vpict
/   USE
CoilTloli  WIlO Sllltik*  *U«rliiimii».
Iii southern Mexico the jail nud prison ntllchils experience great ill theu Ity
iu trying to prevent the smuggling iuto
their Inst ltut Ions or thc seductive
This Is a klud of "loco" weed, more
powerful thnn opium. It grows from
seed hi cultivation Iu southern Ariz-ma and in Mexico, it is a danger-
oii h thing for ihe uninitiated to handle,
but those who know Its uses sny ii
produces more delightful dreams than
The Mexicans mix it witb tobacco
nnd snioku It In cigarettes, lubnliug
the smoke. Wheu used iu this way,
ll produces a hilarious spirit iu the
smoker that cuuuot be equaled by any
olher form of dissipation. The governor of the prison nt Vuma has just un-
enrthed a large quantity of tbe weed
that bad beeu hidden wilhin reach of
the   i/otiviets   who   work   lo   outside
1BLE       i
KHEDIVE AND nip in-*?
red cross  (fluAno
An wsHhdi goarmntced Pors HiiTana
Filler, cud mh phsrtM the rao«t
fa'tidioiL- tiLoker.
The jt-aily incrra-H: of Ssl-M ptoitea SB
n-fprtc.-it tb i-ublic.     Manu-
factored udy by
GEO. F.  BRYAN  & CO.,
! Catholic Prayer %$&?!;£$.
i ul*r-,K ll-j-.■:.-['. irtm ttstmr;, nd church
Ornu    ti. fidscsiioaal ivotki   Bit ■r.Vrm**
I«!«prompt.ttroikw \\.k\ WWAV-'X K'-'HtU
Hub Becoiuo nn I \ v>->-i.
"Are you never uneasy when yonr
husband comes home Into at uight?"
'' iiloss yuu, nol lean always toll
whnt lodge lie bus beeu attending by
the quality of lhe oigarodor be brings
homo with him.''
A Good '•fllaff."
"Look here." said the mnnnger of ihe
mining stock compauy. "We've sot to
keep up n bold front. How enn we
Impress oiu* correspondents ihat wp
nre doing n rushing business';"
"We might Btlck our stamps on up-
olilc dowu." ventuied the u*w clerk.—
Chicago News.
Why go limping arod "hiultig aoout
our on -Jr. wben a 25 cvnt bottls of Hol-
uwaj s Uora tue will reaiove them f
ilvc i*. a trial i:..: you •*:.: not rtgn-i It
■SoDnil  nnrl   BBhitfinrf.
"Kitl.y StEflggs Is n gmtl in!k»*r."
"Dots lie evtT nny onyiblngl1**
Groaa Dattcrr.
Mat*rlnln In a i'lnno.
Thero ni 48 different materials used
in constructing n piano, from no fewer than ns different oonutrios, employing 45 difterent hands.
VIVED.—uouBtuiid oppliuBtioa to bust
ness i*- a tax uuuii tno niurglesi ami If
tnere be n t n*lax umi, losiitude a >tl de*
pres-lon am suro to lnt<rvtU", Theoc
como Irom stotnuohlo troubles. Tin* want
of exeroUo brlu-js-on turious Irregularl
ths. and the -t-u: >oii ocivei to a-sunilute
food nroporly In ihis condl ion Panno-
lee'u Vcpft-t tutu l'i I Is «il i e found ft re-
tnper.tiva of ia*o powt-r, restoring the
orgiiiiH tn Ji-jtithti.l aoilotij di-pellltig
deptt'-iiii'ii,   ii d   levfvlng   tliu   Hugging
Mother Grans* Worm Bxtermlutor Is
iilt-awut to takt*; sure arid •-:'!.-(; *al Id
..■-*:■■ v ;.ic vi-iin.3 fciaoy Lave triud lt
-Alt!) ':•-.: rfcEUlu.
Grain, Provisions »nd Btocks
Prlva e W r« Coanectlon wi h a I lAmAlnn
Markeu. <-■■■ •, -.v. -..-.-;•- B- :,gh\ .-v.rlnid
C '.-■■■. n llxrg OA. V, i • ■ ''.1-x.r.r- f*>i\ie:,lnA.
PriT»te Cypher OodaVnndnSd open AupU.->
148 Princess St., Winnipeg, Man.
I'. 0. DBAWML IM7.
MntJc a Sllitht Mistake.
Before nceeptlug un Invitation it Is
ns well io be sure it hs given in good
fnlih. After nn afternoon service held
mnny years ngo iu n eeriaiii village iu
Scotland, the preacher, n stranger, who
Imd otlk-lnieil. accompanied one of the ;
elders of the congregation home, and ]
was Introduced to Ids wife. The good
mnn hnvlim- naked the clergyman to
stnj to dinner, lhe latter, after n little
pressing, couseuit'ii,
The good lady hurried off to prepare
for the unexpected guest, nud seeing.
as she thought, her husband washing.
ns was the custom In those days, al
the family sink, she seized the family
Bible, nppniaeli.il stealthily from behind und brotight down ihe ponderous
tome upon his Imhl pate, exclaim lug:
"Tflk' ye tluii for bringing hungry
preachers here to dinner every lime
they como to the parish."
As soon as the assaulted oue could
get the suds out of his eyes be looked
about hlm. nnd. nfter ihluttlng ihe matter cut, concluded llml the old lndy had
made u si Igh I mistake, she, too. (-ame
to ihe stiiite cntn hisioii wheu, ou returning in the parlor, she beheld Iter
hmdinml pnt lent ly waiting for his rev*
erend friend!'
All lie Could See.
"What Is ftV" nsked ihe mnn who
wns struggling to sit- what was tnklug
place In ihe storm center of the crowd.
Indicated by ihe policeman's helmet
hat.   "What Is ll?   Itol.l.erH'r"
"No!" replied the disgusted man who
waa trying to crowd his wny out.
Hippo (read I ii ki-And with kind permission of onr gentle render, etc.-New
Vork Journal.
P«j In SCRIP for Dominion Land. u4
Save 20 per Cent. Diiconnt.
For lull information apoly to
Alloway & Champion,
Or touij office of tho MERCHANTS' BANK
CANADA ln  Man:.,,.,,, or the Wat.
Can Be Yours.
Do not try experiments with your
health. If you are not well use only
a medicine known to cure. Dr. Williams' I'ink Pills are not an experiment. They have cured thousands
of people, who had tried common medicines and failed tu find
health.    Some of the cured are in your own neighborhood.
Mr. F. Mission, Delcau, Man.. WrMeet— "I ran speak In tho liighcl lenns of
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills as a med'olne for iriiuiicl.iiK tho aystem. Pnrlotu to
in-iiig tin: nilla 1 musttfletina from litatia, la*, lossol Appetite nnd eitnme nerr-
oUHneaa, wliich It-It tno In a .try wi-ak condition, 'llio, I, ni»I woik would f.tiguo
m^. I enn now any nowerer, inat I aero: fell belter in my lifo than 1 oo nt pre»-
ent, Minolta t.» Dr. Williama' Pink Pill.-. Similar aulToiore—ond tlwro ero many-
will find ,t t„ (lioir uroat advnntnKo to uh, Uwes |nlla."
Do not take anything that does not bear the full name "Dr. Williams'
Fink Fills for Pale People." It is an experiment and a hazardous on*
to use a substitute. Sold by all dealers or post paid at 60 cents a box,
or six boxes for $2.60, by addressing the Dr. Williams' Medicine Oo.,
MINARD'S liniment lor Sail Everywhere.   Broekriue. 1. o.o.r. Ke) City Lodge
No, i.\ Mceto overy t'lf-
rtaj nlulit at their hall ou
1 Frilowi eonlliUly luvllcil.
wsiircer,      J. l\ Kluk,    A. I- MoDormot,
S.ti, v. i;. Hco'y.
■'*, Stationery
Books, etc.
Beattie's Drug Store,
Post Oflice Building.
*    *
Picked  Up About lhe City  by Asking
Questions ol Many People.
Walt for the Home Minstrels.
John I'ink -.van in town Sundny.
W, S  K* ;.v visited Moyie Tiiesiliiy.
Archie Cunie vi-itwi Moyie Monday,
R I*;. Healtic visited Moyie last .Sunday.
Avnlon nott* and envebpts are tbe
correct thing.   At Beattie's.
A, T.eilcb returned Monday from a
trip to Calgaty and Lethbridge.
T. A. Creighlou has bfen on the sick
li«t tbt: pnst week with a bad cold.
Charles Edwards enme up from the
ranch last Saturday for a few days.
A Masonic lodge will be organized in
Cranbrook some unit- next mouth.
I'ntii Proclor, of Nelson, has gone to
England to close np two nig deal.1'.
Henry Broulette, who is now constable at Kimberley, hus been in town this
J. J. Joyce and Mr. Stone visited Nel-
nti and the new lown of Proctor thin
Ale* Carr, formerly n firemnll ou tin-
Crow, intends to go to Cnpe Nome in
0. II. Oilpln came over from Fort
Steele Friday lo luok after his business
in Ibis town.
We hnve three ranches for salt* within
live tulles of Craubrook. McVittle St
German Sox, Rubbers and Mnckinaws
•ijoinH at cost at the Furl Steele Mercantile company.
William Cariin, the well known merchant of Fort Steele, was a Craubrook
visitor Saturday.
Archie Mcleod, who holds the position ol constable in Pernie, was in lown
a shott lime Friday.
Hurry Bentley, ol Fernie, was a visitor
in lown several days lasl week and met
many of his friends,
Frank Kaukin has been laid up the
past week with a severe cold, but is
rapidly recovering.
The Fort Sleele Mercantile company
are selling Rnblieis, Mnck'iniws ami
German Socks ni cost.
House for sale—Four rooms and shed,
J225, of which $150 must be in cash.
McViltie & Hutchison.
A cost sale of Rubbers, German Sox
nml Mnckinaws now on al lhe Fort
Scele Mercantile company,
James ('.ill, of the (1. II Gilpin store,
is now located with his family iu Ihe
rooms vacated by C, Maggs.
" Governor" Hanson, of Wasa, was in
town yesterday and today on hlsmoutllly
visit to the commercial center.
11. II. Miner, ofthe Pioneer Hardware
more, is in Winnipeg looking after n
heavy shipment of goods for his summer
W. Bryden, who hns charge of the
diamond drill work at lhe North Star
mine, has been 111 town several days tlm
p, McConnell has a liue lot of milrli
cows mnv, and on the 15II) Of tbe montli
will put in a wagon ond operates regular
milk route.
Rev. Long hns been occupying the
Presbyterian pulpit in this city ihe pnsi
few weeks, and be has made 11 mosl favorable impression.
Kd Orchard, the chef nt the Cosmopolitan, is back again after a week's va-
cution, and things are humming again
nrouud the dining-room.
Miss Jessie I.cilch, lhe eldest daughter
of Mr. and Mrs A. heltcli, is expected
to return home some time next week.
She has been spending the winter in
Tlie Fisk Jubilee singers appeared he-
fine a crowded home last night, at the
M. 1*;. church. The entertainment was 11
success hoth from n financial and artistic
Messrs. George Richardson nnd W. I.,
McKemtje, of the C. I*. R. engineers'
ollice, lelt yesterday uiorning for Victoria
tu take the provincial examination ior
land surveyors.
Mrs. W. A. Miner and daughter «r-
rivuil yesterday from St. Thomas, Ont,,
to join Mr. Mlmr here. They will make
their home in lhe hou-e Mr, Miner has
built on Haker lllll,
Hugh Cameron, formetly well known
in Cranbrook as the water man, returned
lusl week from au extended visit to Scotland. He had a good time, but says
Hint he is pleased tu gel back to Cran
Jimmy McNeil, of the Cosmopolitan,
is the happy recipient of a bunch of
neckties from his friend I). J, Elmer,
that has set the crowd wild with envy.
They are the latest, with tht tints ofthe
rainbow, which makes Jimmy's smile
seductive iu tbe extreme, *
A Inl of forellioilgnt —Protect yourself
by protecting your properly. —Your
money saved even if your house ii
burned. Every dollnr spent Biives you
lnss —The money conies when ymi need
it,—See McViltie t*ii Hutchison. 1
lidn't last Ion,' ns we are broke again,
JUSt U'll .KI P'ishee Ihall don't think j
much of his country as wc have had
three meals nnd Ind lish ut every one ol j
them. We haven't hnd much time since 1
we si'iiek here. Thev tendered us a tree ;
slinking cone rt last night hill il was n j
(ir,Uy tame alfiir, Mottling only soft
slulf M diink. 1 wns nol the*e myself j
We hnve gol all lhe horses on bonrd uc.d
expect In leave here ihis afternoon at
17 k, The boat is not very large and
[ think we will be pretty well crowd-id.
We have lo psiiade the town i< day lit-
lore we leave. The weather here is very
soli aud lhe roads ae lit bad bltapo for
p muling. Ike Foster hurt his fool yes-
leidiy ntul uuinol walk very well today
llarrv Morgan is in the guard house lor
using too much lip. He was put in nl
Ottawa and hns not got out yet. AH tl e
test of th-- boys are In pretty good
health, We hnve lots of fun with Peterson.. I knew No 10 WOllld run short of
clothes ns soon as 1 left. It would be
deck soup for yon, McNeil and brock if
I should fall back there with four suits
of clothes, I alwnys hnd lots of socks
When I was in Crnnbrook, but Brock
would wear ihem first nnd throw them
over to ine, nnd that is why I never had
n clean p ir Ihere. I suppose Tom Well-
man is in Cranbrook. P'e.ise give him
my rtgards, 'Ihere has "jnst beeu an
oider given to pack up blankets, and I
Bee O'Fish carrying hii pack out. I
guess 1 will have to go nud puck up.
Well, lhe buys nil send their beat respects lo the boys in Cruubrook. We
Imve names for tbe horses. Fos'er is
calling his 1'usliee. Mine is Moucher.
Kennedy calls his Salty. Chaille calls
his Caven. O'Fish calls his Bo, aud
there are a couple of iads that hnve not
got names lor theirs yet. Well, old sou,
I must quit now with best respects to all
the hoys. Good bye. From your old
friend, Walt Kdwaids.
Notkc Is hereby given that oa the ttliitny or
Man li. low, tt wim ordered by .1. a. Forln,
Ksi|., Juilgo »i t:n* sulci I'liuri, mat Jnnies Fergu-
sun j-uinslroiiKi odloiid tutmlnlstrater nr tin*
ootiaiy ot Koot 'nay, in* administrator or nil ami
Btiiguuu tho Bonds, chattels nml oredlt or w 11-
ll.iin . aa.li lii'lil, ot Cranbrook, railway contractor, liocwised, with will annexed,
Every iwiwil In'obli-il to said ili-ci-asi-d Is re-
i|nii ed to make iiayineiit forthwith to t in* undor-
1 very person Inula*; lu noss-ssln 1 aHectB bo-
longing tn the ilcQcasful Is required forthwith to
aoiiry tin.* unilersiuaetl.   Every  creditor  nr
! o hdr   poison   having   nny   claim   upon,  or
1    1    11 nf interest in tie distribution nt the ie.sooiti
'■' '*■"' 11 estate   or   the »uid   det-ensed.   Is  required
htity days of   this   date,   tu   stud
r adilie.seil to the under-
I ndilrt-ss, a id the fail par-
tloularj of his r)-thu or Interest, nnd a si tement
or uu account, ami 110 nature or the security iin
niiyiheldUj him.
Afienlin oxplrutl ti or the said thirty dnys.
Well Jt'thaAdiiilulitnit-'ir will proceed w.th tha dlslrl*
■■'■- -<int". havlno regard lo ilio-io
Tlie l.asi News Regarding Ibe Contingent lies
Been Received Prom Edwards.
Halifax, March 15, 1900.
Dear  Fiiend   linens:     Received  your
most welcome letter   last uight and was
very glad to get the news,   We left O-
tawa last Monday morning ami arrived
here Thursday  morning.   We hnd  a
good   time   ill   Montreal.    The   streets
were lined with people wheu we parade;'.
We bad supper at tbe Windsor hold and
it   was  a pretty swell affair.    Alter sup
per Kennedy and mysel
ihe dining room and got iu wuh four of IwTtliin
the McGill college boy*, Bad I guess we Uy rctjlttereil let
bad a poor time driving around town in  *■"(-'"J ll'
n fuur-in-hantl.    Well,   say,  ynu should
have seen us go.    Didn't  care  lor anything.    The boys gave   us twenty Wil
t apiece (poor thing, eh)
ait I' n «nin
tinliiii oniv or wlm b he shall havu had notice,
Dated id ion Steele, this will day ot Maroh
JAMKd l*l*]:iit*s(iN AiiMSTltnNO,
iMIli'ld Ail iMilitnr.
flanker Konis a Robber.
J. K. Garrison, cashier of the bank of
Thoriiville, Ohio, hnd bein robbed of
health by a serious luug trouble until he
tried Dr. Kind's New Discovery for eon-
sumption, Then he wrote: "It is the
best medicine I ever used fur a severe
cold or a hnd case of lung trouble. I always keep a bottle on hand." Don'l
stiller with coughs, colds, or any throat,
chest or lung trouble when you can be
cured   so easily.    Only   50c   and *fi   nt
Beattie's dtugstorc,
A. S. Prize)), representing the Port
Steele llrewery, was iu town Monday,
looking alter his trade. Tlie brewery is
producing a line iptnlity nf beer, and tlie
demand is increasing throughout this
entire district.
No, r.l.
WT, iso;."
ave this day roRlster-
1 Compiniy"
, miller the
ry oat or olfcet all
nlmi (lull-nil
oliy Cert fy thai 1 a.
".Mastodon Hold 111
littra l rovlnclal
Mil pun.ei Aet, l:
or nay of the objects lierelnnnoi n.*t r-rth to
u In I'll the 1.,'xl.Hliilivi! Atitlinrlly of the l.enlsl*
in e of Hritlsli Coliiiahln extend,
Tho head ollleu nf the (Jump my li sKinled In
the City uf Spokane, lu thn County of Spokane,
In ih* st iti* of Washington.
The iimnunt of the 1 apital of thc Company Is
Two Hundred Thousand Dollars, divided into
twu llun red Ttioiuaiid Sliares of Ouu Dollar
The h'nd oiiiee of tic Company in this pro'-
vim-L- is hi t nut .-I I hi 1 muiirouk, lit the J'rovlnee
of llillsh Cnhimhla and ,1. H. Taylor, whose
address 11 Cr-mlm O'-i, Kurt Sleel j .M1h.hr Division of tiie 1 >ist 1 let or linst Koolcnay, Hritlsli
loiiimi) a, is the tutor..ey for the Company,
Tim time nt ilu existence of the Company Is
fifty years,
Tho objects f.ir willed theCnmpuay Iim been
established urci .Mining, huiiuik ami snieiiiug
, nrposPB) fm- building, eiiul,i| iiir nud n iui:i«itig
ivner lliiBCSt for the building, equipping and
iiperatiriK eleelrlu n'aiiU; fnr liu; hiilldliig and
running nf raUniotls; ami for the <<iiriik1iir id nil
s tell busllies.-l In relation with or Incident to
mlnbig, milii ig und smelling. In tho stale or
Washington, I'nlt d males of Anurlca, Itrltish
Columbia nnd elsewhere
iiivi-;.N under my hand and seal of onlee at
Vhlorm,   I'rovlnee   of   Ur thli   I'olimitilu,
.hi d    day   of   .March,   line   tlio.nmnd   nine
Z!'.   Iteitl-tiar of Joint sto -k t'omnaaies
Pursuant to "Creditors  Prist Deeds Act.
?oili!0 u liereliy given that Clement Maggs
nml 1'iaiik \v, Huglu's, I railing under the name,
it) le nail Una of Mngg-i-Si Hughes, la the towns
of 1 raii'.r-ok.nu I Mnj le, in the province of britisli <'ol hla, have Uy died hearing dale the Mh
dny of February, a. I)., i:>r\ luduncd ulljtheli
liersmial rstnie, credit* nnd elTeels, which may
in* seized an 1 sold under execution, mid nil tla-lr
renl estate, In William 11. Itoss, of lhe town of
Kurt Steele, hi the said i.rnvliiuetif llrltlshfol-
niahlil, liarrbtur-nt-law, in trust fm- the genera]
lieunllt of tthelreieil.tois. I'he snid (k-ed was
oxeeuto.1 hy (he Mild nssiRnor on the Hh day of
I'eliiiiary. unto, and by the said assignee on the
Itftll ibiy ot Fehritaiy, IWO,   All iiersons, Unas
and corporations having elalms against the said
.Mtigg-i & Hughes nre required to fortvanl to the
undersigned full particulars or their claims, duty
verified, ami the nature of the securities, irany,
herd on oribt'foro.lhe Mill day of Maroh, IWW,
And notice Is hereby given thm after the nnid
30th dny or March, 1W», the itssiRnee will proceed to distribute ibe assets of the e-tnte among
the pm tier entitled thereto, having reg.inl only
to the clnlms nr which the said assutaea shall
then have had nut iee. anil th-tt the snid jiH-lgiin-
Will .not hi! n*S|in:!Hihle for tlin tiSIOts, nr nay
p.ut iheicaf, si distributed to nny person or
1 ii-notli, llrm or corporation, of whose debt or
did 11 he shall not theu haw* had nut lee.
A meeting or ilie ei-edltors nml the said assignor will he held at ihonfilceotUM, Kdwards
In the said town nf Cniulimiik r.n Saturday tbo
ITthdiy nr l-etiriiary, IWW, at ,V o'clock In the
Diiieii this lath day or February, imo.o
Take The Herald—Only $2.00
I !*
yf ...Reserved lor... ' s
I Leask & Rankin j j
W Particulars next week. , '
fi H Miner  The pioneer
\A*  IS.   Ll llll VI      HARDWARE STORE
You will find a large stock of
Of all kinds.   Now is the time to PAINT  YOUR HOMES.    We
have got the paint to do it with.
BICYCLES in stock and more coming.
ROOFING TIN and painted metal.
All work in tin shop first-ctass and promptly attended to.
Cranbrook and Hoyie.
House 1 Sign Painters
Opposite Canadian Bank Commerce
James Kerrigan
Carries complete hues of
Dry Goods, Hen's Furnishings,
House Furnishings, Hardware,
Crockery, Groceries and
Lines complete in all departments.
. ■■■»■.,■•»■)■■»■	
dt dt Special Notice, v* dt
Having recently received a car load of furniture we are in a
position to supply any demand.
From Litigation.
Wholesale Grocer
General Agent
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Whiskey     Wines
Ale   Stout
Rossland Beer in Kcrs
As KIMBERLEY is bound to be the MINING TOWN
OF EAST KOOTENAY, being situated in the center of the
strongest mineral zone in British Columbia, containing such
mines as the North Star, Sullivan, Quantrcll, Buckhorn, Stem-
winder, Black Bear, Kootenay Consolidated, etc. Now is the
time to purchase lots, as there are only a few left, and as the
L. P. R railway arrived in town this week, a rush for lots will
leave somebody in the cold.
KbS?fbubyu,yb°ufr' Lotsfrom $1254400
Apply    Fort Steele Development Syndicate,
N. A. Wallinger, Mgr. Fort Steele, B. C.
Heated by hot air throughout.
The dining room is first class.
Every convenience tor travelers.
Hotel S S
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
The best of liquors at thc bar.
All the rooms neatly furnished.
Rates, $2.00 per day.
Planing Mill
«pd Sash and ::
Door Factory
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
•iyrups, Champagnes, Gdeis,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
economical way to handle it.
...Manufacturers of...
Sash  .*  Doors .* Mouldings
jt   Frames   jt
Band Sawing  .-* Turning
Chas. Estmere...
Real Estate,
Mining Br ker
CRANBROOK,    -    B. C
Olllclal Watch Inspector lar C, P. R,
lllnrk near... 3jic   Empire  9*-'
Kimberley Consolidated, 10c
Kimberley, B. C
Via Craabrook
New Stand
New Skylight
New Scenery
Better Work
Picture fromes in stock. Sizes
always on hand, and a good
stock of moulding to make any
size.   Give us a call.
Prest & Co.,"
§Jk*f— Three iloors east of I-ostoffice.
But to have it pay
properly, you must
get the value of your
money in paper, and
then have the paper
put on by workmen
who understand their
business. Any man
can paper a room and
any man can cut a
head of hair. But,
the question arises,
how will it be done?
Do you want your
paper to wrinkle? Do
you want a botch job
No, of course you
don't. You want
good work. When
you are ready, see
Pieper & Currie
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning,
Better Subscribe!   $2.00.
®2&Q$lJ$2i§2^^ fe^Akh-liAli^-KSH®- ®-®<f ■ ®
CRANBROOK, > British Columbia. 1
r'DA IV Ronnie !•« the divisional point of the Crows W
CKA1M DKUUIV Nest Pass Railroad. %
rrt*flflHt*-nnk' ^as a I0"sta*" round house, large machine W
wrdllUI UUIv shops, expensive railroad buildings and ex- w
tensive railroad yards. |»|
Cranbrook ,s the natural and commercial center of South East f-|
Kootenay. |I|
Cranbrook "s the headquarters for wholesale houses and corpora- ;jvf
tions of South East Kootenay. X;;|
Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in M
South East Kootenay. fij
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after |*|
week. |*|
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTHENT, AGENCY,      C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
*T^J*I*«■ 1 ■'*■ f-'H'*i^ 1 ***T">l 1*1 {■'* T*^*-1••"Is' 1 '*-1 *-J■-■•'l *^j** 1 ■** 1'■•-j■r*v 1 **~*I**J■'•?'I-"^r***I*-■ Ir-11'-*Is-T**sI*;-~*!^-^I**->**-^R^T*r* [


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